Abraham Lincoln High School - Statesman Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1981

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-5 LINCQLN 1' , ' ,:', HIGH SCHOOL K5 f Q5 .f I 2 4 1113 Film R WC 7 4: 'M + f Z , Q Q 1980-81 HQRNE T5 ETTE 1 A ,, - , n iii? I ,. 'ff 1 'ip f ,,:1: ,:w!:,i,f, m:v?,,, . il M' M . zzfaw , , ' ' ,I -, 'ff f QQ! H 'f lf' ff::,,w'-f V ' - L' LL H f E T .ET .. 'Z FFZZZQK QE' in M2122 ,,,I ,m,, 5 TRI VINC-7 TO BE 1, af f TH BES T Q- PR DE TH HI VE 2 THEME 4-.L is .ISYS V Michael Wayne Banks born July 6, I962 in San Diego California. Michael was the youngest of 5 children. Michael was a very good person in the mind, body, and soul. He was always willing to help someone. Mi- chael was very popular and had many friends. We real- ize the reality of death but accepting it is the hardest part. We must accept it as he would have wanted us to. Michael is in better hands now and he knows it, and he wants us to know it. Michael attended Knox Elementary, O'Farrel Jr. High. He also attended San Diego High School in the lOth grade and half of the Ilth grade. Then he transfered to Lincoln to get more recognition for playing football. Michael was a fine athlete and had been involved in football since elementary school. Michael left our surrounding at the age of I8. He lived a very fullfilling life. What ever he wanted to do he did it. Sometimes he needed a little help from his family, but he did enjoy the time he spent here. Michael was on his way to serve a friend, God touched him with his finger of love and said come on home Michael and Michael willfully obeyed on Satur- day, August 2, l98O, at 4:00 a.m. God decided Michael could serve in a better space. To these two people we say that you were two of the best people that Lincoln ever had. Lincoln loves both of you. D DICATIO Mildred CDee Deej McSwain was the youngest of four children of Mr. Willie J. McSwain and the late Mrs. Sadie McSwain. A Dee Dee McSwain was born on March l9, l963 in San Diego, California. She attended Saint Judes Catholic School, Gompers Jr. High, and Abraham Lincoln Sr. High School. While a student at Lincoln, Dee Dee was quite active in her school activities. She was a cheerleader, played on the girls volley ball team, played volley tennis and also won many trophies and awards for her outstanding skating ability. She was a member of the Hollywood Swinger Skating group. ln addition to her many athletic talents, Dee Dee also loved and appreciated the beauty of poetry. She wrote many poems about life beauty and her own pride and dignity in being black. Dee Dee had an outgoing personality, and was loved by all who knew her. Dee Dee did a lot for Lincoln and we will miss her. t After her brief illness, the Lord called her home on May 3l, l98O. Dee Dee McSwain, Lincoln will miss you, but we know you are in good hands now. I have a color for the rest of my life. And I hope all the people will treat me right. Not because I'm Black, but because I'm me, And one day I hope to be free. Love me now or love me never. Let us unite and be together. So what if I'm Black at least l'm proud. I'm not ashamed to say my color out loud. Hear me, look at me. For I'm the Black person who will one day be free. By Mildred Dee Dee McSwain jv'vlwv 1 ' ' in Y' 1 'fri ' . gif' mv... .lug 'ff Q L Q, - K -so ' 23 -L x - . .- 1 qv .. T-7 5 1' . . x l . B fy -B L ip f i 9 -Q - ' f, .- sz ,K ' -atv an K K, M ss. N A gy -If !,w,,A .-., Q. , -'K 'Yiikk ' r Y I M Shortest Boy: Lloyd Smith Tallest Girl: Bridgette Lane Mark Grove Most Likely to Succeed: Lorna .. : - , . L v 1 Todd, James Cannon rw F A , J H' '-.: af'f11 ' fix.. K 5 il I Q i NT f or K Q .' .. 1 AV wg: iii 'I-q.f. -- .125 -L Fi :Af .. A ' L K k . I 1 -- ' 'Hn I ' .. - '. TF 16 , ,.. A Yk,Z ::.,. g E. QC 'f ' ,Xa . 9 ' ,. M , W 25 f -' ee ' 'X , L .. 2 4 f a1 f'f b eeee , X 'libs BX xti. , ,,.., .. B L 3 Jef -fii , --.- .rbr - ,Rip - 'pw ' K 1 5 ? . Q5 L . ' Q ' h Hs fggi ' et g ,o o M f ist?-'J in 2 L ' L A L A :.A . A,-I Carl LaGrone Lisa Pichon Elmo Barnes Most Popular: Barbara Stu'-ns, Drew Tanest Boy 5 Shortest Girl Beust Couple: Lew Barnes, Marian Harvey Bnggs SENIOR IDEALS Best Build S Shape: Marian Briggs, Terry Robinson t QE Best All Around: Lorna Todd, Kenny Glover 5 . , N I Q51 X I e I1 I D , O E 1 R A f-cgi' t A if' 'so-f wi '- L Best All Around: Jeanetta Cook, Lew S Barnes 'X S . Class Clown: D'Andre Conners, Bridgette Lane i I w T ' ' Best All Around: Verdie Cassandra Jackson Bailey Best All Around: Leland Maddox Derrick Bonner Biggest Flirt: Mimi Evans, Carl LaGrone Best Dressed av , qilifbwxaw , Dancers: Deron Minafee, Yolanda Hiller fNot Pictured: Vernon Franklinj SENIOR IDEALS Damon Allen. James Cannon A , ,.fwf ni lou ill all C AAVV , if E... in y Complexion: Marlon Johnson, Elizabeth Hardy ff Musical Ability: Andrew Gholston. Valerie Sloan Liz Hardy Smile Kenny Glover, Thersa Waters .IHERI C URL l98l 'I Melody Davis A I 5 fNot Pictured: Cheryl .lohnsonj 1- ' il' WI' ,Q I Si ? L. TODD-K. GLOVER-CHRIS PRICE-J. HOUSE-L. BARNES F R I E N D L I S T L. BARNES-L. TODD-J. CANNON-D. I JACKSON M O S T A R T I S S T I is 1 12 I ,Lilly DAVID BRYANT A I E. PETERSON D. DAVIS 3 P. CI-IRISTIAN Y D E S T R. BENSON B E S T H A R L. MADDOX PRETTIEST EYES A. LOUIS-P. CHRISTIAN-L. MADDOX 1 LIVINGSTON L. BARNES M. EVENS MOST ATHELETIC RENAE MURRAY KATHY HILL ARE THA THOMAS LORNA TODD DARRICK DAVIS YOLANDA HILLER ARTHUR PA GE CASSANDRA BAILEY LELAND MADDOX COLE TTE WATERS APRIL CLAY ARMANDO GOMEZ SENIOR CLASS RANKING 3.806 3. 710 3. 709 3.593 3.581 3.567 3.515 3.448 3.433 3.406 3.28 7 3.333 ANGELA C UNNINGHAM 3,290 VALERIE WOODSON DARCELL BRAGG SHARONNE ANDERSON RONALD DAVIS SHENE THA HOWARD KATRINA CAMPBELL GREG FORT DWIGHT HARVEY KIM FINLE Y ANGELA JONES MICHAEL SAPP ERICKA FERNANDEZ CHERYL JOHNSON KENNY L-:LOVER 3.281 DIA NE SMITTICK ROBIN FULLER 3.267 FRED WATKINS OLGA CLARK 3.258 PATRICIA CHRISTIAN JAMES HOUSE 3.250 DEA NNE GRA YSON CHRIS PRICE 3.226 MILTON JOHNSON PAMELA HA YNES 3.217 PATRICIA LAWRENCE IACOuELINE WALKER LINCOLN SALU TES ITS S CHOLA RS THE HOR NE TS HA VE PRIDE IN THEIR EXCELLENCE 3.207 3.200 3.167 3.167 3.160 3.100 3.100 3.097 3.071 3.067 3.065 3.033 3.033 3.033 3.031 3.000 3.000 3.000 3.000 3.000 .IUNIORS DAVID GRAYSON, JR. SORITA MAYS TOM L. BEACHAM YOLANDA MOON RACHEL AGNEW MICHELE CATO KIM RENEE LASKEY MICHAEL PACHECO ALVIN BRYANT CATHERINE A. BRYANT PAULINE HARVEY YOLANDA ALLISON SOPHOMORE5 RHONDA LOTT MARY THOMAS JOSE C. GOMEZ GWENDOLYN BROWN TREVA A. DUNCAN KATHY MARTINEZ SYLVIA VEJAR BEVERLY LAIN NANCY V. TODD TAMMIE BATES SHARON ROGERS CYNTHIA DENISE SMITH FRESHMEN MAURICE sowm JOSEPHINE FLORES SOLIS ARNISA FELICIA TAYLOR EUNICE DENISE ELLIS CECIL MANDELL NOLAN TINA L. STIDUM TRELLI MALLORY EULOGIA BONILLA R L 'fggf Ilst SEMQ 4.00 4.00 3.83 3.83 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.60 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.33 4.00 4.00 3.83 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.67 3.60 3.57 3.50 3.50 3.50 4.00 3.83 3.83 3.50 3.50 3.50 3.43 3.33 PATRICIA AVILA DAPHINE DEBLANC PATRICIA MCCOY GWENDOLYN R. REDEORD CRYSTAL SANDERS SYLVIA ELIZABETH RHODES DORA BUCKHANON ROSA CESENA GLORIA HOOKS DARRYLE L. JOHNSON CAROL CANDLER JOYCE L. CARTWRIGHT VICTOR ZUNIGA MARY MURRAY TERRY LYNN TAYLOR PAULA Y. ARTIS ANTONIO M. GREEN JOHNNY HOWARD KENNETH L. JOHNSON JOHN LOUIS CHARLOTTE SMITH RACHAEL STRONG RAMON VASOUEZ STANLEY BROOKS CHRISTINE F. MANU KENNETH WAYNE McINTYRL LEVELL SHELTON TERRELL WASHINGTON JUNIOR VAA AIESE JOSOLYN K. COPELAND MARILYN D. HARVEY 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.29 3.20 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.00 3.00 3.50 3.33 3.33 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 3.00 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.33 3.I7 3.I7 3.I7 ANTHONY COOK DARREL C. FORNEY MARIAN L. HARRIS ANNETTE MCMAHON IRENE RAMIREZ RONALD ROWE LEONARD WALKER, JR. DONNA JONES ELAINE EDWARDS NIGEL M. ANDERSON AUTHER HAMILTON RODNEY W. HILL AUORA D. HILTON CARLA D. IVORY NATHANIEL NELSON DENISE LA'MONE PARGO ELLIS JAMES POINDEXTER DARRELL L. REDFORD SYLVIA REYNOSO ART SNELL PETRA VALENTINE 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.I7 3.I4 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 CHRISTOPHER A. SANDERS MICHAEL LANIER WHITFIELD GUADALUPE BECERRA JERVIN LEWIS RHONDA POOLE CHARLES JAMES WILSON CHRIS L. WRIGHT 3. I 7 3.I7 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 ' i1L2 L f E f ' v. ' 2 Q 0 L , I V EST CORNER ? WHA T'5 HA PPENIN ' xy nj J Si' Mau P9 Va. , Wx' I H I Q ' 'J 3 'f 5 PM ,W 5 EA M E P O gt 3 'ivgxx ku W x k Z H Q :wa W -fs H WE CONGREGATE AND GIVE OUR SUPPORT HOT PEP RALLIE5 wuxvrr GOOD URNE4 TH YOU G ME ' FED RATION AND D CHOICES FOI? october C assan are Bailey Kenny Glover LADIES E? . September-Darcell Braggs Dwight Harvey 1 . December-Sandra Reynoso. Damon Allen November-Valerie Woodson Lew Barnes Januarvolga Clark Marlo Reed February-Rose Benson Andrew Gholston 12 D 155 March-Maloney Evans Marlon Johnson April-Antoinette Cole James Cannon X151 90, - . 'Agni 'YOUNG MAN 2 YOUNG LADY OF THE YEAR I980I98I T.C. Livingston Lorna Todd 'ffff Q 3.- ?z,,Qf7fxQ a :Sf A1 , wi Q 'vas A 'L 1 '1 F OUR CHOICE 1 a 4 K L O L O June-Angela Cunningham Leland Maddox May-Carolyn Cockerham Jose Marales I I i MR. AND MISS LINCOLN THE GREEN AND WHITE BALL P-P-a-a-r-r-t-t-y-yI HI MOMI WOW I gi ff LET'S GET SERIOUS! LADY'S MAN H O W D O Y O U D O ? I ff I3 1 3 , , 3 2 I 5 s . 3 E 2' 1 E 5 ! - gg s .2 S I M' f ' GOLDEN LASS , , .,.. f.v swam-M 1.92, OF 'H 1235, W wg P 1 Q f Q I J 4 ,V if q 1:1 159- ',m1fa1'ff-. A Hf f , iz A v 4 4' ' 3 Ay , ff I 1 '- V, 51 ?'!e'2l? , Q, i if X . f Q ,f ' 1, -V, I 'fix M W Caroline Alcaser Damon Allen Francisco Andrade Cassandra Bailey Elmo Barnes Lew E. Barnes Jackie Beavers Th'-Umas BCICHBI' Rose Benson Sharonne Anderson Rhonda Booker Darcell Bragg Ronald E. Bray Marian Briggs Gregory Brown Mary Brown ifllf , 1 1 J 1 4 1 ' fill . AT THEHIVE . .. WE DO MANY THINGS . . . IN OUR OUES T TO BE THE BEST . . I it David BFYBDI Dfafwn BUl1Cl1 Katrina Campbell James Cannon l Willie Chester Patricia A. Christian Olga G. Clark April E. Clay Carolyn Cockerham Antoinette Cole Greg Collins D'Andre Conner Jannetga Cook Kevin Cooper Garey L. Cotton N Angela Cunningham Clarence Davis Diane Davis Lorraine Davis Mark Davis OZEUB Davis Ronald Davis Katrina Dawkins Roxanne Dayton R 3 N' ,X K li - f' 2 ,K 1 , , ,.. Q A ,K . s A 1 ' 1 5 f it Lg. L1 :fi ii ' Rodney Dudley A rg iz A H A if , wg my WE STUDY HARD AND WE REST HARD TOO! 20 . mr ,y Earl Echols Norman EI-Amin Meloney Evans Peter Ferguson ' Erika Fernandez Kimberly Finley HAVE PRIDE IN THE HIVE Vernon Franklin Robin Fuller Lawrence Gay KICKING BACK N .,,, '- A ,'n, , . 1- 'K , -v ' fm Y, ,mr -UM- Millard Gay Andrew Gholston HOT ASSEMBLIES WE COOK GREAT JAMMIN' HARD PLAYING EASY Jimmy Gilbert Kenneth Glover Armando Gomez Ol-DIE BUT GOODIE Fernando Gomez Mary Gotell Mark Groce Elvln Gueston Tracy Guy Lee Halton MW T . Q In Q , yxn Q Frankie Harris A e. -- -fr--. f is 'Y n .J Av wsu -' 1' -, .- lin, zifn. , I ,J 4 ' Jonathan Harris Lolita Harrison Dwight Harvey Donald Hayes Shawn Herron ' 'S'-Qian' x s ii W1 We Mn Games x ff I Q . J 1 4 wi I i M ' ' nl .1 Q- v S'-do' Kathleen Hill Yolanda Hiller Robin Hilton Zina Hines James House James Hughes i W , 5 It .- ff' ?PTig 1 - 31 ,f f wa ,IQ ,P . ' . '- K -- f f wh 1 I h H ' Hnmecn Q u..,,,, ' if VA . , i 1 I Q 42' w x S1 Qfwzzg . K, 455.3 . ,Q -f-A , ,An ,I numb ig- gpm' 1 P I Y W' 2 it Ad Queen 5 Donna Jackson Lori Jackson Verdi Jackson Meredith Jimerson g , , F f ll x ,,.., EFF' . I ., .. I We Trade Places Lonnie Johnson Milton Johnson Angela Jones Vincent Jordan Hugo Juarez Bridgette Lane Carlos Lepe Adrian Lewis T.C. Livingston lu. Scrww YV .. ww H -I 5 in sky MXN? HH' -vii Q ffm M iw 'Q 'V - .I tj 4 55 , A I E' A - I W 'F 51' I' n l f Qs ' fs A5 W as , . .sms ' -Rs.. , l if 5. D E, 1. fl' my ww f 2.-If lm- I' 1 -., '3 Y ilV WE SPEAK ELOQUENTLY l Janice McMahon Linda Miles Michael Miles Terri Miller Willie Mills Deron Minafee Kevin Mitchell David Mondane Edwin Maragne Teresa Mullins Renae Murray Denise Norwood Amparo Olmos Guy Owens WE LOVE our: A.s.s. snzivss TO BE BEST Lasi Pau Estella Peterson Kahuna Pinckney Chris Price 5383 PYIN1' Mary Rasheed Mario Reed Sandra Reynoso Sylvia Rhodes Annette Rgbingon Anthony Robinson Phyllis Robinson Terry Robinson 'ff at J. 'gig' ' N .A i r gl! 5. 25, ' . fa' .v I ,,, 29 - aw - .- ff.. 1 -'M wif! ., R f -qmg ,.-44.1-1 Q -ferr im A ' '72,- i3: ?',,'1',5TT 7Pu T ' -, . ' rg ' -mx .':n, :,w LA 9 WE ARE FESTIVE Martha Rochin Juana Sanchez Maria Satana Valerie Sloan Dian? 5miNiCk Eduardo Solis Christina Soto Barbara Sturns Aretha Thomas Lorna Todd Earl Trowsdell Cynthia Walker l'M NOT AT ALL SURE ABOUT ANY OF THIS ELLETIK ' fm FT - ig u l N. ......---1' 1 . luxe .L Jacquelme Walker Jamie Wallace sm, IU Colette Waters Teresa Waters llfllt M I . V ! Z Lg 2 ., I I , ,mimi , l s e wx i A '1 E A ' w , A k N. I A , 1 lux: . I I .W ll, 'Z.,.' - - g L Gayle Watkins Alvin Wiley if IVY-'U in F : X E' ' 1. wil-4 NY 1 r A X L I . Q All Q-rf' l? , , , , fv, ... ,- GM W 'ia 'S Ve f' W amS We Are Together And Productive In Class .Q EDDIE A li is 1 TN4 ras Monyca Womble Daryl Woods Valerie Woodson A , 7 If Xi V X ,pus 1 SX A ' . , S 1 -1 'M xx .JC V70 'A ,. ll' y my - , Mgg: TV A H' F '-s, -'f,v'1f '.? .A Q K ' P , , V 1 ,rl I 'em ' i d V!! T o T A , ,gs JY 'Flew . T yi o W W lin pf ' 1 at . WE HANG ONTO OUR HEADS SO WE NEVER LOSE THEM Deanna Grayson Pamela Haynes Denise Lord Tuuga Savusa -T' Ml i Yolanda Odom WE GET lT ON AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER I MORE SENIOR SENIOR NOT PIC TURED Andrews. Richard Blackman, Gerald Brown, Arthur J. Bryant, Jacqueline Butler, Wilburn Carter, Samuel Carlton. Manuel Cervantes, Juan Coney, Micheal W. Contreras, Lidia Dantzler, Brian Davis, Cheryl Davis, Melody Duckett, Eric Epherson, Norbert Evans, Tina Fort, Gregory Groves, James Hardy, Elizebeth Harris. Trevathan Henderson. Lionel Hill, George Jimmerson, Mary Johnson. Cheryl Jones, Kevin LaGrone, Carl Lara, Adelaida Lawrence, Patricia Lloyd, Gregory Logan, Lester Logan, Thaddeus Nava. John Page. Arthur Reveles, Soledad Sapp. Micheal Scott, Avery Thompson, James Vasques. Silvia Wallace, Darryl Washington, Elston Watkins, Fred f 'fl ,aa 5 R GET LIVE L 2, N E -,QL 1 M KX in Q., I O U O 5 E ou H ,s Q, Wyma. J Burrell. P Brewer. R Diehl. P Gholston. H. Ward. B X M AVIV 5. F 'i , ,,,., , ,M in S - ,- -. . Q -.Qty U. .Sl N ,,,i'.-.-'.