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Text from Pages 1 - 142 of the 1939 volume:

K . . -lv L 44 E 1 --l!- lyr- xi I J U f . VL5 Kd, P! L K U' QU ,X E X ,1 f J , m, -X f N. J J' 'f NA 1 I Q! ! Q Q V K ixxeri 1 .54 L in X .15 l f fly: J .32 QXXSQ X X J U 7 fb 5 ' 7? X ' x P. A 1 J xxx X I C X7 A I Qxh SE xl. U ? W R I4 'Q 9 if X . 31 I f NI X5 V 1 . X XJ X' Si 5 ,BJ my I I fi f gf , Q' ' V QW sv A X I V I ., XX x, f SEJNUXX, W M 0' Rf J I XJ kr ' , 1 1 , 4 K . 4 U J U? MJ , .I XX XJ X 1 J .1 Y , ii K x "J xt N57 rg' 4' I ,f my " xx' A 5 J X N S :I -V W M A X y L1 x 5 5 Q H W5 5 '2 is 51 E 1 x 'Z li?- yf 2177, .. jgdi X! r 1 W N S .'r.TeiEV' , Z8 .!4C6L6!Qlfl'lQ 0 7939 PUBLISIIICD BY THIS S'I'UDEN'l'S OF MIADICMY HIGH SCHOOL ICHTE, PENNSYIQVAN IA l l l l L e alaiareciafe . . llie interest shown and accommodating work done by- Mr. Ralph Weber of the National Service Engraving Company who so excellently interpreted the editor's ideas. Mr. Paul Miller of the McCarty Printing Company who co- operated heartily with the stall' in carrying out the arrangement of the book. Mr. Frank Schauble who rendered indispensable aid to the staff in the arranging of groups for pictures. Miss Mildred lipp, Miss Gloria Stein, and Miss Norma Brinkley Who assisted in the composition. Miss Marjorie Greenwald, typist., who gave unsellislily of her lime and energy in preparing the manuscript. fo iM erfruJe gaggin who this year closed a long association with Academy. By her Wise counsel, warm sympathy, and uhremithiug labors in the classroom, she endeared herself to her as- sociates aud her students, and won for herself a deep and lasting gratitude. , IN PRESENTING THE 1939 AGADEME .... 11,40 ,4mfem, . . . . has heen chosen as our theme. WVe have endeavored to reflect the spirit ol' Academy and to portray, through the media of pictures and the written Word, its contributions to its students. We have resolved not only to fulfill the need of a 1939 yearbook hut also to consider its compilation and undergraduate as well as a Senior project. lt has been our desire to make this hook your hook and to present the material in as novel a way as time, opulence, and in- genuity Would permit. To accomplish this we have employed con- tinuity ol' theme, new layouts, and pertinent headings to maintain interest. ,gn Mia ,game THE SCHOOL OF STUDIES ACTIVITIES OF MUSIC OF SPORTS SOCIAL INTERLUDES THE SENIORS THE scnool. Ute ,SZAOJ "Educalion is the apprenticeship of life." Acade1ny is striving to prepare each student adequately to be- come a desirable member of society by educating him not only intellectually, but physically and socially as well. Because the attitudes and ideals which become a part of a student's character during his high school career are retained throughout his life, the administrators and teachers of Academy are attempting to impress upon him the importance of such qualities as leadership, character, service, good health, cooperation, and toleranceg to impart to him a definite appreciation of culture and a desire for self-expression that Will enable him to live a life in complete unison with his fellow- men. We all agree that this purpose has been most adequately fulfilled, that Academy, whose memories we will cherish forever, embodies the ideals of an institution ready to answer the stern challenge ol' an ever-changing world. l'lUlLl'lECIL F zfiecn The Academe Stall, Academy lligh School, liric, Pennsylvania. When l first heard the theme of the Academe l was puzzled. Knowing that it is a student publication I was fearful that the theme was, The Idles of Academy. Then it struck me that you were honoring your teachers so l decided it was, The Idols of Academy. Soon, however, the correct idea came as I realized that it was really, The Idyls of Academy. And what hetler lhemeil In technical sense an idyl is merely a pic-lure or an event. Bulwlhe word has acquired a connolalion ol' pleasantness or significance or both. lt is fitting, then, that the Academe should be, The ldyls of Academy. For ours are pleasant dayswdays lilled with significance. Your record of them set down in the Academe will increase our pleasure in them and enhance their significance. Sincerely, C. W. MCNAHY You as students of HXi'litlf'II1j' are familiar with the words: "Trai11ii11g hfres in lrullz and duly Honor, lrzzsl, and loyalty." You have sung these words dozens of times, perhaps not, realizing that Academy cannot train you in these qualities, but can only oll'er you the opportunity to train yourselves. llow far you succeed in this sell'-training is the measure ol' your success after school days are over. SLSA Y A. TAN N ER S ixleen Srwvlleen To Llxe Seniors "I Wish you much happiness in the morn of life and in the bright afternoon but above all a clear sky Where Lhe sun goes down." W. E. DIMORIEP1 IX I iss Wfxbcr Miss llakel Miss Waugh 1, Nineteen Row 1-Suttc-llc, Hoesner, Diefendorl, Chceho. Demorier, McNary, Seybrooke, Bcrst. VVesehlcr, How 2-Schaper, liavcny, llowc. Van Gown, Olson. llolfman, Von Korf, Nlohnev, Lockwood, Block. Row 3-Sterett, Strouch, lVlcl,aughlin, Dcmuling, Sapper, Batcson, Bausehard, lVICHalc, liuhling, lVlong, Pietrowski. Row 4-Weir, Williams, Swcitzer, Gruber, Carol, Gaggin, Johnston, Burgun, Blake, VVeiland. How 5-Davis, Graham, Mannix, llalc, Torrcnce, Whiteman. Peterson, Bright. Phillips. Fiorclli, Jones. How 6-Presogna, Derby, Crowe, Towns, Kelly, Dctmcrs, Lewis, liollingcr, lieamy, Minnadeo, Scralford, Harding, Mattis, ltaddcr. ,1'., ' Offfmbf X C-acufgg lfriendlincss is perhaps the outstanding characteristic of both the administration and faculty. lt is this particular quality that makes them so well liked in classes and out, so welcome at social allairs, so vitally concerned for our future welfare and ever willing to lend their guidance in our cxtra-curricular activities. While some of the members ol' the teaching stall' are new, all have caught the spirit of Academy. 'l'hrough their assistance by personal contacts or teaching, the administration and faculty stand first, then, among the contributions of Academy to its students. Q 3-2',.,,Q txx vm X' if 3 , , A of gate, "Every day that we spend without learning is a day losifl The majority of us do not realize the value of our free education until the later years ol' senior high school, then we begin to see the changes that have occurred in ourselves, our outlook on life, and our entire general bearing. Through such subjects as the sciences, higher mathematics, and social studies, we have learned, unconsciously perhaps, to develop the mind. Geography, economics, and history teach us the greatest ol' all discoveries: how to live and be happy in the best possible way. Home economics and the industrial arts are ollered by the school to balance our curriculum and to develop and train our creative interests. English, foreign languages, and the line arts help us to build a radiant personality, to open the way of sell'- expression, and to know the satisfaction of living an abundant life. Wie have received beneficial counsel in choosing subjects to be included in our preparation for life after graduation-whether it he college, industry, or business, and While broadening the scope of our academic knowledge, we as students learn to accept culture and be- come desirable members of society. Because the outlook on life of the student in school will he the outlook of the adult in a large community, all scholastic activities are planned with an eye to the needs and welfare ol' the individual and ol' society. Ol' our educational process, which recognizes and cherishes the individual who is not coerced and distorted, we can assert without reservation that our school is training its members to accept fully the socialization so necessary to our modern civili- zation. Twenly-Iwo Library Typing Chenlistry Cooking English Twenly-lhree If Study Hull Bookkeeping Physics Sewing: Drafting Upper Lfjfl--Art Uppzv' High! llrafling Lower Lqfl-f fW'0od working l,uu'e'r HI'fIlIfi'f,l'l lmgvn ics Bollom-Mimiographing Shop 'I'wenly7f?mr i lfppPrl.1jf'l' 'nlillill lffflflfl' lffyhl --lfnglish l,1111'e?l'1,ejf'l '-Whrhl Ilislury l.u11'f'r lfiylzlf xlillh0lll2llilfS Bollonz-French 7'u'enly1fi1'e , liuskollwall Badminton Archery Volleyball lla nnlre ing li 111111 ing Hockey xlllSllll2lll lligh Jump liaskellmall Twerziy-s1'f L asf. - ,,1.:' :mk fm4wv" ,, .l. Dmnbrowski. ll. Si,0lIlllI'lIllK, S. Poslek. C. Christoph. W. Graham, E. lirueh, li. Goetz. Nl. Bard, F. Swartz, l". Olszewski. 'l'. Dudzinski. P. Flagellal, T. Nm-ro. H. KUIlIl0l'lKI1PCht. ll. Sedler, ll. Si'llllSlQi"I', 'l'. lwozur, F. Stziryaggi, J. Alll'iiI1N'ZjlK. C. liies, L. lllig. l ns I ruclm' - -And rt' w C rzlhanl j7Areac! ilari A skilled mac-hinisl is nel. made in a clay. for his prcxficieney Comes only after much practice al, his trade. Wiilh lhis lhoughl, in mind, Academy established a macliirie shop in September, 1938. This was clone in order lu faeililale lhe training el' boys who feel thai they are mechanically in- clined and who wish lu get a foumlalion in the IIl21K'l1lIllSl, Lracle. The shop also serves as a sign post. on the palh In a wealimi in so fur as il shows a boy whether or not he is filled lo hamlle ma- cliinc-ry ellirienlly. Twelzl-v-sererz W Ming. . as V : 1 ' . ,K ' K4 -' ' ' . E. Q 3 1 F t, Q 1 f ' ' 3 F t . ' :vi , 5: - W L - x :fu . kj: Q- , 5 9 1 'A E 5 F 52? T Q 'fr' W 7-.41 ' -' f - '-, . L, , . - -y , - .' ' ' . V- ' , H, w r- f- ' V f ' .' , .. v 1 "5 H . 0 'i i f Ms Z " ,T , ,I r' 1 , ' - -f .1 ,F A F 'q .f N ' ' 4 gf- , ' - .., L, , 1 Ft. - Ej,-fi. - ',. -, VV. . -9- ,g - ,. - .'xf"5 f 9. , ,' ' ' ' -wr. - V- '. f ' ,. - , ', 4" " ' -we X- '4 f . Jn? l ACT Nm Y. K mw 'fy ' ': A m- nf,r lag, yu YH .fdcfiuifieri 'glmporlamf as it is lo organize and direel the industry of the world, it is more important lo organize and direct llze leisure of lhe world." Mau, in all the various stages of his development, linds himsell' possessed of a desire for sell'-expression in one of its many forms. ln a school ol' rapidly developing young students, some outlet, some safety-valve must be Found for this expanding ligo. lt may lic buried in Music, in Literature, in Drama, or it may lie in Elec- tricity, Radio, anythingewhatever the method ol' release, it must be found. Thus the extra-curricular activities have become a fundamental and necessary part ol' Academy life, for in them only certain of us have been able to crystallize a half-suspected latent ability, to realize a slumbering ambition, or to pamper a groping creative urge. The nucleus ol' many an impromptu orchestra comes from the Academy musical clubs, many a capable executive prolits by the experience gained on the Academy publications. Those who serve here, on committees covering every phase ol' our social life, are acquiring that indelinable asset of ready' ease for which we are all striving. There are many such organizations in Academy, diversiiied, scattered, yet each a unified group with definite ideals, which have in a short time become an indispensable part ol' our education. T11 irly How lfHeinlein, Curtis, Smatana, Lee, Krufal, McKeen, Hower, Row 2MEgler, Huff, Dahn, Montor, Work, Considine, Sullivan, Kibler, Yarbenet, Dieter, Striek, Seelinger, Coleman, Forman. Row 3-Shaner, Zurn, Watson, Hanley, Delahooke, Wilson, Greiner, Corey, H. Sullivan, Johnson, Owens, Marcella, Seholfner, Eller. How 4- Markey, Manos, Baltus, Davis, Wuenschel, Bushyeager, Frazier, Miss H. Bauschard, Brown, Fitzgerald, Hopson, Fuller, Heinlein, DeCeeeo. Row 5-Stough, Woodward, Marshall, Sandquist, Leonard, Weigand, Jobes, Alward, Zelinski, Kaiser, Aronoff, Deutsch, Kulfer, Swain. Row 6-Sherman, Schweitzer, Ward, Bopelewski, Saunders, Atkins, Abel, Horn, Mueller, Traut, Foster, German, Moyer. How 7-Marcella, Thompson, McMahon, Carlson, Ebiseh, Malm, Noziglia, Lamaechia, Fish, Blum, Johnson, Kramer, Schosshergcr. Adviser: bliss H. Bauschard President lst Semester: lVl. Yarbenet President 2nd Semester: T. Sullivan Vice President 1st Semester: P. Dieter Vice President 2nd Semester: lil. Considine Secretary: C. Kibler Treasurer lst Semester: W. Work Treasurer 2nd Sernester: W. Striek YM, Me Sfujenfd, .SQMA In the spring of '37, Academy mounted its first stepping stone toward student participation in school management through its organization of the Student Senate. The students of this group lend their assistance to the administration in carrying out the work of tl1e school by coping with fundamental problems that arise, and so become better leaders for the America of tomorrow. Th zrfy one Boilozn-Miss McLaughlinAAdviscr. llclcn Howcr, Jean Proscr, liuth Plotkin, Virginia Mancuso, llomayno Gathnrs, .l. Bcrst-Adviser. flenfer-Frvrl Bockur. Lloyd Thompson. Haul Jernslrom. Harry L. Lamb, Elmer Nordin, Stanley Shaw, Edwin Swanson. Top-John Pctre. Ralph Gangurni, Fred Soloway, lidward Yates, Robc'rtrStoltz, Douglas Ray, Rohr-rt Knoll. President: Fred Becker Vice President: Edwin Swanson Secretary: Virginia hluncuso Trozlsurcr: Elinor Nordin U0ufA!u! ibzlafomafd Among lhu clubs ul Acaflfwllly, ones ol' lho oldest and most worthwhile is the lnlernalional Club, whose membership Consists ol' lhose students who excel in the study of history. This organization was formed l0SllII'1llliilf? lhe SlllllPIllS. l!llPl'CSl in presenl-clay happenings, bolh al home and abroad. The club has done mum-h lo make lho sluclenls of' Acarlf-:ny inlernalional-lnindecl. 