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L if ,,,- ,v-"J"N 3 xx HQ . ,H 'VVE 21-if ,gg ff " jr' 'XWW-,.'e'L "ia i R J I ' 'fra . - Vx 1 Mwur vw L . W ' P , . 1 1 x 1 4. 1 '. 1gi I'.m 3 i f -I .-,A ,fj',-' . ,L Q Q W i M I A4 f' J. f :IJMCSQ 3111 A i. N W1 .,1 i f 2 'uf' .-5 . . ,yi WW ' -Q.. ivanfl , . ,m1?-'AJC Q r5I,.2.- 135356-IICIEHI ,Qin -, H Y I -fzkig ' L,':vV-"ig-2514's-,152-I , A H4 - VA M. qll Z- It 2 ' 3'jf-QQQMJ ,. . - v'fif!5tf.gf- -' . 1 :Jil 1 5.24-5, ' ""'9':f'+-.fQf2i.v . ' 'N 54" aff- ,,fe'l'.qQ,-... ' .- vff'Tf.' " V. ' 'N - M 1 ,. 1 -' ',:',-4,,4- it -L Z' if VL' ,5- 'I "1 i T v l,'1' . v- -A D , .- lm , Q u, I I -1 'i M . 'il gag f M ,iz-Mg If I-341' - -Q E .I Il, N: y I ll-ji -R n E X!! 1: F I " -- ,-f.'ij 1, Q1 .,f I 1 Hy. 6 I t ' I h V""S'I? -,F-'-"K 'ffl ' L 'Eff' "liz: I 'f JJ N, "A w . ,+.' Qu. 1 . -. I . A ' .- - -ii'.": !' +51-j i' 's k Vzfff it - - I- -' 'EJ . M fyj I .1 73 - ' I- ' .3L.3j-7. .. " :I--LN + '-1+ -1 A I :V ,W J - XMI. H .ray .. ,tryna I Q 5, - -. i I .wr 1. x . .H fgrx f -' -.gg 14 . 3 .. . . me X ,As-,-1.1! LN A I V ikl .X J -1-I 1. lf 'k ' 2' ' 1' 'z EW' ' r' ' 'i ll E L':""- -- ' 'VI 951 1 'H X E1 fi? ,Pi . . . L " 1' Q, . V . -. My..g xj. -J -' K JM. ',-A . if -rgffgf-,155-,t - ' 1' -W " . i M A x my -..Z 'I 'vJJ-1,-- I: ,As- J W . ! . ,-1215: .7 Ai ,il . . . aff - 1 M fm. + W1 . .....yf. ...f . ..f-- , . -- , H f Qmewzmij? ,jp g5S2?sif?U'gJ - ,ffQP,,y i W . 'QQ1-,F!1""Elq rw + M ,iff 2-fv'-'IM 'f fill u I.,-4.4 nr- N ' b I .-'-' V f - 3-- i J ' fx. W I ,Nye X1 N I if .I ll -. N Ll! .- .E .frm i ' ' QA '!..2',',v1 W N, 1 he I f I f F.. I -'T-ff E f x E exif w ,.., . ""., ' f'..-'D 1" ' r ' f- fl , " l'1'Lf" fi I " 'nl 1 " . 3 2 "ix F ' H". Af , H ,r' f N-Hi'f,Q' 1' , Y 1 ST' fa- L ...J rv. 2: 1 'il-l I jf ' '-V "r1.l' I, -f -., -V-1:75 I , - . . 'Y ,tv " '-'I -'f-'- M7 ' P' ' fl ,I, - 'S' I' ' ' X ' ll? I L,- im L i4g+ ' U - ,V I ' .4 -, ,Q W- I ' 'A' .'v'j-2-. -I ,I .RC ...tiki 11? . , V Vbid , AU 5, .I R. w - "- J 'lf + fi ' ' . "'.J1':Ei. in 1 ,Sf - ' fi 'q' I 'I'3.,-1.91 Wi" . - I 3. ir. 1 -rm Z., -A - .VP W 'Il Z I -, Ib A -I - .1 , -. . wa -- M.: .- . -. L51-,f. -- " . IU :gg . s -4 - ,E ., mf- ff - , . " wg' H 3 Jfmjj. L w ' 35. v ill! x""'H-ti?-" ,fig If -1- '-xiii: I ,I'LI'L'fK!:I . ' - QEI- -I I-Jjj JH.. :ffl I- V l' I 1 gif: -:yung-v C:-E:J4?'Lfy 'IHA V. jam.,-, V "ILP lf: -fl 'VA-ia.'f.:.,""'A"J ' ffggi 1 X' L Sal' - mx- '-1' .Airy L ' ,4 1 ,' ..1 ' f' J' MM-if ff fW4'f lvlv I V ,J W., ' rf 01 1 U C, L- ,f 'mx 1 I x w w LQ w r , ik 3523 fl +G N, xx ,L S QA r J' I I W W N Qs w 'x Q J is 4 ,gi ig X I J KA ' Jr w X' ' QB f Q .355 ig? W Q if-5 w Sv ',, X X vx + Q X! 9 PQZWVLW 09 032527 THE LINCOLN ANNUAL 1941 A E E 'lin-' if' 3 : F i l gli!-ll A L : : zulu a a -. v.v.v.v.v.vs.v.vss.v.v.v.v.v.v.vs.v. Published by the Annual Club of Abraham Lincoln Iunior High School Rockford. Illinois Q l A ,F ..T1 Wfuwniu A THE GYMNASIUM ENTRANCE PLAYING THE GAME Thif year the whole world needy to learn the lemon of good .fp0rt.rrnan,rhip. The world needr to learn to play the game according to the rnlef, the game in which each one doe! his fair Jhare for the welfare of the whole group. IV e hoyx and girlx in .rchool like good .rp0rlmzan.rhlp and try to have it in all that we do. It if hard for mr to have the world involved in a war where much of the ideal of .rjmrt.r- rnanxhip ix dead. Became we cherlrh thi: ideal of playing the game according to the rulef, we are dedicating thix hook tn chat helief. 'x xy ', V y J . .7 'X ,J . 5 jg J . x. 3 -, . THE AUDITORIUM ENTRANCE LINCOLN IUNIOR HIGH Our .rchool wa! opened in the fall of 1927. Although newer and larger fchoolr have been built, we :till feel that ourf if the ideal of Jchool beauty. One of the feataref ofthe Jchool which alwayx attract! the vixitor if the beauty of the .reoeral entrancef to the building. The main entrance on Charley Street, with ity huge limextone colzinznf. iJ truly an inzpreuioe fight. Much Jimpler, but equally beautiful, are the other entrancex on the three ftreetx adjoining the Jchool. The two entrance! pictured in thi! book are the onef moft often med at night when the Jchool if opened for comma- nity gatheringr. 1 g, Mr. Iames W. Welsh is the new Principal of our school We dedicate this book to him as a gesture of welcome and as a symbol of our gratitude tor his interest and help Mr. Selmer H. Berg Superintendent of Rockford Schools THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: Mr. Hugh D. Tclmie, Director of Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance: Mr. Adolph H. Seiseg Mr. Carson H. Porter, Mr. Peter Perrecone: Mr. Archie Richards, Mr. William L. Enq- bergg Mr. William F. Schmelingg Mr. Tauge G. Lindquist: Mr. David l-lolfman. Seated: Mr. Charles H. Davis, Attorneyg Mr. Selmer H. Berg, Superintendent ot Schoolsy Mrs. Franl-: E. Iohnsong Mrs. Marie L. Sheehe, Secretary: Mr. Carlton K. Welsh, Presidenty Miss Vera E. Walling, Chief Clerk The administration of Et school system of the size of l:tockford's is no easy task. That our schools are managed so efficiently is because of the high caliber of our Board of Education, our Superintendent of Schools, and our Principals. The vast amount of time and labor which every member of the Board has given to the problems of the schools is evidence of his public mindedness and his in- terest in education and the welfare of the young people of Rockford. This year must have been an unusually hard one. The Board has had not only the usual problems connected with the financing of the schools, selecting the teachers, and determining the policies of instruction, but has had the additional task of building and of opening three beautiful new buildings, the East and West Sen- ior Highs and the Washington lunior High School. These buildings will long be monuments to the fine work of the present Board of Education. Mr. Selmer l-l. Berg has been our Superintendent of Schools for four years. He is admired and respected by everyone as an administrator and friend. UQ Riff-,DDQ A N www X! V NJ? Qiwxg Learning the Rules THE ADMINISTRATION L, 'Q' ,, ,Sai r Upper picture: Lucille Bom, Bookkeeper: Pearl Anderson, Clerk: Helen Gibbons, Sight-savinqg Marion Retzlaw, Clerk: Blanche Bowman, Assistant Principalg Marion Seal, Librarian: Nellie Hanstrom, Nurse l. W. Welsli, Principal Lower picture at the leit shows a class in Business Practice, at the right, a Typing class at regular their assistants are busy at some of the many duties oi their positions. The picture to the right is of a group of student helpers in the library, busy checking out books to those who wish to take them home. The offices are the center of life in our school. One enters first into the gen- eral office Where records are kept and information regarding the school and its personnel may be obtained. Next to the general office is Miss Bowman's office, where pupils seeking her aid, may secure kindly advice and help. Mr. Welsh's office is next in line. Here Mr. Welsh meets many pupils who bring their prob' lems and seek his help in planning their school careers. Near the office is lo- cated the dispensary where Miss Hanstrom is ready to render first aid to aching teeth, heads, or hearts. The library is on the third floor, above the auditorium. lt is a popular place. The sight-saving class has an especially equipped room on the ground floor. Members of this group come from all over the city to enjoy the advantages of this room and of its teacher. fBl COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Upper picture: Iohn Benson, David Baron, Maxine Smith Lower picture at the lett shows a class in Business Practice: at the right, a Typing class at regular daily practice. The Commercial Department offers two courses, elective tor eighth and ninth grades, typing and business practice. The former is open only to ninth graders, while the latter is available for both eighth and ninth grade pupils. Business Practice is planned as a preparation tor further work in commercial courses and as a good foundation of the subject for those who will be using it in their everyday liie outside ot school. Most practical subjects are found in the course. So great is the demand for the course in typing, only a per cent of those electing the course can have it. The department gives two semesters of work, sufficient to give the class members a skill in typing which they find useful in all ot their classes. Those who continue commercial work in senior high school may enter the second semester of typing after taking the course in junior high school. A typing club is organized to give those unable to enter a class an opportunity to obtain some practice and knowledge of the skill. l9l SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Upper picture: Vivian Swanson, Violet Peterson, lohn Ekeberg, Muriel Lee, Gladys Shaw, Stanley Gritzbaugh, Lucille Beutel Sally Garde, Marian Peters, Marguerite Quinn, Grace Ellis Lower picture to the left shows a class in geography working on one of the interesting maps used in the classy to the right an eighth grade class displaying maps they have made. Everyone takes three years ot Social Science in junior high school. ln the seventh grade we study the geography of South America and of Africa. This is most interesting, and most of us gain an entirely new opinion oi these con- tinents. Our study includes the consideration of natural resources, of products, oi the lives of the people, and of the governments of the various countries. The history of our own country is the study of our eighth grade. Beginning with the early explorations and discoveries we trace its progress down to our own day. We follow this study ot our history with the study of our government, national, state, and localp this is the subject matter of the ninth grade. This brings us naturally to the problem of our place in this history and government and leads us to a consideration of our proper career. We choose our career- at least the one we think now we should like to pursue-study the requirements and possibilities for success and present our findings in the form of a book. One of the most valuable and pleasant features of our social science work is our study and discussion of current events. lf1Ul MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Upper picture: Margaret Fitzgerald, Karl Hein, Chester johnson, Mary Burchiield Katharine Smith, Susan Worster, Laura Larson, Louise l-lorrall. Inset, Richard Evans Lower picture to left, the eight-three class in mathematics: to the right, an algebra class working out problems in graphs Everyone in our junior high school takes two years of mathematics. Many oi us take an additional year, choosing algebra as a ninth grade elective. The course in mathematics is a very practical one, giving us many experiences in the computations and mathematical problems of everyday lite. We develop our realization oi the beauty and orderliness oi many familiar scenes by a study of geometric design and a realization of the frequency of these designs in nature and art. During the eighth grade course, We have an introduction to the study of algebra, sufficient to enable us to decide whether we Wish to take algebra as an elective. Algebra is one oi the most popular subjects in the junior high school course. Even algebra has become "streamlined" and has "gone modern" with many problems that are interesting stories in them- selves. Thus we get a good idea of the possibility of the practical use oi algebra in the problems of everyday lite. illl l t MUSIC DEPARTMENT uv- Upper picture: Mary Anqusg Eunice Knockg Ralph Hall, Band: Emma Green, Orrrliestrag Astrid Gustafson, Supervisor of Music. lnsetsz George Iensen, Band, and Alfred Moore, Orchestra. Lower picture: A music Il class is having a good time. Music is a required study in seventh grade and an elective subject in eighth and ninth grades. In these classes the time is divided between increas- ing skill in creating music and in listening appreciatively to the music of others. During the year two very important musical productions occur. In the first semester a beautiful Christmas cantata is given on the Sunday preceding the holidays. This is produced especially for the parents and friends of the school. The operetta is the most important musical event of our school year. This year the operetta, "Words and Music", was given at two matinee and one evening performance to large and appreciative crowds. In addition to the vocal music our school offers training in both band and orchestra. There are three orchestras and three bands. During the year both the orchestra and the band gave public performances in concerts to which many parents and friends came. In addition they have appeared in enjoyable assemblies during the year. l12l ART DEPARTMENT wltr K nvtunns my , Egan ,L my 2 in Upper picture: Harriett lohnson, Myrtle lrons, Supervisor of Art: Mary Andrew, Dorothy Cocktield. Lower picture: Ari Art III class is working on individual projects, all beautiful. Art is required for all seventh grade pupils and is an elective in eighth and ninth grades. The purpose of these courses is to develop artistic talent in mem- bers of the class and to increase an appreciation of art as it enters into many phases of everyday life. Pupils learn to use many materials in a' surprising new way as well as to use some materials, such as show card paint, for the first time. The craft courses give experience in planning and making simple and useful articles of interest to boys and girls. A great deal of interest is aroused in this course as the possibilities of the different materials are discov- ered. For those especially talented and interested there are special art courses, Art l, ll, III, and IV. In these courses the members have opportunities to find expression in many different forms of art and in a variety of media. An oppor- tunity for service is enjoyed by many of the people in art classes. They draw the posters that are used to advertise the many school activities. l13l ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENTS Upper picture: Loretto Condon, Tomina Hiland, Sarah Burr, Adeline Hoegborg, Annctta Gibson, Olive Ballard, lean Geddes Josephine O'Donnell, Mary l-liclcey, Edna Olander, lvlinette Rudolph insert: Phyllis Levy. Lower picture: Left, an English class hard at workp right, a general language class exercising their tongues in French Three years of English are required in Lincoln. The course is divided be- tween composition and literature, a unit of one followed by a unit of the other. In the literature course We read widely from the works of a great many authors. Thus we become acquainted with many different types of books and learn to appreciate reading the various types of writers and writings. In composition we write letters and themes, we learn some necessary grammar, and We prac- tice talking in front of audiences by having our class listen to our attempts to give talks. In both our composition and literature units we have home read- ing assignments, thus further increasing our acquaintance with good writers. There is one elective course in the English department, the one in drama which is open to eighth and ninth graders. The language classes are elective in eighth and ninth grade. In the eighth grade General Language is offered, a course which enables the members to find out for themselves the language for which they are fitted. In ninth grade Latin and French are popular electives. f14l GENERAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT rttmrr DULD AND tt L- ' ,, tt A ..