Abraham Lincoln High School - Statesman Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

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U THE STATESMAN IJP7UUUJb EJ, L I N C 0 L N S E N I 0 R Gm IG3-I OI f'O We. the l982-83 Yearbook Staff would like to dedicate this book to the Lincoln High School I983 graduating class for their outstanding achieve- ments. both academically and socially. Overall, LincoIn's test scores in both math and reading have gained steadily over past years. This is indicative of better efforts to succeed on the part of the entire Lincoln student body. Academically, Lincoln students also participated in Speech tourna- ments for the first time in several years, and did well. Even through the hardest of times we managed to pull together and survive. Most of the criticism about Lincoln High has died. May this, the graduating class of I983, be a light to those who follow in their footsteps. DR. SAUNDERS. PRINCIPAL MS. BARON 2 ...Il RRRR RRR f ,R:' RR,R if A ff MS. BREWER MR. DILLANE. VICE- MRS. PETERSON. PRINCIPAL VICE-PRINCIPAL . ,::. w...s-5? ...,.. , - ,,.. WE - if I 25 2 'A' , 'Q A . 1 MS. BRIDGES WTW' 'wi' TT., ,u l E MR. DELYS MS. GHOLSTON MR. HOPKINS MR. DIEHL . ... I 27 X. f7g,W 3 S2377 1 ive! 121,225 v " " v 57 ,,,,, L W Q hw ff ff W iz I wail I: I I 2 I MS. DUNN VW! I , 1 M 'Zi 5 A fx """ ' MR. BRITTON , 3' Ifiglii, . 1 . . ff,,- W . W, ,, . --...., . f , 1' " ' ' ', 1 :'i-iwf w. ' 53: 5'a W We kr rsexxihf f. ga jg Y W 'A MS. FOX 5435? V Kip f I ,,.. " ' , ,V gi, .. ? H K 9 A 5 ' ff If ff E2 M wi W w YI 1 MS. GROSSMAN MS. JENSEN .,,, 3 'Z MS. LEWIS ,, Nw ... , ff X W V I'55' .'2'f,, -I In f W' 13, MR. LOOZEN MR. GROVES MS. JOHNSON .f I WZ '-' I . 'I J' MR. HASPER MR. KING ff .. ' H vvvv ,Q ,--. N V -1, W' ' is -if 8 MX X X I - PQ 2 V. f E ' . f , V. ,j"'i V f, , .21 pw ' gf wk Ml' 1, 11- "'LZ-,,zE'4"7 AIII DR. MILLS. VICE- PRINCIPAL +, M x 1 ff gs? f ff f If M 3 757 f N ff, f M 1 N I if x MR. DAVIS MS. DEKOCK MS. FUNCHES MR. GALLEGOS V ' ' jf 11, , , . . ,,... .5 , Y 'T 5 ,, ,A.,,., I., I Z Vw.- M5- HAYES MR. HIRSCHFELDER MR. LEGRAS MS. LEVENS y E MS. LOVE MS. MAGGIO , I . fi - Z ,- mf H? ,. MR. MANN MS. MCCOY TV' vs X, QR . .F 0 . . , K L... E. . 2 11. Q-gfif mmmmmhAk1 LE' MR. MCDANIEL wif' ' nfl: E"S:..... I QC - N If 1 K .R 'QS Q . EE': j- ' S MS. PAGE .sf -imzifi gl,g - , , LLLL x , 1 5 I M S . R A Y M O N D MS. ROGOW MS. SHAW :sf X.. 7 ' -' .Lega l I' ' i ii 3.52 ' ffff -- S Q. 'R vb. v MS. WHITE MS. MCDONALD MS. PEARSON MR. REED 3 . ... . . . .F X 5 N' fin I MS. ROLE 1 .. -5. X X PN ,F I' A s , S19 3 S 1. MS. STRATTON MR. WOODS SW . 'ln 1. ik . f M ---' . .... f' .1 -, 5 K MS. MITCHELL A . I 'L 3. MS. PERRY MS. REZNICK ' V. 'M ws i .5 , I . I ,ly Y X MR. ROLE ' SK V I my-A 5- .1 S. X, 5 IL ff. MR. VANZANT MS. WYMA MS. OLIVARES 'ff I sf. -' 1 sh ,J Sf MR. POST 3 1 is ms. gt - I MR. RICH MS. ROSAS " Q ' N-uns: MS. WADE 85 Ili MS. OUTLAW Ng vm 3 S 2 Q, . .5 X SX . N . 4 X ., 5 g s if My gd . M in " MR. PUCCI MR. PACHECO MS. RASBERRY S --- --: - Q 71- K MR. RICHARDS ,.1k.'::. f 7 .... .... D. i h A ' .... ' kihi . 1 25, A L MR. SANTOS MS. WALKER MS. ROBINSON 4 SS . S '-S' S. MR. SAUNDERS H 3 WEISENBERG THE LINCOLN STAFF KEEPS IT HAPPENING AT THE HIVE! ADMINISTRATIO Congratulations to the seniors as well as all the other students at Lincoln High School. We have completed another successful year at the hive. Many seniors will be taking that giant step into the world of work, while some will peruse careers through additional study at institutions of higher education. No matter what your goal in life. continue to strive for Pride and Excellence. It has been a rewarding experience for me this past year and l hope each of you have continued success. We hope to hear from each of you in years to come. Vance Mills I salute the class of I983. Each of you can be proud of your accomplish- ments. Your basic education is now complete. You are now enrolling in the school of life. All the things you have learned at Lincoln were meant to give you a "first step up". What you do with this is up to youl Make each day countl Let no obstacle prevent you from growing as a person. ln the days ahead, when you have a quiet moment, look back and see the path you have traveled. If you can say "the world is a little bit better because you passed this way" - then you will know that life has been goodl Take carel Allen Dillane To the Class of I983 . . . Well. that day has finally come. The road through high school has ended and only memories are left to tread. As you go forward from Lincoln. l know you've thought a lot about which path you should follow. Some of you have made plans and for you the decision is an easy one. For others. uncertainty clouds the joy that graduation brings. l ask that each of you believe in yourself. Believe that you can make it to the end of the new path you must now choose. Take time to get good directions fit may not be as short or smooth as you would hopej. Perservere . . . and have a successful and happy journey. Mrs. Shirley Peterson A A is A 1 . 'cfs + 3. i". ' xxx .. .... g PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE My first year as Principal of Lincoln Senior High School. has been one of the most exciting and worthwhile years in my professional experience. The staff and students have accept- ed challenges which I feel have made Lincoln a school to be . proud of. The team effort which I feel have made Lincoln a school to be proud of. The team effort which we have demon- strated in working towards the achievements of our goals makes my iob as principal a pleasure. I will truly miss the l983 graduating class as they have demonstrated the spirit which will assure their success in the future Laserik Saunders, Ph,D. Principal Our superintendent Dr. Thomas Payzant visits Dr. Saunders and the Hornets of Lincoln High. .WN Paying. . is f sn -'fic ...QA .......g.g, by The main office is designed to serve the prin- cipal, staff and students. Our years at Lincoln Senior High School have been spent in fulfilling our duties in the main office. It has been a plea- sure for us to serve in this position. lt has been our goal to create an atmosphere for the entire school and community to communicate tofwith the principal the concerns of everyone. On behalf of the principal and staff. we hope to continue our services towards the education- al goals set before us. Terri Mitchell General Secretary Guille Olivares 5 Clerk I ,,, ,,,,,hf W W.,sW ' ,ft ,, H , CSF April Bradford, Rosemary McElyea, Reishone Wright, Rosalyn Copeland, Delphia Emery, Rosemary Fisher, Latearia Easley, ROW 2: Wendy Zanzinger, Darlene Frost, Tresa Williams, Katrina Wilson, Lolia Faotoalia, Sarah Schafer, Tina Hultsch, Andrea Calabrese, ROW 3: Elias Rincon, Eric Smith, Julianne Duffield, Tonya Hunt, Dina Millard, Larhonda Coldwell, Debbie Warner, Tasha McTadden, ROW 4: Stephen Nakata, Nancy Todd, Athur Cooper, Charles Williams, Mary Thomas, Josalyn Copeland, Joan Jackson, Kenny Johnson NOT PICTURED Valerie Casebolt, Linda Keeling, Ricardo Rincon, Christopher Sanders, Rosa Taago, Carla Westbrooks. Sona Wofford, Anthony Johnson. Rochelle Love, Monica Woods FIRST SEMESTER Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for California Scholar- ship Federation membership based on their Fall Grades. Seniors - Valerie Casebolt, Josalyn Copeland, Rosalyn Copeland. Delphia Emery, Joan Jackson, Kenneth Johnson, Mary Thomas, Nancy Todd, and Charles Williams. Juniors: Larhanda Caldwell, Arthur Cooper, Julianne Duffield, Xina Hultsch, Lind Keeling, Steven Nakata, Ricardo Rincon, Christopher Sanders, Sarah Schafer, Ros Taaga, Carla Westbroods, Katrina Wilson, Sonya Wofford, Debbie Warner, Wendy Zanzinger, Sophomores: April Bradford, Andrea Calabrese, Rosemary McElyea, Dina Millard, Eric Smith, Tresa Williams, Elias Rincon, Freshmen Associate Membership: Latearia Easley, Margie Elliott, Lalita Taataolia, Rosemary Fisher, Darlene Frost, Tonya Hunt, Anthony Johnson, Rachelle Love, Tasha McFadden, Monica Woods, Reishone Wright. Special recognition is given to Josalyn Copeland, Rosalyn Copeland and Mary Thomas whose consecutive membership has qualified them as CSF Sealbearers and entitles them to their CSF Life Membership Pins. The California Scholarship Federation is a statewide organization. lts purpose is t poster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship. Membership is neithe automatic nor compulsary. Eligibility is based on points computed from grades earned in academic classes. Students notified of eligibility must apply for membership, pay dues, attend meetings and be a citizen in good standing. Letters are mailed home to perspective members by CSF advisor, Mrs. Dunn, after determination of their eligibility. Senior CFS members are eligible to wear the yellow CSF stole at graduation provide they are currently in good standing and have been a CSF member two semesters o more. Life Membership Pins are awarded senior members who have been members oi CSF four semesters. SEAL . BEARERS W ROSALYN COPELAND L MARY THOMAS JOSALYNN COPELAND S Q , X R -- X 3,1 - sxgwk Rl. Xi rr M, .t.-.- - -.-.Q hw.. . - WMQS r m'1h ancy as 6. Micheal Clark 7. Tony Lain 8. Kenneth Johnson 9. N Copeland 3. Stanley Brooks 4. Delphia Emery 5. Mary Thom Copeland 2. Joseland Roseland njamin Montoya I4. Ramon Vasquez IS. Eric Hayes. Be l3. h Smit gers I2 Charlotte Ro Sharon a Smith hi E :- U Q 'U 'S P- MR. AND MRS. LINCOLN A MARK OWENS AND DA NA MYERS AND G W R H E E T N E BALL '83 r 11 ' ' f ff, .- - ,, Qweg, 3 Q 3 ,W , M 2 A-H. ,k " ,yy ,,,L.b ,:,, , ,ft ' 'Wy ,, ,f , iw ff ff A Wmf fw X Q 2 i f , 1 J. 4 17 X an y ,gf 4 L Af-W f W! A A , ,wk VVV. ,, A 9, gm! Q 1-W' Q K W f ig 3 we v ff? ,- 9 5 '55, ww X Q 55,1 f Eff:- 'LI , , if 0 ' V. f 2 f 2 ,E wg wwf 5 ,, Z 5 ,, 2 1, , E7 5 gi 2 . 2 Y I' f X 22? ff f W if 4 ' ,mv ,, ,,,, W5 Arg 45' Z I V, I SENIGR WILLS I will to James Carter my caribbean sun glasses so he can be "cool" like me. Tony Lain I will to Joe Bridges my football jersey so he can start. Kevin Williamson I will my height to Vanessa Day so she can be grown up. Regina Davis I will to Mrs. Brewer my shoe size. Charlotte Johnson I will to I will to I will to I will to Patricia I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to I will to Trelli Mallory motivation. Shawn Williams Michelle Denise Stevenson my lunch money. Cathy Lessier Charlotte Strong my lunch money, shoes, and my grade point average. William'AIdridge Zonne Davis my cheering skirt, my worn down dirty fluffs to Tia Turner and my sweat socks to Linda Carter Foster James Carter my spirit so he won't be so bored all the time. Delphia Emery Tia Turner my long beautiful finger nails. Nancy Todd Mary Thomas my 38" hips. Dianne Valentine Charlene Hartzog my fantastic looking hair. Audra Hilton Rhonda Poole my hall lock, term papers and book reports so she can use them next year Tllwanda Melvin Steve Nakata my "cheat sheets" so he can cheat like a pro. Eric Hayes Regina McCollum my perfume and my earings. Sharon Rogers Kristi Stowers my ability to be tardy to class and never get caught. Lisa Simpson. Mechell W. common sense. Stanley Brooks Tina Payne my brains because she will need them. Cassandra Johnson Jerry Higgins my dirty rabbits foot so she will have good luck. Kenneth Johnson Garry Winford Burkett a small belt and shoes with small heels. Anthony Todd Rhonda Poole my finger nails which she has always loved. Mary Thomas me - 'Q S. Q ,555 -.. -st. 