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-Q L, -,f 5 1 1 4 I , , , 1: we ..!4COLJ2l'VL8 of 1940 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Editor-in-Chief .,., .,.., I.. EWIS HOWES Art Editor. . . ..... GEORGE OCHRAN Business Manager, . . ..... GEORGE GERMAN I i 7 my of .ynfrocfncfion ,IXMLLA .fgbcenlf on Jgcfiuificd. .. . . . . the staff has endeavored to present the 1940 Academe in a novel and interesting manner. Since even the routine event of going to class is an activity, we have classified all school occurences as "activities" For the first time since the presentation of an Academe in 1920, the annalists have been able to add to the appearance and desirability of the year book by using a durable cover. More unigue and impressive picture arrangements have been made possible by employing double-spread, montage and mass-balance effects. Events have been grouped in chronological order accord- ing to the months in which they were prominent. By using these new ideas in presenting our material, we hope we have aroused more interest in our pictorial account of the news and views of the year. It is with pleasure that the Academe Staff presents . . . .yn ljfiid cyame. .. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ACTIVITIES 5 W mm, Jdmfwf Mpefffifefivlenf of 514006 WHEREAS, we find no Way more fitting to express our appreciation of oneiwhose geniality and kind diplomacy have won our lasting affection and respect, and WHEREAS, it is a most appropriate means of extending our sincere congratulations and best wishes for success in his new undertaking as assistant superintendent of schools, and WHEREAS, it is also a means of expressing our reluctant farewell: 'lWhen ere a parting comes, he doesn't use a foreign lingog he merely says goodbye and God bless youg'f there- fore, be it RESOLVED, that this issue of the Academe be respectfully dedicated to our former principal, Mr. C. W. McNary. Effhlag From these same halls the trumpet echoed far, Ushered progress in some twenty years ago. The first grads saw the Academe and Star- And viewed the furrow they'd begun to hoe. They proved initiative the only tool By which the student band could ever voice Its hope of freedom and desire to rule, And teach themselves by axioms of their choice. At first they tried the field of sports and playg They've set their hand to student government, They've seen the clubs give interest to the day, F rom guidance programs gained a thoughtful bent VvTe may think we're reapers of the harvestg We're to enjoy the fruits of labors pastg To bask in Liberty and freedom's best, And blindly trust that others' deeds will last. But see: A farmer's work is never doneg For when the grain is in the barn and shed, The plowing comes before the fight is Won,- The star of progress hurries on ahead. Progress moves on, but leaves the newest grads, Who will fondly scan the years and sees- Above our fleeing frills and latest fads A truer meaning of democracy. .A 'N '-ahhh, E1 -I N, A ,Lf-E if Q agf a 5 1 if i I ,Qfaia JJ' 'Q 5622522 fgbjf f-Q aw yi 5 , Q ,Q 5 as wmv .551 V 4, kv,. 9 ' wwggg ig k ' iv 'wif' 1 3 m 'fiw If 135521 4'Q.,w'A'Q,. Q jg? w f . , ,A S,. v S M? ' .iw if :W ,,A,, if va 3 1 Q , Wiz :3g v' 3 ar ,l ' - , i i Q i 5 Y . Q f ' lg w5Tf,.-Q' ' f f wil? bi K , V ,H 5231 wifi AL ff fax V3 - x K, , .Mk f ,Q fkg""'.W x NWA -f 51 ! ,ns 1 5 45, ,F ii. -. "hu an Ls '. . ,VA 1, M, Y., Ji. , Q 'ff g-f2"M ,AV A ,N . I 5 m , ik 'K Q ff' ilf kj 95 Q ,333 f yikv ma, 'Aw iN f QE al. 1 , MA 1 f f -. 'xii 7 752 Q. . . ia, . ,STM 5,3 'V ws .fycfminidfrafion an jozin Wag rincilaa STUDENTS OF ACADEMY: Another school year is almost ended. To some it has brought sorrowg to others, happinessj but to all ot us it should have brought mental growth. We should be a bit wiser than we were a year ago and we should continue to gain in wisdom each year as long as we live. Added growth or development each year is a law of nature. You will find it in plant as well as animal lite. As you would Check up on a tree in your yard, so do we note your development each year. Have you grown much or little as the year ends? l. W. RAY ENGLISH StandingfMrs. Howe- Librarian, MissLMong, Miss Mohney, Mr. Rollinger ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Stafford, Miss Walters, Miss Carroll, Mrs. Stump, Mr. Torrance Miss Susan Tanner SeatediMiss McHale, Miss Magenau, Miss Brown, Mrs. Russell. 'A - ' mfxxsm ref fix. A.. A C5 , ffl' F33 V l lm fy HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY Standing Mr. Hale, Mr. Towries, Miss Sierreil, Mr. Radcler, Miss Baiischard, Mr, DeTeurk, Miss Olsen. Seated Miss Hoffman, Miss lolmsloii, Miss Fliieqel, Miss Braley. SCIENCE Standing Mr. Leamy, Mr. Crowe. Seated Mr. Kelly, Miss Waqiier', Mr. Fiorelli. MATHEMATIC Standing Ml5SW6ll11I1Cl, Mr. Lewis. Seated Mr, Delmers, Miss Wollei, Mrs. Voii Korlf, Miss lfmvlawoml, COMMERCIAL CLower Right? Standing Miss Kfiveiiey, Mr. Malfis, Miss lcries, Mr. Philips, Miss Stull, Mr. Presoqria, Miss Eiier. Seated Miss Vlfysefki, Miss Supper, Miss Weii', Mrs. Griiliei. LANGUAGE Standing Miss Hiiiil, Miss Baie-son. Seated Miss Badger, Miss Biirquii, Miss Rider, Mrs. Block. Fl-FXXSIN1. i""'iii"' E i lie, 1, 1 5 s QQ ai ,,LL5s? rijkisiir 315325 :,X i' 53.1 :i FINE ARTS Seated'-'Miss Lord-Ari, Miss Schweitzer- Music, Miss Van Geem-Art. Standing-Mr. Owens-Music. ATHLETIC COACHES Row 3--'Mr. Towns, Mr. Hale, Mr. Cofini, Mr. Leamy. Row 2-Mr. Thomas, Mr. Mannix, Mr. Scrafford. Row 1--Mr. Drake, Mr. Rollinger, Mr. Lewis, Mr. DeTeurk. DOMESTIC AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS Standing-Mr. Graham-Machine Shop, Mr. Derby---Drafting, Mr. Whiteman-Woodshop. Seated-Miss Schaper-Sewing, Mr. Bright'- Drafiinq. OFFICE PERSONNEL Miss Wai,1qh, Miss Hakel, Miss Weber. Ten M. jan! ninn Her amazing capacity for work, her inexhaustable energy, her infallible judgment, and thorough, efficient Work with the Academe, senior classes, and other school organizations have Won her the respect and admiration of every person at Academy High School. To Mrs. Frank B. Quinn we extend our best Wishes for every happiness the future may hold. mr. ibimorier Assistant Principal Although a sabbatical leave has taken 'lDemmie," with his friendly smile and warm greeting from our halls officially, he is still seen occasionally in the building busily arranging con- certs, tours, and making plans for his pet hobby, the Choir. Eleven W' .xgcfilfilfied "All work and no play makes lacli a dull boy" is a well- known adage, and where can it be more appropriately applied, than to school. Twenty years ago studies were first, last, and always in the minds of teachers and students. Realizing that lack was an in- telligent, but uninteresting personality, leaders began to guestion the wisdom of old standards of educatipn. As a result, there has come into existence a profusion of new fideas and activities, which have been developed by leaps and bounds in the past few years. No longer is lack faced with a "regular schedule" day, because thoughts of assemblies, sports, clubs, music, lunchtime movies, and numerous extra curricular activities fill his day with exciting enterprise and stimulating interest. And so, our ltdull" lack has developed into a well-integrated personality, who is fully eguipped to meet any situation, because leaders in school management have realized the importance of a liberal training, made possible by faculty-student cooperation. Fourteen Fifteen We're back again jipfemlw Seasons kickoff! Academy victorious at Warren, Pa . . . 33-O, Fourth Fifth Books, dusty, minds rusty . . . first day of school. Eighth Drakemen beat Aliquippa l2-6 in first home game of the season. Twelfth lnitial assembly opened by Mr. McNary. Fifteenth Stadium Rally for East Game . . . Yea Lions--fabeat those Warriors! Sixteenth Tomahawked by the Warriors 13-12. Twenty-first Star Staff Assembly . . . To be a star . . . have a Star! Twenty-second Grid Lions defeated at Warren, Chic . . . 17-O. Twenty-ninth Change in school administration announced in assembly. Thirtieth Lions qrowl to no avail at Louisville. Louisville 2l . . . Academy 6. Back in Sched.. I Were back again . . . back trcni tlie carefree days ct summer vacation to days of early and systematic routine. lt we pcssess a feeling ot regret tor the partial loss of our tree- scon submerged in a sense ct pleasant anticipation ot the events that inevitably till li-scticol year. A mad scramble for the .puck I Row 1 l. Marshall, F. Cannarozzi, A. Taylor, R. Davis, R. Work, R. Shaner, D. Stein, E. Engressor. Row 2 M. Tanneubaum, M. Mahoney, M. Decker, B. Forman, K. Egler, E. Londregan, President, T. Kelly, Vice ' A. Fearn, Treasurer, B. Christensen, Secretary, R. Katz, S. Cfrenz, E. Seblom, M. Frosh. Row 3- B. F King, C. Urban, R. Seelinger, E. Ball, l. Paulsen, C. lohnson, E. Smeltzer, R. Randecker, M. King, M. Dobcsievvicz, V. San Pietro, I. Parsons, D. Crreiner, M. lobes, M. Tate, R. Tozur, l. Hersperger, F. Cfoodill, l. Smith. Row 4' P. Sullivan, D. Shreve, P. Young, W. Norden, M. Lee, L. Blackmond, R. Mong, l. Hort, A. Heinlein, K. Wargo, P. Christen- son, l. lervis, F. Kunz, A. Frazier, R. Glass, B. Bushe, D. Knoll, B. Rentja. Row Sw-B. Kindle, R. Work, l. Drummond, E. Heibel, A. Baker, I. Drexler, D. Struchen, N. Baltus, I. Atkins, I. Horn, N. Heisler, R. Hirsch, R. Deer, M. McDonald, E. Recker, F. lobes, I. Senqer, G. Stephan, R. Gingrick. Slime The Academy Student Senate reflects the democracy ot our national government and is the voice ot the students. Tt is composed ot one representative trom each home room who meet each week with the president presiding. The Executive Board, or planning committee, is composed of the Senate otticers and one Senator from each grade who meet and determine what the Senate shall discuss at its next meeting. During the past year, the Student Senate has inaugurated a monitor system, launched many new clubs, conducted two very successtul dances and sponsored several assemblies including a weekly community sing and an amateur program. lt is our beliet that through the encouragement ot participation in the government oi the school, Academy will have done her share in producing more intelligent, and better gualitied United States citizens. Get on your mark . . . When Academe heads get together . . Practice makes perfect Row 1fD. Greiner, D. Prozer, T. Galun, D. Carlson, V. Brown, B. Shapiro, C. Shapiro, V. Holland, G. Delameter. Row 2-D. Deitch. P. Sullivan, B. Woodward, M. Considine, A. Lewis, C. Kibler, P. Baerle, P. Kibler, I. Taylor, F. Thompson, D. Greiner. Row 3-P. Ernest, A. Gold, B. Weiss, M. Decker, N. Baltus, E. Valiga, G Weissert, E. lohnson, M. lulius, M. Weyand, E. Wevand, C. March, B. Linder. Row 4-E. Blum, F. Crawford, T. Smith, N. Smith, S. Dickey, C. Wilt, E. Grenz, R. English, D. Marshall, R. Kaiser, E. Herscovitz, L. Bricker. Row 5-C. Tarr, D. Haimsohn, K. Gross, S. Vollant, l. Hammond, H. Healy, M. Spotswood, E. Schaaf, I. Mattis, P. Young, M. Dick, D. Gifford, R. Crowley. Row 6-E. Winschel, M. Winschel, M. Schaffer, A. Wuenschel, D. Ilglellier, Ridllahlkemper, l. Coleman, B. Weber, D. Jeffery, G. Larson, A. Cook, M. Waldemarson, . ango . PresidentAChristine Kibler Vice President-Arlene Lewis Secretary-Patricia Sullivan Treasurer-Mary Ellen Consicline Social Chairman-Janice Taylor Q10 RJQVUQ5 Highlighting the monthly program meetings of the Girl Reserves are addresses by persons prominent in various fields. Raising money for day camp and giving parties for chil- dren's homes are several of the charitable functions sponsored by the club. The social calendar is punctuated by such events as tureen suppers and banquet dances held at regular intervals, and the annual formal fall and spring dances sponsored by the com- bined clubs of Academy, East and Strong Vincent. Eighteen Row 1-A. Volk, C. Stetter, C. Zaczdk, C. C. Radder, I. Willis, R. Marcella, G. Delamater. Row Zel? Crawford, K. Wagner, B. Egler, E. Fehrer, P. Groendaal, V. Walczak, I. Youngbauer. Row 3-N. Casper, K. Egler, B. Fore- man, D. Foy, E. Zawistowski, D. Bunnell, D. Faulkner, E. Keller. Row 4-B. Specter, A. Fearn, I. Higgins, R. Foster, W. Bates. F0515 "The Hilltopperf' which is a product of one of our more active clubs, the Press Club, appeared for the first time last year and has continued to appear this year at regular intervals as a definite entity. The Hilltopper is essentially a club paper in that it is composed by a club, its news is of the clubs, and its distribution is for the clubs. At first, the Press Club distributed the product of its efforts gratis, but now the satise faction of a wide, paid circulation is prompting its members to greater achievement. u4!.,ll, Cm The Hobby Club was organized to acquaint students of Academy with the interesting potentialities of leisure-time activities. To further this aim, club members have developed interests in a Wide variety of hobbies. Most members enjoy reading or model-making, but some rugged individualists transpose music, collect news items, study astronomy, and carve figures from soap. lf one visited the annual Hobby Exhibit in the Library, one would find displayed there many fascinating collections provided by our Hobbyists. Row 3-C. Mrozowski, L. Gallagher, M. Prylinski, E. DiC1ello, L. Plonslci. Row 2-M. Pire, A. Krespen, E. Bower- sox, W. Wehan, M. Hyzy, H. Roth, D. Olowinski. Row l--R. Youngbauer, S. Powell, M. Conrad, Mrs. Howe-if Adviser, C. Blair, L. Scalzitti, I- Walker. Nineteen Row 1-D. Marshall, D. G. Marshall, W. Hirsch, E. Londregan, l... l-lowes, R. Swain, T. Manross, W. Bates, S. Asbury. Row 2-Mr. Leamy, R. Kibler, N. May, l. Duke, H. Schlindwein, C. William- son, l. Bollard, l. Senger. Row 3-D. Struchen, W. Knoll, N. Townsend, G. Becker, l. Ardington, D. Patchen, R. Deer, l. Roemer. ' President-Lewis Howes Vice President- Ted Londregan Secretary-"V-Richard Swain Treasurer- --William Hirsch Another year of service to the school and community has been completed, and the Hi-Y can justifiably be proud of itself. The ultimate goal of this praiseworthy organization is the growth of its members, spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. Early in the year, after the induction of new members, the program for the year is out- lined. Enjoyable outings atgthe "Y" camp provide a diversified activities program which aims to achieve the ultimate goal of this club. Too, the l-li-Y boys willlngly devote their time and lend their services to aid the various city agencies in the cause of charity. Twenty ML! C1056 The Academy chapter of the Red Cross is divided into four groups whose sole purpose is helping our distressed neighbors. The First Aid section studies the application of bandages. ln the shop, another group makes wocden dolls for little shut-ins. The sewing division prepares dresses for Finnish and Polish children and dolls for blind children. The fourth group the Home Hygiene groupe was very fortunate this year in having a series of lectures by a Red Cross nurse on the care and feeding of infants and the sick. This year, the Academy chapter plans to extend its already numerous activity by sending a representative to the annual Red Cross convention in Washington, D. C. Row 3V--C. Weissert, D. Herman, l. Atkins, V. Arnold, M. Greenwald, B. Barber. Row 2- V. Benz, A. Bologh, l. Frear, A. Chrostowslci, C. Vandervort, M. Chessario, D. MacMann. Row 1- D. Meeker, B. Wilson, M, Tate, O. Clifford, B. Arnold, M. Bayhurst, F. Caccimise, E. Davies. l Twenty-one swf The Academy Star has grown considerably in the past twenty years. Both the statt and the paper have qrownf the paper in size and the statt in number till now the paper is almost twice its initial size and the statt is the larqest on record. This year the staff prepared thirteen Star issues, distributed bimonthly, sponsored their annual dance, conducted two very successful campaigns, and sent a representative to the New York convention. Co-Editors-Dorothy Duffy, Audrey Peplinski Business Manager-Paul Martin Standing-M. Krufal, R. Kibler, P. Heberle, D. leffries, R. Foster, G. Snell, S. Curtis, L. Winters, G. Ochran, A. Fearn. SeatedeB. Egler, Mr. Radder, B. Forhman, A. Peplinski, P. Bredenberg, D, Duffy, P. Martin, L. O'Connell, W. Bates, K. Egler, W. Saunders. Twenty-two 0Ci0A8l" Third Fifth Sixth Seventh Tenth Eleventh Twelfth Sixteenth Seventeenth Eighteenth Twenty-first Twenty-third Twenty- fourth Twenty-fifth Twenty-seventh Twenty-eighth Twenty-three "You've got to be a football hero. Girl Reserves honor their mothers at a tea. De Willow ensemble presents a unique assembly. Academyites make merry at the Band Dance. What again? Vincent-Academy Game, lost l3-O. New Girl Reserve members initiated. "Mac" says good-bye. Mr. Ray is introduced at assembly. Girls' Chorus and Boys' Glee Club Party a great success. Mr. Ray presents the gavel to Ted. Academe Skating Party . . . a bump here . . . a bruise there. Students trip the light fantastic at the Cinema Club Dance. We lose 25-O at Canton. The Band goes along. Hi-Y Burley Day. Card Day . . . 'Knowledge is Power." l-li-Y Variety Show. Star Dance aa social success! All that work and what happens? We tie Altoona 7-7. Up-fA. Atkins, E. Olzewslci, W. Breter, E. Russell. Down--l. Matteson, R. Hoffman, E. Cac- chione, H. Schlindwein. 