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,J 7!LQQJeJ 5,2 Q W ff WW ffl M Q22 Y WM f m Q' NSW NM WN K if 3 .2-Q.,-?:... ,V A I if Q X' f Q-as I LQ! f lax " is J' lv-2? Nia 2555-1 G 5 4? Cv JM ? M Wim Lx X wg f X .4 W iff 1- 'ak saggy? H 6 f-YN' 5 5112- 'E'- ln QI --r X 2 rw' X x' X XXX' X Xi xxx KR 7 I' fxxxh 39 Q ff XXX M155 X Rx QA gg Ai C 5 5 Z4 Lf ff., 2 Q? f 4 in Q ff 356 A ' 4- 1? RM" X X X QX .f X A E XN-"""Q,,..-1'- " XX X1 Q X K M--X N X' Af '7 Q, N 2-A 5 -V XX Isis' 5 sr" 2 THE 9 4 HUSKIE Published by the Senlor Class of Absarokee Hugh School, Absarokee Montana YEARBOOK STAFF l953 54 Cllfford Johnson Donna Sharp Ed1tor Busmess Manager Asst Ed1tor Jean Cook Asst Buslness Mgr Joyce Ostrum Class Ed1tor Carolyn Vug Asst Class Ed1tor Mary Lehner Art Edltor Hazel We1kel Photography Ed1tor Carole Sanderson Asst Photography Ed1tor Coral Jean Ostrum Sports Ed1tor Clarence Wahl Head Typ1st Gladys Hufford W1th the help of M1ss Walston and Mr Degenhart as our adv1sors we the annual staff of the 1954 HuSk16 have tr1ed to retam some of the memorles of our last year 1n Absarokee I-hgh School lf we have succeeded 1n our purpose It has made our year a very successful one 9 Asst. Art Editor . . . . . . . . . . . Gene Durrin . . . . , 5 3 l Dedlcatlon I .v"" The graduat1ng Class of '54 leaves Absarokee H1gh w1th the knowledge we have ga1ned durmg the many and happy years that we have spent here We also leave w1th the knowledge that we are the last class to graduate from th1s our present h1gh school bu1ld1ng It 1S w1th deepest reverence that we dedlcate th1s 1954 Huslue to the future of the new Absarokee H1gh School and to the success of future graduates We hope that they may end the1r secondary educat1on wlth the same feehng of securmty that we take w1th us as the door of our h1gh school educat1on closes behmd us Cut- -fn-XE.. Q. it -.-.,-..-r'-- L-sb i""f-'- S' '-'-"'l- '71-'L -I-rr..-3"-X35 -rp- 1 1, ', N N 55 " A -Q X xi MA 'NXM X- 'Q 'i J V'x.,!w,,fJ may-X Jn hs. , K'-1 ff' Mafsm- +R- -.-g31-fig: 1554-H X " L...,,X "--f----1 ...- e -1 - , A sr-4-s-- - -x g, ,X --,-av. -- ,,-'L---4, 1 V.,-we-AP ' ,'.:':f'.1"' ' . ,fkfe ' 1' ' . ri' "4"V-:Q3.lf "'Lig..c ' Tala.: , ,Q +' gl V 5' -'.-T:-:--" , --, - I f' '4f a ' -sri -f E QA li. - , q:-Lu .545 i ..J, Ar L' H I P W 1 l, , L ,, . . ,, .Y - -, -K , 4 ,. -:- .-. fa Q: X -gf i ik!! ,Y - L Z. ' ,,.. - ' "N , ..,A Zeta: ' ' Af, t5'Z-11- 3 ' -4 XX X, , j 2' 3'V f l' A 'jk -i' 71 X -""'nopoilJ Aboamokcc Hugh S1.k"5 TL?-E51 l 2 af - f -534, Jlv lfs- " ,pi , F1 AdfT11H1StFat1OH Seruors .Turuors Sophomores Freshmen Athletlcs Grade School Advert1s1ng Class W111 Prophecy Contents W...- WP? S at Work ' Englrsh IV Chemlstry Typrng II General BUSINESS Chorus Soc1a1 Problems 'im- 'JJ K Englrsh II Typmg I Amerrcan HISIOIY Chemistry "Brains" Tumbling 5h0D I 4 4 uh J Y Y! 3 i ADMINISTRATIGN 4 5 7 fffciw ff fg -- ff f:...... ,ff '17--x N3 551 ff!! ge 4.5 E' if ' --4-,-q- ,.,,..-7 J-'.1"'s'l'Jlwx 2 x M S f X JL - X A -1 flrr 4535? N ff! fu' X iM 151 r A fx X4 'F A H A T X if 6 4-""'fZff '- f '----, ,I so , A-,,,,,f' it A R---Q, i dmlnlstratlon Congratulatrons sentors your graduatron Durrng our 0" short acquarntance I have rec ogntzed a great deal of poten ttal power among you future teachers screnusts engrneers farmers busrness men etc What advrce would you sert H"f ously gtve to underclassmen9 Learn to study from textbooks make full use of the ltbrary prepare your work regularly take full advantage of every subyect learn to work together wxth your fellow students and teachers have farth rn yourself look for the best tn every per son be srncere and walk hum bly before God Good advrce for you too 1sn t 1t'7 Be grate ful for the opportunrtres you have rn Amerrca The future that lres before you belongs to you Semors help burld a better Amerlca Mr Robert C Graham Supertntendent of Absarokee Publxc Schools Bustness Rgbert C Graham and Practrcal Mathemattcs Student Counctl Advtsor Superintendent Our admmrstratton IS one tn wh1ch we can place a great dea of prrde Mr Graham our supertntendent IS new thrs year and we hope II has been a successful year for htm Assrsttng Mr Graham m the admtmstratton IS Mr Roth our very competent prrnclpal Mr Degenhart Mr Ehret and Mrs Stmmons are also newcomers rr 1953 54 We hope they nave enjoyed thetr ftrst year rn Absarokee Members of last year s and thts year s faculty are Mr Roth Mr Stenehjem and Mtss Walston who wtth the new faculty members have contrrbuted to maklng Absarokee I-hgh a more orderly and well mannered school We want our admtmstratton and faculty to know we have accepted and apprectated therr efforts to brtghten the school year year of 54 we know they are the best In them we place our fatth may many years of success lay ahead of them I wish to extend to the grad uates of 1954 my slncerest con gratulatrons upon achtevtng one of 11fe s many goals From thrs pornt forward you wrll be confronted wrth many and varred problems whtch wrll re qurre much more hastc thlnk mg and rmtrattve on your part Your htgh school background has been a trarmng freld whrch attempts to prepare you rn the best possrble manner to com bat these problems Lrve your lrves to the fullest marntam your God grven rrght to pursue ffl? ga. to be a credrt to your socrety ' fd Many people are dependent upon you as future leaders to marntarn the basrc Amerrcan rdeals The welfare of Amen ca IS rn your hands do your utmost to preserve ll Vly best wrshes for success and hap pmegg Mr Kenneth! Roth Pr1nc1palofAbsarokee I-hgh School Gutdance I-Itstory Kennethj Roth Football Basketball and Baseball Coach Physrcal Educatton Student Coun pl-lnelnal c1l Advrsor Senror Sponsor happmess and strrve constantly a 6 0 O O I " 'I , ' , on I - ' ' I V - 1 A l , I 1 ' . ' . ' f ,ts-.Tug I - Q 4 , ' X I 3 1, ' , f Q Y ,V M , ' 4 ., , I V3 -me U i ig I . ' 5 , 1 f ' ' ft' I I 3 , . - ' - - . 1 . K gs ' I , n 1 ' Q , V . , ' I - I ' ' ll . I - . . I . . I ' I H ' . ' . . . . D . . . . . , U . 4 . I . - , , . . ' . I' I ' ' ' ' I ' l U , ' . .. .. , . 3 . .. - - , - . . I . . . D I - iv 'la ' - fx-wr 5 , vs, 5 4 , 9 . - -ff 'iff Mi if V f . , -..1.f ,gay , espn -1, I I. E., Ki. W V211 Ig .1 rf I . . . - . - 1 ,y aa. 5 It , . ' -, E. " A 33 A 5 I " ',f4,'yi' ' 'aj ls, Q, I A Alfa- 23' . . - - ' 1 I n 9 . r . o . v v 1 o ' , . Faculty Mr John S Degenhart Enghsh Dramatlcs Llbrary Aeonlan and Huskle Advrsor Iunror Advrsor Mr Harold F Ehret Sclence Grade School Sclence Mathemat rcs Grade School Basketball Coach Sophomore Advlsor Mr Wrllram Srmmons Dramatrcs Freshman Advrsor Mr Ralph StenehJem Vocatronal Aguculture FFA Advxsor Chem 1stry Freshman Advlsor Mrss Rome D Walston Commer cra Economxc Mathematrcs Pep Club Adv1sor Aeoman and Huskle Advrsor FHA Advrsor Sophomore Ad vlsor 7 Chorus, Band, Grade School Music: . 1' I I U . , i i ' 0 I ' Student Council Me Seated Georgette Mrller Freshman Representatrve Clarence Wahl Lrterary Manager Cora Lee Sumpson Sec retary and Sophomore Representatrve Elnore Strobel Socral Manager and Vrce Prestdent Amelra Madrson Jun tor Representatrve and Treasurer Gladys Hufford Musrc Manager Standrng Mr Graham Advrsor Margaret Marcus Senlor Representatrve and Presrdent Mr Roth Advrsor B111 Hart Athletrc Manager D1rect1ng our student body 1S the most 1mpo1-tant organ1zat1on 1n Absarokee Htgh School The Student Counctl stands as a gurdmg hand behrnd each of the many and varred aCt1V1t1CS carrred on durrng the school year The var1ous managers and class representatrves are chosen by popular vote from the studentbody Off1cers are elected wrthrn the organ1zat1on ltself Each class has a representatlve IH the Student Councrl, the senlor representa t1V6 automat1cally beconnng pres1dent The managers are chosen from the student body The marn project under student counctl superv1s1on 1S the all school carn1val Wh1Ch 1S IU November The const1tut1on was drawn up by prev1ous members and 1S amended at any trme a questton ar1ses The supermtendent and prrn c1pa1 act 1n the capac1ty of advlsors 8 SENIDRS W WM Qg Q NN xx QQUPQQ Z Q