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 - Class of 1949

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1949 volume:

1f"f JA A! , - 'X T.- X X 5 2 X . . U X .4 . . R. ff' "4 1' t'f f' ,f ' ,U ' Br . + .-. -f sp , P g , Cu ' f EX 1 . N 'YJ Ura., X . X 'J X ET. iq.:- Jb U xx If X K- lx. X -' CJ' 4 A X XSS V ' gd "1 , - '. . X ' I Q f It fa 2,35 X5 , P X . 1 f, 6V A 1 Ci ' A Vf ,,, r. , :yn K xfjx 'Wx NJ X ,I 42,7 ,fZ'Vkf ,I xx X X it , .1 . ,, Av! Z X I AN A ' V AU i E1 2 'ji L: J A A ffyf , Wg U cl F ,N I' , I fx ., ffcf ,E Iv, Q -X I 1 -VVS DDO lx ' lyk! "1 ffvgyf f '-- if I Y , 'VI K I4 i bf N gf rF'Y5'T J V ff' X Q KY: :fi ,- 15 , 1 V ' 'QM .V A QT f," lx f lk' Q X l X , J IIN' h WM ,KX Tj 'S , 1 ' W. AU W . jx , "fl: 1 Inf' Y KJ Jx NX .xyq A -J 4 V' W X NS? K '4 X-Q I" X ., X an ka v -. l! 7 j X IE up fx' wb' X, f 1, - J fa I A Lf N Q v ,, ,lf-xf Xi Q It , n y M JY ' A 03- X fx ' 7 - .-'J KE -A W -1 X I ,, If ,J , ,,. xix X f V K mf' rx J x ,A ,U .,, xx Nl A i k i .XFXY , N. ,X-"-"' ' x .1 , 41: f 4 ' I f 47w7f U 10,4 , I If 1 1 61.14-CbJ7f'Z,f1 fK!i.!',,f': -'. 4' y. it , .X K x K., Q I Ii? t 1 3 F 3 X Lx'Xf-fx N 1 Q N Y A Y 3' 57 N K W 'V X X if-L Kr N I Q' xg XX . xxx -. N. N X ,xx Y, ,sp xxx WJ X 1 K " . 1 ,J ,X xx X N ff x. X K .xvvl S21 F I KJ X5 5 CX K. X Y Y 1' F V N . 45' x Gfcagemy fyfiqlz Sckoof aria, Qyemzsyfvazzia 7 941 9 mf fM?,M :M The Fortyfniners of one hundred years ago started from various places and had to go various distances to reach their goal-the gold fields of California. Some made adequate preparations for a tough, arduous journey while others started forth virtually unprepared. Most of the latter gave up by the wayside or returned to their original homes. Ivlany reached the promised land and entered into the rough and ready spirit of the frontier, settled down in their new locality and built a great State. The Fortyfniners of today need to he prepared to Rice "new frontiersf' What many of these will he, we can only guess. Hence the need is great to put forth one's best efforts to prepare oneself for living hy going to college or entering industry or business, but always with an attitude of searching for hetter living, for, as Edwin Markham so wisely puts it: "Why build these cities glorious, If man unbuilded goes? In vain we build the world, unless The builder also grows." May you also grow to be real citizens of a real country fthe U. S. A. W. EDWIN CooN Pvincipal 4 DR. JOHN M. HICKEY Assistant Principal Miss MILDRED LOCKWOOD Assistant Principal MARIAN BORTNIER Librarian NELSON HALI3 P. O. D. MARION BLAKE English ROBERT ACKER , World History ADELAIDE SISLEY Business Education MARION LEVJIS Nfatlzeinatics LAURA WAGNER Biology LYNN DAVIS Horticulture AGNES KAVENEY Bookkeeping GUY MINADEO Science Survey, Healrli LYNETTE STEIMER World History CARL R.ADDER U. S. History WINIERED MONG English JONATHAN BRIGHT Drafting MARIE DEMULING English, Speech JOHN LEAMY Civics JEANETTE RUSSELL U. S. History, P.O.D. GEORGE GIESLER Chemistry MARY BROWN U.S. History, Counselor JOHN BALLA English KATHRYN YOUNG English CLARE POWER Sewing JEAN HOLMES English . ' gh MARY PHALAN English ELIZABETH CARROLL Physical Education 4. r"Q If I. 8 . 7155 DQ I vffpvlxfln HATTIE SAPPER Business Education MARIA WESCHLER Biology, Driver Education FRANCES STULL Business Education Counselor HERMINE BAUSCHARD Science, Geography HELEN JOHNSTON World History VIOLA KASTE History MARGARET CONNELL Mathematics, Ty ping FREDERICK KANTZ History ETHEL RUHLING Biology RUTH SCHOENFELD English QJQU, 5 CZf"M?Q AUDREY WELTHER Science LUELLA BRALEY Geography JOHN MIEKOVIC Geometry 9 - Q 21:92 SYLVIA BURGUN Latin, U. S. History HOWARD FORBES Band HELMA FLUEGEL German HOWARD EICHERT Physics, Chemistry RITA RUSSELL Mathematics LEONARD MATTIS Consumer Education THERESA STRAUCH Algebra STEPHEN LIPOHIK junior Trades MARGARET LORD Art MICHAEL FERRARE Physical Education lx a if 'x . flwx Nu l 'N W ISADORA SCHWEITZER Giils' Clioruses, Oichesrfra FREDERICK TORRANCE English, Visual Aids, Counselor ANNETTE WHALE3' Art JAMES HYDE Physical Education, Health RUTH RIDER Latin ANTHONY PRESOGNA Consumer Education JEANNE ALSHEIMER Business Education CLARENCE SWAHN Drafting MYRTLE MOHNEY English HAIKRY RAMSEY' Civics, Science OBED GRENDER Choir, Glee Clubs MARY EISERT Distributive Education BYRON WHITEMAN Woodshop EILEEN WARDELL Science, Health ANNE HOGENNIILLER Sewing MARY CRANE junior 'Trades JACK KOMORA Physical Education 5 MARGARET MCMAHON Business Educaiion ANDREW GRAHAM Machine Shop ,IANICE GOOD English, Spanish GLENNETTE MCCALKTHY English GEORGI WEIBLER Home Nursing OLIVIA HAKEL Ojice QM MAQLMJ QM dgiww HELEN SCHNEIDER Mathematics RUTH WAUGH Office MARGARET WEBER Office NjfM,.QQdL ' XJ!-QQ! - ' Q ., . gs xx!! Q ff CT.i::- gg l'Ll6U'y BOB QVERDORFF NANCY SCHICK President VicefPresident 6155 CAROLYN SWARNER JERRY SHAPIRO Secretary Treasurer 7940673 16 ALLISON, JOY--joy N. H. S., YfTeens Popular BECHTEL, ELIZABETH-Becky Monitor, Chorus Efficient BLANCHARD, TESSe-Bugs Cross Country, Track Carefree BORKOSKI, ESTELLE-Stell YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Intelligent BURNS, GERALD -Jerry Basketball , Carefree CESNICK, CARL-Carl Handsome BAUSCHARD, CHARLES7DOUg Stage Crew, Monitor Good Dancer BENSON THEODOREeTed Football, Cross Country, N.H.S Flirtatious BLOCK, BEVERLY H-Pinky YfTeens Witty BUEHLER, CAROL'YBU'bU YfTeens, Monitor, D Congenial CASE, ANNAYCHSQY YfTeens, N. H. S. Dignified CHRISTi', JOHN7CfYSC3l Baseball, Basketball Stutlious rum Corps CLARK, EDWARD-Ed PCPPY Cox, BARBAR-A't'B2lbS Twirler Acrobatic CRAIL, WALTER7COOkS Carefree DANOWSKI, JOHN-Jay Football, N. H. S., Track Good Sport ELLIS, AUDREY--Rae YfTeens Enthusiastic Fox, FRANCES- H--- -Franny Senate, Monitor, YfTeens Tirnid FRASCHETTI, PETERePete Track, Cross Country Artistic GALLAGHER, SHIRLEY YfTeens, Monitor Friendly GRACE, RICHARD-Dick Wrestling Witty GRAY, KATHRYN MKay YfTeens, Monitor Vivacious GRIESHOBER, DONALD +Don Tennis, Senate Intelligent CWINN, VIRGINIAACinny Debate, YfTeens, N. H. S. Studious HENK, NATALIEW-Nat Peppv HOLLENBECK, JAMES-'Jim Efficient JEHLE, JOHN-Jack Monitor, Projectionist Sense of Humor JOHNSON, JENNIE Lou-Jennie YfTeens, Monitor Friendly 18 JOHNSON, JOHNgSWEd6 N. H. S. Intelligent JONAS, GEORGE Water Polo, Tennis Argumentative JONES, EVELYN4EV6l6DC Quiet KAISER, ROEERTE-Dieb Senate, Band Goo-:l Sport KAVENEY, HELEN1MHC Friendly KERR, WILLIAM Football Quiet 54617530 G6 50092 KOFFLER, llAPLH'BlHClil6 Flirtatious , KUHNE, WALTER4WHllY CWD Easyfgoing LINDSTROM, SHIRLEYfBCCtl6 Monitor, YfTeens, Drum Corps Pretty Hair LOMBARDO, THERESEYTCFFY Ambitious LUKE, CLARENCE-Luke HifY, Swimming Industrious MACRINO, GEOIKGE-'-Tufk Proj ectionist Serious MCCULLOUGH, JoAN4Joanie Monitor Pleasant Smile MCGARVEY, LLOYD eMac Track ' Witty MOGRATH, AUDREY-Mickey YfTeens, Monitor Sophisticated MIKOLAJCZAK, LoRETTA+eMike Congenial 19 4. 'F NELLIS, PAULINE YfTeens, Senate, Drum Corps Popular CTTAWAY, JAMEsfCtt Swimming, HifY, Water Polo, Cross Country Friendly OVERDORFF, ROBERT4HHYS66d N. H. S. Good Looking PIEPER, MA1lILYN"ShOftY YfTeens Artistic RAEDER, PAULYMOUSC Wrestling, Track, Football Mechanical SCHEFFER, CAROLINE4CHff6Y YfTeens Quiet SCHICK, NANCY-Nan YfTeens, Senate, N. H. S., Monitor Vivacious SCHLOSSER, NORMAYBUIHMY Friendly SCOTT, W1LL1AMeBill Band, Senate, Projectionist Clever SHAPIRO, JEROMEYPCHHUUS Star, Cheering, Senate, Tennis Friendly SILVER, BERTHA4Bobby Senate Flirtatious ' SOROKES, MARIE-Mimi YfTeens . Coy STAHL, JOHN--Hare Cross Country, Track, Senate Witty STAHLBAUM, RosE+Bo Bo Charming STANGER, ROBERT-Si Good Looking STATZER, JOANYJO Monitor Friendly 20 STEINER, JEANETTE'-H3lf'PiDt YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Popular STOHLMAN, JANETiJ3HHlE YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Popular STRUCHEN, MARJORIE-Marj YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Energetic SWARNER, CAROLYN YfTeens, Choir, N.H.S., Academe Dignified TABACHNICK, ESTHER-Babe Witty TENENBAUM, ABRAHAM-Red Football, Wrestling, Projectionist Energetic TWITTY', ERSILIAH-Bebe Orchestra Photogenic URSO, MARCELLA-Marcy Athletic XXXASSELL, DONALDYDOU Quiet WHITEMAN, DAVIDJRDHVC Golf, Cheering, Basketball Peppy WILSON, RICHARDTDiCk Brilliant Worr, DONNA MAEADOII YfTeens Flirtatious WoYcHEcK, FRANK Football, Basketball Good Looking WRIGHT, BETTYeBed Intelligent YocH1M, MARY JANETeCissy N. H. S. 7 Shy 21 LU26 WILLIAM VOLGSTADT DON BARNEY President VicefP1fesider nt Q55 SALLY GOULDTHORPE JUNE ROUMFORT Secretary Treasurer 646613 zz V , W ADAMS, IRENEuNina YfTeens, Mimeo Vivacious ALLOWAY, ROBERTA-BCft Star, YfTeens, N. H. S. Congenial AMENDOLA, RUSSELL-Russ Football, Track, Wrestling Peppy ANDERSON, CAROLE-Andy YfTeens, Monitor Composed A ANDRAE, JOHN-Jackie Band, Crchestra Good Drummer ANYSZ, JANE YfTeens Lively ADAMS, MARY MARGARET'NUDHY YfTeens, Academe Charming AMBROSIO, LAWRENCE-ALCC Quiet AMICUCCI, CONSTANCEfCODDi6 YfTeens, Monitor Pretty Hair ANDERSON, DAVID-Andy Swimming, Water Polo Good Swimmer ANDREWS, JOHNA jack Baseball Smart AQUINO, ALFRED--Skip Glee Club, Choir Nice Voice ARDUINI, LAWRENCE-Larry Good Dancer ASKOUNES, LOWELL-QSCBOOHCI Mechanical BAKER, SAMUEL-Sam Bone Monitor Witty BALDWIN, DONALDW-Speed Track, Senate, Cheering Cooperative BALDWIN, MARGARET-Peggy YfTeens, Chorus Friendly BARNEY, DOANALD-HOISC Football, Golf, Basketball, Academe, Monitor Athletic BATTLES, LARITHA-Biddy PCPPY BECK, LoiswAngel Expressive Blue Eyes BEDNAROWICZ, HELEN-Mopsy Chorus, YfTeens Friendly BELLUCCI, DoLoREs-Dee YfTeens, Chorus Tiny BENDER, MARTHA ANNAMarty YfTeens Shy ' BENECKI, ELEANoRfElle YfTeens, N.H.S., Mirneo, Monitor Bright BERCHTOLD, joANejoanie YfTeens Full of fun BERNARDINI, PHYLLIS4PhYl Choir, YfTeens, Senate Beautiful Voice BIANCHI, RAYMOND-Shorty Football, Basketball, Band, Baseball, Orchestra Musical BIELAK, THERESA-'Tf66 Tiinid 24 BIERBAUER, JEAN Monitor, Drum Corps Keen 4 BIRD, CHARLEseeChuck Basketball, Football Witty BLACK, EvELYNAEVie Red Cross Willowy Brunette BLASOO, VIRGINIA-GiHHY Nice BLOESER, BETTY--B6tfS YfTeens, Twirler Cute BONIGER, PEGGYfP6g YfTeens, Chorus, Monitor lndustrious BOOKMAN, CORDONeBookie Football Bashful BOYD, IRMA Louelrm YfTeens, N. H. S. Academe, Library Pleasing Smile BOYER, DONALD-DOH Band, Photography Likes Photography BRADBURY, jANETeeJannie YfTeens Witty BROWN, ANNA MAYeeAnnie ' YfTeens, Chorus Vivacious BROWN, PARIClAf'PHt Lively BROWN, MARX' ANNeAMarzie Red Cross, YfTeens Earnest BUETTNER, MARY AL1CEeMitzi YfTeens Pretty Hair BURGER, EDWARD-Ham Basketball, Football, Monitor Shy BURGMAN, HARRIET-Burgy Senate, Choir, N.H.S., YfTeens Studious 25 CANTONI, FRANK Fert Artistic CARPENTER, ROMAYNE ssRay Drum Corps Sweet CHIANELLO, JEANNE4Shortie YfTeens Petite COFFMAN, NELL1EmShorty Nice COHEN, SH1RLEYaShirl YfTeens 4 Witty COONEY, THOMAS' ffom Humorous CANTOIK, JANETf'.l2H1 YfTeens, Monitor Sophisticated CASE, JAMESACRSSY Friendly CLARK, GEORGEYChUb Track Quiet COHEN, CARLlWhiSk6fS Basketball, Senate, Red Cross, Projectionist Talkative CONNOLLY, BETTEgBetts YfTeens, Monitor Personality Plus CORAPI, MARY Monitor, YfTeens Enjoys Fun COUDRIET, DOROTHYADOY YfTeens Sweet CYTERSKI, NoRBERT'Cy Football, Baseball, Track, Basketball, Red Cross, N. H. S. Good Sport DAUBENSPECK, MA1uLYNsssDaubie Academe, Senate, YfTeens Artistic , 7, W s, DAVIS, ROBERT-'BOD Track, Football Pleasant DEUTSCH, MARLENE Senate, YfTeens, Mimeo, Red Cross Beautiful Clothes DEVLIN, CHARLENEA-eChar YfTeens Vivacious CROCKER, BETTY-Betts YfTeens, Monitor Cute Ways DAHLKEMPER, PAUL Photography Bashful DAVIS, CHARLOTTE7Ch3f !YfTeens, Monitor, N. H Matter of Fact DESANTIS, NANCY-Nan Drum Corps, YfTeens Bashful DEUVALL, BILL1En+Bill YfTeens, Drum Corps Energetic DEVLIN, JEROME-Jerry Track Quiet 27 DICK, CENEVIEVE-Dickie Monitor Sweet D1cKsoN, Lors-Lo Mirneo, YfTeens, Drum Corps, Monitor Shy DIETRICH, GWENDOLYN-Gwen Choir, Orchestra Musical DIGELLO, ARLENE-L63 YfTeens, Chorus Vivacious DoNovAN, JACK-DUUDY Football, Wrestling, Star, Water Polo, Senate Full of Fun DoNovAN Romaaree-Speed Basketball, Track, Bancl,N. H. S. Studious DoUGAN, jAcQuELrNEeeJackie Monitor Pleasant DUFFY, HELENZDUEY YfTeens, Red Cross, Monitor Witty DUNLAP, ALBERTAwBert Senate Full of Pep EDDER, DoR1seLittle One Quiet EICHER, DOLORESfD6C YfTeens, Monitor, Chorus Darling FARKAS, MILTONfMilf Track Clever FARINA, Dororuas-Dolly YfTeens, Chorus Humorous FERRARE, MARIEv'COOglC Monitor, YfTeens Chorus, Red Cross Ambitious FERRARO, ANTHONY4JO6 Bright PINNEY, JEANNE'-JCAI1 YfTeens Sweet 28 FISHER, JAMES-Jim Band, Orchestra, Track, Cross Country Musical FLAHERTY, ROSALIND-Rusty YfTeens, Drum Corps Witty I FLATH, NANCY1NHHC l W Chorus, YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Beautiful Hair FRONBERRY, V1Ro1NIAeGinny Chorus, Drum Corps, Mimeo Sympathetic FRUM, DONNA-ShOftY Choir, YfTeens, Chorus, N.H. S. Petite FULLER, JUNE-Junebug Monitor, Red Cross, YfTeens, Choir, Orchestra, Chorus, N.H.S. Bright GAMBILL, FRANcEs-Frankie Red Cross Friendly GEIGER, MARILYN-Red YfTeens, Red Cross Nice to Know GEORGE, MARILYN-MitZi YfTeens Sophisticated GESLER, ALICEA-AAI N. H. S., YfTeens, Star Ambitious GETZ, AUDREY-Giggly Getz Full of Pep GLE'acHsNER, CHARLES'ChUCk Cooperative GORDMAN, CAROL Academe, YfTeens, N. H. S. Amiable GORENFLO, JOANNE-JO Academe, YfTeens, N.H.S., Senate Charming GORNIAK, JOAN'JO'JO Good Swimmer GORNY, RGNALDH'ROH Cross Country Likes Sports 29 CORSK1, HELEN YfTeens, Monitor Shy GOULDTHORPE, SALLY-wSally YfTeens, Star, Monitor, N. H Popular GREEN, CALLISTA--'Callis YfTeens, Senate, Monitor Nice Clothes GRIEWAHN, BEVERLY-BRV Chorus, Academe Artistic HAAS, RAYMOND KENNETH-Chaos Choir, Clee Club, Basketball Humorous HASSLER, WILLIAM-Bill Stage Crew Up in the World COTT, DANIEL!