'R Q T., , is N N X S s X 35 g i X X x X sv 3 I 5 Q S? x X M I xg 1 x 4 5 sg it is X X is .. . -sf s .. ..- I R 1 S ek HO OR ROLL SENIOR HONOR ROLL Rosolyn Copeland 14.w5, Josolyn Copeland 13.865, Joan Jackson 13.865, Delphia Emery 13.7l5, Valerie Casebolt 13.675, Michelle Winter 13.605, Patricia Foster 13.505, Kenneth Johnson 13.505, Leticia Solis 13.505, Mary Thomas 13.505, Charles Williams 13.505, Michael Clark 13.335, Michelle Cunningham 13.335, Anthony Lain 13.335, Benjamin Montoya 13.335, Nancy Todd 13.335, Stanley Brooks 13.l75, Charles M. Foster 13.l75, Sherella Lee 13.l75, Patrick Mitchell 13.l75, Mark Owens 13.l75, Donna Pelleg 13.l75, Anthony Todd 13.l75, Marlene Turner 13.l75, Marcya Winston 13.l75, Adolfo Alvarez 13.m5, Anthony Brooks 13.w5, Shakir Hassan 13.w5, Audra Hilton 13.w5, Sonya Hunt 13.m5, Patrick Johnsion 13.005, Kimberley Jones 13.w5, John Kittling 13.w5, Luz Miramontes 13.w5, Dana Myers 13.w5, Sharon Rogers 13.005, Francisco Rolan 13.w5, Cathy Sanford 13.w5. JUNIOR HONOR ROLL Sonya Wofford 14.m5, Xina Hultsch 13.835, Linda Keeling 13.835, Debbie Warner 13.7l5, Larhonda Caldwell 13.675, Arthur Cooper 13.675, Juilanne Duffield 13.675 Ricardo Rincon 13.675, Christopher Sanders 13.675, Sarah Schafer 13.675, Rosa Taaga 13.675, Carla Westbrook 13.675, Katrina Wilson 13.675, Wendy Zanzinger 13.675, Christine Manu 13.505, Steven Nakata 13.505, Mark Bradford 13.335, Jere Craig 13.335, Kenny Devous 13.335, Rustom Guard 13.335, Kenneth Mclntyre 13.335, Verna Speights 13.335, Tia Turner 13.335, Michael Whitfield 13.335, Sherlonda Davis 13.l75, Brenda Dearing 13.l75, Trelli Mallory 13.l75, Lourdes Munoz 13.l75, Kathi Thomas 13.l75, Seranda Wilson 13.l75 Patty Brabant 13.l45, Dorothy Crane 13.I35, Antonia Bazurto 13.005, Linda Carter 13.w5 SOPHOMORE HONOR ROLL Andrea Calabrese 14.w5, Dina Millard 14.035, Eric Smith 13.835, Elias Rincon 13.675, Tresa Williams 13.675, April Bradford 13.505, Rosemary McElyea 13.505, Jose Vallejo 13.505, Hector MaydraI13.335, Jorge Numiz 13.335, Olivia Rodriguez 13.335, Estella Sadler 13.335, Rosiland Reed 13.255, Sandra Almada 13.l75, Darron Cox 13.l75, Grabriel Donnell 13.l75, Carlos Escobar 13.l75, Ana Luz Flores 13.l75, Migdalia Monroy 13.l75, Denise Overstreet 13.l75, Steven Rodriguez 13.l75, Teresa Rowland 13.l75, Fernando Hermosillo 13.l75 13.w5, Kim Limbrick 13.005, Anthony Mitchell 13.005, lrma Ochoa 13.005, Karran Redford 13.w5, Irma Rod Alma Rodriguez 13.w5, Rhonda Sloan 13.005 FRESHMEN HONOR ROLL Rochelle Love 14.w5, Tasha McFadden 14.w5, Lolila Faatoalia 13.835, Monica Woods 13.835, Darlene Frost 13.675, Tonya Hunt 13.675, Anthony Johnson 13.675, Rosemary Fisher 13.675, Reishone Wright 13.505, Latearia Easley 13.435, Linda Crane 13.375, Cedric Allen 13.335, Franklin Fanua 13.335, Elizabeth Johnson 13.335, Thelma Osborne 13.335, Kenarsie Ceasar 13.l75. Lamont Horne 13.l75, Carmen Lopez 13.l75, Cheryl Overstreet 13.l75, Elizabeth Sanchez 13.l75, Gary Caples 13.005, Gerardo Castro 13'.w5, Riley Cummings 13.w5, Susan Ferguson 13.CD5, Shaunte Jones 13.w5, Jose Mendoza 13.w5. Anthony Peevy 13.w5. Kimberly Williams 13.w5. - sf. fe., 5 L N., Q ya Q. Le' I I . , f 3. ei' wks f 2 r,f, A -- Q 2953334 as ,fi Q "K i5fffWl'51"' ali?-953 1 1 4' F N E JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kathy Thomas, Linda Marie Carter. Denise Ellis SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Lisa Bates, James Carter. Brenda Bell, Joseph Bridges, Sharon Julian ' SB New 5? adn is FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Tonya Hunt. Verneal Edward. Monica Woods, Patricia Brown LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA PROGRAM The Lincoln High School Diploma Program has six week courses for adults and currently enrolled students. During this six week period students will complete one to two courses in order to make up credits needed to receive their high schol diplomas. The instructors are Ms. Frivolette, Ms. Witcher and Ms. Olivia Valentine. Ms. Witcher teaches Social Studies and Math. She has taught approximately three years and attends San Diego State Llniversity. During her busy schedule Ms. Witcher volunteers in the Reading Lab and works with Dr. D. Richards. Ms. Valentine teaches English and Ethnic Studies. She also is a cluster substitute here at Lincoln and has been teaching for four years. Both instructors have been teaching in the Diploma Program since the beginning of the school year. Mr. Eugene Davis is the counselor for the Diploma Program. He has been a counselor at Lincoln High School for 7 years. Mr. Davis enjoys the students and is quite interested in their welfare. making sure they receive a diploma. Ms. Carol Lara who also works as a clerk in the Diploma Program finds her work quite pleasant and is happy to see so many adults complete their high school education. R. Adams, M. Torres. L. Smith, M. Cottingham. Row 2: Mrs. F. Witcher. Mrs. D. Valentine. Mr. Davis. T. Walker, C. Denton. P. Ansley. L. White, G. Lewis. D. Solorio. ui Mfazag few-:R 7101104 wfiodffgi fy, WW www 25 li 75443, 250 D fWffMf' wQfW'Y'w'f1?95M 3 fe 94 f3fag5,rvL0fL+fe53J42iffYgfu,,, YB 'P WW JM M6696 E Qhmw 10. Www WMM D f em JW Q5 ,W U!d5DLf DX if M if , W .ME Q yi, 2330- Lt my 5 Eg 3911 '83 W ,MCE Q Q21 ' Lung" Q N5 m g HORNET 555' 'gm qi GRAFHTI 3 B -of p U Eff : WI BOARD 3 Q Z4 'ss 2 A90 ME fi' ff ff , EvQYO171QQQu5sgf!7"' ff 55 bgmgmmifj L vim? F' "Ya" . QP k .A' ,, ' Llvdcjafbww um" ?65 Q, 57.05 ,Leg 5,1Jdfc,4 0,366 P0130 3 3 W5'90fff!1Qfww' Bod ' . . U0 '14 'f a Bnarcgen 5 EMM may ff Mfffififf 5 it V3 WXZ7 33? 8 044514. A U77 iollwkv Q2 'W' 3 - own7iW lc ,. is S ,gm Cmfjffgg wgyw LISA K, U" - WM 583' 'upfrowneovs' , g 777 . , , . fiiglfac WMM 3 W5 Y 4442 d T . ,731 H L, :QJ N HE MMM N9 IVE -fI7a.Joh5w Cl "fy 5 GED fi LHS ' DnDf?F1j" SHERmy:M MP kr. CK, 35 0 560 CRDILLACQEII74 Wiklsonl, R v8Z30 Q..-SQA-9-6 19 3 19 3 fi? A I ' milf" M955 ko ABDLILLAH, SALADIN ADAMS, VINCENT AH'KlONG. Fl-ORENTINA ALVAREZ. LETICIA ARTIS, PAULA BALL. SYI-VIA ALVAREZ. ADOLFO l BEAVERS, ALTON I98 BENNETT. TRENA BONNER. CATHY E T' M ' if I I X . -Q 4' v, X Vs. if ' 'D ' , I '72 I Q , I , I, LINK. ,wg I M: Q :UT BROOKS, STANLEY BROWN, ADRIAN BROWN, GWENDOLYN CARTER, BRYAN SENIOR STYLE 83 CARTER, JAYNE CARTWRIGHT, CATHERINE CASTRO, MARIA ESTHER ff' IE f CASTRO. MARIA GUADAI-UPE CISNEROS, RAMON CLARK, MICHAEL CLAY, JOHNNY ' . Es 1 1 CLINTON. GLEN .! , CUNNINGHAM, MICHELLE 'z .' COPELAND. JOSOLYN na. , DANIELS, PAMELA I fm. DEGRAFFENREID, MAURICE DENTQN, EVA COPELAND. ROSOLYN COTTINGHAM, MELODY 5? . DAVIS. REGINA DEAL. ALFRED DUNCAN, TRENA EMERY. DELPHIA I T' if? , if ENRIQLIEZ, JUAN EVANS, FLORENCE FELTON, ROZELIA ' x FOSTER, CHARLES FOSTER, PATRICIA FRANKLIN, THOMAS GENTRY, ALAN GONZALEZ. MARTHA GRANT. ERIC FERNANDEZ, CARMEN GARRETT, LATONIA X -, L 'X gf, GREENE, MICHAEL 5333 ! GREENE, MICHELLE GUNN, LORENZQ A, lx' ,y HARRIS, JAMILA HARTZOG, CHARLENE HARTZOG- DAR'-ENE HAYES, ERIC HEMPHILL, OLIVER HERRIOTT. ANGELA HAMMOND, LEGERTHA M. , , HANIPALE. LIPERESA HASSAN, SHAKIR HICKS. ALISA HILL, RODNEY HILL, YVONNE LISA HILTON, AUDRA Fi I HOLMES, MELODIE HOUSTON. GREG HOWARD, JOHNNY HUNT, ROBERT HUNT. SONYA IVORY, CARLA HODGES, LINDA ,WW HUNT, CHERYL JACKSON, ALICE JACKSON, MELVIN JOHNSON. ALICIA M. JOHNSON, ALICIA J. JOHNSON, CASSANDRA JOHNSON. KENNETH JOHNSON, PATRICK JOHNSON, SUE JONES, CHARISSE 2 Q JONES. JOHN JONES, MARTHA JORDAN. ROBBIN KITTLING. JOHN LAIN, ANTHONY LEE, SHERELLA LESSIER, CATHY NINETEE HU DRED EIGHTY-TH REE LEWIS, JOYCELYN LINDSAY, ADRIENNE LOTT, RHONDA MAJOR, ROBERT MARTIN. BRADFORD MARTIN. LISA MATAU. POUNIU MCCOLLUM. REGINA MCELVAINE, BRITTON MELVIN. TILWANDA I 4 MIRAMONTES, Luz MISA, MORRIS MITCHELL, PATRICK M MONTOYA, BENJAMIN f MORGAN, OTIS 3 I ' MOON, SOPHIA MOORE. MARY MURRAY, MARY MYERS. DANA NELSON, NATHANIEL OWENS, MARK J. PARGO, DENISE xx 'A f' PARRIS. ROBIN PATRICK. RAY PEARLEY, GUY PENDLETON, PATRICE POOLE. YOLANDA POPE- RHGNDA 5 . if I 1 ii fi POWELL. ANTHONY RAMOS, ARECELIO RANDALL. CARLA RIVERS, MONICA ROGERS, sHARoN RUSS' HAROLD SE ICR HCRNETS: THE BEST OF THE HI VE! RUSSELL, PHILLIP SADDLER, REGINALD SCOTT, THOMAS MAN. CLARENCE SHOCK WHAT WOULD IT BE WITHGUT THE CLASS OF 83 ITH. CHARLOTTE SMITH, STEVEN SMITTICK, KAREN SOLANO, ESTELA , f 1 f'vX1' M29 1 X53 ,N U J SOLIS, LETICIA STEPHENS, ANTHONV STlDluM. MARVIN , K' my ' THOMAS, MARY THOMPSON. PERCY TQDD, ANTHQNV 4 QQ W TODD, NANCY TURNER, MARLENE VALENTINE, PETREA VASQUEZ, RAMON WALKER, PATRICIA 1 WHITE, DERON X XR I9 x E I - I 2.2 I I' f i ' I' IRL? 9' I 4 gk ,G 3? I wax WILKINS. JACQUIN WILKINS. RAPHAEL WILLIAMS. CHARLES iw. 03:-Y ,V "1 . Q A E , ' I WILLIAMS, JAMES WILLIAMS, KEVIN WVILLQAMS, LONNIE Q -: WILLIAMS, SHAWN E 1. - WILLIAMS, SHAWN R. WILLIAMS- TODD WILLIAMSON, KEVIN WILSQN, KEVIN WINSTON, MARCYA HUNTER, QATHY CLASS GFFICERS ,Ng Wx CLASS 'SA xxx . ' ,K 'E X 'MN mv-,W x 'J N X Q5 3 X Y R f ix? L 12 INN X K N S ig! L.. W X..., ,. ,, , 'Q' N.,-f W "-v... A, PRETTIEST HAIR: Alicia Johnson, Anthony Lain FY ' . rl gg' ' T7-QT' 155' :J- 'alngg-g : bg: - yrs , 1 1 ' I A ,..f O ,F sl' , 1,6 ' is ' ' A, .- Q 'i V N4 A ' 1 'z' ' . f , T " ' if qi fy- 1 , - .5"',Wff 'jx " " 1 X351 , Lg..'.-Q9 ' X .3 ' ' A 1' ' 1,53 .J 'lf' Y f 'INK Denise Pargo. Mark Owens - FRIENDLIEST, MOST SPIRITED, MOST TALENTED 'lb My ,X l ,qt 'Z' A mr If f 4 Y P2 PRETTIEST EYES: Paula Artist, Roy Patrick . 5-1 11 TALLEST1 Lisa Martin, is-, MOST ATHLETIC: Michelle Allen, Rodney Hill MOST HUMOROUS: Melody Holmes, Adrian SHORTEST: Alicia Johnson. Percy Thompson Brown Tony Todd Dana Myers, Patrick Johnson BEST FIGURE: BEST . DANCERS: - Trena T Bennett. Anthony Brooks Wt .. Fenise Pargo. Rodney Hill - MOST POPU- N, ,E N. ,a,.w.wvu Www- BIGGEST FLIRT: Michelle Allen. Greg Houston EST DRESSED: Carla Ran- all. Anthony Stephens L., X, X J' ix A.:. . , V.,-,-,gg g K 4 :QV it V :J fe 4 , h by +. .A l g A , ' A I ' , J- V ' ,".-. 1 ei I Q f ' as as w e f if G k t - We I E ' A 1 w PX 1- i-gg. AR. BEST ALL AROUND MOST ATTRACTIVEf Trena 5 3 Q l at l lf CUTEST COUPLE: Rodney S Paula at 5 S' C LIVEST CURLS: Sue Johnson, Anthony Bennett, Anthony Lain Lain Mosr LIKELY TO succssoz Gwen Brown, Mark Owens BEST COMPLEXION: Alicia Johnson, Thomas Frank- lin 37 ws-'WW YES I'M BALD "GROUPIES" "TINY KEN" HALF ASLEEP? HI MOM WE STICK TOGETHER "YEEAAA1!" OLD STUFF ,.. ff' Qui M' L.-xg Q-n R.O.T.C. l982 Mr. S Mrs. Lincoln J Evans D LeBlanc Queen QUEEN MS. DENISE PARC-JO if PEQWEE ' 'f-gfiiii Q 1 . V 5 1 31 : G ff 'ZE f E A , E iff! -S M. '5 - n 'Af ' S N- "fig gp' ,3T""zf'i 3551, 'Vx we "wg 1 :J LV' xl n1Zv,i fi . f X 4 X V E ki X. Q . Y iViV H: !,:,, ' - . - L' ' ' ' W - W E " '55:4?',:.5g , K , W 2129991 M q Q, ..1'::,-fwvuymq :www OUR "HORNETS" 1iS""TT1ll - fs, , U1 A, 1 f Boy - , 1. XY I in S 1 ' Q E .2 w i - M, ' ' , ...M .lm I is he ' , IEW, .., , SW w.,mN I l982 Homecoming King S Queen C. Casillas S A. McMahon Ii l v? -w . .FL . . J ' , W, ,fr ,r x , , ,V- ac Ia I fwII'?" vs- ' ,., Qu ' '- w gf I ,t 1- j---F .V - R ' 1 Vqglmln .im iw I M V' W . .M ,, , J ... .- . krr, U V ,. 12 1113. 4 'Q if Us ,V jfgf i N "N 'Q' .I we A' gl f - A so . A ,nl rl 1 1.-,,., ,..i,,F.Y.AgwwM, v ' 'fig EZ"-R. I A ,wc ,. , 'N ' " ,, ..,f'M"'r ,f',lf,u"'?3 I4 J! Q-,,. ' I. ING 1 "Nw x 71, ' fc? , 7 'I if 1' I " A A 9, 1 I Wu I I Q - ii ,Y . , I-1 'I KING VIR. KENNY JOHNSON xx X1 v M ' 4 e"X22is-.MM . . . -, -Nd gi ,' -,V IFJ.: 5 I M ,.,.. W 'IN 'Tv 'I .F Q .-fx 1 I K ' f .ws ,rdf f Duke-Cedric Baltrip Dutchess - Deone Hines MS. LINCOLN '8I DONNA JACKSON i .e:fm..,, 'nc W Z, great" l ' L I I ,J I ml. 'L , E 'RVN-7? 'kmezw I 5 --. K-+5545 a 't CENTER FOR MEDICINE S HEALTH Count - Wallace Charles Countess - Sherlonda Davis 42 MOST ATTRACTIVE: Dana Myers, Delphia Emery. Mark Parrish, Thomas Franklin, FRIENDLIEST: Gwen Brown. Regina McCuIlom. Smiley, Eric Hays, MOST ATHELETIC: Michelle Cunningham, Sonja Hunt, James Williams, Vincent Adams, PRETTIEST HAIR CNATURALD, Mary Thomas. Dana Myers. Thomas Franklin, Ramon Vasquez, MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED, Dana Myers, Mary Thomas, Arthur Hamilton, Anthony Lain, MOST SPIRITEDZ Melody Holmes, Trena Bennett, Michael Foster, Shakir Hassen, BEST COMPLEXION, Delphia Emery, Carla Randall, Michael Allen. Anthony Reed, CUTEST COUPLE, Vincent 8 Sonja. Eric S Deann, TALLEST, Darlene Harriott, Regina McCullom, Edward Shell, Tony Gunn, BEST FIGURE, Patricia Foster, Marcia Winston, Mark Parrish. Eric Whitlock, BIGGEST FLIRT, Mary Thomas, Melody Holmes. Vincent Adams. Michael Foster, SHORTEST, Sue Johnson, Robin Jordan, Robert Majors, Rodney Hill, PRETTIEST EYES, Shawn Williams, Diane Valentine, Vincent Adams. Michael Parrish, MOST HUMOROUSZ Denise Pargo. Michelle Allen, Mark Owens. Michael Allen, MOST TALENTED, Michelle Allen, Charlene Hartzog, Raphael Wilkins, Shakir Hassen, BEST DRESSED, Patricia Foster, Lisa Martin, Eric Grant, Kenny Wilkins, MOST POPULAR: Mary Murray, Michelle Allen, Greg Houston, Michael Allen, LIVEST CURLS: Lisa Martin, Cynthia Smith. Pat Johnson. Anthony Stevens, BEST ALL AROUND, Delphia Emery, Mary Thomas, Michael Foster, Shakir Hassen, BEST DANCERS, Darlene Hartzog, Regina Davis, Mark Owens SENIOR CLASS S ANDOUTS RUNNERS-UP S S . S if STAFF STANDOLITS 2115 MOST FEARSOME: Geno BEST PERSONALITY: Ric THE HIVE IS A HAPPY PLACE Q . if ,, s . .8 KS CONTINUED ON PAGES 46 8 47 P h , W A ,I I ,Q ' ' , H. ' I -xv M ' ,P , . ' ' 0 NI A , I . V J I In - ,f ,- " I I . I ,M Y M . 1 Y M Y A I Q I I z. v I I? 5 Q -1 . W Q Q9 X .1 , .Im P ' Q I M If ,I ! HI? 3 I' If If Q. Q.,-. ., f - I ff 6 t G . -f-r f I H -Q - ' '- , -si--5 S ,Q I V A . I A ,I 1 ,g --A A I 1 lr I -eff A W 'I . I 1 M C1137 'U "Y C - QI? QL 'Ii'-'I' .I I I I W I - -'HH a I ,, ,, , - fn 1 f "M I, I U P I Q I II if I I if 5 I ' IJ I - I, A .N b . f I fl A lg' ' .Nf 2 I. Ce? , , 3' ' VK . I A I. ,I I ...K I+ 1' I . jf 'ww Q if ,QM , 'I yu 'ln I9S3 SENIORS I .,,v -:L 73-NLA 4 In - , L,-1 - N. ,gf 'Q-.I-.1-,ww ff:-'wew I ',+f""2.I gf, I , . Fx'-Ez, -V M- -, 1 . .-' ,' -.,. . ' 'JW '-H 'cf v '...,"'-, -W-, 4' A ' H u,1.l'Fk ',f,' , P ix L' If GLIR ASB ASB ADVISOR MS IDA WILLIAMS if A If-'Rh ,di .HOOD OS W.I.. g :AAi U ., I "JUST CHIL'N OUT" "MEET MY TWIN SISTER" I I I x Nw sig! "BONNY AND CLYDE" -R M if KM 850 -aw "WHAT TIME IS IT?" WE LOVE OUR SCHOOL" f HGRANDMA Coach Deniston - MOST POPULAR. BIGGEST FLIRT Dot Robinson - MOST POPULAR, MOST FEARSOME PRETTIEST EYES: Mary McDonald SHORTEST. Sergio Pa- cheo 46 TALLEST. Ms. Peterson SHORTEST. Ms. Watson BEST PERSONALITY. Ms. Outlaw 5 VOCALIST. Errol Woods xxwsmmsixwwsm-.1f.7. "fr---Tryin ---- PRETTIEST EYES. Coach Smith TALLEST: Paul Loozen BEST DRESSED: Ms. Punches BEST DRESSED: Ron Gallegos F0 .-mraumou avg an wocefss - X! A 1 Q ,..-m..N MOST SPIRITED: Phil Diehl JEHRI CURL. Ms. Gohlston Ms. V. Matthews - BEST NATURAL HAIR Not Pictured due to Yearbook staff error 3 X' if X.. . Mr. Flisher - HARDEST GRAD ER. BEST BUILD HARDEST GRADER: Ms. Brewer JEHRI CURL: Coach John White Ms. Walker BIGGEST FLIRT. MOST SPIRITED '-H-. 'il -Frm-wrwmwm wwvmwnvvwvmgfril ,ff IP f ! X 1 a ,i ,,..,,,..,,..,.....-4---new sary' --1 ig! X W W, km , f 48 J -XV MMM -H-up ,W wb , w, ui ,,.....uu... kin. 'V' W , f,,v"'f4mW 5' Wlgffga W 'WVMWM 5 4 Q , y 5 f G W .af ' 87' , , fl i 4 'JK M A 'W-', X A, if 2: V. ff . 1. Q i 4 f if M f We' M M E Y E nv Ar .fy Afwwx . ixx i l f E , M sv X45 3, ,ff f N ,Z --1. AW ,,z,4 if 7 ,, ,,,V. A ,....... ,,,, KWWZM ,K W ,M -Mew. 4 M4-2 H ff.i'Wwy,' ,MM MM Q Wfgf' ma, H WW ....,, ,,,,, W Q ' - ,, M Lf' 4 , ,". E A A , WX, , .., ,4 W "" 3, Znffffz iff? 2 W 1, K , 4 z M 'I s I f L f W Q " i suis fr I I I , , , L V ,.. .. ,..V fa? , 1.2, l , , 5 ok ' -' , er ,. f lg J , ,,,....-- amgrww I , 1 nr ,flux 5 ww ,, 25, ' f ff f j 'W ,.. 'WHA 'WHY' M? AW? 1 iw' ,f h ff My , 2 Ab E X . I TH 2 az , . V E if '83 W ,Tm ,W HORN ETS VARSITY CHEERLEADING SOLIAD VANESSA DAY, SERANDA WILSON MIDDLE ROW: KATHI THOMAS, SHAKIR HASAN, ZONNE DAVIS TREE CENTER: LINDA MARIE CARTER TREE TOP: DELPHIA EMERY, DENISE ELLIS, SHERELLA LEE, MEMEI CUNNINGHAM, TRENA BENNETT, TIA TURNER MASCOT - REGINA REYNOLDS JuNloR VARSITY CHEERLEADING 'R LINDA CARTER LYNN SPELLS TOWANDA WAKLER BRENDA BELL TYLISA SUSBERRY CYNTHIA DALIGHERTY MASCDT - SHARON JULIEN SQUAD -A-Sq 'Mg n ALL AROLI Z' J 13. , W f M 'f - , , .,-- 1, , j , as f , 1 vfvfvv - , ' . f ' 1: ,,,, 1 5 + f -- ff .if L, . .V --- - ?,V IVV W 1 K , .. ,,,. V 67 KW f 2 ,fm ' sf f i . f - ., A X f W, 1. : ,f ,,,,, ,, , ,,,, , ... I' , 2 f' Mjuaff- 'ff"' , , ' , 'W ' J f W ""f'f W ' '-' ' ' ' :lv ' - 4 vw ' ,, ,,,,, ,, , Q ,,,,,,,,,,, ff ,,,,,, ,,,,,, NM ,MM wg I M mm an A Mina' vwrux, Y I N'N" WW, ff f N ,AAA , , u N M 4, my ,,,:,QgfM, ' I . gg, H U .V w ,L u - ,W ' WUWMM! ' A f Y- , A , 13 1 4 V jr 1 ,M W f ,mag i 3 114 1' TW? W -'W' Hf" -2 W' ' f 4, f 1 Af Q ,, , ,, ,,,,,, , Wj,,,w :LM I I . mmwwifw , - :f,1nmmw w,1Ww:mM:7wwf" I' - I if . 'My' ' .. ,. wi Wi. " ' ' w W, , 1 , . ' 3 2 " Y za 3 Q f ,mr x. f ' if Q 9 f ef WW 'v A , fy qu, Z Win, 77' . . ., 'W x I A . A W 1 ' ,V ,V Av '19 .ffj , N , 1 A Qi as ' l x 2 , 733 , W, r 4 471, 2, , W Mx sw Y f 41 X f 5 A l x f I ,V VM,,b7,5 V Uk Q 5 L Wm rf F M, W 4 4 4, 2 iw ' L . f an f 1 I M ,,,,, QV? I w N, ,W . W1 .... wil! 32353 .., 1 Q ? 'K an M 5 lwk , ? V ' 'v t I .. , mg 5 l if I ., if , , . :Q .Viv , f , 1 , .JV , W W v3f . ,, , , X. If ' ly W lillfleift, rl M L li it ,, ' 5 -'V w , ,,t . i ' 5'fl, nf, fins,-A ,, 1 H - A f 1 ' ,A ' s ,.- nf-, at f surf i' " .1 1- URSIN ASSISTA T Lisa Martin, Susan Cook, Michele Estey, Cynthia Howard, Sonia Nash, Angela Woodson, Cathy Sanford. Row 2: Cynthia Harris, Delia Silva, Guadalupe Meza, Glysis Nelson, Beverly Mosley, Shirley Sanderson. Row 3: Paz Gonzales, Regan Streusloff, Jacqueline McDade. Anthony Jenkins, Lavonya Brown, Rochelle Scales URSING ASSISTAN S Lisa Connelly, Alem Berhorne, Davana Thanasith, Bounnhou Sisouvanh. Thongsamouth Sisophone, Somvang Thetsy, My Luu, Lien Le, Tammy Jones, Kim Rawling, Sharon Rogers. Rachel Wofford, Kathy Sanborn Row 21 Atschanb Keovang, Sonexay Thetsy, T. Xaysanapannha. Khammy Thanasith, Veima Williams, Cheryl Elliot, Beverly Payton, Michele Winter, Regina McCollum. Leslie Evans, Jim Hausman, Lois Krause, Nancy McCoy ROW 3: Ernesto Rodriguez, Susanna Gomez. Rosario Winters, Louides Carrill, Monica Barajas, Rosa Rodriguez. Cynthia Castenada, Anna Maria Marinello, Christina Fawath, Coni Ostemii, Lisa LaConte, Lucy Vasquez, Tim Kester W 4 ll 1 M 'fl ' - W , X r ' " i rx 1 I I , scwj I I -A .ef if i as 11 ersseedgg , ' Fil H-'ll Ill is s gag: llll in i ,ii i lll can , ' i i lllll lllll 1 iw, , ' , 1, , . ., iv' fe! N , V S . wg ' V ,Y , A 4 ' ' A ri l ,Q 5 ' L -:fx A--,Q -Li -L T URSI G ASSISTA TS wg. 'L su " , we., M K , , is ,E ,kg 1 iw f' Jacqueline Williams, Norma Barraza, Tina Ah'Kiong, Trina Flores, Martha Ward. Naomi Hartley, Aurora Saavedra. Doris Carlisle, Jamie Schut, Sua Yang. Row 2: Mary Redmond fTeacherD. Gloria Pablo. Brandy Noble. Leilani Green. Nancy Collanto. Diane Wiggins, Cassandra Fowler, Danene Sanders. URSI G ASSISTANT Eva Denton. Taumaloto Lago, Anna Raggio, Jennifer Patrick, Becky Terrazas. Lourdes Cruz, Pamela Dixon, Barbara Tutson, Veronica Simmons, Sabrina Pollock, Janet Beck. Row 21 Mary Redmond CTeacherJ. Ann Borland. Lisa Houston. Sharon Whitson. Bridget Roberson, Tammy Gonzales. April Smith. Wendy Zanzinger. Elizabeth Vazquez, Leticia MagaE, Maria Castillo l A R C A D E ! M, .,,,, M ,,,,,,,,, M M fffffhy 3 ,, ,, , "W "'fffV "fV"'h"f ' .M , ,,, M - ,,,, , V,,, .M ,, ' ' 'g V,,,,, - "' , w s -.",f f . , M f vffrwfw-W' S u N S E eee ee e S , 'TV fif'flWf,fgTZf5: fff' N WMM, V ffrr , I I - """" ,jg k:" 4,:jjggQ 'L , I , , ,NUI gf CONVENIENCE STQRES 909 S. 47th S I and 4689 MARKET S I OPEN 5 AM TO 2 AM 7 DAYS A WEEK FULL SERVICE Sunrlse Supports THE We Are Here HfVEf Because Care! MR. .l'S ARCADE 4467 LOGAN AVE. CONGRATULATES SAN DIEGO, CA. 92II3 THE 263-6856 CLASS OE I983 BOWERMASTER PHOTOGRAPHY 269 THIRD AVE. CHULA VISTA 427-I396 SERVING YOU AS YOUR YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER FOR ALL YOUR PH T O OS FOREVER .,,.,, ,,, ., ,. may My Ln --iix Brenda Carter. Joshelyn Copeland, Lamara Green. Alicia Johnson, Susan Ferguson, Row 2 - Dewayne Locke, Mrs, Robinson. Robert Hunt, Elias Rincon, Row 3 - Hassan Eliah, Dwayne Moseley. Larry Michaels, Eric Smith ATHLETIC DIRECTOR DOROTHY ROBINSON Bovs 2 GIRLS ATHLETICS 5 , HDRNETS I Y 1 , WWII fr fl JJ ff I X WE'RE BACKI ' ,I f I 4, as 4 I Am t ighffw 62' j IQ, in I, I TE ,I 3 l ' If . ' I 'I . MA Y ' , - I ,I A 'A . -- 1 K' ,1 V ,I -' N h haake? , .l fix.. ,ge ., I D, .. , 1- ,R 55,5 I 1 - A . I A A Q - ,.:f.--.fm-eff. . WERE ALMOST THERE . . . 'WY ' HOMECOMING ,Q , H -vw-n-N-4-mm. -rg N III ,-1 I -. , J, K.,- , , I V? . 7 s rf. -1 ' 1 Q. A- ,f A 4- .., O l I H 1 .A NU t I ,, . - F A .I I , ,,.u's:,f:, ,' ' 19 n QI, "'K"'g:4 - n L I - I V E A T IVA A N G O K . 's 'N 1 ,a f I T H E H I V E ALUMNI KING Ev QUEEN -lv- -"1 I x.. Ffmv may I MUST BE HEAVEN THE CROWNING IIE'-EF1 . ,.v. 4 W M fy N I W If, ' -K'-.M A '-.Q Im.. N f " -Q I fMQfI': rw? WE ARE THE HOME DEUVERY SPECIALISTS C'laAAic bf-If leanel-A and laundry 5042 IMPERIAL AVENUE Call 262-9919 f FREE PICK UP 8 DELIVERY SERVICES OFFERED BY CLASSIC DRY CLEANERS HOUSEHOLD: DRY CLEANING: DRAPERIES MINOR REPAIRS BLANKETS ALL WEARING APPAREL RUGS ai FURNITURE WATER REPELLENT SLEEPING BAGS ALTERATIONS 81 POCKETS V I I ISLANDER Chili Dogs - Hamburgers T - Fries gg JAKlTTY'S CONEY 4 A 1- ff- CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS TO MS ROBBIN AND RONALD JORDAN LOVE YOUR AUNT 8 UNCLE HELEN AND BRUCE OWENS Most Soft Drinks - Breakfast A TA, W -in A ' S f ERE - - E55 4 VISIT ouR GAME S rg,4 r,-fNY,i, Room A VIDEO AND PINBALL ' I ' " " ' QNext To Classic Cleanersj CONGRATULATIONS TO MS. ROBBIN AND MR. RONALD JORDAN LOVE YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER MILDRED AND CORNELIUS JORDAN Av f Nbllf C A ,lf - vi in ft , ,Q ff 1 ,Qmsm lf N' 4. CONGRATULATIONS TO Robbin Jordan and The Lincoln High Grads of I983 From The Law Gffices of Clifton D. Blevins Counselor of Law Serving You With Integrity Personal Injury CRIMINAL 4Ol7 42nd Street " Suite B San Diego, CA 92IO5 2800525 Graduation is Accomplishment Aspiration makes Achievement Aspire and Achieve 5 Vi , ,wink - f - Riggs at ffzffw fm L it A + f v 5 ix My L -M nj fx A 1 K 2 L .inil M1 are ' li - f 5? A W ,1 " Y M K. ' K ' V - R 3 'ZA it ' a he Exif' ' ti' '.'L. 1 y L , x Wiiw w " M l sy 1 T Vx fr it ' 'lr' "K ' ' 'S R , 5 ' 'l l Ia M f' ' I li 1 ,n,1 W X",x. iii f Y W ,L L 'A' 4 L i .,., , , 'fu Wk X if f "ki 'wsu it XN ,J l ETERI ARY EDLICATIO CLASS Shelli Brown, Michael Bolden. Valerie Osowski Row 2: Derek Russel, Benjamin Montoya. Paul Loozen Cl Miramontes nstructorj, Burke Stuchlik Not Pictured - Luz DECA - TUDE T STQRE Angelia Williams, Denise Smith, Barbara McClellan. Maribel Ybarra. Martha Jones. Cathie Thompson, Darryl Martin Row 21 Upe Hanipale, Yvonne Hill, Mrs. Jean Pucci, Lisa Roots, Thelma Osborne. Sophia Moon, Adrian Lucas Row 3: Anthony Todd. Charrise Jones, Johnn H d, J Kenneth Lawrence Ku- km! y owar ames Hauserman. L H255 - 'i i A . 4 L 5 we 1 I R Y' 2 - l L 1 -' lu 1 pm T9 ' 4 , Q Lmcou I ARSITY FOOTBALL IEVIN WILLIAMSON. RODNEY HILL, MICHAEL FOSTER, MICHAEL ALLEN, ARDIAN JOHNSON, MICHAEL PARISH, CHARLES WILLIAMS, GREG HOUSTON. Ind ow. ALAN BROWN, ANDRE MOORE. PATRICK JOHNSON, SHAWN WILLIAMS. JEROME KING, ANTHONY REED, MARK OWENS. JAMES WILLIAMS, GREG IOLLINS 3rd row: COACH GARZA, ADRIAN BROWN, ERIC WHITLOCK. ERIC HAYES. TYLER WILSON, MICHAEL WHITFIELD, ROGER MOSS, JOHNNY TANLEY. BRIAN KIRKENDALL, KEITH COTTON. COACH PLAYER. 4th row: COACH COURTNEY, VINCENT ADAMS, DAVID MARSHALL, UPE HANIPALE, IAMON VASQUEZ. MICHAEL CLARK, GUY PEARLY, WILLIS DANIELS, ANTHONY GUNN. COACH REED. also: COACH WASHINGTON, Mr. WHITE - TRAINER, IRIC WHITAKER - Mgr., TONY BROOKS - Mgr., MICHAEL GREEN - Mgr. not pictured: MAURICE SOWELL, DERON WHITE, STEVE NAKATA. I2 l 1- Mr' Abb'I' Thanks Lady SI BP - Sapp - SHPP I982 JU IOR VARSITY FOOTB LL TE M CARL ABBOTT, WYLIE BAKER, ALFRED BENNETT, JOSEPH BRIDGES, PRENTIVE BYRD, KENARISE CEASAR, LOYAL CHRISTENSEN, TERRY DUNN, DAVID FALO FRANK FANNA, TROY FILER, LARRIES GIBSON, DWAYNE HARDY, JAMES HARRIS, MICHAEL HAWKINS, JOHN HOUSE. JUSTIN HOWARD, KENT HUNTER JAMES JOHNSON, MAURICE JOHNSON, O'NEIL JOHNSON, DAVID JONES, GLEN JONES, MARK JONES, RICHARD KING, MANUEL LOPEZ, ANTHONY MCFARLIN, DARRYL MORRIS, DONALD NUCHOLS, VERON NUCHOLS, CASEY OWEN, JAMES RAINEY, THOMAS RENTA, TROY ROBERTS, RANDY ROBERT- SON, JOSEPH SAPP, LAVELL SHELTON, PATRICK THRIFT, MARK TODD, LONNIE TURNER, RODNEY WILLIAMS, CHARLES WILSON. N050 --', WI ' ' 'kv " 45-0 OK Mr. T I heard that hit , ,,,, ,, , M ,L , u DEFE TED I9 8-198 .W , f,..r-,,ff,, f ,, W . W ,- ,, I V,,V , W f ,V 12 , , z ,,w,W,,, S., , QF , , as ,,,,, :LM 'if 1,14 ,, , ,W -- , M v ,,,,,,, M If The Hunter U ,W -. ,,,, ,E .rzii X Vyyyh , , , , M W It J I M .2 I af f f ' - ,,, II' 4, -, I 1 IAIII 'f ff , ,, W ,J 51 , I So W 'ff I A :Ji , 9 ff VIVI I f w 'L I I LM-.M ff A, , A ,br , ,y K 6, ,. ,.,f V .wi Mx an X ,... fgfkvnm Vg V, , , 4 H V ,, ,L j ,. VVV , I ., , L Vt , i I AII , V V If A I ' if MJ. I , I 'I I'II' ,,,, ,JJ , I I VIII ,. 4 I My a M I"1 :VK Alj, 4 A izz W':k T I III " " ' "f' 4, ' ' ,. , f"f-'If lid ' " , .Z 1, K 1,42 , I I, We ,I V,.: vf,,M,, V.k:k i 0 an R , W , ' f' 1'7',9fWf9U Q I I 'I Q? I J 'I . u ' in , , II f A 5 h J ,, , , '-' ff"'-' J ,,-, A"' 3 H " , 2 -W Ma O , J , I, V ,,,, MZ' W , I 4 If ' ,E W, ,,,S g f mu , MM I saga-if ' ---f - , 55 vw I 2 l VARSITY VOLLEYBALL VALERIE BROWN, ESTELLA SADDLER CMGRD, LISA BATES ROW 2: TINA AH'KIONG VERNA SPEIGHTS CCAPTQ, COOKIE APUU, PATRICIA EPENESA JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL MARCIE MCMAHAN, PATTY BRABANT, SARAH SCHAFER ROW 2: MICHON SIMPSON, TONYA HUNT, WENDY ZANZINGER 1, L A , ie W "HMB , , ' , QQ a n ' ,,,,,V, 9 , me-J ,ff ' x A 2 Za 4 ,, 3, r C V V' gpm I , ,,i,, Gris Maurice Johnson, Paul Ingram, Darryl Morris, Joe Sapp, Alfred Bennett, Ryan Blackshire, Percy Thompson, Row 2: Charles Williams, Charles Black, Michael Clark, Dent Hunter, Marc Jones, Row 31 Alan Brown, Louis Gibson, Dorian Drake, James Williams. ww .CN 'WW' V X JWWM, W Jv- '11 E ' '- 'Wa' ffffffi' I ' 3 ' . ' 'ggvvg iffy , 5 - Q , . W M , iff 2 " ff?" 'QNX '-D Y, ,, QW ,,,,, ' Maw Wag? ,V WW mf A . f ' W 1 ,J SOCCER TEAM , N A.. ,,,,.,..W----'W'-'W ' A ,J , ,V N. ..,, , I 3 :!,, A g ,f V, - ' .'f M . 'M Jose Vallyo, Demetrio Rea. Aaron Estrada Row 2 Richardo Rincon. Mark Owens. Hector Mayoral, Leonardo Casas, Miguel Capetillo Row 3 Coach Jim Richards. German Valdes, Juan Aguirre, Jorge Muniz, Adrian Brown. Coach George Delys SGCCER '83 J , ,fi ,WM Jw xv f 'f , I ROW I Estella Saddler, Joseland Copeland, Roseland Copeland, Cindy Johnson, Jennifer Crittenden, Verna Speights. Bridgette Saddler, Angie Taylor. Michelle Allen, Daniel Reed VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL .l.V. Girls Basketball ROW I Marvise Baker, Tia Turner, Vicki Moss, Patricia Brown. Jacqueline Purvis. Linda Deeling. Rose Taaga, Monia Woods A, 71' is , V ,,, M " i'- W ,Mk .. , KM. , Miha H1 M 9- 4 My " H M f VW W L ,Q cw, 5 iv f mr, , 5 2 ii Q, 4 I L25 if f' if-K ff' 5 Z' A ' f-WW ' f YM' 'M W , , H , W 1' "' ' ' L ' 'g w 5 4 H , fi ' pa , 5, ,, , -H ,Q f , .5 if 1 ,, 4523? f , , - 4, -ag 45, 1 g.4.Ji..J,,, ,,,. ,,,, , V 1 H " 912' if i -r " rw "" ' V , A I J A A V ' jk, 'f5"1f:df" , il 1 '41 1, f ' ll , nw " " was 1, a 4 fi f A af mf 3 4, 54,6 f 4 Vt, J ,Q '52 535235 QB 5 6225 F Q . 1 fi V ' f' gs ,, ww e 1 f r ,J I' f ,J 20 2, gg g 1 1 ' ,iv , , VV f M ,,,,, , A , f f J , 1 I A, , f' ' , A' . ,L .., j """ f J l ti,e , , r g -W i an " ' , ,f W V! mf M tiii J Q , - iiii iiii A fi ,J rf,..... , ,, ,fi ,,:,,,w, ff f ,, f ff aww an ,, 1 , .V 9 ,ww ,, ,iizgaigwyii ,, wi WH ffi, ,2f??w'fwiff1' -' gf f fi 1, ' , ff ', Q? 1 fr ,,,, , J A A , K, , . L.. fa w'iN' , :.'372.in'5 I,--4 LAVELLE SHELTON, JAMILA HARRIS. ANTHONY REED, COACH SEDDUTN ROW 2: ANTHONY JOHN- SON, MIKE ALLEN. JOHN STANLEY, DERON WHITE, CHARLES WILSON ROW 3: VINCE ADAMS, RAMON VASQUEZ, KEITH WILSON, RODNEY HILL, MIKE FOSTER, MIKE SMITH, ALBERT JOHNSON Ji' if L ' sf 2 ,VVV M XLT 'A Brenda Bell, Kathy Bell, Roberta Brown. Brenda Carter Janice Carter, Michelle Cunningham, Cythia Daugherty Lolia Faatolia, Lenore Gonzolez, Deone Hines, Sonya Hunt Tonya Hunt, Beverly James, Anita Lee, Stephanie McKaney M seberry, Laura Lopez, Elizabeth Sanchez. TRACK TEAM TENNIS TEAM Alan Gentry, Michael Clark, James Williams, Stephen Nakata, Anthony Powell, Anthony Lain, Tina Aklong, Wendy Hetz, Marcie McMahan TRACK TEAM 71 Babara Pargo, Karen Redford, Angela Suseberry, Tylisa Su- QEWVV, J, , ' like! AW ' .V V zz. , f -V My 3 X ,,, B T 5 T MQ ff V Q-...S-f V fV .,, 3 A, A ,, KH Q uv - , Z if W V- W X 1 s Q ,,,f ,-,, , VM, V11 ,V 32:-IEE' V V 3 , f ,,,, ,., ,, , . , , , 4 . ,... V A A "Q'1: ' ' ' A "V' B' ' ' VV ' 'V , 1 - W , f" 1 . , W P' V ,, V f,, A V M V, V V 11,3 ,,VV, V A is ,, , -0 - 1 ' , zz ' .1 T h ""' " ,il ' f , Z K A A 'fff,V H 1 l ,V , 'Z il V lQ:f,"4 y ' ' Jw? V f ,Vf VVVV .A , V ,, ' , , if 72 "HDR ET HGOPSTERSH VARSITY BASKETBALL Anthony CSpidermanD Todd Row 2 Kevin Williamson, Michael Parish, Roy Patrick. Anthony Gunn, James Jackson, Michael Allen, Steven Ellis - Not pictured Alton Beavers i M, f XP' .l.V. BASKETBALL I983-84 Kneeling: Marcus Steven. Row 2: Johnny Shaw. David Santos, Michael Thomson, Lester Hines. Row 3: Coach Earl Woolridge, Thearxis Wardlow, Deshang Weaver, Greg Allison , 4 Q, ,,,, I Z A Q Q 2 -A Ns 2.-9 mgk I 3- .......L, ,lm WSW .,... 4 1 .V ,V 9 .W VAAI Q A ,, V A Jlwhl A ,V V i V 4 'K k I 7 is V V ,, V ylvv 'zjixf all ' V .J as Q nz 'iff o r L , so o i L L n r L e L if ' es h L , . , Hel L .lf iii, 19 "" L '52 , , VVV A , , ,, .,,, ry ,,r,'-l V, U , ' " 'A 'ill VM v 7 ,, - .rrrr ,, ,,.. ,.N,,r,,,,,,, ,, ,,rr,,, r,,,.,.,r..r.rrVV,, V rr V Vr, V ,V VV W, Q., , V V ' ,'ii, L s X N -1 f WW f MK-emwvwm fy A an M 4' it LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL'S MUSIC DEPT. Lincoln's "Pep Band" is one of the most seen groups in the school. The accomplish- ments we have made at this point are play- ing on the side lines of our varsity football games, school assemblies, pop warner foot- ball games, a 5K run-a-thon performance, we have performed at Mesa College, as well as filming on Cox Cable which will be aired on February 2lst. Our plans for the future are performances at Elementary, Jr. High and High Schools, we also will be planning performances at various Community functions and events. The show band students are all very spe- cial and should all be considered "Super Stu- dents". This band consists of three lead vo- cals, Juaquin Wilkins, Rosemary McElyea, and Shaunte Jones, on horns, Raphael Wil- kins, Robert Major, Alan Gentry, drummer, Charles Harris, guitar, Cecil Nolan, bass, Anthony Stephens, and keyboard, Mario Mitchell. We also have two equipment man- agers, William Lovett and Richard King. Ra- phael Wilkins, Shawnee Jones, Allen Gentry, Rosemary McElyea, Kenny Wilkins, Cecil No- lan, Row 2, Mr. Mitchell, Charles Williams, Patrick Mitchell, Anthony Stephens , ROTC Our JROTC program includes academic subjects, physical training and extracurricular activities. It is our goal to work closely with the young students to develop within each of our cadets a sense