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WHAT IS TIME? TIME IS THE LIFE OF THE SCUL Longfellow ATE M TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedncatuon School Staffs Student Government Clubs Specnalty Unuts Sports Sophomores Juniors Sensors IOI7 I8 3l 324I 4453 56 59 60 68 70 IOS ' ' .ssSsssss..T...,,.,,,sts...........,.,...,,...,,,....,... 4 ' ' J Underclassmen .ATtstsss....stst.tstsss..tts... M54-69 I I ,.,sss. ,,,....,..s....r...,,........,t,t, I IO A I Honor Roll Alma Mater June, 1958 Llncoln Senlor Hugh School Son Duego Cnty Schools Dr Ralph Donlord Superintendent Photographs by U S Grant Studios Photographer Jack Bowermaster Prnntung by Neyenesch Prunters Jlm Neyenesch Engraving by Carroll Engravers Mel Iby Representatuve SCHOOL STAFF 8. ANNUAL STAFF Manlyn Easley CO EDITOR IN CHIEF Joanna Brown CO EDITOR IN CHIEF Betty Jo Mason BUSINESS MANAGER Donna Poland ART EDITOR Elnzabeth Hatashuta COPY READER Asda Anderson LITERARY EDITOR Ellzabeth Hatashnta STUDENT GOVERNMENT EDITOR Jnm Geldert PHOTO EDITOR Myrna Mortenson CLUB EJITOR Pat Colvin SPECIALTY UNITS EDITOR Jerry Jones SPORTS EDITOR Lculse Cruse Ton: Hernandez UNDERCLASSMEN EDITORS Dottle Newland SENIOR EDITOR Jlm Geldert STAFF PHOTOJRAPHER Pat Parga Lydia Hlnoyosa Shirley Byrd Jlrn Pennck Joyce Beasley Sand: Johnson Oleta Rucharas June Lewis XXII Xl ICIIII-Rl UH GL AQMEFS lt ls llw wisvsf who grivml mos! ui llw 'oss of linw. U.."'f f -. 1 DEDICATION The Statesman Staff of l958 wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. George Parry, our vice-principal. Through his untiring effort he has helped to mold Lin- coln into a school we can be proud of. His devotion was proved by his outstanding school spirit at all athletic events. We thank you, Mr. Parry, for your friendliness and understanding. What is time? The shadow on the dial, the striking of the clock, the running of the sand, day and night, summer and winter, months, years, centuries-these are but arbitrary and outward signs, the measure of Time, not Time itself. Time is the life ofthe soul. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 4 X r A N For the Class of l958 the completion of senior high school is just around the corner. As you go on to new experiences with high hopes and ambitions, may each one of you find success and happiness. We are proud of your record at Lincoln High School and know that you will continue to work and to achieve to the best of your ability. The Statesman Staff is to be congratulated for compiling this splendid record of many worthwhile Hornet activities. To every student good wishes for the future. Earl P. Andreen 5 Graduation is the key word in the lite of a senior. May each of you enjoy the pride and pres- tige which accom- panies this achieve- ment, Lois M. Agnew In just a few years Lincoln should have a Student Body of approximately two thousand students. It is hoped that as the school grows in size the students will retain the friendly atmosphere and high morale now existing at the "Hive," George Parry 6 Secretaries The Secretaries of Lin- coln have done a great job of keeping accurate records of Abe's students and their activities. l-lall Mrs. Evelyn Toth Mrs Helen Pease Mrs Evelyn Marietta Miss Madeleine Valenti Mrs Juanita Ketler Mrs Julia CUSTODIANS Our fme staff of cus todlans have worked hard to keep our halls and classrooms pleasant Jones Mr Carl Gilbert Mr Joseph Edgar Mrs Alyce Fraser Mr Wendell Osunsku Mr Thomas Miller Mr Lewis Romero Mr Mnke Nottingham Mr Charles Taylor Mr Jerome V .. .ww M,.W...,.. HM, ,ep W W W.. .,.,W.,. Ve.. ,..,M.W,,,,.. ,..3,,,.., Cafeteria Ladies The Cafeteria staff thus year has done an excel lent job of supplying the student body with superb service and a well round ed and tasty menu Jeter Mrs Vaneta Jackson Mrs Dorothy Copher Mrs Ida Clungenpeel Mrs Elsie Polonsky Mrs Margaret Kaney Mrs Wenonah Frances Mrs Florence Kress Mrs Della , I a I ' ' Q A . . I . U . .- 'J - N 5 5 , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . E f iz X - e-rj f. x, . l r , , I ,fi V iv I I , . ' g . . 1 , M A . . TQ, , . 1 A - Q, , . . I V . Q A 1 ' . " LW. , , 'wjfy F A I ' Y J J Ui S 7 First row left to riqht Mrs Barbara Anderson Mr Carroll Anderson Mr Wilber Austin Mr Warren Barratt M William Blanchard Mr Claude Burns Mr Richard Coxe Second row Mr Louis Cuchran Mr John De Beck Mr Harry Ganger Miss Dorothy Geisler Miss Jane Grathwohl Miss Mary Gray Mr Don Grugal Mrs Veta Hollingsworth Mr William Howell Fourth row Mr Alden Huff Mrs Katherine Hunter Mr John Johnston Miss Ollie Jo Jones Mrs Jacquelyn Kell Mr Leonard King Mrs Carol Klawa FACULTY AUTOGRAPH ' , 'h : . , , , . ' ', . ' , r. Dees, Mr. Shannon Deniston, Mr. Wallace Dickinson, Mr. Richard Elcharnl, Mr. Carl Flelmind. Third row: Mr. .Robert Our new vlce prlnclpol Mr Menke was o lote comer thus yeor ond we hope he will luke Lnncoln We ore sure he wnll be o welcome oddutnon both os o fruend and on odvvsor Fnrst row left to rlght Mrs Jeanette Kramer Mrs Hester Kyllo Mr Frank Langdon Mr Joe Lewls Mr Howard Luck Mr Allan McAlllster Muss Ann Merrlman Second row Mrs Helen Merzbacher Mr James Moore Mrs Katherlne Mottola Mr John Mould Mr Bazel Nelson Mr Herbert Nelson Mr Wayne Nettles Thurd row Mr John Osborn Mr Harold Palash Mass Julla Rlsmg Mr Teo Rodrlguez Mr Emmett Sklrvm Mr Don Smnth Mr DeGraff Stanley Fourth row Mr Fred Stollenwerk Mr Wnllram Sulzbach Mrs Rose Summers Capt John Swift Mrs Lows Tldwell Mr Wzlllam Urban Mr Walter Yuhl 9 I . I I I 1 - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . . . , . , , . , . , . , . . . ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 - 1 - . . , . , . , . , . , . . I xr cz man 0 mtv ect frms to use I XR'll1UR 5CHuPLNHxUI R M' E VERBMENT fprclimzry pvoplv fllinle rnerely 'ww tlwy milf spvmf llmir in2q ,A ' gf , 1 af, Mr Robert Berg Vice President Glenda Skinner Se retary Rosalyn Canfll Commissioner of Finart e Commissioner Buddy Wilkerson of Boys Activii N--if Jim Biers Commissioner of Publications Eleanor Trujillo Commissioner of Girls Activities Judi Haselwood Commissioner of Rallies and Assemblies Jerry Puerile Commissioner of Boys Athletics Sharon Smith Commissioner of Affiliated Clubs Sandy Mason Commissioner of Elections and Eligibilities l2 Ida Andrews President A S B COUNCIL The chief purposes of the A.S.B. Council and Senate at Lincoln are to encourage high standards at academic achievement responsible citizenship and to inspire school spirit and loyalty to Lincoln High School. The work of the government is car- ried on in meetings held every other week. Minutes are made available to each representative so that the work- ings ot the Council and Senate may be made known to the entire student body. gf :A ffv-1,3-mfg was 'fx , 'vi E -Ni gf in fi AM' awk Q. f ,.xqii,. A .Q ., Q mfg 4 24" QLQV k f MQ, i A ,W mv, il? L mu ,. 4' f U x if 517 A91 ,ffm f 'Ei 1 lk ,y lx , , , . ' IQZQV W G 1 W fx v- , ii 2 f 3 Q If z 1, ,V i E , JI, I Wgfq fl M L . f W 1 f-.f f , g.:,k:yA?., ig? ,Q N317 My , W, . . ., ,, sa 1 G sk r v if Qi ,EQ K 6 2, iw, .,.'. 75 :ww ,vi ' ,ff if w X ' K 21' K- .. ff W 1, Arwy uf? fp f ' ....,,,,lF 3' ,211 5 3 I 2 9 Ll ,V X- k , 121'-fir' -f ' gf9y,.154, ,fs 7 , i. M V 2 I A 1 'g wx 'A ' was A .. 5 ... W. -. Q -Q, was-I-2 A' I' R' if President Vice President Eleanor Trujillo Liz Hatashita Junior Representative Pearlie Griffin Sophomore Representative Barbara Starman Advisors Miss Ollie Jo Jones l Mrs, Lois Agnew Treasurer Senior Representative Secretary Bonnie Hubbard Cathy Lynch Guinevere Anderson YW,- SPRING COUNCIL Sitting left to right P Thompson A Sandstrum C Boyd A Fein Stand ing N Kobaya hi S Jordan M Thomas B Shuford L Poquette FALL COUNCIL Sitting, left to right: B. Washington, N, Wrench, C. Copher, J. Brown, P. Conner. Standing: L, Cruse, L. l-linojosa, L, Poquette, R. Vanderhyde, J. Helms. EMERALD DEB COUNCIL The Emerald Deb Council consists of seven officers and eight appointed committee chairmen, A "B" average is necessary to be an Emerald Deb officer. The Council plans a program of school services and fun- making activities, such as the annual "Green and White Ball" at which time "Miss Lincoln" is crowned. Each month an outstanding coed is honored with recognition of "Girl of the Month." At the end of the year, the Emerald Debs award ci one hundred dollar scholarship to a deserving senior girl, l4 A S B Kung and Queen Buddy Wnlkerson Rosalyn Canfll 16 "Um: ,gs . ANNUAL STAFF The Annual Staff has been hard at work all year produc- ing your Statesman "58". Although we have had many difficulties and disappointments, our advisor, Mr, Lewis, and -3, our editors-in-chief, Joanna Brown and Marilyn Easley, have provided us with much encouragement to produce an annual that we hope will bring back many memories ot the l957- l958 school year at Lincoln l-ligh. fb., Judy Beck Judi Haselwood Mr. John de Beck Marilyn Easley Joanna Brown Mr. A. J. Lewis Editor-In-Chief Editor-In-Chief Advisor Editorfln-Chief Editor-InfChief Advisor U ' 'Qi BUZZ STAFF The Buzz Staff, under the sponsorship of Mr. John deBeck, has given the student body an intimate account of the func- tions and activities of Lincoln for the past year. They have 5 done an excellent job keeping the students well informed on topics concerning Lincoln and her students. The Stott is to be commended for its hard work and fine accomplishments. lla 2 5 3 iii' s ' 1 9 I ,Ji A. ap' ... --..r'5M,i... Jll c lunffr 1 s PJINJXNHN IRXNKI IX 18 Drs lzou fcjlfj mv? VIQIIPII :fo noi sql ff fum for ffm! is ilu' SIUH Iifv is nmffv of. A ,., ,4..!, 5 LINCOLN BOWLING CLUB Thus rs the fnrst year that the Bowllng Club has been at Lvncoln The purpose of the club us to promote an act uve and lasting Interest nn bowling Although It IS the frrst year for the new club It has been a tre mendous success to those who have attended the outings to many of the bowling alleys ADELPHIANS The Adelphnans IS a group of glrls who glve of theur valuable time to render school and com munity service encourage good feeling and school spnrut and spread good cheer to all they meet They were organized In l954 ond have been a great success every year They have also put thenr sewing skulls to work and made curtanns for the faculty lunch room They have had money ralslng campangns for food for needy famllles FUTURE NURSES CLUB This club was started when Llncoln was stlll a young school The mam purpose of thus club IS to pre ent the dlfferent phases of nurs :ng and the requirements of the mdnvldual to be come a good nurse They have had worth whsle projects for Thanks guvrng Chrnstmas and Easter They have also partuclpated ln the crty wide prnnrng ceremony rn Balboa Park BIBLE CLUB The Buble Club has three mann purposes The furst to promote Chrlstlan fellouvshnp the second study the scrlptures and thnrd rs to combat the reasons tor ju venlle delinquency The young p ople also have contrnbuted their servuces such as takmg charge ot devotions at PTA meetnngs and other functuons The club has been organuzed since l956 At the first of the year they had a party to get ac qualnted wnth one another Dur :ng the course of the year many meetlngs whrch everyone enjoys . A , se . I - I - I f I I Q . l ' . . . . X I Q . U . , l ' ' speakers have come to their 5Ql'f W fa ' ' ' . ygy,Ay , . , . , . S I I 21 LETTERMEN S CLUB The Lettermen s Club hos been o greot help to our school In the post yeor They have helped to promote school spnrnt by sell :ng vnctory ribbons ond Hornet buttons The Lettermen s Club wos orgonnzed In l955 ond hos been cn tremendous success The requnrement for jounung the club ns thot the boy must hove lettered un ony sport P es dent V ce P es de t Secretary T eas e Jerry Puer Ie J m Marnno Russell Boehmke oyd Flagg 22 eff '-n -,wwe ' s 'W 1 , . ' ' ' ll II , . . r i i r i n r ur r i i ' B VcePesdet Scetay Teas Je yJo es Bes KEY CLUB The purpose ot the Key Club IS to serve the school and community when ever posslble and also to set an example of good conduct and school spnrnt at all tlmes The Key Club provzded boxes of food for needy tamllles at Thanks glvlng and Chrrstmas They donated a victory flag to the school and set up an award for the athlete of the month and also a trophy tor the athlete of the year This IS the thrrd year the Key Club has been organlzed They are spon sored by the Harbor Klwanns Club and Mr Parry Thelr past presidents were Joe Mader and Ronald Jones 23 gf ,gimmi- ...ff-'C LANCERS The Loncers ore o group of energetic people who give up much of their time ot oll othletic events They serve os ticket tokers ticket sellers ond progrom vendors This will be their fifth yeor os o most successful service to the school MODERN DANCE CLUB The Modern Donce Club wos formed to promote better interest in modern donce ond to perform for different school octivities. They olso leorn odvonced donce techniques ond put them to use in clonces. This is the fourth yeor they hove been in existence. 24 PREMIERS The Premiers have been organrzed tor two years and they are trynng to promote a more active Interest nn all types of actuvltles pertaunung to the automotive mechanlcs car engnneerung and properly sanctioned racing They helped at the paper drlve by hauling and plcklng up paper from dnfterent groups They promote an Interest nn safe drlvlng JR RED CROSS The .lr Red Cross us an old natnon wade organization I-low ever thus IS only the second year It has been active at Lnncoln The purpose of the club ns to provnde opportunntres for serving others nn the school the communuty the nation and other coun tries They have accomplnshed many achievements thus year which have been a great service to Lincoln and the community 25 I Q , . K mor SQUAD This group is made up of some of the most energetlc students a round Lmcoln Their mann purpose IS to pro mote school spnrlt and have a single cheernng sectnon worklng togeth er for a better showing at all our games The Riot Squad has been In exrstence fo tuve years and IS stull going strong LINCOLN Y TEENS the oldest clubs at Lincoln lt has been here slnce l95l They work with the school the com rnunlty and the Y W C A to pro rnote a better understanding of the youth of today The Y Teens of Lnncoln have participated In the World Fellowship Festuval servuce projects and the Y W C A conference ' ' r The Lincoln Y-Teens is one of I - I . . . . T I DRAMA LEAGUE The Drama League IS a group of young people who are glvlng of theur tlme to present an enter tannnng program to the student body of Lmcoln The purpose of the Drama League IS to promote a better understanding of Drama and :ts allied arts Thus year the Drama League had a larger and more lnterestlng program than ever before In the past they have had many outside actlvutles such as a beach party and a sem: formal dance FORENSIC LEAGUE The purpose of the Natlonal Forenslc League IS to encourage a greater number of students to acquire the invaluable training for leadership by the ef fectuve use of spoken wor It us an honor society made up of stu dents who have acqulr ed twenty fave or more pomts nn speech work Thus as the second year we have had a Nation al Forensic League at Lincoln NATIONAL .dl . Nadine Westcott Mrs Agne P es oe t Ad so L 1 Hatash ta Joann Kaiser Sec etary H sto an Ada Anderson Glenda Skmner lda Andre s Vice Pres dent Treasurer MARY KATHRYNS The purpose of the Mory Kothryhs ns to provide service to the school ohcl community The ndeo wos orlgmcnted In l956 but wos offsclolly storted lost yeor They ore potterhed ofter the Cop cmd Gowher s of Store College The gurls ore packed to be nh the Mory Kothryhs by their grodes school leodershnp ohd s h ol spirit There IS o limit In membership of fifteen Judy Aust n Rosalyn Canfl Cath e Lynch Joanna Brown Judi Haselwood Eleanor Trujillo Georgia White W. K., wnsw. C. S. F. The California Scholarship Federation is a state-wide organization for students who are outstanding in scholarship. The members are selected on the basis of their grades Those students qualify for membership, who, for the semester, have earned three A's and one B in subjects other than Physical Education. Students who make CSF. four semesters out of the six semesters in high school, having one of them in the Senior year, become Sealbearers and receive the official Federation certificate of life membership. This year the CSF. had a big Halloween dance. They also have a ditch day at the end of each semester. The motto for the CSF.: "Scholarship For Service." -g 'Y-. S STAGE C REW The stoge crew hos been o greot help to oll the school thus yeor They hove mode sets ond scenery tor dromo presentotlons ond tor school ossemblnes olso they toke core ot the lnghtung The stoge crew ns not octuolly o club but o closs In which tne students leorn obout the dlfferent oreos ot stoge work ii? C The Colutornno Codet Corps hos been ot Llncoln tor three yeors ond hos been of greot help to oll the student body They hove guorded ot tootboll ond bosketboll gomes ond hove olso portuclpoted ln rltle ond drlll teom competition 30 A.S.B. Ploy Our Town Februory 27-28 DRAMA GUILD PRODUCTIONS 1957-1958 Senior Play The Desperafe Hours April 23-24-25 f 2 31 Time, so COl7lfJIClill.lI of. XXJIIO to no one man Shows purliulily, Brings roumf lo 4111 mvn Sonw umlirnnfcf lmurs. M,,xTTliEw KXRNOLD 32 X POM POM First row, left to right: C, Carmack, W. Millan, J. Yoshioka, S. Klepper, J. Owashi. Second row: M. Ashby, S. Bromley, N. Comstock, T. McCoy, S. Cartwright. Third row: Y. Powdrell, S. Hightman, E, Griffin, S. Raybourn, Fourth row: J. Favro, L. Edwards. Fifth row: S. Woodward, D. Hicks. Sixth row: A. Bell, P. Orbke. Seventh row: G. Love, J. Colston. Eighth row: C. Law. Colonel Pot Colvin 34 0' 'Uh POM PON CAPTAIN SPONSOR SINGLE FLAG CAPTAIN Barbara Anderson Miss Grathwohl Guinevere Anderson SINGLE FLAG CORP Furs! row left to rxght Pearlue Grnffnth Second row Linda Dobbs Glenda Skinner Thnrd row Margie Eejirna, Nancy Kobayashx Mayfran Johnson Fourth row Muckne Reynolds Sharon Page Marsha Thomas Marllyn Seki. Fuftn row Camille Sheppard Asda Anderson Sandra Saylor Qfsefifzlm I eg, ff NV1 .ff, ' , 1. W al f""f ,, ms. q ,ks .5 f Rx 54. Y x , fm , . 33.1-I , , 4 A? 411,54 xmgxff Q 5? 1 X 'Q wif . X, yu, . Q! ,,, . 1 .nv mg, if I' Y ,f A -,Q N x Q .,g'.,v . 4- ., .f , A, ,-wk If gkfcjvf K , f '1 . , Y .. rf, . L W, y,, 11 lv ' ,A x -x'a of Q , . me :QQ 0 I ..:lv' 5'. 1 'F I' 0 A f F V 4, 6 I x 1 4- ' r Q . ' "f '1- 1 Q Wg, ' ,- . B42-yx 'nf 1, an ww, Q. , 'nf 5 A , kk A A f 3 1 1? E4 25:45 1 d'4 Mai A-fvk, 1 Q M X 'f 9 -ff QA , , Km ' .- '4 K, , Q C7 Em ws X-6 f "E.2 1' uewdeq 3 ueuueg -L sum M 3 uosuqof V HOULJBH 2 u 4Sn6V ue F 3593 M Smpuej UOSAA H 513 3 no Z -v- -v- 'S JJ mi .I W QOH UOSU Ei ?:I 3 571 El LUV S9 3 Obi LU SE V 9 paggng 'SHP 'SLJOSLU N JM M5 3 uosethog 'I aswmog :I H L-I J MO sv mr- 3 X4 3' X -f 'U 3' D. J TID O 3' 3 U OHD 3g O . -. m . ' -1 no fl 3 -. fD?3mE,S .'EQWf ZS' R'- .-N cw fb . L-T 05-0 0 GJ' Tj'-e mogo allgl Q- We U, N . "CU 553- mf? N I 'U 'm!'mw- ' 53,1 14? 53 :TKQN n OU13 O 33-mfwn , U-x F' mm,-ix 2' -- .xl 6. :TZ mjvlafm 3- 1. - FD: 5 N 9 - -i r- ,2 -50 ,gag g :Pm OJ no 2 iii: Q"Q,gN-. '3 fpcm Ex . gf I'T1 .3-' CD 3900 '-.3' F 'U GZ Q gum N -Q 4 Lhwn N4 ' OO ' - 51173 z 0 Q . A., .. 9330 O -12 :r- fo." 3 ... 6- Q53 3-4553, , N uw L11 P W- cr UJ gg? 936 3:3111 3 OJ' P' 5331 T1 Q39 ' 3 m. 5 wg? rs--gm3 P'-:CLP . MCL U WO ',?U,3' U"" . Q 43,3 rn 3 rn 11 13.177 5' 933--. rw. rw- 39 . CL LT m. S1553 Q. -ngfb -vw 55 "CW - no -. 5 -- - . 555.3 . L 3 .QS - U7 Er' P I QQ? . 'N m PDQI . DJ , m,3l9D Il 3?-3 - N uv? -. . :SU - 5?-, I 53 .-. Z x I I -A Ou , - 'o'o s " A O3ru , ,.m7mLL morn , .P. . 5 Q -QQ' ,L ff Q25 ,. ,"' av WW W la, A V ,gy 1'1Vfff1' -W fm akggag. . eyw .,M, 5 .I , . - - ,bfmf Q- Wvwaxg-Y,W:guf, :wx .