6A66l'L0l6!8l"f5 No sporting event would be complete without the cheerleaders "down front," bolstering the spirit of the crowd as Well as the team. This year the school has been very fortunate, in that, through the action of the Senate, we now have girl cheerleaders. The increased sguad has done more traveling than ever. They Went to lamestown with the football team and to Meadville and Greenville With the basket- ball team. Besides traveling, and training new cheerleaders, the squad has been busy helping to organize the Cheerleaders' Club, the purpose of which is to train students to fill the vacancies left by graduating cheerleaders. Twenty-four Down, down the field goes Academy. Just jitterbugs at heart. Yea team! Sock it to 'em! Comfort de luxe. 8--16' 45'---68g72 Hike! Tips-todthe teens Front Row-Captain R. Soth, F. Bell, F. Lawson, R. Knepper, K. Munch, l. Ferrare, R. Briggs, C. Ebert, M. Ebert, S. Posterli. Back Row-N. Manross, W. Kramer, P. Krivonak, C. Hymers, H. Benczkowski. flow!! The golden lions of Academy have suffered one of the most unsuccessful seasons in the history of the school. However, it is not the record of games won or lost which represents the morale of the team and the spirit of the school, but the commendable sportsmanship and courage displayed on the gridiron. The team played only four games in the stadium while the remaining eight were played on foreign soil, Louisville, Kentucky, being the most distant. The squad started the season with two impressive victories, the first over Warren, Pa., and the second over Aliguippa. Although outscored in the third and most exciting game of the season by our friendly rival, East High, it remained a moral victory in the hearts of many. In the following four contests, the lions suffered defeat to worthwhile opponents, but the Academy gridders were weakened by the loss of several valuable players. The team then came back to tie a strong Altoona combine and to subdue Tech and lamestown in professional style. The last two games, ringing clown the curtain for the 1939 football season, were dropped to Huntington, W. Va., and Tohnstown, Pa., respectively. For the past three years the city championship throne has been occupied by Academy, but this coveted position has been captured by Strong Vincent. With a promising eleven for next year, the Drakemen are determined to ascend again the city championship throne. Twenty-six 4 Lit Jwflaff PRACTICE Academy Opponent Academy Opponent Warren, Pa.. . Aliquippa, Pa .... . . . . East .,... .,.. Warren, Ohio ..., .,.. Louisville, Ky. .... . . . . Vincent ...,.. Canton, Ohio .... Altoona, Pa. .... . Tech .... .... .... larnestown, N. Y. . . Huntington, W. Va lohnstown, Pa. . . . . Front Row-N. Mangold, H. Tucker, W. Beatman, H. Kroto, W. Traut, F. Kaiser, l. Drexler, A. Riley F Haendler D lohannesen. Back Row-I. Pistori, R. Schwindt, K. Longnecker, I. Roehl, L. Holland. ma.wameif4m..fssf. V,-. ' - W "JH Row l-C. Reichert, R. Gleason, F. Fuller, B. Lipkin, B. Dudenhoefer, D. Bunting, D. Brooks, N. Smith, G. Evans, N. Barthelmes, R. Smith, B. Gardner, O. Barney, E. Carey, M. Riell. Row ZYH l. Zurn, A. lesue, S. Bellin, R. Wells, R. Hardner, R. Karlen, R. Sturtevant, R. Foster, S. Shaw, D. Lindgren, H. Rose, G. Ford, E. Crompton, A. Alloway, D. Davis, L. Herman. Row 3fA. Rhodes, R. McLaughlin, D. Herbert, l. DeFrancisco, C. Erickson, E. Minor, C. Campbell, A. Theil, P. Petrianni, T. Hill, B. Chase, D. Patton, D. Ward, F. Metzler, H. Aronoff, L. Batdorf. Row 4- F. Zurn, B. Bean, B. King, C. lernstrom, H. Fritts, R. Wolfe, D. Bell, G. Griffith, D. Yawger, C. Neitharner, W. Lester, E. Kesselring, N. Younger, B. Mabie, l. Schaffner. Row 5-C. Welch, S. Berry, G. German, W. Kinner, L. Fuller, W. S. Owen-Conductor, B. Finney, C. Witter, H. Searle, D. Webb, B. Horn. UA. Zim! At the first sight of the bright blue uniforrnsg at the first blare of trumpets and the roll of drums, there surges up in the heart of every Academy student a feeling of pride and loyalty for his school. No other organization gives more pleasure to the student body than the band. ln sport events their sprightly marches and songs make them the leaders of the student body in cheering our teams on to victory. ln their concerts where modern, military, and symphonic music are capably rendered, they give immeasurable pleasure to scores of music lovers. This year, the Band, directed by Mr. Gwen has had a most successful season, presenting programs not only in our school but in other schools as Well. Selections from their repertoire which have been most favorably received are: The School Song Excerpts from Victor Herbert's Music The Stars and Stripes Forever Frirnl Favorites Cn the Trail The-Three Little Fitties Twenty-eight L u l"Mlf1fL 6Ll0,6! 017915 This year saw the Academy Girl's Drum and Bugle Corps at its very best since its organi- zation. The addition ot two twirlers and an acrobat made a great improvement in the appearance ot the corps and provided novel entertainment tor the tans. Miss Meyette selects the members of the organization and teaches the marching drills while Miss Schweitzer arranges and directs the music. The goal toward which all activities ot the corps are directed, is a trip with the football team to an out-ot-town game. This year when the team went to lamestown, the corps Went too, and distinguished itselt by an excellent performance at halt-time. Row 4 fL. Petrianni, S. Fleming, V. Wolford, l. Lidell, D. Smith, l. Runser, C. Stuczynslci, M. Snell, V. Colman, R. Maciulewicz, G. Tarno. Row 3--l. Pulling, V. Pulling, V. Robie, G. Clifford, B. Burke, R. Schaat, D. Kuhn, A. Morschhauser, K. Szymula, E. Frank, T. Trimmer, E. Davies. Row 2-R. Moore, E. Getchell, S. Haraburcla, l. Bloss, L. Angelotti, M. Spotswood, L. Blackmond, T. Knablein, R. Geist, P. Barton. Row 1-M. Chessario, G. Gornialc, R. Katz, E. Schaat, D, Bartnicki, M. Moore, M. Karr, B. l. Lacey, l. Demuling. Twenty-nfne M LQPZIJ The Ushers' Club, with the aid ot its adviser, Mr. Mannix, and the cooperation ot its members, is becoming one ot our more progressive organizations. To this group falls the task ot seeing that the patrons ot our activities are treated in true Academy style. its members must learn the seating capacity and arrangement ot both the auditorium and the stadium to the end that patrons may be made comfortable. Plans have been made tor the purchase ot white jackets tor those who serve in this capacity. No doubt, in the tuture our guests and patrons will be agreeably impressed by the courteous and dignified assistance ot those who belong to the usher's club. President- William Teel Vice President-W Margaret Holtzworth Secretary-Virginia Hasenohrl Treasurer--V Arleen Roth Adviser- -ffMr. Mannix Row 5 fl.. Valimont, R. Swanson, H. Slomski, A. Theil, K. Rehm. Row 4-l. Melito, B. Kup, E. Dyer, S. Vollant, A, Roth, C. Hemme, Cv. loint, E. Miller, M. Markey. Row 3-M. Veit, V. Merz. S. Cooper, C. Terwilliger, l. Lidell, l. Lichtenwalter, L. Habersack, R. Laufenberg, P. Ernst. Row 2--'R Zimmerman, l. Clark, V. Hasenohrl, A. McKinney, B. Teel, M. Holtzworth, l. Hoffman, D. Cvreiner, M. Metzler. Row 1-H. Markiewicz, E. McConnell, M. Ryan, R. Lindblom, C, Tarr, C. Traphagen, V. Wilamoski. Thirty "Well, sir, here we are again." 0l!QlflfLgQl" First lune Senior Class Assembly. Second All tor tun and tun tor all at the lOth and llth grade joint class party. Fourth We have met Tech and victory is ours . . . l3-7. Ninth Girl Reserve Tureen Supper and Dance at the Y. W. C. A. Tenth Lions sink lamestown's Red Raiders 6-O in a sea ot mud. .Thirteenth Dancing at Little's Studio . . . l-2-3-kick! Fifteenth Book Week Assembly HReading maketh a full man . . . Seventeenth lanuary Seniors present "You Can't Take lt With You." Eighteenth Academy's Eleven loses at Huntington . . . 27-O. Twenty-third Must be a jinxl Academy loses on lohnstown Gridiron ...6-O. Twenty-fourth Tri-l-li Dance . . . Swing and Sway At the Y. W. C. A. Twenty-seventh Academy Pool sharks out-swim Tech . . . 5-2. Twenty-eighth Eleven-two Skating Party . . . need a pillow? Twenty-ninth Academy's Mermen lose to East . . . 7-6. Thirty-one Standing M. Yentes, l. Pettibone, F. Goodill, C. Kibler, L. Howes. Seated I. Kerr, tt. Harpst, B. Schroeder, Mrs, Howes, E. Carlson, M. Bliven. .L M., ,W Academy is tortunate in having a well-trained statt to supervise its tine library. Besides giving the student body valuable assistance in locating reference and reading material, the statt conducts 'lhobby week," a project tor the participation and enjoyment ot Academy's citizens. National Book Week was observed in November, during which time the statt arranged attrac- tive displays ot the year's outstanding Works ot literature. A skating party, a dance, and a theater party arranged by the statt were outstanding events on Academy's social calender. Thirty-two ouie mon ilfom With the coming of the movies, came the necessity for the formation of a student group, the movie monitors, to assist in solving the many problems which arose. The movie monitors are chosen from the third and fourth period study hall groups, and are distinguished by badges especially designed for them. The collecting of admission fees, the converting of nickles and dimes into pennies, and the maintaining of order in the auditorium are some of their important duties. Row 4---l. Walker, B. Wehan, E, Heibel, R. Luther, T. Schultz, R. Schuster, C. Nick, l. McGill, M. Bard, S. Asbury. Row 3-T. Manross, D. Fessler, B. Swartwood, R. Bernardini, C. Moore, l. Stafford, F. Decker, A. Tubbs, H. Kroto, Mr. Torrance. Row 2-f-B. Conner, H. Haas, T. Raymond, A. Peplinslci, M. Saeger, R. Binclseil, S. Garber, E. Obuszewslci, A. M. Holtz, R, Thomas, A. Torgen- sen. Row 1-l. Rautine, C. O'Shea, l. Mattis, C. Eisweirth, G. Nocer, B. Eisert, M. R. lulius, A Lewis, V. Stewart, l. Pfadt. Thirty-three Dner-lor Tohn l'lirt. Row 1 B. Clark, M, l?i1ll:cwslci, C. Lieder, T. Tsiltl, l,. Heuer, R Fulimitm, W, Todd, R. Meadows, Cv, Seelinger, L, Zuraw. Row 2-f l. Gifford, D. Hough l.. Cocfmelli, R Gangerni, C. Rowland, A. Harvey, E. Cray l-l. Cooper, owamary C4155 "You Can't Take lt With You," a delightful comedy, written by George S. Kaulman and Moss Hart, was presented in the Academy Auditorium, November lo and l7. The audience was enthusiastic and thoroughly appreciated the entertaining manner in which the play was enacted. Ably portraying the leading characters were Lois l-leur as Alice Sycamore, Toe Tarr as Tony Kirbyg Billie Todd as Penny Sycamoreg and Ray Fuhrman as the lovable, wise, old grampa. Thirty-four' xSQ6L?8 PQI!!! Because we, the students, seldom see or go backstage, we lose sight ot the tact that earnest work is being carried on to add to the enjoyment ot programs presented. The handling ot Hprops" is no easy task tor the boys backstageg however, the work is accomplished tor, "the show must go on." Mr. Bright is taculty adviser tor the boys, and his knowledge ot stagework is painted vividly by manager Ronny Ketzel and his crew. The most ditticult task undertaken by these lads is the preparation ot scenery tor the class plays. Striking and torcetul arrangements ot the concert stages bespeaks thorough training and not a little inherent ability. ln recognition ot their concerted ettorts, jackets were presented to the "crew" fby their jackets ye shall know them! Back Rowe F. Coughlin, W. Brown, M. Sutter, R. Weunschel, W. Calahan. Front Row-- l. Mankowski, Mr. Bright, Adviser, R. Ketzel. Thirty-five 'Q Cf Cinema MLA With the capable assistance of Mr. Torrance, the Cinema Club has made much progress this year. Each week a committee is chosen to prepare the next weelc's program. These pro- grams have proved both entertaining and educational. Current movies, movie production and its technical aspects are but a few ot the topics discussed. lt's supposed to be a secret, but we heard that the real ambition ot the Cinema Club is to purchase a movie camera and make a movie ot their very own! lt would be acted, directed, iilmed, edited, and screened by club members. Good Luck to them on this ambitious project. Row 4 l. Ferrare, R Karlen, S. Berry, G. Becker, D. Brooks, L. lllig, E. Trudnowski, T. Dudzinslci. Row 3 D. Nero, P. Flagella, H. Nye, A. Yarbenet, M. Kollman, l. DiLuzio, M. Bard. Row 2" V. Patsy, B. Mann, V. Parmenter, L. Dudley, A. Morschhauser, A. Woeckener, R. Miller, l. Yokey. Row lf L. Batdorf, B. Lipkin, E. Heibel, A. Baker, N. Trochi, D. Fasco. Thirty-six QCQWL Fourth Fifth Sixth Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Sixteenth Eighteenth Nineteenth Twenty-first Twenty-second Twenty-eighth Thirty seven - Champs in action. The Academy Tankers defeat the Colonels 5-2. Mrs. Booth Demarest is assembly speaker. Academy submarines torpedo Tech . . . 8-1. Aquatic Lions sink East 5-4. Card Day . . . Blue Monday. Academy Singers Pre-Holiday Concert . . . "Music hath charm." Tenth graders blacken their faces for the Minstrel Show . . . Academy rules the waves as we defeat Vincent 4-3 in the final Water-polo game. Basketball season opened with a bang . . . We triumph over Ellwood City 43-31. Hilltop Cagers hold Ambridge to a 35-35 tie. Academy Grapplers throw Edinboro . . . 35-lO. Cagers win at Oil City . . . 49-33. Band assembly offering modern music. Dramatics Class presents "The Tree." "At Christmas, play and make good cheer For Christmas comes but once a year." Academy Cagers meet Ambridge . . . this time we win . . . 34-29. 1 Standing-Coach Rollinger, N. Dytche, I. Scott, D. Marshall, D. G. Marshall, l. Badgely, R. Olsen, Cf. German, l. Phleuger, M. Ebert, R. Barker. Seated-l. Duke, W. Linberg, W. Kinner, C. Otis, H. Schlindwein, C. Williamson, R. Belding, W. Cooper, l. Vandervort. ' wimming earn Under the capable direction of Coach Rollinger, Academy's golden lions wrested the city water-polo crown from the Vincent Colonels. The team met defeat only once, in a hectic, hard-fought game with East High. However, in a return game, the lion tankers turned in a decisive victory to clinch the city water polo crown. More honors were bestowed upon the school by the representation of three members of Academy on the all scholastic water-polo team. WATER-POLO SCORES Academy Opponent 5 Tech 2 5 Vincent 2 6 East 7 5 Vincent 2 8 Tech 1 5 East 4 SWIMMING SCORES T Academy Opponent 35 East 4O 35 Vincent 45 32 Tech 43 31 East 44 29 Vincent 45 29 Tech 46 Thirty-eight Bow to your partner, then turn to the right Looking for something, Miles? Silly, silly sophomores get together. A little water in your eyes, boys? Swing it, Pete! Row ISD. Messmer, G. German, R. Mehler, l. Phleuger, I. Duke, l. Stafford, R. Gardner. Row 2'D. Cokefair, G. Considine, l. Scott, l. Conant, R. Boosinger, H. Latimer, D. Marshall, N. Dytche, R. Parker. Row 3-W. Kinner, R. Barker, R. McKinney, L. McCloskey, l. McCloskey, R. Kerner. wimming C245 Before becoming a member of the Swimming Club, one must perform the difficult task of swimming 25 lengths of the pool, after which the prospective member is initiated. During the swimming and water polo seasons, the club members spend their time practicing one of the two sports, otherwise, the club period is spent playing an original game. Often Coach Thomas allows the boys a free period, and many's the ducking received that day. ,- CWM CM Extensive discussions and various instructive demonstrations are the tactics employed by the Charm Club in attaining its obvious goalfto be charming. To aid in the conducting of their activities in an intelligent and systematic manner, an adeguate collection of various educational pamphlets is placed at the disposal of club members. Club meetings are devoted to discussing clothing appropriate for every occasion, be- coming hair-do's, correct posture and good health habits. Row 4-M. Alberstadt, M. Weyand, A. Devlin, E. Macrino, S. Tech, D. Cyzeski, l. Held, E. Frank, V. Anderson, A. Weber. Row 3-T. Trimmer, l. Pfadt, R. Lindsay, C. Meyn, A. lorgensen, R. Thomas, R. Behnke, L. Munson, l. Parsons, B. Camery, L. Christoph. Row 2-S. Little, M. Woods, l. Saeger, S. Enslin, D. Herzog, B. Kimmel, R. Bindseil, A. Conklin, l. Wilkinson. Row 1-E. lohnson, H. Engesser, M. Kaiser, l. Raymond, M. Anderson, l. Kelley, M. lulius, R. Martin, M. McCooey. Forty Row 1--A. Frazier, R. l-lartel, R. Bera- dine, Miss Van Geerri, adviser, l. Zuraw, l. Brown, M. Mattis. Row 2 N. Case, E. Freeburg, R. Finney, E. Miller, A. Krista, l. Max, R. lackson, R. Barron. Row 3--N. Capozzillio, L. Leslie, T. Holtz, E. Seblom, R. Martin, l. Ring, D. Paulson, W. Fearn. Mix CM To improve a talent is equally as praiseworthy as to have it, so being a staunch believer in this adage, Miss Van Geem has organized the Art Club with this objective. Work with pastels, and water paint are the principle interests at present. The club members alternate their activities and have talks on famous artists one week and the next, they draw and try to project their impressions on paper. 9810, EOIAVLJ The newly established Teen-l-li Round Table is a group ot twenty-three girls who meet to discuss the average high school girl's problems. Magazine articles and a question box are used as a basis for the discussions. Among the topics ot greatest interest are appropriate clothes, girl and boy relationships, etiquette problems, and personality traits. lt is an organi- zation which welccmes enthusiastically, any subject involving people of the teen-age. Row 4--V. Seroka, E. Tillotson, A. Thomas, S, Wright, M. Kitza, M. Erick- son, A. Honard. Row 3--M. Blake, l. Wright, F. Reuss, S, Schlecht, E. Gardner, A. Feraini, S. Buettner. Row 2-B. Steiner, S. Breter, Miss Mohney, Adviser, S. Leonard, L. Weigand, l. French. Row 1- G. Schroeder, D. Smith, M. Bevens. Forty-one 1 D jnfernafioncaf The lnternational Club is devoted to a better understanding of the intricate affairs of the World of today. The Finnish War, German Concentration Camps, Propaganda, and the National Socialist Party furnished matter for many heated discussions this year. These youthful statesmen find in their conferences an opportunity for the exchange of stimulating ideas. ln these times of momentous happenings and conflicting reports, an organization which directs its attention to the unbiased discussion of international affairs deserves tribute. FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Raymond Fuhrmarr--President-Harvey Cohen Jean Bless --Vice President--Antoinette DeVette Lavern Angellotti-Secretary-Elizabeth White William Nordin-Treasurer 'William Nordin Row 3 C. Barnett, l. McLaughlin, R. Meyn, R. Conyngham, D. Lindgren, N. Townshend. Row 2-f Miss McLaughlin, W. Lester, G. Coover, R. Wiertel, l. Dimirgian, M. Foster, Miss Fluegel. Row I--F. Welz, G. Wagner, W. Nordin, A. DeVette, H. Cohen, E. White, H. Wexler. Forty-two 1 6LlfLlfL6Ll"7 Fifth Sixth Eighth Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Sixteenth Seventeenth Twentieth Twenty-second Twenty-third Twenty-fourth Twenty-ninth Forty-three Time out Get Your Man! Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance. The Lion quintet surpasses the Centaurs 41-32. East out-swims Academy 35-40.1 A visit to Fairy1and via the puppet version ot Snow White. Students tapped for Nationat Honor Society. Lions snared by the Warriors . . . 41-43. We Swamp Meadviiie Five . . . S1-31. Choir Skating Party. February Senior Class Day . . . 'tWhere, Oh Where are the grand o1d Seniors?" Academy decisions Grove City 15-4. Qur Caqers victorious over the Co1one1s . . . 38-28. Academy's Tankers ducked by Tech 49-21. Commencement ot the 1anuary Seniors. Peeping Tom previews the Prom. Coronation ot the Snow Queen at the Prom to the accom- paniment ot Red Norvo's music. SeatedvC. McMahon, A. Lewis, M. Voss, Miss Hunt, adviser, M. Kunz, P. Bredenburg, F. lobes G. Larson, G. Sherman, l. Maclnnes. Standing-R. English, F. Thompson, K. Longnecker F. Larson, A. DeVette, M. Stough, 'G. German, D. Busche, D. Marshall, H. Levine, E. Londregari S. Shaw, W. Todd, M. Benz. Wafionaf Amor ociefy 1 1 1 ln order to recognize outstanding leaders in different fields a group known as the National Honor Society was organized. ln Academy under Miss Hunt's direction the National Honor Society has especially dis- tinguished itself and is respected by every member of the student body who consider it a great privelege to be chosen for membership. Eligible students, those who possess outstanding qualities of character, leadership, scholarship, and service, are selected by the faculty. Forty- four Grand old seniors prepare for commence- ment. It floats through the loop with the greatest of ease . . . Prom prornotersj New torch-bearers. RQEH in ff L HWSON L E nssf. h 'W - LONGNECK E E gutdgefga jam At tirst the success ot the l939-46 basketball team was doubttul, but after winning eight games the doubt was erased from the public mind. For the second consecutive year the City Championship Crown was ours. lt appeared, oo, that the Academy Cagers were headed tor another State Championship drive which tell short last season, but once again the drive was halted, this time atter losing a hard fought game with Farrell. Throughout the season, the team lost only tour games -two to East, one to Vincent, and the last to Farrell which game ended a great season tor a great team. Academy Opponent Academy 43 Ellwood City .....,...,.. 