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3 a1 y uL S? Je Presented by Students of Academy High School Erie, Pa. I ERIE CITY ( . l ' W«:, rP If m 1 5i j «ft WE, THE STUDENTS WE, THE STUDENTS OF ACADEMY, stand firm in our pledge to the Flag and the Country for which it stands. By the supreme sacrifices of our relatives and friends, and by the small ways in which we are privileged to help them, we know that this nation shall always have " liberty and justice for all. " True, we are only the members of a school; we are the " spouting youngsters. " But we are the product of the old generation and the leaders of the new. If our faith is strong, then the old generation has done well; if our ideals are high, the new generation will do better. When speaking of a better future, we are not forgetting the destructive present. Rather, we are basing many of our future hopes on the lessons of this global war. This war has taught us the necessity of appreciation. Once, freedom and liberty were mere symbols to us; today, because of the noble battles for those very things, they are grim truths deserving of our vigilant protection. However, even the most optimistic among us will not hope to solve all the world ' s problems in our time. The solutions to the world ' s numerous dilemnas will take a much longer time than our short span on earth. Yet our task remains the same: to insure for future generations greater freedom and liberty, and a fuller realization of the benefits of good living. Table of Contents Activity Page Academe Stall ' 56-57 Administration 1 1 Athletics . 28 Autographs 121-123 Beauty Queens . 116-117 Calendar 111-115 Class Play. MK February Seniors 60 June Seniors 70 Junior Class 108 Music 20 Office Force. 13 Organizations 10 Prom IP) Sophomore Class 110 Seniors — February, 1944 106 Who ' s Who ..120-121 PRODUCTION STAFF James Schmitt Art Editor Dominic Sciamanda Editor-in-Chief Francis Major Business Manager Ben Kimmel Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS William Bitting, Estherlou Carlson. Richard Coon, Carol Gebhardt, Ruth Gleason, Marion Jacobs, David Stein. FINANCIAL STAFF Richard Barker, Marguerite Bush, Edna Mae Christoph, Donald Crossley, Betty Duberow, Bita Fitzgerald, Jean Hersperger, Margaret Lashinger, Marion McLaughlin, Wilma Jean Steadman, Alice Yarbenet. PHOTOGRAPHY Fred Albrecht, Mr. Jonathan Bright, Estherlou Carlson, Norman Henderson, Lawrence Marcello, Frank Schauble Studio, Richard Yeager, Edward Zuraw. FACULTY ADVISORS Jonathan Bright. Jeannette S. Russell, Mildred YonKorff. conditions are indicative of a change in Academy ' s regular school life. Yes, the Academy of 1943 is unlike the Academy of any other year. She has geered herself successfully to an unusual situation; she is now a school in a nation at war. This is Academy This is Academy. Her halls still bespeak high school enthusiasm at the sound of the three o ' clock bell; her calendar is still full of social activities — but there is a change. Her students and teachers are fighting everywhere; the weekly lists of inductees are similar to her former roll calls. First Aid is compulsory to all her seniors. Emphasis on science and mathematics; special physical fitness programs; her many students employed after school; scrap, hose, and book drives; war stamp sales — these In M emonam To those who knew him t he name Walter Hays Detmers was suggestive of all that is gracious and noble and strong in mankind. Mr. Detmers was born into a cultured and Christian home. After his graduation from Brown University where he was All American College First Baseman, he lived in Europe two years. On his return to Ameri ca he spent a year at Harvard. He thus brought to his profession almost the best possible type of prepara- tion and had laid a secure foundation on which to build a strong and beauti- ful life. Physically Mr. Detmers was good to look upon. " Like some young cypress, tall and dark and straight " " He walked like a man " and " Lived above the fog in public duly and in private thinking. " Socially he was extremely modest, almost shy, never boastful and had no tinge of haughtiness. Among his pupils and close friends he was a charm- ing conversationalist. He was richly endowed with a captivating sense of good humor and an imimitable gift of wit. Mr. Detmers was a positive character. With him a thing was either right or wrong. He possessed " Opinions and a will. " Few if any teachers ever enjoyed and merited greater affection and admiration on the part of his pupils. His classroom always had the right atmosphere in which young people might live and grow best. The pupils called him " Daddy Detmers " with all the finest connotations of that appela- tion. He always wished and planned the best he knew for them. Though gone from our sight his memory will always, " Beckon to us from the abode where the angels are. " W. E. Dimorier " Those who educate children are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living. " — Aristotle. During this war the role of a teacher is greater than ever before. Students, especially needful of advice and help in the emergency, often are spared the difficulty, costly lessons of experience because of a teacher ' s friendly counsel. AIIMINIS1 RATION To the Students Academy Puts On Its War Paint The Academe lliis year may become a land mark in the history of Academy High. Everybody will want to keep it because it will contain the pictures of many of our friends who will soon be in all parts of the world waging war against the Axis. Furthermore, it may be the last publication of its kind for a number of years. The signing of this year book will mean more than at any other time. Our friends will not only be leaving school but they will be going to the ends of the world to do their duty for the land they love. Each one of us should have some plan whereby we may be able to keep in the Academe a record of our classmates. This class of ' 43 will have a big percentage of its members in government services over the world. The future may find them permanently scattered carrying out our government plans whereby peace and prosperity may be the core of the whole world. It will be interesting when reunion days arrive to check up to see if I have predicted correctly. The class of ' 43 should organize now to have a committee at work recording the history of its valiant four hundred as they charge into the war for the benefit of mankind. J. W. RAY, Principal Hakel, Waugh, Olivia Ruth Office Clerk Office Clerk Miss Susan Tanner Assistant Principal The Office Force Upon our first day of entrance into Academy ' s halls, Miss Tanner became known to us as one who graciously and willingly will offer guidance and advice to any student who may need her help. In addition to her many duties, she also chooses and heads the monitor system and helps the nurse and doctor in their yearly physical examinations of each student. So, to our Assistant Principal we offer our appreciation and sincere thanks! Also, for their endless hours of varied office work, we salute our efficient office staff, Miss Hakel, Miss Waugh, and Miss Weber. Taking attendance for some 2,500 students enrolled in Academy, answering telephone calls, and aiding the many students who Hock to the office are just a small part of their routine. FACULTY LIFE IN THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Badger, Pearl Blake, Marion Braley, Louella Bright, Jonal ban Burgun, Sylvia Spanish English Geography Draft ina Latin Cecho, Elizabeth lofini, !Nor l Crane, Mar Davis, Lynn 1 )emulillg Marie hysical Education Orthogenics Orthogenics Science English DeTuerk, Dolce, Drake, James Louise Lowell Social Studies Music Physical Education Does it please you, Ktter, Elizabeth Fiorelli, Joseph Pluegel, llelma Mr. Whiteman? Commercial Science Social Studies ■ x H r- - ' i . " » Parliamentary procedure Graham, Andrew Machine Shop Hale, Nelson Social Studies Grender, Obed Music Hall, Walter Mathematics Gruber, Florence Commercial Hoffman, Lynette Social Studies Howe, Mary Library Kelly, Howard Science Leamy, John Social Studies Lewis, V. Marion Mathematics Loekwood, Mildred Mathematics Lord, Margaret AH Magenau, Ruth English Mattis, Leonard Commercial Mifkovic, John Mathematics Miller, Amy Geography Minadeo, Mischler, Margaret Molinev, Myrtle Mong, Winifred Olsen, A line Science ( Geography English English Social Studies Phillips, Presogna, Radder, Rider, Ruhling, Marino Anthony Carl Ruth Kth el Commercial Commercial Social Studies Latin Science Russell, Jeannette Sapper, Hat tie Schaper, Anna Social Studies Commercial Home Economics 11 ill if explode? Schneider, Helen Scraftord, Ralph Strauch, Theresa Commercial English .Malhcrnalics Stull, Stump, Swahn, Frances Minnie Clarence Ah — the good old Commercial English Drafting summer-time ! Thomas, l l mil ml Torrance, Frederick Towns, Coston Physical Education English Social Studies VanGeem, VonKorff, Annette Mildred Wagner, Laura Whiteman, Byron Whitley, Dorothy Art Mathematics Science General Shop Science Williams, Young, Jennie Kathryn Zipper, Joseph Jordan, Walter W eschler, -Maria Home Economies English Science General Shop Mathematics Teachers in armed forces . . . Marvin Spence Army l r dorps Frederick Torranee Navy James DeTuerk Navy Walter Hall Army Air Corps Carl Peterson C.oasl diitird " Through my .spirit immortals speak the message that makes the world weep and laugh, and wonder and worship. For I am the instrument of God. I am Music. " — Unknown. Emotions are very important, especially to high school people faced with abnormal conditions. It is imperative that they have an outlet through which their feelings can be expressed. Music is their most powerful mode of expression for it is a language of emotion. Everyone understands it; it has no race barriers, no national distinctions, no age limits. Music lends spiritual in- spiration, enjoyment, and even peace to a youth whose natural surroundings clash with the discord of destruction. mush: Twirlers L. McDonald, B. Jensen, R. Kettering, P. Nagle, H. Krainski, B. Cairnes. First Row — R. Simpson, I. Kraeger, E. Cavicchio, C. York. E. Daley, D. Grumblatt. Mr. Grender, II. Kellogg, C. Snow, J, Fiero, P. Leahy, D. Lasher, S. Lupo. Second Row — G. Miller. R. Davis. R. Urban. E. Wolf, C. Duhl, R Krape, II Friedland, C. Alloway, B. Woolhandler, I. May. P. Carlson. A. Ruscio. Third Row — G. Van Aman, R. McLaughlin. R. Bronston. H. Loomis, E. Carey. R. Coon. C. Urban. IN. Henderson. II. Sanner. D. Yonder Groben, D. Dershimer. B Horn, J. Burgess. B. McLaughlin, B. Watkins. Fourth Row — H. Steadman. C. Witter, I Gorman. R. McLeod. P. Holder. D. Rettger. J. Gebhardt, C. Jernstrom. D. Yawger-Drum Major, F. Struchen, H. Jell, D. Parsons, L. Ford, F. Coonfer. C. Neithamer. R. Wolfe, E. Kesselrmg. Band With Mr. Peterson ' s enlistment in the Coast Guard at the close of the 19 1 1-1942 season, the band gained the valuable experience of Mr. Grender, who will direct this organization for the duration. Dur- ing the football season, the band ' s varied formations and its military bearing not only added much to the spirit of the games, but also indicated the long hours of drill — drill which will undoubtedly prove valuable to the boys facing im- minent entrance into the armed service of their country. It was deemed inadvisable to perform out of town this year because of trans- portation difficulties. Instead a service relief benefit concert, a dance, and a skating party, all successful, were held. Mr. Towns managed the finances of each activity. Membership in the band, always an organization commanding respect and admiration for its service to the school, may be thought of as the goal of every boy who plays a recognized band instru- ment. D rum Lorps As time inarches on, so does the Academy Drum Corps. Through t he Corps, many Academy girls have learned the I ramp, tramp, tramp usually connected only with soldiering. The very lirsl day of school found a group of girls eager to provide their familiar parade of color to Academy ' s foot- ball season. They did. I ' nder Mrs. Dolce the girls twirled, bugled, and drummed with especially good results. Snappy drills, in- volving, among other things, the formation of an " A " and a " V, " kept many a football spectator interested during the half. It was no easy matter; rain, wind, and snow often " made the going tough, " but they carried on with typical high school spunk which oldsters seldom admit exists in the " new generation. " Cleaning instruments was in order after football season; it took a week. Then began the test of new musical numbers and even more intricate drills. With the new semester came an overflow of girl candidates aspiring to become full-fledged members. Those with superior marching ability and a developed musical training were admitted. Highlighting all social events, the annual spring banquet of the Corps is really the last social func- tion for each Senior member. During the year two skating parties and a dance, sponsored by the girls, were financially and socially successes. Like Time, the Drum and Bugle Corps marches on. Watch for them on Flag Day! First Row — C. Nelligan. V. Nelson, H Rumball, V. Johnson. J. Rnpp. P. Barton. Second Row -M. Benning, I) Hitler, I . Tillich, B Bush. A. Crandall. D. kubeja. II. Murray. L. Scott. D. Montigny. C. Gleisner. W. Thaler, E. MusolfT. Third Row — J. Brown. B Johnson. M. Fuller, M rlepfinger, N. Rarick, V. Rutkoski. H. Langowski, R. Yushkewicz, I. Rasper. B. Saylor. E. Sward. I.. Blair. Fourth Row - S. Ackerman. B. Norton. S. HazsM), E. Carlson, M. Storten, M. Mattis, R. Carlin, M. Babcock, C. Johnson, D. Jeckua. D. Krotoszynski. II. Wingertzr, B. Kundla. VIrs Dolce. Twenty-three Academy Sin igers Ever since the founding of the Choir in 1931. it has been held in high regard by all local music lovers. Mr. Grender. its much loved and able director for eleven years, has maintained a standard of excellence which compares favorably with other leading high school choirs of the nation. Membership in the Choir has long been looked upon by the students as a distinction. The activities are interesting and varied. The season ' s engagements include two special concerts. Christmas and Spring, and singing for various city organizations: while their social calendar provides for a get-acquainted party, dances, a skating party, and the traditional strawberry festival. Choirs of former years have spread Academy ' s fame by traveling to New York, singing in Town Hall — to Boston. singing in various colleges along the way to Richmond. Washington, and Detroit. The Choir owes much to Mr. Dimorier, who has done a great deal in planning the trips and has given generously of his time, money, and efforts in its interests. The nation ' s crisis, although prohibiting more trips, has not affected their morale, and the graduate members will always think of the Choir with a pang of home sickness. First Kow — E. Jameson. E. Whipple, .J. Graham. P. Davis. M. Mong, J. Rosequist, A. Decker. J. Griewahn, J. Johnson. J. Whittlesey, A. Forsell, D. Ray, J. Schaffner. Second Row— L Kimth. N. Katz. C. Miller, B. Norten, H. Yochim, M. O ' Brien, M. J. Van Amman, Mr. O. L. Grender. I. J. Kramer, M. Rohertson, I. Frasland, M. Vandever, C. Comstock, E. Zuraw, G. Bartleson. Third Row — J. Cooney. K. Fubrman, E. Barry, L. Anderson, G. Swanson, D. Parsons. L. Baker. R. Gleason, P. Courteaux, J. Loesch. H. H. Tucker, G. Van Amman. E. Kubeja. A. Groenendaal. V. Mussolf, W. McLeod. Fourth Row — R. Smith, J. Yochim. R. Brown. G. Hausman. D. Boyce. E. Weber. R Shields, M. Starr, M. Eddy, J. Ring, C. Gebhardt, N. Boetger, H. Robinson, A. Hammond. R. Reitz, R. Yawger. Girls ' Ch orus Three years ago the Girls ' Chorus came under the direction of Mrs. Dolce. Through her the girls, by sacrificing their own individualism, have broadened their collective repertoire to include everything from Gershwin to Bach. Every May, the members participate in a choral festival featuring the combined talents of Erie high school choruses. Promoting inter-scholastic good-will, the festival boasts an assemblage of about two hundred and fifty voices. Besides this gala event, the chorus has a very full calendar; each year they sing at various churches, broadcast from civic projects, and sponsor two formal concerts. Glee Club Membership requirements are not as strict as in the The Academy Glee Club is composed of boys who love to sing. Choir, but to qualify, one must have a good voice and a good ear. Under the direction of Mr. Grender since 1930. the Glee Club has helped to supply Academy and other schools of the city with fine music. The type of songs included in an average program range from sentimental and humorous numbers to songs like " Stout Hearted Men " and " The Rangers Song. " As you have probably guessed, the Glee Club has had " man power " trouble, the drawback. It is carrying on very well in spite of Twenty-four Girls Chorus First Kow-M. Crawford, D. Palsy. N. Ricci, J. Ros ist, H Breter, VI Lozier, T. Mazza, F Olgin, P. Cohen, S. Roth, C. Dicier, II. Brown, E. Meiser, J. Benedict, D. Tayior, J. Mowry, VI Knight, k Fabsits, S, FFi-witl. B. L. Conkli ' . Second Ko« M Burked, (J. Weschler, S. Torok, A. Heckman. . Steadman, B. Paterson, M. Krivnnak. I- Barlhelmes. VI Bctzold, M. I ' atsy. K. Prosperi. V Coithoir. A. Seiglcr. FI. Vargo. D. FIcinlein. R. Martin. V. Wilson. J. Graham. Third How . Davis, I). Conway. B. Malm, E. Weight, A. Rehan. D. Enstrom. D. Heberle, P. ShaffstaU, C. Straub, B. Mangold. S. Schaaf, I. Watson, C. Finch. I. Sitter. Ft. Kilhnm, C. Sommer, Ii. Adams. E. Beach, B. Bennett. Mrs. Dolee. Fourth Bow — S. White, J. Cook. R. Silver. M. Blakeslee. D. Shreve, B. Hunts, D. Malthaner, J. White, G. Randall. VI. Malthaner, VI. Webb. VI. Carr. E. Blackmond. J Coleman. Ii Bennett, VI. Eriekson. D. Munch, R. Harmon. E. I.ehner Glee Club First Row- 0. Smith. F. Fuller. H. Gustafson, P. Leahy. W. Sills, Mr. Grander, L. Kntith. W. Marshall, T. Marino, T. Coyne, J. Vlahoney Second Row — E. Carey, N. Seyler. J. Osczepinski, II. Fornalczyk. IN. Matteson, F. Mizikowski. D. Dershimer. R. McCuUough, E. Kuheja. K. Fnhrman. R. Flynn, J. Shields. B. F " aulkner. Third Row— R. Smith. D. Douglass. W. Hale, G. Flausman, R. Pictrzak, N. Boetger, .1. Pfeffer, D. Miller, G. Swanson, C. Perry. D. ISarron, E. Astemborski. J. Yochim, G. Friedrichs. Twenly-Jive Junior Orchestra This is the only Junior High group in Academy outside of Athletics. It is composed of about thirty-five seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, who feel that, socially, they are happier having an organization of their own. Orchestra period is thought of. not as a class, but as a break in the days activities for pleasure, combined in a painless way with learning. Some senior high students, wishing further training on an instrument, are admitted to this group. No previous orchestral experience is needed to qualify for this orchestra, and many students in the instrumental classes join directly after one year of training. Through Mrs. Dolce ' s efforts, the Academy orchestra is one to which we refer with pride. She stresses care in intonation which is a primary requisite of a