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Q YL - Je The Lincoln Annual , A Published by The 9A Classes Abraham Lincoln Junior High School Rockford, Illinois To our school nurse MISS MARIGN DAGNAN we dedicate this book as a mark of our love and appreciation Progress Uur school, we hope, typilies progress. It was not so long ago that the ma- jority of pupils learned their three r's in the little red school house of which the poets and song writers often tell us. The school consisted of only one roomg it was furnished with wooden benches and desks, and a stove which seemed ready to bake the pupils who sat near it while allowing the others to shiver and wish for its warmth. The teachers were poorly paid and could not afford to have much education or training. Today we are taught, not only the three r's, but a host of other subjects in a modern structure which does credit to the community. It has, not one room, but more than two score of them, provided with excellent furniture and equipment. Gymnasiums, a library. and an auditorium are provided as means towards our Ending and keeping health, knowledge, and enjoyment. NVe are not scorched by a Ere from a stove, but we enjoy the latest system of heating and ventilation. Truly, this is an age of progress in which we ,are living. VVho knows what the 'future will present to aid knowledge seekers to reach their goal? ll 9 3 1 page three Old Schools and New Hurray for a day of fun! Our school is having a visiting day, and a few of us have decided to visit one of the old schools. As we come down the well-worn path, we see set back among the trees a log school house. A small creek runs along the side, and a hum of voices can be heard in the stillness. VVe open the door, and as we enter, we notice first of all the seats at which the children are sitting. They are long benches with many initials carved upon them. Qne side of the room is for the girls. and the other is for the boys. There are only two little windows high in the wall, but the sun is streaming in through the cracks. VVe notice on the boys' side of the room that the holes are larger where there are knot holes and the cracks more numerous. The teacher is a middle-aged man with glasses on the end of his nose. Behind him on a nail we see several birch switches of various sizes. He sits there like a judge on a raised platform with the dunce chair near his desk. As the children are called up to recite, they stand on a chalk mark. facing the master. their hooks in their left hands, awaiting his command to read. The room is rather quiet, and the voice of the reader echoes in the stillness. As we are sitting here, we think of the school we have just left. It is situated on a busy corner with busses and automobiles hurrying by. lt isa large building, nearly a block long. with long sidewalks bordered by flowers. NVhen we enter the large door, we walk up the steps and down the long corridors. We enter a large room and find a group of people engaged upon some problem or other. The teacher is sitting at a large desk helping and directing the class in their work. The room is provided with plenty of material so that each pupil will be able to secure all the help he desires. As we look upon this peaceful scene and think of the one we have just left, we think of the great difference between the quiet little school set back in the trees and the large school on the crowded busy streets. Orpha O'l-lara. 9A4-First Semester. The School My Mother Attended My mother attended Hall School. In those days school didn't commence be- fore the Twenty-Third Psalm was read and a song was sung. They had one teacher for all their studies except music and art. In room ten, the eighth grade room, there was an organ. The Principal would occasionally play it for themg this was a great treat. There was no cafeteria in the school as we have in Lincoln. As many of the pupils had a long way to come to school, they brought their lunch with them and ate it in a room down in the basement. There wasn't a teacher to keep order there, but the janitor did. Each room had two cloak rooms, one for the girls and the other for the boys. To punish the boys, some of the teachers would send them into the girls' cloak room. This was always hard on the girls because if it was a mischiev- ious boy, the girls would have a hard time Finding their wraps when they were ready to go home. The fifth grade teacher rode a bicycle to school. Vtfhen she came in, she would have to change her bicycle skirt to a longer skirt to be worn in the shool room. The schools in those days were not so well equipped as they are today, but still the pupils enjoyed what they had and proited by it. Virginia Franzen, 8Bl. 1 9 3 l page four -4. X WJ K7 4? wW3Q9Y,1fA Ji ,4.. X I A A CZUT -17-A TY fu' , 1 W I.. s n , , . ' -1 l ' Lf Mfi , ' , V N r V U I' A F V -4. . 5 A' 4 h Xl JI A E a -V ' L 4 , J 1 f ,J I J x , 1 mr 'ly I ix , XV Q- X J 'fl H I '. XV Y ' A U X- ' fx X? AMN X f Jw A 'X -rl A KN? ,J E I IJ X X .J 1 A I X I The Faculty V I 9 I Q HDl1FHIuUUHRDNU'HH1'xA.lII71l1'LlTulJ7IllHJl71HHTIU Jl Row 1: Mr. Hanna, Mr. Hintz, Mr. Skinner, Mr, Middlf-ton, Mr. Clow, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Schade, Mr. johnson, Mr. Nasliold, Mr. Nutting, Mr. Gordon. Row 2: Mrs. Haupt, Miss NVl1ittle, Miss Seal, Miss Laura Larson. Miss Patterson, Miss Herrick, Miss W'?5ster, Miss Dgeedhzuu, M?IsIB1'0gunier, Miss Dagnan, Miss Bowman, Miss Ellis, Miss Burch- fie , Mrs. ove and, Miss a I. Row3: Mrs. VVestring, Miss Lilas Larson. Mrs. Pratt, Miss Fitzgerald, Miss Shaw, Miss Kjellgren, MissfOlimder, Miss johnson, Miss Peterson, Miss Rudolph, Miss Petrilz, Miss Maiideville, Miss Murt elc t. Row 4: Miss Ballard, Mrs. Tjatlcn, Miss Geddes, Mrs. Angus, Miss Schwirz, Miss Soutliann, Miss Carlson, iMiss gorutliy E. Anderson, Miss Mcllrath, Miss Smith, Mrs. Emerson, Miss W'etzcl, Miss 'ic'ey, l iss Prien. Row 5: Miss Burr, Miss Garflc, Miss Schrum, Miss Broderick. Miss Lampmzin, Miss Cznnplrell, Miss Totlson, Miss Qliglls, Miss Sanders, Miss Cotta, Miss Reid. Miss McSwuc:ncy, Miss Nlcfluire, Miss Browse, iss 1'o er. Absent: Miss Hilzmd, Miss Dorothy M. Anrlcrson, Miss Cockfielcl, Miss Stone. ,, , Autographs . Ja 43- l lf'f ffl. . ff! 11 9, Z l. I X if 9' f' . ,, - M' ,, , ,' 'fwsiuudfs-V1.1 f'?f6?,ff2fz,-:ffy'TLfz:ff,1 ' fx U - .1 -Y ,f V ri- 'Qf'u0ff4'2'-' jg rPqfGLfLf V f .- rf fi 11,0 Yi ? 1. I ,CWA i 25:2 . , , A - , .f . . ,-2 A f 1 f 1 ,,i,o'f,'1 ,L . I.-fy' f'---' f' ff-44' 'r -' I 4 Q' v . AQ., .- Q ffl... I ,z L' , ,. ff . - 'f J 3 C' If I li-e,lmf.slQi's1 li , A A C 1 H ' M ,fl.fv...c. '17, , .fi-Af4 '7'l K-fi Q ' 1 1931 -, page six I I r 9 2 f.,,-1 af wffQMQ W! ' ' ,,.. ef 5 f- .f45:-Lf, QW - I ' . if ff ff Q1 Q gi-UMVU I 077 g Qnaflff . 7xLLl,,,MJ ?15ffMvxA,cy.,,y 7 17 N 1 Classesfxyw , ,, 'X K 5 ,.. 5 iZZ7 5: X. ,.f' R X f ,1 ' 'f 1 3 G X ,Y A 5 Q4 ' .iv fy px i x ,, I, , Ja fy . ff W!! 9' , ' ,fMfJf,1f'j?Q In ' 7 5 I 'fb .IJ 5 A V , ffl JJ X ' f-xx . X 1. IA - ,vffll 'Z 1 3 fy ' C' FJ .Rx bl DC' 1' if rg. S 9A Class Ofiicers-First Semester PDENNY Bmxlz-P1'usizlw1l JOHN 01.50N-l- irc-P1'vsidc'1zI :HOYVARD XVIIITE--Tl'Z'fISlH't'l' M155 SixNDExzs--flrizfism' 1'IELEN P15'1'1sRs0N-S evrvfary 1931 First Semester-9A-1 Row Row Row Row lircd liriclcson. XY:tll:ncv Iijnrkluml, lingerie Lnndeen, Lloyd Johnson, Gerald Maynard, XValter Brown, lidwin Sxtndcen. Ormond Whipple, John Krcvcl, Clarence Nystrom, Kenneth Stenherg, Miss NVorster, Eugene Iirolterg, Ruger Flannery, Arthur Gtnnlxrcll. l,orr:uinc Iiriclcson, Flora Swenson, ,lane Swenson, Rachel Gustafson, Helen Johnson, Gunhild llnglnnd, lloldri llocfs, Marion Pezirson, Mildred Adolphson, Rnhy Bergstrom. Mnry June Olson, Ruth l'c:tcocl:, Grace Nilson, Dorothy Adninson. Doris Anderson, Mildred Carlson, Ruth Allyn, Romonzl Johnson, Helen Peterson, Rhoda Fredrickson. Alnsr-nl: George llunson, llrncc Olson, Rziynimnl Ilrtnstrum. , First Semester-9A-2 Row l: Leslie Rowley, l,:xVcrne Jnlin, ,Team Pippel. Frcd Iilrilcson, Alhert Ahlgren, Arley- Armstrong, Clutrlus llollo, lidwin Johnson, l'I:u'oId Cztrlzcn, Eugene Johnson. Row 2: Arthur l,undhl:nlc, Chester Peterson, Evelyn V. Larson, Maude Bjork, Helen D. johnson, Evelyn E. Latrson, Arthur johnson. Robert Vestal. Row 3: Vivian Fry, Marjorie Lind, Louise Frnnzcn, Eva Schlee, Pearl Ekstrom, Ruth Fritz, Dorothy Juli n son. Absent: Charline Johnson. 21931 First Semester-9A-3 Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Milton Gustafson, Bertil lfrederickson, Ben Celms, Merle Steward, George Alirainuvich, Emerson Norman, Kenneth Seger, Louis Pearson. XV:1lter Berg, Maurice Larson, Aullrcy Smith, Arnold Peterson, Miss llall, Carroll Johnson, Ralph Baelir, Richard Engquist, Vera Cash, Phyllis Stern, Jennie Miklzts, Bernice Berglund, Doris Ringstrand, Claris Hallen, Elizabeth Rosengreu, Carol Rudwall. Ruth Schinoolc, Flnriee Nelson, Pauline Volikaitis, Audrey Larson, Gertrude Carlson, Grace Lundhcrg, Phyllis Youngherg, Catherine Kaminski. Absent: Alfons Johnson, Jeanette Anderson. Marion Purkapile. First Semester-9A-4 Row 1: Russell Burton, VVesley Sall, Lawrence Van Bloom, Roy Lundeen. Row 2: George Abraliamsun, Lloyd Peterson, Nathaniel Hoyle, john Olson, Mr. johnson, Raymond Mulander, Clifford Smith. Howard Olierg. Row 3: Frances McGuire, Lorraine johnson, Mildred Vlfallin, Ethel Amsrud, Adelia Davis, Florence Olson, Margaret Hawkiuson, Helen johnson, Gurly Peterson. Row 4: Marion Person, Jule Haegg, Audrey Grell, Alice Eyster, Florence johnson, Margaret Roebuck, Mildred Chapman, Orpha. O'Har:1. Absent: Chester Carlson, Merlin Fusler, Robert Parker, Virginia Magnuson. page ten First Semester-9A-5 Kun' l. Gcurgc ,lnhnson, Marshal Lind. Arthur Jacobson, Richard Sxxnclstrom, Erick Carlson, LuVerne linuklanil. Edwnril Lfllrich. Row Z: llarry Dltgustin, Ralph Engstrom, Edwin Sunneckcn, Roy Pezxrsnn, Clarence Lindsey, Kenneth Larson, Leonard Carlson, Robert Kuuilman, Row 3, lrenv: Kliug, janet Nnrling, Mililrcil .l,'ClUI'5UIl, Lilly Larsun, Miss Patterson, Phyllis Reinert, Ruth lircslrickson, Lillian .AlllCllllSl. Rmv -1: Gnlrlic jucubsun, Dulurus Nystrmn, Dorothy Kaye, Ruth lfrickson, Mary Cofius, Eileen Tlialen, Margaret Duty. Absent: Bcrlil Iloglund, Thelma Nelson. First Semester-9A-6 1 l . 1 : Row 1. llurbcrl jolnisnn, Arnold Zinnncrly, Robert Peterson, Everett Thelen. Roger Ring, Lloyd Myers, Max Mathews, Marshall Blumgren. Row 2: Samuel Gottfrcml. XVillarsl Swenson, Lyle Lofdahl, Gilbert Bcisher, Alex Sandin, Jack Porter, Merles Nelson. I-laruld jnltnsun. Row 3: Lillian Miller, Miss Hills, Myrtle NN'cstman, Linnea Lundquist, Frances Kronvald, Ellen Camp- bell, Margaret Jorgensen, Virginia Peterson. Row 4: Vera Hayes, Margaret Carlson, Josephine Gallossi, Ethel Nelson, Jeanette Forsberg, Helen Abse ll!! Zcslci, Gladys Hallgren, Juanita Lindeman. Billie Kipp. 1931 page eleven First Semester-9A-7 F i l l 1 if a Row 1: XV:irren Dunne, James Ilul-nies, -XX':ilter Hiinin, -Yiclnr Petcrsrni, lfrzincis Ruin-r, fuck Shake, Kenneth Erickson. A Row 2: Miss Sanders, Robert Larson, Benny Behr, llwvzird NN'hitc, Ilowziril l,iinliii:irlc, Leslie jolnison, Ronald Kinknski, Curl julniwn, Bnrncll Giislzilsmi. Row 3: lngricl Iflulllllilllf, Mavis Peterson, Margnrel Peterson, Ruth Reiner, lfnlitli limnnuulson, Dorothy Tliolin. Imogene Lawson, lisa Larson, Ruth Bcrgmzirlc. Row 4: Ruhy Kling, Doris Johnson, Virginia Linclcn, Sophie linzzis, Lois julin, Ilnzcl llxillmnn, Doris Smecllicrg, Hazel Nelson. Absent: Stanley jullnson. F1rst Semester Honor Roll E l l Row 1 Row Z Row 3 Row 4: Lloyd johnson, Roger Flannery, Fred Erikson, l7lor:i Swenson, Jennie Miklris, Bernice Burglnnd, Roy Pearson. Clzircncc Nystrom, Gerald Mziynnril. Ingrid Bolanflcr, M:il'g:iret Peterson, Dorothy 'l'lirilin, Ruth Alilff l:I'Ctll'lK'liS0ll, Ilclcn johnson, Gunhild Hugluxnl, Rachel lliistzifsmi, Mzirgzirct Jorgunsun, Mavis Putcrsnn. Mary jane Olson, Helen Peterson, Frrinccs Mcllnirc, Phyllis Stern, Mziriun Pczirsoii, June Swenson. Doris Smcrlberg, Janet Nurling, I.,urr:iinc Erickson, Ruth Fritz, Pearl Ekstrom, Doris Anderson, Ruth Peacock, Mildred Carlson, Grace Nilson, Eva Schlce, Pauline Polikaitis, Rhoda Fredrickson. ll 9 3 ll page twelve . History. of the First Semester 9A Class ' The lirst semester 9A Class history was marked by several important events, including the .llallowe'eni party.. the 9A class party, the class play, and the class assembly, The ,l lallowe'en party was the First of its kind held in Lincoln, and it was so successful that others will doubtless be given. The class play, in which Kenneth Stenberg, blames Holmes, Clarence Lindsey, Helen Peterson, Lorraine Erickson, jane Swenson, and Phyllis Reiuert partici- pated, was very successful. It was Tlzr illazz from Bz'a1zd011'. Miss Cotta directed it. The QA class party this year was in the form of a carnival. or circus, with booths and other attractions. The party proved very entertaining and was attended by nearly everyone in the class. hliss lllildred Sanders was the adviser of the 9.4 class. She was chosen at a meeting held December l. The oliticers were elected at the following meeting and were as follows: llenny Behr, Presidentg -lohn Olson, Vice-Presidentg Helen Peter- son, Serretaryg and lfloward XVhite, Treasurer. Members of the class have been very active in various activities of the school. Lorraine lirickson was the editor of Tlzv LIillt'0IlI Log the First semester, while Vera Cash, lfdwin Sandeen, and others were members of the stahi or of the club. lidwin Sonnccken and Arthur tiumbrell were editors of the flmzzml during the first semester, while many others of the class were on the staff. Phyllis Reinert and .luanila l,indeman shared the duties ol Business Managers,and under their di- rection an almost lO0fZJ subscription among the class members was obtained. lileinbers of the class were in the band and orchestra. Mr. Haight made the following statements about some of the leading members: Fred lirilcson has nerve. He shows what work can do, and he is not afraid to tryf, Raymond lXlolander and Lloyd Peterson are always Tlzm'n. VVe'll miss Raymond lflanstromg he always stayed until the finish? Richard Sandstrom plays the drum as if he loved it. ln the assembly, the last event of the semester, the will and prophecy were given. The prophecy was given in a most modern fashion by being thrown on the screen. At the beginning of the second semester, the class migrated to senior high school where they have become a very important part of that school. l 93 ll - page thirteen Who's Who in the First Semester 9A Class TCU? '4 'VNU A 'FDLLPLI ,lv 1 I if Ne T06 irne. VEC 1931 page fourteen TDILP SQVCTI ,. ,' I V ,, r , ,H ,-af' -fr,-J. W ef' 1' 1 ,. V4 I ,,, V ,gn ,. , l ,ff 1-'34..,f--., ,1 -2 - fa .ffm . . 5 . if c y, Identiiication of Who's Who The group pictures on the opposite page are of those of the members of the QA class who were chosen lay their classmates as deserving of special mention: Group l-Most Amusing: .lane Swenson, Alice Eyster, Elizaheth Rosengren, Edwin Sandeen, Gilbert lieishcr. AlmsentWVera Cash. Group 2-Best Athletes : llenny liehr, Catherine Kzuninski, Arley Armstrong. Group 3-Best Students: Clarence Nystrom, Pearl Ekstrom, Lorraine Erickson, Jeanette Anderson. Group -l- -V-I lf lllost Service to School: Edwin Sonnecken, lloward White, Clarence Nystrom, ,Iuanita l.indeman, Vera Cash, Edwin Saudeen. Group Se-l'ossesserl ol Klost .lfriendsz Arley .'X1'l11Sll'Ullg'. Gillmert Beisher, ,Benny Behr, Edwin Sounecken, Vivian Fry, Helen Peterson, Eugene johnson, Grace l,undlnerg, Edwin Sancleen, lllary hlane Olson. .AllSC'lll-l3I'llL'Q Olson, ,luanita Lincleman, Vera Cash. Group 6-llest-Lookiuff' ,,. Eugene Hroherg, -lohn Olson, Lorraine Erickson, Evelyn E. Larson, Mary ,lane Olson, Lorraine ulohnson. Almsent: Arley Armstrong, Arthur Jacobson, Bruce Olson. Group 7!-Showing Greatest Promise of Success in the Future: Arthur Gumlmrcll, Clarence Nystrom. lloward X'Vhite, Edwin Sounecken, Lor- raine Erickson, llelen Peterson, Vera Cash, Fred Erickson, -leanette Johnson, Frances lVlcGuire, Louise lfranzen. U Autographs R . , O-M431 mj,4,w-fi-AJI4. ynzff zff QL Jesewm K ..,, Wd 5l', 'FZr4W Elerie 1931 39 page nftecn 9A Class Officers-Second Semester PHIL :KELLNER-V'iCG-Pl'G.V'idCl'lf BARBARA CARLSON-T7'6?ClS'lH'Cl' NORRIS ALDEEN-PI'0.Yid01'lf RUTH OI.sEN-Scvrefary Miss CO'I'TA-Adi iSC7 1931 5 f IV? ,A J XJ I FJ lj- 9A-1 il Row l. Ron' 2' Row J: lion' 4: ' John VV:1llcnl1erg, Enlwarrl Waishnor, George Aden, Malte Johnson, Leslie Carlson, Donald Vaughn, Bennet Olson, Irving Carlson, Donald Asprooth. XValter Fraser, Henry Piillllllll, Robert Hinneher, Norris Aldeen, Orville Varland, Robert Dclioresl, Glenn Smith. Anne Sorlergren, janet Bloinrlnist, Letlic lfrisk, Lucille lvinflahl, Miss Scllrom, Anna Bliznik, lizirlmra Scversnn, Lucille Gustafson, Elaine Faggintti, Irma Marchetti. Ruth illlllllllilfilill, .lane llziellkl Violet .Xnalvrsrnn Mona Dulcw, Ethel Tranlc, Phyllis Ackru, Mvrllu Gustafson, Virginian Kearns, lileanor lfnslrom. Absent: joel Carlson. 9A-2 Row I: Carlson, Harry Nygren, Reo Dnchardt, William Deibner, Arthur vRow2: laelxsgxletlfggsxfxnmire, Harry Smecllwerg, Robert XVall, NYillard Breckenridge, Evert Bergstrom, ,Row 3:' Sawyer, Alice Johnson, Miss Larson, Mildred Magnuson, Lucille Kline, Row 4: EiligrgmlialIEii::imeiv,z:1'Igzlkr2etGg1rcgcz1kl?ierolcett, lrma Pini, Evelyn Greer, Ruth Johnson, Violet Absent: Sylvester Shannon. W y 5, FP 1931 ' y'9Ul','A l'l ! 4 -73 f,:Q,f':ll l l:SgH,v page seventeen C M,'5+,7'7jLf 14,113.1 fix! .7 N 9A:3 l L Row 1: Arvid Seagren, XValter Engstrom, Billie Kipp, Everett' Hanlmerstrancl, Paul Anderson, Enos Corbett, Stuart Johnson. Row 2: Josephine Olkiwicz, VVilliam Hinn, Thomas Tobin, Arnolrl Anderson, Alden johnson, Robert Flood, Herbert Carlson, Angie Kugath. Row3: Maxine Olson. Esther Bontoft, Bernice Kuzmiskas, Mrs. 'l'jarlen, lilslher Rosenquist, Ilelf-n Zeski. Lillian Linrllmlom. Row 4: Violet Oman. Vivian XVeluster, Martha likstrom, Evelyn Ringler, Dorothy Carlsrm, Lois Simons, Arline Hazard, Evelyn Munson, Pvtroni Panlikitas. Alxsent: Carl l,lI'lfllDlfYl1l. 9Af4 .5 W , ll el l 7' Row I: LeRoy Anderson, Lyman Dack, Roy Flinlc, Leonard Hrnherg, Ilarvey Bergman, Evcrcit Ilen- rikson. Row 2: Vivian Fry, Alford Carlson, Nathaniel Hoyle, Carl Liehovich, Donald Lindley, Hnrclette Carlson, LeRoy Blaslc, Ralph VVallin, Jeanette johnson. Row 3: Grace Reid, Ruth Markusnn, Marie Nelson, Elna Sennlw, Mrs. Angus, Helen Faust, Evelyn Carlson, Dorothy Larson. Row 4: Bernice Dryden. Violet johnson, Josephine Ethington. Ruth Brocline, Louise Wright, Carolyn VVright, Margaret Challherg, Bernice Peterson. Alice Cline. 