-DHDIIY Football, Track, Basketball Shy CRAE1us, GERALDYGYHBBQ' Basketball, Track, Football Joker GREENE, THOMAS'-as Mort Baseball Casanova GRYMASZEWSKI, R1TAARita YfTeens Quiet HARRIS, GERALDINE1JCffY YfTeens Jolly HELD, RICHARD-Dick Enjoying HEINLEIN, JANE-Janie YfTeens, Drum Corps Sweet HERSHEY, SALLY-Sally Lou Monitor, YfTeens, Drum Corps Cheerful HINSPETER, MARTHAYMHIYY Chorus, Choir Industrious HUBERT, DONALDYDOH Glee Club, Stage Crew Good Sport HUNTER, LOUANNYLOU YfTeens, Drum Corps Cay JACKSON, BEVERLY"'R6d Flaming Red Hair HERBSTRITT, ELIZABETH --Stilts YfTeens, Cheering, Monitor Sparkling HEUER, CHARLENE---Char YfTeens, Monitor Good Driver HOLDSWORTH, CHARLES7ChUCk Choir, Clee Club, Stage Crew Sense of Humor HUDSON, HowARDeeCus Water Polo, Swimming Chummy ISENBERG, DoNNAeMonkey YfTeens, lvlonitor, Twirler Loquacious JACKSON, MERLEWDCHH Band, Track, Cross Country, O Musical rchestra JANULESKI, ROSEMARIE-Rosie Cheering, YfTeens, Monitor Full of Fun JASINSKI, MARGARETV-Margie Chorus, YfTeens ,l D' . J 3 ' ' Quiet Q' N JASKIEWICZ, ANTHONY'TODY Wrestling Humorous JENDROCK, THEREsAe4Terry Choir, Chorus, YfTeens Smart JESKA, EMILY-Em Drum Corps, YfTeens Athletic JOBES, ALICE Senate, Star, YfTeens Mischievous JOHNSON, AuDREYdAuds Choir, Chorus Genial JOHNSON, RICHA Quiet JONES, THOMAS-JOHCSY Band Friendly JORDAN, JAMESDJ Senate u Scientihe KAISER, EL1zAEETHFKiz Friendly E RD-Dick im KELLER, RAYMOND-James Basketball Witty KENNEDY, ANN-Red YfTeens Pretty Auburn Hair KENNEDY, CONSTANCE-COUH16 Twirler, Cheering Lively KEEHART, DONNA-Blondie Drum Corps Pretty Blue Eyes KIMIT, ELIZABETH YfTeens Agreeable 32 -Kim KINDLE, EARL-Bumps Band Easy Going KLETT, ANNA-Annie Charming KLETT, EMMA'-Emmy Charming KLICK, DOIQALDA-TONY Band Sociable KOHL, MARY CATHER1NB+Katie Monitor Agreeable KOENIG, THOMAS-Tom Water Polo, Swimming, Monitor Good Swimmer KRAHE, DAVID-Dave Senate, Monitor, N. H. S., Projectionist Good Sport KRAYESKI, JOYCE-TOOtS Chorus, Senate, YfTeens Beautiful Voice KREIDER, MARIORIE-M3fgi6 YfTeens Peppy KUBEJA, MARJORY-Margie YfTeens, Mimeo, Monitor Witty KUBIAK, MARGARET-Marge Twirler, Senate, YfTeens, Monitor Sophisticated KUEHNER, PAUL-Polly Quiet KUGEL, CHARLES'Ti13f Water Polo, Senate, Swimming Witty KUHN, KATHLEEN-Kay Pretty Red Hair LANCET, SEMA YfTeens Demure LANGOWSKI, ELEANOR-Ellen YfTeens, Mimeo, Drum Corps Bashful 35' my , X LARSEN, ROBERT-Swede Football, Basketball, Baseball Carefree LASHER, joHN---Humphery Band, Monitor Humorous LAUER, MARTIN fMart Shy LAWLESS, ANNA MARIE4AHH YfTeens Nice LEHR, DAVID4Big Dave Football, Monitor, Band, Track Musical LESTER, DAVID-GOOCh Band, Academe, Grchestra Argumentative , LARSON, MAR1LYNvSunshine Choir, YfTeens, Senate, N. H. S Always Happy LAUER, JAMESYHJHH Smart LAW, BETTY joeejo YfTeens, Monitor Energetic LEE, MARY ANNYMHICY Mimeo, Academe Jolly LEMPICKI, PAuL4Paul Band Quiet LXEBEL, PATRICIA-Pat Shy LILLER, NORBERT-Norbie LINDSEY, CONSTANCE-Connie Monitor YfTeens, Monitor Humorous Pretty Hair LINDSTROM, GARY-Bud LOVE, BARBARAeBarb Track, Monitor Debate, Cheering, YfTeens HappyfgofLucky Monitor, Red Cross Enthusiastic LOWRY, JOYCE-JOYCC A LYNE, RUTH-Ruthie Senate, N. H. S., Choir, YfTeens Star, Cheering, N. H. S., YfTeens Personality Plus Sophisticated MAGRAW, JOAN---Jo MALASZEK, EDWIN'-SORRY YfTeens, Monitor Track Quiet Joker MALATESTA, RONALD eeRonny MALORY, JEANYJCHUUC Football, Academe YfTeens, Monitor Athletic Witty MANNING, BARBARA-Barb MARTHINSEN, CHARLES-ChUCk Academe, YfTeens, N. H. S. Debate, N. H. S., Star Sweet h Sociable 35 MARTIN, CATHEPJNEA-Kay YfTeens, Academe Mischievous MAR'FlN, FREDgFritZ Proj ectionist Flirtatious MARTIN,i Harold- Frenchie Track Perfect Physique MATTIS, DONALD--DOH Track, Stage Crew Quiet MATUSZAK, STEPHEN-Steve Star, N. H. S. Cooperative MAY, Joi-1N4Johan Senate, Swimming Witty MCCARTHY, JAMESYMHC HifY Friendly Smile MCCONNELL, CHARLEs+Mac Carefree MCCRILLIS, FREIDA-Fritz Mimeo, Red Cross, YfTeens, N. H. S. Earnest MCFADDEN, MARYL1213-YMickey Good Dancer MCGILL, KATHLEEN'-Dutch MELLINGER, IQOBERTFBOID Twirling Charming Band lntelligent MERRY, JAMEsvFritZ HifY joker MEYERS, MARY Lou-Lu Lu YfTeens, Chorus Vivacious MIGDAL, CLARAdClarie YfTeens, Monitor Serene MIGDAL, FLORENCE-Flossie Star, Senate, N. H. S., Monitor, YfTeens Full of Fun 36 MILLER, JANETTE-Blondie YfTeens Pretty Blonde Hair MILLER, RICHARD S.-Dick Basketball, Tennis, N.H Brilliant MINTSIVERIS, WILLIAM-Bill Quiet MONTIGNY, Lols-Loie YfTeens, Monitor Clever MOORE, MARGARET7MHggi6 Chorus, Senate, YfTeens, Monitor Ambitious MOORE, SHIRLEYeGiggles Mimeo, YfTeens Pretty Blonde Hair MORGAN, RAYMOND-Ray Good Dancer MORK, HERBERT eHerbie Studious MORTON, JEANNE-Salty YfTeens, Monitor Amiable MORYC, FLORENCE--F lo Monitor, YfTeens Shy MROZOWSKI, IRENE YfTeens, Monitor Jolly MULVIN, PHYLLIS-Phyl Pleasant MURPHY, THOMAS-Murph Glee Club Nice Eyes MYERS, EDWARD-Ed Football, Track, Monitor, Red Cross Nice NEIDER, RAYMONDW-Ray HifY, Baseball Good Looking NELSON, BRUcE Father 3 -J Monitor . Q34 Good Golfer 37 NELSON, WILLIAM7Blll Basketball, Track Big Flirt NICHILO, MA1uEesNicky Drum Corps Friendly NOWACZYK, THoMAs-Tom Football, Track Friendly CLOWINSKI, R1TAMRita YfTeens, Chorus, Monitor Sweet CRENGIA, MARY LoUeNem Chorus Ambitious PARADISE, MARYf'K6llCY Drum Corps, YfTeens Athletic AWN NENNI, PETERYPCKE Basketball Athletic NIES, JOANN-JO Monitor, Mimeo Pleasing Smile NYSTROM, CAROLE Debate, YfTeens, Academe, Mimeo N. H. S., Library Genial ORENGIA, MARTHAAA-Marky Chorus Gay PACILEO, JOHN Wrestling Nice PATTON, DoRoTHYAeDot Choir Pretty Red Hair 38 Mfrvtl PERRY, MARYILYN-'LYDH Monitor, Mimeo PEACOCK, Doms-Dorrie Twirler, YfTeens, Monitor Nice , Friendly Pmrxowsiu, ADELINE eAddy PIATKOWSKI, DANIEL-PSYC YfTeens Baseball Sweet Friendly PoHL, VERONICA--Ronnie Senate, YfTeens, Star, Choir, Chorus PINZOK, DoRorHYe Dott YfTeens, Chorus, Mimeo Efficient , J I-4 X Dignified , N-.- ,fjfff I' F 'J' . POWELL, GEoRGE -Fiddler PRAWDZIK, RITA-Rie Wrestling, Clee Club, Choir, Stage Crew YfTeens, Chorus Composed Nice PRZYBYSZEWSKI, IRENEPM-Renie PUSHCHAK, WILLIAM -Push YfTeens, Monitor Projectionist, Monitor, Wrestling Shy Bashful RADOV, MIRIAM-Mitzi RAWA, MARY ANN-Raw Raw YfTeens, Monitor, Senate YfTeens, Drum Corps, Senate Gorgeous Suntan Sense of Humor 3.9 REED, DAVID---DHVC Swimming, Water Polo, N. H. S., Football, Monitor Cood Swimmer REGAL, MARY ANN-Butch Monitor, YfTeens Quiet REICHEL, RICHARD-Dick Stage Crew Friendiy R1cHARDsoN, EMORY-Em Monitor, Projectionist, Water Polo Easy Going RIST, MONROE-Money Water Polo, Swimming, Monitor, EX Track, Projectionist ,ML Handsome ,MYR ROBERTSON, DAVID-Dave 6+ Band, Choir, Glee Club Bashful ROCKWELL, JoHN4Jack Clee Club Magician ROEBACK, RoNALDARon Football Friendly ROESCH, MARILYN-Marils YfTeens, Twirler, Star, Senate Attractive ROHAN, RosEMARY-Rosie Chorus, Yffeens, Senate jolly Rosie, CLoYo Track Quiet RoTH, VIRGINIA-Buzz Friendly ROUMFORT, JUNE-Porky Choir, N. H. S. Friendly Smile SAEGER, MARY JANE-janie Academe, Monitor, Mimeo Humorous SANNER, DONALD--Shorty N. H. S., Projectionist, Star, Monitor Witty , SANNER, WILl.IANi-'Bill Bashful -Q0 1 SAPPER, DA LEiRed Baseball Artistic SCEPURA, RAYMoNDeSpider Football, Track Shy SCHERER, ROEERTE-f-Rip Handsome SCHLESINGER, HARR1ETTASusie YfTeens, Monitor Winning Ways SCHMIEDER, ELAINE-E Senate, Chorus, YfTeens Vivacious SCHMITT, CHARLES7ChUCk Star, Cheering, Senate Artistic SCHNEIDER, MARGARETMHickey Twirler, Red Cross Acrobatic SCHNEIDER, RALPHYLCgS Football, Wrestling Athletic SCHRAEDER, RICHARD-Dick Senate, Basketball, Stage Crew Curly Hair SCHULTZ, JAMEsAJim Basketball Good Looking SCHULTZ, RoNALDwRonnie Glee Club, Choir Good Sport SCHUWERK, JEANE-Jeanie YfTeens Nice SCOTT, AL1CEeScottie Chorus, YfTeens, Senate Full of Fun SEAWRIGHT, ELLEN Drum Corps Witty SECHRIST, 'JOAN---Seek Red Cross, Debate, N. H. S. Intelligent SEELINGER, HUGHYHUgO Photography Intelligent 41 SEELY, FAYEeFakie Red Cross, Mirneo, Monitor Nice P "i SEILER, CLYDE -Si Football, Basketball, Track Athietic N SITTER, DoLoREs4Chicken Sense of Humor SMITH, MILDRED7SmlttY Senate, Chorus, YfTeens, Energetic SODER, VV7ILLIAMfBill Band Musical SOMMERHOF, RoYeLimpyi Senate, Clee Club, Choir Criginal Drum Corps .42 SEIFER, MELVIN4MEl Studious SIEBBR, DONALD-DOD Football, Wrestling Quiet X to L " SMITH, MARGARETePeggy Sweet SNIPPERT, DOLORES-SiS Tiny SoKoLosK1, AGNEsWCookie . Twirling, Monitor PCPPY SOURWINE, CATHER1NEeKitty Petite SPECTER, RAYMOND-Spec Water Polo, Swimming Aggressive STAFFORD, jAMEseJim Football, Stage Crew Shy STEFNOSKI, WALTER Black Wavy Hair STRAUB, JOANNH-Joie Mimeo Darling STUBBE, Lou ANN'-LOU Senate, YfTeens, Monitor PQPPY SWANSON, JOHN-Swanny Monitor Bashful SPRAGUE, MARY ANN-Stink Drum Corps, Monitor Friendly Smile STEBELL, ESTHER-Stubby Orchestra, Twirling, YfTeens, Monitor, N. H. S. Photogenic STOUT, DONNALEE-Donna YfTeens, Monitor, Mimeo, Senate Hospitable STRIEGEL, JoANN+Stinkey Drum Corps, Monitor Friendly SWAIN, GERALDINE-Gerri YfTeens, Mimeo Petite SWARTZ, JOSEPH1JOC Water Polo, Swimming, N. H. S. Studious ' SZNAJDER, EDWARD-Eddie Band, Football, Monitor Musical SZUMIGALA, NANCYE -V-- Nan Mimeo, YfTeens Cute SZYMANOWICZ, WANDA-Sandy Academe, YfTeens, Monitor, Senate, Chorus Sophisticated U TAcoNE, DANIEL-Beast VVitty TAMMARO, IRENE4R6DE Monitor, Drum Corps, Mimeo, YfTeens Nice TANNER, RoBERTee Bob Shy TARBELL, JAMES Mechanic, Color Guard, Projectionist Genial TATE, ERw1N!Rusty Monitor, Projectionist Friendly TATE, IVAN-Fritz Track, Senate, Debate Studious TECH, JULIE!-Jul Academe, Senate, Y'-Teens Witty THOMAS, HAWLEY-Champ Track, Cross Country, Monitor, Football Good Sport TILLMAN, LAWRENCE-Larry Shy TROTT, GERALD-Jerry Curly Hair VALENTINE, JEAN'-JCHIIDQ YfTeens, Monitor Pretty Hair VOELKER, NORBERT Quiet VOGEL, DOROTHYYYDOC YfTeens, Monitor - Vivacious 44 VOLGSTADT, WILLIAMeBill Senate, Football, Track, N. H. S. Popular WAGNER, HA RRY-Harry Football, Baseball Mechanical WARD, MARJoIuEwMargie Senate, Debate, YfTeens, Star, Red Gross, N. H. S. Dignified WFBER, MARY ANN-Cookie Beautiful Blonde Hair WERNICKI, MARJORIE-Giggles Jolly WESCHLER, EILEEN Mirneo, YfTeens Friendly WHIPPLE, MARi'fWhip Chorus Nice Voice WHITE MARJORIE-MHfg6 YfTeens, Star, Chorus Quiet WIECZOREK, IRENEf'I Monitor jolly WILL, DOREEN-Dolly YfTeens, Ghorus, Monitor Flirtatious WILLIAMS, JOHNM-Jack Swimming, Water Polo, Glee Club Good Dancer WINARSKI, JOAN-Janie Twirler, YfTeens, Monitor Good Dancer WINARSKI, JOHN-Curly Track, Football Curly Hair WINDSOR, GARoLEhBlondie YfTeens, Monitor Attractive WOLFRAM, HARRIETYHODEY Miineo Quiet Wooos, ROBERT-Bob Baseball Good Bowler 45 WozN1cici, josEi'H-A-joe Clee Club, Choir, Band, Wrestling Musical YAPLE, REVA Mimeo, YfTeens Petite YENTES, ROSEh4ARY"ROSiC Choir, YfTeens, Twirler, Academe, Senate Pretty Clothes 3 YOSTEN, Lo1sfTooty Monitor Energetic ZAUNEGGER, GERTRUDE4RCd Yf'Teens, Academe , 'Vivacious ZIELINSKI, MARGARET-Margie YfTeens Lots of Fun 46' WRONEK, THERESAWYTCIFY Monitor Good Sport YAPLE, VIRGINIA?GlllHY YfTeens, Red Cross Sweet Yocoivi, SH1R1.EYeShirl Monitor, YfTeens Dashing YOUNG, R1oHARD4Scrounge Carefree ZIEGLER, FLORENCE1FlO Twirler, Monitor, YfTeens Photogenic ZIMMERLY, ELOUISE-'TOOUS Senate, Red Cross, YfTeens Charming gfrlvifzq 5111 Gflffer Mifzree 47 From left to right: MOST Lixxfiv TO Succmiy fbfCarolyn Swarner, Dick Wilson. CUTEST Couvixfjanet Stohlman, jerry Burns. MOST DIGNIFIED- Anna Case, john johnson. WITT1IiS'P' Loretta Mikolajczak, john Stahl. BrsT SPORTSTNBRCY Shick, Pete Fraschetti. MOST POPULAR-Pauline Nellis, Bob Overdorff. MOST STUDIOUS--Virginia Gwinn. john Christy. BEST LOOKINGA-Barbara Cox, Bill Kerr. MOST BASHFUL -ffMary Yochim, Frank Woychcck, Blcursr Ftnu-s Bertha Silver. Ted Benson. 48 From left to right: BEST DANCERSW joan Vvlinarski. Larry Arduini. f3L"l'l'4l' Cmivui Kathleen lvlclhll. xlcc Vwloznickl. MOYT DILQNIPTFYD' -Mzlrge Ward, Chuck Marthirmscn. WHITTIEST Helm Dullly. Kenny Haas. Plz:-ml'-r' Ruth Lyne. Chuck Sclrrritt. Nlffl POPULAR -Sally Uoulalthorpc. Bill Volgstanlt. MUST STl.IDIOU57Hk11'1'lLZlC Blxrgnman, Bolv Donovan. Blvl' SPOMQ Rolwrta Allowny. Ronnrc Schultz. MOST BASHFUL Beverly Griewahn, Ed Burger. BEST LOOKING 'Alice -lolwcs, Ray Nerdcr. llrrzfwfr Frnfr- Dolly Wrll. Brll Nulson, 4 -'I B 5 9" , f Q Y N A -:f- ,, F xi , E f M g - A : , . f Q I ff 2 if 3 , X., vw I l E ?fEg d-wr ..f:,..,,..m.. w,,,,, .,.. , ' -oi i 'fx V 3 +A W j , Zkfifjf. ROW I-M. Braccini, S. Baldwin, B. Anderson, M. Breter, I. Flaherty, R. Fisher, L. Conn, 5J. Hagmann, L. Cameron, M. D'Amici, D. Doran, D. Johnson, A. Dellft. ROW ll-W L. King, D. Herman, D. Kephart, V. Konzel, I. Ellis, J. Harris, J. Conaway, E. Gustafson, J. Auditori, -L. Burchfield, G. De Fonzo, N. Fritts, M. Bretz. ' lp ROW III--R. Martin, O. Lauterbach, D. Watcherson, G. Wolf, N. Ricci, M. Wolf, J. Trohoske, L. Shalfstall, B. Stover, E. Land' berg, O. Reisenauer, B. Roberts, S. Loosemore. ROW IV-G. Roth, M. Rizzo, J. Yaole, G. Pastore, D. Noiiglia, M. Swarner, M. McFadden. D. Vogt, F. Olsen, T. Malinowski, M. Sherick, R. Tome, L. Vogt. ' Row V'-J. Rounds, D. Kubiak, E. Perkowski, E. Shade, G. Schiller, D. Nordin, A. Pancerev. L. Watson, J. Schumacher, R. Regal, J. Mahoney. R. Schley, D. Ma-lm. ROW VI-R. Rodgers, T. Rogers, D. Rosenthal, J. Mahoney, R. Zipperola, W. Theis, R. Paulson, Simonsen, R. Roach, D. Higham, A. Allen, J. Fracassi, D. Kline. ROW VII-WT. Baldwin, J. Hellwege, R. Kreider, E. Kaufman, J. Justice, B. Loomis. J. Collins, J. Chamberlain, R. Haskins, F. Hornyak, D. Kenny, D. Geisler, V. Heidt. ROW VHIiE. Adiutori, D. Hoffman, J. Klein, R. Ferrando, W. Hutchison, R. Kennedy, J. Peters, R. McGarvey, J. Ma' ciukiewicz, E. Milloy, K. Nicol. ROW IX-J. Sawtelle, J. Schuster, Z. Sandusky, R. Palmer, R Perry, C. Putnam, D. Nicolia, R. Mantsch, C. Miller, S. Pio trowski, C. Scalzitti, H. Moorhouse, L. Rowell. 51 .nw ' I 4-17 Y ' 2 v-.N-T' f , W 3 33: 1 FQ, fx W Q AW, 3 'W 5""fi 5 A .ar 'A W 25? 7 " " X' f sa we 5- 'W A fri wi M .1 X L5 , mf fu , X 'Q 4 3' Aw f' A? W :LL - v.,. MAA iff U H L I II L 9 1 II ' ' A " 'AIA I V' . ...,, . . yi' 'I I I . Q W! ",, a "" '7 , ' " "' 'I H 5 M' I 1,3 MII V --'A ' Am . 5' s qqvv ug, l," W In I: bi! ., I . III ,lllv II ..,. 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I i f- fa' M Ai ,I,I A I I , ' I II X I I I I .,,., AN I 1 ,II -- , I " H I x I I ' ' A AA ""'1 ' A- '- 'Q ' ' f -' 'A' :A - ' ' 71" '- A K ' ,4 ,AAA I ' A ,'I' f UQ. II ,II..A: 5- " ' WY I IIII ' " , - l .'A- - " f ' i A eff? f JA , FN r vli' . -. - QA ,f A f ' A - A' ' " '1' :i - Ql A AAAA A .f" ' 'K J ,3 wiwlpa iii. t liiv W 4 ROW I-N. Riazzi, D. Nielsen, W. Quick, D. Schaaf, D. Robert' son, D. Oless, D. May, P. Schaaf, N. O'Camb. L. Rys, D. Mink, W. Pziprocki, B. Rosenthal. Q 'M ' ' H ROW ll--R. Rebman, Al. Osgood, M. Olszewski, H. Myers, X W "', N V,.v DI. Reagan, j. Metzler, J. Salvia, E. Steves, E. Zimmerman, K. H, Aw, E. 2 JR Stehliey, N. Zimmerly, P. Swift, J. Swiderski. it IVV: Q . "'-'V--V ,-'i' A A ie, Q., ,...,f A"' QROW IIlfA. Vogt, M. Slough, M. A. Szymanski, A. Tonty. 'T T S. Wilson, M. Trigilio, j, Thompson. L. Stein, bl. Weaver. C. 9 ,P " ' Wuenschel. P. Ulrich. J. Whittelsey, M. Szumigala. -1 . .... ' 1 ,1 A .,... .,,,- , L, , LAK X :L A :, 9 Q it ' R ' -" " - H 2 3 .. 4 vxyhhf L+ .. L5 i, W ROW IV--H. Thunberg, K. Sullivan, M. Young, 1. Vandeuren R. Szymanowski, R. Wegmiller, C. Tucker, R. Wojiechowski P. Wuenschel, E. Webb, N. Weigel, R. Trimble, j. Pierce. Q ROW V-D. Smith, B. Pope, B. Sopp. R. Smith, D. Sourwine S. Roberts, R. Seitller, B. Sheaffer, A. Smith, D. Shallop, A Shackelfortl, M. Schriefer, B. Smith. Q ROW VI--M. Rinn, D. Roll, P. Salow, M. Sawtley, T. Przesor L. Pietrzak, G. Schwindt, M. Rutkowski, D. Ray, N. Reynolds P. Smith, A. Ruhling, A. Skaalhavn. ROW VII4A. Pitts, L. Recker, A. Ricci, -I. Schryver, M Sitter, j. Santlstrom, A. Montagna, L. May. C. Ohmer. M Maher, C. Parker, F. Pawolski, P. Peterson. Qyils LEJTJF Y Og o ROW l---C. Peterson, j. McMicheal. L. Mollberg, M Migliori, A. McLaughlin, j, Miller, M. Pappucci, M. Miklinski U. Martin. N. Nass, M. Mahoney, j. Mosier, M. McDonald ROW lXfV. Lubascewski, N. Peplinski, M. Miller, D. Newby -I. Luther, C. Lukeas, C. Neal, l. Parker, Malinovcski. L. Nuugh ton, j. Pfister, R. Nelson. G. Carlson. 