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c Many tunctions constitute the lite ot a teen-ager in high school. He is part ot many organizations, activities, and other projects ot the school. To tind out about student lite, a reporter-camera-man was assigned tor his beat, Academy High School. As each day progressed his notebook accumulated much data. We, ot the 1946 Academe Statt, have 'tborrowedu the reporters notebook. Therefore, with a "Pressman's View ot Academy" as our theme, we present to you the 1946 Academe. John W. Ray Om Mr. lohn W. Ray, a graduate of Chio and Columbia Universities, began his teaching career in l905 at the age of l8 in Venango County . . . taught history at Oil City High School for eight years . . . principal of Titusville High School . . . came to Academy in l9l9 and taught a half year, then went to East to assist Mr. lVlcNary . . . became principal of East High School when Mr. McNary came to Academy . . . came back to Academy on Cctober l6, H939 as our principal . . . likes the democratic spirit, friendliness and Willingness to help, that he found at Academy . . . would like to see the athletic field finished, and new uniforms for all the organizations . . . his ideal is a Yale professor of English, William L. Phelps . . . his hobbies are garden making, bird study, and such sports as baseball, golf and tennis . . . is active in the lunior Historical Society and is president of the local Kiwanis. CGI' -a Mildred Lockwood Miss Mildred Lockwood . . . attended Erie Central High School and the University ot Pittsburgh . . . tormer member ot our Mathe- matics Department . , . likes the country and reading . . . does not like tardiness or dishonesty . . . planning ot semester's schedule usually talls to her . . . counted a triend as well as an advisor ot the girls. YD Howard Kelly Mr. Howard Kelly . . . formerly on coaching statt . . . was member of Science Department . . . likes hunting and apple pie a la mode . . . does not like carelessness or lack ot consideration in others . . . plays prominent part in planning Commencement Programs . . . is well equipped to deal with trials and tribulations ot the boys who consult him. YD 6la44e4comeaad9o,Zaz!Z4ea,4fdcejafzce9oe4an.. Ruth Waugh Margaret Weber Olivia Hakel All schools have them . . . Academy has eighty-one members . . . a necessary "evil" . . . essential for promotion of school life . . . usually cooperative and friendly . . . occasionally sar- castic and disagreeable . . . but always willing to help . . . do their best to make school life en- joyable, at least part of the time. Assign innumerable homework tasks, give countless numbers of tests, make use of various forms ot discipline, offer aid and guidance to the students, set many on the "straight and narrow" . . . all these are done in preparation for the students' futures. mjd WW522 W B9 ' 'wfkiwff iff? "Kim Y l i ,nr 1 MLK ...- "A CA DENY .1-:fan " ' . f ' i J 1 : E "' ' - -:- ' r f 1 y Lai' ,v V - 'E' - '- Es- R E i f X '-fri, E gi 'f-HA , 3 A Zz- ' A I , . Q: 84: I -SE--Eagsag mafhigii ' ' ' f ggi l I 5 ' 3: --ssig,-azig:-ig--I-ru: . 13' 4 E g .,a 5'-"'lgifJ2II 4' , - - :- f - ' I I . Hman , - Hum S 'L : I J ' x - -:f.'-:--- W' " "Ha, -- f , I -:-- -:5::::E5:-'-sg-Eg - L-A , . , - L J . S K 1- gnu:--Si.-1 Eg ggi: :1 1 1 :ia i if Zl ' ' Ili. - I5 , -- J M . - Q 1 gsm- -- ,, ' i is .L '-- - "-1 Q I r I N r-In safes Frau HND sn gg c f ug-, B buh gl 5. 01: I tis E. - - ll- ' 1 -ii-I' J 1 Eg ' ,-.- T E- --V Y 5 Ii' L- :S tl , T .. .- f ' ....,,. Eiilflgi '---- 3 , x - Huh. - O' TR c Na+ 4- - '-5-S-':::g-JE- YV 'W ww-.. - ,, f n' 3: " ---5 f 4 Q 5' -A' A . 532.11-egg ' - ' ,. -:s-E55 -' .1 -2 E? f 5 -- at 5 'H ip- 4' r: li- 1 ZJ .-:ll-: " - -2 . 5 5: ,f Y S"A-r 1'2g-'::,:gKi-,3'- Aw wg',, :f ' Z - - l - 1 -K 'D F' 'Y ro r 1 X 84 5 - V ' ' : -'1::i11:: E NH: 'l- ' l iiliiirg ' I.. '-, -n - 171---111.1 nu , - U: 11 I - T l I 1 -T nent, E 331: A 1-. - an g- - -4 ,--: -, 1 , I i, W 1 1 1 A 2,5 3 wsu. En 5- . -Y-1 e -'37, T VE 11 - K, H I - -n-. .1 , s 'Q ' if-, 11 W T IN. 'rug W MU-, H I - Sul. - -. L. Y . , - I ull' - 3 as -2 w wm Eve UP Nu D ' -. , S B-4 ,A 1 gn I 1 NE . 5---Z", -1 5 jj I '-n-- Ei! , ni-g i :Q ,'-3... - -6- v :z:?,:: ii Tn -1 -ig 1 Egg 2, ,xg . In I F 1.-n I i 3: Q 1 I Z7 nu , Nez U M d 1-v-.,gg, . g f - , --f----g- r, E S -W S., V --- -e-1:1 1. ,,.- -, - - -'mu , ' -T-1 f -' A ' "' 1 ' 5: 2255- S-:- --Elliifiill gf-.4 1 I 6' 9' d: " 1 gil-1:11::::u-n. qlxifggggzzi, -5: ,- I 4. ai Sia I O - Y I -Y - 2 1, X 0' .1 L: : -Ou M' I CHR- Rf UN FA '44 -.5-Q E 5 : : g L x . d J f 1 5 3 ' T7 we sf... ,H QL - ' ki """'?W"F.,,- F: BV' tail Z - """ ' - Cn - o5.m 3 "4 r 5 1 - 11 Y - rug G : 0 i Aj- DA : 1 I1 J S' ' " : :E:ul.ue,, E: X I d J.. ' of K - -.9 Wmadzq 74017456 Dm The Academy Lions were labeled 4-F in experience and potentiality in the fall . . . opened season as green as the grass on the stadium field . . . wound up champions again for the ??? time in the course of football history on the hilltopff and it's the wind-up that counts. Characterized by long runs, beautiful pass- ing, good kicking, co-operative teamwork, superior sportsmanship and excellent physical condition . . . determined to win every game and to take advantage of every break . . . the back- field was experienced and fast . . . the line, in- experienced, but came through. Trained at Camp Sherwin . . . had a session of calisthenics and signal drills in the morning . . . tackling and blocking in the afternoon . . . practiced in rain cr shine. Best passer of the season, Al Fracassi, who had the highest average . . . Best Tackler, Bob Morgan . . . Best pass receiver, Howard Henning . . . Best blocker in the line, Robert Wachter . . . Best blocker in the backfield, Robert DeMarco . . . Best blocke-rs as a combination, Howard Henning and Terry Burgess . . . Best ball carrier in a line smash, Howard Henning . . . Best ball carrier in open field, Bob Morgan . . . Best punter in both games and exhibition, "Champ" Barthelson . . . Best place kick for kickoff and the try for point, Terry Burgess . . . Longest run, Bob Morgan who ran 85 yards . . . Biggest thrill, Al Fracassi passed to Howard Henning who ran 55 yards to win the first Tech game in the last 8 seconds of play . . . Biggest player, Mike Yanosko . . . Smallest player, Robert DeMarco . . . Biggest eater, foe Buto . . . Biggest sleeper, Tom Anthony . . . .Best looking, C???open for dis- cussionl . . . Bob Morgan, Robert Wachter, Terry Burgess made the Dispatch and Times All-City teams . . . Bob Morgan, loe Buto, Howard Henning, Al Fracassi, and Terry Burge-ss played in the East-West game. cer-mjm ...lO.. A football game! . . . What do these words mean . . . Besides the actual playing of the game these words have much meaning . . . Take for instance this night when Academy was play- ing . . . The gates at the northern end of the field opened . . . The Academy Drum Corps marched in . . . looked very impressive in their gold and blue uniforms . . . did a short, snappy drill . . . a shout rose from the opposite side . . . their band marched onto the field . . . Again the northern gates opened . , . The cheerleaders appeared carrying the blue and gold banner . . . This time the shouts were from Academyites . . . The Academy band and twirlers proceeded down the field . . . the crowd applauded and cheered them . . . the twirlers strutting before the band, looked very smart in their varied colored uniforms . . . the crowd rose . . . as the signal was given by the cheerleaders the school song rang out across the gridiron . . . Then a peppy fifteen-up for the team. The Half! . . . tonight the Academy band and twirlers put on a colorful interlude called t'Bell Bottom Trousers" , . . this brought to mind other colorful drills executed by the Drum Corps including Sue Richardson's and Ada Mae Smith's exhibition of twirling lighted batons in a darkened stadium. So you see the cheerleaders, the bands, the drum corps, and the crowd all go together to make up a FCCTBALL GAME! Fixst Row -A. Owens, A. Meyers, M. l.. Marcella, C. Rupp. Second Row---R, Babe G. Smith, R. Kennedy: E. French. Wemleadew Come on, Blue-Come on, Gold Come on, Academy-Let's Go! They're on the beam . . . enthusiastic, peppy, jivey . . . morale boosters . . . jumping jacks . . . chosen for their ability to lead . . . outstanding in school activities . . . always on hand for football games . . . in evidence at basketball games, too . . . never tail the school, even it the weather be snow, rain, or hail . . . song and cheer composers . . . Do you know who they are? . . . Why, of course, they're the cheerleaders with faculty advisor, Mr. Nelson l-lale . . . captain of the team, Audrey Meyers . . . the rest of the regular sguad consists of Audrey Owens, Mary Lou Marcella, Carol Rupp, Earl French, Bob Babe, Dick Kennedy, and Glen Smith . . . each regular cheerleader has a substitute . . . practice begins three weeks before school starts in the tall . . . this with practice after school every night seems like hard work . . . but it is necessary to make new cheers and songs . . . practice old cheers and songs, too . . . much credit is due the cheerleaders for their cooperative attitude and loyalty. km ...ll... T' Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy Academy .... Academy .... Academy Academy .... Academy Academy .... ?oc2!54ZZ Score ...ZO 7 ....13 ...,26 O ....25 ...,2O ....12 ,.,.25 6 ....18 ....25 First RowfA. Pellican, C. Pellican, L. Cipriani, L. Locastro, C. Blackmore, G. Maines, F. Longo, R. Fitzgerald. Second RowfR. McKenzie, Mqr., R. Morqan, H. Henning, T. Burgess, I. Buto, R. Wachter, F. Smith, E. Barthleson, R. Delviarco, E. Koenig, Mgr. Third Rowe--I. Komora, Asst. Coach, R. Krape, T. Coyne, A. Fracassi, R. Rosequist, M. Yanosko, I. Walters, N. Bradley, I. San Pietro, I. Wetzel, E. Thomas, Coach. Fourth RowfH. Farn- bauqh, I. Ohmer, R. Arndt, I. Geier, T. Anthony, E. Sundherq, I. Hammond, I. Kohler, B. McBride, R. Ccston. C0464 Opponent Score Warren. . . . 2 Farrell. . . . O Tech. . . . . 12 Vincent. .. . . .20 East ...... . . .30 Meadville. . . . . O Prep .... . . . O Tech. . . . . 6 Vincent. .. H14 East ...... . . 2 Bradford. . . . . .25 Prep .... . O ...l3... gland Faculty Director Howard Forbes Business Manager Clarence Swahn Trumpets : A1tofHorns: Bitting, Richard Cross, Robert Frame, Les Fullcrod, Dale Hoagland, Roger Kellogg, Hugh Kuntz, Donald Lemon, Milford Lester, David Starks, Howard Trombones : Brown, William Coon, Roger Gibson, Gordon lordan, Robert Krueger, Charles Rogers, Neil Flute: Moury, lack Saxaphones : lenlcs, Charles Migliori, lay Gsiecki, Edward Willard, Del Hayes, Edward Nutter, Richard Pheil, Wayne Wehan, Richard Trombonium : Marschalc, lose-ph Baritone Horn: Hales, Lud Wolf, Myron Clarinets : Carr, Norman Clement, Gene Fiero, lay Hellwege, lack Houck, Richard Magee, Robert Mueller, Harry Palmieri, Leo Rautine, Don Sims, Donald Stebel, Francis Tingley, LeRoy Weingard, Lewis Wylcotf, Donald Drums: Anderson, Donald Bass: Andre, lack Kindle, Earl Morrow, Gerry Shattstall, Richard Tino, Louis Donna Zimmerman Waterman, Paul Weed, Norman i ...14... E-W 74415462 The Academy lunior Varsity won the football city championship with a record of 5 wins and 3 ties in league competition. The Blue and Gold lay Vees accomplished the unusual feat of hold- ing their opponents scoreless while themselves scoring 56 points in their 8 league games. Leading this exceptional defense was a pair of outstanding tackles, Tony Zambroski and Don Barney. Cfuards Bill Freeman, lim Cairns, Howie Rosenthal and lack Polancy added strength to the middle of the line. Richard Robinson and Bill Freeman very capably handled Wronek's kicking, passing and defensive play was outstanding. Other backs performing to best advantage included Al Cfianoni, Ed Groen- dahl, Bob Shields, Richard Goff, and Paul Raeder. The ability and willingness of these boys to work and cooperate with each other and the coaching staff contributed greatly to the success of the season. V. M. Lewis the outer duties. Winning letters at end were SCORES Karl Berringer, lim McKenzie, Francis Stebell, Academy Opponent Score and Fred Buchner, a quartet of effective wing- ,D L P k 14 men. More of the necessary reserve strength in X """""" Hdwgence ff ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 15 the line was supplied by a capable array includ- O' ' ' """' Par Orcree "" ' ' ' ' O ing Angelo Panos, loe Palermo, Bob Stahlbaum, 0' ' ' "" Treli """"' ' ' ' O Chick Longo, and Sam Varo all of whom saw O' ' ' "" ec """"' ' ' ' 6 considerable action. 7' ' ' "" Jamestown' ' ' ' ' ' ' 12... .,., Vincent ..... ... O The starting backfield lined up with Whitey 24. . . .... East ....... . . . . . O Borkowski at quarter, Russ Hill and Ronnie 6. . . .... lamestown .... . . . . . 7 Matteson at halfback, and foe Wronek playing 7. . . .... Prep ..........., . . . O fullback. Borkowski was the leader of the team O. . . .,., Lawrence Park. . . . . . 6 as well as the leading scorer. The blocking 7. . . .... Tech ........... O and ball-carrying ability of Hill and Matteson O. . . .... Vincent ....... . .. O added many a badly needed yard for Academy. 6. . . .... East ..... . . . O First Row-I. Cairns, A. Gianoni, K. Barringer, F. Buchner, R. Stahlbaum, A. Panos, H. Rosenthal, l. Polancy, B. Shields, R. Goff. Second Row- I. Palermo, F. Stebell, I. McKenzie, R. Hill, B. Freeman, D. Barney, W. Borkowski, T. Zambrowski, I. Wronek, D. Robinson, R. Mattison, S. Varo. Third b N b A dt R R b k G. Rucker, E. Martin, L. Anderson, C. Seiler, C. Shampoe, l. Donikowski, Row-H. Wells, C. Longo, A. Tennen aum, . laco sen. l. rn , . A. Giannamore B. Young, A. Courteau, R. Houck, P. Raeder, D. Gor IDBH. ...l5.. First RcwfC. Towns, E. Thomas, C. Swahn. G. Mmadeo, N. Hale. Second Rowfl, Balla, 1, Mmlkovitr, 1 Komora, O. Sheldon, M. Lewis. Om cache EDMUND THOMAS-head coach of football . . . assists in the training of the track team . . . came to Academy in 193O . . . attended Oswego State Teachers College . . . Columbia U. . . . likes to watch football games . . . prefers coach- ing football and basketball . . . admires Lou Gehrig . . . in high school participated in basket- ball and football . . . got cup for outstanding athlete . . . in college took part in football and basketball . . . CLARENCE 1. SWAHN4coaches golf team . . . came to Academy in 1939 . . . did student teaching here in 1934-35 . . . studied at Pitt and Carnegie Tech . . . likes to watch all sport activities . . . thinks Byron Nelson is tops . . . took part in basketball, baseball, track, and golf in high school and college . . . 101-IN M113 KOV1C4coach of swimming and water polo team . . . came to Academy in 1941 . . . got his degrees at Edinboro and Pitt . . . Babe Ruth is tops . . . in high school Mr. Mifkovic participated in water polo, baseball, tennis . . . in college, football and baseball . . . 1ACK KOMORAfhead coach of basketball, line coach of football . . . first here as swimming instructor in 1924-27 . . . back here in 1945 . attended Slippery Rock State Teachers College and Pitt . . . coaching schools at Buchnell, under Rockne-Meanwell . . . Northwestern, under 1-lanleyfZuppke-Londberg, and Oswego . . . likes to both watch and coach football and basketball . . . thinks the "Four Horsemen" were top notchers . . . letterman in high school and college in football, basketball and baseball . . . COSTON TOWN S-coach of track team and 1. V. football . . . coached wrestlers eleven years . . . came here in 1934 . . . attended Edinboro and Penn State, also coaching school at Lehigh, Detroit, Pitt, West Virginia, and Northwestern . . . likes to watch football and coach track . . . was on college basketball and track teams . . . GUY MINADEO-fcoach of baseball team . . . came to Academy in 1929 . . . attended Edin- boro and Pitt . . . likes to watch and coach base- ball . . . thinks 1oe Gordan is top athlete . . . on swimming team in high school . . . in college took part in football and baseball . . . V. M. LEW1Sf well-known coach of 1. V. basketball and 1. V. football teams . . . came to Academy in fall of 1935 . . . attended Allegheny . . . University of Illinois . . . likes attending basketball games . . . enjoys coaching basketball, too . . . holds Lou Cfehrig in high esteem . . . participated in college basketball. NELSON 1-lALEfgiven job of coaching junior high students in game of basketball . . . came to Academy in 1935fattended Edinboro and Duke . . . enjoys baseball games . . . but likes to coach basketball . . . holds Carl Hubbel as ideal athlete . . . in college was on basketball team . . . 1OHN BALLAH-coaches tennis and cross country . . . came to Academy in 1935 . . . studied at Edinboro and Pitt . . . likes observing baseball and football . . . likes coaching tennis and cross country best . . . admires Lou Cfehrig . . . in high school took part in football, baseball, and basketball . . . in college participated in basketball . . . O12RlS Sl'1ELDONicoaches 1r. high football team and wrestling team . . . came here in 1944 . . . attended Findlay College and Penn State . . . likes to go to football games . . . enjoys coaching his wrestlers . . . thinks 1ack Dempsey is tops . . . on football, track, and wrestling teams in both high school and college . . . rkp First Rowftif. Wexler, M. Wuenschel, F. Kane, B. Papuccri I.. Nagle, T. Patsy, B. Dunbar, I. Serafini. Second Row' I. Huckelberry, M. Schersch- ing, M. Krolak, I. Eichenlaub, Fitzgerald, I. Carlin, P. Young, I. Allen, A. Kosicki. Third Row--M L Peelman, D. Mcfifarthy, M. Delsandro, I. Roberts, M. Knight, D. Olsen, M. Hess, E. Marsh, M. Frame, S. ffromneclit, W. Mano, S. Richardson, Majorette. Fourth ROW-I, Finnell, A. Hess, M. Ulilman, B. Herman, I. Hogan, M. Hubert, M. Konzel, R, Grain, M. Loomis, C. Syzmula, H. Popowslu. Zummzd guyz Drum and Bugle Corps . . . outstanding in performance . . . massive entertainment at foot- ball games . . . twirlers wearing the blue and gold . . . graceful twirl leader Sue Richardson wearing the flag colors, red, white, and blue . . . what time . . . what harmony . . . drummers sen- sational . . . the rum-tum of the drums and the toot-tooting of the buglists . . . Ada Mae Smith steps ever so lively . . . what glamour . . . what rhythm . . . who is responsible . . . of course . . . none other . . . Miss Meyette, drill instructor . . . and musical director, Miss Schweitzer . . . con- gratulations extended . . . everyone pleased . . this active organization is better than ever . . . Who's that? . . . Mrs. Who? . . . why of course, Mrs. Dolce . . . former co-director and sister of present director, Miss Schweitzer. Flag bearers erect . . . guards at attention . . . what more can one ask for? . . . surely, music . . . you heard it . . . like it? . . . sure you did and so did everyone else . . . what a season . . . yes . . . we got the trophy . . . that is, the football team . . . but wait . . . what did the Drum and Bugle Corps get? . . . nothing? . . . oh yes, they did . . . it wasn't just a few hand claps or a few up- roarious cheers but . . . admiration as well as respect from the Blue and Gold . . . surely, that's what counts . . . yep! . . . that's our Drum and Bugle Corps . . . l'The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps." OFFICERS First Semester President ...... ....,........ D onna McCarthy Vice President .... . . .Sue Richardson Secretary ........ ............ M arjorie Knight Treasurer ..,... .............. A da Mae Smith Second Semester President ...... ............. D onna McCarthy Vice President .... ..... S ue Richardson Secretary ,...,.. ,... M arjorie Knight Treasurer ..... ........ I.. ois Nagle emb ...l7... l l Sitting l. Nealinzi, I. Brown, R. M. Martin Mr. C. C, Radder, C, Cairns, A. Leplch, P, Lundfelt. First Rowffl, Wilson, T. Ward, N. Anderson, M. Carr A 'irk ialrictk, L. Bliven, l. Lasher, H. Kulvinski, Second Row I. Bierbauei, H. Tobias, W, Anderson, R. Rosecmgst, R lenkins, L. Firir kson, , , . lx I D. Sliaffstall. ZW: "Seven issues for 35c" . . . what a bargain . . . exciting articles . . . timely editorials . . . sparkling gossip . . . current happenings about school . . . sports . . . news of alumni, now serv- ing in the armed forces . . . written by students, selected for scholarship, leadership . . . faculty advisor, Mr. C. C. Radder . . . this paper is sent free to service men in all parts of the world . . . published bi-monthly . . . Editor-in-chief, Rose Marie Martin . . . Busi- ness Manager, Robert Ienkins . . . Assistant Busi- ness Manager, Wilbert Anderson . . . Art Editor, Robert Roseguist . . . Typists, Audrey Kirkpatrick and Helen Kubinski . . . Staff Photographers, lames Bierbauer and LeRoy Erickson . . . Page One, Patricia Lundfelt, Ann Lepich, Marjorie Carr, Doris Olsen, lean Wilson . . . Page Two, lane Nealing, Carolyn Cairns, Louisa Bliven, lean Lasher . . . Page Three, Harvey Tobias, Stanley Cyterski, Richard Shaffstall . . . Page Four, lanet Brown, Nancy Anderson, Theresa Wood . . . Star Assemblies . . . amusing and educational . . . acquaint students with the staff and their work . . . illustrate composition of pages . . . contents of each page . . . to increase the num- ber of sales and subscribers . . . A dance this year . . . Star Sock Stomp H an enjoyable evening . . . music by Gene Parlette . . . Second semester brought a few changes . . . an additional two pages . . . Useven issues for 4062" . . . new members, Page One, Seymour lskowitz . . . Page Two, Della Rowbottom, loan Cster, Harvey Shapiro . . . Page Three, Betty Iohnston, Betty Slater, Shirley Swanson . . . Page Five and Six, Ianice Roberts, Teanette York, Vernon Schauble, Marjorie Kent, loan Mosier Ur. Highl . . . New editorein-chief . . . lanet Brown . . . Wilbert Anderson moved into the job he trained for during the first semester this year , . . new art editor, Roger Coon and Eugene Sundberg . . . mjm V. MANDO B. FALKEWITZ ..18... :mica ec! "The American lunior Red Cross was founded by presi- dential charter in September of 1917, When the school children of this country were invited to become partners With the grown people of their communities in the Work Which the Red Cross is given to do in war and in peace times. By the end of the first World War the membership had reached the 12,000,000 mark. Since that time, it has grown until now the members number more than 30,000,000 boys and girls, making it the largest youth organization in the world." Erie lunior Red Cross . . . started in 1934 . . . by meeting of school representatives . . . ideas of organization discussed . . . city and county schools became charter members . . . correspon- dence albums, made and exchanged . . . with foreign countries . . . toys for children in hospitals . . . holiday articles for local institutions . . . making and covering brailled books for the blind . . . in 1936 twenty-nine schools enrolled . . . activities continued . . . War in 1939 increased demands upon Red Cross . . . councils set up in schools . . . supervised by teachers as advisors . . . headquarters at 918 Peach . . . in 1940 full school membership . . . participated in War time program . . . services rendered to community . . . raised S2500 through salvage drive in 1943 . . . moved into the store at 1110 State Street . . . temporary guarters in Chapter House basement . . . new building completed at 509 Sassafras Street. jeb SittingffP. Tnrrelli, 1. Salvia, C. Hershelman, F. Carter, R. Wemdorf, L. Prindle. First R 1 N h M S R b man, A. 1.1tz, 1. Kimmy, R. Seidler, N. Robertson, 1. Cross, R. Manross, N. Zimmerly. Second R A K S M son, B. Sopp, E. Galanis, P. Peterson, B. Hammer, G. Kuqel, P. Wilson, B. Higgins, 1. Frank 1 L th Th d R M St S E. Sanders, C. Malina, C. Lukias, B. Sheafter, R. Wegmxller, S. Guyer, E. Albrycht, 1. Fishe L t A ...19.. SittingfM. Pellican, G. Schrieter, A. Lepich, I. Heberlein, I. Engel, I. Weyand, T. Silvaqgi, C. Polk, B. Olgin, M. Seratini, S. Bastow, M. L. Kerr, B.M'll N.L' A.C I.ML hl D.I F R fS.L R.MM .S.BtM.Bt I.S lt SRtlM.Btld 1 er, inn, ramer, c aug in, ensen. irst ow - ang, . artir, re z, ar ram, me zer, . o i, ezo , D. Straub, A. Sokoloski, L. Scott, I. Graham, L. Kajencki, V. Manolo, I. Maltett, M. Konzel, C. Cairns, I. Finnell, M. Passmore, E. Smith. Second Rowgl. Schonthaler, M. Monkowski, D. Welker, E. Blackmond, C. Keane, I. Nealing, I. Eichenlaub, K. McNamara, K. Gietl, B. Rystoqi, A. Shaw, Y. Patchen, A. Skinner, M. D. Iones, M. A. Desser, M. Carr, C. Hannah. Third Rowfp. Lunolielt, I. Rehrn, D. Peters, M. Strock, L. Waskiewicz, T. Tylkoski, F. Kimmel, I. Iensen, B. Seiders, N. Sopp, T. Scepura, T. Winkoski, C. Radov, D. Storaci, A. Devlin. Fourth Row S. Greene, D. Heberle, B. Roberts, B. Schilling, S. Ricliardsori, P. Kuqel, A. Heakrnan, M. A. Malthaner, I. Giek, D. Bnughman, N. Haskins, M. Diideriliruotlfw, I. Ferik, I... Iohnson, Wardenga, M. Carlson, C. Harbold. Fifth Row D. McCarthy, D. Zimnierinan, I. Hoxitfk, P. Cohen, l. Anderson, I. Davis, M. Kubiak, I, Tlnti, I. Munson, V. Adams, S. Fosuo, S. Peters, A. Kirkpatrick, M. L. Brader, I. Brown, I. Blavkniorc, Willert. "To Find and Give the Best" is the motto of the Girl Reserves, one of Academy's most active and popular organizations. All girls interested in service and social activities are eligible for membership and are made junior members of the Y. W. C. A. Girl Reserve Social CalendarGl945-1946 October 2-9fMembership Drive. 6-'I-Fall conference at Edinboro State Teacher's College. Four delegates from Academy's Girl Reserves spent an enjoyable viieikend planning the year's program for the c u . 10--Tri Council election of officers. F hl5-A talk on 'lManners" presented by Mrs. is . l6fCollected money in assembly for the Community Chest. 22-Tureen supper at the Y. W. C. A. November 2laaBaskets of fruit presented to the Sarah Reed Home as a Thanksgiving project. 21-SIG donated to World Fellowship Fund. 24-'eTri Council Dance "Autumn Serenade" loseph Montanero's Orchestra at the Armory. 29e"l-larvest I-lop" with Bunny Falkewitz's Band in the Girls' Gym. December 1kSold Tuberculosis Seals in down town stores. v 14-"Hanging of the Greens" for Christmas in the Y. W. C. A., also a supper party. l7GLuncheon at Y. W. C. A. for all Volun- teer Workers. 18-Christmas gifts for Holland. Zl+Cookies for U. S. O. Lounge. January 18-Birthday presents for Veterans' Hos- pitals. Z2-Tureen Supper at Y. W. C. A. honoring Mid-Year graduates. 25-Ann Lepich, out-going president and Mid-Year Senior, voted the outstanding Girl Reserve in her class, name engraved on Character Cup. February 4-New lO-l girls' homerooms canvassed for members. Only IO-l's allowed to join at Mid- Year. l4iFebruary project G Girl Reserves brought Valentines to distribute among children at Sarah Reed I-lome. March 12-Meeting-"Knowing Iob Opportunities" ---Miss Harriet Bury. l9fTureen supperGY. W. C. Af-followed by songs, games, contests. April 9f'lMaking our Club Elections Democratic" W-Responsibility of individual members, officers, in electing persons gualified for the work of the next Club year. 16-Easter project-Each member brought one colored "Easter Egg" for basket for children in the Sarah Reed Home. 26-Spring Tri. Sitting M. Ferrick, K. Kinkaid, M. Becker, P. Shaffer, M. Olson, M. Malm, E. Young. M. Eichler, N. Burqer, B. L. Smith, D. Schreckenqost, C. Bauschard. First Row - D. Decker, I, Rys, R. Troppichink, I. Kelley, P. Herrirnan, C. Bobb, D. Connolly, C. Doran, I. McGauqhey, I. Rafaloslci, A. Owens, B. Papucci, B. Dunbar, l. Iacovetta, T. Marther, C. Rupp, A. Linazza. Second Row-D. Wally, L. Dirkson, I. Sullivan, F. Hammond, H, Arnold, R. M. Nanni, R. M. Larsen, I. Deeds, N. Stillwell, C. Snautfer, R. Levine, P. Leqters, K. Yentes, T. Iankowski, I. Haqmann M. Lanuna. Third Row N. Rockingham, K. Wcilf, I. Wilson, If Harned, E. Marsh, L. Cokefair, I. Rioder, l. Bednarowicz, B. Bonacc, I. Bertvstritt, D. Olsen, M. Knight, P. lflnlfwy, N. Anderson, R. Martin, Y. Lopez, T. Kuikowski. Fourth Row I. Brown, N. Mc:Ken7ie, N. O'Brien, I. White, S. Swanson, T. Plonskl, M. Swl1ar'rm', M. Mueller, R, Soidl, I. Oster, M. Sctlierscliino, L. Alwens, I. Rosenstiel, I. Roberts, F. Nielupski. Fifth Rowell Nantes, I. Rarick, F. lfmlivi, K. Hunini, I. Glass, l. Findlay, T. Ward, I. Daubcnspcck, I. Parker, I. Lasher, L. Blivon, R. Kraft, A. Meyer, I.. Laniqan, M. lf. Looffol, P. Maher, . OFFICERS 64 First Semester President ......................,. Ann Lepich May Vice President. . . ........ Dorothy Olsen 'Ze Election of officers also the outstanding Secretary ...... . .Ioanne Daubenspeck Girl Reserve in the Senior Class. Treasurer ............. ..,... D onna McCarthy 16 fSupper and farewell party for Iune Second Semester Senior G. Rfs. President ..................... Dorothy Olsen June Vice President. . . ................ . . . . 4f Regular MoetinqfNew President pro- Secretary ..,.. . .Ioanne Daubenspeck sidesf'Picnic at Log Cabin-ffPeninsula. Treasurer ..,...... .......... D onna McCarthy Sitting- H. Comstock, H. Garrison, E. Miller, B. Martin, S. Frank, E. Bosch, C. Baker, C. Leernhuis, C. Anthony, l. Serafini, I. Driscoll, R. Stinson. First Rowe M. Boldt, I. Howe, G. Linder, V, Harned, P. Adams, N. Brown, D. Auch, S. Lonqo, l. Nanni, A. Oqe, l. Nimmo, D. Imler, B. Lawson, N. Mc:Mir1hael, L. Hartman, I. Wells, D. Minqoy, Wexler. Second Row f M. A. Buoy, R. I-Ieisler, E. Tate, D. Miqdal, D. Spor, R. M. Zimmerman, T. Prezwurki, E. Price, I. Kasper, D. Shields, F. Krivonak, S. Anderson, S. Sell, I. Mink, B. Slater, M. A. Scheloske. Third RowfP. Denning, l. Sinicki, D. Csenesics, V. Krivonak, M. Phelps, M. L. Marcella, I. Sutch, I. Kerr, M. Recker, M, Wuenschel, M. Delsandro, H. Bukowski, E. Liqht, M. Metz, M. R. Olimer, R. Giqliotti, M. Garnow, I. Martin, G. Iohnson. Fourth RowfS. Semuel, R. Friedland, S. Linder, R. Padavoni, I. Hoffman, N. Wolff, M. Hertnen, L. Zimmer, D. Snyder, S. Carlson. C. Phillips, B. Hatch, L. Naola, M. Cramer, M. A. Hunn, P. Borchek, M. I. Seiter. Consists ot young talented girls from lunior High . . . started in l945 under direction of Miss lsadora Schweitzer who is the present director . . . sing tor their own enjoyment as well as others . . . learn all the fundamentals ot music. . . familiarize themselves with the works of all well- known composers . . . participate in the Spring and Christmas concerts . . . take part in assembly programs . . . because ot a change in ninth grade schedules, it was necessary to divide the Chorus into two groups . . . 55 ninth grade girls in one group and lO3 seventh and eighth grade girls in the second group . . . their musical education in this organization serves as a stepping-stone to the Senior Girls Chorus and A Capella Choir. dah OFFICERS First Semester President .i....... .............. l anet Cantor Vice President. . . . .lane l-leinline Secretary ...., ..,... l une Rumtord Treasurer ................., Rosealice Brought Second Semester Ninth Grade President .....,.... .....,..,... l une Rumlord Vice President. . . .... Dolores Eicher Secretary- ..., . . .Mildred Robinson Treasurer ........,...,........ Miriam Radov Second Semester Seventh and Eighth Grade President .........,...,...,. Margaret Stough Vice President. . . . . .Norma Robertson Secretary ..... .,.. P eggy Surdy Treasurer .... . . .loan Lozier First Row I. Baller, l. Nash, N. Zunmerly, M. Harrington, l. Shettler, M. Fuller, M. Kennedy, N. Robertson, L. Weed, R. Seidler, D. l"'rum. Second Rojav Cn. Pude, M. Kohl, M. Surdy, V. E'ler, L. Stein, l. Whittlesey, M. Kaufman, M. Stevens, L. Alwens, M. Hug, C. Parker. Third Row l. Fisher. l. Smith, C. Devlin, G. Swift, R. Brought, C. Lukeas, D. Bruno, P. Baldi, B. Qlsen, M. Gloystein, D. Fuhrman. Fourth Rowe V. Fronbcrry, H. Kil- gorskt, J. Sportster, C. French, S. Roberts, V. Guy, O. M. Bohrer, I. Mosier, I. Luther, B. Frazier, M. Deutsch. ..22... 66164 M0760 ,VIII in Ihe Illuzrfvll. nl fllirlniylzl flluxs, I'm on llu' rfulio every niylll, I mn make II 1:In'ln' conlenleu' Ur I can jill Ilim 1llIIIII,l'iflIlI. Somelimes l'm jazz. somelimes I 'rn swing Or uwllz or SIVIIIPIIUIIY. -lnfl Illll usually lay II1e lovers' sirles To keep IIll'IIl rompnny. a za s snr ou re mr io zrogrnms. I Izzy I I III I Somelunes I come rn belween, Ifrerywllere I run. I ,Ill Ileurd, Bu! as yel, I'11e never been seen. I lm always ul IIJPIIIIITIIUS Io lzriny IIllplIIIll'SS. And arlrl lo Ille joy IIIl1I,S flzere. 1n1I I even rome buckforfuneruls. I guess I'm jusl err'ryu'I1ere. Sonzelinzes I bring Inu-Ie memories. To lhe young and old as well. .-ind in Ilze homes. clubs. and Ihealers, My lones will ulurnys dwell. Initiation Perllups lay now you know wha! I um. I nm MIISIII in ull ils slyles. -1n1l you knou' you mn olu'uys,firuI me. Iflylll Ill'f'f', or aufross IIIP IIll'Il'S. -"Doris A. llclwurlv. First Row H. Maxwell, N. Weaver, P. Ulrich, G. Kuqel, D. Cunxmlnqs, D. Farina, l. Rournforl, l. Valenlme, D. Ncnziqlm, B. Huygens, l. Bimlmnn-er Second Row I. Schwomlxfvr, M. Radov, l. Tech, M. Hxnspeler, S. Frank, R. Weqmlller, M. Rlzzo, S. Hdskxns, Yurrthak, l. Heinleln, l. Krfiyesk D. Elczher. Third Row B. Slxealler, R. Trimble, B. Goodyear, M. Brew, P. Baldwm, D. Stout, l. Schryver, B. Larese, L. Vallmoni, B. Hammer, E Gnlnnls. Fourth Row l. Ydple, C. Amicuccx, C. Anderson, M. Benson, E. Beelxlel, l. Mlller, P. Durnell, l... Hufslader, B, SUPP, P. Peterson, D Vuqel, N. Bak. ..23... First RowfB. Battle B. Tell, I. Shaftstall, T, Marther, K Fearr.,1. Wells, H. Popowslu, D Imler, D. Battle I. Rieder, Mr. O. Grender, I, I'3.sIi, C. Bird, D. Green, M. Wuensihel, N. Fulton, C. Hart, C. Weber, I. Keller, L. Golembeski Second Row -F. Nietupski, E. Wisneski, D. Cornelius, I. Sinicki, I. Nimmo, A. Oge, P. Adams, V. Harned, A. Hess, M. L. Marcella, D. Migdal, M. Garnow, T. Kuikowski, D. Snyder, S. Auqustyniak, V. Vauqhn, H. Kavesak, G. Iohnson, L. Groendaal, B. Smith, B, Dieczkowski. Third Row- K. Church, A. Williams, L. Lang, L. Maras, M. L. Plavuan, K. Hawley, D. Csencsics, R. Behan, M. Hinspeter, K. Hammons, I. Rohaly, L, McKee, K. Cauley, M. Delsandro, I Hoffman, I. Olsen, M. loomis, F, Orvhran, D. Harman, D. Storaci, D. Benecki. Fourth Row V. Kelsey, N. Withers, M. Lanoha, I. Rosenstiel, B. Przrerocki, 1. Almquist, A. Reisenauer, K. Wolf, A, Sokolosky, E. Light, S. Bartlett, S. Yushkiewicz, H. Iusczak, D. Migdal, R. He-ister, L. Franz, D. Heberle, B. Fluegel, B. Seiders, I. Ienseri, T. Iarikowski, C. Fracassi, I. Deeds. gm 46 of Established in 1926 under direction ot Morton I. Luvaas . . . consists of 85 carefully selected girls . . . sing from Berlin to Bach . . . oldest vocal organization of Academy present director is Cbed L. Grender . . . musical educa- tion made up of ear training, practice in reading notes, group blending . . . sing at different schools throughout the city . . . hope to be sing- ing out of town soon . . . take part in city's annual Spring Music Festival which includes the com- bined Choruses from East, Strong Vincent, and Academy . . . sing at Christmas and Spring concerts heie at Academy . . . such concerts include many talented soloists . . . participated in many activities . . . sponser dances in gym . . . Mr. Obed L. Cfrender . . . commonly known as 'tPop" . . . graduated from the Red Wing Academy in Minnesota and St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota . . . there he received his B.A. and Music Degrees . . . in 1925 and '26 he taught at Madison, Minnesota and in 1926 and '27, at Glenwood, Minnesota . . . traveled with St. Claf Quartet in 1927 and '28, from coast to coast, including a concert at Academy . . . sang over the radio, WLS in Chicago, quartet and solo in 1928 and '29 and '30 . . . came to Erie in the fall of 1930 and has been here ever since . . . prefers teaching choral music . . . would like to see the Academy Choir, Cflee Club, and the Chorus recognized as tops in the nation . . . now directs Choir, Cflee Club, Chorus and teaches dah theory and lr. I-ligh Special Music . . . likes to fish for trout Cties his own flies,D bowl, raise things in his garden and hunt wild mushrooms. dah OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ,,.... , . Doris I-leberle President ..... , . . .Mary Hinspeter Vice President. . . ,... ..... L ois Franz Vice President. . ........., l.ois Franz Secretary ..... . , .Mary Lou Marcella Secretary ..... . , .Mary Lou Marcella Treasurer. . , , . ,Audrey Williams Treasurer .... . . ,Audrey Williams , CTap . . tap . . tapi . . "May W l have your attention, please? We'll start with the tenors on page four." As all choir members know, this is the usual proceedure at the beginning of every rehearsal. These second period rehearsals surely leave us with many happy memories . . . fall try-outs . . . slightly bewildered new mem- bers . . . the horrors! of initiation . . . "Pop" Grender's jokes . . . the fun we have singing at other schools, for Kiwanis and other meetings . . . Remember how silly the new members looked during their all-day initiation at school? . . . and how glad everyone was to see "Demmie" CMr. Dimorierl back with us? . . . Remember the night we sang over the radio at Christmas time? . . . Yes, we do have a lot of fun together, but were serious, too. Remember our energetic struggles with "Springtide"? Hard as the going might have been, it's really a nice feeling when we finish learning a song . . . the satisfaction of accomplishment. Remember the Christmas and Spring Con- certs? . . . how we all crowded into the wings to hear the various parts of the program . . . the tedious waiting, wondering if we were going on a spring trip . . . the dreaded thought ot leaving choir after diploma day. Qld members who have graduated often say that choir is the part of school they remember best. Were beginning to understand the reason. Roberta Martin. OFF ICERS-First Semester President ....,.................. Shirley Bretz Vice President. , . . . .Robert 'Wachter Secretary .,....,,.....,....... Roberta Martin Treasurer. , . ....,............ Frank Cireiner Librarians ....,. Audrey l-leckman, Pearl Cohen First Row -R. Martin, H. Grandy, C. Sinilli, B. le-pson, N. Rrown, S. Skladanowski. Second Row' l. Brown, M Knight, l. Kelley, M Riew l Rehin, l. Daiiheiifmevk, V Krivom-ik, D. Wagner, l. Coleman, A. Kui B, Sehulty, P Rosenthal, l". Greiner, D. Shattvtall, S. Long, A Hectkrnan, R. Arndt, R. Blum, l. Geier, C. Bartlielsson, l. San Pietro, R Dytflie, D. M. lin-lf, 1 Second Semester President .,.,....,.......,...,. loe San Pietro Vice President. . . . .Robert Wachter Secretary .......,... . . ...... loyce Parker Treasurer. , ,.....,......,....... Lois Scott Librarians .,.... Audrey l-leckinan, Pearl Cohen Historians ....... loyce Rehm, Natalie Mclienzie , l Siiillli, C, Stefiins, l. Parker, S Rivli-iiflsrzri, T. aldt, Froiiirim'ht, D. Corneliiifs, P. Cohen, R. Levine, O. L. Grendei, M. Loettel, vinen Third Row --R. Fislrzlier, D. Olsen, l. Hargirmriri, S. Anderson, K, Hatczh, C. Harliold, N. MeKen7ie, P Finley Fourth Row R. Waehler, R. lfaton, Dunnilioo, B. Mvbride, C. Verdevwliia, R. Fulirmaiz, R Mann, D. Carr, R. Rosswqiiist. M. Black, L. Smut 25... 4 First Row R. Hoaglund, I. Headlund, E. Gray, E. Williams, R. Kaverman. Second Row---P. Laird, P. Fraschetti, D. Gray, L. Sciamanda, G. Schwartxloqer. Third Rowfl. Sciainanda, D. Smith, I. Krueger, W, Hart, E. Sawtelle, l. Folga, Once again the Academy cross country team strides into the limelight . . . another victorious season, holding both the city and district championships . . . Exceptional pride was felt by the team's coach, lohn Balla . . . the blue and gold was the first Erie team to defeat Meadville in three years . . . Cross country is rapidly becoming an out- standing sport at Academy . . . some thirty-five candidates turned out in answer to the first call . . . a final sguad of eighteen was selected by Coach Balla . . . the basis of his selection was guite a natural one, merely the survival of the fittest . . . The lettermen this year were: Dennis Gray, Edwin Gray, Roger Hoagland, Pete Frachetti, Robert Kaverman, Tack l-leadland, Edward Williams, and Louis Sciamanda . . . five of these lettermen will return for next years season . . . the season was one of the most eventful in a long time . . . three sguad members gualified for the state meet in the persons of Dennis Gray, Edwin Gray, and Edward Sawtelle . . . these boys traveled to Penn State to participate in the meet . . . The scoring system in cross country is not too Well understood . . . the fact that is most con- fusing is that the team with the lowest score is the winner. This results from scoring the runners as they cross the finish line, first man counting one point, second man counting two, etc ,... An account of the cross-country team for this past season would not be complete without mentioning the fact that the team owed much of its success to the efforts of Phil Laird who acted as trainer . . . rib SCORES Academy Opponent Score 2l ....... .... E ast ......,. .... 3 4 20 ,... .... M eadville ,.., . . ,5l 20 .... . , 4 .Meadville ..., . . .35 25 .... .... V incent ..... . . .30 21 .... ..,. E ast ...... . . .40 25 .... .... V incent ..... . . .30 First RowfA. Reed. Second Row'-L. Weingard, S. Vitelli. Third Row-HR. Ploxdorf, R. Konkel, F. Baldwin. Fourth Rowfw. Plirman, C. Hoyt, R. Sopp. Fifth Row L. Szymanowicw. 700250: pain WATER POLOfpatterned after ideas in hockey and basketball. PURPOSE OF THE GAMEethrow ball into opponents net as otten as possible. TEAMvconsists ot six men- goalie, two torwards, two guards, and a center forward. LENGTH OF GAMEStour quarters, tive minutes each-teams change goals atter each guarterSit game is tied after regulation tour quarters, an overtime ot six minutes is played- at the end ot three minules teams change goals. Chuck Hoyt, Guy Hellwege, Lewis Weingard were outstanding in their play . . . Hellwege was placed on the second team tor All-scholastic honors. LETTERMEN Frank Baldwin Robert Larsen, Mgr. CThese boys will be back next semesterfl Lewis Weingard Chuck Hoyt Wesley Ptirman Guy Hellwege Ray Sopp Herman Lombardi Ray Konkel Ray Bloxdort SCORES Academy Opponent 3 .,.. . . . ..... Vincent. . . 2 .,.. ...East..... l.,.. ,..Tech.... O .... ...Vincent ,. l ,... ...East...,. l ..,... ...Tech..... Standings W East ...... . .... 5 Vincent .... ,... 4 Academy .... , . . . l Tech ..... .... l 27... Score . ..... 6 . ..... 4 T l l O O First Row f l.. Erickson, MT. l. Bright, l. Bnerlnailez' Second Row-'D. Fullcrod, A. Williams, D Blake-slee, D. Kuntf, l. Cairns Maeva Its aim: To serve the school and its different organizations in every possible way . . . The crew is on the job bright and early in the morning . . . work quietly and industriously . . . are capable of undertaking any task asked of them . . . do jobs willingly and efficiently . . . co-operate with the students and faculty in time of need . . . help at class plays, parties, dances, assemblies, all social activities at school . . . operate the movie projector . . . have charge of setting the stage, lighting effects, loud-speaking system, phonograph . . . build and paint scenery for plays and assemblies . . . Requirements for entering stage crew: student must be in ninth grade . . . have an average of HC" or better . . . must be dependable and honest . . . receive letters at the end of the year for work successfully completed . . . meet- ings are held in Room l4 . . . conducted by the faculty advisor, Mr. l. Bright . . . Salute to the stage crew for efforts over- looked . . . a generous thanks for work well done . . . Faculty Stage Manager .... .... M r. l. Bright Student Stage Manager .... . . .LeRoy Erickson Assistant Stage Manager ....., Iames Bierbauer mjm ,Jw-A 1' , A W wi J gg l , a 3 fan.. , .W 4' I im ww I 'w ' sl A4 '2f: Y P 4 ' W Vlgv lyl ,:1- 1 1' H I A. ff W M YEA HIST ' i ,V,. 12- I4 OFF'sc:eRs f' , H. Femmeeues-4, PRES. R.dENKnNs,TReAs. I ww a ar 'Le' Q2 . f C, HARBOLD, V.Pm:s. Pk. Lx:P1cH, SEQ. Mi 5? 49 ,, x00 2 y 44 J.YE:aGE.R, PRES 41, h AJVIC, DONALD , SEC. Q . . ",' A J.GRwsnaR,TRs:as. R.GORDMHN, XC PRES. 77Zid-een ' Name W- Nickname - Birthday - Description - Aim - Pet Peeve Adams, John-Mouse-1 uly 27, 1927kblack hair, brown eyes--business-our car. Balko, Jeanette-Nette-April 13, 1928gblonde hair, blue eyes-private secretary-listening to people memorize Hamlet. Barney, Paul-CurlywSeptember 7, l927abrown hair, blue eyes-traveling salesman-when my car won't start. Bart!-am, Mildred-Peanuts-lanuary 15, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-dress designer-impolite boys. Boga, Jean-Dimples-October 21, l927v-blonde hair, blue eyes?-artist-boys that whistle. Boyer, Robert-Bob-luly 22, l927iblack hair, blue eyes----drattsmannEnglish class. Bretz, Shirley-Shirl-May 15, 1928+brown hair, brown eyes-success in my music-people who tell little white lies. Buetikofer, Richard -- Dick K September lO, 1928 - brown hair, green eyes---carpenterfgirls in sloppy shirts and pants. Cohen, Bernard-Curly-March ll, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-big tamilykoverly-affectionate girls. Deaner, Edna Mae-Edna-February l, 1927-light brown hair, hazel eyes-travelgdead parties. Eller, Arthure-Art-May 20, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-millionaire-women. Emling, Mary AnneGabby-October 21, 1927-black hair, brown eyes-a good housewitektiling fingernails in public. Falkewitz, Robert-Bunny-Iuly 11, 1927-blonde hair, hazel eyes-musician-smart alecs. Farnbaugh, Harry-Curly-February 16, l928+blonde hair, blue eyes-baseball player in majors-getting my girl home by midnight. Folga, Frances-ShrimpywOctober 5, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-traveling-rough boys. Foster, Evajean-Cutie-Ianuary 9, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-secretary-people who push on buses. ...3l... French, Ear1fElbaldo-February 15, l928wbrown hair, blue eyes-sports announcer-short rallies. Friedland, Howard-l-lowieelanuary 27, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesfjournalistff student teachers. Gillette, Elaine-Elaineflanuary 4, l928fbrown hair, brown eyes-esuccess in lite-e boisterous person. Gordman, Richard-DickffMarch 19, l928f'f brown hair, blue eyes, atomic physicist--epeople who talk too low. Grygier, Josepheloeflvlarch 19, 1927-brown hair, green eyes ea manfwomen. Hancock, Karl-Bucl-lune 17, 1928-brown hair, blue eyesedoctorggirls with too much make-up. Harbold, Carol-Carol-March 31, l928ebrown hair, blue eyes-psychologist or businesswoman ffapeople who bite their nails. Henning, Howard-l2ediMarch 8, l928fred hair, green eyes--fireman-short rallies. Hershey, Charmaine-Charm February ll, 1928- brown hair, blue eyesfair hostess- eimpolite boys. Houk, Donald-1-loukie-December 22, 1928-H brown hair, blue eyes+engineerf"Annie." Huber, He1eneBrownie-March 6, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesestenographereswooners. Jackson, Mary Ann-Babefltugust 8, l927fabrown hair, blue eyes-nurse-sailor Bill. Jendrock, Helen-Lenny-December 12, l927fabrown hair, brown eyes-stenographer--boys who tease you. Jenkins, Robert-Bob-February 20, 1928--brown hair, brown eyesf certified public accountant enemy car. Jones, Mary Daw-Daw--April 6, l927fbrown hair, brown eyesfget my private flying licensenrmy brother. Kath, Beryl-Kathyelanuary 24, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyesf- interior decorator- rf dancing. ...32... Kellick, Elaine-Kellymllecember 22, 1927--dark brown hair, brown eyesestenographereteasers. Krahe, Norman-Norm-December 16, 1928fblonde hair, blue eyesfpublic accountant-girls with sloppy shoes. Kuivinen, A1iceeAleSeptember 5, 1927flight brown hair, hazel eyeseemusic teacherihiccoughs. Lancet, Zelda-Zel-1une 23, 1927-clark brown hair, brown eyeselive in Brooklynf-Erie, Pa. Lang, Shir1eyeShirl-eFebruary 2, 1928ebrown hair, blue eyes social worker 1-fsloppy shoes. Lepich, Ann-Anna-February 21, 1928-blonde hair, green eyes-drive a care "-- people who are always late. Linn, Norma-Bubbaelune 19, 1927vbrown hair, brown eyesetypistfsomeone staring at me. Locastro, Leonard-Loco'---October 21, 1927eblack hair, brown eyesfmillionairev-army. Loffi, EdwardeEddieei1anuary 17, 1928ebrown hair, blue eyes-civil engineerve girls. Lozier, Mild:-edfMi1lief1une 21, 1926ebrown hair, brown eyes-housewitefporky. Lundfelt, Patricia-Pat-April 27, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesetincling my ambition-Star deadlines. Maras, Jeromeel-1arpofSeptember 30, 1927--brown hair, blue eyes-engineereleacling an orchestra. Q Martin, Rose Marie-Rosie'September 11, 1927-light brown hair, haze1 eyesfeawriterfgetting up early in the morning. McDonald, AnniefScottiefAugust 1, 1927fbrown hair, hazel eyesfsecretary-people telling me to hurry. McLaughlin, JeanneeShortye1anuary 6, 1928ebrown hair, brown eyes--to be well liked-people who say things they olon't mean. McLaughlin, Loiselsoie-ef1une 21, 1927--brown hair, green eyes-nurseeel-lamlet. ...33... McMann, Ernest-ErnieeSepternber 27, 1927-brown hair, blue eyes-army-getting up in the morning. Milloy, Eileen-NeenfDecernber 4, 1927-brown hair, hazel eyes+good dancereconceited people. Morgan, Robert-Sid-lanuary 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyeskcoach-girls' feather cuts. Munson, JeaneButterba11fFebruary ll, 1928-light brown hair, green eyes-nurse-people who tell iall stories. Naugle, Rona1deFats-April 19, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-agriculturist-women smoking. Nellis, Doris-Nellie-November 19, 1928gbrown hair, blue eyes-laboratory technician-conceited boys. Patterson, WandagPolly-May 7, 1924--blonde hair, hazel eyesspianist-conceited people. Pilarski, Dolores-Sunshine-April 14, l926Mlight brown hair, brown eyes-nurseellamlei. Pinto, Rose Marie--Re-May 15, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-Hamlet. Polk, Clarine-Shorty-lune 1, 1928-brown hair, green eyesihappinessfloud people. Reisenauer, AudreygAud+lune 12, 1927-brown hair, hazel eyesisecretaryeoold coffee. Rodriguez, Jennie-Gwen-May 22, 1927-black hair, brown eyes+stenographeredisrespect for elders. Sapper, Harriet-Harriet-May 11, 1928e-blonde hair, blue eyes-concert pianist-disrespect for elders. Schlindwein, Frances-Sunshine-October 23, 1926- bloncle hair, blue eyes-good wife for Ray--English. Schultz, Anna Mae+Annie-May 27, 1926ebrown hair, hazel eyes-stenographer-Hamlet. Schuster, Harry-Heinrich-September 25, 1927- brown hair, brown eyes-scientist, trip to Europeklate, crowded trains. ...34... Serafini, Marie-Puggy-October ll, 1927-black hair, brown eyes-operatic star-a boisterous person. Singer, Paul-ZookeFebruary l7, l928v-black hair, brown eyes-night club owner-only 24 hours in a day. Skinner, Ann-Skinney'-luly 19, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-nurse-people being late. Smith, Ada Mae-Butch-September 7, 1926-black hair, brown eyes-bookkeeper-catty girls. Smith, Ellen-Smitty-February 12, l928-dark brown hair, blue eyes-secretary-my young sisters. Smith, Florence-Babe-'May 25, 1927-light brown hair, blue eyesgcommercial artistecatty girls, change- able boys. Smith, Franklinelilmer-lanuary lO, l928ebrown hair, brown eyeswdetectiveeschool. Snow, C1ayton+Gut-lanuary 9, l928-brown hair, blue eyes-agriculturist-two timers. Stefanowski, Ann-Stevey-December 29, l927wbrown hair, brown eyes-housewife-my younger brother. Steiner, Dale-Tiny-September 9, 1927-brown hair, hazel eyes-engineer-girls, but Shirley's fine. Tinti, Jean-Jeanne-December 24, 1927-black hair, brown eyes-office worker-people who have been taught manners but never use them. Wetschel, MargaretYPeggy-March 23, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-private secretary-girls who smoke. Wilson, Earl-Sugar-lanuary 17, 1928-black hair, blue eyesinoVelistMEnglish homework. Winarski, Frank-Hot-Dog-September 5, l927fbrown hair, blue eyeseelectrician-blushing. Yeager, James-lim-March 20, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-doctor-women. Yezzi, Lawrence-Larry-October 2, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-proprietor-6th period at school. ...35... S t d I Yeager. First RowfAnne McDonald, Carol Harhold, Rose Marie Martin. Second Row-Robert lenkins, loseph G rd Gordman. Theme: "A Challenge To The World" Processionalw March ot the Meistersingers ......................... Wagner Orchestra Invocation ..............,.... ............., .,.,. A n ne McDonald Bible Reading ....... ........... .... l o seph Grygier The Lord's Prayer ..... ........... ............ C a in Choir Address of Welcome ....... ......., .... l a mes Yeager Song-A-America ,........ ..... ..... ,..,....... C h o ir Address: What America ls ..,... ..... C arol l-larbold SongfAmerica the Beautiful .,.., ..,........,.. C hoir Address: America Was Promises ,.... .,.., R ose Marie Martin Address: The Greatest Challenge ..... .... R ichard Gordman Reading: Victory .................. . . .Howard Friedland Address: The lssuekllumanity .... ....... ...., R o bert lenlcins Grandioso- from Recessional .........,..... . . . ......... De Koven Choir Presentation ot Candidates tor Graduation ,......,. . . .Mr. T. W. Ray, Principal Presentation ot Diplomas ...,.......,... Dr. C. l-lerman Grose, Superintendent Presentation ot Awards ...,....,......,..................,., Mr. l. W. Ray The Star Spangled Banner ..,....... .........,..,....,......, G rchestra School Song ......,.................,..... .... C lass and Grchestra Recessional-Three Dots and a Dash .......... ..........,.. H erturth Grohestra The Grchestra directed by Miss Schweitzer The Choir directed by Mr. Grender ,..36... 7946 ,-4wwmC4 MiD-YEA1Q GRADUATING ciziss fifmdemq my seam Ann Lepich Name to be engraved on Girl Reserve Character Cup as the outstanding senior girl in the Girl Reserve Club. Richard Gordman Cash Award for excellence in Mathematics. Joseph Grygier Student Senate Cash Award ot 32.00 and Citizenship Certificate award. Harriet Sapper Cash Award for excellence in French. Helen Huber Cash Award of 55.00 tor excellence in Commercial Subjects. Robert Morgan Cannavino Trophy awarded by Quarterback Club on toot- ball ability, sportsmanship, scholarship, and character. Richard Gordman Bausch and Lamb Medal awarded tor excellence in math and science. Carol Harbold Cash Award ot 555.00 tor excellence in United States History presented by the Presque Isle Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. ...37... ADAMS, IOHN Band, Wrestling. BARTRAM, MILDRED Senate, Class Play. BOGA, IEAN Twirling, Class Day, Class Play. BOYER, ROBERT Glee Club. BRETZ, SHIRLEY MAE Monitor, National Honor Society, Orchestra, Choir, Girl Reserves, Class Play, President -Choir, Secretary-National Honor Society, Treasurer-Orchestra. DEANER, EDNA MAE Monitor, Prom Committee, Class Play. EMLING, MARY ANN Drum Corps, Gym Monitor, Class Play. FALKEWITZ, ROBERT Band, Orchestra, Swingsters, Intramural Basketball, Vice President-Band, Treas- urer - Orchestra, Captain - Intramural Basketball. FARNBAUGH, HARRY Baseball, Senate, Football, Basketball, Monitor, Class President. FOLGA, FRANCES Monitor, Band Twirler, Class Play Com- mittee. FOSTER, EVAIEAN Monitor, Drum Corps, Secretary-Drum Corps, Senate. '-em FRENCH, EARL Senate, Track, Basketball, Cheerleaders, President, Vice PresidentkSenate. FRIEDLAND, HOWARD Monitor, Class Speaker, Class Play. GRYGIER, IOSEPH Senate, Glee Club, Commencement Speaker, TreasurereSenate, Treasurer-Q Class, Presidente-National Honor Society, Prom Committee. HARBOLD, CAROL Girls Chorus, Senate, Choir, Girl Re- servers, National Honor Society, Co-Chair- man of Prom, Commencement Speaker, Class Play, Vice President-Class, Home Room President. HENNING, HOWARD Football, Track, Basketball. HERSHEY, CHARMAINE Twirler, Senate, Girl Reserves, Office Monitor, Co-Chairman-Class Party. HOUK, DONALD Monitor, Academe Staff. IACKSON, MARY ANN Girls Chorus, Band Twirler, Vice President -Band Twirlers. IENKINS, ROBERT Star, Class Play, National Honor Society, Commencement Speaker, Chairmane-Class Banquet, Toastmaster-Class Banquet, Vice President-Class, Star Business Manager, Treasurer-Class. KATH, BERYL Monitor, Movie Monitor. KELLICK, ELAINE Monitor. 