'l'l1 irl'v-Iwo ,gil language ln order to promote a broader understanding of dillerent. peoples through a study of their language and customs, the Cosmopolitan Club was formed. Any student wl1o has had a year of any foreign language is eligible for membership. Suecessively, the dilferent groups, composed of the Latin, French, and German students, present a program dealing with the race whose language they have studied. The Cosmopolitan Club has contributed greatly to the intellectual and cultural development of its members. Adviser: lilrs. Block Prcsidenl: lilax Schroeder Vice l,l'CSidCIll! Wesley Blcllannel Secretary: Regina English Topvli. Mason, V. Graham, W. Nordin, R. Miesel, E. Runser, J. Hufstader, C. Ryan. Center-F. Thompson, R. Ryan, A. Butz, M. Crocker. II. Redman, D. Marshall, M. Stough, B. Maurer. Bottom-M. Yoehim. J. Alberstadt, Mrs. Block-Adviser, Max Schroeder, li. English. Th 1'rly-llzrcc Veacfy for eruice 'llhe Hi-Y with its purpose to vreale, maintain, and extend l,l1l'rml1gllul1l the svlmnl and Conl- munity high standards of Chrislian c'l1arac'ler, has clone muvh lo bring the prohleins lacing modern youlh to the allenlion of the young men nl' Al'3fl0lllj'. 'lihis is ell'ec'led by having local men speak to the Hi-Y members on vivie problems. ln adflilinn to this program ol' vivie ecluralion, l'acull.y adviser, Mr. Leamy, in cooperalion with Ted lipply and Max Darone of lhe Y. M. C. A., arranges scavenger hun ts, out-door retreats al the Y Camp, joint meetings with the ulher lli-Y clubs of the city, dances, and parties, to give the boys social as ,well as educational programs. Adviser: Mr. John Leamy President: Ray Stein Vice President: ,less Abel Treasurer: Edward Londreguu Secretary: Neal Sullivan Row 5- -R. Mm-Clenatlian, W. 'N'lc'Dann0l. W. Strick. ll. Sclilinrlwein. ll. Durst, S. .laI'uslzm. NYa4li-, li. lillI'lSl,l'IlNL'Il, Swain. Row 44fMr. lieamy, Carlton. .l. Strong. liilliorml. Mwl, llvrhst, Becker, Tllmnpson. Ifnur 3-V-'Sl1apiru, Londregan, liieliardson. Hymers, Stoltz. livaris. lxelly, Slnnle, Sullivan, Howes. How Z2wZm-in:-r, lrvin. Bauer, Struelier, Busliyvager, Gillette, DvVitt. Deer. Hom i'gl'i0Sl,1'!'. Mawvlla, Blavk, Mussnll. Stein, Asbury. Stafford, Skellvy, Kerner, lloemer. Tl1i1'l,y7!i11zr Andrezejewski, Anderson, Angelloti, J. Ball, M. Ball, Baltus, Bannister, Bevins, Bailey, Banka, Bindseil, Bloss, Blum, Benz, Basko, Bohman, Bovaird, Burkett, Bowman, Cook, Christoph, Crowley, Carner, G. Carner, Comstock, Cokefair, Considine, Christensen, Decker, Dieter, Dietsh, Duffy, Derby, Dressler, Duberow, Drake, Duke, Ehret, English, Epp, Egler, K. Egler, Eisworth, Franzkoski, Flanagan, Fields, Golding, Goetzinger, Grennels, Grygier, Gold, Granahan, Grenz, Gross, Gifford, Gabin, Heuer, Hutchison, Hornyak, Herskevitz, Haas, Hammond, Hower, Hoffman, Jacquel, Jones, Jell'ery, Kennerkneckt, M. Kennerkneckt, Kibler, P. Kihler, Kaiser, Kennedy, Leider, Lewis, Lechner, Lacy, Leslie, Leary, LeFaiver, Mienthciewicz, Mahoney, .l. Mahoney, Miesel, March, McLean, Maclnnes, Miller. Mosler, Marshall, Nellis. Neiner, Offner. Parmeter, Proser, Prcedit. Seelinger, Shalkham, Sullivan, Stough, Smith, Shapiro, D. Smith, Sweitzer, Scibetta, Steadman, Simmons, Teal, Tansey, Todd, Thornton, Voss, Valiga, Wiler, Wuenschel, Walters, Weber, Wiegand, Wharton, Weyand, Wucnschel, Yochim. President: June Burkett Vice President: Diary Ellen Considine Corresponding Secretary: Sybil Griffith Recording Secretary: Lois Illjllel' Treasurer: Connie Gehrlein cwnerif in urlaofie The members of the Girl Reserves have learned to meet lifeis challenge courageously, by developing a healthy body, an alert mind, and a Willingness to serve their country, their community, and their school. At graduation a character cup is presented to the girl Whose life has most suc- cessfully fulfilled the Girl Preserve oath. T 11 lrlyifive ii! -X A A E Sealedsl Burkett. R. Stein, C. Bruner, Mrs. M. Howe-Adviser, B. Hirsoh, N. Sullivan. Slamlillyf--J. Moyer, H. Kuerner, J. Kern, C. BllSlly0Z1gCI', H. Harpst, D. Hildebrand. f Adviser: Blrs. Mary Howe President: Ray Stein Secretary: June Burkett Jgclmif, ,Okada The Library is vilally essential lo the welfare of a modern liigli school. Al AKTHt'l6lIlj', llue Library is open at all limes Lo l.l1e sludent body, for research, study, and leisure reading. The quiet elliciency which makes it possible for such large numbers ol' sluclenls lo make use of Llle Library is mainLained by l.l1e ell'orLs of l,l1e Library Shall. This group, composed ol' reliable, resourceful, palient students, has made the Library al. Academy TlOl9W0l'lllj for ils serxice and cooperaliong T11 irly-s l-.I' we Mice ofugcacfemg The ambition ol' every Academy student who is interested in newspaper work is to become a member of the Star Staff. To attain this enviable position a student must have a high standing in English, and he must pass a vompetitive examination. Only the best equipped students are selected and these fortunate few gain invaluable experience from their many and diversified as- signments. Adviser: hlr. C. C. Radder Editor-in-Chief: William Work Business llanager: Harold Urahaln Standing-lVI. lloisenauer, M. Yarbenet, H. Graham, W. Rosenthal, P. Bredenberg, A. Baerski, C. C. Radder. Sealed-N. Specter. VV. Todd, B. Strick, S, Griffith, G. Schnell, B. A. Brown, M. Krufal, E. Sandelstein, VV. Work, D. Duffy. Tlz1'rly-serm H 'lflfafft file Zdwkaf All students who are interested in photography and the art of taking: pictures may find their associates in the Camera Club. No scholastic attainment is required for membership in this organi- zation. Camera Club members specialize in the taking and the developing of original pictures. It is through their efforts that school Contests and exhibitions, for the purpose of furthering individual knowledge of photography, have been sponsored. Adviser: Mr. Lynn Davis President: Edward Londregan Adviser: Wliss Wl5il' President: ,Iarues Mussolf Row 6fSehapiro. Smith. Maneh, Stoddard, Process, Rhodes, llotman. Psrnlt-her, Gardner. Delemater, Gibson, Vieos, Reiohmt. Bullard, Pottholl. Mannix. How 5-Dudley, Nye, Babe, Kroto, Abel, Brower, Tubner, McFadden, Deer, Hiteheoek, Flanegan, Pillitieri, Geise, Trost. Yeager, Nick. Row 4--Fritts. Specter. Anderson, Barret, Case, Adam, Taylor. Nelson. Media. Lynch. Lindberg. School. Kitzer. Miss VVeir. Williams. l1'ou'3-liastow,Arnemann.Demerjian. Randall. Schmidt. Smith. liader. Frm-ligh. Coxey, Swain. Hirsch. Levine, Longer. Brook. How 2-Demuling, Kaber- line, llirseh, Doty, YVillard, Nlialano. Peterson, VV4-llington, Huekenberg. Clehrlein, Miller, lleuberger. liechner, Jaequel, Mr, Davis. How I-Kilmeyer, Ulrich, DeVitt. Bright. Woodward, lVlussoll'. Londregan, Struehen, Heberle, Heberle, Bownian, Schultz. Stark. i Th iriy-eiglzl I1'ow"l- A. .laroslawg A. Colwlair, J. Cold, ll. Holhnan, T. Stoven, A. Silver, H. Dieter, G. Sherman. Row 2-C. Campbell. T. Hill. C. Hake, W. VVork. lW.Tat1', W. lliller. Il. Levine, li. Klvllman, F. Ziemer, P. Bredenlmerg. How 3- F. Jobes. C. lyl1'Nlill10ll, A. Krista, V. Smith, lVlr. Detmers. .I. Sullivan, M. Katz. T. Granahan, N. Lopez, Pm. Sehwane. How 4-C. Hartel, W. Kilpatrick, B. liudov, ll. Graham. .l. Lynvh, l.. Brotherson, M. Cohen, S. Jaroslaw, H. Gillette- Prvsidcnt, li. Korn. Adviser: hlr. Yvaltel' II0llll0lS President: liolwrt Gillette Secretary-Treasurer: Nick Lopez CAWA Wafefi The inauguration of the new club program somewhat retarded the advancemenl of the chess club for the many new students who were inducted into the club had lo be instructed in the elemen- lary principles of lhe ancient game. The school Club is allilialed with the lirie Chess Club and it is the desire of lhe members to become proficient enough, some day, to join the lirie Club. Several Academy players have already been admitted to lhat organization. Tlzirly-nine How l-B. A. Broun. K. Tansey. G. Seelinger. J. Bovaird. How 2-Nl. Smith. D. Spulnick. U. Dahn. H. Hower- Vice President. E. Nordin-President. B. .l. Schweitzer-Secretary. G. Stein. R. Gathcrs. D. Szyplik. How 3-lfldwin Swanson. IC. VVright. J. Burkett. D. Knoll. lVl. Epp. V. Maeder, V. Sehitea. J. Ilood. How 4--lf. Becker. .l. Allwrstadt. NY. Wlork. D. Loper. A. Christoph. T. Sullivan. J. lVlvnsinger. L. Tliompson. H. Stein. Hom 3-l.c-slit? Aga-ns. H. Graham. I.. Hinkler. .l. Uricb. G. Koen. M. Schroeder. J. Petre. .l. Mullen. V. Smith. President: Elnler Nordin Vice President: Helen Hower Secretary: Betty Jane Schweitzer Treasurer: llr. Wlalter Detniers Wodkdde Age Since its institution two years agro, the Academy chapter of the National Honor Society has been the hope and inspiration of every Worthy student. ln order to become a member, a candidate must be recommended by his teachers on a basis of exeellenee in four qualities: Scholarship, Leader- ship. Charaeter, and Serviee. Although this organization has existed at Academy for a short time only, il has done much toward the development of the ideal high school student. lforly Frfrly gofdgiafe Une of llie mosl perplexing problems lacing llie modern liiglm school girl who wishes lo l'urlluer ller educalion is the Clloiee ofa College. 'l'l1e College Club oll'ers lo llie girls 0llAl'21ll9IIly u rllance lo meel willl representatives ol' Various colleges lo disvuss sucll questions as llie enlranre require- men Ls, courses offered, expenses, and social life al different schools. For llie members who are unable lo attend College for financial reasons, the College Club maintains a sc-liolarslxip fund ullicli has proved an invaluable aid lo many of llie girls. Adviser: Nliss XI. Lockwood President First Scniester: Virginia Nlaeder Secrelary Firsl Semester: Nlildred Epp Presidenl Second Senmester: Dorolhy Szyplik Secretary Second Semester: EIPZIIIUI' lipp Row 4-.l. lN'Iaclnnes, lf. W'rigl1t. ll. Hower. G. Larson. li. A. Brown. li. bIclNlanus. B. Herlner, How 34-A. Lewis, J.. Burkett. ll. Kramer, G. Hall, M. Hutchison, D. Stablein, S. Dickery. Row 2-M. Simmons, ll. lipp, V. Nlaeclvr, lVliss l.ookwood, D. Szyplik, li. Epp. J. Shipman. Row l-G. Scibetta, E. Clrzlnaban, B. Wbite, F. B'lcinl.kiewim:z. Il. lWadia, C. Davis. 'UHF QPU? The purpose of lhe Junior Bed Cross is lo help others. As the Bed Cross serves in lime ol' calaslrophe, we, the junior members, serve in our humble way. The Gray Ladies' Auxiliary visits a local hospital lo entertain the children with scrapbooks. Troubles are soon forgotten in Lhe land ol' stories and games. The many books transcribed by the Braille group have given enjoyable hours to the blind. Through the cooperation of Mr. White- manis woodwork department and Miss Schaper's sewing classes our Council, consisting of the officers of each high school organization, sends loys and sunsuils Lo the Louisville Preventorium. livery year a delegate is sent to the National Red Cross Conference. New ideas are brought back to inspire enthusiastic members to fulfill Lheir motto, 'SWe Servef, Adviser: Miss H. Fleugel President: J. Proser Secretary: G. Cehhardt Treasurer: J. Slnith Row 4-M ll. Mndiu, H. Brooke, B. Gibson, M. Crowe, B. Baudau. li. Salamone, M. Benz, C. Bogue. Row 3-Il. Gold, D. Proser, G. Carner, N. Brinkley, C. Bindseil, T. Gabin, V. Mancuso, V. Parmerter. How 2-H. Fluegel, C. Fischer, D. Haimsohn, A. Preedit, E. Hcrscourty, H. Andres, A. Schaper. How lgll. Shields, E. Schossbergcr, G. G4-bhardt, J. Proscr, A. Fischer, B. liathers. Forly-two How l-'ll Fullerton, lt. Ketzel, Mr. .l. Bright, ll. Wuensehel, .I. Scheppner. Row Ze-.l. Wlonkowski, R. Stanton, F. Marcella, li. Steffey. li. Wuensehel, A. Christoph. Far-ulty Stage Manager: Nh. Jonathan Bright Student Stage hlanager: li. Wllellschel Assistant Student Stage Manager: J. Scheppner Khao! fAe .gcenw Ol' course you remember the stairway used in the February Senior Class Play-v the elaborate garden steps and the striking backdrop depicting the rockbound sea-coast in 'Twelfth Night," and the pink elephants in the Jumbo Night auditorium show. All these and many other interesting pieces of scenery, stage settings, lighting etlects, and a well-kept stage a1'e made possible through the untiring ellorts ot' the stage crew who work quietly yet industriously to be of service to all who may call upon them. A salute to the stage crew Whose efforts are so often overlooked. F orly-U1 ree How 1-Il. Gatlicrs, S. M. Hirsch. lf. xYI'lg'lll. J. Shipman, hliss illenclte lNlcHale-Adviser. K. Tanscy. J. llnrkcll. D. Knoll, ll. Dnlicrow. Hou' 2-'.l. Alhcrstadt. D. Kirschncr, E. Yates. D. Lindberg, G. Evans. Adviser: Miss Glcnette NlcHalc Editor-in-Chief: Kathryn Tansey Associate Editors: John Alhersladl, Jean Shiprnan nnagafa Securing accurate informalion, obtaining inlerviews, and writing inleresling, original composi- lions are only a few of lhe seemingly insurmountable difficulties that face the lfditorial Staff. The editors musl. combine Lhe Write-ups, pictures, and olher material so Lhal. the yearbook Will he at.