51' 1 a v ffif is sm If S 'Y , .. 1 -', , '- ' '13-3" ,:3f5 ' f 2 J M5 4 fm 2 Q 4 P s Q X , wb 'Magi IA was i 3 K 1 .. .,.,: 11 Q N 3 Q4 Q .M 5 -- H an -4 1 U , 'W :'- lk- -' - ,iQ.f.E:5,f aft, ,I ..:..:ji ..1,, 4 A was ,. 1, fi!! :V .ig -- K 4 X .-fv N ,- .f ..... , 1513 W ifsirs , 'Wa 'gg YM new Q "-- 1 , , ' W ,,I, K V4 SN K -.' .Q r ' E .," "... E A Q, N , ffa gg f 93 A A :Ill - W ,..k ,..-. ,, 4 li 4 nk L, 54 2 mx if E2-'F PMW X QQ Q-7 1. il ROW I' -J. Clement. D. Baker, H. Elmgren, T. Cacchione, B. Eller, R. Carr, H. Anderson, C. Catania, R. Boniger, R. Eliasson, D. Boyd, J. Dick, E. Bellucci. ROW II-L. Antahades, M. DeSanti, D. Barber, R. Andrzejewski, P. Burt. B. Collins, F. Engel, D. Christenson, C. Dahllremper, VV. Carroll. D. Bradish, T. Carrig, D. Brown. ROW III'--L. Curry, H. Cogen. R. Drexler. B. Brown, D. Barber, B. Clutter, P. Brandt, D. Brace. B. Arnann, D. Bohrer, M. Ander- son, J. Beegle, B. Baldwin. ROW IVlH. Carlson, D. Christoph, E. Auditori, L. Alwens, T. Bogusz, H. Biebel, R. Birk, E. Amsden, N. Applebee, B. Butler, M. Amsden, V. Boga, M. Burnham. ROW V-P. Baker, D. Benz, S. Birkner. R. Bowersox, E. Al- brycht, I. Auch, B. Caldwell, P. Brower, j. Greener, B. Harrington, N. jacquel, L. Herbstritt, R. Hubert. ROW VI-f-HD. Herman, C. Hershelman, D. Hess, M. Lindsey, R. Gifford. D. Gibbens, H. Glauser, H. Hanson, R. Harpst, B. Friedman, L. Kieklak, F. Kacprowicz, G. Johannes. ROW VII-MA. Lachkovic, J. Krajnik, L. Lechtner, W. Kelly, W. Lander, C. Gardner. R. Faber, W. Featherston, R. Levosky, E. Hamady. I. Kinnear, Horton, J. Koen. ROW VIII-A. Kaliszewski, M. Licato, L. jordan, VJ. Howard, N. Knoll. j. Hughes, L. Hoover, M. Kurtz, D. Kuligowski, G. -Iaskiewicz. S. Kershaw, gl. Krzewinska, C. Legters. ROW IX' P. Kaminski, D. Kalivada, QI. Kranza, E. Hess, J Lepkowski, D. Hershey. B. Lininger, M. Hug, N. Kuntz, M Lewis, C. Konnerth, M. Heynoske, B. Higgins. , if ' ww, 12:21, wb N 5, Z Qwfif -- 5 52 --'- if' ' E .:.,.,,1 ill V WM, ..Li'W..,......4........... WISPSZGS 55' Z 'f',f'w ' A ,4 vi, .:.,,. X ,J AW qw 6' NE 4 I . 12 2 . .M :, A , I IZII f :.v 'iw . Mk -I . .QXX I A ,.,, 1. -21- ff mf ., X. J A .,,A,,, , I -VQA- ,,.. Q f ' ' ! 'I s,.,,.- .4 :... . D I 2,231-' f Q -' I ! f K "-vv--' 5 f '.,' , ,,., Q Vvv'-- P I f' , ,..., . A f 'L f "" 'KZ .- 1 J' " QW .. I , , fx uf 1 ' .55 f A Q f - ' VM X- wi , rf M, . 'G vqmxs EWS? 15'- '35 if W ff 3 M. 1 7 -ni S ' s ' :,- 4" ww, ' 3- 1 'fm wg .., 9 . Q" . Q. f .,.A,- 'f V,.,1 f ' ' r i KX :E 3' Q: ' ,ff . wif! .X K 4 Z ' 'N ff: fi ,..,A , --'1 7 f-.- ' ,. 5 - -. --baz :Axbk ' , , , - . , ki Q 1-av an vu. ., V "-If un- W' Q' Q' -A,,. 'QQ 'ix , if Nu at ' ' ' +1 Q ,, F x ..,,,., . ,.1 l - 1 . ' 3' F' 1 1 95 if i X , vi . 4 3 wav' ' "V" 1 3 ,. nw , ,Q M., .s K 7 r li ,f W fm -as ,Q V iw' f 21-y ,,A1A, " . ,.. v ' ' lf , .3 L i wffi ,Mix M - ' 5 nur A1 ' I 'EH fx' ' A .. 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Zgimierowski l ARM ROW VI-J. Hartwell, R, Stroup, R. Woeckner, Mac Kenfiie x Q X 5 V. Pond, P. Wehner. ROW VII-1. Woycheck, G. Osiecki. -I. Shreve, bl. Samilio C. Waite, W. Weber, R. Schiefelhein. R. Oster. R. Pnrmerter G. Olgin, C. Pellican. I. Rider. D. Pike. ROW VIII-G. Stoll, T. Winkowski, U. Paloski, E. McNulty N. Weaver, j. McMann, B. Olsen, A. Hnssel. M. Willow, H Kilgorski, N. Miles, AI. jeiierson, M. Roesch. ROW IX-YA. Lemon, R. Krehs, D. Lantli, M. McConnell. R Kuhn, j. Monroe, M. Kennedy. A. Thompson. HI. Wzmtz, L Weed, L. Shilhrick, R, Heintz. W. Willetts. rv I E E - if I X1 mx x A . , N .JY 'N 5 I N 58 - fi? , 2 a A A .. Wx ,Nf ' . my f P. . Q8 :ZIV ix vw -in x. . A 1 an-f l U' ROW IAJ. Thomas, A. Witherow, D. Smith, C. Ostrowski F. Sitter, C. Spetz, P. Henson, R. Trigilio, M. Wiswell, B. Owens Z. Lunger, R. Fogle, A. Kowalski. ROW II- E. Ballman, Everhart, S. Kupniewski, j. Coleman R. Andrews, F. Carter, R. Kitts, L. Beers, T. Kreitinger, L Bush. E. Kent, R. Keisler, C. Harmon. 4 1 OW III-E. Clark, R. Gonzalez. R. Gromacki. E. Lenz, F CK' lf' Bussard, P. Bailer. j. Arndt, E. Cavicchlo, M. Leherman, A Coluzzi, -I. Ccover, S. Carlson, j. Culp. ROW IV-N. Hall, M. Fulton, N. Finazzo, J. Fritts. -I. Cotter C. DuShole, V. Guy, J. Godfrey, B. De Carolis, C. Clark, M Gloystein, A. Duke, A. Hannah. ROW V---j. Downing, L. Burkett, A. Blanchard, D. Clinton AI. Bailer, D. Deckard, C. Chiota, D. Donaldson, l.. Cohen, D Fuhrman, H. Curtis, P. Gray, C. Hart. ROW VI-L. Capozziellozl M. Goulding, 'M. jones, J. Hill R. Laser, A. Herman, W. Koclr, D. Haynes, R. Lewicki, W Guelcher, W. Kennedy. ROW VII-E. La Flame, R. Hedderick, G. Kuehl, P. Kennedy H. Gouldrhorpe, A. King, D. King, j. Hollohaugh, R. Hissing D, Lassie, D. Goodman. R. Kaczmarek, D. Litz. ROW VIIlfA. Howard, R. Kohl, j. Haflly, -I. Green, R. Lom hardi, T. McCarthy, D. Marino, A. Kennedy, P. Hilliard, j Mattis, A. Litz. M. L. Meyers. B. Orhanek. ROW IX--N. Mischler, M. Malm, R. Malek, B. Miller, R Nicolia, B. Morehouse, E. Maxwell, P. Loesch, j. Mackintosh j. Mackintosh. D. Noe. L. Lichtinger, M. Loftus. 59 s b W -' lvz was , , f ,A,,.. ' QQ-- ' New ...A ,1., 'ff f 'qg 1 zfzl '-QV ,M 3? ' "" 1 N :,. ' "' W ' C .. ,"1 S ' f N ' ,,.,.,.... ' A 1"' m p sp ain, , , . ,,A. zlz, .P , A. ,. .,,., A A ,Q V A lv gn A -3 Q 3' ' I A 'A " .A.:. , , -P ,:.1 '-AQ A ,,.. " 'M W wg i f V .- ,.1 W i i i A. ,QB V W ,LEM 3, ' lf X ' 5 .:,. ',f':f- -,.. , A - fix we: -rift "-" M fif1 fi.,Y4 : Qt Q: :lv ., A V J is -.Ili .:,.:., 7. Jw' V-5 ,+:. e I K uw ., ,, l I lf - - 3533! ' - ' 94 -' f 5... ' V ' '-" 1 ,", 1 f - . ' ,'7',,9 ,.,: - ' L, iq Y A - ' ' WA W W n , ',""f . --" 1' .-., , . ., W E -, M L A J' 'wi 'Li' ' 1-751 Q W az, A y , K " f gf, M , I -lvl I ...:..-., N . ...:-Ei: W I -,::, I ' 4'-'. 5 ,,Xy . W ' ,., s 3325 , . '15, - "" '.,.. 1- Z-2524 A -,,.-: e -: -.-'-' ....,-- ' '55':21f'Q fl WW . Q .-.V- -, lfwkbii 5 "':" f ' shi if 1 A his fm M' R in :ffl ,F aw :: W 5 g i ml. f:.: ffifl QE H ' ' ' '2E2:E21 . ' 73 g fifr' Q '43 ."--' 5- - a fit f 1 Y ' ' 'ef' :" 137754 3 ,V- Qi. A"77":i':f"5f:Z :" Y' f W f f v, 011, I Q ' , 1 K I Q Q I ' ' W fy A " Q V 2, uw 2 9 '55 2 fag . X 5 2 2 as 60 f fl? Z ,':' sw 5 g. W :Y l Q 5 I ...ff 4? Ta: ,lr X 'I if sa J Q fi ..f.. 3 -sk - ff Li 1' XSr"""'I - I ff ROW I MCNuIty. N. Nclsun. IVI. Mzrccr. L. Louscrnorc B. Mzxrton. L. Lincoln, M. NOWQIIQ. M. Ivhson. Ii. IVIiIl'qII.1YkIf M. Mcycrs. A. Oster, S. Crossrnzm. G. Arduini. ROXV II M. Barber. Ii. CI1cIcss. II. Bicrbaucr. C. Brown. ID Driggs. B. Coon. A, Bittner, M. Baker. N. Adler. I Crokcr. I3 Chasc, A. Adams. DeD.atI. ROW III M. Dorfnann. M. Ihkcr, j. Behnkc. Ii. Ihrncf. I' Donikowski, S. Baumgartner. -I. Iichrrnger. I. Bulsiggcr. D. Ihrfozzc G. Butistelli. D. Brower, P. Dnub. M. De Sami. ROW IV C. Caracciolu. P. Iiranlish. R. RuIcs. I. Iiritkcr. ,I AIIen. ID. Epn. S. Davis. T. Borkowski. -I. Gifford. C. Eighcr C. GonzcIcz. C. Becmus. E. Frcnkd. ROW V W. Bloornstinc. AI. I3.1IIc:vit. A. D.micIs. R. AntIcrsun H. Bunting. R. Buzzard. H. Clicstncr. R. Arntlt. C, Antlcrson M. Adams. R. De Cecco. T. Uilwlwous. -I. Fingzzzo. ROW VI M. Dick. W. Ikllwrugosz. W. Crosby. I. Brown. R Dann. F. Burton. E. Godfrey, R. I3:z1tm.1n. V. BLIILILIIA. II. Si'im:IIi E. Tabuk, C. Suchdrski, N. Stcttcr. ROW VII M. Stcvcns, IJ. Winkoski, Iwi. ZurgiwsI4i. L. Tculwrt G. Stitzinger. B. Troup, M. Wcisciibach. E. Undcrwootl. R Swgirtzhigcr, D. Vanucci, D. Wultur, -I. Wilhams. M. Ynghim. ROW VIII D. Warner. R. VitcIIi, TanncIiiII. F. XXIUZEIIIIIK AI. Waskicwicz, L. Thompson. ID. Wolf, R. Thais, C. Szygliowskgi A. Straub, Sponsler, KI. Tralmifcriaul, S. Wagner. ROW IX -I. Renner, KI. Prosowski, R. Sccpum. VJ. I',1t.iIit.x M. Schumuker. P. Rokie, WI. Recd. N. Shaner. AI. Sclwscitztr. L Schuschu, M. Slomski, M. Sclilosscr. Prathfir. 61 -2-e 4",1 'x Tk RJ' 3 'rr f 'Q 'Sa 'Q-'ixj g .... .4 is gn! wr a if u 52 N x iN l X if of T IYJQWM ROW If'T. Palomhi, R. Palombi, P. Robbins, j. Sawicki, I Schaack, A. Pollock, N. Robertson, N. Rosenthal, D. Road, A Remaley, N. Roach, M. Palmer, C. Smith. ROW II L. Rulini, W. Hanson, S. Hetrich, M. Harvey, l Furey. P. Herman, A. Gaduski, I. Grieshoher, M. Furher, N. Ellis, B. Grarh, T. Grimaldi, A. Ferrare. Fiene, I. Gillespie. I, Guerrein, J. Fisher, C. Fuller ROW III--M. V. Hellman, S. Held, P. Putnam, G. Harmon, B. Extein, P. Frank' son, A. Farina, R. Guarino. ROW lVf-R. Froess, M. Fuller, N. Hermanson, H. McGill, I. Patterson, C. Paszkowski, D. Murray, L. Rudolph. S, Sanborn, G. Schumacher, W. Plavcan, D. St. George, A. Olsen. ROW V -G. Schilling, E. McLaughlin, S. Mivfsiveris. S. Masaf kowski, A. Schenk, C. Miller, G. Raun, C. Miller, N. Schmalenf bach, C. Moffatt, C. Metzgar, C. Priestap, J. Niemynski. ROXV VI V. Miller, H. Nordquist, J. Mittner. R. Pohl, T. G, Sawtelle, T. Schvvindt, K. Rebman, P. Savilla, M. Lauterb' , R. Lachesky, G. Kugel, I. Lapenz, C. Lachesky. V ' QJJQV X NX .1 IU 'Lf' B .fill 1 I fir, Q ROW VII-M. Kennedy, G. Konkel, J. Kimmy, P. Lanuhi M. Kaiser, P. jordano, K. janoski, R. jackson, J. Hotchkiss, R Kowalski, K. Kloecker, S. Kennedy, M. Jud. ROW VIII-A D. Kler, P. Kimit, j.'King, M. Keller, M. Krainski AI. Kephart, M. Kaufman, D. Hinkler, A. Levandou, L. Hollen heck, B. Kuhn, Stover, G. Stout. ROW IX-R. Smith, F. Thompson, G. Van Damia, M. Weber R. Strub, K. Trapp, H. Snyder, H. Wadsworth, J. Wolf, C Zeitler, D. Wheeler, J. Stafford, H. Stevenson. 60' "" vi Wav: s-'tl H, ,.i. .. 'x ,A .S 3' N. .2 il i - ' . A . 'fps 4 I 4 1 . I -Q i --.,, R 1 .fs " N 13 3 uh? W .Q B? W...- .- ,-K g , ZA , ll" 1 F - - . I ' Ti., J " if f f f . K .J , E +5 5. ,Z l 6. -'.f ,IAA '--.. ' ,fw .t I - W' --zi .l .. ,lv 5 .,:,.A.- ' "V l. it ,,,- f -V ,it '4' I-...ff A ,fmt-XS - Ab.,- W, ,gi :Q 'ii' fi. 7 1. .,.: 2 Wish K 'if ,: -.,:: K . . Y . In I :I A K nik V - "' 'G+ -an "-'an - 55 - ',.' ,sz V' VV .A s nw .M 3 'TTER 'f 1 ROW l--j. Smith, N. Smith, W. Steadman. T. Siegel, R. Young, T. Weisenbaeh, D. Smith, F. Walker. W. Zaunegger. ROW ll +C. Wurst, C. Anderson, R. Mando. D. Wierlvinski R. Silvis, D. Cassidy, T. Grahowski. ROW lll--f P. Carpenter, D. Way, j. Sampson, G. Kisscll. D. Malm R. Orzechowski, E. Battle, K. Treiber, J. McGill. ROW IV- F. Stumpf, S. Crook. B. Servideo, B. Snroul, D. Spathis, A. Markowitz. -I. Foht, C. Lafh, P. Baldi. Row VR-A. Caldwell, n. Balthes, J.', A. stem E. Wilson, AI. Murphy. C. Parker, N. Beagle, S. Grace, ROW VI---R. Yezzi, R. Scehrist, W. Yezzi, G. Zimmer. ROW VII-R. Wygant, C. Torrelli. C. Arnoroso, xl. Beck, ROW Vlll-N. Aldrich, M. Grace. G. Farkas, L. Plumaeher. ROW IX-D. Schlechter, S. Downie, M. Mood, D. Hull. 64 as .',f 1 . R 2. 'lu 1 .9 Y A ai ti: 1 A N1 l New '53 5 65 MW Il LZ? gfer Sfzmyy Som 1 ER fx W .31 N x Gfre S0 qjafiaizfv ff f' ff fr.-fsff. 3 yfflvff, .a W7 RCW I-R. Malatesta. R. Woycheck, J. Danowski, R. Larson, N. Cysterski. E. Borkowski, D. Nicolia, D. Barney, L Rexx ell N Riazz R Buzzard. R. Schnieder, F. Engel. ROW II-G. Anderson, G. Bookrnan, C. Harmon, D. Kenny, P. Burt, J. Peters, T. Rogers, M. Lindsey, R. May, J Fracassi M Eerrare j Hyde. ROW III-S. Lipchick, W. Collins, A. Tenenbaum, R. Zipperola, T. Nowaczyk. L. Mattis, lFac. Managerj, N. Slomski R Young T Carrig C. Putnam, R. Andrews, H. Ramsey. Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy ghofdaff Tabbed as a dark horse by prefseason experts, Academy's 1948 football team finished the season with the best oyerfall record in the city. After transferring from East, Coach ,Hyde gave us a very good first year impression of his ability. Thefte-ani! had live wins, two losses, and three ties. Comparisons show that Academy's 1948 gridders were definitely stronger than their record shows. Academy defeated Vandergrift 13f6g Vandergrift downed powerful New Kensington 2Of14. Academy tied Warren, Ohiog Warren ruined New Castle's perfect record via a 6f0 victory. The Hilltoppers were the nrst team in city series history to go undefeated in city series competition and yet not win the trophy. They finished second behind Tech. Over half the starting team came up from junior varsity. The team was noted for its good sportsmanship, excellent physical condition, and teamwork. SCORES 38 Duquesne Academy 13 6 Vandergrift 12 Altoona Academy 19 12 Strong Vincent O Tech Academy 7 15 Grand Rapids Michigaii O Warren, Ohio Academy 14 O East O Wesleyville -7- 7- 13 Prep Totals 139 96 70 SCORES Academy 7 O Prep Academy 24 7 Vincent Academy 20 O Vincent Academy O O Tech Academy 7 13 Tech Academy 0 12 East Academy 12 O East f - '- 'f Academy 43 0 Prep Totals l 13 32 61. fv Qzofiazz The Academy junior Varsity football team finished the 1948 season with a fine record of five wins, two losses and one tie. They finished second to Tech in City Series competition. The Junior Lions broke a record set by last year's teamg they defeated Prep 43fO. Under the tutelage of Marion Lewis, the J. V.'s have never finished lower than second place in the last eight years. Starring for the Little Lions were Gerry Stoll, Ray Heisler, Tony Mzisi, Skip Strub, Chuck Beemis, jack Gifford, Art oward, Bob Spinelli, and Tim McCzirthy. Other lettermen were, Ed ack, Tom Borkowski, Jerry Schumacher, Leroy Beers, Norb Smith, Red Yezzi, Tom Hilbert, Garry Schilling, and Steve Miiitsiveris. Coach Lewis will have Mzisi, Hilbert, and Spinelli as a nucleus. ROW I- R. Mann, j. Hcrbstritt, R. Spinelli. M. Weber, S. lvlintsiveris, T. Schwindt, C. Pellican, R. Oster. T. Hilbert, G. Schilling. ROW II-- -Y. Samilio, G. Schumacher. G. Stoll, N. Smith. R. lieisler, C. Beemus, j. Gilford, T. IvIcCarthy, A. Maxsi, T. Borkowski, R. Strub, E. Mack, T. Gibbons. ROW 111-Mr. Lewis, C. Wurst, R. Lombardi, C. Anderson, L. Beers, R. Yezzi, J. Criscione, A. Howard, A. Coluzzi, M, Leberman, W. Steadman, W. Yezzi, J. Wolf, Mr. Lipchik. ROW IV-C. Baker, C. Howard, T. Deuvall, T. Lee, I. Rider, 1. Bricker, W. Caryl, C. Metzgar, H. Gouldthorpe, W. Dobrogosz, I. Woycheck, R. Smith, j. Manns. X7 , . 