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,v "' .' VI 56;, Ithl "L: 0, ,, - ! J. The Linmln Annual 1930 Published by The 9A Class Abraham Lincoln Junior High School Rockford, Illinois In sincere appreciation of the kindly and inspiring guidance as leader, we, the staff, dedicate this 1930 Annual to our teacher and friend, Miss Sarah Burr. Our school is named in memory of Abraham Lincoln. We are proud to belong to a school so named. We like to feel that in our school life we are emulating some of the qualities which helped to make Lincoln the great man he was. Like him, we try to study and prepare ourselves; then per- haps our chance may come. Like him, we are striv- ing to build up strong bodies; like him, we seek to be good citizens of our small commonwealth and to serve others; and like him, we appreciate the hap- piness that comes from having friends. In this, our Annual, we are trying to show how these pur- poses constitute a large part of our life in school. 1930 page three What I Admire in Lincoln If I had Lincoln's ability to assemble homely words to express my thoughts. 1 might say in Five hundred words or less, ltW'hat I admire in Lin- colnf, Yet, some traits are so outstanding that I shall try to touch upon them in this short paper. First Of all, I admire Lincoln because he was a great worker. His early childhood was crowded with hard labor. When he was seven years old, his physical build enabled him to wield an axe. As time sped on, he developed an increasing capacity for work. I admire Lincoln for his foresight. He early wished to be of service to his God, his country, and his fellowemen. His whole hearted desire and ambition was to prepare himself for this service. I admire him because he was a notable example of a student. He pur- sued his studies with very unusual purpose and determination, not only to understand them at the moment, but to imprint them indelibly upon his mem- ory, for reference when the school-book, to him, was inaccessible. Lincoln was not the dependent student in the school room, but the independent stu- dent by the fireside. He remarked in 1860, 'll now think that the aggregate of my schooling did not amount to one year." His diligence and persever- ance proved a potent aid to him in his continuous battle against great odds and especially in developing his remarkable intelligence. Then his vast good nature, as Emerson said. IIMade him tolerant and accessible to all. His broad good humor running easily into jocular talk, in which he delighted and in which he excelled. was a rich gift to this wise man? I cannot help admiring Lincoln for his humanity. After God. he loved his country and his fellows, and helped both whenever opportunity offered. His heart was filled with understanding and mercy; he could not bear to see even an animal suffer. 'His clear understanding led to a keen, unsurpassable sense of justice, which was prominent throughout his life. His fairness, truthfulness. and honesty I need not portray. Can we help but admire such a man? I cannot overlook his deep sincerity. which best shows itself in these words of Lincoln, spoken in his second inaugural address, tiWith malice toward none; with charity for all ; with Ermness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive to Enish the work we are in." Lincoln was ever the true American. He always held an immediate interest in public affairs, and in many ways, large and small, was of service to his country. He possessed true ability in leadership. As President, he did all in his power to re-establish the Union and uphold the itGovernment 0f the people, by the people, for the people." . He has set an example in leadership, character, and citizenship which tlme.cann0t erase. All men may not hope to be Lincolns, but all may profit by his llfeis example. QUENTIN OGREN, 9A-1, First Semester. 1930 page four a - '05 5V 1 'pv4, GI. Faculty Row 1: Mrs. Tjaden, Miss Schwirtz, Miss Southam, Miss Peterson, Miss Briscoe, Miss Hills, Miss Nicely, Miss Metz, Miss Shaw, Miss Brouse, Mrs. Tingley, Miss VVeis, Miss Hall, Miss Sanders, Miss McSweeney, Miss Campbell, Miss Cotta. RowZ: Miss Ellis, Mrs. Dunlevy, Mrs: Angus, Miss Fitzgerald, Miss Bowman, Miss Lilas Larson, Miss Baker, Miss Cockfleld, Miss Kjellgren, Miss johnson, Miss Olzmder, Miss Stone, Miss VVorster, Miss Rudolph, Miss Panterson, Mrs. Haupt, Mrs. VVestrmg, Miss Laura Larson, Miss Herrick, Miss Hiland. - Row 3: Miss Seal, Mrs. Billingham. Miss McGuire, Miss Anderson, Miss Dagnan, Miss Gnrde, Miss Hickey, Mrs. Loveland, Miss Murtfeldt, Miss W'hitfleld, Miss Nollen, Miss Brogunier, Miss Whittle, Miss IVIandeville, Miss MCGrmh, Miss Burchflcld, Miss Schrom, Miss XYetzel, Miss Smith. Row 4: Miss Burr, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Nashold, Mr. Skinner, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Clow, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Schade, Mr. Middleton, Mr. Hintzy Mr. Nuniug, Miss Ballard. Absent: Miss Prien, Mr. Gordon. Autographs 1930 page six a4 ' xUV' Wwf WW, WWW Wyiv Wwyw Class OfEcers First Semester Rueben CarlsonaPrcsident Milton Anderson-Vice-President Mrs. Tingley-Adviser Donald Franzene-Secretary and Treasurer 1930 page eight 9A-1 -First Semester Row 1: Helen Abramson, Constance-MacDonald, Gladys Christensen, Dorothy Swanson, Franklin R005, Ingrid Swanson, Myrle Austin, Mabel Ostlund, Ellen Keres, Evelyn Fritz. Row 2: Phyllis Swanson, Mildred Linder, Jennie Egnatchuk, Katy Dobnick, Rosie Northsea, Lorine Johnson, Ruth Lindquist; Monetta Liedtke, Marjorie Anderson, Alice Nelson. Row 3: Arthur Floberg, Carl Magnuson, Quentin Ogren, Miss Breckenridge, Blanche Manson, Doris Nelson, Karl Kollberg, Harold Dahlherg, Earl Venstrom. Row 4: Eugene Nelson, Lloyd Easton, Russell Fagerburg, Kenneth Allen, Otto Gustafson, Roy Johnson, Hilding Ahlstrom. 9A-2 First Semester Row 1: Rachael Kruse, Helen Nelson, James Weed, Margaret Herron, Ella Stechke, Mary Asp, Nelson Asp, Mae Edberg, Ethel Burgeson, Martha Omark. Row 2: Mary Starr, Edith Anderson, Astrid Anderson, Alice Anderson, Rose Demolli, Nerina D Agostin, Gladys Schedwin, Genevieve Chrystle, Eva Bargren, Amy Carlson, Alice Brogren. Row 3: Martin Fredrickson, Roy Samuelson, LaVerne Johnson, Robert Winquist, Raymond Peterson, Miss Larson, Burdette Poorman, Robert Faust, Marshall Lindberg, William Cross. 1930 page nine 9A-3 First Semester Rowl: Gaylord VVahlstrom, Woodruff Peterson, Forrest Peterson, Donald Frnnzcne, Clarence Anderson, Paul Richardson, Reino Paakkanen, Richard Nnrdvallh Charles Carpenter. Row 2: Francis McIntosh, Lovell White, Alta Ohlson, Elizabeth Gplden, Shirley Carlson, Harriet Milburn, Ruby Johnson, Vivian Belfield, Marshall Hodges. Row 3: Rupert Nelson, William Johnson, Russell Johnsun, Miss Cockfmld, Howard Stromrluist. Violet Rehnberg, Stanley Carlson, Rollin Ring. Row 4: Charles Boloski, Irving Carlgren, Roy Anderson, George Johnson, Vantor Huggnns. Absent: Alberta Lyons. . 9A-4mF1rst Semester Row 1: Ruth Lindquist, Sophie Kowalewski, Verna Johnson, Cora Nelson, Lucile Sydow, VVaunetn Carl- son, Astrid Nelson, Anna Marie Johnson, Ruth Blumberg, Goldie Warner, Mabel Arnold. Row 2: Genevieve Revot, Doris Strote, Hazel Ahlquist, Katherine Peterson, Erland Nordstrom, Rueben Carlson, David Gordon, Bertil Allison, Marion Gregerson, Lillian Criddlehaugh, Edna Johnson, Miss Ballard. Row 3: Ralph Rungren, Pierry DeSaix, Leo Peterson, Palmer Horst, Harry Johnson, Willard Johnson, Russell Swenson, Chester Kaminski, George Rigeman. Row 4: Carl Dobnick, Arthur Lindvall, James Larson, Chester Anderson, Thomas Andreen. Absent: Harley SwanSOn. a 1930 - page ten Fff 9A-5-First Semester Row 1: Edythe Allen, Dorothy Swanson, Astrid Bakkelund, Ila Hennig, Edward Cobb, Bernice Busavage, Bernard Klint, Della Paulikitis, Helen Youngberg, Helen Fredrickson, Frances Johnson. Row 2: Kenneth Swanstrom, Dorothy Clausnn, Elsie Eksmn, Gladys Johnson, Miss Larson, Mae Peter- son, Marguerite Lawson, Mildred Nelson, Lena Luizza, Mary Rogozinski, Joe Burmzm. Row 3: Bernard Robinson, Walden Pierson, John Billstrand, LeRoy Layng, Russel Ohmnn, Oscar Semen- chuk, Eric Anderson, Nelso Balestri, Russell Cockrell, Robert Conger. Absent: David Edwards. 9A-6-First Semester Row 1: Elsie Swanson, Albina Leckard, Dorothy Williams, Esther Carlson, Milton Anderson, Robert Kosian, Irene Johnson, DeLoris Billstrand, Virginia Freeberg, Virginia Nelson. Row 2: Ruth Lundin, Ada Lamb, Helen Petrosky, Virginia Helm, Bernice Kasinkus, Avolyn Knott, Edna Peterson, Vivian Erickson, Vernette Cedarleaf. Row 3: Bertil Eklund, David Johnson, Harold Blomherg, Ida Ambrose, Miss Stone, Elsie Cole, La Verne Burton, Donald Russell, Stafford Ransdme. Row 4: John Schlie, Steven Kluz, Osborne Rosenquist, Gerald Hedlund, Donaid Johnson. Absent: Fernando Bacilek. 1930 page eleven Row 1: Eugene Stenstrom, Helen Downing, Greta Hill, Dorothy Jones, Ruth Mugnuson, Vincent Hercer, Eleanor V. Carlson, Eleanor Norsen, Dorothy Fagerberg, Margaret Forsell, Raymond Anderson. Row 2: Donald Carlson, Mrs. Tingley, Margaret Gabrielson, Mae Sundell, Ebba Peterson, Ingrid Nielsen, Mildred Johnson, Virginia Leber, Eleanor A. Carlson, Florence Johnson, Anhur Lundahl. Row 3: Emil Salmi, Carl Dahlquist, Everett Peterson, Irving Tagrin, Howard Reed, Erik Johnson, Peter Jeneliunas, Kenn'eth W'orf, Laverne Oncken. Absent: Stanley BIOmQUISt. Honor Roll . x a x N; a .5 gnu: "ll Row 1: Vivian Beltield, Ila Hennig, Myrle Austin, Astrid Bakkeluud, Eva Bargren, Mae Edberg, Blanche, onson, Wauneta Carlson, Lucile Sydow, Cora Nelson, Verna Johnson, Harriet Milburn. Row 2: Mabel Ostlund, Gladys Christensen, Phyllis Swanson, Mildred hinder, Marjorie Anderson, Rosie Northsea, Elsie Cole, Avolyn Knott, Ruth Magnuson, Eleanor V. Carlson, Margaret Gabrielson, Mary Asp. Row 3: Earl Venstrom, Ralph Rungren, Bertil Allison, Quentin Ogren, Willard Johnson, John Billstrand, Arthur Floberg, Milton Anderson, Russell Johnson, Raymond Anderson. Row 4: Lloyd Easton, Otto Gustafson, Clarence Anderson, Nelso Balestri, Harold Dahlberg, Arthur Lind- vall, Eugene Stenstrom, Hilding Ahlstrom, Donald Franzene, Russell Fagerberg. 1930 page twelve Class History The first class to go from Abraham Lincoln junior High School in the year 1930 numbered 232 pupils. '1le Linwln Log, again a success, employed a staff composed mainly of 9A pupils. Russell Johnson and Donald Franzene were associate editors; Doris Nelson, exchange editor; Vernette Cedarleaf, school editor; Vernette Cedarleaf, school editor; Marshall Hodges, joke editor; and Arthur Lindahl, sport editor. Quentin Ogren, a prominent student, has been the editor-in-chief of the Erst semesterTs portion of this Lincoln Annual. Out of forty-hve pupils comprising the orchestra, led by Mr. J. E. Bornor, there were nine 9ATs. The band, comprised of sixty, included thirteen 9A3. At a meeting of the 9A class calledby Mr. Hanna ontNovember 13;. 1929, Mrs. Muriel Tingley, English instructor, was elected class adviser. Another meeting was held a week later to elect class officers. Those elected were: Rueben Carlson........7m.....................- ............... President Milton Anderson .................................... Vice-President Donald Franzene .................. Secretary and Treasurer The class play, Mr. Bob. was considered very good. Those portraying the different characters were Doris Nelson, Phyllis Swanson, Mabel Ostlund, Helen Abramson, Kenneth Allen, Rueben Carlson, and Edward Cobb. The class party, judging from comments of those who attended, was a huge success. It was held January twenty-fourth in the auditorium. Re- freshments were served in the cafeteria. We are very proud of our athletic record and 0f the athletes who helped make it. The scholastic record of this class, we feel, has been very good; however, we hope the following classes will seek to attain one even higher. 1930 T page thirteen Future Indicative The day was warm and sunny without the least suggestion of rain. It w'as the day of June 3rd, the year 1945, that a few old school mates of the days at Abraham Lincoln Junior High School and I had set to meet at Hotel Magnuson in RockfordmIllinois. We were to spend the rest of the day together, digging up old memories, and hunting out our old friends. The party consisted of Doris Nelson, dean of Rockford College; Blanche Monson, superintendent of the Norwegian-American Hospital in Chicago; Violet Rehn- berg, secretary to the great Pierry De Saix, musician and confirmed bachelor; Myrle Austin, famed opera singer who impersonated Nerissa in the Merchant of Venice, an opera written by Pierry De Saix; and I. I was there first and was impatiently awaiting the arrival of my com anions for the day when a taxi-cab recklessly pulled up to the curb and stopped with a jetgc Who should get out but Karl K. Kollberg! My friends, not waiting to open the door, scrambled out laughing and talking just as ever. We exchanged greetings and entered the hotel, pulling the protesting Karl with us. lth, Karl," we said, Hthis is going to belsuch an occasion before the day is over. Wouldnlt your boss let you off for just today?" ltVVell-er you see Ilm my own boss? he modestly explained. "I started out as a taxi driver and am now president of my own taxi company, but one of the men fell ill, and so I thought I would take his place for a day. Its just like old times." ' We congratulated Mr. Kollberg on his success in business and then passed to the dining room. The head waiter met us and directed us to a table. Surprise upon surprises! Rupert Nelson was the head waiter. When settled, Doris summoned a waiter and bade him tell Mr. Magnuson of the presence of friends. A few minutes later we were surprised to see a dignified looking gentleman coming toward us. Could this be Carl? This distinguished appearing person? Evidently the waiter had neglected to give him our names as his face betrayed only ordinary interest. When he finally recognized us, he hurried, his face wreathed in smiles. "Well, this IS a pleasant surprise. All these people from Lincoln. I have a surprise in store for you, too, if you will wait for it; but then we wont tell what it is? said Carl. "I promised to lunch with Ingrid, my wife, but PM have a waiter tell her where we all are when she comes down." When Mrs. Ingrid Swanson Magnuson arrived, she was accompanied by Mr. Milton Anderson and his wife, the former Constance MacDonald. We were told that the Ander- sons were making their home in the hotel because household duties were too fatiguing for Mrs. Anderson. Milton was a radio expert. At another table we espied Mr. Quentin Ogren, noted criminal lawyer of the day, and Otto Gustafson. Rockfordls mayor, ap- parently waiting for their orders. They immediately joined us. Otto was waiting for someone, but he would not tell us for whom. Carl then had us move to one of the private rooms. He said that this crowd was too much for the main dining room. One of the charming hostesses was Lucile Sydow. She promised to rejoin us in our inspection of the airport on top of the hotel. All its equipment was of the newest and best. Our luncheon was wonderful. Ingrid mentioned that the oranges in our salad came from a plantation in California owned by Eugene Nelson. When we had finished our delicious repast, we visited the airport. It was a truly wonderful affair. An air- plane was scheduled to land within the hour. Carl seemed