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 - Class of 1936

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1936 volume:

1 E 1 4 E F f i 5 E 2 5 L! S x Y A S S 5 . g 2 5 5 5 2 s 5 5 2 i s , S s E 2 2 5 I E i : E 1 2 E 5 i 1 T 1 f 5 5 9 x Q S F 3 Q E 5 1 5 2 E E E E ? 5 i 1 I-w4r ng, . 4: vlvfav tx a- .Nb H ,V 1 -. .45 N IV as Ax- " 4 L ZS' -' ,-v .K " ' .,' f4f,T ,,, T.. 5 .,v , PL. if-T1 1 , . .,, H. ' v . NM, --.-.1 fwrw' f A 4 gm-L - 5.5.9 ' 4 I V . M-xi -V . , M Q QFE, QQ , . .1.,IfQ', A 5 4 Y L K P '-+-.- In tl1e short time that he has been in our city, our Superintendent of Schools has demonstrated his knowl- edge of school Work, his ability as an administrator, and his sincere desire to be of service to tl1e boys and girls of Erie. He understands pupils. He is determined that the schools shall fully serve them. For these reasons and because of l1is broad sympathies and thoroughly human qualities, the Academe Stall' respectfully dedicates this volume to ft 0 Cfafrniau Cgjrosv f!ul'iIll'I-1Hll, Cf piurzy To Principal C. W. lVlcNary, the students ol Academy High School owe a deep sense of gratitude. Through his leadership and enthusiasm, Academy has grown and developed. During his years of service he has become an integral part of the school life. His kindly advice and personal friendliness for each and every student is not to be forgotten. We, the senior class of IQ36, are proud lo have known him and to have felt his influence. . 'Kj6l'I.lICt'lU1I 621111 v ll Q . ll JDCIC4 IOM LC Clgfllll After four long years of being tossed back and forth at sea, the good old Princeton cup, the pride of Academy High, and envy of all the competitive schools in Erie, finally found its way back into the protective arms of our Alma Mater. lt is hardly necessary to mention the fact that the student body glory, more this year than ever, in its return, and they have firmly resolved to keep it in their possession until some other school can truthfully prove they are more worthy of this privilege. r TCI!!! ff? 0 ozzlezzls ffvcfrzzzlzzzlsflalz a ,N . UIIIOVS fjafwzzazzj Gvfuss 9-21110 67!ClSS 2 ZlIC!L'I'C'!ClSSlllLll f' I K 11111ors 4 'rj op!1o1 ,-g fjrvsfzz IHII ffYf!,!C1,y-S 3- gj1l'A !7!!IlSl.t' CCVIILS ,-5 ffeczzlzzrcs HOIC S fs, W oreworci ln issuing a year book, the stall' tries to portray the deeds ol' the year so vividly that in future years the reader may live again the days that are past, and recall in a moment those happy moments of bygone days. The year book is a record of victories and losses as the Case may be. When we have graduated, and have taken up our life's work in points far and near, we need only lo go to our ACADEMIC, and l.hose years which have elapsed seem to fade into the distance. We take this opportunity to thank the oflice force, the faculty, and all those of the student body who so kindly lent their services in helping to make possible another issue of the ACADEME, thus furthering the glory of the 'Hilltop Schoolf V u 1-L K- 7IZGl1l!70l'S ofllze fClC'Il!llj Mr. C. YV. McNury Mr. W. li. Demorier Nliss Susan Tanner English Miss C. Caggin Miss A. Caggin Miss Catherine Carroll Miss Clara Weller Miss Winifred Mong Miss Elizabeth Brown Miss Marie Kaltenbaeh Miss Bertha Walters Miss Adelaide Moore Miss Marie Demuling Miss iilenetta McHaIe Miss liuth Magenau Miss Mary Sutelle Miss Clara Both Miss Bertha Mohney Mathematics Mr. Walter Detmers Miss Mildred Lockwood Miss Mildred Bird Mr. L. M. Davis Miss Harriet Burgess Miss Elizabeth Wieland Miss Teresa Straueh History Mix Jessie Burst Miss Margaret Brown Miss Anne Olson Mr. Carl Badder Mr. James Mannix Miss Launette Sterrett Miss Anna McLaughlin Miss Margaret Marshall Miss Helma Fluegel Miss Helen Johnston Miss Lynette Hoffman Mr. Castor Towns Miss lilsa Bemler Chenlistry Mr. Howard Kelly Physics and Science Mr. .loseph Fiorelli Biology Mr. John Crowe Miss Dorothy Nickel Miss Ethel lluhling Botony and Zoology Miss Dorothy Niekel Mr. .lohn Crowe Latin Miss liuth Bider Miss Sylvia Burgun German Miss Pearl Badger Miss Bertha Salellli 12 . . Principal .4 ssl. Principal . .11 ssl. Primlprll French Miss Anna Hunt Miss Lulu Bateson Bookkeeping Miss Agnes Kaveney Miss Florence Weschler Mr. Leonard Mattis Miss Mabel Wier Mr. A. Presogna Typewriting Miss Elizabeth Etter Miss Margretta Jones Mr. Leonard Mattis Stenography Miss Florence Gruber Miss Hattie Sapper Com mercial Ari thmetie Mr. Harold Sehutte Miss Teresa Strauoh Pennmanship and Spelling Miss Harriet Wysocki Art Miss Margaret Lord Miss Annette Van Ceem M usie Mr. Obed Grender Mr. W. S. Owen Miss Louise Sehweitzel Drafting Mr. Jonothan Bright Mr. Charles Derby Shop Mr. Byron Whiteman Sewing Miss Jennie Williams Miss Cora Sehaper Cooki ng M iss Public Miss Ethel Ciltner Speaking Marie Demuling Physical Education Miss Miss Edith Meyette Susan Diefendorl' Mr. Lowell Drake Mr. Edmund Thomas Mr. Howard Kelly Mr. Daniel Wurzbaeh Clerks M iss M iss M iss Olivia Hakel Margaret Weber Buth Waugh C'OlllGlfl1p!C1llOll When chilling, winter blasts hare died, And arctic relics, snow and ice, Now fading, wonder if their pride Of yesterday, was worth its price. When swollen rivers, choked with grime, Surge forward boasting mighty force, Though ostentatious in their prime, They will be soon by God coerced. When nature, with all larishness, Displays her wealth of flowers and trees, She knows that she must soon confess That our Almighty governs these. I f man now lost in power could know The lesson these examples set, He might relinquish greed and show, And pray that God would sare him yet. --Roy Kitchens. QM., ' . llzist Tlze mist rises softly, silently, From the bosoms of black streams, Floating over me quietly, silently, Like the soft grey ghosts of dreams, And then rises swiftly, silently, Along the path fn' bright sunbeams. kW arren McNary 13 mf B, 4 X , N NW I, W 2.115 .55 , ff ff ' f . g"fff L ' Y' Q ' ' l - 3' w.. K fymx fa N ff H1 KM J fc Q2 can-A fx 7J 0 1 X ff f Y Wi! 2555 1 7 fQ ' ,f x S . 'v f f X ' XXX X ' -f::'f' X Ni f f M1 X H. 4---:W ff N- L, 7 F1791 M ,f ,aww ,N,, J X- -Egfr 1, Y ' w x. 4 Ei " 7 Z. 't ML ,,N1N . V A ,ff L V f 4 N cz' 2 ' f f X i f X f , , rsegzi-2xxX,::e:-W 1 , f SmWNY ff 7 ...A - f Y f if 7, , ' X! ' . ' 1 ,, 1 f' - X, Y XX W 'ilk N Q if 2 f Q X X- " ' 6 4f,f Q.w1,:fX OR! As February Seniors of IQ36, we have many happy thoughts of our past years in Academy High School. llp to this time we have looked forward to the year when we should graduate, but not until now, when we have reached our goal, do we realize how greatly we have profited by our education. We feel now the res- ponsibility that is ours, and as we look back to our earefree days as undergraduates we see that it has been only in this, our last year, that we have really tried our best to make a success of the things that we have undertaken. This year our studies have not been our only task, for we have attempted to take part in other sehool activities as well. We have followed the older traditions of our school, but we have also started new traditions which we hope will be carried on throughout the years to come by those who follow in our footsteps. We owe a great deal to our tearhers and super- visors, more than we shall ever realize, and we hope that they will understand how thankful we are for their help and advice. 16 3 v G7 nj X ozzzllzelzcezlzclzfe g peczvfezzs Norbert NOll0Vi,Lf Paul Heimberger Jean Gleason . Yirginia linde Jane Law Adeline May . "f1ddre.vs Qf HVPIFUIIII' . . 4 HIlH'0ClLfl.0ll The Arudenzy 1lIl0f'IIflfI'0lIll1 Club "The A mdenzy Girl Reserrev . "The .4 mdvnzy Pzzblicalions . "The College Club 17 7 7 K A188 JZXICCVS 1 ,KJ4'llll'S,l'l' OJ NUIIBEIIT NOIIOVIG Presidenf VIIIGINIA IENDIC Vice- IJPPSI-11611-I .I IEA N GLICASON Secrefury WI I.I.I A IVI ABBEY Trerlsurer cron: 'A UHIUSI I AJ I NOIIIIICIVI' NUIIUVIII Prfsillenl VIRGINIA IQNDIC Vice- Pres idenl .IICAN GLIEASUN Secrflary IIAIIULD SHANICII Treasurer I8 liuthe Austin Alyco Barker Charles Burnley I4-unurd Holla Virginia li0lIl7lll'l' Mary llrawkvtl Nlury llrund llvluu lsllllllvll Fred Butler lilainu Carlson Melvin Carlson xvllllillll Cass Lum-lla Chamhr-rs llonalrl Churchill Arthur Clvnlcnl Bl'I'IlZll'll Cook Tllonlas Cox Nlyrllc Crosby llorolhy Dclcmalcr Mary Louisv Dickinson liosc llingos Alcx llowniv Richard Ehrvl Virginia lillvr liicharxl Ellis Virginia lindc llclvn F1-rricr lk-rnadcllc Flanagan Curl Furspring llarold Calrlv Grady Gales Elizahet h Gearhart Josephine George Franklin Gilnlore Gerald Gilmore Jean Gleason Marie Golschling Norman Gould Viola Gross Brian Green Wilson Guilianelli A n l hony Ileilnel Frank Harris Paul Ileim berger William lleisler Karl llvrlwrl Iron llc-rpivh Va-lnlu llunn-s Sully lxvs lflvu .luvksnn ,Inv Jan-kson Arthur ,Im-nsvn ,-hnlwr ,loan-s nvlljlllil i n Kulz N1-Isnn Km-:np l:i1'll1ll'd Kissinger ,lllllll Knapp Arnold Kuhl Thx-I mu Laing ,Iunv Law llvll-n l.c-nnln-l'g lvy Mau' I.:-slr-r Morris lA'Yilll' Mihlrr-cl l.i1'hl0nwuIlvr Virginia Marlin .Kdvlinv May lh-ulrivv M4-Cnllough Lois M1-vly Ray Morrison ,Ivan Mullen Elven Myers liurl Nelson Norln-rl Nohoiig Arlowvnv Nyc- l.nv1-rno Parson Yluriun l'l-il'I'4-I' lflmvr l'4'lrlu'4-Ili John l'ic-pr-r Ylary l'vllinzll0 ,lzu-k Rush-l lvr Nile-1-11 llivhurds N I il ry Fra num-s R ussc-ll I.:-0 Svlmuvrnlznn Ruth S1-ullvll llvlvn S1-hlussvr I':Il'1lll0l' Shadi- Williallll Sllrc-:ul llzlrolil Sllllllvl' f:hill'Il"ll0 Sic-gm-l Iflhvl Slllilll Luvillc- Smith Ruth Spiegel Carol Spiller l.l'0l'il Slvrrvt Boyce Swartz Betty Sw:-vt Xlvyvr Tumlcnlmlun Norman Thayer Mary Tomkinson Chnrlol tr- 'l'ranlp1'nau Robert Tric-hor Doris Umhright Dorothy Unlhrighl Antonia Valenzuela Arthur Wagner Nlllflflillil Wzlgllllr W N W, fjL'!Il'lllll'lf Cflfziss -Kfllc!l'f.w1l'.w NIR. SKIIIUTTIQ MISS OLSICN 26 Charles Walla Arthur Wool handler lloln-rt Ynunghcrg IN NIEMORIANI This page is dedicated to our fellow student Carl Keinath. whose death has grieved his friends and acquaintances at Acadenly as well as else- where. We miss greatly his humor, his smile. and his cheerful aspect toward life. 27 fs V J 2 ff if fi A e CIVUIUU 'l"01ll IIN' K 'llllfl 01110129 When we, the class of June, l936, stop to consider the past four years, we realize how beneficial and en- joyable our high school days have been. When we were in our Freshman Year it seemed almost impossible to believe that some day we should be seniorsg yet, now that we have reached our goal, and glance back over our years at Academy, the time seems more like months than years. We have been busy with our homework and other school activities, but we have enjoyed this work for we know now that it will be an advantage to us for the rest of our lives. We have introduced many new ideas into class organizations this year, and hope that others feel as we do concerning them: that is, that they have done much for our class, and also for the school as a whole. We have carried on to the best. of our ability with the aid of our teachers and advisors to whom we now give our long due appreciation for all that they have done for our benefit. We shall not say a final good-bye to our Academy lligh School for we shall always consider it "our" school. No other can take its place. 28 fx 3 s O IllIClIC'CI1lClIl jpCCl4Cl'S William B1-rry llc-urge Christoph Nluriv Nlclntyrv .Imm-s Balm Mary Stowns Marion Wcschlur Gordon Chadbournu Marion Yatvs Hoy Kitvlwlls Martha liiforl, Fred N4-ck!-rs llnlrll fVlc'Duvwll 29 KITCHENS-In Philadelphia, Pu., Sunday. April 10, 1938, Roy H. Kitchens, no ll years. son of H. H. Kitchens. Prlondl may the residues. 415 W. Int Bt tim Tu ., any o sadly, and Kara lnvktsd to services Wednesda morning lt' 10:8 y. o'clock. Interment in Akron, Ohio. I 7 6 !ClSS C f!l.CCl'S Jl'llH'S1!'l' WILLIAM ISICIIIIY Mll,l,lCI'IN'l' YAPLIE IZICUINEIC CIIIRISTOPII WILLIAM ISIQIHIY I ,I'?Sill0Ill ISIN ICIC PARSONS Virf'-PrPs1'fl1'r1l MARION WICSCHLICIK Serrelary KIICOIIGIC CHlllS'I'0l'H W Treusllrer ',KjL'l'Ulll! Pjurllmf I 'res l.lI!'Hf CLAIUQ SAYLOH V1'1'a'-l'rvsi1lPl1l S0l'l'P'l1lfV Trmsurffr' 30 Willizllnl Abbey lislcllo Acklvy Huriv Allbryuhl Audrey -Kllaman Robert Allison .Krlhur Alllilllll Bruno Amlrrosv Mary Anderson Surah Ashton llulnn lluginski Willialxu liailcy f:ilSillll'l' lluniozcwski Hugh Barlwr Cordon llunnislcr James Bala-s Elillllllqll lllfllllll lingvr Bemis Graco B1-ngslon linhvrl llcnnvr Fra-cl ll0l'Ill'll0W'iCZ Valcria Bernhard Willialll Hvrry Dorothy llvlls Iilnu lllacknwr w'illiam IH1-il Howard Blount-r lilizalwlh Bliley liulwrt Bnllrvr llnrollly Boll Kulllryn Hull Harry Borowski Ruth Boyce Elgin Brandes Ennnell Bredenherg Catherine Brinkley Nlarie Brown Charles Bunting Marcella Bushyeager Vielor Carnp Martha Carle Donald Carlson llarrison Caryl Mildred Caughey Mary Cerio Cordon Chadlxourne Norman Chadhourne Norma Chellis Slunley Clark George Christoph l.vSlPr Colt' Walter Cole Opal Collingswood Richard Crnlly Alicc Crowley Ruth Crolly Aurvliu Cyzeski Grave Davies Carl Dallmcyer llowurd Davis Jeanne! lv Davis Maynard Dawson Aurelia De Coursey lrene l,0lI1lll'0W'Cl' Robert Dershimer Charles llcufcl Robert Dimplefeld Arnold De Sanza Edward llilrich Nlzlry Dolwr Helen Ilobosiewicz Belly Drisvoll Franvvs lllulvnlumfer Anna Dufala G1-nevievv Dworankowski ,IQ-ronm Dziuhinski Chester Edwards Martha Eifert Betty Felde Lucy Ferrare Josephine Fidei Ezra Fitch Eleanor Flanagan Josephine Francisco Bert ha Freund Kenneth Franz Gert rude Frocss Robert Fullonl Virginia Virginia Fullerton Fulloni Ilan nah Gallagher Dale Gathers Elmer Gatti Pauline Gentile John Gehrlein Lillie Gerling Belle Gold Marie Goellner Janice Good Dorothy Goodrich Winifred Granahan Lois Graney James Groom Audrey Greenwald Clifford Groome Richard Gross Curl fllll'l"l'lll ,lov lluilmch Catherine liaise llorol hy llum mer llorol hy Jane lla n non Louis llurlmun Floyd Harper George llarlwvll llvlon llululu Viola lla:-Ast-u lfvelyn llc-id Xlury llvnlo llelen lleid ,luck llvnning Marie llenry Anna Marie llerherl llharlf-en Herhsl llorol hy Herlvl lieu I rice Hershey Lucille Hess HM ly llogm- Raymond llinkle-r Gerald llollaml Doris llnl iz Rose Marie Huber wfaller lllig Arnold Jacobs llazel Jackson Ani la Johnson Doris Johnson Eugenia John:-Aol I Lu wrence Joh nson Margaret johnson Margarut G. Johnson Mildred Frances Joh nsto Johnson Ohrmun Johnson Il Marjorie ,Innes Robert KHVClZlgC Williulll Abc Kaufnman Carl Kei Sophie ,Im-zkiu-wivz Karlc Gertrude Katz nath Willixnrrm Kelley Surah Kelliek Donald Kennedy lillllil Kent Norbert Kennerknecht Arlene Kirlmy , Edward Kirsch Catherine Kitchens Roy Kitchens lrene Kliek lrene Klein Alice Knepper Andrew Kupec Rita Mary Knoll Irene Krainski Walter Krape Churlollv Krcidvr Slow' lil'iV0ll1lk Sylvia Kryger Anno Kudck Allon Kuhl Robert