+ , 1. A, on. I U Walker, V Jensen. S Porter. G George, N Rivera, R ENGLISH DEPARTMENT As we envision a beautiful, bright and successful year, we are reminded again that the role of a teacher should be that of the catalyst which foments a positive, compelling atmosphere-one that prompts critical thinking, reflective observa- tion and understanding of life issues: Therefore, our resolve includes: KeepinG our minds supple through contact with new ideas, prOmoting more sensitivity to syntax and connotation, speAking and encouraging Standard English, maintaining self-discipline and industry in reading content areasx and Stressing importance of self-motivating attendance p efns. We hope that other departments will join us in helping to pinpoint t' argets. lBuena Suertel GOALS '80-8l Strive for the best- Know who you are and where you're going-Search for the answer to your questions, but never stop questioning-Use the time you are at Lincoln to develop your thinking skills-Listen and Read the reflections and reasonings of others-Communicate your responses and opinions in the oral and written word-Develop your potential- These are our goals-make them yours, too. You are a valuable resource. We want you to Strive for Your Best. ny, 5 35 36 fx. s Fav D. Santos F. Carrasco E. Woods C' Walls M' Briton 4.51 wx, Uni! F. Thompson A .5 r .x D, Santos Y. Shaw P. Denby M, Adams K, Jackson B. Meyer .N fx x 1 'KL . X. 4 w 5 . .oo fik N 7 l s . ' ' . M . .. QMd, .M j, K ,,f- S r M. .,,.X Not Pictured. ,A - v- ' H, Allen 3 G. Anderson HCT HORNE T HEL PERS! 3 'E Q K., G. Elliot H. Falhanie K. Jackson L. Reid H. Sadu L. Smith ff? X . A L T E R N P. Dunn G. Groves NOOIGW T I V RICHARD HELPING A STUDENT WITH A HARD E EOBLEM 1 OMMNWAMHMMY SHDB Our department offers the students an education in three very important areas. First, Parenting where you learn how to be the best possible parent, or auntfuncle or babysitter. iLearn the responsibilities of taking care of a human life, the psychological and physical needs of a precious humn being. Second, learn how to shop for food and how to prepare it. Foods class teaches you how to budget your food money, Ian your daily food groups and count your calories along Efith cooking yourself nutritious, delicious meals. Third, clothing where you learn to shop wisely, not only for fabric but also ready made clothing. We learn about color, line, and design. We also repair and remake garments. We hope in the future to see more of the young men nrolled in these classes. In the past they have made shirts, ants, jogging suits, sweats, and even their own patterns for their T-shirts. We also hope to have a class in Consumer Education be- ause everyone is a consumer of many things, food, clothing, homes, cars, lawyers, doctors, contractors, travel, etc. Peo- ple also need to know how to protect themselves and what to do in case of fraud. The list is endless. D. White J- Pucci AND THE PARENTING STAFF S. McDANIEL PONDERS is . X 'g rgz j'-six.: I. A G. DELYS MEDITATES ' -'ak , , v kv A 'S '1' . .. 11 i i 2 . ,..,, ' . -e'- s A. Burkett C. Hutchison H. Jamerson KUMSMMB mmummmw Special Education classes provide individual assistance to students who need more help than is available in the regular classroom. The main emphasis is on improving basic skills, gain- ing pre-vocational skills, and learning to get along with other people. The Department has expanded this year to include 4 teachers and 3 Instructional aides. Mr. Dennis Brown and Mrs. Judy Johnson have the Resource Specialist Program with Mrs. Pat Raspberry and Mr. Medhi Mastali as their aides. Mr. Ted Becker and Mrs. Sally Fleming teach the Learning Handicapped Special Day Classes. Mrs. June Wingfield is the aide for this program. S, Fleming J. Johnson . 1. --f',s 2 si C ptain White THE HORNET'S SUPER R.O.T.C. MUSIC DEPAR TMEN T ug I, 1 , I . .,.1 . ..,f,6.. , 'V my K3 f I . M. 1 'V Aky . j , . Q I ISgE d N5 US ARCH' QR Le M BAND V699 flgllollz etlsfllg B591 P3 l R. Baker G. Rich MA TH DEPAR TMEN T 4, . 1,,. ,hw Li , CLUSTER SUBS MR. MANN MR. BURRELL MRS. WILLIAMS MR. PUCCI MR. SUITER MR. GROVES MR. TEACHWGRTI- MRS. LAYTON MRS. THOMAS MR. WARNER Lincoln High is very fortunate to have three substitute teachers available every day. Instead of students being faced with unknown subs when teachers are out, we can place familiar faces in the Hive's classes. ,.4 Q 5' ma -V K O ALL AROU D TH A 4 g'g A Z?kq, , W 4' , ,,AA ., , A Q - ' 4 L l l 1 . ' A x W N 'M 7' ,,,, ,,,,,,, , + . l , . m A h . pf , A' , , , Q 1433? ,415 ,Z I ' , ,AK , 4 'W A ,I if 1 mm ' 'lg' W ,MX , ,L,, Ai an ,H .1 W. A ' ,l 4fJ'e. Mm A. f H' plqif 4' 'sm 'Q W I fl? K? ' M I i ff 'wi in qhaa z 1 'E 9 'Q--ff -.pw ,Q lx . , 2 J' h - , 'uw - 41..- :fb : 3 P X R, Xajt- W J mfr' Na. fig ',,, i - f 3-'as ,,,' 2 ZMLJ l 1 Q1 ,Qu ov, . 4 x':j:::s ',,0'U I Ii Ian 1 - 1-v , . , 12 Q K Q i , . QUE 'n lu? 0 'n'gf:,i I V .:, 9 . . ak-, fd' V, 1--nyc' ,' . ,up 'Nr' 'ini A ,. ,.,, V. LL d .M I., ,. is PN 8' .ask . ., X53 . 3 , 1 3 ii Q. . .,,k 3, mit: ,.,, Q. ff,-.gf-:1.gsgN4f::,1x,.x f,,,,,Q,,N, ui ,,,. i .Jia 'Q--,eil Dk. 6 'nik' rw 4 Sw! if J.- fi ,- QQ: .41 .Y -- - -Q. 'll . r w' 1' ' we I . AQ 1 , J, , , ,iae . 43 , ' 3 N , b iahsw' Rs' G. Burkett G. Dawson T a I I e H I is P. Loozen L. Pearson V o c a I i s t 42 M o s t P o P u I , '. - . V I a f- , r . J. Winston P r e I I i e s I E Y e s R. Anderson R I c h a E. Hofmann r d E. Woods Hardest Grader S. Pacheco In 1 iv1'v' R. Smith V. Chapman P. Funches B. P r i c k e I I R. Brewer P. Diehl S. Baron 'NY 3, N? M. Teachworth P. Loozen P. Pucci R. Van Zant S. Baron L. Hays A Ah a bacterium F! ,np- ...rx P.s. Funches E AR N T MR. VAN ZANT, THEY ARE MuLTlPLvlNG The goals of the Science Department for 80-8l are to estab- lish, for the students, a sense of creativity, curiosity, imagina- tion, and critical decision making through the various areas of science by involvement in laboratory investigations, demon- strations, written activities, reading about current scientific events, doing research projects and other classroom activities. Through these general goals we are ultimately striving to: IJ Learn a little about oneself and life, 2.DTo show the relationship between science and other disci- plines, 3.5 To relate science to ones future, 4.j To improve the basic skills. H ALTH D PI 5 R. K a u ...ff FGREIG LA GUA GE 1 B. ward 1. Foote E BU :NESS 'R EDUCATIC ,W x x ,f . J. Pucci R. Engh Qt. W ' 5 5 Fl, S nn si, 4 ' s T K i n 8 I M' Mr. Kelso Mr. Scales The Industrial Arts Department and all it's staff would like to wish you the very best of luck and success in all of your endeavors. We ' ' hope that the knowledge you have obtained in yi Q 4. our department will touch upon your future i 3 lives. ' ' 'D t Q.. r fm. il T. King -I H. Kelso W ' ARTS I The Art Department offered a full range of courses in both A crafts and art. Units of study showed an increase in sequen- tial drawing experiences in support of the reading improve- ment program. Students also write reports on careers in the arts and crafts fields, famous artist, and developed and increased appreciation for the visual world. They explored cultural expressions through crafts and drawing and painting projects that reflected qualities in European-American and African-American culture, as well as Mexican, Somoan, Asiat- ic, and African Cultures. PHYSICAL EDUCA TIO i A ! J. White S. Deniston M. Wade ALSO: s. WANNER D. ROBINSON J. RICHARDS R. SMITH t V R. REED G. FLISIIER K. LAW nu V. Player E. Saunders Q iN Wy? :M A . 9' 2' ' QQ, 'Y J ' , dy ' , ' 4 - . . ww: ,A , i 'H ' I L We ,, WM f.ff f ' , '- -, aff W N MQ? x ' ..,.z-:'- f . ,, ,, , ' Ml I H H if A ,. I 3 ,',,' tr A U .,, , ., f ,, a w , ff ,y . .5 V 'f 6 WWMQ 'A f Y M fi ME MR 2, 4' f H-7 5 fi 'I ,H ,f 4.5 Pr f . '?E::2fif f ' I YWW A ,:,, .,,, V A514 i ,,, via, 2 3' N fx QQ'-C V X 'V '?W iiiii!!5llf I g W f 4 K K ,. H ' H 76 v- in 1. V. 5 avgyk.,-f' ,r 6' if fa ,Hi . is N Q af , .aullW'9 JW X22 .M . wa WW mnqaggm,,,,,g,!5 Y K 1. - 1-Q. 'v This sure is an exciting game, w......x .. MMMMMMM he sure looks 'bel Ya CHN! do 'his- good' We Nl! I did not think in was than funny. UPL Blish and his WW' fa Nah . . . Her legs are too small. 4- Did you see that? Cheeesssee. ' ii' v-,www ' 3 5' J wr .iii , ' 4 K A -... f' fn 1 af? f 11. ADMINIS TRA TIO A MR. JOHN CA PI5 TRA N- VICE PRINCIPAL DR. VANCE MILLS- VICE PRINCIPAL- PROJECT LINCOLN MR. .IOHN . GERMA N- VICE PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL Congratulations Seniorsl Dr. Cook And King Kenny Glover - PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE Congratulations to the class of l9808l. You have given us much to look back on with pride- . . . pride in your accomplishments-the completion of the competencies, improvement in CTBS and over-all higher scholastic and citizenship achievements. . . . pride in the new additions to our school that help to make the Hive one of the more beautiful sites in the district The responsibility and determination of the staff, student and entire Lincoln community have made the Hive a school of which we are very proud. In years to come, we know you will be just as proud as we are today of you and your achievements. Ms. Marilyn Raines- Payton C' Cook' Ed'DL Administrative Assistant MS. M.M. THORNTON -VICE Mmckl Matthews-Secretary Your graduation is symbolic that you have STRIVEN FOR THE BEST. You have met the challenges, taken advantage of the opportunities and been successful. This is the beginning of a new era in your life. You have been provided with many of the tools that you will need as you engaged in some type career. You have brought pride and recognition to our school thru your academic talents and athletic accomplishments. One of which is C.l.F. Champions for the l98O-8I school year. Whatever your endeavor, you may continue to strive for the best and demonstrate pride and excellence. As I leave this school and the many Fine students and excellent staff to accept a new challenge as principal oft Bell Junior High School, I shall always remember you fondly and will hope that each of you will continue to grow physically, mentally, socially and educationally and that you too will make worthwhile contributions to the community, state, and nation. ATTENDANCE OFFI E WE DO BEST 1 X22 'EOR HAPPY , OU E HORNETS Sharpe, C ' L, P 4 W ilA W ,,AVi W Pacheco. S im! COME BY AND ,, l fi PPPP VISIT H WE ARE HERE S TO HELP 3 P A H E A , you expect me to WE K E E P P couzvr 'v - f , m , V A 2 R .E X 4 Wg hw CARE P R TING PARENTING AND INFANT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM The emphasis of the school age Parenting and Infant Development Program is to educate the student in child development principles and related subjects, and to provide care for student's children so that the student may complete their high school education. A happy environment is guided by Juanita Pryor and Alma Thompson, instruc- tional aidesf and Rosa Stiles, nursery teacher, and Eleanor Jensen, teacherfdirector. Twenty non-parent students round out the staff assisting to achieve a positive learning experience. RX , V , . it if, 'Sw WE SHARE OUR LOVE! ,,,. Us 1 ' if x if L1 y E . tss, Ms. Pryor, J Ms. Stiles, R Ms. Jensen. E if We t V R fx TOGETHER H 1 ' 'f A --'fm ar ,l as AA M 1 J s. if .Q- - pf J 52 il l 4 4 I M y . Q fi. in .A . ,.f , 29' 1 an K Y ,Vt . I in .,.... . K y Mr. Bell-Media Technician Q. 5 Ms. Moran MEDIA CENTER Of the many forms of mass media available to us today, Television is the most influential. It effects us all more and more each day. lt is our largest source of entertainment and educational information. The Lincoln High Media Center is dedicated to the exploration and expansion into this medium. The Media Center has a fully operative closed circuit television studio where student productions are created and broadcast. The studio has the ability to tap into the vast, nationwide public broadcasting channels and relay their programs into the classroom. lfiblfjfgin The center also boasts other forms of visual and audible instructional T aids, all in an effort to present Lincoln students with the best X l educational options outside of the textbook. X li X l x 9 XX I x f ,. ,,,,, e-e' he ivf NURSE 4 The school nurse has a very special role in the school setting. J. ml . ,, A, The overall goal of the school nurse service is to help strengthen ' , l the education of students by helping to improve the health S . status and health and knowledge of it's students. , F X The school nurse assists in many areas of the school program m ' such as appravia, counseling, presentation of disease process, ' , etc. The total functioning of all the students. If there are any f ' ,, . health needs that you have, Feel I free to always communicate with the school nurse. G. Dawson T. Baxter . BOL,-griu ' Y 'ihbvcwff h rl! :Li-3 41: u o gf' l 1 t .xv-V f .--. H 5 ,lg-p s XT T'--. U . C r T -' I 0 1 d ' W 3 . l Y z -11 .,.,, ,W y 6 ,1 f , h Y i , H .,, i r , I , .mWHWw, H'1wMw ,nffiw 9 'Q , N75 ,.'-r f , 'vzigw Wi, Z fm, xwww Aww- X ' Mgfllh M 5, -. f- ' Jr 5 F 4 Cy 4 '19 H'--Q Ruby Flinderson, Giesla Jaeger, Betty Spring. Agnes Wil- liams, Nita La Pastore, Dorathy Green, Goldie Vaughn J o h n G o b Gerald Phillips. James Nash , CONFER J' VA CLEMON R. b o cusronm N5 CAFETERIA 'G ,V ,f.., r- '- --ff 'sk gi: . A 'L s i ,MOSS S' MCNAIR L. ' SIMPSON J. HERNDON T. ' S FABILA T. COVINGTON G. T 1 D u M F. M. I li ,A ll li z ,V L Q W l JOHNSONB , ,L , 'fx J F RO OM I0 5 WITCHBOARD AND DUPLICA TION Secretary S ax Ms E Rolf 1. i Ms. T. Banks Y 4 A A 'X' E jf l , ,- J iw gy Elizabeth Lew.. t ,WW NL f it 15 'fb x f x ttsn , o 'il FINA lifcilit OFFICE L:'X Xxx 4- 4 fm TO MAKE THIS LIFE WORTHWHILE May every soul that touches mine-be it the slightest contact-get therefrom some good. Some little grace, one kindly thoughts one aspiration yet unfeltf one bit of courage for a darkened sky: one gleam of faith to brave the hardships of life, one glimpse of brighter skies beyond any troubles or misfortunes one may have-I hope all this you will get from your contact with the financial office. Pauline Perry Financial Secretary Rachel Sucgang HELP THE HORNE T 5 TA FF GET I T ON RIGHT ! Valerie Chatham ,X 4 - WG' 5 ,, V iff if ff' fat Y f V, Q ' wa 'f n V Q7 W .,, Q 5 7 W., 4 A ff' 'Q f Q'3iX Q5 Q1?V7 'I5!'i J 1175111151295 mf I 4. ' 4 ,, My k 1 N. ,, . 3' A K' '- N,,',q7A-J . I R fn 4 ' Q , tp-1. qv i 5 'L if 44 F Lk i,,g, ,, Vg 351 .41 Fr? 3 ri E45 if 'G ,, 'Li 11I' - 4. .. .. lil- ECURI TY Jerry Miller A. Richard SeDorus Roy M. Reed Kenny Jackson ., ....,l,,,g. ZZ., 5 9 P., :sf F 525 Nathaniel Hilliard Mrs. Bernice Clady DUNGEON MASTER DYNAMIC DUO ffwm . I W Mr- 21' ,1, ze, fp., A H1 .mf . W ,rie I ,ici r i 1 9 A 1 Mrs. Ella Belcher Joe Peeples WE KEEP THINGS CA LM, OO A D COLLECTED Ernest Brooks ..a,.,....,...