WN 41 X x W, s 4 Q eww , fi M as X? WJ? ZR -iff-1 ,J 1 X Jxfq ' b""a ff XZYEHI 'M Wt xxxxl - XAX- 'RVFI 2 K Q AAI ': ,ff--.QR yr , 'W 'I' X xx ' fl' ' fijwg XXX 45" 4, Q x X ff K f g5x,,M,,f'fi f Y f 'V . NA' X xi fgf 'xg 1' X 'N W 1 b lf, .5 M x X kv-if-7 4L N X X1 A X'xXxx K A V W f 1 , - f y I ' X wwf? N 1 S ' 1 6 o I Y FIN I ' G a 0 D 4 I A -'V ' up Q m A Q Q A x . K, K Q s I 1 I' X j'l"'z-5 -- Q L.f'XQ. ,X X Class History On September 5 1950, the sun rose brrghtly for th1rty SIX enthustastxc begmners They were Joyce Ostrum Pres1dent Coral Jean Ostrum V1ce Pres1dent Eugene Durrm Secretary Margaret Marcus Treasurer Leroy Anderson Ruth Arnold Bud Carstens Jean Cook James Davls Carol Garoutte Delbert Harnden B111 Hart Gladys Hufford R1ley Hunton Mary Lehner Stanlev Lonsberry Walter Lannen Lours Lehner B111 MacDonald Bucky Mendenhall Carl Nrtsche Nannette Oltrogge Norma Ostrum Edd1e R1tzdorf Fae Rathbun Mar11yn Rea Jerry Robbxns Regema Smxth Joan Stanley Buzzy Strmpson Pete Stokke Carolyn Vllg Clarence Wahl Hazel We1kel Helen W1nge and Melfred Wmge Durlng the school year Stanley Lonsberry James Davrs Walter Lannen Melfred Wrnge Marrlyn Rea and Lou1s Lehner left us and Kenneth Lahn Jo1ned our ranks The teach ers who helped us on our way were Mr E R Hunton Super1ntendent Mr George Servert Mrs Lou1se Hunton Mrs Donna Schermerhorn Mr Harry Spraycar M1ss Veron1ca Krertel M1ss Betty Lang and Mr Ralph Steneh Jem our adv1sor The h1gh11ghts of IhlS year were 1n1t1at1on and the party gxven by the Sophomores on September 15 the pa1nt mg of the A on May 3 and the school p1cn1c wh1ch was held above Ikerman s on May 25 The rays of the sun grew longer as we entered our Sophomore year on September 4 Leadmg us Ih1S year were Clarence Wahl, Pres1dent Margaret Marcus V1ce Pres1dent Coral Jean Ostrum Secretary Buzzy Sttmpson Treasurer D1ck Hultz and Mar11yn Rea entered at the beg1nn1ng of the school year and we lost Regen1a Smrth and B111 MacDonald Jerry Kenney came dur1ng the school year and Bucky Mendenhall and Mar1lyn Rea dropped school before the year was up Gu1d1ng our footsteps along the stra1ght and narrow path IhlS year were Mr E R Hunton Super1ntendent Mr Kenneth Roth Mrs Lou1se Hunton MISS Betty Lang Mr Ralph Stenehjem Mr Joe Orr1no Mr Harry Spraycar and MISS Veron1ca Kre1tel, our adv1sor The QCIIVIIICS th1s year were The 1n1t1at1on of the Freshmen on September 13 and three one act plays The Clty Slrcker and Our Nell Grandmother Ntck and Who s Afrard d1rected by Mrs Lou1se Hunton These plays were held on March 13 and the school p1cn1c May 23 wh1ch was held above Luther The suns rays had almost reached the peak as we entered our Jun1or year Clarence Wahl agatn took the lead taken we found we had srx new members Donna Sharp Bern1ce Schraub Carole Sanderson Darlene Frye Cllfford Johnson and Allan Strobel Durmg the school year Joan Stanley Edward R1tzdorf and Leroy Anderson dropped out Later we ga1ned Dtck G1bson only to lose lum before the year was completed Th1s year our fac ulty, wh1ch changed sltghtly were Mr E R Hunton Super1ntendent Mr Kenneth Roth Mrs Lou1se Hunton M1ss Rome Walston MISS Veron1ca Krextel Mrs Gladys Heatherton Mr Ralph Stenehjem and Mr Cornellus Jones our adv1sor SOC1a13CIlVlIl6S began for us November 15 when we sponsored the annual Junror Dance and contrnued to prog ress as M1ss Krertel ass1sted by Mrs Hunton, d1rected our well rece1ved play The Funny Fullers At last ll was t1me for that wh1ch every student watts three years the Jun1or Sen1or Prom wh1ch we held the second of May Elaborate decorat1ons wlth Sprrng Parad1se as the theme made our prom one of the most successful ever held Cl1max1ng an eventful year was the school p1cn1c held on May 29 at Emerald lake On August 31 1953 we started on the last lap of our Journey towards graduatxon The sun shone even bnghter thxs year as Buzzy Stxmpson Pres1dent pres1ded over meet1ngs He was ass1sted by Bud Carstens V1ce Pres1dent Mary Lehner Secretary and Bern1ce Schraub Treasurer Ga1n1ng no new members and lostng only one, R1ley Hunton our class of 31 students prom1sed to be the largest ever to graduate from Absarokee Hrgh School We had several new teachers th1s year The faculty conststed of Mr R C Graham Super1ntendent Mr W1ll1am S1mmons Mr John Degenhart Mr Harold Ehret MISS Rome Walston, Mr Ralph Stenehjem and Mr Kenneth Roth our adv1sor The b1g act1v1t1es on the calendar IhlS year were Sen1or Prcture Day wh1ch was held 1n B11l1ngs on November 5 Sen1or Play Arsemc and Old Lace on December 3 wh1ch was d1rected by Mr John Degenhart Sen1or Dance Apr11 3 A Vocatronal Work Shop held at Blg Trmber March 16 and Sneak Day wh1ch was held Aprtl 14 and 15 We journeyed to Deer Lodge Warm Sprmgs and Helena Clxmaxlng the year s events were The lun1or Sen1or Banquet and Prom May 1 and Baccalaureate on May 23 The sun reached 1ts hxghest peak on May 26 when graduat1on CXCICISBS were held for the class of 54 lt wa now h1gh noon and w1th a h1gh school educat1on beh1nd us and a r1ch and bount1ful 11fe ahead of us we were ready to face whatever the future mtght present 10 . . 'H .T . '.. .. . . '.. . ' t . ' with Buzzy Stimpson, Vice Presidentg Joyce Ostrum, Secretaryg and Gladys Hufford, Treasurer. When roll was Class Cfflcers Standrng BuzzySt1mpson Presldent Bud Carstens Vrce Pres1dent Seated Mary Lehner Secretary Bermce Schraub Treas urer I x ,.,,,..,.6-w--- Nh Sen1ors put out the Aeoman and sponsor the Husk1e The senlors pre sented "Arsen1c and Old Lace wlule the theme for the Sen1or Dance s "C1der T1me " Four sen1or g1rls were m chorus and erght sen1or grrls were 1n band Four senrors g1rls were 1n tumbllng Seven sen1or boys played football, s1x played baseball and four played basketball Erght semors were members of Pep Club FHA was lead by three semor g1rls and FFA was lead by f1ve sernor boys Four semors were 1n the Student Councll Kenneth! Roth Senror Advrsor '-Gb ABNER QBUZZYQ STIMPSON Aeon1an4, Basketball l,2, 3, Class Offxcer 2,3,4, Treas. 2, V Pres 3, Pres. 4,Dramat1cs 2.4, FFA 1,2, 3.4, Sec. 3, Pres 4, Foot ball 1,2,3,4. 11 'W 0 I ' as l . : a ! - ' , ' F Ch? ,st , 'TAM V- xAA . ,, . . l wa ' ' . D I A. I I' M f lv GAA -A63 'S' ivwsuuy' DARLENE FRYE Transferred from Bozeman 3 Aeoruan 3 4 Chorus 3 Dramaucs4 FHA3 4 e Club 3 4 Tumblrng, 3 4 PETE STOKKE A6OIl13Il-1 Basketball 2 Dramaucs 4 FFA 1 2 bentrnel 3 Football 3 4 CAROLYN VIIG Aeoruan3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorusl 2 Dramatrcs 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 Hrstorran 3 Treas 4 l-luskre 4 Class Ed Pep Club l 2 3 CLARENCE WAHL Aeoman 4 Basketball 1 Chorus 2 3 Class Offrcer 2 3 Pres 2 3 Dramaucs 234 FFA1234 V Pres 2 Presrderrt 3 Debate 1 Football2 3 4 Co captam 4 Husk1e4 StudemCoun c1l 4 Lrterary Mgr EUGENE DURRIN Aeoman4 Basketball 1 2 Chorus 3 Class Offrcer Sec 1 Dramatlcs 4 FFA 1 2 3 Reporter3 Football 2 3 4 I-luskre 4 NANNETTE OLTROGGE Aeoman3 4 Band 1 Z 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Dramatrcs 2 FHA 2 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Prom Queen 4 12 ffl' BUD CARSTENb n l 2 3 Pre Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basket ba 1 2 3 4 Captain 4 Class Officer V Pres 4 Dramatics 2 3 4 FFA 3 4 Football 1 RUTH MENDENHALL Aeonian3 4 FHA2 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 JERRY KENNEY Transferred from Billings 2 Aeonian 4 B1seball2 Basketball 2 3 Chorus 3 Dramatlcs 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 MARY LEHNER Aeonnn 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 Class Officer 4 Sec Dramat1cs2 3 4 Huskie 4 Tumbling 2 MARGARET MARCUS Aeonian 3 4- Band 12 3 4 Sec. 3- Carnival Queen 3- Cheerleader 2 3- Cho- rus 1 2- Class Officer 1 2 C.l V,Pr ,2- r- m tics L,3g FHA 2,3,4, Historian 2, Pres. 3g Stu- dent Council 3,4, Pres. 4g Tumbling 2,3. CARL NITSCHE Aeonian4g Baseball l,2,3, 43 Basketball 2,3,4, Co- captain 4- Dramatics 2,3, 4gFFA l,2,3,4g Football 3, 4, Captain 4. 