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 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1953 volume:

"5 ff-feghgffs ' fx? O9 , A , ,, . -ff M -it ,"7JL! vv- ' ff' ffvw- li QU H 'LL'-' . mix xr ' AQIWVEM . 51' MJ W MW -31 1 If Q5 zjgfky f gulf Y' Q9 xvyf XX-H Q5 MJ FMA bfmdopp fg-ff' fkjfww 2136- QOQQ N of ' JN C S: .1-' up fws H f-rv I i i '-'---WA-n- f'--f-T, nw- 1 MMM af' W wee-pw A 1 f f' ' U I , x bf. fi' I M Nfl 21.95 Z? 'Qu X MM 7?""'Z!02i,'7'2',9 fvfwzriffffy C' L H'-we? Qsy 'r T 34 -a I A' I - 0 E v L x .lx -I.: wir A sf., 'A ATU ri ' Elf' A-. ' K Y .v,'L, .1 I ' v ' c :H Y , . nr Puff'-'-, . .V-, 4'v . 1, 45 . ,V N- -J sg . ... , .1 1 I . L 'I 'rw ' ' f 'vi 4 i. Ca. .P1-H. 1.1- K L A? 115 L in x . an-... , X-ll1'rf.', "fril- Wf' , .r-Y 1. l The Academe Staff proudly presents The 1953 Academe to the faculty and student body of Academy High School Erie, Pennsylvania TkeMarc14ing 4 ,.. .. ,,, ...H . .v f' " .. .W-.M "- "U N wk 711 V ' A-wA4"" .i ' K ' q nmmwwmxr ' A ' mr, .:,,,,.,,4 ,W.w'mafwf'v"N"""" 4' ,,,...-,.,,.Mfv""""'- - Y' wwf. ,f.,.3TM35f.15 4 ,wllfvf . -H nw ,gina Q Q ,.,yl..1- f,., ,X B l-lere's to our Alma Mater on the hilly l-lere's to her colors, royal blue and gold, To her loyal sons and daughters true, To her teams so brave and loololg 52214 l-lere's to the days We've spent Within her walls Here's to the pals who cheered us on our Wayp We will keep them all Within our hearts Through every coming day. n3q anim... TO HER LOYAL SONS AND DAUGHTERS TRUE v 4 ff L I YA . ang 9-:rn-ru?-uwf1.1,ff-lwv1.LLH+,-1 E' STELLA ACHILLE "Stall" Secretary "I reckon." Choir 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Senate 2. A smile for everyone. BENJAMIN ALDRETE ..Cat.. Navy "Qui se dichel" Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 2, Track 2, 3. One of the nicest fellows to know: quiet and sincere. BASCOMBE ALLOWAY ' 'Sam' ' Pharmacist "Who, me?" One of Havican's nature boys: easy to get along with: hot rod fan. MARIE ANDRUS "Pete" Nurse '1For crying out loud!" Y Teens 2, 3, Academe 3. Genial, likeable: peppy and good natured. RITA BACHMAIER . .Bumpy, , Secretary 1'Oh, brother!" Chorus 2, 3. Enjoys reading: gets along with everyone. ROBERT BAKER "Bob" College "Oh, well!" Long and lanky :mischievous : takes an interest in cars. MARY ANN ALBERSTADT "Gabby" Secretary "I don't care." Y-Teens 3. Sweet and lovely. DAVID ALLEN ..Dave.. Business College "What say there?" On the quiet side: congenial and hard working: radio fan. SANDRA ANDERSON "Sandy" College "Not only that!" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: N. H. S. 2, 3. New York Yankees are tops with her: one of the nicest people you could ever know. VIRGINIA ANN ARKWRIGHT "Ginnie" Retailing "Scrounge." Distributive Education 3. Secret ambition is to be manager of Sears and Roe- buck: always cheerful. NANCY BAKER "Lulu" "Anything you say goes." Chorus 1: Choir 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Monitor 2. A chatterbox WENDY BAKER nwindy.. College "1 clon't know, but maybe." Orchestra 1, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. There is no truer friend: goes out of her way to make people happy: always late. WILLIAM BAKER "Willie" "Whats happening?" Track l, 2, 37 Football 1, 2, 3. Sharp dresser: speed demon in sports: easy going in school. DONALD BALL ..Don,, "You know it." Hot rodder: pet peeve is women drivers: friendly in a quiet way. TORRANCE BARTHELMES upeteu "A-l Shash" Wrestling 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 35 Track l, 2, 3. Cute, quick smile: quiet. GERALD BECK userryi, Pharmacist "l'm with you!" Has an eye for women. ELLIS BEEGLE Hsonnyn Salesman "What he say?" Glee Club l, 2, 3: Football l. A law abiding monitor: loves to eat. CHARLES BENNING "Chuck" College "You know it." Band Color Guard 3. Walks the halls with Marilyn. D JOHN BALCZON "Little John" "You know it!" Hunting enthusiast: seen with Nikki. MARTHA BALL . .Marty,, Nurse USchnook!" Amateur artist: quiet and sweet. DOLORES BARTONE 5 ATOHI l , Secretary "Well, now!" Star l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Big things come in little packages: dreamy waistline. GEORGE BECKER "Dutch" "Oh my gosh!" Basketball l, 2, 37 Baseball 1, 2, 3. Happy-go-lucky. MARLENE BIEBEL "Mar" College "Really?" Senate 1, 33 Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Cheerleading l, 2, 3. Lots of pep: hit in class play. AUDREY BENS "Audrey" Secretary "You mean you know it, too?" Y-Teens 3. Likes to dance: seen with Joan, Delma, and Jo. 1 I Eff. ANNA MAY BERCHTOLD "Toots" Nurse "Oh, for heavens sake!" Chorus lp Y Teens 3. Collects classical records. HELEN BESKID "Boops" Medical Secretary "Kill it!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Library Monitor l, 2. Always cheerful. ROBERT BLOSS "Bob" Sports Broadcaster "Nice guys!" Glee Club lg Senate 2. 3: Basket- ball lp Baseball 2, 37 Football Manager 2, 3. Has a wonderful gift of gab. DANIEL BORGIA "Big Dan" "Know what l mean?" Wrestling l, 2, 3. Could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge: a little bundle of dynamite. DELMA BRACE ' 'Del' ' "Could be." Chorus l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. There's nothing she would rather do than square dance: a shutterbug. WILLARD BREDENBERG ' 'Bill' ' Collegevbound "Thats absurd!" Orchestra 27 N. l-l. S. 2, 3. Enthusiastic musician. DELORES BERGMAN ' 'Dee' ' "Oodles" Orchestra l, 2, 3: Band l, 2, 3. New student at Academy. BARBARA BLAKE . .Buckyi 1 Sociology "lt's a sad story." Choir l, 2, 35 Star 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Yffeens l, 2, 3. Sure to succeed: self-assured and intelligent. VIVIAN BOLLINGER,. Pretty red hair: reserved: conscientious. JOHN BOYER "Jack" "It's cute!" Stage Crew 2, 35 Star 3. Has a sunny disposition: quiet: plays the accordian. DONNA BRADY "Donnie" Beautician "Oh, gad!" Hails from Des Moines: pretty eyes. WILLIAM BRAUND "Bill" "You don't say!" Band l, 2, 3: Glee Club 3. Fond of hunting: loves to play in the band. RONALD BRETER "Ronnie' ' Business "Boy, what a mess this is!" Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Monitor 3. Clean cut lad with a winning personality. ROSEMARIE BREWER . . Rose, , "Mnnn, boy!" An auto racing tang a whiz with a needle and thread. JOHN BRICE . .Jack , Accountant "What did you say?" Monitor 3. A pro at golf and tennis. DE HAVEN BROWN . . De. . Y.M.C.A. Wcrk "What say, what say!" Track 25 Water Polo 1, 2, 35 Audio Visual Aids 2, 3. Personality-plus. KENNETH BROWN ' ' Brown' ' College "Go, Brown!" Senate 1, 25 Star 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Audio Visual Aids 1. An eye for the women 5 always has an opinion on everything. STANFORD BROWN ' 'Stash' ' College "Yeh" Baseball 25 Water Polo 25 Glee Club 35 Swimming and Water Polo Manager 3. Sports enthusiast: self- assured. 19941 DONALD BREWER "Moose" Professional Auto Racer "Feature that!" Enjoys tinkering with cars: nice to have for a friend. JEROME BRICE HJ-erryn Accountant "No fooling!" Monitor 3. Builds gas model airplanes. STEPHAN BROSNAN . icky, . Pennsylvania Telephone Com- pany "Certainly." Seen with Daveg full of fun. JOHN BROWN "Brownie" Railroad worker "Certainly," Wrestling 1, 2, 3. One of our best wrestlersg likes to sing. LAWRENCE BROWN "Nudnick" "Keep cool." Band 1, 25 Orchestra 15 Photo- graphers 2. Always getting into troubleg fun to be withg gets a kick out of life. WALTER BROZEWICZ "BROZ" College "Not too fine." Football 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2. The man about town. LOIS BUCKNER ' 'Brown eyes" Commercial College "Quick like a bunny!" Twirler l, 2, 3: Y-Teens 3. Oh, those eyes! JOSEPHINEI CALAMITA .. O., Secretary "Now what!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Always seen at dances: on the quiet side. SARAH CARDOT usauy., Kindergarten Teacher "May l borrow some money?" Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Orchestral, 2, 37 Star 2, 3. Cute as a button: full of the devil: energetic. JOHN ROBERT CARLSON I I ! Forest Ranger Likes to hunt and tinker with cars: always ready to help someone. RICHARD CARSON "Nature Boy" Medicine "Tote that barge." Stage Crew l, 2, 3. Loves working in his garden: a hard worker on the stage crew. ARTHUR CASEY ' 'Art' ' Draftsman "You know it." Always with Audrey: likes to swim and ice skate. D1 JON BUZZARD "Buzz" Civil Engineer "Unkawa." Swimming l, 2, 35 Water Polo l, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 3: N. H. S. 3. Olympics bound : everybody's dreamboy. ALFONSO CARACCIOLO . . Al, . Teacher "Fishnose and tishsticksf' Band l, 2, 3: Glee Club lg Senate lp Orchestra lg Audio Visual Aids l, 25 Baseball 2, 3. A Cleveland baseball fan: friendly : nice to have around. RICHARD CARLSON "Rich" Carpenter "Santa Lucia!" Audio Visual Aids l, 2. Likes to sleep and dislikes homework: amiable. NORBERT CARLSTROM "Norb" Business "She's a doll!" Orchestra 33 Glee Club 3. Won the Playhouse Scholar- ship: a star of the class play. MYRNA CARVER "Myrna" Work Band l, 2, Orchestra 3. Came to Academy from sunny Florida: musical and artistic. VINCENT CASLER ' 'Archie' ' Music "You give up too easy." Choir 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3. Music is his theme: one of the few who can play the harmonica. BARBARA CHASE "Barb" Secretary "Oh, my gosh!" Choir 2, 3. Enjoys good musicq nice to know. ROBERT CHISMADIA -'Chaz-' Stage Crew 2, 3. Tons of fun to all who know him well: quiet on the surface. JOAN COHEN "Noanie" Nurse "Hey, watch out!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Likes to write letters and is a beautiful seamstress. J UDITH ANN COTTER ..Judy,. Wave "lsn't that too bad?" Distributive Education 3. Full of fun: member of Elk's Drum and Bugle Corps. NORBERT CRAWFORD "Nobbs" Air Force "He pulled a 'Hank' on you." Track 1, Cross Country l, 2. Bashfulg Sports enthusiast. JACK CROCK "Jack" Draftsman "How about that?" Glee Club 2, 3, Audio Visual Aids 27 Photographer 3. Likes to tinker with cars. Alla DARRELL CHIPMAN ' 'Chip' ' Lawyer "You don't know, do you?" Choir l, 2, 35 Football l, 2, 3. Handsome features: roving eye. JOHN CHURCHILL "Jack" Draftsman "Mm, boy, you're a dandy!" Photographers l. Camera fiend: no relation to Winston. CAROL CON YNGHAM HRU-styn Secretary "For goodness' sake." Likes to play records 3 pretty red hair and sweet disposition. BEVERLY COY ' 'Skeezix' ' Comptometer Operator "You know it, too." Mimeo Shop 3. Long, wavy, black hairg genial. DORIS CROCKETT HJOY., Beautician "Are you kidding?" Chorus 1. Graceful: a sweet manner. SANDRA CRAWLEY "Sandy" Secretary l'You know it." Chorus 2, 35 Library Monitor 3. Plays the piano: out for a good time. -..AQ X is 'il uf . 'i 0 JOHN CROMWELL . .Jaya Musician "l'll be blessed!" Band l, 2, 33 Orchestra l, 2, 3. A fine musician: another Tommy Dorsey. IRENE CYTERSKI I I I 1 Stencgrapher "Oh, thay fella!" Senate lg Y-Teens 2, 3. Tops in personality: loves sports. ROGER DAVIS ..Rog., College "Not too fine!" N. H. S. 2, 3, Red Cross l, 2, 3, Academe 3. Humorous: friendly manner. CHARLOTTE DECKER uchar. , Office work "Oh, piddlef' Chorus l, 2, Choir 2, 35 Y- Teens l. An engaged lass who writes lots of letters: friendly to all. NANCY DEGNER l 'Kitten' ' Secretary "Don't get gay!" Collects pennants from dif- ferent cities: sunny dispo- sition. MILDRED DEOGARD "Millie" "Well, not bad." Chorus lg Merchandising 3. To be a housewife is her aim: a likeable lass. YVONNE CROSBY ' 'Vonnie' ' Nurse "Nice kid". Chorus l, 25 Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Mimeo Shop 3. Sparkling personality: full of pep. CAROL DAVENPORT ..Dave., Nurse "Thats not so good." Twirlers l, 2, 3: Chorus l, 27 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, Academe 3: N. H. S. 3. Attractive leader of our twirlers. PATRICIA DAWLEY ..Dou,. "That's the way it goes." Chorus l, 2, Y-Teens l, 2. Newcomer to Academy: dis- likes girls who giggle. MARJORIE DEEM ' 'Shorty' ' Secretary "Oh, sugar!" A loyal friend: an industrious lass: seen with Agnes. MARY ANN DeMARCO Hpinkyn "What a Section Vlll!" Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Merchandising 3. An expert seamstress: fun to be with. ROBERT DETISCH ..Bob. , "You bet." Cross Country lg Track lp Senate l, 2, 3: Stage Crew 2, 3. Has a great interest in music : suave. D126 JANET DIEHL "Big Diehl" Office work "Dan Dandy!" Library Monitor 35 Chorus 1, 2, 3. Quiet and reserved: good naturedg neat dresser. JOHN DiLUZIO "Johnny' ' Pharmacist "What is it with you?" Cross Country 1, 25 Track 1, 25 Baseball 1. Whiz at the piano. EUGENE DOBRZYNSKI ..Doby.. "Vot you say, loe?" Audio Visual Aids 3. Happy-go-luckyg wants to be a millionaire. RITA DUDENHOEFFER ' 'Tweetie' ' Y-Teens 35 Distributive Educa- tion 3. Likes to sew and write letters: fun to be with. LAWRENCE DUNFEE 4 .Larryn College "Greetings and cita- tions!" A friendly dispositiong a nice smile for all. RICHARD DYKES "Dickie" "Go jump in the lake!" Collects recordsg takes life as it comes: likes to dance. n13ff I LEE DIETER "Deacon" Exterior Decorator "Let's live it up!" Orchestra 1, 2, 3. The life of any party: plays a mean fiddle. ANTONETTE DiTULLIO "Toni" Nurse "Take it easy." Choir 1, 2, 35 Yffeens l, 2, 3, Cute as a buttong a voice well worth listening to. EDWIN DOOLITTLE "Eddie" Salesman Stage Crew 25 Audio Visual Aid lp Distributive Education 2. Has a souped-up car: likes a good time. EDITH DUKE "Edie" Office worker "What can 1 tell you?" Congenial and conscientiousg always seen with Helena and Sarah. KATHRYN DUNLAP ..Kit,. Wave "Get with it." Chorus 1, 2, 3. Always seen with Janet and Jessie. SARAH ECKMAN ' 'Sahara' ' Housewife "1t's like this-." Newcomer to A.H.S. from Apollo, Pa.g enjoys writing stories. DELORES EPPERSON ' 'Debbie' ' WAVE Nl swear!" Fond of record collectingg spends leisure time roller skating. BARBARA ESCOTT ..Barb,. Ottice work "Golly." Constantly on the phone5 a roller skating fan. BURTON EULIANO ..Burt.. "Hi baby!" Baseball 2, 35 Football 3. Our biggest Casanovag al- ways roaming the halls. JAMES FABER ..Wimp., Engineer "l'm glad." Senate 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Golf l, 2, 35 Cross Country 2, 35 Basketball l, 2. Outstanding studentg a real brain. AGNES FARRELL ' 'Shorty' ' Teacher 'lGrasshoppers!" Academe 35 N. l-l. S. 3. Very efficient: determined. GEORGE FICKEN WORTH ' ' Ranker' ' Carpenter "You dcn't know, do you?" Wrestling l, 25 Cross Country 3. A Yankee fan with an eye for women. JANET ERICKSON "Jan" Nurse "Thats great." Orchestra l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Cute and nice to know. MARIE ESTER ' 'Shorty' ' Retailer "l'le's a good loef' Distributive Education 3. A friend to all5 sweet and sincere. JOANNE EVANOFF . . Jan, , College "Holy Toledo!" Y-Teens 35 Mimeo Shop 3. A swell dancer and a great gal. BARBARA FACCETTI "Babs" Beautician "Oh, brother!" Chorus l, 25 Senate l5 YeTeens l, 2, 35 Mimeo Shop 3. Beautiful black hairg in- terested in Ron. VIRGINIA FAULKNER "Ginny" Retailer "Big deal." Distributive Education 3. Rather quiet: loves to read. DIANE FIELD ..Di. . Business ml-loly crow." Chorus l5 Choir 2, 35 YfTeens l, 2, 3. Quiet and pleasantg every- body's friend. p14a ALBERT FINE . .Abbyn Business Manager "Nisht ga-fer-lach." Track 3. Newcomer to Academyg nice to be with. SHIRLEY FOGLE ' 'Shirl' ' Army "How'd you figure?" Seen with Donna and Pat: full of fun. YOLANQAV RACASSI 1 Secretary "All right, already!" Chorus 15 Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 2, 3. Loads of rhythm. BARBARA FREY ..Barb,. Office worker "Oh, for Pete's sake!" Choir 1, 25 Red Cross 3. Ouietg niceg a passion for food. DONNA GALLENSTEIN "Donna" Secretary YfTeens l, 2, 3. Likes to listen to popular records: nice to be with. SALLY GIBBENS ' 'Sal' ' College "No kiddin'." Chorus 15 Choir 2, 3, Senate 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Cheerleading 2, 3. Our Miss Academe. JUDITH FISHER "Rebel" Fashion Designer "Ma'am?" Senate 35 Y-Teens 2, 3. Has great artistic abilityg a southern belle. ANTHONY FOSCO "Tony" Business "Don'tthink-know." Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Excels as a clarinet player. JOSEPH FRANZ "Joe' ' Coach "Mudachavel." Football 1, 2, 3. Tops as tackle of our foot- ball team. DOROTHY FURHMAN ..D0do,. Housewife "Mother Hubbard." Twirlers 1, 25 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Mimeo Shop 3. Seen with Allang talkative. MARY ALICE GAUSMAN "Mary Alice" "You know it, kid!" Yfleens 3. Expert dancer and piano playerg piles of fun wherever she is. WILLIS GILL "Will" Archeologist "Ye gods." Debating 2, 35 Stage Crew 2, 3. An outstanding debate mem- ber. 1,1511 AUDREY GILLESPIE ..Dody,, Medical technician "Why?" Y-Teens 2, 3. Likes swimming and ice skating: always with Art. BARBARA GLOTH "Barb" Nurse "You're not kidding." N. H. S. 3. Television fan : a good worker. SALLY GORMAN "Sal" "l dcn't even care." Likes bowling and swim- ming: always seen with Will. JEROME GOTT ..Jerry. , "You know it." Glee Club 3. Collects records and likes to dance. ADRIEL GRAHAM liAde1! Engineer "ls that right?" Glee Club l5 Star 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, President 35 Football l, 2, 3. Likes all sports: an in- dividualist. CAROL GRIESHOBER ' 'Carol' ' Secretary "Mmm, boyl' 1 Likes to listen to good music: seen with Jane and Janet. KERMIT GLEASON ' 'Kermie' ' Mechanic "Things are tough all over." Friendly to all: on the quiet side. CHARLOTTE GOODSON "Buzzie" Social worker "Real sharp." Chorus l, 2, 35 Library Monitor 2. Everybody's friend: full of the devil. JOHN GORN DT "Johnny" Engineer "Dig that crazy man!" Football lg Wrestling 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Monitor 3. Ouiet, well rounded person- alityg sports enthusiast. LEONA GRACZYK "Lee" Telephone Operator "Very good." Chorus l5 Y-Teens 25 Distributive Education 3. Full of fun. DONNA GRAHAM "Donnie" Secretary "Oh, my goodness." Ambitious and always willing to help: likes to sew. DONNA GROSS ..Gaga,. Housewife "Blast it!" Y-Teens lg Distributive Educa- tion 3. This lucky girl has been to Europe: nice personality. 1:1601 EDWARD GROSSMAN ..Ed,. Lawyer "Ich chob dir." Debating 2, 35 Wrestling 1. Likes wrestling and bowling. ALLEN GUNNER ..Gug.. nlumping lehosaphatf' Football l, 2, 3, Track lg Basket- ball l. Going into business with his father. JAMES GWINN ..Jim,. College bound "You're full of beans." Choir l, 2, Senate l, 2, Football l, 3. Nice to know: cliligentg tal- ented artist. DONALD HAENER ' 'Donnie' ' Government Worker "Mm, boy l ' ' Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 3. A top trumpet player. WILLIAM HANNA "Willie" Navy "What do you want, egg in your beer?" Likes to hunt. HUBERT HAWKINS ..Pogo,, Navy "Speak right up." Stage Crew 2, 3. Enjoys watching T. V.: en- gaged to Mary Lou. MARLENE GUILFORD "Buddy" Westward bound "You're all wet." Y-Teens 3. Sportsmindedg a salesclerk at Grant 's . JOAN GUNTHER HJC., "I bet." Y-Teens 2. Loves to dance. LEE HALE HI-lee., College "22" Senate lg N. H. S. 2, 35 Debating 35 Stage Crew 2, 3. Sports enthusiast. RONALD HAENER ..Ron,. Band l, 2, 3. A music lover: college-bound. WILLIAM HASSEL "Hass" Farmer "Good day." Band Color Guard 2. Builds model airplanes. JACOUELINE HAWKINS "Jackie" Housewife "Don't be catty, dear!" Left school to be marriedg sweet. 11171 'SMH ia J EANNE HEASLEY "Jeannie" Stenographer "You know it." Senate 25 Y-Teens 3. Easy to get along with. BARBARA HELD ..Barb. . Secretary "Gee whiz." N. H. S. 2, 3. True friendg a loyal Acade- myite. MARJORIE HERMAN ' ' Margie' ' Women's Air Force "You think so, huh?" Seen with Jerry. JAMES HILBERT "Jim" Engineer "Certainly" Stage Crew 2, 3. Likes to tinker with cars. JAMES HILLS "Hills" Navy "Pow, right in the kisser." Stage Crew 2, 3. A willing worker: witty: a hot rod: a nice person to know. SUSAN HIRT ' 'Sues' ' College bound "lmmer slimmerf' Choir 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 3. Attended All-State orchestra as flutistg always laughing. SUZANNE HEDDERICK "Slim" Christian Work "Htl" Interested in Bible study: taking a business course. JAMES HERMANN "Jim" Government Worker Stage 2, 3. Seen with Jo 5 enjoys hunting. BEVERLY HEVNER "Bev" Business "How are you?" Twirlers l, 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3. Cute and peppy. HELENA HILL ' 'Helena' ' Nurse "How 'bout that?" Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens l. Attended A11-State Orchestra as a violist. WILMA HILT ' 'Willie' ' Medical Secretary "Quiet!" YfTeens l. Oh, those big brown eyes! RICHARD HOLBY ..Hobo,, G. E. Apprentice School Swimming l, 2, 35 Water Polo 1, 2, 3. An expert swimmer. CHARLOTTE HOLDSWORTH "Char" Telephone Operator Y-Teens 25 Distributive Edu- cation 3. Detests big shots. JAMES HORNE "Jim" Air Force "No kidding, Arch." Choir 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Loves to sing. JOSEPH HUBERT . Skippy. , Business "Sober up, you yokelf' Band 35 Stage Crew l, 2, 3. Likes marching: interested in sports. MARY ILLIG "Mare" Secretary "You know it." Chorus 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3. Likes ice skating and swim- ming. MARY ANN JACKSON "Jacks" College 'lle ne comprends pas. Choir 2, 35 Senate l, 35 Orchestra 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Academe 3. Passion for tuna fishy super salesman for Trasks. ALICE JURGENS HAI., "Don't pop your corpusclesf' Pleasant and easy going: seen with Mary and Clara. D194 WILLIAM HOLLY ' 'Wild Bill' ' Mechanical Engineer "Check that." Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Likes to hunt and fishg a good musician. MARY ANN HUBBARD "Mary" Secretary "How about that?" Y-Teens 2, 35 Academe 3. Sweet and sincere. WILLARD HUMPHREYS ' 'Will' ' Salesman Likes music: always with Sal- lyg never without an answer. GERALDENE IZBICKI ' 'Jerry" "Oh!" Secretary Her pastimes are driving and working. JAY JENKINS "Jenks" College "Too bad!" Orchestra 15 Football 2, 35 Track 25 N. H. S. 3. All-American boyg a friendly smile for all. MARIAN J OBCZYNSKI "Sugar Plum" Medical Secretary "Oh, great!" Y-Teens 3. Buying things for her hope chest is no effort at all. E -if-Illin- , NLT' 51,-I xl, -, 5 -- 5 Y w - ' ' LOCE JONES npige., Navy "Whatcha say, boy?" Football l, 2, 3. Ouiet: athletic: always with Willie. YVONNE JOHNSON "Johnnie" Housewife "Hunley doryf' Y-Teens 23 Twirlers l, 2. One of our engaged lasses: adorable. HARVEY KEESER "Jarvis" "Happy days." Band l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 3. Can really blow his horn: will study music at Bucknell University. GORDON KENNEDY "Nodge-podge" Anthropologist Band l, 2, 37 Stage Crew 35 Photographer 3. Winner of the Pennsylvania Week Contest: leader of the band: class wit. SHIRLEY KENT "Shirl" Secretary "l'm not going to worry about it." Y-Teens 2, 3: Academe 2, 35 N. H. S. 3. Nice personality: sincere: a smile for everyone. SHIRLEY KEPHART "Shi:-1" Nurse "I almost died!" Choir 2, 35 Twirler l, 2, 35 Y- Teens l, 2, 3. Takes pleasure in painting: lots of fun. SHIRLEY JOHNSON ' 'Snooks" Secretary "Man, that's real crazy." Seen but seldom heard: her best friends are Marian and Yvonne. MARY ANN KALISTA ' 'Kelly' ' Nurse "Uhuh" Interested in sewing and ceramics : has a beautiful voice . DOLORES KELLY . . Doe. . Business "Oh, darn!" Twirlers l, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Likes to sew: seen with Linc. KENNETH KENT ssxenu Civil Engineer "How you doing?" Band l, 2, 3: Wrestling 2, 3. On the quiet side: likes to go hunting. JEAN KEMPF "Jeanne' ' Nurse "Allo." Chorus l, 2, 3: Y-Teens 3: Library Monitor 15 Mimeo shop 3. Tops in everything: every- body's friend. CAROL KILGORSKI "Carol" Secretary "Down, boy!" Twirlers 1, 25 Chorus lg Y-Teens l, 2, 3: Mimeo shop 2, 3. Collects traffic tickets: loads of fun to be with. ,204 .lg e 4'-I DUANE KING ..Bud.. Radio Work "Holy Cow!" Building model airplanes is his hobbyg always sincere. JOAN KLEMM "Clem" Secretary "You know it!" Y-Teens 2, 35 Library Monitor 3. Always seen at the Y dances: tons of fun. DAVID KLINKHAMER ' 'Klink' ' College "Must you?" Senate 3. Always has an answerg takes life easy. JACOUELINE KOCH "Jackie" Office Worker "Oh, shoot!" Library Monitor 2, 3. Ardent T. V. fan: congenial. SHIRLEY KORN "Shirl" Housewife "Oh, for Pete's sake!" Choir l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Great conversationalist. CLARA KOWALSKI "Binkie" Office Worker "All righty." Y-Teens 3. Shy and petiteg collects ear- rings. ,211 ESTHER KISSELL "Pee Wee" Commercial artist "Egadl" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Quite the artistg petite blonde. WALBURGA KLETT "Wally" Secretary "lust for chuckles." Academe 3. Conscientiousg petite and pretty. PETER KLOMP "Pete" Public Relations "Keep cool." Treasurer of Senate 25 President of Senate 3. Most Valuable Player Award in Baseball, l95Z. MARY ANN KOPER ll ! "You know." Chorus l, 25 Y'Teens l, 2, 37 Library Monitor l, 25 Distributive Education 3. Secret ambition: to ride in an airplane. MARGARET KOSTOVICK ' 'Sparkles ' ' Business "l give you a boo boo!" Library Monitor 25 Mimeo Shop 25 Y-Teens 3. T. V. fang fun to be with. HELEN KRAJNIK "Helen" Nurse "Oh, no!" Conscientiousg a faithful friendg likes to sew. N-K MARGARET KROTOSZYNSKI ' 'Margie' ' Nurse "l'm glad." Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Enjoys playing a piano. JUDITH KURTZ "Judy" College "C'est la vie!" Y Teens l, 2, 35 Orchestral, 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Red Cross l. Music enthusiast: diligent worker. BETTE LANGOWSKI "Betts" WAVE "You know it." Chorus l, 25 Y-Teens l, 25 Distributive Education 3. Likes to listen to Les Paul records. BERYL LEVOSKI "Harry" Coach Senate l5 Orchestra l5 Football l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 3. Always out for a good time: strong on looks. ROBERT LIEDEL "Spider" Business "Yee hee." Baseball 2, 3. Likes to read: lean and lanky: cute and shy. RICHARD LOFTUS ' 'Dick' ' Truck Driver "You know it." Audio Visual Aids l, 2, 3. Quiet and unassuming. JOANNE KUNDLA N UJO.. Secretary "Gee whiz." Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Senate 2. Has a beautiful voice: has a friendly word for all. WILMA LANDERS ..Wi11y,, Airline Hostess "Oh, no." Academe 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 3. We're glad to have her back: everybody's friend. CAROL LENNBERG ' 'Carol' ' Housewife "Why?" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Plays the piano: wants to raise a family. JAMES LEWIS ' 'Lewie' ' Engineer "Yes, Kemo Sabayf' Band l, 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 35 Red Cross l, 3. Witty: oh, those blue eyes! VIRGINIA LIGHT ucinny.. College "Makes lite interesting." Senate 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Good sport: tickles the ivories. JANET LOESCH "Janie" Future housewife "Oh, brother." Chorus l, 25 Library Monitor 2, 3. Enjoys bowling. n22m ei- - X ' w.f.f .ef-fav a was '33 if ROBERTA ANN LUCORE "Bobbie" Nurse "That's my boy." Chorus 1. Chatterboxg always in a hurry. MAUREEN LYONS "Irish" Secretary "Come on now, don't get funny." Y-Teens 3. Likes to dance. NANCY MACK . .Nana Nurse "Thats jazzy!" Y-Teens l, 2,,3. Peppy and loads of fung loves to take pictures. MARY MAGEE ..Kitty,. "Oh, for corn tlakesl" Chorus 1, 25 Y-Teens 37 Distrif butive Education 3. Pretty smileg looking for- ward to ' 'home-work. ' ' JAMES MARAMO . Ziggy. , Chef "You rummyl' Senate 2, 35 Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Cross Country 1. Never a dull moment. LYLE MARSH ' ' Marshi' ' College "Really now.' Band 1, 2, 3, Photographer 1, 2, 3 A friend to all. 1:23 1 1 1 THOMAS LYNE ' 'Dunker' ' Accountant "Hey, stupid." Plans to join his father in businessg very interested in boat racing. DALE MACKINTOSH . .Da1e. . Seen around town in his Packard: a budding artist: Dave and Carl's buddy. WILLIAM MAEDER ' 'Bill' ' College "Sacre bleu!" Stage Crew lp Football 3. Man about town. STELLA MALASZEK "Red" '1Biq deal!" Distributive Education 3. A good palg nice to know. FLORENCE MARKIEWICZ ' 'Florence' ' Secretary "Oh, nuts." Soon to be marriedg enjoys T. V. ROBERT MARSH . . Bob. . Business "Get out of here." Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Baseball enthusiastg collects sports magazines. lx fn' 3. ,E L 'si 5. .., ,zu . Sa. , 'ig 'Half sf. if 'K JUDY MARTIN "Judy" Newspaper Reporter "Well now." Senate l5 Star 2, 35 Cheerleader l, 2, 35 YQTeens l, 2, 3. Full of fun: pert. DOROTHY McCORMICK "Dodie" Nursing "Gee whiz." Chorus l, 2, 3. Nice to know. THERESA MEEHL ' 'Teri ' ' Retailing "Holy smoke!" Distributive Education 35 Star 35 Y Teens l, 2, 3. Individualist: on the quiet side. THEODORE MELZER ...reddyn Accountant "Hey" Band l, 25 Glee Club 2. Enjoys camping: a sincere friend. MARIAN MIGDAL "Poodle" Airline Hostess "Oh my heavens!" Likes to dance, read. and sew. CARL MILEWSKI "Carl" -isee Ya-if Loves to trip the light fan- tastic: nice to everyone. LINDA McCAIN ..Lindy.. College "Well, what can you do?" Y-Teens 2, 35 Academe 3. College-bound: peppy. RITA McCRILLIS "Stinky" Secretary "Gee whiz!