- lractive and informal, as well as represenlalive ol' all phases of sludenl aclivily. By selecling a definite theme and centering all our ideas around il., we have allempled to presenl, lhe "ldyls of Academywe small pictures of the complex life in school. Forlyilhur Forly .lc nicicuw While lhe aclual wriling of lhe Academe is assigned lo lhe Editorial Stall, and lhe sales and linances are handled by lhe Financial Stall, Lhe duties of Lhe Technical Stall' are diversified. De- signing division pages, and a cover, sorting, culling, and pasling Senior pictures in a "dummy" Academe, laking informal snapshots, and supervising the general lay-out ol' lhe yearbook are some of the Lasks confronting Lhis group. The Staff this year is one of the largest. and mosh competenL ever assembled. lflach member has contributed his lalents and his time toward making Llie I939 Academe one of llie best of Aeademy's yearbooks. Advisor: Byron Wlhilcman Nlanugerz Paul Carlton Assistants: Huy Stein, Neal Sullivan, Stanley Tryzhiak Top- -G. Uehran, VV. liOSCI1lJll21l, ll. llopson. ll. Stein, N. Sullivan. Cenler-H l'. Czn'lLon, Y. Snyder, Byron VVl'llll?IIl2lIlm Adviser, A. liairski, S. Tryzhiak. Froni-C. Harbel, L. Corcoran. J. Hood. ihre yfncwferri 0 fke Wild One can peruse the Academe from cover lo cover and see no apparent evidence of the work of the Financial Stall. but every page in the yearbook is a serious matter of dollars and cents to the stall' membersg they must plan and direct the sales campaign, adjust Academe finances, and finally distribute the finished product. The Jingle Bell dance and several Jumbo Night concessions were only a part of their efforts to furnish the principal with which to meet the publication bills. This year the sales campaign was so successful an enterprise that the number of Academes purchased has exceeded that of any previous year. Advisor: Miss Florence Wfeschler Manager: Jack Censhcinwr Secretary: Gam: llall How fieli. Gehrlcin. A. Pillitteri, .l. Gifford, 'l'. Sullivan. J. Genshchner. li'ouv 2-B. Wvatson. C. Lieder. M. llcintz. U. Dabn, R. Metzler, l.. Belluci, D. Kurtis, V. Mancuso. Row 1-lVl. Yoehiln, A. Lewis, H. lirarner, F. Wcschlere Adviser, G. Hall, M. Haas, D. Gross. Forly-.9 if F oriy-seven Wm CMA Because the new clubs at Academy are so varied and so numerous, space does not permit our naming and discussing all of them. Those indicated above are representative of the organizations whose membership is open to Academy students. The activities program so recently inaugurated at Academy encourages each member of the stuent body to meet with his classmates in a spirit of play and recreation, thus establishing social contacts among the students and developing in them the social finesse which will enable them to live more gracefully among their fellowmen. fi fr, Lf . M Q QL. gg: KN 9' 2 Q A 'X wwf' J, , 'fn' Rwkswssqgf I W. E? af' Q . mg Of Wubic l "!lfIusic is a discipline and a mistress of order and good manners." g Few of us, upon entering high-school, can know or even ap- preciate fully the satisfying beauty of good music. A small per- centage of one's associates may have had private instruction, but the greater majority of boys and girls obtain their first musical training in our public schools. Academy is an open door to all pupils interested in music. VVe shall endeavor to present to you a brief glimpse ol' the students progress in music here. Upon entering, the student has at hand the best music course under the most competent instructors that a school can offer. His training begins in the seventh grade with sight reading, elementary harmony, and other necessary rudiments of music. As this training continues, the pupil advances rapidly. He is taught simple versions of our best-loved songs, he learns to recognize, upon hearing them, the worlds greatest musical master- pieces, and in due time, his course includes a brief study ol' renowned composers. Then, il" he desires, he may broaden the scope ol' his general knowledge by becoming a member ol' any ol' Ac-ademy's creditable musical organizations, both instrumental and vocal. Good music is o11e of Academy's famed traditions. Any in- dustrious student is able to derive great benefit in the form ol' thorough knowledge and appreciation of music, il' lie will but take advantage of the excellent opportunities afforded him in our com- plete contrapuntal system. F iffy F :fly-one Row I-V. Brown, B. Teal, M. Gentile, B. Kramer, J. Taylor, M. Kloeeker, C. Gehrlein, J. Sullivan, V. Maeder. M. Hutchinson, M. B. Julius, D. Busche, G. Kohler. How 2-M. J. McDonald, D. Hubbard, E. Blum, M. Bentley, H. Haas, P. Hackenbcrg, H. Palmer, 0. L. Grender, ll. Anderson, A. Platt, M. Brown, li. Epp, B. Hubbard. T. Cichetti, J. Shipman. Row 3-M. Stokes. N. Kimmy, M. Reisenauer. R. Shade, H. Daiute, F. Jobes, V. Smith, B. Maclnnes, YV. Nell, J. Gensheirncr, C. Hartel. .l. Musolf, C. Bruner, H. Hower, B. Connor, D. llippeli. How ft--'- I. Neiner, C. Boque, .l. Butterfield, D. Wilson, .l. Final, B. Herbst, P. Carlton, E. VanCuelpen, L. Muth, M. Headley, J. Strong, W. llolden, D. English, B. Leernhuis, B. A. Brown, M. A. Tellcrs. I Director: lWr. 0. L. Crender President: James Mussoll' L Secretary: Betty Alice Brown Treasurer: Frank ,lobes m om.. W., The personnel of the Academy Singers never exceeds sixty-five voices. Marks are carefully Censored, and because high scholarship as Well as musical adaptability is stressed so strongly, the student morale is easily recognized as the best in the school. liaeh year the Choir makes a long concert tour and several short trips to points in the vicinity of lirie. Rehearsal for programs presented on trips and in regular concerts constitutes the Singers' routine. This year the Choir has directed all its efforts in preparation for the journey to the New York World's Fair. How I--Mierkc, Kilburn. Lopez, Pcttihonc, Frazier. Durst, Kramer, Mrzliay, Daiutu. Jones, Hall. Thompson, Cornelius. How 2-Rettger, Ward, Schultz, Ely, Final, Hibblet, Grender, Eldridge, Stoltz, Bebetu. .lohnson. Fuhr- man, Osterberg. How 3-Task, Kingston, Harvan, Hymers, Strong, Muth, Abel, Gifford, Jones, Hutkowski, Eichlcr, Anderson, Boldt, Kneppner, Atkins. How 4-Katz, Latimer, Palmer, Kline, Arneman, Freligh, Savoia, Coover, Sherman, Heberlc, Jensen, Martin, Platt, Wells, Thiel, Jackson. Director: Hr. O. L. Grendel' President: Henry Diaute Vice President: ,Ialnes Strong Secretary: Williani Kramer Treasurer: Jess Abel aloloi g WM ing As a companion organization to the Girls' Chorus, there is the Boys' Cilee Club, consisling ol boys from all grades Where training is similar to that of the Chorus, they rehearse daily for concerts presented in school assemblies, and offer various other programs throughout lhe year. At the end ol' each term, the boys try out for membership in lhe Choir. Those boys who have proved their ability and their Willingness for hard work, are rewarded by being chosen as members ol' lhe Academy Singers. Formerly, tl1e Clee Club was regarded as merely a stepping-stone to a higher goal, but this year it has Won a name for itself greater than that of any ol' its predecessors. Fiffy two 14 Sweef lg rain The first of the vocal organizations that the student may join is the Girls' Chorus, composed of girls chosen from the entire student body who are striving constantly to improve their own vocal technique-to learn how to appreciate and select wisely good choral music. lt is here, too, that the girls are given intensive sight-reading exercises and ear training, so that they will he eligible to pass the rigid tests for membership in the Academy Singers to further their choral study. Director: lllr. 0. L. Grendel' President: Gladys Biers, Vice President: Eileen Granahan Secretary: Charlotte Campbell Treasurer: Dorothy Jeffery Row 4-B. Clark, N. Kimmey, B. Christenson, R. Olds, P. Koenig, M. Sandusky, G. Gebhardt, R. Fischer, M. Carr, J. Neth, D. Jelfery, J. Fosel, M. Hedderick, E. Keller, C. Traphagen, E. Brown. Row 3-L. Hutshell, D. Pikiewicz, C. Courteaux, l. Schultz, L. Dudley, S. Beresford, E. Tillotson, S. Vollant, J. Bowman, J. Demuling, E. Dyer, G. Biers, F. Brewer, J. Maclnnes, T. Heuberger, D. Greiner. Row 2-V. Stough, R. Shields, A. Jourgenson, B. Mann, E. Wright, M. O'Brien, B. Anderson, Mr. O. L. Grender-Director, S. Schwab, V. Boska. D. Horth, M. Holtzworth, E. White, B. Smith, M. Portz. Row 1-B. Hoyt, M. Brown, J. Johnston, A. Rotman, E. Granahan, E. Drake, L. Miller, B. Wertel, J. Olfner, PL. McDonald, C. Campbell, I. Watson, M. Livingston, J. Vitelli. 1 w If Lfly three oung uri icianzi ln the Junior orchestra which is composed of seventh and eighth grade students, one Con- tinues his study of composers, including contemporary writers, and is able to put to practical use the knowledge that he has assimilated through his class work, in the preparation of concerts, that are presented throughout the year. This is perhaps the first intensive study that is presented to the students, it serves to relive both the routine of academic subjects and to foster a living, growing appreciation of music and the allied arts. Adviser: lwiss Louise Schweitzer President: Geraldine Snow Vice President: Shirley Crenz Secretary: Annette Noziglia Treasurer: Betty lWix How 4gE. Ullenbcrg, G. Snow. G. Tarno, li. Weber, li. Freibcrg, A. Steiner, Il. liussel, L. Schweitzer, M. Crotzer. .l. DeFranciseo, R. Watkins, H. Kesselring. E. Peelman, D. Gehrlein. Row 3-ll. Moore, H. Sullivan, H. Gleason, li. McLaughlin, M. Conrad, S. Grenz, D. Stin, G. Nash, C. Wild, F. Zurn. li. Westerling, A. Liehtinger, ll. Stover. Huw QSD. Filigenzi. lVl. McDonald, .l. lluhling, H. Krumpack, W. Siegrist, P. Christenson, J. Benedict, J. Manross, A. Heinlein, Nl. Harrington, 'l'. Johnson, VV. Rotman, B. Mix, F. Kucinski. How l-B. Pistory, lf. lVlusolIl', N. McGahen. Nl. lVlc'Kane, A. Davies, D. Heinlein. S. Conti, C. Reichert, H. Gabin, lf. Benesi, .l. Glass, C. Gehhardt, A. Noziglia. Fzfly jour Rom l--D. CllilIlllDt'I'S. .l. Horlh. R. Micsel. A. Prcedit.. ll. Leemhuis, G. Fields. Nl. Treado, H. Burnham. P. Rocco. C. Von. How 2-.l. licrr, B. Fermer, G. Chambers. li. Kessler, J. Emery, D. Kuivenen, D. Yeager, tl. Post, L. Dudley. How 3-W. S. Owen. W. Kaugman. Il. Lang, .I. Friday, C. Martin, P. Petrianni. D. Demyrjian. Row 44 C. Chiota, A. Alloway, S. Shaw, G. Evans, J. Lynch, H. Stark. P. Daugherty, L. Bardorf, VV. Kelly, Director: Nlr. W. S. Owen Student Director: Robert Leemhuis uriic, Waedfro, Lowe As the student passes from Junior lo Senior High School, he may become a member of the Senior Orchestra which is composed of wood-wind, string, and brass instruments. This is a classical orchestra which presents concerts in school assemblies, both at Academy and neighboring schools. The repertoire of the group includes representative selections from familiar operas and symphonies, as well as light concert music. Fifly-fire Assembled in lite Picture-Aronoll', Alloway, Berry, Brooks, Barthelmes, N. Barthelmes, Beau, Barney, Chiota Clarke, Cook, Campbell, W. Campbell, Cohen, Evans, Fizell, Fuller, Frittz, Fuhrman, Femmey, .l. Fuller, Ford, Glass, German, Grau, Grimth, Hardner. Herbert, Herman, Hill, Karlen, Kelly, Kilharre, King, Kibler, Lester, Lynch, Lipkin, Lindgren, Metzlcr, Neithamer, Nordin, Nutter, Palton, Petrianni, Biell, Bose, Bhodes, Szczcpanski Sturtevant, Schalfner, Smith, Sorth, Schoenfeld, Sullivan, Smith, Thiel, Von, Welb, Ward, Walkius, Zurn. a v Conductor: lllr. W. Owen President: Douglas Ward Student Conductor: Peter Petrianni I ere 014126 ide The Band has proved the inspiration of many fine musicians who are now professional per- formers. Because of the many different types of music studied, programs are numerous and varied, consisting of marches, overtures, operatic selections, and modern compositions. Each year several concerts are given at Academy and at other schools in Erie and vicinity. Trips enjoyed by the Band are financed by the energetic efforts of its members through concerts, dances, and other entertainment. 