lm-uc-h llvl ly Leary Lila Le Ever Dorothy Liebau llol ly l.of-sch Marlin Willia m NlacArl hur Irene MacKreIl Mug:-nau Joh n Manda Mary Munnarelli Allwrl Nlunlsch John Nlarascu Annu NI1-C001-y Ben Nl:-Kireary lllllll Nlcllowell Marshall Nlcliuru-y Wall:-r Nh-Grunn Nlurit- Nlvlnlyrv Nlurgzlrel xllfllilllgllllll llealricv Nlmdlillell Elsie XlcNlillvn Rlllll Nlechanvy llc-rlrude Meister llolwrl Messenger llnward Nleyer Art h ur Middleton Donald Nliddleton Leona Mitchell Mary Miller Evangeline Mit t ier David M oorc Edward Nlovzulski Kathryn Moore llohert Musolll' Donald Morrison Frederick Nucke-rs Lune! ta Nelson Victoria Niewolak Mary Agnes Nocera James Nolan Dorothy Nolf lluhy Nolf ,Ianc Nyc Charles Norris Augusl 0CllS0lllD0lll Edward Offncr Laura Olfenbcrg Elllll Offner Clement Olowinski Raymond Olowinski Louise Olsen Joseph 0'Shea Ruth Osbu rn Stephen Oslrowski Ilclcn Otynski U1-orgiu I aulqluvk Whllc-r Pagi- llllllll Paradise l!l'IIl'1' Parsons liivlmrsl l'1-4-hlvs Frml l'1-nvr N4-nl Pvrsuns flullu-rinv l'I'aull W illium l'fa1lI Nlury Crum- I'l'm-Ill-r Wzlriull Vislnry Susan l'law-an ,Ioyvv ICIIPII l'urlz Nlury ICI:-anmr Powq-ll Ulaulys Przlwllzi Huber! llaslaltc-r Ruse- llawa Nlaln-l llvlnnan ,lose-ph RPlSI'llN'l'lTl'l' llnnalnl liilrlt-I Fl'lllIl'I'S Ric-gvr lflrluarrl liilvy IA-0 llllllll' Susan llulmn Orva Rosenthal Lillian liuudc-hush llvlvn llousv Nlarion lluf .lnnalwl llussvl llurollly Suvlu-ll Clark Saylor Clan-nec Schaal Nlorris Schulfncr Raymond Scharrcr Gm-urge Scherrer Mary Louise Srhilca Alfred Schlaufnlan U1-urge Svhotll llvl ly Scuhruokv lsalrcllv Marion Shay Marcella S1-hrm-ck Shalfvr Dorothy Shulkuham Owen Sipplt' Chcslvr Sluduwnik Beatrice Smith Dc V1-rc Smith Dorothy june Smith Ivan Smith Kenneth Snlith LaVerne Smith Maude Smith Frances Snell Roberta Snyder Frances Sorth Doris Spanggaard Dorothy Spector Anna Nlarie Stahlvin Margaret Stanford Lillynlav Stcrns Cyril Slvinvr Nlaulvlinv Slvinvr Mary Sl:-vc-In xvillldil Slvwurrl Hua' Slnlz xlillllqilll' Slrnhlnvyvr f:llI'i5liIll' Sxsurlwoml xlilfil' Szczpunski lim-ssiv 'l'ug0lT Rohm-rl Taylor' ,Ianv T1-nrpzlk f:illlll'l'illl' 'l'c'llvl's liolwrl 'l'lmmpe-ann liulrvrl VIQINIIIISUII Annu Nlzu- Tmlcl lliclmrxl Toollcy Allwrl Trvllmer Carrie Tullin Julius Tryzlriak Joanne 'l'y son .ll uriol Ulrich Florence Ulrich livclyn Valimonl lil-I ly Va n A rm a n lilizalrvlh Van Zarndt Mir-lmclcna Verga Nlild rm-rl Vogt Cora Vogel lic-I ly Lou Vorpv lfdilll Yvaldon Richard Wvaldingvr Edward Walslx Elsie Wasllck Rohm-rl Wvamsgans Margaret Weavm-r Rita Wuhan Melvin w'0ller Marion Yvcsuhlcr llclvn Wblscllvl llnrolhy Wllilflrrd Wzlllcvr wVillllll1'F lluam- Wblfv Holly Winkvlman Waltvr NVnudhridgv Charles Wrigll l lllilliccnt Yaple Nlarion Lois Wright Yates Ella Ziegler lllarjorie Wright Catherine Yaple 1 w J gill? GWGSS fQljl71.SUl'S MISS BAUSCHARD MR. KELLY MISS DIARSHALL MR. FORELLI MISS WESCHLPIR MR. LEWIS 53 Due to the steadily increasing growth of Academy, it has become impossible to photograph the whole group of under class-men, so in order that they might he represented in an appropriate manner, representa- tives have been carefully chosen by the faculty. The representative students of the ninth grade are: June Burkett, Anne Felice, Betty Olds, Jack Messinger, John Petre, Paul Jernstrom. Those students who are held up for example in the tenth grade, are: Bill Johnson, Robert Pettibone, Anthony Yochim. Lucille lfveretts, Olga Slayakov. In the eleventh grade they are: Philip Bust-he, Franc-is tlressley, William Piper, Helen Shalkham, Marjorie Steinberg, Marion Wheller. 54 7: QW fjzvsfzzlzelz Where. oh where. are the green young Freshmen? tlreenl well perhaps we were early in the year, hut new now. Sinee the early fall we have grown years older in experience. We no longer have tu ask where various FUUIIIS are, nur do we run in the halls very often. We still feel that the term "Senior" is as far clislanl as the poles, hut, nevertheless, next year we shall be, not Freshmen but Suplmmures and then we shall he able to watch others make the same mistakes that we made. 56 fx. f 5i'C5!lXl'll.8l'l Q1i1'lS 9-1 Balthes, Augustine Bellueei, Louise Boviard, Doris Jean Briggs, Florence Burch, Martina Considine, Mary Ellen Cooper, Helen Duke. Nell Fileger. Dorothy Flora. Christine Ehret, Jean Haibach, Betty Jane Hedderick, Dorothy Heuer, Lois Humes, Myrna lrvin, Ruth Kling, Ada Kreider. Daisy Kuffer, Virginia Locastro, Mamie Lunger, Georgiana Luther, Dorothy Mancauso, Virginia McAvoy. Betty Michael, Louise Miesel, Ruth Militello, Margaret Moore, Edna Musollf, Betty Paulson. Ethel Pedano, Rose Pettinato, Ruth Seelinger, Gertrude Shattuck, Gloria Snyder, Mary Jane Snyder, Ruth Todd, Wilma Wright, Alice 9-2 Andrae, Helen Bairski, Arlene Bayhurst, Edna Bellucci, Anna Bevens, Lucille Blackmer, Grace Boyd, Ruth Brew, Madelyn Brewer. Betty Brockway, Margaret Burger. Shirley Burkett, June Cantor, Alleen Cenfetelli. Veonetta Cheropovieh, Anna Cirino, Cornelia Clifford. Dorothy Coburn. Doris Comstock, Jeanne Corteaux, Helen Corvino. Marie Dedad, Viola Dieter, Phyllis Dinges, Betty Drexler, Doris Dudenhoefer, Rita Erbin, Elizabeth Ernst. Evangeline Ester, Marion Fabsits, Madeline Felice, Anna Foster, Elizabeth Gatti, Virginia Gehrlein, Constance George, Lessa Gigliotti. Constance Griliith. Sybil Gross, Dorothy Gross, Virginia Haas, Marjorie Harmon, Ruth Hassen, Virginia Hatch, Diana Heintz, Marian Heintz, Martha Heller, Eva Hellman, Dorothy Herbert, Ruth Hesch. Shirley Hess, Virginia Hower, Helen Hugger, June Hunt, Marcia .I acobucei, Dorothy Johnson, .I une Julio, Teresa Kennerkneeht, Anna Kennerknecht, Mary Kern, Elizabeth King, Joanne Kloecker, Mary Knoll, Dorothy 57 Koenig, Pearl Kosiorek, Genevieve Kraus, Virginia Lamacchia, Madeline Lee, Evelyn Loesch, Helen Loper, Laona Lore, Josephine Morrow, Madeline Mussollf, Erma Myers, Emma Jane Nash, Janet Nielsen, Pearl 0'Brien, Dorothy Olds, Betty Osterberg, Marion Pinches, Alice Plotkin, Ruth Podalski, Anna Post, Gladys Proser, Jean Purdy, Dorothy Quicke, Lucille Reichert, Florence amor, Lydia Rocco, Phyllis Rodgers, Helen Rose, Evelyn Salzman, Margaret Schitea. Victoria Seybord, Faith Smeltzer, Margaret Spears, June Straub, Cecelia Straib, Virginia Suesser, Alene Swanson, Gloria Tellers, Antoinette Thompson. Ruth Thornton, Virtue Trojan, Gertrude Trojan, Loretta Waidley, Geraldine Weber, Margaret Welz, May White, June Wiederhoeft, Doris Wolfe, Virginia Yaple. Marian Yochim, Lois Yochim, Mary Zehner, Jeanne fg ffrcsfznzczz 9-l Ahl, lrwin Alloway. Allison Arneman, Clill'ord Berg. David Bliven, Andrew Brooks, Donald Brown, Richard Brown, Robert Collelli. Anthony Connors. Richard Cook, .lohn Cornelius. Albert Cray. Edgar Curlett. Noriee Dearborn. Gordon Evans, George Farkas. Erwin Ferrare, James Filigenzi. M. Fiorelli, Carmen Gangemi, Ralph Garber, .lohn German, George Gold. llerhert llaibaeh, Frank llammerman. Edward lloman, .lohn llumers. Charles lm-sue. llerman Johnson, Chester Kerner. Robert Londregan, Edward Maxham, Elbert McBride. .lohn Nell'. William 0'Day, Charles Rentja, Frank Ruscitto. Julio Saul. Robert Sheptow, Bernard Strick, William Sullivan, Richard Sullivan, 'l'homas Swanson, Edwin Thomas. Fred Wilkins. Bruce OHS 9-2 Abel, Jess Allamon. William Amon, John Anderson, Frank Barnett, llarold Barthelmess, Harold Bast, John Bebell. Clinton Benz, Charles Bigley, Robert Bleil. Louis Bliley, Gerald Boldt. Arthur Brandt, John Brower, Richard Brown. Norman Brunner, Harold Burke. Edwin Carlton, Paul Christoph, Charles Cohen, Lyman Cohen, Joseph Crane, Rodger De Vere, Robert DiFeliee, Alfred Dobosiewicz, Leo Doriek, Michael Dueato, Joseph Elmer, lloward Ely. Richard Enas. Robert Evans, Edward Feasler. Lloyd Felice. Joseph Final, James Francisco. James Fry, Robert Gleisner. William Green, William Greene, Harry Hall, Nathan llerbst, Richard Holler, Donald Holden. William llopson, Robert Jernstrom, Paul .Iohnson, Ernest Kelly, James Laekovic, .lohn Lackovic, Joseph 58 Lang, Donald Liotti, Charles Loper, Donald Maekle, George Marchini, Benny Nlarther, Wilbur Martin, Robert McClenathan. Robert McCloskey, Lee Meadows, Richard Mook, Logan Mullen, John Nelson, Aaron Neratko, Dominick Petre, John Pircio, Leroy Pistory. James l'lott, Alvin Rebman, Jack Rebman, Robert Rodgers, Reynolds Roland, Edward Roth, William Roward, .Iohn Sawtelle, Robert Scheppner. John Servidio, Nazareth Seyler, Richard Shalkham, Charles Shriner, David Silvaggi, Vincent Slodownik. Leo Smith. Robert Soloway. Fred Stoltz, Robert Thompson, Lloyd Thurbon. David Toohey, Robert Tryzbiak, Stanley Van. Clarence Wally. Robert Watkins. Robert Weber, Raymond Weber, Richard VVeyand, William Wharif, Henry Whipple, Robert Williams, Fred William. Ralph Wingerter. Edward Yoehim, Walter Zeiner, Frederick J f jof7!10111o1'c'.s' Wln-rv. oh wh:-re. arc- lhv silly. silly Soplmnmrvs? Well. iiIl0lllPl' War has Hllll0Sl gmw. 'l'lw nmvlly ol' lwing' a Sopllorlluw pzlssvcl many n1unll1saggu,uml mm we lmlk l'UI'VHil'fl lo llw Hlllllllgl' war. NN 1' lnuw 4L2'I'4HNlI aiwllslorlwrl to sluclxinff and fluinff, or :ml doing, lmmv- . P 7' work, lull, despite' lllis l'Ell'l. il lwvmnvs nmrv and nmrv mlillicull lu SPP an aflvalllagif' in all lllls wfwk. ll lw- c-mnvs inure and lnnrv 1lil'fic'uIl. ll MII bf- SfJIlllI1'llllPlll'I'NNll0Il uf' ilI'i'.llllllHI'S2lll1l lame- less lu du' Il 50 a el I up zomore I0-1 Adams, Donald Adams, Richard Agens, Leslie Albrecht, George Anderson, Harry Arnold. Paul Arnold, Robert Bailer, Robert Bard, Richard Baskin, Deforest Beckwith, Robert Bedo, Neal Bilgere, Harold Blair, William Bolan, William Borowicz, Stanislaus Brei, Lawrence Brooke, Robert Brown, Clill'ord Bulfalari, Albert. Burniston, Harry Burns, James Bushyeager, Charles Campbell, William Christie, Jack Christoph, Albert Clement. Nello Cohen, Harry Curtis, Richard Dawson, Willis Douglas, Kenneth Emery, George Englert, Foster Erb, Marvin Ferrell, David Finlay, Jack Fuhrman, Arthur Geiger, Mathew George. Aaron Goff. Russell ' Haaf, Jack Haimsohn. Jerome Hartman. Richard Heberle, John lleid. Frederick Hcmme. Richard llersch, Frank llertel, Richard Hill, Sterling llinz. Norman Honard, Charles Hood, .lack Hough, Leroy Jenkins, Jack Johnson, Leroy .lohnson, Roy Kelley, Denncth Korn, Russell Kreider. Norton Kretz. William Krieger, Frederick Kuzmicki, John Larsen, Robert Lara. Stanley Lcfaiver, Elliott Leonard, Pat Lichtenwalter, Robert Lipkin, Eugene MacMurdy, William Maetz, Richard Malatesta, Tarquinio Markley, Raymond Marquardt, Walter Martin, Robert Matters. John Mayer, Sherwin McCaleb, Paul McDowell, Malcolm Mensinger. Jack Mercer, Claire Mitchell. Robert Mowbray, .lack Mudge, Donald Muth, Lloyd Nemenz, Walter 0'Brien, Edward Peters. Ray Pfister. Robert Pluta. William Powell. Jack Puscher, Carl Rapp, Vincent Reisenweber, Leo Reynolds. Chester Robinson, Harold Rogers, Edmund Rosen. Arthur Roscndale, Richard Roth. .loseph Sackett. Robert Schalf. Edward Schoenlield, Donald Shadduck, Robert Smith, Eugene Smith, Harold Smith, Vincent Snyder, William Sopp, Francis Sopp, William Soth, Donald Southwick, Edward Strong, James Sullivan, John Sumner, Gerald Tillman, Elmer Torrance, Bert Trampenau, Theodore Travis, William Ulrich, .I ohn Vanguclpen, Ernest Vogel, Kenneth Vollant, James Wells, Richard Welz. Albert Wenstran, Robert Wilson, Jack Wolf, Robert Woodward, William Wood, Robert Wuenschel, Robert Yomtob, .Iacob Zcch, Robert Zimmerly, Marshal Zuraw. Louis 10-2 Arnold, Charles Athens, Aalter Bachmaier, Theodore Bailer, Donald Bannister. Richard Barcyznski, Theodore Barron, Elmer Bastow, Charles Bauer. Edward Bayle, Anthony Beasley, Vernon Bennett. Neil Benson, Lloyd Bliven, Floyd Bovee, Howard Brandt. George 60 Broske, Walter Brown, Elmer Brown, Ral h Brumagin, Deloros Buettner, Robert Burgman, Lyle Burke, Robert Card, Edward Carle, Charles Carlson, Albert Carlson, Jack Carlson, Robert Caufman. Lynn Chaffee, Clair Christoph, Frank .l. Christoph. Frank R. Clark, Donald Cole, Richard Coll, Phillip Connor, Robert Cook, Albert Cooper, Herbett Coover, Robert Dash, Robert Davies, Thomas DeSanti, .lames DiLuzio, Daniel DiLuzio, .lack DiSanti. John Dopierala. Alphonse Doty, William Duberow, Bernard Durante, Arthur Eason, Nolan Eisert, Conrad Eller, Guerdon Erb, Robert Erne, Robert Faraone, Louis Felice. Frank Finch, William Firewick, Charles Fischer, Harry French, Edward Fritts, Kenneth Gertson. Robert Goodrich. Albert Gordon, Richard Hadlock, Richard a f , jOp!lOlllOl'U 10-1 Andersen, Lucille Babe, Gladys Baskin, Emma Bentze, Helen Biers, Gladys Bloss, Esther Boyd, Nancy Brock, Ruth Brown, Betty Alice Bunnell, Caroline Burkett, Viola Burnham, Helen Burniston, .lean Carlson, Winifred Case, Lucy Mae Chambers, Dolores Cloudsley, Roberta Corcoran, Winifred Diver, Beatrice Engell, Lavera Epp, Mildred Filipczak, Evangeline Fried, Janet Fromknecht, Winifred Gathers, Romayne A. Gredler, Myra Greenwald, Marjorie Grimes, Dorothy Habercam, Betty Hart, Dorothy Havener, Betty Hcrtner, Betty Ann Heuherger, Bose Hirsch, Betty Johnson, Evelyn Kopec, Virginia Kuerner, Harriet Mantsch, Evelyn Meiser, Florence Morey, Madeline Morrison, Jane Morrison, Emma Myers, Lillian N adler, Frances Palmquist, Vivienne llakowski, .loan Begelman, Madeline Bubin, Bettie Shipman, Jeanne Siegel, Dolores Smith, Ardath Smith, Myra Snyder, Shirley Stein, Gloria Sweinhart, Jean Tarr, Marjorie Theuret, Ola Wiler, Caroline Winters, Marjorie Woods, Alice Wright. Elizabeth Young. Edna Louise 5 gji 1-'fs 10-2 Agens, Beryle Ames, Alberta Armstrong, Mary Jane Arnold, Thelma Ayers, Natalie Bannister, Audrey Barcyznski, Clara Barney, Helen Briggs, Lois Brogdon, Jane Brown. Dorothy Bruder, Madeline Bullard, Ellen Carlisle, Quincella Carlson Huth Carlson. Jean Carlson, Virginia Chesney, Lucille Clark, Jeanette Crossley, Shirley Crowe, Eleanor Cyzeski, Caroline Daub, Elizabeth Davidson, Lucille Davis, Dorothy Davison, Alfreda Deer, Dorothy DeMauri, Josephin Dickinson. Joan Didus, Jean Diefendorf, Elizabeth Dietman, Marian Dylewski, Agnes Eck, Betty Eldridge, Norma Eldridge, Ellen Eller, Florence Epp, Dorothy Everetts, Lucille Fairweather, Amy Ferrier, Lillian Fischer. Betty Fischer, Herta Fitzgerald, Mary Foster, Catherine Fuchs, Lillian Fuller, Jean Fyalkowski, Theresa Gehrlein, Esther Geiger, Catherine Geiger, Mildred Geist, Mildred Gillespie, Lucille Gordon, Jeanne Grau, Marjorie Gray, Gretchen Gray, Virginia Grode, Beatrice Gruber, Charlotte Grygier. Helen Gwilliam, Juanita Hall, Juanita Hammerman, Violet Hardner, Arlene C Harmon, Eleanor Hartman, Gertrude Hawley, Virginia Heintz, Doris Ann Henle, Anna Hess, Audrey Hill. Mae Holfenher , Geraldine Hoffman, qiathleen Honard. Helen Horn, Virginia Hurley, Dorothy .layne, Beatrice Jones, Jane Jones, Julia Ann .l ulius, Sylvia