-.fQ:.Q"u -2 L '.,.-:,sf':,' -:gzagffywa-5 , .,.:i2':-.:..:f::Q2 Q, wqfiup gg., . Q , N fs y 3 , f in x, fi 3 Y' Q , ,. F ' .Jr .5 A "Fj2:355 .MM V , 95 S v 'V -rs-"9 ws 5 2, ,F , Mfr'-'A wg 2 v. QW. :gun ,Q 1 1 L. 4 I gm 544 Q ,E ina 2-J 14 nf n' ' ,, K rw X ,W BAND MAJOR, Terry Duschel First row, left to right: E. Doniels, L. Slrioroder, S. Morrison, J, Riley, R. Bolosquez, J. De long, B. Breece, R. Boily, D. Young. Second row: J. Leovell, S, Hill, R. Somorron, S. Lee, J Heord, E. Jones, A. Bornes, W. Borron, R. Blomendole, O. Frey. Third rowi W. Morrisson A. Bennett, D. Borlow, D. Henderson, S. Foster, l.. Rodgers, R. Brodshow, D. Chenelle, E Provencio, H. Purtee. Fourth row: W. Stormon, A. Crowford, P. Young, D. Rivero, L. Foy J. Anderson, D. Shoffer, J. Eddy, R. Stonley. ORCHESTRA First row, left to right: S. Brodfuehrer, J. Eddy, E. Provencio, G. Llenoresos, J. Colston. Sec ond row: B. Breece, V. Kennedy, P. Myers, V. Summers, D. Hicks, R. McForlond. Ernie Marugg Jim Biefs CHEERLEADERS Head-Jim Merino SONG LEADERS First row, left to right: Sandi Kaesser-Head Song leader. 2nd row: Diane McDonald, Joan Knight, Sharon Smith. 41 'Dil V Y I I f 71' 1 1 1 If 1 x1 42 u lJl'il Kg 11: Iiglll wI111l1fl 1 r is l1i1f1!1 nr il wi!! 1' u ' up 11n1I 1'1m1'111f wlml is now Sllillillg in s Jffr Im: H1192 'L S .FFMH 3 NHC ,-1 'WL in fi Q- , , Q M .mr Qfilffifkg fm ff wg 43-Q4 5- :E if , in xy-f nwi'fE"' f -41, ,fax QQ., ?1?HviEfs Z ES ES E!! 358 ...il ww!! Saw gi 5 Wil bfi ' VARSITY FOOTBALL First row, left to right: E, Alvarez CMgr.l, K. Tucker, B. Wilkerson, S. Cook, B. Lewin, G. Sickles. Second ro L, Huguley, J, Haywood, J. Puerile, A. Vinson, D. Carey, R. Boehmke, R. Lefker. Third row: Coach Barritt C. Roberts, A. Grotf, R, Gray, B. Hultz, R. Douglas, J. James. C Tea m Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln FOOTBALL SCORES Score 45 I9 . 20 ...33 7 I4 7 40 Opponent Score Chulci Vista l3 St, Augustine .25 Point Lomo 7 Keorny .... l3 Hoover l3 Mission Boy O Son Diego l3 Lo Jollo 2 3 A ENXSTON COACH W oN D AR Ofxcifl 'SHANN REM BARRITT 44 First row, left to right: W. Rice, R. Gosek, L, Villaescuesa, D. Bromley, E. Chapman, W, McGrady, Bill Jordan lMgr.l. Second row: F. Petty, D. Sisto, T. Dement, R. Mann, T. Reynolds, G. Gresoro. Third row: B. Johnson K Carson, B, Flag, L. Ragsdale, H. Carlin, A. Sanchez, C. Meekins, Coach Deniston. ., , z I , .- ' is V - .XX .Jw K. T1 A." all N pgfff' . ,.., V fly QQAI 4 ' 5 " V wtifii . "" Q., ' , Russell Boehmke i Most voluoble player 2 ke Russell Boehm C0-Cflplom 45 'Agbserr Groff O CC'DfOin .gf 4? , iz .fikff A,-'Q' , 5 5,5 any , , Af, ,- 14' Q , , ,Y sf ". ' . ,E T5 'www ,,,...4w,., I . ' 'Wu-3-H-,SMA .W """ K y I 3 Q uf. . 39 '37 . ?. , , 2 Q55 ff ed, . X S. , J ,,.w,y5t ,xgw jr it 4 X-, 1 W lx. , q . , . y .f nf Af f' J -' N, 'ww , ,.. ,XAX M, x ,,.T,MM.,w.! . V--. ,,L,K,n,g ks, ,EW ,siRNA .fa .. W ' f .M 1.-V., wr ' 4f,,2i2?" 'MTKJ 32, 'A,p'w,'fG' '!?'U'?!2i' 'Lig N X wwsfw-l 1'Q?Ihff'55?Qi'fr"'f '14 ' "' f W. " if ikfk Q w-Y-3+-1, Y f 1' -L, +g.M,,., , ,f:'M2f??:. - ,H fy :W 1 - A -V .4 pm. -if 'ER Wqzgx ? 'fx if G 1 f M Rosalyn Canfil Cathie Lynch Sharon Smith Susie Snodgrass Eleanor Trujillo tl gf F JW : .1-:ark ' r A K . 3- W li 5 315' r K Y . hw 0 Plz. T2 as--vis FOOTBALL SWEETH EART Our Football Sweetheart this year was Evelyn Elston, The football players nominated the girls, and from these girls they chose one for Football Sweetheart, the rest were her attendants. Evelyn was crowned in the new gym and the football team serenaded her with Let Me Call You Sweetheart. She was also honored with gifts. The Football Sweetheart and her attendants were honored at our homecoming game. She rode in with her attendants in a new Buick convertible and was es- corted up to the stands to watch the game by the Cali- fornia Cadet Cozps. 47 1 f .s'1:,x-i ii 1 . . ,fr ' 'A . f 'iff gtg! 4 i A w- . F Dxjx X55 ,U as 35 Q3 M 23 33 25 53 X ..,. ,1 I H3 'ff 'fi S Q 2 .659 ,A .,. , wsww. , if aawgvas A Q if 5 5 X 6. , Q , O. H '-Q. I i ,fHr Y' if as 41 m Ek? sf.. 14, , 3 Q. 1,3 N., I CROSS COUNTRY First row left to ri ht' S Johnson T Smith J Whittoker L Foy K Fuerstinger J Eilis S , g . . , . , . , . , . , . , . Annono. Second row: R. Somorron, J. Rice, H. Boyd, D. Fogorty, D. Crom, B. Luno, P. Young, M. Mclntosh. Third row: Cooch Cox, J. Stoge, R. McForIond, T. Bowen, D. Fuer- stinger, D. Mollenhouer, C. McNurIin, F. Skinner, D. Young-Monoger, H. Wong-Monoger. A TRACK First row, left to right: J. Hoywood, B. Hultz, A. Vinson, C. Meekins, L. Johnson, H. Miller, R. Grey, A. Groff, L. Mclntosh, L. Foy, R. Somorron, W. McCrody. Second row: L. Bentley, J. Toylor, L. Villoescuso, F. Petty, E. Riddick, P. Young, R. McForlond, R. Boehmke, D. Fuernivol, L. Tucker, M. Rogon, R. Douglos. Third rowi D. Hutchinson, L. Cox, F. Skin- ner, F. Jonke, D. Roberts, K. Colvin, J. Bennett, K. Tucker, T. Bowen, D. Sisto. Fourth Row: D. Young, Mgr., Cooch R. Coxe, E. Alvorez, Mgr. NSW 1 B TRACK First row, left to right: J. Bowen, A. Partee, H. Wilson, A. Jefferson, S. Cook, V. Monroe, L Griggs, R. Flores, A. Baines, F. Sevier. Second row: W. Wells, C. Whitfield, J. Stage, D Cram, J. l-losaka, D. Henderson, B. Jordon, P. Cole, S. Wineteer, W. Sakamato. Third row Coach R. Coxe. C TRACK First row, left to right: R. Parrish, W. Crutchfield, T. Walsh, S. Johnson, J. Ellis, A. Ben- nett. Second row: L. Allen, C. Rosenberger, D. Laurence, G. Riddick, K. Fuerstinger, H Martin. Third row: Coach R. Coxe. 001 I I 0 1 0 :om usttn us lOlf0llVlq Q ow tw f llflU0 creepet 1 on 1 t i 0 rewnt sweepet 1 1 motion em oral QI Siam 5 Ile I u N mul DEB mmm 'TIIFO Ile S ride T'n1 ,, c I Si: .'-',l,l : I1- Arr I Suff, ll, P . , 3 , ,I F- A1c1 ' l,p.f l'l lsr. fic .Jan P x Yipxx UXXEYKXS Gr Bull Gllberf Vera Kennedy Phnllp Boynton Judy Smith Miss Ollle Jo Jones Mr Bazel Nelson Vlce President Secretary Treasurer Advlsor Advusor SOPHOMCRE OFFICERS it -RJ? 56 Q3 J ,lr JA Presdawt ' ' ' l ' 3 'qi f I ,Rag k Allen J Adams W Ashby M Adamson D Attaway K Alford D Baldwln G Avendano B C Bagley B C Barlow Boswell S Bowen D Bouterse L Boyd H Bowlln C Boynton P Brown R Bust J Buster R Buchanan Buttaro J Burks J Callahan J Chennlle D Cameo J Church F Carmack C Clcerelll R Chambers C Coe P Charlesworth S Coe R Coleman B Colvun K Cook J Crutchfleld W Cruse D Cooper L D Iron R Da D D an J lmone Dultsman R Easton Els S s Enomoto A Ferkovlc Floyed Foster S Foster K Gentry Foster S Gentry O Gilbert S Grrmes W Geschwnn J Halowel Geschwlnd J Hawkms Graham Gray J Holsapple G Gregson B Holtman G Backus J Allen L Bahr D Anderson R Baker C Ausdersan T Barnes A Beckett B Baxter B B T B A Bennett A Brashear M Brown J Bromley S Brown L Brown C Brown R Buxton W Cadenhead Byron E Carpenter J Caldera M Chapman D Castnllo P Clsterna J Castillo V Clements T Chacon M Cole W Coleman L Coa R Colston COX L Cook C Crawford A Copher C Doggett J D o l R Daly M Duenas W Edwards L Eastllck W Elsele G Eatman T Elllett D Echols T Eskllden C Fncher L Ferdunando Fogarty D Fernandez M Folsom R Gagnon Gettle G Garyland M Gilbert W GI D Griggs L Gibson H Henderson D Gomez L Guy C Gomez M Hetz N Griggs S Hosaka J Gross C Howard C 'SI'51m"E" awww we 'Q 4-ww xi-ez sf W rs ga we V3 4 ggi Gutierrez M Howell R 57 T weve w K' if :MH S 9.9 za f hy fr 5. if .ag 'WN' ve gf V u I . 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A-f 3 .. Z 3 3 " 1 I V- .' K: A I 'll 'l 11-A W ., -. Q 5, ,M .- i,,- Q kfisifef' I ' N' , 475 its V . e' . . J w a s A - 'M J K ' 'A or if 4 3235 57 N ' 4 I 1 ..,, H K lv 9 1,15 .'.', I 'V " ' df, w , .' J' .V 5' . J Q -' ' , Q1 "' F' f 9 -' A - J A J 'riff life ' ' ' ' ' ' V ' 1' ' lll I R' ' l ' ' ll iQ2"b'fll ' lull K is I . ' ' ' fl , f 2 J A f 2' f"l'2'f-" ':"' "1-l,5r:rfsi., R I .. . 'lg f P- ' . . ' ' ., 1 ..,,,., "::1 "" r Hill, S. Y . ,i 5 5 I V V b gl if E: V V I I f -ig I gf . 7 . r fu Mgzgfi 1 1 ' ' r ' ' A ' I . V All Q A "3 I 1 ll, I .... .. A ' X 4- ' ' B fy ,Y - Q or ,,:::g. '- J 5,3 L 4, 1 , 3 4 I f H- .. .,5.II I . .. Q . J' , 2 22. o SMX ax an QQ? SW' era., v-ff mf 'S Y inf I L Ia. 1 W1 Y xr' 'Ei Fig, .1 .S gf " HQ in 4 X L we 'bf an N0 'Y' Ex! ef Myers I , I ill if ,M- 'Q' 58 YW 4 4- E Wie . A 'W if we ls.-S 1435 W., . nv . , ? M HV' if iv-v Handrop, J. Hazel, P. Huckell, G. Jackson, W. Hanna, C, Heath, C. Huska, A. Jake, T. Harris, T. Helms, J. lngrassia, A. Jenkins, L. Hanson, D. Highfman, S. Jocelyn, W. Johnson, S. Hermansen, S. Hill, C. Jodts, L. Johnson, W. Hertach, E. Holland, B. Joeradf, A. Jones, E. Holmes J Hughes C Jordan B Kerr R Horner D Huntzmger M Kely G Kung C Hlcks L Hutchinson E Kelsey J Kobayashl F les Jenkm B Lane L Lawrence D Inman M Johnson D Lankm J Leeper J Jean R Johnson Lawrenc E Lelmbeck B Jones Kennedy V Lewas R McGarlfy J Jones S Kimball S Lowlfs G McHenry R Joyner J Klrterman S McDonald C McQueen D Kleopcr S Kurch C M h S Malrman W lfruske R Keyc A Magoon R Maruno A Kurz M Labxo M Ma lec R Mart nez E L lS S Lara Matsuhara R Mayfneld D Land C Lavorln Y Maurlcro Neler D Landers J Law C Maurzclo J Mlchacl G Llttlelohn R Lee L M er J Montrose J Lawrence L Lee M Mxner R Moore B Ledesma D Llennaressas Monroe J Morris R Lo me J Lowery C Mulleh C O Neill Long B Lueders M Noriega E O Dell D Love R McClure B Oleda W Oka G McCoy McNamara E Oldham J Pekelder G McDeaylft Naldonada C Parker L Plsano A 'vlcDowell M Mangua W Parrish R Pesko E Manrz C Mafols M ton Qu nce Marks D Meyers B Pr da R Pu Tee A Martxnez D M es Pur e H R r L Mlllam W Mrchell J Randall D Rlce G M er P Mltfer C Rankin J Rlchardson Mitchell E Mutter C Ratcllff F Raddlck F Q QFI, II I I I .:.I I. -V 2 1 I NV Q I I, I. I ,I . if . A J .... . K 7 . . Q . I ' lf? X . ' U - ' ' . , - Q .1 - f "l' ' J' f J f - J . J . I' I ' -. 7 :5 """ I I , C. ' s, . 3 . ...W A g f--.. I I' 1 ff I , . , . xii, 43' . ,333 .'.- ff I . I 'I I' I ' I ' J . I , ' ,.I. A egg I I X L I I I LI Q V I 2.1" .Ib Q 2, . , . IV II III I I I in WL J J so J ........ .M 5 . A II I. I I I QI I . II I. , I If , . , , . I I .Irs I I II . JI , - I , x I . , I. . . . .. . 1 - . I , JJ. J r A - f A ' .I -I ' ,II I - I 4 as I 'I ' ' IA I ,Ig saggy 1 V. ln.. I .. 2' ae. Q 'I -I 1 ,I .I I I 1 1.1 I I I If . I I. 3 I I I I . I I , .. I III. . I 5 I I , R, . - l A . f 'vlx A "' . N . . . f . X. I I I QIQI II ., I I 5 L ,I ' is ""' Q3 5 mf -. ,.-r. in , .' ' ' ' , . I"?II I l -X '-:.fI '., II . f ., . , . , J IIIIIIIIIIII 1 ..... ,.,., , ,,, III r 1. I II I ' .. .I , I I , I .1 I I . I I, . ' sw J , ' Z' 2., lvl- '. . ,V "Sy-Cf1: 55 0 . 5 z- -L - , ' I " ff' Er ' ' ' ' .I IIIII ' W W ' ,II II , .-5 II -vp. II I I, II.,' ,M IIII.II 'I I. I ' L' 3 ' ' ' - -..... ' -'-r r.l... or ':':' ""'l1" I , fs, Jw ' ' 3 -51 ..:" ' L. -g ..." P 'I 5 ' If? , .IffII 'f -- 1, ,Q I Q P :ls , R. l , J. Ii' I f I is ' I -:II ' sI . .IIII 3 V I I-I .. ' ' ..' ' R -9 f , . , . ... Q f as -J J A -A Q J J .1 'S A ,. II..., i I-I,I I II IIIIIII I I .I - -f . I JI I I I -I I , . I . 2 if . I . , I EI I ada I I ' I .... - rl-r . I III. . .I . A '.,.I. .I . v I 3 5 g . 1 ' .I-rg . ,.:' 'I J ."I ' ' II : ,QI .Ig ' I ' II I, 'H .' ' . f ' II.II, I 4 , I I..I I IIIIII ,,. I III :rf I I Q I , I . I I I I I , J. , ' 45.3. . I -J Q ' I . I 1 . 3 2.52 :':' XI. I 1I .o,,MI , II I ' ' ' ' A ,J J fr Hi fi .S A 1 X fp I Mu lee S Rlolo V Mu he M R os J Murphy S Rlos M Neumelster L Rodgers L Nlchols S Rodrlquez J Norman C Rogan M Orbke P Samarron Owashl J Sanchez R Peak K Scherkenback Posada M Sheffueld J Posdrlll Y Shutord B Prlda R Shuster H Roark V Snmpson H Robunson L Smith J Redvold D Springer E Ruiz A Taylor R Sanders J Thompson J Sanders L Thompson L Scot S Taylor M Sekl M Tucker L Serrnano G Vlnt V Shumamtot D Ward D Shoemaker M Waters F Simmons J Webb J Smith M Wnllcams A Smith S Wilson J Songer Woolrldge Sfeffenson Stewart G Strlbblng Sommers M Sommers G Soyenaya K Tobler C Todd D Thompson Trayler D Trlpleh B Vanderhyde Wlllrams M Wnlllams Wllson S Yamamoto B Yoshnoka J R Muslllo Y Robunson F Ne son l if Roblnson R Nenson C Rachell B Nutte D Rohrbac C O Neill V Rosler D Olsen O Sakamoto W zfwgggtr ww Penter Seluler Phllllps Shader 1' Pitcher Sharp J Prlnc A S va R Richards Srmmons W Ricks R Simms W Ro V Suhy M Rohrcr F Tachlgoln D Roosc E Swetscr L Say or S Thompson L Schelnayder J Thompson S 4 Schweukhard C Roneck R Shaffer D Walch T Shear G Walker L Shephard K Wamsley D Smith J Welrlch S Smith J We ka J ,f Smith M Whltfleld C iw Sotelo S Wrlqht R Splott A Stamps P Starman B Stead P I Swlhart P Takpntsno T Ta or E Thomas W Thornton S Throneberry M Vlllegas S Voqel R von Borstel Wallace S Waxman G White D ur I-if if it sn 59 QQ WW!! Nw mf 1 lhif Nl ,fre r QV gal in Q54 4034 .1 if WKZTV B z A El: W? nl? li ll ksgml 011 wif if JUNIOR OFFICERS Buddy Minich President Betty Hicks Treasurer Linda Lackey Secretary Ako, W. Adsit, B, Alford, M. Albro, C. Ambrose, P. Algarua, C. Arthur S A en J Baler A Alvarez E Arnaro R B In J Bankhead Anders J Barajas B Andrews G Beckett K Aragon M Bernard J Arce F Blanco J s-,gr 2' I I 'ig' nk Aslwabraner L -1 Blanco N Atkinson Z Bogason C Baker L Bostwlck Bacon Q Bofts M Bar ley R Bouvuer D Balcom G Bozeman S Baldwun D Brown M Barker G Brown R Barnes R Buchanan Barnes S Burnett J my - . s W . .. 15- .5 -.....,g . 4' 1 bf '. ,wif 'PY ,av Barnlcr J ,sf Burney B Barron W ,.,, Byrum P Baumeuster Carr D Bouclwe R 51 4, 'N-r .pr TY L BH :Em-A WWW .Q T' " 'eu ,A ,Q F ... , c m y mx WW5 an as YW? fv- we awe 't Pm as x-U., 'F mi GPM wr M Qmyygggwf sag ,gy nf xo .s F ,itgwgg at z 3 inf 'sf gf f xx! 'v E we New ag 1- QWY f wer We Carter J Bouterse C Cartwright S -ev Bowen J 'V Claar C Bowen T Comstock N Bromley D Constantnno G Brown J Cook M Bumanglag E K' Corb n C Q 4 Burkett B Cormier R Burle gh M Cofa A Cahan A Crowley B Car IU H Dal Iey P .-af, Carpenter R Davis D Carson K Davus N Chapman E DeForest P '-1, Colonelln P DeLong J Comler H 'url I GX I DeSantoago M Comer W DeSlmone M Cook S Dobbs L Cormier H Dobbs L Couter J Lfobbs P ,.-Y Crablll A-,L Dro I Cram D NU' Duke B 62 Cravens Duplante M 'fi Cement T Easton V Dererm D A I . ., A ' ' , fl ' A , , 'X E -If I - KX X x Q X H B J , - . - .,., .,.. 5 2 ., J ' J H J J I as V w, V I 'f V ff in . ww-' Y ,D--T V . '- ' M me 3. E f Q A dk I W, W , 5 . f K . H .fs bv . . cs, V xy Q Q I l 7 -f I 'lj' Af I Y f ? at x 13? G 5 r , U- . ' - - W ff 'J ' , . b ,1 1' af , -ff 1 -0 L M I V - 4- . ff ' 1.,-- Q 1 M -ggi' ' I - X . 16 N. e K 1 A 1:2 A ' n .5 ' TSS? "" 1 K " . , ' P I L H f f' ' ," Q. It , . J af - ' rr' ,,.,.,,, , P A' ' X J , J J --r-e x at J . - pf 'K J J J , If, , 5 J J 2:5-'-f. . ' .... iss.-"Q: w.gf'f'Y1- J " 3 X ..,. - - A ' 1-- "': :karl 55 , A H " V ' D -. , N f.,o,,,- . , , ' Q af it Q -' u W -.1 Wk w P , J nf I . J SJ X , C C J A V x hw' LET. -1 ,Na 'Q X ,L 1 4 1 W - ., L-N-q.:Q:5ak . V - , V .. -. 1, 1, 1-, Q- far-22-fig, ., A . -K, f , Q i 5 ubqi .5 Vi? A .A . fest: A - If '- J 'S fx ' Ji. , . If ,f ' ' I . t , ' wb , I . . . I, , 8 . -1, 6 r to .,., Q If t J J X qw, may F gg 1 ' K " wr' - A L --f- xx - ,A , . , J. Q '9 0,2 e sf-5 N , . 1 b , . . -'L - I J' A " H ri C' ,A , , . f Q MM. V C J 5 ' ww at f-- M. : , . ' , . - 1 , ' , 1 A , R. . f , Q J X 5 1 L., I vile I U, gy , . "" , . In ' F V 3 1 I I J, me , . - '. . 51, ,W . f ': . ' ' 1 - J Qt " 1 J J' 0 J f,jfl,1.:i':Qi3,3QgV A A I f in if X Eellma M Doyle M Fastarlmg E Duellman T Eddy J Escalante P Eddy S Farmer P Elliott S Fa L Eppler Feldman l Es alra A Fletcher L Fambrough Flores R Farrls C Ford D Faught S Frey O Faro J Fuerstunger Fisher J Furnwal D Fletcher L Gaeta P Foster B Gantz L Foster J Gerattes J Frazier J Gonzalez L Gabel D Gonzalez R Gallegos S Geslakowskl E Nd 'six we zmkm Goodwin L Geslakowskr F Graham Gray S ,Y Amar Graves R N--' Glfnn E Gresoro G Gr ffln P Haas J Grlgsley M Haag P Gortmaker G .rf YP! ,W Pu Wa- Q QF? MM .IW N77 ,f --.. .Qv-' xv! tm lui 'QW 63 'VU' x""4' 37' ,af Ns. 'H W '70 1. Nw Las' swf 'rl' Qc' N., T' 64 QW Q0 1-.-vs U-Q4 pi' Grimrner, B. Hada, E. Guevara, S. Hancock D. H R Handy R Harper D Hannibal T Hart D Hanson R Hayes L Hardlng M Heard C Harklerodal D Heard J Haywood H Heathman T Helnrucks J Hernandez Hernandez Hacks B Hertack H Hacks D Herth M Hmchclaffe P Holland V Hllan E Holmqulsf D Hogt J Hubbard B Huguley L Huntzunger S Huntley R Hurtado R Hutchnnson Jackson T Jefferson A Jacobs G Jesus D Johnson Johnson E Johnson V Jones J Jones L Jones J Jordan S Jones J my 'fx 4 S X 1 .5.53 . 1. K ..q, .-.., at , ri ,pf ,ik 3, 'WS- s I fu- A ,- ' n 'fs .:!L f' "!'.:" if 'xr-97' lr' B.. .Avia .'. W? H' Rodgers L Romero L Scott M Ruiz M Seabock T Rumph Se 1 R Russell J Semomous C Sandstorm A Sclakeford G Scott M Snckels G Scott M Simpson Semomous D Slrak D Shoemaker F Susto D Sholley B Sluss G Smith E Smnth D Snyder M Smith G Sobazah C Sne Img L Spatley C Sparks B Steward B Stantlll W Strleker S Steward R Stroud S. Stewart C. Sugiyama M. Tapia R. Tillman S. Tapp W. Todd V. Tay or L. Tombs D. Thomas B. Trailer C. Torres A. Troeger E. Tracy M. T ujillo L. Trunraell J. ...ff '27 We qw-uf 'WE Wx'-sr' ""' 1 A Suv ,Ln Wm ' -.pq he 'wav N9 'U 'SVT iii 'Ds B 'Q' 'ai' vvv ...f ww 41 'VCC W-N., 33515 558 '-v 1' L45 'P-vw x-if V4 Tucker Tucker Turner D Urednlck T Turner M Vlllaescusa L Vanderburg Vuklch Varney J Watson Vaugan J Welch B fel Whufaker B Wagner C Wu rams I Wagoner W I3 P Walker S Wlnetear S Walker S Wo fe R Washnngton B Wyloge W Weaver C Young D Wrlka S Wilson J Wood K Woodard S Woolums J Wright K Wyaft S Yardley B Zacher D Brown C Wnlson H Provenco E I s low ww: I tle moments V ow as 1 tle xe 1 cus u 0nqI 1 t one fl ready V 3411140 wre xe q 0 Imrccn o cz Qolq C ll 1 IO C voul l CHM ITIUIIIIOOC ,MISS 1 uqv I unowec :rr ul c un an I If qr IIIN H7118 INNO N 7 C UTI? IS HOU' Iomx C LINLX Xnxws EE. H II :I I i I 1 . K I-I 6, TI1, ' Ie I . rl. TI10 0 I, M I I I .'.' . AMI 1 wi I1 I " , I I Ju : 1 IIIJO-Irc' ' Iflllss- Hui wI1crf in I7 e fi if f it X if L' wr. A-HI Tw '-,I c , -"." .,..:- 2 :" W i T -. -,,.. SENIOR APPRECIATION The graduating class of i958 wishes to express their appreciation to the untiring efforts of their guidance counselor, Mr, James F. Moore. To you, Mr. Moore, we dedicate this section. During the past three years that Mr. Moore has been our counselor, he has won the respect, con- fidence, and friendship of each and everyone of us. l-le has always been ready, with a quick laugh, untiring efforts and patience, and understanding to help us solve our problems. The future success of the whole class will re- flect on his honest and sincere counseling. We believe that Mr. Moore proves the saying, "Your best friend in high school is your grade counselor," SENIOR OFFICERS Jim Marino President Joanne Kaiser Secretary Nelson Kahn Vice President Pat Colvin Treasurer SENIOR CABINET First row, left ta right: Pat Colvin, Jim Marino, Nelson Kahn, Joanne Kaiser. Second row: Aida Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Barbara Smith, Mary Hagen, Pat Griffith, Susie Snodgrass, Glenda Skinner, Eleanor Truiillo, Sandi Kaesser, Barbara Stark, Third row: DuWayne Bahr, Wayne Beachley, Gary O'Dell, Rus- sell Boehmke, Robert Guy, James Holland, SENIOR CALENDAR Dutch Day Annual Sngnung Party Prom Vespers Breakfast Graduation May June June June June June l-lollday Ranch Cafeteria Lafayette Hotel Llncoln Audltorlum Cafeterla McMullen Field Prom Dutch Day Commencement These actlvltles are synonymous wuth the word Senlors We Seniors would luke to have you get to know the wonderful people who have made these actnvutles as great as they were To Mr Moore out fine counselor and frrend to oulr officers and representa tives and to ocsr committees w wr h to say thanks for making thus th greatest Qenlor Class Lincoln has ever had 73 The Seniors of 58 ' DD DD DD ,eee D D D 29 ' D DD 6 D D DDDDD.D D 8 ' ' ' Awards ,DDD DD D..D, D DDDDDD D DDDDDDD,,.D. D June ll Cafeteria ' DD DDDDD ,.D, D DD DD l2 ' DITCH-DAY First row, left to right: Pat Grif- fith, Pat Colvin, Glenda Skinner, Second rowi Jerry Smith, Chair- man, Wayne Beachley, Boyd Flagg Knot picturedl. PROM First row, left to right: Guinivere Anderson, Marilyn Easley, Myrna Mortenson, Barbara Smith. Sec- ond row: Terry Duschel, Sandi Kaesser, Chairman, Al Groff, Eleanor Trujillo, Chairman, Tom Smith. VESPERS First row, left to right: Maxine Jennings, James Holland, Chair- man, Joanna Brown. COMMENCEMENT First row, left to right: Lauronell Berger, Nadine Westcott, Joanne Kaiser, Elizabeth l-latashita. Sec- ond row: Jim Merino, Barbara Anderson, Chairman, Russell Boehmke. SENIOR PLAY First row, left to right: Bill Stowe, Mary Cramsey, .lames Biers. Sec- ond row: Barbara Stark, Chair- FTIOT1. BREAKFAST First row, left to right: Nancy Wrench, Jim Penick, Margaret Rillero. Second row: Mary Hagen, Chairman. 