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Enjoys reading. JUDITH MELZER upuppyu Secretary "Um, boy, you're a dandy." Y-Teens l, 2, 3. ' Loves to do the Charleston: her heart is in the Navy. EVELYN MICHALAK uEven Nurse "Oh, yeah?" Likes to bowl and dance: friendly manner. JOAN MILINSKI HJC. , Secretary "Gee whiz." Likes to read: has a friendly but quiet manner. BARBARA MILLER ..Barb.. Secretary "Oh yeah?" Twirler l, 25 Chorus 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. J im's shining star. 4 cl DONNA MILLER "Donnie' ' Medical Secretary "Are you with me?" Choir 1, 2, 35 Senate 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Collects hit records. JAMES MOORE f -Jazzyn College "See you later, alli- gator." Swimming l, 2, 35 Water Polo l, 2, 35 Track l, 2. All around good kidg speed demon. RICHARD W. MOORE . .Mod . Lawyer "Hi, dad!" Band l, 2, 3. Knows the score of what's going ong has a crazy car. JESSIE MOUNTAIN "Jessie" Office Work "My gosh!" Senate 25 Library Monitor 3. Attractive appearance and personalityg quiet. BETTY MUMFORD "Butch" Secretary "Holy cow." Y-Teens 2, 3. Likes to listen to records. JOYCE NELSON HJC.. Secretary "You're a ding dong." Dislikes conceited boysg de- lights in television. ANN MONTAGNA ..Monty,, Stenographer "Are you really!" Y-Teens l, 3. Enjoys playing the piano: annoyed by loud girls. RICHARD A. MOORE ' 'Dick' ' College bound Senate l, 25 N. H. S. 2, 35 Football l, 2, 35 Basketball l, 2, 3. Lots of fun 5 popular 5 friendly. THOMAS MORSE "Moose" Teacher "Whoops" Choir l5 Red Cross 1, 2, 3. Loves horsesg well-trained eye for the women. HARLENE MULVEN ' ' Harlene' ' Clerk t'Holy cow!" Distributive Education 3. An ambitious working girl. NANCY NEGLEY ..Neg., Secretary "Don't let it throw you." Star 2, 35 Yffeens l, 2, 35 Senate 35 Treasurer 3. Lovable lassieg a chatterbox. PATRICIA ANN NEWCOMER ..Pat, , Housewife Distributive Education 3. Received honor certificate for excellence in Latin. n25ff if kr LZ f, ,ffm if - . 1 . 'in-if . ,gt W 2 LOUIS NICHILO ' 'Ace' ' Work "Boy, what 5 beauty!" Carolyn's ideal: always will- ing to give someone a lift in his car. TEMPLE NORMAN . .Tipph-3. . Designer 'iOh, no!" Gentle disposition: always happy with a good book. ESTHER OLGIN MESH College Chorus l5 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Never a dull momentg what a laugh. DOLORES OWENS "Dorie" Typist "Don't know, do you?" Chorus l, 2, 35 Library Monitor 3. Likes to write letters. BARBARA PARLETTE ..Barb,. College "Holy cow." Choir l, 2, 35 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. A piano whiz and a great conversationalist. LYNN PERRY "Dutch" Secretary "l'll sail my ship alone." Star 25 Y-Teens 35 Cheerleaders 2, 35 N. H. S. 3. Full of pep and fun. FLORENCE NICOL "Floss" Secretary "My goshl" Choir l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Red Cross 2. Wittyg fun to be with. JANET OBENREDER "Jan" Stenographer "By the Holy George!" Chorus 25 Y-Teens 2, 3. Quiet and sincere. ARLENE ORRIS ..Lee., Housewife "Honey." Chorus 25 Senate l, 35 Debating 2, 3. President of the Debate Club 5 one of our engaged lasses. JOAN PACE "Jeanie" Bookkeeper "Oh, tor Pete-'s sake!" Y-Teens 3. Likes to go with Paulg the quiet type. THOMAS PATTON ' 'Tom' ' "You're buggy." Always with Don and Jackg likes to tinker with his car. PATRICIA PERRY npat., Nurse "Oh, poot!" Y-Teens 2, 35 Library Monitor 3. Efficient miss. w26q ,,., ,rr 1 -- . - AWB 1 'wx' New '. W ,K 1, 2? Ri. fs ., i . Jsfi a SALLYANN PHILLIPS "Rebel" "Let's get through to it." Collects dolls: enjoys writing novels. FRANK PLUTA "Pluto" "Hi doll!" A Frankie Lane fan: loves the girls. BARBARA OUIRK . .Quey, . WAF "Holy horsefeathers!" Enjoys sewing g a new student at Academy. JUDITH ANN REED "Judie" Nurse "What a riot!" Y Teens 2, 3. Cute as a button. DONNA REYN AUD ' 'Donnie' ' "You know it." Y-Teens 3. Likes to dance: seen with Janet and Jane. DONALD RHODES "Buck" Agriculture "Real deal." Glee Club lg Audio Visual Aids 2. Gets a kick out of lifeg nice looking. CAROL PIERCE ' ' Preacher' ' Secretary "Ole Shoe." Chorus l, 2, 35 Senate 27 Y- Teens l, 2, 3. A very conscientious miss. JOHN PONSFORD "Jack" "Your ears overlap!" Often with Tom, Don and Dick: another hot rod fan. RICHARD RASTATTER ' 'Rat' ' Industrial Worker "Oh, no!" Cross Country 2, 3, Track 2, 3. Irresistible smile: stalwart of the cross country team. 1, pr? , E JAMES REES Reesie College "Lebe wohl. Mischievous smileg a photo- graphy bug. BARBARA REYNDERS "Babs" College "What a riot!" Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens 2, 3, Office monitor 3. Likes to swim and play tennis. DAVID RICHARDSON uDaven Electrical Engineer Band 1, 2, 3, N. H. S. 2, 3. A sparkling smile. n2'Iq S. 2 If ,gig 4 THOMAS RITTER ..Tex. , "'l'hat's the cat's meow." Glee Club 35 Cheerleaders 2, 3. Has a lot of pep. JAMES ROBERTS ...razn College "Hello, deh." Choir 37 Senate lp Audio Visual Aids l. A very nice person to know: interested in sports cars. EVELYN ROBINSON . .Ev. 1 Chorus l, 2, 3. Outstanding in athletics: ardent fan of Cleveland Indians. MARY ALICE ROBINSON ' 'Sister' ' College "Crummy!" Enjoys knitting and cro- cheting. BARBARA ROHRER "Barb" Stenographer "Oh, brother!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Quiet and industrious: in- telligent. ANNE SAKULICH "Anne" Secretary "Gee whiz"! YfTeens l, 2, 3. Impish and intelligent: likes to bowl, dance and listen to records. JOANNA ROBB MJD., Librarian "Thats no joke." N. H. S. 2, 37 Y-Teens 2, 3. Pleasant and friendly. CAROL ROBINSON "Cz-xrol' ' Work I "Holy cow!" Chorus l, 2, 3. Interested in intra-mural sports: quiet. KAY ROBINSON ..Kay.. Retailer "Oh, that's smooth." Star 35 Y-Teens 2, 3. Pleasant and serene. MICHAEL ROCCO ..Roc,. College "Play it cool." Golf Team l, 2, 3. Terrific golfer. GRACE ROUSE "Grace" Office work "l thought you was a bug." Y-Teens l, 2, 35 Office Moni- tor 2, 3. Sews a fine seam: a hot- rodder: quiet. BEVERLY SALCHOW ' 'Bev' ' lournalist "Dear heart." Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Collects post card souvenirs: quite an athlete. ,281 EVELYN SALMAN ' 'Eve ' ' Office Worker "Think you're funny, honey?" Chorus 15 Choir 2, 35 Senate 35 YfTeens 1, 2, 35 Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3. Pull of pep. GERALD SANDELSTEIN . .Jerri , College "What say there?" Band l, 2, 3. Takes life easy: enjoys popu- lar music. JANET SAWICKI ' 'Jann Teacher "For heaven's sake!" Library Monitor 1, 2. Conscientious: sure to suc- ceed. JEAN SCALZITTI ..Jean,. Medical Assistant "Gee, l'll say!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Loves to swim: takes things seriously: quiet and likeable. MARGARET SCHAAF ..Marg, , Secretary "Huh?" Star 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 35 N. H. S. 3. Friendly: a pleasant per- sonality. MARY ANN SCHANZ ' 'Twin' ' WAC "You phoney, you!" Outstanding in athletics: Carolyn's other half. DOLORES SAMILIO ..Dee,, Work "Can I borrow some money?" Twirlers 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Office Monitor 3. Stylish hair-do: always a lot of fun. J OHAN NA SATKOWSKI MJD., Nurse Y-Teens 2. Eager to help: friendly dis- position. PATRICIA SAWICKI Hpat., Stenographer "Sugar" Cheerful: lots of fun: friend- ly smile. GERALDINE SCASSON . . Gerry. . "My goodness!" Seen with Rose and Marion: rather quiet with a pleasant smile. CAROLYN SCHANZ ' 'Twin ' ' WAVE "You don't say." Outstanding in sports: Mary Ann's other half. GEORGE SCHNEIDER ' 'Poncho' ' College "You know so well 1 don'i play." Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3. Full of fun: a regular sharp- shooter. 1291: JAMES SCHROEDER ' 'Spaghetti ' ' Sign Painter "And away we go!" Choir 3. Has an eagle eye for women: artistic. SALLY SCHUSTER I 1 1 Secretary Choir l, 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Often seen with Tony: has beautiful big blue eyes. LAWRENCE SCHWINDT "Lutch" Plumber "Don't monk around." Audio Visual Aids l, 2. Car enthusiast: always with his gang. DONALD SHAFFER s .DOIN l Work Band l, 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3. Plays a smooth trumpet: music rates high with him. ALICE SEIB HAI.. Factory Worker "Oh, nuts!" Merchandising 3. Pleasant disposition: fun to be with. MARY MARGARET SEXAUER ..Marg.- Secretary "For corn stakes!" Y-Teens 2, 3. Cute: sincere and quiet. LOWELL SCHUMAKER "Lowish" Technician "What do you say?" Choir 37 Cvlee Club 2, 3. Really a hit in the class play. SHELDON SCHWARTZ uMaxn College "Whats a matter with you?" Crlee Club 35 Senate lg Tennis 2. Great big bundle of joy: often heard and seen. JOANNE SCOTT . .Joi . Obstetrician "Tricky, huh?" Likes to read and play the piano: does a great deal of church work. LILY SHALLENBERGER ' ' Gramma' ' Fashion Illustrator "Holy corns!" Y-Teens l, 2, 33 Distributive Education 3. Record fan. JOAN SEIB ' 'Tootie' ' Retail work i'l'll bet!" Orchestra lg Y-Teens 2. Collects souvenirs and likes to write letters. MARILYN SEYLER ' 'Mickey' ' Secretary "Oh, but natchl" Y-Teens 3. Pretty blonde hair: calm and collected. 1,3011 FRAYDA SHAPIRO ' 'Freddie' "What can l do, you've got the gun!" Y-Teens 1. Enjoys good musicg sincere and thoughtful. MARIE SHAPPELL ' 'Blue Eyes' ' "Oh, pickles!" Star 2, 35 Y-Teens 2. Clerking Lovable and sweetg enjoys good books. JAMES SHAW ..Jim-, Salesman "You said it." Why teachers should get more pay: likes a good joke: a true pal. JOAN SHURWIN . .Jo. . College "Where you going?" Chorus lg Y-Teens l, 35 Mer- chandising 3. Sal1y's pal: nice dresser. PATRICIA SHUTTS ..Pat,. Secretary "Oh, no, not that!" Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Dancing feetg talkative and mischievousg friendly. ANTHONY SKRUTSKY HTOHY., Mechanic "l'm only doing seventy." A regular hot rod. 1:3101 JOSEPH SHAPPELL ' 'J oe ' ' "You know." Photographers 2. On the quiet side: a true friend. ALLAN SHAW ' 'Reverend' ' Salesman 'lLet's go." Glee Club 2, Merchandising 3. Makes miniature carsg a hot rod fan: Seen but seldom heard. GORDON SHAY ..Ace.. College Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 35 Track l, 2, 3. Tops in everything he at- temptsg terrific personality. MARY ANN SHURRAGER "Sis" Secretary "Honest to Pete!" A baseball fan: sunny dis- position: her pet peeve is homework. NANCY JANE SIMS ..Nan,, Nurse Hlmmer schlimmer!" Choir 3, Yffeens l, 2, 3. Thoughtful: a busy bee. MARJORIE SMITH "Margie" College "How about that!" Y-Teens l, 3. Likes horseback riding, read- ing and hiking: petite and sweet. O MARGARET SMITH Mpeg.. College "Yeah, yeah." Y-Teens 1, 2, 33 Academe 2, Co editor 3. Aims to be a social workerg has a firm opinion about everything. DIXIE SNAUFFER .. Dix., Secrelary "How 'bout thai?" Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Always had something to say V-especially in class. ANNA SPOR "Anna" Secretary "l'll see you." Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Star 3. Always with Marge and Jean. RUSSELL STITZINGER ..Ace., Cas Shovel Driver "You know it." Track 1. Reservedq likes to work on his '47 Ford. MAY STRONG "Mazie" Secretary "You bungledf' Chorus 1, 35 Debating 2. Flirtatiousg many lovely clothes. MARJORIE SULEWSKI ' 'Margie' ' Medical Technician "Holy buckets." Y-Teens 3. Has a cute poodle-cutg lo- quacious. O 1,32 PATRICIA SMITH ..Pat,, "You like?" Chorus 1, 2, 3. Good hearted and amiableg her ambition is to be a success. MARILYN SNEIDERMAN ..Red,1 College "May l have the car?" Senate 25 N. H. S. 2, 35 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Academe 3. Oh, that red hair! mischie- vous: always cheerful. JANE STASENKO "Janie" Secreiary "1-lot cindersln Loves to dance and swim: often seen with Doris, Janet and Carol. MARY ANN STRIEDER ..SiS,. Office Work "You only think so." Interested in peopleg quiet and thoughtful. DOROTHY SUCHY ' 'Dot' ' Office Work "Hi, doll!" Loves to dance: often seen with Janet and Rosanna. PATRICK SULLIVAN npat., Electrical Engineer "Never had it so good." Siage Crew 2. Tinkers with carsg one of George T's boys. K RAYMOND SONNENBERG Ustar., "lf you have ii, why fight ii?" Water Polo l, 25 Swimming l, 2. A friend to allg interested in hot rods. CHARLES SWEENEY "Chuck" "Drop dead." Band 2, 3, Audio Visual Aids 2, 3. Always tinkering with cars at the gas station. AUDREY SWIFT ' 'Audrey' ' Nurse "Oh, hi ya!" Senate 35 Y-Teens 3. Intelligent and serious about school work. JOHN TARR ssnuffysl Engineer "Oh, yeah?" Tennis 2. Has wavy hairg quiet and pleasant. SALLY THOMPSON llsalli Business "What cha doing?" Chorus 37 Y-Teens 3. One of our engaged gals. BLAINE TRAPHAGEN "Blaine" Work "Save your money." Choir l, 2, 3. His voice is an inspiration to the Choirg conscientious and quiet. CAROL SUTCH "Gee-Gee" College "Come again?" Chorus lg Choir 25 YvTeens l. Hurries home from school to keep house for her husband. JANET SWENSON "Jannie" College "Oh, my word!" Y-Teens l, 3. Activeg full of fun. MONICA SZYMANOWSKI ' ' George' ' Secreiary "Hot Burdingif' Chorus 1, Choir 2, 35 Y-Teens 3. Pleasantg beautiful soprano voice. RICHARD THAYER ' 'Dick' ' "You know it." Enjoys riding his horseg a farm boyg junior hot-rodder. RALPH TODD ..Ralph,. Joined the Navy in his Senior year 3 quiet and seldom heard. MARJORIE ANN TRAPP "Margie" Housewife "Now." Chorus 1. One of our engaged lassesg has a friendly word for all. ROSE MARIE TRAPP ' 'Rose' ' Secretary "Hey, doll!" Y-Teens 3. Likes to be with Walt: col- lects salt and pepper shakers. ALBERT TROTT ..Buck.. Truck Driver "Hoop de do." Football 1, 25 Track 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1. Oh, those shoulders! LILYAN TURIE liLi1ll "Oh, my heavenly days!" Mimeo Shop 3. Plays softball with the Ara- rats: quite the athlete. MARY LOU URCH "Aunt Lou" Housewife "Hang yourself to the nearest tree." Library Monitor 1, 2, 3. Quiet: always seen with Hu- bert: another of our engaged gals. LIBRA VENTURA UI-'een Secretary "You know it." Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. Always writing letters to Chris: has a lot of vitality. GEORGIA VOGEL ' 'George' ' Nurse "You said it." Senate 35 Y-Teens 35 Library Monitor 25 Academe 35 N. H. S. 3. Full of fun and always happy. THEODORE TREIBER i ureddya 9 Medicine "How about that?" Baseball 2, 35 Water Polo 3. Likes to drive and to play baseball. DIANE TURNER ..Di.. College "1inkies." Senate 15 Vice president 25 Or- chestra 1, 25 N. H. S. 35 Y-Teens 1, 25 President 3, Academe 3. Full of vim, vigor, and vitality: sweet and sincere. JANET ULRICH ' 'Jannie" Housewife "You know it." Y-Teens 1, 2. Loves to dance: nice to be with: likeable lassie. HELEN VAN DYKE ..He1.. Housewife "Oh, gee." Y-Teens 3. Always seen with Eileen and Marian: full of fun. ARTHUR VETTER ..Art.. Radio Electronics "Aw, nuts!" Orchestra 1, 2, 3. Received a key award for Or- chestra: quiet, but friendly. SALLY VOGEL I I i I Office Worker "Play it cool, brother." Senate 15 Y-Teens 1, 2, 35 Library Monitor 1, 2. Did a lot of work for the class prom: seen at St. Mary's dances. igtskff 'Q' HARRY VOLGEL ..Harry.. Engineer ' "Dori't think-knowl' N. H. S. 3. Expert cellist: a sure success in all he does. ROBERT WALKER . . Bob. . College "You phoney!" Football 2, 3: Wrestling 3. Quiet and shy: a nice addi- tion to our wrestling squad. LOIS WARATUKE ' 'Lois" Secretary "What the heck!" Y-Teens lg Mimeo Shop 3. Bright smile for everyone. GORDON WARREN ' 'Goz-die" Work "I didn't feel a thing." Football 1. Ladies' man: why teachers should get more pay. BARBARA WATSON I iBarb! I Medical Secretary "We all have to go sometime." Senate l: Y-Teens l, 3. Has a smile that lingers. ANN WEBER llRedl I Nurse "Nice day if it doesn't rain," Y-Teens 3. Always seen with Tootsie: friendly smile for all. CARL WAGNER "Carl" Navy Friendly smile: sincere: likes to argue. RALPH WALTER, JR. "Ralph" Minister "True." Glee Club 3: Senate 2, 35 Star 2: Academe 3: N. H. S. 3. President of our class: always pleasant. RONALD WARD "wink-' Musician "Watch out for those Mack trucks." Neat dresser: always seen with Pat and Oce. CONRAD WASHEK Hcon., Electrical Engineer Tennis 2. A little on the shy side: al- ways tinkering with his car. ROGER WATSON "String Bean" Shop Work "All right already." Audio Visual Aids l, 2. Hot rods around town: likes to bowl. ROSANN WEHAN ' 'Rosann' ' Housewife "Yeah, but, you know!" Seen but seldom heard: chums around with Janet and Dot. v35a 4 4 DONALD WERLING "Red " Drug Business "Thats just George!" Choir 2, 37 Stage Crew 2. Likes to talk: collects old coins. ROSEMARIE WHIPPLE "Tootsie" Housewife "You do it your way." Enjoys girls' sports pro- grams: seen with Ann and Mary Ann. EILEEN WISNIEWSKI ..Ei.. Secretary "How you be?" Chorus l, 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 37 Mimeo Shop 3. Is always talking on the telephone: big joker. SHIRLEY WOECKENER "Shir1" Housewife "Yipes!" Y-Teens l. Friendly smile for everyone. JACKSON WOLFF ' 'Wolffie' ' Retail Business "Holy smorqase bord!" Glee Club l. Ouite a wit: good dancer: proud possessor of a "49" Ford. WILLIAM WRIGHT "Bill" Banker "Who asked you?" Happy-go-lucky: works in the Bank of Erie. ELEANOR WERTZ "Irish" Housewife "Oh, fiddle!" Choir l, 2, 3: Y-Teens l, 3. One of our engaged gals: a lovely voice and a pleasant disposition. PATRICIA WHITE ' 'Patti' ' Secretary "lt just doesn't look right." Y-Teens l. Has beautiful black hair and a pleasant disposition. CAROL WOECKENER s sweckyu 1 ..Mdnl.. Twirlers l, 2, 3: Y-Teens 2, 3. Tops at twirling a baton: has a flashy smile. JANET WOLF "Jan" Secretary "Explain it." Twirlers l, 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Very neat dresser: always seen with "Ace. ' ' COLEEN WOODRING "Colie" "Why sure!" Distributive Education 3. Always seen with Shirley and Sue: smile for everyone. ILEAN WROBEL ' 'Blonden Housewife "Holy cow." Distribuiive Education 3. Friendly disposition and nice smile. 2... ' fm-as sszaiii DAVID WURST "Dave" Merchandising "Lets eat!" Band 1, 2, 3. Likes the out of doorsg plans to work for his father. POLLY YAPLE npouy., Christian Work "l'm convinced." Y-Teens 1, 25 Debate 3. An avid fiddlerg cheerful. ROBERT YEAGER ' 'Bob' ' College "Oh, come on!" Senate l. A tall lanky seniorg a sports- man. PAUL ZELTZER ' 'Alki' ' College "ls that a tact?" A pal to everyoneg likes to work with cars. MAUREEN ZIELINSKI "Maureen" Christian Work "Yeah, it is." Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Y-Teens l. Great hit as maid in class play: quiet and friendly. CAROL ZIPPERLE llzip!! X-ray Technician "Honest to lohnl' Chorus 15 Star 2, 35 N. H. S. 2, 3. I Another engaged lassg always ready to help. MARION YAPLE ..Mar,. Secretary "Oh, golly!" Chorus l, 2, 3. Always seen with Eileen and Heleng quiet but friendly: nice to know. SUSAN YARTZ "Sues" Teaching "Not too red hot." Orchestra l, 25 N. H. S. 2, 35 Y- Teens 1, 2, 35 Senate 1, 2, Vice President 35 Academe 2, Co- Editor 3. Nonchalantg sequipedalian- istg personality plus. JOYCE ZAUNEGGER HJOYCSH Housewife "Let's go." Distributive Education 3. One of our engaged gals. CAROL ZIEGENHINE "Carol" Bookkeeper "Man, oh, man!" Chorus 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Appreciates co-operative people. RAY ZIMMER ..Arch.. Milkman "Hi, Babe!" Band l, 2, 3. Always seen with Eveg well liked by all. JUDITH STEBELL ..Judy,, Lawyer "Where is he, Lois?" Twirlers l, 25 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Y-Teens l, 2, 3. Trim and attractive. CK 1. Best-looking: Sally Gibbens, Donald Rhodes: 2. Most likely to succeed: Barbara Blake, lames Faber: 3. Wiitiest: Barbara Reynders, Gordon Kennedy: 4. Biggest tlirts: Shirley Kephart, Burt Eulianog 5. Nicest builds: Dolores Kelly, William Baker: 6. Cutest couple: Barbara Miller, larnes Gwinn: 7. Best athletes: Lillian Turie, Gordon Shay: 8. Nicest personalities: Diane Turner, lon Buzzard: 9. Shyest: Wendy Baker, Ralph Walter: 10. Most studious: ludith Kurtz, Harry Volgel: 11. Best dancers: Mary Alice Gausman, George Schneider. n38x , INFORMALS I. "We won!"-D. Brown, S. Brown, l. Buzzard, R. Cooper, T. Treiber, l. Moore, R. Holby. 2. "I want to see tool" - G. Ficken worth, D. Klinkhamer, S. Brosnin. 3. "One for you and one for rne"fV. Fracassi, S. Gibbens, F. Nicol, S. Korn, N. Baker, D Field. 4. "Out of bounds!"WP. White, B. Watson. 5. and 6. "Before and after"-S. Achille. 7. "1 will hug it and - Y -"- M Smith. 8. "Sweet and petite,"-C. Zipperle. 9. "Buddies"-M. Andrus, A. Caracciolo. 10. "Mountaineers"-M. Sneiderman S. Hirt, M. A. lackson. 11. "Up on the roottop"fK. Robinson. 12. "Miss Taptoe"-M. Schaat's shoes. 13. "Child prodigy"Q D. Moore. 14. 'Mr. and Mrs."-D. Miller, l. Trott. 15. "l washed it myself"-l. Shappell. 16, "Stairway to Paradise"-D. Field D. Kelly, S. Schuster, M. Nichols, F. Nicol, G. Rouse, l. Martin. 17. "Wish you were here"kY. Fracassi, M. Migdal, D. Rastatter S. Vogel. 18. "Surnmertime"- -M. Sneiderman. 19. "Dayclreaminq"-L. Buchner. 20. '1Lacly in white" --I. Stebell. 21. "Happy New Year!"-C. Kilqorski. 22. "When old friends meet"-S. Schwartz, S. Brown. 23. "Sweet sixteen and never been - - -"- D. Turner. 24. "School daze"-W. Klett. 25. "Slumberless party"-M. A. DeMarco, R. Dudenhoetfer, M. Andrus S. Achille E. Wisneiwski. 26. "What a build!"-W. Baker. 2'I. "And so l says to him, l says"-G. Schneider. 28. "By the seal' --M. Shapl pel. 29.."Lovely weather tor ducks?"-D. Gross. 30. "Hi there, cutie"-N. Negley. 31. "Oh happy day" --f-G. Vogel, B. Maeder. 32. Taking life easy"-R. Lucore, M. A. Hubbard. 33. "Cheesecake, junior style"-S. G-ibbens. rx cc Mu O O O TO HER TEAMS SO BRAVE AND BOLD n4Oa K, fax Eel fu-5 Xi-Q 4 if 4:57 L lin jilllemnrp nf larry Qnrenfln The sudden and tragic death of "Butch" on August 28, 1952, stunned his classmates and friends. When school started in the fall everyone felt his absence in the classrooms and missed seeing him in the halls. As we think of him, the first things we remember about 'lButch" are his rosy cheeks and his retiring nature. Quiet, but sincere in manner, he was the idol of many. We know that he will be in our hearts always, and wherever he is he'll be the star of the team. D421 l Upper left: Spinelli leading off. Upper right: Klomp takes an easy one. Lower: Warm-up. BASEBALL ln a season of pitching duels the scrappy Academy nine captured second place during both seasonal play and in the playoffs. The team couldn't quite get their hitting and pitching co-ordinated to defeat a powerful Prep team: The stellar pitching staff was composed of Tom Anderson and Dutch Becker, while Pete Klomp, Burt Euliano, and lack Laraway held up the heavy end of the hitting. For Pete's efforts at the plate and his flawless play around first, he was presented with the "Most Valuable Player" award for the 1952 season. Top Row: Tom Adams, Bob Leidel, Larry Gorenflo, George Becker, Stan Brown, lack Fisher, Walter Karsh, Ted Treiber, Burt Euli- ano, A. Gunther, Bob Bloss, M. Wade. Bottom Row: P. Klomp, R. Palombi, B. Strauss, T, Anderson, R. Spinelli, B. Levosky, B. Newsham, D. Melzer, l. Letcher, I. Laraway. n43q Row 1: G. Shay, G. Schneider, D. Burger, G. Becker, l. Laraway, O. lones, R. A. Moore, l. Lombardo. Row Z: Coach M. Ferrare, M. Rocco, E. Wright, R. Morrison, A. Graham, B. Euliano, G. Patsy, R. Senger, Mgr. l. Brown. VARSITY BASKETBALL Gannon Auditorium was the scene of many thrilling encounters this basketball season. Whenever Academy's scrappy five took the floor, a good contest was insured. The team came out on top sixteen out of twenty-one games against very stiff competition. Four of the losses were suffered in city series play, however, which ranked Academy third in the City and second in the District lO contests. Early in the season a pair of close ones was dropped to East and Tech. East edged us in overtime while Tech had to fight off a tremendous last minute surge to come out on top. Later in the season the Ferrare coached boys found their stride and rolled over both teams. Prep was responsible for the other two losses as they swept through the city for the championship. Outside of Erie the team's play left little to be desired. They conquered such powerhcuses as lames- town, Ashtabula, Warren, and Dunkirk, while losing only one game to Oil City. Lettermen for the year were Gordon Shay, George Schneider, George Becker, Oce lones, lack Lara- Way, Len Lombardo, Don Burger, Dick Moore, and manager Stan Brown. 1,4514 Seated: D. Cardot, Pettiiifito, lr. Row 1: l. Wagner, T. Parker, D, Cooper, l. Moore, l. Buzzarcl, D. l-lclby, l. Larawtiy, N. Garpetii. Row 2: Cwivti F. Pettiiifito, l. Taka-'h, l. lenkins, B. Baurngardner, l. Fisher, B. Koenig, B, Straus, l. Thcnias, Mgr. S, Brown. SWIMMING The Academy High swimmers under Coach Frank Pettinato accomplished a feat that has gone down in the history of swimming at Academy. On February 5, l953, the Academy swimmers tied and almost beat Strong Vincent's swimming team to break their 56 meet win streak. ln this meet two new records were set. The l6O tree style relay record which has held up tor twenty some years was broken by lon Buzzard, Richard l-lolby, lim "lazz" Moore, and Tack Laraway, They out through the water in the excellent time of l:l9.l. lon Buzzard also set a new record in the lOO yard breast stroke event in the fast time of l:O6.6. Qutstanding swimmers of the Academy Sea Lions were: Ton Buzzard, Richard Holby, lim Moore, Richard Cooper, Ted Parker, with Nick Garpetti, lack Fisher, Robert Koenig, lohn Takach and Burtie Straus help- ing along. Left: Relay Record Smashers. Middle: l. Fisher. "On his mark," l. Buzzard. Right: "Another score," D. Cooper. n 46 if First string line-up: E. Anderson, I. Moore, R. Cooper, l. Buzzard, R. Holby, D. Brown, Lefty D. Brown flipping one in, R. Cooper blocking Iazz's toss, I. Buzzard winding up. WATER POLO A starvstudded band of Sea Lions annexed the second City Championship for Academy teams this year as they plunged through all opposition and remained undefeated. Throughout the entire, well-coordinated season's play, De Brown's skillful southpaw shots were a valuable asset to our team. This asset provided a great obstacle for the fighting opposition to try to curb. lt seemed that tragedy struck the Hilltoppers as the deep and shallow end goalie, Ted Treiber, broke his collarbone and the load fell on the shoulders of Eric Anderson, who previously had little experience. However, the frown of Fate turned into a smile as she sent big John Hall to the rescue. Honors fell upon our strong team when Ton Buzzard, Dick Cooper, and De Brown were fortunate to acquire places on the All-City team for their excellent playing ability throughout the season. Top Row: l. Wagner', A. Strauss, T. Tenliins, B. Koenig, A. Trott, F. Pettinato, lr. Middle Row: S. Brown, T. Parker, l. Hall, E. Anderson, T. Treiber, Coach Pettinato. Bottom Row: R. Cooper, R. Holby, l. Buzzard, D. Brown, I. Moore, N. Garpetti. ,474 Top Row: Coach Ramsey, l. Rohan, l. Winters, E. Bloxdorf, R. Fabian, C. Stascynzski, H. Meler, l. Graham, R. Benczycowski, R. Petersrvn, P. Russo, T. Chido, C. Baker. Middle Row: C. Skcpow, M. Gregory, M. Wertz, E. Dunn, G. Parsons, F. Hilbert, I. Torelli, F. Troll, W. Litz, K. Steinhaiier. Bottom Row: W. Graham, l. Baines, R. Vcht, K. lshler, R. Harris, D. Santimello, L. Pedano, R. Eller, D. Blake, R. Hamilton, K. Sullivan. J. V. FOOTBALL The l. V. lootball team had a successful season with Mr. Ramsey leading them tor the tirst time as head coach. The well-balanced eleven placed second in the City Series with six wins, two ties, and only one loss. The lettermen were: Ronald Allen, Charles Baker, Robert Benczkowski, Erwin Bloxdort, Frank Fabian, lames Graham, Michael Gregory, David Hilbert, Herbert Miller, Ronald Peterson, Iohn Rohan, Peter Russo, Charles Staszewski, Ichn Torrelli, Frederick Trott, and Jerrold Winter. C. Stascynzski, Mr. l-larkins, R. Russo, l. Rohan, M. Gregory, R. Fabian, F. Trott, M. Wertz, l. Torelli, R. Peterson, E. Bloxdort, F. Hilbert, l. Winters, C. Baker, K. Sullivan, R. Benczycowski, H. Miller, Mr. Ramsey, l. Graham. n48ff Row 1: T. Graney, R. Davis, T. Barthelmes, D. Hilbert, B. Aldrete, K. Kent, A. Ritter, l. Wasiela, D. Rastatter, M. Rocco, H. Carr, R. Cook, K. Ruggles, C. Skopow. Row 2: P. Patton, P. Luciano, l. Moore, L. Lombardo, D. Entrom, I. Fourspring, B. Chase, B. Graham, P. Keys, R. Schneider, F. Trott, F. Gowans, C. Wertz, M. Wade, W. Bowers. Row 3: D. Graham, l. Gorndt, R. Wetzel, l. lohnson, V. Owsiejko, G. Kempt, G. Shay, A. Smith, E. Wright, I. Letcher, H. Maclvor, l. Gehrlein, B. Roberts, H. Osterberg, G. Niethamer. Row 4: C. Staszewski, G. Beck, l. Winter, T. Adams, C. May, G. Salman, D. Stewart, l. Barnes, C. Baker, T. Melzer, O. Fox, B. Hoffman, A. Trott, W. Keys, D. Fischel. Row 5: C. Wagner, I. Graham, I. White, W. Karsh, R. McCrillis, R. Biletnikotf, l. Laraway, D. Burger, B. Yeager, A. Graham, I. Gwinn, B. Davis, T. Treiber. TRACK Last year Academy's thin clads powered their Way through the season with no blemishes on their record. The team won the city and district meets in addition to all ot their dual encounters. Our runners so dominated the running events in the city meet that they lost only two, the hundred yard dash and hurdles. ln the District meet, 72 points were scored by Academy runners, an all time record tor this