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KT C61 dgynfe M. I94l we .gyfuvlenffi o!.x4caa!emg 3400! grie, fznnrigzfan ia x Wi? 'E' 2 1. H5".i3 , 07146 3 5 Q X K 5 Q i .gnfroofucing a Wea! .fgcacleme Heretofore the policy of the Academe has been to present the school formally in "best dress", this year we will endeavor to portray the life of Academy as it really is: informal, hard-working, hard- playing, artistically modern. We shall achieve this by new, informal arrangementsg by the use of color-never before attemptedg by still- life photographs in the third dimensiong and by reducing the editorial material to a minimum. We feel that this edition is the acme of modernity: we offer it to you, the reader, confident of your approval We Present: The Faculty We have lost a true friend. Lost? Yes, but only in the physical sense of the word, because the things that "Darby" did, and what he stood for, cannot be stricken out or forgotten merely by the passing of the man. Mr. Mannix will always remain in the memories of those who knew him for his character was of such that it will leave its imprint in our school long after this book has ceased to exist. He truly represented the ideal of American manhood. So, it is with these few points in mind, that we respectfully co-dedicate this l941 issue of the Academe to Mr. James Mannix. Although "Demmy" has officially retired, We still frequently see him in the halls talking to the students and promoting good-will as has always been his custom. Mr. Dimorier will be sadly missed in Academy, but nevertheless, We shall still see him occassionally because he continues to retain his enthusiastic interest in our choral groups, especially the Choir. With the wish of his continued health and happiness, we co-dedicate this issue of the Academe to Mr. Dimorier. They lhai govern make leasl noise, as llzey llzai row the barge do work and papa and sweat, while he fha! governs silfs quietly al lhe slern, and scarce is seen lo slir. -Selden. u Acdwwwubn ww ju ,M Wag Principal An Open .,l2ffe,- Unsettled world conditions make the present a serious time in education. Students are already anticipating what will be best to know when the war is over. Dire panics are predicted with its millions of idle people and few jobs available. A warning is perhaps necessary. History never repeats itself in exactly the same manner. lntervening changes alter the final outcome and bring new and strange difficulties. The best message to youth today seems to be to become serious about your education. Get plenty of information and build a broad foundation upon which to build the changes that we can not now foretell. Learn to adapt yourself to changes. Become broad minded and ready to see the silver lining. Keep faith in America and build your life in accordance with the true principles of American Democ- racy. Then your life will strengthen our country and our freedom will react upon you to bless you and keep you. J. W. Ray Wi56 janner To Miss Tanner, our assistant principal, we off er our heartiest thanks for her graceful cooperation and assistance throughout the year. Besides handling tl1e regular office duties, she has added the monitor force to her daily routine. Without her guidance and talent for organization, the school would be at a loss. we orce U ' To manage all the numerous details of school office-work, and to make sure that the school program is run efficiently, besides their other optional activities, these are the duties of' the Office Force. Miss Hakel, Miss Waugh, and Miss Weber are constantly at work in the office, and it can truly be said that because of the many diversified situations they must confront, they never have a dull moment. ll has been our custom, every year, to merely thank the Office Force, but this year We wish to leave with future Senior clas 'es, the idea of something more than just verbal thanks to our office workers. N W . Leflllo Right: Miss Hakel, Miss WVeber, Miss VVaugh. Even teachers eat! ?-Your guess is as good as ours. Ciggling girls. Joe? it SMA, The unfailing efforts of the faculty during the past year lo promote co-operation between the students and teachers, and to encourage extra-curricular activities in the school, have helped much toward the growth and development of our school. Most of the members of the faculty have chosen this work, not because of the financial benefits derived from it, but because they have a special interest in that type of work, and like lo associate with and advise young people. Besides their training, the character and personality of each teacher does much to create in students a liking for a particular subject. The teachers are always willing to meet the students half-way and to do every- thing in their power to promote interest in their respective classes. What do you know, Row IAH. Johnson, V. Burger, Pi. Rider, H. Fluegal, H. Kelly, J. W. Ray, Principal, S. Tanner, Assistant Principal, M. Von Korlf, L. Hoffman, J. Russell, L. Braley, A. Kaveney. Row 2-M. VVcir, P. Badger, L. Snyder, .l. Williams. E. Brown, F. Stull, H. Wiysocki. M. Howe, M. Lord, M. Blake, A. Olsen. Row 3-A. Graham, C. Swahn, N. Hale, M. Lockwood, H. Bauschard, B. Block, E. Cccho, M. Stump, B. Whiteman, A. Presogna, C. Hadder. Row 4-M. Phillips, L. Mattis, .l. Crowe, J. Fiorclli, C. Towns, F. Kantz, M. Lewis, W. Hollinger, H. Leamy, J. Bright, J. Zipper, M. Alder, H. Sappcr. Outside of school the members of the faculty engage in many varied activities, both social and philanthropic. Some of them have formed bridge clubs and bowling teams, and show an active interest in sports. With the teachers in our school rests principally the responsibility of molding the character of the students, the coming citizens of our community. xi The students of Academy extend to the faculty their sincere appreciation for ,all -J P X they have done to promote the development of our school. ' J be X. ,-V X -- fx 1' K 'ly Nxt P+ H itch your wagon to a star, keep your seat And there you are! Remember? Swim arfieri The February Seniors were social- minded, but in a way different from most olher classes. They found closed class parties most enjoyable, and proceeded to fill their last semester with a variety of them, that is, with one exception. And that was a reception held September 13 in honor of the new 10-l,'s. The next social affair was a party held at the Log Cabins on the Peninsula, with the great outdoors providing sufficient entertain- ment. Then, on September 20, the class sponsored a Football Dance in the girl's gym. The unusual decorations, featuring the colors of all tl1e schools, as well as the presence of a few of our Louisville rivals, made this an unusual event for Academy. The Halloween Party held at Gustaf- son's Hall, featured an abundance of all Halloween Eve atmosphere, cider and doughnuts, and games and dancing. The last party was given at the Varsity, where the class was entertained by its own excellent, but heretofore undiscovered talent. As a fitting climax, there was a Banquet Dance held at the Lawrence llotel, January 22. An excellent menu, a minimum of long speeches, and a good band for the dance made this occasion a beautiful finish to the classes social history. 57 e rucuf eniorzi N . ll. . as lice ln, Cl, l efllffle a a 0 "Once in a Lifetimev presented by tl1e February seniors in November, was the kind of comedy success that a class presents just once in a lifetime. Mr. Arthur Shephard of Erie directed this portrayal of Hollywood life as it was at the birth of the "talkie." A large cast of eight leads and over thirty supporting-speaking roles effectively lived the somewhat hectic life of the movie capitol for but two brief nights. Who will ever forget Herman Glogaueris super production, the bishop,s hot tip, or George's peanuts 9 v "Once ina Lifetimeu was an all-around success in fun for the cast, entertainment for the audience, and monetary returns for the class. How 1-D. Busohe, E. Epp, H. Olken, S. Wright, Schultz, Miss Olsen, R. McManus, S. Breter, R. Hirsch, .l. Maclnnes, M. Hutchinson. Row 24M. Peterson, N. Manos, D. Smith, G. Schnell, S. Schlecht, E. Mather, S. Leonard, G. Becker, M. Simmons, W. Hirsch, Y. Cokefair, D. Struchen, D. Case. Row 3-Mr. Lewis, U. Cornelius. C. Shapiro, V. Seroka, E. Tillotson, B. Steiner, C. Davis, li. Herscovitz, A. Wolf, E. Russell, J. Doty, N. Bevcns, M. Wright, L. Weigand, Mr. Shepard. Row Iii Pi. VVuenschel, M. Muth, J. Fuller, H. Mishrcll, L. Batdorf, D. Bunting, J. Trimble, S. Powell, D. Shay, B. Iladov, S. Shaw, H. Ilarpst. CLASS OFFICERS President Vice P1-esiden t Secre tary Treasurer Shay, Daleg National C o k e fa i r , Y v o n n e g Davis, Carolg National Becker, Geraldg Cinema Honor Society, Chess Mimeograph Shop, Girl Honor Society, Girl Club, Track, Class Play, Club. Reserves, National Reserves, Academe Hi-Y, Basketball. Honor Society, Office Staff, Student Senate, Practice, Academe Staff. College Club. 0l'l'll'l'lel'lCel'l'l2l'lt A Individual presentation of diplomas was made to the members of the Mid-Year Class of 1941 by Asst. Sup't. of schools, C. W. McNary. The commencement exercises were held in the Academy Auditorium, Tuesday, January 28. "The School and the Community" was the theme. The purpose of the talks by the students was to present the development of the school from its segrated state to its present place as an integral part of the Community. H Topics and Speakers "Introduction .Y,.,,,....,.,,,,.....,,,.,......., ,.,. C Ilarine Shapiro "What Is .A Community?" ........,,,v....,.,,,,.. ..,,,,... D ale Shay "Early Policy of Isolation" .,.,.,.....,,,,....,,,, ,,,,,. D orothea Basche "Attempts To Change This Policy" ........,,.,v.,.., - - -Margery Hutchinson i'The School Needs To Understand the Community" ,... ,,....,., E leanor Epp "The Pupils Explore the Community" ,.,.,,,,.....,,, ,,,.. M arion Simmons "The Community Comes To School" ..,,.. .,,,.,,,....., .... Lo r eile Weigand A'The Community Needs To Know the Community" .,.,.. .. .,,,,, .. Richard Swain "Schools Should Dilfer To Meet the Community Needsi' .,,.....,,,,,,. George Snell "How These Needs Change From Time To Time" ........ ,,,, R osebelle McManus "VVhat Academy Has Done This Year" ....,,,.....,.,, ,.,,,,, . .Slanley Shaw i'Will This Class Fit Into the Community"- . .,., - . - Yvonne Cokefair "Conclusion" ,.......,...,,.,.,....,.,,,. , - . .Jean Maclnnes Row 1-M. Simmons, E Epp, C. Shapiro, Y. Coke fair, D. Busche, R. Mc Manus. Row 2-G Schnell, D. Shay, J. Mae Innes, L. Weigand, M Hutchinson, H. Swain S. Shaw. Allburn, Betty, Drum and Bugle Corps, Sewing Club. Anderson, Ruth, Sewing Club, Gregg Reading Club, Study Club. Ardington, John, Hi-Y, Science Club, Monitor, Prom Committee. Baker, Lincoln, Science Club, Track, Monitor. Barthelemes, Edith, Leader's Club, Typing Club, Monitor. Batdorf, Leland, Cinema Club, Band, National Honor Society, Monitor. Beckwith, Charles, Track, Senior Sportsman Club. Bentley, Marian, Choir, Typing Club, Usher's Club. Bevins, Norma, Girl Reserves, Fencing Club, Teen-Hi Round Table, Boosters Club, Class Play. Blair, Chester, Airplane Club, Etiquette Club, Hobby Club, Monitor. Bliley, Geraldine, Beauty Culture Club, Swimming Club, Personality Club. Blum, Eileen, Choir, Dramatics Club, Camera Club, Girl Reserves, Makeup Club. Breter, Shirley, Cinema Club, Teen-Hi Bound Table, Psychology Club, Class Play. Breter, William, Cheerleaders, Booster Club, Archery Club, Hi-Y, Prom Committee. Bunting, Dallas, Rod and Gun Club, Band, Class Play. Burke, Bette, Drum and Bugle Corps, Art Club, Booster Club, Girl Reserves. Buseemi, Peter, Radio Club, Track, Student Senate. Busehe, Dorothea, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Choir, National Honor Society, College Club. Case, Daisy, Camera Club, Hostess Club, Class Play. Cherry, Jean, Hostess Club, Girl Reserves, Makeup Club. Cornelius, Uneta Mary, Sewing Club, Gregg Reading Club, Study Club, Class Gift Committee, Class Play. Covey, Richard, Camera Club: French Horn, Piano. Deaner, Charles, Band, Booster Club, Boy's Etiquette Club, Rod and Gun Club. Deutch, Norman, Airplane Club, Swimming Team, Swimming Club. Doty, Joseph, Camera Club, Class Play. Durst, Charles, Swim Club, Choir, Hi-Y, Monitor. Dytchc, Ruth, Debating Club, Sewing Club. Epp, Eleanor, Choir. Girl Reserves, College Club, National Honor Society. Forbes, Gladys, Camera Club, Personality Club, Archery Club, Beauty Culture. Fuller, John, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Swing Band Club, German Band. ,ardner, Evelyn, Camera Club, Teen-Hi Round Table, Theatrical Makeup. Hsahn, Florence, Girl Reserves, Handbook Club, Booster lub. Harpst, Harry, Science Club, Chess Club, Library Staff. Hatch, ltlelving Monitor. Herscovitz, Esther, Ring Group, Girl Preserves, College Club, Civic Committee, Senate, Psychology Club, Class Play, Prom Committee. Hewitt, Robert, Basketball, Track, Football, Athletic Theory. Hirsch, Ruth, Senate, Girl Reserves, Archery Club. Hirsch, William, Hi-Y, Booster Club, Oilice Work, Class Play, Monitor. Holly, Marguerite, Knitting Club, Ushers Club. Hudson, Gladys, Beauty Culture, Class Play. Hutchison, Margery, College Club, Girl Reserves, Choir, Prom Committee, Class Gift, Class Play. Junod, Dorothy, Hostess Club. Katz, Morris, Chess Club, Camera Club, Debating Club. Kerner, Howard, Swimming Club. Kerr, Jean, Library Stall, Knitting Club, Orchestra, fXcademe Staff, Hobby Club, Sub-Deb Club. 1. 1. Kilburn, Ralph, Choir, Nature Club, Glee Club. Kinn, Betty, Camera Club, Knitting Club, Beauty Culture Club. Leonard, Shirley, Senate, Girl Reserves, Research Club, Prom Committee, Class Play, Banquet Committee. Lewandoski, Norberlg Science Club, Senate. Liebel, Robert, Football. Maclnnes, ,Ieang Choir, College Club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Class Play, Class Day Committee. May, Normang Hi-Y, Etiquette Club, Camera Club, Cinema Club. lWcCloskey, Janlesg Swimming Club. hlcblanus, Rosebelleg College Club, Girl Reserves, Class Play, National Honor Society. Mishrell, Harry, Archery Club, Chess Club. lYlunch, Karlg Football, Athletic Club. Rluth, Milesg Organist, Cinema Club, Class Play. . ,WS af x be new N Manos, Nickg Athletic Theory Club, Class Play, Monitor. 