overly anxious for its appear- ance 0n the scene. Pretty soon we heard a whirring sound and looked to see a large passenger plane coming. After it had landed, we recognized the pilot as Harold Dahl- berg. He and his wife, Lorine Johnson Dahlberg, had created quite a sensation when they had made a round-the-world trip in two days on their honeymoon. Lorine and Gladys Christensen alighted First. No wonder Otto was waiting for someone! The others, seeing who was there to welcome them, piled out as fast as they could. Among them were Mr. Carlgren and Dorothy Swanson Carlgren. Irving was president of a large manufacturing company which bears his name. They lived in Chicago. Alta Ohlson was an interior decorator of no little fame. Rosie Northsea, a great mathemati- cian, had been in the plane too. Mabel Ostlund, a great dancer, and Helen Abramson, a dramatist of much favor, were talking so rapidly and furiously that no one could under- stand anyone else. Pierry De Saix was one of the passengers and as soon as he had got down from the plane. he and Quentin Ogren started calmly discussing prohibition. Lloyd Easton, the second Houdini; Roy Johnson, chief engineer of a railroad project just com- pleted out west; Kenneth Allen, a lawyer; Hilding Ahlstrom, architect, who had drawn up the blue prints for the Magnuson Hotel; Roy Anderson, gentleman of leisure; and Marshall Hodges, an actor on a vacation from Hollywood. comprised the remaining part of the masculine element on board the NLorine." We all decided that it would be much fun to finish the afternoon by visiting Abraham Lincoln Junior High School. Karl K. Kollberg furnished taxi service, and we were there in no time. Upon entering the school we first went to the office. Could it be? Well, it was. There was Rueben Carlson, principal. wearing his own big smile, teasing a woman who was prompting him to be home early for dinner that night because they were entertain- ing. This lady, obviously Mrs. Carlson, turned out to be an old friend, Genevieve Revot. When such a crowd tried to get in the office, Mr. Carlson looked up. He was very much page fourteen t F TWT HI surp Tsd and delighted over this visit. The assistant principal was Wauneta Carlson, T' and . i was Just as nice as ever. The office girls, much to our amazement, were Monetta I Lied e an ildred Linder. The nurse, Harriet Milburn, was peeking in the door to see wha he om otion was all about. I uebe 1 ted on our making a tour of Lincoln. This we were very anxious to do. Fra 1 'n was head of the science department and Gladys Schedwin of the music w deurtm e next went to the second floor. One door read HForeign Language?y In huat ro was Leo Peterson, patiently explaining conjugations, tenses, and everything W e1 5 that d 'ye language pupils to distraction. All his students were doing well and se. ed to en oy it. t As th s Friday, we went'to the auditorium, A play was being given by the sunder the instruction of Miss Ruby Johnson. This play was written by n. Afte econd assembly was over. we decided to visit the gymnasium. While passing idors we looked in through the doors to see who the teachers might l a Edberg and Alice Brogren were English teachers. The art room was se there were many colorful and surprisingly well done posters. At e teacher, Ila Hennig, who wasnlt much larger than some of the pupils. nd talking, we reached the gym. .. rlsT gym was Alberta Lyons. teacher. The girls entered into the game Q ing with much spirit. The boys were taught by Erland Nordstrom, and a gnd . dof boys they were. ad to go see the old cafeteria. 0n the third floor a spicy odor of cooking om one of the cooking rooms. We entered. a 1, he 10, folks," said Mary Asp, head of Domestic Arts. l l lust be about time to leave," someone suggested. Mi red was hurrying up the hall toward us. ll nRuebenFer. Mr. Carlson. Guess what has happened now. Arthur Floberg has wl learned of this crowdls being together and called up over the telephone saying that all T those who will come to his theater tonight will have reserved seats, the best in the house, free of charge. He just wants to find out how many are coming so as to reserve the correct number of seats. For further pursuasion he added that his Folly girls would give us entertainment if anyone could!" Fifty-eight of us accepted. After dinner we went to the theater. Arthur Floberg and his wife, Mrs. Ada Lamb Floberg, were present. We all had box seats. The theater was a beautiful building of which Arthur was rightfully proud. The talky was "The Triangle." the cast comprising Shirley Carlson. the wife; Palmer Horst, the husband: Ruth Magnuson, the other woman. It was very interesting and amusing. The picture was produced by the Russell Ohman Movie Corporation. In the newsreel we were sud- denly confronted with a picture of Astrid Bakkelund Klint, far-fanied artist and Bernard Klint, great steel magnate, just coming back from their honeymoon. The next was Vernette Cedarleaf, poet, and Edyth Allen, novelist. They were the receivers of prizes given in a literary contest. Then came the Follies. and ah, what Follies! Phyllis Swanson was leading lady. It was said that the engagement of Phyllis Swanson and Quentin Ogren was soon to be announced though both of them denied the statement. The orchestra was led by Donald Carlson. After the show was over. we finally parted and went to our places of residence for that night. Doris Nelson, Blanche Monson, Violet Rehnberg. Myrle Austin, and Iwent back to Hotel Magnuson to spend the night. It had been a thoroughly enjoyable day, but we were certainly glad to see the lovely beds ready for us. tThis is not an advertise- mentj Well, ho hum. Good night. Good-Bye Lincoln were leaving Lincoln High School We surely loved our library Where good old times weTve had, With its score of books; And now the thought of going And then-the cafeteria Makes us feel quite sad. As tempting as it looks. To teachers as well as pupils We'll not forget you, Lincoln, W'dll have to say good-bye; No matter what befalls; We hope we'll have as good luck We had our education In finding friends at High. Within your spacious walls. We've had many pleasures And so we leave you, Lincoln; yRound about this school; You know we must depart, There's the big gymnasium ButFwe leave a fond regret And the swimming pool. Deep down in evlry heart. VERNETTE CEDARLEAF, 9A-4. page fifteen Class Will We, the class of 1930, of the Abraham Lincoln junior High School, of the City of Rockford, County of Winnebago and State of Illinois, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and free from the exercise of any wrongful or improper restraint or influence, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as and for our Last Will and Testament. in the words and hgures following, that is to say: ' Eugene Stenstrom leaves his studious nature to Everett Bryan. Alice Nelson bequeaths her amiable personality to Axel Carlson. Marshall Lindberg leaves his love of learning to Glen Person. Ruth Lindquist leaves her quiet disposition to Hazel Platt. Pierry De Saix surrenders his position as cheer leader to-well anyone that is able to meet the requirements. Edward Cobb leaves his daily visits to Miss Dagnan to Bob Swords. Palmer Horst bequeaths his permanent wave to Thomas Simmons. Dorothy Swanson and Constance MacDonald leave their inimitable giggle to Betty Patton and Vermona Peterson. Arthur Floberg wills his hit with the girls to Earl La Tour. Astrid Nelson bequeaths her banjo to Helen Peterson. Vincent Hercer leaves his length to Edwin Sandeen. Lena Luizza and Mary Rogozinski leave their compacts t0 the Faculty. George Rigeman bequeaths his crossword puzzles to Lorraine Erickson. Vernette Cedarleaf wills her ability to write poems to Louis Marinelli. Helen Abramson bequeaths her vamping eyes and the consequences to Mary Jane Olson. LaVerne Burton is very generous in giving his hit with the teachers of Lincoln to Marjorie Tullock. Kenneth Allen will be glad to present his Latin papers to anyone who can benefit by them. Lucky for Astrid Bakkelund that she doesnlt have to leave her boy friend to the wiles of those 9B girls, but she can leave her art. She says anyone may have it who can put it to use. Donald Franzene and Russell Johnson will their places as associate edi- tors of The Lincoln Log to Earl Nelson and Victor Peterson. Lillian Criddlebaugh bequeaths her beautiful curls to Vohnie Stedge. Rueben Carlson leaves his tinyness to Stanley Peterson. Mabel Ostlund leaves her violin t0 Rhoda Fredrickson. Eva Bargren leaves her position as pianist for the orchestra to Marie Dahlin. Myrle Austin bequeaths her curls t0 LeOnore Blomquist. Harold Dahlberg leaves his desire to become an aviator t0 Daisy Hayes. Constance MacDonald wills the privilege of walking down the corridor with Benny Behr to Marjorie Carlson. We hereby revoke all wills and testamentary dispositions by us hereto- fore made. We hereby nominate and appoint Mrs. Tingley, Executrix hereof, and request that she be not required to furnish bond as such executrix. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 24th day of January. CLASS OF 1930. First Semester. ;F 1930 mm page sixteen Class OfEcers Second Semester Seated: James LaMasney, President Standingzjames Stiles, Vice-Pres.; Miss McGrath, Adviser; Charles Lymzm, Sec.-Treas. W V W 1930 $ W page sevenieen Row 1: Enline Emanuclsun, Vioiet Beck, Dormthy Hugcmtister, Elaine Peterson. Ethel Aronson, Eleanor Carlson, Lucille Ilulmquist, Faye Quist, Hazel Nelson. Row 2: Marjorie Flzmnery, Marion chll, Marjorie Swanson, Marion Delaney, Alice Rosell, Alfie Chu- pulis, Constance Skung, Helen VVilgierh Frances leluni, Row 3: Frank D'Agostin, Gordon Carlson, Swen L'ddin, Cusinf Blixt, Miss Herrick, Walter Johnson, Armour Blomquis1, Raymond Nyuuist. Row 4: Joe Smith, VVilhur Larson, Dexter Anderson, Frank jnhnsml, XVilliam Roslmmugh, Jean Tunison, Curl Nelson, Thomas Lohning. Absent: Helen Olson, Maxine Hnm'cr, W'uhcr Hcdrick. 9A-2 R0w1:Ruby Onnen, Dorothy Kling, Eleanor Ebert, VVilneita Rounds, Doris Howland, Irma Johnson, Jane Tetlow, Eva Carlson, Alta Hallen, Janet LundahL Row 2: Theodore Knock, Sarah Jiles, Helen Dahlberg, Irene Teal, Solveig Christensen, Elsie Beerlmhm, Helen Klein, Madeline McDevitt, john Peterson. Row 3: Wang; 1.1ohnson, Eddie Bliss, Edward Tureson, Marvin Green, Fred Johnson, Kenneth Dublin, Miss 0 er. Row 4: Clayton Coole, Lloyd Leaf, Charles Dzielak, Floyd W7illiams, Merton Lundsten, Gordon Carlson, Roger Carlson, Absent: Elwilda Ackra, Ralph Knodle. 1930 w page eighteen Row 1: Mary McDevitt, Elsie Peterson, Ina Carlson, Violet Ullrich, Betty Patton, Mary Olszewski, Margaret Nelson, Ella Stochke. Row 2: Mary Jane Connor, Cora May Ecklund, Margaret Hamilton, Marion Billstrand, Lillian Ahlquist, Lottie Wojcik, Eugenia Rulys. RowS: Milton Pearson, Edward Moore, Arnold Ogren, Jesse Lantz, Harold Engdahl, Everett Bryan, George Greim, Vito Kasinkus, Ralph Johnson. ' Row 4: Francis McIntosh, August Kuceski, Donald Nelson, Marshall Danielson, Russell Davis, Stanley Goryl, Gunnard Carlson, Eric Jeppson, Tony Twnryrmas. Absent: Thorsten Brandt, Marion Johnson, Ha Mae Klichc, Frank Leeman. 9A-4 Rowl: Maxine Johnson, 1121 Lupant, Adeline Straub, Hazel Platt, Esther Pelgrin, Dorothy Ness, Vohnie Stedge, Violet Tnscano, Carolyn Hartman. Row 2: Arlene Knudsen, Florence West, Avis Weberg, Marion Peterson, Marjorie Tullock, Elsie Beck- wold, Clara Bland, Reva Mylott, Gladys Johnson. Row 3: Stanley Peterson, Richard Anderson, Lyndon Sunstrand, James Stiles, Miss Rudolph, Ivan Malm, Henry Gustafson, Robert Johnson, Earl Nelson. Row 4:Ear1 Holman, William Johnson, Aurelio Donofrio, Glen Person, Angelo Guenzani, Sherman ;-- 1930 page nineteen Haegquist, Berthel Olson, La Verne Julin, Carl Hannhlom. Absent: Alva Mae House, Gunnard Johnson. M $ Row 1: Mildred Brough, Olga Nordgren, Gladys Jnscphson, Jum- Curnell, Dm'uthy Payne, Lurruine Jnlin, Jane Stalherg, Mildred Hasemzm, Hazel Saylnr, Doris Mugnuson. Row 2: Janet Lagerquist, Leonore Illnmquist. Beatrice Ray, Eleanor Hamish, Miss Trunce, Marjorie Carlson, Katherine Knmw. Ida Pallai. Bornicz' Hulstvdt. R0w3zEdw21rd Stonefieltl, Arthur Forscll, La Verne Johnson, Vernon Pelorson, Charles Lyman, Lindberg, Adrian Gnvig, Raymond Dzlubcrt. Row 4: Russell Buchanan. Vallie Brawn. Robert chk. lenfrwl Awlrcen, Daniel Olson, Idulrcncekcus- tzlfsnn, John Hobart, Louis MurincHL Kenneth Kelley Anderson, Helen Earl Row lzGolden VValdroun, Antona Zasada, Bernice Andrew, Ruth Carlson, Marion Hammond, Alice Scandroli, Margaret Boggie, Ruth Lundvall. Row21Lennard Johnson, Eugene Forson, Irene Nyquist, Maybelle Pearson, Alice Haynes, Virginia Gilman, Ruth Anderson, Agatha Paulick, Miss Cotta, Oiiver Benjamin, Raymond Henning. Row 3: Paul Rawlings, Charles Kennedy, Salvadore Corpora, Dnnovzln O'Leary, Arthur Davidson, Walter Fox, Robert Lindhlom, Mike Murtinka, Leo Ward. Row 4: David VVaddington. Robert Johnson, VVilIurd Skau, Curl Brogren, Orville Senstmm, Harold Omark, Lester Newton, Charles Klontz, Robert Dnhlgren, RUSFEH Hill. 1930 page twenty Row 1: Margaret VVhitlock, Grace Putnam, Thelma Walters, Margaret Karlzen, Ruth Siffren, Amanthis Amllcgren, Viola Carlson, Teresa Prnvznsi, lmurena Dahlherg. Row 2: Elizabeth Yesmr, Ruth Struts, Elsie Lursnn. Stanza Mutt, Mildred Johnson, Phyllis Hardesty, Virginia Mrowiec. XYumlu Kuzmierski, , Row 3: William vaelson, Elmer Kkmk. Sigurd Severson. Lemmrth Cedzlrleaf, Miss McGrath, Alf Curl- son, Ililding Carlson, Arnold Ogreu, Raymund XValters. Row 4: Ross Swanson, Sherwnud Cummings, Lloyd Johnson, Robert Tullock, Walter Franzen, Gene Lin- dell, Milton Swanson, Ralph jacohson, Lemar Norberg, Bruce VYallin. Absent: Myr11c Germain, Dorothy Olson. 9A-8 Row 1: Vermmm Peterson, Marvel Jane Grant, Virginia Carlson, Elsie Olson, Sophie Simek, Stella Supryku, Ellen Hogluml, Frances Seele. Row 2: Blanche Yankowski, Norma Bunker, Dorothy Lindhlom, Helen Dochkus, Beulah Johnson, Emel Johnson, Alice Peterson, Minnie Muzznrelli. R0w3: Chester Johnson, Rnyfleld Bengston, Joe Setser, Herschel Yeager, Henry HoFfman, Ivan Seele, Stuart Nordquist, Bruce VVuodmwx Row 4: Lyle Johnson, Jack Shlikas, Merwyn Owcns, Milton Linden, David Hunter, Axel Carlson, Eugene Ozltman, Virgil Moore. Absent: Doris VVelIs, Irene Pumkupile, Glen Bynum, Vullis Dunsworth, George Taunis. 1930 page twenty-one Row 1: Gladys Nelson, Avonne Dauenbaugh, Anna leckcy, Hazel Johnson, Nancy Chinppi, Leona Beatty, Marie Cameron, Virginia Atkinson, Gladys Rorbeck. Row 2: Marie Dzlhlin, Genevieve Lachowicz, Eva VVirlell, Dorothy Peterson, Vivian Holly, Vivian Gus- tafson, Lorraine Swanson, Mabel Lindstrom, Alverta Roland, Marie Peltola. Row31R0y Thomason, Robert Lindvall, Emil Hedin, Elmer Johnson, Miss Prien, Carl Furze, Joseph Blask, Anton Galnitis, James La Masney R0w4: Norman Yetterberg, Thomas Simmons, Maryun Kowalewski, Hurry Munson, Vil1iam Andrew, Robert VVelsby, Nick Anconu, Ralph Johnson, lillurd Carlson. 9A-10 Row 1: Nellie Manning, Harriet Gustafson, Mildred Kerrisou. Margartt Williams, Rossalla Lumlstrum. Irene Johnson, Ruth Sjoblom, Louise Carlson. Margaret Johnson. Row 2: Eleanor Gustafson, Elaine Lumlgren. Shirley Baker, Dolorus Nystrmn, Ina Breckenridge, Miss Burr, Elinor McCorvie, Doris Pixler. Row 3: Jack VVidell, Frank Light, Kenneth Bjork, Curl Erlumlsun, Burdello W'illiams, Robert Faust, Edward Severine, Arthur Hyland, Clarence Pearson. Row4: Clarence Mehaffie, Willard Cowan, Robert Graves, Arthur Larson, Len Kutlich, William Scott, Glen Hartje, Grant Muhrlein, Marvin Aug, Robert Higley. Absent: Vivian Baxter, Marguerite Kerrison. page twenty-two 1930 9A Honor Roll Row1:Huzel Szlylor Virginia Atkinson, Mzuy J2me Connor, Dorothy Ness, Thelma Walters, Vollnic Sterlge, Leona Bezitty, Irene Nyquist, Laurenu Dallllicrg. Row2: Alta Hallen Leonore Blomquist, Marjorie Tullock Dorothy Olson, Doris Howland, Marion Hammond, Marion Peterson, Jane Cornell, Avonne Dauenlmugh. Row3: Marie Dalilin, Elaine Iundgren, Marjorie Swanson Ruth Anderson, Charles Lyman, James Stiles, Virginia Gilman, Ruth Strote, Marion Delaney, Jane letlow Row 4: Earl Holmin Charles Klontz. Edward Stonef161d,Robert Lindvall,Ear1 Nelson, Thomas Sim- mons, Marvin Ang, Russell Hill. Absent: Lillian Ahlquist, Marion Billstmml, Dorothy Hagemeister, Margaret Johnson. Our Gift from Lincoln High There are fond remembrances. sweet and dear, VVllicli we've learned to love since our very first year. We have learned and known a little more, Since first we stepped through Lincoln's door. Now welre to leave it all behind, Our studies, and hooks, and teachers kind. Even friends will depart to go their way, But you, dear Lincoln, in our hearts will stay. Dorothy Hagemeistcr. 1930 page twenty-three Class History Back in 1927, a group of boys and girls were graduated from various grade schools and entered Abraham Lincoln junior High School. Since they were all very brilliant pupils and the first 713 class to enter the new building, the upper classes found them quite superior to the average "freshief, During the first year they did well in everything. But good fortune cannot last forever. A few of the number have been lost by the wayside. decreasing the number. The class has been represented on most of the school's activities. Marian Kjell has been the editor-in-chief of The Limolu, 1.0g, while james LaMasney is on the staff. Leonore Blomquist is editor-in chief of the Annual. Many others take an active part in the work of the staff. Dexter Anderson and Lyle Johnson are the business managers; Leona Beatty is features editor; Virgil Moore, athletic editor; and Marie Dahlin and Elaine Lundgren in charge of the Calendar. Marion Delaney and Marjorie Swanson managed the subscrip- tion campaign. Many of the 9A's are members of the school band under the leadership of Mr. Haight. The 9A's form a large part of the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Bornor. Ten members of the class are members of the Student Council. They have helped that organization do its excellent work for the school. Th 9A's have always displayed much enthusiasm for promoting games and other projects of the school. They have shown themselves as leaders in selling tickets. Many of them have been members of the Athletic Council, and have served in that capacity. Betty Patton, Nancy Chioppi, and Mabel Lindstrom 0f 9A-3 were Cheer leaders. On April 2, Mr. Hanna called the First meeting of the class for the pur- pose of organization. Miss McGrath was elected adviser. The second meet- ing of the class was called by Miss McGrath on April 16. The class officers were then elected. They were as follows: james LaMasney, president; James Stiles, Vice-president; and Charles Lyman, secretary and treasurer. There are at present 354 members of the class. We hope that all will safely reach senior high school. page twenty-four 1930 TTh-TJ The Class Prophecy Well! Well !Well! Here it is 1950. How the time does fly. It seems no time at all since 1930, when we were graduated from Abraham Lincoln Junior High School. I woncler what has become of everyone that was in our class? There wer5354 0f usthEn. I know what Iill do; Illl go back to Rock- ford and findiout how many'iol them I can locate. Then the be we will have a class riginion. Iill godialck to Rockibatd in an airship?" My,,;I remember how thrilliyg it was to,see the Graf Zephelin. NOVVtHere are hundreds of airships Ku'st as large. Elke pilot of theairship is 6132711 Lindvall. I wonder if I know Tany 0f niyivlkllow passengers. Onlyfm , Elaine Peterson. llWhy, hello; Dorothy. K.Whati have you been! doing lately ?w she asks. IIIfim going b q togRockford to seegvVhati haskbe'cok , . ., rlne of our 1930 class. What have you been doing lately ?" i L . . - - H ulive been 111 Europe painting a p1cture. Elaine is now a great artist. sked her if had heard of anyone we knew. She told me that while in Eur e she had s n Jane Tetlow, who was in Europe with the great doctor, Gustaf Bylixt, became she had lost her voice. LaVerne Julin and Sherman Haegquist ate great de iat s. Maxine Johnson I . is a missionary to Afflii. Alf Carton add "Zabeth We r'have been mar- ried. Charles Lyman X1 Betty P tton are enb ged. Josep s'k is a foot- ball coach, and Clara Blaihd, a gym i s ructor. is is all Elai had heard, so I will tell her what I have heard. 1 D 5 Nancy Chioppi is a grea dancer; 'eiis danei . in the Eli s- ahlin Theaters, which are owned by Iddie Blissl ?.hd Ken h Dahlin ligan Gustafson and Marion Billstrand a'iXe-nurses in ilk e Walliin ospitalfname int honor of Bruce VVallin. Mabel Lindstrom and Alverta R land are beauty specialists in the Al and Mae Beauty Shoppe. Earl L Tour is t ambassador to France and Alwilda Ackra is his wife. Elsie Beer m and G e Tunison have also been married. Virgil Moore mariied. EugenV -Rulis aft his ene gagement t0 Lottie VVojcik was broken. L ona Beattyvllis a dean t' the Baxter College for Girls, named for Vivianibegter. Vofhnie Stedge and Marjorie Tullock are professors there.l i , f Here we are in Rockford. There is th ' Faust HciZel. I remenabxer when it was the tallest building in Rockford; nowiitis one o i e smallesth Let us go in there and eat our dinner. My wordlj Eva Widel. '5 head waitress. Loraine Swanson is also a waitress. She is engaged to Bruc jWoodrow, and is all excited. i I . X f x . I I will go to our school next. Marie Dahlin is the head of the English Department. The students are working on 'another Annual. Bob Tullock is an algebra teacher. This is quite amazing, anBQb always Jladfrouble with algebra while at school. Marie and Bob both thing it a good idea to have a reunion. It will be held next week in the Barrow-Behjamin Htitel, owned by Stacy Barrow and Oliver Benjamin. k page twenty-five NOW, here we are at the reunion. John Peterson is one of the greatest detectives in the U. S. A. Right now he is trying to solve one of the world's most baffling mysteries. Marvin Green is mayor of Rockford, and Ida Lupont is his secretary. We get a telegram from Marjorie Swanson and Marion Delaney. It says that they have an engagement to sing over the radio. Merton Lundsten. the director and a second Sousa, is also broadcast- ing his band. We are sorry that they cannot come, but since we have tele- vision, it is almost as good as having them with us. Gladys Nelson is the tallest one here; she is six feet and four inches tall. Ann Mackey and Violet Beck are stenographers. Harry Munson models airplanes, having started to develop his talent in Miss Burt's room in 1930. Herschel Yeager is a noted pilot. He just made a Iioii-stup flight, Rockford to Cherry Valley. Theodore Knock is a teacher of Latin at the Senior High School. Edward Moore is a minister. Three people have joined the circus. Robert W'elsby is the human skeleton; Helen Dochkus is a fat woman, weighing four hundred pounds; and Hazel Platt is a tight rope walker. Helen Klein, Hazel Saylor, William Powelson, and William Scott have gone into the talkies. The great Violinists, Virginia Atkinson and Donovan O'Leary, are studying abroad. Glen Person is married to Janet Lagerquist. Oliver Benjamin and Leonore Blomquist are engaged. Here comes a telegram; it reads: x itCome to New York at once." So I must leave the reunion and go home, leaving all of our old friends. FINIS. lXutographs 1930 page twenty-six Class Will We, the Class of 1930, of the Abraham Lincoln Junior High School, of the City of Rockford, County of Winnebago and State of Illinois, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and free from the exercise of any wrongful or improper restraint or influence, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as and for our Last Will and Testament, in the words and hgures following, that is to say: Eddie Carlgren will take Raymond VValterls position on the swimming team. Marvin Granlundls athletic spirit will be left for Mike Tangorra. Nancy Chioppi leaves her vamping eyes and her tap dancing to Betty Hilberg. Mabel Lindstromls Cheerleading will be given to Katherine Kaminski. Betty Patton leaves her favorite seat in assembly tbeing across from Mr. Fowler, Mr. Hintz, and Mr. Middletom t0 Rhoda Fredrickson. Robert Welsby leaves his avoirdupois t0 Alden Johnson tHe needs i0. Avonne Dauenbaugh leaves her good report card to anyone who needs it. Marjorie Tullock leaves her position as President of the Student Council to ???P? tWhoever gets electedl. Alverta Roland leaves her favorite nickname, llMa', to Miss PrienQ Marion Kjell leaves her place on the honor roll to Clarence Nystrom. Virgil Moore leaves his llenormous" size to Edwin Sandeen. Helen Wilgiert leaves her bright red lipstick t0 Vivian Fry. Minnie Muzzarelli leaves her curls to Phyllis Reinert. Eddie Moore leaves his "collegiate" walk to Ernest Nordvall. Ralph Knodle leaves his Hlove'l for study to Miss Schrom. James LaMasney leaves his Wise-cracks to Gene Johnson. Loraie Swanson leaves her giggles t0 Dorothy Adamson. Vivian Gustafson leaves her Latin worries to Gunhild Hoglund. Ila Kliebe leaves her "spikes" to Mary Soteropolous. Gordon Carlson leaves his orange shirt to Gene Johnson. Leonore Blomquist leaves her singing ability to Merida Loreen. Thomas Simmons' laugh will be left for Edwin johnson. Dexter Anderson's part in the Minstrel Show will be given to George Nelson. Joe Smith leaves his position as General in the ltRed Army" to Eugene Lundeen. Erdine Emanuelson leaves her place in the orchestra t0 Verna Franzen. Elaine Peterson leaves her collection of Annuals t0 the library. VVilneita Rounds leaves her love for art tArt whoh to Veto 'llangorra. Alta Hallen wills her corpulence to Dawn Hill. Lottie Wojcik leaves her uSass" to the teachers to Isabel Allen. e 1930 page twenty-seven Frank Leeman leaves his shyness to Armor Oatman. He hopes it will help to quiet him. Sherman Haegquist hequeaths his debating ability to Raymond Han- strom. LaVerne Julin hopes that his class oratory will he an inspiration to the whole 9B class. James Stiles leaves the secret of his llpersonality" in the keeping of Vera Cash. Glen Person leaves his salesmanship to Roy liundeen. Vallie Brown leaves his reputation to the care of Allie, his sister. Leonore Blomquist leaves her position on the Annual to ......................... W'e'll tell you next September. Charles Lyman gives his secret of managing unruly hair to Frederick Saterbak. Ruth Sjoblom leaves her giggle to Ruth Kullberg. Mike Martinka and Sigurd Severson donate to the library their large collection of masterpieces. Stanza Matt leaves her slim figure to jule Haegg. Eugene Oatman leaves his essays on ltHow to Study" and llVVhy I Love School" to Harland Patton. Doris Wells presents her extreme lttallness" to Irene Hippman. Ruth Sjoblem leaves her giggle to Ruth Kullherg. Marvin Ang leaves his rosy cheeks to Alice Saylor. Cora May Eckluntl leaves her high grades in Algebra to Evelyn Johnson. Carolyn Hartman's readings will be given to Jane Swenson. lllet's hope she doesn't forget to read theml. Earl Lindberg leaves his Florida road maps to Miss Dagnan. Golden Waldrmm's llspecs" will he left for Genevieve Peterson. i Lennart Cedarleaf wills his position in the printing of UPuppy News" to i Ernest Nordvall. E Marvel Jane Grant leaves her desire and ambition to stay on the Honor Roll to ALL the 913's. I I Joseph Blask donates his udrop kicks" and so on, to his brother, LeRoy. Elinor McCorvie leaves her Scotch Thrift to Miss Anderson to distribute on banking days. We hereby revoke all wills and testamentary dispositions by us here- tofore made. We hereby nominate and appoint Miss McGrath, executrix hereof, nml request that she be not required to furnish lmml us such cxecutrix. IN WITNESS VVHEREOF, we have hereuntn set our lmmls and seals this 30th day of April. CLASS OF 1930. Second Semester WW.- page twenty-eight R0w1:Mildred Carlson, Mildred Adolphson, Hoklzl Hoefs, Ruth Allyn, Rhoda Fredericksnn, Marion Pearson, Mary Jane Olson, Dorothy Adamson, Doris Anderson. Row 2: Ruth Peacock, Ruby Bergstrnm, Rachel Gustafson, Jane Swenson, Gunhild Hoglund, FluruSwen- son, Lorraine Erickson, Helen Peterson, Ramona Johnson. Row 3: Bruce Olson, Clarence Nystrom, John Krevel, Miss VVorster, Eugene Broberg, Helen juhnson, Kenneth Stenherg, Rogert Flannery, Raymund Hzmstrom Row 4: George Hanson, Fred Erickson, Gerald Maynard. Lloyd Johnsun, Ormrmd Whipple, Arthur Gum- brell, Eugene Lundeen, XVulter Brown XVulluce Bjorklund. Absent: Alice Saylor, Edwin Snndeen. Row 1: Ruth Fritz, Pearl Ekstrom, Marjorie Lind, Louise Franzen, Vivian Fry, Evelyn E. Larson, Flap ence Hagstrom, Martha Pearson. Row 2: Dorothy Johnson, Isabelle Allen, Maude Bjnrk, Helen Johnson, Miss VVhitFleld, Emma Lauren, Charline Johnson, Eva Schlee. , Row 3: William Michelson, Arthur Lundhlade, Frank Mitchell, Arthur Johnson, Chester Peterson, Charles H0110, Robert Vestal. Fred Erickson. ' Raw 4: Everett Swanson, Eugene Johnson, Harold Carlzen, Edwin Johnson. Jean Pippel, Cecil Jones, Leslie Rowley, Alben Ahlgren, Francis Mitchell. Absent: Kurt Anderson. Ruby Kimlslrom, Evelyn V. Larson. 1930 page lwcnty-nine Row 1: Audrey Larson, Phyllis Youngberg, Elizabeth Rosengren, Claris Hallen, Clarice Nelson, Pauline Polikaitis, Carol Rudwall, Gertrude Carlson, Catherine Kaminski. RowZ: Ruth Schmook, Marion Purknpile, Grace Lundherg, Jennie Miklas, Doris Ringstrand, Bernice Berglund, Phyllis Stern, Nellie Janesko, Vera Cash. Row 3: Walter Berg, Carroll Johnson, Clifford Adolphson, Arnold Peterson, Arley Armstrong, Aubrey Smith, Ralph Baehr, Richard Engquist. Row 4: Bertil Frcderickson, Kenneth Sager, Merle Steward. George Abramovich, Emerson Norman, Maurice Larson, Louis Pearson. Ben Cehas, Milton Gustufson. Absent: Alfons Johnson. 93-4 Row1:Mi1dred Chapman, Jule Haegg, Florence Johnson, Margaret Roebuck, Mildred VVallin, Margaret Hawkinson, Audrey Grell, Orpha O'Hara. Row 2: Virginia Magnuson, Lorraine Johnson, Ethel Amsrud, Florence Olson, Adeliu Davis, Gurly Fetch son, Marion Person, Alice Eyster. Row 31Chester Carlson, Alfred Witting, Robert Parker, John Olson, Mr. Johnson, Raymond Mulander, Clifford Smith, Lloyd Peterson. Row 4: Roy Lundeen, Lawrence Van Bloom, Wesley Sall, Howard Oherg, R60 Duchardt, Carl Lindbloom, Merlin Fosler, Russell Burton. Absent: Genrgr Ahrumsnn, thaniel Bnyle. Helen Johnson. Franccs McGuire Hurry Smedherg. 1930 page thirty W 1930 W Row 1: Margaret Doty, Eileen Thalen, Ruth Erickson, Ruth Fredrickson, Goldie Jacobson, Mary Coffus. Lillian Ahlquist, Thelma Nelson. Row 2: Dorothy kKeye, Mildred Peterson, Lilly Larson, Miss Patterson, Phyllis Reinert, Lillie Maffei, Tillie Pa 010. Row 3: Ralph Engstrom, Willard Breckenridge, Clarence Lindsey, Kenneth Larson, Roy Pearson, Lenn- ard Carlson, Edwin Sonnecken, Erick Carlson. Row 4: Marshall Lind, La Verne Bookland, Bertil Hogland, Lester Steele, Arthur Jacobson, Richard Sandstrom, Edward Ullrich, George Johnson. Absent: Harry D Ag0stin, Irene Kling, Leslie Mitchell. 