3l 4l 35 Ambridge ...,., ,.... 3 5 49 Oil City .,.... ..,. 3 3 42 Sharon ....., .... 3 6 33 Dunkirk ,.,...... .... 2 5 46 Ellwood City ...., ..,. 2 8 36 Aliguippa ..,,,. .... 3 4 34 Ambridge .... .,.. 2 9 4l Tech ,..... ,,.. 3 2 Opponent East .... . . . .... , .43 Meadville .... ..... 5 l Vincent .... ..... 2 8 Tech .,.,. . , , .37 East ....., ,.., 3 2 Vincent. . ,,.. 35 lamestown ,... ..,. 3 9 Franklin, . .... 25 Earrell... .,.,36 Row 3--Coach Drake, P. Bredenberg, P. Haendler, R. Hewitt, S. Nicolia, B. Radov, Manager. Row 2-f 5. Kulesza, K. Longnecker, F, Lawson, l. Roehl, W, Kramer. Row l----L. Holland, S. Franzkowski, H. Schwindt, H. Kroto. Forty-seven Front-E. Bernat, O. Wilson, G. Sherman, A. Verga, B. Wilcox, W. Saunders. Back-W Beatman, A. Larsen, E. Recker, Coach Towns, H. Tucker, H. Ramsey, R. Soth, W. Traut. Stand- ing-H. Sanner, Assistant Manager, M. Lee, Manager, P. Wunz, Assistant Manager. medfird The wrestling team under the tutelage of Coach Towns had an undefeated team for the tirst time in its history. The lion grapplers captured the district ten honors by vanguishing Grove City, Farrell, and Edinboro in six dual meets. Two contestants of the Academy team Won district championships and Tony Verga seized state laurels in the 125 lb. division. This is the first time an Erie boy has captured a state title. With a host ot veterans returning next year, the Wrestlers hope to surpass it not to equal the achievements of the 1939 squad. Academy Opponent 3 1 Edinboro 1 O 1 5 Grove City 1 4 19 Farrell 18 34 Edinboro 5 19M Farrell 1 'YM 1 8 Grove City 1 3 Forty-eight C9A6llflfL!9i0lfL5 For those students who do not compete in a major sport, the intramural program is a great favorite. This program provides a source ot activity for a great many students each year. A school olympics is held each winter inside school to determine the track champions. Qther sports are held in season. Although these students derive very little publicity tor their efforts they receive a full measure in recreation and enjoyment. Basketball Champions Seventh Grade-Home Room l2 lunior High Leaguef Home Room 214 lnterclass League' Senior Class Team lunior Foul Shooting Fearn Senior Foul Shooting Chattee Tennis Doubles Championsf -f Bredenberg Radov Track and Field Champions 50 yd. Dash-af-fDecker High and Low Hurdles Curtett 440 yd. Dash f-Riley Standing Broad lump Rastatter B80 yd. Dashf' Struchen Hop Step and lump Bell Mile Eventfaa 'Gitterman High lump- Torrance Mile Relay-wBaker, Gitterman, Standing Broad lump Rastatter Riley, Struchen Shot Put Bell Row Sf Baker, Gitterman, Riley, Struchen, Rastatter, Chaffee, Bell, Becker, Torrance, Ochran, Curlett. Row 4-Chase, Schlindwein, Walker, Berchtold, C. Ebert, M. Ebert, Schwane, Radov, Bredenberg. Row 3--Conti, Kusinski, Swartwood, Paulson, Bagnoni, Williamson, Kelly, Lam- achia, lohannesen, Doniki, Karznia. Row Z--Vl-liggens, Considine, Blum, Cugnin, Allamon, Capczello, Fearn. Row l--Weindorf, Sawtelle, Rusterholtz, Ziick, Work, Thomas, Pratt, Pollock. Forty-nine Mif'uwfh'Y -arm''rw-Nw- K - i--' iifl- f vfwnv PROM COMMITTEE Standing M. Kunz, A. Pettinato, S. Levine, P. Soth, D. Brooks. Seated' f B. Teal, D. Leary, B. Olzewslci, M. E. Ccnsidine. Through the unceasing efforts of this committee, Academy students enjoyed an excep- tionally successful prom. PROM QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS D. Busche, M. E. Ccnsidine, M. Hume-s, C. Lieder, the Queen, L. Heuer, R. Kramer, P. Kibler. The greatest compliment an Academy girl can receive is to be chosen Prom Queen or a member of her retinue by her fellow students. Senior activities were brought to a close by the mid-year prom which featured "Red" Norvo and his famous orchestra. Fifty Fifty-o Z8 jme 6L:5 OWLQ . . l'The time has come," the Walrus said, Hto speak of many things": and so it is that the lanuary Class of 1940 takes this opportunity for introspection. Former classes had found that many financial difficulties arise during the senior yearsg- so in order to overcome this, our class was organized in September, 1938 with Charles 1-lymers as President, Lois 1-leuer as Vice President, Betty McAvoy as Secretary, and Thomas Cook as Treasurer. The opening of our junior year found us busy with plans for an informal "get-acguainted" party, and a skating party. Cur first dance of 1939 was a success both financially and socially. In keeping with the tradition at Academy and in honor of the lune Seniors of 1939 We sponsored the prom which featured Larry Funk and his "Band of a Thousand Melodies." With our return to school in September We realized that We were at last on our final way to graduation. The most successful achievement of our senior year was an interesting and Well- portrayed play, "You Can't Take lt With You." Class Day on lanuary 16 concluded our school activities. lt was on this day that our class president, Charles 1-lymers, presented our parting gift, the public-address system to Mr. Ray for the use of the school. And so, on lanuary 23, 1940, 'llike some low and mournful spell, We Whispered that sad Word, 'FareWell'." Ile 1 4.1 F i x mm First Semester Charles Hymers Thomas Cook Jean Ehret Betty McAvoy William Neff Lois Heuer VLIXLELPV CKCLC55 Q!ACQl"5 Second Semester CHARLES HYMERS ...., ,.... P resident .,.., ..... C HARLES HYMERS THQMAS COCK ...... .... V ice President. , 4 , .....,. IEAN EHRET BETTY MCAVOY ..., .... S ecretary ...,. ..,. B ETTY MCAVOY WILLIAM NEFF ..... .... T reasurer, . . ,LOIS HEUER 6'LlfLlfL0lfl"7 0l'l'Ll'l'L9lfLC8l'l'LQlfLt xS?99ULA8l"5 Introduction ...,... , , , Our District Historical ..,, Section I ..4.. Section II .... Section III ...., Section IV. . . , , . .Vivian Sandcjuist . . . . John Coccarelii . . , ,Louis Heuer . . . , Joseph Terr .....Ada Klinq . . . .Matilda Rogers Section V. . . ..... Barbara Beasley Section VI ..... .... I earl Ehret Section VII. . 4 ,,,. Arthur Harvey Section VIII .... ,,,. D orothy Kuivenen Section IX ,,.. .... R uth Matthews Section X .... ..... L eon Sweatman Section XI ......,,.... ..... H eleu Cooper Non-Resident Students. , . ...,. Florence Butfalari Distribution of Groups ..,. ....., C lara Lieder Summary ........... , , .Gertrude Seelinqer Distribution by Distance .... .... R aymond Fuhrman Our District Cab Industrial ,... ..,.. W ilma Todd Cbj Residential .... 4... E sther Lee Our Future Population .... ..... l ean Karszinia Conclusion ,,.,...., 4 ..,....,,...,,..................,... Floyd Lawson F ifty-four Abel, Florence Ahl, Irwin Allamon, William Alloway, Allison Amidon, Donna Balthes, Augustine Bayle, Elmer Beasley, Barbara Becker, Dorothy Bollard, Loraine Brown , Virginia Bruner, Carl Buffalari, Florence Burch, Elwin Carlson Leroy Christie, Jack Coccarelli, John Colvin, Gerald Cook, Thomas Cooper, Helen Corcoran, Leo Cray, Edgar Ehret, Jean Ely, Richard Englert, Lawrence Filiger, Paul Fiorelli, Carman Fuhrman, Raymond Gangemi, Ralph Gifford, Jess Goulding, Jeannette Grau, Donald Green, Marjory Harvey, Arthur Hawley, Jane Fifty five JANUARY SENIORS BIRTHDAYS AND ACTIVITIES Dec. 2 luly ll Mar. 9 Oct. 28 Aug. 24 Sept. ll lune 18 May 21 May 1 Sept. 12 May ll lan. 24 Mar. 21 Apr. 6 May 7 Sept. 8 May 14 May 27 Apr. 21 luly 8 luly 20 Nov. 29 Oct. 28 lune 1 Aug. 6 Feb. l Apr. 13 Aug. 13 Sept. 13 19 Mar. Sept. 19 Feb. 18 luly 12 Nov. 19 lan. 18 Red Cross Club 3, Camera Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4. Chess Club 1, 2, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Archery Club 3. Track 1, 2, 3, 4, President ot Cinema Club 3, Cinema Club 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 2, 4, Archery Club 4. Basketball 2, Archery Club 3, Theatrical MakeAUp Club 4, Debating Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4. Knitting Club 3, 4, Sewing Club 4, Monitor 4. Track 4, Archery Club 4, Cafeteria Attendant 4. Dramatic Club 1, Basketball 2, Archery Club 3, Theatrical Make-Up Club 4. Archery Club 3, Commercial Club 4. Beauty Culture Club 3, Archery Club 4. Knitting Club 1, Girl Reserves 2, Commercial Club 3, 4. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Fencing Club 3, Library StaftAVice Chairman 2, 3, 4, Academy Singers 2, 3, 4, Stamp Club 4. Knitting Club 1, Cinema Club 1, Commercial Club 3, Etiquette Club 4. 5 Rod and Gun Club 4, Basketball 2, 3. Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play Committee 4. Baseball 2, 3, 4, lnternational 4, Basketball 2. Senator 1, Radio Club 1, Propellor Club 3, Class Play 4, Archery Club 4. gaslgetball 2, 3, Personality Club 4, Baseball 2, Dancing u 3. Class Treasurer 3, 4, Athletic Theory Club 3, Chess Club 3, Prom Committee 4, Class Day Committee 4. Girl Reserves 3, Chairman Class lewelry 4, Student Director Class Play 4, Beauty Culture Club 4. Art Club 2, 3, 4. Monitor 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Leadership Club 2, Theatrical Make-Up Club 3, First Aid Club 4, Vice President ot Senior Class 4. Senator 3, Math Club 4, Class Play 4. Home Room President 1, 2, Publicity Chairman Prom 4, Publicity Chairman Class Play 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4, Monitor 4, Football 2, Track 3. Radio Club 4, Cinema Club 4. Radio Club 1, Movie Appreciation Club 1, lnternational Club 3, 4, Pres. lnternational Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Class Play 4, lnternational Club 3, 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senator 3, Leadership Club 3, 4, Academe Staff 4. Senator 3, Music Club 3, Camera Club 4, Class Play Come mittee 4, Banquet Committee 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Class President 1, Archery Club 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Club 3, Class Play Committee 4, Swing Band 2, 3. Commercial Club 4, Book Club 3. Glee Club 2, 4, Etiquette Club 3, 4, Class Play 4, Commence- ment Speaker 4. Commercial Club 3, Book Club 4. Hellman, Dorothy Heuer, Lois Hitchcock, Edmund Hough, Dorothy Humes, Myrna Hymers, Charles Jerome, Ruth Johnson, Carl Johnson, Chester Johnson, Sherwood Jones, Howard Kaberline, Marguerite Karznia, Jeanne Kawczynsl-ri, Irene Kilpatrick, Robert Kling, Ada Kowalewski, Mary Krahe, Claire Kuehner, Edward Kuffer, Virginia Kuivinen, Dorothy Lawson, Floyd Lee , Esther Leonard , Pat Lewis, Franklin Lieder, Clara Martin, Robert Matthews, Ruth May, Donald McAvoy, Betty Meadows, Richard Michael Louise Moore, Dorothy Neff, William Nelson, Anna Jean luly 5 Mar. 20 Oct. 10 lune 17 lan. 28 Nov. 5 Sept. 5 Feb. 9 Mar. 16 Aug. 2 lan. 21 Oct. 5 May 17 Dec. 27 lan. 20 lune 12 lan. 27 April 13 Dec. 12 Dec. 24 Dec. 21 Apr. 24 Aug. 9 Mar. 23 Apr. 21 Sept. 2 Nov. 2 luly 16 Apr. 9 Oct. 30 Apr. 2 luly 18 April 22 Mar. 28 Aug. 15 Theatrical Make Up Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Chairman Prom Committee 4, Class Play, Vice President Class 3, Commencement Speaker 4. Camera Club 4. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Archery Club 4, Dancing Club 4, Class Play 4. Girl Reserves 4. Class President 3, 4, Senator 3, Dancing Club 3, Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 2, 3, 4, Water Polo Captain 3, 4. Knitting Club 3, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Sewing Club 4. Engineering Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 4, Baseball 3, 4. Science Club 3, 4. Swimming 4, Swimming Club 4. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Camera Club 3, 4, Cruise Club 4. Knitting Club 3, Fencing Club 2, Sale Drivers' Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Embroidery and Knitting Club 4. Basketball 1, Chess Club 14, Archery Club 4. Arts and Crafts Club 4. Commercial Club 4. Crafts Club 2, 3, l-landlcerchief Club 3. Boys' Glee Club 4, Etiquette Club 4. Senator 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4, Sr. Etiquette Club 3, Sr. Travel Club 4, Class Play Committee 4. Arts and Cratts Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Senator 4, Football 4, National Honor Society 4, Commencement Speaker 4, Rod and Gun Club 3. Commercial Club 4, Senator 1, Hostess Club 3. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Archery Club 4. Tennis Club 3, Science Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Academe Statt 3, 4. Table Tennis Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4. lr. Orchestra 1, Bicycle Club 3, Sr. Dramatics Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Etiquette Club 4. Class Secretary 3, 4, Archery Club 4, Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4. Girl Reserves 1, Etiquette Club 2, Research Club 3. Swimming 1, 4, Water Polo 1, 4, Press Club 3, Pres. Golt Club 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Academy Singers 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves, Etiquette Club 3, Research Club 4. Fifty-six Fifty-seven 5 W 1 Fiftyleight I Nielson, Pearl Pedano, Rose Pfister, Norbert Pistory, James Postek, Stanley Prylinski, Esther Robinson, Virginia Rocco, Phyliss Rodgers, Helen Rogers, Matilda Rosendale, Richard Roth, William Rounds, Luella Rowland, Constance Rutkowski, Marcel Sandquist, Vivian Schuster, Mildred Seelinger, Gertrude Shattuck, Gloria Siegel, Jack Simmons, Merle Specter, Nancy Steele, Margaret Steiner, Harold Stockwell, Viola Sullivan, Richard Sweatmen, Leon Talarico, Angeline Tarr, Joseph Todd, Wilma Toskin, Eleanor Trampenau, Edith Trost, Catherine Ward, Earl Weber, Richard Fifty nine lan. 16 Aug. 16 Dec. 13 Feb. 17 Oct. 4 lune 18 lune 22 lan. 20 lan. 12 Feb. 22 Mar. 21 Dec. 15 Aug. 30 Sept. 11 luly 12 Feb. 25 Mar. 17 Feb. 3 Dec. 24 May 5 Feb. 28 Oct. 30 luly 19 Mar. 13 luly 30 Aug. 25 Dec. 21 May 21 lan. 31 Mar. 24 Aug. 18 Feb. 2 Feb. 1 Nov. 6 Aug. 9 Sewing Club 3, 4. Girls' Chorus, Knitting Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 4, Research Club 4. Stamp Club l, Basketball 1, Rifle Club 2, Football 3, Ticket Committee 4. Basketball 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Athletic Theory Club 3, Etiquette Club 4. Stamp Club 2, Cinema Club 3, 4. Personality Club 3, Cinema Club 4. Research Club 4. Welfare Club 1, Etiquette Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Personality Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Association 2. Rod and Gun Club 3, Stamp Club 4. Radio Club 3, 4. ' Orchestra 1, Knitting Club 3, Etiquette Club 4. Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Fencing Club 3, Golf Club 4, Cruise Club President 4. Fencing Club 4, Glee Club 4, Class Play 4, Class Day 4, Christmas Play 4, Track 4. Pres. National Honor Society 4, Prom Committee 4, Com- mencement Speaker 4, Class Day Chairman 4, Senator 4. Sewing Club 3, 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Senator 3, Class Play 4, Commencement Speaker 4, Class Day 4. Theatrical Make Up Club 3, 4, Banquet Committee 4, Class Play Committee 4. Engineering Club 3, Pres. Craft Club 4. Camera Club 2, Stamp Club 1, Leadership Club 4, Sr. Dramatics Club 4. Star Staff 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4, Theatrical Make-Up Club 3, 4. Beauty Culture Club 4. Book Club 3, Track 4, Prom Committee 4. Class Play Committee 4, Banquet Committee 4, Charm Club 4, Cosmopolitan Club 4, Dancing Club 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Track 3. Track 3, Airplane Club 3, Math Club 4. gewgng Club 2, Dancing Club 2, Girl Reserves 3, Travel u 4. Book Club 3, Track 4, Prom Committee 4, Class Play 4, Commencement Speaker 4. Girl Reserves 3, Theatrical Make-Up Club 3, Mimeo Shop 4, Class Play 4. Beauty Culture Club 3, Cruise Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Dancinb Club 3, Senator 4, Archery Club 4, Star Statt 4, Girl Reserves 4, Class Play Committee 4. History Club 1, Camera Club 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, Cruise Club 4. Wrestling Club 1, Track 4, Archery Club 4. Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4, Fencing Club 3. '1 4 4.4 Weiderhoef , Doris Wiler, Arthur Williams, Gordon Wright, Alice Yanosko, Elizabeth Zuraw, Louis Mar. l3 Knitting Club 3, Cruise Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Oct. 21 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Etiquette Club 3, Art Club 3, 4. Deo. 9 Football 2, 3, Visual Education 2, 3, 4. Mar. ll Travel Club 4. lan. 4 luly ll Golf Club 4, Prom Committee 4, Class Play 4, Class Day 4, Basketball l. Sixty 57 Fifth Eighth Ninth 8 l"lfI6Ll"g Fourteenth Sixteenth Seventeenth Nineteenth Twentieth Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty Sixty-one -second -third -fourth -ninth Snowbound . . . Boys, a path Vincent swimmers send Academy to Davy lones' Locker. Academy matmen defeat Farrell . . . l8-l9. lt's Gavel Day So Mr. Ray Makes our Ted The Senate's head, St. Valentines Day dance held by Library Staff. The Academy Singers and the Vincent Choir sponsor the Don Cossacks concert. Cur hoopsters Win over Tech 36-16. Henry Aldrich comes to Academy in the Playhouse pro- duction of "What A Lite." Academy wrestlers triumphant over Farrell . . . DM-Uh. Choir variety show . . . "Variety is the spice of life." You need no old-fashioned riq For the Senate's Washington liq. Colonel quintet captures Lions . . . 49-48. Academe-Za-Poppin CAcademe Leap Year Assembly to Youll Q.. Seated, First Table-G. Griffith, N. Curlet, H. Blatchley, A. Grygier, F. lobes, C. Hake, A. Silver, E. Paliwoda. Seated, Second Table-N. Lopez, H. Konkowski, M. Cohen, R. Lang, C. McMahon, E. Farlcus, W. Kilpatrick, H. Benczykowski. Row 1--Mr. Detmers, R. Bell, D. Prescott, W. Saunders, I. Lundmark, H. Fritz, W. Hill, R. Wells, D. Shay, A. Cornelius, G. Ulrich, D. Patton, I. Pettibone, R. Glass. Row 2-W. Hiller, F. Whipple, D. Marshall, R. Kletfman, R. Erghe, Bean, B. Kloecker, I. Wade, R. Andersen, A. Heinlein, M. Riell, V. Hemme, H. Dieter, . ero a. CAM CM Checkmate! A term used in the ancient, yet popular game of chess, a game which for many years has been symbolically indicative of clear thinking and clever minds has become one of the most popular club organizations in Academy. Mr. Detmers, himself a chess en- thusiast, with the cooperation of club members, has been responsible for the steady growth and popularity of the club. Improving those who do play chess, and giving instruction to those who Wish to learn the game has been the ultimate goal of the club this year. The members take the game very seriously and We may be sure, that in the future, perhaps when school days are ended, they will realize to a fuller extent the benefits derived from the game, Sixty-two Eat heartily boys--trainings over. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's home from school we go Your move, George. Wherefore art thou, Romeo? , s Townesmen repose for a plcture Row 1-M. Treado, M. Stewart, V. Parmerter, E. Kuivinen, B. Pistory, A. Preedit, A. Coleman L. Vitelli, I. Rupp, W. Kaufman. Row 2 ff F. Kucinski, L. Gitterman, l. Demirgian, W. Rotman l. Friday, Mr. William Owen, C. Martin, R. Lang, P. Petrianni, L Landsburg, I. Fuller. Row 3- H F. King, I. Woznicki, Kessler, I. Emery Pennoclc, C. Hemme, R. McCamman, L. Dinicola, G. Chambers, l. Kerr, S. Grenz, Y. Davis. Row 4-B. Hoagland, E. Freiberg, P. Dougherty, W. Horn, R. Starks, M. Whitehead, G. Griffith, R. King, R. Karlen, F. Fuller, M. Patton, Pire, M. Lois. 1 f en ior OrcAe5Ifra In Academy the highest standard ot instrumental achievement is represented by the senior orchestra. Through the efforts ot Mr. Owen, the director, the group undertakes studies ot both modern and classical types of music. Thus, aside from gaining much ot practical value, the members receive a priceless appreciation ot music that will endure long alter much of the intellectual side of high school has died away. This organization entertains the student-body at assemblies and their annual spring concert is awaited with anticipation by Erie's music lovers each year. Sixty-four C zfznior Orckealfra Most of the talent for the band and senior orchestra is trained in this group. Under the patient direction of Miss Schweitzer these young musicians receive a thorough foundation in musical training. Occasionally the group visits nearby schools to play at assemblies. Each season the orchestra presents a concert which is a manifestation of what Academy's juvenile musicians have accomplished through worthy effort. Row 4--T. Stover, R. Nelson, L. Baker, L. Maurer, W. Porter, R. Russell, A. Sterner, S. Tarno, W. Watkins, B. Musolf, Row 3-F. Linder, C. Urban, l. Vigorito, A. Hammond, H. Sullivan, E. Offenberg, H. Miller, N. Phillips, R. Westerling, l. Madelhener. Row 2-E. Weber, M. Conrad, R. Geier, R. Krurnpach, M. McDonald, G. Friedrichs, l. Ruhling, P. Christenson, D. Stein, A. Davies, E. Moore. Row 1-D. Patsy, V. Smith, V. Maurer, G. Nash, C. Tufts, Miss Schweitzer, N. Martin, M. Driscoll, R. Maynard, M. Lesh, A. Eaton. Sixty-five Row 1-fl Drexler, C. Vtfilliamson, R. Luther, C. Nick, Stwartwood, A. Thomas, B. St George, F. Kyzinski, T. Vxfork, D. Wyinn H. Roth, C. Wilson, Mosakowski, P. Krivoniak. D. Bartone, N. Nuber. Row 2fCoach Drake, B. Beatman. I. Roehl, R. Beth, A. Baker, G. Posterli, B. Thomas, P. Haendler, K. Longnecker, R. Brown, Cubnan, R. Phleiger, lngaldi R. Petigrew, M Ebert R. Briggs, N. Manos, S. Kulzea, H. Nemenz. Row 3-AC. Ebert, Olzeski, Hammer, T. Frankowski, D. Crawfard, M. Lanochia, Nadler, F. Kaiser, R. Geiska, W. Kramer, T, Wilson, R. Boyd, H. Karznia, W. Krivcniak E. Recker H. Kroto, N. Manross, H. Ramsey. Row 4-Kelley, L. Verdiccia L. Langkowski, SanPietro, Delagowski, A. Riley, l. Robaski, W. Graham, H. Schwindt, McAndrews, L. Rostattes, R. Chaffee, LeFavier, R. Kuhn, B. Rotman, l. Pettibcne, N. Mangold, L. Urich, R. Shvefstall, B. Phillips. .fgf!LLfic Jewry Perhaps many of us do not realize the importance of brainwork behind school athletics. To provide for the fundamental knowledge of the various sports, Coach Drake has formed a class which meets twice a week for this purpose. In this class, the instructor presents topics concerning athletics, after which lengthy discussions follow. Proper training which includes well-balanced meals, plenty of rest, and sufficient exercise are emphasized. Movies of college and professional athletes are shown to enable the study of correct form and muscular coordination. Although the athletic theory class was organized for the athletes of the school, the non- participants are not restricted. Several boys who are not physically fit to participate in the sporting program, join the class to further their sporting interest. The class is not entirely based on theory, for actual experiments are performed to show how alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and drugs affect the internal organs. Academy's success in interscholastic sports has proved the class worthwhile, its con- tinuance in the future will undoubtedly be beneficial. Sixty-six Ward First Seventh Eighth Eleventh Thirteenth Fourteenth Eighteenth Twentieth Twenty-ninth Sixty seven A-keen eye finds the mark Our wrestlers conquer Grove City . . . 18-13. Community Sing sponsored by Student Senatefe"Wake up and sing, start the day right." Lion quintet vanguishes Franklin at Meadville for sectional title. Victory Rally . . . 'iWe'Ve got a cheer, We've got a yell, We've got a team that fights likef Yea Academy! Farrell defeats Academy to take District lO basketball championship. Station A-C-A CDramatic Classj presents two radio plays. Tony Verga, our wrestling captain, brings home State Championship from Penn State. lr. Airplane Club has successful skating party. Another Blue Monday . . . Card Day. Student Senate features Choral groups in enjoyable Easter assembly. Grades ten, eleven, and twelve, invade the school at night with cake and ice cream for class parties. Row 1 A. Rhodes, C. Moore, T. Manross, G. Smith, G. Klenk, W. Mabie, R. Lacey, R. Swain, Mr. Davis, Mr. Bright. Row 2-V. Ostromecki, D. Piliewicz, A. Wiest, N. Younger, C. lohns, l. Teal, R. Smith, F. Dragar, l. Bollard, D. Struchen, L. Butler, W. Cranston, F. Decker, D. Carlson R. Amidon, R. Stark. Row 3-Miss Weir, l. Akus, A. Nowothy, l. Palmer, D. Mangold, C. Karsznia S. Olzeski, D. Bollard, R. Dennington, A. McCall, G. Nocer, G. Forbes, M. Katz, A. Church, H. Aronoft, R. Barrett, W. Hartmann. Row 4-R. McCammon, G. Middleton, l. Lansberry, A. Sopp, M. Kindle, R. Babe, C. Freligh, C. Arnemann, D. Bastau, I. Doty, D. Reitinger, H. Roseenberg, W. Knoll, W. Linburg, R. Stienford, A. lohnson. Row 5- -fN. Brower, N. Lechner, D. lacquel N. Strohmeyer, M. Allburn, P. Miller, G. Tozer, R. Deer, V. Stough, D. Yeager, R. Giese, M. Walde- marson, W. Graham, I. Pearson, M. Teubner, E. Gehrlein, R. Williams. 1 1 1 6Ll'l'L6l"6L Presidents Advisers Richard Swain Mr. Davis Chester Freleigh Mr. Bright Mark Tuebrier Miss Weir Since the advent of the miniature camera, amateur photography has grown by leaps and bounds. The popularity of this hobby in Academy is evidenced by the fact that we have not one, but three full-sized camera clubs. At meetings these avid followers of amateur photography further their knowledge of the art by discussing new trends in photography, by observing lighting effects, and by taking occasional camera hikes. With the Camera Club as a medium, Academy is helping its students to live well rounded American lives by giving them profitable as well as enjoyable pastime. The three clubs appear in the picture. Sixty-eight Row 1-A. Stewart, I. Iohnston, B. Flanagan, L. Vogel, I. Benedict, L. Hardner, E. Rrosperi, V. Mando, I. Manross, G. Nash, R. Mayhard, B. Wheeler, M. Fitzgerald, I. Hersperger, V. Iohnson. Row ZSB. Rathwell, M. Randall, B. Huey, I. Stanton, I. Rocco, B. Veit, M. Manna, M. Anderson, L. Schweitzer, A. Fritz, I. Hart, H. Levy, R. Valentine, R. Randecker, N. McMann, V. Maurer, P. Martin, K. Selig. Row 3-G. Robinson, M. Sansone, G. Runser, I. Ohmer, R. Viveralli, M. Garni, R. Kosobucki, G. Hicks, V. Kirsch, D. Fischer, M. Pistory, H. Murray, B. Say- lor, E. Scheig, H. Rumbaugh, I. Manross, L. Maurer. Row 4--M. Stara, L. Schnell, V. Rose, B. Reinhart E. Offenberg M. Forina, I. Holly, V. Griffin, A. Eaton, I. Ruhling, C. Gebhardt, R. Heberle, B. Rafferty, E. Weber, M. Schreckengost, C. Tufts, H. Vargo, B. Rantja, W. Thaler, G. Almoquist, B. Baldwin. unior Of all the arts, music seems to make the greatest appeal to the younger students. For this reason, the Iunior Clef Club is one of the largest Iunior High organizations. Q The composition, arrangement, and musical direction of songs play a large part in their club work, however, for variety they devote some of their time to the singing of some modern songs. Have you noticed the attractive pins which distinguish those who belong to this worthy organization? Jgoafeaa 6414 Instructions, as well as entertainment, is one of the accomplishments of the Hostess Club's weekly meetings. Interesting discussions are held on such subjects as dates, parties, and other affairs where a charming hostess plays an important role. During this year, the members have found opportunity for experience as hostesses by sponsoring two very attractive breakfasts. A weiner roast was among the other successful social affairs enjoyed by the group this year. Row 3-M. Sandusky, I. Neth, D. Case, D. Slate, A. Wolf, M. Schloss. Row Ze B. Weber, C. Szymula, I. Himrod, D. Iunod, B. Maginn, G. Torrance, G. Snow, K. Wollis. Row l---P. Hesch, B. Hopson, I. Mahoney, B. Harris, I. Cherry, E. Paul, P. Owsiejko. Sixty-nine Row 1 R Nick, R. Fessler, R. Osborn, H. Hoyt, P. Smith. Row 2-G. Mulligan, V. Holland L. Blaclcmond, President, B. Lynch, Treasurer, P. Young, Secretary, R. M. Schmitt, l. Smith Row 3 D. Sims, D. M. Gifford, D. Nick, G. Fleming, E. Hutt, l. Pulling, D. M. McReynolds, M. Stewart, B. McReynolds, l. lervis. Row 4-D. Webster, C. Kuffer, M. Dick, B. McKeen, D. Melzer, l. Coleman, M. A. McManus, S. Barron, R. Nick. Row 5-R. Will, M. Emmerman, T. Crane, H Goetz, l. laloszynski, Mr. Lewis, sponsor. Ae WMA CPM Lois B1ackmondiPresident-Lois Blackmond Richard Wolfe--Vice President-Richard Wolfe Patricia Young-Secretary-Patricia Young Mark Mueller-Treasurer!-William Lynch The Math Club was organized with three objectives in mind: to discuss the various applications ot mathematics in our daily lives, to solve some ot the ditticulties tound in regular math classes, and to gain an appreciation of the accuracy ot math. Discussion of the more complex problems encountered in math classes and the presenta- tion ot biographical sketches ot tamous mathematicians are important as well as enlightening features ot club meetings. Seventy 8I":50l'L6LAtg The titty-one girls who are members ot the Personality Club spend their club periods enjoying plays, quizzes, and discussions on personality. These interesting programs are planned by the executive board, with the help ot Miss Young, the adviser. This year the organization has made much progress in improving the club in technique and interest. A tea furnished adequate opportunity tor the girls to display their personality. Seventy- one Adviser-Miss Young PresidenteCynthia O'S1'iea Vice President-Vera Loesch Secretary-' Helen Smykowski Treasurer- Betty Kindle Row 4-M. Whitehead, D. Steinhauer, D. Smatana, P. Colvin, E. Freiberg, A. Grimaldi, F. Pilarski F. Maas, E. Hall, G. Bang. Row 3--M. Frost, R. Kuhn, B. Steiner, R. Swencky, I. Loesch, L. Finlay H. Tucker, A. Lawson, B. Kindle, l. Drummond, P. Barton. Row Ze-G. Coleman, M. Yentes M. Ellis, H. Smykowski, M. Treado, I. Pratt, A. Veith, l. Heinzelman, B. Mix, M. Patton. Row 1- l. Fickenworth, D. Fuchs, S. Seeman, M. Hain, C. O'Shea, E. DeCaroles, M. Lanigan, G. McCune V. Loesch, B. Paterson. Row If'-A. Kostek, R. Shaner, T. Bielak, M. Arnore, V. Brown, E. Musolff, P. Young, E. Beach, E. Gatchell. Row Z fC. Decker, E. Winschel, M. Erhart, H. Adam, B. Clark, R. Marshall, M. Rebman, G. Eckman, L. Cenfetelli. Row 3 fR. Olds, M. Storten, M. T. Carr, H. Scherer, G. Noonan, M. A. Lefaiver, I. Sawin, R. Wagiier, S. Davis, R. Maciulewicz. Row 4--N. Schaak, T. Boyce, C. Beyer, R. Geist, M. Cohen, l. Rautine, A. M. Fitzgerald, V. Locastro, G. Aduitori. Row 5-S. Schwab, V. Wolford, R. Webster, D. Knablein, E. Barthelmess, B. Bush, S. Runser. Oda Q,-Q CPM President-v-Mary A. Lefaiver Vice PresidenteVirginia Brown Secretary-Virginia Wolford Treasurer-Ethel Musolff Comprising the Leader's Club are girls who have been active both in the gym classes and in various extra-curricular sports. The larger part ot the club's weekly meetings consist of instructions in game-leadership, which emphasize the organization of groups tor conducting games and assisting students in various phases ot the work. Besides establishing leadership ability the meetings are made very enjoyable by the members taking part in interesting games and sports. The members act as instructors in the gym classes, and serve as captains and managers on teams in after school sports. Seventy-two In the spring a young man's fancy . . . .fgfarif Seventy- Second Skating to the School Song at the Drum and Bugle Corps' Skating Party. Third l'The Wheel of fortune spins"-fStudent Senate Amateur Program. Eighth A unique assembly featuring Glass Blowers. Tenth Preview of annual Spring Concert by the Singers. Eleventh Senior Class Party. b Twelfth Spring concert presented by the Choral Groups. Fourteenth Au RevoireThe Choir leaves on it's Concert Tour for Washington and points south. Sixteenth We float o'er the floor With mishaps galore --At the lr. Airplane Club's Skating Party. Eighteenth All ashore that's going ashore-aeCruise Club Assembly. Twenty-second Track meet at Mansfield, Chio. Twenty-fifth UTake a letter"-Q-Commercial Class Assembly. Twenty-sixth Ir. High Instrumental Groups Concert. three Row 1' G. Koehler, l. lohnston, C. Campbell, B. Teal, M. O'Brien, A. Rotman, A. lorensen, M. lrloltzworth, l. Sullivan M. Hutchison, E. Drake, T. Kelly, M. lulius, G. Scibetta. Row Z- H. Haas, M. Brown, E. Blum, M. Reisnauer, M. Tellers, B. Conners, S. Vollant, Cr. S. Cvrender, Ccnductor, E. VanAken, C. Bogue, F. Zeimer, B. Christenen, E. Epp, D. l-lippeli, l. Mclnnes. Row 3--l. Offner, R. Kramer, B. Teel, l. lackscn, R. Anderson, D. Ward, V. Savoia, L. lensen, C. Durst, N. Lopez, R. Palmer, P. Martin, G. Sherman, l. Taylor, V. Brown. Row 4fR. Kilburn, C. McKay, D. Webb, D. Ward, R. Knepper, A. Atkins, L. Higgins, G. Evans, W. Eichler, H. Daiute, D. Heberle, R. Shade, W. Kramer, F. lobes. Ca Jem? ingem The Academy Singers, under the direction of Mr. O. L. Grender, has done much to place Academy in the national limelight, for it is the most widely traveled and perhaps the best known scholastic choir in America. This year, the Singers annual tour took them to Richmond, Virginia via Clearfield, Pa., Franklin, Pa., Bedford, Pa., and Hagerstown, Va. ln each city the choir gave a concert and in Washington, D. C. they made a nationwide broadcast. The choir has also been extremely active in its own community in giving concerts to local organizations, and during the Christmas season, singing through amplifiers to the entire down- town area. Seventy-fou They know all, see all. tell all. Fancy meeting you here. Quiet, Please! Guidance today, Dale? As they sew, so do they reap Q55 ., ff '12 jf " -Q.. .115 l x. . ,, Mx.: I- Row 1-E. Whipple, B. M. Hoyt, A. Anderscn, M. Dobosiewiez, M. Blake, M. Bayhurst, C. Meyn, D. Greiner, E. Beach, S. Seeman, R. Lindsay, B. Bolt, R. Martin, I. Vitelli, V. Patsy. Row 2-H. Yochim, B. Kelly, R. Wiertel, V. Anderson, M. Anderson, E. McConnell, V. Barnett, Mr. O. L. Grender, E. Curry, M. Ryan, I, l. Kramer, D. Cyziski, M. E. Hain, B. Veil, M. Wilson. Row 3-M. T. Weiser, M. Berchtold, M. Greenwald, B. I. Smith, P. Courteaux, R. Sheilds, E- Baldwin, M. Sandusky, E. Dyer, H. Nichol, E. Brown, E. Wright, l. Schultz, V. Locastro, L. Hutsell. Row 4-E. Keller, M. Storten, R. Olds, B. Arnold, G. Gebhardt, V. Arnold, P. Miller, D. leffry, C. Gebhardt, B. Clarke, R. Fisher, l. Neth, l. Fasel, I. Bowman. QA , ZAOPIAT5 Girls desiring to become members ot the Academy Singers usually obtain their funda- mentals in the Girls' Chorus, Where Mr. Grender has an opportunity to know each girl in- dividually and to estimate her musical ability. The tunamentals ot music and voice technique are taught and an excellent opportunity is presented for practice in reading and ear training. The Girls' Chorus presents its own group ot members in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts With the Choir and Boys' Glee Club. Seventy-six 075' Le First Semester Second Semester Archie AtkinsePresidentfHenry Daivute Wilson Eichlerflfice President-William Kramer Richard Knepper-Secretary--Richard Knepper Joseph Bebetu-Treasurer-William Teal Playing a prominent part in the musical festivities ot our school, is the Boys' Cflee Club. This male chorus is composed ot members trom both the junior and senior high grades. The boys are selected tor their general musical ability, which is turther augmented by Mr. Crrender's capable leadership. The Gflee Club has presented programs in many ot the local schools and have made this year's chorus an outstanding one. The undergraduate members of the club have op- portunities to try tor vacancies in the Choir, a more advanced musical organization, at the close ot the school year. Row 4-A. Church, H. Slomski, l. Bebetu, A. Atkins, L. Palaszewski, R. Knepper, R. Chattee, T. Lundberg, M. Sutter, B. Nicholas, L. Higgins, C. McKay, C. Olsen, R. Amidon, L. Task, I. Boyd. Row 3-N. Nuber, E. Recker, D. Ward, W. Eichler, V. Savoia, T. Schultz, l. Kingston, P. Martin, B. Kloecker, D. Sims, l. Pettibone, C. lones, H. Schlindwein. Row 2-R. Riblet, S. Nadler, W. Krivonak, L. lensen, C. Kutz, N. Frazier, l. Conant, O. Eldridge, C. Wiler, N. Lopez, H. Latimer, K. Rehm, B. Teal, B. Wilcox. Row 1-C. Durst, B. Kline, N. Wilcox, N. Katz, M. Foster, P. Krivonak, W. Kramer, R. Anderson, R. Osborn, E. Bacon, F. Drayer, A. Saunders, K. Kling, M. Beard. enior foorfdmen Row I-H. Kuneman, M. Rodriguez, G. Kcenig, R. Steinbrink, C. Beckwith, M. Wilcox, E. Kindall, R. Geser. Row Ze W. Yaple, l. Swan, R. Latimer, P. Capozzillo, O. Bairuy, E. Longo, P. Lorei. Row 3- l. Kuneman, D. Adams, E. Minor, D. Fuller, C. Olson, R. Kennerknecht. Row 4-S. Swanson, H. Bates, E. Kuhn, B. Miller, O. Elridge, D. Boyce. Gne of the clubs that holds the most interest for the funior and Senior High boys alike is the Sportsman's Club. Here, all those lovers of the rod and gun and the great out of doors can find much interest during the cold winter days discussing new types of sporting equipment and wild life habits. Then with the beginning of the game and fish seasons the members can apply the theories they learned. XQMZZL and game The aim of the Puzzle and Game Club is, to guote one of its most prominent members, "lust To Have Fun." ln order to achieve this purpose, the club members alternate their program: one week entertaining themselves with group games such as Bingo, and Quiz contests, the next week finding amusement in individual diversions like Grand National and Checkers. The group engaged in a tournament of checkers, both regular and Chinese to give the semester's activities a finishing touch. Row 4- M. Spanzy, B. Young, R. Brooks, R. Sturtevant, M. Goard, R. Yawger, R. McFadden, M. Brandler, M. Benz. Row 3 l. Warmer, E. Shackel- ton, M. Mitchell, C. Bindseil, A. Noziglia, D. Greenwood, G. Downie, l... Wood, B. Bolt. Row 2-V. Bigley, M. McLaughlin, l. Vandever, P. Yaple, A. Barry, R. Nason, M. Stough, A. Necci, E. Brown. Row 115. Higgins, R. Westerling, F. Cornelius, S. Edelman, K. Stillwell, D. Dinardo. Seventy- eight Seventy Senior exams! A word to the wise is sufficient W First The cards are stacked! Girl Reserve card party at the Y. W. C. A. Third Future Ham . . . lets. lr. Dramatic Club Assembly. Seventh Science Club skating party. Tenth Senior Instrumental Group concert directed by Mr. Owen. Fifteenth Arthur and Guinivere come to life in uldlings of the King" staged by Dramatic Class. Sixteenth "It's a Riot"-What? Why the Senior Class Musical Comedy. Twenty-fifth National Honor Society Induction ceremonies. Twenty-eighth Senior Exams begin. Do we leave, now or later? Twenty-ninth Flag Day Celebration in Stadium. "Three cheers for the red, white, and blue"- Thirty-first The I une Prom- "On with the dance!