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a 7 ABRAHAM LINCOLN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL IMPERIAL AT 49TH STREET SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92113 BOARD OP EDUCATION Arnold 0. Steele.President Dr. Gene French.Vice President Mrs. Louise S. Dryer.Member Rev. George W. Smith.Member Dr. Frank Love.Member ANNUAL STAFF Robert Curtin . . Norma Aguilera . Cheryl Andrews . Lillian Leano. . . Connie Villegas. . Darlene Santos . . Ben Franklin . . . Virginia Hernandez Ventura Castillo . Valli Reed .... Sandy Ako .... Lucille Martinez . Charlotte Shaw . . Russell Orozco . . Willie Hill .... Terry Green . . . Sandy Ako .... Lillian Leano. . . Gerald Burnette. . Leslye Rucker . . Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor Photography Editor Faculty Editor Specialities Editor Activities Editor Art Editor New Curriculum Editor Organizations Editor Senior Editor Senior Write Up Editor Junior Editor Assistant Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Boys ' Sports Editor Boys ' Sports Editor Typist Typist Supplementary Photographer Co-Senior Editor ADMINISTRATION HENRY W. LAWRENCE Principal 2 MRS. BARBARA ANDERSON Parent Conference, Mary Kathryns Sponsor MR. LEONARD AREVALO P.E. Boys MR. RICHARD ARNOLD Shorthand 1-3, Typing 1-3. MR. DONALD ARTIMEZ Adv. Band, Orchestra, Music Appreciation, Be¬ ginning Band MR. WILBUR R. AUSTIN Spanish MR. HARRY BACKER World History, Amer. Government MR. WILLIAM BARNES Adv. Math, Sr. Arith, Basic Algebra MR. WARREN BARRITT Attend. Coord., Super¬ vision MRS. MARION BELL Home Planning, Sophomore Advisor MISS BETTY BENNETT P.E. Girls MRS. PATRICIA BISHOP Special Social Studies, Special Civics Education. MR. ROLAND BLEU Adv. Biology, Basic Biology 4 MR. ROBERT BORCHERS General Drafting, Machine Drafting, Architectural Drawing MRS. ALICE BUCK English MR. TERRY CARLSON Public Speaking, Sr. English MISS CHRISTINE COLEMAN Food Clothing, Special Social Studies MR. BERNARD DAVIS Work Counselor MR. LOUIS CUCHRAN French MR. SHANDENISTON P.E. Boys, Athletic Co¬ ordinator MRS. HELEN DUBOSE Special English, Special Reading Improvement MR. ROBERT GANGER American Government, Junior Advisor, Dr. Educ. MR. HAROLD HALLETT Electronics, Occupational Electronics MR. GERALD HALSEY Special English, Special Occupational Education. MR. ERNEST CRAWFORD Picture not available 5 MISS MARY HUTCHINSON English, Advanced English MRS. OLGA LEIFERT Typing, Clerical Proce¬ dures MRS. HELEN HEATHERINGTON Librarian MR. WILLIAM HOWELL Physiology, Biology, Pep Squad Sponsor MR. RICHARD ENGLEHART English MR. HOWARD LUCK Metal Skill Occupational, General Metal MR. PAUL MARTIN Picture not available MRS. FRANCES HAMPEL Picture not available MR. LEONARD KING Senior Advisor, Sr. Arithmetic MISS JOAN MAINO P.E. Girls MRS. LORETTE KLUMPH Nurse MR. ROBERT MARRIOTT A.S.B. Advisor, Adv Art Production, Color De¬ sign, Student Government MRS. SYLVIA MERRITT Senior Advisor, Office Prac¬ tice MR. MILTON MILLER American Government, Advanced U. S. History MR. LLOYD MINER Algebra, Adv. Chemistry, Chemistry, General Science MRS. BARBARA MORGAN Foods Clothing MR. LYNN NAIBERT English Literature, Honors English MR. WAYNE NETTLES Senior Advisor, U.S. His¬ tory MISS NORA NEWELL Spanish MR. CLINTON OWEN Honors Physics, Adv. Mathematics, Geometry, Physics MRS. PATRICIA OSMON P.E. Girls MISS DELORES OLSEN Chief Counselor MR. IVAN OLSEN General Mathematics, Varsity Wrestling MR. JAMES PATTERSON Crafts, Occupational Dis¬ play MRS. NADA PATTON English 7 MR. WILLIAM POWELL American Government World Affairs, U.S. His¬ tory MISS JULIA RISING Advisor, Special Vocational English MR. ARTHUR SCHOR English, Adv. English, Contemporary Lit. Chief, English Dept. MR. WILLIAM PETERSON Advanced World History, U.S. History, P.E. Boys MR. ARTHUR POLK U.S. History MRS. NAOMI PRYOR Girls Choir, Public Speak¬ ing (Verse), Mixed Choir, Ensemble MISS GLENDA RICHTER American Government, World History MR. CHARLES RALEIGH Photography, Graphic Arts MR. JACK ROUSE Special Science, P.E. MR. EARL SAUNDERS Art 1-2, Drawing Paint¬ ing, Sr. Art Studio, Life Drawing MR. LASERIK SAUNDERS Typing, Merchandising 8 MR. ROBERT SHAUGHNESSY English, Sr. English, Journalism MR. EUGENE SIMON MISS HELEN TANNEHILL Sr. English, Contemporary Reading Literature, Publications MRS. PATRICIA SPEER English, German, Con¬ temporary Literature MR. ROBERT SMITH General Science, P.E. Boys MR. JOHN STANKOVICS Record Keeping, Business English MR. FRED STOLLENWERK Spanish, Latin, Sr. English MR. CHRIS SULLIVAN Special Vocational Mathe¬ matics, Special Math Improvement MR. JOHN SWIFT American Government, California Cadet Corps MR. DAVID SZUCH Reading MR. VINTON VINT Adv. Math, Algebra Geometry MR. JOSEPH WHITE Drama, Contemporary Literature, Stagecraft 9 MR. WILLIAM SCHWANDT Chief, Business Department MR. JOHN PENN Picture not available SENIOR CLASS 1967 PRESENTATION COAT OF ARMS The crossed axes symbolize the " Railsplitter, ” Mr. Lincoln’s early years, and the building of a new nation. The broken chains symbolize the emancipation of the slaves and reunification of our nation. The Thinker by Rodin represents the school ' s mission and goal-producing citizens who " Think. ” The Olympic Rings and Torch symbolize leadership in athletics and internation friendship. The clasped hands symbolize high spirit, friendship, and good will at Lincoln High School. Atlas supporting the world symbolizes the strength and power of educated citizens and their role in the world. The rising sun symbolizes hope and the dawn of a new era. Sterling Griffin, Senior Class President, Presents Blazon to Mr. Lawrence, Lincoln Principal. SECRETARIES Library Secretary MRS. JUANITA VALENTI Credits Clerk Secretary MRS. MARIE OVERGAAG Vice-Principal ' s Secretary MRS. LORRAINE JOHNSON Attendance Secretary MRS. MARCEIL SCHROEDER Counseling Secretary MRS. ELINORE SANDELL J LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Adelaule Perez, Mrs. Era Powell, Mrs. La Verna De Carlo, Mrs. Essie Battle, Mrs. Marian Hegenbart, Mrs. Pauline Glenn, Mrs. Laurie Zupan, Mrs. Marjorie Weiland-Head Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Lucy Skinner, Mrs. Edna Reeder. AND LEFT TO RIGHT-TOP ROW: Mr. Otha Willhelm-Crew Leader, Mr. James Kellar, Mr. Tony Martinez, Mr. Ken Smith, Mr. Richard Wright, Mr. Neil Hames. LEFT TO RIGHT -BOTTOM ROW: Mr. William Young, Mr. Jerome Taylor, Mr. Ralph Turner-Chief, Mrs. Etta Miller. 12 ' [ ;JJpt • IB m L 1i p I 1 1 ' s T U D E N T G O V E R N M E N T A.S.B. President JAY SCHUTZMAN A.S.B. Vice President MARILYN DEWITT A.S.B. Advisor MR. MARRIOTT 14 Commissioner of Finance SUE FODOR Girls ' League President NORMA ROWS ON Commissioner of Boys Activities C. J. HOWARD Senior President STERLING GRIFFITH Commissioner of Historic Records CHARLOTTE ROBERTS Commissioner of Health and Safety BERNETTA MOORE A.S.B. Secretary CARMEN COUSTAUT Junior President WILLIE WILSON Head Songleader SUSANNA GOMEZ Head Cheerleader MELVIN JOHNSON Commissioner of Eligibilities PHILLIP SISSON Commissioner of Publications JUANITA KENNEDY Sophomore President FREDDIE GARRETT Corresponding Secretary YOLANDA NEGRETE A.S.B. SENATE The A.S.B. Senate consists of students elected at the be¬ ginning of the school year from each guidance class. The Sen¬ ate has done a very fine job in keeping the students of Lincoln informed of pertinent activities throughout the year. HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMITTEE The General Health and Safety Committee sponsors various pro¬ jects during the year which aid in keeping our campus clean and safe. Lincoln appreciates their initiative. ELECTION COMMITTEE Our Election Committee is responsible for the tabulation of votes for all individuals run¬ ning for A. S. B. office. Their job also includes supervising voting procedures when Lin¬ coln election time rolls around. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Homecoming Committee has done a wonderful job this year with the theme " TREASURE ISLAND. " The committee is in charge of planning homecoming activities which will generate student participation, honor alumni, and boost school spirit. Lincoln appreciates the creativity of all committees and fondly remembers another great year of homecoming events. BOYS FEDERATION President C. J. HOWARD The Boys Federation is a boys school service organiza¬ tion which presents an annual assembly, selects each " Boy of the Month, " and promotes school activity. 17 GIRLS LEAGUE Girls ' League members support school activities, good citizenship, and high standards of scholarship. Girls ' League awards a one hundred dollar scholarship at the end of the year. Junior Representative PHYLLIS AMERSON Recording Secretary NINA DIZON Sophomore Representative RITA COOK Vice President NORMA ALGUILERA Senior Representative PAM SPANGLER (Picture not available) Treasurer DEBORAH LEWIS Correspondence Secretary PAT STEPHENS BUZZ STAFF Co-Editor PHILLIP SISSON Advisor MR. SHAUGHNESSY The publication of the " BUZZ " , solely the product of Lincoln High School students, offers valuable opportunity for experience in journalism. Lincoln wishes to congrat¬ ulate Buzz Staff members for a fine year of publication. Co-Editor VIVIAN NASH Reporter RAMIRO SANDOVAL Feature Editor BEVERLY CASTON Advisory Editor LINDA MOSS Reporter LINDA MONTS Reporter YVETTE TIGNER Reporter CHARLENE TURNER 19 Reporter RACHAEL PRICE Circulation Editor LEON WILEY Make-up Editor ELENA MO RENA Reporter RENE SEVILLA Exchange Editor WILLIAM DAVIS Reporter LINDA SAUNDERS ( Sports Editor Photographer THOMAS BURNS GERALD BURNETTE Editorial JOANNE MELLINGER Special Events Editor EDWARD ZUCCARDI 20 STATESMAN STAFF An annual is not put together by the students on the staff but rather by the students of the school. Therefore, we on the staff dedicate this yearbook to the students and teachers who have worked so diligently to promote the welfare of our school. Editor-in-Chief ROBERT CURTIN Co-Editor NORMA AGUILERA Advisor MR. E. E. SIMON Sophomore Editor RUSSELL OROZCO Co-Junior Editor CHARLOTTE SHAW Curriculum Editor VIRGINIA HERNANDEZ Organizations Editor VENTURA CASTILLO Annual Typist SANDY AKO 21 Co-Organizations Editor BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Senior Editor VALLI REED Boys ' Sports Editor WILLIAM HILL Junior Editor LUCILLE MARTINEZ Senior Editor LESLIE RUCKER Sport Editor TERRY GREEN Photography Editor CHERYL ANDREWS 22 M ' Rf! W jfc r; ' $? W im 1 ' M a mM i, ' t m i Him " THUNDER ON SYCAMORE STREET” Arthur Hayes.HARVEY JOHNSON Joseph Blake.REESE JARRETT Phyllis Hayes.CONNIE BOGAN Anne Blake.FONTELLA JOHNSON Caroline Hayes.GAIL GOODE Judy Blake.GWEN DAVIS Bill McAllister.BILL DALY Charlie Denton.KRIS JOHNSON Mrs. McAllister . . .JEANNIENE BEGUE Grace Denton.GERTHA WHITE Jimmy McAllister.JOHN WHITE Mrs. Harkness.ETTA DAVIS Frank Morrison.FRED WATSON Irma.PAMELA JARRETT Francene Morrison . . . MARY HOUSTON Annette.JACKIE BRANCH Roger Morrison.GARY COOK Mrs. Carson.DEBBIE APPLING Chris Morrison.BILLY VAUGHN Director.MR. J. A. WHITE SADIE HAWKINS DANCE SEPTEMBER Girls ' League presented their Sadie Hawkins Dance as their annual Sock-Hop. Music was furnished by the ' Impulses ' . KING HARLEN FLENOID QUEEN SHARRON MATHEWS ORIENTAL TWILIGHT ASB BALL DECEMBER 16, 1966 m f HOMECOMING Homecoming Queen SALLY LEYBA Senior Attendent BERNETTA MOORE 28 Senior Attendent BERYL GROOM OCTOBER ’66 Junior Attendent Sophomore Attendent EDNA LOWERY SHEILA COOPER MISS LINCOLN ’67 AND COURT LINDA LEONARD YOLANDA NEGRETE DEBORAH LEWIS GLADYS EDMUND SON 30 MARDI GRAS DELIGHT GREEN AND WHITE BALL MARCH 10, 1967 ooo SHARRON MATTHEWS Senior Attendant Junior Attendant MURIEL SWEET BERNETTA MOORE Sophomore Attendant GWEN MOORE TOP ROW L to R: C. Washington, Historian; M. Payton, Secretary; G. Edmundson, Chaplain. BOTTOM ROW: N. Rowson, V. Pres; L. Leonard, Pres; G. Buie, Treasurer. It ' s Always Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! G.A.A. The Girls ' Athletic Association, known as the G.A.A. is open to all girls. Its pur¬ pose is to broaden high school girls ' inter¬ ests and to promote new friendships. A girl may work for G.A.A. credit by partici¬ pating in any of the courses offered. VOLLEY BALL TEAM TENNIS TEAM 34 LETTER MEN’S CLUB The Lettermen’s Club promotes school activities in athletics. Its members are all varsity letter hold¬ ers. The Lettermen ' s Club also promotes good relations between Lincoln athletes and those of other schools. Secretary LARRY ROBINSON Treasurer STEVE ALCALA Vice President OTIS MARTIN President MICHAEL PHILLIPS KEY CLUB The Key Club’s purpose is to give members opportunities to serve their school and their community. Its projects include assisting the Kiwanis Club with its annual basketball tourna¬ ment, contributing to the support of worthy school projects, Key Club-Faculty basketball game, and other projects authorized by the Harbor Kiwanis Club and the administration of Abraham Lincoln High School. Treasurer OTIS MARTIN President JAY SCHUTZMAN Vice President ROMERO SANDOVAL Secretary TYRONE BEENE 36 The purpose of the Latin Club is to encourage an under¬ standing and an ap¬ preciation for our classical heritage. The Latin Club is open to all students interested in classi¬ cal studies and de¬ veloping awareness of Roman culture. President, LINDA MONTS Vice President, TERRY COMACHO LATIN CLUB STAGE CREW The stage crew is working behind the scenes dur¬ ing every activity that takes place in the auditorium. They are responsible for design, construction and painting of all stage scenery, and for operating the lighting and sound equipment. ROOTERS SQUAD The Rooting Squad members form an organization of enthusiastic rooters at school athletic contests. They oc¬ cupy a special por¬ tion of the cheering section at games, wear white shirts and blouses, and do all in their power to promote school spirit. President, GEORGE PHILLIPS Vice President, PAT PETTIES FRENCH CLUB The French Club is for stu¬ dents who are interested in learn¬ ing to speak French. French club members can obtain broad knowl¬ edge and familiarity of the lan¬ guage by actual communication with one another. By study they also become better acquainted with French culture. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is for students who are inter¬ ested in learning to speak Spanish and furthering their knowledge of the lan¬ guage. SPEECH CLUB The Lincoln Speech Club, under the supervision of Mr. Carl¬ son, has participated in many speech contests with great suc¬ cess. The purpose of the Speech Club is to give the students an op¬ portunity to participate in inter- scholastic competition. HI - Y Hi-Y members serve Lincoln and the community. Students af¬ filiated with this club exemplify the fine character which is an essential factor in the promotion of Lincoln as a first class school. President: CARL MITCHELL Vice-President: DAVID PASCHEL HEALTH CAREERS This club is a worth¬ while organization for stu¬ dents hoping to make a ca¬ reer in health. There are over two hundred and fifty fields to select from. Mem¬ bers of this splendid organ¬ ization can become familiar with and be guided into the field they select for a fu¬ ture career. President: HOWARD WALKER Vice-President: ANDREW ALFRED C. S. F. Eligibility for C. S. F. mem¬ bership requires a record of good citizenship as well as ten points for academic excellence and recognized service effort. The purpose of this honorary organization is to foster a higher standard of scholarship and broaden ideas of service on the part of our students. MATH CLUB The Math Club is made up of students with high ability in mathematics. Its purpose is to increase the member ' s knowledge of mathematics through competitive examination. President ARMAND CESENA Vice President RON CURTIN ART CLUB The Art Club offers all students interested in the visual arts an opportunity to enjoy appropriate activi¬ ties. At Open House, the Art Club arranges displays of art for school visitors. Occasional parties and field trips are a part of the year’s program. President CARMEN COUSTAUT Vice President GLORIA FLORES This club offers the opportunity for all presi¬ dents of the various school organizations to meet and discuss new ideas and to solve common problems. President SALLY LEYBA Vice President HOLLY OCHI EXECUTIVES SCIENCE CLUB This group cultivates interest in fields of science. Often this club visits various scientific in¬ stitutions, museums, and indus¬ trial facilities. A highlight of the club year is the annual whale hunt. President: HOLLY OCHI i GARDEN CLUB The Garden Club is a fine organization for stu¬ dents interested in fields of agriculture or gardening. Garden Club members be¬ come familiar with many up-to-date techniques of gardening and garden design. Lincoln ' s Garden Club is the only one of its kind in San Diego. President: TONEE RITCHEY Vice-President: DOLORES CRUZ RADIO CLUB Radio Cl ub, under the super¬ vision of Mr. Hallett, is for stu¬ dents who have a common interest in fields of amateur radio and ap¬ plied, as well as experimental, electronics. President: MELVIN JOHNSON RED CROSS CLUB The Red Cross Club encour¬ ages student participation in com¬ munity projects. It also promotes international friendship and fellow¬ ship. Its intention is to broaden the alertness of the school towards the needy and the sick. President: PAT STEPHENS Vice-President: JOYCE YOUNG ADELPHIANS The Adelphians are a real asset to Lincoln High. Members of this Hornet organization promote good relations between our school and the public. During the year they undertake many projects and activities which establish our school as a fine institution for building the character of today ' s youth. President: LINDA MONTS Vice-President: MARLEEN LAMPRIDES LANCERS This splendid group handles the sale of tickets and programs for our school concerts, football and basketball games, plays, and many other activities. Members of this organization are responsible for gaining student financial support for our outside activities. President: SUE FODOR Vice-President: KIKUE SANTOHIGASHI HORNET HUSTLERS The purpose of the Hornet Hustlers is to promote school spirit through the making of attractive signs and banners. Around school and at the games their work can be appreciated by all. MARY KATHRYNS Mary Kathryns is a service organization which, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Barbara Anderson, assists at ad¬ ministrative functions, helps the needy, and promotes friendship. The entrance standards for membership are very high and being chosen as a Mary Kathryn is one of the highest honors Lincoln can bestow upon a girl. The solemn tapping ceremony is one of the school’s mo st impressive functions. President YOSHIKO WAKABAYASHI Advisor BARBARA ANDERSON Treasurer PAM SPANGLER Secretary NORMA ROWSON Vice-President SUE FODOR Tistorian VIARILYN DEWITT VIVIAN NASH VIRGINIA DENNIS CAROLE KUYAMA CARMEN COUSTAUT 44 L - Songleader DEBORAH MOSBY Head Songleader SUSANNA GOMEZ Henry Hornet GARY COOK Cheerleader Songleader CARL MITCHELL SHARON MATTHEWS ’66 SONGLEADERS Songleader Cheerleader SHIRLEY HOLLONDSWORTH PHILLIP SISSON CHEERLEADERS ’67 Songleader JOYCE TYLER Head Cheerleader MELVIN JOHNSON Henrietta Hornet PAM SPANGLER aw Cheerleader DEBORAH McKISSACK Cheerleader CHRISTINE MAJOR JUNIOR VARSITY SONG LEADERS - CHEERLEADER! Cheerleader TERRY PADUA Cheerleader ERNESTINE GAMBLE Cheerleader DONITA DAUGHTERY DEDICATION Mr. John C. Swift came to Lincoln in 1950 from La Jolla High School. In 1956, having been active in the Army Reserves he was asked to take supervision of the California Cadet Corps. He agreed to do so, but only for a period of one ' year. Mr. Swift is now completing his tenth year as supervisor of the California Cadet Corps. Colonel Swift has had astounding suc¬ cess with the corps at Lincoln. Even during the period when other schools experienced disinterest in the Cadet Corps, Mr. Swift kept the battalion alive and strong. In short, Colonel Swift is the Cadet Corps. He is not only a commanding officer, but an inspiration and a successful teacher to nearly a thousand cadets. STATE COLOR GUARD Left To Right: CDT. Samuel Lee, SGT. Alvaro Zuccardi, S SGT. Russell Orozco (Captain) S SGT. Terry Smith, CFC. George Diaz, CFC. Marvin Bradley 80TH BATTALION OFFICERS Left to Right: Larry Vallario, Gary Kawamoto, William Ponder, Larry Hall, Edward Zuccardi, Jay Schutsman. FANCY DRILL TEAM COMMANDER: Sylvester Henry FIRST ROW:Milton Green, Leonard Polk, Alvin Prowson. SECOND ROW: Fred King, David Curtis, Leonard Monroe, Milton White, Cardell Andrews. THIRD ROW: Chris Mas- terson, Gerald Hoshi, Rufino Gomez, Willie Short, Ken¬ neth Jones. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Moore, Gary Boles, Carlos Parra, Terry Smith, Larry Buckley. CALIFORNIA CADET COMPANY A Alex Acosta, Cardell Andrews, Parry Best, Jerry Biskobing, David Bradford, Michael Bruce, David Bryant, Sammuel Coleman, Marvin Bradley, Glenn Crain, Terrance Edmonson, Marvin Garmble, Michael Goins, Bobby Hall, Michael Harlow, Tommy Harris, Bruce Hatcher, Larry Hayes, Chris Henderson, Dwight Hill, Gerald Hoshi, Joe Jackson, Harvey Johnson, Chris Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Ben Kirksey, Michael Knox, Chris Masterson, Leonard Monroe, Johnny Moore, John Page, Reynaldo Patasil, Dwight Pointdexter, Cory Sakaguchi, Larry Smith, Terry Smith, Carlos Torres, Paul Torres, Bill Varghn, Howard Walker, Waymon Watkins, James Henry, Jimmy Hernandez. RIFLE TEAM TOP ROW: 1st. Lt. Gary Kawamoto, 1st. Lt. William Ponder, St Sgt. Ventura Cas¬ tillo, BOTTOM ROW: SFC. John Page, 1st. Lt. Edward Zuccardi, St Sgt. Tommy Naka- ta, St Sgt. Reynaldo Patacsil, SFC. Jaime Hernandez CORPS 180TH BATTALION COMPANY C Willie Alfred, Earnest Bracey, Clarence Brown, Terriss Brown, Gerald Burnette, James Crosen, Earnest Cooper, Marvin Chappellj Edward Deltino, George Diaz, Rodney Gaulden, Rufino Gomez, Milton Green, Julius Hawkins, Phillip Jack- son, Dave Kawamoto, Roger Miller, Johnny Moore, Harold Oliver, Michael Oxley, Charles Peters, Leonard Polk, Terry Salyes, Jay Schutzman, Gorden Steger, Willie Short, Terry Smith, Charles Walkins, Jessie Walter, Milton White, Roger Lee, Sammuel Lee, Anthony Wood, David Zamudio, Napoleon Moore, Tommy Nakata, Dwight Hill. ENSEMBLE BOTTOM ROW:Daphne Tate,Norma Rowson, Virginia Meza, Murphy Briscoe, Beryl Groom,Eline Pettus, Barbara Lagrone. TOP ROW:Jeanniene Begue, Beverly Hubbard, Robert Grant,Sterling Garrett, Patricia Petties,Pauline Crowder, Ronald Thompson, Michael Hunt, Deborah Lewis. CONCERT FIRST ROW:Lorraine Dees, Sandra Osborne, Karen Gurlly,Faye Walker, Loyce Young, Charles Watkins,Emanuel Holmes. SECOND ROW: Virginia Reyes, Judy Jenkins, Pat Woolridge, Gerlen Hall, Glenda Nickleberry, Leatha Covington, Dan Brad¬ shaw, Gary Cook. THIRD ROW:Dorothy McCollum, Joyce M. Young, Barbara Wimley, Carol Walker, Linda McDowell, Rose Mary Kirkpatrick, Carl Mitchell, Otis Martin, Robert McClanaJhan.FORTH ROW:Joyce A. Young, Jackie Williams, Phyllis Bell, Thomasene Singleton, Kay Smiley, Alvin Thompson.FIFTH ROW:Roberta Henson, Geneva Jackson, Jackie Randle, Joanne Mellinger, Elizabeth Dantzler, Faye McCastle, Reba Jarrett, Paul Talley, Marvin Gamble. VERSE CHOIR Instructor BOTTOM ROW:Lorraine Dees, Karen Gurlly, Dorothy McCollum, Clifford Morris, Arthur MRS. NAOMI PRYOR Wheatfall, Garland McMurray, Caroline Norvell, Susan Edrozo, Mary Rodriguez. TOP ROW: Nina Dizon, Yvonne Mason, Sandra Liggins, Jackie Williams, Melvin Johnson, Pete Varner, Eleanor Hoyt, Barbara Wimley, Nattie Wilson, Roberta Henson. CHOIR FIRST ROW:James Croson, Arthur Wheatfall, Tina Lagrone, Janice Jenkins, Nina Dizon, Faye Brooks, Darlene Todd, Connie Bogan. SECOND ROW:Ronald Battle, Bobby Turner, Sandra Moore, Pat Kado,Gwen Hemphill,,Edna Lowery, Pat Ellis. THIRD ROW:Larry Williams, Pete Varner, Lavern Scott, Saundra Stewart, Cynthia Carson, Alice Lampkin, Mary Payton, Stephany Barnette. FOURTH ROW:Larry Burnham, Phillip Covington, Phyllis Amerson, Anita Ighner, Shirley Fenderson, Sharron Mathews. TEAM Captain NORMA ROW SON Colonel DEBORAH LEWIS 54 Captain LINDA VEGA Captain BERYL GROOM Captain BEVERLY SINGLETON LINCOLN HIGH EMERALDETTES .,v;. ■. . v ? r., •.«t r ;T --H YAM • mSY ' ' .■•G ' V lftY ' v 4fc s 4 . jaefiSw: - vii m, fl -33S COLONEL Deborah Lewis FIRST ROW: Joyce Young, Gertha White, PatsyJHnkney, Linda Gaines, Leslye Rucker, Betty McFarlin, Holly Ochi, Deborah McKissack, Connie Bogan, Connie Hernandez, Karen Gurlly, Fontella Johnson, CAPTAIN Beryl Groom. SECOND ROW: Madelyn Reel, Sandra Stewart, Edna Lowery, Mary Payton, Brenda Smith, Gwen Smith, Betty Thompson, Donita Daughtery, Christine Major, Diane Wright, Sally Leyba, CAPTAIN Beverly Singleton. THIRD ROW: Joanne Mellinger, Joy Harris, Barbara Hunter, Marilyn DeWitt, Doris Spikes, Glenda Nickelberry, Rosalyn Pryor, Norma Crenshaw, Earnes- tine Gamble, Pat Stevens, DeHavilland Johnson, CAPTAIN Linda Vega. FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth Dantzler, Rebecca Stewart, Linda Leonard, Barbara Jackson, Gladys Edmundson, Jennifer Patacsil, Delores Cruz, Silvia Yorba, Diana Beene, Sandra Osborne, Rebecca Flakes, CAPTAIN Norma Rowson. President Vice President Band Manager WILLIAM PONDER TYRONE BEENE JOHNNY MAH LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL Historian MARY HELEN MONROE ROW 1: Phyllis Woods Earl Vaults Nathaniel Goode Marcella Lidot Gerald Hoshi Norris Edmundson Michael Knox Mary Monroe Nattie Wilson Larry Dixon Robert Curtin DRUM MAJOR Jimmy Hernandez ROW 2: Michael Phillips Clinton Campbell William Ponder Reba Jarrett George Williams Dennis Jackson Robert Moseley Paul Alexander Gary Myers Renee Santos Lucille Martinez ROW 3: Tyrone Beene Gary Smith Wilma Franklin Michael Bruce Chris Jackson John Chambers Clarence Brown Steve Stewart Ametha Glover iMtSlkfcsiSC Treasurer WILMA FRANKLIN Secretary PHYLLIS WOODS Drum Major JAIME HERNANDEZ TT, ' ' W 1 " ‘ ,-t t, tHf. . r »-% DIRECTOR Mr. Donald W. Artimez ROW 5: Shirley Finderson Reynaldo Patacsil ROW 4: Gerald Warren Bernard Thomas Howard January Darrel Groom Terrance Edmundson Raymond Lee Richard Daughtery Arthur Gurlly Barbara Birtchet Charles Watkins Veronica Courtney Johnny Mah Ronald Thompson Kenneth White Joseph Rosario Harvey Nailon Sally McEachin Richard Dare Willie Hill Donald Thompson Librarian ROBERT CURTIN ORCHESTRA President FONTELLA JOHNSON Vice President ROBERT GRANT Historian Tre asurer MICHAEL PHILLIPS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lloyd Apgar, Fontella Johnson, Wayne Murry, Robert Grant, Daphne Tate, Rudy Nowden, Ronald Gaulden, Jack Hill, Gary Boles, Clinton Campbell, Michael Phillips, DIRECTOR MR. DONALD W. ARTIMEZ. PEP BAND-STAGE BAND FIRST ROW: William Ponder, Reynaldo Patacsil, Gary Smith, Earl Vaults, Howard January, Donald Mitchell, Johnny Mah. SECOND ROW: Robert Grant, Michael Knox, Robert Curtin, Jimmy Hernandez, Kenneth White, Tyrone Beene, Gerald Hoshi, Terry Edmundson, Gerald Warren, Michael Phillips, DIRECTOR MR. DONALD W. ARTIMEZ. WMxm Bottom: James Allison, Avitt Stamps, Willie Cammon, Douglas Dukes, Van Johnson, Bobby Turner, Willie Wilson, Clin¬ ton Noble, Top: Coach Shan Deniston, Arrich Neal, Alex Davis, William Ponder, Willie Hardy, Nate King, John Page, Pete Varner, Malcolm Glover, Jerry Powell, Ernest Cooper, James Wheeler, Douglas Jones, Trainer Ken Smith, Philip Covington. FOOTBALL 1966- 1967 Floyd Davis Manager Walt Cub ley Coach Larry Hall Captain Lewis King BACK- All Eastern William Ponder GUARD - Alfonso Pedrin CENTER Clarence Warren BACK Adrich Neal END Larry Hall TACKLE-All Eastern League Jerry Powell QUARTER BACK Ernest Cooper QUARTER BACK James Cross GUARD Dwayne Poindexter GUARD Ezell Roberts Back Peter Varner E D Alex Davis END James Allison BACK Nate King BACK Ken Smith CENTER Willie Cammon GUARD Dwight Poindexter BACK- All Eastern League Willie Wilson BACK Clinton Noble GUARD Willie Hardy TACKLE Robert Grant TACKLE Larry Williams BACK Melvin Maxwell BACK - Honorable Mention Douglas Jones END Avitt Stamps GUARD Malcolm Glover END Van Johnson CENTER James Hunt TACKLE John Page TACKLE Phillip Covington Bobby Turner CENTER BACK Willie Franklin TACKLE Steve Webb BACK LINCOLN 16 HOOVER 21 LINCOLN 31 MORSE 20 LINCOLN OPPONENTS 60 Calexico 13 20 Hilltop 7 34 Madison 0 16 Hoover 21 31 Morse 20 0 St. Augustine 9 20 San Diego 6 7 Crawford 0 26 Clairmont 19 LINCOLN 20 SAN DIEGO 6 LINCOLN 7 CRAWFORD 0 TOP ROW, L to R: Larry Condon, Sam Goins, Fred Forbes, Chuck King, Otis Martin. MIDDLE: Lloyd Apgar, Joe Man- giapane, Leon Monroe, Paul Alexander, Mike Kemp, Mike Phillips. BOTTOM: Romero Sandoval, Norberto Padua, Ed¬ ward Gutierrez, Tyrone Beene, Manuel Garcia, Paul Diaz. CROSS COUNTRY Coach Bob Smith GYMNASTICS FRONT ROW, L to R: Tommy Nakata, Kent Tsubakihara, Bill Burrows, Danilo Jorge, Claude Belcher, Raul Montes, Johnny Bates. SECOND ROW: Coach Ivan O. Olsen, Raul Rubalcava, Randy Horn, Captain James Phillips, Richard Chin. TOP ROW: Senior Manager Mike Huntley, Jerome Castille, Victor Yamauchi, Sam Montes, JohnMah, Sophomore Manager Leo¬ nard Chapman. Randy Horn on Side Horse Coach Olsen and Raul Montes Kent Tsubakihara on Parallel Bar J. Castille G. Tsuida J. Mah E. Streater E. Taylor N. Padua 981bs. C.I.F. 98 lbs. 106 lbs. 106 lbs. 115 lbs. 115 lbs. Junior Sophomore Junior Junior Junior Senior R. Sandoval L. Dixon R. Rubalcava W. Wilson L. Kida V. Yamauchi 123 lbs. 123 lbs. 130 lbs. 130 lbs. 136 lbs. 136 lbs. Senior C.I.F. Senior Junior Junior Sophomore Sophomore 66 SPECIAL MENTION V. Johnson D. Jorge C. Bagby W. Hill B. Burrows M. Courtney 141 lbs. 141 lbs. 148 lbs. 148 lbs. 156 lbs. 156 lbs. Junior Senior Junior Junior Junior Senior VARSITY OPPONENT SCORE JR. VARSITY OPPONENT SCORE 15 Castle Park 34 24 Castle Park 24 28 El Cajon 24 22 El Cajon 24 26 El Capitan 21 Jerome Castille- 25 El Capitan 19 21 Hilltop 26 December Athlete of the Month. 33 Hilltop 16 14 San Diego 28 31 San Diego 17 27 Coronado 20 Ramiro Sandoval- 26 Coronado 19 29 Hoover 14 Outstanding wrestler, first 43 Hoover 3 16 Morse 26 to win championship in three consecutive years. 18 Morse 36 31 Point Loma 19 39 Point Loma 9 17 Crawford 24 Ramiro Sandoval- February Athlete of the Month. 17 Crawford 29 21 Mission Bay 20 28 Mission Bay 21 56 St. Augustine 0 48 St. Augustine 10 D. Jones 168 lbs. Junior J. Allison 168 lbs. Sophomore P. Covington 183 lbs. Junior G. S awyer 183 lbs. Sophomore loMfrmi W. Cammon 215 lbs. Junior T. Green 215 lbs. Junior 67 C.J. HOWARD, Guard BRUCE ANDERSON, For- 6 ' 3 " , Senior ward, 6 ' 6 " , Junior LARRY HALL, Center- Forward, 6 ' 5 " , Senior LEONARD JACKSON, For¬ ward-Guard, 6 ' 4 " , Senior STERLING GARRETT, Center, 6 ' 5 " , Senior HORNETS INACTION CHARLES ROBERTS, For ward, 6 ' 1 " , Junior FRED NORRIS, For¬ ward, 6 ' 3 " , Junior STERLING GRIFFIN, Guard, 6 ' 1 " , Senior JERRY POWELL, Guard, 5 ' 11 " , Junior CARLOS FERREY, Guard, 5 ' 5 " , Junior Left to Right: Carlos Ferrey, Jerry Powell, Sterling Griffin, Fred Norris, Larry Hall, Bruce Anderson, Sterling Garrett, Leonard Jackson, C.J. Howard, Charles Roberts, Pete Varner. Manager, James Phillips. (L - R) Front Row: N. PADUA, P. DIAZ, L. KING, M. KNOX, C. WARREN, M. MAXWELL, D. JONES, W. QUINN, J. CASTILLE, 2nd Row: M. GARCIA, A. FENNELL, M. RAWLINGS, E. ROBERTS, B. McELVAINE, C. ROBERTSON, G. WARREN, T. HENDERSON, L. APGAR. 3rd Row: W. FRANKLIN, L. PHILLIPS, J. ALLISON, S. QUALLS, P. ALEXANDER, W. CAMMON, R. GRANT JAMES PHILLIPS ROBERT GRANT (L - R); J. TUCKER, E. STREETER, P. TODD, W. SMITH, R. LEAL, V. HESTER, G. FAGAN, M. FRANKLIN, G. TSUIDA Coach ROBERT SMITH ■HH " B " TRACK TEAM, Front Row (L - R): R. REED, H. WOODS, H. HILL, N. EDMUNDSON, R. BOLES, E. GLOVER, W. McClelland, Second Row: M. KEMP, L. WILEY, R. TURNER, W. WILSON, V. JOHNSON, R. BAILEY. Third Row: R. LEAL, C. DUNN, W. DAVIS, J. MANGLAPANE, U. HAWKINS, C. CARRERO. i i Pole Vaulter: N. PADUA TRACK AND FIELD RELAY TEAM (L -R): L. KING, M. MAXWELL, E. ROBERTS, C. ROBERTSON, C. WARREN High Jumper: D. JONES VARSITY ■ (L - R) Top Row: H. FLENOID, M. CHAPPMAN, R. RASCON, S. GARRETT, D. KIRPATRICK, K. ESPY, D. PEARSON, K. MARTIN, B. WEBB, P. COVINGTON (L - R) Bottom Row: R. MANUEL, W. CLADY, C. BAGBY, J. PITTMAN, A. GREEN, R. SANDOVAL, L. MONROE, C. NOBEL, Coach AREVALO STERLING GARRETT Pitcher CLINTON NOBEL LEON MONROE JEROME PITTMAN DAVE Second Base Outfield Catcher First KENNETH MARTIN Outfield CURTIS BAGBY Outfield BRUCE WEBB Outfield HARDEN Pitcher L. AREVALO-Coach DAVE KIRPATRICK Pitcher RUDY RASCON Pitcher CRAIG ESPY Pitcher Bottom: JEROME PITTMAN DWIGHT HILL Out Field PEARSON Base ANTHONY GREEN In Field RAMIRO SANDOVAL Third Base FLENOID MICHAEL CHAPPMAN Short Stop 3 % ' ' ' Kv L to R: Dwight Hubbard, Mike Oxley, Gary King, Emanuel Davis, Robert Tucker, David Kirkpatrick, Ray Allen, Fate Young, Eddie Davis, Steve Webb, Robert Manuel. WRESTLING Bottom Row, L to R: J. Castille, J. Mah, E. Taylor, R. Sandoval, L. Robertson, V. Johnson, W. Davis, C. Bagby, B. Burrows, D. Jones, P. Covington, T. Green. Second Row: G. Tsuida, F. Davis, B. Vaughn, L. Dixon, D. Jorge, L. Kida, V. Yamauchi, W. Hill, C. King, J. Allison, W. Cammon, L. Williams. Third Row: M. Courtney, M. Roberts, N. Padua, R. Chin, W. Wilson, R. Reed, R. Moreno, W. Franklin, G. Warren, G. Sawyer, S. Montez, C. Belcher, T Brown, A. Gurley, D. Holt, M. Gramata. Fourth Row: Coach Olsen, L. Chapman-Manager, C. Noble, W. Ward, W. Murray, B. Mah, D. Akana, H. Nailon. J.V. FOOTBALL First row, Left to Right: C. Rainey, F. Norris, E. Davis, L. Henderson, D. Pearson, E. Glover, S. Qutizerrez, L. Harris, F. Young, J. McKinley, G. Wolder, G. Sawyer, G. Warren, E. Larkins, F. Gerren, Coach Arevalo. Second row;Coach Griffen, B. McFuaile, K. White, D. Steward, C. Dunn, B. Clady, H. Woods, J. Pittman, G. McMurry, M. Franklin, M. Roberts, M. Chapman, K. Martin, D. Collins, B. Webb, T. Humburg, C. King. Third row; R. Reed, L. McGouh, L. Edward, H. Framata, F. White, L. Gross, S. Qualls, N. Edmundson, R. Manual, M. Weis, O. Allen, T. Lafferty, E. McZeal. This year’s J.V. Football team went undefeated, with 8 wins and no loses. The team allowed less than a touchdown a game to their opponents. Next year, the coaches are looking forward to a great team. Keep up the good work, HORNETS. 75 Coach CUBLY (L-R) Row 1 COACH CUBLEY, S. OATES, K. WHITE, B. WELLS, B. SHEPPARD, B. RICE, A. GRAMATA, K.TSUBAKAHARA. Row 2 D. STEWART, R. BATTLE, T. EVERTTE, E. CLARK, O. ALLEN, L. WILLIAMS, Not pictured M. LEE, W. MANASSA, R. West Manager SAM GOINS BILLY WELLS and OSCAR ALLEN Coach ROUSE Top Row COACH ROUSE, M. GRAMATA, W. DALY, D. HOLT, S. GOINS, L. CHAPMAN, R. HOM, COACH EWBANK. Bottom Row M. WHITE, M. WEAST, R. CURTIN, R. CHIN, D. AKANA, L. KIDA, J. MAH, B. MAH « «»(« N E M M ODKD5 hQDJD Mrs. Merritt discusses operation of an Electric Calculator with an office practice student. Mr. Owen and Pam Spangler working hard with the mathematical computer. We are one of the few lucky San Diego Miss Tannehill ' s Listening Post, schools to have the Reading Accelera¬ tor. Diligent students using new Voice Writing Dictators 78 Reading acceleration students. FREDDIE GARRET, President Acevedo, Sandra Adams, Wayne Aglipay, Rebecca Briscoe, Larry Brock, Helen Brooks, Michael Brown, Chr ist ine Brown, Dorothy Brown, Rosalind Brown, Lynette Bruce, Kenneth Akana, Danny Alexander, John Allen, Oscar Allison, James Allen, Ray Anderson, Beatrice Anderson, Cecelia Avila, Socorro Bailey, Gwendolyn Barnett, Deborah Barnett, Diane Birtchet, Barbara Blackwell, Michael Boatner, Alvin Bolden, Beverly Bolden, Dolores Boles, Gary Bontrager, Leroy Bowman, Betty Bowman, Carol Boyd, Marry Bridges, Linda SOPHC MR. HOWELL, Advisor MRS. BELL, Advisor Bryant, David Bryant, Hattie Buchanan, Shirley Bugg, Linda Buna, Rudy Cacho, Virginia Calhoun, Ethel Cammon, Madelyn Campbell, Rollene Cardenas, Pauline Carson, Rita Carson, Robin Carter, Carolyn Carter, Sherlyn Castaneda, Manuel Caston, Beverly Castro, Juan Castro, Peter Chapman, Leonard Chapman, Michael Chappell, Marvin Charfauros, Ken Chavers Vicki Chavez, Veronica Collins, Daniel Collins, Hector Conley Rosemary Contreras, Mary Contreras, Silvia Conway, Dorothy Corley, Artie Cook, Caroyn Cook, Christine Cook, Rita Cooper, Sheila Corley, Brenda Cortel, Rosalinda Crosen, James Cubit, Vivian Cummings, Marie Curtis, David Franklin, Velma Frasier, Sonja Frost, Jackie Gamble, Linda Espinoza, Margaret Deltino, Mary Davis, Gwen Devowe, Claudia Diaz, George Dickey, Marie Everett, Bob Fiol, Michael Franklin, Gloria Franklin, Marion Edwards, Louis Ellis, Margaret Gonzales, Gilbert Gonzales, Mario Graham, Evelyn Graves, Angela Green, Jenifer Greene, Karen Greer, Billy Greer, Douglas Groom, Darrell Gross, Elizabeth Guerrero, Jose Gustafson, Albert Gutierrez, Edward Hale, Bradford Hall, Bobby Davis, Edward Davis, Gwendolyn Davis, Wanda Davis, Zadie Delgadillo, Vicki Deltino, Edward Dorn, Teresa Dunmore, Barbara Dunn, Diane Edmonson, Terrance Fematt, Grace Ferreria, James Edmundson, Norris Edrozo, Susan Edwards, Larry Ellis, Valerie Garcia, Lenora Garrett, Freddie Gaulden, Rodney George, Marilyn Gibbs, Lawrence Epps, Artie Gissandaner, Carolyn Glass, David Glass, Gloria Glover, Lawrence Gomez, Rufino Goode, Gail Jessie, Julia Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Sylvia Johnson, Trine 11 Jones, Amelia Jones, Don Jones, Kenneth Jorge, Edna Kawamoto, David Keye, Sandra Kida, Larry Kirkland, Daniel Kirksey, Richard Hampton Knight, Rose Kolvek, Robert Konish, Brian Kuroda, Diane Lamprides, Deborah Harding, Waverlyn Leath, Barbara Lee, Roger Lee, Samuel Lee, Theresa Harrington, Jacqueline Harris, Dorothy Leon, Christine Leon, Esther Leon, John Harris, Marsha Harrison, Oliver Hearn, Earnestine Leota, Pepe Leos, Richard Hearn, Gloria Henderson, Chris Hennen, Michael Henry, James Hernandez, Arthur Hernandez, Maria Hester, Victor Hightower, Frances Hill, Lloyd Lewis, Theopolis Hill, Nathaniel Hines, Geraldine Hollins, Lynn Holloway, Robert Hooper, Lawrence Horne, Larry Horton, Lottie Hoshi, Gerald Houston, Deborah Howard, Henry Hubbard, Brenda Imizu, Darlene Island, Rosie Jackson, Bonita Jackson, Dennis Jackson, Diane Jackson, Florine Jackson, Mary Jackson, Phillip January, Howard Jarrett, Reese Monroe, Leonard Montejano, Terry Montes, Samuel Montgomery, Patricia Monts, Michael Moore, Gwendolyn Moore, James Moore, Napoleon Moreno, Elena Morris, Gloria Mosley, Barbara Mosley, Helen Mosley, Linda Moss, Charlotte Lindsey, Harold Murray, Wayne Murrell, Cheryl Nauta, Judy Nicholson, Cherry Nillaga, Alipio Lockridge, Delberr Norman, Carolyn Norris, Edmundson Norwood, Flora Nowden, Rudy Nowden, Rugina Oates, Samuel Ochi, Emi Long, Dearcy Lopez, Jose Lopez, Maria Otineru, Raleigh Otsuji, Peggy Lopez, Roberto Lott, Mary Love, Alex Love, Michael Mack, Isom Maddux, Susan Magers, Lena Mah, Benjamin Mahaffey, Grace Padua, Lema Manassa, Walter Manassa, Willie Marshall, Sheryl Mason, Judy Mason, Yvonne Mayers, Thomas Page, Carmella Mays, Valorie McCue, Joseph McElvaine, Benny McFarlin, Alvera McGough, Lanvel McKinley, John McZeal, Larry Mena, Norma Mendoza, Anthony Meshack, Julia Middag, Janice Miller, Brenda Mills, Joyce Mitchell, Loriel Mitchell, Thelma MIMWMM) Sanders, Aundrea Sanders, Linda Sanderson, Marlene Santos, Renee Sawyer, Gerod Sales, Terry Scott, Dolores Scott, Kenneth Scott, Marsene Sebastian, Linda Serrano, Carlos Serrano, Margarita Sevilla, Rene j Sewood, Prince Sharpe, Roy Shaw, Frances Shepard, Donald Shields, Gloria Shinyaki, George Short, Willie Simmons, James Simms, Cassandra Simpson, Jerome Patton, Rene 11 Pearce, Waymon Simpson, Thomas Smith, Gary Smith, Gloria Pearson, David Pearson, Renee Penn, Allen Smith, Lois Smith, Rudy Phillips, Thomas Pittman, Jerome Polk, Leonard Polly, Jean Snowden, Veatrice Ponder, Patricia Poole, Gerald Poole, Glenda Porter, Myron Price, ' Rachel Purvis Diane Quinn, William Rascon, Rudy Reynolds, Merila Rice, Robert Richardson, Deborah Richburg, Anthony Riley, Dorothy Rios, Irene Roberts, Harold Roberts, Patricia Robertson, Charles Robinson, Cornelius Rodriguez, Mary Rolison, Wanda Roman, Silvia Roots, Lorene Rosario, Mariscal Rosario, Joseph Rosette, Evangeline Ross, Gail Steger, Garden K|spH Stephens, Nadolyn J® Stewart, Brenda fit Stewart, Steven %» vJT Stockard, Barbara wp Sweetser, Roger Taitano, Dolores Tapia, Rachel Thrash, Cynthia Tigner, Yvette Todd, Barbara Torres, Sylvia Toves, Linda Tsuida, Glenn Tucker, Larry Turner, Mary Uriarte, Grace Vargas, Ruben Vaughn, Bill Vejar, Patricia Verdugo, Julian Wafer, Judie Wakabayashi, Tsutoma Walton, Gregory Ward, Gregory Ward, Sharon Ward, Vickie Ward, Willie Warren, Gerald Washington, Malford Washington, Rhonda Washington, Rosie Washington, Yvonne Watkins, Charles Weast, Morgan Webster, Paula West, Peggy West, Ralph White, Clara White, Frank White, Kenneth White, Leonard White, Leslie Wilburn, Semador Williams, Beverly Wilson, Ava Wilson, Katherine Zuccardi, Elsa Williams, Charles Williams, Larry Williams, Patricia Yagi, Christine Yamauchi, Victor 86 President WILLIE WILSON Secretary VENITA JACKSON i ; ' %i . Vice-President DEBORAH MCKISSACK Treasurer MADELYN REEL JUNIOR OFFICERS Advisor MRS. MERRITT Advisor MR. GANGER CLASS OF 1968 JEANNIENE BEGUE JUNIOR ALLENf WERNICK DORIS SPIKES JOYCE A. YOUNG FRED NORRIS KENNETH EDWARDS DIANA BEENE BOBBY TURNER MARGARET WILEY JOYCE M. YOUNG 89 FIRST ROW: Gloria Acosta, Comellia Adams, Evelyn Allen, Arthur Alvarez, Phyllis Amerson, SECOND ROW: Ruth Anaya, Ken Anders, Bruce Anderson, Deborah Appling, Salvador Avila, THIRD ROW: Maria Baez, Curtis Bagby, Roseann Ballina, Stephany Barnette, Ronald Battle , FOURTH ROW: Betty J. Bates, Pedro, Bautista, Diana Beene, Jeanniene Begue, Shirley Belcher, FIFTH ROW: Janice Belle, Henry Blackwell, Loretta Blissitt, Connie Bogan, Ricky Boles, SIXTH ROW: Alvin Boulden, Eunice Bowie, Mary Boyd, David Bradford, Gerald Bradford, SEVENTH ROW: James Bradford, Larry Bradford, Marvin Bradley, Daniel Bradshaw, Loretta Broadnax, Faye Brooks, Kevin Brooks, Jurutha Brown, Terriss Brown, EIGHTH ROW: Tyrone Brown, Micheal Bruce, Myrna Buna, Lawrence Burks, Linda Burris, Wil¬ liams Burrows, Terry Camacho, Willie Cammon, Naomi Cannon, NINTH ROW: Edward Cardenas, Angelina Castaneda, Susan Castaneda, Jerome Castille, Arcangel Castro, Robert Castro, John Chambers, Sandra Charles, Richard Chin 90 FIRST ROW: William Clady, Edwin Clark, Geraldine Coleman, Carlota Collins, Larry Condon, SECOND ROW: Gary Cook, Honoree Cooke, Marciana Corral, Veronica Courtney, Phillip Coving¬ ton TF1IRD ROW: Granville Cramer, Norma Cren¬ shaw, Pauline Crowder, Dolores Cruz, Jean Cum¬ mings, FOURTH ROW: Charles Cunningham, Ronald Curtin, Phyllis Daniels, Elizabeth Dantzler, Donta Daugherty, FIFTH ROW: Richard Daugherty Adrienne Davis, Danny Davis, Emanuel Davis, Floyd Davis, SIXTH ROW: Maria Decastro, Alica L. Dees, Mark Denton, Nina Dizon, Barbara Dorrough, SEVENTH ROW: John Dela Torre, Fred Dunmore, Charles Dunn, Clifford Edwards, Kenneth Edwards, Patricia Ellis, Sally Epati, Ernest Epps, Daniel Espinosa, EIGHTH ROW: Gordon Evans, Terrance Everette, Gaylan Fagan, Lorraine Fain, Elena Fatu, Albert Fenell, Carlos Ferry, Jimmy Finklea, Diane Finley, NINTH ROW: Lesleigh Flakes, Rebecca Flakes, Ernest Flippen, Benjamin Franklin, Norma Franklin, Samuel Franklin, Willie Franklin, Linda Gaines, Juanita Galven. 