--- . T051 XII XXX lx Upper picture: Marie Sauber, Paul Nelson, Verona Prien, Paul Iohnson, LeRoy Foss, Fred Iohnson Lower picture: A general science class always has on interesting subject for discussion Two and a half years oi General Science are given in our school. We study about air, water, soil, physical changes, chemical changes, electricity, plants, animals, and lite functions. When We study Water and air, we also study the elements-almost one hundred oi them-oi which things are composed. Usually we spend the first halt ot our General Science period in discussiong the second half we spend in working on our notebooks. In seventh grade our study includes tire, ventilation, stimulants, and narcotics: in eighth, We have an in- troduction to chemistry, a study of rocks, stars, and the Weather. Our ninth grade course is an introduction to biology. During the first semester We learn to distinguish scientifically between living and non-living things, the effect of environment on living things, the methods of food getting, interdependence among living things, and man's control of living things. In the second semester We study human biology. Our course in science accomplishes two services for us: it gives us a better understanding of the world in which We live and it aids us in deciding upon the science to be studied in high school. i15l Q HOUSEHOLD ARTS DEPARTMENT Z, gffzilule tug q Upper picture: Vivian Westring, Alice Olander, Zella Evans, Nell Hall Lower picture, to the left: A Foods ll class is preparing a luncheong to the right: these Clothing fl girls are making pajamas for themselves. Household Arts is required in seventh grade and in the first semester of the eighth grade. Thereafter it is an elective subject, one which is most popular among the girls of Lincoln. The first semester of work in Lincoln is a course in sewing in which the girls make a variety of things, including aprons, towels, and caps. ln the second semester the course is one in preparing and serving simple foods. The last required course is entirely different, this one being a course in good manners, in budgeting, and in other problems related to the successful running oi a house. The first elective course is one for eighth grade in which the girls may choose either sewing or knitting. In the latter the girls make sweaters, purses, and other useful things for themselves: in the former, they make belts, embroidered jackets, and have a little knitting. In the ninth grade there are two elective courses offered, Foods I and II and Clothing I and ll. Here the girls are able to produce work of a grownup standard. These are very popular courses. f15l INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Upper picture: Roy Fowler, Nathan Clow, Ernest l-lintz, Oliver Schade, Claude Middleton, Irvin Carney - Lower picture, at left: Power hack saw operated by boys in machine shopg at right, eighth grade boys in mechanical drawing class. The industrial arts courses are required of boys during their first three semesters in junior high school. Courses are offered in machine shop, mechani- cal drawing, printing, home mechanics, woodwork, and automotive shop. These courses are planned with several purposes in view. Since during his three years in iunior high a boy may become acquainted with six different types of shop, he can decide which one he wishes to pursue in senior high school: he learns whether or not he has the mechanical ability to permit his pursuing one of the trades for his life's work: he gains in his appreciation of the mechanical age in which we are living, and he receives training which will afford him much pleasure when put to use during his leisure time. lt is no wonder that the courses are popular. Many boys choose shop courses as an elective in their eighth and ninth years of school. Although these courses are only one semester in length, they provide practical training which the boys are ready to put into service on numerous occasions. l17l PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Upper picture: Clarence Polaski, Florence Brouse, Harold Gordon, Wilma Tracy Lower picture at left shows a girls' gym class with an exciting game of volleyball in progress: the right hand picture shows a class in boys' gym practicing some gymnastic exercises. The gymnasium is the most popular place in the school for many of the boys and girls. The program is most varied with games in season, with drill work, and with swimming. During the fall, football, with its school variant, pass- ball, is in favor. Gym classes are held out of doors whenever the weather per- mits, and usually four fields are in use at the same time. During the winter, when the Weather forces theml inside, the classes are enjoying basketball and volleyball. As soon as the first mild days come in the spring, the classes are out of doors, limbering up their pitching arms ready for the baseball season. The girls are equally enthusiastic about sports, with baseball, basketball, volley- ball, and kick-ball as their favorites. Swimming is offered to the eighth grade classes and much enthusiasm is developed as a result. After school classes are held in both swimming and games: these are always full classes both of people who take this chance of making up work they have missed and of those who come because they enjoy the sports. Winners of after school tournaments are shown in the athletic section. llftl THESE PEOPLE MAKE OUR LIFE PLEASANTER Upper picture: Mrs. Schrnauss, Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Madsen, Miss A. Peterson, Mrs. Sanders, Miss E. Peterson Lower picture: Mr. Everett Denny, Mr. Helge Carlson, Mr. William Allen, Mr. Oscar Iohnson, Mr. Clarence Carlson Mrs. Cooper lolinson, Mr. Morris Greenfield, Mr. Gust lolinson, Mr. Sidney Spencer, Mr. Henry Pearson ' We at Lincoln enjoy our lunches: this is shown by the great number oi hot dogs and hamburgers we eat every day, to say nothing of the potatoes and gravy. The daily ten and twelve cent specials are Very popular with us, as We can get a good, hearty lunch for little money. The six women in the upper picture cook the food and have charge oi the serving. Student workers serve the food, clear the tables, and wash the dishes. Lunch is served in four shifts between eleven-forty and one o'clock. The people in the lower picture are the custodians and ianitors of our building. Lincoln was opened in the fall oi nineteen twenty-seven. Since that time many classes have come and gone, each proud of the beauty of our building. That it has been kept in the excel- lent condition it is in is the result of the work of these people who keep a watch- ful eye over it. But that is not all that they do, they open our locks when we have forgotten our keys or the combination: they carry our lost possessions to the office: they are in all Ways our friends. ll9l GLIMPSES OF SOME CLASS ROOMS These boys in wood- shop look as if they were experts in the hcmdlinq of the tools. In auto shop the boys ccm put CI ccxr to- gether- -at least they can tour one opczrt. What useful boys around the home these boys from home mechanics will bel Perhaps these boys in print-shop will some dcxy be settinq type for the ANNUAL. Q K Am I, I 5. .6 fb 'fa 4: f 473 W 43511 X e WK, GQOCJ Team Mates IN MEMORIAM MISS ESTELLA NOLLER October 20. 1940 A loyal friend and fine teacher 4 . ' EMILY IACOBSON Iuly 10, 1940 A lovely girl and an earnest student of 9A-2 E223 91-X-1 FIRST SEMESTER Harris Anderson, Miriam Anderson, Donald Arnquist, Iohn Beckman Marilyn Bowman, Barbara Burkholder, Betty Carlson, Fay Carlson Harriett Carlson, Nancy Carlson, Ralph Carl- son, Don Cederstrorn Delores Dahlstrom, lane Hubbell, Dick Iohn- son, Eloise Iohnson Phyllis Iohnson, Donald Larson, PGQCJY Mc- Call, Kenneth Monqe Vincent Monti, Marjorie Nelson, Lyle New- man, Stewart Olson Dawn Peterson, Wayne Ring, Phyllis Rogers, Warren Rosenqren loy Rosenquist, Kathryn Ruiz, Carl Schacht, Marilyn Stark Phillip Swanberq, Iames Voss, Lowell Wallin Donna Lee Wass, June Wormwood 9A-2 FIRST SEMESTER Marion Anderson, Frederick Arnold, Mauritz Blornqren, Bob Borden Dorothy Dennick, Iune Faulkner, Betty Goodin Harry Gustafson, Richard Hughes, Geraldine lohnson, Russell Iohnson Garnett Larson, Robert Lennon, Daniel Lind Dorene Lindeman, Ronald Lindsay, Roger Lindstrorn Harold Lutzow, Lorraine Magnuson, Betty Nelson Shirley Nelson, LaVerne Nilsson, Richard Oppeqard Basil Orris, Richard Ray, Iohn Ritchie Alice Schellschmidt, Naomi St, Clair Eva Stevens, Arlene Sundquist Absent: Ioda Salisbury, Delores Stanbury 9A-3 FIRST SEMESTER Roy Ahlquist, Andre Allen, Darlene Ander- son, Gloria Anderson Kenneth Anderson, Mildred Anderson, Allan Anglemire, Merlon Baker Ruby Berglund, Gloria Carbery, Bonnie Carl- son, Marion Carlson Marjorie Carter, Ream Clapper, Richard Clauson, Donald Comstock Kenneth Cunningham, Shirley Fagerstrom, Reese Girton, Lee Graff Edward Gustafson, Delores Hodge, Eugene Holmberg, Gloria Iohnson Bernice Larson, Iohn Maffioli, Richard Malm- gren, lean Malstrom Gilbert Okeson, Delores Peters, Richard Rowe, Wilma Rydborn Charlotte Seele, Warren Silver Robert Swenson, Ehlert Wallin 9A-4 FIRST SEMESTER Anthony Aden, Ruth Ahlqren, Vernie Berq- strom, Constance Carlson Irene Forland, 'Richard Hade, Dorothy Hal- borq, Hilda Hall Dorene Harrison, Betty lane Hill, Dorothy len- ninqs, Alvin Johnson Bertil Iohnson, Kenneth Iohnson, Leo Iohnson, Lloyd Iohnson Lorraine Iohnson, Frances Larson, Barbara Lindgren, Elizabeth Lindquist Clannie Meadows, Violet Naretta, LaVerne Nelson Elmer Nyqren, Claryne Patton, Marjorie Ritchie Robert Ryden, Burton Shields, Billy Smeltzer Leroy Soderberq, Shirley Squier Frank Tanqorra, Phyllis Younqberq 9A-5 FIRST SEMESTER Mary Barrett, Eva Berqquist, Lorraine Berq- quist, Sue Cannella Louis Cotti, Barbara Dickos, Billy Drake, Ioan Early Dorothy Fricke, Carol Hanson, Marilyn Har- olclson, Ann lndelicato Earl Iohnson, Emil Iohnson, Tyyne Kiikka Richard Lindquist, Chester Makosh, Robert Mortensen Ida Paris, Walter Peterson, Iimrnie Richardson Dale Riqqle, Plato Robeson, Ioe Russo Shirley Sadewater, Charles Siracusa, Robert Thoren V Geraldine Van Buskirk, Betty Wiley Harold Wilson, Lillian Wolfe 9A-1 lack Adams, Lennart Anderson, Leroy An- derson, Carl Appelquist Charles Benhoff, Arlene Blernquist, Norma Bloom, Shirley Bottenberq Betty Broskey, Lorraine Carlson, Lois Carr, Dorothy Collier Margaret Conover, Raymond Curtis, Ianet Ekstrorn, lane Ekwall Marilyn Erickson, Evans Erikson, William Forsythe, Frances Grzelak Iarnes Hamilton, Iean Hancock, Shirley Ho- dapp, Vernus Hoff Betty LaRae Iohnson, Eugene Iohnson, Le- land Iohnson, Llewellyn Iohnson Violet Iohnson, Floyd Karp, Marion Lantz, Iuanita Linden Robert Lindstedt, LaVeme Nordenberq, Ne- rino Petro, Henry Sadewater Dorothy Ann Walton, Bob Wilkins 9A-2 lune Anderson, La Verne Ax, Mildred Ben- nett, Ruth Bruvold Leonard Carlson, Lucille Carlson, Richard Carlson, Wesley Champion lack Cook, Barbara lane Dale, Bill Fissinqer, Constance Forsberg Mary Io Godinq, Ruth Grahn, Betty Green- berg, Lillian Griffith Russell Haqelin, Coleman Hall, Evelyn lohn- son, Kathleen Iohnson Laurita Iohnson, Charlotte Karlson, Glenn Klebert, Dan Knudson Patsy Lynn, Bonnie Lyons, Mary Maxwell, Dorothy Myrland Robert Nelson, Bob Olson, Lillian Olson, Richard Runberq Willard Schulstrom, Albert Sedeen, Willis Setterstrorn, Eldred Stalker Donald Stokleyj Donald Swenson, Gene Woodworth 1 9A-3 Iune Anderson, Luella Anderson, Shirley An- derson, Alan Bergquist Gordon Boeke, Shirley Burg, Harriet Clark, Eleanor Eklund Franklyn Fay, Kenneth Fuller, Kenneth Gar- mager, Calvin Gustafson Dick Hanson, Ben Harding, Clemens Hoof, Carol lackson Donald Iohnson, Robert Johnson, Betty Kleindl, Donald Knell Audrey Kuernmel, Donna Lee Larson, Lorin Larson, Shirley Larson Billy Lodin, Bob Loy, Charles McConnell, Chester Mackiewicz Mary Maholovich, Irene Millard, Lucille Mitchell, Phyllis Mooney Ruby Nelson, Patty O'Brien, Dorothy Swan- son, Eugene Swanson Virginia Swanson, Elva Thunberg, Barbara Wolfe, Norma Young 9A-4 Shirley Aaby, Marilyn Abraham, Donald An- derson, Bob Anderson Wendell Anderson, lohn Benqtson, Mavis Berg, Marvin Berqman Iames Bolton, Marcia Brunk, Eleanor Camp- bell,'Betty Carlsen Gladys Carlson, Gordon Carlson, Iohn Foley, lack Freeberq Iohn Gartman, Dick Hanson, LaVon Hoffman, Ralph Iohanson Howard Iohnson, Romaine Iohnson, Thomas Iohnson, Billy Kasper Beatrice Krause, Virginia Lawson, Pauline Lindstrom, Florence Meyer Lois Mitchell, Helen Nichols, Pearl Northsea, lack O'Donnell Alberta Ostrom, Betty Peel, Ardis Peterson, Robert Peterson Carl Bee, JoAnn Beuland, Arthur Sandtne, Lorraine Sandy 9A-5 Arnold Bail, Betty Bush, Edna Carlyle, Arthur Dodge Adelaide Drewelow, Eleanor Drozynski, Rose Marie Erickson, Arlene Faust Virgil Gilloey, Marjorie Grindle, Vernice Gus- tafson, Doris Hagstrom Henry Hallberg, Howard Hirsh, Leroy Holt, Betty Hultgren Iuntor Iensen, Betty Lou Iohnson, Delores lohnson, Muriel Iohnson Donald Larson, Virginia Lewandowski, Bill Lindberg, Edna Lundahl Carl Lundvall, Beverly Miller, Ronald Mur- phy, Lester Nelson Herbert Ohlander, Margaret Olander, Ioanne Peterson, Maxine Plager Iohn Pritz, Iohn Rolander, Iames Shaw, Paul Simon Kathleen Tucker, Arlene Wenstrom, Don Youngberg SA-6 Virginia Ackerman, Catherine Ambrose, Bette Balestri, Eugene Blair Bertil Carlson, Betty De Frates, Helen Erick- son, Rose Ann Frohs Boland Gustafson, Anna Hakes, Sandy Hall, Clarence Harker Audrey Harrison, Darwin Hester, Eric Holm- blad, Robert Horstman Bill Iarnes, Margaret Iohanson, Emmaleen johnson, Harry Iohnson Marvin Iohnson, Ramon lohnson, Ruby Iohn- son, Stanley Kjederquist Marilyn Knott, Ianet Kolterman, Don Lindaas, Iune Lund Ted McMannis, George Marvin, Adolph Midtskog, Margaret Nyren Shirley Olson, Elizabeth Ringstrand, Doris Sager, Dorothy Scholten Culver Smith, Barbara Williams 9A-7 Marlys Anderson, Betty Baker, loe Benedetto, Sonia Bergquist I Doris Burch, Richard Carey, Don Carter, Lila Casey Martin Dolan, Marguerite Donovan, Alva Freeberg, Nancy Gustafson Iuliette Hillary, lOhn Hoge, Doris Holmes, Harriett Hunter Beatrice Iohnson, Charlotte Iohnson, Danny Kussy, Richard Larson Carroll Lindberg, Ann Lukasiewicz, Leslie Lundberg, Harriett Martin Edna Moorman, Ralph Nelson, George Palm, Ioe Paris Frank Pettersen, Billy Radeclcy, Dario Reali, Bill Ripley Lester Salberg, Shirley Smith, Lorraine Trank, Marni Lee Wallin Marjorie Wood 91-1-8 Peqqy Baxter, Harry Benson, Phelma Benton, Katherine Bladstrorn William Bonzi, Allen Ellison, Ralph Ellison, Patsy Hathaway Carol Heidenrich, Audrey Iacobson, Earl Iohnson, Mary Lou Iohnson ' Raymond Kauffman, Lois Larson, Iack Man- ning, Edward Marshall Mary Maye, Marlyn Miller, Solveiq Chrlin, Marilyn Olson Boy Olson, Etha Ostrom, Carol Peterson, George Plache Iohn Bosander, Iune Sauer, Russell Schlee, George Schlupp Frances Seymour, Gloria Sutherland, Lor- raine Swanson Ralph Thornlund, Dean Tollefsrud Shirley Wood, Dave Younqberq Absent: Milton Cope 9A-9 Romana Alex, Robert Allen, Darlene Ander- son, Wesley Anderson Leona Balahoski, Russell Brown, Donald Ebarp, Clifford Hirth Berneda Iamison, Dave Iohnson, Elaine Iohn' son, Ivan Iohnson Eileen Kundo, Florence Larson, Louise Maih- ieu, Rosie Mathieu Carl Pearson, Beverly Pollock, Marvin Rosen- quist, Barbara Smith Herbert Streed, Margie Swanson, Ieanette Tharp, Madeline Thomas Iune Veitenhans, Pat Vella, Howard Wallen, Iohn Walton Donald Weir, Esther Wheelock, Marvin Wi- derqren Leslie Wilkins, Leland Wince Arlene Woodman, Richard Zippieri 9A-10 Rosemary Ahles, Theodore Bacilek, ldella Backman, Alice Ballard Lyle Beard, Evans Berqlund, Edward Blascoe, LaVerne Bodin Eugene Buchte, Clifford Byrnaster, Elaine Carlson, William Carlson Violet Mae Carter, Ieonne Cook, Ralph Cramer, Nina Dailey Anna Davis, Shirley Downs, Doris Ellison, Guy Erb Russell Franzen, Lorraine Freseman, Harry Funk, Bill Garavalia Chester Goral, Theodore Grenberg, Doris Gustafson, Carolyn Iohnson Ruth Iohnson, Lisbeth Lindquist, Iack Linge- felter, Donald McKenna Hollis Meyer, William Pell, Virginia Peterson, Marshall Seger Dennis Waqoner, Ioyce Wheatcroft, DeMer- ice Widell 'A- "C" i 3. 