9B-6 Row 1: Margaret Jorgenson, Virginia Peterson, Myrtle W'estman, Jeanette Forsberg, Ethel Nelson, Gladys Hallgren, Margaret Carlson, Juanita Lindeman, Vera Hayes. Row 2: Stella Ostrowski, Helen Zeski, Virginia Ehrler, Linnea Lundquist, Frances Kronvald, Ellen Campbell, Dorothy Mitchell, Lillian Miller, Josephine Galossi. Row 3: Roger Ring, Merles Nelson, Samuel Gottfred, Jack Porter, Miss Hills, Alex Sandeen, Gilbert Beisher, Harold Johnson, Willard Swenson. Row 4: Arnold Zimmerly, Marshall Blomgren, Robert Peterson, Lyle Lofdahl, Everett Thelen. Lloyd Myers, Max Mathews, Herbert Johnson. Absent: Mildred Thomas. page lllirtyronc Row 1: Ingrid Bolander, Ruby Kling, Hazel Nelson, Doris Smedherg, Sophie Ruzas, Ruth Bergmark, Hazel Hallman, Doris Johnson, Virginia Linden Row 2: Lois Julin, Margaret Peterson, Violet Risley, Esa Larson, Marion KauEman, Edith Emanuelsnn Dorothy Tholin, Ruth Rainer, Mavis Peterson, Miss Samlefs R0w3: Darwin Anderson, Howard Lindmark, Benny Behr, Howard VVhiLe, Tore Smith, Burnell CustzlfV son, Stanley Johnson, Robert Larson, Ronald Kinkuski. Row 4: Kenneth Erickson, Leslie Johnson, Jack Shake, Walter Bimm, Victor Peterson, Carl Johnson, James Holmes, Warren Duane, Francis Roper. Absent: Imogene Lawson. lXutographs 1930 page thirty-two Row 1: Ruth Thomason, Jane Haegg, Ethel Trank, Janet Blomquist, Barbara Severson, Myrtle Gustafson, Anna Bliznik, Mona Dulew, Evelyn Carlson. Row 2: Eleanor Enstrom, Lucille Lindahl, Elaine Faggiotti, Phyllis Ackra, Lettie Frisk, Marion Wood- worth, Lucille Gustafson, Irma Marchetti, Violet Anderson, Virginia Yeager. Row 3: Donald Vaughn, Norris Aldeen, Robert De Forest, Anna Sodergren, Miss Schrom, Robert Hin- ueber, Glenn Smith, Walter Fraser. Row 4: Donald Asprooth, Irving Carlson, Joel Carlson, Bennet Olson, Leslie Carlson, Malta Johnson, Edward Waishnor, John VVallenberg. Absent: Delbert White. 8A-2 Row1:Luci11e Kline, Helen Benson, Evelyn Witting, Mary Jane Weese, Maxine Sawyer, Frances Haight, Edna LaPointe, Arline Nelson. Ruw21Eva Lake, Violet Eliason, Grace Beckett, Mildred Magnuson, Myrtle Bodell, Alice Johnson, Evelyn Greer, Ruth Johnson, Garnet Franklin. Row 3: Julian Egnatchuk, Kenneth Jeanmaire, Robert Wall, Miss Larson, Roger Grip, Lennart Lind, Everett Bergstrom. Row 4: Sofus Mickelson, Harry ,Nygren, Arthur Andersen, W'illiam Deibner, Leslie Johnson, Sylvester Shannon, LaVerne Carlson, Raymond Ollman. Absent: Franklin Kindstrom, Ernest Osborne. page thirty-three Rowlz Angie Kugzlth, Dorothy Carlson, Mae Ahlgren. Esther Bontoft, Marion Manson, Bernice Kudg- micki, Manhu Ekstmm, Petmni Pnulikitzls, Violet Oman. Row 2: Stuart Johnson, Luis Siumus. l,illizm Lindhlum, Arline Hazard, Esther Rosenquist, Rosa Lee Smith, Wilma Cooksey, Mary Kudgmicki, Maxine Olson, Evelyn Munsml, VVnIter Engstrom. Row 3: Vivian VVchster, Arnold Amlcrsnn, Mrs. TjadelL Row 4: Arvid Seagren, Everett qunnwrstrund. Gustaf Peterson, Henry Palmini, Lloyd Aronson, Alden Johnson, Herbert Carlson, Paul Anderson, Enus Corhcit. Absent: Thomas Tobin, Lee Bowen. David Cnrey. 8A-4 Row 1: Bernice Peterson, Violet Johnson, Grace Reid, Marie Nelson, Ruth Markuson, Emily Morris, Ruth Brodine, Alice Cline, Bernice Dryden. Row 2: Margaret Challberg, Helen Reynolds, Elna Senohe, Eva Blomberg, Arline Griswold, Elsie Nelson, Evelyn Carlson, Dorothy Larson, Josephine Ethingtrm, Jeanette Johnson. Row3: Donald Lindley, LeRoy Blask, Burdette Carlson, Mrs. Angus, Arlene Miller, Paul Challberg, John Odorski, Carl Liebovich. Row 4: LeRoy Anderson, Everett Hendrickson, Roy Flink, Leonard Brnherg, Ralph VVallin, Harvey Bergman, Alford Carlson, Elwyn Kreuger, Collum Guffey. page thirty-fonr Row 1: Margaret Todd, Roxanne Bengston, Katherine Zelenski, Roberta Swenson, Pauline Boren, Myra Bingham, Hettie Bradley, Catherine Jepson, Irma Livingston. Row 2: Marion Johnson, Virginia Kaatrud, Josephine Moore, Rhea Gilbert, Mrs. Westring, Marion Peter- son, Jeanette Farney, Ruth Hedeen, Eleanor Johnson. Row3: Howard Jensen, Kenneth Lindstrom, John Twaryonas, Frank Schupbach, Edward Anderson, John Sahlstrom, Ragnar Klint, Donald Burkholder. Row 4: Paul Williams, Robert Pormr, Roland Carlson, Clarence Carlson, Robert Kallstrom, Elmer Olson, Glen Keltner. Absent: Roger Nelson, Philip Pritz, Eugene Stromherg 8Ar6 Row 1: Irene Hippman, Lucille Rote, Doris Franzen, Beatrice Ahlstrom, Barbara Carlson, Ruth Olsen, Kathryn Martenson, Jeanette Beck, Phyllis Johnson. Row21Barbara Billingham, Clara Johnson, Esther Lindstrom, Nellie Strid, Violet Johnson, Myrtle Kinroth, Thelma Wiley, Pearl Young, Hazel Brodein, Esther Erickson. Row 3: Raymond Peterson, Harry Nelson, John Bohlin, Mrs. Dunlevy, Florence Sjolander, Rose Lof- quist, Emil Stasica, Evert Carlson, Bertil Fagerstrom. Row 4: George Larson, Roman Napier, Robert Swords, LeRoy Miller, Helgar Forsman, Lawrence John- son, Francis Trenary, Fenlon Peterson, Arthur Gustafson. Absent: Harry Swartz. 1930 page thirty-flve Row 1: Millicent Johnson, Jean Olson. Dorothy Perry, Edna Kjellgren, Marjorie Peterson, Helen Mc- Kern, Louise Cunningham, J1me Pumphrcy, Sonja Szmdcn. Ruw 2:E1izuheth Anderson, Beulah Hanson, Lillian Peters. anrma Brcdahl, Evelyn Johnson, Anita Lasszmdro, Anna Luksis, Winifred Swenson, Marie Andersnn, Row3: Rollo Bennext, Alrik Blumquist. Marie Olson, Alice Johnson, Miss Hickey, Ruby Anderson, Judith Mork, John Kulusky, Anton Deutsch. . Row 4: Eric VVillson, Lloyd Munsun, Donlnd Carlson. Robert Erickson, Villurd Carlson, Anthony Nivinski, Charles Fillmore. Donald Greenherg. Grover Bergstmm, Gordon Norris. Absent: Curl Erikson. 8Ar8 Row 1: Evy Wilkens, Cora Wood, Verna Franzen, Catherine Bishop, Lillian Larson, Merida Loreen, Hulda Mehto, Marion Youngberg. Row 2: Marion Davis, Marion Rounds, Burnetta Carlson, Heidi Anbro, Evelyn Jensen, Helen VVehn, Lily Johnson, Muriel Swanson, Ruth Bimm. Row 3: Gerald Malm, Fayetta Canon, Helen McArdle, Dorothea Dahlin, Helen Lindstrom, Mrs. Billing- ham, Dorothy Johnson, Elsie Klank, Raymond Gustafson. Row 4:Wi11ard Larson, Bernard Nyquist, John Hallden, Frans Peterson, Floyd Carlson, Oynstein Het- land, Martin Swanson, Phillip Kellner, Edwin Belin. H Absent: Gordon DeLaRonde. 1930 page thirty-hix Row lelice Rzmsnme. Rosie Ktlteski. Vivian Melquist, Alphild Brinkman, Martha Peterson, Anna Johnson, Barbara Heme. Row 2: Helen Miller, Elvera Carlson. Kathryn Powelson, Margaret Huger, Melissa Jiles, Lottie Benton, Corinne Nelson, Evelyn Greenberg, Viola. Nordherg, Celia Cirlesh. Row 3: Franklyn Lundherg, Frank Stenstrom, Jess Eastman, Frances Anderson, Miss Brogunier, Ed- mund Carlgren, Forrest Hopkins, Harry Hamish. V Row 4: Burnice Lundherg. John Erlandsnn, W'illiam Kent, Axel likluml, XVinfleld Taylor, George Ander- son, Burdene Pearson, George johnsnn, Donald Fisher. Absent: Lewis Harwick, Jeanette Kauffman. Peterson, Ethel Pahnke, Jeanette Autographs phge thirty-seved 5g 1930 $'; -; Row 1: Barbara Grautz, 110 Johnson, Edith Freedlund, Sara Erickson, Dorothy Stovcr, Betty Hilberg, Doris Borg, Dora Cohn. Row 2: Barbara Sherman, Stephania Bubiak, Carolyn Duhlin, Gladys Ekwall, Virginia LaForge, Murell Carlson, Lois Thomas, Helen Lundvall, Vivian Swanson. Row 3: John Bennett, Frederick Carlson, Muriel Erickson, Mrs, Luvelzmd, Sybil Gilmzm, Marion Stenholm, Ernest Nordvzlll, Robert Metz. Row 4: Armer Ahlstrand, Donald Johnson, Floyd Nelson, Howard Johnson, Frederick Siltcrhack, Richard Bowman, Richard Pratt, Ralph Dyresnn. Absent: William Arnold. 8B-2 Row 1: Alice Lundine, Catherine Bennett, Margaret Burkman, Elena Thompson, Delnres VVerntz, VVet- nona Skelton, Evelyn Lindstrom. Row 2: Edwin Kneller, Lois Nyman, Margaret Lundherg, Dagmar Carlson, Phyllis Lumlhnlm, Sophie Hyba, Harry Braugh. Row 3: Robert Lindman, LeRoy Bishop, Stanley Smith, John Versackas, Miss Stone, Fred Johnson, George Small, Joseph Olszewski, Arthur McCamlless. Row 4: Carl Hoffman, Verner Nelson, Homer Ertenberg, Emory Patch, Merold Alexson, Herold Smith, Kenneth Johnson, Knute Nielson, Arthur Getts. Absent: Stewart Rapp. 1930 page thirty-eight Raw 1: Josie Cascio, Frances Mandcll, Clara Bovi. Stella Szydlnuski, Marion Gould, Josephine Campo- hello, Katie Aradio, Rose FasuIa. Row 2: Stanley Zeski, Robert 'Nm'cmski Stella Stank, Helen Urnclis, Aldana Rashkewich Mrs.Hau11t, Gertrude Wirz, Anna Derricksml, Madeline Paluzzl,5m1ny Butmcaxoli. Row 3: lony Mess1na,Adam Morris, M1clmel Cleary Anthony Bz1rtl1s,I :lVerne Wicks, Robert De Vlieg, Tony Vincent,A1phunse Jones Row 4: M1ke Tangorra, Brony Wisnesk1, Sammy Luzzio Arthur D' Agostino, Joe Pirrello, Michael Daukszas, Tony Matranga, Unirinu Pincmtti Absent: Stanley Buchmann. 83-4 Ruwl: Mary Suteropolus, Ruse De Marco. Durothy Cnssiuppi, Harriet Stewart, Virginia Palmer, Ethel Haight. Row2:Kem1etl1 Shivers Edward Hickman, Dorothy Miller, Birlur McNeal, Elizabeth Wirz, Nellie Kemzura, Harland Dahl, Miss Geddes. Row 3: Nick Bovi, David Murray, Lindon Johnson, Vincent Fiurellu, Leo Pozzani Floyd West. Row41Walter Tocilowski, Howard J:1ckson,J0hn Tnssoni, Dominic Clerico, Gaubas, George Kissel, Iawrence Cascio Absent: Celia Paronella, Rose Valenti, John Young. Corey, J1me , Zygmont Podgomy. Leroy Squire, William $5: 1930 MM page thirty-nine Row 1: Harriet Anderson, Eleanor Carlson, Edith Olson, Dorothy Malmgren, Ruby Kempf, Phyllis Saugstad, Eileen Dyer, Phyllis Pound, Helen Palmquist. Row 2: Lucille Crawford, Virginia Hawn, Helen Goranson, Beny Ann Sutherland, Dorothy Whipple, Arline Johnson, Gladys Bonmft, Olive Lideen, Dorothy Limlquist. Row 3: Clayton Murphy, Walter Valentas, Frank Trunce, Phyllis Burick, Miss Burchfleld, Leif Nelson, arold Johnson, Sigurd Johnson. Row 4: Styrl Snyder, Kenneth Hoglund, Maxwell Franzen, Donald Gustafson, Floyd Palm, Roger Young, Robert Dickinson. Absent: Dorothy Aaby, Robert Johnson, John Sampson. 8B-6 Row 1: Elsie Helm, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Carlson, Elizabeth Sanfredson, Elizabeth Westfall, Elaine Picavet, Marion Johnson, Helen L. Johnson. Row 2: Eunice Knock, Maxine Tobin, Helen P. Johnson, Edna Oppegard, Miss Murtfeldt, Fayette. Mills, Dorothy Faust, Gladys Sandberg. Row 3: Lawrence Gustafson, Roland Levin, Wesley Taylor, XNils Johnson, Howard Allen, Boyd Carlson, George Nagel, Vincent Bubiak, Ingvar Anderson. Row 41Maynard Smedberg, Edward Dahlstedt, Marshall Samuelson, Loren Holt, Richard Olson, Roger Erickson, Leonard Norsen, Dick Peters. Absent: William Anderson. page forty 1930 E Row 1: Marjorie Tumzm, Marjorie Ekvall, Lorena Beugston, Gunhild Schelin, Elizabeth Johnson. Anna Frang, Sophie Egnatchuk, Lillian Berglund. Row 2: Eva Anderson, Evelyn Hanson, Lnuise Moberg, Miss Kjellgren, Janice Catlin, Martha Swenson, Ruth Carlson, Alice Marie Dunlap Row 3: Jean Siden, William Nelson, Robert R005, Marshall Johnson, Lyle Swenson, William Allen, Barthel Hallberg. Row 4:George Nelson, Nick Kalusky, Mathew Milhurn, Gordon Granlund, Walter Johnson, Evert Anderson, Edwin Brogren, Edward Larson, Earl Lundin. Absent: Elizabeth Caesar, Verna Gustafson. 8B-8 Row 1: Lenore Swanson. Elizabeth Elleuhurg, Janet Tubinsuu, Anna Marie Grund. Melvine I'iessens, Ruth Jacobson, Carolyn Peterson, Elizabeth Ek. Row22He1en Carlson, Lucille Hanson, Doris Jacubson, Eleanor Sahlstrmn, Elizabeth Cupp. Emma Simoens, Helen Dobnick, Dorothy Bloomster. R0w3: Harold Anderson, Thorsten Larson, Karl Lovgren. Fannie Bell Verdell, Miss Olander, Reiner Palmgren. Uno Overstrom, Claude Haeggquist. Row 4: Dennis Hanson, Stanley Johnson, Rohert Strayer, Robert Gabrielson, Kenneth Ahlstrzmd, Archie MacCallum, Gordon Carlson, Joseph McGuire. Absent: Ruth Baxter, Bernard Norberg, Henrietta Kazmierski. 1930 page forty-one Row IzGenevieve White, Lois Tmpp, Eleanor Tnoman, Kathryn Carlson, Janet Nyman, Catherine MacKecknie, Anna Kelley, Marion Thelander. 2: Fred Olson, Russell Lindell, Frances Stephenson, Virginia Brundine, Marguerite Hagen, Virginia Friberg, Genevieve Strauh, Arne Anderson, Carl Lundquist. 3: Frederick Schaefer, Harold Sjostrom, Clarence Magnuson, Lyle Girton, Mr Nushold, Earl Alhers, Einar Jacobson, Howard Johnson. 4:Jack Hendrickson, Gustave Anderson, john Spitz, Gilbert Carlson, Robert Johnsnn, Harold Nelson, James Hendricks, Stewart Carlson. Duane Cutting. ;E 1930 page forty-two Row 1: Betty Allen, Louise Adolphson. Evelyn Aaby, Eileen Hanson, Frances Larson, Kathleen Lof- gren, Marjorie Birch, La Von Johnson. Row 2: Margaret Anderson, Ethel Nyberg, Geraldine Smith, Bernice Olson, Ruth Berglund, Dorothy Huss, Margaret Johnson, Betty Schmidt, Romona Davis, Carolyn Carlsten. Row32Berthe1 Ekstedt, Edwin Greer, Marshall Anderson, Frances Grant, Mary Skoog, Miss Johnson, Lois Shevland, Priscilla Davis, John Mitchell, VViHard Johnson, Bert Berg. Row 4: Reynold Frederickson, Robert Ek, Algird Paulick, Sanford Hultman, Thorsten Person, Gordon Wolfiey, Roger LaForge, Clarence Munson, Albert Loreen, Gordon Anderson. Absent: Verna Yunek. 7Ar2 Row 1: Jane Halbin, Elizabeth Olson, Marion Ostronu Helen Larson, Doris l'zlrkersnu, Jeanette Larson, Gladys Swensun, Freida Stenzel. Margaret Larson Row 2: Dorothy Swanson, Lucille Lindell. Amy Kjellgren, Dorothy Parkerson, Linnea Saxe, Eva Down- ing, Mahel Schaumann, Kathryn Sundstrand, Eleanor Kindstrom, Helen Amsrud, Susan Bliznik. 3: George Gayet, Ottavo Lazzaru, Julian Kullberg, Miss MCSweeney, George Prentice, Ruth Johnson, Jack Risslnr, Ellerd Stolgren. Clyde Fulling. ' Row 4: James Ethington, Reinold Peterson, Edward KonitskI, Lawrence Anderson, David Bailey, Carl Bergstronl, Everett Swanstrom, Barney Riverdahl, Willard Dorr, LaVerne Bergstrom. Absent: Martha Frykmzm. 1930 page forty-three Rowl: Marion Lindman, Dorothy Ahlquist,Kml1;1rine Dahlen, Ruth Johnson Helga Delebak, Lorena Hallberg, Alice Elofson Pearl Ruhert, Margarete E.Jnhnso11. Row 2: Gladys Carlson, Lila Hokanson, Xiola Germain,1ngegard Rehn, Marjone Scandrnli, Mary Myers, Alice Ryman, Lotus Lonn, Florence Blakely. Row 3: Frank Shumway, Kenneth Norberg, Romona Hardy, Eva 4Vilson, Miss McGuire, Gladys Thoren, Helen VVallin, Francis Friberg, William Olson. Row 4: Wallace Kardell, Burnell Eckman, Rohert Rowe, Louis C11stiglion1,James Hyba, Leonard Lind- quist, Russell Schelin Marshall Olson, Raymond Magnuson. Absent: William Ahlgren Iemmrd Johnson Florence Linder, Herbert Peterson. 7A-4 Rowl: Bernice Lundgren, Eleanor Bergquist, Elsie Rowley, Ingrid Nelson, Ramona Iolmsnn, RuhV Kjellgre11,Virgi11iz1 015011,D11ris Sundquist 10111 Gustafsun. . ' Row 2: Janm Fckstmm, Margaret Larson, Alice Andersm1,Mz1rtha Ahlherg, 1 Madeline Anderson, Vliss Metz Betty Sh11rp,K:1thleen Sundstedt, Mary Jane B'r0w11,l1rances Pearsm1,Elaine Anderson. Row 3: Clifford Larson, Bernie Mathison, 1,11Vcr11 Nelson, Frank R:111es,M:1rsl1all Besuml, Roy Manson, Sigurd Johnson,D01111ld Schad, Clifford Carlson. Row 4: Milton Bixhy, Ralph Johnson, Donald VV1lli11ms, Roger Erickson, Richard Griggs. David Carlson, Howard Allen, Paul Christensen, James Hansen: Absent: Marjorie Lind. 1930 g page forty-iou: 7Ar5 Row 1: Helen Zukas, Rosalie Romano, Dorothy Johnson, Ruth Oij, Irene Johnson, Wanda Alexander, Phyllis Edwards, Virginia Haeggquist. Doris Downing. Row 2: Josephine Sears, Harriet Anderson, Elsie Nygren, Katherine Beck, Mildred Ekstedt, Katherine Grnnburg, Ethel Messinger, Helen Aahy, Alphild Jnslin, J2me olt. Row 3:0rri11 Dunn, Earl Korsberg, John Franceschi, Doris Arnell, Miss Nicely, Betty Nelson, Helen Odorski, Hurry Meyer, John Gustafson, Wilbur Carlson Row 4: VVilmont Swanson, Oscar Herman n, Roy Hagelin, Charles Erickson, John Peterson, De Forest Brees. Charles Greenberg, Billy VNMlarence Johnson, Michael Muzzarelli. Absent: Raymond Ashman. 