91 FIRST ROW: Ernestine Gamble, Mar¬ vin Gamble, Manuel Garcia, Dorothy Gauna, Eva Geek, Bernita Glass, SECOND ROW: Gloria Glass, Anthony Glover, Eric Glover, Cecilia Gonzales, Ramon Gonzales, Anthony Green, THIRD ROW: Terry Green, Larry Gross, Arthur Gurlly, Salvador Gutierrz, Joseph Hampton, Johnnie Harrington, FOURTH ROW: Joy Harris, Leslie Harris, Junuis Hawkins, Gwendolyn Hemphill, LaNedra Henderson, Shirley Henry, FIFTH ROW: Tony Herndon, Margaret Heredia, Virginia Hernandez, Natheniel Hill, Herbert Hill, SIXTH ROW: Willie Hill, Vernon Hollins, Delwin Holt, Kathy Holt, Randel Horn, Ida Hopkins, Eleanore Hoyt, SEVENTH ROW: Dwight Hubbard, Chuckle Hundy, Edward Huene, James Hunt, Barbara Hunter, Anita Igher, EIGHTH ROW: Christopher Jackson, Beverly Jackson, Geneva Jackson, Joe Jackson, Kathleen Jackson, Lannie Jackson, NINTH ROW: Lawrence Jack- son, Venita Jackson, Pamela Jarrett, Carol Jefferson, Francies Jefferson. 92 FIRST ROW: Julia Jenkins, Walter Jessie, Donald Johnson, Evelyn John¬ son, Jean Johnson, John Johnson, SECOND ROW: Kris Johnson, O ' Neil Johnson, Mary Johnson, Rosaline Johnson, Van Johnson, Verniel Johnson, THIRD ROW: Douglas Jones, Arlene Jones, Gail Jones, Harvis Jones, Linda Jones, Morris Jones, FOURTH ROW: Olivia Jones, Ronald Wayne Jones, Evelyn Jorge, Maria Juarez, Patricia Kado, Claudine King, FIFTH ROW: Freddie King, Gary King, Pauline King, St. Clair King, David R. Kirkpatrick, SIXTH ROW: Deborah Knox, Judy Kochberg, Eugene Kyle, Thomas Lafferty, Virginia Lagrone, Joyce Laird, SEVENTH ROW: Alice Lampkin, Kirk Lashley, Nalu L. Leasau, Carolyn LeDoux, Raymond Lee, Robert Lee, EIGHTH ROW: Evelyn Lew, Bruce Lewis, Marcella Lidot, Crawford Logan, Ron Lovelace, Edna Lowery, NINTH ROW: Charles Lucas, John Mah, Christine Major, Robert Manual, Martha Marquez, Charles Mason. 93 FIRST ROW: Christopher Masterson, William McClelland, Charles McCloud, Cantel McCurdy, Sally McEachin, SECOND ROW: Patricia McFarlin, Nancy McGough, John McKinnie, Deborah McKis- sack, Dennis McZeal, THIRD ROW: Adela Mena, Daniel Mendoza, Jennifer Meshack, Robert Miller, Elizabeth Mills, FOURTH ROW: Harold Mitchell, Jacqulin Mitchell, Ramona Moody, Deborah Mosby, Jose Muna, FIFTH ROW: Jane Murakami, Gary Myers, Yvonne Naulls, Martha Nelson, Brenda Nixon, SIXTH ROW: Beverly Norris, Frederick Norris, Jacqueline Norvell, Holly Ochi, Russell Orozco, SEVENTH ROW: Marcella Ortega, Michale Oxley, Terri Padua, Daniel Page, Reynaldo Patacsil, Ramona Patrick, Louis Pearson, Kathleen Pendleton, Josie Peters, EIGHTH ROW: Marvin Peterson, Victoria Petway, Johnette Phillips, Rulette Pierce, Michael Porter, Pat Porter, Carmen Powell, Rosalyn ' Pryor, Sherman Qualls, NINTH ROW: Clifford Rainy, Jackie Randal, Madelyn Reel, Virginia Reyes, Leandre Rhone, Lynn Richards, Iris Richardson, Tonee Ritchey, Charles Roberts 94 FIRST ROW: Tim Robles, Joe Rod¬ riquez, Virginia Roman, Jimmie Roots, Joyce Rosette, Henry Roystes, SEC¬ OND ROW: Raul Rubalcava, Iona Saddler, Elsie Sami, Faatupa Samuela, Rita Sandavol, Eva Sandavol, THIRD ROW: Kikue Santohigashi, Cindy Santos, Darlene Santos, Pam Sayles, Russell Scales, Andrew Seamon, FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Sharpe, Barbara Shaw, Charlotte Shaw, Bennie Shepard, Jan ice Smith, Doris Spikes, FIFTH ROW: Elaine Sprinter, Bill Solomon, Raymond Stephens, Rosalind Stephens, Duane Stewart, Sandra Stewart, SIXTH ROW: Elmer Streater, Muriel Sweet, Harry Taber, Tony Tapia, Ronald Taylor, Betty Thigpen, SEVENTH ROW: Bernard Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Alvin Thompson, Betty Thompson, Ray Tirado, Darlene Todd, EIGHTH ROW: Diane Todd, Kent Tsubakihara, Bobby Turner, Karen Villario, Ida Vault, Althea Vencion, NINTH ROW: Bill Villegas, Cynthia Vorise, Carol Walker, Eddie Walker, Howard Walker, Kathleen Walker 95 FIRST ROW: Waymond Watkins, William Ward, Yvonne Ware, Jerlayn Watanabe, Bruce Webb, William Wells, SECOND ROW: Allen Wernick, Robert West, Arthur Wheat- fall, Leon Wiley, Margaret Wiley, Marva Wiley, THIRD ROW: Charles Williams, Delores Williams, George Williams, Jacquenette Williams, Rubin Williams, Kenneth Williams, FOURTH ROW: Willie Wilson, Toni Wittenburge, Anthony Woods, Wayne Woods, Patricia Woolridge, Betty Wright, FIFTH ROW: Diana Wright, Fate Young, Joyce A. Young, Joyce M. Young, Loyce Young, Armando Zepeda, Alvaro Zuccardi. 96 Senior Class President: STERLING LANCE GRIFFIN SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS Advisor: MR. LEONARD KING I consider it a great honor to have been elected president of the graduating class of 1967. The experiences of the past year will be long remembered by me. I express my apprecia¬ tion to the students and advisors who so diligently worked together in order to make this senior year a success. I wish the best of luck to all members of the Class of ' 67. Sincerely yours, Sterling Lance Griffin 98 Advisor: MR. WAYNE NETTLES 1966 1967 ... Secretary: BEVERLY WILBURN Treasure: JOANNE MELLINGER Senior Class Vice-President: TYRONE BEENE SENIOR CABINET 99 PROM: Cheryl Andrews, Carl Mitchell, Valli Reed CAP GOWN: Charlottee Roberts, Fumiko Yamanishi, Linda Monts, Marleen Lamprides, Carole Kuyama SENIOR ANNUAL SIGNING PARTY: Silvia Knox, Mary Payton Leslye Rucker, Michael Phillips, Patricia Stevens, Charlene Turner GRADUATION: Connie Hernandez, Gloria Flores SENIOR NIGHT: Norma Aguilera, Sandy Ako, Cynthia Carson, Peggy Gamble. AWARDS: Becky Stewart, Sandra Osborne, Renee Kent, Yolanda Negrete COMMITTEES ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cynthia Knox, Evelyn MacRae Leticia Heredia, Gladys Edmundson, Lucy Martinez, BACCALAUREATE: Brenda Thornton, Esther Mitchell Barbara Jackson J Susanna Gomez October Sue Fodor Jay Schutzman November Marilyn DeWitt Gerald Burnette September Larry Hall BOY AND OF THE A Boy and Girl of the Month are chosen each month by the Emerald Deb Council and Boys ' Federation. Phillip Sisson ] Q2 Norma Aguilera January March Gladys Edmundson Sterling Garrett March Carmen Coustaut April Beryl Groom GIRL MONTH The student body thanks these students for their contribution to Lincoln. They are chosen for outstanding scholarship, leader¬ ship, athletic ability, and school service. June Norma Rowson Charles Howard Pam Spangler April Sterling Griffin May Lesyle Rucker 103 Linda Monts May Carl Mitchell MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Sue Fodor Sterling Griffin SCHOOL SERVICE Jay Schutzman Norma Aguilera SPEAKING ABILITY Pam Spangler Phillip Sisson PERSONALITY AND POPULARITY Alex Davis Sally Leyba FRIENDLINESS James Wheeler Norma Rowson COURTESY Otis Martin Gladys Edmunson 6 7 POISE Fred Forbes Beryl Groom Fred Watson PEP Carl Mitchell Joyce Tyler Melvin Johnson SHYNESS Angela Stubblefield A1 Pedrin DANCING ABILITY Gertha White Ezzard Randell ATHLETIC ABILITY Lewis King Linda Leonard FIGURE BUILD Robert Grant Mary Payton HAIR Connie Hernandez Harlen Flenoid 6 7 SMILE Olinda Blyas C. J. Howard COMPLEXION Sharon Matthews Sterling Garrett BEST DRESSED Renee Kent Michael Calloway HUMOR Charlottee Roberts James Cross Letha Covington EYES Dorothy Sharp Michael Philips HONOR ROLL Sue Fodor-Valedictorian, Jay Schutzman, Carmen Coustaut, Pam Spangler-Salutatorian, Joe Montes, Steve Alcala 106 NORMA MARGARITE AGUILERA Art Club 10,11; Adelphians 10,11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Annual Staff 11,12; Senator 10; Delegate 11; Girls League Jr. Representative 11; Vice President 12; Homecoming Committee 12; Senior Night Com¬ mittee Chairman 12. Norma was awarded Girl of the Month for January 1967. Her future plans include going to college . majoring in merchandising and later becoming a fashion co-ordi¬ nate: STEPHEN MICHAEL ALCALA Latin Club 10; Boys Federation Council 10; Lancers 12; Letter- mans Club 11, 12; Varsity Tennis 10. Stephen likes sports, art, meeting people, and traveling. Lincoln ' s fine track and football teams, the fine teachers and Mr. C. Thom as American Literature Class are among his memories of Lincoln. After school Stephen plans to attend college and major in history and art. OLIVIA ESTHER AMARO Health Careers Club 12; Science Club 12; Rooters Club 12; Latin Club 12. Olivia received a Sci¬ ence Fair Award in the 10th grade. She finds dancing and listening to records most enjoyable. Among her memories will be how she found out teachers are human beings, too. In the future she plans to enter the field of Cosmetology. GLORIA ANCHO ANDREW ALFRED SANDRA KIM LEN AKO Girls League Committee Chairman 11; Art Club 11; Hornet Hustlers 11,12; Annual Staff 11, 12; Senior Night Committee 12; Election Committee 12. Sandy ' s favorite pastimes consist of dancing, going to parties, talking on the phone and telling her problems to M.C., N.A., and G.K. She will always remember winning C. I. F. , talking to M.M. all night on the phone, Barbara ' s party, after Senior Night, and always A.D. that certain " Victim of Circumstance. " ELLIOT PAUL ALEXANDER Adv. Band 10, 11,12; Jr. Varsity Football 10; Jr. Varsity Wrestling 11; Varsity Track 11,12; Letter- mans 12. Listening to records, fishing, taking pictures, watching girls, and working on cars interest Paul. Winning C.I.F. in football and track, being in the C.I.F. Band and on the C.I.F. Track Team will be remembered by him. Paul sees college and the U.S. Marines in his future. LINDA LA VON ANDERSON GAA 10,11,12; Y-Teens 11,12. " Sloopy " enjoys cooking, typing, listening to jazz, and being with M.O. She will always remember being in Mr. Shaugnessy ' s English class and eating at the crowded lunch table during 2nd lunch. Getting married and becoming a nurse are her plans for the future. DECONJA ALEXANDER Conja enjoys working on cars. His greatest memory of Lincoln is the C.I.F. Football Championship of 65. His plans in the future is to attend City College and work. GORDON CLIFFORD ANDERSON " Butch " can be found at parties, movies or any sport event in his spare time. Taking C.I.F. in football and track are his memo¬ ries of Lincoln. His ambition is to become a doctor. ELIZABETH ANNE ARANDA Spanish Club 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Art Club 12; Rooters Club 12; Latin Club 12; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 12; Graduation Committee 12. " Papoose " spends most of her free time reading, writing, draw¬ ing, and meeting people. She will never forget the school spirit, the fun around the lunch table, and her senior year. JUDY ANN BELL " Sam " has been at the Hive for three years. She enjoys going to football games and track meets. Among her memories will always be the Green and White Ball, track season, 66 ' s Prom, the Sadie Hawkins and most of all the 10th grade when she met D.C. Her goal is to get married. CARDELL ANDREWS C.C. 11,12; Fancy Drill Team 11,12. Cardell came to Lincoln while in his junior year from Bal¬ lard Hudson Sr. High School in Macon, Georgia. Being with girls and having fun delight him. His memories of Lincoln include the football and basketball games, the Cadet Ball, and being with his friends. After school he plans to get a job and make money. TERESA AVINA Terry has participated in Spanish Club for two years. She came in Lincoln from San Diego High in her junior year. In her spare time she listens to music, goes out on dates, dances, and talks on the phone to her friends. The years she took Spanish in Mr. Austin ' s class, the football games, lunch time, and the fun she had with the girls are her memories. Her future plan is to go to work. JAMES A CLINE AVILA Jimmy came to Lincoln from Sweetwater High School in National City. He has discovered that Lincoln is the best place to get an education. After school he plans to major in drafting. CHERYL LEIGH ANDREWS Modern Dance 10,11,12; Tri-Hi-Y (Chaplain 11), Vice- President 12; French Club 10,11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Rooters Club 10,11; Senior Prom Com¬ mittee 12; Annual Staff 12; Latin Club 11; Executives 12; Home¬ coming Committee 12. Sherry was enrolled in Adv. English, an honors course in the 10th and 11th grade. She enjoys listening to jazz and modeling. The Proms of 66 and 67, going to U . S . D. Christmas vacation in the Mustang and being with " him " will always be among her memories. To become a foreign language in¬ terpreter is her plan for the future, ANTHONY AQUININGOC Amateur Radio Club 10, 11, 12; Gymnastics 11; Wrestling 11. In his spare time Tony listens to records, goes to parties, and football games. Going to college and entering the field of electrical engineering are his future plans. Tony wants happi¬ ness and success out of life. PHYLLIS ANN BELL In Phyllis spare moments, she enjoys playing the piano and sewing. She will never forget the trips she took during summer school. After graduation, she plans to attend City College. LLOYD APGAR Key Club 10,11,12; Lettermens Club. Lloyd has been at Lincoln for three years and was an out¬ standing track athlete. He was in Varsity Cross Country and track. While at Lincoln he received many awards including Athlete of the Month for April, Cross Country C.I.F. selection 66 and Cross Country League Selection 67. ROBERT JUNIS BAILEY Radio Club 10; Art Club 11,12; Track 10,11,12. " Big Rob " has been enrolled in Graphic Arts Occ., an Honor course, for three years. Plans to go to college. DELORIS BOWMAN G.A.A. 10,11. " Lolo " enjoys bowling, styling hair, and being with John. She ' ll always treasure the memories of winning C.I.F. in 66, going to the Prom with that certain person, Mr. Shaughnessy ' s Sr. English Class. After graduation she plans to get married and attend City College for two years. MARILYN BROCK Marilyn come to Lincoln from Regina Coeli Academy. In her free time she enjoys reading, listening to music, going out, and enjoying different sports. The things that she will always re¬ member are the friendly atmos¬ phere students and teachers here at Lincoln displayed. Her future plans are to attend College and then to become a social worker. JOHNNIE BATES Johnnie participated in track and gymnastics and received two C.I.F. track medals. Johnnie can be found dancing, having fun with his friends, or practicing for his forthcoming success in commercial art. The fun he had in track and with the girls are some of his memories of Lincoln. JODEAN BROADWAY OREAL BELCHER Oreal transferred from Yerger High School in Arkansas, in his senior year. While at Lincoln he was on the track team. He likes dancing, listening to jazz and talking to girls. He will always remember Senior Night, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. He plans to go to college and take up electronics. JACQUELINE BRANCH CLAUDE AARON BELCHER III " Butch " participated in gymnas¬ tics in his senior year at Lincoln. His favorite pastimes are shooting pool, weight training, and read¬ ing. His most memorable mem¬ ories are C.I.F. in track and football and this year ' s great gymnastics team. His ambition is to join the Army and try to be a Green Beret and later get an education under the GI Bill. ROSEMARY ASTORGA TYRONE BEENE Key Club 11,12; Letterman ' s Club 12; Band 10,11,12; Lancers 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Radio Club 12; C.C.C. 10; Baseball 12. " Ty " enjoys watching T.V. and sports. He remembers the gradua¬ tion activities, theA.S.B. Ball, football team of ' 65, baseball team of ' 67, the prom and after prom of ' 67. DONALD RAY BOATNER Don is interested in working on cars, talking on the phone with the girls, and listening to records. The C.I.F. football game, having fun in the cafeteria, the C.I.F. Track Meet and Miss Hutchinson are among his memories of Lin¬ coln. After graduation he plans to join the Air Force and later be¬ come an auto shop teacher. PATRICIA GAIL BROOKS Latin Club 10; Garden Club 10; Riot Squad 10,12; GAA 10,11; Science Club 11. Pat enjoys talking to her favorite friend Anthony when she ' s not writing him. She will always remember Lincoln, the Student Body, being in Miss Hutchinson ' s English Class, and Mr. Raleigh ' s Graphic Arts Class. After leaving the Hive, she plans to attend U.C.L.A. GLORIA L. BUIE GAA 10,11,12; Hornet Hustlers 11,12; Modern Dance 10,11. " BO-BO ' s 11 favorite pastimes include running, painting, talk¬ ing, eating, going to parties and being with that special someone. Among her memories will always be Senior Night, eating at the lunch table, and all the groovy people especially L. C., J.S., S.W., D.B. , L.L. , L.A. , B.C. MARY ALICE BUCHANAN Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Y-teens 11,12. " Pee-Wee " enjoys listening to records, eating good food, and being with her friends. Among her memories will be the good times with P.G. , M.J., A.B., B.S. , the fun she had at the football games, especially the CIF game, the Prom of ' 66, and most of all the memorable times she had with a certain someone. CLARENCE BROWN GERALD THOMAS BURNETTE C.C.C. 10,11,12. Jerry won third place for photography in the State Fair, and was awarded boy of the Month. He enjoys taking pictures of girls and will always remember Mr. Raleigh ' s 5 6 period Occ. Graphic Arts Class, seventh period C. C. C., and the Homecoming of ' 64- ' 65. His future plans are to go to State College • LARRY BUCKLEY Larry transferred from Capitol Senior High School, Baton Rouge, La. in his sophomore year. While in the C.C.C. he was on the Fancy Drill Team, Guidon on the Drill Team, and First Sergeant. He likes playing basketball, dancing, and being with friends and girls. He ' ll always remember the C.C.C., his first year at Lincoln, and the Green White and CCC Balls. His ambition is to become a probation officer. OLINDA BYAS JOHN FREDRICK BOLDEN John transferred to Lincoln from Hoover High School. He spends his spare time at the Mosque