'Mather, Edwardg Class Play, Monitor, Senior Airplane Club. Nlauer, Martin, Booster Club, Academe Staff. Meyer, Leonard, Booster Club, Class Play Committee, Archery Club, Handbook Club. Miller, Edwardg Art Club. Miller, Ruthg Cinema Club, Etiquette Club, Makeup Club. Nemenz, Howard, Football, Wrestling, Senior Dramatics, Cruise Club. Nicholas, Margaretg Embroidery Club, Gregg Reacler's Club, Class Play Committee. Olken, Harriet, Beauty Culture Club, Personality Club, Usher's Club. Patchen, Richard, Sr. Science Club, Sr. Rifle Club, Hi-Y. Peterson, Marie, Camera Club, Class Play. Powell, Scott, Chess Club, Movie Monitor, Swimming Team, Rod and Gun Club. Russell, Eleanor, Cheerleader's Club, Fencing Club, Cheerleader, Class Play. Schaffer, Mary, Charm Club, Intramural, Prom Com- mittee, Sewing Club. Scherrer, John, Science Club. Seidel, Evelyn, Camera Club, Hostess Club, Beauty H ,Culture Club, Usher's Club. Shaner, Rose, Monitor, Leader's Club. Shapiro, Clarineg Academe Staff, College Club, Girl Reserves, Debating Club, Monitor, National Honor Society, Class Play. Prescott, Richard, Chess Club, Rod and Gun Club. Radov, Barney, Tennis, Basketball, Debating Club, Chess Club. Roemer, Jack, Hi-Y, Airplane Club. Sehlecht, Shirleyg Teen-Hi Round Table, First-Aid Club, Girl Reserves, Class Play. Sehnell, George, Science Club, Star Staff, National Honor Society, Commencement Speaker, Class Play. Schultz, Alberta, Hostess Club, Consumer Club, Usher's Club, Monitor. Shaw, Stanley, Academe Stalf, Band, National Honor Society, Debating Club. Siegel, William, Art Club. Simmons, Marian, College Club, National Honor Society. X YM' A hivl , Smith, Dorothea, Girl Reserves, Research Club, Teen-Hi Round Table, Cosmopolitan Club, Booster Club, Academe Staff, National Honor Society, Class Play. Smith, Gordon, Camera Club, Booster Club. Snell, Mary, Drum and Bugle Corps, Chorus, Makeup Club. Seroka, Violet, Hostess Club, Teen-Hi Round Table, Booster Club. Starvaggi, Frank, Airplane Club. Steinbrink, Raymond, Sportsman's Club. Steiner, Betty, Girl Reserves, Teen-Hi Round Table, Research Club, Class Play. Struchen, Donald, Track, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Senate, Booster Club, Class Play. Swain, Richard, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Academe, Track, Booster Club, Class Play Committee, Commencement Speaker. Thomas, Ann, Hostess Club, Teen-Hi Round Table, Booster Club. Tillotson, Ellenore, Hostess Club, Chorus, Teen-Hi Round Table, Booster Club. Trimble, John, Announcement Committee, Class Party Committees. Verga, Anthony, Managers Club, Wrestling Team, Football, Athletic Club. Wade, Gerald, Hi-Y, Etiquette Club, Chess Club, Class Treasurer. Weigand, Lanette, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Com- mercial Club, Commencement Speaker, Teen-Hi Bound Table, Class Play. Wilcox, lylelvin, Swimming Club, Glee Club. Wilson, Darryl, Dramatics Club, Choir. Winarski, Helen, Etiquette Club, Needle-Point Club, Charm Club. Wolf, Arlene, Hostess Club, Class Play. Woodward, Barbara, Girl Reserves, Senate, National Honor Society, Consumer's Club, Psychology Club. Wright, Miriam, Research Club, Girl Reserves, Teen-Hi Round Table, Psychology Club, Class Play, Cap and Gown Committee. Wright, Shirley, Teen-Hi Round Table, Booster Club, Class Play. Wuenschel, Richard, Stage Crew, Stage Club. 2 une eniom Row 1: Mr. Winter, .l. Sanger. L. Task, N. Manross, W. Patterson. Row 2: J. Mann, R. Dudenhoeffer, B. Miles, W. Cooper, N. Wilcox, D. Greiner, M. SUD. iijwli-.gglaeecl D The J une Seniors presented a play entitled HHi-Speedi' written and directed most capably by Mr. Lee Winter. The plot concerned the many happenings in the haphazard life of four mechanics on a race track. Through the complete cooperation of the entire senior class, the play really did have "high speed!" The well-chosen cast presented the play successfully three consecutive nights. The audiences were enthusiastic and readily responded to the many humorous situations in the play. So favorable were the many comments about the show, that il. played to packed houses every night. When the final receipts were tabulated, it was found that the seniors had profited by four hundred dollars. With this money, the class hopes to make some worth-while contribution to our school. Vniol- year prom The June Seniors pre- sented the prom Janu- ary 29, at Rainbow Gardens with Paul Pendarvis and his Orchestra, in honor ol' the graduating class. 1 m , Holtzworth, H. Glass, P. Sullivan, J. Runser, ll. Anderson. H. Liebel, l.. Piasccki, R. Swan- .gil Wem oriam Norman Barthelmes, a .lune Senior of Academy, who passed away February 16, 1941. He will be sadly missed by all his friends, teachers, and acquaintances. Norman Barlhelnles Ol'l'llfl'l2I'lC2l'l'l elif .S?0eCl,Lel"5 "1 Choose Americaw has been selected as the basic theme for the June Commencement speakers. This subject will be treated in such a way that it will bring out the reasons for one's choice of America as the ideal place to live. At present, there are fourteen tentative speakers but it is believed that this number will be lessened to ten. Due to its patriotic trend, the theme should meet with the approval of all, and We firmly believe that the speakers will do their utmost to leave everyone impressed, convinced, and gratified that we do live in America. Akus, Irene, Camera Club, Hobby Club, Needlecraft Club. Alloway, Doris Jean, Archery, Beauty Culture, Girl Reserves, Prom Committee. Alward, Albert, Star Staff, Press Club, Prom Committee, Class Play. Applebee, Dolores, Beauty Culture Club, Monitor. Arduini, Gilda, Archery Club, First Aid Club, Per- sonality Club, Consumerls Club, Prom Committee. Aubrey, Betty Jean, Beauty Culture Club, Makeup Club, Prom Committee. Bareio, Betty, Makeup Club, Booster Club, Prom Committee. Barnett, Clark, Camera Club, International Club, Bod and Gun Club, Prom Committee, Class Play, Banquet Committee. Barron, Shirley, Beauty Culture Club, Math Club, Gregg Beading Club. Anderson, Richard, Choir, Class Play, National Honor Society. Andrzejewski, Francesg Hobby Club, Needlecraft Club, Gregg Reading Club. Angelotti, LaVerneg Girl Beserves, Commercial Club, Knitting Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Archeology. Baldwin, Ermag Girl's Chorus, Booster Club, Sub-Deb Club, Dramatic Club, Prom Committee. Balter, Lucyg Cruise Club, Study Club, Travel Club. Baltus, Nancieg Girl Reserves, College Club, Student Senate, Tri Club, Academe Staff, Prom Committee, Banquet Committee, Newman Club. Bastow, Donaldg Camera Club, Archery. Beatman, William, Football, Wrestling, Track, Athletic Theory, Home Boom President, Prom Committee, Class Day, Banquet Committee. Bedner, Emmag Study Club. 1l s M Berchtold, Marie, Etiquette Club, Cruise Club, Com- mercial Club, Red Cross Club. Bernardini, Albert, Track, Archery, Chess Club, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. Bernhardt, John, Study Hall Club, Horticulture. Betz, Anna, Study Club. J f 'x ff ' 1fQ,f Y Blair, Williarrlg Airplane Club. V - V " .I Bliley, Mary, Sub-Deb Club, Personality Club. Bloss, Jeanne, Girl Reserves, Commercial Club, Knitting Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Archeology Club. Bolla, Rita, Booster Club, Prom Committee. Bullard, James, Booster Club, Machine Shop. Bowersox, Ethel, Commercial Club. Bowman, Jane, Choir, Choir Club. Briggs, Robert, Football, Football Manager, Athletic Club, Prom Committee, Baseball. Bright, Betty Jane, Camera Club, Commercial Club, National Honor Society, Announcement Committee, Commencement Speaker. Brogdon, Donnell, Archery Club, Chess Club. Brown, Gertrude, Knitting Club, Class Play. Brown, Isadore, Stamp Club, Debating Club, Art Club, Archaeology Club, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Class Banquet Committee, Academe Staff. Brown, Wayne, State Crew, Stage Club. Brubaker, Roy, Archery Club, Chess Club, Class Banquet Committee. Buseck, Donald, Archery Club, Outdoor Club, Track. Caccamise, Frances, Red Cross Club, Knitting Club, State Makeup Club. Cacchione, Albia, Cheerleader, Commercial Club. Cain, Anna iVlae, Beauty Culture Club. Campbell, Charlotte, Choir, Choir Club, National Honor Society. Carneval, Geraldine, Sub-Deb Club, Girl Reserves, Dancing Club, Office Practice, Study Club. Carroll, Jack, Dramatic Club, Archeology. Case, Ned, Chess Club, Class Play, Radio Club. Chambers, Gladys, Senior Archery, Farm and Garden Ollice Monitor, Club Monitor, Sr. Orchestra, Music Club, Study Club. Chesserio, Marian, Drum and Bugle Corps, Red Cross, Needlepoint and Knitting, Boosters. Christensen, Betty, Choir, Choir Club, Prom Com- mittee, Girl Reserves. Christoph, Richard, Study Hall Club, Chess Club. Chrostowski, Ann, Bed Cross, Sub-Deb Club, Camera Club, Office Monitor. Cichetti, Carl, Chess Club. Clifford, Oleine, Drum and Bugle Corps, Bed Cross, Knitting Club, Stage Makeup. Cohen, Harvey, International Club, Debating Club, Chess Club. Colman, Vivian, Press Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Announcement Committee. Conrad, hlargaretg Hobby Club, lied Cross, Class Play. Cook, George, Stamp Club, Dramatic Club, Archeology Club, Class Play. Cook, Raymond, Dramatic Club, Baseball, Archeology Club. Cooper, Susan, Usher Club, Charm Club, Bed Cross. Cooper, William, Football Manager, Water Polo, iVIanager's Club, Class Party Committee, Science Club, Swimming Club, Prom Committee, Banquet Com- mittee, Class Play. Coover, Cordon, Chess Club. Corapi, William, Science Club, Chess Club, Announce- ment Committee. Coughlin, Fred, Stage Crew, Camera Club. Crane, Margaret, Charm Club, Stage Makeup, Class Play. Cranston, William, Camera Club, Radio Club. Crawford, Frances, Girl lleserves, Press Club, Sub-Deb Club. Crawford, Lorraine, Beauty Culture, Class Play. Crompton, Edward, Bod and Gun Club, Band. Culhane, Jeang Sub-Deb Club, Camera Club. Davies, Elaineg Drum and Bugle Corps, Bed Cross, Knitting Club, Booster's Club. Davitl, Leahg Monitor. Demuling, ,loang Drum and Bugle Corps, Cinema Club. Denning, Shirleyg Beauty Culture, Gregg Headers. Devlin, Agnesg Charm Club, Theatrical Makeup, Student Senate, Class Play. Dudenhoefer, Robertg Chess Club, Class Play, Cinema Club, Movie Monitor. Ebert, Charlesg Football, Track, Athletic Theory Club. Ebert, Milton, Football, Track, Water Polo, Wrestling, V Athletic Theory Class. Decker, lllargaretg Girl Reserves, College Club, Senate, Academe, Monitor, Banquet Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Tri-Club. Delamater, Gladys, Girl Reserves, Press Club, Sub-Deb Club. Demirjian, Johng International Club. Hi-Y, Senior Orchestra, Dance Band Club, Camera Club, Class Play. Dorich, Margaret, Personality Club, Sub-Deb Club, Class Play. Downing, Richardg Track, Outdoor Club, Athletic Club, Baseball. Drexler, Jamesg Outdoor Club, Prom Committee. Eckman, Gloria, Archery Club, Golf Club. Egler, Kathleen, Student Senate, Star Staff, Girl Re- serves, Press Club, College Club, National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Class Party Committee, Banquet Committee. Ek, liobertg Senior Airplane Club. Ericson, Richard, Study Hall Club, Horticulture. Farina, Andrew, Radio Club, Cinema Club. Ernst, Phyllis, Usher's Club, charm Club, Gym Leaders, Faulkner, Doris, Hilltop Club, Commercial Club, Class Girl Preserves. Play, Monitor. Evans, Frances, Personality Club, Sub-Deb Club, Fearn, Arthur, Chess Ciub, Prom Committee, Press Etiquette Club, Class Play, Banquet Committee. Club, Star Staff, Student Senate Treasurer. Finney, James, Athletic Theory Club, Swimming Club, Fehrer, Elmaileen, Girl Reserves, Sub-Deb Club, Press Class Play Club, Class Play. . - , , - Fischer Rosemary- Girls' Chorus, Announcement Com- Fehx, Lois, Personality Club, Study Club. mitteg, College Chin Sub-Deb Club. Fenner, Betty, Choir, Cinema Club. F lagella, Theresa, Commercial Club, Monitor. i we ,FJ jx, NEW' ij Foley, James, Booster Club, Swimming Club. y, oris, Senior Girl Reserves, Press Club, Sub-Deb b. Foreman, Betty, Senate, College Club, Star Staff, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, Prom Committee, azier, Neal, Choir, Choir Club, National Honor Secretary of Class. oeiety. Foster, Richard, Star Stalf, Chess Club. Frear, Irene, KnittingiClub. French, Jessieg Monitor, Teen-Hi Round Table, Typing Club. Gallagher, F rankg Booster Club. Gangemi, lwaryg Cinema Club, Archeology Club, Senior Dramaties, Cap and Gown Committee. Gangemi, Mary Graceg Cinema Club, Monitor. Garber, Shirleyg Beauty Culture Club, Red Cross, Movie Monitor, Prom Committee. Gardner, lIelengCruise Club, Gregg Club, Typing Club. Gathers, Keithg Booster Club. Gebhardt, Gloriag Press Club, Sub-Deb Club, Girls Chorus, Girl Reserves. Gerhrlein, Edwardg Camera Club, Chess Club, Cinema Club, Class Play. rw J I Glass, Robertg Chess Club, Radio Club, Class Play. Graham, Virginiag Study Club. Granohan, ,Iohng Wrestling, Outdoor Club. 1 Greiner, Dorisg National Honor Society, Class Play: Financial Staff, Girl Reserves, Ushers Club, Senate, Prom Committee, Secretary of Class. Greiner, Dorothyg Choir, Prom Committee, Class Play, Monitor. Greiner, Frankg Golf Team, Booster Club. Grenz, Ethelyng Girl Reserves. Sign Painting Club. Theatrical Makeup Club, Prom Committee, Banquet Committee, Class Party Committee, Academe Technical, Star Stalf. Gross, Kathleeng Girl Reserves. Cinema Club, Senior Dramatics, Class Play, Class Day Program Committee, Banquet Committee, Sub-Deb Club, Prom Committee. Gustafson, Gordong Study Club, Booster Club. Haekenberg, Paulg Choir, Choir Club. Hadloek, Margueriteg Senior Dramatic Club, Press Club, Mimeo Shop, Cinema Club, Monitor, Class Play. Hafenstiner, Marieg Cheer Leaders Club, Press Club, Girl Reserves, Monitor, Usher for Class Play. Haimsohn, Doris, Senior Girl Reserves, College Club, Senior Prom Committee, Banquet Committee, Tri-Club, Ring Group, Play Ticket Committee. Hammond, ,Iuneg Girl Reserves, Senate. Prom Com- mittee, College Club. Hammond, Milford, Study Club. Hartmann, William, Camera Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. Hazen, Jack, Booster Club, Banquet Committee. Healy, Helen, Girl Reserves, Class Play, Prom Com- mittee, Golf Club, Knitting Club, Sub-Deb Club. Heherle, Donald, Choir, Choir Club, Glee Club. Heberle, Paul, Star Staff, Press Club, National Honor Society. Henningson, Estrid, Girl Reserves, Camera Club, Sewing Club, Beauty Culture Club. Higgins, James, Press Club, Sign Painters Club, Prom Advertising Committee. Higgins, Leonard, Choir, Choir Club, Monitor, Glee Club. Hill, Thomas, Chess Club, Band. Hiller, William, Chess Club. Hinkler, Edward, Stage Crew, Stage Club. Hirt, Frank, Erie County Jr. Historical Society. Hoffman, Jean, Girl Reserves, Booster Club, Prom Com- reiittee, Theatrical Makeup Club, Class Play, Ushers lub. Hoffman, Robert, Cheerleaders, Academe Stall', Com- mercial Club, Cheerlcader's Club, Prom Committee. Holtzworth, lilargarct, Class Play, Monitor, Choir. Hopson, Dorothy, Archery Club, Monitor, Commercial Club, Gregg Reading Club, Mimeograph Shop. Horn, James, Chess Club, Fencing Club, Student Senate. Hoyt, Birdella, Choir. Iesue, Alfred, Band, Radio Club, First Aid Club. Jackson, John, Choir, Glee Club, Choir Club. Jacquel, Doris, Camera Club, Monitor, Knitting Club, Prom Queen Committee. Jagemann, llladeline, Knitting Club, Gregg Readers Club. Janniere, William, Archery, Etiquette Club, Track. Jasinski, Gladys, Gregg Readers Club, Cap and Gown Committee, Class Play. i Jeffery, Dorothy, Choir, Monitor. Jensen, Lowell, Choir, Choir Club, Glee Club. Jepson, lwargaretg Latin Club. Johnson, Alice, Archery Club, Beauty Culture Club, Red Cross. K Kader, Charles, Baseball, Bod and Gun Club. Kahn, Bonita, Personality Club, Camera Club, Red Cross, Prom Committee, Movie Monitor. Kanis, Lucy, Personality Club, Sub-Deb Club, Etiquette Club, Consumer's Education, Class Play, Usher in Assembly. Kapiezak, lllargaret, Prom Committee, Girl Reserves, Sub-Deb Club, Beauty Culture Club, Consumer's Education, Archery Club. Kafrlen, Robert, Band, Class Play Committee, Dance Orchestra Club. Jobes, lVIary, Academe Club, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves, Knitting Club. Johannsen, Donald, Football, Basketball, Etiquette Club, Math Club, Usherls Club, Class Play. John, Anna Dlae, Beauty Culture Club, Consumer's Education Club, Archery Club, Girl Reserves. Kaiser, Cecelia, Sub-Deb Club, Etiquette Club, Con- sumer's Education Club, Class Play. Kaiser, Fred, Football, Athletic Club. Kalie, Howard, Study Hall Club, Science Club. Karr, Martha, Sub-Deb Club, Monitor, Drum Corps, Kelsey, Lillian, Sign Painters Club, Monitor. Kephart, Elvira, Class Play Committee, Monitor, Study Club. Kessler, Ruth, Commercial Club, Prom Queen Com- mittee, Archery Club. Kibler, Phylisg Library Apprentice Club, Prom Com- mittee, Class Play. Kienholz, Patricia, Cruise Club, Girl Reserves, Knitting Club, Prom Committee. Koller, Heine, Rod and Gun Club. Kollmann, lvlargaretg Cinema Club, Prom Committee. Konkoski, Virginia, Junior Archery, Senior Archery. Krieger, Dlariang Cruise Club. W P Krespan, Arthur, Booster Club, Hobby Club, Etiquette K'jn'f3egeXfQ12gyB,'2fj','j,fy Culture Club Clash drty Com Club, Prom Committee. K . 