good musician. She takes the same care in choosing and developing a eoncertmaster in the Junior orchestra as in the Senior orchestra. Accent is also placed on the rules of meter and how to follow a conductor. (This is harder than it sounds.) These Juniors are very enthusiastic about their music and show sincere effort. However, it is felt that they deserve more recognition than they have received so far. More opportunities to perform in public would be a form of encouragement to these worthy juniors. Most of these students will not go on with their music past high school. But no matter how short their training time, the fact that they have learned to appreciate the difficulty of performing well on an instrument will add to their appreciation of the mystery and magic of good music. First How D Bretz, M . Serafini, J Parker, H. kellog. E. Miller, I!. Craig. R Marlin. N. Henk. Second Row— F. Casconi, J. McMahon. V. Gay. J. Blackmore, J. Olsen. D. Olsen. P. Kugel, A. Rider. M. Martucci. D. Bretz. Third Row — L. Dickson, R. Schneider. L. Hales, P. Singer. M. Evans. R. Blum. M. Mueller. Mrs. Dolce. Senior Orchestra Surprising as it may .seem, this is the oldest musical organization in the school. Il was started with the opening of Academy and was organized by students. Due to the emergency, membership this year is the smallest ever. Under the leadership of Mrs. Dolce, the orchestra has improved immensely. The quality of music is finer and the students themselves more interested. Mrs. Dolce is concerned mainly in developing soloists and tries to give them numerous chances to perform in public. The motto of the orchestra. " To always be prepared. " has proved a useful one because this group is often called upon to play with very short notice. The group is required to play varied programs from theater pit work at class plays to formal concerts. They give two formal concerts a year. This variety of demands makes it necessary for them to study classics, in- formal modern, and popular music. Requirements for entrance are fairly high. It is quite an honor for a wind player to be accepted. Many more appli- cants for this section of the orchestra than can be admitted are considered. Tone quality, technique, and reading ability decide the issue. As for the strings, no student is turned down. A place is always found for him in either the Junior or the Senior orchestra. The reason for this practice is that a larger proportion of string to winds is maintained in all orchestras. Instruments are important. Some of the bows have been in use for about twenty-three years, being handled every school day by at least one student. A new grand piano for use in the auditorium is needed badly. It should be a matter of pride that such a large school be able to offer a good grand piano to our guest soloists. First Tow — J. Madlrhner, E. Musoltr. L. Leslie. J. Rupp. E. Jameson. D. Papucci, G. Jones. G. Nash. V. Johnson. Second How — E. Weher, N. Carlson, P. Lee, C. Miller, D. Bretz. M. Dougherty. L. Baker. B. Horn, I Ahnell. D. Derabimer. Third Row— R. McLaughlin. A. Eaton. J. Burgess. H. Horstman, U. Gabin. F. Struchen. E. Wolf. K. Malthaner, D. Vondergrohen. Fourth Row — A. Ruscio, II. Marshall. W. Watkins. R. Krumpack. D. Herbert. R. Wolfe, L Ford. J. Ruhling. Mrs. Dolce. Tweniy-seven " For when the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He marks — not that you won or lost — but how you played the game. " — Grantland Rice. Football, swimming, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball — these games are symbolic of the American way of physical fitness. While it is increasingly important that high schools develop a physically strong youth, it is " our way " to add the thrills and excitement of games to the regular calisthenics. While aiding the welfare of the nation, fitness programs benefit the individual ' s well-being. It gives the individual a necessity of a happy life, health; it gives the nation a strong youth. SHIRTS Football Results Academy 14 26 7 6 7 12 6 6 7 Opponent Score Warren 6 Cathedral Prep Mt. Carmel 6 Technical Louisville Dupont 27 Akron East Jamestown East Dunkirk Strong Vincent. . 6 Aliquippa 28 Jamestown 10 Most quarters Best Place kick KlCKOFF Best Best Pass Receiver fc Best Line Plunger Best Passer Best Pass Receiver Best Blocker Best Open Field Runner Best Tackler ' VCA D£ r J. DeTuerk Varsity Football Academy ' s football eleven completed a successful season this year, but they seemed to be pre-destined for a series of tie games. The Lions even ended up in a three-way tie for the city champion- ship. As a team, the Gold and Blue were unusual in many respects. First, there were no stars — each player shared equally in the glory of the gridiron. Coach Drake ' s boys were also widely commended for superior sportsmanship and physical condition. In many frays the progress did not turn in their favor, but the boys carried on with an Id, Academy trademark, a perseverance to fight to the finish! First Row — J, McVay, H. Foraalczyk, W. Finney, J. Lamberton, L. Blake, B. olkmer. J. Wiley, IV Ki ' llv. L. Verdiccia, IS. ketchell. V. Krivonak. Second Row — D. Stubenhoefer, A Schwindt, J Peek, A Kline, J. Pfjffer, R. Bair. J Schrecongost, E. Barthlenies, G Haus- Man. M. Vanasko. E. Brown. J. Ward. D. White, V. Jaworek. 3. Vogel. P. Fisher. H. Nemenz. G. Rohan, J. Mazza, L. Truit, J. Coyne. R. Verga. 1 5 BASKETBALL Th irly-lwo Varsity Basketball At the opening of the 1942-43 basketball season Academy was considered a serious contender for the city championship crown. The team started with impressive victories over its foes and led the entire city league throughout the first half of the season. However, their drive was suddenly halted, and the quintet started to lose games by very close scores. The mid-year graduation had robbed the team of its stellar players and left a gap which was keenly felt. Although at the end of the season the record of games won or lost was not very favorable, the spirit of the school remained at its constant high level because of the playing ability and sportsmanship displayed by the basketball sipiad on the hardwood. Basketball Scores 56 Academy Opponent 33 49 Kanty 24 32 33 Tech .19 47 36 Prep .18 34 28 East.. 24 48 29 incent 28 27 36 Tech 25 51 40 Prep 23 23 28 East . 46 42 45 Lawrence Park, 43 27 Vincent .23 East . .51 Tech 54 Prep 45 East.. 42 Kanty. .45 Lawrence Park . 34 Tech. .45 Prep . 10 East ,46 Vincent 34 First Row — A. Kline, J. Coyne, R. Yawger, J. Wiley, C. Schonthaler. Second Row — Coach Thomas, L. Gable, J. Pizzat, L. Rlake, H. Green, F. Struchen-Manager. Third Row -k. Morgan. T. McCabe, G. Ilaiisman. A. Ihimmond. G INeithamer, E. Gonser. Ch ampions TRACK Pierce. 50 yd. dash Klein low hurdles. 50 yd. dash Hausman. high hurdles, 50 yd. dash White .440 Henderson . .880 Henderson Mile White relay Truit relay Hausman ..relay Klein relay FIELD EVENTS Shot Put (L and R) . Blake High .lump ..Carlisle Pole Vault ..Fischer Hop. Step and Jump Carter Standing Broad .lump Pierce APPARATUS Chinning Carter Rope Climb -Pizzat Fence Vault Carte r, Stein Long Dive Bartlett FOUL SHOOTING 8th-9th grades Vandamia 10th-llth-12th grades- -Westerling Varsity Harned WRESTLING 85 lbs . Hinspeter 90 lbs .Mitchell 95 lbs Roseberry 112 lbs Verga 120 lbs .Wolfe 128 lbs ..McMann 133 lbs Kowakzyk 145 lbs Engle 1 50 lbs Rusterholtz 165 lbs Christiansen 170 lbs Buto WARTIME AND PHYSICAL FITNESS Obstacle Course Ward, Carter Potato Race Ward Shot Throw Longo Tennis Altenberger, Nick White shirts indicate individual champions. Blue shirts indicate the Track team. First Row (Wrestlers) — H. Peter. J. Mitchell. T. Roseberry. Second Row — R. Westerling. R. Hathaway. O. Kelly. J. Leosch. D. Douglas. N. Donovan. E. Gonzer. E. Gruggo. K. Morgan, T. McCabe. T. Barth?lmes. J. Schr?congost, J. Pizzat, F. Harned. Third Row — N. Hender- son. R. Herbstritt. J. Schell, J. Shields. R. Maciuliwicz, E. Brown, L. Blake. F. Kuhn, C. Jewell, T. Becker, E. Engesser. J. Wallis. A. Kline. Fourth Row— D. Stein. H. Ward. E. Longo. D. Liebel. L. Grable, R Parker. H. Horseman. I. Murphy. R. Seidl. D. Smith, J. Wilson, D. White. L. Truitt, V. Pierc-3, G. Hausman. Fifth Row ( Wildcat and Junior Varsity Basketball) — J. Altenberger. V. Letterio. E. Laffi, D. Steiner, H. Henning. W. Roach, C. Hagmann. T. Coyne, D. Thomas, D. Bonin. R. Yost, J. Sanson?. P. Fisher. Sixth Row i Wrestlers and. Junior Class Team) — E. Carlyle. J. Verga, E. Kowalczyk. G. Rusterholtz. A. Christ?nson, J. Buto. R. Engel, J. Vogel, G. Rohan. R. Verga, T. Bartlett. UH r- rv 12. » ' MK ' d D V ' V aftC ilm •| ' 5 8 J 47 I ' |. ' A M K 48 1 " A m x s VA - " W Vk Mr. Scrafford, B. Westerling, C. NeithamiT, I . Christenson, A. Christenson, Golf Any athletic organization might well be proud of a record like the Academy ' s golfer ' s. For two consecutive years they have remained undefeated; their straight victories pile up to the sum of thirty-two. For two years, also, they have won the Edinboro District Ten meets. Due to the fact that an Academy team won the meet in l u . ' 59. the District Ten cup is now a permanent Academy possession. Mr. Scrafford, who keeps the boys a friendly, informal group, has had some of the players for two years. Laver. Christenson, Westerling, and Neithamer are in that group of veterans. They are all excellent golf players, but they are keeping constantly prepared in order to set a new record for the team; three, consecutive, victorious golf seasons! Golf Schedule 7 Prep 5 Academy Opponent 8 Lawrence Park- A ioy 2 Prep -1H 12 East . ny 2 Lawrence Park . Vi 10H Tech . 1V 9 12 East 12 Vincent l l 2 Tech y 2 1 1 Vincent- A 7 Edinboro 5 12 Edinboro Th irly-five Seated— R. Wiley, C. Freeland, J. Craig, D. Parker, A. Cannarozzi, E. Zuraw. Standing — R. Johnson. J. Mifkovic, R. Stritzingti, D. Rrolherson, R. Siegel, F. Miles, G. Kunz. Polo and Swimming Academy ' s swimmers experienced a handicap this year due to a peculiar coaching difficulty. When Coach Rollinger left, Mr. Diemel took over for exactly five days. When Mr. Diemel went to the navy, Mr. Mifkovic accepted the coaching position. Mr. Mifkovic encouraged the team throughout the polo season. Coaching was a new experience for him, but lie did his job well. Considering his unusual position, he managed to keep the team in good stand- ing. Water Polo Standings Won Lost East. 6 Vincent. . 4 2 Academy 1 5 Tech 1 5 Swimming Standings Won Lost East 6 Vincent 4 2 Academy 1 5 Tech 1 5 City Meet 1. East 2. Vincent 3. Academy 4. Tech Thirty-six Wrestling Starting the season with an inexperienced team excepting for veterans Captain Verga, Leahy, the Academy wrestlers did as well as could be expected. They went down to defeat twice, but they came up with as many victories. Coach Towns, who lias built up a growing interest in wrestling among Academy boys, was especially pleased with the achievements of Dick Didello and Whily kowalczyk. Both of these boys won their city and district meets. The value of wrestling has a great attraction for the student body: it causes Academy ' s outlook on future squads to be very optimistic. Academy Opponent 5 1 Vincent 3 Vincent 19 Greenville 6 Greenville 22 First Row— A. Van Damia, T. Roseberry. E. Wolfe. E. McMann. S. Conti. B. Hoagland. R. Cavicchio. J. erga. Second Row C Crays. P. Leahy. D. Vogt. R. Verga. R. DiGello. R. Kowalczyk. L. Locastro Third Row— Coach Towns. L Marcella. R. Baer. W Rose. J. ogel. P. Kelly. M. Matthews. H. Goerman. W. Bitting. C. Nemenz. Fourth Row — T. Drexler. G. Rusterholtz. J. Buto, R. Degner. R. Thacker. E. Ward. R. Engel, P. Christenson. © ® ? a § f Pf e J of persevere 4 r First Koh — J- Wilson. D. Smith, T. Coyne. Second Row — E. French, E. Pasky. D. Tbcmas. D. Steiner. H. Henning. D. Bonin. E. Grygo. Third Row — B. Westerlmg, N. Donovan. C. Hagmann. T. Barthelmes, T. Novicki. W. Roach, Mr. Lewis. Fourth Row — F. Casconi, C. Jewell. J. Shields, F Major, R. Field. R. Morgan, A. Scolio. Jay Vee Basketball Academy ' s young basketball athletes, the Jay Vees, experienced a series of twenty scheduled en- counters with only five defeats this year. Throughout the season the boys developed a playing ability and sportsmanship which attracted a large following. Coach Lewis was successful in teaching the squad, by experience, some " fine points " about good basketballing. From the cream of this year ' s Jay Vees will emerge the future var- sity stars. 1942-1943 Junior Varsity Academy Opponent Score 32 Kanty Prep 7 31 Tech 22 31 Prep 11 26 East 33 43 Vincent 8 45 Tech 31 56 Prep 28 20 East 43 20 Lawrence Park 25 37 Vincent 35 51 Tech 35 44 Prep 25 35 East 34 39 Kanty Prep 15 42 Vincent 34 33 Lawrence Park 27 51 Tech 21 45 Prep 19 25 East 32 44 Vincent 32 23 East 35 Play-off for the title — held at Vincent. □■■■■ ■H SHHHHHHH asSt - w ■■HBH S«9B9HHREfliHHHBHB H Bfli HH Hl First Row— E. Gonser, J. Donihi. C. Ilagniann. Whipple, T. Becker. I). Thomas, R. Larsen. Second Row — E. Rutin, W. Hill. V Donovan, R. Work, G. Rusterholtz, T. Drexler, T. Barthelmes, C. Ruscinski, T. Barney. Third Row Mr. Lewis, J. San Peitro, T. Coyne, W. Grygo, J. Wilson, V Roach, J. Shields. R. Seidl, D. Bonin, R. Maciuliwicz, L. Locastro. Mr. Towns. Fourth Row— O. Relly, C Jewel, J. Burgess, P. Bennett. II- Henning. J. Bechtol, D. Smith, H. Nick. S. Conti, T. Morgan, P. Raupers, C. Chitwood, A. Christensen, R. Geier Jay Vee Football Winning eight of their tean games, the junior varsity squad, future gridiron stars of Academy, completed a tough and fairly successful season. Piloted by Coaches Lewis and Towns, the boys romped over all non-league opposition undefeated. In city series play the team broke even w r ith East and Vincent but won the remaining encounters. As any good combination will do, the squad worked together. They offered solid opposition to all opponents. Coach Drake, who eyes the J. Y. ' s for new material for future football squads, will not be dis- appointed in the boys of this year ' s team. Jay Vee Football Scores Academy Opponents Score f Edinboro . (I If) Millcreek 1 ' ) East .... 14 Tech. .. . (I Vincent .19 9 Kanty - 6 7 East 14 18 Tech . () Vincent 7 Prep ' Tis not what man does which exalts him, But what man would do. " — Browning No school of today is performing its duties if it fails to provide extra-curricular organizations for its students. Here is where students can take the initiative and use their own originality to the best advantage. All of Academy ' s clubs have high purposes. Whether they attain their goals or not, they serve collectively to forward better student citizenship, a more active interest in all affairs, and the ability of students to work together. JimScfxwff . ttAKIZATIIIKS Thanks, Students For 1303 Subscriptions! Star Your Country Needs Your Money, Give! VOL. 20— NO. 3 ERIE, PA.. OCTOBER 23. 1942 PRICE 5 CENTS SMALL TALK By Domtnic Seated Thanks . . . Last year, at the first inter - scholastic press banquet, Mr. John Mead of the Erie Daily Times was the main speaker. Havi g mentioned something about fe stories in his talk, Mr. Mer the impression that the T ways welcomes sugg such stories written a limited stt ence and John Wo Star, asked Mr. M write a longer fea subject for the Ti He said I cou) would be copy probably changed mind, I wrote t for at least sorr the original to urday ' s Times, my surprise wh pea red word for for a few pa omitted. And so, to Flo; for the interview, for the chance to tistically say Another Success Stt! This year, the Star new high, an all time record, in the number of subscriptions. Now the score is 1303! The Star Staff is indeed grateful to the student? for their fine support and will, because of increased enthusiasm, continue their job more vigorously. Harry Back . . . About a week ago, the Academe Staff was kidding Mr. Whiteman about an over developed stomach ache. It seems, however, that it was quite serious because he is now a patient at Hamot where, from latest reports, he is not feeling too well. We all missjltim at school and ' certainly hope he will be back soon. A Guarded Secret . . . They say it ' s easier to leave two cats out of the bag than just one, so here goes. Since I was born on February 14, my sentimental parents gave me Valentine for a middle name to end all middle names. But iBn ' t it a trite coincidence that good old V. M. Lewis is around? I hope he doesn ' t lynch me far this, but the truth is the truth: that V (his first initial) doesn ' t stand for victory! If You ' re Interested . . . So many people say " to air is human " instead of the correct " to ur is human. " In case you ' re ail mixed up, the word is spelled " err " and pronounced " or. " Leo Helinski Gets Gavel Next Week Richard Coon, Chairman Of Gavel pay Program, Plans Events Leo H sume t ' Stude will officially as ,.f president of. ; he s Ve ' National Honor Society Sponsors Banquet On November 4 Chapters of Erie s Four High Schools To Have Meet At " Barn " For Better Inter-Scholasticism Stage Crew Proves It Is Indispensable To School ' s Welfare Carrying on a precedent of many years, the Academy chapter e the National Honor Society will sor this year ' s banquet fo clututtfn of the iur Erit • t the ' 1 Wi Chest Drive At Academy Ends Today N. H. S. And Public Speaking Groups Give Radio Programs As Aid h- ■ you ever seef h.nger, G. Oil, B. Rafferty, R. Heberle ' (. Krespan, P. Leahy, D. Scumar Community and War Fund hieh s tarted October IS, today. At the time we press, Academy had not ' ■ .he $250 goal, which •nts per student. ity Chest hav- . 