38... l o a 0 0 KUIVENEN, ALICE PATTERSON, WANDA Girls Chorus, Choir, Orchestra, Librarian Girls Chorus. of Orchestra. LANG, SHIRLEY POLK, CLARINE Library Staff, Mimeo Shop, Girl Reserves. MOUHOF, Girl RGSSFVGS- LEPICN ANN REISENAUER, AUDREY T National Honor Society, Co-Chairman Class Day, Co-Chairman-Star Dance, Class Play, Star, Girl Reserves, Secretary-Girl Reserves, President-Girl Reserves, Treas- urer-Class, SecretaryeClass. SCHLINDWEIN FRANCES Girl Reserves, Prom Comm'tt , Cl LINN, NORMA Pafiycommiiiees. lee GSS Basketball, Girl Reserves, Cheerleading, Chairman-Class. Monitor, Movie Monitor, Girls Chorus, A Capella Choir. SERAFINI, MARIE LOCASTRO, LEONARD Orchestra, Monitor, Girl Reserves, Senate. Football, Wrestling. LOZIER, MILDRED SKINXN-EF' ANN G. ,R National Honor Society. IC Ory Orp' lr GSGTVSS' LUNlsDFELTL'EATRKslAff cf 1 R V- SMITH' ADA MAE ar, 1 rary a , ir eserves, ice T -D C PresidentiHomeroom, Page EditorGStar. Feasurer rum Orps MARTIN, ROSE MARIE SMITH, ELLEN Senate, Star, Girl Reserves, Student Di- Glfl Reserves- rector of Class Play, National Honor Society, Commencement Speaker, Presi- dent-Homeroom, Secretary-Class, Sen- SMITH, FLORENCE atm., Vice president-National Honor Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, Prom Society, Editor-in-Chief-Star, Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Captain-Basketball and Baseball. MCDONALD, ANN Mimeo Shop, Girl Reserves, National Honor STEINER, DALE SOC1efYfSeCfetdfYkC16SS- Monitor, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Tumbling, Class Play, Vice President- MCLAUGHLIN, IEANNE Class. Drum Corps, Girl Reserves, Senate, Office Monitor, Co-Chairman-Class Banquet, Banquet Speaker, Prom Chairman, Prom TINTI, IEAN Attendant, Monitor, Girl Reserves, Senate, Executive BoardeSenate. MORGAN, ROBERT Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball, WETSCHEL MARGARET Momtor' Class Play' Library Staff, Mimeo Shop. MUNSON, lEAN Cheerleading, Girl Reserves. YEAGER, JAMES National Honor Society, Commencement NAUGLE, RONALD Speaker, Co-Chairman-Prom, President- Monitor. Class. ...39... W A ff . .' ' L 3 Z' X1 W- f. l fri' j 417 Z ,, -,, '- 25. Z !,, L-. ff! ,1f X I I+- ' 1,1 w X f ,f A U! ffl: ffj, X ff!! I fl!!! I f JUNE1 1-usvor-'iv D. B, Z , A zz- 2 'Q' ra OFFKCERS L ez n. 5' e S R ' S V E P Q R , E s. U 72 fi NN-iZC 317127 ,CII Sf? L wk V ' L fr 1 '41- 'x'Q s ix, , le S S J' ,l if R. Puz.Lmo, Peas. O F F s c ERS5, E is M . a X 'H 3 M K ,X , V iw, ' ' J. Bmcxmonz, Sac. D. KUNTZ,TREFxS. E5.f'hTTNER,NC PRES awe endow Name - Nickname - Birthday - Description - Aim - Pet Peeve Adam, Virginia-Ginny-March 26, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-old maid-men. Almquist, Inezflney-lune 5, l928-brown hair, brown eyes-private secretary-conceiied people. Altenberger, Helenglzena-November ll, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-people who swear. Anderson, Dolores-Dee'-August 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-bookkeeper-men. Anderson, JackfAncly-December l6, l927-blonde hair, blue eyesvminister-no peeve. Anderson, Jeanne-EstherfApril 29, l928-light brown hair, blue eyesecollege graduate-'29 Nash. Anderson, Marjoriewlvlarge-December 29, 1927- auburn hair, hazel eyes-popular singer-Doroihy's silliness. Babe, Robert-lacksoneluly 18, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-aviation-bubbles. Baldwin, Frank-Baldy-May 29, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesfcertified public accountant-women. Bastow, Shirley-Shirl-March 3l, l928-brown ha ir hazel eyes-secretary-ankle socks and high heels. Baughman, Dorothy-Doi-October IO, 1928-brown hair, Becker, hair, Behan, hair, Bendig, hair, hazel eyesilearning io drive-rnoustaches. Richard-Buckeye-September 9, 1928+broWn grey eyes-artist-silly women. Ruth-Ruihy-October 13, l928alight brown brown eyes-stenographer-conceiied people. William-Chief-December l, 1927-brown brown eyes-publisher-Tribune staff members. Berarducci, Eleanor-Al-December 25, 1927-clark brown hair, brown eyes-travel-boys who brag. Betzold, Marjorie-elviargie-May 2l, 1928-brown hair, green eyes-learning to drive-sissified boys. 42... Bitting, Richard-Dick-lanuary 6, 1929wbloncle hair, blue eyes-artist-Don Kuntz. Blackmond, Edna Mae-Ernmie Mae-August 19, 1928 -blonde hair, brown eyes-competent secretary- cigars. Blackmore, Janet-lannie-1 une 30, 1928+brown hair, brown eyes-social workere-clashy clothes. Blake, RobertKBob-lune 21, 1928-dark brown hair, blue eyes-lawyer-women. Blum, Roberta-BlummykDecember 18, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesicollege graduate-student teachers. Boga, Edward-Ed-December 20, l928abrown hair, blue eyes-artist-teachers. Bolla, Dolores-Blondie-luly 10, 1928--blonde hair, blue eyes-to make Bob happy-rainy weather. Brader, Mary Louise-Louie-September 16, 1927- dark brown hair, brown eyes-to eat my supper on time -girls who dye their hair. Bradley, Noel-CookiewMay 5, 1928iblack hair, brown eyes-retirement-fpancake make-up. Breault, David-Dave-luly 15, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-engineering-people who have to get to places early. Brown, Janet-lan-lune 19, 1928Abrown hair, brown eyes-college-homework. Burgess, Terry-Suicide-March 17, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-retiring-silly wornen. Buto, Joseph-O'tub-May 20, 1928-black hair, green eyes-to finish school-worms. Cain, F1orencehF1ossie-September 4, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyesecollege-being called "Flopp." Cairns, Carolyn-Carieglanuary 11, 1928-light brown hair, blue eyes-college-caught in the rain without a rain coat. Calafato, Steve-Kelly-October 28, 1927-black hair, brown eyes-finish schoolqwomen. ...43... Carlson, MarjoriegButch-November ll, 1928-1ight brown hair, blue eyes-to traveleshoveling snow. Carr, Marjorie-Margie-August 3, 1928ebrown hair, brown eyes-work until I'm twenty-one and sleep the rest of my lite-A-soap in my eyes. Carrig, Robert+Bob-February 10, 1928ab1onde hair, blue eyes-lournalisme-fSpanish. Cauley, Mary Ann-Blondie-August 13, 1928-fblonde hair, blue eyes-nurse--cold mornings. Christie, Dorisglainkflflecember 11, 1928fbrown hair, green eyesfatextile designer-+1ong fingernails. Church, Kathleen+KayiDecember 13, 1928i brown hair, green eyes-beauticianfpeop1e that brag. Cimino, Amelia-Amy-April 29, 1928fbrown hair, brown eyes-song writer-unfriendly people. Cipriani, LawrenceaSchnozz-lanuary 23, 1928- brown hair, brown eyes-Cheese Club president- dancing. Coffman, Mary Janeflanie-November 16, 1928w brown hair, brown eyesfworkatoo many things to do at once. Cohen, Pear1+Pearly-September 30, 1928-brown hair, blue eyeskto be we11 liked by othersscookie Clusters. Cokefair, Lucette-Lou-February 17, 1929-blonde hair, brown eyes-to travelfconceited boys. Cooper, Robert-Red-December 5, 1928ared hair, blue eyes-to retire-dogpatch make-up. Coudriet, Jane-Honey-January 5, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-bookkeeper-getting up in the morning. Coyne, Thomas-Tee-February 14, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyesato stay youngf--fcarrots. Cramer, Althea Mae-Shorty-February 22, 1928-fe brown hair, brown eyes-nurse-rainy days. Dalton, Dolores-DodiefApril 21, 1928wbrown hair, blue eyesahappiness-showotfs. ...44..., Davis, Mary Janeglaney-October 8, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-college graduate-cookie clusters. Dean, Alice-Beth-November 2O, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyes-graduate--Don Thaler. DeDad, Camilla-DollyeSepien'1ber 2, 1928fbrown hair, hazel eyesffgraduaie-Vchatierboxes. DeMarco, Robert-Gfoonil-lugust 31, l927+brown hair, brown eyes-graduate-school. Desser, Mary Ann-NanniefSepiernber 24, 192 7- brown hair, blue eyes-ecollegef early rising. Devlin, Alice-Skip-August 3, l928eeblonde hair, blue eyes-nurse-rainy days. Douglas, Marilyn+Douggie-Cciober 3, 1928-Clark brown hair, green eyes-psychologist, singer-peroX- ide blondes. Driscoll, Nancy-lrish-February 8, 1928-black hair, blue eyesenavy nurse-erainy olays. Dudenhoeffer, Marian-'l'oughiefNoVei'nber 28, 1928 -brown hair, brown eyes-secretary-damp weather. Dudley, Jean-Dud-lune 19, l928ebrown hair, brown eyesenurse-high heels and bobby socks. Dunnihoo, Dale-Rusty-lune 8, l928eblonde hair, blue eyesgairline piloiktoo much make-up. Dytche, Robert-Bobby-lune 20, 1928-black hair, brown eyes-garbage collector-girls with sloppy shoes. Edder, Isabelle-lssie-February 14, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-manager of Loblaw store-socks with pumps. Eichenlaub, Joan--Eickefllugust 16, l928ebrown hair, brown eyes-Aecornrnercial artist-early rising. Engel, Margaret Jeanaleanie---eluly 19, l928fdarlc brown hair, brown eyes-teaohereteen-age smokers. Felix, Caro1fKeit'l-lanuary 28, 1929-brown hair, blue eyes-9-bookkeeper-boy scouts. ...45... Ferik, Jolanta-lo-January 6, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-dancing teacherm-rude boys. Ferraro, Gilda-A1111-December 6, 1928kblack hair, brown eyes-dress designer9kids who think they're better than others. Finnell, Cleva Jean-Redelvlarch 18, l928ered hair, brown eyesiofiice workerfgetting up in the morning. Finney, Richard-Fin-lanuary 29, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes - mechanical engineer - independent women. Fisher, William-HamboneffAugust 1, 192899 brown hair, blue eyeseto be a manvgirls. F osco, Hohn-Dee-December 16, 1928-brown hair, green eyesvmechanic-pancake make-up. F osco, SusanaSusie--December 6, 1927--brown hair, blue eyes-clerk or otfice workervgetting up in the morning. Fox, Ada Lou-Louie-August 8, 1929fblonde hair, green eyes-florist-girls with too much make-up. Foy, MaxinefMaXie-March 11, 1928ibrown hair, brown eyesfNurse9conCeited people. F racassi, Albert-Little A1fMay 30, 1928kbrown hair, brown eyes-collegeftoo much make-up. Franz, Helene-Sis-March 20, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesftypistethe way the girls walk. Franz, Lois-Lo-September 25, 1928+brown hair, green eyes--housewitefslacks. Friedrichs, Francis-shorty-lune 12, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-to retire at 21-too much make-up. F romnecht, Shir1ey+ShirlvaMay 18, 1928-reddish blonde hair, blue eyes-housewife-people. Fuhrman, Vivian-Lightning--November 18, 1928- auburn hair, green eyes-chemical engineer-com ceited people. Ganzer, Joan-linx-May 19, 1928-light brown hair, blue eyesfteacher-stripes with plaids. ...46... Giek, Jean-Ginck-lanuary 22, l929+-light brown hair, blue eyes-secretaryKsocks with pumps. Gietl, Kathrynkliay-lanuary 26, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-commercial work-bobby socks with pumps. Glass, RichardHPete-October 28, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-college-make-up. Gleichsner, James-Frenchy-lanuary 30, l929i brown hair, hazel eyes-sing like Sinatra-tell tale lipstick. Graham, Joanxloany-February 9, 1929---light brown hair, blue eyese-commercial artist-cracking gum. Gray, Edwin-Blackie-November 25, 1927-black hair, brown eyes-collegektoo much make-up. Greene, Shirlee-Smorqy-April 24, 1928-brown hair, green eyes-travel around the world with Becky+ flattery. Greene, Thomas-G-re-eniewNovember 9, l927-brown hair, blue eyesnmachinist-independent men. Guido, Antoinette-Angi-lune 4, 1928-black hair, brown eyes-housewife-sissy boys. Guss, Anna-Pat-March 22, 1928-black hair, brown eyes-private secretary-high heels with socks. Haise, Ar1eneHBrownie-April 12, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-homework. Hammond, Evelyn-Evie-March lO, l929fbrown hair, hazel eyes-travel-oonceiiecl people. Hannah, Carol-Care-lanuary IO, 1929-brown hair, hazel eyes-designermunfriendly people. Hart, Maryann-Red-April 29, 1929-auburn hair, blue eyes-see New York-conceited fellows. Hartman, Russell-Russ-November 9, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-draftsman-English. Haskins, Nancy-Nance-May 8, 1928-reddish brown hair, green eyeshsecretarywno mail. ...47... Hassler, Betty-Boots-January 13, 1929-brown hair, blue eyes-to travel-conceited boys. Heberle, Doris-Deek-October 28, 1928-dark brown hair, hazel eyes-to be successful-late arrivals. Heberlein, Irene-Hebbie-August 15, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-nurse-rocking chairs. Heckman, Audrey-Mike-May 30, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-designer-hearing things repeated. Hilbert, Ricl'1arcl+Dickv1une 28, 1928ffbrown hair, brown eyeswstay out of armykitchy pants. Hill, Ronald-Lefty-October 28, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-army of occupationesloppy girls. Hill, Warren-Pook-December 31, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyes-no ambitionxnagging girls. Hinspeter, Mary-Heinsy-March 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-to travel-long hair. Honard, Harry-Pee Wee-November 29, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-army of occupation-women. Houck, Jeannine-Ieannie-October 8, l928+brown hair, blue eyes-laboratory technicianwpeople that call me Gwendolyn. Hoyt, Charles-Junior-December 25, 1928-light brown hair, green eyes-army of occupation-women. Isl-xowitz, MildredHMickey-October ll, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-bookkeeper-rolled up pants. James, Marie-Munya-August 30, 1926-black hair, dark brown eyes-private secretary-conceited people. Jaynes, Edward-Ed-September 12, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-research chemist-short people. Jechna, Clara-Jackie-April 12, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-marriages-student teachers. Jensen, Donald-Don-March 16, l928+b1onde hair, blue eyes-happiness-women. ...48... Jensen, DorothykDot-March 16, 1928-light brown hair, hazel eyes-personal secretary,-big timers. Jensen, Jacqueline-lackie-lanuary 22, 1928-brown hair, gray eyes-housewife-no mail. Jepson, Betty-Bets-lune 13, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-housewife-no mail. Johnson, Charles-Chas-April 15, l928-blonde hair, blue eyes-no ambition-things and stuff. Johnson, Lois-lohnnie-lanuary 10, 1928-blonde hair, green eyes---commercial teacher-homework. Jordan, Patricia-Pate-AMarch 5, 1927-brown hair, gray-green eyesiphotographer-getting up early. Jordan, Robert-lokluly 13, 1928-black hair, brown eyes-retire-work. Jusczak, Helen-Butch--August 1, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-secretary-raisins and wood. Kajencki, Louise-Lou-March l, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-nurse-flashy suspenders. Kaverman, Robert-Bob-luly 16, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-accountant-conceited girls. Keane, Carol-Blondie-May 28, l928Wbloncle hair, blue eyes-college-boys who don't dance. Kelley, Jean-Ginger--luly 30, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-people who tease me. Kennedy, Claire-Kenny-November 24, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-nurse-homework. Kerr, Mary Louise-Mary Lou-February 22, 1928- blonde hair, blue eyess-sienographer-homework. Kimmel, F rances-Fran-December 25, 1928,-reddish brown hair, green eyes-to enter the University of Michigan-homework. Kinnear, Catherine Jean-Kay-April l, 1927-light brown hair, green eyes-housewife-Amy younger sister. ...49... Kirkpatrick, Audrey-Aucl-October 9, l928fblonde hair, green eyes-stenographerastubborn people. Koenig, Edwardelild-elune 25, l928fbrown hair, hazel eyesfaeronautics-girls' sloppy shoes. Konzel, Mary-AMarevlune 27, l928e'blonde hair, green eyesastenographer-envious people. Krantz, Eleanor-Krantize-December 20, l927-- blonde hair, blue eyesastenographer-people who call me Gravel Gertie. Krueger, Irwinfl. Caluly l9, l928-9 brown hair, brown eyes-esuccessfEnglish compositions. Kubiak, Mary AnnYCookievMarch 25, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-laboratory technician-rainy days. Kubinski, Helen Jeanfl-Iel'c-April 20, 1927- ,blonde hair, blue eyesfafstenographereenvious people. Kugel, Peggy Suewliugie-August 29, l928-brown hair, brown eyes-pianist-forgetting names. Kuntz, Donald-f KoontzeMarch 29, l928eblonde hair, brown eyesano ambition-big timers. LaFontaine, Howard-WhityeNovernber 6, 1928--light brown hair, green eyesAno arnbitiongflat tires at night. Laird, Phil-Flip-flvlay 23, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes -first class burn-babies crying in movies. Lazarus, Shir1eykShirl-October 7, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-radio singer-unbalanced activities. Leatherwood, Catherine-Cat-lune 8, l928-black hair, brown eyes-to travel-nicknames. Lehner, Mary Ann-Marevllecernber 10, 1928--'brown hair, brown eyesftypistewriting essays. Lemon, Mi1fordfBud-December 13, l928--brown hair, blue eyes-anything easy-English teachers. Lindsey, Kathryn-Kitty-November 20, l928abrown hair, blue eyes-kairplane stewardessfcrew-cuts. ...5O... Letterio, Vincent-Iimmy-March 24, 1928-black hair, hazel eyesvno ambition-women. Lichtinger, Ronald-Roni-October 16, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-no ambition-girls dancing to- gether. Longnecker, Jackelazz-luly 6, l929eblack hair, brown eyes-college and music-arguing women. Longo, Frank-Frank-September 16, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-to be a successghomework. Maffett, J eannewShorty-October 6, 1928-dark brown hair, hazel eyesvdesigner-crew cuts. Mahoney, Thomasehggs-April 27, 1928Ybrownish red hair, blue eyeseto beat the draft boarc1vEnglish homework. Malaszek, Irene-Rena-November 16, 1927-brown hair, blue eyes-stenographer-writing letters. Maley, LawrencefBob-April 6, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-to be a successelinglish classes. Malthaner, Mary Ann-Mergen-March 21, 1929- brown hair, hazel eyes-secretary+going places alone. Mando, VirginiafGinny-December 26, l928+black hair, brown eyesedancer-girls smoking. Markiewicz, Eleanoreflillklviay 21, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-secretary-rainy weather. Markiewicz, Joseph+Red-April 21, l928Wblonde hair, brown eyeseto be a success-art class. Marthinsen, RobertkBobm1une 5, 1928kbrown hair, brown eyeseno ambition-nosey people. Martinez, Mary-Mexican-December 8, 1928Fb1ack hair, brown eyes-beautician-big timers. Mchndrews, Jameselim-April 24, 1928-brown hair, green eyes e certified public accountant - loud mouthed people. McCarthy, Donna-Irish-November 1, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-Occupational Therapist-crew cuts. ...5l... McCullough, Margaret-Peg-October 3, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-private secretaryesloppy clothes. McCullough, Marjorie-Margie-Mlune 15, l928vbrown hair, brown eyes-bookkeeper'-carrots. McDonald, Kathryn Joan-lo-November 30, 1928- brown hair, blue eyesfstenographer-crew cuts. McLaughlin, Jeanne-leannie-lanuary 24, 1929f blonde hair, blue eyes-beauticianv-girls smoking. McNamara, Kath1eenwMacKFebruary 21, 1929e brown hair, blue eyes-college-essays. Miller, Barbara'--ButcheNovember 27, 1927flight brown hair, blue eyesisecretary-girls smoking. Miller, Peggy-Peg+August 11, 1929-blonde hair, blue eyes-bookkeeper-lonely nights. Mittner, Bettyfbettsealanuary 12, 1927ebrown hair, blue eyes-house wife-people who talk out of line. Monkowski, Marie-Butch-March 18, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyeskdietician-Spanish tests. Musolf, Rolande--fMoe-fMay 28, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-work-cats. Na9Y. William-Bill-September 23, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-to become a great manegirls. Nealing, JanegDragon Lady-lanuary 20, 1929-black hair, green eyesera life of ease-AS day. Nichols, June-lunebug-March 9, 1929elight brown hair, blue eyes-secretary-calling farmers ignorant. O'Connor, Jack-lack-May 8, 1928-brown hair, blue eyesv-to be a bum-women drivers. Olgin, E1izabethiSouth-PaweMay 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-happinessesatin shirts on boys. O11-sen, Leonard-Lennyhlvlay 12, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-B. T. O.