1931 page eighteen .I 9Af5 1 Row 1: Paul XN'illi:nns, lihner Olson, Philip l'1'i1z, Donald Burklmlcler, Clarence Carlson, Howard Jensen, Roland Carlson. Row 2: Ragnar Klint, Kcimcilm Linrlstroni, John Twaryonas. Edward Anderson, Roger Nelson, John SZllllSll'llIll. Row 3: Catherine Zelenslci, Roberta Swenson, Jeanette Farney, Mrs. XVesti-ing, Marion Peterson, Jose- phine hloorc, Mavinvl johnson, Pauline Boron. Now 4: Catherine ,lc-pson. lrlna Livingston, Lillian Falk. Eleanor johnson, Virginia Kaatrud, Roxane llt-ngtson, Ruth llrtlecn, Carol Martin, Margaret Tutltl. L I l i ' F Q l i 1 Q i Rnw 1: Gt-urge l',arson, Arthur Gustafson, Bertil Fagerstrnnl. Evert Carlson, Harry Nelson, Helgar Forsman, Lawrence Johnson, Francis Trenary, Roman Napier. Row 2: Irene llinpnian, Jeanette Beck, Barbara Billingham, Emil Stzisica, John Bohlin, Harry Swartz, Bcutrict- Ahlstroin, Phyllis johnson. Lucille Roto. Row 3: Nellie Stritl. Esther liricksrm, Clara johnson, Esther Linclstrom, Miss Cotta, Florence Sjolander, 'l'ln-hn:i XViIt-y, Pearl Young, Rose Lnfquist. Row 4: Violet johnson. Myrtle Kinroth, Hazel Brorlein, LeRoy Miller, Ruth Olsen, Ifenlon Peterson, llairhara Czirlsun, Doris Frrinzeu, Kathryn Marte-nson. Absent: Rayninntl Pcivsrsfm. l93l page nineteen 9A-7 i . Row Ro w Row 3: J Row 1: Lloyd Munson, Donald Carlson, Donald Greenberg. Anton Deutsch, Anthony Nivinski, Carl Erikson. john Cieslalc, Eric VVillson. Z: Anna Lnksis, Robert Erickson, Rollo Bennett, John Kalusky, Willard Carlson, Ronald Meyers, Alrik Blomquist. Louise Cfnnningluim. udith Mork. Rnhy Anderson. Evelyn Johnson, Alice jnlwnsnn, Miss Hickey, Roniona Bredahl. Dorothy Perry, XVinifred Swenson. I 4: Helen MeKc-rn, Colleen.-lones. lfdna lijollgrt-n, ,lane l'Lllll1llll'Cy, Beulah Hanson, Marjorie l'etet'son, jean fllson. hlllltccnt johnson, Sonja Sanrlen. 9A-8 Row Row 1: Edwin Tlelin, Gordon De La Ronde, Bernard Nyquist, Phil Kellner, Vllillard Larson, Martin Swanson, Tanno Mehto, Harland Patton. Helen XVehn. Mvrle Clarkson. Stanley Peterson, john Ilallrlen, Raymond Gustafson, Floyd Z. Carlson. Frans Peterson, Muriel Swenson. Row 3: Burnettzt Carlson, Elsie Klank, Evelyn Jensen, Dorothea Dahlin, Miss Burr, Helen Linrlstrom, Dorothy Johnson, Helen McArclle, Heidi Anhro. Marion Rounds. Row 4: Marion Youngherg, Hulda Mehto. Ruth Bimm, Verna Franzen, Marion Davis, Catherine Bishop, Lillian Larson, Merida Lnreen, Evy VVillcens. page twenty 9Af9 Row 1: Gcorgu Johnson, George Anderson. Axel Eklund, Franklyn Lundberg, Maurice Larson, John lil'lilllllSUll, Burdette Pearson, Lewis llnrtwiclc, Hurnlcc Lunflbcrg. Row 2: M:n'tlin Peterson, Mclissiu Jiles, 1'lnrry lilarnish, Frank Stenstrom, Eilmuncl Cfarlgren, Eugene Swanson. joseph Cntnlani, Elvera Carlson, Mary Gucnznni. Rnw3: Vivian Mclquisl, Corinne Nelson, Kathryn Powelson, Lottie Benton, Miss Brognnier, Lillie M:xITci, Viola Norcllicrg, Evulyn Greenberg, Ethel Pullnkc. Row 4: Alflxilil Peterson, Doris Baker. Anna johnson, Loretta Olson, Jeanette Brinkman, Rosie Koteski, Margaxrcl l-lager, Alice Rnnsome, jeuncttc Kauffman. Absent: Arthur Curio. Forrest Hopkins. 9Af10 Ruw l Row Z Row 3 Row -I , l Grunt Ci-mlnrlczil, john llylunml, Frank Cierviatoslci, Harry Reganti, Glen Corlett, Lawrence llnrvcy, Joe Dolacck. Lucille Lluvcnger, Donulcl llnm-y, ,lolm Andrick, Donald Sweeney, Leonard Mortier, Alton Cox, lilnrcncc llugstr-nn. ,Inns Carlson. liilucn xYilllIll'llS, Marjorie Greenlee, Margaret johnson, Miss Needliaxn, Anna llzlnsmnn, Clmrlottv Strnluw, Elizalwetli Kntlich, Sigue Anderson. llevn Na:-zliold, Dagnun' Smlerlmcrg, Mercedes Millar, Lnella McL:1r1y, Richard Townsend, Lois Yclson, Roger Norton, Mabel Van Atta, Gladys Ross. Alusonl: Sieve Mrowicc. l93l Page lwellty-OMC S 9A-11 Ro w R o w R o iv Ro w Kenneth Bnrthofnmew, Robert Anderson, Robert Price, XY:tltcr Sally, Floyd Spunring, liranlc Nelson, Paul Davison. Ernest Osborne. Sam Sassali, Stanley Lyforcl, Ralph Ugron, Ralph Anderson, Donald Rosenu, I,aVcrnc liransecn, Irving Dummer, VVilliam liarb. Lawrence Lindquist, Virginia Adamson, Marion Dalilstrnni. Miss Tudson, Joyce Anderson, Annu- belle Aycock, Robert Bartholomew. Hedwig Olszewski. Mildred Sanders, Ruth johnson, Gladys Olson, Allicrtzi Pedersen, Anna Mac Erla, Dnrlcen Lundquist, Mary Massi. Pauline Seawortli. Honor R011 Row Row Row Row Row Tiurnicc Lundberg, 'Bennet Olson, T,yinan Daclc, Ralph Ugrnn. Donald Rosvnc, Ragnar Klint, Howard Jensen, Karl Lofgren, Floyd Spearing, Donald Asprootli. janet Blomquist, Vivian Webster, Orville Vnrlnntl, Norris Aldeen, Stanley Peterson, Ilnrry Reganli, Clara. Johnson, Ruth Xlarkuson. Hazel Brodein, Barbara Billinglinni, Ethel 'i'rank, Evelyn johnson, Ruliy Anderson, 'Esther Lindstrom, Virginia Kaatrnd, Phyllis Ackra. Louise VVright, Beatrice Ahlstrom, Corinne Nelson, Elaine lfsiggiotli, Lucille Gustafson, Elsie Klank, Ruth Olsen, Doris Franzcn. Sonja Sanden, Jeanette Kauffman, Myrtle Gustafson, Alice Rzinsoine, Violet Eliason, Margaret Challberg, Violet Anderson, Irene Hippman, Violet Oman. 1931 page twenty-two Class History The seventh class to leave Abraham Lincoln junior High School numbered three hundred twelve when entering and now numbers three hundred fifty-nine. The Nine .Ns have been the outstanding figures in all affairs. Norris Aldcen has been editor in chief of the fllllllltll, assisted by Hielen Mc- Ardle, associate editor, and lleidi Anbro, as the financial secretary. Other editors arc: Donald l,indley. Athletics Phyllis Acltra. llumor lieva May Nashold, Snapshot Blanc llaegg, Prophecies lilsic lilanlt. Cflass history Leonard llroberg. Business manager llarvey Bergman, Manager of the typing group. The 9A members of the l.inr0In Log are: Muriel Swenson livelyn johnson livcrett llendrikson Violet johnson Vivian VVebster Karl Lofgren. The outstanding pupils in the athletic group are Emil Stasica and julian Ignatcliuli. Many ol' the Nine :Vs are members of the orchestra under the leadership of Mr. Horner. Ainong thc outstanding players are Dorothea Dahlin and Burdette Carlson. Others have taken an active part in the hand under the leadership of Mr. Haight. The outstanding players are Donald Lindley, Robert DeForest, Leonard Hroberg, and XX'illard Cfarlson. The Nine .Ns have eleven members in the Student Council. There is one mem- ber from each group, with the exception of the Nine A hves. They have two mem- bers. The officers are as follows: l'rcsident: Irma l,ivingg'ston. Vice-President: Norris Aldeen. Secretary and Treasurer: Virginia liaatrud. The first Nine A class meeting was called by Miss Bowman on April 10. 1931. Miss Cotta was elected class adviser. The second meeting was called by Missfotta, April l6, in the cafeteria. Class olliccrs were elected. They were the following: Norris Aldeen: President. l'hiI Iiellner: Vice-President. Ruth tllsen: Secretary. Barbara Carlson: Treasurer. The Nine A's held their party ,lime 13. The party was enjoyed by everyone. 1 9 3 ll page twenty-three Personalities of the Second Semester 9A Class I l ii! he 79 sl LP '7 irwo I page tweu 1931 ty-four SH Identification of the Persona1ities', Groups The group pictures on the opposite page are of members of the 9A class elected by popular vote as deserving of special mention. tiroup l--Most Amusing: l,illie lllaffei, Leonard llroberg, Francis Trenary, Alden johnson, 'Donald liurkholder, Sam Sassali, Barbara liillingham, Ruth Olsen, Erie Willson, llelen XVehn, Catherine Zelenski, lllarion Rounds. Absent: Benny Nyquist, Annabelle Aycoclc, Martha likstrom. Group 2-llest Looking: lienlon Peterson, Cilenn Smith, Rollo Bennett, Robert Bartholomew, Phil Kell- ner, Marjorie Peterson, Alberta Pedersen, llarbara Carlson, Marion Davis, Irina Livingston. Absent: liloyd Carlson, liinil Stasiea, Virginia liaatrnd. Ciroup 3-K ll Greatest Service to School: liarbara Carlson, Norris Aldeen, julian Ignatehuk, Phyllis Aelcra, Merida l.oreen, Vivian NN-lebster, Violet Anderson, Absent: liniil Stasiea, Virginia liaatrud, Bennett Olson. tiroup -4- fShowing Greatest Proinise of liuture Success: Sonja Sanclen, Karl Lolgren, Stanley Peterson. Norris Aldeen, Bennet Ulson, Vivian Webster, .lane llaegg, lilizabeth Kutlieh, Ruth Olsen, Alberta Peder- sen, Ruth Marlcuson, Merida Loreen. Absent: Philip Pritz. Cjronp S-liest Athletes: Lucille Gustafson, Anna Luksis, julian Ignatehulc, Lillie lllaffei, Arline llazard, Lillian flfalli, Barbara lgllllllgllillll, l.ois Nelson. Absent: limil Stasiea, lrmi Pini. lironp 6-Possesserl of Most Friends: Stanley l.yiord, Phil Kellner, Rollo Bennett, Norris Aldeen, Robert Flood, C'larent'e Carlson, Marjorie Peterson, Phyllis Aelira, Vivian Fry, Barbara Carlson, Irma Livingston, Elaine lfaggiotti, Helen Faust. Absent: limil Stasiea, llrie Willson, Virginia liaatrud, Donald Asprooth. Group 7-llest Students: Anna Mae lirb, Karl Lofgren, Stanley Peterson, Norris Aldeen, Helen Me- Ardle, Margaret CillZlllllGl'Q'. Sonja Sanden, Vivian XYebster, Phyllis Aekra, llazel lirodein. Absent: llennet Olson, Floyd Spearing, Virginia Kaatrurl. , I 3 t ., L., 9 - 1,1-1 , X- Autographs ' 'Sf , - sl 1 f all Cfef if :,'f vu ff 37 V LYLAJLQ , P is-1441, f'4'4 '-'C-gli ' 171 rj I4-.Lara ff: ca ,f , i . jr P j 0'-fe WW , ' rwi.,-uf jj ,f M'-'f . - - Ti Q Iii -1 . .fbi 1i4'F::Kl ii'i3!.- . ' if'7:. 'L.' ,L'f'jl'i 441'i '.ALlJ,'2f- f 4:8 if W gittfife- 'P-fi -ft 4-if i'i't 'f1f Q- 1931 ' page twenty-five -- Q QB-1 Row Ro iv Ro w Row 1: Armer Ahlstranrl. Drmalil Johnson, Leroy lfklunrl, Frederick Carlson, I-l'owartl julinstm, john Bennett, Robert Metz, Richard Pratt, Ralph Dyrcsun. . Z: Edith Frecdlund, Frances Amlerson, William Arnold, lfrcrlcrick Salerlmck, Ricliartl Rowman, Ernest Nordvall, Sara Erickson, Vivian Swanson. 3: Carolyn Dahlin, Helen Lttntlvall, Virginia La Forge, Gladys Ekwall, Mrs, Loveland, Marion Stenholm, Muriel Erikson, Barbara Grantz, Lois Thomas. 4: Anna Allish, Betty Hilberg, Dorothy Stover, Murell Carlson, llo julinsun, Stcphania Bulnak, Barbara Sherman, Doris Borg, Dora Cohn. 9B-2 Row Row Ro W Ro w 1: Arthur Getts, Carl lloffnian, T-larry lirnngh, Emory Patch, Kenneth johnson, llumcr 1'2rtci1l,mei'i.g, Knute Nielson. 2: Verner Nelson, lfftlwin Kneller, Stuart Rapp, l,e Roy Bishop, Roger Grip, Jultn Vcrsackzts, Ruhert Lintlman, Harultl Smith, 3: Wfctnozia Skelton, Alice Carlson, livclyn l,iutlsL1'1un, Miss Slime, Margaret Bnrlcnmn, Maxim: Tohin, Elena Thornpson. 4: Mary Alice Reilley. Charlotte Beltield, Catherine Bennett, Beatrice Antlerson, Luis Nyxnan, Sophie I-lyba, Verna Jones, Betty Antlrick, Alice Lundine. ll 9 3 ll - page twenty-six 9B-3 Row Rnw Row Ruw linirinn l inrin1li, 'l'rmy M:il:':l:1g:i. Mike ,llIlIlgUl'l'1l, .Xrihnr D'Agostin0. Miclicul Dciulaszzis, Stanley liuclinmnn. Sunny l'lu1L:nc:lx'uIi. Alpliunsc jnncs, Ilruny XYisnuslci, jenn Sicluzi, :Xntllnny liucliner, Anthony Barlus, Mike Cleary, Ailzun lNlnri'is, Ruliurl N2lVCl'l,lhlil, Tony Vincent. Rulrerl DeVliug, Mnriun Gnulil, Alilunn Raslikuwicli, Mrs. llnupl, Stella Stank, Gertrude XVirz, Tony Messina. lirnnccs Mnnmlcll. Clam Buvi, ,luscpliinc CZ.i!l'l1lLIl!E!iU, Stella Sydluuski, Helen Urnezis, Adclele Ynnknilis, Russ l :isuln, Mac Balcstri, Bernice Bzicilek. 9B-4 Q93 ifliwfj llnxv 1 Row Rnw Row XVul!cr Tocilmvslci. Vi'illi:nn Gxmlins, George Kissel. Dominic Clcricn, Iolm Tassuni, Thomas Whitc, l,uwrcncc Czisuiu, lluwzml jnclcsnn. KL'llII1'lll Slxivers, ,lnhn Yunng, lilnyml West, Linmlun hlulxnsun, David Murray, Zygnmnt Pudgorny, lfilwurml llicklnnn. Rnsu Valenti, llnrulliy Miller, Ruth Lawrence, Yiuln jeppsun, Miss Geddes, Elizabeth XVirz, N1-lliv Kcinznru. llirlrnu MQNQAI, ,lune l':ilincr. Virginia Corey. Mary Smer, Ruse DeM:irco, Gcrlrncle lrfultgren, Durolhy Brown, Celia. Paronella, llnrrict Sluwurt, Alice Julmsun, Durulhy Cassiuppi. ll 9 3 ll page twenty-seven l 9B-5 l l l l Row 1: Robert Dickinson, Kenneth Hoglund, Roger Young, Frank 'l'runce, Floyd l alm, Robert Kall- stroni, Clayton Murphy, john Sampson, Styrl Snyder. Row 2: Dorothy Malmgren, Sigurcl johnson, Maxwell Franzen, Donald Gustafson, NVulter Valrzntzis, Leif Nelson, Robert Johnson, Virginia Hnwn. Row 3: Olive Lideen, Betty Ann Sutherland, Dagmar Carlson, Miss Burchlield, Gladys Bontoft, Dorothy Sellers, Arline Johnson, Helen Uoranson. Row 4: Dorothy Lindquist. Phyllis Burick, Phyllis Snugstad, Ruby Kexupi, Edith Olson, Lucille Craw- ford, Phvllis Pound, Eleanor Carlson, Harriet Anderson. Absent : Helen Pinlniquist. 9B-6 1,,,,,, ,, -W-Y --1 -..1-..- ,.-.--,..,. 1 5 l Row Row Row Row Ab se 1: Leonard Norsen, Grover Bergstrom, Edward Dahlstedt. Vincent llulnialc, Roger lfriclisun, Richard Olson, Marshall Samuelson. V 2: XVinlield Taylor, Nils Iolinson, Boyd Carlson, XYoodrow Anderson, llowzlrd Allen, George Nagel, Loren Holt, Robert Swords. 3: Ingvar Anderson, Harold Erickson, liaycitzi Mills, Dorothy Faust, Nlzirgarct Carlson, Lawrence Gustafson, XYillinni Anderson. 4: Helen L. Johnson, Eunice Knock, Gladys Sandberg, lilizzibetli Sanfredson, Edna Oppcgard, Elaine Picavet, Elizabeth Zell, Marion johnson, Elsie Holm. nt: Maynard Sniedberg, Arlene Griswold, Dick Peters, Helen 1. johnson, Miss Murtfeldt. ll 9 3 ll page twenty-eight ,Q QB-7 Rnw l: Iinrl Lunilin, Mathew Milburn, Xiclc Kziluslcy, Stanley Zeslci, Wlilter Johnson, Edwin Brogren. .lnlin Fei-li, Eclwziril Larsnn. George Nelson. Row 2: Rui-.rl Runs, XYilli:im Nelson. Vl'illiam Allen, Lyle. Swenson. Burdette Orreus, Harry Uppcncamp, Gnrwlnn Grzinlnnrl, Evert Anilersrm. Row 3: Annu lining. Ruth Carlson, lilizziln-Ili Cnc-snr, Lnnisc Mnlrerg. Miss Kjellgreu. Araluellc Lang, Martha Swenson, finnliilil Sch:-lin. lilizzilnf-Ili johnson. Row Al: l,ilIi:1n lh'i'glunrl. Slllllllf' lfplnzitclinlc, l.nrc-nn liengstnn, Eva :XI'II'iE'I'Sl'H'l. Evelyn Hzinson, Verna llnslnlsmi, Alirf- Mziric- llnnlsigi, Mnrjnric 'I'nmnr., M:irjm'ic Ekvzill. Alvscnl: llnyrl F1'l'gllSllll. 9B-8 I Huw Ruw Ruw Rnw Alrsunt: ,lu-:upli Mcfhiiiw, Dennis llzinson, llovzlon Czirlsun, Archie M1icCzillum, l'I:1i'olcl Anderson, Claude llzwgqnisl. XViIli:nn 'l'icrm-y, Rnlferl llnlrriclsnn, Stanley johnson. Kcnnclh Alilslrzinal, Uno Ovcrslroni, Stzxntnn Ifrzinzcn, Tom Haines, George Small, Reiner Palm- grun, Ilvriizwcl Nnrlu-i'g. Tlinrstcn I.:ix'snn. lflizulu-lli EllL'!ll7lll'K, Elizzlbelli Cnpp, Dorothy Blnnmster, Elerumr Szililstrmn, Miss Olander, llulen llnlmicli, Lucille llansfm, Helen Carlson, lla-nl'ioll:i Iirizinicrski. lilizalwtli lik, Lenure SVVZIIISUII. Mclvine Picsscns. Druris Jxicolusnn, Janet 'l'nlminson. Ruth jxzcnlvsrm, Annemarie Grnml, Carolyn Peterson. Ellllllli Simocns, ll 9 3 ll page twenty-nine 9B-9 - v 4 t i l ' i Row 1: Duane Cutting, Donald Fisher, John Spitz, Fred Olson, james Hendricks, Stewart g'fLl'15Ul'l,K:llSlfl.VC Anderson, Jack Hendrickson. Row 2: Rohert Johnson. Frederick Schaefer, Harold Sjostrnm, Earl Albers, Einar jacolmsnn, Arne Antler- snn. Russell Linrlell. Gilbert Carlson. - Row 3: Harold Nelson, Virginia Brnnrline, Ruth Monroe. Mr. Nzishnlsl, Marguerite Ilagcn, Virginia Fri- herg, Frances Sl.Clll'lEI'l5ll1I. Ilowarcl jnhnsrm. Row -l: Eleanor Tooman, :Xnnrt Kelley, Kathryn C':n'lsnn. fienc-vin-ve Strzinh, C:1thc'rinc M:icKcchnie, Janet Nyntzin, Luis Tropp, Genevieve lYl1itc, Mztrinn 'ilhClilll!lL'f. Absent: Curl Lunclqnist. Autographs f iii!! fix! N fi , t'sj T :A ip, . 4 ,. ,A ,- 1 f N -' 4-' - A i , ,. iff, ...... ,.,. this S v 1 ,kj-gt, .- . ,Q ,...f i I A WWUQ 4.5-1-pg ,QQ lfyyx. WH?- ll 9 3 ll page thirty 8AJ v Row Huw Run: Rim' Alnicllll lh-ynnhl lfruduriclcsnn, Rnhurt lik. Algird Paulich, VVill:ird johnson, Sanford Hultman, Gordon Wulfh-y, Clnruncu Mnnsun, Allmrt Lorcun, Gordon Anderson. lin-rn Wriclh, Czlrulyn Cnrlstcn, Berlhel lfkstedt, Nlnrslizxll Anderson. Thorsten Person, John Milclicll. Bert Burg, Roger Ln Forge, Betty Schmidt. Mary Skong. lim-lyn Anhy, Verna Yum-lc, flcrzildim- Smith, Ruth Berglund, Miss johnson, Bernice Olson, Durullly lluss. lNlzu'g:irct jullnsnn, lfthr-l Nylrerg, R:1innn:i Davis. liutlilcvu lgifgrrn. Iiilvvn llansmi, M:u'p5:n'ul Amlvrsmi, Luis Sl1CX'lZlllll, Priscilla Davis, L21 Yon ,IoI1nsun, lllzn-jnric Bircli, Frances Lursnn, Helly Allen. lilwliiccs lirzinl. SAQ ll l 'l F 'r Row Row Ruw .K Row 4 7 Willurrl Durr. Re-inhrvld l3'cI'crsrmn, l.,a Verne Bergstrrnn, Lawrence Anderson, George Gayet, Ellerd Slnlgrcn, David Bailey, Everett Swanstrnm, james Ethington, Barney Riverdahl. llclcn .-Xinsrufl, jcnncllc Larson, Carl Bergstrom, julian Kullherg, George Prentice, Ottavo Laz- zziri. llc-lon l,:u'sun, Lucille Lindcll. Gladys Swensnn, Dorothy li':n'l:crson, Mildred Carlson, Eva Downing, Ruth Johnson, Miss Mc- Swccney, Doris Pzirkcrsun, Kathryn Snndstrancl, Amy Kjellgren, Mahal Schnumann. Annie 'Di Fcmlc, Eliznhclli Olson. Dorothy Swanson. Marion, Ostrorn, Eleanor Kindstrom, Susan liliznili, lircidrx Stcnzul. ,lime llnlliin, Margaret Larson. .Xlrsunlz Russlfll lllemxnqnisi. Martha lfrylimzm, Edward Kunitski. 19314 page thirty-one 8Af3 Row l: Marshall Olson, Xllallace Kardell, Herbert Peterson, Jerome Mahan, llnrnell ECliII1Il.lI, Vlrllllillll Ahlgren, Russell Schclin, Raymond Magnuson. Row 2: Louis Castiglione, Robert Rowe, James lflylma, Frank Shuinwziy, l 1'zlncis liriberg, William Olson, Robert Puget, Leonard Lindquist. Row 3: Florence Blakely, Mary Myers, Lila lrlnkansnn, Ingzr-garrl Rehn, Gladys 'lll'l0I'UI'l, Miss McGuire, Helen Wallin, Gladys Carlson, Alice Ryman, Helga llclulmlc. Row 4: Lucille Born, Dorothy Alilqnisl, Pc-:url Rnlre-rl.. l.orcLta llalllrcrg, Alice lflofsnn, Ruth K. Jnlmson, Lotus Lonn. Katharine Dahlen. Marian Linrllnan. Absent: Marjorie Scanclrnli. 8Af4 l l l l l Row 1: Paul Christensen. Clifford Larson, james Hansen, Richard Griggs, Donald Nlfilliams, Roger Erickson, Clifford Carlson, Milton Bixby, Ralph Johnson. Row 2: Berthel Hallberg, NVilliam Acaley, Homer Stanger, Roy Monson, Bernie Malhisnn, David Carlson, Howard Allen, .Donald Schad. Row 3: Elsie Rowley, Alice Anilcrsrm, Mary ,lane Brown, Margaret IJIFSOII, lletty Sharp, Kathleen Sund- Row Ahse steill, Madeline Anderson, Martha Ahllzerg, Ramona johnson. 