42, naturally ded to support ow covers such ital importance ervice Organiza- Vavy Relief, Po- ian War Re- Prisoners Since way back u Academy ' s newspaper voice, " The active in the school- May of 1925, Star " , has been Jh-br " Goblin Glk On October 30 By presenting worth-while news, interesting personal items and informal columns, it has kept up a dynamic spirit. Its pictures have always been indicative of " Who ' s Who " in Academy. As a matter of fact, the Star has always been the " What ' s What " , " Where ' s Where " and " Why ' s Why " of the school. Reaching a new high for subscriptions, the bi- weekly publication met with outstanding success this year. Not limited to meeting deadlines, the Star sponsored many social events, including assemblies, dances, picnics and parties. It was the Star Staff, also, who originated and carried out the idea of a joint banquet for the High School papers in Erie. No matter what its other accomplishments may be, the Star is most proud of this enviable record. It has never missed a publication date. That is a rare, if not a unique, record for a high school paper! Amerigo Meola and his fine or- chestra, whom all remember for his playing at the " Meer " this summer, will furnish the music for ,the Star Dance " Goblin Glide ' on October 30, from 8 to 11 in the Girls ' Gym. , Co-chairmen for this event will he Margaret Lashinger and Paul Leahy. The other committees arc Tickets, Marian McLaughlin, Ele nora Lang, and Rose Mary Heb- erle; Chap crones, Bettiann Raf- ferty and Betty Duberow; Orches- tra and Publicity, Gloria Ott; Dec- orations, Harland Rohr, Ed Dela h o o k e; Refreshments, Dominic Sciamanda, John Wenzet, Lani Dalton, Ed Wellejus, and Fred Al- brocht. Right in the Hallowe ' en spirit " Goblin Glide " is expected to be one of the year ' s biggest dances. To Hold Open House The annual Open House will be held on November 5 beginning at o ' clock- The teachers will be in tl.eir rooms until 7:30, after which there will be a program in the auditorium. This entertainment, under ' the direction of Mr. Ray and Mr. Torrance, will include short talks and music. Refresh- ments will be served in the cafe- teria. lie! Marlen jrie Bechtei, 4 HP a " " Borkowski, " Thank Von " j Community and War Fund lead- ' On Wednesday, October 21, Miss Tanner was in charge of a Na- tional Honor Society Quiz ut 8:0u p. m. over station W. E. R, C. Mr. Jameson from East High School acted as quizmaster, and ten pupils from East, as well as ten from Academy participated in the educational program. Award Committee Set Recently, Mr. Ray appointed a committee headed by Mr. Howard Kelly to study types of awards to be given to students participating in non-athletic school organiza- tions. Faculty members assisting Mr. Kelly are Miss M. Lockwood, Miss M. Lord, and Mr. Torrance. Mary Lund, Lani Dalton and Paul Johns will represent the Student Senate at this meeting. The purpose of the conference in to decide the requirements for awards and to determine what or- ganizations are deserving of such recognition. The big game today is war so we won ' t let this little East affair worry us. We ' re out for sure vic- tory! Ho wever, as our fighting forces, we have training behind us. First Row — J. Miles, M. Roberge, B. Kettering, H. Walters, R. Simmons, M. McLaughlin, J. Walker, B. Duberow, L. Klein, M. Connolly, S. Marts. Second Row— C. Wetzel, M. Willert, M. Maginn, B. Cairns, J. Southwick, M. Schodt, M. Lashinger, K, Malthaner. B. Shields. H. Hutnyak, K Weiss, H. Tenbuckle, D. Tillich. Third Row- — M. Meyers, T. Hubert, D. Dershimer, S. Robbins, L. Dalton, K. Young. N. Rarick, B. Campbell, B. Sweet, J. Connolly, D. Sciamanda. B. Wright. Fourth Row — C. Swahn, A. Schrecongost. A. Ross, R. Munson. C. Kunz, B. Kimniel, D. MacFiggen, -4? Welther, D. Crossley, P. Anthony, R. Heberle, H. INiebling, J. Wenzel, E. Friedland. M. Jacobs, G. Ramandanes, J. Cooney, L. Hoffman. Newman Club Established for the betterment of the moral and social welfare of students in the school, the Academy Newman Club has been an especially active group during the past year. Organizing discussion circles, holding essay contests, planning dances, bowling parties, and interscholastic meets — these were some of its members ' activities. First Row — L. Hoffman, E. Cecho, S. Rurgun. J. Fiorelli, C. Swahn, J. Leamy. Second Row Meeting regularly after school, the club had a large enrollment in Academy. Its members have added comfort and en- joyment to their lives through contact with the Newman Club. Forty-four Debating Club Debating is a sport: it involves a clash between two schools of thought on a controversial subject. Where physical sports are a test, basically, of brawn, debating is a test of " brain. " In debating " brain " applies to. first, a thorough knowledge about an issue, and second, the ability to present such knowledge convincingly. Not subordinate to any other requisite of good debating is the stamina to withstand all onslaughts by an opposition which seeks to point out fallacies in a speech. This stamina demands not only courage and enthusiasm: it also taxes the ability of a debater to support, with satisfactory proof, any statements presented in an argument. Coached by Mr. Phillips, Academy ' s Debate Club has earned wide recognition for its development of this sport. The debate topic this year, concerning a federal world government after the war, afforded a stringent test to all debaters because of its involved post-war problems. A strong example of freedom of speech put throughout the nation ' s high schools. practice, debating is growing rapidly in popularity Forty-five GirlR eserves Sitting — M. Davitt, M. Wilier!, M. Jenkins, M. Erickson, A. Ende, A Daitch, E. Carlson, R. Gleason, M. McLaughlin, V. Burger, J. Leighty. Second How — T. Donovan, II. Weber, M. Eck, S. Buseck, D. Zipperle, M. Cohen, J. Whittlesey, G. Ott, M. Lashinger, H. Henning, M. Barron. A. Batdorf. Third Row — M. Maginn. J. Vandervort, D. Hiller, E. Marschak, M. Schauble, J. Fenton, S. Buettner, A. Schullz, T. Boyce. II Walters, C. Wetzel, E. Ekey. Fourth Row — N. Gleason, L. Cook, J. Andrews, R. Furber. S. McClelland, T. LaFontaine, D. Pilarski. P. Anthony, R Heberle, J. L. Fox. J. Stafford. B. Smith. Sitting — P. Bennett, C. Miller, P. Wasser, D. Taylor. W. Steadman, M. R. Recker, D. Heinlein, M. Bush, M. Jacobs, B. Paterson. Second Row — Mrs. Gruber. B. Dallmeyer, E. Ott, J. Downing, G. Dyke, J. IJIrich. I. Confer. E. Mangan. M Dudenhoefer. L. Rhodes, S. Riell. M. Heuer. Third Row — M. Connolly, R. Skinner, K. Weiss, H. Hutnyak, S. Whitemau, E. Wagner. S. Ackerman, C. Dash. R. Currie, J. Book- man, L. Horman, C. Dieter. Fourth Row — R. Johnson, I. Ziegler, R. Sahlmann, G. Tarno, C. Johnson, A. Welther, M. Sansone, N. Rarick, A. Ross, K. Young, R. Shields, B. Lee. Forty-six Girl R eserves " To Find and Give the Best " is the slogan of the Girl Reserves, one of Academy ' s most active and popular organizations. It is composed of all girls who are interested in serving their school and becoming junior members of the YWCA. Advised by Mrs. Florence Gruber, Miss Anne Olsen and officers selected each semester by popular vote, the club meets after school hours, semi-monthly. In order to help the war effort, the girls throughout the city recently sponsored a successful silk- stocking drive in their own school. East won the drive, with Academy close behind. al right — W ilma Jean presides OFFICERS First and Seeond Semester Wilma Jean Steadman President Mary Rose Recker Vice President Dorothy Taylor Secretary Doris Heinlein Treasurer at left — the stocking drive gets under way The Girl Reserves main social events of the year are the annual spring and fall Tri-Hi dances, in which the girls do the inviting. All city schools sponsor these dances in cooperation with the Hi-Y. The events were especially successful this year. Another project which was promoted by t lie Reserves was a series of high school get-togethers at the YW every Saturday evening. These affairs provided dancing, bowling, and snacks for the high school people of Erie. They also alleviated the then-current demand of Erie ' s youth for a " place of their own. " At graduation, an outstanding Girl Reserve of the year is honored by having her name engraved on the " Character Cup, " emphasizing her outstanding ability in leadership, service, and excellence in character. Forty-seren First Row — J. Benedict, R. Smith-Captain. B. Kaufmann. Second Row — R. Munson, E. Scalzitti, R. Slater. L. Schlecht, D. Breter. Cheerleaders That certain group of peppy boys and girls who add zest to each Academy encounter have been known as " Cheerleaders " since 1921. Girls, however, have helped cheer Academy to victory only since 1938. Before putting any motions into practice, the cheerleaders map them out on paper. Their energy has also been devoted to wording some favorite football songs. For example, Lois Schlecht wrote the words to the " ' United States Artillery March, " known to us as " Touchdown March. " Mr. Hale, who guides the group, has about thirty-five girls and ten boy applicants for the squad each semester. Most members are chosen by voluntary elimination. To a large degree, this organization helps to insure school morale. In recognition of this important service, the school awards letters to the cheerleaders at graduation. Forty -eight Lib rary Staff In choosing to become a library assistant a student is preparing to render valuable service to Ins school, his library, and the Librarian. In return, the student ' s intimacy with the library will give him an understanding of how to use a library, which will serve him in connection with all his studies and will carry over to the use of the public library and the college library. If he has a good character, a sense of responsibility and a high scholastic standing, he will be assigned to an apprenticeship in Academy ' s library staff. I nder Mrs. Howe ' s careful guidance he is taught the essentials of a well-organized library. As he adapts himself and learns from her the specific details of Academy ' s library, the apprentice progresses until he becomes a competent member of the staff. Then he is fully able to offer the aid so often necessary to students who need help with references or research projects. Then he is also able to appreciate the intrinsic value of a good library. Seated — M. Bliven. L. Hli veil. D. Taylor. L. Anderson. 1. Fuller. Mrs. Howe, IV Wasser. Stand- ins — J Weher, R. Forrest. H. Nelson, B. l.indnhl. D Weher, A Batdorf, J Fasel. L Knulh. E. Schossherger. Fortv-n ine ■mIE TOT TIO 0R$oa : First Row — E. Seblom, P. Barton, S. Edelman. M. Albrecht, Miss Hunt, P. Schlaudecker, R. Coon, A. Necci, I. J. Kramer. Second Row — J. Rupp, B. Duberow, H. Yocbim, J. Fasel, J. Leighty, A. Yarbenet, M. Cohen, F. Major, R. Recker. A. Batdorf, J. Griewahn. Third Row— IT. Cornelius, M. Stewart. E. Carlson, W. J. Steadman, N. Sopp, M. McDonald, R. Agens, I . Wasser, M. Bertone. Fourth Row — J. Cooney, J. Salajczyk, R. Beneci, H. Loomis, W. Finney, C. Jernstrora, R. Yawger, B- Kimmel. J. Wenzel, E. Wellejus, D. Sciamanda. National Honor Society The war has had a marked effect upon the National Honor Society. This can be seen in a review of the organization ' s activities during the past year. The annual interscholastic banquet, sponsored in November by the Academy chapter, may well be the last of such gatherings for the duration. Not only have the effects been discernable among the activities, but also, the membership. To elaborate: James McVay, Harold Loomis. Raymond Benecki. and John Cooney, who would have been active in the society the second semester, graduated in February to prepare themselves for government service where National Honor Society qualifications, character, scholarship, leadership, and service, are held in the highest esteem. In addition to sending Christmas cards to former National Honor Society members serving in the armed forces our club entered whole-heartedly into the Victory Book Campaign which netted nearly eight hundred excellent books for our men in uniform. All of the ancient, musty, and impaired volumes that enveloped those who sorted in clouds of dust were dis- posed of by other means, but the many best sellers and technical books in good condition w ere started on their way to the camps. The climax of the first semester ' s activities came in January when Dr. E. Maclay Gearhart, as guest speaker, gave a most inspiring talk at the semi-annual induction ceremony. Mr. John Crowe, who replaced Mr. Detmers as permanent Treasurer. Miss Mong and Miss Lockwood joined Miss Hunt and Miss Tanner on the faculty executive board at the beginning of the year. Perhaps you are to be one of the deserving persons to be selected at the spring program on May 19th. If so, it is your duty to continue to uphold the ideals of the National Honor Society and to inaugurate new plans for making Academy the most war-conscious school in the nation. First Semester Officers Second Semester Officers President Sidney Edelman Richard Coon Vice President Marilyn Albrecht Marjorie McDonald Secretary Patricia Schlaudecker Betty Duberow Treasurer Richard Coon Francis Major . Stage Crew " How many mikes will you need: Should we open llie curtains before or after the scripture reading? What about spotlights: 1 Is the piano all right over there! ' Do you want the houselights on or off? " These questions are representative of the multitude of duties assigned to Academy ' s efficient stage crew. Every assembly program, every rally, every movie period, every class play, every concert; in fact, every school presentation is carried out with their valuable assistance. They are entrusted with materials which are especially scarce in these war days. Almost all stage properties, including mechanical and electrical equipment such as the public address system, spotlights, motion picture projectors, lighting facilities, and slides are in their charge. First How — Y. Rose. Mr. Bright. D. Vogt. Second How — F. Seroka. F. Gibbons. P. Rocco, M. Mishrell. J- Hoffman. This crew of boys is often " on the job " after school hours for rehearsals or for the arrangement of props in the next day ' s assembly program. Special recognition is due them for their fine spirit during class plays when the scenery settings are no easy matter to prepare. Mr. Bright, who keeps the boys an informal group, has developed them into a true " service-to- the-school " club. Many of them have gained valuable experience with st age properties and will assist stage companies in later life. To them we sing our praises and thanks! Fifty-one Movie Monitors As a whole, the student body does not appreciate the work of the movie monitor be- cause it understands so little about him. But first, here ' s a little history: Mr. Fred Torrance, whose idea it was to present good movies as relaxation during lunch period, succeeded in doing so. Academy there- by became Erie ' s only public school with daily movies. Since Mr. Torrance ' s navy enlistment, Mr. Joseph Zipper has proved a very capable adviser to the monitors. Not interfering with any of the group ' s regular duties, he explains his role as one of supervisor when any problems arise. Movie monitors " run " their own organiza- tion, and successfully so. In three years they have had less than one per cent error in money collections! Profits from this acti vity have paid for all movie projection equipment. The proceeds of the collections are now devoted to more audio- visual aids in Academy. These aids include classroom films, slides, microphones and recordings. First Row — E. Prosperi, Mr. Torrance. M. Wiley. Second Row — W. Smith. M. Maginn, M. Willert, M. Jones, I. Balkovic, T. Borkowski. Third Row — H. Wingerter, J. Martucci, M. Bechtel, C. Baupers, D. Vaughn, H. Weschler, R. West. Fourth Row — R. Strucker. F. Jalos- zenski, A. Borkowskj, L. Albert, R. Carneval, M. McKeen, W. Finney, J. Bright, S. Edelman. Fifty-two Monitors Government will always be necessary to insure a group ' s well-being. At Academy, Miss Tanner ' s monitors are vested with many duties of law-enforcement. As monitors, responsible students are really exercising representative government by establishing order. One monitor is posted at every door by which access to Academy may be gained and at strategic places along the halls. They are therefore able to check on anyone leaving or entering the building, to locate rooms for strangers, and to be available when help is needed. The cafeteria and office monitors are supplements to the " regulars. " With teachers, the cafeteria monitors keep hall traffic uncongested during lunch hour. Office assistants are assigned many duties by the office force. Answering phone calls, delivering messages, and checking attendance records are some of their errands. By their round, blue and gold badges are Academy ' s constant, student-guards identified! An efficient monitor ' s nightmare First Row— M. Coon. M. Connolly, B. Aheoger, P. Courteaux, C. Comstock, M. Schultz, I). Hay. M. Spaeder, N. Wilson. G. Bard. A. Dr-itch. Second Row — M. Minnig. J. Magee, M. Jacobs. J. DtiVtaw. M. Driscoll, D. Wagner. E. Benson. B. Rentja. R. Carlin. R. Sahlmann. A. Welther, A. End " . M. Sansone. M. Pistory, M. Conway. D Grumblatt. Third Row — D. Stciner, M. Krawiec, D Babcoek. A. Munhl. E. Wagner. S. Sard son. J. Silajczyk, B. Swaet, H. Jell, E. D ' lahoDk?, W. DeSanti, R. Fitzsimmons. M. Erickson, J. Olszewski, S. Eckerd. D. Myers, II. Nick. Fourth Row — J. Murphy, O. Thomas. R. Larsen. C. Crocker, C. Fiero, J. Schell. B. Kimmel, J. Johnston, D. Mac- Figgen. J. Vogel, W. French, C. Schafer. D. Stafford, E. Wellejus, E. Burgess. E. Engesser, G. Yarbenet, F. Gonser. R. Andrus. K. Goehring. D. Stoops. Fifty-three Student Senate First Row— 1 ' . Barton. R. Coon. J. Pizzat, M. Schultz. L. Hilimki. II. Yoohim, J. Dudenhoefer, L. Nicholas. M. Patsy. C. DeDad, Miss Lockwood. Second Row — E. Greiner. D. Patsy, B. Cairns, R. Necci. M Schauble. M. Webb. R. Heberle, R. Heisler. J Oster. P. Courteaux. H. Walters, I. Nanni. R. Seidler. Third Row— R Rafferty, J Hubbard, E. French, R. Swanson. H. Nick. D. McCarthy, C. Confer. P. Anthony, M Lund. J. Parker. J. Case. R Yolk. Fourth Row— K. Young. N Rarick. S. Roth. J. Izbicki, S. Luther. L Dalton. E. Mangan. M. Driscoll, I. Paulson. S. Rebman. L. Adams. J. Rodriquez. A. Finn. E. Engesser. Fifth Row — R. Rloxdorf. I . Tolin. D. Dershimer. R. Eaton. E. Longo. J. Gold. N. Donovan. F. Major, R. Johnson. W. Steadraan. H. Loomis. G. Rucher. M. Giannamore. The Academy Student Senate was organized for the purpose of preparing students for better citizenship by allocating to them the responsibilities connected with many school activities. Its officers are elected semi-annually by democratic processes similar to actual political conditions. Each officer is required to have served in the Senate as the representative of his home room for at least one semester previous to his election. An executive board, composed of one member from each grade, is chosen from the Senate proper to guide the activities of the entire group. The past year has been a successful one for our student governing body in that it has raised enough money to enable it to concentrate in the coming semesters on its responsibilities of advancing the interests of all concerned with the school. Much of the increase in funds resulted from a dance, a skating party, and the sale of handbooks and " beanies. " After adopting a new constitution for itself, the Senate took upon its shoulders the problem of discussing and approv- ing a skeleton constitution for all future classes, which had been drawn up earlier in the year by Mr. Torrance ' s class of parlia- mentary procedure. It is the hope of both the faculty and the student body that our Student Senate will continually strive for better citizen- ship in school, city, state, and nation. OFFICERS First Semester President Leo Helinski Vice President Mary Schultz Secretary Helen Yochim Treasurer John Dudenhoeffer Second Semester Joe Pizzat Kay Young Jean Southwick Richard Dershermer Fifty-four Student Senate Gavel Dav Joe assumes his duties. The gavel, symbol of authority, passes baek to Mr. Hay. The executive hoard is " snapped. " Burton Latih, District Attorney speaks and the executive hoard applauds. Fifty-five Seated — J. Schmitt. E. Carlson, E. Zurow, M. Jacobs, D. Coon. Standing— R. Gleason, D. Stein, W. Bitting, C. Gebhardt, D. Sciaraanda. And so the Academe came into being . . . Fifty-six Academe Staff Eacli a separate group of its own. the Production and Business Stall ' s of t he Academe combined their efforts towards one goal: the publication of an Academe which would pre- sent, pictorially and otherwise, a true account of Academy ' s reaction to the war during the 1942-1!? school year. Actually planning and completing the year- book, the Production