4 l ' N i 1 , Kutz Chester, Cholr Cholr Club roto, Harry, Football, Basketball, Track, Athletlc f Theory Class. ' Larsen, Paul, Chess Club Wrestling 53 C? Lawless, Jaekg Booster Club. Lechner, Normag Sewing Club, Prom Committee, Camera Club, Girl Reserves. Leonardi, Josephg Study Club, Booster Club, Senate, Monitor. Leslie, Elvag College Club, Class Play, Girl Beserves, Arts and Crafts Club. Liebel, Robertg Science Club, National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Class Treasurer, Class Play, Prom Committee. Linburg, Walterg Banquet Committee, Camera Club, Chess Club, Water Polo, Swimming, Hi-Y. Linder, Beatrieeg College Club, Class Play, Prom Com- mittee, Vice President of Senate, Girl Beserves,Tri-Club, Library Club, Library Staff. llIaePherson, Cliffordg Senior Airplane Club. lllacPhe1-son, Donaldg Baseball, Basketball, Hi-Y, Chess Club, Prom Committee, National Honor Society. lllahoney, lllargaret Aung Drum and Bugle Corps, Class Play, College Club, Prom Committee, Student Senate, Girl Reserves, Banquet Committee. lllainzer, Ritag Archery Club, Charm Club, Archeology Club, Camera Club. lllalaby, Mariong Debating Club. lllalaszek, Harrietg Gregg Club, Class Play. ltlaneuso, Annamarieg Beauty Culture Club, Sub-Deb Club, Stage Makeup. Dlando, Joseph, Track, Monitor. lllangold, Dorisg Camera Club, Stage Makeup Club, Class Play. lllann, Bettyg Civie Committee, Class Play, Banquet Committee. lllann, James, Bod and Gun Club, Class Play, Chess Club. A - , 4 I s af' V if Q- Manos,,iSophieg Class Play, Banquet Committee, Prom Committee, Sub-Deb Club. lllaiiross, Normang Football, Basketball, Track, Class ' ay. Dlaras, Leona, Sub-Deb Club, Bulletin Board Committee, Ushers Committee. Marciniak, Ireneg Archery Club, Class Play, Red Cross. Dlarkey, Verag Camera Club, Beauty Culture Club, Sub-Deb Club, Class Play. Marshall, Donald, Chess Club, Swimming Team, Hi-Y, Banquet Committee. ltlartin, Charlesg Rod and Gun Club, Orchestra, Banquet Committee. Matlock, Eugeneg Rod and Gun Club. ltlatulewicz, Anng Gregg Club. Maxham, Robertg Rod and Gun Club. McCaleb, Ruth, Archery Club, College Club, Monitor, Cap and Gown Committee. McConnell, Willianig Safe Driving Club, Booster Club, Monitor. McCooey, Ritag Art Craft Club, Archeology Club, Announcement Card Committee. lVIeLean, Eleanorg Class Play, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Measurement Committee, Girl Reserves, Monitor. lVIcReynolds, Betty Janeg Beauty Culture Club, Math Club, Consumer's Education Club. Meloni, Clarag Archery Club, Etiquette Club, Banquet Committee, Consumer's Club, Personality Club. Melzer, Dorothyg Beauty Culture Club, Girl Reserves, Class Play, Monitor. Metzger, Dorothyg Camera Club, Beauty Culture Club, Sub-Deb Club, Class Play, Election Committee. Metzler, Idag Beauty Culture Club, lWeyn, Riehardg International Club, Monitor, Bod and Gun Club. Miles, Robertg Archery Club, Usher Club, Track, Wrestling, Class Play. Miller, Bettie, Sub-Deb Club, Class Play. lwiller, Dollieg Sub-Deb Club. Mishrell, Howardg Cap and Gown Committee. Monkowski, Josephg Stage Club, Stage Crew. Moore, Ruthg Charm Club, Sub-Deb Club, Etiquette Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Band. ltloritz, Ritag Archeology Club. Morye, Bernardg Study Club. Naehring, Douglasg Band, Orchestra, Swimming Club. Nagele, Betty, Press Club, Class Play, Girl Beserves, Monitor, Sub-Deb Club, Class Play Committee. Nanni, Alfred, Water Polo, Airplane Club, Sign Painting Club. Nellis, Violet, Debating Club, Star Staff, Psychology Club, Debating Team, Prom Queen Committee. Nelson, Aliceg Art Club, Charm Club, Archeology Club. Nicol, Ileleng Choir, Choir Club. Niebauer, Betty, Press Club, Etiquette Club, Sub-Deb Club. Nordin, William, Booster Club. Palaszewski, Leog Study Club. Palmer, Jeanne, Camera Club, Swimming, Class Play, Theatrical Makeup Club. Paradine, Mary, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Prom Com- mittee, Star Stall, Publication Committee, Banquet Committee. Nelson, Donald, Baseball. Nelson, Walter, Bod and Gun Club. Nick, Richard, Chess Club. 0'Connell, Eileen, Press Club, Embroidery Club, Com- mercial Club, Class Play, Star Staff, Prom Committee. Ohmer, Marian, Class Play, Civics Committee, Beauty Culture Club, Girl Heserves. Ott, Marie, Charm Club, Bulletin Board Committee. Patama, Patsy, Debating Club. Paterson, Willianig Archery Club, Class Play, Prom Committee, Football. Patton, Donald, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Prom Com- mittee, National Honor Society, Chess Club, Academe Staff. Pearson, John, Camera Club, Science Club, Prom Com- Pfleuger, John, Swimming Team, Swimming Club. mittee, Class Play, Football. Pesch, Hubertg Baseball. Pfister, Petty, Dramatic Club, Press Club, Class Play, Monitor. Pifer, Catherine, Class Play, Camera Club, Cruise Club, Monitor. Pikiewitz, Dorothy, Camera Club, Archery Club, Prom Committee. Pitton, Mary, Embroidery and Crocheting Club, Booster Club, Consumer's Education Club, Cap and Gown Committee. Riell, Martin, Band, Chess Club, Stamp Club. Robie, Dorothy, Ushers Club, Class Play, Girl Beserves, Beauty Culture Club, Ushers Committee, Bulletin Board Committee. Roth, Harold, Chess Club, Banquet Committee, Play Committee. Phillips, William, Baseball, Bod and Gun Club, Air- plane Club. Piaseeki, Leog Baseball, Airplane Club, Outdoors Club. PotthoH', Edward, Athletic Club. Ramsey, Harry, Football, Wrestling, Track, Hi'Y, Prom Committee, Student Senate. Rsgidall, Betty, Archery Club, Booster Club, Sub-Deb ub. Rotman, Annamaeg Choir, Class Play. Runser, Jayne, Drum and Bugle Corps, Class Play, Girl Reserves, Sub-Deb Club, Charm Club, Prom Com- mittee, Press Club, Banquet Committee. Rutkoski, Raymond, Outdoor Club, Cinema Club. Q' - 'x Ryan, Rita, Study Hall Club. Saunders, Warren, Cross-Country, Wrestling, Chess Club, Debating Club, Prom Committee, Class Day Committee, Hi-Y. Sawtelle, Pearl, Senior Dramatics, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Prom Committee, Star Distributor. Sceiford, Robert, Camera Club, Debating Club. Schaaf, Evelyn, Girl Reserves, Class Day Committee, Golf Club, Class Play, Prom Committee, Sub-Deb Club, Drum Corps, Knitting Club. Schaaf, Ruth, Drum and Bugle Corps, Class Play, Sub- Deb Club, Knitting Club, Financial Chairman. Schaffner, Jamesg Band, Dance Band Club, Rod and Gun Club, Scherrer, Betty, Charm Club, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Prom Committee, Class Play, Social Committee. Schmitt, Donald, Stamp Club, Bod and Gun Club, Swimming Team, Hi-Y.B-1 liuyaz Schroeder, Eilleeng Senior Dramatios Club, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Announcement Committee, Senator, Civic Committee. Scgroeck, Edward, Camera Club, Stamp Club, Class lay. Schuwerk, Rita, Class Play, Charm Club, Sub-Deb Club, Press Club, Monitor, Civic Committee. Sebunia, Emelieg Archery, Jr., Archery Sr. Seeman, Shirley, Personality Club, Sub-Deb Club. Seigler, Ruth, Beauty Culture Club. Selig, Ellen, Study Club, Prom Committee, Announce- ment Committee, Seligsohn, Camille, Commercial Club, Gregg Reading Club. Senger, Joseph, Class President, Hi-Y, Class Play, Com- mencement Speaker, Student President, Academe Staff, Prom Committee. Shearer, Belly, Archery Club, Cinema Club, Girl Reserves. Shenk, Richardg Chess Club. Shreve, Richard, Band, Prod and Gun Club, Cruise Club. Smith, Betty Jane, Choir, Choir Club. Smith, Richard, Airplane Club, Camera Club. Smith, Rohertg Camera Club. Snyder, Margery, Sub-Deb Club, Knitting Club, Prom Committee. Spotswood, Mary, Drum and Bugle Corps, Personality Club, Press Club. Stankavick, Helen, Cinema Club. Starks, Robert, Orchestra, Band, Camera Club, Amateur Club. Sterrert, Robert, Track, Makeup Club. Stetter, Charlotte, Press Club, Consumer's Club. Stolz, Helen, Personality Club. Stough, Virginia, Archery Club, Camera Club, Orchestra. Stuzynski, Clara, Sewing Club, Needlepoint Club. Sullivan, Patricia, Girl Reserves, Academe, College Club, Senate, Prom Committee, Class Play, Newman Club, Tri-Club. Sutter, Melvin, Stage Crew, Stage Club, Glee Club, Horticulture Club. Swanson, Robert, Usher Club, Stage Crew, Class Play. H43 ' Sweet, lWartha, Archery Club, Announcement Com- mittee. Tanner, Robert, Cinema Club. Tarr, Clara, Girl Reserves, Cap and Gown Committee, Booster Club. Task, Louis, Press Club, Track Team, Class Play. Tate, Miriam, Senate, lied Cross Club. Academe, National Honor Society, Class Play Committee, Class Banquet Committee. Teel, William, Choir, Choir Club, Monitor, Glee Club. Tellers, Mary Agnes, Choir, Class Secretary. Terranova, Brigida, Beauty Culture, Camera Club. Teubner, Marks, Camera Club, Debating Club. Thayer, Bert, Rod and Gun Club, Debating Team. Theil, Andrew, Glee Club, Choir Club, Choir, Band. Tilley, Owen, Booster Club, Athletic Theory. Tillman, Louiseg Knitting Club. Torrelli, Carmellag Study Hall Club, Cruise Club, Gregg lleading Club. Toslain, Elizabeth, Gregg Beading Club. Tozer, Ruthg Girl Reserves, Tlieatrical Makeup Club, Cheerleaders Club, Boosters Club, Prom Committee. Traphagen, Charlotteg Usher Club, Stage Makeup, Booster Club. Girl Reserves. Banquet Committee. Traul, Walter, Football, VVrestling, Track, Hi-Y, Class Play, Student Senate. mi' MA Veil, Norbertg Hi-Y, Booster Club, Stamp Club, Prom Committee, Student Senate. Vivian, ,Iennieg Beauty Culture Club, Camera Club, Girl Reserves. Volk, Audreyg Press Club. Totlehen, Celiag Cinema Club, Flying Finger Club, Gregg Heading Club. Toeleben, Ruby, Study Hall Club, Press Club, Camera lub. Townsend, Normang Study Club. Tucker, Ilerbertg Football, Wrestling, Class Play, Baseball. Ulrich, Ceraldg Swimming Club, Chess Club. Vandervort, Catherineg Student Senate, Academe Staff, Class Play Committee, Class Banquet Committee. Vollant, Shirley, Choir, Choir Club. Wagner, Ceorgeg Radio Club, International Club, Bod and Gun Club, Hi-Y. L l 3 J X A X Wagner, Kathleeng Press Club. Ll X1 Walczak, Virginiag Consumers Club. Wargo, Annag Commercial Club, Sub-Deb Club. Wallis, Katheryng Hostess Club, Archeology Club. Watson, Richardg Rod and Gun Club. Wambsgans, Donalda Airplane Club, M0Uit0F- Webb, Donaldg Choir, Choir Club, Glee Club. Weber, Isabeueg Etiquette Club, Press Club, Sub-Dcb WCid6rh0Cf, Shirleyg Sub-Deb Clllll, D6lJ8tlHg Club, Class Play Committee, Announcement Committee. Wfeiser, Mary Therese? Choir Club, Choir. Webstefs Wilbur? Stlldb' Club- Weissert, Claireg Beauty Culture Club, Cinema Club, Weed, Richardg Rod and Gun Club. Class PIHY' -- - f -, f b White, Elizabethg Cinema Club. W ,M ' -Hd" ll,' lb. , , 'erner mince, a 10 Cu, Chess Cu Wiertel, Rose, Dramatlcs, Press Club, International Wexler, Ilermang International Club, Debating Club, Club, Chorus, Debating Club. Chess Club' wiest, Ameliag Camera Club, Commercial Club, Sub- Whipple, Frankg Chess Club, Swimming Club. Deb Club. Wilcox, Norman, Class Play, Choir, Choir Club, Glee Club, Monitor. Willis, Jeane, Press Club. Wilson, Betty, Cinema Club, Beauty Culture Club, Prom Committee, Class Play. Will, Carol, Academe, Prom Committee, Class Play. Winters, Leslie, Radio Club, Star Staff, Press Club. Wunz, Paul, Baseball, Chess Club, Monitor, Science Club, Bod and Gun Club. Yaple, Regis, Cruise Club, Booster Club, Academe Stall, Class Play, National Honor Society, Monitor. Yates, Miriam, Personality Club, Cruise Club. Youngbauer, Joan, Press Club, Bed Cross Club, Consumer's Club. Zaczek, Celia, Press Club, Study Club. Zawistowski, Eleanor, Press Club. Ziek, Robert, Science Club. Zeimer, Frances, Choir Club, Choir, Monitor. Zoltoski, Henrietta, Senate, Beauty Culture Club, Chorus, Committee for Commencement Speakers. Deer, Robert, Camera Club, Hi-Y, Student Senate, Chess Club, Class Play. ' Peters, Doris, Etiquette Club, Sr. Stage Makeup Booster Club, Girl Reserves, Monitor. .2414 f0gl'l1l9L6 .X4lfLt09l'Cl,l9A5 In play there are two pleasures for your choosing- The one is winning, and the oiher, losing. -Byran. .W NV Kramer NV Traut N Manross K. Schwindt W. Bcatman G. Poslcrh EI X Joofiaf Row 1-Holland, Krivonak, Pmohasky, Haendler, VV Krivonak, Mauross, Schwindt, Kramer. Row 2-C Ebert, Tucker, Ramsay, Traut, Beatman, Poslerli, Ulrich M. Ebert. Row 3-Coach L. C. Drake, Jaworski, Franz kowski, Kugnin, Rastatter, Hewitt, Fuhrman, Riley Kelly, Kline, Mgr. Briggs, Coach Thomas. Row 4- Asst. Mgr. Sanncr, Verge, Williamson, Phillips, Crawford Becker, Karznia, Asst. Mgrs. Swcitzer and Specter. flmftfj The Academy Lions, in tl1eir best year since 1928, waded through tl1e toughest competition in many years to capture the city series and complete a perfect seasonf undefeated! In the ten games that Academy played, three were tied and seven won by a deci- sive margin. Academy had its hardest game with Canton, Ohio-but through luck and persistence, the boys were able to hold the mighty combine to a 6-6 stalemate. The team was rather unusual as football teams go, having no one or two men who used the other nine as barricades, but having a combination of men who were equally good and shared almost equally in the glory. A The line, one of the heaviest Academy has ever had, was one of the fastest. lts exceptional goal-line stands were the talk of the town. H. Ramsay P. Haendler l'. Krivonak H. Tucker W. Krivonak L Holland .,:-.. I 3 r rt i A 4 L The backfield, which carried the ball for 195 points, was the perfect example of deception. All the players were small and exceptionally fast, which made the ball handlers elusive as spirits, All in all, the boys made a great team-great enough to regain the city champion- ship-great enough to place six men on the city all star team-great enough to play a season undefeated. Row 1-G. Klein. M. Jaworski. P. Haendler, Pm. Shufstall, ll. Miller. N. Mangold. ll, Yawger. Row 2-Mgrs. Bagley and Davidson, N. Manros. T. Franzkowski, H. Mang, P Harkness, .l. Pianti, R. Hewitt. VARSITY R. Hewitt W. Kramer N. Nlangold T. Franzkowski P. Haendlcr Z?CL5AQi6Cl,! Academy started its 1940-fll season definitely handicapped by graduation. After a bad starl, the team succeeded in brushing aside competition wilh Considerable vigor for a Lime. The crusade was short lived, however, for inadequate substitution took its toll and the season Came lo a climax with the yielding of the cily eharnpionship to liasl. I' X I I We W . if .M , . 