13 ai gjezff J of I4 my af -I' 3.1 CLIFFORD JOHNSON Transferred from Cald well Idaho 3 Aeonran 4 Baseball3 4 Basketball 3 4 Dramat1cs34 Football 4 I-luskre4 Ed GLADYS HUFFORD Aeon1an3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Student Drrector4 Class Offrcer 3 Treas Dramaucs 2 3 FHA 2 3 4 Sec 3 Huskle 4 Head Typrst Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 4 Treas 2 Musrc Mgr DONNA SHARP Transferred from Brllxngs 3 Aeoman 3 4 Ed 4 Chorus3 4 Dramat1cs3 4 FHA3 4 Husk1e4 Busmess Mgr Pep Club 3 4 JERRY ROBBINS Aeonxan 4 Baseball 1 Dramatrcs 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Student Councrl 1 HAZEL WEIKEL Aeon1an2,3,4, Art Ed 3.4, Band 1,2,3,4, offlcer 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Offrcer 3, 4, Dramaucs 2, G1rl's State Delegate 3, Huskre 4, Art Ed , Pep Club 2,3,4 JEAN COOK Aeon1an3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2, Dramatrcs 2.3, FHA4, Huskre 4, Assrstant Ed , Pep Club 1,2,3 14 5 -49' A25 We manage, 'WNW 1. s as r rr? 'Q' .-MQ 1835 f? '1 fi? 'T BERNICE SCI-IRAUB Transferred from Home dale Idaho 3 Aeonran 3 4 Class Offrcer 4 Treas Dramar1cs3 I-1usk1e4 L1 brary 4 KENNETH LAHN Transferred from Mlles Crty 2 Aeoman 4 Base ba1l2 3 Chorus 2 3 Dra matrcs 3 ALLEN STROBEL Transferred from Terry 3 ACOHIBD4 Baseba1l4 Bas ketball 3 Chorus3 Dra matlcs 4 FFA 3 4 Foot ball 3 HELEN WINGE Aeon1an3 4 Chorus 1 Pep Clubl 2 3 Tumblmg 3 4 JOYCE OSTRUM Aeoman 3 4 Band 1 4 1Chorus 1 Class Offrcer 13 Pres 1 Sec 3 ra maucs 2 FHA 1 2 34 Huskre 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 Pres 3 CAROL GAROUTTE Aeonian 3 4- Chorus 1 2- Dramatics 2 3- Tumbling 15 1' .4-0' w"""' X 'X X iii" CAROLE SANDERSON Transferred from Btllmgs 3 Aeonran 4 Band 3 4 Cheerleader 4 Dramatrcs F A 4 Huskre Photography Ed Pep Club 3 4 Tumblrng 3 4 CORAL JEAN OSTRUM Aeomna 3 4 Band 1 2 3 V Pres 2 Carmval Queen 4 Chorus 1 Class Offrcer 1 2 V Pres 1 Sec 2 Dra rnatrcs 2 3 FHA 1 2 3 4 Se 2 Treas 3 Pres 4 l-lusk1e4 PepClub 1 2 3 4 BILL HART Aeoman 4 Baseball 1 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Boy s State Delegate 3 Dra mat1cs2 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 SCUIIHCIO Treas 3 Foot ball 1 2 3 Student Coun crl 4 Athletrc Mgr DELBERT I-IARNDEN Aeontan 4 Band 1 2 3 Baseball2 Dramatrcs 3 4 Stage 'x1anag,er3 4 FFA 2 3 Football 1 Pep Club 2 FAE RATHBUN Aeonran 3 4 Cheerleader 3 Chorus 2 Dramatrcs 3 Pep Club 1 2 3 Tumblrng 2 3 4 Twtrler 1 2 3 NORMA OSTRUM Aeon1an3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 FHA 3 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 Twrrler 1 2 3 16 M 'Qing 'X wi Ji if 'aw X f I Jig' ,mxf W A flf x ffflfffb 7 'MQ K ILAAA 1 A iv hBmjMfJ174 M X j 5 X ...ff fp XR JUNIQRS , 1 X: A j L 'wi Mtv' X I Aw 11215-1 N V 15 ml! J 'D l M M Qgrk VW ya A A Q 'E fx ii Xjxsx. W 3, Fr., Q 1'U1 . NX xg!! fgl- I lt: . if l ing lllxgrv elk l Q f' I IN 'L JQU5- 13 f "iz-S J Iuxnl, 1 X QQ . J XXXXXNXYRQ '-H-S WJ J, J 'rf lm 1' H! ig +V F," ,,l!'!ig4"n ' n M fi ,f E W , 1 w'21,f 2W iwi j :nr If rf.: H IA: it gin" JJ me fi? X I A HKA'-5 Y i fwfafa 1 l 'mn , ig 3 'fv , " ' M I M' 'ii K, W ' M5 l Mui, + 543 ,-MJ ' Migwx ' i, wp rp, W :V , gf W ' -' H M X. 'E ' N! IHXELIIMH f H' i, fif Q fi , A , 'V 1 VL XM X Ti? X 1X f X' Q AIX Qi QI VN l A - A x 1 ii, A 1 If Xnvv is Sb X NNY WMM ff A If A f MA , J XL m x - f y xx X F Q X 2? ff! Xxxkfxw x.-' X Class Officers ---fl: NFS Loren Arthun Presldent Barbara Davls V1ce Presxdent Mr Degenhart Adv1sor Marlene Kenney Treasurer Marvls Ostrum Secretary N1ne boys partlclpated 1n FFA and four gxrls par tlcpated 1D FI-IA Only one g1rl was 1n tumblmg There were three IH band and e1ght 1U chorus Two boys were 1n football and basketball and several 1n baseball On the Aeon1an Staff there were seven The Jun1or Play was Cheaper By The Dozen The last blg project of the .Tumors was thelr Prom and Banquet w1th the theme "I-Iawauan Sunset ll 18 Loren Arthun im- QQ? Amel1a Madlson Marlene Kenney Juniors '99 'X 'AY mf imma? Mary Ann Egan Fred Stokke Audrey McGann F4911 E9 3 Karl Gaustad Marvrs Ostrum Bernard Lea ,ffm fag WF' iw-wk 'CS' 45' W Irene Arney Chfford Espeland Elnore Storbel 19 Juniors and Theresa Corbrtt John Llen Barbara Holman 'Aff J0hl'l Jay Flanagan Barbara Dav1s Bobby Waldo 4-fs., 10 'ill 1 f x.:t?' Rob Tyler Benjamm Yates Hubert Ostrum 20 QQQXZ7 Xwwfg Wm NY! X-N 5 X ak X ifixf N IV I ffd 0 'V X ff W MEX WW C2 056 6 SOPHOMORES -"7 X """ Xb, XX , 4, N f Z gx K-M ? l gtrzv f , E ' .--- 9 '. W X'-'Q' 5711 ' ' 1-lip 'ii " M in ' Y il lk ll wb X 1 x + f 5 , fk 3 1 Ng VR- X P I jf M X, x xr I fff Q..-f 'I ix f K 1 QA fs 4 'X 9 .- , S' f M? nf ' J ' f tl V, ' xxx Q. E X k fy 5 b?, r ,X X 'U X I 5 ,Z K N y Y x. M fs +' K SA Tx'-it Class Officers 150 ui S48 Jack Taylor Treasurer K Kathleen Pelton Presldent Earl Wnght V1ce Presldent Four Sophomores were 1r1 basketball, s1x ln football and sev eral 1n baseball There were e1ght g1r1s 1I'1 FHA and ten boys 10 FFA F1ve gxrls took tumblmg In chorus there were ten and m band there were f1ve Three Sophomores were on the Aeonlan Staff .l 22 0 I' xl A ,, g ' wi . . x , , , .N w f F r 6 , C f f l 4 L 5 13 V V at -4 5. ' .gf atie Tyler:': . . ' . . . I 0 . Secretary ,- 4 ,' , X- , V K if -1, ,,-'fl I F4 rec. Sophomores l IQ' was-' 'Q 48 Wu., -'golf' -.2-"fs K 3 lf P as avian .0-"' Donald Mc Bnde Yvonne Egan Jeanette Mxchael Rlchard Hash Jack Taylor Ellen Hlnton Marjone Larsen Ethel Foust l U f - X .ff .5 . ,A- lfa A Vv M " I an a " . 'Alf' ,Q , Y ' ,d V WW" I N , V I i Q A sz' Q I Q- ,f e l Sophomores m. X 14- 'K v'-::'.l' 3 139' ES' 'S Jil Avei """" C3 95 ,Q- is .v"'Q, ivxfank H-wr Jackie Banfxeld Olaf Sherwood Stanley Dodd Dolores Frye Charlene Bennette Bucky Cook Gs Sue Hunter Mary Yates Maureen Joslin Erwxn Ostrum Verna Mae Barr Not plctured Susan Donohoe Earl Farmstead Clarence Marcher 'FQ' Zz 9 fmx ,fi QWYM xx fn I xxx JW Q! ,jf ,EEN X w xix .13 -:iii 'I K5 Vw iv WXWXULX -.LS QW 7 ?:' gi? WNW , ? fy E ww x XX? Xi AH 'H FMR Z?z A VK .M M ff mx Avi XXSHMZ- Nj! Q2 EMI X 754 I M ww 'f uuu ffrw Li? FRESHMEN 1 5 F"'L'NA-- E- f' 1-73-I' ll Ni? 1 jf ff f' 1- ff 'I l a XX Eg af f W N NX A , x , f' ' xx J 1 S E , 5 ' ' XXX X H 1! WMF XX' X Sq Q f I.,-x f 7-X 'Ah N XX! QX ,ff 7 J J 'X R 1 H k U ww 'I ' ' ' MX Q , xx X Z. ' ul I REX X Vx x . , Q l I Q if, X mx 1 f, 'X W fa f+w 4 ,"fL44 f fmQ W 4 'fi X X qi N ,M 'fs 'NR V74-Z "RF " ' Y V Q - .4 'xv X I A Q Q' x 1 F 22 ,N N H' AVTNS -V A , f-15+ 1 jf K1 lr? N L QL gmt f ,. h' I,-4' , , k A' M r T lf' X .N Q X X5 U, .R ' K ,,,Z:5f EM X ,ps -ff '-- -f ' 1 I Q f 1 ' V' J' we I WM I LX QA, I 'J I -lg 5 1.. If I 67 cf' - sf gA 1 1 s t f Mg up 9 HL C IM f. 'l' n A ,kg-'A pg, 7 yn ,V 1 'ag ,' X' R ir uf 7Lk.q f vb . x ,- - is gc , I o,. . 0 QT X 41 cf' I K fo U. H- rv' fs I XX lxo I 5,5 Ns . f X 2 x N 9 AA lx VA, 0 x, N- --- .--"L-'. 1 If Lynn Hetland Bllly Blakeley Sande Southworth Class Officers 945 i Treasurer Presldent Secretary Shlrley Strobel Vlce presrdent There were s1x 1n chorus and eleven 1n band F,1ght boys were IH FFA and frve grrls were 1H FHA Four glrls took tumbllng One boy was 1n football three 1n basketball and several 1n baseball There was one freshman on the Aeon1an Staff 44' ii' 0 ' Ax 4!" O W 4 V I Q .- I n i eff F r 2 sg , 5 , :V , VV V F F sgaigr its as ,, ,, . , , A . 5 . ,,, A t . E .3 Q ' ' If 1 , Es f - .HQI ,isnt f " 'Cv-.,,k. A I T334-., 1 J , I . , K4 ' 1 f 'it F l 4' -. 1-2' ' , , if - F :i Q fir: 7554 , sr, a n , .. r n l -N lf! l f ..:l b .,fl!j: fsffr 26 Freshmen 'V' R ml ' CQ! .F ,4 dy- Ns! ff'-Z2 in-0 'ZZ7' 'FY' '56 'S'- I u l5 Lynn Hetland Anna Arney James Oltrogge Shlrley Hoover Dave Martm Frances Yates Beverly Slmons George Darrah Q--gi al N. ,film Qu? .. f"'wi if -25- 4 'VgI?z2, r Pl Shlrley Strobel Sande Southworth Pat Evermgham Betty Lou Undenberg Jerald Sanderson james Waldo Teddy Hart Robert Mullen 27 B1lly Blakeley James Eggan Wayne BlShOD Georgette Mlller G' Freshmen f 12:1 fl? ,Z Nuff' 1 'JSF 'Q' Jerry French Laverne Carstens Not plctured Rlchard Goodson Charles Mlller 'Hindi' Allce Yates Fred Lonsbery Gerald Holmes H av- RH. fl 1 -x-:Sr saws Dlana Lmk Donme Marnn Gwen Olrrogge Charles George Sybol Gaustad Tom Flanagan V an W X ,ll N 28 4? wb L. fxs ' V I Q 1 h X h l 1' , , 5 - 'ff , V " , X Q I ' 1 Q f 1 ' X I V 1 ,F , -:sigh 3 fl - r K 1 . f h Al W 6 , 4 A X r lvl X I , " Rigzl X X X , . f X X N ,, X N xx -s his A Q, 'E' EH' qv F 'F . F. I X I xx E N, fx x T ey l M F ' 4 r Q! 1 "fl When gals get together Sllckln up Donna Lxttle Nell Ah your fadder s mustache FHA Style Show ,rf an ' 2, Leading lady and man we-,., in-is-x Smile, please Taking life easy FFA and FHA being refreshed i 1'1- .W K M ..