Stair were mainly con- cerned with obtaining good pictures, illustra- tive art and editorial perfection. Through these three mediums, the staff sought to capture some of the fullness of Academy. Planning for something more than a senior ' s souvenir, the staff endeavored to record life at Academy as it is. Mapping out the sales campaign, distributing the bocks, collecting and paying all money, the Business Staff provided a strong financial backbone. Busy throughout the year, they were very instrumental in stimulating an interested student attitude towards the yearbook ' s progress. Though the yearbook involved a great deal of work, its staff members feel satisfied that it attained to some degree their high goal. They will never forget the times they had " putting it together. " Seated — R. Barker. M. McLaughlin. M. Lashinger. W. Stfadman. H. Fitzgerald. F. Major, P. Duberow, E. Christoph, M. Bush. A. Yarbenet, R. Agens. Standing; — D. Crossley. B. kimmpl. Fifly-seven " There ' s no art to find the mind ' s construction in the face. " — Shakespeare. They ' re regular high school seniors, the following people. In them you will recognize typical marks of their age: the inquisitive expressions, the repressed grins, and the occasional appearance of enacted seriousness. Their faces differ little from the faces of former seniors, but they encounter most unusual conditions. Their spirit is courage; no decadent generation could carry on with enthusiasm in their state of uncertainty. They are not blind to the future; Academy ' s ' 43 Seniors are confident of their ability to overcome any onrushing obstacles. CLASSES FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Ben Kimniel President Ri va Agens Vice President Alice Yarbenet Secretary William Finney Treasurer With the arrival of June, 1942 came the Prom and Tommy Reynolds orchestra at Rainbow Gardens. Students and faculty alike will long remember the " Pirate Prom " for its facinating treasure chest and the scintillating rhythms of the band. Finally the class swung into its last semester. Events, school activities, outside interests, all vied for attention in the short days left of high school training. Quite appropriately the class play was entitled " Youth Takes Over. " This and Class Day proved con- clusively that the group had many talented members. January 14 found the hungry happy members of this class at a banquet in the Masonic Grill Room. After " satisfying the inner man " the guests enjoyed the music of Herbie Johnson until midnight when sleighs arrived to take them home (No pleasure driv- ing — remember ?) . All too soon January and commencement arrived. The February Class of 1943 left Academy but their courage and enthusiasm went with them into another phase of life. Feb ruary oeniors In February, 1940 an enthusiastic group of sophomores in home room 201 organized as a class and elected Rurton Rlum president. His term of office, interrupted by his enlistment in the Navy, was capably taken over by Harrison Rose. As Juniors, the class chose Ren Kimmel to lead them. Recause of Ren ' s superior executive qualities he was kept in office as president until the class graduated. Miss Olsen, Miss Hoffman, and Mr. Fiorelli provided the faculty direction throughout the intermittent ups and downs which faced the school life of Academy ' s ' 42 Seniors. The first of many social functions, a beach party, in June ' 41, began a chain of successful social events — each one seemingly more success- ful than the preceeding one. This group was the first to sponsor a theater party, and upon discovering the popularity and enthusiastic attendance which such an activity evoked, they sponsored five more. All were labeled " success. " SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Ben Kimmel President Riva Agens Vice President Alice Yarbenet Secretary Donald Crossley Treasurer Commencement Speakers Seated— M. Bertone. J. Rupp, A. Yarbenet, R. Agens. A Necci. Standing— I Kramer. L. Yerdecchia. S. Edelman. E. Seblom. B. Kimmel M Albrecht, P. Schlaudecker. 1943 Mid Year Graduating Class — List of Awards — January 25, 1943 1. The Outstanding Member of the Class whose name is to be engraved on the Girl Reserve Cup— chosen for scholarship, character, leadership and service Betty Paterson 2. Bausch and Lomb Medal— excellence in Science Raymond Benecki 3. $5.00 Cash Award for excellence in Mathematics presented by the Mid Year Class in memory of Mr. Detmers Sydney Edelman 4. $5.00 Cash Award for excellence in Typing and Stenography presented by the Mid Year Class Marilyn Sims 5. $5.00 Cash Award for excellence in History presented by the Mid Year Class. Patricia Schlaudecker 6. Four Year Scholarship to Villa Maria College Georgia Whalley 7. Scholarship of $125.00 awarded by the Parent -Teacher Association Riva Agens 8. Allegheny College Scholarship of $150.00 awarded by the College Anita Necci Sixty-one Kiva Marilyn Jean Phyllis Sarah Agens Albrecht Allen Barton Baughman Mabel Codv Grace r. . , tt J, .-O l Campbell " pU ... ;W » §P SMy-, K Jack Cugnin Grace Delemater Frances Downie Sydney F.llcry Edelman rLngell Jean Kricson Joan Fasel William Finney Jennie Florence Gradler Sislv-tliree Rose Krieger Lois Linn Helen Lnipold Marjorie Mitchell Sixty-four David MacFiggen Audrey McCall Ethel Musolff Anita Necei (Gloria Paeinelli Betty Paterson Marilyn Sims Norma Sopp %v Sixty-six February Senior Activities Vgens, Riva — Aim, Business Administrator — Star Editor. Hilltopper Stall ' , Academe Stair, College Club. National Honor Society. New- man Club. Dramatic Club Officer, Prom Com- mittee. Cenfetelli, Lorelta — Aim, Mortician Class Banquet Committee, Class Pla . Senator, Prom Committee, lied Cross Club OHicer. Monitor, Theater Party Committee. Class Da Committee. Albrecht, .Marilyn — Aim, Psychologist — Drum and Bugle Corps. Girl Reserves. College Club. National Honor Society. Prom Com- mittee. Class Play. Allen, Jean — Aim, Success — Debating Club. College Club, Girl Reserves, Senator. Prom Committee. Barton, Phyllis Aim. To Be Well Liked— Drum and Bugle Corps. Class Play Committee. Monitor. Class Day Committee, Sub-Deb Club. Class Banquet Committee. National Honor Society. Checkan, June -Aim, Success — Prom Committee. Bed Cross Club, Class Play Committee, Beauty Culture Club. Cody, Mabel — Aim, Success — Knitting Club. Typing Club. Delamater, Grace — Aim, Success — Girl Reserves, College Club. Class Play. Debat- ing Club. Prom Committee. Downie, Frances Girl Reserves, Typing Club mittee. Aim, Secretary — Class Play, Prom Committee, ( lllicer. Theater Party Com- Baughman, Sarah — Aim. Musician Camera Club. Bennett, Betty — Aim, Success — Sub-Deb Club. Personal Typing Club. Girl ' s Chorus. Prom Committee. Class Play. Monitor. Bertone, Mary — Aim, Secretary — Charm Club. Typing Club. Class Play, National Honor Society. Blakeslee, Gerald — Aim. Uncle Sam ' s Nephew — Track Team. Basketball Team. Cross Country Team. Monitor. Athletic Club Officer. Breter, Donald — Aim, Art Teacher- Cheerleader. Bielak, Tekla — Aim, Successful Wife — Class Play Committee. Banquet Committee. Red Cross " Club. Class Play. Brosh, Anne — Aim, Model — Class Theater Party Committee. Callahan, Jacqueline Aim, Comptometer Operator — Girl ' s Chorus. Choir. Choir Club. Class Plav Committee. Girl Beserves. Campbell, Betty — Newman Club, ings Club. Aim. Tracer Class Party. Classical Record- Campbell, Grace — Aim. Stenographer — (iirl Beserves. Newman Club. Class Play. Carey, Kmmett — Aim. Air Corps — Band. Glee Club. Outdoor Club. Banquet Com- mittee. Prom Committee, Monitor. Class Day Committee, Class Play. Announcement Com- mittee. Kdelman, Sydney — Aim, Engineer — National Honor Society President, Movie Monitor Hficer, Cinema Club Officer, Class Officer. Engell, Ellery — Aim, Electrical Engineer Badio Club. Science Club. Monitor. Ericson, Jean Marie — Aim, Beauty Operator — Beauty Culture Club. Sub-Deb Club, Typing Club. Dramatic Club. Class Play. Easel, Joan -Aim. Laboratory Technician — Library Club. Personality Club. College Club. Newman Club. Library StafT. Girl Beserves, Girl ' s Chorus. National Honor Society. Finney, William — Aim, Engineer — Athletic Theory Club. Football Team. Basket- ball Team. Monitor. Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Class Officer. National Honor Society. Fracassi, Jeenie — Aim, Success — Girl ' s Chorus, Class Play. Pron (lirl Beserves, Monitor. Committee, Frame, Beatrice — Aim, Stenographer — Monitor. Civilian Defense Club, (iirl Reserves. Typing Club, Class Play. Frost, Mary Jane — Aim, Secretary — Drum and Bugle Corps, Mimeograph Shop, Prom Committee. Typing Club. Clef Club. Fuller, Madge — Aim, Dietician — Drum and Bugle Corps. College Club. Library Club. Class Play. Prom Committee. Theater Party Committee. Class Day, Monitor. Na- tional Honor Society. Goard, Marsdon — Aim, Aviation Instructor — Choir. Prom Committee. Puzzle and Game Club, Airplane Club. Class Party Committee. Choir Club. Sixty-seven Gonser, Paul — Aim, Military Service. Gradler, Florence — Aim. Success — Typing Club. Dramatic Club, Knitting Club, Cirl Reserves, Sub-Deb Club. Prom Committee. Class Day Committee. K 11 ml la. Margaret — Aim. Time Keeper — Archery Club, Usherett Club, Civilian Defense )fficer. Lamberton, Joseph — Aim, Air Corps — Football Team, Athletic Theory Club. Groimett. Bruce — Aim, Aviator — Airplane Club. Prom Committee. Committee. Class Day Committee. Banquet I la i -I ma ii. Bernice — Aim, Secretary — Beauty Culture Club, Sub-Deb Club, Typing Club, Dramatic Club. Lang, Gladys — Aim. Journalist — Sub-Deb Club. College Club, Girl Beserves, Prom Committee. Banquet Committee. Theater Party Committee. Luipold, Helen — Aim, Bookkeeper- Usher ' s Club, Art Typing Club. Illy risky, Nellie — Aim, Secretary — Beauty Culture Club, Sub-Deb Club. Typing Club, Dramatic Club, Class Play, Banquet Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. Maas, Florence — Aim, Businesswoman- Archery Club. Personality Club. IIiiIk i . Mary Elaine — Aim, Stenographer — (iirl Beserves, Newman Club. Class Plav. Martucci, Josephine Prom Committee. Committee. Aim, Stenographer — Monitor, Theater Party Jernstrom, Charles — Aim, Doctor — Band, Wrestling Team, Track Team. Prom Committee. Class Play, Monitor, National Honor Society. MacFiggen, David — Aim, Aviator — Cheerleader, Stage Crew, Prom Committee, Cheerleader ' s Club Officer. Kelly, Paul — Aim, Chemical Engineer — Football Team, Wrestling Team. Track Team, Monitor, Prom Committee, Athletic Theory Club, Civilian Defense. Senator, Class Day Committee. Ketchell, Norman — Aim, Successful Soldier- Football Team, Athletic Theory Club. McCall, Audrey — Aim, Bookkeeper — Camera Club. Usher ' s Club. Typing Club, Prom Committee. -McLaughlin, Marian — Aim, Secretary — Typing Club, Girl Beserves, Prom Committee. Kimmel, Ben — Aim, Businessman — Academe Stalf. Debating Team, President of Class, National Honor Society, Class Play. .Melzer, Elsie — Aim. Office Worker — Beauty Culture Club. Classical Club, Class Play, Monitor. Becording Kindle, Jeannette — Aim, Defense Worker — Debating Club. College Club. Class Play. Kindle, Marian — Aim, Nurse Civilian Defense. King, Marjorie — Aim, Have Many Friends — Dramatic Club. Senator, Newman Club. Prom Attendants Committee, Class Day Committee, Monitor, Class Banquet Committee, Typing Club Officer. Kramer, I la Jane — Aim, Dietician — Choir, Girl Beserves. Senate. Class Play, Knitting and Needlepoint Club, College Club, Choir Club, Prom Committee, National Honor Society. Melzer, Helen — Aim, Secretary — Drum and Bugle Corps. Mimeograph Shop, Class Play, Prom Committee, Typing Club. Mitchell, Marjorie — Aim, Mortician — Girl Beserves. Typing Club, Newman Club. Musolf, Ethel — Aim, Success — Drum and Bugle Corps, Orchestra, Senior Dramatics Club, Classical Becording Club, Class Play, Clef Club Officer. Necci, Anita — Aim. Success — Senator, Class Play, Cap and Gown Com- mittee. Camera Club, Craft Club, First Aid Club, National Honor Society. Krieger, Rose Anna — Aim, Dressmaker- Knitting Club, Needlepoint Club. Ojdana, Chester — Aim, Tool Maker- Krayer, Kenneth — Aim, Seaman — Machine Shop, Camera Club, Badio Club. Pacinelli, Gloria — Aim, Hairdresser- Cap and Gown Committee. Sixiy-eighi Paterson, Betty — Aim, Nurse — Personality Club, College Club, Senator. Girl ' s Chorus. Girl Reserves Officer, Class Officer. Prom Committee, Class Play. Banquet Com- mittee. National Honor Society. irski, Florence — Aim, A Success — Personality Club, Archery Club. Sopp, Norma — Aim, Doctor — College Club. Newman Club, Girl Reserves, Class Play. Swain, Lillian — Aim, Stenographer — Dramatic Club, Booster Club, Prom Com- mittee, Monitor, President of Dramatic Club. King, Jeanne — Aim, Radio Announcer — Choir, Choir Club, Orchestra Committee. Sub-Deb Club. Strucker, Richard — Aim, Navy — Water Polo Team. Swimming Team, Class Play, Class Day Committee, Prom Committee. Outdoor Club, Swimming Club, Monitor. Roney, William — Aim, Machinist Mate — Band, Class Play, Class Day. Banquet Com- mittee, Outdoor Club. Prom Committee. Swanson, George — Aim, Doctor — Glee Club, Choir, Choir Club, President of Glee Club. Rose, Harrison — Aim, Engineer — Prom Committee, Senator, Band, Class Officer, Stamp Club. Monitor. Class Play Committee. Torrance, Neil — Aim, Pilot — Class Day Committee, Class Play Committee. Track Team, Banquet Committee. Outdoor Club, Prom Committee. Monitor. Kupp, Joanne — Aim, Dietician — Orchestra. Drum and Rugle Corps, Girl Reserves, College Club. Class Play Committee. Prom Committee. National Honor Society. Tucker Helen Harriet — Aim, Nurse — Chorus. Choir, Usher ' s Club. Historical Society. Dramatic Club. Microscopic Club. College Club. Salajezyk, Jess — Aim, Electrician — Prom Committee. Theater Party Committee. Class Play Committee. Monitor. Camera Club. Class Officer. National Honor Society. Vaughn, Dorothy — Aim, Success — Monitor, Prom Committee. Girl Reserve, Banquet Committee. Sub-Deb Club, Needle- craft Club. Schlaudecker, Patricia — Aim, Dietician — Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, College Club. Prom Committee. Class Play Com- mittee. Verdecchia, Leo — Aim. Scientist — Football Team. Prom Committee. Senate Officer, Water Polo Team. Monitor. Athletic Theory Club, Microscope Club. Schonthaler, Kalman — Aim, Butcher — Glee Club Officer. Basketball Team. Monitor. Athletic Theory Club. Prom Committee. Wolfe, Richard — Aim, Musician — Band, Orchestra, Gym Team. Class Play. Class Plav Committee. Seldom, Klaine — Aim, Success — Monitor. National Honor Society. Theater Party Committee. Prom Committee, Art Club, Camera Club. Typing Club. Shakelton, Elsie — Aim, Secretary — Art Typing Club. Camera Club. Craft Club. Sims, Marilyn — Aim, Secretary — Prom Committee. Banquet Committee, Na- tional Honor Society, Typing Club, Camera Club. Senator. Class Officer. Slater, Robert — Aim, Curator — Cheerleader, Rod and Gun Club. Cheerleader ' s Club. Prom Committee. Class Plav Committee. Smith, Robert — Aim, To Beat the Japs — President of Cheerleaders Club. Captain of Cheerleaders. Sontheimer, Milton — Aim, Marine — Track Team. Cross Country Team, Gun Club. Whalley, Georgia — Aim, Success — Booster Club. Class Committee, Senate Officer. Yaple, Patricia — Aim, Success — Historical Club, Amateur Club, Class Day- Committee. Yaple, Phyllis— A im. WAAC- Prom Committee, Class Announcement Committee. Plav Committee. Rod and Yarbenet, Alice — Aim. Secretary — Girl ' s Chorus, Academe Staff. Newman Club. Class Officer, National Honor Society. Class Play. Yawger, Richard — Aim, Engineer — Band, Basketball Team, Choir. Prom Com- mittee, Class Play, Drum Major, National Honor Society. Yockey, Jean — Aim, Nurse- Girl ' s Chorus. College Club. Cheerleaders Club. Personality Club. Prom Committee. Theater Party Committee. Girl Beserves. Hostess Club. Candy Stand. Sixty-n ine FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS .lames McVay President Harry Fornalczyk . Vice President Kay Wetzel Secretary Vincent Kress Treasurer June Class From all over Erie they came, and in September of 1940 they met for the first time as a group, some 425 or more of them. They were the beginning of the largest graduating class in Academy ' s history, the June class of ' 43. Al first it was nearly all that they could do to get settled in their new surroundings. The seniors sponsored a get-acquainted parly in their honor which helped to " ' break the ice, " and tenth grade President John Cooney managed to formulate the first class under- taking, a 10-2 parly. In the eleventh grade the class members were busy implanting themselves in school organizations, but they elected James McVay president and had another party, this time in conjunction with the 11-2 ' s. Near the end of their eleventh school year, the class went to the Music Box for a third party-dance. " Here We Go Again " will recall to the few who attended the 12-1 theater party the im- mediate need that ' arose for a more active schedule. Another class party solved the problem; the seniors will long remember Mr. Miller and the square dances. James McVay, who was president again in 12-1, joined the Paratroops near the end of the semester and Harry Fornalczyk, vice president, " took over. " Many other boys graduated in February in order to join the armed forces or to begin college training. During the start of the 12-2 semester, Mr. Torrance, class adviser, left for a navy com- mission. Vincent Kress, president, represented the class and presented him with a suitcase as a token of appreciation. A party in the Girls Gym was a fairly successful project, but the class play, " The Family Upstairs " was one of those rare, highly excellent high school presentations. Still, the best is yet to be! The seniors are eagerly awaiting the prom, the banquet- dance, class day, and their last school activity, commencement. Then they will find their place in society and the war effort; they will do their best in everything — of that we ' re confident. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Vincent Kress President Mary Schultz . Vice President Kay Wetzel Secretary Paul Leahy Treasurer Doris Adiutori I i.iil Almrll Betty Ahrenger Hose Akus Rita Alexander Frederick Allirecht Eleanor Allgeier l ' alamcna Amieueci Lois Anderson Louis Andersen Palrieia Anthony Marie " " Babcock j f VlirVO ti J Walter Ba ' gnoni Margaret Bahan Richard Baker Gladys Bannister Hiehard Barker Edward Barry Mildred Barthelmes Seventy-one Elsie Beach Lorraine Becker Willard Beck with Raymond Benecki Robert Benim Margaret Bliven Lois Boldt Fred Bonin Ann Borkowski Virginia Bowen Hugh Bowman Donald Boyce Thelma Boyce Donald Brotherson Elizabeth Brown Seventy-two Helen Brown Kvelyn Brubaker Gladys Burlier Shirley Buettner George Burbules Violet Burger Thomas I Burniston Shirley Buseek Barbara Bush Geraldine Bushley Phyllis Carr Kenneth Byron Joyce Casconi Ruth Carl in Norma Centner Audrey Chamberlain Melvin Carnev Geraldine Chase Sevenly-tliree Naomi Chase Jane Cinkaj Isabel Clark Dorothy Claypool Millicent Cohen Allen Cokefair Claire Comstoek Betty Conkle John Connolly Alary Connolly Lois Cook James Cooney Doris Conway John Cooney .Margaret Conyngham Richard Coon Lynette Cooper Catherine Corey Sevenly-four Patricia Courleaux Arlene Cranda] Anna Mat ' Crane Alice ( " rocker Jean Ann ' .roshv Charlotte ( TOHC W ilma Jean Dailv Klizabeth Dallmever Marie Daughertv Audrey Davis Corabelle Davis Lenore Davis |{ol erta Deeker Charles Deiner Audrey Deitch Doris Demenske Viola DeNardo Anthony DeSanti i Harold Dieter Seventy-five i° Rosemary Donahue Eileen Dreyer Jean Dubaj Betty Duberow John Dudenhoefer James Duke Kenneth Englert Marjorie Eriekson Virginia Faber Kathryn Fabsits Anita Farina Walter Fearn Joseph Ferraro Lorena Finlay Mary Frances Fitzgerald Ruth Fitzsimmons Seventy -six Jeremiah Harry! Irene Kdithl Ellen Flanagan Fornalczyk Freeland Friedland Fullerloi Phyllis Fnllerton Carol Gebhardt Rudolph Geisaka Jenny Gianeola Joseph Gigliotti John Gintz Ruth Gleason Charlotte Gleisner Bettv Goff ' Wesley Golembiewski Howard Gorman Lei ah Gradler Jean Graham Janiee Griewahn Seventy-seven Jack Frank Konald Robert Margaret Green Gumowski Gustafson Hammer Han ley Lois Hardner Edward Haupt Rosemary Heberle Thomas Heberle Dan Hedges Virginia Ilcim Norman Henderson Donald Herbert Patricia Herbstritt Richard Herbstritt JMary Jean Hersperger Donald Herring Lueille Hess Leo Hilinski Seventy-eight Homer Hill Shirl. Hill William lliil liaymoiHi Horrigan Helen Hutnyak Marian Jaeobs Dorothy Jeckna Marion Jenkins Harry Jell ' Alfred Johnson Frank Johnson Violet Johnson Virginia Johnson Glady Jones Seventy-nine Betty Kearns Jean Kehl Dean Kerr Ruth kilburn Leonore Junod Irene Kacmarek Kobert Kissell Jack Kissel] George Kline Mary Jane Knepper Lewis Knuth Sophie Kociuloski Madeline Kohler Leonard Konieezko Julia Konzel Dolores Koski Eighty Kleanor Kiilm Joseph Kulm Kleanora Lang Helen Langowski Margaret Lashinger Irene Laskowski Jaek Laver a ul Leemhnis Loyce Leslie Wanda Lesnicki Betty Liebel Robert I in. la hi Edith Liiuler Eighty-one Jeanne Marie Loesch Winifred Lund John Malm Mary Malm Donald Malthaner Pauline Marshall Thomas Marther Nobert Matteson Mary Mattis Huth Maynard Norma McCabe Eighly-lwo Thomas McCabe Lucille McDonald Marjorie McDonald William McGraw Kathrj n McGuire James McVay Frederick I Miles jr Charlotte Miller George Miller Phvllis Miller Gayle Milligan Marjorie Mining Dorothy Mizikowski Madeline Mong Rosemary Moritz Eiglity-three c It nth Melntyre Betty McLaughlin Marian McLaughlin William McLeod Nina Nardo Gertrude Nash Virginia Nelson Dorothy Nick Harry Niebling Calvin Neil hamer Marilyn O ' Brien Joseph Osczepinski Chester Ojdana Jean Olszewski Vincent Ore Clara Olowinski Gloria Ott Kleanor Paluh Eighty-four Richard Parker Regina Pearson Hohert Peelmai James Pesch Cecile Peskorski Marilyn Peterson Martha Piotrowski Victor Pieree Kenneth Platz Irene Podgorny Dorothy Polaski William Portenier Jean Porter Vdella Przeznreki Helen Pushchak Betty Ann Ha Iter ty George Kamandanes Marilvn Randall Dorothy Ray Eighty-five Rosemary Hooker Bernardino Kiddle Bernard ISinderle Jeatinetle Ring Shirley Bobbins Charles Koberts Audrey Robinson Hugh Bobinsoi Bruce Boot Viola Bose Wilbur Bose James Bosebcrry Jean Rosenthal Janet Bosequist Jean Buhling Helen Bumball Anthony Buscio Anne Butkowski Virginia Butkowski Eighly-sii Henry Rzodkicvt icz Beverly Savior Eva Scalzitti d Elsie Schossberger 1 Marv J q Tillic I Schullz ( ( l »4r Schultz Robert Schweitzer Dominic Sciamanda Lucille Scully Alice Helen Seely Seniock Marjorie Shearer Edward Shellito Eighty-seven L.01S Schlccht (ieorge Sch loss James Schmitt Madeline Schodt Ruth Francis Alary Ann Audrey Valentine Shields Shimel Skarapski Skinner Slater Beatrice Smith Lillian Smith Paul Smith Richard Smith Wayne Smith Willard Smith James Spaeder Clark Specter Jacqueline Stafford June Stanton Wilma Steadman Virginia Steen Arloena Stewart Mary Storten Eighly-eighl I! " Ii.ii ' I S Ira ul) Donald Sloops o William Totvnsend Ruth Trapp William Trimble Joseph Trojanowski Kuniee Turner Conrad Urban Mary Jane Van Annan Jean Vandervort Helen Vargo Donald Vogt Eir hly-nine James Volk Robert olkmar Donald Vonder Grol)en Wilma Wagner Edwin Walentowski Nobert Walentowski James Walker Jobn Wallif Annette Walcyzak - «r Harriet Walters Patricia Wasser Arthur Waterman Irene Watson Dorothy Weber Harriet Weber Rose Marie Weber Irene Webster Virginia Weiser Kathleen Weiss Ninety John Catherine James Elaine Jane Wenzel Wetzel Wheeler Whipple Whit Shirley W hi Innan John AX iese Norman W i Iki n George isnicwski Jennie Calvin Edwin Florence Charles Wisneski Witter Wolf Woodhams Wright Eunis Kichard Hiehard Helen Rita Wright Wynne Yeager Yochini Ynskievtioz Ninely-one Dolores Zawistorski Chester Doris Ann Donald Edward Zaniewski Zhicrski Zimmer Zuraw Nancy .Stager Corinne Adams Barbara Bowen Richard Brown I ' ressley Campbell Edward Carter Dorothy Curtis Alary Driscoll Robert Ebish Audrey Green Nathaniel Katz Hubert Kilburn Rudolph Krumpack Thomas IMilliren Ninety-two Phyllis Ruth Marry Hay Shirley Nagle Roth Schersching Shaner Fell Names of classmates in the services N inety-iliree June Senior Activities Aduitori, Doris — Aim, Private Secretary- Sub-Deb Club, Girl Reserves. Becker, Loraine — Aim, Intelligence- Personality Club. Ahnell, Emil — Aim, Agriculturalist — Radio, Military Tactics, Prom Committee. Beckwith, Willard — Aim, Air Cadet- Track, Athletic Club. Allgeier, Eleanor — Aim, Success — Camera Club, Red Cross Club, Consumers Club. Benecki, Raymond — Aim, Chemical Engineer — Chess Club, Wrestling Team, National Honor Society. Amicucci, Palamena — Aim, Success Rug and Novelty, Knitting Club. Benim, Robert — Aim, Aviator- Rod and Gun Club. Anderson, Lois — Aim, Nurse — Girls Chorus, Library Staff, Red Cross, Dramatics Club. Blair, Dorothy — Aim, Bookkeeper — Debating, Camera Club, Jr. Red Cross. Anderson, Louis — Aim, Agriculturalist- Choir Officer, Library Staff. Blake, Lowell — Aim, Naval Aviation — Track Team. Football. Basketball, Physical Fitness Club. Anthony, Patricia — Aint, Stenographer — Senator. Hostess Club. Newman Club, Press Club, Girl Reserves. Blake, Mabel — Aim, Success — Teen Hi Round Table, Cheerleaders Club. Babeock, Marie — Aim, Secretary — Drum and Bugle Corps, Officer of Gregg Read- ing Club, Civilian Defense Club, Consumers Ed . Club. Bagnoni, Walter — Aim, Machinist Wrestling Club. Bliven, Margaret — Aim, Occupational Therapist — Officer of Library Staff, College Club, Nature Study Club. Boldt, Lois — Aim, Nurse — Girl Reserves, Girl ' s Chorus, Hostess Club, Nature Study Club. Italian, Margaret — Aim, Secretary — Beauty Culture Club, Art Typing Club, Dramatic Club. Baker, Richard — Aim, Machinist- Bonin, Fred — Aim, Naval Aviator — Senator, Booster Club, Cheerleaders Club. Borkowski, Ann — Aim, Happiness — Girl ' s Chorus, Classical Recording Club, Amateur Club. Barker, Richard — Aim, Accountant — Track, Cross Country, Athletic Theory Club, Rod and Gun Club. Bowen, Virginia — Aim, Teacher — Girl ' s Chorus, Girl Reserves, Hostess Club, Dramatic Club. Barry, Edward — Aim, Engineer — Glee Club, Senator, Choir, Baseball, Tennis, Outdoor Club. Bowman, Hugh — Aim, Business Accountant — Swimming Team and Club, Athletic Theory, Dramatic Club. Barthelmes, Mildred — Aim, General Office Work Student Senate, Girls Chorus, Sub-Deb Club, Red Cross Club, Girl Reserves. Boyce, Donald — Aim, Business — Chess Club, Stamp and Coin Club, Choir, Sportsman ' s Club. Beach, Elsie — Aim, Nurse — Girls Chorus, College Club, Sub-Deb Club. Brotherson, Donald — Aim, Air Cadet- Swimming Team, Chess Club. Ninety-four Brown, Elizabeth — Aim, Beauty Operator- Rug and Novelty Club. Clay pool, Dorothy -Aim, Stenographer Brubaker, Evelyn — Aim, Nurse Cohen, Millicent Aim, Biological Research — Biology Club Officer, Gym Leader, National Honor Society. Burger, Violet — Aim, Receptionist — Girl ' s Chorus. Cirl Reserves, Newman Club Hostess Club. Conkle, Betty — Aim, Accordianist- Chorus. Burniston, Thomas — Aim, Sports Announcer Outdoor Club, Athletic Club. Connolly, John — Aim, Engineer Debating Club. Stamp Club. Newman Club. Buseck, Shirley — Aim, Success — Girl Reserves, Cheerleader ' s Club, Prom Com- mittee, Beauty Culture Club. Classical Record- ing Club. Connolly, Mary — Aim, Nurse — Newman Club. Cirl Reserves, Biology Club, Camera Club, Handcraft Club. Bush, Barbara Aim, Secretary — Gregg Reading Club. Civilian Defense Club. Class Executive Committee. Prom Chairman. Drum and Bugle Corp. Bushley, Geraldine — A im, Office Worker Chemistry Club. Conyngham, Margaret Aim. Secretary Hostess Club. Class Officer, Girl Reserves, Teen Hi Club. Coon, Richard Aim, Chemical Engineer — National Honor Society. Senate. Tennis. Band. Debating. Academe Stall ' . Chess Club. Bvron, Kenneth — A im. Meteoroligist— Band. Outdoor Club. Chess Club. Swing Band. Cook, Lois — Aim, Success — Girl Reserves. Classical Becording Club. Cheer- leaders Club. Beauty Culture Club. Carlin, Ruth — Aim. Nurse — Drum and Bugle Corps, Hostess Club, Stage Make-Up Club. Cooney, James — Aim, Air Cadet Choir. Carlson, Esther — Aim, Retail Merchandiser — Drum and Bugle Corp. Girl Reserves, Academe Staff. College Club, Sub-Deb Club. Biology Club. Prom Committee. National Honor Society. Carney, Melvin — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Outdoor Club. Carr, Phyllis — Aim, Oflicc Worker Casconi, Joyce — Aim, Journalist - Cooney, John — Aim, Annapolis — Nature Study Club. Golf Club. Athletic Club. National Honor Society, Class Officer. Cooper, Lynette — Aim, Secretary Beauty Culture. Charm Club. Corey, Catherine — Aim, Secretary — Beauty Culture Club, Charm Club. Courteaux, Patricia — Aim, Vocalist Choir. Senate. Centner, Norma — Aim, Stenographer- Camera Club. Crandall, Arlene — Aim, Stenographer — Drum and Bugle Corps. First Aid Club. Beauty Culture Club. Chase, Geraldine — Aim, Secretary Knitting Club. Crocker, Alice — Aim, Secretary- Usher ' s Club. Chase, Naomi — Aim. Secretary- Knitting Club. Crosby, Anna — Aim, Beautician — Nature Club, Hostess Club, Cinema Club. Ninety-fire Crowe, Charlotte — Aim, Success — Girl ' s Chorus, Charm Club, Red Cross Club. Needlepoint Club. Duke, James — Aim, Swimming Instructor — Swimming Team, Water Polo, Team, Chess Club. Dallmeyer, Elizabeth — Aim, Stenographer — Girl Reserves, Etiquette Club, Sub-Deb Club, Beauty Culture Club, Newman Club. Dunlap, Robert — Aim, Traveler Dramatic ' s Club. Daugherty, Marie — Aim, Stenographer Beauty Culture Club, Charm Club. Eckard, Marion— -Aim, Nurse — Craft Club, Story Telling Club. Davis, Lenore — Aim, Beautician — Nature Club, Hostess Club, Cinema Club. Ende, Audrey — Aim, Receptionist — Girl ' s Chorus, Teen Hi Round Table Club, Class Officer. Hostess Decker, Roberta — Aim, Writer — Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves. Englert, Kenneth — Aim, Traveler- Football Team, Football Track. Deiner, Charles — Aim, College — Nature Club, Cinema Club. Military Tactic Club. Wrestling Club. Erickson, Marjorie — Aim, Medical Secretary — Girl ' s Chorus, Girl Reserves, Hostess Club. Teen Hi Round Table. Deitch, Audrey — Aim, College — Girl Reserves. College Club. Senior Dramatics. Faber, Virginia — Aim, Stenographer — Girl ' s Chorus, Hostess Club Officer. Sub-Deb Club, Girl Reserves. Demenske, Doris — Aim, Model — Camera Club, Red Cross Club. Fabsits, Kathryn — Aim, Office Clerk- Girl ' s Chorus, Art Typing Club. DeNardo, Viola — Aim, General Office Worker- Theatrical Make-Up Club. DeSanti, Anthony — Aim, Draftsman Rod and Gun Club, Outdoor Club. Dieter, Harold — Aim, Draftsman- Rod and Gun Club. Donahue, Rosemary — Aim, Stenographer — Cheerleaders Club, Personal Typing Club, Girl Reserves. Dreyer, Eileen — Aim, Bookkeeper- Hostess Club. Dubaj, Jean — Aim, Beautician- Hostess Club, Radio Club. Duberow, Betty — Aim, Laboratory Technician — Press Club, Cheerleaders Club, Newman Club. Star Staff, Academe Stall ' , National Honor Society. Farina, Anita —Aim, Office Clerk — Girl ' s Chorus, Student Senate, Teen Hi Round Table Club. Classical Recording Club, Cleff Club. Fearn, Walter — Aim, Artist — Chess Club, Outdoor Club. Ferraro, Joseph — Aim, Air Corp- Basketball, Athletic Club. Fitzgerald, Mary Francis — Aim, Air Hostess — Etiquette Club, Classical Becording Club, Junior Cleff Club. Fitzsimons, Ruth — Aim, Office Worker Bed Cross Club, Etiquette Club. Flanagan, Jeremiah — Aim, Bookkeeper- Booster Club, Stamp Club. Fornalezyk, Harry — Aim, Bookkeeper — Football Team, Glee Club, Class Officer (Vice President). Dudenhoeffer, John — Aim, Navy — Student Senate, Outdoor Club, Student Senate Officer. Freeland, Irene — Aim, Artist- Choir, Girl Beserves. Ninety-sir ' Vied la ml, Edith — Aim, Private Secretary - Newman Club, Hostess Club, Dramatic :iul Criewahn, Janice — Aim. Laboratory Technician — Girl ' s Chorus, Choir. Choir Club, National Honor Society. Pullerton, Ellen — Aim, Bookkeeper Commercial ( Hub. Gumowski, Frank— Aim, Business Man- Glee Club. Music Appreciation Club. FuIIerton, Phyllis — Aim, Happiness Senator. Etiquette Club Officer. Gebhardt, Carol — Aim, Musician Choir. Academe Staff Choir Club. Theater Party Committee. Gustafson, Ronald — Aim, Forest Banger — Glee Club, Airplane Club. Wrestling Team Debating Club. Hammer, Itobert — Aim, Biologist- Outdoor Club. Baseball Team. Geisaka, Kudolpb -Aim. Electrical Engineer Football Team. Wrestling Team. Chess Club. Hanlcy, Margaret — Aim, Blueprint Tracer- College Club. Girl Reserves. Giancola, Jenny — Aim, Nurse Good Grooming Club. Ilardner, Lois — Aim, Secretary — Senior Camera Club. Junior Cleff Club Gigiotti, Joseph -Aim. Business Manager Chess Club. Haunt, Edward — Aim, Husband — Boxing Team, Rod and Gun Club. Camera ( ' lull. Gintz, John — Aim, Air Corps — Hi-Y, Rod and Gun Club. Booster Club. Heberle, Rosemary — Aim, Secretary — Star Stall. Newman Club. Senate, Girl Reserves. Gleason, Ruth — Aim, Stenographer Choir. Girl ' s Chorus, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Choir Club. College Club. Heberle, Thomas — Aim, Air Corps — Gleisner, Charlotte — Aim, Secretary — Drum and Bugle Corp. Handcraft Club. Red Cross Club, Typing Club. Goff, Betty Jane — .4™. Nurse — Biology Club. Cheerleaders Club. Golemhiewski, Wesley — Aim, Bowling Alley Mgr. Outdoor Club. Hedges, Dan — Aim, Army Air Corps- Cheerleader ' s Club. Usher ' s Club. Heim, Virginia — Aim, Stenographer — Charm Club. Beauty Culture Club, Hostess Club. Newman Club. Henderson, Norman — Aim, Metalurgist — Orchestra, Band. Science Club. Track Team. Cross Country Team. Indoor Track Team. Gorman Howard — Aim, Air Cadet — Bod and Gun Club. Chess Club. Band. Base- ball Team. Gradler, Letah — Aim, Secretary — Cheerleaders Club. Typing Club. Herbert, Donald — Aim, Air Corps — Orchestra, Band, Music Appreciation Club. Herbstritt, Patricia — Aim, Nurse — Charm Club. Red Cross Club. Knitting Club. Beauty Culture Club. Girl ' s Basketball Team. Graham. Jean — Aim, Telephone Operator- Girl ' s Chorus. Herbstritt, Richard — Aim,. Air Corp — Water Polo Team. Cross Country Team. Green, Jack — Aim, General — Ilcrsperger, Mary Jean — Aim, Dietitian — Cleff Club. Girl ' s Chorus, Girl Reserves, Academe Staff. Senator. Ninety-seven Hess, Lucille — Aim, Comptometer Operator — Etiquette Club, Make-Up Club. Hostess Club. Johnson, Alfred — Aim, Peace Administrator — Cheerleader ' s Club. Usher ' s Club, Stamp Club, Military Strategy Club, Hilinski, Leo — Aim, Naval Aviator — Senate Officer, Science Club, Outdoor Club. Johnson, Frank — Aim, Navy- Rifle Club. Hill, Shirley — Aim, Beautician — Med Cross Club, Hostess Club. Johnson, Violet — Aim, Housewife — Drum and Bugle Corps, Gym leaders Club. Classical Recordings Club. Hirt, William — Aim, Insurance Salesman- Athletic Theory Club. Swimming Club. Johnson, Virginia — Aim, Success — Senior Orchestra Officer, Charm Club Oilicer. Hoagland. Boyd — Aim, Marine — Hod and Gun Club. Jones, Gladys — Aim, Missionary — Charm Club, First Aid Club, Senior Orchestra. Hogan, Bay — Aim, Machinist — Senior Airplane Club. Usher ' s Club. Junod, Lenonore — Aim, Nurse — Craft Club, Cheerleader ' s Club. Bed Cross Club. Holland, Joseph — Aim, Machinist- Swimming Club. Kaczmarek, Irene — Aim, Bookkeeper — Camera Club. Shorthand Club. Hollister, Doris — Aim, Machinist — Hostess Club. Usher ' s Club Officer. Karpinski, Helen — Aim, Happiness — Beauty Culture Club. Dancing Club. Holt ., Lois — Aim, Stenographer- Hostess Club Officer. Horn, Francis — Aim, Marine Aviator- Swimming Club, Executive Board. Kasper, Irene — Aim, Marriage — Drum and Bugle Corp. Classical Becordings Club, Beauty Culture Club. Kearns, Betty — Aim, Stenographer — Dramatic Club. Story Telling Club. Horrigan, Baymond — Aim, Marine Hutnyak, Helen — Aim, Secretary — Archery Club, Sub-Deb Club, Knitting Club. Jacobs, Marian — Aim, Advertizer — Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Hostess Club, College Club, Newman Club, Dramatic Club. Kehl, Jean — Aim, Teacher — Girl Reserves, College Club. Kerr, Dean — Aim, Air Corp- Radio Club. Kilburn, Ruth — Aim, Stenographer- Girl ' s Chorus, Archeology Club. Jeckna, Dorothy — Aim, Success — Drum and Bugle Corps, Historical Club Officer. Beauty Culture Club, Gym Leaders Club. Kissell, Robert — Aim, Mail Man- Usher ' s Club. Camera Club. Jeckins, Marion — Aim, Nurse — Hostess Club, Executive Board, Class Party Committee. Kissell, Jack — Aim, Business Man- Golf Team, Star Stall ' . Jell, Harry — Aim, Doctor- Band, Debating Team. Kline, George — Aim, Air Corp Flyer — Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Football Team. Ninely-eight Knepper, Mary Jane — Aim, Nurse- Hostess C.lul). Kimth. Lewis — Aim, Accountant — Usher ' s Club, Glee Clul), Choir, Library Staff. Leahy, Paul — Aim, Journalist Band, Wrestling ' ream. Tennis Team, Golf Club. Star Stall ' . Hod and Gun Club Officer, Hilltopper Staff. Lee, Maurice — Aim. Diplomat — Senator. Military Tactics Club. Booster Club. Koliler. Madeline -Aim, Stenographer Red Cross Club. Leemhuis, Paul — Aim, Scientist Microscope Club. Konieczko, Leonard — Aim, Professional Ball Player — Baseball Team. Military Tactics Club Baseball Theory Club. Outdoor Club. Leslie, Loyce — Aim, Success — ( Irchestra. Konzel, Julia — Aim, Stenographer — Drum anil Bugle Curp, Needle Craft. Club Lesnicki, Wanda — Aim. Dental Assistant- Usher ' s Club, Hostess Club. Koski, Dolores — Aim, Lawyer — Nature Study Club. Recording Club. I.iebel, Betty — Aim, Air Hostess — Classical Recording Club. Make-Up Club. Kraniski, Helen — Aim, Office Worker — Drum and Bugle Corp. Senior Band. Liiidabl. Robert — Aim, Engineer — Library Staff, Bod and Gun Club. Kress, Vincent — Aim, Air Corps — Class Officer, Athletic Theory Club, Science Club, Radio Club. Under. Edith -Aim, Nurse- Hostess Club. Krotoszynski, Dorothy — Aim, Stenographer- Drum and Bugle Corp. Locsch. Jeanne Marie Aim, Singer Girl Reserves Officer, Personality Club Officer Sub-Deb Club Officer. Choir Club, Choir. Kubaj, Edwin — Aim, Air Corp Choir. Glee Club Officer. Loom is, Harold Aim. Aviation Industry — National Honor Society. Senator, Band, Dance Band Club. Camera Club. Orchestra. Senior Executh e Board. kudu. Eleanor — Aim, Office Worker — Lund, Mary — Aim, Dress Designer — Girl Reserves, Newman Club. Kiilui, Joseph — Aim, Air Corp- Langowski, Helen — Aim, Defense Worker — Bed Cross Club. Camera Club. Hostess Club. Drum and Bugle Corps. Machuga, Madeline — Aim, Teacher — Hostess Club. Cinema Club. Mainzer, Dorothy — Aim, Secretary Handcraft Club. Lashinger, Margaret — Aim, Dietician — Star Staff. Academe Staff, Girl Reserves. Newman Club. Major, Francis — Aim, Teacher — Banquet Committee Chairman, Academe Staff, Debating Team. Senate. Laskowski, Irene — Aim, Stenographer — Hostess Club. Blip; and Novelty Club. Malanoski. Leonard — Aim, Railroad Brakeman- Laver, Jack — Aim, Florist — Golf Team, Basketball Team. Athletic Theory Club, Golf Club. Malm, John — Aim, Machinist Military Tactics Club. Ninety-nine Malam, -Mary — Aim, Designer Junior Red Cross Officer. McLeod, William — Aim, Musician Golf Team, Band. Choir. Malthaner, Donald — Aim, Metalurgist- Senate, Military Tactics Club. McVay, James — Aim, Paratrooper — Football Team, Senior Class President, National Honor Society. Marther, Thomas — Aim, Machinist- Mathews, Marlen — Aim, Doctor — Wrestling Team, Athletic Theory Club, Senate, Hi-Y. Miller, George — Aim, Salesman — Band, Orchestra, Outdoor Club. Mulligan, Gayle — Aim, Tool Maker- Mat lis, Mary — Aim, Nurse — Drum and Bugle Corps, Nature Study Club, Red Cross Club. Minnig, Marjorie — Aim, Nurse — Hostess Club. Club Monitor — Maynard, Itutli — Aim, Nurse First Aid Club, Red Cross. Mizikowski, Dorothy — Aim, Homemaker- Hostess Club, Library Club. MeCabe, Norma — Aim, Nurse — Mong, Madeline — Aim, Secretary- Choir, Senior Orchestra. MeCabe, Thomas — Aim, Nayal Aviator- Basketball Team. Montigny, Dorothy — Aim, Nurse — Drum and Bugle Corps. Archery Club, His- torical Club, Badmitton Club. McCullough, Robert — Aim, Bookkeeper- Glee Club. Moritz, Rosemary — Aim, Secretary — Red Cross Club, Cinema Club, Hostess Club. McDonald, Lucille — Aim, Secretary — Band, Cheerleaders Club Officer, Hostess Club Morsehhauser, Alex — Aim, Commercial Work- MeDonald, Marjorie — Aim, Doctor — National Honor Society, Microscope Club. Mox, Isabelle — Aim, Pianist- Consumers Club. McGraw, William — Aim, World Traveler- Cross Country Team. Murray, Henriette — Aim, Buyer — Drum and Bugle Corps, Girl Reserves. McGuire, Kathryn — Aim, Nurse- Cruise Club, Hostess Club. Murray, Marjaret — Aim, Marriage Newman Club. Mclntyre, Ruth — Aim, Nurse — Craft Club, Fancy Work. Nash, Gertrude — A im, Office Worker — Camera Club, Knitting Club, Senior Orchestra. MeLaughin, Betty — Aim, Nurse — Knitting Club, Newman Club, Girl Reserves. Neithamer, Calvin — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Band Officer. Golf Team, Basketball Team, Golf Club. McLaughlin, Marian — Aim, Happiness — Star Staff, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Newman Club Officer. Nelson, Virginia — Aim, Stenographer — Teen Hi Round Table, Cheerleaders Club, Drum and Bugle Corps. One hundred Nick, Dorothy — Aim, Stenographer — Teen Hi Round Table. Typing Clul . rial . Kenneth — Aim, Banjoist — Rod and Gun Club. Senior Airplane Club. Senior Science. Niebline, Harry — Aim, Accountant — O ' Brien, Marilyn — Aim, Pianist — Choir. Sub-Del) Club. Cirl Reserves. Choir. Choir Club. Podgorny, Irene — Aim, Secretary- Camera Club, Hostess Club. Polaski. Dorothy — Aim, Stenographer Hostess Club. Olowinski, Clara — Aim, Bookkeeper — Hostess Club, Beauty Culture Club. Camera Club. Portenier, illiam — Aim. Aeronautical .Mechanic — Senior Airplane Club. Senior Science. Olszewski, Jean — Aim, Stenographer- Ushers Club, Monitor. Prezurcki, Adella — Aim, Nurse Hug and Novelty Club. Ore, Vincent — Aim, Office Worker — Airplane Club. Pushchak, Helen — Aim, Teacher — Hostess Club, Academy Volunteers Club. Ott, Gloria — Aim, Success — Star StafT, Drum and Bugle Corps. Girl ' s Chorus. Senate. Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Press Club, Newman Club. Rafferty, Betty Ann — Aim, Secretary — Usher ' s Club. Dramatic Club. Girl Reserves, Newman Club, Senate, Star Stall ' . Mimmeo- graph Shop. Paluh, Kleanor — Aim, Nurse- Hostess Club. Kamandanes, George — Aim, Draftsman Newman Club. Senior Airplane Club. Parker, I tic hard — Aim, Engineer — Swimming Club. Cross Country Team, Water Polo Team. Swimming Team. Kandall, Marilyn — Aim. Model — Sub-Deb Club. Dramatic Club. Pearson, Regina — Aim, Typist — Red Cross Club. Camera Club. Hay, Dorothy — Aim, Secretary — Choir. Choir Club. Girl Reserves, Teen Hi Hound Tabic, (iirl ' s ( ' horns. Monitor. Peehiian, Robert — Aim, Chemical Engineer- Nature Study Club. Chess Club. Recker, Rosemary — Aim, Teacher — Red Cross Club. College Club. Newman (Hub. Girl Reserves, Knitting Club. National Honor Society. Peseh, James — Aim, Success — Nature Study Club. Chess Club. Itiddle. Bernadine — Aim, Stenographer- Red Cross Club. Peskorski, Cecile — Aim, Stenographer- Camera Club. Hostess Club. Hinderle, Bernard — Aim, Salesman — Consumers Club Ollieer. Camera Club. Peterson, Marilyn — Aim, Teacher- Classical Recording Club. King, Jeaniictte — Aim, Commercial Artist - Pierce, Victor — Aim, General — Senior Airplane Club. Hohbins, Shirley — Aim. Drafter- Monil Club. Piotrovvski, Martha — Aim, Interior Decorator- Classical Recording Club. Roberts, Charles — Aim, Chemical Engineer — Track Team. Outdoor Club. Math for Fun Club Officer, Military Tactics. One hundred one Robinson, Audrey — Aim, Bookkeeper- Camera Club, Craft Club. Scalzitti, Eva — Aim, Nurse — Senator, Booster Club, Classical Becordings Club, Cheerleaders Club, Cheerleader. Robinson, Hugh — Aim, Machinist- Glee Club, Choir. Usher ' s Club. Schlecht, Lois — Aim, Stenographer — Cheerleader. Camera Club, Classical Record- ing Club, Booster Club. Boot, Bruce — Aim, Mechanical Engineer- Star StalT. Camera Club Officer. Rose, Viola — Aim, Bookkeeper- Camera Club, Ushers Club. Roseberry, James — Aim, Pilot — Water Polo Team, Swimming Team, Stage Crew, Military Tactics Club. Rosenthal, Jean — Aim, Secretary — Charm Club, Senator, Academy Volunteers Club. Rosequist, Janet — Aim. Musician — Choir, Choir Club, Chorus. Girl Reserves. Ruhling, Jean — Aim, Musician — Orchestra. Knitting Club, Camera Club. Swing Band Club. Interscholastie Orchestra. Rumball, Helen — Aim, Interior Decorator — Drum and Bugle Corps, Knitting Club, Girl Beserves, Civilian Defense Club. Ruscio, Anthony — Aim, Lawyer- Band. Rutkowski, Anne — Aim, Stenographer- Charm Club, Library Club. Rutkowski, Virginia — Aim, Secretary — Drum and Bugle Corps, Knitting Club, Usher ' s Club. Schmitt, James — Aim, Announcer — Cheerleaders Club, Nature Study Club, Debat- ing Team. Academe. Staff Artist. National Honor Society. Sehodt, Madeline — Aim, Stenographer — Hostess Club, Senior Girl Beserves, Newman Club. Schossberger, Elsie — Aim, Success — Hostess Club, Senate, Library Secretary. Debating Club, Academy Volunteers Club, Girl Beserves, Knitting Club. Schultz, Mary — Aim, Commercial Advertiser — Girl Beserves, Sub-Deb Club, Student Senate Officer, Girl ' s Chorus. Schultz, Tillie — Aim, Happiness — Beauty Culture Club, Hostess Club. Academy Volunteers Club, Basketball Team. Schweitzer, Robert — Aim, Manage Ice Cream Plant — Football Manager, Outdoor Club. Military Tactics Club. Sciamanda, Dominic — Aim, Lawyer — Academe Staff, Star Staff. Debating Club, Na- tional Honor Society. Schully, Lucille — Aim. Success — Academy Volunteers. Beauty Culture Club. Seely, Alice — Aim, Success — Hostess Club. Semaek, Helen — Aim, Secretary — Hostess Club, Academy Volunteers Club. Rzodkiewicz, Henry — Aim. Army Sanner, Harry — Aim, Aeronautical Specialist — Newman Club, Military Tactics Club, Band. Sansoni, Marion — Aim, Secretary — Financial Staff, Bulletin Board Club, Sub-Deb Club, Girl Beserves. Cinnamon Club. Say lor, Beverly — Aim, Nurse — Drum and Bugle Corps. Hostess Club, Sub-Deb Club. Shearer, Marjorie — Aim, Secretary — Girl Beserves, Hostess Club, Academy Volun- teers Club. Shellito, Edward — Aim, Mechanical Engineer — Basketball Team, Outdoor Club, Military Tactics Club. Shields, Ruth — Aim, Buyer — Choir, Choir Club, Girl Reserves, Newman Club. Stamp Club. Shimel, Francis — Aim, Secretary- Camera Club, Civilian Defense. One Imndred iwo Skarapski, Mary Aim — Aim, Stenographer- Hostess Qui. Sweet, William — Aim. Engineer — Camera Club. Swing Band Club, Orchestra. Senator. Skinner. Audrey — Aim, Accountant — Girl Reserves, Good Grooming Club, knitting Club. Szymula, Kdward — Aim, Chemist- Slater, Valentine — Aim, Interior Decorator — Nature Club, Camera Club. Senator, Archeo- logy Club. Tarno, Grace — Aim, College — Drum and Bugle Corps, College Club. Girl Reserves. Smith, Beatrice — Aim, Secretary — Girl Reserves. Accordian Club, Hostess Club. Academy Volunteers. Taylor, Dorothy — Aim, Dietician — Beauty Culture Club. Press Club. Sub-Deb Club Officer. Girl Reserves Officer, Girl ' s Chorus. Library Stall ' Officer. Smith, Lillian — Aim, Nurse — Hostess Club. Academy Volunteers. Thomas, George — Aim, Engineer- Smith. I ' anl — Aim, Farmer- Math Club. Tome, Louise — Aim, Defense Worker — Beauty Culture Club. Bed Cross Club. Smith. Kichard — Aim, Success — Choir. Choir Club. Glee Club Torrelli, Elizabeth — Aim, To Be a Wavt Hostess Club. Smith, Wayne — Aim. Tool Maker- Smith, Willard — Aim. Machinist- Townsend, William — Aim, Air Corps — History Club. Jr. Airplane Club, Military Tactics Club, Jr. Historical Society. Specter, ( " lark — Aim, Air Corps — Football Mgr.. Athletic Theory Club. Outdoor Club. Senator. Trapp, liutli — Aim, Defense Worker — Sub-Deb Club. Bed Cross Club. Stoops, Donald — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Trimble, William — Aim, Nav Officer- Outdoor Club. Fly Trying Club. Stafford, Jacqueline — Aim, Secretary — Girl Reserves. Cheerleaders. Cinema Club Officer. Bulletin Board Club. Turner, Eunice — Aim, Secretary Orchestra. Hostess Club. Stager, Nancy — Aim, Navy Nurse- Debating Club. Stanton, June — Aim, Cartoonist- Cinema Club. Steadman, Wilma Jean — Aim. Nurse — Girl ' s Chorus. Hostess Club Officer. Girl Reserves Officer. Knitting Club, Tri-Hi Club, National Honor Society. Urban, Conrad — Aim, Chemist — Band. Orchestra. Swimming Cl ub. Van Arnan, Mary Jane — Aim. Secretary — Choir, Choir Club, Girl ' s Chorus. Girl Reserves. Vandervort, Jean — Aim, Nurse — Senator. Girl Reserve, First Aid Club. Biology Club. Dramatic Club. Vargo, Helen — Aim, Stenographer- Girl ' s Chorus. Storten, Mary — Aim, Telephone Operator — Drum and Bugle Corps. Hostess Club. Newman Club. Girl Reserves. Vogt. Donald — Aim, Navy — Stage Crew. Wrestling Team. One hundred lliree Volk, James — Aim, Marine Aviator- Junior Band. Volkmar, Robert — Aim, Radio Technician — Football Team, Wrestling Team, Senator. Military Tactics Club. Weiss, Kathleen — Aim, Happiness — Newman Club. Oirl Reserves, Rug and Novelty Club. Knitting Club. Red Cross Club, Archery Team. Wenzel, John — Aim, Chemical Engineer — Debating Team. Star StalT, Newman Club, National Honor Society. Vonder Groben, Donald — Aim, Musician — Band, Orchestra. Dance Band Club. Wagner, Wilma — Aim, Journalist — Cheerleaders Club. Booster Club. Walcntowski, Edwin — Aim, Navy- Swimming Club. Walentowski, Norbert — Aim, Salesman — Archeology Club. Biology Club, Camera Club, Craft Club. Walker, James — Aim, Army Officer — Math Club, Athletic Theory Club, Debating Club. Baseball Team, Class Play Committee, Debating Team. Wallis, John — Aim, Accountant — Newman Club Officer, Track Team. Wetzel, Catherine — Aim, Nurse — Girl Reserves, Newman Club. Class Officer. Math Club. Senate, Riology Club, First Aid Club Officer. Wheeler, James — Aim, Mechanical Engineer- hippie. Elaine — Aim, Success — Etiquette Club Officer, Commercial Club, Hostess Club. First Aid Club. White, Jane — Aim, Teacher — Etiquette Club, Library Club. Needlepoint and Knitting Club, (iirl ' s Chorus. Whiteman, Shirley — Aim, Rusiness Woman — Girl Reserves, Rug and Novelty Club, Eti- quette Club. Walters, Harriet — Aim, Nurse — Senate. First Aid Club Officer, Girl Reserves, Latin for Fun Club. Wiese, John — Aim, Army Wilkins, Norman — Aim, Armed Service- Wasser, Patricia — Aim, Comptometer Operator — Girl Reserves Officer, Senate, Tri-Hi Club Officer, Sub-Deb Club Officer, Dramatic Club, National Honor Society. Wisneski, Jennie — Aim, Nurse — Cheerleaders Club, Classical Recordings Club. Waterman, Arthur — Aim, Flight Surgeon — Wisniewski, George — Aim, Trucking Business- Bod and Gun Club. Watson, Irene — Aim, Happiness- Girl ' s Chorus, Sub-Deb Club. Weber, Dorothy — Aim, Nurse — Beauty Culture Club, Rug and Novelty Club, Girl Reserves, Library StalF. Witter, Calvin — Aim, Dentist- Band. Wolf, Edwin — Aim, Musician — Music as a Profession, Club, Band, Orchestra. Weber, Harriet — Aim, Secretary — Knitting Club, Etiquette Club, Novelty Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club. Woodham, Florence — Aim, Nurse- Weber, Rose Marie — Aim, Happiness — Red Cross Club. Knitting Club, Novelty Club, Girl Reserves, . Wright, Charles — Aim, Military Service- Camera Club. Weiser, Virginia — Aim, Doctor — College Club, Classical Recordings Club. Wright, l-.«io is — Aim, Happiness- Girl ' s Chorus. One hundred four Wynne, Richard — Aim, Marino Air Corps — Senate, Basketball Team. Y eager, Kichurd — Aim, Machinist- Ebisch, liolicri — Aim, Electrical Engineer — Senate. Junior Dramatic Club. Handicraft Club. Yochim, Helen — Aim, Happiness — Choir Club, Girl Reserves, Student Senate Officer, National Honor Society. I ' inlav, Lorena — Aim, Factory Worker Sub-Deb Club. Young, Audrey — Aim, Success- Hostess Club Officer. katz, Nathaniel — Aim, Singer — Choir, Choir Club. Chess Club Y uskiewioz, Rita — Aim, Journalist — Rug and Novelty Club. Drum and Bugle Corps, Usher ' s Club, Beauty Culture Club. Kilhurn. Iluhert — Aim, Salesman Zaniewski, Chester — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Water Polo Team, Senate. Track Team. Dance Hand Club, Swimming Team. krumpack, Rudolph — Aim, Musician — Senior Orchestra, Musical Recordings Club, Junior ClelT Club, Junior Orchestra, Stamp and Coin Club. Zbierski, Doris — Aim, Stenographer — Cheerleader ' s Club. Gym Club. Good Groom- ing Club. MeCullough, Robert — Aim, Bookkeeper- Glee Club. Zimmer, Donald — Aim, Army Officer — Football Team. Basketball Team. Senate. Milliren. Thomas — Aim, Signal Corps. Zuraw, Edward — Aim, Photographer — Swimming Team Glee Club. Choir. Academe Staff. Water Polo Team, Swimming Club. Nagle, Phyllis — Aim, Nurse — Senate, Sign Painters Club. Twirler in Band. Brown, Kiehard — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Choir, Track Team. Cross Country Team. Itoth. Arlene Ruth — Aim, Authoress — Beauty Culture Club. Typing Club. Game Club. Carter, Edward — Aim, Aeronautical Engineer- Track Team. Cross Country Team. Sohersching, Harry — Aim, Machinist — Machinist Club Officer. Camera Club Officer. Curtis, Dorothy — Aim, Telephone Operator — Nature Study Club. Press Club. Needlepoint Club. Shaner, Bay — Aim, Machinist — Senate. Camera Club. Machinist Club, Athletic Club. Driscoll, Mary — Aim, Teacher — Senator. Newman Club, Typing Club. Girl Reserves. Tousey, Norman — Aim, F ' armer — Football Team. FF " A. Band Orchestra. One hundred five " ■ c a - « 3 s- v ' - 12-1 Girls Amann, Betty Bard, Gertrude Barron. Marjorie Batdorf, Adele Baxter, Phyllis Benson, Ethel Bernardine, Helen Bradish, Dorothy Bradish. Dorras Case, Anna Mae Coccarelli, Bose Cole, Wanetta Cornelius, Helen Crawford, Miriam Denard. Ruth DiNicola, Mary Freeburg, Evelyn Grimaldi, Kathryn Henning. Helen Hodges. Mary Johnson. Ruth Johnston. Jean Kelly, Jessie Ann Knapp. Doris Kuffer, Charlotte Leighty, Jean McCartney, Eugenie Meiser, Evelyn Mowbray, Audrey Muehl. Annabelle Myers. Dolores Neth, Marjorie Sahhnan. Ruth Schauble. Margaret Schreckengost. Marian Schroeder, Gladys Schwindt, Beverly Sedler, Irene Shaffer. Martha Shreve. Dorothy Smeltzer, Edna Smith. Margaret Snyder. Betty Myrtle Stewart. Marianne Tobias, Shirley Weindorf. Marjorie Wright. Jean Yost, Donna Mae Ziegler. Irma 12-1 Boys Andrus. Bay Bellin. Samuel Boettiger. Bichard Cannarozzi. Anthony Cole, David Fish, Roger Fox, Donald French. Wayne Gabin. Harold Irwin, Vance Johnson, David Johnson. Raymond Kennedy. Charles Krhonak. Victor Lamb. Hugh Loesch. Edward Mazza. Jack McLallen. Milton Nelson. Harold Pacinelli. Raymond Rohan. George Rohr. Harland Schwindt. Arthur Stein. David Verga. Russell Vogel, John Ward. James Wellejus. Edward Whitney. Floyd Yanosko, Michael 11-2 Girls Ackerman, Sara Allieri. Vera Alberstadt, Kathleen Allgeier, Margaret Almquist. Gloria Anderson, Mary Jane Anderson, Shirley Andrejewski, Margaret Andrews. Jeanne Arnold. Rose Mary Austin, Colleen Baldwin. Betty Baiter. Josephine Bechtel, Marjorie Bednarowicz, Agnes Behan. Anna Marie Benedict, Jean Bennett. Patricia Benson. Shirley Benz. Ruth Ann Richler. Geraldine Bird, Lois Blair. Lois Bliley, Rose Romboy. Ruth Borowski. Valentine Bretz, Doris Bright. Jacqueline Brubaker, Dorothy Bunnell. Betty Jane Burgmann, Jane Burkett. Marjorie Bush. Marguerite Cairns. Betty Cantor. Marguerite Christoph, Edna Mae Chrostowski, Bose Cichetti. Anna Cichetti. Betty Clark, Avanelie Clark. Mary Jane Coleman. Ruth Conn, Merle Loui se Conway, Myra Jane Cook, Eleanor Cook. Jean Cooney. Natalie Currie, Ruth Dahlkemper. Eleanor Dahn. Margaret Dalton. Margaret Dash, Clarice Daub. Caroline Davis. Phyllis Davitt. Marian Decker. Alice Louise Dennick. Charlotte Driscoll. Marilyn DuMaw. Jeanne Eaton, Audrey Eddy. Margaret Einhiple. Marian Eisert, Mary Ann Ellison. Dorothy Elsesser. Ethel Enstrom. Dorothy Fairweather. Donna F ' arkas. Ester Fenton. Jean Finch, Connie Fitzgerald. Rita Forssell. Ann Fortin. Irene Freeman, Jean Funk. Kore Galvin. Lucille Gardner. Louise Getchell. Arlene Gillespie. Margaret Gohrs. Margaret Gorenflo, Jean Gorney, Edna Graham, Arlene Grotowski, Helen rrumblatt, Mary Ann Halt, Dolores Hanchin, Lillian I lanes, Audrey Hanes, Betty Jane Harf. Inga Harmon, Roberta Harris, Jacqueline Hazen, Shirley Heim, Mary Ileinlein, Doris Held, Clair Heplinger, Mary Ann Hershey, Jean Heuer, Mary Hiller, Dorothj llornan, Lucille Ignasiak. Irene [ruler, Emma Lou Irwin. Joanne .laloszenski, Frances Jaloszenski, Eleanor James, Margaret Jameson, Eleanor Januleski. Jean Jennings. Marion Jensen. Leona .lobes, Kathryn Johnson, Alberta Johnson. Bertelle Jones. Mary Kallmann, Margot Klein. Lenore Kostek, Dolores Kraft, Mary Kreamer, Maxine Kreiger. Alice Kreps. Lucetta Kubeja. Donna Kundla. Betty Kuntz, Barbara Kuntz. Priscilla Kunz. Charlotte Kuttner. Joyce Lancet. Phyllis Lauterbach. Lois Law son. Ruth Lehner. Elinor Levy. Hilde Lichtenwalter, Dor ' hy Lindenberger. Mary Lowstuter. Nona Lowstuter. Norma Lund, Rarbara Lundberg. Evelyn Luther. Shirley Maginn. Frances Malaszek, Florence Maloney, Ann Malthaner. Donna Malthaner. Kathleen Mannarelli, Angeline Maras, Lenora Markiewicz, Irene Marts, Shirley Mattiers. Opal Mattimoe. Alice McCollum, Jean McCullough, Winifred McDonald, RoseMaric McFadden. Marcia McGavern. Martha McMann. Norma Meyers, Mary Ann Miles, .luanita Miller. Dolores Mitchell. Retty Mittner, Virginia Moore. Mary Ellen Nelson, Lenore Nichols, Dolores Nicol, Marie Norton. Betty Nytra, Irma ' )hmer, Jean ( )sborne. W Lima Oshinsky, Marie )wens. Charlotte Pacinelli. Norma Parsons. Donna Patsy, Dora Peterson. Lucille Phelps, Elaine