4: Eleanor Bergquist, Janet Eckstrom, Lola Gustafson, Virginia Olson, Frances Pearson, Bernice Lunclgren, Doris Sunclquist, Ruby Kjellgren, Ingrid Nelson. nt: Elaine Anderson, Clarence Magnuson, 1931 page tllirty-two 8Af5 l ' l ' r l ln 'f LI .ve Row R4 1 w Row 3: Row Alusvnl' Michael Muzzarelli, Charles Greenberg, VVilniont Swanson. Orrill Dunn, De Forest Brees, Charles Iiriclcson, O:-:car llcrninnson, Clarence Johnson. Mildred Elcstcdt, Markcson Varlanrl, XVilhnr Carlson, Harry Meyer, John Gustafson, john Peter- son, Richard Morey. ,lane Holt. Virginin llauggquist, llarricl Anderson, Marque-ritc Hester, Betty Nelson, Doris Aruell, Helen Aahy, Alplvild Joslin. Katharine Beck. Doris Ilowninpz, Dorothy johnson, Phyllis lirlwzirds, lflsiu Nygren, Kathclinc Gronlmcrg, Ruth Oij, lrcnv .lHl'lllSlll'l, Rosalie Ronlztno, llelcn Znka!-2. Wfnnla Alcxaurlvr, Roy llagclin. Mrs. Vnhhlc. 8Af6 1 l E l I f l Row l: Zigyrnonrl Bozym, Arthur While, liencclici Coop, ,lzunes D1mning,Jol1n Caesar, Vkfillard Mac'Falls, Arthur Anderson, Wilbur Dieckhcrnd, Clark McNeil. Row 2: Naomi Clarkson, Paul Cedarlenf, Samuel Clutter, Rohert Potts, Francis Ek, Arthur Gregersun, Llovrl Crist, Leslie Monson, Adclla Paluzzi. - Row 5: Celia Klcczvwski. Dorotliy VVissen, Florence Anderson, Eleanor Johnson, Mrs. Pratt, Anna Shirvinskas, Anna johnson, Dorothy Peterson, 'Fhyra Loy, Doris Travis. Row 4: Lois Rudin, Sophie Smith, Virginia Lace, Helen Perclialski, Marquerite Peterson, Edna Rosen- quisl, Mullin Anderson, Lois Molson, Marion XVESULXIIIII. Almsr-nt: John Leonard. 1931 page thirty-three 8Af7 - x Row 1: Ralph Shepard. Vklziltcr VVnll. Ntll'l11ILlL Paul, Geurge Moline. Peter Ginlittu, Rriynirmnrl Zilinsky, George VVilinSki, Harry Koteski. Earl Hollister. Ruw2: Erlninncl Knrczewski, Frank Weziver, Anthony Muzznlzi, NVQ-slay 'l':1ylur, Tony Lissu, George Adams, Clarence Magnuson, l'ivrnlinzunl Cn-llitti. Merle .l0l'll'lS0ll, Row 3. lvlfirgnrct Zuck. Lucille 'l'rng:u'rll1, llzirriell Iiriclell, lClu':mur llunsun, Miss l':illursm1, Luis Oggrcn. NY:1unella Blake, l.UlllSZL lizmier. Jennie l':nrrinn. Row 4: llelen Fursytlm, Ruth Scalwurg, Mzirirm Pete-rsnn, Mnrfziu-rite Alulslrmn, N1lll'fIZ11'Cl Iolinsun, l7nrntl1y ixl'lflf'l'Sf'lll, lilvanm' llngvlon, l':llflfll'Il l.2ll:Ul'llI1lllL', Phyllis Nurcikzl. Alusent: Clyclc Fulling, Mzirinn Mci'lary. 8Af8 Row l: Duane Hanson, Lawrence Geiger, Arne Ramsey. jnc Hopkins, Cernlcl Gustafson, Frank Zander, Francis Boyer. Xkinlter Johnson, Stanley Cru-lsnn. Row 2: Stanley Rudolph, John Swanson, Harry Cnrlsnn, Lconzirfl Nornmn, George Carlson, Armin Zzingcr, Peter Pnllettzi. Row J: Virginia Shoop, Martha Thomas, Dorothy XN'illiams, Edith Scliulin, Miss Cnniplscll, lrcng Ray. mer, Stella Podgorny, Brittzi Levine, Marjorie Hill. Row 4: Helen Poszlcus, Mary Boloski. Helen Markstroxn, Marie llartjc, Lola Kinclstruin, Frances lirnrl- ley, Lorna Johnson, Lillian Decker, Neita Gnrrell. Absent: Vernie Lunclsiroln. 1931 page thirty-four 8A-9 and 10 Girls D Row I Row .3 Row .s Row -1 lilcnum' Dcckur, Angelina l.:is:-zzxmlro, llelen Chris1iansm1, Jeanette Hegbergg Dorothy Heitman, .Mgncs Viclalc. llazrl Stcwarcl. Juni' Smith, Florence Giarzlini, Alxminovicli, Olive llrnwn, Lucille Lofnrcn. Mac Nelson, Pearl Cameron, Hedwig Luslivinlco, Catherine l'2li-:nnur Smith, Lillian l'elcrson, .lane Platt. Arlf-nc lloclzel, Miss We-tzcl, Bernice Jacobson, Cc-lia llrmluski. lVl:u'y jam- I.ufclal1l, ,lane Gntliric. Nlartlia Duty, Slvlla Barzilulcns. ' i lic-'itrivz' 'Yulsmi l'l1vlli-4 linllulnm -Xlicc 'xllfll'l'Sflll. Doris l,inrlblum, Frances Vaulikiiis, Julia Rnhonis, Doris Lar- gul, . , i . , , . ,I , , . .llism-nl: ,l':i!l'ici:l Kam-, lllanclic Stockwell, Mac .lii'oacl'-. 8A-9 and 10 Boys 'li . ,ll il v 5? l H rm' R 1 1 W l Peter l.uzio, Carl Derrickson, joseph Castano, Alf lfagersirom, Earl Van Bloom, Robert Poormau, l,awrcncL- Swenson, Kenneth Plaiiilieck, Ray Duchardl. 2. john Dolmiclc, .llarlan Mnini, Leo Stzisica, Richard Dahl, Allison Gilbert, Evans Samuelson, Rnw 3: Rim' 4: Alisvllii Roland Levin. Dani:-I Ki-ppic, XYaltur Nichols, Lyle Clwislizmnson, Clicstcr Bowen, Mr. Hanson, XVilliam Urbelis, Artliur Smith. Bi-rnavxl Grmclricli. liugonc Lfliarn, Roland Sponglrc-rg, XVilli:un Hollzmiler, james O'Neill, Pasquale Mara, Stewart Mulquist. Rulu-rt Hfallin, XVilliam Schmnolc, Alfred Mamie. Ralph llrmicli, Xvllllfllll Conant, james Vifonfl. ll 9 3 ll page thirty-live 8A-11 Row 1: Hcrherl. VVallin, Guido Corimssi, Paul Downey, Carl O. julmsun, jasper Ginvingo, Andrew Mat- tis, Edward Berzin, Robert Anderson, Leo Lucas. Row 1: Donald l'c1.c1'sui1, Stanley Pmlcszwa, Mike Gcnnvcsv, .luscpli Lukasavicli, Carlo Branca, ,loc Licarc. Dwight Vaughn, Dominick Sagona. Row 3: Ettnrv Marinelli. Frances lairas, Margarvt .l0l1IlSUl'l, Miss Smith, XVanrla Kurtz, Lillian Klcschcn, Helen Swanson, Frank firlaho. Irihn llE1Vll1C'l'. Row -I: lilla Samilu, Mary Fascia. Synnvr- llc-tland, D1-Verna licnsrin, Anna Zwirlvlis. Clara Marclictti, 'lnsvpliinc l4llliZlS1lYlCll, .Mlalinc RL-iclisluin, Cum-lia llniucliuwski. Absent: Ruse' llc-llunc. 8A-12 Rnw 1: John Zwirblis, Joe Dal Santo, Donald Turnquist, Frank Cacci, VVilliam Clark, Fred Ascani, Sammy Luzzio, Henry Zdeh. Row 2: Elmer Kittleson. Vincent Pace, Clifford Jones, Stanley Vliitknwsky, Alcx Duhowiak, Joe Vincer. Bernard Moran, Billy Chipalli. Row 3: Arthur McCanclless, Ella Marino, Mildred Lantz, Miss Ellis, Valnis Samir, Mabel Stnrmcs, Sal- vatore lngrassia, Row 4: Lottie Domkoski, Lois Peterson. Josephine Schifo, Dorothy Lynch, Eleannr Johnson, Lucille Malani, Elizabeth Pauzon, Anna Lucas, Anna Pamencleri. Absent: Marshall Johnson. I 193 ll page thirty-six 8B-1 . i 'wrvr-'-- E, ll i I, L Row l: llenry Sulillierg, Rzilpli llrnwn, Inines Liglitczip, Melvin Johnson, Willziiml Carlson, Gaylord lfkluml, lfmiil: lN':u'cl. ' liuw 2: llzirriel Bmlin, Elaine Muon, Sleltler Quisl. VVilliani Frey, Dunne Sewell, Eddie Lawdansky, Shirley Revell, lilezniure Lzirson. Row J: lngrid Beck, Marion Swensun, Doris llnrriscm, Carolyn Albers, Durutliy lfzirnswurtli, Bernice VVorf, Jeanette Lunclvzilil. Row 4: Sonia Jnrgciison, Delores julinsun, Helen Anderson, Vermizi Olson, Lennre Lundgren, Mzirgricl l'etcrsnn, Doris Peterson, Ruth Kulllierg, Virginia Frzinzen. Absent: Marjorie lislwiiig. Olnf Tegner, Miss Cocklield. 8B-2 Huw l: Ruin-ri Sniitli. lvzin l.utzlioiT. Iluwnril lfurscn, lluwzirrl Munson. Earl jrihnsmi, Lennuril jaculisun, Ruwl: Frank .Xncun:i. I.:iYerne Alin, Roliert NVulfcnsperger, Robert Wilson. Germinzil Fnsse, Curl Wmnl. Jack Griffith. Row 3: Vernis lflillstmiml, llelen Swenson. Marie Swenson, lfvelyil Lewis, Miss NVhitllc, ,Iuyce l'reu- tice. ,lvzanetic Smith, Mzirgairete jolinsmii. Rim'-1: lflnim- Carlson, lierilh Alilquist, Mzirizln Pearson, Evy Elclund, Ruth I,inn, Pauline Slruml, May Dzililqnisi, Fraiiices Mairlenson. Almsenl: Stewart Fisher, Cnrllun julinsun, Ted Ekslruin, Ruhert Anderson, Earl Carlson, Klabert Posse, john Nyquist. ll 9 3 ll page tliirty-seven 8B-3 Row 1: John Swanborg, Arne Peterson. Frank Sisti, Donald Peterson, Robert Sage, Julius Sliiclu.-rnian, jack Jervis, Ronald Stenburg, Merlein Peterson. Row 2: Marie Nelson, Everett Peterson, Charles Uhler, Evans jaculrsen. XYillinr Giles, Carl Rnsenquist, Rudy Larson, Hnltla Smith. Mildred O'NeiI. ROWS: Helen Koweleslci, Doris Erikson, Dorothy Rapp, Birgit Roscnqtlist, Bliss l,arson, Louise Intl, Florence Sundlioxn, Marjorie Smalley, Elsie Sotlerstroni, La Vuna Santlell. Row 4: Annie Gunderson, Arline Peterson, Margaret Sjostroin, Viola Nagel, Eleanor lfklierg, Valtlu Holly, Stina Larson, Maxine Norilquist, Bernice Sanclen. Absent: George Carlson. 8B-4 1 F aj l ik . L Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Paul Rogozinski. Stanley Stover, Morse Millot, Harold Olson, Roy Carlson, T'eter Burt, Gnnnaril Alfretlson, Carl Carlson, Glen johnson, Grcgcr Carlson. Eleanor Nelson, llernhiltl Peterson, Homer Krevel, Nllflllilll La Granrl, lfrcil jolinsun, Marshall Ellison. llarold Pearson. Marie Swenson, Aiua Lllllllfllli-il. 4 Eileen Kircher, Ingrid XVe1'nstront, Alice Olson, Marie Corey. Miss liallzxrd, Lois liuonier, Vir- ginia Mathews., Ruth johnson, Eva Ternqtiist, Mary lignatchttlc. Dorothy Gunning, Harriet Krumvietla, Arline johnson. Phyllis Larson, Margaret Carlson, Gtlllfllll Jacobsen, Eleanor Kjellstroln, Betty Cztrlstroin, jane Maffri. ll93Jl page thirty-eight if 8B-5 Pr 42 .l 'H ll M P Huw Ruw 3: Rt Row 3: N I Ruw - : .Xlxs 1: littgcnt' Knwzllcwslci. Curl l'a-tt-rsun, Nils Ulsnn, Rnlmcrl Scott. Richard Moors, Herbert johnson, Rniruul Nulsun, Lcruy Lnnclln. Dunultl Alvlc. my Crncc, XV:lllcr Swzutluwg, l.llX C'l'IlL7 Anderson, Kcnnctll Xurlnerg. G:-rzxltl Gullln, Ernest Pear- gaun, Ralph ll1lll11l'l'. 'rginiat Ulsun, lflurenuc Limler, Gcrlrutle Sulnstrmn, -lane DlIl0ClltbWSlil, Miss l,!.H'll1.7lIlU.Il, Viola .'xllllL'l ?ilIll, Lncillc llnlmcs, Rachel licckmnn. Marian Anrlerslm. I Vinh-I UIlI'lSUll. CllIllj'CC Mac juhnsun, Florence Tcgncr, Nijflllil ilullnsun, l,ZllIl'Il YVujcil:, Emily lluvlv. Nl:trll1:1 :Xllllt'l'SUl1, llorulhy Grnnluml, Lois Czunplmll. cnt: Pltlyllls Swanson. 8B-6 Huw l: Ruger Ogrcn, llurry Nclsun, Darwin Swenson, Robert Krebs, Stanley Nickolson, Francis Peter- zaun, Mcnrlc lfcrgslun. Row l: Hula Fuller, Rulwrt Oulu-y, ,Iulm Amlersnxt, Clmrles Demulli, Evert! l,':n'lssm, Clement l'l:tpp. Llnyml l'cll:rsun, Rulncrt l'L-lersnn, Ellgnr Jolmsun. Rnwig litlwin Dania-Isun, Alicu Punszlr. ,Inna Appelquist. Mable NV:xrncr, Miss l ilzgcr:1lrl, Dorothy 'l'ullnclc, Milnlrml Anderson, Viulct Ruhurt, Robert Gripti. Row 4: jane llcclc, Lila lxllllCf5llll, Phyllis Emerson, Ruth Mclntosh, Linnea Snxe, Glory Armstrong, Almsu Manly l.un1lgren, Doris Fnrsell, Margaret Baker, nl: Dnwnc Hill, Lcliuy Adolphscm, Jeannette Lindstc-Llt, Dunald Thtxlamler. h ll93ll page thirty-nine pi SB-7 t l 4' . i L. It Ii l l l Y E Row l: Leonard Johnson, Clifford Hanson, Robert Holmes, Marvin Nnrtlvall, Ralph llagcxncistcr, Regert Johnson, Robert Munson, Roy johnson, Roy Pitkus.. Row Z: Rohert Dougherty, Philip ,llUl'IllZll1ltfll, Warren Bt-rgholl, Stanley St-ilerqnisl, Arnold lfrislc, Arthur 1-legberg, George Carlson, Avy Ring, Edward Hznnrin. Row 3: Jrune -Smith, Ruth Swanson, Stella Selle-ruuisl, Miss Shaw, Irene Wiley, Alice Lnntlgren, Helen HUIIIS. Row-lt Doris W'allin, Charlotte Nllilgiert, lftlnzi May Brown, Bernice Lintl, Virginia Peterson, Lois johnson, Evelyn Murray, DeLores Carlson, Dorothy liaptgersten. Absent: Oscar Hallherg, Katherine Johnson, Anthony Pauzon, Gertrude Smith. 8B-8 l l l l Q l i l l ll Row 1: Edward Nelson, Querrino Jardine, Irving johnson, Rollin Lirtrlqtiist, Veto Trtngorra, Martin Cacciapaglia, Clinton Hocking, XX'altlor Thalecn. Row 2: Frank Iurzisek, Axel Swenson, Reuben Fysh, Herbert johnson, Unrrletl Crosby, Robert Peterson, Harry Larson. Row 3: NVilliam Lundquist, Sinn l.aFasto, Howard johnson, George Kalusky, Burdette Carlson, NValter Palm, Dick Sorenson. Row 4: Dorothy Erickson, Dorothy Holmquist, Doris lflkcngren, Elaine Gritzmalcer, Violet Nelaon, Gun- evieve Dyhoski, Helen Elliott, Irma Anderson, Dorothy XVines, Linnea Gustafson. Absent: Madeline Stzmbury. ll 9 3 1 page forty I 7A-1 Row l: Row 2: Row 31 Row 4: Absent: Roh:-rl Nelson, llcrlil Tliurslcnsun. Rnhcrt llargrcx, Stanley XValilquist, Milton Cliallberg, Jack Murray, james Boyer, Wallace Ccilarlcaf, Kermit Seavurns. Margaret XVl1itc, june Iijurklnnil, Helen XViig, Earl Gustafson, Thor llerglund, Bert Bloom. .lack llansun, Ingrid Ct'llCl'l'liYllll, Dorothy Amlcrson. Katherine Vcrnor, Irene Carlson. Pauline johnson, Marjorie Scliade, Arlecn Skogluncl, Miss Nollcr, Jeanne Rogers. Helen Siruinlmcck, Erline Heilstrom, Dorothy Abel. Margaret l,aGrancl, Doris Lofgrcn, Donna jean Brnokhart, Marjorie Hinn, Doris Beckman, Rugvnc HL-glscrg. .lean Carlson, llc-tty Knnclson, Stella Peterson. lfclna Anderson. 7A-2' R uw Ruw I: Irving Ahlquisi, Herman liargrun, Gordon Iikstrnm, Robert XVilli:ims, George Zoobuck, Ritzen IlClllIlHl'H, Oalil llnlrgrcn. Lnwrcncc Karlzun. Z: Roln.-rt lfrithiuf, Donald Garland. Henry Pearson, Norma Forsrnan, Snzanzi Vernlrerg, Harriet aku-ly, Marguerite Olson, Fern Ringlcr, Carl Gong, Harvey Nillsen. lll Raw 3: XVillis Hnnnc, Helen jnlinson, Sophie Panllns, Harriet M, julinson, Olivc Iillllllllllllll, Miss Ru- R o w ilolplilliigrigl Roscnqiiisl, Ruth Olson, Doris Nelson, .Mary Perry, Henry johnson. 4: Virginia Bailey, Marian Anllersun, Dorothy Olson, Vivian Swanson, Harriet L. Johnson, Georgia lioslcr, Bernice Hanson, Evelyn Snieclherg, Elaine Allen. ll 93 l page forty-one 4 TAS i . Row 1: Burdette Nygren, Rollo Slmglund, Carl Edstrom. Xllmrt Suiiiclu Rolmit Hiwlunson Dellaut Greenberg, Willard Larson. Marshall Dahlgren, Robut lruliiel son Row 2: Leonard johnson, Holger Ericson, Arnold Carlson, lf mot Ilst nn D vid Danny jolt llti Daniel XVcl1ster, Russell Johnson, Ivan Hesse. Row3: Orville Lindquist, Armour Andrews, Emily Clnnclnll Rlli lllllltll Miss Ilerild Btssn Burkey, Rutll Peterson, XVillizim Lengqnist, Robert l trnhun less klllll Row 4: Delores Sanrlen, Marjorie XVolfe, Florence Johnson llvllls X dt s ll H1 ltr Olson, Ann Meslmslci, Maxine DllllCHlJ21LIfgll. Lois Hirtwtcl Absent: Lois Carlson, Britta XVernstroni. 7AJl W1 ,J 3. Row 1: John Fugcrstronl. Burdette johnson, Herllert Peterson R but Xnliru Rllpll Nelson l ll X derson, Bernard johnson, David Hacker, llayard Lutzholt' Rulmrt Ivons Row 2: Margaret Ekedalll, XVillian1 Nelson, XVilfi'cd Agnew olmut Ro-itll lunge Ntlson lxunnti Molander. Robert Rouse, Donald Malsti-mn, Durotlix Bergun Ruwl: Lois Larson, lrcne Penewell, Lucille Allnco, llettg ss llltlXl L lloils uhnsnn Margzirettzl Swenson, Charlotte VValdruun, Betty Carlson Row 4: Charlotte Buchanan, .-Xrtus Anderson, Lois Palinqutst Bernter Lailsun Ilelen Bnlev joscnlnnc. Abse Andrews, Helen Lideeu, Dorothy Sharp, Betty Ekstrom nt: Madeline Colton, Viola Roos. 193D page fnrty'two 7Af5 .dx R 1 r W Rim' Huw Rl IW l' Rnlwrl Keyes, lflilnn llnrlnn. lilmcr l'ctcrsun. Lyle lmnslslrnni, lirzink Sunil, Ilcnry Schiller, liSllllL'lll Kzxnlrnil, l'l:ircncu NlClJl'l'll'Hllll, Lawrence liolni. 2: l.lnvfl lulinsnn, Rugcr jnllnsun, Rnlwrl Rcvull, Ralph liurnsleclt, Charles l,z1rsun, Clarence Pear- snni Einar lluimflnlxl, Munti Smith. Siguril julmsun, Alvin Himni, 3. Rnwunzi 'l'lunn+snn. M:n'g:n'ul Nelson, Lena Guntinelti, Yelniu llzinsun, Ainn Anderson, Miss l llh-Grsitli, Kzillwrim- l':niIsnn. Ellen Nelson, Betty Mae Tnrney. Doris Melancler, Katherine Anilcrsmi, -8: llzxzcl lncnlmsun, Vclorxi liilsnn, Rnili Lnnn, Marion Axtcll, Chrystzil Lind, Marie Goodrich, Nuvcllii Unrlsnn, Virginia Alnhnsnn, lVl:n'y Lunisc l':x!lnn. ,il , , i l c 'NCB limi- I: Clifimi Rnngrcn, Roller! Oliver. Eric Peterson. Ernest Linclnnm, Kenneth johnson, Lester Dzinliurl, liilmnnil Dziniclsnn, Glcnwnuil Hurst. Alf Pearson, Al Kulen. Ruw 2: Rnclnlpli Turnrnsc. Willard lliglicc, Williznn Olson, Robert Francis, Rnynlunil Alcxamler, Frank Allen. llzmnlrl Nr-lsun, Orrin Tlinrvzzlsnn, Nlnluy llill. Row 3: Anna l'ulrnslcy. lrcnc l,L'lL'I'SUll, llilnlnr johnson, Mary Hulbert, Miss D, M, Andersun, Vivian Linclstrmn, Fern lh-nm-11, lfuiriu Anmlrns, Luis jolmson, Harriet Gurnnsun. Row 4: Sliirlcv liclwnrnls, Nullic Sznulcrs, Evelyn jolinson, Frances Rydliolm, Ruby Klint, Katharine Alisu lluggif, .-Xllcen Pclcrsun. Lncillc Frye. Nnlziliv: hlnlmson. l'lilTnril .llllHlSlJll, Gclwlril Gray. l93l page 1'nrty-three 7 A-7 Row 1: Marlowe Shelclun, Franklin Regan. Carnot Lcckingtun, Paul johnson, Robert Dulains, Rinaldo Nystrom, Sianlcy Galcliel, Marco Calacci, Roland Dunahcy. Row 2: Robert llaigli, Richard S. jnllnson, George Ray, XVilliam juries, Rnlicrt Nelson, XVillJcrl johnson, Robert Baden, NVal1er Keres, Raymuml Beliulla, Ruw 3: Mellicenl Anderson, Catherine Gustafsnn, Marcella Malmgrcn, Miss Rciil, Helen jolmsun, Glzulys O Keefe, Anna Twaryunas, Blanche Gilbert, Row 4: Marion Blomgren, Bertha Kruvelis, Alesa VVy1nan. Lanretla Perclialski, Gcrzililine Gilbert, Signild Gustafson. Stella Anast, Harriet jacnlisun, Aflmlilmlle Giles. Absent: Marion Andrews, Richard H. ,TOIIIISOIL A 7A-8' Row 1: Philip Thompson, Russel New1un.lVermm Pearson, Alvin Bergmark, Allruil Cagnuni, W'illiani Carlson, Robert Flood, Peter Bnttacavuli, Carrnl Pluiulersnn, Row 2: john Beale, Everett Anderson, Woodrow lliglxee. Kenneth Blanrl, Shelllnn Grinilicrg, lilxncr Olson, Clifford Guslafsun, Maynard johnson. Row 3: Edward Yanlcavich, Earl llartje, Virginia Ciclesli, Naunii Akins, Elilura Nurun, Luis Leclfmril, Caryl Blake, Ray Kruii, Lennart Stenwall. Row 4: Georgia Kinclstrum, Arline XVerner, Evelyn Nelsen, Doris Colvin, Betty Mae Johnson, Margaret Wallenberg, Mary Bundick, Edith Morris, Lorraine Spaclacini. Absent: Genevieve Parland, Harry Carlson, Frances johnson, Tony Vella, . page forty-four 7Af9 E QI If Rnw l: Riclmrrl jnhnsnn. Var! Rnszlnclur, Hzirolrl Livingston, Richard Bonzi, Rowland Holmertz, Oscar Nnrctm, L1-rmnrrl Peterson, Vxlillnrml Beckman, Ragnar Carlson. Row 2: Willinm julmsnn. NVill:n'1l XVirlen, Verner Carlson, Ralph Rolxerlsun, Charles Voseles, Jerome l,nnr, Juv Scinrtinn, Patsy Sciortinn. Row 3: Arnulrl llumlin, Ethel Sealer, I,incl:i lllivmii, Marguerite Mcfnw, Miss D. E. Anderson, Victoria Pnluzzi. K:nllu-rim- llnrnlmck. Mariv 'I':-ngrcn, live-rctt llzisselrjuist. ' Row 4: Verna Blumlmcrg, Evan l'i-tursun, Pliclles Miller, Vera llrekke, Milrlrr-rl Magnuson, Mary Napier, Olga Vmlgnrny, Lucille Nnreikn, lilnrcncc Miluni. Aluscnli lsnlu-llc 'l':iylor, Ni-lliv 'l'lmmpsrui, Rnlierl Hcxllunrl, llcrrlinn Seefelclt. .fl IW Autographs ' ' qf 56' f Q! ' J fl fill Q','p,g7f-17 df v,A,,fxQfQZ Q,4fff-iff 7 -ff A f, - 1931 K page forty-live 7B-1 ,, 4, 1 Row 1: Charles Gassman, Ralph Jensen, Roy Anderson, Fluyrl Heigstmni fI1l'Plll XwLil1'IL!'llll1l Gtmlcl 'im ' th L11 Vern 1' Birks. Row 2: Stuiirt, Nelson, Robert Gresnlmrg. Charles lmfclzthl Xlvllllllf Volt? lltrn d Burgess 1 iwrcnu. Peterson, Ross Carlson, Frctlericlc Ransontc, john C lson Row 3: Dpris Meyer, ,lane Dztnielsnn. Mary Jnnc Olsfnz, Mis-. llmll Milrlrcrl Rrtcrllng Dnlntlig 1-:mlm Lilly lilcwall. Row 4: Sllirlcy Pctersmi. Kathryn Julinsnn, Rnlly Sniitli, Dum 1x 1 in llltlll nj, Xltl W ii Phyllis Nelson, lilsic jnlinsnn, Lucille Baker. Absent: Burt Bryant, Curtis Lufgrcn. Genrgc l'c:irsun, 7B-2 lin xv Row Row Row Abse l: Martin Palmer, Clmrles Eyster. Junior Ellis, Ricliztrfl wlmsnn Htslcv Bucliy Milli n I Ilis Iflzlrl Erlnndson. George Saunders. Z: Victor Olson, llzirolcl Tlmrstcns, Clarence Burg, 'l'lmm1s M-itliews l1.Roy lltvu XVilfnrcl Bloom Lennart Bergstrom, Mnrris ,luslin. Robert O1ipcgzn'1l 3: Genevieve Dougherty, Jeanette Kipp. Marion Knlvpy K ll lil 1 M ulinsnn lhrntli lkul Shirley Sinnett, Jean Cullen, Vivian Swanson. 