-Crabby women. ,..52... Olsen, Joyce-loy-May 25, 1927-brown hair, hazel eyes-play in Carnegie Hall-people who don't like their pictures taken. Ottaway, Alice-Allie-May-March 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-secretary-unfinished sentences. Parker, Wilbert-Willy-luly 29, 1929-brown hair, brown eyeskgraduate-loud girls. Passmore, MariannefSiskApril 21, 1928-ebrown hair, brown eyesghappiness-people who are late. Paster, Dorothy-Dotty-lune 25, 1928-dark brown hair, hazel eyes-stenographersboys following me home at night. Patchen, Yvonne-Vonnie-lune 12, l928flight brown hair, blue-green eyes-journalists-cigar smokers. Pellican, MinniewMin-lanuary 12, 1929-brown hair, hazel eyes-journalistwwaiting for people. Peters, Dolores-ffDee Deefluly 15, 1927-Y red hair, blue eyesfprivate secretaryiwaiting for people. Peters, Shir1eyePete's-November 2, l928sblack hair, brown eyesvnurse-late dates. Peterson, Helen-Pete-December 8, 1927-blonde hair, green eyes-stenographer-clodhoppers in school. Pfirman, Wesley-Wes-lanuary 5, 1928-blonde hair, green eyes-army of occupation-girls. Pinto, Betty-Bet-December l, l928gdark brown hair, blue eyesgstenographerswriting critical composi- tions. Pitetti, Evelynflilvie-October 20, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-writing editorials. Popowski, Helen-Shorty-luly 2, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-stenographer-conceited boys. Posterli, Elrnavr-Elsflanuary 14, l928fdark brown hair, brown eyessown a storesconceited boys. Postlethwait, Jamesglirn-lune 9, l928Ablonde hair, blue eyes-lawyer-women drivers. . . . 53 . . . Pulling, Richard-Dick-September 19, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyeseengineer-homework. Radomski, Genevieve-1eaneNovember 8, 19273 blonde hair, green eyes-interior decorator--con ceited boys. Radov, Clarene-Clare-Ianuary 19, 1929-black hair, brown eyesfcollege-people who think too much of themselves. Ramandanes, William-Bill-lune 27, l928fbrown hair, brown eyes-architect-women drivers. Raupers, Pau1fFuzzyM-February 1, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-army occupation-women drivers. Ray, James-lime-November 8, 1928abrown hair, brown eyesisalesman-teachers. Rehm, Joyce+Doi DoifSeptember 7, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesestenographereboys that are always bragging. Restifo, Mariogpaul-May 19, l928ablack hair, brown eyes-to be like C. C. R.-B. T. Ofs. Rhineberger, Glenna-Butch-April 15, 1928-brown hair, brown eyesgtypist-getting out of homework. Rhodes, William-Bill-September 3, 1928+brown hair, blue eyes-teacher-women drivers. Richardson, SuzanneaSnozaOctober 9, 1928ablonde hair, blue eyes-designer-noses. Roberts, Betty-Frenchie-luly 24, 1928-light brown hair, blue eyesgdesigner-crew cuts. Robertson, Shirley-Shirl-December 26, 1928-alight brown hair, blue eyesesecretary-eboys who go to dances and don't dance. Rogers, Neal-losh-April 10, 1928-blonde hair, hazel eyes-college-hey Roeny! Roschy, Jean-klil-February 15, 1928-brown hair, green eyes-stenographer-straight hair after swim- ming class Roth, Shir1eyYShirl-October 26, 1928-light brown hair, green eyes-secretary-getting up in the morning. ...54... Rounds, Margery-MargieeOctober 28, 1927w'brown hair, brown eyes-welfare work-crew cuts. Rubner, Richard-Dick-lanuary 14, 1928-black hair, brown eyes-to be a man-girls. Rudolph, Norrnan-Norm-Novernber 12, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-college---"S" night. Ryan, Marcella-MarcyeMay 31, 1928fbrown hair, hazel eyes-nurse-big time operators. Ryan, Mary Ann-Topsyelvlay 20, l928fbrown hair, green eyes-office worke-people who don't speak if they know you. Salvia, Francesf' Frannie-August 4, 1928eblaCk hair, brown eyes-journalisteconceited people. Sansone, J0sepheHumphreyeFebruary 6, 1928-black hair, brown eyesisolve the Axe-Murder Hollow mystery-B. T. Ofs. Scepura, Teresa' Skip-August 5, 1928 blonde hair, hazel eyes-fofiice workorf oarly rising. Schaaf, Mary Louise-Pumpkin--lune 22, l927fa brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-people who know you and don't speak. Schilling, BarbaraefBarb--April 23, l928f-brown hair, brown eyes-nursevpeople who are late. Schmitt, OscareOtty-April 2, l928ebrown hair, blue eyes-doctor-regular schedules. Schonthaler, Jean-eSlirn-lune 13, 1928wbrown hair, brown eyesesecretary-conceited fellows. Schriefer, Grace-Gracie-February 7, 1929--brown hair, green eyes-stenographer-teasing. Scott, Lois-ScottieaSepte1nber 2, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyes-see the world in "Bessie"erny brother. Scully, TheresaeTerryf March 8, 1928-light brown hair, blue eyes-secretaryf red headed boys. Seblom, Janice-lan-October 27, l928vbrown hair, brown eyes-secretary-people who are late. ...55... Seiders, Barbara-Barb-May 5, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyesvbuyerawhen I can't remember names. Seiter, James-Cur1eyeFebruary 15, 1928-brown hair, blue eyeswanimal husbandry-Clarence Trot. Shaw, Autumn Marie-Princess-April 18, 1928-light brown hair, blue eyes-a teacher ot the deal-con ceitecl boys. Shields, JoanfloanieYApril 12, 1928abrown hair, brown eyes-nurse-people who tease me when 1'm mad. Shouie, Leta June-Shouief-luly 2, 1927abrown hair, brown eyesfsecretary-teasing. Silvaggi, TheresafTerry-August 8, 1928eefbrown hair, brown eyes-beauty operator-conceited boys. Sisley, Lillian-Lilly-luly 31, 1928fb1onde hair, blue eyes-stenographerato be teased about blushing. Smeltzer, Irma JoanfSmel1ie-eApri1 1, 1929--light brown hair, blue eyesnstenoqrapherafgirls that are showofts. Smith, Alice-Smitty-November 4, 1928-Abrown hair, blue eyes-stenographer-tat sailors. Smith, Carolf- SmittyaDecember 25, 1928a brown hair, brown eyes-'private seoretaryf Fergy. Smith, Hubert-Smittyelfebruary 16, 1929-brown hair, brown eyes-tool makerfDot Rhodes. Sokoloski, Aleda-SkippykSeptember 25, 1928-light brown hair, hazel eyes-stenoqrapher-Red blowing in my ear. . Sopp, Norma JeanfSallyfDecember 26, l928abrown hair, brown eyesamerchandising-anyone without a sense ot humor. Southard, Francesalfran-lune 28, 1928fdark brown hair, brown eyeswsecretary--oral reports. Southworth, Donnafleep--1-October 2, 1927-brown hair, brown eyesfhair olresserftalkative people. Spaeder, J. Carneyfloe--May 5, 1928ebrown hair, hazel eyes-medical schoolvgirls who keep me waiting. ...56... Stadler, Marj orie-Sis-1 une 28, 1928-blonde hair, blue eyesksecretary--people who don't keep promises. Stadler, Paul-Sweetpeaflanuary 17, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-rnachinistenecking. Starks, Howard-HowieeMarch 1, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-music-my car. Storaci, Dolores-wDee-fNovember 7, 1929flight brown hair, blue eyes-private secretary-conceiied people. Straub, Dorothy-Doi-Iuly 11, 1928eauburn hair, brown eyes-secretary-B. T. O.'s. Strock, Margaret-Pegeluly 5, 1928--brown hair, brown eyesegraduaieee haircuts. Swain, Ruth-BoopyfNovember 22, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-secretaryfsailors with a girl in every port. Szymula, C1araeaSclargefa November 18, 1928f brown hair, brown eyese private secretaryf being called Frecklos. Teel, Beatrice-Betty-September 19, 1927-brown hair, brown eyes-secretary-B. T. Ofs. Tobias, Harvey--fToby-'March 18, 1929- clark brown hair, brown eyes-e cartoonistff- conceiled brunottos. Toland, Sylvia-SlivereFebruary 13, 1928-brown hair, green eyes-beautician-arguing with 1-larborcreek football players. Tonelli, Josephfloeeflctober 10, 1928f'dark brown hair, brown eyesf business mane--women drivors. Trohoske, JohnfTrokefaluly 1, 1928effblack hair, brown eyesegraduateeschool. Trot, Clarence-Shor'fyfApril 12, 1928kbrown hair, brown eyes-look like lohn TrohoskeeSweetpea Siadler. Tylkoski, Theresa- Tillief- lanuary 16, 1928 blonde hair, blue eyes-eestenographere' 'boys who brag. Ubersax, Jack-lake-May 10, 1928-dark brown hair, green eyesisuccessegirls who can't sit sti11. ...57... Uhlman, MaryaMary-May 25, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-stenographer-new styles. Uplinger, Junia Etta-Uppyillecember 25, l928- light brown hair, blue eyes?-veterinarian-smirks instead of smiles. Velvet, Lorettawlaorry-December 22, l927-brown hair, blue eyes-stenographervuncooperative people. Vitelli, Silvin-Charliefluly 4, l928-fafdark brown hair, brown eyes-collegefbottle blondes. Wagner, Dolores Jane-Wag--'April 29, l928-dark brown hair, brown eyesefsecretaryfconceited boys and girls. Wagner, Shir1eyfShirl---April 28, l928fH brown hair, blue eyesvbeauty operatorfbig time operators. Walker, GordoniGorclie-lune 1, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-forestry engineerehomework. Ward, WilliameBill Williefalune l9, l928f brown hair, blue eyesato be some help to my fellow manf talkative women. Wardenga, Eleanore-EliaFebruary 16, l928-brown hair, blue eyes-research laboratory technician- boys' bow ties. Waskiewicz, Loretta- r Lalaf March 14, l928f' brown hair, green eyesgstenographergconceitecl people. Watcherson, Lois-Shorty-September 8, l927gbrown hair, blue eyes-be-auticianvconceited boys. Welker, Diane-Corkey-April l, 1928--blonde hair, blue eyes-journalist-people. Welz, Gustave-Gus-lune 27, l928e-brown hair, hazel eyesetoolmaker-redheads. Weyand, Jean--Speedie-Qctober 30, l927-light brown hair, green eyes-flyingfpeople who keep calling me short. Willert, Emi1iafEmme--'September lO, l928eblonde hair, blue eyesenursingepeople who call me Emily. Williams, Edward-EdfMay 23, l928wbrown hair, blue eyes-success-teachers. ...58... Williamson, Ruth-Billson-March 28, 1928-light brown hair, brown eyes'-housewife-moustaches. Winkoski, Teresa'Winnie-February 3, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyes-office clerk-pumps and anklets. Wright, Frances-Fodewlanuary 17, 1928-brown hair, hazel eyes-fashion illustratorepumps and socks. Yocom, Violet-SisaApril 21, 1928-brown hair, blue eyes-nurseano peeve. Young, Paul-lssymo-February 9, 1929ablack hair, brown eyes- successe-school. Marie-HoneyfSeptember 17, 1928- Youngbauer, brown hair, brown eyes-private secretary-conceited people. Yushkiewicz, Salome-Sally-February 23, 1928elight brown hair, blue eyesf-success-conceitecl people. Zielinski, Dolores--Blondiekllpril 3, 1928-blonde hair, hazel eyes-bookkeeper-eateachers giving me homework the night I go out. Zimmerman, Donna-Zim-February 28, 1928--brown hair, brown eyesn-nurse-people who think they are better than others. Kavcsak, Kathrynaliay-November 25, 1928--leaners -lots of money. Rystogi, Barbara-Barb-November 21, 1928-brown hair, green eyes-fashion designer-having to wear a hat. Hunter, Edward-eEd-luly 18, 1927-blonde hair, blue eyes-construction engineer-women drivers. Berger, Eugene-Gene-luly 26, 1927-brown hair, blue eyes-journalist-Mr. Kelly. Harf, Walter-1-larfygDecernber 28, 1928-brown hair, brown eyes-business administration-dull ties. Kinnear, Catherine Jean Trapp, Eleanor ALMOUIST, INEZ Monitor, Senator. ANDERSON, DOLORES Monitor, Red Cross Representative. ANDERSON, JACK Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Choir, Foot- ball, Basketball. ANDERSON, JEANNE Girl Reserves, Monitor, Junior Historical Society, Laboratory Assistant, Secretary of Student Senate. BABE, ROBERT Monitor, Cheerleading. BALDWIN, FRANK Swimming, Water Polo, Academe. BASTOW, SHIRLEY Girl Reserves. BAUGHMAN, DOROTHY Monitor, Mimeo Shop, Girl Reserves. BECKER, RICHARD Monitor. BEHAN, RUTH Senior Girls' Chorus, Monitor. BERARDUCCJ, ELEAN OR Monitor. BERGER, GENE Student Senate, Choir, Debating, Glee Club, President of Senate, President of Glee Club. ...6O.. cmeeaicvz BETZOLD, MARJORIE Girls' Chorus, Girl Reserves, Prom Com- mittee, Academe Financial Staff, Mimeo Shop. BITTING, RICHARD Band. BLACKMOND, EDNA MAE Girl Reserves, Academe, Office Monitor, Girls' Chorus, Prom Committee, Monitor, Publicity Committee ot Class Play. BLACKMORE, JANET Academe, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, Presi- dent-Orchestra. BLAKE, ROBERT Monitor, Star Representative, Stamp and Bond Representative. BLUM, ROBERT Orchestra, Choir, Track, Cross-Country, Co-Chairman of Prom, Senate, Hi-Y. BOLLA, DOLORES Drum Corps, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves. BRADER, MARY LOUISE Girl Reserves, Monitor. BRADLEY, NOEL Basketball, Football, Track. BREAULT, DAVID Basketball, Golf, Monitor. BROWN, JANET Drum Corps, Star Staff, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, Editor-Star, Ser- vice Chairman-Girl Reserves. BURGESS, TERRY Football, Basketball, Baseball, Monitor. I I I BUTO, IOSEPH Football, Wrestling, Track, Treasurer-IO Grade Class. CAIN, FLORENCE Monitor, Girl Reserves, Movie Monitor, Science Club. CAIRNS, CAROLYN Drum Corps, Star Staff, Academe Financial Staff, Girl Reserves, Ir. Historical Society, SecretaryGIr. Historical Society. CARLSON, MARIORIE Senate, Monitor, Drum Corps, Girl Re- serves. CARR, MARIORIE Girls' Chorus, Star Staff, Girl Reserves. CIPRIANI, LAWRENCE Football, Basketball, Track, Monitor, Glee Club, National Athletic Scholarship Society. CON LEY, MARY ANN Drum Corps, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves. COYNE, THOMAS Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Vice President-Glee Club, Vice President -lOth Grade Class. CHURCH, KATHLEEN Girls' Chorus. COHEN, PEARL Choir, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Ir. Historical Society, Class Play Committee, Librarian-Choir. COKEFAIR, LUCETTE Girl Reserves. DALTON, DOLORES Monitor, Drum Corps, Girl Reserves. ...61.. DAVIS, MARY IANE Monitor, Girl Reserves, Academe Staff, National Honor Society, Program Chairman gGir1 Reserves, Secretary+National Honor Society. DEDAD, CAMILLA Monitor, Girl Reserves, Office Monitor, Drum Corps, Senator. DEMARCO, ROBERT Football, Basketball, Track, Monitor, Glee Club, TreasurerfGlee Club. DESSER, MARY ANN Chemical Laboratory Assistant, Prom Com- mittee, Girl Reserves, President-is-Home Room. DEVLIN, ALICE Girl Reserves. DUDENHOEFFER, MARIAN Office Monitor, Mimeo Shop, Girl Re- serves, Prom Committee, Star Representa- tive. DUDLEY, I EAN Office Monitor. DUN NIHOO, DALE Football, Choir. DYTCHE, ROBERT Glee Club, Choir, Track. EDDER, ISABELLE Monitor. EICHENLAUB, IOAN Monitor, Drum Corps, Girl Reserves, Stamp and Bond Chairman. ENGEL, IEAN Girls' Chorus, Secretary, Treasurer-Home Room. FELIX, CAROL Monitor, Senator, Red Cross Chairman, Vice Presidentel-lome Room. EERIK, IOLONTA Orchestra, Girl Reserves, President and Secretaryf -eGirl Reserves. FINNELL, IEAN Drum Corps, Girls' Chorus, Girl Reserves. EINNEY, RICHARD I. V. Football. FISHER, WILLIAM Track, Wrestling. FOX, ADA LOU Monitor, Ir. Red Cross, Secretary-Ir. Red I Cross. ERANZ, HELENE Monitor. FRANZ, LOIS Office Monitor, Girls' Chorus, Vice Presi- dentvGirls' Chorus. FROMNECHT, SHIRLEY Girls' Chorus, Choir, Drum Corps. FUHRMAN, VIVIAN Monitor. GANZER, I OAN Monitor, Debating Club, TreasurerwDe- bating Club. GIEK, IEANNE Monitor, Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Treasurer-Girls' Chorus. GIETL, KATHRYN Debating Team. GLASS, RICHARD Golf. GLEICHSNER, IAMES Easketball, Monitor, Cross Country, Base- all. GRAY, EDWIN Track, Cross Country, Student Senate. GREENE, SHIRLEE Academe, Drum Corps, Office Monitor, Monitor, Girl Reserves, Class Play Com- mittee, PresidentkHome Room. GUIDO, ANTOINETTE Monitor. GUSS, ANNA Monitor, Basketball. HAMMOND, EVELYN Monitor. HARF, WALTER Cross Country, Vice President-Senate, Debating, Hi-Y. HART, MARYANN Senate. HASKINS, NANCY Marching Unit, Girl Reserves, Mimeo Shop, Office Monitor, Star Representative, Prom Committee, President-Home Room. HEBERLE, DORIS Academe, Monitor, Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Office Monitor, PresidenteGirls' Chorus. 