Abraham Lincoln High School - Statesman Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1969

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Statesman Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 160 of 168
Page 160 of 168

Abraham Lincoln High School - Statesman Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 159
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Page 160 text:

Senior Index ALFRED. WILLIAM LEE Varsiiy football li. Varsity Track 11.12: Varsity Wrestling 12; Rifle Team 10 William, can be lound dancmg or reading in his spare time. His future pujns are to become Governor some day. He has enjoyed his days at theHiveand likes girl watchmc AUEN, OSCAR LEE Varsity Football 1 1.12. Varsity Basketball 1 1.12: Varsity Baseball 10. Swimming 12, Uttermans 10, 1 1 1 2 Span-sh Club 1 1 Oscar eViioys participating m sports His most memorable moment was the Lincoln-Kearny game in ' 67. and the C.I.F. amptonship of ' 67. Oscar also held the position of Key :tub treasurer and B T is another oneot his tavontepastimes ALLEN. VELMA DEAN Baby Dean transferred Irom Jetlerson High m LA. She loves to spend her spare time cooking and being with T.P. She ' ll never torget the day she left L A College and then later, mar- nage are her plans lor the future ALLISON. JAMES CHRISTOPHER Varsity football 10.11 12 VarsHy Wrestling 10.11.12. Boys Fed 10.11 12 Key Club 10, 11.12, Lettermans 10.11.12 James has held while m Boy s Fed . the office of Vtce Pres m the 12th In the Lettermans he has also held the office of Vice- Pres U-12 He has been very busy while at the hive James wiH always remember P P and the prom of " 69- He plans to atter d college and later pijy pro football ANDERSON. BEATRICE HERUNDA A( the moment Bea doesn t have any future plans, but to graduate Her favonte food is Chop Suey Her special someone is Arnold ANDERSON. CECEUA ROSA Tennis 10 Spanish Club lO.U, Y Teens 10. Health Careers la RedCrossU.GAA 10 " Celi3 " , enjoys listening to music, cooking and being with him Shell never forget the good times at Lincoln, with her (nends Her education and to have a successful and happy life are her plans for the future ARRINGTOH ANTHONY KEITH Varsity Wrestling 1 1 Band 10 Pep Band 10. Anthony, transferred from Edison High, is Fresno. Calif. He wil always rememt er his inends at the hive, arn) his special son e- oneKP Coliegeis the oeiit step ARMENTA. LORRIE BERNARD Lorr.e w.ll neve, toriiet the C.I.F. CHAMPIONSHIP OF •67. L H S has brought lorrie 3 lot Of e«pener»ces The most of ati the special moments she spent at the hive st e enioyed t eing with B S Lome plans to attend college BAILEY. GWENDOLYN PAULINE Drama Club 10. V-teens 10 U. G A A 10. Songteader 12; Maior- etle 1 1 ■ ' Gwenie s favonte pastime is styling t 3ir and being with G P St»eii never forget the Oelset ' s dance and all t er fnends at Lincoln Her plans lor the future is to attend Beauty College BARNETTE. DEBBIE IRENE V-leens 10 11 PepScu-id 10 Health Careers 1 1; RedCross 12 Dancing sevking and cookmg are some of Debs, tavonte pas- tin es Lincoln ' s championsMp CLF. ol tS % one of her fondest memories ol the hive For the future st e plans to lurttwr her education and later marry that special someone BASEY. EARL LEON VarsityTracklO.il 12 Varsity Basketball 12 Dinos ' hot)bies are sports He also enjOys tt e " unmenhon- aWe " spint of lite Earl s merrwraWe moments is the mght ot July 4, 1968 and betng with V W His future ptans are to io«n tt e Navy BATISTE. DORIS Dons, loves to spend her spare hme coohtr g or partying arxJ being with M 6 She n never torget all her friends at the hive. Marnage is her plans tor the