23,1916-w-044437 if Ziwleflaf -mf. Mr. Thomas is not without hope for the future as the team has many capable players and has gained valuable experience from the defeats of the past season. Row IAA. Schwindt, H. Wiley. J. Ferraro, J. Finney, P. Fisher, J. Laver, Coach Lewis. Row 2- Mgrs. Bagley and Davidson, E. Schcllito, Pr. Obuszewski, J. McVey, A. Klein, C. Netheimer. flag Row 1-D. Crawford. D. Barker. .l. lilakvslccfll. Petti- grew, A. Riley, C. Nick. .l. Jervis, P. Tanner, N. llcndcr- son, P. Aquino. C. Roberts. E. Marshall. Row 2-D Bertone, L. Holland, L. Task. Becker. Kuhn. Rastatcr llouseman, Downing. R. Luther, Moore, Matteson Dahn. Row 3iD. Stubenhofcr. A. Bianchi. VV. Bock with. .l. Swan, B. Bean, E. Rocks-r, D. Stein, B. Mankoski B. McGill, ll. Kilburn, E. Kuhn. The 1941 track team is one of the most brilliant squads ever to represent Academy For the first time in many seasons, We are exceptionally strung in both track and field events. We have three crack Cinder-path artists in Rex Pettigrew, "Dutch', Holland and Alan Riley who will be ably matched in the field events by Lubert Pmastatter, Herb Tucker and Pete:Krivonak. jfac '-C0l'lt. Although only three meets, including one with last year's city champs, Vincent, have, at the time of this publication, have been completed, they have been won in exceptionally successful style and indicate, barring mishaps, another triumphal season for Coach DeTuerk, and possibly, the regaining of the city championship. Academy can be justly proud of its past record and, with the splendid reserve material for the coming year, can be confident of its future track teams. The squad of 1941 will be another champion for Academy. Left to Right-H. Fish, W. McLeod, R. Sturdevant, P. Christenson, C. Netheimer, A. Vogt Jr., Coach Scrailord, .l. Laver. gif Academy has been more consistent than any other school in providing the keenest of competition on the golf links. With a veteran team returning for 1941, Coach Scrafford feels confident that Academy is master of the situation. As interest continues its steady climb among the students for this Scottish game of skill, we anticipate even greater Academy teams. ennid Mr. Leamy is compelled, through graduation, to build a new Academy Lennis team around the bare nucleus of succeeding squads. Several encouraging practices have taken place, and the prospects are not at all bad. Good luck Academy. Seated-R. Leahy, R. Graham, B. Radov, Coach Leamy. Standing-R. Kuhn, B. Specter, T. Work, R. Guerrin, P. Wunz. ' .1 Row 1-P. Leahy, YV. Rupp, D. Paulson. O. Vlvilson. lf. Bernal. Row 2-J. Kisscll, NV. Rose, P. Kelly. L. Karszned. H. Verga, M. lice. Row 3-B. Beatrnan, W. Traut, Coach Towns, W. Saunders, J. Cugnin. wed Weakened deeeisivel y by lhe graduation of Several top-flight veterans, the Academy malmen were unable to equal lheir previous good records. However, Coach Towns has been training recruits and is not aL all dissatisfied with the results. The accumulation of a high score is not the only evidence ofa good team and its value. You can't keep a good :nan down. wimming Academy's swimming team suffered one of ills worst seasons in the history of the school during the past year. Its ranks dwindled by graduation, its spirit lost in defeat -the boys seemed unable to get the upper hand and to l1old it. Although the boys did not win, they could not lose, for the fellowship and ex- perience derived from the sport could but spell victory. The team, with fresh material and valuable experience, is gazing longingly in to the future with hope in their hearts and revenge in their eyes. XIX JJ? WI 'lf . lt V Row 1-G. Powell, D. Marshall, R. Drake, J. Ploseberry, A. Cokefair, W. Kinner, D. Brotherson, A. Cannarozzi. Row 2-H. Hall, H. Bowman, H. Scott, W. Linburg, H. Fish, C. Zaniewski, H. Herbstreet, A. Nanni. Row 3-W. Bollinger, Coach J. Pettibone, B. Finney, B. Knoll, B. Cooper, J. Pflueger, M. Ebert, D. Schmitt, T. Johnson. s9flfl"Cll'l'lbl,l"6l The intramural program is designed to encourage active competition in tl1e various sports in an informal manner. At designated times throughout the year, boys are admitted to open competition in all of the indoor sports. Although the measure in glory is lacking, the love of invigorating competition prevails to give an amply abundant reward. Row 1-D. Barker, W. Fearn, J. Donihi, B. Lamberton, M. Necci, D. Kuhn. Row 2-P. Leahy, D. Johannsen, J. Mando, L. Task, L. Piasecki, D. Downing, W. Nordin, B. St. George. Row 3-D. Paulson, D. Bertone, L. Holland, L. Rastatter, A. Riley, ID. Crawford, P. Wunz. Row 4--J. Jervis, P. Tanner, M. Davis, J.f.Mazza, J. Vogel, D. Schwindt, R. Verga, B. Pettigrew, R. Luther. Kneeling-ll. Wholehan, A. Cacchione, B. Breter, W. DeVette, E. Corvino, Standing-E. Russell, R. Smith, R. Hoffman, .l. Matteson. 642214566 QPJ Upon the shoulders of the cheerleaders rests the task of promoting school spirit among the students at Academy. This is accomplished by hard work in developing and practicing cheers, by introducing new cheers and songs, and by their enthusiastic leader- ship at rallies and athletic events. Much credit is due them for their cooperative attitude and loyalty. Through their leadership they arouse the school to back the teams with real pep which is neces- sary when the going proves tough. This year the cheerleading squad accompanied the football team to Canton, Ohio, where they, with the cooperation of the spectators from Erie, urged the team on to a successful finish. Wlusic, lhe grealesl good llzat morlals know And all of hearen we have below. -Addison. Mmm K uziic Aafk 6Aarm.4,, Probably no phase of school life is more enjoyable to the students and teachers alike, than the musical departments. We, at Academy, have made a name for ourselves in the musical field by the develop- ment of a fine orchestra and band and exceptionally splendid choral groups. Our band is one of state-wide prominence and our Academy Singers have gained national recogni- tion. Due to the excellent supervision of Mr. Grender, Mr. Owens, and Miss Schweitzer, Academy's musical organizations have gradually developed, and are contlnuing to develop and improve each year into more versatile and accomplished groups. '23 enior Urclezn fra Row 1iF. Kueinski, J. Kerr, S. Grenz, J. Rupp, F. King, Y. Davis, B. Pistory, B. Krumpack, V. Maurer, V. Partmerter, V. Stough, E. Weber. Row 2-G. Chambers. B. Mix. B. Kessler. B. McCam- man, C. Hemme, J. Lansberry, J. Buhling, W. Ptotman, J. Demitjian, Duleey. L. Dinicola, W. Penncock. Row 3-G. Snow, C. Miglori, M. Pire. M. Patton, A. Ruseio, ll. Karlen. N. Barthelmes, D. Davis, D. Vonder Groben. B. Sweet. Row 4-L. Leslie, E. Frieberg, B. Horn, H. Starks, H. Loomis, L. Fuller, B. Hoagland, N. Henderson, D. Goetz. President .rr..c . ,,,.r. C .r.,.,.,, ,, .c .,,.,r,c.r . Louis DeNicola The Academy Senior Orchestra plays the great classical music of the world, but for variety some of the more modern compositions. Through the interpretation of their director, Mr. Owens, the members come to appreciate the music they play. They have found that understanding brings better musical presentation of the master-pieces of the world. The Orchestra, in conjunction with the Band, presents two concerts every year for those who enjoy classical and modern music. They high-lighted a very successful season when the members went to Cleveland to hear two operas, "Cavelleira Rusti- cannau and "Pagliacci" at Cleveland's magnificent Public Auditorium. in if AI xg, ..,. ba V4 'Sa tw W Q,-5, fi' -ff Q ya 1, Q ,. 4- . ' . ,, 4 N "' W Y 9' T, . 1' egg' , QQ ,Gy -gr 15: V1 v W 'S W 15 Q A Ls 0 Kgs' M Am 337' 3751 og: . ff W ' ff ' xf'wf,W'af i Q51 iffr V M i 15 w - Ng ug 9 ,ff NL Aj 1 an vu - ffbrigg 'qgf V x '91 55 Qin Wiz Wg X e WVy-v g f f 2 ' 1 .x4CaJemy ingerd Row 1-J. .lohnson, B. Bolt, R. Lindsay, A. Rotman, .l. Sullivan, H. Yokem, D. Greiner, I. Kramer, C. Mein, C. Campbell, M. Dobosiewicz, B. Hoyt. Row 2413. Corteau, H. Nichols, M. Holtzworth, M. O'Brien, E. Salow, N. Katz, 0. L. Grender, director, M. Beard, W. Teel, B. Kelly, M. Anderson, V. Anderson. T. Weiser, M. Carr. Row 3-R. Olds, M. Tellers, V. Arnold, .l. Landsberry, J. Bowman, R. Kline, J. .lackson, B. Kloecker, A. Theil, F. Zeimer, J. Coleman, C. Gebhardt. B. Christenson. D. Jeffry, P. Miller. Row 4-R. Anderson, W. Kramer, N. Frazier, P. Hackenberg, H. Slomski, H. Shufstall, J. Pettibone, E. Bacon, L. Higgins, li. Challcc, C. Kulz, A. Church, D. Webb, H. Latimer, L. Jensen, N. Wilcox. The Academy A Cappella Choir, composed of sixty-five student vocalists of ex- ceptional ability, trained under the able leadership of Mr. O. L. Grender, has brought nationwide recognition to Academy. Good music under capable directors is a tradition hereg the band, the orchestra, the Girl's Chorus and Glee Clubfall uphold this traditiong but the A Cappella Choir is the veteran musical organization and a tradition in itself. Each year's work in tl1e Choir is climaxed by the Choir Trip, a series of concerts in various places ending ln a national broadcast in one of the major cities of America. This year the goal is Boston. The Choir will present concerts in Rochester, Schenectady, Syracise, New York, and on the campuses cf Vassar and Colgate. 4, cm Row 1-W. Teel, R. Kline, A. Teal, J. Jackson, R. Andersen, Mr. Grender, B. Kloecker, C. Moore, M. Muth, E. Sura, L. Knuth. Row 2-D. Sims, N. VVilcox, H. Latimer, G. Swanson, D. Crawford, J. Oszebinski, M. Foster, R. Amidon, G. Williamson. Row 3-L. Andersen, R. Kilburn, O. Eldridge, L. Task, lt. Wright, L. llostattcr, L. Higgins, L. Lundberg, R. Chalfee, L. Palazewski, A. Church, H. Slamski, D. Webb, S. Nadler. The Boy's Glee Club of Academy High School is, officially, an organization for male vocalists under the direction of Mr. Grenderg and established for the purpose of pro- viding material for the bass and tenor sections of the A Cappella Choir. The training these boys receive is very much like that of the Girlis Chorus. lt enables the director to accurately judge ability and aptitude, for more thana voice is required to meet the high standards of the Choir. Unollicially, the Glee Club is an organization for boys who enjoy singing. Many boys in the Choir continue their membership in the Glee Club because they like the rollicking tunes and the merry comradeship of the club. QL i 6401115 Row 1-J. Pmosequist, M. J. VanArnam, J. Callahan, D. Cyzeski, V. Pietro, J. Hersperger, E. Whipple, A. Decker, l. Watson, L. Venable, M. McCooey, D. Taylor, V. Faber, K. Fabsits, S. Baughmann, J. Griewahn, B. L. Conklc. Row 2-A. Ende, ll. Gleason, B. Veit, S. Anysz, B. Paterson, E. Huff, D. Ray, B. Martin, H. Zoltoski, L. Schweitzer, W. J. Steadman, E. Wood, H. Vargo, L. Munson, M. Ryan, ll. Peters, B. Bennett, C. Crowe. Row 3-D. Conway, G. Ott, J. Swift, E. McConnell, V. Burger, E. Brown, C. Tarr, M. Berchtold, M. Bannister, A. Farina, R. Kilburn, A. Landerson, W. Schlosser, M. E. Hain, N. Koen. Row 4-A. Zicmer, li. Fischer, J. Neth, M. Sandusky, li. Bchnke, J. Fracassi, H. Tucker, R. Akus, J. Ring, M. Erickson, A. Yarhenet, M. Snell. Row 5-G. Gebhurdt, B. Clark, E. Kuivinen, L. Boldt, .l. White, M. Stcadman, C. Comstock, E. Beach, .l. Yokcy. The Girl's Chorus is a democratic work-shop for young vocalists-the only ones barred are the boys. Under the careful tutorship of Miss Schwieitzer, they acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of music and voice technique, and gain ability through continuous practice in reading and ear training. By participating in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts of the Choir, they gather experience in performing before large audiences. The year in the Chorus is culminated by tl1e Choir try-outs, when those possessing ability and showing progress in training are accepted into that renowned choral group. Those who are not successful usually continue with the Chorus, some to try again, others for tl1e fun of singing. Row 1-M. Karr, E. Getchell, E. Musollf, J. Rupp, S. Schwab, J. Runser, Schaaf,lP. Barton, E. Davies, V. Hobie, M. J. Frost. Row 2-B. Saylor, M. Albrecht, R. Volkmar, T. Boyce, fE.fQFrank, Miss Schweitzer, O. Clifford, M. Chessario. H. Melzer, L. Petrianni, B. Frank. Y :Row 3iD.'lWoinakoski, R. Maciulewicz, H. Rumball, V. Colman, J. Demuling, V. Ostromccki, B. Bush, B. Burke, G. Tarno, G. llunser, AE. Schaaf. Row 4--L. Blackmond, C. Stuczynski, M. Spotswood, M. Hcckman, H. Spencer, B. Heberlc, M. Hepfinger, L. Angclotti, M. Snell, M. Babcock. l'UJ'Yl an! 0I"l06 The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps was organized seven years ago. Since then it has made itself an essential part of every football game and of every patriotic cele- bration. The Corps is composed of fifty girls in six units: snare drums, bass drums, panel bugles, tenor bugles, bass bugles, and the twirlers. The five musical units bring harmony to the