62... HEBERLEIN, IRENE Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Movie Moni- tor, National Honor Society, President, Vice PresidentgHome Room. HECKMAN, AUDREY Drum Corps, Girls' Chorus, A Capella Choir, Girl Reserves. HILL, WARREN Monitor. HINSPETER, MARY Girls' Chorus, Office Monitor, Presidente Girls' Chorus. HONARD, HARRY Monitor. HOUCK, IEANNINE Girl Reserves. HOYT, CHARLES U Swimming, Water Polo, Track. HUNTER, EDWARD Monitor, Football, Hi-Y. ISKOWITZ, MILDRED Basketball IAYNES, EDWARD Monitor, Science Club, Chemical Labora- tory Assistant. IECHNA, CLARA Basketball. IEPSON, BETTY Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Choir. IENSEN, DONALD Baseball. IENSEN, DOROTHY Drum Corps, Girls' Chorus, Monitor, Treas urer---f Drum Corps. IENSEN, IACOUELINE Twirler, Girls' Chorus. IOHNSON, CHARLES Water Polo. IOHNSON, LOIS Chorus, Girl Reserves. IORDAN, PATRICIA Movie Monitor. I USCZAK, HELEN Senator, Librarian-Chorus. KAI ENCKI, LOUISE Girl Reserves, Ir. Historical Society, Mimeo Shop, Monitor, Horne Room Treasurer. KAVERMAN, ROBERT Cross Country, Track. KAVCSAK, KATHRYN Monitor, Drum Corps, Archery. KEANE, CAROL Girl Reserves, Academe KELLEY, I EAN Choir. 63... Girl Reserves Staff. KENNEDY, CLAIRE I Monitor, Marching Unit. KERR, MARY LOU Monitor, Ottice Monitor, Drum Corps, Girls' Chorus. KIMMEL, FRANCES Girl Reserves. KIRKPATRICK, AUDREY Girl Reserves, Star Staff, Red Cross Rep- resentative, Gym Monitor. KOENIG, EDWARD Track, Football, Science Club, National Honor Society, Senate Parliamentarian. ICONZEL, MARY Drum Corps, Girl Reserves, Monitor. KRUEGER, IRWIN Cross Country, National Honor Society, Band, Science Club, I-Ii-Y. KUBIAK, MARY ANN Girl Reserves, Ir. Historical Society, Mimeo Shop, Monitor, Secretary-Home Room. KUBINSKI, HELEN Star Stait, Senate. KUGEL, PEGGY SUE Orchestra, Drum Corps, Girl Reserves, Secretary-Orchestra. KUNTZ, DONALD Band, Swingsters, Stage Crew, Treasurer- Senior Class. LA FONTAINE, HOWARD Wrestling. LAZARUS, SHIRLEY Choir, Senator. . LEATHERWOOD, CATHERINE Gym Monitor, Girls' Chorus, Presidentv Home Room. LEHNER, MARY ANN Monitor, Girl Reserves. LEMON, MILFORD Band, Stage Crew. LICHTINGER, RONALD Band, Water Polo. LINDSEY, KATI-IRYN Monitor, Drum Corps, Chorus, Girl Re- serves. LONGNECKER, IACK Band, Orchestra, Choir, Swingsters. LONGO, FRANK Wrestling, Football. MAFFETT, IEANNE Band Twirler. MALTI-IANER, MARY ANN Monitor, Girls' Chorus, Girl Reserves, Office Monitor. MANDO, VIRGINIA Monitor, Band Twirler, Senate, Academe Statt, LibrarianfBand, Co-Business Man- agerGaAcademe. MCCARTI-IY, DONNA Girl Reserves, Drum Corps, Monitor, Sen- ate, Prom Committee, Treasurer-Girl Re- serves, PresidentfDrum Corps, Academe Statt, Mimeo Shop. MCCULLOUGI-I, MARJORIE Monitor. McDONALD, JOAN Monitor. MCNAMARA, KATHLEEN Monitor, Girl Reserves, Academe Produc- tion Statf, Office Monitor, Class Party Com- mittee, Prom Committee, Star Representa- tive, Ir. Historical Society. MILLER, BARBARA Drum Corps, Monitor, Girl Reserves, Sec- retary-Senior Class. MITTNER, BETTY Monitor, Prom Committee, Class Party Committee, Class Play Committee, Vice President-Senior Class. MONKOWSKI, MARIE Monitor, Academe Statt, Girl Reserves. NEALING, JANE Star Staff, Girl Reserves, President-Sen ate. NICHOLS, JUNE Monitor, Senator. OLGIN, BETTY Monitor, Drum Corps, Prom Committee, Girl Reserves, Historian-Girl Reserves. OLSEN, JOYCE Girls' Chorus, Orchestra, Girl Reserves, Choral Club. OTTAWAY, ALICE Girls' Chorus. PAPOWSKI, HELEN Drum Corps, Chorus, Girl Reserves. PASSMORE, MARIANN E Drum Corps, Girl Reserves. PASTER, DOROTHY Basketball, Monitor, Mimeo Shop, An nouncement Committee. PATCHEN, YVON N E a Academe Staff, Drum Corps, Science Club Girl Reserves. PELLICAN, MINN IE Girl Reserves. PETERS, DOLORES Girl Reserves. PETERS, SHIRLEY Movie Monitor, Girl Reserves, Class Ex ecutive Board. PFIRMAN, WESLEY Monitor, Water Polo, Senate. PULLING, RICHARD Senate, Tennis, Prom Committee, Academe Staff, National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Presi dent-llth and l2th Grade. RADOMSKI, JEAN Movie Monitor, Senator. RADOV, CLARENE Girl Reserves, Monitor. RAMANDANES, WILLIAM Baseball, Hi-Y. RAUPERS, PAUL Football, Track, Glee Club ..65... Monitor. RAY, I AMES SCHILLING, BARBARA ' 'A""', 1' Monitor, Golf Team ' ' N R ' i' Girl'Reserves,"'Prom Committee. ' ' REI-IM, IOYCE SCHMITT, OSCAR Choir, Girls' Chorus, Office Monitor. Monitor, Academe Staff, Prom Committee I-Ii-Y, TreasurerfClass and Senate, Presi clent--A Senior Class. RICHARDSON, SUE Girls' Chorus, Monitor, Office Monitor, Drum Corps, Choir, Girl Reserves, Vice SCI-IONTI-IALER, IEANNE Q Presidente----Drum Corps. ' Girl Reserves, ROBERTS, BETTY SCOTT, LOIS Girl Reserves. Girls' Chorus, Choir, Monitor, Girl Re serves, Senate, Drum Corps, Treasurer Drum Corps and Choir. ROBERTSON, SHIRLEY Monitor, Girls' Chorus, Mimeo Shop, Office Monitor. SCULLY, TI-IERESA Monitor, Choir. ROGERS, NEAL Band, Wrestling. SEBLOM, IANICE Monitor, Mimeo Shop, Office Monitor. ROTI-I, SHIRLEY Girls' Chorus, Academe Staff, Girl Re- SEIDERS, BARBARA SGFVGS, MUTIGO Shop, PTOTH COTf11'UitT9G- Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Prom Com mittee. ROUNDS, MARGERY Office Monitor, Mimeo Shop. SHOUEY, LETA JUNE Office Monitor, Movie Monitor. RUBNER, RICHARD Movie Operator. SILVAGGI, THERESA Girl Reserves. RUDOLPI-I, NORMAN Monitor, Class Play Committee, Prom Com- SISLEYI LILLLAAN mittee, Class Party Committee, Hi-Y. Swimming, Library Staff. RYAN, MARY A-NN SMELTZER, IOAN 05109 MO1'11tOI1 Senator- Monitor, Mimeo Shop, Girl Reserves. RYSTGGI, BARBARA SMITH, ALICE Girl RGSGFVGS- Monitor, Library Staff, Mimeo Shop. SCEPURA, TERESA SMITH, CAROL Monitor, Mimeo Shop, Girl Reserves. 0I'Ch9SfT5, ChOiI', MUTISO Shop. SCI-IAAF, MARY LOUISE SMITH, HUBERT Office Monitor, Band Twirlinq. Wrestling. ...66... SOI-IOLOSKI, ALEDA VITELLI, SILVIO Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus. Water Polo. SOPP, NORMA WAGNER, DOLORES Girl Reserves, Prom Committee. Girls' Chorus, Choir. SOUTHARD, FRANCES WALKER, GORDON Swimming, Library Staff. Monitor, Wrestling, Baseball, Senate. SOUTHWORTH, DONNA WASKIEWICZ, LORETTA Girl Reserves, Christmas Play. Movie Monitor. SPAEDER, CARNEY WATCHERSON, LOIS Ir. Historical Society, Presidentklr. His- Gym Monitor. torical Society. WELKER, DIANE STOCKWELL, IOSEPHINE Academe, Ir. Historical Society, Girl Re- Chorus, Monitor, Library Staff. Serves, STORACI, DOLORES WEYAND, IEAN Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus, Music Club. Girl Reserves. STROCK, MARGARET WILLERT, EMU-,IA Girl Reserves, Senator, Office Monitor. Drum Corps, Cheerleaders Club, Girl Re. serves, Star Representative. STRAUB, DOROTHY Girls' Chorus, Girl Reserves. WILLIAMS, EDWARD Cross Country, Track, National Honor Society, Senator, Prom Committee. A SZYMULA, CLARA Drum Corps, Movie Monitor. WRIGHT, FRANCES Office Monitor, Art. TOBIAS, HARVEY Star Staff, Wrestling, Hi-Y. YUSHKIEWICZ, SALOME Drum Corps, Movie and Gym Monitor. TOLAND, SYLVIA Marching Um' ZIELINSKL DoLoREs National Honor Society, Senator, Star Rep- resentative, President-Home Room, EX- UBERSAX, IACK - B - Academe, Monitor, Assembley Committee, ecutwe Oard Senate' Senate. ZIMMERMAN, DONNA Majorette of Band, Girl Reserves, Senate, UHLM-AN, MARY Office Monitor. Drum Corps, Monitor. HARF, WALTER VELVET, LORETTA Senate, Cross Country, Debating, Hi-Y, Movie Monitor, Senator. Vice President of Senate. ...67... First Row N. Weed, K. Honard, R. Teuliert, E. Sawte1le, 1. Wrorielc, D. Anderson. Second Row' E. Dennision, D. Whitehead, E. Sundberq, lF.b1ieIlElgn1ZeMCLaiiqlml1n, G. Burns, R. Hill, R. Shields. Third Row---1. Headlund, G. Hershelman, D. Schuma h T Lepich, G. Rucker, H. Kn pp age Z Independent Scoringf 11 Games l7'layutl 1'1lUi51 CI1.1rll'1,lfl'fl. , , ,....... C1i'1'rllC,1 131111153 I?1aY91' Points Games Most points lor season ..,......,. Richard Kelit 185111 -AA4b V 4,-- 'A--- 8 I1 1 1 Most points per game ......,. ..., R ichard Kehl M01-'GUQl1l1U 4--" A - -34 9 Committed most tou1s Gera1d Burns, Russe11 Hi1l SOuthWOfth ---- - - -35 9 Most improved over season Leonard MoLaugh1in D9UU1S1OU -4--A 1 - - 17 10 Best passing ..........,...,.... Gerald Burns Hill ---4-'-'-'4 4 ' - 18 8 Best p1ay on bankboards ....... ..,. R usse11 H111 H9FSl'19lmGU -4--- - 1 - 15 9 Most popular with fans .....,.,... Richard Keh1 BUTU5 --'-"--'--A"-"----' 13 1 1 Letter-men f Burns, Kehl, Denniston, Hi11, Southworth, 1V1cLaugh1in, Whiteman, Sundberq, Total SCO!-ing Shie1ds. City Series Scoringe 10 Games P1aYe1' Polnts Games Player Points Games Kehl .,.,,..... .... 1 78 19 Kehl ,........ .... 9 7 8 McLaughlin .,,.. .,,. 1 14 18 McLaughlin ..... .... 7 7 9 Southworth .... . . 88 19 Burns ,..,.,.. .... 4 4 11 Burns ....... . . 57 22 Denniston ..... .,.. 3 9 10 Denniston ...... , . 56 20 Southworth ..... ..., 3 3 9 Hershelman ,.... .... 4 8 19 Hershelman ..... .... 3 2 10 Hil1 ..... .,.... .... 3 8 17 Hill ........ . . ..., 20 9 drm H ii. L. Bufaws Kem.. Suuoaezac, DeNNns-row MQLGUGHLIN First Rowe K. Messing, I. Walker, S. Bull, R. Shoup, C. Barber, G. Mitchell, R. Hoaglfinfl, H, Smith. Second Row F. lawrence, II. Lat-oniaiiio, G. Walker, C. Pollican, T l?o1:ube1'ry, M. Rcslifo. Third Row7C. Muiiiosz, I. Walters, D. Ulrich, l". Longo, R. Waclilcr, I. liulo, I. Cuilxiw, R. Aindl. Standingff Mgr. W. Gruaiilnlalt. Wee ' Wrestling was not introduced as a scholastic sport until 1931 . . . at its start it was considered as merely an extra-curricular activity . . . during this past season enthusiasm for the sport gained impetus . . . There is much more involved in wrestling than the grunting, groaning, and the breaking of bones that takes place on the mat . . . a sub- stantial endurance must be developed . . . it is sometimes necessary for a wrestler to lose as much as 5 per cent of his body weight in order to compete in his weight class . . . the learning of the proper procedures connected with the sport reguires months of work before the season actually starts . . . The outcome of a wrestling match is one of three ways: a pin, the word itself denoting the meaning, a decision, which is concluded through a point system, and a draw, which is Under the excellent coachmanship of Mr. Orris Sheldon, the Academy matmen completed the season successfully . . . it is true that no team championships were won . . . figures and cal- culations are enough to prove that the season was a successful one . . . The lettermen and the weights they wrestled are: Iohn Walker, 95 lbs., Ray Stroup, 103 lbs., Ken Massing, lO3 lbs., lerry Mitchel, 112 lbs., Hubert Smith, 120 lbs., Mario Restifo, 127 lbs., Cosmo Pellican, 133 lbs., loward La Fontaine, 138 lbs., Frank Longo, 145 lbs., lohn Walters, 154 lbs., Ioe Kohler, 165 lbs., loe Buto, 185 lbs. . . . seven of these wrestlers will return for next years season . . . The Academy wrestlers engaged in a total of twelve matches, winning seven and losing five . . . high scorer for the season was loe Buto, with a total of 41 points . . . statistics show that Academy scored a total of 319 points and their opponents, 175 points . . . the blue and gold had 32 pins, 49 decisions, and 6 draws: the opposi- tion totaled 14 pins, 31 decisions, and 6 draws . . . also decided upon by points. vjb Results of Dual Meets Academy Opponents Academy 42 ........ , . . 5 East 5 ..... ...... . 38 36 .... ...ll Tech 6 ..... ....31 28 .... , , . 10 Strong Vincent 25 ..... . . . .16 33 .... . . . 12 Lawrence Park 6 ..... . . . .35 14 .... ..., 2 5 Farrell 25 ..... .... 1 6 15 .... .... 2 7 Greenville 18 .,.. ..., 1 5 ...69... First Rowf L. Cipriani, T, Coyne, D. Breault, N. Carr, H. Farribauqh, E Barthleson, R. Morgan. Second Row7C. Srt.ulf'a, F Denniston, R Kmpe, T. Burgess, R Roseguist, I. Hammond, I Sonnenberg, M. Wolfe, Mgr. C Penske. Third Row Mgr. R. Hill, H. Bean, M Yomtob, l. Bartnmki, C, Suridberq, R, Coston l, Folqa. Standing' Coach Komom Wmadzfq Zowkelfali "That Academy was down this year, can be seen by its record. Ct course all schools and material runs in cycles. As we were at our lowest level the only thing that we can see now is a brighter tuture with excellent material coming up from the championship l. V. sguad. We hope tor a decided improvement in the years to come." Coach l. Kamora Most outstanding player ........ Robert Morgan Most points per season .,,.,.... Thomas Coyne Most points per game .... , . .Lawrence Cipriani Played most quarters ,........ Einar Barthelson Best foul shooter ,........ ,..... R obert Morgan Committed most touls i...,, Robert Morgane Thomas Coyne Best play on bankboards ...... Robert Roseguist Best passing ability ..,.... . .Lawrence Cipriani Best tloor man ......,.,.... Lawrence Cipriani Most popular with tans ....,.... Robert Morgan Most improved throughout season ....,..,. . . Robert Roseguist Biggest line ....,. .,...,.,..... T homas Coyne Best looking ....... ........,, E inar Barthelson Most exciting game. Academy-Vincent-Vincent drm Basketball Scores Academy Opponent 34 ....... .... D unkirk. . . l l .... .... R rep ...,.,.,.. 35 .... ..,. l amestown .... . 40 .... .... L awrence Park. 32 .... .... E ast ......... . . 32 .... .... L awrence Park, 34 ,... .... T ech .,....,.,. 34 ,,.. .... M eadville ,.,.,. 55 .... .... V incent ....,. l9 .... .... B radtord .,... 34, , . . .... Meadville. . . . 22 ,.., .... R rep ....,. 44 .... ,... T itusville ..... 4l ..,. ,,,. E ast ,.... .... 25 ..,. .... A shtabula .,.. 39 .... .... V incent .... 32 .... .... T ech ..,.. . 34 ..,. .... V incent .... 3l ..,. .... P rep ....., 32 . . . ..., Titusville. . . . . 27 .... .... T ech ..... , 22 .,.. ,... E ast .... Score ....27 .,,.l9 . .,.. 29 lQ ....52 i..,22 . .... 58 ..,.22 ...,45 ....42 ..,.29 ....26 ....46 ...,42 ....44 ,...43 ...53 ....47 ....4O ..,,22 ,MBU J HS ix WW? BARTHELSON 7i, l FA RNBAqL3i54H CARR i A .I ' ,f MORGAN Cwvmamm COYNE Flrst Rowflf Souiharrl, l.. Sisley, 5 Smith, P. l.un:lfelt, Z. Lancet, E. Gillette. Second Row D Vansile, M Olson, M. Mueller, Miss M. Borlnfe-, l,. Bliven, M. Barr. Third Row'f'C. Rupp, V. Carr, A. Kosicki, A. Cowley, D. Fennel, D Snyder. Jimmy Zak! ' Found in most all libraries . . . Academy's staff has sixteen members . . . two are usually found in each period and after school . . . each has her own particular duties . . . arranging magazine racks, bulletin boards and books . . . taking charge of all new magazines and news- papers . . . filing and checking cards in the card catalog . . . making a written record of all new magazines . . . charging out books . . . checking the condition of books and making repairs . . . watering plants . . . shelving books . . . keeping tables, cupboards and racks neatly arranged . . . marking books for circulation . . . taking care of reference material . . . being door monitor . . . The staff offers a valuable vocational train- ing . . . a 'lstepping stone" for future jobs . . . also college preparatory training . . . students gain an appreciation for books and their care . . . The following students are not in the picture: Beryl Kath, Lois Ross, Vivian Ray. Doretta Curry, Dorothy Ervin, Charlotte Sherred, Clarene Radov, Eugene Berger, lean Maffet, loan Matczak, Helen Toflinski, Eugene Radov, and Betty Roberts. mjd ...72... First Row F Wardenrqa, K Gietl, L. Weinqard, K. Yentes, R. Magee, Second Rawflvirs. L. Steimer, R. Levine, P. Legters, I. Ganzer, A. Grimaldi. Uelatflag mm . . . much more is connected with debating than merely the argumentation . . . this activity in- volves hours, and possibly days ot research work betore the weathered debater would even consider setting toot on the speakers stand. "Resolved, that every able bodied male citizen in the United States should be required to have one year ot tull time military training betore attaining the age ot 24." This was the topic that created much controversy in debates between Academy and Harborcreek, Girard, North East, Strong Vincent, Wesleyville, Millcreek, and rf. Lawrence Park. In modern debates the purpose is to win the confidence ot the observing audience . . . debates are not decided upon as having been victorious or not. Academy's debating team is a member ot the "Lake Erie Debating League" . . . At the end ot the season there was a debate at Allegheny College in Meadville . . . Throughout the season each member ot a team rated each member ot the opposing team. At the end ot the season the points were computed and the debaters from each school who had the greatest number ot points, debated at Allegheny in a tournament tor debaters from Northwestern Pennsylvania. ln spite ot the tact that almost every member of the team was new this year, learning to debate was not too much of an ettort because ot the close cooperation between the debaters and their faculty advisor. Qtticers ot the debating team this past season were: President, Louis Weingard, Secretary, Eleanor Wardengap Treasurer, Ioan Ganzer. rjb ...73... First Row-I. Krueger, I. Yeager, E. Koenig, R. Pulling. Second Row-M. I. Davis, M. Lozier, S. Bretz, I. Gryqier, R. M, Martin, R. Gordman, l. Heberlein, M. Seratini. Third RowiC. Harbold, Miss M, Lockwood, Miss F. Stull, Mr. I. Fiorelli, Miss W. Mong, Miss T. Strauch, Miss G. McHale, I. Brown. Fourth Rowf-A. McDonald, I. Seblom, P. Miller, H. Sapper, E. Williams, B. Jenkins, D. Zielinslci, A. Lepich, P. Lundfelt, C. Rupp. ' Wanna ' ln the National Honor Society picture can be seen its emblem. The flaming torch is the symbol of the Society's purposes: "To bear onward and forward the searching light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life, and to serve in consideration of others. "On the selective basis of leadership, ser- vice, scholarship, and character, each type of student is awarded a place in the National Honor Society." The criterion of scholarship de- termines the list of candidates for membership. Annual inter-school banquet . . . sponsored by Tech . . . held at Business and Professional Woman's Club . . . initiation . . . at Y. W. C. A. . . . theme of circus performers prevailed. OFFICERS First Semester President ......... ............ l oseph Grygier Vice President .... .... R osemarie Martin Secretary ....... ......, S hirley Bretz Treasurer ....... ,....... R ichard Gordman Second Semester President ........ ......... E dward Koenig Vice President .... .,... l rwin Krueger Secretary .....,. .... M ary Jane Davis Treasurer ...... . . .Edward Williams jeb ...74... Sitting R Sornmerhol, S. Davis, D Matson, l. Walker, F. French, W Guelcher, P. Oster, T. Koenig First RowfB. Hatch, L. Scott, D. Brower, D, Rowlioiioin, O. Schmitt, I. Nealing, Mr. l. Balla, T. Parick, l. Anderson, E. Koenig, M.Seraf1ni, D. Htirtone. Second Row- B. Shieliirz, F. Chris- toph, H. Harris, C. Lochner, R. Bloxdorl, R. Sopp, G. Rucker, l. Fiero, G. Walker, l... Maley. Third Row N. Brown, G. Linder, N. Anderson, l. White, l? Trimble, l. Yaple, E. Meyer, S. Anderson, P. Durnell, M. Raciov, R. M. Zimmerman, CT. Hannah, B. lohrision. Fourth Row H Kuluinski, L. Nagle, M. Cramer, M. Malin, l. Alnryiiist, B. Rosenthal, R. Fitzgerald, W. Bendiq, F. Canning, M. Hart, M. Boldt. M. 1. Marcella, D. Zielinski, M. Surdy. "The Student Senate will sponsor an amateur show in May. Can you sing, dance, recite or play an instrument? The musical comedy revealed a lot of unex- pected talent. The Senate Amateur show should bring to light other talented Academy students. Watch for later announcements." This active organization gives opportunity for student body to express themselves collectively . . . democratic procedure . . . various offices include, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian . . . standards for officers as set up in constitution include: must maintain an average of "c" or better . . . all candidates who run for office must have attended Academy High School for at least one year . . . should under- stand powers and duties of an officer . . . petition of two hundred names makes it possible for the student to run for office . . . he in turn presents himself, and his plans to improve the school to the faculty and student body . . . then election day! Representatives to this group are selected from each homeroom . . . minimum average of Nc" in scholarship gualifies a student . . . they report back to their homerooms the business and results of the meeting . . . serve one semester . . . may be reelected. "Gavel Day" . . . presentation of new officers and home- room representatives . . . traditional ceremony opens with pledge of allegiance to the flag . . . the gavel is given back to Mr. Ray . . . Mr. Ray then gives it to the new president . . . the gavel! . . . a symbol of authority . . . was made from a piece of wood from the famous old "Niagara" . . . ceremony closes with llGod Bless America." emb OFFICERS President ........ .....,..... .,.. l a ne Nealing Vice President ,... .,... l oanne Rarick Secretary ..... . . . . .leanne Anderson Treasurer ,..... , . .Qscar Schmitt President .,...... . . .Bruce l-larris , Vice President .... .... R ay Sopp Secretary ...... . .Betty Nantes l Treasurer. . . . .loan White l ...75... 0 OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ..,..,.............. lanet Blackmore President .,....,,...,........ lanet Blackmore Vice President .... . . .Roger Hoagland Vice President .,.. , ...... Lois Dickson Secretary ..,...4. .... P eggy Sue Kugel Secretary ...... ,.... 4 . .Peggy Sue Kugel Treasurer ,,.. . . Robert Falkewitz Treasurer .... 4 , , , ..... , , 4 . 4lack Andrae Librarian. . . .... Alice Kuivenen Librarian, . 4 . . .Carolyn Leehmuis and Glena Rhinberger First Row R. Schneider, G. Dietrich, R. Gruver, G. Swartztager, R. Martin, R. Gigliotti, M. Scharrer, M. A. Ryan, L. Dickson. Second Row l. Schweitzer, A. Kuivinen, l. Blackmore, R. Hoagland, R. Falkewitz, G. Ghinelverger, T. Magee, A. Kingsley. Third Row' -T. Andrae, B, Sweet, P. Kugel, S. Bretz, E. Miller, l. Olsen, R. Stinson, G. Burt. Oldest musical organization at Academy . . . founded same year as school was built, l92O . . . Miss lsadora Schweitzer, able and willing con- ductor . . . sets high ideals for orchestra mem- bers . . . arranged for them to attend a Metro- politan Opera in Cleveland, Chic. Fine tone guality . . . blending . . . technique , . . reading ability . . . standard classical music as well as popular musical comedy selections . . . Mottoel'To always be prepared" . . . two formal concertsfa year . . . assembly programs . . . theater pit music for class plays . . . mid-year commencement . . . concert master chosen each year . . . superior musical ability and depend- ability are reguisites . . . 'lpitch fork" for entire orchestra . . . Roberta Martin received the honor for this past year. Instrumentation lO Violins . . . 2 violas . . . 2 cellos . . . 2 string basses . . . l flute . . . 5 clarinets . . . l alto saxaphone . . . 2 tenor saxaphones . . . l French horn . . . 4 trumpets . . . l trombone . . . 3 pianists . . . l tympani . . . l drums. pcc ..76... ., 7,,,. . WWW First Semester President ...... .....,........ W illiam Bendig Vice President .... ........ T om Coyne Secretary .,..,,. , . .Einar Barthelson Treasurer. ,... .,.. R obert Delvfarco Second Semester President ........ ............. E ugene Berger Vice President .... . . .William Bendig Secretary ....... ...... l ohn F olga Treasurer ..... .,., P aul Raupers First Rowswl. Lupo, V. Schauble, E. lepson, F, Gifford, L. Cipriani, L. Locastro, R. DeMarco, I. Folga, P. Rosenthal. Second Row ff-' R. Matteson, I. Sweet, W. Grumblatt, C. Barthelson, l. Buto, Mr, O, Grender, A. Fracassi, L. Tino, B. Fera, R. Dytche. Third RowfP. Holland, P. Hatch, l, Ghrner, I. Chizmadna, R. Gott, P. Raupers, I. Carey, D. Churchill, G. lohnson, R. Bunting. Fourth Row- I. Anderson, D. Carr, L. Anderson, N. lfaxillcrier, B. Mclfenyie, C. Verdecchia, l. Gryqier, W. Bendig, l. Sansone, l. Whitehead, C. Sundberg, L. Shatter. Since 1930 the Glee Club has been under the capable direction of Mr. Grender . . . Boys of both the lr. and Sr. High make up this singing club . . . they do not necessarily have to be Eddys or Melchoirs, but must merely possess a sense of rhythm and enjoy singing such rousing songs as "Stout Hearted Men" . . . although it is probable that most of these boys will not continue with singing, this training will provide them with a good deal of entertainment in the future . . . Every day before first period, the boys can be seen tramping down the back stairs humming some familiar tune . . . first period seems to be the traditional period for the meeting of this singing group, as it has met during this period for many years . . . The Glee Club has served as a major step- ping stone for the choir. . . it provides male voices for the bass and baritone sections of our much traveled Acapella Group . . . much en- joyment is reaped by the boys from their trips to other schools and their part in the annual Christmas and Spring concerts . . . This past semester, much effort was put forth by the boys in order to raise money to purchase uniforms for public appearances . . . rjb 77... ,. . way. Stan Sitting 5' Hoyt, R Bloxdorf, R. Sopp, A. Reed, D. Reed, l. Otta Salvia, B, Larson, l. Williams, F. Kowalski, Coach l. Milkovic. , , 1945-46 marked ACddGHlYlS most in- effective swimming season . . . lost every meet . . . chief cause-4 lack of experienced men . . . only three men back from last year . . . lost two of those be- fore city series started . . . new candidates predominately crawl-stroke swimmers . . . no experienced backstroke or breast-stroke swim- mers . . . no experienced divers . . . Have a brighter future . . . only one Senior on this year's squad . . . returninq will be: eight Sophomores, four luniors, four Seniors . . . all swimmers consistently bettered their times this season . . . looking forward to a much better season next year . . . Boys who show promise areeflack Williams, 9th Grade, back-stroke swimmer, Frank Salvia, lGth Grade, breast-stroke swimmer, Leo Palmieri, lOth Grade, diver, lack Hellweqe, 9th Grade, ding' pl, Sampson, R. Houck, R. Konlcol, l... Palmieri, T. Koenig, lx diver, Richard Houck, llth Grade, crawl-stroke swimmer, Ray Bloxdorf, llth Grade, crawl- stroke swimmer, David Reed, 9th Grade, crawl' stroke swimmer, Arthur Reed, llth Grade, crawl-stroke swimmer, Ray Sopp, lOth Grade, crawl-stroke swimmer, lames Ottaway, 9th Grade, crawl-stroke swimmer. Lettermen: Ray Sopp, Richard l-louck, Ray Bloxdorf, lames Gttaway, David Reed, Arthur Reed, Frank Salvia, Leo Palmieri, lack Williams, Charles Hoyt. l. Mifkovic SCORES Academy Opponent Score 23 ......... ,... M eadville ,..,, ..,... 3 7 20 ..,...,. .... E ast .,.,,.. . .... 55 27 ..... .,.. T ech ...... .... 4 8 l6 ..... ..., V incent ..., .,,. 5 9 24... ,.., East ,..,,.. . ,...5l 27. . . .... Meadville ..... . , , .48 33.,. .... Tech ,.,., . ....42 27. ,. .... Vincent .... . . . .48 l. Minimum of thirteen units Cl3O creditsl in the 10th, llth, and 12th grades. 2. Ot these thirteen units, nine must be in three-year and two-year sequences. 3 three year sequences or l three year sequence and 3 two year sequences 3. Required subjects: a. English must be taken every year. 3 units are required. English 8 fCommercialD is for advanced commercial students only. b. Two units ot social studies are requiredg three are recommended. c. Biology is required ot all students entering lOth grade. d. A minimum in physical education of two periods per week-9th thru l2th grades. e. Designated Health instruction is required ot all pupils entering the llth grade. pcc ...70... UNDFRQLASSMPN , 'X pr A M m 5 E, 1 ' " F -af' f x ., .,.:- Q f 1 W W f's1.:W,, , a zfsg ZW: all F, E f I 9 may , A A . f A' Q 1 ' A 4 ' W 1 L -I f. 5: f A I- Q Y , CQ w,,, - -fn FV A IQ . ,: 1 ...8O... " ' ' fx ,rr Q, Ex A! if' 3 J' ig Q L :xv f Vi Q ff r X s 9, ' Q5 N, ,Ag - , 9 -rf 3? S '9 s.-H. fri! 4 Arnold, Bernice Bauschard, Charlecn Becker, Margaret Burger, Nancy Burger, Dolores Carey, Donna Carson, Wanda Curry, Doretta DeFoy, Virginia Doran, Carol Dutrizac, lean Achille, lulio Baker, Sam Cantor, Donald Dalbor, lohn DeArment, Vince Dennick, Louis DiNardo, Anthony Faulkner, Norman Fields, Benny Geier, lack Allen, 1anet Alwens, Louise Amann, Shirley Anderson, Nancy Arduini, Norene Bartlett, Shirley Battle, Bessie Bednarowicz, Irene Benecka, Dorothy Benz, Mary Bird, Grayce Bish, lean Black, Margaret Bliven, Louisa Bobb, Charlotte Bonace, Barbara Borawski, Theresa Boyer, Rachel Braccini, Mary Lou Brader, Patricia Brewer, Marjorie Brown, lanet Caccamise, Margaret Camp, Dolores Carlin, 10 Anne 12-1 Girls Eichler, Maxine Falcone, Donna Fratto, Sarah Frost, Bette Goodyear, Virginia Habczyk, Celia Hagmann, loanne Kane, Frances Kath, Pauline Malm, Marilyn Morrison, Mary 12-1 Boys Hoffman, Ralph Kellogg, Hugh Kerr, Richard Kinney, lack Krape, Ronald Kubeja, Alfred Larson, Robert Lee Maines, George Pellican, Anthony Penski, Carl 11-2 Girls Carr, Ruth Chase, Donna Marie Cochran, Dorothy Connolly, Dorothy Cowley, Alberta Crawford, Virginia Daubenspeck, loan Daugherty, Ruth Davies, Betty Lou Decker, Dolores Demuling, Maxine Dickson, Lois Dombrowski, Sophie Dropsho, Irene Dudenhoefer, Donna Dunbar, Barbara Evans, Marjorie Ferrick, Margaret Finazzo, Angeline Finley, Margaret Findley, lacgueline Fisher, Velma Forfia, Frances Frame, Marjorie Glass, lean Mueller, Marilyn Myers, Donna Glson, Marjorie Ray, Vivian Rockingham, Nancy Rupp, Carol Schaal, Donna Shaffer, Pauline Smith, Allie Ruth Vaughn, Vivian Wolf, Kathleen Rieder, Leroy Rolph, Leslie Rosenthal, Paul Roseguist, Robert Roumfort, Robert Smith, Gilbert VanDamia, Anthony Vetrone, Leonard Wassell, William Wood, Merle Yomtob, Morey Godleski, Theresa Golembieski, Lillian Grandy, Bernice Grimaldi, Camille Goetz, Donna Grover, Lorayne Gualtier, Marie Gualtier, Sylvia Gustafson, Eleanor Hakel, Catherine Hanes, Maxine Harned, Edna Herbstritt, loyce Herman, Betty Herriman, Patricia Hess, Anne Hess, Mary Hinderliter, Velma Hitzelberger, Dolores Hogan, lean Holland, Shirley Hoover, Audrey Hubert, Mary Huegel, Nola Humm, Kathryn lacovetta, Ida lagodzinski, Alice lankowska, Theresa laskiewicz, Dorothy lenks, Theresa lohnston, Betty lones, Mary Elizabeth Kelly, lane Kent, Marjorie Kinkaid, Karol Knight, Margery Kohler, Dorothy Ann Kosicki, Dorothy Kratt, Rose Marie Kujkowski, Theresa Langowski, lrene Lanigan, Margaret Lanuha, Marion Larsen, Rose Marie Lasher, lean Lauer, Eileen Lazenby, Gerry Legters, Phyllis Levine, Ruth Loettel, Mary Frances Loesch, Rose Marie Longstreet, lsabel Loomis, Mary Lopez, Yolanda Lynch, Alice MacFayden, Sally Magee, Dolores Maher, Patricia Malory, Nina Mang, Winitred Marsh, Esther Marshall, Helen Marther, Thelma Martin, Roberta McCullough, Shirley McGaughey, loy McKenzie, Natalie Meyer, Audrey Milani, Patricia Miller, Betty Miller, Helen Morschhauser, Marga ret 11-2 Girls Mowrey, Gertrude Mrozowska, Florence Nanni, Rose Marie Nantes, Elizabeth Niethamer, Evelyn Nietupski, Florence Notley, Isabelle O'Brien, Norma Ogrodowczyk, Theresa Olken, Leona Olowinski, lrene Olsen, Dorothy Olson, Doris Oshinsky, Gertrude Oster, loan Ostrowski, Theresa Osuna, Carmen Owens, Audrey Papucci, Elizabeth Parker, loyce Pettorini, Hilda Pierce, Margery Pietrasiewicz, Dorothy Plonski, Theresa Porter, Blanche Przybyszewski, Theresa Rataloski, losephine Rarick, loanne Redmond, loan Rieder, Audrey Rieder, lune Roberts, lanice Rosenstiel, lean Ross, Lois Rounds, Lois Rowbottom, Della Rutkowski, Anna Rys, loanne Scharrer, Marilyn Schersching, Martha Schneider, Elaine Schneider, Rose Schwindt, leanne Searle, Betty Sedler, Helen Seidl, Ruth Sherred, Charlotte Skladanowski, Theresa Slodownik, Evelyn Smith, Evelyn Smith, Mabel Snautfer, Clarene Stark, Margaret Stillwell, Nancy Sucharski, Helen Sullivan, loan Swanson, Shirley Szymczak, lrene Thayer, Lois Timler, Mary Todd, lune Tomkinson, Susan Travis, Elsie Troppichini, Rita Vanucci, Geraldine VanSile, Dorothy Veit, Noretta Veneziano, Christine Volgstadt, Lois Wadsworth, Mary Alice Wagner, Mary Ann Wally, Dolores Watson, Mary Frances Weigel, Gwendolyn Wernicke, Virginia White, Alice White, loan Wiler, Elsie Wilkins, lane Williams, Audrey Wilson, lean Withers, Nancy Yentes, Kathryn Yezzi, Marcelline York, leannette York, Mary Young, Eunice Young, Margaret Yushkiewicz, Florence Zaczyk, Theresa Zipper, loyce Zwilling, Margaret Zyskowski, Theresa Ahl, William Aikens, Douglas Albert, Paul Allen, Daniel Anderson, Wilbert Baldwin, Richard Barber, Charles Barthelson, Einar Bartnicki, lohn Bartoszek, Edward Bean, Harvey Benning, Albert Berg, Lewis Bloxdorf, Raymond Boniger, William Bonnell, lames Borawski, loseph Brzozowski, Leonard Bundy, Philip Bunting, Robert Burger, lohn Capozzielo, Vincent Carey, lames Carlson, Bertil Carr, Norman Case, lohn Christoph, Robert Churchill, Donald Conaway, Eugene Considine, l ames Cook, Carl Coon, Roger Coston, Richard Couse, lames Crane, Gilbert Cyterski, Stanley Darling, Richard Daub, Gerald Denniston, Francis Duino, Russell Eaton, Robert Ellis, Marvin Engel, lames Finch, Howard Firmon, Bernard 11-2 Boys Fitzgerald, Raymond Fling, Charles Folga, lohn Gifford, Frank Gowans, Floyd Gray, Dennis Greiner, Frank Guido, Thomas Hales, Ludlow Hammond, lack Heidt, Wayne Hellwege, Guy Hess, Frank Hinspeter, William Hoagland, Roger Holland, Paul lacguel, lohn lehle, .lohn lohnson, Glenn lohnson, Kenneth Kenny, William Konkel, Raymond Krahe, lames Kuerner, Ernest Kuhl, Norbert Laird, Robert Larson, Robert Leonard Lieder, Robert Lingerman, William Lochner, Charles Lombardi, Herman Lossie, Ralph Magee, Robert McBride, William McCain, Charles McCarthy, William McGill, lack McKenzie, Robert Mercer, Robert Miller, Theodore Mitchell, Gerald Moore, Robert Morey, Clark Neithamer, Richard Ohmer, loseph ...84... Osiecki, Edward Parker, William Pellican, Cosimo Petri, Donald Putnam, Walter Rautine, Donald Reiter, Lewis Rogers, lames Root, Hugh Rosthauser, Donald Rothrock, lames SanPietro, loseph Schauble, Vernon Schillinger, lack Schleicher, loseph Schultz, Cyril Schuwerk, lames Sciamanda, lohn Sciamanda, Lewis Shade, Raymond Shaffer, Lawrence Shatfstall, Richard Shreve, Carl Shreve, Robert Smith, Donald Smith, Glenn Sonnenberq, lack Sorge, lohn Staaf, lames Sundberg, Carl Szymanowicz, Leon Tingley, Leroy Veroneau, Donald Voelker, Edward Wachter, Robert Walker, lohn Walter, George Walters, lohn Waterman, David Weingard, Lewis Wenzel, lames Wetzel, lames Wheeler, lohn Williams, Albert Wolf, Myron Albert, Ann Battle, Dora Berchtold, Clarice Boldt, Marilyn Bonin, Beverly Cacchione, Mavix Cornelius, Dolores Crompton, Mary lane Csencsics, Dorothy Deeds, loyce Driscoll, lean Ervin, Dorothy Fearn, Katherine Fitzgerald, Eileen Fluegel, Betty Fracassi, Carmella Friedland, Rachel Fulton, Nancy Gabin, Adele Goldfarb, Sally Gonda, Eleanor Green, Delores Haise, Lois Bierbauer, lames Brunner, Robert Buffalari, William Chizmadia, Gerald Coccarelli, Martino Cohen, Gerald Corapi, Frank Dibble, Richard Erickson, Leroy Fox, Gerald Fuhrman, Charles Giannamore, Mario Gibbens, Edward Gibson, Gordon Gleason, Richard Goff, Richard Graham, Gene Headlund, lack Henrickson, Robert Holmes, Robert Honard, Kenneth 11-1 Girls Hammons, Karol Hawley, Kathryn Heisler, Ruth Hoffman, lacgueline Huckleberry, lean lmler, Dorothy Kavcsak, Helen Kent, Margaret Kingsley, Alice Koeppel, Kathleen Kosicki, Angeline Krolak, Martha Lariccia, Carmella Laser, Grace Linder, Shirley Longo, Santa Rosa Marcella, Mary Lou McCullum, Christine McCullum, Ernestine McKeel, Lois McMichael, Nancy Mink, Iacgueline Nanni, Irene 11-1 Boys Houck, Richard lesue, lames lskowitz, Seymour lacobsen, Nathan lantzer, lack Kennedy, Richard Kennerknecht, Richard Kohler, loseph LaPidus, Donald Lawson, Robert Lechtner, Louis Long, Stuart Luciano, loseph Mann, Richard Matson, Douglas McLean, Owen Monroe, Robert Moore, Robert Piccirello, Anthony Polancy, lack Reed, Arthur ...85... Naugle, Viola Nicolia, Mary Nimmo, lean Peelman, Mary Lou Phelps, Marilyn Phillips, Charmane Ricci, Adelaide Root, lanet Scheloske, Mary Ann Sell, Sue Evelyn Shakelford, Maxine Sinicki, Irene Slater, Betty Smith, Ruth Soliwoda, Frances Steinhauer, Dolores Sutch, lune Tate, Elva lune Wallis, Geraldine Weigel, loan Wolff, Norma Ruth Yentes, Iune Schumacher, Donald Schwartz, Jerome Shampoe, Clayton Shapiro, Harvey Storrer, Harold Sundberg, Eugene Swartzfagen, Gordon Sweet, lack Tarbell, Roger Teubert, Richard Thompson, Russell Tretter, lohn Tucker, Donald Turner, lohn Verdecchia, Charles Voltz, Bradford Weindort, Donald Winsor, Roland Wykoff, Donald Yanosko, Mike Adams, Mary Anderson, Beatrice Anderson, Sandra Auch, Dorothy Augustyniak, Stella Babe, Nina Lou Bacon, loanne Baker, Carole Barr, Mary Margaret Barth, Edith Bavanski, Netty Beatman, Eleanor Bednarowicz, Frances Bednarski, Carmelene Behan, Betty Bishop, Ethel Bjelke, lean Isabel Boddy, lune Boone, Grace Bootes, lla Marie Borchek, Patty Bosch, Emogene Brogran, Barbara Brower, Florence Brown, Doris Brown, Nancy Bryan, Nancy Bubrzyk, Lottie Bukowski, Helen Buoy, Mary Ann Burkett, Dolores Burt, Grace Carlson, Shirley Carr, Virginia Cauley, Kathleen Chido, lean Christoph, Alice Clinton, Dorothy Collins, Mary Comstock, Hazel Cramer, Marilyn 10-2 Girls Crowe, lean Crynock, Harriet Daugherty, Norma DelSandro, Marguerite DeMartino, Antoinette Denning, Patricia Deptula, Florence Dubinski, Stella Dudenhoetter, Elaine Falk, Dorothy Fennel, Doris Ferrick, Pauline Fiedler, Patricia Frank, Sally Ann Franz, Margaret Freeman, Bertha Garnow, Marilyn Garrison, Helen George, Vivian Gigliotti, Rosemary