of responsibility, patriotism, respect for law and order and good citizenship. It has been our experience that JROTC cadets enjoy participation in extracurri- cular activities which include such things as Color Guards, Drum Corps, Drill Competitions, visits to military installation, picnics and Military Ball which is the Annual Social highlight for JROTC cadets. Many of our cadets enjoy the opportunity to compete on Rifle Teams, and this is a way to earn a School Varsity or Junior Varsity letter. JROTC provides an excellent background for the Senior ROTC program offered at many universities, and students who participates in JROTC during high school may be given constructive credit for one or two years of the four Senior ROTC program. Successful completion of the Senior ROTC Program earns a young manfwoman a Reserve or Regular Officer Commission. Our goal in the JROTC program at Lincoln is to help develop honest and responsible young men and women. Our motto for the remainder of this year and next is "INITIATIVE AND lNTERGITY". COL. RON LENOSKI, SQT. CARLOS ESTRADA 74 LEARNING CENTER The learning center is staffed by members of the English and Math depart- ments. Students sent to the learning center recieve spe- cialized instructions in Eng- Iish, reading, math, and social studies which help them to succeed in their regular classes. Besides helping stu- dents with instruction during regular school hours, the learning center is open for business after school and is willing to serve the student population in any way it can and at any time. Lincoln Hi h School Presents . . . The Center for Medicine and ealth! Lincoln High School is fast gaining a new reputation as the home of the Center for Medicine and Health. San Diego television stations and newpaper have presented feature programs and articles on the school this year. The word is out: Lincoln has a great Medical program! lf you have been at Lincoln High over the last few years you know what all the excitement is about. The entire school has undergone great changes, not just in the remodeling projects, but in the new vitality and enthusiasm among staff and students. During these years Lincoln students have become a major part of the program, and now up approximately 502 of the full time enrollment. Even if you are not in the Magnet program, your support and friendly acceptance of Magnet students is a major reason for its success. So thanks Hornets, the Venter for Medicine and Health proudly wears the Green and White with youl Mel Weisenberg, Magnet Coordinator and Margaret Radford, Channel Ten News THE HIVE ON T.V.l QA Z s W SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT MS RASPBERRY, MS "GlNO" JoHNsoN AND Ms SECURITY Rgggw The objective of the nurse's office at Lincoln is to assist all students toward maintaining optimum wellness. This will help to enable each student to receive the very best education experience while at- tending school. To carry out this objective, the nurse performs several services that are man- dated by law such as hearing test, visual screening, etc ln addition to these services, the nurse makes assissments and following these assessments with the proper referrals. The nurse wishes to en- courage all students to feel free to con- sult with her regarding any health issue. Thanks, Gill Dawson - School Nurse, lda 4 fm Green - ie ig 5 Social Concerns and Jo Comier - Speech f 9 7 Q Therapist 75 , ,, ifivfj ,n, Z- 'U , ' vq, ff, , r w ' , 4, 'xr - ' V . fi , Z 'V' .i1'5':- '?'.T, 5 V-I ' " V " ,, i ,z 'F' Ja' ' jt z,. ., 0 an 1 VARSITY SOFTBALL ANGIE TAYLOR, MICHELLE ALLEN, CHENNEL MCCOY. ROW 21 LISA BATES, ESTELL SADDLER, ANTOINETTE BROWN, JENNIFER CRITTENDEN. ROW 3: MR. MCFARLIN: ASSIST. COACH, LINDA KEELING. SONJA HUNT, TONYA HUNT, BRENDA CARTER The Hornet girls for the first time have made a play-off in softball. We should be proud of these ladies. They have all achieved what they said could not be done. We all love you Lincoln Hornets. Your COACHES. Dot Mack Jim U 1, 1 1 ,4 I L Q f '-' f kifm 5 - ' at ZW V X- I ,,,, I ,,,, :N 1 - I , ' ' 5 " V J, ,L , ywf f , . , ,V , , H, V ,,,,-W , Aw ig,,,,,,Qs,w fE W - ,, I , ' ' Qmfm' , , 1 , H - WL Y 1 , , . , if ,,,. W ,, , ,Z ,, I 1 1 , ff ,,,v ,yr ,W V , , M ,,, ,,, ,M --,Wt g, ,, ,Wm M" W' I f , , w ,. my ffimfffafffr .V. SGFTB LL Valerie Brown. Verna Speights, Marcie McMahon. Wendy Hetz ROW 2: Maruise Baker. Latania Chase, Cookie Pauu. Assistant Coach Curtis Brown Not Pictured: Coach Charlie Brown 42 , W, 4 ,,, T 5 Wm W it B iii' :H t't' 2 if 5" M , 'WMM H 7 f , , ,,, W..-' ? ' n,,,,,,,, I , if 4, v Delphia Emery. Denise Pargo, Trena Bennett, Kathi Thomas, Sharon Julien. Dana Myers, Denise Ellis, Shirella Lee, Gwen Brown. YQLI G M N'S FEDERATIO Right to left: Kenneth Johnson, Anthony Todd, Smiely Harris. Row 2: Tony Lain, Adrian Brown, Mark Owens, Michael Allen, Eric Hayes, Kevin Williamson Charrise Jones, Adolfo Alvarez. , !,y. 4',gQ 'V 'mi W' . , V- ,Q .. . I , f if rf? tl I . , ,, VI! 2 i .i..,, ' ,s , no I 11 Q 4, ,I V I V ,W I I, N -114' Mark Owens. Alicia Johnson Tony Lain, Kathy Martinez Cnot picturedj Adolfo Alvarez, Memme Cunningham D E C E M THE "CHEFS" SERVE THE TEACHERS K IWLLTQLLL eq 1 ,ww if YOU DID WHAT TO YOUR TEACHER? THE FAMOUS "GO TO CLASS PLEASE" HOLDING UP THE ROOF "ILLEGAL ATTlRE" I PROUD HORNETS iw L M5 , M Ay, L HORNET SMILES 19 T19 TIS L QH QU I Q Q D45 X. 1 ' AE. K - 2 Mx gXg?1fXE '- - r 1 LX 2- ' ' , I .. A si AGUIRRE. J ALCALA, A N A mmmm L L. .1 L -k'L . XY 1 EX . A 5 BAZURTO, A BROWN. A K s in LLLA X X 3 3 X, X A CARTER, B X ND' XX K ik. V ' f iiff ' Q R ---Q. J ft P ' f BENNETT. S .X ,rm fm? Si . X Xa X S BROWN, L i , A .S A Q A R X. x,, XX X J , X Q wx 'r il sg X K... .A : .- XR 5 xi L VV 213 5 L . Q 3 ,, ALEXANDER. K BLAIR, T .... X . W in X Q R XV ,X X A NXT X 'F fi . ,...,: 5 BROWN. P CARTER. J CARTER, L 3? fig X5 gk ,L X . X .X 54 X Q1 'Qs ALLEN. D ALVARADO, M . . .. ,X- . F -X-f -1 ' - . ?. :g.s1'5. " E -' . , Q 11 tguf " if : Q X X ' ' .L - M- - 345, J .X BORJA- G BRABANT, P 3 il . X BROWN, R CAMACHO. J X XXXX . , .X.. XXXX , L A A .--X X-----. L A X Qs: X A ,X fiffix 155' 3 ,anf-'LTP' Q gf. S. -5,0 :SEQ . sank. 5 ' K A ix Wlfzgzgg s g s is A , X: - 'ff' . ' CARTER. L CASILLAS. C COVARRUBIAS, A CELESTINE. D CHARLES. W CHASE, M COOPER, A BAILEY, D 55259 A 55:7 - ., f -. ip W S145-A ' - X. XX ::::,X BRADFORD. M A D M, f X J X CAPETELLO. M L cfxsrno, E X V1 X L CRAIG. J 1-- . 'ans' . .. ,ff A r CRANE, D DEJOHNETTL, M A . S L 'J . mm.L - ...4 X.. NS A is L SSAS L A f All ....,.. DIGGS, S QL R 1 3 tl mv X . - ELLIS. S ..2..:E?,L -fi Lx EIN .:-- .. at ,i"fffggi. -, - .w 1 f S4 eggs r . -..- Q , ,qv HLLDS, S .sf X L... if - 1 NN CRITTENDEN. J Z DEL RIO. R l--' fS SS DONNELL, J 2? DAVIS. S DEL GADILLO. P DAVIS. T 4 u L DENT, L A J- 1 .. - J fx ' A fx. if .... ' L gif? e O A ---f L A A A . .. 1, we I 2. 5 f , 55's .S DRAKE, D DLIFFIELD, J Y-X L ei ,xi L XS Q X ' as ESVY- O LSTEV. M ESTRADA. A X it X xx if M 9 . 'lm X 1. x E If 'L-:Q . W N X f' QW , FORD. W FORNEY, L FOWLER, A , . . NESS, . I -.. is A DAY, V DEARING. B mf DEVOUS. K DIAZ. A ECHOLS. P ELLIS, D wr- : -.. -- . ,. , . .. ww sr TE I fx W . F w L ' EVANS. S FAIAI, T fi: : 1::x. :-' .ne 1 L . M .N , X ...X ...... . .3 'Q k-- L. 5 +-' - ,Tx L 1 S 1 L XS L L, . M! 5 FROST. L GAINES, D S Q. gg X X QL- X XS L L. L DN 'fr A A J I ,,A ,5 h , 5 41 GARCIA, F GOREE, L HAWKINS, T JEFFERSON, A JONES, M GARCIA. M GUARD, R HERNANDEZ, A JOHNSON, A JONES. W A ,,,, - ,,,, y ,EL , 5 , I f f ak f f ,. f, f f .f- -1-f--- W ,,'Vf:f , XM! f 'V ff W 7 I f,,,,..., . GARCIA, P GARNER, J GATES, T A f 'Z' MW 1 W I f Q f X4 2 g J ya? Q J WW 2 Z X Q Af 2 Y' gf HAMMOND, G HARRIS, Y HASAN. T ' I , L , ,, My V . game, , , , X 4 f, ' ? az f Q 3 T ' ,G 'X Y I 4 , I , ,,, HOWARD, C HOWARD, S HULTSCH, X ' ' " ' ....,, ,,,, A -an fffigl' V V ,E,,,,, W ,I f ' ' MY, Q 'W , A wk ,V ,,,. m.1 ,g: " JOHNSON, A JOHNSON, A JOHNSON, D KELLING, L KING. J LAGRONE. V GEORGE. K '75 'IM X HAUSERMAN, J HUNT, S , , ffm ' f ' , ' kv M Aff M , , wwf " MW!! J? fi! 4 ' x JOHNSON. J LARRY. M f , wifwfl KLA LARNEL5 EMM LEONARD, B , X 'V 454 if f , W aw , iff 'W !'!y f 4 7 f 1 15 12 L R Q f 2 ? 7 1 ' X 4 if MCBRIDE, M , , "fff A -,,,,' W Aff' IW -- W-QW -W f,-- " , , ..,, ! v 4 MOSS. R F ----- ELLM - i .. .... M f 4 , K-yi, -, in , fy 11 W M 4 4 OWENS, J , . ,4 , , if ff A r 0' 9 3 RAMIREZ. M , 1, I 1 I -v LN Lggif R I M MALVEAUX, V MANU. C MARSHALL, D MARTINEZ, G MARTINEZ. L f MCCLELLAN, D MCINTYRE, K MCWILLIAMS, A MISA. F MOSLEY. D MUNOZ, L MYRES, D NEWMAN, A NOLAN, C NUCKOLS, V' Q f 4' xg, MMM L :My 5 A, 1 -lf U, PAGE, M PAYNE, O PEREZ, J POOLE, R PRICE, C RAWLINGS. K RENTA. M ROBERSON, G ROBINSON, A RODRIGUEZ. M ROMERO. I SANDERS, S SHANNON. A ,IN ,CCCC SMITH, M STRONG, C L... . - ,I .... . .... J: -Tiff-FXJJ Xfulb: :J 43 Ri ' ' K Q ii sis 'H SSR ,C K X N 3 H x x X , 'MCA if X S NY fb X x 5 X X X Nwmwx 4 - , f :w.--fm., X Q .. .A .QM W C A wi Q A C S X X Af iv 6 N W awww-, . .. ,... K ROSEMORE. G SANTOS, D SHARP, T ,. .C . ' J A SMITH. W F, In RUSSELL, M SAPP. J SILVA, M N Q If ,S Y if , , 53 M Q an 2 , S Q, is QM N .. X S X SOLIS. J SADDLER, C , I .K 'TNR . I ' fl - 1 I Q I N' N SCHAFER. S SMITH, A SPEIGHTS, V I ,C A- . ,, li Q' 3 K- S 5 -,L .1-:J-. l , . 155552, ,Q X K' ., f SSQQQ, , IIAI L,-.', SANCHEZ, C SANDERS. C X , . - N , ASI: F x . V, I ' - .Y ' fix- k ,Si 1-f: 'xi1I-Q' I A , ft. JS: AIIA - A SSSR SCHLOTTERBECK, K SCHUT- L SMITH. J SMITH. M STEWART, R STIDUM. T SUSEBERRY, T TAAGA. R TEVIS. M THOMAS. K. TODD. L Z ":,55'ff ' If Q ff f f Z f, 'f N ,wwf A 7 E, , EW 7' WADHAM. D WESTBROOKS, C f . if TURNER, R I , ,, f,,, J M. I , I, X , an I 9' V' , W f A WALKER. T WHITAKER, E f ,wx Z Aff 5 M f , 'Q f Q V X Q.....-J WILLIAMS. Y WILLIS. M ' I I ik H R I 52 D , . A WOODSON. A , I ,J -'L - WRIGHT, C A f , I , TURNER. 5 TURNER, T , ,,,f ,WW , I , 1 ' 0 gf , 1 ' ,Z I WARD, B WARNER, L WILKERSON, K WILLIAMS, A ,, 1 x VASOUEZ, A ' 'f2'j,zeQ ' I if T ra f i I WARREN, T , , .N ' ,w fa WW f f , M Z X f fl' . af. V U' 'J 'H , 1 , f E ,J WILLIAMS, R I ,,,, . Jn' W , rr ! if 4 E I " f . ,V f .QF o , I 'r WILSON, C WILSON. D YELL, V YOUNGBLOOD, R WILSON, J ,',,, ' xjf' , K, A W f ' 1 .. f Vi 4 , Vf,,, ' , , .5... , Lf f 91 4 f 9 Ig' K, , Q V , f W if ., ZANZINGER, W ff f f Vg W ff f fx , , 3 , W , N 41" , ,, ,H I Q, Q f A 2 VASQUEZ, L WEBB, S M, 1, ,A V ., -15- WILLIAMS. Y X 5 JI ': AA ,,,, A WILSON. K W ,,, f,VVVr, , L ww ,wig ALMADA, S ARCE, I "i ,,,. Nw, ,, ,J- 1 NYV ,,,, 55 W5 1 A ,Q l BELL, 5 BENNETT. A BROWN, E BROWN, E CAPLES, E CARTER, J ' ,,,, V 52-'Q E W , i W CORNIST, D CUTTQN' K AVILA, L ',y"Wi?V 11, 'JZ' BOWDEN, S mf wif' Q ' L I . fi BROWN, V CHRISTENSEN, A i COX. D Z W f , ,BBB W ' ? 