95- fi 1 9A-11 Barbara Baxter, Ruth Bolin, Gene Boyd, Mu- riel Brees Charlette Dalton, Helen DoBeck, Ie-anne Drake, Marian Giarnbeluca Hugh Glover, Constance Gustafson, Lorraine Hendel, Everett Iohnson Kenneth Iohnson, Marian Iohnson, Richard Iohnson, Robert Iohnson Theodore Iohnson, Hazel Iones, Kenneth Kelch, Richard Kollberq Tommy Krukonis, Earl Larson, Frank Lukitis, Agnes Mattioli William Meylor, Frank Montaq, Norma Nel- son, Iune Nielsen Roy Nimocks, Frank Paluzzi, Herbert Peter- son, Frederick Pierce Bernice Quist, Norma Rader, Richard Roos, Ioanna Simon Lawrence Stephens, Betty Stromdahl 9A-12 Dorthy Bartelt, Phyllis Berry, Dwight Diehl, Chester Dmochowslci Lloyd Funk, Mary Gregg, Carolyn Iohnson, William Kiesling Darlene Kolb, Eugene Larson, Mary Pickett, Barbara Poole Barney Powilaites, Lilly Rahm, Louie Ratze, Edward Rebelak William Reed, Glenn Rosenke, Eugene Schroeder, Robert Strorndahl Clifford Swanborg, Robert Swenson, Aldona Tarabilda, Richard Theden William Tolodxi, Wayne Ulrich, Ruth Vitell, Henry Vola Gloria Walstrorn, Iune Walter, Betty Warren, Betty Wengert Arlene Whale, Marjorie Wickstrand, Alyce Wollan Charles Yornantas, Richard Young FD U Bros gli fufzrlpb 3.6L ' .2 Q 9B-1 Mariyn Ackerson, Louise Ahlquist, David Anderson, Elsie Anderson, Roland Anderson, Vesta Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Ralph Bakken, Wayne Bildahl. Betty Blornquist, Leora Buzzell, Bill Carlson, Iohn Cheline, Marjorie Cleven, William Cochran, Edwin Elliott, lohn Erickson, Emory Faqerstrom Roger Floody, Gerald Geraldson, lack Glasner, Shirley Grant, Dick l-lallquist, Herman lohnsen, Eldon Iohnson, Phyllis lohnson, Harriet Loy. Shirley Lundqren, Beverly Marshall, Dick Olson. Earl Palmqren, Bruce Simmons, Gene Skoqlund Adah Sorenson Dorothy Stevenson, Harriet Weinstein Carolyn West. 9B-2 Frances Cacciapaqlio, Marion Ceclerstrom, Kathryn Hallberq, Shirley Hawkin- son, Stanton I-lolmberq, Beverly Iohnson, lulanne lohnson, Marilyn lohnson, Carol Larson, Iune Larson. Hyman Lieblinq, Royal Liqhtcap, Iolin Milburn, lohn Miller, Robert Mitchell, luanita Nehrinq, Carl Nelson, Marjorie Nelson, Ronald Nelson, Violet Nelson. Margaret Nystrom, Leona Olilendorf, Roland Peterson, Clinton Prentice, Dick Sharp, lack Skorburq, Donald Smith, William Soderna, Wayne Stark, Edna Statkey. William Sterud, Gerald Strong, Morris Teachout, Evelyn Undzen, Priscilla Wallin, Dick Wilson, Fred Zilzke. "' vu- is B Margaret Ahlgren, Betty Anderson, Milton Anderson Arlene Bladstrom Ralp Burkhardt Thomas Campanella Patricia Carlson Jaroldean Flood George Franzen Lois Fry, Kenneth Grundstrom Ina Gustafson Marvin Hildebrand Henry Hoge Richard Holnnn Stanley Hoover Kenneth Janke Bertil Johnson Harry Johnson, lline Johnson, John Johnson, Marilyn Johnson Naomi Johnson Phillip Johnson Shirley Johnson Robert Kmdstrom Virginia Lagerstrom Margaret Larson, Robert Lindvall, Geraldine Moberg Grover Nelson, Dick Petro Dons Reinhold John Ring, Barbara Thompson Glen Trugillo Bobby White Absent: Eli Burick B. Florence Anderson, Beverly Carlson, Marilyn Dahlgren, Walter Davis, Dorothy Ellis, Vern Hunter, Glen Johnson, June Johnson, Marie Johnson, Roy Johnson Ted Johnson, Walter Kall, Patricia Keppie, Arline Larson, Bob Larson, John McCall, Nancy McGaW, Eleanor Marble, Betty Miller, John Nelson Richard Pauls, Emil Pedersen, Paul Penticoft, Don Peterson, Harry Peterson, Vernon Peterson, Mary Rankin, Patricia Rew, William Sahlstrom, Doris Soderstrom Ralph Sondell, John Stark, Robert Stierman, Dick Stromquist, Emma Sulak, Ray- mond Swanson, Marvin Wahlstrom, Carolyn Westberg, Bill Widell, Wilbur Yeager -air 8-1 Delores Anderson, Fred Anderson, Muriel Anderson, lack Bjork, Ray Brown, Ianet Carsen, Charlotte Clark, Norma Cleven, Iune Collins LeRoy Davidson, Donald Dewey, Gloria Edson, Marilyn Ericson, Phyllis Floody, Ralph Forland, Bob Gaffney, Iames I-lolmin, Mary Holmquist Billy F. Iohnson, Billy H. Iohnson, Roy Iohnson, Frank Lantz, Richard Lausen, Charles Lindgren, Mae Lindgren, Gale Miller, Corinne Mosher lack Mottier, lohn Nicholson, Constance Olson William Pett, Gloria Riverdahl, Doris Samuelson Sally Smith, Shirley Sommer, Darlene Stieg Gerald Strand, lack Swanson, Lloyd Ward james Wessman, Shirley West 8-2 Lorraine Adamson, lack Anderson, Rosemary Anderson, William Asprooth, lean Baker, Roger Bills, Paul Bruvold, Clarice Carlson, Gilbert Carr, Irene Claeson Robert Davis, lack Eldridge, Elizabeth Ericson, Daniel Finkel, Robert Fox, Robert Friend, Beverly Hughes, Marcia Iennings, Bertil Iohnson, Gordon Iohnson Kathleen Ke-llner, Robert Kindstrom, Leif Larson, Sylvia Lewis, Mildred Lindquist, Richard Meyers, Ellen Mulford, Gertrude Nordenberg, Mary Palmer, Iune Pansar Ioan Peterson, Merruth Potgieter, leanette Sawyer, Marilyn Schacht, Iohn Skoq- lund, Mary Katherine Smith, Shirley Tarte, Carol Tavenner 'ff miami' "HS da xp' Q- any ,. 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Johnson, Lois Kronlokken Alice Liebovich, Joyce Lindberg, Linnea Lord, Elaine Lutzholf, Wanda Nelson, Marlin Olson, Richard Peterson, Lorraine Pleske, Rodney Rewerts, Marilyn Sandberg Dick Scholten, Verna Severin, William Swanson, Donna Rae Swenson, Doris Strote, Dorothy Strote, Eugene Wallin, Keith Walsh, Ronald Wemple Phyllis Adolphson, Dolores Anderson, Elaine Anderson, Shirle Anderson Norma Y 1 lean Bailey, Donnie Bankson, Marilyn Becknell, Denny Bosell, Richard Burgert Lewis Conley, George Crawford, Sylvia Elcstrorn, Frank Enqlin, Ella Fissinqer, Shirley Flood, Max Green, Donald Hacker, Marilyn Harnquist Alberta lsoz, Fletcher Iohnson, Richard Iohnson, Roberta Johnson, Wayne lohn- son, Robert Kline, Harry Korsberq, Ronald Laynq, Mary Alice Lind Elizabeth Lyons, Billy Mallette, Eileen Mattingly Iames McConaughey, Malcolm McNamara, Iewel Pierson Carolyn Scanclroli, Ruth Schumaker, Marion Spostrorn Iohn Skelbred, Robert Spon, Billy Walton Martha Wolfe Pauline Adams, Allan Anderson, lean Anderson, Norris Anderson, Roselyn Axelson, Allen Baumgardner, Alan Bourkland, Iune Borg, Georgian Dahl- quist, Phyllis Drotts Rodger Fitzpatrick, Helen Goble, Marshall Goble, Kenneth Griepentroq, Robert Hakes, Edward James, Beverly Iohnson, Dorothy Iohnson, lean lohnson, Willard Iohnson Donna Lee Iupin, Richard Kamensky, Paula Karr, Arline Lewis, Marilyn Little, Orville Mahle, Tommy Meagher, Robert Messinqer, Marcia Mott, Elaine Nelson Herbert Nelson, Robert Nelson, Richard Nyquist, Virginia Olson, lack Pearson, Billy Peck, Ioanne Polyanski, Carl Sadewater, Barbara VanDeventer, Patricia Underhill iii 'L1 l' ' "' lTQ n 'iii' Y' 6 , .315 'Z :V 5' el ,g fl Y' ' ' . 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"2 1 I-ai' 6 , Y-,L Willa lean Anderson, Armour Beckstrand, Iohn Bloom, Raymond Blozis, Ioyce Carlson, Wanda Cornmesser, Dean Dannenberq, Shirley Davis, Donna Lee Eklund Dorothy lenninqs, Donald lohnson, Dorothy lohnson, Elsie Iohnson, Marilyn lohnson, Martin Johnson, Betty Larson, Marilene Lindsay, Frank Macchi Patsy Miller, Phyllis Mitchell, Cora Lee Nelson, Iunior Nordstrom, Betty lane Ostrom, Donald Partch, Ellen Pearson, Ronald Price, Lee Rucker Henry Scandroli, Constance Schrneltzer, LeRoy Schwenqels Richard Stank, Richard Stone, Betty lean Stroberq Erwin Strommer, Richard Swenson, Wallace 'Tobinson Maynard Wibom, Donald Wilmer larnes Yetterberq 8-10 Marian Alf, Delano Anderson, DorothyBorchmann, Roy Bowers, William Burke, Louise Cerutti, Raymond Donovan, Arlene Drewelow, Doris Erickson, Louis Fiori loyce Fisher, Leonard Flood, Billy Hermanson, Howard lacobson, Donald lohn- son, Loren Linder, Clifton Lindoas, Ioanne Lindroth, Richard Lone, Adeline Magnuson Harold Nelson, Donald Ohman, Grover Peterson, Marion Peterson, Charlene Reynolds, Marjorie Rudolph, Lawrence Saaf, Robert Schmitt, Raymond Schultz, Eleanor Semiche Alice Siedschlaq, Ioan Sjostrom, Roger Swanson, Stanley Valaisis, leanne Valerius, Geraldine Vincent, -Roberta Watson, Delores Williams, Wayne Williamson ,I 1 Eg ! 5' I- Q 1-M1Kl1 H ... -. I5 50" 'T' 8-11 Marcella Alonzo, Iune Anderson, Pearl Anderson, George Baker, Don Baum- qardt, Robert Bell, Stanley Bliznik, Gladys Brodersen, Marjorie Brunne- meyer lune Bryan, Folke Clauson, Louise Denny, Delores DeWert, losephirle DiTullio, Louise Dolan, George Ekedahl, Lillian Evans, Gloria Farr Marilyn Farrey, loe Gambino, Kenneth Greenberg, Euqene I-lamillfvi, Astrid Holrnblad, Barbara Iohnson, Belly Kitlle, Dawn Klinq, Dorothy Knell Eddie Kozlowski, Dick Lawson, Patricia Madigan Iean Malmberq, Harry Marzorati, Kenneth Meyer Betty Nihan, Gerald Pearson, Robert Schuld Virginia Sjoblom, Barbara Stine, Shirley Storrs Earl Warner 8-12 Doris Arvidson, lames Berg. Arthur Boqren, Ingrid Carlson, Carl Choppi, Mary Arm Cornwell, Walter Cunningham, Betty Davis, Robert Davis, Ioyce Eddy Gloria Edlund, Donald Ellis, Grace Finch, Margaret Fioronllno, Ioyce Frye, Donald Gunderson, Lama Hester, Iames Hiqby, Donna lean Iacobs, Russell Iacolv- son Arnold Iensen, Gladys Iohnson, Roxie lohnson, l-larriette lones, Mary Iordan, Maxine Kallenbach, Patricia Keys, Colleen Lathrop, Roger Lindblade, Digby Lindquist Dean Miller, Norma Mitchell, Allen Moline, lack Pihl, Frank Siracusa, Robert Skaar, Marion Soderberq, Katherine Two 8-13 Doris Anderson, Robert Bloomquist, Maxine Bouma, Louis Cagnoni, Lorraine Clauson, Carl Cook, Ieanette Domier, Howard Dunn, Iohn Fazio. ' Donald Ferguson, lean Gillis, Vincent Gucciardo, Martha Gustafson, Iohn Hallen, Grace Holmes, lack Holmes, Eileen Hull, Keith Hull. Carol Iohnson, Norman Iohnson, Virginia Iohnson, Virginia Lewis, Ruth Ellen Lindquist, Franklin Mace, Iohn Magnuson, Betty Mitchell, Carl Nagel Russell Nimocks, Mary Peters, Alfred Peterson Charles Prezioso, Egan Rank, Roger Salen Ioyce Sawtelle, Gilbert Spoden, Genevieve Taunis Douglas Thulander Ralph Wallen 8-14 Astrid Aliors, lack Arndt, Florence Brenner, Alice Davenport, Adora Del'Grano, lohn DiMarco, Helen Filipowich, Mickey Filipowich, Marilyn Fry, Charles Gallagher Iimrny Gallagher, Marjorie Hornbeck, Delbert Hudson, Leonard Istad, Lloyd Iohnson, Ralph lohnson, Rosemary Iohnson, Robert Langan, Betty Leander, Gunhild Lundberg Iuanita Miller, Raymond Moore, Donald Nelson, Marjorie Norsen, Donald Olson, Dorothy Olson, Marlys Olson, Orlando Pattison, Gerald Peavy, Virginia Pohl Pearl Reinhold, Teddy Richardson, Norma Routon, Roger Runberg, Delores Schlupp, Virginia Sundberg, Doris Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Frank Wagner I as Q' " i .1 -3 E i K--- ffF'N f'!r Q .. -. - .- ei -0 i. cs by r'.,omfQg I fa, if 'U V i H05 if ad ' fm., ,. 2' 4 PM ui df SE jf' Al .LESLIE if-f in 7-3 Doris Anderson, Alice Carlson, Evelyn Carlson, Edward Conrads, Bennie Davis, Ethel Dons, David Ekebom, Charles Ekedahl, Elaine Finn lean Flink, Donald Flood, Bob Fritz, loan Goodmiller, Sammy Guerrera, Barbara Hahn, Iohn Halborq, Roqer Hansen, Barbara Herron Barbara Huffman, Marcus Iohnson, Carl Iones, lack Kennedy, Kenneth Key, Maynard Klinq, Dorothy LeMe.nse, David Lesher, Bob Lindquist lean Lundberg, Ronald Malmberq, Darwin Martinson Marjorie Olson, Catherine Pritz, Shirley Schryver Armer Severin, Charles Smith, Mark Sommer Louise Swanson, Donald Wilson, Marilyn Wisocki Doris Wolfe 7-4 Dick Anderson, Dixie Lou Anderson, Lois Lee Ams, Shirley Aten, Marjorie Barton, Burdette Becker, David Christiansen, Charles Conover, Bruce Duna- Way, Shirley Ellis Mary Lou Enqlund, Ioan Fredrickson, Betty lane Gunderson, Reuberta Gustavi- son, Iohn I-lansinq, David Hopp, Darwin Iohnson, Robert Iohnson, Wayne lohnson, Frank Kleschen Alfred Knudsen, Joyce Lewis, Richard Lidman, LaVone Lundin, Dudley Lyon, Patricia McLain, Ieanette Marlowe, Raymond Miller, Billy Olson, Mary Lou Olson Velores Olson, Betty Owens, Marilyn Ozier, Richard Rolf, Kenneth Sandahl, Richard Sautel, Josephine Scianna, Polly Anna Stolberg, Shirley Wallin "Q:- .vt vu. F' Hn. .Hs ..., ,U 51. . tm md lE1iJ'XLu I 7-7 Audrey Albrechtsen, Richard Baer, Wayne Berg, Doloris Carlson, layne Carlson, Ioan Carlson, Roger Carlson, Ronald Carlson, Robert Cliff Lois Dahlquist, William Erickson, lames Erwin, Barbara Gritzbaugh, Shirley Hagherq, Chester Hanson, Boyd Iohnson, Gene Iohnson, Sherwin lohnson Claudine LaPointe, Richard Lindeman, Suzanne Lundgren, William Marander, Barbara McGraw, Doris Miller, Verna Miller, loanne Minshall, Roger Mohns Morris Nelson, Donald Nordell Madelyn Olson, Ralph Peterson Violet Peterson, Patricia Plantz loan Pottinger, Kenneth Stieg Wayne Wallin, Margaret Warren 7-8 Shirley Ahlstrand, Bertil Anderson, Lorraine Anderson, Ruth Amdt, Roland Bergman, Robert Bergstrom, Harold Bledsoe, Donald Bloom, Bernardine Brickey, Betty Burt Arlene Carlsen, Marilyn Carlson, Dick Early, Robert Elwell, Beverly Engstrom, Lowell Ericsson, LeRoy Flood, Dorothy Frank, Marion Gahl, loan Hamish Howard lohnson, Richard Iohnson, Robert lohnson, Marilyn Lundgren, Roger Magers, Marilyn Maguire, Carol Messner, Arthur Pearson, Lois Pearson, Richard Peterson Sally Puffer, William Rolander, Roger Sherman, lune Soclerstrom, Lorraine Swick, Violet Wahlberg me Muuws? -A-A NI CM N.. 1' 15 fine:-?2s 2 3 Carol Anderson Iames Bonde Donald Book Eric Carlson llarolcl Cloyd Verona Cook Leona Dahlberq Helen Dickey Charles Doelletield Betty Fay Ianlce Perm Tony Fiorenza Deloris Frye Harold Gifford Harold Guffith Robert Hell Martha Holmes Iune Hopkins Barbara Hyde Margaret Iacobson Betty Lou Iohnson 'lommy lolmson lark Korsloerq Barbara Lal:'onta1ne Iennie Mastranqelt Robert Malcomson Darlene Murphy Knute Nelson Virginia Nye Donald Nyman Darrell Pearson, Shirley Peterson Marjorie Sandberg, Holger Strom Robert Thornlund Floyd Anderson, Phyllis Barker, Richard Bjork, Allen Brown, lean Calacurcio, Arlette Carlson, Carl Carlson, Dorothy Carlson, Patricia Carlson, Betty Lou Chestoks Raymond Davis, Mary Delay, Gordon Erickson, Bonnie Hans, Beverly Hedlund, Harold Iohnson, Barbara Lantz, Carolyn Lindsey, Stuart Lundalil, Millie Lunqo Leonard Mack, Robert Minshall, Eugene Nyquist, Lucille Olson, Richard Parod, Betty Perry, Geraldine Reed Mary Sandy, Marie Smith, Marilyn Stewart, Vincent Stroke, Kenneth Swanson, Shirley Swenson 4x IQ: v. My 7-11 Iohn Adden, lohn Anderson, Shirley Anderson, Victor Benhoii, Edward Berg- holtz, Ernest Burke, Shirley