melodies, and the six twirlers furnish entertainment in a display of dextrous skill. The majestic drum major is an expert twirlerg her dainty highstepping makes her the center of attention whenever the Corps march. This they do at all foot- balls games, at occasional basketball games, on Decoration Day, and on Labor Day. The Corps is almost entirely independent financially, expenses are met by proceeds from the two skating parties and the dance which it sponsors each year. Miss ,Meyette supervises the drillsg Miss Schweitzer, the music. unior Orcdedfra Under the capable direction and supervision of Miss Switzer, the members of the Junior Orchestra-the younger musical members of our large student bodyfare pre- paring themselves to carry on the fame and renown of the Senior Musical Organizations after the present members have graduated. They are learning to appreciate, interprete, and enjoy the music that has been cherished by music-lovers, great and small, for ages. They will be able to carry into the future the standard for Academy's musical organi- zations created by the past and present members. Row 1fN. Weed, M. Benning, G. Bard, L. Baker, P. Lee, F. Friederick, ll. Urban, P. Singerman. Row 2-H. Kellogg, J. Militello, J. Madlehner, C. Miller, .l. Vigorite, Mr. Owen, l. llautine, T. Stover, H. Hoemes, B. Wagner. Row 3-R. Gleason, WV. Watkins, P. Christenson, ll. Slotc, A. Eaton, E. WVcher, R. McCamrnan, E. Hagberg, Pi. Engel. Every noble activity makes room for itseU. -Jimerson. AZ. .t.l School beautiful. Worthwhile entertainment. Art through the ages. .gyfvwlenf Senafe Row 1-D. Miller, B. Paterson, ll. Lasher, B. Lee, J. Senger-President, B. LinderSVice President, Miss Bauschard-Adviser, D. Greiner-Secretary, A. Heinlien-Treasurer, .l. Brown, D. Struchen, H. Zoltoski, N. Baltus, C. Davis, J. Marshall, B. Pulling. Row 2-D. Bader, ll. Andersen, M. Steadman, B. Volkmar, A. Baker, N. Vcit, W. Botman, W. Hunter, D. Crawford, D. Nelzer, M. Greenwald, C. Williamson, V. Hemme. llow 3-B. Burnham, L. McDonald, B. Johnson, E. Sealzette, M. Malin, J. Hammond, .l. Leonardi, E. DiGell0, J. Dietzel, G. Cehhardt, S. Grenz, P. Courteaux, J. Allen, J. Schaffner, M. Yaple. Row 4-ll. Work, C. Baupers, L. Verdecchio, M. Furman, J. McVay, ll. Boo- singer, li. Wynn, M. Lee, E. Longo, li. Parker, V. Purce. Row 5-I. Paulson, P. Davis, J. Johnston, A. Batdorf, l. J. Kramer, V. Bigley, V. Slater, C. Wctzel, M. Dobosiewig. J. Palling, B. Schmitt, J. Linhait, M. Vandever, A. Christenson. The Student Senate, under the leadership of two fine presidents, Joseph Senger and Donald MacPherson, has gone far toward forwarding the ideals of democracy and leadership in Academy. The Senate, once just a dream cherished by the students, has developed into a well organized, smoothly moving, indespensible unit of government. lt has carried on morally, spiritually, and financially, the duties of a democracy and has completed the project successfully. The Senate for the year l94l can be justly proud of its record for it has been suc- cessful in all its undertakings. It has been the instigator of some necessary reforms in our school and, in general, has fulfilled its main resolve, to be the true representative of the student body. Wafiona! .Honor ociefy Officers President ,,,.... ..g., ... S tanley Shaw-Paul Heberle Vice President .i.. - - -Carol Davis-Doris Greiner Secretary ......e. .,ee, E leanor Epp-Miriam Tate Treasurer .i..,.,....e.,e,,e.e,., Leland Batdorf-Don Patton The Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society under its able leader, Miss Hunt, has had a very active year: in November, the Society joined Vincent, East, and Tech in a banquet, in December, it delivered baskets to nine needy families, in January, it inducted twenty-four new members on the qualifications of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. During the year, Academy-engraved stationery was sold and the proceeds formed the base of the Society's annual prize awarded to two tenth grade students, exemplary in the characteristics of the senior organization. A social gathering and impressive spring ceremony were planned. Row 1-D. Greiner, D. Busche, E. Epp-Secretary, L. Batdorf-Treasurer, S. Shaw-President, C. Davis-Vice President, Y. Cokefair, J. Maclnnes, M. Hutchison, M. Tate. Row 2-C. Shapiro, R. Yaple, J. Kerr, C. Campbell, B. Woodward, B. McManus, B. McKeen, M. Steadman, D. Smith, J. Heinzelman, K. Egler. Row 3-D. MacPherson, W. Wright, D. Patton, G. Schnell, B. Bright, M. Simmons, P. Heberle, D. Crawford, N. Frazier, W. Kramer. Row 4-R. Swain, R. Liebel, W. Lester, D. Shay, B. Andersen. ..!4CClC!el4'l,2 Row 1-W. DeVette, C. Wilt, J. Raymond, B. Hoffman, J. Senger, N. Baltus, M. Jobes, J. Pfadt. Row 2-D. Greiner, C. Davis, J. Mattis, M. Decker, J. Sheldon, P. Sullivan, D. Greiner, B. Yaple. Row 3-M. Tate, A. Yarbenet, l. Brown, D. Crossley, E. Heibel, S. Berry. B. Himmel, M. Saeger, R. Bindseil. To prepare with much forethought and consideration, to present to the best of their ability, and finally, to distribute the book among the students, these are the duties of the entire Academe Staff. The staffs, this year, have tended to guide, informally, the theme of the book towards the cultural development in our school. Through this theme, the staff has endeavored to develop a phase of school life, never before considered. With this purpose in mind, the Academe Staff has presented the 1941 Academe, firm in their belief that it will meet with the approval of all its readers. Ji... stff Seated-Mrs. Howe, D. Taylor, J. Kerr, H. Harpst. Standing-Y. Cokcfair, D. Carlson, M. Bliven, J. Pettibone, lVl. Bentley. The Library Stall' stands as a symbol of courtesy and helpfulness in our school. The members of this staff apply for positions each semester, and are chosen by Mrs. Howe, our librarian. A few members of the staff are present every period of the day and it is their duty to carry on such work as, checking books in and out, arranging shelves, guiding students to the right books, and in general, carrying out minor duties in the library. The experience that is acquired on this staff has helped many Academy grad- uates, in college, to become assistants in college libraries. .SYM .Siaff Row 1-E. 0'Connell, V. Nellis, B. Specter, N. Casper, K. Egler. llow 2-M. Paradine, D. Jeffery, J. Lawers. G. Mello. Standing-Mr. lladder, G. Schncll, A. Alward, P. Heberle, .l. Wilkinson, A. Riley, H. Lefaiver, H. Foster, W. Saunders, L. Winters. The i'Star," Academyis first and only school paper, has been with Academy for twenty-one years. During that twenty-one years the 6'SLar" has not swerved from its unerring course,-the excellent presentation of school news, how and when Academy students want it. The '6Star," this year, has instigated some worth-while social reforms in the school, besides presenting three successful dances and two novel assemblies. They also guided the campaign that resulted in the erection of the beautiful "AN that hung in front of the school during the last Christmas season, and aroused so many favorable comments from both townsfolk and tourists. This "An will hang in front of the school in future Christmas seasons and possibly during the football season. Then it will be decorated with blue and gold lights. This yearis administration of the "Star" has proclaimed the HStar" to be a paper, "of the students, by the students, and for the students!" C646 pl"0gl"CLI'l'l "We must be doing something to be happyi' wrote Hazlitt many years ago, and the same principle is true today. It is for this reason that clubs first found a place in Academy life. At first clubs and other extracurricular activities were excluded from the school hours, in the last few years, however, there has been a definite trend toward the development of hobbies. Such clubs as the Press Club, Hobby Club, Cheerleader's Club, Cinema Club, Camera Club, Senior Sportsman's Club, and many others have been introduced and have attracted an enthusiastic following. Last year the club program in general was reorganized in order to put more emphasis on junior activities. More study halls have been arranged for senior students, and the larger clubs are again after-school affairs. This does not signify defeat for the club program, on the contrary, it indicates such an overwhelming success that it is impossible to include one weekly club period. 16.1 Cm.. The Junior Pied Cross of Academy is a good example of the service these groups are doing all over the country. Mr. Cofini's classes this year made sleds and other wooden toys for crippled children. Miss Schaper's classes have sewed plump, stuffed animals and cuddly rag dolls for the children at the School for the Blind in Pittsburgh, Pa. Covers for the braille books of the blind have been made by Miss Lord's art classes. When the call came from the National Headquarters for wearing apparel to clothe war victims, Academy readily responded. Miss Williams classes plied their needles in gay, sturdy little dresses, Miss Badger's and Miss Bateson's clubs learned to knit and crochet, and soon sweaters, caps, socks, layettes, wash clothes, bathrobes, and boy's shirts were being packed and shipped. We are justly proud of Academy's Junior Red Cross, the soldiers of peace. l Row 1-J. Callahan, F Nichols, M. Gardner, M Vice President, K. Kaul' bauer, I. Marciniak, L Gifford, M. J. Carr, S V. Benz, D. Hermann, A Chamberlain, J. Ciukaj I. Amann, K. Jepson, B Crowe. Brubaker-Secretaryu Treasurer, P. Buehler- President, A. M. Nuber- man, .l. Quarato, J. Matti- son. Row 2-B. J. Can- nova, D. Blair, J. Young- Hill, J. Emery. Row 3- Maynard, J. Perry, O. Row 1fA. Mclntyrc, H. Swanson, V. Nelson, M. Mimmers, A. Schroedcr, man, M. Blair, P. Kenyon, B. Benner. Row 2fD. Nick, D. ltay, L. Gradler, A. lfnde, lVl. Cunningham, G. Blakeslcy, M. Jenkins, .l. Demuling, B. Corney. D. Lucas. Row 3-S. Bucttner, D. Stuczewski. V. Anderson, C. Foht, .l. Raymond, C. O'Shay, A. Conklin, A. Conklin, E. White, M. Staugin, E. Lang, J. French, M. Sims. Miss Mohney, S. White- .len-.xui lgouncf ZLL Like other clubs of its type, the Teen-Hi Bound Table is growing in popularity, its principle is that students need advice not found in textbooks. Under the supervision of Miss Mollney, these girls present for discussion such personal topics as etiquette, appropriate costumes for certain occasions, boy and girl relationships, and personality traits. Magazine articles and books by accepted authorities are used for reference, but the opinions of each student are enthusiastically received and considered. Row 1-ll. Jenkins, B llesch, W. Holland, J. man. How ZSB. Camp- bell, J. lloscquist, J. Swift, B. Horn, C. Swahn, A. Boskowski, S. A. Schwab, .l. Matthews, B. Paterson, W. Lund. liow 3-V. hflaurer, S. Anipz, V. liarnett, E. Curry, D. Andrejewski, ll. Akus, S. Iiobhins, .l. lling, C. Miller, A. Kopycinski, P. Yaple. Row 4fR. Petcrs, Hikki, .l. Dietzcl, G. Haus- Thcil. I.. Task, H. Sta Yaplc, B. Ahenger. lfl'l6l,fQlfU" The recently organized Amateur Club, of which Mr. Swahn, is advisor, was instituted for the purpose of discovering and developing amateur talent for our high school assemblies. Following a unique Major Bowe's plan, the club endeavors to overcome the embarrassment and self-consciousness of student players by repeated performances before familiar audiences. All types of talent are rep- resented ln the club: elocutionists, vocalists, tap and classical dancers, pianists, instrumentalists, and dramatists. The climax of their year is the assembly program they have planned. With the ex- istence of such clubs as this, Academy can expect more and better varied programs in the future. IC. Beach, S. Grcnz, A M. Davis, D. Conway l WOJ Ctl'l6! gulf! Row 1-P. Leahy, T. Fortin. H. Dieter, G. Wagner, W. Hollinger, G. Minadeo, T. Marther, L. Fay, C. lVIiller. Row 2-G. Schloss, R. Seelingcr, .l. Mann. J. Cintz. D. Schmitt. D. Sims, W. Nelson, ll. Lindahl. H Mankoski W Anderson I Doehrel B inhuman ei Row 3-lVl. Sonthcimcr, . ' .' , . . .' , ,, . , . . : ' uh '. F. Mibs, W. Hunter, VV. Persons, H. Geisaka. D. lVlacPherson. D, Bunting, C. Barnett, li. Watson, VV. Schildmacher, L. Otis, H. H. Hammer. Row 4- Fornalezyk, F. Albrecht. The Academy Rod and Gun Club was founded on the principle of better sportsmanship in field and stream. The members of the club have endeavored to emphasize this point by frequent talks and discussions on the conservation and restocking of fish and game. Their's is a most commendable aim, especially today, when we in America have chosen to prac- tically ignore most of our wildlife. So, we Wish the Academy Bod and Gun Club the best of success in 1ts venture, firm in the realization that its program will not only beneht present sportsmen but sportsmen of the future. l Ms em, Row 1-V. Yeager. l. Frcor, L. Valimont-Vice President, V. Hobie-Treasurer, Ti. Swanson-Secretary, C. Tcrwilliger, B. Keep. Row 2-H. Yushkexxicz, Vrllutkoski, Nl. Prylinski, l. Hammerman, H. Murosky, C. Jarzynka. A. lVlcKinney. M. li yan. E. McConnell. Row 3-li. Seidel, A. Schultz, H. Olken, M. Bentley, Nl. Holly, B. Gorwak, .l. Clark, N. Centner, M. llyzy. The Ushers Club is one of the most important organizations of our school. lts members are trained to assist at all social functions. During the past year they have been most helpful at football games, concerts, plays, commencements, and in taking charge of checkrooms at times when checkrooms were necessary. ln order to assist in this manner the students must learn the seating arrangement of both the stadium and the auditorium. The members of this club have also sponsored a number of skating parties and dances during the past year, and through the cooperation of the student body, were suc- cessful in each of these. We, here at Academy, are glad to have a club whereby those students who are interested, may be trained in such a way that We may be rightfully proud of our ushers whenever they appear at any of our social functions. - edblfg CHAMP? Row 1-D. Weber, H. Weber, H. Fuller, M. Bahan, I.. Crawford-Secretary, B. Seiglcr-President, D. Melzer- Vice President, M. Bahan, M. VanArnam, S. Tanenbaum, M. Tanenbaum. Row 2-B. Hartman, B. Kinn, S. Garber, A. Johnson, M. Kapiezak, B. Loomis, M. Greenwald. L. Tinglcy, A. John, E. Melzer. Row 3-l.. Brennan, G. Forbes, C. Weisscrt, P. Orlando, li. Tome, A. Cain, H. Yochim, V. Kleckncr, M. Ohmer, D. Applcbcc. Row ft-D. Taylor, G. Hudson, .l. Ericsson, .I. llubin, G. Bucher, B. VVciss, VV. liesniclai, N. Hlynsky, B. Wilson. The Beauty Culture Club, under the direction of Miss Giltner, has a three-fold objective: the analysis of personal assels and liabilities, the effective means of developing these assets, and the in- crease of social success by so doing. Realizing that beauty aids have a psychological effect on the health of the feminine mind, the club encourages the use of beauty preparations, and emphasizes the wise choice and use of cosmetics in order to achieve the best results in health and beauty. Since a healthy body is a most important asset, physical hygiene is also studied. The effect that these factors, care and grooming, have upon satisfactory relationship with others is thoroughly discussed. These girls talk over their problems in small groups, and from frank discussion, gather assurance to face modern life. Milli gooafer C7016 The Booster Club, with the help of its advisor, Miss Olsen, aims to promote activities of the school. One of their principal projects during the past year was to place monitors at the stairs to see that everyone used the correct stairways. The members of this club feel that they have been successful in eliminating some of the confusion in lhe halls by means of this project. Another way in which they have been most helpful was in their endeavor to encourage the boys to remove their hats when inside the building. They have always been willing to back any worthwhile activities of our school. Lawless, F. Amon, Becker, M. Foster, Tilly, G. Smith, Russell, R. Yaple, Bolla, B. Schwane, Smith, N. Bevins, Scroka. E. Tillotscn, son, .l. Lundmark, Griencr, .l. Foley, Crawford, W. Hirsch. CUQCQ The Dance Band Club, which is under the direction of Mr. Towns, is one of the more recently formed clubs here at Academy. This club was organized principally to teach those students, who at sometime might play in a dance band, how to play dance music. Most ol' its members are particularly interested in our modern orchestras and make a study of the different styles of playing used by various band leaders. The members of this club devote a great deal of time outside of lheir club period to practice and have made rapid progress since the club was Hrst organized. Chase, A. Auscio. nock, H. Sullivan, Pizzal. VV. Botman, rison. A. Lopes, .lc-rnstrom. B. Bell. Towns, W. Mahie, Minor. C. Klcnk. Row 1-K. Cathers, Struchen. Row 2- Courteaux, J. Hazen, lu. POW! gil 5 L ' H mt, U l... Us-ze' s-55:-gs 4? we wvwwevowe C. Wilt, H. Hoffman. Row 4-J. Ballard, G. Gustav- F. A. Krcspan, W. Hartman, B. Braeder, F. Gallager, P. Row 1-N. Barthclmes, H. Bcdo, D. Shreve, D. Vondcr Groben, C. Mi- pylori, M. Treado, W. B. liashcr, D. Naching. Row 2-F. Kuciski. VV. Pen- F Demirjian, L. Dinicola, lVl. Marts. li. Fuller. Row 3-J. Schallncr. M. limer- man. W. Divens, H. Kar- len. ll. Yawgvr, H. Har- A. lihodcs. H. Aronol'l'. Row 44-C. Miller, ll. Bean, C. V w Row 1-L. Connor, T. Boyce, B. Clarke, M. Bayhurst, B. Bush, M. Cohen-Secretary. Row 2-E. Wright, L. Cen- tenelli, J. Checkan, V. Arnold, S. Davis-Vice President, R. Webster- Treasurer, R. Geist. Row 3-T. Bielak. R. Alex- ander, C. Hemme, M. Leighty, E. Getchell- President. V. Johnson gin Olga eI"5 The Gym Leaders Club is under the direction of Miss Meyette. This club was organized prin- cipally to train girls to help with gym classes. Its members are taught various games that may be played in the gymnasium and given instructions in how to teach these games. Their meetings, however, are not entirely given over to instruction. Sometimes the girls play games among themselves and this helps to make their club period more enjoyable. Most of these girls have leadership ability and through their activities in this club are able to develop this ability to a greater extent. Row 1-H. Loomis, D. Malthaner, D. Hedges, W. Sweet, J. Teal, T. Manross. Row 2-D. Ballard, J. McCullough, M. Fioretti, D. Carlson, Mr. Davis, F. King, V. Parmerter, C. Mrozoski. Row 3-R. McC0mman, M. Allburn, H. Babe. D. Lee, W. Knoll, R. Kuhn, L. Plonski. D. Olowinski. Row 4feM. Furman, A. Pawotny, C. Witter, V. Ostromecki. P. Hacken- herg, ll. Marcella, K. Krayer. ClJ'I'lel'6L Amateur photography is steadily increasing in popularityg for this reason, the Camera Club is one of Academyls most popular clubs. Under tl1e direction of Mr. Davis, the members of this club are able to become familiar with the different types of cameras, methods employed in taking pictures, and how to print and development their own pictures. Guest speakers from different studios have talked to the students on modern methods of photography. This club has helped to provide a very interesting and enjoyable hobby for its members, and for some it may have incited the desire to take up pho- tography as a life profession. Row 1-M. Hanley, J. Hershberger, J. Kehl, R. Schalf, li. Schaff, M. Snyder, McLaughlin, A. Farina, K. Weiss. Row 2-C. Karznia, M. Rodri- P. Carr, P. Young. Jctitting CM The excellent pieces of workmanship displayed by the members of the Knitting Club are reliable evidence of the diligence and co-operation that exists within the organization. The sweaters and socks knitted for the Red Cross prove that the club has something to offer its members over and above the teaching of the use of yarn and needles, and the developing of worthwhile leisure time habits. As one of the leading clubs at Academy, it is doing a great deal toward developing in its members those qualities of unselfishness and good will so sorely needed to retain the democratic ideals we all cherish. quez. G. Chase, M Arnold, .I . Bright, K Corey, A. Skinner, M Becker, J. Steadman, ll Lawson. Row 3-A Smelowitz, N. Chase, E Ziegler, G. Smith, H Hutnyak, V. Shugardt Row 1-ll. Peelman, E Kubeja, N. Mattesonf President, G. Burbules Row 2-li. Lindsay- Secretary, C. Campbell, F. Ziemer, D. Zawitoski, Miss Ruhling, A. Crosby, L. Davis, A. Ziemer, L. dervort, L. Thompson. J. Cooney, T. Hedlund, M. Mattis, .l. Schmitt, J. Gigliottc, L. Andersen, C. Wertzel. Row 4-C. Pt. Smith. li. Horrigan, L. Boldt. Row 3-J. Van- Dciner. H. Fish, .l. Poe-sh, Andersen, W. Quinn- Treasurer, R. Blasco. Wafure .Safely The chief aim of the members of the Nature Study Club is to live up to the name of their club. 'Building upon a foundation of interest stimulated in biology classes, they strive to become better acquainted with the outdoors. They have found this a difficult task for their subject is wide and inexhaustable, as well as interesting and enjoyable. Last fall the members of the club took advantage of the clear autuuul nights to become star- gazers, concentrating on Saturn and Jupiter. They spent the winter studying the leaves and birds of this locality with the aid of a motion- picture projector, and this spring they carried their investigation into the fields surrounding the school. inema The Cinema Club is a practical organization as well as an enjoyable one for its members, who are busy studying technical books, study guides, scripts, plays, and novels suitable for motion-picture production. Motion-picture terminology, production, directing, acting, costuming, stage-setting, and photography are some of the phrases of the "magic-lantern" industry in which the club takes a definite interest. With the purchase of a movie camera, a telephoto lens, a tripod, a titling device, and other equip- ment, the club is making splendid progress. Better ideals and attitudes toward tl1e movies plus a genuine knowledge of how they are made create a bond between school life and the outside world for the active members of the club. Row 1fM. G. Gangeml, V. Patsy-Secretary, E. Maurer, H. Stankavick, l. Watson, L. Venable, H. Vargo. Row 2AM. Had- lock, R. Brooks, B. Shearer, Mr. Terrence- Adviscr, B. Mann- Treasurer, L. Batdorf, J. Heinzelman. Row 3-S. Edelman, M. Muth, M. Goard, G. Becker-Presi- dent. S. Berry-Vice President, E. Hcibel, V. Salvia. .7Aeafricaf VWCLLQ- Mo In the theater, one of the most important factors for success is correct make-up. Knowing the best types of make-up and how to use them to obtain the best characterizations is as much a part of the theater as the footlights. The Theatrical Make-Up Club, under the supervision of Miss Demuling, is a group of girls who are interested in the magic art of make-up, and who Wish to know as much about lhe subject as possible. They have found that a skillful make-up adds much to the poise of an actress and helps to give the characterization the essential reality that makes for a line performance. Row IYL. Swain. M. Huber, D. Petcrs-Treas- urcr, D. Greiner-Sem rotary, M. Dcmulingf Sponsor, E. Blum-Presi- dent, .l. Hoffman-Vice President, M. Crane, I. Przepiorski. Row 2-E. Scalzette, D. Mangold, J. Palmer, C. Traphagen, B. Aubrey, R. Tozer, C. Tarr, J. Dubay, J. God- ziva. Row 3-E. Harke, J. Cherry, G. Campbell, IC. Grenz, P. Nurray, B. Barcio, V. DeNardo, E. Gardner. A. Dievlinc. iii? mags - mg? I if VS fi. A ..r"wF fc?2fl'4s?f . if me ' 3 1,4 xg Aw fx, ' WV K3 W Q? it ,fx 3,44 Q 2 E Q 2 ,fs A Q 7 4 . V ig A ,. :,, ,k ia air' L"A' am Q , ma W 'iw 1f'f5w-in U1 Jus? WEE 1, vga' ff asf. W -W. .,,. :I .K ,L :Y - if 'nf' YS- 422523232 sffgf,'12'fmaf5f ' " ' , 2 5:1 :Qzgygssw Q ai 5 if L A- sg, . . 'J 4 flying C-Tngerd In the rush and confusion of our modern school life, it would seem that the quiet, cultural art of needle work, once considered an essential part of every girl's education, is almost entirely overlooked. However, here at Academy, the members of the Flying Fingers Club have set their fingers to work to prove that the useful crafts of knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and needlepoint are still as easy to master as they were when Grandma went to school. The girls have knitted sweaters and scarfs, and embroidered and crocheted table cloths that would warm the heart of the most exacting Grandma. enior legafing One of the most worthy of all our school's organizations is the Senior Debating Club. Undoubtedly one of the best informed groups in the school, the club keeps abreast of the times by frequently debating with other school organizations. The team, which represents Academy in inter-scholastic debates, is partially com- posed ofthe club's more eloquent members. This team, under the able direction of Mr. Phillips, has compiled as enviable record debating this resolution in competition- "Should the powers of the central government be increasediw A student who participates in an active club such as this receives a multitude of advantages. He learns to formulate sound logical opinions, to present them forcefully, to make the best use of vocabulary, and to present his arguments in a convincing manner. The club is to be congratulated for its fine work in the past year. enior camera Miss Weiris Camera Club teaches the student the correct technique of taking pictures. Lectures and field trips are the main vehicles used in the diffusion of the knowledge of photometry. The large, active membership is not surprising when one considers the popular appeal of photography. A few of the many technical operations are explained-enough to arouse interestksmall enough to enable a systematic assimilation of the principle. Many who participate in this club become imbued with the subject and become ardent candid camera fans-"The worst possible view of everything." The purpose of the club is to arouse interest in this great science, and to explain its more intricate phases. Judging by its many active members, the club has not failed in its purpose. ruizie Row 1-K. Crowe, C. Pifer, P. Kienholz, J. Sullivan, Miss Bauschard, L. Balter, R. Marcella, A. Betts. Row 2-I. Popielasy, R. Alexander, J. McLaughlin, A. Chaffee, A. Church, M. Yates, M. Piatrowski. Row 3-L. Conner, E. Bedner, J. Yartica, D. Grise, L. Kaverman, N. Schak, B. Roach, S. Higgins. All Ashore! The Cruise Club is about to embark on another of its vicarious journeys into the lands across the waters. By taking advantage of every available movie, speaker, and book, the club is able to give its members the benefit of another's experiences. Miss Baushard is ever on the alert to contact good outside speakers and to keep the Cruise Club "Steamship Catalog" library up to the minute, her supply of information seem to be inexhaustible. A large membership endorses the excellence of the club which is their "Seeing Eye" in all the scenic places that they could long to visit. The members alternate weekly in the presentation of a real-life travel experience-a practice which has revealed many excellent travelogues among the members. , All aboard that's going aboard. 5.4-1.5 CM Row 1-S. Wiederhoef, A. Cacchcone, D. Miller, L. Maras, S. Manos, D. Dombrowski, S. Ives, J. Drummond, P. Szezesny. Row 2-J. Culhane. B. Kindle, A. Chrostowski, F. Formanski, D. Slote, B. Feasler. F. Nurnberger, L. Slomski, D. Krainski. Row 3-V. Dobrogosz, G. Snow, G. Lang, M. Albrecht, M. Fuller, H. Krakowski, E. Kalizewski, A. Dylcwski, C. Rhodes. The aim of the Sub-Deb Club is to develop the social poise and grace of the High School girl. This club is a member of tl1e national organization whose headquarters are ln New York City. Club programs, such as round table discussions, quiz programs, and short skits, are formulated from material received from Elizabeth Woodward, the national Sub-Deb advisor. These programs aim to improve the manners, personality, and groom- ing of its members by discussions on conduct in school and on dates, correct dress, the latest fashions, and ordinary manners. i- ff Row 1-D. MacPherson-Treasurer, H. Roth, R. Deer, N. Veit, R. Liebel, D. Patton-Secretary. W. Kramer, G. Becker. Row 2-J. Jervis, W. Schildmacher, C. Nick, M. Emerman, Mr. Leamy- Adviser, D. Marshall-President, G. Wade, C. Williamson. J. Gintz. Row 3-G. Wagner, J. Duke, H. Fritts, D. Schmitt, VV. Knoll, R. Foster, W. Linburg, N. Townsend, J. Demirjian. Row 4-li. Hoffman, T. Stephens, .l. Teal, H. Ramsay, J. Senger, T. ManrosswVice President, Pt. Kibler, Pm. Swain. Row 5-G. Stephens, D. Struchen, .l. Scott, Pm. Wholehan, W. Traut, W. Kinner, W. Hinsch, D. Shay, J. Bollard. The Hi-Y Club is the leading Christian boy's organization in the school. Through its affiliation with the Y. M. C. A., the club enjoys many benefits, especially the use of the "Y" for meetings and recreation. The Hi-Y builds character through its diversified educational, recreational, and fraternal program. Under the supervision of Mr. Leamy and Max Darone, the club has brought before the boys many speakers and educators who talk on a variety of vital subjects. The weekly meetings are held in the HY "on Wednesday evenings to transact tl1e neces- sary business. Frequent outings at the HY" camp, treasure hunts, parties, and dances develop the boys socially into better men. Because America looks to the future, the Hi-Y motto, 5'Clean speech, Clean sports, Clean scholarship, and Clean living", seems to eloquently say, "Good boys make Good menf' KAUFFYL Row 1!P. Ernst, S. Cooper, M. Bannister-Program Chairman, V. Johnson-Secretary, J. Rosenthal- Treasurer, L. Christoph. Row 2-P. Graham. G. Hicks, W. Telega, Mrs. VonKorff-Adviser, .D. Schwab, C. Carey, M. Arnold. Row 34M. Daugherty, G. Jones, L. Cooper, V. Heim. P. Herbstrltt, L. Scully. 