-.g ... its I 3, 'f -2 H R LM M xl Virginia and Vande Silly Seniors 579 Carnival Queen and King Some of our seniors in 1944 T arf' 'J 5,- Chow Time Belfry fan Mutt and Jeff Yeah, Coaches! 4621 Absarokee fan Maestro 1 H xxx C X EX X WX xX X x xg XX Ni bxxg ixxsm-B5 wx xxxkx XX NWS? Qxxx I Xxxw 1' Z? X Jill?-brig Wk XXXXX iq XX ff XX X. W M412 IIIIZ A917 I IA I If ff X ,MW ff ACTIVITIES X KW X! .XX vw Y U Xf I f ff f ' ' lg: 'X X-Qixx X , xi XX M f - , XXXQK X ,, RX. W xi . vf I I x X 5. I 'Q SX 1 . I x -Tx I: f IQ I B XENZQE' S Ls fy x XX II , '- X' vi Q ,,fw!L-,fag I I II, xi-,ANI Q ,l....,..,, - - fri.-.N w--J I JI I I I II ,ff I f .K g I jf X , J , 1 ' 1 Concert Band pn' Seated left to right Gladys Hufford Sybol Guastad Mary Yates Carolyn Vug Shrrley Gtrobel Drana Lrnk Bob Mullen Margaret Marcus Barbara Davts Ahce Lee Amelxa Madrson Jean Cook Lynn Hetland Loren Arthun Betty Lou Udenburg Carole Sanderson Clarence Strobel Katle Tyler Frances Yates Beverly Slmons Hazel Werkel John Marcus Kathleen Pelton Chuck George Anna Arney Eva Marcher Gary Olsen Wayne Bishov Nannette Oltrogge Joyce Osuum Standrng left to rrght Earl Wrrght Cora Lee Strmpson Jerry French Brlly Blakelev Mr William Simmons Director Director Band Gfflcers Student Director Lnren Arthun William Slmmons Top: Barbara Davis, Lrbranang Hazelwelkel, Secretary Treasurer, Amelia Madrson. Vlce presldent, Earl Wrrght, Manager, LorenArthun, Presidentg John Marcus, Manager 32 I I , A 'Ax ' I A A ' , I YM X If pl'- ' . , A fn J J C P' ' kai " 5 Q. 3 ' H I rf I Q f. 4 K : 1 , . 1 ' 0 ' U l ' ' I l l I 1 n 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 , 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' . 1 I 1 1 . 1 . 1 I . ' : 1 1 1 I 0 0 1 Band Soloists and Ensembles Trumpet Trro Ameha Madrson Brass Quartet Amelta Madtson Loren Arthun Clarence Strobel Loren Arthun Nannette Oltrogge Joyce Ostrum Clarinet Trlo Margaret Marcus Barbara Davis Gladys Hufford Frances Yates Flute I-01'CH Arthun Trumpet Lynn Hetland Sousaphone Amelia M3d1SOH Trumpet 33 Women s Chorus knead WW when We Front Marvls Ostrum Sue Hunter JoAnn Campbell Shtrley Strobel Gladys Hufford Jeannette Michael Sande Southworth Delores Frye Donna Sharp Gwen Oltrogge Back Jackie Ban fleld Barbara Holman Verna Mae Barr Marlene Kenney Frances Yates Hazel Wexkel Amelta Madxson Elnore Strobel Ethel Foust Kane Tyler Mixed Chorus l --4 'Pu-4 First Row Donna Sharp Sande Southworth Sue Hunter Delores Frye Gladys Hufford. Second Row: Bernard Lea Frances Yates Hazel Weikel Amelia Madison Loren Arthun. Third Row: Gene Durrin Allan Strobel Clarence Wahl Hubert Oslrum Bill Blakely Lynn Hetland. Director of these groups is Mr. William Simmons. 34 Gur Pep Leaders HES E111 Pep Club Offlcers Jeanette Michael Secretary Treasurer Delores Frye Reporter Kathleen Pelton President Cora Lee Strmpson Vxce Presldent A Team Cheerleaders Kathleen Pelton Carole Sanderson Cora Lee Stlmpson B Team Cheerleaders Shrrley Strobel Beverly Slmons Sande Southworth FH, 4 AMN Lf J 'kr Vavw' .f,,.,Mg,x L 11134 Q 'Q - f mf s 3 "' 1 1 ,h -if M, 1 4. db-u ',q,5l wwf F. K- QV-. '55 11,-f P 4 pn ul f K5 5 q 2. ' " ' .3 4 , ' ' rs ' 9. 'fv I ap 5 1 u z . ii,,,,,, ,., fe v 4 fr l r ,K MY N Huskie Staff QQ Front Cltfford Johnson Jean Cook Second Row Donna Sharp Carolyn Vug Carole Sander son Thlrd Row Gladys Hufford Hazel Werkel Clarence Wahl lksslstants Bill Hart Mary Lehner Jean Cook Gene Durrm Coral Jean Ostrum Not Pictured Joyce Ostrum 38 Staff Editor Clifford Johnson Assistant Edltor Jean Cook Busrness Manager Donna Sharp Assistant Buslness Manager Joyce Ostrum Art Edrtor Hazel Wetkel Assistant Art Editor Gene Dumn Sports Editor Clarence Wahl Photo Edltor Carole Sanderson Assistant Photo Editor Coral Jean Ostrum Class Editor Carolyn Vug Assistant Class Editors Bernice Schraub Mary Lehner Typist Gladys Hufford Assistant Sports Editor Bxll Hart Advrsors Miss Rome Walston Mr John Degenhart " ww ,T ,E yt 1 Vi E 36 ,, X4 A v : ' , . . : , ", ' . z , , . , 1 I I .1 Aeonlan Staff Inf 'Q Joyce Ostrum Gladys Hufford Berntce Schraub Carolyn Vug Donna Sharp Hazel Welkel Gene Durrin Carole Sanderson Staff Editor Donna Sharp Assistant Editor Bernice Schraub Art Edrtors Hazel Weikel Gene Durrln Business Manager Margaret Marcus Exchange Editor Nannette Oltrogge Advertismg Managers Carolyn Viig Carole Sanderson Crrculation Managers Joyce Ostrum Gladys Hufford Mlmeograph Operators Jean Cook Fae Rathbun Jean Cook Carol Garoutte Advisors Miss Roine Walston Mr John Degenhart Reporters Clarence Wahl Darlene Frye Allan Strobel Delores Frye Mary Lehner John Marcus Irene Arney Hubert Ostrum Elnore Strobel 39 Quill and Scroll 19" Front Donna Sharp Hazel Weikel Darlene Frye Allan Strobel Back Clarence Wahl El nore Strobel Amelia Madrson Bernlce Schraub Mary Lehner Clrfford Johnson The Qu1ll and Scroll 1S an 1nternat1onal honorary soc1ety for h1gh school Journ allsts who have done outstand1ng work on the newspaper and yearbook staffs Absarokee I-L1gh's Qurll and Scroll Chapter was organ1zed thts year under the d1rect1on of Mr John Degenhart Wrth ten charter members, It has prom1se fbemgavery strong organ1zat1on to back up the ' Aeoman and the I-Iusk1e' Aeon1an was submttted to M I E A , and of forty papers Judged 1n Class E ten rece1ved All State rat1ng Aeon1an was judged All State, the h1ghestrat1ng grven to a school newspaper Quill and Scroll Officers Donna Sharp Presrdent Hazel Werkel VICE President Darlene Frye Secretary 4-0 o ,,..........Q-.- ..,' Y 1 .' . '. ' : : ' ' Y i I I ' . . . . . . . . . . ' . . 0 ll ll I. l 0 0 0 I Q V Zilfl vi h JI . O lv . 'L .A S ,wif s in , . ' N N wa A Club fr W-- f 1 ' , gh , , Lge ' Front Bucky Cook Earl Wrlght John Marcus Jerry Kenney Clarence Wahl Olaf Sherwood Mr Kenneth Roth Advlsor Back Jack Taylor Harry Wright Rob Tyler Butch Nrtsche John Jay Flanagan Bud Carstens John Lren Officers Clarence Wahl Secretary Treasurer John M Carstens Vice President Bill Hart Presxdent 41 arcus Reporter Bud 'bi 1 1 if ' Y ' :- I I D I I ' Q ,Am V .V . , V wg! K ,Q h V4 f -" ' . C i W C K if , , .54 , - : I . : . ' 3 . - Future Farmers of America Frrst Row Loren Arthun Clarence Wahl Bernard Lea Hubert Ostrum Allan Strobel Bobby Waldo Bud Carstens Earl Wright Chfford Espeland Second Row Buzzy Strmpson Charles Mlller Davtd Martln Harry Wught Donald McBr1de John .lay Flanagan GeraldHolmes Olaf Sherwood Teddy Hart Mr Ralph Stenehjem Advtser Itmmy Eggan Tommy Flanagan George Darrah Benny Yates Dick Hash Jack Taylor Erw1nOstrum J1mmyOl trogge FFA Officers B11lHart Vice Presrdent Loren Arthun Reporter Buzzy Strmpson President Mr Stenehgem Adviser Jerry Robbrns Secretary Clarence Wahl Treasurer Butch Nltsche Sentmel Back Allan Strobel Parhamentarran Hubert Os trum Third Vrce Presrdent Bernard Lea Second Vice Presrdent Bud Car stens Parlramentartan 42 5 l I Third Row: Buclty Cook,Johnny Marcus,john Lien,,Car1 Nitsche,.Bl1l Hart, Karl' Ganstad, Bob Hart. Fourth Row! Future Homemakers of America Frrst Row Margaret Marcus Jeanette Mtchael Katne Tyler Kathleen Pelton Coral Jean Ostrum Cora Lee Strmpson Carolyn Vng Delores Frye Gladys Hufford Second Row Miss Rome Walston Advtser Sue Hunter Jackie Banfleld Barbara Holman Marvls Ostrum Elnore Strobel Norma Osnum D1ana Lrnk Georgette Miller Carole Sanderson Mrs Ralph Stenehjem Chapter Mother Thxrd Row Shrrley Strobel Jean Cook Joyce Os trum Nannette Oltrogge Sande Southworth JoAnn Campbell Donna Shartp Barbara Davts Darlene Frye Bev erly Simons FHA Officers Mr Stenehjem Chapter Mother Katie Ty ler Song Leader Kathleen Pelton Secre tary Coral Jean Ostrum President Cora hee Stlmpson Vrce