meet. ln the highly competitive State meet, our mile relay team ot I. Mocre, W. Maeder, G. Shay, and R. Guelcher, placed titth, while Shay took an eighth in the 440. Another highlight ot the seascn was the Mansfield relay championship Where Academy scored six points. Our two mile relay team of F. Moomey, l. Moore, l. Maeder, and R. Palombi placed second while the mile and halt-mile relay teams composed ot W. Baker, R. Cubbison, G. Shay, and R. Guelcher placed titth. This year the outlook for another championship is good. While there are only three lettermen re- turning trcm last year, A. Trott, G. Shay, and l. Moore, the hard training and skillful planning ot Mr. Geisler can always be expected to produce a good team. D 44 g?NWf"" Row 1: T. DeSantis, T. Patton, D. Chipman, M. Rocco, R. Moore, G. Shay, l. Letcher, l. Gorndt, G. Schneider. Row Z: A, Nowak, l. lenkins, B, Levosky, A. Graham, l. Laraway, A. Gunner, E. Hamilton, l. Franz, W. Baker, l. Sullivan, D. Burger. Row 3: R. Bloss, B. Strub, R. Morrison, R. Mccrillis, l. Hall, P. Weaver, R. Biletnikoff, l. Gwinn, W. Brozewicz, R. Walker. Row 4: W. Stroup, G. Roy, G. Patsy, E. Wright, B. Euliano, K. Warren, V. Owsiejko, L. lones, M. Protaz. VARSITY FOOTBALL The Academy gridders under the coaching and training of its new mentor, lack Komora, finished the nineteen fifty-two season with a three and six record. The initial change from the single wing to the T-Formation made the organizing of a team especially difficult. This formation, however, gave Academy a high scoring, entertaining brand of football. ln the city series standing Prep again captured the top spot with Academy tying East for second. Two members of the Academy team were chosen for the Times all-scholastic team. They were loe Franz, hard-hitting tackle, and triple-threat halfback Gordon Shay. Also chosen by this paper for second and third strings were George Schneider, lack Laraway, Don Burger, and Al Gunner. Earl Hamilton and Shay made the Dispatch all-scholastic team, while lack Laraway was chosen to the Lake Shore Visitor's first string squad. JACK AND MIKE Academy is fortunate in having the coaching ability of lack Komora and Mike Ferrare. Both of our Physical Educa- tion men came to the Hilltop from East High. Mr. Komora has capably instructed our Varsity Basketball squad and since a recent coach revision, I. V. Basketball and Varsity Football. Mr. Ferrare has proven his coaching skill by his handling of lr. High and Varsity Basketball, and by serving as line coach in Football. nsaa J. V. BASKETBALL Academy's lay Vee's scrambled to a second place ranking in the city this year with ten victories and tive defeats. Being appointed to the new post of lay Vee coach, after a revision of head coaches in football and basketball, lack Komora success- fully molded the tenth grade cagers into an excellent combination that will pay oft when they move to the varsity squad. Top: C. Baker, I. Graham, R. Melzer, K. Hayden, P. Russo. Center: W. Litz, A. Tarasovitch, G. Sevelli, M. Gregory, L. Helmer. Bottom: P. Keyes, I. Barnes, T. Chido, L. Zimmerman, H. Holby, E. Dunn. Top row: P. Patten, W. Litz, C. Thorpe, M. Gregory, H. Holby, A. Tarasovitch, G. Neithemer, l. Barnes, R. Melzer, P. Keyes. Bottom row: G. Sevelli, P. Russo, L. Helmer, ,E Gnraham, K. Hayden, L. Zimmerman, C. Baker, T. Chido, . unn. 154: Top: D. Myers, B. Murphy, R, McWilliams, N. Goodman, C. lanello, A. Mango, l. Gehrlein, Bottom: C, Thomas, D. Ettlemen, la. Platz, A. Post, P. Francis, T. l-leime, T. Marsh. JR. HIGH BASKETBALL A hard fighting lunior High Basketball squad, led this year by a new coach, Mr. Leamy, had some had luck throughout the season. Even with some very disappointing losses, Academy's small shots kept up their spirit and worked hard all the way. The team had two victories over two tough teams, when it was found to their dismay that two of their star players were over- age: therefore, their victories were discounted ln the future these scrappy players will prove good assets to the lunior Varsity and Varsity Five. First Stringers: I. Marsh, C. Thomas, A. Post, C. Ianello, A. Mango, W, Murphy, and Coach lohn Leamy. n 55 44 GOLF Our splendid golf team worked harmoni- ously to rack up forty-seven consecutive vic- tories. Their long winning streak was, however, snapped by a powerful Prep team. During the 1952 season Academy won twelve straight games, then encountered two losses at the hands ot Prep. When the season closed and the scores were tallied, the result was a tie with Prep for the City Championship. After meeting the teams of District IO at Edinboro, the powerful Academy four returned victorious with the District IO Championship. Medalist Russ Peterson placed 19th in the State Championships held at Penn State. Top: "Teeing oft," R. Peterson. Second and Third Pic- tures: "Learning the grip." Bottom Left: 'Lining his put," C. Grisier. Bottom Right: M. Rocco, "Fore!" Row 1: G. Daubenspeclc, l. Lewis, C. May, M. Wade. Row 2: Coach C. Swahn, I. Faber, M. Rocco, D. Grisier, l. Roberts, l. Roberts, C. Grisier, T. Gallanis. . .LL A B. Kennedy, C. Milewski, H. Holby, S. Schwartz. TENNIS Academy started the year with a green team but managed to break even against the city teams. With hard fought, well played games, Academy finished the 1952 season ranking third in the City Series standings. Those winning letters were Bob Kennedy, Fred Perry, Leo Baroth, Sheldon Schwartz, and Al Gordon. The returning lettermen to represent Academy in the matches are Bob Kennedy and Sheldon Schwartz. Top to Bottom: B. Kennedy, H. Holby, C. Milewski, S. Schwartz. 1.57 Top row: A. Trott, G. Salaman, C. lones, l. Sweeney, F. Trott, T. Miller, I. Will, M. Fritz, D. Palmer, l. Letcher, H. Nelson. Middle row: l. Gorndt, R. Allen, B. Aldrette, l. Brown, K. Kent, T. Barthelmes, E. Bloxdorf, B. Walker. Bottom row: l. Sawtelle, R. Schneider, l. Walczak. WRESTLING The Hilltop grapplers proved once again that from Academy's mats come many stalwart wrestlers. With Coach Ramsey's excellent instruction, our squad wound up in a three-way tie tor City Championship. The fellows play enthusiastically and well, finishing with six victories and only two deteats. Through- out the season the ill-health of many ot the wrestlers handicapped the team to a large extent. Cur l65 pound man, Tohn Gorndt, proved a valuable asset by winding up with thirteen wins and no defeats. Roger Schneider, who carried the 95 pound class, came through with ll wins and one loss. Aldrette, Brown, Bloxdort, Kent, Walker, Walczak, Sawtelle, Barthelmes, and Warren also wound up with very good averages to make this year's sguad one ot the best. Right Picture: Row l: l. Sawtelle, B. Aldrette, I. Walczak, R. Schneider, K. Kent, l. Brown. Bottom row: l. Gorndt, T. Barthelmes, R. Allen, B. Walker. Left Picture: M. Fritz, A. Trott, l. Sweeney, H. Nelson, G. Salman, D. Palmer, T. Miller, C. lones, E. Bloxdort, R. Allen, T. Walczak, R. Schneider. yi 59 if VARSITY FOOTBALL Academy 0 ..... ..... F arrell 14 Academy 6 ...., ...,. E llwood City 26 Academy 7 ...,. ..... N ew Castle O Academy 20 East 14 Academy 21 Vincent 14 Academy 0 ..... ..... P rep 26 Academy 6 ..... ..... C onneaut 14 Academy 33 Tech 34 Academy 6 Bethlehem 20 J. V. FOOTBALL ' Academy 6 ........ ..... P rep 6 Academy 18 .... ..,.. T ech 0 Academy 32 .... .,.,. V incent 7 Academy 13 .... ..... E ast 13 Academy O .... ..... P rep 7 Academy 12 ,,.. ..... T ech 0 Academy 24 .... ..... V incent 0 Academy 21 .... ..... M eadville 0 Academy 12 .... ..... E ast O J. V. BASKETBALL Academy 52 .... .... K anty Prep 14 Academy 37 .... .... W ilson 16 Academy 36 .Tech 41 Academy 36 .... .... T itusville 40 Academy 27 .... .... P rep 34 Academy 61 .... .,.. M illcreek 35 Academy 39 .... .... V incent 54 Academy 34 .... ..4, E ast 31 Academy 28 .... .... T ech 35 Academy 22 .... .... P rep 46 Academy 56 .... .... M illcreek 30 Academy 35 .... .... T itusville 33 Academy 44 .... .... Dee 's News 34 Academy 44 .... .... V incent 32 Academy 34 .... .... E ast 27 VARSITY BASKETBALL Academy 82 .........,..... .... I amestown 57 Academy 48 ...... ,,.. A shtabula 39 Academy 63 ...... .... K anty 44 Academy 58 ...... .... O il City 37 Academy 62 ,..... .... T ech 69 Academy 59 ...... .... M illcreek 47 Academy 62 ...... .... E ast 64 Academy 51 ...... .... V incent 36 Academy 66 ...... ,... T itusville 55 Academy 61 .,.... .... W arren 48 Academy 38 ...... .... P rep 67 Academy 56 ...,.. .... O il City 61 Academy 66 ...... .... D unkirk 61 Academy 58 .,,... .... M illcreek 42 Academy 64 ...... .... K anty 46 Academy 66 ...... ..,. T ech 48 Academy 66 ,...,. ..,. T itusville 53 Academy 55 ...... .,.. E ast 52 Academy 69 ...,.. ..,, V incent 66 Academy 50 ...... .... Co nneaut 43 Academy 51 ...... .... P rep 68 WATER POLO Academy 11 ..... ..., P rep 5 Academy 4 .... .... E ast 2 Academy 12 ..... .... T ech 4 Academy 5 .... ..... V incent 3 Academy 7 .... .... P rep 4 Academy 15 ..... .... T ech 4 Academy 4 .... .... E ast 2 Academy 9 .... .... V incent 5 SWIMMING Academy 57 ..... .... T ech 18 Academy 31 ..... ..... V incent 44 Academy 38 ..... ..... E ast 37 Academy 55 ..... ..... P rep 20 Academy 55 ..... ..... T ech 20 Academy 37W ..... .... V incent 3795 Academy 44 ..... ..... E ast 31 Academy 50. .... .... Pr ep 25 GOLF Academy 1 1 M ..... ,... T ech Mg Academy 11 ..... .... L awrence Park 1 Academy 8 .... . Vincent 4 Academy 7 .... Prep 5 Academy 7 ..... .... T itusville 5 Academy 1 1 W ..... .... E ast W Academy 10h Tech 1 M Academy 1 2 ..... .... E dinboro 0 Academy IOM Lawrence Park IM Academy 1 OW Vincent 1 M Academy 1 2 ..... .... E dinboro 0 Academy 8b ..,. .... E ast 3M Academy 3h .... .... P rep SM Academy 5 .... Titusville 7 BASEBALL Academy 3 ..... ..... T ech 1 Academy O ..... ..... P rep 2 Academy 3 ..... ...,. E ast 1 Academy 1 .,.., ..... V incent 1 Academy 5 ..... ..... T ech 3 Academy O ..... ,.... P rep 4 Academy 0 ,A... ..... V incent 1 Academy 3 ...,, ..... E ast 7 WRESTLING Academy 12 ..... ..... P rep 24 Academy 26 ..... ..... E ast 19 Academy 34 ..... ..... V incent 15 Academy 32 ,.... ..... T ech 16 Academy 17 ,.... ..,,. G reenville 23 Academy 26 ..... ..... P rep 16 Academy 24 ,.... ..... T ech 14 Academy 17 ..... ..... E ast 20 Academy 28 ..... ...., V incent 9 261 CROSS COUNTRY Academy 32 .... Prep 24 Academy 21 .... Tech 36 Academy 19 .... East 36 Academy 19 .... Vincent 40 Academy 25 .... Prep 30 Academy 18 .... Tech 42 Academy 20 .... East 34 Academy 17 .... Vincent 42 Academy 15 .... McKean 48 TENNIS Academy 7 ..... .... E ast O Academy 1 ..... ,... V incent 6 Academy 3 .,... .... P rep 4 Academy 2h .,... .... L awrence Park 4h Academy 7 ..... .... T ech O , Academy 3V2 ..... .... K anty Prep 3V2 JR. HIGH BASKETBALL Academy 25 ......,........ ..... P rep 36 Academy 30 .... .,... E ast 25 Academy 37 .... ..... W ilson 39 Academy 29 .... ...,. G ridley 44 Academy 35 .... ..... W esleyville 14 Academy 23 .... ..... R oosevelt 33 Academy 41 .... Vincent 26 Academy 32 .... Prep 59 Academy 44 .... North East 33 Academy 14 .,.. ..... E ast 36 Academy 32 .... ..... G ridley 41 Academy 28 .... ..... R oosevelt 32 Academy 47 .... ..... V incent 28 Academy 25 .... Wilson 42 OOO HERE'S TO THE DAYS WE'VE SPENT WITHIN HER WALLS ,, 62 .Q N-...J k..z I? is , l fi 8,1 W v' ky sf f-5 A XLQH' KH ' K cxvvanqesbsi F-canes A K Coqi-QA Xxx is-1XQceSQ:Q.vcxrfxu.fx. 4 1 Qxl . f F g s sg 5 s l I , , i V i I 0 4 v, .wx , .Qi ,.' A i Violins: A. Vetter, l. Rolino, N. Carlslroin, P. Yaple, M. Zielinski, S. Kurtz, W. Wheeler, D. Becherer, R. letlords, D. Fagan, M. Font, M. l.inse, D. Reicliel, R. laclcson, C. Hanson, L. Dieter, l. Erickson, l. Lannon, A. Whipple, V. Wilson, A. Reynolds, li. Fislier, M. Carver, M. Weber, L. Kelso, A. Larnborn, E. Winter, F. Eichler, N. Yochirn. Violasz H. Hill, D. Turner, M. Hutt, V. Gilford, Miirtinfliile, C. Harding, M. Tonq, l. Shaner, l. Eller. Cellosz H. Vogel, R. Walter, C. Wertz, S. Carclot, W. ltiiluer, 55. Eller, A. Fi'ieilniun, S. Neth, N. Beernus, C. Crowell, K. Schmidt, l. Fransen, l. Fransen, M. Spitznas. Basses: W. Holly, Rt. Pierce, l. Cole, M. Booth, A. Post, N. Bloss, l.. Webb. Woodwind: R. Kelly, B. Roos, l. Stebell, S. Hirt, l. Kurtz, 'l'. l-'ofwry D. Berqrniin, A. Ciiincciolo, l. Snyder. Brass: R. Ward, D. Shaffer, D. Haener, H. Keeser, l. Cromwell, G. Salman. Percussion: l?. MCCI'lll1S, S. Aqer, D. Wilson, D. Karninski, B. Shappell, B. Parlette, l. Marhoeter, B. Wriqht, ORCHESTRA Academy has one of the best orchestras in the city, partly because ot the fine dire-cticn ot Miss Sclfiwciitzr-r and also because ot the great interest that the students have in music. Durinci the year, the orchestra presented some Very exceptional concerts tor our enioyinent. The-y pfirticipateccl in assemblies and are known for the excellent nuinbers which they presented at Acaili 'iny on Parade. Each year, as a part ot their musical education, the nieinbers oo to Cleve- lfincl to attwnrl the orx--i'a, Left: lufly Kui'L', Mist' Svliweitm i. Center: Mary Linse, Carol Hanson, Audrey VVh1pple, Miss Svliweitgter Diane Facqiin, 3 fitlII1itKlII'lZ. Right: l fit Wilson. it 66 if CHOIR The nationally known Academy A Cappella Choir, started in l93l, is the qoal of many students in the Glee Clubs and Girls' Choruses. Under the cap- able direction of "Pop" Grender, the choir presents its annual spring and winter concerts which are lonq remem- bered and enjoyed by everyone. The choir has many opportunities and travels frequently. This year the choir presented concerts at Buffalo, New York, Ashtabula, Qhio, and Westminster College. Picture 1 Row l: R. Swarner, S. Kephart, A. DiTullio, B. Coon. Row 2: E. Salman, V. Fracassi, M. Alwens, M. Huff, S. Achille. Row 3: R. Lechtner, l. Foursprinq, R. Eichler. Row 4: l. Hall, T. Maqraw, D. Chiprnan, B. Traphaqen. Picture 2 Row l:S. l-lirt, l. Gwinn, l. Kundla, S. Korn. Row 2: E. VVertz, C. McChesney, B. Reynders, B. Blake, B. Parlette. Row 3: l. Wagner, C. Copple, V. Casler. Row 4: R. Sanford, l. Roberts, D. Werlinq. Picture 3 Row 1: P. Shaw, D. Brock, C. Decker, N. Field. Row 2: F. Nicol, S. Schuster, S. Gibbens, D. Field, M. lackson. Row 3: B. Gradler, N. Garpetti, B. Roberts. Row 4: W. Helman, l. lone-s, R. Steele, l. Horne. Picture 4 'Row 1: l. Colby, D. Miller, M. Szy- nianowski. Row 2: C, Wilson, B. Chase, N. Baker, N. Paster. Row 3: l. Charters, D. Char- ters, E. Dhus. SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS The Senior Chorus coiicmitraies on ihe laslcs ol lblendino voicws harnioni- ously and of learnino how to work we-ll with