71 jaskefbaff Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy ROW 1-j. Ward, D. Nicolia, B. Rowell. D. Whiteman, D. Geisler. D, Ncrdin. B. Collins. ROW ll-R. Miller, J. Smoot, M. Lindsey, W. Theis, C. Seiler. G. Grafuis. D. Donovan. ROW Ill-R. Bianchi, R. Nenni, N. Cyterski, N. Riazzi, T. Cacchione, E. Burger, M. Lehernwun. ROW IV-P. Frachetti, E. Shade. F CORES 41 22 Titusville Academy 3 1 43 Oil City Academy 34 32 Titusville Academy 32 42 Sharp sville Aca demy 37 32 Corry Academy 33 31 Vincent Academy 34 43 Prep Academy 33 43 Millcreek Academy 15 23 East Academy 35 40 Meadville Academy 4 5 46 Tech jack Komora's boys Hnished their hardwood campaign by upsetting a favored Tech quintet 43-40, to give indications of a powerful team next year as they have practically the whole squad returning. The team won eight, while dropping thirteen games this season, losing several games by one and two point margins. Coach Komora, looking forward to next year, used mostly inexf perienced players. Contributing greatly to the cause were Don Geisler, jerry Grafius, Pete Nenni, Buddy Rowell, Tom Cacchione, Merle Lindsey, and Nick Riazzi. Of these, Geisler, Gralius, and Nenni will be lost to next year's team. 73 Ccrry Vincent Prep Millcreek East Meadville Bradford Warren Ashtabula Tech Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy SCORES 17 Titusville Academy 22 27 23 Wesleyville Academy 24 15 27 Lawrence Park Reserves Academy 21 22 54 Titusville Academy 20 28 27 Wesleyville Academy 18 29 16 Corry Reserves Academy .33 16 33 Vincent Academy 33 28 37 Prep Academy 40 23 19 Millcreek Academy 29 20 41 East ,fx X Meadville Tech Corry Reserves Vincent Prep Millcreek East Meadville Tech ROW I-T. Sawtelle, W. Yezzi, R. Kohl, J. Wolf, E. Frankel, R. Gromacki. ROW' H-T. Weisenbach, C. Paszkowski, J. Herbstritt, A. Howard, C. Beemus, R. Andrews, S. Mintsiveris. H. Gouldthorpe, G. Schilling ROW III-W. Dobrogosz, R. Hissing, J. Murphy, R. Yezzi, D. Wierbinski. C. Moffatt, R. Young. T. McCarthy, Criscicne. 1. ' gifs, . li ll xl Egwjvw J. jaskefgaff The junior Varsity hoopsters came through the 194849 season sporting a record of three wins against five losses in city series play. The team was left short of experience when all the stars of the previous year took over the reins in the Varsity loop. Coach Lewis starts from scratch to mold teams, not only to win games in the J. V. events, but to give them the experience to play the brand of ball that keeps the Varsity basketball trophy in the halls of Academy. Although the team ended the season in a tie for third place, they played good ball against stiff opposition and can be commended for their fine sportsmanship in team play in the heat of battle. Those awarded the monogram for their services are C. Beemus, R. Yezzi, S. Mintsiveris, T. McCarthy, T. Weisenbach, A. Howard, R. Andrews, J. Herbstritt, J. Criscione, D. Wierbinski. 74 G. Stoll, C. Wurst .I 1 i . 'Z 1 Xl-- ,, li . ' 7' 1 X ll, Nl. ROW ISE. Adams, R. Stroup, J. Sawtelle, J. Gifford, J. Klein. ROW IlfD. Kenny, R. Buzzard, F. Engle, T. Rodgers, R. Schneider, A. Pancerev, Coach Ramsey. ROW III-M. Walker. E. Cavicchio, N. O'Camb, A. jaskiewicz, R. Zipperola, D. Barney, R. Goulding, Arndt, R. Gibbons, 1. Clement W. jones, T. jones. , X r A . f 1' .. rx , . . f 'ixlifi-. l ,WX fx, Nw 5 1 ki, - L' li I' ,- . KX! A ' i Q- ' ue' f ' .if .N lx s. - LM Y , If Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Qyres fluzq Coach Ramsey's boys did it again! They annexed the 194849 city wrestling title with a record of eight wins and no losses. Their season record was eight wins and one loss. Greenville was the only team able to turn the trick on the Lion Grapplers and that came early in the season. Academy had several outstanding wrestlers this year. Ralph Schneider, Tom Rodgers, and Jim Sawtelle were undefeated in duel matches. Five of the boys won city championships in their respective classes: Bob Stroup, Jim Savvtelle, Jack Gifford, Ralph Schneider, and Tom Rodgers. These tive boys then went on to win the District 10 title for Academy by winning all Hve matches! Schneider then went on to win the state championship crown, being only the second one in the history of Academy. Due credit must be given to Coach Ramsey who gave much time and effort to build a strong squad. SCORES 3 Tech Academy 29 G reen vil le Academy 8 Prep Academy 29 1 1 Vincent Academy 2 Ea St 75 Tech Prep Vincent East ,JTYTFQW W Q ' fx 5,-J5"'1, .J"'5 .' SQ-J' G' + if-t " , 11 -"v N , K J rr, . ..f ,FY yd-.Ng .4 f -Qs" 'J ROW I- J. Thomas, J. Salvia, B. Plavcan, H. Hudscn, D. Reed, J. Hellwege, L. Baker, D. Anderson, J. Jenkins, D. Richardson. ROW Il-T. Koenig, J. Swiderski, F. Perry, J. Buzzard, D. Vogt, J. Bayhurst, M. Defoy, R. Vogt, J. Kennedy, Mr. Mifkcvic. ROW lllfC. Waite, J, Horne, J. Swartz, J. Strauss, N. Slomski, L. Tarno, G. Chipman, D. Mando, D. Lehr, manager. Absent when taken R. Specter. Academy Aca demy Academy Academy wimmizzq This team was one of the best teams Academy has ever had. Although it finished only second in the city title race, it was the first team in the history of the school to win the District 10, Western Regional and State Championships. The members of the team set Hve new school records, three city records, two District 10 records, two Western Regional records, and one state record. Captain David Reed established new records in school, city and District 10 meets, in the 200 yard dash in the time of 2:05 .8 and the medley relay team of Reed, Tom Koenig and John Sampson set a new school record of 1 :44.9 Jack Hellwege set a new school record of 76.93 points in diving. A week later, Reed set a Western Regional record in the backf stroke in the time of 1:03.2, and Sampson set a Western Regional record in the time of 2:04.5. Sampson also set the school and city record for the 120 yard individual medley in the time of 1:22.1. Still a week later, these boys took the state championship in one of the most thrilling events of the year. SCORES 43 Vir cent Academy 45 42 East Academy 38 30 Prep Academy 48 28 Tech Academy 3 5 76' Tech East Prep Vincen t Academy Academy Academy Academy SCORES 4 5 East Academy 3 3 1 Vincent Academy 4 6 5 Prep Academy T10 5 2 Tech Academy 5 Wa fer Quoin The Water Polo team finished another splendid season boasting a record of six wins against two setbacks. The champions of East were the only team to sink the Blue and Gold, first by a score of 5f4, and the second by 655. The future looks bright for Coach Mifkovic and his team. A host of seven outstanding lettermen are returning to put Academy's name on the top of the list. Four of our boys were selected on the Allf Scholastic team. james Thomas was selected first string guard and was regarded by many as the best in the city. Tom Koenig was a second string forward, while Dave Reed and Bill Brown received honorable mention. Those receiving the water polo monogram were: XV. Brown, I. Hellwege, T. Koenig, D. Reed, J. Sampson, R. Specter, J. Strauss, L. Tarno, J. Thomas, captain. Ea st Vincent Prep Tech ROW I-J. Salvia, D. Reed, J. Strauss, H. Hudson, D. Anderson, R. Swartz, W. Plavcan, j. Hellwege, J. Thomas, R. Gifford. ROW II-1. Sampson, E. Richardson, W. Brown, C. Luke, L. Tarno, T. Koenig, R. Specter, R. Eliason, Mr. Mifkovic. ROW IH-fj. Laraway, T. Evans, J. Buzzard, J. Swiderski, 1. Tarbell, F. Perry, P. Pointer, D. Gifford. ROW IV-P. Hilliard, W. Guelcher, L. Baker, C. Waite, G. Jonas, C. Kugel, D. Lehr. 77 C-ack In the dual meets last year Academy won seven and lost one, defeating Lawrence Park, Tech, Meadville, Prep, Dunkirk, and Ashtabula, and losing to Vincent. The boys finished second in District 10, but showed more promise when they won the City meet. Two new school records were established: Ronnie Mattison threw the discus 136 feet M inch, and Pete Fraschetti ran the 880 yard run in the good time of 1 :59.2. The latter was also a new city record. Four lettermen returning this year are Boyd, Fracassi, Thomas, and Harpst. Last year's lettermen were L. McLaughlin, Borkowski, R. Cross, G. Deiner, H. Thomas, P. Fraschetti, E. Sawtelle, D. Boyd, J. Fracassi, .. W. Southworth, R. Harpst, R. Uhlman, E. Martin, R. Mattison, R. Kehl, R. Hill, R. Weisenbach, Manager. X -. . 1 1 .xkX,i?X4., jf I 1 . . 5 Hi I A x ..f' ? . l 1 f fwcn .r.ff, :f 3 ' ' , X 9 2, R , -..- X - ROW I-L. Bush, R. Oster, R. Gorny, C. Pellican, J. Smoot, P. Nenni, M. De Santi, B. Faber, D. Christenson, K. Haas, J. Fracassi. ROW II-W. Guelcher, Manager, F. Thompson, E. Frenkel, T. Andrzesewski, D. Baldwin, E. Cavicchio, C. Catania, T. Weisenbach, D Murray, D. Robertson, M. Leberman, T. McCarthy, C. Scalzitti, D. Kohl. ROW III-H. Thomas, C. Putman, T. Gibbons, B. Harrington, H. Martin, N. Cyterski, D. Bradish, B. Weber, J. Winarski, R. Schiefelbein G. Clark, D. Baker. ROW IV-R. Andrews, E. Borkowski, B. Ferrando, D. Boyd, C. Rose, D. Mattis, R. Harpst, R. Heisler, R. Kreider, R. Donovan, S. Matuszak D. Zipperola, D. Lehr. A ROW V-T. Nowaczyk, C. Beemus, D. Sieber, G. Graiius, B. Theis, B. Rowell, N. Walczak, D. Nielson, T. Greene, J. Zeitler, T. Collins, B Brown. ' ROW VI-D. Hoffman, R. Andrzejewskij. Woznicki, G. Johannes, J. Greene, R. Guelcher, H. Pfeil, M. Goulding, L. Herbstritt, R. Young A. Coluzzi, R. Amendola, C. Seiler. 78 Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy ROWQI-W.QWeber, H. Thomas, R. Schiefelbein, T. Hodges. ROW II--C. Miller, j. Ward, C. Catania, E. Cavicchio, R. Gorny, M. jackson. ROW III-J. Stahl, G. Johannes. D. Boyd, P. Frachetti, R. Donovan. Gross Gomzfry l The Academy harriers finished another highly successful season by tying Strong Vincent for the title with a record of seven victories and one defeat, plus an independent victory over Meadville. Doug Boyd was the standfout, winning every meet and also taking the District 10 title. Credit is due also to Pete Fraschetti who was captain and, though handif capped by injuries, gave valuable assistance to the team. Other members of the squad were John Stahl, Hawley Thomas, and Ronald Gorny, all of whom graduate before another season. Coach Balla is looking forward tof 'having another successful season having Ernie Cavicchio, Dick Schiefelf bein, Carmen Cantania, john Ward, and Boyd as a nucleus. SCCRES 50 Tech Academy 15 50 41 Meadville Academy 15 47 48 East Academy 32 23 31 Strong Vincent Academy 23 38 38 Prep -- -- Totals 183 366 7' 9 Tech East Strong Prep Vincent ROW I----I. Shapiro, B. Love, R. Lyne. D. Whiteman, ROW ll-f C. Cohen, D. Neziglia. G. Wolf, L. Lechncr, C. Schmitt, N. Weigle, M. L. Swarncr GlZ66l'!66LJ6l'5 No sporting event would he complete without the cheerleaders "down front," bolstering the spirit of the crowd as well as the team. This year the squad took an active part in the basketball games as well as the football games. They were responsible for many special rallies and other sporting events. Leading the squad this year from September until he graduated in February was Dave Whitmiiri. Now the squad has been taken over by Ruth Lyne. Besides traveling and training new cheerleaders, the squad has been busy writing new cheers and assigning appropriate actions to these cheers. We tip our hats to the splendid work our squad has done for we all know that school spirit is essential to a championship team. 80 Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy SCORES 5 2 Kanty Prep Academy 6 1 Strong Vincent 7 0 Lawrence Park Academy 7 O East 7 O Lawrence Park Academy 25 4M Prep 4M ZZ Kanty Prep rf- 'ffm 7 O Tech Totals 46 10 f EYZIZLS Under the able coaching of john Balla, Academy's 1948 entry in the City Series Tennis race placed second with wins over Tech, Vincent, and East, and a 4M to 2M defeat at the hands of Prep in the final meet. They also registered double wins over Lawrence Park and Kanty Prep. Bob Gromacki, Ted Lepich, Guy Rucker, Earl Shade, and jerry Shapiro received letters. Of these, Gromacki, and Shade are back for another season. Jerry Shapiro upset favored Ed Koscelnik of Prep to win the Interscholastic Tennis Tournament title. Bob Gromacki won the Erie County Junior Championship. Coach Balla is looking forward to another successful season. IDENTIFICATION: Kennedy, 1. Shapiro, F. Infield, R. Gromacki, E. Shade, Coach Balla. 3 1 Seated: Coach Swahn, E. Aduitori, J. Smoot, J. Kissell. Standing: D. Whiteman, D. Barney, D. Geisler, D. Nordin. Golf With Don Geisler and jim Smoot as the mainstays, the 1949 charges of Coach Swahn will seek to emulate the 1948 team that ran rough shod over all opposition. This team won nine meets and tied one. Dave Whitef man was captain of the team as well as the leading golfer. Dave was medalist six times. In the District 10 meet, Whiteman stroked an 81 over the rain soaked Edinboro course to place first and qualify for the State meet. Charles Krueger placed ninth in the state meet while Whiteman, suffering from a sprained back, came in twelfth. Whiteman and Krueger are the only two who have graduated. SCORES Academy 11 1 Strong Vincent Academy 10M 1 M Prep Academy 12 0 Tech Academy HM M Lawrence Park Academy HM M East Academy 9M 2,5 Strong Vincent Academy 6 6 Prep Academy 12 O Tech Academy 10 2 East Academy 7 5 Lawrence Park Totals 101 19 82 SCORES Academy Prep Academy 3 Prep Academy East Academy 4 East Academy Vincent Academy 6 Vincent Academy Tech Academy 1 1 Tech Academy Prep Academy 7 Prep Academy East Academy 9 East Academy Vincent Academy 2 Vincent Academy 3 Tech Academy 8 4 Tech 2 1 3 ' Xi ' 'V if 1 ' , N x , .5- 51 X T f .' r ROW IA-N. Cysterski, R. Bianchi, T. Cacchione, ROW HWR. Cole, J. Murphy, J. Schumacher, T. Greene, R. Ferrando. ROW IIIAP. Kennedy, E. Borkowski, R, Neider. jasedaff Academy baseballers Wound up their season with a record of thirteen wins and five losses. They Hnished second in city series standings behind Strong Vincent. Dick Kehl pitched a nofhit game. Norb Cysterski placed second in the city series batting race with a .467 percentage for individual notoriety. Lettermen are R. Ferrando, R. Neider, J. Schumacher, J. Christy, T. Cacchione, E. Denniston, N. Cysterski, R. Bianchi, E. Borf kowski, J. Murphy, R. Kehl, P. Kennedy, and T. Green. Of these, Christy, Denniston, and Kehl will be lost to next years squad. 83 NCMQU Garry O12 'mah ,K 81 Q b JW , 4 X WM., LW 2, Mag ' 455155: Y 1 H, .uw ..... ,gy f ,gem mf .. ,M M lg K 15 is ,L ,i... , X if I H " may - , , .Q . Z.. ..--- - ' A Wfif W Via 5 W X Aix Lyn. Q W ff? A. wi v ww. A A, Nr . 'Q' M W gK1,f',A QZJWQQZTM 602 DRUM MAJOR-Joseph Woznicki. CLARINETS-S. Davis, D. Higham, R. Kennedy, T. Masi, R. Mellinger, G. Schiller, J. Shreve, W. Walker TRUMPETS--D. Boyer, -I. Brown, G. Chose, B. Freidman, R. Hoagland, R. Holder, M. jackson, D. Klick, D. Lester, L. Marsh, R. Mendel, D Oless, J. Tong. BASSES-J. Lasher, M, Leberman, D. Lehr. FRENCH HORNS-J. Fisher, D. Murray, J. Nutter, R. Pohl. SAXOPHONE' L. Antabades, J. Coleman, T. McCarthy, R. Miller, P. Pointer, -I. Stafford, E. Sznajder. BARITONES-T, jones, G. Kennedy, D. Robertson TROMBONES-W. Brown, R. Dick, E. Freukel, J. Gehrlein, D. jones, R. Paulson. D. Thomas. DRUMS' J. Andrae, R. Bianchi, KI. Everhart K. Gardner, D. Hayes, W. Soder. There is no organization which is as much a part of Academy as the Band. It has long been recognized as the finest in the city. Its appearf ance arouses a deep feeling of loyalty in the hearts of the students and makes them proud of the Academy tradition. The band, which is directed by Mr. Forbes, rehearses every day during the sixth period. Its members are students who must be reasonably proficient in instrumental music in order to join. The band offers its players excellent musical training and experience in playing with others. It entertains the student body and the public by performing at concerts, rallies, and other school assemf blies. This year the organization sponsored the second annual "Academy on Parade." This program featured the band and twirlers and many separate acts in which other talented students performed. The officers of the band are Ray Bianchi, president, Bill Brown, vicefpresif dentg and Jack Andrae, secretaryftreasurer. 88 Cwirfers As a part of the Band organization and the Drum Corps, the twirlers represent Academy at games, parades, concerts, and various events and community affairs in Erie and neighboring towns. This group meets every day during the sixth period under the direction of Mr. Svvahn. Students in this activity receive trainf ing in marching and drilling, calisthenics, baton twirling, appreciation of band music, and student leadership. To join this organif zation, the prospective member must pass competitive tryfouts and be approved by a twofthirds vote of senior members. In addition to their performances at footf ball games, rallies, and assemblies, the twirlers sponsor such activities as concerts and dances. This year in cooperation with the band, the organization planned and presented the second annual "Academy on Parade." Besides these numerous activities, the tvvirlers serve at athletic banquets, usher at various school programs, and perform at charity and beneht events. They have performed at several schools outside of Erie. including Ashtabula and Warren, Ohio. Esther Stebell is the leader of the twirlers and also the president of the organization. Iviarilyn Roesch is the vicefpresident, and Donna Brower is secretaryftreasurer. - , ,T Q xl ,ima x ..f , 1. s , , ks -, xl 4' xj . g 1 -' 89 FLIWZ 6028 juqfe GOI'i95 ROW I- C. Fickenworth, I. Ellis, D. Drake. E. Seawright, E. Wilson, B. Kuhn, R. Birk, C. Wuenschel, M. Papucci W Howard ROW 1IfM. McDonald, S. Hershey, L. jordan, 1. Bierbauer, M. A. Sprague, J. Striegel, R. Kuhn, N, DeSantis, lvl Nichilo E j Zim merinan. ROW Ill'-WO. Reisenauer, M. L, Maher, M. Slomski, R. Smith, I. Balsiger. R. Heintz, W. Hanson, M. Smith, M. Hey noske M L Klein M. Haupt. Entertaining at halfftime ceremonies, marching in parades, and participating in commencement exercises are a few of the activities of these talented girls. They wear the sparkling blue uniforms with a touch of gold which identify them as members of the Drum and Bugle Corps. At the Commencement exercises they lower the flag amid the music of the bugles and drums in a very impressive ceremony. At halfftime during football games the Corps marching on the lield thrills the spectators with its in-f tricate and breathftaking drills and also its precision marching, A girl must be able to march and to play the drum or the trumpet to become a member of this organization. Every morning during first period the girls practice in the band room or in the stadium under the leadership of Mr. Forbes, the Director, and Mr. Swahn, the Business Manager. When the Corps marches, twirlers are chosen from the band group to lead them. 90 rclzesfra VIOLINS- E. Stebell, M. Migliori, J. McMichael, T. Grimaldi, G. Roth, M. Keller, L. Dieter, D. Ray. FLUTESfM. M. Lewis, S. Hirt SAXOPHONEW-J. Anderson. TRUMPETS-M. Jackson, D. Lester, D. Oless, R. Hoagland. VIOLAS-D. Brace, D. Smith, j. Olsen K. Russell. MARIMBA--'M. Jud. TYMPANIM-D. Anderson. CELLOS-AA. Schenck, P. Burt, H. Hanson, M. Beemus, M. Miller, A Litz. CLARINETS-f B. Walker, S. Baumgartner, J. Vanduerin, J. Lewis. DRUMS D. Haynes. PIANO-P. Brandt. j. Kurtz. bl. Kestner C. Day. D. Way. BASSES-W-I. Culp, V. Guy, R. Heintz, Williams, E. Twitty. One of the finest activities open to Academy students is the Orchestra. This organization, under the direction of Miss Isadora Schweitf zer, rehearses every day during the third period. To belong, a student must have some degree of technical skill in playing an instrument and, if possible, some previous experience in playing with others. The orchestra gives its young musician members training in enf semble playing, reading at sight, dynamics, proper interpretation of music, and, perhaps the most important of all, following a conductor, The orchestra performs for many special events during the year, including assembly programs, the annual instrumental concert, the january commencement program, and the P. T. A. Open House. It also gives a program for some other school in the city once or twice a year. The orchestra has one special custom to which each member looks forward. This is an annual trip to Cleveland to see a production of the Metropolitan Opera Company. The officers are Ersilia Twitty, president, Merle Jackson, vice' president, Don Oless, secretary, Bill Walter, treasurer, and janet McMichael, librarian. l MK C, G? Gczpelfa Glzoir ROW If-WH. Burgman, N. Zimmerly, C. Dietrich, M. Larson, L. Naughton, G. Dietrich, M. Hug, G. Martin, G. DeCarolis, D. Frum. ROW II-B. Caldwell. C. Swarner, R. Yentes, E. Webb, D. Patton, Mr. Grender, M. A. Bretz, A. Shackelford, G. Kugel, P. Bernarcfini M. Hinspeter. ROW III--D. Kuligowski, C. Parker, B. Higgins, O. Reisenauer, J. Hagmann, R. Fisher, A. Johnson, V. Pohl, T. Jendrock, A. Downing J. Lowry. ROW IV-D. Noziglia, G. Powell, F. Thompson, K. Haas, K. Nicol, D. Gilford, J. Hellwege, Metzler, C. Miller, L. McGarvey. R Sommerhof, J. Roumfort. ROW VfJ. Fracassi, J. Schuster, D. Robertson, R. Schultz, L. Tarno, A. Aquino, J. Justice, J. Woznicki, D. G. Robertson, D. St. George C. Holdsworth, B. Harrington. G? Gapeffa G oir and gfee fads The requirements for membership in the Choir include a satis' factory voice, musical ability, and an adaptable personality. Its director is Mr. Grender and it meets second period daily. The purpose of the Choir is to learn choral singing and to sing in public. This year the Choir has sung for the Kiwanis Club, the Community Chest, and P. T. A. Meetf ings, and on the radio. With the fine training in the use of the voice, sight reading, and general music training offered in the Choir, this activity is one of which every student would like to become a member. The officers of the organization are Lee Tarno, president, Joyce Lowry, vicefpresidentg J. Clinton Miller, secretary, and June Roumfort, treasurer. The Boys' Glee Clubs, also under the direction of Mr. Grender, are two organizations thoroughly enjoyed by the student body. A prof spective member must have some musical ability and a fair singing voice. This year these groups have participated in concerts and assemblies given at Academy and other schools. During the Christmas season one of the groups made a radio broadcast. So that members from any year can sing together, the Senior Boys' Glee Club traditionally learnsi'Those Pals of Ours." The officers of the Senior Glee Club are Charles Holdwsorth, presidentg Joseph Fracassi, vicefpresidentg Roy Sommerhof, secretary, and Jack Williams, treasurer. The Junior oilicers are Richard Mando, president: Richard Wygant, vicefpresidentg Kenneth Fleming, secretary, and Gustave Anderson, tf6ZisUI'6f. 92 Senior joys fee ROW I-D. Gifford, C. Gonzalez. R. Sommerhof, T. Schwindt, Mr. Grender, Metzler, G. Powell, F. Thompson, D. Driscoll, S. Mosakowski ROW IIA-I. Fracassi. L. Watson, R. Lombardi, T Murphy, T. Borkowski, P. Bailer, j. Rockwell, D. I.. Robertson, P. Hilliard, B. Harrington ROW III-R. Schultz, D. Hubert, j. Williams, B. Roach, j. Woznicki, A. Aquino, J. Arndt, D. G. Robertson, D. Arndt, D. Zipperola C. Holdsworth. ufzior Boys Qfec ROW If-R. Kennedy, J. Ericson, C. Nenni, T. Knoblcch, D. Bole, R. Cooper. ROW ll-P. Snauffer, j. Mack, W. Bredenberg, Mr. Grender, J. Guy, K. Fleming. ROW III-J. Roberts, J. Beck, K. Noziglia, S. Brown, T. Treiber, R. Orzechowski, R. Miller. ROW IV-R. Cubbison, R. Wygant, J. Home, E Dudenhoeffer, F. Infield, G. Anderson. R. Mando, T. Hodges. 93 Senior girfs Glzorui ROW lfL. Vogt, AI. Luther, j. Gillespie, M. L. Kennedy, A. Farina, D. Farina, H. Kilgorski, M. L. Kaufman, R. Guarino. -I. Renner N. Finazzo , Miss Schweitzer. ROW II-L. Cameron, M. Harrington, I. Auch, T. Bogusz, 1. Sponsler, B. Orbanek, G. Batistelli, M. Fulton, L. Mallberg, M. Whipple ROW Ill' V. Fickenworth, VI. Fritts, j. Bailer, M. Gloystein, -I. Schaack, A. Bittner, E. Maxwell, E. -I. Zimmerman, R. Rohan, M. Smith j. Culp, N. Flath. ROW IVH M. Slomski, A, Brown, R. Wcgmiller, M. Furber, A. Ruhling, M. Rinn, A. Foote. M. Orcngia. M. Fcrrarc, gl. llchnkc, AI Bccglc, S. Fuhrman. ROW V M. Maher, D. Donaldson, M. jasinski, M. Kostek. A. Fcrrarc, A. Scott, pl. Godfrey, N. Rosenthal. li. Steves, K. Davis, P. Lanuka M. Schumakcr. wzior and Senior girfs Glzorus Academy is truly proud of the Senior Girls Chorus which was begun at Academy in 1924. This organization meets daily second period under the leadership of Miss Schweitzer. The Chorus prepares two assembly programs a year besides singing in the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and the AllfCity Senior Chorus Festival. To become a member one must have a voice tryfout and an ear test. The purpose of the Chorus is to train girls in part singing and in proper use of voice, blending, diction, dynamics, and interpretation. The officers are Mildred Smith, presidentg Marie Ferrare, vice' presidentg Anna May Brown, secretaryg Dolores Farina, treasurerg Nancy Flath, Joyce Krayeski, librarians. The junior Girls Chorus, also under the direction of Miss Schweitzer, prepares girls in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades for choral work in senior high. This year it presented, along with other junior high groups, an AllfCity junior High Choral Festival. Because -of the large membership, the ninth grade meets separately, but the girls are combined for all presentations. The seventh and eighth grade oihcers are Mary Louise Iwiiller, presidentg Judith Kurtz, vicefpresidentg Dixie Snauffer, secretary, and Susie Hirt, treasurer. The ninth grade officers are Nancy Michaels, presidentg Helen VVaterman, vicefpresidentg Geraldine Serafini, secretary, and Joan Wolf, treasurer. 94 Luzior girfs Glzorus . . . Wnflz gracle ROW I-E. Stark, J. Weber, E. Wilson, C. Walker, C. Gharron, j. Gardner, E. Palmer, G. Serahni. N. Kienholz, D. Ruhl, M. j. Sgabellone. ROW II-J. Hotchkiss, I. Schneider, J. Lee, W. Rainey, P. Mellow, D, Patchen, J. Burton, B. Servidio, P. Greene, D. Nichilo, E. Roos. ROW IIIfA. Bowman. P. Owens, G. Loper, G. jenkins, K. Straub, D. Vogel, L. Wolf, H. Waterman. V. Brown, S. Ellis, M. Formaini, N. Nixon, B. Carr, Miss Schweitzer. ROW IV'-D. Schlechter, A. Markowitz, C. Bixler, N. Michaels, M, Weschler, J. Illig, N. Paulsen, M. Held, W. Winter, A. Thomas, B. J. jethroe, Y. Miller. Luzior glrfs Ghorzzf . . . Sevenflz ana Cclqlzflz rages ROW I--S. Wuenschel. M. Hotchkiss, A. Tabachnick, J. Wygant, D. Reichel, D. Tanner, M. Hershiser, M. Weinclorf, M. Guyer, B Bult, R. Robinson. A. Di Tullio. M. Alwens, P. W'alker. ROW II---M. Kostoviclc, B. Ross. S. Cardot, j. Michaels, D. Snautfer, P. Perry, S. Achille, C. Giacomelli, W. Baker, L. Buchner, C. Paulsen G. Green, S. Swanson, L. Ventura, M. Kerstetter. ROW III-A -J. Melzer, J. Erickson. D. Partone, E. Olgin, M. Nichols, A. Berchtold, D. Turner, C. Kilgorski, B. Holcomb, A. Salters, M Ollarek, D. Taylor, C. Wagner, G. Moore. ROW IV- 1. Kurtz, S. Hut, D. Fromknecht. L, Battles, G. Ziegenhine, P. Seither, j. Ulrich, C. Wilson, E. Peeples, G. Gartner, P. Lumbard E. Geiger, M. Hutt. ROW V- R. Lucore, N. Sims, L. Perry, W. Landers, P. Arlington, A. jurgens, J. Haehn, C. Lcnnberg, N. Kerr, M. Sneitlcrman, S. Yartz P. joint, M. Miller. 95 i abetting ROW I-B. Love, Sechrist, C. Marthinsen, C. Nystrom, A. Smith, Strauss. ROVJ Il--Mrs. Steimer, S. Carlson, D. Malm, l. Tate, B. Brown, R. Rosenthal, D. Goodman, A. Shackelford Debating, a worth while activity which trains its members in public speaking and in improving diction, was begun at Academy shortly after the school was opened. To be eligible for membership, a student must be in the tenth grade or above and have at least a B average. Debaters meet daily sixth period under the able direction of Ixirs. Steimer and Nlr. Acker, to prepare for interfscholastic debates which begin the second Friday of February and continue through the spring tournament at Allegheny College. The team usually puts on one auditorium program a semester. A program was given during Education Week, the topic being, "Is Peace with Russia Possible?" During the year the organization sells candy daily after school to finance its activities. The ofhccrs of this group are Carole Nystrom, president, Donald Sims, secretary: Joan Sechrist, treasurer, Charles Iviarthinsen, business manager. 96' Uvafiorzaf Slfmzor ociezly ROW I- I'I. Burgman, D. Krahe. R. Lyne, C. Marthinsen, Miss Mong, W. Volgstadt, Mr. Radtler, R. Alloway, D, Reed E Benecki Lcwry. ROW II A. Gesler. bl. Roumfort. M. Ward. A. Case. -I. Allison. B. Donovan. D. Miller. D. Sanncr. j. Johnson, R. Ovtrtlortl N Schick C. Nystrom, V. Gwinn, C. Swarner. M. Ycchim. j. Stcincr. "I pledge myself to uphold the high purposes of the National Honor Society to which I have been elected. I will be true to the principles for which it stands. I will be loyal at all times to my school, and will maintain and encourage high standards of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service." Since January, 1938, 710 Academy students have repeated this pledge and have been formally inducted into the National Honor Society. The Academy Honor Society is part of a national organization, whose constitution was adopted in 1921. Since that time, it has grown from twelve chapters to more than two thousand. Academy inducts between 50 and 75 new members every year. The ceref monies occur in May and December, and usually feature a guest speaker, or a prof gram of short talks, round table discussions, or simple dramatizations by the members. A few weeks after an induction ceremony, the Society prepares an initiaf tion for the new members. This year the activity took place at the Y.M.C.A. during the latter part of january. It is also customary for a local high school chapter to sponsor the annual banquet for all the chapters in the city. In October, 1948, Strong Vincent was host at the Y.M.C.A. The officers for the first semester were: President, Williaiii Volgstadt: Vice President, Charles Marthinsen, Secretary, Roberta Allowayg Treasurer, David Reed. The ofhcers for the second semester are: President, Robert Donovang Vice President. Barbara Manning, Secretary, Margaret Moore, Treasurer, Duane Malm. 97 .gibrary Sfaff ROW I-L. Hunter, M, Geiger, J. Bierbauer, C. Green, M. Radov, I. Boyd, C. Nystrom, H. Schlesinger. ROW II---Miss Bortner, C. DuShole, D. Winkowski, G. Wolf, M. Swarner, J. Fisher, K. Steffey, B. Olsen, C. Hohler L Teubert H Thunberg. The Library Staff, consisting of girls under the direction of our Librarian, Miss Bortner, takes over all the various duties required to operate this school service, one of the finest in the city. Girls who do acceptable work in all their classes are assigned to the Library during the different periods throughout the day. They are assigned to slip and shelve books, keep magazines in order, keep records of all books charged out, and help any teacher or pupil not familiar with some part of the library. Besides acquainting the girls with the functioning of a smoothfrunning library, this training is often put into use by the girls who choose library work as their vocation. 