4: Anita lleztuvnis, Rutli Lee. Helen Alfrerlson, Ethel Strata M.np,xrLt llust Xiviin Lu sin llzirriet Huase, Marjnrie Anrlerson, l'-lelen Metz. nt: Donald Anderson, Nnrinzi Ilczxrson. ll 931 page forty-six 7B-3 f Q , 5 IQ-nw l: lflnvrl llansnn. Walter Carlson, Marshal Peterson. Dick Slallwonnl, Everett Lind, Bil Frank Nliizziivlcvlli. lirnusl lulmscm. Huw .Zz Dick XVnlIlcy, Warren Nnrlvcrg, Marvin l'etcrsnn, Harris Anderson, Xlfalter Larson, cann, Ray jnlnnsnn, xvllllfllll l'etcrsm1. Huw 3: Nullic' SlHlCl'g1'CIl, Vivian Corlmclt, Ilclly jean Urn-cn, Doris Mae Gustafson, Miss Pete lirili laivrlalil, Vicinria Mcrlcvlavich, Lucille jolmsfm, Mabel l'c'tersm1. Rim' fi: lflsif- NX'iig'ulI, livrlyn Carlsun, l.n1'raim- Hililclmramll, Rulmy Clevengcr, Nlnna Chill k'ranrlall, l,inn1'a ,lfvluisuin Vivian julinsun, june Scvcrsnn. Alwscnl: llilly llc-ckus, Gravu llawkinsrrn, Evelyn Lanscn. Ennicr Nelson. 7B-4 ly Englucrg, Albert Tos- rson, Eliza- mlis, Grace ts-' Huw I: l.vlv Revs, Rnlrcrl Julinsnn. Leif llcllanil, Rum- Johnson, XVerner johnson, Ray Allmcrty, Harold K-ling, Rav llvrg, Daniel Olilsnn. Row 2: Melvin Amlcrsfwn. Alvin GnITey, Melvin lrleiunlahl. Charles Caruti, Milburn Tuck, Levi Edwards lfllwc,mil Nclsun. lvar Nelson, llarry Rulxin. Raw 3: Ray Larsun, Malcolm Peterson, Florence Vincer. Laura Bell Lee, Alien: Bartlett, Miss Hills, ilunliilrl lll.'l'HSU'flll'l, lrcm: Miclwlsvxl, llnwzirrl McClaskc'y. Ruw-1: Millicviil lllaclc, llulun lluilman, Nlarie Erickson, Marvis Krevel, lngcyard Kron, Marjorie likluncl. livclyn Tnman. Gcrarla 1'aclcwood, Gladys Johnson. Alisa-nt: Carson jaclcsnn, Ruth Nvlsnn. 11 9 3 il page forty-seven 7B-5 X Row l: Roy johnson, Vllliitncy Searle. john Burton. Ralph Ilcclrick, Kenneth Lowe, Louis Colctta. Earl Finkliciner, Gnnnarrl .l0l'l1'lSl'Jl'l, Kenneth foolu, Row 2: Clara Hoff, Alex Dolwnick, Kenneth Benjamin, Lowell llausriu, l,a Verne Trank, Arne Larsen, Earl jenkins, Raynionfl Carlen, llelen Allen. Row 3: Milmlrccl Mace. Evelyn VVolf, Mary Fowler, llarrictt Smith, Lucille Anclersnn. janet Murray, Miss NVors1cr, Ruth Lorcen, Anniv Mora, .lc-:nw Slrnlv, lilhrl Knellcr. Ruth Knntsvn. Row-l. lfrlna llozym. lfvclyn -lYll1IlllSll!l, Phyllis NlFlCKL'L'lil1iK', Marion jnlinsnn, Verila llriulu'r. Ruth Dumscr. Verna Nelson, Betty Nilson, Singhild Alamler. I P 7B-.6 'T Ro w Row Row Row Aliso l: Stanley Brzostek, Robert Clxrislinnson, Oscar Nelson, VVeslcy Johnson, Arthur xvUSiQCl'l7C'1'F',, Vurnrr Anrlerson. Arthur Carlson, Vincent Prunsk. 2: Earl XYarner, Kazimier jans, Arthur Donofrio, Gilhc-rt Mork, Frederick Gustafson, Quintin DeSaix. Stanley Cieliusz. Larry Sitnelc. 5: Lewis lfahrick, Evelyn Kent, Lilly XVika, Bernice Beck, Miss Broderick, Lillian Anderson, Marjorie Nelson, Alice Tooxnan. 4: Eleanor Larson, Dorothy Mooney, Eunice Russell, Genevieve Bcrzin, Louise Forscll, Gertrude Marvin, Earlene Nvolfc, Phyllis Rqhn, Florence Johnson. nt: Louise Bergman. ' ll 9 3 1 page forty-eight 7 B-7 J r RUW 1: lfvercll, Alex, Stanley Kosinski, Glen johnson, Ellsworth Monson, Charles Hour, Allan Ancler' son, ililhert llall, Richard linden. VS':iller Anderson, Melvin Nelson. Rowlz Glenn Lrinninyz, Roland Christensen, Paul Robinson. Gudmnncl XYika, Gunnar Rahm, Miss Sanders, Carl Nelson, llilly Burris. Nc-ls Nelson, I,aVr-rn lloar. Row 3: Elsie Cla'-venger. ,lezznette 'l'nrnqnisl, Violet Daulvert. Esther Gagliano, Ramona ,lIlC0l'JSUll, Ingrid likwall, Irene lieek, lilizallelll Anderson, Elsie Lanni . ng Ahsent: Lynette Anderson, Martha Iaclcna. ' We Were Unavoidably Detained When Our Home Room Picture Was Taken R nw R n W R 0 w 3 R o w Row 5 Row William Conant, Oscar I-lallherg, l-larry Carlson, Anthony Pauzon, Clyde Fnlling. Karl Lofgren, Arlhur Ccriu, Donald Tlntlandcr, Ralph Furs. ' Curtis Lofgren, Carson jackson, james NX-'nocl. Maynard Smerlherg, George Carlson, LeRoy Adolphson, George Pearson, Bert Bryant, Donald Anderson. John Leonard. Edward Konitski, Joel Carlson, Carl Lindblom, Gerard Grey, Ralph Brooch, Steve Mrowiec, Roy Hagelin, Billy lleckus. Rose Bcllone, Frances johnson. Madeline Stanlmnry, Marjorie Estwing, Edna Anderson, Ger- trude Smith, Helen l :nlxnqnist. Wanda Alexander, Tony Vella. Armond Downey, Marjorie Scanclroli. Blanche Stockwell, Katherine Iohnsnn, Martha Iackna, lgnnna Sinmens, Beulah Reeder, Madeline Colton, Genevieve Parland, Marion McCl:iry, Olaf egner. - Norma Pearson, Ruth Nelson, Phyllis Swanson, Mae Breach, Annie Johnson, Brittn Wernstrom, Lois Carlson, Grace Hawkinson, Patricia Kane, Jeanette Linclsterlt, Eunice Nelson. ll 9 3 ll page forty-nine IN MEMORIAM MARJORIE MITCHELL December 9, 1918-September 30, 1930 LAVERNE NELSON September 19, 1916-November 20, 1930 MAMIE SITNEK October 9, 1915-March 6, 1931 1 93 1 page fifty FQ?-HJEYE CS . ' x xf y ff -, ' , ,,,-,A N .b ,-1 44Ju 1 ' 1 . f ffl! bf' ' ' 22.4.4 ff ,f , ., ,' I ' yQ, . .I ,P Q f X, ' . To XiI'.HiEl1'IliCi fYifll'fiLll1,ilL'ZlCi of the Physical ECil1C2lfi0l1 I7Cpz11't111e11t, we dedicate this settinn of our Annual. Nr. Gorclon has been with us for two years, and during that time has gained our sincere aclmiration and respect. XVe wish in this way to acknowledge our zlppreciation for the leadership he has given in fostering :L love for sports and nf fair play. ll 93 il page fifty-two Football Squad llow I: llagnzir Kfinl, liilinunfl lkirlgren, Rolzert lV:ill, Casiuier Koxvalewski. jack llorter, Robert Flood, flu-slei' l'clt-rson, tilt-nu Smith. Row 2: Mike 'I'augorr:i, julian lguatchnk, limil Slasica tCapiuinl. Mr. Notting ttfoaclil, Howard NVl1ite tklanzigerl, llenny lit-hr, LL-Roy lilask, ,lklllll Dobnicit. Row 3: l,,eo 2-ilasica. Lloyd Arnuson, lidward .-Xuderson, Arley Arnistrong, Carlo Brauca, ,lean Pippel, Gilbert lleisher. Football Lincoln started out the V130 season with a nucleus for a great team with Captain Htasica, llehr. lguatziluik, Armstrong. and Aronson ol' the N20 champion team. lizluipment was issued and practice started the first week of school. A squad ol sixty-live reported, but dwindled to thirty-live at the close oi the season. The lirst game of the series with Roosevelt, which was held on October fourth, turned out to be a hard fought game, Lincoln winning seven to six. Other than the sfore the game lacked anything spectacular except the usual brilliant playing of Stasica. ln the second game the Lincoln boys found themsleves battling to a twenty-to- nothing victory. Little Mike 'l'augorra stored the third touchdown during the game. Mike was substituting for lgnatchuk. lle played a nice game at blocking half. The third game was played on a raw cold day. neither team being able to do much. Stacy of Roosevelt played a brilliant game and scored the only touchdown, beating Lincoln seven to nothing. The fourth game Lincoln won thirty-two to nothing, winning the champion- ship. The team kicked beautifully that day. The line and backs functioned nearly perfectly. lilask's terrilic line plunging, llehr's generalship, lgnatchuk's and Stasica's open field running, and Armstrong's great line playing were the outstanding points of the season. A1-onson's playing was also very good, especially on the defense. This year's team is undoubtedly the best team we have ever had. During the entire season Lincoln made fifty-nine points, while Roosevelt scored twelve. l 9 3 l page nity-three Basketball Squad i . Wwlg ill Q if tilt 1 Row 1: Donald Asprooth fM':xnagerl, Nlilton Gustafson. Mike Tangnrra, Uno tlverstrom, Myrle Clarkson Eugene johnson, Louis Ca:-ztiglioni, Kenneth Seger, Gordon Woltley tAssist:in1 Mzinagurp. Row 2: Leo Stasica, Rollo Bennett, XY:xlte1' Ifraser, Robert llinueber, john Kalusky. xvllliillll lliun, Carl Liehovich, Glenn Smith, Clifford Gustafson, Ralph Ugrnn. Row 3: ,lulilan'lgnatellulc tC':ipt:liul, Robert, Fluorl, Eflward- Anderson, Arley Arnistrong, llenny Behr, ,Ennl btasica, George Kalusky, Ragnau' Klint. Absent: Bruce Olson, Basketball The first game of the season was played with the faculty on December 17, 1930. The faculty won 21-15 in spite of lgnatchuk's score of nine points. ln the second game. which was played with Seward, Lincoln trampled the opponents and won 21-1-1. lgnatchuk again led with nine points, and Armstrong was second with seven. Lincoln won the lirst game with Roosevelt 20 to 16. Roosevelt was leading ll to 9 at the half. but Lincoln rallied bravely, the inimitable lgnatchuk scoring eleven points. ln the game of january 20. the alumni were surprised out of a score of 20-16 in l,incoln's favor. The second game of the series with Roosevelt. on January 22, was not so successful. Roosevelt won the game with a score ol 25-16. The next game of the series was also won by Roosevelt. This was the First game after we had lost Behr and Armstrong, and because of the lack of height and experience of our players Roosevelt won 29-13, Our team beat Roose- velt 28-25 in the fourth game of the series. This was a great game for Emil Stasica, who scored nine points and kept the ball from Roosevelt's basket by his brilliant defense. The last game, the deciding game of the series, was won by Roosevelt. Roosevelt was leading 1-1-7 at the hall. A rally by Lincoln in the last half tied the game. Each team scored a basket, and then Roosevelt scored a bas- ket, thus winning the game by two points. l 9 3 1 A page titty-four Swimming Team Row 1: Ilarry Nygren, Lindon johnson, Casimer Kowalewski, Gilhert Beisher, Donald Burkholder, Eric W'lllson. Row .Zz lidnnxnd Cnrlgren, David Murray, Anthony Bartns, Leif Nelson, Rollo liennett, John Hallden, Swimming The Lincoln tankmen were the city junior champions this year. They won the swimming meet with Roosevelt 24-22. The features of this meet were the 160 yard relay, the 40 yard free-style, the 40 yard hreast stroke, the 40 yard back stroke, and the fancy diving. Roosevelt won the 160 yard relay, finishing in one minute and thirty-six seconds. and carrying olic live points for their score. The 40 yard free-style was won by Carlgren of Lincoln who broke the 1930 record hy two seconds. Second and third places were won hy Roosevelt, thus giving Lincoln live points and .Roosevelt four. In the 40 yard breast stroke, Roosevelt won first and second places, while Nivinski of Lincoln came in third, scoring one point. Carlgren ol' Lincoln hroke the 40 yard hack stroke record hy two seconds and won first place, while two Roosevelt swimmers won second and third respectively. This was a hectic time for Lincoln, as the score stood 21-11 in favor of the visitors, with only two events left. Then a few fancy dives by Hallden and Carlgren les- sened lQoosevelt's lead to three points. lVith only one chance to win, the Lincoln swimmers rallied and won the 120 yard medley, winning the meet by a score of 24-22. ll 93 ll page Fifty-live Baseball Team , l ry, 1 Rowl: VV:ilter johnson, Raymond XValters, james Stiles, Everett U'l3rien, lirzmk D'Agoslin, Earl Nelson. Row 2: Eugene johnson, Arthur liursell, Carlo Branczx, Gene Lindell, Donald Nelson. Absent: Emil Stusica, julian lgnatchuk. Baseball A large squad of about one hundred boys responded to the first call for prac- tice. This was soon cnt down to a workable size squad, and the work of condi- tioning and selecting prospects was begun. All the games were played at lfairgronnds Park. ln the lirst on lllay 15. Lincoln established an 'early lead in the game through the hitting of lgnatchuk and E. Stasica, lint Roosevelt came from liehind and won ont in the closing mo- ments. The second game was all lQoosevelt's. Bennett, the opposing pitcher, al- lowed but tive hits and kept the Lincoln slnggers from doing much damage. ln an attempt to stave ott defeat in the third game and stay in the running for the championship, a left hander, Gene Lindell, was called upon to do the pitch- ing. He held Roosevelt to fonr hits and, needless to say, Lincoln came through with a victory. The fourth game was largely a repetition of the third and ended in another Lincoln victory. This evened the series at two games for each school and left the fifth game as the deciding one for the championship. Roosevelt piled up an early lead and Lincoln was apparently heaten, as it was trailing by seven runs with two innings to play. The east side lmoys staged a rally in the last two innings, scoring eight runs and finally emerging with a victory of 12-ll and another championship for Lincoln. 1 9 3 ll , page fifty-six Track Team ies- 7' Itltit, l V . 'J A : K . lltmgd-2 l 57' . t ,Qi 'f:.F7 4. ,Qt j . 4 N ' fait 7 T , A l ' ' ll F A I NY v 7 J 'T .mid . R-nv I: james Lellzisnev. llrnee Olson, jaines Stiles, Iosenlt Blask, Lelloy Blaslc. Row J: Fred johnson, L'li:n'Ics Lyman, Frank IJ'Agoslin, Howard VK'hitc, Benny Behr. Track Team Coach llarry Nutting's track team won the city championship last year. Lin- coln won seven of the eight meets held. The SSO yard run was won by Bennett of Roosevelt. limil Stasica won four of the events. He won the 50, the lOO. and the l5O yard dashes, and the liroad jump. XVhite ol' Lincoln was victorious in the high jump, while Behr, also of Lincoln, won the shot-put. The Lincoln team won the relay to cap the victory. The junior high athletes hrolie two records and equaled one more. NX-'hite of Lincoln hettered l5erglund's high jump record hy two inches when he leaped 5'-l . Benny Behr shot the eight pound hall 47' 6140, bettering liCl'gl1lllfliS 47'l . E LING DLX-Rt Jf'JSlCVlCl,T 'lfRAL'li REC! JRDS 50 yard dash-5'7 -lierglund tlyp 1929. IOO yard dash-l0'8 -lierglund tl,j l929g Arnold tliij 1926. 220 yard dash-2-l'2 --Berglund tl,j 1020. S30 yard run-2:l-l.6-Salaway QRVJ l92S. High .Iump--5'4 --XVhitc QLJ 1930. Broad .lump-l8'9M -lX'la1'tingelio till 19275 Bergluncl CLD l929. Shot Put-l7'6M -Beln' tlaj 1930. -l-IO yard relay-50'-Lincoln tlithridge, Bartels, Ryan, Berglundj 1928. SOCCER Fifty hoys reported for practice. Alter some Inractice they were divided into teams and played against each other. The outstanding players were picked as the squad to compete against Roosevelt. Four games were played with Roosevelt, each ending without a score. lt was decided to let it remain and to give each school 21 tie for the cliampionship. 1 9 3 ll page iifty-seven Athletic Calendar September 1030- l.li'l 'l'l'Ili WINNERS Ol-' l.lNtAtll.N S. Foolball tryouts. tklajor .-'Xwarfll 9. Soccerball try-outs. 17. Tennis tournament-won by Burdette lftJtYl'lZ.'Xl,l. Q3l'l5Ull- , lfmil Stasiea tL'apt.J, llenny lleltr, julian 17. tiolf tournament- -won by Norris Al- Ig,,a,C1,,,k' t4UR,,y Minsk' ,.t,-ply Dt,-m- deem- strong, lxdward Anderson, tfarlo llranca, .f 11 , ... .g,'. ,. , '.E.',: ftfffm 1930- l,i2'Qltf.- 'l3ilic.-lilllfk'lt..l32-lThLlf1.,lIhf' lf.f,2llQt'9 4- First fUOlbfl1l,g21lllC Wlfh R0O5'3Veh ' Klint, Mike Tangorrzt, llowarcl XVhite Lincoln winning 7 to U. I 4Mg,.L,' Jack p,,,.tC,.. ll. Second game with Roosevelt-Lnr com winning Zll to tl. SOC--Q-HR 13. l'1rst soceerball game-no score. X , M ,, I 16. Second soeeerball game-no seore. l-'Il'V'r I' -'lwflllll IS. Third football game with Roosevelt- john Kglluglqv, Xtktltgl- johnson, liugene Roosevelt Wllllllllg' 7 UP 0- johnson, liric 7 XVillson. llominie Saegona, 29- Tlilffl 5 'CCTl'l7f1ll game HU SCUVC- Uno Overstroin. Robert Erickson, Tony 25. 11011 ill 5000059311 1511119-110 SCUVC- l.is:1a, Vlialter Nichols, Forrest Hopkins, 75 Fourth 'football game-Lincoln win- ' ' 1 ning 32 to O. flovenilner 1930- ZZ. Basketball try-outs. December 1930- 2. 17. ,lanuar 14. 22. 23. lntra-mural basketball season started. Lincoln basketball team vs. the Ia- eulty-Faculty winning 21 to 15. y 1931- Lincoln's hrst basketball game with Roosevelt-Lincoln winning 20 to 16. Second game of the series-Roosevelt winning 25 to 16. Football and soecerball letters given out. February 1031- 4. 11. 18. March 18. 18. April 15. 27. May 1 15. 19, 21. 23. 26. June 1. Tliird game with Roosevelt-Roosm velt winning 29 to 13. . G Fourth Game-Lincoln winning ZS to 25. Fifth Game-Roosevelt winning 20 to 18. 1931- Lineoln won the Swimming meet 2-1 to ZZ. lrlandball tournament-won by julian lgnatchuk. 1931- Boxing tournament. Baseball tryouts. 931- First baseball game. Second baseball game. 'l'hird baseball game. Fourth baseball game. Fifth baseball game. 1931- Horseshoe tournament. l'lztz'ry Swartz, Stanley johnson, lxaymond tlnstalson, Kenneth Seger, Francis Roper, joe Lieare, Nick Kalusky. 'I' R .-X C K tklajor :Xwardl limil Stasica, Frank lJ'.'Xg'ostin, Howard X1'hite, Benny Behr. BASIEBALI. ti Major I, Awztrdj Don Nelson, Gene Lindell, julian Ignat- chuk, Arthur Forsell, Ray Vlfalter, Everett O'Brien, Emil Stasica, james Stiles, Earl Nelson. 15.11 S K ET B A LL tklajor l, Awartll julian lgnatelmk, limil Stasira, Ragnar Klint, Leo Stasiea, :Xrley Armstrong, Benny Behr, Edward Anderson, Robert Flood, George Kalusky, Donald Asprooth ClVlgr.j. SXVIM Nllblti tklinor l, :Xwardj lidmnnd farlgren, john Ilallrlen. tfl'llil'1lQ l.li.XlJl'llQS tklinor l. gkwarcll These pupils have done the required amount of work .to reeeire letters: linute Nielson, Sam l.alasto, Salvatore Ingrassia, Vincent Pace, Charlotte XValdroun, Martha Ekstrom. VVINNFRS UF Tl-lli BOXING TOURNAMENT Fly-weight-Erie W'illson, Papernveight- Xvllllillll tflark, l:C1ll11L'l'-XVClQ'lll -f- .lolln Young, Bantam - weiglit-,Iolm Kalusky, Light-weight-Leo Stasiea, lNl'irldle-weight- ,Iulian lgnatehuk, Heavy-weight-limil Sta- sica. ll 9 3 11 pageelifty-eight Girls' Life Saving Club lllllln lplllll gl In thx- water fleft to rightlz Bernice Kuzuxiskas, l ayetta Mills, Mercedes Miller, Margaret Carlson, Gladys Olson, Dilgllllll' farlson, llorutlly llroxvn, l.nis Molson. Sitting: Esther Rosenquisi, Milrlreilk Samlers, Lois Nelson, Sophie lignalcliulc, Gladys liltwall. Evelyn llansou, Ruth Carlson, Nlarjorie lilcvall, Martha Swenson, Helen Fitzgerald, Evelyn Liudstrorn, Marjorie llllllllflll. Diving: .-Xrlinv llazaril, lleurietta Kazmierslti, Stella Syillowslci. Standing: Miss Garde, Miss llronse. Mist-nt: Annalwlle Aycoclc, Kathryn Carlson, Dorothy Faust, llelen Johnson, Alice Luncline, Aldaua Rasliltewicli, llagniar Smlerhcrg, llcleu Zzfslii. Girls' Athletics 'l'liere is a certain amount of required work in all grades. Health education is a part of the general education which aims to provide for a normal development of the body and to promote mind and character building through physical activities, the practice of health laws, and the correction of growth handicaps. 