Platz, Betty Pluta. Esther Potthoff, Antionette Prosperi. Ernestine Pryntkowski, Florence Przybyzewski. Flor ' ce Radomski. Stella Ramandares, Ruth Bandall. Geraldine Randecker, Ruth Rarick. Norma Itentja. Betty Jane Reynolds, Elizabeth Itinderle. Catherine Robertson. Marion Rohan, Anna Marie Boss. Arlene Butkowski. Gertrude Sanner. Catherine Saunders. Marjorie Schalfner, Janet Scherrer, Margaret Schilling. Mary Alice Schmidt. Kathleen Scully. Jeanne Sedler. Norma Seyboldt. Rernadette Silver. Frieda Sittinger. Virginia Smith. Evelyn Snider. Gloria Sommer. Corrine Sommerhof. Shirley Southwick. Jean Spaeder. Marie Starr. Martha Storrer. Doris Stover, Shirley Sutzynski. Sarah Swanson. Doris Sward, Ellen Tabak. Mary Tenbuckle. Helen Thaler. W inifred Tillich. Dorothy Poland. Florence Tonelli. Lillian Truez. Virginia Valentine. Ruth Vandervort. Shirley VanTassel. Jeanne Velvet. Lucille W ' asikowska. Leona Weber. Eleanor Weissert, Norma Welther. Audrey Wertz. Catherine Weschler. Helen Weschler. Shirley West. Ruth Ann Weyand. Mary White, Shirley Whittlesey. Jeanne Wiley. Madelyn W ' illert. Marie Wingerter. Helen Wolf. Amber Mae Wolf, Virginia W oll ' ram. Vera Woodard, Mildred Wright. Betty Yanov. Bose Yezzi, Anna Young, Kathryn Zajkowski, Mary Ann 11-2 Boys Adams. Norman Albert, Louis Alloway, Charles AJtenberger, Jack Anderson, Charles Aquino. Patsy stemborski. Edward Baer. Raymond Bannister. Forbes Barthelson. Glenn Bartlett. Robert Baum. W erner Beveridge. W illiani Bish, Robert Bitting. William Boehm, Jack Boesch, Donald Boetger. Norman Brocklebank, Donald Brown. Eugene Burgess. Jack Caldwell, Rembrandt Carneval. Robert Cavicchio. Rudolph Christenson. Paul Cole, Richard Coyne. James Craig. Jack Crocker, Carl Da is. Donald Davis, W ilbur Deiner, Bichard Delahooke, Edward Dershimer, Richard DeSanti. William Diehl. James DiGello, Bichard Downing. Edward Esser. William Faulkner. W illiam Ferraro. Albert Fischer. Peter Ford. Lome Franceschini. Paul Freeland. Charles Fuhrman, Kenneth Goehring, Edgar Gold, Jack Gomersall, Joseph ( irabill, Lester Green, Herman Groenendall. Austin Grumblatt, Donald Hassler, John Hatheway, Robert Hausman. George Hedderick. John Hedlund. Thomas Hesch. Robert Hoffman, James Hogan. Lloyd Holtz, Thomas Horstman. Herman Hubert. Frank Irwin. John Jaroslaw, Arthur Johnston, James Kalie. Bennett Kenehan. Lyle Kerner. James One hundred seven u Kisselring, Emil Kline. Albert Koenig, George krahe, Edward Krahe, Richard Krespan, Carl Is uli ii. Francis Kiiiieiiian. Howard kunz. George Lee, Leo Liebel, Donald Linder, Fred Loesch, James Lohse, Carl Longo, Edward Mahoney, Jack Manehelli, John Mancuso, Peter Mann. William Marshall. Harr McCarthy, Robert McGahen. Neil McLaughlin. Richard McLaughlin. Robert McReynolds, Paul Meyer. Paul Meyn, Erwin Michael. Richard Miller, Arthur Minnig, William Morgan, Kenneth Mulherin, Eugene Munc h Ersdfirjcjj C Munson. Robert 3 " INemenz, Carl Niethamer. Neal Osgood, Neal Overdorfl ' , John Patton, Charles Peelman. Merle Perry, Charles Pitton, John Pizzat, Joseph Raupers, Charles Reitz. Richard Restifo, Joseph Rettger, Donald Rindosh, John Roberts. Richard Rossi. Philip Schaal, William Schafer, Carl Scheffer, Earl Schildmacher, Fred ' ck Schmidt. John Sehreckengost, Jack Scott, John Seroka. Fred Sills. William Smith, William Steadman, William Swindlehurst, Charles Taylor, Arthur Thacker. Richard Torok, James Truitt, Louis Urban. Robert Valimont. Wilfred Waprner, Richard Walters, Este Wantz. Donald Ward, Edgar Weber. Harlen Weisman. Robert Weiss. Harold Westerling. Robert White. Daniel Wilkinson, James Woodhams, John Woolhandler, Robert Zaniewski, Stanley 11-1 Oh Is Adams, Lois Agens. Dorothy Althof. Geraldine Ashton, Jeanne Rabcock, Dorothv Rard, Helen Rellucci, Esther Rredengerg. Ruth Ruzanovvski, Dorothy Cappeletty. Elaine Conwell, Ellen Correll, Mildred DiValeria, Dorothy Doran, Ruth Dougherty. Mildred Ericsson. Betty Felice, Lucille Forfia, Ellen Foy, Jane Fuller, Mary Agnes Fulton, Joan Gehrlein, Dolores Oleisner. Betty Oronnett, Nancy Haas, Shirley 1 1 h mm ill . Betty Hedges, Carol Hepfinger, Ruth Hess, Dorothy Kalisewski, Irene Kettering, Betty King, Merna Kloll ' t, Eleanor Krisonak, Margaret Kuhn, Ruth Muth, Wanda Nicholas, I. aura Nims. Phyllis ( (Inner. Marjorie Oless. Colleen Olgin. Florence Palmer, Dorothy Palmer, Marilyn Peters. Margaret Pistory, Mary Ann Pogue. Dorothy Pude, Virginia Raun. Martha Reinhardt, Elizabeth Rickrode. Ruth Rihel, Dorothy Ring, Dorothy Roberge. Mary Lou - e1gjerrAuHreyI5 " Seroka. Theresa Simmons. Ruth Snow, Ruth Torrance, Betty Jean Urso, Annette Vogel, Loretta Vogus, Phyllis Wheeler, Betty Wright, Carol 4 11-1 Boys Anderson, Leroy rvickson. Fred. arthelmes, " Theodoi Carlisle, EpTTte " Comstock, Robert Conti. Salvatore Crays, Clifford Diehl, Conrad Donihi. Jack Engesser, Edward Field. Robert Fioretti, Rudolph Oeer. Robert Gonser. Edwin Ham pel. Thomas Heidt, Walter Howard, James .laworek, Vincent Johnson, Raymond Jbslin, Roy Knight, William Kuhn. Edward Lamb, Robert Marcella, Lawrence McOarty. Neal McComiell. Richard Mishrell, Marvin Morrow, Milton -owrey. John Mozdy, Jack Murray, Hugh Niles, Alfred Pfell ' er, Joseph Porter, Wesley Rickers, Forest Roseberry, John Rotunda, Victor Rudolph, Marlin Rusterholtz, Gilbert Seblom, Edward Seyler, Neil Sheldon, Ramon Smith. Edward Stafford, Donald Stoops, Clyde Stubenhoffer, Donald Tall, Richard Thompson, Martin Wade, Elwim Ward. Hubert Watkins. William Weber, James Weindorf, David Work, Robert arbenet, Gecrge Ziek, Frank 10-1 Boys Achille, Louis Althof, George Bretz, Donald Brubaker, Charles Chase, Paul English, Robert Fields. John Fish, Robert French, Earl Grafius, Charles Gustafson. Carl Hammer. Robert Harris, Kenneth Henning, Howard Herrick, Donald Kennedy, William K uneman. Arthur Letterio, Vincent Locastro, Leonard Lupo, Steve Metz. Edward Napolitan. Leonard Rosthauser, Robert Sahlmann. Louis Seelinger. Richard Shenk, Donald Singer. Paul Smith, Donald Staaf, Eugene Steiner, Dale Tolin. Paul Wagner. Robert Allen. Claude Rebell, Donald Roldt, Fred Carneval, Donald Cohen. Bernard Cook, Melvin Eldridge, Paul Farnbaugh, Hans Flagella, Manuel ( iabin. W illiani ( lathers, Glen Gordman. Richard Hannah. ( Clarence llouk. Donald Jenkins, Robert kahn. Clifford Krespan. Thomas Lang, Paul Lehr, Robert Lichtenw alter. ( .hestei Morgan, Robert Naugle, Ronald Naugle, Walter Paproski, Clarence Rouchey, William Schultz, Donald Schuster, Harry Sherick. William Smith, Franklin Sullivan. Jack Tate. David ilson. Earl Yeager. James 10-1 Girls Rail. Edith Becker, Lucille Boyce. Mildred Colman. Rose Dieter, Carol Foster, Eva Jean Hammond. June Holman, Jean Ann Klein. Shirley Lancet. Zelda Lang, Shirley l.indley. Helen Lundfelt. Patricia Marchetti, Josephine May, Jacqueline McGill, Elaine Rodriguez, Jennie Russell. Evelyn Russell, Rebecca Schcssherger. Shirley Serafini, Marie Skinner. Ann Smith, Ada Mae Smith, Ellen Tinti, Jean Weber, Eugenia Bailey, Joanne Ralko. .leanette Bartram. Mildred Bretz, Shirley Mae Bunting, Margaret Claypool, Marjorie Deaner, Edna Dilmore, Betty Ending. Mary Ann Farkas. Ruth Fornalczyk, Sylvia Fiske. Rena Folga. Frances Gillette, Elaine Hammill, Elva Harbold, Carol Hershey. Charmaine Iluber. Helen Jones. Mar Daw Kath. Beryl Kinnear. Catherine Kuisinen, Alice Lapinski. Dolores Lepich, Ann Lewin. Margot I inn. Norma Martin. Mildred Martin. Rose Marie McDonald, Anna McLaughlin, Jean Mikolal ' ezak, Dolores Morehouse. Audrey Munson. Jean Nuber, Margaret Ochran, Helen Pilarski, Dolores Pinto. Rose Marie Reisenauer, Audrey SanPietro, Jennie Sapper. Harriet Schleicher. Jean Schlindsvein. Frances Schultz. Anna Schultz, Frances Smith, Florence Stefanoski. Anne Thompson. Shirley Walkiewicz, Cecelia Wetschel, Margaret 10-2 Girls Alsvard, Alice Raker. Lila Raker. Mary Ellen Ralkos ic. Irene Bannister, Janet Baranski, Irene Barry, Ella Mae Barry, Jean Ann Bartlett, Joyce Bates, Dorothv Bates. Mildred Becker, W ilma Bell, Margaret Renning, Margaret Risbee. Georgia Bischak, Nadia Bish, Beverly Bloeser. Irene Boga, Jean Bookeman, Joan Borasvski. Dorothy Borkowski, Theresa Breter, Rita Bricker, Shirley Brown, Gertrude Carlson, Norma Carson. Dolores Cavicchio, Orienta Clancy. Patricia Colman. Betty Confer, Constance Cooley, Joyce Corapi. Adeline Coudriet, Alverta Crosve. Margaret Daniels, Vivian Devlin, Betty Donovan. Theresa Downing, Jane Dreischal, Mildred Dudenhoefer, Mary Dudenhoefler. Rose ' rv Did ' ala. Helen Dunbar, Constance DuShole. Donna Dyke, (iloria Eakin, Adelaide Eck, Marjorie Edelman. Flora Eiehler. June Eichler, Ruth Ekey. Eleanor Ester, Ellen Farone. Aurelia Felix, Doris Fickenwirth. Rose ' rie Finn. Audrey One hundred nine o 0, MHHB- Fischer, Mary Ann Flanagan, Lavern Fogel, Ethel Foster, Velina Fox, Joan Fox, Kathleen Freeman, Mary Alice Fuchs, Norma Furber, Phyllis Geer, Naomi Gehrlein. Arlene Gibbs, Marian Gleason, Norma Gloth, Evelyn Golembiewski, Eleanor Goodman, Jeanne Graham, Evelyn Graham, June ( iranahan, Betty Greiner, Eunice irillin. .leannette Gromacki, Dorothy Gustafson, Alice Hadlock, Eileen Hahn, Elizalielh Hanes, Patriria Hartman, Joyce Heaverly, Mary Hedderick, Donna Heintz. Lucille Heller, Helen Herman, Gladys Herpich, Lois Ann Hewitt, Shirley Hilbert. Shirley Hirsch, Mary Joanne Hixson. Elaine Holdsworth, Ruth Holmes, Mary Hoyt, Betty Huegel, Mary Ruth Jackson, Marianna Johnson, Constance Johnston, Mary Jane Jones, Maria Kacpura. Dorothy Kennerknecht. Sarah Kilbane, Marian Koba, Jean Kochanczyk. Lettie Kohler, Charlotte Konecko, Ste lla Kosubucki, Ruth Krainski, Irene Krawiec. Margaret Kucharski, Amelia KulVner, Beatrice Kunz, Mary Ann Kurtz, Ida Mae LaFontaine. Thelma Lamb, Elaine Lanigan, Anna Marie Leary, Doris Lease, Mary Jane Lee, Barbara Lee. Phyllis Lehner. Jane Lesnicki. Jean Lipkin. Lois Lombardi, Edith Luke. Gertrude Mack. Dorothy Madlehner. Joan Magee, June Manendo. Christine Mangan, Eileen Mangold. Betty Marciniak. Bita Marschak. Ester Martinez. Betty McCave, Florence McClelland, Susan McClenathan. Mary McCooey, Lucille McCulIough, Helen McDonald. Dorothy McFadden. fiosella McKay. Winifred McKeen. Marjorie McLaughlin. Eileen Michalak. Irene Miklinski. Dorothy Miller. Helen Mitchell. Betty Mitchell. Eunice Montigny. Audrey Morgan. Shirley Mose, Betty Mowry, June Mumford, Joanne Nurosky, Bita Ann Nachman. Sue Niebling, Eileen O ' Donnell, Margaret Olzeski, Theresa Olszewski, Elva Osborn. Betty Jane Gtt. Elaine Owens. Kathleen Palmer, Norma Papucci, Delia Pattern, Buth Paulson. Ingrid Purdue, Helen Raeder, Shirley Maub. Buth Rottburg. Betty Rhodes, Lucille Ricci, Norma Ridgway, Donna Hicll. Shirley Hobinson. Ida Hodenbeck. Mose Rodriguez, Francis Ropelewski, Irene Roumfort, Ruth Ruckman, Marguerite Russell, Lois Rutkowski, Theresa Salamone, Betty Salvia. Carmella Sapper, Sarah Jane Schaaf, Mildred Scherer. Mildred Schillinger. Bita Ann Schlosser, Bowene Schrecongost. Ann Schriever, Buth Schubert, Dorothy Schumacher, Mildred Seidler. Betty Lou ShafTstall. Phyllis Sheldon. Donna Shimel. Betty Silver, Buth Simonsen. Audrey Singer. Marian Singer. Marjory Sitter. Lois Skelly, Janet Smith, Adda Smith. Catherine Smith. Frances Smith. Viola Sokolowski, Helen Spaeder, Mary Lou Starks, Virginia Straub, Charlotte Sutherland. Joan Szymula. Dorothy Thompson. Shirley This, Pearl Torok, Shirley Totleben, Nelba Tousey, Doris Traphagen, Maxine Tretter, Eileen Twaroski. Nancy lilrich, Joyce Vogt, Berniece agner. Doris agner, Edith Wassell, Madeline Webb. Madalyn Weed. Mary Weed, Wilma hippie. Eva iggins. Arlene Willert, Ruth illiam. Helen Jean illianison. Carol ilson, Norma Wolf. Lucille olff, Eleanor Woods, Martha Woods. Martha Woods, Patty ano , Mary earian. Elizabeth csko. Emma Young. Doris oung. Mary Younger, Donna Mae Zajkowski. Helen Zipperle, Dorothy 10-2 Boys Adams, Clarence Ahnell, Ingemar Alwens, Max Amanii. Harold Anion. Robert Baer. Bichard Baker. Norman Halter, John Barney, Paul Barney, Poland Becker. Thomas Benson, William Bentley, Da id Bonin, Donald Boyce. Bichard Braun, Wjlmer I5urg, Joseph Burg. Robert (.amp, Hugh Carlson. James Carlson, Porter Carr, James Chauneey. Robert Colfman. John Collins. William Coon. Silas Coonfer. Frank Cestello. Bobert Dahlkemper, Gerald Daley, Edwin Davis, Russell DeCecco. Bobert Decker. Bohert DeVette, William Donovan, Neil Douglas, David Drayer, Charles Dumond. Bichard Dunham. Harold Eichner, Gerald Eller. Arthur Erhart. Bobert Feldbauer. Robert Fiero. Charles Fitzsimmons. Richard Flynn. Richard Foy, James Friedrichs, ' i( orge Fuller, Frederick Gallagher, Boy Geier. Roger ( libbons, Frank Graml, Joseph iryf i( r, Joseph irygo, Edward Hagman, Charles Hale. Walter Hallgren, Theodore Hammond. Al in I larned. Frank Harvey, Charles 1 lellwege, Richard Hemme. Allen Hill. James Hill. William Holder. Paul Holland. James Horn. John Hunt. Carl Izbicki. Jercme Jewell, Charles Johnson. Raymond Johnson, Richard .lunod, Ernest Kual ' man. Theodore Kelly. Paul Kemp. Kenneth Kenchan, John Kiehlmeier. Charles Kindle. James Kingston. Jack Kosiorek, Donald Kowalezyk. Edward Kowalczyk. Richard Krahe, Robert Kraus, Melvin Kucinski. John Kuhns, Jack Kujan, Henry Kuppler. Herman LaCour, James Lamherton, William Lamson. Ronald Lasher, James Lashinger. George Lipinski. Richard Lombarki, Albert Madlehner, Vincent Magill. Donald Major. Frank Malinowski, Carl Maloney, Daniel Margeson. Paul Marino, Thomas Marshall, William McCulIough. Robert McGill. Arthur McMann. Ernest Mercer. Richard Mientkiewicz. Joseph Miller. Donald Miller. Earl Mill er. Howard Mingoy, Jerry Mizikowski. Frank Murphy, James MusollI ' . William Nelson, Harold Nelson, Irwin Niles. Leonard Nordin, David Nystrom. William Ore. Walter Orzechowski. Robert Oshinskv. Charles Ostrowski. Theodore Owens, Harold Parker. Harold Parsons, Donald Pasky, Edward Pire, Russell Price. Frank Pushchak, Henrj Reinwald, Robert Rensel. John Repko, Robert Rickrode, Delmar Ring, John Roach, William House, illiam Ruhl, Richard Sanner. Joseph Schaaf, Donald Schell. John Schriefer, John Schumacher, Paul Schwartz, William Scolio, August Seelinger. Frederick Seidle, Robert Shade. Neil Shaw. Samuel Shields. Jack Siegel. Robert Siegrist, W illiam Sitter. Robert Slote. Harold Smith. Douglas Smith. Lewis Smith. Wilbur Smith. W illiam Sonnenberg. Robert Star aggi. Joseph Steffey, Jack Steger. Joseph Stover, Thomas Stritzinger, Robert Strub, Lester Struchen. Frank Suroviec, Henry Swanson, Claer Thomas, Charles Thomas. David Throop, Alan Tuholski. Wendell Valentine. Donald Van Arnam, George Vaughn. Jack Volk, Robert Watson. Richard Webb. William Whipple, William Wiley, Roger Wilson, James Wochner, George Worst. William Yaple. Richard Yezzi. Alphonso Yoehim. Richard Young. Gene Zielinski. Herman One hundred eleven " Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot And days o ' lang syne? " — Burns. Many students will remember, long after their school years are over, the fun of their school parties, dances and other activities. Many will also carry with them the friendships which such events so often introduce. One of the very important matters in high school is, " how to spend leisure time. " Academy, with its abundance of social gather- ings, does well in training students in the correct procedures of this problem. It is unlikely, therefore, that Academy students will not know what to do with their unoccupied time. ACTIVITIES Highlights on our Calendar W ' % Bfejt .- (f v4 SB £ $ ) v R Hs HsH k fUjftfT " i WjT ™ HF Ha r TlR M BjPp y Wj; [ w Jm Schwlt - x, £f- SEPTEMBER 3 — Academy gathers us once more into her halls — after greeting our " buddies " , we eye the cute juniors. 5 — Students greet each other with — " Can you help me with this schedule? " 9 — Coaches Drake and Thomas start our football season with a pep rally that shakes the dust off our vocal cords. 11 — Classes are really underway. We have our first guidance lesson. 14 — Adding their voices as new cheerleaders are Jean Benedict, Eve Scalzetti, and Barbara Kaufmann. 15 — The weather, which practically washed all spectators from their seats, did not disturb our muddy but muscling team one iota. 15 — James McVay, a leader in any field, was elected president of the 12-1 class. 16 — Something new has been added — we prepare for air-raid drills! 17 — The student body of the city gathered in the stadium for the Constitution Day program. Taking honors for Academy were Dominic Sciamanda and Jim Schmitt. If there ' s anything we like better than the Academy Choir, it must be the harmonious utterances of the Choir groups from East, Vincent, Tech, and Academy all under the direction of our own " Pop " Grender. 18 — First school dance of the season given by the Student Senate. Everyone had fun! 22 — Grab your coats — air raid drill. (With sound effects!) 23 — Very close harmony — song slides plus musical renditions by Boberta Martin and Bill Horn. 24 — A day to remember — Mr. Ray ' s " fireside chat " was inter- rupted by a city-wide air-raid warning. The noise disturbed Jack Gintz ' s cat-nap. 25 George Miller, fondly known as the " little dictator " prompts at pep rally. A former pupil of Mr. Ray ' s, Earl Kelly, shows us how he played the piano before the army beckoned. 12-2 ' s hold theater party under the excellent direction of Gladys Lang, Elaine Seblom, and Don Breter. It was no task getting the class to see " Syncopation. " Roll back the mats — Herbie Johnson again gave out with the music at the Band dance. OCTOBER 2 — The Petre Instrumental Group entertained — the girl singer had our boys in the palm of her hand. Big boys they grow down south — Louisville was in town. 5 — Our country needs scrap — Mr. Zipper tells how we can help. 6 — Choir initiations — What master mind made those innocent victims leap into the air believing they were jumping over lighted candles- 7 — Don Vondergroben and band had the " cats " hopping in their seats with his " One O ' clock Jump. " Don Herbert gaped as Jean Benedict sang " Stormy Weather. " 9 — Junior Highs still lead Seniors in scrap in-take. 12 — We eat, sleep, and drink — scrap, but it isn ' t enough. 13 — The Girl Beserves invited the school to meet two very good looking Marines, who gave a lecture and showed movies on the Wake Island attack, parachutists, and Marine training. 14 — Who turns the sirens during air raid drills- Such noise! 15 — Reverend Blackmore of the City Mission presented the Spiritual Jubilee Singers — " All God ' s Children Got Shoes. " Annual Girl Beserve Fall Dance in the Gym. Question of the evening — Who let " Whitey " Wolf in- 16 — It always rains in Jamestown, even if we have a football game there. 20— Is anybody happy? CARD DAY. Troubles were skated away at the Senior Orchestra skating party. 21 — Dr. Meyer spoke of " Youth in War. " Potential heroes listened intently. 22 — A big day for dances — if you weren ' t at Rainbow Gardens. you were either at the 12-1 or 12-2 Informal Party. Marion Jenkins was to be congratulated on her managing of the 12-1 affair. 23 — In spite of our rousing Bonfire Bally, we came away from the East and Academy " pigskin party " with a scoreless tie. 27 — The 12-1 class had a most interesting speaker for guidance on the most popular profession of the day — homemaking. 