tuture BATT5. TARLETON MARANOA Ctvoir 12. OnliTeam 12 Pep Squad U . Spanish Club 11;GAA 11. Hornet Hustlers 1 1 Listening to muvc dancing, and being with KD are some ol Tot ' s " , favorite pastimes Lincoln ' s CIF m track and football along with t eing m the Dnil Team are some ot her most memo- BEASLEY. UNOA JEAN DnilTeam 12.GAA II Ltnda, spends her spare bme sewing Her forwJest memones of Lincoln was march. ng with the Dnil Team and Second Lunch Her future plans are lc become an IBM programmer. BIRTCHET. BARBARA JEAN Pres ol German Club 12 Tres Band 12; V. Pres Health Careers 12. GAA 10 executives Club 12 Geroian Club lOU.l . Health Careers 10 1 1 12 Band 10.1 1 12 German s tavonte paslirr»es include reading, and ptaymg her hom She wiii always remember CfF 67-68 m Toolt all. marching With me hornet band and an her tnends at Lincoln. Barbara plans to attend college and ms or m music BLACKMAN. RAYMON ALEXANDER Band 10. 11 Pep Band 11 Wolf. hoWs the honor of most improved cadet band member •66- " 67 To him this is achieving so very much Playing the sax- ophone IS his favonte hobby Gethng married to FH are his favor- ite plans Playing JV football and when he met FH is sometnmg he II ne -ef forget BIACKWELL. MKMAEL CSFIO Michael s favonte pastime is listening to records and danong His future plans are to attend college, and become an electron- BOATNER. ALVIN ANTHONEY Speech Club 10. Spanish Club 10. Radio Club lO.U Atvio s pastime is reading and talking He has been at Lincoln for three years He enioys eatmg chicken and rice He likes spending time ith that special someone. " himscK " . Future pians 3re tc attend college BOLDEN. BEVERLY ANN Yteensv Pres 1 1 Garden Oub Pres. IZ Choir lOU; Garden Club 10 : 1 . Drama Club 10. Red Cross 10; GAA lO In her spare time Sev loves to dance, play volleyball and visit with tnends She will always remember her fnenos at the hive. Tc become a RN and get a Bachelors Degree, are her future BOLDEN. DELORESX Y-teenslO 11.12. Health Careers 10 Red Cross 1 1.12 Til ' tes. (avonte pasbme are sewing dancmg and keeping up with that special someof»e. GwP Her future plans are to attend business college She wili aiwavs emem er CIF of " 68 and a real BOLES. GARY LEON Varsity Track 10.11 12, Varsity Wrestling 11.12; Rifle Team 10. U 12 Cross Country 11,12; Orchestra 10.11.12; Lettern ens U. 12, KeyOubl2. TOTC 10.11 Gary, a very busy homet. will always remember being an offi- cer white m the ROTC He enioys fimng models and running for fun His future plans are to go to college and enroll m a ROTC program BONTRAGER. DAVID LEROY Lancer 11 12 David rtiM never forget Mr Gennetts class, and all his tnends at the hive He plans to enter the military service BOWMAN. CAROL ANN V teens 10.11 Pep Squad 10; Giris league 12 In Carols 3 yrs at the hive she has served as Girls League Treasurer and Senator She entoys sewing and skating She in- tends to become a Homemaking Teacher Winning CIF in ' 67 is . of I ays i BOWMAN. BETTY JEAN Dnil team 11.12 Adelphians 12. Pep Squad 10.1 1. Girls League 12. Garden Club 10 V-teens 10. RedCross 10. Betty enioys sewing, and going to football games She ' ll never forget the Adeiphian initiation Her plans lor the future are to attend college later t ecome a teacher BRIDGES. UNDA CATHERINE . Modem Dance 10. GAA 10. Y-teens 10. Prom Con- M2 Linda enjoys ioott all. twseball. and gymnastics. ClF. dnil team, and convention ol 67-68 are tt e moments she will never torget L inda likes being with that special someone BRISCOE. LARRY J. Cross country 10 Spanish Club 10, Rad.o Club 1 1 Larry enjoys jazrand gomg to gigs CIF in football 67. Tract " 68 he will always remember