Presldent Miss Walston Adviser Back Margaret Marcus Reporter Jeanette Mlchael Parhamentarian Delores Frye Htstorlan Carolyn Vug Treasurer 43 f . , - 3 , - 1 I I . Y I I Y I Y . . , . I , , ' I I I l I D I - '. . ' , I ' , Q 1 ' I . D s I I ' - s ,td Ap-,',' I : J 1 ,.,' " . I ' , G , - .va A 1 1 l . '. . L Abby Brewster Darlene Frye ...af pp N-I,-.Ik Senior Class Play Arsenic and Qld Lace Arsemc and Old Lace was a three act comedy about two old charm1ng and mnocent ladtes, Martha and Abby Brewster, who populate the1r cellar w1th the rema1ns of soctally and reltgwusly "acceptable roomers, the anttcs of the1r de brother, Teddy, who thmks he IS Teddy Roose velt and the amazmg act1v1t1es ofthe other broth er, Jonathon Everythmg turns out all rrght 1n the end when the two old ma1ds and therr brother, Teddy, are com m1tted to Happy Dale Samtartum and Jonathon IS arrested The cast was as follows The Reverend Dr Harper Teddy Brewster Officer Brophy Officer Klein Martha Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster Mr Gibbs Jonathon Brewster Dr Ernstein Officer O Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr Witherspoon Director 44 Jerry Kenney Clifford Johnson Butch Nltsche Gene Durrin Mary Lehner Carole Sanderson Bud Carstens Jerry Robbins Clarence Wahl Pete Stokke Buzz Stimpson Allan Strobel Bill Hart Mr John Degenhart .lunlor Class Play Cheaper By The Dozen The G1lbreth fam1ly was an eff1c1ently run farrnly Everythmg ran l1ke a clock Mr Culbreth was the most effxc1ent and he ran h1s famlly Just l1ke he ran hrs factory He d1d not beheve 1n boy fr1ends Sllk stock1ngs or tedd1es, but Anne got them all and lt seemed to rum everythmg 1n her l1fe She could not get her school work or her work at home Then Mr Gtlbreth was asked to speak 1n England at the World Management Con ference at wh1cht1me he commenced to organ1ze a famrly councrl to help Mrs G1lbreth manage the famxly wh1le he was gone He flnally got Anne graduated and permttted her to have her boyfrtends and s1lk stockmgs Thus the play ended w1th the fam1ly saymg goodbye All of them were happy rn therr love for each other but sad to have father leave them The cast was as follows Mrs Gilbreth Mr Gllbreth Ernestine Frank Jackie Dan B Fred Anne Llllian Martha Mrs Fitzgerald Ik Burton Joe Scales Miss Brill Larry Director Amella Madison Loren Arthun Barbara Holman Rob Tyler Marvls Ostrum Jack Werkel Benny Yates Marlene Kenney Irene Ar-ney Barbara Davls Gladys Hufford Robert Waldo John Jay Flanagan Elnme Strobel Bernard Lea Mr Wrllram Simmons 45 . , . . , . ill.... .. .. H ,,H,"l:IubertOsu'um Jumor Senior Banquet "Hawa11an Sunset " The class colors wh1ch are aqua and s1lver were used 1n decorat1ng the ce1l1ng whxch changed gradually from a dark blue at one end to a br1ght sunset at the other The class motto "Success Before The Sun Sets was set 1n s1lver letters across one end The banquet was a gala affa1r wxth the sophomore glrls serv1ng a del1c1ous d1nner cooked by the MB Club The program lncluded the read1ng of the class w111 prophecy and h1story r John Degenhart Jumor class adv1ser gave the address 46 f " Q J 5 ig ff? , , p y lo, .- I 'li 1 ,, , ,mp , ' ! Kamen' ,T . l . I The Junior-Senior banquet and prom was held May 1, 1954. The theme was I' 1 n . , c . . . , , . U M: X , 'A X . Ml l gy 4 Junior-Senior Prom Grand March precedmg the crowmng of the queen Prom Queen, Nannette Olnogge Junior Class President, Loren Arthun 47 0 M 1 I J uf ' fx -.x X 1' , , U 5 f I W 7 i Commencement 48 Commencement lima w x N Q ww ff ' ff ffff fl!!! 11 1 J Front Row Darlene Frye Carolyn Vug Donna Sharp Gladys Hufford Helen Wmge Fae Rathbun Coral Jean Lehner Jerry Robbins Hazel Welkel Butch Nrtsche Bermce Schraub Kenneth Lahn Clrfford Johnson Thrrd Row Jerry Kenney Nannette Oltorgge Pete Stokke Allan Strobel B111 Hart Norma Ostrum Gene Durrrn Joyce Ostrum Not Plctured Ruth Mendenhall Buzz Stimpson Delbert Harnden Carol Garoutte x Salutatorran . . . Joyce Ostrum Reverend Paul B. McCleave Valedrctorian . . . . . Clarence Wahl Commencement speaker 49 , X I I 7' " 'f,t V 1 ' x Ostrum, Nlargaret Marcusi Jean Cook, Carole Sanderson. Q Second Royv: Bud Carstens, 'C1arence'Wahl,Mary J J 2 ' 2 R . 1 ' K , ' 1 rf , , I VY af' 1 ae' Q ' il ' Carnival King and Queen V V I .,.4f'4L.., . fl lf Mighty Mites The Choraliers Freshman Antics X ,Y i use in . 1 is Q is is ga., Ns 5 n 5l"Af 2152- h 1 5. J T m - 3 W. segtiffs s is Q ,T 5 M 3 f ' 'I f'-1 L 3 4 " " R National Assembly That's Showin' 'em! . Kiwi? xc Grade Tumblers . 11" , n A539 it gpm iff? .l f i x . MJ 'fr' L s ' T is W Q, M 1 . IAA an A Aww A M XV' 4,1 XXX ef ,Xxx-QA, i QQ Misc: N Q lf f"QGmRw7l1 MQ X AW if ,1 f ATHLETICS Football Team Frrst Row Buzz Sumpson Clarence Wahl Gene Durrrn Jerry Kenney Butch Nltsche Sec ond Row Olaf Ostrum George Darrah Harry Wright Jerry French Lynn Hetland Last Row Fred Stokke Rob Tyler B111 Blakely Clarence Marche: Earl Wngnt John Marcus Jack Tay lor Manager Mr Kenneth Roth coached th1s year's football team whmch won frfty per cent of 1ts games It was a successful season cons1der1ng that no serrous 1nJur1es were encountered. The fans can look forward to a drfferent style and type of football next year. Changing from a heavy "tank type" defense to a fast, de cept1ve offense should make for an excrtmg, hrgher scoring game Bridger Belfrey Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Lodge Gr ass Football Schedule 20 Absarokee 59 Absarokee 32 Park City 45 Fromberg 6 Johet 43 Absarokee 52 6 13 18 6 Forfen 0 , f , -A l g A jk ' f A . A V or ff wwf. fy , ,Qu ' ' zflgffgf . . . . ' I ' I 1 : I 1 I I 0 Y I I I g U , . . . . . . . Q . Football Powers Butch Nitsche, L. H. Fred Szokke, E. Earl Wright. R. H. Gene Durrin, C. Clarence Marcher, C. Iohn Marcus, Q B Jerry Kenrley, Q. Harry Wright. E. Buzzy Stimpson, E. Bill Blakeley, L. H. awww I ack Taylor. Manager 53 ini Clarence Wahl, E. Rob Tyler, E Basketball Front Row Butch Nltsche B111 Blakely John Marcus Bud Carstens John L Flanagan Back Row Rob Tyler Jerry French Bucky Cook Earl Wrrght Jack Taylor Lynn Hetland A partxcularly rough schedule was experlenced th1s year by the Husk1es Keepmg the floorboard hot aga1nst such rugged compet1tors as Belfry Br1d ger, and Lodge Grass, they fought the1r way to the tournament where they came up w1th the th1rd place trophy Th1s season they averaged 57 81 po1nts a game, aga1nst an average of 47 59 po1nts a game for then' compet1tors The team, coached by Mr Harold Galahan, had only three outgolng semors , wh1ch should make for a successful season agaln next year Basketball Schedule 101161 Fromberg Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee ' ge Grass Brldger Absarokee Park City Johet Absarokee ' Columbus Absarokee Absarokee ' Manhatten Abs arokee Absarokee ' Columbus Absarokee Abs arokee ' Abs arokee Belfry Absarokee Edgar Roberts Absarokee Reed Pornt Bndger Manhatten Absarokee Fromberg Absarokee Park Clty ' on conference games Tournament Absarokee Fromberg Bndger Absarokee Absarokee Edgar Absarokee Johet 54 I .....50 .....46 .....58 ..36 .....76 '......26 .....67 ......41 ...32 Lod ....'78 ......53 .....42 ......40 ' .......40 ......39 ' Lodge Grass .... 6 1 Absarokee ...... 42 Belfry ........ 52 Absarokee .....6O .....6'7 '. .....66 ........45 N - .....58 ......47 .....92 '......38 .....59 . .....58 ' ...54 ' ..51 .....55 .....65 ..85 ......45 .....55 ' .....51 ......31 Ead a Bucky cook Guard o Uanaif yokm S met G Zefland wwws O Y Otw at R. O Ty Gua B1 ,VB1ak ar ey UQ' C afste Gua ns -ga ad" 0 I 9,0 e0 ai OI' pvlyaff Hr x ig! Nxwche Buxcgemer WHS? t . U Y' tw 7 Lynn Ce ,, J' ' U d n f .h n A ? Y 3 UW A ' ' ff 8 U ' .0 A' X X ' F I W, X1 xv? 