Kemp, Mary Alice Kendziora, Alicia Kerner, Rita Kling, Dorothy Knoll, Jane Kraus, Doris Kuneman, Marie Kupper, Charlotte Laskowska, Sophie Leonheart, Eleanor Lewis, Jane Lichtinger, Genevieve Lohse, lda Long, Marian Longnecker, Lucille Luther, Marion Mackle. Susanna Malecki, Frances Marthers, Virginia Matteson, Elvera Mayshark, Marjorie McDonald, Frances McGrath, Mary Ann McKeen, Phyllis McNerncy, Mary E. Melzer, Freda Middleton, Doris Miller, Betty Jane Miller, Luella Morehouse, Mardella Moritz, Marcella Morton, Evelyn Motherwell, Betty Mundkowski, Lean Narducci, Lucy Nelson, Doris Nichols. Martha Nichols, Melvina Niles, Mildred Oilgree, Muriel Onorato, Angeline Paluh, Mary Ann Patchen, Cecelia Patchen, Florence Perell, Cecelia Pieper, Virginia Plonski, Harriet Rafferty, Marguerite Bainbow, Dorothy Raymond, Madeline Behm, Mildred Beuss, Elizabeth Hosenthil, Cecelia Both, Winifred Rounds, Leola Sawick, Emily Sawick, Genevieve Schaffner. Ruth Schaller, Margaret Schell, Lucille Scheppner, Mary Schricfer, Marianne Seabrooke, Harriet Scay, Nancy Smith, Frances Smith, Joyce Smith, Mildred Snyder. Elaine Sontheimer, Marion Stanton, Jessie Stark, Marcella Sterrett, Marjorie Steuherg. Elsie Stevens, Frances Stojakov, Olga Stoyl, Betty Stritzinger, Edith Stuehenhoelfer, Flor'cm Sunnucks, Margaret Sweet, Frances Szymanowski, Marie Szymanowski. Helen Tarbell. Marie Thaler, Betty Tillotson. Sylvia 'l'oland. Virginia Veith, Dorothy Vickey, Naomi Vogel, Alice Walden. Annabelle Waldinger, Anna Waldinger. Eleanor Walter, Hazel Ward. Irma Wehan, Bose-mary Weiss, Aline Wellington, Betty Jane Werle, Betty Weschler, Catherine Whitby, Helen VVholehan. Frances Wiederhoeft. Marion Williams, Margaret Wojciechowski, Clara Woodard. Louella Wright. Jean Wurst, Evangeline Yeager, Vivian Yochim, Marian Zamirowski, Dorothy Zasada. Genevieve Ziegler, Charlotte Ziegler, Elizabeth f CA J !lC'lO1'1 Q om fl Q! llown, down lllefield goes Academy .lusl see llzose hacks lzil llre line and go llzronglz: Down, down llze field lhey go marching, Fl-gllllllg for lhe Gold and lhe Blue: Fighl! Figlzl! Fighl! l'irlory'.v in sighlfor Aradeluy Earl: loyal son, knows illal Easl I I iglz will loxe, So we'Ilfighl and u'e'lljighl and wilh all our nziglzl For llle glory of lhe Gold and llre Blue, Flghl! Fighl! QM QvCClC!ClIllf firadenzy lliglz! .el' ! raderny lligh! You ll'llllllll'1l.VS.flII!l us lrue To llae Cold and Royal Blue f1raderny lliglzl fieademy lligll! Hr shall do our hes! lo .vland llle lesl .find zrin llze game for you. Forward! Colnradex Singing as we go. Lel lhe whole world know! 'I'hal as we play llze game. all our foes we lanze f1.s' we bring you fame, .-1raderny I I iglzl 62 if , IIIIIUVS Where. oh where, ure lhe jolly, jolly Juniors? Why are we eallecl Jelly? ll musl he hevause we manage lo laugrh in the lnidsl nfall mn' lnumewnrk, and lhe outside aclivilies, whieh we have linally mme In realize are really worl h our while, and are also greal fun. We hope lhal nexl. year, when we are solemn, seriuus Seniors, we shall slill be able lo lincl lime for laughler. Our lime is so crowded now lhal il, is hardly possible lo imagine lhal we shall he ahle ln gn, lhis, yel nlhers have clone il, and so shall we. 6.5 F' g K 'lllll0I'f- ll-1 Althol', Charlotte Andrews, Harriet Babbitt, Esther Bellucei, Catherine Bowman, Melva Bradley, Virginia Bryner, Madeline Busehe, Margaret Butler, Virginia Carey, Ilelen Carey, Margaret Colvin, Genevieve Cook, Elsie Cornelius, Lillian Dedrick. Betty Doty, Frances Dufala. Anna Eller. Virginia Ellis, Buth Ellison, Evelyn Filigenza. Louise Fischer, Mildred Fleming. Virginia French, Buth Gauly. Dorothea Green, lrma llabersak, Alice Herseovitz, Evelyn Heuer, Shirley Ann Johnson, Edith Johnson, Irene Katzamn, Loretta Kazmaier, Velma Kidd. Margarctta Kissel, Virginia Kissinger, Jane Korn, Virginia Kristenson, Violet Krivonak, Anna Kundla, Kathryn Landon, Dorothy Larson, Winifred Lawless, Margaret Leach, Jane Lechner, Martha Lee, Ellie Levey. Anna Lipkin, Harriet Lloyed. Vera Loesch, Peggy l.omask, Pauline Luther, Esther Malta, So hie Malone. f?0Il0Vl0Vl' Martin, Elizabeth Miller, Elizabeth Mudge, Bachel Nelson, Helen Nelso, Ruth Owens, Marjorie Parson. Marie Pawlowski, Jennie Peterson. Margaret Petrucelli, Amelia lleynolds, Margaret Roth. Florence Iludolph, Sylvia Scottm, Bettie Seigler. Dorothy Sens. Florence Starsmere. Virginia Stolz. Florence 5 jlI'Z9 Swenski. VVanda SZHFHIIIISICI, Irene Tenenbaum, Marjorie Walter, Mildred Weber. Marcella Wolfe, Marion Wright, Doris Yezzi, Caroline Young, Alma Zoltoski, Sophia Zwilling, Betty 11-2 Abel, Elma Adams, Helen Akus, Bernice Alexander. Betty Jane Allen, Evelyn Althof. Margaret Alward. Agnes Aman, Aevilla Andrejewski, Josephi'e Andrus, Cora Applebee. Virginia Aranolf, Geraldine Arris, Ellen Auer. Leola Badeson, Marie Barker, Deonorah Barney, Marjorie Barney, Virginia Bell, Betty Berehtold, Dorothy Betz, Dorothy Blaekton, Mildred Bliley. Rita Borman. Pauline Borowski, Frances Breen, Mary Bita 'Brinkley, Dorothy Brock, Lucille Bulku. Susanne Burg, Cedilia Carlson, Betty .lam Carver, Mary Checken. Alice Chiamardas. Bessie Christoph. Alice Collinge, Beatrice Conklin. Ellen Cook, Jewell Cooper. Eleanor Crawford, Winifred Curriden, lluth Daub. Dorothy Davis, Louise Denial. Buth Detter, Margaret Detzel, Buth Downie. Marie Drexler, Marie Durante, Virginia Eichler, Georgia Eiswerth, Bita Engle, Mildred Esser, Norma Ester, Irene Etter, Clara Ester, Violet Final, Lorna Fischer, Virginia Fizell. Audrey Foster, Jane I Gallagher, Frances George, Clara Gillespie, Billie Goff, Edna Gorski, Helen Graham, Esther Greenberger, Elsie Greener, Doris Greiner, Mildred Groome, Lucy Guekcs, Alma Haendler, Marjorie Hafensteiner, Bita Hahn, Buth Hall, Emma Mae Harriger, Virginia Heinlein, Buth Hellman, Dorothy Hellman, Eleanor Henle, Catherine Herbert, Evelyn Hilbert, Buth Hill, Irene Ada Hiller, Bette Hutton, Martha Hybel, Dolores Hylinski, Anna Ingaldi, Antoinette .lackson. Geraldine Jagemann. Dorothy Jasinski, Marie .laworek, Helen Jensen, Johanna .lohnson, Lucille Johnson. Mary Edith Johnson. Bebecea Juskiewiez, Eleanor Kalota, Angeline K. Kesselring. Kathryn Kilburn, Marguerite Kimmy, Phyllis Klick, Audrey Knittel, Pauline Kohn, Blanche Krebs. Eleanor Kunz, Marie Kwiatowski. Zenata Langan, Charlotte Larsen. Caroline Laufenberg, Bernice Lawton. Elsie Lindsley. Thelma Linn, Margaret Marguardt, Isabelle Marshall, Maxine Martin. Dorothy Maserek, Josephine McCain, Dea - McCullough. Audrey McGrath, Frances Mercer, Betty Millen, Jean Mink, Erma Minor, Doris Moraski. Janet Neiner. Lois Neth, Jane Niederhofer, lrene Nuber, Dorothy Olszewski, Josephine Orton. Beulah Orton, ,Eleanor Osthcimer, Barbara 64 Page, Jeanne Palaszewski, Jane Parvin, LaVerne Pelzman, Charlotte Peter, Virginia Piecheki, Wanda Poniatowski, Genev'e Porter, Lucille Radomski, Sophie Beed, Janet Begner, Florence Robinson, Mary Jane Ilohlfer, Helen Roscher, Margaret Sawick, Nellie Scott, Jeanne Seeman, Vera Seus, Grace Seyboldt. Grace Shadewell, Betty Shall'er, Esther Shallop, Marion Shehhy, Mary Shepard, Geraldine Smeltzer, Elizabeth Smith, Harriet Smith, Marian Smith, Twila Snell, Buth Sopp, Geraldine Spaeder, Margaret Spittal, Virginia Steinberg, Marjorie Stern. Mary Jane Steuberg, Betty Stockwell, Caroline Straub, Esther Suss, Mary .lane Szymula, Laura Thomas, Helen Thompson, Mary Jan Thoms, Muriel 'l'ullio, Marie Turner. Geraldine Tuttle, Verna Vaughn, Lucille C Verdeeehita, Margaret Vogt, Marian Volk, Evelyn Voss. Ervina Wagner, Catherine VVallace, IIelen Weber, Virginia Webster, Clara Weismore. Dorothy Weissert, Jeanne Wells, Buth Whalen. Catherine Wheeler, Marion Wiley, Katherine Williams, June Williams. Roberta Woods, Jean Margaret Wright, Dorothy Yantzer, Lavina Yomtob, Diana Young, Thelma Youngbauer, Dorothy Zaczek, Alice Zehner, Bose Zettlemeyer, Donna fi-K5 K ll l'l 'lO'l" Cjjoys 11-1 Amon, Joseph Baughman, Donald Berry, George Bickford, Charles Brugger, Joseph Camphausen. Neil Caryl, Everett Cenfetelli. Tony Coates. Ray Conyngham. Thomas Crolli, Alex Currie, John Detzel, .lames Dressler, Richard Ebert, Earl Ehret, Wilbur Enders. Jerry Fox. Edward Gabin, Milton Getschow, Kenneth Gilford, Gerald Haimerl, Charles Hart, .loseph Hedlund. Edwin Herman, Joseph Hickey. Robert, Holly, Raymond Huber, Frank J askulski, John Kaiser, Richard Klick, Raymond Kolakoski, .lohn Kushner, Morris Lacey, John Lassman. Alex Lindstrand, Evcret Lukeas, Pannyotis McGuire, John Morrison, Earl Morrison, Edwin Munch, Gilbert Nevin, Edward Page. Edwin Parker, Earl Peasley, Charles Perkins. Ralph Perll, Joseph Pettinato. Sam Pickard. Kenneth Plumb, Norman Quien, Richard Randecker, Robert Rapp, Alton Rasking, Julius Roth, Herman Rotman, David Sehaper, Donald Schwindt, Robert Seay, Richard Seifert, Wallace Shattuck, William Shoemaker, Jack Smeltzer, Harold Smith. Edwin Sopp, Howard Sorth, Robert Stacy, George Talarowski, Henry Taylor, Frederick T ivis, Seymour Walbridge, Earl Walczyak, Edward Weinheimer, Dick Weschler. Edwin 11-2 Ambro, Eugene Austin, William Balthes, .lohn Bannister, Robert Bauer, Albert Bemis, Gerald Bielak, Alois Blakeslee, Keith Borchick, Steve Brandt, Clarence Brown, Martin Busche, Phillip Campbell, Kenneth Chaffee, Neal Cheropovich, Nick Chiaramonte, Joseph Comstock, Gilbert Cooney, Robert Dallas, James Devlin, Edward Drake, James Dufala, Mike Eller, Lloyd Epstein, Arthur Erickson. Kenneth Finney, Clifford Foley, Thomas Force, Glenn Gardner, Alton Gawiser, .lulian Goldberg, Sol Goodwill, Robert Goss, Woodrow Gray, Robert Green, Raymond Gressley, Francis Grygicr, Frank Grygo, Alois Haas, Richard Heintzel, George Hemme, Donald Hettish, Robert Hicks, Vern Hirsch, Jack Hoffman, Richard Hornung, Victor Houk, .Paul Jagodzinski, Frank J obes, Robert Juniewicz, John Klepfer, B ron Koehler, Nlfurray Kosicki, Frank Krape, Leland Kraus, Richard Krotosynski, Leo Laskowski, Chester Lawson, Robert Leary, Robert Leyden, Robert Lindenberger, Edward Linhart, James Manter, Earl May. Gilbert Mazza, August McLallen, James McLaughlin, Robert Meyers, Charles Miller, Donald Mills, Donald Mosier, Marvin Nordin, Roy Nowak, Stanley Nuber, Gerald O'Keefe, George Parkman, Ralph Passmore, Larry Perdue. Emmett 65 Petry, John Pfister, John Piper, William Petetti, Arthur Polaski, John Pollock, Glenn Quick, Charles Range, Dale Rastatter, Herbert Reck, Bruce Renz, James Riddle, William Ryan, William St. Lawrence, .lohn Salow, Clifford Sarncini, Louis Savoia, Salvatore Schroeck, Harold Schroeder, Walter Scott, Jack Seyler, Charles Shattuck, Paul Skellie, Harrison Smith, Frank Snell, Kenneth Spetz, Robert Stanko, John Steadman, Aldon Stewart, Donald Straub, Francis Swabb, George Swartz, Gerald Tanenbaum. Sam Tansey, Jack Tarbell, Richard Tess. Russell Thornton. Louis Trocki, Thomas Tucker, William Ulrich, Donald Vitron, Donald Wagner, Burrell Welch, Albert Wexler, Sidney Will, Richard Yaple, Kenneth Yochim, Thomas Yomtob, Horace Young, James Younie, .lohn Zatnyski, Joseph Zymslinski, Carl ,-5 'ffm gjofcj unc! ffm trlgfllt' High stands our alma mater Overlooking lake and towng High in our hearts we cherish Her ideals and fair renowng Noble in her grace and beauty In her service frankand freef Training lives to truth and duty, Honor, trust and loyalty. lflmrus: Then we'll work and fight for her honor, And we'll work and fight. for her fame, And we'll serve aright in the world's great fight, We will ever uphold her nameg For her sturdy sons are so valiant, And her maidens so kind and true, Uh! we'!l carry on til! the stars are gone, For Academy The Gold and Blue! Strong are the ties that bind us, And promote our friendship here: Strong is the pledge of fealty To our Alma Mater dear: As we work in track and football, In debate or classroom test., We will strive to raise her colors, Higher far than all the rest. ws With the addition of two new cheerleaders to the group, this plucky, hard working troop has been suc- cessful in helping to bring back to Academy that. good old school spirit, which for the past several years has been somewhat. lukewarm. Below are the most popular and the newest cheers: lli foils, liif ons, Li Yfons, I,-l,-l,-L, I-I-I-I, 0-0-0-O, N-N-N-N, L1 fons, ln f ons, Fight! Fight! Fight! Yeah, Team. Sock il, to 'eml Come on lllue, come on Gold, Come on Academy, l,et.'s go. We got a cheer, we got a yell We got a team that fights liken' Yeah, Academy! lloaring Lions fight! ltoaring Lions fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! tio team gog Go team go Give it to 'em Sock it to 'em Go team go! 66 My C d"'m sfmku, X VE' 4 IA I fp . ,QU C 1141111710118 l" lfmr N :slr-F. Iiym 'l'v:nn: Slu-plwm :mul lfllinlu. l':n. li, ll 'l'1-:m1:Sl1rim-r Hym'l'1-nun. l"1-rrurvallul Nvrgzl. l':u. ll. ll. 'l'vmll: l3mlr'nllm'l'1-r, Till Hrznln l"nlll5ll1nlllllg5 Nm-mul Hun- llrvcln-nlwrgn-r. lfuul Slmuling: Su. lligb: lim-llnvr. lfrw-m-ll. Xlillu-r Nla-1'la-lluml, Pislnry. Slmlklmm. Tixis. Nustiu ll, ll, Nulu l.1-ugul-1 Will-y lfmll Slmnling X znrsily, 'l'hl'r'ul lfulr fl1'lu'l1'lll. 4l'1'unls: 'l'rm'l1l. l'nl:lalil, liurmmskl. liilvy. ll4'is1'lm.1'ln'r Klnlulllbizu ll, li, lfnllr-gl' :lull lille-rl1'up:lu': .lun4's. Gym 'l'4':llIl, I"uur'll1 lhur lhuis. IHS lbw lhlxillgn Wulf. II33 lbs XX rn-stling: llugun. IIS lbs XX . ll:-inning. IIS lbs, li.: llnwslf-r, lfu3 lbs. NN.: Mnlrrow. ISS lbs. ll :llul Nl.. Xlusnlllf ISHS lbs li: lf. lfn-lil-In IZI5 lbs. XX.. l"vu1'rIi1'llI. ll5 Ibf. ll, l"r'l'lh Hun' Xlnmlu. IU yll l., ll.. ll ill. lllninnillgg l'uxsllmr4-. Ill yrl. llusll ' ' ' " 9 li l .lzu-obs, Iinpv1.Innb: hlnrk. Illlg llvnslvy. lll ywl. ll. ll.: lllllflilill. - . .. null 55 Xls, l. ll.. Wuglu-r. Shui. llrygn, l'X. lM'm-nlulull mul Nll-lluuml Nbililyg Nluluvy. llllll Xlill- IUINI Xls. :lull 300 Nl. Vlallk: llirlfllv. 50 NI llnsln ll. S. J. llj Str-1-lull-vlx:lsn'1 Xl'-us:-l. 35 Xl. ll. ll. 03 In formal recognition of l.he service the ACADEMY FOOTBALL TEAM has rendered lo the school in winning the CITY CHAMPIONSHIP the following proclamation is issued: PROCLANIATION We, Ihe members ol' the JUNE SENIOR CLASS do hereby proclaim, with the permission of our beloved principal Mr. C. W. McNary, December 4, l935 as, "KING FOOTBALL DAY," and shall upon that day honor Coach L. C. Drake and the members of the fool- ball team with appropriate ceremonies. U , I ,Q W ff J ,, I Img ffoofbu!! guy Sponsored by the June Senior Class of '36 PROGRAM Presiding . . . Hill Berry, Prcsideul. I. Organ Prelude 2. Reading of Proclamation . ,lllon Kuhl 3. Star-Spangled Banner ll. Salute to the Flag 5. RemarkseeChairman 6. Crowning of Queen, Yirginia Ende . llillimu Berry 7. Remarks by Mr. M.cNary 8. Remarks by Coach Drake 9. Presentation of Princeton Cup 10. Crowning of Lion by Queen . . Vilyliltlill End? ll. Reading of Honor Roll . . Bruce Parsons l2. School SongfSeniors Seniorsflst versefflsl chorus Schoolillnd chorus 69 CD , fl OVOIICIIIOII O 'illill What a turmoil the stall' was tllrnwn into securing this striking pirlure ul' our QnePn for a clay. She is none other than Nirginia lindv who won the hearts of lmtll l"vliruary and June senior classes, gaining llm honor ul' crowning: our stalwart Lion in relebration of the return nl' the city rliampinnsllip. Our rlass president, William Berry, was the master ul' rvr'mnmii9s on tllis rnomvnlnus tlt'C'E:lSltlIl when the Prinrvtmi rnp was rvlurnvcl to us by N lIlt'f'Ill.S principal, Nlr. Kuhn. 70 CCZ1ac'!11'11g Aj QUW Fiurelli . Crowe Drake . Lewis Nilmadeo Wurzhavh . ,FOWIIS , Kelly. VTIIUIIIHS A 71 Golf , ,IVPII II is , lfonlbull, Tr'fu'k . 