1' Y AWARDS First row, left to right: Sharon Hand, Nelson Kahn, Judy Har- reson, Chairman, Jerry Puerile, Sharon Smith. 5911, ADVISORS Left to right: Mr. Moore, Mr. Palash, Miss Mayne, Dr. An- dreen, Mrs, Hollingsworth, Mr. Rodriguez. MARY ANELL AITKEN Mary known to her frrends as lrttle Trger has belonged to the Rrot Squad and has been rn the Pom Pon Corp Her favorrte pas trme has been crursrng around rn her Chrysler and gorng to drrve rns Mary s pet p eve rs gettrng up rn the mornrng for school She also thought that our Senror prrvrleges were real Raunchy Real Raunchy rs er favorrte expressron Her favorrte memory of Lrncoln has been her whole Senror year especrally the last month Ambrtron7 Mary sure has that she wants to be her own boss and lrve to be 106 DON ALBRO Don was rn such clubs as the Bowlrng Club and Sprkers Hrs ac trvrtres were Baseball Basketball Football and Bowlrng Hrs pet peeve rs Howard Morrrsons bowlrng You wrll see Don spendrng hrs spare trme bowlrng and workrng hrs ar Wow' Look at that' rs hrs favor rte expressron He drrves around town and school rn a 52 Plymouth Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln s Graduatron and hrs ambrtron rn lrfe rs to enjoy rt BARBARA ANDERSON Barbara better known as Bo b e wants to go to San Drego State and then become an elemer tary school teacher when she frnrshes school Bobbre enroys tallrrng on the phone and drrvrng around rn a 57 Ford She says that her favorrte memory rs her whole Junror year at Lrncoln Bobbre drslrkes people wrth no school sprrrt and those who dont act therr ages She has been rn the also has been Grrl of the Month Commencement Commrttee Charrman rn the Senror Cabrnet and Pom Pon Corp rn the 10th Captarn rn the 11th and 12th Bobbre has also been a page and delegate at the nomrnatrng conventrons IDA ELLEN ANDREWS Ida has been a member of C S F Modern Dance Rrot Squad and NFL Ida has been Sophomore Class Vrce Presrdent AS B Treas urer 11th and A S B Presrdent 12th Ida rs on the Student Conduct Com mrttee and Prom Decoratron Com mrttee After school and on Saturday most lrkely youll see her drrvrng around rn a 55 Chevrolet Ida en roys watchrng movres eatrng and dorng school work lda s pet peeve rs berng away from Ronnre She wants to go to Brrgham Young Unr versrty and become an eementary school teacher CHARLES GERALD ANDERSON Charles rs much better known Je ry Jerry has partrcrpated rn Wrestlrng and he plans on attendrng college and then becomrng a drafts man EUGENE EDWARD ARCIAGA Eugene sometrmes referred to as Geno wrth the dark black harr drrves around school rn hrs 52 Chev He was the Presrdent of the Bowlrng Club so of course hrs favorrte pas tme rs bowlrng a'ong wrth workrng rgsaw and crossword puzzles The thrng that annoys hrm most rs b rng be by Joe Moore rn Bowlrng Geno says hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs Mr Flemrngs Pet plans to be an auto or avratron me c anrc d e wants to go o Vocatronal AlDA ANDERSON Arda rs annoyed by scatter brarned people She enjoys eatrng przzas and gorng to the beach Arda wrll always remember the Brg Three the summer trrps and the Mary Kathryn tapprng She was Vrce Presr dent of the Mary Kathryns treasurer the lunror Red C ss rn e Adelphrans and Rrot Squad Her ac trvrtres at Lrncoln were Flag twrrler rn the Flag Corp Grrl of the Month and she rs C S F Seal Bearer Arda s arnbrtron rs to be successful after frnrshrng college GUINEVERE ANDERSON Gwen sometrmes called Puddrrr has been rn the Emerald Etles and Captarn of the Srngle Flag Corp She has also been a member of the Ad phrans GAA and Y Tee Gwen has also been rn Chorr and on the Emerald Deb Councrl She en roys dancrng and eatrng Gwen drs lrkes math and walkrng She plans to b come an Englrsh Teacher earn rng her degree at UCLA Gwen says thrs rs tuff to berng on the Emerald Deb Councrl Her favorrte memory whrle attendrng Lrncoln was the San Drego football game rn 56 OSAMU AMANO Osamu rs much better known as am to hrs trrends He says e wrll always remember hrs frrst day at Lrncoln and he pans on attend rng Junror College and becomrng a prlot or navrgator Sam has partrcr pated rn such clubs at the Letter mens HrY Key and the Bowlrng Club Hrs actrvrtres are tennrs and cross country Hrs favorrte pastrme rs bowlrng tennrs and talrrng pc tures JAMES LARRY ANDERSON James better known as Larry plans to be an Electronrc engrneer and go to College He was rn he Bowlrng Club the Lettermen s Club and the CS F Hrs actrvrtres were football manager and the Band and Orchestra Larry says that hrs favor rte pastrme rs playrng rn a dance band lrstenrng to Jazz Albums and eatrng apples rn hrs Trrg class Hrs nrc name rs Cool One and hrs favorrte sayrng rs too much ou wrll see Larry drrvrng around school rn a 35 powder blue Ford arry wrll long remember the sprrrt of Lrn coln rn the past years 6 i e . . .- ' . . qn I. C I nr. rr H ' h A ' I - . - ' V A . I . ..- . .i 1 I I , A .' S. ' - V ' , . h of , ' . mv" th ,'V , " b- ,' as Riot Squad and -"Y" Teens. She ' ' . ' . ' r el' , "H" ns. ' Y ' Q .... ' ' 'rr- ' A' V ' ' .h I- - . V, l , . ' :weft , . .. at I H. v U . V . . I I ' , , , . I I 1 V ' He ' ' 'I '. u rr an h r 7 JUDITH LYNNE AUSTIN Judo has been a Mary Kathryn Adelphran C S F and a member of the Rrot Squad Judrths favorite pastime rs playing tennis badminton swimming Irstenrng to the hr fr and talking on the phone Judith s fav orrte expression is YAII er favorite memory rs the day she was tapped for the Mary Kathryns She plans to attend Santa Barbara State College WAYNE ARTHUR Wayne plans to attend college and beco'ne a musician He says hrs fav orite pastrme rs playing his ax with the Gaynrters Band You can ear him say H ya doing rs working hard? Prpe Galore and Oh Yeah He says hrs favorite mem ory of Lrncoln was checking Pipe at the hall corner of the 200 build ng Wayne drives an Oldsmobile around school Hrs actrvrtres at Lrn coln was herng A S B Representatrve rn 11th grade and playing Football rn the 10tn grade JEAN BABER Jean has been a member of C S F worked on the Senior Breakfast Com mittee She dislikes stubborn and rnconsrderate boys Sh likes to demonstrate her great school spirit Jean drrves around rn a 48 Plym outh Jean wants to go Cal Western and from there she wants to raise rabbits GEORGE FREDRICK BAIRD George better known as Tex ball He says hrs pet peeve rs teach er and lrkes to spend his pastime dating girls Tex drives a Chrysler and rs always saying Samata wid chew He plans to attend the Unr versity of Texas He wrll always re member the Hallowe en Dance VICKIE ARREATA RONALD AREHART NORINE AVILEZ DU WAYNE BAHR Du Wayne mostly called Wayne says hrs pet peeve rs havrng to have to Irsten to lectures He spends most of hrs time watching televrsron and driving hrs Studebaker around Lrncoln Hrs favorite saying tough break Wayne wrll always remember the time we lost to Hoover rn Basketball He was rn such clubs as the HrY Tennrs and Bowling He plans to attend San Drego State and become an Engineer CONSTANCE MARIE BAKER Connre has participated rn speech arts Lancers N F L Emerald Ettes and GAA Connre lrsts Debate as her pet peeve She enjoys listening to the radro and playing her ac cor ron S would lrke to be a gag? Officer and she plans to attend 77 WAYNE LAUREN BEACHLEY Wayne nick named Beach says hrs ambition rn life rs to be success ful in whatever he may attempt He plans to attend San Drego State He was rn such Clubs as CSF rot Squad and tie Lettermans Club Hrs activities were ASB Senate Senror Councrl B JV and Varsity Basketball JV and Varsity Baseball and Ditch Day Commrttee Wayne seems to be annoyed wrth grrls who wear excessive make up Hrs favorite saying is Hows that Strrke ya? Favorrte pastrme was socializing Mr Moores office He can usually be seen around Lrncoln driving a 39 Plymouth Wayne wrll always remember the Hoover Lrncoln Basket bail game of 55 and Cedar Lanes ' Y h..' ".l -h-'Va . I . I. 'ii i ii. H i.. I ' . - '. h 1 ' r . " .f - ' . ' is Riot squad. and j'v" Teens. 'Jean rim his activities as choir and Foot- ' ' ' - ' . 4 .,'R' rf .r he A A 1 ' . JEAN CONSTANCE BEASLEY Jean was rn the YTeens the Rrot Squad and she was Junror Repre sentatrve She enjoys dancrng srng and lrstenrng to the ra ro Jeannre as she rs sometrmes called can be heard sayrng good golly and my word She wrll always remem ber Good old Lrncoln Hrgh e would lrke to be rn the entertarn ment freld preferably srngrng 4-K JOYCE MARION BEASLEY Joyce drslrkes concerted people her favorrte pastrme rs eatrng dancrng lrstenrng to records and the radro her favorrte sayrng rs Lrke Wow' She has been rn the Y Teens Annual Sta and Rrot Squad Sh wrll always remember the Lrncoln Hoover Football Game Joyces amb tron rs to get marrred and have a happy home JUDITH ANN BECK A transfer from Sweetwater rn 57 Judy rs sometrmes referred to as Budy Jeck Judys favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs workrng on the Buzz of whrch she has been co edrtor rn chref Her favorrte pastrme and say rng rs dancrng and how ya dorng7 She drslrkes unfrrendly people Her ambrtron rn lrfe rs to be successful rn what ever she does ROBERT BERG Robert better known as Bob ANDREA CAROLE BARNES Andrea s favorrte sayrng rs a quote Love your enemy rt wrll drrve hrm crazy Srnce Andrea rs a new stu d nt here she has been only rn the Bow'rng Club Rrot Squad and Y Teeas Whrle attendrng school rn Portland she belonged to the Debate Club Andrea s ambrtron rn Irfe rs to help others She drslrkes concerted p ople who thrnk they re the most Andrea enjoys gorng places and Mr Blanchard s jokes JOSEPHINE ANN BARTLETT Known to many students as J she transferred from Perryvrlle Mary land Whrle at Perryvrlle Hrgh she was a cheerleader Jo s pet peeve rs uncontrolled arguments and lres She loves progressrve jazz and you can always hear her sayrng ow wrcked Her ambrtron rn lrfe rs to become a successful stenographer and she wrll always remember graduatron JOHNNY BENNETT Johnny belonged to the Sprkers Club and was rn such actrvrtres as Football and Track Hrs favorrte pas trme rs eatrng and hrs favorrte say rn s Look ou' Johnny drrves around rn a Ford and hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs the food Hs ambrtron rn lrfe rs to work rn Con structron he plans to attend U C MAURICE LEE BENTLEY Lee was rn the Sprkers Club and hrs actrvrtres were Track Fre'd and Junror Varsrty Football Hrs et peeve rs Hrgh Socretres Favorrte pastrme rs sports and grrls He says Wow qurte a but He drove around Lrncoln rn a 1950 Ford Lee says hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln was orts rr s Pa r an frrends plans to attend San Drego State and try to be a success when he rs frn rshed Bob says he wrll always re member the 57 Nomrnatrng Con ventron Hrs pet peeves are the stu dents who dont attend any school actrvrtres You wrll probably hear B sayrng dont panrc qurte a bt Favorrte pastrme rs watchrng televrsron Bob drrves a 48 Plym outh He was rn such clubs as the Ke Club CSF and he was rce Presrdent of the A S B and played rn the Band JAMES WILLIAM BIERS Ill James ambrtron rn Irfe to to be come an archrtect or a cartoonrst He plans to attend San Drego State College Hrs favorrte memory f Lrncoln Hrgh was the 57 Football Carnrval Whrle attendrng Lrncoln he was rn the Key Club and Rrot Squad He partrcrpated rn actrvrtres such as the Commrssroner of Publrcatrons on the A S B Councrl A S B Senate Cheerleader Treasurer of Key Club Basketbal Senror Play Comm ttee Tennrs team Drama League San Drego Traffrc Safety Councrl and on the Student Conduct Commrttee Hrs pet peeve rs losrng to Hoover Hs favorrte pastrme rs p'ayrng basketball and dancrng He rs commonly known Knees and rs often heard say ng Gather ye rosebuds whrle ye may JUSTIN BLAIS Justrn was rn the Radro Club and on the Sound Crew Hrs favorrte pastrme rs burldrng radros He drrves 51 Wrllys Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln was the Old 1956 Radro Club Justrn s ambrtron rn Irfe to to do somethrng rn Electronrcs 78 H I' , 4' ' - I rr 41: ' g rr t'rr I -A . I ,. V i - r. , - ' . r. o..Y - I-A. . t - n ,A 'I . n . I. . .Z P . In 1 sp ,g'l, Mr. ry d his ing -A ' 'Q n V d' ' . '- n .r -' - - . .,, sh' . .. - . ' I I -D ob - r. , - YJ:-ffi- f' TM ' 42 yf , ..., v' . ' . . U . .,L 4 . I . . 0 ff' V I. ' e . . I . . . ' ' .' i as .. '.z . A A i .. . ' . . a I - - , -, CYNTHIA BOYD Cynthra has been rn G A A Future Nurses and Y Teens from he 10th to the 12th Better known to her friends as Bonr Maronr she loves to go to the movres and lrsten to records Her pet peeve rs when a teacher gives you a grade that you dont deserve Cynthras favorite memory of Lincoln was her senror year and drrvrng around rn her 41 Chevr or 56 Merc Her ambrtron rs to become a nurse and she would r to attend U of Mrchr an Some of the actrvrtres Cynthia has partrcrpated rn are the Senate Em Said Deb Council and the Emerald es MAXINE BOYLE Mackie has been co editor of the Lrt Log and typrst for rt She enroys dancing and Irstenrng to the radio Mackie drslrkes rmpolrteness rn anything Her favorite memory of Lincoln rs the cafeteria hassel at frrst lunch She plans to attend col lege and teach Literature GERALD BOOKER Gerald plans to attend Calrfornra Western College rn the near future Hrs ambition rn lrfe rs to frnd the Secret of Lrfe He rs annoyed by dominating people and loud mouths and hrs favorite pastime rs talking to rnterestrng people Hrs favorite saying rs He who talks the most usually has the least to say Ger a drives around rn a 41 vr and wrll always remember the Lrn coln Hoover football game rn 1956 PRESTON BRADLEY DOROTHY FAYE BEFUS Dot has been a member of C.S.F. and the Golf Club. She was on the Historian committee in the 11th grade. Her pet peeves are when Mr. Anderson and Mr. Sulzback refer to her as Betty. Dot spends most of her spare time reading. She wants to become a scientist, earning her degree at San Diego State. Her fav- orite memory was the day she re- ceived the phonograph for selling 76 boxes of Christmas Cards. LAURANELL BERGER Lauranell has been on the Com- mencement Committee and a member ol the Pom Pon Corp. Lauranell has a firm dislike for commercials. She enjoys ice skating, and listening to the radio. Her favorite memory of Lincoln High is her whole Senior year. Lauranell plans to attend a nursing school. RUTH YVONNE BIBLE Ruthie dislikes "4" admit cards. She has been a member of the Y Teens Glee Club Abes Eight and s'1e was entered rn the Speech Con tests Ruthie enroys srngrng and saying oh so cute Ruthie pans to become a telephone operator after her favorite thought graduation She says she will never forget Glee Club rn the 11th grade WESLEY BLOOM RICHARD BOEHME Richard was in C.S.F. His favor- ite pastime is eating, and watching T.V. His nick-name is "Ben" and he plans to attend State for two years, then Berkeley. RUSSELL JOHN ANTHONY BOEHMKE Russell will always remember the day Mrs McMullen threw the football out to start the Kearny Game rn 57 Hrs pet peeve rs guys that break trarnrng during the season Hrs fav orrte pastime rs playing football and social events He was rn the Letter man s Club d Key C u through hrgh school Russell s actrvr tres were Football Wrestl ng Track Basketball Commrssroner of Senior Affairs AS B Council Stage Crew and Sophomore lunror and Senior Class Representative Hrs Ambrt on rn Irfe rs to be a secondary Teacher or mechanical engineer and plans to attend Unrversrty of California Nw 79 'I - 'Alan ibuaii , ll YI I ' -Y t . U . ' ld I ' "Che: l'ke ' 'g . Q ' PATRICIA ANN BREWER Pat belongs to the Adelphnans C S F Rnot Squad and the French Club She has been a Senate Repre sentatlve Red Cross representatlve and a Delegate at the nommnatlng convention Pat enjoys dancing and tallung Her favorlte expressuon as swlngnng Pa s ambltuon IS to be a success at San Drego State College SONIA ANNE BRODFUEHRER Soma plans to attend State College so she can become a Klndergarten teacher Whlle at Llncoln Soma has been ln the Masque Club Teens Rlot Squad and Orchestra She enjoys eatung plzza and talkmg on the phone Umdrngldlng Soma s favonte expresslon Son: as some of her fnends refer to her OISIIIKES concerted people and home wor o nna or as a few re er to her has been un the Mary Kath ry s C SF Bowling Club and the Bl e Club Joanna has been member of the Emerald Ettes for 3 years She has also been on the Emerald Deb Councll ln the Cholr on the Senior Vesper Commlttee and Co edltor In chief of the 58 States man lo dlsllkes sllppery floors Her fondest memory us being tapped Into the Mary Kathryns Her favornte ex presslon IS brat She would luke to be successful In what ever she does Her favonte pastime IS Davld NEVEL BROWN RICHARY CAREY RICHARD WILLIAM CARR R ard joys drlvlng In h Chev: and takmg Donna out Hs favonte saying IS I try all thrngs I achxeve what I can Rnchard wull always remember the Semor Prom Hrs ambltlon IS to attend UC LA and then become an electronlcs engrneer CAROL LYNN BROADWAY Carol has been In the Math Sc: ence Club Future Teachers lunror Re Cross and CSF Carol as one llttle pet peeve pop quizzes when she hasnt studled Her favor ate pastlme as swlmmlng and she en joys saymg Its Crac ers er am ltlon In llfe IS to attend an Duego State College and then be come a gym or Engllsh teacher here at Lnncoln RONALD DALE BROWN Ronme was In the Premlers He says he spends most of hrs time crunslng In has 49 Merc and saying Whats happemng" Ronme mck named Charlle Brown an he cant stand term papers Hrs fav orlte memory of Lincoln was hls en ture Sensor year Ronme plans to go to U C L A and study to become an electromcs technlclan SANDRA BURDINE San ra Ill never Tell Burdune IS sometnmes referred to as Bird Sandra has been a member of the Adelphlans Rlot Squad CSF and Cholr Sandra IS a member of the Prom decoratrng committee Blrd s ltlon In llfe IS to be a m teacher she plans to recelve her degree at San Dlego State Sandra s pet peeve IS Mr Moore s threats to send her to R C A She enjoys swam mlng and dancing JOHN CASILLAS o n known as EI Rayo s llkes gurls dropping books In front of hum and delights un chasing gurls He drives around In a Ford 80 j Wh l n 1.1, ' - d ', . . . ' h " ' ' ' . ' ' . 4. ' - .'- A H. I V 'H - is . . . . . . V , . ' ' ' , H I Hz d . A ' , , . . . 1, , k A,, H . . ' . ' 4- I ' V IIYH . , , ' . ' . ls IOANNA BROWN I a , "1o'f, f ich en" " ' ls A d 4 "' " ' I h , " ", di - 'bl . a ' ." 