'L Ov K if 1 A 1 X , ' X ' 1 ' V X ti 1 X, i ,- , E gr I V h vf s X ' Y ? f A f,,,,', Ak fu 'il ' A ' h',, i 1 , X , s R b ,er 'A , Q . rd K f, 1 , I 1 I Q ' '11 Q XX. F0rW d 1 Q Q I E SY! gh B A ' qxo S YOQY4 Fd 6 55 S 0 at B Team Basketball Qlll A uun Standlng from left to r1ght Tommy Flanagan Lynn Hetland Harry Wngxt Bob Hart Kneehng from left to rlght Charles George and Chester Cook The "B' squad team gave the home town crowd some exc1t1ng moments th1s year as they played alternately fa1r, good, and excellent ball No tournament Kenneth Roth the team seemed to know the fundamentals of the game and d1s played the sp1r1t character1st1c of a good ball club Columbus Absarokee Absarokee Lodge Grass Columbus Belfry Absarokee Absarokee Fromberg Lodge Grass Bndger Belfry B Team Schedule Absarokee Park City Johet Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Fromberg Joliet Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee 56 9 . as , I, if " Q la l 8 l gf , gl K ,sg 4 N N B ,L 5 1 "' ' v was staged so they were not rated in district standing Ably coached by Mr i 45 51 ' 39 ' 57 46 60 47 58 ' 48 62 ' 43 36 Baseball Team f Y Front Fred Stokke Bernard Lea John Marcus Jerry French Bob Hart B111 Blakely Back Clarence Marcher Earl Wnght Jack Taylor Lynn Hetland Bob Tyler Cllfford Johnson Butch N1tsche Bud Carstens Mr Roth The begmnmg ofbaseball season th1s year saw a goodly turnout of boys on the Mackay Athlet1c F1eld Th1s gave Mr Roth a lot of mater1al from wh1ch to choose Workmg and rmprovmg all through the season they played very good ball losmg only one game by a one po1nt marg1n At the end of the year Ab sarokee was t1ed for f1rst place w1th Br1dger and Belfry The playoff 15 to be held 1n the fall Baseball Schedule 'lj flllb Absarokee l K lol et Belfry Absarokee Absarokee 9 Roberts Forfeit Absarokee 21 Park City Absarokee 3 Bridger Xihlllhl l 1 .il I p.gf',e,.x.:-2 xp' x I r, is J HZ, y X ffl , pf, fp! ' a I l Y l ' If Sl, I Q , l , G rx! ' 5 flfxy ,,rl, 1 "' l i Html Q , 1 Dfw. 'A RI! ' A - u ' . . 1 s , 1 - s " W fl 5 I' f l 6 X N 5 A l 4 3 5 :nhl 58 Girls Tumbling Team The followmg grrls took part ln tumbhng Verna Mae Barr Charlene Bennett Ethel Foust Darlene Frye Sybol Gaustad Barbara Holman Shirley Hoover Maruine Joshn Marjorle Larsen Georgette Mrller Fae Rathbun Carole Sanderson Betty Lou Udenberg Helen Wrnge Joanne Vlolett Teacher Senior Personalities f ZZ, Most Athletrc Carole S and Bud C Best Lookrng Ruth Mendenhall and B111 H Best Dancers Helen W and Buzzy S Best Dressed Margaret M and Jerry K Most Bashful Mary L and Allan S Most Lxkely to Succeed Bermce S and Al an S Most Popular Carol Jean and Bud C Best Sports Hazel W and B111 H Best Smlles Donna S and Gene D Prettrest Eyes Carolyn V and Pete S Most Studrous Bernlce S and Allan S Class Clowns Helen W and Bud C Best Frgure and Physlque Ruth M and Clarence ..-F Na pwlf' f' Wwiw fffw 'QQEWJYEE N25 f?ffjfw WZJZQJWW ,g ef ' sf JMWYW Q90 f ,-I, . if vfzfffligfzflf wh s S Q J 4- 'SN cz TD H fi? 40 'X 6 Q Q is EQ F K fwfwnnw, .lf 4 -f 4' if X 3 V4 0 Jerald S. C,-4 ,, jf ff wg' ix' i 3 E I 'i' It '3- L- QE. 5 34 la: Q 5 !0g"'K 47 X,L?AN. X.. .,fC,f"' ,gizjfrr gf E F I--:-"F:-1"5"f-Y' ! If if .11 5 ,Q 4: gt g"4Eri1'A3 Q if 22 'ag 2 f 33 : 5 v ,,,.g."':f fi-F ZZ, Z? A. Z Ziigwww .Lf ...P-,,9:'f,'gF-dY1Jg" 3 s-71 ff -2 -,X .1 gl, f44'7i,44-fd Z 5 'gs- ffi if jf--X X fifty ff '4 NZ ,, M Hjffgxf X 1 K f Www! ' 1 'LN W 'VAR x GRADE SCHOOL ukuw M 4 .fl fy N .' ' ' -gi ' F Ji-:nv X Qi, x T J , - 3. if ' - 'S , 5 'Y x N-X Q A -X ff -X ily . x X f f X.. - Y-' 1 X : A xx ,JIAX f Z-b.nX-L. Xi 'L-:Q X 3 N - gn 1.. S 4 Z. , A "-':' L., ,f-'sa-7 R L in 7 -yft'-iv v ll f-T -7-TE fl' -1 5 A ng ff' ' W -I My , 5 1 if --T' " , gf ala . 4 K1 ,N- in 1 ,Nl Q fa 'ifzafh , - 0 Y Y 1 f F . .f In TQ-, - : 'AH' Q , -ig? - 'Ez' x.,- 21:-2i2J11 f ' 1 -F - 'if gk x 1 E Q -iii ' ,, " 1- ' - I S L1 , ' '- A ' 2 fi ,Q Ez. 'k H' ' -Q' ' ' 4 E Q " ' .14 b 7 "'-T' Y N -if 92 l V f' , . , ' fi - - ,. ' -s--Y ,A "' .- Z?-1 ,.fA1.4. - 7 N 'z:""A 4 ,41Ff31'g+'---- N , -5' f 1.42 .rv-I . ' " 'W' K- T -' A V Y ' H .ff , Z -u-TjT:'ii4 :,, .4 A i A i-1,1 ,--,,- ' i ,..,."' f-4 .3 ,, ,A , V, ' 5 .1 ,zy if ' '-'N' " W'7""" 'SQ ' Y A Ad, .Z Y ' -' ,. -uv-X - S fx, -ffld-fT.':ii-"-5 ' X4 -2 pffff W f 1 - 1 " fp f f M-1-4,-W ' " 1 Q'-WW r ,guy ' Y 35- X7 A- T K l,,f5 -.-f" , A 2 , I n X "" 1- 1- H- , f ff X - A ,,---- , f WW' Li 1 - 17 -..LM ' W - 'T + , f si 32' 14 f, 71:52 - .if 7 ' D., My xi :- N XS Yfffvvv'-' g If ' X 2 Gi 9 1:- N fin, f .Tn --7 1 "' ' fi ff S fa Q R 5 f W' V 'ADI' 1 tjgw M W A , I iffy 1 K , H fd AQ A 9 fLq V BW H , 6 MAJ a X I - X, 1 " Q " t ff .1-' 1M e - fx f :A FQ 4, fl V' ' ' ,lf I I f M-T... , 1 K "' Y 8 I 7 M Q .."- ' ...A L. 1, A-rx kv. Hv -.ff 1 fx Y f-.V N D 1 . ' iq wif ,xx Je Eighth Grade Frrst Row Fern Htnton Jean Lahn Judy Kenney MaJel Arthun Sharon Frye Clara Oltrogge Judy banderson Second Row Elmer Kraft Ltnda Bohn Alrce Lee Eva Marcher Marlene Marcus Jrmmy McKelvey Garth Wat son Thlrd Row Jack Welkel Rrchard Ostrum Bobby Burkland Gary Oerrum Gary Borland Bobby McBr1de Mr Harold Galahan Teacher Grade School Eighth Grade Prmclpal Class Officers Harold Galahan Grade Prlnctpal and I-hgh School Majel Arthun Treasurer Elmer Kraft Vxce Presl Basketball Coach dent Marlene Marcus Prestdent Fern Hlnton Sec retary 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 3 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . , ' . 0 O 0 O t' K' k 1 1 1- 1 'B f ag 1 " l N y - 1 ' k.1QT..-, . - 1 --1 ,g if ,, ' rf' 1 Q' . .--., . 1 ' f .- ia' 'ff . ' , : , - - - P 1 1 1 ' Fourth and Fifth Grades Frrst Row Barbara Sanderson Marrlyn Howland Loretta Holmes Edrth Olsen Kathleen Holmes Luanna Sco vrll Jean McBr1de Bertha Arthun Lo1s Lrndley Julre Ann Porter Arlene Brrdges Gladys Ostwalt Emrly John son Second Row Ronald Ferster Sharon Ostwalt Lana Smylle TheodoraSk1llen BarbaraReed Mary Gaustad Sharon Vandersnrck Anna Marcher Catherrne Larsen Carol Huck Letla Mrller Vrncent Hrnton Thxrd Row Donny Kraft Brlly Amos Danny Aadland Joe Flanagan Don Parker Ronald Carstens Lyle Reed Carl Matcher Larry Pederson Randy Lxndley Mrchael Bohn Walter Schaff Rlchard DeGroot Teacher Mrs Cleone Gaustad Sixth and Seventh Grades Frrst Row Marsha Holman Patrrcra Huck Shlrley Holmes Nona McKelvey Arl1ssBr1dges Sondra Shrck Olga Arthun Carolyn Aadland Mary Ann Bennett Laverne Shrck Dolly Ann Barr Second Row Betty Frye Robert Amos Ronald Howland James Hoover Garv Galahan Gary Olsen Cebrun Gaustad Clarence Strobel Edwrn Holmes Jule Watson Raymond Oltrogge Theresa Schaff Thrrd Row Jerry Cook Fred Lamoreaux Robert Farmstead Rxchard Mrchael Robert Gahagen Mrckey Flanagan Bernard Schaff Eddle Kraft Teacher Mr Robert Tyler 63 0 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 ' 3 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : 1 ' 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' Grade School Band Row One LaVerne Schrek Olga Arthun Sandra Schlck Carolyn Aadland Jule Watson Row Two Jean Mc Brrde Marx Gaustad Nona McKelvey Cary Galahan Drck Peterson Patrrcra Huck Gary Olsen Standrng Betty Frye Marsha Holman Mary Bennett Grade School Cheerleaders lhlll? 'I' ufwx Jean Lahn Marlene Marcus Judy Kenney 63 , , A M 7 E 9 H' Q 2 Q N ' li lf 1 JMU alflh' 1 l ' l he f we N -vs W1 Z O I 5,1 , , V.,. ' I H 'la' M M jf l , , fl I nl' l ., Grade Basketball Team leur Front Gary Borland Elmer Kraft Gary Ostrum Bobby Burkland Cebrun Gaustad Back Jimmy McKelvey Rtchard Mxchael Mtckey Flanagan Jack Wetkel Rlchard Merr1llOstrum Not plctured Gary Olsen Grade School Basketball Schedule Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Columbus 23 Columbus 23 Holy Rosary 21 Holy Rosary 19 A H S Freshme Park Clty 26 Mouat Mine 19 H20 Th1s year's grade school team, cons1st 1ng of eleven players had a very success ful basketball year The well balanced Absarokee Pups, competently coached by Mr Harold Ehret, played good ball all the way through the season They won e1ghty s1x percent of the total games played los1ng only one out of seven Although none of the boys have any great s1ze, they have the sk1ll and Splrlt neces sary to play good basketball S1x of the team members w1ll be fresh man next year Th1s w1ll g1ve the h1gh school coaches some prom1s1ng mater 1al to work Wlth 66 Custodia ns Mike Sutcliffe Z Cooks Mrs V1rg1n1a Reed Mrs Elrzabeth Vandeveegaete me Bus Drivers N' f N 2 fi Ray Judd Duncan DeGroot Gabe Llen Karl Eddy Byron VIOICII 68 in . 