13u.s'kPllmH. Fnnlball . , l"nnlh11H . , Sll'I'lIIIllI.lIfl l"onll1uU, U V1'f'.wlll'l1y. Trrlvk . . Hu.vkPlhull Iizlskvlbull, Trrlvk, Foolbulf ,-x a K KN ffooffnczff 6 fcczson The outstanding events of the Academy 1935 football season were the winning of the City Champ- ionship, and the renewed relations with Atlanta, Georgia. Due to tl1e method used in the development of the boys, the school started the season with three well balanced teams instead of one first team. This plan gave the boys a slower start, did not tire them out so much, and as a result they reached their peak more towards the end of the season. The varsity team made an excellent showing, being undefeated in city and district games. I t placed second, ranked second in scoring, and had the strongest defen- sive team in district ten. lt also held five out of eleven teams scoreless. Figure "IIS" seemed to be prominent in this season's football campaign. First it was Coach L. C. Drake's thirteenth year of coaching at Academyg second, the scores in the Prep and East games were I3 to 0, and in the Tech game I3 to 13, while the score of the Vincent was 37 to 0, and the score of all added together lacked just two of being "13." Coach Drake was ably assisted in developing the City Champions by Coaches "Peewee" Thomas, Coston Towns, Merion Lewis, Cuy Minnadeo of the faculty, and Cotton Wiley of the Alumni. In this season's gridiron battles Academy played eleven games, winning six, losing four, and tieing one. The scores of the games are as follows: ,fl rudemy Opponenl T I 0 Conneaul 6 I2 Warren I3 I3 Tech I9 0 Farrell 25 6 Pitt Central I3 0 East 6 I0 Canton I3 0 Prep I 9 2 I Jamestown 37 0 Vincent 28 0 Atlanta, Ga. 72 2 A . '1'1'r'nlh lion' 'N1mak. Wvlnln. Fm ,If fx fjncvfjnlff "ir.vl Hou- l'vr4lu4-. We-4-nrul lfnu' XH14-1-I1-r, Ii. Pvuk. l'l1ird lfnu' 'Will-y, llicvi. Iirnwu r l"mu'lh Hun' Young. Huh:-r. Wills. liurka-ll, lfnulk llc- r. Nlillvr. 'Ulla Huw' 'l'1-ss. W hw-lr-r. Mazza. J. N right. 'l'raunpc'lluu lxig,l IIA mr u . 'n Ing - liurchiuk, Hops-In-wski, ff, In-vk. Yiflh Hou' llilvy. IIA-lining. liurlu-r. lxululmxski, llnbin-. lrspring. Un-ssly, llurningx. llhrisluph Nvllwllz. Krulo, H4-rpirzh. 'iyhlh lion' Pipvr, Mullugf-r ff. W right. Svhwindl. Wugm-r, 'l'uln-rsml, Hrygn lhlrunski. Thllrhun, lialllnsvy. Uslrnwski. hnhrmu-, Wulfn-, H:-rry, Xlzlnzlfvl' 73 Nrmrul Huw 1 ffgczsgcfffnzff H-.vl Hun- Shay. Nlullvn, Lanryl. Xlills. 'l'l'u4'ki. X lluxulil-. lxrulu, IH-Il'xl4'1'lli, Svlluln llurlxu-ll an 'l'uIu-rsmm, Will-y. llnus. I" Smilh, Iiznnsvy. l'lm':l lfnu' 'l'hml:.'. II1-inning. .I Wright, ks-Ill-y. l'um'lh lfmr Xlmnliv. li:n'4lm-r, Tu-ws. IC. Smillu, XM-bb. Xanxllm-lpn-In N u lwmu-I. Sm-ll. liuhisnul. Svlmindl. l'ilIl: Hun' Nlaulxangn-lm NX Pups-r, J, I'lp1-r. H1-rry 74 - K to-Bcitsdcfdcz ff Due to a loss of experienced men last June, addi- tional losses at the beginning of the 1935-36 basketball season, graduation in February, and finally to the terrific pace set by Tech, Vincent, and East, Academy was forced to take its place at the bottom in the city title race. The prospects for next year are very bright, for the reserve squad has lost but one game out of eighteen games played. Schedule of Games Opponenl fl vademy Alliance 3,1 Academy 30 Wesleyville I8 Academy 140 Conneaut 20 Academy 2 l Greenville Academy Alliance Academy Westfield Academy Westfield Academy East Academy Vincent Academy Conneaut Academy Wesleyville Academy Tech Academy Alumni Academy East Academy Yincent Academy Tech Academy Alumni Academy East Academy Vincent Academy Tech Academy Sharon Academy 636 73 i'To be played March 6. gy 'flux 4 fx . . . WV'-4. - ..., 'bmw 1 1, 1 IIVIIIIIIIIIIQ l"Ir'xl Hun' Nlurrisun, Iiru1nlu'. lmmmrzl, Call. S1'run1l Hull' S1'lmIT'm-r. l5l1-mln-r. lhlrlllwr, f:llZldINllIXll1'. KI1-pI'1-r, lnqllvr. Jmlus. 'l'hil'rl' Huw lirulllvrsml, liihlm-l, Knapp. 'l':ms1-y. Christoph. Fitch, Cuuull NVllrzlm1wll. I"nru'lh 'hill' lnlkl-ns, H1mug.:lllllun. Nlusull, Mi1l1ll1-lull, Smlthwiuk, S1'hXllll'l'. Hugh. 'l'h1' pus! s1-:morn ol' lh1- sxxiunningr and xxaalvr polo I1-:uns has 110011 sp1-nl mmv Ill lh1 Ill ' nl llllllllllljl up u IPHIII 1mI'1-ily 1-humpiuns for 111-xl yvur. rulhur than in marking il sl: n,, .1 lhis y1'Hl'. 'l'h1' xx ill1'I' puln IUHIII slllT1'r1'1I xvry S1-x1wl'1'ly in not winning Olll' out nl' six ff. 0 uhh-h VH'l'l' plnywl with 1'1u'h svhuul. Sll'Ullg.f ViIl1'Q'Ill,, T1'1'h and East. N1xX4xl'tIll'll'N 1 1 14 1 was u IllUl'ill xivlury. for thv hoys who had IH'N1'l' had Illlll'h 1'xp1-ri1-n1'1' in varsity ,gfur IN pm: hp lhis xuluuhlv 1-xp1'ri1'n1'1-. l.h1' kind xx hi1'h xwuuhl h1' I1v1'1l1'1i in llliikillfl ai Clliilll nu 1. nvxl fl'1ll'. M lh1- hvginuing: ul' Ihv s1-znsml lh1- SVNilllllliIl,1I l1l'Hlll suIT1-rm-1l along with lhv rw u 1- Nl I4 in thv lrugiv 1l1-nth 111' Curl lu-inulh. 'l'h1' lvzun lhvn xolvd unzinimously lo po 11: 1 1 swinuning: s1'h1-1h1l1' for za munth. rm-sullinp: in lhv KlI'0pIliIlg.! 1vl'huli'uI' lllC'iI' s1'h1'1hll1 d llll ' lh-sulls ul' lhv Swimming 'I'1-1-h liars! YiIl4'1'lll Quaulrungulau' Vir11'1'rll Tl'l'll IH IH Uppnmfnls Sl 115 35 Su illllllillfl Ifuxl 25 70 H1-1-ls Nh-vi If'lIllt'llI.V 3.1, 27 20 .11 I'IHll'llIAV I5 ,Q . I , ,SO fjrclcx 'irsl li'nw--- F1-ln'rli4'hI. AHHIIIUII. Gvlulluw. .l:n'ol1s, Ifx-lim-, ll. Thurlmn. V1 n l's'tl'lli. Mvusvl, Millvr. Km-hlvr. Will. 'r-rnml limi' Pussnnorf-. Hiddlv, Ahlwy. Dnuful, K1-lly. Xhlgm-r, fflzlrk, Gry Bc-nslvy. Thllrboll. Cnrlsrm. Nc-lm-xxx, Strung, Nlgr, 'nurlh limi' Iluyf-r. Vvilllllllll. Sullwurlz, Yzlplv. 'l'i4ur1-Ili, Svlllc-r. llurlmln Y1-zzi, Slodonik. 77 l'h1'rrl Ifuu- Fitch, Mgr., llruvw-r. 'N1undu. Xlills, Iiurhr-r. Suylur. Hill-y. lxuln ov P ll'l'l' 'A-Ullt U15 '11-xl Hun- lm IN-u-r, liullzl. liurns 'vf-mul Hon- Nuhixig, Wulm, Pursn l'l1lr1l Hun- Hroxxn, NN llvrxsvlle-ll 3 . f UL hjpcnrfs For lll1' purpnsm- ul' 4'lli'HlIV1lQ'lllQI ulllle-Iivs ilu' ull ilu- girls ul' llll' SI'lllNll. In dl-xvlup il spiril ul' l'uir play :md Sp0l'lSIllilIlSlllp. lu prurnulv In-ultln. and Iuc'l'l'2ll1':lspil'll ul'l'vll1msllip. nc' Imm- 1u'g1u11iz1'4l H Girls' Xllllvlir- Xssnviuliurl. Tu lwltbllgj. um- must lHll'll1'lp2llt' in ul lc-usl um- spurt during: llu' 54-nr. lll or mul ul Sl'llUlll. 'l'Iw flmuwil. XNllll'll lxulds ilu' l4'QIlSl?lllX4' pmwr. is lllillll' up ol' six l':u'ulIy llll'llIlH'I'Sf Nliss 'Nlzu'gz1r1'l Iirmxn. Xliss livrllm Snlvlxli, Nliss llHll11'l'l1ll'll'lii'l'l'1'. Nliss l,u4'lln lirulvy. Nliss lflln-I llllllllllg. und Nllss llzwlllu llullvr. xxlun is tllv l'llll'l :idx lSl'l'Z and llw lfhllllllllljj lwzuls ul spurls: llurullly llunmm. Hull: Doris llvinlx. Yullc-5-lmull: .lvun flzirlsun. SNllIllllllIlQII Nlnril- lxlmz, llfwkvyz Jam- Xtdll. liudminlunz Dvu xltflillll. 'I14'IllllS1 Ida N2il'llIll'I'l. 'l'r:n'k: 421-1-iliu Burg. 'xI'1'lll'I'jI Nlzu'jcu'in' llriglll. llnslwllmllz :md Pm-grgry lm-svll. NlllSlllHlll. 'l'lu- dulie-s ul' llll'SI' lwuds am' Ill lu l'UUlll'I'2ll4' will: Ihm' pllysiwll rlirm'lul'. Nliss Xlvyc-llc: ful in 2il'UllSlIlQI :md Nllllllllilllllg inln'r4'sl in lwr spur! llvl in flfgilllllllljl lvzlms 4:-l in pl'1lINlQIZlllIlQ' fill idvzd ul' guml spurlsmmlsllip :md llilll' play :md Imv fur ilu' gunw: 12? In km-p za l'm'r1rrl ol' illll'IlflilIlC'l' in In-V spurl during: ils swusun. :md grin' lllis l'l'l'Ul'll In llln' sm-c'r1'lzll'5 nl llu' vlosv nl' lln- SUHSHII. XM- play un lllll'2illlIll'Ell S1'lIl'lllllt' ul' sports. und llluss' ul' us ulmm-1-luvky 4-mnlglr In ln' mvm- lwrs ol' zu winning: ll'2lIIl url' grixvn 21 llllll' :md gold slzlr, ll' xxx' pm'licip:lIvnl in tln-1-vqmrlsllun-ing llw yvur. m'u1'm-4mul'ml4'rl as lPlll1'2lIlllQIUl1l 1-mlmlvm in ll-ll. for tlw lirsl j4'2ll'. und il l'lN'Illlll1'l'Illlill'Ill I'nr lln- sn'4'rmd. ,X pin is zmzmlvrl fm'lln'1'vm'll1m'4' yvurs ul' pul'li1'ip:ili4nl in llll'1'l'lll'lll!Il'l'RINll'li, lllll'1llll1'l'l's:ll'l'j Pr:-sillvnl. Doris llvinlz: yl4'f'-l,l'Q'Sllli'IIl. Nlznriv lin-mul: S1'4'1'm'l:nl'pfl'l'm-uslm-l'. Ilurullly lil-mul: :md llrvss lll'fNll'll'l'. lillvn llllll2iI'Il. 79 J f . 1l!I!C1I'CS njzgl ICIILI 1 res ' ' -:!"i5I?!i'7Tl:15x XT ' X fy e'!!5fU!w ' ik I "N!ov:sn:Mf I ' X S xlx 'iff X 4 I QA xx X X1 fi Q' Q XII? 'fr X ' e' "Q XX 7 X lj? 'Wm-' , M X ', 'A L "" if" J X ,X n X Ng W J, , 4 V mf X J fs xf 16:5 y -N ,QHNX I t x g? .nl Qx VII! Y , f ff ' W X 7, XXV ' I XX n I, K A it 3 A W 71 ' . f 'li , Y , f , ,1 f f ?K X E PZ - f..,, - 5 ' N I iii. ,I xxx N 3' h . X 5 I A , W' Wvkiim' . .ff W' Vw ' Q "Sim, 1 aSs?E.fgz, f W' ' vp' If , wg I f' m LU lr f W i.Li7gf-1 f .,,,,,ff" as . I Jaufnzk' L' 2,1 VIZIISIC liver since Academy's musical groups were made a part of the regular school curriculum, they have steadily gained in value to the students who comprise their personnel, and to the school at large. The edu- cational worth of any course, except that of a purely utilitarian subject, must be measured in terms of the character and personality development of its students as well as in terms of the carry-over into later life of the knowledge and the skills gained through it. Those graduates who availed themselves of the opportunities to be found in the Academy's musical organizations assert that the experiences enjoyed there yeilded returns as rich as any they have had in their entire school life. Music, whether we will or not, occupies a very large place in our lives. Though we may not all be performers, we are all perforce listeners. To be able to give pleasure by playing or singing is a great personal asset. 'l'o gain the ability to listen with understanding and enjoyment to good music is to open a magic gate to a whole world of beauty. And the mind, which responds to beauty does not easily harbor and cherish ugliness or pessimism. May the opportunities to obtain the blessings of good music be ever enlarged and multiplied! 40. l,. Grendcr. 82 F jzurfw CC7!1o1'11s I-'lf-.vl lfnu' Smilh. ilnrlsull. Xln'N:'rm-y. XI1'lm'r, Xl:-rlv. lxllull. lillimm. lxzuz main-r, IN:-Ill. kilnlllvy. lmllglll-rkl-r. lirnwll, Yu-mul lfnu' Snzurtmunl. Sulnluwki. X1-ith. 4IliH'urd. Tillulwn. Ixuvlu-I Xlr, Hn-x1rI4-l'. llirvvtnxr. Williznns. Nlnrvllullsv. Xlvlxullv. lizllrluill. ffirinu Iivvr. l'lul'fl lfnu' ffzlrlsun, 'l'ul1ln'nlmurn, lin-gvhnzlll. ffrmu-. lxissingl-r. liznisull NN illiums. Srull. Vkulmlingvr. IM- Xluuri. 'l'hurnl1n1. Xlvlvllylw-. Szumlla-Nlvin l"nur'lh lfuu' Sa-ny. Blum. Duxia-s, Mlulnw. llukv. llulnlxrmxski. llzull. II:-ss Jnsinski, l"innr'y, 'Klan-1i4'r. .lnm-s. l'lnlkin 5.5 ffl., Q jf... Cf 7.1, lu-.wi Hun- Il Ilnrlmzm. Ii Smith. .I Iiswlx-II4-r, .I IInm,g11'. il Slnrlnmin-I4 II 1lj1I:lll1I..I. lizmiswr 'f-rnml Hun' II HriIIilIu, li Wallin. II XI1-yvr. IN Nnlunig. II Supp. II. Nm' In-nm-I. ,I, Svllgvr l'h:r1l Hun- H. Sulnlu-r. I1 Ilvrin-rl. I., Oluski. 'If Ilrnxxn. U. I. Hr:-mlvr IN I'Iuln. .I, I.uu'y. .I. lfmlrlm-y, II. Tusk. l'nm'Ih Hun' XI, NIil4'Iu'I. NN. llil-kr-y. Il, Xlurlgv. .I. NYIliIlny. ff, Szlylur. I1 Arnold, NX Ilulxiuw, I", H1-argl-. .I, Smilh 'lillr lion- K Ilullumny. lx. llulllpln-ll. II, N4-any. I', 'I'Ixmnpsnm, II. Svlun-ulic-I1I Il Ifmlvrs, II I'n-rkins. H lI'Ixm-IH-. Il. Smith. N11-ll: lhur S Suxuin. K1.SnI1m,.I. XX hitlny. Ii, Iinrrnn. X. Mursv, .I. .Innvu-ninm II, I Iri1'Il. I.. flllyiIIllsIsI, S. .I1m1'4. SI gzzfwffcl gvzofr Firxl lfml'-fS1niI.ll. llerllI.ill'. Slllllll. Ilull. llluyrl, lVlr. llrc-mln-r. llll'u'1'lul'. l'ugv l"rnm'is4ru, Swwro-Iary, Smilh. Uomlrivll. lCpp. Knllngg. Sfrmld Holi' -l'lil'l'rl. Kl.Bl"ll'll. 'llvllm-rs, Truasllrur, Yugi. Carlson, l"r1-unfl Nnhovig, l'rm-sirlvlll. D1-rsllirnnr. 'I'hurnI,1m, Davis, W'allu-r, llaslurwski Duffy. UW:-ns, Third Hvzlvf-Rec-rl, Marshall, Tysnll. Althof. Smith, llawisnr, Cul:-. Sawria Nmzlwrs. lVliI.cllfwll, l'lasI.aH,0r, Kilnmy, Conklin, Zivglur, llurowuski, l"ouI'lh ffll1U"li8SL8ll.f!f', K!!lllll'5l'kll0Clll., Vlfelcll, lmlwlful. lhlurrein. llurhsl Senger, Plum, Barnrvy. Kirsch. Nui. W4-inhnimur. Nolan, llnrln-rt, l'4-lli- hune. Davis. Joslin. 85 fjglllli l"ir'xl lfnu' Srlmpn-r, Um:-nw, Muslim. llzmkiu. lim-lm:-r. .lulnl4ull. Hunling: Nlc'CuI1'luills. l"4-an-rlir-Ill. Iluvic-s. l'i4'm'4l. Nlngm-null. Y:-rnml Hun- Nlurrisml. l'IpsI4-in. l,u-vinv. l,1-vhlm-r. Svhrm-4l1-r. IL Smilln Dralkv. krulw. NNuIl1ri4Igs-. Hlzmzu, l'h1'r-rl Hun- U1-hs4-nln-in. lluiln-y, Hamm-s. lim-rr4-in, Hllanlfu-1-. xxlllkilli, lluyf-s l.. .lnhnsom Iiullhvs. "mu'Il: Hun- l'nllum-k. l'ugu'. kuhl. 'lf Ynuhilll. Hrmnlln-. l,:ll'k4'l'. Hunk, A You-hiln. N11-lfln-r, Sdn-plow, Nlr'I,nllghlin. l":'fll1 lfnu' Nhmllmlulln-r. Hurd:-r. lxuvski. liutlir. lll1'is4'hll4'r, XIIIIIIPT. Hun zlvcfkvr, l"rulmir41'u. Qui!-ll, Tuylur. 'Hi.v.vinq from pirlurw Sm'ImH'm-r 86 a A . Cvf UIIIOI' rc' wsfrcz l"irxl Huw 'l'1lyIur. D4-rsllvilllm-l'. Slllilll. lmmlun, Uwz-ns. ll:-Im-I. Iluuk. Won hnndlnr, Huw:-isvr, Svrurld Ifmr- 'Vlurklz'y, lwllllllls. ffulvin, VV:-isvrl. Arris. King. Twill. Filigl-IMI Bovvv. Kaufnmn. Third lfumf H1-ill-rl, Chas:-. Oath:-ilnur, Gill:-spin-, I'urr4-Il, 'l'ugull'. Hurlwll Cllristavllsull. Svnll. l"n11l'Il1 Hou' f l'r4e1'dil. Suhupvr. Sazllrm-llvr. lmvilu-, Hardin-r, Hzlllllvs. Fiflh Huw fApplvIwv, Pugv. llullrlvukl-r. Kuhl, Cmnpln-ll. H ixsiny fl-um pirlul-r--Sclnnll'ln-r, Zw illing. 87 IIIIIOI' . rc' zvsfru Ffrxl Huw Ii. lfhiutu, I.. IAN-Ai:-, ID. Fralnk. 11. Iiiukfurd, W. Shutluck, G Slmey, H Iiurthvlrm-s. Srrnnrl Huw S. VVm'xl4-r. N. Smith. VV. Sutton, N. llruwn. A. Pohl. Miss Schwuitzr-r, VV, Dvvlin. M. Hull. V. Muuzr-l, H. Lipkin, S. Tivis, 'l'hl'r1l lfmn VV, firm-n, D, Sclllu-ith-r, P. l'ntriunlli, N. Wulfu, V. Fll'IIlillg, A. Gold, fl. llvlllrxu-. J. Muon. l"nurlh Hou' I.. lluwm-s. F. Mcllulmld, N. Yvugvr, Y. Suhitr-a, J. Kanavy, II. Von, J, Ml'IlNillKIFf, J. Nutt:-r. 88 5 ff X ff f 10 X l'IllIl 41116 ,Jug 1' arm '1'1'.vl lfuu' II. U1-sr-Il. II. Ilalhn. .l. N1'lIl. IC. VI:1l1I1'll. I. I'1-In-rw. X, Ilnrn Ii Iluuh. '1'1'nl11llfo11' I., Ifiligzvllzi. I.. Szylnulu. I..1Ih:nnb1-rs. Xliss S1-Im:-ilm'l', X. Grams I. Nalrmlllvvi, NI, Ilm-milvr, l'l1ir1l Hou' XI. Ilullun. II. Ixumllu. X. Siurslm-rv, II. Spivgvl. J. Williznns ff. XM-Instr-r, I.. Porlvr. A. Nl1:1IuIlm1gI1. 