-.-., 'wiiigissgz mfg Q, , i -m,,Mm i liiwiziif CAR ER CENTER BY Ms. Pearson The Lincoln High School Career Center is one of the best equipped career centers in the school district. The career center provided information on career decision making as well as information concerning specific decision jobs, trade and technical schools, work experience education pro- grams apprenticeships, armed services, job applications and interviews, two and four year colleges and other areas of interest to the students and staff at Lincoln. Quan' . I Nlflf ff wi .mf X I t 5k 'J .E . Ji unusual Yunnan wmmallm wggyl..-fmfy Vftr tat c sra '7 35 WE H LP YOU I 'f Q I ELM Mk I-'S B, ,, P' '3 'f,Q M ii g m n .2 E, Our career center features the S9,000.00. Gould Career Information Center, a media library of over 300 career titles. There is only one other Gould Career Information Center in the school district and it is located at Crawford High School. Another feature of our career center is the computer-based Guidance Information System. This system provides accurate and up-to-date information about occupations fboth civilian and militaryj, four-year and two-year colleges, graduate schools, and sources of scholarships and financial aids. Ms. PEARsoN MR- WILSON STUDENTS SEE THE CENTER AS A WARM, FRIENDLY PLACE CAREER CAREER GUIDANCE TECHNICIAN COUNSELOR 59 ,425 , - 1 n..-igv..l I have had some gratifying experiences in the time I've counseled at Lincoln High School. I've also had the opportunity to witness many worth while position changes both educationally and student wise. I sponsor the partnership program with U.C.S.D. I'm hopeful that as a counselor at Lincoln High I've been able to contribute in a positive manner to the lives of students. GUIDANCE 8 COUNSELING DEPARTMENT The Guidance S Counseling team is very alert and alive in theHivel We have charted our course with the same precision as that of a well seasoned navigator! This year is similar to last year in that we are extremely active in our usual three domains which are Education, Career, Personal S Social. However, we are zeroing in with extra effort, emphasis and most of all, enthusiasm on the Career Domain. We are providing 902 of the student population with Career Planning Folders to be utilized at regular intervals in the Career Center to make future career plans. Students will be responsible for updating the date in the Career Planning Folder as they make changes in their career and educational pursuits. Collectively we feel that students with a purpose or pursuit, are better students. CULBERT WILLIAMS, HEAD COUNSELOR EUGENE V DAVIS In l974 I received my BA degree in Psychology at San Diego State, also my M.S. degree in Counseling from San Diego State in l975. I got my M.A. in Education from Azusa Pacific College in l98O. My other duties besides counseling at Lincoln High School are working with the Project Step, Art Dept., Business Dept., and Independent Study Programs. PATRICIA A. HYDE I am proud to be a part of the Lincoln High School Family. The year that I have been on staff here have been very rewarding for me. It gives me great pleasure to know that in some small way I may have inspired a young mind to grow and mature into a useful, sometimes successful adult. RUDY I-I ANDERSON MARY MCDONALD 2 ! I feel goodabout this year. The students are working hard. The faculty is dedicated and we have the spirit and energy to make Lincoln High the best school in San Diego. Let's get on with itl 7 Q I, 60 Yolanda McCaster HAROLD MOORE I have a tremendous amount of pride working at Lincoln. As a for- mer graduate from Lincoln in l964, it is a good feeling to be here and striving to make Lincoln an EXCEL- LENT school. Good luck to all the students at the hive. MARY F. ROWE I enjoy my work at Lincoln because I have a genuine interest in people. Helping students make decisions and planning their goals gives me great satisfaction. I plan to continue my work at Lincoln as long as I am needed. G J. S t D r e B In I m I 0 0 I1 n I lli LA . - iiiiin ' ' 4 Working here at Lincoln has been a beautiful and rewarding experience. Reaching Out and Touching Someone's Life , I adhere to. I thank each of the students that have passed through the doors of Lin- coln since I97l for giving me this opportunity. Your overwhelming response to me is most gratifying. Because of this positive response the many hours of hard effort and labor have made it all worthwhile. .IANICE G. WINS TON RONALD GALLEGO5 The tradition of athletic excellence has never been questioned. Outstanding former Lincoln athletes now play in major colleges and universities and are in pro- fesssional sports throughout the country. I believe what we as Lincoln staff are attempting to do is establish an academic excellence-a pride in scholarship-to comple- ment the athletic skills of our graduates. The entire staff-custodial, clerical, teaching, counseling, and ad- administrative-are all working to achieve that goal. , N- 5 .. Qs' I J ' ' BQLLETIN ' lf - i ts 61 WHAT THE HI VE MEANS TO ME What the Hive means to me. The Hive, when I say or think this word, I have to smile because this is my schooland, the Hive is full of happiness. I have been here for a while. I enjoy Lincoln because of the teachers, Administrators, and mostly my friends. At school I'm never uncomfortable, because I know where I am, and where I want to be. So here at the Hive I can freely be me. I also like the Hive because, most of the ladies and gentlemen are friendly. Our hallways are brightened by posters of all sorts. I can communicate with any teacher or staff member. Time passes fast when I'm enjoying myself in any way, so if l'm not careful I can miss the whole day. But that's alright as long as I am here. So being at the Hive is no time for sorrow, so be happy for now because we are not promised a tommorrow Lincoln High is a place filled with dreams and memories. BY: Crystal Taylor Lincoln has taught me how to improve my skills in great ways. It's a place that has given me a start for my future. It's a place where laughter comes at ease, while being a place to experience life with others and help them reach their peaks. It's a place of helping others to learn and believe in themselves, and to reach as high as their goals lead them. It's a place where I achieved the education I need, by loving, learning, and caring. My out-look on life has been fresh ever since the day that I enrolled in Lincoln High School. I've learned to have confidence in myself. I have learned to be able to look ahead of life, instead of looking behind life. I feel that Lincoln is a real winner, because it has taught me as well as others to believe in ourselves. The World is full of dreams, Lincoln is the place that some-how makes those dreams come true. AND l LOVE lTl Thanks Lincoln By, Rhonda Butler WHAT THE HIVE MEANS TO ME . , . IT MEANS A CHANCE TO SUCCEED, AT ALL THE DREAMS I HAVE WANTED FOR A LONG TIME, IT MEANS A CHANCE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS, ALSO TO GET A BETTER EDUCATION. IT MEANS TO GET T L SSES. BETTER GRADES AND BET ER C A ANGELA JONES Ilth grade IT MEANS THAT IT IS THE FIRST HIGH SCHOOL'THAT I WENT TO. IT IS A WELL PUT TOGETHER AND EDUCATED SCHOOL. THE STUDENTS SHOULD RESPECT AND HAVE CARE FOR EVERYONE, ALSO l'M PROUD TO BE A MEMBER OF THE HIVE, BECAUSE I AM A CHEERLEADER. NANCY TODD IOth grade To me Lincoln means many things. Most important of all, it means, I will always have a place to look back on for memories and old friends. Through the rest of my life, I will always remember all the friends I met here. I'll never forget them because of all the fun we had while we learned and studied together. This will also be a place for me to look back on and cherish the many memories of athletics and school activities. Most of all winning the CIF Football Championship in I979 and l98O. Again I tell you, Lincoln is a place that l'll never forget. DWIGHT HARVEY The Hive means to me a chance to have fun getting an education. It's also an experience of working with people and getting along with them. Being able to communicate is very important in life and Lincoln High gives me a chance to learn that. ALICE JACKSON The Hive means that I have somewhere to go and get the most of my education and the Hive will prepare me for college or for all the years in my life. I like the Hive because it is one of the most spirited schools that I have ever went to. Everyone is so wrapped up in the school. TERRY TAYLOR Lincoln is a school with very high standards. Everybody is trying to succeed in doing their thing in order to accomplish what they want out of life. The majority here work very hard on unity, to get whatever the job is done. Lincoln High has lots of confidence in itself. This is my first, but last year at the Hive and I wish I would have attended here when I was in Junior High. Hopefully my little girl Shamonia will attend Lincoln, because she also attended LincoIn's nursery and liked it very much. To me the Hive is LIVE! I TERESA MuLuNs NICK NAMES 'HOLLYWOOD -KENNY GLOVER 'MIMI -MELONEY EVANS 'SMOOTH SNAKE -D. BONNER 'ONION-HEAD -LINDA SMITH 'WHITE MIKE -M. CONEY 'DR. DOOM -M. SAPP 'TERRI -T. WATERS 'KOO-KOO -ZINA HINES 'GAMEBREAKERH-M. REED 'DR. SWIFT -EARL L. TROWSDELL 'LA-FOOTE -L. BARNES 'LIL' LINDA -L. CARTER 'LUNCHMEAT -.IENNIE WHITE 'PEACOCK -D. ALLEN 'CHOCOLATE GIRL -N. STANDARD 'DR. DUNKINSTEIN -J. THOMAS 'DEN-ROCK -D. SMITH 'NIGGA-NESSE -D. HAYES 'MR. BOOTSY -L. LOGAN 'PEB -S. MAYS 'NEAT -L. MAYS 'BABYGIRL -SHAYRON S. 'DALLAS -VALERIE WOODSON 'OUI-OUI -G. LLYOD 'MAYNARD MARABLES -J. MARALES 'PEACHES -MS. T. BRADLEY 'PENNY -MS. YANCEY 'ICEMAN -A. ROBINSON 'FLIPPER -T.C. LIVINGSTON 'LENA -MARLANA TURNER 'DIMPLES -PHYLLIS THOMAS 'LIL ROB -TERRY G. ROBINSON 'EXTRA DARK MARK -M. WALKER 'SMITTY -S. SMITH 'TIC-TOC -T. TURNER 'COTTONWOOD -GAREY COTTON 'POOKIE -JOSHLYN S. PREDIC TION5 ZODIAC SIGNS VALERIE WOODSON KENNY GLOVER .IENNIE WHITE GAREY COTTON CLEMENTE CASILLAS PENNY YANCEY EARL TROWSDELL CARL LAGRONE ELVIN GUESTON NORMAN ELAMIN ADRIAN CORNIST BARBARA STURNS DERRICK BONNER KEVIN COOPER ARETHA PATTERSON YOLONDA MOON BRENDA GLOVER ANGELA WIGGERS ANNETTE JONES ALGERETTA WIGGERS MAURICE DE GRAFFENREID JONETT MARSHALL TIA TURNER HAZEL BAGBY SHIELA BAKER LINDA CARTER DIANE THOMAS HUBERT JAMERSON NANCY TODD NITA WOODSON SHANN WILLIAMS DENISE PARGO MEMME CUNNINGHAM KEVIN MITHCHELL ESTELLA PETERSON DAVID GALEVZ CHARELES WILLIAMS GLORIA J. HOOKS ARETHA THOMAS YOLANDA R. HILLER OLGA CLARK MARK DAVIS vfzofes lzfwfez lzfmfes sfsofez 9f5f63 nfsfes vfsfes nfsofes IOXBXG3 9f6f63 zfazfes zfefes 9fDf63 nfefes HfWf64 IfHf64 2fBf64 IXKVS4 QXBX64 2f8f62 2fl2f64 l2f22fe4 sfzvfee 9fHf64 4f29f63 4fHf66 Hf27f64 nfsfes zfefes Hf5f64 I2f24f65 sfmfes 4123166 nfzzfes nfsfes lof4fes If24f65 HXBX64 4f7f63 zfves 4f6f63 zfzefes CLASSY CANCER SMOOTH SAG. SEXY SAGITTARIUS MAD VIRGO FIRM VIRGO LIVE SCORPIO SERIOUS CANCER MR. SAGITTARIUS MR. LIBRA VIRGO SERIOUS PISCES MS. AQUARIOUS SMOOTH VIRGO SMOOTH SCORPIO LIBRA SWEET CAPICORN SEXY AQUARIUS SMOOTH LADY AQUARIUS LADY LEO CLASSY LADY AQUARIUS MR. AQUARIUS SWEET SEXY LIBRA SMOOTH VIRGO LADY LEO NO. I SAG. LITTLE ARIES SWEET SAGITTARIUS PLAYBOY SCORPIO SMOOTH AQUARIUS FREE AVAILABLE SCORPIO CLASSY CAPICORN PRESCIOUS PISCES TOO SMOOTH TAURAS SMOOTH SAGITTARIUS COOL CAPRICORN LIVE LIBRA ALL ABOUT AOUARIUS SWEET SCORPIO SWANNING AQUARIUS SO SMART SCORPIO FREAKY ARIES LIVE PISCES I PREDICT THAT THE CLASSES IN THE NEAR FUTURE WILL ONE DAY BE AS GOOD AS THIS FANTASTIC CLASS OF I98I. EARL TROWSDELL I I PREDICT THAT IN THE NEAR FUTURE WE WILL HAVE TELEVISIONS IN THE HOMES TO TEACH US SO THAT WE WON'T HAVE TO COME TO SCHOOL. TIA TURNER I PREDICT THAT OUR FOOTBALL TEAM IS GOING TO TAKE THE CIF CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BE ON THE TEAM. STEVE SMITH I PREDICT THAT THE CLASS OF I984 WILL BE THE BEST CLASS THAT'S EVER BEEN AT LINCOLN, BECAUSE WE ARE THE CLASS WITH THE MOST SPIRIT 'f' X .Wg- 4 14,5 LINDA CARTER I , ..-B . wx- 1, ,, I L .,.. 'lf If . a ... yr- ...- .,,L , -wizff . , . 11 9 ' 5 A ' L43 , ...... Wif e. I I IIII S 1 I A Q 3 .... . I2.-f? . 'fs H i af 'BEL81 fl EXPERIENEES WE PAR- TAY AT THE HIVE ',.,0'V X, A 'Q M: A :L nv ' I if r A A AIVVV K 4 .,,.:, .,,. ,. . I ff up Ai ,, W 1 - fear 5 L rv ni 6. .M ,4 'A ' . . L u l X if ' TITT if . ' f if A , T 51- TTTT K f ' + 'H A f f ,f 1 f ' U i n if' 1-13,' .' ff? a T TT T g TT TTT The 50' s Were FIND YOUR MATE Cool INCOGNITO Varsity cheerleaders V E, 1-L 1 : L, '-iii .I 5 wLvWTEfgfE'f- Q ww Y ig , ' f xf swf, , A53 LEADEMHIP CAMP EE ' A HELPED THE HORNETS ,X E BUILD A BETTER HIVE 5 S ----, . ., Q 4, ix ' A - 1Q A A 4.37 , i 41 E OPENING OF SCHOOL HELP ro STUDENTS K WE KEEP ,K -lg QN 1 , K 'Su KEEPIN' ON H AT ff Y J j ' EEEE A E L THE HIVE f ' A ff ' AND IT SHOWS! 3 A -L 535525 l980-8l WAS FULL OF MAKE BA NNERS EVENTS glvovea N'?tO5NjEN3Y Clean Ln IFICO I 6723? P iw gl. fx VVLV. 'Q xi WE LEA RN WHERE I TS AT FROM HOT ASSEMBLIES GAMES AND THINGS 5' Q .wfeAaz'1E K4 , 'LM 5 ARENT WE HAPPY WE WON C I F 7 WW f 'Q A A in 5 E 1, - f-A-A ff ! -4' itz f Q '-5, k r ., 'qi 4 A tg A E ,. V I! 1. t ' F 1 A 'twiki ! Q A A ' ,w e I A A ,ff fs Qm!i..Mv A A . ' Q , . 