40 - Q' nf' 2' '14 f M ,,k, MQ :Lf X . Q ' 5 o f Y Q ' ' 517. 5 J r M Advertising r4.1.ii YE OLD CDGAR STORE ' W--J X', L-1+-A 5 .L-LL... .........'ll A I 'r"' X- I 2- uwllvll-fl l f Z' .T...T. lkl-145 ,A W' NEWMAN S MAYNARD CORNER STATIONERY COMPANY Llquors Wmes A B Duck Mlmeograp Beer Splrlt Duplicators and Supplles Leland S Newman Phone 5 5908 Phone 29 Red Lodge Montana Blllungs Montana PETERSON S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Q glllllll ll wwf' ,E,,,,mr'l"f' Royal Portables an Standard Typew-nte rs Bulllngs Montana BIRMAN BARBER SHOP Ed Blrman Absarokee Montana AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Sales and Service Home of DeSoto and Plymouth f0kL and llzkola Owners Columbus Montana MONTANA POWER COMPANY 5' I 31 . , Columbus, Montana Cl T T C I T jew-M ' ' ,E l I do A1 1 1, 1 1T"T"-1 V Y 'alfalfa lu S-S WTC! I Vim'-fn 1 .r,. L..... Eawtjl 5 'K E 51.5"-- ---e ,+4wfff-W P fl -ffl Y fe T7 ,LS , A . If T ' 'Y 'C pw. -O E !jL ,Y so A ix Y A A 1 1+ EEE fi E I lol ff J Y I Q.,-u f I P'r',,,1EELSS Q as AJ lol .. A ' . W T Complzments CARBON COUNTY CREAMERY Red Lodge Montana For all your Flshlng Hunting Skung School Sweaters HARV S SPORTING GOODS Red Lodge Montana HOFFMAN DEPARTMENT STORE We out at the amzly Red Lodge Montana one W ALLIS CHALMERS Sales and Service Red Lodge Tractor Company Red Lodge Mon tuna GARDNER PHOTO Commerclal Photo Engraving Portrait Red Lodge Montana ORLER S CONFECTIONERY an GIFT SHOP Mary Orler Phone I76 J Red Lodge Montana HAGEN S PLUMBING and APPLIANCE SHOP Gas and Electrical Chester Hagen Owner Red LOCIQC Monfqnq Complzments f WATERS HABERDASHERY Red Lodae Montana Senior Prophecy Here 1t1s 1964 and ten years have passed s1nce the members of the class of 1954 have started out searchmg for the1r success As we started our Journey across the pla1ns to New York we sp1ed an Ind1an Reservat1on We stopped to ask how far lt was to New York C1ty and when we walked up to the Ch1CfS we not1ced they were Clarence Wahl andAllan Strobel known as B1g Ch1ef Mud 1n the Face and L1ttle Ch1ef Dr1p Drop respect1vely They told us to go farther down the l1ne of tee pees and we would see more of the1r classmates When we passed one tee pee we not1ced Ruth Mendenhall w1th a papoose or her back We Sald a few words and then cont1nued on As we passed another teepee we not1ced Carol Garoutte pract1c1ng an Ind1an Then, s1ncewe had met all our Ind1an frxends we cont1nued on our Journey As we started on across the pla1n we not1ced a large herd of buffalo a long way off When we got closer we not1ced Buzz St1mpson punchmg them Wlth the help of Bud Carstens It was close to noon hour so they asked us to stay for d1nner and when we came 1n to eat we not1ced the cooks were Joyce Ostrum and Coral Jean Ostrum They told us we would f1nd the rest of the class 1n New York C1ty When we entered New York C1ty we stopped 1n a newspaper 0ff1CC and who should we f1nd but Donna Sharp as ed1tor of the New York T1mes w1th Gladys Hufford her ass1stant They told us that Cl1fford Johnson 1S the pres1dent of the b1ggest Yearbook Publ1sh1ng Company 1n New York They also told us the1r former class mate Nannette Oltrogge 1S workmg as secretary 1n one of the most prom1 nent Off1CeS 1n New York and her telephone number 1S 6 1307 Wh1le makmg our telephone call who d1d we fmd as head telephone operator but Carole Sanderson Carole also told us she W0u1dJO1H the c1rcus soon as the tallest woman 1n the world along Wlth Margaret Marcus Norma Ostrum, and Delbert Harnden who atthe pre- of U t. . if f. f . .gp , , , Ph I76 ' .' . Dance withher partner Carl Nitsche. d . ' 0 . Senior Prophecy sent were draw1ng h1gh pay as Hllda and Mat1lda the dancmg g1rls and Fredd1e the laughmg boy Carole also told us the c1rcus was playmg at Madxson Square Garden that after noon and that she would g1ve as some t1ckets Matllda the danc1ng glrls and Fredd1e the laughmg boy Carole also told us the c1rcus was playmg at Mad1son Square Garden that afternoon and that she would g1VC us some t1ckets As we walked up to the tlcket stand who should we see but Pete Stokke the barber 1ntroduc1ng two bubble dan cers, one be1ng the world's famous bubble dancer Darlene Frye, known as Bubbles Who should be lookmg on w1th the greatest amazement but Mary Lehner and Kenneth Lahn who have been 1n New York attend1ng the Na t1onal Bankers' lnst1tute As we took our seats we over heard a b1t of conversat1on of how Hazel We1kel, the world's famous veter1nar1an, cured Jumbo, Jerry ache We enjoyed the afternoon show very much and were very surpr1sed to see some of our old fr1ends hold mg such promment pos1t1ons as May or Carolyn Vug of New York C1ty who 1ntroduc ed some of the acts of the afternoon Well, we dec1ded to end our stay 1n New York by hav1ng d1nner at the Royal Palace N1ght Club owned by B111 Hart Wh1le tourmg h1s estab l1shment who should we f1nd but Jerry RObb1nS a head chef, and Bern1ce Schraub a head of the d1ShWaSh1Hg department After a de11c1ous d1nner served by Gene Durrmg head wa1ter we were entertalned by Fae Rathbun, the famous voca11st, and Helen Wmge, a famous mov1e star The even1ng was well spent The next mormng, wh1le board mg our plane for Absarokee, we found we were m good hands w1th Jean Cook p1lot1ng the plane We returned home w1th the thought that the class of 1954 has had a. suc cessful ten years S 8- W IMPLEMENT Your lntematuonal Harvester Dealer Phone 222 Columbus Montana COLUMBUS HOME BAKERY Home Made Bread and Rolls You ve med the rest Now try the best Columbus Montana Phone 122 W ELEANOR S BEAUTY SHOP Speczalty VeBome Permanent Non tonlc Not a cold wave Red Lodge Montana Phone l9OW HUGH DRAIN 8. SON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Hugh Dram Leo Dram Automotive Repair Form Implements Phone I78 W Columbus Montana LOHMAIER DRUG Prescrlptlons Columbus Montana Phone 36 LIBERTY CAF E Columbus Montana We can t please everyone but we can try Congratulatzons Semors BEN FRANKLIN A Self Service Variety Store Columbus Montana BLOOM 8- COMPANY Red Lodge Montana Dry Goods Groceries Shoes Phone 188 u - cc J - . . . U . . , U I 1 ' . . I I . . - I Kenney's favorite elephant, of a tooth- . .I . . , i - . l D , ' , - cc 1 nr s S 0 ' , ' S . . . l . 1 . W -,g ABSAROKEE LUMBER AND HARDWARE Duo-Therm Coolerator Paints All Hardware Needs Phone 41 Absarokee Montana VALIGHN AND RAGSDALE A Little More or A Little Less Congratulations to the Class o 54 Absarokee Montana Phor e l9 GEORGE S TOWER SERVICE Marathon RCA Gas Radios iifvsrl 5 Phone 62 Absarokee Montana F,m,,,,,,, Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1954, being of sound mind, after four years of study in Absarokee High School, do hereby affix our sign and seal upon this, our last will and testament. Item 1. Our textbooks, torn and damaged as they are, but filled with helpful notes we leave to the Juniors who now find themselves confronted with the trials of their Senior year. Item II. We leave to the Sophomores all the chalk, rulers erasers and pencil stubs we have not already used so they won t have to buy any of these for the years to come Item Ill To Mr Graham we wish to leave a pleasant remembrance of the Class of 1954 Item IV To the teachers we bequeath all that IS good and beautiful not already taken by this Senior Class of 1954 hoping it will give them the strength and courage to follow through school another class such as ours Item V To Mrke Sutclrff we leave some new brooms in hope that he will continue his work as Janitor in the new school Item VI Bernice Schraub wills her place on the honor roll to Bobby Waldo Clifford Johnson wills the fun ofputting out the annual to some lucky Senior of 55 Carol Garoutte wills her reducing aids to Barbara Holman Jean Cook wills her glasses to Elnore Strobel and hopes that she will take better care of them Fae Rathbun leaves her love for pumpkin pie to who ever wants rt Mary lehner leaves her long steps to Clifford Espe land Donna Sharp wills her ways with the teachers to sor Senior of 55 All our other effects we bequeath as follows U I f . . . - s, t :er . H ' ' ra' r , 3 g ' I s . . . - .. .. f, . . . - L ' If ll I 4 5 .Zi . ,, fy K -.eiiggif I f ' er, ,if Q, .ggi , . ., .,wg.:. Q L L l , g 1 'Mx-w F f " , . A - . . ,, J W CAMPBELL C0 Frurts and Vegetables Gladys Hufford wrlls her F s to Loren Arthun Hazelwerkelleaves her artrstrc abrlrty to next years Annual Staff Nannette Oltrogge wrlls her posrtron as Prom Queen to the lucky grrl next year Joyce Ostrum wrlls her G I harr cut to Robert Tyler Carolyn Vrrg wrlls her long red harr to Theresa Cor rtt Kenneth Lahn leaves hrs absence slrps to the offrce Jerry Kenney wrlls hrs car to the Senrors of next year so they can go on Sneak Day Coral Jean Ostrum wrlls her great srngrng abrlrty to Irene Arney Bud Carstens leaves hrs captarnshrp to Benny Yates Ruth Mendenhall leaves her abrlrty to cook to Mar lene Kenney so Jerry wont have to get hrs own meals Women Wrthout Dancrng to Karl Gaustad Jerry Robbrns wrlls hrs way wrth women to John Lren Buzzy Strmpson leaves hrs wave set to Mary Ann Egan Darlene Frye wrlls her abrlrty to drrve a car to Bar bara Davrs Carole Sanderson wrlls her shortness to John Jay Flan agan Gene Durrrn leaves when he gets hrs drnloma Margaret Marcus wrlls her abrlrty to play the prano to Audrey McGann Allan Strobel leaves hrs quret ways to Hubert Ostrum Carl Nrtsche wrlls hrs trny feet to Marvrs Ostrum B111 Hart leaves hrs broad shoulders to the football team of next year Delbert Harden wrlls hrs curly harr to Fred Stokke Hen Wrnge leaves to Bernard Lea the worry of her last name berng mrs pronounced Pete Stokke wrlls hrs pretty eyes to some grrl Norma Ostrum wrlls her chubby frgure to Amelra Ann Madrson Done thrs 8th day of Aprrl 1954 Srgned The Senror Class of 54 Stable and Fancy Groceries Absarokee Montana KENNEY S CAFE and FGUNTAIN Complete food and fountam servrce Absanokee Montana Phone 52Bl GEM HARDWARE Minnesota Paints General Hardware Marlon and Hugo .larussl Congratulatzons Sensors' Ab sara kee Montana b' , ' l at t Clarence Wahl wills his latest book "How to Get - 9 DR C H SWANSON DR DON R BILDEN Dentlsts Phone 88 Columbus Montana Congratul tzons to the Class 0 54 HARLEY S SERVICE and TIRE COMPANY Unlon Oll Company Callfornna Representatives DAVEY MOTOR CO Ford Trucks and Cars John Deere Farm Equipment Texaco Petroleum Products Columbus Montana OCCIDENT ELEVATOR Flour Feeds Seeds Salt lnsectlcldes Cleaning Farm Supplles Treating Steam Rolling Mzke Ferguson Manager Phone 32 Columbus Montana STILLWATER CLINIC C. l'I Norman M D Phonel es 85 Columbus Montana WITT 8. MANDEVILLE Wm Wrtt Chas B Mandeville Insurance Real Estate Rents Columbus Montana Phone 45 MANDY S STORE Columbus Montana Groceries Phone 31 Marie 8. Bull Mandeville ABER MOTOR 8- IMPLEMENT Columbus Montana Dodge Plymouth Cars8- Trucks Minneapolis Moline Allls Chalmers and New Idea Farm Machinery Deep Freeze Products Continental Bulk Agents . . . a' . . f' Phonell6 I ' R .I UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK BERT JOHNSEN CAR REPAIR SHOP Absarokee Montana Good Luck Semo s General Banking Business Red Lodge Montana SAWYER S STORE INC Columbus Montana ABSAROKEE CASH MEAT MARKET Every hour very day Sawyers Save you m ney Quality Groceries Self Service COLUMBUS FUNERAL HOME Phone I5 Columbus Montana Phone 20 Absarokee Montana Jones AND PINK SERVICE C""""""S M"""-""' LINDAMOOD music co Baldwin Pimos Organs Conn 81 Pan-Amerlcan Band Instruments Band Instrument Repair Records Teacher s Music Radios Nan Lmdamood John Peterson Texaco-Automotive Servl ce oldumblle Billings Montana and Trucks COLUMBUS FURNITURE STORE V CHIEF HOTEL Resttul Hotel at the Gateway to Scemc Cooke Cnty Highway OLD STAR BAR Fine Liquors and Mlxed Drinks BUENING ELECTRIC SKAUGE IMPLEMENT Congratulatzons Box 727 to the Senzor Class Red Lodge Montana Red Lodge Montana Ford Farmmg means Better Llvmg GAME'-E 5 VARIETY STORE C0flgl'alll,llllLOIlS Cgngrgmlgugns 50 the to the Graduatmg Class Harry and Ruth Brant Prop Absgrokee Monfang AbSCI'Okee Montana Portrait and Commercral Photography 317 North Broadway Phone 8 8338 Blllmgs THE FOLTZ CO. General Dry Goods Ladies Ready to Wear Infant s Wear When ln Red Lodge call and look around THE OUTDOOR SUPPLY CO. Ylestem and Ranch Clotlung Women and Clnldren s Wear R dL d e O ge Montana A Smith S gurd Eggen TH E YELLOWSTONE BANKS Laurel Columbus Montana At your servlce smce 1907 STILLWATER GARAGE Automobile Accessories Expert Repalrmg Wrecking Service Absarokee Montana ABSAROKEE DRUG CLAY CHEVROLET CO Your Fnendly Rexall Store Phone 4 Absarokee Montana Columbus Genuine Chevrolet parts and servlce New and Used cars and trucks Art Butler General Manager Phone 213 Montana . I l I W . . . . I H. . i ' I . . . . . . . . f . 62 W l...Mt...i . ' . 3 . r i I , 5 I . S B KENNEDY General Merchandise Phone 90K Fl shtall Montana Certified Cluclrs Pulbrum Clean No reactors In last two tests Our certified chicks are scientifically bred Sex determination guaranteed DEP ENDABLE HATCHERY VAUGHN RAGSDALE Better Buys Customer wlse Red Lodg Montana Columbus Montana Frzendly Servzce to Everyone FISHTAIL BAR Duck and Jennie Yoss Proprietors Home o ualzty Meats MONTANA MEAT MARKET MINT BAR Costagena Bros JP' R""'Y Proprietors Prop Beer Wlne Liquor and Sandwlches Wholesale and Retail Phone 26lW M Red Lodge Montana F1 shtanl Montana Red Lodge omana ABSAROKEE CREAMERY Co n gratul an ons Semors A D WHITCOMB OIL C0 Wallys Overland Wholesale Retail Dlstrlbutors Phone 37 Red Lodge Montana Absarokee Montana THE S 0 S HATCHERY Started Baby Chucks Poultry Feeds and Supplies RED LODGE CLEANERS Hat Bloclung Water Repellent Alterations and Repair H5 No Broadway Phone I1 l Red LOdge Monfmd Columbus Montana for e ' . Cl fQ - 3, Phone 447 THE SHED 4,4 nhl - f Q Q i f N 1 I : COBBLESTONE GARAGE - i Harry Kel seth Operator Best Wzshes Sentors Cong atulattons Senza s Absarokee Montana KRATZ COLUMBUS REAL ESTATE L uve stock Insurance B TREASURE STATE ON TON BREAD Dmk Roberts a e not just contented but downnght happy Land where the c w DI stnbutor Phones l62 163 OLCOTT IMPLEMENT CITY BAKERY De Solo Plymouth Deluxe products lnternatronal Trucks wholesale Rum' Farmall Tractors McCormlcl: Farm Implements F ee Delwery Phone 287W Red Lodge Montana Red Lodge Montana RED LODGE CAFE NATALI BAR Wild Game Speclalhes Bu L ll C ss aug ney ome as you are P Welcome mp Red Lodge Montana Red Lodge Monmna VAUGHN ECONOMY DRUG CO OLSEN S Food Market Prescrlptlons Sundries V,f,,-mary Supplh, We have a complete line of groceries for your needs. Phone 461 W Red Lodge' Montana Absarolcee Montana f d : H E I A H A M r o 1 r . I Compliments Of ICE CREAM Ranches Homes " o s - - f ' . r I THOMPSON YARDS DE GROOT AGENCY Real Estate I Insurance Chas W Funk Where only the best 'S 9004 enough Absarokee Montana Full Lune of Bulldmg Materials Columbus Montana Phone 26 Planning to buuld or remodel? see ROY S CLEANERS ln Absarokee Outdoor Supply Agents NYSTAL LUMBER AND Columbus Montana IMPLEMENT C0 Columbus Montana COLUMBUS CASH MEAT MARKET MILLIGAN S FOOD MARKET Complete Grocery and Meat Lune a Super Serve Yourself Market Columbus Montana Absarokee Montana THE '-'EN 5 5 SPOT BAR Violet s Upholstery Gabe s Shoe Repair Phone 6R2 Absarokee Montana E K MCBNJ' LAHN S ELECTRIC CURRY S APARTMENTS Weekly and Monthly Rates Phone 7B2 Ggngfql Ing AbSGl'OlCeC MOHTCHG Absorokee Montana ' f-ll Pick-up and Delivery , P 1 , A , , I 5,23 RQ my ,W is 7 M fffwgmff Z7 Jw 5 35 W XN S 72, SN 5 Xdffx Q 25 -f NY X X. ff-Q-2 f- 0' if. f iffy, ff -X N f .6 'N' f , J .f 5- 9931-, F cf " J-N' Q X 'A Cvfro- Z 1. X iw 1 ,-:.-:- S--ff L f Q 4-3551 -gf? 'dk 5 Xk X i-eI""l'6:.E,,-.!N"' 5 X XXX s X if 7 fxi' fwg 'HN kxsf' gy A Q UA X X C 5' CVZQQ 2 Q? 5 f 4 5 - 177 sb 40 SN , A i ff ..S- A f wi W Z9 nf X X R wid: , fg l ,rss

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Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 70

1954, pg 70

Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 31

1954, pg 31

Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 40

1954, pg 40

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