'g ' - ' , ' h , . . . ' ' . ' - ', ' l '. - V ' A' ' amb' "" ' V ath SANDRA JEAN BURNIDGE Sandy has been a member of the Y Teens Modern Dance Club and Rrot Squad She drslrkes watchrng hos frght She has been rn he Srngle and Double Baton Corp of the Emerald Ettes Sandy enjoys lrstenrng to musrc and dancrng You can usually frnd her crursrng around Drego Sandys favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs Erme Shepard She plans to attend JC and then become an arr lrne hostess JAMES CALHOUN CATLETT James was very actrve rn the Key Club and Letterman s Club He was a very actrve partrcrpant rn such actrvrtres as Baseball and Basketball Jrmmy enjoys shootrng a game of pool and rs always heard sayrng Now how does that strrke you? He rs annoyed by such thrngs as stuck up and concerted grrls H says he drrves around rn the best lookrng 40 Plymouth around Lrncoln Favorrte memory of Lrncoln was the frrst day he met Mary Jrmmy plans on gorng to State and hrs ambrtron r to get a good job get marrred and rarse a famrly ROSALYN LEE CANFIL Rosalyn has been very actrve here at Lrncoln she was Class Treasurer of the 10th and llth grades Com mrssroner of Frnance Senate Repre sentatrve Secretary of Masque Club C S F Vrce Presrdent rn her Senror year she partrcrpated rn the varrous Speech tournaments A S B Play Rrot Squad Adelphrans and Mary Kathryns Rosalyns pet peeve rs people who wart untrl the last mrn ute to buy a trcket her favonte pastrme rs square dancrng and play rng badmrnton and her favorrte say rn s large charge' She plans to attend San Drego State where she wrll study to become an elementary school teacher Rosalyn wrll long re Rrgmger berng elected Queen of the NORMAN CLARK JOAN BUTTERFIELD Joanre has been a member of the Buzz Staff She has also been rn the Pom Pon Corp Chorr Future Nurses and Lancers She was also a R d Cross Representatrve Joanre p'ans to become a secretary after she goes to JC Her pet peeve rs Ro bert Sawyer SHIRLEY JEAN BYRD Shrrley sometrmes referred to as Woody has been a very actrve mem ber of the Annual Staff as rts Lr brarran She has a very werrd am brtron she wants someone to throw rrce at her Her whole Semor year wrll long be remembered Shrrleys favorrte expressron rs you can be rep'aced She drslrkes concerted boys and she enjoys rrdrng eatrng and playrng records Shrrley plans on attendrng Kelsey Jenny Busrness College WILLIE CANTY W re plans o gorng to an Francrsco State and then become a bookkeeper She wrll long remember the Prom Skeda as she rs some trmes refered t enjoys eatrng tacos talkrng on the phone and watchrng televrsron JOHN WARREN CHAPMAN Warren s favorrte pastrme rs sleep rng eatrng huntrng and workrng on hrs car Warren can be seen drrvrng around rn a 49 Chevr Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln was all the grrls that he met Warren wants to be come a mrllronarre He was very ac rve rn the Hrgh and e Lettermen s Club DENNIS CHEW Dennrs partrcrpated rn the C S F and N F L and he was very actrve rn the speech tournaments Hrs pet peeve rs homework and he enjoys photography Hrs favorrte sayrng rs What to do? Dennrs says he wrll never forget the 57 Hoover basket ball game and the football game at Santa Paula He wants to become a mrllronarre GERALD CROSS Gerald has been on the Football team for 3 years He enjoys sports and workrng on hrs 50 Chevy Jerry as he rs called wrll long remember the football teams trrp to Santa Paula Regrets the fact that we have never beaten Hoover or San Drago at football Hrs ambrtrorr rn Irfe as to lose werght 81 h .Y A . . ' .' A .. ' ' I, . , - NYU th I ' ill' n ' s I ' g i ll . -Il 1 GWENDOLYN CAIAILLE CARMACK Gwen has been an actlve member of the Rlot Squad and the Buble Club In her .lunlor year she was a delegate at the nomlnatlng conven tjon Skating seems to be her fav onte pastime and Sensor Problems has been her pet peeve As she dnves along In a 57 Ford you will hear thas remark most often stated how spark' Gwen wants very much to become a hlushlng hnde after her fondest memories the Prom and Graduatlon AIDA CARRERA b t wr rs an ex res sjon most frequently stated by Aida To some of her frlends she IS known Llttle If ln her former school ln Washington she was very a we In the Pep Club and e Y Club She was also In the Maj orette Corp Luke most she Ilkes to talk on the phone and also lakes to go swlmmlng She duslukes con celted and prejudnced people Auda wants to attend San Dlego Beauty College and become a beautlclan Her fondest memory of Llncoln was Graduation KATHLEEN CHRISTENSEN Kathy has one ambjtlon that IS to lnve tall she d s Her fondest memory of Lmcoln IS Graduatmn Kathy s favorlte sayrng IS lts bet ter to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt Her pet peeves are teach ers and she enjoys srttmg and go mg to the show IUDITH CHURCHILL SANDRA CLEMPSON A transfer from Llncoln Hugh School un Troy New York Sandy has represented Lrncoln over KFSD Her pet peeve IS that a certain Senlor boy thanks more of has radlo than her Sandy has been a member of C S F She enjoys swrmmlng and readrng HI IS Sandy s favorlte word and her favorite memory of Ljncoln IS the way the Patlo looks ln the early morning sun She plans on gmng to State and then hopes to get mamed JOSEPH EDWARD DENTON was nn the C S F and ambltlon IS to become an electrical engineer a draftsman or a forest ranger Joe wants to go to State He as annoyed by not havmg enough spare time to do the thjngs he lakes to do You get exactly out of me what you put Into It IS s favonte saying Has favonte pastime IS flshjng and huntjng H wlll al ways remember Graduatjon ANTHONY L DICERCHIO Anthony IS much better known as up Sklp was very active Hoover whlch makes hum a recent transfer here He enjoys dancmg and lookmg at the vlew wlth a cute Hoover songleader He can be seen dnvlng around In has red Chevl con vertlble Sklp plans on becoming a luvemle Offrcer and wjll always re member the fnendly welcome be re celved at Llncoln even though he drd come from Hoover RUFUS DOUGLAS 82 WILLIAM LAWRENCE DABNEV Daffney as he js sometimes call ed plans to jom the Arr Force after graduating He has been on he Tennis team and In the Tennis Club Wrll long remember Graduatron Day and no Senror prrvjleges He enjoys sleepnng and eating most of all DONALD KERMIT DAY Nick named Mouse Don dlshkes gettmg up early for school Don en joys sleeplng and drlvmg around In a 51 Ch va Hrs favorlte memory of Llncoln was Mrs Carney and randmg the Home Ec kltchens ROSALIE CORREA MARY ELLEN CRAMSEY Mary has been a very actrve grrl this past year what with the Senror Play A S B Play Christmas Pag eant and Stage Crew She has also GAA Future Teachers and the Lancers Mary has just one rpet peeve teachers who give homework over the weekends Cheer up things could be worse happy girl s favorite expression Mary enjoys dancing lrstenrng to records and thinking about a certam guy Mary s ambition rs to have a happy future She plans on getting married PATRICIA COLVIN Patti, plans on becoming a phy- sical education teacher after she graduates from State. Patti will long remember the Emerald-Ettes Ball in '57. She has been active at Lincoln in the Emerald-Ettes, she was rn the Single Baton Corp, Single Baton Corp Captain, and then Colonel. She has also been Senior Class Treasurer, a delegate at the nominating convention, on the Ditch Day Committee and one of the many decorators for the A. S. B. Ball, and the two Emerald-Ettes Balls. "0h! yeah" is Patti's favorite expression. and talking on the phone is her favorite pastime. Her pet peeves are boys, who think they are conceited. Patti was also Specialty Units Sec- tion Editor for the Annual. MARGRET COHHER Margret, much better known as Peggy, likes to relax. Peggy hates conceited people and likes to say "cutish." She has been a member of the 'Y' Teens, Adelphians, Riot Squad and the C.S,F. Peggy has been a very active member of the Emerald Ettes Sh was rn he Double Baton Corp and Captain of the Double Baton Corp She was also a member of the Emerald Deb Council Peggy can be seen drrvrng around rn a Studebaker She will always remember Mrs McMullrn and the Lincoln Hoover football game of 55 After she graduates she plans on attending Kelsey Jenny Business College she then wants to become a secretary YSABEL COHTRERAS TERRY DUSCHEL "A nasty break" is sure to find its way into any conversation with Terry around. Terry has been very active in the Key Club and the Band as Drum Major. Terry played 1. V. Football and J. V. Basketball. Terry will long remember the Lincoln- Hoover game of '55. His pet peeve is girls with loud mouths. Terry likes to dance and listen to the radio in his spare time. EDWARD CHARLES DUFF Edward, who is much better known to his friends as Edwin, was an active member of the stage crew, He dislikes people who think they know all there is to know. His favor- ite saying is ' he who talks but does no act is the ool His favorite pastime rs sitting rn the malt shop Hrs ambition is to be above the average person ARTHUR JULIAN ESPARZA Arthur who rs known by Dey t his friends rs annoyed by society chicks He enjoys dancing and playing the guitar you can usually hear hrm saying Too much' and wasted Doy drives around school rn a 48 Chevr He will always re member the last day of school rn 57 He plans to be a Landscape Contractor 83 REX FAMBROUGH OSCAR BOYD FLAGG Boyd is sometime called Little Oscar by his friends Boyd likes to drive around in a 50 Mercury and he plans on attending college to ml 9 an 0 yea' seems o always frnd themselves in the middle of all Boyd s conversations H s fondest memory of Lincoln rs check ing the pipe on the corner Boyd has participated rn such clubs as the Key Club Letterman s Club and the Hr Y He was very active at Lincoln participating in the AS B Council Sophomore President Junior Vice President Track Football Wrestling Buzz Photographer and as Treasurer of the Lettermens Club t f ." I ' 6 . . t . - '. . ' -. h ' . . ' . . 'H H. 0 belonged to the Drama League, stultly phogography. "Chuck the ' ' is uni ts ' ' ' A l ' SARAH EAST TED FRANK GDWLDVECH LOUISE CRUSE Loure has been a member of the Rrot Squad and the Y Teens Loure has been actlve on the Emerald Deb Councrl and she has been actrve on the Statesman as Underclass Section Edrtor People who thunk they are frne rs Loures pet peeve kd rs Loules favonte salutatron Her fondest memory was the day she was selected to the Emerald Deb Councrl and the Prom Her ambrtron rn hte rs to be a courthouse steno grapher MARILYN SUE EASLEY Manlyn has been very actrve here at Lmcoln She has been Junror Class Secretary Typrst for the lrterary magazrne Edrtorrn chref of the Statesman, and on the Prom Com mrttee She has also been a member of the Emerald Ettes Double Baton or M rlyn has been rn e Adelphrans Masque Club Golf Club and a member of the Modern Dance Club People who srt back and let others do their jobs rs the only pet peeve that Marrlyn has She spends most of her spare trme twrrlmg her baton and drawing That cracks me up rs one expressron that she uses qurte frequently Second semester C S F Dutch Day of 57 rs her fond est memory Marrlyn hopes to be come a very successful busrness woman and she wants a successful career after golng to San Diego State College Sargle as Sarah IS sometrmes called loves partres and eatrng Sarah has belonged to the CSF Spanrsh Club and Rlot Squad Sarah drslrkes concerted people especrally boys All s farr rn love and war rs Sarah s favorite sayrng She wrll long remember all the partres and actrvrtres she partrcrpated rn rn the eleventh grade Her ambrtron rn llfe rs to be happy RICHARD WILLIAM FOLSOM Rrchard who rs much better known as Dck can usually be seen drrvrng around In a 42 Studebaker Dck has several pet peeves all of them centered around people cocky arro gant and egotrstlcal ones Drck en joys dancrng and gonng on overnrght drrves Drck can usually be heard sayrng Oh well atsaway rt goes Duck plans to make money and retrre at an early age a real early one He wrll long remember the Prom and After Prom MARTHA DIAZ Mar ha drves around rn a 57 Ford She drslrkes homework and enjoys dancrng and gorng to partres very much OH' Really Marthas favorrte expressron After her favorite memory Graduatron Martha wants to get marrred and then go on a two week honeymoon to Acapulco ROGER GOWLEVECH EDITH EICKHORST JAMES WILLIAM GELDERT Jrm has partrcrpated rn such clubs as the Press Radio Bowlrng and the Premrers Clubs Jrm was photograph er for the Buzz and the Annual Jam plans to attend IC and then become a glamour photographer Jrm drrves around rn a 47 rd and rs annoyed by flashrng red lrghts He lrkes playrng the gurtar wrth the Gaylords and he wrll long remember the Junror Class swrmmrng pa rty WILLIAM GLENNON III Wrllram rs much better known as Bull Brll drslukes people that have better cars than he does He drives around school and town rn a Ford He enjoys gorng to drags and hrs fondet memory of Lrncoln Gradua tron Brll would Irke to be nch and attend West Polnt Ted was actrve rn Wrestling and Track Teds amhltuon rn hte rs to go to Hawan Ted can be seen drrv mg around rn a 52 Chevr Ted wrll never forget the 10th Grade and he rs annoyed by hrs brother s moods 84 . . . -. ' - . . I ' i. . I I h h D. I . . 'H' 4 . , ' ,,Hi . . . ' . - i . .1 , . . , ' i 'U ' I 1 U I ' 4. ' I . . A . . D . C p. t ar' Q ' th Q ' . 1 . . 1 EIIELVN YVONNE ELSTON Evelyn sometumes referred to as Yvonnue has been a very actuve mem of G Ruo Squa Teens and Spukers Evelyns actuvu tues are varued uncludung sungung dancung speech sports and the F L Evelyn had the honor beung selected Football Sweetheart for the 57 football season Evelyn duslukes two faced people She en joys talkung on the phone to Tuddy and lustenrng to the raduo Evelyn can be seen druvung around un a 57 Ford sometumes After her fondest memory Graduatuon Evelyn plans on goung to Texas Southern Unuversuty and then she wants to come back to Luncoln as an Englush Teacher LAVAUGHN FAISON To be a mussuonary and attend the Gulead Buble School us LaVaughns ve noble ambutuon un lufe Vaughns favorute memorues of Lun coln are her Sophomore year Dutch Day Graduatuon and the Prom Talkung on the phone to James and lustenung to records and dancung us her favorute pastrme Borung classes nosey people and loud mouths are her pet peeves ANITA FEIN Anuta can most always be seen standung a'ongsude of or druvung her brught gre n 50 Ford Sometumes called Tootsue Roll Anuta says her pet peeve us gettung up un the mornung and her favorute memory hearung the bell rung to go home Her favorute pastume us Iookung for boats hudden behund cotton bales Anuta has b en an actuve member of the Eme a'd Deb Councul Quutung her job at Woolworths us her ambr I n un lfe Anuta enjoys sayung Say man whats happenung? LAWRENCE EDDIE GRANT Lawrence has partucupated un foot a baseball and track He In es swummung campung and lustenung to records and the raduo He can be n b hund the wheel of a Ford and hrs fondest memory of hrs days at Luncoln us all the gurls H s tuon un fe to bcom lawyer or enguneer SHARI ENGLISH Gym teachers are Sharu s pet peeves even though she has been un the Emerald Ettes She has been a membr of both the sungle and double baton corps Sharu has been a member of both the Future Teach ers and Y Teens She enjoys lus tenung to records and twurlung her batons Sharu has been seen drrvung to the games un a black Pontuac She would luke to become a secre tary after the Prom and Graduatuon whuch are two events that wull always remaun dear to her heart ian! LARRY LAMONTE GRUBBS Larry can be seen behund the wheel of a 50 Mercury usually Larry wull long remember just one thung about Lrncoln after graduatuon urs gurls and more gurls s ambutuon un lufe us to get a job wuth a large salary WILMA FITZSIMMONS RONALD E GREY Ronnue known as Greyboy par tueupated on the Football team Track and Cross Country Ronnue duslukes gettung up un the mornung and lukes havung a good tume' Hrs favorute say un s thats u He druves around hool un a 47 Luncoln known as the Bug H wull al ways remember the debates wuth Mr Parry Mr Moore and the faculty Ronnues ambutuon us to go to the Olympucs and to become Archutect He wants to attend U S C ALBERT HENRY GROFF Al who us much better known as Grasshopper wull long remember tendung Luncoln Grasshopper plans on attendung U S C and then become a real estate broker H has partucupated un the Lettermens Club Spukers and the Ruot Squad He was also on the Prom Commut tee Student Conduct Commuttee and Track He was also co captaun of the Varsuty Football He us annoyed by beung asked where so and so us at whule hes tryung to get to class Grasshopper enjoys eatung dancung and just plaun jokung around Hs favorute expressuon us keep cool ROBERT LESTER GUY Robert sometumes referred to as Robun plans on attendung San Duego State After State he would luke to become a pulot and reture early H s pet peeve us people who yell for more actuvutues and then do nothung to assust un gettung them He en joys square dancung and doung the callung When you goof laugh wuth Of I WI GU 3 I5 5 favorute expressuon Bob can be seen druvung around un a 41 Chevu Bob wull long remember the unbeaten Freshmen Football Team Bob has partucupated un football and un the Senuor Councul 85 ' .' ' - uu uu, , . lk g ' - ' ' ', ' ber . A.-A., 'z d, jv' ' ' , A ,- ' ' . , , A - - ' 'Y ' , 'U ' ' ' see e' - n '5-7 M . ' ' ' , ' V ' . N. . '. ' of I ' ' ' . i , " . ' g I sc 'tn' ' ' , ' I , ambi' ' li is e e a ' ' ' ' " ," 5 ' . A ' . , ' -, I y . h ' " I ' an FY V 1 " ' I ' . La- the .friends the has made while at: . ' , ' . ' ' I . e ' ' ' ' Y . i 4. M - ,uf - - - . - , . l i . . . -g.I Y . . , . Hi I '. I . is . .,., . . I -I , ' , 2 ' 4 .. U ua fu 'uu ul guu u you" ' hi - u . -Y A , 5, 1 . ' BARBARA JEAN FOSTER Bobbre Jean a recent transfer from Chula Vrsta enjoys Modern Dance swrmmrng and water skrrng Bobbre Jean wants to become a Brologrst attendrng Brrgham Young Unrversrty Bobbre Jeans favorrte pastrme dancrng and gorng out wrth John Cook Her pet peeve rs concerted people We hello there rs er favorrte expressron Sh wrll long remember her Senror Prom Bobble en oys drrvrng aound rn her 56 Ford GLORIA GARCIA WILLIAM EARNEST HULTZ Wrllram rs much better known as oogre t hrs frrends has longed to the Sprkers and Letter mens Club He was also an actrve partrcrpant rn track and football and he was on the Student Conduct Commrttee Hrs pet peeve rs the old sayrng Where rs your pass? Hs fondest memory of Lrncoln was Mr Parry and hrs favorrte pastrmes were lrstenrng to hrs jokes Generally thrs phrase wrll always frnd rts way rnto hrs conversatron Lets go to the Oasrs Brll can be seen rrv n around rn a 58 Burck r graduatron Brll plans on attendrng U S C and studyrng to become an archrtect JAMES LLOYD HEGRANES Jrm rs annoyed by concerted grrls He enjoys dancrng wrth t em though Lrke wow" rs hrs avor rte expressron Jrm can be sen drrvrng around rn a 49 Chevr wrll always remember the 55 Lrn coln Hoover basketball games H s amb tron rn lrfe rs to own San Drego lock stock and barrel He plans on attendrng Junror College MARY A GORGO Mary sometrmes called Marrooch w rch rs Italran for Mary plans to become a telephone operator Mano o has been a member of e Bowlrng Club Rrot Squad Drama League and Modern Dance Marro och enjoys drrve rn movres and of course przza Tuf and frne are her most frequently used words Mary sometrmes drrves around rn a 57 Burck MARY FREY Mary enjoys swrmmrng and drrvrng a 55 Chrysler She also enjoys us rng these rour lttle words on o pete s sake Mary has been a mem of e r ers ro Squad and the Future Teachers Club Mary rs plannrng on attendrng State and then become a teacher JAMES LEONARD HILL Jrm was rn the Tennrs Club and p ed the Te nrs team JV Bas etball and JV Football s pet peeve rs the trme he mrssed hrs rockrng charr He enjoys gorng aba lo e drvrng huntrng frshrng and dancrng lrmmre sometrmes referred to as Redskrn can be seen drrv rng a 49 Merc He wrll always re m mber the A S Ba wr Drane and the Prom Jrmmre plans to go to Junror College and hrs am brtron rn Irfe rs to become a game warden JAMES HOLLAND James wants to attend Calrfornra Western Unrversrty and hrs ambrtron ecome a Methodrst Mrnrster as Jamre drslrkes rnsrncerrty Hrs favorrte pastrme rs playrng the prano He has been actrve rn such clubs as Key Club C and the Brble Club Hrs actrvrtres Lmcoln rncluded Band an Speech He was also very actrve rn the Senror Councrl as charrman of the Vesper commrttee Hrs fondest memory of Lrncoln was beatrng Hoover at basketball James can be seen drrvrng around rn a Rambler MARY GILLESPIE Mary sometrme referred to as Shorty wrll long remember all the fun she has had wrth her fe ow Lrncolnrtes and all the Senror actrvr tres She drslrkes people wrth no school sprrrt and underclassmen who drsregard Senror prrvrleges Mary has been a member of the Lancers Red Cross and the Rrot Squad She has also been on the Buzz Staff smrle rs as refreshrng as a breeze rs her favorrte sayrng Mary enjoys lrstenrng to the radro and her re cords Her ambrtron rs to be a good wrfe to Shep DONALD HUNT ' 'L , -A , fl ner rn' sp'k A, G.A.A., R' r . . Y . . I . e . . . . ' ., . , ,V He .I I . I .I is I I A,' I I ' I v . . 