1"11f'ly-sir ,ML OU? CL Cl,l"Cl, 6 Every student has thrilled to the sight of the Drum and Bugle Corps marching across the gridiron. We are proud of their trim appearance, quick precision, and excellent drill tactics. This year the group accompanied the football team to Louisville. Although our team bowed in defeat, everyone forgot this disappointment at the dance sponsored by Dupont Manual High School and the trip was voted a success. sf' if f KJ "' llj Q, J tj tx P , bf xy U7 fyaf' Adviser: hir. Peterson Treasurer: Virginia Wolford Druxn Corps Leader: Emily Sawick Assembled in the Picture-H. Andrac, J. Bloss, J. Bovaird, O. Clifford, V. Colman, E. Davies, M. Grennels, K. Gross, B. Haibach, S. Heraberta, E. Imus, G. Johnson, M. Jones, V. Kieffer, J. Knablein, D. Kuhn, L. Lechtner, J. Leidell, M. Levy, J. Mahoney, M. Mahoney, E. Moore, A. Morschhauscr, D. Prosser, B. Rick, D. Smith, N. Smith, C. Stuczynski, C. Szymula, V. Wolford, G. Gorniak, M. Voss, B. Hirsch, Y. Mosier, E. Ziegler, M. Greenwald, L. Kuerner, S. M. Hirsch. F :fly-seven PORTS .Afkdficfi Wlien the shore is won al last Who will count! the billows past- So, in our idyls ol' sports, we look not back to the Hbillows past", to the number of games Won or lost, but rather to what athletics has done for Academy in the past year. The outstanding feature ol' a program of athletics, second to none, was the efforts made to develop the junior varsity sports. Training a hoy at an early age leads not only to his advancement athletically, but also to the building of' a firm foundation upon which the structure of' his character may he erected. The appointing of a separate mentor for each sport enlarged the staff, and gave each coach an opportunity to develop his charges to a better degree than if his attention were divided among several sports. We are now represented hy one of the best coaching staffs in the district. Academy school spirit, which formerly had been spoken of as only a ghost, finally came to life and burst forth in a magnificent crescendo off cheers. In no other time, did our sport program re- ceive such support as in the current year. The idyls of sports are in themselves no different from those of the school itself. They embody every principle of good character that any course can offer and, in addition, provide a testing ground for the application of' these principles, namely, the field of athletic competition. Silly Huck Row-Mr. Lewis, llead Coach Drake, Mr. Townes. Front Row-Mir. Thomas, Mr. Coiini, Mr. DcTucrk. me gm, Gain Behind lhe brawn there must be brain. We have been bounlifully blessed by Dame Fortune in lhal our coaching staff' is well stocked in boLh brain and brawn. Their ability Lo mix Will: lhe sLudenl,s, Lo joke, Lo criticize, and L0 inspire, makes Lhe sports program a very inviting extra-curricular activity lo all those who are athletically inclined. Sixty-one E Sealedgllongneckcr, Conti, Liebel, Christoph, Englert, Wojecki, Wiley. Row 2-Bell, Soth, T ncker, Clark, Urich, liopelewski, Benczokowski, Scrvidco. How 3fConnors, Sheptow, Byler, Sheldon, Arnold, Shay, Trudnowski, Manross. Coach: Lowell Drake Co-Captains: David Wiley, Frank Hopelcwski Co-Championswlfity Jungi Cabs City Champions four years in a row! Twice held alone and twice shared-thatis the record of Coach Drake's gridders. Over a path strewn with triumph, defeat, keen competition, and good sportsmanship, the Academy Lions have come, meeting defeat at the hands of a city school only once in the last four years. Academy Upponenls 26 Warren ,,.e, CC C C C 6 I l AlliquippaC C C CC 0 I8 H untingtonC C C CC C 6 6 lfast ,,,,,,, CC 0 6 CantonC C C C C 7 0 Vincent CCCC C C 3 I8 Technical C C C C C C 0 35 Prep C CCCCC C C 0 6 'LouisvilleC C C CC CCCC 40 32 Jamestown C CC C C C C 0.4 0 AltoonaCCC.C- CCCC 6 158 68 Academy C C C C341 lCastC C CCC C C C 3-l Vincent CC C C BWI Technical CC CC C I--3 Prep C CC C C C C 0"4 Won 7 Lost 4 Sixty-lwu age? i0n5 For the first time in a decade, the coveted Crown of the city basketball Championship has wine to rest at the hill-top school. Coach Thomas acquitted himself well in his Hrst 'year as head basket hall roach by leading his boys lo virlury. True, lllC1'0NVOI'0 defeats, but each inspired the train to greater heights until the crown was won. fl cademy Opponents Academy Upponenis 'Sl Ambridge, C . , ,.,.,l 36 46 Technical ,,,, . , - - ,. 23 Oil City ,,,i, ,,ii 2 T 22 Oil Cityw -, ,,i,. 26 Ambridge ,,i, .,i,. 3 l -L2 East ,.,.,,, C , ,C 34 Dunkirk ,.,, Y , ,W C -23 -11 Yineent - , , ,, C2-1 Aliquippan , ,W ,35 63 Meadville, IH New Castle .,,, ,, , , ,ZH X1-8 Technical ,s,s , ,, ,ll Yincents ,.,s, ,MCAS '52 East..,,.,,.,, C, C42 rllQCllIliCHl, C C , ,H 1 7 M J amestown, , - , C, ,, C341 liast ,C , ,,,s , C, , ,25 55 Greenville ,,,,r C , , C26 Meadvillen , , C , ,, ,323 L13 Sharon, ,, ,,,,, is , , C - ,, 37 Vincent ,,,, C , . , 24- Clllayollj 832 65l Coach: Edwin Thomas City Champions District 10 Champions Top-ANieulia, Kuleza, lloehl, Trudnowski, Kramer. Cenler-Assistant Coach Harding, B1'eder1ln'1'g, Shay, Pistory Manager Work, Coach 'l'h0mus. Bollom-Liebel, Lawson, LOIl,9fI1CCk0I', Wiley, Servldeo. Silly-fliree Hour l+l'aI0rrnu. Janimrki. Shlllfstall, Krivonak. Conant. Row 2-Talarico, AllHlll0Il Coull H alt hal undn D ins How 3-Swartwmcl, Vllilliamson, Harvey, Meade, liEiI'fll'l1'l'. mari C465 Couch: Nelson Hale Captain Appointed Each Game Tlw cradles of fulurv great baskvteersl Thus is Junior High baskvtball clescubfld for it is her? Lllall a buy begins Iris liarclwood career. By sfwlmoling the boys in the fllflildH1FIll3lS ol the ,ame parlic'ularly ball-hanclling: and Sllflflilllgl, Coacll llale clfwelops his cllargvs lnlo lutuif' x I-1ISllN maleual Lo carry on Ac'ademy's traditions. S1'.rl.v7fi1'f: .sl cadvnzy Upporzffnt 11 cademy Opponvnl 20 Yincefnl - , , '32 2I Conneaul Liberly Hall Jrs. , 10 IT Conneaul Cambriclge , 15 29 Prep, , lrfflancl , -l-2 I9 Pre J, , , , Alumni , , 28 5l Mcliean flHIHlJI'l!lg9 ll- 20 Albion Nlclifiarl lil 22 Albion Won l0-Lost LL Row 1--Tucker, Kroto, Kramer, Schwindt, Manross. Row 2-Coach Lewis, Mangold, Hewitt, Krivonak, lladov. lfow 3flVlaCPl10rson, llaondler, Johnson, Johanncson. Coz-wh: fllurifnl Lux is Captain Appoinlvd Each Gann: League Cluullpinne-5 rowing ionri A step ll0bi1'Q1' their goal, llle Yarsity, are these boys ol' Coavll Lewis. lluviug a few 1110115 years of experience than the Junior High cagers, all Lllcy lack now is the polish ul' varsily cornpolillion before llley become lliose cxperionvcd regulars who are lu Iill Llm pusilliorls vucalml by clopzlrlingx snuiors. A cudemy Opponcnl .fl mderny Opponvnf I6 lfasl 7 7 7 l lv 37 'l'0c'l1 7 22 I9 Xincenl, 7 7 7 l 8 22 lCasL7 7 77 7 2l I9 'l'eCl1 7 7 735 -ll Alumni 7 56 I l liasl 77 77721 Ill Xincenl 7 27 20 Yincenl, 777 7772i 126 lCasL77 7 77 lil Sifly-six 30 MQJQQI1 The program of varsity competition cannot acc-ommodate all who wish to participate in school athletics. Realizing the need for physical development of these students. the 1-oarliingf stall' in- augurated the intramural sports program in which all students may participate. Thus, the intra- lnural program gives the boy organized league competition which he would otln-rwise have to lind outside the school. Basketball Champions- Standing: Broad Jnlnp-aliabasinrski Indian Lvaglle-Squantos lligli .llnnp-Tryzlniak lntrainural -Palestine Pole Vault-V Tryzlniak Tth tlradt- Foul Shooting--ll. VVork llop-Step-Jlnnpf-llops-le-wski 8th and 9t,l1 Grade Foul Shooting-Paulson Ilopo tllirnlr -Bull Varsity HB" Foul ShooLing'-.lohanncson liipup -Kline' Indoor Golf Champion-l lymtfrs Indoor Tennis Champion -VV. VVork Track and Field Champions- 50 yard Dash-lim-ll 440 yard-.lernstrorn 880 yard--Struczhcn, Ward Milei-Jernstrom High Hurdles-Holland Low Hurdlesfllopelowski How 5-M. VVilcoK, Bylcr, Schlindwcin. How Dvvatlilon Champions-- Lighl Weiglitf-Fliyzbiak Middle VV0lg.'flll,7lll7hI'tlll llcavy Wt-iglit-lit-ll Apparatus 4 Tumbling-Y Nl. VYilt'ox Rings, Horizontal Bar -Bylvr llorsc. Parallel liar-Sc:l1lindw'in 4'-llolland. Strnchcn. NVard. .TCl'IlSlil'0lll. Kalmasinslai. llopvlvxiski, Bell, Ochran, Tryzbiak, Kline, Icsuc. How 3--Hynicrs, Trimlvlo, T. Dudzinski, Nordin, VV. Work. .lOll2lIlIlt?NUIl. Row 2-Paulson. VVunz, Donovan, N. Wilcox. Neithoimcr, H. lioliack, Bent-si, ll. VVOrk, Colo, lliloy, Nt-inunz, Cluittnrman, Sherman, Traut,. l'ost,orli. How If Tcarpak, IC. Boliack. S iffy-seven one wifi fde The 1939 edition of the track squad has high hopes for the coming year. This Well-seasoned veteran crew whose strength has been further augmented by the many promising recruits, intends to follow tl1e example of the basketball team and bring home the championship for their new coach, Mr. DeTuerk. April 1ePitt Relays M ay 17a-Alliance College Pittsburgh Stadium April l5fOpen May 20 -'fDistrict lO April 22-Mansfield Relays Stadium Mansfield May 26fTeel1nical April 29YASl1lLHblliH Stadium Stadium May 27-Stale Meet May 6-Alliance Relays State College Cambridge Springs June 2eCity Meet May l3fTriangular Meet Stadium Ashtabula Coach: James DeTuerk Captain: To Be Elected District 10 Champions How 5--Swain, Goodrich, Sterret, Task. Riley. McLaughlin, Shaw, Meliinney, Kuhn. Brubaker. Row 4--Coover, Niando, Bernhardt, Becker, Baginski, Kempa, Boyd, Searle, Guitterman, Glass, Torrance. Row 25-Piaski, Briggs, Holtz, Sweatman, Knepper, Iibert, Howes, Krivonak. Ward, Sezepanski, Crompton, Coaeh De'l'uerk. How 2- Savoia, Nutter, Soth. Oohran. lweadows, Jvrnstrom, Ropelewski. Kabasinsky, Rell. Alloinan, Benozokowski. VVel1ster, Tryzbiak, Nagorski. How 1-Kusinski, Steiner, Ives, Drexler, Bernardin, Kline, Baker, Boyle, 'l'arr, Stewart, Holland. Szlrly-eiiqlil Huw 1-Russo, Slleldc-!:. Final, liehell, Weber. Row 2-Grunahan, Verga, Coach Townes. Conti. Larson. Row 31 Manager Cooper. Nelnenz, N. NVilcox, Traut., Posterli, Wlojeeki. How 4-Wunz. Sherman, B. Wilcox, Guitterlnan, Phillips. Coach: Coslon Townes Captain: Dominick Russo Conference Champions JJJJ flglf The idyls of Academy have Certainly received no blemish from Llle mighty pupils of Coach Townes. That age-old art of manly self-defense cannot hul be developed in a boy under the capable Lulelage of Coach Townes Who, this year, led his cohorts to Lhe district championship. . Academy O p poneni IOM Duboish . . .275 20 Farrell, ,, ., e. ,12 24-M Grove City.. , , ., 18M 36 Edinboroe .. , , e , 5 311. Boys' Club. , .. .. 0 365 Edinboroe , , 4M 27 Greenville ,,,,, , 10 2l Boys' Club e ,13 27 Greenville .. , 10 9 Duboism. We .Jw H, ,20 12 Clearfieldwhee eh... We e- ,-.-17 S irly-n ine Won 8-Lost 3 fond 0 fAe This j,var's cwlilicm ol' lhe golf' learn has greal, possibilities. With the return nl' .lohn Mullen and Bill Neff frmn lasl, year's oily champions and the wealth of malerial wining: up, we van be fairly Oerlain lhat our 'glions arrquii lhemseli es well in all their encounters. of the linksl' will A l'l1Ifr"I7I y h Oppon en! ca demy O p pon Pnl I2 liasl.e,,e ,e,, 0 l2 Eashue , een, 0 7 Yincent 7 ee, 5 SM Vincent, me ee IKM I2 Preps- wwe, 0 12 Prep,,,e,, , ee 0 l I IQ rll9f'llf1iC'E:ll,, , , M 11 Teehnicalw 7 , e l Winn 8iL0st 0 Defeated by Lawrence Park in munly finals Coach lst Seniesterz Fiorelli Coach 2nd Sernesler: Ralph Scrafford Captain: John lllullen City Chalnpions Back Row-Nelf, Hymers, Greiner, Coach Fiorelli. F' ron! Row-Lichtenwalter, Mullen, Arnold. Sevelzly Seventy-one How l-Lopcr, Lindberg. How 2-Work. Raclov. Breclenberg. Coach: John Lea m y Third-City Cl,C6ilfi8f WBZJQP6 VVith increasing Competition among city schools in addition to the steady rise of the game as a national sport, tennis is slowly moving from its former posit ion in the background of the sport program to the fore. Despite the loss of Don Loper, vity high school champion, much is expected of the team for the other hoys in the group are all veterans. 4lI'lldPl71y Opjmrzmtl I Teclinicalw , , 6 5 East, e e 2 T Prep , ,Watt 0 Yincent, W WT How l-Brooke, Yarbenct, Leonard. Schlindwein, Marshall. How 2--Olcson, Plleuger, Brothcrson, Hymcrs, Hopson. How 3-Rentja, Belding, German, Coach Hollinger, Carlton, Jones. Coach: Williunl Hollinger Water Polo Captain: Charles llymers Swimlning Captains: Robert Brooke, Lynn Brolherson Runners Up City ilaladng That elusive, will-o-the-wisp crown ofthe city championship avoided the grasp of Coach Roll- inger's boys again. However, by the end of the season a creditable record had been compiled with defeat being rnet only at the hands of Strong Yincent, state swimming champions. However, no prestige was lost by defeat, for only one can Win tl1e race. Water Polo Swimming City Series City Series VincentSSSS SS SS SSSSS S S S SS6f0 VincentS SS S S S SS S SS 63:0 AcadernyS S S S S SS t,t,t S S S SlLf2 Academy S S S ft-2 Tec-l1nicalS S S S S S SS1g5 liast ,SCS S S S S S I-5 East ,,,,,,, S,S. 1 -5 Technical SSS SS l-5 Seventy-two ome on fue ome on gpofal ome on ionfi .Liz 90. '5No man was ever great Without inspirationufso the cheerleaders stand before lhe crowd and lead the Cheers. Unless We ourselves have ever allempted to lead a group in anything, We do not know Lhe handicap under which our cheerleaders labor. Screaming, pleading, singingfthey lead us on to vichory, or buoy us up in defeat. Back Row-Lefaiver, Atkins, Strick. F ron! How-Sehlindwein, Yates, Hoffman. Seventy-three WF W " "f'fP!1?W61f J 'U E I E 1 I Q . 