'u111'll1 lfuu' Il. S1'ImII'm-r. NI. Srrhilvzl, IT. Ii:-wks-r. Il. XI1-Hamill. I.. lin-xe-In 'I'. Young. W. D1-vlin. I". VIIIUI1-Ilull. IT. II1-iuln. LHI1 lfnu' Ii. IISIIIIEIIIIIT. II. I"rn-lufh, I., liriggs. N. Iirulml-r, ff, 'I'l':llnp1'n:m ll. Ymnlnh. Ii. llivlmrdsrm. ,-K, Cyn-ski. 89 fx ' fx UIIIUI' 0114110 "n'.wl Hun- .lulxnsuu, Xlvxlillvn. Ililvy. YM-em-hlf-l'. He-rry. Klhrislnpll. Wnlmln-ll llnrlwa-ll. Klmurlrivll. N1-rnnrl lfnu- Divkillwull. Yuplv. Vlidrilvlnm. -luvksuu. Kuvvlzlgv, Kilulwns lxupf-nf, Nullf Uvrlillg. l'l11'1'1l Hou' I'n-4-lnlvs. Nlulluwa-ll. Hull. Hvlmmll. Ulrich, llulkhalln. lxrygivr Nllm-vlll, Iinilvy. l"mn'lh Hun' Hmilh, flzulti. Nulun. S4-hmll, Filuh, Um-Ins:-llln-ill. Culu, HI4-llxml' Nllu' 'Xl'lhIll'. 90 ' 3 5 A . my CIIIOI' ctzzczfc The June Senior Class of '36 has been divided into twenty groups, each group consisting of one complete row in the assembly including both boys and girls. A boy and a girl representative have been appointed for each of these groups. These divisions, and appoint- ments have been made to provide greater representa- tion for the whole class in all senior activities. The row representatives are designated as Senators and Secretaries and each row is named after a state. To impart full congressional favor, the rest of the class has been named The House of Representatives. This organization has been very successful in as much as it has handled all class activities well, ll has taken charge of collecting class dues, organizing a magazine campaign, acting on the prom committee, aiding lVlr. lVIcNary in collecting pennies for special assemblies, and assisting with the Senior-Get-Together Party, held November VL, 1935, and the Leap Year Party which was held February 24, 1936. Altogether it has been generally useful in conveying messages to, and obtaining sentiment from the in- dividuals of the class officers, members, and class advisors. 91 I F 5 F i 5 nevm maxim we i asf C' awe 3 -I ffll' f XC'St'l'l't'S lfllzvl Hun- Svlurivll-r. Tysnll. Huhlfn-r. Wvsvlllvr. Kimlnvy. Uslmrnv. Ilullz 'I'r1-:mira-r. Sl:-vi-IN. Nivf--l'rvsiflu-Ill, Huoflrivll. Sr'm'r1'l:lry. Mrs. Urulwr Mlxisnr, Ixirlay, l'r:-sinh-nl. lflnlv. Hugs-. X1uII1'n, VX':ulrl1-ll, Andre-ws l'f'n-lfvr. lxilmm-y, llvrvllmrd. lhulvklull. 91-1-mul lfuu- Hrulmln. Hrmln-r. lfush-r, I"rum:is4-nu. Smnlwll. Slnilh. Kulllz 'Nlnuru-, Nh-In-r, llurn. ll:-inlvin. Nl:-l,:ulg:hlin. Brown. Kr:-Iss. H4-lllluln l'Iil'n-rl. IIA-rhsi. Tllirll lfvm' .lm'ksun. llanie. Nl:-Ilnmn-ll. I"r1-und. Slnilh. Scllfllflll-r, Sp:-ulur Ilulfr-nlmr5.:. llriwvull. Vlvislm-l'. Sl'-iufmrg, lialldwin, Pruwdzik, Yorpn- Tllmlms, fiullillgv. Hill:-spina lnlllusk. l"un1-Il: Hun' 'I' Smilll. lilh-r. .lmu-s. XM-isa-rl. lfinklvr. lhllluglluly In-null Nslnlml, 'I'uguIl'. Xlalnm-rn-Ili, Ihmniv. Smith. Gund, Urs-1-llwnlrl. l,n4Nuln. l"i!'lh lfun' l"inm-y. Mlnlns, Jusiuski. Hrully, II1-id, Gold, Kaul. Wvhun Ilulslm, Yuplv, llvun-r. Mink. Nivm-r, N1. Smith. Mass, 04 'JA' D GM l"ir.wI Hou' lmllllu-r, Hvirlllwrg.5n-r. lfrullz. 'I'r1-usurvr. Bains. Prvsirif-Ill. lfilvll S1-urvlury, Wuudridgv. Nic:--I'r1-sid:-111. 'vlirlcllu-tml. Svlllillllllllllll. Srwwlfl Ifrm' Scllmll. Tmrlu-y. Hrnvul, K1-inulh, Nlr. ffrnwv, Sl. l.:mr1-m-v- Pulrulz. Swalrlz. llml-lrwlllbvr. Ulrich. Third lfuu' lflulvrs. Fvlicxr-. Gray. Hutch. I'ip1-r. Kuhl. A. Nlirirllr-hull. Hunk Nlmulnakm-r. Fourlh Ifnu' .lohllsun. Joslin. Nhllllsgzlrlw. Slllilll. Assmn W4-lnlwr. Sr-ngvr S1-ngvr, Supp, .lout-s, Ilngl-. M:-rnlwrs nu! in pivlurr' Haulglnnull. li:-rn-lugs-r. lxighllinga-r, Ns-vin. 95 f ! ' f Cf uf f 11ff'1'11frfm1141 111 lrml lfnu- 'I':nlm-nlumlrn. Sxxurlz. Sp:-lx. lluwkin. 'Nlugm-llzlll. l'n'r4'll. lhlilvy. Nfmml Hun- Ill:-hurfls, XM-ss-hln-r, llmnmu. 'Nyn-, WIN-1-le-r, Nwulwll, ll:-vtl. lhu-fl lfuu- Ii:-rsl, Ynplv. Ifmle-. II4-In-I. Nlalrshalll. Kizlllanglln-r. IM-lx-lllzllvr Xlullvn, Iirmmn Iuuf-lh Hun- Ulmsvx l':1rw-n. NIs'lVmu-ll. llullun. SI:-xvlw. Hulrl. 'Uvlnlyrv I.n-Imu, Xrmuuil. Nllllv-ll. fill: Hun' H1-I4-Dum, l'n-llilumw. Hrmxu. Hrs-1-11. lxanvluga-, S1-um-r. lxrnus. irlh lfmr N14-ffulwln-un. Tixis. lhlkvly. Hihlvl. Shams-r. H1-urgn-. 'Nm l'hi1'1l limi' Hriukvly, 'N1rrlJm.w-Il. Julmsml. Nhlrlin. llcrlnrmmivz, film-as f? Rift' II 7 CU ff Cf 7! f 'irxl Hull' llivhurmls. Jmlvs. Il. Jullllsun, May. Lam. Vhwtllla-r. liiirlu' I IZIIIIIUII, Iiwuruknwski, Yrrnlul lfuu' Svuln-ll. llvlvlllallvr. Umulrirh. N. .luhl1sun. S, "X, 'l':mm-r, NI Jnhuwnll. I'IiI'vrl. Gold. Ulriull. linvm-1-, Mrlvllyrv. .lilI7kSUll. 'mu-ll: lfnu' X4-rgu, Krygzvr. Mull:-ll. Gund, Divkillsull, Hllllv. Yzlplv. Ifrzllwiw Smilh, fNm:n-ru. 97 ml CZIIIIUIYI CC VHA llrxl Hun' Imsuin-. liauif-rwki. Ill-rlu-rl. lfinkllills. Przuullik 'r-rum! lfuu- II1-Ilmzm. Hu-xins. Supp, Xlr. Denis. lximlny, llamn-N flrlrrl Hun' Null:-r, llrml4'. lwxillv. lilulll. Kullzny. lu-lluggg. ffm l'nnf'llr Hun' Xrnlnrn, We-yznul, Wright. X14-yvlx. HI:-isnvr, lxvilmlh l'rHl: Hun' Nam. W lmrlf. Hl1l'lls.5:uiI'r4'iI. 1i:mIm'r.S1nlIh. 'IN fCllll8l'Cl CLIL The Academy Camera Club was founded by a student teacher, Mr. George Yochim. His purpose in starting this organization was to teach to the students the fundamentals of photography. The club voted for a strictly informal organizationg no dues, no officers, and no obligations whatever. Mr. Yochim often took the group on long hikes and explained to them the different phases of photography. At the end of the year plans were made for the continuation of the club during the summer months, but because of Mr. Yochim's leaving town these plans were not carried out. When school was resumed last fall, several of the old members took over the club, and chose Mr. Davis, and Mr. Bright as faculty advisors. All intentions were to have the club informal as before but because of the need for funds, it was necessary to have some organization. An election took place in which a pres- ident and a secretary were elected, with the following results: Albert Hills president, and Dorothy Frank secretary. Because of weather conditions this winter the club has been unable to do any out door work so the dark- room and the camera have been the subjects studied. Al each meeting some subject of photography is dis- cussed, and any questions which arise in the minds of the members are answered, and thoroughly explained. 99 a fx jfllt!0IIf -Kffss1'sl1111fs Iill .Kffcclcfcllltj Cjifligfl Ajcfmof 'SLTZJVCIVU One of the most interesting projects for high schools is that of having high school students as assistants in the library. Having worked with such assistants for a period of years and still finding them a source of joy, l wish to tell about a few of the many helpful things these assistants have accomplished. The students who make up the staff are selected according to their fitness for the work, good standings in their studies, pleasing personalities, and a desire to learn something of library work. liach student is expected to spend one period a day on duty in the library. A few credits are given to the students who prove to be efficient. Much of the routine work, charging and discharg- ing of books, putting books and room in general order, helping to prepare new books for the shelves, mending books, caring for clippings, and arranging and filing cards, falls to their lot.. The character training which may be included in a course such as these students must naturally receive is very important. Accuracy, promptness, thorough- ness, preseverance and dependability are expected in all work. The results of this plan to the students mean more friends and acquaintances among the pupils and teachersg a personal familiarity with books not easily gained outside of a libraryg a knowledge of reference books and their uses which is of value later in college, in business, or in everyday life. The responsibility of the position develops poise, initiative, and personalityg helping many a quiet beginner to become a self-reliant individual. lt is a great. service these students are rendering and the results to the school are invaluable. 1 -- Mary Howe-Birmey. 100 , . . f1 xi I!7I'ClI'lj jfcl-fly! wirxl lflzzlvffim-rlillg. Nyv. Vlrs. llinlmy, Ashlun. Mulxm-ll. l0l 'f't'0Illi Ifrrzv-flilivvrl. liondrich. Suylur. Alnun, N1-If, Johllunll, liuiln y ol ian' nj The Star Stall' of 1935 and l936 has attempted to live up to the high standards set by staffs of former years in bringing to the students of Academy news of the school activities, and in arousing school spirit throughout the student body. Star work aids those students who desire to con- tinue in the journalistic field to lay a foundation for their future work, and it also encourages in the stall' development of habits of promptness, initiative and cooperation. ' 102 a a ' ' njfcll' flfuff Firxl Hou' Sluriuvsllik, Pursmls. Brown. Sw-unrl lfulrff Kiluln-us, l'v4-lnln-s. Nlr. llmlrlvr. K1-llc-y. lizullng 'l'llir1l Hou' Purwin. Nnvvru. R04-ll. Wlvlluwvll, 105' .Ol 3 l Cczcfezflzc nj lc: As the year 1936 rolls around, the sixteenth edition of the Academe is completed. llach year the changes which have taken place in our school, the victories as well as the defeats of our dilferent alliletics, are recorded in our annuals. ln compiling this book, the staff has kept before lhem the aim of former classes, to make it a record of the "little lhings" in the lives of the Seniors, upon which they can look with pleasure in after years. 104 Ym'u1nllx'uu' Kilmtlu-las. Wife-rl. Xlunru-, Xlzngx-mln. Nurlu-. ffvf'Clc!Ull1g' nj 'if-.el Hou' lil:-um-r. Wznnsgmls. Slmlmxnik. Julmsml. l'lu'l-rl Hou' llnmi, L1-llnln-rg. Aslulull, Surlh. lfllllulll. Sum 'ourlln lfnn' N1-4-lu-rs, Ilurm-y. Smith. Uluwinski. S1-ImH'ln-r l05 I an 'ff'- w wx 1 -px ,g. 2 -.- 4, 1 ' n 1 ' J I 7 f X ix ,,1, wJ W s Y X X.. X C ,Je lo u 'Kj2'llf'l'! There are pencils and pencils. yellow peneils. green pencils. blue pencils. and eversharp pencils, but in the whole wide world there is no more intelligent pencil than Miss Gaggin's red peneil. Many. many. year books have been made possible by this brilliant inaminate. Hours ol' hard labor. too, have been wiped out by its single stroke. and the hopes ol' many a young author have been dashed to the cold ground by this innocent looking article. Although this little red pencil has been an annihilator ol' words, and destroyer ol' many hopes. it has awakened many a sleeping genius by its suggestive jottings. May this noted pencil continue to live down through the ages. and give inspiration to many other Academy boys and girls that will lead them to literary fame. and make possible many more Academy Year Books. - Knlhryn Moore. QM, f ' 1 D I f 5 i C"i.vr'eijnis frorn 41 llufm JDOUL Hive synopsis of: Pigo. pigere. sqeeli. ,'zruntum. l5luIl'o. blull'ere, l'ali. llunkum, Skate. Skatere. l'alli. bumpum. 'Nba fjfie gjranliuzle is 6z1!,iug Uver the bellowing. restless sea. That heaves and lowers unceasingly, Comes a call to the salt-loving youth ol' the land To hear the fulfill the sea's demand. Out ol' the West. o'er mountain and hill. Comes a call to the youth who has a will To endure the hardships. and trials ol' outdoor life. llather than thrive amid city strife. From the acids ol' the seientist's room, Comes a life-giving call, that seems to loom Before the youth who desires his life to give, That his friends and fellowmen may live. The earpenter's tools, or the painter's brush. The lawyer's books, or the business rush. May call the youth who dislike to roam, But prefers to serve others at home. Whatever the calling, whate'er it be4 To serve on land. or on the sea: lVIay the youth prove faithful and so ever sueeeed To help his neighbor in every need. -Belly Sweel. 108 ., . C., ony of Clveuiug Softly the crickets chirp by the doorstep. Softly the hoarse croaking of the frog's choir sounds through the gathering dusk. Across the land, through the coming twilight, the shrill. sweet notes of the songster's last good-night come. The leaves whisper a last timid good-bye to the day, and the nesting birds snuggle cosily in their tiny homes with drowsy chirps, and faint rustlings. Now high, now low, comes the dron- ing of the many drowsy voices of the inhabitants of the swamp, the mixed-chorus of nature, the song of the evening. Softly the comforting silence creeps over the land, hushing each oc- cupant, telling each that evcntide has come, and that night is coming. From t.he village. chime the silver notes of a church bell. the magic tones echo and reecho through the hushed valleys. lt too, is calling good-night, singing the Song of Evening. -Lila Lce Ver. LQ, 1 W I fl! f 1, L l'Ulllll U Ill Cl'SflUlll't' "To be or not to be, that is the question!" Like Hamlet, l once made the suggestion: As out I walked I met a dog And raised my arm to strike it: When I heard a voice Exclaiming. "Hold," l answered, "As You Like It." As on I walked a loving pair l met: l soon discovers it was "nemo ami .luliet. "Two Gentlemen of Verona." while dressed in thelr best Caught a good drenching "While out in a Tempest. ' ' They sat by my fire, hung their coats on a nail While l related to them "A VVinter's Tale." They stayed until the "Twelfth Nite," Until the storm had ceased its terrors: They made "Much Ado About Nothing." Which proved a "Comedy of Errors." Then came "Othello" and "lx-1go." too. VVhich brought to my mind the "Taming of the Shrew." Like "Richard the Third" l awoke. How strange everything did seem! At last I realized my situations lt was only "A Nlidsummer Nightfs Dream." 109 Qllfft' K1 flltflj? ,?!l'S It was tragic. but it was splendid. She is sitting now by my desk, and I glance at her with deference. mutcly begging permission to begin. But her back is turned to me. and expresses in every curve such line and delicate disdain that I falter and lose courage at the very threshold of my task. Even so inexperienced a young man as I was able to see that she was self-suflicient and extremely conternptious. Somehow I managed to preserve the lietion that whatever I did in matters of business was right and wise. Not once. until now, had l torn off the mask of spurious optimism that I always put on in her presence. That she is beauty herself, how often l have suppressed my impulses in order to spare my feelings. I waited for another somber five minutes. while before me there lay a disconcerting mess of unfinished work. but l had also known that at the moment there was nothing I could do about it. I wcarily admitted to myself that my love for the poor creature had made it impossible for me to do otherwise. But. alas. l faintly noticed her hair fairly bristle as she turned her head to me. lt was a magnificently formed head. Her eyes were wide and darkly gray. and they were laughing at me. "You glory!" l broke, abruptly. deliberately. and reached out to touch her hair. She closed her eyes. l could feel her breath coming lightly. evenly. Her eyes opened in slits again. She looked sleepy and definitely unhappy. I actually found myself smiling. It is strange to say that such a moment was satisfying, but. frankly. it was so. She rose, then. lazily. looked at me with a visible scorn in her eyes. She began to walk. That pleasing undulation of her slim figure. that very slight movement of her hips. need no description here. But after a few undecided paces, she turned back. and again resumed her previous position. Following a brief silence she began to speak in the toneless voice of one for whom the future holds nothing. "Meow-w-wi" she said. and her ears lifted as she licked her paws. -Clemenl Olewinski. 