7Ar6 Row 1: Edna Rosenquist, Lois Molson. Dorothy VVissen, Helen Pierzchalski, Cecelia Kleczewski, Sophie Smith, Anna Shirvinskas, Adella Paluzzi, Marion W'estman. Row 2: Virginia Lace, Melba Anderson, Thyra Loy, Dorothy Peterson, Wanda Milewski, Eleanor Johnson, Anna Johnson, Florence Anderson, Doris Travis, Marguerite Peterson. Row 3: Arthur White, James Dunning, John Lennard, Arthur Gregerson, Miss Baker, Rayfield MalmA strom, Robert Potts, Francis Ek, Lloyd Crist, Samuel Clutter. Row 4: Clark McNeal, Earl Shaw, Benedict Copp, Arthur Anderson, Leslie Manson, Paul Cedarleaf, Willard McFalls, XVilbert Dieckbernd, Zigymond B ozym. Absent: Lois Rudin, John Caesar. 1930 page fm'ty-flvc Row 1: Annie Di Fede, Margaret Zuck, Florence Jean Hansen, Eudora La Fontaine, Harriet Fridell, Marion Peterson, Marion McClary, Lucille Tragardh, Phyllis Noreika. Row 2: Helen Forsyth, Eileen Shook, Marguerite Ahlstrom, Margaret Johnson, Dorothy Anderson, Clar- ence legnuson, Ruth Seaberg, Jennie Parrino, Eleanor Bagdon, Louisa Panier. Row 3: Ferdinand Cellitti, Merle Johnson, Frank Weaver, Lois Ogren, VVaunetta Blake, Eleanor Han- son, Miss Briscoe, Tony Lissa, George Adams, Anthony Mazzoln. Row 4: Harry Koteski, Earl Hollister, Norman Paul, George VVilinski. Edmund Karczewski, George Moline, Peter Giolitm, Raymond Zilinskas, Vantt-r Wall, Ralph Shepard. 7A-8 Row 1: Helen Pozkus, Neita Gorrell, Mary Boloski, Marie Hartje, Isabelle Bodell, Eula Ivey, Lillian Decker, Frances Bradley, Lorna Johnson. Row 2: Gerald Gustafson, Lola Kindstrom, Virginia Shoop, June Smith, Irene Raymer, Edith Schelin, Bertha Levine, Martha Thomas, John Swanson. Row 3: Paul Stimson, VVaIter Palm, George Carlson, Leonard Norman, Miss Campbell, Vernie Lundstrom, Clarence Riley, Harry Carlson, Armin Zanger. Row 4: Stanley Carlson, Lawrence Geiger, Bertel Dahlstrum, Joe Hopkins, Stanley Rudolph, Harvey Crump, Glen Mitchell, Walter Johnson, Francis Boyer. Arne Ramsey. Duane Hanson, Absent: Frederick Versluys. page forty-six 7A-9-10 Boys Row 1: Robert W'allin, Kenneth Plambeck, Lawrence Swanson, Alf Fagerstrom, Ray Duchardt, James O Nei1., Eugene Charn, Alfred MznmetEugenc Broberg, W'illiam Hollander. Row 2: Fred Lienhardt, ROYand Sponherg, Carl Derrickson, Robert Poorman, Earl VanBloom, Evans Samuelson, William Schmuck, Smwart Melquist, James Wood. Row 3: VVilhur Giles, Harlan Mann, Edward Milewski, Casimir analewski, Mr. Clow, Richard Dahl, hester Bowen, Lyle Christensun, William Conam. Row 4: Ralph Branch, John Dohnick, Allison Gilbert, Pasquale Mera, Leo Stasica, Walter Nichols, Arthur Smith, Bernard Goodrich, Daniel Keppie. Absent: Peter Luzio, William Urhelis. 7A-9-10 Gir1s Row 1: Evelyn VVaddington, Alice Anderson. Doris Larson, Frances Paulikitis, Doris Lindhloom, Beatrice Nelson, Laura VVojcik, Anna Louise Bailey, Lucille Born. Row 2: Julia Ruhonis, Eleanor Decker, Olive Brown, Mae Nelson, Angelina Lassandro, Catherine Abram- ovich, Florence Giardini, Hedwig Lushvinko, Mae Breach, Martha Doty. Row3: Mary Jane Lofdahl, Pearl Cameron, Blanche Stockwell, Lillie Peterson, Miss Wetzel, Helen Temple, Ruth Hayes, Eleanor Smith, June Platt. Row 4: Phyllis Lindhlmn, Dorothy Hcitmzm, Agnes Pielnk, Margaret Merzt. Bernice Jacnhsnm Arline l-Iloelzel, jezmelte l'lcgberg, Hazel Steward. page forty-scvrn 1930 E Row 1:Adaline Reichstein, Stella Barzdukes, Antonette Gagliano, Anna Zwirblis, Synove Hetland, lla Samilo, Mary Cascio, Cecilia Dmuchowski RowZ: Josephine Lukasvich, Frances Lucas, Helen Swanson, Lillian KIeschen, Wanda Kurtz, Miss mith Margaret Johnson, De Verna Benson R0w3: Jasper Giovingo, Mike Genovese Robert Paget Joe Licare, Carlo Branca, Joseph Lukasvich, Dominick Sagona John Farmer Donald Peterson R0w4: Leo Lucas, Guido Corirossi, Ettore Marinelli, Draper Bishop, Andrew Mattis, Frank Gelafio, Stanley Pmleszwa, Edward Berlin, Robert Anderson, Herbert W'allin. Absent: Rose Bcllunc, Clara Marchetti, Dwight Vaughn. 7A-12 Row 1: Anna Pamenderi, Mary Podes7wa, Eleanor Jnhnson,Mi1dred Lantz, Katie La Salla, Anna Lucas, Josephine Scifo, Ella Marine. Row 2: Henry Zdeb Querrino Jardine, Daisy Hayes, Mabel Stormes, Antonena Wisneski, Anna Theo- dore, Billy Chipalla, Frank Cacci, Donald Turnquist Row3: Miss E11is,Salvatore Ingrassia, Frank Casein Alex Dubowiak, Clifford Jones, Stanley Wit- kowski, Joe Vincer, Henry Gibson. Row 4: William Clark, Harry Minard, Mike Villani, John Campoli, Sam La Fasto, Vincent Pace, Joe Dal Santa, John Zwirblis, Mike Perricone. Absent: Maxine Walters. 1930 i page forty-eight Row 1: Virginia Franzen, Doris Peterson, Helen Anderson, Sonia Jorgenson, Harriet Bodin, Marjorie Estwing, Ingrid Beck, Delores Johnson. Row 2: Verona Olson, Shirley Revell, Elaine Moon, Bernice Worf, Eleanore Larson, Mariqn Swanson, Jeannette Lundvall, Lenore Lundgren, Margrid Peterson, Ruth Kullberg. Row 3: Melvin Johnson, Phyllis Johnson, Dorothy Farnsworth, Miss Cockfield, Stettler Quist, Caroline Albers, Doris Harrison, Dollie Fletcher, Francis Eachor. Row 4: Olaf Tegner, Fred Johnson, Henry Sollberg, Ralph Brown, Gaylord Eklund, Ralph Fors, James Lightcap, Willard Carlson, Frank Ward, Eddie Lawdansky. Row 1: Berith Ahlquist, Frances Martenson, Marian Pearson, Marie Swenson, Elaine Carlson, Rachel Beckman, Ruth Linn, May Dahlquist, Vernis Billstrand. Row 2: Evy Eklund, Evelyn Lewis, Joyce Prentice, Lorraine Ahlstrand, Miss Whittle, Jeanette Smith, Pauline Strand, Helen Swanson. Row 3: Robert Anderson, Carl Wood, Germinal Fossei, Earl Carlson, Robert VVolfenspex-ger, LaVerne Alm, Frank Ancona, Carlton Johnson, Jack Griffith, Klabert Foser. Row 4: Robert Smith, Earl Johnson, Stewart Fisher, Howard Monson, Howard Forsen, Ted Ekstrom, John Nyquist, Clarence Kollberg, Leonard Jacobson. Absent: Ivan Lutzhoff, Robert Wilson. ? 1930 page forty-nine Row 1: Elsie Soderstmm, Margaret Sjostrom, Hulda Smith, Marjorie Smalley, Mildred OyNeiI, Stina Larson, Viola Nagel, Maxine Nordquist, Bernice Snndeem Row 2: LaVona Sandell, Helene Koweleski, Dorothy Rapp, Louise Ind, Birgit Rosenquist, Ardis Leete, Marie Nelson, Florence Sumllmm, antla Holly, Vivian Fosler. Row 3: John Swanborg, George Carlson, Rudy Larson, Robert Sage, Miss Larson, Evans Jacobson, Carl Rosenquist, Everett Peterson, Julius Spickcrmzm. Row 4: Arne Peterson, Merlein Peterson, Jack Jervis, Donald Stenberg. Absent: Annie Cvundersony Doris Erickson, Donald Peterson. Eleanor Ekherg. 713-4 Row 1: Eleanor Kjellstrom, Betty Carlstrom, Gudrun Jacobsen, Arline Johnson, Carl Carlson, Aina Lind- qulst, Harriett Krumvieda, Mildred Lu Pant, Jane Maffei. Row 2: Phyllis Mae Larson, Bernhild Peterson, Ruth Johnson, Eleanore Nelson, Virginia Mathews, Marie Swenson, Lois Boomer, Mary Egnatchuk, Margaret Carlson. Row 3: Homer Krevel, Marshall Ellison, Alice Olson, Marie Corey, Miss Ballard, Ingrid W'ernstrom, Eva Ternquist, Norman La Grand, Harold Pearson. Row 4: Paul Rogozinski, Glen Johnson, Morse Millot, Roy Carlson, Gunnard Alfredson, Peter Burt, Harold Olson, Stanley Stover, Greger Carlson. Absent: Dorothy Gunning. pagc fifty Row 1: Lois Campbell, Violet Carlson, Virginia Olson, Marion Anderson, Emily Boyle, Norma Johnson, hyllis Swanson, Florence Tegner, Dorothy Gronlund. Row 2: Lucille Holmes, Annie Johnson, Martha Anderson, Jane Dmochowski, Mrs. Tingley, Viola Anderson, Gertrude Sahlstrom, Opal Allen, Chalyce-Mae Johnson. Row 3: Walter Keres, Richard Moors, Raymond Alexander, Ernest Pearson, Gerald Gullin, Harry Larson, La Verne Anderson, Robert Bnden, Evar Heimdahl, Leroy Lundin. Row 4: Donald Able, Carl Peterson, Herbert Johnson, Roland Nelson, Ralph Palmer, Walter Swanborg, Roy Grace, Eugene Kowalewski, Nils Olson. Row1:Dawn Hill, Jeanette Lindstedt, Jane Beck, Evelyn Cridlebaugh, Ruth Wines, Lila Anderson, Doris Forsell, Margaret Baker. Row 2: Ruth McIntosh, Phyllis Emerson, Jane Appelquist, Mildred Anderson, Substitute, Dorothy TuI. lock, Alice Pansar, Violet Rubert, Mabel Warner, Glory Armstrong. Raw 3: Edwin Danielson, Harry Nelson, Robert Peterson, Lloyd Peterson, Robert Krebs, Donald Thulan- der, John Anderson, Robert Gripp, Roger Ogren. . Row 4: Edgar Johnson, Dale Fuller, Bobbie Oakey, Charles Demolli, Mearle Bergsten, Stanley Nlcklson, Darwin Swenson, Leroy Adolphson. Absent: Evert Carlson. :Ti: 1930 " page fxfty-one Row 1: Evelyn Murray. Charlotte Vilgiert, llelcu Tuunis, Lois Jnhnsun, DeLores Carlson, Bernice Lind, Virginia Peterson, Doris VVuIIin. Row 2: Edna May Brown, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Fagersmn, Stella Scderquist, Miss Shaw, Ruth Swanson, Alicc Lundgren, Irene Vx'iley, J1me Smith. Row 3: Leonard Johnson, james ViIIiams, Avy King, George Carlson, Anthony Punzon, Arnold Frisk, Arthur Hegherg, Oscar Hallherg, Stanley Sederquist, Robert Dougherty. Row: 4: Robert Holmes. Ray Johnson. Clifford Hunsun, Warren Berglmln Edward Hamrin, Regert John- son, Robert Munson, Marvin Nnrdvnll, Ralph Hugemeister. Absent: Gertrude Smith. 7B-8 Row 1: Madeline Stanbury, Linnea Gustafson, Dormhy Erickson, Mamie Sitnek, Leone Bettner, Elsie Broberg, Dorothy Wines, Doris Ekengren. Row 2: Irma Anderson, Dorothy Holmquist, Miss Weis, Frank Jurasek, Violet Nelson, George Kalusky, Genevieve Dyboski, Doris Anderson, Elaine Gritzmaker. Row 3: Robert Peterson, Burdette Carlson, Herbert Johnson, Burden Crosby, Carl Tollin, Reuben Fysh, Axel Swenson, Howard Johnson. Row 4: William Lundquist, Martin Caccipaglia, Edward Nelson, Rollin Lindquist, Frank Allen, Irving Johnson, Veto Tangorra, Waldor Thalen. Absent: John McHenry, Genevieve Pamenderi, Richard Sorensen. 1930 page flfty-two We Were Absent When Our Home Room Pictures Were Taken Row 1: Marjorie Lindo. Maxine Hoov cr, Elizabeth Caesar Evelyn V Larson, Elwildu Ackrzi. Ruby Kind- strom Irene l'urkapile, Ruth Baxter Dorothy Gunning, Iois Rudin Doris VV,elIs Martha Frykiimn Row 2: Dorothy Olson Vivian Baxter, Rose Bellone Clara Mnrchcni 1111 Mac Kliehe, Fr rances McGuire, Alice Saylor, Imogene Lawson,y Helen Olson, Marguerite Kerrison Verna Gustafson,1rene Kling, Gertrude Smith, Henrietta Kazmierski Myrtle Germain. Row 3: Nathaniel Boyle, Harry Smedberg, Harry DiAgostin, Evert Carlson, Harry Swartz, Phillip Pritz, William Arnold. George Abramsnn Roger Nelson. Row 4: Glen Bynum Juhn McHenry, Eugene Stmmberg, Leonard Johnson Robert VViIson Dwight Vaughn, Frank Leeman, Franklin Kindstrom, Dick Sorenson. Row 5: Edwin Sandeen, Gordon DeL1 Ronda, William Ahlgren, Ernest Osborne, Alfons Johnson, Herbert Peterson, John Caesar, Stanley Buckmzmn, VVilliznn Anderson. Autographs 1930 page fifty-three IN MEMORIAM RALPH ERICKSON June 20, 1916 January 17, 1930 CARL CARLSON January 8, IQIFJanuary 22, 1930 ELEANOR BIGGERS July 15, 1916-February 5, 1930 JENNIE WIKA August 4, 1914-February 24, 1930 Organizations of Abraham Lincoln Junior High School Every pupil in our school belongs to a club or to the orchestra. These clubs meet for a half hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are of many kinds and of various purposes. But they all have the, pur- pose in common of promoting new interests and new associations. Their activities are many. Each club has its officers and conducts its meetings ac- cording to parliamentary procedure. Among the clubs are the following: Musical clubs, including Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, the Operetta Club; Athletic clubs, including Boyst and Girls' Swim- ming clubs, and Boxing Club; clubs for the develop- ment of talents, including the Leather Tooling, the Costume Design, the Crayon Design, Dramatics, Camera, Debating, Gift, Basketry, Architectural drawing, Typewriting, and Shorthand clubs; clubs that appeal to special interests, including Machine Shop, Puzzle, Scrapbook, Nature, Bird, Travel, Science and Magazine Clubs. There is an organiza- tion of the Girl Reserves as well as of the Boy Scouts. One Club, The Lincoln Log, devotes itself to the publication of the school paper, while Oppor- tunity Clubs in various subjects provide additional help for those in need of it. 1930 page fifty-six Annual Staff-First Semester At Table: Pierry De Saix Business Managexo, Constance MacDonald Assistant to Business Managew, Myrle Austin H?eatures Editow. Standing: Mildred Linder, Marjorie Anderson, Blanche Manson, Quentin Ogren GEditorL Shirley Carl- son, Ida Ambrose, Deloris Billstrand, Clarence Anderson, Doris Nelson, Vernette Cedarleaf, Helen Abramson, Miss Burr, Mabel Ostlund, Ruth Lundin, Virginia Holm, Phyllis Swanson. Seated, Row 1: Elizabeth Golden, Cora Nelson, Charles Carpenter, Wnuneta Carlson. Row 2: Mae Edberg, Ada Lamb, Monetta Liedtke, Dorothy Swanson, Rueben Carlson. Row 3: Lucile Sydow, Astrid Nelson. Annual Staff-Second Semester At Table: Leonore Blomquist GEditorL Leona Beatty Gkatures EditoH Standing1Virgil Moore Ath1etic EditorL Miss Burr Advise0, Ina Breckenridge, Vivian Holly, Dexter Anderson Business Managerx Lyle Johnson Business Manager y Clarence Pearson, Mabel Lind- strom, Marie Dahlin, Alverta Roland, Nancy Chioppi, Stanza Matt. Seated, Row 1: Marion Delaney, Marjorie Swansczn, Erdine Emanuelson, Alta Hallen. Row 2: Alfie Chopulis, Helen Olson, Elaine Peterson, Dorothy Hagemeister. Row 3: Marion Billstrand, Wilneita Rounds, Gladys Rorbeck, Ruth Lundvall. Row 4: Cora Mae Ecklund, Ina Carlson, Ruth Siffren, Ruth Strote. RowS: Elaine Lundgren, Marjorie Carlson, Lottie Wojcik, Eugenia Ruiis. Row 6: Anna Mackey, Lillian Ahlquist, Marian Hamilton. Absent: Virginia Atkinson, Vivian Gustafson, Clarence Mehaffie. StaE Artists: Wilneita Rounds, Mike Martinka, Sigurd Severson, Tillie Pakalo, Marion Hammond, Amanthis Appelgren, Mildred Peterson. 1930 $ page flity-seven Lincoln Log Seated, Row 1: Edwin Sandeen. Row 2: Sonja Sandeen, Virginia Linden, Clarence N Row 3: James Holmes, Muriel Swenson, Betty Hilberg, erxse Adolphsan. Row 4: Mildred Adolphson, Corrine Nelson, Lucille Born, Jeanette Knuffman. Row 5: Violet Anderson, Donald Johnson. Row 6: Marion Kjell Giditony Alice Haynes, David Carlson, Helen Forsythe. Row 7: Howard Johnson, Miss Hiland tAdviserx George Hanson. Standing: Vivian Webster, Oscar Hermanson, Virgil Moore, Margaret Karlzeny Rachel Gustafson, Vera The Lincoln Log The Lincoln Log, published every two weeks, is the source of news of the school. Marion Kjell, 9A-1 has been the editor this year. Assisting her are the following: Lorraine Erick- son and Virginia. Linden, Associate Editors; Vera Cash, School Editor; Mildred Adolphson, Exchange Editor; James Holmes, Joke Editor; James LaMas- ney, Sports Editor; Clarence Nystrom, Advertising Manager; Victor Peterson, Staff Artist; Miss Hi- land is the efficient adviser. The paper has increased, both in interest and in size, since its beginning. Here we hnd not only the school news, but also the school fun and jokes, pictures of school and of school life, and reports on various contests sponsored by the paper. 