1, . . , A , ' lay On I1 ' . - - - , 1 1 k , .. . Hi . " ll " rr , , . j - - 4 ' . r e . I . . n U I' n A - . .. , ' fl 'I . ' , I I V I I . I ' . . ' , Ae 1 . at .rr sul is to b ' ' ' . James, who is sometrmes referred to the - , , S. F.,' N. ff.-I... at ' ' ' I nd i . "P ' 0 ' I A , be- he 1 ' , E' - - I - ll 4, f, , ' ' ch,A , ' th- ' --V ' ' Q i , ' , f ' rr ' ' . ..A I ' -rr - I d - . A H -II r g ' '- ' ' . Afte 86 BETTY LOU GRANTLAND Dorng everythrng she can to help make others happy rs Betty s ambr ton But her pet peeve has to do wrth pecple too the one s that make all types of excuses What s that rs her favorrte expressron Her fond est memory rs Lrncoln s frrendy sur roundrngs B ty lrkes to rrve around rn a 53 Ford and she en joys cookrng very much HENRY S ISRAEL II Henry called Socrety Taco hrs frrends was rn the Rrot Squad and the Sprkers Club Hrs pet peeve pe ple that eat all the Enjoys draggrng He drrves around Lrncoln rn a 49 Chevy Wants t attend San lose State and become a success rn whatever he trres t achreve Wrll always remember a certarn lunror Grrl PHYLLIS GRAY Phrl has been a member of G A A Rot Squad and Pom Pon Corp She was also a Senate Representa trve and a reporter for the Buzz Staff Concerted people and smart actrng krds are Phrls pet peeves Phrl lrkes to relax and drrve around rn a 56 Ford Phrl s favorrte mem ory rs the football game at Colton After graduatron Phyllrs plans on att tendrng Kelsy Jenny Busrness College and then become a prrvate very prrvate-secretary MARGARET ANN GREENSFELDER Peggy loves basketball games and roller skatrng s Fabu'ous her tavorrte expressron Peggy wants to become a Teacher and attend State She has been a member of the Future Teachers and the Future Nurses Clubs C grades are Peggys pet peeves She has been seen drrvrng 55 Fod around mostly to the Skatrng Rrnk GERALD LEE JOHNSON Jerry as called by hrs frrends plans to go to San Drego lunror College He was rn the Bowlrng Club and Press Club and was an Annual Staff Photographer He lrkes datrng and hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln was the Senror Prom BRUCE LEE ISLES Bruce enjoys eatrng and playrng poo He plans to go to Arrzona State and study to be a Certrfred Publrc Accountant He partrcrpated rn Baseball Basketball and Tennrs Favorrte memory of Lrncoln was the 55 Lrncoln Hoover Basketball Game PATRICIA ANN GRIFFITH Boys wrth long harr are Pats pet peeves Dancrng rs her favorrte pas rme S F Adelphrans ro Squad and the Y Teens are her clubs Pat has been a Senate Re presentatrve a member of the Senror Cabrnet Drtch Day Commrttee and she was a Delegate at the Conven ron 0 yeh' rs Pats most req uentry used expressron Th A S B r Pats favorrte memory of Lrncoln Ambrtron" Pat sure has she wants to he a successful student at San Drego State and to have a lot of fun oo NANCY ALEEN GRAY The frrendly atmosphere drsplayed by old Lrncoln students toward new Lrncoln students rs Nancys fondest memory of her new school Bow'rng and just havrng a good trme rs Nancys favorrte pastrme never tell rs e s a she s sometrmes referred to favorrte ex pressron Nancy drslrkes concerted boys Whrle attendrng Lrncoln Nancy has been very actrve rn the Bowlrng Cu Rrot Squad Y Teens and speech arts Nancy has fun drrvrng around rn a 53 Burck Nancy wants to become a good nurse She was also very actrve at her old school Farrfax Hrgh School rn Vrrgrnra FRED H .IANKE Fre s ambrtron rn lrfe rs to at tend Junror College and become an Engrneer Favorrte memory of Lrn CO ll S WGS an In was all the fun he had Spends past trme playrng sports rn the HrY and Bowlrng Club was on the Football and Wrest Teams LLOYD HOWARD JOHNSON Lloyd enjoys swrmmrng and eatrng Hrs pet peeve rs concerted people and flat trres He drrves a 50 Ford and hrs favorrte sayrng rs work He wrll always remember the Senror Prom Lloyd plans to attend lunror College and own a busrness He was rn the Sprkers Club and Lettermen s Club He partrcrpated on the Track team ' .. et ' l d' - . ' .V ' . ' , . . . ,,I,H - . . - - ' I r. r .R d, I. S I i - V , r. - n ., by A l 'I I 1 is o ' time. ' ' ' ' ' . . . . I by - ' . . I ' ' ' . o - .' - " I . . D ' . r , 1 dp- . .... I A ' ' hi Q ' D ' ' . He - ' f -d 3 ' ' 1 . I g . 4- I Alt. L is ' r- 'c. . ., A , Ri 1 - ,b j E ' H " a 'I r , .. 1 J . ' ' . I t- . .. , - V f I . .- t . ' . e .Q . . . , t . MARY HAGEN You mock me shodest' rs Mary s favorrte expressron Mary drslrkes concerted and rnconsrderate people She loves to dance and lrstenrng to her records Her favorrte memory rs her whole sophomore y ar and a cer tarn Senror boy Mary has be onged to seleral clubs a few of them be Ing the Adelphrans Y Teens and the Rlot Squad She has also been actrve rn the Sophomore and Senror Councrls She was also Senror Break fast Commrttee Charrman Mary plans on attending Kelsey Jenny Busrness College then she wants to get marrred PATRICIA L HANCOCK Pat has been seen drrvrng around In a 51 grey Buick lately Her fav orrte memory of her school days rs all the C S F D tch Days She plans on becomrng an elementary school teacher after graduatrng from San Jose State College Pat has been actlve th Choir G Flag Corp and the Splkers She was also a member of the Adelphrans Pat enjoys lrstenrng to musrc and eahng cottage cheese SHARON IIONCILE HAND Sharon has been very actrve thus year on the Awards Commrttee Shar ons pet peeve rs crowdes ID the lunch llne Sharon enjoys Irstenrng to records and dancrng Sharon drrves around rn a yellow and back 51 Chev: Her favorlte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs dutch day and gradu atron She has a very frne ambrtron cut out for herself too she wants to be a good wrfe JUDY BETH HARRSEN Judy has been very busy on the Semor Award Commrttee of whrch she IS Charrman H pet peeve IS Sophomores who thunk that they re rt Judys favorrte pastrme rs lrstenrng to records eatlng przza and talkrng Her favorrte memory rs graduatron and the Semor Prom Judy has a very noble ambrtron to get marrred and have a nrce famrly JUDITH LYNNE HASELWDOD Judr as she rs always referred to drslrkes rnattentrve boys Her favor rte expressron rs there rs no rose wrthout a thorn Her favorrte mem ory rs the cafeterra hassle After graduation Judr plans to attend San Drego State and then become an elementary teacher Judrs favorrte pastrme rs talkrng Judr has been q.ute actrve rn the Mary Kathryns C S F Adelphrans and Masque Club She was also a member of the Stu dent Councrl fComm of Rallles and Assemplresl She was edrtor of the Irterary magazrne and co edrtorrn chref of the Buzz Judr was also a Senate Representatrve and she was awarded the D A R Good Crtrzenshrp award of 58 PLEAS JOHNSON Pleas partrcrpated rn the Sprkers Cub and Rlot Squad He was on the Track team Pleas mckname rs Please He rs annoyed by not be mg able to crowd rn llne but enjoys eatrng sleeprng and watching tele vrsron He rs most always heard say ng there s a whole lot of shakrng gorng on He drrves around Lrncoln rn a Mercury and wlll always re member the gurls at Lrncoln and graduatrng day He rs going to go to State and become a Retarl Meat cutter CHARLES JONES BRENT ROBERT JUDD Brent was In the Sclence an Radro Club He partrcrpated on e Sound Crew Stage Crew and was Presrdent of the Radro Club an Sound Crew He rs annoyed by no havrng any soap rn the showers E joys Hammmg fAmateur Radro Op eratorj Favorrte memory was the Lrncoln San Drego Football game Brent plans to attend San Drego State and become an Electronrcs En grneer ROBERT RICHARD KACZMARCZYK Robert nrcknamed General Bob was on the Bowlrng team and rn the CCC Enjoys mrlrtary hrstory H plans to be a Naval Offrcer .IERALD YY JONES Jerry was Into Key Club IO Squad C S F and N F L Jerry was very actrve whale attendrng Lrncoln He was rn the 10th grade Councrl Senate Commrssloner of Publrcatrons AS B Council Key Club Secretary Track Wrestling Drama League and Statesma1 Sports Sectron Edrtor H rs generally annoyed by underclass men talung advantage of Semor ac trvrtres He enjoys dancrng eatrng and sleeprng He drrves around rn a 50 Ford He wrll long remember the Lmcoln Hoover basketball game of 55 Lrncoln was the only team to beat Hoover that year He wants to make money fast and he plans on attendrng Brrgham Young Unrverslty ALICIA HERNANDEZ ELIZABETH SANAE HATASHITA The day she was tapped by the Mary Kathryns rs one day that wrll always bring joy to Lrzzres heart this rs her favorrte memory of Lrn coln Lrzzre wants to become an elementary teacher and attend the University of Calrfornra at Berkeley Te me some more rs Lrzzres favorrte expression She enjoys crurs rng around rn a 57 Olds and talk ing on the phone Lrzzre has been actrve rn the Riot Squad Golf Club C S F and she has been secretary of the Mary Kathryns People who think they re rt and arent rs Lrzzre s pet peeve Lrzzre has been rn the Ba on Corp and Captain of the Double Baton She has also been an Emerald Deb vice president and rn the Junior Cabinet BERNADINE HAWTHORNE Bernadrne has been a member of t C S F Te ns G A A Sprkers and the Riot Squad She has been a very actrve member of the Emerald Ettes Single Flag rn the the 11th Double Flag Captain rn the 12th People who dont mind their own business rs one thing that Bernadine drslrkes Having a good time rs the thrng she wants Bernadrne drives around rn a 57 Ch vr Her favorrte memory 10th Captain Bernadrne plans to attend San Diego State College and then become a Physical Education Teacher NELSON E KAHN N sons ambrtron If rs become a school teacher He wants to attend San Diego State Nick named German Skinny Nelson says he rs annoyed by such things as no school support and when Lrn coln loses to Hoover He lrkes to spend hrs spare time paying pool with the fellas Hrs favorrte saying rs what a rrnky dunk Nelson was rn the Key Club C S F Riot Squad and Vice President of the N F L and participated rn such actrvrtres as the Senior Awards Committee Senior Class Vice President and Senate Representative He also played nn the Basketball and Baseball Teams JOHN C KELLER John has been a member of the Premiers and a member of the cast of the AS B Pl y Hrs pet peeve brother He enjoys working on hrs car rn hrs spare time ohn can be seen drrvrng around rn a 49 Chevr What me worry? rs John s favorrte epressron and he wrll long remember the day Mr Moore gave rm a rn Algebra Hrs am r n rn rs to mak a mr ron dollars and he plans on furthering ANTONIA HERNANDEZ Tonr has a 56 Chevr which she enjoys drrvrng around Her favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs berng Co Edrtor of the Underclassman Section of the Annual her Prom and Graduatron Tonrs favorrte expression rs Dear rr an Dear o She has been on the Annual Staff rn the Em era Ettes and Y Teens Tonr s pet peeve rs boys who dont say and think they are all r KATHRVN LUELLA HETZ Kathryn known as both Loure and Kathy says that she drslrkes students who feel that they are better than others Kathy has been rn the Future Nurses Y Teens Riot Squad and the Science Club She was also rn the Single and Double Baton Corp She was actrve rn the Buzz staff Kathys ambrtron rn Irfe rs to marry Fran Beaulreu and be successful rn everythrng that she trres to achieve Her favorrte pastime is to be wrth Fran and to twrrl her baton MICHAEL HARRY KOSICH re he calle b friends can be seen drrvrng around rn a 51 Chevy He has been actrve rn the Lettermans Club and the Golf Club He plans to attend San Diego State where he wrll study to become a hrgh school instructor Mikes favorrte saying Forget ou Playrng golf rs Mrke s favor re pastrme H wrll always e member hearing the new jokes every Monday RAYMOND H LEFKER Ray sometrmes referred to Long John has been the Hornets center on the Football team for two years He has been actrve in the Letterman s Club Key Club and the ro Squad Whrle rn the te grade Ray played Basketball Rays pet peeves are concerted people and hrs hobby rs working on hrs car Hey Broad' rs hrs favorrte ex pressron Ray can be seen drrvrng around in a '48 Chevr He wrll long remember all the football games that he p'ayed rn After graduatron Ray plans on going to Cal Western ROGER PAUL KELLEY Girls who try to make hrm blush rs Rogers pet peeve Roger has been a member of the Premiers and the Madrrgal Singers Roger likes to attend partres T hee rs h s favorrte expression Jolly Roger as he rs som trmes called can be seen drrvrng around rn a 50 Chevr To be successful and live a full and happy Irfe rs Rogers ambrtron Irfe He plans on furthering hrs edu cation at San D ego State College I H er " " in ie ' to H ,, . . . ,' . . ' : . t ' ' ' . he ..., "Y" e , ..., ' , ' , ' . , . . a . ' ' is his . ' ' 1 3 . . . . . . I J . . . , ' MCH . 'U . b,- . ' ' ' tio ' life ' e 'Il' , e .- . I . of Lincoln is the flag corp in f57. his education at San Diego State. l i "'ee- i . ' ' ' . 'f In I ' ' ' n l"Mik " as is Nd y his g- In d ll b y.rr I r - U V . 1 . , , . is ,, Id- I ,. .r I -r Y - . - . - ' 't ' . e ' r v "hi" ' 't. ' ' , 4 V ' , I ' as , ' ' ' R' t . ' ' ' ' nth 89 SAUNDRA LEE HINES "Qee se la sala," is Punkie's favorite expression. Punkie enjoys having a good time and driving around in a '41 Chevi. Her ambition is to do the best in whatever she attempts. Punkie's fondest mem- ory was her 10th grade. KEITH LVLE LITTLE Dolittle, as Keith is referred to, will long remember the day he tried to burn Mr. Sulzback's chemistry room down. His ambition in life is to become an engineer. He plans on obtaining his degree at San Diego State. In his spare time, he likes to play sports, and work on his car. "Search me!" is his favorite expres- sion, Dolittle can be seen driving around in a '55 Chevi. He has been qute active rn basketball track and ted ELEANOR HODGES CHARLES G MALEY Chuck will long remember the 56 football season Chucks favorite rne is girls 15 pet peeves are blinking red lights and srrens Chuck has been a mem of the Hr MARY BETH HUGHES Mary s ambition rs to be a Medical Receptionist She plans to attend San Diego Junior College and Kelsey Jenney Business Colrege Mary was a member f the Jr Red Cross NFL and she served as service charrmar- on the Emerald Deb Coun l She was also rn the Pom on Corp Mary is a prominent member of Lrncolns Drama Department and has participated rn numerous speech tournaments and plays Mary en joys dancing and having lot of laughs and she dislikes concerted people and those with no school sprr She drives a 42 Cadillac an her favorite saying is Howie' er fondest memories of Lincoln are the speech contests the A S B Play and the paper drive in 57 VINCENZO FRANCES MARINO lrm whose nrck name rs Wop has been head cheerleader for 3 years a class representative Senor Class President Senate Representa trve and was rn the Key Club Let ermans Club NFL an C He was also very active rn sports he was on the Baseball Tennis Wrest Irng and Football teams lrm p'a s to go to College but does not yet know which one Hrs favorite pas time is playing rn the Gaynlters and making up people and he is annoy ed by a student body that is lacking rn school spirit Hrs ambition IH life is to become a musician actor or teacher He will always remember cheer leading our winning team LYDIA HINOJOSA Lydia has been active in the Riot SqJad on the Annual Staff and Em erald D b Council She d slrkes guys who think they re bad She enjoys cursing around rn her 41 C evr convertible Lydia s favorite expres sion is e s sp rt' Her favorl e memory of school was her ditch day kicks with Pat and Anita and her 10th grade year Lydia plans to at tend JC and become a secretary ROBERT LUNA TSUNEKO HORIYE una sh is much be er known will always remembr the friends that she made while attend ing L1nco'n Her pet peeve rs gvrng oral reports Her favorite express on tou h Tuna has b en active in the Bowling Club and the Pom Pon Corps luna enyoys going t parties and dances After GradJa tion Tuna would like to get a ob and then get married RONALD MANN Ronald has been active rn Football Tennis and Wrestling He was rn the Lettermans Club and was a Council member Hrs pet peeve and a tion rn life s trying to e p us with Scotty Ro'ralds favorite past me rs playing pool with the boys and is usually heard saying hang rt in your ear' Man a he s called by his friends can be seen driving rn his 51 Plymouth Ronald will always remember Eleventh grade 5th period Biology Class 90 r. - I. ' I, h . ' ' Hit' IL" l 'r pagf: ' A 'fgrris-girls, Q H' ber T , as e ' ' tt v I ' ' ', ' mbi' ' 'ke is .. gf.. 9 . - 1 V. . I ' - 5 . 0 I. . H , ' I. r- ' - .j' "ILil " s i 0 I . - , -' , 3 ' r ' , d .S,F. ez. ' - ' V P , 4, ' , .I , ' v . ' ,rr . . '. S V . I , - it. ' ' H' d ' I " . MAXINE JENNINGS Maxrne s ambrtron rn lrfe rs to be a good Amerrcan crtrzen She pans on attendrng erther San Dego State o UCLA Her fondest memorres are all the good trmes she had wth all the frrends she made at Lrncoln she says that thrs made her hrg'1 school career complete Maxrne en joys dancrng and eatrng and she drslrkes lrtterbugs and slrppery floors Maxrne has been very actrve rn the Lancers I Red Cross Dama League the Debate Team NFL Senior Vespers Commrttee and she decorated for many dances sh rs also on the Prom decoratrng com mrttee Maxrne has been Chaplarn Sergeant at Arms and Presrdent of the Adelphrans she has also been Presrdent of the Modern Dance Club Secretary of the C S F and rn the Rrot Squad MAVFRAN C JOHNSON Mayfran has belonged to the pr ers Teens an the Rrot Squad Mayfran has belong ed to the Emerald Ettes and the Chorr Mayfran hates to call some one on the phone and have therr lrne too busy she also drslrkes for a certain boy to call and then not tell her who rt rs Her favorite pas trme IS gossrprng trying to get fat by eatrng and berng wrth Grasshop per Mayfran who rs sometrmes re erred to as rtte Hop ways sayrng I know at huh' May fran wrll long remember the trmes and troubles she has had whrle at tendrng Lrncoln She plans on at tendrng U CLA and then to get marrred to a certarn boy JOHN MARTIN STEVEN R McNURLIN Steve s favorrte pastrme rs p'ayrng R on the guitar favorite Ing rs Lets Wal Hs et peeve rs women drrvers He was on the Football team Wrestlrng team and Cross Country Steve can be seen drrvrng hrs 47 Mercury around Lrncoln He p'ans to attend Red lands College or San Drego State where he wrll study to become an rndustrral manager Steve wrll al ways remember the Speech Tourna ment at San Dego State In whrch he partrcrpated MARIAN LUCILLE JAMES Marran or Shorty as she rs also called hates boys who thrnk they ru rt Her fondest memory was the day that she sang a solo for the chorr Shorty enjoys lrstenrng to records especrally Johnny Mathrs records T t t rs Shortys avor rte expressron She has belonged to the Rrot Squad Y Teens Future Teachers and the GAA Marian drrves around rn a 50 Chevl and she pans on becomrng a secretary to a hugh executrve after she gradu ates from San Drego State WILLIAM W MARKS r ca he seen drrvrng around ln hrs 50 Ford He has been actrve rn Baseball Track and he was rn the Lettermans Club Brll says sports are hrs favorrte pastrme and he d slrkes gossrp Hrs favorrte say mg rs Say n w Hrs ambrtron rn lrfe rs to go to State College and obtarn a busrness degree He wrll always remember Graduatron JANET JOYCE JOHNSON Janet has been pegged wrth the mckname W:-ezer Weezer has nrn he Y Teens GAA o Squad and Chorr She has also been very actrve rn the Emerald Ettes Pom Pon and Srngle Flag She drslrkes creepers concerted peo pe and those who use Gods name rn varn She Irkes to spend her spare trme playrng records and attemptrng to dance Cut up rs her favorrte expressron Short hand and Mr Hargraves 2nd Perrod ss rn 57 wrll long remaln In Weezers heart Weezer would lake to become a cosmetologrst and she plans on attendrng vocatonal school ROLAND McFARLAND Roland sometimes called Mac has been very actrve un Speech H has been a member of the Key Club C S F N F L and the Lettermen s Cu He has also done a lot of work wrth Drama Band Orchestra the Senate and Cross Country Rol and s pet peeves are eatrng out and lrstenrng to a certarn teacher talk about when she wrll return to the legrtrmate stage Roland enjoys pass Ing hrs trme speakrng rn publrc and representmg Lrncoln at speech con tests Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a mlnrster so hrs expression rs qurte appropriate Angels lrsten when He speaks Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs all the happy moments he has spent rn a certarn teachers classroom NANCY JOHNSON 9l JUAREZ LOUIS MEALS Juarez was actrve rn Football Bask tball and Track Hrs ambrtron rn lrfe as to become an rnsurance salesman and he wrll attend Los Angeles Crty College after graduatrng Juarez wrll always remember every thrng here at Lrncoln that turns out good He IS often referred to as Mr Magoo . I ,, ,, V . ,,B.H1,' in .. j' uff, ainj i," ' ' f 1 'b 'A 0 'l ' " " , . r .... h ' , r. , r . e ' rilylsg . .. , .. .. - - Q e bee't ,...,Rlt u. . I .I l - M...