5 , , B B,B ,.B,,, , A , 1' Q j, l'Li ,. ,,,,, -, ,, , ,, Mm f ,fm .,,,,, i I , ff a W? A ' M BALTRIP. C BELL, B ww. 9 Ely.- BRADFORD. A 1' 'I 3 BRIDGES. J ' IJ , ,-1 'ff wv,' l 'E ,,L , N5 'R J an BRYANT.T BUSH-J 'QV ,Q . CHRISTENSEN, f ,QQ , , Way? Wiz ,aww ,Z L COLEMAN, C , ,gif ,,, W , , gm 7 X f ,,,, ,,,, CRAIG, W CROSS. R , BB 296' .W , X, L "LL' ..,- A? JEMQZBHM BELL, S W V, , N w: ,gf X 4 ga 72 'Q?WQ'L" M rrrrr a i m -q-...f.--- BROWN. D CAPETILLO, C I , , f 1, 4 : 1, XV! COOK, D f . ,,,, V 5?WZM Q f sz DAUGHERTY. C Q 5 Q 5 Q 5 1 ! ,, W , 1 f wi W M 322221 If A If 5 I45. i ga fiff. I in DAVIS, C DAVIS, S ECHOLS, J ELAHI, H FILER, T FORD. T DIXON. A A .' 1 R, : , Wi ' iv I we f A ' ,gwwwwffy 4 TM ? "IQ if ESPARZA, A h ,,. ,av . I 1 I 1 ,W I 'Il L- :A Mig. la GALVEZ, R '1 i f GREEN. T HALEY, S I Q HARDY, H 'I , , ww. - f , ,,,, Zvi' 22 , ,Z 1 ,fm Ap, aff A! DOMINQUEZ, A Wm" ,ma ,"' 'W V M ESCOBAR, C GARDNER, A , HARRIS, I DONNELL, G , 2 ' , B, . ' ESTRADA, S I AAI g i A IRXI Z ,f Qv f W! W X U ,, , f ,, 40 W ', 2 .W X ,f ' 2? f 4 , ws , 1 M , . f GOMEZ, L HARRIS, R ' Jn w , X 1 7? 2 Z 1? , ,QW fm 24' fi f , ff: ,z W " fi: " 'wif , J , ,V Z ,: - ' ' DUGGINS, R EVANS, A GORHAM, A z I J, 27, 11 A Q " HARRISON, J I ,, , ,,. , ,. ,,,,,, S 1 , I 1 ww f i Ea 'Q fi X, fr xi' , V , 7 ,I 4, V ,,, ,VV . , W M 4 V '- HENRY, A HERMOSILLO, F HERMOSILLO, F HIGGINS. T HINES, D HOBEL, D Q' HOLIDAY. S. Y Skfgg E Jisgw -gf N S Q , 'Ay , 1 . JOHNSON. C -gy .5 ,-" K K if k4QH'jN f I Y 4 , X A JONES. S fi I ' A A A E5 1 ssfv' f 1 ' LEPE, G W 6 C 5 A ., K-She' LOPEZ. Cv HOWARD. J JOHNSON. C 'V' Q r F QL L 'X S LX . S w Ill' I JORDAN, S HUTCHERSON. l INGRAHM- R JOHNSON, C JOHNSON, F JULIEN.S KITTLING. S K .. .1 Sv .. A Q A ' N - SSL Fi ggw QC ' SSN A f SS gk. 155 xwig is SICI A S P IQ LEWIS, L LEWIS. C LEWIS. L A Lys K . 1 it E .4 .L A 2 J 2 S, . J J LUCAS. A LOVETT. W MARQUEZ. Ca L ax YN -X JACKSON. R JOHNSON. A 374. T. if JOHNSON. M JONES. S i 1 .L- LAWRENCE. L LEE. A Q? in X LIGHTFOOT, L LOCKE. D MARTIN. D MAYORAL. H 1Qf1w-Lf:--, -1 . if:f:g::!f', , ' ., 2' Cafww, , . WQXXXXXU R X ,,,,,,.. , Hifm ,wr ,ff gm f f A 21 f 'S' it ff w if S f wx f W X 11 X X 4 , ,,,. ,X Af' K g Q f W f 1 ,. .,. MCELYEA. R MORRIS. D OLACHEA. J X W Eg .ff -TX XiiXXfz4M,,X,,f' 1,2525 , Z , ,WEE W-' ' F W 'C i f NX X X 'W Wf!!6f77K f X X X X X X X XX ff, 55 f f X Q L X Jw ,X X . X X sg 5 X X X X , XXXXX, MILLARD, D MONROY, M , 'i 5 275, ' MCMAHAN, M MCNEIL, J MCSWAIN. N MUNIZ. J NELSON. L NERL C X- f .I 'z:- ,,,'W 5X' "kk ' A ..., ANNN X . X X NNNR: f X "M '... ' ,Q XX ,f . Z? 7 1 OVERSTREET, D PARGO, B PARKS, J " f A u 1:?F"'f' I , ' ba k ' ' .f l . PRICE. S PRINCE, I. PURVIS, J RAMERIZ. C NNNNN X E " .,.. 2 X.. 56 XXX, ...,, , , 3 fy, Q Z X WX , if REED. I g, VE, ,, R , R 2 RENTA, T - X RENTA, W RINCON, R NOOKS, L NUCHOLS. D PATTON. M PAYNE, T ZQX QL M WX. A 2 fum ., M X ,g "" ,,,, :XX,X X f i W if fry X X2 X X af if Z, X M ,X Y ff f Xi W 9 X, fi RAE, D REDFORD, K 3 E RINGGOLD, R ROBINSON. B RODRIGUEZ. S I RUSSON, M M 414,95 W f ' A SHERMAN. I SOLIS, P ' THOMPSON, F A ,,,, ,I 'irq V , , ' 5 I RODRIGUEZ, R n. 5 14 X I s SANCHEZ. C 1 , W Av , In 4 , f f AI, if ? ,T f y iw X W X , W ,PEW .., M5725 -,f ' W Y ja " . did 4 im ' 3 tj, 4 in h I, - f I ff M.:-an J A 1,1144 M' V4- SIMPSON, M SPEIGHTS, J THOMPSON. H W' E ! i RODRIGUEZ, A ' V' Q A ' ,,,, , II A 49 ff W if 5, f I W M N81 Z QC f wi A A III I fl WI I ,I . ns-J' SAPHO. S SINPSON, S SPELLS. L ISS GW ,M ' ,, iw ' . ' 'f If 'a',w,, ix Q gf ,A f ff, f K 52 I I ff I ,,.. . V ff X TOPETE. M RODRIGUEZ, R SCOTT, B SLOAN. R If ,,.., 515 ' - Muff I I STEVENSON, M I 4 X' " if , ip: V QTLIHW 9 VALLEJO, J fl!! gi Q I ROJAS, G QM IT-L WI I 'I 7I'fW I 1 ki LwImmE'l2i12y,yLi, I, f II ,wa scorr. R SMITH. C , 4 :" 1, , 4' Q' TERRELL, C III . gag ,I if 1' VILLALVAZO. G .W WMM , Af af 1 f RUSSELL, D SHEPARD, A SMITH, E I ' E Z" 5' X' . THOMAS, R ,,, i. ,, ,HH ,5,,5-WM,u .. ,, ,,, , , ..,,,, i Q 1' 1, - ff 7 '.' A2 ' 1 ,, -wwf ? VILLARREAL, C W E fi, Q ff' ' x ' SSNQSS Q Q Six Sf 1 3.1 W X 1 5 s N F X N X VW- 3 WALTON. D WILLIAMS. T WILSON. R WINSLOW. S WOODS. D :' 5, ,X Nw W uw .X .xx if X, R X Q if Q , Y S 'f Q E E T CL gs I NS? x S Q1 X "" ' 1 3 6 5 e, ,, N .::,QQ.. .. 61 X 'L L X Q x N L? 1 :. ' i -f N ,. K Kk-- ALDRIDGE, J ALEXANDER. C ALLEN. C ANDRADE, N ARMSTRONG, T is ,. C l b 1 LCCCC . C fX Agfa Q 4, km .. f 4. A A X K X Ax L Ng Q ...... i -an 5 x X ' X l Q . , S " L. gk'hh wh BOYD. D BRADLEY, T BRAND, S BROADNAX, T BROOKS, E V 351 Q . A "' , me E if Sligg, L LE V' S 7 i f 1.1 A it A BROWN- W BRUNSON, A BUCKLEY. C BUTLER. M CASTANEDA, R , :Ir 1- in buy A W . . N, , . 1 2. . . . ,:. A Y ,M .M X CASTRO, S CASTRO. R CAZARES. E CERVANTES, L CHASE, L .. kkkk 'i i i - it Y H A A QR. .g l - A ,Q A A A n 4 N :kk i 'I A -.:,. R X .xC. Efqfiii A 7 .:.. -iff" COBB- V CRANE, L CUMMINGS. R DANIELS, N DAVIS, J BONNER, S BROWN. A .wx , A .. x 5 Y f ,5 .. 1 . .- CASTILLO, N I' Ji i ' f 1, . CLIMAX, D Q., i rm , , fm I ., , ,A ,V Ei . ,ff " 0 M' , .,. if ,az J is 4 2 X9 J -,,f , 1 EASLEY. L FRANKLIN, P " Q HANNON, V HUNT. S JONES. D .ff X EDWARDS. V EVANS, N FAATOALIA, L ,J ,, ff 1 f i " 3 ff FROST, D GRAHAM. I GRATE, L HARDY. S HAWKINS. M HENDERSON, K JAMES, B JOHNSON, A JOHNSON, E JONES, K JONES. K JONES, S FERGUSON. S HALE. K HORNE, L , W w k: f : :f ff-JH pw X If x It W - , W Q ' 4 'H If 9, ' , W K A , , ,f 5 4 4 7 1- ,ff W JOHNSON, E KINNEY. C FJ. FISHER, R HALL, S sf' wt, HOWARD, J SLE , I A 7, ' JOHNSON. J LACKEY, S 4X A :IX -' K, :mg Xr. X ff' hK'g Rf' Q W SX, XX f T " 5' 1 X X XX 1 XX S Xb al X X is Ah VX4' E X X XX LEWIS, D MATSON. D PARKERJ 9.4555 f E. NX 'Q if K X its NK XX XXX X XX LLL 3 RICHARD. L N SMITH, A X . . . is X X X is X T LOPEZ. C - ,.1. MC FADDEN, T XSX y 'QQ X X X X X 5 :X X QXYX gg: N XXQ 1 X X X X X SF XX XX LX R X X X Q'- X PEREZ, A LOPEZ. L XJ X XX NS X X i X YS X X' XS? X X. : X Tiiiisii .L Y X E A . Ni r if 3' , MJ- MENDEZ. A PURVIS, K A XS XX M ,4 Q A X XQ ROBERTSON. R SANCHEZ. E SMITH. S STEWART, R LXLLX X E X X X X5 'L Q 1 5 XX T X I ' w X X i LOVE. R . .kii II ,, S MENDOZA, J RAINEY, J SARABIA. P STIDUM. T MADYU M, B MANU. I MOSELEY. S OVERSTRLET, L WR A Q .. ff-X 5 I RANDAL i L, S RANSOM, S XX X , X fa 'Q Xi X ' QSM 59 X if Q X SILVA, v' J ' Q X 1 X gi SUSBLRR Y. A SUTTLR, L 1' . ij . is 5. Ai WF Vik: .. QL wh, THOMAS. J VERGIL, C WOODS, M :ii ,N 4 if 5 VM: E --is 5 NS X X Rig ik 5 S Fx Y R X ,Q - ,.,. THOMPSON. C TUBBS, B TURNER, A VALDES. G Q I .. .i ll x' WALLLR, D WHITFIELD, A WILLIAMS. 5 WILLIS. C VERDUGO, E ifll . ' A - ,. I I.ICCCL I- W IL L E A MS , S WRIGHT, R mmf. 'I if A . . V C. 1 ff' A, L ' ' -A k :fx lung ,gp-sul ,...--- ,....-- ..--- CLASS QF '86 AWWA 3 aw f"' M W! , 1 f ,si I A f ff q, Nw . ,-if X ,, QW , nf, , W' IWKMUZ G I 1 I X f ALLISON, G 4 1 ,I CALCOTE, E X X w I FLORES. A NASH. S L'i' ?A:'?'ii' X 2 1 YBARRA, M fa ,,,,g,, V., ,H ,, I I BAKER. D 34655 2-if ' M . 5 1, I I ' I 1' CHILDS, L HARDY, S I, L My-4 ,WVJ Vg : Vim f' I' if" vu. , I Wifi' , I OSBORNE. T ZUMAYA. R V? BARAJAS. M I ,,, , CLEMENTE, M LANCASTER. M 1-7 SIMAS, P f , I, 5 , 1 I SMITH, L CALLIS, R 1 Q I Dlw. ,f Q4 CAUDRAS, L MARINELLO. R SIMPSON, S A L I I I f MISMM ,, , 'E ,,,,,,4,,, , I ,Ir , CARTER, R CASTANEDA, C I 3 I ' gf f I fy I DAWSON. A DICKERSON. R .,... N 7 I 0,4fV!u, I 4 M , I., ,W I I 1 ,f I I an f I ' ' , ,,,, Q2 I , L M' , 04+ MCCLELLAN. B MOSLEY. B 1 'Q 501 'Q STEVENS, M VANDYKE, A HDR ET l ,, 4 ffwwu -'N . M,,,,, . 'Mu Look MOM l'm Swinging l don't want any I Rock me to sleep Tell us a story. teacher . ,f Y .5 Lil Pac-man What s up? x i:.2 l "::f?ES:E: 1 f X R. N 5 1- 2:...--- ' -'31' -L . L 'M .. K' , - , . J ' ,-QI A. . ' ,' ' k 5 M. -g . x -V . 1. 5- - - ' if X 1 Agni 1 i . ,,..,.. -+ .. V A A . 1 E.. -. .L . -, A Q Q - 4 N " 'Q :MIA P . - N 1 "N i " X A , A A . "" X .. 5 . 1 .' f' A A , V A N ,I Q. - K. Q. Ifvjj'-" Q . - ' 1 ,,,. , R 1 P ? K 1 - W' ! . Q . . . -S A 1 L' ,L H L ' , S- ' . . 6 1 w . .-., ., 1 -ap X Q K. -.... I x 1 2, - -. is .Q E. ' f '3:fE- '-" '- if ' - ft S ' '. St' L? his S , .55 s . -.xx - I ,f . A Q! 1 H was? 5 . Nwugsn .-1 b 3 ffl 3531, , I SV' . .. - . 'x - N .,.f 'sv ., X 5,5 . e:'3'iv ,' ffffmiixifgwfx - gm: is -.zfifrf ' ' . . A LL! xi 5 1: wi-CA N r Q . f 5, ., MZ. Q W ,f- iff ww...-f-mm 1 f 4 w . - . -Q... msn: .Nu - Mk. was 9 'G-.1 N? " Y f N MA J. ff . ii: 1 X. ' fi ' li .AQ -Q Q K K . F In , .. it .Xl S - 5 5' 1 mg .- - -. . ffl, 1, 6 1 1 'b M, ' A 5 " wk' H 1,8 , fi, J, fag., f .55 -' sn-if' , A - . , 4 uf 5-is-5Xff"if f . .. we f w -. - f. 'xx ni U' fm-.,,, .iff W.- 3 1 -, ff A W! NF,-, ' Q M 4 ,J gg. gf,-,.. : is . xl is , .1-s g fly ily: :E 1 X 3 ff T" ' 'AJ m ui L We . . 5 . as K : s J . Wlo 04, Q. ' Q my lake. Q . ,, ,. Q- '-1 Qc. :H .X i X Y . .ar 'hu' K. x was: r. . -- S ,. E., 'T' , ,.... X -. R ' W ' W QJ ZQ, if f S ,J N .,. QL , S 5 1 f K X .2 E. 1 R Q. AMF" 91 -. Q Q: :kms -Q55 L EZ. -- ' S' - ff-Vi s . .15 4 COUNSELING 8 GUIDANCE I have held a wide variety of jobs but the task of being head counselor of Abraham Lincoln High School has been one of the most exciting, challenging and at the same time rewarding. When I assumed this position in I978. the Guidance and Counseling Department was composed of seven C75 very dedicated grade level counselors, and of course myself as head counselor. All personnel labored diligently in assisting students to acquire an education and planning for future careers. In retrospect, those years prior to this l982-83 school year were the "golden years", golden in that we were able to provide more than adequate assistance to the school population. Students were able to acquire service throughout the school day in the three guidance domains! This year the senior class has not nor have other grade levels, been privileged to unlimited, unrestricted contact with guidance persohnel and future students will be faced with the same restrictions produced by diminishing state and district funds. Graduation seniorsl You can make a lasting and worthwhile contribution to your high school by spreading the wrd to whomever you contact. especially your immediate family and relatives who still have high school ahead of them. The message should and must be designed to ENCOURAGE present and future students to get into the driver seat of their lives, take control and responsibility for their own educational and career planning. This planning must commence no later than ninth grade but most assuedly before the senior year. Seniors who plan during their twelfth grade year are destined to live at home with mama indefinitelyll In conclusion, I must say that I consider myself extremely fortunate and blessed to have known this senior class and I hope that