98 Sim' Staff ROW I R Lyne, M. Ward, S. Matuszak, A. Gesler, j. Stoll, A. jobes, S. Gouldthorpe. ROW II lvir. Radder, M. Roesch, C. Schmidt, R. Alloway, D. Brown, J. Donovan. j. Shapiro, M. Evans. ROW Ill M. Hug, J. Mosier, M. White, Yaple, C. Marthinsen, R. Trimble, S. Wilson, G. Migdal, K. Sullivan D Sanner To help promote school activities and to keep the school informed are the purposes of the Academy Star. Under the direction of its faculty advisor, Mr. Radder, the newspaper staff meets Hfth period every day. Alice Gesler is the editor and Steve Matuszak, the business manager. A prospective member must have received an A or B in English, be elected by the staff, and be approved by the advisor. Character development and training and experience in newspaper work are offered to the students who participate in this activity. For a historical record, the staff has been keeping a scrap book of newspaper clippings concerning Academy. Following a custom begun several years ago, the members regularly attend an annual Interscholastic Press Banquet. Two social events for the student body are sponsored each year. . At the beginning of the school year the Star put out a special "Know Acad' emy" edition which was distributed to all the pupils. Through this issue, new students became acquainted with their school and its newspaper. One editorial this year about ice skating in the stadium received cityfwide attention. The Star has begun each of its two successful subscription sales by putting on a very enter' taining program for the school. The second of these will always be remembered for its impersonation of Mr. Lewis. 9.9 Luzior e Gross ROW I-G. Green, A. Foote, G. Kugel, P. Loesch, H. Waterman, J. Illig, A. Rosenberg, A. Hassel, J. Lewis, G Roth B Block S A Grace, H. Van Dyke, P. Baker, J. Seachrist. ROW H-A. Gaduski, N. Michaels, C. Bixler, J. Valentine, C. Catania, T. Lepkowski, F. McCrillis, C. Scheffer, M. A Bret M A Brown R. Lewicki, J. Sawicki, D. Walter, R, Holby, J. Wygant. ROW lII-- H. Duffy, B. Cubbison, P. Lempicki, E. Parker, R. Mando, I. Tate, J. Bricker, R. Kreider, R. Lewis, J. Salvia B Bloss J Kurtz T. Fromknecht. The Red Cross was irst started at Academy at the beginning of the Second World War. This group, advised by Miss Weschler and Miss Kaste, meets whenever necessary. A pupil becomes a member of this group through group enrollment, no individual membership is required. lt is assumed that the pupil will justify his membership by participation in some service during the school year. Gift boxes, tray covers and nut cups were made for the hospitals, and Santa Claus suits for veterans' hospitals. A Red Cross Drive was held in Iwiarch. This organization has sponsored two parties which are especially for Junior High pupils. The Junior Red Cross tries to develop social consciousness, to guide humanitarian tendencies through activities in which pupils learn to meet community needs effectively, to provide young people with participation in socially useful work, to teach social aspects of positive health, physical, mental, and emotional Htness, and to promote world understanding. The ofhcers are: Janet Behnke, Temporary Chairmang Arlene Rosenberg, Arlene Hassel, Joyce Illig, and James Lewis, Counsellors. 100 Cwelfll QVHJE 7J-66026 ROW I-D. Frum. B. Herbstritt, D. Isenberg, J. Steiner, J. Berchtold, J. Kreider, R. Lyne, A. Jobes, A. Gesler, S. Gouldthorpe, R. Alloway J. Lowry, B. Love, K. Martin, B. Manning, S. Moore. R. Yaple, H. Burgman. ROW Il-A. Di Gello, I. Tammaro, J. Bradbury, E. Kimit, I. Przybyszewski, P. Nellis, C. Buehler, C. Davis, R. Januleski, Mrs. Wardell C. Scheffer, M. Kubeja, L. Stubbe, J. Chianello, B. Bloeser, N. Larson, L. Hunter, I. Adams, J. Magraw. ROW III-J. Cantor, E. Benecki, S. Lindstrom, J. Stohlman, S. Gallagher, C. Swarner, N. DeSantis, J. Valentine, J. Winarski, D. Vk7ill J. Roumfort, F. Migdal, R. Yentes, J. Allison, E. Borkoski, M. Struchen, E. Jeska, S. Lancet, M. Radov, V. Pohl. ROW IV-M. Kubiak, M. Geiger, N. Szumigala, H. Gorski, M. M. Adams, H. Bednarowicz, J. Malory, M. Ferrare, C. Migdal, J. Heinlein D. Peacock, E. Weschler, M. Paradise, H. Schlesinger, R. Olowinski, M. White, N. Flath, B. Deuvall, A. Kennedy, M. Zielinski, C. Anderson ROW V-HW. Szymanowicz, G. Zaunegger, C. Nystrom, F. Morge, F.. Zimmerly, M. George, H. Duffy, C. Green, J. Finney, J. Johnson N. Schick, A. McGrath. D. Stout, F. McCrillis, M. Daubenspeck, M. Moore, M. Ward, M. Baldwin, D. Pinzok, V. Yaple, J. Gorenflo I. L. Boyd. The Academy YfTeens, whose membership is open to all girls of the senior high school, holds its meeting the second and fourth Wednesf days of each month. The purpose of the YfTeens is to help each girl grow as a person, to become acquainted with other girls, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. This year the YfTeens have given money to the World Fellowship Fund, baby clothing to the Visiting Nurses, packages of clothing to overseas welfare, and canned food to the Booker T. Vvfashington Center. Christmas seals were sold at Christmas. With the influence of the social and program activities, the girls can grow perf sonally and benefit socially. The 12th grade oflicers are Joyce Lowry, presidentg Roberta Allof way, vicefpresidfgntg Alice Jobes, secretary, Alice Gesler, treasurerg Mary Lou Swarner, service chairman, Sally Gouldthorpe social chairman, Sally Wilson, program chairman, Rose Trimble, worship chairman. The llth grade oiiicers are Pat Ulrich, president, Joan Hartwell, vicefpresidentg Janice Schryver, secretary, Margaret Stough, treasurer. The 10th grade ofhcers are Donna Brower, presidentg Joyce Culp, vicefpresidentg Suzanne Carlson, secretary, Donna Bartone, treasurer. 101 r unior fyfiqlz U-Ceem ROW l -WS. Achille, D. Samilio, C. Nichilo. M. Gench, Miss Schneider, N. Michaels, Y. Miller, A. Di Tullio. ROW ll-W M. Coudriet, M, Guyer, DI. Wygant, M. I-lershiser, D. Snauffer, C. Gloth, G. Eicher, j. Carlson, j. Michaela ROXV Ill' - I.. Ventura, C. Moore, B. Bull, R. Rohinson, G. Serahni, E. Roas, D. Bartone, G. Green, D. Taylor, C. Charron ROW IV - M. Huff, C. Giacomelli, S. Vogel. S. O'Day, C. Gartner, G. Baldi, M. Guilford, D. Fromknecht. j. Lee, P. Norhx j Strohmever ROW V - H, Kennedy, B. Negley, bl. lllig, B. Harris, C. Hohler, S. Ellis, P, Narhy, j. Hellwege, E. Dhus, M. Beemus, C. Bixler N Christ K. Hellmann. 102 fCX6V6IZfll gmule Ly-Ceem ROW I L. Conn, M. Migliori, F. Amsden, M. Stough. S. Wilson, R, Trimhl-3, P, Ulrich, -I. Schryver, M. L. Swarner, Hartwell, W. Howard, j. Mosier, L. Pictrzak, hl. Thompson. ROW Ilfj. DeFonzo, I. Auch, V. Boga, D. Brace, R. Wegmiller, A. Tonty, Miss Stull, D. Doran, G. Wolf, K. Sullivan, M. Hug, A. Foote, B. Baldwin, B. Fehrer. ROW IIIA-B. Hellman, B. Caldwell, B. Clutter, D. Roll, N. Reynolds, M. Papucci, M. Sawdey, F. Olsen, M. Shenck, LI. Harris, M. Amsclen, M. Burnham, M. Kurtz, j. Malinowski, C. Wuenschel, ROW IV-J. Vandeuren, M. M. Lewis, P. Baker, C. Ohmer, J. Koen, B. Higgens, J. Carnow, T. Lepkowski, E. Alhrycht, P. Wuerischelf' A. Ricci, M. McDonald, R. Nelson, N. Naas, M. Trigilio, M. Wolf. ROW V ---M. Szumigala, C. Lukeas, D. Leingang, C. Tucker, D. Dragar, P. Gorenflo, C. Parker, L. Alwens, B, Fritts, C. Peterson, E. Steves, B. Sopp, C. Konnerth, j. Sandstrom, N. Kurtz, bl. McMichael, D. Bohrer, L. Recker. A 4-414416 fenflz QVHJK il!-Keem ROW IA 'N. Robertson, tl. Renner, N. Hastings. ROW ll -V-R. Guarino. P. Frankson. V. Guy, N. ROW III-C. Hart, bl. Hotchkiss. M. Fulton, M. Finazzo. ROW IV-'-J. Thomas, M. Meyers. M. Stevens, H. Kilgorski. A. Ferrare, D. Brower, j. Culp, D. Bartcne, L. Schuschu. Shaner. Miss Bcrtner, S. Carlson, B. Crack, C. Caracciola, J. Prather. L. Meyers. P. jordano. M. A. De Santi, A. Farina, A. Litz, M. Harvey, J. Kephart, N M. Kennedy, N. Miles, j. Bailer, N. Adler, VI. Reed, B. Spinelli, L. Teubert, Al. Behnke ROW Vfj. Gillespie. D. Fuhrman, D. Deckurtl, ul. Wnntr, G. Harmon, A. Duke, M. Roesch. G. Kugel, A. Thompson. W. Willetts, G Batistelli, S. Kennedy. 4-we 103 emzfe ROW IH G. Adiutori. D. Nialrn, j. justice, B. Rosenthal, N. Flath. ROW II -K. Fleming, j. Lewis, A. Adams, D. Deckard, N. Hastings, A. Case. j. Kissell, F. Perry, D. Gifford, P. Wilson, D. Weigel. j jenkins. ROW III'-HH. Burgman, G. Baldi, V. Petronio, C. Wagner. M. Miller, l. Schneider, F. Migdal. B. Negley, C. Lennberg, D, Noziglia, I3 Held, A. Rosenberg, L. Lincoln, K. Weibel. ROW IV- j. Malinowski, L. Alwens, A. Shackelford. M. Kurtz, Iwi. Evans, K. Kloecker, M. Genck. j. Hagmann, C. Parker. j, Reed N. Stetter, j. Gorenflo, j. Lowry. j. Tech. ROW V' -C. Kugel. D. Kennedy. j. Donovan, M. DeSanti, j. May. I. Tate, j. Seelinger, j. Murphy, B. Kelly, E, Shade. li, Kaiser. M Leberman, j. Stahl, Wolf. T. Hodges. Probably the most important of the school activities is the Academy Senate. This organif Zation is the voice of the student body in all school matters. It promotes cooperation between the Riculty and students, maintains law and order, encourages the democratic spirit, and stimulates student participation in school affairs. The Senate, which meets during the sixth period with Mr. Balla as its advisor, offers its members training in parliamentary procedure and self government. To be a senator, a student must maintain a C average and be elected by his home room. To be a candidate for an oflice, he must have attended Academy for a year and maintained an average of eighty. The officers for the first semester were Duane Malm, president, Gene Adiutori, vicefpresidentg Nancy Flath, secretary, and james justice, treasurer. For the second semester the offices were held by jack Seelinger, james justice, Nancy Flath, and Dolores Eicher. One special custom of the Senate is the Gavel Day program at which time the gavel, made of wood from the "Niagara," is handed from the retiring president to the new president, and the new senators take office. This year the Senate purchased trees to be planted along State Street by the Horticulture classes, made a permanent calendar of Student Senate activities, sponsored the paid assemblies and two Senate dances, had charge of the presentation of key awards and citizenship certificates, and selected a design for the school flag given by the February senior class. 104 olzifors RCW lfR. Blrk, B. Caldwell, R. Theis, D. Hinkler, D. Cugnin, D. Roach, S. Yocom, J. Waskiewicz. P. Wolf. T. Donikowski, W. Patalita A. Pollock, B. Underwood, M. Amsden, H. Burgrran, F. Fox, J. Cantor. B. Crack, B. Block, L. A. Stubbe, K. Gray. ROW Il--J. Graham, A. Rosenberg, B. Spinelli, C. Palmer, R. Olowinski, S. Lindstrom, C. Buehler, R. Vitelli, L. Rulini, L. Mallberg, B Sheaffer, J. Docher, A. Dcugan, gl. Dougan. A. Sokcloski, T. Wronek, I. Wieczorek, D. Isenberg, B. Love, l. Przybyzewski, H. Schlesinger R. januleski, B. Herbstritt. ROW Ill-YL. Yosten. M. A. Zurawski, P. Wuenschel, M. Rizzo, J. Valentine, R. Boniger, N. Naas,'L. Alwens, E. Adiutori, V. Eller M. Furber, A. Case, E. Bechtel, M. Kubiak, C. Amoroso, J. Ward, E. Cavicchio, K. Noziglia, I. Mrozowski, H. Corski, E. Amsden, S Gallagher. ROW IVfT. Lombardo, N. Reynolds, A. M. Brown, B. Law, D. Bicher, M. Struchen, J. L. johnson, M. Dean, A. Kennedy, A. McGrath D. Vogel, N. Applebee, N. j. Peplinski, M. Moore. D. Stout, I. Balseger, D. Vaunucci, C. Amicucci, D. Pike, K. Straub, R. Schiefelbein H. Thomas. ROW V-B. Culess, R. Kreider, B. Pushchak, B. Lauder, P. Schaaf, M. Gerrell, D. Will, W. Szymanowicz, N. Walczak, G. Carlson, H Mock, D. Krahe, L, Herbstritt, A. johnson, V. Hiedt, C. Kugel, J. Smith, B. Kelly, L. Zameroski, J. Swanson, C. Clark, L. Windsor. The Monitors, occupying posts in the office halls and noon movies, serve Academy by keeping order, helping to direct visitors throughout the school, and serving teachers and students in many ways. One monitor is posted near every entrance and strategic places along the halls. They are therefore able to check on anyone leaving or entering the building, to locate rocms for strangers, and to be available when help is needed. They also assume the responsibility of reporting students wandering in the halls, thus preventing the disturbance of classes in session. The office monitors, of which there are four each period, run errands, receive telephone calls, and help the office force as much as possible. Under the direction of Miss Lockwocd these senior students efficiently perform their duties during their free pericds throughout the day, a job which calls for regular attendance, cofoperation, willingness to help, and responsibility. 105 ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Sfaqe Grew A I--E. Zurawski, R. Dugan, R. Baker, -I. Cross, F. Kuneselman. ll- B. Ently, C. Bauschard. H. Glauser, Mr. Bright, D. Hubert, -I, Gennaus, T. Schwindt III-P. Klcfft, L. Biers, R. Schraeder. j. Litz. IV- WR. Doyle, j. Arndt, D. Hubert, B. Hassler, -I. Trapp, D. Reichel, C. Holdsworth. .jiovie Qggrfers IfC. Lindsey, A. Brown, M. Moore. B. j. Law, R. Olowinski, 1. Donovan. II-A-fD. Warner, C. Cohen. L. Herbstritt, Mr. Torrance, B. Wagner, S. Marino, H. Glauser III-C. Dahlkemper, R. Kreider, M. Rist. E. Tate, H. Hudson, W. Puschak, C. Kugel. IV-D. Kennedy, L. Kerry, D. Krahe, D. Sanner, E. Richardson, D. Lehr, A. Shenk. 