28 — Gavel day rolls around again. The gavel was handed from one Leo to another — very appropriate. Timothy Magee, of the 7th grade, took over the job of organist although he just reaches the keys. 30 — The Simplicity Pattern Company put on a style show for the girls. Did you see Academy ' s cute models? For want of a native, Miller impersonated a hula dancer at the Star Dance. Quite fawncy, George! NOVEMBER 3 — Academy gets ready for the Victory Corps. From Swimming to Geometry — everything ' s important now. 4 — " Champion " ' Kelly and " Gentleman " Verdicchia stage a battle of words. Can Vincent win? 6 — We raise our mighty voices at a Stadium Pep rally and yet again must wait until some future date to score on Vincent. 9 — The Academy critics view with great enjoyment the play by the Salisbury Players. The cast of " Youth Takes Over " claimed this was but advertisement for their play! 11 — Let ' s all go to Florida — Audrey Welther recommends it. 13 — The Tri-Hi Dance — any census will show that more shoes were worn out this night than ever before. 16 — Can it be play practice that makes Chuck Jernstrom sleep through classes? 18 — Bind your index linger — " Book Week. " 19— YOUTH TAKES OVER, but royally. 22 — The prettiest of our famed beauties are Phyllis Barton, Betty Cairns, Phyllis Nagle. Ruth Sahlmann, and Jean Southwick as the first ballots for Academy Beauty Queens proved. 23 — Graduation pictures passed out during home room. Home room " Passed out " almost immediately! 24 — A select group of the band players go into the field of advertis- ing. The foot stamping leadership of Cal Witter is something to see! 27 — Praise the Lord and pass the turkey to my plate! DECEMBER 2 — Stanley Osborn brings us nearer to Australia via colored films and lecture. 3 — Se ere blizzard kept many " Summer Children " home near the fireplace. 4 — Miss Virginia DeCecco. Red Cross nutrionist, warns all coke fiends to starting eating, or else! 4 — As Monday is card day. all of Miss Olsen ' s P.O.D. classes turned in " extra credit " work. 7 — Teachers bring sharply to mind the alphabet — from A to F! " Here We Go Again " is enjoyed by the 12-1 class at their Theater Party. What an appropriate title on card day. 9 — The Drum and Bugle Corps executed some new and difficult formations for the assembled school. 11 — Off to the hills go the 12-2 class on a hayride at White Swan to celebrate the success of the class play. 14 — Empty seats left by students excused to work down town — also, unexcused empty seats! 15 — But there were no empty seats as carols were made more beautiful at the A Cappella Christmas Concert. 16 — Girls look forward to working at Bliley Electric if only to get the Bliley-hmch. 17 — It w : as announced that no more proms will be held for the duration — so, the 12-1 class is having an Inter-Scholastic Dance New Year ' s Eve at Waldameer. 18 — Coach Thomas and Frieda Silver impersonate Santa Clans, in the last assemblv before we adjourn for holidav fun. JANUARY 4 — We grope our way back to school in the early morning black- ness, dust off our books, spread our elbows, and dig in. 5 — The multifarious talents plus the " And How! " Class Will of the February Seniors kept students laughing all day. 11-12-13 — The graduating Seniors enlighten (??) our faculty by means of the pencil and eraser. — (EXAMS) 12 — The Girl Reserves select Betty Paterson as the name to be added to the character cup. Choir rolls on at 12th St. Bink. 13 — Again the Honor Society picks and chooses from among the best — the very best. 14 — Much crying in the soup, pranks with the dessert, and dancing at the Senior Banquet and dance. 19 — If you missed the Consumer Ed. program introduced by John Dudenhoeffer — you missed two very, very, — dances by Donna Doshole! 20 — Air raid warning in addition to a gas attack — What happened to the " hood " in room 204? 22 — No earthquake shakes " this side of State Street. " It ' s the Commando training in the boy ' s gym. Looking back over records, we were to have our prom to- night — oh well, we ' ve had fun. 25 — With a pledge for the future and a bright, if dampened eye, the Seniors bid farewell to these fair halls. ACADEMY ' S BEAUTY QUEEN Phyllis Barton Runners up in Beauty Con test Phyllis Naglc Ruth Sahlmami YOUTH TAKES OVER First Ihim — G. Whalley, M. Albrecht, K. Paterson, B. Bennett, E. Musolf. Second How — C. Jernstrom. A. Yarbenet, J. Ring, N. Sopp, N. Torrance. Third Row — W. Roney, R. Kimmel, M. Goard. D. Strucker. " Youth Takes Over " took over Academy when il was presented by the February Seniors November 19 and 20 in the auditorium. It was the story of rascally Albert Williams and his many troubles with school, teachers, and a carnival. Arthur J. Shepherd was director of the play, while Loretta Cenfetelli was student director. " Youth Takes Over " passed all expectations in its successfulness. Part of the profit was given to the Parent Teachers Association to form a scholarship fund. One hundred eighteen PROM Seated — C. Williamson, P. Young. Stand- ing — A. Baker, H. Rose, J. Laver, V. Krivonak . Sahlmann. A. Ende, Craig Williamson I ' at Young On May 22nd June Prom. lie " Pirates " sailed into Rainbow Gardens to uphold the tradition of an Academy Captured to entertain the King, the Queen, and their loyal supporters were Tommy Reynolds and his musical hep-cats. Delighted by his unusual arrangements, the attractive Queen, Pat Young, requested the favorite of the evening " Tangerine. " King Craig I proudly accepted his sparkling crown while his subjects hailed him. The mysterious keys attached to the clever sweetheart programs gave each and every couple a splendid opportunity to secure the hidden treasure. Ethelyn Grenz and Clayton Johns were the lucky " pirates, " as their key was the only one to open the lock on the box. So the five-hundred shinning pennies were theirs! One hundred nineteen MOST DIGNIFIED CUTEST COUPLE Henriette Murrary Clark Specter Marjorie McDonald Dick Coon BEST LOOkIM; WHO ' S WHO Mary Schull z Bob Schweitzer Dot Tavlor - Lowell Blake C ' mon, Sisn Here Here, Huh? Advertising Section Name Page A Adams and Streuber 7 American Hollow Boring Co. 12 American Sterilizer Company 12 Atlas-Erie Supply Co 4 B Baker Son, Isaac 3 Bauman, Alan and Morril 9 Bieber-Isaacs 4 Boston Store .10 Bucyrus-Erie 9 c Cascade Foundry 4 Collman, C. H 10 Comptometer School 14 Continental Rubber Works 11 D Daka Paper Co. 9 Darling Florist 1 Davis, Nelson N. , Dr 7 Davis, Wilbur A 3 Doubet, E. A 9 E Eckerds 8 Erie Business College 6 Erie Commercial College , .10 Erie Credit Jewelers 12 Erie Daily Times 6 Erie Engraving Co. 14 Erie Forge Co. 12 Erie Insurance Exchange 6 Erie Meter Systems 16 Erie Paint Co 8 Erie Resistor Corp. 3 Erie Window Glass Co 7 F Felheim Lumber Co. 3 Firch Baking Co IS Flickingers 12 Fro- Joy Ice Cream 8 G Gift Craft Shop 1 H Halle Bros. Co 3 Haller, Jacob Co 12 Hammermill Paper Co. 5 Hess Brothers 7 Heyl Physicians Supply Co 10 Hill Mill Ice Cream Co 11 I Irving ' s 15 J Jarecki ' s Jewelers 15 Jarecki Mfg. Co. 11 Don Johnson 6 Name Page K Kelly Studios 7 Kimmel Son 3 Kramer, J. C. 4 L Laurel Hill Cemetery 3 Lauterbach Bakery, Inc. . . 10 Lawrence Cleaners and Dyers. . . 4 Lawrence Hotel 4 Lord Mfg. Co. q Lovell Mfg. Co. ... 9 M McCarty Printing Co., Inc. 2 McDannell Photo Studio 10 Mehler ' s Beverage Co . 13 Meiser, Carl H. 3 Meyer Sons, P. A. 7 p Palace Hardware House 8 Paul ' s Ice Cream Bar 6 Press Co., L 14 R Riehl, Ralph R. 9 Robinson Insurance Agency 13 s Sanida Ice Cream g Schauble, Frank Schlaudecker, Leo Co. 14 Schultz, John V. j j Shea ' s Theatre 14 Shepard, R. W., Dr " . ! 15 Skinner Engine Co 13 Standard Stoker Co 13 Sterling Milk 12 Sunny Acres Riding Academy 4 Swanson Tool and Machine Corp. .4 T Thomas, James , , 7 Tillbrook, E. R. 1 Trask, Prescott Richardson Co. 14 Troy Laundry 10 12th Street Skating Rink 4 u Union Ice Co. 15 w Waldameer Park 13 Walker Real Estate 9 Weil-McLane Co. 15 West Ridge Transportation Co. . 15 Y Yeager, Hazel Daly Y. M. C. A ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 7 DARLING FLORIST CORSAGES AND BOUQUETS For Graduation and Weddings 108 West 7th Street £ £ OdLooL JEWELER HAMILTON — ELGIN WATCHES 2606 Parade Street House of DISTINCTIVE GIFTS and GREETING CARDS For All Occasions 727 Peach St. Erie. Pa c 7%azel l alif Meager JUNIOR AND MISSES WEARING APPAREL 30 West 8th St. Masonic Temple Bldg. One " 1943 . . Insure Your Future in America Buy I S. Hill BONDS PRIIWTIMG CO., Inc. j- roducerS of- fine S cnool Arnnuats 246 E. 7th St. Erie, Pa. Two 1943 , = BAKER ' S 1850-1943 Style Headquarters for Young Men — Featuring — FASHION PARK CLOTHES » ARROW SHIRTS » STETSON HATS « FREEMAN SHOES » REVERE SWEATERS » HART, SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES ISAAC BAKER SON State Street at Seventh Compliments of FELHEIM LUMBER CO. Erie, Pa. MEISER ' S Fine Foods Complete Line of Diabetic Foods Try our Home Made Mayonnaise and French Dressings 818 Peach St. Phone 23-637 DIAMONDS WATCHES HAMILTON — ELGIN — BULOVA WATCHES WILBUR A. DAVIS JEWELER 107 West 10th Street Times Square Phone C57-140 Erie, Penna. " Shoes and Hosiery thai Wear " Cor. 17th and Sassafras Sts. The Quality Specialty Shop of Erie ©he Malle Jjros. (go. CONGRATULATIONS! Haurel tll Cemetery 3Jnc. On the Grnhb Road {One mile south of Ridge Road) Compliments of ERIE RESISTOR CORP. Erie, Pennsylvania Three 1943 Phone C6-128 A. O. JOHNSTON, Mgr. 12th St. SKATING RINK The c Rjnk of ' ' Refinement 12th and French Erie. Pa. EVENINGS 8 TO 11:00 Except Mon. MATINEES 2 TO 4:30 Tues.- Tliurs.- Sun. If you don ' t know furs, knoiv your furrier J. C. KRAMER FURRIER 11 W. 8th St. Erie, Pa. Swanson Tool and Machine Corporation Design and Manufacture of Punches and Dies Special Tools, Fixtures and Machinery 810-812 East Eighth Street Phone 54-200 Erie, Pennsylvania Congratulations Graduates From BIEBER-ISAACS FACTORY-CLOTHING BRANCH Suits — $16- 50 to S21- 50 — Topcoats CASCADE FOUNDRY CO. Erie, Pa. The LAWRENCE HOTEL REED ANSHULTZ, Mgr. 10th and Peach Streets The Rallroom offers facilities for DANCING PRIVATE DINNERS BANQUETS CARD PARTIES New Colonial Room DANCING PARTIES (Not over 80 Persons) Phone 85-482 SUNNY ACRES £s RIDING ACADEMY Learn lo Hide and Keep Fit L. E. ULRICH Harhorcreek, Pa. Compliments of ATLAS-ERIE SUPPLY CO. 15TH AND CHESTNUT 22-248 Builders ' - Manufacturers ' Supplies Rock Wool Insulation CLEANERS AND DYERS 402 W. 3rd St. Phone 22-987 Cold Storage Vault on premises. Four 1943 PAPER IS WAR MATERIAL At an Eastern port, a Navy submarine is getting ready to sail under secret orders. Onto the dock, after a special 30-mile run, dashes a paper merchant ' s delivery truck with a ton of cut-size bond paper to be loaded aboard. On a new Western Pacific airfield, hundreds of thousands of index cards are unloaded with the first shipment of planes and repair parts — to record the flow of the spare parts intfi battle service. From crow ' s nest in a cruiser, the lookout sees another war vessel on the horizon and refers to his book of ship silhouettes, a book printed on special waterproofed paper. Battle orders, diplomatic mail, selective service questionnaires — in thousands of critical ways daily, paper proves itself essential material of war. Besides the making of paper, Hammermill is engaged in prime contracts and sub- contracts for war materials of wood and metal. But it is for the production and delivery of paper that Hammermill was honored with the Army-Navy Production Award, the " E " flag. Modern business methods and modern war methods are alike in their dependence on paper and " paper work. " Today, paper is essential war material. HAMMERMILL PAPER COMPANY Five 1943 We Place Every Graduate in a Good Position FULL DEFENSE COURSE PROGRAM FOR Typists Stenographers Secretaries Accountants Key Punch Operators Comptometer Operators Your Government Needs YOU Hundreds of positions open in Erie and Washington, D. C. and in all Defense Areas throughout the United States. Lowest cost and shortest time possible for BEST RESULTS Phone or write ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 220 West Ninth Street Phone 23-814 Erie, Penna. ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE Auto and Fire Insurance for Less A Home Industry with a Nation-Wide Service Compliments of A FRIEND ERIE DAILY TIMES READ IN 9 OUT OF EVERY 10 HOMES IN ERIE Pauvi ICE CREAM AND SANDWICH BAR 23 North Park Row Sandwiches and Dinners WE MAKE OUR OWN ICE CREAM DON JOHNSON Shoes For Men 18 W. 9th SANIDII MILK ICE CREAM Products of Sanitary Farms Dairy Erie Owned Erie Operated Six 1943 We Congratulate The Graduating Classes of 1943 On their Splendid Scholastic Record And wish them A Continued Success ' Paint Headquartcrf 1-6 State Streets Your Date Is Style Wise You ' ll be strictly " on the beam " in Meyer-Quality Campus styled clothes. Make yours a sharp ensemble with our newly created hats, shoes and haberdashery — always reasonably priced. P. A. MEYER SONS 817-819 State Street JOIN THE Y. M. C. A. Make it your downtown Headquarters Dr. Nelson N. Davis OPTOMETRIST 107 West 10th Street Times Square Phone C57-1 W Krie. Pa. James Thomas JEWELER 8 West Eighth Street Gifts for All Occasions Cameras, Supplies Films, Finishing 14 E. 10th St. Erie, Pa. ADAMS and STREUBER ' S — CUT RATE — 6th and East Ave. Tel. C6- 216 Member of the Guild Hess Brothers Prescription and Manufacturing OPTICIANS Where the Price is Right Phone 22-382 133 West 9th St. Erie, Pa. Seven 1943 ECKERD ' S 706 State Street— 1109 832 BETTER DRUG STORES Prescriptions Our Specialty We use the best drugs and chemicals and employ the best registered men that money can hire. Bring your next prescription to one of the Eckerd Drug Stores AND SAVE MONEY ENJOY Fro- Joy Ice Cream Sealtest Supervised A Complete Sporting Goods Department Thirty-five Years of Continued Service to the Athletes of Erie High Schools Palace Hawwa ' ie rr ouse Erie ' s Paint Authority Says: TO THE GRADUATING If ft CLASS OF 1943 The Paint House of Better Service ERIE PAINT CO. Cor. 14th and State Sts. Phone 26-771 Eight 1943 DAKA PAPER CO. Agents for HAMMERMILL and other leading mills WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Paper ' Paper Products Twine A Complete Line of Printing Papers Office and Warehouse: 4th and State Streets Phones: 26-821—26-822 Compliments Bucyrus-Erie Company E. A. DOUBET JEWELERS 10th and Holland Streets (202 E. 10th St.) RALPH R. RIEHL REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS 29 East 9th Street Erie, Penna. Alan and Morril Bauaman CAREFUL CARPET CLEANERS 140 West Fourth St. Dial 26-445 Estate Wishes You Good Luck Sveretl Q . M alker Lovell Manufacturing Company EHIE, PENNSYLVANIA -■g Makers of l Pressure Cleaners ( ringers) - Rubber Rolls Mouse and Rat Traps Ice Hockey Sticks Nine 1943 EFFICIENT OFFICE WORKERS Trained Quickly — Good Salary Amazing as it may seem, within a few short months you can create an urgent demand Visit the School for your services in business or government offices. New Terms Begin June 28 — August 30 Tuition Reasonable Enroll at once 22-644 ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training T. D. KRUM, Pres. State at Eighth St. Res. C66-358 Heyl Physicians Supply Co. TCCy LALNDCy 416 State Street QfYlcQannell Plolo ofiuJ.o COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers at East High School LAUTERBACH BAKERY, Inc. QUALITY BAKED GOODS 121 E. 21st Street Phone 75-177 Boston Store C. H. COLLMAN OPTOMETRIST 8th and Peach Streets Masonic Temple Phone 22-098 Ten 1943 Established 1852 Incorporated 1891 JARECKI MFG. CO. Erie, Pa. Manufacturers of Pipe Fittings Valves and Cocks Pipe Threading Machines Compressor Governors Pipe Vises Oil, Gas and Water Well Supplies Pipe Cut and Threaded to Order BELL HOWELL EASTMAN MOVIE CAMERAS SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS By fylatth ScUauhle £tudia l 113 West 10th St. " Across from the Times " Phone 24-268 AGFA EASTMAN CAMERAS Compliments of Continental Rubber W rks Eric, Si Pa. Compliments of 3bhn U chultzCo. " DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE " Twenty East Eighth Compliments of HILL-MILL DAIRY STORES 1(108 Parade St. 2521 Peach St. 1004 Kast 6th St. 501 West 4th St. Lawrence Park 24 N. Park How Wesleyville Plant Store: 212 Fast 8th St. HILL-MILL ICE CREAM CO. Erie Owned Erie Operated Eleven 1943 Flickingers Hotel Dept, Especially Selected Foods Packed for Hotels, Cafeterias and Institutions Samples and Quotations Cheerfully Furnished —OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE— N. Y. C. St. L. R. R. and Wallace St. Erie, Penna. AMERICAN STERILIZER COMPANY Erie, Penna. CONRAD ' S DARLING ' S HIRSCH MACK ' S SEYMOUR ' S Compliments of ERIE CREDIT JEWELERS ERIE FORGE CO. Erie, Pa. American Hollow Boring Co. Hollow Bored Forgings and Steel Shafts Office and Works: 19th and Raspberry Streets Jacob Haller Company Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 898 Erie, Pa. A Enjoy STERLING MILK 3330 Peach St. Dial 99-691 Twelve 1943 Plan Your Social Parties at PARK The Best of Bands at Popular Prices Phones: 32-701 and 32-704 ' The Students ' Favorite Rendezvous ' Compliments of SKINNER ENGINE COMPANY Erie, Pa. Insurant r Exclusively Compliments of MEHLER BOTTLING 1218 Parade St. Compliments of THE STANDARD STOKER COMPANY, INC. Erie, Pennsylvania Th irteen 1943 GO WHERE HITS ARE A HABIT Presenting Erie ' s Best Entertainment . . . ALWAYS ERIE ENGRAVING COMPANY ARTISTS ENGRAVERS AND ELECTROTYPING II E. 1 4™ ST. ERIE.PA. TRASK, PRESCOTT RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE First Quality Merchandise Erie, Penna. L. PRESS CO. 1206-1216 State Street SPORTING GOODS CAMPING EQUIPMENT RIDING APPAREL SPORTSWEAR Learn to be a Comptometer operator. Short course. Reasonable tuition. Free employment service. The only licensed Comptometer School in Erie. THE COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 722 Commerce Building Phone 45-464 LEO SCHLAUDECKER CO. Established 1873 25 E. 8th Street Erie, Pa. INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS SURETY BONDS Fourteen 1943 UNION -PURE Ice Delivery Company MANUFACTURED ICE Yellow Trucks— 23-279 Blue Trucks— 22-236 WEST RIDGE TRANSPORTATION CO. Girard, Penna. 3facd Ma-Made BREAD " In the Orange Wrapper " Protect Your Most Valuable Possession — Your Eye-Sight DR. R. W. SHEPARD OPTOMETRIST 113 West 11th St. 37 Years of Helpful Eye Service in Erie Diamonds Established 1S62 Watches JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS, Inc. 25 West 9th Street JEWELRY — SILVERWARE Visit our Gift Department faoin ' j 918 Peach St. SHOES BY I. MILLER UlEIL-mcLRIN CO. BOILERS ■ RADIATORS HUMIDIFIERS Erie, Pa. Fifteen 1943 t o m o r r o w ' s Challenge WITH our plant busy day and night on war orders for vital war materiel we dare to look ahead at tomorrow. Today is full of discord and destruction, but we ask you too, as students, to cherish your finest ideals matured at home and in school, for one day they also will find lasting expression in peaceful pursuits. President Vice President Sixteen MlCabiy Printing Co., Erie, Pa. 10 19 2008 DT 180810 1 7 00

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