as a Guidance and Counseling Department that we have influenced your lives half as much as you have ours. All the best in your future endeavorslll fMr. Williams: Head Counselorj I want to congratulate the class of l983. I first met many of you as immature ninth graders. What a difference nowl Many of you have grown up in a very positive way. You have goals and an idea of how to attain them. It has been a pleasurable experience to work with you and I wish each and every one of you a long and happy life. Mary McDonald. Counselor Counseling is the most enjoyable job in the district. It has allowed me to really get to know and work with the students here at Lincoln on a one on one and face to face basis. I certainly enjoy working with "Project Step" and the "High School Diploma Pro- gram". These are above and beyond my reg- ular counseling duties. The people I work with are the greatest. I think what I want to do next year is to teach a class entitled "Im- proving your self-image". This class would deal with decision making, goal setting, prob- lem solving, and personal growth techniques. There is so much to be done and I just want to do my share. E. Davis Rather than giving a job description of the typical counselor, I would rather like to dwell a bit on what makes my time here at Lincoln really enjoyable and worth remembering. I especially remember the ADVOCACY meetings in the Little The- ater and the "talks" we had with the stu- dent body. I remember the time we vis- ited Mr. Burkett's class and spoke with the seniors about their future plans. I also remember individual conferences with students after they had come to the real- ization that there was a strong correla- tion between doing well in school and success in life. My fondest memories. however, revolve around my photogra- phy. It was gratifying to wander around the campus during lunch and hear the familiar phrase, "Hey, Gallegos! What's up with the snaps?" I did enjoy photo- graphing the beautiful students at the Hive. Dr. Ron Gallegos Having spent nearly two years as D.C. at Lin- coln l've become acquainted personally with many of the fine young Adults here I wish to Gloria Stratton personally encourage all of the students to strive for excellence in their academic and social lines. The goals that you set for yourself today will subsiquently insure happiness and economic se- Laura Rosas curity in the future. b Ms. Cooper 3"H'l District Counselor Joyce McMath Regina Evans M.. - l was Ms. Perry: Financial Office. Ms. Rolf, Ms. Lewis: Switchboard. . ,,,,, .,., W , ' ,gba . K MQ in giweicg -gsziutix n LIBRARY Ms. Matthews j Q 6553 gas L: "' 5 Librarian LaRu Dekock, Li Rooivi M IO3 AND io4 Ms, Grossman: Credits Office. brary Clerk Vicky Matthews and Media Technician Carolyn Love, Locate and distribute library books, books. media equipment and ser- vices daily. Ms. Love. media center CAREER CENT text- As the school year, l982-83, progressed, the Attendance Office personnel continued to try to serve the staff and students in the best way pos- sible. We sincerely hope that our efforts were favorable to all concerned. We wish to congratulate the graduating class of l983. We sincerely hope your efforts towards suc- cess will continue into the future. Ms. Nava, J. Aranda, Sergio Pacheco and Mrs. Joan Henson. ER The main objective of the Career Center. is to increase the student's knowledge and awareness of the many career opportunities available and to assist students in planning for their individual career goals. The use of the career center's computer based Guidance Information System which provides information about occupations, Cboth civilian and militaryj colleges, trade and technical schools, and sources of scholarships and financial aids is available with the touch of the Keyboard. To further increase the student's career awareness, the Center offers an exceptional audiofvisual presentation through the use of the Gould Center, which is a media library of over 250 careers. To give our Lincoln students additional career knowledge, "On the Job Experience" is offered. Job Placements in various fields of work. Cie, Sales, Food Service, Nursing, and Engineeringj are but a few of the many opportunities offered. Assistance is given to the students in R.O.P. CRegional Occupational Programj which is a county wide public education service which provides, job training, counseling, and placement in San Diego County. R.O.P. offers I6O courses at no charge to all San Diegans interested in developing or improving job skills. R.O.P. classrooms are located in schools and industries all over San Diego County. The Career Center is staffed by, lretta Pearson CCareer Guidance Technicianj and Allan Miller, Career Counselor. - x 1 Mr. Miller Ms. Pearson R ik 51 5 5 5 3 l 1 New CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF l983. This year the Social Studies Department will be remembered for its requirements for all classes to do term papers, book reports, oral reports, current events. biographies and autobiographies. The World Geography classes were introduced to A.G.P. and the Department contributed to Black History Awareness Month. MR, DELYS, MR. BURKETT, MR. PLAYER Row 2, MR. HASPER. MR. HOPKINS, MR, FLISHER YN IL E 5 fl'3f"xE"Q D D U t MR. Posr - Auto 5 iS t y MR. MCDANIEL - A y ........ PRODUCTIONS T T MR. KING - Woob R LISA TALAMANTEZ w I l PRoDucTioNs O is AIDE A N L i """ J ' ,nnnuml ,Q if t E l 5 3 mg 5 F Q s. Q g f. mc K , tg S .L gs - as f , ear' - ae. . ., ,f 'MVR - L-. 'Q 4 me slss X , ,. t 11+-v-vw4+N l M kblk -l ,. .. K l,L T. l.mif 5 .VL E'mA- .tx V if l i -4A.. as , is N.- if :hi s -'-k K 'JC MS. FUNCHES MS. HAYES MR. VAN ZANT dh MS. BARON MR' LOOZEN SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Stephanie Baron, Leslie Hays. Paul Loozen. Paul Pucci, Robert VanZant. This has been a great year for the "Fearless Five" of the science department. If ever you come to visit us, not only will you find Greek and Latin spoken but also French and Spanish. We've been involved in many different activities this year. We've had such science fair projects as Hultsch's fruit flies and their ability to watch T.V. and live to tell about it, Warner's fertilized sea urchins and their resistance to lead poisoning, and Cooper's chlorophyll and how they get the most out of daylight. In many instances we've gone right to the heart, or hearts, of the matter. as the case may be. We've dissected cats, turtles. frogs. worms, pigeons, rats, and last but not least examined homo sapiens. BUSINESS EDUCATION ,si A MR. ENGH .I ' ' -'-- .. ' .- -- F ff fs I Liss. i F' K wx! - s. ? , . -' 2 F . T-TTT? s 5 TQEE-'f FoREioN MS' PUFC' LANGUAGE Ms. T. FOOTE07 ATH DEPARTMENT Mr. Baker, Mr. Legras, Mr. Suiter, Mrs. Dunn, Ms. Levens Row 2 Mr. Mann. Mr. Rich, Mr. Groves, Mr. Burrell, Mr. Pucci Basic mathematical skill development through the Achievement Goals Program and Projest Lincoln has been the primary focus of the department I982-83. E GLI H DEPARTMENT Helen Gholston. June Wyma, Paulette Watson, Robin Visconti, Doria Richard, Richardene Brewer. Ruth Rivera ROW 2, Vicky Walker, Phil Diehl. Brady Kelso. Michelle Ventura, Randy Hasper, Harriet Schearer. Sue Jensen ROW 3: Darryl Santos, Marlon Britton The English Department has extended its program and curriculum to include the reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills to students in grades 9-I2. Students are given day-by-day instructions and assignments related to specific skills. The department follows the District's course curriculum guides for Language Arts. 'hw MMC lifrr? 4 D. ROBINSON 5 ,,,, , M SMITH I 1 , V I , if if - ' 'f , ' s 712 , I , .y U 5. DENlsToN PHYSICAL V. PLAYER J, WHITE y Hi' M. WADE I. OUTLAW EDUCATIO "Physical Education is the process by which changes in the individual are brought through his movement experiences." Physical education aims not only at physical development but is concerned with the education of the whole person through physical activity. Physical educa- tion keeps the mind alertl Sometimes awards and certificates are given out to the students whose achievements have succeeded above and beyond the normal range of participation. When you are physically fit. your appearance reflects it. iz' x . 1 Q '.. , , -4 QQ ,353 7, f ,pf M . 1 ff , ffm hw' 4 I. ,M , ,Mir .,, ft gy ,, W . M wifi., W' , ,Q Q, M , si I 'gg W it . fl? Vt ,ju f Q' f . t f of "A 4 5 'W ., ,bf ,.,,,w....-PM 2 W ye! ., . ,,,, I ,,,. , f ,wwffffr AL W--....,QQlM ry Z , ' I I f 4 , H 1, ff 4 M. ff ff gp? h 3 ff M ' W ' 3 4 I W W f ,Q fffy f W , gow M ,M , ...Q .S f NK I ffl fha t M " f f .if Hx A MM 8 A f A 1 .. , 2 ,ZW I 3 Q, K W MW .f W 'wr K Q! 1474? X X , J M KLM IW W ,g.,,W 1 'lf W W ' f' mv' ,gl .. I I ...M , Vg . In W l ., M I , W ' I A , 9 ,., 5 ,, ., ,,,,,,, I, V I , ,f gf ., ' . ,-ff , 5 i I -- , 7 af K f has A. ff I W W ff W' CW ' W ' 1 I ff 0 " v 4 t I Q , ' K. l e ' 7 f W 1 'MW W ,H ., Mrs. Emma Lopes is a community person, facilitates communication between the school and the home. acts as a laison between the school and community. Being a member of the School Advisory Committee CS.A.C.D. booster club and many other community organizations, she makes frequent phone calls and home visitations encouraging parent participation at Lincoln High School. Mrs. Lopes is also the editor of the S.A.C. newsletter being published every month and mailed to every student's home. CAFETERIA Agnes Williams CMgr.3. Stephanie Brooks. Giselda Gaeger, Eve- lyn Rodriguez, Betty Spring, Vilena Miles. Kneeling. Ruby Mey- er. Mila LaPasdora Congratulations Seniors! Yolanda McCaster Clerk For Dr. Mills Jo-Ann Hoye Regional Oc- cupational Program Teach- ers Assistant 8 Beverly A. Raymond Secretary for the Center of Medicine and Health Dealing with the Medical Magnet, Transpor- tation. and Career Center. QTUDLNT THESE PEOPLE KAND OTHERS A NN NOT PIC TURED HELP THE HI VE BE ITS BEST! custOD1ANs Jessie BOWMAN, TONY HERNDON, JERRY CONFER, JOHNNY SIMPSON MR, MCNAIR B.S.S. IV 5 .IW '- . ,, '- - J O . . T H R L: t N , 541 ,ij -...O eifii -ff' MR. soimo es Hauserman. Johnny Howard. Angelia Williams. Carmen Lopez. Thelma Osborne. Jennifer Crittenden. Martha Jones. J. Pucci. Kenneth Lawrence D.E.C.A. stands for Distributive Education Club of America. D.E.C.A. is a business club here at Lincoln which you can join if you are in a Cashiering or Business Career Class. If you joined D.E.C.A., you would be able to go to our famous D.E.C.A. Conferences. These conferences provide an opportunity which include the following: advertising. apparel and accessories. general merchandising, food marketing, food services. credit and service station retailing. You can win all kinds of trophies