'l'he activities for carrying out this prograln vary in the dil'ferent grades. The 7ll girls take part in formal gymnastics and games. among which the most popular are ticrman bat ball and long ball. The 7A and SIS girls take a more advanced type of formal exercise and team work as well as some folk dancing. These grades have tournaments in kiclc ball and baseball. Swimming is required in the SA grade. Practically every girl learns to do two or more swimming strokes and to do simple diving. A Life Saving class is organized for girls who can pass certain requirements. lt is possible to earn a junior Life Saving ,Badge in this group. ln the ninth grade classes posture and health habits continue to be stressed. 'l'eam games are popular with considerable emphasis placed upon volleyball in the winter and hatball in the spring. XVhen weather permits in the spring and fall, classes are held on the play ground. The department aims to encourage the forming of habits which tend to promote abundant interests, ideal for a healthful. useful, and happy adult life. ll 9 3 l page lifty'nine 5'r V A14 1- 5 1 ' 4 2 I 'frf:1vA.-Q Q' Ji' Q ' I I . gs'-in : ? ai Sport News . !! . ' A .g,'W.- 'f 5 A -1 A . --E is I 1 1' ' , n I Q .' 5' .11 31.51 -1 5 1 Lf- :,- ' l ' q P . ' A' , J. J, i - 1- T3 ,yi -1 'Hr Q' X. ll 9 3 ll Page sixty ' RGKN IZATIC ' Q L H' YA -1,' l Q ,Q sg 19: M ' Ek 5 J Q Organizations of Lincoln Junior High School Wihen father went to school. he was most likelv a member of some ha 'loft . 5 gang or the like. During the meetings of these gangs. its members thought up ideas as to how to make llallowe'en more exciting' or April lfool, funnier. Their leader was the boy who could think up the best tricks and have the best ideas. Now-a-days, it is quite different. The purpose of the organizations of today is to give knowledge to its members on subjects which they do not know or under- stand rather than instruction in evil things. In our school there are clubs that will appeal to almost every sort of interest. Instrumental and vocal clubs are organized for those who are musically inclined. For those who are interested in various phases of science are the clubs studying those things. There are clubs for those who like to make things-art clubs, draft- ing club, machine club. auto club, sewing clubs, basket-making clubs to name but a few of them. For those who enjoy writing are the clubs devoted to the publica- tion of the school paper, The f,l1Il'0f1l Log, and of the yllllllltll. Other clubs are organized about the common hobbies of the pupilsg examples ot' these are the stamp and magazine clubs. Une club calling itself Travel Club, studies traveling, and its members exchange travel experiences with one another. tlpportunity tflubs are organized in every department where pupils may receive assistance in dillicult work. One group of organizations is devoted to service. The Student Council with a representative from every home room functions in many capacities. The Ath- letic Council plays a very important part in creating interest in the various sports carried on by the school. The Girl Reserve, the Girl Scouts, and the lloy Scouts all have their program of service. For example, three members of the lioy Scout Club take charge of the raising and the lowering of the Afizlgf upfront of the school. v4' . i' . The clubs meet every Friday at two o'clock. The meetings are in charge of the club ohicers with the members contributing to the program or the discussions. ll 9 3 ll page sixty-two Student Council-First and Second Semesters linw 1: Raw 22 Rnu' 3: Rnw rl: liranlc Ancnna, Rnbert llarthriloniew, VVnnflrmv Highee, Lyle Clwistiansun, Norris Aldeen, Carlo Iiranca. Karl Lnfgren. ,loliu Zwirhlis, Irving Ahlquisi, Sigurrl Johnson, Robert Adams, Marjorie Hill, Mavis Peterson, Marie Swenson, lrnia Livingston, Robert Scott, Edward Hamriu, Veto Tangorra, Ralph Johnson. lirliili Freeillnncl, Amy Kjellgrcn. Merimlat Loi-een. Clnry AxTIl'lSU'0Tl2. lVaunetta Blake. Florence Ainlcrsnu, ,lane Guthrie, Miss Bowman, live-lyn Greenberg, Marion Gould, Betty Ann Sutherland, llvlrn l'ett-rrznn, llt-va Nasholcl, Dorothy Rapp. Margriml I'elt-rsnn, Virginia Corey. Phyllis lf:1lWIll'klS. Millicent -l0l'lllSfl!l. -luanita Limleman, Sophie Ifgnrilrlinlc, Phyllis Anrlersnn. l,a Yun jnlinsnn, .Xllcen Peterson, Olga Pnrlgorny. Violet Eliason. l'e::rl lltipcrt, llutly lilcslrnm. mn-QR.. wav liny lit-rg, lilnysl llcztgstroiii, Wilford Bloom, Sigurcl Johnson, Pasqiiale Alera. Leroy Miller, Karl l.uffren, Norris Altleen, Yerncr Nelson, jack llansnn, Stanley Lyforrl, Veto Tangcrra, Ed- Rnberl Cl'll'iSllIl'll50ll, Rubcwl Scott. Snnliic liyznalcliulc, Marjorie I-Pill, Merida Loreeri, Margaret likmlalil, Marie Swenson, Iislith lireedlunrl, Violet Hman, Phyllis Edivartls, Luis Peterson, Pearl Jane Guthrie, livelyn Greenl.u:rg, Florence 'Alllll?fSflIl, Lillian Kleschen, Dorothy Rapp, NVaunetta Blake. Miss llnwman, x7ll ll1lZl llawn, Virginia Kaatrurl, Bova Nasholfl, Helen Faust, Violet Phyllis Antlersnn, Helen Allen. I.ziVon Johnson, Blanche Gilbert, Genevieve lVl1ite, Jeanette Tnrnnuist. Marinn Gould, Virginia Corey, Millieent johnson, Margricl Peterson, Mona Chopulis, Row l: ls ward llznnrin, Ralph johnson. Row 2: Rupert, Rnlit-rt Flnurl. Row S: B Eliason, lrnla Livingston. Rnw -1: Olga Pnclgnrny, Aileen Peterson. Absent: lrving Ahlnuist, Durntliy Faust, llclen Larson, Dnnalcl Thnlaniler, Robert VVolfensperger. l 9 3 ll page sixty-three Annual Staff-First and Second Semesters 4' i I 1 Standing Cleft to rightj: ,lane Swerson. Florzx Swenson, Ruth llcztcock, Edwin Snnneclccn flilclitnrb. Artliui' Gunilirell flfdilorl. Phyllis lleinert fBusineSs Nl:unigPrl, Juanita l,inclc:innn fllnsiness Nlznntgerl. Frances Mclinire, Grace Nilson, lnnnezt l,umlqnist, Vivian Fry, Clzmricc Nelson, W'nl- lxice lljorlclund. i Sitting Cfront to lmclci-Row I: lhylliw Stern, M:1i'g:1i'et jorpfenson, llelen l't-lerson, livelyn Larson, Mary ,lane Olson, Lorraine johnson. Row2: Virginia Peterson. Rutlnnue Freclrielcsrni, fflnriee llnllen, Raymond Molzxrulvn, john Olson, Row 3 .Uisen Nlurinn l'e:n'son. A I 1 llerznive llergluncl. Ruthl lCrielisoi'i,A l':inline lllllllilllllfi llt-len ,lnhnssnn. 1: Edith Eiiizinuefson. l,1llmn .Xlilqtt1:1, Rhoda lfreulriclcrzoii. .I :nf V E? V. l i l Row 1 Row Z Row 3 Row 4 Row 5 Row 6 Row 7 Standi : Dorothy Johnson, Marian Rounds, Marian Yonngberg, Evelyn Ringler, Helen Lindslroin, Elaine Fziggiotti. : Thelma XViley, Esther l,.l1lClSll'flll'l, Lillian l',inrlbloin, Muriel Swenson, Merida Lnreen, Mildred Sanders. : Margaret Challhcrg, Kathryn Mnrtenson, Lois Simons, Marjorie Peterson, Jean Olson, Dorothy Perry. : Harvey Bergman, Phillip Pritz. Catherine Bishop, Helen xVE7llll, ,lane Pnmphrey, : Martin Swanson, Benny Nyquist, Roxnne Bengtson, Helen lfnust. : Beatrice Ahlstrom, Ruth Olsen, Ruth Bimin, Evelyn Carlson. 1 Hazel Brorlein. Bnrbzira Carlson. ng Cleft to rightjz Leonard Broherg Krlusiness Manaizerj, Donald Linclley, Elsie Klank, Helen McArdle CAssistant Editurj, Norris Aldeen illzlitorl. jane Hztegg, Phyllis Ackrn, Heidi Anbro, Phyllis Johnson, Lucille Gustafson, Ethel Trzinlc, Violet johnson, Lettie Frisk, Elvera Carlson, Stanley Peterson, XVilli:nn Hinn, Alril-1 Blmnquist. Phil Kellner, Alford Carlson, LeRoy Ander- son, Edwin Belin. Absent: Elizabeth Kutlieh, Lillian Larson, Bevn Nnshold. l93l page sixty-four Tx . ,x 'I b Lincoln Log Row l: flfront to Baekj Janet Tobinson. Muriel Swenson, Evelyn Johnson, Helen Kowaleski, Miss lliland, Francis Ek. D Row 2: Betty llilherg. Lucille Born, Marion Thelander, Virginia Franzen, Stettler Quist, Karl Lofgren. Row 3: Olaf Tegner, Everett Henrilcson. Mary Skoog, Uno Overstroin. Q Row -I: NVilliain Lengquist, Fred Ascani. james Beyer, Michael Mnzzarelli, Margaret Zuek, Leslie Monson. Row 5: Milton llixby, Donald Johnson, Eleanor Toonian, -Margrid Peterson, llelen Forsyth, Violet Anderson. Absent: Marjorie Scandroli, Vivian Webster, Vai-ol Martin, Roy Jolinsrm. - Banking llanking in Lincoln junior High School. which is handled by the Peoples llank and Trust Company and is sponsored by Thrift, lnc., of Oak Park, has proved very successful during the past year in spite of the depression that has fallen upon the city. lllany home rooms have learned and established the habit of thrift, but special credit is due to the following groups, which have banked 10011 during all of the first semester: 7B-9, SB9-lO girls, SA-l, SA-8. The following groups have banked IOOZQ so far this semester fhlay lj: 7A-l, 7A-3, 7A6-SA-3, SA-9-l0 girls-9li-l, 9B-3, 9B-S, 9A--l. The highest percentage in school banking during the hrst semester was 9-lin and during the second semester-so far-9271. The average percent for the school during the first semester was S4W. The largest amount banked during the first semester was on January 7, 1931, with deposits of 339307. The following groups banked the largest amount during the first semester: 9B-6, 3121.535 9A-1, 3106.465 and 9B-3, 39993. The 9A-3's have the record for the largest amount banked this semester. They have banked 3398.76 The SA-6's have banked 559659. The 7A-5 rank third with deposits of 5586.88 The bank assistants for the first and second semesters are: Dorothy Larson, Lillian Ahlquist, Ruth Allyn, Ruth Brodine, Roberta Swenson, Josephine Ething- ton, Violet Eliason, and Vivian Wfehster. The Thrift Thermometers used this year .inthe halls .are displayed to show a comparison between individual rooms and the school as a whole and to show a comparison between the same rooms and the per cent in Rockford schools. On the Snap Shot page, Here, There, and Everywhere, on page 84 will be found a picture of the bank with representatives of IOOZ rooms, and a picture of the very efficient bank assistants. l93ll page sixty-five 'm Traffic Club A-i Row 1: Donald Gairlancl. Tony Malrn11g:i, Stewart Mclqnisl, Ricliarml Griggs, Rnlwerl, llourinan, Clzircnce Munson, William Selnnoolc, Eugene Kowalewslci, Philip Thmnnsun. Row 2: Klalvert Fosse, Ray Kruit. Frank Allen, Allison Gillmerl, Eflwilffl Hickman, jean Biden, -lllllll Tassoni, Alfred Cagnoni, Earl Yan Bloom. Row 3: Daniel 'Ke-pple, Robert Naveroslci. Lyle Clirisrianson, Roy Monson, Mr, Hansnn, Richard Dahl. llmvarfl Allen. .Xntlwny Pzxnzon, Kennctli lllami, Ralph l'almer, Rowfl: Lawrence Czisein, Rnlrert Gripn, Roland Snomglserg, Lawrence Geiger. Riclizircl Slallwoonl, l':is- quulc Mara, Alrik lilomquist, james O'Neill, VValtcr Swxinlmrg, Sanford Hullxnan, Donnlrl NVilliaxns. Alnscnt: Burdette Nygrcn. Girl Reserves l Row l: Irene Rziymer, Ruth Johnson, Luella McLzu'ty, Dorotliy Ilolmquist, Eleanor johnson. Row 2: Helen Marlcstrmn, Dorothy Williams, Doris Forsell, Ruth Mclntosh, Lilll-an Larson. Row 3: Helen Jacobson, Alesa W'yman, Linnea Saxe, Stella Voclgorny, Lena Gentmetil. Row Ro w Ro W Stan 4 Lila Hukanson, Florence Blakely, Loretta Perchalski, Irene Peterson. J 2 Fern Bennett, Marjorie Smalley, .Ruth Lonn, Margaret llaker, Pziuline SC2EXV1lTl,l'l., I 6: Gladys Carlson, Norma Johnson, Doris Elccngren, Nellie Sanders, Virginia llmley- Lois Camp lirell. cling: Miss Shaw. 19 3 ll page sixty-six Girl Scouts Left to right: Larena Bengstnu, Priscilla Davis. Marion McClary, Betty Sharp, Lois Palniquist, Mary Lantlgren, Bernice Linrl. Lois Shevland, Ruth Franzcn, Ann Meshuski, Garnet Franklin, Marie Goodrich. Grace Beckelt, Alphiltl Joslin, Alice Marie Dunlap, Miss Kjellgren, Ramona Johnson, lirittn Levine, lletty Nelson, Dorothy johnson, Evelyn Aaby. Mildred Ekstedt, Doris Arnell, Carolyn Albers, ,lane Dniochowslsi, Roberta Swenson, Doris 1'l1u'ris0n, Marjorie Estwing, Betty Green, Josephine Andrews, Dorothy Bergrcn, Dorothy Sharp, Betty May Carlson, Elaine Carl- son, Arms Anderson. Musical Organizations The musical organizations, as the title suggests, work with music. The boys' and girls' glee clubs and the operetta club are vocal clubs, while the band and or- chestra are instrumental clubs. The three vocal clubs present a candlelight service during the Christmas season ancl an operetta in May, and also appear in various assemblies. This May, they presented the beautiful oriental operetta, China Silk. During their club periods, they rehearse numbers for different occasions. The band and orchestra appear in various assemblies and programs. The or- chestra entered the Northern lllinois Orchestra contest and received first place. 'l'he instrumental clubs are clivirlecl into two sections, the advanced section, niacle up of the better players, and the beginners' section, made up of those who have recently entered and clo not play very well. During the periods that they practice, they receive instruction on how to play their instruments and also how to read notes ancl to take care of their lll5t1'l1lTlC11tS. E l 9 3 ll page sixty-seven Band Row Ro w R 0 w Row l 2. 3: 4: Frederick Rainsome, Stewart Nelson, john llylstud, XVilnicunt Swanson, john lltlCl'S0ll, llzirnld liurgess, ,lohn Beale. ,lack Carlson, Roger Neison. Leonard lirolzcrg. Rnlicrl Anlwrn, XVarren llergholt, Sam Sassali, W'ill:irtl jolinsnn, jack Griffith, Donald Lindley, Robert Krebs, George Nelson, Wilfred Agnew, llerhert Peterson, Donald lvlalstmm, Rnhert Peterson, Archie Maclfal- lum, Kenneth Shivers, Ralph Hedrick, Robert Dougherty, Franklin Regan, Robert Adams, Fred- erick Gustafson, Paul Anderson, Harry Nelson. Stanley Cieliesz, Verner Anderson, W'illnur Volt7, Oscar llermansmi, Wilbur Carlson, David Hacker, Bernard Johnson. Eugene Charn, Leslie Carlson, ,lolin Lcunartl, Ilarry Rcgnnti, Bur- dette Pearson, Kenneth Molander, VValtcr Fraser, Robert Dc-Forest. Harold Livingston, Rohert Keyes, Lawrence Holmes, VVillizun Nelson, LeRoy Anderson, Willard Carlson, Ross Carlson, Lewis Fahrick, Arthur Carlson, Burdette Johnson, Roy Anderson, LaVerne Birks, Donald Rosene, Rohert Lyons. lrving Dunnncr, Francis Frilierg, joseph C:ist:ino, Everett Carlson, Richard Tlinmpsnn, Earl Jolinsnn. WVilliam Conant, Alford Carlson, Verner Nelson Paul NVilliams, Bert Bryant. Curtis Lnfgren, Vkialdor Thaleen, Richard Olson, XVillian1 l-lnllander, Rnhcrt, Rouse, ,lnlian Kullherg, Rohcrt Anderson, Gaylord liklund, XVillia1n Frey, Lyman Dack, Ilarvcy Bergman, Irving Carlson. Orchestra Row 1: Row Z. Row 3: Row 4 Charlotte Vlfilgiert, Alice Olson, Luis Ruclin, Floyd Carlson, Larry Sitnek, Lois Boomer, Evans Alacnhson, Everett Hammerstrand, Mcarlc Bergsten, Rnlicrt DcVlit-1.5, VVillian1 l't-tcrsnn, Maria- Hartje, Carolyn Carlsten, Priscilla Davis, Bertil Tlmrstensnn. Russell Lindell. Axel liklnnd, Rnln-rt Nelson, Margaret Lalirand, Jeanette Lundvall, Betty Schmidt, Stewart Fisher, Marvin Nnrdvall, XVilliam Engherg, Doris May Gustafson, Gordon Anderson, Betty Allen, Orrill Dunn, Sigurd Johnson. Pearl Rnhert, Martha Anderson, Sofus Michelsen, Anna Hansman, Dorothy Blnomster, Maxine Olson, Elaine Anderson, Artus Anderson, Mathew Milburn, Burdette Carlson, Alden johnson, Marion Stenholm, Clarence McDermaid, lzloward Jolinsrm, l,nis Shevland, Arthur D'Agostinu, Nils Olson, jack Hanson, Suzana Vcrnhcrg, Glen Johnson, Bayard Lutzhnll. Gladys Ekwall, Evelyn Carlson, Barbara Sherman, Ingegard Rehn, Bennet Olson, Mildred Sanders. Dorothy Sharp, Betty Carlson, Charlotte Buchanan, Frederick Carlson, Leonard Nor- man. Edmund Danielson, Ritzen Hedblom. Dorothea Dahlin, Myrtle Kinroth, Ruth Carlson, Burnice Lundberg, Eileen XVilliams, james Lightcap. Standing : Mr. Borner. 1931 page sixtyeeight Girls' Glee Club lluw I l.nrn:i -lulinsnn. llelen .Xnrlersnn, M:u'i:in Ostroni, Helen Amsruil, llelen XYiig. Ruth Kullbe-rg, 1,1-nuru Lumlgrcn, Rnili Linn, Bernice Carlson. llnwl. llulen jnlinsrm, Phyllis Mae Larson, Cbryslnl Lind, Belly johnson, Evelyn Greenberg, Rntlx Oij, Lucille Lofgren, Lucille Hanson. Rnw 3 Kzillierini- Heck, Eva Downing, Dorothea Dublin, Florence Sjolander, Ingrid Rosenquist, Anna Mae Iirb, ,Iuclitli Mnrk, Ilelen McArclle. Row 4 Roxanne liengtsnn, Corinne Nelson, Marion Rounds, Bernice Jacobsen, Dorothy Rapp, Miss Need- ham. M:u'juriu Greenlee, Katherine l':inlson, Mildred Carlson, Doris Baker, Lois Ruclin. Row 5 liernice Sunilen, llnrriet Bmlin, Jeanette Lzirson, lvlargziret Todd, Eleanor Johnson, Helen Faust, liwlnzu Kjellgren, lilvern Carlson, Ruth K, johnson, Helen Lifleen, Charlotte B1.IClliiIlEUl. 5 Boys Glee Club Al Z ' l .Row I Clfrnnl to bziclcj Stewart Fisher, Ted Ekstrmn, Irving Ahlquist, Lawrence Karlzen, Regert john- son, Lloyd Munson, Bayard l,.utzl1nl'f, ,lack Hanson, Donald Peterson, Everett Peterson. Huw 2: lirzink NV:iril, Curl Lunclquist, Ralph Hlzigcxneister, LeRoy Lundiu, Nils Olson, Mathew Milburn, l,:iVi-rne Gustafson, Xllilliam Lnncluuist, Robert Sage, Rudy Larson. Row 3. Ralph Dyresnn, Slyrl Snyder, Fred Olson, Rolnuil Nelson, Orville Lunclqnisl, Marslmll Olson, llcnerlict L'npp, Robert liusell, Ritzen 1'IECllDlUlll, Ronald Stenberg, Row 4: john Swainlmrg, john XV:illcnlicrg, Richard Pratt, Richard Moore, Edward Nelson, Rollo Skag- lnncl. Rnberl Winllin, Ruger Ogren, XYill:iril Mziclfulls. Standing: Mrs. Angus, Glen hlolinson. llerberl Peterson. 