and reading MUHAMMAD SPEAKS. He ' ll always remember the foot¬ ball games. He plans to attend the University of Islam. DENISE BRYANT Y-teens 11; Red Cross Represent¬ ative 12. Denise has been at Lincoln for three years. Her pastimes include listening to records, talking on the phone, sewing, and just having fun. She will never forget the CIF cham¬ pionship, her friends: J.M ., B.S., E.D., E.M., G.F., and most of all W.B.J.; the track meets and football games. She plans to go to college to be a nurses ' aid. MURPHY JOSEPH BRISCOE Ensemble 12. Murphy came to Lincoln during his sophomore year from Sacramento High School in Sacramento, California. He is fascinated by girls, money, food, and TV. He ' ll always remember Lincoln as the place where he grew up. A career in the armed services is his future plan. CYNTHIA BERNELL CARSON LARRY BURNHAM Y-Teens 10,11; Riot Squad 10, 11; Garden Club 10; Delegate 11; Ensemble 11. Cynthia enjoys singing, dancing, listening to good music, eating, and going out with her friends. She will always remember the 65 and 66 football games, the fun she had in Miss Hutchinson ' s class with B.J. and the fun she had in the Ensemble 65 and 66. ROSE MARIE CASTANEDA THOMAS BURNS Hornet Hustlers 12. Listening to the radio watching T. V. , and going to LA are what she enjoys doing in her spare time. The C.I.F. victory, Lincoln vs. Saints basketball game, 6th period gym class and the wonder¬ ful teacherswill always standout in her memories. Rosemary ' s goal for the future is to become a Social Studies Teacher. ESTER CASTILLO Fixing hair and wigs, drawing, and listening to jazz are Ester ' s favorite pastimes. Her friends and teachers at Lincoln she ' ll always remember, especially Susia A. Cosmetology is Ester ' s goal. VICTORIA ELLEN CHILDRESS G.A.A. 10,11; Tr-Hi-Y 10; C.C.C. Sophomore Attendant. Vicki finds amusement in listen¬ ing to records, and going to dances and parties. She ' ll always remember when Lincoln won C.I.F. in 65, the Sadie Hawkins of 66, and all the good times with J.W. Her future plan is to go to business college in Los Angeles. MICHAEL CALLOWAY KENNY CEASAR BRENDA JOYCE COOK Y-Teens 10; G.A.A. 10; Science Club 11. " Bren " spends her time designing clothes, going to dances, and having a good time with the gang especially E. R. She ' ll never forget the ASB Balls of 66 and 67, the Green and White Ball of 67 and the Proms of 66 and 67. Being annoyed by P.G. ' s smile, Mr. Cuchran ' s French Class, and Art Production in the back room will always be treasured. " Bren ' s " ambition is to attend college, to become a lab technician, and later marry E.R. JOHNNY PAULINO CAMACHO Radio Club 10; Science Club 12; Latin Club. Johnny spends his spare time going fishing, reading books about fishing, and watching T. V. His memories of Lincoln include the track team ' s Eastern League Victory in 65 and 66 and C.I.F. in 66, the football team ' s Eastern League Victory in 64 and 65 and C.I.F. in 65 and most of all the friends he made here. JULIA LEE COLLIER Julia enjoys cooking, dancing and watching T. V. She ' ll always remember the friendly atmos¬ phere that Lincoln has. In the future Julia plans to go to City College and major in business. LEATHA MAE COVINGTON Going to parties, seeing that special someone S.T., dancing and meeting a lot of people de¬ light Leatha. Her memories in¬ clude Mr. Saunder ' s Merchan¬ dising Class, all her close friends especially S.N., B.C., J.S., T.M. , L.M., E.R., J.R., E.D., and many more, and always the Nights the gang had over Michael Smith ' s house. CLINTON CALVIN CAMPBELL Band 12; Orchestra 10,11,12; Hi-Y 12. Clint enjoys listening to music and playing it, and calling girls on the phone. Second period gym, Coach Deniston, Mr. Miller ' s 5th period Government Class, and that certain someone, C.B., are some of his memories of Lincoln. Clint hopes that the future will bring bachelorhood. ALMA LOUISE COOPER Alma transferred from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is inter¬ ested in education in the Cali¬ fornia schools and Lincoln especially. To become a beautician is her major goal. JAMES CARTER " Eagles " can be found in his spare time dancing with a lovely lady. Mr. Miller ' s test in history and Mr. Martin ' s encouraging tips are among his memories of Lincoln. To remain in school is his future plan. CARMEN COUSTANT Latin Club 11,12; Pep Squad 12; Adelphians 12; Mary Kathryns 12; Honors English; Hornet Hustlers 11,12 (sec. 12;), Art Club 11, President 12; Executives (Sec.) 12, A.S.B. Recording Sec. 12; Broadway Hi-Deb Rep. 12. Car¬ men transferred to Lincoln in her sophomore year from Castle Park High in Chula Vista. The football games, watching that certain player, New Year ' s Eve 1966, being tapped Mary Kathyrns, being selected as a Broadway Hi- Deb member, and A. S. B. Secre¬ tary, will always be remembered. ARMAND ANDREW CESENA Math Club 10,11,12; President 12; Computer Club 12; Science Club 12; Latin Club 12; C.S.F. 11,12; Key Club 12; Executives 12. While at Lincoln Armand has been in Honors Math, Physics and English in his senior year. He won the math award in the 10th grade, and 2nd place award in the Chess Tournament. He will always re¬ member the football games, his senior year, and Mr. Owen ' s Honors Physics and math class. He plans to attend Harvey Mudd College orU.C.S.D. and major in math. VENTURA CASTILLO JR. C.C.C. 10, 11, 12; Annual Staff 12. " Vc " was enrolled in Adv. Eng¬ lish, Adv. Trig-Alg, two Honor Courses. He took second place in the Science Fair of 65. He amuses himself by playing the steel guitar, driving around and wasting gas, rifle shooting and watching T.V. Winning 1st place in the State C.C.C. Rifle match, the C.C.C. Drill team, Mr. Thomas Adv. English, Mr. Simon ' s Annual Staff 67 will always be remembered by him. He plans to enter into the Navy as an H. S. A. R. ETTA MARIE DAVIS Red Cross 12; Delegate 10,11; G.A.A. 10,11,12; Modern Dance 11; Track 11; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Senior Play Committee. " Big Ed ' s " main interests consist of talking to a certain boy that calls every night, listening to Wolfman Jack, going to parties, sewing, cooking, and eating tacos from the Azteca. Etta will never forget the games. WESLEY LAMMOY COOPER " Wes " can be found jivin with the " Home Boys " , eating, driving, shooting pool, and listening to jazz while socializing with a young lady. Wes ' goals are to profit from the past, live in LA., attend Trade Technical College, become rich, settle down and always stay young in heart. SANDRA DAVIS G.A.A. 11; Modem Dance Club 12. " Rabbit " enjoys eating and talking to Sue, her dearest friend. She will never forget her class with Mr. Backer in ' 66 and second lunch. After graduation, her plans are to attend dental college. JOHN COLE ANGELINA DE GUZMAN Riot Squad 10; Spanish Club 10, 11,12; Health Careers Club 10, 11,12; Red Cross Club 10, 11,12; Garden Club 11,12. Angie enjoys playing piano and accordian, eating tacos, traveling, and going bowling. She will long remember the football games, 5th period American Government with Mr. Miller and 6th period typing with Mr. Saunders. In the future she plans to be a stewardess or a nurse. VIRGINIA ANN DENNIS G.A.A. 10; Health Careers Club 10; Red Cross 10; Senator 10,11; Tri-Hi-Y 10; C.S.F. 10,11; Latin Club 11; Adelphians 10,11, 12; Mary Kathryns 12. " Ginger " spends her spare moments eating, dancing, dating and watching all types of sports, especially football and basketball. She plans to con¬ tinue on to college and major in medicine MARIA GUADALUPE DEL RIO Spanish Club 11; Rooters Club 12; Tennis Team 12. Maria likes to spend her time dancing, sewing, playing tennis, going to the beach, being with the crowd. She ' ll never forget the football games, winning C.I.F. in ' 66 the day they put salt in the cocoa instead of sugar. MINOR COURTNEY Electronics Club 11,12; Rooters Club 12. During his senior year Minor was on the wrestling team. He enjoys playing football, wrestling, and watching T.V. RAYNARD CORNWELL Raynard transferred from San Diego High. His favorite pastime is cutting hair. After school he plans to work. MARILYN ANN DEWITT Tri-Hi-Y 10,11,12; Mary Kathryns 12; Adelphians 10,11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Lancers 12; Latin Club 11,12; Drill Team 11, 12; Literary Council 11; Speech Club 12; Band 10; C.S.F. 10; Junior Class Vice President 11; A.S.B. Vice President 12. " Chatty " has been enrolled in Adv. World History, Adv. English 10,11; and Adv. U.S. History. She received an award to attend Occidental Col¬ lege for the summer of ' 65, and Girl of the Month for November. She plans to attend Howard University or the University of Redlands. SAMUEL COLEMAN II C.C.C. 10,11,12; Fancy Drill Team 10,11. Sam spends his spare time listening to jazz, dancing, swimming, eating and chasing girls. The A.S.B. Balls of the tenth, eleventh and twelth grades are among his cherished memories of Lincoln. His ambition is to attend college and become an electronic engineer. AUGUSTEEN COWAN " Sunny " spends much of his time working on his car. He will always remember the A .S.B. Ball of ' 66. After graduation he plans to get a good job. GWENDOYLN DUNCAN Rooters Club 11,12; Garden Club 11,12. Linda ' s main interests in¬ clude going to parties and danc¬ ing. The many friends she met, Mr. Miller, her US History and Amer. Govt teacher, will long be remembered by her. She plans to go to college and then to work as a secretary. CHARLES MARSHALL CRENSHAW Charles has enjoyed his three years at Lincoln and hopes for success and happiness in the future. His immediate plan is to join the Air Force and see the world. SHARON LOUISE EVERSON Sharon ' s pastimes include going to dances, parties, and the beach. She remembers the CIF champion¬ ship of 65, all her friends, and the special date of January ' 67. After college she hopes to be a legal secretary and to marry that some¬ one special. GLORI A AMALIA FLORES Hornet Hustlers 10, 11, 12; Art Club 10,11,12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Rooters Club 12. " Glo " likes drawing painting. She will long remember being Hornet Hustler ' s President, Mr. Marriott, Mr. Howell ' s " icky " physiology class all her friends. She hopes to be¬ come a commercial artist. WILLIAM R. DALY Math Club 12; Lettermens Club 12; Latin Club; German Club 12; Riot Squad 10, ASB play 12. Bill is a tennis player who enjoyed Physics GMath 9-10. Talking on the phone playing basketball are his chief recreations. He plans to join the Air Force. GLADYS MARIE EDMUNDSON GAA 10,11,12; Mod. Dance 10, 11; Track G Field 10,12; Adel- phians 12; MK 12; Drill Team 11, 12. Gladiola was enrolled in honors math, biology, physics, English, history, G French. She received the highest GAA medal. Free time is devoted to dancing and records. She fondly remem¬ bers MK tapping, Mr. Owens, Mr. Naibert and all her friends. She will attend college. ROBERT LEROY CURTIN II Latin Club 10,11,12; Math 12; Ed-in-chief, Annual 12. Bob was in honors English and World Af¬ fairs. He enjoys hiking, camping, music, hunting, stamp collecting, and girl watching. Most memor¬ able are the CIF playoffs, the Pep Band, the prom, the hectic Annual Staff, and Lucy. He hopes to become a lawyer. SUE FODOR CSF 10,11,12; Adelphians 11, 12; MKs 12; Latin Club 11; Commis¬ sioner of Finance 12; Lancers 12; Orchestra 10,11. Sue was Out¬ standing Sophomore Girl in English and Orchestra, and was Girls State Rep. 1966. She was Girl of the Month, Oct. ' 66. Sue was in Adv. Math 5-6, Adv English 3-4 and numerous other advanced classes. Her ambition is to become a teacher. JAMES ROBERT CROSS James was on the football team for three years. He spends his spare time studying, fixing cars, and talking to the girls. His memories of Lincoln include the warm friendliness of all the stu¬ dents. After college he plans to join the Air Force. RICHARD D. DARE Adv. Band 11,12; CCC 10. Going bowling and being with his friends delight Richard. He remembers CIF victory, being with the Hornets and marching in the band. He is going to join the Air Force. ■■ JUANITA FLOWERS G.A.A. 12; Track 11; Modem Dance Club 12. " Little Bit " came to Lincoln from Morse High. In her spare time she enjoys listening to records, skating, swimming, and and reading. Most memorable to Juanita will always be Mr. Sch- wandt ' s bookkeeping class and Mrs. Leifert ' s clerical procedures class. She wants to become a secretary or court reporter. WILMA VIRGINIA FRANKLIN Tri-Hi-Y 10,11,12; Speech Club 11; Band 11,12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Delegate 10,11. " Wil " spends most of her spare time talking on the phone to Reuben and being with Reba, Phyllis, and Bernetta. She will continue to keep the memories of Mr. Shor ' s 7th period gossip class, December 10, 1965, the " funny ALEX DAVIS Hi-Y 11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 11, 12; A1 participated in varsity foot¬ ball. His favorite pastimes are dancing, eating tacos, and look¬ ing at girls. He will always remember playing varsity football in his senior year and the Prom. A1 sees college for himself in the future. CAROL LEE FRANKLIN Science Club 11,12; Speech Club 12. Carol transferred from Price High in Taylor, Texas. She spends most of her time reading, drawing and sewing. The hospitality dis¬ played by the students at Lincoln will always be most memorable to her. Her future plans are to at¬ tend San Diego State College. LEONARD DAVTS EVELYN LOUISE FRANKLIN Tri-Hi-Y 11. Evie ' s favorite pastimes are dancing, bowling and sewing. Among her memories will always be the fun she had at the football games, the dances, and the baseball games. In the future, she hopes to attend college. WILLIAM DACASCA DAVIS Track 10,11, 12; Wrestling 11,12; Speech Club 12; Buzz Staff 12. William was in track and wrestling and received many speech awards while at Lincoln. He enjoys jiving, driving, and being with that secret girl. He will always remember all the good times with the Dodge, the girls and most of all the year of ' 66. To continue on through college is his plan for the future. RAMONA JEANETTE FREEMAN Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Y Teens 10; Hornet Hustlers 12; Rooters Club 10,11,12; Delegate 10,11; G.A.A. 12; Modem Dance Club 10. Mona enjoys swimming, singing, dancing, horse-back riding, and just plain having fun. The football games, track meets and basketball games, all the people she met, including S.M. , B.G., T.S., and the Sadie Hawkins with R.B. are her memories. Her goal is to go to college and later marry that certain someone. ROBERT LEE DEAR Math Club 11. Robert was en¬ rolled in Honors Physics. He likes most sports especially basketball and baseball. Among his mem¬ ories are the Class of ' 67, some of the teachers, and winning C.I.F. in ' 66. Robert ' s ambition is to be¬ come an electronic engineer in the jiear future. JESSE DIAZ PAUL VINCENT DIAZ Track 11,12; Cross-country 11, 12. Paul enjoys boxing matches, listening to jazz, and the race track. CIF football and track meets are happy memories. He will be attending college soon. MARIA GUADALUPE GARCIA Lupe ' s spare moments are taken up by sewing, cooking, and being with friends. The ' 65, ' 66 Proms, ASB Ball with Al, and all the football games stand out as memories. She hopes her plan to move to LA, work, and to get married will all come true. FURMAN CARL EDWARDS Furman ' s principal interests are sport? and his job. Football games, Senior Night and track meets are highlights of his Lincoln career. He will attend trade school next year. DORE ATHA ANN GALBREATH GAA 11, 12. " Doc " came to us from Jefferson High in Jefferson City, Mo. She enjoys going to dances, parties, and other activities. Senior Night, football games, all the friends she made, including Rachel, Barbara, and many more will be always remembered. PEGGY JEAN GAMBLE Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Y-Teens 10,11, 12; Senator 11, Delegate 10,11, 12. Peg loves dancing, singing, studying, and swimming. She will never forget CIF football and track, the prom and after prom of ' 66 and her fine English classes. Her plans include learning to be an IBM operator and then marriage. LAWRENCE DIXON Adv. Band 10,11,12; JV Baseball, JV Wrestling. Larry can be found going to parties, playing sports, and with the gang, but most of all being with certain girls. He remembers CIF football, Lincoln vs Morse wrestling meets and the fun at the Hive. He hopes to go to college and then to marry. DOUGLAS LEE DUKES Douglas was a sophomore transfer from Fremont High in LA. He enjoys being with his girl and living life as it comes. Football triumphs over city and county gridders for the championship are his fondest memories. He will go to college and later he hopes to marry. LINDA VIETTA GEORGE " Vi " spends her leisure time with records, dancing, and talking on the phone with Freddie. Her special memories are of Freddie. She hopes to attend college and later to marry. CRAIG LEE ESPY Craig received a varsity letter in baseball. He enjoys sports, dancing and TV. Lincoln means the exciting football games, the dances, and the great sporting events to Craig. He will join the Air Force. SANDRA ROSALYN GARY GAA 10,11,12; Y Teens 10; Health Club 12; Pep Squad 10, 11. San dy received a Bronze Medal in GAA. She loves read¬ ing, working at the hospital, and talking on the phone. GAA meets and victories are her favorite memories. She will major in nursing at San Diego State. ROBERT ALVIN GRANT Art Club 12. During his three years at Lincoln " Big Bob " par¬ ticipated in varsity football, track, and wrestling. He enjoys messing around with his guitar, and talking to Julia. His most memorable occasion is the night Lincoln won C.I.F. in football. In college he plans to major in music. SAMUEL JOSEPH GOINS Lettermen ' s Club 10,11,12; Key Club 11,12. " Sam " participated in Cross Country, Golf and Ten¬ nis. He also took honor courses in math and chemistry. His favorite pastimes are dating and sports. He says the wide assort¬ ment of beautiful women at Lincoln is most memorable. Samuel plans to become a mem¬ ber of the International Playboy . GERLEN LOUISE HALL Election Committee 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Modern Dance 10, 11, 12; Senior Annual Signing Party Committee 12; G.A.A. 10,11, 12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Rooters Club 10,11,12. Gerrie plays the piano, talks on the phone, watches T.V.and listens to music. She ' ll always remember the football games, the Prom, the fun she had during lunch time and all of her friends. To go to Mesa College and major in psychology are her plans. NATHANIEL GOODE Speech Club 10,11, 12; Red Cross Club 11; Election Committee 12; Baccalaureate Committee 12. While on the speech team Nate won many awards. He enjoys being with that certain girl. The night of C.I.F. ' 66 will always be remembered by him. In college he plans to major in law. PATRICK FRANK GOULARTE Adv. Band 10, 11; Pep Band 10, 11; Concert Band 10,11; Stage Band 10,11; Marching Band 10,11. " Pat " spends his spare time driving around, playing records, playing with a band, and with the girls. His memories of Lincoln include the times with all the girls, especially Jean and Sandra, the girl in the American Government Class, Mr. Artimez, and Mr. Hallett. After school he plans to join the Marines. BERYL WANDA GROOM Modern Dance Club 10,11,12; Red Cross Club 11, Riot Squad 10; Hornet Hustlers 12; Drill Team 11,12; Senior Homecoming Attendant 12; Concert Choir 11; Ensemble 12; Gymnastics 11; Health and Safety Committee 12; Election Committee 12; Senior Prom Committee 12. Beryl will always remember Mr. Miller ' s 7th period American Government Class, Senior Night, and the C.I.F. Championship. She plans to attend junior college and major in data processing. MARTHENIA IRENE GREGORY Y Teens 10; Tennis Club 10; G.A.A.10,11. " Granny " can be found collecting the latest jazz records, sewing, dancing, reading mystery stories and being with someone special in her free time. Among her memories will be the C.I.F. football game, the rallies, lunch periods, and old and new friends. She wants to attend col¬ lege to become a custom dress¬ maker and designer. MALCOLM HILTON GLOVER Malcolm was on the varsity foot¬ ball team during his junior and senior years. He spends his spare time on sports, playing the organ and drums, going to parties and digging on the babes. He remem¬ bers the C.I.F. championship football game of ' 66, the ' 66 Homecoming game upset with Saints, and the special moments with those special girls. He plans to attend college. KAREN JENNIFER GURLLY Modem Dance Club 10,11,12; Riot Squad 10,11; G.A.A . 