106' .MIIIIYK0 Slzop ROW I I. Adams, I.. Dickson, M. Pieper, R. Yaple, R. Urymas"evvski, E. Benicki, S. Moore. hl. Straul ROW II F. McCrillis, C. Schetler. D Pinzok. E. Bechtel, A. johnson, D. Stout. E. Langoxrski. E. W ll r N 9 um uala I' Seelx I Tammaro. Mrs. Alsheimer. ervlce rqafdzafiofzs Academy has three principal service organizationsg The Stage Crew Audio Visual Aids, and Miiiieo Shop. The Stage Crew, directed hy Mr. Bright, has complete charge of piepiring the stage for school programs, and with their student manager, Hury Blouser work hard to carry out the plans of school organizations. The boys in t id of taking study, gym, and other specials, are assigned to stage and frequently xx ork after school. Any boy having the willingness to work is eligilvle to seixe Ac ldemy in this way. Every class in Academy heneiits hy the movie program, which enihlcs teachers to ohtain the very best and latest educational iilms. The Audio Ni url Aids make this possihle in Academy, which ranks among the first in Ieni y x init in its Audio Visual Aids program. The students are trained under the direction of Mr. Torrance every sixth period to operate lilmstrip, sound and ilent motion pictures, and slide machines. puhlic address system, voice recording devices ind record players. Last hut not least among service organizations is the Minaeo Shop de signed especially to help the teachers and administration. It operates every icriod and is open to all commercial students, the only requirement heing a knowledge of typing. The students receive no credits for the service hut do it to help the irculty and to learn about the use of the mimeograrh and general oiiice work They tyi e out stencils and roll off mimeographed sheets of outlines and tests. In the rust four months of this school year. they completed 330 jobs. 107' Gflcademe Staff RCW I C' Martin j. Gorenflo, R. Yentes, 1. Boyd, D. Bchref, B. Manning, M. Kurtz, B. Griewabn, M. Adams. P Ulrich ROW ll Mrs Alsheimer, L. Bush. A. Rosenberg, C. Swarner, E. Albrycht. M. A. Sawdey, C. Zaunegger. 1. Schryxer C' bay from M Roe ch D Dcckird I Tech, R. McLean, Miss Russell. ABSENT when picture was taken Editor, C. Gordmang Artist, L. Rysg R. Malatesta, and D, Barney. Under the direction of Miss Russell and Mrs. Alsheimer, the Academe Staff meets every fourth period for the purpose of producing Academy's year book. The prospective staff members sign up for enroll' ment in the Spring and are chosen through the recommendations given them by faculty members. At the beginning of the year, after the students were chosen to work on their preferred sections, the ball started rolling with picture taking and discussion concerning the contents and appearance of the annual. So far this year the stall' has conducted a successful sales campaign and sold Academy pins to help finance the book. Planning layouts, or' ganizing page material, proof reading, writing articles, and becoming acquainted with book construction, offer training to the staff members as well as enjoyment when they see the result of their hard work when the Academe is distributed in late spring. Carol Gordman, editor, and Donna Marie Bohrer, assistant editor, have taken able charge of all Academe work this year. 108 NAME Allison, Joy Elaine Bauschard, Charles Bechtel, Elizabeth A. Benson, V. Theodore Blanchard, Tess Block, Beverly Borkoski, Estelle Euehler, Carol Burns, Gerald W. Case, Anna Cesnick, Carl Christy, john Cox, Barbara Crail, Walter Danowski, John Ellis, Audrey Fox, Frances Fraschetti, Peter Gallagher, Shirley Grace, Richard Gray, Kathryn Grieshober, Donald Gwinn, Virginia Henk, Natalie Hollenbeck, james -Iehle, John R. Johnson, Jennie Lou Johnson john Jonas, George Jones Evelyn Kaiser, Robert Kaveney, Helen Kerr, William Koffler, Ralph E. Kuhne, VValter S. Lindstrom, Shirley Lombardo, Therese gkbruczry erzior irecfory ADD RESS 1940 Lincoln Ave. 3243 Penna. Ave. 132 East 37th St. 1205 West 29th St. 339 East 20th St. 954 East 38th St. 918 East 33rd St. 2959 Poplar St. 1523 State St. 1240 Buffalo Rd. 3318 Penna. Ave. 731 East 28th St. 2512 State St. 431 West 18th St. 1811 McCain Ave. 1901 Gaskell Ave. 305 East 20th St. 230 West 19th St. 2917 Green Garden Blvd. 2518 French St. 350 East 29th St. 812 West 23rd St. 2619 Van Buren Ave. 2911 Chestnut St. 337 East 24th St. 1128 West 31st St. 3117 Hazel St. 422 East 18th St. 4605 Cherry St. 347 East 20th St. 2902 German St. R.D. 5, Erie, Pa. 2819 Reed St. 214 East 29th St. R. D. 1, Edinboro, Pa. 1209 West 30th St. 1129 East 25th St. YHONE 70377 Xifl1432 W9f5229 i 96441 ' 67104 09380 45454 4,2237 sfsi 12 04148 67155 9f5568 94f461 7f7216 9f31'73 X1f4372 X1f2523 9f3158 NAME Luke, Clarence Macrino, George McCullough, Joan McGarvey, Lloyd McGrath, Audrey Mikolajczak, Loretta Nellis, Pauline Ottaway, Jim Overdorff Robert A. Pieper, Marilyn Raeder, Paul Scheffer, Caroline Schick, Nancy Schlosser, Norma Scott, VVilliam Sha piro, Gerald Silver, Bertha Sorokes, Marie Stahl, John Stahlbaum, Rose Stanger, Robert Statzer, joan Steiner, Jeanette Stohlman, Janet M. Struchen, Marjorie Swarner, Carolyn Tabachnick, Esther Tenenbaum, Abe Twitty, Ersilia Urso, Marcella Wassel, Don Whiteman, David Lee Wilson, Richard Wolf, Donna Mae Woycheck, Frank Wright, Betty Schlosser, Norma Yochim, Mary Janet ADDRESS PHONE 344 West 18th St. ..... . 1909 Penna, Ave. ...,. . 340 East 22nd St. 05269 714 East 26th St. 06455 258 Scott St. W9f1326 2409 McKinley Ave. 0f9594 3025 Raspberry St. Vv'9f5454 R. D. 3, Erie, Pa. W9f1289 1864A Apt. 3 Buffalo Rd. 56568 2683 Myrtle St. W9f1281 1331 West 30th St. W9f1387 831 East 27th St. X1f4435 809 East 36th St. X1f1383 3922 Longview Ave. 06577 3412 French St. 0f2351 358 East 21st St. 5f5312 441 East 18th St. 22557 311 East 10th St. C5f8121 106 East 37th St. 0f2151 202 West 17th St. 4f5311 1203 West 27th St. 9f3357 3215 Perry St. ..... . 1116 East 28th St. 04221 3001 Liberty St. 93422 1158 East 30th St. 0f6117 1351 West 30th St. W9f1159 116 East 22nd St. X1f2191 712 East 25th St. ..... . 346 West 19th St. 52518 450 East 27th St. X116564 233 East 30th St. X1f4420 2652 Cherry St. W9f1385 111 East 17th St. C5'4463 1150 West 28th St. W9-3351 1137 East 24th St. 07342 4008 Longview Ave. ..... . 3922 Longview Ave. 0f6577 1908 Fairmont Pkwy 2f2459 NAME Adams, Irene Adams, Mary M. Alloway, Roberta Ambrosio, Lawrence Amendola, Russell Amicucci, Constance Anderson, Carole Anderson, David Andrae, Jack Andrews, John Anysz, Jane Alquino, Al Arduini, Lawrence Askounes, Lowell Baker, Sam Baldwin, Donald Baldwin, Margaret Barney, Donald Battles, Laritha Beck, Lois Bednarowicz, Helen Bellucci, Dolores Bender, Martha Ann Benecki, Eleanor Berchtold, Joan Bernardini, Phyllis Bianchi, Raymond Bielak, Theresa Bierbauer, Jean Bird, Charles Black, Evelyn Blasco, Virginia Belser, Betty Jane Boniger, Peggy Bookman, Gordon Borkowski, Edward Boyd, Irma Lou Boyer, Donald Bradbury, Janet Brown, Anna May Brown, Joan Brown, Mary Ann Buettner, Marv Alice Burger, Edward Burgman, Harriet Cantoni, Frank Cantor, Janet Carpenter, Romayne Case, James Chianello, Jeanne Clark, George Coffman, Nellie Cohen, Carl Cohen, Shirley Connally, Bette Cooney, Thomas Corapi, Mary Coudriet, Dorothy une ezzior .girecfory ADDRESS 443 East 24 St. 805 XVest 26th St. 2618 Parade St. PHONE X1f5512 ' 021575 3022 Old French Rd. X1f5177 4112 Zoar Ave. 318 West 17th St. 2630K Myrtle 1345 West 32nd St. 144 East 22nd St. 2504 Wayne St. 739 East 22nd St. 219 East 32nd St. 725 East 28th St. 3102 Cascade St. 112 West 33-rd St. 3226 Old French Rd. 2927 Cochran St. R. D. 4, Erie 125 West 16th St. 1337 West 32nd St. 636 East 22nd St. 310 West 17th St. 2312M Sassafras St. 643 East 21 St. 3058 Glenwood 2626 Brandes St. 1121 Buffalo, Rd. 133 West 19th St. 309 East 26th St. 1020 West 30th St. 1127 West 26th St. 755 East 24th St. 2120 Elm St. 1214 East 28th St. 1727 Ottawa Dr. 728 East 22nd St. 2020 Cherry St. R. D. 4, Erie 258 East 34th St. 1961 Prospect Ave. 111 West 20th St. 4112 Peach St. 916 West 32nd St. 311 East 25th St. 2726 Cascade St. 3415 Pine Ave. 4709 Highview Ave. 105 West 20th St. 1710 Brooklyn Ave. 2810 Sigsbee St. 2628 Prospect Ave. 2411 Wayne St. 22 East 32nd St. 2717 Wayne St. 3441 Chapin St. 450 West 31st St. 744 East 26th St. 1917 Myrtle St. W95201 X14466 02416 07471 03257 96284 46192 04143 93348 XV92280 41458 W9'5101 ' 58245 ' 41467 ' 50276 X14152 9,2126 79546 C50545 09364 C5f1455 ' 69576 98554 X1f5593 4,2594 7f2103 95416 W95371 95269 42337 93295 83644 08208 05589 06133 94334 94157 X1f2436 C6f5560 NAME Crocker, Betty Cyterski, Norbert Dahlkemper, Paul Daubenspeck,Marilyn Davis, Charlotte Davis, Robert DeSantis, Nancy Deutsch, Marlene Deuvall, Billie Devlin, Charlene Devlin, Jerome Dick, Genevieve Dickson, Lois Dietrich, Gwendolyn DiGello, Arlene Doehrel, William Donovan, Jack Donovan, Robert Dougan, Jacqueline Duffy, Helen Dunlap, Alberta Edder, Doris Eicher, Dolores Farkas, Milton Farina, Dolores Ferrare, Marie Ferraro, Anthony Finney, Jeanne Fisher, James Flaherty, Rosalind Flath, Nancy Fronberry, Virginia Frum, Donna Fuller, June Gambill, Mary F. Geiger, Iviarilyn George, Marilyn Gesler, Alice Getz, Audrey Gleichsner, Charles Gordman, Carol Gorenflo, Joanne Gorniak, Joan Gorny, Ronald Gorski, Helen Gott, Daniel Gouldthorpe, Sally Grafius, Jerry Green, Callista Greene, Thomas Griewahn, Beverly Grymaszewslci, Rita Haas, Raymond K. Harris, Geraldine Hassler, William Held, Richard Heinlein, Jane Herbst, Wm. John ADDRESS 122 East 25th St. 823 East 21st St. R. D. 4, Waterford 105 West 36th St. 3411 Old French Rd. 311 East 27th St. 213 Hillcrest Ave. 2677 Cochran St. 2403 Cranberry St. 161 East 37th St. 322 East 27th St. 1302 East 20th St. 730 East 19th St. 3817 Wood St. 1130 East 20th St. 664 West 32nd St. 126 East 35th St. 227 East 33rd St. 1913 Buffalo Rd. ZIOM East 18th St. 1834A Apt. 3 Buffalo Rd. 843 East 21st St. 1916 French St. 203 East 22nd St. 309 West 18th St. 615 Brown Ave. 1449' West 26th St. 845 East 37th St. 249 East 20th St. 172 East 38th St. 3610 Cherry St. 2209 Sassafras St. 147 East 31st St. 3021 Plum St. 136 East 18th St. 356 West 31st St. 440 West 31st St. 940 East 22nd St. 2222 German St. 2502 French St. 1155 East 25th St. 3207 Marvin Ave. 2901 Wayne St. 1405 Ash St. 2219 Wayne St. 344 East 24th St. 4507 Upland Dr. 2657 Cherry St. 235 West 25th St. 2625 East 28th St. 3111 Hazel St. 2002 Ash St. 227 East 28th St. 142 East 18th St. 3626 Hazel St. 2952 Myrtle St. 3315 Raspberry St. 225 Cherry St. PHONE X1f1113 X1f2141 2f3812 X1f5370 X1f2367 91469 97409 79378 X1f6112 X1f6501 5f1448 7f7176 92285 094228 05 137 5f2167 7 74291 52590 01330 X1f6590 2f4427 X1f2134 95237 47145 W93494 94242 09191 07363 X 1 f4490 C5f9285 09400 98568 5f0279 83184 94580 04316 7f5 158 92340 94229 92386 7'4232 NAME Herbstritt, Elizabeth Hershey, Sally Heuer, Charlene Hinspeter, Martha Holdsworth, Charles Hubert, Donald Hudson, Howard Hunter, Louann Isenberg, Donna Jackson, Beverly Jackson, Merle Januleski, Rosemarie Jasinski, Margaret Jaskiewicz, Anthony Jendrock, Theresa Jeska, Emily Jobes, Alice Johnson, Audrey Johnson, Richard Jones, Thomas Jordan, James Kaiser, Elizabeth Keller, Raymond Kennedy, Ann Kennedy, Constance Kephart, Donna Kimit, Elizabeth Kindle, Earl Klett, Anna Klett, Emma Klick, Donald Koenig, Thomas tuze elzior irecfory Kohl, Mary Catherine R. D. 1, Union City Krahe, David Kraschneske, Jack Krayeski, Joyce Kreider, Marjorie Kubeja, Marjory Kubiak, Margaret Kuehner, Paul Kugel, Charles Kuhn, Kathleen Lancet, Sema Langowski, Eleanor Larson, Marilyn Larsen, Robert Lasher, John Lauer, James Lauer, Martin Law, Betty Lawless, Anna Marie Lee, Mary Ann Lehr, David Lempicki, Paul Lester, David Liebel, Patricia Liller, Norbert ADDRESS 1-Hom! 1009 East 26th St. ...., . 2058 West 26th St. W9f2164 3714 Hazel St. W9f3149 243 West 29th St. 66571 R. D. 7, Erie X1f4264 939 East 23rd St. XL5378 30 West 34th St. C66377 2354 Buffalo Rd. ,.... . 1119 West 25th St. C5f5337 2628 East 20th St. ...,. . 1105 East 26th St. 0f2517 2819 Pennsylvania Ave. X1f5176 858 East 25th St. ...., . R. D. 2, Waterford ....., 433 East 28th St. Xlf6225 2417 Fairmont 8f4529 3411 Maple St. 94287 246 East 21st St. ,.... . 2653 Peach St. W9f3172 R. D. 5, Erie X1f5364 2723 Holland St. 0f3551 516 East 26th St. 037498 1249 East 27th St. 02154 2124 E. Lawn Parkway 8f2829 310 Wvest 22nd St. 6f3220 2222 Wayne St. ,.... . 1055 East 26th St. ..... , 125 East 33rd St. 08274 326 East 30th St. 06248 326 East 30th St. 06248 1140 West 25th St. 79390 2909 Cherry St. W9f1239 Waterford 2993 349 West 24th St. 54375 635 West 4th St. 45389 517 West 4th St. 43365 1155 East 28th St. ..... . 1257 East 37th St. 0f7176 460 East 23rd St. 0f9426 3026 Elmwood Ave. W92467 3860 Myrtle St. 6f6302 2101 Harrison St. 8f7231 265 East 33rd St. X1f5106 930 Buffalo Rd. C5f4296 2951 Poplar St. W9f1363 237 East 34th St. X1f2296 R. D. 3, Erie W9f4403 2908 Poplar St. 997213 2908 Poplar St. 9f7213 3706 Pine Ave. 0f5529 2318 Bird Dr. ..... . 2666 Cherry St. 93111 3001 French St. X1f4240 2519 Wayne St. ..... . 131 East 22nd St. ,.,.. . 2905 Holland St. 06329 3630 Gerry Ave. NAME Lindsey, Constance Lindstrom, Gary Love, Barbara Lowry, Joyce Lyne, Ruth Magraw, Joan Malaszek, Edwin Malatesta, Ronald Malory, Jean Manning, Barbara Marthinsen, Charles Martin, Catherine Martin, Fred lvlartin, Harold Mattis, Donald Matuszak, Stephen May, John McCarthy, James McConnell, Charles McCrillis, Freida McFadden, Marylee McGill, Kathleen Mellinger, Robert Merry, James Meyers, Mary Lou Migdal, Clara Migdal, Florence lvfiller, Janette Miller, Richard E. Miller, Richard S. Mintsiveris, William Montigny, Lois Moore, Margaret Moore, Shirley Morgan, Raymond Mork, Herbert Morton, Jeanne Moryc, Florence Mrozowski, Irene Mulvin, Phyllis Murphy, Thcmas Meyers, Edward Neider, Ray Nelsen, Bruce Nelson, VJilliam Nenni, Peter Nichilo, Marie Nies, JoAnn Nowaczyk, Thomas Nystrom, Carole Clowinski, Rita Orengia, Martha Crengia, Mary Lou Pacileo, John Paradise, Mary Patton, Dorothy Peacock. Doris Perry, Marilyn ADDRESS 624 West 11th St. 1209 West 30th St. 1424 West 30th St. 1221 Buffalo Rd. 1221 Buffalo Rd. 538 East 23rd St. 725 East 19th St. 2708 Brandes St. 28 West 18th St. 3427 Pine Ave. 828 West 27th St. 1213 East 30th St. 1213 East soth St. 2314 East Ave. 4125 Trask Ave. 1115 Seneca St. 18 Norman W'ay 3033 Plum St. 4331 Longview Ave. 1161 Buffalo Rd. 4C6 West 17th St. 131 East 21st St. 3015 Peach St. 2930 Poplar St. 209 East 30th St. 901 East 24th 613 East 28th St. 1220 East 20th St. 644 East 28th St. 211 East 25th St. 2049 Camphausen Ave. 451 East 26th St. 3015 Harvard Rd. 2611 Sassafras St. 3002 Wayne St. 1423 West 39th St. 4112 Cherry St. 540 East 23rd St. 745 East 19th St. 1139 West 29th St. 334 West 25th St. 302 East 18th St. 829 West 34th St. R. D. 3, Erie 1128 East 27th St. 2461 Cherry St. 220 Hillcrest Ave. 1818 Sassafras St. 744 East 30th St. 1036 West 29th St. 509 East 22nd St. 1916 Prospect Ave. 1916 Prospect Ave. 819 West 26th St, 2244 Buffalo Rd. 549 East 28th St. 249 West 22nd St. 3036 Marvin Ave. PHONE 47364 9f3158 92391 2f3573 23573 A 111557 C6f52i4 C661551 W92302 1 46219 A 5,5132 W9f2526 91406 0,7327 45483 03465 09454 6941 I6 07252 95556 46384 04103 911455 X1f1593 40256 6f5559 9f3306 W9f5433 X1f4370 9f2169 W9f5516 56158 9f1358 08346 C5f8157 C5f8157 X1f1331 4f2148 0-4468 ll 2 5 V, O Q 7 1 rj d,k A - ' 2- 5' '33 3- li.: l i E YOU S' HEA E E S E A 1 S f LI E 5' V W , fyff' I E 4 -5 E 5 .1 f 4 - ' if E " sw' ' 4 E - ' 1 .' 12""Q I 3 ' 'f. - E. E W 2 2 '- Q. ff? E S Z 4, 4 SS 1 ...L fa 2 i ff iffy' 3 ' V07 W! ' , 11,1 2'-: EE .mly nw- W 4 P lf!! 'few wi , W EE E ,WX ' 4 0 U R I R G 1137? li! -'1' E E Endo Bnoo A s as W 5 E 5 f ' 14' 3131 .1 E Ii ' 1 ffffiisii -'Il 11 w is E IS co eaq sea eo is E Tr .' 2 2 for QOU1' VROTECTIDN 5 i - X A. 3. EE 4 EE Plgilfr comesd: you cornpletely sealed x 'J wMW3i1Eig'! ' E s ic coate ood. This hood is sealed 5 Q 11,1-1 1" H V W 1 1- Q QD E E over the regular cap at a temperature of 4009, assuring positive is Q- lvl: ilillfl lil Z 172' N E E sterilization. No dust, dirt or hands can touch the pouring If EQ il":-"mill Q W 5 i E surface 61 the home. I E Iwi! 1, I ' ' i 'xqll E - The pouring surface of the bottle is important to you. 151 ll lil, E E Every drop of milk must flow over it, Protect that surface S 4, -Uk llllyll Q, 'lil I E E from contamination. Insist on fully-protected, X i W ill' l' ,I W1 lf E E Vitamin D, Meadow Brook Mill-i. WU .HW W sling N11 j l E E 3 1 lv j E Remember, only Meadow Brook offers this T ' if ff 'f' lwlll 2 X ii lil E fs positive protection. 5 HN ml 1 ! JM l I2 E EE 7 K if E 1w4W41 ld 5 E5 E .48 KJ Always ask for Meadow Brook 1 Q M1111 'H 1 W E i 1, Q 3555 5 S 4 ' 111:11 2X 9 ig 3 f- - - ':fQ??-2 S 9 o -, 4, 2-2' f Ziff?-. -Q 7 0 an ' " l- -:ff 1 Q - V "' W 0.2! -ge 15 1 L ,jf f ,,, sasss kia.. s P'j7 1 wily? .,,, - MQ Q X 73- -. . 08332 ' Y Q 1 .J f f? " 5 ' 51 1 4 -1- 1' fwffbg ' E QD no R S 'Y 1 , - s 1 an , gferg- is-Iiflfsll i sg? BUFFALO ROAD AT HARRISON PHONE 3655 C5f0168 412487 97269 C58252 761676 46485 W9f2264 X1 f25 18 5114207 06165 1145440 9,6171 C52198 91246 04450 04450 0,5559 71570 9213117 5fl 237 WOf32l 1 04197 041352 X1 221 77 116516 69256 A 7,3358 X1 f1 109 X14 1119 S3494 117452 X14528 K 113436 ' 04284 X1f252O C5fO498 741442 A Ofol 19 911277 C581477 research pre- Years of busi- our entry into ceded 2-door this Erie at IIESS d de- ha 6 WV 1921. ge in fa gk! veloped a product that the the HS w ell IIS largest, companies smallest of oil needed- the U. S. A. in gasoline driven motor meter pumps. e to credt Am- .- We lik erican Freedom of Enter- t0 able being for prise pursue an idea into a busi- bn .E cn C1 cu Q4 rn 35 L4 o LO-4 KD 5. E 5 D-4 'c 5 5 UI U3 cz E 5 Q-4 CD 5 H-u ,.-4 co V1 css C5 an .E +3 5 Q- E Q Q C3 co Z 75 5 5 bn .E 4-7 5 cz E C U We fe is Q5 as 3 'id -3 is 2 B 0 drops millions of ollars into Erie t d ness tha payroll pressors, Com Air vi DD 5 nl-1 -6-7 ii Cf-1 P5 5 as U1 CD 5 I11 ce P S .2 +3 CS 4-7 U2 CD 5 .5 O U1 CRS CJ U5 E CD 4-7 Ill 5. rn aw 5 : CD 5 Ln -3-7 S-4 O 11 J: 41 vi -I-I O 5 -5 O S-4 D-4 E 5 EZ O 5 -J-7 ca F14 Q-5 .- Ill 0 .5 cd E -5 5 N ZH GJ U1 Ill 0 5 ... IL' I .Q :A S-4 an .-CI Was HI' C Meters and Air several I' fo lso possible a Meter fami- hundred Erie lies to live happily through security. THE PLAZA DANCE STUDIO BALLROOM DANCE INSTRUCTION By Appointment BATON - BALLET - TAP REGISTRATIONS OPEN FOR BEGINNERS, ADVANCED AND PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS Phono 9-2,106 or 9-9636 for a Free Dance Analysis ERIE OWNED - ERIE OPERATED PLAZA ENTERPRIZES, INC. Office and Studio-2686 Peach at Goodrich . 1 K .-.Z D XX.-LJ, I Thirty-five Years of Continued Service to the Athletes of Erie High Schools Palace Hardware House oe 3 3 " - fl N ' W 'll " illil, i Ar f' mb gi lvl , f 511. 11 f Erie, Penna. Buy the Best-Buy Sealtest ECOMA ERIE COUNTY MILK ASS'N Phone 2-2255 LOVELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY Makers of Pressure Cleansers tWringersJ Rubber Rolls Ice and Field Hockey Sticks Erie's Quality Shop For Distinctive Fashions Gfhr illalle Bras-.C1In. 122 West 10th St. Phone 2-6451 Klaks CWood Sole Sandlesj Made To Your Measure NIO SUITS Fon MEN .- Fon LADIES 1 AN 549.50 to 569.50 In Em, It S lik Finest of Domestic and Imported Fabrics SUITS and COATS for MEN and WOMEN IN STOCK 529.50 to 555.00 Pants and Slacks - 57.95 to 514.95 PERRY SQUARE CLOTHES 701 State Street Erie, Penna. ERIE'S LEADING " PAINT STORE f K N Remember when you think of paint, think of gie gintco. etter ervice COR. 14111 8' STATE ST. GET A GOOD MUSICAL EDUCATION From Beginner to Competent Artist, at the ERIE CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Established in 1913 156 West Seventh Street, Erie, Pa., Phone 2-2824 Principal, Peter LeSueur Bachelor of Music, Oxford University: Fellow ol' the Royal College of Organists, London. Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music, London. Fellow of the American Guild of Organists Organist and Choirrnaster Emeritus of St, P:-1ul's Episcopal Cathedral CONSERVATORY COURSES To students desiring to take one subject only, complete courses are given at moderate fees by a highly qualified faculty of fifteen artists, in Piano, Voice, Organ, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Harp, Trumpet, Alto, Baritone, Trombone, Tuba, Piano-Accordion, Mandolin, Spanish and Hawaiian Guitars, Xylophone, Banjo, Sight Singing, Theory, Musical Knowledge, Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition, Fugue, Analysis and History of Music. Certificates awarded on the satisfac- tory completion of each grade. The Conservatory has seven Grand Pianos. GRADUATION COURSES To students desiring to do more comprehensive Work for personal culture or with a view to taking up Music as a profession, Graduation Courses are offered with Piano, Voice Organ, Band and Orchestral Instruments, Composition, Harmony and Theory as principal subjects. CLASSES IN HARMONY AND GENERAL MUSICAL KNOWLEDCE Conducted by Principal, Peter LeSueur These classes meet once a week and each session lasts an hour. Open to all music Students, singers and players, whether pupils of the Conservatory or not, who wish to round out their musical education and ensure for themselves a solid foundation in good musicianship. Attendance at this class for two years, or its equivalent in private lessons is required from each candidate for graduation. Fee 551.00 a lesson, which includes use of text books and material. Certificates awarded. BURKE 2446644 "74e fadcne md! place Q gg08jLDp0 0'0t0fS UP gzeazfefz empicwda an AC 8L DC G t S , Rom 1 I., ioooeifrlfi educadmncd pzepaeedaeae Q M oto r Generator ,, Sets fo 1000 k- W- Mem any time in Me ,eaazi 0 Induction Motors 1 to 1500 h. p. 0 High Cycle M-G Sets 0 Terminal Blocks for connecting wires at Switchboards, etc. 0 Hand operated Gen- erators for Army and Navy Signalling GQO ,, o 've ""Vr1 L! ,fly IJHING YEARBOOK PRINTING A SPECIALTY Our 1949 productions include the following: Cathedral Prep. Academy High Qchool Hwrhorcreelt H' h 7 . - ' ig School, Mercyhurst Seminary, Villa Maria College, St. Vincent's Nurses. 'l'ech High School, Lawrence Park High School, Strong Vincent High School. and Mill Freek High School FURNITURE WORKERS FEDERAL LABOR UNION Local No. 19609, Erie X MARKHAM'S-"E1'ie's Only Complete Music Store" Q t Q "lt's Great to be in the Band" Have YOU Heard the New X ' PQ Get an Instrument fYou Own ' use Ou: "Gd Varsity Records Q Rental D 2 Top Tunes On 9 x Q P12111 per month Each Record C grin iII,1al'1ll,j 1 u - I .I .V f H HY 3' ' ' ' ' -A . it 4' '-- A I-J f13fg fI'Qg.-.' 1 Phone 2-3340 I7 West 11th St. Erie's Style Leaders i 5 Meyer .Quality Is App oacliing a -A R. 'Your Guide to F ull Century Satisfaction Smart College Styled Apparel for Hi Students CLOTHING 0 HATS 0 SHOES 0 FURNISHINGS Also Misses' and TeenfAge Suits and Coats P. A. MEYER E99 SONS ERIE'S FOREMOST CLOTHIERS 817'8l9f82l State Street y is fc?-52 ROASTERS OF FINER COFFEE . . . Catering to Clubs and Restaurants Our Specialty The Crocker Sprague Co. Dunkirk, New York Q vvrv lvt, l.': : 14 - ' Sunbeam Bread v ','-q w+'?m'Q ' At Your - , -, j ' I Independent g , 3 SE,,,,uc""' 'ww M xi: of .. ' ckocews f A A 'fi "Bread at its Rest" HEYL PHYSICIANS SUPPLY CO LA A mem E ren 5015 04' N 1 Compliments . . . B C-A T ION Q CJ, 0 ERA ' 0 9 or 2 Q, LABOR 5 Q 0 P mpg, . 4 I nfl Q F lllfunf, Y ll" . . QU! A Maxon Office Equipment Home Home , Owned Operated . C0 , E Shaw Walker Master Craft El-:A ,f 1409 State Street -.Ziff D k l"l S f Off' S l' n GS S - 'l es 1 21 CS - life llpp IES Milk 0 Ice Cream fhairs P1'0dUCf Of D. E. White Telephone 2-2549 SANITARY FARMS DAIRY T , , , elcphone .2-3808 521 East 18th St. Phone 2-5617 Compliments of Q Eckercls y ' Prescription Drug Stores--Medicines ' Toilet Articles-Sundries 5 ' At Reasonable Prices and Guaranteed . I Satisfaction on Every Purchase Three S'to"etS Cakes - Candies - Luncheons 1109 State-9th and State-706 State Erie 926 State St. 26th and Parade Sts. M. O. Shreve I 'I 1 f Guild Optician Frank Grelml Dry Cleaners ERIE OPTICAL COMPANY 823 Peach Street Phone 2,489.1 l-llfi lfvest Zlst St. Erie T DON-DE COFFEE all Home Owned Food Stores Kimmel 8: Son At SHOES - HOSIERY - BAGS Jacob Haller Company 78 Years At The Same Location ' D Corner 17th and Sassafras Sts. lvholesale Dlstrlbutors 9 ' HEADQUARTERS FOR AAA BAND NfTlUMENTf Dale Williams' Music Shop 1015 State Street - End Floor .iw Triple-cushioned Vibration Cleaning Action that pox tively removes deeply embedded dirt from your runs. and without undue wear. Toe-touch Control for "just-right" height adjustment of thc rug-cleaning nozzle. Safety-switch that eliminate danger. All-Aluminum Chassis, rigid and durable. Indestructihle Start-Stop Switch, eliminates one of the most frequent of trouhle in Vacuum cleancr operation. Flood-light that can he controlled in the search for dirt in dark corners. There are more but only a demonstration in your home and on your personal cleaning problems can do them justice. Phone for a free demonstration . . . The Kirby Company of Erie 917 French Street, Erie. Pennsylvania Edward L. Gamble. Dist. Phone 2-2821 SODERBERG 8: BUHL WHOLESALE and RETAIL POULTRY Fresh Country Eggs 913 Parade St. Phone 2-2058 1 ' if 918 PEACH Exclusive agents I. MILLER SHOES FINE ACCESSORIES '-'J XC-9' Winning pause x W t Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Company by plus lc tax ERIE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Congratulations - Class of 1949! 5 fl'-ai 1 Insu1'fuF?7 1 Exe usule H-oper X g g PROTECTION I 1 ' ' Pays. - coivns RIGHT IN! f-'E6E1i1S Erie's Only Escalator Store L State Street at 9th Since 1877 Matt. Flelschmann BUNGALOW PARK GROCERY and MEAT MARKET Clothing and Furnishings Shoes and Rubbers for the Wlhole Family Staple antl Fancy Groceries Hunting and Out-floor Clothing Fruits and Vegetables 2611 Parade Phone 0-9290 ENG, Pa. 3223 Peach Congratulations To The Graduating Class of 1949 Daka Paper Company Fourth and State Streets Erie, Pa. On With the Dance! SAMMY DIEHL and His Orchestra Featuring GLADYS GILLESPIE Songstress Music from 9 to 1 on Fridays, 9:30 to 1:30 on Sat.,--8:30 to 12:30 on Sun. FRIDAY NIGHT SQUARE DANCE - George Barber, Caller La Nuova Aurora Members Only 1518 Walnut Street A Progressive, Philanthropic Organization Compliments of C. H. Collman Congratulation to Class of 1949 Reliable Home Furnishings Dr. R. H. Collman Co., Inc. 0Pt0meffiSfS 1213-19 state st. 125 VV. 8th Street Erie, Pa. Erie, Pa. Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova L. Press 8: Co. Everything for Work - Dress - Play Waltham Watches Blue White Perfect Diamonds W. A. Davis Jeweler 12fjQ,16 State St- 107 West 10th Street Phone C5-7140 Times Square Your Preparation For The Business Field Is Now A Matter of Prime Importance To become employable you Gyeetings must now be well prepared Our Courses have met tithe enthusiastic en- dorsement of State an National Business , School oi-ganizaeons. Jay S School of Floral Our Graduates have the approval of the Designing W' Employing Public in business and profes- sional organizations. A catalog will be mailed you on request. Erie Business College 220 West Ninth St. Erie, Pennsylvania 44 Clinton Street North East, Pa. I Protect What Yau Have I. D. McQuistion co. Insurance That Insures 1421 G. Daniel Baldwin Bldg. Phone 2-6701 Gustafson Optical Co. Dispensing Opticians 103 West 9th Street Phone 2-4219 Erie, Pa. WELCOME . . . I The enduring qualities of THE ERIE DAILY TIMES are based on 61 years of dependable service. That's why it is Erie's favorite Newspaper . . . welcome, wanted, respected in 9 out of 10 homes! Knights of St. John Building Association 660 West 26th Street Erie Tops With America's Young Circles Weather-Bird Shoes 'lil PARTS - SALES 81 SERVICE on Washers and Vacuum Cleaners Harry E. Mueller THE KEY MAN 18 East 9th Street Keys for House, Auto Trunks and Safes Locksmith 908 PEACH ,..g.-1, ,... iyll gt: ..,.', - .,,,, 1 Join the ... U Ni. ...... nl E. 8: A. Doubet Y M C A .IEWELERS ' ' ' ' Pay Cash - Buy for Less g wth and Hellenld Streets Phone 5-4242 Make it y0l1r d0Wl1t0Wl1 headquarters 1202 East 10th Streetj Erie, Pa. JMW 4 e ,ccemwffbn Jjlyeevwe CLEANERS AND DYERS 402 W. 31-d St. Phone 2-2987 COLD STORAGE VAULT ON PREMISES WHEN You have learned to di-ive yeui- ante SAFELY and SANELY insure in with the Erie Insurance Exchange 4,.4, ' 2 Since 1901 . . . the store of famous 5 shoes for men, Women and children E N . fs-a f Z Y 4 1 Z li RW ofcourse Sanner Office Supply 1119-1123 Peach St. Erie, Pa Desks - Chairs - Files - Safes Systems - Supplies Always a Place to Park ERIE ARBEITER GESANG VEREIN 324 East 18th St. Home of Good Fellowship Members Only Gem City Dairy Bar "Erie's Finest Made" 5813 East Sth Street Phone 2-3758 N3 Que! ,WM -if wife, QW. -Af We Congratulate the Graduating Classes of 1949 On their Splendid Scholastic Record and Wish them A Continued Success 'IEP A S CO. y4'GLA5 N 0 iss: I 'PainfHeadquarfcrf BU fpState Streets Congratulations When in need of fine - Compliments of DIAMONDS VSQITSEES Erie Forge Co. Always See Erie Forge 8z Steel Co. Ford E. O'Dell Jeweler Erie, Pa' 24 W. 10th St. Next To Shea's Frontier Cake Shop Highest Quality Baked Goods 1650 West Sth St. Phone 2-3090 Erie, Pa. Jos. J. Buckel, Prop. Upton-Lang Company General Building Contractors 1009 Commerce Bldg. Erie, Pa Member of The Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. Skill - Integrity - Responsibility NOTICE TO STUDENTS Sterling welcomes you to visit our plant for information on producing and processing milk. Experts in this line will aid you with facts for writing your composition. Sterling Milk 3330 Peach St. Phone 9-9691 Compliments of Skinner Engine Company We have just received a new shipment of plastic frames in all colors and all styles. Come In and See Them Hess Brothers, Opticians 113 West 9th St. Erie, Pa. Phone 2-2382 The Only Optical Place with a Parking Space Compliments of Bucyrus-Erie Company .J me Ale! rf! . , 2 Aff- 5 Al' A, . A eWlff 5 Ze-4,4 112, J Q 4..4fzfLJ4 .7 'P if "' 'fn--N

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