olhors. Tha Chorus lakes part in Tho Ciiifs Sprino Musical Fosiival. alono wiih lhe Choruses from Fast anal Sironq VinCent. At lhoii' annual Choral voiiCGi'l in Acailoiny auiliioriuni, as lhuir' voices Carry sollly out lo the auilioncw, ws aqain oivei applausv lo lliaii' iliiecior, Miss SCliwwilwei'. Picture 1 Row 1: S. Chiiinello S. Thonipson D. French, D. 1Q1F11l9I', S. Pallmi, M. lhlolrlilaiss. Row 2: C. Clouse, F. Ailiuns, ll. lVlyai's, 12. Bavh rnaier, H. l?o:'wk, S. Crawley. Row 3: C. Zieqen lune, A. Myers, Y. lohnsvn, M. Strong, C. Rinlca, M. Casler. Row 4: M. Hiinna, M. Peterson, E. Hwupl. C. Pierve l. 1.t-'VVllIMlUWN'.llll C Pfallex: Picture 2 Row 1: l. Pmuyv: l' C.ippwllai'y, l.. Fuller' F. Sillei: C. Murphv l.. liulhliun, M Mvliesf. Row 2: R. lwliiison, A. Dl1IilW-iI', D Sxyrnanfnki, S. Slil-:eip A. Viinl7ykv, E. George. l. Puilra. Row 3: C. Clark, S. Nsulvy, H. Tvvaioslai M. Hayilvri, l. Pavvlowslai l. Sliisefiilw. Row 4: P. Uimiqiii M. C Vornwwll l.. C .iiwwii 5. lxiivwimll C. Youno Picture 3 Row 1: D lwpei' Pf. loner: T. Wiii'i'eii, M. Clwyd, S. l', C. flora-'lsoip Row 2: l. liwluiiva 5. Svviinrion 17. Tilioiy M. Zarxyk, A. Dzanflwii Row 3: ll. lvliulin ll. Sinilh. C. flmhiirii, S. Mi'Mii'li.iol, D. M4'Coi'inivlL E Murzynslii. Row 4: l.. Ball D. Tlzoinas C W9I'Illl'kl E. liifi-'li M. Sh.: lv Picture 4 Row 1: M. Mwwiey, C. lvl.isr.ii'w, 13. llfiiis, D. Wi'1n1lil. l. lwiwlil. Row 2: N. Wilheiow K. Diinlap, F. Kfiliiiifziiii, C. Riwliiiifrwii N. lioso' lwuvlu. Row 3: M. Ov:-ir lorll B. fiywixiiieai' M Yiipla, M. Mivfswl, l. llivlidlllilli. Row 4: K. l3mai'ii6'1l,l7m.ll0Vv lf. XrAl'l:3l'f'?5l'11 l Elnmli l livrniil C. Rfilviriaiivit. JUNIOR CHORUS The Tunior Chorus concentrates on the tasks of teaching the students music appreciation and voice control. With Miss Schweitzer directing, the seventh, eighth and ninth graders learn part singing, team work, and enunciation. The junior chorus takes part in the All-City Tunior High Choral Festival, along with iunior high groups from other schools. They also participate in the spring and winter concerts here at school. Picture 1 f-Row 1: L. Kennedy, R. Dunbar, R. Tacovetta, N. Harrington, P. Englert, T. Nelson C. Strohmeyer, C. Mando, L. George. Row 2: A. Bobango, E. Cowley, T. Fogleboch, L. Mohr, G. Carlson, C. Berridge, T. Goellner, M. Casey P. Sturla, C. Harding. Row 3: T. Curlett, A. Schmelzer, T. Trapp, W. Tones, T. Allen, M. Morey, E. Harris, B. Webb, T. Kohl. Row 4: T. Hollis, R. Malthaner, B. Edkin, A. Tomczak M. Kent, A. Crandall, S. lllig, E. Reynolds, E. Magee, T. Goetzinger. i i Picture ZV- Row 1: T. Heintz, S. Brown, R. Werren, D. Battle, T. Bartlett, L. Taylor, Y Phillips, M. Higgins, T. Gibbens, W. Swartz- fager, T. Pettigrew. Row Z: R. Barrett, N Phillips, M. Fickenworth, T. Kneeller, G. Cooper T. Stevens, T. Taye, K. Phillips, D. Moore, H. Katz K. Enstrom, K. Savellia. Row 3: D. Dennis, S. Lancaster, K. Perry, B. Pollock, A. Treiber, L Kensill, M. Feichtner, M. Reynders, L. Hedderick C. Bliss, A. Henning, T. Winkelman, S. Chestner. Row 4: S. Manus, T. Kotfman, C. Held, T. Capoz' ziello, D. Shadduck, T. Foster, T. Morschhauser G. Ehrler, M. Schuster, B. Hall, B. Kaeberlein C. Paczynski. i i i i Picture 3 Row 1: T. Whipple, S. Peternian, S. Rubin, B. Tones, D. Murphy, C. Hartman, P. Maeder, P. Kelly. Row Z: B. Anderson, S. Nutter, R. Blose, M. Porter, M. Thomas, T. Hultman, C. Kensill, T. Plavcan, S. Leberman. Row 3: E. Ginader, D. Lang, D. Euliano, T. Antill, P. Hedderick, E. Voss, C. Hewitt, T. Hartman, N. Yochim. Row 4: K. Pointer, M. Savelli, P. Blake, H. Leviclc, C. Hauser, P. Paterson, P. Hess, L. Adams, R. Stewart, L. Tohnson. i 4 l l l l Row l: li. Bzeegle, T. Bollinger, S. Schwartz, V. Casler, N. Garpetti, R. Breter. Row Z: D. Charters, D. Arndt, W. Hellman, D. Thayer, A. Conn, l. Charters, N. Carlstrrm. Row 3: L. Schumaker, l. Kacpura, l. Crock, D. Urso, R. Walter, A. lanke, l. Horne, T. Magraw. THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB The deep, harmonious blending ot the base, baritone and tenor sections is the result achieved when "Pop" Crrender directs the Glee Club. Their mellow voices can be heard each year in the annual spring and Christmas choral concerts. The boys are trained in reading notes and developing their vcices. The boys are also taught the importance ot control and how to co-operate with their tellow students. Row 1: Mr. Grender, R. Wertz, R. Way, A. Peterman, Cr. Shapira, E. Brown, C. Campagne, M. Ayers, l. Spitzer. Row 2: C. lannello, G. Tufts, F. Morris, l. Manna, R. Holden, T. Hornung, l. Brown, l. Thomas, H. Webb. Row 3: L. Becker, l. Takach, A. Trott, l. Lucht, D. Fritts, R. Kaeberlein, D. Parker, B. Caruso, P. Ligozio, K. Asplund, R. Seidler. Row 4: D. Perry, P. Patsy, D. Pace, B. Hartwell, D. Stewart, R. Harris, K. Sweeney, L. Shadeck, R. Cvrisier, T. Gehrlein, C. Wollert. t t -T l in cc Senior CheerleadersfRow 1: B, Schultz, T. Ritter. Row 2: l... Perry, l. Martin, S. Gibbens, E. Salman, M. Biebel. CHEERLEADERS Once again the cheerleaders of Academy have finished a successful and exciting season rooting lcng and hard for the football and basketball teams. Under the direction of Miss Weschler, the cheerleaders were seen in the auditorium every day sixth period practicing old cheers and perfecting new ones. Besides leading Academy in rousing cheers, the pepsters sponsored informal dances and sold Academy pencils, book covers, and license plate emblems. Their cheers kept Academy's teams filled with enthusiasm and the will to win, both at games played in our own Erie Stadium and at those played out of town. Junior Cheerleaders --Row 1: l. Michaels, V. Fracassi, C. Ciiacomelli. Row 2 :C. Paulson, D. Taylor, B. Yeager, T. Przybyszsewski. Sophomore Cheerleaders-Row 1: P. Fero, D. lones, W. Gunner. Row 2: M. Cohen, C. Schaack, l. Stasenko. Junior High Cheerleaders Row 1: L. Adams, T. Lannon. Row Z: M. G. Spitznas, K. Schmidt, A. Reynolds, R. Kelly, N. Bless, N. Beemus. D fc Y-TEENS The Y-Teens of Academy aim to build fellowship among women, and have devoted themselves to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by faith as Christian people. The services that the Y-Teens dc are different and varied. They give valen- tines to orphanages, give canned goods for CARE packages, and sell Christ- mas Seals. Picture l-'Row 1: M. Kostovick, D. Bartone, C. Kowalski, M. Migdal, A. DiTullio, A. Sakulich, B. Gloth, M. Sexauer, R. Perry, N. Mack, Row. Z: S. Thompson, G, Vogel, N. Negley, S. Hirt, M. Kalista, E. Olgin, P. Shutts, D. Snauffer, C. Ziegenhine, C. Lennberg. Row 3: L. McCain, l. Calamita, A. Bens, l. l-leasley, l. Melzer, l. Swenson, A. Swift, l. Stebell l. Cyterski, P. White. Picture 2--'Row 1: L. Ventura, S. Vogel, Y. Crosby, S. Kephart, H. Beskid, C. Kilgorslci, Y. lohnson. Row 2: f. Evanoff, S. Achille, M. Biebel, D. Fuhrman, l. Erickson, E. Salman, B. Miller. Row 3: A. Berchtold, B. Mumford, M. Andrus, L. Buckner, M. Szynianowski, l. Oben- reder, l. Race, D. Brady. Row 4: V. Fracassi, I. Klemni, M. Alberstadt, B. Faccetti, K, Robinson, M. Gausman, l. Kundla. Picture 3--Row 1: M. Sulewski, A. Montagna, D. Miller, C. Zipperle, S. Anderson, M. Smith. Row Z: E. Wertz, I. Fisher, M. Smith, N. Sims, R. McCrillis, D. Reynaud. Row 3: B, Rarlette, M. Sneiderman, A. Spor, M. Schaaf. S. Gibbens, l. Kempf. Row 4: B. Reynders, l. Robb, W. Baker, B. Blake, l. Ulrich, V. Light. Picture 4 eRow 1: H. VanDyke, B. Watson, D. Bergman, D. Gallenstein, B. Hevner, S. Korn, D. Kelly. Row 2: S. Schuster, l. Martin, S. Kent, G. Rouse, F. Nicol, R. Trapp, S. Yartz. Row 3: N. Baker, M. lackson, l. Reed, M. Hub- bard, B. Salchow, D. Field, C. Vifoeckener. Row 4: M. Lyons, C. Pierce, l. Sawicki, E, Wisneski, B. Rohrer, l. Kurtz, l. Scalzitti. Y-TEEN S The Academy Y-Teens are Well known for the happy times they have at their gay social affairs. Many of the meetings are held at the Y. W. C. A. where on Monday nights the Y-Teens have the privilege of bowling as well as using the gym and other equipment there. The year's social affairs included recognition service, Christmas tea, pen- ny supper, mother and daughter tea, the banguet for graduating seniors and the spring and winter Tris. Picture 1 Row 1: A. Tabachnick, N. Kostur, M. Hershiser, C. Giacomelli, D. Doran, S. Waite, M. Whitford. Row 2: D. Ziesler, B. Christen, P Bootes, C. Massaro, M. lacobsen, T. Warren, C. Fulton. Row 3: l. lonasen, E. Schauble, C. Hanson, C. Messer, G. Green, B. Hartleb, M. A. Heddrick. Row 4: M. Benson, C. Masiroff, M. L. Miesel, V. lefferson, M. Hoffman, M. Hauser C. Haupt. Picture 2fRow 1: N. Palmer, P. Manning, B. Baehr, P. Cappelletty, l. Smith, A. Bray. Row 2: M. Hotchkiss, A. lozefczyk, D. Tanner, M. Donatelli, V. Coughlin, M. Overdorff. Row 3: N. Eller, l. Hipsley, M. Ott, E. Schuschu, K. Moffatt, A. Bradford. Row 4: M. Sheldon, M. Goetzinger, L. Sweeney, S. Reynolds, E. Cotter, G. Lehtonen. Picture 3'---Row 1: R. Newsham, D. Vogt, B. Lovejoy, M. Cloyd, K. Weibel. Row 2: S. Ollarek, L. Kellick, E. Eicher, P. Albertson, l. Filipczak. Row 3: M. Froess, K. Hart, M. Trost B. Roos, l. Wilson. Row 4: N. Christenson, C. Pfeffer, E. Desser, A. Walker, M. Lashinger, N. Witherow. Picture 4-Row 1: P. Carey, D. Reichel, l. Tarbell, D. Fagan, L. Arduini. Row 2: K. Mclntire, K. Zimmer, l. Robinson, C. Paulsen, B. Yeager, B. Kent. Row 3: l. Wygant, D. Taylor, B. Bull, M. Hagmann, S. Malits, M. Davitt. Row 4: l. Malinowski, l. Michaels, T. Marino, C. Williams, V. Wilson, P. Gill, V. Buzanoski. XA Y-TEENS Picture 1 Row 1: K. Pittas, S. Chia- nello, M. Mowrey, P. Hartlelv, M. Tarr, L. Yealcey, D, McNamara, M. Callahan. Row 2: l. Gwinn, L. Rathlwun, E. Tarr, M. Kelly, P. Fero, C, Bowman, M. McKee, D. Richter, M. Krasneski. Row 3: P. Shaw, W. Gunner, M. Linse, S. Hicks, C. Schaack, R. Swarner, C. Kovslu, l. Bergman. Row 4: l. Hess, N. Field, M. Dominik, M. Toncg, M. Mathews, M. Perry, l. Harvey, B. O'Br1en, M. McDonnell. Picture 2 Row 1: C. Dennis, H. Deckard, A. Schaaf, D. Wertz, V. Varo M. Weiss, L. Kons, B. Roberts. Row 2: D. Tibor, M. Cohen, H. Welton, C. Wolf, S. Mook, S. Neqley, M. Moore, l. Root, B. Chicoski. Row 3: l. Lucht, B. Lorensen, C. Crowell, N. Geisler, R. Klemm, D, Benson, l. Marhaefer, S. Kurtz, M. Fiorelli. Row 4: N. Shenk l. Crock, S. Wahl, S. Schauernmn, l. Baumqart, L. O'Brien, l. Stevenson, B. Parmenter, P. Thomas, D. Parker. Picture 3 Row 1: B. lones, L. Eqnct, P. Casey, l. Giacomelli, l. Plavcan, R. Werren, P. Maeder, T. Chervenka, l. Foglehoch,'R. lacovetta, l. Ricci. Row 2: B. Donatelli, R. Alcre, A. Etta, T. Myers, D. Huey, C. Vindiclc, F. Harris, B. Pollock, F.. Skinner. Row 3: D. Murphy, L. lohnson, M. Schuster, L. Adams, M. Kent, F. Goodwill, l. Hollis, R. Hedderick, C. Held. Row 4: B. Geser, A. Crandall, l. Foster, E. Harris, l. Halischuck, L. Webb, Y. Gregory, S. llliq, M. Kleiner, M. McLaughlin. by cc Left: The meeting will come to order fl. Faber, P. Klcmp, B. Hartleb, N. Negley, S. Yartz. Center: Mr, President l move M Ayers and Pres. P. Klomp. Right: The big five -P. Klcmp, B. Hartleb, Mr. Balla, S. Yartz, N. Negley. I D SENATE The law-making body of the school is the Senate. Each homeroom has representation in this organization and elects a member cr a senator who carries out the wishes of the students. The Senate promotes the application of democratic procedures and, in order to encourage good citi- zenship, it awards the famous gold keys to outstanding students. This useful organization renders many services to the school, including the planning of our paid asf sernblies. This year the two most exceptional were Mr. George Campbell, nationally known scng leader, who led all Academy in group singing, and Mr. Robert Loomis who showed us colored movies he tock on his trip, "Around the World in a Yacht." Row 1: H. Walter, A. Bradford, I. Schlabach, S. Considine, P. Hartleb, P. Klomp, N. Negley, S. Yartz, B. Hartleb, G. Shapira, G. Scarlett, M, Cohen, B. lones. Row 2: D. Brock, B. Shappell, D. Martin, M. Overdorff, B. Fisher, G. Ehrler, L. Kons, M. Biebel, E. Salman, M. lacobson, M. Ayers, I. Manna, G. Vogel, S. Cabin. Row 3: A. Swift, I. Faber, N. Christenson, B, Detisch, L. Vought, K. Zimmer, R. Walter, I. Fisher, C. Treiber, E. Rockwell, C. Thomas, B. Murphy, B. Straus, B. Altsman. Row 4: D. Klinkhamer, V. Light, I. Malm, l. Maramo, D. Loyer, l. Buzzard, l. Crock, G. Savelli, A. Post, l. Wagner, C. Copply, T. May, B. Koenig. l 717541 l Row 1: A. Farrell, S. Hirt, B. Gloth, C. Zipperle, D. Turner, S. Kent, G. Vogel, N. Negley, S. Anderson. Row 2: B. Held, M. Sneiderf man, W. Landers, B. Blake, C. Davenport, M. Schaat, l. Kempf, S. Yartz, L. Perry, l. Kurtz. Row 3: l. Lewis, D. Richardson, R. Davis, l. Sawicki, W. Bredentwerg, l. Robb, L. Hale, l. Faber, l. lenlcins. Row 4: R. Walter, l. Gwinn, R. Moore, R. Bless, K. Brown, H. Vogel, A. Graham, R. W. Moore, l. Buzzard. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National l-lcnor Society has two inductions a year, one in the spring and one in the tall. In order to be eligible tor membership, students must have attended Academy tor one year and must maintain a high scholastic standing. These inductions are memorable cccasions in the lives ot Academy High School students. The impressive ceremonies have a tinge ot excitement in them when the students in the audience are tapped by the present members and taken on stage to recite the pledge. The members always look torward to the various activities ot the Society, which include the lively initiations and the annual banquets held in conjunctions with other schools. Left: lliail :HittIJI'6E-1P'I1tClftlC'f-?T'S, seated: l. Lewis, l. Faber, R. Davis. Standing: R. Bless, B. Blalae, S. Anderson, A. Graham. Right l:: inutiatic n fun? D. Turner, L. Hale, l. Lewis, R. Davis, R. W. Moore. D if Row 1: M. Skarupslci, S. Ager, S. Gabin, D. Fagan, M. Ott. Row 2: Mrs. Steirner, A. Orris, P. Yaple, W. Gill, C. Hanson, B. lohns- ton, Mr. Acker, Row 3: S. Downey, D. Clawson, E. Peplinski, L. Hale, R. Baker. DEBATE Every day sixth period in room 2ll, the debaters can be seen arguing tast and furiously over the important questions ot the year. The students, under the direction ot Mrs. Steirner and Mr. Acker, parti- cipate in lively dicussions with other schools and colleges. Every year there is a National Committee ot Speech Teachers which meets to determine what pro- blem the high schools ot America should debate. After much consideration, these teachers decided that the debate question ot the year would be: "Should a Federal Union be Formed ot the N.A.T.C?" The debaters take part in many activities. Besides holding panel discussions, engaging in debates, and presenting an assembly program, they also had the privilege ot participating in a debate tournament at Allegheny College. Left: You'll get fatlfM. Andrus, L. Hale, W. Gill, P. Yaple, l. Brice. Center: l object! -L. Hale. Right: Why should l do your work?