10, 11,12; Health and Safety Com¬ mittee 12; Clean Campus Com¬ mittee 12; Drill Team 11,12. " Shorty " can be found sewing, cooking, dancing and watching color T.V. withM.J. Her junior year, her first year with the Drill Team, the Green and White Ball in her sophomore year, and the many friends she met • MAXINE ELLA GRANT " Sugar " enjoys singing, sewing, sleeping, fishing, listening to famous musicians and Danny. All of her classes, friends, especially Rachel in her Home Planning class, graduation, and singing at Lincoln ' s After Prom in ' 66 will always stand out in her memories. Maxine ' s goal is to become a professional singer or secretary and later marry Danny. BEVERLY GIBBS HARLEN DWIGHT FLENOID JV Football 11; Speech 10,12; Hi-Y 10, Science Club 11; JV Baseball 10. " Butch " was a varsity baseball player as well as ASB King in ' 66. He enjoys reading, writing, singing, painting, and records. Victory over Morse in baseball will be remembered. Also memorable is the ASB Ball. He hopes to become a dentist. MARY IRENE GLASS GAA 11; Mod Dance 11; Tennis 11. " That Girl " likes drawing listening to records. She will always remember her friends, especially Gertha. She will be at Mesa College soon. FRED FORBES II Radio Club 10,11; Hi-Y 12; French Club 12; Delegate 10,11; A member of lthe track and cross country team, Fred enjoys read¬ ing, fishing, all sports, and electronics. He won ' t forget the great students, teachers, and counselors at the Hive, winning sports teams. College is next for Fred. SUSANNA GOMEZ STERLING LEROY GARRETT Hi-Y 10,11,12; Letterman Club 11,12; Boys Fed 12, Ensemble 10,12; Senator 10,11. " Stompy " made varsity basketball base¬ ball and was 1st Runner-up at ASB Ball, ' 66. Leisure moments are taken up by jazz music and dating girls. The " boss " dances, Senior Prom and that certain someone are his fondest mem¬ ories. Next comes college. ROSE MARIE GONZALES " Scoch " can be found reading, swimming and listening to rec¬ ords in spare moments. Among her memories of the Hive are CIF football and fun at lunch time. She hopes to go to City College. TERRY LEE GASSAWAY Skin diving is Terry ' s favorite hobby. Winning football games of Lincoln were thrilling during his years here. One of the military services wil l be his next adventure. BARBARA JEAN GRAHAM Pep Squad 10,11; GAA 10; Lancers 10. Barbara enjoys going to track meets and skating. Her favorite classes were Mrs. Ben¬ nett ' s gym class and Mr. Backer ' s Amer Gov ' t class. Soon she will be in college in Oakland. CHARLES HAYWARD GILDON Sonny is a San Diego High transfer. Working on cars, good music, and pocket billiards keep him busy. The fine students and teachers here stand out in his memory. Mesa College is next. LYNN HARDY LETICIA LOUISE HEREDIA Health Careers Club 11,12; Art Club 11,12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Spanish Club 11,12; Latin Club 11,12; Garden Club 12; French Club 12; Red Cross 11,12; Science Club 12; Senior Announce¬ ments Committee 12; Delegate 11. Leticia was enrolled in Adv. English in her sophomore year as an honors course. She likes going to dances and having fun. THEOPILUS GREEN C.C.C. 10,11; Garden Club 11; Annual Staff 11, 12. While at Lincoln " Terry " was on the track team. His time is spent listening to jazz albums, going to football games, eating good food, and reading good books. The night of C.I.F. , the track meets, all the girls, and the beach parties are among his memories of Lincoln. He plans to attend U. C.L.A. and become a doctor or aerospace engineer. MARIAN ROBERTA HENSON Modem Dance 10,11,12; Gym¬ nastics 11,12; Homecoming Com¬ mittee 12; Clean Campus Com¬ mittee 12. " Bertie " received a special award in G.A.A. In her spare moment she enjoys Gym¬ nastics, Modem Dancing, and listening to records. She will always remember N.K. and all the fun they had, the spastic times with A. T. and all her friends. For the future, she plans college and " him " . MICHAEL HAMPTON Electronics Club 12. Mike was on the cross country and track teams for three years. He spends his spare time with that special some¬ one. He ' ll always remember the day he met Nena, and the nights we won C.I.F. in track and foot¬ ball. He plans to continue his education. WILLIE MAE HARGROVE Red Cross 10,11. May likes to read, sew, and cook in her spare moments. Among her memories will always be Lincoln and her job as a teacher ' s aide. Her future plans include going to college. LARRY EUGENE HALL Lettersman ' s Club 111,12; Key Club 11,12; C.C.C. 10,11,12. Larry was on the varsity football and basketball teams during his junior and senior years and was all league tackle. He can be found playing basketball, partying, and with girls. His memories of Lin¬ coln include being on the C.I.F. football team of ' 65, being captain of the ' 66- ' 67 football team and commanding officer of the C.C.C. He plans to further his education. CONSUELO HERNANDEZ Spanish Club 10,11,12; Garden Club Secretary 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Drill Team 12; Science Club 12. In her spare moments, Connie likes to eat tacos, got to movies, go to parties and be with R.G. She ' ll keep in memory the Drill Team and after the games, and the C.I.F. Championship. Her goal is to become a dress designer and have a successful marriage. STERLING LANCE GRIFFIN Key Club 11,12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Ensemble 10,11,12; Senior Class President 12; J.V. Football 10; Summer High Institute at Occidental College ' 65. Sterling was on the basketball team ' 67, enrolled in honors math and physics in his senior year and Adv. Math, English and History in the sophomore and junior years. He enjoys reading, music, andT.V. STANLEY LEWIS HAMS C.C.C. 10. Stanley enjoys play¬ ing jazz records, going to dances and being with someone special. His memories of Lincoln include Miss Richter and the Green and White Ball of ' 66. He plans to attend L.A. City College and major in Education. SHIRLEY HOLLANDSWORTH BEVERLY YVONNE HUBBARD Mod Dance 10-12; Gym 10-12; Track 11, 12; Rooters Club 11, 12; Ensemble 12; Girls League 10-12. " Legs " received an Outstanding Girl of the Year from GAA. She loves to write to JH. She dreams of becoming a legal secretary and hopes to marry JH. WILLIE JAMES HARDY Hi-Y 12. A varsity football player, Willie will always re¬ member being part of the CIF title team and Lincoln being the school with all the " soul " at foot¬ ball basketball games. Willie will continue studying electronics. DORIS JEAN HORNE Y-Teens 10; GAA 11; Girls League 10,11,12. A three year veteran of the Hive, " Dough-Dough " loves parties and records. Football games that special someone standout in her memory. She will choose between a job and college. STEPHEN HARRIS MARY LOUISE HOUSTON Red Cross 12; Health Club 10, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11,12; Science Club 12; Mod Dance 12; Homecoming 12; Sr Play 12; Y-Teens 11; Senator 11; Girls League 10-12. " Mae ' s " favorite pastimes are reading, sewing, cooking, and collecting records. Memories include ASB Balls, Proms, Mr. Schor ' s English Class, and all the gossip. She will be at Orange Coast College next. DANIEL LEE HAYNES Rooters Club 12. Danny came to us from Pecos High in Pecos, Texas, where he was active in football basketball. He loves sports, reading, music, and cars. Fie won ' t forget the teachers shouting at the CIF football win. Engineering college is the next stop for him. SOLOMON EUGENE HEAD Solomon is a transfer from Key West, Florida. He enjoys parties, records, and dancing. The track meet with Morse and winning football in CIF are memorable for him. After college he hopes for a Navy career as a doctor. BARBARA JEAN JACKSON Art 10; Garden Club 10,11; Latin Club 11,12; Adelphians 10-12; Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Hornet Hustlers 11; Y-Teens 11; Science Club 11; Drill Team 12; Riot Sq. 12; Girls League 12; Baccalaurate Commit¬ tee 12. BJ ' s pastimes are sewing, cooking, and painting. She re¬ members all the dances and Mr. Thomas ' class and her senior year. Next comes college. A. HENDEMAN REBA MICHELLE JARRETT G.A.A. 10,11; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Con¬ cert Choir 11,12. Reba enjoys going to parties and bowling. She will remember Mr. Miner ' s 10th grade Geometry class, all her friends, winning the CIF in ' 65, the ASB Ball of ' 66. Reba ' s future plans include going to college. CHARLOTTE ANN JOHNSON Girls League 11,12; G. A .A. 11, 12; Rooters Club 11,12. " Angel " is a transfer student from Berkeley High, Berkeley California. Bowl¬ ing, swimming and fishing are her favorite pastimes. While at Lincoln she found most memor¬ able her very considerate counselor, Mr. King. After graduation she hopes to become an IBM operator. FREDERICK DOUGLAS HENRY Hi-Y 11,12. " Dougie ' s " extra time is spent working on the island, singing, and going to Jazzville on weekends. He ' ll never forget the " naps " in 5th period, the fine young ladies at Lincoln, and sing¬ ing with the Sensations. He wants to attend City College, marry the girl of his dreams, and have all the children he can afford. VIOLA JEFFERSON Viola ' s favorite pastimes include playing baseball, going to parties, and making tacos for Freddy. She will never forget Lincoln ' s 1966 Sen ior Prom. Viola ' s future plans are to marry that special and have all the happiness in the world. JANICE YVONNE JENKINS Y Teens 10,11,12; Rooters Club 10,11; Drill Team 10; Red Cross 10; Girls League 10,11,12. " Pebbles ' " favorite pastimes are going to football and basketball games being with Margie and going with Jimmy. Winning C.I. F in football, all the tough dances, being in Miss Maino ' s 3rd period gym class and Miss Pryor ' s choir will always be among her many memories. She wants to become a nurse. . JAIME ESPINOSA HERNANDEZ C.C.C. 10,11,12; Lettermen ' s Club 11. Jimmy was on the state ' s finest rifle team for three years and was captain in his senior year. He took first place in individual drill competition in the tenth grade, received the outstanding musician and honor cadet awards and was rated among the top shooters in the state. He ' ll never forget the CIF title of ' 65, Lincoln ' s winning of state championship in rifle competition, and being named team captain in his senior year. He will enlist in the Marine Corps after graduation. DWIGHT DELANO HILL C.C.C. 10,11,12; Latin Club 11,12; Hi-Y 10,11,12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Riot Squad 11,12; French Club 12. His interests include girl watching, gigging, playing football, and being with M.H. He will always remember the swinging bunch of Hornets and our ever faithful teaching and coaching staff. He plans to attend the Air Force Academy and become a commissioned officer. DEHAVILLAND JEAN JOHNSON Latin Club 11,12; Modem Dance Club 10; Senator 10,11,12; Drill Team 11,12; " Dee " has enjoyed her three years at Lincoln. Her favorite pastimes are eating tacos, listening to records and talking to John all night. Among her fondest memories are the CIF game, Mr. Shor ' s class, Sadie Hawkins Dance of ' 65, ' 66, ' 67, the ASB Ball of ' 67, the Prom of ' 67, and eating lunch with J.J. After graduation she plans to go to Mesa College and later marry John. SYLVESTER HENRY Fancy Drill Team 10, 11,12. " Vest " will always remember the football games. He plans to be¬ come a mechanic after graduation. NATHANIEL HILL Nate ' s interest are dancing sports, and crafts. His memories include football games of ' 65, Senior Night, and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Next year he plans to attend Junior college. FONTELLA LILLIE BELL JOHNSON DAVID HOLLINQUEST CAROLYN JONES Art Club Pres. 10; Girls League 10-12; Drill Team 11,12; Red Cross 10. Fontella, who received a Drill Team award, devotes leisure time to music. She will treasure memories of Drill Team Pep Band. She hopes to enter IBM work. " Baby Sister " is a Morse transfer to the Hive. She loves dancing, swimming, and parties. The Drill Team, CIF title game, the band, and her friends are happy mem¬ ories. She plans to attend college. LAVOYNE MARIE JONES Y-Teens 12. Von came to us from San Bernardino. She is crazy about spaghetti and parties. She will remember Miss Bennett ' s class and the stampede to lunch. She hopes to be a WAF very soon. CHARLES JAMES HOWARD Key Club 11,12; Letterman 11, 12; Executive 12; Boys Fed 10- 12 (Pres. 12); Senator 11,12; ASB 12. CJ was a standout varsity basketball star, Boy of the Month, Athlete of the Week. He remem¬ bers ASB Ball ' 66 and walking " the boss " to classes. San Jose State will be his next stop. JUANITA LYNN KENNEDY Tri-Hi-Y 12; Senator 10,11; Comm, of Pub. 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Girls League 10-12. Juanita enjoys watching TV and evenings at home with that most unforge table person, PS. Most memorable are her soph year and the ASB Ball of 65. Very soon she hopes to be in college. LARRY MAURICE HUMPHREY Varsity baseball. " Bro. Buzz " enjoys playing football, baseball, washing cars, and spending time with JG. He hopes to become an automotive engineer and to settle down with JG. RENEE LOVELL KENT Tri-Hi-Y 10-12; Y-Teens 10-12; Senior Awards Comm. Renee enjoys skating, bowling, cooking, and sewing. Her memories are of the CIF title game and the Homecoming Game of ' 65. If the future is good to her she will attend college and become a social worker. EMANUEL HOLMES Emanuel, a transfer from Seattle, Washington, enjoys singing, swimming, and being a minister. He says he will remember the ' 65 football championship. The study of electronics at JC comes next for him. RONALD HUNTER Cadet Club 10-12. Ron enjoys working and intends to take life as it comes. At the Hive he found the teaching staff and student body warm and friendly. Immedi¬ ate plans call for college. DEBORAH MARIE KING Delegate 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10,12; Health Careers Club 12; Rooter ' s Club 10,11,12. Deb spends most of her time going to " gigs " shop¬ ping, listening to records, dancing and talking on the phone. Among her memories of Lincoln will al¬ ways be second lunch with J.Mc, and N.Mc, the trouble they got into together, the fun she had at the ASB Ball with K.N. CYNTHIA KNOX Health Careers Club 10,11,12; Latin Club 11,12; Senior Annual Signing Party Committee 12. " Glamor ' s " favorite pastimes include reading, swimming and dancing. While at Lincoln she will never forget the warmth and kind¬ ness from the faculty as well as from the student body. To attend State College and major in nursing is her plan for the future. MICHAEL HUNTLY Art Club 10,11. Michael partici¬ pated in gymnastics. His favorite pastimes are football, basketball, having fun with the girls and guys. Michael will remember being on the CCC rifle team and winning the state championship. In the future he plans to go into the service and become a fireman. ERNESTINE KNIGHT Ernestine transferred to Lincoln from Washington High in Pensacola, Florida. Going to church and singing rate high with her. In her memories of Lincoln, there will be the plays, her friends, especially J.P.J and that special someone whom she ' ll always remember. To go to college or enter into a trade is her plan for after graduation. JEFFEREY THOMAS JENNINGS Jefferey enjoys parties, dancing, and jazz. While at Lincoln Jeff found it interesting to know Mr. Barritt. His future plan is to become extremely rich. CARL JOHNSON RAY LEONARD JACKSON Lancers 11, Lettermen ' s Club 11, 12. " Persona " was active in J.V. Baseball and Football, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Baseball. He received the athlete award in January. Leonard likes dances, dating and Mexican food. He ' ll always remember the Prom and the wonderful education he got from Lincoln. His future plans are to play professional basketball and get married. SYLVIA KNOX Health Careers Club 10,11,12; Latin Club 11,12; Senior Announce ments Committee 12. " Lefty " enjoys listening to records, reading books and practicing on her brother ' s guitar. Sylvia will al¬ ways remember those exciting football games at Lincoln and being a member of the Health Careers Club and the Latin Club. Her goal is to become a Physical Education Teacher. ERVIN LAYFETTE JACKSON " Erv " spends his pastimes listening to records, and dancing. He ' ll long remember cheering Lincoln to victory for the CIF Championship of ' 65. " Erv " plans to set a goal in life and meet that goal. LEARNA KIRK " Dimples " came to the " Hive " from East High School in Wichita, Kansas. She enjoys dancing, skating, eating Spanish food and reading. She will always remem¬ ber the football and basketball games and the Prom of ' 67. After graduation, she plans to go to business college and later become a secretary. CAROLE LYNN KUYAMA Latin Club 10,11,12; Art Club 10; Adelphians 11,12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Mary Katheryns 12; Hornet Highlight Editor 11; Red Cross 12; " Kuyamason " spends her leisure times going to dances, parties, and listening to good music. She will never forget the 1966-1967 ASB Ball, Mary Katheryn tapping, and Mr. Owen ' s physics class. LILLIAN MARIA LEANO Art Club 11,12; Rooters Club 12; Spanish Club 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Annual Staff 11, 12; " Dimples " was an honors Senior Art Studio student. She likes to dance, play records, and go to football games. The C.I.F. victory, the football games with Maria D., the gang, the Sadie Hawkin ' s of ' 66, ' 67 with M.S. , and always the Annual Staff are pleasant memories. LAWRENCE JOHNSON Lawrence enjoys sports, dancing and playing records in his spare time. He will always remember Lincoln winning C.I.F. in football and track in 65 and 66. MARLEEN LAMPIRDES Latin Club 10,11, 12; Adelphians 10,11,12; Senior Cap and Gown; Art Club 10; Marleen took honor courses Physics and Math. Her favorite pastimes are surfing, tennis, sailing, dances and sew¬ ing. Her fondest memories are " The Kool Summer of the Yoblavi, dances, the football games and the Rounders. Marleen plans to go to college and someday get married. MELVIN LOFTON JOHNSON Hi-Y 10,11; Amateur Radio Club 10,11,12; Executives 12; A.S.B. Council 12; Lettermans Club 12; Second Prince at A.S.B. Ball; Head Cheerleader 1966-1967. Lofton ' s special awards were speech certificates and a motor winding award. He will never forget all the exciting basketball games in 1967, the prom and after prom with K.G. AGNES M. LAIRD " Spooter " was a transfer student from San Diego High School. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, singing and reading. She will al¬ ways remember the Green and White Ball, and the Lincoln and San Diego football games. She plans to become a beautician after Graduation. WILLIE B. JOHNSON " Will " was in baseball. He enjoyed attending the football, track, basketball games, and going to parties. The football C.I.F. Championship in ' 65 will never be forgotten by Will. His future plans are to join the Navy and maybe to get married. CURTIS L. V. JONES Hi-Y 11,12; Speech 12; Riot Squad 11; Baseball 11,12; His favorite pastimes are baseball and " Girls! " He will always remember the Prom and that special someone. The good times with N.A .A ., D.A.R., and " Foxy But, " and 1966 ' s Green and White Ball. He will attend college and major in architectual drafting. LUCILLE LEANO Art Club 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Spanish Club 12; Pep Squad 12. " Lucy " enjoys listening to records, dancing, going to foot¬ ball, basketball and track games. She will long remember the friendly atmosphere of Lincoln, the CIF and track championships in ' 66. Her future plans include going to a beauty college, and having a good, happy life. DANILO B. JORGE Letterman ' s Club 11,12; Radio Club; C.S.F. 10; Gymnastics; Wrestling 11, 12; Honors Math 10; Honors Physics; Danilo received a special award in gymnastics. Going places and meeting exciting people are his favorite pastimes. He will always remember the great moments at Lincoln and all the great friends that made those moments worthwhile. SHARON LEE " Shay " enjoys listening to the " Big X " , eating, and being with her boyfriend. She will never forget Mrs. Bell, her friends, the big juicy oranges, and CIF. Her plans for the future are to get married to Alfonso Smith and become a dental assistant. GARY STEVEN KAWAMOTO Lancers 12; Red Cross 11; Math Club 11. Honors Math, Honors Physics are some of the many activities that he participated in. Gary ' s spare time is spent listen¬ ing to records and going to sports activities. Most memorable to him is Physic class and the year we went to CIF. He plans to attend UCSD. DEBORAH FRANCES LEWIS G.A.A. 10; Red Cross Repre¬ sentative 10; Riot Squad 10,11; Hornet Hustlers 11,12; Ensemble 10,11,12; Girl ' s League 10,11, 12; Drill Team 11, Colonel 12; Delegate 11. " Debby " received an outstanding Music Award in her sophomore year and Girl of the Month for December 1966. Her memories include being crowned Colonel of the Drill Team for ' 66 — ' 67, and the ASB Ball of ' 65 Senior Night. In college she wants to major in music. SALLY FRANCES BERNADETTE LEYBA LINDA DARNELL LEONARD G.A.A. 10, 11,12; Hornet Hustlers 10; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Speech Club 11,12. " Lin " received a special award in G.A.A. She likes running track, dancing, talking on the phone and going to dances. The CIF Championship in football and track, lunch time with L.A., D.B., J.S. , G.B., MICHAEL GERALD KEMP French Club 12; Latin Club 12; Cross Country and Track 11,12. Michael enjoys going to all kinds of sports events. He will always remember last year ' s CIF Cham¬ pionship. His future plans are to go into business accounting. S.M., L.C. , S.W., and B.C. , the gossip session with B.S. B.M. , and that special someone, D.G. To attend State is her plans for the future. CHARLES MELVIN KING Football 10,11; Track 10,11,12; Wrestling 12; and Hi-Y 10,11,12. Listening to jazz, going to parties, and talking to the girls are his favorite pastimes. Most memor¬ able to him are winning C.I.F. and the boss times with D.K. and T.M. His future plans in¬ clude the Air Force and settling down with that special someone. Drill Team 11, 12; Gymnastics 11,12; G.A.A. 10, 11,12; Riot Squad 10; Modern Dance 10, 11, 12; Pres, of Executives 12; Com¬ missioner of Affiliated Clubs 12. Sally ' s favorite pastimes are listening to jazz, talking on the phone, and taking long walks. She will always remember being crowned Homecoming Queen, marching with the Drill Team. LEWIS LEE KING " Brother Lou " was active in foot¬ ball and track he received varsity letters. His spare time is spent playing football and running track. He will never forget the CIF football game. After gradua¬ tion he plans to further his edu¬ cation and attend college. SANDRA LIGGINS NATHANIEL KING JR. Nate was active in baseball football and basketball. His most memorable experience was being on the football team. His am¬ bition is to attend a four year college. CASSANDRA THERESA MAJOR Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10; Modem Dance 10. " K-Say " finds talking on the phone, eating, and being with that certain someone most enjoyable. She will always remember her junior year, win¬ ning C.I.F., her government class, going around with a certain someone, andtheA.S.B. Balls. NORTON KING TERESA YOLANDA MARTINEZ Red Cross Club 10; Riot Squad 10; Hornet Hustlers 12. Terry ' s me¬ mories of Lincoln include 2nd lunch, catching-up with the new¬ est gossip, and Mr. Schor ' s 7th period literature class. ■ LUCILLE MARTINEZ Health Careers 10; Science Club 12; Art Club 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 12. Lucy was enrolled in Adv. World History and U. S. History honors courses while at Lincoln. She spends much of her spare time watching T. V. , play¬ ing the radio, and reading. Her memories of Lincoln include the football and basketball games meeting new friends and going with Bob. After school she plans to attend nursing school. REYA. LEAL " Rice " received an Art Award. He enjoys listening to jazz, danc¬ ing, and talking to girls. He finds most memorable at Lincoln the C.I.F. track and field champion¬ ship and talking to the fine girls in the halls. He will go into the service and then go to college. SHARON MATHEWS Concert Choir 10, 11, 12; Song- leader 12. Sharon spends her spare time styling hair, modem dancing, and swimming. To, Sharon, being chosen as A. S. B. Queen, Song- leader, and the Prom will always be most memorable. After grad¬ uation she plans to attend Bay Vista Beauty College. JOHN LEW John transferred from San Diego High. His favorite pastimes are fishing, drawing, watching T. V. , reading magazines. The best year John had was when Lincoln took C.I.F. in football and track in ' 65. He plans to go to college. GRACIE MARIE MATHIS Red Cross 10; Health Careers 11; Hornet Hustlers 11; Annual Signing Committee 12. Gracie enjoys dancing, going out, and talking to P.H. She ' ll always remember Mr. Saunders merchandising class, and the time we took C.I.F. She plans to attend business school and become a switch board operator. MICHAEL DUANE KNOX Lettermans Club 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Cadet Club 10, 11, 12; Hi-Y 11. Michael participated in track. His pastimes are playing drums and playing with a jazz band. He will never forget the Lincoln, Morse track meet of ' 65. Michael plans to go to college and major in military science. JERALD ALLEN LEE Jerald is a transfer from the South¬ east High School, in Kansas City Missouri. DOROTHY McCULLOM Red Cross Club 10, 11; Concert Choir 11,12; Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12; Senior Play Committee 12. Dot enjoys singing, dancing, sewing, and going to football and basket¬ ball games. She will always re¬ member the C.I.F. football game ' 65, theA.S.B. Ball ' 67, Senior Night, and the fun at first lunch. She plans to study nursing. JOSEPH J. MANGIAPANE JR. Joe was on our Cross Country and Track Team while at the Hive. He enjoys hunting, eating, and being with a certain person. He will always remember the class of ' 67 , winning C. I. F., the prom and after-prom of ' 67 . In the future he seeks happiness and success. LINDA ANNETTE McDOWELL Riot Squad 10; Garden Club 10; G.A.A. 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10. She will always remember Miss Bennett ' s gym class and Mr. Backer ' s American Govt, class. To attend City College and be¬ come a registered nurse is her ambition. HENRY MANSON LINDA JEAN McGOUGH Health Careers Club 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; G.A.A. 12. Linda ' s favorite pastimes are listening to records and talking on the phone. Linda will always remember the A.S.B. Ball of ' 66, all the fun she had with D. K., first lunch of ' 66 and second lunch of ' 66 — ' 67. Future plans are to attend State College and major in sociology. BETTY ANN McFARLIN G.A.A. 10; Drill Team 12. Betty spends her spare time sewing, reading, and being with A. M. The night we won C.I.F. against Point Loma, the prom and after prom of ' 66, the Sadie Hawkins of ' 64 and ' 66, and Mr. Miner ' s geometry class, are among her memories of Lincoln. She plans to become a registered nurse and marry that certain someone. TONEY LEE MATTHEWS JR. Electronic Club 12. The " Nazz ' s " favorite pastimes are being with girls, making money, and having fun. The nice girls, C.I.F. foot¬ ball, good teachers, and the long hair he had will never be forgotten by Toney. Future plans are to join the Air Force, and later at¬ tend college. OTIS MARTIN Key Club 11, 12; Lettermen Club 10, 11, 12; French Club 11, 12; Boys Federation 10, 11, 12; Sci¬ ence Club 10, 11, 12. Otis is a transfer student from Oceanside High School. He was very active on our Cross Country and Track Team, and received many awards for his outstanding performances in track. He will always remember the football games and the friend¬ ly atmosphere on campus. His goal in life is to go to college and later try out for the Olympics. EVELYN ELIZABETH McRAE Red Cross 10; Hornet Highlights 10; Ensemble 11; Riot Squad 10. Evie was enrolled in adv. English in the 10th and 11th grades. Fa¬ vorite pastimes are sewing, play¬ ing piano, singing, and socializing. Evie ' s three years at Lincoln have been stepping stones to higher learning and a brighter future; also Mr. Naiberts 5th period Eng¬ lish lit. class will never be forgot¬ ten. Future plans are to attend Oakwood College in Alabama and to major in business adminis¬ tration. MARK MAXWELL JOANNE ELOISE MELLINGER Health careers 10, 11, 12; Red Cross 12; Adelphians 11, 12; Lan¬ cers 11; Art Club 11, 12; Spanish Club 11, 12; Drill Team 12; Se¬ nior Treasurer 12; Riot Squad 10, 11, 12; Hornet ' s Highlights 10; Concert Choir 12, Ensemble 12; " Buzz Staff ' 12; Latin Club. " Jo " enjoys reading and cooking. WANDA LA VADA MILLER Y-Teens 10; G.A.A. 10; Penelope enjoys reading and going to parties. Also she will never forget lunch with Ben, Peg, Joycie, and 4 per. English, 7 per. Salesmanship class, and Lincoln-Diego football games. Penelope hopes to attend college and later marry. ROBERT STANLEY McCLANAHAN Concert Choir 11, 12. Mac ' s Favorite pastimes are dancing and watching football. He ' ll al¬ ways remember C. I. F. in football, the Sadie Hawkins, Green and White, andtheA.S.B. Ball. Fu¬ ture plans are to join the Service. VIRGINIA ELENA MEZA Hornet Hustlers 10, 11, 12; Art Club 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Spanish Club 12 (President); Ensemble 11, 12; Graduation Com¬ mittee 12. Ginger enjoys being with friends and her family. Among her memories are after the football games, doing the " Up With People " assembly, be¬ ing in Ensemble and the new people she met. She plans to con¬ tinue her education and later marry a special someone. JOE MONTES Key Club 10, 11, 12; Lancers 12; C.S.F. 10, 11. Joe transferred from San Fernando High. Joe was enrolled in physics, and in adv. math. Favorite pastimes are horse back riding and traveling. Joe will never forget the friendliness from the faculty when he first enrolled. Future plan is to attend college. ■■MM CLINTA MESHACK Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Y-Teens 10; G.A.A. 10; Hornet Highlights 10; Latin Club 10. " Ninnies " fa¬ vorite pastimes are sewing, going to parties, listening to records and dancing, and being with L. M. She ' ll always remember the fun she had at the prom with M. C. and L. M. and the fun she had in Tri-Hi-Y while at Youth and Government camp. Her future plans are to go to a junior college and major in business and later marry. Out of life " Ninnie " wants love, happiness, success, money, and Leonard. LEON RAYMOND MONROE JR. Lancers 10; Lettermen 12; Key club 12; Yi-Y 11, 12; Latin club 10, 11, 12; Literary Council 11. While at Lincoln, Leon was on our cross country and baseball teams. He enjoys athletics, spend¬ ing money, going to parties and being with Charlette. He will never forget the A. S. B. Ball, the great J.V. Baseball team of ' 66 ' , Jr. Class Beach Parties, and all of the good times with Charlotte. He plans to attend college. ESTHER VEORA MITCHELL Hornet Hustlers 12; French Club 12; Y-Teens 12; Pep Squad 10, 11, 12; Baccalaureate Comm. 12; Senator 10, 11; Science Club 11; G.A.A. 10, 11. " Green Eyes " favorite pastimes are listening to Jazz and popular music and talk¬ ing on the phone. The Prom of 66 and 67, the Sadie Hawkins 66, C.I.F., and attending all the activities at Lincoln will never be forgotten by " Green Eyes. " CARL FRANK LEN MITCHELL Hi-Y 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; J.V. Cheerleader 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Senior Prom Committee 12; Senator 10, 11. Carl ' s favorite pastimes are going to parties, eating and talking to that certain someone. Carl will never forget all the fun after the games, the prom com¬ mittee, and a certain somebody always looking for food. JOHNNY MOORE Cadet Club 11; C.C.C. 10, 11, 12; Senator 10; Rqd Cross 10; and C.C.C. Fancy drill team 11, 12. Brother John ' s favorite pastimes are eating and dancing. He will never forget the ' 66 Drill team competition at Lincoln. Brother John plans to be a success in life. MARY HELEN MONROE REYNALDO ROMERO MORENO LINDA SUE MONTS CLIFFORD DEAN MORRIS Y-Teens 10; Adv. Band 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10; Science Club 10; So¬ cial Studies Club 10; Delegate 11; Alternate 12. Mary transferred from Crawford High in Louisiana. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, sewing, singing, and playing her instrument. C.I.F. football, track, Sadie Hawkins ' 66, Green and White, and the Prom will never be forgotton by Mary. MINNIE MURIEL MOORE WRIGHT " Sweet Pea " will always remember the pep band at lunch and the fun with the girls in 7th period. Her plans for the future are to work, raise a family, and make Charlie W. happy. BERNETTA CHARLESETTA MOORE Senator 10; Election Committee 12; G.A.A. 10, 11; Commissioner of Health and Saftey 12; Literary Council 10; Modem Dance 12; Hornet Hustlers 11; Chairman of Health and Saftey Committee 12; Delegate 11; Adv. Band 12. Netta transferred from San Deigo High. She also was Homecoming Attend¬ ant. Her favorite pastimes are reading, and doing things she en¬ joys. Homecoming, A.S.B. Council, lunch with R. S., C. T. , W. F., D. L., and being with M. H. G. will be remembered by Netta. Future plans are to attend City College. HARVEY NAILON Amateur Radio Club 12; Track 10, 11; Handball Club 11; and Boy ' s Federation 10, 11, 12. Harvey ' s favorite pastimes are listening to jazz, watching T. V. , and foxhunting. Beating Coach Smith in wrestling, the year Lincoln won C.I.F. in football, and the A.S.B. Ball ' 67, will always be remembered by Harvey. His future plans are to attend City- College, and later join the Service Adelphians 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Health Careers 12; Mary Kathryns 12. Linda was en¬ rolled in Adv. Social Studies 10, 11, 12, and Adv. English 10, 11, 12, and Adv. Math 10, 11, 12. Her favorite pastimes are reading, sewing, and watching T.V. Meeting people at the Hive, Mary Kathryn tapping in Sept. ' 66; C.I.F. football, the ' 67 basket-- ball and wrestling seasons, will remain in Linda ' s memories. Her future plans are to attend San Diego State College, a teaching career, and later marriage. Hi-Y 12; Rooters Club 11; Elec¬ tronics Club 11; Verse Choir 10; ' and Track. Clifford enjoys danc¬ ing, parties, and playing football. The dances, football games, home coming games and the C.I.F. Championship in football, will remain among Clifford ' s fondest memories. His future plan is to become an engineer. ROBERT LEROY JOSEPH MOSELEY II Robert came to Lincoln from Morse High. His favorite pastimes include dancing, bowling, and sports. He will always remember the A.S.B. Ball with that special girl, T. L., and the Lincoln vs. Morse basketball game. His am¬ bition is to become a pilot and join the Air Force. SANDRA MOORE G.A.A. 11, 12; Tri-Y 11, 12; Y-Teens 10, 11, 12; Concert Choir 12; Gymnastics 12. " Coochie ' s " " Coochie ' s " favorite pastimes are cooking, watching T.V. , dancing, and talking to the fellas. Senior Prom, being with M. P., C.I.F. in football and track ' 66; and be¬ ing with Mona, Tomasene and Pete 2nd per. will remain " Coochie ' s " fondest memories. Her future plans are to attend college. ARRICH NEAL DOLORES MORA Spanish Club 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Rooters Club 12; Sadie Haw¬ kins Committee 12; Girls Tennis Team. " Dee Dee " received an award in tennis. Favorite pastimes are dancing, going to games, and being with that certain wonderful guy B. D. KENNETH ERROL THADDUS NEWTON Speech Club 11, 12; Rooters Club 11, 12; Boys Fed. 11, 12; Track and Art Club 11, 12. Kenneth transferred from San Diego High. His favorite pastimes are girls, parties, swimming, and skating. Kenneth will never forget the friendly atmosphere at Lincoln, the nice guys, the cute girls, and Auto Shop. Future plans are to at¬ tend college and later Service. LINDA LOUISE MORRIS Riot Squad 10; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Health Safety Commit¬ tee. " Nandy-Wee ' s " favorite pas¬ times are going to parties, and jiving around with the soul group. Among her memories she will never forget C.I.F. in Football, Senior Night, and all her funny friends. " Nandy-Wee ' s " future plans are to become a nurse and live a happy life. LINDA RUTH MOSS Spanish Club 12; Hornet Hustlers 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Health Careers 12; Riot Squad 11, 12; Buzz Staff 12; Graduation Committee 12. Linda ' s favorite pastimes are reading, talking to a certain someone, and practicing judo. The teachers and the foot¬ ball games will never be forgotten by Linda. Future plans is to attend college. TEMUKISA MISA ROBERT NORMAN WILLIAM NORWOOD William enjoys playing football and sleeping. He ' s found the " Green and White Ball " and the ' 66 C.I.F. football game most memorable during his stay here at Lincoln. William will soon be in the service. VIVIAN LOUISE NASH Mary Kathyrns 12; Y-Teens 10, 11; Latin Club 11, 12; Adel- phians 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Pep Squad 10, 11; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12. Vivian ' s favorite pastimes are being with the group and reading a good book. She will always remember M. K. tapping and all of the " joys " and " sorrows " with that certain guy. After graduation she plans to attend college and major in political science. CLINTON LOUIS NOBLE Lettermen ' s Club 12; Varsity Foot¬ ball; Varsity Baseball. " Bubbles " finds his fun in athletics. He also enjoys " gigs " and late night flings. " Bubbles " remembers being a part of Lincoln ' s football squad as we tried to win C.I.F. for the second time. His future plans are to enter college and complete his educa¬ tion. RICARDO OSUNA Amature Radio Club 10, 11, 12; C.C.C. 10. Richard enjoys listen¬ ing to the radio, going to parties and dances, watching T.V. and during his spare time, playing guitar. He will fond ly remember all his friends here at the " Hive " and the C.I.F. game in ' 66. He will attend city and train as an electronic technician. YOLANDA NEGRETE Adelphians 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Spanish Club (secretary) 12; Latin Club 12; Senior Awards Committee 12; Annual Staff (sec¬ retary) 11; Buzz Staff 12; A.S.B. Secretary 12; Senator 12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Home¬ coming Committee 12; Rooter ' s Club 11, 12;. Yolie received an award for " Sweetheart of the Month " for December. CAROLINE ANN NORVELL Riot Squad 10, 11; Concert Choir 12. Ann Likes reading, playing the piano, and talking to a certain person on the phone. She will always remember the C.I.F. games, the fun she had in verse choir, concert choir and Senior Night. She plans to attend City College in the future. JAMES EDWARD OWENS Varsity Football 11. James enjoys dancing and attending parties. He is particularly proud of Lin¬ coln ' s C.I.F. championship in ' 66 and will long remember the A.S.B. Ball. He plans to attend JC. FALESOA M. NIUAMANONO Health Careers Club 12. Falesoa came to Lincoln from the High School of American Samoa in Pago Pago. She enjoys mathema¬ tics and Volleyball games. After graduation she wants to become a typist. DAVID AMBROSE PASCHAL Latin Club 10; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Radio Club 11. " Spring Neck " transferred from St. Augustine High School. Favorite pastimes are swimming, tinkering with cars, and football. Most memor¬ able for " spring neck " are A.S.B. Ball ' 67, Prom and after prom, Mr. Naibert ' s English Lit. class, and the unforgettable females. Future plans are to attend San Francisco State, and Major in Business Administration. NORBERTO PADUA Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Track 11, 12; Cross Country 12. Bob finds wrestling, playing football, and watching T.V. most enjoyable in life. His most memorable times while at Lincoln were the C.I.F. game of ' 65 and the Cross Country team ' s trips to L.A. Bob plans to attend college and after¬ wards made a lot of money. JOHN ARTHUR PAGE Marching Band 10; C.C.C. Rifle Team 11, 12; J.V. Football 11; Cadet Club 10, 11, 12; Fancy drill Team 10, 11, 12; Math