Gillis, Nancy Goetz, Doris Gorentlo, Lois Gram, Romayne Groendaal, Lois Gunther, Rita Ann Hagburg, Betty lane Hagmann, Miriam Hammond, Marilyn Harned, Virginia Hart, Katherine Hartman, Lois Hatch, Elvern Hay, loan Heintzl, Shirley Hertner, Mary Alice Hess, Ruth Hevner, lean Heynoske, Margaret Hill, lrene , Hoover, Evelyn Howe, lrene Huber, Rose Mary Humm, Mary Ann Hyman, Margaret Ives, Norma lean larzynka, Lucille laworski, Theresa lohnson, Gloria lohnson, Mildred Kania, Irene Kasper, ludith Keller, lrene Kelsey, Vivian Kerr, leanette Kerr, leanine Kilbane, Aris King, Shirley Ann Kinney, Mary Lou Kler, Emma Kolenkiewicz, Theresa Krainski, Eleanor Kress, lanet Krivonak, Florence Krivonak, Vera Kubiak, Dorothy Kuhn, Audrey Landi, Betty Lang, Lillian Lawson, Barbara Leemhuis, Carolyn Lewis, Evelyn Light, Eloise Liller, Mary Linder, Gretchen Lipscomb, Nettie Lorei, Violet MacPherson, lacgueline Malits, Vivian Maras, Louise Martin, Betty Martin, loanne Matczak, loan Mattes, Dolores McKinley, Shirley McLallen, loan Metz, Madeline Michalak, Lillian Migdal, Dolores Migdal, Dorothy Miller, Elaine Miller, Evelyn Miller, Marilyn Mingoy, Dorothy Morehouse, Marilyn Morse, Phyllis Myers, Rose Nagle, Lois Nicholes, Dorothy Niethamer, Gail Nordstrom, Mildred Ochran, Elsie O'Donnell, Gloria Oge, Anita Ohmer, Mary R. Opalenik, Bertha Opalenik, Mary Ann Osuna, Eloise Pacinelli, lacgueline Padakoni, Rita Patterson, Betty Lou Pawloski, Vera Pelkowslci, Margaret Peters, Margie Phoenix, Anne Pistory, Evelyn Plavcan, Mary Louise Powlaski, Rita Potthot, Elizabeth Potthoft, Patricia 10-2 Girls Prezwicki, Theresa Price, Evelyn Przewrocki, Betty Recker, Margaret Reynaud, Betty Reynolds, Martha Rider, Pauline Riewaldt, Marion Roberts, Katherine Robinson, Harriet Rocco, lean Roholy, lulia Ross, Imogene Rutto, Eleanor Rutfo, losephine Rusterholtz, Gladys Salow, Maxine Sanford, Pauline Schaack, LeDora Scherrer, Kathleen Schlosser, Shirley Schmitt, Marjorie Schubert, Patricia Schultz, Dorothy Seawright, Erizell Seewogen, Maxine Seiter, Catherine Seiter, Mary layne Semuel, Sonya Seratini, lda Shattstall, loanne Shearer, Betty Shields, Dorothy Shipley, Gloria Smith, Betty Virginia Snyder, Delores Sonntag, Mary lean Spor, Dolores Sroka, Sophia .,.87 .... Stacller, lean Stearns, Carol lean Stinson, Ruth Strobel, Theresa Strohmeyer, leanne Surgeon, Doris Tannehill, lane Thompson, Zola Todd, Donna Trimble, Margaret Trimmer, Cecelia Tronoski, Leona Troppichini, Lena Tuck, Patricia Vogt, Dorothy lean Vogt, loan Eleanor Volk, Dolores Weaver, Roberta Weber, Charlene Weber, Marilyn Wehner, Mary K. Wells, lanet Wernicki, Dolores Wexler, Elaine Whaling, Mary Lou Wieczkowski, Bernadette Williams, Roberta Wingerter, Nancy Wisnoski, Emily Wright, Mary Wuenschel, Marilyn Wuenschel, Mary Wurst, Betty Anne Yaple, Eileen Yezzi, Lucy Zimmer, Lois Anne Zimmerman, Rose Mary Zwilling, Beatrice Zygmond, Cecilia Adam, Spencer Alward, Richard Amsden, Harold Anderson, Carl Anderson, Harold Anderson, Leroy Andrews, David Aquino, Ralph Arndt, James Arndt, Robert Baer, Donald Baker, Thomas Bannister, John Becht, Richard Blackmond, Lewis Blackmore, Calvin Blakeslee, Duane Boesch, James Borkowski, Julius Brockway, Merle Brown, Howard Brunner, Kenneth Brunson, Gerald Brzozowski, Casmir Bules, Joseph Cairns, James Carneval, John Carr, David Centner, Richard Centner, Robert Christoph, Eugene Clement, Gene Coleman, George Conner, Clarence Cote, Bernard Crandall, Robert Cross, Robert Crotty, William DeArment, John Deiner, Eugene Denniston, Edward Dietrich, William Donikowski, Joseph Evans, Robert Felix, Harold Fera, Gerald Fickenworth, Lawrence Fiero, Jay Fioretti, Robert Flaugh, John Fling, Gene Forbes, Milton Frame, Les Franke, Robert Freeman, Richard 10-2 Boys Freeman, William Fuhrman, Richard Gardner, John Geanous, Hus Gianoni, Albert Grimaldi, Anthony Grumblatt, William Hatch, Kenneth Heim, Frederick Heintz, John Hershelman, George Hill, Russell Hornyak, John Huston, Lynn Jacguel, Vernon Jepson, Edward Jerge, John Johnson, Wesley Kaliszewski, Thomas Kapsar, Paul Kehl, Richard Kestner, Glenn Kitts, Donald Kitts, Richard Knapp, Howard Kowalski, Frank Krueger, Charles Kuerner, Donald Kuhn, Albert Kuhn, Robert Lawrence, Earl Lepich, Ted Loftus, Frank Longo, Charles Lupher, Richard Maloney, James Markham, Lawrence Marschak, Joseph Marsh, Raymond Martin, Everett Massing, Kenneth Matlock, Raymond Matteson, Ronald May, Edward Howard McKenzie, James McLaughlin, Jack McLaughlin, Leonard Migliori, Jay Mollberg, Donald Moreau, Paul Morrow, Gerald Morton, Leon Mowry, Jackson Mueller, Harry Muth, Gilbert ...88... Pacileo, John Palmieri, Leopold Panos, Angelo Parker, Robert Pihl, Wayne Polk, Samuel Reynolds, William Robinson, Richard Rose, David Rucker, Guy Salvia, Frank Samuel, Roosevelt Sawtelle, Edward Schauerman, William Scheffer, George Schmalenbach, Herbert Schwenk, Kenneth Scripp, Michael Serafini, Joseph Shields, Robert Sitter, John Skinner, Clarence Southworth, John Spaulding, John Specht, Robert Starks, Edward Stebell, Francis Stough, Robert Stroup, Raymond Sullivan, James Tauber, Max Tome, Richard Trapp, Robert Trott, Edward Tuberson, Charles Uhlman, Robert Ulrich, Donald Urso, Richmond Varo, Sam Vaughn, Clifford Weed, Norman Weisenbach, Rudolph Wells, Harold Williard, Delbert Willow, Jack Wingerter, William Wochner, Robert Wronek, Joseph Yaple, Russell Yezzi, Robert York, Edwin Yosten, Raymond Zambroski, Qnthony Zimmerly, Jack Amoroso, Esther Bechtel, Elizabeth Becker, Marilyn Bielak, Anna Brown, Betty Cantoni, Pauline Cox, Barbara Ann Driscoll, Dorothy Foletti, Lillian Grobowski, Dolores Henk, Natalie Jones, Jean Belle Kaveney, Helen Lossie, Lois Mann, Patricia McCoy, Mary McCracken, Louise McGrath, Audrey Mclntire, Mary Zita Orloff, Dolores Palkovic, Helen Patsy, Theresa Penamon, Dorothy Pieper, Marilyn Stahlbaum, Rose Tabachnick, Esther Thompson, Gloria Twitty, Ersilia Allison, Joy Anderson, Donald Barstow, James Beringer, Carl Bussard, Donald Clark, Edward Crail, Walter Dugan, Martin Fraschetti, Peter Fulkrod, Dale Gausman, Theodore Gavio, Anthony Grace, Richard Grieshober, Donald Groenendaal, Edwin Hare, John Harris, Bruce Harris, George Jonas, George Klatt, James Luke, Clarence Magee, Timothy Maines, Robert Ottoway, James Peters, Cecil Peterson, Donald Rieder, Richard 10-1 Girls Alward, Virginia Andrews, Carolyn Block, Beverly Boroski, Estelle Buehler, Carol Case, Anna Cody, Margaret Crozier, Marilyn Curtis, Jean DeCarolis, Gloria Eldridge, Joyce Ellis, Audrey Fenton, Lillian Fox, Frances Froess, Mary Ann Fuller, June Gallagher, Shirley Gallina, Joan Gray, Kathryn Gwinn, Virginia Hermann, Jean Hornyak, Alice Johnson, Jennie Lou Karaisz, Margaret Karlen, Nancy Kitchen, June Ladig, Naomi Lewis, Betty Lindstrom, Shirley 10-1 Boys Roseberry, Thomas Rudolph, William Scott, William Sopp, Raymond Stahlbaum, Robert Tait, Newton Tenenbaum, Abraham Thompson, Eugene Tino, Louis Tufts, Arthur Wehan, Richard Wilson, Richard Wolf, George Aquino, Alfred Bauschard, Charles Benson, Theodore Blanchard, Tessie Buchner, Fred Buzard, Daryl Christy, John Comstock, Joseph Danowski, John Harvey, Miles Hess, Harvey Hollenbeck, James Honecker, James ...89... Lombardo, Theresa McCullough, Joan Mikolajczak, Loretta Miller, Phyllis Nellis, Pauline Nelson, Shirley Nolan, Joellen Noonan, Shirley Novello, Madeline Paskoski, Irene Roberts, Jacqueline SanPietro, Rose Scheffer, Caroline Schick, Nancy Schlosser, Norma Shaw, Charlotte Silver, Bertha Sorokes, Marie Stahlman, Janet Statzer, Joan Steiner, Jeanette Struchen, Marjorie Swarner, Carolyn Toflinski, Helen Urso, Marcella Wolf, Donna Mae Wright, Betty Yochim, Mary Johnson, John Kaiser, Robert Kaufman, Alfred Kaufman, Roman C. Kerr, William Kindle, Jack Koffler, Ralph Koper, Carl Kuhne, Walter Langowski, Wallace Macrino, George Mazza, Elmer McGarvey, Lloyd Miller, John Nies, Thomas Overdorff, Robert Raeder, Paul Samuel, Richard Shapiro, Jerome Spencer, Edward Spiegel, William Stanger, Robert VanCise, Leonard Whiteman, David Young, Richard Anderson, Carol Baldwin, Margaret Beebe, Charolette Beebe, Shirley Bellucci, Dolores Bender, Martha Benson, Marilyn Berchtold, loan Bierbauer, lean Black, Evelyn Borst, Patricia Bretz, Mary Ann Brought, Rose Alice Brown, Mary Ann Cantor, lanet Chaple, Helen Clayton, Lee Norma Connolly, Betty Coudriet, Dorothy Crocker, Betty Dahn, Eleanor DeFoy, laculin DeSanti, Nancy Deutsch, Marlene Devlin, Charlene Duffy, Helen Durnell, Phyllis Eck, Nancy Eicher, Dolores Farina, Dolores Ferrare, Marie Flath, Nancy Frazier, Bonnie French, Carol Amendola, Russell Andrae, lohn Baker, Sam Barney, Donald Bast, Raymond Boyer, Donald Bull, Stanford Burns, Gerald Canning, Francis Cantoni, Frank Clarke, William Coatoam, Richard Cohen, Carl Cooney, Thomas Caston, Charles Courteau, Albert 9-2 Girls Fronberry, Virginia Frum, Donna George, Marilyn Giancola, Carmella Goodyear, Betty Gouldthorps, Sally Green, Collista Hardman, Barbara Harris, Geraldine Haskins, Shirley Heckman, Dolores Heuer, Charlene Hinspeter, Martha Hopkins, Floy Husted, Shirley lobes, Alice Kennedy, Connie Kobel, Betty Ruth Kohl, Mary Catharine Krasnesky, Genevieve Krayeski, loyce Leahy, Laureen Lee, Mary Ann Lenz, Mary Lou Lindsley, Wanda Malory, lean Moore, Shirley Morton, leanne Mowrey, Donna Osgood, Geraldine Ostrowski, losephine Phillips, lean Pude, Geraldine Radov, Miriam 9-2 Boys Dahlkemper, Paul - Davies, Robert Devlin, lerome Donovan, lack Downing, Charles English, Alford Gemler, Martin Gillette, Glenn Gleischsner, Charles Gonda, Steve Goodman, George Gorney, Ronald Grafius, Gerald Gruver, Ray Haas, Raymond Hanna, Donald ...9O... Robinson, Millie Rodriguez, Elvira Roumfort, lune Saeger, Mary lane Schiemer, Violet Schmieder, Elaine Schneider, Margaret Schuwerk, lean Schwenk, lacgueline Seely, Faye Shettler, leanne Shields, loAnne Smith, Mildred Sokolowski, Agnes Stout, Donnalee Straub, losephine Stubbe, Lou Anne Swain, Geraldine Tech, lulie Valimont, Loretta Vogel, Dorothy Ward, Marjorie Weber, Ruth Whipple, Mary White, Mary loan Yaple, Reva Yocom, Shirley Yosten, Lois Yurchak, Sophie Zaunnegger, Gertrude Ziegler, Florence Zielinski, Margaret Zimmerly, Eloise Haskins, Richard Hassler, William Hayes, Edwin Hersperger, Leo Hess, Robert Hillhouse, William Holdsworth, Charles Hubert, Donald Hudson, Howard lohnson, Richard lones, Thomas Kaufman, Edward Klofft, Frederick Koenig, Thomas Krahe, David Kugel, Charles Lasher, John Lester, David Little, Jrwin London, Richard Lunger, John Lupp, Carl Mahoney, James Mattis, Donald Matuszalc, Stephen May, John Murphy, Thomas Nenni, Peter Paulson, Robert Pushchak, William Adiutori, Josephine Amicucci, Constance Battle, Laritha Bielak, Theresa Brown, Joan Burchtield, Leah Carpenter, Romayne Chianello, Jeanne Dietrich, Gwendolyn Ellis, Irene Fagan, Phyllis Adiutori, Eugene Beard, Ernest Booth, Otis Brooks, Richard Calatato, Salvatore Chamberlain, Jack Friedley, Aaron Hellwege, John Hornyak, Francis 9-2 Boys Reed, David Reichel, Edwin Reichel, Richard Richardson, Emory Roeback, Ronald Rose, Cloyd Sanner, Donald Schneider, Ralph Schraeder, Richard Schwindt, Donald Seelinger, Hugh Sommerhof, Roy Specter, Raymond 9-1 Girls Fields, Jean Fisher, Ruth Gehrlein, Agnes Harris, June Heinlein, Jane Hutstader, Louise Jones, Georgia Landberg, Etta Larese, Betty McGill, Kathleen Nichilo, Marie 9-1 Boys Kindle, Earl Kreider, Reed Kunselman, Adam Lupo, John Malm, Duane Matson, Norbert Michael, William Rodgers, Ronald ...91... Swartz, Joseph Tacone, Danny Tarbell, James Tillman, Lawrence Trapp, James Ulrich, Harold Wagner, Harry White, Marvin Williams, Jack Wolfe, Richard Woods, Robert Young, Robert Zasacki, Joseph Noziglia, Dawn Olsen, Florine Rieder, Betty Rizzo, Maureen Roberts, Betty Ruhl, Thelma Stover, Betty Valentine, Jean Vello, Vincie Vogt, Dolores Yaple June Sampson, James Schiller, George Simonsen, William Stoops, Howard Swanson, John Toran, John Waterman, Paul Yost, Bernard Adiutori, Eleanor Albrycht, Emilie Alwens, Laura Anderson, Marilyn Bohrer, Donna Marie Brower, Patricia Corman, Meredith Cross, Joyce Eller, Violet Evans, Mary Frank, Shirley Galanis, Elaine Hammer, Barbara Harrington, Margaret Higgins, Bette Hugg, Marilyn Anderson, Harry Beaudry, Robert Borst, Raymond Brown, William Carter, Fred Clement, Joseph Cohen, Harold Cummins, Frank Daddeo, Joseph DeSantis, Michael Drexler, Ronald Eliasson, Ronald Eller, Edward Faber, Robert Featherstone, William Fenstermacher, Lewis Fish, John Friedley, Robert Bailer, Joan Capozziello, Lucille Carlson, Suzanne Chiota, Carmella Culp, Joyce Cummings, Dorothy Didion, Lois Duke, Audrey Eliason, Anna Fuhrman, Donna Arndt, Jack Bailer, Paul Ballman, Eugene Battle, Eulah Beers, Leroy Bongiovanni, Charles Bussard, Frank Cavicchio, Ernest Clover, Richard Coluzzi, Americo Conant, Frank Crissman, James 8-2 Girls Kaliszewski, Agnes Lewis, Vivian Lukeas, Caroline Luther, Joan Manross, Ruth Miller, Joan Mosier, Joan Nunemaker, Violet Parker, Carol Peterson, Patricia Ricci, Allene Roberts, Sydney Schryver, Janice Seidler, Ruth Shallop, Doris Sheatter, Beatrice 8-2 Boys Giddings, David Gifford, Richard Glauser, Harry Goldberg, Leonard Greener, Jan Gross, Richard Harrington, Robert Hershelman, Charles Jenks, Charles Kreger, Robert Laird, Frederick Laird, Richard Lang, Vladimir Metzler, James Miller, Clinton Nutter, James Parmerter, Richard 8-1 Girls Fuller, Marcella Gloystein, Marjorie Guy, Virginia Hart, Constance Herbstritt, Lenora Kilgorski, Helene Kunz, Norma Jean Lichtinger, Dolores Lunger, Zerna Maxwell, Helen 8-1 Boys Friedman, Burton Gonzalez, Richard Grabowski, Theodore Herbstritt, Larry Holcomb, Archie Kowalski, Albert Leberman, Michael Lenz, Edward Litz, Donald Clgin, Gerald Oster, Robert Pellican, Christopher ...92... Smith, Barbara Sopp, Barbara Stein, Lillian Stevens, Irma Stough, Margaret Swift, Grace Thumberg, Harriet Trimble, Rose Ulrich, Patricia Walter, Mary Lou Webb, Eleanor Wegmiller, Rose Ann Weigel, Norma Whittelsey, Janet Wilson, Patricia Zimmerly, Nancy Prindle, Leroy Rebman, Ralph Riazzi, Nick Rosenthal, Robert Rowele, Buddy Rumberger, Tom Salvia, Joseph Schaaf, David Sims, Donald Swartz, Robert Tarno, Lee Thomas, James Torelli, Philip Tremor, Donald Unger, William Weindorf, Richard Woznicki, Joseph McMann, June Olsen, Beverly Rainey, Florence Smith, Dolores Surdy, Margaret Thompson, Ann Weaver, Nancy Jane Weed, Lois Ziegenhine, Doris Rohler, Kenneth Rudolph, Lester Samilio, Joseph Schielfelbein, Richard Schmalenbach, Neil Stratton, John Swartwood, Ronald Toran, Eugene Underwood, John Warner, Richard Wuenschel, Harold Baldi, Prudence Batistelli, Glorine Baumgartner, Shirley Brower, Donna Farina, Audrey Fisher, loanne Held, Suzanne Hetrick, Shirley lordano, Phyllis Kaufman, Mary Lou Kennedy, Mary Lou Kugel, Gretchen Loney, Kathleen Protzman, Shirley Robertson, Norma lean Rufini, Lillian Adams, Merle Beemus, Charles Brougham, lack Fraschetti, Chester Frenkel, Edwin Gonzalez, Carlos Haynes, Donald Lehmann, Eugene Miller, Craig Miller, Raymond Murray, Daniel Schwindt, Thomas Wurst, Calvin Dudenhoeffer, Edward Goulding, Merrill Gouldthorpe, Hugh Balthes, Doris Caldwell, Audrey Chido, Donna Chiffon, Mary Lou Crook, Sally Downie, Shirley Farkas, Gloria Foht, loan Aldrich, Norman Amoroso, Christy Anderson, Gustaf Baker, Ronald Beck, lames Burton, Paul . Carpenter, Philip 'I-2 Girls Stevens, Marjorie Brown, Carolyn Guarino, Regina Guyer, Susan Harvey, Mary Louise Kimmy, lennie Litz, Arlene Locastro, Anna Loftus, Mary Lupp, Marguerite Malina, Clara Meyers, Marilyn Sanders, Edith Balsiger, lda Rose Bartone, Donna Brogan, Patricia 'I-2 Boys Guelcher, William Guilford, Thomas Hilliard, Philip Homan, George Hutchins, Roland Kennedy, William MacKenzie, lames McCarthy, Timothy Phillips, Harry Plavcan, William Rebman, Kenneth Sampson, lohn Sechrist, Ronald Southwick, David Stevenson, Harry Stover, James 'I-1 Girls Frazier, loyce Grace, Marilyn Grace, Shirley Herrick, Geraldine Loffi, Carol Ann Markowitz, Alice Mook, Margaret Parker, Corlyn 'I-1 Boys Eggleston, Raymond Hunsberger, Darl Kissell, Gerald Malm, Donald Mando, Richard Maxwell, Charles Orzechowski, Richard Brown, Pearl Caracciola, Carmela DeSanti, Mary Anne DiPaolo, Norma lean Grieshober, loyce Hamilton, Anne Linsky, Eleanor MacKenzie, loan Meyers, Mary Lou Schaack, lean Shaw, lanet Smith, lacqueline Sponsler, lean Trost, Nancy Vitelli, Rhina Anderson, Clarence Arndt, Richard Davis, Stanley Husted, Peter Kennedy, Aaron Lossie, Donald McCall, lames McGill, lames Murphy, James Olsen, Alfred Rebman, Donald Stout, Gene Turner, Michael VanDamia, Guy Young, Donald Plumacher, Leona Ramandanes, lanet Servideo, Barbara Spathis, Delores Sproul, Barbara Ann Stein, Adelle Stratton, Shirley Wilson, Evelyn Strub, Raymond Torrelli, Carl Treiber, Kenneth Worlund, lohn Wygant, Richard Zambrowski, Richard --D. Mccarllxy, Y. Palchen, M. Monkowski, D. Welker, K. MCNA P. Cohen, lf. Blacvkmond, M. l. Davis, C. Rupp 9 N-I ACS. X , 5. Greene, Second Row-' I. Blackmore, l. Chlznmcila, D. Helwerlv, ,4 fmduczfioa Staff Art Editor lames Chizmadia. Associate Editors Edna Blackmoncl, lanet Blackmore, Robert Blum, Pearl Cohen, Mary lane Davis, Doris Heberle, Donna McCarthy, Kathleen McNamara, Marie Monkow- ski, Yvonne Patchen, Richard Pulling, Carol Rupp, Diane Welker. Typist Shirlee Greene Faculty Advisors Mr. Jonathon Bright, Mrs. S. P. Russell, Mr. B. E. Whiteman Sitting -C. Cairns, D. Holla, I. Houc4 M P 19141 S R111 P S nth Standing V Mando O Cctmiit M A Cauley IUberpax C Keane H. Starks, 14 iacmcial Staff Business Managers Virginia Mando Florence Smith Faculty Adivsor Mrs. N. Von Kortt Photography iarnes Bierbauer Mr. I. Bright LeRoy Ericson Erie Engraving Co. Joyce Qlson Frank Schauhie Studio Mr. C. Swahn Mr. B. Whiteman Athletics Basketball l unior Varsity. . Varsity ...... Coaches ...... Cross Country .... Football lunior Varsity. . Varsity Data. . . Varsity Scores. . Swimming .... Water Polo ..... Autographs . . . Classes l une Seniors Activities ..,. History ..... Mid Year Seniors Activities .... . . Awards ....... Commencement ..... History ........ Underclassmen ..... Musical Organizations Band ..... Choir ...... Drum Corps ..., Girls' Chorus .... Cflee Club ....... lr. Girls' Chorus .... Orchestra ...... Wwlex .....68 .....7O ...l6 ...U26 ...l5 ...lO ...l2 .....78 .....27 ....97-98 .....6O ....4O-41 ....38-39 .....37 .....36 ...QQ-30 ....82-93 ...l4 ...25 ...l7 ...24 .....77 ....22-23 ...76 ...96... sw W mime 4

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