-Let joy be unconfinedn- -nine l ,,4 Row 1-D. Nero, C. Niethamer, R. Fessler, A. Vogt, R. Shenk. Row 2-Mr. Scrafford, I. Stafford, W. McLeod, R. Sturdevant, l. Richardson, l. Snyder, D. Ward. QW With the first signs of spring, the members of the golf team began to polish their clubs for the l94O golfing season. The 1939 combination, which won the city championship, was broken up by the gradua- tion of five regular players. However, Coach Scrafford has spent many hours after school, training a group of perservering boys to uphold the remarkable records of the past lion golfers. With this sport gaining in popularity each year, more student interest and support will be expected for the team of the future. Lawrence Park .,.. ..... 5 l l East .... ......., .... O 9 Academy 7 l 2 l O Tech .....,... l 2 Prep ....... 7M Millcreelc .... 7 Edinboro ..... 8M Vincent .... Opponent Academy M M Opponent Millcreelc ..... ..... l Prep ....... ..... .... l M Tech ................. ilk Lawrence Park ........ 6 East ......... .,.. ,,,. O Edinboro ......,..,... 7 Lawrence Park ........ 7 Eighty Their constant tread the steps do wear. How's the pressure, Mr. Fiorelli? As good as French Chefs, any day. Pardon us, may we watch? Back Row-'English Bredenberg. Front Row-Konkoski, Coach Leamy, Radov. elfmid The tennis outlook for the coming year is Very promising. With the return of three veterans, Coach Leamy has high hopes of retaining the City Championship for the second consecutive year. The 1939 racquet Weilders were awarded the championship by a forfeit game from Strong Vincent. This year's sguad hopes to gain undisputed rule over the city clay courts if the players evade the hands of misfortune. 1939 Tennis Scores Academy Opponent 4V East 4V Wdn Vincent Forfeied 5 Alliance College l 4 Prep 3 7 Tech O Eighty-two Row Isl. Goodill, A. Ducato, A. Sbarra, Miss Bauschard, H. Berchtold, A. Byersmith, D. Bielak. Row 2-B. Fullerton, H. Gardner, M. Berchtold, l. Spoden, R. Anderson, F. Goodill, C. Schmitt, R. Yaple, K. Sohonthaler. Row 3-E. Dopierala, K. lohnson, I. Wright, E. Flanigan, M. Krieger, A. Saunders, F. Dionisio, L. Yates. mme CLA Through the media of pictures, research, and Miss Bauohard's accounts of her travels, these travel-minded students obtain valuable information about the lands they someday hope to visit. Though their tours are taken Within Aoademy's walls, they are, figuratively, World travelers for they have become well acquainted with foreign countries and their customs. This ambitious group has also undertaken the task of filming Erie's historic and scenic spots. They plan to plaoe the finished films in our library for general use. gliqoaiflfe High school girls realize that good manners are the essentials which lead to charm. Therefore, the girls in the Etiquette Club learn how to make proper introductions and to write correct invitations for formal dinners and dinner parties. Numerous other social rules that otherwise many girls would never have an opportunity to learn, are studied. The girls have Come to realize the true significance of umanners are the happy Ways of doing things." Row 3--C. Ryan, M. Hafenstiner, l. Kudak, D. Dornbrowski, l... Slomski, D. Krainski, M. Wilson. Row Z-H. Dubinski, H. Westgate, E. Filley, A. Geiger, B. Weiss, l. Rubin, M. Yates. Row 1-D. Peters, E. Beclner, V. lohn- son, S. Grenz, D. Wojnakoski, S. Tanenbaum, M. Tanenbaum. Eighty-three Row 1--M. Kuhn, S. Asbury, M. Krufal, Miss Walter, R. Brown, S. Curtis, A. Bliven. Row 2-M. Dieter, R. l-lirsch, G. Ford, P. Mclntyre, E. McAllister, H, Schlindwein, R. McKay. Row 3-B. Peterson, I. Davis, A. Atkins, D. Hower, C. lones, C. Campbell. 9 eniar ,!4l"CA8I"y Through the efforts of the Archery Club, archery in Academy is rapidly becoming a popular sport. The club was formed to teach the fundamentals of the sport, for a bow and arrow in the hands of an inexperienced person can be a dangerous weapon. Members are taught how to string and unstring a bow properly, how to hold a bow, and how to aim accurately. Learning these things not only makes one a good archer, but also develops poise and correct posture. .jcfiiffing l'Knit two, purl one, drop none" is the slogan of these industrious masters of domestic art. The members provide their own eguipment, and receive valuable lnstruction at the weekly meetings. The novel and humorous initiation programs conducted by the club each semester give proof of its fine cooperative spirit. ' V The fine pieces of workmanship which the members display are concrete evidence of the practicalness of their interesting project. Row 3 f-M. Fuller, F. Adryejiuski, T. Schwindt, N. Sopp, M. Albrecht, W. DeVitte. Row 2-f-S. Drozdowski, B. DeSanti, l. Knablein, S. Duda, B. Eich- horn, B. Frank. Row lfC. Sciamanda, l. l. Kramer, M. Kunz, Miss Burgun, Adviser, F. Kunz, S. Fleming, P. Schlaudecker. Eighty-four Wonilfom Among the highlights of the year l94O, is the monitor system inaugurated by the Student Senate. Under the capable direction of Miss Tanner it has become an effective and efficient student activity. The purpose of the monitor system is not to curtail student activities, but to assist in directing traffic and to offer aid to school visitors. Students who serve as monitors are chosen in the early part of the semester. Each monitor is assigned a definite part in the corridors and at each entrance. Their demeanor is commendable, their service is valuable, their worth is unquestionable! Row 5-E. Thorton, D. Peters, V. Salvia, R. Miles, W. Rose, F. Drager, I. Richardson, W. Honard, A. Silver, D. Brooks, N. Trocki, A. Cornelius. Row 4-E. Huff, B. Alburn, A. Schultz, M. Schultz, D. Hopson, C. Traphagen, A. Atkins, R. Chaffee, I. McLaughin, D. Bunting, E. Paliwoda, P. Capezello, B. Specter, L. Higgins, I. Horn. Row 3-L. Finlay, M. Grygier, V. Iohnson, R. Flagella, M. Nichols, R. Sheldon, I. Artington, W. Breter, D. Smith, I. Davis, H. Levine, K. Iohnson, L. Yates, D. Marshall, C. Nagorski, H. Blatchley, N. Wilcox. Row 2-I. Pullit, A. Ritter, B. I. Lacey, R. Kaiser, S. Kinney, M. Simmons, E. Epp, H. Gold, C. Freiley, R. Bolla, M. A. Tellers, I. Bengel, E. Schroeder, B. Pfister, W. Lynch, A. Bliven. Row 1-H. Malizeck, D. Busche, G. Ioint, V. Merz, E. Iohnson, A. Preedit, P. Hesch, V. Brown, I. Sullivan, W. Saunders, A. Pettinato, C. Iohnson, W. Berchtold, R. Karlen, W. Hartman, H. Schlindwein. Eighty-five i CML? cm President- -f-Eleanor Epp Secretary--Lucille Lechtner Treasurer- Dorothy Greiner Chairman, Program Committee-Margaret Ann Decker Co-Chairman, Program Committee-Margery Hutchinson To become acquainted with various college courses, programs and extra-curricular activities is the chief purpose of the College Club. To aid in accomplishing this aim an adequate library of college catalogues is available to the girls at all times and college representatives are often present at the meetings to furnish helpful information concerning their respective schools. An annual bake-sale is one of the outstanding affairs conducted by the group. The profits are used to defray the various expenses of the year such as the Academe picture and the Hilltopper subscription. Row 4---L. Bricker, E. Zeigler, R. Kramer, l. Taylor, M. Simons, V. Coleman, M. Voss, Y. Mosier, E, I-lerscovitz, M. Hutchinson, C. Shapiro, C. Kibler. Row 3-D. Marshall, E. Leslie, C. Davis, S. Dickey, R. Crowley, M. Steadman, D. Haimsohn, A. Gold, P. Dougherty, D. Duffy, B. Shapiro. Row 2-B. Christenson, R. McManus, l. Smith, M. Dorrick, A. Peplinski, D. leffry, G. Larson, P. Dickey, I. Hammond, R. English, T. Gabin. Row 1-P. Kibler, D. Busebe, I. Maclnnes, L. Lechtner, E. Epp, Miss Lockwood, M. Decker, D. Greiner, B. Teal, G. Scibetta, B. Linder. Eighty-six Is that red ink you're using, Mr. Detmers? lfllflfe Sixth lune Seniors "tread the boards" tor the last timeaf their Class Day. Ninth We cram and cram tor the looming exam. CGee, this midnight snack is good.l Tenth Pass the spirits ot ammonia before I taint. Where'd she ever tind these questions? Twelfth It's all over now but the shouting. Fourteenth Conimencemente Fifteenth l-loehum . . . were sleeping late this morning. Eighty-seven Row 1--L. Baker, D. Hirt, B. Nichols, D. Struchen, E. Pettigrew, L. Gitterman, R. Kuhn, Coach DeTuerk, C. Beckwith, G. Qchran, F. Bell, A. Krista, R. Kurtis, 1. Boyd, 1. Fleuger. Row 2 VC. Nagorski, Manager, G. Thomas, P. Tanner, R. Luther, C. Nick, W. Saunders, R. Wynne, X. Andrews, A. Riley, F. Dinardo, W. Becker, L. Task, L. Rastatter, A. Morschauser, Assistant Manager. Row 3-f-N. Torrance, N. Matteson, R. Swanson, E. Kuhn, F. Downing, B. Wilcox, L. Holland, G. Becker, R. McCune, R. Chaffee, F. Decker, R. Schwane, M. Roth. SPCLC SQMFW The 1940 track sguad hopes to defend successfully the city championship which last year's brilliant combine wrested from Strong Vincent. The Academy scanty-clads have lost several point-getters through graduation, but Coach DeTuerk has been training his younger protegees to fill their spiked shoes. As this book went to press, the team undertook an eleven-meet schedule which will determine Academy's place in the 1940 city series race. 1940 Track Schedule March 30 Pitt lnvirational Meet Pittsburgh April 24 Strong Vincent Stadium April 27 Mansfield Relays Mansfield, Chic May 1 East High Stadium May 4 Salem Relays Salem, Chic May 11 Ashtabula Ashtabula, Chic May 14 Dunkirk Stadium May 18 District Meet Stadium May 24 Erie Tech Stadium May 25 State Meet Penn State May 31 City Meet Stadium Eighty-eight 52422384 CM Sponsorfff Mrs. Block President- Jane Runser Vice President Evelyn Schaaf Secretary- -Helen Healey Treasurer- Ruth Schaaf Like to be "Belle ot the Ball?" Some girls interested in learning how this is accomplished have formed the newly organized Sub-Deb Club. Since its formation in February, this club has progressed rapidly and has succeeded in aiding the girls to solve their social problems. Various topics are given at the Weekly meetings concerning the latest fashions, attractive personal appearance, and personality pointers. As a result, the girls have learned that tact, a subtle sense ot humor, and voice control, are as important as the selt-confidence gained by a pleasing appearance. Row 4-M. Malaby, l. Musolt, M. Parradine, D. Sontheimer, l. Baldwin, M. lobes, K. Gross, l. Carneval, M. Mahoney. Row 3iF. Evans, l. Snyder, A. M, Rotman, D. Miller, G. Gebhart, R. Fisher, R. Shirk, B. Shearrer, I. Kerr, E. McLane, I. Demuling. Row 2-G. Mells, A. Synder, B. I. Smith, P. Sawtells, A. Chapola, l. Bloss, L. Angelotti, D. Leary, D. Hippoli, B. Nagel, L. Petrianni. Row 1-R. Moore, M. Snyder, E. Schaaf, I. Runser, H. Healy, R. Schaat, S. Manos. Eighty-nine First Semester KENNETH LONGNECKER ....A GEORGE SHERMAN ..., DOROTHY SMATANA, . . DANIEL ENGLISH ...,. June Kenneth Longnecker George Sherman Dorothy Smatana Daniel English Christine Kibler JDLVLQ CKMJIS 0!AC8l"f5 . . . .Vice President, , 4 . . . ..,. Secretary ...,. . ...President . . .. Second Semester . , . . .KENNETH LONGNECKER , . . .GEORGE SHERMAN . . .DOROTHY SMATANA . . , ,TREASURER , , A . . . . .CHRISTINE KIBLER ommencemenlf sgjoealem George German Kenneth Longnecker Atoinette DeVette Gloria Larson lmlwclfh Af wilfA our sS2!L00K? Too frequently people point out what is wrong with our school. ln view ot this tact, the lune Seniors have saqely chosen to acquaint the patrons ot Academy in particular and the public in general with 'lWhat's Right with Qui' School." Topics for individual speeches were not decided upon when this volume went to press, but all topics chosen will develop the theme "What's Right with Our School?" Commencement speakers are indicated below. Frances Thompson Charles McMahon Geraldine Joint Shirley Smith Frank J obes Henry Konkowski Charlotte Bindseil Paul Bredenburg Ninety-two Adam, Helen Adams, Marjorie Alderfer, Grace Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Ralph Anderson, Richard Arnemann, Clifford Asbury, Stanley Atkins, Archie Baerle, Phyliss Baker, Allen Bard, Mirrell Barker, Ralph Barry, Alex Baudau , Beverly Baughman, Mary Bebetu, Joseph Belding, Roy Bell, Franklyn Bemis, Clarence Benczkowski, Henry Benz, Mildred Berchtold , Henrietta Berchtold, William Bernardini, Roy Beilak , Dorothy Bindseil, Charlotte Black, Howard Blakeslee, Jeanne Blatchley, Harold Bleil, Louis Bliven, Andrew Bogue, Christine Bohman, June Boyd, Robert Ninety three JUNE SENIORS BIRTHDAYS AND ACTIVITIES Sept. 3 Apr. 22 Feb. 24 May 24 Oct. 6 May 2 luly 3 Mar. 21 Mar. 15 lune 9 lan. 3 Oct. 27 Nov. 17 lune 10 luly 23 May 18 Apr. 19 May 2 Apr. 19 Sept. 19 Sept. 11 Sept. 11 luly 16 lan. 22 1une 2 lan. 12 Aug. 4 luly 11 Dec .9 1uly15 Mar. 13 Dec. 14 Apr. 8 Sept. 20 Dec. 20 lunior Red Cross 2, Camera Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, Prom Committee 4, Gym Leaders' Club 4. Personality Club 4. Camera Club 2, 3, lunior Red Cross 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, First Aid 4. , Music Club 3, Archery Club 4. Senior Etiquette Club 3, Rifle Club 3, President Cruise Club 4, Monitor 4. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4. Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 1, Track l, Glee Club 2, 3. Qrihgery Club 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Monitor 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Foot- a . President Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President Archery Club 2, President Cheerleaders' Club 3, 4, Academe Financial Staff 4 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 1, Scrapbook Club 3, College Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Cinema Club 4, Etiquette Club 4. Cinema Club 3, 4. Swim Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Swimming Team 3, 4, Water Polo Team 4, Monitor 4. Swimming 1, Senator 2, Archery Club 3, President Puzzle and Game Club 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 2. Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, lunior Red Cross 3, Academe Editorial Staff 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4. Cosmopolitan Club 1, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Cinema Club 4, Etiquette Club 3. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Cinema Club 4, Dancing Club 2, Civic Committee 3, Dramatics 4, President of Archery Club 3. Cinema Club 3, 4, Water Polo 3, 4, Swimming 3, 4. Athletic Club 2, 3, Cinema Club 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. Hunting and Fishing 2, Rod and Gun 3, 4, Monitor 4. Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Science Club 2, Athletic Theory Club 3, 4, Chess Club. First Aid 2, Research Club 3, Puzzle and Game Club 4, Cosmopolitan Club 1, 2, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4. Archery Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Cruise Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Basketball Manager 2, Basketball 2, 3, Monitor 4. Rod and Gun Club 3, Art Club 4, Movie Monitor 4. Charm Club 3, Etiquette Club 4. lr. Red Cross 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Puzzle and Game Club 4, Research Club 3, 4, Candy Seller 4, Basketball 2. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. Cinema Club 3, 4, Monitor 4, Home- Room Usher 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Swimming 2, 3. Pres. Book Club 3, Research Club 4. Chess Club 3, 4, Fencing Club 3, Monitor 4. Boxing Club 2, Rifle Club 3, Sr. Model Airplane Club 4. Band 1, 2, Chess Club 2, Archery Club 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Monitor 4. Girls' Chorus 2, Cosmopolitan Club 2, lr. Red Cross 3, Bicycle Club 3, Art Club 3, Choir 3, 4, Research Club 4. Monitor 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Personality Club 3, Beauty Culture Club 4. Monitor 1, 4, Science Club 3, 4. X X 1 Bredenburg, Paul Bricker, Lillian Brooks, Donald Brown, Jacob Brown, Marjory Brown, Richard Brown, Virginia Byersmith, Alberta Campbell, Charles Carlson, Dorothy Christoph, Clara Churchill, Russell Cleaver, Louis Cohen, Maurice Cole, Clara Conley, Richard Considine, Mary Cook, Alice Cornelius, Albert Crock, Rachel Crowe, Mary Crowley, Rita Curlett, Norice Curry, Marcelline Curtis, Helen Curtis, Sara Daiute, Henry Davis, John Decker, Fred DeDionisio, Frank Deitch, Doris DeNardo, Anthony DerManuel, Gordon DeSanti, Beatrice DeVette, Antoinette Oct. 24 Nov. 5 lune 16 Aug. 15 May 16 Iuly 25 Dec. 18 Sept. 18 lune 7 Iune 16 Oct. 29 Feb. 1 Ian. 30 Sept. 21 luly 22 Sept. 18 Sept. 2 Ian. 19 Apr. 3 Feb. 20 luly 18 Mar. 7 Nov. 15 9 Aug. luly 22 Sept. 24 Nov. 8 Aug. 13 Aug. 19 Dec. 27 Apr. ll Sept. 17 luly 15 Aug. 2 lan. 29 Cosmopolitan Club 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Student Senate 1, Home- Room President 1, Chess Club 2, National Honor Society 3, 4. International Club 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Archery Club 3, Academe Financial Staff 4, Prom Committee 4. Academe Financial Staff 4, Cinema Club 4, Chairman of Iewelry Committee 4, Co-Chairman Prom Committee 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Stamp Club 4, Archery Club 4. Senior Music Club 3, Archery Club 4, Iewelry Committee 4, Girl Reserves 4. President Archery Club 4, Tennis 2, Activities Committee 3, Senator 2. Girls' Chorus 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Drum Corps 4, International Club 2, Gym Leaders' Club 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Archery Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Cruise Club 4. Tennis 2, Archery Club 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. Girls' Chorus 1, Drum Corps 2, 3, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, Nature Club 3, Book Club 4, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Monitor 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, International Club 2, Announcement Committee 4, Commercial Club 3. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Track 3. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Football 3. Chess Club 3, 4, Band 2, 3, Cross-Country 4. Research Club 3, 4, Puzzle and Game Club 4. Football 2, 3, Dancing Club 3, Music Club 3, Camera Club 4. Cosmopolitan Club 1, Girls' Chorus 2, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President ot Student Senate 3, Leadership Club 3. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Charm Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Research Club 4, Prom Committee 4. Glee Club 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Etiquette Club 3, Bridge Club 3, Monitor 4. Cinema Club 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Embroidery Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Etiquette Club 3, Girl Reserves 4, Prom Committee 4, Academe Editorial Staff 4. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Leadership Club 3, Academe Financial Staff 4, Prom Committee 4, Dancing Club 2, College Club 4. Track l, 2, 3, 4, Engineering Club 3, Chess Club 4. Dancing Club 3, Hobby Club 2, 3, Music 1. Basketball 2, 3, Theatrical Make-Up Club 3, 4, Dancing Club 3, lunior Red Cross 3. Archery Club 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Student Senate 3, Star Staff 4, Monitor 4, International Club 2. Dancing Club 3, President Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Choir 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Academe Editorial Statt 4. Senior Archery Club 3, 4, Monitor 4. Archery Club 3, Track 4, Camera Club 4, Baseball 3, Monitor 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Cruise Club 4. Reserves 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Academe Editorial ta 4. Track 4, Athletic Club 3. Athletic Club 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4. International Club 2, Beauty Culture Club 3, Needle Point and Knitting Club 4. Science Club 3, International Club 4, National Honor Society 4. Ninety four Ninety-five I 1 Ninety-six Dickey, Shirley Dieter, Martha DiLuzio, Joseph DiSanti, Albert Dopierala, Edmund Dougherty, Priscilla Drake, Elethra Ducato, Anne Dudley, Leona Dudzinski, Chester Dudzinski, Thaddeus Duffy, Dorothy Egler, Bettie Eichhorn, Betty Eichler, Wilson Eisert, Bernice Eisweirth, Cecilia Ellis, Marian English, Dan English, Regina Erhart, Margaret Evans, George Farkas, Erwin Ferrare, James Finlay, Lucille Fitzell, Donald Flagella, Potito Flanigan, Eileen Ford, Glenn Frazier, Alyce Fuller, Francis Fullerton, Betty Gabin, Thelma Gardner, Robert N inety-seven luly 24 Mar. 6 Nov. 1 Mar. 7 Nov. 16 Oct. 7 May 24 Apr. 18 luly 28 Aug. 6 lan. 16 Nov. 7 luly 31 Apr. 11 Apr. 7 lan. 27 Mar. 29 May 10 Apr. 5 Dec. 16 lune lO Sept. 17 Feb. 27 May 5 Nov. 27 Mar. 31 .luly 20 luly 18 luly 15 luly 26 lune 23 Dec. 16 Nov. 5 Aug. l Cosmopolitan Club 2, Camera Club 2, College Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4. girls' Chorus 2, Stamp Club 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Archery u 4. ' Engineering Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Monitor'4. Basketball 2, Track 3, Rifle Club 3. Basketball 3, Safe Drivers' Club 3, Cruise Club 4. Senior Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Personality Club 2, Senior Music lub 4. Personality Club 3, Beauty Culture Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Choir, Dancing Club' 3, Monitor 4. gfulrjn Corps 2, Knitting Club 3, Girl Reserves 4, Cruise u 4. Senior Orchestra 2, Girls' Chorus 4, Camera Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Athletic Club 3, Dramatic Club 4, Basketball 4, Monitor 4. Cinema Club 3, 4, Athletic Club 3. Girl Reserves 3, Dramatic Club 3, Star Staff 3, College Club 4, Prom Committee 4. Girl Reserves l, 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Press Club 3, 4, Star Staff 3, 4. Archery Club 3, Needlepoint and Knitting Club 4. Rifle Club 1, Rod and Gun Club 2, Dramatic Club 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. Beauty Culture Club 3, 4, Monitor 4. Girls' Chorus 2, First Aid Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, Monitor 4. First Aid Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 2, Girl Reserves l. Basketball 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 4, Assembly Chairman 4, Student Senate 4, Class Treasurer 4, Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4. Student Senate 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, College Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Monitor 4. Student Senate 3, Archery Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Monitor 4. Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Music Club 3, 4, Academe Financial Staff 3, Track 3, Choir 4. Band l, Track 1, 2, Press Club 3, Book Club 3, Dramatic Club 4, Chess Club 4. Football 2, 3, 4, Cinema Club 3, 4, Athletic Club 3, 4. Monitor 4, Archery Club 3, Research Club 4, Sr. Orchestra 2, Candy Seller 3, 4. Football 1, 2, Basketball 3, Band 3, 4, Boat Club 4. Airplane Club 3, Engineering Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Sr. Orchestra 2, Camera Club 3, Cruise Club 4. Fencing Club 3, Band 3, 4. gfciiery Club 3, Senator 3, 4, Embroidery Club 4, Art u 4. Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Science Club 3, 4, Monitor 4, Commencement Committee 4. Cruise Club 4. Girls' Chorus l, Cosmopolitan Club l, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, lnternational Club 2, lr. Red Cross 2, First Aid 2. Orchestra 2, 3, Band 4, Swimming 3, 4, Treasurer Home- Room 4. Wk, Gerfertz, Mary Gerlach, Dorothy German, George Gianioni, Guido Giese, Ruth Goetz, Elmer Gold, Ada Gold Herbert Gorniak, Genevieve Greene, William Griewahn, Robert Griffith, George Grumblatt, Richard Grygier, Arthur Grygier, Margie Guerrein, Robert Haas, Helen Habersack, Lucille Hake, Charles Hakel, Norbert Haraburda, Sabina Harrington, John Harris, Bette Ann Hartwell, Charles Hedlund , Marvin Heisler, Norbert Hertel, Richard Hesch, Phyllis Hill, Janet Hippeli, Dolores Hirsch, Charlene Hirsch, Charles Hirsch, Gertrude Honard, Annabelle Hower, David Oct. 4 Iune 27 luly 9 Dec. 24 Iune I8 Sept lO May 2 May 12 '1 Ian. 25 Nov. 9 Iuly 31 Nov. I8 Ian. 29 Aug. 24 Feb. 26 luly 23 Aug. 25 Apr. 5 May 26 May 9 Apr. 24 Sept. 20 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Apr. 12 Mar. 8 Ian. 7 Nov. 9 Nov. ll Feb. 24 Oct. I7 Oct. l7 May 9 Sept. 17 Ian. 14 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cinema Club 3, Embroidery Club 4, Dramatic Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club 3, Charm Club 3, Cruise Club 4. Senator 2, 3, 4, Manager Swimming 3, Water Polo 4, Band 4, Manager Academe 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. Basketball 2, Track 2. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, Camera Club 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Dancing Club 3. Cinema Club 3, Dancing Club 3. Ir. Orchestra l, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, College Club 4, Dramatic Club 3, Office Monitor 4, Prom Committee 4. Ir. Red Cross 2, 3, International Club 2, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Pres. Handbook Club 4, Iewelry Committee 4, Monitor 4. International Club 2, Drum Corps 3, 4, Fencing Club 3, Theatrical Make Up Club 4, Bulletin Board Committee 4. Orchestra l, 2, Art Club 3, Announcements Committee 4. Stamp Club 3, Pres. Stamp Club 4, Inter-Club Council 3, 4, Prom Committee 4. Band 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club 3, Academe Financial Statt 4, International Club l, 2, Swimming Club 2, 3. Nature Club 2, Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Announcements Committee 4. Stamp Club 3, Chess Club 3. Reserves 2, Beauty Culture Club 3, Stage Make-Up u 4. giifma Club 3, Swimming Club 3, Academe Financial ta 4. Girls' Chorus 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Choir 3, 4, First Aid Club 4, Monitor 4. Ushers Club 4. Chess Club 3, 4, Checker Club l, Monitor l. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 3, 4. Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Etiquette Club l, Knitting Club 3, Bicycle Club 3, Crocheting Club 4, Archery Club 4, Swimming 2, 3. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Wrestling 3. Home Room Pres. 3, Beauty Culture Club 3, Hostess Club 3, Social Committee 4, Prom Committee 4, Inter-Club Council 4. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4. Swimming Club 2, Senator 3. ' Pres. Book Club 3, Stage Make-Up Club 4. Cosmopolitan Club l, 2, Girl Reserves 4, Hostess Club 3, 4, Monitor 4. Dancing Club 3, Personality Club 3, Stage Make-Up Club 4, Monitor 4. Girls' Chorus l, 2, Choir 3, 4, Charm Club 3, Hostess Club 4. Cinema Club 2, 3, 4. Pres. Airplane Club 2, Airplane Club 3. Swimming 2, Camera Club 3, Cinema Club 4. Cinema Club 2, 3, 4. . Archery Club 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics Squad 3. Ninety eight 'N Ninety-nine eh Howes, Lewisx Hufstader, Jane Hull, Lois Illig, Leo Irwin, David Jaroslow, Sidney Jobes, Frank Johannsen, Robert Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Virginia Joint, Geraldine Jones, Clair Jones, Howard Jorgensen, Alene Julius, Miriam Kaiser, Margaret Kaiser, Rita Kasper, John Katz, Rae Kaufman, William Kelly, Jean Kempa, Walter Kennerknecht, Ray'd. Kibler, Christine Kilpatrick, William King, Robert Kingston, James Kinney, Shirley Mae Kirsch, Howard Kitza, Margaret Kling, Kenneth Knablein, Dorothy Knablein, Jean Knepper, Richard One hundred one Oct. 30 Feb. 9 Feb. 1O Nov. 17 Feb. 2 Nov. 22 lan. 12 Sept. 7 Aug. 25 Apr. 16 Mar. 27 Aug. 20 Dec. 19 May 29 May 19 Oct. 13 Aug. 21 Dec. 24 lan. 15 lan. 21 luly 21 Oct. 5 Oct. 4 luly 7 Dec. 24 Mar. 28 lan. 7 lan. 21 Dec. 28 Apr. 28 Dec. G Apr. 14 Oct. 23 Sept. 28 Dec. 15 Class Secretary 2, Pres. Hi-Y 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Water Polo 3, Editor of Academe 4, Library Staff 4, Senator 1, 2, 3. Cosmopolitan Club 3, Academe Editorial Staff 4, Girl Reserves 4. Charm Club 3, Sewing Club 4. Athletic Club 3, Puzzle and Game Club 4. Chess Club 4. Track Manager 1, Chess Club 2, Camera Club 3, Hi-Y 3, 4, Academe Technical Staff 4. Glee Club l, 2, Pres. Choir 3, 4, Senator 3, 4, Chess Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. Basketball l, 2, Wrestling 1, 2, Track Manager 1, 2, Football Manager 1, 2, Art Club 3, Pres. Art Club 4, Ushers Club 4. Fencing Club 3, Charm Club 4, Ushers Committee 4, Prom Committee 4, Monitor 4, Girl Reserves 4. Basketball 3, 4, Athletic Club 3, Travel Club 4, Monitor 4. Charm Club 3, Ushers Club 4, Monitor 4. Charm Club 3, Ushers Club 4, Monitor 4. Archery Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. Gymnastics Squad 1, 2. I Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Choir 4, Dramatic Club 2, Personality Club 3, Charm Club 4, Monitor 4. Choir 2, 3, 4, Charm Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Basketball 1, Mushball 1. Charm Club 3, 4, Sr. Music Club 3. Hostess Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, Monitor 4. Archery Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 3. Knitting Club 3, Sate Drivers' Club 4, Archery Club 4. Glee Club 1, 2, Table Tennis Club 2, Orchestra 3, 4, Camera Club 4. Music Club 3, Choir 4, Vice President ot Student Senate 4, Secretary Executive Board ot Student Senate 4, Senator 4. Track 3, Dancing Club 3, Book Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 4. Harmonica Club 3, Puzzle and Game Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Pres. Girl Reserves 4, Secretary Student Senate 3, Commencement Committee 4. Chess Club 3, 4. Rod and Gun Club 3, Band 3, 4, Sr. Orchestra 3, Assembly Committee 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Stage Make-Up Club 3, 4, Track 4. Camera Club 2, Hostess Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, Monitor 4. Radio Club 3, Debating Club 3, 4, Band 4. Camera Club 2, 3, Girl Reserves 2, lr. Red Cross 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Glee Club 4, Debating Club 4. Archery Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Ottice Monitor 4, Prom Ccmmittee 4, Financial Committee 4. Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Archery Club 3, Knitting Club 3, Senator 2, Home-Room President 3. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Indoor Track 3, Safe Drivers' Club 3, Athletic Theory Club 4, Choir 4. -L Kohler, Gertrude Konkowski, Henry Kostek, Angela Kramer, Ruth Kreider, Daisy Krista, Albert Krufal, Margaret Krumpe, Dorothy Kuhn, Dorothy Kuhn, Margaret Kulesza, Stanley Kunz, Frances Kunz, Margaret Kurtis, Edward Lacey, Betty Jane Lackovic, John Landsberg, Daniel Lang, Rodman Larson, Gloria Laufenberg, Rita Leary, Doris Lechtner, Lucille Lee, Norman Lefaiver, Mary Alice Leonardi, Albert Lesniewski, Irene Lewis, Arlene Levine, Herman Levine, Sam Lichtenwalter, Irene Lidell, June Lindblom, Ruthanne Londregan, Edward Longnecker, Kenneth Lopez, Nick Apr. 19 Nov. 15 Dec. 18 May 4 Apr. 25 Aug. 10 May 7 Oct. 13 lune 23 Dec. 25 Nov. 19 Oct. 5 Oct. 3 Aug. 16 Mar. ll Apr. 2 luly 5 luly 2O .lune 23 May 29 Dec. 31 Nov. 24 lan. 21 Aug. 25 lune 21 luly 30 May 9 Feb. ll Feb. ll , Feb. 20 lune 19 Sept. 7 Dec. 7 Oct. 16 Mar. 13 Beauty Culture Club 2, 3, Handicraft Club 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. Etiquette Club 3, Science Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, Press Club 3, Archery Club 3, Research Club 4, Leaders' Club 4, Monitor 3, 4, Candy Seller 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, 4, Leadership Club 2, Girls' Chorus 2, Academe Financial Staff 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. Archery Club 3, Research Club 4, Library Staff 4. Archery Club 3, Track 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Library Staff 4, Art Club 4, Prom Committee 4. Student Senate 2, Archery Club 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Dancing Club 2, Star Staff 3, 4. Charm Club 3, Embroidery and Crochet Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Monitor 4. Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Theatrical Make-Up Club 4, Ping-Pong Club 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, Dancing Club 3. Archery Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 4. Book Club 3, Athletic Club 4, Basketball 3, 4. Athletic Club 2, lunior Red Cross 2, Basketball 3, President of Charm Club 3, Girl Reserves 4, Prom Committee 4. International Club 2, Athletic Club 2, lunior Red Cross 2, Secretary of National Honor Society 4, Prom Committee 4. Tennis Club 3, Tennis 3, 4, Science Club 4, Track 4. Athletic Club 1, Commercial Club 3, Drum Corps l, 3, 4, Knitting Club 4, Craft Club 4. Zljtlinzstling 1, 2, Boxing 1, Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Archery u 4. Cinema Club 3, Academe Editorial Statt 4. Chess Club l, 2, 3, 4, Debating Club 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Dancing Club 1, 2. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Camera Club 2, Home Room President 2, 3, Girl Reserves 4, National Honor Society 4. Ushers' Club 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Hostess Club 3, 4, Drum Corps 4, Camera Club 2. Girls' Chorus l, Cosmopolitan Club 1, 2, Drum Corps 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, President ot Bridge Club 3. Archery Club 3, 4, International Club 3, 4, Swimming 3, Prom Committee 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Hostess Club 3, 4, Drum Corps 4, Gym Leaders' Club 4, Camera Club l. Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4. Girls' Chorus 1, Archery Club 3, Research Club 4,, Girl Reserves 4. International Club 2, Cosmopolitan Club 2, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Academe Financial Statt 3, 4, Prom Committee 4. Stamp Club 1, Chess Club 3, Science Club 4, Monitor 4, National Honor Society 4. Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Monitor 4. Ushers Club 4. , Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, Ushers Club 3, 4. gniging Club 3, Charm Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Ushers u 4. Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President Camera Club 3, President Student Senate 4, National Honor Society 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Class President 3, 4. glee Club l, 2, Chess Club 3, Choir 4, Academe Financial ta 4. One hundred two One hundred three A r,,,, Ku Gy Q N Nw A One hundred four Luther, Dorothy Lynch, William Maginn, Betty Mahoney, Jeanne Mainzer, Louise Mangold, Ruth March, Clara Anne Markey, Mary Jane Markiewicz, Mary Marquardt, Betty Marquardt, Eileen Marshall, Dedra Marshall, Donald Marshall, Ruth Martin, Paul Maurer, Betty Jane May, Leo McAllister, Evelyn McCall, Eileen McCloskey, Lee McCune, Robert McGill, Joseph Mclntyre, Phyllis McKay, Carlyle McKay, Ruth McKinney, Roger McMahon, Charles Mehler, Robert Melito, Jeannette Merz, Virginia Messmer, Dale Metzger, Ruth Metzler, Frank Metzler, Maryellen Meyer, Charles One hundred five lan. 28 lune 30 Aug. 19 Mar. 9 luly 16 Oct. 17 Dec. 31 Aug. 9 Sept. 15 Dec. 12 May 14 Apr. 28 Mar. 7 Mar. 7 Aug. 8 Sept. 30 Oct. 4 lan. 23 Mar. 17 lune 1 luly 24 Aug. 2 Aug. 7 Aug. 20 Aug. 23 Oct. 20 Nov. 30 luly 23 May 16 Apr. 31 Aug. 4 Feb. 17 Nov. 2 Sept. 20 Dec. 18 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Hostess Club 3, 4. Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Math Club 4. Charm Club 3, Hostess Club 4. Drum Corps 2, 3, Charm Club 3, Hostess Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Girl Reserves 4. ghagm Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Embroidery and Crochet u 4. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Cosmopolitan Club 2, lnternational Club 2, Book Club 4, Craft Club 4, Senator 4, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Senator 3, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Dancing Club 3, Craft Club 4. Charm Club 3, Ushers' Club 4, Pres. Home-Room 4. Charm Club 3, Embroidery and Crochet Club 4, Monitor 4. Fencing Club 3, Hobby Club 3, Embroidery and Crochet Club 4, Monitor 4. ginbkby Club 3, Fencing Club 3, Embroidery and Crochet u 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, Senator 3, National Honor Society 4, Commencement Committee 4. Swimming Club 4, Swimming 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 4, Hi-Y 4. Consumers Club 4, Leaders' Club 4. Pres. Fencing Club 3, Choir 4, Art Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Business Manager of Star 4. Camera Club 3, Chess Club 4. Dancinb Club 3, Fencing Club 3, Archery Club 4. Girls' Chorus 2, Press Club 2, Theatrical Make-Up Club 3, Ushers' Club 3, Ping Pong Club 4, Dancing Club 4. Swimming Club 4. Fencing Club 3, Gymnastics Squad 3, Track 4, Airplane Club 4. Athletic Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4. Archery Club 4. Gutdoor Club 1, 2, Cinema Club 3, 4. Fencing Club 3, Archery Club 4, Senator 4. Rifle Club 3, Swimming Club 3, 4. Senator 3, Chess Club 4. Swimming 2, 3, 4, lewelry Committee 3, Prom Committee 4. Dancing Club 3, Knitting Club 3, Ushers' Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Charm Club 3, Ushers' Club 3, Monitor 4, Girl Reserves 4. Football 2, lndoor Track 4, Swimming 4. Academe Staff 3, 4, lewelry Committee 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, Book Club 3, Craft Club 4. Band 1, 2, Sate Drivers' Club 3. Sewing Club 2, Camera Club 3, Ushers' Club 4. Senator 2, Dramatic Club 3, Travel Club 4. Meyn, Margaret Miller, Ednamae Mitteer, Clarence Moore, Mary Louise Moritz, Ann Morschhauser, Anna Marie Mosier, Yvonne Moyer, James Mozur, Theodore Nagorski, Carl Nason, Ruth Nero, David Nichohl, Alberta Nicolia, Sam Niethamer, Clair Nocer, Gloria Nutter, John Nye, Hazel Obuszewslri, Emily Obuszewski, Bernard Ochran, George O'Connell, Lorraine Ohmer, Robert Olszewsl-ri, Betty Orton, Charles Orton, Marjorie Osborn, Robert Otis, Clair Paliwoda, Eugene Palmer, Betty Palmer, Iola Palmer, Robert Parmenter, Viola Pawlowski , Mary Peiffer , William Aug. 13 lune 10 Nov. 27 Nov. 17 luly 6 Feb. 9 Nov. 12 Sept. 4 Feb. 14 Dec. 9 Nov. ll Oct. 20 May 14 Nov. 14 Feb. 8 lune 12 Aug. 9 Sept. 17 Dec. 5 Feb. 13 Apr. 9 luly 12 May 14 Dec. 10 luly 26 Apr. 1 May 9 Aug. 7 Mar. 26 Mar. 19 luly 22 Sept. 16 May 30 Dec. 9 Beauty Culture Club 2, Commercial Club 3, Craft Club 4. Archery Club 2, 3, Ushers' Club 4, Financial Committee 4. Rifle Club 1. Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, First Aid 2, Danc- ing Club 3, Art Craft Club 4. Red Cross 2, Girl Reserves 2, Commercial Club 3, First Aid 2, Dancing Club 3, Art Craft Club 4. lunior Orchestra l, Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Etiquette Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Assembly Committee 4, Cinema Club 4. Drum Corps l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4, Personality Club 2, 3, Academe 4, College Club 4, Office Monitor 4. Student Senate 3, Class Treasurer 2, Football 1, 2, 3, Academe Staff 4. Senior Airplane Club 3, 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Airplane Club 3, Managers Club 4, Track Manager 3, 4, Monitor 4. Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, Puzzle and Game Club 4, Office Monitor 4, Announcements Committee 4. Golf Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Golf Team 4. Fencing Club 3, Theatrical Make-Up Club 4. Athletic Theory 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Rod and Gun Club 4. Personality Club l, Stamp Club 2, 3, Camera Club 4, Movie Monitor 4. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, Track l, 2, Camera Club l, Prom Committee 4, Academe Financial Staff 4. Camera Club 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Cinema Club 4. Charm Club 2, Beauty Culture 3, First Aid 4. Track 3, 4, Star Staff 3, 4, Academe Technical Staff 3, 4, Stamp Club 3, Civics Committee. ' Senator 2, Charm Club 3, President Commercial Club 4, Embroidery Club 4, Star Staff 4. Archery 2, Boys' Etiquette Club 3, Ushers Club 4. Senator 2, Girl Reserves 3, Cheerleaders 3, 4, Archery Club 3, Prom Committee 4, Athletic Committee 4. Nature Study 3, Cinema Club 4. Knitting Club 3, Crocket and Embroidery Club 4, Girls' Chorus 1. Glee Club l, 4, Science Club 3, Math Club 4. gwivigirgiing 4, Water Polo 4, Etiquette Club 4, Rod and Gun u . Etiquette Club 3, Science Club 3, Tennis 3, Chess Club 4, Monitor 4. Beauty Culture Club 2, Camera Club 4, Dancing Club 2. Knitting Club 2, Novelty Sewing Club 3, Monitor 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Usher 4. Glee Club 2, 3, Choir 3, 4, President Rod and Gun Club 4. Camera Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, Dancing Club 2, Girl Reserves 3, Publications Committee 4. Table Tennis Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Etiquette Club 4. One hundred szx One hundred seven One hundred eight Peplinski, Audrie Petrianni, Peter Pettinato, Alfred Piccirello, Rose Pollit, Josephine Pratt, Irene Preedit, Alice Proser, Dorothy Randall, James Randall, Marjorie Rathers, Betty Rebman, Myrtle Rehm, Kenneth Reisenauer, Marie Reuss, Florence Riblet, Richard Richardson, Jack Ring, Robert Ritter, Anna Marie Robinson, Warren Roehl, Jack Roland, Edward Rose, Roger Rosthauser, Mildred Roth Arlene Ryan , Charlotte Salamone, Luella Sauers, Eugene Saunders, Arthur Savelli, Betty Savoie, Vito Sawin, Jean Sbarra, Anna Schlindwein , Harold Schmitt, Camilla One hundred nine April 2 Aug. 15 Aug. 9 Feb. 17 May 8 Dec. 23 Sept. 26 lan. 12 l une 6 Apr. 10 lune 30 May 4 luly 8 luly 31 luly 13 May 23 lan. 21 Nov. 25 Aug. 9 Oct. 9 Mar. 29 Oct. 13 Oct. 26 Dec. 19 Oct. 31 lune 16 May 23 May 17 Feb. 24 Sept. 2 Nov. 19 Feb. 16 luly 3 Sept. 21 Oct. 25 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Star Staff 3, 4, College Club 4, Research Club 4, Knitting Club 3, Prom Committee 4, Bridge Club 3. President Music Club 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Conductor, Pres- ident Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Harmonica Club 2, Personality Club 3, Swimming Club 4, Prom Committee 4, Senator 4. Dancing Club 3, Research Club 4, Girl Reserves 4, Monitor Service 4, Knitting Club 3, Ushers Committee 4. Knitting Club 2, Novelty Sewing Club 3, Dramatics Club 4, Monitor 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Red Cross 2, Archery Club 3, Science Club 3, Research Club 4, Personality Club 4, Monitor 3. Red Cross 2, Girl Reserves 2, Senior Orchestra 3, Handi- craft Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Athletic Committee 4. Girls' Sports 1, 2, Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4, Life Saving Class 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3. Camera Club 3, Cruise Club 4, Clothes Committee 4. Drum and Bugle Corps 1, Charm Club 3, Senator 3, First Aid Club 4, Embroidery Club 4. Home Room President 3, lunior Red Cross 3, Scrapbook Club 3, Handbook Club 4, Clothes Committee 4. Consumer's Education Club 4, lunior Historical Society 4, Gym Leader 4, Cheerleader's Club 3. Glee Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Etiquette Club 4, Ushers 4. Basketball 2, Star Staff 3, 4, Academy Singers 3, 4, First Aid Club 4. lunior Orchestra 2, Puzzle and Game Club 3, First Aid Club 4, Girls Discussion Club 4. Glee Club 3, 4. Hi Y 1, 2, 3, lnternational Club 3, Cinema Club 4, Personality Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Cosmopolitan Club 2. Dancing Club 2, 3, Football 1, 2, Senior Dramatics Club 3, 4, Monitor 4, Etiquette Club 4. lnternational Club 2, Basketball 3, Commercial Club 3, Dramatics Club 4, Craft Club 4. Football 2, Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Monitor 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Athletic Theory Club 4, Prom Committee 4, Senior Executive Board 4. Senator 1, Senior Dramatics 3, Cruise Club 4. Archery Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 4. Girl Reserves 1, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4. Girl Reserves 1, Novelty Sewing Club 3, Camera Club 3, Ushers Club 4. Bicycle Club 3, Cosmopolitan Club 3, Senior Travel Club 4. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Art Club 3, lunior Red Cross 3, Academe Editorial Staff 4, Bulletin Board Committee 4. Football 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Art Club 4. Glee Club 4, Engineering Club 2, 3, Cruise Club 3. Hostess Club 3, Consumer's Club 4, First Aid 4. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Archery Club 3, Class Treasurer 3, Track Manager 3, Choir 4, Hi-Y 4, Study Club 4. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Hostess Club 3, Gym Leaders 4. Knitting Club 3, Cruise Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4, Water Polo 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Monitor 4. gffrLReserves 4, Cruise Club 4, Golf Club 3, Ping-Pong u 2. Schnee, Rita Schonthaler, Kay Schroeder, Betty Schultz, Marian Schultz, Thomas Schuster, Robert Schwab, Warren Schwane, Robert Schmidt, Jacqueline Sciamanda, Carrie Scibetta, Geraldine Searle, Henry Shadeck, Katherine Shalkham, Norma Sherman, George Silver, Abe Silver, Samuel Smatana, Dorothy Smeltzer, Frances Smith, Dorothy Smit h, Helen Smith, Jean Smith, Jean M. Smith, Nancy Smith, Shirley Sorth , Kenneth Soth, Roger Sparaga, Jean Spoden, Jeanne Stablein, Dorothy Stafford, Jack Stang, Dorothy Stanton, Betty Steiner, Bettie Apr. 26 Oct. 16 Oct. 9 Apr. 7 May 23 Nov. 22 Feb. 24 Dec. 23 lune 20 Nov. ll lan. 24 Apr. 12 luly 16 Feb. 18 luly 22 Apr. 20 luly 6 Nov. 21 Sept. 4 May 21 Oct. 17 lan. 13 Nov. 17 lan. 28 May 13 Sept. 16 lune 19 Feb. 5 Mar. 12 lune 1 Sept. 24 lune 23 Apr. 9 Nov. 13 Cinema Club 3, 4, Monitor 4. Girl Reserves 4, Charm Club 4, Cruise Club 4, Golf Club 3, Ping-Pong Club 2. Art Club 3, Craftsman Club 4, Library Staff 4. girl Reserves 1, Hostess Club 3, Consumers Club 4, First id 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Senior Dramatics 4, Movie Monitor 4. Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4. Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 2. Track 4, Boaster Club 4, Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Gym Team 4. Commercial Club 3, Knitting Club 4. Basketball 2, Mushball 2, Commercial Club 3, Needle Point and Knitting Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Personality Club 3, Craftsman's Guild 4, Senior Executive Board 4, Academe 3, College Club 4. Track 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 2. Hostess Club 4, Charm Club 3. Girl Reserves 3, 4, Table Tennis 3, Prom Committee 4, Academe Technical Staff 4, Archery Club 3. National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Senate 2, 3, 4, Academe Editorial Staff 4, Vice President of Class 4, Gym Team 2, 3, 4. Chess Club 2, 3, 4. Puzzle and Game Club 4. Student Senate 2, 3 Class Secretary 3 4 Archery Club 3 First Aid 4, Personality Club 4, Cheer1eader's Club 3. Theatrical Make-Up Club 4, Monitor 4, Hostess Club 3, Research Club 4. Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4, Girl's Athletic Association 2, 3, 4, Theatrical Make Up Club 3, 4, Press Club 3. Cosmopolitan Club 2, Gir1's Chorus 2, Nature Study 3, Scrapbook Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4, Monitor 4. Tennis Club 2, Girl's Athletic 3, Research Club 4, College Club 4, Academe Financial Staff 4, Prom Committee 4. Bicycle Club 2, Dancing Club 2, Hostess Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, Prom Committee 4, Student Senate 4. Girls' Chorus 1, Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, Band 4, Swimming 1, Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, Research Club 4, Personality Club 3. Commencement Committee 4, Research Club 4, Girls' Chorus 3, Archery Club 3, Mimeo Shop 4. Band 3, Safe Drivers' Club 3. Football 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Wrestling 4, Prom Committee 4, Rod and Gun Club 3, Athletic Club 4. Girls' Chorus 2, Monitor 4, Research Club 4, Archery Club 3, Mimeo Shop 4. Cruise Club 4, Golf Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4. Cosmopolitan Club 1, 3, lnternational Club 2, Personality Club 3, Academe Financial Staff 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4. Hi-Y 3, Swimming Club 3, 4, Cinema Club 3, Monitor 4. Senior Sewing Club 3, Study Club 4. Personality Club 2, Art Club 3. Girl Reserves 2, 4, Dancing Club 3, Charm Club 2, Home- Room President 2, Personality Club 4, Prom Committee 4. One hundred ten 1 1 J W 5- Y- f 4 One hundred twelve Stewart, Norman Stewart, Samuel Stewart, Virginia Stough, Martha Szymula, Catherine Taylor, Janice Tanner, Pearl Teal Barbara Tedh, Susan Thomas, Reba Thompson, Frances Thorton, Leola Torrance, Gladys Tozer, Gerald Trimmer, Treva Trocki, Norbert Trudnowski, Edward Truitt, Jerome Valiga, Elizabeth VanAken, Eleanor VanDervort, Jack Veit, Mary Vitelli, Anthony Voss, Miriam Waldemarson, Marian Waldinger, Marian Walker, James Ward, Douglas Weber, Betty Weber, John Webster, Deon Wehan, William Weussert, Gretchen Wells, Richard Weyand, Elizabeth One hundred thirteen Sept. 17 Sept. 21 luly lO lune 9 Aug. 16 Oct. 23 Feb. ll Apr. 11 May 21 lune 13 lilly 14 Oct. 11 Feb. 7 Aug. 7 luly 28 Nov. 8 Feb. 2 Dec. 29 Dec. 12 Dec. 11 lan. 20 Dec. 16 NOV. 28 lune 21 Feb. 1 May 22 Apr. 24 Aug. 22 Mar.2O May 1 luly 30 Apr. 16 Mar. 8 lune 28 Feb. 7 Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Track 3. Rod and Gun Club 3, 4, Track 3. Research Club 4, Dancing Club 3, Knitting Club 3, Girl R 4 eserves . Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Research Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Puzzle and Game Club 4. Bicycle Club 1, Dancing Club 2, Travel Club 2, 3, Hostess Club 4, Drum Corps 3. Cosmopolitan Club 2, International Club 2, Senator 1, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Academe Editorial Statt 4, Prom Committee 4. Beauty Culture Club 2. . Girls' Chorus 2, Dancing Club 3, Choir 3, 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Personality Club 3, Prom Committee 4, College Club 4. Knitting Club 3, Charm Club 4. girls' Chorus 2, Perscnality Club 3, Charm Club 4, Dancing lub 3. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 4, Girl Reserves 4, First Aid Club 4. Girls' Chorus 1, 2, First Aid Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. gancing Club 2, Hostess Club 4, Hobby Club 2, Archery lub 1. Sr. Camera Club 4. Charm Club 4, Drum Corps 3, 4. Cinema Club 4. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 3, Cinema Club 4, Athletic Theory Club 4. Athletic Club 3. Dancing Club 3, Charm Club 3, Personality Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Consumers Club 4. Girls' Chorus 1, Choir 2, 3, 4, Book Club 3, lewelry Com- mittee 3, Sate Drivers' Club 4, Clothes Committee 4. Swimming 4, Airplane Club 3, Science Club 4. Girl Reserves 2, Sewing Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Beauty Culture Club 3, Ushers Club 4. Engineering Club 1, 2, Academe Technical Staff 3, 4, Track 3, 4. Drum Corps 1, 2, International Club 2, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Academe Financial Stall 3, 4. Se earch Club 4, Camera Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4. Charm Club 2, Personality Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Monitor 4. Table Tennis Club 2, lewelry Committee 4, Basketball 3, Movie Monitor 4. . Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Rod and Gun Club 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Choir 4, Music Club 3, Cinema Club 4. Beauty Cultue Club 3, Charm Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4, Research Club 4. Ritle Club 2, Dancing Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 3, 4. Airplane Club 3, Track 3, Math Club 4. Table Tennis Club 3, Movie Monitor 4, Home-Room Pres- ident 1. Girl Reserves 2, Charm Club 3, Personality Club 3, Con- sumers Club 3, Dancing Club 3, Beauty Culture Club 4. Cglee Club 2, 3, 4, Sr. Travel Club 4, Basketball 2, Dancing lub 3. Home-Room President 2, Dancing Club 3, Charm Club 3, President Consumers Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 4. Weyand, Mathilda Wheeler, Ruth Wilcox, Burton Wiley, Mary Winkleman, Gladys Wolford, Virginia Woods, Mary Woznicki, Stella Wuenchel, Anne Winschel, Edna Mae Yates, Lewis Yeager, Donna Young, James Zeigler, Eleanor Zuraw, Joseph Feb. 7 lune l5 May 3l Mar. lO Mar. l6 Apr. 21 luly 14 lune 8 luly 24 lune 20 Feb. 7 luly 15 Dec. 5' Aug. 2 Oct. 23 Girl Reserves 3, 4, Charm Club 3, Personality Club 4, Consumers Club 4. Book Club 3, Craft Club 4, Monitor 4. lellrfistling 3, 4, Track 4, President Archery Club 4, Glee u 4. Dancing Club 3, Charm Club 3, Consumers Club 4, Beauty Culture Club 4. Girls' Chorus l, Red Cross Club 3, Nature Study Club 3, Scrapbook Club 3, Safe Drivers' Club 4. Bicycle Club 3, Charm Club 3, Drum Corps 2, 3, 4, Gym Leaders Club 4, Girls Sports 2, 3, 4. Charm Club 2, 3, 4. Dancing Club 3, Study Club 3, Travel Club 3, Fencing Club 3, Beauty Culture Club 4. Fencing Club 3, Charm Club 4, Girl Reserves 3, 4. Girls Sports l, Bicycle Club 3, Research Club 3, Gym Leaders Club 4, Girl Reserves 4. Safe Drivers' Club 3, Cruise Club 4. Sr. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 2, 3, 4. Dramatic Club 3, Stage Make-Up Club 4. Drum Corps l, 2, International Club 2, Personality Club 3, Academe Financial Staff 4, Prom Committee 4. Art Club 3, 4, Stamp Club 2, Craftsmen Guilds Club 4. One hundred fourteen O ne hundred fifteen e aloforecia fe ..... . . . the cooperation and valued assistance of- Mr. Paul Miller of the McCarty Printing Company Mr. Ralph Weber of the National Service Engraving Company Mr. Frank Schauble of the Schauble Studios Paul Bredenberg for his poetic contribution Robert Kibler for the use of his snapshots Margaret Krufal for her fine editorial work Marian Waldinger, Betty Weber, and Charlotte Bindseil for their services generously rendered . . . in the compilation of our l94O Academe- lt seems only fitting that we should acknowledge, also, the members of the various divisions of the staff whose work and cooperation made this Annual possible. So to all of you, for your earnest effort and willing service we, the editorial staff, give thanks. Picture space, which was originally allotted to staff pictures, was relin- guished in favor of other organizations, therefore, we have endeavored to manifest our appreciation of their efforts in the montage which appears in the opening section. Editorial Staff l. Hufstader, M. Crowe, Y. Cokefair, l. Senger, L. Salamone, D. Deitch, L. Howes, G. Sherman, B. Baudau, I. Taylor, C. Shapiro, D. Landsberg, H. Daiute, Typists: B. Weber, M. Waldinger. U Technical Staff l. Sheldon, N. Baltus, S. Shaw, S. laroslaw, P. Sullivan, A. Vitelli, D. Swain, G. Ochran. Financial Staff G. German, l. Gifford, C. Lieder, R. Kramer, D. Brooks, l. Moyer, R. Guerrein, A. Lewis, D. Stablein, A. Atkins, R. Crowley, Y. Mosier, M. Decker, G. Griffith, E. Ziegler, M. Voss, L. Bricker, l. Smith, D. Smith, E. Herscowitz, L. Weigard, C. Hartwell, R. Metzger, P. Bredenberg, N. Lopez. One hundred sixteen I I REPRESENTATIVE MANUFACTURERS AND MEREHANTS , UE ERIE , INDEX Name Page A Adams and Streuber .........,. ..... 7 American Hollow Boring Co .... . . .12 American Sterilizer Company. . , . . .12 Armor Electric Mfg. Co. ...,... . . .13 Austin, E. E. 8: Son ...,. .... . .. 4 Name Page K Kelly Studios ...., ..,... .,.. 7 Kimmel8:Son... ..3 Kohn,E.V ....,. H3 Kramer,J.C.,.. M3 L B ' - Baker .-1, Son. Isaac -4l',-l--. . 1 .16 '5Z15i5G3i1i'L5?..T2i1l5??T??i i ' ' ' 3 i 43 Salwald sgfwelrya' ' ' ' "" 23 Lauterbach Bakery. Inc .... , . . , ,IO Baumarg' an an ern ' "" Lawrence Hotel. , ........ . . . .15 oston tore ..... , ..,....,,, ..., 1 0 Lawrence Mfg- CD '4.. A VV V V A V13 Bucyrus-Erie ....,... . . . . . . .20 , , Lord Mfg. Co. ....... . , . 3 Burckart s Drug Stores .... . .... 6 Lovell Mfg- Co Ill- V V V IIQA V V A V 9 C Lynch Camera Shop ......... ..., 1 3 College Inn. .......,..... . . .... 16 M Collrnan, C. H.. . . .,.,..,. .... 1 O , , Comptometer School -'.'4-v- llll 1 4 McCarty Printing Co.. RBC., , , . .Color Insert gonnesticut General Life. .... 6 mgginfgegepgfggesgsdlo' ' ' """"' ' 'lg raig i ..............,.,.. ..,. 1 3 , I V """ ' ' ' ' """' ' ' ' Continental Rubber Works. , , , .,.. 17 Metric gglgtal Wgrlis .........,.,,. . . . . lg eyer ons, . .,., ,,. Daka Paper Co-V V V VV V V V V V V11 Mueller Art Cover 84 Binding Co. . . , . . .16 Durico Paper Co.. . . , . . . . . .20 N E National Service Engraving Co ..... .... 8 Eckerds ...................... , . , 8 P Erie Business College. . . . , . . . . 6 Palace Hardware House 20 Erie guy Iron weeks' ' ' ' ' '16 Pennsylvania Boiler Worlrsx' V . :13 Erfe 0mme'C'?1 011995 ' ' ' ' ' 10 Pennsylvania State College ,,,. . . . . .15 Erie County Milk Ass n ..., . . . 8 Press 8: Co L 14 Erie Daily Times .......... . . . 6 Pulakos " '4"""' ' 4""' ' ' ' ' 9 Erie Engraving Co ..., , , . . .14 """"""' 4 ""' ' i ' ' ' ' Erie Florists ...... ...,.. . . . ll R E22 ilgggiaglzg "" ' ' 'lg W Reinhold Pharmacy .......... . . . .12 Erie gletergysterns V V V V ' V119 Richman Brothers.. .. , ....20 rie aint o ....... ..... . . . 7 4 S Erie Resistor Corp .... . . . 3 - Bree School of M- -A V A '13 T S2i'3i1?S,er'fSZTf 1 . , ' i 2 2 2 ' 1 2 1 21? Erie Sport Store ........... . . ,l3 , Schlaudecker Leo C0 14 Erie Window Glass CO- -- ' - 7 schunz, Arthgur F. CA. ' . . , . . ff z F Shea's Theatre ..............,..... ..,. l 4 F' hgk- CUM V lllg- V1.2 Shepard,R.W.,Dr.... ..,.ll Fifgkingergf? V ff A V V V V V 412 1 Stanley Bros. Furniture Co., 1nc. . 2 Frank, Geo. Ku VV VVVVVV VVV11 ' Sterling Milk ..,..,...,...... ..... .. 9 l Sunny Acres Riding Academy . . , , . . . 4 G A Swanson Tool and Machine Corp. . .... 11 Gem City Dairy ..... ...... . . . 