-.... s'k , "v" , G.A.A., d R x. -' ,ms ' A ' . - say' -' " 'E 'I". i p r ' I l"'L' r- ,Huis all U a ' " SHIRLEY JONES Shrrleys pet peeve rs a certarn lrttle slster who klcks her bug slster In the ye Her llttle slster aso calls her prggre Shrrley says that S'1e spends her free tame wrth Jam She also says that Vespers and Graduation will always remain dear er Her favorrte say ng ss Blessed are they who expect noth rn for the shall not be dlsa ornt around drrvlng her 37 Chev: Shlr ley s ambltlon rs to be a good wrfe SANDI JEANNE KAESSER Sandi transferred from Chula Vista to Lmcoln rn her rumor year She served as flag twlrler at Chula Vrsta and was elected head songleader here at Lmcoln She was also on the Buzz Staff Semor Prom Committee co chairman and she was a member of the Rrot Squad Sand: emoys be mg always on the go and she dns lrkes people who dont cheer at the games He ambltron rn lnfe rs to always be happy She plans to at tend San Drego State College and hopes to become a socral worker JOANN KAROL KAISER J served our Semor class as Secretary thus year as well as par tlclpatrng In several other actlvltres such as the Future Nurses Club CSF Bible Club Mary Kathryns Rrot Squad and Choir She would lllte to become a professional nurse and she plans to attend St Olal Co lege In Northfneld Mrnnesota Joann drrves a blue Chevy and her favorite saying Whats your problem? She enjoys badminton tennus wrrtlng letters and talkrng on the phone and she wlll always remember Christmas vacatlon and Mr Anderson s Geometry class HENRY MILLER .IAMES MILLER WILLIAM ALLEN MILLER IR Brll has been actrve In the Letter mans Club the Tennrs Club and has been on the Tennis Team all through hugh school Bull s favorite pastimes are saslrng water sknng and skln dlvlng and hrs favorite say mg rs Bad break He plans to o to college and become an eng neer He wrll long remember the Semor Prom SAUNDRA LEE JOHNSON Sand: drslrkes people who say Ol wow' She was a member of the Annual Staff and she enjoys being wrth Danny Sand: s favorrte mem ory of Lmcoln Hugh rs her sopho more year Her ambrtron In llle rs to travel and have fun MERLENE JOLANDER Merlene who IS much better known by her nickname Muff has been rn the Future Nurses Rnot Squad Modern Dance and GAA She has also been a delegate for the nomrn atrng convention and on the Buzz staff Muff s pet peeves are boys wrth long harr and concerted gurls She enloys going to the beach and p'aylng golf ln her spare time She also can be seen drrvlng around an a 48 Ford Muf s ambntron rs to become a registered nurse and she plans on getting her degree at Para drse Valley Hospital School of Nurs n RALPH MIFFLIN HAROLD RICHARD MILLER Harry as he rs sometimes called has been a member of the Rlot Squad He plans to go to San Diego State and hrs ambltron IS to be come a Private Detectlve He can be seen drrvlng around rn hrs Chevy 92 . . . ,, I i g. V e '. . 1 . - I to h . ' i ' 'z, y A ' un' - ed". You may be seeing' Shirley D r .. . . . mon ' . . . . ' ' - ' ' r - rt ' H' A g 1 - - - ' . l . ' - - isyi .1 Y l ' GRACE KRIVEN DOLORES LABIO Dolores was a member of the C S F YTeens and Pom Pon Corp She enjoys going to dances er favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs Graduation Dolores plans to go to a business college and become a legal secretary SYLVESTER JOHN MORRISON Known as Flash to his friends Sylvester has been a member of the Band He lrkes to spend hrs spare trme photographing objects especr ally grrls Hold rt rs hrs favorrte expression He can be seen drrvrng a Chevr around H wrll long re member the night that the CCC boys ran the flag up upside down Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to photograph women and make lots of money H would lrke to attend U C LA WAYNE BERNARD MORRISON Wayne s favorrte expression rs to days chrcks are tomorrows old hens Wayne wrll long remember the day that Mrss Mayne hrt the fire hydrant Wayne would lrke to play the trombone rn the Laurence Welk Band He enjoys watching tele vrsron rn hrs spare trme Getting up rn the morning rs hrs pet peeve He gasdbeen an active member of the an JUDITH KELLER RONALD M INER DORIS KING Dorrs drslrkes the way some of the sophomores act and she lrkes to bowl She wrll always remember the fun she had at lunch time and her ambrtron rn lrfe rs to get married and rarse a dozen krds Dorrs be longed to the Bowling Club Teens Future Nurses and GAA She also participated on the Buzz Staff and the Pom Pon Corp JOAN MARIE KREBS loan wrll always remember Gradu atron day and the Prom She plans to attend San Diego Junior College and her ambrtron rs to marry a con srderate man Her pet peeve rs possessrve and concerted boys Joan likes to bowl and go to dances and She was a member of the YTeens ow rug Club G A A an ro Squad She also served on the dec oratron commrttee for the A S B Ball and as Red Cross Representative JOSEPH E MOORE Joe has not yet made up hrs mind about college but would lrke to become an electrrcran or a Naval Officer He has been rn the Bowling Club Premrers and HrY He pay ed on the Football team rn the Band and worked on the Stage Crew Hrs favorrte pastime rs bowling and workrng on cars and hrs favorrte saying is Cool Man Cool s pet peeve rs hrs 56 Pontrac that sometrmes doesnt run and a poor musrcran Joe wrll long remember Graduation HOWARD LEE MORRISON JR Howard sometrmes called A1 I C Morrrson and Howre has been a member of the Sprkers and Letter men s He has partrcrpated rn Track Football and Basketball He dislikes unfrrendly grrls and he enjoys shoot rng pool Whats Happening? be seen drrvrng around rn a 47 Chevr Howre wrll long remember the night of the Lincoln Hoover games rn 58 and the graduatron partres Howre p'ans on attending State 93 . ' ' 4' 1 f'. Hi . . ' ' her favorite saying is, "l'm hungry". his favoritehexpression. Howie can B I' , .. . d R'i I '. ' '- A - . e ' - I . e l MARTHA JANE LARSEN Janre s favorite sayrng rs It sure rs uff She was a member of the Y Teens Senate Buzz Staff and Jun ror Class council She enjoys 20108 to parties and dances and drslrkes concerted boys Janre plans to attend Kelsey Jenney Business College and her ambrtron rn lrfe rs to be a SSC retary and eventually get mafflelil She drrves a 53 ChevY SHIRLEY ANN LEE Shrrley belonged to the Spanish Club Riot Squad Band Buzz Staff an Jr Red Cross She drsres people who dont lrke pizza She enjoys playing and teaching pano dancrng and reading Her favorite memory rs Commencement and berng able to watch Lrncoln grow rnto the school rt is now Shirley plans to become a beautrcran and get married HELEN JUNE LEWIS CSF Modern Dance Brble Club and the Bowling Club She has also been very actrve rn the speech con test and our Lrncoln assemblies She was rn the srngre baton corp rn the tenth grade People who arent frrendly and those who dont wrrte letters are her pet peeves He does best what he knows best are the words that June Irves by Meeting p le g ng to the show and lrstenrng to musrc are Junes pas trmes Graduation and the wonder ful people of Lrncoln wrll always be remembered by June June plans on becoming a secretary very prrvate one DONALD LEROY MUELLER Donald who has long been known M e lrkes to take lrfe eas H drslrkes concerted people Mule Irkes to drrve around school 5J. Merc Hrs ambrtron an lrfe rs to be successful Whrle an the 10th grade Mule was Basket ball manager Mule plans on fur therrng hrs education at JC ROBERT O GUIN JUNIOR OTTO PEKELDER longs to such clubs as Radio Skat rng and the Bowlrng Club he par rn actrvrtres such as the Rrfle team and Cadet Corps Hs favorite pastrme IS cars and girls rs favorite sayrng rs I cant out rt and I cant Irve wth s what can I 07 He drrves a 50 Chevr Bel Arr hrs ambrtron rn rs to get marrred and ave many children trcrpates 94 JESS IE LAWRENCE GARY KENT ODELL Gary who rs almost always ferred to as Digger plans on be rng an engineer after he graduates from San Drego State Digger wrll long remember the Prom and all the Senror actrvrtres Go a dime? always seems to frnd rts way into hrs conversations He can seen d vrng around rn a Chevr He enjoys spending hrs lers ure trme socralrzrng rn Mr Moores offrce dancrng and playing brllrards Whrle attending Lrncoln Drgger has been active rn the Lettermens Club and the Rrot Squad He has also been on the Football team and the Basketball team JUDITH RAE LILLIS Club and the Drum Corps She also belongs to Junror Achrevement Her favorite sayrng rs The Lord rs my shepherd and she wrll always re member her freshman year at Lin coln Her pet peeve rs slow people especrally when shes behrnd them and she enjoys gorng to the drrve ru wrt the other krds She drrves a 53 Plymouth and plans to attend San Drego State College and become a bookkeeper for a progressrve com Panl' JAMES WILLIAMS PENICK and partrcrpatrng rn actrvrtres such as the Senror Breakfast Commrttee and Annual Staff and he rs rn the Riot Squad Hrs favorite pastrme rs dancrng He drrves a 50 Mercury customed by crash Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs the day we beat Hoover rn 1958 Hrs am on In to marr a rr brunette wrth a 57 Olds He plans orng San Drego Junror College V V , . . V rr ' A , fe. . I as " ul ' 4 ' y. V V" ' - , I , . ' e ' -. . ' - ' .. - it A ' ' in his ' . ' ' ' ' ' , , , , H A ln 'L ' " ' .. A beV n'V ASV 'so a ' . ' V ' V ' r'rr ' June has been a member of the Junior, called Bill by rrrost, bee Judy was a member of the Spanish James Vis called Jim byV his friends . .u A I - ' . . , ' . i H V I , ' I . ' V., -. ' ' . ' rr' ' ' ' 'I ' rave .4 ' V , " ' A 4' ' ' ' ' ' with ' , ' ' i it, V V ' V V V V . " o d ' - . A " ' ' ' , ' " ' 'h ' . ' biti ' Vlife is y 'ch ' . ' life ' ' h ' V V ' V, V Veop , oi V V, ' . V on E T0 ERNA LIND Erna drslrkes snobs and bad sports and she enjoys dancrng sewrng play mg tennrs and gorng out wrth Hernz She was a member of the Roller Skating Club and her favorrte sayrng 0 darn r ' She drrves a Dodge and wrll always remember when Mrs McMullen served as Prrn crpal of Lrncoln Her ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a telephone operator and get marrred TED PROVENC I0 BRENDA LEE MARTAIN Brendas ambrtron rn Irfe rs to become a top notch secretary Her pet peeve rs Sen ors that dont grow p Brenda has b onged to the Rrot Squad and the Spanrsh Club She has also been rn the Band Brenda enjoys readrng and Irstenrng to the Hr Fr Brenda wrll always re member all the frne teachers that we have here at Lrncoln Branda s favorrte sayrng rs lf at frrst you do t succeed try try aarn Brenda plans on attendrng lunror Col lege as soon as she graduates FRANCIS WILLIAM RICE JR Brll rs often heard sayrng Tuff Break He rs rn the Lettermans Club and rn actrvrtres such as Foot ball and Baseball Hrs favorrte pas trme rs eatrng and sleeprng s favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs the Lrncoln Hoover 55 Basketball gam He rs often seen drrvrng a Ford around school Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a Darry Farmer and he plans on attendmg Cal Po'y College GLORIA ANN LLENARESAS Gloria has been a member of the A Orc estra and Junror Achrevement Glorra just has one pet peeve that rs hearrng someone call the vrolrn a fr dle Glorra lrkes to spend her free trme playrng the vrolrn skatrng and drawrng Gora wrll always remember the growth of Lrncoln whrle she has been attending LEONA LUNDEEN Leona better known to most every body as Lee has been a very actrve member of the Modern Dance Club She has also been a very actrve member of the Emerald Ettes she was rn the Drum Corp and Captarn rn e 1 h Lees pet peeve s homework Her favorrte pastrme rs the radro Man' rs what she says t berng rn Mr Blanchard s art casses C l rs her reason o wanting to become a good housewife rrght after her fondest memory Graduatron CATHIE LYNCH Cathre has been nrcknamed by her frrends Baby face She has been actrve rn the Adelphrans Mary Kath ry s C S F and Rrot Squad he has also been actrve rn the Emerald Debs as Treasurer rn the Senror Cabrnet and the Emerald Ettes as a flag twrrler People who expect taxr servrce are Cathres pet peeve She can be seen drrvrng around 49 Ford The Mary Kathryn tapping wrll long remarn rn Cathres heart et ya at e brrdge rs er favorrte sayrng She enjoys dancrng and swrmmrng rn her spare time and she plans on attendmg college so that she can become the best Busr ness Manager rn the state Cathre had the honor of berng chosen Mrss Lrncoln for 58 JERRY CONSTANTINO PUERILE JR lerrys nrckname rs Wop an hrs favorrte sayrng rs Heylo house Hrs pet peeve rs peop'e who dont lrke ltalran food and hrs favorrte past me rs of course eatrng pizza He drrves a 53 Plymouth hrs am brtron rn Irfe rs to play profess onal baseball for the New York Yankees He partrcrpates rn actrvrtres such as JV Football Varsrty Football JV Baseball and Varsrty Baseball he rs also rn the AS B Councrl as Com mrssroner of Boys Athletrcs He be longs to such clubs as the Key Club and Lettermans Club as Presrdent Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs when the Varsrty Football team took a trrp to Santa Paula rn 56 He also plans on gorng to the Unr versrty of Arrzona LARRY PUGH Larry belongs to the Tennrs Club an Brbe Cu s favorrte pastrme rs gorng to the beach hrs favorrte saymg rs Dont do today what can be put off untrl tomorrow Hrs pet peeve rs cafe terra food and hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs the 58 Hoover ture he plans on attendmg Pomona College and hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be an engrneer RONALD JAMES RAINWATER Robert known as Lrttle Jrm by hrs frrends He owns a 49 Hudson and hrs favorrte pastrme rs rrdrng motor cycles hrs pet peeve rs empty gas tanks Hrs marn ambrtron rn Irfe rs to do what he feels lrke dorng 95 . . . - I r . ' G-A: -- ll . .I ' 1 ' I ' " ' 'Q- ' . . . 1 . ,, .d ,,. . . 3 . ' I . . I rs, " h ' '52 . I I ' I ' I -I " ' 'A I - A . V , ' ' Hi-Y,. C.S.F,,. dl ' In I b, hi' H ' th 2t . ' " . r A . ,' I .' ' ' listening tourecords and listening to Lincoln basketball game.. In the fu: S4 0 . ' . '. , I . . . . . . I I . ar ' vf r ' . . . .... . . s 1, . . , . , uf K 3: . . . - U . L I H, - - -, ' ' - S A . ' ' . . . . 1, ' . ' ' ' A I , I ' ' ' in. a nr 1. ng A rr- ' ' . ' . . . , . - "M e . th ' I ' li ,t SANDRA LEE MASON Sandy has been Commussuoner of Electrons and Elugubuluty for the B she has also been un e Adelphuans Ruot Squad GAA d Y Teens She has also been quute actuve un the Senate and as Emerald Deb Assemb'y Chaurman Peop'e who whusper are Sandy s pet peeve ac always seems to fund utself un the conversatuon when Sandys around The nught of the Lead rshup Banquet wull long remaun un Sandy s lust of favorute memorues To have a happy and successful lute us her ambutuon ELAINE MCIROY JUDITH LEE Mu:INNIS People who try to be somethung the re not us Judys pet peeve Judy Pear as she us sometumes referred to has belonged to the Future Nurses Y Teens and the Ruot Squad Judy has been actuve un the Majorette Corp AS B Sen ate and she has also been a dele gate at the Nomunatung Conventuons Judy Iukes to spend her spare tume cookung sewung and goung out wuth Benny Tuf old thung us Judys favorute expressuon Graduatuon wull long remaun dear to Judy Her am butuon us to marry Benny and be come a Nursery school teacher PATRICIA MEYERS Pat has been actuve un the Orches ra French Club and CSF er fondest memorues are all the C S F Dutch Days Pat would luke to at tend the Unuversuty of Calufornua at Ruversude and as she enjoys foreugn languages she would luke to be a Foreugn Language Teacher Qu est ce que cest que? us her favorute expressuon Her pet peeves are boys wuth long haur Her favorute pastume us playung the vuolun and druvung around un a Chevu MYRNA LOIS MIGNOIT Myrna sometume called Muggun ottu duslukes unfruendly people and she enjoys lustenung to jazz and popular musc She also Iukes to talk on the phone Really now' us h r favorute expressuon Myrna has been quute actuve un the G A A Ruot Squad Y Teens and the Future Nurses Club She held the offuce of Hustoruan for the F N C Her fond est memory of Luncoln us the cafe terra lunches Myrna plans on at tendung San Duego State and she would luke to become an elementary school teacher GREGORY RIOLO Gregorys ambutuon un Iufe us to be an Electronuc Enguneer He par tucupates un actuvutues such as Track and Band Hus favorute memory of Luncoln Hugh us the Prom He druves a 53 Ford and us nucknamed Porgue Hus favorute sayung us Oh man ut s u Get of ut c s favorute pastume us playung wuth the Drufters hus pet peeve us runnung out of gas at school STANLEY J RIVERO Stanley us also known as Taco or Tote Stanley us often seen druvung a 51 Chevu around school Hus am butuon un lufe us to he a bac elor Hus favorute pastume us workung on cars and lustenung to hus Hu Fu H us often heard sayung Scooby doo Hus favorute memory of Luncoln Hugh us Mr Swufts Cuvucs class He has partucupated un clubs such as Prem uers Golf Club and Stage Crew DAVID ROBERTS Dave has been actuve un football and track He also be'onged to the Letterman s Club Hus favorute mem ouy of Luncoln Hugh was the 57 Football Carnuval Hus favorute pas tume us restung and hus ambutuon un lufe us to marry a ruch wudow He us often heard sayung Always do your best and ut usnt good enough unless ut gets the job done ln the future he hopes to attend U C LA Hus pet peeve us boys wuth long hour JOHN RICE JAMES M RILEY James nucknemed Mountaun b fruends us often seen druvung a 55 blue and whute Buuck around school Hus ambutuon un Iufe us to become an Electrucal Enguneer he plans on at tendung Calufornua Instutute of Tech nology He belongs to the Letter m n s Club C S F Scuence Club and Rado Club He partucupates un actuvutues such as tennus and track Hus pet peeve us Physucs teachers hus favorute memory of Luncoln Hugh that certaun teelung H often heard sayung Duff the scene Hus favorute pastume us eatung apples un 4th peruod trug A.S.., ' th 'f' . ...,a-n ' ' ' ' f"un f'-.