1930 page fifty-eight ystrom, Lorraine Erickson, Janet Tobinson. Student Council-First Semester Row 1: Jeanette Larson, Virginia Kaatrud, Dagmar Carlson, James Stiles, Pres. of 9th, Leonore Blom- quist, Juanita Lindeman, Frank Cacci, Gordon WolHey, Vivian Swanson, Lucile Sydow, Mar- garete Johnson. Row 2:Wi1mont Swanson, Frances Stephenson, Helen Urnezis, Anna Zwirhlis, Hazel Steward, Merida Loreen, Elaine Faggoitti, Miss Bowman, Ruth Anderson, Avolyn Knott, Irma Johnson, Frances McGuire, Claris Nelson, Ruth Peacock, VVaunetta Blake, Mabel Lindstrom, Francis Boyer. Row 3: Eric Willson, Donald Nelson, Fred Erickson, James Weed, Clarence Lindsey, Alf Carlson, Vincent Hercer, Bernard Klint, Howard White, Burdette Carlson, Raymond Nyquist, Helger Forsman, Richard Nordvall, Robert Johnson, Enos Corbeu. Row 4: Lawrence Gustafson, Karl Lofgren, Robert Poorman, Leslie Manson, Marvin Ang, Zygmont Podgorny, Julian Egnatchuk, Russel Fagerberg, Uno Overstrom, Jack Shlikas. Student Counci1 Second Semester :Evans Samuelson, Bruce Wallin, Ormond Whipple, John Mitchell, Virginia Kaatrud, Marian gtenholm, Marjorie Tullock, Betty Sharp, Juanita Lindeman, Howard Johnson, Tony Messina, John eterson. Row 2: Martha Frykman, Rose DeMarco, DeVerna Benson, Merida Loreen, Martha Thomas, Marvel Jane Grant, Phyllis Ackra, Miss Bowman, Eva Ternquist, Evelyn Hanson, VVaunetta Blake, Mabel Lindstrom, Claris Nelson, Alice Eyster. Row 3'. Ruth Kullberg, Jean Olson, Pauline Strand, Catherine Bennett, Doris Smedberg, Pearl Ekstrom, Elvera Carlson, Hazel Brodein, Vivian Webster, Lois Johnson, Eleanor Decker, Annie Johnson, Marion Johnson, Ella Marine, Harriett Anderson. Row 4: Stanley Nickelson, Leslie Monson, Arthur Anderson, Una Overstrom, Theodore Knock, Burdette Carlson, Charles Lyman, Richard Dahl, Clarence Lindsey, Frank Johnson, William Scott, Lester Newton, Donald Nelson, Frank Allen. page fifty-nine Traffic Club Left to Right, Row 1: Kenneth Hoglund, Eugene Broherg, Jean Siden, Sylvesmr Shannon, Darwin An- derson, Francis Roper, Ingvar Anderson. XVillard Johnson, Donald Aspmmh. Row 2: Delbert White, Alfons Johnson, Robert R005, Harry Munson, Arthur McCandless, Curl Bergstrom, Francis Trenary, Alfric Blomquist, Carl Nelson, Arthur Jacobson. Row 3: Harry Hamish, George Nagel, John Kalusky, Edward Anderson, Mr. Johnson, Frank Schupbach, Frank Stenstrom, Raymond Peterson. Girl Reserve Forming the G.: Madeline Paluzzi, Doris Travis, Forming the R.: Evelyn Wadding'ton, Orplm Angie Kugath, Mae Ahlgren, Bernice Kudg- O'Hara, Beatrice Nelson, Clara Bovi, Anna mick, Josephine Sears, Ethel Messinger, Lucas, Eleanor Johnson, Margaret VVilIiams. Idu Wanda Milewski, Blanche Yankowski, Ella LuPont, Adeline Strzulh. 110 Johnson, Eilcen Marina, Anna Derrikson, Katie Aradio, Miss Shack, Myra Bingham, Beulah Johnsun, Marion Nicelcy. Elizabeth Johnson, Helen Dobnick, Jm Hammond, Lucille l,imlell, Virginia Lachruw sephine Scifo, Harriet Fridell, Lois Ogren. name Larson, Helen Larson, Susan Bliznik, Louisa Panier. Evelyn Larson, Martha Peter- Kathryn Sundstraml, Linnea Suxt, leu Schliv, sun, Ethel Johnson. Jennie Parrino, Norma Vera Hayes. Virginia Peterson, Josie Cuscin, Bunker. Helen Pierzchalski, Nellie Kemzum, Rusr Fasuln. Adellu l'nluzzi, Dorothy Adamsnn. Marjorie Tumzm, Evelyn Witting, Ev-a Lakv, Hazel Hullmnn. Dnlnrus Nystruln, Ruth Sow Helen Zukas, Lucille Tragardh, Marlau Mc- hertz. Jnnv Phil. Adeline Reicluic-in. Cleary, Elsie Holm, Eileen Dyer, Gladys Sand berg, Sophie Hyba, Frances Haight, Arlene Hoelzel, Mary Jane Lofdahl, Frances Mandell, Mae Breach. 1930 page sixty Boy Scouts Left to right: George Nelson, Earl Holmin, Edward Larson, Mr. Middleton, George Johnson, Stanley Buckmann, Howard Johnson, Ben Cehas, Milton Swanson, Aurelio Donofrio, Robert Johnson, Adam Morris, Gene Linden, Willard Swanson, Leo Ward, Richard Sandstrom, Archie MacCallum, Robert Dickinson, Frederick Versluys, Daniel Olson, Arthur Larson, Memld Alexson, Robert Lindman, Samuel Gottfred, Arthur Johnson, Raymond Daubert, Uno Overstrom, Walter Johnson, Kenneth Ahlstrzmd, Michael Daukszas, Matthew Milburn, Tony Matranga. Musical Organizations Lincoln Junior High School has five active musical organizations: the band, the orchestra, the Girlst Operetta Club, the Boyst Glee Club, and the Girlsf Glee Club. Each of these has at various times entertained the school. The Boys' Glee Club sang over KFLV on March 15. On April 4, they sang for the ParenteTeacherst Association at Hallstrom School. The Girlst Glee Club also sang from Sta- tion KFLV on April 18. The combined glee clubs and Girlst Operetta Club gave a very beautiful Christmas concert on December 16, while singers selected from the various music classes took part with pupils from other schools in the production of the Dryadts Kisses before the Mendelssohn Club on April 3. On May 23, the combined clubs gave a delightful assembly program, and on June 13, pro- duced the very successful and enjoyable Operetta, Penny Buns and Roses. 1930 page sixty-one Orchestra A1f1e Chopulis, Erdine Emanuclson Dorothy Hagemeister, Frank Johnson, Bishop Draper, Dexter An- derson, Marion Delaney, Marjorie Swanson, Theodore Knock Carolyn Hartman, Marjorie Tulluck, Russell Buchanan, Mz1rjor1e Carlson Jane Cornell Bruce VVallin, Irene Purkapile, George Taunis, Alverta Roland, Virginia Atkinson, Thomas Simmons, Vivian Baxter, Audrey Grell, Carl Lind- bloom, Bennet Olson, Evelyn Carlson, Burdette Carlson, Everett Hammerstrand, Carl Liebovich, Myrtle Kinroth, Philip Kellner, Axel Eklund, Grover Bergstrom, Frederick Carlson, Gladys Ekwall, Barbara Sherman, Marion Stenholm, Arthur DAgostm, Maxwell Franzen, Fayetta Mills, Ruth Carlson, Dorothy Bloomster Russell Lindell, Gordon Anderson, Carolyn Carlsten, Priscilla Davis, Gladys Swenson, Betty Schmidt Lois Shevland Ingegard Rehn Margarete Johnson, John Caesar, Lnis Rudin, Isabelle Bodell, Ruth Fritz, Ruth Lundvall, Margaret Hager, Robert Kallstrom, Alden Johnson, Clarence Pearson, Pearl Rupert, Dorothea Dahlin. BandCSecond Semester Marshall Anderson, LeRoy Anderson, Robert Poorman, Duane Cutting, Julian Kullberg, Eric Jeppson, LaVerne Nelson, Elwyn Krueger, Erick Carlson, Marshall Olson, Leonard Broberg, Burnell Gus- tafson, Mervin Griswold, Francis Friherg, Collum GuFfey, John Bennett, Richard Olson, Gienn Smith, Willard Johnson, Fred Lienhardt, Richard Dahl, Arthur Smith, Howard Oherg, Archie MacCallum, John Odorski, LeRny B1ask,David Carlson, Nathaniel Boyle, Donald Williams, Joel Carlson,A1f0rd Carlson, Bernard Norberg Verne Nelson,1ngvar Anderson, Harlan Mann Willard Carlson, Arthur Hyland, Harold Sjostrom, Eugene Johnson, VVaIter Palm, John Leonard, Robert Paget,Kar1 Lovgran, Roger Nelson, Kenneth Erickson, Eugene Lundeeny, Alf Carlson, Lennart Cedarleaf, Edwin Johnson, Raymond Walters, Walter Fox, Mertin Lundsten, Clifford Smith, Paul Williams, Donald Burkholder, Marshall Danielson, Lyndon Sundstrand, Norris Aldeen, Fred Erickson, Eugene Charn, Glen Person, Howard Jensen, Ralph Jacobson, Raymond Molander, Lloyd Peterson, Harvey Bergman, Donald Lindley, Walter Franzen, John Twaryonas, Harold Nelson, Raymond Hanstrom, Stuart Melquist, Robert DeForest, Charles Klontz, Clarence Mehaffie, James Holmes, Richard Sandstmm, Phillip Pritz. page sixty-two Girls Glee Club Row 1: Marian Thelander, Genevieve White, Helen Amsrud, Amy Kjellgren, Eleanor Carlson, Anna Kelley, Roxane Bengston, Lola Kindstrom, Jane Halbin, Margaret V. Larson. Row 2: Kathryn Martenson, Lorraine Julin, Frances Stephenson, Margaret Challberg, Elvera Carlson, Cayol Rudwall, Aldana Rashkewich, Edna Kjellgren, Lillian Lindblom, Lois Simons, Vivian Mel- qulst. RowS: Martha Ekstrom, Avis VVeberg, Ina Breckenridge, Marion Manson, Miss Whitfield, Adviser, Florence Sjolander, Rhea Gilbert, Elinnr McCorvie, Lucille Kline, Jeanette Farney. Row 4: Eleanor Kindstrom, Evelyn Hanson, Esther Lindstrum, Ramona Johnson, Virginia Friberg, Liar- garet Hawkinson, Dorothy Malmgren, Eva Downing, Margaret Johnson. Row 5: Hazel Brodein, Eleanor Johnson, Violet Johnson, Sophie Sitnek, Mildred Kerrison, Dorothy Kling, Frances Seele, M. Larson. Boys Glee Club L Row 1: Herbert Peterson, Richard Pratt, Stewart Carlson, George Larson, Ralph Dyreson, Floyd Mun- son, Gordon W'olfiey, Mrs. Angus, director, Virginia Linden, accompanist, Erick Carlson, Arnold Zimmerly, Gilbert Carlson, Howard Johnson, Earl Lundin, Robert Wallin. Row 3: Fred Olson, Leslie Manson, Robert Poorman, Ernest Nordvall, William Nelson, Lawrence John- son, Helger Forsman, Axel Carlson, Clarence Lindsey, Lee Bowen, Armer Ahlstrand, anlis Duns- worth, Ralph Engstrom, Allison Gilbert, Everen Henrikson. Absent: Walter Frazer. W 1930 page sixty-thrcc Girls1 Operetta Club Standing: Gladys Nelson, Vivian Swanson Phyllis Ackra, Lillian Ahlquist, Dorothy Larson, Virginia Carlson, Evelyn Jensen, Marion Kauffman, Miss Stone, Bernice Olson, Wilne1ta Rounds, Mar- garet Boggie, Arline Miller Florence Olson, Elna Senobe, Marie Dahlin, Jule Haegg, Merida Loreen, Eunice Knock. Rowl, Grunt t0 backk Catherine MacKechnie, Myrtle Gustafson Elwilda Ackra, Marion Billstrand, Edith Emanuelson, Solveig Christensen, Elsie Nelson Lorraine Johnson. Row 2: Ethel Trank, Janet Blomqu1st Barbara Seversnn Virginia La Forge, Vohnie Stedge, Marie An- derson, Vivian Fry, Gertrude Carlson. Row 3: Jane Haegg, Ruth Thomason, Elaine Faggiotti, Lottie Frisk, Thyra Loy, Gladys Rorbeck, Dorothy Anderson, Marie Nelson. Row 4: Ruth Bimm, Doris Johnson, Marion Peterson, Alice Cline, Marion Person, Alice Scandroli. Debating and Travel Club Row 1: Sara Ericson, Anna Theodore, Frieda Stenzel. Row 2: Rose Lofquist, Martha Frykman. Row 3: Eva Wilson, Gladys Thom, Pearl Cameron, Ruth Johnson. Row 4: Alice Elofson, Alice Ryman, Florence Blakely, Lyle Avery, Raymond Magnuson, DeForest Brees. Row 5: Dorothy Ahlquist, Helen Wallin, Mary Myers, Gladys Carlson, Knute Nielsen. Row 6: Francis Friberg, Kenneth Norberg, Donald Lindley. Standing: Wallace Bjorklund, Bruce Olson,Ed1th Freedlund, Arthur humbrell, Miss Ellis, Eugene BroA berg, Kenneth Stenberg, John Bennett, Elwyn Krueger. 1930 page sixty-four ; Seventh and Eighth Grade Dramatics 2 Dorothy VVissen, Frances Pearson, Betty Allen, Rose DeMarco. : Marguerite Peterson, Margaret Zuck, Alphild Joslin, Doris Downing. : Kathleen Sunstedt, Ramona Johnson, Ruby Kjellgren, Wanda Alexander. :Anna Shirvinskas, Elsie Rowle , Lois Mol'son, Romona Davis. : Doris Arnell, Virginia Olson, orothy Cassioppi. : Betty Nelson, Doris Sundquist, Florence Anderson, Dorothy Johnson. Row 7: Waunetta Blake, Betty Sharp, Katheline Gronberg, Helen Aahy. Standing: Miss Geddes, Rose Valenti, Ingrid Nelson, Jane Holt, Elaine Anderson, Celia Paronella. Eighth and Ninth Grade Dramatics Seated, Row 1: Anna Bliznik, Helen L. Johnson, Ethel Pahnke, Martha Swanson. Row 2: Jane Swanson, Ruth Jacobson, Catherine Zelenski, June Palmer. Row 3: Edna Oppegard, Barbara Carlson. Row 4: Dorothy Mitchell, Elizabeth Ellenburg. Elsie Klank, Elaine Picavet. Row 5: Hazel Nelson, Elizabeth Sanfredson. Standing: Eleanor Hamish, Leonore Blomquist,Barhara Billinglmm. Doris Ringstrnnd. Elizabeth Ek, Ruth Brodine, Marion Johnson, Miss Cotta, Phyllis Reinert, Grace Lundberg, Phyllis Stern, Elaine Lundgren, Dorothy Keys, Ingrid Bolander, Irma Livingston, Doris Smedberg, Ruth Fredrickson, Harriett Stewart. Absent: Virginia Corey. 1930 page sixty-flve Costume Design Club Row : Mary Coffus, Fuyetlzl Cannon, Marian Davis, Jeanette Fursherg, Marion Westman. Row 7: Melissa Jiles, Maxine W'alters. Lillian Larson, Anita Lassandro, Mary Soteropolos. Row Margaret Lumlherg, Viola Nardherg, Madeline McDevitt, Helen McKern, Emily Morris. Row Mildred Magnusnn. Mary Jane Olson, Helen Peterson. Marion Peterson. Row Helen Reynnlds, Marion Rounds, Emma Simoens. Helen Lindstrmn. Row 6: Yinifred Swanson, Fannie Bell Vcrdell. Dolores Vcrmz. M3rtle Vcstmun. Standing: Miss Metz, Helen McArdle, Frances LnrsmL Science Club Row121rving Carlson, Collum Guffey, LeRoy Anderson, Harvey Bergman, Sanford Hultman. Row 2: Harvey Crump, Sonny Buttacavoli, Gerald Gustafson, Bobby Merl, Row 3: Richard Bowman, Roy Flink, Joe Smith, Lyle Swensnn. Row 4: William Arnold, Floyd Nelson, Joe Hopkins, Glen Smilh. Row 5: Burncll Gustafsun, Richard Anderson. Row 6: LeROy Blask, Ralph Baehr. Howard VVhiIe. Row 7: Paul Challherg, John Odorski. Standing: William Allen, Robert Wall. 1930 page sixty-six Architectural Drawing :Bob Tullock, Russel Hill, Raymond Henning, Arthur Forsell, Manfred Andreen, Glen Person. : Phillip Pritz, Norris Aldeen, Frederick Saterbak, Ormond Whipple, Eugene Lundeen. :Gerald Malm, Oliver Benjamin, Gordon DeLaRonde, Floyd' Carlson. : Frank Weaver, Robert Paget, Ralph Shepard, Marshall Samuelson, LaVerne Julin, Earl Hollister. : W'illard Dorr, David Bailey, LaVerne Bergstrom, George VVilinski. : Norman Paul, Edward Berlin, Anthony Mazzola, George Moline. Nature Club Row 1: Irving Johnson, Albert Loreen, Bernard Goodrich, Robert DeVlieg, Alphonse Jones, Stuart Mel- quist, Eugene Charm, Dick Peters, Richard Olson eresidenw. ' Row 2: Roger LaForge, Fred Lienhardt, Stanley Podszwa. L . R0w3: Miss Hall, Harold Smith, Edward Hickman, Lindon Johnson, Fred Johnson, LaVerne chks, Mike Cleary, Zygmont Podgorny, Lief Nelson, Floyd West. ME"- 1930 page sixty-seven Aviation Club Row 1: Ccnrge Greim, Bob Swordsy Sherman Hucggquist, Edward Stunefield, anter Franzen, Ralph Ja- cobson, Jack Shlikas, Stanley Peterson. Clarence Melmffie. Row2: Robert Graves. Robert Lindvull, Lyndon Sundstrzuul, Kennem Dnhlin, Mr. Fowler. Arnold Ogren, VVillnrd Cowan. Marshall Dunielsnn. Puzzle Clubs Row 1: LaVerne Carlson, Dominic Clerico, Paul Anderson, Donald Carlson, William Clark, Lloyd John- son, Gerald Maynard, Fred Erickson, Bert Berg, Robert Anderson, Donald Peterson, Stanley Carl- son, Reynold Fredrickson. Maynard Smedhsrg, xYalter Johnson, Arvid Seagren, John Mitchell, Barthel Ekstedt, Donald Schad, Stewart Johnson, Ross Swanson, John Farmer, David Murray, Enos Corbett, Clifford Carlsnn, Sigurd Johnson. Row21Henry Gibson, VVilhur Giles, Willard Curlsom Alex Duhowiuk, Ottnvo Lazzaro, James Stiles, Walter Palm, Frank Cnscio, Lloyd Johnson. Row 3: Phyllis Burick. Clarice Nelson, Ruth Murkusun, Blanche Stuckwcll. Miss Hills, Durnthy FuumY Stanley Smith, Allie Brown. Mr. Nushuld, Virginia Magnusnn, Dorothy Heitman. Marion Lind- man, Alice Anderson, Ralph Johnson. 