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V-Q0 S b,MSM 3 0 S qc? mga qw 2 ki11:.gfl?31ff2 355 , A gxtmtqmiugkv '14-W. X aw Qgjy M53 Cgms W MW QM? fir JWWWg W WMA 67525 Q??f25!Z WQQ G fjZ,.w:t'Jm,,.,1Q,.: . ,aw va, piww- m,.1,, Wg? I 1 . 5 7'0Q""7"V"'iYYY3 5 iw 5 g? ,UW Za! I l95?63.'a Jigxif Wmwwf 2, ff FMU C?w"'Q 'D W W 3525 AWWWWV i2Qg wwwwm f'5f'HQAjR-5-fiffi YAEBVWWWWWWXG , Believing that the students of Abraham Lincoln High School appreciate the finer things in life, the yearbook staff has chosen for its theme, MUSIC, to set the 1 X ,UN ' mwy J in Lldfw VX 'W V ii 1556! r lkw x 'XJ' X 3' Q may TP at . of Llhe 1960 oem, up QW" t ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHUOL CAM MALLICK San Francisco, California Editor DH. JOSEPH B. HILL Principal, F'59 To the Grflzizuiles off111ml1,an1, Lincoln High School: l am happy indeed to have this opportunity to greet you from the pages of the Roumlup, and to congratulate you upon your graduation. As graduates of an American high school you are among the most fortunate young peo- ple in the world. ln particular. as graduates ol' a San Fran- cisco high school and lat least among ourselves we shall admit itl of Abraham Lincoln High School. you have had opportunities second to none. Dr. James Bryant Conant, distinguished former presi- dent of Harvard Lniversity. has studied the high schools of America and listed some of the things that he finds a good high school must have. Among the essentials he lists these: a good counseling systemg opportunity for each student to have a program made individually for him, adj usted to his special interests and almilitiesg strong prep- aration in Englishg offerings in keeping with vocational interestsg rigorous and intensive college-preparatory Work. All of these have been available to you, together with what is most important of all, the guidance of skillful, Wise and understanding teachers. As you build on this training, always maintaining the high standards of character for which Abraham Lincoln High School stands, I am confident that every success will he yours. Very hest wishes to each of youl J. B. HILL Ol I'l'lllfll.'f l"6L l0l'l MR. ABRAH,-Ut L. ItESSELBERG MRS. MARIE C. WELCH NIR, LEWIS F. NORRIS, IH. Dean. of Boys, Asif Principal. P59 Dean of Girls, Asfc Principal, F'59, .960 lima! Coiuzxclnr, F59 To the Graduates of Abraham Lincoln High School: The Spring 1960 High Senior Class will be missed at Abraham Lincoln. I, for one. wish to pay my respeets to a elass which. surely. has not heen excelled hy any other. Its rnemhers have heen most generous to me in a 1-ritical transition period in the sehool's administration. They have demonstrated eapahle leadership of the entire sehoolg they have given real meaning to student control. They have demonstrated all the qualities of initiative, creativity, and cooperation which are expected of adults. Many meni- hers of the class have won scholastic honors in sharp Competition. They will represent our high school train- ing in every corner ofthe country. We honor them for the example and high standards they have set for us and wish them well for the future. I should like to add very special thanks for speeial favors. J. R. CARR MR. JOHN R. CARR Prinripal, 960 loving .f4clmini5fra fion MHS. MARY EDNA MUINTYRE NIR. ROBERT BREUHR NIR. SEB PASSANISI Director of Curriculum, F59, S,60 Head Counselor, S'60 Dean of Boys, Assit Przncipal S 60 Andrews, Mr. William F. Machine Shop Avery, Mrs. Barbara F. Mathematics, Dept. Head Bahnsen, Mr. Robert Social Studies Banuet, Mrs. Doradea L. Business Baumeister, Mr. Bernhardt E. Science Bellew, Miss Juner Physical Education Bennett, Mrs. Rhea Lalande English Biggi, Mr. Andrew J. Spanish Boldt, Mr. Roland M. Business Breuer, Mr. Robert J. Head Counselor Brown, Mr. Eugene D. English and Social Studies Carli, Mrs. Elsie Mathematics Castellino, Mrs. .lennette M. English Christensen, Mr. Harvey L. Physical Education Christensen, Mr. Loren Mechanical Drawing and Science Clark, Mrs. Marilynn S. Art Department Cole, Mrs. Jeannette B. English Cole, Mr. William M. Mechanical Drawing Coleman, Mr. William R. English Cox, Miss Gay A. Physical Education Cutlir, Mrs. Helen English, Counselor Danielson, Mr. Elmer O. Social Studies, Mathe- matics, Counselor Delman, Mr. Ervin C. Physical Education Desmond, Mrs. Carol Mathematics Duling, Mr. John Music Edminster, Mr. Howard English Ekloi, Mrs. Jeanie A. English Ferrari, Miss Jeanne M. Science incogft gawk Fink, Miss Carolyn M. Social Studies, Art Fitzgearld, Mr. Edward M. Business Forbes, Mrs. Luisa E. Languages F'unke, Mr. William H. Social Studies, Business Gallagher, Miss Madeleine Sophmore Goals Gelardi, Mr. Patrick J. Physical Education George, Mr. Neal K. Art Gibson, Mr. Clifford L. Graphic Arts Goodrich, Mrs. Frances B. Mathematics Gordon, Mr. Donald B. Radio-Electrical Shop Haroutunian, Mr. Vahack Mathematics Hartwell, Mr. Robert M. Counselor, Sophmore Goals Heinig, Mr. Herbert L. English and Social Studies Heisler, Mr. John D. Social Studies llousek, Mr. Joseph F. Science and Mathematics Hubbard, Mr. John S. English and Languages Jacobsen, Miss Madeline Languages Johnson, Miss Mildred Science Jones, Mr. Layton F. Science Keenan, Miss Patricia Counselor, Languages Keyes, Mrs. Monica Physical Education Koehler, Mr. Edward C. Science Lathrop, Mr. Wendell B. Counselor, Science, English Lederman, Mr. Jerome Counselor, Languages Lewis, Mrs. Florence C. English Loeff, Miss Lillian Business Logan, Miss Lillian E. Physical Education Lum, Mr. Phillip A. English and Language MacKenzie, Mrs. Emilie C. Social Studies Maglio, M rs. Bernice F. Social Studies Maini, Miss Lina M, Languages Manahan, Mr. William F. Science Marshall, Mrs. Marion English McDonald, Mr. Ervin S. Science McGovern, Mr, Clinton G. Mathematics Mclntyre,, Mrs. Mary Edna Languages, Dept. Head Melvin, Mr. George C. Social Studies Miossi, Mr. Bernard Science and Audiovisual Moore, Mr. Theodore E. English Muller, Mr. Danial Languages Munie, Miss Norma Jean Physical Education Nill, Mr. John M. Science O7Keefe, Mr. William F. Physical Education, Social Studies Parker, Mrs. Blanche Social Studies, Home Economics Parsley, Mrs. Patricia A. English and Social Studies Pasqualetti, Mr. Kenneth Social Studies Perac-ca, Miss Clorinda Business Pihl, Mr. Martin A. Music Presley, Mr. Ross C. Physical Education Radov, M rs. Lynfred Languages Radziewicz, Miss Mary Mathematics Rathert, Mrs. Elizabeth A. English Raymond, Mr. Joseph H. Social Studies Redmond, Miss Margaret R. Lilararian Rosen, Miss Mollie D. Languages Rutherford, Miss Evelyn Physical Education and tllathcmatics Ryan, Mr. William F. Physical Education Sandrock. Mr. Fredrick Social Studies Schmidt, Mr. Wlalter C. Science and English Smith, Mr. Albert C. Wood Shop Snell, Miss Alberta M. English, Department Head Sullivan, Mrs. Kathryn l.. Physical Education , Swainston, Miss Colleen Business Sweigert, Mrs. Alice H. English Talal, Miss Joyce B. Social Studies and English Thomas, Miss Jean A. English Thrasher, Mrs. Mary Home Economics Trelaun, Mrs. Sara O. Languages Uhlir, Miss Martha E. Librarian Wlagner, Mr. Richard V. English and Mathematics Wlalker, Mr. Peter D. Social Studies, Mechanical Drawing Wlallace, Mrs. Marilyn J. Mathematics Wenaas, Mrs. Ruth B. Home Economics Whitney, Miss Grace Business Wiesender, Miss Carolyn Social Studies Wilson, Miss lone Business, Department Head Witt, Mr. William R. English Wolf, Mr. Girard J. Science Wyatt, Mr. James C. Social Studies Galvin, Mr. Joseph M. Driver Training, Dept. Head Malmborg, Mr. William T. Driver Training Quinn, Mr. Fred C. Dricer Training Murphy, Mr. Frank J. Driver Training Lapeyri, Fredinand J. Drirer Training X Q 'if Climax of the Fall Term. 1959, was the Senior Class party held in the Lincoln cafeteria. Left picture shows group of aspiring vocalists displaying talentsg center ,picture shows senior ofhcers uniting in effort to cut cakeg right picture shows chow line. It was one of those blustery February days so typical of our hilltop-when the Class of Fall l959 arrived. Scared, insecure in their new environment, they at first clung to the loyalties of their former junior high schools. Confused as they were, they nevertheless had a strong impact on the rest of the school. For in this class arrived at least six pairs of identical twins whom the teachers had trouble distinguishing--even to the day of graduation. The low tenth passed quietly, with all the big op- erators of the future observing how things got done. ln the high tenth, the dance took days of prepara- tion spent in painting props. Ann Pflueger was deco- rations chairman and designed a fabulous blue crepe paper canopy for the gym. Cute Carol Mantel sold piles of tickets and so did many others-the first big CVCIIK and a near sell-out. give made money- we're on our wayfi exulted ,loan and Judy Hertz, class officers both. Next came the very famous and very fun-packed treasure hunt and spaghetti feed. Talented Marian Sherburne and Carolyn Roberts invented new twists to the old game of find-the-next-clue. Teams com- posed of eight students each valiantly chased each other and cluos around the campus, searching for the prize. All the while it reposed in plain sight- on the dinner table in the cafel 7Twas a loaf of bread. The celebrated class minstrel, Harry Haimovich, made his Hrst appearance that eveningea social success as well as a gastronomic one. IT For the prom, the president, Jeff Graff, was thc only person who knew the outcome of the prom queen vote. Joanne Greenley was the lovely queen. Prom night was wonderful in many ways: fabulous restaurants for dinner, breakfast in the wee hours at private homes. Linda Kerr, Karen Okelberry, and Jeff Graff comprised the official greeters at the door. The ?c1rZyS Uzfef 'l'urnabout time produced a western atmosphere and a handsome profit. The paint was hardly dry on that pink fence painted at Sue Wiilsonis insistcncc when the dance begang Barbara Tomasi cut out guns and horseshoes ad nauseam to enhance the cowboy theme. Andy Kerr and Don Kenepp distinguished themselves by being the hardworking decorations committee. The most outstanding event of the low senior term was the great show of spirit and togetlierness at thc special senior registry. Ask any class member for details. Jeff Graff and Dave Hettig sat it out with the rest at the afternoon edition. The low twelve term produced more money: Ka- ren Okelberryis letter to the hotel about our Prom earned a rebateg senior show time with ,lerry Harris and Mrs. Lewis selling tickets. The term ended rather spectacularly, too, as our president, Al Raffetto and Jerry Harris took the girls downtown to look for a locale for the Ball. Who said that lHOl'6 than one hundred womcn can't keep a secret? The class had one . . . kept completely quiet. So secretive were we about our June breakfast plans that people suspected we were not doing anything. Wfere the graduates ever sur- .li Its 7? Call It e to aDczy MISS PATRICIA KI? IZNAN Spomur 4, 4' f 2 A I. RAFFE P: rfiflddll T1euJm'er prised on that breakfast morn to enter our oriental setting, romplete with low senior girls in oriental eostume. The Bank of America award winner in art, Aurora liazurto, provided the hrillianee of her con- siderahle decorating talent. The whole low senior girls showed talent, toog they were silent ahout plans hut every single one turned up as an oriental. The high twelve term was a kaleidoseope of events. all highly seasoned and colored hy a mountain of marvelous food. While Lucille Green decorated the huses with appropriate Lineoln mustangs, Pete De Pavloff and Ron Anhnson were huying what turned out to he the gastronomic envy ol' the whole picnic- --- steaks llml thick. Too soon during the term heads were measured and heights were taken by Marian Sherhurneis eom- mitteefduring hunch timeg Ronnie Frank and Diane Freed ditto for the marching and seating committee. Midway here Dr. Hill received his promotion and Al Haflietto gave a marvelous presentation speech-f three time he gave the present to Dr. Hill and took it hack twice. I RED VOLTNIZR SHARON KRUG Srt'r't'I1ll'y I The dinner party in November found Lucille Green making arrangements as well deeorations Wanother wonderful evening of marvelous food. More graduation preparations found Judy Thomp- son doing the program lmefore Christmasg Ann Pflue- ger and Carolyn Roberts helping to choose the themeg ditto l"red Voltmer, Cary Wlilkenirig, Sharon Krug, Barhara Stone and AI Raflietto on speakers. Those short January days found all members of the 1-lass looking for just the right eostume to wear to the Ball and so the night Came . . . Ah. that golden evening that was our Senior Ball, held at the Cold Room. From the moment Gary Wiil- kening and Al Raffetto greeted us at the door, it was fahulous. And then it w as graduation dayl Another golden. thrilling day. The elass won many praises for its good-natured. humorous approach to the day, fol- lowing Al's requests exaetly. Tears. laughter, hig hats. and handsome suits were the order of the day. The suits were too warm hy rally time, so all the fConlinu,eJ at End' of Seetionj GARY XVILKENING BARBARA S1 ONE afar Vive P1 Q lJl'lNNl5 ANDERSON was part nl' tl11- Sllllifllll fxSSI'IIl- lrlyz SI'lll0I' rally 1'11111111it- I1-11. Will 11tt11111lCal-Poly. RUN pXfNFlNSUlY was a 11111111l11'1' ol! tl16 A fiiatwlla 1Il111i1': 111aj111'1-d in sltop. l,lilIlS t11 l11-1-1111111 lllll1'lIltl'. 'XlAli'l'lN A Nzlillill was 1111 tl11- lmaskc-tl1all and I,1'a1:l-4 t1'a111s: Bl111'lc l., Harvarsl 1111 Yale is his goal. Xl'Xll'lllN -XHROYO 11 as il shop lllillflli and was avtiw 111 SPIIIUI' i11'IIVllCl!?S. Plans 111 work illlll join Navy. ,IIFIJY All 'X UJO was a 1'1-,Q 11Ili1'1-1'. a s1'l 1lHsig1101'. illlll w111'k1-1l as 1111 HIHIIHQIPI' ul' lilllt lC1liti11n of the Log. .l UNIC -X YICRS was a 1111-111 l11'1'11li tl11- l.og1 staff and was 111'I111' 111 SOHIOI' ilI'lIVIlI1'S wl1il1- at l,i111'11l11. NUI.-X ll.'XNlJY was 111 fiA."l anfl i11 Vasts of Fan- tasia Xlm' and Lill1'l5II1lZlS Slmw. l"11t111'1': stewa1'fl1-ss. lfflllli BAHASH was i11 Stamp lIl11l1g ROTC olli1'1-11. Will att11111l CCSF 211111 llfi 1f11ll1-gc nl' A1'cl1iteCt111'r:. HAY ABINANTI was illl ind11st1'ial arts Hlilhlfll' a111l I1Hl'IiClpEilt'fl in Sf'lllUl' 111'- . 1 t1v1t1es. l'lllllI't?7Illl' Navy. lJAYE ADKHY5 was avtive on the S11pl111n1111'1f liltfllllllll team and in t.1'a1-k. lxlfhlil- lrer of the Sultans lli-Y. KAREN -'ll.lU'l'U 11111-i111'1'1l i11 l1lllSll'. and was a 1111-111- lmer of Avqilatains 'l'1'i-Y. Plans to work lm- IBM. JUDY AL NI l.l IC Ilill'lll'i' pitted in GAA and l11t111'11a- tional Club. F11t11t'11---ffffSl" and UC nursing s1'l11111l. H-XNAN .-XI.'llSlIlll,ll.l'fH vame to l1i111'ol11 llilllll ls- rael. Pa1'ti11i11at1r1l 111 lllillly senior activities. CHARLES ANDERSON was n1atl1 and s1'ir1111'1+ ma- jor: two ye-ars on trar-k team. Will attvnd UCSF. 5 4" LNHHY BERNAUEH was 1111'111l11-1' of swimming 11121111 anfl Ill2lkl0l'lifl i11 if14lllHIl'lill arts. Plans to join Navy. Nl,-XDEl.AINEBIFI+'1N was a 1'1-gg olliver: 1111,-n1l1Pr of 5llillill1l21I'S ll'1'HQ llllSlllt'5S lllil,l0I'. Vliill illlfllll fIf,lSl1'. Wll,l.lA Nl BLUCHICH was a Hlillll lll3jOl'. He plans to attvnrl f,IfISlf and join tltu Air F111'1'1'. l"X'l'RliIK BONNIE was 1111 tl11- stage crew ami Illil- -l4ll'l'll in 111atl1. Helll illliilltl IIIISF anrl join Ma1'i111-s. lil'lNNlf'l'H BORGSTHONI was in Marquis Hi-Y antl 111aj111'1'1l in 111atl1. Will join tlw ,-N1'111y Bugle Corps, DONNQX BREGER was lI'0ilSlll'f?l' of Exiles Tri-Y. Slll? plans to attend UBI" lllltl lll.. N-XYUHX BHOU1'-Xlil"'l' S 1111 P llls 1 1tt1 111l 11111s111g, QI 00 lx lNNl'lH BYRAM l 1116 5 lllNlxPllJHl Illilllgtl Vull 1t11111l 91111 11l .lUDl'l'll BfXliK.fXN was 111'eside11t uf Exile-s 'l'1'i-Y and HOI1Illlf'l' fur lll'l'illlYP Writing .-Xwarrl. TONY BABBUSO was a Illfflllllffl' of Saxons Ili-1. Plans i111wl111le Navy, than the Fire Dept. AURORA B:lZllll'l'U won Bank of 1-Xn1e1'i1'a art s1'l111l- a1'sl1ip anfl was a Illfllllltfbl' of Donatellas Tri-Y. BARBARA BFAUX was a lnemlner of Sl1ala111a1's Tri- Y. Active ill senior antivi- ties. ALBERT BlfHUl.UlYl3 was gradllation spe-11lc111': 11111111- llfll' of CSF: l1a111l. Plans- University of Rflfllilllili DONALD BEHMNN was on l20 and l30lsl1aslxf'tl1all teatnsz track: tennis. Plans to attetnfl State. al -vzv , ..,..,' A N 11:1 :.., Q Sys' X? 1 594111 .pf I W KA'l'HLEEN lIOI,ElNl:XN was avtivf' in ss-nior avli- vitios anrl 'kf'llllilt2lillS 'l'ri- Y. She'll work at IBM. l'il7W'ARlJ CONNEI. was ae-tiw in sm-nior aotixitic-s while he attvnrlerl Mura- hani l.inooln lligh Svhool. ,IKHES lIOUl'lEH was a math and sriomze major. Will attenrl UCSF the-n nniwrsity lor t'I1QllIlf'PI'lIlQ1. CIIRISTUPIIICR CURRY was ll nwlnln-r of foolhall and swnnnnng tr-anis. Vs lll att:-nfl lflf alll-r Stale: IXXYID ITIHJXYE was a ll1HIl1lJPl' of KISF anrl liig Iirotliers. Plans to atm-nil 4-ollvge for t'llgiIl0Cf'illgL lllC'l"l'Y .IHXN lQHUNll'- l.lfli was fl XX mennlwrz Hr-rl Cross rm-p. Will work all W1-Ils Fargo. l4l'IHNlfjlC ll.'kllil,'lxN was vim- pres. anrl vhaplain of Exiles Tri-Y: senior Villll' inittves. l"nlurv: ifffSF. CARY DAVIS was avliu- in sonior avtivitivs whilv hm- arre-nded Alllllllkllll Linvoln High School. GUY CAMICHON was on Ihr- fl3I14'f3 rolnlnittev, the howling team and in slu- mlr-nt assi-mlnly. To U.C. HUDNEY ffgXHLlSl..F wa an English, math and so- vial studies inajorg Chess lfluln. Fllllll'PI Coast Guard. CHXHY lil'Il4'Al,U was a nn-mlier of swin1min,r1. has- kotluall anrl trafjk lffanis. .Wy Tfrrvc qllzgefls. Nll'IliRI'l.l. HIIESSEN w'1s a nwxnlmer ol' Big Brothers anrl was an 4-loutrir rarlio llliljllll NXNLX l.Ufff1lNb was avliw in se-nior activitivs whilo sho attvnded Mira- hani l.in1'oln High School. Fl'-XNLEY COHN nia- jored in history while at l,inroln. llo will altvilrl lllgly , 3 f F gy 40" -HSM' DOHOTIIY Dllililili was a Illf'lIIlIl'I4 of Forty l.inks. .-Xkainais 'liri-Y anrl 'llUlIl0I" rows 'lll'llI'l'll'1'S. 