and ribbons. The first conference we went to was at Serra High School and that one was called our City Conference. Then we went to the San Diego Town and Country Convention Center for our South District Conference. Our State Conference will be held in San .lose on April lOl2. If you happen to win really big in the San Jose Conference, then you will be able to go to New Orleans for our National Conference where you can really win the big trophies. You can also have many fund raisers in order to raise money for your trips, and the little extra money that you have left you can use for parties, trips, etc . . We've had many winners such as Anthony Todd, Carmen Lopez, Kenneth Lawrence. Angelia Williams, Johnny Howard. Thelma Osborne and Jennifer Crittenden. Join and be a winnerl 0 B t h E is ,. . K We . a . Q x . K .. lf 53 : tg Q ma, W ii Aww 55 tiff. g T92 -..ASK . - 0 M ,Q . ,l . . , The I983 Graduates From G 8 D Beauty Salon I I0 . Euclid 264-I559 E. C A. Delphia Emery, Sherella Lee, Sharon Julien, Markowen, Denise Ellis Row 2 Ramon Cisereno Denise Pargo, Regina Davis, Marilyn Lweis, Kath Thomas, Trena Bennett, Mark Bradford. THE KEY CLUB The Key Club is a service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis of Southeastern San Diego. The purpose of the club is to strengthen the bond between the students, community and the l school. Our sponsor is Mrs. J. Wyma. l s l l AYMOND I... THOMPSON SR. 17147 26 A horse never runs so fast as when he oth rhorses to ea an eutpaee. "1'cI:b5ER-VI'G-ES-FRE-E- OF ANY CHARGE UP OVld, 8 AD GEORGE A. FONTAINE Assistant Vice President - Manager EUCLID 8 FEDERAL OFFICE I666 EUCLID AVENUE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92IO5 Q6I9D 294-4830 EASTER M. THOMPSON C7141 262-864 ff' '- Easter s Travel u I ' ' O AIRLINE TICKETS O CRUISES N Q Q TOURS 0 GREYHOUND 0 AMTRAK SIU, :msn ' ' x I 9 ' ' l 'W' 8 'uriinf I' 726 N. EUCLI ENUE. SAN DIEGO. CA. 2-O10 35 we , . . s'aQ?9!9C .I . Af . ' - Q , 'NAA fx 152 wife? C7I43 26 Nga I SQL. G69 Beauty cgafon 5 Lfjzzfif I GREG AND DOTTIE FOSTE OWNERS CARING UNDERSTANDING KNOWLEDGE I wg ww , W H n ti, S4 HILD E E L ff 'A---- 3, LZ,-5, LJ 1 f 'Wx ,NW6k ,,Q,, 'X m a YN .---s FUTURE HORNETS AQ' Q'- lm. M E Janice Davis CONGRATULATIONS TO CARLA IVORY FROM HORTON MINI SCHOOL CLASS OF '82-'83 NICHOLAS CAPPIELLO Owner TOP HAT CATERING SERVICE Banquets - Receptions - Picnics - Luaus 78l0 Broadway 46.9, 469-8889 Lemon Grove, Ca., 92045 CONGRATULATIONS to the class of The Real Hornet Strength rests in your ability to Succeed and persevere From the Lincoln Counseling staff and student services Culbert Williams Eugene V. Davis Mary A. McDonald Ron Gallegos Allan Miller Gloria Stratton Laura Rosas Joyce McMath lretta Pearson Gil Dawson Head Counselor Counselor Counselor Counselor Career Counselor Secretary Data Clerk Competency Clerk Career Technician Nurse It's Been a Great Year with Lots of Memories! l'll Really Miss You. Take Care of Yourselves. Love Stephanie, Joe, Alan, and Becky Baron. LEMON GROVE CAMERA 7848 Broadway Lemon Grove, Ca. 92045 y Ph. 463-8833 3 SERVING THE HORNETS FOR ALL YOUR PHOTO NEEDS M a c 's H o r n e t s l Steve McDaniel Says Thanks To All The Helpful Hornets DON'S DISCOUNT TROPHY SHOP 62l5 Imperial Avenue San Diego. California 92ll4 Norminel Reese Owner Phone 264-0472 E7 24N N Phon 263-6II4 BEST WISHES LQNGS BARBERSHQP NCElklgEl'IIlY orth Euclid Avenue ational City 5003 Imperial Ave. San Diego, CA 92lI3 I Ill Y ' I nur H ul' niquqznqq A IIPIIIIII. I x I II MII-Ill In In u ll IEEE C I Q CUSTOM DESIGN YOUR OWN "T"-SHIRT! X ,H SPECIAL PRICES FOR GROUP ORDERS! Q Threads 'n Treds Has One Of The Largest 35 5- Selections Of Heat Set Transfers ' X It Photo shifts Done While You Wait! IX I ,VI is located on the II t C I COLLEGE GROVE SHOPPING CENTER-Hwy. 94 IC II 3 A e. -287-6890 CONGRATULATIONS LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL HORNETS Class Of 83 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF SAN DIEGO , t ' "' 'F' nj-'N ,MG .Q ,, ,, .- ' W ' M , 'WIW it il. we 1' M ' 'gf' 'Fl , fund... 1""' "ff ' 4' fair, si . .Li wh' if gy 9 N i I' 45. JJ' ,if ' 1' Nl " Q ' ' 2 4 , wb'q'gF an ,I , "5-73, - 4 im K , , ,.. Y V' , M, . , x " ' F, ,U ef- "Af YA hi ,J ft r V y ev' X I , i ' W ,w,,., X V , -. y ' if ff' A , "ff, . - " ' -5- .f. ',,, x Vg.. !k,kQ n 5-,is , Q To the graduating class of '83. GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES for the future. To the rest of the school, keep striving until you reach the top, don't ever stop. Sincerely, Gwendolyn M. Brown A.S.B. President x MAY GOD BLESS THEE, CLASS OF EIGHTY THREE TO THE CLASSY CLASS OF 09833 It's been wonderful working. playing and talking at the hive. I hate to say goodbye cause its been most definitely live. Cheering at the football games and praying that we'd win lt's now a part of my past but l'd love to do it again. l'lI never forget my friends, teachers and counselor too Because they've helped me through the years when I was sad and feeling blue So to the class with class for having originality Never forget the time we spent in nineteen hundred and eighty- three. Always Ms. Lisa "Lee-Lee" Martin To the proud class of '83, I would like to congratulate you on the hard work and effort to make your class the best. l'm glad I had the pleasure of being a part of the class. I would just like to leave you with a couple of words of inspiration. Life is what you make it, so only make the best because we are the future generation. LOVE TO ALL. MS. CATHY LESSIER CLASS OF '83 W SZ? CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the Class of '83 from the INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT May your driving days be filled with good gas mile- age and short gas lines, and your morning free of flat .QQQM I 1 tires and dead batteries. James Post - Auto Mechan- c r ics. Free home maintenance and furniture repair is the perfect life. May all your endeavors be successful and free from cracks and crevices. Tommy King - Occupa- tional Wood, Wood I, 2, 3. May all your deadlines be met, all your news seem beneficial and all your photo-finishes develop properly. LIQUORS Steve McDaniel - Productions, Newspaper, Yearbook. BBS! Wishes Congratulates the Seniors from EMERALD ISLE Dorothy and Clarence E. McCoy fownersj and 5lO2 Imperial Ave. ENCANTO 262-2865 LIQUOR STORES Jerry and Elena GENTRY'S FAMILY BARBER SHOP 4973 Imperial Avenue San Diego, California 92ll3 STAFF: E. Gentry, D. Gentry, R. Gentry, S. Gentry S W. Gentry Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 to 7:00 Sat. 8:00 to 7:00 Phone 262-7423 ,, gy ., I , A-I AUTO BODY Specializing in all Makes of Automobiles TONI - ERNIE COwnersj 262-2437 805 at Imperial Ave. IO7 So. 47th Street San Diego, Ca. C92lI3J . ff if LI ,I figs Q I :qt fr yi, ' yy. 45' 7 F ft Q QW ZW f' A i Azv J i r, I .: ' ml!! .Iii r 7 HUFFMA NS BAR-B-auf OPEN 7 DAYS 264-3ll5 M FRI. S SAT. II A.M. TO 4 P.M. SUN.-THURS. II A.M. TO I A.M. WE SERVE PORK AND BEEF RIBS-HAM LINKS, FRIED FISH, RED SNAPPER, PERCH, FRESH WATER CATFISH, BUFFALO FISH, CHITTERLINGS, GUMBO, HAMBURGERS. PORKCHOPS, STEAKS. SHRIMPS S OYSTER. BEDELL WILLIAMS MEN'S WEAR TUXEDO RENTALS 5055 FEDERAL BLVD. SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA 92IO2 PHONE 262-9027 AL'S SHELL SERVICE CALIFORNIA SEAFOOD of SAN DIEGO Q WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL . LOUISIANA FRESHWATER CATFISH, ROCK COD PERCH, FRESHWATER BLUE GILLS, A CRAPPIE RED SNAPPER, SEA BASS, SHRIMP, LOBSTER CRAB, OYSTERS. BROOKS HUFFMAN, SR. Iownerj 5047 CHURCHWARD, SAN DIEGO, CA. 92113 2.64-6631 Phone: I714I 262-2837 jk? Eagflllf SALON OF BEAUTY 1730 North Euclid Avena Sun Diego. CA 92105 fs in ThermaLBlow s, Hair Cutting. Curb. 6 Unisex SIYHRSL Bic. IMIG PARK LAUNDRY 5 CLEANING 4705 FEDERAL BLVD. AT 47th STREET SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92lO2 PHONE: 264-5266 WE OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK TO SERVE YOU-SAME DAY SERVICE. 'W I 12 1 4 1 'Q' 3 4. 1-ffli.. 3? Q . K GUIDANCE S COUNSELING STAFF This year will go down in history as one of the VERY BEST! We hope that the Senior Class members experience the greatest degree of success as each of you go into your chosen fields of endeavor. Remember that we the members of Guidance 8 Counseling gave you the "Best Shot", now it is up to youll R. Gallegos, l. Pearson, L. Rosas, G. Davis. G. Stratton, C. Williams, G. Dawson, M. McDonald 5PI3H JN 'SJBMOIS HS! JW zooq ' 'US esq Aqxeg 'uosdunqg 'luez ueA 'JW Ja1unH E eAuo5 'HploJeHn 'eAo1ueW uuueluag 'sgfxal anew 'samlj euy 'saAeH Jug 'plangnq aglnf 'sAeH 'sw 'pmm Auag 'apaqnuolqog :pm '1a8ugzueZ Apuam 'uaplog laeqogw -M g mcg 'aplqanxg axpng 'saguoulenw zn1 'auglsalag agqqag 'ueounq Ami '1101 epuoqg 'plsmosg aualefy 'xlooqg auueaq 'pleng sng - C M03 'zanbsefy uouneg 'umo g qnaqg 'nassng gang 'uoluag mg 'uomg 'sw 'Jagelpg qmeg 'qJs1lnH eugx 'xnqag aqluef 'aqoog uazxag 18ug11g5 J N LLDV NI IDNEIIDS f" 1 ! P x . pa 5 f HP? 9 M VW An W 7 h t f 5 .f4Z,,7Z AAV, Magix , Q ,IWW f X, in ,iw m, ,, 4 K ,W f M5 f 5 QW 5 QQ ,WMQ awgai' WE SHI E AT THE HI 'Y' 1 I 4' ' M , ff , . f I Y 4' if f f' an ' my M, 'SW 1. 'Y ,s 4' n 1,1 Zn 122,35 hs f EE .,." - ' .,3f,:f4gv 7 , 4, . rf f M f mv K . W 4 wa- W f W W ff fww aww, WW 2 ff ff ww 1, ..-...Q www N. mf, iitkwfvfvsi X Q v, Q WM? ,, .. E , E 1 if E -- A ,, ' ,A ' f ,, V ' L 'V' 4 ... ' Q My 4 X4 M ,, Ah, V ly v 'Y A , " ' fr ,,', M -- M 7 ' jf Z Rfk jgzywn . 54 X 92" M ,VV H9 , Q' gf I W, wmfjg, " 'T , ,, A V W ,hw 'f ' -- E ug Q HAPPINESS IS ALIVE AT THE HIVEI DEI-0 N M U ,af 1 N c -..,. an LETTER CARRIERS CHARLOTTE SMITH, PATRICIA EOS TER, DEON HINES, MELLISA PAGE, ROZELLA FEL TON, KIM LIMBRECK, MARC YA WINS TON. I ff? E l 1. I , K- A J X J. 9' V 4 ' A 'ha , 5 . , f-mi? af, gm , K I M .'5':fma3'L'f:1' au., - ' L ,-I -. Y 'PP , I IIIIII I wmwwmit.. CHOIR PEP ANDREA VOLDASE, SEBRINA BONNER, BRENDA SCOTT. DERRICK KNIGHT, REGINA STEW ART, ROSILANA REED, CHERYL OVERSTREET. ROW 2 - VIVIAN KISER. DAVID JONES. ALISA LEWIS, SHELLY SHARPE, CELESTE GEORGE. PAM DANIELS. SHELLEY JORDAN. SHELEISHA BELL. SHIRLEY JONES. DENISE OVERSTREET. NANCY MCSWAIN. ROW 3 4- RANDY ROBERTSON. MICHELLE ALLEN. LONNIE TURNER, VERA LAGRONE, AYINDE HUT- CHENSON, PHYLLIS ECHOLS, STERLING DAVIS. STACIE DAVIS. CHRISTOPHER SANDERS, - KATRINA WILSON' ANTHONY STEPHENS. CECIL NOLAN vi. A 'f I .11 ,Y WESLEY BROWN, DARRELL REDFORD. MARIO MITCH- E ELL E A r . , by ILfLff E C1 F A 3 JAcQuLN WILKINS. 7 - I ROBERT MITCHELL. CHARLES HARRIS. T -P DARRELL REDFORD. as.. QE LL ' STU , .. I MARIO MITCHELL. X LINCOLN HGRN ETS ff W X 4 L QQ i X4 V f fwj ' fd Tl,-8 ,i lh l9S2-IQS3

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