Calliqan, Leo Carlson, George Chabucos Earl Duan, Arlene Enqlin, Ernest Nyberg, Richard Garthwaite, Frank Gitts, loyce Holmberg, Clara Louise Holt, Beverly lean Iohnson, Caroline Iohnson Shirley Iohnson, Walter Iohnson, Norman Kempinger, Leon Linderoth, Margaret MacCallum, Marilyn Manson, Phyllis Marvin, Iosephine Mera, Marie Paris Alice Peterson, Eugene Peterson, Patricia Riqgle Gloria Seleen, Mildred Swanson, Richard Swanson Gwendalyn Thorp, Evelyn Turner, Charlaine Uppenkamp Warren Mattes Iirnmy Wollin 7-12 Catherine Allen, Betty Lee Anderson, Doris Anderson, Gladys Anderson, Roy Andrus, Ruth Asker, Mercedes Billstrand, lune Carlson, Gerald Carter, Mary Lou Connor Ioyce Franzene, Betty Gutshall, Patsy Holmes, Charlotte Hoover, Birqer Iarl, Ernest Iohnson, Iordis Iohnson, Richard Kindstrom, lames Kolterman, Elsie Lindeman. Deloris Lundqren, Duane Nelson, Iimmie Nelson, Roger Olson, Shirley Palmer, Iesse Pattison, Audrey Royster, Clifford Sabinson Charles Showen, Dorothy Stine, Kenneth Swanson, Gene Turner, Marilyn Wiqell, Elaine Wyzlic - Jah. "'N v. Gu 'S1 I ' .uk '2JL Q 'Y' 'dis QQ -ta, QF' ,mvx hr-v XQN NP 4 Gx 5,5 f Ji 7-13 Ioyce Anderson, Richard Anderson, Phyllis Baxter, Delno Beebe, Ioan Berqlund, Roy Bodin, Anna Cacciapaglio, Euqene Clapper, Shirley Clark Lois Davidson, Kenneth Eklund, Norman Fransen, Roy l-lallstrom, Ieannette Harker, Betty johnson, Gerald Johnson, Irene Johnson, Emma lean Lively Duane Lundqren, Iacqueline Minnihan, Eskil Moberq, Elsie Nelson, Vera Nelson, lohn Pakalo . Isaclore Rubin Virginia See, Grace Sulak Norman Tietz Charmaine Vernlaerq, Donald Watkins Billy Whitlock 7-14 Donald Abernathy, Phyllis Anderson, Richard Anderson, Dorothy Auqenson, Carl Bergman, lean Bergman, Delores Blades, Aldine Calacurcio, Anna Choppi, Stanley Datin Elaine Devenney, Elizabeth Dickos, Dorothy Dix, Genevieve Greenberg, Earl Griffin, Phillip Harker, Alvera Iaspelk, Eva Louise lohnson, Perry Kesslinq Emil LeBeau, loyce Lundquist, Ruth Maki, Owen Patrick, Betty Roqqensack, Melvin Roqqensack, Nettie Peavy, Mary Skrinski Marilyn Swanson, Richard Thorstens, Wallace Wanstrom, Lowell Winquist, Darwin Woodman, Rita Wyzlic V' tb -Q 'F' lfzv lf' Au Ai- SIGHT SAVING CLASS Robert Cardine, lean Chihoski, Claud- ine Cox, Betty Ginstrom Virgil Gustafson, Carl Holm, Irving lohnson, Donald Kline Helen Knodle, Virginia Maitzen, An- tonette Martarano if Effie Murphy, Helen Williams Z vp' 9 I 'J gf?- One of the most interesting rooms in the school is that in which the sight-saving class meets during the day. This room, under the direction of Miss Gibbons, is provided with lights and desks that are so planned as to give the greatest possible aid to overcoming the difficulties of poor vision. The cost of maintaining this room is shared between the state educational fund and a special sight-saving fund. Members of the class come from all over the city: they range in grade from seventh to ninth grade. Since the purpose of this class is to provide normal education to those handicapped by poor vision, they take their work in regular classes, but prepare it in their own special study room. Written assignments are typed on a machine equipped with large size type: long reading assignments are read aloud to them by Miss Gibbons. So far in the history of this class there has been no need for work in Braille. Miss Gibbons is reading to an interested group of listeners f57l HERE AND THERE ABOUT THE SCHOOL This is Cin eighth cjrode swimming class in and almost in the Water. . . Y' l-love these girls told their mothers that they have learned how lo clecm? Whcxt lo have for des- sert is always cr prolo- lem: usually it's ice cream. l Even athletes have falls sometimesy then they qo to the dispensary where Miss I-lcrnstrorn fixes them so it won't hurt. 'QF Rr' 9'-. QQ rl sf? 5 -,W wikgy W 61 32 Sport! Infinite Varities THE LINCOLN ORGANIZATIONS Every pupil in Lincoln belongs to a club. Most of the clubs meet on Friday afternoon at two o'clock in the room of the teacher sponsoring the organization. The clubs are of many types with many purposes. So varied is the work of the clubs that everyone can find a club that appeals to his needs and interests. On the pages following we are showing iniormal pictures of the members of many of our clubs. Among the organizations at Lincoln are several whose purpose is service to the whole school. These are the Student Council, the Traffic Club, the Assembly Club, the Lincoln Log Club, and the Annual Club. The Student Council, under the direction of Miss Bowman, meets once a month to make plans of interest to the whole school. The Council serves the school in many ways. They have charge of the Lost and Found room. They serve as ushers at the school plays and operettas and on visiting nights. Each home room sends one representative to the Council. From these the officers are chosen. First Semester- Second Semester- Eugene Iohnson. .... ,,........ P resident ......... .....,........, D orothy Ellis Dorothy Ellis ......... , ........, Vice-president ,,..,,...,, ....... M arilyn Iohnson Donna Ellis .............,..............,.,........,. Secretary-treasurer ..,,......,.. .,,......,....,........ R obert West Miss Bowman ..,..,..,.....,.., . ,.... ..............,......, A dviser ............................,................. Miss Bowman The Traffic Club meets under the direction of Mr. Fowler and Mr. Ekeberg. The members of the Traffic Club are assigned posts for service during the periods before school, during lunch, and after school. Their responsibility is to see that the pupils obey the traffic regulations of the school. Court is held on Thursdays and Fridays when charges are heard and guilt determined. The punish- ment, if any, is a certain number of zero hours, the number depending on the seriousness of the misdemeanor. The officers were as follows: First Semester- Second Semester, - Richard Malmgren ....... ......,. I udge ....,. ..............,... B ill Ripley Reese Girton .............. ...,.. A ttorney ..,... ...,,.. W illiam Forsythe Emil Iohnson .,........ .......... C lerk ....... ....... H oward lohnson Warren Silver ....,..,..... ...... C aptains .,..... ......... I ames Shaw Merlon Baker ..,....,...,..... .,,.,.........,,.,,.... . .. .....,. William Reed Kenneth Cunningham ,.......,... ...................,.,........,........ ,........................,... M a rtin Dolan Bill Ripley .,.,,..,.....,..,.,,.,.........,......,.........,,.....,.......,.,,...............,....... .,.... ,....,..,..,.. E m il Pedersen Mr. Fowler and Mr. Ekeberg ..,... Faculty Advisers .... Mr. Fowler and Mr. Ekeberg The Assembly Club is under the sponsorship of Miss Peterson. As the name implies, this is the group which assumes the responsibility of providing the school with our excellent and interest' ing assemblies. During the year they have themselves furnished the talent for the assemblies, they have brought the talent of the school to light, and they have brought speakers and entertainers from outside to the school. The club has no officers. It is the purpose of the Lincoln Log Club to edit and publish our excellent bi-weekly paper, the LINCOLN LOG. We all enjoy the many interesting special features of the paper and want to congratulate the excellent statis who have been responsible for the paper's success. First Semester- Second Semester- - Carl Schacht ..,.....,,. ...,.,.. E ditor-in-Chief ....,.,. ...,..,.. M arilyn Erickson Marilyn Erickson .... ...... A ssistant-Editor ,,.,,... ............ B eatrice Krause Donna Lee Wass ........ . ..,.,., Feature Editor ......... ..,..... A dah Sorensen and Shirley Lundberg Bob Borden ......,,.... .,.... S ports Editor .....,.. . ..... Bill Fissinger and Iohn Erickson Iohn Erickson ...... ...... B usiness Manager ..,...... ......,.., I ack Skorburg Beverly Iohnson ..... .......,..........,,. E xchange Editor .....,,....., .,...... ,.,,.... M a rlorie Nelson .. Advertising Manager Milton Anderson Subscription and Collection Manager .. lack Skorburg Contest Editors .. ., Beverly Iohnson and Phyllis lohnson Miss Fitzgerald ,..,......,.....,....,..,..,..,..,. Faculty Adviser .,.....,...........,,,,,...,,...... Miss Fitzgerald The Annual Club is the organization that publishes this year book. Every member of the club contributes in time and effort to the book. Club time is spent in planning and in some work in which all can shareg most of the work of compiling the book is done during the periods which the members have assigned to library. While all have contributed to the book, there are several who have given many, many hours to the work. If you like the book, they are well paid. The officers of the club are as follows: First Semester- Second Semester- - Fred Arnold ,.,.......,.. ...... P resident ,......... ...,. K athryn Bladstrom Harris Anderson ..,.... ...,.... V ice-President ...,,.. ....., W endell Anderson Darlene Anderson ,,...., ,.......... S ecretary .......,. .....,, B elty Blornquist Robert Nelson ..,......... ......,........ T reasurer ....,....... ., ,,... Shirley Grant Mr. Benson .............. ...,... F inancial Adviser ..,,... ...,.,... M r. Benson Miss Burr ....... .,...,.. F acuity Adviser ...... ........ M iss Burr i60l STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER Ilene Johnson, JoAnn Reuland, Marilyn Ericson, Clarence Harker, Ernest Burke, Gerald Pearson, Peggy McCall, Arlene Drewelow, Dorothy Ellis Donald Weir, Elizabeth Dickos, Lucille Carlson, Shirley Lundberg, Clfiord Bymaster, Donald Knell, Dwight Diehl, Vernice Gustafson, Mae Nord, Janet Larson, Chester Hanson Elizabeth Lindquist, Joyce Lindblom, Muriel Egeland, LeRoy Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Raymond Moore, Betty Lee Anderson, Roxie Johnson, Beverly Hughes, Robert West Richard Anderson, Priscilla Wallin, Marilyn Little, Dorene Lindeman, Donna Ellis, Marion Sjostrom, Anna Cacciapaglio, Barbara Huffman, Joan Spoden, Gloria Kalin, Howard Johnson Absent: Virginia Nye, Elizabeth Jacobson, LeRoy Schwengels, John Pingo, Ralph Nelson, George Easton, Joanna Simon, Robert Steffani, Roy Ahlquist, Jim Richardson, Miss Bowman SECOND SEMESTER Elizabeth Dickos, Betty Lee Anderson, Doris Miller, Viola Severin, Darlene Stieg, Dorothy Ellis, Beverly Hughes, Patricia Keys, Mary Mazzola Arlene Drewelow, Elizabeth Jacobson, Kenneth Janke, Ernest Burke, Clifford Byrnaster, Dwight Diehl, Gerald Pearson, Juanita Linden, Joanna Simon, Bonnie Lyons Priscilla Wallin, Robert West, LaVerne Seaberg, Franklyn Fay, Delores Johnson, Marni Lee Wallin, Rose Ann Frohs, Miss Bowman, Marilyn Johnson, Audrey Jacobson, John Foley, Charles Rund- gren, Howard Johnson, Marion Siostrom Dixie Lou Anderson, Janet Larson, Anna Cacciapaglio, Gloria Kalin, Joan Spoden, Donald Weir, Billy Grove, Marilyn Little, Donna Ellis, Genevieve Taunis, Barbara Hahn, Phyllis Barker Absent: Raymond Moore, Emory Fagerstrom, Robert Cardine E613 TRAFFIC CLUB UPPER PICTURE Eskil Moberg, Sherwin Iohnson, Robert Kelley, Richard Garthwaite, Billy Recd, Lloyd Funk, William rorsythe, Emil 1-ederson, tzlugene Crapper, Stanley Datin Kenneth Lund, Iohn Pingo, Eugene Larson, Roy l-lallstrom, Dwight Diehl, Ralph Cramer, lames Shaw, William Ripley, Carroll Linoberg lames Kolterman, Theodore Bacilelc, Lyle Beard, Gle in Rosenke, Mr. Fowler, Everett lohnson, Ralph Grifien, Perry Arnguist, Eugene Nyquist LOWER PICTURE Robert lohnson, Phillip Harker, Howard Johnson, Chester Hanson, Iimmie Marsh, Ralph Peterson, Emest lohnson, Roger Miller Ronald Carlson, Richard Baer, Donald Nordell, George Crawford, Wllliarrr Monson, Danny Kussy, Roger Sherman, Richard Freeman Kenneth Anderson, Frank Englin, Carl Carlson, Mr. Elcelzerg, Richard Parocl, William Mararicler, Richard Lindeman larnes Irwin, Emil LeBeau, Darwin Woodman, Harold Burr, Robert Clill, Boyd lohnson, Robert Larson, Donald Rust U32l ASSEMBLY CLUB FIRST SEMESTER Virqinia Swanson, Shirley lohnson, Betty LaRae lohnson, Norma Bloom, Ralph Iohanson, Claryne Patton, Harriett Carlson, Vesta Anderson, Shirley Burg Dorothy Ellis, lune Collins, Royal Liqhtcap, lohn Rosancler, Miss Peterson, Vernon Bergstrom, lanet Larson, Pearl Northsea Priscilla Wallin, Mary MacCallum, Alvin Lieblinq, Gene lohnson, Stanley Winquist, Emmeline lohnson, Barbara lane Dale SECOND SEMESTER Violet Nelson, Bonnie Lyons, Betty Kleindl, Royal Liqhtcap, Hyman Lieblinq, Dick Hanson, Franklyn Fay, lohn Ring, lohn Rolander, Norma Bloom, Betty LaRae lohnson, Vesta Anclerson Donald Weir, Malcolm Hutchison, Betty Greenberg, Mary lo Godinq, Miss Peterson, Dorothy Ellfs, Geraldine Moberg, Ralph Balcken, Eugene Iohnson Carl Lundvall, Priscilla Wallin, Barbara lane Dale, laiet Elzstrozn, Auzlrey Kuoznrnel, Marqartt Conover, Mary MacCallum, Stanley Winquist l63l LINCOLN LOG CLUB FIRST SEMESTER Richard Peterson, Adah Sorensen, Marilyn Ericson, Marilyn Schact, Bill Fissinqer, Marilyn Erickson, Shirley West, Iline Johnson, Dick Stromquist james I-lolmin, lack Moitier, Carolyn Scandroli, Marcia lennings, Miss Fitzgerald, Donna Lee Wass, Shirley Sommer, Fred Anderson, lohn Nicholson Billy Iohnson, Beverly Hughes, Rosemary Anderson, lack Bjork, Bob Borden, Shirley Lundberg, Phyllis Johnson, Beverly lohnson, Iohn Erickson Bob Gaffney, Beairice Krause, Shirley Anderson, Carl Schaci, janet Olson, Marjorie Nelson, Milton Anderson SECOND SEMESTER lline johnson, Shirley Anderson, Carolyn Scandroli, lack Mottier, Fred Anderson, lack Bjork, lack Skorburg, Beverly Hughes, Rosemary Anderson, Shirley Voss lean Muth, Phyllis Iohnson, loanna Simon, Adah Sorensen, Marilyn Schact, Shirley Wesl. Marilyn Ericson, Shirley Sommer, Marcia Ienninqs Beverly johnson, Marjorie Nelson, lim l-lolrnin, john Erickson, Miss Fitzgerald, Milton Anderson, Bob Gaffney, Anita Howe, Sally Voss lohn Harding, Margaret Darby, Marilyn Erickson, Bill Fissinqer, Beatrice Krause, Barbara Synipson, Charles Anderson. Burdette johnson l64l ANNUAL CLUB FIRST SEMESTER loy Rosenquist, Phyllis Rogers, Kenneth Monqe, Andre Allen, Robert Nelson, Harris Anderson, Allan Anqlemire, Eloise lohnson, Marilyn Stark Miriam Anderson, Alice Schellschmidt, Io Ann Reuland, Betty Peel, Dorothy Myrland, Marcia Brunk, Mary Maye, Marilyn Bowman, Bonnie Lyons Charlotte Karlson, Iune Faulkner, Charlotte Seele, Lyle Newman, Kenneth Anderson, Tommy Iohn- son, Wendell Anderson, Dorothy Walton, Betty Greenberg, Phyllis lohnson Fred Arnold, Constance Forsberq, Sue Cannella, Lucille Carlson, Katherine Bladstrorn, Anna indeli- cato, loanne Peterson, Dorene Lindeman, Roy Ahlquist Absent: Darlene Anderson, Alan Bergquist, Delores Dahlstrom, Lillian Olson, Marni Lee Wallin SECOND SEMESTER Marjorie Nyberq, Betty Blomquist, lo Ann Heuland, larnes Bolton, Tommy lohnson, Wendell Ander- son, Iune Anderson, Betty Peel, Arlene Bladstrom, Constance Forsberg Katherine Bladstrom, Agnes Mattioli, Charlotte Karlson, Dorothy Ann Walton, Virginia Swanson, Dorothy Myrland, Mildred Bennett, Leora Buzzell, Vernice Gustafson, Shirley Burq Shirley Grant, Betty Hultgren, Patricia Carlson, Richard Rundquist, Robert Nelson, Richard Strom- quist, Alvin Lieblinq, Ioanne Peterson, Arlene Faust, Betty Broskey Absent: Alan Berqquist, Arlene Bloomquist, lean Hancock, Dick Hanson, Ben Harding, Patricia Keppie, Mary Maye, Mary Mahalovich, Lilly Rahm, Marni Lee Wallin t55l TRULY FEMININE COSTUME ACCESSORY CLUB