He p ans to attend college He sii! always rememt)er his dear hiends at the cool hive. BROCK. HELEN RUTH CSF 11 V teens 10 fiui c k riosl memorable moments were CIF Championship of -68 in footbaU. Homecoming 67 4 " 68. and the Cresando Ball ot 67 Her future plans are to t ecome a major m Police Science BROWN. CHRISTINE JANICE Health Careers 11 Christine enioys reading and eating. Her most i 3in were betng with her fnends. She plans to toe at I c II Nu BROWN. ROSAUND DEMSE GAA 11 12 ¥ teens II Pep Squad 10 Sugami . enjoys talking on tr»e phone to that special some- one M $ and dancmg She will always remember tt e 67- ' 68 CIF Football games and her iriends at Lincoln Her plans tor the lu ture are to become a teacher and a housewife BROWN. DOROTHY M. Spanish 10 Garden Club 10. V teens 10, Pep Squad 10.11. Red Cross 10 11 GAA 10 Dorothy plans to enter college. ar d become an IBM program- mer Her hoblwes are sewing, cooking. dar cing Favonte pashrrte (S being with ttvat special someorw Dorothys rnemorable rT o- ment was CIF ' 68 and tiorr ecoming game " 68 BROWN. LYNETTE V. Dnil team 1 1 12 Girts League 12. vteens 10.11; Speech Club 10. II. RedCross 10 Annual Stall 12. B twnie. spends her leisure time eo n8 fo LA ar d being with WG She tit always have fond memones of the Sadie Hawkins of 67 68 3rj the Senior Prom ol 69 Future plans are to beconne BRUCE. KENNETH MAURICE Varsity basketball 12. Boys Fed 11. RedCross 10 Kenny s favorite pastime is participabng «n basketball, swim- ming and lust having a good time He would like to become an electronics computer programmer BRYANT. DAVID LEE Varsity Basketball 10. Choir 10 Dave s most rnemorable moment was JV baskett alt. Before long tie intends to take tt«t nenl step, which is college He will always rememt)er AW arKj all his fnends at the hive BRYANT. HATTIE LURENE Vteens 10.11 12. Pep Squad 10.11.12; GAA 10.11.12; Bench warmer 12 Sewing (Tsten.ng to records ar d going to parties are some of Hats favorite pastimes Her most memoraWe moments ol Lin- coln were CIF of ■67- ' 6e- BUCHANAN. SHIRLEE Song Leader 11 12 Adelphians 1112; Girts League 12. French Club 1011 12 Enecutives Club 11,12, Vteens 10,11.12 Pep Squad 11 Lancers 12 Mary Kathryns 12. GAA 10.11.12 French OubPres 12, GAA Pres 10 IHommy " . will never forget CIF m football arxl track, the Sr Prom 0 ' 69 Her taii-onte pashme is sleeping and reading. Shir- lee s future plans are to go to UCLA ana becon a teact er and later marry that special someorw BUGa LINDA CASSANDRA Sop Class Pres , Comm of Affiliated Clubs JV songteader 11. Varsity songteader 12 Adelphians 12. Girt s League 12. Vteens 11-12. ExecuhvesClub 12, Hornet Hustlers 12 Buggy spends her leisure time lalkmg on tt e phone and being with her poyfneod Her most merrwrable nximents are lf e ASB Ban of ' 88. the Sr. Prom of ' 69. and wfien st was chosen Homecoming Qtieen of ' 68- G9. Her plans lor the future are to go to USD and becorrte an elementary school teact er BUCK.WILFRIED Swimming 12 Band 12; Cross Country 12; Ensemble 12; Pep Band 12 GermanClubI2.KeyClubl2;AFSl2.CSF12 Will rs Lincoln s first erchange student, commg Irom Ger- many. He tikes girl s with pretty legs m mini skirts and enjoys " " Saverbraten He will never lorget all the tnends that he made at Lincoln, and aii the fun t e had m San Diego The Study ol Theofogy are n-s plans for tt e future Will, will never be forgotten by the Hornets CACHO. JEANNETTE ELLORW Historian Bench Warmers 12; BefKh Warmer 12; Art Club 12: Garden Club 12 Spanish Club 12. P« Club 10.11. Tennis 11. Girls League 10.11 In her leisure Jean, loves to paint, draw ar d t)e with H J St e will never forget