'l'o State. DAVID l7ll.l.l'iK was on senior rally Voininittvv and an English major, llffll at- lelnl QXISF and UC. AMY DUHXLXN was a his- tory ina-ior and was active in sc-nior avtivitivs. She'll work altvr srhool is over. .lUPfl.l.l'lN DURAN was activo in senior Class com- xnittr-os anrl was pw-sirlonl of thf- gkK'qllilIi1lllN lr:-X . PEGGY ,NNN DRISCOLL was lIl4'IIllM'I' of lll Links. Big Sistr-rs. anrl .'kliilll1l8lS Tri-Y. Will aturnrl Davis. lygklil, lYlll'iN5lNlQwzls ac'- tixe in svnior zlrtixilivs at Xlnrahann Lina-oln lligh Sr-lmol. ,l.-l MHS lll,iNN was on the varsity Inn-kerlmll. lravk learns. liar-helor - Marquis lli-Y. Future: fflf5l". Lili. G.-Xll. lflllflllili was nioni- lwr ol' Big Sistvrs anrl llo- natellas 'l'ri-X. Slit-'ll al- tend CCSF and U. of Ure. CXYH Nl-IDD IJAYIS nas a Illfflllllfl' of thi' lfxilf-s 'l'ri- X. 5ho will go to Nato, then 1311 for math. DLXYNP1 Del-.-Xl'lfl" was a inc-mlar-r of Akaniais 'l'ri-X and clanvo ronlirlittvv. Sho plans to lm a sw-rvlaz'y. SHARUNDel.lll14IIlI was prvsiclr-nt of Sllilllllllilf'-'lll'l' Y. Ae-Iiw in svnior avtivi- tics. lo llUl sf-hool. RAY llc-Mi-XR'I'lNl was Blork l. pres.: two years varsity loolhall. llis lntnrffz Nlaritinw :Xvadf-Iny. l'I'fTl'iR D4-l'AYl,0FF was avtiw in sr-nior artivitics whilc' ho alttvnrlc-rl Alnra- ham l.in1-oln lligli Svhool. Dgklli DI-1NlNEwo1-kr-rlin xhf- olliro and will atlcfnd CCSP' lor secretarial train- ing. If-E5'5 il' T v ....,.....i.- 'kv LEONARD FIELD was a Inoniht-r of tht- Forty Links. on senior 1-onimittees and played so4'4'Hr. DEANE FLETCHER was a history major. Shdlt work for a while and then Study vriminology. RORERTA FRANCUX was a mvinher ol CSF, Shan- nons 'llri-Y and Big Siste-rs. Was on sc-nior committees. RHONWYN FRANK was .lunior Prom Queen and a IYICINIJEFI' of Shalaniars and Arquatains Tri-Ys. DIANE FREED was ai'tivr- in senior artivities whili: she attended Ahraham Lin- roln High Svhool. PATRIK IIA Ki.-XRRETI' was in the Donatellas 'liri-Y. Her luturc plans inf-Indo CCSF. JERRILYN GENEVE was a song girl, F'59. lllajorod in liusinoss. She'll work and go to f-ollege at night. GEORGE CILNIORE was a nivinlier ol' the footlmall teamg shop major. Future: army, telvtype repairman. smdqia " 56 WV pawn, X. , ., ,...: .,..... . . U sg? C.fXYl.E EDYVARIJF was a inf-inlwr of the Shalamars Tri-Y: reg: treas. She was a hnsint-ss major. STEVE ICLVIN was nwma her of the art rominittee and will attend roiiilrii-1'1'ial art srhool. Nlliffllklfli EVERT was a mt'rhani4'al drawing major. ll:-'ll attend CCSF for t'l1gLlI10PIilI1gI. FRED FALK was on the liootliall teamg industrial arts and math major. Will att:-ml f'ICSFg Q-nginoeringr. BERNARD FEINBERG played 30's and varsity has- kethall. Member of Rlock L. Future: CCSF. State. RON FEINBERC was on the varsity team and in the Rlork L. He plans to go to rolls-ge. ' , .... , ..,, .. me-:E M "'C2?"l-wr 'Wd F me :' ! .2 t. I R ,Q A I .IOANNE CREENLEYwas a song girl. F'59, a mem- her of 40 Links, CSF. Ir. Prom Que-4-n. Cal at Davis. MICHAEL GRINSELI. was a memhi-r of Forty Links, Rlork I., track team. Heill attend State. I.UEl.l.EN CUSTAFSON was a int-nilier of Shala- lnars Tri-Y and was active in senior artivities. HARRY HAIKIOVITCII was student hody yell lead- er, life IIIGIIIDHI' of CSF, 40 Links. Wlill attend UC. KATHERINE HAMMOND was a member of the GAA and Shalainars Tri-Y. She plans to work. RICHARD HAMMOND was a meinher of CSF and was active in senior affairs while at Linwoln. GERALD Il.-XNSEN was active in senior activities while attending Alirahain Lincoln Iligh School. HARLAN HARKNESS was in Forty Linksg All- city swimmingg outstand- ing swimmfrr of '59. LARRY ILLOVER was ac- tive in senior awtivitif-s. Plans for future ini-lurle IFlS1lI'?llll'fT lnusinftss. LYNNIC GORDON won horseha1'k riding awards: was a history major. Sho will attc-nd CCSF or Slate. BETTY GURINIAN was in A Capella Choirg the Se- nior anrl Christmas shows. Wlill attend college in liall. JEFF CRAFF was custo- dian of student body, pres- ident of 40 Links and in Blovk L. Going to UC. RICHARD GRAN'I'was on haseliall team and Log and Roundup staff. Heill attend CCSF and work. LUCILLE GREEN was a memher of Block L, Shan- nons Tri-Y, GAA historian. Future: Airline stewardvss. s. ::, WV' Wu fsvig 3 i - X .:::::- : A-:: 2 :QW Q 1 Q 11.1111 1X 111111517111 NS 11s 1111 l111s111-1111111 111111 1:1111 11-11111s: 111111-k l.. 116.11 1111111 ill 1111111211 1114lI1llP1'S. QIUNN lll'1H'l'Z was 1"111'1y l.i11Ls FQ'l'1f.1 11ss1s111111 1-1111- 111' 111. li1111111l1111: ll-ll 111-1- 11I'1'4. 5111-All 11111-1111 l',1f. 1 1 .VW 11,111 Ill-.hll was ll 1111-111- l11'I' of Forty links 111111 131111-k 1, 111111 was 11-ll s1-1t- 11-111ry-111-11s111'i-11. D,-XYll1 1l1'f'l"l'lC 1111s 11111- 8121111111111 Sflldtillf 111111 11111- 11-11-1 5.11. l'r1-s. 1111111111-1111 5111111-l1l'11 111 AF gxl'i1111'I11y. 1IA1111I,R l1I1NK5UN was il 1111-111111-1' of S111111111111s 'l'1'1- Y 111111 A 1111511111111 1fl11111'. S111-'ll 11111-1111 CC517. .1-U11-IS 110GC'XN 1111- il l111'l11llt'1' 111 B111-111-1111's-NI1111 111115 ll1-X. 13111111-1111111-11 Ill sv111111111111g, 513111111 1111111111-s. W1Ll.l,-X11 1101lfL,'XN 1111s 1111--111111,-1' of Ba13l11-lo1's-Bl111'- 1111is 111-Y. .-1111111 111 s1-111111 Ll11'il11AH. c1il14f5C1'g'P1'1ll11112. EDV1'f111D IIOSAVR was 1I1'1.1Y1! 111 senior 111-1111111-s at Lxl1I'k111LlH1 L1111:1Jl11 lligli S1-110111. .1 11111101.11 1111111115 w11s11 111f'1l1lN'l' of CSF: 11ssis111111 y1-ll 11-11111-1': Forty l,11111s: l,11w 124111141111 'l'1lON1,-NS 11,-XHNUI' was 1111 .11 111101111111 11-11111: 11111111 l,. 111-1111111-11d1,1.5l-,1111-11 11111 1114 511111f1,11'1l. 5115.-NN 111-11111 w11s rr-11 l1'1'ilSl1l'1'1'I 111-r111111111ns 'l'1'1- Y. 5111-'ll 11111-1111 S1111 .11lH1' NI1111- 1.11111-1112. 'Xl XRYIN HA11i-1-1S11111-- 111-1111111-11111 P1-1111111111111 111111 w11s 111-11 Cross 1'1"11. ll1-'ll 11111-1111 11115111 141. N111111,1N 11A1'K.-1-1s 11111 "'1 -1.. 1 1 2: :::,:,. I il 1111-111111-1' of S1ll11l"l1I As- AAV, nlzz ':':Q s1-mlrly 111111 Big 131111111-1's. ,,., iliiiiiiii 5 111-'11 11111-111111611 6' W' 1? 1'111:11111111:K 111:x141:1. '55 Wg' 1 was il 1111-111111-1' 111 111111-11 1.1 sin ---:1.,. 'Q ' 1111 11.-111111-11: 1-1111.1 111111. 1 111111. Will 13111-1111 C111-l'111y. y .,..11f'f ,-Xl1l.1'iNE JOHNS was a Il1t'l11l1t'l' of liig 51s1t'1'sQ 1,1111 11 sC1-ty.g 1111 R111 sPl1-C- 111111 1'0II1I11. 11111-1111 State. C1l,l1"FOHD JONES was 1l1'I1Yt7 sc-11101. 111- 1111111111-11 111 sl11111 211111 11111115 111 111111 1111- :11'n1y. NIIQIIIAFI, .l11l.l1CN was 111-live in senior 111-11111165 wl1il1- Zl11E'l11l1111L 1-1111111111111 1.1111-11111 High S1-110111. FNID KAHN WVL15 il 11141111- l1f'l' 111 Big 51:41-1's, Fll1lll'C N111's1-s, F11t111'1: '111-111-l11f1's. Will 1111111111C11SF 1111-11 Cul. DUNN.-X K.-XNIC wus 1111-111- lhlxl' of D0111111-ll11s 'l'r1-Y, 1111 the art sf-11-1-111111 1'1m1- 111i11f-1-. a111l 1111 1111 11111111111 1011 K,-XS'li1f'Y was 1111-111- 111-1' of 1121111-11 1-11111111. 111111 S1111111sl1 f'0ll1l'S1 111 511111-. Will 11111-H11 1211519 1111-11 1111. XYll1l.IAXl KPIHNHIQ was 111-1iv1- 111 Ql"ll11I1' 111'11111's: 21 5111111 1111111111 l,l2lllS 111 1111 111 1-0111-1112. l1llfH,-XKIJ Klil.l,-XXI was 111-tive 51-11101' 11111115 1111121111- 11111 1-1111111111111 11lll1'11lIl 1111111 S1'l11111l. HON-Xl.D HIKIXNN was 111-1ix1- SPIl1U14. 111- 11121118 to 11-1111 1'1llll"1Ll'. 1111 11111111111 11,112 was ll 1111-111111-1' 1,111 s111-1-1-1' I1'ill11 111111 11111115 111 11111-1111 1'.1 1. 1111' 1-11- g1111-1-ring 111' 11l1ys11-s 11111111111 1111111 lR1il..-NNI? w11s ll 1111-111111-1' 111 111ll1ill1'llilS '111- 1 111111 111 1'11sl111111 slmws. Will 11111-1111 S11111- 111111 mxrk. I1 KN ,I MQOIESKN was 11 Illillll. Englisli 111111 1111115- ' 1 1111111- l112lj01'. ll1111s 111 1:11 111 11l'klZ1l 11111-1' 1lI'ill11lil1l011. Xl -XIML1-XRli'1',I11NS1-IN was il 1111-111111-1' 111' :X 111111111-1111 1.l111l1' 111111 1l2l1'1,I1'l1lil1t111 111 'Xl111l1'111al. X1-XRGO .l1CV1'l'1'l"l' was il 1111-111111-1' of Sl1ill2lI11ilI'S 'l'1'i- 1: 111111111-1111111-11 111 swim- 1l11I11I. 5111- 11121115 111 W11l'1i. 'iw 1 11,3 qv' fm 5 , 511 SIIVXRON Kllllfl ua. 1 iiwiiilwi' ul' USF, 40 I.il1liSg senior vluss fwty. Will at- tvml Ill.. ut Iit'l'l'if'Il'V. 11, -,Y., l,I'.I1fXl.lT Ixlxlhlu was ax iiwiiilwi' nl ilu' trzivli t1'z1111. Klatli illltl svic-111111 iiizlnior. Will a1ll1-1111 UUSIV 111141 U.C. I..-IRIN IXNUIION w11s1 slmp Hill-IMI' illlll 111-tiw i11 Stlllifll' uliiaiirs. Will lmwoiiic 1-lwk ultr-1' ggi'111l1111tz11g. ROISICITI' l..-XHRIBE,-XU was il im-mlii-r ol' USF anal was il g.fI'iIflllLll.llHl sp:-ziker. IIUII z1i!.1'111l UUSI7. UU. HUILER I. XHSIQN was ar'- tiw in sviiim' ullziirs wliile lie 1111:-11111-il Xlrrailiuiu Lin- 1'0I11 Iligli S1-lmiil. PAUIA IA VI' was il 1110111- lmi' ol' 'l'o111m'1'uw's 'l'Pz11rl1- 1-is, AVCIIIIIIIIIIIS 'I'ri-Y. Wlill Slllfly lo lw lallv Il'l'llI1lf,Tlill1. . , . - . l..'Xll1lP, l.UNl'. was 21 Il!t'IIllit'I' ul ilu- Sllilllllllill Ill-X. flvliw- 111 sr-111111 lt tivilivs 111 l.i11w11l11. DENNIS LICWIS was -XIIA Uity lrziskvlluillm-l': 1111 limit- lm:1ll and tiuivk lvziiiis. Also BI111-k I. llH'IlllH'l'. IJUN Xl.IJ KI-INEPP waw 1111 ll2's 111111 l20'5 Iiaslwl- luaxll In-11111. pM'tivv in svnioi' 11lI11irs. Will zitteml CUFF. :I XIJII Iflxv KEHR was I.mv II pivs.: iiwiiilwr of Forty l.i11ks aiml Block L. Uoust IIlliU'iI 'lrzuivniy 01' UUSI9. LINUX RICHR was song girl. lull '5U: iiieniliei' ul' lluiiaitc-llas 'l'ri-Y. Wvill gn to Illff If. of .-Xrizona. U-XIIUIII KINNEY was il rc-gg ullivvi' and nivmlivi' ol' Ifxiln-s 'Iii-Y. She will ill- Lvml 12115112 .IIXNIICS IxI,ICNlIfN'I' was il lllf'Hlllf'I4 ul USF and Big Ilnitlim-rs. II1' will attvnil UUSF, tlwn fm to UU. HUCICII KR.-XUSE was il sm-iviivv nizijor. His plans iiivliiilu 1:11511 then Ciali- furiiizl. "2"1' 555322. -. 'W f iz' f if 1, - -, . ' A A :.. 11 , ......... 1i ii i KEVIN M,-XTIIICSICN wus 21 1111?111l1e-1' of truvlx 11-11111: Ba11'l1vI01's Ili-Y. Iluill 211- tf-ml UCSF, tlivn l.11l. HIUHARD M1-I.I'fAN was il 1116111l1e1' of USF, lilwk I. and fzross coilntry. l'Illllll'1'Z UUSF, llllfll tial. NIQXHG.-XRIYI' X11-Hui was il IHPIHIJEI' of Ilig Sislc-rs: rmlliwm' of Sliaiinmis 'Iii-Y. Sl11"II attend CCISIV, Uul. BRUUE MICIEINIC was il iiwnilier of 40 Links, swim- ming a111Ife111:ir1gt1ra1111 llllll Block L. Will zittvml Uul. INN MENNIE was il Iiiw- triry niajor aml aivtiu- in seuim' affairs. will ailtviirl Nlziriu J.C.g join UC IIN. SUSAN MIALOCIQ was ll liiisiuess IT121j0l'Z in flvqiizi- mins Tri-Y. Slim: will ill,- lf-ml UCSF. IIIUHAHD XIIISNIQII wus z1r'tiw i11 sviiioi' illlilllfr Llllll iiiaqioiwrrl 111 liiftory. IJIZIIIH to attend colin-gc. CIIARLES IXIOIIN was uw tivo in Senior affairs wliilex ilfltfllllillg lxllllllllllll I.lIl- ciolu High Svliool. PA'1'RIUIA LEWIS workf-il in stage 1-rallg Iiog Staffg active senior. SI113'll uttmifl CCSF. CAROLYN I,YI'I.I'i was Ll CAA 0lli1'fr1': IIIPIIIIJPI' of -10 Links. 'II0lll0l'l'0VY7S 'I'ea1wh- ers. PWS. OI' Big Sisters. .IOSEPII ISI.-XNNING was avtive in seiiior uvtivities while he atteiiflwl .-ll:1'aI1z1111 I.in1t0I11 High Svlimvl. CAROL MANTICI. was vice pres. of ll6'l' sviiior rvgg a nienilier of SIIRIIEIIIIZIVS Tri-Y. Will ZIIICIIII UUSF. JOHN KIAIIO'I"l'U plays-ml JV footlrall unil Ivuselizlll. Varsity Imaslwtlvzill. Pres. of Big B1'otI1H1's. 'lin UUSF. VIRGINIA MASON was 21 memliei' 0IiJN!Zl1lIZllillHS 'I'ri- Y and ar-Live i11 senior af- fairs. Slielll ill.llCllll UCSF. 1 X 'W K 1 U M 2 A, x S Q96 5 QW E w-md? Q K N 69? 9 f Q my Q ir ' fs 4' R 553 -,... url, wx 3 sjf' .i zzz as ,... , x, :,:i . .. Q' f l'A'l'RlClA NELDER was a I!lf'IIllPCI' of -10 Links. .X Cappella Choir. Donal:-llas 'liri-Y and Blovk L. Alil,lNl'l NELSON was sv- nior rx-:gl pres.: 1Hl"lIllH'I' nl' SllillilIllilI'S Tri-Y. Will at- tend clvntal nurse training. IJ,-XYIIJ NORRIS play:-fl varsity lrasvlxall anil ma- jorml in shop. Plans L0 at- lfnil CCSF. Il.-XII, 0'l3Rll'fN was avtivc: in sc-nior affairs while slut attvnmlr-ll ,'kllI'i1l1i1I'll Linn-mln lligh Sl'll00l. MARILYN 0'CONNUll was in lilvilvs Tri-Y and av- tiw- on senior C'OINIUlllf'l'h. Shffll att:-nd CCSF. KAREN OKELBEHHY was Sli. vice pres.: CSI" life: lIl0llll1f'l'. Wlill altvnil llrigglxarn Young llilivvrsity. JOAN O'l"l'lCSON was a IIH'I1llM'l' ol lfxilvs 'l'ri-Y. and CSF. She was an-livu in senior ar-tivities. llll.-XHl.l'1S UUSHANI was All-City travk. Varsity loot- lxall, Big llrotlwrs. lllowk L. Will uttvnml college. ll all. Xlflfllllf was a lI1I'l1l her of CSF. Akalnais 'l'ri- X , stuilmit assi-inlily anml Blfwk li. Will attend Ulf. SHl'fHl'llrf UOOHICS was a INPIIllN'li of UNK. Big Sist- Prs. l.5l'. bln- plans tu al- tPn1l lflix altvr grailuating. SIVSNN Nlflllllllvl' wa. stuclvnl lmily SQ'l'lif'iill'y. il nwlnlwr ul' lil Links. lligi Sistf-rs. 'lp alll-nil lf. ul' U. Hllill Hill NyXHDLfK1l2l was 0Illll1'SWllllIIlillQZ team. Sultans lli-Y and rffg1trc'as 1ll'PI'. IXISI4' is alwall. WILLI 'XV NIULLHI XX partivipatml in aurlio visual aiils and plans in gn into r:1'i1ninr1lngy. JAMES NIC.-Xl, was avlivm' in sq-niur al'lairs while at- tending -Xlaraliain Linvuln High Sl'lllllll. 'WWF f ll 2 .ElEEE:' lap-9 4 K ' Q 1' .f 4 was-f 'WN Xl Zi 'Lf as S'lll'lVl'iN llllll LIPS VHIS "ixc ' I " "FS 'III4 1 1 fflllll l'v D XXX IN lll'lxSUNI1n11mi1l IIISIIH Ill! I l Ill ul '1 Ill Hs nk lml U0lN.-Xl.lJ P,-XTTELSHN YVHS '1 lIH'lIllN'l' of Bigllrotli- ' 'I'l'4'IfTLl llltif , ' dlllll lrunl. Stull- hound. 21515 ILXNIENQ was un Lug anal hnunilup stalls: prvs. nf Big Siste-rs anil on Ilan:-v l,l0l1llHiHt't'. lll'iHNfXllll l'OI,LACK was hall ol' Uswalml. adiw in Sf'IllUl' allairs anal a IIIPIII her ol' ilm ll2U'llt'l0I'S. CAHOLE POPOFF was a I1ll"I1IlN'l' ol' SllEllilIllZ1l'S Tri- Y annl wg sc-tty. Sli:-'ll al- tvml KXISF anrl work. THUNIXS PYNE was on 4--1 plan and lI1Z1jUl'P1l in Shop. lln- plans to attf-ml CllSl": join police liorw-. -Xl,l.lCN ll.'Xl"l"H'l'TO was high se-niur vlass pri-s.. a I'llL'lllllk'l' ul' 40 Links. CSF. Futim-: fflISl", Stanfmwl. 'XNN l"Fllflflll'ill was rim- prfrsirle-nt ol' -ll! Links. lille Illf'YllllPI' CSF. grailuation " SIlPE1lxf"l', AliillIlillS Tri-Y. SUSAN l'l'l'l'l'lliSON was a II1PlUlN'l' of Donatellas Tri-Y anil was ar-liw in sv- nior allairs. 430 Qg, , 1 gp Hlllll.-Xllll l'lilllN0 was a IIIPIIIIIPI' ol' HSI" aml par- livipatvll in alliln-Iii-s while' attrfnrling Linwnln. NlAL'HlCliN P.-XLNLSON was avtivv in scnior affairs while shi- atlcmlvd Ahra- ham I.lIH'fllIl lligh Svhool. JOHN VA Sfllli l N I-2l,l.I was ai-tiw in svnior affairs wllilc' atlvnilingf .'XlJI'2llliU1l Linvnln lliggh Sl'll00l. STEl'll.'XNlR PHIL- BRICK was avtixv in Sf?- niur affairs: llnnas 'liri-Y: reg pri-siflr-nt. A i Z SANDRA ROBINSON was in Slialaniars 'llri-Y and reg pres. and Bell llrinvess. Sheill attend CCSF. JOYCE ROLANDO was reg: treas.. in GAA and Stn- flent Assenilrly. Sheill at- tend rollege. BARBARA RUS'l'l9QR was a nieinlmer of Aeqnatains 'l'ri-Yg was reg seety. and viva pres. CCSF, State. l'A'l'lllI'll.-X SALIN was a inenilrer ofBig Sisters: Dill'- tivipated in Fantasia Mer and Roberta. To State. hllfllffll. SANDERS was active in senior affairs and majored in language,n1atl1. CICISF and U.C. ahead. ROGER SANDNESS was aetive in senior affairs at Almraliarn Lint-oln High Seliool. ,XSTRID S.-XND5'l'RONl was avtive in senior affairs and was .lnnior Proin llrin- vess. Slieill attend UCSF. lllf'l"l'lil 5.-XROYAN w 1, aetive in senior affairs: :na- jorezl in language. ller ln- lnre --San Mateo .l.l,f. liA'l'lllf Hlflflj participa- ted in tm-rin plays: Foren- sivs: Senior Shows. To at- tend lnisiness college. l!li'l"l'Y HNIFI was in - vettes 'llri-Y and CAA: se- Z' E. Et 'V . nior breakfast eoinmittee. lfntnre: UCSF. State. l'll,IZAl4l'l'I'll RICHARDS was nn-nilier of Block l.: H4-il Cross rep.. and in the flhristinas Show. To State. IJIANE RINEY was on the dan:-e eonnnittee, in Aka- inais 'llri-Y and GAA. She plans to attenrl SF. State. lilllff lllflSlf'l'fl was an ROTC ollioer. He plans to study eriininology at CCSF. then at lfal. CAHOLYN ROBERTS was a I1N'lIlllHI' of 40l,inkS, CSF, Big Sisters and graduation speaker. Brigham Young U. 45 f 36 K if " wi x aw NN WY A J' ...: 1:s:s:a:2m: as -rf HICIHARIJ SICYIHRI was avtive in senior affairs. He plans to work in a garage alter grradnatingx. I.lNI'J.-X SH.-XI..-XEFF won the Seliolastiw Art Award and was nieinlrer of Acqua- tain 'l'ri-Y. 'llo SF. State. WILLIAM SCHEHMES- SER was an industrial arts and inath niajor. He plans to attend UCSF, then navy. Nl -X H l A N SHERBURNE was a ineinlner of Big Sist- ers. reg ser-ty.and partici- pated in Y.'l'o attend State. NlAllll.YN SILK was ae tive in senior aflairs and a lllf'IlllN'l' of Shalaniars Tri- Y. HAl.l'l'I SIMON niajoreal in languages and plans to attend IXISF after gradu- ating: from l.inf'oln. CNHY SMITH was aetive in senior affairs while at- tending: 'Xhrahain l,inr'oln lliggli S1'll1Nil. PENNY Sxlllll was ar-- tixe in senior affairs and lIl2l,l0l't'll in lnnsiness. Slleill allend QKISF. A NIJIHCA SCI I A FFICR was a Prom llrinvess: nieinlrer of Aluiniais 'llri-Y: terni play. lfoingr to Sul. State. LIND.-X 5fIllAllli'l'C was a ineniher of fl-XX. lfxiles Tri-Y. She plans to attend 5. In Nate Lollegfe. SYLXI.-X Sl'Illl,OlIKl'lll was artive in senior affairs and plans to attend Oak- land flity College or CQVISIF. CLALIITIA SCllMllYl'-l.U- DEHS was artixe in senior allarrs wlnh- attending Alr- rahani l.in1'oln lligh. .l Ll.-X N l'l'.X SCHNEINDEH was avtire in senior affairs while attending Al1l'3lli.lIH l.in1'oln High Srliool. ARLENE S1'lHWAR'I'Zwas a nieinlmer of Aeqnatains Tri-Yg majored in English. Sho'll attend business col. 190 1 inn' f ' Q34 rw ' ,Wai ..-. gi .Q M, if 4, AIARILYN SPIKO was a IIIPIIIIIHI' of HSI". lilovlx l.. Big Sislvrsz tri-us. Shun- nnns 'llri-Y. Lflf. uln-ull. KENNETH S'l'lCFFlCN was on swinnning. sm-re-1' ti-znns and Il1f'IlllIPl' lllm-lc I.: I.- lll prr-s. 4.4 .Sly fill. iilwinl. .IUDY S'lII'll.I.lNll was in .A Ciapvllu lilioir. Illnvk I., GAA. Il0llilIt'llLlS 'l'ri-Y. Slnfll work, :itll-ml college. THOAIAS 5'l'liViAli'l' uns zivtivfi in sc-niur uvtixiti:-s at 'AIll'LlllilIll l.in1-nln lligh Fl-honl. BARR AHA SIONIC was Vive pr:-s. nl high svniur vlass: CSI", llniiutvllals 'l'ri- A. lf.