- , ' a" ,..., ' is 'I I' I H. EIS I v U' Q tff,'-'or uf '..1ak.j"Hi ..'.. fn - ,u,-- 'f ' i' D ' H' Y. . . I '. . .. .AAI V.. I. . I .h I 96 PATRICIA ANNE MILLS Pat plans on gorng to San Drego Junror College After that she would lrke to become a fashron desrgner and then a model Pat enjoys talk rng on the phone and eatrng przza She drslrkes concerted people er favorrte sayrng rs Belreve nothrng you hear and only half of what you see Pats fondest memorres are the Prom and Graduatron She was ure actve rn he Y Teens Masque Club and the Rrot Squad Pat was also a member of the Pom Pon Corp JUAN ITA MORRERTZ DOLORES MONTELONGO Dolores better known to her frrends as Lola plans on becomrng a Beauty Operator after Graduatron Lolas pet peeves are grvrng oral reports She lrkes to lrsten to rec ords and talk on the phone Her fondest memory of Lrncoln was her Prom Her favorrte expression Oh no-tuff thrng MYRNA LEE MORTENSEN Myrna sometrmes called Mor loves to cook spaghettr and eat rt The memory that wrll strck rn her mrnd will be Oct 27 1956 at 740 thrs was the day that she drove her fathers car to school rllegally Her ambrtron rs to succeed rn whatever she shall attempt She plans on attendrng State but she would also Irke to attend Yale Myrna has been actrve rn the Adel phrans Drama League Y Teens and Rrot Squad She has also been actrve rn the Emerald Ettes Pom Pon Srngle Baton Corp and Srngle Baton Captarn She was a delegate at the nomrnatrng conventron Prom Committee Decoration Commrttee for the A S B Ball and charrman of the entertarnment commrttee for the Em erald Ettes Ball Myrna s pet peeves are people who cry over C grades and boys who thrnk that they are God s grft to women DESLEE MULLEE ROBERT SANDERS Roberts favonte pastrme rs cook rng and frxrng electrrc thrngs Hrs ambrtron rn llfe rs to become a cook or electrrcran ln the future e plans on attendrng JC and then State Hrs nrckname rs Bob and he rs often heard sayrng Mrght not aways be right bt Im ne er wrong BOBBY ll SAWYER Bob has partrcrpated rn such ac trvrtres as JV Baseball and Bee Basketball S Basketball JV Bs ketball ln the future he plans on attendrng Arrzona State 97 FRANK C ROGERS Frank belongs to the Lrncoln Leg rslature Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a success Hrs favonte memory of Lrncoln rs when Pat Thompson fell rn the trash can Hrs pet peeve rs people who talk too much Hs favorite pastrme rs huntrng frshrng travelrng and musrc He often seen crursrng around rn hrs Ford BOB SAMSON Bob rs called Wobbre by many of hrs frrends Bobs favonte pastrme rs a certarn brunette Hrs pet peeve rs anythrng that rs annoyrng to hum at any trme He has partrcrpated rn the actrvrty of baseball and hrs fav orrte memory of Lrncoln rs Gradua tron Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a professronal gambler CARLOS TAITANA SAN AGUSTIN Carlos or Charles was qurte actrve rn Guam Whrle here at Lrncoln he belonged to the Chorr Hrs favonte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs the krnd ness and loyalty of the faculty and students Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to be a peace offrcer He plans on attendrng the LA Polrce Academy " ' .H ' . i . .h is ., V - -- - - Q't i ' t "I" , , . . . , . . , . rr I ' ll A- . na,, ' . . .. . . . . ' . . . .. . . . ' . .. . . ' . ,,'. - , . I ' , u ' v . - .. . . ' ull - , . ' v . . , . . ' A I Arr: , . a- .IANIE MYER IOAN NlCOLAl loam is very fond of saying 0h eah She has been active in G AA Riot Squad and the Em erald Ettes Joann dislikes people who call her Joanne Painting pn: tures and listening to the radio are her favorite pastimes Long after graduation loam will remember the time she did an Elvis Presley panto mime at an Emerald Deb Assembly She hopes to marry and have a happy life CAROLVN NORTON ERNEST G SHEPARD Ernie is often seen driving around school In his 50 Chev: hardtop His favorite pastime is skin diving and water skiing His ambition in lfe is to have a doctors degree in Math He plans on attending Cal Western University His pet peeve is not enough senior activities and his favorite memory is the Prom of 58 'G' DOROTHY JEAN NEWLAHD Dole as she is m h known has been very active in he Lancers Riot Squad Future Teach ers and the Bowling Club has been an active member in he 58 Statesman staff as Senior Sec tion Editor She has done a lot of speech work and is a member of the N F L Dottie s pet peeves are teach ers who talk without saying anything and society groups who are unfriend ly towards other people Oh beans and shrskaboob on :ye is her fav orite expression Her fondest mem ories of Lincoln were all the years that Mrs McMullen was Principal and placing second in a city speech contest In her spare time she likes to go skating dancing and to the show Dottie would like to attend San Diego State and then she would like to go to Loyola s School of Law She would like to be a lawyer and she may go into politics better Dottie FRANK WALTER SKINNER such as Football Cross Country Track and Wrestling His ambition in life IS to be a forest ranger or Geologist He plans on attending the University of Colorado His favonte pastime as making himself comfort a e SHARON PAGE a clue that Sharon is around Shar on has been a member of the Riot Squad and Emerald Deb Social Com mittee Besides these she was also a ve the S B King an Queen Committee and in the Flag Corp She hates homework but en goys going out with Lee Sharons greatest ambition is to marry Lee Sharon will always remember her Junior year and the Semor Prom 98 RONALD SHUMILAK Ronald who is called Ronnie is known for saying Yeh' s favorite pastime is striping his broth er s 48 Chevi His pet peeve IS the many holes in the parkmg lot He is n the CS F Radio and the i ence Club He participates in activi ties such as Sound Crew and Stage Crew His favorite memory of Lin con is Mr Moores office H in tends to attend San Diego State in the future His ambition in life is to own his own car SCOTT SIELER FRANK SMITH . 1 . . I . . I . uc y . . I . .. A . . . . i Y ' . ' U . , , .U , . ' ' ' ' V . . I. I '. I , I. - e fl ' y -H4 A ' Frank has participated in activities "What's happening?" seems to be 'I I I. ' ' cti .on I A..'.- ' d bl . . . D . - ROBERT ALLEN STANLEY BILL LOUIS STARMAN PATRICIA PARGA Pat has been a member of the Ruot Squad ASB Senate and on the Senror Sectuon of the Annual ln her spare tume you usually wull fund her lustenung to records or at a dance Her favonte sayung s Il never The mam thung Pat dlslrkes are gurls who thunk that they re better than others Pat hopes to attend college or a Busrness school preferably Patrucua Stevens and become a legal secretary She wrll never forget the 11th grade with all the gurls and Dutch Day ROSEMARY PINSON Rosle drslrkes latter bugs and Sen lors who dont act theur ages She has been actrve rn the Ruot Squad G A A Y Teens and she has been a lunuor class representatuve She enjoys readung and you can usually catch her saymg How cute e plans to go to JC and then marry Rosle wrll always remember Dutch Day and the Prom ELLOUISE MARIE PLOWMAN They who never succeed are usu ally the ones who have never trred rs Ellouuse s favonte saymg ln her Sophomore year she was Vrce Presu dent at Sharon Hugh It seems that concerted people dustress her terrubly Weezy as she us sometumes re ferred to wants to go to JC a d then to the Unlversrty Sh wrll always remember Vespers and Gradu atuon as she goes toward her lufes ambltuon of a secretary JERRY Jerry STUART SMITH who rs more frequently call ed Smrtty rs the Presudent of the Key Club Presudent of CS F an he us un the Lettermans Club an L He druves a 49 or an hus ambutuon un Iufe us to reture s pet peeve us people who ask who won the game last nught Hs av orrte memory us Mrs McMulIens farewell party He us often heard saymg I guess In the future he plans on attendung Pomona Hs actlvltles are Basketball Dutch Day Chaurman Senate Class Presrdent and he partucupated rn the varuous GAVNELL PEAVY Gaynell has been a member of e GAA Spikes Y Teens and the Ruot Squad Gaynell duslrkes luars and unconsuderate people Lust enrng to records dancung and gos supunf' are her favonte pastumes Cant see rt rs her favonte ex pressuon Gaynell who us sometimes referred to as Patre wll long re member the class of 55 Gaynell plans on attendrng UCLA and she would luke to become a secretary to a hugh executive Robert has partucupated un such ac tuvutues as the Band Track and Bas ketball Hrs pet peeve us school un general He rs often called by the name Bob Hrs ambrtron rn lufe us to work for the telephone company Hrs favonte pastume rs cars and hus favonte memorues of Luncoln Hugh were the Hello Hop and when Muss Mayne hut the fure hydrant DONNA JEANE POLAND Beauty and sadnes go together us leane s favorute saymg when thungs arent goung too well She was ac tuve un Ruot Squad CS F decorat mg commuttee for the Prom and as Art Edrtor of the Annual Jeanes greatest ambutuon un lrfe rs to be come a commercual artust You can usually fund her crursrng around un her 56 Chevy She duslrkes con celted people and know ut alls She hopes to attend State Jeane wull always remember the 57 and 58 Prom THOMAS SMITH Thomas who rs called Tom by everybody dnves a 56 Buick Hs favonte saymg us Down the cyl rnder Hrs favonte pastrme us eat g apples In Trng thrrd perrod Tom s pet peeve rs Physrc Teachers hus favorite memorues of Lmcoln were all the ones he forgot He us e Key Club and e Lettermans Club He also partucl pates un actrvutues such as Baseball Basketball Track Student Govern ment Chaurman of decorating the Prom Band and he was Co Captaln of the Cross Country Hus ambutuon plans on attendung Pomona College CHARLES F SPURRIER Charles nicknamed Skup rs oft en seen drrvrng around un hrs 55 For He goes rn qurte a but or huntung and hrs pet peeve us home work Hrs favorrte memory of Lun coln Hugh rs some of the crazy teachers Bull known as Bowlegs by hus fruends IS un the HIY and Dra a Club Hus favorite pastrme IS cars and he owns a 47 Chevl coupe Hrs pet peeve us teachers and hus favor ue sayung Thats bad s favonte memory of Luncoln us the Sensor Prom In the future he plans on gmng to lunuor College 99 . N.F, . ' ' F d. d ' . ' , - in ' ' . ' ' . Q . iy , . ..., . . Hi . . 6 . . n , . , 5 HI, E tens., . . . ,, , . . - . . . . - . H " D. ' ' , i - in th C.S.F., th, I - u . . - I i - .... , y ' I I Slleech Contests. in life is to 'be an scientist. He ru H A I I U ' dz . I I , . f - v .. Sh I . K U I , I A - In - A - - y I Y A- - , . - . . . ' . 'I . h ,Q ' ' m Y, . . n ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . h ' . . . A e . I I . . .. . , . I LINDA POQUETTE Lynn has been a member of the Drum Corp Future Nurses CSF and the Rrot Squad She was also rn the Grrls League Councrl That s the way the cookre crumbles Lynns favorlte expressron and n her spare trme she enroys water skrrng and lrstenrng to records She wrll always remember her srx years of servrng at Lrncoln and she then plans to go on to College Her pet peeve rs over talkatrve teachers es pecrally when they dont say any thrng PHYLLIS PRICE MARJORIE ANN RHODES Man rs Marges favorrte say rng She lakes to watch movres and to read good books Often had she been seen at the games rn her 52 Austrn She has been a member of the Lancers Bowlrng Club Teens and the Masque Club She drslrkes people who use other people The memory of the lunch conversa trons and good trmes she had wrth frrends wrll never leave her Her ambrtron rn lrfe rs to be a house w e lrve a happy lrfe and go to State and become a physrcal educa tron teacher 1:17 JAMES WILLIAM STEWART James rs rn the Premrers and has partrcrpated rn Football H drrves a 49 Ford and hrs favorrte pastrme rs workrng on cars He wrll always remember Auto Shop Hrs favorrte sayrng rs We I see and hrs pet peeve rs breakrng promrses James ambrtron rn lrfe rs to own a frve thousand acre ranch He also plans on attendrng Arrzona State College rn the future WILLIAM THOMAS STOWE Wrllram often called Gordo by hrs frrends drrves around rn a 42 Packard Hrs favorrte sayrng You re a cool head and hrs fav orrte pastrme was shootrng the bull rn the 200 burldrng Hrs pet peeve rs skrnny people He rs rn the Bowl rng Club and HIY and he partrcr pated on the Senror Play Commrttee Wrestling and Football team DOROTHY JUDITH PRICE Judy as she rs called has enjoy ed being rn the Brble Club CS F Chorr and the Sewrng Club Her pet peeve rs people who let prestrge go to therr heads We shut my mouth' rs Judy s favorrte sayrng and she plans to go to College er ambrtron rn Irfe rs to marry a mln rster WILLIAM FRANK STORM Wrllram more often called B ll e u an C S F He partrcrpated rn the Speech Contest Hrs favorrte pastrme rs eat mg and Basketball You can hear hrm sayrng It s the only way drrves a 51 Chevy around Lrncoln Brll s favorrte memory of Lrncoln rs the 58 Lrncoln Hoover Basketball game Hrs ambrtron rn Irfe rs to a Research Chemrst He plans on attendrng State rn the future RICHARD STOWE Rrchard called Tex by some rs often seen drrvrng around rn a 53 Dodge Hrs pet peeve rs other drrvers and pedestrrans Hrs favor rte memory of Lrncoln Hrgh rs hrs Senror Year MARGARET LUCILLE REYNOLDS Margaret has a cute nrckname Mrckre Mrckres favorrte expressron Good grre Sh lrkes to Irsten to records and talk on the phone She has a very strange am brtron she wants to go to Catalrna someday Mrckre was qurte actrve rn the Emerald Ettes She was rn the Srngle Flag Corp JERRY TAYLOR 100 JK . - - b . ' H .lI' . I I - I .I .. . I le - ' yn is I D - ' ' -. n ' ' "" is in the nyc: b, vN,F.L., u 4 - - - ' I . ' 'I - . tr r ' :rr He I . ..-A . . . be it ' . . H 'uf ' ', ' is, "' 'f." e ' ' I - I rrYrr I - i- ' - rr A rr, - -. h t A Y. D . . ' l I I ' . . .Y is . ifr' - ' ADELIA RICHARDS MIKE TRICARICO Makes favorrte pastlme rs partres muslc and gorng out Mlke nrck named Llttle Man can often be seen drrvrng hrs 50 Ford around ambtron In lrfe s b Draftsman and attend lunlor College MARGARET MARY RILLERA Margaret has been very actrve ln clubs at Lincoln ln the two years that she has been here she has been rn the Adelphrans Bowlrng Club Rlot Squad and Presrdent of the Y Teens She enjoys athletrcs very much gorng to formal dances and being on the Breakfast Commit tee Her trme IS full of the fun of beach parties and demonstrating school SDITIY Wanting to be a suc cess rn lrfe she wrll go on to Cal Western She wrll always treasure the memorres of her senror actrvrtres and the beach partres BARBARA ANN ROBERTS Thats the way the mop flops fondest expression She rs always around nurses Future Nurses that rs Barbara who has been attending Lln coln a year drslrkes people who run Llncoln down She enjoys Ilstenrng to progressive jazz records and wrll always remember Lrncoln because the students were so nrce to her Bar bara wants to go to the Los Angeles Harbor General Hosprtal School of Radrology She wants to become a Doctor of Radrology DANIEL DAVID VILLARREAL Daniel also known as Taco for short IS often seen drrvrng around the campus rn hrs Mercury As a member of the ASB Senate he states hrs favorrte pastime IS drrnk Ing cokes He can be heard saying Yea welll Daniels ambrtron rn life rs to make a lot of money ROBERT ERNEST TOMPKINS Robert rs In the Key Club and he also participated In actwrtres such as Buzz Photographer and Captain of the CC C Hrs favorrte pastrme rs enjoyrng hrmsalf Roberts ambl tron rn Irfe IS to be a News o tographer He also plans on attend mg San Diego State College BARBARA MARIE ROMERO Barbara known to her fnends as Bubbles rs very fond of dancing and swrmmrng Barbara has been rn the Science Club Golf Club and the Tennrs Club Say what you mean please' rs her favorrte saying and so dlsllkes lmrtators b a success rn her mam ambrtron She plans on attendrng the Unrverslty of New Mexrco LOUISE OLETA RICHARDS Be seemg ya rs Oleta s fav onte expression She has been a member of the Rrot Squad Pom Pon Corp has been on the Buzz Staff and the Senior Sectron of the An nua Oleta Ilkes to talk on e phone and lrsten to records but drslrkes concerted boys Her ambrtron rn Irfe rs to marry a mrllronarre She wrll never forget the time Mary and she pushed Joyces car to school and will always remember the Senror Prom DAVID UNGER ALBERT JAMES VINSON Albert rs rn the Lettermans Club and Key Club actrvrtles such as Football Basket ball and Track rs movres and Irkes to say Is hat rrght" Albert often called Ange by hrs fnends drlves around rn a 48 Plymouth Hrs favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hugh rs the Football Games ambrtron In lrle s t be Engrneer He partrcrpated Hrs favorrte pastrme ' ' ' ' Ph I 1. -' th. His :"'i-mei - is known to Barbara's friends as her . v l ' . ' . ' D I in ' A ' . ' r . . I ' . I ,, t h '. I. . , . - 51:0 e A I. E' . A ' ' " His' ' ' ' ' i Q all lOl COLLEEN RYAN So what do you want your money back? is Colleen s favorite saying Her pet peeve is people telling lies and her favonte pastime is being with Rex Colleens ambition is to go to New York and become a actress She will always remember all the fun that she had at Lincoln EVA JUNE ROVCE ve eonged to the Teens Bowling Club Future Nurses and the Golf Club She was also a member of the Pom Pon Corp and the Buzz Staff Her favonte pas time is bowling and her pet peeve is slow pinsetters She will long remember the years that Mrs Mc Mullen was our Principal and Mr C Anderson Eve plans to go to Abilene Christian College in Abilene Texas and her ambition is to teach in Europe GLORIA JEAN RUBIDOUX Jeannie has been very active in the band and orchestra She enjoys driving around El Cajon in her 57 Oldsmobile Teachers who talk a lot and say nothing are her pet peeve Jeannie s ambition is to be a book keeper and attend Cal Poly Her favorite pastime is riding her horse Holly and entering horse shows HAROLD DEAN WALLER H olds ambition rn life is o build beautiful homes and attend o ege in the near future s favorite memory of Lincoln is the excellent teachers Harolds favorite saying is To have success you need patience practice and kind ness He enjoys archery hunting swimming and courtesy towards oth es He belonged to the Archery Club and C S F and he was on the Track team in his sophomore year BENNIE GERALD WATSON Bennie nicknamed Jerry by his f nds in the Radio Club and CSF and he participated on the Sound Crew His favorite pastimes are hunting fishing swimming dancing and radio operating Hs favorite saying is Hi Mac will always remember the 1955 Track Team His ambition in life rs to go to college and support a family PATRICIA ANN SCRIVENER Pat has been very active in choir, glee, and the drum corp. Her pet peeve is underclassmen taking over the school and her favorite pastime is listening to the radio while riding in the rain. Pats favorite saying is if you dont at first succeed try try again. Her ambition is to attend California Baptist College and be a private secretary to a millionaire. PHYLLIS SERVEY I I Phyllis's favorite expression is "nice going." She would rather talk on the phone and go to dances than do her homework. If you keep your eyes open you might see her driving around in a '53 Chevi. Phyllis plans to attend Mercy College of Nursing to become a nurse. ROBERT WELSH Robert called 'Little Bob by his friends is often seen driving around in his Oldsmobile. He enjoys dance in and likes to say "World i always remember his Senior Year at Lincoln. Bobs ambition is to be a dancing teacher. WALTER WELLS PHIL N WATTERSON is in the Tennis Club an has participated in the Stage Crew and a Buzz Staff Photographer H s favorite pastime is driving at night his 57 Ford Hrs favorite say ing s Todays chicks are tomor row s old hens His favorite memory of Lincoln was when Miss Mayne hit a fire hydrant Phils ambition in life is to photograph the South Sea Islands BARBARA JEAN SHUFORD Llttle Angel as sometlmes call ed by her frlends has been actnve QEIIS I0 Squad and the Emerald Deb Councll Barbara s ambltlon rs to go to San Diego State and to become an Elem entary School Teacher Her favorrte sa mg IS l know It Huh and she wlll always remember the upstalrs of the 200 Burldlng CAMILLE SHEPPARD Mlllle as sometimes called by her fruends has been very active In G A A Rlot Squad and the Emer ald Ettes Grrl of the Month Her favorite pastime rs eating and drrvlng her boy frlends 56 Chev: Camille s favornte sayrng IS curses and you can understand why when she says her pet peeve ns getting stood up Camille plans to attend a Desrgmng center In Los Angeles to he a Com merclal Artist MARY JANE SHOLLEY Janne has been actnve In the Rlot Squad and Y Teens In her spare time you mrght see her drlvlng around to n In her d yeah rs her favorite expressron and her amblflon IS to lrve a good solid and clean llfe BILL W WILCOX I glven the name of Ll e Wnllle by has friends enloys playing chess In his spare time Hrs favorite saying IS Parting IS such sorrow but staying IS worse Ball s ambl tron In lute us to become an arch: tect In the future he plans on at tending Cal Poly BUDDY JACK WILKERSON Buddy was on the Football Bas kethall Wrestlrng and Baseball teams he was also very active rn th Key Club N FL and HI Y and was Commussnoner of Boys Actrvltres In hrs Sensor year He drslrkes Lat terbugs and enjoys going to the each H ambrtlon IS to llve full and happy lfe Buddy plans to attend San Diego State College He wlll always remember berng elected Kung of the A S B Ball and wmmng the State Championship ln wrestlmg ELAINE PAULINE SIMEONS Elaune drrves a 49 Chevrolet an she enjoys slnglng and dancrng e was chosen as alternate for e Music Educators Conference at os Angeles She has participated In the M rlgals d th Buble b Elalnes favorite saying IS Money may not be a very good master but It can be a good servant er favorrte memory IS the ASB Ball 1958 Her pet peeve IS teachers who cant get together on homework dlstrlbutlon PAULINE ANNE SIMEONS Paulme has been a member of the C S F Cholr and the Madrrgals She was also chosen to be In the Musrc Educator s Natlonal Conference All Southern Calrforma Chorus at os Angeles Her favorite pastlmes are slngrng and folk danclng and she w always remember the flrst time s e sang In a school assembly Her b on In Ilfe IS to enter I o e muslcal field as a srnger Paulme s favorite saying IS Short therefore IS man s llfe and narrow IS the cor ner of the earth wherein he dwells WAYNE WILLIAMS CLYDE M WILSON Clyde nlcknamed Sh rty IS n e Golf Club H drives a Plymouth He IS annoyed by home work and bug books Hrs favorite IS going to shows and dancmg and he wrll always remember Dutch Day " ' . . ,BI""' . . . " 'U' ,.- w I - Fori Hoh e : .1 "" .','.. ' b .' is " ' ' a 'i . 1 in G.A.A., Y-T ', c.s.F., R3 .yn I H " I 'H . .l . , d ' ' ' . Sh in ' ' H b L ad 'I' an e I Clu . . I . H - I . y ' - It 0 H - i H . th .- e ' '49 I . .. I L 4. ' ' . ' . I A ' ' - ' in ' . . h ' . am- , ing ' . 'nt'th IO3 CARL WILLIAMS SHIRLEY SIMMONS S srey or Sponge as se commonly known was a member of the Sensor Breakfast Commsttee Y Teens and the Rsot Squad She en joys dancsng eatsng and swsmmsng She dsslskes concested boys er favorste saysng ss Oh yeah an her ambstson sn lsfe ss to get mar Ile BARBARA P SMITH Barbara known as Ba b to her nds was sn an F and partscspated sn suc actsvstses as the Sensor Councsl Prom Commsttee A S B Play Lsb rarlan of Chosr Lsncoln Representa Conference Chosr Barbs favorste pastssne ss readsng scsence fsctson storses Her favorste saysng ss Speech both conceals and reveals the thoughts of Men Sh wsll al way remember the Speech Tousna ments Student Congresses and Msss Mayne s Class Her ambstnon ss to be on the fsrst rocket to Mars SHARON LEE SMITH Red has been actsve sn Adel phsans Modern Dance Club and the Rsot Squad She served as songleader and as Commssssoner of Affslsated Clubs on the ASB Councxl as assem bly chasrman and Sensor Awards Commsttee Sharon lskes to dance and her pet peeve ss lack of school spsrst Her favorste saysng ss How Ya dom? She drsves a Pontsac and plans to attend San Dsego State College HERMAN WONG Herman called Herm by h s ssends sn the Chess u Scsence Rsot Squad and C S F he also has partscspated sn Cross Coun try Track and Fseld He ss annoyed by the phony gradsng system some of the teachers have In hss lessure tsme he enjoys readsng and playsng chess He ss often heard saysng Knowledge ss power He wsll always remember graduatsng from the best hsgh school sn the csty Has masn ambstson sn lsfe ss to become a Research Chemsst and he plans to attend college but ss undecsded about whsch one GLENDA L SKINNER Lennse as Glenda ss most often referred to dsslskes people who steal her favorste saysng and expresssons Lennse wsll long remember the Mary Kathryn tappsng Her favorste pastsme ss havsng bsg chats wsth her pod nuks How ya dersn tootse her favorste expressson Her ambstson sn lsfe ss to become a bussn s teacher Lennse was a very actsve gsrl she was sn the Mary Kathryn s C S F Rsot Squad and the Adelph sans Her actsvstses were varsed Lennse was A S B Secretary sn the Senate Sensor Councsl Pom Pon Corp Ssngle Flag Corp Chosr she was on the Sensor Dstch Day Commst tee and she was Co Edstor of the Lsterary Magazsne VIRGINIA SUE SNODGRASS Vsrgsnsa dsslskes people who cannot drsve especsally C Vsrgsnsa most often referred to as Suzse has been sn the Emerald Debs A S B Sen ate Hsstorsan sn the Sensor and lunsor Cabsnets She has also been actsve sn the Rsot Squad and the Buzz Staff Have laughs ss her favorste expressson and she enjoys swsmmsng and dancsng Her whole Sensor year wsll long remasn dear to he Suzse plans on attendsng col lege and she then wants to become a prsvate secretary IO4 PATRICIA SPAHR Pat would like to attend San Dsego lunsor College and go on to be a Dental Assstant She was a member of the Drsll Team sn the 10th grade Pat enjoys roller skatsng and dsslskes boys who thsnk they re tough Her favorste saysng ss Gee whsz golly darn SOL WERTZ IACQUELYN SMITH Jackse s favorste pastsme ss ealsng and her pet peeve ss Provocators She lskes to remember Mr Stanley s class lackse belonged to the Spskers G A A and Rsot Squad She was also a member of the Orchestra er favorste saysng ss Its smmatersal to She plans to attend UCLA and become a shorthand teacher JACULIN GAIL STAMPS Jackse enjoys sewsng and bowlsng and her pet peeve ss people who do thsngs halfway Sh drsves a 50 Ford convertsble and her favorste sa sng ss oo' la kse wsll a ways remember M Osborn and graduatsors Her ambstson ss to be a secretary and housewsfe h-I I rs H h is ' rl sl i .1 -:vs - . ' . fl. ' is I C' b' .' ' '. . . . ' I I H ' ' . ' . . , ' . 4, - ld- - . . h H h 1 I ' . A ' 95 ' ' s. r sv - 1 - ' - - ' H frie , ' the N.F.L., ss I " .I tive in Music Educators National ' ' ' . " ' ' . . -4' . I . .I meln e ' - . I I I . . . . . I . I ' I .. ' . D . I e I I. .I D , . V . ' ' ' . ' . . . . ' y. . y HP ',, C . . I- . , .I . V ' . . . . .I H fu . r'. . . . s. ' ' - 71 15 . BARBARA LOU STARK Barbr belongs to several clubs rncludmg Adelphrans Drama League N I- L and Modern Dance She was In Pom Pon Corp charrman of the Senior Play Commrttee and Rrot Squad She drrves a Wrllys Barb: llkes dancrng tballroom and modernb She drsllkes people who say they re golng to do something and then dont do rt Her favorite sayrng rs help' She wall always remember her junror year at Lrncoln Barbara plans to attend Kelsey Jenney Busr ness College and her ambrtlon rs to become a dancer JOYCE STONE WELCA CAROLYN TATE Welca enjoys roller skating and IS annoyed by She was In the Future Nurses Club one certaln fnend Her favorrte memory of Lrncoln Hugh was Llncoln ntself Welca s ambrtlon In lrfe IS o make the best of It EDDIE RAE STEPHENS DONNA STEVENS EDNA ANN THOMAS Edna drrves a 56 Plymouth and she enjoys summer and Chnstmas vacatrons She belonged to the Rrot Squad Future Nurses YTeens and G A A Her pet peeve IS nosy people and her favorrte saylng IS ook 01' She wrll always remember Mrs McMullen Ednas ambrtron rs to be a long dlstance telephone operator and a housewlfe MARSHA THOMAS Marsha drslrkes teachers who talk all perxud She was a member of the Rrot Squad and the Adelphlans Sh also served a 11th grade Councrl Representatrve and Socral Charrman for the Emerald Debs She drlves a 55 Buick and her favorite memory IS her 6th perrod class In Mr Moore s office wlth the gang SHIRLEY STOCKMAN r ey s pet pe ve lack sensor prlvrleges and her favorite say rn IS me She enjoys dancmg swnmmlng and eating pizza She was a member of the Adelphrans Ruot Squad Drama League a d Drrll Team Shnrley wrll always remember the Prom She plans to attend Brrg ham Young Unrverslty and her ambs tron rn llfe IS to be a beautlclan ELIZABETH ANN SUHY Elizabeth who IS much better known as Bette has been an the Futare Nurses Lancers Y Teens an Jr Red Cross She was also actrve In varrous speech contests Peope who try to make her jealous are her pet peeves She states that her favorite pastxme IS collecting words the uncommon unordlnary one to sprung on others Your outta mmd rs her favornte expres slon The Senior Prom and Gradaa on wlll long remaln dear rn er heart Her ambutlon In lrfe IS to say somethmg so clever that other people wlll want to use It for years after ward She plans on attendung the Mercy College of Nursrng after Graduatron PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON was active he Jr e Cross Rrot Squad Future Nurses an Go'f Cub S e was rn e Single Baton Corp and on the Emer ald Deb Councll She also served as a chairman for the paper drive She enjoy dancing bowling slnglng and dnsllkes snobs and bad sports Her favorrte sayrng IS Wow' She wall always remember the years In which Mrs McMullen served as Prrnclpal of Lrncoln Hugh Her ambrtron In IE rs to get marrled and be a good wr e to Howard 49155 IOJ I " I I sn.: e is I of A . h , '. . . I I I I n ' . ' I ff A ' .. I . I ' hh QI I' ' I I " Pa:I A mr ,Rd .' , , - ' - ' ' ' ' . u ' . I , 'h ' rn' . , I I, r .I - e I As I ' I . . . . t ' , ' - - - I I I I HL I - I . ' I . . .f ELEANOR K TRUJILLO Eleanor usually called Elle by her fnends can be heard saylng How ya derln 7 She was In the Mary Kathryns CSF Rrot Squad Presudent Modern Dance She was actlve In the Sophomore Class as Secretary Emerald Debs Sophomore Representatlve N F L Vrce Presldent Secretary of Emerad Debs Senxor Prom Commrttee Chairman Presrdent of Emerald Debs Football Sweetheart Attendant C S F Sealbearer and Senror Edrtor of the Buzz Staff Elhe says she IS annoyed by people who are rgnorant to the fact that Llncoln IS the best school In the cxty and who constanty argues the point She enjoys plannrng the future and being with her one and only and gorng to slumber partles Ellle wall always remember beatrng Hoover and Samts un basketball and all the wonderful experlences she had at Lrn coln especnally meetlng her husband to be Her ambltlon IS to follow In the footsteps of her future mother In law and be a successful Mrs Davis PATRICIA MARIE TRUJILLO u les she sometimes known has taken part In many clubs and BCTIVITICS here al: Lmcoln lust a few of these are Y Teens Future Nurses Rlot Squad and the Roller Skating Club Her HCTIVITIBS Include ASB Senate and the sophomore cabmet Pat s favorlte saymg rs you better belreve It and her pet peeve rs a guy thats always late Her favorite pastime and memory IS having a lot of fun rn her sensor year and her ambrtlon In hfe rs to marry Richard and have a happy future JUDITH ANN WADSWORTH ludys favorrte memones of Lm coln were the wonderful school and her senxor year She was a member of the sewing club In the 11th grade and her pet peeve rs people who let their popularity or social POSITION go to their heads Her favorite pastime IS wrltlng to Clarence and her favor :te saylng IS Shut up' Judy plans to attend San Drego lunlor College and her ambrtnon rs to become a top notch secretary and be a good wrfe ELLIS MAE WALKER Mae has been a several clubs lncludlng Future Teachers YTeens She was also a member Pon Corp She dslrkes argue all the time and sa Ing rs Thats oo member of Rlot Squad and G A A of the Pom people who her favorite a e enjoys collectrng articles fo her Johnny Mathis scrapbook Her ambn tlon In hfe rs to joan the Women s Arr Force and she would luke to at tend San Drego State College EVELYN DALE WEIRICH Dale s favorite pastrme IS dancing and her favorjte memory of Lmcoln IS the Football Carnival She be longed to the Bowllng Club and the YTeens and she also participated In Dr Team Cholr and GAA r pet peeves are term papers and homework Dale plans to be an alr Ime stewardess and then get marrred NADINE WESTCOTI' Nadune has been an active member of several clubs lncludlng CSF 10th 11th and 12th grades Jr Red Cross Adelphrans and presldent of the Mary Kathryns She has also partrclpated In Dnll Team sophomore cabmet and senior commencement commlttee Nadlnes nrck name IS Krtten and her favorite sayrng IS No man as an Island She enjoys eating plzza and belng wlth Tom Her favonte memories of Lmcoln were belng chosen Grrl of the Month an berng tapped for Mary Kathryns e plans to go to San Drego State an later to a unrverslty Her ambr ron IS to get a college educatron an become a good housewrfe later ELIZABETH LA MARR TWVMAN La Marr hates classes that put to sleep Her favorite pastlmes skatlng drlvxng and talklng on e phone Her favorite memory rs e ting caught In the ram on the wa to school and her ambrtlon In e us to be a happy wrfe and mother someday her are 10 ANN VANCE J was Vlce President of the YTeens and a member of the Rrot Squad She enjoys going to dances and dlsllkes concerted people er favorite memory of Lmcoln Hugh IS graduation and her ambltlon IS to be a typrst She plans to attend bus: ness college BONNIE CATHERINE WARDRIP Bonnle enjoys drlvrng her 56 Ford and doodllng which rs her favor lte pastime Her favorite saylng IS Look out and she rs annoyed by people who crunch on celery Her favorrte memory of Lmcoln js gradua tuon She wants to be a forengn mrs slonary PATRICIA WEBSTER P IS ambltlon In hfe IS to e successful rn whatever she does She was a member of the Pom Pon Corp and drnves a Bunck She enjoys party mg swlmmlng and eating lprefer ably plzza or tacosl Her favonte memory rs the crowdlng In the faculty lunch Ime and her favorite saylng IS So what sa matter? lO6 GLADYS MERIA WILLIAMS Gladys plans to attend San Dlego lunlor College or a busmess college She has been a member of the Y eens GAA Rlot Squa an Splkers Her favonte memory us Mr Osborns flfth penod Sensor Prob lems class and her favonte saying You re scroungne She enjoys gomg out wrth T R Lowery and dns Irkes people who try to be better than others NANCY C WRENCH Nance has partlcnpated In sever al actrvrtres mcludmg the Sensor Breakfast Committee and the Emer ald Deb Council She has also been a member of several clubs They are Adelphlans YTeens and Rlot Squad She dlsllkes soclal climbers and snobs Her favorite saylng us Catch ya later She enloys Ins temng to records and dancing and will always remember the paper drlve and after dance Her ambltuon to be happy and successful In every thmg she does She would luke to attend Kelseylenney Busmess Col ege CHAVEZ MARCELLA RACHEL HANSEN MARY LOU NICHOLS JOAN NANCY NOWLIN PEGGY SHARON SIMMONS YVONNE SMITH NANCY TILLMAN SHIRLEY JEAN WATSON MARY LOUISE BRASSELL WILLIARD BROADDUS LAWRENCE R GEORGIA WHITE Georglas favonte pastime IS lls temng to the radio and her favonte memory IS belng tapped Into the Mary Kathryns She was a member of the Adelphlans Future Nurses Club CSF and Mary Kathryns She has also been actrve m Dnll Team lr Red Cross and the junlor class councnl Georgia drslrkes un fnendly people She plans to at tend San Dlego State College and hopes to become a physlclan CHARLOTTE 1 FRANKLIN WILLIAMS arlotte Red she sometlmes known dlsllkes people who dont mund their own busmess Her favorite pastimes are sewing kmttrng reading and taking care of her baby She wlll always remember graduation day and her favonte say In ns dont care She was a member of the Modern Dance Club an GAA Her ambltlon rn llfe IS to be a good wlfe and mother SHIRLEY WRIGHT Shirley rs sometimes called Shorty by her friends She has been a member of the Rlot Squad Chonr Madrlgals and Pom Pon Corp She drsllkes people who try to tell her what to do and her favonte sa Ing IS Oh oy Her favorite pastlmes are hstemng to records swlmmlng and boys She dnves a 54 Bulck and lakes to remember the good old times at table 3 during lunch Her ambltlon In Ilfe IS to be a pnvate secretary and later get marrxed NOT PICTURED BUGAWISAN EDGENE EDW COSTILLO BOBBY CASSIDY RONALD CORNELIUS HENRY M JR ELLIS VIRGIL DALE HUMPHREYS JAY JOHNSON DAVID KELLER BERTRUM MATRUNGA JOE MEEHAN THOMAS FRANCIS IO7 LINDA LEIGH YOCUM Linda dnves a 50 Oldsmobile She enjoys going to drive In movies and spending her trme wrth a guy named Bo Her pet peeve IS the way people drnve In downtown San Dlego Llnda will always remember her senior year and she would like to work for the Telephone Company MEIELLAN EDWARD MOLLEN HOUER DALE SA KAMOTO ROBERT SHOEMAKER NOAL W SINGLETON ROBERT LYNN VANCE RONALD WHEATCROFT GIRARD WHITAKER JERRY WISE BERNIE ' ' ' ' ' '- Ch , or " " as is . I I I .A I . I ' l A - - -g - I HI 1 D.. l l - 1. 'H -A I rl, Q d. a '. is H 1' - .. I -I ' I I . I .4 . " ' ' -- ll I I- - - - . " is I . . . . . . , . H ,, . . . . -. . 1 ' . . ' b' . . . y-. - I ll vb 'jr - - - 1 - A ' 1 . I 1 ' 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 , ., . , . I 1 1 , , A. , I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 . , U V ,gif Y I i I , 'xi3Y"' ' an ...mu I ! ... fs "' 1' 43 if fe WW I "af iii, ' , WK 5 I vm 25' New 'I , -. ., If Q ,K II'5,s, XJ Dutch Day Vespers r S I 5 I I Cf: Wig 'U E 4, I A C T I V I T I E S Prom ,if F , HONOR ROLL Ida Andrews Pat Meyers Jerry Smith Robert Berg Rosalyn Cantll Nadine Westcott Wnllnam Storm James Holland Barbara Shutord Joann Kalser Elrzabeth Hatashuta Larry Pugh Herman Wong Glenda Sklnner Carol Broadway Donna Poland Judy Au tan Georgna Whnte Thomas Smlth Eleanor Trulnllo Aida Anderson Rlchard Boehme Joanna Brown Nevel Brown Jud: Hazelwood James Riley Jean Baber Margaret Greensfelder Maxine Jennings Sandra Clernpson Sandra Burdnne Patrncna Brewer Patrncla Grnttlth Jerald Jones Dennls Chew Wayne Beachley Joseph Denton Sara East Pauline Simeons Helen June Lewis lO9 ALMA MATER 1 1 4 1 I UXI Ill r 1 A N N 1 5 :HS N ci XKf S 4 1 N H11 N 'N 4 3 N 1 1 l HO fhu' l1lf'lll0I'il'S ul I.im'0ln Higln :ww-r mlim illruugll ye"n's. Hr li e-e- Il mu' rnolixvs sivmnzxsl 'Qu Jvlvlncl ull al uv 'mlm' clwur. film- lwim mlm I.-II our ruuniry XXNIII I -- uml us Qrval lun 1. Xxvvlrc- prom! to lu- in gurl ol Haig clvar :rlmol llnl lc" lmig n' mc Xxviill suclrwss now wax lvanv yuu. Iwo Q00llI'S1'I1ilI'ilf1' "ly: Hui will: us grams-11 llmllglxls nl you 'WSI lllrmlglmlll our clwys. X vc Irons Quimlc- Io us younll Inc- IAQ tvll llf vlml is l'iL'Il1. Xml wv vill vw lw fwifllflll io ffm' 1ll'llA UM Gr 4-c- n mul Xxvlmile-. XV4 Ivrie- .'XrrLl1ilmIcl-In AUTOGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPHS TIME IS THE LIFE OF THE SQUL Longfellow

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