1-larlzin Mann, Russell Lindell, Frederick Sater- lizilc, Lziwrence Johnson. Absent: Norris Aldeen, Ivan Lnlzlmff. ' 19331 page sixty-nine Operetta Club Row 1: flfront tn backj Miss Stone, Doris llorg, Carolyn Dahlin, Pliyllis Aclcra, Carolyn NYrigl1l, Louise NVright, Marie Nelson, Lucille Gustafson, Eileen Kircher. Row 2: Helen Bailey, Eleanor Bergquist, Lcttie Frislc, Ethel 'l'rank, Helen Johnson, Jane llacgg, Elna Senolre, Alice Cline, Helga Delebak. Row 3: Neita Gorrell, lrlernhild Peterson, Margaret likedabl, May Dablqnist, Katherine johnson, Phyllis Saugsiarl, Betty Ann Smlierland, Delores Carlson, Ruth Swanson. Row 4: Hulda Smith, Virginia Shoop, Dorothy Fagersten, Eleanor Elgberg, Dorothy Farnsworth, Linnea Gustafson, Katherine Boggle, Shirley Edwards, Stella Seclerqnisl, Standing: Katharine Dahlen, Agnes Pielak, Marjorie Pctersrm, Pearl Cameron, Alice Ryman, Ramona . Bredahl, Florence Sundboin, Margaret Hager, ,lean Olson. Drarnatics Clubs The dramatics clubs are organized to give their members instruction in how to present and to write a play, to apply make-up, as well as instruction in important factors concerning drama. During this club period, the members of the dramatics clubs write clever four line rhymes, read about the old theaters of Rockford, and various members present programs, which sometimes include impersonations or pantomimes. Plays are also given in the various assemblies by the clubs. In preparing a play, the members re- ceive instructions on bow to apply make-up and to make costumes. ll 9 3 ll page seventy Row Row Row Row Row Row Rnw R u w R A 1 w Ru w Row E 1931 Lincoln Chemistry Club Row 1: Edward Anderson-Vice-President, Fred Olson, XValter Fraser. Henry Palmini, Knute Nielson, Everett Haminerstrzmd. Row 2: Glenn Smith-Secretary, 1-inward johnson, George Nagel, XVilliznn Arnold, Miss Sanders-Aclviser. Row 3: Ragnar Klint-Treasurer, Robert Metz, Philip Pritz, William Allen. Row 4: Fred Satcrbak-President, Paul Davison, Howard Jensen, Phil Kellner, Science Clubs Lincoln has two science clubs, one meeting on Friday at the regular club period, and the other meeting Wednesdays after school. At the lirst club interesting dis- cussions are held concerning matters pertaining to science. Pupils make reports on their study and observation. and interesting experiments are performed, The Vtfed- nesday club is the Lincoln Chemistry Club alililiated with the junior Academy of Science. Six of the eighteen members of this club attended the twenty-fourth an- nual convention of the junior Academy of Science in Peoria on lllay the eighth. Attending the convention were: Frederick Saterbalc, President, lf red Olson, lid- ward Anderson, Phil Kellner. Glenn Smith, and Everett Hammcrstrand, accom- panied by Miss Mildred Sanders, the adviser. They entered their exhibits which consisted of a rough stone collection, a smooth and polished stone collection, a col- lection of arrow heads, a poster containing some of the rather uncommon chemical compounds, and a poster showing the various colors and dyes which may be made from coal. They were awarded second prize for their exhibits. The prize was a valuable large chart which may be used in studying physiology, anatomy, and the effects of alcohol and narcotics on the body. ' l 9 3 1 page seventy-two Science Club Row 1: Miss llinipliull, Duane Hanson, Leonard Lindquist, Einar Jacobson, Fenlon Peterson. Row 2: Donald Peterson, Carl 1'e1ers.mi, Louis Castiglioni, Arthur Smith, Ernest Pearson. Row 3: George Ray, Norman Paul, Eclmlie Lawrlzmslcy, Francis Trcnary, Stanley Rudolph. Row 4: Duane Sewell, Cliliord Carlson, La Verne Bergstrom, james Ethington, David Bailey. Work Clubs Machines hum, gears clash, pencils move, needles race, and brains grind when the work clubs meet. These clubs are organized to develop interest in various types of work, and to give practice in them. During the club periods, the members are all engaged in their individual pro- jects. Some sew, some make baskets, some work with machinery g but each is en- gaged in something of particular interest to him, receiving help from the teacher whenever necessary. At the end of the semester, almost everyone has the satis- faction of having been able to complete something useful or beautiful during his club periods. These clubs are. of course, among the most popular clubs. 1 9 3 l page seventyethree Shorthand Club Row 1: Angie Kugath, Margaret Cliallherg, Violet Johnson. Colleen Ioncs, lNc-tnona Skelton, Olive Licleen. Row 2: Maxine Sawyer, Virginia Corey, Clara Bovi, Lucille Rnte, Dorothy Perry, Mary Massi, Muriel Erickson. Row 3: Ruth Brodine, Dorothy Cassioppi, Rose Dc Marco, Mary Alice Reilly, Catharine Bennett, Elena '1hompsan. Row 4: Dora Colin, Anna Allish, Margaret Burknian, l'.inline Buren, Elaine Faggiotti, Lillie Mallei. Absent: Edna Onpegard, Elaine Picavet, l1:llZZlllCl,ll.SZLI'lf1'CflS01l, Elizabeth Zell, Alice Ransom, Alfliilcl Peterson, Jeanette Kauffman, Josephine Ethmgton, Bernice Dryden. Handicraft Club Standing: Miss Ballard. Row 1: Norma Forsman, Sophie Ponlos, Margaret Nelson, Eleanor Smith, Irene Carlson, Mae Nelson, Rnili Peterson. Row 2: Janet Eclcsirom fstanclingj, Pearl Rnhert, Ellen Nelson, Kathryn Anderson, Elsie Rowley, Ruth Olson, Fairie Andrus, Helen Swenson. Row 3: Harriet Krunwiecla, Bessie Bnrlcey, Marjorie XVolfe, Dorothy Olson, Elaine Anderson, Doris Melander. Row 4: Delores Sanden, Fern Ringler. Absent: Alice Pansar, Marion Anderson, Arlene Peterson, Margaret Sjustroni, Marie Nelson. 2 ll 9 3 ll page seventy-four :Xlls Dressmaking Club 'l'-'l- l: l,m.i.c fhlllllilglllllll, Juzmullc llcck, Gcrlrumlc XYi1f Ll1lllLl.l'l XXIIZ Ruh jwuxlmun lie cn 'l':nlwlc 2 Calrlsun, lhuris lfrxmz- . ill : lllsllurr l,imlsLrum, Ciunlmilxl Sclxclin, Vurnu GllStlll'SU11 LOUISL Mulrerg Wlmflecl Swenson, Ruby Amlsrrsun, Myrtle Kinrotla, Lilliam l.lllCllllDIT1. Standing: Left tu right: Gruup uf 3: lln johnson. Vulmis Sanur, lllnrtlmzl lllkstrum. th-m1pul'5: llunlricc Alllslrnm, lilzulys Szuullmcrg, Eunice Kuucl M 11011 ulmsou Som: Qmmcn .M flask: Miss llroguuicr. Little Mothers' Club 1 ., Run' Huw 4: kill! l: Sllll'll'V Revell. Muric Swcnsnn, lrnm Anclcrson, Tngxul Becl Delm'eQ TolmQon Bunmu. Worf llvtly'Czu'lslruln, Doris l,UlL'l'SUll. Ruw 2: Ililalm' ,lnlmsmy llurrictt l,. jollnson, Gurlrun jzzcolmsnn Iolx Ixmclstrom lllzllwcth Elluubur Lcunrc Swnnsun. lfrnnccs Rymllmlm. llulcn Swanson, Dorm Nelbon M149 Walid Row .81 llvlrn lilliutl, Virginia Ciclcsh, Rnchul llcclcmzm, Nlnrx mum Xmlct Xllguu Ln.nev1cxL llvlmslci, Alicu Hlsun. Ulivc Kinnnmuu. limily Cl1l'lI'Clllll. Mlu'ion Amlcrsmx, llanrriutt Blakely, Mary Perry. Duunl lefm Brnolharl, llnrlett M Johnson l 9 3 l page seventy-Eve Placque Club Table 1: Vernis Billstrzinil, Viviun Swanson, Eleaimx' Kjellstrom Ruth Johnson Iltiiict Xmlu-,on llo ence Linder, Virginia Olson, Helen Lnndvull, Dorothy bronlnnd Table 2: Pzittline Strand, Bcrith Ahlquist, Elaine Moon, Verona Olson Standing: Maxine Nordquist, Bernice Lundgren, Ingrid Nelson, Frances Mntenson Mildred O Neil Annu Johnson, Gertrude Smith, Marion Swenson, June Smith lxtthertnc jcpscn lrene Wiley luis Johnson, Evzt Turnquist, Ingrid lVEl'l1SlX'0I'Kl, Louise lnd Joyce lrentiec, NN tuncttd Blake Jeanette Smith, Virginia. LaForgc, Lucille Holmes. Machine Club Row 1: Evans Samuelson, Ralph XVztllin, Iosepli Lnkzisszivicli, jo Xineei Clifford Tones leliog lllisl Row 2: Stanley johnson, George Kissel, Frederick Carlson. Roy Ilinl Lygmont lndgnrnv benign, L ivu Mr. Clow. Row 3: llownrd jziclcsnn, Roger Young, Knute Nielson, Riclmrtl Bowinin lloyd Spening L irl Rnsen qnist. Fred johnson. Row 4: Leonard Norsen, Andrew Mattis, John Sampson, Vincent 1'LcL Absent: Burnell Eckman, Russell Schelin, Robert Rowe, NVullace Ilirdell james llyhi Ctrl Lindlrlom Stuart Johnson. l 9 3 ll page seventy-six Auto Club E5 lvfl to right: Gregor t'arIson, Carl Carlson. Robert Galwrielson, Arvicl Seagren, Joe Hopkins, Mike Genovese, George Adams, Arnold Anclierson, Mr. Skinner, Robert Lindman, Robert Flood, Dwight Vaughn, ,loc Lieare, Robert Puget, Stanley Lyforrl. llnrlm-rmotor: Morse Millol. Slanvlingbymotor: Frans l'eterson. Kneeling by motor: Dominick Sagona. Drafting Club 1 wi- Slanley tialebel. Vernon Pearson. Signrd johnson, John Erlaxnlson, Robert Huigb. XVilbert johnson. James Dunning. Arthur Anderson, Charles Greenberg, Eclwzlrcl Yankavicb, XValter Valentas, Arne Peterson. Ralph lfors, XVillarrl Carlson, Ralph Brown, Frank lVearer, Anthony Mazzola. George Carlson, Stuart Rapp, Darwin Swenson, Robert VVilson, Charles Uhlir, Clifford Hanson. Ralph Ugron, Signrrl Johnson, Malte Johnson, Charles Larson, Frank Scott, Avy Ring, Burdette john lloblin, Robert Kallstroxn, XVillard Dorr, Gerald Gullin, Donald Tbulzmder, Robert Scott, Ron' 1: Row .Zz liven-lt Anderson. Row .lz Row -l: Row 5: flrrcrns. Absent: Robert Nelson, Reuben Fysh, Frederick Schaefer. ll93l page seventy-Seven Stamp Club w lk fr- V, F1 LZ R 0 w li o W R 0 W Row 1 Caryl Blake, Roger Ericlcsuzl, Cllllorzl Gustnfsfzn. ' Donald Gustafson, Orrill Dunn. Ruynmnd Zilinslcy, Roger l,xlo1g.,n lohn I xrmex Lllllnrdl arson Frank Stcnsirom, Maurice Larson. George Nelson, Gordon Xlolllcy Nlcnle Bcrgstnn Cluton Vlurph v Mnrlmvv Shelxlnn. ' linrl Czlrlson, LeRoy Flklund. Donald Clxrlson, lfnorc Mauna 1 oulwn Xnrlcrson Mxrsu Anderson, john Milclwll. Absent: Richarml ll. johnson, Riclmznrrl S. johnson, llol-Iwiu Onkcy, Nels. ohnao Travel Club Rowlt lluiriuo Pinciotii, lVls1'lcin l'c:lcrson. Xlfaltcr Karas, Rnlnx ozgn lllyllltl no ov Carlson, Robert lflonrl, Sonny Bnltaxczlvuli. Row 2: Kenneth Plzunlmeck, Armin Zzmger. Rayxnnnrl Alexander, Mr N uholrl Drnmlfl lhnq Dmnnnc I Clerico, lrving Johnson. Row 3: Rinzllclo Nystrom, Steve Mrowicc, Marguerite Hester, Nnonn Cllll son M ujmxc llxll Vlfglllli Luce, Burney Rivcrclnhl, George Carlson. Absent: Oltavo I.nzzzn'i, Earl Hartje, George Zoohuck, Roy Pitkus, Rowlxncl Ilolnlutl Slltlllflll fxnnlmuy, Stanley VVitkowski, Howard Allen. ll 9 3 ll page seventy-eight The P1ay's The Thing 1 A --'QV e1rR9'd0 ' , . ,,. ' , , 9 4 1. - M S 9 ' , ' , x l as I5 I'i,lV3 ' q 79 I R 1 D s Q 1 l -1 WU MUUU X ll xl! I JA x mbffifafsg XJ' I? f J vw ll 9 3 1 page seventy-nine xglly 'V A e nb '--. 1 , .- Among Those Present EEA Q . 1'- ww' I .. X' F ' 'ev w f w 1 K , X. X , Y IR G .. S f 2.5 , ,L -Y ' I -rug -.. . -Z . , Q gl . -5 A5 vw gk' , x- 1 . '? ,M I 1 I fi 5 af' 1931 page eighty 'il - M N - . -nn, Who's Who-and Why 1 ,-g 1931 page eightyvonle ,iw - Certain People of Importance e I, ,lv , H . I Ig ma I I A 4. e i A J ' Q ,I , Yeezgi ..- . 'lx' -I 1 93 1 page eighty-two if 'PY' 11: - I , ' 47 4- K r A-iakvdn .2 l p Q -1 H 1 lg, . Here, There, and Everywhere ll 9 3 1 page eighty-three Humor rt . ' . ' xy . i gigs s lil IA V 1 4 X iNu'iA1'1oN DINNEP Oh! That Homework Between close of school and my bedtime, NYhen my books in importance enlarge, Comes a wish to my befuddled craninm To transport every text on a barge. l hear in the room just beyond me A prograxu from Radiolaud: Rudy Vallee and his Yankees: Gee! Ilis voice is just grand. From the window l see- on the sidewalk The people all hurrying hy, 'I'he gang of the neighborhood playrugg And then turn to my work with a sigh. All my lessons are hnished in due tinieg Yet I'm blue when prepared for next day, For the neighborhood gang has retired And the orchestra gone on its way. And so, for the junior high students The evenings drag by with slow pace. Oh! Then can the faculty blame us It' our homework we just dread to face? -Vera Cash. Heard in the Class Room Miss Ballard: What hook are you going to report ou? Little Girl: XVhosc Your Sehoolmastcr? English Teacher: To what does For a cap and hells our life we pay .reft'r? lilna Senobe: To the king's gestures. Mrs. Ilaupt: I want some of you girls to have some ideas now. Arthur, you may rc- cite. Miss Prien: How do flies live through the winter? n John Cvery seriouslyjz They die. Miss B.: Multiply the number by two and a half. Evy XYilkens: XVill two and Eve-tenths do instead? Miss B.: VVhy do you ask such a question? Areult you taking inatheniatics? ltfvyz No, l'u1 taking algebra. Miss Sanders: XVhere do the eggs get their proteins? Howard Jensen: From the hen. john Bohlin: Art, are you a Methodist? Arthur Cerio: No, I'in a Republican. Miss Ellis: Do you know Lincoln's Gettyslnirg address? Alden johnson: No, I didn't even know he lived there. Arline Hazard: XVhat should be done in case of drowning? Miss Brouse: XVell. I should think the nat- ural thing would be to have a funeral. Miss Schrom: XYhy did the angel have Abou Ben :Xdhem's name lead all the rest? Joel Carlson: Because he was such a Chris- tian and was always good to his fcllowmen. Glenn Smith: No, maybe the angel had the names listed in alphabetical order. ll 93 Miss Cotta: llow do you.tind an appositive? lfmil Stasicaz Look tor lt. Mrs. Angus: Marion, what are the strings of a violin niadc of? Marion Davis: Ilorseicathers. Miss Sehroni: Donald, wln-re is your excuse tor your yt-strrday's absence? llonald .X.: My mother didn't hare time Iii nrite our. Miss S.: VYliy ditlu't your fatlier write one then? Donald .X.: lleeausu ht- cau't make up so good int-y as Nlother eau. Mrs, .Xngus: Alford, can you tell nie what a hypocrite is? Alford l'.: Yes. it's a hoy that comes to Stlttnil with a smile on his face. Miss Alantleville: NVhat is the deliuitiou for money? Martin Swanson: I knowg it is something with which tn buy lollypops. Miss Ifitzgeraldz ln the olden days wht-u pr-opu: c-xrhanged hy harter, what did the ice- lauders have to exchange? Ilt-idi Anhro: lee. Mr. Skinner: Rohcrt, what is meant by tot-- in nf a front axle? Rohr-rt lledlnud: 'lloe-in, when you tow in a car. lflsie lilank: Ilave you read lireckles ? Robert lleliorest: No, hrown out-s are had enough. Stanley I.yt'ord: NYlm originated the saying, Over the top? Ralph Ilgron: lt must l1ave been the gym teacher that invented leapafrog, Miss Net-dliam: Marion, what is your idea ot' harmony F Marion Rounds: .X t'recklecl-facerl hoy wearing a polka dot neektir-, leading a giral't'e. Mr. llanua: XVhy were you absent? llohert llartlioloun-wt I had to see au optimist. Nlr. llanna: A what? XVhat for? Robert: .Xu optimist: he examined my eyes. Benny Nyquist: lley, have you a thumb tack? Helen Wehn: No, hut will a linger nail do? Photographer: Do you want a large or small picture? .Xuthony Nivinsky: A small nur. I'l1Ul.t'tfIl'IltlllH'l'C 'lihen close your mouth. Miss Cotta: XYhat is wrong with the sentence, 'l'lie mother divided the apple hetweeu tlu- thret' childreu ? Francis 'l'renary: 'I'ht-re wouldn't he enough to go around. IYalter Sally: NVl1c'n.is a Cow not It cow? john llylanrl: l'll lute. When isnlt it? NValter: Wihcn it'5 turned into a pasture. Norris Aldeen: All that I :un I owe to my mother. Nlartin Swanson: Send her thirty cents and square the account. I page eighty-four THE ROCKFORD WORLD NEWS Volume CCCCLIV. Saturday, June 2, 1946 Price Ten Cents ROCKET PLANE WILL PURCHASE SIX LANDS IN U. S. S. R. ADDITIONAL PLANES ' tlly lixaggeration Pressl Moscow. Union of Soviet Socialist Re- publics-Miss firace Nilson and her pilot, lingene Lundeen, arrived here today at 6:25 l'. M. on their attempted flight around the world to eclipse the prevailing time of tln'ec days. New rockets were installed in the plane by Ilarry lJ'.-Xgostin, chief technician of the Arnold Zinnnerly Rocket Company. The pair left immediately after the rockets had been installed. OLSON WINS PEORIA GOLF TOURNAMENT tliy lixaggeration Prcssj l'eoria-Bruce Olson here yesterday after- noon astounded the sports world by per- forming a feat heretofore held well nigh impossible, namely, surpassing the late Bob- by jones' record by winning the six major golf chznnpionships of the world. The match ended at the seventeenth hole where the champion was two up on jack .l'orter, runner up in the match. The six matches conquered by Mr. Olson are the amateur and open tournaments of linglxmd, the United States, and lndia. LOCAL CITIZEN FOUND DEAD IN CARLSON HOTEL Believed to Have Committed Suicide tflifford Smith, well known local citizen and criminal lawyer, was found dead this morning at ten o'clock in his room in the .Leonard Carlson hotel. Ilis body was discovered by Eva Schlee, hotel cliambermaid, when she entered his room to clean this morning. He was lying face downward on the floor, his hand shield- ing his face. According to the Chief of Police, Lloyd vlolnison, no clues to the mys- tery have been found. The coroner's autopsy, performed by Cor- oner Lziwrence Van Bloom, found that death was due to poison. thief of Detectives, Mary Codus, stated that suicide seems the most plausible answer to the mystery. lt is thought that the break- ing up of a love affair with Ruth Peacock, the present Mrs. Ormond XVhipple, was the motive for the act. Another theory is that Mr. Smith, who has defended many criminal cases, notably the Xilfesley Sall ease, might have been mur- dered by some enemy of his, though just how this could be effected was not deter- mined at a late hour today by Howard tlberg, chief of the homicide squad. I 93 FOR POLICE FORCE Monorail Line to Be Extended City council meeting last night was fea- tured by the introduction of a resolution by Alderman Howard Lindmark asking for six additional autogiro- airplanes to supplement the present equipment of the police force. Alderman ,lack Shake contended that there is already sufficient equipment for the force lo cope with the lawless element. Several times Mayor LaVerne Bookland was re- quired to call the body to order because of a spirited debate. A petition from Virginia Linden, public relations head of the Arley Armstrong Tran- sit Company, requesting permission to ex- tend the monorail line of the company one and one-half miles to afford service to- the residents of Hoefs' Park, a suburb of Rock- ford, was read to the council and laid over till next meeting. AND AGAIN THE CIRCUS COMES TO ROCKFORD Kaminski-Abramovich Circus will come to this city ,Tune 40, with a group of perform- ers formerly of this city. There will be a score of features Cspeciall. One of these is the shrinkers. These amaz- ing people shrink before your very eyes. Helen E. johnson, john Olson, and Alex Sandin compose the shrinl-ters. Victor Peterson will dive into a pool of water and stay afloat during the entire performance. when Phyl- Roper, who one minute, eyes of the back to life The most amazing spectacle is lis Reinert electrocutes Francis will remain dead for one hour, and one second. Then to the eager crowd she will bring him again. V Linnea Lundquist will do a tap dance on a tight rope. This extravaganza visits the city only once every two years, and it is expected that there will be a large crowd at the performances. NUPTIAL EVENT OF YEAR TAKES PLACE AT JAIL ln one of the outstanding nuptial events of the year, Miss Lorraine Erickson, daugh- ter of Oscar Erickson, 1313 Gutterspout Avenue, was wedded to Arthur I. Gumbrell, son of T. G. Gumbrell, yesterday afternoon, at the county jail, by Jailer Rhoda Fredrick- son. J. Xvallace Bjorklund acted as best man, and Marion Pearson performed the an- cient and honorable duties of the order of the bridesmaid. Much to their regret they found that their miniature Austin had been dragged down the sewer by the rats. Fortunately a bicycle built for two was available. I page eighty-five THE ROCKFORD WORLD NEWS WEATHER REPORT Ckly Merles Nelson, Government Forecasterj Outlook as good as could be expected. Probably either warm or cold winds. No change in temperature. MCGUIRE BEAUTY SUIT TO BE TRIED IN COURT TODAY The 551,000,000 suit of