tt e hive and all tt e horT €ts She plans to attend coitege ana become an IBM operator, maybe later marry tt»at special GAMMON. MADELYN LUCILE Tennis 10.11.12 Vteens 12: GAA 10,11.12, Pep Squad 10.11.12 Mad. enjoys to cook, dance, and talk with her tnends She will never lorget all the fun times she had at Lincoln with her tnends Her plans lor the luture are to attend college CARBAJAL. JOSE L. Track. Wrestling. Cross Country 10; Swimming 1 1 . Pep Band 10. Spanish Club 10 Playing foottwll and girts are Ron RIco ' t, favonte pashmes, A transfer student trom Diego, he w ll never forget all hts Inends at the hive. College is the next step CARDENAS. PAULINE T. Gymnasbcs 11.12. Tennis 10. Pep Squad 10 Paul " ' , enjoys horse back ndmg and bemg with MS She will never forget the homet lootbaii games and lunch Her plans lor luture are attend city college and later marry that special CARPENTER. GORDON RAY Varsity FootbaU 11.12; Varsity Track 12; Gymnastics 10; Red Cross 10.11.12 Boys Fed 10 1 1.12: Lettermans U 12 Gordon IS a transler student Irom Morse. He is a very active member ol the hive, and also enjoys girts, girls girts Gordon will never lor t the days at LHS with the twys and giris College is CARSON. RITA LYNN Choir 10.11, Ensemble 12. DramaClub 10. Pep Squad 10.11 Rita, loves smgmg and rela«ing She plans to go to college and become a professional s nger OF 67 67 and track 66-67. are CARSON. ROBIN GAIL Girl s League 1 1 Hornet Hustlers 1 1 Art Club 1 1 Cooking oancing and bowling are Bobbies, spare time enjoy- ments She rtill never forget the Sadie Hawkins and the ROTC Ball. Her pians for the future are to attend college and liecome CARTER. CAROLYN Gymnastics 10,11: Dnil Team 10. V teens 10. G.rts League 10. 11.12.GAA 10. RedCross 10.11 12, Health Careers 10.1 1 12 CC. reads and sews m her spare time and enioys bemg with WH The Prom of ' 67 and the ASB Ball of ' 68 a re her most memo- rable moments ol Lincoln Her future plans are to marry that special someone CARTER. SHERLYN JEANNETTE RED. will never forget the ClF team of 68 and her Inend DJB, Her spare time is taken up by sewing, dancmg. and smging St»e has attended a few ciutis while at LHS like V-teens 10. U. 12; Pep Squad 10.11,12; GAA 10.11. Red wants to attend City CoHege ar d always be with ttut special someone CASTON. BEVERLY D. Buzz Staff Editor 12. Dmi Team 11.12; GiM s League 10.11.12. Executive Club 12: v-teens U.12. Pep Squad 10. Bum stall 10. 11,12. GAA 10.11: Bench Warmers 12 Bebes. favonte pastmies are collecting record albums She , ' e e ' forget the Sr. Prom of 67. The Grewi and White Ball of •68 2-c CIF in track. Her pians for the future are to atteno coi ec€3-- ater become a stewardess CASTRO. PETER STEVEN Varsity Track 11.12. Cross Country 11,12. Lettermans 11 12 Boy sFed 11.12 F eter. when not hittmg tt e tx oks he is running cross country or track. College is wtiai he plans to do next. He wilt never lorget the days at the hive CHAPMAN. LEONARD FERRIS. JR. Key Club 11,12 Tennis 10.11.12. Lettem ns 10,11.12. Lancers of LetterrnansandCapta.n ot the ti CHARFAUROS. KENNETH HERRERA Speech 11: Latm lO Key Dub 10.11,12; Science Dub 10.11.12. HeaithCareerslO, Buzz Staff 11. 