7 N ' Wi ff R E W E T A' lm Wg EWW if tk jk , WE BEAT I.a.lOLI.A OH GOODY PROJECT LINCOLN WORKS FOR U5 Located in Room II2, Project Lincoln is in its second year of providing a variety of services to teachers, students. parents, and to the school generally. Dr. Vance Mills is the l , y yyy city' Y vice-principal responsible for Project Lincoln resources. A 'Y fig ii new parking lot and mall, new science classrooms, and 4 .,. , an V ,M workshops for parents and students are some of Project ,, I LincoIn's 80-8l accomplishments. . CENTER FOR MEDICINE 5 HEALTH One of the City Schools' integration programs, Lincoln's Center provides students with the finest in career training in the medicine and health fields. Students from nearly every high school in the district attend the Lincoln Center to take classes like Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, Biomedical Lab Aide and Exercise Technician. Field experiences and internships in hospitals and other health care facilities are a large part of their training. VE TERINAR Y EDUCA TION The Veterinary Education class has extensively observed various fields in Veterinary medicine through field trips, E .. guest experience and limited work experience. Topics such as animal nutrition, animal behavior, anatomy, physiology and study of diseases, are studied. The students carry out R' OP' numefouas dlssecfionsf Pehaviof 9XP9 im9mS and disease CENTER FOR MEDICINE AND HEALTH TEACHERS-from left: Paul analysis. The class ,gives the student good background Loozen, Chris Mallory, Lois Krause, R.N., Dallas Smith, EMT. Nancy knowledge for further study in the field, as well as preparing MCCOY' R.N-- PSSSY Sfewafl-Punches them for entry level jobs in the Veterinary field. DENTAL EDUCATION Students in this class will gain a better understanding of the field of dentistry, and all of its specializations and educational requirements. This understanding will come about through activities such as visiting dental offices and observing various dental procedures, guest speakers, career investigations, student teaching, and participating in lab activities. l V QQ. X Mel Weisenberg Speaks BIOMEDICAL LAB AIDE Students in this course learn how to use modern laboratory equipment to run clinical tests in hematology, urinalysis and bacteriology. Graduates can enter laboratory aide positions or continue their education to become medical laboratory assistants and technicians. EXERCISE TECHNICIAN CLASS This course covers basic exercise physiology, concepts of physical fitness for health purposes and conditioning for various occupations and recreation activities. Students work in fields of physical therapy, youth fitness, sports medicine rehabilitation, athletic training, exercise leadership and fitness evaluation. Instructor: Kris Mallory EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN COURSE Upon completion of this course, these students will be certified in the State of California as Emergency Medical Technicians. They will be able to perform Basic Life Support, stabilize fractures, control bleeding and insert airways. In other words, package an ill or injured patient for transport to an emergency facility. NURSE ASSISTANT This class enables the student to become certified by the State of California as a nursing assistant. lt is an excellent preparation for those thinking about nursing as a career. MEDICAL CLERK This course teaches the student all the activities that go on in a busy nurse's station. They become experts at medical terminology, doctors orders and receptionist skills. MARCHING BAND AND DRILL TEAM This year the Lincoln Marching Band and Drill Team has been an important part of the Hive. They have participated in Pep Rallies, J.V. Football games, Varsity Football games, Parades, C.l.F. games, and various school performances. Our officers this year are: Andrew Gholston-Drum Major, Chrystal Taylor-Band President, Annette Rob- inson-Letters Colonel, Barbara Sturns-Twirllers Colo- nel, Mary Bridges-Twirllers Captain, Orlando Wom- ble-Drum Sargent, and Darrell Redford-Vice-Presi- dent. Both of these groups are looking forward to par- ticipating in the C. I.F. Championship Game at the Stadium on Dec. 6. I98O. Pride and Excellence is our Band Motto and we do have Pride in striving towards Excellence. NCD ,, , if - bl , fra , y Q z 1 3 -, u ,,., l , ff, i gl' fl, lk 1,55 l 0 . www, ,gf . g X li .M . l gy , 1' un ax' X Hornet Cheerleaders compete with many other schools Kellen Winslow. San Diego Charger, presents James Can- non with a Trophy for his speaking abilities , 0 The Drama Club reinacts Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat. This sparked the boycott that Dr. King led. Our As- sembly traced his rise to fame. s ' lr 32 if ? sr Q1 2 iw' 1 4 l ul glib A f ' 'IQ ' Ll y. 1' 1 5' it 1 . T T it '55 . , 'v illas ., e, ,V A t V , r ,, . ,,,' ,, V' 1' 4 - f frail 'i1- V 'l ff- ' 'V 2 ,L fn- 5 K' T as ' 1 W, ,I 2 lf Q WE DO Waiting for the judges decision Gerald Anderson and the choir sing Hornets join hands in a Spirit of Brotherhood in remembrance of Dr. King THANC-75 3.4 Q 5 E E 3 S 1 E Q 1 2 3 fi ? 3 I r .4,, ,,.. ,,.. , , , ,. , L,.. A ,,L., A L1., , N,,, M ,,,,, .,,..,.,,,m ,,LW, L,..,, ,L,.m,L.,,,L,,,M.. Wi, .,,-M , 2 E E 2 1 l i 5 i s r 3 , E E v fa W 4 f , mmqwwymvfmmlmwmmz,1.Wf,wwmWm'awww-ww,WmfM,,,ffM4mwmmfwwzwywwww1: .fff ff: :J . V ff wf f ,.: ,U.:w- :ff ff,-- f,fm,MMMwwmanuuavrwwwwvwzwwww,W fff,-f mv.- W5 EM I L E B 5 Z 5 E W E A R E S U C C E 5 5 F U L W E 'A A R fp E A L l T A H E .1 Kellen Winslow presents Cassandra Bailey with a plaque honoring her Voice 0f Dem0C acY 5PeeCh James Cannon presents Martin Luther B King's most famous speeches Verdie Jackson also excelled in E Donna Jackson relates part of her speech Black History with a Degree of En- S thusiasm typical of HORNETS Women in History assembly ' T Drama Class does a skit without a scrivt HIT lTl as ' E as 5 A Q .Q at a.. - 5 H- ' ' S' .r ' A A C1 tt'l ' ii l WE GOLF AND SHOOT AND SKATE The Senior Class sponsored a Super Skating Par- ty and all the Hornets got with it on wheels ? THE HQ! E GOES W T HALLOWEEN AT THE E H E 1' V E 8 I I HAPPY COUPLE5 ANY AGE H A I R B E I G F U M N I N C Y Q4 OUR YOUNG LADIES BAKED S WEE TS FOR OUR VIC TORIOUS FOOTBALL PLAYERS Sweet Cakell TOURIST DAY COMES TO L.H.S. fWHERE'S THE BoAT?y BIG CHANGES AT THE HI VE . J 'A ' ' ' 'Y E' 'E r L E'-if f fa. ' . N T ',-' W , . L, 5 ' L, ff: 4. ,,, - 4 -, , C ,M T 1 ..'2iw'W::Ls'V ! ' , - l,. ,s? t'll I 3-- 5 '41 ' ww , .MSL ,V T hy, . , ,,,,, , V, . - .E 1 3 ,, , E 5 4' 'P ' ,gf 2' l . it iq, EJ C- , st. .. ,ft ft All this construction, the piles of dirt and concrete, and the dust and destruction . . . it's hard to believe that all this eventually resulted in Lincoln's brand-new, beautiful parking lot for teachers and students. Project Lincoln began the first major renovating of the Hive back in I979, and these pictures show the first few weeks of construction. We now enjoy a new mall and parking lot, as well as other remodeling improvements in the 4m building. Some of the classrooms in Lincoln's Career Center for Medicine and Health are located here. P . R O J E T d C T WE MOVED OUT HOUSES S MOVED IN BUNGALOES un , K W.. 4 V X Mwtvj ,,VV 'V L 2'i WE WERE EVEN PICKETED Eok A FEW DAYS! f E ,I ,,,, wa. ev M ' W' V ,,E. . V, 4 ,wa - we A Qi. T i ,S N C L N A OUR NEW MALL IN PROGRESS 'E Q THERE WAS A LOT TO BE DONE W O R K O in LJ 4 ,JK-'-fit OH YEAH? .? B A J 2 L 4- f'l if we l Q Go FOR OxIXIYWQ,?f FA VC R ff :S SA YWG I 946' HAZ 50405 3 aofvf' .Sw.L'7' -62A I, I , X C 'T Eg 619, JUG md k? 0036659 up Z' Cllr , Q5 Q6 THE 5 I Qfff 4530 2 Y Yo M DN A A gp ' I... 0 V C , ff If , L GHIIYLEQSWDA WDW wb DEL QI, M, ff 4 W Q b ' P, 5 591 I 5 I f Q10 Y QQ MALLI7 1534-5'7 I 3000 S558 5 I Q01 N IDIILC 26 QC WP I YEAH ymf-I A yum DONUC 7'fLI'n1Q5 W 'fgiffgfgy I REMEMBER . .., WHEN I FELL UP THE STAIRS IN THE Iw BUILDING ,., VALERIE WOODSON . ,. WHEN THE 5th YEARBOOK CLASS WOULD HATE TO COME TO CLASS, BECAUSE DAVID BRYANT AND KENNY GLOVER USED TO TELL SUCH I BUNK JOKES . . , ZINA 8 PERIOD 5 . . . THE TIME WHEN A FIRE CRACKER POPPED IN THE HALL OF THE ICD BUILDING AND PHYILLIS THOMAS FELL . . , PENNY YANCEY WHEN THE LA RAZA CLUB GAVE A DANCE FOR 25C AND NOBODY CAME UNTIL THEY SAID YOU COULD GET IN FREE . . . EARL TROWSDELL . .. OUR OUTSTANDING J.V. WAS UNDEFEATED AND WE COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THESE FANTASTIC YOUNG MEN . . . COACH DENISTON WHEN KENNY GLOVER USED TO ALWAYS SAY MOE-MOE , NO HAPS, AND YOu PLAYED ME. , .. ZINA HINES E sm PER. .., WHEN COACH FLISHER HIT ME BECAUSE I WOuLDN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT. A ADRIAN CORNEST NOTHINGI EIRED UP ELVIN GUESTON L .H MY FIRST DAYS AT LINCOLN WERE SCARY, NOW EVERYTHING IS OKAY ... I YOLANDA MCCASTER ... WHEN WILLIE CHESTER AND I CHEATED ON A TEST IN ENGLISH AND GOT AN E ON IT. ... BRIDGETTE LANE . . . AT THE HOMECOMING DANCE WHEN BRENDA 8 ARITHA DIDN'T HAVE A DATE AND I DID .. , MARY BRIDGES .. . WHEN VALERIE LIED AND SAID SHE FELL UP THE STAIRS IN THE lm BUILDING. , . . ZINA HINES WHEN DAMON ALLEN USED TO TAKE OFF HIS SHIRT IN THE GYM BEFORE PRACTICE TO SEE WHO WANTED TO FLEX AGAINST HIM . ,. LEE HALTON . . . WHEN NITA W,, MICHEAL S. MARLON J., DAVID G., MARLENE T., ZINA HINES AND I WENT TO U.C.S.D. WITH SOME STRANGER WHO COULDN'T DRIVE . . . LISA TODD ,..-. 1 ' I A ii IU? J 'H- t ,,,f ,fi Y' New construction at Lincoln includes extensive remodeling of the 4CD building. shown here in the early stages. Modern, updated science labs will replace the classrooms there, and students will enioy the benefits of the latest in scientific facilities. 2 l l -fl I , 'nv-'Pl 'L- an if was-,MV 1 , ,..., N K , I - - ',. yn .Q ' ' -..ffa'7 'Lx,K. N , My A. '21, ' ' we, .Y L, X K 5 L , 2 as W, .,,MN. , - M., f wx . ,Wg f I ,asv ,, . M., 5 N. 'fi ,. V,,,ef?I'z y . 5 A mi ly 'Q' f , , ,,,. , gi' 'S Q A ,V X W , 33 I 1 is f, W, mf WE DO MANY THINGS IN CLASS COMMUNICATE, LEARN, ENJOY. X k,,,. my MANY THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH ' E, I 5, gy EXPERIENCE. SHARE COOPERATE AND GET IT ON I SUPER FROG 11: I A Q I ' X by pk Im em I98I WAS THE YEAR! ix li wi Qs uw I A ff--HI I Fw H wa. THE HIVE I5 A-LIVE WITH ACTIVITY! J if F I , W f :- RULES L NX 4' X . QM 45 E ' N9 i QS? SSW Nay? fvmw WWE gp M535 fdqfg, 'NN X ff 73 5455 Q35-QVLVX ' WWW Gifs 5 ng' 'X ?QlkAH 06 I WW :eb QE ws Swmbgifvxgw R 1 whggpjgsg XJZPECQ if . NOQN btifcigkpgiyivkcvg ' 9? My CV ,924 512 51 iw W1 QQMQQQQQ OX0 su WP QQ? if 0 gp 'MHA aa MT , . .XG HQMY NR! ill X N NQKNM Dv. Eu 8g,, 4 Ia Pvc N v .V ! M99 QM 2 S K5 if ya ,f 1 z Lf w Qff-Q1 ww L1 ,CQQXV any :1 'X'? ' ' K to Tgbffff? my - Q 1 ' ,f A' 1 'ZX WW y QU W73?7x , F 'Us if X? 7. E fy few an Kigifyggl - 5 'Q Vw N , Z: K x . x f -. f f X Q95 K U? SQ sf' 9241! QWN Xu? fc, L' E fo, bgwL ,,,M Ski? Sf, E 254 67,6372 91 f 5 SMA ff' ,W JCVVMQ ? Q U Q, , mx E y 1, CE inf AELJIL1 QQ .1 QQC Q., . ' MCMQ 42 0 2 v Q W' 2 4444121 Q20 1' Qwd.G , f ,f15.O055f 'dm 3, as hygw ':c.'?S UP IDE DOW , , iii '24, .V , .E V i,Q3:,.w,L Q 1 - . in ' ' '- ' 1, A W, V 4 ' ' -A 'Q . f Q J.. 5, ' fiffb We .A,i' V 8 6' X Aw E ,Q Q .,...,t,, u., ,Vw gnu. A W, ,X ' k,,i sf' ALL AROU D il.: Q A in 'vw . H, J: KK ' ' M., Sharnee Taylor, Rhonda Poole and Donna Jackson doing an African dance symbolizing preparation of young girl for womanhood Ian Duckett. Ms. Rivera. Rachael Strong and Antoinette Cole ready for announcement of the first prize winner in the Who Am I Contest. A live celebration of black contributions to American dance. ,. . . -W Y. I 5 ,f4!iQ'2?'-if - 3. tsfi as J . 35 w if- 'i l TW- 1 llill My R 4.9 rg , , My ,xt , iff- M ciflflwt 77C7 CLF 72? 1 LlNCOLN'S ' ..,,, . DANCERS Bay Vista dancers, under the direction of Deborah Houston-Martino doing precision dances. , y g A Y '15 5 5 ii gi or ff aa yi5g'5icer t c t e. y yy ,:E::l,,,, iv K V , 2 K ' T 4 ' o soot R it 1 'ih. Rei . K VVW! Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Saunders viewing the African Art Display. , . .,N, ,,,,,.- A K f , M. V Gloria Robinson winner of the African braiding contest. -. BLACK CON TRIBU TIO HI TORY The Boot Dancers were an exciting high point of the Black History Show. I 1 4,179 ' Y v i , T i V 4 ji LI Harold Moore shares his love for jazz music Q 1: ' T-4' I as a part of the Black History Celebration. , ',,... , , Donna Jackson, Barbara Sturns and Leslie Martin tell a story through dance. ,4 e E? 13 iff E.. WL r Q f .2 if ,rw 2, 35. ' 1? t CER5 U8 t W ,NM , , ig 1 2 4 5 1 ,if ,, ,.1f V'iss m idwest- H ,,s,,.,,. A ' FACES Q .ii 1 gf ' A V ' , .. V , 'AA AAV.,, . gm: ' .el ,P V45 fm 2 M.: Miguel Acuna Patricia Avila Rachel Agnew N.,- ,'.,1 Yolanda Allison Norma Aranda Donna Artis E Y . , A 61 A, 8 M Y , , V , , Angela Bagby Hazel Bagby Shelia Baker Jon Barnes Barnes Taron Beaner MlCl1ell8 Bennet! Jackie BOI'lI1er Rvnald BOWm3l1 Mary Bridges Kevin Briggs Thomas Brown Alvin Bryant Catherine Bryant 2.4 W' Sw ' if Dora Buckhanon Aaron Buggs Robert Burki A AW' WA, M , M , f-,,. ,i, , Linwood Butler Rhonda Butler EIC-TH TY X f 1 fn Martin Camacho Rodolfo Cancio rrrr i ,sl -,,11 fu A :IV F we Michelle Cato Rosa Cesena Asif-t. Ear Adrian Cornist Edwina Davis gif .V f Glenda Dumas Laura Ellis 92 Arthur Felton Virei! F0SIer GET IT ON! f 6 ? 'ii Debora Canizalez Clemente Casillas Daniel Catalan Tammy Clinton i 51, A , , W f L! f, 40,0 w V 5 A far' t if , A5 Anthony Cook ,216 9 X 412 , i , ff v it ,r ' we Y wil WM' ,ik L,, 3 ni. 4 1 Marcy Davis ., ,- Y, Teresa Davis LINCOLN 'S i K - . -V 'L i 4 ,:. H Gloria Cook '55 ,, ga 'I ' Kim Francis Carol Fuller Angie Gadson Shelley Gaines Marla Dolores Marla Theresa Thomas Barcia Brenda Glover Garcia Garcia HU Deanna Grayson Michael Grief Carla Gross rs lgl BU l , Z ' AVAND Z, RE N E G Q5 rf I fl Efiw Marian Harris 1 fi Teresa Gordan Rfbdney Grate David Grayson Jr Damon G UndY Vernon Halton Edmond Harris Nicole Harris Tammy Harris 1-my Harns ,Qi WORKING HARD y y FOR THE HI VE lk ' ml.. 'hawk If E55 yy R 1--A -az: I a , .q yy lf Wl'2 95 Mahir Hasan,.l - ,, ' ' -- 2.4 R 'F 2 Y 2 1 Uv P ,f2?.pa li xv f 'f - . ' 1982 '- 1 we-2 1 '51 in , 1 f--fi 2 - y Q V,., , R G y 'W .--vi 1 A I sl , flint ll wa 8 Q ' 93 1: emu J uf LL Robert Hawkins Pamela Haynes Brian Hilton Dewayne Jackson Neal Johnson Ruth Jones Lorraine Lucious WM . ,i,ee J Gladys Jackson '35 pw -W' t mm, 1 's ' ww W fry ,Lf iz. ,, 1 .1 Z, ,V M., .ww . m,,.. ,., Sfggw .i ' 'W ff M353 ' f,...,.,.-W ', ,, --.+..,-M Joseph Leakes, ll Alfredo Luevano Al Pamela Jackson C 1 V! W , mr f f i - no mf ,. l Paul Hunter Darryle Johnson Iv' Ralph Jack Clifton Jackson Donna Johnson 82 Andrew Leasau Curtiss Locker: Authur Mach, Garren Mallory new Charisse Jones Jacqueline Lopez James Malveaux Vernett Lovett WE ARE THE BEST me , 5 l , W li' 5' l al 7 J 5 5 N 15, Af it J Q ws' ...ff Elaine Martinez Fidel Martinez GWe'1d0'Yn Japoica Melvin McSwain Yolanda Odom Chafbffe Overstreet Wm il, . Q., 'tl . I it M M l M Cynthia Payne Stephen Pierce do fi and I 5 fi N P fei X mmm, ..-. Sorita Mays Patricia McCoy Valorie McGee Annette McMahon Anthony McNeal ti. r 3 E QWQ 5 4 9 Zi Q OE ul Nei at Sdn + ia: gp Q? f-yq u 19-60 0 0 E 9- E 2 'aging muah-O 3:0 1 Q . gsfiifffe' if 2 ,B ml o o 5 2 S i. Armando Mesa Kevin Miles Yolanda Moon u zglgmzlig E U Sf u EQNEQ ,. 5 4 ,l ml, E., a Ee.: 4 3 r eases Q ' A zW Q Vi gl Zo 5 Sw . : MOBW is C E D an tlgailmi E 325 ' E ' ,. f lu at 5 ,A A filiixii 22 ffxx ff l fav ull 3 E 5 Q , WE E 1 9 5 Q E ' A ' Qgai at Q I Michael P3Ch2C0 Sili Papalii Aretha Patterson , 1 0, I' 532: 2 Dianne Powell Bertha Price Michael Price Blanca Quezada lfene Ramifel A OME TPPIMIETI 5 SW5 AND , '?HlNKS AND P IJU T SIU- asheed in U 95 ,,..A,,,.,......,-ofa? f , 5 V4 ,W-,W 1 .fr ,M QW Q e ' ? , M ' ag , A f : z, fy M nf- f 1 4 M 1, Yflffii f 4+ V A fr ld Raymond Sharpe Regina Shell Joanie Smith Natalie Standard :Q -if ' 4 4 M K. Joshlyn Suseberry as tx ps. ,Sf ' as ,f Christopher Valentine Vance Talley It .L K Phyllis Thomas Sharon Toson Maria Vargas xml Sf 5 Ska xl' . YN. A , S Chrystel Taylor Trina Thornton Jana Totten Leticia Vasquez 5 ,lg ,Lt ' A 5 Katherine Thomas Terrell Tilford Lisa Tucker l Dennis Vinson Noreen Thomas Guadalupe Torres Frances Turner Derek Walker I-W e V sag K If if . - .1 1 kV -f 9 T. M , ,k KT d fi' ,I to V 5 T JUNIORS 97 is .he I? E L I V ! JU ICR E l98 Meltarrus Washington f .sk K 5 98 JUNIOR5 l Jose Waterman Theodore Williams Kenneth Womack Marcus Walker Glenda Walton A 2 E N...