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Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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C 'M X A X X f fX X X X Mix. If ffl SS 1 M ffjm QQQX A Qi xx Y Z X vi i WM mi E M XX , " ' , 7 "1 41 . I, - A ffx f XA , IN X xx ..-f f I4 X V f-- .x X ' ffi ,A X-f' N f XX, f If .WW -. X 512 X? X ' !f "" x' Q X 5 ff! f QM-l XX J, if , f Wx. X X X ff! A GW! X X X. ,f W - 1 Q17 I fi ' X ff! f W 'W ' 1 - X n' ff fflvfs n Y 7 ' w w ' J X Is s N '27 X f N V R ' kj ," ' I, ,"' X X - 46 f X 1 f ' Q I f 7196 - . as N 2 A , ' I .4-N ' " XX X f A104 xx Q"-fix .-fa, L , X lv ,',:'A Q 6 1 r u f ' 0 92 X X - 4 , ' K 5 ' . K 4 N X 2,1-5 'PS' X ,, ,f X ' x NX 1 ,, ,. f fJw W' , 'XZ ,-v,-..,.f-l-- ix? H- , W K X X X Q X X X 'x ff 2 X WA X X ff QNX X A X M f fm 3 A X MM X X' X ix 5 ,ZMQX XXX Y k X! jk xx X If ANY ff f ff 7 WXZNSN X ZW W X f XX KN Q X X mx x f YN 06XXX X Aix 3 ffl f s 0 if 1' 3 5 at T' H415-I wxxrw' 4 X X 1xQQt?Vw.Ki2IJ:vfxf WJ, 'Lib vp? X? xv?-x 'Nga X' fl 5' 'glflxwfx if cw , 'N fy Y f , , ff X X XX K , TX N -XX X X , ! 1 X - ,j X - X rp X X ff XXX ..w,,.,-5 , , P5 ri X ff, 1 SA s i ,lflffz VZ Y x ff I X rg-5 ,lt X f Aff! ff AX ,rf ff X 5 Nw. g 1 ' f f W W' iz-RXQXV OQIKAXQX ', X- X ff f' y 1 XY' X , ' ' f , fs X N 1 ""'- XX X, x K., Y x 'Yi' ,f f "2-Q . fr .ff 1 R I V Vx XFX I ,x Q , ,, ,X XX , X ,WN Xu ' - 1 9 . X ' ' QW N X. Q - 2 Y I f f x n X X X i Cl 1 U mx, K I f ' , , , - 1 . xx -f xi f , .- X , -, .rbi-is ' ' It A X kk XJ! fly SiSX I f!N X , A Y XA ,X QQ-X XXX X .X X .f . 1 W Y A ..,. ,Il xxx ,X . i ," .' f , 'U M 's fr f X xx . Z - , 4, JM ,f A I I , N!-'I x X. X .qi fr. rf' X XX 4, ..., fy, ff 3- 4L,,....-4 , A R, , X- W' 7 1 W ,7-K W .K ' 7 X -X Q f ,' V, I f X h X , NK K' I f f r ' X ,fyfffl If ,wx XX -, " X -N ' '. X f- I V,f , im N-X . ' xx- ,ya fi .1 ' fy! H f, I Q QNX-,iv 'XX s -y V if , .ff f Y V , - f x A N 'ff' ' X , , ff 3 xlx xl ' , Q1 . ff I X ,Jw 'fxxs -Qi X -XX -- x f ' X ff W X ' I' :BVS fi X ' K . - f f f ,W N Xxx - I l ,f, ' X , ff ,ff f j?-mfs? X Q I ,I1 f kin' 1115. - - - l r X -'d4:! B R R ' Mwii -1 'x, ,X R ' ,, X XXX X X . f f V Y f N X X XX N X K k , f. 1 ' cl! MW W qfibii i 1 X xx K , .X fr! 7, ff 'I -. 1 X xx 4 Aff? 1 MK 777010, ' I X , -X xxx ' Q- ,S ' X XX XX K , X ff f , X , wr M X N x VN! 00 ffpff ' rx X f XX Rik. W , , Q i ' , -X N ' Y ' - XX X - XX I ' X F 1 " ' - ' x My I ' - X I , rf , V4 ' A, X , , ,, 1f'x,xqrfA ,f' , -WH NMXYN XKQX X Q X' 141, u 7 A"- -ff +-,- --In K Xxx Am n,g.-fu .9'Vq,,,,,,g W. 5.44 X- " Yi ' l .Ax 4, 'X 'l , L' - WLM? U' MA' .1 i ' , Ny gi AA:-ff ' ffl' 'S fifv, --R ,gf 'f ,, Q N- Am. . 1 N-, A , wp x I 4 ' 1 . X- K v rig 4 A N411 :gy 5 3 . , A iuxv I "f wg N f ,rm 'Xl 5 vfli,f., fm, I C' ' 4' Nm J, .M :L Y - :A M32 F 'NRS X 4: ,,....1.-a Ag I A222-ff?" ' h f-'-Qi.:-1' Ifahl-Qflf . FW NW If y KQ3 :WNW f, I We the senlors of AH S would hke to ed1cateth1s annual the Absarokee Huskxe of 1953 to the merchants of Absarokee m apprec1at1on of the many ways they have helped us durmg our four years of h1gh school W1thout the1r help our hlgh school l1fe would not have meant so much to us my same f4d44zo6ee -'P-'IJ-Q ,,,...-T T- e "1"'iL- , - ,, ,- Ai 'THA ?2 5 emliif' 'T' - V ' -- - ai R -il f f Uflff 1 F55 JY' Q V l -by y M 'Q J!! Min X- NI f ' 1,LJ",,. , Y , S ' Ai' V' ' XX A ' ,fe , " fQ-,fwgg A K he -a few? 41 W ' ff 1 A 1 - ' av y . X W' I 55 Kg . , y W d ' ' 3 i y '!x ', ' v ith . . X! +!1 ur u . . . . K If , -h W1 ' y H w P KJ 4 'ff W K fp Ak ' X h ,V W y ff ' 5 fl, ,tl W ' 4 V .Wig A J' -.4 a y 'EN wget e A Qf l-E-e B fe' e ee 74h e':T:":A FN JU ee In 1 ' ' if I if ' ' hl y 'fjfQ32' Q ' 'n a 1 e e e - l me Q fa aff-in eff f X x " ' If 'V h u , xx M W f f-A f yy my .-Q 'Egg flggf 'ffl' I HN wfgiif' ,, 'L 57" 1 y ,V W W lx 'Li .S -5 in JI4 fx ' , , C " 'Ne y ' A ggi , ,a , fe w ,V v"wN y Ni h i, W 4, 3 , I 1 ' v QZQ. 1 Um aww T. S. Simpson homesteaded in Absarokee in 1892, and was the man who founded our town. In 1905, Absarokee consisted of a store, dance hall, hotel, and saloon. The first church was begun in 1899, and was finished in September, 1900. In 1905, the first school was started in the log cabin which is now Birman's garage, with Gladys Beasley as teacher. This was a subscrip- tion school which meant that people who had children in school gave money to support it. In 1909, Mrs. Chitwood taught school in the first district school which was located in the log house where Hetlands now live. Our grade school, consisting of eight grades, was or- ganized in 1910 in the same building in which it is conducted today. Absarokee High Schoolbecame active in 1914 with only the Freshman and Sophomore grades. In 1922, the first class graduated from A.H.S. W , 4+ , A as ... What rs a man profrted rf he shall garn the whole world and lose hrs soul? As occasron arrses a dem ocratrc mstrtutron such as the Amerrcan schools must change the emphasrs of ns teachrng to frt the needs of the people You are graduatrng from a school whrch has not only grven you the basrc know ledge and skrlls you most probably wrll need rn your lrfetrme but whxch has also we trust grven you a sense ofthe moral spmtual and socral values so es sentlal to successful l1v1ng May your lrves be frurt ful and may God walk wlth you Eugene R Hunton Superrntendent Kennethj Roth Asst Hrgh School Prrn crpal Htstory Soc1alStud1es Physrcal Educatron Athletrcs Semor Sponsor Student Councrl Advrsor To the Graduates of 53 You wrll face many crucral problems rn your frrst brg step rn lrfe As hrgh school graduates you have been grven an adequate educatronal foundatron to meet these trymg tasks and responsrbrlrtres and you must endeavor to face them wrth unlrmrted courage Ifeel that the natron s great problems wrll be met and conquered wrth graduates as you of 53 to subdue them Congratulatrons to you on the completron of one of your most rmportant steps rn lrfe and remem ber Responsrbrlrty rs alwayswrrtten over the door of success Harold M Galahan Grade Prrncrpal 3 iid Eugene R Hunton Supermtendent Englrsh 7th and 8th Grade Englrsh It rs my most srncere pleasure to congratulate thrs Class of 1953 upon therr frrst and foremost goal of Hrgh school rs only theffrrst stepprng stone whtch en ables you to follow the path to success There wrll be many bends and curves as you move along but wrth the storehouse of knowledge presented you dur mg your past twelve years of schoolrng I know that eventually the path wrll become strarght and success wrll be yours Kenneth! Roth Asst Prmcrpal Harold M Galahan Grade School Prxn crpal 7th and 8th Grades Athletrcs I I I 3 A ,, . . . , k '- , - - ..-4 his . ,, . . aa , , , - ' x.. x u 1 v ,N ' . Y . I I I 9 1 - ' g ' XE 9 4 , JXN: K ' fy' ...fs A , l - I I I I l'f . , . , . I . . , . N In ! I I K . N , A , '. 1, x , - 'F' K. X-'13 v X1 1? 1 f ts ' . v . . . . f x I l- ' . . . N 'lf in 145: it- K ,aa ' u . I . ' . f ,, . . . . . v fl . S I Q . , . MRS LOUISE HUNTON CORNELIUS IONl:S ROINE WALSTON Enghsh Brology Lrbrary Drarnaucs Bands Glee Clubs Junror Sponsor Commercral Aeonran Adv1sor Yearbook Adv1sor MRS GLADYS I-IETHERTON RALPH C STENEHJEM VERONCIA KREITEL Home Economrcs F H A Sponsor Vocat1ona1Agr1culture 7th and 8th Mathemaucs General Scrence Pep Freshman Sponsor 7th and 8th Manua1Tra1n1ng Chemrstry F F A Club Sponsor Dramaucs Sopho Grade Home Economrcs Adv1sor more Sponsor 4 H 5 'Q ur - .55 , 'Z I 7 X 3 oi" 5 x A P ' , s ' X .X 1 S x 'X S MRS LULU FISHER MRS CLEONE GAUSTAD MRS MARIE SIKORA Prlmary Grades Prrmary Grades Thrrd 85 Fourth Grades AI""' NIRS DOROTHY JOHNSON BYRON VIOLETT DICK COSGROVE Ftfth 85 Srxth Grades On Farm Trarmng Instructor Farm Trarnrng Instructor J 602 lun H -H Mrs Reed Mrs VandeVegate 'Wk' Byron Vrolett Warren Rathbun Ray Judd Bob Tyler Gabe Lren 6 E b lr T TSN. - : -lSL,. -2 4 f fi div vi, , X X iw ' V! C f ' lf Mgr! IN 'J Sig Wy Mx 41' ix K2 wwf X 2 Xxx X L X W L l fm! f I ff X aff: 5 Z- fy X X 0 , X4 4' . X ,7 'X . Q f 7'-el ,Ill JM fi A' I Lf X7 A' I, gf ,LW VL' XT vw H4-at Jw Y W xiii-A X x V -gf' 'f X wk XX VZ - Pte +- X W, f il H K4 f fvXf -1 7 '2 WW I Q .i V , 7 N , ' ff' f f" ,ff ff dwlv' ff f f 70 J! ' K X 1' 3 W X f ? ff ff WN x Q Q f X X f I 'ff " 5 f -X" ? K7 ff! f 'f n J 'ff ' 1 K- fff ff Z ff 7,7 , 611' X iv. 3 Q' l I f . X' , f . I Iwi? X f f A Q SN XX Q I K, ,f yi!! K xx R X R ff , 'f ff X!!! W 4. -ff' f' Q! sf V ,f X' X Q W H W f - f f f , 'XX 3 .ff X X I, X I!! f ' . f I X V 7 j L- -- N , , f . . 5 , J X 'ff ,xx fl! Q! +A " V x ,. Y ' f jx ffx 2 L, Q ' L1 if in 7 1 7 , X , Q XX : ff If XX . I xXx, X ' Q I ,A !! C7 , X if X f Ux i7 x X . L Z, In September 1949 our storm started wrth 27 members rn our class They were Ilm Yates John Orr Kexth Martrn Kenneth Garoutte Howard Smrth Sam Cooper Joe Hart Stanley George Peter Gaustad Teddy Mlller Drxre Hertzler Clarlce Arthun Helen Werkel E1s1e Mason Mae Rathbun Lo1s L1en Gayna Garton Shrrley Broadwater Patrrcra Marcus Thelma Hoover Anna Frey Mar1lynK1rch Grlbert Dallas Dale Quest Larry Barnett and Melfred Wrnge Lendmg us a helping hand were our teachers E R Hunton superrntendent George Sei vert pnncrpal Lourse Hunton Russell Steen Ethel Slmmons Carol Bolmerer and our sponsor Donna Harlan Patrlcra Marcus presrded w1th Clarrce Arthun vlce president Stanley George secretary Mae Rathbun treasurer and John Orr reporter Durmg thrs yearwe were rnrtrated and favored wrth a party by the sophomore class We returned therr favorwrth a party at the end of the year We struggled through the storm and up the hrll to pamt our A The storm had lessened when we began our sophomore year but some of our classmates dropped out They were Elsre Mason Kerth Martrn Donald Quest Jim Yates and Mel fred Wrnge Barbara Edmonds Jack Shortndge and Charles Sklllen Jorned our ranks Leadrngus onwere Mr Hunton supenntendent George Servert prlncrpal Loulse Hunton Donna Schemmerhom Ralph Stenehjem Harry Spraycar Betty Lang and oursponsor Veronica Krertel Clarrce Arthun was presldent and was ass1sted by Stanley George vrce presrdent John Orr Secretary and Dix1eHertzler treasurer Thrs year we xnrtrated the under classmen and gave them a party We put on three one act plays The Farmer s Daughter Hrs First Grrl and A Date Wrth Barbara wrth Mrs Hunton as our dlrector The year was ended wrth a p1cn1c at Sloux Charlre Lake At last the storm had let up a lrttle more and a famt ray of hght was sneakrng through the clouds We lost Joe Hart and Sam Cooper this year but gamed Cork Hedrrck Shlrley Hedr1ck B111 Lytle Vern Taylor and Clayton Johnson Gurdrng us on and glvrng us conftdence were Mr Hunton superrntendent Harry Spray car prmcrpal Kenneth Roth Loulse Hunton Betty Lang Ralph Stenehjem Veromca Krertel and Joe Orrmo our sponsor Barbara Edmonds held the gavel whlle Shrrley Hedrick vrce president Clarrce Arthun secretary and Patr1c1a Marcus treasurer assist ed her Our play just Ducky was dxrected by Mrss Kreitel and Mr Orrmo and turned out to be qurte a big money maker We decorated for the prom wrth the senlors colors lav ender and gold and used a Chtnese Temple Garden as our theme Our Gay Nmetres dance and getting our class nngs were the other two attractrons of the year We ended our Junror year with a DICDIC at Sheep Mountam Now as our fourth year rs rn sessron a rambow IS across the sky and our storm rs nearly ended Thrs year we had the theme Spnng for our dance whrch was held the frrst day of spnng March 21 Our class play Let Me Out Of Here and prcture day November 6 were two other memorable eprsodes of our senior year On May 24 baccalaureate was held tn the gymnasrum and graduatron exerclses were held on May 27 rn the gymnasrum Sneak day was enjoyed by all the class We lost Bill Lytle Shrrley Hedrrck and Clayton Johnson and galned B1llCron1n Ken neth Bracken and Irene Myers Strll gurdxng us was Mr Hunton wrth Lourse Hunton Ralph Stenehjem, Veromca Krertel Rome Walston Gladys Hetherton Cornelrus Jones, and our sponsor and prrncrpal Ken neth Roth assrsung hrm Charles Sklllen rergned whrle Vern Taylor was vrce presrdent Marilyn Kirch secretary and Stanley George treasurer The storm rs over the rambow xs glowmg brightly and the pot of gold rs rn srght at last 8 . W ' . . . . I I I l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 I ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . - - 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 ' 0 I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . . . . ,, - ,, - . ll I ll fl ' ' ll ll ' ll . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I . 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 " I 1 I 1 1 " ,, ,, . . . 1 1 - . . . , - 0 I - 11 - - 11 1 . I I ' ll ' ll ' ' - 11 11 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 Q I . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' Q 1 S 1 . I l I Senrors sponsored the HUSKIS S nlors presented Let Me Out of Here Sprmg was the theme of the Sen1or Dan Aeoman Staff boasted seventeen Semors Ten Semor boys played baseball and there were four each on the football and basketball teams Four Semor grrls were Tumblers Student Counc1l was lead by f1ve Senlors ffccew Charlre Skrllen Presrdem Vern Taylor Vrce Presrdent Marrlyn Krrch Secretary Stanley George Treasurer Kennethj Roth Advlsor fx -of' X 9 ,-Q e ' I . 'll ll ' ll ' Ce. ,S ' . . X I -4 ll' X , 7 V '-- I mx R X V X I 1 ' PETER GAUSTAD GeneralCourse Paper2 Bandl 2 3 4 Football 2 3 aseball 1 3 1 Basketball 1 Z 3 4 Dramatrcs l 3 Presrdent student Councrl 1 lluskre Ldrtor 4 March mg Corp 3 Student Councrl 3 4 Boys state 3 Co Captarn Basket ball 4 KENNETH GAROUTTE General Course Dramat1cs2 3 4 F F A 1 2 3 4 l-luskre 4 Baseball 3 4 CLARICE ARTHUN General CHARLES SKILLEN General Course Transfer fromjudrth Gap 2 Class Presrdent 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Football 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 1 2 3 n 1 2 3 4 F A Huskre 4 Baseball 4 Glee Club 1 ANNA FREY General Course Glee Clubl 2 Band 1 2 3 Pep Club 2 3 Huskre 4 Paper 4 Course Band 1 Offrce Tram mg 4 Cheerleadrng 3 4 Pep Club 34 School paper 34 l-lusk1e4 Sophomore Presrdent Class Offrcer 1 2 3 Dramattcs 2 Carn1valQueen Candrdate 4 10 HELEN WEIKEL General Course Declamatron3 Drarnaucs2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 l-Iuskxe 4 Paper 1 4 KENNETH BRACKEN General Course Transferred from Wyomrng F F A 2 4 Huskre 4 Baseball 4 GILBERT DALLAS General Course Dramat1cs2 F F A 1 2 3 4 Hus lue 4 Football 4 Baseball 4 DIXIE HERTZLER General Course Glee Club2 Dramat1cs2 3 School Paper 4 Huskre 4 Tumblrng 3 4 Class Offrcer 2 LOIS LIEN General Course Gul s State 3 Dramarrcs 2 3 FHA Band 1234 Gee Club 1 3 School Paper 2 3 4 Huskre 4 11 MARILYN KIRCH General Course School Paper 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Band 1 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 2 Cheer 1ead1ng24 F H A 1234 Hus k1e4 Pep Club 2 3 4 Tumblmg 4 Class Offrcer 4 JOHNNY ORR General Course Ban 1234 F F A 123 Cass Offrcer 1 2 Dramaucs 2 4 Huskre 4 Marchrng Corp 3 TEDDY MILLER General Course F F A 124 Huslue 4 Baseball 3 4 Marchrng Corp 12 BARBARA EDMONDS General Course Student Counc114 Glee Club 3 Dramat1cs4 F H A 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 Huskre 4 School Paper 3 4 Carmval Queen Candr date2 Junror Class Presrdent F H A Pres1dent3 VERN TAYLOR Transfer from Yuba Crty Calrf General Course Band 3 4 Paper 3 4 Huskre 4 Class Of frcer 4 Baseball 4 PAUL HEDRICK IR Transfer from bal 3 Basketball 34 F F A Manager 4 Declamauon 3 Base ball 34 Basketball Manager 4 Football Manager 4 Huskre 4 IRENE MYERS Transfer from Del ta Colorado 4 General Course l-luslue 4 Paper 4 CHARLES Sl-IORTRIDGE Gen eral Course Basketball 1 2 3 4 Football 4 Baseball 3 4 Hus kr 4 F F A 23 Footall Captaln 4 13 Tl-IELMA HOOVER General Paper4 Dramat1cs2 3 4 Tumbllng 3 4 Class Carmval Queen Candr date 3 WILLIAM CRONIN Transfer from Colevrlle Washmgton 4 General Course Husk1e4 Band4 R O T C fSan Dregoj A i ,ri Billings 3g Gen6ra1'c0urse, Foot- Courseg Glee Club 1: Band l.2.3,4: 1 : . : . . . : ' ,.: 'D 5 'C Q ., . . , g . I b , X Eyzfe A g, PATRICIA MARCUS General Course Presxdent Freshman Dra rnat1cs2 3 F H A 1 2 3 4 School Paper2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 4 Pep Club 2 3 Huskre 4 Class Car n1valQueen Candtdate 1 Band 1 2 1' x.Q"' avi STANLEY GEORGE General Course Student Counc1l4 Band 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Dramatrcs234 F F A 123 School Paper 4 Huskle 4 March mg Corp 3 SHIRLEY BROADWATER General Course Dramatrcs2 3 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Band l 2 3 4 School Paper 2 4 Husk1e4 Student Councrl 2 3 4 Declamauon 3 Pep Club 2 3 4 Band Offxcer 3 Glee Club Offrcer MAE RATHBUN General Course HOWARD SMITH General Course FHA1Bandl234GleeClub D mat1cs23 FFA 1234 1 Huskre 4 School Paper 4 Class Huskre 4 Offrcer 1 Dramaucs 2 4 14 GAYNA GARTON GeneralCourse Bandl 2 3 Dramat1cs2 3 F H A 1 2 Pep Club 2 3 School Paper 4 l-luskre 4 4 ', K A ,qi , I 651 "' 1 4 1 if ' .4 'l"",' 1 2715 3,43 Band Officer 1,4. z ' ' ' ' 3,4- ' S T"'f-we n, U 6 F , I l I i f 't 4 . n o : O Y I ' S : ra . h I Q l - q 1 r 1 I 3 ' ' : . ' ' : ' ' 5 TEDDY MII LER wrlls hrs enorm rus herght to Hazel XX erkel CILBERT DALLAS wrlls hrs drrvrng abrlrty to Ruth Arnold and to Darlene I-rye Ire leaves IIIS abrlrty to Q,et along, xxrth teachers HOXN ARD SMITH leaves hrs runnrnp, abrlrty to Rrley Hunton KENNETH CAROU I I L wrlls hrs seat on the Strllwater brrs to Bernree Schraub rn hopes she takes care of rt and to Lene Durrrn he leaves hrs eurly hart BILL CROININ wrllshrs abrlrty to be quret durrns, Band to Delbert Harnden and to Mary Lehner Ire wrlls hrs well rounded erades KENNETH BRACKI IN wrlls hrs draxxrne, abrlrty to Ieae Rathbun IRLNE MYERS leaves her quret drsposrtron to Jean Cook BARBARA EDMONDS leaves Kenneth Lahn her abrlrty to get out of school SHIRLEY BROADINATER leaves to Drck Grbson her phvsrcs vrades rn hopes he can make wood use of them HELEN WEIKEL wrlls her lady lrke features to Margaret Marcus MARILYN KIRCH wrlls her levr overalls to Norma Ostrum MAE RATHBUN wrlls her punchrng abrlrty to Gladys Hufford to use on Charlre PETE GA USTAD wrlls hrs frne features to Carol Sanderson CLARICE ARTI-IUN wrlls Allan Strobel her cookrng abrlrty rn hopes he never has to use t To Buzzy Strmpson she wrlls her huntrn 1 abrlrtres Qdeer not dear' lj LORKY HEDRICK wrlls hrs fast rnovrng Dodge to Donna Sharp and to Coral lean Ostrurn Ire leaves hrs ways wrth Bud Carstens VLRIx TAYLOR leaves hrs basketball unrform to Brll Hart so he wrll have one of hrs own nerctyear and to Carllwrtsche Vern leaves hrs wayswrthgrrls rn hopes tha he never gets caug,,ht ANN FRIII wrlls to Helen lv rnge her quret ways CHARLES SKILLEN wrlls hrs twrn smrttres and red harr to Bud Carstens rn hopes he can make good use of them JOHN ORR wrlls to lovce Ostrum hrs manly ways STAINLLY LLORCL wrlls hrs blue Chevrolet to Jerry Kenney so he ean make a trrp to Mrles Crty JACK SHORT RIDGE wrlls a dranrond rrng to Carolyn Vrrg rn hopes he can haxe hrs clas rrnr., back PA I' MARCUS wrlls her abrlrty to understand teachers to Pete Stokke LOIS LIEN wrlls her dancrng abrlrty to Clarence Wahl DIXIE HERTZLLR wrlls her seat rn the Senror room to Clrfford Johnson GAYNA GARTOIN wrlls her gregle to Nannette Oltrogge THELMA I-IOOVER wrllsher glassesto Jerry Robbrns so he can see oncomrng trarns and to Carol Caroutte she leaves Irer ways wrth the servrcemen WE the SENIOR CLASS wrll to Mrke Sutclrff our waste paper so he wrll have a job next year WE the SENIOR CLASS wrll to the faculty new trres for therr cars so they can leave wrth us The SENIOR CLASS leaves to the Junror Class as a whole therr drplomas and class home room rn hopes they too wrll graduate some day WE tI1e SENIOR CLASS wrsh to leave to Mr Hunton a pleasant remembrance of the CLASS of 1953 Be honest be farr be just and above all follow the good example set by your CLASS MATES of 53 15 ' iw . ' L ' ' . , . ' ' I ' I' v -- 1 sq 1 ' s 5 In V' A H ' , , ., . ,... ,. . ., . , . AALA I ' I A N' im , s s ' -- 2 -. ' 1 s ' . .' . , . . ,. .x .Y E I --V i . . Y X ,q..: 7, . .Q Y. Y . 7,1 A . . .. I . . 4. J I ' ' A ' , ' Q . 5 t ,, . .L . - . r l . . . .. .5 - -... .v I. 5, I .. 7 Y , ' ' ' ' s ' V . , . . ' . " , ' u. I . , , . ,. .1 - , , 1, .... . I . H h. L 1 , , . ,, ,. -. t . , . . I. I. s , , . s. s . . . , .' , .. . x ' . C 'I . , . H .. i I - . . .. 1 1 . Q ,T . L . hah, . , . . , . . S 1 1 1 - 1 I a 1 I I . . 1' x x s I 1 - l I I - . 1-iffbeee Vmzde? ' Char11e al Mae hnny 4 I Gayna Ken G Shuley ,t-Qu! Cork Barbs Helen 'T' Irene H4356 Ann '1 Nu Stan Pete Manlyn 1- Clauce Vgfn DIXIE Lo1s Ken B Teddy 16 f0dmk xhurrf -r-'lsr P - ,. Jefxxak. -- 0 Dallas aw 1 an 'K .5 Shortrld ge ,X w- f?1 'WEA ai we I 'll ...xml- Llen Orr Klrch Garouue Mlller mJ"x.. 11' tif!! wif 53:17.53 AH' inf' :.""' 202.0000 40' Vital, 101,00 qw! 'Q' "ff-+4 Hoover Werkel Skrllen Myers Garton 45 'QF kip, F . ESM if wE?w .A vu' Y' lf 'W 2511, .au Arthun Frey Hertzler Smrth George Gaustad if as Nw cor- Jw V i Rathbun Taylor Broadwater Edmonds Bracken Hedrlck Marcus 17 - 'H an K ft I ' Y Y ' -. f A ,- l . -af .. , .,' "' ' Q .Q L " ,. A. 3 L , is 4 ' f , . A 4 ' ' -' JJ f 'A ff , 4 ' ,P - nr 3 , , L,,,,f , e X, ' I 'W ' f ,- .wr ,r X ',,,a- .1 - - ' all ' " v or , AM., V Z ' ,.. ,, ..a , J V fu A ,w"',, f -mann '- I4 " , 1 ' I 'f ' J' ,Q 1 ' , I ' A ' , ' I , nf- K V' ,I A JQU W , nl: ' , N . A.. 'f r f 'A' M ,, 1' 3 , 1 '- W 'F gi l le 'fg 3' r ff: , ' 5,3 W a ' 4 7 ..., -'Q Q.. i " f Y nf f i . L A If 2 f ' - " 2' f ... 4 ,, -1. 9-l r W l 0 S. ' ,, l' H -55 '::1j,'fJ5:S5--ra 4 Sq , ' ' ,V A a'..'.'.-L W W TQ W - ,. ' W 1 , A M ,n1cg.',.A', A ' a-'WT f ' , 'fan 4' a'1".x1 Q Y N r ax - -, -. ,ml Mfr if e -aww 5- -gh r gd A i l r 50, Q qr.J aa r-eww M 4' . , 5 A ,- V , 'NN x 'I .F Q F 5,1 lf x . Q 4 ag ? I Y ' gn , -' I 4 " kk A xg XS., 1 A! ,kr , K, A, f. ,Zn , aa, ,m, k-4, R rl f ,e x, 4 5- ,ff 'X xl D ,fl if , A , .I n 3, gg ,Je SLM ,ya M H ,if 1 . " ' ' 2 1. ifar'-. ' 1 "G 1 fr ' ? P , eJ'U 4' .bu : 1 ' " , A ,. fn 1. .. I I dn? . .., ,, , V K -. A l a..x..r , . or 1 4 - . aa - .. ' Z. ' ' H ' O' ' f r , if ' l - A A '. ' .B M ' 3- ,II . 'f' . f Nw . V3 V Ju A, ,, V AX .. , ' 'K x 1 4 K V V Fx Q J' 5 A v 5 I7 h 7 we . I slrd off the rarnbow onto my ol cayouse and rnstead of landrng rn a pot of gold I lrt rn a prle of sawdust Brushrng the stuff out of my eyes I saw a guy cuttrng a tree and by Jrngo rum who could rt be but that brg brawny lumberjack TEDDY MILLER Istopped to talk a spell wrth hrm and he told me where I was He sard rt was a place called Prcket Pen I asked hrm rf he would happen to know of a place where I could hrt the sack for a couple of hours Teddy sard there was a place down the road a prece that could probably put me up It was called the Dude Ranch A few hours later I saw a famrlrar frgure roundrng up a bunch of Herefords Could that be I ll be horn swaggled rf rt arn tl Don t recollect her marrred name but rt was the MARCUS grrl PAT You re member her don t you? Well I rambled fer a powerful long trme and purty soon I saw a brg srgn the closer I came to rt the brgger rt got The brand was That must be the place Iopened the door and low and behold rt was MARILYN KIRCH We jawed fer a spell and then she asked rf I d lrke to come to the brg dorn s rn the dance hall that even She told me to step across the street to the Wagon Wheel to see an old frrend of hers I sauntered up to the bar and asked the bartender for a lass ofplarn water By hunky dorre rf rt waren t ol PETER GUASTAD Roamrn around Iwent through the wrong oor Irealrzed by mrstake when the Two Gun Krd GILBERT DALLAS went for hrs srx shooters As he came to hrs senses he recognrzed hrs old pal from A H S and went back to hrs poker game You all wrll never uess who hrs fellow players were MAE RATHBUN the hr hly respected math teacher and JOHNNY ORR who to d us he was rn trarnrng because he was a famous boxer nd who was dealrng" It was GAYNA GARTON' I drdn t know she could play Poker so well What a stack of brlls' After chewrng the rag a whrle we found rt was about trme to get slrcked up for the dance Upon arrrval there we recerved a program Frrst attractron of the evenrn was SHIRLEY BROADWATER wrth her Western Stage Act and the musrc of HOWDY SMITH and hrs Norsy Srx Ihad a very enjoyable evenrn and slept lrke a log rn the fresh mountarn arr Havrng heard about the crty of Absarokee I mean ered on down there to see what I could see It was a brg smelterrng crty wrth IIS Northern border the Yellowstone I d been out rn the strcks so long that I decrded to get a newspaper and catch up on the news I heard some hard workrn soul yellrng Frrst women ever to get nomrn atron for the presrdency Extra' Extra! Read all about rt Gee t at sounded down rrght rnterestrn Handrng the boy a nrckel I recognrzed hrm as KENNETH GAROUTTE He sard he was workrng hrs way through college so I bought another paper Readrng the headlrnes I found that the nomrnee was none other than LOIS LIEN and on the Republrcran trcket no less' Turnrng to the sports sectron I saw a prcture of the latest Englrsh Channel swrmmer and to my amazement I found rt was BILL CRONIN Under the artrcle about Brll there was a brg wrrte up on the New York Skrppers a grrls basketball team They were on therr annual tour across the country accompanred by therr coach VERN TAYLOR Drrectly across from the sports pa e I saw a story about the servrce poeple tellrng of a parade that was gorng to be rfr town that day Next thrng I new there rt came down the street lead by a brg banner sayrng U S Marrne Band Boy look at thatbass drummer STANLEY GEORGE always could swrng that drum strck Follow rng the band was a corps of Arr Force men and leadrn them was JACK SHORTRIDGE Next rn lrne were the Waves the courageous women rn blue Wasn t that ANNA F EY carryrng the flag? The parade was over and wrth all the traffrc how rn the world was I ever gorn to get across the street" Frnally the traffrc cop came along and re memberrng hrm as a member of the Class of 53 I asked CHARLIE SKILLEN rf he d escort me across the street Thank goodness there was a drug store close by I was so worn out that I needed a cold coke Seemed lrke the old days wrth BARBARA EDMONDS wartrng on me She told me she was just workrng part trme as she was then followrng the Marrne Band She expected to be grven the trtle of mascot soon whrle drrnkrng my coke I frnrshed lancrng over my paper In the back sectron was a column whrch looked rnterestrn I read a few paragraphs an decrded rt must be one of Hedda Hopper s No there at the end was the name of t e author CLARICE ARTHUN Who was that who Just came rn the door? Eavesdropprng a mrnute I recognrzed HELEN WEIKEL S vorce She told Barbara the latest addrtrons to her old mards home whrch I gathered she was operatrng rn the old hrgh school rn Absarokee She sard they needed a new burldrng though srnce that one was rather crowded On my way to the post offrce I saw a large crowd rn front of a department store wrndow Edgrng my way through the crowd to see the attractron I beheld IRENE MYERS modelrng a beautrful Parrs fashron Frnally reachrng the post offrce I was surprrsed to have KEN BRACKEN open the door for me He showed me the posters he was puttrng up about hrmself and the Madrson Square Garden Rodeo I shore was surprrsed to frnd hrm as the marn clown at the show Also on the poster was a prcture of the celebrated trrck rrder DIXIE HERTZ LER Marlrng my post card I drscovered THELMA HOOVER workrng behrnd the wrndow It started to rarn agarn and when I was tryrng to frnd some shelter I happenedto see CORKYHEDRICH Sname on the wrndow of a marrrage broker offrce Then a rarnbow appeared and knowrng thrs was the grven srgn fer me to be hrttrn the trarl I ran toward the pot of gold and clrmbed back to my rarnbow 18 n I. S,....' . . 'I . . .. ...Ao I ' . --l', .. 5 I. ' . ".'. , ,- J f f X f X X !" M N X if f W ' XX S , xN X I X w x,wf?fQs' f1m, X X Ww w f 66016014 X X I f x f fx XXX ff If f XSS if M f f Q K w N X V . X! 9 UWM ,mu ' IAP? 1 IWW , ,J w:nu'ne 'wee N if W I 1 q NMVVW' x 'NM' in-.W if R Z X X 0 ' ' M' Y Yx X ff Q ff ik V x ilk "MU X Y I1 'AWK XQN, A XJ ' - X ,IV w iv I4 I!! N fl Almx J!! XTX 1 X ' Uf ff! f ' W M ' I It I , Q 'Y XXX K , S X Xi I f A Q j H Y I N K ' X' A, Lf! Qf I I. , ' Y - f f ff , , . -X, 1 f X . fb N 0, X fm 155 1' N , f ff s X W .I ,. , NL f ,,,! ,4 -XX fill, - f 'l, " ' 1,1 if f K, X fuk 'Y ff , M 'N X f xal XX - ,MITHN ,Hg YQ, Wg!! x X X' lg H . q' k I f W1 W xv ' K f 1111 A Ax f'fZ.7fQVff'l,f 4 R x ' " - , 2 ,' 'iw ' A K A ' K ,Q Ziff' X 'HV ,' , , X -. lv, ' ,A 31 , V. M . fx U N ifzf 1 ,1 2 I, U X f fffixx n N 1 NX X - . x . - , f K' X ' f M mi X w W ' A' X' Q X I ' 'X V! X A X X xl! E, s N ff ' X Y XX , k A 'SX U , I, I i I' X K ,, , J- X f ,f , fl K , 1' 29 'Yf'W3? f ' A N 1 ' 1ff ffl 'if M W" , f X J 'M Nfl! , Q KU 'LW' XxX y . ! I, ' N x' f M w ff' "I - X I WN f'7?l ! x v?' z , V ., ,N 1, Af 1' , lffjln Wx y f if , fJ 5 'l"l ,' fff, .1 ' 'M 'K X 'ull .f Q XX 7? Six- K 'H vw vmxrggif Q v W f r Q W '9""M x 4 K 5 Q Xia-"VW V v 1 'A i by 'ff ,f L45 W M lf U1 E !' x'fV!!f 9!.Q 1' A 1'-JM A ' ' 1 W 614' 4 ' , " 3 'SAXXXIJM ' I ' J N IA pn, A f X s'n5gH.llQ ' . N Q 1 N f I 'I I ' N I fn ' A fp !' tlahqy 1 ' M Li l 1 I I 1 !,,,q-urn: 1 HT- Jim!-.51-, , Wsuaklazj V I Aj v sxp..M ' i 'I N t P ,A ,Em , fm - 5 , YL ! x f N 7 .-fr -... - f-S' ' - , , , , , V H1 f llxxtl? if .-. ' Q- - ' " . 0 . Clarence Wahl Presrdent Buzz Strmpson Vrce presrdent Joyce Ostrum Secretary Gladys Hufford Treasurer Pep Club boasted thrrteen Jumors Ten Jumors were rn FHA Juntors were represented by seven boys rn FFA Many Junlors played baseball Frve Junrors were on the Basketball team and nme played Football Four Jumors were apprentrces wrth the annual staff Potentral Aeoman Edrtor one of erghteen Junrors whrch were on the The Jumors furnrshed boys and 1rls state delegates Funny Fullers was the succes ul Jumor Play Iumors planned the Prom wrth Sprmg Paradrse as therr theme Indran Summer was the settlng for the Iumor Dance Not Ptvtured Carl Nrtsche Buzz Strmpson and Hazel Welkel 'O staff 1 Q , fn - Jean Cook -WK' Gladys Hufford N..11"' Norma Ostrum Darlene Frye .gu- 'L Rlchard Grbson mf 41' Y Margaret Marcus 1-nl Y.. Egan Gerald Kenney Ruth Arnold ,gan-.gag ti CY' Joyce Ostrum Kenneth Lahn ge Pl jerry Robbmg Llarence Wahl 1 I U W VV x If W asf 1 W I - ml x 1 ' " ' X K' v-,, N Q f 'Q l Y 1 X, S 9 - 'I "" J y lg 1 Y nfl 1 ,Q ,ap M 4 III Q, kvfx it V ' Q' X r "1 X 5 Y I f ll X -QLKIIJ' lx x ' 1 K , A ' J. . r f , . x 4 I I "" if 4' fi 3 r. J Helen Wmge Coral Jean Ostrum Bernlce Schraub ,.,.,-il' mf' -is, '-.fl gin Wx Eugene Durnn Carolyn Vug Allan Strobel l lq J lQ T' Cllfford Johnson Mary Lehner Nannette Oltrogge 22 F Af 2:1 X Fae Rarhbun Donna Sharp Delbert I-Iarnden .rl ..4"' 0-f fr? NH! :ff L Wrllram Hart Carole Sanderson Pete Stokke 'arf ".."::...:':. in-qf Bud Carsrens Rrlcy Humon Carol Garoutle 23 I Z T fx 1 i 7' XX Ns X-Q X XT X V X 1 ia? 4 ,qli , yxf, , X X ig-if-if" J, - f X , f ff ,xx - i f ,, f ' ' f 4,1 ,,,,,,,,,f Z "X X' -X X, Lb ' ! X X x m , xx If X 711 fXl , XE . . XXL - 1, ff' 4, 1 b' ' f X Y ,I M' K! Q XXX x n . f K Y ,fq Y if 4 f' ,f f X , I Lg A ff K X 'E , 4 I J " -V kr I A SK 'Y XX X ' x' X 5 K X K , - K ix XXX K x kk K - Lx fx g Q If B s XXXM '- . s SXX Y, xx . -xi V X Q xx R xxx ,W A xx X K VV X , ' , ,-M.. Y T 2 ,ff C X HM? fi , Uffccow it 'CP 'ji' is Presrdent Gerald Wrrght Vrce Presrdent Loren Arthun Secretary Joyce Marcher Treasurer Roger Hanson One Sophomore was on the Football team and two were on the Basketball team Sophomores were also represented on the Baseball team Sophomores numbered seven 1n the Pep Club Srx members of th1s class were 1n FHA FFA had 10 Sophomores. Thrs class gave a school party. Freshmen were 1n1t1ated by Sophomores. Three One Act plays were g1ven by the Sophomores. One member of th1s class was on Student Councll. Not plcturedz B11ly Burkland, Roger Hanson, Bobby Waldo, and Patrrcra We1kel. 25 S ' : V as U T , ,, WA. F A, I :ra V F M , 'io Q, F 'kfgfrrk ' .. ' . ' F t 4' :tar I K I ' 1 A is f 4 I ' L 'rf' , 1 A' if . . , '1 ' , 4 x ' f Q f ' Q i I ff Q I ig? E' 5 r 'yyytyp W yyrry Q kr r I O N b W Q p x X , K X I A 4 , KX ph w4""'n-s XQL """os ivug qu-0? Mary Anna Egan Loren Arthun 'Q- .nsp 7"- ,,,l nk 'VN '-sf Wh 'VBR' John Jay Flanagan Robert Tyler Karl Gaustad - .. Gerald Wrrght Barbara Davrs 6 49 Q1 Marv ts Ostrurn IO' l Q7 'Q IVN 1 vnu.,-4" 'L X John Lren ,NAS F 5.37 Benny Yates Amelta Ann Madrson Everett jones NC' CVE. Barbara Holman 7 fgx Yr' Elnore Strobel ,K N, ' - ' .X 'Q e - yn . ,...f Q' 1 Y ,K I 6 I s l U Q I L gb Q f7 'A 'L ,fm I 1 A X I ,Q t if 1 Q- 2 s , Q x D, U , x I X zffcg Z if X I 2 1 1-if-. ,ali -ua M , Jean Fuson Bernard Mrller Joyce Marcher li-. 249' TL. Irene Amey Maureen McClure Bernard Lea tnlaimm x5,,,-rf J uf npw fb'- Mrk, A JS Fred Srokke Clrfford Espeland Hubert Ostrum 78 ?w44mea A X X H f f f X X ff W S XPFWQX W X? f X X Qffxmkx W My M1 Nxxxxxi Wfqkw11w X X xx fi f YMQKXMIMM MMM qw W3 K My yfffnrbxk Q f H X X f f My 3 if !, f W MRM ,f f f wX f f W1 XX M53 X f4 NX 'x K MX OI'I:, ffm X ,, A NK , ,WWXXK f M X AT-X -?i, W W M1 ' W f1., m:sg f 4 ' yd ,asf , X y ,ffg Wif, Ni V ff WW lg, ,HH xx ' big In 3 'Z 4, ' XK X U IQ MA 1 ,, l 1 f QR X, E ' ' ! xx f xxx 1 M N X in I 553, ff I '.!l V fl H 1 x x ky Xu, xx W! Q Q M WH W9 H ,7 M ,X X X I 'XX H W1 fx X Ziff Y I Mf 1 X j! M lN AX! 4 3 W ' W " N 1 X4 X 12W iff f A , H ,W , ML!!! .M fx WN XylllW,Hj9Kff:1xM1 lV 1 fry' K ,lm YL! fax' his 1f rc C ff +4 .f 4 4,65 WFT T Presrdent Jeanette Mrchacl Vrce Presrdenl John Marcus Secretary Chester Cook Treasurer Dolores Frye Freshmen boasted one member on both Football and Bas ketball teams and were represented on the Baseball team Eleven Freshmen were 1n Pep Club FHA had ntne Freshmen Ten members of thls class were 1n FFA Freshmen pamted the A A school party was grven by the Freshmen They were the subjects of 1n1t1at1on One Freshmen was on Student Councll. Not plctured' Earl Farmstead Z0 0 ' ri 1 1m4- fff7..fi 8 f. HF , G 1 7 - x Lf 1 , 2 ' ' , s if is - X r ,. 'K X P V I 4 ' , , . , fX , K f .avi l 'V7' 1111 Jeanette Micheal JoAnn Campbell Kathleen Felton -in GX Chester Cook Olaf Sherwood ,pug ffl' .furt- kd' Yvonne Egan Dtxte Dumn Cora Lee Sumpson 31 X .fu clk 5- 5., John Marcus wf, 'it ,gp Q es. 'N-4 x, 1 Donald McBr1de W1 'wi' Robert Hart .3 GS...--v' 5,1 ffl' -no Mary Yates Clarence Marcher '97 xi' xx Ellen Hmton 32 Marjorle Larsen X Nt: Harry Wrlght .1-6 frog ii x....,, 4-as-f if Earl Wright Katie Tyler Ervin Ostrum Drck Hash Verna Mae Barr 1. 9 6- 'T Glfflx Ethel Foust Stanley Dodd Dolores Frye 33 C Om Seine! --ei ,S a WW M5951 w,,,,t- "" ski- 34 I4 0 ffffxx 'fx fmgliw f X .Qfff Swan f,f Jlx fig X cibd! Q L? X "mifU4 xx nv' ww. f Xi!-'X f Ky V , f ff!!! X ,If 1' f I f If f I ij- fix ll X f XR NX,-,1qY f' X X f f , ff ' 7 ! , 1 f, ! ff N f D ,- W g Xfffjf V X gl 1 x ' ' 2 X V 6 N j A R . 1 ?f f f if xx . H' K ' EX V! f 7 , I 'fff J XX KW ff if Qf' A'x ffW 4 N W , f ff 1 f w' m -X N ff- Kw fw4f wvxW4w Q f ,MQX em 4 1 H' + M f Xff Q NM-Xrwfff fxf W fm -'gf' xA xx 1 Kg, - 1 l I, ff,f4 , 5,-:N ,.-, ixl 1 A, lf! xx A . -igfv ' L xx.: K, 3 Q . 9 3 g 1 A F ! -if ' 3 W1 V1 X1 f V1 , 1 w fri ' A H., qw gftr 7' ""f,rir ' 1 i Af- 1552 ' i V E", , fgg 1- ff-, I . ii' 4 Y C' A 4' Xl! '05 f .orgy game! Uffcbefw The band added a great deal of at spirit to the life of Absarokee t 4 if Q? Fl? 'lil -V ff High School. The band gave three concerts during the year, while the pep band played at many foot- ball and basketball games and at pep assemblies. C Jones Advisor Margaret Marcus Secretary Bud Carstens Vice President Pat Marcus President game! FIRST ROW H We1ke1 B Davis L Lien G Hufford C Vug M Rathbun S Broadwater P Marcus N Oltrogge JOstrum BACK ROW C J Ostrum G Wright L Arthun A Madtson V Taylor S George D Harnden J Cook C Sanderson J Orr C Iones 3 . 1 , , Q , ' n - . . . , - , . , . , . y 1 r f 1 0 1 . v - . . . 4 Q . , - , . - - , . , - v - 1 u n u 1 - . D FIRST ROW D Frye D Durrrn M Ostrum R Arnold B Holman Y Egan M McClure N Ostrum K Pelton G Hufford I Mrchael I Campbell D Sharp D Frye SECOND ROW C Sanderson E Strobel A Madrson M Egan S Broadwater H Werkel M Larsen I Marcher E Hrnton I Fuson V Barr E Foust Mr Jones THIRD ROW B Mrller B Cronrn G Wrrght R Hanson D Hash J Lren C Wahl E Durrrn G Kenney C Marcher E Wrrght A Strobel L Arthun FIRST ROW: D Frye Y.Egan M. McClure N Ostrum K.Pelton J.Michael I. Campbell B.HoIman D.Sharp Mr.Jor1es. SECOND ROW: C.Sanderson. M.Ostrum R. Arnold M.Egan E Strobel G Huf- ford D. Durrin V. Barr D Frye. THIRD ROW: E. Foust I. Fuson J. Marcher S. Broadwater, H. Weikel M. Larsen, A, Madison, E. Hinton. 38 di +3 eztez' Gladys Hufford Joanne Campbell Joyce Marcher NormaOstrurn Shrrley Broadwater Barbara Holman Donna Sharp FIRST ROW B Mrller B Cronrn G Wrrght R Hanson D Hash A SLrobel L Arthun Mr Jones SEC OND ROW I Lren C Wahl E Durrxn G Kenney C Marcher E Wrrght 39 I 0 ' I, ,fif Q A .ax N lf' . C, , G . y I . A Margaret Marcus Junior Representative Shirley Broadwater Music Manager E R Hunton Superintendent Barbara Edmonds Social Manager and Secret ry Stanley George Athletics Manager and Vice President Peter Gaustad Senior Representative and President Hubert Ostrum Sophomore Representative Earl Wright Freshman Representative Kennethj Roth Advisor Patricia Marcus Literary Manager and Treasurer SW! FIRST ROW S George Athletics C Hedrick Classes I Myers Photography B Edmonds Asst Editor ROW Miss Walston Advisor A Frey H Weikel G Garton C Arrhun P Marcus Asst Business Man ager Margaret Marcus Junior Asst Dixie Hertzler C I Ostrurn Junior Asst T Hoover J Shortridge M Rathbun S Broadwater Activities B Stimpson Junior Asst B Hart Junior Asst NOT PICTURED H Sm1thandK Bracken Art Editors 40 O P. Gaustad, Editor, M. Ifirch, Business Managerg V. Taylor, Senior Classg C. Skiileng L. Lien. SECONI5 SW! FIRST ROW A Frey Asst Advert1s1ngMg,r C Arthun Crrculatron Mgr I Myers Busrness Mgr B Ed monds Asst Art Edltor P Marcus Edttor L Lten Asst Edrtor V Taylor Sports Edltor D Gxbson Art Edxtor M Krrch Head Typrst SECOND ROW R Walston Advrsor I Ostrum C Garoutte I Fuson J Cook M Lehner G Garton S Broadwater M Rathbun B Schraub D Hertzler Hazel Werkel T Hoover Oltrogge B Holman M Ostrum D Sharp D Frye C Vug E Strobel F Rathbun H Wrnge C I Os strum G Hufford A TEAM CHEERLEADERS M Marcus M Krrch F Rathbun FIRST ROW C Sanderson I Arney V Barr D Durrrn D Frye D Frye SECOND ROW V Krertel Advrsor E Foust H Wrnge N Oltrogge I Os trum D McBr1de I Fuson J Cook R Arnold C Vug M Ostrum B Holman BACK ROW D Sharp G Hufford C J Ostrum E Strobel A Madxson H Wetkel K Pelton S Broadwater N Ostrum M Rathbun I Mrchael I Campbell 41 A ' s. Ge'org,E:, c.ski11eh, N. Ostrdm, 1-1. Weikel, L. Humoh, Advisor. 'BACK ROW:, M. Marcus, ri, Arnold, N: 6401! Margaret Marcus Marrlyn Krrch Fae Rathbun Elnore Strobel Marvrs Ostrum Jeanette Mrchael 4 424' FIRST ROW M Ostrum V Presrdent C Vug Hrstorran M Marcus Presxdent SECOND ROW Mrs I-Ietherton Advrsor M Krrch Parlra mentarran C Strmpon Song Leader C Ostrum Treasurer G Huf ford Secretary SECOND ROW M McClure R Arnold B Holman I Mrcheal E Strobel K Pelton B Davrs V Barr D Frye D Frye THIRD ROW J Campbell M Egan N Oltrogge B Edmonds P Marcus C Sumpson N Ostrum Y Egan E Durrrn D Sharp 44 FIRST ROW: J.Ostrum, C.Ostrum, M.Ostrum, M.Marcus, DG. Hufford, M. Kirch, C. Viig, Mrs. I-Ietherton annaszm W ff mf STILLWATER VAL PTER.ABSARUKE 6' K '5' , '5' 55 Q Z' I 'I ' K v , Q wma 2 we Q as 9' ' 'Ways W' .. ? 'W JW 'Q ' uv VALLEY 6 ez'77Ze0uL'af7fe'zef Semor Class Presented LET ME OUT OF HERE' Eve Boyd Bona Lynn Bessre Rhodes Hazel Mrles Stevre Cobb Garret Lynn Vrctor Ward Angela Boyd Grfford Morton Marshall Ward Barbara Edmonds Shuley Broadwater Gayna Garton Thelma Hoover Kenneth Garoutte Vern Taylor Teddy M1l1er Mae Rathbun Johnny Orr Stanley George Left to Rrght Mae Rathbun Vern Taylor John Orr ,ev Left to Rxght Stanley George Gayna Garton Teddy Mrller Shrrley Broad water John Orr Mae Rathbun Barbara Edmonds Vern Taylor Thelma Hoover Kenneth Garoutte Left to Rxght Slurley Broadwater Barbara Edmonds Vern Taylor Stanley George Thelma Hoover Kenneth Garoutte 46 I ............... . ..... .. .. ..... .... . ........ 1 n o I I F V4 I ,J I ' I A Q3 av- ,gf ...... ' k- 1 , 6.3, ' 4 ff 2, f ,r A . fl - Ag. E . . . , - 1 I I I I I l I I I . J , i 2 I I v 1 . . Mabel Fuller Dean Fuller Leila Procter Brng Fuller Sherry Fuller Pepper Fuller Aunt BCSSIC Davrd Procter Left to Rrght Clarence Wahl R1ley Hunton Margaret Marcus B111 Jenmfe, Lee Darrel Staver Donald M Gross A F Cobb Sally Smrth Stage Manager Sound Effects Prompters Drrector Left to Rlght B111 Hart Margaret Marcus Jean Cook Bermce Schraub Carolyn Vng Gladys Hufford Clarence Wahl Rrley Hunton Donna Sharp Clrfford Johnson In Front- Jean Cook, Frrst Row: Fae Rathbun, Margaret Marcus, Donna Sharp, Coral Jean Ostrum, Carolyn Vng. Gladys Hufford, Bermce Schraub. Second Row' B111 Hart, Kenneth Lahn, Chfford Johnson, Jerry Kenney, Clarence Wahl, Rxley Hunton. Mtss Krextel. 47 Jumor Class Presented THE FUNNY FULLERS Gladys Hufford Clarence Wahl Margaret Marcus B111 Hart Donna Sharp lean Cook Coral Jean Ostrum Rrley Hunton Carolyn V11g Clxfford Johnson Jerry Kenney Kenneth Lahn Fae Rarhbun Carl Nrtsche Delbert Harnden Joyce Ostrum Carole Sanderson Mxss Veronrca Krertel , ir, I Q Hart, Jean Cook. G13dY5 Huffoffi- ' ' Mrs. Lee. . .. .I .. . . .n .. .. Bernice Schraub 74zee Une playa :Ja ,S Left to Rrght Robert Tyler Amelta Madrson Roger Hanson Mary Lehner "fa .fs Left to Rrght Loren Arthun Gerald Wnght Bobby Waldo Barbara Holman Carol Garoutte Left to Rtght Marvrs Ostrum Barbara Davrs John Lten Joyce Marcher 48 Sophomore Class Presented CURSE YOU JACK DALTON Mrs Donna Dalton Amelra Madtson Brlly Burkland Robert Tyler Mary Lehner Roger Hanson Elnore Strobel Hubert Ostrum Elorse Dalton Jack Dalton Anna Alvarado Egbert Van Horn Bertha Blarr Rrchard Blau MAKE ROOM FOR RODNEY Maureen McClure Barbara Holman Carol Garoutte Robert Waldo Irene Arney Katre Phyllrs Mrs Lodge Mr Lodge Josephrne Lyman Bt Gerald Wrrghr Everett Jones HILLBILLY HIGH IINKS Johnl Flanagan Joyce Marcher Barbara Davrs Jean Fuson Marvrs Ostrum John Lxen Bernard Lea Mary Ann Egan Mrs Lourse Hunton Juke Maxwell Elvrry Maxwell Blossom Maxwell Plrney Runner Ellte May Stewart Zeke Dawson Harvey Adams Mrs Meg Adams Dtrector l ' 3 ' . - fig N.g'v '11 4 Ta :X : . l ..... . ' Rodney.... . ..... . . Loren Arthun A 5 A4 'll... .... .. . .. ' ici- 2 ., . t . h gg V Y , I .............. . I Y F71-nam 2aeen Zaeea M8 i x X X ' Q ' -X N l H N x i ' 4 V U 5 x i ' 1 S B b Ed ondg ar aret Marcus 49 gddtddfb Seneca 'gmzgad Wi 50 14 Mx X QVC' ef f' f A XXI X Efxg Xml! ff ,Z 2,1 Ukf J'f-2' 2 FM QE f:.".!f Vx ff.fjX Q80 '-'-"xxx X x NX h A Xi' mf 9 W K J Q ' WM ' ffff l ff' X X X 1 .I X1 XX 1 K '-X f- ff 4 ix ZW my i N X X, Q M- ' X 1 ff, I X N f Q K - Q xxx XX x XY 3 J H-lf v L . sw X X, ,- - X + 1 f- X 1- If ., -- f XX , Y YYVV 5 X - T N N Xxx f-xx 'X' !i5f I Vf , 1 Y 5 A it N Y ' Y , 4 ff L14-.fe ffldg Al x ,ik i aatZ4!!7eam FIRST ROW Irvln Ostrum Allan Strobel Earl Wrlght Clarence Marcher Harry Wrrght Olaf Sherwood Bob Hart John Marcus Gerald Wrrghr Pere Srokke SECOND ROW Stanley George Char11e Skrllen Jerry Kenney Carl Nrrsche Clarence Wahl Cork Hednck Manager Buzzy Sumpson Gene Durrm B111 Hart R11ey Hunton Jack Shortrrdge Kenneth Roth Coach Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Qoodlall Scdedale Custer Edgar Fromberg 31 Park Clty 45 Brldger 35 135 x! 1221151 1 10 3 CENTER Jahn Marcus FIRST ROW Gerald Wrrght Clarence Wahl Stanley George Charlre Skrllen BuzzySt1mpson Pere Stokke SECOND ROW Jerry Kenney Carl Nrtsche Jack Shorrrrdge Cork Hedrrck Manager Rrley Hunton Gene Durrrn B111 Hart Kennerh Roth Coach 0446 Kenneth Roth 53 74 . r Jack Shortridge-Forward Stanley George-Forward Bud Carstens Guard Vern Taylor Guard John Flanagan Center Pere Gausrad Guard 54 Butch Nrrsche Center Drck Grbson Center John Marcus Forward Rrley Hunton Forward Karl Gausrad Guard B111 Hart Guard 55 Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee 'fx gf V fir! .QA Q 4 . 'lumli' W! 9444 Harold Galahan 56 Edgar Fromberg Reed Pomt Park C1ty Belfry Edgar Reed Poun Cohunbus Park Clty Fromberg Jol1et Belfry Roberts Br1dger Roberts Jolxet Park C1ty Br1dger Cohnnbus RemlPomt Belfry ' .5 eff A 16 W ,Q M 4? 3 5 Q Absarokee xnall!',ot1l0 Belfry EZ 6 .ew 1 47 ' 43 52 55 ' 45 43 ' 62 41 ' 32 62 42 l 91 48 ' 48 ' 35 ' 63 59 ' 41 6406 FRONT ROW Bucky Cook Jerry Kenny Allan Strobel Pete Stokke SECOND ROW Hubert Ostrum John L1en Buzzy Sumpson Gene Durun Kenneth Roth Coach Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Z' 7mm Scdedafe Belfry Fromberg Park C1ty Fromberg Jol1et Belfry Br1dger Jollet Park City Bridger I M 0 SHOOTING John Marcus No 77 Stanley George No 88 D1ckG1bson No 66 Pete Gaustad Tumblmg Team Battmg Pracuce 58 5444462 FIRST ROW Jerry French Lynn Hell nd Brlly Blakeley Tommy Flanagan Stanley Humon SECOND ROW 1ackWe1ke1 Rlchard Ostrum Cebrun Gaustad Gary Borland Gary Ostrum Charles Mlller Charles George Gary Galahan Fred Lammoreaux Mr Hunton Coach , GY-J' 561.0 I 5' J-61 sw.-'P Q.-ff' mm! '-'54-ff 59 Sedadddem Georgette M111er Majel Arthun Beverly Slmons Qaeda Sedan! Zmwetla!! Sededalz Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Absarokee Qnde5cdaa!7 Edgar Bear Creek Reed Pomt Columbus Columbus Absarokee 30 Dlllon Absarokee 45 Columbus Absarokee 32 Blg Tlmber 30 28 Absarokee 32 Edgar 33 ' 33 36 60 64144 Anim 'T 7594 FRONT ROW John Marcus Earl Wrrght Stanley George Cllfford Johnson Corky Hedrlck Rlley Hunton Teddy Mrller SECOND ROW Bud Carstens Pete Gaustad John Llen Kenneth Garoutte Carl Nxtsche Robert Tyler Hubert Ostrum Absarokee Br1dger Absarokee Park C1ty Absarokee Johet Absarokee Lodge Grass Absarokee Belfry 61 AZ ! ik 9 3. y,YV lv. VV.. Vel Z mt Qt V? M s 'ff fi + , at 5 ' AA- I il A 3 ' E 2 ' 6 5 ' 11 13 ' 9 8 10 12 8 1-fadtwaeaa fi, W, S, W X N, ,A if 0 fjeggaa. ' QR W, .S X X A ,x 5895 N X V 5 h A 0 +9 :Nt,NXxYNrF,Q xv coaches of "53" 2X Junior Quartene I . 1 3 jf., 3-till' risk' 1 i . Marcus Gals Sophomore Chorus Banquet Wairresses Just Wartrn Our Teachers A dw w A. H. S. Fellows WK' Buddres 'Our Gals In the Huddle f Z, 5. ftp A' X A X' jggg ff ZMWNx!Wf N Z 1 R X Zig M iff' ff ZX!!! Q XXX S wif SW MVN n 4 L, y V211 I 'W 44170 fd f-'J X N I - k I I ff ff' f !.' rzlf -S --.A 4 f' I I v f . ,,', 1' f I A f X -x y X 1 jf If 17 i Sw? ' Q ffed f X 1 . If X, f 'V Qff x . If kg ! Q g f' 7' , I ' JW Yi .X I - 1 f , f D ,ff 'xx X 4 , - - -'f -- K ff' M If X -ff" ,lx if f"AF x X V' f 1 ' A , If , xxf w f ls E VX I I 'I 'I I f ' X ,V X f' 'jr' ff 7 'i -f XX V ff ,K I f' -f - 1 fir! vl' X, g f,f- ' X, ffV f 1, pynff J , -'f, wa , , f 1 f gf .A .'x fl f 1 1 r 1 L ,V 'f ' ll M f X X 1 T1 'f , ,, II' H ff 7 ,I X f, If V, Ah ' ,f i I - 1 f -X Q 1 v , , f W ll A w' f Lffi f f jg W , w 'V .f s , 1 ww af f f X f V . I 1 f If ' 1 x M. ' N - Y' 1 A I K 3 q XX .i K ,X fr ,V Z., X I V! -Q K ki V!! n N X X , K .X V X A X5 4 X f X fy ' '1-' :XXX 2 N , A N V' A V V' i IX W X 'X xyf -f x X RN ,x ff .. "4, V-xwi, xqwvmvfi iff ' r i Y' : Lf ' 414 bf 6,1 s h , jzghx hl xa,'g,,kS, Y ' , v i,iii ln "M, Y ' K ' 2 ' Q:g Q , jffi' 'fb ff my Mm, X 1 :A"i?3m'5 Yi 'fin Sh K Q' ' it k N ni flag, WX' an sam THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES FIRST ROW Rrchard DeGroot Ronald Ferster Vrncent Htnton Damel Kraft SLCOND ROW Lerla Rae Mrller Arlene Brrdges Lana Smvlre Emrly Johnson Roxene Kenyon Marrlyn Howland Edrth Ann Olsen Mxchael Bolrn Walter Schaff Danrel Aadland Btlly Amos Drck Peter son THIRD ROW Margaret Kappelman Anna Marcher Loretta Holmes Kathleen Holmes Jean Mc Brrde Mrs Srkora Lyle Reed Don Parker Ronald Carstens Nrckre Kenyon Larry Pederson FOURTH ROW Carol Huck Karon Mrller Barbara Reed Luanna Scovtll Mary Gaustad Sharon Vandersnrck Catherrne FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES IN FRONT Betty Frye FIRST ROW Frances Kealear N na McKelvey Ar Irss Brrdges Carolyn Aadlanu Olga Arthun Theresa Schaff Dolly Barr Patrrcra Huck Marsha Holman Fay Hetherton Shrrley Holmes SECOND ROW hmmy Burwell Eddre Sharp Bernard Scbaff Gary Gala han Cebrun Gaustad Mrckey Flanagan Robert Gahagan Clarence Strobel Rrchard Mrchael Fred Lamor eaux Bobby Farmstead Mrs johnson THIRD ROW Eddre Kraft Robert Hunton Jule Watson Ronnre Howland Carl Matcher Jerry Burwell Gary Olsen Edwln Holmes Jrmmy Hoover Robert Amos Raymond Oltrogge 69 O O U l f 1 I n 1 v 1 - . Z . , 1 . ' . ' . , ' , . . ' ' , . : 0 U v n - v I I Larsen, Bertha Arthun. . I . I 1 V 1 ' , ,,,,, . V . I ' . I , L . ' 1 , . . : A , . ' . ' 227414 FIRST ROW Fern Htnton Sharon Frye Llnda Bolrn Alrce Lee Laverne Carstens Dtana Lrnk Betty Lou Udenburg Clara Oltrogge SECOND ROW Jerry Long Lee Mrller Charles George Beverly Srmons Carol Hetherton Shtrley Strobel Shtrley Hoover Eva Marcher Mr Galahan Sybol Gaustad MaJel Arthun Mar lene Marcus Georgette Mrller Judy Mxller Judy Kenney Jean Lahn Jack Burwell JackWe1kel Garth Watson THIRD ROW Elmer Kraft Benny Grbson Jerry French Bllly Blakely Lynn Hetland George Dar rah Gerald Holmes Tommy Flannagan Gary Hanson Charles Mrller Bobby McBr1de FOURTH ROW Jlmmy Oltrogge Teddy Hart Ronnre Edmonds Gary Ostrum Bobby Burkland Gary Borland Stanley Hun ton Rtchard Ostrum Jrmmy McKelvey Zmwl FIRST ROW Clarence Strobel Cebrun Gaustad Gary Galahan Fred Lamoreaux Eddre Sharp Patrrcra Huck Robert Hunton Olga Arthun Shtrley Strobel Sybol Gaustad Carol Hetherton Jule Watson SEC OND ROW Mr Jones Gary Olsen Marsha Holman Frances Kealear Betty Frye Bernard Schaff Rrchard Mrchael Gerald Holmes 66 U : , , ' . ' . . . . . : . . . , I I I 7 U I l V - , ,,,,.. . : . . , . . ' 3 I Y I I V - I I I I 1 Q I - : . , . , , , . . . T ki Mae Rathbun and Jack Shortrrdge Most Athletrc pfxfi Teddy Mrller and Helen Werkel Best Sense of Humor M fi Charlre Skrllen and Lors Lxen Best Personalrty F' Ken Bracken and Irene Myers Best Looking We See 7 "'.,,.' L 'Uhr MM, Marrljnn Krrch and Howard Smrth Best Dancers Q 'mi ww wie' of Patrrcra Marcus and Johnny Orr Best Dressed B111 Cromn and Ann Frey Most Bashful JN uk 1 QQ' Peter Gaustad and Shrrley Broadwater Most Lrkely to Succeed 67 4..