--D. Clausen, E. Peplinski, M. Ott. v 77 if Row l : l. Scott, l. Kundla, P. Perry, H. Hill, S. Brown, A. Bradford, D. Ziesler, N. Cornelius, M. Feichtner. Row 2: B. Frey, D. Fagan, D. Reifrhel, I. Harvey, H. Welton, S. Mong, M. Hotchkiss, l. Whitmeyer, l. Myers, P, Manning. Row 3: C. Vindick, D. Bunce, S. Martin, B. Springer, L. Marsh, E. Cotter, F. Goodwill, P. Blake, M. Harris, F. LaFlamme. Row 4: l. Stebell, l. Cohen, E. Wertz, P. Orengm, D. May, l. Anderson, A. lohnson, L. Webb, Y. Morrow. Row 5: M. Gregory, W. Hartwell, L, Meagher, R. lensen, A. Post, B. Geanous, D. Werling, R. Sanford, D. Heinlein, l. Lewis. RED CROSS The American lunior Red Cross devotes its time to promoting international understanding, health, and good citizenship. The motto for these ambassadors ot good will is 'lTo aid in every way possible" which is symbolized by the little white button decorated with the Red Cross. Every student is asked to belong to this organization and to wear the button as a membership token. Each homeroom sends a representative to the meetings here at Academy, and every month representa- tives from each school attend the meeting tor all schools held at the lunior Red Cross Chapter House. As a school project, the Red Cross asks all students to help fill Christmas boxes tor children overseas. Truly this hard working organization is a credit to Academy. Left: Clin you tmnsliite this? H. Welton, Y. Morrow, L, Marsh, A. lohnson. Center: Catching up on the latest news Y. Morrow, l.. Marsh. Right: Loyal supporters ot the Red Cross Mrs. Hogenmiller, Y. Morrow, L. Marsh, Mr. Swahn. 1 n78ft The students ot Distributive Educa- tion, more commonly known as Mer- chandising, study hard from 8 'till ll A.M. Their studies include retailing, business ethics, consumer relations, merchandising, salesmanship, personalis ty development, retail math, and English. ln the afternoon they put their know- ledge to use while employed in various downtown stores. Officers of the D. E. Club: President f-M. De Marco, Vice President --R. Dudenhoetter, Secre tary L. Graczyk, Treasurer B. Langowslci. Getting ready for Christmas: A. Shaw and M. DeMarco. Our future career women: P. Newcomer, V. Arkwright, S. Malaszek, M. Deogard, H. Mulvin, T. Meehl. Bottom Picture'-Row 1: B. Langowski, S. Malaszek, M. Deogard, H. Mulvin, T. Meehl, M. A. DeMarco, R, Dudenhoefter, A. Shaw, T. Sherwin, T. Seib. Row Z: E. Doolittle, A. Seib, l. Wrobel, l. Cotter, M. Magee, M. A. Koper, V, Faulkner, M. Ester, L. Shallenberger, L. Graczyk, C. Holdsworth, l. Zaunegger, Mrs. Eisert. Ab- sent when picture was taken: V. Arkwright, P. Newcomer, S, Phillips. MERCHANDISING ig.. gigs? E-QHR 6?H'o v '19 44 , R Library Monitors Row 1: S. Brown, C. Henqsflver, B. Wlllillrxls, L. Usborne, R. Brownell, C. Berriciqel. Row 2: V. Mnlaszclk, K Fc-rmfmwfz A. FI'lF'41II141I1, I. Drwhm, M. Hmmm, I. Koch, B. Roos, E, Meyer, P. Ponsford, P. Orenqiu, M. Slmde M. C.all.1h1m, Pa. Dona tolli. Row 3:11. Mfartm, M. C'S.111:1rr1.s11, P. Pvrry, K. Wellnel, N. Eller, I. Evanoff, C. Fr-ilcoue, M158 Borhler, Mrs. Mn'C.ux'Thy, A. Dumlmr 53. M: rwl-1 M Wf-4!g'1?:f".v:'lf1:, l. SVPIE-?lfF?'k'-' M. OIT, I. LcwQsf'h, M. Urch, T. Marmcv. Mimeo Shop Front: 5. Kwplmrf M. Kf'stcw1f'k. Seated: I.. W1lL'h9I' B. Faure-211, D. Mshlqulsi, D. FlIl1I'IILH1 Y. KHIl1IWf, l., !I'x11':.e Y C"r'vv::iwy, Standing: Mlf'l' M1'M.1h: I., L. Wfimiuko, B. Coy, I, Evfmoff, C. Kllocwskl, Mlrssf Hiul-ivy. n8Oq SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS There are many organizations at Academy which perform worthwhile service to the school. They include the Stage Crew which keeps the stage in repair and makes sure that everyone on stage can be heard, the Mimeo Shop which mimeographs tests and work sheets as well as the fifth period bulletin, the Photographers who take pictures for the Academe and for other school groups, the Monitors who keep order in the halls, the Library Monitors who assist the librarians, and the Audio- Visual Aids Crew who show classroom movies, distribute various visual aids to the classrooms, and keep the machines in repair. Stage Crew: Row 1: T. Parrish, l. Hills, B. lohnston, R. Carson. Row 2: Mr. Mifkovic, l. Boyer, B. Chizmadia, B. Detisch. Photographers: Row 1:F. Schiller, l. Gehrlein, A. lauke, G. Kennedy. Row Z: Mr. Swahn, D. Wurst, Mr. Bright. Visual Aids: Row l: D. Orzechowski, D. Sprake, D. Weed, V. Beard, l. Anderson. Row Z: D. Holl, W. Graham, R. Loftus, I. Lafferty, l. Grimler, P. Wilson. Row 3: l. Sherman, R. Kohl, R. Watson, C. Sweeney, L. Schwindt. Row 4: C. Skopow, I. Buzzard, G. Dobrzynski, D. Brown. D 81 ff Row 1: Yi liiiiisicliarwl, N. Kosntur, C. Zipperle, S. Gabin, l. Martin, D. Bartone, M. Skarupslci. Row 2: M. Overdortt, M. Shappell, K. Robirifson, Reynolils, A. Spor, Cardot, N. Negley. Row 3: Mr. Kantz, R. Husband, M. Schaat, A. Graham K. Brown, l. Brown, I. lenkins. STAR The journalistic center ol Academy High School is the Star Statt which has the job ot publishing one monthly newspaper. Under the direction of Mr. Frederick Kantz, the members are kept busy collecting the news from the students, planning pages, organizing a dummy sheet, and selling subscriptions to the paper through the homerocm representatives. Each spring in order to raise mcney, the Star sponsors a dance which is held on the promenade overlooking the stadium. The Star Stall publishes a modern, upetosdate newspaper. The staff members are taught to report the news faithfully and honestly, and to present it in an unbaised fashion. The Star is very popular since it reports all the latest news and the important events happening at Academy. 1. What 1:1 it? Ken P1I'f'VVll?? 2. Big Conference K. Brown, A. Graham, N. Negley, C. Zipper-le, M. Shappell. 3. The Typists A. Spur, K. lxtoliinsoii. 4. llivlc me up iinrl read mel Sally Cardot. xr 11 1. Taking a ride, S. Kent? 2. Qur three bosses f-S. Yartz, S. Kent, M, Smith. 3. l crown you . . . S. Gibbens, Gordon Shay, and Mr. Coon. 4. Dancing Academe of l953 -f L. McCain. ACADEME Every day fourth period in Room l-A the members ot the Academe Statt can be seen busily putting the yearbook together. During the school year, the Statt has been selecting and organizing the material that they think the students would like to have in their yearbook. No matter what you have heard from l-A, the Statt will wholeheartedly admit that it has been a great deal ot tun. Under the capable supervision ot Mrs. Alsheimer and Miss Russell, the students have learned many things about publishing a yearbook. They feel that it has been a very worth-while experience and they hope you enjoy this book as much as they enjoyed publishing it. Row l: G. Vogel, D, Turner, S. Kent, M. Andrus, M. Kirkpatrick, M. Ott, A. Farrell, W. Klett. Row 2: S, Malits, W. Landers, M. Smith, L. McCain, M. A. Hubbard, S. Cllarek, S. Ankiel. Row 3: M, Sneiderman, C. Davenport, V. Light, R. Davis, R. Walters, C. McChesney, S. Yartz, M. A. lackson. l it 83 ff A f MISS ACADEME A vivacious young member of the senior class is our Miss Academe, Sally Gibbens. l-ler winning personality and friendly smile are a great credit to Academy and her cheerful man- ner, which is so much a part of her, has won her many friends. This lovely miss spends much cf her time designing and sewing clothes, and can be seen around school in a beautiful outfit that she has made herself. ln her junior year Sally served as president of the eleventh grade Yffeens and has clone much for its benefit. She is also an active member of the Choir and the Senate and has also been an energetic participant in cheerleading activities. We are happy to present this ideal Academy High School girl as our own Miss Academe of l953. xr 14 MR. ACADEME Gordon Shay's friendliness, sincerity, and individuality are the qualities which elected him as Academy High School's Mr. Academe of l953. Gordie, as he is called by his friends, tremendously enjoys almost every sport and is known as an all-round athlete. He excels in sports as a football, basketball, and track star, and this year was chosen coscaptain of the football team. His ability to ma ke friends and his other commendable qualities which are far too numer- ous to mention, make him a truly fine fellow to know. After high school, Gordon plans to go to college, majoring in physical education. We are proud to have Gordon Shay as our own Mr. Academe. n 85 ff Football Queen- - Dogpatch Dash Daisy Mae .. , Lil' Abner-A - - Mummer's Day Parade Academy Queen-- Miss Academe. - - - Mr. Academe- - Tinsel Twirl Queen- - - - - King Coronation Ball Academy Queen- - - - - - Academy King- - , Miss Sian- - Mr. Star - April in Paris Queen - - King May Fantasy Queen - - - - - King- - - - - Track Queen-- - - REMEMBER ? ? ? ? ? 1871: U uderdaumen HERE'S TO THE PALS WHO CHEERED US ON OUR WAY v 41 Qcodevf-.Lx Qquvclwuxq Song , sous an r - i-un "' I ' .ll - 0.5: I -' - ' ll i - Ii.-lim' -If 1 - : nur- - nu an-n , u x n suv- :gun l'f.' - 1l -2- I ll Y ,, Q if 25.2 fax 54-mf 's...,! V v X....x gl Ewa? ,II EL-EHf"H':" Qi' YCISIQCG 6.23 'mx X E. Adleff S. Ager P. Albertson M. Alwens B. Amendola A. Anderson R. Applebee L. Arduini D. Arndt J. Baroth L. Battles Y. Bauschard J. Birkner P. Bootes H. Booth A. Bray T. Breter E. Brock D. Burger C. Burns V. Buzanowski P. Carey L. Carr E. Carlson W. Carver O. Case M. Casler S. Chestner B. Chojnacki N. Christensen M. Cloyd J. Conway B. Coon , IUNICDRS ,, CT i 5 . A Y' . 3 b. .X ., A ,,b. M! S -n. A ii wg gl fs? " if , Y , 4 Aldrich Allen Altsman Anderson Anderson Ankiel Baehr Ball Baker Beard M. Benson Biletnikoff M. Booth Bowman Bradford Brown Brunner Bull Cairns Cappelletty M. Carey Carlson Carter M. Carullo Catlin Chandley Chapman Christian Clawson Clouse Cooper Cotter Crocker D. Danieko W. Davis M. Davitt E. Desser L. Desser D. Dick D. Doran A. Dorich F. Dovishaw R . Dzikowska E. Eicher M. L. Eiswerth B. Engel D. Epp J. Erickson D. Fisher M. Fletcher J. Fogelboch M. Fritz M. G. Froess C. Fulton I ,.V . ...- f A . lx q Am .. i ia 335 M .Q L IPA. 'A , ,, ' ,231 .aw 5 11- r D. Gardiner U N. Garpetti A . ig: B. Geanous A J. Gehrlein . , f N . . C- Sim-e111 l. . J . ...... M.G111 . . V' - J ,M Q , . fps La -V . , ,,,. Q. R. Graham :fi .V - ' G. Green Q Q V J. Grimaldi A521 Q :-. ff' Y'-L - Y A. Gunther M. J. Hagmann J. Hall P. Harper B. Hartleb M. Hauber .ef fi' -Q..V '41 V ly Bm ee - . ,-. 1. n91f. 51 A. Delahooke R. Demetter T. DeSanti P. Dil'.uuzi0 R. DeMasi M. Donatelli S. Downey M. Dunn J. Dyer N. Eller W. Ellis D. Ellison D. Fagan D. First D. Fishel H. Foreman O. Fox R. Francis S. Gavin M. Gacluski N. Gaerttner F. Geez-tson G. Gehrlein J. Gehrlein M. Goetzinger F. Gowens C. Graham J. Grimler C. Grisier J. Gross N. Hamilton M. Hanna C. Hanson C. Haupt M. Hauser C. Hayner M. Heddericl-x D. Heidt D. Heinlein J. Hipsley P. Hobeck M. Hodas E. Houpt G. Howard M. Huff M. James A. Janoski J. Jenkins E. Johnston W. Johnston J. Jonasen W. Jones A. Jozefczyk D. Kaminski E. Kempisty R. Kennedy B. Kent G. Kloffler R. Kohl T. Kohler S. Kurczewski J. Lafferty J. Laraway S. Lincoln B. Linse J. Lomax H. Maclvor S. Malits J. Malm N. Markham N. Marsh M. Martin Q 1 ' 1 Eh ar if... Q! .4 8. l in as I 3' 1 7, V- U! - '12 'Z Tr U x 1 is 32 Jr' 'H 5' bv 4 .., in 55. . xi, x N , D ggi' , if Aw f in 51. '-'Z N A Q v .W , Jr in -4.1. vig? 5. T . WC' si L. x . 1' 3, K Q W 1 F55 r Q W 1 xx X Wh . sg.. Q. 5 .J ir J ' 8115. if X If P. Held W. Hellman M. Hershiser A. Hoenes M. Hoffman M. Hotchkiss D. Hultman C. Hummell R. Husband V. Jefferson F. Johnson M. Johnson L. Jones O. Jones M. Jones W. Karsh G. Kempf J. M. Keene B. Kight C. Kindle M . Kirkpatrick D. Konkel J. Koppes N. Kostur M. Lashinger G. Lehtonen J. Letcher N. Lossie B. Lovejoy E. Mack P. Manning S. Mantsch T. Marino C. Masiroff C. Massa:-o D. Matson 4 4 9 "sf 4' J ,cf V -..eww T. May M. J. Mayer W. Mong K. Mclntire R. McLean L. Meagher H. Merryman C. Messer J. Michaels J. Mitchell C. Moffett K. Moffett R. Morrison Y. Morrow A. Motsch M. Newcomer R. A. Newsham E. Nicholls N. Ognibene S. Ollarek M. Orengia V. Owsiejko R. Pace N. Palmer L. Pastewska G. Patsy S. Patton E. Peplinski R. Peters V. Petroni G. Platz J. Pollock W. Ponzy J. Pude G. Ray D. Reichel QQ -- Q iii? . ez. .',: 1 1 L 'fl-'ff Q' 51.2,-4 .'1h-"' , 4 .sg . sw. ' 1 el' -a JW . if . 'fx .. , -- 11' Q -A . , if W sf R J Q4 Ns? t f . is ip- . 1 - fs. Y? , , W. a 3, . A .. l ' P , J -:f' J K 1 Qgsfekfi ' lah, gg. Am ., J A Qi Q ! g ... ,. ...... , ,B . f 5 if E, A Q3 vs rx 14 an - if M, Y Q, , It F E Ya . .qt- W 2 r X '39 is -. ,. :K W I, 9 'P' 1 .asl. eS- ttt frfgifl., ..- - P PX- C. McChesney F. McGovern R. McCrillis D. Melquist A. Menc J. Menc M. L. Miesel D. Miller R. Minnich L. Mogel T. Morehouse R . Morrison W. Mulvin E. Murzynski J. Nelson D. Nielson A. Nowak W. Ocker P. Osborne M. Ott M. Overdorff T. Parrish B. Pasold R. Passmore C. Paulsen D. Peals R. Pelkowski C. A. Pfeffer A. Phelps R. Pierce B. Powell M. Protaz T . Przybyszews M. Rensel S. Reynolds J. Ring ki C. Rinke D. Rizzo W. Roberge R. Roesch N. Rohan J. Rolling R. Sanford J. Savko J. Sawtelle C. Schumacher R. Brownell R. Schultz R. Senger R. Senger M. Shade E. Sitter M. Skarupski J. Smith P. Sponsler B. Springer R. Steele B. Stoltz R. Straub B. Straus S. Swanson L. Sweeney A. Swindlehurst J. Tarbell F. Tate D. Taylor J. Totleben M. Trost D. Urso P. Vogt D. Vogt R. Vogt of K' k is .g 7,, :R :La-J . .- X. 1 L, W Q . ,Q li' f P f A Sil Q. ' 13 J , will it ' X. -1 A ' 'W 'Q 'EE . Jah Q . 3, .4 we A-ha .5 'R M1 l,' 5 ls -R .aw ... 'I S.. wr!! A 5. K , 4' in . f fa A L if U A l K Wm n I Q" Q, r 65 wg, 5, fu. I' ' as li wa 5 , has . . 'Ea 4 4 Tire- ? W Y .. . . .1 1 -3 a K if .,. .f . fflvr 1 7 f " U7 1: Y ' 'ag ff. " f 9 . .1-Ewa . , Y 41 .. . ,. . if C. Robinson J. Robinson E. Rockwell B. Roos M. Rosenborg G. Salman V. Scarlett E. Schauble F. Schiller E. Schuschu R. Seeback S. Seicller M. Sheldon J S. Silforcl 10' R. Simmons M. Smith G. Sonnenberg C. Sourwine J. Steffan R. Steiner M. Steves S. Strock J. Strub P. Sundberg A. Szymanowski L. Tabachnick . Tanner D 9 aywl R. Taylor R. Tucker M. Thompson R wr. MW R. M. Vance A. Van Dyke C. Ventrello L. Vought C . Wagner R. Wagner S. Waite J. Walczak A. Walker T. Warren J. Wasiela L. Wayland M. Weindorf R. Welton G . Weunski J. Wienczkowski P. Wierbinski J. Will P. Wilson V. Wilson N. Witherow M. Wurst J. Wygant B. Yeager M. Zlotnicki 1. Papa's young ones: D. Hultrnan and F. Reineltg Z. Glubl Glubl N. Pal- merg 3. The pillow gang: l. Scott, V. Coburn, M. Wood, L. Pastewkag 4. Boy wanted! M. Ottp 5. Christmas cutiep P. Manning. P. Walker R. Walter K. Warren P. Weaver J. Weber K. Weibel C. Wernicki A. Whipple M. Whitford C. Williams C. Wilson J. Wilson D. Wolkiewicz M. Wood E. Woodworth T. Zielinski D. Ziesler K. Zimmer 6. Hi Ho Silver! D. Ziesler and B. Stein- erg 'I. After the ball: M. E. Hoffman and K. Mclntirep 8. Cute couple! D. Nielson and B. Bar- thelmesg 9. Oh, what a tan! L. Des- ser and K. Harty 10. Assistant Photogra- phers: G. Dobryn- ski and l. Menc. 1. 1'V16-'TI11S t1ll the emi, C Ptetter fmd 1. S1111f31tltf Z. Oh, wt1.1t pretty qlfmsses, M. Klf'kI1cl1I'1I'1QQ 3. UHGII, 114111 the c1t111cg':s 1111 11GF6?1HQ 4. M. Carey, M. Hhmie "H1111?"g 5. M. Vtfoori 1:16114 irtq prettyj 6. B. ?l11f1p1pell lust f1r'eef1111111qg 7. 1. 1'11'f1w111111f1s:1o11111119 Rttyg 8. C, Kmdle IlIC'9E3f'91'1f-TY1 9. K. Wmtwel, who are you w111k1r1qt1t? 10. H. Crfawtcwri W1"lCt'F yum' mrl frlencl? ll. M. Tarrg D. Voqtg E. Terr, Cho- rus liueupg 12. P. Md1m1r1q "After the Ba11"p 13. D. Ta1111er, smile pret- tylp 14. C. Ptefter and her pretty kittyp 15. L. Pastewka - "W1s11 you were he-re."g 16. M. Rensel, B. Aldrich. C. Haupt, Y. Bausc- hard, B. Baehr, E. Bamettg 17. "See the pyra1r1iC1s."g 18. K. Weible is sweep' mcg up: 19. N. March, N. Costur, T. Marino, "Locke inq their best?" F. Adams R. Allen G. Ames B. Arndt l. Baker J. Baldwin K. Barnett D. Baudau J. Baumgart P. Benner D. Benson J. Bergman J. Bishop E. Bloxdorf T. Bollinger C. Bowman J. Boyer D. Bray W. Bromfield S. Brown J. Cairns H. Carr L. Carson D. Carter W. Chase S. Chianello B. Chicoski V. Cochran M. Cohen J. Colby G. Cornelius N. Cornelius N. Cornelius I I ., .Aga X , ' 5 Qi- SG PHGMCDRES NSW .... .. .S , ,.... '4 Q, ., .I .K if me A 'NK 4 ,J .. , . my 'O 9 W UM. I . 7 sail Ls. .:L- - 'Q' lr if .-use 1 9 XX L Q ... if we 3' 'iss 3.-, :K I 4. +I A mi .... J, . '41 .J . .H -s RTT Q . rigs, ,, .. Y fm, . w ':' , k:.h i w L gig.. Q.-Tir - , ' qi . ..,V.L-615 522 :-fr l . . .--- 1 if pi. g V' ,. "gf . , P I az-1.1. - 5 'V 4 " .,"' A A f ,. X5-lv.-' seal?" I 'A Fifi i ' lk -- '53'i'1'. 5 V,.s e -. 4 " -' 11 ,I - J f l' 'J' 1 in 11 Z " F A C . N3 ' il ' 'V ssi. , L i M 'if V V ' 113: --f' , 'i . Qiiiggf . ' .' ' ATE? . ' ll' . ' 'ii f f -W" .521 V 7 ' 2 ' '-.k 211- Ta. is X ' K -- 'Q' of - 'f A I f i , L,Vk A J . . di W A - , .n ,,: he i n A ... e e .Ez , ' 1 .3: .22 lf. -.:. i ., . . ' .. K I - lr, .V kk.... . ., t ' if X ' l ' ,. , . I. A A Q9 - . n97a J. Anderson R. Andrews V. Andrews D. Barczynski R. Bard J. Barnes D. Becherer G. Benacci R. Benczkowski A. Bielak C. Bierbauer D. Bishop H. Book R. Boots G. Bosnake A. Brewer M. Brigante D. Brock J. Calamita M. Callahan C. Carr V. Case J. Charters D. Charters T. Chido C. Clark P. Clark D. Coleman A. Conn C. Copple J. Cote R. Crawford T. Crawford A. J. H Criscione Crock Crosby H Deckard A. Decker S. Dennington E. Dhus C Doerrler J. Dolan M. A. Dudek A. Dunbar C. Dunn R Eckerd K Economos K Eisert N Euliano S. Evans P. Faro M. Fletcher H. Fong M. Ford A. Friedman L. Fuller T. Galanis L. Gilmer E. Golembeski C. Graczyk T. Graney J. Griffis A Grignol D Hain R Hakel E. Hamilton M. Hayden W. Harvey J. Hassell 551 :xl Q IC Q4 X, A I J ' .1 Q, A Q X 4 ,I- K H-Us .Q .3 '? 1:1 ,y J, X 21. 1 QF' f. in' rg M 8 Q 'iv .QM S R ff? AKA ,fr 'vm S . .x. C Q K I 3' . Q ,, 1 Q 3, ,U Z..- 1 If qi. ww L ht 1-e' in Q .Jr X. r if A . 8 YW my xi 3 . x 9' .Q mf if 3. 6 98 44 n K at . if vu xv, T' ' 5' w . . x. ,Q . Crowell D'Annible Davies C. Dennis Depew M. Detter . Dombrowski M. Dominik L. Driggs E. Dunn Dyer Dyer Eliason Eller Enstrom Field Finazzo Fisher Forisko Fourspring French Gehrlein George Gifford Gradler J. Graham W. Graham . Grignol W. Gunner J. Gwinn . Hamilton M. Harris P. Hartleb M. Hellman B. Mifsud T. Henry K. Herman J. Hess S. Hicks C. Hornung M. Hritz E. Hubler C. Irwin T. Irwin K. Ishler M. Jemison R. Jepson A. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson Y. Johnson D. Keller M. Keller C. Kendall J. King R. Klemm M. Kler R. Konzel N. Kosabucki S. Kosiorek J. Krill S. Krivonak M. E. Kunz R. Laase R. Laser V. Lazan G. Levosky J. Lewandowski R. Ligosio W. Litz J. Loesch L. Lombardo xi 4 iv 4 4 if x. K ff? r A -: Q L E? e i 5, .f fni iif,MA I J 1 X il k V 1. . if , ...K .., 9 1. A-W . rf W. . S. ,kgs 5 at ar 3 'Q 4' l BR it S' 3 K -7 will M Y ' :'i 1' .L ,. I ff' X, Y E' 9. ,,. lf? lv. x. l J n j . . . . ox X 1. 4, ,iz ' I Ai - 'yy Ulf 31? Z . r' 'W' 5 V . ., ,fi - . E ew gg! s :Q Wi Q, -l- Q. X gil! Q25 As vi! E, .5 W o X, J , W... h vii . jjff, ii 5, I , --1. I . . . o M, - .L ....,. 3 ..., ix ., 99 cc ,Qs 'B ig, A' S . t 2 12'," aw' flgv 4- Q 1 QW'-"1 ,f-, V, ' '- Hill Holby H011 Hull Illig Ireland F. Italiani Jackson J effords M. Johnson Johnson P. Johnson Jones Jones Kaiser W. Keys E. Kidder King E. Knobloch Koenig Kons Kovski M. Kowalik M. Krasneski S. Kurtz W. Kruszewski F. Kubeja . Leatherwood . Lechtner L. Levandow W. Lind M. Linse L. Linse . Loper . Lorenson P. Luciano J. Lunger K. Lydic J. Mahoney J. Marhoefer B Marino P Marmino S A. Martin M. Mathews P. Mattes M. McDonnell M. McKee M. McLaughlin R. Meltzer R. Merryman E, Meyer S. Mook M. Moore C. Morgan A. Myers P. Myers D. Nason E. J. Newby H. Newcomer G. Neithamer R. Nutter J Nuber B. O'Brien L. Osborne J. Ostrowski R. Palmer G Parker B. Parmenter G Parsons G. Patterson P. Patton I. Pawlowski 6 .XX A sd H. ,fx 4' f r A if 1 T f w .3 . l . df Q 5 X f x 4 Q J 25 .6 xx' ffhw 45- .1. -""" -far -5 I 2, M... S f,. W iw ..,, In x . a , 7 eors SA, W . -3 ! if K 3 .E In v 4' ""' ,rs . . 4 -' f 1 if 9 Z 1 M i A of , 6 1' .. 7 .,. . 51 " - D pg, . ,J 4 .,"""'!H, ., A. QS: 'ff n 100 .4 . r... .9 1 F Y 3' x , K 'KS 'X vw X.. ...Wx .ai qi Q ,... ',. f L x ,iga I U. Malaszek L. Malone A. Mandell D. Martin D. Martin P. Martin G. Mattson C. May D. May J. McMann S. McMichael D. McNamara W. Mifsud H. Miller J. Montgomery R. Morse M. Mowrey M. Mowrey S. Negley C. Nelson H. Nelsen A. Niewinny R. Nordin R. Northrop L. O'Brien D. Olson D. Orzechowski L. Palucki R. Paris D. Parker R. Paskoski N. Paster R. Pastewka P. Peck L. Pedano M. Perry F. Peskorski M. Peterson R. Peterson M. Pinkston K. Pittas B. Pope L. Rathbun L. Rebman G. Reinholt S. Rickenbrode J. Robare B. Roberts K. Romeo J. Root S. Rosenthal P. Russo G. Savelli T. Scepura J. Scheloski M. Shellang A. M. Schmidt A. Selling J. Senger P. SeraHn M. Shaw D. Sheldon N. Shenk D. Silvaggi R. Simon C. Skopow A. Smith J. Smith M. Smith J. Sontheimer J. Stasenko J. Staub Q ff! 31 41 si A. Q.: ,A y 5iZi ? X 'Q f . .391 . ti W gg Q Pdf , , . . t . eete 3 is . 2 M AVAYL I A ---' .k y . Y W' ,gif 4 if vs 6' as N 5K ...X 1 .. ee .. V S -2. 44 2 vs 1 Y 4. . ge K 'Z , .Nj .V K K . if NE if ,aes 5 :V . il 'lf 5 , Sl lf. . .ai ' .M 3.44 Ere? K . 1 ... Plle ' ' .zgsif is . 41 M. Pfister J. Pierce R Pifer J. A. T. D R D Portis Post Quirk Reinwald Richardson Richter W. Roberts J. Rohan S. Romanski B. Russell J. Roth C. Ruggles C. Schaack J. Schaaf S. Schauerman W. Schwartz E. Sechrest G. Seggi J. Seroka J. Shampoe B. Shappell J. Sherman J. Shore N. Siford R. Skrutsky R. Sliker S. Sliker R. Smith S. Smith R Snow D. Stearns J. Stevenson K. Sullivan R. Swarner J. Sweeney D. Szymanslxi M. Tarr D. Tatara J. Terrell D. Tibor M. Tong J. Torelli R. Van Dyke V. Varo R. Vogt J. Walker D. Walls H. Walter M. Weber M. Wedzikowski M. Weiss M. Wertz R. Wettekin R. Wetzel T. White C. Whitforcl J. Whitmeyer B. Willert S. Willett B. Williams N. Woods C. Woodworth D. Wright M. A. Zaczyk D. Zimmer R. Zimmerman L. to R.: D. Vogt D. Tarpin, K. Zim mer, P. Carney "Watch the Biri die!"g Beverly Mari no- "Monkey qirll' is I Y' 1 L , I 4-is is S .QW 1, l .4 Q-B 1 ,, . 4. f We Q .9 sa l -,. ' 7. 1. . L,., . . 'ir T: Rr A. 'E M, . --1... A as 9 . Q Y 4 'aw 13 L ,fy f X.-. , fi k.. 'hi s we. D A .V - ,. 1 2.13, . fm ei + 3 AF N Nw. Y ii Ek ex lp , I sin ...r WX ' I xg ,Sa- + x Q. -vw . LKWA t H. fix C.. 'Sir QA' ' nu, K 'Q A ffx, ' . ff? V l A X is - Q W v Q lnllk , ere Q ...i Q X 1 A .V ,cry . 1 ' QS-4 sw 5 v .1 Q l i .JF rr. .L nlO2q J. Tait A. Tarasovitch E. Tarr D. Thayer D. Thomas P. Thomas F. Trimble F. Trott H. Twaroski M. Wade J. Wagner S. Wahl I. Walters J. Ward C. Washek E. Wellman H. Welton C. Wertz W. Wheeler N. Whipple J. White G. Wiard J. Winter R. M. Will M. A. Winkelman C. Wolf R. Wolfe E. Wright L. Yerkey C. Young E. Zmijewski J. Zuck L. to R.: Rui Andrews A "les thinkin"'p Harry Crawford A "Thay what's going on? Zin it-lilemnrp uf lee fflfenhein ln October, l952, Academy lost one of its best junior high students. He was known to all and well liked. Lee, a member of the eighth grade, was outstanding in his classes, and in leader- ship. We are sure the memory of this fine bcy will live in the hearts of all his classmates. n 103 fc I O I It WE WILL KEEP THEM ALL WITHIN OUR HEARTS wIO4K . ,, J?5m?Hr4 A L4 -A-AL , - fi .w+1f1Q,UQ4 Ei!--Emil E435 I:-l:.fiJ:g:-Lal , , Rxawx Q? AMERICAN DEMOCRACY "To be a good American is the most important jcb that will ever confront you. But essentially it is nothing more than being a good member cf your community, helping thcse who need your help, striving for a sympathetic understanding cf those who oppose you, doing each new day's job a little better than the previous day's, placing the common good before personal profit. The American Republic was born to assure you the dignity and rights of a human individual. lf the dignity and rights of your fellow men guide your daily conduct of life, you will be a gcod American."' Dwight D. Eisenhower, when President of Columbia University. The above article should express to you most clearly much of what American Democracy stands for. Let us march forward, ever doing our best towards emphasizing its purposes in our School, Community and Nation. W. EDWIN COON, Principal av 106 if May each graduate have a respect for the abilities of all people, a recognition ot the value of honest work, a desire to continue to acquire new interests, skills and competence, and accept personal responsibility tor good citizenship. May each one be a person whom others seek in times of sorrow as well as joy. MABEL STUDEBAKER Assistant Principal D As you turn the pages ot this Annual, may you once again experience the joy of attending school - of meeting your classmates and teachers. LEROY E. BARBER Assistant Principal ROBERT ACKER JEANNE ALSHEIMER World History Coach JOHN BALLA English Coach Senate MARIAN BORTNER Librarian JONATHAN BRIGHT Drafting Photography MARY BROWN U. S. History Typing Stenography Academe fi, MARIAN BLAKE English LUELLA BRALEY Geography ELIZABETH BROWN English SYLVIA BURGUN U. S. History Latin R HENRY DOROTHY CHIMENTI CHALUPCZYNSKI English History N. D. CHRISTMAN MARY CRANE Jr. High Mathematics Jr. Trades MARIE DEMULING English ROSALIA DOLAN Nurse VICTORIA DOLLINGER HOWARD EICHERT English Chemistry MARY EISERT MICHAEL FERRARE Distr-ibutive Education physical Education Coach w l09n ANNE HOGENMILLER Clothing Red Cross JAMES HYDE U. S. History Health HELEN JOHNSTON World History VIOLA KASTE History Red Cross JACK KOMORA Physical Education Coach W RUTH HUEGEL Home Nursing W9 EDWARD JESKA Science FRED KANTZ U. S. History P. O. D. Star AGNES KAVENEY Bookkeeping MARGARET KUHN O. D. W HOWARD FORBES Band, Music ANDREW GRAHAM Machine Shop EDWARD GUBISH Science RUTH HALLINAN Geography Cheerleading GEORGE HAVICAN Science Survey, Physics GEORGE GIESLER Horticulture Coach OBED GRENDER Glee Clubs, Choir, Music JOSEPH HABAS Word Study, English LEO HARKINS History Coach I AR I Stenogr , T Q25 BILLIE LAKE JOHN LEAMY English, Word Study Civics Coach MARION LEWIS STEPHEN LIPCHICK Algebra, Solid Geometry Jr. Trades Trigonometry MARGARET LORD FRANCES MAJOR Art English, Spanish GLENETTE MCCARTHY Librarian , English LEONARD MATTIS Bookkeeping GEORGE MCLEAN MARGARET McMAHON Off' P t' , Driver Education we Tac we Stenography, Typing, Mimeo Shop 1- 112 of BETTY MCMULLEN JOHN MIFKOVIC Civics, Geometry Jr. High Mathematics Stage MYRTLE MOHNEY English WINI FRED MONG English FRANK PETTINATO MARGARET PISTORY Word Study, Geography, Typing, Stenography, English Consumer Education, Coach Office Practice VIRGINIA POMPEANI ANTHQNY PRESOGNA Clothing Consumer Education Coach HARRY RAMSEY RUTH RIDER Biology Latin Coach D 113 44 MARY ROBB WILLIAM ROLLINGER Physxcal Education, German, A. V. A. Dnver .Educatxon ETHEL RUHLING RITA RUSSELL Biology Geometry, Alegbra Academe HELEN SCHNEIDER RUTH SCHOENFELD Typing, English Jr. High Mathematics Counselor ISADORA SCHW TZER Orchestra, Striff K, ADELAIDE SISLEY Choru es XX Stenography, Typing 7 XX Y-Teens X LYNETTE STEIMER THERESA STRAUCH World H1story, Debatlng Algebra fmt gag be n114K FRANCES STULL Stenography, Typing Counselor, Y-Teens CLARENCE SWAHN Drafting Twirling, Coach FRED TORRANCE Counselor EILEEN VAN SCOTER Foods LAURA WAGNER Biology Y-Teens EILEEN WARDELL Health, Biology N. AUDREY WELTHER Algebra Jr. High Mathematics ANNETTE WHALEY Art w1154f gl ' , MARIA WESCHLER Biology Driver Education Cheerleading BYRON WHITEMAN Woodshop KATHRYN YOUNG OLIVA HAKEL English Office Clerk MARGARET WEBER RUTH WAUGH Office Clerk Office Clerk :116x , ' AUTOGRAPHS SFX Q WW if A, lXfW"t ,W ggwiafxg WWW" f Ewjailmtjwf Cx xfmjw fWf?2-13' M' af X ya ew ww QPW .ig if 13 W GSW' AUTOGRAPHS U 1,0.ww-M A f-55341 MMM" wf' fin! VV My W 6 M42 . D it 'J 11 af A T5 " wiv 51? A ggi?" ,gf , .L-f ' ' ' -- K, - fd f.-uw ' 1 1 x M I AUTOGR HS M, 4 jf, ff .1 , 1 li f 'J l ' iii? i b MJ V H sl? D . 5 - , +A Qf 553 .4 fi 4,f' 1,. V 1:3 33 -- fi? f"'.fL' WT-1, -- 1. I .VL3 I . Nr ' V 'A 15. '-1 Y Zi- 't" f f?f1 f41 ' ish" Q5 ' . " 3 'bmw s N - QZ5S'?'-L14 - . WF. ,, wwf? 5,,,. .3 ., if z., s-, V' ' 4 ii 'fe - -V ' :i ff .v YZ. I X ' ' RI , ' , - Y 1 vi'-nxt, -1 :yi , 0 'vw H 4 ', jig.f ' , ' 4- ' jnL 'ifp', x l Q l . v, NM 1 f . w - we psi . , I .'--- .g,sf:y-L- ' X .: . " ' - I - , .51 1 ' , - , f 4 - ' Q of 1 5' M .12 fr qi ,rig X 9 ff 01201 v arm -I X 1 ,gr ,pf Y J 'T 5 4 r Ti, , 6 ,f .qi 'HV' ' Kgs' '11-53' ' ' -. 'Iii , , Q 10 YW? W M , ,6 px - A 2 vM5W'fff fbAAK 3 4 51 XMI XXWNLQ,-v-f5Q"' Lay.-' U Nj b JLALLWB 1 3 x W K SW ,QR , A Q3 ,J 3 f 1 x 4 AW4'-'ff ffffw 47""f W? ,M 3iJ,r,f5mgf -SM ii? ag, PS MW x"B GJ Van F--bagylp, Anne--Lsau WJ' A QA, H-1, ami 0' P 7,1 afwon er- f-1 4215: meg! J fl v-V , QEWU WQLW - s W R iii 55? L 'v Q Q1 M if fgfid,

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