1930 page sixty-eight Hiking and T ravel Club Row 1: 5181111 Szydlnuski Jean 0131111,V11111110e Kurdell Robert Ek,M:1rs112111 Anderson. Row 2: Marian Gould Josephine Lumpohello, LaV 0n Johnson, C1z1reynce Johnson. Row 3: Josephine Moore, Doris 14111111110111, Margarete 1011115011 Ralph Johnson. Row 4: Dorothy 1,.J11h11son, Mary Skong, Kenneth Kelley. Row 5: Dorothy Perry, Rommm Hardy, Marjorie 11111110, Burnell Eckman. Ruw 6: Marjorie Peterson, Louis Castighmn Iconurd Liudquist 111111111111 Deihner. Standing: Marjorie Sezmdroli, Marie Olson, Charles Grecnbcrg Scrap Book Clubs Rnwl: Maine Peterson, Constance Sktmg, Millicent Johnson 110111111111 Bredahl,Mil1lred Carlson, Geral- dine 51111111, Margaret Anderson Evelyn A1111y, Mice M'1rie D111111111, 1011:1111 Bengston, Sophie Iig111uc11uk,liv11 Anderson, Marjorie I1kv1111,R111h Johnson, Anne Marie Grund, Eleanor 51111151111111, Isabelle Bodell :Murjorie Birch, Katharine Dahlen, Dorothy Swanson, Frances Grant, Helga Delebuk, Loretta Hallberg, Rose Bellone, Amonette Gaglizum, Irene Nyquist, Ruth Hedeen, Violet Elinson, Dorothy Parkerson, Frances Lucas, Synuve Hetland, Mary Cascio, Ella Samilo, Cecelia Dmuchowski, Edna Rosenquist. :Miss Kjellgren, Lotus Lonn, Helen Gomnson, Ruth Peacock, Marion Pearson, Lill111n Peters Lucille Gustafson, Doris Parkerson, Beulah Hanson Helen chhn, Maxine Sawyer, Mavis Pemr- son, Clara Marchetti, Phyllis Pound, Helen P111111quist Josephine Lukasvic11,Miss Johnson. M 1930 page sixty-nine Gift Clubs Row 1 KneeIingM Phyllis Lindbluolyn, Frances Bradley. Row 2: Bernice Lundgren. Jeanette Beck, Phyllis Edwards, Louise Bailey, Rosalie Romano, Gertrude Smith, Virginia Haegquist, Ruth Oij. Esther Erickson, Evelyn Green, Anna Frang, Ethel Nyherg, Janet Eckstrom. Alice Anderson, Lois Tropp, Eleanor Bergquist, Rosie Kuteski, Anna, Johnson, Evelyn Lindstrum, Alice Lundine, Mary Bolaski. : Mary Podszwa, Eleanor Decker, Julia Ruhonis, Marian Ostmm, Alice Ransome, Frances Pauli- kitis, Irene Johnson, Gladys Swenson, Elsie Nygren, Harria Anderson, Madeline Anderson, Martha Ahlberg, Mary Jane Brown, Florence Johnson, Margaret Roebuck. Florence Giardini, An- gelina Lassandro, Rossalla Lundstrum, Lily Johnson, Burnetm Carlson, Phyllis Norciko :Anna Zwirblis, Olive Brown, Beatrice Ahlstrom. Gladys johnson, Virginia Kantrud, Avomle Dauenhaugh, Alphild Peterson, Kathryn inclsnn, Barbara Hearne. Verna Gustufson, Jeanette Brinkman, Eleanor Enstmm, Lucille Lindahl, Irma Murchetti. Bertha Levine, Marguerite Ahl- strom, Olive Lideen, Margaret Johnson, Virginia Brumline, Lois Trumr, Martha Doty, Helen Pozkus, Ethel Haight. ': Mary Kndgmick. Cathryn Jepsen, Katie LnSnllu, Helm! Swanson, Mabel Schuunmnn, Mildred Ekstedt, Marion Johnson, Rosa Lee Smith, Nellie lenesko. Ethel Nelson, DeVerna Benson, Mar- garet Peterson, Jane Pumphrey, Gunhild Scheliu, Marie Pcltnla, Dnrnthy Luudquist. Mae Nelson, Stephania Buhiak, Dorothy Stover, Stella lerzdukns. 2 Louise Cunningham, Mildred Pemrson, Ruth Bergluml, Ruth M. Johnson, Linnea Lundquist, Eva VVidell, Ruby Anderson, Helen Odorski, Lillie Johnson. Franccs Kronvnld, Ellen Campbell. Dor- othy Johnson Gertrude Vx'irz, Elizahmh Yir7 Birmc McNt-ul, Amm Lukds, Margaret Carlson, Mary Jane VVeese. ": Wanda Kurtz, Myrtle Bodell, Elizabeth Copp, Dorothy Huss, Esmer Bnnmft, Ruby Bergstmm, Pauline Polikaitis, Effie Lutzuw. Violet Risley, Dorothy Miller, Evelyn V. Larson, Helen John- son, Alice Johnson, Dorothy Whipple. Autographs . I u , , 1 ! , J 1 .4, ' - , - l , hJ 4 ,, '; l 1 , I I . .. . I X., . ' . 1930 page seventy Camera Club : Row 1: Kathleen Lofgren, John Erlzlmlsnn, Dorothy l'uyne, Evert Cnrlsun, Hottie Bradley, Franklin Lundherg, Pauline Boren, Marshall Olson, Lola Gustafsun. Row 2: Eileen Hanson, Lucille Hanson, Roy 'Fhomasnn, Adelia Davis, Reincr l'ulmgren, Mildred Chap- man, Alice Eyster, Roberta Swanson, Lawrence Casein R0w3: Edwin Greer, Robert Johnson. Aubry Smith, Lennart Ccdarleaf, Roger Grip, Vincent Finrella. Kennuh Sager. Shorthand I Club Violet Tascaun, Elsie Olson, Dumthy Limlhlum. Marvel Jane Grant. Violet Ullrich, Helen Olson. Minnie Muzzarelli, Murgarvl Hamilton. Eleanor Carlsun, Hazel l'lajt, Mabel Lindstrmu. Helen W'Hgiert, Frances McGuire, Irma Johnson. Lorraine Swanson, Elsie Larson. Irma Johnson. Miss Briscoe, Lawrena Dahlherg. Bernice Bel'glund, Marion Johnson. : Elsie Beerbohm, Louie Bennm, Helen Dochkus, Eva Carlson. Standing: Cora Wood, Doris Howland, Jane Tetlow, Helen Klein. 1: Z: 3: 4: Elizabeth Wcster, Faye Qulst, Stanza Mun, Maxine Hoover. S: 6: 7: 8 W 1930 page seventy-one Shorthand II Club Row 1:Luc111e Holmquist Ruth Allyn Betty P11111111,N1'111cy Chioppi 11:1 Mae Kliebe. Row 2: Mary Olszewski, Stella Supryka Genevieve I,z1cl1ow1cz,D11mthy 111111111, Bernice Hulstedt. Row 3:Mrs.Billingh1'1111,115911 Larson H01L111 Hoefs 11ndys Josephson. T ypewriting Club 1: Armour Blomquist,E1mer Klank. 2: Myrtle Germ'lin, Mildred Ilnscman Vixian 11011y, 1111161 Arnnson, Marion PLterson. Row 3: Frances M211:111i, BLrtIc FrLdericks'tm Doris Magnusm1,J111111 0151111, Raymond Molander. 4: Thelnn VletLrs, Carl l1urzc, Anna Mackey. 5: Teresa PrOVusi, Arnold Peterson, Ruth Siffren Ruth Strotc, Margaret VVhitlock. Row 6: Raymond Nyquist, AlVa House,1rene Teal Row 71Marjorie F1111111ery, Alf Carlson Jenn Tunison E1121 StDCth, Lottie XVOjL'ik. Row 8: Harold Engd 1111 Marion Purkal1ile. 1930 page seventy-two Banking Banking in Lincoln Junior High School is sponsored by Thrift, Inc., of Oak Park, Illinois, through the local bank. While praise is due to many classes that have learned the lesson of thrift, the 9A-1 group is deserving of very special credit. It has a record unsur- passed in the history of Lincoln's banking. For five semesters they have had 10070 each bank day. The members of their class and their teacher, Miss Herrick, may rightly be proud of their achievement. Other groups having especially good records are the following: 7A-9-10 girls, 7B-5, 7A-3, 8B-1, 8B-3, 8B-5, 8A-1, 9B-5, 9A-2, 9A-5, 9A-7, 9A-8. The following groups banked the largest amounts during the first semes- ter: 913-5...$200.97; 9B-6-$168.73; 8A-1e-$150.63. The 8A-3 have the record for the second semester 01p to the first of Mayy So far this semester they have banked $132.33. The 9B-1 tthe 8A-1 0f the first semesteo have banked $105.17. The 8B-1 group is third with deposits of $98.90. Eleanor Harnish, Janet Lagerquist, Hazel Saylor, Marjorie Carlson, and Marion Delaney have been our school bankers. Charles Lyman, Bruce Olson, and Elizabeth Ek have made the announcements in assembly. Our newest venture in banking has been the use of our Thrift Thermo- meter in assembly. This was made through the courtesy of Mr. Schade and is a valuable aid in showing pupils our school record from week to week. The ttmercuryh in the thermometer is a continuous piece of red and white ribbon. which may be raised or lowered as the per cent increases or decreases. Although we have not realized our hope of having lOOtZ; school in bank- ing, we are very proud of the record of 96h: which we have achieved. Service In a school such as ours there are many opportunities for service. Cer- tain organizations are formed for the primary purpose of serving the school in various ways. 'The Traffic Club, The Student Council, and The Athletic Council are three such organizations. In another way the staffs of the Lincoln Log and the Annual are devoted to the service of the school. But there are many opportunities for service which come to the individual aside from those of the organization of which he is a member. There are people in school who respond to these Opportunities in a manner that deserves recognition. To attempt to list these people would be to attempt the impos- sible. But from each 9A home room two representatives, a boy and a girl, have been chosen to typify the service characteristic of their home rooms. 1930 page seventy-three Service Group First Semester Row 1 06ft t0 righD: Ingrid Nielson, Phyllis Swanson, Astrid Bukkelund, Mary Asp, Harriet Milburn, Avolyn Knott, Lucile Sydow Row 2: Arthur Lundahl, Milton Anderson, Bernard Klint, Ruehen Carlson. Quentin Ogren, Russell John- son, James Weed. Service Group Second Semester Row 1: Marie Dahlin, Marion Hammond, anmie S1edge, Thelma XVuhers. Ina Breckenridge, Marvel Jane Grunt, Louie VVchik, Alta Hulleu. R0w21Leonore Blomquist, john Peterson, Alf Carlson, Herschel Yeager, Robert Limlblom, James Stiles, James LaMasney, Edward Stoneiield, Marion Kjell. Absent: Marvin Aug, Donald Nelson, Gordon Carlson. 1930 page seventyvfour To Mr. Harry Nutting we dedicate the Athletic Section of the Annual. Mr. Nutting has been a physical training teacher and athletic coach in our school since its organization. Much of the credit for the various successful years is due to his instruction and leadership. We wish in this way to acknowledge our gratitude and appreciation for what he. has done. page seventy-six Football Squad Row 1 Standing: Gordon Carlson, Marvin Ang. Seated: Roy Samuelson, Joseph Blask, Lloyd Aronson, Arley Armstrong, Russell Johnson, Leo Peterson, Milton Anderson. Standing: W'illiam Kelley. Row 2: Robert Conger, Axel Carlson, Mr. Nutting, Julian Egnatchuk, Emil Stasica, Earl La Tour, Henry Gustafson, Benjamin Behi', Ruehen Carlson, John Schlie, Donald Nelson Row 4: Harold Blomberg, Walter Johnson, Gordon Carlson, Carl Magnuson, Arthur Flaherg, James Stiles, Roy Johnson, Oscar Semenchuk, Charles Lyman, Jack Porter. Basketball Squad Row 1: Julian Egnatchuk, Walter Johnson, James Stiles, Howard Stromquist, Erland Nordstrom Henry Gustafson, Bennie Behr, Arthur Forsell, , Row 2: Marvin Aug. Manager. Earl Nelson, Roy Johnson, Lloyd Arunsnn, Len Peterson, Vincent IIcrcer Raymund I'cterson, Gordon Carlson, Bruce Olson, Donald Nelson, Manager. , Ahscnl: Axel Carlson. 1930 page seventy-seven Soccer Team Seated Heft to righU: Erland Nordstrom, Herschel Yeager, Eric Willson, Vincent Hercer, Bertil Johnson, Osborne Rosenquist. Standing Heft t0 righn: Virgil Moore, Merle Steward, Roy Johnson, James LaMasney, Bruce W'oodrow, Mr. Gordon, Coach, John Kalusky, Arthur Forsell, Louis Pearson, Uno Overstrom, Robert Strayer. Athletic Council Row 1: Mabel Lindstrom, Nancy Chioppi, Betty Patton, Katherine Kaminski. Row 2: Arne Ramsey, Walter Swanborg, William Allen, Kathleen Sundstedt, Lorraine Johnson, Thorsten Larson, Wallace Bjorklund, Stuart Fisher. Row 3: Marguerite Kerrison, Mr. Hintz, Helen Forsythe. 1930 page seventy-eight Days of Real Sport Egg" 1930 page scvcnty-ninc Athletic Calendar June, 1929- 21. Lincoln defeated Roosevelt in the track meet held at Fairgrounds Park, Lincoln winning 38V2-29V2. October- 5. First gridiron battle, with Roosevelt winning 6 O. 12. Second encounter, with Lincoln winning 9 7. 14. First game of the soccer series. Lincoln winning 1-0. 17. Second clash. Score 0-0. 19. Third game of the football series. Lincoln was victorious 6 0. 21. Third game of the soccer series. Lincoln winning 1 0. 24. Fourth encounter. Score 0 0. 26. The fourth game of the football series. Lincoln won 137. December- 6. Golf, tennis, and all other lettermen awarded letters. January, 1930- 9. Basketball series started. Lincoln emerged Victorious 16-15. 16. Second encounter with Roosevelt 0n the long end of the count 13-7. 20. First swimming meet held at Roosevelt. Score 23-23. 30. Third game of the basketball series, Lincoln winning 20-15. February- 15. Fourth game of the basketball series, Lincoln winning 18-14. 20. Second swimming meet held at Lincoln, Lincoln winning 35-11. March- 17. Third swimming meet held at Roosevelt, Lincoln winning. 18. Boxing tournament started. 22. Fourth swimming meet held at Lincoln. Lincoln winning. May- 15. Baseball series started. 22. Second game of baseball series. 29. Third encounter. 29. Track meet held at Fairgrounds Park. June- 5. Fourth game of the baseball series. 12. Fifth game of the baseball series. 1930 page eighty Lincoln Junior High School Athletics FOOTBALLT The football team of Lincoln Junior High School won the city cham- pionship. Of the four games played with Roosevelt, Lincoln won three. The following boys were presented with letters for their work on the team: Benny Behr, QB. Oscar Semenchuk, LE. David Gordon, RE. Earl LaTour, Q.B. Arley Armstrong, C. James Stiles, L.G. Russel Johnson, RG. Rueben Carlson, Manager Lloyd Aronson, LG. Emil Stasica, H.B. Milton Anderson, LE. Joseph Blask, L.T. Gordon Carlson, H.B. Roy Samuelson, R.E. Henry Gustafson, H.B. Julian Egnatchuk, F.B. Leo Peterson, RT. BASKETBALL The Lincoln Junior High School team won the City championship by defeating Roosevelt in three of the four games which they played together. The following boys won letters for their work in basketball: Benny Behr Carl Nelson Julian Egnatchuk Earl LaTour Henry Gustafson Erland Nordstrom Arthur Forsell Walter Johnson SOCCER The Lincoln Junior High School won the city championship by winning two and tying two of the five games that were played with Roosevelt. The following boys were awarded letters for their work on the team this year: Vincent Hercer Erland Nordstrom James LaMasney Herschel Yeager Eric VVillson Arthur Forsell U110 Overstrom Bruce Woodrow Osborne Rosenquist Virgil Moore Roy Johnson SWIMMING The following boys won letters for swimming: Raymond Walters Tony Twaryonas Irving Carlgren Marvin Green Eric Willson Jesse Eastman Gordon Carlson Leo Peterson Paul Richardson Tore Smith Edmund Carlgren Earl LaTour TRACK The Lincoln track team under the supervision of Mr. Nutting was Vic- page eighty-one torious in its encounter with Roosevelt. The score was 382 to 2934. In this meet Swen.Berglund succeeded in breaking three junior high school records as follows: Evente Record Berglundk Record 50 yd. dash ...................................... 6 seconds ........................................ 5.7 seconds 220 yd. dash ...................................... 25 seconds ........................................ 24.2 seconds Shot put ............................................ 42 ft. 1 inch .................................... 47 ft. 1 inch BOXING The following boys were presented with medals for winning their divi- sions in boxing: William Clark ...................... 80 pound champion Virgil Moore... 90 pound champion Louis Castigliom ................ 100 pound champion August Kuceski .................. 111 pound champion Frank Leeman ...................... 120 pound champion Julian Egnatchuk ................ 140 pound champion Emil Stasica .......................... Unlimited champion Virgil Moore has defended his title for three successive years. TENNIS Virgil Moore was awarded the tennis medal. He was to have played with Axel Carlson, but Axel was unable to play. GOLF David Gordon won the golf championship by defeating Louis Castiloni in the finals by a score of 91-96. Here and There 1930 page cighty-1w0 Girlst Swimming Club In the water: Arline Hazard, Clara Bland, Phyllis Youngbetg, Alta Hallen, Ruth Erickson; Ellen Hog- Iund, Lilly Larson, Janet Lagerquist, Ruby Onnen. , t Standing: Miss Brouse, Miss Garde, Goldie Jacobson, Gunhild Hoglund, Leona Beqtty, Reva Myyl'ot't, Esther Pelgrin, Arlene Knudsen, Catherine Kaminski, Margaret Doty, Doris Wells, Virginia Mrowiec, Wanda Kazmierski, Katherine Kuppe, Helen Johnson, Charlme Johnson, Nellie Manning. Diving: Hazel Saylor. Girlst Athletics The activities in the girls gymnasium classes consist of the following: marching tactics, formal gymnastics. folk dancing, posture work, mat work, games, and swimming. In the spring and fall part of the program consists of games on the play- ground, when the weather permits. During the winter the entire program is carried out with particular emphasis upon bat ball, volley ball, foot volley ball, hand soccer, kick ball, basketball, long ball, and baseball. Interclass competition is encouraged by tournaments, kick ball in the winter and baseball in the spring. Every girl is elected to a team. After school activities consist of games classes twice a week open to any girl who wishes to take part. In the swimming classes the aim is to teach each girl how to swim. The girls are grouped according to their ability and the tests which they are able to pass. Instruction is offered in side stroke, back stroke, single over arm, crawl, trudgeon, and breast stroke. The dives are the following: standing, spring board diving, swan, back, jack knife, and surface. A swimming meet is held in which there are events to fit the ability of every girl, so any one may take part. Those who pass their Red Cross Swimmefs Test are eligible to enter the Life Saving Class and are awarded the Red Cross Junior Life Saving emblem upon completion of the test. 1930 page eighty-three o h w S ,0 h W page Eighty-four 1es d a L e h t o T page eighty-iive Work and Play l m! i ?: ? $ ,2; 5g 1930 page eighty-six 1 People 1a 1 Days and Spec 1a o Spec 1930 page eighty-seven a Emmmlllfllliliiifili Lincoln Junior High School Records Caxft We Be FriendSP-Everyone at Lincoln. Beside an Open FireplacewThe boy Lincoln in the library. Youlre Always in My ArmseText books and note books. My Fate Is in Your HandseFaculty. Singing in the RainePupils arriving before 8:30 on rainy mornings. He's so Unusual-Mr. Hanna. Congratulation seThose who passed. . Am I Blue?e-Those who didn't. Strike Up the BandeMr. Haight's crowd. I'm Following You-First Semester 9Als. . The Talk of the TowneOur School. . lTainlt No Sin-Gum chewing. 