-: ---Q-is N HAPPY , 4 HQRNET . 3 W ,A e in Lilly Weatherford Wanda Williams Joseph Woods 54:- J, D' 4 ii' Ie.ral W Q f if 5 i A ll! Renee Yancey Blanche Ward AND ' x w PROUD iss? OF Q4 'lai r . ,y Nw is 'F A N 5 J' If 2 get Jennie While Delores Williams Daphne Winston JBITIBS Wise J Lahoward Zollicoffer 3? S 'Tw si? X' as ,A E i ,aw WE ARE MIGHTY PROUD HOR- NETS o '18 Aldridge. W. Alexander, T. Antee. C. Artis, P. Banks. T. Bennett, T. Benson. P. Bevelyn, D. 1, Brown, A. Brown, G. Bryant, A. Adams. V. Aguaya, F. -Q.. Allen, M, Alvarez, A. swf y , N fx fx Barbosa. M. Bell, F. Bonner. C. Brooks, S. Bunting, L. Canizalez, A, SOPHOMORES 99 . . - -' -.Y - , .1 .1 . . L ' .lx .E '31 f l .C Y X. p ug X XFAIEB' 'N 1..4fQff.xa , .Q ' : 4 , Degraffenreidi M. Duckett, I. Duncan, T. Dunn, T. i L L i 1 i F2ll0n. R. Fernandez. C. Ford, B. Forney. E. lm FRESHMEN Cook, L. Cunningham, M. Casillas, R. i Ii XJ: ' Clinton. G. Xxx xx . . Lrg at Cunningham, W, Easley. R. Castanon, M. Cole. W. N Daniels, P. Emery. D. LIVE . X .. gi W' Castro, G Comer. L. Davis. R. Evans. S. Q ,, 5, we Foster, P. Franklin. A. . D Q N LLL . 4 , 'X 2 L 5:47. . x 5 3 Gentry. A. Gomez. J, Gooding, M. Grant, E. up f G,-een, M. Greene, M. Harris, V, Hassan, 5- Hemphill, O. Hernandez, M, Garrett. L. Green, A, Gunn, A. Hill. J. ew Howard, J. Nw.. Hanipale, U. Hill, Y. ,.....- xx X . 5. ,- v .. X Hunt. R. X. l i R' si 2 Harris, R. Hopkins, T. Hunter. C. 101 62 1 I IZ3 Y- E- Jackson. A. Johnson, A, Johnson, C. Johnson, K. J0hn50f1, M. Jones- J, Jordan, R. Jordan. S. Kirkendall. B. Lee. S. Lessier, C. Lewis. T. Lilly, Q, ' .S I98O-8I HORNET DRILL TEAM- PRIDE IN EXCELLENCE W K-U' 1 Lnnnnfnn --ax I 1' I X ' Lott, R. K --.f Lguig, J, Madrigal, L, Major, R. Marquez, E. I Martin, B. I G' Marti Self ., na F . I1 ol-N i Y i S , . R . S -, x 8 ig,gb,,s Martinez, K. S McFee, D. McNeil, J, McQueen, T. LIVE. I Misa, M. Mitchell, M. Mitchell, R. Moon, S. E3 Murray, M, Nfl'-'On' N. QVCFSUECL V- Pamplin, C. Pargo. D. Paster. S. Peace, D. ffg Q' 5 T' Pearley, G. Petteway, P. Phillips, T. Pierce, C. Poindexter, E. Poumele. D. Powell, A H PPINESS A T ii A: Ml N .B SQ.: Smiling ,gif 'A Checking It Out wx li 9' 1 3 - , 5 .... A , L 1 f we .,:ii' , ,, 1,-.3 .N f All A .3 ' Y' MQQWiSwmw cGyZwwawmxQx'+mnff3EP ' Q K, cw 'lwfpaqm 5-ifggf if -WN. Mi,H,. 1,-Q ---f -,..- . ' A Cheering 5 xl , 0' 9 -is , .f 93 h ,, r Q .. 2 mmwmmm Doing Your Job Well t A . if A Command Performance 'N W :iw-S' fa Q S ig ooi l y.iMc .. lol , Being A Happy Hornet 5 Having Thumbs Q X We 4 Being A Cool Hornet ' ' 'fr' lf! ve.. 'vi Lunch With Your Friends gy ffl it L Q, vii rw fl wwvg , :Eff-gn ' 7 - ' - . . me Z eg , ru 1 '. ,vff 1 - Q- ,Q -Pfmg.-1-. . '23, 1' ' 'Y ' I isxggffiu, 1225 H jf: tis. J, -. , 1,-J A 'Pr , l : Sis-QQ L X W l Singing Well? T1 Not Always Being Fearsome A Baby Hornet I Reading THE HIVE I5 . . . 2 fp.-. Y I X And Resting Being A Weird Hornet Knowing You Know What You're Doing BEING WOUNDED Knowing 2 Really Great Photographers Being A Hornet Twice 5355? :,- ,X l nh' I , , B K T 'As . - W ' R Q . 1 1 4 X wif ' A Q N A fm. 'A 49- A 5 X gy ,. ,, H Q 'W Q P Si A . . ' '-T22 K . 1' . .. .x sw.: Av.. - -1-1. 1.-4553.-.f.f..i...U... -IEA.:--Sw f . Ramos, A. Randall. C. Redford. D. Reed, A. . ....... ..,. . Reynolds, R. Reynoso. S. Robinson, G. Rogers, L- RUNS- L- Q 'Q A Wx x , Na' -Rl , L : QA 35. M.. ...X D lk . A A .5 5 O S2 xii. 5 it , ... Rushing, E, Sherman, C. Shoates, H. Silva. R. Smith. C. N smnh, s. Smith, T. smnh, W. Smittick. K. Solis- L. Svenw- R- fs' Stephens, A. Stidum. M. Tafulu, s. Taylor, P. Taylor' T. Thvmas- M- 6 9 'x .SY 1331 N UAE 5 X N . IO6 SOPHOMORES .5 . L-A I' 3.0 Thompson. P. I' Torres, A. Turner. C. Q ls ' I . 5 . 'V .G' ..Tf' .l'o 5 I l -lr O R N E T S am., . 4 - . if Vasquez, R- Vaults. L. Walker, E. Walker, P. Walwn. D- Whitlock, E. Williams. C. Williams, J. Williams. 5. n .., . . 4 Q ..- C t C ' ... J.. KI- - K , 2 4 Tili, M, l Todd. A. Todd, N, in Turner, H. Turner. M. Valentine, P . x A Vejar, S. Verdugo. R. Voldase, A. Waters, C. White, D. White. L. Williamson, K. Wilson, T. Zuniga. V. fy' ...arf . . ' E 1 S . .... xf lfiiweii' , 11 LLM 3. . Aguayo, R. Avila. R. Becerra. G. Bennett. C. I 'RQ Menvw- ' Black, L. Bolden, R. Bonilla, E. Borja, G. Bryant, H. Carter, L, 2 - Casteneda, P. Childs. L. Cook, E. Copeland, R. Z5 Crittenden. J. Davis, R, Davis' T' Daws- T- 1 ,mnmww X . DeIGadill0, P, Disss. 5- Donnell, J. Drake. D- THE LIVE HI VE 'Y 'wat' A,--1'. if yum wi , . EV N . ,Q K7 f - .1 R I Everidge. Dunn. D. Ellis. E. Espy. O, Evans, C. P. Ford. W. Fowler, A. George. A George, D. George. K. Gorham, h S, ij.. ri 84-READY Fon Mow Gray, E. Gunerrez, G. Hansen- C' G, Grady. C M Harris, . -v f v ' 4, , . ' in A . I lit' Harris' M. Harvey, M. Hernandez. A. Hill, B. Hin- M- ?. A .N SPIRIT! f' -NL-1 3 Lo. ,,.--f Hudlun C Hudlun, J. lrizarry, R. Johnson, A. nm l ' ff Johnson, J. Johnson, S. Jones, A. Keeling. L. King. R. Lee, A. Lopez, S. l C' ,,.. ff- -ns , y oo.. . 1 Manu, C. Marshall, D. Marshall, J. Ma,-tin, D. Martinez, L. .fl 11 4 McClellan, D ' ,I McCullough. K. Mclntyre, K. Misa, 5. Newman, A. Nolan. C. Olvera, M. Owens, J, f- ' - , . ..f, . - : . fa. 1: f', - 'TS' f - -.... wwf M ,. Sf ' V 'fn af - ...C ,.,..,o 1 - T .1 A1... A -J ' M ,o 9 . A. J A . . . , - : . 5322+ f.. -::'1 . .. N .1 V- vs . I , - Q . ' Q W A ofa' 'wwf ' E rf-f.,..fW4 ii- :A Y1,.'. -. f-wi.. if A11 , ,Q A ' a K' .. C , . A3 5 -A' ly ' -,.., -.,. . 1arfs1:f::H'f' .. ff.Q f l C In 1 A. - 'lo FRESHMEN -,-r iw... Q ' 'ol'ol A 1 oroo WJ fff fflf it -Q -xxi X A A- ,... ,iii 'J W' G' Perez. J. Pete. J. l Am A HORNET Poole, R. Ruelas. M. Tool Savage. C. . .-' 1 ' iff. ' iw- i A'-'. . V bqey S H-' J .. 5' S QA., Phillip, F. Purvis. M. u Sharp. T. S P A C E D l Pino. M. gm... .---- ' ,, .......,, -. S 3 Ramirez, J. Reynoso. S. Rodriguez. A. Q B ,... .Z ... , ..., . fo Q ... - fi, Samaniego. C. Sanders. C. SBHIOS- D- ,F Shelley, B. Silva, M. Singleton, D. Smith. J. Smith. L. 1' .. ..,... . Smith, M. Smyer, M. Solis, J. Spencer. J, Taylor, A. Taylor, G. Q 5 8 4 VHSQUGZ- A- Warner, C. 'Y' 1 . White, D. Williams, R. Williams, R. Woodson. A. Wright, C. Howard, C. -S ,. - nz FRESHMEN ' C 'W it 55 Stidum, T. Tupuola, T. Washington, C. Williams, S. Howard. S. Strong, C. Turner, T. Whitaker, E. Wilson, C. Womble, O. .. .s 9 la .. ,Q f W ,fs Stuart, J. Tutson. B. White, A. 1 D +4 ,. ,,,1,, :F , FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Teachworth. Lisa Todd. Lenell Washington. Trelli Mallory. Marilyn Harvey. lfii SOPHOMORES OFFICERS cki Walker CSponsorD. Diane Valentine Ureasurerb, Alicia Johnson CPresidentJ, MeMe Cunningham 'ice-Presidentj. Missing: Delphia Emery CSecretaryJ. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS w I: Penny Yancy Ureasurerj, Kathy Thomas CSecretaryJ, Row 21 Stephen erce Nice-Presidentj. Anthony McNeal CPresidentJ, Mr. Brown fSponsorJ. gs' '17 fl 3 A ia C WT HH i,Sf,,,,.'1 KH ..- El ....- 7 pE 9 in Pim- ,G t i - A .fx 1 ,I H iexawsgjg-1 '- t -1 1. 'x w ' 1 i e X 4- y 1 V j I, ,A H 4 l V ' ' Q i 1 i 1 P I do ' A P --.IW iw ' , 1' Faq . .wa v , 'E fr 'STI' 5 A. 5 '31'g?F'iiT' i f' 503' 3 F' A I9808I LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND Brenda Glover, Antoinette Cole, Patricia Foster, Annette Robinson, Donna Jones, Donna Artis, Lisa Todd, Carla Antee, Carol Lilly, Amparo Olmos, Ruth Jones, Del Felton, Liz Hardy, Mary Bridges, Valerie Solan. Row 2: Steve Walker, Chrystal Taylor, Linda Keeling, Trena Duncan, Tim Sharp, Robert Major, Percy Thompson, John Jones. Row 3: Alan Gentry, Rodney Major, Darrell Redford, Eric Whitaker, Jose Morales, Horace Bryant, Warren Ford, Mario Mitchell, Oliver Hemphill. Row 4: Darrick Davis, Mahir Hasan, Derrick Bonner, Orlando Womble, Cecil Nolan, Richard King, Lester Loyan. Row 5: Anthony Stephens, Vance Talley, Lori Jackson, Rodney Grate, Anthony Brown. Drum Major: Andrew Gholston. Missing: Barbara Sturns, Steve Smith, Marguerita Harris. 532 'Y l wail- DRUM CORPS Andrew Gholston, Teddy Williams ax, WS 5 4 1 WWW Andrew Gholston-Drum Major Letteretts-Annette Robinson, Donna Jones, Lisa Todd, Carol Antee, Carol Lilly. Amparo Olmos. Dei Felton. Twirlers-Pat Christian, Pat Foster. Brenda Glover. Mary Bridges, Barbara Sturns, Valerie Sloan, Liz Hardy. Sexy Saxes -Darrick Davis. Rodney Major, Darrell Redford Our Dynamite Pep Band X , , Row I: CXCPT Lori Jackson. Row 2: CXILT Andrew Leasau. CXISG Mary Brown, CXILT Glenda Walton, CULT Orlando Womble. CXISG Jackie Walker. .V 1 4- ', F Jin!! 'vu o El AZQ31fI1Si6 W , W im . N :arf Y , .,.., - ,, 1 M? m f- g 1 ww NVNWVN , X W 5933 wg. A . , 1155, vi Q ' f v AW' X W . .99 Q -, I, Q 2 1' si 4, U H vMW,,fifWQ ' 55? - gy, WW 57 ' Q W ! 1 4 N INC xv , J? QW 5' 0 -1 1. J , -2 A Iffiff AM w I -. W HlQn-:M ,WM X, ,lg , A an Y ww. ww w. my 0 Q 4 ' l an l l ,,. o CHOIR Row I: Jennifer Crittendon, Robbin Parris, Michelle Bennett, Patricia Foster, Donna Foster. Chris Saunders, Lisa Childs. Marilyn Harvey, Linda Faye Miles, Ruth Jones. Row 2, Louise Pearson CDirectorJ, Carla Randall, Trena Bennett, Denise Payne, Hazel Bagby, Connie Whitlock, Charlette Strong, Verna Overstreet, Daphine LeBlanc, Sylvia Howard, Mr. Errol Woods CT.A. Asst. Directorj. Row 3: T.C. Livingston, Robert Burk, Antonio Newman, Greg Brown, Alvin Wiley. Not Shown: Jackie Bell. Pamela Daniels, Valerie McGeo, Kahuna Pinckney, Brenda Walton, Keith Whitside, Raphael Wilkins, Earl Echols, Anthony McNeal, Lena White, Veronica Elliot. Denise Coriffen, Towler Ranson, Carla Johnson, Michael Green. V W, ,jf , l l 'V' aft A A m ENSEMBLE Michelle Green, Verna Overstreet, Tammy Clinton, James Thompson. Damon Allen, Valerie Sloan, Adrian Cornist, Greg Brown, Mary Mur- ray, Maria Sataua, Ulondra Single- ton. Row 2: Mr. Errol Woods CT.A.J. Carl Lagrone. DRAMA CLUB Row I. Terry Robinson, Steve Jack- son, Antoinette Cole, Rhonda Poole CTreasurerJ, Ms. Rivera CSponsorJ, Shakir Hassan, Donna Jackson CPresidentJ, Chris Price. Towanda Walker, Row 2. Anthony Robinson. Vincent Howard, Bernie Butler, Barbara Sturns, Willie L Thomas, Angela Woodson, George 3 Taylor, Charlotte Hudley. Ian 9 A Duckett, Sharnee Taylor. Darryl Forney CVice-Presidentj. ,Q ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY COUNCIL K. Hill. A. Cunningham. S. Reynosa, M. Cunningham, E. Martinez, A. Brooks. B. Tutson, P. Christen, S. Reynosa, C. Cock- erham. Row 2: D. Harvey, A. Ramos, O. - Clark, J. Donnel, M. Johnson. R. Benson. S. Vejar, J. Cannon. Row 3. A. Leasau, E. Edwards, C. Casillas, C. Fuller, M. Davis, D. Bragg. A. Robinson. D. Bryant, L. Todd. B. Lane. Missing: Mrs. Williams CAdvisor5. ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS A. Brooks, K. Hill. C. Cockerham, A. Ramos. Row 2: R. Butler. M. Johnson, B. Lane. Row 3: C. Casillas, D. Bragg. J. Cannon. C. Fuller. D. Harvey. Missing. Mrs. Williams CAdvisorD. STAFF ALUMNI gonald Davis. Kathy Wynn, Francis Carrasco. Ernest Brooks. Duane antos Second Row: Roy Reed. Ted Scales, Greg Covington. Michael Chapman. Harold Moore. Donald Carter, Donald Mitchell Not Pictured: Pamela Denby, Harold Allen, Sergio Pacheco, Darryle San- tos. Valerie Chatman, Tony Herndon, Gerald Anderson ca M4 T ,al li ' f' , xv 1 I ' ' I ' f -' at 5 , + x lv JE M : , W .R , 5 if W. .. H4 , n. I1 'la' l' L , - ,r 9 C' x , m .E ,F 11 3. 'VI s A s. J VARSITY Patricia McCoy. Rhonda Butler CMascotJ, Valerie Woodson, Linda Harvey, Yolanda Hiller CCQ-Captainj, T.C. Livingston fMascotD. Marian Briggs, Estella Patterson CCaptainj, Carolyn Cockerham, Trina Thornton, Mimi Evans CMascotJ, Michelle Bennett. . ge fz af. .n :lil V. JR. VARSITY I jg Trena Bennett, Delphia Emery fCaptainJ. Mary Thomas, Diane Valentine, Denise Pargo. -' Nancy Todd CCo-Captainj, Shawn Williams. , . SARQQQQ-3:14, Urliin P+?- i. 41 . ar ,. J, 'A I ,.,l.h ,M ,, Y my ii 1 W, QQ .Y 1 iw It 1 it E f Q gt ' Q 1 1 ,fn 'EW x X ,. -w MQR fl DRILL TEAM Co-Col. Kathy Thomas, Angie Jones, Robbin Jordan, Regina Reynolds, Lisa Hicks. Col, Sharon Toson. Row 2: Regina Davis, Connie Whitlock, Cassandra Bailey, Glenda Dumas, Rhonda Lott. Row 3: Catherine Bryant, Ericka Fernandez. Joyce Speed. Gwen Brown. Row 4: Cathy Bonner, Velma Williams, Charlotte Over- street, Cathy Lessier. Row 51 Charlette Strong. Robin Parris. Delonna George, Lisa Martin. gl PROJECT STEP Linda Valladolid CCordinatorD, Tracee Banks, Angela Cunning- ham, Sandra Reynoso, Tina Sti- dum. Patricia Christian, Dean- na Grayson, Gene Davis CSite Counselorj. Row 2: Don Evans, Otis Espy, Arcelio Ramos, Kim Finley, Jerry Evans, Verdie Jackson, Thomas Belcher, Shel- ly Herron, Bertha Price, Irving Gaston CSite Personj. DECA Front Row: Saga Pylant, Edmond Harris. Row 2: Eddie Shaw, Samuel Baker. Win- burn Butler, Sharon Smith, Mrs. Pucci, Garey Cotton, Lolita Harrison, Carla An- tee. 3 , BUZZ STAFF Sorita Mays, Elaine Martinez, Kevin Coo- per. Row 2: Terry Robinson, Gayle Wat- kins, Valerie Sloan, Barbara Sturns, Gerald Blackman, Garey Cotton, Michael Miles, Mr. McDaniel, James Cannon. Missing: Sharon Smith, Meloney Evans. Charlene Mason, Norman Paraisa. 3 A 'If' 'Ab 4. BADMINTON Arnisa Taylor. Mary Murrary, Daphne LeBlanc. Blanch Ward, Elisa McElvaine. Sonia Evans. Row 2: Mrs, Robinson, Britton McEIvaine, Dennis Smith, Anthony Cook, Robert Hunt, Kevin Wil- liams. Missing: Shon Diggs, Mark Groce. Garey Cotton, James Wise, Linda Rogers, D'Andre Con- ner, Deanne Grayson. Joshlyn Suseberry, Kim Finley. Row I: Darrell Redford. Diane Smittick, Erika Fernandez Dell Felton Jim Beachan Row 2 Mr Brown CAdvisorJ, Arthur Felton, Sandra Ellis, Elaine Martinez Rene Ellis Annette Robinson James Cannon X A i 1 5 Cheryl Evans, Darlene Love, Gail Watkins CPresldentD Jackie Owens Sharon Smith Row 2 Lynn Johnson Sonya Robinson Janet Pete Tonya Vaults Aretha Thomas. Gwen McSwain, Lisa Ivory, Gwen Radford Tawanda Walker Barbara Tutson Andrea Voldase Row 3 Phyllis Robinson fVIC8 Presldentj Gina Easley Tracy Guy, Carla Blackmann, Felicia Richardson Renee Smith Renee Ellis Dora Buckhannon Terry Taylor Jackie Bonner Sherrie Daughtery Mrs Brewer QAdvisorD. Row 4: Jeannie White, Chere Webb Mary Murray Kim Finley Wanda Williams Missing Tanlquah Love Sonya Hunley Colleen Warner Japolca Melvin. Vicki Jones. Tania Malveaux, Jonett Marshall Marlene Turner Paula Curtis Anna McElyea Melba Brown Angela Woodson xiii M as J qywl-Img up 'HJ-wx. LA AZ JW i Row I. Armando, Sylvia. Salvadore, Sergio. Row 2, Mr. Delys, 1 Mrs. Ward. Mr. Gallegos. 