1 fiznzfno it fffzngfzf .lumbo Night-noise. confusion. chaos-Why certainly I was there. Did you think that I intended to be the only one who failed to see it? I st.arted the evening by investing in a lucky dog in the booth in the cafeteria. Then of course I had to eat something more to keep up my strength before I started up- stairs to have my share of fun. When I had completely finished a Mexican Sundae I darted up the stairs into the fortune teller's room and she promised me all sorts of surprises and, oh. so many things. but I should not dare to tell everything she said. By t.hat time it was almost eight o'cIock. and the Show Boat Ilour was about to start so I rushed off to find a seat, I'or I certainly did not want to miss any of the program. When the Ballet. Dancers tripped so daintly and gracefully onto the stage. I laughed until I could no longer see them because of tears. And did you expect "The Lost Elevator" to end the way it didi' I certainly was surprised. When the program was over I decided that I really had to have a drink if I expected to live even one more hour. About this time I thought that a few minutes in the House of Horrors would be just the thing. Oh-Oh. I knew that once was more than enough for my nerves. Then. too, my hair was standing on end. and was badly in need of combing. While I was doing that little task I decided that it would be a good time to have my profile sketched as long as I was looking a little more presentable. so l went over to the art room, and that was one more ticket that I should never see again. When at last my profile was down on paper. l dashed down to the swimming pool just in time to see King Neptune eseourted to his royal throne by his loyal. if somewhat moist. attendants. Ily the time the clowns had performed and the Lords and Ladies of the watery court had entertained His Majesty. poor King Neptune was rather moist but luckily he seemed not to mind it. I was pushed upstairs again. and when I finally was able to breathe once more, I suddenly realized. on looking around me. that some ol' the stands. and side shows were starting to close. Since I still had one more ticket, and also since I was afraid to spoil a good evening by eating more I decided that the only thing to do was to have my fortune told once more. When I finally left. after many promises of happiness and success l suddenly saw that if l stayed much longer I should be locked in the build- ing so I wended my silent and sorrowful way homewarrl. almost crying because the evening had disappeared before I even started to have my much-looked-forward-to enjoyment. -Martha Eiferl. 110 4 4 mu' mul pruzg CIIICU Aff f Af ' Cf Firxl Hou' W'oll'f', Nulllvllz, Tllllrlmrrll. Sm-urn! Ifou- Christoph, Ostruwski. Rubin, Willur, Wagunr. Schwindl. VN righl A mhrosv. 1 l 1 fd IIIIIZJU yffgffzl 'l'hfN- in S1'2ll'4'll nl' I'un. I-I'llIi4'. :xml 4'lll1'l'lilillllll'Ill Slll'1'lj 'zmwl In Ihc' llfll cle-gr:-v uhilv alllvllclillgi fM':lcIl'lllyl XXII! ph lumlm Night," ,l'III'l'4'XN1IS StllllvlllillgII1'lIl,l1'Ilill:Il'Nl'l'j minuil sirh- xllmss. pun! YIIUXNN. I'm'tum- lvlling. QIIIIIIUS. pvnny Hl'l'HlI4'S .uul 1'Xl'l4NlllIIl"' Ihwl IN IXIIIVJII ul vu , P- ' . llm plum- nl l'llt4'l'lilIlllll1'Ill lhvrv um-11 l'lllX2ll hh-. II um' lIl'1'lI ul 'I'l'fI'l'Slllll!'IllN. and slum-ing: In ln- 4-rlluxml Im' Ihr' I'l'IllilIll4'l'l' ul lhm' 4-xvning. This wus om ul IIN lflnlltxl llHI1lNU"" ' -,, ' -- -' 5 ' j '- 9 ',,uivIy lhzal 'Xf'il1ll'lll5 has 4-xl-1' umlvr akvn. uml from lhv NiZl'U'.llll'1'I'UXNd xx hu ,grullu-l'c-11 Iln' lhv l'N1'lll .llllllllll Nigllllu naw an gflw-all sll4'm'1-wx. lfvlllv l'HI'fJ! I I2 fs 7 C , fjflc' xx asf Cqfvlfclfol' 'irxl lfuu' D1-rsln-illwr. firm-ll. Ulf-uxnlx. llulnlnnn. Nuhnxl 'vmmr' Hun' Schufll. Vlriuh. ll:-In-lnzllvr. .l:u'ksull. Burns-y 115 QUIK' JZUI' ffulilly Bill wasn't very bright in school. His studies gave him trouble In every subject, as a rule. His woe was always double When came examination day. He always finished sighing: "Well, I have failed, but come what may, I will get one for trying." He passed to Life's sterner school, Ilut still no laurels sought him. Ile labored hard with hand and tool, But little fortune brought him. "A failure," someone said one day. "lVIaybe,,' said Bill, replying, "But Life has mercy. Anyway, She'll give me one for trying." The years went by, and age came on, And left him weak and hoary, Dreaming of things and days agone, In Life's long, trying story. His lips moved, as he sank to rest, Saying: "Dear God, I'm dying. Ileally, I've done my level best. Please give me one for trying." A Y-Clarence' Edwin, I"Iy11.r1. We a gjuicfv lo un .ffdcczcfcnzy 'Cjcnior A- is for Ambition gained in school from where we start, C -fis for Courage and the braveness in our heart, A--is for Alertness and the keeness of our mind, Dfefis for the .Destinies we blindly grope to find. E vis for Energy necessary for our success, Mavis for simple lVlodesty the key to happiness, Y efis for the Yearnings we have built up in our youth, H eis for Hazards of life, we can bravely light with truth If fis for lncomes we hope to soon be making, is for a Generosity in giving and forsaking, is for Happiness, the goal of our life. Seeis for Sorrows we endure, in suffering and in strife, C -is for the Confidence we have in our chosen mission, H--its for Honesty may it be always in our possession, Oats for Opinions, high in everything we do, OYIS for Opportunities, may they always beckon you, L the everlasting Love we hold for our ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL -Dorothy Leibau. 1 1, H W flqllftllfj ll' there be one can better fill tl1e place I thought was mine, if any stronger tie Or older friendship, more familiar face, Bring pleasure more complete to you than I . . . Then will I say good-bye without a thought Iieproachful, or a lingering look behind. To make you happy, Academy, was all I sought, To know you was all I hoped to find. -Clement Olozvinski. 114 Arlene Kirby: "Which is correct: a herd of camels or a drove of camels?" Muriel Ulrich: "I thought they came in packs." ak ,F ak "Class," said Miss Weller. "you should not attempt any flights of fancy. Simply write what is in you." As a result she got the following composition: "We really should not attempt any flights of fancy. but write what is in us. In me. there is my stomach. lungs, heart. liver. three hot dogs. two bananas. two pieces of pie, one chocolate bar and my dinner.: at X Miss Carroll: "Give me an example of para- doxf' Martin Magenau: "A man walked two miles. and only moved two feet." lk if bk Bill Berry ate six yeast cakes one evening to make him rise early the next morning. il! elf 41 Miss A. Gaggin: "Are you chewing gum?" Betty Felde: "No, l'm Betty Feldef' Pk ik if Fred Pence: "Everybody tells me my face is my fortune." George Hartwell: "Gosh. I didn't know you were broke." as at ,F Bud Saylor: "Do you smoke?" lluth Osborne: "No. I never get t.hat hot." Bk lk 14 Carl Guerrein: "This liniment makes my arm smart." Bo Kitchens: "Wh not rub some on our Hy y y head. if wk ill Big Brother: "What's the idea of wearing my rubbers?" llobert Rastetter: "You didn't want me to get your shoes wet. did you?" ' Sli Ill ll! Mrs. Nelson: "Lunette. wake up." Lunetta: 'KI can't." Mrs. Nelson: "Why not?" Lunetta: "I'm not asleep." 42 Pl' It is a cold hearted teacher who marks below zero. ll! ik Pk "After school, what?" tbundered Mr. McNary. "Vacationl" cheered thetstudents. ll! Ik Miss Berst: "When is Abraham l.incoln's birthday, Ezra?" Ezra Fitch: "February 12, and I sent him a birthday card. too." Miss Berst: "A birthday card! Why Lincoln has been dead about seventy-five years now. where on earth did you send it?" Ezra: "Me? Why I sent it to his Gettysburg address!" i ak Bk Mr. Kelly "What is velocity?" "Wieners" Wolfe: "It's what a person puts a hot plate down with." Ill Pk lk Lillie Gerling: "Do you say your prayers every night?" Martha Eifert: "No, I don't want something every day." if Bk lk Audrey Allamon: "I believe this school is haunted." Marie Albrecht: "Why?" ' Audrey: "Everyone talks about Academy's school spirit." Mr. Mannix: "How is it that you have the same answers that Norbert has in his history testiw Clement Olowski: 'KHaven't you heard that history repeats itself?" il Pl' fi Ed Riley: "Yes, I'm a letter man." Maudie Smith: "I didn't know you worked for the post office." Ill Pk 41 Sunday School Teacher: "What do you think the missionaries should teach the cannibals first?" Emmett Bredenberg: "To be a vegetarian. mam." Pl' 11 il! Mr. McNary: f'What did your father say when he saw your card?" Bob Thurbon: "Please don't ask me to repeat such language." 1 X P Ik Katherine Bolt: "When was beef the highest?" Buth Crotty: "When the cow jumped over the moon." Ili Sli FK Miss Mong: "Is the lesson clear?" Howard Blenner: "It's as clear as mud." Miss Mong: "Good, then it covers the ground." 41 PF FF Jack Henning: f'That's the second time l've heard you use the phrase aching void. l wish you would tell me how a void can ache." Walter Woodridge: "Well. didn't your head ever ache?" ll' Bl' lk Clement Olowinski tAuthorD: "This is the plot of my story. A midnight scene. Two burglars creep stealthily toward a house. They scale a wall and force open a window. As they enter the room the clock strikes one-" Betty Vorpe fbreathlesslyj: "Which one?" IK Pk HI' Mr. Mattis: "Frances if your father could save one dollar a week lor four weeks. what would he have?" Frances Snell: "A radio, an electric refrige- rator. a new suit. and a lot more furniture." PF HK Ili Miss Hunt: "Who laughed aloud just then?" George Christoph: "I did, teacher, but I didn't mean to." , Miss Hunt: "You didn't mean to?" Christoph: "No. mam. l laughed up my sleeve. and I didn't know there was a hole in the elbow." ik ,lt if Mr. Schutte: "Can you tell me one of the uses of cowhide?" Lenny Bolla: "Yes sir, it keeps the cow together." bk PK if Lester Cole: "What.'s the difference between recollect and remember?" George Christoph: "Well. I recollect lending you five dollars. but I don't remember getting it back." PII ll' FF Marie Brown: "Why do ducks put their heads under water?" Helen Baginski: "To liquidate their bills." bk ill Fl' Dot Hannon: "What is chain fruit?" Mary Stevens: "Sausage" 41 41 1? Duane Wolfe told Ginny Ende that it didn't take him long to make up his mind. Ginny replied: "No doubt. you have such a precious little stock of material." a ' 3 fT fx 0116! C.X'7l'CSSlOllS O! ljlei 181110118 Sarah Ashton Kathryn Bolt , Rolla Leonard , Dorothy Roll Catherine Rrinkley Marie Brown ,, llelcn Runnell llarrison Caryl Norma Chellis lrvne Dembrower Mary Louise Dickinson Frances Dudenhoeier A ' "IJ Jerome Dziubinslu Martha liifert Lury Ferrara- Josephine Fidei . Gertrude Froess . , Virginia Fullerton . l'iluu'r liatti , Pauline Gentile, , Marie lioellner. Winil'red liranahan Lois llraney Wilson fluilianelli Kathryn llaise Dorothy Hammer. Anthony lleibel . Paul Heiluberger, William Heisler . Mary lla-nle. , . , Charles llerbert . Charleen llerbst, Doris Holtz lilva Jackson Anita Johnson . Doris Johnson Margaret Johnson Mildred Johnson .- Frances Johnston , lidward Kennerknccht Arlene Kirby .- Catherine Kitchens . Alice Knepper. ,, Sulvia Krygern Anne Kudek .... Arnold Kuhl Thelma Lang, .lane Law Betty Leary llelen Lennbcrg Lila LeeVer, . - Irene Mackrcll , Adeline May , "lIh. such a kid. "Gee whiz. " You lell 'em kid. "Skip il. "So whall "Guess whal? "I3ananas. Bunny. " Nuls lo you kid. . "Aw'righI. ' ' Doggone. "Uh fish! "So wha!! on'l fuss around. I I I ink! " Ye llods! "Darn il. "Oh dear -"Uh shueksl ,"0h Yeah. " Ilya! , "0h! my gosh "Uh! my goodness ' I I ash your fuss . " Your Balmy "Aw, sugar. "ls lhal sol 1 1. .Ieepers Creepers" "E'gad ' ' "Aw, shucks. "0 K " Wise guy. eh. "0 my gosh. ullighl. , "1 I Boy! "Welch oul! , "Dear Life. "Shhhl Who's lhall . "I,ook! you see? "Skip il. , ,"floo n "I"unny as a crulch . ,".Iudas Priesl , "Uh flee! "Snazzy . "So l'Vhal! "Take il easy "Gee lhal's swell . ,"I1'als 'ASo help me. "So whal "flood Grief! 11 11 11 11 11 11 "Okay" 11 11 11 11 e1 11 sv 11 11 11 11 11 11 " Nol Really" "My Word!" 11 Virginia Martin .. Anna MeCooey. Ruth McDowell Walter Metirann ,. Marie Mclntyre , Ruth Mechaney . Gertrude Meister Donald Middleton, Edward Moczulski. .lean Mullen , Fred Neckersw, . Lunetta Nelson . ,. Victoria N iewolak . .lane Nye ..,, . Clement Olowinski Raymond Ulowinski John Paradise .. . Bruce Parsons. Elmer Petrucelli , Neva Persons, Richard Peebles. . Mary Grace Pfelfer- . Eileen Richard Susan Rohan, ,. Betty Seabrooke Margaret Set-linger, Leo Sehauerman , , , Marcella Sehroeek , Ruth Seobell ., Harold Shaner, Beatrice Smith Frances Snell. Frances Sorth Doris Spanggaard . Ruth Spiegel .... Madeline Steiner. ,. Cyril Steiner . . . Mary Stevens, Boyce Swartz in "I"orgel il "Swell " You pill "AwBunk .I um p in ' grassh oppers! "Good Grief "Old Hum Bug. "Iffui! " You said il kid. "WhaI's new? , "Ah Fooey ".Ius' because ,"0h. fan me , "0h. sugar! " Now. lel me lalk , " No foolin'? "Glad Io hear il . 1 ' H i, Tools W" Hol Dog! "Sho' Ihing! , . , ,"Ah, Please " I ngenious . "Woe is me! . "Say, lislen.. . , ,"0I1.fluj7'. "I hope. I hope. , "Aw, flee. , Hlfollossal! , "lI's muliny! . ' '0key- Doke "So whul? "I'm hungary! , , , . " Wise Guy , , . "Highl! Aw, nerls: hyah Tools Meyer Tannenbaum. , . . ,"Jimminy Crickels' Bessie Tagolll , Robert Thurbon , Carrie Tullio. , . Joanne Tyson, Florence Ulrich. , Muriel Ulrich, Doris Umbright , Michalena Verge, , Rita Wehan., , , Marion VVeschler, , , Helen Wetschel , Lois Wright . Ella Ziegler . ,, , ,. , ,"So whal! "0h! For goodness sakes' " Now l'll Iell one.' "'I'hal's whal you lhink' ."Uh. for crying in a ereekf . , ,"Thal's your slory' , , , f'llee, Whiz. " You don'l say? . "Ah, nuls. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,"IJidn'l I Iell ya? ' 'Oh . Shoal ! ' 1 1 "IJon'l be silly' , "0hl 0h!' ." Honesl lo Pele' ,"0h! Your darn loolin' ' 4 1 "'l'hal's swell' "0key Dokey' 1 1 fv 1 g fx 1 C rom cz I jfucfezzfs cizczry September 3-Nlerrily back to school today. It was grand to see everyone again. and also to realize that at last I'm a senior! The only thing I hate to think about is getting up at sevcn o'clock every morning again. September 12-We had our first. firedrill of the year this morning-but no tire. darn it! September 17-This afternoon the Girl Reserves had their Initial Tea in the cafeteria. The tables we used were decorated in green and white. with even candles and flowers. so that the cafeteria didn't look like itself at all. They say the sandwiches and cakes were good. l didn't have any. That's the trouble with being on the committee. September 18-All the Girl Reserves wore hairlmows to school today, as a sort. of initiation. Besides wearing hair bows. the new members had to wear one sock and carry a doll. It was so funny to see us grown-ups QPJ capering about. October 17-Tonight Bill and I had lots of fun at the cheerleaders' Rally Dance in the girls' gym. Everyone was there laughing and having a great time in preparation for tomorrow's big game. I only hope we're as happy after it. October 18-We beat East.. I3-0! l know my throat will never be the same after all the cheering I did. In fact, judging by the people around me. everyone at the game must have had to talk in whispers after it. But no one's complaining, except maybe the Eastites! November l-They say that a good time was had by all last night at the February Class party. There were dancing to a radio, games, and wet heads after the apples were bobbed for. And eats! November 4-The .I une Class Get-Together party tonight was a big success. We danced for a while to the music by an accordian. during which time we tried to become acquainted with our classmates by trading partners every few minutes. Elgin Brandis and Bob Dershimer were grand directors of that. Next Coach Drake had some games for us to play. and then we had doughnuts, cider, and apples in the cafeteria. And if George Hartwell ate all those apples he collected. he's surely not feeling so well now! November 8SThe Girl Reserve Ceremony on thc circus lield tonight was a new idea. and a good one. The girls formed a triangle. each of the three schools occupying one of the sides. around a big bonlire. The short program in which all the girls took part was very effective, partly because of the organ which was used during the songs. November 9-VVe're the city champions and therefore we'll get back the cup. because to- night we beat Vincent, 33-0-isn't that marvelous? After the game I went to the Hop in the Masonic Temple with Jack. and had a grand time. Everyone from Academy was fairly beaming, and even the ones there from Vincent didn't look sad or mad or anything. I guess they're pretty good sports. November 14-I didn't. go to the Senior orchestra spaghetti slipper and dance last night. but from all reports. the ones that did go liked both the spaghetti and the dancing. l wish now that I had gone because evidently I was practically the only who didn't go. Oh well, I got my studying done. and I'll bet a lot of those who were there didn't. That's something. CI think.l November 15-Great excitement in Study Hall 202 third period! A fierce looking mouse, running around loose. had all the terrorized girls, and the timid boys. shrieking and climbing hastily to the tops of desks. However. the valiant football man bravely chased the hostile invader around the room. until finally he disappeared. no one knows quite where. Then after a while. when they were quite certain that the beast was not returning. the still a-little-pale maidens. Cand the timid boysl, crept down from their fortresses. Saved! Saved by their heroes! November 22-This being book week, Reverend Davis gave us a very educational talk concerning reading. today in assembly. He pointed out to us the value of reading good books. and told us some interesting things. We all gasped when he told us of a lady a hundred years old. who reads the Bible in French. Latin. Greek, Italian. English. Spanish. and German. She must like variety. 117 fm, I I I - f . f rom cz njfzzcfezezfs Jzczry November 29-Tonight was the Tri-School Girl lieserve Thanksgiving dance. We danced . . . and danced . . . The worst moment ol' the evening was when someone told me that thc coats had been knocked all oxcr the coat room. and l went to lmd mine. Oh! But l did. December 4-King Football ruled today in assembly, with Virginia Ende as queen. She had a throne. a golden crown. and even a maid-in-waiting, that was Betty Hoge. lt was a very ceremonious occasion. as the president of our class, Mr. lVIcNary. Coach Drake. Coach Kramer ol' Vincent. and Vinecnt's principal. Mr. Kuhn. all talked to us. The important moment came when our queen pinned a paper crown on our king-a big lion on a poster. Deeenxber 10-Tonight was the banquet l'or the football players. There were about lifteen girls to serve them so they must have had a lot ol' nice things to eat. And they had speakers too. l don't mean to eat. because that was chicken. December 11-Doctor Barker spoke to us today. l'm going to try to remember, "The ehiel' purpose ol' education is to train the mind and the will to do the things you have to do, when they ought t.o be done, whether you like it or not." December 19-We had another assembly today-that's three within a week. l know that's too good to be truc. but honestly. This one was special for Christmas though, and was all school talent. Some boys from Miss Sweitzl-r's classes sang in duets and trios. Don Sehaper played "Jingle Dells" on the lyre, Natalie Ayers gave a reading. and everything was nice and Christmassyl December 20fSchool's out! "Hope you have a nice vacation." says everyone. January 15-The school has been going round and around for more than a week now- with the song that is also going round and round. What lusty voices we have among our students. But Demmy knew that long ago. from being in the cafeteria, you know. January 24fThe February Seniors had their banquet dance in the Lawrence Hotel last night and it must have been nice. Oh well. our turn will be next. January 31-Everyone came to school half asleep from getting home in the wee house after the Mid-Year Prom last night. But gee. it was worth it. The velvetty music. the gliding couples. the soft lights. the swishing skirts . . . I wonder how much money we made? February 1- A new semester is beginning. so everyone was running around today. "Sorry, this class is too crowded." February 12-l just got home from another 8-ll dance in the gym. Tonight it was the Girl Reserves last week it was the Drum and Bugle Corps'. and next week it will be the Senior Orchestra! February 24-Tonight the boys were given a break CPD at the .l une class leap-year party. The girls had l'un too. though. so that's all right. For one dance the girls threw their shoes at t.he fellows in order to get a partner, don't you think that's cute? l do. too. March 16--Today we began collecting Academe subscriptions-Oh my. March 18--Almost everyone was snowed under today. Mac even commended the hall' ol' the students who did get to school, for their bravery. But poor Miss Lockwood and the line she'll have tomorrow. March 23-Since today was Spring Day both classes dressed up funny. The girls wore bright dresses. hair-bows. and white shoes, and the boys, white ducks, shirts, and shoes. It was a dazzling sight and then some. Nlareh 27-l'm exhausted and my hands ache from applauding. I just got home from a play at school which was given "Just as I Liked lt." QYou get iti'J 118 Q 1 ,1 N- V - . 4-1, 7- I iffy Z " Q 'fr ' I if'-Q, ?g4, Likw Lv. 'N A 5. ' 3- n "HR: -.f-- , If. , . , ... D .E.'x"fJ2-Q fr-4, .' X -.U-, ,. - . W . 'ix' 'H 'i ' 'rind - HHS F p y E W , L :' Hg. W .P 5 ,H . P' ' vii. L !,.V,.i,,. "w'W1i. 2 nf . QM... ,- Y as I1 saf- IQJI-alf i r9'z3f5 55-3- X . 'mild ,:v. - S- sfe., , 521: 1 ,LM via MF .nf . - if 1, 1 V , . H' x - 1'hTf , ui- gif. - W, '-,T : MF, 1 : L R gif' If H15 ' W- ' ' 1 1'--3-Ay .iw .,. I ,- . . .g'1n ... ,,:- ' W iz- N-M 4 H r' 1 ' I! in omvipdncemkni rogram P I , w A s- X ' 1 I A Ili- . A ,gf 'X :iff W . , , -Q" - ',-A ,l - '2" ' .xy . -Y -,. . "xii - f- Xl.. nv,.:J2l.:N'. 4 4- awry I I is with a sense of deep regret that we must say. ".f1die1i." We hope that yo11 hare appreci- ated the ejforts made by the staff in compiling this hook. Advertisements of local l1usiness establishments Jill the remaining pages of this A cademe. We kindly ask you to patronize these ad1'er'tisers, as their cooperation has been a great aid in the financing of this book. 120 772 1936 Sie i C fu, P K-XU!7I'f'St'llllllll't' CIIIIIJQICIIIVC UH!! VIICVCJICIIIIS ff c' . 5 Cqrw Cjvnllu. 225 l 936 '- GEM CITY ICE CIQEAM "Erie's Finest Made" ., -,. lu K lttllll, Shcrlx 'ls. l?a111'y Nloulcls and Specialties Factory and Salesroom Phone 503 East 8th Street 23-758 Ur Your Nt'lglIlllJI'lll1lJCl Dtllllvl' Compliments of KITCHENS TIRE SERVICE, INC. Distrilm utors of FIRESTONE TIRES ACCESSORIES BATTERIES TEXACO FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE 18th and Parade Phone 4497 -fe Stat ions 4 Sassafras at llth Phone 22-426 To l'111111g .ll1'11 lllltf ll'111111'11 who 111'1' lvokirzg r1l11'r11l Erie Commercial College Sth and State Streets Phone 22-644 Specialists in Business Training I,ZIl'lI1'Sl f'UllIlIll'l'l'lkll follegc in ll0I'lll NX't'Sll'I'll P1-1111sylvu11iz1, .X cllllllt'tl l IIlYl'l'Slly 'lxlnlllltll l'1c lllly. I 41- . 1 l,lill't'llIl'lllS l'XK'l'l'Kl EDSYQ. "7'l11'fr1'1'111lly .v1'l1o11l 'ZUI-NI ll l111s1'111's.v 11ln111.vpl11'r1"' Day School - Night School Summer School K - v WILLIS CONOLLY STUDIO H m liian, Spanish md Banjo. 2 West 8th Street Erie, Pa. S ,f' Ill N I ' 21 'iv--NN 1' and Tenor Guitars KINIJLY AFFICIYI' OUR THANKS A . . , . N11 coNc,1zA111LA'r1oNs IE R ll lE S H 0 R If S llce Cream Company North Park Row ' Erie, Pa. Two 1936 - CLOTHES You'll Sec at the LEADING Coi.LEGEs and UNivERsmEs. THE sMAi2TNEss of the sports beck, allowing for :3:5z1:1:3: 1,1:1 . S 'igigiqEQI5E5Eg555355E5E5E2E1E1E52625555335E5EZ5E3E5E525E5i5i5E5Ef . . comfort and freedom, is time suit for youn college ' ':7:-:-:- '-.-:iz-:'yI"g:g:f?5:g ,,,: ,gc :-:-t-:-' : 1IgI5:5Z23z::gg,:g:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: 9 men. We are slwowing an unusually large selection 133511, . "3 F13-,-53352 'fffifigfiffffffxlfff5555EF5EEfiffffffffffffffffgfifi 255552 - - - M f r' 'I1'555555gg5ggggggggsg2gsgigfgsgsgegagsgzgzgsgsgsg of this type of suit in the newest weaves, smart .,.g:3?'-:515 " "rf'Z'1'Ff- 1121513515:3:gfE5E5E5S3E3E5E555E5E3E::5E5EgE3 . . . 15521, 153355 fi, AQ35I.-5535.555555ggggggggggzgsgsgsgsgsgfg 3355: patterns, and in br: ht Sprin and Summer colors g:-4'- 4:54:55 114 -.-' 3" "', 1:IgI+L:-11:-'-34:-:-:?:?:f:f:i:i:f: 22115 9 9 that dm dll'dCtlV2lY Pflced df -sig. V' 7:?:5:5.5. 1.5 'g:g',:, -5-:::5: I... 3:3:5:5:2.::-:-:-:f:1:3:f:f: " 'zszef'II5s5s52515225251:tfsigssasiff S 0 S :sf 22:2 1 . f.1:f:1:f' a n d 3, -z-:-:-uztztf. .2:'.-:1g'gr-'- -:Z-. :-:3:gy:g,5:,,---f,:5:1:-:1:2:L 4:22:29 .g:g:5:::1:::5 ., THE HATS A555a3.iZ255fifi5i5:s:5:1:si522:iEE22i:1?5?, 55525532 ftiiq- '53EiEi?b':.'r"f ' 5 TOTOPOFFYOMCOIIQQQ ensemble-be sure you ::::3:gQ-Qgfiygggfggg:5ggg53:::3:::1:5:, I' ::f?f"f:f:Q:f:2:f:Z:2. . :f:f:?:2:f 31511: ,',., .Q.Q:,1,3g11g-:-- , ser the rfsl1ftwr.W2 are 21225252 9 showin a wide sel ec- Q , 9 . tion of vows men S Hart - 5 5 in Snap brims with heli- f:3:i:1:i:-.c,:1':1:3 :fzffifitifff-ff 5:f:3:i.':2:2:3:- ':'77?i'ZCf -t i f - eilffiflifififii l -I Width bands. I -.-. -. THE SHIRTS N A 5 T FW RROW HR S ' Arrow mdlfes N2 liefe 5 in Checks, stripes and ' neat patterns, tailored , Kcj' in Oxford Brodclclotlws 1,1,:5,,,gg5:1513513.5151515151 lk. ,:Q,:,5331:5:r:'r ' .,.5:5:5:5z51g5 ' ,i ,l,Q,-M. and lVlddfdS at xo' '7 4,,. .. l:5E5E5E5EQE:7 :.,r....'-' fi T ff "" 5 2 4" ' , f- - BAKER'S-STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR YCUNG MEN ISAAC BAKER 8a SDN State Street at Seventh Three 1 9 3 6 'k 'k i' ERIE G0 WHERE INSURANCE HITS ARE EXCHANGE A mm . V Y Y ' Y , 'Xuto Insurance for Less 1 IHEATRE 9 YN nl , , Presents A llmno lmluslry Erie'S Best will, Ll Entertainment NlliitllI'xX'iili' Smwiu E .... ALWAYS if ir 'k We Congratulate The Graduating Classes of 1936 On their Splendid Scholastic Record And wish them A Continued Success -- co. E 'GLASS N00 ia: N ,P "PaintHeadqnm'I5 I, l3mfnState Street ERIE FORGE C0 Erie, Pa. F 1936 When a High School tudent Takes to College Attire "Meyer's have the authentic college styles," says .lack to Bill. "Their Style Scout knows his stuff." 11 2 ' 1? I ' 70 g 1 X " l 1 wif N" l' l L 'ZW 7 1 I 1 ' I '79 iss is ll, TIIPI student above who is look- ing into the future. wears our campus designed sport model. the jacket having a half-belt which gathers the back. The sleeves are of the elongated gusset type. Trousers are cut with full bottoms. For dressy wear and Commencement days, we recommend our Grampian Weaves, a fine, long wearimi fabric in Oxford-Gray and Navy- Blue. We are also showing large assortments of Browns, Grays and lleathers in the smartest weaves and patterns. Reasonably Priced 5 1 50 Others to S535 New Hats in light weight felts: the most correct shades, 83.50 New Shirts. smartest collar stylesg white and many campus shades ..,.,,....,.. . ,,., 31.05 YOU'RE going lo see a lot of double-breasted suits this Spring and Summer. They give a fellow a well turned-out ap- pearance. Broad chested effect and accentuated shoulders . . . long roll lapels . . . straight hanging trousers. Also in single- breasted design. Expertly tailored Grampian Weaves, both Oxford-Gray and Navy-Blue. And the most advanced shades of Gray, Brown. Tan. College men have taken to double- breasted models in a big way. Reasonably Priced S 2 150 Others to 535 Commencement Ensemble! White Flannel Trousers of very fine quality may be effectively worn with the above suit jackets: specially priced. . 14.75 HIQRIC is another version of a sports outfit. lt's a very ad- vanced University fashion. The jacket, you will note, has a semi-shapely but plain back. Observe the gusset sleeves and the two vents at the bottom of the jacket. This model will have a great popularity. lt comes in Oxford-Gray and Navy- Blue Grampians . . . just right for Commencement. There is also a great variety of the newest Spring shades. Reasonably Priced 32150 Others to S35 New Ties in beautiful silks: stripes, checks. plaids. . . . , . .51 New Hosiery in a great assort- ment of Spring's gayest shades ............. ...... . 