lsoz, Mattingly, Iohrtson, Pierson, Riverdahl, Lind, Nelson, Polyanski, Samuelson, Smith, Weinstein, Ahl- guist, Mosher, Holmquist, Norden- berg, Bergstrom De Wert, Carlson, Russell, Ostrom, Bell, Anderson, Minshall, Lilja, Aclcerson, Ohlendorl, Lindquist, Panser, Edson, Wallin, Rutz Absent: P. Floody COSTUME ACCESSORY CLUB Olson, Davis, Frye, Thompson, Hoff- man, Ostrom, Peterson Veitenhans, Carlson, Nelson, Swan- son, Mitchell, Larson, I-leidenrich Miss Cockiield, Iohnson, Carlson, Whale, Alex, Grahn, Ionnson, Bru- vold, Iohnson, Severin Absent: P. Norsen, M. Cornwell PERSONAL GROOMING CLUB Carlson, Anderson, Kolb, Haxel, Van Nest, lohnson, Gustafson Gustafson, Wenstrom, Anderson, Miss Evans, Freseman, Hood, lacobson, Hillary, Pollock, Maxwell, Iohnson, Westfall, Larson, Cerutti, Kronlok- ken, lackson Absent: A. Freeberg, I. Poole, C. Lassandra The Costume Accessory Club meets with Miss Iohnson in Room 103. The club members spend their time in making themselves attractive by making belts, rings, purses, etc. Miss Iohnson also advises them concerning the suitability of various accessories. Corrinne Mosher is the Secretary and Treasurer. Miss Cockiield is the adviser of a second Costume Accessory Club which meets each week in Room 320. As in the other club, the girls spend their time making attractive accoutrements lor themselves and friends. Evelyn Iohnson is the president, Shirley Davis, the vice-president: Ruth Bruvold, the secretary: and Lucille Mitchell, the treasurer. "Look at her finger nails!" is said by many who see some of the girls from Miss Evans' Personal Grooming Club. The officers of the club are: President, Alva Freeberg, Vice-President, Arlene Wendstromp Treasurer, lune Johnson: Secretary, Beverly Royster. l56l THESE HAVE MUSIC IN THEIR SOULS GIRLS' GLEE CLUB D. Anderson, Brockrneir, Lord, V. Johnson, Chinoski, Knodle, Hilde- brand, Pickett, W. Nelson, Putter M. Sjostrom, S. Wallin, LeMense, Lundgren, I. Iacobson, P. Nelson, Becknell, Larson, Lindquist, Murphy M. Olson, Engstrom, McGraw, V. Ol- son, Hahn, Brittin, Schryver, War- ren, Young, Turner, Owens, Holmes Director, Miss Knockp Pianist, Miss Peters Absent: V. O'Donnell, R. Axelson, G. Holmes GIRLS' GLEE CLUB L. lohnson, Becker, Clauson, Knott, Erickson, Hawkinson, Hardy, Mott, VanDeventer Borg, Little, Bottenberg, Chester, M. Carlson, B. L. Iohnson, M. Olson, Ohrlin, I. Iohnson Magnuson, Aaby, Bisko, Perry, Dahl- quist, Baker, Pieske, Ackerman Wallenberg, Carlson, Pottinger, Brad- ley, Kalin, Marjorie Sandberg, Fisher, Ekstrorn, Marilyn Sand- berg, I. Anderson BOYS' GLEE CLUB Sutton, R. Nelson, Lundvall, Hansing, Lodin, Hunter, Halverson, R. lohn- son, R. Anderson, Benson Rolf, Showen, Boeke, Knell, C. Iohn- son, McConnell, R. lohnson, Atkins, Schultz, Nordquist Caumiant, I. Swanson, Knudson, Ny- man, Manning, Holm, Mrs. Angus, Andrus, Ekedahl, R. Anderson, R. Carlson, Carter Brikey, Seamonson, Andrews, Beck, Ericson, Early, I. lohnson, Chabu- cas, Tavenner, H. Anderson, Ho- dapp, K. Peterson Absent: R. Bergman, L. Pierce, D. Ekbom, R. Bergstrom The Girls' Glee Club meets every Friday in 118, where Miss Knock the adviser leads them ln practicing their singing. There are 77 members shown in the two pictures above Much of their time is spent in preparation for the operetta. Helen Erickson is the president Marcia Mott the vice president: and Barbara Bradley, the secretary-treasurer In our school on Friday you hear voices singing on nearly all floors Among the Glee Clubs is the Boys' Glee. In Club the boys choose songs they wish to sing Most of the boys who choose this club, choose it because they enjoy singing. The teacher is Mrs Angus The officers are as follows: President, Donald Knellp Vice-President, Bill Lodin Secretary Charles McConnell Treas urer, Gordon Boeke. l67l ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE DRAMATICS CLUB erson, Murphy, Pritz, Lundberg land, Mastrangeli, Fay Dix, Ferm, Iepson, Cook, Piske, Blid berg, L. Swanson, Aten, Ozier Olin, Miller, Goodmiller Absent: C. Cook, V. See, M. Manson G. Seleerl, A. Luce DRAMATICS CLUB Horan, I. Larson, Learrnonth, D. lohn son, MCG-aw, Lindgren, Clark berq, I. Johnson, Schumaker, Ahles D. Anderson, I-larnquist Brunk, Grindle, Griffith, K. Iohnson Tavenner BOYS' DHAMATICS CLUB Elwell, North, Miss Hoegberg Soderstrom, Guerrera, G, Peterson Cook, HOPP. K. Peterson, Laynq Thorstens, Korsberg, Milburn, R. An derson, Kleschen. Iones, Severin B. Iohnson, Klinq, Hanson, Dannen berg, I. Anderson, Rodriguez Absent: R, Greenberg, R. Thornlund C. Smith The Seventh Grade Dramatics Club meets in Room 112. Their purpose is to have practice in dramatizing and writing original plays. The officers of the club are Barbara Huffman, who is president: the vice-president is Dorothy Busackerg the secretary and treasurer is Muriel Egeland. They have thirty-four members and have great fun in their meetings. Ninth Grade Dramatics Club meets in Room 225. The club gives pupils experience in acting and improving speech. President, Kathleen Iohnsonp Vice-president, Betty Lou Borchert: Secretary, Lillian Griffith: and Treasurer, Irene Millard, are the officers of the club. One special activity is to give a play in the auditorium for some other clubs. Boys' Dramatics Club meets once a week. The teacher, Miss Hoegberq, and the boys fix the stage and produce plays. There are no officers in this club. E681 LaFontaine, Choppi, Ellis, Pratt, Bu- sacker, Lindberg, Egeland, D. Pet- Flink, Huffman, Barker, Miss Hii 1 Borchert, Olson, B. L. Iohnson, Green- FOR QUICK THINKERS GAMES CLUB Gifford, H. Griffith, Gustavison, R. Iohnson, Meyer, E. Griffith I. Peterson, Vola, Gambino, Bodin, Franzen, Ekedahl, Baumgardt Dahlberg, Murphy, Bjork, Thornlund, R. Anderson, Greenberg, A. Peter- son, K. Nelson CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB Ekwall, Swanborg, Rank, Kling, Carr, Penticoff Whitlock, R. lohnson, Hakes, Holm- berq, Fiorenza, Heil, Sadewater, Dunn, Bell, Fanzeen. Hull, I. Nelson, Haen, Fazio, Watkins, T. Iohnson, Fitzpatrick, Peck, Baker, Kozlowski Absent: D. Nelson, D. Nason, A. Ien- sen, B. Mondon, F. Karp, H. Benson, M. Filipowich, I. Bloom PUZZLE CLUB Mrs. I-Iorrall, Ostrom, Moorman, Don' ovan, Baker, Allen, Schultz, Blades, Peavy, Tietz, Fiori, G. Anderson, Blascoe, R. lohnson Soderberg, Two, Lindoas, Valaisis, Peterson, Valerius, Miller, Elliott, Nelson, Bowers D. lohnson, Donovan, McFarlane, Morgan, Miller, Mitchell, William- son, G. Peterson Absent: H. Iacobson, G. Edlund, I. Domier, G. Skoqlund An interesting club, The Games Club, meets with Miss Smith in Room 305 each Friday. The time is spent in the leaming and playing of different games. Sometimes toumaments are held. George Ekedahl is the president: Kenneth Greenberg, the vice-presidentg and Leona Dahlberg, the secretary and treasurer. Thirty-five members compose the Chess and Checker Club which meets in Room 305 with Mr. Gritzbaugh as adviser. Each member is an enthusiast for one or both of the two games to which the club is dedicated. There are no officers in the club. Mrs. Horrall is in charge of the Puzzle Club which meets in Room 319. They find no need for officers in this club as the time is spent in following their chosen amusement. The club has thirty- five members, all people who like to make and to solve puzzles of all sorts. E693 DOMESTIC INTERESTS NEEDLECRAFT CLUB cent, Stieq, Roqqensack, D. Ander son, Davis, Eddy, Lindquist, Pear son, Taunis, V. lohnson O'Brien, Hull, Olafson, Ellis Lundquist, Devenney, I-Ians, Gahl P. Carlson, Simon, Frank, Hamish Walstrom, Dickey, Killeen, Fredrick son A. M. Carlson, Aarli I. Iohnson, M. Iohnson KNITTING CLUB Wilcox, Green, Lindaas, Olson, M Iohnson Loy, Peterson, Pierce son lin, Smith, Finn, Hoover CHOCHETING CLUB ouqhey, Thorp, Lundberq Thomas, D. Anderson, Marlin Absent: I. Calacurcio, D. Haqstrom There are about thirty members in Miss Larson's Needlecralt Club which meets in Room 302 each Friday. The girls spend their time in sewing and needlework projects. Ioanne Iohnson is the president, Marilyn lohnson, the vice-president: Donna Ellis the secretaryg and Eileen Hull, the treasurer. In Knittinq Club which meets under the sponsorship of Miss Quinn in Room 317, everyone knows how or learns how to .knit things. The time is spent in working on the knittinq and in qosstpinq about-world affairs? The officers of the club are as follows: lean Green, president: Margaret E. Johnson, secretary and treasurer. As you sit watching your mother crochet, you think to yourself, "I wish I could do that." In the club that meets with Miss Condon in Room 226 you can accomplish your wish: you can learn to crochet. The time of the meetings is spent in this fascinating work. l7Ul Miss Larson, Greenberg, Dickos, Vin- K. lohnson, Zillmer, S. Iohnson, Klint, S. Carlson, Watkins, Hassell, Steven- R. Iohnson, M. Iohnson, Iospelk, Enq- Tharp, D. L. Anderson, M. Iohnson, Miss Condon, R. Mathieu, McCon- Smith, Scianna, L. Mathieu, Swanson, HAVING A GOOD TIME SCRAPBOOK CLUB Giambeluca, Brees, Dalton, Carlson, Drotts, Iohnson, Mitchell, Gustaf- son, R, Iohnson, Nielsen. Beckman, Nelson, Vitell, Wickstrand, Miller, Nelson, Iohnson, V. Nelson, Brenner, Hagaman, Bergquist, Evans, C. Nelson, Marshall Table-Kellner, President Miss Lee Absent: M. Lindsay, L. Hendel, N. Gustafson, H. Iones GIFT CLUB Anderson, Finch, Augenson, Holmes, Balahoski, Campbell, Holt, Bourk- land, Lund Carlson, Holmberg, Messner, Clark, Maki, Skrinski, Lundgren, Maguire, Anderson, Iohnson, G. Iohnson Nordstrom, Anderson, Miss Prien, Wyzlic, S. Anderson Absent: A. Iohnson, S. Iohnson, D. Hoffman, I. lohnson, A. Aliors PARTY PREPARATION CLUB Plantz, Underhill, Ostrom, Lewis, Miss Sauber, Gunderson, Chestoks, MacCallum Miller, Larson, Olson, Carlson, Abra- ham, P. Carlson, Anderson, Barton, Nichols, lohnson Carlson, Ode, Meyers, G. Carlson, Peterson, Maitzen, Watson, Borch- mann, Westberg Absent: E. Lively t There are about tl'1irty'rnembers of the Scrapbook Club which meets with Miss Lee in Room 212. The time is spent in making, comparing, and discussing scrapbooks in which all sorts of hobbies are recorded-everything from cabbages to kings. Kathleen Kellner is the lone officer, the secretary. Miss Prien sponsors the Gift Club which meets in her room. There are twenty-eight girls in the club, and enthusiasm for the club and for the work runs high. The girls spend their time in making gifts for their tamilies and friends. They learn to make many interesting types of gifts. At Christmas time they contributed some oi their handiwork to the Christmas baskets which the home rooms sent out. Luella Anderson is the president: Clara Louise Holt, the vice-president: and Rita Wyzlic, the secretary and treasurer. The Paity Preparation Club meets in Room 114 with Miss Sauber. The name of the club names the activities of it. There are twenty-eight members in the club. Arlene Lewis is the one officer, the treasurer. . l71l ARTISTS OF SORTS ABT HOBBIES CLUB Nordenberg, Lundahl, Allen, Linde- man, Pattison, Wanstrom, Peterson I. Carlson, Stannard, Wisocki, M. Anderson, Miss Andrew, Ioan Berg- quist, Ie-anne Bergquist, B. L. An- derson, Pakalo, Pearson Absent: A. Fisher PHOTO TINTING CLUB I. Carsen, Stroberg, F. Anderson, B. Carlson, M. Iohnson, Eklunci, C. Iohnson, I. Carlson, Carr Edberq, Burch, Nord, Lindblom, Dal- ziel, Mr. Iohnson, Strang, Kauff' man, Plcrche, Cornmesser, L. Nel- son, Brogren Magnuson, G. Iohnson, Rosenquist, Hamilton, Wheeler, Danielson Absent: I. Adams, D. Blomquist HANDICRAFT CLUB Paris, Bouma, Gibson, S. Peterson, Turner Lungo, D. Anderson, N. R. Swenson, Miller, Rew, Sundberg McLain, Mera, Miller Benhoif, Erickson Keys, Drozynski, LaPointe, Gritz- baugh, E. Carlson, Hathaway, Trank, Ballard, Marlow, Walter, E. Iohnson, Larson Absent: M. Carlson The Art Hobbies Club meets in Room 321 with Miss Andrew. The twenty members of the club spend their time in art interests-fashion designing and sketching among others. There are no officers in the club. The Photo-Tinting Club is an interesting one which meets with Mr. Paul Iohnson in Room ll5. They meet once a week to learn to tint photographs. In the spring the club made an interesting display of their work. Miss Ballard is the sponsor of the Handicraft Club. They sew and do other work such as weaving, tatting, and knitting. The twenty-five members have chosen the following officers: Nancy Erickson, president: Betty Miller, vice-presidentg Donna Rae Swenson, secretary: and Ruth Benhoff, treasurer. U21 BOYS' HOBBIES Fagerstrom, Hudson, Brady, Linge- fetter, N. Bengtson, G. Johnson, Pat- rick, Larson, L. Iohnson, Day, H. Anderson I. Bengtson, Peavy, Bergstrand, I. Peterson, Roose, Hacker, West, Erickson, Brown, Eighmy, D. Nel- son, Dusing Ft. Peterson, D. Anderson, Spon, Dahl- quist, Grundstrom, Schneider, Burke, Thisell, Davis, Swanson, Kindstrom, Olson BOYS' HOBBIES Ohman, Bloomquist, Rucker, Nagel, Pearson, Friend, Schmidt, Bosell Iohnson, Stank, Greenland, Hamilton, Scandroli, Griepentrog, Davis, Saat Drake, Lawson, Bennett, Macchi, Walsh, Nordstrom Absent: K. Larson, R. Iohnson, W. Iohnson, D. Anderson, R. Langan GIRLS' HOBBIES g G. Lundberg, Fry, Carter, Reinhold, Cook, Davis, C. Iohnson, Wollan, I. Anderson, Marvin, Thunberg, Sawyer, Smith, Nason, Kallenbach Arvtdson, Gustafson, Scholten, Lund, Blomberg, Miss Garde, Mulford, M. L. Iohnson, Farrey, St. Iohn, Cameron HOBBIES OF SORTS l A very interesting club of thirty-five members meets with Miss Ellis in Room 211 each Friday afternoon. This is a Hobbies Club with members whose hobbies range very widely. The purpose of the club is "to provide worthwhile activities for club and leisure time." ln this purpose the club has succeeded. Bill Dahlquist is the president: Kenneth Grundstrom, the vice-president: Kurt Schneider, the secretary: and Iames Peterson, the treasurer. A second Boys' Hobbies Club meets with Mr. Iohnson. There are thirty members in this club. Each one spends his club period working on his favorite hobby. tSuppose his hobby were skiing- or eating?D A great many hobbies find enthusiastic followers in the club and the meetings are always enjoyable. There are no officers. Iune Lund is the president of a Girls' Hobbies Club which meets with Miss Garde as adviser. Dorothy Scholton is the secretary: and Virginia Blomberg, the treasurer. The time of the club meetings is divided between discussionsof hobbies and work upon them. There are many differ- ent types of hobbies: many girls develop enthusiasm for a new hobby by seeing another girl at work upon it. I i73l STRICTLY BUSINESS SHORTHAND CLUB Larson Mazzola, Sulak Nystrom, Dudley, Watkins, Cleven, I, Johnson, Wheelock Absent: L. Devenney. l. Kolterman SCIENCE CLUB M. Olson, W. Carlson, Forrest, J. Johnson, Fl. Carlson, W. Carlson, Wahlstrom, Schlee, Bloom, Cheline L. Magnuson, Pettersen, Freeberg, Allen, Mr. Nelson, Bildahl, Tolleiss rud, Blair, R. Johnson, Plager, Erickson, R. Peterson C. Johnson, R. Nelson, R. Larson, Iversen, Hanson, Bledsoe, Erickson, Moore, Sedeen, Burt Absent: Ft. Curtis, W. Anderson, R. Kamensky, J, Salivar TYPIN G CLUB Linden, Woodworth, Gustafson, H. Johnson, R. Carlson, Pritz, Grzelak, Olson L. Carlson, Meyer, R. Peterson, E. Johnson, R. Olson, K. Johnson, Krulonis Gregg, M. Johnson, Widell, Wolfe, Plager, V. Peterson Ellison, Lindquist, I-lodapp, Lundahl, Wheatcroft Downs, R. Larson Absent: L. Olson, J. Nelson, B. War- ren, E. Ringstrand, A. Tarabilda, B. Baxter, D. Collier, P. Berry, M. Lar- son, R. Anderson There are thirty members of the Shorthand Club. These are people who might plan to take shorthand in the future. The work in the club provides them with a preview of Gregg shorthand. The time of the meetings is taken up with study and practice of shorthand. Since there is no need for officers, they have none. Miss Smith is the adviser of this club. - Mr. Nelson is the adviser of the Science Club which meets in his room, ll9. The club activities consist of demonstrations, experiments, and the reading of science books and magazines. There are no officers in this club. The Typing Club has all the members it can take-forty. The club is open to ninth graders who are not having or who have not had typing in class. They have enough practice during their club periods to acquaint them with a good idea of the problems of learning the keyboard and of typing. Since the whole club period is spent at the machines, there is no need of officers. l74l West, Cacciapaglia, Casey, Ceder- strom, J. Larson, M. Johnson, Mc- Nish, Jamison, E. Anderson, C. Lindstrom, J. Johnson, Nehring, Hall- berg, Sandy, Berg, Kundo, Ulin, CABINET CLUB Strote, Grenberg, Wilson, Gustafson, McMannis, Hagelin, Cochran, Berg- man, L. Anderson, Hamilton, R. lohnson, Dodge, Simonson, E. Carl- son lrveman, Floody, Klein, Cardine, Garavalia, Beckman, Palmgren, Mr. Hintz, Gustafson, Deschaine, Lindstrom, l-lolmin, Hoof, Geraldson DRAFTING CLUB Thulander, Walton, Lausen, Salen, Miller, G. lohnson, Kindstrom, Ohl- ander, Emerson Mera, T. lohnson, Yeager, R. lohnson, Klebert, Pauls, Iasper, Palm, Davis, H. Peterson, Lindstrom, Swanson Klebert, Bruvold, Rolander, Gundhus, Mr. Schade, Nicholson, Kolberg, Brown MACHINE CLUB Strom, B. lohnson, R. Olson, D. An- derson, Widell, H. Swanson, Holm- blad, D. Swenson, Ax, Franzen, L. Larson D. Anderson, Yetterberg, Glasner, Meylor, I. Iohnson, Burkhardt, Stark, Garmager, Wilson, Prentice, H. Johnson, R. Olson, Widergren, D. Smith Soderna, Lind, Hildebrand, G. Carl- son, Knudsen, Hoge, Ianlce, Mr. Clow, Wilkins YOUNG ARTISANS These shop clubs are alike in certain Ways. They all appeal to boys who have an interest in things mechanical. The usually indicate that the members have done well in their shop courses and desire to continue Work in some favorite shop. Mr. Hintz is the adviser of the Cabinet Club. The boys-thirty-three of them-meet in the woodshop where they work on individual projects during the club period. The boys who are in the club have had woodshop and find the club a good opportunity to do work in advance of that offered in class. Forty boys compose the Drafting Club which meets with Mr. Schade in Room 104. The purpose of the club is to become acquainted with fields of drafting that are not taught in the regular mechan- ical drawing classes. The exhibit of pictures made in the club assure us that the boys are very much interested in it. There are no officers. There are thirty-three boys who are in Machine Club. They make things that are advanced beyond the work that is done in the machine shop class. There are no officers in this club. Mr. Clow is the adviser. f75l SUPERMEN AND GIRLS GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB son, Flood, Rice, Lantz, Olander, Carlyle, De-Frates Riggle, Franzene, I. Carlson, Young Miller, Frohs, Lagerstrom, Nyren Wood, Vernberq Lindquist, Cacciapaglio, Minnihan Herron, Liebovich, M. Anderson B. lohnson, Hunter, Lulcasiewiez N. Iohnson E. L. Iohnson, Socterstrom, L. Carlson, Fling, Johanson, D. L. Larson, Lind- sey, L. Olson, Arndt GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB zen, Statkey, A. Drewelow, M. lohnson, Hakes, Sager Sutherland, L. Swanson, Pearson, E. lohnson, Catacurcio, M. Swanson, S. Iohnson, Dahtberg, Armellani, Semiche Dorothy Strote, Doris Strote, Scior- tino, Gagliano, Mitchell, Alonzo, Knell, D. Anderson, Fisher E. Johnson, M. lohnson, S. Olson, Williams, Mrs. Tracy, Harrison, Balestri, Clauson, Ambrose Absent: K. Tucker, S. Bullard BOYS' ATHLETIC CLUB nello, Ree, Person, I-lirsch, Sandin Knutsen, R. Johnson, Hoge, Halt, Lov, Cook, Machiewicz, D. lohnson, Paris, lames Coral, Zitzke, D. Iohnson, Stalker, M. son, Reali, Lundberg, I-lallberg, Foley Lundvall, Zippieri, Hall, Steruct, Vella, Murphy Bonzt Absent: Fl. Iacobson, R. Johanson, 1 L. Wince The Girls' Athletic Club shares honors with the Girls' Glee Club in being the largest clubs in the school. The girls get right to work on their serious business, the playing of games. During the course of the semester several different games are enjoyed. Audrey 1-iarrison is the presidentp Barbara Williams, the viceepresidentg Shirley Olson, the secretary: Betty Balestri, the treasurer. Mrs. Tracy is the adviser. The Boys' Athletic Club is as popular with the boys as the sister club is with the girls. There are always many more applying for membership than can be accepted. Like the girls' club, the boys dispense with all formality, function without oificers, and spend the full club period in the important business oi playing games. Mr. Polaski is the adviser. l76l Ekwall, I-larker, S. Iohnson, M. Carl- 1 I I 1 1 Seymour, Hornheck, Drewelow, Un' Bail, Schuldstrom, Truqillo, Campa- Iohnson, Larson, Streed, G. Carl- Linclstedt, Yornantas, Coates, Guc- clardo, Lindaas, Benedetto, Pierce, GIRLS' LIFE SAVING CLUB I-Icmblad, Paris, Hill Lynn, Siedschlag, Sulak, Rankin, Soclerstrom, S. Iohnson, Goble S. Anderson, Erickson, Fry, Ander- son, DelGrano, V. Anderson, C. Iohnson, Palmer, Marble, Ienninqs Absent: H. Anderson, Bergstrom, Bredberg, Bush, Dahlgren, Farr, Farrey, Hester, Mitchell, Northsea, Sowards, Wood. GIRL RESERVE CLUB Sundberg. Wyzlic, Baxter, Conner, Gutshall, Berglund Wolfe, Erickson, Asker, Iupin, Haegg, Miss Gibson, Billstrand, Lundgren SchluPP. DiTullio, Ginstrom, Stirne Frye, Iacobson, Anderson, lohnson HOME NURSING CLUB Lundin Stohlberg, Albrechtson, Olson, Swen- son, Brixie, Arns, Soderstrom, Bar- ber, Biolotta, Reed, De Fay, Sio- strorn, Fissinger, Dons, Pohl, Carl- son, Gunning Ahlstrand, Burt, Milburn, Nelson, Calligan, Peterson, Lender, Lind- roth Absent: A .Royster, M. Wigell CARE OF OTHERS Miss Brouse is in charge of the Life Saving Club. They take the work which leads to the passing of the Red Cross Tests for a Red Cross Certificate. The girls work very hard in this club: it is open only to good swimmers who are seriously interested in swimming and life-saving work. The Girl Reserve Club is under the sponsorship of Miss Gibson and meets in Room 224. They have very good times together doing things for themselves and for others. They spend their meet- ings doing work for their charitable services. In the fall they packed and distributed Thanksgiving baskets: in the spring they made Easter baskets. Beverly Iohnson is the presidentg Mercedes Billstrand, the vice-president: losephine DeTullio, the secretaryg Donna Lee Iupin, the treasurer: and Phyllis Baxter, the program chairman. Home Nursing and First Aid is the club Miss Hanstrom, our nurse, sponsors. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the girls with the first principles of taking care of the sick. Carol Soderstrom is the president: Lavon Lundin is the vice-president: and Ruth Milburn is the secretary. Watch out for these girls, they might practice on you. A f77l LOTS O' BOYS Messinger gren The boys in the Cookery Club that meets in Room 308 with Miss Hall, make a systematic business out of learning to cook the foods that boys like to eat and that will be especially wanted when the boys go on hikes and camping trips. One week they plan the meals and the next week they cook them. About twenty boys are in the club. There are no officers. Room 307 also has a cookery club, this one under the sponsorship of Mrs. Westring and Miss Alice Olander. The purpose of this club is to increase a boy's usefulness around the house when the cooks of the iamily are away. Now Dad and Bill don't have to go to the restaurant when Mother goes away on a visit. Charles Lindgren is the president of the club: lack Bliss is the vice- presidenty Birger Iarl is the secretary: Richard Blomberq, the assistant secretary, and Donald Flood, the treasurer. Mr. Middleton has charge of the Aeroplane Club that meets in his room each Friday afternoon. There is a large membership in this club, a testimony to the great interest in flyinq and in aero- planes. During the club meetings the boys talk over their hobby, examine their model planes, and have a pleasant time. The boys meet in the print shop. f73l BOYS' COOKEHY CLUB Miss Hall, H. Iohnson Mohns Pol kowski, R. Nelson Iames 1 Peter son, Brolander Strand W Iohnson Martinson, A Nelson Rolander Absent: E. Conrads H Colvin W Iohnson, R. Nyquist E Peterson BOYS' COOKERY CLUB Blomquist, R. Iolmson Spoden D Iohnson, Bliss Lindgren Richard son, Sabinson G Johnson Gunderson, Flood Meyers L Iohn son, Skoglund Hermanson Ward Halborg, Barnes Winquist, Iarl, Yettorberg Carlson Boncle, Wemple Fricke Fritz . AEROPLANE CLUB Seaberg,Champ1on Scholten Young berq, Mr. Middleton Kiederquxst B. Anderson, Istad Strom Pearson Strote, Depelro Wallen Ferguson Holmes, R. Wallen Walton Rund Miller, Benhofi, Chmeltlc W Iohnson Lindeman, Gotts Bankson Roos Skelbred, D. Iohnson Cope Becker Stephens, Kjell Lidman Conover Dunaway, Miller SPECIAL INTERESTS FREE READING CLUB - Magnuson, Hallen, Asprooth, Lund- gren Anderson, Docter, Swanstrom, R. Iohnson Carlson, Palmer, l. lohnson, Smith Ali, Magnuson, Stieg Bourkland, R. Iohnson, Boyd Absent: A. Anderson, Rudolph, Kin- dred, Frang, Nelson, Baurngardner LIBRARY CLUB Ippen, I-Iecllund, lacobson, Lutzhoft, Thompson, Stowe, Routon, Brunn' meyer, P. Anderson, Potgieter Peek, Miller, Filipowich, Linder, Gus- tafson, Green, Conley, Nordenberg, Adelman, Sweltzer, Thompson, Sawtelle D. Iohnson, Olson, Davenport, M. Iohnson, Bryan, Stine, Miss Seal, Englund, Mathisen, Kling, Dolan, N. Iohnson, Mace, McKenna N. Johnson, Rewerts, Bills, Ward- ecker, Broderson, B. lohnson, Karr, R. lohnson, Burgert, Larsen, Rein- hold Absent: DiMarco, Datin, Peters, Gillis, Goble, B. I. lohnson, Borchardt, Lindquist, Marzorati, Miller, Schwengels, Schultz STAMP AND COIN CLUB Miss Olander, G. lohnson, Wilson Doelleiield, Warner Wilmer, Adden, I. Anderson, Wallin, Erickson I. Anderson, Stafseth, Dewey, Lantz Fox, F. Johnson Meagher, Pearson, McCall, Young Lundgren Magers, Flood Absent: Carlson, F. Anderson, M. Nelson, Swanson, Forland There are about thirty members in the Free Reading Club which meets in Room 201 with Miss Beutal as the adviser. As the name implies, this is a club composed of people who want to read -and they do. Since they give all of their time to their reading, they dispense with formality and with officers. A pleasant time is usually had by all. The Library Club is an interesting one. Like the Free Reading Club it is for people who like to read. During the club meetings everyone is engrossed in the book he is reading and is finding new sources of interest. Membership in the club is limited to people who do not have a regular period in the library during the week. There are fifty members in this club. For the young philatelists and nurnismatists there is the Stamp and Coin Club which meets with Miss Edna Olander in Room llO. The members of this club are specializing in the study and collection of United States stamps and coins. A special interest this year has been the collecting of first day and cacheted covers. There are no officers in this club oi twenty-six members. U91 1 -A PURE GOLD METAL CLUB ney, R. Carlson, H. Anderson, W Iohnson, Olson, Loveland, Smith Beckstrand, Strommer, Stark, Iarl Blozis Lindberg, Pell, Sunday, R. Anderson W. Anderson, Seleen, Turner rm 9A TRAFFIC CLUB Mr. Fowler, Merlon Baker, Reese Girtori, Richard Malmqren Warren Silver, Kenneth Cunningham, Robert Ryden, Plato Robeson AN AUDITORIUM CLASS Under the direction of Miss Hoegberg and Miss Knock members of the seventh grade classes meet in the auditorium The Metal Club which meets in the Auto Shop under the direction of Mr. Carney is one ot those clubs that appeal to the special hobbies of their members. The boys in this club are finding a great interest in the beautiful and useful objects they are able to make from metal. The club does not have any officers. The second picture on this panel shows the first semester 9A boys who were members of the Traffic Club. Since their work was so excellent, we felt that they rated a special picture in this year book. Most of these boys have given long service to the Traffic Club and its work-some of them three years. The Auditorium classes are interesting groups formed for the purpose of helping the seventh grade classes adapt themselves to the work and life of the junior high school. During the class meetings several groups come together, thus acquainting themselves with people in other groups. The activities of the class are of great variety: sometimes it is a play: sometimes, music, sometimes, a lesson in science. l90l Wessman, Tobinson, Wagner, Run- berg, Lindquist, Choppi, Mr. Car- . i V ,Nuf- 2 i n E55 f-' 8 YN ' Y H QU, XAXDDIGUSQ Deszrved THE LINCOLN Standing: Mr. Moore, Iune Anderson, Bill Setterstrom, Carolyn West, Lillian Olson, Robert Larson Io Ann Reuland, Betty Peel, Wilfred Anderson, Lois Larson Barbara lane Dale, George Franzen, Audrey Harrison, Tommy Iohnson, Vesta Anderson, June Larson Llewellyn Iohnson, Beverly Johnson, Harry lohnson Marilyn Ericson, Elizabeth Iacobson, Virginia Swanson Kathleen Johnson The Lincoln Concert Orchestra consists of forty-tive members who work under the direction of Mr. Alfred Moore, a very able conductor. We have orchestra practice daily. Most of the members of the advanced orchestra have had work in the beginning and advanced strings, taught by Miss Green, or in the woodwind group taught by the band conductor. These groups prepare us for the more advanced work of the concert orchestra. Our group consists ol players of the following in- struments: violins, violas, cellos, basses, bassoons, trumpets, trombones, French horns, clarinets, oboe, flutes, and drum. We made several public appearances during the year, playing for the assembly programs, a public evening concert, and an annual playday when the orchestras oi all the junior and senior high schools got together and played for each other. Most ot the members of the orchestra expect and hope to continue their orchestra work in senior high school: that gives them an added incentive to work hard while they are here. E321 CONCERT ORCHESTRA ,ir A ,l , it A Kathleen Tucker, Iuanita Linden, lean Hancock, Leland Iohnson, lack Anderson, Henry l-lallberg, Ronald Fieeweris Marcia Brunk, Ioanna Simon Phillip lohnson, Sally Smith, Lucille Carlson, Lillian Griffith, Gordon Peterson, Delores Anderson Norma Cleven, Corinne Mosher, Charlotte Karlson, Marion Iohnson Solveig Ohrlein, Phyllis Iohnson Virginia Swanson and Harry lohnson are shown in this picture as well as the one on opposite page Since their repertoire includes the works of such composers as Strauss, Tschaikowsky, Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Schubert, to name but a iew, they are playing the music that they love and love to play . During the first semester the officers of the orchestra were the following: Fred Arnold, presi- dent, Marilyn Bowman, vice-president, Miriam Anderson, secretary: Dorothy Dennick, treasurer, Iune Anderson is the president during the second semester, George Franzen is the vice-president: Io Ann Reuland is the secretary: Iuanita Linden, the treasurer: Lucille Carlson and Llewellyn lohn- son, the librarians. Mr. Moore, our director, has been striving to give his pupils a greater appre- ciation of music and of the great masters. He wants each one oi us to find a love of playing real music. It is the love of music that is a basic part of every musician. E93l THE LINCOLN CONCERT BAND Dick Rundquist, Arthur Dodge, Bill Carlson, Iohn Printz, Franklyn Fay, Gale Miller, Carroll Lindberg, Ralph Bakken, lack Swanson, Mr. Ralph Hall Wayne Carlson, Bruce Simmons, Eugene Blair, William Iohnson, I..aVerne Nordenberq, Dick Sharp, Morris Teachout, Benny Davis, Roger Floody, lack Emerson, Randolph Boyd, Kenneth Peterson Gerald Strand, Donald Weir, lohn Erickson, Paul Gustafson, Charles Rundgren, Lorin Larson, John Nelson, Neal Bengtson, Gordon Carlson, Russell Haqelin lack Skorburq, Robert Schmitt, Alan Bergquist, Lloyd Ward, Ray Blozis, Donald Stokley, Romaine Iohnson, Eugene Iohnson, Grover Peterson, Eldon lohnson, Guthrey Barnes, Marvin Rosenquist quist Evans Ericson, Dick Carlson, Ben Harding, lack O'Donnell, Bill Fissinger, Max Green, Robert Nelson, Frank Petterson, Dick Hanson, lohn Milburn We are very proud of our fine concert hand. It has had two directors this year, Mr. George Iensen and Mr. Ralph Hall. Mr. lensen left our school to enter an army handy then Mr. Hall was transferred from Washington Iunior High School to become the director ol the Roosevelt and Lin- coln Bands. The band has made several public appearances. lt has played for the school assem- bly. On April 16 and April l8 it appeared with the Roosevelt hand in ioint concerts in the two schools., These were much appreciated by the large audience of parents and friends who had assembled to hear it. The band made an excellent impression when it marched in the city Memorial Day parade. Besides the concert band Lincoln has two other organizations, the seventh and eighth grade hands, in which those interested in this work may receive the necessary training to prepare them for the concert band. l84l FIRST SEMESTER 9A ORCHESTRA AND BAND MEMBERS 9-A ORCHESTRA MEMBERS loy Rosenquist, Marilyn Bowman, Miriam Anderson, Stewart Olson, Wayne Ring, Richard Lindquist, lane Hubbell, Dorothy Dennick Nancy Carlson, Phyllis lohnson, Fred Arnold, Lorraine Berqquist, Betty Hill 9-A BAND MEMBERS Kenneth Monge, Harris Anderson, Carl Schacht, Roy Ahlquist, Plato Robeson, Ehlert Wallin, Harry Gustafson Ralph Carlson, Robert Bordon, Kenneth Anderson, Daniel Lind, Richard Clauson, Iohn Beckman, Lyle Newman The members of the first semester 9-A class pictured in the above picture played so important a part in the activities of the band and orchestra during, the time that they were in Lincoln that it seemed to us that the record of our school year would not be complete without a picture of them. Phyllis lohnson was the excellent pianist for the orchestra during most of the time that she was here. Fred Arnold was the president of the organization during the first semester. All of them contributed much to the success of the musical organization. Daniel Lind was the Drum Major of the band during the first semester, and a very impressive one he was. Robert Borden was the president of the organization during the same period: all of the boys aided in the success of our fine band. l95l ADVANCED AND BEGINNING STRING ORCHESTRAS ADVANCED STRINGS ORCHESTRA Members of the advanced strings group include the following: Lorraine Adamson, Roger Bills, Elizabeth Ericson, Kathleen Kellner, Leif Larson, Sylvia Lewis, Ioan Peterson, Mary Katherine Smith, Carol Tavenner, Phyllis Carlson, Rosalie Hassell, Shirley Iohnson, Shirley I. Iohnson, Marilyn Sandberg, Donna Swenson, lean Anderson, Helen Goble, Ioanne Polyanski, ,Donna Anderson, Marilyn Carlson, Beverly Iohnson, Margaret Iohnson, Leroy Magnuson, Lois Magnuson, Mae Nord, Betty Wheeler, Hyman Liebling, Ronald Nelson, lngrid Iohnson, Mae Iohnson, lack Bloom, Mary Lou Englund, Muriel Egeland, Elaine Lutzoff. BEGINNING STRINGS ORCHESTRA Members of the beginning strings group include the following: Margaret Darby, Patricia Blid- berg, Barbara Bourlcland, Nancy Cameron, Frank Chmelilc, Dorothy Danielson, Martha Iepson, Raynard Iohnson, Gertrude Larson, Ruth Lilja, Irene Lindquist, Cheryl Nordstrom, Sigrid Olaison, Charlene Piske, Suzanne Ruiz, Herbert Tavenner, Lois Arns, Shirley Aten, Shirley lean Ellis, LaVone Lundin, Patricia McLain, Velores Olson, Marilyn Ozier, Shirley Wallin, Kenneth Anderson, lean Kuppe, Lucille Ode, Lowell Ericsson, Sally Puller, Elizabeth Dickos, Verna Severin, Georgian Dahl- quist, Donna Lee Iupin, Lorraine Nelson, Ioan Minshall. l35l .Pain """ 1 ' -. Q F-.M 4 'x -. EIGHTH GRADE BAND ' Richard lohnson, Leona Ohlendorf, Delores Anderson, William Pett, Shirley Flood, William Kiesling, Edward Conrads, lack Bliss, Gerald Strang, Carol Iohnson, Erwin Strommer, Ianet Carsen, Roberta Iohnson, Doris Samuelson, Mr. Hall Marion Sjostrom, Carol Larson, Ray Brown, Iohn Skoglund, Robert Lindvall, Robert Lindstedt, Betty Stroberg, Roger Lindblade, Herman lohnson, Roger Bergstrom, Roger Anderson, Donald Wilson, Robert Kline Arthur Pearson, lack Pihl, Roy lohnson, LeRoy Davidson, Ronald Carlson, Frank Lantz, Armour Beckstrand, Richard Lawson, lames Yetterberg, Donald lohnson, Kenneth Soderstrom, Sammy G-uerrera, lames Peterson, Charles Anderson, lohn Nicholson, Donald Nordell Billy H. lohnson, Reid lohnson, Iohn Harding, Donald Partch, lames Holmin, Charles Lindgren, lack Bjork, lohn Skellbred, Robert Carlson, Charles Ekedahl, Iohn North, Armour Severin ' szvrzurr-r GRADE BAND 'A Roger Hanson, Roger Mohms, Gene Iohnson, Clarice Carlson, lean Lundberg, Marilyn Pierce, Charles Smith, Robert Lindquist, lames Ryman, Iames Erwin Bill Dahlquist, Dick Mandell, Bertil Anderson, Irving Sherman, Betty Lindberg, Alan Brown, Sherwin Johnson, Homer Colvin, Tommy Meagher, Dick Hanson, Edward Bergholtz, lsadore Rubin, Bob Kjell Donald Rust, Chester Hanson, Donald Miller, Morris Nelson, Gerald lohnson, Roger Carlson, Kurt Schneider, Wayne Berg, William Monson, Marjorie Olson Boyd lohnson, Robert Cliff, Dick Eighmy, Roger Miller, Ronald Malmberg, Benny Andrews, Bob Fritz, Melvin Benson, Dora May Hildebrand, Bob Atkins, Wayne Wallin, Howard lohnson, Donald Flood, Iohn Hallberg Kenneth Key, Richard Lindeman, Roger Lindeman, Ralph Ostberg, Vernon Seamonson, Bill Erickson, Stewart Lundahl, Darwin Martinson, Ralph Peterson, Lawrence Polkowski, William Marauder, Richard Ransorne C371 SILENT NIGHT On Sunday, December 15, l94U, the music department presented a Yuletide song service in the auditorium. A large crowd attended the presentation and gave every evidence ot their deep appreciation ot the beauty of the whole performance. The program consisted oi two parts. ln the tirst part the well-loved Christmas songs were sung by the various music groups. This was followed by C1 Yuletide Pageant, which told the story of the coming of Christ. Harris Anderson acted as the narrator, reading the Biblical account of the episode. His readings were followed by songs based on the original story. The musical portion came to a triumphant close in the singing ol "loy to the World" and the inspiring "O Come, All Ye Faithful." The Reverend Mr. E. C. Knock pronounced the benediction to close the service. Mrs. Angus directed the music, assisted by Miss Knock and Mr. lensen. Also assisting in the many details that made it ri success were Miss lolinson, Mr. I-lintz, Miss Cockiield, Miss Evans, Miss Alice Olander, Miss Winchester, Miss Hoeg- berg, Miss Bowman, and members of the Student Council. The picture shows a group of the princi- pals and the combined chorus. l98l WORDS AND MUSIC The great musical event of the year is the operetta, this time "Words and Music" which had three successful performances, two matinees and one evening performance. The operetta in two acts, by Bert Horswell, Adele Bohling Lee, and Don Wilson, was a complete success. The bright, modern music was interspersed with many dances and clever dialogue. The principals deserve much credit for the way they handled their parts. Many in the chorus showed that they had the ability to handle leading roles if only there had been enough to go around. Dave lohnson played the part of Fernando Fussbutton, the president of the college, in all three performances: Virginia Lawson and Betty Bush shared the part of Samanthia Highnoie, the dean of women: Mary Allen was played by Beatrice Krause and Phyllis Iohnson, Anastatius Longword, by Dick Hanson and Franklyn Fay: lohn Warren, by Iohn Foley and Bill Iamesp Washington, by Bill Lodin and Clinton Prentice: Faculty and Trustees, Margaret Conover, Elizabeth Ringstrand, George Schlupp, Richard Runberg, Tommy Iohnsong Ierry, by lack Adams. Assisting Mrs. Angus, who was in charge of the production, were Misses Knock, Hoegberg, Evans, Brouse, Cockfield, Iohnson, Andrew, Ballard, Bowman, Peters, Messrs. Hein and Middleton, Mrs. Tracyg Audrey Kuemmel, Doris Soderstrom, Barbara lane Dale, Vesta Anderson, Bill Fissinger, Richard Runberg, Donald Weir, and Student Council members. lf89l HUCKLEBERRY FINN On December fourth and fifth two casts chosen from the first semester 9A class gave matinee performances of "Huckleberry Finn," a dramatization by Charles George of Mark 'l'wain's great story. The auditorium was packed at both performances, and a most appreciative audience gave their approval of both casts. The plays were presented under the direction of Miss l-foegberg, assisted by other teachers and by members of the class. Harris Anderson and LaVerne Nilsson took the part of Huck at the two performances: Allan Anglemire and Fred Arnold shared the role of Tom Sawyer. Lyle Newman played the part of Iim at both performances: Dick Malmgren and Kenneth Anderson played the sheriff, while Silas Phelps was depicted by Bob Borden and Richard Clauson. Fourteen girls were in the two casts. Marion Carlson and Shirley Nelson took the part of Ella Mae Phelps: Marilyn Bowman and lean Malstrom, Sally Phelps: Charlotte Seele and Garnett Larson, Aunt Polly, Delores Hodge and Eva Stevens, Gee-Gee: Marilyn Stark and Betty Nelson, Mrs. Damrellg and Donna Lee Wass and Gloria Anderson, Mrs. Hotchkiss. Throughout the perform- ance excellent characterization and an understanding of the situation was noted. The play was presented before the Lincoln P.T.A. the following week. f9Ul THE HAUNTED TEA-ROOM X Anne Coulter Martin's play, "The Haunted Tea-Room," was the choice of the second semester QA class. The two performances were given April second and third to large and approving audi- ences. Five girls and four boys comprised the cast on each day. The following played the parts on Wednesday: Eugene Iohnson played Gerald Fenwickg Betty Lalrtae lohnson, Linda Berry: Virginia Swanson, Lotta Berry, Wendell Anderson, Dan Srnithg Iohn Foley, Horace Witherspoon, Arlene Wenstrom, Claire Landon: Marni Lee Wallin, Iosephine Boggs: Iohn Rosander, Snoopy Crane, and Margaret Conover, Iessie Iones. ln the Thursday performance the parts were played by Herbert Patterson, Norma Bloom, Marilyn Erickson, Richard Runberg, Tommy Johnson, Lillian Griffith, Barbara lane Dale, Donald Lindaas, and Virginia Swanson, respectively. The following people assisted Miss I-loegberg in the excellent production: Miss Condon, Mrs. Angus, Miss Ballard, Mr. Middleton, Romaine Johnson, Franklyn Fay, Kathleen Iohnson, Pearl Northsea, Catherine Ambrose, Iune Anderson, Bill Fissinger, Bill lames, Beatrice Krause, Phyllis Berry, Shirley Anderson, Shirley Aaby, Dorothy Walton, Patsy Lynn, Dick Hanson, Mary Gregg, Frances Grzelak, Dorothy Myrland, Allan Bergquist, Donald Iohnson, Beverly Pollock, Irene Millard, Marjorie Wickstrancl, and Ruth Vitell. ' l91l WE REMEMBER Do you remember "Book Week" assembly? Here's Major Domo-no, it's Charlotte Clark. The 8-l's gave a good assembly. Did you see the "Haunted Tea-Room"? Here are Tommy Iohnson, Barbara lane Dale and Richard Runberg of the Thursday cast. Ruth and lack Arndt in assembly. Leona Ohlendorf and Dorothy Ellis appeal to the Latin in us. Attention! Presenting Suzanne Ruiz and Margaret Darby. What a dream! lt's a "Mathematical Night- mare." How did lack and Ruth get in again? Guess Who! Girls from the Typing Club. Donald Dewey and lack Mottier were in the 8-1 assembly. THESE ASSEMBLIES For once Sally Smith and Iohn Nicholson had all the hot-doqs they Wanted! A few characters from "Huckleberry Finn." We learned about tire prevention. "His First girl." Remember? "The Cat's Whiskersf' Much ado about? Here's our old friend Captain, son of Colonel. Some more Book Week characters. These lite-savers gave their demonstration in the qym. Daniel Lind was the first semester band con- cert master. How many 8-l's were in that assembly? Our corridor windows are Well-designed. Here is the Twelfth Street entrance. Do you recognize the three Dicks of the "Mathe- matical Niqhtmaren? In the background the Annual club is coming to order. SO THIS IS LINCOLN! It must be algebra! Look at those speedy typists-"Now is the time, etc." Here's where the booster streamers came from. Our main entrance. That blonde happens to be "Kats" Bladstrom. We like to look out of the window. One Way of getting to class on time. Have a drink? Some ? people study very hard. In September and in Ianuary. Mr. Hein and the first semester QA repre- sentatives. f ul E Pix d X ,aw 4 3 313 Une For All FOOTBALL Allan Anglemire, Merlin Balmer, Richard Oppegard, lohn Beckman, lohn Hoge, Frank Anderson, Chester Dmochowski, Coach Polaski, l..aVerne Nelson, Marshall Seger, Dave Johnson, Ralph Cramer, Basil Orris, Donald Youngberg, Robert Nelson George Marvin, Louis Cotti, Fred Arnold, Ioe Russo, lohn Ritchie, Charles Siracusa, loe Paris, Howard Hirsch, Ronald Lindsay, Russell Brown, William Iames, Marvin lohnson. Dan Lind, Chester Machiewicz, Robert Loy, Ronald Murphy, Pat Vella, I-larold Wilson, Capt., Ben Flood, Hubert l-lall, Bill Fissinger, lack Cook A championship year for Lincoln! This was the outcome oi our football season of 1940. lt was one of the best showings a Lincoln team has ever given us. The mighty Lincoln powerhouse went undefeated through eight contests. The credit goes to the whole squad for this championship. Co-operation made this team what it was on that iield. The football season was a great beginning for our year in athletics. FOOTBALL CALENDAR Sept. Z8--West High Soph 8-6 Lincoln Oct 2-Roosevelt 32-U Lincoln Oct 9-Washington 30-7 Lincoln Oct. 19-East High Soph 20-U Lincoln Oct. 23--Roosevelt 26-7 Lincoln Oct. 30-Washington 26-6 Lincoln l95l BASKETBALL Robert Lindvall, Dick Stromquist, Marvin Iohnson, Iohn Pingo, William Sterud, jack Pearson, Ralph Carlson Richard Iohnson, Roger Lindstrom, Glen Trugillo, Chester Dmochowski, Russell Brown, john Ritchie, Herbert Streed Reese Girton, Pat Vella, joe Paris, Chester Machiewicz, Bob Loy, Dave johnson, Richard Hughes Lincoln came in second for the junior high school basketball championship this year, bowing to Washington as first place champions. The first game was with East Soph B., Lincoln winning 30-ll. The next game was with Washington, Washington winning 40-19. The next game was with the West Soph B team: Lincoln won 27-25. Roosevelt came next, winning 23-19. Lincoln then took the next game from Washington 25-23. Continuing their winning streak, they took Roosevelt 27-25. The last and final game oi the junior high school series Roosevelt lost to Washington, thus clinching the new school's claim to the title. Although we were disappointed in not winning the city junior high school championship, we are not disappointed in our team: we believe we have a fine team, one that will have a good chance to capture the title next year. The basketball season was brought to a close by a donkey game in which both the team members and the members of a faculty team played while riding the little animals. There were many spills and thrillsp finally the faculty took the game. The intramural season of basketball provided some fine games. The winners oi these tournaments are shown on later pages. l97l GLIMPSES OF GAMES Murphy scoring a touchdown against Wash- ington. A game between Lincoln and Washington. Lincoln's second team stopping a Roosevelt line plunge. Official Ralph Iohnson. Wilson kicking off. Pat Vella holding the ball. Line play-Lincoln on offense, Washington on defense. lack Cook, Pat Vella, Harold Wilson on a kick-off. Leo Mitchell scoring a touchdown, against Roosevelt. SOME BASKETBALL SCENES A jump ball. Chester Druochowski. Russell Brown. Put Vellcr cmd Dove Iohnson. Mr. Polcxski tries for cr basket While Pcxt Vellcr looks on. Mr. Hein cmd the referee. A tense moment in the game. SWIMMING Harold Burr, Perry Roos, Berttl Iohnson, Richard Sharp, Richard Thorstens, Marvin Wahlstrom, Roland Strote, Kenneth Fuller, Dick Stromquist Iohn Pingo, Herbert Peterson, Henry Sadewater, Virgil Gilbey, Ben Harding, Donald Sharp, Bill Sterud, Stanley Datin, Floyd Simonson, Donald Abernathy The first swimming meet was held at Roosevelt, Roosevelt winning 46-20. This meet was held December 4. On January 15, the second meet of the series was held, this time with Washington, Lincoln won 37-29. This meet was sparked by Bill Sterud, our backstroke star. On Ianuary 22, at West High School, the triangular meet was held. Roosevelt took first place, Lincoln second, and Washington third. Our boys showed vast improvement when we met Roosevelt at our home pool when the Lincoln relay team was disqualified, and Roosevelt won 36-30. We had our final meet at Washington on February 19. Lincoln won 43-23. Although the swimming season is officially over, the members of the team are practicing regu- larly, looking forward to next year's competition: several new prospective members of the squad show progress. We expect to get along swimmingly next year. 1:1001 TRACK TEAM Phelma Benton, Roland Strote, Bill Lindberg, Kenneth Garmaqer, lack Cook, Mr. Polaski, Tommy Krukonis, lohn Pingo, Ralph Frang, Russel Hagelin, Robert Kjell ' Iohn Di Marco, Dwight Diehl, Russell Iacobson, Lloyd Funk, Pat Vella, Bill Sterud, Ronald Murphy, Chester Mackiewicz, Bob Loy, George Marvin, Herbert Streed, Lyle Pierce, Dick Strornquist Donald Iohnson, Leif Larson, Dick Nyquist, Lester Nelson, Donald Lindstrom, Robert Blomquist, Earl Warner, Floyd Simonson, Donald Youngberg, Leonard Flood, Vern Caumiant Lincoln's track team had a slight edge over the west side junior high schools because Roose- velt's team was split at the beginning of the school year since the pupils ot the new junior high school, Washington, were transferred from the west side school. On May sixth the first track meet was held with Washington. The Lincoln boys had much determination to wing they took Washing- ton 62-24. On May fourteenth Lincoln went West again, this time to meet Rooseveltg our boys were victorious 60-26. The final triangular meet was held on May twenty-eighth. Several records have been broken during the track season. On May 6 Chester Mackiewicz broke the shot put and discus throw junior high school record. Dwight Diehl broke the 880 yard dash record at the same meet. On May 14, Bob Loy bettered the old record of 5 ft. 7 for high jumping and did 5 ft. SIA for a new record. 51013 BASEBALL CHAMPIONS A E' . X V ml, V , . 1' Q - 1 f l' A 1 V. Q . ggi, 1:3 A if ....,e..s.ss if ,K A N N . X V 5 9A-5. 9TH GRADE CHAMPS C. Burman, D. Swenson, L. Carlson, R. An derson, L. Dahlstrand P, Iohnson, D. Vanoski, L. Bottenberg, I Dobnick, H. Clark BA-3. BTH GRADE CHAMPS C. Hoof, L. Larson, F. Fay, K. Garmoger l-lanszfri B. Loy, C. McConnell, A Bergquist, Fl. Swanson C. Iohnson, B. I-Iarding, W. Lodin, C Machiewicz, D. Knell, C. Gustafson, K Fuller 'x.,J 8-6. 7TH GRADE CHAMPS R. Nyquist, A. Baumgardner, C. Sadewater A. Anderson, A. Bourkland K. Griepentrog, O. Mahle, R. Fitzpatrick, I Craig, T. Meagher One oi the big athletic events of the spring is the baseball tournament held under the direction oi Mr. Gordon. Every home room is privileged to enter the tournament. The games are held on the playground after school. lf less than seven boys show up, the game is forieited. By a process of elimination the champion tor each grade is determined. The picture above shows the winners of the tournament for the spring of 1940. 51023 1 9B-2. BA CHAMPS I. Miller, F. Zitslce, W. Stark, R. Wilson, M. Teachout, R. Lightcap R. Peterson, R. Sharp, W. Stemd, W. Sodema, R. Mitchell 8-4. STH GRADE CHAMPS R. Scholten, R. Peterson, I. Iohnson, B. Day, K. Walsh, E. Wallin A. Forrest, M. Olson, D. Dusing, D. Ander- son, W. Carlson 7-12. 7TH GRADE CHAMPS G. Carter, R. Kincistrom, E. Iohnson, C. Showen, K. Sabinson, R. Andrus, I. Pat- tison I. Kolterman, I. Nelson, B. Iarl, D. Nelson, R. Olson PASSBALL CHAMPIONS The passball tournament was held under Mr. Gordon's direction. The games were played on the school ground after school. The various home rooms entered teams in the league cmd many games were played in order to discover the Winning team. The game is played according to toot- ball rules, although no tackling is allowed. If lewer than seven players appear for the game, the game is forfeited. The teams pictured above were the winners in their respective classes. D033 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS Pennsylvania-Heavyweight Champs K. Soderstrom, R. Iohnson, I. Pinqo, D Iohnson, C, Choppi Minnesota-Lightweight Champs G. Larsen, I. Miller, R. Sharp, W. lohnson, R. Iversen Faculty Team in the Donkey Game Faculty Team won the Donkey Game During the basketball season much interest and excitement is aroused by the games between members of the school league. There are two divisions, the heavy and liqht weight. By a series of elimination games the winners, shown above, were selected. Pennsylvania won the heavy- weight title: Minnesota, the liqhtweiqhtg the faculty team won the donkey basketball game. Are they more accustomed to handling wild animals? 1:1041 GIRLS' ATHLETICS 9A-7 FIRST SEMESTER BASKETBALL CHAMPS E. Iohnson, B. Williams, R. Frohs, K. Arn- brose. B. Balestri, D. Sager, A. Hakes. 7-2, NINE-COURT BASKETBALL CHAMPS G. Stannard, I. Lindquist, M. lepson, R. Lilja, M. Englund, C. Nordstrom, B. Ring, B. Annellani, I. Green, S. Rutz. 7-14, KICKBALL CHAMPS D. Dix, M. Skrinski, enson, N. Peavey, l. Lindquist, E. De- venney. E. L. Iohnson, R. Wyzlic, M. Swanson, E. Dickos, D. Blades. D. Ellis. G. Greenberg, D. Aug' Throughout the school year the girls of the school participate in athletic sports. Several days a Week games are held after school and much excitement ensues. Among the sports basketball and kickball are favorites. After a series of elimination games, the 9A-7's won the basketball title, the 7-2's, the 9-court basketball: and the '74l4's, the kickball. They all played hard to win their respec- tive titles. Anyone visiting the gymnasium after school on the days when the girls were having their tournaments would never doubt that our girls are lovers of sports and of athletics. t1osJ VOLLEYBALL SA-1, FIRST SEMESTER CHAMPS F. Grzelak, I. Linden, S. Bottenberg, I. Ek wall, M. Conover, D. A. Walton, N SOD. 8-4. FIRST SEMESTER CHAMPS L. Pieske, E. Lutzoff, R. Hassell, A. Ander son, P. Carlson, E. Iacobson, L. Lord. W, Nelson, D. H. Swenson, I. Lindberg, S. I lohnson, L. Kronlokken. M. Sandberg, Doris Strote, A. Liebovich, L Dahlberg, S. L. Iohnson, Dorothy Strote V. Severin. 8-ll. SECOND SEMESTER CHAMPS l. Bryan. l. Malmberg. B. lohnson. Volleyball rates high in popularity among the girls. It was so popular this year that tournaments were held both tirst and second semester. The usual plan of eliminating contestants by the results of games left the QA-l team the champions in the ninth grade group, while the 8-4's were the champions ol their group. ln the second semester, the 8-ll girls fought their way to victory over the other eighth grade groups. The 9B-6 girls, the champions of their class, are shown on the following page. Their tournament was the last to be completed. Lioel Bloom, L. Johnson, V. Johnson, B. L. Iohn- G. Farr, B. Stine, B. Kitlle, M. Brunemeyer, D. Knell, B. Nihon, M. Alonzo, I. DiTullio, YOUNG AMAZONS LIFE-GUARDS M. Olander, L. Griffith, P. Lynn, M. Iohnson, M. L. Wallin, S. Bottenberg, I. Hancock, M. Mott. V. Gustafson, L. Carlson, S. Anderson, Miss Brouse, K. Iohnson, E. Sulak, P. Adolph- son. TOURNAMENT REFEREES AND SCOREKEEPERS M. Mazzola, S. Gagliano, A. M. lohnson, B. Williams, L., Clauson, B. Kittle, M. Iohan- son, L. Paris. C. Ambrose, I. DiTullio, B. Mitchell, L. Mite chell, B. Balestri, D. Knell, D. Anderson, M. Alonzo, A. Alfors. Absent: B. Nihan, G. Iohnson. SB-6, SECOND SEMESTER VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS M. Mazzola, B. Nordenberg, L. Devenney, D. Bergstrom, F. Haxel. M. Watkins, S. Gagliano, A. Sciortino, L. Paris, L. l-lill. This year for the first time, the girls' physical education department has given special training to fit girls to become referees and scorekeepers. The girls pictured here are the first group so trained. They have given much time and attention to helping make the games successful. The group of life- guards shown in the second picture are girls who have passed their life-saving tests and are qualified to assist at the pool during swimming periods. The picture at the bottom shows the 9B-6 girls, the Winners of the spirited volleyball contest held during the second semester. ' D071 5- CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 4. School begins for teachers and "freshies". CHEERLEADERS Kathleen lohnson Kenneth Soclerstrom, Kathleen lohnson lack Emerson lack Emerson, Kenneth Soderstrom Katherine Bladstrom Katherine Blaclstrom, Kathleen Johnson Kenneth Soderstrom. lack Emerson, Lil lian Griffith, Marni Lee Wallin Marni Lee Wallin Lillian Griffith Several new members have been added to our facultyg they are Mr. Welsh, principal, Miss Burt, Miss Sauber, Miss l-lanstrom, nurse, Miss Winchester, Miss O'Donnell, Miss Smith, Mr. Fred lohnson, Mr. Gumbrell, and Mr. Chester Iohnson. OCTOBER 7, 8, 9. Fire Prevention Week is observed in assemblies. Report cards given out for lst quarter. The teachers don't understand you, do they? Lincoln beats Washington. 14, 15, 16. Assembly club presented "Dress Rehearsal". We liked it. 23, 24, 25. Institute for the teachersg vacation for us. 31. Don't get into too much trouble on Halloween. NOVEMBER 4, 5, 6. Book Week Assembly Program. Very fine entertainment. ll. Armistice Day vacation. 12, 13, 14. Patriotic Assembly in honor of Armistice Day. 13. Here they are again. What? Those unhappy report cards. 21, 22. And then comes Thanksgiving-and two days vacation. 26. The Annual Club gives an entertainment. Did the Indians frighten you? mei - CALENDAR DECEMBER 4, 5. Huckleberry Finn presented at matinee performances. Wonderful! l0. Play given before Parent-Teachers meeting. We had much applause. 15. Music department gives beautiful cantata and Christmas song service in the auditorium. 16. We're beginning to write letters to Santa Claus. 20. School closed for Chnstmas and the hofizlays. lest 'Fore Christmas l'm as good as I can be. Did the teachers give" us a Christmas present? Report Cards! IANUARY 6. Back at school. lt's no better than before. 15-16. Pictures taken for the Annual. For once we toed the mark. l7. 9A party held in the cafeteria. Good dinner and good time. 20. Honor assembly. Were you one of the lucky ones? Neither was 1. 24. Semester ends. Get a breath and be ready for another one. 27. New semester opens. What did you draw in the way of teachers? FEBRUARY 5. Lincoln loses the triangular swimming meet. 10. Tryouts for 9-A play. 25. Cast chosen for 9A class play. Were you one cf them? 26. Swimming and basketball letters were awarded in ninth grade assembly. Aren't you proud of our boys? MARCH 4. Miss Swanson chosen to advise 9A class. 6. Donkey basketball game played between the faculty and the boys. Very amusing. 10, ll, 12. "Cats Whiskers" presented in assembly. Many laughs. 12. First meeting of representative council with Miss Swanson. ' 25. Election of 9A class officers. 24, 25. Seventh and eighth grade classes witnessed Captain the son of Colonel. We enjoyed them. 26. R.O.T.C. boys provide assembly for ninth graders. APRIL 2, 3. The QA class play was presented. "The Haunted Tea Room". A good ghost story. Was enjoyed by everyone. 3. Luncheon put on by the Household Arts department for the teachers. l7. Staples and his company thrilled many when they came to Lincoln. 28, 29, 30. Men teachers dramatized "The Light Housekeeper's Daughter". We liked it very much. ' MAY 7, 8. The operetta "Words and Music" presented. Very good. YUNE 2-6. 9A Semester final examinations. Someone's always taking the joy out of life. 4. Annuals issued. You know what that means. B. QA Class Party-our best clothes and our best behavior. 9. 9A Honor Assembly. 10. Report cards. Last day of school. Happy vacation to everyone, INDEX Cover Design .......... ....... 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Main 1838 Rockford Wholesale Compliments Grocery Co. Pass the Word along "ECHO COFFEE" Carlson Sales Co. Inc. 225 South Sixth Street also HUDS ECHO TEA PRESERVES ON DISTRIBUTORS OLIVES SPICES Quality Used Cars 222 North Water Street GILBERT A. I OI-INSON Architect Designed the followinq: LINCOLN IR. HIGH SCHOOL ROOSEVELT IR. HIGH SCHOOL WASHINGTON IR. HIGH SCHOOL EAST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL WEST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MCFARLAND Office Equipment Co. EVERYTHING FOR TI-IE OFFICE 223 N. Church St. Main 3907 Highland Pharmacy "Relialole Prescription Service" M. V. SMITH, R.Ph. Allen's Ice Cream 2127 East State Main 3528 1:1191 Iohn R. Porter 6. Co. l Prescription Druqqisis Since l859 STATE AND MAIN STREETS PHONE MAIN 539 Kelly Motor Sales Co. CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE Soles cmd Service Showroom--223 N. Second St. SERVICE - USED CARS 600 N. Main Si. Markei and N. 2nd St. Phone Main 418-419 STATE THEATRE "ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW" At Popular Prices MAIN 181 105 WEST STATE STREET ...Tl-IE... 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln Junior High School - Annual Yearbook (Rockford, IL) collection:

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