124 ,Qs . lv IKM -4 Sergio Mesa. Hugo Juarez. Salvador Sandoval, Edward Solis, Armando Mesa. Alex Row 2- Sonia Reynoso Sandra Elvia Silva Sylvia Ve'ar. . . . . . 1 Sylvia Reynoso, Sandra Reynoso. Teresa Garcia, Lupe Torres. Lidia Contreras. Eulogia Bonilla, Pedro Castaneo. Missing: Martha Pina. Guadalupe Becerra, Leticia Vasquez. Carolina Alcoser, Alfredo Lueuano, Carmen Samaniego, Rosa Benavides, Armando Vasquez, Cipriano Villanueva, R A A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' osa cena. rmando Gomez, Leticia Madrlgal. Leticia Solis, Marla Garcia, Gregorio Gutierrez, Antonio Torrez, Rocio Silva, Manuel Barbosa, Marcos Garcia, Richard lrizarry, Rudy Casillas. Patricia Avila, Maria Vargas. ig N l ll 5 L l OFFICERS W., ,Nl fi flaw L-, PARENTING AND INFANT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Lana Hendrix Cmotherb. Shannon. Anneite Ware Qmotherj, Maurice. Juana Sanchez Cmotherb, Alicia. Velma Katrina Dawkins Cmotherj, Marquis, Cheryl Davies Cmotherj. Michael. Alice Jackson Cmotherj, Mrs. Jensen, Melisha. Gaye Williams Cmotherb, Ladonna. Mrs. Thompson, Piccola Simon Cmotherb, Michael, Rosales fmotherb, Oscar, Carlos. Missing: Ms. Stiles. Valerie Harris, Japoica Melvin, Ms. Wanda Williams, Anna McEIyea. Sharon Smith, Linda Hodges, Denise Warner. 4- vu'-5 ff W sg A xl -fi A 4 Q ' U , . if Q We '- 1 it x 0' l ' s KJ I .1 I -' M 5 A 5' iv-5531 1 , ' L 5 , ...Ei-ff' J 3 ' , 1 -li A l . ' 'H QA, am Q siiiikf 'M ,, 5, -, ,- T8 H WU 1' an Q i MEDICAL CLERKS 2: Sandra Palmer, Clara Kearny. Kathie Waters, Dina Pacis, Rosanna Guevarra, Lois Krause, Anatalla Kangleon, Hortencia Galvez, Verne!! Lovett, D R. V A N C E Front Row: Maggie Forman, Carla Gross, Dorthea Butler. Nadine Newkirk, Sandra Woods.. Linda Turner. Rovv L EXERCISE TECHNICIAN Front Rowz Lorrie Brown. Holly Winstanley, Sauni Leitch, Mary Jennings, Marie Carlson, Laurel Granquist. Row 2: Heather Jennings, Lourdes Perez, Keely Lucas, Doria Jones. Crystal Wilburn, Linda Phelan, Kris T O N Y Y O U Mallory. Row 3: David Oulette, David Mondane, Rocky Brown, Victor Mora. Missing: JoAnne Kuder. B O D BIO-MEDICAL LAB SCIENCE Front Row: Katherine Palma, Olga Clark, Susana Chan Gregory Fort. Row 2: Peggy Stewart-Funches, John Over Tanya Bentsen, Kelley Neal, Alonzo Joins. J ' null . FS 1, .f1L 5 f . T. fi' r i' Q '3,,t , Q-? J . ,B K Q E E T C' H EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Front Row: Bill Thibodean, Peter Ramiscal, Edward Lontos, Dennis Mitchem. Row 2: Marilyn Snyder. Chere Fuller, Jeffrey Hart, Barry Brumfield. Sandra Long, Elvira Arevalo, Row 31 Heather Jennings, Mi- chele Fisher, Mary Jennings, Tom Collins, Gloria Crosby. Beatriz Arellano. Row 4: Toby Couble, Mar- go Pena, Theo Huff, Shelia Turner. Hector Cobian. Martha Hurtado, Velma Williams. Missing: Carla Bengtson, Andrea Kalectaca. VETERINARY EDUCATION 'ont Row: Paul Loozen Clnstruc- vrb, Cindy Wingert. Phyllis eyser, June Orlansky, Tammy 'auszer. Row 2. Karen Starks, Knthia Gray. Elise Taylor, Dar- e Elmore, Julie Sorenson, Joe lindler, Maria Martinez, Renee den. Row 3: Arthur Macias, Ke- E1 Briggs, Jon Shepetis. O 0 B 0 1 I 7 k NURSING ASSISTANT Front Row: Celia Tigalao. Rosalind Walker. Pauline Harvey, Ana Hernandez, Esther Toves, Juana Sanchez, Row 2. Annetta Ware. Michelle Smith. Donna Johnson, Lidia DelaPena, Sonis Abays, Gloria Guillen, Marilyn Snyder Clnstructorj. Row 3. Nancy McCoy Clnstructorj, Monica Womble, Renee Young. Marianne McCoy. 1 i Y, Q4U ,Q. , V - - P-.i- , , ,, ,, , . 1 v. NURSING ASSISTANT PERIOD I S ll WE TAKE P I R O lu DR E E I X N C Row I: Lorna Todd. Mary Henderson, Annabel Rivera, Singeli Slater, Lisa Newman, Robin Fuller, Angela E Shorter, Lynette Robinson, Portia Gregory, Tanya Cadiz. Row 2: Ms. Nancy McCoy R.N., Mary Atwood, Gisele Lackey, Wendi Otterback, Alicia Loving, Tim Edgington, Siobhan Kelly, Diane Smittick, Rose Winfrey. Gwenaida Ivory, Ms. Lois Krause R.N. Row 3: Gretchen Butt, Beth Sherrard, Mary Belisario, Pat Perez, Marie DeIRosario, Theresa Wiggins. Belinda Hampton, Cathy Telfer, Carole Legras. if l 0 BIO-MEDICAL LAB SCIENCE Front Row: Susan Gross. Leslie Payne, Nancy Uhrhanmere. Sarah Cruz. V Viggiahini. Row 2: Peggy Stewart-Funches, Renee Leinta, Ramon Saldiv Calvin Thomas. Liz Rico. wif' !56,,gG8W:s ,V x. W. ,. ,E 'I s Q I I ' , -,. 1, 1' in ma I. I. ,, , ,,,, E E I 'fffl DAN BISHOP icki Challie, Sandra Clady, Vena ar, Marvin English, Bill Saunders, fp 'Lf K W , N T I ,. I P. .QQ L ff' DENTAL EDUCATION Front Row: Adrian Lewis, Reggis Boyd, Max Rondael. Row 2 Cheryl Amos. Virginia Francis, Patty Nolan, Jane Vukou, Ms Baron. Missing: Mary Rasheed. f 'X E, 'M' 1 ri!-2 iff. fl 1 .A 6vf ' 1.45 , X KE J ' ' ' I 4 N V' x v-fi: V I! A 4, !.,., , K, MV, I, 5,3 K , I X Ay' fi N '- 1-M' 1. I lu 'Y Y rf X WAI '- . I ' Qx X kg' , 1 '-?x V32q' 5 1 X J If Vv, - I - wi N',,,' 5 x . : x U' Ev 2 'X-RUNK Q If . X C Kb? jj fl i X J C 03 4 'is A . JUNK! 5 - ' k V -9 Q , I QI' ' Z - A , ' X iu, - A 'V xxx, . ,V h ' 1 P-Tx l Q . iw 1 M ,, ' X' M C WX lf X, 'f 'tsQ L r r D . Q N X x r r Q K 1 X is xx, YL W Xu? qgcfffw WV X- Ngxjx' ,fx -T. pb y Jf.. Y, 'x 1 'Y xv 3 L ,,-is X 4 -qv' Y' Jf. ,N w 4 I l 1 . .v swf if I 4 2 if 4 mu ,J 3? M.. I 'Z A-. u 4 I Q I I . at ' ,M . . irr 5 I ., K,Lv H VrK.AL . ,A ,au E V 2 H . , NV, f I , 5 1 A y . 4 y N Y A? vc W A , it ' 9 , ' , I X fy W Y ig, lf t I ,.V2V ? X ig Qi. . W f . w1. . SEI I 1 A A W J ll ii I H 4: LLLL W I ' V .,,,., :'H2 1' 1 Iev 'L A A 444 e it -ff 2 g f is ,r 4 I . 1 f kk ,f ': :v' - 'S--4 x f .M f K 6 ' V Row-I Gerald Blackman, Richard Andrews, Willie Chester, Lew Barnes, Earl Echoes, Anthony McNeil, Dennis Smith. Row 2 Chris Price, Marlo Reed, Leland Maddox, Sam Carter, Marlon Johnson, James Hughes. James Robinson, David Bryant, Anthony Brooks. Row 3 Head Coach Vic Player, Toni Poumele, John Rush, David Mondane, Vincent Howard, Coach Roy Reed Row 4 Coach Washington, Damon Allen, Ronald Bray. Steve Pierce, Brian Dantzler, Jose Waterman, Drafton Bunch. Greg Brown, Coach Flisher. Row 5 Coach Courtney, Carl LaGroone, Tony Gunn, Donminic Caldwell, Nobert Eferson, Elevin Gueston. Michael Sapp, Trainer John White I4 Hornets vs Kearny I2 2 Hornets vs Madison I4 35 Hornets vs University O 48 Hornets vs MissionBay O 49 Hornets vs Hoover O I9 Hornets vs St. Augustine O 40 Hornets vs Serra I3 20 Hornets vs LaJoIla 23 37 Hornets vs San Diego 7 I Coming through the hole. The Mighty Green. Hup I Hup 2 hike We are number one, the Hornets. 1. f l , R 'Z an ,,!'x fm aw f 4 If Rx M ,J K ' ' J ie. Q zz., ffwfghyy - , A ZQ ff ,dbx Willie WONDER Chester Leaping Hornets On your mark get set go Q ,ajft yaaryyo Q if 1 The tail end of the team ,7 uf. 5 1 , Look at me and say you love me , n L C.l.F. Champs Again This year I98O WE ARE Leave him alone Ok guys Ler's get them , 81 R 'Z E E E XW 7 Q vim' V ,,. is V, ..,V f - - if 2' S? , if sia, ayyyaa f 2 ' 'A E if 1 Y ME M M wwf ,,,, 1 Q run in 132 xfx N 1 Tape me up Mr. White I finally get to play S T . it S, , S i , A r , ' 'L L li 'W M32 9 1 63 Wm? W we me 23 And Still Going Strong J.V, FOOTBALL ROSTER Mike Alen, Tyron Beaver. Adrian Brown, Don Evans, Mike Flynt, Mike Foster, Alan Gentry, Vernon Halton, Rodney Hill, Eric Hayes, Brian Hilton, Greg Houston, David Marshall, Guy Pearly, Ascelio Ramos, Anthony Reed, Even Rushing, Steve Jackson, Joe Ledford, Tony Todd, Gordon Hoble, Lavall Shelton, Ramon Vasquez, lsiah White, Tony Newman, James Williams, Ted Williams, John Rush, Pat Johnson, Tony Tupuola, Kevin Miles, Jose Waterman, Mike Owens. V t s at . ltv, My ' f .i'-I ,,,,, y ,,,, A. ,,,. 'tif t't' - , J ii ' LM, ivir, ,, 155 K Q 'A Q if 4 The Hive has a Junior Varsity Football Team to be proud of. They are greatly appreciated, especially after taking the championship again this year. This makes the fourth year in a row that the J.V. has taken the championship. The effort and hard work extended by the coaches and players is truly an asset to the HORNET'S SUPER HIVEI 'NX' K J n W 'I k '--'ef 5 an VVVY, my 6 is ew rg +,, KW it ViE3,4ZWKx '66 'i Vwwmmvmw wwHllv '1': , , thx I :mn ' 1 , L E 3 ., W 4 qu ' My V In A 4' My RWM, Row W A M A,,,A ',, ,,,. ...Q , 1 2 , ilfQ,'1 6, 1 Mg.. ,,, .. , k wi? I l A fx C g , . U 0 M. - f ,s V, U gg ? ff- 'ffm P Qffixw. we 8 1, c k e d fj1ng,..,m M Almost 6 V f i , 1 1 IF CH MP -'80 fdffwff HIIHDIETQMQIEQ f Viriizryrkk Vbzr .n Yff- f A E 253 a ee Look at him ref he is cheating ae x 5 5 , 1 .J Mr. Game breaker I fre 136 f ,1W,, 1 .MSW 4. AQ L, af A aaaea. Ag12 Uf 'N -ra I 'fegfe f'4Q e Lf aaee five f ' 3 6 M.. 4413711 . .. I 1 V-gg: V fl ' A Q . ,, V W A 5 W g.,,.!j'oVf' A , W W. if J 1.5: gcy. my is 52? E i l The Hive has gone to the stadium 3 out of the last 4 years and has won every time we went. We the sport editors of the yearbook would like to thank the coaching staff and play- ers for helping us put this page of the C.I.F. together. We were very proud of the way we acted at the stadium. We at Lincoln proved that we are the best, by everything that we set out to do. Good luck to next year's football team David Bryant and Garey Cotton 'ii' 'iii c Qfflf g, A ., v ',kg my ' :,, V H . , cfss i ff r e I I Rubbing on my good luck charm. 4 se' ,,,4f f f f ,.,.,J,u1,,,f, ff'-1'4' Smack I got it I got it Welcome My Turn My Turn Take That Amazing Like This Come Play E S ,ln ' 9 4 u 'ii 2 Row I Victor Zuniga. Armando Gomez. Clemente Casillas. Alvin Bryant Row 2 Norman El-Amin. James Cannon, Mark Davis, Kevin Mitchell Coach Jim Richards. Row 3 Greg McCastle, Tony Powell. Not shown Fernando Gomez. 1' ws CROSS GU TR Y AA EW arv we ,mwfeey ,f5w,,,f,m.v W, ,f :ff : v',,v , , i f JE My f 1. Ma Eff Z K-X W 1 , ii? Pa 5 M Eh' lg gif .Eg .1 fb 16 if 5 fl- A wg, , QQ, JH 'Denise Pargo, Anne George, Sylvia Howard, Tia Turner, Mary Murray. Row 2: Sheila Baker. Haze. Bagby, Gloria Hooks. Rolanda Bennett, Rhonda Pope, Darlene Hooks, Mrs. Kyla Law fCoachj, Jennifer Crittenden. al , , A I T T X , , ,,,. ,, , W ,,., , 1, ll' ,yi ' CONCENTRATION! DON'T MESS WITH J.V. SOFTBALL: THEY ARE HOTf THEY ARE LIVE AND THEY ARE DETERMINED R. BAKER-ASST. COACH J' , fm GO NOW 7? I CAUGHT IT W J.V. SOFTBALL IS HOTI LET'S SEE BIG HIT PUT IT HERE PAL YOU'RE OUT , IQ 'C as I ui T I Q I I I 2 EL 5 N N I may X, .mam THE SAME POSITION? 'gsm Z' Q!!! 9 6' .QV ! 5 Lincoln. as you can see, is a bit of zoo SOITIEHIHES K I 1 5,3 QM r X!- N 1 A 4' f X N I 5,1 ' I 1 a V I ini : - i ,S x mx is ' :iVV:V L' f V k I 4 ti U ,1,E Q xx H. .N x ' W ' as I qurz I ugkv, E ' X 3 2 I V This takes total controll Q it UW 1 K STMMWHX Mffffmg p Q f Old man White Stop horsing aroundl Hanging out Surg M. N A f - , :K Tlilspf , V 5 A ' I dvi! 5 'lr' 'Nl is Q V . ' Y. ,f pil' , '.'lkQ!! . Qi' . A in NN in l it .PBHW f h W CE! .x I'm glad we're not like them. Ron. ,o 0 .4 oo. 0.0. oo Q ' 099 O00 U. A . 9 Let's go bananas N x I J at S Kiss me ' V A' fr 'is ww -H' 'ummm' Jenetta Cook, Cheryl Johnson. Tina Evans, Bridgette Lane, Darlene Evene. Shelia Baker, April Clay. Yolando Allison. Renae Ellis. Robin Fuller. Renae Murray. Tia Turner. W .M - OB LA LL EL 5 - W: 15 2 1 ,,,.,--ff ' ,, H UP AND O V E R QM R- is , , ff 7' rv H mil U' Sum I 1 :'--112'-ini, V 5, 2 sm gg 6 9 W 59 Q if Q YE A , 1 , 42 3 W gr 41 1 7 U7' sf JM 'V ,, nfs :-,, V., gl:-fy: , 3 ,G '35 Ericka Fernandez, Cathy Thomas. Teresa Gordon, Linda Keeling, Rene Harrison ROW 2 Cheryl Johnson. Michelle Allen, Joanie Smith. Michelle Bennett, Jennetta Cook, Verdie Jackson. ROW 3 Ms. Robinson, Coach H 1: if 'UE s .1 iffy 7: , --1 . .Jia W, ,. , GOT ITI NOW WHAT? ff J f s Y, Q .. ' , ' 17 . mf., 222fzsizii.f1'2f'1iiff,,f:ig? f 'B Ulf glhg ia 17,4 n IV x iz -news DARCELL BRAGGS M if? ,, . 1- ,f-1 is K s . ,555 . f W- fs as? I Y 0 fa' . Q T y 'li' . D if RENE SMITH ERICKA FERNANDEZ EfTN'x?'7l1P u' '.'.5W5' ' - 5 -4v!lS5- . QV!! 'l X, ffl L if COACH. THE GAMES IS ALMOST OVER. The Lincoln Hornets Girls Softball Team. This year the team didn't get off to a flying start. but they soon got it together anyway. The team has a lot of experienced players, most of them have played Bobby Sox. The Hornets won a few and lost a few. They practice very hard everyday, sometimes they take their weekends to come and practice to be a good team for the HIVE. Penny Yancey Yearbook Staff I98I. -2 v Us ig 4, MICHELLE BENNETT .ty yty, - as ftaf, ' 1? Wg f 'gl gag Z 145 , Lenny in Lenny action soars High ..f! fzf5W7r Hgvy K T 1 ' , T , '21 ,'V:..jk Q- , 4 JJ li, ,, ',. x . A W 'ez ,iv7- ' ' ' ,J 'nf' nf ' nn ft 7 M ' 'fp ' in to J M235 J wi ff' J, 'iw ami L f-.,, X .--- Dr. Chops with the Jumper James hits for two 4 XXX BP, xx 1 Don t ou J Choke lumps Chris 146 C h E 5 5 8 'sl e 8 E S James Hits for two morel 5-wmnw K Nw.. VARSITY BASKETBALL Adrian Carman Lewis Darryl Prince of Mid-Air Wallace Leland Maddox Damon Redman Allen Charisse Cheese Jones James Dr. J Robinson Jimmy Busboy Gilbert Tony Spiderman Todd Tony Dr. Chops Franklin Orlando Pop Perkins Ed Sir Nose Shell Ht. 6'3 5'Il 5'lO 6'O 6'I 5'lI 6'l 6'7 6'2 6'l 6'7 Class Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. So. So. Jr. So. Position GdfWingfFor. Guard Point Forward Point Wing Forward Center Forward Guard Center 1 14 l mc2b,::iEUiYi'f' - ' ESI' , .L 1.- 1 ,,.- M if I I + ei 3 J I I , ,, , ,..,f,:f::-:fw...,.. , ezwez Z1,'g5L.qxggg5g'1'1,f . ,.,,, .,.,, , . Jr I W,,, HM 4 17 F' A ,V U4 ..., egswz..,,, U . I M 'X I ,, . .,., , fwizwz: L '1 , , , ' I ,,,. 1' if '- YI? - 97 ,,,, 1, YV - I ff Xv'mw'..'5 ,,,, , 2' ,Um 1 H' --E rf',fgffrgfgfhffaeqgsragwmgwg I 3 'J I 1 I I I , - 1 1 ' T11 ,, i If E ' 42' 55 V f ,WT ' . ,. 'ff F 'T -W,iV 'af, -f ,-::.fA ff-M L7351. ' .wif -' A -, . ? 4 - .L f' 'I'-'- fi? , I wi ,. 6339? 1 ,.'wf1L, if E2 'w:Q:fQz'e:,x . ?-ff.. ' 4f fe?E2:1Ifz17:ge,.a, -:IE ,.,s-zwiazw-',., new i I ' Wffgfifnfff' B532 WWI' 'Iggmzf swf' 'IL' ew:'f,.:f:gms5zg.-,, 'gfvQ.5:Q,,,,gY5QEH1:W,Q,.,g-Ip,f,g,,,Awmfg3wgf - ' 1 A -' .. 'A ,, - I I ,I , 1..,w,::5f. 'I I AER' I, f z ' ,f151'T.E PQI 52 --,:,.,,Mffk9 , . 5',ff'fA 1 FW iiuwff :I ' I s A A I A ,'-AA I ,- Wf1f2w3'A , Mm- .3 ' 'W' 2331411-QIQWL -'fliimfjf I - ' -wat, ,z - L I ,. . , , , , ' I' 1 .L if ,L , ' I . A I ' f I I If I 1 S M ,af , I y V fe, ., LL,,, , ' , , , ..,, L W- H --I M, ww .fy L. MEN., ,..,, I - ,. - ,,,,11f,m:.,,, .LH ww, If ,sf-L s,,,,..v,f If,f.-I-,ll,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 'f5L?5Lb,,, 'A-,iS,i.1f , H I N - - H-I ,,,.. ' 'I I' I I 1 f' gg I 4: , Y W, ku ff ' M 1- -If-+,fws-,,,., MIKE FLINT, CURTIS LOCKETT, WILLIAM COTTINGHAM, RODNEY HILL, SHAGARY JONES, KEVIN WILLIAMSON, ROW 2 PELVIS ANSLEY, TONY LEWIS, NIGEL ANDERSON, THOMAS BROWN, JAMIE WISE, TERREL TELFORD, ROY PATRICK, CHRIS VALINTINE. COACH WARNER DON'T CHOKE GIVE ME THE BALL O O ' Mu, TONY JUMPS HIGH A JUMPERIIII X -ff ff EE,,,, I in f 1 Kevin Hits two , 1 Q . ,,,A,,, A,,,A 1 A Via f I uw Y M 'V 1 4 if? T i l f 0 r d Goes High Another Bound for Tilford W H A T A L A Y 5 Shag strikes again 'auf V? Q .21 , it i if IS v R. Hill al Your Face -N Chris Hits a duce Sink itll Coach Richard, COff. Halfbackj Dale White, CDef. Halfbackb Rata Verdugo, CGoalieJ Armando Gdmez, fOff. Halfbackj David Nickerson, CDef. Halfbackj Hector Perez. QDef. Halfbackj Cipriano Villanueva, QOH. Halfbackj Eduardo Solis, Coach Delys. Row 2: fDef. Halfbackj Hugo Juarez, QOH. Halfbackj Caesar Marin, CFull Backj Victor Zuhigo, fFuIl Backj Fernando Gornez, CFull Backj Salvador Sandoval. CSergio Pacheco, Assistantj caiv vccc , ,,,. ..,, L' ' i 5 , til' 255 4 l55' 55M 11271155455 ' .Q 1 ., ,,.. V ' 4 il ,,,,,, in ,, ,.,. ,,, ,,, ,,,,,a,,,, ,.,,,,, ,,,,.c,, , ,,., , , , mf .A . 1-- , ,,,. ---, ' 1 . H7 'lf Yi a :wi . .u f ' eree aww' 'W fm 'Z ff ,. , M my A A, a .. A ia 'fa an r oarr -.a J ii ,',.,,, i , H . H ,,,,,,, ,W irr'r ,. ,,,, .. ' ' , ,, , -' ..,c f,.T,.S -Z , ,f .I ,,, L ' up J' -...... .al , by . NA. wi F' , , ...,, V wx Til Q L mfgw Q ' M wr Y' ,,,,. m 'A :Q 2 'ff ,M fi ' '5 W .yy KHHMSY , mv, ,X .J ,H Ib b Lt f ,,..,f....,.. - L ., ,, A f , , may QQW5 W ' Wiz, will if 3 Wh. 3 , L.. ff f if , . 42.4,,igeifw-W, - v ZI, 1 ,,,I,i -, - . 5hiA . ,, . 1f'3f92vfKS.f'6 haf ,wi 5 ff 3, was 1 MTS 1EQgQg,3q,:g,..g,i my '-Izfiiizifk 15f:21.- . HW 9 Aihz MH ni, . k WW 1f?h S' JEL EQ? fflil Wig ,L'h V F Don Evans, Dorian Drake. James Williams, Saladin Abdulah. Vernon Halton. Row 2: Chris Savage, Anthony McGee. Brian Hilton, Lavell Shelton. Row 3: Steve Pierce, James Johnson, Charles Black. Coach T. Becker. Row 4: Ondray Sherman. Charles Williams, John House. Morris Misa. Row 5: Clemente Casillas, Brian Kirkendall, Anthony Gunn. Larry Hernandez. F' l 4 .nf If Q I fl ,fl 1 hy ggiw ,, 5? DORIAN ONDRAY MORRIS CLEMENTE DRAKE SHARMAN MISA CASILLAS CHARLES BLACK BRIAN JAMES KIRKENDALL WILLIAMS LADIES J. V. BASKETBALL 'Z Q kzdfg. 5 65 'Q c. 3 , :-1 rn Back Row, Mrs. Robinson, Cherly Johnson, Mary Murray, Lisa Finch, Blanch Ward. Cathy Thomas, Shelia Baker, Roslyn Copeland. Denise Pargo, Joslyn Copeland, Pam Haywood. Alicia Johnson, Ericka Fernandez, Tia Turner, Not Picturedf Rosa Cesena EV W , Q ,. ,,, 3., VV,. A , , A , H L fvk : d f ,, .N Q N, W . K. . TMCZQQ V : 'lf I In ... I I ,,, ' .M A y 'faa ' L . lx- ' j y y , y V y, .3 . M, V, A , , V , . M H, M , .4 N :gl i L . - 1 'Q pf E' A L A 23 y ef! V ' Q :f4l7 i g A I in iiii yy ' L 4 1 p q., A ,A if A' P F' f l A' Qi A x Q I ij A . K a 5 5 ZA -- '1 b . 'VH' . . .. f A LJLL 1 if I Q LADIES VARSITY BASKETBALL 'few'-' Tracy Banks Renae Murray Olga Clark, Jenetta Cook Mary Bridges Darlene Evans Cherly Patrick Mickey Smith Tlna Macevens Katrlne Campbell Trena Thorton Elizabeth Hardy. Trlna Bennett Yolanda Allison Marlene Turner zv -8 1 'M iii i , A a t 1, , , ,, .Q , , , '- 2 f 'Q A A 5119-1+ ff wili' ,. f' Q7 ilE'i3-'5',s1,2g'i 3 3 A ,, 4 ' G f r ff 1 , ,.'1 f, 5, A 'J ,.,f' 4: , ' ' A .-.. V my .,,X, s xi ie, -:,f .,,' ,,qvf- b V. mg-I I f fgggg , '- ,H ,. . ,lj ,. ., ,,. W- . ,, .,,.,,.0, I V 341, .,,, , xx., , ,gy , . ,.A': Q ' l 'gif ' we 4 - 'gat at , - A slsl f , T l A M A 'hi afw M 'Bin I i -th-gl ff x I ,A Lvl kg,g,,i-A Q h V. 4, lk V ALV, I .,g ,, ,.,.. .t ' y MW , 2: ,M . 3, y 4 . W ,....,,.., ',.' , 'r 1, , aa,,a, i l ,tp We if TENN , N553, A 3495 f A 1 3- 5 ' te, Y, ,,,,a.,1.. 22535 ,. wwe K4 f wt ' rn. i 1:M::,1a':2:m4:enfff4r.f': ' A 4 ,,,'. 4, ,,1L c. f' 'ffl ' A It f A itts 2275- f' , ' V ' z , . , ' W W , ., Spz sf as . , A A H, . 4' '-- 1 , A . 'L ,ff i' 1 .L L.. '7 fxfzfg- . r yy '1 , Q Q 4. 2 W- fi bw ' xc -Sv cf Q W g' ..f?3:J y, .ki-IZ. , T! , -f -.-: - ,Y ff-sm fm: - ,, , ,ways 3399. C ,ai,, A 1 mv wsu an af W' A A., .Www 1 3 x ,WE COACH MANN a Rosme - , ,-,t.4i..t-mm.. t Gilbert Escemela, Allan Gentry, Wllie Chester, James Gamble, Anthony . Cook, Jeffrey Hart, Leonard Walker, atr, f .lames Malveauk, Coach C.l.. Mann, wif it swim TEAM l l 3 Coach Watte, Dennis Smith, rsll C Shariff Cooper, Don Evans, Lance Black, Coach Stout, Mark Owens, Tony Powell. iaiy ii: AA,I V C 5 .fll kkih W kk VM flgqpwf an , .:', 113, f wwf , ' ff - ,.., ,E H1 V. H .. A ' ffm- ,. ,fif , 5. . 4 t, C C A ' f Q N' Wg -+V . 11 M ,1 wi ,ef n:a7i75?'v A if fs , K C, f ,Q M, If at ' Q af J N , M 'E ,W ,f in 71,927 .1-,L Vrk ' f'- mi' ,. 'Q ,i.1LLN, A ' 8'4'z f ' QP v :VH ' K ,, , wg, 3 I Viwl K 5 A: 'wlfthy S W T . 'l S as A A lfrifif ' Q ,y ,hp-, , fy 7 sw H 1. 1 gi,.,4,V . y vxypkf -ff,5,, QV 'Z ,, 12' M , - S , , fv:fvfJ,l,ty.f f ,f .59 + , ,o,qnf, if A if I 1 - - we ' l ' , s' .W :J 7 ,, ,, S .1 . 5 y - -9 , A - 3 Af, nr 4, . Va I 7 Y K kr V V '5 U K as i V I V .. g 3. i l I , S M' A S A fu n 1 ff' .5 ajft iff Alf A I v : I N wi' N' ' l 3 ' A A M gf, 151 K ' , ,Mtv In I ,Q V: , I gf L , r I my X I i uf Y V 3 4 'N - T X . , , nl - - S v A - A Y ' ,, , WW an .. My Y. it A A - V X ,V .Lf ' , ls ' - ' ' ' H i .Wx-'fn-V--A ' -1 ! ' VARSITY BASEBALL COACH ,W v .AMX Ah . M ,X W we M A l DENISTON n -wmv-v , ,,., fl' . , T?'V ' 'ki Row I: Lew Barnes, Rodney Hull. Ffg.!N .'f35E52,?c 3g' pw vga lm! Row 2: Amondo Gomez, Steve Pierce. Michael Foster, Kevin Jones. Michael Foster, Kevin S- f V ' -.li Mitchell. gt tu , X, . 5, , Row 3: Damon Allen. Michael Allen. Vernon Halton, Michael Owens, David Grayson. Steve A, 9 Q14 . -- Jackson. A351 f . 'E gn S fl .' 1 5 T l -1 S yy: - 6' . K ma. A Efzizlfe.. 3 S 3 S' ,, , ,X ,.,' In - V . , , ' 1. My 17.535, 1 ,gif ' , ,D .- Riff fe! 'llifliig ' ag,sf.P? S Y' 1 ,, i I VV H I I I . A 1, W A HJ, ,, , . ,Tl KK ,.,:? ,. .Mlm mlm iz I M-.lmwil-V in at Vfjjg ,f , . It U -P+ .Ll i ts .,,. 'mf WWW , . ,. wut rr , .25 .Anya -,iv il' l 7117 ,Z ,, .0 1 ,, , , S , A li. 4 A -C ISG ' A ,,,,,. , v 'gg-px' I - A , fm .L ll BASEBALL ' Y Row l Billy Cole. Lavelle Shelton, Edmond Harris, Neal Johnson. Andre Shermon, Anthony Brown. If' V . Row 2 Coach Richards. Jamill Harris, Charrise Jones. Shag Jones, David Galvez Vincent Adams Anthony Reed W ' tm ww- and Jeff Hill. ' ' ' gy., kit' , ogy' - ,-,hint ' A hwy K E as fi, ., U I Q-rg: 5 A VM ,HM T,,,,, I : R K kwin I I fn-, W '4 4 . A A l 1 9' 1' jfs- 'S 4. A i V Q, in V syn V I 4 zifs f V 5 'l 'df' 'V N p ' ig? g :vc ik' ilk Y Y f- 4: 5 if E X ssll :Q W 22 54 15, A 5, --M 5 5 5 ., L, fl' s V 'K Q K . ' K , J Q k kim I H my .ylik , 7 mpg fy, ,,, v I . f fu .ai , A Z ll ' - . fl ,, 'lllll - :AA A as 'X A 1 yfir I I ' W 5 ,Af wich-F 3 , xl, ' A ' X K 4 4 -,, 45,5-Oln 1 IYOUA, ALINFULJ T' 'www il ,, 5 Q 1 F - ' ST ul y ful, in-N 4 011 K X 6 My G Y Z Y his A V V i K M .,. Q Q t N X 5 I 4 5' 1 . N W l 1 1- A ! 1 lf- S S- S V L, -.I 4, I , fo ' . ' 5 ' 'KL ...,wff' ' ,A ' 'V - N,w,,,,, A f at ,,,t,fm,..., ,U I f, , , , , - s l CO-ED- TRACK- TEAM I . . .k,k D. I, . Vkrk, f..,, I .f I, rl' f ' D .,,. D Dwig S A 1 3, ,W if J' 9 QI D.D.DD 5 5. . I ff' ,Y T44 . ' -:. . 52, . -W :- D .... D1 I . . L '- ' N- ' .,.. 2. M, :fri A . 1 .. ., , ,,.. .D , 4 - 1. ul .f 'I im 2 R T :'f 1 ,.-,:f,- . ff v 'k i 3 52 fi I .M Av DD . Aff 4, +2 ff? fix' f 1, R I ,F 4,-E5 J A 'QQ ,D ,D A T E D . 4' 4 D, Wi' ZA im fa N A. Q E fggpt A 1 I T I DQ 4 Ii ' W K s 5 W If Qing S4 ,S--Oi ,A W ED 4 I 441 5 ,rv D' A ' as Vlh, -D .Q,f, f,,.,,Vh , Q VTKKV: It : D ,,g ,. 1 ef g M D Q ROW I GREG HOUSTON, TERELL LANGE, WASHINGTON ROW 2 MICHAEL SAPP. GUESTON, DAVID BRYAN ETT. CRIAG WRIGHT JAMES HUGES, OTIS ESPUE. ELVIN T. TEDDY WILLIAMS, CURTIS LOCK- DDDMD V ROW I VERDIE JACKSON, GEWN BROWN, REGINA DAVIS, PATRICIA :LA CHRISTIAN. ANA RODRIGUEZ, DARCELL BRAGG .W -aff' ROW 2 SANDY TAEuLu, SHARON TOSON, PENNY YANCEY, ADRIAN D . AIIILI ROBINSON fW 'I- I . V . ROW 3 MRS. MARY WADE-HEAD COACH. DELPHIA EMERY, LORNA .ED DD R'S if A fy A TODD, TRACY GUY, ELORETTA GIIMORE, JENIEER CRITTENDEN YIYII A Eg I . fm A 1 C I I RRY I D 1 - I -A 'SA S- - S ' D. D 1 L L' L' I 'A A . D, ,DDID VK D. IIJI. xgrr 4 g '-QQ,DJ f' W, W DD D DDDD D D D I I SID I SS g., . .D ' RII'S I D ICIIDC CLISSI CC IIA A I n ..,,, AD, ,V,,, 'V1' LV', 1 , 1, .W,,.,, ,,ID . .D D SSS A S,I J ' ISSI JAMES H. S,'S I D D IAS' ,CII ' C-l0CKETT5T-WILLIAMS f I IW'I ,,Z. ,, My ,TSI D .W D., I A 440 RELAY TEAM . . III . I ISIISI SIII YISIISII ' ,D - LQ' 'CII' ' I I,.V .. D 2. I p IYIS I 'li A khyk ':, ' '-:f, 1' ' .'f'k.'f' -A E 2? U RRII I SD. 'RIIlf -A f SSII A A N TI A 'IIC A N SSSC . mm, ,,:.,DIS .qw IIRQIISI SR D.. t it A A D D .V 7.57 V, A ' ' ' 4 E A Y 'ffl-ll I MILE RELAY TEAM S D I? as-wc' W ,. K sw. :,.,, -as V D 6 nl D D,IDDVD D D D..D A .D A V .- W ,D D DDD D. D . 1 .D DDDDN ' VV ' J? A W 5 a g FV I ' A 1 , :RD 1 'ef' I .D 5: mf- ff SD, . LLLAL I I i f I A D I A 3 D.DD , A LALIL A D. SIS I I ' . ,ff ...D . A II R I 1 I I ISS SI ..'Z'- M D IDDD, D A ' ,r 'N-. CALIFORNIA SCHOLASTIC FEDERATION Donna Jackson-Yolanda Moon, Delphia Emery, Cassandra Bailey. Yolandna Hiller, Kenny Glover, Aretha Thomas, Chris Price. Row Two: Rene Murray, Arthur Page, Pamela Haynes, Armondo Gomez, Estella Peterson, Patricia McCoy. C.S.F. NOT PICTURED Dora Buckhanon, Michelle Cato, Apryl Clay, Carol Fuller, Brigette Lane, Carlos Lepe, Cookie Miller, Daphne Winston, Carol Candler, Gwen Redford. California Scholarship Federation at Lincoln High School One of the organizations at Lincoln is C.S.F.. an honorary society for students who have attained high scholarship and citizenship averages. This organization is a very unique one. For membership, Freshmen or students entering from another school are required to have atleast 3 A's and one B in academic subjects. While you're reading this article and wondering if you are eligible for this organization, stop wondering and go to B-8 and check with Mrs. Dunn, CSF advisor. She is a very nice and fair lady who has a special process to pick students for CSF. First, she would like you to come to B-8 and give her your name. Then she checks your credits. There are special activities for CSF students. On Friday, February 20th, there was a field trip to Disneyland, for example for all the CSF members in California schools. Being in CSF is a reward for students who earn high grades in senior high school. CSF Life membership is available to students who have high grades for four semesters, including one semester of their senior year. Life Mem- bers are called CSF sealbearers, and are entitled to special honors. This year's CSF officers are. Aretha Thomas CPresidentJ, Carol Fuller CSecretaryJ, Arthur Page CTreasurerJ, and Chris Price QWriterJ. CSF members can also provide tutoring to students who need extra help in their academic courses. A by Christopher Price .I RRY' BEAUTY SUPPLY 2-3 SALO .IERR Y'S . PUBLIC WELCOME Rose Gardner Jerome Gardner BEAUTY SUPPLIES and WIGS WHEN YOU ARE TIRED OF LOOKING FOR YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS CALL OR COME TO SEE US AT Beauty Salon 4278 Market Street San Diego. Calif. Beauty Supply Dial 264-3607 Jerome S Rose Gardner, Props. Dial 264-3697 E I TOP 9th GRADE 3 HONOR 5 TUDEN T5 ARNISA TAYLOR, 3.83 CECIL NOLAN, 3.50 DENISE ELLIS, 3.50 ' NOT PICTURED: MAURICE SOWELL, JOSEPHINE SOLIS, AND TINA STIDUM PRIDE I TOP lOth GRADE HONOR STUDENTS Ist ROW: VICTOR ZLINIGA, 3.50 TAMMIE BATES, 3.50 TREVA DUNCAN, 3.67 JOSE GOMEZ, 3.83 2nd ROW. MARY THOMAS 4.00 NANCY TODD, 3.57 SILVIA VEJAR, 3.67 GWEN BROWN, 3.67 NOT PICTURED: RHONDA LOTT, 4.00 KATHY MAR- TINEZ, 3.67 SHARON ROGERS, 3.50 DENISE SMITH, 3.50 OUR EXCELLENCE Top Ilth GRA DE I HO OR 1 TUDEN rs Ist ROW. CATHY BRYANT, 3.50 ALVIN BRYANT, 3.50 MICHELLE CATO, 3.67 SORITA MAYS, 4.00 2nd ROW. DAVID GRAYSON, 4.w RACHEL AGNEW, 3.67 NOT PICTURED: JIM BEACHAM, 3.83 YOLANDA MOON, 3.67 KIM LASKEY, 3.67 MICHAEL PACHECO, 3.60 PAULINE HARVEY, 3.50 STAFF: E. TRAC Y'S FA SHIONS Today's High Fashion 5 Vintage Clothing for Ladies 5 Gents at Yesterday's Prices We are Small but Very Select Phone: 262-875 7 Peggy Stewart-Funches GEN TR Y'S FA MIL Y BARBER SHOP 4973 Imperial Avenue San Diego. Calif. 92lI3 Gentry. D. Gentryg R. Gentry. S. W. Gentry Mon. Thru. Fri. 8:30 IO -Izw Sat. IO Phone 262- 7423 Congratulations To The Graduates Of l98l From CAR TER 'S THRIF T SHOP Pearl 8 Odell Carter 4973 Imperial Suite 3 . ,, ., COWNERQ 4973 Imperial Ave. San Diego, CA 92Il3 Don 's Discount Trophy Shop 6215 Imperial Avenue San Diego. California 92II4 Gentry S Norminel Reese Owner Phone 264-O4 72 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE STUDENTS OF LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL FROM LEROY C. Mc NAIR B.S.S. IV AND THE ENTIRE C US TODIAL AND GARDENING S TAFFS A .- XFX.. My FROM SA GA SASSlE TO THE ADMINISTRATORS AND THE CLASS OF 8l C, I wttacfftwt I 'I 0 SPECIAL PRICES FOR GROUP ORDERS! f x Threads n Treds Has One Of The Largest Selectxons Of Heat Set Transfers Photo Shlrts Done Whlle You Wait! THREADS fl TREDS' I rd th COLLEGE GROVE SHOPPING CENTER - H y. 94 tCoJl g A .-287-6890 'lv ' 111 l'Qlll mm III Ju ':.n. QQILFI' U d X Ginn .1 Ill hi I wrlhlltilftlll C X as as x f f ' ' f 'IV m 'fff 'I ta MM Gyn sf I' , V' -U1 gr X fn , Q59 -M-Mm. X I , rs ocae on emall at C w a e e ue f-X I-X LOVE S CLEANERS CSame Day Service Except Sat Q 909 5 47th St Freddie Gore 264 9688 Manager No 2 28 h D 9 A 1714, 262 7561 C ongratulatlons Graduates The Best To All Of You T Richard Harris RECORDS AND TA PES 627 69th Street S D g CA 4 .I Thomas Norman C7l4j 264 5556 am D . ' Q at I o t 3 Tom EXPERIENCE an ie 0, 92lI 5 T fs BLACK FEDERATION OF SAN DIEGO 429I Market Street San Dlego Callfornla 92IO2 Phone 253 8161 Congratulations To The Graduates 1981 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the Class of 8I from the lndustrlal Arts Department It IS Important that all of your commltments to be as strong as steel I hope that all of your llfe s endeavors wlll not be photo flnlshes Have a successful and happy Ilfe Ted Scales Metals and mileage and short gas Ilne and your morning free of flat tures and dead batteries Howard Kelso Auto Mechanics Free home malntence and furnlture repalr IS the perfect llfe May all your endeavors be successful and free from cracks and crevlces Tommy Kung Occupational Wood Wood I 2 3 Congratulations The Class Of 81 He Arms Too Low Who Arms Beneath The Stars COACH RICHARD SMITH COACH JAMES RICHARD COACH CORNELL WARNER COACH VIC PLAYER COACH GARY FLISHER COACH ROY REED COACH GEORGE DELYS COACH TED BECKER COACH CHARLIE MANN COACH SUE WANNER COACH MARY WADE COACH DOT ROBINSON COACH SHAN DENISTON TRAINER JOHN WHITE AIDE SADIE HISBON or unuty IN the Communlty C ONGRA TULA TIONS to the l98I Graduates from ROTC Cadet LTC Lorl Jackson QBataIllon Commanderj Cpt Whnte Sgt Estrada CONGRATULATIONS to the class of The Real Hornet Strength rests ln your ablllty to Succeed and persevere From the Lincoln Counseling staff and student services T. . . . O' ' Sf 'Es fa f, Q, .. I 9 Graphiclm May Your driving days be M with good gas To I '81 I XIII H '- N I SPECIALIZING IN COMPLETE HAIR CARE 6687, Z BTOKAIIZ H Ownsn. OPERATQR 6314 AKINS AVENUE BAN DIEGO. CA. 92114 BUS. 1714? 263-7969 L an CHERYL BROWN COWNERD, BETTY, SHELIA, CHERYL, AND ELAIN READY TO SERVE YOU LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL HORNL-'TS QQ :' 1'f LZL '- .':f--. :':':' L Y A l . L 3- E ,xv - COCR-COLR BOTTLING COITIPHNY X OF SHN DIEGO 164 HORNE TS MARIAN L. MOORE CJONESJ LEONARD C. JONES KENNETH H. EDWARDS WILLIAM J. NORWOOD RICHARD W. ROSS DELORES CBAILEYJ SCOTT JAMES E. OWENS CARL MCDAVID RANDLE MCFADDEN Congratulations Graduates From Lincoln's Alumni URBAN LEAGUE OF SAN DIEGO uuitonvo foie EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN SAN DIEGO couzvrv 426l Market Street San Diego, California 92l02 263-3II5 Member United Way Education ls Power CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I98I Telephone 264-2298 OWENS BAR-B-O 27 YEARS ON SAME LOCATION 4703 FEDERAL BL VD. CHARLIE KING SAN DIEGO, CA 92102 OWNER BIG TOP MARKET AND LIOUOR 5036 Imperial Ave. San Diego, CA 92ll3 264-1389 Congratulations Graduates l96I I966 I968 I I9 I I973 I967 I962 l962 967 6 BEST WISHES LONG 'S BA RBERSHOP 24 North Euclid Avenue National City Congratulations Lincoln High School Class Of I98l Proud Bird 5067 Logan Ave And 2674 Imperial Ave MELONY EVANS CMODERATORJ, DARREL FORNEY, ANTOINETTE COLE, JAMES CANNON, DONNA JACKSON, ANNETTE ROBINSON, IAN DUCKETT presented a synopsis of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and speeches to the Kiwanis Club at their breakfast meeting at the Black Frog in February. The presentation lasted over half an hour Cmost of it was memorizedj. lt was so moving that when it was over, there was not a dry eye to be found. Hornets, the Drama Club, the Key Club and the Kiwanis Club salute you. WE SAL U TE TH i980-8l KEY CLUB tsr, v t'i' J ,, ,E James Cannon, Rosa Cesena. Jackie Bonner Rena Barnes Rozelia Felton. Angela Jones, Annette Robinson Diane Smittick, Mr. Dennis W. Brown George Fontaine CKIWANIS PRESD and Mr Brown CKEY CLUB ADVISORJ Q I ,- ,.,, ..,1, . 39' If X u S0156 VD '039!Cl U95 '-:MV P!l3 EI CIJJON ll 65511995 CU pa Maj 1.91505 amog 9 3319 eag Am uoleg GW V3 -E F Us U3 SQ? 2303 QQ-'li N35 V5 DJ va ua: ego 1,53 FP Qafm TWO Uh 1 , . i K awww i, , - HH wi' 167 M S. C A 5 5 A N D R A B A I L E Y BEST DRESSED Congratulations Cassandra Baile y From Mr Eddie Baile y And The Staff Members Of And Your Brothers Cornell Robert Terry Dublin California To 0 R. A ND B. FURNITURE 4. WE ARE THE HOME DELIVERY SPECIAUSTS Clauic Ibrq Cleaner-A I I x f and Iaundrq 5042 IMPERIAL AVENUE call 262-9919 FREE PICK UP I DELIVERY I SERVICES OFFERED BY CLASSIC DRY CLEANERS HOUSEHOLD: DRY CLEANING: I DRAPERIES MuNoR REPAIRS I 3 BLANKETS ALL WEARING APPAREL 4 Russ at FURNITURE wATER REPELLENT SLEEPING BAGS ALTERATIONS 81 POCKETS f, ep our CALIFORNIA money 'Inf A fx QQEXX QQ? X l With Califomia Firsts Bank-by-Phone, you can manage your money with just one finger. All you need is a push-button phone. For a demonstration, and all the details, come and meet the people at California First. S5 FIRST BANK' GEORGE A. FONTAINE Assistant Vice President - Manager EUCLID 81 FEDERAL OFFICE 1666 EUCLID AVENUE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92I05 C7110 294-4830 QD To Cassandra 8 The Senior Class of 'Sir Set A High Standard Be not satisfied with reaching a low standard. Many who are qualified to do excellent work accomplish little because they attempt little. Thousands pass through life as if they had no great object for which to lives no high standards to reach. One reason for this is the low estimate which they place upon themselves. Christ paid an infinite price for us and according to the price He paid He desires us to value ourselves. God has given us reasoning powers not to remain inactive. We are not what we might be, or what it is God's will that we should be. No one should consent to be mere machines run by another man. God has given us the ability to think and to act, and it is by acting with carefulness, looking to him for wisdom that you will become capable of bearing burdens. Stand in your God-given personality. Be no other person's shadow. Expect that the Lord will work in, by and through you. Never think that you have learned enough and that you may now relax your effortst the Cultivated Mind is the measure of the Man. Your education should continue during your life time. Everyday you should be learning and putting practical use the knowledge gained. Remember that in whatever position you may serve, you re revealing motive and developing character. Whatever your work, do it with exactness and with diligence. Overcome the inclination to seek an easy task of the easy way out. TO THE CLASS OF l98I MUCH HEALTH AND SUCCESS FOR A LONG AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE YOU WILL BE MISSED A GREAT DEAL LOVE STEPHANIE JOE CON TI.lA TACO SHOP CONGRATULATIONS l98l GRA DUA TES I THANKS FOR LETTING US SERVE YOU OUR SPECIAL TY IS GOOD FOOD AND FAST SERVICE FOR YOUR CONVIENENCE YOU MAY PHONE IN YOUR OKDL-R 263 7902 CHIC FA SHIONS FOR THE FASHIONABLE LOOK FOR TODAY 2854 UNIVERSITY AVE SAN DIEGO CALIF PHONE 298 2500 BLANCHE L. SELLERS COWNERj RES. PHONE 566 3964 HUFFMA NS BAR B QUE OPEN 7 DAYS 264 3ll5 FRI s SAT IIAM TO 4PM SuN THURS II AM TO I AM WE SERVE PORK AND BEEF RIBS HAM LINKS FRIED FISH RED SNAPPER PERCH FRESH WATER CATFISH BUFFALO FISH CHITTERLINGS GUMBO OYSTER THE CONE Y ISLA NDER THE BEST HOTDOGS IN TOWN OPEN 7 A M 6 PM 5044 IMPERIAL A VE SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA 92II3 263 3569 MANAGER MRS ALMA HARRIS BEDELL WILLIAMS MEN S WEAR TUXEDO RENTALS 5055 FEDERAL BLVD SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA 922 phone 262 9072 - IMIG PARK LAUNDRY 5 CLEANING 4705 FEDERAL BLVD. AT 47th STREET SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92IO2 PHONE: 264-5266 WE OPERATE OUR OWN PLANT OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK TO SERVE YOU-SAME DAY SERVICE. A 'AUTO BODY OWENSBARB Q TONI ERNIE K O WNER5 Q 262 2437 O3 FEDERAL BLVD sos AT IMPERIAL AVE Iov So 47th STREET SAN DIEGO CA C92II3J QEIGVW CQ? 47 SAN DIEGO CA C92IO2J CHARLIE KING COWNERD DOROTHY E1 CLARENCE E MCCOY COWNERD 5IO2 IMPERIAL AVE SAN DIEGO CA PHONE 262 2865 GREEN CAT LIOUORS ANNE G ALLEN DR. A. THOMAS WILSON THE BLACK FROG FINE SEA FOOD AND BEEF 4672 FEDERAL BLVD. SAN DIEGO, CA C7l4j 264-5797 SPECIALIZING IN ALL MAKES OF AUTOMOBILES 27 YEARS SAME LOCATION 264-2298 f Q L 5 CONGRATULATIONS TO Cassandra Balley and the Senlor Class of I98I from EL GRAN TACO 5059 Federal Blvd Federal 8 Euclid QNext to Blg Bearj 264 7603 Hearty Sandwiches All Food To Go Open 7 Days Telephone Orders Accepted Grade A Always Best Washes to Cassandra Balley and the Senlor Class of l98I from W 5 M Halr Styling 6l89 lmperlal Avenue San Dlego Callfornla 92lI4 263 8400 Speclallzmg ln Jerl Curl Best W :shes From EMERALD ISLE AND ENCANTO LIQUOR STORES Jerry And Elena 264 l485 AL'S SHELL SERVICE 5l09 Imperial at Euclid San Diego, Callfornla 92ll4 Alfonsle Rutledge Dealer Congratulations l98I Graduates E sganf .ll fly 4-Salon of Beauty 1730 E o A E B S Po E2622837 Speclallzmg rn Halr Relaxer Jherl Curls Heat Wo,-14 Halrcuts Ella Sloan Owner and Operator OVELT Clty ST SOL! 262 62 4 JAZ COME GOS E CHU C ARD ST CORDS TA SA DEGO CA 9 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO Cassandra Balley and all the Lincoln Hugh Graduates Phone 263-6114 Ouchi Ilurserq 5003 Impenal Ave 0 San Dlego Callf 92113 X Cl U C L 1 v N U E ' U . H N - - ' 1 , . - F , ll Y! . 54 ' ' digg N 'ES ' .iajg SLIM ,AV . - 1 fszfvffiw' 'Elini 'f 'YM .f .natffw-' ltd? - f C W D ' R d 'V N W s l. E L- RH l lNl - ELLJES PHONE - l z . DY AND P L. 5041 R HW V ' RE - AND PES N 1 , V 211 I - . . . , , BEST WISHES I0 Cassandra Bailey and Senior Class of l98l The following are a few examples from the clairvoyant discourses of Edgar Cayce regarding the Bible. Q-7 What present printed version of the Bible gives the nearest to the true meaning of both the New and Old Testaments? A-7 The nearest true version for the entity is that ye apply of whatever version ye read, in your life. It isn't that ye learn from anyone. Ye only may have the direction. The learning, the teaching is within self. For where hath He promised to meet thee? Within the templel Where is that temple? Within! Where is heaven on earth? Within! Meet they Savior there . . . There have been many versions of that which was purposed to have been written, and has been changed from all of those versions, but remember that the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ is: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy mind, thy heart, and thy body, and thy neighbor as thyself. Do this and thou shalt have eternal life. The rest of the book is trying to describe that. lt is the same in any language, any version.OO72-l4'J For there by many misinterpretations. poor translations, but to find fault with that thou hast and not used same is to make excuses that you haven't it as it was given .. . C28l-205 For much might be given respecting that ye have that ye call the Bible. This has passed through many hands. Many that would turn that which was written into the meanings that would suit their own purposes, as ye yourselves oft do. But if ye will get the spirit of that written there ye may find it will lead thee to the gates of heaven . . . Read it to be wise. Study it to understand. Live it to know that the Christ walks through same with thee. Q62-605 But study and know thy relationship to the Creator. No better handbook may be used than the Scripture itself. 0966-D 'e numbers following verbatim quotes identify the case number as it is cataloged at the library of the Association for Research 8 Enlightenment, Inc.. Virginia Beach, Va. A2 GERMAN S ENTERPRISES Ste ve Says Thanks All You Hornets Keep The Hive I VE Easter s Travel AIIS A yCh To The Super Seniors Of I98I Who Strive To Be Best Congratulations You Made It! Mac s RE YMA PILI2? room PHY 3703 4th Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92lI3 291-2601 , EAs'ren M. T1-ao N I71 41 262-8 , RAYMOND l.. THOMPSON sn. 17143 262-0104 Q Q ' W m 4 0 AIRLINE TICKETS ', CRUISES 0 TOURS ' GREYHOUND 0 AMTRAK IALIZING IN PORSCHE ENGINE REBUI AND CUSTOM MACHINE VVORK , ' es Free ' ' ' t' n arge I 1' Y 'U 0 mix 3 'HR' my 5. I' . I1 6 , I S O O O ff .-r, Ware TOP l2th Grade Honor Students Ist Row-Lorne Todd 3.50, Donna Jackson 3.50, Kim Finley 3.75, Cassandra Bailey 3.67. Yolanda Hiller 3.83, Aretha Thomas 3.83. April Clay 3.7l, Leland Maddox 3.67, Chris Price 3.67 2nd Row-Armando Gomez 3.83. Fernando Gomez 3.50, Olga Clark 3.50. Kenny Glover 3.57, Renae Murray 3.7l, Greg Fort 3.50. Arthur Page 3.57, James Hughes 3.83, James House 3.50. Not Pictured-Kathleen Hill 3.57, Fairy McEIvaine 3.57. Patricia Lawrence 3.50. Jose Morales 3.50, Valaria Sloan 3.50. ga,-ru in I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS A PATRICIA CHRISTIAN, ANGELA CUNNINGHAM, OLGA CLARK LORNA TODD. I I I af -I T ' First Row-Anna McElyea, Sec. Lagi Pau, Pres. Tuuaga Savusa, Pia Pauu Vice Pres. Dora Poumele, Treas, Mona Misa Sec, Row-Tracy Viavia, Sandy Tafulu, Cookie Pauu, Tile Poumele Third Row-Sili Papalii. Joe Tauanuu, Tui Launiu. Junior Aiese Nora Poumele Fourth Row-Morris Misa. Kahuna Pickney. Tavita Aiese God Bless You Damon Allen In everything you do Thompson Incorporation Do you need a extra IHCOITTG7 There s no hlrlng freeze with us Love Rosell Thompson 264 7669 269 9431 To Damon Allen Hornet s Quarterback Congratulations on your achievements Fai Lincoln and best wishes to you In your future endeavors 7 ll store H9340 6990 University La Mesa C ongratulatlon tt much success To Our Damon We love you take God with you IH all you do and you wlll succeed Uncle Alonzo Aunt Beverly S Alonzo jr Best Wshes to Damon Allen and all the l98l Graduates' Thomas L Knox Sr 8 Evernell Knox 8 Children Alumni of Lincoln Michael I96 7 C ynthla l96 7 Sylvla I96 7 Deborah l968 Best Vlhshes to Damon Allen O What a Beautiful Morning O What a Beautiful Day Everything s going your way Sometimes the world comes to us decent 5 sane yet at other times If comes as being mad and inhumane But keep looking upwards Congratulations Damon Allen Trust ln the lord with all your heart and lean not to thy own understanding ln all thou ways acknowledge hlm and he will direct your path Proverb 3 5 6 .lessle Coffey We are proud of you Continue Success to Damon Allen Damon Allen You are talented and very Inspirational T0 3 Wgndgrful ygung man young man Your GodParents Ralph 5 Lucille Fowler May God Bless and Keep you EFICKH Karen 5 Kenny Rev Walter David Brown Q Q If I . , . Frank 5 Arlene Rempp Mr. E. Danny Miles V! V! ' I I QQ ll ff ,I ! 1 ' , C ONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE DISTINGUISHED CLASS OF l98l 8 DAMON ALLEN TWICE C.I.F. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS I979-I98OI2-O TEAM RECORD l98Ol98l-SET IO C.I.F. RECORDS AND TO HAROLD ALLEN'MR. LINCOLN IQ77 CATTENDING USDD MARCUS ALLEN-MR. LINCOLN I978 QATTENDING USCJ MICHAEL ALLEN-CLASS OF I983 MICHELLE ALLEN-CLASS OF I983 DARIUS ALLEN-CLASS OF I994 Congratulations To Damon Allen And The 2 time champion Hornets l979-80 5 l9808l Well Wishes Damon Good Luck Michael l983 From Darius 's Buddies Adam 8 Lisa Congratulations To Damon Allen You are a outstanding athlete, above all. You ha ve held to all your Christian training! I wish you continue success and happiness in all your endeavors. Mr. McCullough WE LOVE YOU FROM YOUR FAMILY LIFE GIVEN TO GOD, FAMILY 8 HUMANITY DADDY HERBERT LIFE GIVEN TO THE YOUTH I9I7 l978 UNCLE BOBBIE BROWN COACH OF FREEMAN ta WASHINGTON I926 I98O HIGH SCHOOL-L.A. MEMORY DAMON ALLEN GOD TOUCH THEM AND THEY TOUCH ME! GOD, HELP ME TO TOUCH AND HELP OTHERS FROM THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES l98l HELEN A. GHOLSTON-CHAIR PERSON R Z ASBURY RICHARDENE BREWER H P IL DIEHL RANDALL HASPER SUE JENSEN ILARIA KREJER STEVE M DANIEL JUNE WYMA LOUISE PEARSON GERALD PORTER WILLIAM PRICKETT RUTH RIVERA LYNN STEINBERG VICKIE WALKER BETTY LOU WARD Best Wshes To The Class Of '81 From The Math Dept 7 AL JOSTEN5 AMERKZN YHRBOOC COMPANY

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