3.41 W ,. fn fgdiifif 'I ' , Miki 2., , x,55V ' 1' ' - 3132 ..f---- an---' K ,. ,mn ,J W , .gyociafagnferfucfed HA little nonsense now and ihen Is relished by lhe wisest men." "All Work and no playl' never holds true at Academy where a varied program of social activities offers a pleasant respite from the more serious task of diligent learning, and Where life is genial and interesting. Meeting onels friends and associates in a healthful atmosphere to play and to be entertained is at once necessary and vital to maintain harmony and order in any community. Realizing this, the administrators and faculty alike are constantly endeavoring to promote a program that will not only fascinate the adolescent mind, but will present successfully the valuable side of social activities so that each student may become an essential part of the social life as well as the daily system of regular curricular activities. Numerous assemblies which are planned and selected to enter- tain, inform, and instruct the student bodyg the class plays and group parties, Student Senate and class elections, the mirth and revelry of Jumbo Nightg and last, but not least, the gaiety and colorful festivity of the Promseall contribute to the general atmos- phere of recreation and diversion that makes for a Well-balanced Student life. Seventy-sir Austin Wylie and His N. B. C. Orchestra The finest, event! of the mid- 'year social program was the prom. Credit for ils success must be given lo lllis eommillee Whose every effort was directed toward making the farewell Lo the de- parling January Seniors an event long Lo be remembered. , X Arlene Lewis. Jeanne Shipman, Virginia Maeder, Marjorie Haus, Sybil Grillith, Gao Hall, lrois Heuer. Sevenly-seven ,JE.... Slnmling-Sybil Griffith, Marvin Shapiro, John Alherstadt. Armand Pilliteri. Chester Wojeeki, Marjorie Haas. Sealed-Mary Kloeoker, Helen Andrae, Balloling by the eleventh and Lwelflll grades det,ermined . who was Lo reign as snow queen ol' llie prom. ln the eleelion, Marjorie Haas was Lriumplianl. ALl.end- ants were eliosen from each of lille above gradeselwo each from the June and January Seniors of l939, and one eaeli from the June and January Seniors of 19440. Sealed Fronl-A. Cook, F. McFadden, M. Lassman, M. Greenwald, B. Hirsch. Sealed Second Row-E. Swanson, M. Yarbenet, J. Burniston, .l. Shipman, E. VanGuelpen, B. A. Brown. Standing-D. Nell, M. Smith, D. Soth, R. Schlaudeeker, Miss Deinuling, E. Yates, F. lleid, M. Salzman, H. Steward, D. Hathcway, W. McDannell. '6 WMA Wglf' Produced under the Direction of Miss lllarie Demuling Student Director -fAlyrna Smith Orsino ,.,, , , , Ernesl VanGuelpen M alvolio, , , Curio ,.,... ,,,,,.,, I Jonuld Solh Fabian ,oo,, Valentino ,t.,,o , , , ,,,, Fred lleid Sebastian, , , g Viola, , , , , , ,. , , , , , ,,o, Belly Alice Brown, Antonio, , , , A Sea Captain ,, , ,,,o, Edward Yales F este, oo,o, , , Sir Toby l3elel1,,, , , , , ,,,Edwin Swanson First Officer, , , , Maria , , ,,cc, , , , , ,Jean Burnislon. Second Officer Sir Andrew Aguecheek ,, Michael Yurbenel A Priest I Olivia, , , , ,,,,,,,, , , , , ,, ,Jeanne Slzipnmn. Pages, Lords, Ladies, Sailors, Musicians A Servant lf r' "o" , Dean Nejj' , , , , , , lJ0llLlH.lCk Russo Wesley Mellannell , , , , ,, A llzerl Cook ,Frank McFadden Harley Steward , , , Edward Yates Donald Ilalheway Rolnerl Srlzlandeeker, Marjorie Greenwald, Merdze Lassman, liellie H irsell, Margurel Snzellzer, Margurel Salzman, Belly sllollzerzrell Musical Director , , ,, , , ,,flflissL01z1fse Srlzzrellzer Faculty Adviser ol Costumes, , , , , Miss Jeanelle Seolzrooke Faculty Adviser ol Properties , , ,, , Miss Luella Braley Technical Director , , ,,,,, , , , Air. JOIICIUIIHI. Brlglzl Serenly-elqlll Clarence YanDusen E. M. Ralston ,, ., Bishop Doran ., Dick Donnelly ,ln, uWofAing Auf fke jdufn H Under the Direction of Arthur Shepard Student Director-Albert Christoph D, DD D .D,, Boberl Swanson Bill Campbell D D DD DBill lVIaelVIardy D D D D D D DJim Shirley Ethel Clark DDDDD D D D Gwendolyn BalsLonD Sable Jackson DDDDDD Mable JacksonD D D DD Bobert Bennett DDDDD D D D D D D D, D DDean Neff MarthaD D D D D D Mrs. E. M. Ralston DDDDDDDDD Jeanne Shipman Senior Play Chairman DDDD DDDDD .fl lyrna Srnilh Property ChairmanD DD D DDDDDDDDD Jack Hood Publicity Chairman DDDD D D. D D D Belly Alice Brown Head Usher DDDDDDD D D D Harriel Kuerner Cast Leader DDDDDDDDD DDDD R omayne Galhers Patrons Chairman DDDDD DDDDD R oberl Beckwilh Stage Manager DDDDDD DDDD B onald Kelzle Sealed-D. 0'Brion, J. Shipman. Slanding-Q. Carisle, J. Shirley, B. Swanson, D. Neff, B. A. Brown, V. Maeder. VJ. Ball, B. Campbell, B. MacMurdy. D D D .DDorolhy 0'Brien Belly Alice Brown D Virginia Maeder D D D D D D Jeanne Ball D D D DQaincella Carlisle Seventy-nine ,IQ revs 1 V W- 'K J' xii 'X ww I X aim 'mm JJ' 4 H nm, in C FIB. SIHNBS fill' .X4CCl6!UI'lflg GNU! CH ,llllllllil Night- Gas el Day undcr the Drum corps dolls Hungry ,IUITIIJO Nightcrs Catching up on the News - in ilu' Nursery tlirvvlion of thc Sludcul, Scnalc FI'llC'I'l'S Umnonstrate lhvir Skill in lhv llufctcria Fire! Fire Z E1'ylzIy-Iwo E iqhly-lhree em oradiga "Perhaps il will be a pleasure some day lo recall these lhing.s'.', SEPTEMBER-Vacation ends and school begins . . . First school hop, the Band Dance . . . Football team conquers Huntington and our deadly rivals, the East Warriors . . . Senior reception for all new students. OCT 0BERiSchool spirit reaches a new high as the Academy Eleven meets the Vincent Colonels . . . Louisville game with Drum Corps girls rooting for the Old Hill School. NOVEMBER-February Seniors celebrate Armistice Day with an informal dance at Masonic . . . June Seniors get together at their first class party . . . Lions battle Tech Centaurs ...S February Seniors score a hit with their class play, "Nothing But the Truth" . . . Watrrr Polo Season begins. DECEMBER-Academy Cagers start basketball season . . . A record attendance at the Academy Singers' annual Christmas Concert . . . Holiday spirit prevails at Academe Jingle Bell Dance in the Masonic Temple. JANUARYf'SSusic Starw makes her debut . . . An appreciative audience enjoys Shake- speare's "Twelfth Nightl' presented by the Dramatic Class . . . Swimming season back with a splash . . . January Senior Banquet and Dance held at the Lawrence Hotel . . . Graduating class receives diplomas at impressive Commencement exercises . . . January Seniors honored. by J une Class at annual Mid-year prom. FEBRUARYa Jumbo Night brings carnival gaiety to Academy . . . Girl Reserves' Banquet and Dance in honor of graduating Seniors. MARCH-Our cagersacity champs! Wrestling team gains district title . . . Band's annual Spring Concert. APRIL+Choir Spring Concert. MAY- "Miss Sweethearti' presented by the June Seniors. ,IUNEiGradu- ating class honored by January Seniors at the June Senior Prom . . . Senior Banquet Dancefcolorful aifair . . . Commencement ceremonies close the career of the June Class at Academy . . . Annual Inter-Scholastic track meet . . . Closing Day . . . and school's out with vacation ahead once more! X L9 'N WQ XS-u--144. -S XNZT4 X fffffffz fffflfsfffff M flax VX!!! ffl!!! an Afffffni' afifffffzlf anuarg Cfadd icem First Semester John Uricll - , Presideni Gloria Stein - , Vice President Winifred Carlson , - Secretary Albert Christoph - Treasurer Second Semester John Uriah - , President Mildred Epp , - Vice Presideni Winifred Carlson M - Secreiary Jack Wilson - Treasurer Eighiy-six Cl,I'llfL6l,l"g 0l'YLl'i'l,el'lCQlfl'lel'lt SJQULQP5 till fi is E ighty-seven Dorothy Spulnick John Urich Gloria Stein - Donald Loper - J ack Mensinger Betty Alice Brown Jack Hood , Myrna Smith H Mildred Epp , Albert Christoph Michael Yarbenet Theme Learn to Do by Doing - Invocation Address of Welcome - Cooperation Athletics - Finances - fllusic Clubs Publications , Guidance - Opportunities The Student Senate Eigllly-eiglzl E ighly-n ine Adams, liichardflhlsiness Ereculiive-Dancing Club Agens, Leslie-Civil Engineer-Engineering Club, National Honor Society Anderson, Lucille-fllodel-Theatrical Make-Up Club Anderson, Dorothy-SienoyrapherfGirl Reserves Arnold, Paul-Zvlelallurgical Engineer-Engineering Club Arnold, Robert-Civil Service Posifion-Golf Club, Football Ball, ,Ieanne+N1Lrse+Moti0n Picture Club, Academe Staff, Class Play Cast Bard, Richard-Teacher-Camera Club Barnett, Harold- Highway Palrolman-Athletic Club Barney, BIarion-Slenographer+Safe Drivers' Club Bayle, AnlhonyvDraflsman-Rod and Clin Club Beckwith, Robert-Avialor Bevens, LucillefPrivate Secretary-Dancing Club, Girl Reserves, Drum and Bugle Corps Blair, William-Mail Pilol-Art Club Bleil, Florenee-Sienograplzer-Research Club Brogdon, Elsie-Slenographer-Beauty Culture Club Brown, Betty Alice-Radio Work-Theatrical Make-Up Club, College Club, Academy Singers' Star Staff, National Honor Society, Class Play Cast, Twelfth Night Cast Bunnell, Caroline-Teacher-Hobby Club, National Honor Society Bun-ham, Helen-Player in Orchestra-Cosmopolitan Club, Senior Orchestra Burniston, Harry-Engineer-Rod and Gun Club Burniston, Jean- Nurse-Archery Club, Girl Reserves Burns, james-Theatre Owner-Cinema Club Bushyeager, Charles-Cerlified Public Accolmlanlfllod and Gun Club, Hi-Y. Library Staff Campbell, William-fVIorlician-Ping Pong Club, Band Carlisle, Quincella- Nurse-Sewing Club, Class Play Cast Carlson, Winifred- Nurse-Cosmopolitan Club, National Honor Society Carner, Goldiff Nurse-Charm Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross, Braille Class Cenfetelli, Veoneltas Nurse-Beauty Culture Club Christoph, Alberl--Engineer-Engineering Club, Cljresidentj National Honor Society, Stage Crew Cole, Richard-Buyer in deparlmenl slore-Bod and Gun Club, Glee Club Connor, RoberL-Bookkeeper-Dancing Club, Football Team, Track, Wrestling Conrteaux, Helen- Nun-Knitting Club Dawson, Willis-15,5 iciency Experl in Commercial Baking'-Camera Club DeFelice, Alfredsfludilor-Theatrical Make-Up Club Derby, Ruth-Secrelary-Dancing Club Diver, Beatrice-A ir Hostess-Theatrical Make-Up Club Dobosiewicz, Leo-Mitlionaz're-Dancing Club Donihi, Evelyn-Interior Decorator-Commercial Club, Girl Reserves Driesel, Geraldine- Hostess on a Cruiser-Charm Club, Girl Reserves Douglas, Kenneth-Aeronautic DesignerfAthletic Club, Track Team Elmer, Howard-Building Contractor-'Rifle Club Emery, George-Printer-Dancing Club, Science Club Epp, Mildred-Private SecretaryACollege Club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society Heller, Eva-Private Secretary-Red Cross, Commercial Club Fuhrman, Arthur+0rchestra Leader-Rod and Gun Club, Band Gathers, Romayne-Private Secretary-International Club, Girl Reserves, Academe Staff, National Honor Society, Class Play Cast Gigliotti, Constance-Private Secretary-Beauty Culture Club Goss, Elmerdeen-Typist-Charm Club, Girl Reserves Greenwald, Marjorie-Private Secretary-Camera Club, Drum and Bugle Corps Fromknecht, Winifred-Stenographer-Hobby Club , Hertner, Betty-Private Secretary-College Club, Girl Reserves Hill, Sterlingffllzerriist-Rod and Gun Club Hinkler, Lawrence-Forest Hanger-Rod and Gun Club, Student Council Hirsch, Bettie Lou-Professional Ice Skater-Camera Club, Drum and Bugle Corps Holtz, Lillian-Civil Service Position-Theatrical Make-Up Club Hood, Jack-Commercial Artist-Art Club, Academe Staff, National Honor Society Hornyak, Irene-Slenographer-Charm Club, Girl Reserves Hull, Merle-Opera Singer-Dancing Club. Table Tennis, Academy Singers, Orchestra, Glee Club Hunt, MarciaeTetephone OperatorYArchery Club, Girls' Chorus Irwin, Robert-Designer-Engineering Club, Hi-Y Johnson, Evelyn-Stenographer-Theatrical Make-Up Club Johnson, Roy-Captain Qt' a Great Lakes Boat-Athletic Club Kimmy, Norma-Private Secretary-Theatrical Make-Up Club, Girl Reserves, Academy Singers, Girls, Athletic Association, Girls' Chorus Knepper, James-A if-plane Pilot and Meclzanic-Airplane Club Kuerner, Harriet-A ir Hostess-National Honor Society, Cosmopolitan Club Larson, Robert-Archaeologist-Chess Club Lefaiver, Elliott-Certi fied Public Accountant-Table Tennis Club, Cheer Leader Levine, Helen-Foreign Correspondent for Newspaper-International Club, Senior Orchestra, Academe Staff Lichtenwalter, Robert-MachinistfGoll' Club Loesch, Helen-Secretary to Government Official-Bridge Club, Drum and Bugle Corps Ninety N ineiy-one N inely-three Loper, DOH-EHgl.IZ6CFiTPHHlS, Academe Staff. National Honor Society NIacNlurdy, Williani- U. S. Naval Academy-Fencing Club, Academe Staff, Class Play Cast Jlaeder, Virginia-fVl1Ls1fci11nf-College Club. Girl Reserves, Academy Singers, National Honor Society Malalesla, Tark-Commercial Sign Painter-lCngineering Club Nurquardt, Walter-Surlvcyor-Athletic Club Matlock, Etllel-Zllodel-Beauty Culture Club bleAndrew, John-Certified Public Accozmlmzl-Rifle Club McDowell, Malcolm-Government F oresler-Hi-Y Melzer, Gertrude-BookkeeperfCharm Club, Girl Reserves Mensinger, Jack-TeachergNational Honor Society, Science Club, Student Senate Morrison, Emma-Illissionary Nurse-Theatrical Make-Up Club Motherwell, Betty-Teacher-Theatrical Make-Up