12. CSF 11.12 Literary Club 12 Lar cersll.l2 Ken. f as held trie posibon of 1 1th grade V-fVes and also has achieved the award of academic standout m the 1 1 He has served as Buzz StaN e«Stor. Ken was appointed to the Honors res- idence pojgram at USC He plans to attend Berkeley or Occiden- tal CHAVEZ. VERONICA GLORIA Varonica en,ovs wntmg, smgmg. and danong. le loves Mexi- can tooos and AC She plans to be a writer and a Beauty Operator CLEWIS. UNOA ANN Pug- spends her leisure X me reading, string hair ar d being with thai special someorw St e trar»slerred Irom North High. Wichita Kansas She will never lorget the Inends she made at LHS Her plans for tfw future are to lurlher r er educahon COFFEE. MRHAEL PWLUP Mictiaei transferred to ttw hive from Northwestern High His most memorable nxjment was his first day at tt e hive, Micttaei plans to become an electrontcs engineer COLE. TILLMAN JEROME Varsity Track 12; Band 10.11, Pep Band 10.11. RadioClub 11.12; Buzz Stan 11,12 Tillman, re memtiers all ttw wonderful moments at Lincoln and bemg with ttiat special someoT e He is very fond of ham- burgers Ttllman will nr»ost likety attend college COLEMAN. EDDIE Varsity Football 10. Ensemble 11_ ROTC 10.11.12 Eddie s. hcbbtes are sports and dnllmg m the ROTC Eddies future pans are tc lOm tr e service. CONLEY. ROSEMARY PepSquadlOU Rosemary s ie sure brT e is used m cooking, reading arnJ t eing vwth IR She will nexer foi t when Lincoln won ClF " 67 -68 m Football and bemg with that special someor e She plans to fur- thur her ediicabon and major in Business EducaiKtn COOPER. SHEILA ANN leaith Careers 12. Reo Cross II, GAA 10. Pep Squad 10 3ing. . img CORELY. ARTIE VESTER BERNARD Varsity loctbai u 12 ars.Tv track 10 U 12. Lettermans 10.11 ir.Cho:r 10 U 12

Page 159 text:

I consider it a great pleasure and honor to have been elected your Sophomore President. I express my appreciation to my cabinet and advisors who worked together to make this Sophomore year a success. Your Sophomore President. JadeneClady 155

Page 161 text:

League U. Red Cross U Sewing, cooking and talking on ihe phone to that special moments of L.ncoln were ClF m tootbati and track GRAIN, GLEEN LEE ROTC U 12 Drill Team 1 1 12: Pep Squad 10 Glenn enjoys eating pork chops and when he isn ' t eating he can be found swimming or working He plans to join the Armed Forces after graduation Those moments with his love will al- ways be cherished CUBIT. VIVIAN DELORES Chon 12. Speech Club 11.12: Drama 11: Pep Squad 10:GAA11 Vivian s memorable moments were GIF ol " 66. She can either be found singing, swimming, or eatmg tacos Those moments with GW will always be remembered Later she plans to marry CUMMINGS. MARIE Drill Team 12 Mane s lavonte pastimes are eating and gomg to (ootbali games along with talking on the phone Her future plans are to go to college and later marry She will always remember the Sad- ie Hawkins of 66 and WmmngClF 67-68 DAVIS. EDWARD MITCHELL Varsity Basketball 12. Varsity Track 10. Spanish Club U. Speech Club 10 Buzz Staff 12 Mickey will always remember the old football season. He plans to attend college His hobbies include basketball and loot- ball He will always remember the ASB Ball DAVIS. GWEN Bench Warmer 12 Girls League 12, Speech Club 1 1 Y-teens 12 Lots, spends most of her leisure time swimming, playing base- ball and going to parties with him She will always remember her friends at Lincoln Gwen plans to further her education and later become a probation officer DAVIS, JERRY Varsity Football 12 Varsity Basketball 12, Varsity Track 12, Var- sity Baseball 12 Boy s Fed 12 Jerry s hobbies are girl watching and sports He plans to make a lot of money and live richly He also spends some time with SR DAVIS. MARCHESA IIANE Choir 11 12 Pep Squad 11 Marchesa transferred to Lincoln, from Des Moines, Technical High She has enioyed being at the hive She enjoys dancing, singing and being with Boswell She plans to become a secretary 1 Mo ball " 66. She plans to become DAVIS, WANDA STARLENE Choir U 12 Spanish Club 12, Health Careers 12 Buzz Staff 12 e2ndp DELGADILLO. VICTORIA PEREZ Garden Club 