6'Down with Wallflowersv is the motto of the Charm Club. The members of this club aim to make the most of their good points and to correct their less favorable fea- tures. By learning the proper care of the hair, skin, and teeth as well as proper clothing, the girls attempt to rid themselves of self-consciousness and indifference to appearance. Through well-planned programs, the members accustom themselves to proper con- duct while in company with their elders or with the opposite sex. Slang is taboo with these girls who follow the straight and narrow path of correct speech. P256 Row IAM. Paradine, B. Pfister, B. Specter, L. Winters, Mr. Badder, P. Heberle, A. Alward, E. O'Connell, N. Casper, H. Hodas. Row 2-K. Wagner, A. Volk, E. Zawistowski, M. Hafenstiner, B. Nagle, I. Weber, M. A. Tellers, B. Schuwerk, B. Scherrer. E. Schroeder. Row 3-H. Dubinski, 3 ?aczek, C. Stetter, V. Walczak, E. Kilburn, R. Heberle, J. Lawers, B. Duberow, B. Niebauer, E. c .ean. The Press Club, a stepping stone to the Star Staff, aims to acquaint its members with the fundamentals of journalism. Students who are interested in this field, get their first experience by publishing the "Hilltopper,,' the club paper which comes out during club period. The members of this club cover and Write up the important club activities, also the purposes and accomplishments of the various clubs. The Hilltopper cooperates with the clubs in advertising their social functions, and during the past year assisted the Star Staff in erecting the HA" which decorated the school at Christmas time. me QP! M6 emfed Row 1-B. Weiss, B. Shapiro, D. Greiner, H. Engesser, S. Little, D. Melzer, A. Ziemer, A. M. John, J. Mattis, R. Schmitt, F. Ziemer, M. Tanenbaum, S. Tancnbaum. Row 2-Miss F. Gruber-Adviser, E. Carlson, J. Pulling, J. Loesch-Treasurer, M. Decker-Historian, N. Baltus, Phyllis Kihler, B. Woodward-President, B. Linder-Vice President, E. Blum, C. Shapiro, D. Greiner-Secretary, G. Mello, J. Coleman, li. Herscovitz. Row 3-M. Barthelmes. E. Grenz, P. Ernst, G. Eckman, C. Vander- vort, C. Traphagen, B. Nagele, G. Corncval, P. Szczesny, L. Maras, M. Steadman, W. J. Steadman, V. Anderson. D. Cyzeski. Row 4--E. Henningson, R. Trapp, R. Bolla, J. Hoffman, G. Holland, H. Murray, G, Fleming, B. Frank, G. Snoss, M. Erickson, A. Ende, J. Callahan, M. R. Recker, R. Geist, D. Robie, D. Busche, C. Davis, .l. Sheldon. Row 5-V. Colman, J. Hammond, L. Weigand, R. McManus, S. Leonard, D. Melzer, Carol Wilt, D. Hairnsolm, M. Lund. C. Tarr, V. Bowen, M. Mahoney, A. Walezak, S. Grenz, B. Mix, K. Egler. B. Shearer, B. .l. Steirner, N. .l. Bevens. Row 6-D. M. Gifford, J. Maclnnes, M. Jacobs, Y. Cokefair, M. Shearer, D. Foy. F. Crawford, E. Fehur. R. Kienhalz, M. Hutchison, M. Dick, P. Young, B. Paterson, V. Robie, D. Smith, Shirley Schlecht, G. Delamater. "To Iind and give the best" is the purpose of the Girl Reserves. This organization was started sixty years ago by a group of twenty girls and since that time has increased its membership until today its enrollment includes thousands of girls all over the World. The annual Mid-Winter Sectional Conference, which was held in Erie, made this an especially eventful year. Girl Reserves from Pennsylvania and New York State participated in the conference. Ready for service at all times, the members have helped witl1 such worthy projects of the Bundles for Britian, the Greek Relief, and the Needy Girl Fund. At each com- mencement this club presents the 5'Character Cupu to a girl in the graduating class who, during her High School career, has excelled in character, leadership, and service. 526-le! CM Row 1-M. Felix, V. Holland, J. Colman, L. Blackman, L. Petreauin, D. Metzger, E. Carlson, A. Fitzgerald, .l. Humrod. Row 2-B. Saylor, G. Hunser, J. Wilconson, M. Rafferty, D. Herzog, D. Fey, S. Kociolowski, A. Woeckner, Miss Hoffman-Advisor. Row 3-S. Runser, M. Portz, H. Engesser, S. Little, M. Sausai, C. Kaiser, M. Karr, T. Truitt, A. Sopp, J. Johnson. Row 4-V. Markey, E. Fehrer, M. Randall, M. Olrien, G. Krieder, A. Mancuos. T. Spulnick, G. Carneval, F, Crawford. What plays a more important part in the daily life of the average girl than her appearance and conduct? If she knows that she is properly dressed and behaving like a lady, her confidence in herself and in her surroundings is greatly increased. She is poised and balanced, sure of herself 3 she enjoys her friends, and they feel more at ease with her, for she has charm. Most girls, however, are not born with this quality called charm, it must be instilled in them. At this point the Sub-Deb Club plays an important role by providing op- portunity for girls to enhance their natural charm and graciousness of manner. c.f.,. cm Row IAJ. Mattis, P. Young, M. Dick, R. Schmitt, M. Hutchison, M. Decker, Miss Lockwood, J. Ham- mond, M. Anderson, P. Kibler, G. Delamater, B. Linder. Row 2-S. Duda, R. Behnke, R. Fisher, P. Miller, B. Krimmel, N. Sopp, S. Enslin, M. Simmons, E. EDD, B. McKeen. Row 3-P. Schlaudecker, D. Busche, E. Leslie, C. Davis, M. Jacobs, C. Meyn, M. Olsen, I. Kramer, J. Pulling, J. Rupp, A. Fortin, P. Sullivan. Row 4--V. Wiser, J. Allen, M. Steadman, B. McCaleb, B. Mix, G. Middleton, J. Fasel, K. Egler, M. Wiser. N. Baltus, D. Haimsohn, D. Greiner. The College Club, one of the original clubs of Academy, aims to acquaint its members with the various colleges of the country and to present an authentic picture of college life. The girls discuss such questions as: requirements for college entrance, expenses, subjects and degrees offered, sororities, the social life in girls and in co-educational schools. Students from various colleges visit the meetings and explain the advantages of the school they attend. At Christmas time, scrap books are made for the Louis Sheldon Preventorium. Last fall, the members enjoyed the annual picnic which was held at Miss Lockwood's beautiful summer home. unior e Sealed-N. Seyler, B. Sheldon, W. Watkins, J. Boseberry, T. Stover, E. Sehlom. Row 1-W. Thaler, M. Benning, C. Cieter, S. Lang, J. Marchetti, J. Mowry, A. Toomey. B. Veit-Secretary, L. Schweitzer- Sponsor, R. llandecker-President, M. Starr-Vice President. B. Wheeler, Dora Patsy, D. Rice. Row 2AC. Austin, M. Hepfinger, C. Held, D. Averill, D. Halt. M. Grumblatt, E. Cook, J. Christensen, E. Whipple. M. Fuller, li. Bellucci. I. Bielak. I.. Heintz. .l. Madlehener. S. Schneider, l. Mussett, B. Fitz- gerald, A. Fritz, B. Hoyt. Row 3-P. Lee, C. Jobes, D. Kelpfer, D. Nichol. B. Newcomer, B, Valentine, P. Martin. M. Allgeier, C. Pettigrew. M. Pistory. B. Klie. V. Starks. H. Benz, M. McGovern. M. Baun, M. Nichols, E. Smith. Row fl-B. Baldwin. G. Krahe. P. King, li. Rhodes. R. Vaccarello, A. Seigler. l. Manross. li. Schnell. M. Driscoll, D. Sheldon, S. Torok. .l. Rodriquez, M. Anderson, G. Almquist, .l. Tinti, I. Pude. N. Chiota. Row 5-S. Stover, E. Dahlemper, N. Weissert, V. Sittinger, E. Foster, D. Fischer, E. Weber, B. Rentja, M. Kraft, M. Krumpack, C. Tufts. J. Vac-carello, M. Weyand. To answer the demand for a club dediealed lo musical appreciation, the Junior Clef Club was founded by Miss Schweitzer. The club program consists of both semi-classical and swing music and the club period is spiced with a variety of both these types. Besides the enjoyment and the knowledge of music that is attained from this organization, the members gain experience with which they can more easily decide later courses in musical education. Seated, Row IEW. Hiller, R. Anderson, D. Marshall. Row 2-H. Harpst, M. Riell, J. Jackson, W Lindberg. Row 3-T. Hill, D. Patton, D. Shay, A. Bernardini, R. Brubaker, R. Foster, P. Wunz R. Glass. Standing, Row 4-H. Mishrell, R. Nick, T. Hampel, R. Kuneman, Pt. Hammerman, R Kleffman, R. Christoph, D. Brogdon, ll. Guerrien, E. Olowinski, Mr. Detmers. Row 5-B. Shenk K. Stillwell, W. Lester, M. Werner, F. Seroka, D. Lindgren, S. Mifsud, R. Shreve, E. Gehrlein, P Mifsud, B. Lipkin, R. Fioretti, B. Duddenhoeifer, V. Hemme, R. Wells, A. Heinlein. 3. C4255 Mr. Detmers, Academy's foremost chess enthusiast, was responsible for the crea- tion of the Academy Chess Club. The club, one of the veteran organizations of the school, has a two-fold purpose: to give instructions to beginners in Chess and to improve the play of those who already understand the game. A tournament, with all members participating, is the main event of the year. The members are divided into groups according to their experience and the group winners play each other for elimination. The better players play in city-wide tournaments. Q Sfage l"2bU What would we do without the stage crew? During the past year, the stage crew, under the capable direction of Mr. Bright, has given unselhshly of its time to any task, whether it be large or small. They have played an important Hbehind-the-scene" role in all our assemblies, classplays and school dances, and have, as a result, been an im- portant factor in tl1e success of these occasions. Heretofore, their valuable aid has gone practically unrecognized. Of course, they did receive work jackets as a small measure of appreciation, but now we realize that We owe them a generous vote of thanks. Row 1-D. Higgins, D. Wfucnschel, M. Sutter, F. Coughlin, YV. Brown, E. Hinkler. Standing- .l. Monkowski, lVlr. .l. Bright. 4 machine .Slap ana! Wafiona! leknde Academy leads on! Since the national defense problem started, Academy has been doing its utmost to assist the government. The United States Government has called for more machinistsg Academy has answered by training machinists in our line machine shop. Academy has also given up her large, well-equipped wood shop for the benefit of National Defense. The National government will install new and modern lathes in the wood shop, and, after tl1e defense work is over, all the equipment used, which will amount to about 3100,000, will be donated to our school alone, for the purpose of train- ing machinists during more peaceful periods. Left lo Right-D. Corey, A. Jcsuc, H. Schersching, E. Ceislak, A. Yesko, R. Lacey, E. Haupt, Mr. Cirahamilnstructor. J. Green, VV. Kuhne, A. Johneson,LlVI. Lamacchia, E. Bernat. H. Wlilliams, F. Polaski. J. Prosperi, R. Kraus, li. Pettigrew, D. Fasco. 5 Nlaclune Shop Orthogenics General Shop Row 1-J. Leonardi, N. Torrance, B. Bean, G. Stephan, W. Hose, D. Cianllocco, J. Hesch, A. Mele, W. Kinner, E. Avril, A. Rhodes. Row 2-N. Wilcox, R. Kline, F. VVelz, li. Barron, C. Crocker, C. Wanos, J. Gintz, B. Cooney, W. Blakeslee, J. Bilski, C. Stoops, E. Carey. Row 3fW. Leslie, S. Cavic- chio, G. Hiller, J. Buseck, G. Schroeder, J. French, J. Matteson, J. Sullivan, J. Emery, B. Kaufmann, G. Aduitori, H. Malaszek, M. Frost, H. Melzer, C. Kaiser. How 4-D. Jarquel, A. McKinney, J. Clark, G. Carneval. B. Tozcr, E. Scalzette, L. Schlecht, V. DcNardo, E. Volgstadt, M. Schauerman, M. Albrecht, E. Mcliean, E. Anderson. S. Manos, l. Kodak. Row 5-M. Greenwald, D. Mclzer. D. Faulkner, B. Frame, N. Lechner, F. Ziemer, B. Nagele, H. Healy, B. Fischer, M. Fuller, V. Hasenohrl, l. Hammerman, C. Terwilliger, E. Melzer, V. Nellis, R. Seigler. Row 6-L. Buman, D. Morse, J. Senger, S. Berry, W. Sandsbiom, L. Higgins, H. Lefaiver, D. Yawger, Pu. Wholehan, H. Bose, B. Shrcve, D. Lindgren, T. Franzkoski. Row 7 -B. Paterson, Fi. Schaal, M. Obcr, H. Slater, L. Ulrich, H. Tucker, T. Crane, P. Harkness, R. Smith, C. Witter, L. Doehrel, H. Latimer, B. Finney, H. Slamski. 7 iaa anner A Woniford The monitor force is a large but efficient organization, so efficient that very little is heard about it. In seven shifts of sixteen each-a shift for every period and two for fourth periodfthe monitors quietly guard our portals. A round, gold and blue badge signifies a monitor, this badge must be worn by the monitor until he is relieved by the monitor of the next shiftg thus, the guard is constant. Door monitor number one is captain of his force. He is responsible for the conduct and attendance of the other monitors, and for the collection of the attendance slips. The duties of the monitors include checking on the people entering and leaving the building, conducting strangers to the office, and being generally helpful to anyone who needs aid. Besides the regular monitor force, there are two other types of monitors: the cafeteria monitors and the office assistants. The duties of the former are to keep trafhc in the cafeteria untangled, the aisles clear, and general conduct creditable. The office as- sistants, of which there are eighteen, run errands, receive phone calls, and help the office force as much as possible. Row 1-M. G. Gangemi, J. Vitelli, A. Weber, E. Frank, Mr. Torrance, H. Engesser, J. Drummond, I. Schultz. Row 2-B. Fesslu, S. Little, S. Garber, R. Bindseil, V. Arnold, M. Saeger, S. Robbins, A. Heinlein. Row 3-R. Dudenhoefer, V. Hemme, R. Geisaka, R. Luther, E. Horrigan, C. Nick, T. Guarino, J. Davidson, J. Hartwell, C. Barnett. ouie moniford The Movie period at Academy High recently celebrated its first anniversary. Already we have enjoyed such major productions as 6'Let George Do Iti' and "Cross- roadsf' Since nearly two thousand students daily attend the four movie periods, it was necessary to establish some system of efficiency. The movie monitors was tl1e solution. This staff of ninety students was chosen from volunteers of the third and fourth study periods. They collect fees, tabulate customers, guard the exists, and maintain discipline in the audiences. Under the supervision of Mr. Torrance, they have become a vital part of Academy life. Gaveling. Shine 'em good, Emil! Bingo, er, uh, I mean Bulls eye! Tick took! Tick tock! Carol da Vinci and Rein hrandt von Brown. Fire! ! ! The "steel butchers." Ugh! somethlng smells! Locally owned and operated I00'fZ, Un '-----' 1 9 4 1 , , ,1.. , f f Meyer- Qualtty h18111'i1i1C2s Exclusulel Clothes Proper PROTECTION I HATS f SHOES Pays. FURNISHINGS -1155! ,insop 1 . -' gob . e tn the msgincc Aginfb' . . ., c ' UH1V6fSltY mms Manner The Mighty Always Reasonably Priced V P. A. MEYER SL SQNS 817-819 State Street ASSOCIATED PRESS All the news from the ends of the earth e-all happenings from Coast to Coast by Lhe largest news gathering organization in the world. Every day in the DISPATCH -HERALD Erie's "Good Evening" Newspaper Q9 H H THE WlLg?!tibuioMPANY 'Lu GULF OIL PRODUCTS R 0 Phone 25-689 859 E. 8th St. The kind that Mother used to make On Sale at your Neighborhood Store! Bottled by the DRINK-5101! BEVERAGE CU. 1801 German St. Phone 23-246 ion Compliments of TH If VADIITY 'tErie'S Only Dry Night Spot" Cornplimenis of SKINNER ENGINE CO. Eric,I'a1. Two o - - B A K E R ' S 1850-1941 Style Headquarters for Young Men fr FASHION PARK CLOTHES jFIRTEag:A'A:ZIZHOES H ARROW SHIRTS 2 REVERE SWEATERS M STETSON HATS I HART, SCHAFFNER 8: MARX CLOTHES 8g SON I S A AC B A K E R Slate Street aI Seventh CONGRATULATIONS! e"'I'SB"RGHi'a'UUF'Ul0 5 K I EQ EIT I i -mnmzxmn . .l, laurel 395,11 Iiemeterp A I aa nr. 