Club lilyers, Lillian-Slenographer-Charm Club Neff, Dean-Actor-Motion Picture Club, Twelfth Night Cast, Class Play Cast Nelson, Eleanor-Buyerfor Dress Shop-Academe Staff O'Brien, Dorothy-Nlusic TeacherARifle Club, Academy Singers 0'Briei1, Edward-Engineer-Rod and Gun Club, Academy Singers, Glee Club, Swimming Team Palmquist, Vivienne-Primle Secretary-Fencing Club Pircio, Leroy-Drqflsman-Art Club Plotkin, Ruth-Slerwyrapher-International Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Raymond, Madeline-Compfometer Operalorkliifle Club Ross, VirginiaiSfen0grapher-Girl Reserves Rubin, Bel:tiegBuyerfor Dress and Shoe Slmp-K nitting Club, Girl Reserves Ruf, llaymondifllaclzinisl-Dancing Club Rzodkicwiez, Eleanor-Private Secretary-Research Club, Star Staff Salzman, Margaret-Nurse-Rifle Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Girls, Chorus, Twelfth Night Cast Sawiek, Emily-Business Career+Girls' Athletic Association, Drum and Bugle Corps, Girl Reserves, Rifle Club Schneider, Dorothy-SecreiaryfMusic Club Seehrist, Richard-fWf1rin,eEngineer-Safe Drivers' Club Scrufini, Virginia- Nurse-Dancing Club Shay, Robert-Physical I nslruclor-Football Team, Basketball Team Shcrly, James-Morlician-Dancing Club Shipman, Jeanne-Singer-College Club, Girl Reserves. Academy Singers, Prom Committee, Class Play Cast, Twelfth Night Cast Siegel, Dolores-Private Secretary-Cinema Club, Girl Reserves Smith, Eugene-Bookkeeper-Hi-Y, Engineering Club Smith, Myrna-Department Slore Buyer-Theatrical Make-Up Club, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society Snow, Elsic-Secrelary-International Club Soth, Donald-Farmer-Nature Study Club Suplnick, Frances-Secretary-Charm Club, National Honor Society Spulnick, Dorothy-Slenographer-Charm Club, National Honor Society Stahlgren, Leila-Piano Teacher-Charm Club, Girl Reserves, Drum Majoress of Band Stein, Gloria-Teacher-Girl Reserves, Leadership Club, Student Senate, National Honor Society Straub, Elsic-Sfenographer-Dancing Club Swan, Doris-Stenographer-Bowling Swanson, Robert-Eleclro-chemist-Engineering Club Swartz, Frank-Archae0l0gisiiRiile Club, Track ' Swinarsky, Janeeliookkeeper-Research Club, Girl Reserves Torrance, Bert-Auditor-Athletic Club, Track Team, Basketball Team Truex, Genevieve-Stenographer-Music Club . Urich, John-AeronauticalEngineer-Leadership Club, National Honor Society, Football, Track Van Guelpen, Ernest-Commercial Phoiograplzer-Leadership Club, Academy Singers, Basket- ball Team, Glee Club Weinhcimer, Donna Mae-Operalic Dancer-Leadership Club. Girl Reserves, Academe Staff Wheeler, William-SuccesssDancing Club, Football Team, Track Team Whitney, RichardSBusinessman-Nature Study Club Wiler, Caroline-Private Secreiary-Rifle Club, Girl Reserves Wilson, ,IackfDoclor-Leadership Club Winters, MarjorieSSeamsiress-Novelty Sewing Club Wright, Elizabeth-Costume Designer-Art Club, Academe Staff, National Honor Society Wright, Glenn-Mechanical Engineer-Engineering Club Yarbenet, Michael-Civil Engineer-Star Stalli, Leadership Club, Student Senate President, National Honor Society Zeeh, Robert-Physical I nslructor-Wrestling Team, Football Team Zciner, Fred-Bookkeeper-Safe Drivers' Club, Hi-Y Zimmerman, Steve-Bookkeeper-Dancing Club Ninety four N inely-fue une Cfadd O icerfi First Semester John Alberstadt - President Constance Gehrlein - - Vice President Mary Kloecker - Secretary Dale Lindberg - Treasurer Second Semester John Alberstadt - Presidemf John Petre e Vice President Mary Yoohinl - Secreiary Dale Lindberg , Treasurer N irzely-s ir M112 0l'I'lI'l'l,el'lCel'l'lel'li .S?0eCl,LOI"5 N inely-seven Theme Twen tie th Anniversary of the Founding of Academy June Burkett , John Alherstadt Opal Dalin , Ray Stein Dorothy Szyplik Henrietta Madia Frederick Becker Edwin Swanson Vincent Smith S I nrocalion S Address of Welcome - Need of A New School Comparison of New wifh Old The New School Obstacles Firsl Decade S Second Decade ., Nloving In N inely-nine Abel, Jess-Corporalion Lawyer-Leadership Club, Glee Club, Hi-Y Ackerman, Mary Jane-Teacher-Knitting Club, Girl Reserves Alherstadt, JohneTeacl1,er-Cosmopolitan Club, National Honor Society, Class President Amon, John-BusinessmaneSafe Drivers' Club Anderson, Harry-Businessman-Rod and Gun Club, Glee Club Andrae, llelen-Secrelury-Research Club, Girl Reserves, Prom Committee Andrzejewski, Florence-Privale Secrelary-Knitting Club, Girl Reserves Auer, Myrtle-Designer-Senior Dramaties Club Baginski, Francis-Avialor-Archery Club Baierski, Arlene-Commercial Photographer-Art Club, Star Stall, Academe Stall' Ball, llIarjorie-Slenographer-Dramaties Club, Girl Reserves Ballard, Bettie-Artis!-Dramaties Club, Girl Reserves Baller, Annevrgecrelary-Dramatics Club Banka, Blary-Physical Educalion Teacher-Archery Club, Girl Reserves Barnes, Evelyn-Beaulician-Knitting Club, Girl Reserves Barthelmes, Harold-Businessmun-Sal'e Drivers' Club, Band Bauer, Robert-Traveler Bayhursl, Edna-Cerlified Public Accounlamf-Make-Up Club Bebell, Clinton-Adrenlurer-Fencing Club Becker, Fredelnlernalional Inlerpreier-International Club. National Honor Society Bellucei, AnneeSecrelary-Commercial Club Bellueei, Louise-Sienoyraplzer-Commercial Club, Academe Stall'. Girls' Chorus Beresford, Shirleyffflerk-'Archery Club. Girls' Chorus Berg, David-Civil Engineer-Senior Airplane Club Biers, Gladys-Clerk-Knitting Club, Girl Reserves, Girls' Chorus Boldt, Arthur-Engineer-Sale Drivers' Club Bovaird, Jean-:Wusician-Make-Up Club. Girl Reserves, Drum Corps. National Honor Society Bowman, Anna 1lae-Sienographer-Archery Club, Girl Reserves Boyd, Ruth- Nurse-Knitting Club Breault, Eunice-Aclress-Make-Up Club, Girl Reserves Brew, Nladelon-Sz'nger-Draulatios Club. Girl Reserves, Girls' Athletic: Association Brockway, Harvey-.flccmmlanl-Rod and Gun Club Brooke, Helen-Organisl-Senior Camera Club. Braille Club Brooke, Robert-Ice-mlm-Hunting and Fishing Club, Swimming Brolherson, Lynn-Aeronaulical Engineer-Chess Club, Swimming Brutcher, Ilenevieve-Secreiary-Camera Club Burke, Edwin-AeronauiicalEngineer-Table Tennis Club Burkett, June-Social Service Worker-College Club, National Honor Society, Girl llesi-rves, Academe Staff, Library Staff Bushyeager, NIargaret-Traveler-Knitting Club, Student Senate Butterfield, John-AerorzaulzfczzlEngineer-Senior Airplane Club. Choir Byler, William-Sporlsman-Football Caechione, Menga-Privale Secretary-Research Club Cady, Mary Jan4fTraveZer-Cosmopolitan Club Cantor, Allen-Private Secretary-Knitting Club Carle, Frances-Author-Charm Club Carlton, Paul-Businessrnan-Science Club, Choir, Academe Stall' Carner, Gladys-Dress Model-Charm Club Carneval, Josephine-Sienographer-Charm Club Chambers, DeloresgPrQfessional Model-Fencing Club, Senior Orchestra Cheropovich, Anna-Success Christie, J ack-Success Christensen, Robert-Mechanical Engineer-Table Tennis Club, Hi-Y Christoph, Charles-Engineer-Swimming Club, Football Cichetti, Theresa- Nurse-Dramatics Club, Choir Clark, Francis-Commercial Pilot-Senior Etiquette Club, Band Clark, ,lack-Chemisl-Rod and Gun Club Cohen, Lymon-Fruit Specialist-Safe Drivers' Club, Band Comstock, ,lean-Businesswoman-Commercial Club. Girl Reserves Condon, Mary Alice-Commercial Artist Conklin, Richard-A irmail Pilot-Safe Drivers' Club Conover, Kathleen-Missionary-Drarnatics Club Conti, Joseph-Engineer-Etiquette Club Cook, John-Zlflechanical Engineer'--Etiquette Club Corvino, llIarie-Sienographer--Etiquette Club Cristallino, Albertgfladio Singer-Make-Up Club Crocker, Marion-Secretary-Cosmopolitan Club Dahn, Opal Rita-Lawyer-Research Club, National Honor Society, Academe Stall, Student Senate Dash, Arlene- Nurse-Charm Club, Girl Reserves Devitt, Dorothy4Beaulician-Camera Club Dieter, Phyllis-Success-Personality Club, Choir, Girl Reserves One hundred One I zundred iwo One hundred lhree Dobosiewiez, Sophia-Career-Science Club Doehrel, Shirley-Prizvale Secrelary-Research Club llressler, Lavina-Deparlmenl Slore Buyer-Fencing Club, Girl Reserves Drexler, Doris-Coslume Designerslinitting Club, Girl Reserves lluberow, Rita- Nozvelly Wriler-Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Academe Stall' Dudenhoefer, Rita-Private Secre!urySArehery Club, Girl Reserves Duke, Nell-Slenographer-Research Club, Girl ,Reserves Eller, Robert-Cerlzfied Public Accountant-Safe Drivers' Club Ernst, EvangelineiSlenographer-Archery Club Ester, llarian-Enjoy Life-Charm Club Fabsits, Madeline-Success-Archery Club Felice, Joseph-Linolype Ferretti, Lena-Telephone Operalor-Bridge Club Fields, Geraldine-Secrelary-Commereial Club, Senior Orchestra Filigenzi, Mario-Traveler Final, James-Prqlessional Football Player-Model Building Club, Choir, Glee Club, Wrestling Flanagan, IIargaret-Success-Beauty Culture Club Folmer, Burl-MechanicalEngineer-Press Club Fourspring, Nealvfjerlified Public Accounlanl-Rod and Gun Club Fowler, Fae-Slenographer-Commercial Club Francisco, Jamesefferlijied Public Accountant-International Club, Band Franzkoski, Dorisf-SlenographergArchery Club, Girl Reserves Fuller, Lloyd-Aulmnobile Deslqner-Etiquette Club Furber, Kennethf-Engineer-Rod and Gun Club Gehrlein, ConsIanee-Success-Personality Club. Choir. Girl Reserves Gensheimer, Jack- Doclor-Dancing Club, Choir, Academe Stall' enlile, lVlary Jane-Presirlenlis Privale Secrefary-Rriclgre Club, Choir George, LisaWBusinesswoman-Sewing Club G G G illette, Roherl,-Engineer-Chess Club raham, Harold- Newspaperman,-Chess Club Granahan, Eileen--College-College Club, Girls' Chorus, Star Stall, Girl Reserves 'ranahan, Thomas-Manager QI' Commercial FirmiChess Club G Green, Robert-Boa! Designer-Make-Up Club Greenbeck, Bertha-Sienograplzer-Commercial Club Griffith, Sybil-Vocalion-Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Star Staff, Tri-Hi. Prom Committee Gross, DorothygSecrelary-Charm Club, Girl Reserves Gross, Jean- Nurse-Charm Club, Girls' Chorus Gross, Lucille-Secretary-Archery Club Haas, R'larjorie-Szurcess-Personality Club, Academe Stall, Girl Reserves Haibaeh, Belly Jane-Success-Archery Club, Drum Corps, Girl Reserves Hall GaevS0cial Service-Personality Club, Academe Staff, Girl Reserves Hall, Nathan-Certijied Public Accountant-Tennis Club, Glee Club Hanke, Gertrude-Sienographer-Novelty Sewing Club Harman, liuthSSlenograplzer-Beauty Culture Club Hartel, Charles-EngineersChess Club, Choir, Academe Stall Hartman, ,Iohn-Professional Catcher-Archery Club Hatch, Diana-Accountant-Novelty Sewing Club Hathaway, Donald-Aulhor and Poe!-Nature Club Hawes, Janet- Nurse-Dramatics Club Hazen, Mildred-Privale Secrelary-Research Club Heberle, John-Crooner-lVlalie-Up Club Heid, Fred-Bookkeeper-Make-Up Club Heintz, MarthaASocial WorkerfLeadership Club. Drum Corps Herbst, Riehardvllpera Singer-Stamp Club, Hi-Y. Choir Hess, Virginia-Bookkeeper-Dramatics Club Hetzel, Berdina-Bookkeeper-K nitting Club Hetzel, John-Skilled Laborer at G. E.-Science Club Hilderhrand, Dorothy-YEnglish Teacher-Book Club, Library Stall' Hirsch, Shirley Mae-Department Store Buyer-Etiquette Club, Academe Staff, Drum Corps Hixson, Ruth-Success+ELiq11ette Club Hoadley, Rlax-Salesman-lVlake-Up Club, Choir Hocking, Betty ,Iane-SlenographerSBeauty Culture Club Holler, Albert-Organic Chemist-Science Club Holler, Virginia-.flcrozmlanl-Bridge Club Hopson, Robert-Conunercial Advertiser-Art Club Hower, Ilelen-Traveler-lnternational Club, College Club, National Honor Society, Choir, Girl Reserves Hubbard, DorothyYSlen0grapher-Novelty Sewing Club, Choir. Girl Reserves Hubbard, Ruth--Beau!icianfNovelty Sewing Club. Choir, Girl Reserves Hugger, ,Iune-Teacher-Novelty Sewing Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Girls' Chorus Imus, Eloise-Ifeporler-Fencing Club, Drum Corps Um' lllllll!'l'l'1l jour Une lzzmdred five Irvin, Ruth-See Year 2000-Etiquette Club Issue, Herman-lfo0kkeeper-International Club, Track Jagemann, Betty Jane-Slerzographer ,Iernstrmn Raul-Success-l-cadership Club. Track Johnson. l'lI'llBSIYBUSIDIIPSSIIZIIII.