-XA, VI lll alle-ml Slam-. HOHICIYI' SUl.l.lV,AN was uvtivv in se-nior ulluirs znnl llIElklUI't'4I in shop. llc- plans tu ln' ll llllIIllllt'l'. BRYANT 'l'Al.I.Y was av- tive in sf-nior uflliirs while' ziltenzlingg 'Xlvmlnnn l.in- voln lligh Svlnml, ,IOIIN 'IVXSSIO wus il gru- phis' arts inzijur zunl zlvtirf- in senior ullalirs. Printing will lw his 1'ill'CIjl'. FRANK SNOW xiiaijnn-ll in history zlnrl nas uvtiw in Sf-nior affairs. Ile- plains to work. Alllll AH. SO Nl Nl If li IN was He-ll I'rinm-Q-ss. in lflmr- innis Tri-Y unll ilu- SOIIIUI' Slmw. 'lin S. .l. Staten IIARIIY 5ONllflll"ll'Il.O was a nn-xnlu-r nl' -I0 links. asst. yell leinlvr. llig Hrolll- Prs. Ile plains In slnlly luw. ROSEAIARIIC SOXINIICIIS was I.-ll liurniwil Om-4-n anrl was avtiw in se-ninr nl'- li1ll'4.5llf' plans In xmrll. LORRAINIC SOHICNSICN was rvg prvs..xif':- prvs. nnll ss-Qty., and in Hluvlc I.. Will he a ls-gal swrvtury. ,IULIE S055 wus ai invin- lwr of B101-k I, :nul Shahi- mars Tri-Y. Shi-ill illlifllll college. Vail Q W if is i My 5 :,:,2 ,ig f"' ' vi .,.x it 3 I i ' g n' :img-:-' -' -a:saae:eae 1' N, - v .if BARBARA TOAIASI was on the Log: stufl. in lligg bisters, GAA, tc-rin play. l"utur:?: Nurse, ultr-r Flute-. DARHEIJ. TOHNOXX' nin- jorml in lfnglisli. swim-rim-. zuul math. Plans In slnily e-nginer-ring: all l..l.. DAVID 'l'Ul.l.l,lS wus :ic- tive in senior ullzlirs whilv attending Alrrulnnn l.in- coln High Si-lnml. ,IO ,ANN Illlllllll was au'- tixf' in 5f'I1l0l'LlK'IiNlllt'S. Shel plans tu stinly nlrannailia-s wliivh will ln- ln-r 1-nrve-l'. 'IHONIAS XAl.l'iN'l'O was on the lmaske-tlrull. tvnnis, and travk tn-suns. lllnvlg I.. Hvlll uttfnil l1lISl". NORMAN VAN lllilillili was in thas on-In-slru, nn l't"Ill'll1,fL lvznn. alnzl In-nnis rlnli. Hmfll alt:-ml IIIISI9. DELI. XANhlxHxl-. was in Sliannnns 'lri-A. taught swinnning: nnml NilsIIll'IillJ1'I' of Blovlxl..lluing1lnl.li. DANIIII. NEIL XS plans In ante-nfl CKISF lor viigizivvr- ing vonrsv. Was :lvlivu in senior aulivitir-s. fi 'wr . :-.. ., gg.. ,::..,. fi S'l'lCYl'1 'IASSIO was zu' uw in sc-nior alluirs. Alai jorwl in gruphii' urls. ll: plzins printing as Ll 1-are-1-r l.-XRIU 'IAYLOH wus z nn-nilmr of the Bz1c'ln-flors AIill'lllllS H1-A. Avtiw in svniur uvlivitivs. .IIIIJX 'IIIONIPSON Nils . ,,,,, . . ,.,., . 41"'l!'- UI 5l'iU1H'mf IliVl'Y ' tlu ul in ll -X A. sf-nior 1'UIIll1lll,ll'1'5 N-rrvtulml 4-nllf-gn ulwinl. A .IOAIN 'l'IlC'l'.llIN was vii-1 pre-s. ol I-miles, IIIPIIIIPPI' ul Hlnvk I. unll 5PlllHl'l"0I11l!llI Ii-fl. State is nhmnl. Hllll XHIJ 'lill.l.l'fS pliluwl limmtlmll .lull plains In gn in I-nllvge to stnfly Ullgllll f'Fl'lllQl. Allllll.-X lil. 'l'Ol3l5lNl'Ill wa stalls illlll zwlivr' in svnirn zifliiirs. 498 un the Img ancl Rfllllllllll WILLIAM WARA was stu- dent body treas.g in 40 Links, Student Assembly. To attend U.C. or Stanford. NIERLE WERRER was a member of Student Assem- bly, Exiles Tri-Y, reg oth- eer. Sheill attend State. HENRY VVEINBERGER was active in senior affairs. Majored in social studies and will attend CCSF. KATHY WEY MOUTH was editor of Log, half of Oxivineg 40 Links and Ak- amais Tri-Y. To attend Cal. .IANITH WHITE was a member of Dance Club. Block L, Mysotics Tri-Y. CCSF ahead. JUDITH WHITE was a history major. Slie'll attend CCSF and take up a dent- al nursing course. CHRISTOPHER WILDE was active in senior affairs while attending ,Abraham Lincoln Iligli School. STEPHEN WILDE was active in senior affairs while at Abraham Lincoln High School. ELAINE VICKERY was half of Oxivineg 410 Links. CSF, Big Sisters, Akamais Tri-YQ On to Cal. JUDY VISNOW was active in senior affairs While at- tending Abraham Lincoln High School. .IANICE VISSER was L- I0 Carnival Queen. a mem- ber ol Ilonas lrl-Y, and active in senior affairs. FREDERIC VOLTMER was high senior treas., in 40 Links, CSF, Big Broth- ers. To Stanford or Cal. WALTER VORTMAN was in 40 Links, on Log staff fBagdadDg was reg pres. He'll attend U.C. CRETCHEN WANAKE was member ol CSFg Red Cross rep., GAA Councilg Shannons Tri-Y. To CCSF. ROBERT YEARY was a graphic arts major. He plans to work as a printer after graduating. JOANNE WILLIAMS was a member of CSF, pres. ol Block L, in Shannon Tri- Y. To U.C. at Davis. JOHN WILKENSEN was active in senior activities at Abraham Lincoln High School. CARY WILKENINC was H-I2 juror, reg president, Big Brothers. lle'll attend CCSF and Cal. SUSAN WILSON was ac- tive in senior affairs and held reg odices. She'll at- tend CCSF, study teaching. CORAL WISE was presi- dent of Big Sisters: secty. of Rlock L and in ,lA. Will attend S.F. State. LIONEL WOOLF was a member of Chess Club and active in senior affairs, To study criminology at State. if as Jai 1 -X" iv' s.,,W Q a r Q guys took off the coats at the same time. Our gentle- man president, Al Ralietto, dismissed the student body early so they wouldn't see the streaked-by tears faces of our graduating girls, and then it was rehearsal and too soon the night arrived. That every- one was in his place early was the wonder of the evening. Ron Antinsonls whispers to watch out for the mike will be among the memories of several. Bob Larribeau, Carolyn Roberts, Al Berglund, Ann Pllueger, Karen Okelberry all represented the class as speakers. Barbara Stone and A1 Raifetto aided in giving out the diplomas, and suddenly it was all over except for the kissing and hugging and congratula- tionsl we gggfld Sf Q It was one of those typical September days in San Francisco. The minute the weatherman had heard that all the children were going back to school he had lifted the blanket of fog that had lain over the city all summer and had replaced it with a new, bright coat of sunshine. All over the city, the excite- ment of Hback to schoolw was in the air. And at Abraham Lincoln High School, there was more than just a little excitement. uUnbelieVable,w the head counselor, Mr. Morris could be heard explaining. And a moment later Dr. Hill chimed in with, uCan you imagine-so nlanyf, So manygthat was the first phrase applied to the class entering Lincoln in 1957. There were 690 of them-all lost, anxious, excited, terrified sopho- mores. Xvhat confusion, what delirium, on that first day. Bravely clutching their newly-bought binders and sporting clothes of the latest styles, the sophomores were led around the building by seemingly infatiga- hle high seniors known as Big Sisters and Big Brothers. That was the first day. As the week went on, the new sophomores began to get used to that wonderful land known as High School. By the end of that week, they had bought their first Lincoln hook covers and had been to their first high school rally. And then the work began. ,lust as the teachers lost little time in getting the sophomores started on their first assignments, the spirited 690 lost little time in planning their first activities. Don Bryant, fresh from his term as presi- dent of Aptos Junior High School, led the class in the organization of the Spaghetti Feed. With the help of Bonnie Hughes, Lynn Roberts, and Sue Holbrook, whom the class had also elected as ollicers, the Spa- ghetti Feed proved to be delicious as well as fun for those who came. Everyone agreed that such an acti- vity was a Htremendous accomplishmentw for so large a class. Bob Lewon began the high sophomore term as president of the class. He must have seen socks in l1is dreams that term, for the Bermuda Hop was the big event. Wlith socks of all colors and types strung at every available spot in the gym, the school udanced all nightw While anxious oflicers, Sue Hol- brook, Lynn Cipolat, and Anita Nagel, ran them- KCOIIUILILHII at End of Senior Sectionj Til ZWHJVI1 ei gum PETE FERRERO P1 eilderzl MR. l2l.lXll2R s Swlifn' fflrzir Spomar LINDA MAGGIONCAIDA SUSAN HOLBROOK I ne President Stfrrufmy PETE EERRERO As high senior president, Pete Ecrrero has spurred the class on to more and better activities. As part of the background for this job, he was an assistant yell leader during the football season. He was also a nieniber of the Forty Links and secretary of the Big Brothers. He was o11e of the ollicers who or- ganized the Senior Picnic and other high senior ac- tivities. LYNDA MACCIONCALDA Lynda Maggioncalda has always been a part of the activities at Lincoln. Sho was a Junior Proni Princess, and as a senior, she was selected by the student body as Queen of the Bell Caine and Bell Hop. In addition to being vice president of the senior class, she Was a member of the Forty Links and Big Sisters. SUSAN HOLBHOOK As Secretary of the High Senior Class, Sue Hol- brook broadened and extended her part in the activities at Lincoln. She was Editor of the Lincoln Log during her High Senior year, and she was ai NORNI COHLER LYNN ROBIERI S 1ifE61J'IH'EV fm ar niernber of CSF, Big Sisters and was a Forty Link. Sue also had the honor of being Superior Court Judge for a day at City Hall. NORM COHLER Norm Cohler, treasurer of the high senior class for the spring semester, is interested in science and math, and he hopes to attend M.l.T. in the fall. He won the Science Award for his demonstration of llashing lights, but could be very unscientilic as well. as when he would sneakily play with the adding niachines in registry when he thought Hr. l7itzgerald was not looking. He has shown the talent and leader- ship so necessary to a successful ollicer. LYNN ROBERTS Lynn Roberts, an attractive and personable girl, was one of the leaders of her class. She has also had a lot of experience for her job as juror of the senior class by being the sccretary-treasurer of her class as a low sophomore and vice president as a high junior. She was Bell Princess in her low senior year. Lynn exhibited the spirit and style which is characteristic of Lincoln students wherever they are. tcrims. :intl in CLHTA. CCSP, then, CAI ni Army. Llllkl KKIIOSS LOIIIIIIVII tE'.In'lS. UXYEN ALEXANDER xigis Li lginguigc in.iini', in III-mls I. .md I I KM My ii HUD ADKINS was :I sriunrc mgiiwr. on thu track xml Iwwling MIKE AHIZRN rms .in inrlnstii.iI .irts m.i1nr ,intl un thu truck PAT AITKIHN mg1inretI in Iznglish, was in J,1rcI.linus 'Iiri-Y. Shc'Il :xttcnil Sun Joie Strike for tlentzil hygiunc, tlgincc slums. Shfll .lttvntl Sun Jose Stgrtu. JANET ABSIIIRE nmiffreil in Iiusiness. She tclcphrine opcmtnr after she graduates. PAUL ACCA N PO maj iiretl urs, He'II gittcntl tullcgc for engineering. CHARLES ADAMS p.1rtitip.ituI in seni-ir grfti in: Ahrflligim Linuiln High Sclimul. DEBBIE ADAMS maj-in-tl in Englishg w.is Shclll work :lt tha Tclepliivnc Cmiliprrriy. thcli, - L ,, in science, mrithg 'Inns ri- xxnrk irc . was in Big Iimth xitics Whilc attend in mmlcrn tllinuc marry, W fa I ag fp.. 'S wi I 'AAAAA I ' JULIE ALLISON participitctl in senior .ittixities while .ittcntlin Ahrriham Linuiln High Sclmul. RICHARD ALTMAN, mirth and music n1.ij-ur, Kms in Imintl ROTC, Entcrtriinmcnt Club, GHTA. Hcill attend Strxtc. JLIIDITH ANDERSON imiticipated in st-ninr activities uhilg rlttcmling Ahnihgim I.in1.nIn High Sclmi-I. JEFF ANDERSEN nude Lhincsc his rnriinr rind was nn on the. swimming tcqim. in Block I., Big Brothers. State ahmtl, CATHY ANDREXVS, 11 stiunrc rnnjur, was I1 nirrnhcr of Cyg- -.-. V JK nuttcs Tri-Y. Shc'II be llll X-my tcchnicizin. ' , GIL ANDRINI majnred in music :intl was in brmtl, orchestra, if Big Brothers, Hc'II make: miisiv. his priift-ssinri. " Rm fi 1 . I IRIS ARMOS, .in English .intl Frenrh mai-mr, was .iftiw in ilr.im,1 gintl tlurifc, term play, IHJIILC Club, UC ahead. DORIS ARNOLD was 11 lxusincss ctlucrltiuii uiuioi rind prirtici- Q prited in GAA, Juniur Atliicvcmcrit. Shdll attend CCSP. ,g R I Q mf' Q' REBECCA AXELSON P.l!'lIliIPLlfCd in wniiir activities while nt' lvntling AIWI'1lIl.lH1 Linn-iln High Scliniil. RICH BAIIIN inzijurcgl in sticnre, mzith and hngungcs, :intl imc in Block I., Rrilly Cnmniittcc, ROTC. COP nlmitl. RICH BACH mgijoretl in mgithine shnp giml pgirtiriixitul in scninr .lttixlticw xxhilr .kt Linuvln. CCSP .ll1t.lLl, SANDRA IKAC,IGAI.I?I'l wins gr mumlwr of CSE .unl Rt-tl ffinss, She will :im-ml State rintl LAI -to be Ll lub tcf.hniCi.:n. .ww in I is ' L7 - JIM ASIMAKIS, gr math :intl Iiistury ni.iior, uns in Big Iirntliers ROTC fulliu-rl. IIc'II nttclicl CCSP or State. BONNIE ATKINSON m.linrt-tl in English, Spanish. :ind histury .intl wus in thc term play. Stgltu fur teaching. LINDA AUIBIZI., grn English. srience, and Spanish rnzij-ir, w.1s in CSE, Big Sisters, GAA Iprcsiclcntj. UC at Davis. IZVELYN ARVANITIS pzriticipitcd in scninr .ictixitics while 11 tr-ruling Abi.1h.im Lincoln High School. LIZ BAIXIIQR. ,i Iiistiiiy limi-vig was .ilw Li reg unity: .in-I Littixr. in scnini Jctixitics. S.xn Jnsu Snitz flllultl. CIEORGIANA IIAFIJIKQO inzlinretl in English rintl rms in Bra, Sisturs. Em.innnw Tri-Y. Shfll :rttcntl Smtc- te.1ching. CIA JANET IIAILIEY, n I.ingugigc :incl musir nminr, will .mr-nil U f . :intl than gn to Iiuiwipc, Ilupt-Q Lu be a writer. JOHN IIALDXVIN pmtiiipritutl in sn-nini rittiiitir-s whilr .ittcnd ing AlNI'LllI.lIlI Linrnln High Sthi-1-I. -QW' BARBARA l5AR'I'lIl.S miijoreel in English, liingugiges, :intl 'mis :i reg orticerg Lygnettes 'l4ri'Y. State 1ihe.ul. IANE BASKIN, ii Spanish rind English iniijor. Helil various reg ollices. Shi.-'ll liist iittentl CCSF for tw o yeiirs. IZDYTHE BASS stiirretl in the term pliiy :incl was in CSF while majoring in liinguxige, seienre, math. UC or Stzinforel. SANDY BATES suis ii Spanish miijor. l'1ll'flLilIHlICLl in il tliinee show and was reg officer. She'll attend UC. ROY BENSTIZIN inglioretl in shop while git Lincoln, He'll attend CCSP after gr1itln.1tion. BORIS BEXADO. .in English major, was rittixe in dmnm, fenc- ing. forensics. He'll get a PhD. in anthropology. NORM BERG in.ijorr-il in electric ixitlio shop :intl piirticipiited in triifk and footlmiill. CCSP Liheilcl. JEANNE HFRCLLUND uns 1 linrnemiilxing niziior. She'll attenrl CCSF, and then, lveiluty srhoulfto be ii lxeiiutitigin. DONNELL Bl.ODCilf'l"I' priiticipiiteil in senior iiutivities while attending Abriihzxm l.ini'oln High Sihool. MARTIN ROI-ll.l2N, .in inalnstrizil rirts niqiior, u.1s zxlso in Stump Chili :ind Junior Athiexeinent. CCSP g1he.iil. TED BOI.O'l'Tl p.ilticipiited in senior iittivilies while attending Abraham Lincoln High Stliool. jOHN BOl.'l'ON ixiitivipzxtetl in senior :ittix ities iluring the last year :it Lincoln. Dig JACK l'iAl.l,liN'l'lNE in.iioietl in slit-nec, ninth, and lfnglish, :intl was tigiek zintl briskcthrill m.in.igei. College aheacl. CAROLE RARRET was llll .irt nmjoi, and active in GAA. Shell attend CCSF .intl get mzirrienl. BARBARA ISARRUS, ll business iniiioi, was on the D.ince :intl Ticket Coniniittees and in Chiirniziis Tri-Y. CCSF ahead. PAUL HARRY participated in senior zletivities while iitteniling Abrgiluin Linroln High School. 2 5 A " ,... .... QW' gi ' ' ' W BEVERLY RAUIZR, scienfe ni.ijor, p1i1'tifip:1tctl in Lliince shows GAA, CSF fsecretnryj. Shell :ittentl UC or Stanford. RAE BAXTER wus girtive in Red Cross, GAA, and Rouleltes 'I'ri- Y while mgijoiing in business. She'll work in ri bank. CURTIS BAYSINGER was :in English iinel math mgiior. .is xxell as being in Rig Brothers. He'll attend State. DONNA l5l2Nl2DE'l"l'l, J business iniiior, was and treasurer rind in Student Assembly. CCSF. also senreliiry GARY lilfRl,lN. qi shop major, p.1rtitip.1ted in socter, footlmll, truck, Block I.. Hc'll attend Cogswell College. SIDNEY BIERNSTEIN pAi'ticip.1tt-tl in senior activities while attending Alwrgihiim Lincoln High Suhool, IDA LOUISE BLANCK miijoretl in English, science, zinal mgith while working on Log and ffuiimal, Big Sisters. UC DON BLANK, :in industrial arts miiior, plans to attend City CollegeolS11n Fitimisco Lifter gixnliiltioii. 2 -im... 'N'-"'i s '5SQ:..EEEEEEEE:k ' A Sw 'fs lNlI2YERl.lli BOND suis a history miijor. She plans to join the XY'11ves after gi'ailu1iti0n, DENNIS RONNEI. was ri musif ingiior. .is well rig in the tlginte band :intl on the football teim. Future -CCSF, work. CATHY BONSOR, Ll language qinil history mqijor, suis :iutixe in GAA, Chqiimiiis Tri-Y, She'll he .1 stewgiialess BEV BORGESON inziiored in business ginil ltiiliiln and soltl ticlzets to sthool tl.ini'es. CCSF41mlhegiiity sihool. 1 S Y.. E 1 BOB BOSCH. ll llI5lHl'y I'lflllI0I'- V-15 llfiiw 511 gflllfil' .ll-tixlucs. lk- plums tu join lllc Navy. lg CRAIG BO'I"I'I grlxtinmllcnl in whim .utlxillu xxlvllc glttumlllmz 555' -:ii-Mjfn Alv1.1h.1m Iluu-In lllgh Sch.-..l. " 1 'au ,, ,, ., . , firm Slll. l'5OXNl,IgN pzxllulpgktcrnl In whim .utsxlllcs nlmlnu thc l.ul :'.:'.":'2aEgg:- yum .lt Lum-mln High Sclmnl. 4' ,IOAN BRANDIS, .1 lwusincxs 1u.11m, wus In GAA, 'lkvnlurulm x Z 'l'L'.u'lxcr5. Student Awumlwly. lfutuxcn XfL'NVll.I'ilCNi. DIANE BRUDER, 11 math and Spgmixln mzxim, mls gl membcr of fjlf, GAA, Shc'll Attend SF Slum- College. GEORGE RRIIXIER nnjl-ful in lmluitrull .UN .mll pl.1yegl hm! lull. He'll .lttuml C,f,Sl: xml xx-ul. l'HlI,lP BROXYN pnrtluipntul in xml.-1' gxpllxxluw xxhlh- .lttrmlingg Alvrllhqlm I.inaull1 llsgh Scluml. DON BRYANII' wxwcnl ni Sfunlcnt limly l'rcxuluuf, pl,l3L-gl fuullxlll. I:-my Lmkw. uhsla- m.aim'ing rn I'H.llll. UC 4-r Sl.ml'-lx'-I, x -w ::::-J K ' tj FRED CAMl'P:EI.I. rnzxjorul in lmlustrinl :UIQ glml Kms 3 1'l1CIHl5L'l' -uf the mixed clmruw. He'll nttuml CCSF. DAVE CAIIFY Imlrtlclpgltul in sunlur 1lL'Ill1lIL'x xxhllc glttcxuling Al'vI.lI1.1H1 l.im'-flu llxgh Schmnl. C1l.AUDE'lUI4If CAI LOMER xxgu glstxxc in scui-n 1utlYltl6S Llllflllll thc lust year uf xcllmwl. IGF' GERALD BRICK mliured in linuhsh xxhllc At Iimlvlu. He pl.1m lcutgxtlxely to Llllcml CCSP plmtUgl.1pl1y. TONY BRICVIIT Num -an fmvrlull. ifinlx, .lml In-NN ll-urxtry thuux xxhllc nigalulvlm lu lm.luxt1'1.xl .xrtx Cfkbl: .1hL'.1ll. SIFIE BRlI.I,. .1 Imxiucsi ruxllu. up Active -vu sl-nl-n Umurxxistql-N, Shbll attcml UCSF and mul. gum rung, DOUGLAS IIRIM Ilmj-mrul In lmlim whale' mzmzpltxrxg m B12 limtlugre. mph hl.ltlw.1lltc.m1, lmml. Sure. IINDA BIICIKINIIR. UAA and ulllcu In trenwrcr of Ilngllsh .lml Qcicnce major. was Block I,, lfuhlru SI us' SI: State. l'III.I. CAIN l'LlI'lIL'll',llCLl in mum: .lpfivltlcs xxhilu .xftcndlng AlNI'.l- h.xm I.lnurIn Hmh Sclnml, MARY LAMIZRON p.utifip.1tul in scuiwr .utlxlliuf hut you .lt Ijhwln. JOHN CAMI'lil2l.I.. Ll math rnplinr, xxiu in tual: :xml durlrx: thu CIAUSQ KUIIII' Ny, Bl-ml: I.. Big Blmtlxclw. 1151: fcnglnrcllxvq, l'AI,II. CQOCIAIN pgmicipntcll in sn-niur nctxxltlcs Nxhxlc Mtcmlin: Almxham Ijmulu lllgh Sclnml. Q 'H 2 A zzz, Ng BARR CARSON majored in l3ll5II1C5S Whilc :lt limiuln. Shdll -V .mth-ml collage-, thu-rx get il 1-ulw tmxcI'ing, VIACK CARTER. Init-'nry aml Iinqlish rnxlln, pllxull lmilgctlxlll. 'F' XY.l5 in Hmmm I-I1-Y. Hc'll Llttcnll CCSP. ' "-" :Q- MARILYN fQAS'I4I.li was .lftlxu in sullur .ldlxitn-s xxhilc linlxlnngi hu' husincss rnzziur. She'll .lttcnll CLBF, x' I is gm x .,:: LINDA CANUTO, math 111.11-ur, pzlltlciputul in GAA, -vrfluwrrgx. lilcwfk I, juurnzxlism. Shc'll qlttrml state' lc.ul1ur. LIRACIY LARISUNI m.xjmcll in nic-nie. WA: .x mcmlwex Ht III-wk I.. GAA. lilmlntw 'llrr-Y, Shy-'ll ,lttcrul CCQSIJ---xlnxrxilk. U KAREN CQARl.ll.If. lwusiuuss ulmgltinn nul-lr. Nuns In GAA. SIM-'Il xxurlc nt Stzrmlzxrll Oil zxltcx DENNIS CARNIEY held ug: llclll ,lttrml III Dcntll SLIM-.ll xml I g-,z,z,.g:g:::'?' Ag MARY CASIRO xngljmcll in lwuwincis. plxluipgxlul in CIAA. YT MND lllg Simturf, .lull lu-ld :cg wlllxcs, ilwllege, xxlulx. ul zulugltion. -limes whllu 111.11-uma 111 Iximuy, alcntiwtrxh PAUL CHASE was fl math major, reg ohicer, and in orchestra and Pentatlilim. Civuswell, U of Neiada-V--enzincering. TERRY CHEATUM rnajnred in music, participated in Senior' ai'- tixitics. He'll he 11 liigliway patrnlman, PHIL CHERNOFF majored in math and was il niemher of the Chess Club. He'l1 attend State nr Cityfffeleeriwriias. DINAH CHILDRIHSS, English and Spanish rnajiir, xxnrked on the Jw1n'2111Z and Leg. liiitnre e-Ifnixersity ut O14-gun. ROSEMARY CLARK majored in business and was reg president. She'll work after ggrarlxiatiunfcareer, marriage. RICHARD CLA'1"I' was a member nf Flirty links, Bllvck L. Big Brothers, played fiwtulull. Future-San Juse State. NORLL COHLER, 11 math and science niajivi, served as high seninr treasurer, was in CSF, INIIT or UL' eriginecririg. MARY LOU COLIN fliwgnj majored in English and business. held reg offices, was in Tzlndas Tri-Y. CCSP ahead. x ' , 5512:-Q ' - ::,.:f21s:, f TOM CONNELLY participated in senior actixities during his last year at Abraham I.ll1CO1fl High School, JOHN CONNER, an English major, alsu p:1i'ti1'ipated in font- liall, track, Barons Hi-Y. CCSP, State ahead. JIM CONROY was a math major and alsiu jwlayerl haskethall, nas in trafk, liluuk I.. Hr-'11 attend CCSF, wink. DICK CONROY was assistant Student liudy yell leader While majoririg in math 111111 Iinglisli. State- tearliing. 5 I t 1 ki KA'l'HlIj CAVLlER111aj--red in English. srirnfe, 111111 lanuiiages. was in Big Sisters. GAA. Future- rnediiine. LINDA CECCON. art, liistmy, and Spanish niajiir, was i11 'I'1'i11's l'i'1-Y and 'lliriwirnxx s leathers. State, Cal-Hart. PETE CIERRI was an industrial arts and science rnajor. Hell at- tend CCSF after' j1l'ClQILlIlfl0I'l, BARBARA CHAPMAN pq11'tic'ijv:1ted ir1 senior activities while attending Alnraham Lincoln High Srlnml, LINDA CHRISTIANSEN, Ll language major, was in Tomor1'ow's Teachers, A Capella Choir, Chess Club. Stewardess. NORMAN CHRISTIANSEN majored in science and history. H0111 attend San Mater: JC, then, UC. DIANE CHITRCH Mas a sling girl. in CSF, dance slinws. F-vrty Links, while majoring in English .ll1x1SPJUI9ll.L1C. LYN LIPOLAT serxerl as Student Body vice president, sun-1 will was in CSF, Forty Links, UC f11i'tears11ing. A A j zzz 1 9 i" 1 1 ...: j lululnl :': ' 1 X Q 1 Ig 'Q DONALD COLLIN was a math and English major and was on the ritle tearn. He'll attend Cal--six months in army. JUDITH COLLINS participated ir1 senior actixities while attend- ing A17l'Il1l1lIIl Linunln High Sclmivl. JOHN CONDAN. a math r11.1j1v1', plans tn attend City Cullegc ut ban lirxxiitisu-1 alter Qraduatiiin. RICHARD LONDON majnred in English and played f1mtlw.1Il. XV.1s als-1 1111 Ill-:ck I.. Barirns Hi-Y. CCSP. State. iii CORINNE COOPER majored in hnme economics and was active as 1 senior. Shell work at Bank nf America. DON COOPER, a math and sciente major, played in thc band, was un tr.11'k team. Hell attend CCSP. RALPH CORDIERO inajured in liisrnry and played on the basket- hall and sorter teamsg track. CCSF or USF. SHARON CORSIGLIA danced in shim s, was a memlwer of CCSP, while rnajoring in languages. CCSP- dental assistant. , JUDY COX majored in English and business and was a member uf GAA. She'll work fur Metropolitan Insurance. DENICE CRISPI, a husitiess major. participated in GAA and held reg others. She'll attend CCSE--stewardcss. ERIC CRYSTAL was actixe in fnrensicsH-president. while majnr- ing in history, languages, science. UC ahead. DAXVN CUSHING was an art major and held reg ofhces. She'll attend CCSI7 and study to be a cnsmetitiun. JAY DANZIG participated in athletics, Bluck L, Custodian Com- mittee. CCSP or SF State then service. MIKE DAXV participated in senior actixities while attending Abraham Lintuln High Sclwul. TOM DAY majored in history and was actixe in senior activities. He'll attend Oregqun State, Air Force. CAROL DECKER participated in senior artixities dnrine her last year at Abraham Lincoln High Schnol. 'Hr XE 4 .. ff, as LEO DINNEEN participated in activities during the senior year at Abraham Lincoln High School, KATHY DERMIS was a homemaking, business, and art major and was a member of Athenas 'I'rifY. CCSF, SJ State. BOB DEVLIN served as assistant Student Birdy yell leader, was in Big Brnthers. Major--math. SF State. CAROL DQVOTO partitipated in seninr artix ities while she at- tended Abraham Lincoln High Srhnnl. Y . I i ? il i 4 CHARLES CUSHNER maiored in science and participated in the Science Fair. He'll attend State Navy. DENNIS DAHLBERG. an English maj-wr, was a member of the Hangnxers Hi-Y. Hc'll iuin the Air F-rrce. cullcge. HARLAN DAKE was a member uf CSF and the Stamp Club while majoring in social studies, languages. State. SANDI DALY was nn the Lag and Roundup staffs, in Aksalas TrifY. Her major- English. CCSP. State ahead. 'A ..,. 5 3 E 'V if , . Vx A. RM ' w ii . wr , RICHARD De CUIR majored in math and mechanical drawing and was in track and funtball, CCSP-4electronics. DIANE DELZER majored in business, did nfhre work. She'll wink in a bank after graduation. MARTIN DEMPSEY participated in senior activities during his last wear at Al-wraliam Lincoln High School. PEG DERAS was an All-I usherette and majored in art. She'll he a tashi-in illustiatur in the future. ,,...i--ff AIAA- Q XVENDY DICKSON majored in French, participated in after- ,.., - 2 4 school sports. Shell attend Mills --archaeology. "5:'E:22:' 1' N' lixiiiv , ,.,, : "" r 5' :"' 5 ' "EE 'f:.::5jf'fiEEa. ,, I-::E..ii . my is BRENDA JO DIEHL was a member of CSE, Big Sisters, reg Sf! Q. -' i presiclentg naajurf-flaniguages. U of Oregon or UCQ. .. " . x f A .ef V, 1' ig? f ,E"','n :.- vi KAREN DIVISEK majored in English. was in 'fuinnrr-vw's N. I ii" W Teachers, Entertainment Cluln, Sli Statcgdietirian. i I . A i 4 ' 4 PML., , ROBERTA DIXON majured in English and lirenih, was a Incin- ,gfgf lWL'I' of Big Sisters, starrcrl in term play. CCSE, UC. 4 if ARLENE DODGE participated in seniin' activities vhile attend- QQQQ 'I V ing Abraham Lincoln High School. ,.,. ix V HAIIBAFA DOILMAN participated in activities during her high ,W 5' V A 'Sir it an senior year at Linculn High School. 8 , 'I ,. gh rv ...N Q ARIN DOUGLAS majnretl in husiness, was in A Cappella Clwir. ig 'i 1 .. cw?" ' iii. ii She'll be a medical secretary. g5:55..,...,,.,...:..: ' ,J A My we aa. .... . -.. 5 3 PA'I DOYLIL, art maj-vi wwrked on the Stage iiew. seni-ir attivi- W ,, ' ' r' Q, fir - ties. Enture-Dnn's Beauty Sthunl. 3 - "" A 3 A vw WM .,:,-, ..,.,..... ---- ' vs Hass' TINA DRESCHER was a mcxclxqxxxxlising maixxr. :xml pxxricilmxtctl in Rcsl Crxxss, hcltl rag ixtinfcs, CCSI7, Ifxxlxxpc. RON DIZVCHIER xxxajxxrfll in lrist-vrv, vas Q1 mcmhcr wt tht urcstlxng :xml trzxtli teams. Hu ll attcml CLSI4. W . W, Z, W di v I wwf' 'W-W' 'Q GINNY DUNCAN was a mcmhcx' ut the journalism stall, Scfrc' , a ., .,4,. ,.:. , . . . ., , 3 Q , V - V - 4 fx NW, Q tary nt Cwqxxt-ttcs lrx-Y. She ll lixc aml work in NY. DIANNE DUPRE. an English :xml lfrcxxclx maixxr, was xx mcxnlwx' .1 'Q A of Big Sisters. lilxxck I., Log stall. CCSP xxx' Cal. LARRY DUSKIN playctl hasltetball while maixxring in history. Hc'll attend KXQSIT :xml State. and jvxin thc Navy. I l'AUl.A DUENSINO was a shop major a ml nn thc swimming aml I V H track teams. Hc'lI :xttcml CCSF and wurk, w ' :fi 5 x ty , ,. 5, .....:, V K SALLY EASTER was secretary nt jarclzxincs Tri-Y. reg nllixccr, QE I is in jA, Maiixrfhxxsint-ss cdxxczxtion. IBIXI school. af A Mwst? XVAYNE EDXVARDS was xx math nlajxir, in Big lix'ixtlxex's. prcsil .fi - A tlcnt uf reg. fin trafli team. Cixgsxvcll, UC- cngixxzur. is .wi 3 FRANK EDXVARDS was on the track team, Block L, CSF, at- tended Boys' Stateg majored in Latin, math. Law at UC. NANCY EGBERT majored in home economics, was active in GAA, xlancctl in shows. She'll attcml Citvf -nursing. SHARILYN ELAN' majored in English. sang in the A Cappella Choir. Shdll attend State College-teaching. CHARLES ENGLUND participated in senior activities xvhilc :xt- temling Ahrahxxm Lincoln High Srhuxxl. fa ifr- FRANK ENGLE xnxxifxrctl in industrial arts, was un the tennis team, in pentathlxxn. Cxvgsxvull. Navy. BARBARA ERILKSON xxmgxixirctl in Spanish. music. xx as a member vit Fixity Links, Fug Sxstt-rs, C.Sl'. A Cappella Choir, CCSP. CHARLOTTE ERXYIIN. .x math tngxixrr. Nvxs in Big Sisters, Senior Shmvs. She'll attcml Cal at Davis. GENE ESTRIBOU xxuxiuxul in scicxlcc aml English, was a mem- Iwr of Block I., All-City iitlu tram, Rally Cxvmxxx. CCSP. 1. , 'M Sz.. .ff,-. , QLIW' Q '4 " :s::I:if" 2 ' ' 'I'-Ti Q iz: ii " 2- 14 5 41 I W Q 'W ' .sw JANE FERGUSON was president ot leg. in jarclzxinss Tri-Y. She majored in math :xml sficncc. UCfpsyclxuIngy, PETE FERRERO, hxxsincss majm, xvas assistant vc-ll leader, high scnixvi' president, in lfxvrty Links. Air Flares. PHII. FILANDO xxlgxixvivtl in English aml scicnfc, played Soccer. Hc'll attend Stats msn xxml manage a luxsixxcss. RICH FELTON plaxul Iwasulmxll, was mcmhci uf CII-ITA, xnaiorul in math, l'll5fl7I'y. flxwgsvxt-ll Cxxllcgc for cxxgixxccrixxg. INIARILYN EUL majored in math aml French. sang in A Cappella Choir, was a member of GAA, Blxxtls l.. CCSFftcaChixxg. DONNA EXVING was in tlxc GAA, m'clxcstx'1x, while majorixxg in Science :xml lzxngxxaxges. State'--Iahxxi'atxxx'y technician. ROBERT EXVINS maimed in math aml scicnfc and was a mom- bsr of CSF. Hc'll attend San Iixxxmisux State Cnllegc. MICHAEL EXVELI. was in thc ROTC aml Chess Clxxlwg lx: ma- jorctl in math aml science. CCSP ui' Air Ifxxrcc Afaclcmy xxx' Stats. CAROLE FICIOLE participxxtetl in suniixr activities while attcml- ing Ahrahgxm l,im'-mln High Sclxuixl. MARGARET FISHER majorctl in Iwxxsinuss ctlxxcatinn, was in GAA. Blfwk I,, Shc'll Study in Exxmpr. BARBARA ITISCHI. participatutl in senior activities wlxilc :xt- tcmling Alvralxqxm l.im'uIn High Stlxmxl. SIDNEY FLECQKNER participatetl in scnuix' activities during lxcr last yt-ai' at Ahrahxxm Lincoln High Sul:-iiil, HOXX ARD FLEISIIMAN 11.11 .1 n1c111I11-1 111' Blu li1'111I1c11 .1111I 111.1- I 1 11111111 111 g111111I 11111111-1. H1' ll .111c1111 5.111 31.111111 JC. 11.,11.- JIZRRY F0GI2I.111.111111-1I 111 11111111 .1111I 1111I111111.1I .IYIS 111111 11.11 111 10111111 llLf1Y1tIC5, I11"II .111c11cI CCSP. U41 1'111g1111'c1'. VIRGINIA FUGEI, 1111111111111 111 1i11gI1sI1 .1111I 11111111. .1111I 11,11 1111 1111- 111:11111'1111g tc.1111. 111 GAA. I'I1lVFRI.Y I:OI.EY. .1 51111111111 111111 I111gI11I1 111.11111'. 11.11 111 111111111 I,. UAA. CIf111Cr11 111 11111111 SI1c'II 11111.Iy 1111111111q. K1-KTH I I5OI.IiY 111'11111'q1I 111 I111111c u111111111111s. 11111 .1 wg 1111111'1', 111 1I.1111'c S1111115. 511611 .111c1111 !,C.5I'f 1Io1g111'1, K,HL'C.K FORIKIS, .1 I11111111' n1.11111'. 11-11I11-11 1111 111: 11.1211 111-11 11.11 .1 111c111I1c1 111 C11I'I'A. Hr'II 111111 11111 A11 F111'1r. ROBIN FCJRIAIAN 11.11 1111 1I1c I7111111 l11111111111cu 11I11I1' 111.11111- c111l 41111111-1. lf1r111I1. 1311111111 111 S1.11u. ROBERT FURITSTIZR 11.11t11'111111c1I 111 111111111 111111111-1 11I11Iu 11t- 11'1111111g AI1r.1I111111 I.1111'11I11I-I1gI1 51'I11111I. 15? JOYKQE FRENCH. .111 EIIQIISII 1111111112 11.11 111 Pug S1511-ri. C,f,5If. 11 GAA, BI11ck I., 1I11111'c1I 111 s1111ws, S11111- C.11Ilcgc. ROBERT FRANK 111111111c1I in E11gl11I1 111111 I111t1111'. a111I 11111 111 In V 1116 1c1'111 1111111 Hc'lI 111111111 fQC5Ff-fTV. 1.11I111 11111'Ig. ji M '- JO ANN FRANK 11111 11 111c111I1:1' 11111111111 N111w1, 111 C511 111111111 I711-11111, 111111I1. S1111 11111 111111 111 R011 Cl111ss. fi IEI3 lfRANKUS111.11111'1-11 111 I211gI15I1 .1111I 111.11111 BHK I1111I11'1I1.1II. 51" Hu'II .111c11d CCSF111 111111 the 5011 ice. XM ROSEMARY FRANTX 111111111611 111 lf11gI14I1. 11111 1111 I11111'I111g 1c11111. rug 111111c1', SI11"II 1111111 I.111'. 4211 111 I31111111c. I3II.I. YRIYIEINIAN 11.11111111111c1I 111 11-111111 1111111115 11I11I1' .11t1'111I111:g AI1111I1.1m I.111111I11 II1gI1 S1I11111I. BETH 131, 1.11 IflIIiN'I'I1 111111111011 111 S1111111sI1, English, 111.11I1. 11111I 11.11 111 CQSI7. Pug S111Q:1. Recd 111y1I111l11g1'. N'I17F'X1YY I:1'I.I.liI1, .1 1111Q111:11 1111111111111111111111 111.11111, 11.11 111 111111.14 T11-Y. I11-I1I1'ug111cci. SI: 111 SJ 51.1114 EDITH GAGNE ITlIl1Ul'CLI 111 sc1e111'c, s1111g 111 1I1c A C1111111AII.1 CI1111r. 11112 1n Exllcs 'I'11'Y. SF S1.11c 11-.11I1111g. ,E ,,,. - ..., , PAT GARRIQIIES 111.11111'c1I 111 Sc1.'1'q1,11Z111I I1111111:ss. 1I.11111'1I 111 .1 - I sI11111. 11.15 rex 11111111. CLBF. If 111 A1111111.1. 5 3' mm' . 1.1 ARII-ILfRI.ENE GAR'I'RIiI.I. mug 111 A C.11111uII.1 CI11111, 11.11 111 ,ix 3 -7 1u1111 131.158, H1g S1s1c1s, CSF, GAA. JA. S1.11cf1c.111I1111g. W .vs --1--, I X Q X E .... . .H 11IIKIf GAUTIER 111111111'c1I 111 E11gI1sI1 111111 11.15 1111 1I1c 1'c111111g W .11111 1111111111111g1u111111, H1-'II 11t1c111I KQKISIQ 111111 A11 If1111'c. 1 1 GAYLE COSPUI5Nl1'I'ICIAI 111111111011 111 I1111111u1s .md 1'I.1111 111 11111111 C111' Cullcgc 111 5.111 F1'.111C1e111 .mm g1.11I1111111111. LAROI. GIBBS 11.11111111g11c11 111 SQ111111' .11111111c5 1.I111'111g I1c1 I.1st 11'.11' .ll AI11':.1I111111 I.1111'11l11 H1gI1 S1'I11111I. KAREN GILI. 11111 11 111Q111I1cr 111' tI1c 'I'.1111I.1w 'I'11-Y. Sl11"II 111111111 CIQSI: 111111 11'11rI11, llfrltl gI'111I11L1t11111, KAREN GOODELI.. .111 Il11gI1mI1 111.11111, 11.11 .1 my 111111g1, 111 R1-11 Crum. Senior 51111113 1.11I111'.11,I11W'11r111-11S f,11Il1'gc. JAMES GEIGI2NMl'I.I.IfR ma1111c1I 111 111.11I1, 1111s 111 C.1111c1.1 CI11I1. 1111 11'111'111g 141111. 111111111 11111, PQ1111111111 111 511110 !,111Icgc. JOI2 CQIOVINIH 111g11111c11 111 I11s1111'y. s11c111'e, I1111111111g1As. II1-'Il .11111111I Jl'I5ITH C1ERS'I'I.I2. 1Q11gI11I1 111111113 11.11 111 1:1111 11111. CfI1.11111.111 1 111: U11111-11111 111 Orcgun. I11"1. I1cI11 11: 1111111'1. Dc111.1I .1111s1.1111, IKIII GERXXI 11.11111111.11f11 111 10111111 .11111111c1 11I11I1' 411111111111 A111.1I111111I.111111I11 II11gI1h:I11111l. VICKI GRANT. Spanish major, sang in A Cappella Choir, was On Loy and Kfmrnfnjv staffs, GAA. CCSP, State. TOM GRAY majiiierl in mathematiis .mil languages. He'II at- tenil CCSI7, LTI. then jnin serxite. GUY GREEN. inrlustrial arts rnainit was inn the swimming team, in Laneers Tri-Y. CCSF or ljliferieineerine, JUDl'I'I'I CRIZZ majored in business. was un I--I plan, in Future Nurses, XVurk at AAA, take heautitian unirse. LYNN HALIBAN participated in senior activities while attend- in Abraham Lincoln High School. NANCY HALLYBURTOX majored in Enslish, participated in mwtlern dance. was reg SCC1'EfLl!'fV, XVilI attend State. GARY IIAMER. industrial arts major, sang in A Cappella Choir, was in wrestling tournament. I-le'Il work. PETE HANSON was on the suffer and swimming teams. He'lI attend City College of San Francisco. . L5 JERRY HASTY majored in shop. He plans to Nnsilc for a baking ulnipany or iliixe rt bus. He Was reg president. MARCQIE IIASTY, business major, partiiipateil in senior actixi- ties. Shell work for the Telephone Company. MARCIARET IIAUG majored in business. was in Senior Shows. Shell attend Healds Secretarial College. DIANE IIIEAIIAI majored in Science anil lfrenrli, was in Altsalas Tri-Y, UAA, 'l'omorrow's Teachers. State teaching. FRED De LIROSZ majineil in Iinelish, plajetl Ivaslctthall, was in urehestra, held reg -wtlires. IIC. Navy. KEN GOLIGH. language and history maiiir, Mas un llllkli, has' lsethall. eruss Lwvuntry teams. llluelt L. CCSP. BARBARA GRAHAM inajiireel in English, was in 'lantlas 'I'ii-Y, un yin-igug eiimnuttues. San Mateo JC, Hawaii aheaal. RENATE GRATT was a member of Block L, Railiu Cluh, while inajixring in English and science. Sl: State or Germany. PAUL GORMLEY majored in math and art, was on Honor Roll, swimming team. He'll attend CCSF, UC'-dentistry. SANDY GRAVER majored in business, was in Reel Cross, held reg oxiice. Shc'lI attend State, be a secretary. l LEE HADDICK majored in mechanical drawing and machine l shnp. XVill attend City College and Cal Poly. JUDY HAGGPIAN, an English and home economies major, was in JA, fashion show, Seninr Show. CCSP and State. STEVE HARDY majored in math, played football, was on swimming team, in Forty Links, low senior pres. Cal-Poly. GEORGE HARRINCTON partieipated in senior aetix ities while attending Abraham I.int'oln High School. MIKE HARRIS. math, seienie. lanxuage major, nas in CSE. Red Cross, Chess and hfath Llnlws, XVIII attend UC. KENNIE LEE HART majureil in business and math and was un the girls track team, in GAA, CCSP, track. 1, ' ELAINE HEALY majored in business and held reg offices. She'll attend CCSEg become a stevartless. ROSS HEIL, an alt majiii. played basketball, was a set designer. in Big Brothers. CCSPf-Cinnmercial artist. CAROL HEINEMANX was CSE secretary, life member of CSF, in GAA, majiwretl in math and stienre. Stanford ur UC, IJOIJ I-lIMMEI.S'l'ERN inajnrecl in English, He plans to attend Santa Monica City College, stait own business, 1 VERONICA llENNEbSlfY IIl.liUI'Cil in Hmtli, plzixed in the lunil, wzw in GAA. Shdll attend Stxtc, lic ri miiil wniker. FRNIE HFRREA xnajnird in math. was nn the trzxilt .ind trim cwuntry tt-.iiny played in lwzintl, CCFF, Cul. l'HYI.I.IS HERSIXYITSKY. science and lwueincm 111.111-r. Hill .ittcnd Pzxszidcuii JC, wnrlt fur Metrnpnlitgin I.ifc lm. DAVID HICIKS majored in lxistury, pldycd fnivtlwiill. xx.is in Bi Hrwtliers. CCSF. S1 State. summer in I-Igixxgiii. , , . : A-1' 2 'AII -A . ""1-' "A:.:. ,f g ' .,,.:. V : ---. 2 .: ,-,.,.,,.. ' gh' .Eau -E :zzl H S .-:: . V ,. . aw Q MARY HOVAKIMIA nmjured in Science and business. was in GAA. Shell attend CCSP. State. wnrls. traxel. DAVID HOFFMAN. math, science. :ind German mziiur. was in the Chess Cluh. UC-' zlstrunxiuticnl pliysirist. MARY HOGAN pzirticipgitul in scninr .ictivitics xxhilu attend' ing Abrgihgim I.inwln High Stli-ml. ROBERT HOCQLHARD. liixtmy ingijm. plgxyul in thi- nrchestizx. He'll join the Nuxy lifter guiduatimi. 5 JEROME HOXVARD participated in senior activities while :it- tending: Al1fllllHm Lincoln High School. JAN HOXVELI., language mai-mr, plans to work at a retail store .iftcr graduation. and then gut married. BONNIE HUGHES m:1jurcd in English, hold claw oflices, was Student Fmtly Secretary. Forty I.inlsQ. St.xtv.'-f-tencliiiig. 'IANYA HUNTER pirtiiipzxtetl in wniiir .ittivities while attend- ing Ahriilniin l.incnln High Sulmnl. 'oi ' ' jf -::,f 2 , ag. sw 1 1 ilii 1- J., e Q 5 CHUCK ISSEI.. math and Sticncc major. WAS on hilximg .uid font- lsqill teamx. Hell attend Lzxlffengincering. ,IOHN JACOBSON will miith. liistnry mai-yr. in lilnylt I.. Forty I.inlcS. Snlmnl Cnstodixn, CCSF. C.il ur Stdtcg St-inte. CQAIL ,IEFFRIQY ingijmqil in lmsincxs, Shu plans ln xnnl: at the 'l'clupliim4.- f,iunp:iny .iltci ,u1'gulu.xtiim. MARY HDL' JESKI pgiitiiipzited in wninr .artixitiw While .it- tcnding Ahipihgim I.im'uln Iligh Schi-nl. x JAMES HICKS partifipzxtul in Senior iiutixitics Nxhilc attending Alwrnlmm I,im-iln High Stlwnl. MARILYN IIIIUY, lwnit- uivimiiiiu mai-ll. urn in wni-ni' .utiwir tied. Shbll zittrml LCSF. l'1,C'f-airline xtL'xx.iidLsx. JAN HICCilNliO'I'HAN, sliunct: miiiui, xnxx reg ullliul, in Big limtlicrs. 1-lgiycd fnotbnll. triuli. AF Alixdciny. BOB HINCKLI2 rn.ii-ned in l.ingn.i+'f-N mis in Bel-Airw HifY. 1lc'll'wm'lt .lttcr g1'.1du.ltivm. SUE HOLBROOK, English major, was Editor of 1.0.2, in CSE, held class imllitrs. on fencing tram, Fnrty Links. UC, Antioch. DAVID HOLDEN mainrcd in math. languages, social sriencc and English. Hell 1xttcndSF Stgitc Cnllexe, ITRAN HOI.I.IiERG. lvxixixmt-ts nminr. xnxx in GAA. Shdll Work git the B. R, Funstmn C-v. Llliftf gimlngitiuii, DENNIS HOOVER !'H.lII7l'L'ul in Shop :ind plains tu .ittcnd Yule lifter grgidufiti-ui. Hell bi-wine A jnnit-ur, XYAYNE HUFF, math. Iznglmh and rniisic nujor. Sang in the A Cgippclll Chuir, uni in CSF. Hc'll Attend UC. BARBARA IIITRD was un the Ing stall and in juniur Auliicxc- ment while majoring in English, history, saicnce. CCSF. MARIIYN HYDE, lwiuiinm nujor, wh in the liIllL'l'f.lIllIUClIf Clnh. Shc'll xxnrlc .utter gmtlnntion. gittund wllegu. jill-IN HYMES nujnrul in sntiiil stndil-4. held ic: Intuit-, M115 in Bluclx L. Big limtlicix. sn imming. Hgxvi-iliml. I A .. im. A... . if Q ' MW 1' wi A if JACfQlIITI.INI2 JONES 11111i111L-d in huiiiiuss 1111cl 11115 1111 scniui' c11n1111ittccS, She plans tw work :xftcr gmduation. 11c1s1iAxx12 JONES 1111111111-11 111 Engiigii, 1111 1.1 c111111-mfg 111- Y. 1111 u11111111ttees, Eutuicf I' -If O1'eg1111f-tp-g11l1c1'. RAY JONES. gmpliii .uh 111.1i111'. 11119 in t1'.1Lk 111111 crwsi 6111111- try, icg president. Hc'll study rrimc at CQCSF, JACK JOSEPHSE m:1i111' 11114 music. HC was i11 the Entcrtglixif mc'11f:111d Radio Clubs. Hc'll gitti-nd CCSF, Stats. ROBIN KAPIAN was .1 111i111l1i-1' uf Sixtcis, .utivitics editui' irli Rf1f,1114'1.11. 1111 Ing stall. JL'NIAR'I'I KARTABERADJA 1111s gm uxilungc student frum I11d1111c-1111, Shu Illillllftnl 111 wiigll xtudies. mu i11 UAA. MIKE KIASPER m11j111'cd i11 wiizil studies. played l1111tIw11ll. xxgis in Blink I., He'll:1t1c11d N11t1cIUg1111c111'U9C' CQYliIl.I.A KAYS, l111S111ux 111.1i111. 11.15 in thc I111111' Llulw .Ind d4111i'cd 111 4l111xxx.Sll6ill .lttc11dC.fiSl7. W in I - :.J JOHN KEIIY p.1rri4i11g1tul in wi ifur 11Lti11t1u xxhilc attending AlWI'I1l1,IIIl I.i11c11ln High Snlimil. SANDY KELLY, I111si11cw11111j111', p111'ticip11tciI i11 CIAA, l1owli11g. Shc'II xxurk 111 Federal Iii-winvc liiinli. xlttcnd CCSP. KEVIN KIINEAIY p.11'tiii1111tul i11 Seniur iutixitici during thc lnst YLZII' 411 Ah1'.1l1g1n1 I.i11u1l11 High Schunl. ROSE ANNE KENXEY. 111i1'1l11111disir1g 111:11111. 111.1111 to ntts-11d CQityfl1llcgcgl111l Cm1li1111c111 thc IwuxinSSS lifglnl. gl' :,.1 i JAN JUVET. husiiiusx 111.1i111. plans tri wink :it the Tclcpliiwnc C11111111111y, than INCCOIDC .111 .lII'lIllC SICV11ll'klL'i5. I.liN JOHANSEN plziycd lwgislxcthull. gulf, 1' 11s 111c'111hcr nf Iigmriiv H1-Y, while n'111j111'i11g i11 lilnguxlge, CCSF, Clqxl. LINDA JOHNSON 111g1i111'cd in English, was ICQ utligcr, in Stu- dcnt Assn-nlhly. Shdll .lttcnd SF or J Stalin NORMA JOHNSON. l111xi11c-wi and Suicnuc m.1j11r, XVHS H1-litre 'l'1'i-Y. Shc'll .lttcnd busincsa uvllugc. wiirk, W .1 A I '131:zg1,.,.,- ' 11 . .... ,, ,. 1 in GAA, l'1II.I. JOYCE. English 11nd history mujur. plqlyul husebull. fun!- lmill. uns in truck. CCSP, Air Forccfclc-ct11111ics. JOAN KAIAJIAN 11111j111'cd i11 English, was in Senior Show 11nd H11I1d11y III Squaw Vnllcy. Shell attend CCSP. GARY KANES n111j11rs xwic nuth. icicnnc. English. langilfigcx. Ho 11 .119 111 CSF, ROTL, Big Brothers. UC 111' St.111I'11rLl. JOSEPH KANE p.11'ticip:1tcd i11 Senior activities while AINILIIILIITI Lincoln High Scliiml. S 1? f 25 X N5 nttcnding Fi ,.'- In Q ffl , . 6 5' ,..1 I ' 11 11 N W fm, CSIZORGIT KAYES xniijiurcd in math, played in the band, sung in thi- A Cippellfi Chiiii. Hc'll join Navy, muwir Sclioul. STEVE KEEEE n1.1i111'cd in II'lEQlITlI'AIClll d1',1ui11:. He pixinx In Ntiit ,111 gipprenticssliip i11 uluctricnl trzulc, BOB KEENER IWLlI'fIKIIW,lfCcl 111 nzniur iiftixitiu xxhile attending Al1I'.Il1LIIl1 Lincoln High Sfliuul. DAVID KIMBALI, induSt1'ig1l Arts r11:1jc11', w.1s in the Chess Cluh. I ff rn VJ fe F. rt E W3 F? 5 rw ru HKIDI KESTON m.1j111c1I i11 Frz1ncI1, Nciunig 111111 nuth and 11.11 in UAA. CSF, Shc'Il Attend CfllifE3CIlII1Q. HOB KEYSAR. math, English. l1ist1'11'y mgiiui, played sumcc1'. I Iwaucimll. was in Big limtlxclw. SF State C0114-gc. I DIAINE KIDSON p111'tici1111tcd in senior gicfivitics 1Iu1'i11g thc lui ycgli' git AIWIXIIILIITI l.i11u1I11 IIigI1S1h1111l. I CIAROI. KINDER 1n.11111ud in huxinrsx .uid ,11r. held reg ullifcs Sho plum to become LI si-fri-tgiry. DIANE KLIRKJIAN. un English Hlillor, was vice president of Athenas Tri-Y. Shc'll attend IISM school. KIZNNETH KI'I'EI.EY particrpatcrl in Senior' artivities during the List year at Ahraharn Lincoln High School. CAROL KLIZIN majored in English, scienrc, anrl Ifrunch. was .r rncmhsr of ling Sisters. Shr-'ll :ittcml CQCQSF tirst. DIANE KNUTSEN, science major, participatcrl in senior artrvil tn-s. 5he'Il attcnrl lwcauty srhool lu-autifizxn. CHUCK KUISERKA majored rn slicnce and plgryr-rl in the banrl. Ile plans to attc-ml CCSF, than Cal. GEORGE KEYES p.1r'tiuip1xtul in senior actrxrtius while attcnrlf ing Abraham Lincoln High School. LARRY LAIIEL. math maior, was also on the tunnis team, Ile plans to attend State, then Cal. PAM I.AINIACROIiIi'Ii was in Ilrg Sisters, Trilws 'liri-Y, rug otlirurg majored in Spanish. St.1tcf--airlrrrr- lrostcss. ELIZABETH LARKIN, scicnrc and Spanish major, held rug of' lifes, was in UAA, Block L. lintnrcffnursing. HUGH LARRICK majored in II1tLll1lIlICfIl rlraxx ing. nas reg olhrcr. track. CCSP-fsmgrll parts engincur. BARBARA LARSON was in thc tcrm play. Athr-nas Tri-Y, Stn' rlcnt Assembly. Statefto lnccomc social worker. ROBERT LASSALLE particirwatr-rl in senior' :rutrxitir-s during thc last year at Abraham Lincoln High School. MARIE l2I.lXAIIli'liI'I KOIZIINLR majorul in Ixrrglish arnl Nurs in CIAA. Slirfll gltlurrrl State: Iintulc'--ministry. CHECK KRILLIER plavul Iootlxill. Nurs in Iioity Links. Iilorlt I. vhrlc majoring in English. slrunau. C.K,SI:, Statc. IIERYL KNOLLER, srlcnrc major, was in lilorlc I.. CIAA. -In Dance Klornmrttuu. Shc'II altcnrl NI: State Collcgr. KAREN KRAMER PLII'lIL'Il'.llL'kl in CIAA. was in CSF, Big Srstl-rs. Nlajore-rl rn Iarrqnauus. Shdll attrnrl Cal, WAR LINDA LELAND, English and Spanish major, nas in Aksalcrs Tri- Y, Tomorrow 's Tcaclrers. To attcnrl SF or Sj State. CAROL LEVIN was a Junior Prom Princess, in UAA, CSF, Tan- rlas Tri-Y, rug orrrrerg Spanish maror. EC. SUSAN I..EVI'I'A rnaiorcrl in hnsincss, was rn CIAA, 'l'omor'roxx's iliuzlrlicls, Rell Cross. Shc'Il work, gut malricrl. PENNY ILXVIS, science anal lwnslncss major. was rcu prtsirlc-rut .intl represerrtatiu-. Future nnrsrnu. swim MEI. LANIXIIIRS, English arnl art mayor, was a mcmlwr ol lilofk I., gross country tcarng All-City trarlc. CIQSF, UC. ANNE LANLASTER sang in A Capps-Ilgr Choir, was in Ifortx Links, UAA. llrg Sistersg English, scicnrr' majors. UCf-fllrris. CAROLINE LANDES majorr-rl rn husiness .rnrl mnsic, nas song girl and in Cflrarrnais Trr-Y, IBM school ahuarl. .IANEEN LANIIM. mrrsir major, was in the A Cappella Choir. Sl1t:'llxxorl4.1tXxiullsliilrgrrlixrrls. .2 3 ggi 15 is I MM ' I ' ,,.. 5 In ..,: , .wi IUANN l.A'I'ORRE, hnsrnr-ss major. nas rn UAA, sccrclarv ul reg. Shdll uorlt at Procter N Ciarnlwle. PAUL I.Al'II rurrtirirxrtcrl in svrrror actixitrr-s uhilr- .rtrcnrling Al1I.l' ham Lrnroln High Mhool, GARY LAZARIIS marorul rn matlr, history, Llngnagcs. nas .1 lirg Brother, Ill-'ll attend SI? Ntatc math. ROBERT IIQIE participatr-rl in srnirr .rrtrxrtnrs xxhilg .rttunrling Ahraham Lrnroln High Srhool, JOYCE LOPER nmjoretl in Englieh and Spanish, xx.is in Big Sisteie, GAA, SCS, Blotlx I.. SJ St,1te, U of Himpiii. MARK VAN LOUCK5 was on Dante Cnmmittec, Senior Rzllly M.C.. in Senior Jinx, reg president: sports. JOHN LOVELL, science :mel math mziior, played footlmll, uns Student Body custodian. He'II nttentl USC or LUS. SANDY I.OXY' piirticiplitctl in senior activities while gittemling Alvinligun Lincoln High School. BARBARA MADISON, English miiior, was CSF life mcmlwr, student direftor of term play, Assistant Ronfzdnp editor. IIC. LYNDA MACGINCALDA mnioretl in business atlininistriition. uns high senior vecp, Bell Queen, Forty links. CCSE. JAMES MAKER mziioretl in ninth. mis in tizick. wow tountry. wrestling. He'll join the Mei'th.1nt Murine, CARI MAIIICIK nujoreil in music gintl Engli5h, nu lily incmlwcl' of CSF, editor ot Rfmzzdnji. Forty Links. SE St.ite. BOB IEXVON majnrecl in m.1th nncl scienfe. was in Forty lilllw, Block l.. Hell attend the Aix' Force Academy. CIAROLE LINDBERG. Engliyh mnior. was in Jolie-S Tri-Y ginil A Cappella Choir. Shell iittentl St.1teffte.iChing. GARY LINDSAY mziioietl in Nhop, participated in senior iutivif ties. Hc'lI attend Ll junior tollege. BlI.I. I.l'I'CHEIEI.D, English mgljor, was in Block I., plgiyeil foot- bglll g truck. He'II attend CCSE :Intl work. DAVID LEEBHOFE majored in history, um in A Cappella Cilion, Chess Clnlw. CCSF-forest ranger. LAURENE LUND nujorecl in Iuisiness, English, was I., GAA, Big Sisters. SJ State or CCSE, then Czxl. BOB LUTTICHER. mzith, metliiiniciil tlrxm-ing mnioi' Block I.. played tennis. Heill nttentl SIT State, work, JIM IYONS participated in senior zlctixities while Abmhznn Lincoln High School. lf If I is ..,.. . : -5... 2 ,. h e M, 'W 4? NIARII"l'lA MARQUARDI miioiul En I Ii S CAA Coqutltts 'Iii X Qhe Il itteml BYU ILICIIIIZ BARBARA MARTIN I xi tw uorlxcd in senior shox e I ittenel IBNI sthril I I fx YRRIIH XIARTIY pqirtitiizitetl in senior activities tlnriny ic in Q1 L 7I'1I'lLlIII .ineon gh SCI '1. RICHARD MARTIN pg1i'titip.1tt-Il in Senior activities ring lust your at AI1r:lhamI.ineoIn High Sehool. ' in Blofl: , uns in attending MARILYN MANNHEIM, mgijorctl in math, English, lntin, was CSE lite member, in GAA, Block I.. Stiinford or UC. MOLLIE MAILEY, science major, um in GAA, Forty I.inlxS, Big Sisters, Blotl: I.. SF State oi' UCftc'1icliing. GARY MARBLE majored in English, played footlxill :intl biwe- Iwgill. I-le'II nttencl City College ot Sin I:I'1lIlCISCH. I.ESl.lE MARCUS, English and French major, was in term play, on Img ntntf, reg president. State-ffpsycliology. ,Q as ,ow VICKI MARTIN majored in English, tlimced in shows, pziillci- pqltetl in Y activities. She'Il ixttenil U of Ort-gon, GERALD MARTINEZ. mech.1nit.1I iliyming major, was in tmtl. .intl cross country. Hell join the Naxy. Bll,I. MARXVEG niqljoretl in English, played football XYIS in , I Block I., on Custodian Cloniznittee. USC or U of Oregon. BARCILAY MASSEY inziiort-il in history, played Imsketlugill, was in Blotlf I.. Htfll join the Selxicc. BOB MAY, math, science, Frcnth maint, XVII? on swimming team, in Chess Club, rug olliter. Future fUC. DICK McAl.I.IS'I'IiR, machine shop maior, ua: in CHTA, Hfll attend CCSF or State. .intl join thu Suri ice. BARBARA NCAULIIIFE maiort-tl in business, Shu plans ro work for Metropolitan Lite lnsuranfc Coinpany. CLAUDIA INlcAUl.lI3I:E, homu making majnr, V119 in Stage ciaft. Shcill study to bc a tlsntal nursc. MARTIN MCGUINN, English :intl intlustrial arts major, played bziskutball. was rug otlicer. CCSP, work, SHERI MCKERCHER majored in art and English, uas in Ifoiti Links, Big Sisters, CSF, GAA, U ot Oi'cgoi1-flinstrss. LINDA Macl.ENNAN was a Big Sister, in Hlotla I.. GAA, Rou- lcttcs Tri-Y Q major fbusincss. SI: State-H teaching. SUE MENTZER maiorcd in business economics, was a Big Sistt-1. in lntlcpcmlents 'l'1'i-Y, SI: Statcfn-CPA. HARRY MINCIIIRH math anal Iinglish major, participated in senior activities. Ilc'll attend Colinga College. ROBERT MENNIST majoretl in math, was in Iiorty Links. Big Iliothcrs, rillc team. He'lI attcntl XVust Point. 'JOAN MISRACK. business major, was in CSV. 'Iantlas Tri-Y, rug olhcer. Shdll altcntl UC. HELEN NlTCI'IEl.l, was on Lug stall, in Emanons Tri-Y, rug ixlhggfg major-flxistory, languagus. Ijcfflllfillii. NICKIE MOIIIZR, art major, woikctl in stagcfralt, ANH exhibit, was a member ol' GAA. S-I Statv or CCAC, Europe. JEAN INIOORE majored in busint-ss, vas a mcmhcr of Bl-ak I., GAA. She'll work at the Toy XX'orItl in Stoncstoun. SANDRA MORAIIIIO was in UAA, Aksalas 'I'rifY, flanrc show, while majoring in English. Shc'lI attcntl Statv tracliing. AIAN LIORID, math and sticmx- major, was a int-mln-r of CSF, lllotk IM ritIt-tt-an1,fIT- physii ist oi cnuinrci. DOUG MQCONTNOV, history rnaior. played lwqislxtftlull, I-lc plans to attcntl City Collcuc of San Ifrantisco. KEVIN McCAR'l'IIY maioit-tl in Iiist-'mrxg nas rug iuusitlt-nt, in Nlwctll Club, Ilu'll xxorlc for Sli Class C,ornp.iiiy. NICHAEI, BMCORMICK, English, liistory, langnaut- maioi, xx is ROTC othtcr. Big lirothcr. CC,SIi, AI? Aratlciny. ROY MCGOIILIII played golf, was on Custoilian Committee, uliilt' majoring in English, Latin, math. St. Maryk. W ' Q , Q A Y ., . RICH MERLURIO partiripatcnl in senior actixitius while attuntl- ing Alifllllillli Lincoln High Sfhool. NOEL NICIIIZISEN was song girl, in turm plays. class ollitui. CSF, Forty I.inLs' xicc Prqsitlunt. ,Iolics 'I4rifY, MARGUERITI2 MIHAILUITI7 maiorul in English, I7rcnc'h, scitnst niath, was Big Sister, CSIT, CAA, UC or SI' State. XVAYNE MILES inaiorctl in shop. He plans to go to Citi Col' lugc or join thc Air Ifurtc. MARY ANN NITREA maiort-tl in art, was in 'liribs Tri-Y, Big Sisrersg reg l'L'lHICSCIltfltlYC. SIT State or CCSF. HARVEY MIil4'I4I,IfR, math antl science rnaior, nas in Forty I,inIu, played football, was in CSV, lil-all I.. LTI. GARY MOIJNE, English major, playetl lootlyill, was in bantl, Barons Hi-Y, rug officer, Ali Rusulxu first. ,IUIUY MOLIIZN majorctl in Iznglislx antl math, was in Eirlicls Tri- Y, Honoi Roll. 5Im'll attcntl Sl: Stat-:, Nxorli. .. ,,,. ...ia 'Dr-vw' mv X jIfANNIf'I"liE BII..'E'I'ZENIiIiRCi vas .i I1'n1sic1u11iwr', playetl in tu'rliesti'.x. Has in slums, Shell he an airline hostess. ED MUSANTE, stiente inaitir, played Inntball. was Stutlent liiitly judge, in Forty Linlts, Big limtliers. UC ahead. JEAN NAGATOIXII was in GAA, Cnquettes Tri-Y, while nxajnr- ing in Spanish. SF State or UCQ-f-tlental hygiene. ANIIA NAGEI.. English mainr, was a Big Sister, in CSF, Forty Linlts. U nl' Oregun ur XVasliingtnn -fpliys. therapy. GLORIA NELSON serxetl as Stutlent Bncly Treasurer, sting girl. was in CSI:g English majnr, UC nr LT uf XVasl1ingtnn. HELEN NELSON majnretl in stience, was a memher of CSF, nrrliestra. She-'Il attend UC to teach science, math. jOAN NELSON. English, husinexs mainr, was in senini artixi- tiei. She'll take IBM wuise after gratluatiun. VAL NELSON was actixe senini xxhile majoring in luisiiit-ss. She plans tn attend IBM school after gratluation. il DENISE NOONIS participated in senior activities tluiing her last YL'.ll 1lfAl7I'LIl11lH1 Lincoln High Salim-il. REV NORDMAN mainietl in general husiness. She plans tn attentl CCSP anal then get IN.lI'lIL'kl. tln xnlunteer xxnrla. VIC.'l'OR NUTI p.1rtitip.itetl in seninl activities xxliile attentling Ahiah.un Lincnln High Scli-ml. "'-:. jlM NUTTING. art antl meth.1nic':1l thawing mai ', 'z ' 'z X, S' ernss country. Heill attend C.CSIi, Aix Force. ,. .-1 , . . . , SILX I, MORLISIS iuainrttl in math and industrial nits. Ile II at- tentl CCSP, Lngswell, tn stutly engineering. ROBERT MUNIERE participatetl in senior activities while attend' ing Alwiziliam Lincoln High Schnnl. l'A'l' MURPHY, industrial arts rnajnr, was in cross muntry, tratlc, tutithall manager. ,He'll wnrk in a trade. VAI. MURPHY was in Big Sisters. heltl reg offices, while majoring in English, business. Legal secretary. BYRON NELSON partitipatetl in senior activities :luring the last year .it Alvraham Lintnln High Sclwnl. CHRlS'l'lE NELSON mainretl in English, was in Charmais Tri-Y, ,Iuninr Prom Queen, snng girl. Mills or Dominican. DAVID NELSON, history mai-wr, played fnothall, was nn swim- ming team. Blnclq L. Big liiwitlieis. CCSF, State. FLOYD NELSON was a memher nt GHTA xxhile majoring in intlustrial arts, He'll attend City Cinllege of Sli. PAUL NEXVBOLD, math niainr, Participated in track. IIe'Il attentl CCSE hrst, then University ol' California. CXATIIY NEXVMEYIIR maiuretl in husiness etlutatinn, Mas reg ntliter, in Cnquettes Tri-Y, She'll he a secretary, SYREDA NICKLESS, English major, played in hantl, was in nlysivtits 'I'ri-Y, Shell attend CCSIT, State-fteaching, TIM NOLAN held reg nlhres, playetl basketball, tratlt, while ma- jniing in science, languages. CCSP ahead. DAVID OAKS. English niainr, sang in A Cappella Chnir, was in ROTC, Entertainment Cluh. Iiiitui't-H U tif Nevada. MARK OFIIENBACK was a Spanish major, in Big Iirntliers, ll.-'ll stntly sncinlngy .intl psyrliningy at SI: State. DON OI.OC,CO, liistory inaiur, was on Custutlian Cuininitter. playetl t'nnthall, nn wrestling tt-ani. Mt-uhant Marine. PAUL OLSEN maioretl in intlustripil arts. was nn Lug antl jfmiuiil stalls, sn iniming train. KQCISIT tlt-sigiur. RAIPII OI.S'I4fAl7 I7-lnlflll-IUKI III QCIIIIII' .utixltinw xxhllc Llltuml- ing AIWIIIIILIIII I.i11wln High Sllwnl. RON ORLHID. i111lustr1.1I lun 1111-1111 l1ql1l reg. 1l.1ss Imlwx plL1yf1I wucr. Hu'll .mcml SI: St.1tc--tL.11I1i11g, IANIA ORLOIII: III.lIUI'6L.I In Izngllsh. xx.1x In Damn lllulw Quill' cctv. llxmul in xlnnu. I1cI1I1I,.w1nI1cc. I1-.l1'l11ng. DIANE OSBORNI2. Ifngllxlx 111,1i11r, um 1111 tlm klffwffllf NUM, C11I1I21lit11111smH.Sl1Q'Ilxn11'L,glttc11LIKQffSIf,t1'11xel. MILHAIEI. OAKIEIZITE p11rt111p.1lv.-1l in scnim .utixitiu xxlnlc Jttcml- ing Alw1'.1h.1m I,imf1I11 High Sclnml. IiLINURO'NIiIl.I., Ilngliih111,11111.w.1s 111j.11cl.1s111-N ll:-X.1I.11111-. Shc'll .xttcml CCSP Inst. tlxun SIT State. IUHN PANGISURN x1ujorL-1I 111 1mI11st1'n,1l Arts, pI11y1-1l f1mLl1L1ll. tlxlcls, un 111 Blmlx I.. Bxg III-1tl1c1's, C..1lfPnIY. ffARUI.YN I-'APAXIAN pglltuijmltcll In scrxwl' 1uI1xlt1cS 11ttc111Iing Abmluxun l.inc11ln High Schmvl. '-1: .,,f 5 rv, dump GLENNA PAUI. n111j1mrul in micncs .IIILI math, mu in lilmk l.. Red Clams. hlysutlas Trl-Y. SI: Stlltc llurslng. DAVID PAYNI2. m.1tl1 m.1i1n', was ,1 l1,1ll gumlml. Nvrrkml 111 Ii- lwmry. Hu'll attcml CCSP, ivan the A11115. DAN I'IfI.EI,AI.ORCI.E 1n11iurc1I in Inlstury, W114 in Clugii Clulw. Intc1'111xtml1.1l Cllulw, l'l1lj'tLI huwlzlull, SUM- '!L'.lCl1ll1x. IIAHY l'I2NNI2IiAKI',R 111.1im'u1I 111 Iwminuuy was .utnv In w1111v1 1lL'tlxltl1'9. Sl1e'II .ltlcml Ilmvjclxxng sglxmnl. SALLY PETRY xnnjurccl in Ilugglish, Num in Iixutim Trl-Y, CIAA, -I-I plan. Shc'II zlttcml CQCQSII, Nnvrla. LARRY I'IfI.ZIXI2ll, sucms. lulxtury. Iiugllah m.xju:', played Imvf- lull, hulal reg utllncx, v1.1s In scniur slum, SANDRA PHlI,l.II'SlAN 111,f1u1'u1I in I1-:mu uw1w1111u .1 1 Q 1 . Wm 1111 Img 5t,1lI, 111 GAA, Illluk I.. . . c . STEVIE PINNIQR, math 111111 n1ccl1:1x11111l 1Ir.1w111g m.1111r, xxgux 1111 track .m1l1r1wss 41-1111tl'vtf:g1111x. CIQSF, thvxx CQ:1l, 2 . Ilfff OSIRUM n1.1i1nc1l 111 l111l11m1.1l ,111x, um up II 1111 lu-1 ul CSHTA. II ul XY'.15l1lng!m1, Iluropc. JOHN UL"I'I..-IND 111.11111c1l in N-111.1l wclrxuc. mug 111 'X C HLII1 NUIZI. OIIIIIIEN I'lILlI4vI'L'aI in 41h-11cc .mol mL1tl1, was 111, -:Incl 111. tank .lml cum 1-mxxtly rclxnxx. UCSF. HOB O'f1UNNEI.I.. wluruc. mul: 111.111r1'. um .1 B1 II1 vtlnr 111 CAI. bL'1L'11u-.xml C1l111L1.1C,l11bsg lug utllnex. IIC, v -. .. ..,. fb -.4 - I ,. .SL V MAKE IJARODI 111.1jn1'4-nl In l111l11xt1'i11l .1lts. He pl111 1 1l1.1ltQ1n11x1, but hc'lI jmn thu Surxicc first, JOHN PARSON. Engllxh m.1j1v1', 5'l,1nS tu .lttuml L' ut N1n1f1 c.,llIIAUI'II1.l, lIc'll stmly l,1W, In-L11r11q .1 lunlgv. KAAREN l"ASQUAI.If'I"l4I m11i111'c1I in EIIILIIAII, sflcmc S 1 smcr. in L-AA. Bluulx I.. Sl1::'ll ,1ttu111l CLSI7 fuuuc JUAN I'ASQUINI2I,l.I, lvuiilmuw 111.11011 vm I11 Q 15111 1 slmw. Sh c plums tn xunlx .lt Sears LIIYICI' gmd11g11in11. 'IOM PIIRIZZ v.1s .1 III.IflI mglim. Hs pl.111x 111 ntuml C ll 111 study Iqm Lxftur g1'111I11.1l1ng fmm I.i111'11l11. IUM PI2'IDI',R5 p.1xt1ci1n1tcd in N1111111 ,utnxlriu xxl11l1 1ttu1L Al11',1m.1l1 l,111u1Ir1Hi,:l1 Sclw-vl. BARBARA PETERSON, sClcl1Lc, ULIII1. Iillgllxll. Slvlnlslx 1 xx,lxl11l:AA,f,bI: 1I1I1-1111-n1Iw11.Uf. ftz.11l1mu. MIKE l'II'I'l.RSON n1,1i-lxcd in Iuixt-Iry. Pl.II'n'sI Ilmtlw new tlglflw lil-KL I.. LQC,SIf111'CJ1'fg1r11 Sl11tcf--cmulx. CI11111' vm 111 CSF, S1111IcntAw11uIwly, I'SCI .1l1c.ul MARY PLATEK partifipatcd in suniur activities xxhile attending Abraliam Lincoln High School. CAROL POTTER majored in math, Spanish, was in Dance Cluh, CSF, ifixlicstia, GAA, Block L. Caiccr in thctacr. art. NICK POIIAS partinipatcd in suniui' activities while attending Abraham Linfoln High School. JENNELL POXVERS, language, sriciicc. music, English major. BARRY ROGOFF participated in scniur ru-tiviiius whils attsnd- ing Abraham Lincoln High School. STEFANI RAYMOND maj-,red in business. Shu plans to wurk utter Vzraduntuin, cxcntually bccumc a secretary. MARSHALL REED, math major, was in Chess, Science, hfath, Stamp Clubs, CSE. Hu'll attend Cal thenaical uxiupany. CARL RIESEN. scicufc and math majur, Mas in CSF. Scicnvc and Camera Clubs. H4-'ll attend Nurtlmcstcrn ur UC. MARIORIE ROACQH, English majur, was in Tnnmi'mw's Tealfhcrs, played in uichcstra. Shc'll he A teacher. DIANNA ROBBINS maiured in English, was in Tandas Tri-Y. held my lattices, Sha- plans to attend CCSF, CAROLE ROBERTS, Spanish inajui, nas GAA utliccip Blucls I. otlipcr, in CSF. held 11-gulliccs. Shull mwk. LYN ROBERTS znqxiuicd in histury, was High Scniiur juror, in Charmias Tri-Y. liuld reg offices. College ahead. DAVID ROSBERG participated in scniui' aftixitics Nxhile attcnd- ing Abraham Linculn High School. SUE ROSENTHAL inaiurcd in wtial studies and English, was on Log stall, in jarclaincs Tri-Y. State -music. ED ROSSI majored in business, played fmitlwall, was reg prssi- dcnt. IIL-'ll attend CCSF, wurkg Ainiy. ELLEN ROTH, Spanish majrir, was in CSF. liurty Links, GAAQ song girl. U of Califhrnia at Davisfnursing. .2 Cussisiss ... . , Q sang in A Cappella Clwii'g Flirty Linlxs. CCSP, COP. LINDA REESERERmajui'ecl in English, held reg utlifcs, was in Bluck I.. Shc'll attend State or UC. SCOTT RICCI maiurcd in math, mcrhanical drawing. He plans to attend City College of San Franciscu, INIARY RIEGEI. participated in senior actixitics xxhilc attending Abraliaiil Lincoln High Schoul. TOIXI ROACH participated in senior actixitics during thc: last year at Abraham Lincoln High Schuul. SHIRLEY ROBINO inajorcd in business and huinc uuuimnuics, and participated in seniui' autix ities. Sccictary, JUDY ROBINSON majored in husinus. 5hc'll wurk as 11 prixatu seuretary for an insurance lirm. ADELE RODRIGUEZ, lvusincss maiur, was ci incmlwr uf GAA, Shdll he il unmptomctc-r ini' kuypumli upcrator. JOEL RONDON nui-viul in lanyuagcs. scicncc, math, English. was in tipuk and field. Nntic Dame ui' Statcfclentist. STEVE ROTH majurcd in Russian and Spanish. was in CSF, held reg utliccs, UC ahead' urtlmdontist. BILL RUPISRT majored in mechanical drawing. was reg officer. Hcill attend Sli Stale. CAROLYN RUSH inaiurcd in Spanish and home ut'-unurnics, was in Big Sisters, GAA, Ilinanuns Tri-Y. Cullcgc ahead. NIARILYN RUSH, English and Spanish maint, was in CSF, Big Sisters, Iinianons T1'ifY. Sha-'ll attend cnllrgc. LYDA RUSSELL iniinrcd in English .ind Simlnixli, wan ri-g V,-wiv dcnt, in Rnd flrnsx. Shc'Il attend SF Shltu. ARTHUR RUTHENISECK mgiinrcd in wicnce .ind snfiul xtudics. uns in Yiinth find CQ-ncrrir1xcrxt. Iwxing. U -if A1'izimg4 ROBERIA RUTHIZRFORD. English. Spginisli inziinr, was ai Sister, icq ntliccr. in GAA. Iinggs Tri-Y. CCSP, LIC. CAROL SASS in.xi-vrcd in Suciicu, un in GAA, ihinr, Lxntiu Big S is Y . as 72 Q F2 - I 'Iii-Y. Stiltcfffniirsing. Au H 3 I , Q8 hr W P' GAYLE SAMOLLOXY' zniiinrcd in Sciciicu, English, I.lngL1:igcx,KV.1s in Cymru-tres Tri-Y, dirifeil in slmxw. U mmf Orcgnn. BRUCE SAMSON, shop miijnr, was on the Iuncing tczim reg prcsidrnt. HC plxns to iittcnd CCSP. BILL SANBGRN mnjnrcd in Englixh, held rug nlliuci, Kms in Youth :ind Gnvcrinncnt, trunk, CCQSF, UC. CARLYN SANKY p111'tii'ipgllc-d in wni-if .iimitius during hcr I List yczn' :il Al'nl'gilnun I.inc-,uln High Salim-I. I I BIIKE SCHERFEN participzitcd in senior actxxitics wlnlc Attend' ing AIn'.1l1.1m Linmln High School. PAM SCHI.Il1H'IiNANN ingii-vrcd in Iingungu, xxgis in Big Sixtcr. Emznwns Tri-Y, jA. Shc'Il iittsndUnfXY'11sl1ingtun. LLIIIITORD SCHNEIDER. xricnce :ind mzith iimiur, wi in Yfisnfc, Spi11'tsi1mii'x, Binlngy Lluhs, Shit: ur CQLSI7. CSI' MARILYN SCHNEIDER pg1i'tiCiputul in sc-nini .lclivitn-N during Im'lnttuiin.itAhi.1ImmI,iin4-In High Sflwnl. E we KAIIIY SAISIIX nmjmul in Inixiin-xi, pL1i'tii'ipgitcd in CIAA. Shi-'Il study tu hc ii duntgil 1i5Sislglr1tfitS.ii1 hILllC41.If,. JOYCE SACIIER. husini-is m.1j4-r, up in Cfyuinttm 'I'ii-N nllirux, She'II .1ttcndStgltc. ', hold lug RICIIIARD SAI-I Ixigljisix-LI in QCIL-ncc .md in.1th. WAN Sludunt IMRIX judge, in CSE, Ifnrti Linlxx, Sxv.itInnni'c Cnlli-gr. DIANE SALONISEN majored in gift, was in Alhunzis Iii-N Shdll xxnrlx .1nd.atte:ndnight iclwi-IW dcun'gmn'. JOAN SARAI7, math mgijnr. held reg uttium, was in Cygiicttcs 'I'i'i-Y, Cal or SF State fpxyclmlngy. XVAYNE SAVAGE n1.ijin'cd in Iiixtnry, xx xx in ILIIMI, xx ill Attend KIQSF, join thc Semin' CEHTA. IIQ XY'AI.'I' SAYLES vias 11 member nf the Iii-I-Aires Ili-Y, in lin, Iii'-vllxcw. Hc'll Attend KILSF or Clngwwe-IIWengineer. LHRISTINI2 SCHIRMIER mme from Gcnn.inyg mgiin gy, was in CSE. Shc'lI .xttcnd ULQ u1'Sia1l1I'uixI tcachin lcd in lwmln I, .,. . E. . ii ? in 5 N GERALD SCQIIROFIT ilmjnrecl in English, NXLIS in sunini' Clftixiliu Hi-'II ,itn-iid SI: State hccnmu ll QLILIIEY. LARRY SCIHUIf1'Z, industrial gxrtx iimiing xxgix un thi- siwcccx' and gulf teglrni, Imld reg ulllucsg Blink L. Stair. ', HILL SCQHXYARZE I'ILllUI'CCI in wcimu- .ind nuth, xyix in CSV. held rug nnnc. UC fin' touching Lilimd. IUENNY SCIOTT piiiLiiip.1tL'cl in wnini' .ntixitiu nl I1ismL1tl1m.1jin.Hc'lI :xttcnd SIAM. LINDA SEGAI. IDilIUI'CQl in English, Num rag ntliccr, in Stnmlsnt Asscinhly. She'lI attend SE Stgitcfxlrl, - IJAIII, SEIDLER. Enghxh riigijnr. xms in A Clnppcllix Clmir, nn :W Alll xtagc ircw, GHTA. CCSP. Sure ftcililiing. I I Wm- Sg, . I THOMAS SEILQMAN pil-in-ipmii in mini- ii-mines wmif iii, tending Ahriihinn Lincnln High Silnml, 22:15-W, ,- 'I ' RON SEITZ pziiliyipzltcd in senior glutivitiv.-x while tinixhing hix :W II'IkILISil'ILll al'tsr1nin1'. Hc'II he 1111 iiirliitrcli. nlu Innxhii W TONY SIACOTES majoic-tl in social studies. hcltl reg otlitt-s. llc Il attcntl SI' State, join Marinas or hc pilot. RONALD SIBELL participated in scnior actixitics while attcntl- ing Abraham Lincoln High School. STANLEY SIEGEL maiorctl in sciuncc. Heill attcncl CCSP. thcn LISAF-to bc a pilot. BONNIE SINGER, English major, was in Iforty Links, Big Sistcrsg llcll Prince-ss. U ot Hawaiif-f-stewartlc-ss. 3.5.5. . TA , H. Q LESTER SHEALS majorctl in industrial arts. was on the track team, Hdll work for the SF Examinerg Naxy. DIANE SKIPPY was a business major. She plans fu gn on to business school ancl modeling school. ROIKERT SCHOENIG majorctl in art. llc plans to go on to City Collage of San Francisco. then Cal. ROGER SHOUR participated in senior .lctzvities whilc attending Abr.th.lm Lincoln High School. GENE SIRI, math and suit-nic major, played baseball, was a member of GI-ITA. He'Il attcncl CCSF, UC-W engineer. HOB SISKA majored in Italian. won All-City tcnnis thrce times, UCLA' will tontinuv: with tennis. SANDRA SITTON majored in English. French, was in GAA, Block L. Myosotics Tri-Y. Sli Statefxxork with chiltlrc-n. JO ANN SLISSMAN maiorctl in lircnch, math. was in CSF, GAA. bantl. A Cappclla Choir, Ufffcommercial art. KATHY SKETCHELY. history antl music major, was in Big Sisters. orclicstra, CSF, GAA. UC- teaching. ASHLEY SMITH was on thc track antl bowling tcams, :intl in Sportsman's Club. while majoring in math, CCSP. BARBARA SMITH was on -I-fl, in Ili-Litf:S Tri-Y. majorctl in S H 5 hnsuness. CCSIT, Work tlnring the Summer. .gg LORRIE SMITH was in GAA and xxoikcd in scnioi playg major A v -business. Shc'II work at Tclcphonc Coinpany. In ' MARLENE SOIIIZI. majorccl in business. tlanccd in shows. was in in Ig Julius Tri-Y. Shc'll hc LI bcauty operator. , Q in JAN SOLBJOR sang in the A Cappella Choir. mfijorctl in English. 5 . ---- bf-2. She will attcncl Sli State, COP. X CAROL SOMERVELL. English major, hultl class and icg ottices, - . ::::2'2":' has in Tandas Tri-Y. She'II attend CCSIQ Hawaii. i X 1 BETTY SORINI participated in scnior attixitics whilc attending Abraham Lincoln High School. CAROL SXVANSON maiorctl in English. art. Spanish, was in ling Sisters, GAA, CSF, Illotk L, U ot' Orcgon or Pamonai DON SU'I'HERl.AND majoiml in history. has in Chess Club antl ritlc tcsrn, IIC -professor of political scicntu. SHARON SUSSMAN, bnsincss major, was a member ol' Jarclaincs Tri-Y. Shc'll work at International Rt-venue. IUORENE SUI LY majorccl in busincss. has on Dance Commit- ttc, rug otliccr. Shc-'ll attcntl CCSE, 0' i vw ww at 2 1 5 iw , f af H Zu 4' " .. . ,wif x JERRY SULLIVAN majored in English. Hr plans to go on Tu City College antl take up husinuss administration. LOIS STURKEN participated in senior activities While attending Abraham Lincoln High School. GREG STLTBISS maiorecl in English, Gt-rman. social stntlics, playutl football. has in Iorcnsics. Stantoril or Yale. AL STOKES partitipatctl in senior actix itics while attvntling Abra- ham Lincoln High School, 1 DIANA S1121 K1fI.BIiRl1 11111111111 111 .11f. 1111g111I1. 11.11 111 Al'11111111'- 11111's 'I'c11111111, 11AA,1-1111. St111c.I.'C,' 1111 1c:1c11c1. 1fI.AINE S'1'12XVAR'I'p111ti11p11tc11 111 11111111 1ll'fIY11lL'N 1111110 :lttc1111- 111: A11r111111111 1.111c11111 111211 S11111111, SHARON S'1'12XX'AR'IA 111.1i111c11 111 1111t1111. s.111g 111 A fl11ppu11.1 l,11111r, 11 .1s 111 ,1111ies T11-Y. CCSP. SF 51.111--f 111C1'.l1N1S!. JAKK STIZXN ART. 11111t11. science, 81111111111 1111111111 11:15 Ii111t11cr1. 4517. 11111 11111111 Sl1111f111'11. 1'lf, 111' Riu, IOVE 5II.IN. 1z11g11s11 111.11111, 11.11 111 1111' term 11111, -111 the smuu 11111. 111 111111111111 511111 111101111 C1111cgc, SUZANN12 S'l'I2NXY1'liQK 111111111011 111 111115111 11114 .1 11g 111111er. 111 A C..1p11':1111 f111HI1'. GAA. Iiiu Sisters. S11Q1N.11'Q1CY9, JOHN S'I'API,I2'I'ON 1111111-11 11111t1m.111. 11.11 111 B111111 I., 161211111111- 1115 tr.11I4. M,1i111'fn1.1t11, Hc'11 11ttc1111 CCSP. 1S1I.1. STANLIZY p111't1111111t111 111 s1-111111' 11111111115 1111110 111tc1111i11g A111311111111 1111111111 H1311 S11111111. if Mb? IUOTTIIZ S'1'1ZXVAR'Ik 11.11 I1 1111111c111.11si11g 111.1i111, 111 J.11'1'1.1111u1 'I41'i'Y. 1'l11111t11111A1'111111' .1 11u11ut1u11111, IOR1 S'I'1X'1jR 11.14 111 11c111.111111.11: 111.11111'- 1.111g1111s 11111 1 1'Ic'11 .l1t1'1111 ff? 11111l11111c 1111111 111 1111'111'c. XYAI.'1' STRVENSON 11111i11rc11 111 11111t11, 1211g1li11, 1111111 reg 11111111. 11118111 111:111'11t11r11. 111-'11 .1!tc1111 Shltc '!1'.1C11. jL'D1'I'1I NVIQRX. 111111111-11 11111111, 1111 111 AI'111111111111"1 'I'1'.11'111l1. GAA. 11:111t11u1. 515 51.111 1111111111 HAL STAKE m11j11rc11 in science and was active i11 senior 11Cl11'1' tics He 13111115 t0 M11-1111 CCSP. DAVE SPRIXGER. i1111111tr1a1 .1111 11111j1'1r. 111.11111 11-11111111l. 11.11 in B11111: I., 1111'1,11k, 1111111111111g. 151111110--p1111111w1. CAROLYN SPIKER m11111re11 in 11115111053 111111 1f11u1is11, Shu 11111111 to 11111-r111 I1rig1111111 Y111111: U11i1clsity-f1e11c11111g, GARY SPENCE 11111111111 111 51511161-, 11115 rug 1111-1111e11t, 111.11111 fo11t11.111. 1-1c'11 2ttc1111 6..C..SF, be a 111111Ccm3r1. V 1 KAREN SOVIHIERN. 11101110 11111 1111111111 m:11111, 1111 111 CAA. - 1 11c111rcg 11111111, CQ1'x111Att1w'l'11-Y. Clfblf. 1111119 . .... 1 . EE ' LARRY S1'IfC,K111AN p.11't11'ip:1tc1.1 111 11111111 :11'ti1iti1w 1111111 111- 5 31- ' 1 11'1111111g A11I1111LlIl1 I.1111'11111 High Sf1111111, R1.--1... WARREN SPIEGEI.. 111111111-11 L111Y111I'1Nl1If1111'1 111.11-11. 11.11 As1c111- lx .1 1 1111 rcp1'cs1'111g1t11u, R011 C11111 1Aeprc1c11tg1li11A, 511111: ....a 1-.1-::2::::"' RWM IIAROLD 'VOBENER 111.1j111'u11 in 11111111 1r1111i1eQ, 111- 17111119 111 j11i11 - 1 'Q 1111: A11' F11111- .11111 1111111 .1111-1'11.11'11e. IVAN TENI25 11111j11rc11 111 1.111g1.1ages, 11111t11, pI.1y111 b.1s14ctbg111, 11111 111 CSIS, LlSS15f11I11I,Hg 111111111 CCSF11r UCI. LARRY 'I'1iIXK,12R p111'111'i1111tu11 111 s1'11111r 11131111111-s 1111111 311111111- 111g A111111111111 1.111C1J11'l 1111211 S11111111. ANDREA THOMAS 11.11t11'1p.1I1-11 111 11111-1r 1111111111 111.1'111g 111-1 1.151 ye.11 .lt A111111111111 1111111111 I-11511 S1'111111I. FRED THOMAS, science major, was 111511 in ROTC. He 1J1Ll11S L11 attend Ctiy CQo1Iege of 5.111 Iimndsco. SHARON 'IAADE 111111111111 111 1h111i11uSQ, Was 111 11111135 T11-Y, 14111 Pr1111uw. S11c'11 .1111-1111 11c.111ty 511111111 bcxuticinn, SARA TAYLOR. 111c111u .1r111 I211g11111 n11j111'. 11 11 111 111.1111 S111 1151111111-1. 511511 .1tt1'1111 11111cgc 11111113 Ij.14t. VIRGINIA TAYLOR 11111't1cip11tu11 111 mcnior 111t11itic1 t1L1l1I1g 111: 11111 11-1111 .11 A111'11I111111 I.111111I11HigI1S1'1111111. TED 'IAZEAL' 11111111111 in 1111-1111-. 11.1S p11wi111-111 111 ip11111111.1111 C.11111. 111 ROTC, 1111111 tu.11111. 61515, AF Ac.1111-1111, Slim' E 26 ' 555 ,F Q f +1 LINDA TIHIORNIHERY participated in senior attixities while at- tending Ahraham Lincoln High School. JOANNE 'I'IE'I'jEN majored in husiness, was attire in senior activities. Slit-'ll attend Pacific Lutlieran College. ROB LISTON participated in senior actixities while attending Ahraham Lincoln High School. LINDA 'IiRAllER'I'. Latin major. was CSE life member. in GAA, 'I'omorrow's Teaclrers. reg ullicer. Iiuturee-UC. PAT TURNER, shop major. plans to join the Air Force after graduating. Futurefelevator repailman. DENNIS TURNER majored in English, was in tc-rm play, lioicn sics, Thanes I-li-Y. Pasadena Playhouse. KIIARLES 'I'III.I. participated in senior activities during the last 3earatAlwrali11m I.intoln High Sthool. MARCY lIl,I.hIAN. English majoi, held reg oltites. Worlditcl on class committees. State or U of XY'ashington. OTTO VAN DIINE was Student Body Yell Leader and partiti- pated in many senior activities. lil.I.EN VAN IJYKE majored in English, science. was in GAA. She'll attend U of Hawaii. U ol Oregon--medicine Pl-III, VAN 'IASSEII majored in math, was on the toothall. hox ing and haselwall teams, Barons Hi-Y. CCSE. work, JOYCE VANDERBURGH majored in English, Spanish, social studies. was on Log and Jlilffllrll stalls. State ahead. Z5 PAM THOMAS majored in English, was in the term play. Big Sisters, GAA. A Cappella. CSF. SE or Sl State. AI. THOMPSON participated in senior attixities while attending Ahraham Lincoln High School. SUE THOMPSON majored in liistmy. was in Shalamars 'I'ii-Y, GAA, She'll attend CCSP, then IIC Medical Canter. NANCY 'I'l'-IONPSON majored in science, She plans to go to Eurnpe the summer after graduation, then, Marin JC. 3 PAT TRAPP held reg offices. was on the Low Twelve Turnabout Committee. She plans to attend CCSP. PAT TRAVIS majnrecl in math, was in Student Assembly, GAA, on Dance Committee. She'll attend CCSF, work. BOB TRIHULO participated in senior activities while attending Abraham Lincoln High School. BARBARA TRINGALI, business major, was song girl, in jolies Tri-Y. Shelli work after graduation. KAREN CLYATT majored in math. was on Girls' Drill Team. in GAA, Blotlt I.. l7Cito become a math teacher. ARI.ENE UPRICQHT, language and English major. was in Big Sisters, dance shows, reg otlicer, GAA. UC ahead. ALICE URY majored in stiencc and sang in the Mixed Chorus. Shell attend CCSF. then Statee-nursing. ROBIN UTTER was in Exotics Tri-Y while majoring in English and Spanish, She'lI attend CCSE. UC. ' is 1 f fe KAY VANDERFORD, English, science and math major, was in Blnclc L, on fencing team. in CHIA, State or COP. JOANNE VENIZELOS majored in home economics and husiness, held reg ollices. was in Athenas 'I'ri-Y. CCSF. jfll-IN VIDA, science and math major. played football. was in swimming. howling. Block I.. C.C,SIf. then UC. NICK VI'IiAl.IS was in senior shows, Enleltainment Club, A Cappella Choir, Big Brothers. lvlajor--music. CCSI7. TERI VON XVRONSKI maimed in English and Spanish and was a member nf GAA. She plans tu attend UC. ROBERT XVAI,I.Y majored in math. science. held reg nttiecs. played tenms. Ht-'ll attend lfi frncditinc. ITDY XYALKER participated in seninr attixities while attending wraham Lint' mln High Se ii . .' '-1 n. He plans t i attend C. lf 7. I sf J x Al 1 l ml TOM XVALSPI, histnry major, also played baseball Ns hilc at lint l 4 C sl 19959 'Q PAUL XVESTI.UNI7 participated in scninr aetix ities Nihilc attend- ing Abraham Lincoln High Schnul. HERB XVHERRY participated in senior actixities during the last year at Abraham Lincnln High Sthn-il, DON XVHITEHURST. Frencli and English mai-ir, suis on the tratk and truss tnuntry teams, He'll attend CCSF, State. DOUG XVHl'l4EHURST majnred in histnry, was in Block L. on track, Cr-iss country, swimming teams. CCSP. U nf Oregon. JOAN XVINKELBAUER majored in business. She plans to work after graduating from Lincoln. XVAYNE XVISXVELI. partieipated in senior attixities while at- tending Abraham Linculn High Selinnl. BEVERLY XYITT participated in seniur attixitits during the last year at Abraham Lincoln High Stlnml. GLENN XV0l.lJ maiored in music, was in lilutk I., nn basket- lwall, sxrinuning, track teams, band. CCSP, USC. BOB YAMBERT majored in math and English, was on All-City swimming team, in Blofk l.. Menlo JC, Stanford. RUN YANK, stienec. math mai-rr, played tnntlwall, was in CSV, lilncl-Q L, Big lirr-thers. LIC, law sthnnl. SUSAN YARISROUGH mainrtd in business. She plans fu wnrk after graduatinn and snmeday bctnme a nurse. STEVE YO'I"I'liR, math maint, played fuuthall. was in Blncli L, nn swimming team. Future- -State, COP. l'vll.L XVATSUN mai-'vred in math. was in swimming team, played surfer: Blutk I., band, Rally C--rnmittec. CCSE fpharmauy. JOE XVATSON, language maiur, was nn the ei-iss tnuntty team. traelx team. CCSP. universitvf psitlir-l-spy. JOAN XYELLH nas a Big Sister. in GAA, uhilt mainring in Ln:- lish. She'll attend COP. majnr in lustury. MELINDA XY'El.l.ES majnred in math, science, English, Spanish, was in CSF, lil-nk L, U of Uregun. then Reed art. BILL XVICKWURE majored in math, was a reg officer, played fnutball. He'll attcnd CCSF, UC- engineering. DORETTE XVIGNEY was sung girl, in Forty Links, Log and jff1,ir1i1Ist.1ll's, GAA, Jnlies 'Ilrr-Y. Maiurf English, math. SHIRLEY XYILLMS mainred in languages, science. English, busi- ness. was in GAA. Emanuns Tri-Y. SJ State-fmuse. RALPH XVILSON. French and math major, was in Big Bmthtis, CSE. XY'ill attend Harx ard ur Yale--Hmath resc-arth. FRAN XVONAFOTT majored in languages. was in Tandas Tri-Y, un class committees. Shell attend CCSP. MARY JANE XVOOD, Freneli and English tnainr, was in GAA, term play, 'I'nn1n1'rnw's -lltzltliels. Uliftcatliing. JUDITH XYRIGHT partitipated in seninr attix ities while atrend' ing Abraham Lineuln High Stli-ml, STEVEN XVRIGHT majored in math and stit-rice, was on swim- ming team. in Big Brotlaers. Bel-Aires Hi-Y. CCSP, UC. 5 . qlznvw K ll 5 .jiiifgg :1- mark M ,:-::::E BOB ZOLLMAN participated in senior activities during his last year at Abraham Lincoln High School, MARIE ZXVICKER participated in stnior activities while attend- ing Abraham Lincoln High School. SHARON ZYVISSING, history major, was in Charmais Tri-Y, held reg offices. Shell attend IBM school. work. CECILIA WVU, a recent transfcr from Galileo, was reg secretary and in GAA. She'll attend Statcw hostess. selves ragged, seeing that everything went just right. When they returned as Low Juniors, there was no need to get acquainted--they knew their way around. Instead, they plunged right into the term's activities, the largest of which was the Pizza Feed. Oliicers Norm Cohler, Tania Orloif, Noel lVIichel- sen, and Gloria Nelson will recall that with smiles. There were no smiles at the time, however-only anxious frowns. giwhat are we going to do with all the pizza," they wailed. The problem was soon solved in such a way that was satisfactory to every- one. Even the faculty who ate the extra pizza the next day thought so. Each girl was transformed into a glowing angel, and each boy was a gallant knight for the occasion. The air glowed with excitement, and the soft music of Moolzglow drifted over the large crowd gathered in the Sir Francis Drake. The long-awaited ,lunior Prom Night had arrived. Don Bryant, Lynn Roberts, Anita Nagel, and Ron Orchid received the guests. There were many happy memories from that night. One of the happiest-that of Christie Nelson being elected Prom Queen. Black cats and grinning ghosts graced the walls of the boys' gym on the eve of Blackouts 759-the Low Senior Turnabout. Steve Hardy, Christie Nel- son, Bonnie Hughes, and Carol Somervell led the trend of black attire, and all the rest followed. Though the theme was uunlncky,77 many girls found that it proved just the opposite for theml It seemed like just yesterday--but it was two-and- a-half years. The mad whirl of activities and studies came to a sudden halt, as the new High Seniors stopped to consider the responsibilities as the lead- ers of the school. Then the pace picked up again, only this time, much faster. As soon as the Senior Rally was over, and the old high seniors had left, President Pete Ferrero, with the help of Linda Mag- VIRGINIA YOUNG majored in language and English, was in su imming. Shell attend CCSP, COPfstcwartlcss. CONNIE ZAKOS majored in English, was in forensics, Futurc Nurses Club. Shell attend Cal or State. MARTIIZ ZIDEK, English and Spanish major. was in Big Sisters, Clygncttcs Tri-Y, reg officer. S-I State ahead. BOX ZOI.I.l participated in senior activities xxhilc attcnding Abra' ham I.incoln High School. gioncalda, Sue Holbrook, Norm Cohler, and Lynn Roberts, with the help of the class in senior reg, began planning a fitting finish for the illustrious 690. The first step was another Spaghetti Feed-the theme-Oodles of Noodles. Besides plenty of food, entertainment and dancing made this a memorable occasion. The second step came as a mystery to ev- eryone . . . As the morning fog drifted over the Lincoln yard, a number of objects on wheels could be seen outside of Shack B. It was hardly possible that they could bef-but they werefbicycles. Everyone saw them therefeveryone, that is, except lVIr. Danielson, who walked right by and didnlt notice a thing . . . The next events followed so quickly that the se- niors hardly had time to be sad at the thought of leaving. lVIay 18 saw the class set out for the picnic at Vichey Springs in Napa. Soon following was the Senior Jinx, a song and dance fete that gave many seniors a chance to show off their talents. The Senior Ball followed, on June 4. That magic event took place at the St. Francis Hotel. Then came the Senior Breakfast, served by the low senior girls, and on that same day, the Senior Rally. ir? it it The buzzing in the audience died down, and an ex- pectant hush fell upon the War lVIernorial Opera House. Then, one by one, the now 560 members of the graduating class of June, l960, received their diplomas. lVIany graduated with honors. As they stood on the stage, every moment of the last three years iiew by. They would never forget Lincoln, to be sure. But they would tuck it in thc back of their minds while the future became all important .... The last words were said-the last note played. And it was all over but the kissing and the hand- Shaking, and the few tears. . . . ki VISICI 'im 19" RON D'Al.O5lO Pmidwzt JENNIFER RENALDE Vile Pz'e,vidw1! BOBl5l HOLNIGREN furor A H? MARCIA SPEARS in Serfelffry K ,gsm a 1:44, swf, Siiiin O 76,17 1 of' Cghe Zlfofld The low' spring senior class. under the able dim-- tion of lVlr. Waller Schmidt, presented the ternfs Turnahout, lfoolis Paradise. which was held in the boys' gym. Over 900 people danced to the musir of Maurice XYolohan under the ceiling covered with a new kind of criss-cross streamers and within walls decorated with jesters' heads. The ollicers, Ron ITA!- soisio, Jennifer Henalde, Marcia Spears, and Hoh- bi Holmgren were on hand to conduct the proceed- ings. During the fall term this same class, then under the leadership of Kenneth Jenkins, Phyllis Broseh, Judy Marsh, and Jennifer Henalde, sponsored the Junior Prorn which was held in the Room of the Dons in the Mark Hopkins Hotel. The 150 couples danced to the music of Maurice Wiolohan and wit- nessed the crowning ofthe queen. Yvonne Mignault. Her attendants, Kathy Garth, Carole Nordeen, lVlari- lyn Steele, Nancy Zeidler, and Jean Miller helped the oflicers to make the evening a memorable one. KEN JENKINS Pru.fidw11 55, PH Yttis Bizoscin x Viru Pfwidwzf AM "-.ht ' .,,, I ,5, MQ :fr A ii, V AN , ,... E Q, JUDY Mfuzsn 3 A 7 Sm r'eIar'y-7'w41f1fr rr J J ww ,Q : I I N f : 1 ' 5: W' ,. JLNMPER RI:INAI.ID1. , K l was X3 , 1 af fm W ...... , f" ..,, , , 'Q 2 in E ii 'if I - Q' W me 'i 'f 2 ,A "" i 0 ,sei .... , :::::::::.:::::.w .5":t5E5:s: -A' LOW' 12 QSPRINGJ Row I: Glenn Aekelinan, Gayle Adami, Barbara Aizenberg, Jim Allegretti. John Allen. Ken An- dersen, Robert Anderson, Eileen Anthony, Mike Asher, Bob Ashworth. Ruiz' 2: Buli Atkinson, Carrie Babcock, Rich Ba- daraeco. Virginia Bailey. Sandy Bartfeld. Sid Bas! kin, Danny Beceo, Bob Belluomini, Carol Ber- nardo. Pete Bianvici. Run 3: Terry Black, joan Blanchard, Rich Boyd, Fred Brim, Phyllis Broseh, Juellen Brown, Dean- na Bruno, Norma Bruschi, Pat Burman, ,Inc Capi- tan. R010 4: Diana Carder. Art Carson. Carolyn Car- ver, Laura Marie Chaney, Sharon Christensen, Stan Christman, Rich Clausen. Carol Clement. Bula Combs, Gioeonda Costanzo. Ron' 5: Dave Cowley, Danica Cunknvich, Albert Cuevas, Jeannie Curran, Ron D'Aloisio, Dennis Daniels. Dana Davenport, joyce Davies, Jenifer Davis, Jocellyn Davis. Raw 6: Sherry Denend, Bill Denniston, Hugh Dickson, Helen Dilworth, Dan Dinniene. Vit' D'Orazi, Stephen Duhins, Bob Dwyer, Betsy Ef- ford, Pat Ellenbeck. LOXV 12 Row 1.' Bob Elsberg, Russ Ennes, Kent Ex ert, Ge- nie Farnham, Ed Ferguson, Steve Fisher, Jim Flathmann, Diane Flaxman, George Flemer, jack Fox. Rau' 2.' Gary Fry, Don GaNung, Kathy Garth, Bill Gasaway, Fred Gerard, Mark Gihnick, Pam- ela Grable, Stan Green, Ken Glatr, Bob Gutier- rez. Row 3: Larry Haas, Keith Hamblin, Terry Han- cock, Marcy Harris, Pat Hart, Sandy Harvey, Glena Haughee, Marian Haughee, Jean Higby, Steve Hollos. Ruiz' -gl: Barb Holmgren, Georgia Howell, Brute Huhley, Ken jenkins. Stu jenkins, Frank Jimenez. Cheryl johnson, Denny johnson, Tony johnson. Dick jones. R014 5: Bev Kahn, Dave Kannisto, 1udyKaufman, Shari Kaufmann. Doug Kesler, Joyce Kiger, john Kohler. Dave Kepp, Marilyn L'Ai, Marilyn Lame. Run 6: Paul Kaup, AI Ledderhos, Dick Lesser, Diane Liapes. Bill Litciardo, Marge Liedtke, Dan Link, Lois Lipp, Carol Lee, Marty Loughman, LOXV 12 Row l.' -Ianith Lutley, Larry Maas, Alan Mar- Donald, Rod Maher, Larry Maibaum, Judy Ma- litz. Deilani Manning, Carol Marcus, Judy Marsh, Herb Marshall. Rf1u'2: Bill McCarthy, Jim MCCunkie, Phil Mr- Hale, Rich Meave, Ron Meyer, Adrienne Michel, Yvonne Mignault, jean Miller, Sally lNfiller, Iwfar' ty Misrafk. iii ..,.. ,i f N f , . in fr, iy., N ga, . t .i Q Lv , A 1 is 1125, - i, 1 f Www qj, -r ' " "M 'W' "" "' " ' 'M ":':'- " " it-2, -Zi: Y. ,V : F - -:s,,. K A V Q E, A .. ...., A ' , r 1 Q ' 'W A :-"2 in , . ' . it ' A .. ,rr ....,., I , V. . K i I I.: 2. ,a i f y r, 1 ,-:.. .-.. f E , I y Q 5 f.',f 3 ii, 1 " ,I lzz, . V H an ik, f , . . 5 ine' if 'i 5' 5 " Z N 1 ian ,af mr.. - .. , i A A ' , " , ,jgQ..Q we ..,3, 1 Ea. , yllu R ""' "1' r , '..,.. , if J' i -I . .......,...,, , will Q W ......., ,:, .:., ,P :sea :" .- in ' r Q , L' r "t' f B iili i , ,Q fi " i, will gy V 2:2E22'2'1 1:' --:1:' 1 'r:.s:s:s:z:s:e.: ::" a. y ,,.A I ' if .rg ef , "'- i 9 ' .....,.... .1 i r1-r QA , . fr i in f i-2i , " L. ......,- e .... , . 2 1 -i ' , L J, r-:: rc raiser. I f f ,Q E 5 F .Q r l r -nnzvvvv ZW-5 r QQ- gg if ff 4 , . " 3 ir .... . 4 N, XX ml . Ivi , 3:2511 'Er f - -::-'r - lrirrr me , "'----:, f , 'sr ' - rar i' ' W" f f Q ,, I ., fi : L ,,,., Q . EW., f . g :ei i ' .L 155 , Y -s,.,:.:,: 1 , y VEZJ, ,::s: -1 4-EEE: Egg' x NA Vg S .. V i 1 x W 1 . , UWQ is . E , .Ax , mg, ii 6' 1 ,F X A sizes- ..,...., , .:.,-.-.,., an Q x e I' "ir 1 w w s 4: fa 1' CI 4, . ,,.. fr . ,,,i, 1? Q EEE EEE. N i . EEE r at rar if Vi if S 2 fi' ""' "'::E:E 1' S2 LOW' 12 Rau' 1: Dennis Missamore, Elliott Mittler. Mike Moiseff, Jim Montgomery, john Motrone, Rich Murray, George Nagle, Barb Nagy. Gordon Na- than, Liz Nilsen. Rau' 2: Carole Nordien, Phil Nyman, Dennis O'Keefe, Stan Pappas. Gerald Pelzner, Linda Per- kinS, Roh Petrokas, Bob Pine, Dave Plowman. Bert Pollitt. Run' 3: Ron Pope. Sue Raah, Val Rainey, Vir- ginia Randazzo. Grafiano Regina. Jenifer Re- naltii. Bob Roche, Barb Rosen, Marian Rosen- thal. Razz' 4: Sharon Russell, Frank Sabella. Eliott Saelens, Ted Sammis, Mark Samson, Harvey Samuels. Carol Sankovieh, Bill Sayre, Carlcne Scheidtmann. Ron' 5: Steve Seheppler. Stexe Srhinkel, John Schumacher, Rich Sfhwarting, Karen Srhwartz, Sharon Seller, Joe Serafini, Fred Sherwood, john Sitton, Diane Sony, Row 6: Marcia Spears, Don Sprattling, Marilyn Steele, Sue Steinberg. Ellen Stern. Rich Stewart, Lydia Stolz, Ken Strawn, Joanne Stueller, John Sullivan. LOXV 12 Run' 1: Howard Tamler. Larry Teshara, Danni Thouvenin, Bill Tregenza, Bill Truscott, Mike Tyrell. Alexia Vasseliou, Karen Vestre. Niek Vrio. riis, Barh Xvarwick. Rau' 2: Hob Wfatson, Marsha Xveber, Connie Welw- her. Claire XVeiner, Helen XY'einreick, Margaret XVerth, Barry Wei'tz, Sue Wfest, Kent Wfhalen. Mary XViese. Rffu' 3: Vicky XVillard, Cliff XY"i1lis, 'lark XVoodA lanrl, Ron Yanoff, Diane Young. Rog Young. Sid Young, joy Zabel, Nancy Zeieller. 'M f off ff is 4 4 2 J . .fit ff DON PAR NIER Pr wiifwzf LYNN BAKER Vim Pr Lfffdvllf BARBARA BERGH .Sui rmlvj l5ET'l'Y JEAN BOKFLAN D fur ur Zi7e tiff sie WRX Among the many successful activities sponsored hy the present high junior class was the Junior Prom. Entitled Bali Hai, it was held on Friday, May l3 at the Fairmont Hotel. Responsible for this gala evening were the class oHicers: Don Palmer. Lynn Baker. Barbara Bergh, and Bette Jean Bokeland. as well as the other members of the class. Wlieil this same class were low juniors, they spon- sored a Srnzinis Worlfslmp. Held in the cafeteria Gran? Accustowed iogjaur a from I-H. it included food. entertainment. and, most important. lots of fun. The officers for the low junior year were Carol Allen, Pat Holt, Mary Jane Cooke, and Julie Anderson. Aside from the specific activities which this class has sponsored. many of the class members are activq participants in other clubs and actix ities at Lincoln. One memher is Tc-ri Levitan. president ofthe 'l'omor- rowis Teachers. The class also has a high academic standing. boasting: many mcmhers in the C.S.l". CARI. ALLEN I'rif.iidw1l PAT HULT Vn if I-'rfninlwll MARY JANE COOKE .i'ct1'UItlv7' ,llfllli ANDERSON ffffrn' K , fa R L if : - '- ' 'If -----'- I I i' il "'. a 3 - aa , ...,.:: ,-.,,: 1 :-- I, I 1 uuzu A ..,.:.,: I' ,2,.,. K ,4 f .....,,:, , ....1:: s 2 .5 . A R .," NT ,,A' 1 - .1"2: f R g g v Q ,.,. - V .,::,: ,A .Ai :,.E . .::-:-:v, 1 :A: A .--- -:-:1:: 5 ,,:1' ? 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H-ll fSpringl Rau' I: Bill Abbott, Carl Allen. Steve Alpine, Roy Ames, Stew Amos, Eleanor Anderson, julie An- derson, Martha Anderson, Ray Anderson, Rich Anderson. Run 2: Steve Anderson, Roberta Annigoni, Carole Anti, Carol Arnold, Claude Arnold, Anne Atkin- son, Herb Atwater, Denixe Axalos, Rith Axalos, Diana Batiito. Ron' 3 .' Bill Baker, Lynn Baker, jerry Banzet, Judy Barnes, julian Barnett, Mike Baugh, lAinda Be- gen, Nick Bell, Don Bclluomini, lid Bennett. Rau' J: joan Bennett, Liz Bennets, Daxid Benoit, Sandra Berg, Barb Bregk, Bev Bergk, Helene Ber- ger, Marie Berger, Sandy Berger, Marilyn Berthelot. Ron 5: Ingrid Birke, Sue Birkett, Ron Blake, ,lim Bliss, Sue Bloch, Karen Bond, Anna Bowel, Stexe Bovo, John Bowcock, Georgia Bowen. Rff1i'6.' Kathy Bowling, Paul Boxer, Sandy Brad- ley, Doug Brady, Ray Bray, Nurit Brenner, Len- nart Brink, jeremy liruenn, Sharon Brunn, Bar- bara Brockman. 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Rau' 5: Barb Geertz, Al Gersch, Emily Gerstf raeher, Claudette Gitzel, Doug Glenn, Nanny Goff, Ereida Goldman, Rich Goldman. Gail Goldstein. Dan Gamey. Rau' 6: Joan Gramlieh, Donna Grares, Paul Grech, Barb Greco, Pam Greene, Mila Grepo, Jim Grifhn, Mana Gross, Donna Grosso, Barb Grotli, HIGH ll Razz' I: Bob Guetersloh, Evan Guinasso, Paula Gu- tierrez, Jim Hall. Betty Halonen. Robin Halo- nen, Louise Hamilton, Bruce Hanchett, Jack Hanks, Ed Hansen. Run' 2.' Karen Hansen, Bob Harder, Rich Hard- wick, Marti Hardy, Karen Hartung, Larry Hasty, Sharon Haymond, Harry Hayward, Jaclyn Heiser, Feralee Henderson. Rauf 3: Pat Hennessy, Bill Henriekson, Annabel Henry, Dorothy Herman, Gail Herzig, Anita Hill, Judy Hirschfeld, Rosemarie Hoeiling, Don Hol- tier, im o mes. Rau' 4: Pat Holt, Mike Hoogasian, Doris Horne. La Vonne Hover, Jean Howard, Shirley Hudelcotl, Joanne Hummel, Ed Isola, Sherry Iverson, Kathy Jacoby. 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Rou' 3: Thomasinc XVarcl, Ralph Xvarner, Cheryl Wfatson, john Wlatson, Nancy Watslmim, jan Wfatts, Cherri Wfeher, Stan Xlifciss, Mike Wcissgerber, Ann NVells. i iRo11' -J: Charlene XVcsscll, Bill Wlcst. Elmer XVhcl- ipey, Mac Wfhite, jules Wfilkens, Dorothy Xvillett, Bill Wfilliams, Carol Xvilliams, Karen Willizlins, Tony XVilliams. Ruiz 5: Ray XY"ilson, Fred XVinn, Howard XVintcr- mantcl, Lorene Wfipriit. Cnry XVisnia, Bill XViss- man, Janet XVit::osl-cy, Stexe VUolf, Lillian Wfolfc, Kent XVolfeS. R011 6: Leslie XVoosl, Judy Xvoodhcad, Sherman XXlon. Hilary Young, Mike Young, Fred Yottcr, Annalcc Zach. Pete Zachariou, Norm Zara, Lynn Zoran. Rau' 7 .' Mark Zimmerman. i ,uw 'f l' -assi Sari Af g 's 2 it E 2555535515115f.fE5E5l:i5i5f5'E55'-,' K yr 1 f + A A 4 1 M gi ,gg ,I if,-1 1- .' .::::,. -"' ':2-z:-:-,.- , r a L 1 i-.9 1 ll gl si A 'vw-l N S 1 2.22 ti.. Q A its "1 if l 5 l K Q :gf .. ...,.... , ,gg , ., y , 3 . .. 5, i ir, , Q X. f in Q 1?-r' 2 .. .i-- if Q A fy Sf .- -..S , . X ,, , N 2: ,J-1 i Ii il ,- .W M iii- . e,. .. ,., x 3 nfl E 1' i ................, r :.gi-:5:5:::5-g:g- 5 , X r , Z 2 X wi , f pm XVILSON l"n r l'rtati1lwlI AI. SINOR ,Ytt.'1,-'I fmt, jl'lJY NELSON ,funn 1' 52003 Im 0 QQQOZIQQ 0477641 Moore The entire Student Body was invited to attend the Low junior Pizza Feed, lielcl in the vafeteria during the spring term. The food, from Al's Pizza, and the musitf, from a julie box, contributed to the Sllt't,7t'SS of this activity. lttfspuirsihle for the planning ul' tht- feed were tht- 4'lass0li'it'e1's,Ja11 Wrilson. AI Sinor, and ,lufly Nelsun. plus the vlass sponsor, lVlr. Al Smith. 'l'he liuw Juniors predicted their sutfcess Mlllgll they were high sophomores. That term they pre- lilb lSlit,KXVl'l'H sented 4'Mistletoe Madnessit at Christmas time. Again the julie box was used, and devorations in keeping with the themes--streamers, mistletoe, and Christmas t-Qlurs -vould he seen all arouncl the girls' gym. Tlmse responsihle forthe planning of this activity u ere the officers, lid Beckwitlr, Arlene Saruuhan. .lu Ann lievertz. and Linda Asher. This tflass louks forward eagerly to future sem- esters and activities. whivh they prerlivt will lie even more suvcessful than those in the past. lhtwitltiflf Aiuiixtz sA1mtrHAx . E I'1tt Pit wilt ff! is M H 3 jo ANN nizvukrz E 1 gf ', SUL'!y.fT1't'rt.t, ,g S LINDA Ast-nik i y A f f f ' 4, ""' H ' ' ' ' H i in as s 3 ' at l y 'iii i Q. "" tw .. iii X Q ff ., vi' W ' N ' . 1 Qkjitiiix' Eff. 5 l H "Q 1 ER' , t M if? ifrwi , glkfl z W sw , liars' X 31? -if 2 s ,M aww LOXV 11 fSpringJ aw 1: john Adamson, Judy Aggeler, Kathleen inthony, Dave Apostolos, Bob Asher. Linda Ash' r, Jerrie Borden, Meredith Born, Cathy Born- eimer, jerry Brenner. fun' J: Gene Brown, Harb Biedeliolt, Noel Batler. eff haechler, Larry Baker, Chexter Hankx. Linda larney, Paul Hetkentlore, Michaels Becker. Lil -eckwith. lou' 3: Errol Belt, Gary Belt, Bonnie Henkel. Ilolw Kennett. Carol licomberg, Diane Benstein, Rosa- ind Birbaum, Donna Bjorkquist, Georgia lion lan. Betty Bokclnml. lou' 4: Jane Bolton, Deanna Brunner. Fred Hruny vig, Barb Buell, Barry Burstein, Hob Butler. Niichael Byrne, Chrix Caldwell, jack Campana, Doug Campos. Yau' 5 .' Margaret Cardno, Mike Carl, Fred Carlson, Nnne Carman, Sue Carney, Art Chambers, Cyn- 'hia Chen, Al Christensen, Martin Kflavrlio, janet lrlement. Rule G: Pat Cockeiill, Linda Coleman, Shalom K1-mV Zreras, Doug Corrick, Liz Cory, Linda Lrowthem. Claudia Culinen, jenny Curry, Mike Daigian. Helen D'Amito. LOW' I l Row 1: Nick Daniloff, Art Dasso, Jayne Daw- son, Pat Davis, Martin Delahanty, Bob Delaurli, joan Degenkolb, Joyce Dinslage, John Dissmeyer. Norman Dito. Raw 2: jim Dodge. Bob Domenilaini, Annette Draeger, Kristin Eckluncl, Brian Eden, Ann Ehr- hardt, Arvicl Fkenherg, hfarsha Alvin, Dennix Fmberhing, Chris Farris. Rail' 3: Diane Fellon, Sharon Ferraris, Steve Fc- rini, Mike Fischer, Nancy Fisher, Eileen Fisher, jeff Fong, Louise Frankel, Pat Fry, John Gama, Row 4: Barry Ganapol, Elaine Germenis, Ed Ger- rans, Jo Ann Gevertz, Rhoda Gianer, Martha Gib- bon, Diane Ciilartli, Sue Filfether. Bill Green. Fred Grand-is, Rau' 5: Linda Greco, Bob Greyson, Vaughn Grif- fin, jean Halpern, Melody Hallberg, George Hardy. Mike Hanley, Nelda Hanien, Narxda Harrell, Paul Helbig. Rau' 6: Fred Holman, Fd Holbrook, Sandy j.lV cobs, Roger Jensen, Mike jerrnane, Ken johnaon, Leslie johnson, Bah Johnston, Russ jones, Kathy Karaa. LUXX' ll Row I.' Theresa Katen, Sharon Kceley, Bolw Kerr, Kay Kersha, Mike Kermn, Sandy Keyes, George Koerner, Mailvne Kockos, Arlene Krause, Marilyn Kuhn. Row 2.' joe Kyle, Karen Laibon, Bob Lawrence, jo Anne Leasure, Margaret Le For, Nadine Lev trade, Ken Light, Adrienne Liva, David I.olw.inott, jane Logan. :. . gud 5 at 1 . 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ZZ ,,"' A A.AAAAAA":" ' X...A.- -..AAAA :""':1: fr LOXX7 1 I Row 1: Dave Lotentzen, Jon Loswick, Ann Luci- bello, Bill Ludwigson, Dan Lynch, Rod McAulay, Barb Macdermott, Doug McDonald, Bruce Mc- Gregor, Walt McGregor. Raw 2: Donna McIntosh, Don MacLean, Barbara McMahon, Beverly McNutt, Karen Maclsen, Pete Marcellini, Paula Markakis, Sharon Marks, Bob Martin, Joyce Mau. Row 3: Sandy Mello, John Meyer, Aileen Miller, Knute Miller, Steve Miller, Michele Monnier, Liz Morris, Margaret Moreland, Bob Morrow, Barb Murphy. Row 4: John Murray, John Nathan, Bill Neil, Judy Nelson, Kit Nelson, Ron Newman. Sandy Neumann, Brian Newlon, John Noren, Russ Obana. Row 5: Burray Olsen, Diane Oppenheim, Ron Or-l Steve Overbaugh, Lionel Pashoian, Steve! teba, Pauette, Carolyn Perri, Cynthia Perry, Roger Petti- cord, Greg Philliposian. Row Alan F: Joyce Phillips, Doris Platt, Karin Poggi, Poletti, John Pond, Bill Ponig, Robin Pow- ers, Ron Prater, Barb Preston, Fran Rinkin. LOW 11 Row 1: Carol Reyna, Nancy Rhoads, Bruce Rice, Walt Rice, Bob Ryan, Michael Russell, Carole Rosenberg, Mike Rosen, Joe Ross, Roy Rogers. Row 2: Ron Rogers, Ken Robinson, Elaine Risso, Marilyn Rinly, Kathy Riley, Don Rieschel, Vir- ginia Rich, Doug Salin, Ray Sander, Arlene Saovhan. Row 3: Carol Schaefer, Rich Schmitt, Judy Schnei- der, Carl Schrick, Arclelle Schwarz, Dolores Scott, June Sequeira, Allen Sinor, Rich Skaff, La Preme Shaw. , Row 4: Susan Shaw, Louise Sheas, Bill Shubin, Cheryl Smith, Chris Smith, Dennis Smith, Carolyn Sparks, Rose Marie Stelter, Jorvn Stigre, Tom Stemson. Row 5: Rich Tannone, Isabelle Tanzi, Leslie Tar- ry, Carolyn Thompson, Carol Thompson, Jim Thuesen, Jeff Tiret, Misty Togersen, Jeff Tozier, Michael Tulley. Row 6: Bruce Usher, Rich Vanclergrift, Dennis Venizelos, Dick Vortmann, Vic Vacyes, Bob XVal- lace, Val Ward, Diane Warden, Sheila Washam, Tom Wfeisman. LOW 11 Row 1.' Elaine Werdesheim, Henry Wesch, Pam West, Laurie Whearty, Steve Widnes, Dorothy Wfilliams, Janice Wilson, Tom Wilson,Vera Wind- halz, Fred Winters. Row 2: Judy Wiskotchill, Janet Wisnia, David Wright, Carol Yelton, Sharie Yosiph, Orvel Young. ROB IWOORF P1 t .fidt ut CAROL LLARK z- I V11 if PM tltfcfli ' jAN MOTZER J, .VL'A'V'L'IxIV1 ff if 1 , f Gm - 3 .f : 'rom ciuo ' 'Q ---, . ' -1.1811114141 Q X- K X oan. THOMAS Ifwff X Ciieiiing Z0 16210147 Q, tffft- ou ft President of the Spring High Ten Class, Bob Moore, discussed the termis actix ities, along with his ollicers, Carol Clark. ,lan Motzer, Toni Cuo, and Gail Thomas. One of the activities was a dance for mem- hers of the High Sophomore Class only: the other, a stag or drag dance open to tl1e entire student body. The above mentioned plans took shape in the form of Tropical Healzrave, a dance held in the gym, for which the decorations included real palm trees. The music came from records. Another dance. entitled i'5llllJWl'6t'li,i, was held on April 29. l96U. Also a comhination spaghetti and pizza feed was enjoyed by the class. All activities were planned hy a council consist- ill' ing ol' the registry presidents, plus the class ollicers. The picture opposite this page is the High Sopho- more class of Spring 1960. tlaow Sophoniores of Fall. l959.iP The class hegan its activities at Lincoln with a Pizza Feed, held on Decemher 8, l959. The ollicers, Roh Chimmon. Marge Jackson, Sally Baker, Ron Stolowitz, and Joyce Wihack helped to decorate the cafeteria in red and white and to carry out the theme with red and white tahleclothes. Un the suhject of this activity. the class sponsor. Mr. Haroutunian, was quoted as saying. iclf this actiyity was any indication of the future, then this is the hcst Low Ten class Lincoln has seen in a long timefi MARGA RET JACKSO l'ri'.iiJt'11I SALLY BARRIER Vit t P1't'fial't' zz! RUN STOl.lXX'lTZ Sui wlftrj-7'rtu.i'1n P JOYCE XY'I'I'B ECK Juror N .,j... . . ":'A' '--' vV,,,A,, , 4.,....A ..V. t 1 :"':: s- - ------ ---- - - - Q - :-- i ......, at ..vv .V X5 ..,s. 'fa E ' r . 1 t ., - ---- ' 41 s,.:s5s- s Y 1 4 45:2 X sv ' as :-- if :s. 22. ' - 1 " ' H 5 55, r g zzi: ",v 1 - I .4 , ,gvggj -' , Y -1:sg:. .::- 5 --::..:,.g,,,., I - rs' -:,..,., :,a5a -:-.:,:,:,,'P. '-"- , , - ws., " '25, - ' sf ig- iii' .f ',2" - ' . , W l . ',fs?5,2:- 35 is as V+ Ii K 2 35 ' .',.. 5 '-sci' .,,, ,E 'Qsssssss . f 2 vvs'--- sg-. ..,.,: , V I t K' D f I i ' H X sz. s-ss , ..s.f .,.,. ' . ,l -A . , '-A: s ' ' is. - A . E A f Fe .Hikari f . .... -sf '5 ,. 'Z l 2- sig , 1 'L ,il-42 '.-f"'? ""' Q ,,,,5,,- gig L -,,E,.. zbb ..., t .,., , "" "" '5li' , Nw? , ' ..s: I 'ss' - E, " ....ss. , ..,, ' ' s ' s:-. "ws-21 ssss'-.r f s , 5 f --ss-st'. 2 lg' ' -s- fs .ss "" ,, as .-is s r . 54 5. " . 2 -fss ' V' - ' " ,. ss-s - . ' A " Q A ' tif f 'Y l ss-s- ,. , V " ' ':" 4 ' ""' A 's"' .. ,. . i 3 , s 2 'f ' .1 's" 1 f - W ,r - "'P'::' f " ..... . is is 1 .:.:: s sss s sss 1 - sssss ss'-'-" sss- s 'sfs -'-s s is 2 sui s ..... , ss-s -1 ,,,,,,, I , C .ws , .. s..5s:.:,... ,, ,i figs.. Q in 1 7 WR, -EEE: ss- s , 6 I V 5- L vs X .." .v,,' '11 '-s- s-' get ,,g ,f.,. ' - ,ii , , , s .ls -5. :-: -s-.,s-" ,, K lg ss.. ,., .,.,... .:.:.:.: : . gr gg 1 Azlq . ,,..-,s...,,..., . f 2 iii l i? r E' va I ' " rss, 1. -A 's" A A -'ssss ,.....' -s s "'ss- . "" ss-'s- .,.,.., I ss"' ",s : 'I' - Q! 'Wi 2-g ,..., .,., ' "" ,fs "" if ':,.., ss-s- . sss :sis '- ' ss:-sssssssw g ek is s i is :ss f E .... 4 ,. , ...- A .. A' " .,,., ,. s--s - ,...g X 3 - . ' L :sissy iq Q ' 1 as , M M s ...,., , -. 1 r .,.. - f , A ' ,.,A ff-f ees 'E . ' . . 5 -" '--'---- I s i l k' ass- s asm , ""' , .- -: lf ,.::zs: g., . ., We .,. sl? - ' ---s- V' f '-s': , " ' 2 A V 1 of s- K ,..,. . ...,,.., i W 4 A A 1 will r I f' ...... """Z f ' - 4,4,, , ie rs - . .... - 11. s X i . f r - is Q9 - ,.,.., .,s, l .s f- i - s " -'-- i n .1 ,4 sf, - . Q , " ' ' -ss-ssss.s , s r , f :Sli A, ss. , . ,,.ftiT:zios1em . is -:sssssssg ,f 'E ' fi 'ii W-if .... . . , . , - f ss. ., as Q, . , .. , . is ---- . I M lf? rr .... .f . ' f .. t "" i ' V . A A , ,.., 1 , g r r sw J ' ..,. ' , .... A ' f ., . -"- " 5. E1 B B1 , gi '- ' Qfkmj "'s , ii ,A 3 W i' Q - x -W '-'- I . I ea. " ,QT in :Q iw . ' ,, ,, pw Zn-ss' ' . t fi , ...,. .1 , Q.. 'z r - iss., --'- 2? B ' , 'f "'- ' - ' HIGH lll lhprlngl Run' I: Frank Agnost, Carol Alger, Carole Alle Pat Anderson, Evelyn Anderson. Sara Andersr Earl Andrews, Kit Andrews, Su7anne Aneur Carol Appelblom. Row 2: Marlissa Armstrong, Mary Atkinson, Nr man Averback, Cordell Axelson, Tara Allhanc Bill Babb, Tom Bailly, Bob Bailey, Brute B: Sally Baker. Rau 3: Karen Barber, Fred Barker, Han Barlo' Vendee Bates, Betty Baumgardner, Claudia Be: Gregory Beatty, Judy Beekerman, Adrian Belhi Brentlolyn Bell. Rau' -J: Marge Bell, Paul Bening, Clifton Bennc jon Benson, Yvonne Berg, Dorenc Bergstedt, Li da Bergstrom, Lael Berkstrusser, Barhira Berme Donna Beneman. Raw 5: Marilyn Blanchard, Cnetthen Gloch. Lia Blodgett, Doris Blue, Bill Blurhel. Elton Blur Mary Bae, Bea Ann Boudoures, Beverly Bower- Arent Boyson. Run 6: Bonita Bradley, Kitty Breneghan, Stephi Bray, jackie Brickman, Janet Briggs, Carol Brir -lim Briscoe, Carol Broun, james Broun, jul Blown. HIGH IU Ron I: Stexe Brown. Shelly Brush, Pat Bugli rello, Cathy Burkhardt, Margo Burnham, Katl Bushnell, Leland Bushnell, judith Butts. Loi Calxilco, judy Cameron. Ruiz 2: Lynn Cameron, George Canlnias, Lor lee Campbell, Rich Caniglia, Don Canohbio, LI rion Canuto, Marilyn Carlsen, Sue Carlsen, Chu: Corniglia, Rosanne Caross. Ron 3: Kathy Carsner. Sandy Carxer. jim Ca sin, George Cavalier, Toni Cero, Gerald Cecche tini, Vicky Cero, Myron Chan, Carol Chnnc ,lim Chaplin. Rffrz' 4: Kathy Chapman, Dennis Cheatham, I Cliesterman, Mariene Chiarueir. Carol Clark, Paul Clark. Frances Clayton, Carol Llitt, Rirk Loc-i Daxe Lolien. Noir' 5: Helen Cohen, Ruth Lolivn, Rolwt-st Colxei joe Coho, Mary Colgan, Gary Collamer, l.esl Compton, Dan Conception, Mike Conroy, Bet' Costa. Run 6: ,lane Crafts, Bill Cragg. Rudy Cuarda, Lari Curran, Tom Curran, W'alt Cuthhertson. Ron D1 Poggetto, Pat Dan, Sandy Dearhorn, Craig Deasj HIGH I0 Rorz' I: Christine lJ6l7oy, Sue Dearing, Karen De lany, Marilyn De Leon. Janie Del Fava, Mike De Prete, Jeanie Delos, Susan De Paoli, Sheila De toy, Leona Diamond. R011 2: john Dierks, Leona Disney, Paulette Don mayer, Sue Dow, Rick Dowden, Dian Dunlap Helene Duskin. Sydney Dutton, Michael Edwards Diane Eisensturk. HIGH 10 Tow 1: Diana Elia, Lois Engel. Andrew Engel- nan, Joyce Engernann. l,cs English, Claudia Ep- tein, Stan Epstein, Edith Erwin, Jarrett Evans, irna Everett. low 2: Barbara Ewing, Susan Fabs, Joyce Farring- nn, Alan Fclzer, Veronica. Fenton, Rohcrta Fer- ier, John Jincren. Georgia Fisher, Jinx Fitzharris. hw 3: Barbara Flaherty, Rosa Forrnil, Gary For- nan, Biuriel Fox, Ardith Frand. Rich Frank, Carol Freeland, Gail Gardner, Norm Gatzert, Nance ficrhardt. Run' -if Rich Germano, Arthur Geishman, Peter fiiles, Kay Gilman, Lynn Goodrich, Paul Cirahlc, Alf-x Graf, Gary Graxcs, Bill Grauw. Toni Grass. Ron 5: Rosemarie Gratt, Fran Circch. Stew Green. Judith Green, Pat Greenland, Pam Gregory, Carol Gretton, Bill Grilicths, Frand Gould, Augi1stGote- pil. Ron' 6: Jill Gudcli. Teri Gcntlotti, Nanry Gus- tanson. Rawn Hollman, Ken Hoffman, Limla Ilines, Phyllis Hill, Dave Hieronynius, Catherine llc-rvitt, Ben Herrera. , HIGH in lkffu' I: Helen Herman, Kathy Hemmetcr. Rohr-rt Heller, Ray Hecteman, Judy Healy. ldalce Hay. Barbara Haverkang, Bill Hziskill, XVillie Hart, Linda Hart, Nou 2: Boh Harrie, Jim Harris, Bcthene Harris. lCarol Harrell, Lenny Harper, Chuck Harney, Sal- ly Hansford, Linda Hallstroni, Gwen Hall, Na- rrhaniel Hainei. lllvzzr 3: Terry Haight. Roberta Haughee. Sharon Haughee, Bill Jonas, Karen Johnson, George Jer- rold, Jim Jensky, John Jaleoyina, Margaret Jack- son, Mike Ito. Run' -if Milla lsaelf, Pvoh Hunter, Judy Hnrlekolli, Qloc' Hoyt, Joyce Howell, Dianne Honxer, Merrily . , , llorrcll, Clary Hooley, Ray llolxtearl. lxltli llolinm. Kun' 5 : George Holmes, Rich Holmlu-rg, Margaret Hollherg, Carol Kelly, Gail Kelsey, Carol Kenepp, Bob Kennedy, Gary Kent, Bolw Kerr, Mike Kesler. Noir' 6: Dale Ann Kilc, Kathy Klanher, Nancy Klaric. Cheryl Knowlton, Tina Kollias, Jan Krie- ger, Susan Kuchnhorl, Roland Krug, Harriet Ku- roiwa, Bev Kushnirli. HIGH I0 lx'nl1f' lr Peggy Kellam, Rirh Kehoe, VIAUXTI KCClIllL, liranlx Keelex. Bill Karas, Lxiry Kahn. Sandy Kali- man, Liz Juvet, Linda Joy, Dwight Jogqwh, Row 2: Rcrzgy Jones, Don Lutllmv, Diane Ludgrg, Bob Lucchesi, Bei Luhick. Roh Loyd. Roi Lynn Loutzenheuir, Judy Longo. Ronnie Little, Alan Lindquist. ,:., , . . , Q vw ,, ,,,,,',,,. ,,...,. Q, ,Q, if FE as ., QQ . X ... r --We , .-Q' we Wx 'iii .X ,.:. : .. 1' 241 'av P Q2 V- r ' Ye ' i' 5 ' ' a BM X 2 "" I 'tl' "'::"".i,', : W---Y ,r .,.: - Q? X 8 ' ' , 2- zrz .- 'i .. :" -v,V .,,, ,.,,.. 1 . ' ' l QQ VVJJV E v -Q ..,, ' """ Iil' 'zzir 4 , ,, M .-" ii 5' ' 1 Ei izi . I ..,.,-: Q ,,. A -- li 5 f- .Q " -'- if - - if J 1 -- ' - , , r ,., . -t r , A ..,,,, , - 5 - ,yyll - - 12 i . ..,, 'i ., 5 ' ' A ' . . ' ,.,..,... ll A ' ,,., A fi Y iiili A W ' 'ili "" lf-if i L Q QQ Q i . Q ,... . Q W :QEQ .,:,,, QQ twat QQ . ::- f mg QQ Ji ,,,: QQ: .,..,r r lzzz QEQQQEQEQQ, QQ ,. .-:-:-:-:,-,,,,5:lA :-::::::: Q QQ QQ, QQ QQ . Q ,. iii iiil' Q , 4 1 ,.. 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Q Q,:, 4 3 ,,Q., .,QQ QQQQ QQQQ Q QQQQ ,, QQ QQQ QQQQ QQQQ QQ ..:,. .,.... Q QQ Q QQQQ Q3 f f, QQQ QQ ..,. ,H QQQQQ Q Q. .,.Q QQ QQ QQQQ.s. Q "QQ. .QQQQ QQQ: Q 'Q Q QQQQQ , ., Q "':::: :': e ""' I I :.f:-f f-rr 11: zzz 2 2 , , .---- -::::22212- -Q.::, , . .I . , . ,. f , rf Vabb :-'- ::,: ,,.,., I r :.A ::: 5 .,., J N .. , at .,' , Q, Q,Q:Q: , Ki Q .,,: 1 2::: 5 35 :" ,za ,.::: 5 -1:.. IH A f :.:: , -:'1'- ,E ' ""Q'QQQ ' ' f " ,,A , .. ty :,, ,Q .., .e 2 it ,,-- : 1 ""': a s :,, ' 'I : ' " 'f "" le if It t : S if no ,,,,, er S 2 if ee ,,,,, so ' .,s1-- .2::. --A. .::" v-, , .,," i " I " , .,,,, ,,,, 'VVV '- - ,,,,,,,,: ' P ":': 1 ":, I 52 VQ.: , .1'. :,,,,Q , "" , ,,,,Q..,.,., ' " ,,,, JWI A i if " ':A Iza " it "f": F il , see . I Iz' QQ 1 ...,... Q .,QQQ QQQQE?:QQ QQQQ ...QQ Q ,, QQQQQ QQ :,, QQ if QQ f Q QQQQQ .:-:: 2 f ,,, 1-V' 3 , ' :V" " I we 5 . gm-'sf k ' i t :.. a iv ff I 'A df HIGH 10 Rua' I: John Lindberg, Hob Lewis, Pat Lewis, Lar ry Levy, Diane Kevitin, Manette Levit, Mark Levin XVaIt Lepori, Marla Lehi, Nelli Lee. Rau' 2: Diane Letlderhas, Glenn Lawrenee. Barhar. Lantlson, Marilyn Lahey, Gary Kyle, Liz Lukenas Sally Lund, Tina Lund, Ed Lunderman, Arthu Luhman. Raw 3: Judy Lutnes, Sharlene Lutney, Jane Lut ticken, Bill Lyons, Rich Lyons, Phil MacDonald Diane Maggionealda, Marcia MacDuckston, Ricl Magliocco, Bob Maineri. Rua' 4: Barbara Mannheim, Mickey Maratsos, Jane Marcellus, Sandy Marill, Gery Marill, Ed Morgrez Suellen Marsh, Jim Marshel, Jack Marthi, Jud' Martiney. Run' 5: John Martman, Earl Martinsen, Sallj Mashbun,Carol McAulirIe.Sharon McCarthy, Nan ey Jo McConnell, Jim McCulloch, Gary McDon ald. Jim McFadden, Charleen MCGlew. Row 6: Betty McGuffm, Carol Martins, Keren Me lilcke, Cliff Memeken, Jeanne Mennie, Bev Men zel, Benia Meyer, George Meyer, Doug Michael Connie Midworth. HIGH 10 Rau' 1: Sharon Miller, Valerie Mills, Sharor Mindlin, Ed Miron, Florence Mitchell, Jacqui: Mitchell, Gary Moeller, Channing Moore, Mar garet Morgan, Judith Mortimore. Rau' 2: Dianne Moser, