Abraham Lincoln Junior High School - Annual Yearbook (Rockford, IL)

 - Class of 1958

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LINCOLN SCHOOL RH 0G 11 NHq U Mam; J u MWWMJ NM v $$me WHM Published by tlae M Mg dy is ALBUM STAFF aw"; M330 VQWLM L'N W W 1;;1GH SCHOOL J '1 An 2: 2m 9,21ij 714 ; Roxfgford, Illinois N ,;Z 4 , MM U0 M b J M a W K WW I Volume XXXI 45fo W M72709!" 1958 W9 0N? , . , ,4 , k' C , f 1,1111 I .i X t , 1 x x . . k 1 k x t t ' 1 Many- yeanago there liveii in the state of Illinois a coun- t X ' ' v i it try laqug Iby 1113. xnaine of Abe Lyicoln. This man, destined KINTRQIJUCTION to bebbine Pregident bf the United States, was so greatly '1 k . J ' i atimired zind $981ch that even his antagonists had to look T i I 1 s i .1 ' t mm him. In honesty? and integrity he had no superior. In I h - I i i X: . lxiiscitsyrnigand far-sikhtedness he was without pee1. In industry 5 , . i 1 . I 1 i ." 2! ii sticktto-itkiveness he was master. , 1 .69 1 i. 1 15 i b . This man, able, courteous, strong, and intelligent, was cho- I J r h c ' ' '1, 1 ' . ' senihy the people to 1.513 the 'United States through the blackest ; . f- Kipe1i.od1in' American hisfoiy e The Civil War. No stranger 1 ' , K 1 . t A i ' ,to,slave1y, having been introduced to it on a trip to New 4 ll : Orleans While! still a young man, but hating the idea of servi- ! " tude for any human being, one of his most important acts was i to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, setting free of any type of forced bondage all of the slaves in the country. This was indeed the act of a fearless man, for by this proclamation the entire southern economy and way of life was shattered. Some might say that this was the iistraW Which broke the camels back," for this act was such a blow to the South that the end of the war was hastened. INTRODUCTION Will goundto by strong ties of white supremacy, athie e now transferred to and's he pport of its overseas ut inexoribly failing 1n soo tcame e etn all ta his man, ducated by diligggfjb OIH'IAEH t n on ours spent b re a flicker- MW ing fi e as the on man capablem of s cessfully preventing Ow WtMengdV? disinteg rat on the already beaten South. wever was no e so kind, and this young nation, M g i licking the wo s Msuffered during the Civil War, found itselfw Md Pre e a president shot, while he was $ding o ,5 th re, by John Wilkes Booth. mesake f o m? reat man. is views closely coinci ith th hoolis lead rs. He said, "Education is the most important t be engaged in." The values for which he is known e onesty, hard work, truthfulness, intelligence - are all values which we as students are seeking to achieve. As we seek to gain, say the education and wisdom of this great man, we find the task almost insurmountable. Perhaps it is for this reason that Lincoln is so often looked to as a goal to be reached. When you use this book, centered around the focal points of this great marfs life, we hope that you will feel compelled to follow in his footsteps. DEDICATION It is seldom, indeed, that there comes into a city a man who is interested in the welfare of the new community which he calls his own to such an extent that he spends a large portion of his time working with the organizations intended to better life for the citizens. Such a man, however, was Elmer Jepson. Born in the year 1900 in New Haven, Connecticut, Mr. Jepson came to Rock- ford to make his home. He worked himself into his own successful business, and then found that there was still time to work in the many organizations which benefited the city. He joined the Moose, the Elks, the Shriners, worked With the Rotarians, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Boys Farm School board. Besides all of these groups he was President of the Rockford Board of Education for three years, working all of this time to better the educational facilities of the city. On December 16, 1957 this useful life came to an end. All of the city mourns the passing of this man, and we of the Album Staff are proud to dedicate this yeafs book to Elmer Jepson. XK U. ' egg Q GanseuncKW 6 CM Q smmennp A N51! 5519'! Vinceuuzs KEY --Ru -FAcun.Ty A- Rza-EnTu'DEN'l-s . 'R95 nc1 wn-aEs -P. 83 - Classes 0-2:?! -SPoRTS .. STUDENT I-RWI moex Bmk row: Kenneth Orton, Assistant Superintendent; W. R. McIntosh, Superintendent of Schools, Jerald Raasch, Director of Building and Grounds. Seated: Noble J. Schmidt, Clifford Carlson, Frank St. Angel, Vera Walling; Administrat- ing Assistant, Alan Mattison, President of the Board of Education, Kenneth Jensen, Mrs. Evelyn Goldman, Mrs. Phoebe Barnes, Harry Wemple, Richard Bodin. BOARD OF EDUCATION The managing of our public schools is under the supervision of the Rockford Board of Education. The members of the board are appointed by the mayor and serve with- out pay. The board is made up of various businessmen and private citizens. The main function of this board is to decide policies for the entire school system. Each board member is assigned by the president to serve on one of three committees. The Educational Committee handles the instructional businessethe hiring and the ap- proving of teachers. The finance and Purchasing Committee examines the ordering of supplies and adjusts the salary rates of the teachers. The building and Grounds Committee determines the need for new buildings and has charge of the upkeep and repair of schools. The committee also has charge of the custodial staff. This year the Board of Education was undergoing drastic changes. Many new members were added to the board to replace those who felt that they had done their bit of service for the city schools. We people in the city of Rockford are indeed fortunate to have such capable and unselfish people working to improve the educational system, and provide for the children of Rockford the type of schools of which we can well be proud. ipal Girlf Dean 7177! P ixtant HARRY HULICK Principal ANN BILL A33 L m Ed Om D? Te Ecn NM W.mm dw DDJD n t; Mm mmm . t RW HmB . mm R One of the happiest days of my life was the day on which I found out that I had been chosen editor of the 1958 Abels Album. Along with this happiness, however, went tremors of fear and trepidation. Would I be able to put out the yearbook in as good a fashion as it had been done in the past few years? I soon found out that the members of the staff had these same fears, and were wondering what the end produce would be. Soon we found that by pooling our ideas and opinions we could reach compromises which would include all of our ideas, and still fit the ideas into the format of the annual. Work- ing with our advisor, we began to fit the ideas into a basic theme. At first this seemed to be an almost impossible task, but the more we worked on it the clearer the ideas became. Before long we had the first page finished, and with extreme pride we stepped back to admire this piece of handiwork. Little by little the book began to grow. The art staff finished the drawings, the stu- dent pictures were identified and placed, ads were sold, and the pictures taken in the classes were matched to the Writeups done by the staff members. In what seemed to be only a few weeks, but in reality proved to be the better portion of the school year, the book left the school and began the journey to the printers. What started out as a year of wonderment has turned out to be a year of complete amazement. I now realize that without the help of the entire staff it is impossible for an editor to produce a yearbook. It is for this reason that I want to take this chance to thank all of those people who helped to make this book the success that I am certain it will prove to be. I know that the satisfaction of being editor is one which cannot be enjoyed by everyone, but for the chance of fulfulling this important position, and representing the ninth grade at Lincoln Jr. High School in the 1958 Abe's Album, I am truly grateful. I hope that as you peruse this book you will feel the pride of school and class that is mine today, and that as the years slide past, you will look back on this year and the friends you knew as the best in your life. MARY BACHRODT N m'Je MARY ANDREW Art D'MAR BARNES General Science JOHN BENSON Social S tudie; LUCILLE BEUTEL Social Studies ELSIE BISHOFF Englijla FLOYD BINNINGER General Science ROBERT BRECKENRIDGE Pbyximl Education ANN CIHA S a vial Studiej FLORENCE BROUSE Pbyximl Education IRVIN CARNEY I 72d mm'al Art; , M x; w x 9w! W DOROTHY COCKFIELD Art 2,, M , GORDON BUESCHEL Band LORETTA CONDON E72 g1 i513 JOHN COSTELLO Social S ladies ICJ' GARTH COXHEAD Malbemat 197258 MARGARET CONNELL General S c LEON DALTON a! S rieme Gene; R E Y w No DML Mmow Armm I .7; L L I I It"! Mathemat EARL DUGAN I4 l5 HAZEL FOX H ouxebold Art: ELTON GINN Wood Shop ROY FOWLER Indmtrial Art: JEAN GEDDES Engliyla Englixb ANNETTE GIBSON N N . O O S S e Ke Twm Cm En? Ra RcS ES ESd 1 N14 Gmw 0w Nwm Tm uonw .. mg m A w M EMMA GREEN Ortbejtra GENEVA GOLWITZER Mmic STANLEY GRITZBAUGH S ocial Studies N a mark k W K, ,, 53x RALPH HALL Orcbejtm ELIZABETH HARKINS CAROL JOHNSON En g1 ijb Englin GRACE HILL S ocial Studie; EDNA JQHNSON 1 Art: 14 I ndustr FRED JQHNSON tit! CHESTER JOHNSON Mathema tum Pbyximl Edam JEAN JOHNSON DEE KIMZEY MARION JOHNSON 16! Mathemat Food; PAUL JOHNSON General Science I7 MILDRED LEMMER Englikb IONE KRUSE S a vial Studies KATHERINE MACHEK Art a TED MANN Englijla A179,; Album CLAUBE MIDDLETON I ndusm'al Am CLARENCE MARKHAM S 0 vial Studies GAYLE McNETT C ommercial N. ROBERT NELSON Mathematic: EVELYN MILLER T y pin g MIRIAM NYMAN En g1 ixla Dramatic: ELEANOR OHSL Ji H 01159190151 Art; aw, EDNA OLANKER E7? g1 i519 MARION PETERS S ocial S tud ie: MARIE PAINTER Mzm'c MARGUERITE QUINN Social Studiex : 35.5,: :i, uvrrmag 29$ .gtt-ffxtx'imi; ;2:. WM! 1,; sq, PAT POLGLASE Foreign Language ELIZABETH REETTS Mathematin MINNIE RIPPENTROP Sigbt-mving ALICE ROBERTSON Matlyematic; HERSCHEL SCHOLL Mathematic: ROBERT SCHLICHER Mathematics 20 EARL STRINGER P19 yJiml Education MARION SEAL VIVIAN SWANSON Library Social Siudiej SHIRLEY WHEELER Social S tudie; Englixla GLADYS WARREN Englixb MARGERY WEBERG Mathematic; 2I 9W; EEEWKii 24 N IN TH GRADE OF F ICERS PreIident .......................................... JIM FORSELL Vice Prexident .................. V. JERRY SWENSON Secretary ............................................ SUE SMALL Treasurer ................................ JACK McDANIEL Social Chairman .......................... ROSIE FORTIN 5311,15; YEN Kg'qx e .1 4QW-z V3!RQ ; 9K NV W; kathy'gV'r i, Abegg, Diane, 9-212 Adamson, Jean, 9-216 Aden, Landis, 9-216 Ades, Barbara, 9-110 Adolphson, Karen, 9-202 1' Ahlstrand, Suzanne, 9-312 Akerland, Dan, 9-204 Algren, Karen, 9-216 Anderson, Barbara, 9-111 Anderson, Barbara, 9-111 Anderson, Carlene, 9-204 Anderson, Carol, 9-215 Anderson, Dan, 9-215.V Anderson, David, 9-104 Anderson, Diane, 9-111 Anderson, Eric, 9-313 Anderson, Fern, 9-212 . Anderson, Marc, 9-110 1, Anderson, Mary Jean, 9-215V1 Anderson, Owen, 9115 Anderson, Robert, 9-216 Anderson, Sherry, 9-119 Anderson, Sherrilyn, 9-119 Anderson, Virginia, 9-221 :HZHZIOOMbH oomxowlmwmctbwm qumzloomxovd lmme: wQ oomeH Anderson, Warren, 9-119 Anthony, Sue, 9-8 Appelgren, Jack, 9-319 Aradio, Marion, 9-8 Armour, Karen, 9-222 Askvik, Nancy, 9-215 Babcox, Tom, 9-222 Back, Ronald, 9-319 Bailey, David, 9-312 Bailey, Martin, 9-119 Bakken, David, 9-222 Bankson, Jack, 9-212 Bargren, Wayne, 9-222 Barloga, Marilyn, 9-102 Barta, Diane, 9-319 Bartlett Elliott, 9-212 Barron, Marvis, 9-115 Bateman, Glenda, 9-312 Batten, Donna, 9-313 Baxter, Roger, 9-216 Beaupre, Michael, 9-312 Beck, Nancy, 9-215 Beck, William, 9-111 Becker, Ruth, 9-119 28 Beckett, Marilyn, 9-215 Beckman, Lorraine, 9-110 Bengtson, Alan, 9 Bennett, Phillip, 9-111 Bergquist, Charles, 9-119 Bernard, Joan, 9-204 Berryhill, Sally, 9-312 Bigger, Sharon, 9-115 Bjurstrom, Larry, 9-215V Blade, Annette, 9-202 Blomberg, Mary, 9-202 Blomgren, Janice, 9-110 Blomgren, Sandra, 9-542 Bodach, Nancy, 9-119 Boetker, Neil, 9-115 Boisvert, David, 9-119 Bowman, Bernard, 9-119 Bowman, Dale, 9-222 Branca, Thomas, 9-210 Brees, David, 9-222 Brewer, Thomas, 9-215 Bohr, Brian, 9-210 Bridson, Lee, 9 Brogren, Lynne, 9-115 :HZHZIOOV'VDH oomx'Dr-dlmPUmUD2WQ VD, P-i :HZHZIOOVI Brown, Brad, 9-319 Brown, Ricky, 9-513 Browman, Jerome, 9-115 Brubacker, Kenneth, 9-31: Buell, Webster, 9-215 V Budden, Sue, 9-319 Bullard, Sharon, 9-313 Burbeck, Bob, 9-118 Burbeck, Pat, 9-222 Burch, Louise, 9-221 Bursick, Viola, 9-519 Buscemi, Carl, 9-222 Buss, Judy, 9-202 Calacurcio, Carol, 9-204 Carey, Earnest, 9-102 Carlson, AnnMarie, 9-204 Carlson, Barbara, 9-210 Carlson, Bob, 9-215 Carlson, Brad, 9-102 Carlson, Curt, 9-222 Carlson, David, 9-212 Carlson, Donna, 9-312 Carlson, Gaylord, 9-115 Carlson, Jack, 9-8 Carlson, James, 9-222 Carlson, Judith, 9-212 Carlson, Karol, 9-102 Carlson, Keith, 9-119 Carlson, Kenneth, 9-319 Carlson Larry, 9-102 Carlson, Russell, 9-202 Carlson Sandra, 9-212 Carlson, Sharon, 9-115 19 Carlson, Susan, 9-202 Carlson, Terry, 9-111 Carp, Robert, 9-221 Cash, Lois, 9-115 Cash, Richard, 9-104 Castellese, Frances, 9-104 Cerio, Frank, 9-202 Challberg, Julie, 9-115 Choppi, Vanna, 9-212 Chostmer, Roy, 9-102 Christianson, Ruth, 9-210 Cieslak, Josephine, 9-115 Claeson, Robert, 9-204 Cole, Jimmy, 9-212 Collin, Claudia, 9-110 mazmz'mmoH mmo-lmwmcn-wm EHZHZloomon oovaDr-dlwwmtj?wm Collins, Mauren, 9-115 V Canard, Bill, 9-313. Conde, Tom, 9-512 Conrad, Marilyn, 9-115 Cook, Barbara, 9-215 Cook, Beverly, 9-513 Cobk, James, 9-315 Coole, Virginia, 9-221 Corbett, Constance, 9-110 Corcorah, Michael, 9-119 Cornelius, Ronald, 9-313 Cramer, Agnes, 9-319 Cridlebaugh, Lucinda, 9-110 Currere, Sylvia, 9-204 Cushman, Janice, 9-115. Dahlberg, Kathleen, 9-111 Dailey, Darlene, 9-215 Dalton, Susie, 9-222 Daniels, Marcia, 9-111 Davidson, Darwin, 9-212 Davis, Penny, 9-313 DeFay, Vickie, 9-102 Denen, Jerry, 9-110 De-Schepper, Robert, 9-8 M Dierks, Karen, 9-212 Di Puma, Bud, 9-115 Dixon, Bonnie, 9-216V' Doll, Kenny, 9-222 Donovan, Mary Ann, 9-110 Donovan, Tana, 9-104 Dortsmith', Russell, 9-110 Douglass, Carol, 9-312v Downing, Robert, 9-110 Drake, Carol, 9-222 Dreger, Marlilyn, 9-8 Dzielak, Barbara, 9-215 Dzielak, Deanne, 9-111 Eggehorn, Lars, 9-119 Egler, Don, 9-212 Eighmy, Martha, 9-115 Einhorn, Carol, 9-8 Eisenstein, Margo, 9-221 Ekmarck, Richard, 9-102 Eksten, Ron, 9-8 Ellison, Tom, 9-102 Emerick, Karl, 9-319 MY,- Engberg, Dale, 9-102 Ennett, Beatrice. 9-221 :az-zloome mmOHImeUD2FUQ 00me Eh-IZHZ oomxoylmpumUD-FUCD Erickson, Bill, 9-102 Erickson, Dale, 9-111 Erickson, Jim, 9-215 Erickson, Roger, 9-215 Erickson, Tom, 9-210 Fagerburg, Diana, 9-215 Ferrall, Clifford, 9-8 '1 Ferrall, Steve, 9-21M Ferrari, Denis, 9-202 Fitzgibbons, James, 9-221 Fitzmaurise, Timothy, 9-216 Fitzpatrick, John, 9-1 1 5 Fletcher, Carole, 9-115 Fletcher, Douglas, 9-215 Floyd, Lynda, 9-222 Forsell, James, 9-215 Forslin, Marlene, 9-102 Fortin, Delma Rose, 9410! Foster, Jack, 9-102v" Fox, Joan, 9-315 Fredrickson, Nan, 9-221 Fredrickson, Michael, 9-312 Franzen, Terry, 9-110 Francis, Rodney, 9-204 34 Freed, Linda, 941119 Friis, Peter, 9-111 Fry, Delmas, 9-119 Fuca, Raymond, 9-313 Galvononi, Louis, 9-204 Ganshert, Sharon, 9-210 Garey, Kathleen, 9-110 Garos, George, 9-115 Gasoske, Robert, 9-204 Gates, Pat, 9-312 Genrich, Robert, 9-2160 Geoffrey, Fysh, 9-313 Getts, Tom, 9-210 Gibson, Sharon, 9-115 Gill, Richard, 9-222 Gillespy, Judy, 9-312 Gitzlaff, Sharon, 9-210 Gorst, Pat, 9-319 Gorden, Jim, 9-202 Gough, Mary Beth, 9-3123 Govig, Ronald, 9-215 Graham, Ray, 9-204 Gray, Nancy, 9-210 Gteenberg, Karen, 9-312 maz-zhomoH oomxow!mwmua-wm :h-IZHzloov-on oomXOp-IUJFUMUC9FUIQ Greenblatt, Matthew, 9-212 Greene, Patricia, 9-216 Greenlee, James, 9-102 Greenlee, John, 9104 Greenwood, Lawraine, 9-104 Gregorcy, Gladys, 9-119 Griffin, Margaret, 9-104 Gustafson, Marla, 9-115 Gustafson, Peggy, 9-202 Gustafson, Phoebe, 9-115 Gustafson, Sharon, 9-313 Gustitus, Sandra, 9-119 Hafstedt, Shirley, 9-1 1 5 Haines, Janet, 9-1152 Halgrimson, Duane, 9-102 Hamblen, Marianne, 9-312 Hammond, Robert, 9-104 Hanchette, Barbara, 9-111 Hare, Sally, 9-110 Hargis, Geraldine, 9-215 Haroldson, Judith, 9-110 Harp, Patsy, 9-104 Harring, Greta, 9-8 Spielman, Rodger, 9-202 Harris, Carolyn, 9-8 Harwick, Sharon, 9-204 Hatlestad, Joan, 9-215 Hausman, Sandra, 9-215 Hawk, Bob, 9-111 Hayenga, Marcia, 9-210 Hayes, Paul, 9-215 Heitala, Linda, 9-222 Helm, Rosalie, 9-216 Helsinger, Carpl, 9-222 Henderson, Pam, 9-102V Hendrickson, Sidney, 9-212 Herbig, Ronald, 9-216 Hetdklotz, William, 9-204, Hiatt, Viola, 9-216 Hicks, Gary, 9-312 Hill, Leonard, 9-110 Hillman, Douglas, 9-111 Hitchcock, Daniel, 9-319 Hornbeck, Ronald, 9-312 Howard, William, 9-204 Hulstedt, Susan, 9-8 Huntley, Sharon, 9-222 Ingram, Barry, 9-102 w EHZHZIOOUIWJH oowewlmme?WQ :aZh-Zloovwwhd mwow'mmeD-PUQ Irwin, Andrea, 9-119 Ives, Stephen, 9-204 Jenkins, Carolyn, 9-319 Jennings, Joanne, 9-312 Johnson, Aldin, 9-202 Johnson, Charles, 9-221 Johnson, Christine, 9-119 Johnson, Christine, 9-210 Johnson, Dale, 9-111 Johnson, Dan, 9-319 Johnson, Dick, 9-8 Johnson, Douglas, 9-110 Johnson, Gary, 9-221 Johnson, Jeannie, 9-222 Johnson, Jerome, 9-104 Johnson, Jill, 9-119 Johnson, Joan, 9-216 Johnson, Karen, 9-102 Johnson, Keith, 9-102 Johnson, Richard, 9-319 Johnson, Robert, 9-11 1 Johnson, Ronald, 9-111 Johnson, Ross, 9-221 Johnson, Roy, 9-313 Johnson, Sam, 9-212 Johnson, Steve, 9-202 Johnson, Steve, 9-210 Johnson, Ted, 9-115 Johnson, Terry Ann, 9-110 Johnson, Tom, 9-8 johnson, William, 9-221 Jones, Connie, 9-221 Jones, John, 9-210 Judge, Jo Ann, 9-8 Jury, MatvaLynn, 9-102 Kaiser, Christel, 9-222 Kalen, Micheal, 9-221 Kallstrom, Donna, 9-110 Kaplanes, Alec, 9-204 Karseski, Roger, 9-319 Kaszuba, Walter, 9-104 Keegan, Nancy, 9-212 Kempe, Ruth, 9-216 Kennedy, Kyle, 9-102 Kingdon, Sid, 9-8 Kim, Raymond, 9-204 , Kjellgren, Barbara, 9-119 Kjellstrom, Roger, 9-319 mHszloovmoH oomeHlmpdh-JU.$75CD mHszImmoH oovrxDr-dlmFUI'UU 5FUCD Kjenner, Terry, 9-111 Kleckner, Jerry, 9-8 Kleczewski, Thomas, 9-216 Klontz, Kathryn, 9-210 Knight, Dorothy, 9-104 Kraemer, Karen, 9-111 Kruse, Mary, 9-102 Kuklin, Eugene, 9-204 Larson, David, 9-212 Larson, Denis, 9.313 Larson, Gary, 9-104 Larson, Susan, 9-111 Larson, Susan, 9-102 Larson, Wendell, 9-102 Latt, Karin, 9-110 Laurent, Craig, 9-215 Leander, Lonna, 9-221 Lentz, Fred, 9-216 Lentz, Judy, 9-111 Licari, Nick, 9-8 Lidbetter, Virginia, 9-110 V Lierman, Richard, 9-210 Light, Wynonia, 9-215 Lind, Karen, 9-102 Lindberg, Clark, 9-110 Linde, John, 9-512 Linder, Carol, 9-119 Linderoth, Cheryl, 9-111 Lindsay, Gary, 9-115 Little, George Robert, 9-115 Lowry, Karen, 9-319 Lucas, Katherine, 9-216 Lucey, Arthur, 9-115 Luecht, Craig, 9-212 Lundeen, Carole, 9-202 W Lundell, Cynthia, 9-312 Lunquist, Denise, 9-111 Lundstrom, Gretchen, 9-204 Lundstrom, Karen, 9-222 Lundstrom, Sharon, 9-222 Lunn, David, 9-312 L' Lunn, Dave E., 9-222 Luter, Joseph, 9-202 Lyford, James, 9-313 Lyford, XVallace, 9-104 , MacCallum, Barton, 9-221 V MacKenzie, Catherine, 9-216 Macolusky, John, 9-216 :quzlwme oomxop-almpdh-JUD-FUQ maszIwme oomxopalmwmc.$wm Maggie, Roger, 9-210 Maggie, Rosalie, 9-104 Magnuson, Karen, 9-222 Mahnke, Ruth 9-8 Mailloux, Judy, 9-204 Mansfield, David, 9-313 Marsden, Susan, 9-513 Marshall, Kelly, 9-215 Martini, Mary, 9-104 Mathison, Dale, 9-204 Mattison, Jared, 9-215 Maxwell. Nancy, 9-204 Maybome, Karolyn, 9-104 Mayzeika, Glenn, 9-212 MCBride, Phillip, 9-216 McCain, David, 9-315 McCord, Julia, 9-215 McCoy, Kathie, 9-210 McCulley, Rubena, 9-111 McDaniel, Jack, 9-212 McDaniel, James, 9-210 McDonald, Kathleen, 9-312 McGough, Jesse, 9-8 McIntosh, Thomas, 9-222 u v: Q ' '11... McLin, Idella, 9-215 McLin, Roy, 9-111 McNames, Kathleen, 9-221 McNeany, Joyce, 9-119 Mihm, Merrill, 9-104 Meyer, Franklin, 9-319 Meyer, Sara, 9-110 Mickelson, Lana, 9-313 Miller, Cheryl, 9-222 Miller, James, 9-221 Miller, Tobie, 9-221 Mills7 Diane, 9-210 Molander, Faye, 9-111 Montalbano, Kris, 9613 Montgomery, Bob, 9-319 Moon, julie, 9-202 Morell, Marlene, 9-212 Morman, Jack, 9-204 Morrall, John, 9-204 Mortenson, Tom, 9-110 Mulligan, Dawn, 9-222 Mullins, Carol, 9-210 Myers, Alice, 9-212 Myers, Carolyn, 9-8 Er-IZHZloovIV-DH oomwwlmpdeCbFUQ masz'wme oomonlmp-umcjt2w0 Myers, Ginnethea, 9-215 Myers, Sally, 9-222 Myers, Sylvia, 9.313 Nalley, Larry, 9-102 V Neff, Charles, 9-119 Nelson, Betsey, 9-313 Nelson, Cheryl, 9-202 Nelson, Dale, 9-115 Nelson, Gail, 9-119 Nelson, Gerald, 9-111 Nelson, Judith, 9-312 Nelson, Lance, 9-104 Nelson, Ron, 9-202 ,22 Nelson, Susan, 9-212 V Newberg, David, 9-312 Nichols, Clinton, 9-216 Nielson, Karen, 9-8 V Niemala, Ann, 9-204 Nimmo, Robert, 9-210 Noreen, Sheryl, 9-119 Norman, Roger, 9-8 Norrman, Karol, 9-119 Norsen, James, 9-216 Oellig, Karen, 9-319 2, Ohman, Gary, 9-216 9 Olive, Suzy, 9.202 19 Olson, James, 9-216 Olson, Jon, 9-313 Olson, Ronald, 9-104 Omark, Margie, 9-212 ' Orton, Eugene, 9-115V Palmquist, Tim, 9-202 Patrick, Margie V Paulson, Donald, 9-313 Pawlus, James, 9-222 Pearson, Nancy, 9-216 Pearson, Robert, 9612 Perrone, Mathew, 9-8 Peters, Phillip, 9-216 Peterson, Carol, 9-102 Peterson, Gary, 9-215 Peterson, Gary, 9-110 Peterson, James, 9-110 Peterson, Judy Ann, 9-216 Peterson, Patricia, 9-104 Peterson, Michael, 9-221 Peterson, Robert, 9-212 Peterson, Sandra, 9-202 maz-zlwmc- mwOHlmmeD-WQ :az-zpow- oomxcwlmpdmuiz-PUCD Pierce, Sharon, 9-216 Pippel, Robert, 9-104 Plager, Thomas, 9-210 Potter, John, 9-312 Pozzi, Agnes, 9-202 Prenot, Ralph, 9-202 Price, Judith, 9-119 Priola, Philip, 9-204 Quakenbush, Ronald, 9-216 Rader, Judy, 9-221 Rees, Roger, 9-110 Rehan, Jeannette, 9-202 Reichenbach, Janice, 9-104 Reid, Marjorie, 9-102 .0 Reilly, Michael, 9-202 Reinhold, Roger, 9-115 Remsen, Robert, 9-221 Rhoads, Nancy, 9-513 Richards, Clinton, 9-216 Robertson, Katherine, 9-212 Robinsonson, Charlotte, 9-221 Roland, Thomas, 9-312 Rose, Michael, 9-202 Ross, Elizabeth, 9-222 Rounds, Richard, 9-119 1. Rowe, Linda, 9-319 Rudolph, Janice, 9-319 Sachs, Felicia, 9-216 Sacrider, Eugene, 9-202 Salamone, Priscilla, 9-8 Samuelson, Genelle, 9-110 Samuelson, Jill, 9-222 Sanders, Carolyn, 9-319 Sanders, Harold, 9-204 Sandoval, Raymond, 9-221 Sauberlich, Geraldine, 9-102 Sawtelle, Darlene, 9-312 School, Nancy, 9-8 Schubeler, Monica, 9-111 Schultz, Karen, 9-102 Schutte, Jim, 9-210 Schutte, William, 9-119 Seehaver, Helen, 9-221 Sefrhans, Joseph, 9-104 Selk, Daniel, 9-312 Setterquist, Jerry, 9-202 Severson, Gary, 9-210 Sheds, Doreen, 9-111 :qzmzlmmow mmowlmwmu2wm :az-zlwmw'd oomxop-almpdijD-FUQ Shumway, Robert, 9-111 Sieren, Marilyn, 9-313 Siewenie, Janice, 9-212 Simmons, Phyllis, 9-212 Singer, Robert, 9-110 Sjostrom, William, 9-115 Small, Sue, 9.110 19 Smallwood, Larry, 9-216 Smith, Carol, 9-210 Smith, Carol, .9-319 Smith, Dale, 9-312 Smith, Janet, 9-312 Smith, Margaret, 9-104 Smith, Mike, 9-215 Smith, Sandra, 9-222 Smith, Sharon, 9-216 Smith, Stephen, 9-221 Smithee, Patricia, 9-212 Smithson, Ann, 9-8 Sorenson, David, 9-8 Sparks, Carl, 9-104 Sparks, Roy, 9-210 Spataro, Lester, 9-313 Spaulding, Sandra, 9-216 v 48 Karen Sponberg, 9-8 Colleen Stahl, 9-312 St. Angel, Charlie Stenberg, Bart, 9-119 V Stewart, Glen, 9-104 Stinson, Karen, 9-312 Stone, Mark, 9-102 Strommer, David, 9-104 Stubbe, Diane, 9-202 Svanoe, Richard, 9-216 Swanlund, Terry, 9-111 Swanson, Jerry, 9-104 ' Swanson, Jon, 9-319 Swanson, Nancy, 9-202 Swansttom, Ronald, 9-210 Sweeney, Gloria, 9-319 Swenson, Beverly, 9-221 Swenson, Jerry, 9-110 Swenson, Joseph, 9-210 Swenson, Robert, 9-115 Swick, Stuart, 9-222 Swinbank, Mary, 9-115 Swinney, Margie, 9 Sword, Robert, 9-221 mazquhomww oomonlmpon-ju: wm :HZHzloomon oowKDHlmpumUD-WQ Tack, Paul, 9-201 Taylor, Lawrence, 9-319 Terrell, James, 9-313 Thaxton, Paul, 9-110 Thompson, Gary, 9-110 Thomas, Peter, 9-216 Thoren, Duane, 9-313 Thorsgaard, Janet, 9-210 Tillett, George, 9-215 Timmons, Leila, 9-8 Todd, Nancy, 9-204 Toppe, Lorainne, 9-221 Troller, Karen, 9-221 Tropp, Dean, 9-110 Troup, Newell, 9-119 Turney, Steven, 9-212 Tumey, Terry, 9-210 Ulrich, David, 9-102 Uzuanis, Richard, 9-210 Van Draska, Karen, 9-204 3 Varland, Kristine, 9-221 Vella, Marie, 9-210 A3 Vella, Phillip, 9-212 Vorsanger, Guy, 9-319 Voss, Julie, 9-204 Vronch, Roger, 9-216 Wagaman, William, 9-221 Wales, Allen, 9-204 Wales, Beverly, 9-221 Wallace, Helen, 9-111 Wallin, Caryn, 9-216 Wallquist, Kelldon, 9-222 Walton, Larry, 9-312 Wanfalt, Donald, 9-119 Wantz, Linda, 9-119 Wehrlen, Robert, 9-212 Wellman, Jerry, 9-222 Wendell, John, 9-315 Wemberg, Evangeline, 9-210 Werth, Wendy, 9-312 Weyberg, Janet, 9-119 Weyberg, Ross, 9-221 White, Lyla Kay, 9-110 Whiteford, John, 9-204 Whitehead, Sharyn, 9-215 Wieneke, Frederica, 9-221 Wilken, Carole, 9-204 Wilson, Malvin, 9-102 :HZthome mmc lmwmu w'm oowxoalmwmu2wm Er-IZHZIOOVIVDH Winans, Milton, 9-204 Winquist, Michael, 9-212 Winter, Connie, 9613 Winter, Nick, 9-1 1 1 Wolf, Judy, 9-212 Woodworth, Larry, 9-313 Worthington, Ann, 9-204 l2 Yetterberg, Penny, 9-102 Young, John, 9-202 L2 Zimmerman, Beverly, 9-202 Ziski, Sandra, 9-119 HOMEROOM 8 102 104 110 111 115 119 202 204 210 212 215 216 221 222 312 313 319 N INTH GRADE HOMEROOMS TEACHER F. Johnson A. Gibson R. Fowler E. Olander M. Lemme: M. Gerretson D. Dunaway M. Peters J. Benson M. Quinn 1. Kruse G. McNett G. Coxhead E. Dugan P. Polglase E. Johnson E. Ohslund M. Johnson PRESIDENT Dick Johnson Mark Stone Pat Peterson Doug Johnson Doug Hillman Art Lucey Ned Troop Mary Blomberg Gretchen Lundstrom Steve Johnson Mike Winquist James Forsell Jim Norseen Virginia Anderson Tom Babcox Bob Pearson Sharon Bullard Agnes Cramer E'GHVH Adamitisl, V4, DeWayne 8- 3 20 Anderson, Cheryl 8- 3 2 1 Andreen, 4 Nancy I, 8-203 Bailey, Ronald 8-304 Beck, Linda 8-304 Addams, John 8-118 Anderson, Dennis 8-220 Andrews. Carl 8-2 14 Baker, Donna 8- 304 Beckstrom, Keith 8-224 Albertson, Kay 8-105 Anderso'n, Jack v" 8-224 Ang, Character 2 ' 8-321 Bakkum, Karen 3 8-118 Bender, Connie 8-316 Alden, Ronnie 8-211 Anderson, Jim 8- 3 18 Ashley, Steve 8-224 Ballard, Edwin ' " 8-209 Berg, 3 George 8-2 2 1 Allen, Robert 8-211 Anderson, Robert 8- 3 2 1 Aspling, Marlene 8-213 Baraconi, Patricia 8-208 Berg, Joanne 8- 304 Allen, Sara 8-303 Anderson, Rodney 8-2 1 3 Atchison, Jim 8-105 Barnes, Shearel 8-208 Berglund, David 8-320 Almquist, Douglas 8-105 Anderson, Sandra 8-2 1 3 Authenrieth, Vaughn 8-208 Bartelt, Jeffery 8-201 Bergman, Mary 8-2 2 0 Anderson, Carol 8-208 Anderson, Steven 8-208 Bailey Jay 8-203 Bass, Kathleen 8-203 Bergquist, Karen 8- 32 1 0 , I 2 Bergstrom, Keith 8-3 18 Boden, David 8-321 Brazzell, Jane 8-224 Calvert, John 8-214 Carlson, Craig 8-201 Bishoff, John 8-118 Boque, Leon 1.; 8-209 Brown, Cheryl L 8-221 Cameron, Cathy 8- 316 Carlson, Dennis 8-118 Blade, Neal 8-318 Bolander, Steven 8- 3 2 1 Brown, Jan L 8-213 Camm, Gary 8-105 Carlson, Eileen 8-211 Bland, 1,2 Sharon V 8-209 Bonassin, Lucy 8-2 1 4 Brown, Sandra 8-201 1' Campilongo, Marilyn VI 8-201 Carlson, George 8-211 Blegen Duane 8-105 Born, Kenneth v 8-209 Budden, Tim 8-105 Canterbury, Carol 8- 3 2 1 Carlson, James 8-1 18 Blomgren, Sue 8-318 Bouma, Larry 8- 301 Bulthaus, Douglas 8-203 Carlbom, Carol 8-318 Carlson, Judy 8-316 Bloom, Donald 8-320 Bowen, Bonnie 8-105 Burd, Meryl 8-316 Carlson, Bartley 1V 8-208 Carlson, Joel 8-318 12" Bobitt, Diane 1,, 8-118 Brauer, Chetyl 8- 1 1 8 Busacker, Dennis ' 8-209 Carlson, Bruce 8-220 Carlson LaReau 8-214 55 Carlson, Louise 8-318 Cazaniga. Gerald x 8-213 Coats, Betty 8-316 Crull, Richard 8-208 Delaney, Kathy 8-208 56 Carlson, Lynnette x 8- 3 01 Cedarleaf, Vicki 8-224 Cochran. Judy 8-303 Cumming, Lani y 8-301 DeMolli, .y Louis ,- 8209 Carlson, Mary Ellen 1 8-105 Charletta, Charles 8-224 Cockrell, Clemae 8-224 Curran, Michael 8-2 1 3 Dixon, Paul 8-213 Carlstrom, Alice 8-321 Chrzanowski, James 8 8-209 Conde, Gerald x 8-203 Dabroski, Nancy 8-301 Donovan, Gerald 8-208 Carlzen, Carol 8-208 Church, Fred 8-3 18 Conrad, Nancy 8-501 D1Agostin, Maureen 8-213 Dorfsmith, Judy 8-301 Carney, Charles g 2 " 8-2 2 4 Clark, Jack 8-213 Cooper, Jobe 8-304 Dallosto, Mary Ann 8-521 Dougherty, James 8503 Casalena, Gerald 8-32 1 Clement, Gary 8-1 1 8 Cook, Thomas 8- 1 1 8 Darrow, Ronald 8-208 Duel, SaUy 8-301 Case, Michael 8-32 1 Clinite, Gerald 8-320 Crull, Margaret 8-318 Davis, Claude' 8-318 Duffer, Connie 8-304 Farb, Mark 8-214 Fiori, Barbara L 8-203 Fredbetg, Betty VX 8-5 18 Dzielak, , Eileen V 8-105 Erb, Nancy 8-208 Farr, Larry 8-301 Floyd, Cheri !, 8-203 Fredrickson, John 8 -2 08 Ebens, Pat 8- 303 Erickson. Sherri 8-211 Ferguson, Jewel 8- 3 0 1 Forsell, Jill p1 8-209 Freed, Dianne 8-209 L Eckhardt, Barbara 8- 3 Z 1 Erusivich, Anna 8-220 Ferling, Richard 8-1 18 Forsen, Toby 8-203 Freeze, Merle 8-321 Edlund, Randy 8-201 ESpy, Edward 8- 3 20 Ferre, David 8-3 16 Fotzler, Sharon 8-224 Friday, Rodney 8- 304 Ethington, Julie V 8-205 Ferruggia, Joann V ' 8-201 Franzen, Brian 8-213 Friis, Jim 8-213 Ekholm, 1 Tom M' 8-224 Ethington, Franzen, Steve 8-316 Frisk, Dennis 8-318 Ellis, Joan L 1 8-209 Eye, Sandra 8-318 Fiorentino, Chris 8-203 Freberg, Leonard 8-1 18 Fry, Karen 8- 304 57 Frye, Bobbie 8-301 Geishert, Philip 8-118 Glans, Linda p 8-320 Griffin, Mary Jane V 8-211 Gutshall, Marian 8-201 Gagon, Deanna V 8-320 Ginn, Franklin 8-301 Gepn Jerry 8-203 Grip, x Carol V 8-203 Hagstrom. Ann 8-224 Gahlbeck, Pam U 8-209 Giardini, 13ary 8-214 Gordon, Jacqui 8-313 Grow, Dennis 8-2 1 3 Hale, Ruth 8-220 Gahm, Gary v 8-209 Gibbs. Betsy V 8-301 Gotto, Sondra ; 8-316 Gullickson, Anne 8-105 Hall, Clare 8-118 Gambini, Richard 8-211 Gibson, Pete 8-301 Granquist, Lana L 8-2 14 Gundlack, Larry 8-304 Hall, Judy 8-211 Garas, Warren 8- 3 1 6 Gilay, Ruth 8-211 Greenlee, James 8- 3 2 0 Gustafson, Donna 'v" 8-201 Hall, Steve 8-316 Geartner, Jan 8-303 Gilbert, Charles V' 8-209 Gregersen, Argene v" 8-201 Gustafson, Mary Kay 8-105 Hallberg, Robert 8-304 Geary, Theodore 14' 8-209 Gladish, Diane 8-201 Greulich, Larry 8-220 Gustafson, Tom 8-2 14 Hammer, Tom 8-2 11 Hankins, Ann M 8-321 Harvey, Tom 8-220 Hoel. Christie 8-320 Jackson, Zona L 8-208 Johnson, Connie 8-316 Hankins, Karen 8-304 Heerens, Kisti 8-214 Hoffman, Sue 8-224 James, Charles 8-320 Johnson, David 8-214 Hanson, Diana 8-321 Helm, y, Bruce V 8-224 Holmstrom, Charles 8-316 Jeck, Cheryl 8-304 Johnson, Dennis 8-320 Hanson, Janet V 8-209 Hendron, Tom 8-203 Holmquist, Jill L 8-520 Jeffery, James 8- 3 2 1 Johnson, Donna l 8-3 20 Hanson, Penny 8-213 Hensley, Pam L 8-209 Hull, Richard 8-320 Jenkins, Paulette 8-214 Johnson, Fred 8-208 Harlan, Gary 8-318 Hester, Patricia 8-301 Hunborg, Ronald 8-305 Jensen, Richard 8-201 Johnson, Gary 8-201 Harring, Paul 8-214 Hicks, Rita 8-316 Hyde, Yvonne 8-209 Johnson, Ann L 8-303 Johnson, Gilbert 8-203 1 Harris, Jim 8-2 11 Hill, Lee 1 8-208 Jackson, Judy 8-211 Johnson, Connie 1 8-209 Johnson, Jerri 8-3 04 59 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johns-orf, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, , Johnson, J0 Ellen Karen Keith Knstme Margo V Margo Mary V Michael 8-301 8-213 8.318 8-208 8-118 8-318 8-211 8-220 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Jury, Phil-lip Reuel Rodney Ronald Sandra Thomas Tommy Gary 8-303 8-201 8-118 8-105 8-224 8-118 8-201 8-220 Kammerer, Karces ki, Keas, Keen, ngn, Keith, Kel leher, Kelley, Don Carolyn Richard Art Carolyn 5 Bonnie Jim Nancy 8-208 8-214 8-224 8-224 8- 09 , 8-213 8-214 8-209 Kemp, Kennington, Kilgore, Kindgren, Kindred, King, Kinkade, . Kirschbaum, Connie Ralph Carol 5 Lee Patricia Margie Connie V Harriet IX 8-303 8-209 8-205 8-203 8-220 8-220 8-320 8-320 Kququist, Kjenner, Klontz, KOICFkY7 ' Kowalewski, Kresanek, Krivan, x, Kuntaleman, "m: Dennis Garr Vll'glflla Joel Sandra Karen ' Gary 8-209 8-201 8-105 8-301 8-105 8-303 8-203 8-321 Lager, Nancy 8-304 Laubscher, Jon 8-213 Liljegren, Harriet 8-208 Lobbins. David 8-301 Lu cey, Teresa 8-2 08 Lamb, Connie 8-21 1 Leatherman, Judy 8- 3 16 Lindblade. Kathleen 8-301 Lofgren, Carole 8-301 Lund, Ronald 8-318 Lamb, Raymond 8-214 Lee, Robert 8-501 Lindell, Kay 8-224 Lofgren. Kathleen 8-304 Lundgren, Susan 8-224 Lamb, Sandra 8-105 Lee, Dennis 8-220 Lindvahl, Linda 8-303 Long, Kay V4 8-2 11 Lundin, Gerald 8-301 Landquist, Joan M 8-1 18 Lemke, Janice 8-216 Linhart, Jim 8- 105 Long, , Susan M 8-105 Lungo, Connie 8-301 Larsen, Bill V 8-303 Lentz, Keith V 8-214 Liskum, Guy 8-214 Lonn, Kathryne V 8-1 18 Lungo, Guy 8-208 Larson, Richard 4 8-211 Levine, Sherry 8-224 Little, Jimmy 8-2 14 Long, Sharon 8-304 Madden, SandraV 8-209 Larson, Steve 8-2 14 Lightcap, Brian 8-213 Livingston, Donna 8-30 1 Lonsway, Tom 8- 304 Maggie, MaryQ-K 8-203 bl Magnuson, Joanne 8-304 McArthur, James V 8-209 Mead, Fred! 8-209 Miller, Bill 1- 8-301 Morrison, Michael 8-118 62 Manalli, Mary Lou 8-105 McCans, Dennis 8-301 Mercaitis, Joe 8-503 Miller, Imogene 8-105 Mortellaro, Ronald L 1 8-209 Manning, Barbara 8-224 McConaughey, Kathrynv 8 60 4 Merritt, Joan 8-224 Millet, Pattyp 8-214 Muehlemeyer, Sue 8-215 March, , Connie 8 8-201 McCord, Morley 8-208 Meyers, Ritau 8-214 Mintz, Bonnie 8-301 Mulcahey, David 8-21 1 Markham, Phillip 8-211 McCriIlis, NancyL " 8-203 Meyers, Thomas 8-5 18 Monti, Tom 8-303 Murowski, Kathy y ' 8-211 Martin, Kenneth 8-105 McIIwain, John 8-208 Michelsen, Sonia 8-7221 Moorman, Bonnie 8-320 Nelson, Douglas 8-105 Massiet, N ikki 8-213 McIntosh, Robert 8-2 20 Michelson, Stevq 8-321 Morgan, David 8-211 Nelson, Gunnar ' 8-21 1 Matthews, Gilbert 8-318 McNeer, Billy 8-214 Middleton, Sharon 8-303 Morris, Cecil 8-304 Nelson, Linda V, 8-301 Nelson, Lorel 8-220 Nyman, Jeanette V" 8- 5 2 1 Palmer, , JudyV 8-303 Peterson, Marjorie 8-105 Picchioni, Jean L. 8-203 Nelson, Ronald 8-208 Olsen, Dana 8-301 Palmer, PatriciaV 8- 2 09 Peterson, Lonnie 8-301 Pickison, Jaunita 8-303 Nelson, Sharron 8-214 Olson, Darlene 8-316 Palmer, Patricia v" 8-201 Petrie, Russell 8-220 Pierce, Don 8-320 Nordby, Julie M 8-118 Olson, Jim 8-303 Parochka, BarbaM 1' 8- 3 2 1 Petty, John 8-2 14 Pierce, Jerry 8-316 Nordvall, - Robert V 8-320 Olson, ,, JudyV' 8-2 1 1 Pellant, V SandraL' 8-320 Pfanschmidnt,v. Meg M' 8-201 Pieti, Gail 8-2 1 1 Norman, ,- Jo AnM' 8-224 Osberg, PamellaM 8-118 Penn, TrudyU" 8-320 Phillips, Anthony 8-214 If Pinkston, Gary 8-224 - Norsen, Jaddx 8-118 Owens, ,- Patriciaw 8-321 Peter, Diana 8220 Phillips, Michael 8-303 Pippel, Jim 8-201 Norten, Mike 8-213 Palmer, John 8-304 Peterson, June 8-213 Phillips Russell 8-201 Polaski, Kenneth 8- 3 2 1 63 Polhill, Jeff 8-213 Radcliffe, Charlesv' V 8-118 Rietueldv JOY J 8-209 Rudolpv Judy 8-105 Schofield, Sally 8-303 64 Polkowski, George 8-201 Rapp, Carol 2V 8-201 Robbins, James 8-203 Rulis, Alan 8-208 Schultz, Robert 8-208 Potter, David 8-213 Ravenctoft, Mary 8- 2 01 Robertson, Gerald 8-504 Rusk, , JamesV 8-220 Schwab, Susan y 8-504 Poulos, , Diane V' 8-105 Reed, Mary Ann , ' 8-320 Rogers, , 2 Dennis 'J 8-321 Saladino, , Helma 2 8-214 Scott, Sonja 8-215 Prowant, Carolee 8-304 Reed, Robert 8 - 3 O 1 Rose, JackiE! 8-224 Sally, Cheryl 8-320 Searle, Whitley 8-303 Pruitt, Shirley 8-2 1 1 Reinold, Kurt 8-301 Ross, Judy , 8-201 Sandbetg, 20 Karen 8-20 1 Sell, Russell 8-520 Pumilia, Sam 8-316 Remsen, Jean 8- 1 O 3 Rourke, Karen 8-20 1 Sandbergh, Birgetta V 8 - 2 0 3 Shaw, Terry , ' 8-224 Putz, Perry 8-20 3 Richardson, Kristie 8- 3O 3 Rubert, Steven 8-2 1 1 Schmidt, Diane 8-318 Shipman, Cheryl 8-3 1 8 Singer, Ruth 8-303 Soderberg, Christine 8-318 Stafford, Sandra 2' 8-118 Stinson. Nan 8-213 Stonis, Judw 8-304 Smallwood, Joe 8-203 Soderstrom, '2 Mary x2 8-320 Stallons, Danny 8-321 Stitzel, Barbara v 8-201 Stried, Gary 8-201 Smeltzer, Charles 8-201 Sotos, Conway 8-213 Stanfa, Peter 8-316 Stohl, DickL- 8-224 Strommer, Phyllis 8-2 1 3 Smith, Darlene 8-209 Safford, ,x' ' Phil V' 8-224 Stafford, Sandra L' 8-118 Stone, Paula L 8-118 Stuart, Wayne V 8-318 Smith, David 8-224 Sodergren, Kristine L, ' 8-203 St. Angel, David 8-203 Stone, Susana. ' 8-224 Studstrup, Kirk 8-105 Smith, Donna 8-208 Spades, Richard 8-105 Stanton, Patriciaw' 8-320 Straka, Sharon! ' 8-2 03 Stutsman, Dail 8-208 Smith, Karen 8-213 Spaulding, Manty 8-208 Sterricker, Joanne - 8- 1 18 Stoffregren, Betty 8-3 16 Stutz, Michael Jean 8-303 Smock, James V 8- 2 09 Speating, Jack 8-304 Stickling, Donna 12 8-321 Stonefield Cindy L- 8-214 Summer, Robert 8- 305 65 Swanson, Gary 8- 30 3 Swick, Patricia V, 8-118 Thompson, Barbara 8-318 Wagoman, George 8 Weigel, Ann 8-304 66 Swanson, Arthur 8-21 1 Syracuse, Marie Mil 8-321 Thompson, Dick 8-318 Wagner, Lee 8- 3 0 3 Weinkauf, Karin 8-304 Swanson, Steve 8- 1 05 Tagun, Barry 8-320 Thompson, Linda 8-321 Wahlmark, Philip 8-304 Weintz, Nancy 8-318 Sweasy, Bob 8-2 24 Takakoshi, Mary 8-213 Thompson, Sandra 8-3 20 Wales, Douglas 8-318 Welin, Carol 8-213 Sweeney, Maynard 8- 3 1 6 Telling, Ed 8-105 Thornton, Betty 8-321 Wallin, Carl 8-220 Wenberg, Dick 8-3 04 Swenson, , Bonnie V 8-118 Thelen, Kathryn V. 8-118 Tooley, 3- Jill V 8-209 Wanstrom, Sharon 1X 8-22 4 Wendell, , Judy V1 8-201 Swenson, Marcia 8-2 08 Tholin, Dawn 8-303 Turnquist, Lawrence 8- 1 0 5 Ward, Barbara 8-105 West, Darlene 8-32 1 Swenson, Dick 8 Thompkins, Tommie 8-316 Urbach, Gary 8-320 Watson, Layone 8-208 Weyburg, Eileen V 8- 1 1 8 ,3 Weyker, 8-318 Kay Ann White, Arlow 8-211 Wilken, Joanne 8-211 Whitley, Martha 8- 301 Willey, Gloria M 8-118 Wfongstrom, Jeanna 812 1 1 Whitman, Bernard 8-20 1 Williams, Dick 8-2 14 Wright, Sharon 8-203 Wielitzka, Klaus 8-201 Williams, Sue M 8-303 Zagnoni, Judy 8-304 Wieneke, Craig 8-21 1 Willis, Carolejean V", I 8-211 Zircher, Jeff 8- 303 Wiesland, Davie 8-203 Wilson, Robert X 8-3 20 Wilcox, John 8-303 67 EIGHTH GRADE HOMEROOMS HOMEROOM 105 118 201 203 208 209 211 213 214 220 224 301 303 304 316 318 320 321 TEACHER F . Binniger G. Golwitzer L. Beutel S. Gritzbaugh V. Swanson C. Markham S. Wheeler C. Johnson E. Miller N . R. Nelson E. Bishoff A. Robertson D. Kimzey E. Reents R. Schlicher E. Girm D. Cockfield M. Andrew 43 3g PRESIDENT S. Long J. Sterricker C. Carlson G. Johnson J. McIIwain J. Forsell D. Morgan P. Dixon C. Karceski P. Kinderd J. Norman B. Miller J. Wilcox J. Spearing S. Gotto R. Lund J. Holmquist K. Bergquist Aagesen, Beverly 7-205 Anderson, Christine L 7-120 Anderson, Ronald 7-1 15 Bandlow, Karen 7.114 Beeman, Sheryl 7-225 Abbott, Linda 7-311 Anderson, Deanna 7-1 13 Anderson, Sharlee 7-1 1 2 Bankston, Pat 7-9 Beisher, Sylvester 7-225 Akerlund, John 7-219 Anderson, Janice 7- 3 1 1 Bacilek, Susan 7-103 Batvis, Patrick 7-2 0 5 Benjamin, Judy 7-311 Aldeen, Susan 7-117 Anderson, Jill 71505 Bailey, Kathryn 7- 3 1 1 Bartix, Linda 7-1 12 Bennett, Rob-Ann 7- 1 17 Allan, Barbara 7-3 1 1 Anderson, Kathlene 7-9 Baker, Gail 7-105 Barron, Beverly 7-2 05 Benson, Marsha 7-1 12 Allen, David 7-1 1 4 X Anderson, V Mary Louise 7-114 Baker, Lois 7-3 Barron, Joy Dennis 7-11 3 Bergstrom, John 7- 1 1 4 Alm, Linda 7-225 Anderson, Peter 7-2 19 Ball, Richard 7-114 Beck, Barbara 7-109 Bishop, Debbie 7-305 Anderson, Brian 7- 1 09 Anderson Sharlee 7- 1 1 2 Ballinger, Elizabeth 7-302 Beckman, Diane V 7-1 14 Bjornson, Tony Ann 7-205 Black, Gwendolyn 7-205 Browning, Bonita 7-113 Carlson, Barbara 71 1 1 3 Carlson, Donna 7-2 2 6 Carroll, Kay 7-120 Bodach, Ronald 7-31 1 Bulhaus, Richard 7-1 12 Carlson, Carol 7-109 Carlson, Ingvar 7-103 Campbell, Connie 7-117 Boden, Larry 7-22 3 Buranan, Larry 7-311 Carlson, Connie 7-114 Carlson. Larry 7-1 12 Campbell, Donna 7-109 Boomgarden, Joyce 7-103 Cal, Pat 7-114 Carlson, Dale 7-109 Carlson, Tom 7-114 Chase, Chris 7-2 26 Bradley, Tom 7-226 Caldwell, Allan 7-3 Carlson, Dave 7-120 Carlson, Van 7.1 17 Chasteen, Paul 7-103 Brooke, Tom 7-502 Cambre, Joan 7-1 1 2 David Carlson 7'22 3 Carlstrom, Pearl 7- 1 1 7 Clow, Nathan 7-109 Brown, Nancy 7-317 Carey, Ronald 7-103 Carlson, Diane 7-223 Carlstrom, Rita 7-223 Cockrell. Marie 7-103 Brown, Sandra 7-205 Carlberg, Diane 7-302 Carlson, Diane 7-317 Carr, Bonnie 7-109 Cahn, Marylyn 7-103 7l Cole, Jacqueline 7-9 Cornelius, Marie 7-226 Dalland, Anni 7- 1 09 Day, John 7-223 Duhigg, James 7-22 3 72 Colmone, Samuel 7-3 Cramer. Gary 7- 113 Damon; Susan 7-3 Dean, Ruth 7-205 Dumphy. Karen 7-3 Conant, Larry 7- 3O 5 Cramer, Pat 7-1 20 Daniels, 2 Ralph V 7-117 Denekas, Delores 7-109 Dyer, Sandra 7-2 19 Conti, Joe 7-223 Cramer, Patsy 7-3 Darnell, Nina 7-305 Dinwiddie, Ronald 7-219 Dzielak, George 7-109 Conrad, Kathy 7- 3 Crapanzano, Rosemary 7-205 Darnell, Paul 7-302 Dix, Marsha 7-3 Edlund, Don 7-302 Conrad, Tom 7-103 Crowe, Marsha 7-302 Dart, Sheryl 7-302 Doerr, Marsha 7- 114 Eggehorn, Margareta 7-225 Cook, John 7-120 Cummings, Allen 7-9 Daubert. Gary 7- 317 Dorr, Sheryl 7-302 Ekeberg, Carol 7- 2 Z 5 Cook, Virginia 7-2 26 Dahlgren, Linda 7-205 Davis, Carrie 7-302 Drolin, Marilyn 7-103 Ekedahl, Connie 7-311 V7 l 11 Robert 7-302 Ericson, Marcia 7-305 Floyd, Charlotte 7-3 11 Geary, Billie 7-113 Grant, Alison 7-305 Ekstrom, Charles 7- 1 1 3 Eudey. Carol 7-22 5 Fortin, Jack 7-113 Geiger Janet 7-3 Thomas Green 7-1 14 Eisnach, Jeff 7-219 Falkowski, Gerald 7-22 5 Foster, Jim 7-517 Gelafio, Jim 7-219 Greenberg, Sharilyn 7-226 Elander, Arlene 7-103 Fom'si, Doug 7-305 F oster, Joyce 7-109 Gertz, Tom 7-1 1 3 Greer, Barbara 7- 3 17 Elrick, Steven 7-9 Ferguson, Jane 7-223 Fox Dennis 7-311 Gitzlaff, Dean 7-3 Greer, Carolyn 7-1 17 Erickson, Bette 7-22 3 Ferrall, Patricia 7-1 13 Fredickson, Carl 7-9 Goodin, Cheryl 7-31 1 Grimstad, Steinar 7-1 14 Erickson, Charlene 7-112 Fisher, Janet 7-9 Frederickson. Robert 7-311 Goodin, Marilyn 7-109 Guard, Steve 7-317 Erickson, Kathy 7-114 F letcher, Bernie 7-2 19 Gear Kay 7-223 Grady, Gerald 7-1 12 Gulbrantson, Joan 7-3 73 Gulickson, Ellen 7.219 Hackenberg. Loretta 7 - 2 2 6 Harp, Tom 7-317 Hedrick, Sharon 7-317 Hoel, Marcia 7-311 74 Gunnarson, Kathryn 7- 3 02 Haight, John Thomas 7-226 Harris, Paul 7-31 1 Heinold, Ann 7-114 Hoerr, Judith 7-9 Gustafson, Chuck 7-113 Hall, Randy 7-302 Harvey, Kay 7-9 Helsings, Jean 7-114 Hoffman, Louise 7-1 14 Gustafson, Craig 7-223 Hammond. Vicki 7-3 11 Hatlestad, Carol 7-2 2 5 Henderson, Robert 7-305 Hogan, Geoffrey 7-205 Gustafson, Helen 7-226 Hansis, Karen 7-302 Haugdahl, ,2 Barbara V 7-103 Henry, Barbara 7-305 Holmin, Arm 7-3 Gustafson, Marlene 7-109 Hardy, Dale 7-205 Heckman, Gary 7-219 Hensley, Lana 7-2 2 3 Hombeck, Lana 7-226 Gustafson, Rodney 7-3 1 1 Hare, Steven 7-31 1 Hedberg, Laurraine 7-2 19 Herbig, Ruth 7-302 Horton, Gloria 7-302 Gutzmer, Norman 7-103 Hedrick, Raymond 7-22 5 Harms. Terry 7-117 Hixson, Kenalyn V 7-317 Hoskins, Michael 7-109 Iverson, Stanely 7-205 Johanson, David 7-1 17 Johnson. Diane 7-223 Johnson, Marjorie 7-305 Johnson, Tom 7-311 Ingram, w Margo 7-115 Johnson, Allen 7-114 Johnson. Douglas 7-103 Johnson, Mary Beth 7-113 Jonsson Kjell 7-112 Janes, Mike 7-103 Johnson, Barbara 7-219 Johnson, Eugene 7-205 Johnson. Mike 7-302 Jonsson, Marita 7-9 James, Steve 7- 3 Johnson, Barbara 7-302 Johnson, Gary 7-226 Johnson, Nancy 7-305 Julin, Kathy 7-120 Jacobson, Sandy 7-1 17 Johnson, Boyd 7-223 Johnson, Gary 7-109 Johnson, Sandra 7-517 Junon Joanne 7-3 7-103 Johnson, Bruce 7-226 Johnson, George 7-9 Johnson, SheUa 7-117 Kaberg, Cheryl 7-9 Jenkins, Billy 7-109 Johnson, Claire 7-219 Johnson, Judy 7-22 5 Johnson, Shirley 7-3 Kail, Donald 7-120 Jenson, Ronnie 7-114 Johnson, Connie 7-31 1 Johnson, Larry 7-225 Johnson, Sonja 7-103 Kallenbach, Diane ' 7-114 75 Kammerer, Diane 7-305 Kingdom, Aileen 7-305 Landini, Sharon 7-120 Lierman, Margie 7-1 1 7 Lippet, Sara 7-9 76 Kaplan, Shelia 7-225 Klein, Margaret 7-117 Larson, Carole 7-305 Lind, Nancy 7-112 Loberg, 3ary 7 - 2 2 6 Karceski, Marcia 7-311 Klint, Ted 7-120 Larson, Dan 7-302 Lindberg, Darryl 7-109 10y. Merideth W 7-2 2 3 Karelas, Renee 7-205 Knopp, Paul 7-22 5 Latino, Carol 7-103 Lindberg. Gary 7-120 Lundberg, Jim 7-1 17 Kasyuba, Karen 7-1 1 2 Kofoed, Timm 7-225 Laurent, Kurt 7- 3 Lindeman, Neal 7-317 Lunde, Steve 7-102 Kaylor, Daniel 7-2 1 9 Kruse, Judy 7-205 Leatherman, Juanita 7-226 Linden, Kris V 7-103 Lundin, Gordon 7-113 Keene, David 7-1 1 3 Kuntzelman, Carol 7-1 17 Le Bar, Michael 7-505 Lindman. Dick 7-225 Lundin, Joyce 7-302 Kelley, Patricia 7-120 Kutchins, Iris 7-226 Leon, Linda 7-3 Linley, Wayne 7-219 Lundquist, Bonnie 7-223 Lundquist, Kathern 7-1 1.77 Martini, Charlotte 7-311 McGary, Patty 7-103 Mi ncemoyer, Norman 7-1 1 2 Morrell, Sharon 7-226 Lundquist, Sharon 7-22 5 Maybome, Mike 7-219 McGuire, Charles 7:317 Momaly, Susan 7-3 Morris, Edward 7-225 Luter, Eddie 7-120 Mayland, Rodria 7-226 Meyer, Roger 7-103 Montalbano, Michael 7-225 Mutimer. Jean 7-1 17 Maclean, Bonnie 7-205 Mazeika, Gorden 7-1 14 Mickelson, Carol 7-117 Moore, Mary 7-31 1 Neil, John 7-117 Mallo, Reginald 7-219 McCarthy, Diana 7-120 Mikolaitis, Thomas 7-317 Moor, Pattica 7-1 13 Nelson, Alan 7-1 17 Maples, Linda 7-225 McClure, Marcia 7-205 Milani, Peggy 7-2 19 Moorman, Dennis 7-3 Nelson, David 7-305 Markham, Janet 7-109 McDowd, Karen 7-5 Miller, Curtis 7-226 Morgan, Beth 7-502 Nelson, Janice 7-226 Martin, Joe 7-205 McFadden, Kathleen 7-120 Miller Thomas 7-317 Morgan Sandra 7-305 Nelson, John 7-205 77 Nelson, Vicki 7-117 Obgerg, Kathleen 72114 Onken, Donald 7-112 Palmquist, Kathleen 7-205 Peters, Jack 7- 1 20 78 Paluzzi, Judy 7-113 Peterson, Carol 7-112 Nelson, era 7-114 Olmstead. Henry 7-51 1 Ostrander, Sandra 7-205 Parker, Virgie 7-219 Peterson, Carol 7-225 Nolan, Mary 7-113 Olson, Allan 7-109 Overman, William 7-2 26 Peacock, Richard 7-9 Peterson, Jerry 7-502 Norman, David 76 Olson, Bobby 7-120 Owens, Glenn 752 0 5 Pearson, Paul 7-1 1 3 Peterson, Kay 7-3 1 7 Norman, Nancy 7-305 Olsony Bruce 7-205 Owens, Ivor 7-305 Pell, Louise 7-225 Peterson, Linda 7-9 Novak, Penny 7- 1 09 Olson, Bruce 7-205 Owens, Lloyd 7-302 Pennington, Gerald 7-120 Poorman, Vicki 7-1 1 3 Nygren, Denny 7-1 17 Oman, Carolyn 7-3 1 7 Palmer, Marjorie 7-302 Penticoff, Mary 7-112 Porter, Linda 7-2 2 3 Powell, Charles 7-3 17 Reed, Eva 7-9 Roberts, Kenneth 7-1 1 2 Rundquist, Betty 7-219 Scalia, Charles 7-205 Powell, Rick 7-302 Rehan, Paula 7-2 19 Roberts, Linda 7- 1 1 3 Russell, Denny 7-117 Schrader, Linda 7-1 1 4 Quest, James 7-225 Rehnberg, Joanne 7- 1 03 Robertson, James 7- 1 1 3 Salamone, Pam 7-9 Selquist, Curtis 7-9 Quilling, Sherrie 7-1 14 Reimer, Janet 7- 30 2 Robertson, Linda 7- 1 1 5 Sampson, Mary 7-109 Setterquist, Karin 711 14 Radant, Diane 7-9 Remsen, Jean 7-103 Roger, Meyer 7-103 Sandreson, Marilyn 7- 113 Severin, Britta 7'113 Radcliffe, Carol 7-205 Rexroat, Donna 7-3 05 Ross, Frank 7-311 Sanders, Michael 7-9 Severson, Janise 7-3 11 Ramsett, Dennis 7-3 02 Reynolds, Willis 7-112 Rotello, Richard 7-226 Sands, Lavaceann 7-226 Sheets, David 7-9 Rathke, George 7-3 Rinaldi, Ronald 7-3 Ruckert, Virginia 7- 3 1 7 Sawtelle, Duane 7-31 1 Sherwood, Sheila 7-2 26 79 Sims, Cecil 7-317 Smith Margie 7.311 Stohlgren, Daniel 7-9 Sundberg, Carol 7-1 17 Sypher, Bonnie 7-317 Sjostrom, 7 Nancy V 7-219 Smith, Priscilla 7-103 Stonefield, Sam 7-223 Sundberg Judi 7-22 5 Szczech, Gerald 7-317 Skaar, Bobby 7-20 5 Smith, Randy 7.219 Stover, Stewert 7- 2 05 Surprise, Craig 7-1 17 Takakoshi. Mildred 7-317 Skoumal, Tom 7-223 Speer, Kathy 7-109 Strickland, Jerilyn 7-112 Swain, Becky 7-317 Thomas, Mary 7-317 Sladek. Judy 7-112 Steffa, Dennis 7-120 Striebinger, Charles 7-9 Swanson, Dennis 7-114 Thomas, Mike 7-226 Smith, Beverly 7-120 Steig, Judy 7-219 Strommer, Mary Ellen 7-22 5 Swenson, Janice 7-109 Thompson, Sandra 7-219 Smith, Karen 7-225 Stieg, Eileen 7-3 Strong, Velvet 7- 1 1 3 Swanson, Kenneth 7-3 1 1 Thornton, Earlin 7-1 14 Smith, Linda Jo 7-219 Stohl, Bob 7-1 1 7 Strote, Carol 7-1 1 7 Swinehart, Linda 7- l 20 Thurman, James 7-1 1 2 Tillbury, John 7-3 Van Perms, Mary 7-317 Wagner, Donna 7-20 5 Weberg, Bill 7-120 White, Nestor 7-223 Tooley, ,r Ddike L 7-117 Varland, Sela Dell 7-317 Wales, Jim 7-117 Weinkauf, Judy 7-305 Whitehead, Keith 7-109 Torisi, Douglas 7-505 Vaughn Connie 7-223 Wallis, George 7-223 Welsby, Linda 7-109 Whitter, Mike 7-3 Tudon, Daniel 7-31 1 Veitch, Kathy 7-9 Wantz, John 7-9 Welter, Wayne 7-120 vvnknm, Pat 7 120 Turner, Danny 7-1 2 0 Vella, Frank 7-223 Ward, Sharon 7-109 Wersin, Charles 7-105 Wilkinson, Nancy 7-120 Turner, Jay T223 Velmers, Ronald 7-112 Warden, Wanda 7 - 2 19 West, 3ary 7-302 Williams, Pat 7-219 7-5 Verson, Susan 7-317 Watson, Beulah 7-225 West, Robby 7-305 Williams, Thomas 7-120 Van Dae, Peter 7-305 Vorsanger, Danny 7- 317 Waterhouse, Shei la 7-12 0 Westcott, Kenny 7- 2 O 5 Wilson, Deidre 7-9 i' 1N Winkelhake, Woodard, Zillhart, Jeff Mack Stephen 7-302 7-205 7-112 SEVENTH GRADE HOMEROOMS HOMEROOM TEACHER PRESIDENT 3 D. Barnes J. Gulbrantson 9 S. Erickson C. Kabers 103 M. Nyman G. Huston 109 L. Condon 3. Ward 112 W. Dwyer M. Benson 113 P. Johnson M. Ingram 114 M. Connell T. Carlson 117 E. Harkins V. Nelson 120 L. Dalton D. Carlson 203 G. Hill B. MacLean 219 A. Ciha P. Anderson 225 J. Costello 5. Stonefield 223 J. Geddes M. Montalbano 226 G. Warren S. Morrell 302 M. Weberg B. Ballinger 305 H. Scholl J. Anderson 311 H. Fox S. Hare 317 K. MLlChek J. Foster 82 x $igik$3g$ READ I READ ! READ ! Book reports, to many, are usually the very worst part of an English course. Five pupils however, from Mrs. Warren's eighth grade English Class, look as though they have been able to pick their own type of book on which to report. Maybe it is an adventure story, college romance, or western. What do you think it is? PUMPKIN PIE, TURKEY, MINCE MEAT . . . These ninth grade students in Miss Nyman's Room can be seen just about any time working on some sort of play. The experience of doing this is valuable and can be put to use trying out for any type of play or Operetta. The plays given in this room are on the short side, but almost all the necessary informa- tion is taught. Students learn poise. position. voice, and action, and have fun doing it. A TISKET, A TASKET . . . Students in Miss Machekts room try their hand at basket-weaving. This is one of their many interesting and educational projects. Odd noises found coming from room 317 could mean anything from chip-carving to cement sculptuting. The informal atmosphere and finished ,products can be attributed to Miss Machek, their capable advisor. CAREFUL NOW . . . That's what Mr. Carney seems to he say- ing to these boys working on a lathe in home mechanics. In this class the boys are making bowls, scoops, ash trays, and transistor radios, all out .of spun metal. The boys try their hand at working on the different machines. The skills they learn may help them later on in life. The finished products from the groups are truly works of art. "WE THE PEOPLE . . These eighth grade girls in Mrs. Warren's social class seem to say. Each year the eighth grade so- cial classes study the Dec- laration of Independence and the flag's history. The U. S. Constitution is cov- ered in minute detail, and the work of the year is pointed toward the Con- i stitution test they must pass to move into ninth grade. The results of this study? Better Americans. . . .THEN YOU CUT THE LEFT VENTRICLE . . . Mr. Johnson, the science teacher, explains the function of the heart to these ninth grade students Each year the ninth graders study circulation, nervous systems, eyes, ears, and correlated parts of the body. This study is designed to acquaint the students with the human body. The teachers show students models of the heart and the eyes. When pupils come out of ninth grade they have a thorough understanding of their bodily func- tions. 85 A TIE RACK-OR A LINCOLN PLAQUE In Mr. Ginn's woodshop classes the boys learn to make tieracks, shelves, shoe shine boxes, birdhouses, Lincoln plaques, and pianos. Of course the pianos only hold cigarettes. Some of the skills they acquire are sawing, hammering, and measuring. Mr. Ginn stresses accuracy, which will help the boys later in life. Some of the tools they use are the hammer, the saw, the chisel, drills, and planes. The use of power tools is also taught. YOU ARE THERE ! ! ! This program, which took place in Mrs. War- ren's room, was one of the interesting things done in connection with the American Revolution. Here a delegate of the National Convention. which met in Philadelphia, is being questioned. Does he think the constitution they have made will pass the votes of the people? This was a highly debated question in those days. HANG IT STRAIGHT ! I ! A group of Miss Andrewis art students are shown displaying their art work on the third floor walls. They were asked to paint on the subject of outdoor life, but their work had to include a tree. Many were the stu- dents who stopped and looked at their friends pictures on the walls of the third floor. The students also had to do some art work in getting the pictures to hang straight The pictures brightened up the halls and made everything look more gay. 86 I'LL GET YOU THIS TIME . .. Eighth grade boys find that the intricacies of the wood shop are challenges indeed. It is impossible for them to just enter the class- room and turn out material of a professional nature unless they pay careful attention to the instruction Which is given them by Mr. Ginn. By the end of the year, however, the pro- ducts they have constructed are of a calibre to make the heart of any instructor swell with pride. Not only are the children and the school proud of them, but for the par- ents they are nice and useful. ZOOOOOOOM . . . Mr. Schlicher, who spent many years flying for the Air Force. seems to have an interested audience as he explains the principles of flight which keep an airplane in the air. The advanced scia ence class found that what they had been studying was of practical use when the discussion finally came to an end. The experi- ences of our teachers are often valuable to us in the classroom. Maybe experi- ence IS the best teacher. . . . "THE PLAY'S THE THING" . . . Many are the plays which the members of the dtamatics classes present for the other members of the group. Principles of staging, lighting, acting, and properties are studied by the members of the various groups. Even the scenery is the product of the student labor required in the class. The plays are of varied nature, but all of them are relatively short, and have plots and narration which are suit- able for ninth grade groups. Sometimes the other Classes in the school are invited to at tend the performances. CITY, COUNTY, AND STATE GOVERNMENT. In Mrs. Kruseis ninth grade class these students are studying the system of county government. They learn how the counties in Which we live are gov- erned. The county system is complex and difficult, but under the expert tute- lage 0f the social studies department even the dif- fiCult soon becomes clear and important ISEEYOU!!! Members of Miss Connell's second hour class are examining the eye of a horse. In this science course the students study anatomy. Among other things they study the eye, the ear, the brain, and the heart. Some of the students with weak stomachs may not enjoy such projects as shown in the picture, but they still find them educational and interest- mg. WE THREE KINGS . . . During the Christmas season some of the students in the orchestra take part in playing Christmas Carols in the halls. This trio is enjoying the playing they are doing for the students working in the classrooms. It has been a tradition at Lincoln, on the last day of school before Christmas vacation, for the orchestras to play hymns for the student body. This tradition is one all members of the school greatly appreciate. I GUESS I DESERVED IT ! I ! When the report cards come out it is time for all of the students to take time to review the work which they have done for the grading period. Many are the people who realize that the work they have accomplished is not the work which they are capable of doing, and many are the vows that the next report card will have a new look. With fear and trepidation, or with happiness and light hearts, the students wend their ways home seeking parental approval. GET IT BACK ON TIME. One of the require- ments of the school li- brary is that books taken from the room be returned on time. It appears that Miss Seal, our capable li- brarian is trying to ex- plain this point to one of the boys borrowing school books. Just as it takes all kinds of people to make the World, so it also takes all kinds of books to make a library. THIS WILL MAKE A STATUE? Members of the art class find that the making of ceramic vases, ash trays, statues, and plaques requires skills that they have not had a chance to develop before. Not only must the artist have a good sense of proportion, but he must also have very steady hands. Every time that there is a slip of any kind, the piece ends up having an un- wanted crease of crevasse which mars the surface of the object. 9O CHRISTMAS PARTY 'Twas the day before vacation in Lincoln Jr. High. In room 219 there arose such a clatter every- one wondered what was the matter. It Wasn't Santa's reindeer . . . just Mrs. Ciha's seventh grade homeroom. Instead of be- ing down for long a win- ters nap they were all en. joying themselves at their Christmas Party. PLAY THOSE HORNS . . . On Thursday, December 17, just before Christmas vacation, :1 program was given in the ninth grade orchestra. Ron Humborg and Janet Hanson are playing a trumpet duet featuring a few Christmas carols. Everyone in the orchestra enjoyed the program very much. After the program the whole orchestra sang Christmas carols. With this spirit of fellowship the music classes called the "day before Christmas" a success. ROMANS! In Latin Class the students are to give a talk on the Romans. Penny Davis' proved to be a very interesting one. When Penny began to dress Bill Herdklotz in a toga the class went into hysterics. In the background are some very fine pictures in Which Penny illustrated the hair styles, shoe styles, and dress styles of the Roman period. It is through such useful and interesting reports as this that true education becomes important to the students. DONiT SPILL THAT INK! This is a normal scene in print shop where pamphlets, calling cards, linoleum blocks, riddle cards, tickets, programs and blotters are printed by seventh grade boys. This class, under the instruction of Mr. Mid- dleton, gives the boys experience in using and learning the "ropes" of printing. They are introduced to the upper and lower case, they become familiar with practical applications of punctuations and grammar, and they ac- quaint themselves With the intricacies of printing. LET'S TAKE A TRIP! Mrs. Warren's eighth grade social studies class is participating in the study of the Caribbean area. They acquired in formation having to do with the islands in the Gulf of Mexico and some of the Latin American Countries. The students gave reports, made maps, read books, and did other activities in connection with their study of these countries. DOES THIS MATCH MY EYES? Miss Andrews' applied arts and crafts class made pins and earring sets for themselves, Bits of plaster, bottles of varied-colored glazes, mounds of pins, and gobs of glue are com- bined to form jewelry of almost professional caliber. This course allows each of the stu- dents to participate in a useful and educational project. 9l 92 STUDY, STUDY . . . One of the activities which is universal throughout the school is study. In every class the teachers give the students time to study the things which are being covered, or perhaps we should say uncovered, in the various classes. It is only through a coopera- tive effort that the learn- ing process may be pur- sued, and this time for study aids the individual students. IS MY HEM TOO HIGH? It is necessary for the girl of today to be able to sew, just as it was necessary many years ago. Students in the home economics courses at our school not only learn the correct methods of dress making, but are also introduced into the intricate practices of clothes design and care. Maybe it is because of the excellence of these courses, and their obvious importance to the girls, that we can say we are well dressed. CAN HE BAKE A CHERRY PIE? For the first time at Lincoln, the seventh and the eighth grade boys were given a chance to prove their worth in the homemaking field. Cooking and sewing classes for the boys took the place of other more masculine electives, and the girls who were displaced by this program change found themselves in the midst of the home mechanics classes mending broken wires and learning the workings of the simple home appliances. These classes proved interesting for both the boys and the girls. HAPPY PEOPLE . . . These ninth grade girls are indeed lucky. They're the editors of the Lincoln Log, the school newspaper, and of the Abe's Album, the school yearbook. The editors are chosen from the students on the staffs. It's hard to decide on who should be the editors. They're chosen because of the quality of their work, their personality, their ability to get along with others, and traits of leadership. REPORT CARDS . . . Mrs. Ciha is handing one of her homeroom stu- dents her report card. Report cards are handed out at the end of each six weeks. A report card is really a record of each students grade from each of the classes attended. When a student receives average grades or better theyire happy to receive their Cards. If the stu- dents earned below aver- age grades, they often don't want them. WHERES MINE ? ? ? This is what many students were saying the very first day of school, as they hunted in the auditorium for the numbered sign which would tell them where they were to meet their homeroom teacher. Cards are sent before school starts each year to the students. The auditorium is the first glimpse of their new school life. For many it is a disturbing sight. 93 94 WONDER WHERE THE YELLOW WENT? The work of the Abe's Album Staff is not all work. This picture was taken with their new camera. This year many of the pictures in the Album were taken with a Yashica Mat. The Camera has a delayed action lens so that even Mr. Mann, the advisor, got in the pic- ture. LISTS, LISTS, LISTS ! ! ! Giving out retake pictures is Mary Beth Gough, while Joanne Jennings and Sandy Blomgren look on. Very few of the pictures have to be retaken, but if there is something wrong with it, the photographer takes it over again. Most wallets are soon seen bulg- ing with these pictures. FORME??? One of the happiest occasions for the mem- bers of the Abe's Album Staff during the year is when they receive their letters. This is a rather new practice, and the students on the staff are proud to receive them. When they were all distributed, a lengthy discussion fol- lowed as to what kind and what color of sweater to buy for them. Some of the boys who already had letter sweaters put the Abe's Album letter on them. CONCER Firrt raw: Bud DiPuma, David Lunn, Jim Carlson, Jim Forsell, Garry W. Peterson. Setond rou': Jerry Swenson, Dale Nelson. Jim Erickson, Billy Erickson, Jim Albroght, Jim Pawlus, Dave Bailey, Wayne Bargren, Gary M. Peterson. Third rou': Bob Carlson, Gerald Nelson, Bill Beck, Jon Jones, Doug Johnson, Dale Johnson, Jim Peterson Fourth mu': Mark Stone, Larry Bjurstrom. CONCERT BAN D Did you ever go past the band room 5th hour and wonder where that lively march was coming from? You probably know by now that that's when the 9th grade band practices under the guidance of its very able director, Mr. Gordom Bueschel. When these boys were in sixth grade they were given aptitude tests to qualify for the band. In seventh grade they learned to play their chosen instruments and get along with each other. In eighth grade they increased their playing abilities and prepared for the time when they could play in the Concert Band. Judging by the impressive sound of this band, they certainly have come 21 long way. Their uniforms consist of white trousers, white shirts, and sweaters with Concert Band emblems in contrasting red. Red caps and capes also accent their uniforms to form the neat-appearing outfits. AND Fin! raw: Wendell Larson, Barry Ingram, Doug Hillman, Carl Emerick, Second row: Larry Nalley, Terry Franzen, Jack Appelgren, Dave Hunter, Brad Carlson, Eugene Orton, Dale Engberg, Roy Chostnet. Third row: Mark Anderson, Peter Thomas, Ken Carlson, Terry Kjetmer, Lenny Hill, Dick Svanoe, Dave Larson, Ron Johnson, Terry Carlson. Fourth raw: Keith Johnson. CONCERT BAND The band had different officers for each semester. The first semester officers were, President, Jim Forsell; Vice President, Jerry Swenson; Secretary, Larry Nalley; Treasurer, Bill Erickson. The librarian for the woodwinds was Bud DiPuma and the librarian for the brass, Eugene Orton. The Manager was Terry Carlson. In the second semester the President was David Lunn; Vice President, Bob Carlson; Secretary, Mark Stone; Treasurer, Leonard Hill. The librarians were, woodwind, Jim Carlson, and brass, Brad Carlson. Wayne Bargren was the Manager. Every Tuesday each boy in the band plays a $010 which he has been practicing for a week. Mr. Bueshel then grades them, according to accuracy, from a 9 tan AT to a 5 0.11 By The players then sit in chairs according to their grades. The band performed at assemblies, the Spring Concert, parades, and at basketball games. 97 98 CONCER i Fiat row: Karen Nielson, Gail Nelson, Donna Carlson. Second row: Carol Mullins, Sandy Spaulding, Margie Omark, Cindy Lundell, Gretchen Lundstrom. Third rou': Micheal Beaupre, Ruth Christenson, Rodney Francis, Fearn Anderson, Karol Norman, Christine Johnson Family row: Jill Johnson, Kathy Lucas, Charlotte Robinson, John Young, Sharon Gandshert, Barbra Carlson, Mary Kruse, Joan Bernard, Nancy Maxwell. 131'be row: Jack McDaniel, Mr. Hall, Robert Gasoski. CONCERT ORCHESTRA We are fortunate at Lincoln to have three orchestras. The beginning for seventh graders, the advanced for eighth graders, and concert for ninth graders. Mr. Ralph Hall, the director, meets daily with the beginning and advanced woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Miss Green meets With the strings in a separate room. All players are combined for any concert. At Christmas the orchestra plays the traditional carols in the halls. This year they also gave assemblies for each of the grades. The annual concert was held on May 15 in the auditorium. By the time orchestra members are in ninth grade they are expected to have good command of their instruments. Technique and tone are all im- portant, but being able to blend well with other sections makes the or- D RCHESTRA FirIt row: Janice Siewenie, Kathy Klontz, Kathy McCoy. Second row: Alice Meyers, Carol Calacurcio, Carol Lundeen, Sharon Harwick, Diane Abegg. Third row: Mary Blomberg, Viola Bursick, Marsha Hayenga, Karole Kilgore, Annette Blade, Kathy McDonald, Lonna Leander. Fourth row: Judy Nelson, Marleen Forsberg, Agnes Cramer, Ron Hunborg, Janet Hansen, David Boisvert, Judy Buss. CONCERT ORCHESTRA chestra sound as it should. Much practice and effort goes into each selection before the finished product is put out for public enjoyment. While this practice is sometimes dull and uninteresting to the individual player, the successful concert makes things worthwhile and exciting. For public appearances the girls wear navy blue skirts, and sweaters With the orchestra emblem on them. The emblem is a white lyre with uORCH L" printed on it with blue lettering. Karen Nielsen, a violin player, and Kathy Klontz, a cello player, were chosen to represent Lincoln at the All-State Orchestra held at Peoria. The officers for the concert orchestra are Jack McDaniel, President; Cindy Lundell, Vice President; Kathy Klontz, Secretary; and Karen Nielsen, Treasurer. Lanna Leander, Annette Blade, Sharon Harwick, and Christine Johnson are the Librarians. 99 EIGHTH GRADE BAND Pint row: John Petty, Alan Rulis, Jim Kellehler, Criag Wieneke, John Fredrickson, Jim Linhart, Keith Bergstrom, Douglas Nelson. Serond row: David Morgan, Richard Crull, Ronald Nelson, Carl Andrews, Ronald Danaw, Brian Lightcap, James Atchison, Steven Rubert, James Pippel, Fred Johnson, George Carlson, Jim Budden, George Polkawki, Joe Carlson, Jeff Bartelt, Steven Larson. Third row: Harold Ray, Steven Anderson, Wayne Stuart, Russel Phillips, Keith Lentz, Lewerence Trunquist, Keith Johnson, Marti Spaulding, Tom Johnson, Tonnie Lund, Robert McIntosh, Joe Lowalewski, Dennis Kjenner, Ronald Alden, Reuel Johrlson, Richard Jenson, Craig Carlson, Mark Farb, George Berg, John McIllwain. Fourth row: John Calvert, Jim Harris, Arlow White, Mr. Gordan Bueschel. The eighth grade band at Lincoln is the intermediate band. They begin their day With practice scales and rhythm exercises. From there they move into their other pieces, such as marches and concerts. This year the woodwinds and the brasses met together every day in the band room under the direction of Mr. Gordon Bueschel. Band is an elective course. To be eligible for band the boys have to be interested in playing a band instrument and to have had the subject in seventh grade. It is not required that the boys have any private training, but it is requested that they practice their band numbers at home. Their music and scales can be heard by all of first floor who have time to listen. This makes it very hard to do class work in some of the rooms. This eighth grade band prepares the music-minded student for his entry into our concert group. This concert group needs well-trained musicians, and without the diligent work of these eighth graders would not be able to exist. EIGHTH GRADE ORCHESTRA First row: C. Hall, P. Hensley, B. Franzen, B. Larson, J. Ethington, M. Maggio, J. Rose, Mi Takakoshi. Second row: C. Sottos, M. Sutz, P. Gahlbeck, Si Scott, S. Johnson, D. Bulthaus, C. Fiorentino, P. Johnson, N. Stinson, P. Strommer, J. Brazell, Ji Norman. Third row: B. Sandbergh, J. Cochran, S. Hoffman, S. Stone, T. Geary, S. Muehlemeyer, C. Kemp, C. Radcliff, J. Merritt, J. Gaertner, S. Williams. Fourth row: L. Kendgren, B. Keith, A. Hagstrom, S. Anderson, S. Lundgren, K. Thelen, K. Sodergren, B. SWenson, E. Weyberg, J. Peterson, C. Welin, K. Bass, J. Tooley, M. Phillips. L. De Molli, J. Rietveld, S. Sraka, D. Peterson, P. Putz, D. Carlson, L. Turner. Fifth row: L. Wagner, C. Keen, B. Manning, J. Conde, G. Willey, J. Landquist, L. Lindvahl, S. Wright, Mr. Hall, M. Johnson, C. Cockrell, K. Lonn, J. Nordby, J. Brown, P. Ebens, N. Massier, S. Fotzler. EIGHTH GRADE ORCHESTRA Eighth grade students comprise the advanced orchestra. There are a few seventh graders Who, because of their musical ability are able to join this orchestra. The well- organized orchestra has had one year of practice together. The eighth grade orchestra is divided into two groups Mr. Hall supervises the winds and percussion, and Miss Green takes charge of the strings. The two sections of the orchestra join each other after a week or two of working separately. The students call this "full orchestra." Full orchestra is usually held about once or twice a week. The individual sections in the orchestra learn how instruments sound and how to blend their instruments with others to make good tones. This tone is improved throughout the year, and by the time the students enter the Concert Orchestra, an almost professional group of musicians results. I0l SEVENTH GRADE BAN D Fint row: Curt Sulquist, Craig Gustafson, Tom Williams, Charles Ekstrom, Chuck Striebinger, Nester White, Gary Johnson, Craig Surprize, Bob Olson. Second row: Torn Kofoed, Larry Boden, Sam Stonefield, Tom Gertz, Allan Cummings, Jack Fortin, Brian Anderson, Bob Stole, Jim Duhigg, Carl Fredrickson, Bruce Olson, Stewart Nelson, Jim Wales, Dennis Steffa, Mike Hoskins, Dale Carlson, Allan Nelson. Tbird row: Ted Klimt, Dean Gitzloff, Billy Geary, Keith Whithead, Tom Hate, Boyd Johnson, Larry Johnson, John Cook, Eddid Luter, Terry Harms, Jerry Pennington, Chuck Gustafson, Ray Wilinski, Van Carlson, Dick Peacock, Dale Forslin, Dennis Russle, Steve Elrick, Joe Conti, Ronald Anderson, Jack Peters. Fourth row: David Carlson, Gary Cramer, Chuck Scalia, Paul Pearson, Buzzy Carlson, Jim Lund- berg, Mick Tooley, Gordon Lundin, Jim Robertson, Bill Genkins, Darryl Lindberg, Randy Fredrickson, John Wantz, Donald Kale. When 52 seventh grade boys walked into the band room for the first time this year, many of them could neither read music nor play an instrument. With the help of Mr. Beuschell, they soon were playing drills, and then every simple pieces. The band begins the day with a five minute warm-up period, during which they usually play fairly easy pieces. They then begin their regular class by playing more difficult numbers. The brasses play for chair positions every Thursday and the woodwinds make their challenge on Tuesday. They are graded from one to ten points, and their points determine their positions in their section. The boys are hoping to remain in the bands through the rest of their school years. Maybe we will see them in some name band some day. SEVENTH GRADE ORCHESTRA Pint row: Jean Helsing, Marie Cockrell, Carolyn Ohman, Janet Geiger, Kathy, Palmquist, Linda Dahlgren, Karen Setterquist, Carol Rodcliff. Setond row: Diane Carlson, Nancy Brown, Louise Hoffman, Bonnie Sypher, Arlene Elander, Kathy Erickson, Ruth Dean, Carol Ekeberg, Jean Remson, Becky Swain, Mary Ellen Strommen, Margarette Egghorn, Carol Latino. Third row: Carol Peterson, Sheila Kaplan, Marcia McClure, Judy Kruse, Marsha Dix, Karen Bandlow, Joanne Rehnberg, Patty McGary, Joanne Junor, Shirley, Johnson, Karen McDowell, Marsha Doer, Steiner Grimstedt, Carol Hatlestad, Ann Holmin, Arm Hienhold, Priscilla Smith, Joan Gulbrantson, Susie Damon. Fourth row: Geoffry, Hogan, Virginia Ruckert, Kenalyn Hixon, Mildred Takakoshi, Mary Van Permis, Kay Peterson, Karen Smith, Mary Anderson, Allen Caldwell, Linda Schrader, Sandra Johnson, Rick Ball, Ingvar Carlson, Kris Linden, Allen Powell, Joe Martian, Stephen Garde, Dale Hardy, Carol Eudey, Judy Johnson, Steve Lundell. Fifth row: Toni Ann Bjorn, Beverly Angeson, Sela Dell Varland, Dennis Swanson, Paul Knapp, Tom Skoumal, Linda Leon, Greg Huston, Allen Johnson, Danny Vorsinger, Charles Wersien, Eddie Morris, Connie Carlson, Curt Laurent, Martha Momley, Judy Sundberg, Mike Witter. The seventh grade orchestra, or the beginning orchestra as it is known to most of us here at Lincoln, is the starting point for most of Lincolnls music-minded students. The seventh grade orchestra is divided into two groups, the strings and the winds. With this idea in mind each student will be able to learn a little more about his indi- vidual instrument. In the string room, Miss Green is busy teaching her young Violinists the difference between the uA" string and the "G" string. She is also working with her cellos, basses, and Violas. In the next room you will find Mr. Hall working just as hard with his winds. This training proves valuable for all of the orchestra members. l03 NINTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL Pint row: Barry Ingram, Sue Small, Mary Jean Anderson, Andrea Irwin, Marcia Daniels, Jeanine Johnson, Cindy Lundell, Richard Lierman. Second row: Jim.Olson, Ross Weyberg, Jack McDaniels, Dan Akerlund, Milton Katceski, Tim Palmquist, Eric Anderson. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a student body consisting of one representative from each homeroom of the seventh, eighth, and nineth grade. It is supervised by Miss Bill, a very capable leader. This year the officers of the Ninth Grade Student Council are: CHAIRMANe Barry Ingram, ASSISTANT CHAIRMANeSue Small, SECRETARY-TREASURERe Jeanine Johnson. The Eighth Grade has these officers: ChairmanaSue Williams, Assistant Chairmane Birgitta Sandberg, Secretary-Treasurerejoanne Utter. The officers of the seventh grade are as follows: ChairmaneMildred Takakoski, As- sistant ChairmaneEd Morris, Secretary-TreasurereNancy Sjostrom. The meetings are usually held on Friday before homeroom, in the cafeteria, although special meetings may be called because of the great deal of time used for the projects. Some of the projects of the ninth grade this year were to decorate the Christmas tree, which added greatly to the Christmas spirit of the school. The members ushered at parents night, and sold candy and tickets for the basketball games. The eighth grade also had a hand in'selling at the games. They planned assemblies, one of which was the program for Thanksgiving. The seventh grade helped the eighth grade plan these assemblies. At many of the programs throughout the year, the student council members acted as speaker of the day. This let them have charge of the school assemblies, giving them good practical experience in public speaking. We sincerely thank the Student Council for its work throughout the year. It has helped the school to solve many of the more difficult problems which face us and has helped give us a successful school year. EIGHTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL LV39E3Attw$ Mg'ts'x agnH Wnuegxirig titan: Fin! row: Carol Canterbury, Cheryl Brauer, Joanne Utter, Birgitta Sandbergh, Nancy Erb, Judy Zagnon, Jill Holmquist.. Miller, Meryl Burd. SEVENTH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL Second row: Cheryl Brown, Douglas Wales, Jim Chrzanowski, Terry Shaw, Gerry Klontz, Bill Firxt row: Mike Kaufman, Kristine Anderson, Barbara Henry, Mildred Takakoshi, Vicki Hammond, Sam Stonefield, Greg Huston. Second raw: Janet Geiger, Paul Peterson, Barb Beck, Mary Nolan, Ed Morris, Marie Cornelius. Third rou': Marsha Benson, Susan Aldeen, Nancy Sjostrom, Kathy Palmquist, Connie Carlson, Jan Fisher. REPRESENTATIVE BOARD Firrt row: Don Wanfalt, Eugene Orten, Pam Henderson, Mr. Johnson, Carol Mullins, Felicia Sachs, Dick Johnson, Doug Hillman. Second row: Joan Bernard, Bob Pearson, Agnes Cramer, Tom Babcox, Judy Wolf, Mark Ander- son, Beverly Swenson. Third row: Marge Patrick, Jerry Swenson, Sue Small, James Forsell, Delma Fortin, Jack McDaniel, Betsy Nelson. REPRESENTATIVE BOARD Representative Board is composed of one member from each ninth grade homeroom as well as the ninth grade class officers. Their sponsor is Mr. Chester Johnson, ninth grade class advisor and head of the math department. The board meets at 8:00 olclock in the morning whenever the sponsor thinks it is necessary, usually on Fridays. The main purpose of the Representative Board is to carry reports back and forth between the homerooms and the board. They also acted as nominating committee for the ninth grade class officers and helped to carry out the campaign and election. The board selected the class rings and pins and planned and helped to carry out the 9A. The 9A is a party for ninth graders which is held every spring. This year it was held on a Saturday night, and started at 6:30. There was dancing to the music of Jim Eklofls band. During the intermission the students went to the auditorium for a program in which the ninth grade class will and prophecy were presented. The members of Representative Board were elected by their homerooms. They are regarded by their classmates as good students whom they would like to have represent them. The officers of the board are the ninth grade class officers: Preridem .......... . ............... Jim Forsell Vice Prexident ...................................... Jerry Swenson Secretary .................................................... Sue Small Trearurer ............................................ Jack McDaniel Social Chairman .................................... Delma Fortin JUNIOR RED CROSS First row: D. Nelson, K. Born, K. Johnson, B. Henderson, M. Johnson, C. Keen, J. Olive, J. Nelson, L. Schrader, B. Bowen, J. Swanson, P. Novak, D. Carlson, N. White, C. Striebinger, J. Thurman. Second row: C. Evdey, K. Carroll, B. Johnson, 8. Eye, D. Kallenbach, G. Black, J. Hall, L. Timmons, K. Fry, T. Haight, C. Fridrintino, E. Gullickson, M. Aspling, G. Samuelson, M. Johnson. Third row: J. Martin, S. Garde, S. Nyman, B. Erickson, P. Owens, 5. Anderson, B. Stofftegen, J. Hoerr, G. Carlson, B. Morgan, M. Swinney, P. Ebens, K. Bakken, S. Johnson, T. Hams. Fourth row: C..Carlzen, G. Wagaman, M. Strooen, C. Miller, A. Cramer, 8. Nelson, J. Reiner, M. Swenson, S. Hausman, P. Davis, D. Lundquist, K. Albertson, K. McConoughey, C. Kincade, B. Larson, J. Lentz, J. Voss. Fifth row: I. Wendell, V. Coole, G. Johnson, J. Nelson, M. Blomberg, B. Carlson, D. Abegg, P. Thaxton, K. Klontz, D. Mulligan, K. McDonald, R. Carp, K. Adolphson, R. Maggie, A. Hagstrom, N. Rhoads, Mr. Earl Dugan, Advisor. JUNIOR RED CROSS The American Junior Red Cross mets every other Wednesday in the library with Mr. Dugan as the advisor. The Red Cross symbol means sacrifice and quality. Two students are selected each year from each homeroom. This year the Red Cfoss representatives have sold taffy apples to raise money for small gifts to send overseas. Membership drives are held every year to raise money which goes to the Chapter House, from there the money is given to different charitable organizations such as the ChildrenTs Home, Old Folks Home, and it also goes to sbme of the public schools. Sometimes the members of the J.R.C. do odd jobs for these homes. The officers are as follows: Kathy McDonald, President; Robert Carp, Vice President Dawn Mulligan, Secretary; and Kathy Klontz, Treasurer. I07 N INTH GRADE G.A.C. Fin! raw: Darlene Dailey, Carlene Anderson, Karen Lundstrom, Sharon Lundstrom, Ann Niemela, Connie Winter, Suzy Olive, Barbara Anderson, Sharon Bullard, Barbara Louise Anderson, Felicia Sachs, Marilyn Sirrin, Karen Nielsen, Carin Wallin, Genelle Samuelson, Dianne Stubbe, Virginia Coole. Second row: Catherine MacKenzie, Kathleen McNames, Ruth Christianson, Kathie McCoy, Carol Linder, Julie Chalberg, Jill Johnson, Mary Jean Anderson, Sue Small, Lorraine Beckman, Pam Henderson, Nancy Todd, Cindy Lundell, Joan Bernard, Fern Anderson, Sharon Huntley, Jan Haines, Virginia Castellesc, Bonnie Dixon. Tbird row: Sally Hare, Judy Gillespy, Joyce McNeany, Betsy Nelson, Kathy Lucas, Karen Ahlgren, Diana Fagerberg, Barbara Dziekak, Joan Hatlestad, Sandra Hausman, Janice Siewine, Karen Johnson, Barbara Kjellstrom, Nancy Maxwell, Kathy Klontz, Marlene Gustafson, Sharon Carlson, Ginger, Lidbetter, Margie Patrick, Linda Wantz. Fourth row: Bea Ennett, Karen Greenberg, Mary Beth Gough, Janice Blomgren, Judith Haroldson, Sharon Ganshert, Sheryl Noreen, Gail Nelson, Martha Eighmy, Judy Peterson, Karin Latt, Rosie Fortin, Ann Worthington, Karen Van Draska, Denise Lundquist, Karol Norrman, Nancy Bodach, Christine Johnson, Sandy Spaulding, Rosie Helm, Sandy Gustitus. EIGHTH GRADE G.A.C. Fin! row: Connie March, Joann Berg, Nancy Dabroski, Christie Hoel, Joann Ferruggia, Sandra Pellant, Jill Holmquist, Cindy Stonefield, Carolyn Karceski, Sharon Fotzler, Lynn Carlson, Sharon Long, Karen Fry, Carol Kilgore, Nancy McCriIlis, Betty Stoffegren, Diane Gladis, Clare Hall, Eileen Dzielak, Carolyn Keen. Second row: Marilyn Campilongo, Jo Ellen Johnson, Nancy Lager, Ruth Giloy, Mary Jane Griffin, Joanne Magnuson, Sally Duel, Betsy Gibbs, Kathy Murawski, Judy Cochran, Nancy Conrad, Sandy Anderson, Carole Lofgren, Lani Cummings, Teresa Lucey, Pat Hester, Linda Nelson, Carol Rayp, Rita Meyers, Anne Gullickson, Mary Kay Gustafson. Third row: Julie Eithington, Mary Johnson, Mary Dallosto, Mary Ellen Carlson, Kay Long, Kathy Lofgren, Carol Anderson, Pam Hensley, Clemae Cockrall, Christie Soderberg, Judy Olson, Nancy Erb, Carol Grip, Nancy Andreen. Sharon Wright, Karen Vaugn, Cheri Floyd, Joanne Sterricker, Susan Long, Judi Wendell, Mary Lou Manall, Barbara Ward. SEVENTH GRADE G.A.C. Firit row: Sheila Sherwood, Judy Sladek, Marilyn Sanderson, Marsha Doerr, Nancy Crown, Connie Campbell, Rita Ann Carlstrom, Bonnie Lundauist, Margo Ingram, Ellen Gullickson, Linda Legen, Tonianna Bjorn, Judy Weinkaf, Carol Latino, Joyce Lundin, Sheryl Door, Donna Rexroat, Diane Kammerer. Semnd row: Alison Grant, Janet Geiger, Marcia Dix, Ruth Dean, Karen Settetquis, Karen McBowell, Kris Linden, Margaret Milani, Mary Beth Johnson, Sandy Jacobson, Ann Holmin, Deanna Anderson, Sandra Morgan, Jane Olive, Christine Anderson, Rob-Ann Bennett, Sherry Beaman. Third raw: Marie Cockrell, Nancy Norman, Beverly Smith, Mary Ellen Stronmen, Sandra John- son, Patsy Cramer, Marcia Erickson, Marilyn Drolen, Nancy Sjostrom, Connie Johnson, Joanne Junor, Sharon Ward, Pat Ferrall, Edna Osbourne, Susie Momley, Sonja johnson. G.A.C. The Girls' Athletic Club is an extracurricular activity popular with the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade girls. Commonly known to its participants as G.A.C., this club gives girls the opportunity to learn and play the major sports of tennis, bowling, kickball, basketball, softball, swimming, and volleyball. Ten points are given for each sport in which a girl participates. Each sport lasts five weeks with one meeting each week. In order to obtain ten points for each sport girls must attend four of the five meetings held during that time. To each girl who has managed to gather a total of one hundred points by the end of the year an emblem is presented. A tOtal of two hundred points must be earned to gain an "L" which is also awarded at the end of the year. Naturally this is an impossibility the first year. A chevron is awarded to a girl when she has made a total of three hundred points. By the time a girl is graduated from Lincoln it is possible to hold an emblem, a letter, and a chevron. Health slips, gotten from the school nurse, and citizenship papers, gotten from the assistant principal, Miss Bill, may be used as a portion of the one hundred points required for an emblem. This places stress on factors other than straight sports, thereby providing a more well-rounded education for the girls. l09 PEP CLUB SEVENTH GRADE PEP CLUB Cheerleaders: Jill Forsell, Dan Anderson, Ann Johnson. Firxt row: Carol Latino, Judy Sundberg, Marilyn Sanderson, Marsha Doerr, Rob-Ann Bennett, Kathleen Anderson, Linda Welsbey, Carol Peterson, Connie Campbell, Jean Mutimer, Marlene Gustafson, Jean Helsing, Diane Carlson, Bonnie Lundquist. Second row: Cheryl Kaberg, Kay Peterson, Margo Ingram, Shelia Kaplan, Margie Smith, Marcia Karceski, Louise Pcll, Mary Moore, Sandra Morgan, Nancy Sjostrom, Vicki Nelson, Nancy Van Permis, Sharon Ward, Joanne Junor, Sandy Jacobson, Ann Halmer. EIGHTH GRADE PEP CLUB Cheerleaders: Jill Johnson, Dan Anderson, Ginger Lidbetter. Fin! row: Carol Canterbury, Eileen Weyburg, Mary Johnson, Julie Ethington, Karen Kjellquist, Jill Holmquist, Carolyn Karceski, Cindy Stonefield, Gloria Wilky, Jo Ann Norman, Bonnie Swenson, Judy Hall, Diane Gladish, Pat Ebens, Sandra Pelleant, Nancy Conrad, Lynn Carlson, Sue Blomgten, Rita Myers. Second row: Sonjri Scott, Christie Soderberg, Diane Freed, Pam Gahlbeck, Sally Duel, Kay Long, Pat Miller, Ann Weigel, Betsy Gibbs, Kathy Murawski, Jan Brown, Jan Gaertner, Maureen D'Agostin, Sandy Anderson, Sue Muehlemeyer, Anne Gullickson, Barbara Ward, Mary Lou Manalli, Mary Jane Griffin. Tbird row: Cheryl Shipman, Linda Glans, Jill Tabley, Joanne Sterricker, Joanne Utter, Carol Grip, Nancy Andreen, Judy Olson, Sharon Wright, Karen Vaughn, Sue Williams, Mary Ellen Carlson, Susan Long, Cheri Floyd, Birgitta Sandbergh, Carol Rapp, Judy Wendell. PEP CLUB NINTH GRADE PEP CLUB Fin; row: Barbara Anderson, Diane Mills, Linda Freed, Jan Haines, Claudia Collins, Suzy Olive, Ann Niemala, Louise Burch, Felicia Sachs, Gretchen Lundstrom, Judy Lentz, Maureen Col- lins, Kitty Dahlberg, Dorreen Sheets, Carlene Anderson, Karen Lundstrom, Beth Ross, Sharon Gitzlaf, Diane Anderson. Sewnd row: Joan Bernard, Bonnie Dixon, Fem Anderson, Pam Henderson, Barb Ades, Peggy Gustafson, Colleen Stahl, Wendy Werth, Marilyn Sieren, Karen Nielson, Susie Ahlstrand, Carol Mullins, Virginia Anderson, Judy Mailloux, Joan Fox, Sandra Peterson, Andy Irwin, Bev Wales, Rica Wieneke, Vangie Wernberg, Barbara Anderson, Carol Fletcher. Third row: Sandra Hausman, Joyce McNeany, Sharon Huntley, Sue Small, Monica Schuebler, Karen Kramer, Connie Winter, Sharon Harwick, Barbara Carlson, Betsey Nelson, Lorraine Beckman, Joan Hatlestad, Barbara Dzielak, Nancy Todd, Virginia Coole, Marla Gustafson, Darlene Dailey, Carole Lundeen, Joy Jones, Sue Nelson, Karen Dierks. Fourth row: Marge Patrick, Bev Swenson, Tobie Miller, Marcia Daniels, Kathy Lucas, Sue Budden, Vi Bursiek, Karen Adolphson, Shirley Hafstedt, Deanne Dzielak, Denise Lundquist, Sally Myers, Jeanine Johnson, Sally Hare, Diane Fagerberg, Donna Carlson, Margo Eisenstein, Lorraine Toppe, Janet Weyberg, Sandra Blomgren, Mary Beth Gough, Joanne Jennings. Fifth row: Sheryl Noreen, Julie Moon, Jill Samuelson, Linda Wantz, Kathy Garey, Sharon Ganshert, Gail Nelson, Martha Eighmy, Karin Latt, Karen Ahlgren, Bea Ennett, Rosi Fortin, Nancy Bodach, Ann Worthington, Nanci Maxwell, Karen Van Draska, Janice Blomgren, Sandy Spaulding, Rosie Helm, Judy Price, Sandra Zeski, Lee Bridson, Sandra Ehrhart, Ruth Mahnke, Carolyn Sanders. PEP CLUB Pep Club follows the ideas of enthusiastic school fans, good sportsmen and whole- hearted support of the various sports in which Lincoln participates. The club's advisor is Mrs. Jean Johnson, who gives her welcome advice to the members. Each year the club elects officers to lead them in their different activities. This yeafs officers are as follows; President, Delma Fortin; Vice President, Sue Small; Secretary, Tobie Miller; Treasurer, Monica Schuebeler. Leading the club in the cheering are this year's cheerleaders. There are two cheer- leaders from last year, Cindy Lundell and Mary Jean Anderson. Four new cheerleaders were selected this year. There are two ninth graders, Ginger Lidbetter and Jill Johnson, and two eighth graders, Jill Forsell and Ann Johnson. The two eighth grade cheer- leaders will continue to lead the club next year. The clubs colors are the same as the schoolisered, white, and blue. The members try to carry these colors at basketball games by wearing red or blue skirts and white sweaters or blouses. Pep Club meets every other Wednesday. At the meetings old and new business is discussed and the cheerleaders do a few cheers to keep in practice. The Pep Club adds much to the school by creating the necessary enthusiasm needed to Cheer our boys on to victory. ll2 MONITOR CLUB Pint row: D. Batten, M. Omark, P. Gustafson, D. Mills, M. Gustafson, S. Budden, V. Bursiek. L. Timmons, K. Spongberg, P. Bennett, B. Carlson, B. Sjostrom, B. Wales, B. Carlson, B. Herdklotz, R. Chostner. Second row: R. Herbig, S. Johnson, L. Galvanoni, R. Carp, R. Olson, C. Sparks, K. Montabano, L. Freed, N. Todd, P. Peterson, B. Ross, V. Anderson, L. Leander, D. Mulligan. Tbird row: A. Johnson, J. Siewenie, B. Ennett, D. Fagerburg, J. Hatlestad, J. Jennings, R. Helm, D. Fortin, R. Mahnke, K. Norman, P. Davis, S. Hafstedt, N. Maxwell, C. Mayborn, B. Kjellgren, K. Lucas, J. Luter. Fourth row: R. Kjellstrom, R. Quackenbush, M. Stone, S. Kingdon, M. Perrone, E. Anderson, G. Ohman, K. Whte, J. McDanieIs, N. Troup, K. Greenburg, J. Rehan, B. Swenson, D. Lunn, T. Brewer, D. Bailey, T. Swanland, G. Mazeika, M. Daniels, Mi Karceski. LINCOLN MONITOR CLUB The Lincoln Monitor Club is a group of ninth grade students composed of two members from each homeroom who have charge of keeping good conduct in the halls. These students are selected at the beginning of the year by their homeroom class or teacher. The requirements are to have good scholastic grades ahd a good conduct record. The members are stationed two to a hall during their free hour. It is the job of these people to collect the admits which students must have in order to be in the halls at the time classes are in session. Mr. Carney is the advisor of this years Monitor Club. He feels that the Club is doing a very good job this year. Monitor Club does not have regular meetings. They meet whenever they feel it is necessary to hold a meeting. Every year Monitor Club has a party sometime in the spring. It usually is a picnic. In the past the picnics have been a big success, and everyone has had a good time. Iim sure this year's picnic will be no exception. SWIM CLUB Pint row: Jill Johnson, Betsy Gibbs, Kathy Murawsky, Nancy Conrad, Suzy Olive, Joyce McNeary, Marcia Karceski, Cindy Stonefield, Carolyn Karceski, Pam Henderson. Second raw: Sue Small, Jill Holmquist, Sheila Kapone, Ann Holmin, Cheryl Kappary, Karen Krivan, Barbara Kjellgren, Joanne Junor, Mary Thomas, Cindy Lundell. Third row: Karen Van Draska, Karen Vaughn, Joanne Sterricker, Judy Olson, Karol Norrmon, Clemae Cockrell, Martha Eighmy, Sandy Spaulding, Sandy Gustitus, Janice Siewenie, Sue Nelson, Marge Patrick, Mary Jean Anderson. LINCOLN SWIM CLUB Swim Club is an organization of girls who enjoy and excel in swimming and water ballet. The girls who have the ability to swim one length of the pool doing the side stroke, one length of the pool doing the back stroke, and one length of the pool doing the crawl stroke are chosen as members. They must also be able to skull, do the kip and ballet leg, and the back dolphin. A surface dive and a spring dive are also required. The girls are judged in how skillfully and how gracefully they perform these require- ments. The officers this year are: President, Jill Johnson; Vice President, Sandra Gustitus; Secretary, Karol Norrmon; Treasurer, Barbara Kjellgren. With the help of Mrs. Johnson and Miss Brouse the girls will portray the theme, uCivilization Through the Ages," in their annual water ballet. Seventeen new girls have joined the Aquaettes this year, making a total of 33 girls. They practice basic swimming skills, as well as stunts and water ballet. The exercises they practice early in the year will be formed into an excellent water ballet. The Lincoln swim team gives up part of their Monday night practice so the swim club may have the pool. The swim club also practices in the morn- ing whenever necessary. The show, "Civilization Through the Ages," is composed of 12 acts and a finale. It starts at the caveman period and goes to the future, in which the whole club takes part. The swim club did a very fine job in their show. II3 CHORISTERS Fin! row: D. Brees, L. Spatano, C. Stahl, F. Sachs, S. Ahlstrand, V. Anderson, A. Smithson, L. Burch, K. Montalbano, J. Denen. Second raw.- J. Wolf, S Ehrhart, J. Johnson, N. Schooff, S. Noreen, K. Ahlgten, C. Smith, B. Dixon, P. Smithee. Third row: Miss Golwitzer, D. Barta, B. Ennett, T. Babcox, R. Eksten, R. Mahnke, C. Carlson, J. Terrell, J. Moon, R. Helm. LINCOLNETTES Fin! row; V. Ruckert, A. Kingdom, C. Campbell, K. McFadden, P. Williams, D. Kammerer, S. Sherwood, M. Takakoshi, W. Nelson, C. Carlson, M. Sampson, P. Novak, C. Ekedaul, B. Severim, M. Hoel, C Hall, J. Swenson. Second raw: C. Johnson, B. Rundquist, B. Sypher, R. Herbig, N. Norman, J. Geiger, S. Johnson, M. Ingram, M. B Johnson, C. Goodin, B. Moorman, D. Carlberg, C. Strote, M. Takakoshi, S. Fotzler, G Black. Third raw: R. Dean, S. Brown, B. Stitzel, M. Pfanschmidt, D. Gladish, A. Carlstrom, M. Milani, V. Cedarlcaf, Y. Hide, M. Barron, P. Stoffregen, P. Palmer, D. Wagner, B. Ballinger, C. John- son, 5. Johnson, L. Smith, K. Fry. Fourth mu': S. Aldeen, V. Coole. V. Nelson, S. Johnson, M. Ericson, K. Palmquist, E. Morgan, J. Kruse K Lindell, K. McDonald, N. Kelley, C. Willis, L. Watson, H. Liljegren, J. Rose, C. I I4 Rapp, L. Alm, J. Weldell, NEWSPAPER LINCOLN LOG The Lincoln Log is an organization which renders a definite service to the school and student body. It publishes the school newspaper, the Lincoln Log. It is published bi-weekly, giving us fourteen issues per school year. The staff of the Log is usually chosen from the previous semester's Lincoln Log Club. This club serves an internship before becoming staff members. All club members serve as club reporters. They are urged to seek news stories, write feature articles, or do other duties on their own. Reporters are also given definite assignments, such as writing editorials or covering basketball games. An attempt is made for all members to learn the fundamentals of journalism. For each story that a person writes he receives a certain number of points, predetermined by the editor and advisor. When the reporters have earned 120 points they are given the journalism award. This year's editors were Linda Wantz, and Sandy Gustitus. Their duties included page makeup, writing, editorials, awarding points for stories, and checking the stories. written by other reporters. Doug Hillman and Barry Ingram were managers of the business staff. They were in charge of paying the bills and sending the copies of the Lincoln Log to other schools throughout the country. The football, basketball, swimming, and track write ups were written by Bob Pearson and Jack Foster. The feature editor, Christine Johnson, and the news editor, Nancy Bodach, were in charge of getting grades, results of elections, etc. It was important to them to get all school news. The proof editor had charge of the final copy for the paper. She was Jeannine Johnson. Sue Nelson was in charge of the Citizen of the Week. The news and feature staff included Dick Johnson, Tom Johnson, Sharon Ganshert, Gail Nelson, Bev Swenson, Carol Mullins, Jill Samuelson, Jill Johnson, Julie Challberg, Kathy Klontz, Karen Nielsen, Karen VanDraska, and Karen Latt. The staff photographer was Mr. N. R. Nelson, and the new student advisor is Mr. Dwyer. This paper's success depends upon the dependability of the staff. With Mr. Dwyer as advisor and the great amount of work the staff puts in, the paper was a great proyect important in each student's life. ll5 ABES ALBUM i- Front row: Judy Lentz, Gretchen Lundstrom, Monica Schubeler, Joan Bernard, Sandra Hausman, Cindy Lundell, Rica Wieneke, Jan Haines. Second row: Mary Beth Gough, Mary Jean Anderson, Donna Carlson, Wendy Werth, Marge Patrick, Nan Fredrickson, Bonnie Dixon, Sharon Huntley, Tobie Miller. Third row: Ginger Lidbetter, Judy Nelson, Kathy McDonald, Allen Wales, Dan Akerlund, Ron Eksten, Bill Howard, Ann Worthington, Deanne Dzielak. The staff of the Abels Album is made up of ninth graders. They are chosen when they are in eighth grade. All summer they look forward to the work awaiting them. This year there are 26 members. With the help of their advisor, Mr. Mann, they attempt to put together your yearbook. The Abe's Album Staff also puts on the Talent Show and sells Lincoln pins, pennants, and pencils. Many problems confront them, such as getting ads for the yearbook, getting writeups in on time, and getting all the names for the pictures. This year something new was tried, an index. This was one of the biggest problems of all. Also this year a padded cover was instituted. This was a year for firsts on the album. The members must keep up their grades. Some- times, like before a test, the album period is used as a library period. The day that the Album letters came, the whole group was in a fury. The letters are white with cardinal-red writing on them. Sometimes the staff is very busy, so hard at work you can hardly hear the bell. At last, after the final pages had been sent, it seemed like weeks before the annual returned. When it finally arrived the staff looked over it with criticism and appraisal. The year 1958 was done. The staff had made it. Next year it would all begin over again. ll6 SCIENCE CLUB Firxt raw: Morley McCord, Tim Brooks, Alan Rulis, Dianne Stubbe, Sherry Dorr, Mike Reilly, Bernie Fletcher, David Keene. Second row: Ronnie Johnson, P. Johnson tAdvisoo, George Polkowski, Michael Phillips, Fred Johnson, Douglas Fletcher, Louis Galvanoni, D. Dunaway tAdvisory The Science Club is comprised of a group of students who enjoy more science than they receive in their daily science classes. It is supervised by Mr. Paul Johnson. Their meetings are held in room 113 every Thursday after school. The members may choose the project they wish to pursue. This is usually the project they can do the best. The students enter their projects in the regional contest. This contest includes all schools in northern Illinois. The winners of the regional contest go to the state contest. Ribbon prizes are given for first, second, and third place win- ners. The projects range from simple, everyday ideas, to complex scientific instruments. This year some of the projects of the club were extremely intriguing. There was even a sun powered radio. If you've never seen the sun furnish power to be transmitted into electrical energy, you have not been an habitue of room 113. Mr. Johnson has instilled into the student personnel an active interest in the processes of scientific research. The students and teachers of Lincoln feel that the Science Club is one of the most worthwhile clubs in the school. ll7 ll8 IN A LUCKY PENNY A Lucky Penny, by Anne Coulter Martens, was the ninth grade class play for 1958. It was a comedy in three acts under the supervision of Miss Marion Nyman, Lincoln's dramatic coach. The student director was Judy Peterson, who was also in charge of programs. The play was presented to the students on Tuesday afternoon, February 18, Wednesday afternoon, February 19, and Thursday afternoon, February 20. The evening performances were given on Friday and Saturday evenings, February 21 and 22. The cast members includedeCmt I: Penny Pringel, Pam Henderson; Joanna, Karen Magnuson, Kerry, Tom Johnson; Greg, Jim Olson; Lydia Pringle, Diane Abegg; Caleb Pringle, Ron Ekston; Gram, Deanne Dzielak; Hulda, Terry Johnson; Miss Haskins, Linda Wantz; Flash, Leonard Hill; O'shane, Rick Brown; Mr. Daily, Eugene Orton; Georgina, Greta Harring; Susette, Felicia Sachs; Vera, Sandy Gustitus. Can II: Penny, Susan Ahlsttand; Joanna, Gretchen Lundstrom; Kerry, Ron Hornbeck; Greg, Dick Johnson; Lydia, Donna Carlson; Caleb, Phil Peters; Gram, Penny Davis; Hulda, Beverly Wales; Miss Haskins, Nancy Bodak; Flash, Roy Chostner; O'shane, Robert Carp; Mr. Dailey, David Mansfield; Georgina, Rosi Fortin; Susette, Marion Aradio; Vera, Sandy Spaulding. N IN TH GRADE PLAY The special committees and their chairmen were: Costumes, Lonna Leander; Make-Up, Judy Rader; Properties, Karen Latt; Stage and Lights, Joe Sefrhans; Prompters, Mary Jean Anderson, Neil Boetker, Judy Wolfe; Publicity, Abets Album, Lincoln Log; Ushers, Carol Mullins. The entire play took place on the terrace of the Pringle home, located in a small present-day city. It was a fast moving comedy, holding everyone with laughter and expectation. The general plot of the story is that Penny, a very popular, independent girl, suddenly decides to go in for the "arts." Things really start happening when the whole family goes "arty." Penny eats cake for breakfast, decides to elope, and does many other unpredictable things before she finally settles down and becomes her old self. The generous applause for both the afternoon and evening performances was well deserved by everyone who worked hard and spent many long hours making the play a SUCCESS. IZI Many of the acts which try out for the talent show each year find that though their act is good, it is not accepted for the show. This has to be, or there would be no competitive spirit for entrance. This act is a pantomime of the popular song "A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl" and was presented by Alice Carlstrom and Marge Liermant F OOTLIGHT Sandy Spaulding, Felicia Sachs, Ruth Christian, and Kathy Klontz worked up one of the two Charleston acts in the show. Many hours of practice went into this act, and to add to the color of the act and the show, the costumes were authentic. Shown in the photo above are Virginia Coole and Judy Wen- dell, practicing the Banana Split, the act which they pre- sented for the talent show. This pantomime proved to be one of the more popular acts of the show. The Dizzy Sailors pictured here are Mary Ellen Carlson, Margo Eisenstein, and Ann Johnson. This was the only nautical act of the talent show, but like the rest, the diversity of the acts added immeasurably to the great interest of the production. The girls said they had "gobs" of fun working out the intricate patterns of the dancing that went with this act. TALENT SHOW The talent show, one of the most looked- for assemblies of the school program, is a yearly affair at Lincoln. The staff of the yearbook, sponsors of this show, spent a great deal of time and effort to make it a success. The main purpose of the talent show, not a means of discovering talent, is to present student abilities to the student body, thereby gathering money to help reduce F LASHBACKS the individual cost of each annual. Only pupils from Lincoln may enter the tryouts and be in the show. All prospective mem- bers of the cast are given tryouts. These try- outs are judged by the members of the fac- ulty and the Abe,s Album members. Al- though it is fun to be in the talent show, it is also hard work which requires continual practice with other members, for to be a suc- cess, the show must be well coordinated. The students who are in the show must practice together for 2 or 3 weeks before the show. The talent show is given three times during the school hours, once for each of the three grades. An evening performance is given for the parents. There is a very wide variety of acts. They range from llimitative apes" to "dizzy sailors." The entire stage is designed by the Album members and the script is writ- ten by the staff. This year the theme was entitled "FOOT- LIGHT FLASHBACKS," and centered about the perusal of an old family photograph album. The stage set featured a 12 foot book, with red quilted' cover and the word Album emblazoned diagonally across it. Each act stepped from this book to present themselves to the audience. This book is being examined by an old woman, played by Sandra Hausman, and an old man, played by Allen Wales. Jan Haines plays the page boy who opens the album to show each act to the audience, and closes it after each act is finished. Most people who viewed this years show commented that it was the best show seen in this school since the talent show originated. Credit for the show goes to the advisor of the Abeis Album, Mr. tMann, who wrote the script, designed the set, and directed the show. Credit must also go to those mem- bers of the staff and the cast who worked so hard to bring the presentation to such a successful conclusion. Certainly a good time was had by all the members who worked on this project, and the work seemed to be minimized by the excellent results which were obtained. lg23 Mary and Joseph watch over their The three Kirigs dressed in bright- While shepherds watched their flocks newborn babe as they act out the ly-colored gowns are bearing gifts by night, all seated on the ground, age old story of Christmas. to the newly born-son of Mary and the Christmas angels sing. Joseph. CHRISTMAS PAGEANT The Christmas season was officially inaugurated at Lincoln Junior High when the music and choral groups, working with the dramatics classes, presented a special and an extremely wonderful Christmas Pageant featuring holiday music and a tableau. Direct- ing the yeafs program was Miss Nyman, assisted by Mrs. Painter, Miss Golwitzer, Miss Cockfield, Mr. Hall. The ninth grade Choristers and Lincolnettes provided the traditional carols. The tableau was under the supervision of Miss Nyman, and her dramatic classes presented this Christmas story in professional fashion. The general theme was the beautiful story of Christmas with which we all are familiar. It was told in song, instrumental music, poetry, and pantomime. French carols were sung by the Lincolnettes and Choristers to tell the Christmas story in music. A woodwind ensemble of four Lincoln students from the ninth grade orchestra played the French carols. The first Christmas story was portrayed in three scenes. Scene one featured the shepherds and the angels, the manger scene followed with the coming of the Magi. The play ended with the full cast and chorus singing "Cantique Noel." With a joyous Christmas spirit singing in their hearts, the students filed from the auditorium. The students file in quickly to their The angels of the Lord came down The students listen attentively while assembly seats, anxiously awaiting and glory shown around. seventh grade Lincolnettes carry out the Christmas Pageant. the theme of the pageant in music. Pool, one of the favorite attractions at the recreation nights is being mas- tered by some Lincoln boys. The two tables are always in constant use by players just there for the fun of the game. Dancing is the activity which draws most of the students, as it is im- portant to all teenagers. Mrs. Welty, who spends her day working in the Lincoln office, supervises the room. RECREATION NIGHT Linda Glans ,watches two boys as they try their skill at knock hockey, one of the many other games found at the Lincoln "Rec" nights. Every Friday night students gather at Lincoln for llRec" night. It is sponsored by the Rockford Park Board. Teachers of Lincoln, together with the students' parents, help to supervise. Every semester a social dance is held with music by a name band. Many students will agree that these Friday nights have helped to make this school year more complete and enjoyable. The main purpose of the nights is to provide Lincoln students with wholesome and supervised fun. Some more pool players show their talent while many other students watch on very seriously to see who will win the game. Sandy Spaulding, Louise Burch; and Felicia Sachs are just a few of the many students who spend their Fri- day evenings at the Rec nights. Margie Patrick tries her skill at pool. If that eight ball goes in the pocket she has lost another game. Better take careful aim, Marge. l25 l26 The first day of school this year was a hectic one, especially for the new principal, assistant principal, and teachers. They are pictured here ironing out some of the "bumps" in their new jobs, a natural result of employ- ment changes. Many different subjects are represented in their faculty groupeLanguage, Science, Typing and administration. These people, 131115 a new registered nurse, make up the faculty new to our school. Pictured "here is a scene common during the election of ninth grade officers. Ordinary clothing was hidden under the booster buttons made by the candidate's campaign managers, colorful posters lined the walls, and clever slogans covered every empty wall space. The students shown here are: Jim Pawlus, Eugene Orton, Dawn Mulligan, Judy Wolf, Bob Pearson, Sharon Huntley, Tom Roland Don Wanfelt, Jill Samuelson and Jeanine Johnson. These are just a few of the many pupils who dress like this during the elections. "Look what we have!" repeated Mr. Rose and Mr. Redenius. The gifts they received are from the faculty as a farewell memento of their days at Lincoln Jr. High. The background in the picture is the apartment on the third floor. Besides the gifts, coffee and cookies were served, and even though the teachers seemed to enjoy themselves, they realized that the departing principal and assistant principal would be missed. One of the most interesting rooms the parents visit is the art room. Mrs. Machek is showing these parents some of the scholastic grades the students received for their work. On the shelf in the background are some of the baskets the pupils wove. They might look difficult, but to the students making them they proved an interesting and useful challenge. Both the mothers and the fathers are in- terested in the equipment that their daughters use while in cooking class. Mrs. Ohlsund is showing some of the parents the kind of stove used for baking and cooking food. You can almost smell the aroma of that delicious cherry pie! Now the mothers can take it easy and let their daughters do the cooking. Miss Nyman is showing these parents some of the plays in which their sons and daughters have acted. The parents find that she is not only a capable teacher, but also a personable one. The scenery in the background was made by some of the boys in her class. They use it as a setting in their plays. Dramatics classes teach poise, speech, and ease in front of audi- ences. Students find that these attributes are helpful to them in later life. Student helpers get a chance to work in the office during their library periods. Pam Hen- derson helps take care of the morning at- tendance, admits, etc. She helps the clerks and also helps with the small details that must be done around any office. This stu- dent help benefits not only the office, but all teachers, for by relieving the crowded schedules of the clerical staff, more attention can be given the problems of the teaching staff. SMILE PRETTILY, NOW . . . This is a necessary function for the yearbook. Every student is asked to come to the auditorium to have his picture taken by a professional photographer. These pictures are packaged and sent to the school. They may be purchased by the students. Prints are sent to the album staff to be put into the yearbook. Every student then has an individual picture in the album. Years later the recalled memories are aided by these photographs, and nostalgic memories rise to fill the remembering person's mind. HELP YOURSELF, EVERYONE . . . Afternoon tea was served by the home ec- onomics department to the faculty and cus- todians. Included in the picture are: Mr. Mann, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Bill, Mr. Hulick, and Miss Polglase. Sitting are Miss Gibson and Miss Condon. The two custodians 0n the right are Fred Celliti and Paul Gitchell. The tea was served as a Christmas gift to the faculty and custodians of Lincoln from the home ec- onomics department. The first day of school the seventh graders meet their new principal, Mr. Hulick takes time to explain the rules and regulations concerning behavior, etiquette, and scholastic requirements which are required from all Lincoln Jr. High students. The signs posted on the ends of the rows show the students which homeroom they are to call their own for the next three years. The English language certainly takes a beat- ing when the ninth graders hang their posters on the walls. They advertise everything from mathematics to free water. Although the p05- ters might not get the candidates elected, at least it is a chance to get their names known to the other students. Fun is the password for the ninth graders during these few pre-ele'ction days. The eighth graders who were in the eighth grade class play are shown here posing for a picture. The students must be congratulated on their fine performances. They are, from left to right, back row: Craig Carlson, Karen Bergquist, Pam Osberg, Ann Ravens, and Donna Stickling. Front row: Keith Lentz, Judy Stonis, Cheryl Brown, Dennis Busacker, Sandra Brown, Lani Cummings. Some of the most important actions of the school are carried on in the confines of the school office. The office girls and the nurse find that the combined efforts of both offices results in a combined and coordinated set of school activities which is effective and worthwhile. It is also in this same office that the poliCy-makers of the school, the principal and the as- sistant principals, create the policies for the entire school. It is often the case that the people in the school are interested in more than the academic work which goes on in each of the classrooms. The arrival of a birth- day for a favorite teacher is always the occasion, according to the pupils in the classes, for a little more than the usual academic atmosphere. Mrs. Bishofg one of the best and most popular teachers in the school, found that the members of her classes even knew how to bake a cake. I guess they were just trying to illustrate the maxim that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The recreation program at the school this year was a great success. Many of the students of the school found that it was more fun and more worthwhile to spend their Friday nights in active recrea- tion in the school, under the supervision of parents and faculty, than to roam through the streets with no purpose, look- ing for something to occupy their time. The pool proved to be one of the more popular of the areas of recreation, though dancing and active games were also well attended. OCT. 4-LINCOLN 7 WASHINGTON 0 LINCOLN The Lincoln Rail-splitters opened their season with Bill Howard blasting through the line for six points on a quarterback sneak. The extra point was added by Ned Troop when he made a long run around end. The last three quarters was a defensive battle with no points scored by either team. This game was played at the East Rockford practice field, because on the original date the game had been postponed. OCT. 9eLINCOLN ROOSEVELT Postponed because of heavy absenteeism on both sides on account of flu. OCT. 16eLINCOLN 0 JEFFERSON 0 Lincoln, looking for its second win, was held to a 0-0 tie by Jefferson Jr. High School. Ron Back charged through the line for 30 yards and a touchdown, which was called back because of a clipping penalty. Both sides were hindered greatly by the muddy field. In the last play of the game Ned Troop ran 40 yards around end, but was hauled down at the 10 yard line. This ended the game with an exciting thrill, but the score remained a tied 0-0. OCT. 24eLINCOLN 21 WASHINGTON 0 Lincoln trounced Wash- ington 21-0 in the Abeis third game of the season. The scoring started when Ron Back blocked a Washington punt and it rolled into the end zone for a safety. In the second quarter Bill Howard threw a pass to Jim Vietch which covered 43 yards and resulted in a touchdown. Dan Akerlund plowed for the extra point. In the late minutes of the third quarter Howard sneaked for 2 yards and another touchdown. The try for the extra point failed. For the final score Ned Troop charged over from the 10 yard line. The point after the touchdown failed. OCT. 31eLINCOLN 7 ROOSEVELT O This was a big game for the Abe's, for on itlrested the championship. The only score came in the second quarter after Ron Back had intercepted a Roosevelt pass on Lincolnis own 35 yard line. In the third play after the interception Doug Johnson sprinted 35 yards and scored what later proved to be the winning touchdown. Ron Back scored the extra point. The rest of the game was defensive battle, with both sides gaining little, and line play of a bruising nature characterizing the game. This win gave Lincoln unopposed first place. I32 Nov. 7-LINCOLN 21 JEFFERSON 12 Lincoln, while outscoring Jefferson 21-12, obtained undisputed lst place in the city Junior High foot- ball championship. Bill Howard scored the game's first touchdown on a 25 yard end run. In the second quarter Ned Troop sprinted 17 yards off tackle for a second touchdown. To finish up the final quarter Howard passed to Kelley Marshall for 25 yards and a touchdown. All three conversions were success- ful, Howard passing to Jim Forsell for one and sneaking for another. Ned Troop ploughed for the third conversion. '0.- 1 .. Jefferson tallied first in the second period when fullback Dick Ogren went over from the 7 yard line after a double reverse had moved the ball into scoring position from the Lincoln 40. Ogren also scored the final touchdown climaxing a 60 yard drive by Jefferson. Jefferson, with its two touchdowns, became the first team to carry the ba'll over Lincolns goal in two seasons. Last year the Abe's had a safety registered against them by Washington. First row: P. Dixson, G. Giar- dini, T. Lonsway, J. Atchison, D. Lobbins, T. Johnson, G. Hicks, M. Smith, T. Branca, R. Herbig, D. St. Angel, D. Lar- son. Second row: W. Bargren, D. Newburg, R. Johnson, B. Carl- son, K. Polaski, D. Stohl, J. Robins, D. Ferry, R. Nelson, T. Elison, J. Foster, D. Brusaker, R. Hornbeck, C. Carlberg, P. Hayes. Third row: Coach Breckenridge, P. Priola, K. Rendahl, S. Franzen, T. Mortenson, S. Pumkia, T. Marlin, R. Erickson, J. Swanson, G. Liskum, K. Johnson, J. Calvert, R. Eksten, C. St. Angel, J. Swenson, J. Schuette, R. Spielman, T. Franzen, N. Troop, R. Vronch. Fourtb row: L. Nalley, T. Johnson, D. Nelson, C. Lindberg, B. Singer, C. Peterson, B. Nelson, R. Wenberg, J. McDaniel, B. Pear- son, J. Fysh, B. Bohr, J. Vietch, S. Johnson, G. Vorsanger, B. Howard, G. Ohman, J. Forsell, D. Johnson, T.. Babcox. CITY JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL STANDINGS Lincoln 777777777777777777 , t 7 77777777777777777777 4 0 1 56 Roosevelt ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4 1 0 74 Jefferson , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 777777777777777 1 3 '1 26 Washington t, .. .. t, ,0 5 O 12 W. L. T. Pts. OF. 20 53 83 133 LINCOLN LINCOLN 47 ROOSEVELT 36 This game was the big starter for the Lincoln varsity,s 5758 conference season. The first quarter saw the Lincoln cagers taking an early 6 point lead against their crosstow'n rivals from Roosevelt. By halftime we had shot our way to an 8 point lead. John Fitzpatrick led the scoring department with 17 points. Jim Forsell also had the very fine total of 12 points to aid the Lincoln 5 in their victory. Roosevelfs Gibbs led the losers with 10 points. In spite of this, our keyed-up cagers proved to be too much for them. LINCOLN 41 WASHINGTON 34 Lincoln copped its second victory by 7 points over the Washington 5. We were led by our six foot two inch forward, Craig Luecht. Craig dumped in 12 points. Jack Martin and Don Cuppini both put in 8. The first quarter found the Old Abes leading by three points, 744. The Washington squad fought back with 11 points in the second quarter to take the half-time lead. They held it in the third quarter, also, but suddenly the Lincoln five caught fire and pushed that hunk of leather through that bent piece of iron with strings attached at the amazing rate of 18 points for the quarter to take the vic- tory by a healthy margin. Lincoln was now tied with its east-side rivals, the Jeffs, for the number one spot in the city. LINCOLN 42 JEFFERSON 38 Lincolds title was staked on this game with our rivals, Jefferson. Both teams were at their peak of performance, and both deter- mined to win. The game wasnit chalked up to one team or the other until the closing moments of the game. The half found us leading by only 3 points. The Jeffs matched us in the third quarter, and we entered the final quarter with the same shaky margin. The final quarter was low in scoring and mainly a defensive battle. Big 61 4" Duane Thoren, our center, poured in 14 points, and Jim Forsell aided with an additional 13. We took the victory, despite the efforts of Jef- fersonts Dale Eek and Sam Forest, who scored 10 and 8 points respectively. Lincoln is now undefeated in three conference starts, and we are also in undisputed first place, which we previously shared with the conquered Jeffs. BUCKETMEN LINCOLN 39 ROOSEVELT 30 Lincoln, looking for another win over the Rough Riders, took them in a closer game than the scores show. The Abes were led by 6 1" Jim Forsell, who cut the cords for 10 points. The losers were aided by Polaski, who fired in 4 baskets for 8 points. The first quarter saw us leading the Roosevelt Squad by 3. The second half proved too much for them, and we had chalked up a 9 point vic- tory as the final seconds ticked off the clock. LINCOLN 30 WASHINGTON 24 The Lincolnites were gunning for their fifth straight conference win, and turned the trick, as the score shows. Duane Thoren led the Abes with 7 points. The Washington five saw Jack Martin take command by throw- ing in 11. The Abes have now clinched lst place in the city, and are undefeated in con- ference play. LINCOLN 24 JEFFERSON 48 Lincoln was upset by the revenging Jef- ferson squad. It was a heartbreaker, spoiling our perfect record. By the half they had taken a ten point lead and we were never able to catch up despite our efforts. We still had the consolation of the city title under our belts, and we at Lincoln are proud of our championship team this year. First row: John Fitzpatrick, Jim Forsell, Duane Thorene, Tom Babcox, Jack McDaniel, Coach Brekenridge. Second row: Roger Erickson, Larry Bjurstrom, Ned Troup, Craige Leucht, Dave Bakken, Darwin David-' SOIL Third row: Terry Swanland, Don Wanfalt, Bargren, Tim Palmquist, Roger Kjellstrom, David Lunn. Dec. 3, East Soph "Bis'lr 44 Lincoln ........ 26 Dec. 5, Hamilton .7 , 22 Lincoln ,60 Dec. 10, Freeport 77777777 . 35 Lincoln 77777777 34 Dec. 12, Marshall .......... . 23 Lincoln ,,,,,,,, 42 Jan. 28, Marshall ......... A 16 Lincoln ,,,,,,,, 70 I35 SWIM TEAM Fin! row: T. Klint, G. Lindberg, S. Lunde, E. Morris, J. Dougherty, C. Ekstrom, D. Johnson, B. Carlson. Second row: J. Wantz,. C. Sellquist, R. Jensen, J. Speating, D. Ferre, R. Ball, B. Olson, B. Filetcher, C. Morris, R. Alden. Third row: J. Bergstron, T. Conrad, B. Fredrickson, D. Stohl, M. Kuffman, G. Cramen, J. Anderson, D. Kail. Fourtly row: K. Studstrup, D. Anderson, S. Johnson, B. Sjostrom, B. Pearson, M. Norten, T. Hendron, J. Linheart, K. Lentz. Fifth raw: Stone. Ferrall, C. Holmstrom, F. Shaw, T. Eggers, C. Lindberg, J. Olsen, M. Curren, M. Sixth mu" B. Miller, P. Gates, T. Branca R. Herbig, B Howard J. Cook J. Swenson, T. Franzen, J. Erickson L.Str1'nger L. Opp. East at Lincoln ................... .49 22 Lincoln at East .................................. 33 35 Lincoln at Washington ...................... 53 15 Lincoln at Evanston .......................... 35 51 Roosevelt at Lincoln .7 .......... 39 29 Jefferson at Lincoln .......................... 57 11 East at.Lincoln ............. 53 15 Lincoln at West ................................ 42 35 "'I-u-hxz. SWIMMING MEETS L. Opp. Washington at Lincoln .................... 55 13 Freeport at Lincoln ............................ 54 14 Lincoln at Roosevelt ........................ 35 33 Indian Relays at New Trier. .- - Lincoln at East, Jefferson ................ 55 28 Lincoln at Jefferson .......................... 42 26 Lincoln at West ................................ 39 38 L4J-R4W City Quadrangular at East ..,.50 41 41V2 11V2 42 Angesen, Beverlyg70 Abbott, Linda;70 Abegg, Diane-26, 107 Adamilis, Dewayne-Sl Adamson, Jean-26 Addams, 101111754 Aden, Linda;26 Ades, Barbara'26, 111 Adolphson, Karen926, 111, 107 Ahlgren, Karen'26, 108, 111, 114 Ahlstrand, Susan-ZG. 114 Akerlund, Dan-26, '104 Alberhwn, Kay;54, 110, 107 Albright, James Aldeen, Susani70, 114, 105 Alden, Ronnie-54 Allan, Barbarai70 Allen, David!70 Arlen, Roberl-54 Allen, Sara Alm, Linda'70 Almquist, Douglas-54 Anderson, Barbara Lorraine926, 111, 108 Anderson, Barbara Louise-ZG, 111, 108 Anderson, Brian-70 Anderson, Carlene-26, 111, 108 Anderson, Carul-ZG Anderson, Carol-54 Anderson, Chery1W54 Anderson, Christine970, 109, 105 Anderson, Danny-26, 110 Anderson, Dave-26 Anderson, Deannn370, 109 Anderson, Dennis-54 Anderson, Diane926, 111 Anderson, Eric-26, 112, 104 Anderson, Fem-26, 111, 108 Anderson, 13019-54 Anderson, James-v54 Anderson, Janice-70 Anderson, Jill-70 Anderson, Kathleen970 Anderson, Marc--26, 106 Anderson, Mary Jean-26, 108, 104 Anderson, Mary Louise3-70 Anderson, 0wen-26 Anderson, Peter-70 Anderson, Robert'26 Anderson, Robert-54 Anderson, Rodneva4 Anderson, Ronald970 Anderson, Sandm-54, 107 Anderson, Sharlee-70 Anderson, Sherry926 Anderson, Steven754 Anderson, Virginia-26, 111, 112 Anderson, Warren-ZG Andreen, Nancyv54, 110, 108 Andrews, Car1954 Ang, Characler454 Anthony, Suev26 Applegren, Jack-26 Aradio, Mariong26 Armour, Karenr26 Ashlay, Slephem-54 Askvick, Nancy926 Aspling, Marlene-54, 107 Atchison, Jame3w54, 133 Authenrielh, Vaughn--54 Babcox, Thomas-27, 113, 114 Bacilik, Susan9-70 Back, Ronald727 , Bailey, David-27, 112 Bailey, Donald9-54 Bailey, Jay954 Bailey, Kathryn-70 Bailey, Martin-27 Baker, Donna-54 Baker, Gale-70 Baker, Lois-70 Bakken, David-27 Bakkem, Kareni54, 107 Ball, Richard970 Ballard, Edward;54 Ballinger, Elizabeth Bandlou, Karenv-7O Bankson, Jackw27 Bankson, Patricia-70 Baraconi, Patricia Barack, Ronald47l Bargren, Waynev9-27, 133 Barloga, Marilyn-27 Barnes, 51161311121954 Ban-is, Patriciam70 Barrix, Linda970 Barron, Denni5A70 Barron, Marris-27, 111 Barth, Diana-27, 114 Bartel, Jeffery9-54 Bartlett, EIIiott-27 Bass, Kathleenv54 Bateman. Clenda927 Batten, Donmr-27, 112 Baxter, Roger--27 Beamen, Sherye-70 Beaupre, Michael-27 Beck, Barbara-27 Beck, Linda-54 Beck, Nancyv27 Beck, William-27 Beckett, Marilyn928 Beckett, Ruth427 Beckman. Diane470 Beckman, LorraineAZB, 111, 108 Beckstrom, Kielh-54 Beeshir, Sylvester-70 Bender, Connie-54 Bengston, Allen-27 Benjamin, Judy-70 Bennett, Phillip928, 112 Bennen, Rob Ann970, 109I 110 Benson, Marsha970, 105 Beque, Leon-7O Berg, Joann-54 Berglund, David-54 Bergman, Mary954 Bergquist, Charles-28 Bergquist, Karen-54 Bergstrom, Keith-54 Bergstrom, John970 Bern, George-54 Bernard, Jnan-28, 106, 108, 111, 116 Benyhill, Sally428 Bigger, Sharon927 Bishoff, 101111354 Bishop, Deborah-70 Bgornson, Tony970 Bjurstmm, Larry-28 Black, Gwendolyn-71, 114- Blade, Annette928 Blade, Neal354 Blunt, Sharon-54 Blegen, Duane-54, Blomberg, Mary-28 Blomgarden, Joyce37l Blomgren, Janice-ZB, 108, 111 Blomgren, Sandra-28, 111 Blomgren, Sue-54, 110 Bloom, Donald954 Bobitt, Diane954 Bodach, Nancy-ZB, 108 Boden, Larry47l Boetaker, N211928 Bohr, Brianvd28, 13 Boivert, David-28 Bolander, Sleven-54 Bonasson, Lucy-54 Bonassin, Marco Born, Kennelhw54, 107 Bowen, Bonnie954 Bowman, Bernard-28, 107 Bowman, Dalk28 Bowman, Henry Bradley, Tom-71 Branca, Thomas-28, 133 Brauer, Cheryl-54, 105 Brazzell, Janew54 Brees, David-28 Bridson, Leeh-ZB, 111 Brewer, Thomas-28, 112 Brogren, Lynne928 Brooks, Thumasv71 Browman, Jerone329 Brown, Bradford929 Brown, Chery1-54, 129 Brown, Jan354, 114-, 129 Brown, Nancy971 Brown, Rickyw-29 Brown, Sandra454, 114, 129 Browning, Bonita97l Brubaker, Kenneth-29 Budden, Sue-329, 111, 1121 Budden, Timothy954 Buell, Webster Bullard, Sharon-29, 108 Bulthouse, Douglas354 Bulthouse, Richard-71 Burbeck, Patricia-29 Burch, Louist33-29, 111, 114 Hard, Mery1-54 Burman, Larry971 Bursick, Viola929, 111, 112 Busacker, Dennis954, 129, 133 Buscemi, Cat1-29 Buss, Judith-29 Cahn, Mary Lynn Cal, Pat-7l Calacurio, Carol329 Caldwell, Alan929 Calvert, John-55, 133 Cambre, Joan-7l Cameron, Kathyv-55 Camn, Garywss Campbell, Constance-IM Caldwell, A13n-29 Campilongo, Marilyn-SS Canterbury, Carol-SS, 105, 110 Careyn, Rona1d471 Cnlberg, Clinton3133 Carlberg, Diane-71 Carlborn, Carol355 Carlsori, Ann Marie-29 Carlson, Barbara929, 111, 98 Carlson, Barbara476, 111 Carlson, Bartley-SS, 133 Carlson, 3011-29, 112, 96 Carlson, Bradley-29, 112, 107 Carlson, Bruce-SS Carlson, Carol971, 114 Carlson, C0nslance-7l, 103, 105 Carlson, Craig-ss, 100, 129 Carlson, Curtis-29 Carlson, David-29 Carlson, David-7l, 102 Carlson, David471, 102 Carlson, Dale Carlson, Dennis-55, 101 Carlson, Diane-71, 110 Carlson, Diane-71, 103 Carlson, Donna-29, 116, 111, 98 Carlson, Donna-71, 107 Carlson, Eileen-SS Carlson, Gaylord429 Carlson, George455, 100, 107 63115011, Ingvar471 Carlson, 1301:3129 Carlson, Jam63355 Carlson, James-30, 96 Carlson, Joel-SS Carlson, Judith-30 Carlson, Judy455 Carlson, Karol-30 Carlson, Keith-30 Carlson, Kenneth-30, 97 Carlson, La Reau-SS Carlson, Larry-30 Carlson, Lawrence471 Carlson, LouisemSG. Carlson, Lynette956, 108 Carlson,,Mary Ellen-56, 108 Carlson, Robert Carlson, Russel330 Carlson, SandrA430 Carlson, Sharon-SO Carlson. Susan-30 Carlson, Terry-30, 47 Carlson, Thomas Carlson, Vanu102 Carlstrom, Alice-56, 114 Carlstrom, Pearl--71 Carlstrom, Rita Ann971, 109 Carlzen, Carol956, 107 Carney, Char105956 Carr, Bonnie-71 Carrol, Kayi71, 107 Carp, Roberb-BO, 107, 112 Case, Mike-SG Casanena, Gerald-SG Cash, Lois-30 Castellese, FranciS930, 108 Caziniga, Gerald-56 Cerio, Frank-SO Challberg, Julia Ann-30, 108 Choppi, Vanna Chale, Chris Chastien, Paul--71 Chosmer, Roy330 Christianson, Rulhv30 Chryanowski, Jame5356, 105 Church, Fred-56 Cieslak, Josephine-30 Claeson, Robert930 Clark, Jack-SG Clay, Sherilyn Clement, Gary356 Clinite, Jerry-561 Clow, Nathen-71 Comes. Betty-56 Cochran, Judilh956, 101 Cockrell, Clamae-56, 101, 108, 113 Cockrell, Marie971, 103, 109 Cohn, Marilyn971 Cole, Jacqueline-71 Cole, Jimmy-SO Collins, Claudia-30, 111 Collins, Maureen931 Colmone, Samuel471 Conant, Lany-71 Conard, William-3l Conde, Jerry356, 101 Conde, Tom43l Conrad, Kathryn-7l Conrad, Marilyn-3l .Conrad, Nancy-56, 108, 110 Conrad, Thomas-71 Conti, Joe-7l, 102 Cook, Bnrbara-3l Cnok, Beverly-31 Cook, James-Sl Cook, 101111371, 102 Cook, Thom35356 Cook, Virginia-71 Cools, Virginia43l, 107 Cooper, Jobe-56 Copp, Gerald Corbett, Constance-Sl Corcoran, Michael-Sl Cornelius, Marie371, 105 Cornelius, Ronald33l Cramer, AgnusnSl, 99, 106, 107 Cramer, Gary-71, 102 Cramer, Patty-71 Cramer, Patsy771 Crapanznro, Rose-71 Cridlebaugh, Lucinda93l Crowe, Marsha-71 Crull, Margaret-56 Crull, Richard Lyle-56, 100 Cummings. Lani356, 129, 108 Cummings, Allenw71 Currere, Sylvia-3l Curran, Michae1A56 Cushman, Janice-31 Dabroski, Nancy-56, 108 D, Agustin, Maureen-SG, 110 Dahlberg, Kathlell Dahlgren, Kathleen-Sl Dahlgren, Linda972 Dailey, Darlen6'31, 108, 111 Dalland, Anni-72 Dallosto, Mary Ann956, 108 Dalton, Susie331 Damon, Susan972 Danekas, Delores-72 Daniels, Marcia-Sl, 107, 111, 112 Daniels, Ralph972 Darnell, Nina-72 Darnell, Pau1-72 Darrow, Ronald-SG Dauhert, Garyv-72 Davidson, Darwi'1331 Davis, Cnrrie-72 Davis, Claudek56 Davis, Penelope-Sl, 107, 112 Day, John-72 Dean, Robert-114 Dean, Ruth-72, 109 DeFay, Vickie-31 De Laney, Kathleen956 De Mollie, Louis-56 Denen, GeraId-114, 31 De Schepper, 11013611331 Dickinson, Juanita Dierks, Karen932 Dinwiddy, RonaId-72 DiPuma, Bernard-Sl Dix, Marcia-73, 109 Dixon, Bonnie-SZ, 108, 111, ll-l Dixon, Pau1-56, 133 Doerr, Marsha472, 109, 110 D011, Kenneth432 Donovan, Cerald-56 Donovan, Mary Ann-v32 Donovan, Tana-32 Door, Sheryl472 Dorfsmith, Judy956 Dorfsmith, RusselI-SZ ' Daugherty, James-56 Douglas, Carolyn-32 Downing, Robert;32 Drake, Car01-32 Dreger, MarilynE32 Drolen, Marilyn-72, 109 Duel, Sally-SG, 108, 110 Duffer, Constance956 Duhigg, Jame5372 Dunphey, Karen-72 Dyer, Roberl-57 Dyer, Sandra-72 Dzielak, Barbara-32, 111, 108 Dzielak, Deanne-SZ, 111 Dzielak, Eilecnw57, 108 Dzielak, Georgeh72 Ebens, Patriciah57, 110, 107 Eckhardt, Barbara-57 Edlund, Donald-72 Edlund, Randy-57 Eggehom, Lars-32 Eggehom, Magretah72 Eggers, Thomas-xW Egler, DonaldH32 Ehkart, Sandra3111, 114 Eighmy, Martha-32, 108, 111 Einhom, C8101E32 Eisenstein, Margo-32 Eisnach, Jeff-73 Ekebcrg, Carol-72 Ekedahl, Connih72, 114 Ekhorn, ThomaS957 Ekmarch, Richard-32 Eksten, Robert-973 Eksten, Ronald-932, 114, 133 Ekstrom, Charles-73 Elander, Arlene-973 Ellis, Joan-S'I Ellison, Thumds-32, 133 Elrick, Stephen973 I37 I38 Elston, JackWS'I Emerick, Karl-32 Ennelt, Beatrice732, 108, 112, 114 108 ' Enberg, Dale032 Erb, Nancy-57, 105, 108 Erickson, Belty073, 107 Erickson, Charlenk73 Erickson, Dale-33 Erickson, James-33 Erickson, Kathleen-73 Erickson, Marciav-JS, 109, 114 Erickson, Roger-SS, 133 Erickson, Sherrie'57 Erickson, ThomasiS Erickson, William-33 Etusivich, Anna-57 Espy, Paul057 Ethington, Juliei57, 108 Ethington, Patricia057 Eydey, Carol--73, 107 Eye, Sandra-57, 107 Fagerburg, Diana433, 108 Falkowski, Gerald-73 Fanas, Rodney Farr, Larry057 Ferguson, Jewel057 Ferguson, Jane Ann'57 Ferling, Richard'57 Ferall, Clifford733 Ferrell, Stephen03 Ferrari, Denn15033 Ferre, Davidf57, 133 Ferruggia, Joann-57. 108 Ferry, Linda057 Fiorentino, Chtis-57 Fiori, Barbaraw57 Fisher, Janette073, 105 Fitzgibbons, James-33 Fitzmaurice, Timothy-33 Fitzpatrick, 101111-033 Fleuher, Bernard;73 Fletcher, CaroIe-33, 111 Flehcher, Douglar-a'iS Floyd, Bharlotteg73 Floyd, Cheric-57, 110 Floyd, Linda033 Forrisi, Doug773 Forsell, JameS633, 106, 133 Forsell, Ji11-57, 110 Forsen, TobyV-57 Fotslin, Dave Forslin, Marlene-33 Forlin, Dclma Rose-33, 106, 108, 111 Forlin, Jacki73 Foster, Jack-33, 133 Foster, Jamesi73 Foster, Joyce!73 Fotzler, 51181011057, 108 Fox, Denn15073 Fox, Joan-33, 111 Francis, Rodney-33 Franzen, Brian;57 Franzen, Terry-33, 133 Franzene, Stephen-57, 133 erberg, Lenard-57 Freberg, Belly057 Fredrickson, Barl-73 Fredrickson, John-57 Fredrickson, Michael633 Fredrickson, Nan-SS Fredrickson, Randall Fredrickson, Robery-73 Freed, Diane057, 110 Freed, Linda134, 111, 112 Freeze, Merle!57 Friday, Rodney-57 Friis, Jamer-57 Friis, P9161634 Frisk, Dennis-57 Fry, Delm15634 Fry, Karen-57, 107, 108 Frye, Bohbie-SB Fuca, Roy-34 Fysh, Jefferyk-IBS Gaermer, JaniCHSB, 110 Gagon, Deanna-SS Gahlberk, Pamela-58, 110 Gahm, Cary-SB Galvanone, Louis-34, 112 Gambene, Richard-58 Ganshert, Sharon034, 108 Cams, George-M Cams, WarrenWSB Garde, Stephenv73, 107 Garey, Kathleen-34 Casoski, Roberti34 Gates, Patterson-M Gear, Kava73 Geary, Theodore-58 Geary, William-73 Geiger, Janet-73, 105, 109 Geishert, Phillip-58 Gelafio, Jimmy-73 Genrich, Roberl!34 Genz, ThomasV-73 Gena, Thomas-34 Giardina, Gerald-133 Gibbs, Betsy-58, 108, 110 Gibbs, Elizabeth Gibson, Pete-SS Gibson, Sheron-34 Gilbert, Charles-SB Gillaspy, Judy-34, 108 Gille, Richard-34 Ciloy, Ruth058, 108 Ginn, Franklin758 Cithlaff, Dean!58 Cilzlaff, Sharon734, 111 Giunword, DiankSB, 108, 110, 114 Clans, LindaiSB, 110 Goodin, Cheryl--73 Goodin, Marilyn-73 Goraham, Ray034 Garden, Jacu1758 Gordene, Gary-58 Gorst, Patricia-34 Gotta, Sandra-SB Cough, Mary Beth-34, 108, 111 Govig, Ronald-34- Grady, 0131111111073 Grant, Alisong73 Granquist, Lana-SB Cray, Nancy-34- Greenbaltt, MatheW035 Greene, Patricia035 Greene, Thomas-73 Greenberg, Helen-34 Greenberg, Karen-34, 108 Creenberg, Sherilyn-73 Greenlee, James-BS Greenlee, James-SB Greenlee, 1011,1135 Creenlee, Margraet Greenwood, Loraine-35 Greer, Barbara-73 Greer, Catolyn-73 Gregory, Gladys-35 Greiclich, Larry-58 Griffen, John Criffen, Margaret-35 Griffin, Mary Jean-SB, 108, 110 Grip, Carol-58, 108 Gtimstad, Steiner-73 Groves, Hershal Crows, Dennis058 Gulbrantson, Joan073 Cullickson, Anne-SB, 108, 110 Cullickson, E11en074, 107, 109 Gundlack, Larry058 Gnnnarson, Kathryn074 Gustafson, Argine058 Gustafson, Chuck-74 Guslnfson, Craig-74 Gustafson, Donna-Ss Gustafson, Marlav-35, 111 Gustafson,Mary Kay Custafson, Peggy-35, 112 Gustafson, Phoebe-35, 112 Gustafson, Rodneyv-74 Gustafson, Sharilyn Gustafson, Sharon035 Gustafson, Tom-SB Gustitius, Sandra055, 108 Gulshall, Marion-SB Gutzner, Normanv-M Hackenburg, Loretta-74 Hafstedt, Shirley-35, 111, 112 Hagstrom, Anu-53, 107 Haight, Tonwu, 107 Haines, Jan-35, 111 Hale, RthQS3 Halgrimson, Duane-35 Hall, Clare-SB, 108 Hall, Judy-SS, 108 Hall, RandalI-74 Hall, Stephen-58 Hallberg, Tobert-SS Hamblin, MatianneaSS Hammer, Tom058 Hammond, Robert-SS Hammond, Victoria674, 105 Hanchette, Barbara-SS Hankins, Elizabeth Ann-59 Hankins, Karen659 Hannis, Knren-74 Hanson, Diane0-59 Hanson, Janet-59 Hanson, Penny-59 Hard, Thomas Hardy, DalevM Hare, Sa11y0-35, 108, 111 Hare, Stephen-74 Hargis, Geraldine-SS Harlem, Gary-59 Harms, Terry-74, 107 Haroldson, Judith-SS Harp, Patsy-35 Harp, Tom-35 Harring, Greta-SS Barring, Paul074 Harvey, Kayva74 Harvey, Thomas6-59 Harwick, Sharon636, 111 Hatlestad, Carol074 Hallcstad, Joan-636, 108, 111, 112 Hougdahl, Barbarai74 Husman, Sandy Sue036, 107, 108, 111, 110 Hawk, Robert036 Hayenga, MarshaA36 Hayes, Pau1736, 133 Heckman, Gaty074 Heere'ns, Kisti-59 Hedberg, Lorrianei74 Hedrick, Sharon Heinhold, Ann074 Heitala, Lindq;36 Helm, Bruce-59- Helm, Rosalie036, 108, 111, 112 Helsing, Jean-74, 110 Helsinger, Carol'36 Henderson, Pamela--36, 107, 108, 111 Henderson, Robert674 Hendrick, Raymond674 Hendrick, Sharon074 Hendrickson, Sidney-36 Hendron, Tom059 Henri, Barbara074, 105 Hensley, Lana074 Hensley, Pam-59, 108 Herbig, Ronald6-36, 112, 133 Herbig, Ruthv674, 114 Herdklotz, William-36, 112 Hester, Patricia059 Hian, Viola-36 Hicks, cary136, 133 Hicks, Retak-S9 Hill, Della Lee-59 Hill, LenardA36 Hillman, Doug135736, 106 Hitchcock, Danieli36 Hixon, Kenalyn074 Hoel, ChristieA59, 108 Heel, Marciai74, 114 Hoerr, Judy-74 Hoffman, Louise074 Hoffman, Sharon Hoffman, Sue-SQ Hoffstrom, Karen Hogan, Ceoffry-M- Holman, Ann-74, 109 Holstrom, Charles-59 Holmquist, .1111059, 105, 108, 110 Hornbeck, LanaiM Humbeck, Rong36, 133 Horton, Gloria-74 Howard, Willian1436, 116, 133 Hull, Richard;59 Hulsledt, Susan036 Hunborg, Rona1d6-59 Huntley, 11, 36, 116, 126 Huskins, Michael-74- Huston, Greg Hutchins, John Hyde, Yvonne-59, 114 Ingram, Bany-36, 104 Ingram, Margo-75, 109, 110, 114 Irwin, Andrea-37, 104, 111 Iverson, Stanley-75 Ives, Steve Jackson, Jim675 Jackson, Judy059 Jackson, Zona-59 Jacobson, Sandra075, 109, 110 James, CharleSHS9 James, Stephen075 Janies, Mike-75 Jack, Cheryl059 Jeffrey, Jame9v59 Jenkins, Carolym-37 Jenkins, Paulette-59 Jenkins, William075 Jennings, Joanne-37, 111 Jensen, Richard-58 Jensen, Ronald-75 Johanson, David075 Johnson, A1den-37, 112 Johnson, Allen075 Johnson, Ann-59, 111 Johnson, Barb075 Johnson, Barbara-75 Johnson, Boyd-75, 108 Johnson, Bruce!75 Johnson, Charles037 Johnson, Christine037 Johnson, Christine-37 Johnson, CIare-75 Johnson, Connie.-59 Johnson, Constance659 Johnson, Constance-75 Johnson, Dale-37 Johnson, Daniel-37 Johnson, Davida59 Johnson, Dennis-SQ Johnson, Diane-75 Johnson, Dick037 Johnson, Donna059 Johnson, Douglas037 Johnson, Douglas-75 Johnson, Eugene0-75 Johnson, Frcd059 Johnson, Garyv37 Johnson, Gary659 Johnson, Gary075 Johnson, Gary075 Johnson, George-75, 107 Johnson, 011116111059 Johnson, Jeanine637, 104, 111, 114, 126 Johnson, Jeromew37 Johnson, Jerrie Lu059 Johnson, Jill-37, 110 Johnson, JoAnn037 Johnson, Joan737 Johnson, JoEllen060, 108 Johnson, Judith075 Johnson, Karen037 Johnson, Karen-GO Johnson, Keith-37, 133 Johnson, Keithv-60, 107 Johnson, Kjella75 Johnson, Kristine060 Johnson, Larry-7S Johnson, Marjot1e675, 107 Johnson, Marila075 Johnson, Margaret-107 Johnson, Marg0060 Johnson, Margo-.60 Johnson, Mary-60 Johnson, Mary Beth675, 109 Johnson, Michael060 Johnson, Michael675 Johnson, Nancy075 Johnson, Phillip-60 Johnson, Richard-37 Johnson, Robert-37 Johnson, Rodney-60 Johnson, Ronald637. 133 Johnson, Ronald060 Johnson, Ross-37 Johnson, Roy-37 Johnson, Ruell-60 Johnson, SamA37 Johnson, Sandm060 Johnson, Sandra-75, 109 Johnson, Sheilag75 Johnson, Shirley0g75, 114 Johnson, Stephen-38, 133, 112 Johnson, StephenW38, 112, 133 Johnson, Tedg38 Johnson, Terry Ann638 Johnson, Thomas060 Johnson, Thomar-75 Johnson, Tom0-38, 133 Johnson, Tommy060 Johnson, William$38 Johnston, Doug Johnston, Sonja075 Jones, Connie-SB Jones, Joy Judge, Joanne!38 Julin, Kathy-75 Junor, Joanne-75, 110, 109 Jurry, GaryA-60 Jury, Marvalynn-38 Kaberg, Cheryl075 K311, Donald075, 102 Kaiser, Chrystal-BB Kalen, Michael-SS Kalesky, Virginiu-60 Kallcnbach, Diane-75 Knltslmm, Donnav38, 107, 109 Kammerer, Diane075, 113 Kammerer, Donald660 Kaplans, Helia076 Kaplanes, A18CW38 Kappery, Shery17113 Karceski, Carolyn-GO, 108, 110, 113 Karceski, Marcia076 Karceski, Millon-104, 112 Karelas, Lenee075 Karseski, Roger-38 Kaszuba, Karena76 Kaszuba, Walter038 Kaufman, Mike-IOS Knylor, Daniel-76 Keas, Richard-GO Keegan, Nancy038 Keen, Artheri60 Keen, Carolyn;60, 107 Keene, David-76 Keith, Bonnie-60, 101 Kelleher, Jim-60, 100 Kelley, Nancy060 Kelly, P211076 Kemp, Constance-60 Kempe, Ruth-38 Kennedy, Kyle638 Kenninglon, Ralph-60 Kilgore, Carol-60, 99, 108 Kindred, Palricia-60 King, Margie-60 Kingdun, Aileen-76, 114 Kingdon, Sid-38 Kinkade, Connie-60, 107 Kim, Raymond-SB Kirshbaum, Harriet-60 Kiwan, Karen Kjellgren, Barbara-38, 108, 112, 113 Kjellquisk, Karcn-60, 110 Kjellstrom, Roger-SB, 112 Kjenner, Dennis-60 Kjenner, Terrence-38, 97 Kleckkner, Jerry-38 Kleczewski, Tom-38 Kleen, Margaret-76 Klint, Tcd-75, 102 Klomz, Garr-GO, 105 Klumz, Knthy-38, 99, 107, 108 Knapp, Pnul-76 Knight, Dorothy-38 Kofoed, 11mm-76, 102 Kownliwski, 1061-60, 100 Kramer, Karen-SB, 111 Kresnnek, Sandra-GO Krivan, Karen-60, 113 Kruse, Judy-76, 103 Kruse, Mary-38, 98 Kuklin, Eugem-38 Kuntzelman, CaroI-76 Kuntzelman, Ca1y-60 Kutchins, 1115-76 Lager, Nnncy-6l, 108 Lamb, Connie-61 Lamb, Raymond-61 Lamb, William Lamb, Sandra-Gl Landini, Sharon-76 Lundquist, Joan-61, 101 Larsen, Bi11-61, 101, 107 Larson, Carol-76 Larson, David-39, 97, 133 Larson, Dan-76 Larson, Dennis-39 Larson, Gary-39 Larson, Richard-61 Larson, Steve-6l, 100 Larson. Susan-39 Larson, WendalI-39, 97 Larson, William Latino, Caml-76, 103. 109, 110 La", Karin-39, 108, 111 Laubshi, 1on-61 Laurent, Graig-39 Laurent, Kurl-76, 103 Leander, Lonna-39, 99, 112 Leatherman, 1uanitn-76 Leatherman, 1udy-61 Le Bau, Michael-76 Lee, Dennis-61 Lee, Robert-6l Legen, Linda-109 Lemke, Janice-61 Lemz, Fred-39 Lemz, Judy-39, 107, 111, 116 Lentz, Keith-61, 100, 129, 136 Leon, Linda-76, 103 Letoher, Nancy Levine, Sherry-6l Licari, Nick-39 Lidbetter, Virginia-39, 108, 116 Lierman, Margie-O76 Lierman, Richard-SQ, 104 Light, Wynoniu-39 Lightcap, Brian-GI, 100 Lilja, Susanne Liljegren, Hurriet-Gl, 114 Lind, Karen-39 Lind, Nancy-76 Lindberg, Clnrk-40, 133, 136 Lindberg, Dary1-76, 102 Lindberg, Gary-76, 136 Lindblade, Kathleen-61 Lindc, John-61, 114 Lindeman, NenI-76 Linden, Kris-76, 103, 109 Linder, Carol-40, 108 Linderolh, Cheryl-40 Lindman, Dick-76 Lindsay, Gary-40 l,indvahl, Linda-61, 101 Linhan, Jim-61, 100, 136 Linley, Wayne-76 Lippel, Sara-76 Liskum, Guy-61 133 Lill1e, 1immy-61 Little, George Robert-40 Livingston, Donna-61 Lobbins, David-61, 133 Loberg, Gary-76 Lofgren, Ca101e-61, 108 Lnfgren, Kathleen-61, 108 Long, Kay-61, 108, 110 Long, Sharon-6l, 108 Long, Susan-61, 101, 108 Lonn, KathrynHl, 101 Lonsway, Thomas-6l, 133 Loy, Meridelh-76 Lowry, Karen-40 Lucas, Katherine-40, 98, 108, 111, 112 Lucey, Athu1-40 aney, Tersa-61 Luecht, Craig-40 Luepkes, Daryl M1 Lund, Ronald-61, 100 Lundberg, James-76, 102 Lunde, Steve-76, 136 Lundeen, Carole-40, 98, 1041, 108, 113, 116 Lundell, Steve-IOS Lundgren, Susan-6l, 101 Lundin, Gerald-Gl Lundin, Corden-76, 102 Lundin, 1oyce-76, 109 Lundquist, Bonnie-76, 109, 110 Lundquist, Kathryn-76 Lundquist, Sharon-76 Lundstrom, Gretchen-40, 98, 111, 116 Lundstrom, Karen-40, 108, 111 Lundstrom, Sharon-40, 108 Lungo, Conni-Gl Lungo, Guy-61 Lunn, David-40 Lunn, Dave E.-40, 96, 112 MacKenzie, Catherine-40, 108 Macalusky, 10hn-40 Madden, Sandra-Gl Maggie, Mary-6I, 101 Maggie, Roger-4l, 107 Maggie, Rosalew-41 Maggie, Rosalew-41 Mahnke, 1111111441, 111, 112 Manalli, Mary Lou-62, 110, 114 Magnuson, Joanne-62 Magnuson, Karen-4l, 120 Maillaux, 1udy-41, 111 M3110, Reginald-117 Manning, Barbara-62 Mansfield, David-41 Maples, Linda-77 March, Conni-GZ Markham, 1anet-77 Markham, Philip-62 Marlin, Tony-133 Mardsen, Susan-4l Marshall, James Kelly-41 Martin, 106-77, 107 Martin, Kenneth-62 Martina, Charlotte-77 Marlins, Mary-41 Massier, Nicola-62 Mathison, Dale-41 Matlhison, 1a1ed-41 Matthius, Gilben-GZ Maxwell, Nancy-41, 98, 108, 111, 112 Mayborne, Karolyn-41 Mayborne, Michael-77 Mayland, Rodric-77 Mazeika, Glenn-41 Mazeika, Gordan-77 MacCallien, Bart-77 MacLean, Bonnie-77 McArthur, 1ames-62 McBride, Phillip-41 McCain, David-41 McCann, Denny-62 McCarthy, Diana-77 McClure, Marcia-77, 103 McCard, 1U11'a-41 McCaro, Marley-62, 117 McConaughey. Kathryn-62 McCoy, Kathleen-41, 99, 108 McCrillis, Nancy-62 McCulley, Reubena-41 McDaniel, 1ack-41, 104, 106, 112, 133 McDaniel, James-41 McDonald, Kalhleen-41, 107, 116 McDowell, Karen-77 McFadden, Kathleen-77, 114 McGary, Patty-77, 103 McGaugh, 1355-41 McGuire, Charles-77 McIllwain, 101111-62, 100 McIntosh, Bobby-62, 100 McIntosh, Thomas-4l McLin, Idella-42 McLin, Roy-42 McNames, Kathleen-42, 108 McNeany, Joyce-42, 108, 113 McNess, Billy Mead, Fred-62 Mercailis, Joe-62 Merrit, Joan-62, 101 Meyer, Franklin-42 Meyers, Ri1a-62 Meyer, Roger-77 Meyer, 5313-42 Meyers, Thomas-62 Mickelson, Carol-77 Mickelson, Lana-42 Middleton, Sharon-62 Mihm, Merrill-42 Mikalailis, Tom-77 Milani, Peggy-77, 109 Miller, C11e1yl-42 Miller, Curtis-77 Miller, Imogene-62 Miller, James-42 Miller, Patti-62, 110 Miller, Susan Miller, Thomas-77 Miller, Tobie-42, 116 Miller, William-GZ, 105, 136 Miller, William Mills, Diane-42, 111, 112 Mincemoyer, Norman-77 Mintz, Bonnie-62 Molander, Faye-42 Momly, Susie-77, 103, 109 Montalbano, Kris-42, 114 Montalbano, Mike-77 Monti, Thomas-62 Moon, 1u11e-42, 114 Moore, Maty-77, 110 Moore, Patricia-77 Moorman, Bonnie-GZ, 114 Moorman, Dennis-77 M01611, Marlene-42 Morgan, Beth-77, 107 Morgan, David-62, 100 Morgan, Sandra-77 Morman, Jack-42 M01811, Sharon-77 MonalI, 101111-42 Morris, Ceci1-62, 133 Morris, Edward-77, 105I 133 Morrison, Michael-62 Mortellaro, Ronald-62 Mortenson, Tom-42, 133 Muehlemeyer, Susan-62, 101 Mulchary, David-62 Mulligan, Dawn-42, 112, 126 Mullins, Carol-42, 98, 106, 111 Murauski, Kathleen-62, 110, 113 Mulimer, Jean-77 Myers, Alice-42 Myers, Carolyn-42 Myers, Ginnethea-42 Myers, Sally-42 Myers. Sylvia-42 Nalley, Lawrence Neil, 101m Thomas-77 Nelson, Allen-77 Nelson, Belsey-43 Nelson, Cheryl-43 Nelson, Dale-43 Nelson, David-77 Nelson, Douglas-62 Nelson, Gail-43 Nelson, Gunnar-62 Nelson, Janice-77 Nelson, Jerry-43 Nelson, 10hn-77 Nelson, Judith-43 Nelson, Lance-43 Nelson, Linda-62 Nelson, Lorel-63 Nelsun, Ronald-43 Nelson, Ranald-63 Nelson, Sharon-GB Nelson, Stuart Nelson, Susan-43 Nelson, Vickie-78 Nelson, Wanda-78 Nelson, era-78 Newberg, David-43 Nielson, Karen-43 Niemala, Margaret Nilsson, Yeva Nimmo, Robert-43 Nolan, Mary-78 Notdby, 1ulie-63 Nordvall, Roben-63 Noreen, Sheryl-43 Norman, David-78 Norman, 10Ann-63 Norman, Karol-43 Norman, Nancy-78 Norman, Roger Norsen, 1ack-63 Norsen, James-43 Norton, Michael-63 Novak, Penelope-78 Nygren, Dennis-78 Nyman, Jeanette-63 Oberg, Kathleen-78 Oellig, Karen-43 1611164 Ohman, Cary-44 Olive, Janie-78 Olive, Susan-44 Olmsted, Henry-78 Olsen, Dana Olson, A1an-78 Olson, Bob-78 Olson, Brucr-78 Olson, Bruce W.-78 Olson, Dana-63 Olson, Darlene-63 Olson, James-44 Olson, 1ames-63 Olson, 1011-44 Olson, 1udy-63 Olson, Ronald-44 Oman, Carolyn-78 Omark, Margit-44 Onken, Donald-78 Orton, Eugene-44 Osberg, Edna-78 Osberg, Pamela-63 Ostmnder, Sandra-78 Ouilling, Sherrie Overman, William-78 Owens, Glen-78 Owens, Ivar-78 Owens, L10yd-78 Owens, Patricia-GS Palmer. John-63 Palmer, 1udith-63 Palmer, Patricia-GS Palmer, Patricia-GS, 114 Palmquist, Kathleen-78, 103, 105, 114 Palmquist, Timothy-44, 104 Palvazzi, Judy-78 Parker, Vergie-78 Parochke, Barbara-63, 108 Patrick, Marjoti-M, 106, 111, 113, 116 Paulson, Donald-44 Paulus, James-44, 96, 126 Peacock, Richard-78, 102 Pearson, Nancy-44 Pearson, Pau1-78, 102 Pearson, Roberl-44, 106, 126 Poll, Louise-78, 110 Pellent, Sandra-103, 110 Penn, Trudy-63 Pennington, Jerry-78, 102 Pemicoff, Mary-78 Perone 1L, Mathew P.-44, 112 Pe1er, David Peter, Diana-63 Peters, 1ack-78, 102 Peters, Phillip-44 Peterson, Carol-44 Peterson, Carol-78, 110 Peterson, Carol-78, 103 Peterson, Dennis-lOl Peterson, Gary-44, 96, 133 Peterson, Gary-44, 96 Peterson, 13mes-44, 96 Peterson, 1e1ry-78 Peterson, Judith-44, 101, 108 Peterson, June-63 Peterson, Kay-78, 103, 110 Peterson, Linda-78 Peterson, Lonnie-63 Peterson, Marjorie-63 Peterson, Michael-44 Peterson, Patricia-44, 112 Peterson, PauI-IUS Peterson, Robert-44 Peterson, Sandra-44, 111 Petrie, Russell-GS Petty, 101111-63, 100 Pfanschmidt, Margaret-63, 114 Phillips, Anthony-63 Phillipa, Michael-63, 101, 117, Phillips, Russell-63, 100 Picchoni. Jean-63 Pickinison, Jaunita-GS Pierce, Don-63 Pierce, Jerry-63 Pierce, Michael Pierce, Sharon-45 Pieri, Cai1-63 Pinkston, Gary-63 Pippel, James-63, 100 Pippels, Robert-45 Plager, Thomas-45 Polaski, Kenneth-63, 133 Polhill, Jerrery-64 Polkowski, Ceorge-64, 100, 117 Poorman, Vickie-78 Porter, Linda-78 Potter, David-64 Potter, 10hn-45 Poulas, Diane-64 Poulas, Allen-103 Powell, Charles-79 Powell, Fredrick-79 I39 I40 Pozzi, Agnes-45 Prenol, Ralph945 Price, Judith945, 111 Priola, P1111945 Prowanl. Carolee961 Pruitt, Shirley964 Pumilia, Sam964 Putz, P81131964, 101 Quackenbush, Ronald9112, 45 Radant, Diane979 Radcliffe, Carol979, 103 Radcliffe, Charlcs-61 Rnder, Judy945 Ramsctt, DenniS979 Rapp, Carol-64, 108, 110, 114 Rathke, George979 Ravencraft, Mary964 Reed, Eva979 Reed, Mary Ann964 Reed, Roberl964 Rees, Roger945 Rehan, Jeannette945 Rehan, Paula979 Rehnberg, Joann5979, 103 Reichenbach, Janice945 Reid, Marjoric945 Reilly, Michael945, 117 Reimer, Janet979, 107 Reinhold, Kurt964 Reinhold, Roger945 Remsen, Jean979, 103 Remsen, Jean964 Rcmsen, Robert945 Rexcoat, Donna979 Reynolds, Willi5979 Rhoads, Nancy945, 107 Richards, Clinton945 Richardson, Kristie964 Rietucld, Joy964, 101 Rinaidi, George979 Robbins, Jame5964 quorts, Kenneth979 Roberts, Linda979 Robertson, Gerald961 Robertson, JameS979, 102 Robertson, Kalherine945 Robertson, Linda979 Robinson, Charlotte945, 98 Roger, Meyer979 Rogers, DenniS964 Roland, Denn15964 Roland, Thomas-45 Rose, Jacki0964, 101 Rose, Michael945 Ross, Elizabelh945, 111, 112 Ross, Frank979 Ross, Judy961 Rolello, Richard979 Ruunds, Richard946 Rourke, Karen964 Rowe, Linda9-46 Ruben, Steve964, 100 Ruckerx, Virginia979, 103, 113 Rudolph, Janice946 Rudolpthudy964 Rulis, Alan964, 100, 117 Rundquist, Betty979, 114 Rusk, JameS964 Russell, Denny979 Sachs, 1712110121946, 106, 108, 111, 114 Sacrider, Eugene946 Saladino, Helma964 Salamone, Pam--79 Salamone, Priscilla946 Sally, Chery1964 Sampson, Mary979, 114 Samuelson, Genelle946, 107, 108 Samuelson, 1111946 Sandberg, Karen964 Sandbergh, Birgetta964, 105, 110 Sanders, Carolyn946, 111 Sanders, Harold946 Sanders, Michael979 Sanderson, Marilyn979, 109, 110 Sandoval, Raymond946 Sands, Lavaceam979 Sauberlich, Geraldine946 Sawtelle, Darlene946 Sawtelle, Duane979 Scalia, Charle5979, 108 Schmidt, Diane964 Schofield, Sa11y964 Schoof, Nancy946 Schrader, Linda-79, 103, 107 Schubeler, Monica946, 111, 116 Schultz, Karen946 Schultz, Robert964 Schulle, Jam85946 Schwab, Susan964 Scott, Sonja964, 101, 110 Searle, Willey964 Seehaver, Helen-46 Sefrahns, Joseph-46 Selk, Daniel946 5e11, 111155911961 Selquisx, Curtis-79 Seucrquist. Jerry-46 Setterquist, Karin979, 103, 109 cherin, 3111;111:1979 Seversnn, Gary946 chcrson, Janice979 Shaw, Torry964 Sheets, David979 Sheets, Dorccn946, 111 Sherwood, Sl1clia979, 109, 114 Shipman, Chery1964, 110 Shumway, 111111011947 Sicrcn, Marilyn947, 108, 111, 112 Sicwcnic, Janic0947, 108, 112, 113 Simmons, 11111111115947 Sims, Cecil980 Singer, Ruberl947 Singer, 1111111965 Sjostrum, Nancy980, 105, 109, 110 Sjostrum, William947, 112 Skaar, Bobby980 Skoumal, Tum980, 103 Sladek. Judy-BO, 109 Small, 5110947, 104, 106, 108, 111, 113 Smallwood, 106965 Smallwuod, Larry947 Sheltzcr, Cha1105965 Smith, Beverly-SO, 109 Smith, Carol947, 114- Smith, Carol947 Smith, Dale947 Smith, Darlene965 Smith, David965 Smith, Donna965 Smith, Karen965 Smith, Karen-BO, 103 Smith, Linda980, 114 Smith, Margarcl947 Smith, Mnrgiz980 Smith, Mike947 Smith, Priscilla980, 103 Smith, Randy980 Smith, Sandra947 Smith, Sharon947 Smith, Sharon947 Smithcc, Patricia947 Smithson, Ann947, 114 Smock, 1ames-6S Sodergren, Kristine965, 101 Sodcrstmm, Mary965 Somnson, David947 Sotos, Conway965, 101 50110111, P1111965 Spades, Richard965 Sparks, Carl947, 112 Sparks, Roy947 Spalaro, Lester947, 114 Spaulding, Marty-GS, 100 Spaulding, Sandra947, 98, 108, 111, 113 Spearing. Jack965 Spear, Kathy980 Spongbcrg, Karen948, 112 Stafford, Sandra965 Stahl, Coleen948, 111, 114 Stallions, Danny965 Stanfa, Peter965 5!. Angel, Cha1105948 51. Angel, David965 Stanton, Patricia-GS Steffa, DenniS980, 102 Steig, Jlldy-SO Stenberg, Bart948 Sterricker, Joanne965, 110, 113 Stewert, Glcu948 Slickling, Dom1a965 Slieg, Eileen980 Stinson, Karen9948 Stimson, Nan965 Stitzcl, Barbura-65, 114 Stohl, Bob980, 102 510111, Dick-65 Stohlgren, Daniel980 Stone, Mark9I1-8, 112 Stone, Paula965 Stone, Susan965, 101 Stonefield, Sam980, 102, 105 Stovcf, Slewert980 Sloffrcgren, Beny965, 114, 107, 108 Stuhlgren, Danicl980 Sumo, Mark948, 112 Stone, Paula965 Stone, Susan965, 101 Stanfield, Cindy965, 108, 110, 113 Stoncfield, San1980, 102, 105 Slonis. Judy965 Stover, Stewart980 Strickland, Je1'ilyn980 Striebinger, Ch31165980, 102, 107 Stried, Gary965 Slrommer, David948 Strommer, Mary 12111311980, 103, 107 Slrommer, Phy1115965 Strong, Velvet980 Stroke, Carol980, 114- Stuart, Wayne965, 100 Stubbe, Diane948, 108, 117 Studstrup, Kirk965 Stutsman, Dalc965 Sllllz, Michael Jean965 Sulquisl, Curt9102 Summer, Roberl965 Sunberg, Carol980 Sundberg. Judi-BO, 103, 110 Surprise, Craig980, 102 Svanoe, Richard948, 97 Swain; Becky980 Swanlund, Terry-48, 112 Swanson, Arthur966 Swanson, DenniS980, 103 Swanson, Gary9966 Swanson, Jerry948 Swanson, John948 Swanson, Nancy948 Swanson, Steve966 Swanstrom, Ronald948 chasi, 13013966 Sweeny, Gloria948 Sweeny, Maynard966 Swenson, Beverly948, 106, 111 Swenson, BonniC966, 101, 110 Swanson, Janice980, 107 Swanson, Jerry948, 96, 106 Swanson, 106948 Swenson, Kenneth980 Swanson, Marcia966, 107 Swenson, Richard966 Swenson, Robert948 Swick, PatriciA966 Swick, Stuart948 Swinbank, Mary948 Swineheart, Margie980 Swinney, Margie948, 107 Sword, Robert948 Syracuse, Maric966 Sypher, Bonnie980, 103 Szczech, Gera1d980 Tack, Paul949 Tagren, Barry966 Takakoshi, Mary-66, 114 Takakoshi, Mildred980, 101, 103, 105, 112 Taylor, Lawrence949 Telling, Ed966 Terrell. Jam05949, 114 Thaxton, Pau1949, 107 Thelen, Kathryn966, 101 Tholin, Dawn966 Thomas, Mary980 Thomas, Mike980 Thomas, P6161949 Thompkins, Tommic966 Thompson, Barbara966 Thompson, Dick966 Thompson, Gary949 Thompson, Linda966 Thompson, Sandra966 Thompson, Sandra980 Thoren, Duane949 Thornton, Betty966 Thornton, 1311111116980 Thorsguard, Janet-49 Thurman, Jame5980, 107 Tillbury, John981 Tillelt, Georg0949 Timmons, Leila949, 107, 112 Todd, Nancy949, 111, 112 Tuoley, 1111966, 101, 110 Tooley, Mike981, 102 Tuppe, Loraine-49 Torisi, Doug185981 Tropp, Dean949 Troup, Newell949, 112 Tudon, Daniel981, 101 Turner, Danny981 Turner, Jay931 Turner, Stephen949 Turner, Terry949 Turnquist, Lawrence966, 101 Ulrich, David949 Urbach, Gary949 Utter, Joanne9105, 110 Uzanis, Richard966 Vance, Kay981 Van Dae, Peler981 Van Draska, Karen949, 108, 111, 113 Van Pernis, Mary98l, 103, 110 Varland, Kriskine949 Varland, Sela De11981, 103 Vaughn, Connie981 Vaughn, Karen9108, 113 Veitch, Kathy981 Vella, Frank981 Vella, Marie949 Vella, Maric949 Vclla, Phillip949 Velmcrs, Rona1d981 Verson, Susan981 Vorsanger, Danny981, 103, 133 Vorsanger, Cary949, 133 V055, 111119950, 107 Vronch, Rogcr950, 133 Wagaman, Willian1950 Wagaman, Gcorgc-66, 107 Wagner, Dunna981, 114 Wagner, Lec-66, 101 Wahlmark, Phillip966 Wales, Allen950, 116 W'ales, Bcverly-SO, 111, 112 Wales, DollglaS966 Wales, Jim981, 102 Wallace, Helcn950 Wallin, Carl966 Wallin, Caryn950, 108 Wallis, Genrge-Bl Wallquist, Kc11110n950 Walton, Larry Wanfalt, Donald-SO Wansrom, Sl1aron966 Wantz, .1011n981, 102, 133 Wanlz, Linda-lll Ward, 81111111111966, 110 Ward, Sharon981, 110 Warden, Wanda-Bl Watson, 1381111111981 Waterlmusc, 5116118981 Watson, Layo11e966, 114 Weberg, Bill--81 Wchrlen, 11011611950 Wcigel, Ann966, 110 Weinkauf, Karen966 Weinkuuf, Judy981, 109 Weintz, Nancy966 Welin, Car01966, 101 Wellman, Jerry950 Welsby, Linda981, 110 Weller, Wayne-Bl Wenberg, Dick966, 133 Wendell, John950 Wendell, Judy966, 110, 114 Wernberg, Evangeline-SO, 111 Wersin, CharleS981, 103 Werth, Wendy950, 116 West, Darlen8966 Wesr, Gary-Bl West, Robby981 Westcotl, Kenny981 Weyburg, Eilccn966, 101, 110 Weyburg, Janct950, 111 Weyburg, RQSS950, 104 Weyller, Kay Ann967 White, Arluw967, 100 While, Lyla Kay950, 112 White, Nestor981, 102, 107 Whiteford. John950 Whitehead, K911119111, 102 Whitehead, Sharyn-SO Whitley, Martlm967 Whitman, Bcrnard-967 Whitter, Miko-VBI Wiclitazka, K121115967 Wicnikc, Cruig967, 100 Wienike, Fredricka950, 111, 116 Wiesland, Davic967 Wilcox, .1011n967 Wilinshi, Ray9102 Wilken, Ca1016950 Wilkcn, Jnann0967 Wilkins, Pal981 Wilkinson, Nancy981 Willey, Gloria967, 101, 110 Williams, Dick967 Williams, P111981 Williams, 5119-967, 101, 110 Willnms, Thuma5981, 102 Willis, Carole Jean967, 114 Wilson, Dcialre-Bl Wrilson, Malvin950 Wilson, 11011011967 W'inans, Milton-Sl Winkelhakc, 19.11982 Winquisl. Michael951 Winter, Cunnie951, 108 Winter, Nick951 Witter, Mike982 Wolf, Judy951, 114 Wongstrom, Jeanna967 Woodard, Mac11982 Woodworlh, Larry951 Worthington, Ann951, 103, 111, 116 Yetterberg, Penny951 Young, John-Sl, 98 Zagnoni, Judy967, 105 Zillhart, Stephen982 Zimmerman, Beverly-Sl Zircher, Jeff967 Ziski, Sandra-Sl, lll 9 j A ; :,,j$ QM; 7;.94; fvaxJ-wlo , 91 2,2; M wm'to MWYD? 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Dial 4-9l4l 2l2 SEVENTH STREET FRED C. OLSON JR. FRED C. OLSON LUNDSTROM-PETERSON MORTUARY 3! CO- 0 W Qualify Service WWWM ' M w 4, WM WJzi'i'y277777j; 2707277777 2577027 277M W777 w LINT TOY FAWM? Invifes You +o Sign Here I823 l6+h Ave. PLA MOR SPORTING GOODS FOR THE FAMILY 4ll 7+h S+ree+ PLA MOR Phone 43452 BILL'S TEXACO SERVICE l826 7+h S+ree+ Phone 29638 JOE'S SHOE SERVICE EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING LEATHER GOODS l06 7+h S+ree+ Phone 835l2 COREY'S THE PAUL BUNYAN SWEET SHOP BARBECUE Everyfhing for a Snack l202 BROADWAY Kilburn a+ Auburn REAL HICKORY. BARBECUED FOOD Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. HAROLD HAUSMAN MASTER'S SHOES A Shoe Store for BeH'er Qualifies a: SERVING YOU 35 YEARS :k ll4 S. Main II3 S. Wyman of A FRIEND wag 5g; 9 w A a. Hop; 70 You Amp 994m Rs 7777.3 SuMMEx? .! -1," , i '''' HOUSE 0F int 71 1w I'll! h 010'! 7191 itfy fruits LINBBFRG Complimenfs of FLYING SAUCER RESTAURANT and MOTEL 2004 ll+h 5+. US. Hwy. 5: ROCKFORD CORNER BROADWAY 8: 8th STREET VAUGHN'S D-X th 5+. a'l' I8+h Avenue "Conscien+ious Service" ALEXIS MUSIC STORE 8! SCHOOL OF MUSIC 4I8 7H1 Sf. Ph. 36332 Olds. King and Leblanc Band Ins+rumen+s Pianos. Organs. Fluies. Accordions. Gui+ars. Harmonicas. Accessories and Sheef Music. Experienced ieachers on, all insfrumenis. and voice s+uden+s may enroll af any Hme. RUDELIUS DRUGS . 402 Sevenfh S+ree+ SWEDISH AMERICAN HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING Offers +0 high school graduai'es a +hree- year accredifed course in Nursing wifh basic sciences faughi' a+ Rockford College. Class now being enrolled for Sep+ember I958. S. A. LAWSON PAINT CO. Ar+is+'s Supplies Picfures and Frames 508 EAST STATE STREET THE THIRD NATIONAL BANK RocHord's Oldesf Bank Es'rablished I854 O 40l E. STATE ST. JENSEN FLORIST 3l0 l0+h 5+. DIAL 53643 HEDLIN'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY. INC. H. L. HEDLIN. R. PH. R. L. FARLEYl R. PH. P. HEDLIN. R. PH. Expert Prescription Service Phone 3-6497 Carpef Trends by 7 THOMPSON Telephone 2-7967 24H Charles 5+. ROCKFORD. ILLINOIS SEVENTH STREET PHARMACY Dial 3-l434 A. C. SCANDROLI R. PH. 530 7+h S+ree+ Rockford. Ill. Dial 2-8877 BRAD-LYNN O ROCKCOTE ANDERSON CO. Broadway a+ 20H! St Qualify Rockco+e Pain+s . Dial 3-546I 429-7+h 5+. 5-9536 5-9537 DIXON AUTOMATIC TOOL. INC. Foun+ains School Supplies 2300 23 Avenue Telephone 5-8756 Rockford. Ill. EQUIPMENT FOR AUTOMATIC PARTS ADOLPHSON DRUG STORE THE REXALL STORE 22I3 Eas+ Sfafe S+ree+ HANDLING AND ASSEMBLY. Phone 557ll Rockford. Illinois WINNEBAGO COUNTY HEART ASS. DIXON 303 Nor+h Main $+ree+ AUTOMATIC TOOL. INC- Dial 3-438! 2300 23rd Avenue . Dial 5-8756 "Equipmen+ for Au+oma+ic Parfs. Handling and Assembly" LINCOLN CAFETERIA CHAR-MAR BOOTERY S+yles and FiHings From Tofs +0 Teens+ers 2207 Eas+ Sfafe 5+. 2273I for . . . F000? 6669 FOOD a+ . . . -, V $0 PRICES . QM? . Enloy Your Hour In LINCOLN CAFETERIA LllVC'LYV ngP.M zly H's' My Located. 1.14441?! L OWENS, INC. "Rockford's Fines+" ll2 WeS'I' Sfai'e A Comple+e Line of Smar+ Apparel for he Junior Miss. Boys and Young Men. 22".. $4M THE FOTO SHOP 4I7 Eas+ Sfa're Phone 467l5 AMERICAN BEAUTY MUSIC HOUSE 404 7+h SEVENTH STREET SWEET SHOP 9:00 A.M.-l I:00 P.M. LUNCHES 2H 7+h Ph. 34I32 ESTABLISHED I92I Phone 3-7693 ANDERSON'S PHARMACY 206 71-h S+ree+ Dial 37626 LARSON'S STANDARD SERVICE T STANDARD T Corner of IHh and Charles PLAN YOUR BOWLING PARRTIES for THE BOWL-MOR 26 Au+oma+ics Dial 2285 I '9 Kr. 9212, xi HIGHLATITDEZZ iggLLEANERs 3b 9Ea53+ +a+e 6gENT3A S TH$ Agg "ou EST GULLIN AND BOIS 2303 Charles 5+. Dial 26665 5733i ":43 MUELLER'S STUDIO "We Specialize in Photography of All Kinds" 2723 Cusi'er Rockford. Illinois PORTRAITS. WEDDINGS. COMMERCIAL NELSON TV SERVICE Aufhorized R. C. A. Dealer PROMPT HONEST EFFICIENT 2l34 Charles 5+. Dial 3-0376 "YOUR TV SET DESERVES THE BEST" HARDWARE Open 9:00-6:00 Safurday 9:00-9:00 Weekdays HIGHCREST AND ALPINE RDS. 7-3983 9 . .XM 9W ' , r 1",; r 01- r ,4 ,1 ,1 ,, ?wy v WV. ., M - f 0 '10 f x V , 33,le. V $9M; . ,-- 9 LI, V f". z L ,r M , KMJLI- a 7? ,1. r. 0 41 . M ,.N A M va GRUNG$ , I' 541' I' X LV '9 J '0 FLAZA M I J EWE LRY W 6ll Hollis+er 5+. ROCKFORD. ILLINOIS Complimen+s of BONNIE LOU'S BEAUTY SALON l236 Broadway Experi'.S+yIing and Tinfing SeHing and Permaneniing Done 2-l9l4 MRS. FISHER'S POTATO CHIPS l'003 5H1 Ave. Phone 4-9 I I4 ALWAYS FRESH-ALWAYS DELICIOUS C. V. OLSON CLOTHING 2I8-220 7H1 Since l9l0 KUPPENHEIMER NUNN-BUSH Clofhes S'hoes MALLORY INTERWOVEN Ha+s Socks VARLAND AGENCY. INC. Insurance. Mor+gage Loans. Real Esfafe Sales 730 N. Main Phone 8584! FERM DAIRY "Wanna Be Slim? Try Vifa-Skim" TRY-FERM'S MILK Qualii'y Discounfs H4ll 9H1 Sf. Phone 555ll COLONIAL DESK COMPANY I 820 6fh Ave. BEAN SHOE REPAIRS "Shoe Service Tha+ Safisfies" ROCKFORD'S BEST If We Can'+ Do H'. No One Can. 205 N. Church 4072I TRIAD W l230 Broadway$ Phone 5 . r14, ROCKFORD OFFICE 8: SUPPLY HOUSE SCHOOL SUPPLIES PARTY GOODS ll9 Sou+h Main 51'. For Fine Home Furnishings Rugs and Carpeting BLOOMQUIST FURNITURE I I2 l-3 I BROADWAY HIGHLAND FLORAL CO. Ph. 27707 7 l 8 I 8H1 S+ree+ VIC RI NGDAHL, INC. Au+omo+ive Par+s 920 2nd Ave. CARL E. LINDQUIST I I37 Broadway Down+own Nor+hend Highcres+ 3H N. Main I423 N. Main Dial 757M Dial 348l3 Dial 3349I MlD-CITY STATIONERS, INC. SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE 4: 4l5 Eas+ S+a+e S+ree+ av: Dial 3-0493 WORTHINGTON 8t LUNDE Quali+y Service COMPLIMENTS 0F GLOBE I MPERIRL Rockford. Illinois SIGN HERE 733 E. S+a+e 5+. Ph. 3-9608 6l6 Hollis+er GOLDBLATT'S Ph. 2888! RECORDS! Hl-Fl SETS! RADlO-TV! ROCKFORD Hl-Fl I I IS Auburn 51'. Wexi' +0 +he Auburn Thea+ed Dial 3-9 I 69 Dial 5-76I5 R. E. MINCEMOYER 407 Sevenih 51'. Rockford. Illinois "GOOD FURNITURE SINCE I906" LARSON'S. INC. FURNITURE 420-422-7+h Sf. CHAR-MAR Children's Boo+ery 2207 E. S+a+e St Ph. 2-273l LANTOW'S DRUG STORE "Prescripi'ion" SHURTLEFF'S ICE CREAM Also Fea+uring Complefe Line of Cosmefics MAX FACTOR AND SHULTON 507 7H1 Sfreef Dial 5-0503 ARTIC ICE CREAM 8: SANDWICH SHOP Carry Oufs lH'h a'r Sharles 51'. Ph. 2-9237 H. D. ANDERSON f CXJME 2 ng ALA g rm: V M WW 10w mi '4 5 NC, 7U fif'LL O U 1 AUL 1H UM C QON ALB CONGRATULATIONS From 40025 NAHONAL Mo 9 TEL Mr Q0 APPLIANCE AND TELEVISION H4 . WA'cross From the Clock r of National Lock" "v u r ... WW XVAXVKJTNJ .ddyU dvvmj :5 kg ; X353 92 fie jug IDA; 5w yum.

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