Club 10; Varsity Football 12; Varsity Rifle Team 11, 12; John light- heartedly spends his time talking to his " babe " on the phone and listening to the radio. John will never forget Lincoln ' s rifle team state championship in ' 66, the football game against Crawford, and Lincoln clan with all of its soul brothers. He plans to become a " D.I. " in the Marine Corp and afterwards become a police officer. EDITH O ' CONNOR Edith came to Lincoln from W. McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. She enjoys swimming, basketball, and volleyball. She will always remember the teachers, counselors, and the Girl ' s Vice- Principal. After graduation she plans to attend Business College and hopes for happiness out of life. THOMAS MICHAEL PEAVY " Peavy " has been an ardent mem¬ ber of Lincoln ' s track team. He fondly remembers the track meet against Morse and the boss times he had in Mr. Martin ' s class. Thomas enjoys going to parties, record shops, and listening to jazz. After graduation he hopes to join the Air Force and serve as a mechanic. GLENDA MARIE NICKLEBERRY Riot Squad 10; Modem Dance 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10, 12; Drill 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Health Safety Com¬ mittee 12; Senior Prom Committee 12, " Nicks " enjoys singing, danc¬ ing, going to parties and being with that certain someone. She will always remember Senior Night, being in the dance with " the gang " , second lunch and the Sadie Hawkins Dances. She will become a teacher. MYRTLE OLIVER CAROLYN PALM Pep Squad 10; Girls Federation 10, 11, 12. " Cat Nip ' s " favorite pastimes are cooking, sewing, listening to records, dancing, and talking to that special boy on the telephone. Winning C.I.F. in football, the good dances at the " Hive " and Mr. Barnes 3rd per. class, will be among " Cat Nip ' s " memories. Future plans are to at¬ tend college, and later marry. ALFONSO HECTOR PEDRIN Latin Club 11; J.V. Football 11; Varsity Football 12. A1 enjoys admiring girls and cars, and is interested in sports, writing poetry and fiction. In his memories of Lincoln he will never forget the spirit of the football team, the ' 66 game against Crawford and the ' 65 — ' 66 C.I.F. championship. After graduation he plans to attend college. ANNA OTSUJI Garden Club 12; Rooter ' s Club 12. Anna will always remember Lincoln, her friends, and the teachers. After graduation her plans are to go to college. JAMES PHILLIPS Lettermen ' s Club 10, 11, 12; Rooters Club 11, 12. J. P. was in Varsity Gymnastics and Varsity Track. He likes to spend his lei¬ sure time cooking. He will always remember winning C.I.F., the A.S.B. movie, the basketball games, and managing the C.I.F. football track teams. His ambi¬ tion is to be a gymnasiast. SANDRA OSBORNE Y Teens 12; Concert Choir 11, 12; Drill Team 12; Senior Awards Committee 12. Sandy ' s favorite pastimes are going to football and basketball games, dancing, party¬ ing, and listening to records. To Sandy, the C.I.F. game, Mr. Miller ' s 7th per. Government class, the drill team, and Senior Night will always be in her memories. She plans to become a nurse. GEORGE H. PHILLIPS Senator 12; Stage Craft 10, 12; President of Rooter ' s Club 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12. George likes to spend his leisure time dancing, going to parties, football and basketball games with a car load of girls. He won ' t forget win¬ ning C.I.F., the Morse Lincoln football game when two car loads of boys girls left two hours early and arrived two hours late. He plans to attend City College. MARGARITA PADILLA PARRA Spanish Club 11, 12. Margo has been at Lincoln for three years and enjoys popular music, dancing, eating Mexican food and spending her father ' s money. In her memor¬ ies there will always be the students, teachers, and going to the football games. For her future, she plans to go to college, travel, then marry. PAUL EARL PERRY Paul transferred to the " Hive " from Morse. He enjoys working on cars and calling girls. After graduation his plans include attend¬ ing San Diego City College. MICHAEL RUDOLPH PHILLIPS Key Club 12; Lettermen ' s Club (Pres. 12) 10, 11, 12; Executive Club 12; Speech Team 11, 12; Delegate 10, 11; Cross Country 11, 12; Adv. Band 12; Adv. Or¬ chestra 10, 11, 12; Pep Band 10, 11, 12. " Cartoon Jr. " enjoys reading a good book. He will al¬ ways remember being able to participate in the Exploratory Pro¬ gr am as teaching aid at Gompers. JENNIFER VERONICA PATACSIL Health Careers Club 10, 11, 12; Red Cross Secretary 10, 11, 12; Science 10, 11, 12; Speech 12; French Club 12; C.S.F. 10; Latin Club 11; Drill Team 12. Jennifer was in Adv. English 10; Adv. World History 10; and Adv. Biolo¬ gy 10. She also received 3rd plao DWAYNE EUGENE POINDEXTER Health Careers Club 10; Speech Club 10, 11. " Point " participated in Varsity football and wrestling and was awarded a Superior Award in Speech. His favorite pastimes are football, C.C.C., and speak¬ ing. Playing football for Lincoln will always be a standout in his memories. His plan is to go to college. MARY CHRISTINE PAYTON G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; Modern Dance 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Girl ' s Gymnastic Club 11, 12; Drill Team 12; Annual Signing Committee 12; Girl ' s Chorus 10; Concert Choir 11, 12; Riot Squad 11. Mary ' s favorite pastimes are looking at sports, sewing, and music. Mary will never forget winning C.I.F. in football, A.S.B. Ball, Mr. Schor ' s Lit. class, Prom of ' 66 ' 67 and Senior Night. Her future plan is to become a certified pro¬ fessional secretary. DWIGHT ARNOLD POINDEXTER Hi-Y 10, 11; C.C.C. 10, 11; " Point " was in Varsity football and wrestling and received a C.I.F. trophy, letters in football, and a medal in speech. He enjoys play¬ writing, working on cars, and playing sports. He will never for¬ get winning C. I. F. against Point Loma. His future plans include going to college. WILLIAM STANLEY PONDER Latin Club 10; Key Club 12; Exe cutives 12; C.C.C. 10, 11, 12. Bill was in Varsity football, and C.C.C. Rifle Team. In his span time he likes playing in a band, listening to jazz and having fun. Winning C. I. F., the good times at S.D. State with the marching band, and the cafeteria rallies will be remembered. His future plans include being a musician. came to the " Hive " from Castle Park High in Chula Vista. She can be found reading, playing the piano and being with ther certain someone in her spare moments. In her memories she will always remember 2nd lunch, Mr. Cuchran ' s French Class, Mr. Howells ' phys¬ iology class, the class of ' 67, and the prom. Her ambition is to be¬ come a legal secretary and steno- typist. ELINE ALELIA PETTUS Modem Dance 10, 11, 12; Ensem¬ ble 12; Health and Safety 12. " Ninety-eight ' s " favorite pastimes are eating good foods, sewing, and being mischievous. All the great times with that certain some¬ one, C.I.F. Football 66, Prom, and all the wild times she had with her wild friends, will always be remembered. Future plans are to attend college and become a so¬ cial worker. EZZARD THOMAS RANDLE " Z-MONK " came to Lincoln from San Diego. He likes dancing, a special B.J.C. and getting " that way " . In his memories of Lincoln there will always be the night Lincoln won C.I.F. , the cold nights at the Azteca and the park¬ ing lot after school. His plans are to become a millionaire and someday marry B.J.C. PATRICIA JEANETTE PETTIES Red Cross Club 10; Modern Dance Club 11, 12; Ensemble 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Homecoming Commit¬ tee 12; Pep Squad 10, 11, 12; Girls League Committee 11; Senior A- wards Committee 12; G.A.A, 10, 11; Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Science Club 10; Concert Choir 11; Delegate 11. MELVIN PRINCE Melvin likes working on cars and driving in his leisure time. He found his sophomore year at Lin¬ coln and the Sadie Hawkins Dance most memorable. After graduation his plans include going to a trade school. YOLANDA RIOS " Yolie " while at the " Hive " re¬ members that one night at J.A. with L.M. and S.M. Her favorite pastime is going out with that special person. Her future plans are to go to work, get married, and be happy. PATSY LEE PINKNEY Latin Club 11-12; Art Club 11; Garden Club 10; Gymnastics 11 - 12; Junior Class Secretary; French Club 12; Drill Team 11 - 12; J.V. Cheerleader 11. Her favorite pastimes are talking on the phone, going to City foot¬ ball games, and being with that very special someone. CARRIE LOIS POLAND " Weasel ' s " favorite pastimes are dancing, cooking, having fun with the boys, and going out. Craft class in 10th grade, being with all her friends, Miss Rising ' s 5th period class, and going to the football games with Ben will re¬ main among " Weasel ' s " memories. Her future plans are to attend college. JOSE LUIS REYES " Jo Jo " is a transfer from Sweet¬ water. He enjoys going to parties, dancing, and reading. He will always remember all the fun he had in class with his friends. CHARLOTTEE ANN ROBERTS Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10; Hornet Hustlers 12; Executive 12; Comm, of Historical Records Displays 12; Representative 10. " Charlie ' s " most memorable times were the last day of school, ' 65, A.S.B. Ball Prom of ' 65, and most of all Christmas Eve and the A.S.B. Council. She always en¬ joys sewing, watching T. V. and being with the group. She plans to further her education, marry, and live happy ever after. MARTIN EUGENE RAWLINS Marty participated in Varsity Track and Football. He received a C.I.F. award for 2nd place in track. In his leisure moments he enjoys working on cars, listening to re¬ cords, dancing, and swimming. The track team and the many friendships that he made will al¬ ways be remembered. His ambition is to attend City College and major in electronics. VALLI YOLONDE REED Gymnastics 10, 11, 12; Modern Dance 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 10, 11; Garden Club 10; Senior Prom Com¬ mittee 12; Homecoming Commit¬ tee 12; Senator 10; Delegate 10, 11. Valli ' s favorite pastimes are eating, talking on the phone to Peter and going out. Among her memories are the ' 65 Prom, A.S.B. Ball ' 66 the group at 2nd lunch, and the ' 66-67 football and basketball games. After grad¬ uation she plans to attend Pennsyl¬ vania Nursing School and later marry. EZELL HENRY ROBERTS JR. " Eyebrow ' s " favorite pastimes are going to G.M. ' s house, running track, going to parties, and work¬ ing on his boat. His future plans are to go to an electronics trade school. ALLAN JAMES REEL Al ' s favorite pastime includes dancing, going to parties, and running track. Winning C.I.F. in ' 66 will always be in Al ' s memor¬ ies of Lincoln. After graduation he plans to attend college for two years and major in electronics, then marry. LAWRENCE LARRY ROBERTSON Letterman Club 10, 11, 12; Riot Squad 11; Hornet Hustlers 12; Senator 10, 11; Delegate 10. Monk was in wrestling, gymnas¬ tics, and track. His favorite pas¬ times are bowling, cars, and being with J. Y. Monk will never forget being on the wrestling team, the teachers, Miss Ritcher catching two spiders, and talking to J. Y. ROSALINDA ROMERO Rooter ' s Club 10; Spanish Club 10, 11; Red Cross 10; Health Careers 10; Science Club 10; Garden Club 10; " Titina " enjoys dancing, going out, having fun, cooking, sewing, and bowling. She will never forget the football games, wrestling matches, Mr. Austins 3rd period Spanish class, and Mr. Miller ' s 5th period. RAYMOND JOHN ROMERO Lettermen ' s Club 10, 11; Rooters Club 12. Being at M. G. ' s house, and playing records are what he enjoys most. Johnny plans to at¬ tend City and later become a machinest. LESLYE MARLA RUCKER Riot Squad 10, 11; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Adelphians 11, 12; DrilLTearn 12; G.A.A. 12; Annual Staff 12; Annual Sign¬ ing Committee 12. Besides being selected Sweetheart of the Month for December, Leslye has held many important positions at the Hive. Her happiest memories in¬ clude the night we won C.I.F., her good friends, Mr. Thomas ' English class, A.S.B. Ball ' 66, V.N. and the lunch table and our " almost basketball team " . Her favorite pastimes are going to parties, games, and eating. She would like to go to college, join the Peace Corps, and have a happy marriage. JAY SANUEL SCHUTZMAN A.S.B. President 12; Key Club 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 10, 11, 12; Cadet Club 10, 11, 12; Executives 12; C.S.F. 10, 11. Jay, " The Intelligent One " confined his classes to honor courses entirely. Reading comic books, carousing with big brother, being with that special someone are his hobbies. MARIA SALAS Maria found all the teachers at Lincoln very helpful, and wishes to extend her appreciation to them. Her favorite hobby is learn¬ ing new Spanish dances. She plans to work and go to college. TERRY L. SIMMONS The most thrilling thing Terry re¬ membered while at Lincoln is the very special girl he went with for two years. He enjoys girls, cars, girls, and parties. His future plans are to attend S. D. C. C. MARGIE S. RUSSELL Y-Teens 10; Red Cross 10; Margie will always remember Mr. Saunder ' s 5th period calss, Miss Bennett ' s P.E. class, the switch¬ board for Mrs. Johnson, and of course, being with all her friends. She enjoys dancing, listening to records, and skating. She will be a dental assistant in the near future. FREDERICK SANFORD Fred participated in J. V. Track. His favorite pastimes are sports and eating good food. Sadie Hawkins dance and working as custodial helper will always be remembered. Fred would like to become a barber. NORMA CELESTINE ROWSON A.S.B. Council 12; Emerald Deb Council 10, 11, 12; Emeraldettes 11, 12; Mixed Choir 10; Concert Choir 11; Ensemble 12; Adelphians 10, 11, 12; MaryKathryns 12; Girls Athletic Association 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Executives 12; Lancers 12; Sweetheart 12. Norma has been one of our most active hornets. She has been en¬ rolled in Adv. World History and Adv. English 10, 11. Her most memorable events are C.I.F., night ' 66, Homecoming ' 65; and of course the ' 66 — ' 67 Varsity foot¬ ball team captain. Her future plans are to attend college, get married and lead a successful life. RAMIRO SANDOVAL Key Club 10, 11, 12; Letterman 10, 11, 12; Boy ' s Federation 10, 11; Hornet Hustlers 12; Cross Country 10, 11, 12; Track 10; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Baseball 11, 12. Ramiro was selected Athelete of the Month in each of the years he has been at Lincoln. VALENTINA SALAS PHILLIP JOSE ANDREW SISSON Executives 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Lettermen ' s 12; Cheer¬ leader 12; Rooters Club 12; Comm, of Elections 12; Speech Club 10, 11, 12, (Pres. 12); Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, (Vice-Pres. 11); Sen¬ ator 11, 12; Representative 10, 12; Sophomore Class Vice Pres; Gen¬ eral Health and Safety Committee 12; Election Committee Chairman 12; Boy ' s Federation 10, 11; Buzz Staff (Co-Editor); Homecoming Committee 12; Cap and Gown Committee 12; Key Club 12. " Jose ' s " favorite pastimes are listening to Nancy Wilson and go¬ ing to parties. He will always re¬ member the basketball games, theA.S.B. Council, and Mr. Marriott. RITA ELEANOR SANDOVAL Rita loves to write lots of letters and listen to Mexican music. Her most memorable events are the good times she had with her teach¬ ers and friends at Lincoln, especially with her number one friend, Ester C. She plans to become a telephone operator and later have a happy married life. SANDRA SANDERSON KENNETH ALLEN SMITH " Big Pick " participated in football and wrestling, receiving letters and trophies. His favorite pastimes are playing spor ts and sleeping. " Big Pick " will never forget the ' 65 — ’66 C.I.F. Championship in football which he was a part of. His future plan is to join the service LAVERN GLENNICE SCOTT Riot Squad 10; Tennis Club 10; Speech Club 12; G.A.A. 10. " Scottie " plans to attend college and major in speech and Oral Interp. Her favorite pastimes are sewing, horseback riding, and speech. She will never forget Se¬ nior Night, 202, S.S., andE.L. AVITT ALLEN STAMPS Since Avitt is a football player, he will always remember the Morse vs. Lincoln game. He en¬ joys parties, sports, movies, and listening to records. He plans to start working after graduation. ORG1A ANGELA SENIOR G.A.A. 11; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Y-Teens 12. " Gia " will always remember the Senior Prom, the track meets and the friends she met. Her fa¬ vorite pastimes are dancing, going to parties, and being with that certain someone. She plans going to college and becoming a social worker. WILLIAM MICHAEL SISSON Speech Club 12; Latin Club 12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Election Committee 12; Michael transferred from San Diego High. He attended a vocational welding class at City College. His favorite pastimes are writing stories, and working on his car. Michael will never forget that incentive has to be the way of life. His future plans are to attend college and be¬ come a welder. ROBERT CECIL STEEN JR. " Bobby " is a transfer from Santa Ana Valley High School in Santa Ana. His favorite pastimes are fishing, hunting, and going to parties. He will always remember the C.I.F. game and all the swats in gym for non-suits. After grad¬ uation he plans to attend college. DOROTHY LA VERNE SHARPE G.A.A. 11, Modern Dance 11. Dorothy is one of our transfers from San Diego High. She enjoys basketball games and track, skat¬ ing, dancing and talking with the gang. She will never forget the last day of school with Charlotte, Valli, and Becky, Mrs. Leifert ' s 7th period shorthand class, and Mr. Arnold ' s and Shaughnessy ' s classes. Her future plans are to join the Air Force or go to Mesa. BEVERLY ANN SINGLETON Drill Team 11, 12; Captain 12; Prom Committee 12. " Belita " re¬ ceived the Award Certificate for gym, and has been enrolled in many Honor classes. While at Lincoln her most memorable mo¬ ments have been the A. S. B. Ball ' 66- ' 66 with T.B., the ' 65- ' 66 Football and Drill Team, the Prom ' 65- ' 66 with " Bat " and most of all the wonderful people she ' s known here. TIMOTHY PAUL TALLEY C.C.C. 10, 11; Art Club 11; J.V. Football 10; " Mr. T " is a transfer from Kearny High. Dancing, sing¬ ing and going to the local parties are " Mr. T ' s " pastimes. His future plans are to go to college and to continue singing or to make a career of the Services. BEVERLY J. SHOFFNER Garden Club 10; G.A.A. 10; Y- Teens 10, 11; Delegate 10; Senior Play Committee 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Latin Club 10; " Junie " enjoys work¬ ing for Urban League, going out withM.J., J.C., P.G., and C.M., on picnics and to the beach. She plans to join the Marines. Most memorable mements while at the Hive were 11th grade with J.T. and V.R. the A. S.B. Ball of 66 ' Prom ' 66 and ' 67 with M.J. TRACY WHITNEY TANNIHILL Varsity track 11, 12. His favorite pastimes are talking on the phone with girls, listening to jazz and eating at the Azteca Taco Shop. Joining the Navy or Air Force is Tracy ' s future. JOHNNIE MAE SIMMONS G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Riot Squad 10, 11; Homecom¬ ing Attendant 11; Representative 11. " Mac " has been here three years, and will always remember winning C.I.F. Football and track, eating lunch with the group, the A. S.B. of ' 66 and the fun she had in 7th period gym. She enjoys going to parties, dancing, watching T.V., listening to " Wolf Man " and of course talking to her man on the phone. She was Junior At¬ tendant. She intends to become an I.B.M. operator and later a registered nurse. DONALD EUGENE THOMPSON Playing football and working on cars are Donald ' s favorite pastimes. The most memorable things while at Lincoln were football and bas¬ ketball games being with a special som eone, G.H. To be a mechani¬ cal engineer is his future plan. WILLEY ANDREW THOMAS Amateur Radio Club 10, 11, 12; J.V. Basketball 11. Basketball and wrestling are Willey ' s favorite pastimes. He will always remem¬ ber all the people who attend Lincoln and the high spirits. The army is his next stop. CAROLYN THOMASENE SINGLETON Girls Gymnastics 12; Rooters Club 12; G.A.A. 12; Verse Choir 11; Concert Choir 12; " T.C. " will never forget when Lincoln won C.I.F. both track and football, the Prom of 1966 was ' out of sight ' all the fun that she had with the Hornets, especially Earl H. and of course Senior Night and the Prom of ' 67. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, going to parties, talking to boys, swimming, and horseback riding. She plans to study I.B.M. processing. RONALD PAUL THOMPSON " Twin " had the honor of singing in the Ensemble in his senior year. Favorite pastimes are going to parites and going out with the fellas. He will never forget the football games, B.M., A.S.B. Ball, B.G. whom he always enjoyed being with, and singing in the Ensemble. Future plans are to at¬ tend college and later join the service. BRENDA FAYE SMITH Drill Team 11, 12; Prom Committee tee 12. " Yo-Yo " was a Sophomore transfer from Oceanside High. While at the Hive, she enjoyed the fun she had with the Drill Team, 2nd period gym, going to the football games, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Gripp, and Mrs. Taylor. She plans to attend secretarial school and become a legal secretary, and in her spare time she enjoys coo k¬ ing, sewing, dancing, and most of all going out with that wonderful someone. SYLVESTER TYLER " Slag " participated in Varsity Baseball. His favorite pastimes are talking to girls, listening to jazz, fixing his car, dancing and reading. Slag will never forget the C.I.F. victories in track and football, and will remember the pretty faces in the school halls. His future plans are to join the service and then attend college. PAUL ANTHONY TODD Paul received a gold medal for Eastern-League Track. His favor¬ ite pastimes are talking to girls, running track, and working on cars in Auto Shop. Paul will never forget the Track Season of ' 66, C.I.F. Track, and winning a medal. His future plans are to take Police Science in college and to become a policeman. KAY E. SMILEY Rooters 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10, 12; Girl ' s Track 11, 12; Sen¬ ator 11. Smiley, will always re¬ member when G.A.A. went to play day and came in 1st place, Sadie Hawkins ' 66, A.S.B. ' 67, and Senior Night. She enjoys dancing, going to football games, track, and basketball games. She plans to have success, money, and ever lasting love from that some¬ one special. DAVID LOUIS TUCKER Lettermen ' s Club 11, 12; Football 12. " Gobolak " or " Golden Toe " , as he is delightfully dubbed by his football players, transferred from San Diego High. " Gobolak " plays fine football, and in October he was honored as " Back of the Week. " He enjoys listening to jazz, eating " Mexi-dogs, " and working on cars. MARGARET ANN SMITH Modem Dance 10, 11; G.A.A. 11. To be an extraordinary typist is Margaret ' s ambition. At the Hive she enjoyed most of all the C.I.F. Championship, a chance to meet some of the outstanding students, and her continous effort to pass this year. She enjoys read¬ ing, going to the movies, and dating. PIERRE ANDRE VARNER Lettermen ' s Club 11, 12; Hi-Y 11, 12; Boys Federation 10, 11, 12; Varsity Football and Basketball. " Pete ' s " favorite pastimes are jiving around with others at the Hive and ' participating in sports. He will never forget the first se¬ mester mixup, the Morse game, the wonderful times during second lunch, and E.V.E. GWEN SMITH LARRY VALLA RIO Cadet Club 10, 11, 12; Fancy Drill 10, 11. Larry spends his recreation working on cars and spending time with his certain someone. He says he will always remember Mr. Martin ' s auto shop and the San Diego vs. Lincoln football game. Larry ' s goal in life is to be successful. DOROTHY L. SINGLETON " Dot " is a transfer from Hoover in the 11th grade. She enjoys skating and Saturday nights with B. G., J.B., and M.R. Her most joyous times were in Mr. Schwandt ' s Adv. Bookkeeping class and Mr. Saunder ' s Merchandising class. Dot plans to go to business college after graduating. PAMELA GAY SPANGLER C.S.F. 10, 11, 12; Adelphians 10, 11, 12; Mary Kathryns 12; Latin Club 10, 11, 12. Pam has been in various Honor classes while at the Hive: Adv. Math, Adv. English, Adv. Government, Adv. Chemistry and Honors Physics. She is number 2 in the graduating class. Among her favorite pastimes are professional modeling, eating Mexican food, sewing, and dating. JAMES SURLA WHITE " Jim " is a transfer student from Mapua Institute of Technology in the Phillipines. His favorite pas¬ times are collecting coins and stamps, reading magazines and watching T.V. He plans to further his education and major in medi¬ cine. ANGELA STUBBLEFIELD Riot Squad 10; Modem Dance 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 12; Tri-Hi-Y 12; Health and Safety Committee 12. " I will always remember se¬ nior night and being in the dance with the gang, also Mr. Polks U.S. History Class, " replied Angela, when asked what she found most memorable. She enjoys reading, dancing and listening to records. EARL LEE VAULTS JR. Stage band 10, 11, 12; Pep band 10, 11, 12. Earl was selected out¬ standing band member in 1966, and played first chair in the San Diego County Honor band. Play¬ ing tenor saxaphone, listening to jazz and playing in a rock roll band are his favorite pastimes. Earl will never forget playing in the band, San Diego vs. Lincoln football game and Lincoln vs. Morse basketball game. His fu¬ ture plans are to attend college and later become a musician. REBECCA ANN STEWART Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Lincoln Y-Teens 10, 11, 12; G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Modern Dance 10, 11, 12; Drill Team 11, 12; Adelphians 12; Senior Awards Chairman 12; J.V. Cheerleader 11; Girls League Historian Com¬ mittee 11; G.A.F. 11; Speech Team 12. Becky enjoys creative dancing, reading, watching T. V., and waiting for a certain phone call. She remembers her sopho¬ more year, the ' 66 summer, gym with L.L. and Betty, gossiping, and, of course, the Adelphians initiation party. She plans to at¬ tend a business school. PATRICIA ANN STEPHENS Red Cross Club 11, 12; Girl ' s League Corresponding Sec. 12; Science Club 11; Art Club 10, 11; Health Careers Club 11; Drill Team. She plans to attend college. While at the HIVE she was enroll¬ ed in Adv. English 10, 11. Her favorite pastimes are reading and drawing. JAMES DOUGLAD WHEELER Boy ' s Federation 12; Letterman Club 12; Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Radio Club 11; Senator 12; Football 10, 11, 12; " Dan " the Man " en¬ joys being the one he loves. He will never forget the Morse game of ' 66 when he broke his arm. Dan hope to further his education in electronics and in communica¬ tions. HARRY S. WHITE Favorite pastimes are reading books, and going to movies. Harry will never forget all the many things he learned here at Lincoln. Future plans include college. JULIA TAFAO Health Careers 12; G.A.A. 12; Rooter ' s Club 12. " Sauiti, " enjoys listening to the radio and playing records, The memories of C.I.F. championship and 7th period P.E. with Ili and Soa will always be with her. She plans to become a registered nurse. FREDERICK NORMAN WATSON Riot Squad 10, 11, 12; Red Cross 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Senator and campaign manager 11. Curly enrolled in Advanced Biology 10. Favorite pastimes are talking to girls, listening to records, basket¬ ball, movies, and good foods, C.I.F. championship, track, good times during and after football games, and the great A. S.B. play will be remembered by Curly. ANNIE DUENAS TAITANO Hornet Hustlers 10, 11; Art Club 10; Red Cross 10; Gymnastics 12. " Ann " , transferred to Lincoln from St. Mary ' s in Gaum, and she enjoys swimming, dancing and eating. She ' ll never forget the fun with her friends, the dances, movies, C.I.F., and the year 65-66. Her plans are to be a full time wife for her special Johnny R. MILTON LEE WHITE DAPHNE TATE Cadet Club 10, 11, 12; Fancy Drill Team 10, 11, 12; Marching band 10, 11; Boy ' s Federation 10, 11, 12. " Frog ' s " favorite pas¬ times are dancing, girls, playing football and thinking. " Frog " will never forget when Lincoln ' s Drill Team took first place in 1966, and the C.C.C. ball. Future plans- are to join the Marine Corp and later civilian work. VERA THOMPSON Red Cross Rep. 10, 11, 12; Gym¬ nastics 10, 11, 12; Mod. Dance 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 12; G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; Sadie Hawkins Com¬ mittee 12; Clean Campus Commit¬ tee 12; Health and Safety Commit¬ tee 12; Health Careers Club 10. " Baby " will always remember our C.I.F. championship, gymnastics withN., J., S., Miss Hampel, and 2nd period Govt, class. She plans to be a P.E. teacher and a loving wife. WILLIAM EARL WHITE JR. High-Y 11, 12; Lancers 11, 12; Senator 10, 11, 12. " Room " has been at Lincoln for three years. He said he enjoyed going to parties and attending our sport activities. He will always remember the friendly students here and being elected Senator this year. Attend¬ ing college is next. WILLIE WILLIAMS " Bear ' s " favorite pastimes are cut¬ ting hair, drawing, and watching T.V. He will always remember the friendly teachers. " Bear ' s " plans are to attend college after graduation. BRENDA FRANCES THORNTON Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Riot Squad 10; Latin Club 12; Health Careers 11, 12. " Bonnie " transferred to the Hive from Atlantic City High in New Jersey. She enjoys cooking, sewing, and art. She ' ll never for¬ get the A.S.B. Ball ' 65, Green and White ' 66, Dec. 29 ' 66 and the " Metrecal for Lunch Bunch " . Out of life she wants a happy suc¬ cessful marriage. MARTHA TORRES Hornet Hustlers, 12. " Marty " en¬ joys skating, sewing, dancing, listening to the radio and going out with that special someone. She ' ll never forget the C.I.F., homecoming and Mrs. Sampson ' s loving help. She plans to go on to a training school for telephone operators. WESLEY CRAIG WHITE III Hi-Y 10, 11. Chip received an award in fitness 10, 11, 12. His favorite pastimes are girls dancing, Sports, making money and getting that way. Chip will never forget Mr. Bakers 4 per. Govt, class, those cold nights at the taco shop parking lot, and those Friday nights with a certain person. His future plans are to attend college and later to become a millioniare. ARTHUR LEE WOODS Speech Club 11, 12; Health Careers 12. Art has won the Bronze Metal for Achievement in Speech and other awards while at the Hive. Records, radio, eating Spanish food and the ministery are what he enjoys most in life. While at Lincoln he has enjoyed all the games and speech contests. Art will never forget how hard M.P. tried and always lost. f CHARLENE TURNER Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Modern Dance 10; Clean Campus Commit¬ tee 12; Annual Signing Committee 12; Buzz Staff 12. " Charlie " finds her fun in skating, dancing, going to basketball games and parties. The C.I.F. game in ' 65, Home¬ comings, Mr. S ' s Merchandising class, Miss Maino ' s gym class, and all her friends at the Hive will be among her memories. KENNETH EARL YOUNG " Frog " came to Lincoln from Jordan High in Los Angeles. He will always remember Lincoln winning C.I.F. His future plan is to go into the Service. JOYCE TYLER Adelphians 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11; Y-Teens 10; Garden Club 10; Latin Club 10; Riot Squad 10; Red Cross Rep. 10; J.V. Cheer¬ leader 11; Drill Team 11; Varsity Songleader 12; Sophomore Presi¬ dent 10; Junior Treasurer 11. Joyce enjoys going places with G.H., B.S., M.J., P.G., and modeling. She will continue to remember the football games, San Diego ' s prom of ' 66, and Lincoln ' s Prom of ' 67. HELENMARY VALADEZ Delegate 11; Rooters Club 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 11, 12; Drill Team Manager 12; Cap and Gown Committee 12; Representa¬ tive 11, 12. Helen enjoys reading, listening to records and dancing. She will never forget Mr. Schor ' s 7th period Lit. Class. CONSUELO LOUISE VILLEGAS Spanish Club 10; Y-teens 10, 11, 12; Health Career 11; Garden Club 11, 12; Latin Club 11, 12; Science Club 11; Execu¬ tives 11; Pep Squad 12; Art Club 11; Annaul Staff 12; " Connie " enjoys going to " The Place " and squbbling over pizza with P. and N. She treasures being elected A.S.B. Attendatn and being call¬ ed the " Hair Stylist of The Hive " . She plans to study cosmetology and become a well-known hair¬ stylist and set up a business of her own. SHARON WYVEL TURNER Modern Dance 11, 12; Gymnastics 11, 12. " Parkie " uses her time going to football and basketball games and dancing. She ' ll never forget Lincoln winning C.I.F. in ' 65 and the Prom of ' 65. Her fu¬ ture plans are to attend business college and be happy. EDWARD E. ZUCCARDI Buzz Staff 12. Ed has been on the C.I.F. Rifle Team and wans en¬ rolled in Honors Physics 12, Adv. English 10, 11; Adv. History 1 10, 11; Adv. Math 10, 11, 12. He enjoys going out with friends and playing the electric guitar. He will never forget some of the school activities, some of the teachers, and that certain gorge¬ ous blonde He plans to attend S.D.S.C. EVELYN VILLEGAS HECTOR RUBEN ZEPEDA Hector has been at the Hive for three years. Besides the friendly atmosphere here he has happy me¬ mories of all those victorious foot¬ ball games in ' 65 and ' 66. YOSHIKO WAKABAYASHI Art Club 10, 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Adelphians 12; Mary Kathryns 12; Yoshiko was enrolled in Ad¬ vanced math. Painting, drawing, sketching, sewing, and cooking are a few of her pastimes. Yoshiko will always remember being tapped Mary Kathryn. ALLENE WALKER EVELYN LORRAINE WALKER Health Careers 11, 12. Reading, listening to jazz, having fun with the gang and meeting interesting people are Tootie ' s favorite pas¬ times. She will always remember Mr. Raleigh ' s graphic arts, the out of this world discussions in Mr Schor ' s 7th period class, and the most unusual Mr. Saunders. To become a social worker, attend Mesa, then State are her future plans. GERTHA MAE WHITE Tri-Hi-Y 12; Y-Teens 12; Modern Dance 12, Senator 12; G.A.A. 10, 11, Tennis Club 10, 11. " Mollie " enjoys eating lunch and gossiping with the gang about the mellow fellows. While at the Hive she ' s been known for walking the halls, being on the Drill Team and winning awards for G.A.A. and Modem Dance. She plans a career in professional hair styling. BEVERLY ANN WILBURN Senator 11; Speech Club 11; Se¬ nior Class Secretary 12. " Squirrel ' s " favorite pastimes are going to parties and being with E.L. The C.I.F. game of 65, A.S.B. Ball of 66, her algebra class, Coach Barritt and Smith and her best friends S.F. andA.C. will always be remembered. An IBM career is for her. NORVELLA R. WILLIAMS Modem Dance Club 11. Norvella transferred from San Diego High. Favorite pastimes are typing, cook¬ ing, and watching T.V. with her husband. She will never forget be¬ ing in Miss Maino ' s 3rd. period class and the different activities that Lincoln offers. Future plans are to attend college and become a beautician. CONSTANCE VALERY ELIZABETH WASHINGTON Red Cross representative 12; G.A.A. 10, 11, 12; Senator 11, 12; Riot Squad 10, 11; Tri-Hi-Y 10; Mo¬ dern Dance Club 12; Latin Club 12; Y-Teens 10. Connie received a P.E. award. A.S.B., Mr. Schor ' s " Contemporary gossip " class, the field trip to La Jolla shores with Mr. Raleigh, and the good school spirit are her memories. Her fu¬ ture plans are to become a P.E. teacher. HELEN MARY WHITE G.A.A. 11; Y-Teens 11; Modern Dance 11; Garden Club 11; Riot Squad 11; and Red Cross 11. Helen ' s favorite pastimes are listening to records and going to games. Football games 65-66 and having a wonderful time at C.I.F. will never be forgotten by " Coo- maknoch ' s Sister " . Future plans are to attend college. SUSANELLA WILLIAMS Modem Dance 10, 12; G.A.A. 10, 11; Bymnastics 11. " Sue Baby " loves to play records, go to parties, and think about that special some¬ one. Winning C.I.F. of 66, the A.S.B. Ball of 67, going to all football games, the nice time she had with T.M. on senior night will always be remembered. To attend college and become a so¬ cial worker are her future plans. SANDRA WEAST Latin Club 10, 11, 12; Pep Squad 10, 11; Sandie ' s favorite pastimes are sewing, cooking, playing pool, going to parties and walking bare¬ foot at the beach. She ' ll never forget Mrs. Bell ' s darling play house, Miss Bennett ' s gym class, lunch time, and all her friends. Attend college, travel, later marry that someone special are in Sandie ' s future. DEBORAH NANCY WILSON Tri-Hi-Y 11; Rooters Club 12; Y-Teens 12. Debbie has been in the Hive for three years. Her fa¬ vorite pastimes are dewing and dancing. She will never forget those football and basketball games and winning C.I.F. Her future plans is to attend I.B.M. school. NATTIE MAE WILSON Modern Dance 10; Band 10, 11, 12; Riot Squad 11; Y- Teens 10, 11. Sewing, going to parties, and eating Mexican food are Nate ' s favorite pastimes. When Lincoln won C. I.F., and all the friends she has met her will be a- mong her favorite memories. At¬ tending nursing school is her next stop. SYLVIA VIRGINIA YORBA G.A.A. 10; Art Club 11, 12; Hornet Hustlers 12; Spanish Club 12; Homecoming Committee 12. Sylvia enjoys listening to records, going to dances, and being with that certain someone. She will always remember the football games and the crowd, She plans to attend a junior college and later become an Airline Stewardess. BARBARA JEAN WIMLEY Riot Squad 12; G.A.A. 10, 11; Concert Choir 12; Verse Choir 12; Barbara is a transfer student from Palo Verde High. She received a G.A.A. and track award. Her fa¬ vorite pastimes are going out and having fun with the crowd. She ' ll always remember Senior Night and football games. To attend college and major in social work are her future plans. PHYLLIS JANIECE WOODS Tri-Hi-Y 10, 11, 12; Health and Safety Committee 12; Band 11, 12; Riot Squad 10. Being a- mong friends, attending school activities, relaxing, and having fun are some of her favorite pas¬ times. Phil found the class of 67, school gossip, and meeting H.C., most memorable while at the Hive. Her future plans are to attend Sourhwestern and later San Diego State. She will major in Elemem- tary Education. JOSEPHINE YOUNG Riot Squad 12; Girls League 10, 11, 12; Tri-Hi-Y 11. " Jo ' s " favorite pastimes are going out with her friends, listening to re¬ cords, and eating. She will always remember all the fun she had at the " Hive " , the teachers, the games, and the C.I.F. game. She plans to go to college and major in business education. ANITA MARIE WOODS " Mee-Mee " enjoys yaking on the phone, giggling, eating, and be¬ ing with that certain someone. P. C. She will never forget all the Sadie Hawkins dances, also all the football, basketball, track meets, and her many friends at the Hive. Going to work, and marrying that certain someone are what " Mee- Mee " plans for the future. FUMIKO SUE YAMANISHI Hornet Hustlers 10, 12; Adclphians 11, 12; Lancers 10, 11, 12; Latin Club 11; Senior Cap and Gown Committee 12. Fumiko has been in Adv. Math in her sophomore and junior years. She likes spend¬ ing her leisure time sewing, danc¬ ing, and talking on the phone. In her memories will always be Mr. Marriott and the C.I.F. ' 65 — ' 66. She plans to attend U.C.L.A. and later get married. ERNESTINE KNIGHT MARY ROCHELLE WOODS Her favorite pastimes are going to parties, dancing, and talking on the phone. The night Lincoln won C.I.F., the speech team, and be¬ ing among the greatest students of Lincoln are Mary ' s most precious treasures. After graduation, she plans to attend City College and major in cosmetalogy. RACHEL DIANE WILSON G.A.A. 11, 12. " Dec Dee " en¬ joys listening to music, being with friends, and sports. The party for Thomas B., Mr. Naibert ' s 4th period English Lit. class, the prom and graduation arc some of her fond memories. Dee Dee plans to attend college and to become a social worker. October NORMA ROWSON November LESLYE RUCKER December YOLANDA NEGRETE SWEETHEART OF THE January DEBORAH LEWIS MONTH Each month a Sweetheart-of-the - Month is elected by the Key Club. These girls are chosen on the basis of grade average, poise, beauty, and school service. This is the initial year the Key Club has presented this honor and award. F ebruary BERNETTA MOORE March CAROLE KUYAMA April BERYL GROOM June SYLVIA YORBA May CARMEN COUSTAUT

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