2 T H Thayer. O. C. 84 Son .......,.,..... .. 4 Halle Bros' Co' """"""" A ' ' 6 A Trask, Prescott 8: Richardson Co ..,. . . . . ,14 Haller, Jacob Co. .........., . . .12 Troy Laundry 10 Hammermill Paper Co. ..,. . . . 5 AH- """ A "'i"4" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Hess Brothers ..,.,.........., . , . 7 3 lzth Street Skating Rink "" ' 3 Heyl Physicians Supply Co. ,... . . . 10 R U Hill Mill Ice Cream Co .... .. ,. 17 Union Ice Co VVVVVVVVVV V V V A V V V 2 Hubbell' R' H ""AA" ' A"' I "" ' ' '13 I Union Storage Co. of Erie . .. .. 4 . . W I ........ ...... .... 4 living S Weiblen Pharmacy ............. .... 2 0 J i Weil-McLane Co.. . . . . . . 4 Jack Frost Doughnuts, , .,,, ,,,, 3 West Ridge Transportation Co. , . . .16 Jameson's ............... . . . 6 T Jarecki, Herman T... . . , .11 Y Jarecki Mfg. Co .... . .... l'1 Y. M. C. A ..... ..., . .... 7 Jordan's .......,.... ,... 4 L Y. W. C. A.. . .... .,..ll Ill? -. 0 UNION - PURE Ice Delivery Company MANUFACTURED ICE Yellow Trucks-23-279 Blue Trucks-22-2345 High R . of The en! asf ' 4' ook' 1701! Q STAN LEY FIRCH'S MA-MADE BREAD "It's the Best" GEM CITY Ice Cream "Erie's Finest Made" Ice Cream, Sherbets, Fancy Moulds and Specialties lixkfillo Pies Factory and Salesroom 503 East 8th Street Phone 23-758 Or Your Neighborhood Dealer ARTHUR F. SCI-IULTZ COMPANY General fx Electric Radios Refrigera tors Washers l6l6-1618 Parade Street 1029 Slate Street Two --'K+'-L-" 194 0 , E.. Conzplimenis rj J. C. KRAMER FUBHIEH 11 W. am se. JACK FIQUST DDIJGI-1 N UTS LORD MF G. CO. Erie, Pa. F 1 LAKE EEIIE SUMMER THEATRE e l'll0Fl'ISSl0NAL W THE BARN M WHITE SWAN FAIUWS N Phu lfuch Yvuck-June! 6 lo Aug. 17 E. V. KUHN Equitable Life Assurance Society of N.Y. Life Insurance and Annuities 617 CUNIXIICKCIC BUILDING KIIMMEJL Sz. SON '6Shoes and llosiery Zhu! Hear" Cor. 17th and Sassafras Sts. CUIIIPHHICIILS of ERIE RESISTOR CORP. Eric, Pennsylvania Phon e C6-128 A. 0. JOHNSTQN, Mgr. 12th St. SKATING RINK The CIQnh ofqiefinement l2th and French Eric, Pa. EYICNINUS 8 TO ll:00 MATINHICS 2 TO fl-:30 lixvepl. Nun. 'l'110s.- YFIIIIFS. - Sun. Three ... --1 . 1940 - ' s l L71 0 ' '49 918 Peach St. SHOES BY I. IYIILLER lllElll-Illclnlllll UU. BOILERS - RAD IATORS HUMIDIFIERS Erie, Pa. UNION STUHAGE GU. UF ERIE GENERAL AND COLD STORAGE Erie, Pa. EXCAVATING COAL AND COKE LUMBER READY-MIXED CONCRETE E. E. AUSTIN 8: SON 20th and Reed Sis. Erie, Pu. WROBLE' S AUTO BoDY Wo HKS Better workmanship at no extra cost. 227 E. 7th Sl. Phone 24-939 Erie, Pa. uGfrc1c:Iuc1tion Your Residence can G racluate into a comfortable, efficient Home by the lnstallation of CAPI TOL ROCK WOOL Home Insulation O. C. Th ayer 8: Son 1432 Chestnut St. 22 -248 Erie, Pa. DQYII Call Four i 1 .. . .. . .., " ,.,-fre , 4,::::'.- '- . .. :f5:zf:.:,.. 1. -+1-ff :' v"': ' T W, ,f 5 5. f1""' I '1 . .fs:a,nfi' Cm-:rfgfismfriru--:--.1-H ' . ..,..A, ..,f.', fly: . . ,.:.,:f,,:::::5:::5:Qf5:m: A .f ir Amr., 1:5 :g 41,5 55:rg::g::5g::55::g1f5g1,ff4:mgagm3:.e:s:?f.fyqxr ngf:, r--mgf!,q::1 -,wif ,:.:::::::f::,:::-:::::- ---1maa:ff'::, r:.g-gr,-:'w::1-Qi lf ' "1 --.:r:f:,ff,'f::4 .-J. ,M 'J fi? I I "- ' . :F'f"' ' 'I "FSH !155!f595fi.'--rr.-1:1559""'.'- - ' u- " ., I .. . . U N asc ,mera snr USJRLQ5 79+ 1 494 The Label Smart Collegiates l lc Oo tor in all their Fashions. Phono 84-294- 5 SWQN P2 suNNY Acnss gig RIDING ACADEMY X R X Learn Io Hide und Keep Fil "km I L. lc. ULRICH I K K' 'I f f Ilarhorcreek, Pa. xl-lla, C ompliments of A FRIEND CHUCIVS IEAIQBEIQ SHUI? EXPERT HA I R CUTTING '23 CHARLES UGLOW, Prop. 1878 East Lake lioad E EMT' Egg? F4 ,., f Q-gt t' 1 ff ,A f I 1 1 fini? J ff m 1 a 4 4 , 3 I 1 1 1 L il Ill Ullllll A.-he f I' IWERTISIIIE 2 :W V . f ,X I 1 UA 1. ,ed o I .i ' ? Pnnnunrs. Tgk J., '- 3.4M 1 ll 'E 1.,v- ' if 'fi ' ki 'I 1" .egg ' H N L-fiif, 'Q , Y ' I X' - 2 E51 Ef f i? 521' 'IKJP 'EJCM4--1240141 'll-41-4? 4 in-Q-ilfki-JP 4-7 'Q-4--'QMJEQ-JCL I 4 Turn Page Over for a Complete Story. V I 'c Q 5 xg -, f Q, a J YR 1 Q P. K, 5' 13 M3 ' 4 P ' .41 25 .2 i :Q i1 1- .L i..... -l ----"' 1940 , ..- ...-1 f 1 'E , aswgrswssje s f '5, -ii -555:-.Q :fe - -- if .Uh gg-A A n if ' ig 'fs 'l 5 f ' f 'l 'TX f i' 'T , '- . i X34-X .-fi' 'Q QQ' '.f1:f " 5 N 'if X 'V H. ' i A 1 3 ah f Y ----, 7 136' - X afeagfllayectiueeyeiieaetee eeeglmmy The Handshake of Auld Lang Syne ln the white dawn of each New Years Day, great- grandfather used to throw the stiffened harness over a pair of stable-sore dobbins, back them up to the big sled, and start a round of the neighbors. lt was due them, you see, to favor the omen that a man should cross the family door sill first on New Yearls. The old stable has made way for a two tractor garage, the pail of oats has passed to make room for a drum of gasoline, the old sled has long since crumbled to its metal parts and those rusted away, and the party line has brought the whole neighborhood to the dining room wall. Still, once a year human neighborliness calls for the handshake of "auld lang synen. The world is smaller in a way, but our circle of friendship is ever so much larger than great-grandfather's. To reach afar we harness the little red portrait of George Washington, and our message goes easily and quickly through doorways in the next town or across the continent. The holiday letter and the seasonal greeting- thanks to paper and papermakers- take the real "us" to our friends. lflammermill Paper Company Erie, Pennsylvania F ive 4-' 1940 ,-- ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE Established 1884 A Recognized Institution for Business and Secretarial Training College Grade Courses Strong Teaching Stall' Selected Student Body College Ideally Located and Refined Atmosphere Equipment Up-to-Date. We encourage the matriculation of serious-minded students of good standing. Students well trained for business positions are in demand, and are assisted in securing employment. We invite you to visit the school. Phone 23-814, or write for Descriptive Folder. ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 220 Wfcst Ninth Street . Erie, Penna. Established April 12, 1888 ERIE ERIE DAILY TIMES INSURANCE W . , , Eric s Successfzil Newspaper EXCHANGE TIMES SQUARE , Il0 WY. 10th St. Phone 23-281 Auto Insurance for Less Eat 4 A Home Industry' Slllllllll IDE UHEIIIII with a It gives you pep- It gives you zest! You can then Attain the rest. Nation-Wide Service IIlMESON'S mn. Auto Collision Service DUCO - REFINISHING 120 W. 12th Street 116-124 West 10th Street Connecticut General life Insurance Cc. CHARLES R. PIXLER D IQ U Q5 STD IQ E 5 qcenmz Agency 1004 Erie Trust Bldg. Erie, Pa. Sir .1.l..l. .Lli ll., .ill U 1940 ,g We Congratulate The Graduating Classes of 1940 On their Splendid Scholastic Record And wish them A Continued Success 'Eiiss lv' CO. N90 ' I "PainfHeadquorfers' Q . I3 81State Streets Erie's Paint Authority Says: TO I f THE GRADUATING ff CLASS or 1940 The Paint House of Better Service ERIE PAINT CO. Cor. 14th and State Sts. Phone Z6-T11 JOIN THE . . . Y. M. C. A. Make it your downtown Headquarters Compliments of A Friend Kelly Studios Cameras, Supplies Films, Finishing 14 E. 10th St. Erie, Pa. ADAMS AND STREUBER 6th and East Ave. Member of the Guild Hess l3l'0thBl'S Prescription and Manufacturing OPTICIAN S Where the Price is Right Phone 22-382 104 West 9th Stl Erie, Pa. Seven Q .- ECKERD'S 706fStalc Strcetfl 109 r 832 BETTER DRUG STORES Prescripfiorls Our Sperially We use the besL drugs and chemicals and employ the best registered men that money can hire. Qlungratulzxtiuns 1 to the 8 ACADEME Staff and Advisers In producing the engravings for your Annual, we express appreciation for your cooperation and the cordial association. . M B'i"g0f'1f11EjiLrQlf'fjflj2'gS:cl" 'mc National Service Engraving Company "The Complete sg.-vice PIanf" AAD hAvE MONEY 1708 French Street Erie, Penne. ig E C O M A Since 1883 Manufacturers of NICHOL KOLA SEVEN-UP EXTRA DRY GINGER ALE and a F 11 L' f F1 u me O avors MILK, CREAM, ICE CREAM extend their congratulations and good Wishes ERIE COUNTY MILK ASS'N Phone 26-767 1218 Parade St. Phone 22-255 Eight -"---'-' ' 19110 , .1- Cornplinzenis of Nfetfill M0ti1l WDTKS American Meter Ce., Inc. Manufacturers of GAS METEIQS ERIE, PENNA. Allan and Morril Bauman A E , CARPET CLEANERS Moy 140 west Fourth st. Dial 26-445 STERLING MILK 3330 Peach st. Dial 99-691 MZGAU4 Candies Q26 Lovell Manufacturing Company ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA . i Makers of '-. Pressure Cleaners CW'ringersj - Rubber Rolls Mouse and Rat Traps ..... f .... Ice Hockey Sticks I Nine 'L---1-' - 1940 , Business is a Profitable Profession ERIE COIVI IVI ERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training Approved by the Pennsylvania Committee on Standards and Ethics ot Approved Business Schools Placement oi graduates, 98929. Tuition Reasonable Faculty is State Certified State at Eighth St. Erie, Pa. Office 22-644 T. D. KRUM, Pres. Res. 98-179 Heyl Physicians Supply Cn. TD UV LAU N DIQY 416 State Street Zcglfitizitell glioio GJi1,uJio COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers at East High School LAUTERBACH BAKERY, Inc. QUALITY BAKED GOODS 121 E. 21st Street Phone '15-ITI iff! if 1 I Boston Store Let us examine your eyes and fit them with proper Glasses. C . H . C O L L M A N Optometrist and Manufacturing Optician DR. R. H. COLLMAN, Optometrist Cor. 8th and Peach Streets hlasonic Temple Phone 22-098 Ten -i" 1940 , 3 DAKA PAPER CO. Agents for HAMMERMILL and other leading mills WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Paper f Paper Products f l-wine A Complete Line oi printing Papers Office and Warehouse: 321 State Street Phones: 26-821-26-822 Dianlonds Eslablislied 1862 W'atches Protect Your Dlost JEWELER5 Valuable Possession- 25 West 9th Street - JEWELRY - sILvr:11WAnE Your E3'e'Si9hf Visit aur Gif! Deparlnzenl Complimenis of Ryan Baur Laver Offerle Schluraff Kallenbach Erie F. T. D. Florists Swanson Tool and Machine Corporation Design and Manufacture of Punches and Dies Special Tools, Fixtures and Machinery 810-812 East Eighth Street Phone 54-200 Erie, Pennsylvania DR. R. VV. SHEPARD OPTOMETRIST 113 West 11th St. 31' Years of Helpful Eye Service in Erie GEO. K. FRANK REALTOR Masonic Temple Erie, Pa. Y. W. C. A. Eleven ,. I. 0 l Fliekingerls Hotel Dept. Especially Selected Foods Packed for Hotels, Cafeterias and Institutions Samples and Quotations Cheerfully Furnished -OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE- N. Y. C. 8: St. L. R. R. and Wallace St. Erie, Penna. AMERICAN STERILIZER COMPANY Erie, Penna. Congratulations - Graduates We Wish you the best for your future- May the rest of your life be as easy and happy as your High School days. REINHOLD PHARMACY 1715 State St. - Phone 24-271 Erie, Pa. ERIE FORGE CO. Erie, Pa. American Hollow Boring Co. Hollow Bored Forgings and Steel Shafts Oflice and Works: 19th and Raspberry Streets Jacob Haller Company Wholesale Grocers Almost Everything from Individual Sizes to Gallon Cans for A BAKERS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, HOSPITALS, INSTITUTIONS, CAMPS P. O. Box 898 Erie, Pa. Twelve in--" ' I940- ,l Q 28355 CRAIG OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS T22 W. 8th Street Erie. Pa. Erie Owned -4- Erie Operated There is an ESSO Station in your neighborhood. R. H. HUBBELL LOANS 525.00 to 5300.00 At Reduced Rates for constructive purposes. 22 E. 9th Street Phone 23-221 ARMDR ELECTRIC MFG. 00. 1020 Holland Street Erie, Pa. ERIE SPORT STORE 723 State Street Erie School of Art PENNSYLVANIA BOILER WORKS Lynch Camera Shop "If it's worth While, we have it." 2'Z W. 11th Street Erie, Pa. LAWRENCE MF G. CO. 953 E. 12th Street Erie, Pa. Th irieen - . ?-'T-T--' 1940 mi 'lr ir 'A' T G0 L N WHERE T i IIITS V T ARE T f A HABIT V E 1 THEATRE W l A Presents A T T . . TT TT lar1e's Best T Entertainment T H .... ALWAYS T t T 'k i' -A' TRASK, PRESCOTT 8. RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Firsl Quality .xI6I'l'hCllllIiSC Erie, Penna. L. PRESS 89' CO. T210-12165 -s - SPfQJll'FlNlga:E4J5HSt LEU SUHLAUUEUKEH UU- CAMPING 13QV1PMl'3NT Esmblislmd 1873 RIDINQ WAPIPABEL 59031 5V'1'1AR 25 E. sul street Compliments of Erie, Pa. The cumptnmgter Schggl WSLYHANCE Ulf' ALL KINDS 722 Commerce Building SURETY BONDS Phone 45-464 Fourleen i...-.l... .1 --?-- ' 1940 ,, c. Lb kr v ii N. X.. " " 1 f . A. MEYER E5 S Erie's Foremost Clothiers The LAWRENCE The PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE 10th and Peach Streets I 3 ERIE The Ballroom offers facilities for Technical School Center W QY. Nl. C. A.j DANCING ' l LOW TUITION FEES I PRIVATE DINNEHS I Business Administration Cin- l cluding Accountancyl, Electrical BANQUETS and Nlechanical Engineering. For iriformation write or phone CARD PARTIES l J. H. KIRK, Extension Representative l 404- Ariel Bldg., Erie Q22-64-6j wwwww, L F, K W , ,, Fifteen - .- . ..-l1- ---- ' 1940 ,Ii CON GRATULATIONSI BAKER? laurel iiaill Glemeterp 1950-1940 Zim' On the Grubb Road C0ne mile soulh of Ridge Houdj Style Headquarters For Young Men CCLLEGE INN 20th and Peach Sts. E Featuringi "Erie's Only Dry Night Spot" " FASHION PARK CLOTHES A ARROW SHIRTS ,. STETSON HATS Vie., PlM,m. U ,U!f mn ij, ' FREEMAN SHOES rf' . T QIQIBSI HM S! A- REVERE SWEATERS Y- ' T ' - ' A 'mm' -io! A, HART, SCHAFFNER a. MARX a T - CLOTHES h el ISAAC BAKER 8. SUN WEST RIDGE Stake Street at Seventh co' Girard, Penna. The Mueller Art Cover SL Binding CO. 2202 Superior Avenue Cleveland, Ohio ERIE CITY IRON WORKS CENTENNIAL 1840 4 4 4 1940 .5 I ' Established l852 Incorporated l897 JARECKI MFG. C0. Erie, Pa. .lIl1IIllflll'llll'!'I'S of Pipe Fillings Valves and Cocks Pipe Threading Nlaehines Compressor Governors Pipe Vises Uil, Gas and Vlialer Well Supplies Pipe Cut and Threaded to Order Scliool photographs .v,-l Frank Scliaulnle Stuolios 113 West 1Otl1 St. BELL 84 l-IQWELL H 4 H AGPA Across from time limes EASTMAN EASTMAN Move CAMERAS Phone 24-968 Konfxrs . p ,I Compliments o Compliments of Condnenlul Rubber Works Erie, Pa' A Friend A vs nuu Alul A " "A"- . A Compliments of ddr.,l HILL-MILL :cf GHEAM cn. -wofzxfofiiff j 1 , and Q ......... Ifflij "'- - .,,,,.. -""fffQf .....,.... ' MILL E rg i "" """ I Manufacturers of Q S ' ,...- '-" "ll' f S VELVETV ICE CREAM 5 l 6 Ice CRE and 5 5. is I 4 lI,-4. ,,.. --" ' ' All Dairy Products ia it Phone 23-666 ' A' "'- ,,,,..,.....,..-f Erie Owned Erie Operaied Seventeen " 1940 ,, Congfzatulafions TO THE RADUATES from ERIE'S LEADING BUSINESS MEN 1 i Shapter's Mobil Service 1 Herbert A. Carr 84 Son Sth and Kahkwa Quality Groceries "Service That Satisfiesn 1 2022 West 8th St.-Rhone 25 665 Conkeys Grocery and Meat Market i James H. Cross, Dodge - Plymouth 1144 WGSt 8th SL- P11009 23 227 1 New Cars, Trucks and Fine Used Cars Hart1eb,s Ice Cream Bar N Res. 2765 W. 8th-Bus. 1802 State 8th and CFGIUUSFFY SiS- ' Priscilla's Cape Cod Kitchen , ' West Lake Road at Peninsula Drive Colorual Theatre 1 Zink the Cleaner 11 Tkbgggegigzglgieslqrlscoll Shop Dale Williams' Music Shop - 1015 State Street 1 L1?g'??A?35 gg51bg?ue I . C. C. French 1 leweler and Optometrist Gaggaelglgsgcake Shop 5 West 8th St. 1 19 1ct. West Sth and West 12th Sts. Harry E. Mueller E' d A' D b t The Key Man i 1236195 ou e Thomas' Jewelry Store 202 East mth Si' SWS for All OCCGSHDHS Claremont Millinery Shop S West 8th St. Moderately Priced 712 S S . Paul T. Allen co. me 1 Hlnsurance For Every Need" State Street Food Market 705 State St.--YRhone 24-941 816 Stale Street G. J. Gebhardt Coal 8: Coke Co. Priscilla Biers Shop For Dustless Fuel-Rhone 22 217 120 West 8th St' Northwestern Counties Oil Co' Fromknecht and Heidecker Milk Co Cities Service Products Dunlap Welding Charles Zinram 460 West 12th St. Dist. Rep.fUnion lron Works , G91-U-1911-,'5 Ford E- O,Deu 10th at WdlUL11YD1dl 23-023 leweler Hamilton Car and Lumber Co. 24 West 10th St, 17gihand5asE5JSrry Sts. 4. Richard H. Beyer l , one Jeweler L1nn s Beauty Salon 28 West 8th St' Evfslwnsfloth si e-et es r Trost Shoe Shoppe A 0 0 o 14 West 8th St. X COURT HOUSE The Rosery 1 Cagslelggppler 1005 West 6th St.-Phone 46 116 H Mill arry 1 er Simuel H- Sfiiagd Recorder ot Deeds nsurance o orms . Ralph B. McCord 509 Marine Bank Bldg. Register of Wills Darling Flower Shoppe YN Rollo Mccreary Corsages and Cut Flowers 108 West 7th St. Kunemarfs "Recognized for Quality" 1028 Cherry St. County Treasurer George Wilson Clerk ot Courts Frank J. Vollmer Chief Deputy Sheriff lgl'f1,Ilf'l'll . 1 . - Eilhi ?!E'l'EB S'YS'l'l'J?l5,i'NI1. I - ' 1- .ffulcfume 80111141 rgfzmpfmul num, vsssn. To the l94O Graduating Class r first big step has been taken ompletion of the best educational t Now that you successfully...Your c that the city offers to you in facilities, High School graduation!...le us look at what is ahead. First of all, there are bigger and better years ahead...Years full of opportunity... Years that will challenge your ingenuity and put to use the education you have secured up to this time...But until the very last day you live, your education will be continued. For a while it may seem difficult to get the kind of work you would like to do...Don't be discouraged. Your persistence in following your studies has been demonstrated. You are graduates! Now, persistence is required in continuing your education in the world of business and industry. We recom end to you the cultivation of Keen analysis...As you progress in your daily a- chievements by never being quite satisfied that you are doing your level best. Under the unusual conditions that prevail in this, the best of all countries on the face the globe today, it requires just a little 't a little more persistence, a ' ce in your ability ' ou have it. of more ingenui y, little firmer confiden than ever before...But we know y We wish you success in whatever you under- take to do. Xp Sincerely , President Vice Yresiden Eftlii METER Si STEMS , lNC . le Nke ter And the whole Er Systems organization. 11 Ninefeen --" 1940 , - iiili- .1- . - A Complete Sporting Goods 1940 GRADUATES Department wff ' , 6611 :""I" ,. if I ,e,o N mai' N Ae ! X I M, , V Thirty-Iwo Yours of Confirmed Service lo the Allzleles Qf Erie High Srlzools palace Hdiawdie House ot ACADEMY f EAST STRONG VINCENT HIGH SCHCCLS Prefer MCAFHGH g'0lAQl"5 6K0fAe5 The Natiorfs Standard of Quality and Value Complinzenlx Bucyrus-Erie Company GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DIAMONDS w WATCHES 75 IEWELRY BALNVATDS JIIENVIEILIERS 11 West 9th St. Expert Repair Work Times do change! In years to come, when you look at this book wor1't all these pictures and "ads" seem funny to you?Yes-times do change! Weiblen I3hilrI11i:lCY Liberty at Eighth Street COIIZIJITIIZEIZII6 of DURICU PAPER CUMPANY 402-408 French Street Erie, Pa Twenly M l'CAl!'I'Y PRINT C I 1' P 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I Q. -1A4.. .A 1 4 A ,- ...-, f., ,,.. ,wk-v 1.-4J,-1.1m-,AMWw..:qf,w-QL:-5-.-.v-A-1-1-fM.f1.1-1.,.m,,:v,,y:..-, A.. g, .. . 1 nf . -..-f. V--:wh--w,.U,.,.L--f.:-1,-g.. .- My-mf-1 ,f,. A -wt-4-wr,-W-Kamaww,-, -1 . . f- , . fm'-ff-1-11.-m-gpm-Lm,.fJ.f:-I. ...W f'L i. 1 ..4 -fu 1 V 14, L- .,l 5 . ,. 7 1 J 42 ..- 41-4:

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