13. 1930 page eighty-eight In the Hush 0f the NighteHonle work. Look What You've DoneeDropped your tray in the lunch room. Wouldn't It Be WonderfuIP-To have a 10070 bank day. I've Got a Feeling I'm FallingeAm I going to have 2111 E on my report card? School DaySeWhen will over? they be Ainyt Misbehavin'eWheu he's sent to the office. If I had a Talking Picture of Youe It would be natural. Sweethearts 011 Paradee? ? P P? Aren't We All?-Sorry to leave Lin- coln. Our Own Mother Goose Hickory, dickory, dock, The hands ran around the clock; The clock struck four, But the 9A-9's sat there patiently waiting for Miss Prien to tell them they might go out of the door. Mabel had a powder puff, As fluffy as could be; And everywhere that Mabel was, That powder puff youtd see. You'd see it in the lunch room, In the gymnasium too; And even in her English class, Her powder puff she drew. tAnd then what do you suppose hap- penedD A seventh grader met a ninth grader Going through the door; Says the seventh grader to the ninth grader, ttWhere is the elevator?" Says the ninth grader to the seventh grader, ttHow can you be so dumb?" Says the seventh grader to the ninth grader, "I thought that we had one." ttLeona, Leona, where have you been?" tTve been on a corner for a bus?y ttLeona, Leona, thatts no excuse, You,ll get a zero hour from us." Clarence MehafTie sat in the office Making up zero hours. Along came Miss Bowman, And saw Clarence there; . HOh, my, what a bad boy," she said. Jack and Mary Went up to the library To get some references. Miss Seal sent Jack out For talking too much, And Mary was given a warning. Ding, dong, bell It's lunch time you can tell. The boys are running tuntil Miss Worster sees themy With their money To buy themselves some lunch. 1930 page eighty-nine 7A R I XIV 1'1 . lif I Robeitiiraves giving a curreni events 1 top1c 111 131 science classy Wen Carl 173 I u Q, Erlensqn was lost in the wastle the ll" 1 l 1i Carl Erlandsou ydiferruptingy NorthlaIBI- 2. AA IImVOt lost. VIII X A ,JL III VII VII . I '1 1.14 . iss McGuire: Eddie, why didih 55cm st after $611 01? v I 1' l I ?'I I Eddie Ck I did, but you Went out of I the 1. ' ' A It I M55 M.: Why diflleIt you chase melt 11 ?v 1 W x. V III'S 4H4 1 L I l M 1v 4; L9 70 , ' V I . I Mrs.Westr111g: Mildred Kerrison? A grape denied its h, v kopportunity fdr self- -expressio11. V :1 A J I i 111 I JJJ .I IMiss 13.: Clarence ,bwhy are you late i'i td class? If j I 0 I Clarence P.: :vaas in the libraljgjxiook- II in for L ' Gre ory. ,1 F g L, 311K; g V JV 1 1 in , 2: 27V! , ; H-t J ff 5 III $ 1T1 .2 3' Mr.J0h11s 1?: 'lee me an eprle of wasted energy. sTJ Wijliam Rosboroa Telling a bald- sheaded man a hair rising story. I1 1 N N Miss McGuire: What is thevileaniug J of the sentence: M110 hhmilis grat Abraham Lincoln? I '1 .12 1 1 1 0,113 Happenedlike Bay i1'1 Class ways humored gyrorie " . : y ifAmen Haxje: ks? Jr; 1 W atIIIIs a raisin? KII k 11- qujirements iOI I3 , I II I I I W jk; 'I v I .1 -J - J I fILIhraie Swansoxcaiiised a good deal of i excitement 11131 3111 ouncmg that she had x 1-; I jAbraham Kincoln W hf; XII 1Mjrjorie AIIIOCkZ 111.11; 1X .I x 1' i XDo you have any thuIInb Mr. Schadq:INo,1111t I ha??? some F111- ger11ails.1 I ' 1+ Haj J1 I Mrs. Lovewnd: What integenlis next RI 1 '1, larger than.nJ V . IXH 21V . U 1' Brucejm. , WI f I 1 . r 1 VI?! English teifiierT IIWhat dOX e best about sch Tony Li sa: The days IjAy at home. 1 . Mi ; :4 "3713116 many backs are 011 a 11, 1 1 , Teacher: football tea George. IYVilinski: Eleven. H30 far 811W one person has been found JHlO thinksIthis is funny. Will you be the secondD 4 4, II, uh. X I V 1 Teacher: WhaikWerA the principal te- 1k11ight? 3, i 1 1 , , Roy Ahdei'son: D rknes 1 .'J IV Jj IVA! 1 .4. 1 i xv . M '1 lookeglg ll ver the library, but could Hotjji fi11d the me hant of Venice anywhfre. I'I:I, or L e WI t N ' L . '- .W "2:3 ha i I . . The POORMAN with the PATCH on hih' pants, lived in; A SMALL HOUSE in the section of MOLINE tknown as the HYLAND, WEST of 15 LAKE, on a HILL, which lookgdl nothing like a TEMPLE although it was HOLM to him. There wge no LACE curtains on Mthe window lgPA-YNE, through which the LIGHTteam'e' in, and n0 "MATT at the DORR! itne had but a POUND of BEL- LONIFT 'on his PLATT to FRY; no WINES were in his cupboard. There was? only a can of MAZZOLA oil. There were also some SAWYER biscuits, BOWMAN dairy milk, and an EAST- MAN film on a table. The house was COOLE because there was no ROLE of CASH to buy COLE. There came a KNOCK at the door and several RINGS; she opened the door with the KEYE, and there were some of his creditors. The SHARP TAYLOR, the STERN BAK- ER, and the FRISK CARPENTER were all 'trying to collect their bills. How the poor: inan ..did PACE the floor then, and with ABLE FORSANhe said in a CUT- TINGrygsee, fgt ca'n' fiat pay." With that he closedithe doorswifh a bang like a CANNON? " W ; x a a -Th JQLhis man had. a ga den full of many a a.?.WEAED, but no fl'ewers were in BLOOM. X x t A REED grew inqsmoccie part of the 83 denf? There was 36.?TONE-FIELD i'iou 'de'tkg WALLftouersd with IVEY, t amurrdiuded theggardem The garden .. TILQ for entrance and a Qroken WAINg:'in the center. TLOLLxg-was BUDQENfamd some SAGE wag growhtg. etnPPLEGREN a 111ea15theg-gre'eiih let that grew was very hut. m ; lLEAj, CEDER- LEARQBIR A'OpD, 94m COBB, and several H x EST'veere athelged for a bonarfe. '3 K: 1K V1,. oeiitight t-bngQON aid ncEshine, the m5 wasmthrongr-aQQKSTWS were Mening. xThe sQall'jI-QQe SHOOK, OhL how i? id ngend even the ma"? ad thPVV fEks. iHe could not go out becausme had no x Some Sense and Some Nonsense McINTOSH. He decided the safest place would be in his once WHITE but now black bed. He soon fell asleep and dreamed that he was again YOUNG, HARDY, and held no HAIGHT for any- one. He was in BLISS. He dreamed of a foursome in golf made up of CAESAR, FRANKLIN, EMMERSON, and GRANT. The BUNKER was the only HAZARD on the fourth hole, which made it easy to make the GREEN in par. He dreamed that he visited a zoo in AUSTIN with FAUST, WEBSTER, and HARRISON. HAMILTON was to have come also but he had a BOYLE. They saw the LYONS playing peacefully with the LAMB. The HERRON, PEA- COCK, and CRANE were caged so the ASP would do them no harm. The FURZE of the BEHR were soft. The FOX seemed to want to play with the SEAL that SPITZ. The poorl FYSH was in his bowl. He also dreamed he boarded a ship with the WILEY LIVINGSTON; they were greeted by the STEWARD; the PORTER took their cases. There was a FISHERman on board also. They had intended to stay, but TWO SAYLORS threw them off. He dreamed he visited WRIGHT, the inventor of STEELE SWORDS. WIL- SON, SHERMAN, NEWTON, and SCOTT were seen in MCHENRY by the FARMER, HUNTER, S H E PA R D, DYER, and by the poor man. Just as a BISHOP was about to introduce him to the POPE, he woke up. He went into BOOKLAND then, and as he turned a PAGE he noticed a line or two about a COPP arresting a WEAVER and MIL- LER for stealing a KJELL from the SQUIRE. This was so stupid that he wrote in a very poor PALMER method to HOOVER in MITCHELL, complain- ing about such books being published. He is still waiting for a reply. FINIS. 1930 page ninety-one 12. 19. 20. 25. 26. 29. 11. 13. 19. 20. 22. 27. 17. 23. 4. 5. CALENDAR LAST 7 8 QUARTER FIRST QuAnTER 2345 11 1 1 l ,. Fun. 1 1 19 2 was V MOON 23 New Moon September- 11 4. 5. 6. 12. 13. Teachers go to Institute. We wonder how they like to sit still all day. Only one more day of freedom. School opens. Welcome! 7B's seen hunting for the cafeteria near the auditorium. USeek and ye shall find." This calendar started. Friday, too. The first assembly held. f P Can we live up to all that Mr. Hanna expects 0 us. Irving Tagrin fell backwards from his library chair. First Lincoln Logx are sold. October- 2. New teachers initiated at Camp Rotary. Rumor hath it that there were some exciting times. Quentin Ogren appointed Editor. of the Annual. He already has become much more dignified. Plerry DeSaix IS appointed Business Manager. Is it because he has a brief case? First football game. Roosevelt wins, 6-0. Earl La Tour's shoulder is dislocated. Second football game. Lincoln wins 6-0. Third football game. Lincoln wins, 6-0. schools know? Is that the only score that these David Gordon wins golf tourney. School closed today While teachers go to Freeport to a meeting. Fourth and last football game. Lincoln wins, 13-7. Lincoln will shine tonight. HLincoln Follies,y attract many pupils. Wasn,t Marshall 3. pretty girl? Novembere Armistice Day. Everyone gathers near the flag pole while Mrs. Angus leads the singing. The rest of the day is spent in laments that nWe caift have the day off. Other places do." First 9A meeting. Mrs. Tingley elected adviser. Teachers go 011 a Treasure Hunt. We wonder how they enjoyed the search in Sinnissippi, Second 9A meeting. Officers elected. Mr. James gives talk and demonstration on liquid air. Thanksgiving vacation starts. 11A magnificent spectacle of human happiness." 1930 page ninety-two D ecember- z 4 m 20. School begins again. We are all happy? There are only three weeks until Christmas. . Eddie Cobb seen parading down the hall in a wonlaxfs fur coat and hat. UJudge not according to appearances." , Friday the thirteenth. Laurant the Great, a magician and master of the black art entertains in the auditorium. Admission thirteen cents. School closes for our Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good-night. Januarye School begins again. Many new sweaters, necklaces, etc.y observed. Already some falling away from the "jest lfore Christmas" goodness observed. Miss Emma Lou Tulloek of the Social Science Department married to Mr. Cecil Perkins. Best wishes. Lincoln defeats Roosevelt, 16-15, in basketball. . 9A class present M72301; as their class entertainment. Everyone enjoys the excellent performance. . 9Als hold their class party. A line time was had by all. 9A Assembly also held. It displays much talent. 1930 page ninety-three .27. New semester begins. Did you hear the rattle of all the I being turned over? Nearly two thousand are at school. Where aye ing to be put? 3 a 30. Lincoln again wins from Roosevelt in basketball. February- 10. Subscription campaign for the Annual begins. 13. Lincoln basketball tea 1 wins the Roosevelt-Lincoln series by a score of 18-14. Noah Beilharz help 5 escape some classes. 14. Goodness! It1s h remembering locker combinations. 20. Lincoln bea s ose elt in swimming meet. Very atiMsing to see the spectators sta ing on sigz; of the pool without their inges and stockings on. 21. F' s d y hleather. Sox appear. .. 25. T 0 . seen talking to a 7A irl.jWasn't it Tommy? ,, 1 .941: 27. , ers o e orchestra liste nt the If onal High School Orchestraeand he 1 I ' 1', ' ve to work. ' f tr, , rne-j. OLVv- l hoA' e kw Azwly-mn 7 g E 1930 page neinety-four March-L ' ' , , ' 3. Mr. George F: Morse talks on the subject, 6. Joe Smith joins the Red army as Major, or 7. Miss Bowman gives Joe a zero hour. Ehra! Dolorus , 1ll 8. Air mail route for Rockford opened. Did you sen 11.'An11u'al Birthday party given in the gy111.All teachers cents. Two paid twenty- -five. sold tic s'at 21 .0 ' 13. Mr. Flude gives lectures 011 trips abroad. Didn't some of the 9A pupils make goodelooking Chinese? .- . 15. Boys, Glee Club sings over KFLV. .- M i 17. St. Patrickis Day-and also Annual Tag Day. W 18. Firstof the pictures for the Annual. Everybody dresses u Al escabbs. We all rejoice that she was later captured. 1 19. Miss McGuire opens all the windows in her room. wasnlt so warm after all. r Apri14- , 5 Q i h. 1. Romim dinner held in the model apartment If 0913 vye coul 'e down to eat ' 1 .. ' home. . ,w , 3 1 .13 9 1. April F001! 1 1 1 :N ' 2. Loraie Swanson loses her voice. First. 97X claES Fleeting. MiMchrath elected 1 adviser. . :1: W 9? 3.L0raieISwa11sons voice c0111plEtel reeqv ed. I W J. e' . ' 45111ng vacation l1egins.Arel1Xthe 1131;1er kind? 1' 14. School begins again. Only ten 1v53ks to go. lh5$a6ulty have their pictures NJ taken. Mr.MCCan1111ond.,1the photographer smo-but pirhaps that had better '51 .1: not be told. 0 t x? 16. Report cards given out. We take bacie'what wuaid about the teachers' being kind. e 17. Foods II class have a teyklA masant gime was had by all " Annual Minstrel . Show IS held. A'good erovukxahd a goo$tin1e 18. Good Friday. Did fu plant your pfSttatoes? 19. Girls Glee Club broadeahts from FLV. 1 21. Only nine weeks mg 7' Last of the Amwal pictures taken. Pajama show in the auditorium. :;$hior Iiihghxl Sghool Operetta given in our auditorium at 2:30. 25. Art department of Rockford Senior High gives assembly program. 28. The Annual goes to press. May- 5. Only seven weeks left. 9. Movie given in the auditorium for the beneht of the Annual and the picture fund. 20. Madame Gray-Llevine and Ladclie give a concert in the auditorium. 28. Visiting Day. What a good time our parents and teachers have talking us over. 1930 page ninety -f1ve eve . : g 7 f . I l J I ire une- ' ' ' I 3. 9A class Iplay, Thc Lifflc Clad Hopper given. Great success. '7. Class Iiartyrheld. Did we have fun?. .. 13:14. Operetta, Penny Buns and 603m 'iven in the auditorium. Everyone enjoyed it. P ' 16. Everybody busy sigllilig fAnnuals. a 19. 9A Assembly, Checks: Ifwne early. f . 20. Good-byc. We'll see9you next year. U 0 Index 1 Cover Design-vWilneita Rounds 2 Dedication ........................................................................................................ 2 3. The Entrance to the School .......................................................................... 3 7 . 4 Prize EssayeWhat I Admire in Lincoln ................................................ 4 .9 W . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-6 .34. e ........................................................... 7-53 Mi ! 9 ' . In Memorlam ................................................................................................... 54 4g; 1 8. Organizations .................................................................................................. 55-74 . A'thletics .......................................................................................................... 75-83 10. Snapshots ........................................................................................................ 84457 11. 1'1 umm- .............................................................................................................. 88-91 Calem .r ...................................................................................................... 92-96 1930 Tm";:.::h page ninety-six

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