151' .A. MEYER 85 SONS 817-819 State Street Five 1936 RUBEROID ETERN IT WATSON Divisions of THE RUBEROI D CO. "Erie's Own Roofing Manufacturers" Makers of Asphalt Roofings and Shingles Timbertex Asbestos Shingles and Sidings Asbestos and Mineral Wool Insulation CRAIG ESSO STATIONS "Y'l1z're is a Cruzfg Sfation in your IZf'l'gl11?0l'lI00lln Erie Owned - Erie Operated U. S. TIRE Distributor TRASK, PRESCOTT 8. RICHARDSON CO. DEPARTMENT STORE First Quality Merchandise Erie, Pa. BUCYRUS:ERIE:COMPANY .5 1936 GOVERNMENT .... without PAPER HE Rosetta Stone, engraved by order of Ptolemy lipiphanes, was an effective enough legal document in its day. For in 196 B. C., no generous supply of paper existed for the dissemination of government information. Despotic rule does not have much need for paper. Things have changed. Taxation without representation is out of fashion. Rule without consent of the governed has a hard road to travel. Information, prompt and detailed, is expected when government makes a move that affects the welfare of citizens. Paper makes this diflusion of official information possible. Hereditary domination of lives and property of subjects went suitably with proclamations cut in stone and baked in clay. Democracy and paper go hand in hand. Hammermill Paper Company Erie, Pennsylvania. Seven - I 1936 Compliments of Metric Metal Works of the ,Al118l'iCEll1 Nffbtel' 00.9 IHC. Manufacturers of GAS METEIQS ERIE, PENNA. Fliekingefs Hotel Dept. Especially Selected Foods Packed for Hotels, Cafeterias and Institutions .S ples and Ouotati Cheerjully Furni h d REIIOUSIC -f- V N C 84 St. l,. R. R. and Wallace St Erie, Penna. laurel Ilaill Cllemeterp Eh T26 ..-. kTj?CgCl l'C!!CSS T ii'eG7Ai2ry PRINTING Co., Inc. ol tlwe amount ol adver- tising you may do-it does not pay to present to tI'ie puplic poorly Constructed, slioddy advertising. 44 Create an impression- puild pres- tige and sell more- by tlwe consistent use ol good typograplwy. ec a ff Q46 EAST SEVENTH STREET ERIE, PA. Telephone Q3-872 ' - 1936 The Trade Mark F' h' 11' C S Is Your Assurance of FRESH BAKED GOODS Of Excellent Quality 4. FIRCH BAKING CO. Bakers of MA-MADE BREAD AND CAKES ECKERD'S ll03MState Streeti706 I 832 BETTER DRUG STORES Prescriptions Our Specialty VVO use the best drugs and chemicals and employ the best registered men that money can hire. Bring your next prescription to of the Eckerd Drug Stores one AND SAVE MONEY ERIE OPTICAL CDMPANV 0ur7d Opflclans an ruxcu-1 s-r ERIE PA Wffrrf 5efw'ca 111- More Tian a Sfayan M. O. Sl I R EVE, l,I'l'.Yl'f'l'f7f'1.IHI 0plfir1'f1 H SANITARY DAIRY, Inc. Iirie's Largest Independent Milk Business Phone 22-106 10051, Erie Owned Riding Apparel Sportswear Tents Camping Equipment At Money Saving Prices L. Press 89' Co. 1216 State Street Member of the Guild Hess l3l'0tl'l6l'S Prescription and Manufacturing OPTICIANS Where the Price is Right Phone 43-181 104 West 9th St. Erie, Pa. Ten - 1.936 Our Best Wishes to . . . Academy, llfast, Erie Technical and Vincent High American Sterilizer Company Erie, Pa. Prozizzffs Qf'An1er'ifan Sferzflizer Company Surgical Operating Tables and Sterilizersfare in use in outstanding Hosplt ils throughout the United States and Canada and many foreign countries UNION-PURE Ice Delivery Company MANUFACTURED ICE Yellow Trucks-23-279 Blue Trucks 22 9211 Compliments of SKINNER ENGINE CO. Erie, Pa. Lovell Manufacturing Company ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Makers of " E Pressure Cleaners fWringersj - Rubber Rolls Mouse and Rat Traps J ,f Ice Hockey Sticks El W' IX Nil Q I' l l ll ni l jg ,, 1 , S Boston Store 1936 Your Health Is Important Ilvulth depends to El lzu'ge extent upon the food one eats-on its purity. Wll0l0S0llll'll0SS. and its health giving qualities. Meat has for ages been one of our most important. health and strength giving foods. Sehall'ner Bros. Company M1-ut Pun-king Plant is under the supervision of the United States Government-every hit of food is lEl-ll't'- l'ully inspected hy Government lnspeetors ln-fore being prepared for the puhliv. Thus. St'llHll'H0l',S Meats are f.l'lllll'i'lIll,6'1'll, pure and wholesome Schaiiner Bras. Co. 15th and Reed Streets Baur Floral Co. 18 West 9th Street Erie, Pa. Florists and Decorators Meililmex' Florists Telegraph Delivery Greenhouses West 21st and Washington Streets ERIE COUNTY MILK ASS'N 4 3? lXlilIlLlfZlClUF6l'S and Distributors of ECOMA PRODUCTS Twelve 1 9 3 6 Courtesy of IJigt1'ihuffprS Of . GREEN A NZ ERIE CENTER W e . u . PE N ,,, i Reslclent Unlverslty Courses 0-...A .,.. 4s0""x0 e4Soi.1"0 Junior College Division - Completc Freshman and Sophomore work in Lih- Q o.,.gxg.BQ.5-fE,NrfsyW4 .,.A eral Arts College, Business Administra- 2-11523-ififiiiliffli'ig ":: E5 'i': ?1.fif :l-- isififiii'ifig.. tion' EdUCa'fi0nt Engineefing- PH'- hledicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Law. iii: .ule Q Z., '-."b. Q ., ,E ijQZ-rffgi'eggs--fiigiiiii Application--Nlake application at once 'fffi-2 to. insurc place in Freshman class of ., 19.511-31. Highest Grade Pennzoil Products and General Tires Administrative Office Gasoline Furnace Oil Motor Oil 806 Erie Trust Building Phone 23-028 Sith and French Sts. llith and Raspberry Sts. Phone 22-177 Erie, Pa. .,:, 4? A Complete jxg . . . -5:5 .,.::k- Sporting Goods Department Congratulations to ' The Seniors ganfner WIKIES ERIE FOUNDRY CO. Erie, Pa. Y'wr'nly-N1'11e l'mr.v of' C'07lfI-7Ill0IlX Svrrlkr lo flu' Atlzlrfrs Qflirfr High Srllnnlx Palace Hardware House Thirteen 'l 9 3 6 Q l , 0 D .Vg Swimming Suits Erie s Paint Authority 1 . k Tennis Equipment Says: Golf Clubs, Balls and Bags nnwmtify your huildingg and all other Sports Equipment of Quality with a mai of oooo PAINT, if af 0 Pffce that is Rfghf purchased from the 5 AT ERI E PAINT CO. TID DY LAUN DIQY 416 State Street American Hollow Boring Co Hollow Bored Forgings and Steel Shafts Ofiice and Works: 19th 8: Raspberry Streets Prescriptions and Drugs lleyl Physicians Supply Co. Teleplioiie 213-785 22 West 9th St. Erie, Pa. THE ERIE SPORT STORE 723 State Street Ask the Regular Gang f They Know list. 1852 inc. 1897 JARECKI MFG. GO. Erie, Pa. Jlfzznzqfaftnrrrx Qf Pipe Fittings Valves and Cocks Pipe Threading Machines Compressor Governors Pipe Vises Oil, Gas and Water Well Supplies Pipe Cut and Threaded to Order JOIN THE . Y. M. C. A. Make it your downtown Headquarters Swanson Tool and Machine Corporation Design and Manufacture of Punches ancl Dies Special Tools, Fixtures and Machinery 810-812 East Eighth Street Phone 53-243 Erie, Pennsylvania Lyons Transportation Co. 317 East 18th Street Phone 26-467 Fourteen i936 7 . G OIlgl'ClllI!CYflOl1S TO THE GRADUATES From ERIEAS LEADING BUSINESS MEN Buhl Optical Co. llarry li. Blum-llcr Duggan-liidcr Co. llarpcr and Russvll K1-y Man W 5. E. Nichols "0'llell the Jewclx-r" l V x i lhomas' Jcwvlry Slorv llcinlzln Crcdil .lc-we-lc-rs Q Q Alcxandvr L. 51'lllwirlf'r Co. Tha- Hart Un-ss Shop Tailors Arraclv W'onl0ns Shop lialph li. Iiivlnl llr. JHIIICS IC. filllldfvll Conra1l's , .l1'wl'll'r.' Lyle w. orr N , S. A. W. - ' New China rlgnu i Zink lhe Clcanvr ln. and A. llouhel .lvwvlvrs Young's Clcanvrs Colonial Thcalrv llarold I'. liundon V. C. VVON1-l1l0l'. Mgr. Probation Ollivm' John V. Lava-r llcll Darling H l Shorill' Adams and Slrculn-r ' H P wv H Q I F , Charlie li. Barln-r . . e er .. upp y .o. Mayor ll. P. Wollvr. Pros. I1 Bl k I I Q john F. ,lelfcry " 'I' 'I 9 y 'lm ' on Prirwipal Oli'-l1l'ClllllK'ill lligll Sch: James Lmwrgan Katherine Kalvelagc- Kraus lk-parlnu-nl Slnrc llvcordvr ol' Dc-eds I,aulcrhach'S Bakery i Franklin B. Hosbach l Congratulations Class of 1936 Nay you roll along Life's Highway as smoothly :incl with as much Safety and Satisfaction as you clo when you ride on Goodyear G3 Tires. GOCDYEAR SERVICE Fifteen 'I936 F L ,. "THE STUDENTS' FAVORITE RENDEZVOUSH Plan Your Social Parties at WALDAMEEIQ DAIQIY The Best of Bands at Popular Prices Phones: 32-102 and 32-402 f Gloekler Manufacturinglln. tothe, T Ac,-wane sms .na Amiga 2 Originators - Designers - Manufacturers T S of P Refrigerators and Equipment In P"0d"Fi"9 fb? "'8'4Vi'?Q! f'f"ilY2'3" for Annuai, we express cooperation and the sqrdigi Hotels-Schools-Institutions-Restaurants T P 6 ' f Teee 'iui P T r x .T , F F A, T , 5 ' ir'. E. 12th St. and Franklin Ave. "The Complete Service Phntul 2 ERIE, PENNA. 1708 French Street Erie, Penne. S t 1936 - This pooic is printed on SUNRAY I-HG!-I FINISH BCDOK PAPER Furnished by Daica Paper Co. Distributors of High Grade papers 321 State Street Erie, Pa. ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE .Establzfshcd l884 A Recognized Institution for Busi- ness and Secretarial Training College Grade Courses Strong Teaching Staif Selected Student Body College Ideally Located and Refined Atmosphere Equipment Up-to-Date VVe encourage the matriculation of serious-minded students of good stand- ing. Students well trained for business positions are in demand. VVe invite you to visit the school. Phone 23-814, or write for Descriptive Folder. ERIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 220 West Ninth Street Erie, Pa. Protect Your Most Valuable Possession- Your Eye-Sight DR. R. W. SHEPARD OPTOMETRIST 118 West 11th St. 30 Years of Helpful Eye Service in Erie Let us examine your eyes and fit them with proper Glasses. C. H. COLLMAN OPTICIAN 8th and Peach Streets Masonic Temple Seven t 1936 '- Dependable Insurance Counselors are a great asset. VVhy not let us tell you more about our serviee? LEO SCHLAUDECKER CO. Established 1873 25 E. 8th Street Erie, Pa. Insuranfo is the box! and most reaxonable investment you ran buy. Q Erigs ARTHUR F. SCHULTZ Q Milk General Electric G Radios Refrigerators Washers 3330 Peach St. Dial 99-691 1f,1f,-1f,13 parade Street F. M. DAWLEY M ado s111'cc's.ql'1r! by szzfzlgfiezl fzzstomors Radios Refrigerators Ranges Washers Ironers State at 21st St. DONALD C. BURTON Crane's Clothes Fador-v to You Suits and 'Vopvoats for Slutlcnls and Young Nlen 1025 State Street Erie, Pa. Compliments of WLIEU lC1'1'o's Fl'1TP7Zll'lj' Radio Station Leo J. Omelian, Manager 61112 lflnlle Bros. Qin. 116-124 West 10th Street Q. ilirugger anh Sons Funeral Directors Eighteen 1936 - HILL- MILL ICE CREAM "The Velvet Kind" Visit Our Modern Dairy Stores Try Our Jumbo Chocolate Malted also Freshly Churned Buttermilk For Health ' f STORES AT -A 1008 Parade Street 501 West 4th Street 2521 Peach Street Main St., Wesleyville 24 North Perry Square 212 East Sth Street ERIE Eusnlvms IIUMPINY Artists, Engravers and Designers for SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS MERCANTILE BUILDING ERIE, PENNA. The following Boolcs were engraved by us: EAST, STRONG VINCENT and TECH HIGH SCHOOLS. Compliments ERIE DAILY TIMES lfT1if'yS Sucfessful Newspaper 'O TIMES SQUARE 110 W. 10th Street Phone 23-281 No Room For Argument livery man who has worn one knows that a tailored suit made by Frank Nlehler is the best Clothes invest- ment lllat can be made. Fabrics to please every taste. Prices to please every purse. FRANK MEHLER Eriffs Oulsfalzdirzg Tailor ll2l State Street 1936 Be Loyal to Erie! The MEHLER BEVERAGE PLANT is. in every xvnsr. un Erie roncr'r11.--lzolne-ormiell unrl lllllllf'-0I!l'l'lll?1l . IH' lurre lwrn srfrring llu' public of Erie counly will: heulllrful ulul quulily BEVEHAGES for fvly- lllrffe ymrs. For llml reuxon our inleresls are local urul our I'l'1'PI1Ilf'S yo buck inlo local CllIll1I1!'lS. lwlpiny ollufr Erie inlerrfsls. Tlu' lwverugf' you drink. llu' food you earl, llre E. K. "Jack" MEYERS O P T I C I A N OFFERS Al ci Reasonable Price AN OPTICAL SERVICE THAT SATISFIES Ground Floor --e 32 W. 9th St. rvlollrfs you wmr. llu' housr' you live in. ronslilule your slunrlural of li1'iny. Illlllil lower ill Une? lorrwrrvl. Ihul slumlurrl is lzarrl lo bring hack. INSIST ON MEHLER'S BEVERAGES WE DO VALUE YOUR PATRONAGE Z9 Since 1883 1218 Parade St. Phono 26-767 Richman Brothers Clothes Standard in Quality Standard in Price ALL S2250 Richman Brothers 909-911 State Street INDEX .Va mr l'f1gr .Yu mr Pugr Nu mr I-'Ugg A F N Arm-rirzun Ilollfxyv Boring Cn. . I I I'IirehI Baking Co. , . . . .... I0 National Service Engraving Co., , , , . Ih Ann-rwnn Str-rrlm-r Cnrnpany . . . II I'llCklllQPl"S ,...,.,.., . . . . 8 In If I I G Palace Ilurdware Ilouse. . . . I3 linker R Son. Isnare . . I! Gem City Ilznry. ,... ..., 2 Press Ki Con I.. .....,,. , , , I3 Ilulrr Floral lin. , I2 filtwklvr Mfg. C0 ..,.. . . . I6 liostnn Store ,. . ,. . , , I2 Good Ya-nr Service ... . , . , I5 S ::fllIIlI!"f 5'I":'f- A' ' ' I? H Sanitary Dairy. Inc. ..... , . . I0 H""y""H'D'r" limi, ' ' ' HZ I hehlaudeeker, Leo Co.. . . , . .18 "'I""" mm' - - - Ilulle Bros. Ln, .,....... . . . I8 Schultz, Arthur I". Con , , , I8 I , llarnrnerrnill Paper Co.. . . . . 7 Shaffner Bros ......,. , , .12 . Q I' Iless Bros. ,....,..,.,.... ..,. I 0 Shea's Theatre ..,,,, , , , I, llollrnnn, li. II. . . ...IT Ileyl Physicians Supply Co.. .. .... I I Shepard. R. W., Dr., ,. . , , I7 Craig Oil lin. . . In llill Mill lee Cream Co. .... ..,, I 9 Skinner Engine Co. ..... . . . . . . . II Cranes Clothes . , , I8 Sterling Milk ..,..,,,,.,,.,,.,,, , , 18 II Il Swanson Tool and Machine Corp.. . , lvl D k PII II VII I, .Iaireeki Mfg. Cn. ..,.,. .... I II rr ll ll X ll' r . . I Dnwlr-y. I". M.. .. . . . , . IR K Traski llregzott SL Richardson Co., . . H I I I "roy .ann ry ................... .ll li klteln-ns 'I'rre Service. Inn.. , ' Hukvrtls . . . . , . III U I'Irir- lirrsirrn-sri Kiolls-ge . , IT I. Union Ice Co.. ,........ . . . II lirit- Ifmrrrm-reinl fiollr-gr-, . . 2 I. .I H11 q' . . University nl' I'itI.shurgI1. . . , , . III "arse fi-fa-I-1 ywlilk I2 5.3311 M1-... f2g'l'f1'iT"? 5 5 j 1, 131355 IETF' IP'-'lv I,"""", - ' - - - I0 Lyons Trnnspnrlnlion Co.. . . , . ll W I'.rlr' lungrnvrng Lu. , . . I9 I I lem. lam-K,. qj,,I I I I I I I Vlaldarneer I nrk. . I . . . . , , , I6 Iirir- Forrrulry lln.., .. , III M WUQSUU MIIIS- ,IL I'-E - H ... Iirie Ilislrrunrzr- Ifxtzlrxiiige . . TI- 'Vlefiurly Printing Co., Inc.. , . . 'I WIIIIP Iliock ull, Coz' ' ' - - '13 r:ri.- op1.a.'..l 41.1 . , , no Mr-hier. Frank ....,,..... . . . io Wllhgf Uwwlly Studies.. .. 2 ICri4- I'ninI lin. . . . . I I Mehler's Beverage Co... ,.,.24l WIIIVII '--'--- -4---- -.-I3 lirir- Slrorvn Ice llrr-:nn tio. . . , . LZ Metric Mr-l.uI Works. . . . . . . II lirie Sport Stun- , . , I I 'Vleyer Si Sons, I'. A. ,... , . . , 5 Y lirir- Winrlnw Glass Cn. . I Meyers, E, K. "Juek". .. .... 20 Y. M. C. A. ,...... ... ...Il Twen ty fi x E f 5 5 z 5 E 3 E E 3 S 5 2 5 1 E E E V! vB 5 S E ZI 52 1. 1 E Qi a 4 'Z 14 2 1 E 5 E 3

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