-'SHlil? Drivcrs' Club Johnson, 11lennfSleuographerfArchcry Club, Drum Corps Jones, llarjorie-COIlegewArchcry Club. Drum Corps Kalmsinski, John-Cerlified Public Accounlanl-Ping Pong: Club, Track Kelley, Janies-Professional Vagabond-Swimming Club, Hi-Y Kendall, Adeline-A1'1'11lriIfFencing Club Kennedy, jean BlarieAPrivale Secrelary-Dramatics Club Kennerknecht, Anna-Prirale Secretary-Archery Club, Girl Reserves Kennerkneeht, Mary-Bookkeeper-Archery Club, Girl Reserves Kirsehner, Donald-Sailor-Camera Club. Academc Stall' Klapthor, Florence-Teuclzer-Research Club Kloeeker, Mary Kathryn-TeacherfMake-Up Club, Choir Knoll, Dorothy-Privale Secretary-Commercial Club, National Honor Society, Academe Stall Knoll, Robert-MechanicalEngineer-Tennis Club, Student Service. Movie Machine Operator Koen, George-Diesel EngineerfSwimming Club. National Honor Society Koenig, Pearl- llousekeeper-Beauty Culturc Club. Girls' Chorus Kolakowski, Harriet-Slenograplzer--llesearch Club Kosiorek, Ilenevieve-Slenogruplzerflfencirlg Club. Girl Reserves Krainski, Irene-SlerwyrupherfHesearch Club Kranz, Deloresf Nurse Kuerner, Lynettef1Vurse+B1'a11ty Culture Club, Drum Corps Kuligowski, W3ll0Fffl!1lIlIIlBVCliUI Arlisl-fArt Club Ku rtis, Dorothy-Secrefary-Cornmcrcial Club. Academe Staff Lacy, Ruth-Good Posilion-Bridge Club. Cirl Reserves Lanmcehiu, Xladelinc--f'7'ra1'eler-Senior Music Club Lamb, Hurry--Wes! Poinl-lntcrnational Club Lamb, L0WlS'fCt1lI.IEH!liIL88f7lll1I1LlIlg and Fishing Club Lassman, Nlerdze-Sfenograpller7Bcauty Culture Club Law, AlberlfTrr11'eler Lee, Evelyn-Private Secreiary-Beauty Culture Club Levy, Nlella-Helail Buyer-Beauty Culture Club, Drum Corps One hundred seven Liebel, Frank-Aeronaulics-Personality Club, Football, Basketball Lindberg, Dale-Lawyer-Make-Up Club, Academe Staff, Class Treasurer, Tennis Lyneh, ,IohngLeader Ql'Big Band-Chess Club Nlaclnnes, Robert-Cerlified Public Accounlanl-Art Club, Choir Mackintosh, Edith- Nurse-Beauty Culture Club Mackle, George-Army or Navy-Swimming Club MaeKrell, Thomas-Movie Actor-Make-Up Club Madia, Henrietta-Teacher-College Club, lied Cross Malmherg, F lorence-See the World-Bridge Club, Girl Reserves Maloney, Thon1asSArlisl-Art Club Mancusco, Virginia-Traveler-International Club, lied Cross, Acad Marchini, Benny-Businessmanslntod and Gun Club Mariani, Elvira-Meet Problems ofLife+Commereial Club lvlarther, Lillian-Traveler-Knitting Club Matlock, James-Business Success-Etiquette Club Matteson, Marguerite-A ir Ilostess-Science Club, Girl Reserves Mattiers, Harriet-Success-Beauty Culture Club McClenathan, Robert-EleclricalEngineer-Swimming Club, Hi-Y lllcllannel, Wesley-Cllzernis!-Cosmopolitan Club, Hi-Y, Star Stall' McDonald, Mary Jean-SingerwKnitting Club, Choir McFadden, Frank-Businessman-Camera Club, A'Twelfth Night" McGraw, Mary Jane-Dress Designer-Archery Club, Girl Reserves M eister, Norbert-Easy Living Mientkiewicz, Frances-Graduate-College Club Miesel, Ruth-DeleclivewCosmopolitan Club Miller, June Marie-Traveler-Hostess Club Miller, Lucille-Traveler-Hostess Club, Girls' Chorus Miller, Rita-SuccessfCamera Club, Girl Reserves Monk, Logan-Businessman-Swimming Club Morton, Evelyn- Housewife-Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves eme Staff Mullen, John-College PresidenlSGoll' Club, Hi-Y, Prom Comrnittee, Golf Musolf, Jamesglnlboralory Technician-Camera Club, Choir, Hi-Y Muth, Lloyd-Poslal Service-Golf Club, Choir, Glee Club Nash, ,Ianet-Secrelary+Novelty Sewing Club Nick, Myrtle? Nurse-Camera Club One hundred eighl One hundred nine Nordin, Elmcrflllusician-International Club, National Honor Society, Band Olds, Betty-Dress DesignerwMake-Up Club Olszewski, Leo-fllachinesl-Swimming Club O'Shea, BettywllflarriedsPersonality Club, Girl Reserves Osterberg, Narian+Secrelary-Drum Corps Owen, Betty Ann-Attend Dramatic School-Dramaties Club, Girl Reserves l'clrc, Johnglfngineerglnternational Club, National Honor Society, Vice President ol' Class Pfadt, Elaine-Businesswoman-Archery Club Pfeffer, Jean-A ir Hostess Pillitteri, Armand-Success-Camera Club, Aeademe Stall, Prom Committee Platt., Alvin-Traveler-Archery Club, Choir, Clee Club Post, GladysQPl1ysical EdllCQ1i0H Teacher-Archery Club Process, Esther Ruth-Professional Ska1'erfCamera Club Proser, Jean-Dzfelician-lnternational Club. Red Cross Rainbow, Hazel- Nurse-Etiquette Club Ray, Douglas-Barber-International Club Raymond, ,Iack+Tra1reler-Rod and Gun Club, Glee Club Redmond, Harry-Busz'ne.s'smangCosmopolitan Club Reichert, FlorencefSferwgrapher-Camera Club Reisenweber, Leo-Mechanic-Airplane Club Renlja, Frank-Businessrnan-Swirnming.: Club, Swimming Team Rellger, ,Ioseph-Success-Personality Club. Football Riddle, Yvonne-Sflerlifierl Public Accozuzlanl-Researeh Club Robertson, Irene-Accounlanl-Commereial Club, Senior Orchestra Rodgers, ReynoldswSchool Teacher-Swimming Club Ropelewski, Frank-Contractor-Personality Club, Football Rose, Evelyn-Traveling SecretarywCommereial Club Rose., W'ilbur+Arlisf-Cosmopolitan Club Rosenthal, Wilbur-Commercial Arlisl-Art Club, Star, Academe Staff Roskoski, Leoeadia-Beaulician-Beauty Culture Club Rothrock, llliltonsfloverrzllzerzl PosilioniArehery Club Runser, Eugene-AulhorgCosmopolitan Club Ruseitto, ,Iulio-Businessnzan-Boatbuilding Club Russo, Dominick-Musician-Wrestling, "Twelfth Night" Ryan, Donald-Certified Public Accounlamf-Personality Club Une hundred eleven Ryan, VirgilAW0rk ou llze lfailroadmArchery Club Sacger, Anna D136-B6!llLiiCiflHmRCSGBI'Ch Club Saucrs, Edward-!VIechan,ic11l Engineer-Ping Pong Club Sawtcllc, Robert-Accouulurzl-Ping Pong Club Sehaaf, Richard-Temiis Clrunzpion-lVlaku-Up Club Scheffer, Raymond-Accounlanl--Stamp Club Seheppner, Jack-Professional Golfer-Golf Club, Stage Crew Schitea, Victuria+C0mpanion Secrelur'yfCornmercial Club. National Honor Society Schlaudeckcr, Robert-Drafisman-Nature Club Schneider, Charles-Commercial Artist-Ping Pong Club Schrncek, Kenneth-Certified Public Accouulunl Schroeder, Max-Lawyer-Cosmopolitan Club. National Honor Society Schulz, Emil-Leader Qf Cancer! Band-Stamp Club, Band Schweitzer, Betty Jane-Traveling Secrelary-Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, National Ilonor Society Sedler, Harry-Tool and Dye Maker-Engineering Club Scigler, Thelma-Privale Secretary-Knitting Club Servideu, Naz-Lawyer-Personality Club, Basketball, Football Shade, Ralph-SingerfLeadership Club, Hi-Y Shalkham, Charles-Railroad Engineer-Social Usage Club Shapiro, Marvin-Sports Arzrzozzncerfldod and Gun Club, Baseball, Hi-Y Prom Committee Sheldon, Orris-Physical Education Inslruclor-llod and Gun Club, Wrestling, Football Sheptow, Bernard-Businessman-Ping Pong Club Siegel, ,Iack-Engineer-Pursonality Club Sittinger, lilildred- Nurse--Etiqllette Club Skelly, William--Railway Mail Clerk-Leadership Club, Hi-Y Slomski, lilargaretf Nurse Smeltzer, MargaretfClerk--Make-Up Club Smith, Delores-SecrelarywResearch Club Smith, KathrynfTravelerfResearch Club Smith, NIyrtle-Secrelury-Personality Club Smith, Robert-Success-Safe Drivers' Club, Hand, Glee Club Smith, Vincent-Get a Lol Ou! QfLi-fe-Science Club, National Honor Society, Choir, Chess Club Snyder, Yvonne-Artis!-Art Club Soloway, Fred-Chemis!-International Club Spcro, Dona1d4Business Success-Stamp Club, Academe Staff Une hundred lwelwz Une I1 umlrerl H1 irlecn Um: hundred fourleen Stanger, Ruth-Traveler-Archery Club Stein, Raymond-Commercial Pilot-Leadership Club, Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Academe Staff Steward, Harley-Soldier of Forlune Stoddart, Gerry-Cowgirl-Camera Club Stoltz, Robert-Business Ereculire-lnternational Club, Hi-Y, Glee Club Straub, Cecelia-Take Singing Lessons-Commercial Club Strick, William-Certified Public Accountant-Personality Club Strohmcyer, William-Engineer-Ping Pong Club Strong, James-Businessman-Academy Singers Stubenhofer, Robert- Newspaper Reporier-Ping Pong Club Seusser, Alene-Success-Beauty Culture Club Sullivan, John-ChemicalEngineer-Chess Club, Band Sullivan, Neal-Engineer-Leadership Club, Hi-Y, Library Stall, Academe Stall' Sullivan, Thomas-Admiral-Safe Drivers' Club, National Honor Society, President of Student Senate Swanson, Edwin-Radio Announcer-International Club, National Honor Society Swanson, Gloria- Nurse-Personality Club, Girl Reserves Sweeney, Mabel-Welfare Work-Research Club Szczepanski, Bernard-Railroad Engineer-Rod and Gun Club, Band Szyplik, Dorothy-Teacher-College Club, National Honor Society Tansey, Kathryn-Dietician-Archery Club, National Honor Society, College Club, Academe Stall, Girl Reserves Tellers, Antoinette-Sienographer-Personality Club Thomas, Fred-Government Accounianl-Social Usage Club Thompson, Lloyd-President of G. E.-lnternational Club, National Honor Society, Glee Club, Hi-Y Thompson, Ruth-Traveler-Make-Up Club Thornton, Virtua-Clerk-Make-Up Club. Girl Reserves Tryzhiak, Stanley-Commercial Arlisl-Rod and Gun Club, Academe Staff, Track Valenzuela, Jessie-Dress Designer-Beauty Culture Club Verdeccia, William-Denfisi-Blake-Up Club Vicos, Cleopatra-Success-Camera Club, Girls' Athletic Association Vivian, Caroline- Nurse-Cinema Club Von, Clarence-Nlusician-Archery Club, Senior Orchestra, Band Walter-, Arlene- Nurse---Dramatics Club, Academe Stall' Watkins, Robert-IVIusiciun-Music Club, Band Watsoxi, Betty-Private Secreiary-Beauty Culture Club, Academe Stall' Weber, James-Sporis Heporier-Ping Pong Club One hundred ffieen Weber, lVlargaret-Siewardess-Beauty Culture Club Welz, May-Good Dressmaker-Novelty Sewing Club W'harfT, Henry-Zkleclzanical Engineer-Hi-Y Whipple, R0hertfDoc!or-Make-Up Club, Academe Stall' White, June-Slewardess-Charm Club Wiley, Davide-Businessman-Personality Club, Football, Basketball, Track Winarksi, Frances-Private Secrelary-Personality Club Wojecki, Chester+Teaclzer+Personality Club, Football, VVrestling, Prom Committee Wolff, Virginia- Nurse-Book Club Worlc, William-Min,ister-Chess Club, National Honor Society, Star Staff, Tennis Wright, Bette-Slenographer-Knitting Club Wuenschel, Robert-Officer in U. S. Army-Stagecraft Club, Stage Crew Yaple, ltIarian-Sienographer+Personality Club Yates, Edward- Novelist-International Club, Academe Staff, "Twelfth Night" Yochim, Lois-Stenographer-Research Club Yochim, Mary-Secretary-Cosmopolitan Club, Academe Staff, Secretary of Class, Committee Yochim, Robert-Commercial Illustraior-Art Club, Academe Stalf Zehner, ,leanneSSecrelary-Dramatics Club Zielinski, Peter-Prqfessional Baseball Player-Personality Club, Student Senate Zoltoski, J oseph-Mailman-Etiquette Club, Usher Prom Une lzrmdred sifleen Une lzzuulred serenieen, Judi wore! "There is a history in all menis livesf' Once upon a time, we, the members of the Senior class of '39 took our first step down the long vista of learning. With our young friends and playmates, we may have begun our first day of school hesitantly, eagerly, or perhaps only after pressing persuasion on the part of our parents. But the toys, stories, and songs that comprised kindergarten appealed to us and our little friends, and helped us in our association with others so that we were prepared for the tablets and primers of the first grade-the initial step in our regular school life. School to us, as beginners, meant any number of fascinating things-Halloween parties, ice-cream Santa Clauses, Valentine boxes, May Days, paper Easter baskets, and fruit showers, besides the exciting process of learning to read and write. But, in the later years of grade school, we tired of the routine of marching to classes, silence in the halls, daily recesses, and infrequent assemblies, and began to look forward eagerly to the red-letter day when we would enter Junior High School. The greatest delights of Junior High School life were buying our own lunches in the cafeteria, and using a comfortable and quiet library to improve our study habits as well as to gratify personal enjoyment. Every class and organization in the school gave a skating party at one time or another, and everybody went-skating parties were quite the thing, and a huge success. But the crowning event of those three years was the Prom! A first formal-a new suit, and a date, too! We surely must be growing up!-at least we thought so until we entered Academy. One hundred ezqhleen ollafsf mr We were at first amazed by the immense building, and the teeming numbers of students and the mad rush in the halls when the bell rang. But we were soon able to find our way around the school, and then life in this wonderful place became extremely interesting. Arranging our own schedules was baffling at first but it gave us a grand feeling of importance. The great variety of subjects offered and the new unit system of teaching made study more interesting. And at last! we had been given the privilege of attending and taking part in interesting assemblies and spirited rallies. We were thrilled at seeing our own classmates and friends play in city series athletic games. As students in Senior High School, we were urged to participate in class and club activities. During our senior year, our class was organized, and due to the whole-hearted cooperation of its members, the success of all our activities was assured-skating parties, get-acquainted parties, banquet dances, and promswall marked the end of' a valuable and enjoyable career. But for most ol' us, it wasu't until our Graduation exercises that we realized the significance of those twelve years. To thc last strains ol' "The Blue and G-old,,' we regretfully made our farewell to all that had filled the best years of our lives. With the hope of keeping always, graven here in these pages, the Academy which the class of' 1939 has known, let us never cease to remember the glorious heritage of' the past, yet return ever gladly to the scenes of our high school years for memories we cherish which can never, never change. Une hundred nineteen fkmfb .748 mlareden fa five Cl,l'llfl!ClCflfll"el"15 ww! Werckanfa of grie 'g-'PE-" 1 9 3 9 .. UNICN - PURE Ice Delivery Company MANUFACTURED ICE Yellow Trucks-23-270 Blue Trucks-22-2343 'ook' of The Hi8h Renlbls-f,,bf , G STANLEY lee Cream BROS. FURNITURE CO. INC. XJ - 'och-,ada at nib. Qrwya "Erie's Finest Made" lce Cream, Sherbets, Fancy Nloulds and Specialties Factory and Salesroom F I H , S 503 East 8th Street Phone 23-758 Or Your Neighborhood Dealer MA-MADE BREAD ii" ARTHUR F. SCHULTZ COMPANY General 'lf CX Electric "If,-S' the Bestn Radios Refrigerators Vlhshers l6l6-l6l8 Parade Street l029 Stale Streel Two O l .