'fo a'--" WEST RIDGE on the Grubb Road TRANSPORTATION co. COne mile south of Ridge Roadj Girard, Penna- The Mueller Ant Cover Sz Binding Co. 2202 Superior Avenue Cleveland, Ohio lAOllllJlilll0lllS of THE STANDARD STUKER COMPANY, INC. Erie, Pennsylvania Tl I ' s Q1 0 f '49 918 Peach St. SHOES BY I. MILLEII lllEIll-Illclllllll GU. BOILERS - RADIATORS HUMIDIFIERS Erie, Pa. Congratulations Graduates From BIEBER-ISAACS FACTORY-CLOTHING BRANCH Suits- 516-50 and 318-50-Topcoats D. H. MCQUISTON PENN MUTUAL LIFE 304 Marine Bank Building Erie, Pa. Q Q wx Qtvyl GREETING CARDS GIFTS '- gl For All Occasions 'n ffgrafi I' OP 727 Peach Street lm' l Erie, Pa. uGrc1duc1tiQ Day" Your Residence can Graduate into a comfortable, efficient Home by the Installation of CAPITOL ROCK WOOL Home Insulation ATLAS-ERIE SUPPLY CO. 1432 Chestnut St. 22-248 fluucessor lc O. C. THAYER 8: SON --M'-'-4' -i 9 4 1 , , DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS f For the most CRITICAL DRESSER! asc S TAY 5 E This is the name all fashion wise Women look for in their clothes. .3 Phone 84-294- 51 p- suNNv Acnss it RIDING ACADEMY 4? Learn lo Ride and Keep Fit xfrk .f L. E. ULRICII fd! Harhorcreek, Pa. EASEADE IUUNDRY CU. The LAWRENCE HOTEL REED ANSIIULTZ, hlgr. 10th and Peach Streets The Ballroom offers facilities for DANCING PRIVATE DINNERS BANQUETS CARD PARTIES New Colonial Room DANCING PARTIES fNul. oval' 80 l'ersunsl Four '-"-"'---'-' 1 9 4 1 , , .. .i-T . i the best lcnown name in paper Since 1898, Hammermill has manufactured papers for American business. For nearly thirty of those years, Hammermill Bond and other Hammermill papers have been advertised consistently and con- tinuously, so that today the Hammermill trademark means good paper in the minds of millions of people in the United States and in many Foreign countries. Hammermill papers, made in Erie by Erie men and women, live up to that reputation. HAMMERMILL PAPER COMPANY -1 Jn: 'YH Five '----?"' ' 1 9 4 1 ,ll-, EERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE Established 1884 The Outstanding School of Northwestern Pennsylvania for Accounting and Secretarial Training College Grade Courses Expert Teaching Stall' Modern Equipment Ideal Surroundings Exceptional Placement Record A Cood Position for Every Graduate Visit the school. Call 23-814 or write for a catalog. 220 West Ninth Street Erie, Penna. ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE 0 Auto Insurance for Less 9 A Home Industry with a Nation-Wide Service 61112 Ztlnlle Bras. Gln. 116-124 West 10th Street BURCKART'S nnuc. s'roREs Established April 12, 1888 ERIE DAILY TIMES Erie's Successful Newspaper TIMES SQUARE 110 YV. 10th St. Phone 23-281 Eat It gives you pep- It gives you zest- Sanitarg Farms Ilairg SAWDY9S SERVICE Sassafras at Thirteenth NUBLUE SUNCDCO MOTOR FUEL SUNCDCO A TO Z LUBRICATIGN U. S. Tires Phone and Batteries 63-432 ix ' ' C l We Congratulate The Graduating Classes of 194-l Un their Splendid Scholastic Record And wish them A Continued Success 0W.::: ND "Paz'nfHeadquarfers' 1 ISU 81State Streets Erie's Paint Authority Says: Ga-agfzaifulafiiowi TO I f THE GRADUATING ff CLASS OF - 1941 4" The Paint House ' la' , ei- -4 J of Better Service sg ERIE PAINT CO. Cor. 14th and State Sts. Phone 26-771 JOIN THE . . . Y. M. C. A. Blake if your downtown Headquariers Compliments of A Friend Kelly Studios Cameras, Supplies Films, Finishing 14 E. 10th St. Erie, Pa. ADAMS AND STREUBER'S cu1 RATE Two Stores Cor. Sth and East Ave. Cor. 8th and Cascade Sts. Member of the Guild Hess Bl'0thBl'S Prescription and Manufacturing OPTICIANS Pumps - Water Systems - Water Softeners Where the Price is Right UN IFLOW MFG. CO. Phone 22382 ERIE- PA- 104 west 9th sf. Erie, Pa. ERIE MADE PRODUCTS Seven t '....... -l---l. 1941 ECKERD'S 706-State Street-1109 V 832 BETTER DRUG STORES Prescriptions Our Specialty We use the best drugs and chemicals and em l ' p oy the best reglstered men that money can hire. Bring your next prescri ti p on to one of the Eckerd Drug Stores AND SAVE MONEY Phones 24-727 D 24-728 RALPH R. RIEHL REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS 29 East 9th Street Erie, Penna. 19 Since 1883 Manufacturers ot NICHOL KOLA SEVEN-UP EXTRA DRY GINGER ALE and a Full Line of Flavors extend their congratulations and good wishes Phone 26-767 121 8 Parade St. ECOMA MILK, CREAM, ICE CREAM ERIE COUNTY MILK ASS'N Phone 22-255 Eight ' .MMM - '--1-'-" 194 1 Compliments of Metric Metal Works American Meter Co., Inc. Manufacturers of GAS METERS ERIE, PENNA. A EHJOY Alan and Morril Bauman CAREFUL CARPET CLEANERS 140 West Fourth St. 3330 Peach St. Dial 99-691 Dial 26-445 Conzplilrzerlls of 6 4 A FRIEND Candies 926 Lovell M3HHf3CtU1'iHg Company ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA . I ll Makers of e Pressure Cleaners CWringersj - Rubber Rolls Mouse and Rat Traps ..... .... Ice Hockey Sticks I Nine O . . l ,V 7 , Business is a Projiiabie Profession ERIE COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training Approved by the Pennsylvania Committee on Standards and Ethics of Approved Business Schools Placement ot graduates, 98fZ3. Tuition Reasonable Faculty is State Certified State at Eighth St. Erie, Pa. Office 22-644 T. D. KRUM, Pres. Res. 98-179 Heyl Physicians Supply Co. TD Cy LAU N DIQY 416 State Street CifVZcQa1aneU glioto diuciio COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers at East High School LAUTERBACH BAKERY, Inc. QUALITY BAKED GOODS 121 E. 21st Street Phone 75- 177 tit? Z S A I Boston Store C. H. COLLMAN oPTo METBIST 8th and Peach Streets Masonic Temple Phone 22-098 Ten ' . , 1941 ,i, DAKA PAPER CQ. Agents for HAMMERMILL and other leading mills WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Paper f Paper Products f Twine A Complete Line oi printing papers Office and Warehouse: 321 State Street Phones: 26-821-26-822 Diamonds Established 1862 Watches Protect Your Most JEWELER5 Valuable Possession- 25 West 9th Street JEWELRY - SILVEBWARE Visil our Gif! Deparlmeni compzzmenzs of Ryan Laver Offerle Schluraff Kallenbach Erie F. T. D. Florists Swanson Tool and Machine Corporation Design and Manufacture of Punches and Dies Special Tools, Fixtures and Machinery - 810-812 East Eighth Street Phone 54-200 Erie, Pennsylvania Your Eye-Sight DR. R. VV. SHEPARD OPTOMETRIST 113 West 11th St. 35 Years of Helpful Eye Service in Erie Compliments Qf Eobn V. Qrbultg Qin. NDISTINCTIVE FURNITUREU 20 E. 8th Eleven "-'---'-"""---' 1 9 4 1 ,Eid Fliekingerls Hotel Dept. Especially Selected Foods Packed for Hotels, Cafeterias and Institutions Samples and Quotations Cheeffully Furnished -OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE- N. Y. C. 8: St. L. R. R. and Wallace St. Erie, Penna. AMERICAN STERILIZER COMPANY Erie, Penna. Compliments QI' A FRIEND ERIE FORGE CO. A Erie, Pa. American Hollow Boring Co. Hollow Bored Forgings and Steel Shafts Office and Works: 19th and Raspberry Streets Jacob I-laller Company Wholesale Grocers P. O. Box 898 Erie, Pa. Co1nplimer1l.w of FELHEIM LUMBER CO. Erie, Pa. Twelve '---"'-"-'-' 1 9 4 1 "The Sfudenfs' Favorife Rendezvous" Plan Your Social Parties at WALDAMlflflQ DARK The Best of Bands at Popular Prices Phones: 32-102 and 32-402 Temple Banquet Room MASONIC TEMPLE Erie, Pa. LUNCHES, CARD PARTIES AND DINNER DANCES Phone 22-996 ERIE SPORT STORE A FULL LINE OF SPORTING GOODS 723 State Street ABBATES F000 MARKET 263 East 4th St. Phone 43-332 PENNSYLVANIA BOILER WORKS Lynch Camera Shop "If it's worth While, we have it." 27 W. 11th Street Erie, Pa. LAWRENCE MFG. C0 953 E. 12th Street Erie, Pa. Thirteen 1941 G0 WHERE HITS ARE A HABIT 'A' 'A' 'A' Q THEATRE Presenting Erie's Best Entertainment . . . . ALWAYS ir 'Ir 'A' TRASK, PRESCCTT 8. RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT sToRE First Quality Merchandise Erie, Penna. L. PRESS 89' CO. 210-1216 s S 1SP0BfHN5aE05ESt LEU SGHLAUIJEGKER cn CAIlXg13HTYfg1?xfgJI1ggJ1?lXIEliNT Esiablished1873 SPORTSWEAR 25 E. 8th street Compliments of Erie, Pa. The llumptumeter School INSURANCF OF ALL KINDS 722 Commerce Building SURPJTY BONDS Phone 45-464 Fourteen .... 11.-. '1-"J-' 19 4 1 . . UNION - PURE Ice Delivery Company MANUFACTURED ICE Yellow Trucks-23-279 Blue Trucks-22-236 Fu n lure of Quality ,: BROS: Fimlll1'URE c0 ,',j, c, ' ' ' H, DAMDE AY lin-...EWR DA. - : 1' o e ' en 's ric "- I Oui film 1'lxgl1Rl:D1f k Si11cef19l8 f?" . MA-MADE BREAD "Always Buy the Best" GEM CITY Ice Cream "Erie's Finest Made" Ice Cream, Sherbets, Fancy Moulds and Specialties Eskimo Pies Factory and Salesroom 503 East 8th Street Phone 23-758 Or Your Neighborhood Dealer ARTHUR F. SCHULTZ COMPANY General Electric Appliances Commercial Refrigeration Air Conditioning 1029 State SL. 1616 Parade St. F' i f leen "1-1-'--'-" 1 9 4 1 , , Compliments of Compliments of , C, KRAMER CARL G. WRIGHT J FURRIER RealEstate, lllortgages and Insurance 11 WV. 8th St. lNlARINEI5l3g,kl,EllILDING , Q JAC K I2 D0 ST MEISER .S Frne. Foods omplete Llne of Dlabetlc Foods ID 0 'J G' I-1 N 'J Try olu' Home Made Mayonnaise Phone 42-312 and French Dressmgs 818 Peach Sl. Phone 23-637 WHITE SWAN FARMS Ea! at the Milk Bar. Pl I h , B ll H'd SJ. CO- Hill llr:r:eZir1El,l:e lllfriloils. I M Pa' KJLMMJEL s SON "Shoes and Hosiery that Wear" Cor. 17th and Sassafras Sls. Compliments of ERIE RESISTOR CORP. Erie, Pennsylvania Phone C6-128 A. O. JOHNSTON, Mgr. 12th St. SKATING RINK The Cwnle of qiefinement 12th and French Erie, Pa. EVENINGS 8 TO ll:00 IVIATINIQES 2 TO 4:30 Except Mon. Tues.- Thurs.- Sun. Sixteen 11 1 ' ' .. -11 1 941 . .- -- -1 ,. ' . i.. Established 1852 Incorporated 1897 JARECKI MFG. CO. Erie, Pa. Manufacturers of Pipe Fittings Valves and Cocks Pipe Threading Machines Compressor Governors Pipe Vises Oil, Gas and Water Well Supplies Pipe Cut and Threaded to Order School photographs Franlc Sclwauble Studios 113 West 10th Sc. BELL 84 HOWELL ll . ll AGPA Across from the Times EASTMAN EASTMAN Movie CAMERAS Phone 24-269 KoDAKs Compliments of Erie a Compliments of A Friend ml? NN Compliments of ul'-tvs' W' off' www'- 'nu ' Qu oocsz5x,Swqx L .+ I 1 3 'ff U' ' 1008 Parade St. 1004- East 6th St. Lawrence Park Wesleyville Erie Owned Continental Rubber Works 0 so ' L . 0 - :Wi 3 3' ia -S f -c Ea if Plan t Store: , HILL-MILL DAIRY STORES 2521 Peach St. 119 East 12th St. 501 West 4th St. 24 N. Park Row 212 East 8th St. Erie Operated Seventeen 194 1 l ongfzatutations TCEIHE RADUATES 7 from ERIE'S LEADING BUSINESS MEN Richard H. Beyer leweler-28 West 8th St. Hartleb's Ice Cream Bar 8th and Cranberry Sts. G. J. Gebhardt Coal 8: Coke Co. For Dustless Fuel-Phone 22-217 Silver's Auto Parts Co. 134 West 3rd St.-Phone 22-180 or 22-510 Dunlap Welding 460 West 12th St.-Phone 59-463 E. and A. Doubet lewelers-202 East 10th St. Darling Flower Shoppe Corsages and Cut Flowers 108 West 7th St. Ford E. O'De11 leweler-24 West 10th St. Zink the Cleaner Ray Felbinger-Esso Dealer W. 8th at Delawaree-W. 6th at Viaduct Herbert A. Carr 8: Son Quality Groceries 2022 West 8th St.-Phone 25-665 Priscilla's Cape Cod Kitchen West Lake Road at Peninsula Drive Priscilla Biers Shop 120 West 8th St. Dale Williams' Music Shop 1015 State St. Linn's Beauty Salon Eva lohnson 18 West 10th St. Colonial Theatre Conkeys Grocery and Meat Market 1144 West 8th St.-Phone 23-227 Harry E. Mueller Keyman-14 East llth St. The Den Restaurant-tAmos Flintl 9th and Peach Sts. The Gertrude Driscoll Shop 2326 Peach St.-Phone 72-390 Geo. A. Friedrichs Art and Religious Goods 2324-26 Sassafras St. Wm. Sontheimer Bakeryf723 West 29th St.-Phone 92-272 Hamilton Car and Lumber Co. 1 17th and Raspberry Sts.-Phone 24-509 1 The Giftcraft Shop 727 Peach St. Stadler's Shoe Service Quality Higher than Price 504 West 8th St. Fromknecht and Heidecker Milk Co. Lighthouse Barbecue 1527 West 26th St. Johnson Grill and Pancake Shop Samuel H. Shepard Insurance of All Forms 509 Marine Bank Bldg.-Phone 26-755 Charles Zinram Dist. Rep.-Union Iron Works Trost Shoe Shoppe 14 West 8th St.-Phone 24-670 Hazel Daly Yeager Shop 30 West 8th St.-Phone 23-734 Lawrence Cleaners and Dyers 402 West 3rd St.-Phone 22-987 Thomas' Jewelry Store Gitts for All Occasions-8 West 8th St. Kuneman's "Recognized tor Quality" 1028 Cherry St. Shapter's Mobile Service Radio Sale and Service 8th and Kahkwa Paul T. Allen Co. Ulnsurance For Every Need" 207-208 Masonic Temple-Phone 24-941 Hoffman for Bicycles 362 West 8th St. Sprowls Ice Cream 426 Cherry St. We can't make all the Ice Cream in Erie, So we just make the best. A Friend Brown Bros. Pork Products Central Market-Phone C60-36 Miss Lord's Shop Distinctive Home Furnishing 137 West 9th St. Ba-Bee Pastry Shoppe M709 Peach St. and 12th St. Market Kraus Dept. Store 810-814 Parade St. C. C. French leweler and Optometrist 15 West 8th St. Eighteen ' 194 1 This IS Commencement I You have prepared your mind to learn . . . Now, on to college . . . or the beginning of a career in business or industry. ln spite of troubled times and un- certainty, these United States offer more opportunity today than ever before. A good rule is m Keep your eyes and ears open .. mouth shut... mind alert.. .and hands busy. Make friends! Then you will learn how to influence people. Be happy as Well as dependable. Your success will be in just proportion to your efforts. THE ERIE METER SYSTEMS, INE. URGANIZATIUN N ineleen , - . ' A Complete Sportlng Goods Department 1941 Graduates c1Amkm1 East Strong Vlncent HzghScl1ools PREFER RICHMAN '----""""l-' 1 9 4 1 if x , ' me C J -- Thirty-lhree Years of Continued Service lo the Alhleieseof Er1ielfI1lglLSchool.Le he palace Hdiawdie H6056 BROTHERS C LOTH ES The NZ1tlOIl,S Stzmdard of Quality, Style and Value Compliments Bucyrus-Erie Company To the UNICN 1521: WORKS 1941 GRADUATES , a- We offer Times do change ! ln years to come, when you look at this book wor1't all these pictures and "ads" seem funny to you? Yes-times do change! Weiblen Dharmacy Liberty at Eighth Street A LIBERAL DISCOUNT ON ALL PURCHASES 11 BALWAHDS phone W. 9th St. 63-145 Twenfy MK'f'ART1' P Cn., INC If P

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