10,11 12. Executives Club 11,12. Adelphians 11,12. Lancers 12 RedCrossl2 Buzz Staff 1 1. AFS 12. Benchwarmers 12 Vicky likes taking with the gang Her most precious moment was getting kicked out of the library, gossip sessions, and getting initialed and all the football games She plans to attend college DENNIS. GWEN Letter Carrier 1 1 12. FrenchClub 12 the swing hornet band The ASB Ball and all the times with OJ DEL TINTO. EDWARD ARNOLD Rifle Team 11 12 ROTC Drill Team 10,1 1,12 Mod Man will never forget winning ClF ' 67 He plans to enter DICKEY. MARIE ANNETTE ; Red Cros; with Ronnie. She will never forget tne Drill ' ootbali team While at the hive she was in I Team 12, Her future plans include going EDROZO. SUSAN YVONNE Girls League Corresponding Sec: AFS Vice Pres.. Annual Staff 1 2 Garden Club Historian Health Safety 11; Display Commit- tee 11 Benchwarmer 12. Red Cross 12, Garden Club Hornet Hustlers 10 11,12 Girls League 11 Playing tennis, sewing and talking on the phone to her friends are Sueie s favorite pastimes She enjoys people m general, and will never forget Lincoln ' s ' 67- ' 68 CIF Championship. Sadie Hawkins of 67 and the Keamy play off. Susan plans to further EDWARDS. PATRICIA ANN Sing, sewing, are Patricia s favorite pastimes Pat, will never forget the days she spent at Lincoln, especially all the boys m the halls and girls she has been friends with, Pat ' s future plans are business in general ELLIS. VALERIE J. Choir 11 12 Spanish Club 11 Science Club 10 Modern Dance 11 Drama Clubll 12, Pep Squad 10 1 1 12 Sewing and singing are Vals hobbies Teaching at the elemen- tary level IS what Val intends to do m the future She will always remember the ClF 67 68 football game EMMONS. MARVIN LOUIS Varsity football 12 Speech Club 1 1.12 Louis loves to visit people He will never forget the hornets and irget I I gan FERNANDEZ. WILFREDA HIDALGO Gymnastics H 12 Tennis II 12 GAA 11,12 Garden Club 12 Pep Squad 11 12 Health Careers 12 AFS 1 1 12, Red Cross 12 Freda, transferred from Diego and will never forget CIF in football, playing tenms and the Prom of " 69. College is the next FERREIRA. JAMES S German Club 10,11 12 Simi loves to play football m hts spare time His future plans are to attend college to become an Industrial Arts Teacher FIFER. JACQUELINE C. Band 10,11 12, Orchestra 10 12. Pep Squad 10,11, Band Secre- Jackie, enjoys music and arguing with a certain someone She plans to further her education She will never forget being band FLENOID, EARL EDWARD Varsity Track 12, Speech Club 12 Gug, will always remember the ClF championship and lunch He loves to talk to girls and sing Next step he hopes will be Uni- versity of California at Berkeley FRANKLIN. MARION L. Varsity football 11 12 Varsity track 10.1 1.12; Spanish Club 1 1 BB will never forget CIF in track " Sy- ' ea and CIF in football 67. He enjoys being with that special girl LN College is what he plans next BB was also our ASB King ' 69. FRANKLIN. VELMA LAVERNE AFSU 12 Health Careers 11 12, GAA 12: Hornet Hustlers 12 tofa s football games a FRASIER. SONJA Tennis 10.11.12, GAA 10,11,12: Badminton 10,11,12: Literary Club 11.12, Hornet Hustlers 11.12, Spanish Club 11.12, Sonja remembers getting Lincoln ' s letter for tenms and 2nd lunch with P N She will never forget her friends at the hive, and GAMBLE. LINDA CAROLE Speech Club 10 Spanish Club 10: Latin Club 10.11, Y-teens 10 GAA 10; Hornet Hustlers 10 Cookie, spends most of her spare time listening to records going to parlies and being with people She will always remem ber the hornet football games, the Prom of 67-68-69, and all GANT. CLARENCE Varsity baseball 12 Clarence en loys drawing and sports in his spare time. He plans for the future include college and maybe someday Pres. of the USA! GARRETT, FREDDIE RUNNELL Choir 11,12, Ensemble 12. Boys Fed 10,11,12, Radio Club 10 11,12 Maintaining life and having happiness are Freddie s pastimes He will never forget being Pres. of the 10th grade class He plans to further his education GAULDEN, RODNEY Band 10 11 12 Orchestra 10.11.12: Pep Band 11.12: Buzz Staff 10. German Club 12 AFS 11.12: ROTC 10; Band Major 11.12 Rodney spends most of his time with the hornet band and drill He will never forget being the hornet band majorandall the wonderful experiences with the band He plans to further his education GIBBS. UWRENCe Varsity Basketball 12, Varsity Baseball 12: Letterman s 12 Boy s Fed 10.11,12 Sonny, enjoys partying and just having fun He will never for- get basketball season and all his friends at the hive College is GLASS. DAVID 0. Choir 11 12, Speech Club lO.n. 12; ROTC 10.1 1.12 David, while in the speech club held the office of pres 68-69 He loves reading and speaking He plans to become a doctor GLOVER. LAWRENCE CHARLES BoysFed 12 VarsHy Wrestling 1 1. Lettermans 11. Judge loves to spend most ot his time playing cards, and girl watching He will never forget the Green While Ball and all his cool friends at the hive College is next. GOODE. GAIL ANN Drill Team 11,12 Spanish Club 11: Y-teens 10: Pep Squad 10. GAA 10 11,12 Sr Newspaper 12 Gail a captain of the Emerattetts Dnlt Team, enjoys marching and other sports She hopes to become a professional model and GONZALEZ. MARIO Varsity Track 1 1, Cross Country 12 Mario, will never forget bemg at LHS and the many friends he has made Goofmg around is his favorite pastime Future plans ill. 12: French Club 12 )ys swimming football. e to attend college an GREEN. JENIFER JANE GAA 10 11.12 JJ, loves to listen to music and dance m her spare time She will always remember the Green and White, and the ROTC Balls. To majOr m sociology alter graduation is her plans for the fu- GUARNES. BERNARDO Pep Band 12 Pep Squad 10. Bernardo s favorite pastime is playing the guitar, and playing m bands He plans to attend college and later join the military GUERRERO. JOSE Spanish Club 10 A transfer student from Ensenada BC. Gordo spends his lei- sure time going to the beach and playing sports. He will never forget all his fnends at the hive. He plans to attend college and HALE. BRADFORD DENNIS Varsity baseball 10 11 Radio Club 12 Lettermans 10 11 12 BoysFed 10 11 Dancing and gomg to parties are some of Brad s leisure time activities He will never forget the CIF football championship and that special someone He plans to further his education HAMPTON. BRENDA KAY Choir 10 Y teens 12 Red Cross 12: Buzz 12; Girls League 10.11 12 les. She will teens 12, GAA 10, Annual Staff 12 Wabbits. favorite pastime is cooking and sewing She will never forget LHS and that special someone. Future plans are to be- come a Home Economist, get marned and lead a happy lite HARRIS. ANTHONY Varsity football 12. Varsity basketball 12. Varsity track 11 12 Varsity baseball 10. Crosscountry 1 1, Lettermans 11,12 Tony, will always remernber the Hoover-Lincoln football game. He loves sports To continue wifh sports m college is the next HARRIS. MARSHA V. Choir 10. Speech Club 11. Y-teens 10,11, Annual Staff 12: Prom Comm Sr Privileges Big Marsh, spends her leisure time reading, or talking on the phone to CW She will always remember CIF of " 67 and Prom of ' 69. Future plans are to attend beauty school and become a cosmetologist HARRIS. TOMMIE Bandn.l2 ROTC 10.11.12 Tommie during his spare time is always playing football or lis- tening to records He will always remember that game in 67 when the mighty hornets beat Saints! HARRIS. TRAVIS MAE Tray transferred to the hive from Diego Her future plans are to become a probation officer She will never forget the hive HARDING. WAVERLYNNE MARIE SpeechCiub 10 11 Rea, enjoys dancing, dating and listening to records She will always remember the Green White and the ASB Balls She plans on attending Mesa College, to become a R.N some day HAWKINS. KATHI RUTH Gymnastics 11 12 GAA 11 12. AFS 11.12: French Club 11.12: Benchwarmer 12 Kathi ' s. favorite pastime is gomg out and sewing She will al- ways remember ClF m ' 68 and when sh e built her first radio Her future plans are to become an electronics engineer HAYNES. IVORY JAMES HEARN GLORIA DEAN vtth BJ She plans on sing HENDERSON CHRISTOPHER LEROY R • ■ :n 11, 12: AFS 11- - on cars, and listening to records in his si-,1 ' ever forget all his friends at the hive. HENRY JAMES CLAYTON ROTC 10,11.12 ; favo to I und V friends He will never forget the hornets and the hive. His future plans include broadening his education and joinmg the service HERNANDEZ. ARTHUR Pingo will always remember the hives ClF championship football game of 67 against St. Agustme. He plans to continue HERNANDEZ. MARIA TERESA Jr Class Tres ASB Corres Sec . LetterCarr.er 11. Adelphians 12: AFS 11 Red Cross 11 12 Garden Club 10,11,12; Spanish Club 10 Kitten s lavonte pastimes are sewing, dating and talking on the phone She will never forget Lincoln ' s CIF in football and the Sadie Hawkins of 68 College and then marriage are her plans HESTER, VICTOR LEE Varsity track 10 11 Radio Club 11. Band 10 BoysFed 12: Red Cross 10 11 LettermenslO.il Victor s hobby is fixing cars He will never forget ClF m foot- ball and track of 67 His future plans include bemg with that epia ling t listening to records 3get r HILL. JACK WAYNE Band 10 11 12, Orchestra 10 11 12 Pep Band 10 1 1,12: Spanish Clubll bands He is the leader of the swinging hornet pep band! Jack will e hornet football games. He plans illege HILL, LLOYD Pep Band 11, Band 10.1 1,12: German Club 10,1 1. Lloyd has held the office of V Pres while m the hornet Band. Lloyd will always remember the hornets and the hive. HOLLINS. WALTHEA LYNN Tenms 11 Dnli Team Manager 12. Y-teens 10.11. Red Cross 10. 11 GAA11.12 Walla likes to play baseball and read She will always remem- ber when she was with that special someone WW, She plans to HOLLOWAY. ROBERT EARL Varsity football 12 Varsity track 12: Lettermans 12, Robert. will always remember CIF 67. and the Sr Prom, He will never forget all the young giris at the hive. He plans to attend City College after graduation HORNE, LARRY OONELL Gymnastics 10 Tenms 1 1 Speech Club 10. Larry s favonte pastimes are cars, and eating. He will never forget LHS and BB his special someone He plans to further his HORTON, LOTTIE FAYE Lettercarner 12, Girls League 1 1. Pep Squad 10: Y-teens 10 Lottie will never forget all the friends that she has made at the hive and working at the switch board. She plans on attending Roosevelt College m Chicago, after graduai-on HOSEA. CAROL ANN Gymnastics 12,Choir 12, Drama 12, GAA 12, Carol loves to write and practice gymnastics m her spare time. She transferred to the hive from Kearny High, and she will never forget all the fnends she has made at the hive. Her future plans are to become a Synanon resident! HOUSTON. DEBORAH ELAINE Band 11 12 Choir 10,11 Song Leader 12. Spanish 11 Debbie was one of the mighty hornet song-leaders, and also Comm of Assemblies She enjoys dancing, singing and AC. Plans after graduation are to enter college

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