-E551 2:1:-:-. -. IIAVIES-MUKINNEY RICHMAN lN Drsrn IA 1. 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But imagine what the Cashier of the Bank of England had to wrestle with when George Washirigtoii was still a British subject. Notched twigs recorded thousands of important financial transactions. A needle in a hay-stack was little harder to locate than any particular twig in the Vaults of the Bank of England. Finally, these twigs became such a nuisance that they were ordered burned, and the resultant blaze burned down the Parliament buildings. Yet even that calamity was repaid with a system of records among the most thorough in the world. When the "Old Lady of Threadneedle Streety' was able to replace sticks of wood with ledger paper, a new era of book-keeping began. HAMMERMILL PAPER COMPANY, ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Five -T" 1939 , 1 ERIE BUSINESS CGLLEGE Established 1884 A Recognized Institution for Business and Secretarial Training College Grade Courses Strong Teaching Stall' Selected Student Body College Ideally Located and Refined Atmosphere Equipment Up-to-Date. We encourage the matriculation of serious-minded students of good standing. Students well trained for business positions are in demand, and are assisted in securing employment. We invite you to visit the school. Phone 23-814, or write for Descriptive Folder. ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 220 West Ninth Street Erie, Penna. ERIE INSURANCE EXCHANGE Q Auto Insurance for Less Q A Home Industry with a Nation-Wide Service iijhe iflialle Bros 116-124 West 10th Street l3Ul2CliAlQT'S DIQ UG STUD ES Established April 12, 1888 ERIE DAILY TIMES Erie's Successful Newspaper TIMES SQUARE 110 WI 10th St. Phone 23-281 ALWIIGVC Erie Buys Greeling Cards" KUHN'S PICTURE AND GIFT SHOP Z6 West 91:11 Street Ideal School Pictures Artistic Picture Framing Compliments of A Friend IIIINNEIITIGIIT GENERAL LIFE INSUHANIJE GU. CHARLES R. PIXLER CGeneral Agenlj 1004 Erie Trust Bldg. Erie, Pa. fl? 1939 ,i W A Complete We Sporting Goods Congratulate Depaflment The Graduating Classes of 1939 On their Splendid Scholastic Record And wish them A Continued Success B 'FIASS CO. ow iii PaznfHeadquarfers K I3- in State Streets . .. -:.:.g. :N , ganiner WIKIES 6-mm Pn. . ha. Mun R4 Thirty-one Years of Continued Service to the Athletes Qf Erie High Schools pd1C2CZ Itildflawfifle HOMS8 JOIN THE Y. M. C. A. fllake ii your downtown Kelly Studios Cameras, Supplies Films, Finishing 14 E. 101:11 St. Erie, Pa. ADAMS AND STREUBER Headquarlers Sth and East Ave. 1 M I7 ' h G 'ld Erie's Paint Authority I em el oft e ul , . Says: Hess Brothers "Beaulify your buildings with a coat of GOOD PAINT purchased from the Prescription and Manufacturing OPTICIAN S Where the Price is Right Phone 22-382 ERIE PAINT CO. 104 West 9th St. Erie, Pa. Seven i-'-i-'-" 1 9 5-9 ECKERD'S 706-State Street-f1l09 l 832 BETTER DRUG STORES Prescr1'plion.v Our Specialty We use the best drugs and chemicals and employ the best registered men LhaL money can hire. Bring your next prescription to one of the Eckerd Drug Stores AND SAVE MONEY ill Qlnngratnlariinzts 1 to the ACADEME Staff and Advisogs A, f x ,y 1, S' ' ln producing the engravingswfor your Annual, we express appreciation for your cooperation and the cordial associating, National Service Engraving Company "The Complete Service Planfu 1708 French Street Erie, Penne. PASS THOSE EXAMS ' i MEI-lLER'S BEVERAGES, T including R-E-A-L 7 UP, . 1 bave passed the Taste lest Z -:'i E 7'P for years with flying colors. ,, lrei so Q ',,1 Be sure of what you drink, IEES: E ' demand NlEHl.EH'S BEVEHAGES l 1218 Parade sf. ze-767 Y. W. C. A. Comptometer School 72.2 Commerce Building ERIE COUNTY MILK ASS'N Producers and Distributors of ECOBIA SEALTEST PRODUCTS E ighl - ' 1 9 3 9 ml Conzplimenis of Metric Metal Works of the American Meter Co., lne. Manufacturers of EAS METERS ERIE, PENNA. Bauman Association A En.0 V CARPET CLEANERS J y 140 West Fourth St. Dial 26-445 STERLING MILK GIRARD PHONE 421-M BEAN DT'S GD I Ll. Peach Sl. SPECIALIZING IN PRIVATE PARTIES 9M CHICKEN - STEAK - FISH DINNERS At All Times Lovell Manufacturing Company ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA .,- ' , Makers of 5 f "-. Pressure Cleaners CW ringer 0 1 Nlouse and Rat ' ee OC ey IC S I H k st' ke SD - Rubber Rolls Traps fwfwf , B4 , Wfffzf E?-V E,- g-E-.-.fusug--:.' :gf 3122515533: 3 ' Y, V ' . , W ,, 4 , ,-,177 , , f -- , Nine iles West of Erie, Pa. On Route 5 0 '- Business is a Profiable Profession ERI E COIVI IVI ERCIAL COLLEGE Specialists in Business Training Approved by the Pennsylvania Committee on Standards ot Approved Business Schools Placement ot graduates, 9970. Tuition Reasonable Faculty is State Certified State at Eighth St. Erie, Pa. 22-644 T. D. KRUM, Pres. Res. 98-179 Heyl Physicians Supply Cn. TD Cy LAU N UDV 416 State Street icglaiiiicii Qiioio Qfiiiciio COMMERCIAL AND PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Official Photographers at East High School LAUTERBACH BAKERY, Inc. QUALITY BAKED GOODS 121 E. 21st Street Phone '15-1'I'1 P in . 2 , tilt' ff . 'ri ' 'U I ti' ' A 1 X i lfwzl iwr ll Fw-'Pr wW.lli i 5 Evil i WV! u tail, I :J Y will . uf! It Ki kv " f Boston Store Let us examine your eyes and fit them with proper Glasses. C. H . C O L L M A N Optometrist and lVlanuI'acturing Opticiau DSR. lt. ll. COLLMAN, Optometrist Cor. 8th and Peach Streets lwasonie Temple Phone 22-093 Ten 1., ,... 1i-1 1.l..l.l1- . Q This booic is printed on QXFORD BQOK PAPER Furnished by DAKA PAPER CC. Distributors of High Grade Papers 321 State Street Erie, Pa. Diannonds Established 1862 Watclues Protect Your lllost JEWl43LERS Valuable Possession'- 25 West 9th Street w v - JEWELIW - SILVERW'Al'-E Your hyewslght ENGRAVED STATIONERY DR. R. VV . SHEPARD Complimenls of Ryan Baur Laver Offerle Schluraff Kallenhach Erie F. 'l'. D. Florists Swanson Tool and Machine Corporation Design and Manufacture of Punches and Dies Special Tools, Fixtures and Machinery 810-812 East Eighth Street Phone 54--200 Erie, Pennsylvania OPTOMETBIST 113 West 11th St. 30 Years of Helpful Eye Service in Erie Established 1924 WILLIS r' rgfn!i,i coNoi.i.Y il i ,I n STUDIOS Q ffliilr Teachers of Guitar, Banjo, I ' 3 Piano-Accordion, Piano,g , J Theory and Harmony , 2 Written Guarantee , to teach you to play 706 state st. Phone 23-710 Eleven 1 ---1- -3-'-" 1 9 3 9 - ,,...o '- Fliokingelds Hotel Dept. Especially Selected Foods Packed for Hotels, Cafeterias and Institutions Samples and Quotations Cheeigfully Furnished -OFFICE AND WAREHOUSEF N. Y. C. Sz St. L. R. R. and Wallace St. Erie, Penna. AMERICAN STERILIZER COMPANY Erie, Penna. Congratulations - Graduates We wish you the best for your future- May the rest oi your life be as easy and happy as your l-liqh School Clays. REINHOLD PHARMACY 1715 State St. - Phone 24-271 Erie, Pa. ERIE FORGE CO. Erie, Pa. American Hollow Boring Co. Hollow Bored Forgings and Steel Shafts Office and Works: 19th and Raspberry Streets Jacob I-laller Company Wholesale Grocers Almost Everything from Individual Sizes to Gallon Cans for BAKERS, HOTELS RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, HOSPITALS, INSTITUTIONS CAMPS P. O. Box 898 Erie, Pa. Twelve 1939 There is an ESSO Station in your neighborhood Erie Owned - Erie Operaied CRAIG OIL COMPA Y , Q 'naw uf? g El A "" if -1 P m , ,. . ,, f , miie 1. Wifi- Q' 1 .- I J ,. -A Wi' 513 'll11n .. V ,, . F-A I - .5 ,. 4,14 r4g:f,QiQL,.-if A M. Vg, gt ,ge ,g -- ,- V -5. jgf ff w ,-2 -'f-wg :4gx'gv Q41 i?AX:!'5ff'5' -i'l,,'.Hs3f:FfTf'iE7fE'2:52gQ55J?5'5'l7 'fi-kr 1, ' 51 :i n e - A ' Lfflxi,-wir .f f e if ef - Q-,",,,fgk-wfsaisfg -1 ' W' I P ' " ' I "The Students' Favorite Rendezvousn Plan Your Social Parties at WALIDAMEEIQ DAIQIY The Best of Bands at Popular Prices Phones: 32-102 and 32-402 Th irleen - - ,li.,L.1 1 lil.-ii1 -. I 1 1939 E. 'lr ir ir WHERE I HITS ARE ' A HABIT THEATRE I l l Presents Erie's Best I Entertainment I .... ALWAYS i ir 'k ir TRASK, PRESCOTT 8. RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE Firsl Quality Merchandise Erie, Penna. L. PRESS 39' CO. 1210-1216 State Street SPUIITING GOODS CAMPING EQUIPMENT RIDING APPAREL SPORTSWEAH Having selected your Major, the rest comes easy. Our Major is Gift Specialties, which A makes your select- I f ' tions easy 5- -Y -W-A Buy Gifts and Lucy gl Ellis Candy at 727 Peach St. LEU SIJHLAUUECKEH UU. Established 1873 25 E. 8th Street Erie, Pa. INSUHANCE OF ALL KINDS SUBETY BONDS Fourteen , .. -1 - , 1,i...1-1 . 1 1 1939 , qs iv MARKOFS 1 . A. MEYER E5 SONS Erie's Foremost Clothiers The PENNSYLVANIA STATE COLLEGE l'l E I. l , X 10th and Peach Streets E R I E The Ballroom offers facilities for Technical School Center QY. M. C. AJ DAN CINC PRIVATE DINNERS O EVENING COURSES LOW TUITION FEES O Business Administration Cin- cluding Accountancyj , Electrical and Dlechanical Engineering. BANQUETS 4 For lIllAOI'Illiil,lOI1 write or phone CARD PARTIES J. II. KIRK, Extension Representative 4-04 Ariel Bldg., Erie C22-6463 F i f leen lo 1 9 3 9 ,gf B CONGRATULATIONS! 1850-1939 laurel Ziaill Qllemeterp Style Headquarters lim. for Young Men - Featuring 4 ff FASHION PARK CLOTHES 1' ARROW SHIRTS W STETSON HATS " FREEMAN SHOES On the Grubb Road COne mile south of Ridge Hoadj Congratulations I A. E. AXTELL Cleaners and Dyers ,, REVERE SWEATERS 111 West Eleventh Street Erie, Pa. H ALPACUNA cofxrs Phone 224,11 Disiincl ive Jewelry Perfect f Dependable I A C K E R 8 N Diamonds Watches DIAMONDS W CLOCKSR State Street at Seventh WATCHES SILVER 24 West 10th Street -:int PITTSBURGH-ERILBUF-FALD GTA , F f Era! Y My Y ' -.lf .co K Q D WEST RIDGE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Girard, Penna. Complimen ls of THE STANDARD STUKER COMPANY, INC. bzzl en .....i.--------"'l' 6 '1 9 3 9 .' - Established 1852 Incorporated l89T JARECKI MFG. CO. Erie, Pa. ilfIanLqfac'iu1'ers Qf Pipe Fittings Valves and Cocks Pipe Threading Machines Compressor Governors Pipe Vises Oil, Cas and Vl'aler Wlell Supplies Pipe Cut and Threaded lo Order School photographs Franlf Sclwautnle Studios 113 West 10th Sf. "Across from the limes" KODAKS Phone 24-268 MOVIES I ' s Q fz v f '49 918 Peach St. SHOES BY I. MILIJCIR Compliments Oi ' I o r d cl 1"l.,S 830 State Street '77 . "h""' "" - --.,,q,4-' C ompliments of U --'L-ii., E s6 q,61 l..l .... . HILL-MILL ICE CREAM cn. .6-'.ill".,f1fl'f4+3 ...I --be' ' and ""--A...w H lo' xy """ . H Q,...e 1.11 e-t. .. ,r,i,t 51121 ...,,e,,l.l I M 6 HILL-MILL nlmv smnfs . ..., ...... H M Mamiigaclurers of W V3 S3 , wk ,uf A4,. VELVET ICE CREAM 5 52 4 Ice CRE ..,..,. and E E5 I .75 llllp .....,.... A ll Dairy Products Ea ii Phone 23-666 f -- -..... ,,,,......,..... , Erie Owned Erie Opemled Sevenleen 000 is the password of the McCarty Printing Co., Inc. It is so ingrained in the minds of every one of our employees that as far as the element of time is concerned, SERVICE goes with every job, with or without the asking. But there is still more to McCarty SERVICE than the delivery of the job. We also insist there must be a quality standard. To rush work through to meet a cus- tomer's demand . . . at a sacrifice of quality . . . is not SERVICE, hence the following: MODERN TYPE FACES FAST PRESS EQUIPMENT COMPLETE BINDERY SERVICE ea., ME 246 EAST SEVENTH STREET TELEPHONE 23-872 ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Eighteen - lo - - ' 1 9 l Elllli PKE'l'EB '!'5'f5'l'15Pl5, 11511. ffulrfzuz 514.144-11 Wl4u,u1v4.fJ anna, vx-zssrx. An Open Letter-H To the lQ59 Graduates of Erie High Schools Hello Seniors L You've heard tell that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step -- your graduation from High School is that first longvstride toward where youlre going. As one of the younger industries in Erie we have grown up almost to the day with you. We started business in Erie just about the time you started to school. So, in your lifetime and our's, we have a lot in common. We hope you agree with us in thinking that Erie is a grand place in which to go to school, to live, and to' work. And as you grow to become the men and women who represent Erie Citizenship, we hope we will grow with you to take our place in Erie's industrial background, and to make you even more proud of your home town. You will find that your future in many ways will depend upon industry --- lndustry depends upon Youth. Erie ' needs lndustry. 'Ne wish you well in whatever you undertake. Slncerel f ' ' President 'vice President EELS l4'CB'TER SYSTEMS, lNC. And the whole Erie Meter Systems organization. Nirleieen

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