Margaret Hawkin- son against the Frances McGuire Beauty Salon is scheduled to come before County Judge Clarence Lindsey at 9:59.20 o'clock this morning. The attorney for the plain- tili claims that Miss Hawkinson received a permanent scar due to the negligence ol Lorraine johnson, the beauty operator in the McGuire establishment. Attorney for the defense, Marshall Lind, contends that the accident was caused by Miss l'lHXVlCl11SOI1'S movement of her head, while trying to see John Olson in a recep- tion rooin of the salon, waiting to get his pertnanent reset. INFORMATION BUREAU Dear Sir: l ani a young man and desperately in love with two girls, Dorothy Keye and Janet Norling. VVhich one shall I choose? Clarence Lindsey. Dear Clarence: Let your pocketbook he your guide. Uncle Mac. Dear Sir: NVho is the Deerslayer? Arthur Gumbrell. Dear Arthur: Please look in a mirror. Uncle Mac. Dear Uncle Mac: VVhat is an iceberg? Maurice Larson. Dear Maurice: :X married couple. Uncle Mac. Dear Uncle Mac: Where do diamonds come lromi Wallace Bjorklund. D Dear NVallace: Get engaged, and you'll find ont. Uncle Mac, james llohnes: Miss McGuire, should I say prettier or 'lprett1est tor dolls? Miss McGuire: How many dolls do you have? Samuel Gottfredz I wonder if the hook I want will he in the library. Victor Peterson: Did you have it preserved? Phyllis Reinert: Will you please get me The Man from Brandon? Elizabeth Ek: xVllC'FC from? Phyllis: Up on the window-sill. Miss Seal: May I help you? Jane Swenson: Yes, I'm looking for the second part of Henry the Fourth. I Phyllis Stern: Are you going to see The Man from Brandon? Mildred Adolphson: NVl1at's he going to do? According to Mr. Hanna, a picture of the girls' . . . . , swnnming class is a picture of No-man's Land. Mr. Schade: I know what Ash Nklednesday and Good Friday are, but what in the World is a Nut Sundne? Miss Sehrom: Use albumen in a sentence. Little girl fwho was unfortunately not paying attentionjz My sister and I were looking at my grandmother's albumen. Miss Prien: -VVhere does the tomato worm live through the winter? An A pupil: In his cocoon. Do you know our school is haunted? Haven't we the school spirit? Mr. Johnson: Can you give me an example of wasted energy? Billie Kipp: Yes, sir: telling a hair-raising story to a bald-headed man. ll 93 Miss Sehrom tto noisy QA-1 groupb: This class is going to pay for this. Irving Carlson Cdigging into his poeketsb: l have only a nickel. Donald Vaughn: NVhzit will we do today? Walter Fraser: I,et's.do something dillerent. Bennet Olson: All right: let's go to school. I Miss Broderick' Cstressing personalitylz XVhat is the chief difference between Margaret and me? Alex lf.: Margaret has more powder than you. Neighbor: How is Phil doing in school? Mr. K.: liine, he can say Thank yon in French, and lhat's more than he ever learned to say in English. HEALTH AND BEAUTY HINTS Dear Doctor: llow can I get rid of freckles? Leonard 15. Ans.: Use pure Lysol. Dear Sir: How can I make my hair grow long? Arline ll. Aus.: Don't cnt il. Dear Dr.: I am a blond and have always ad- mired red hair. How can .l make my hair turn red? Lois S. Ans.: Eat plenty of carrots. Dear Dr.: How can I get red checks? Evelyn J. Aus.: Any drug store can help you out, Dear Sir: How can l get rid of curly hair? I I Lois N. Aus.: Don't do it up at night. Dear Doctor: How can I make my eyes turn dark? '1'heyAdun't niateh my hair. ,lilna S. Axis.: Get into a hght. Sir: I do not like milk, so how can I drink it? Le Roy ll. Ans.: Swallow it. ll page eighty-six Class Will XVe, the first class of 1931, of the Abraham Lincoln Junior High School, of the City of Roclcford, County of Winnebago, and State of Illinois, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and free from the exercise of any wrongful or improper restraint or influence, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as and for our Last Vtlill and Testament, i11 the words and figures following, that is to say: l. NValIace ltjorklnnd leaves his blushes to Iidna Oppegartl. 2. Wzlltei' Brown leaves his foolish questions to Xalillard Breckenridge. 3. Benny Behr leaves his sentimental nature to Benny Nyquist. -l. Rhoda Ifredrickson gives her love for the boys to Phyllis Ackra. 5. Jimmy Iflolmes wills his cleverness to Mary jane NVeese. 6. Arthur Gumhrell bequeaths his prohciency in debating to John Bennett. 7 Margaret jorgenson wills her wonderful personality to Ruth Brodine. 8. Lloyd johnson derlicates his Latin hook to Miss McGuire. 9. Linnea Lnndquist gives her slim hgurc to Beva Nashold. lfl Audrey Larson leaves her gum to Virginia I-lawn. ll. l.ily Larson gives her light weight championship to Victoria Paluzzi. 1.2. limerson Norman wills his red pencil box to the faculty. 13. llhyllis Reincrt bequeaths her curls and readings to Betty l-lilberg. I-l. llhyllis Stern gives her scout uniform to Marion Swenson. 15 Alex Sandin and Edwin Sandeen leave the Long and the Short of it to John Bohliu and ,less Krnit. 16 litlwin Sonnecken leaves his bright remarks to anyone who is smart enough to use them. I7. ,lane Swenson leaves her silliest giggle to Lawrence johnson. 18. Ormond VVhipple leaves his yo-yos to Miss Kjellgren. 19. Mary jane Olson leaves her dignified walk to Chrystal Lind. 20. Helen Peterson wills her wings to Frederick Saterbak. ZI. Ruth Peacock wills all her boy friends to Barbara Carlson. 22. Ruth Peacock gives her sunny nature to lvl r. Skinner. 23. jule Haegg gives her voice to Phyllis Ackra. tlie careful not to crack itj. 24 Carol Rudwall wills her rosy cheeks and sunny smile to Louise Cunningham. 25. Arnold ,Peterson leaves his scorn for girls to Ronald Meyers. Zo. Virginia Peterson wills her algebra worries to Roy Lundquist. 27. Vera Cash leaves her editorial ability to Betty Ililberg. 28. Milton Gustafson leaves his fondness for talking to Ragnar Klint. 29. Iflildred Adolphson gives her giggles to Iisther Liudstrom. 30. .Ingrid Bolander leaves her curly hair to Viola Nagel. 51. Ralph Ilaelu' bequeaths his dimples to Alford Carlson. 32. Merle Steward leaves his permanent wave to Glenn Smith. 33. Phyllis Youngberg leaves her seat in thc- library fright by Miss Sea1's deskj to the one who deserves it. 3-1. Ilruee Olson leaves his yellow corduroys to Harry Swartz. 35. Marion Person leaves her love of Latin to Grace Reid. 36. Roy Pearson bequeaths his Latin to Hclgar Forsman. 37. Gerald Maynard gives his Irish temper to the teachers. 38. Clarence Nystrom leaves his good report cards to Clarence Magnuson. VVe hereby revoke all wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made. We hereby nominate and appoint Miss Mildred Sanders Executrix hereof, and request that she be not required to furnish bonds as such executrix. IN XfVI'l'NliSS XVLIIIZRIIOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this sixteenth day of January, 1931. ,lane Swenson Phyllis Stern Ruth Peacock Flora Swenson. l 9 3 l page eighty-seven Our Pear Tree f I L, 51' MK ll 9 3 1 page eighty-eight 4 A I., 'I I t ,A I I li X. .V LQ. t xv i. Did You Recognize All the Pears? 1. Lowell and Clifford Hanson 2. Signrd Johnsons 5. Marie and Marion Swenson -l. lfvelyn Ifarsons 5. .Xlice Iohnsons o. Marjorie llill and Ruby Smith, champion spellers. 7. Mildrenl Sanders 8. Margaret and Mavis Peterson V. Dorothy Andersons Ill, Varolyn and Louise VVright. I1 lilnier and Jean Olson 1.2. Millicent Johnsons 13. Mildred Carlsons 14. NVillarr1 Carlsons 15. June Smiths Doris and Dorothy Parkerson . Lloyd Petcrsons Howard Allens . Robert Floods 20. Elizabeth and Gertrude VVirz 21. Arline Johnsons 22, Curly and Lloyd Peterson 23. Stella and Stanley Sederquist M, Paul Johnsons 16. 17 18. 19 - THE INQUIRING REPORTER ' r Iiaeh day asks live people to give their opinion upon some suhject of great im- . 'l ., ,: . llg portanee. 'l'o-lay's question: What do you find most enjoyable in school? -42 Neo llneharrltr I enjoy meeting Mr. llanna and discussing my future. I Find him ir- I vt-ry much concerned in my welfare, and it surely makes me happy. it L fl Stanley Zeski: I like hanking. It is vrontlerful that we are given the privilege, and it 4 my only regret is that we cannot hank every day. bi.-If. 'Q . . . . . , If llaroltl Sjostroniz I enjoy zero hours. 'lhere is something refreshing in the rooms ' ' v 'y alter the pupils leave. It also gives me an opportunity to meet a great many N ik Fil wgugltqt-5 under very happy circumstances. In fact I sometimes leave school E -,f!' wilhont permission just so I may enjoy the zero hours. Y'b,,-1.. 'I' if ltlarshall johnson: I think I appreciate the privilege of remaining in school as long ' I I as l want to. It is much pleasanter to take two years to a grade than to hurry I lhronglt rapidly and not absorh everything. . X l Qnerrino .lardiner Everything, lt is hard to choose. I like to come to school and I av. to study. It is always a great regret to me when my health does not permit my A ,'-' ' coming to school. ft . 4' -.X .,,1i d l. I J -l 5. 6 7 ti. 9. Ill ll ll nf ik is if, I7 IS. I9 211 3 1 22 23 .24 25 211 37 JK 29 30 31 32 TRY T0 IMAGINE Ili-nny Nyquist not asking questions. llrnre Olson not saying, XN'l1o, me? lfric Carlson favoring chain stores. 'l'he cafeteria without Mrs. Lantz. A Our school actually achieving IOOCZ: in bank' ing. liveretl llendrikson without his hrief case. Ralph XVallin not counting his fingers after inaehine shop. lh'lJl'I'jtll'll' l'r-terson. a man hater. I Sonja Sandeen getting E in all her studies. Norris Aldecn hashful around the girls. Donald Vaughn keeping quiet in class. Irma Marchetti without her powder puff. lidwarrl Waishnor wanting to hank. Phyllis Aclrra afraid to take home her report card. Miss Bowman not saying to tardy pupils, Don't let it happen again. Iivclyn ,lensen without her simply of make- np. Miss llerrick with hohhed hair. Ifniil Stasica a sissy. lletty Ililherg with short hair. I,neiIle Gustafson never chewing gum. Rollo Bennett handing his work in on time. Louise Cunningham not combing her hair. lilna Senolie not talking about movie stars. lidwin Sandeep, a heavy weight champion. Clarence Nystrom not doing good school work. Martin Swanson not teasing the girls. Vivian Fry not talking to the boys. Floyd Carlson lacing hold. Iilrera Carlson, a chorus girl. Ragnar Klint timid and quiet. l3arl,iara Carlson and Barhara Billingham not giving pantomimes. jack Shake liking to come to school. 1931 Leonard Broherg not blushing. LeRoy Blaslc and LeRoy Anderson not friends. Bernice Kuzmiskas not smiling. Lyman Daek not a hit with the girls. Armer Ahlstrand grown up. Florence Johnson as tall as Helen Lindstrom, Sam Sassali without a smile on his face. John Bohlin and Donald Asprooth the same size-not to mention Jess Kruit. Roland Levin coming to class with a pencil. Mr, Hanna with a dirty face. Wesley Taylor without an argument, Mr. Nutting with his curls ironed ont. james Lightcap not risking questions. Mr. Skinner without Mr. johnson. School closing on the first of June. Bennet Olson not getting on the Honor Roll. Benny Nyquist hc-ing quiet. Not having English in school. Mr. Ilanson short and fat. Norris Alilecn throwing paper out of his social science classroom window. Myrtle Gustafson with her hair disarranged. No one staying for zero hours. Miss Noller with her hair hohherl. Arline Hazard not able to swim. XYiIliam Olson tall and slim. Miss Mandeville losing her pep, Miss Fitzgerald cross. No candy hars eaten at school. Ramona Jacobson not talking. Another 9A class as good as this one. Nohody working on the Annual. Stoves in every class room in Lincoln. Dorothea Dahlin and Dorothy Johnson rude and noisy. page eighty-nine In 1945 I was resting in my hotel when I received a television phone call, I answered it, and whom shoultl I hear and see but an old classmate of mine, Norris Altleen? Mr. .-Xldeen is new a pro- fessional golfer and married to the former Myrtle Gustafson. During the conversation that ful- lowed, l accepted his invitation to attend an alumni banquet to he held at Lincoln the fol- lowing Saturday evening. Upon my arrival at the school, I found some interesting changes in the interior of the build- ing. The seats in the classrooms had cush- ioned hacks, and the doors leading to the rooms were revolving. XVhen I arrived at the cafeteria, I was greeted hy several of my former classmates. The dinner was almout to begin when I arrived. The latest in food was heing served. It was in thc form of cnncentraterl pills. VV4: hail two mineral pills. four of vitamin M, and one of carhohydrales. Ol course. the fruit cocktail and the coffee were not in the form of pills. After we hail Finishefl eating, Mr. Alcleen lregan the program luy saying, You were eallezl together here tonight to get acquainted again with one another anrl ln learn what your former classmates are doing. To supply this informa- tion, l have asked one meinher of each of thc old home rooms to give a report of his class. Ethel Trank, now Mrs. LaVerne Carlson, will report on group one. I have managed to keep well posted on my groupf' said Mrs. Carlson. As you all know. Leslie Carlson is the President of the United States. Mona Dulew and Eleanor Enstrom own a pawn shop in the Ghetto of Cherry Valley. Anna Bliznik and Ruth Thomason are nurses at the 'Robert Hintieher Memorial I'Iospital.' Mr. Hiinielver, a famous doctor, is seen a great deal with Phyllis Aclcra, an opera star, and it is rumored that they are engaged. Lucille Gustafson is an aviatrix, antl is new mak- ing a non-stop tiight arnuntl the world in a rocket plane invented by Janet Blomqttist. Elaine Faggiotti and Lettie Frisk are sten- ographers at the Olson-Varland College founded by Professors Bennet Olson and Orville Varland, Ph. D., D.D., M.D. Lucille Linrlalil is a dress- maker with Malte Johnson as her assistant, Irving Carlson is a criminal lawyer, and the proud father of a baby boy. Donald Vaughn is city street inspector and as such, inspects the work of the street cleaners. Walter Fraser is a chauffeur for the famous movie comedienue. Violet Anderson. There are others in my group of whom I should like to tell you, hut I know my time will not permit. A burst of applause followed Mrs. Carlson's talk, applause hoth for the news anfl for the gracious way it was told, Then Mr. Alrlcen arose to intrmlnce the next speaker. so 1 Ihr next speaker is Mrs. Rohert Delioresl, whnrn you all knew as Violet Eliason. She will tell you about some of the people in Miss Laura l,arson's group. Thank yon, Mr. Alcleen, said Mrs. Deliurest. Garnet Franklin owns a farm in Russia. Edna Lal'ointe is a fancy skater, while Sofas Mick- elson sells jewelry in a live and ten cent store. Evelyn Greer is a model in a Paris dress shop. owned hy Arline Nelson. Arthur Anderson and Maxine Sawyer own a grocery store located on the top of the Nygreu Hotel. Irma Pini is a gym teacher in a New York school. Alice johrv son is an opera soprano, now traveling with the Sll184lllCI'g Opera Company. Evert Bergstrom is a trapper and hunter in Canada. Mary Jane Vileese is a school teacher. XVillarrl Breckenridge is a councilman in the city council of Perry- ville. These are all l have heard from. The others have stopped sending me Christmas cards, so 1 tlo not know what they are tloingf' Lois Simons, a very busy newspaper reporter, will give us some news about the old group three. said the toast4master. Luis, who hacln't changed in the least, arose, and smiling in the familiar way, began, Martha f 1931 Ekstrom is a cheer learler at a cn-eil college. Arline llazurtl is a life-saver at a lfloritla beach. She recently gained sonn: lann- and several rnedl als hy saving' the life oi the famous tue dancer, Lillian Linzlhlcnn, Evelyn Ringler ainl William llinn are movie stars. Paul Amlerson recently set a non-stop record from east to west in his midget munoplane. Walter Engstrom is a tongue twister in the circus. lierniee Kuzinislcas anml Angie Kngath uwn a beauty parlor, Stuart' johnson is a business man, always on time at his appointments, just as he nseal to be with his French papers. As soon as the applause had snlisitletl, Mr. Alcleen announced, Now we shall hear from one of the lmoys. l-le will tell us about the present doings of the ineinlmers of group four. We are very proud of Donald Lindley, for he has 'made goml' in the movies. and we feel we are very fortunate in having hint with ns. Donald arose. blushing over the ovation that greeterl his nznne and saicl, l rlon't know very ninelt. hut l have heartl that Alice Uline, lflna Senohe, anrl Ruth liflnrlctlson have the largest, most moilc-rn lnrauly parlor in llnllywooil, Hel'- ntce Peterson is a lat lady in a circus. Alfnril Carlson anvl Ruth Broiline have a large scientific lalioratory where they spenil their :lays extract- ing vitamin N from egg plants. Carl l,ielrovicli is, as you know, a famous musician. Margaret Challherg and LeRoy Anderson are teachers in a large eo-eil school in Pennsylvania: LeRoy is supposed to teach mathematics, but it is rn- mored that his most successful course is in charm. Evelyn Carlson has remained near at home, hav- ing :unveil to Cherry Valley where she has the reputation of being perhaps the holdest woman in the town. Vivian Fry is a clranmtics teacher in an Arizona school. Armontl Downey is a clerk in ,Iualge llentlriksoifs court. while Lyman Dael: and Grace Reid are successful lawyers, prac- ticing in the same court. Ralph Xvallin is a mechanic in LeRoy I1lask':-: 'Air Transport Conv panyf with hearltlttarters at New Milford. Louise and Carolyn l.Vright are tluing a 'bister' act on the vaudeville stage. People have a hard time to tell them apart. That wasn't very long, said the toast-niaster, Init it was interesting. Now we shall hear from another hwy, l'hilip lfritz, the wellslcnown news- paper publisher. who will tell us the news about the former 9A-5's. VVitl1 a pleasant smile for all his frienals scat- teretl through the group, l'hilip lwegan, News- paper publishers do not have to talk very much. lrut they learn a vi-ry great tleal, ln one of my chain of papers l rearl Ihat Irma Livingston and Josephine Moore have a perfume shop in Paris-lllinois, not France. Virginia Kaatrntl is now the wife ol' Glenn Smith, the popular pitcher for the Yanliees. Marion johnson is teaching Latin in the Roelcforil Senior Iligh School. Roberta Swenson :intl Katherine Zelenski are stenographers at a glass factory uwnt-il ancl operated lay ltfrlwarrl :Knilerson and llowartl Jensen. Rulanrl Carlson is a prize lighter. El- mer Olson is a college professor. That is all I know of this group, 'iRuth Olsen sairl that she would report for her prize winning group. 