- Sl x a ley George and Barbara Edmonds Most Popular kk 'Q L. 'F Thelma Hoover and Corky Hedrrck Best Sport K Kenneth Garoutte and Gayna Garton Most Polrte 1 lil ::' i-L 331-xr ,rx Clarrce Arthun and Grlbert Dallas Most Ambrtrous ,fi . . V 4 . f 3 V Q'-XD Q kr fs- ' . -, M A "D J A I 3 f. ' 2' ' 5 ' . ' ' ' 'iff I '-' 'Qin Q . -I ",,V ' i I r. .f , fi- '13 ,ig 2 1-'fl ' -A ,B B- 1. - 0 I 'l V ' 'V K - ""' ' - I ff B a i f -a 5 H if H- 5 1 1 A A A A . . Y . . St n or - F V, Q LKQW ,, I A 1 ' x Y , y , ' V iff L , ' ' QE? V ' Q ' B , B f ,, 5 B wy r ' , s N V AI' K4 'Y V N . T'7'fi1 4 5, X ,,., ' V - f NA Q 5 x 1 .W ' B te B st r A il . if I ff, 'qy i Y i- ' ' 5 Ze "g1:':f , JA yr 5 ,S 'ri f 1 - I Q w ' -, 1 I 'lm ,Q A . A, s I N 5,3-W - A Q N wf r , - . A M rm 44:2 ' 'H f 5- f W. 1 , AZ f W V , V - I ff V Z L w V '-,, MM ,b l ' f 3Y"?!f'4 ,, X l . Iggy -, U .4 VF L ,Af f1'?j..":1. V' " V, 'B' 1 . :ff .V,, Wi". V 1 '.'.' m"' ' ' ' W3 :-'Q' .V 1 1. 4' " 1 , ' . -' - V 'M f l ' - . 5 ' m , V," www, V s VI- ,- w:" ' x . ..,. 3 . A , H 7f 457 M fww WW 6 Hp My 33222 my WWWMMQMW My ,M P W W Wigs? if 35 f My Mfg!! wfmwm Seadcvz W6 vfk N55 , QW ' W2 -29 0 Vzfzmj MW Milf Www 'W Q M J ,gy Q WWW0 45,111 A ' W MMM ,SW 11 wa Mxke Sutchffe X f SRM? g All X f X 5 f Z 1 ' X l X -zfiqx-'A 'jx 11 9 K-12,1 HT 69 I , , 5, -7' -L ,f f5",f?1J -f' ' " ' - 3 f V , K nf 5 gr Q x 5 ,, . V -L . ' ' f. ,, I 6 0, W , 12 41 A' F ,,, 1 , ' ff' ' . X ti' .A . Q Z fi V 1. axis ' V 7 xii ' Af 4 gf" ' , WM Q.. 6 ,X j X 'X xx ,' f x X - ' X X 1 I - I, M f ff ,-X ' ' I ffl, , KX , YYKVK X 1 I I y X . .ff Xf , X ' I f , M Xf f" f X x x f' ,A X' f ,ff f 'Ein K Q-.X ff ! X, xgx-Q ..' 45 ,EXC :L ,q Z fffk X XX ' 5? 'X' K, xx X A h Y 'H je' , y ,ff i it T 'HM' ' iX, ,WI 7,,, , V - -.7--vs-. 4 ' gt-Mi qv A , idly- ",3g. V -- , '-'- - ' --" 4 i ' ' " ' Congratulatzons to the NATALI Senior Class F GOOD FOOD mm Spaghetti Steaks Ravlola THE CUB THEATRE and BFGOHGSY Absarokee Montana Red Lgdge Phone 22 Mgnfmq CITY BAKERY RED LODGE CAFE DeLuxe Products Wild Game Specialties Wholesale Retail Come as you are Free Deluvery Phone 287W WELCOME Red Lodge Montana Red Lodge Momma PETER MICHELETTO IEWELRY Red Lodge Montma Compliments CARBON COUNTY CREAMERY C0 Red Lodge Montana BAR 0 BAR John and Morgue Durnn Roscoe Montma CURRY S APARTMENTS Weekly and Monthly Rates Phone 7B2 Absarokee Montma THE LIEN S Violet s Upholstery Gabe s Shoe Repair Phone 6R 2 Absarokee Montana DE GRDDT AGENCY Real Estate Insurance Absarokee Montana VARIETY STORE Harry and Ruth Brant Prop Congratulations to the Graduatmg Class Absarokee Montma GAMBLES Congratulations to the Class of 1953 Absarokee Montana DR OLEN J ERB Optometrist Ph one 6 6523 WILSON AND C0 Your John Deere Dealer Studebaker Goodyear Sales and Servlce Phone 222 Red Lodge Montana MARCHELLO HARDWARE Hardware Furniture Paints and Linoleum Kelvlnator Appliances St Youngstown Kitchens Red Lodge Phone 78 w Montcna S B KENNEDY Phone 90K Fl shtaul Montana DALE S STANDARD SERVICE Authorized Repalr Work Lu bflCUfI0ll Complete Llne of Greases Gas and Oll Dale Wheeler Ace Howard Absarokee Montana Of l P 2818-3rd Ave. No. Billings, Montana Geneml Mel'Cl1G'ldiS0 A D WHITCOMB OIL CO Wllly s Overland Wholesale Retall Distributors Phone 37 Red Lodge Montana RED LODGE CLEANERS Hat Bloclung Water Repellent Alterations and Repalr ll5 No Broadway Phone lll Red Lodge Montana MucDONOUGH MOTORS INC FORD CARS TRUCKS TRACTORS LINCOLN AND MERCURY Phone 20 II6 No Broadway Red Lodge Montana THOMPSON YARDS Burldlng Materials Paint and Glass Use Our Red Lodge Montana THE FO LTZ CO General Dry Goods Luggage Ladies Ready to wear Infants Wear When Ln Red Lodge Call and look around Red Lodge Montana SAWYER S Ranch Supplies Groceries Meats Stock Salt Phosphate WE SAVE YOU MONEY Red Lodge Montana NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Long KI epzch Red Lodge Montana THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK AT YOUR SILRVICE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Red Lodge Montana TIME PAYMENT PLAN KENNEY S CAFE S FCLINTAIN VAUGHN 8. RAGSDALE ABSAROKEE DRUG C R F '5 r Fr y x 1 r Pho 9 Pho sarok , Mont Absarok e, Mo Y Complete food and fountain service Phone 5281 Absarokee, Montana A Lihle More For I G 0 S CL S "You iendl Re all S o e" ne I n 4 Ab ee ana e MILLIGAN S FOOD MARKET Absarokee Montana Complete Grocery Meat Lune A SUPER SERVE YOURSELF MARKET S O GAUSTAD 'WWW Z1 HARDWARE Fran ch I sed Duo-Therm Coolerator Phone 41 Paints All Hardware Needs Absarokee Montana LEHNER MEAT MARKET 8- LOCKER Phone 20 Absarokee Montana KRATZ REAL Real Estate ESTATE Llvestoclr Insurance 15 Years of Relzable B s ess L1 stlngs Appreclated OLSEN S We have a complete Ime of groceries for your needs and Abscrokee Mon tm a GEM HARDWARE Mlnnesota Parnts General Hardware Marlon and Hugo .larussl Congratulatz ns Senzors Absarokee Mon tcna STILLWATER GARAGE Automolal le Accessories Expert Repalrlng Wreclung Service Absarokee Montma ,nrrnook Su H A Smath THE OUTDOOR SUPP LY Absarokee Montana Western and Ranch Clothung Women and Children s Wear Slgurd Eggen , . . Ana 1 b A ' u in ' . eil A Food Market W 3, S .0 . CO. 0 . u I LAHN'S ELECTRIC General Welding Absarokee Montana LOG CABIN BAR "We're never to busy to say Hell0! Hellol Hellol Hello! Bernie Knaggs GREEN DERBY CAFE Wonderful Home Cooked Meals. CONGRA TULA TIONS SENIORS Absarokee Montcna BAKER ELECTRIC, Radio Repair Electric Contracting Plumbing 81 Heatmg Sheet Metal Work Phone 'I22 J Columbus Montana BLOOM 81 C0 Red Lodge Montana Dry Goods Grocers es Shoes Phone 188 THE S 0 S HATCHERY Started Baby Chucks Poultry Feeds An Supplies Columbus Montana HESTER S Portralt and Commercual Photography 317 North Broadway Phone 8-8338 Bllllngs Montana Congratulatzons to the Semors CLAY CHEVROLET CO Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Service New and Used Cars and Trucks Columbus Montana S6054 Cleaning d Laundry Phone 213 L""'e' M""'c"" Art Butler General Manager AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GURHT AND BURGLAND Sales and Service Home of DeSoto and Plymouth Farm Machlnery Truck Tractor and Ownefs Jeep Repairing .lolu and Ml lcola Phone 226 Columbus Montana Columbus Montana THE LINE DRUG co DAVEY MOTOR C0 Necchl Sewing Machines Prescnptlon Speclallst Phone 75 Columbus Montana Ford Trucks and Cars John Deere Farm Equipment Texaco Petroleum Products Phone 116 Columbus Montana I O U Il . 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Suggestions in the Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) collection:

Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 84

1953, pg 84

Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 32

1953, pg 32

Absarokee High School - Huskie Yearbook (Absarokee, MT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 24

1953, pg 24

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