'l'ha1. may he, lint her group tliclnlt win the attendance prize at the 9A party in March. l93l, saitl Mr. Alcleen. ily the way, will it he news to you when I an- nounce that Miss Ruth Olsen, Dean of Girls in Harvard University, will tell you about the news of the former 9A-6 class? Norris gave me such a late notice that I wasn't ahle to get a great tleal of news, but 1 will' try, smilerl Ruth. Nellie Strid is a nurse at the Swedish-American Hospital. Irene llippman is a toe tlaneer appearing on the New York stage. Lawrence ,lolinson is a policeman who recently won a medal for bravery while on duty. Ile arresletl Barbara llillingharn who was speeding. Clara Johnson is a waitress in a harheeue shop owned hy lielgar Forsman. Harry Nelson is the faithful follower of Lucille page ninety Rule, tillitlitl-CllIll'l1lUl' at the Francis Trenary Cir- cus. Florence Sjulandcr is the human skeleton in the szunu circus. Rose Lufquist is engaged to LeRoy Miller. Barbara Carlson and Hazel Brmlt-in give short sltctclies in the movies. 'l'lu-lxna Wiley is a leaclwr, loved by all her pupils In-cause she never loses her tt-inper. Oi course you all know that Emil Stnsica is a coach :lt the new Rockford College. By the way, isn't it a great improvement that they have admitted men In Rueltfortl College? And now, last but nut least, livcrt Uarlson is at collector. Of what? l don't know. Vt'itli a smile In everyone, Ruth excused her- self, fur she was scheduled to speak at the Ru- tury Club mnnctliatcly. Marjorie Peterson, who has liecn so successful an avlatrlx, will speak for group seven, said the tuastinastcr. Ont: who flies dnesn't waste time on words, said Marjurit-, but I lcnuw that jane Puniphrcy is the winncr nf an typt-writing endurance con- tt-st. Durntliy Perry is 11 beauty parlor opcrzitor. Louise l'nnningl1am is a llroadway chorus girl, and Sonja Sandi-n is a great detective. XVini- frt-cl Swenson emulates l,it1le 'l'nmn1y Tucker and sings fur hcl' living. llc-ulah Ilansnu has won st-vt-ral cuntz-sts lwcmxst- uf her lweautiful hair. lfriv XYillsnn is :i cliirupmlist and Ronald Meyers is it cnwluoy. Donald Carlson is a inissiunary in Siberia, where he crnnbincs business with duty :intl sells the people patent foot-warmers while ln- saves their souls. Alrik Blomquist is prs,-pairing to gn tn Mars in a rocket plane, but l have llcarcl nothing of the results. He asked me tu ucuoinpany him, but it was impossible. ,lean Olson is the Spa-alter of the Ilousc, su you may lcnuw she has been very successful in poli- tics. Rullu llcnnt-tt is engaged to Lois Nelson who was in group ten. liverytmu was so happy to hear from Marjorie that it was with reluctance that they let her stop speaking. When the applause had sub- sided. Mr. Aldecn introduced the next speaker, Mt-riiln l,urecn. who had just returned from a lung study of music in Paris. She had hastened licr return in order to he present at this meet- ing. Marlin Swanson is a minister, and his very liulpfnl wife is the fortner Ilclen Wcltn. Muriel Swenson is a niatlietnattcs teacher, wlnle Marian Davis realized her ambition and 15 now a most is happily successful actress. Myrlc Vlarlcson in:u'riell tu Elsie Klanlc who maintains a very quiet, pt,-:uceftil lmmt-. Heidi Anhro is a chorus girly in private life slic is the wife of Floyd Carlson, the eminent' violinist. Gordon DeLa- Runtlc is the ln-ad uf the Romance Languages at llarvarcl and is an authority on French. John llalldcn has lit-comme vt-ry wt-althy and imitates the wealthy man of our youth, John D, Rocke- feller. llc gives dimes away. Since he has lu-gun wearing silk hats, lie thinks it is undig- nilit-tl ln swim. Evelyn Jenson runs a real estate office and gives promise of being very success- ful. Slit' has just closed a deal for thc- sale of lots fur live new junior liiglx schools in Rock- furrl. l'l1il K4-llnrr is an aslrnlogerg he wears oriental clothes. has a pointed licarcl, and is known to his many followers as Professor Kell- ncr. Benny Nyquist has just been commissioned tu make :i statute for the front of the old Lin- coln ,lunior lligh Scluml. Frans Peterson is president of the AlraDalsa Motors Company with livy Xvillcens employed as General Manager. lltelcn lVlc.'Xrdlc owns a popular dressnialcing es- tablislnnvnt in Paris tMcrida modestly admit- ted that her costume was one of llcIeu's crea- tinnsl. and Ruth Binun is a model in the same t'st:tblislitncnt. Altlmngh wc should have liked to hear more, Mt-ricla felt that her time was up, and she sat down. lilvura Carlson, formerly of the 9A-9's was next intruduct-tl. Elvura had brought some ot' her fa- mous dandelion seed candy for which the store slic and Corinne Nelson own, is famous, and passed it at this time. Corinne had been badly burned smelling some candy and was not able to lie present. ll 93 l!urnicc Luudlvcrg is a clown in a circus, while Lillie Mattei is a ticket seller with the same or- ganizatiun. Ethel Pahulce is a famous interior decoratorAtlmt is, she is a very popular cook. Excuse the pun-she is truly an interior deco- rator and recently decorated the home of Mr. :ind Mrs. Burdette Larson. You remember Mrs. Larson-Nlartha Peterson. Axel Eklund owns Il cliain of czifeterias known as Sntiirgasbordet. Mary Gucnzani is the auditor for this concern. Edmund Carlgrcn lived up to the promise of his youth and is known as The human tish g he is one of America's greatest swimmers. John Erlandson played the role of Tele-vox in a recent all-star production of that play written by Frank Stenstrom. Lewis Hartwiclc is the Vice-Presi- dent nt' the Bank of Cherry Valleyg be is in charge of the money coining division. Jeannette Knutlfnian and Alice Ransom work in the same lianlc. Forrest Hopkins is writing a hook on the appreciation of poetry, while Kathryn Pow- elson lends him eminent service as his secretary. Burdette Pearson and Eugene Swanson have. a new dry cleaning establishment where our clothes arc cleaned liy atomic action. Anna Johnson has 1't-cvntly received a patent on a grape fruit shield. Arthur Corin is l1er publicity agent. He will be glad to demonstrate this device at any tune. '.'l'1lizalvcth Kutlicli will report for group ten. Miss IXlltllCl'I1 is the liookkeeper for John lllyland and Lrnnpany, Importers, said Mr. Al- teen. Marjorie Greenlee is teaching school at Ar- gyle. lt is said she speaks only Scotch. Char- lotte Stralow is a secretary at the Richard Townsend office. Beva Nashulcl is a piano teacher. Eileen W'iIlian1s is a model. Ma- bel Vantttta is a clerk in the Leonard Mortier Candy Shop. Roger Norton was elected senator at the last' election on a Twelve ltlonths a Year Salmon! platform. Glen Corlett is an insurance agentg llarry Reganti is a Hour man- ager at Block and Kuhl's. He impresses everye one with his dignity. Men go tllere just to see how a Prince Albert coat should be worn. Grant Cedarleat' is a professor of sewing at Rockford College. The last one of whom I have heard is Luella McLarty, who is housekeeper for the vice-principal now at Lincoln-Mercedes Miller. It was getting late, but there was no lagging nf interest when Mr. Alcleen announced the last speaker. Sam Sassali, now principal an' Rockford Senior High School, who told about the latest news of the old 9A-11's, It was hard to realize that this was the same old Sam. He is called Frozen Face by the miscreants who fear him, and is known as a very severe disciplinarian. llut we found that the report ot' his never smil- ing was untrueg he smiled twice this evening. Mildred Sanders is my secretary. Ruth johnl son teaches in the machine shop in my school. Robert Bartholomew was the contractor who liuilt our luxurious new building. Ernest Os- lmrue is a dentist-a really painless one. La- Vt-rnt' Franzcen is a taxi-driver, a delight to all the Smtchg hc never accepts a tip. Kenneth Hartltolumew and Ralph Ugron own a. drug store. XValter Sally is a real estate agent. Donald Rosene owns a bicycle shopg he has a very good business since Alberta Pedersen has caused a renewal of interest in the bicycle as a means of exerciseg she has announced that she owes her beauty to her regular practice on this delightful means of transportation. Analnelle Aycock is a Broadway beauty and popular actress. Marian Dnhlstroin and Virginia Adamson own a chain of candy stores in New Orleans. I hear that Pau- line Seaworth is working for them. lt was now getting very late, so Mr. Aldeen proposed a toast to tllc absent ntembers as a preparation for departure. We all picked up our tablets of concentrated grape juice and chewed :L toast to them all. The dinner was over. ll page ninety-one Class Will lfVe, the second class of 1931, of the Abraham Lincoln junior High School, of the City of Rockford, County of Wixulebagti and State of lllinois, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and free from the exercise of any wrongful or improper restraint or influence, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as and for our Last NVill and Testament, in the words and Hgures following, that is to say: 1. Irene Hippinan is leaving her long finger nails to any girl bothered by the boys. 2. Emil Stasica endows his brother, Leo Stasica, with his football ability. 3. George Larson leaves his height to Miss Olander. 4. Fenlon Peterson entrusts his girls to Ernie Nordvall. 5. Arthur Gustafson is leaving Miss Cotta his gum, so he won't be getting into trouble at high school. 6. Paul VVillia1ns is leaving his beautiful eyes to Frederick Saterbak. 7. Catherine Zelenski gives her girl scout uniform to Arney Peterson. 8. Roberta Swenson leaves her slim Figure to-she couldn't decide between several people. 9. Margaret Todd leaves her ,miniature pocketbook to miniature golf players. 10. Irma Livingston leaves her nick names to Vivian Swanson. 11. Virginia Kaatrud leaves her brother to the girls. 12. Donald Burkholder leaves his wisecracks to his teachers. They like them. 13. Roxane Bengtson leaves her ability to write on the black-board to Mary Skoog. 14. Heidi Anbro leaves her good looking boy friends to Mary jane Brown. 15. Ruth Bimm leaves her spelling ability to George Saunders. 16. Burnetta Carlson leaves her unruly hair to Margaret johnson. 17. Gordon DeLaRonde leaves his motto, Be prepared, to Lyle Swenson. 18. John Ha1lden's specs will go to Richard Olson. 19. Evelyn Jensen leaves her make-up to the faculty. 20. Phil Kellner leaves his quiet colors to Ralph lbyreson. 21. Merida Loreen leaves her place in the Student Council to the person judged Worthy to follow in her foosteps. 22. Edwin Belin leaves his ambition to the 7B's. 23. Marion Rounds leaves her hot temper to Helen Palinquist. 24. Lawrence Johnson leaves his spit curls to Fred Olson. 25. Alden Johnson leaves his reputation as a humorist to Bobbie Metz. 26. Enos Corbett leaves his way with blondes to Richard Bowman. 27. Carl Lindblom leaves his hit with Miss Cotta to Uno Overstroin. 28. Lois Simons leaves her make-up art to the future 9.-Vs. 29. Karl Lofgren leaves his A's to future 9B students. 30. Dorothy Carlson leaves her high heel shoes to Florence Johnson. 31. Violet Oman and Paul Anderson leave their friendship to Vivian Swanson and F. S. 32. Esther Rosenquist leaves her blisters to girls with tight shoes. 33. XValter Engstrom leaves his sailor pants to the boys who want to be sailors. 34. Esther Bontoft leaves her wool dress to the cold-blooded girls. 35. Ruth Brodine leaves her lip stick to the art department. 36. Donald Lindley leaves his hand-writing to the puzzle club. 37. Vivian Fry leaves her anklets to Betty Hilberg. 38 Lettie Frisk leaves her good topics to Howard Johnson. 39. Donald Asprooth wills his provoking laugh to Armer Ahlstrand. 40 Eric VVillson's L is to go to future athletes, to be handed down from generation to gen- eration. 41. Violet Johnson's red hair goes to Lillian Bergstrom. VVe hereby revoke all wills and testamentary dispositions hy us heretofore made. XVe hereby nominate and appoint Miss Genevieve Cotta Executrix hereof, and request that she be not required to furnish bond as such executrix. IN VVITNESS NVHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seal this first day of May, 1931. Philip Pritz and Company. 1 9 3 1 page ninety-two Please Don't Laugh ..g i W W fr 1- J fx I 5 1,34 1 9 3 1 page ninety-three Calendar fa sesigzia, r X . . g 1,.4sg,f5g5g5gzf5gN ,fi tw. l ' 4,1 1 3 1, - bg. it 'Jil cM,.fff,:fj 1: :fs 22- ly, fxau , VZ , Y'-4' Lf rm n vi Q im fQw,b'ttV!7yj,f' y.j,KxtxX W W 'fghnf H 1,5 ,H 134299 ., 5 hive? V-i'l.lfQ ' , fi' flight 1 - r .am P 1-sf 1 5 iz I 2 5 4 so 'il , -.-5 W 'raglan-2. st' l1l5l6l'1'?Jl9 fz- if , K a- .we A- 2122252 +- .' 4? - , 2igdL iff! !f:!'li3 5 ,.,fd m, X45 September- 3-School ODCIIS. 4-7B's are seen seeking the lost class rooms. 10-First Annual meeting. 12-First 9th grarle assembly. Can we live up tu wltut M 1'. Hanna says? 18-Lineoln's funthall team beats the RIilClil'Ol'Kl High thircl team heavy weights. 23-Lincoln beats the Rockford High third team light weights. October- 4-Lincoln wins the First game of the season against Roosevelt, 7-6. S--lnflian princess from the Iroquois tribe talks to the eighth grade assembly. 10-Miss Dorothy M. Anderson showed some very interesting moving pictures to the Oth grade assembly. 11-Lincoln vietur Over Roosevelt, 20'0. 16-V. Ch. John, a man from India, gives a talk to some of the clubs. 17-Mr. Hanna sings for the 9th grade assembly. Community singing. 18Ml.ineoln loses hrst game of the season, 6-O. 20-Glen I.. Morris gives electrical deinrmnstrzltifm. 913 Halloween frohc. 24-School eloses for Thanksgiving vaczttiun. Z5-Largest score ever made in a junior high sclnml game. 32-U, in favor of Lincoln. 27-A stunt, given in the 7th grade assembly by some faeniur high school boys. N ove1nber- 1-The 9.-X pupils were frightened hy the ghnsts :mil goblins ul the llallmve'en party. -l-David XV. Ainlerscm spoke to the sueial science pupils on liolkln1'e of George Vt ingtonf' 11-Armistice Day observed by the pupils. 13-7A's hold Thanksgiving party. 18-Benefit program given by Dr. Mann, the mzlgiciznt, 20-7B Thanksgiving party. 21-Overheard a hunclrecl times in the hz-tll, Vacation next week. l93l .4 Y page ninety-four 115 December- 1-Admiral Byrd visits Rockford. Mrs. Lireenslifs pupils ente1'tain the 7th grade 3-Mrs. Greenslit's pupils entertain the Sth grade 5-SA Christmas party. Mechanical man, Televox, comes to Lincoln january- pupils with a play. pupils. fllrs. tireenslifs pupils entertain the 9th grade pupils. 8-Miss Sanders elected 9A adviser. ltl-UA class otlicers elected. 15-:Xthletic Council olhcers elected. 18-l,ineoln's haskethall team loses its Hrst game of the season. The Faculty won. 5--liverybocly is seen wearing new Christmas gifts. 9-The l.atin ll class and the French ll class present a play for the 9th grade assembly. l2-All the 9:X's and Ull's seein to he very worried. Finals! l-I-Pupils are heard asking lor elephants for the 9A.party. l7-Tlu' UA class party held in the gym. lt surely was some circus. 3llf'l'he OA class gives. The illuu from Hrumlmx. Miss Cotta's Dramatics class gives The Tm-llz of the tiff! Ilnrsv. Zl- -Evening performance ol' Tin' .llan frenz H1'm1u'nn. ZZ -U'JX's give assembly lor the fills. Goodbye, dear Lincoln, Goodbye. Lincoln plays basketball with Roosevelt. 23 -lind ol the semester. 9. X's are leaving: great reliel to the 9B's. Now they can have a chance. Zo -7ll's are seen scurrying through the halls to their classes. They don't want to meet Mr. llanna the hrst day. 27fSccoml day ol the semester. lfverybody settled except the 7B's. l eln'uary- ll Wle didn't have vacation on l,incoln's birthday. lsn't that a shame? 18- -l.incoln and Roosevelt clash. Who will win? 19 'Sad uews4l.incoln lost Z0-18. Too bad. March - I ll-Annual presents Tony Sarg's lvlarionettes. Good crowd, and everyone had a good time. Ill-7lYs and 8B's have a party in the auditorium. Good time had by all. - 13-Friday! Bad luck day. Vllhewl No wonder everyone looked worried today. 14-OA class party. Moving pictures and refreshments. Everyone thought he had a good time. 73-Leslie Carlson t9A-ll sat on tacks which were on a heel. He hasn't reported on his 27 April- tl 13- experience. ,less Pugh., a great homurist, was here. --Vacation. I-lurrah! just think one week without school. No books, no studying, and no Uhawling out' by the teachers. llaek from our vacation. Almost everyone would he willing to accept another week of vacation. Violet ,lffhnson went on a strut in the lmeautiful sunshine with Ralph Dyreson. High School operetta, The Jllzkndn, given. Xale enJ0yed it. Class adviser elected hy the 9A's. Miss Cotta was elected. The class is to be C011- gratnlated. 16-All the 9A's went to the cafeteria to elect officers, The class proved themselves good citizens hy electing good oflicers. Z0-Jessie Rae Taylor, impersonator, entertained this afternoon. We liked her especially in her imitations of men. 1 9 3 ll page ninety-Eve I . May- ' -Q lQMost of the Annual went to press today. Great relief. 6-Faculty play given this afternoon. VVonderful! NVhy do these actors and actresses waste their time teaching school? 7-Faculty play repeated. If anything, it was better today. 13-Annual visiting day. As usual, parents of only good children came. 20'-Matinee of Chill!! Silk given to the school, Everyone enjoyed it. ZZ-Evening performance of operetta given. June- 3. Citation Day. And those who were good shall be happy: they shall sit in a golden chair. 9-Annuals ' . Get your pens filled and he ready to sign. 19-School t. veryone who is si y, please say Aye Wl1:tt, no one? ye. I Vp I , 0-f fry . yw'+ , fr J fa , Q 0 Index Cover Design . Glenn Smith Dedication .... 2 Progress -the theme of the book . . 3 Old and New Schools -Alpha CTI-Iara . . . 4 The School My Mother Attended -Virginia Franzen. 4 Faculty . 5 Classes . 7 In Memoriam . . 50 Athletics . 51 Organizations . . 61 Snap-Shots . . SO Humor . S-l Calendar .......... 9-l Art work hy Uno Overstrom, Eleanor Tooman, XVilliam llinn, Bernice Kuzmiskas, Leslie Carlson. 15, '1931 page ninetyesix

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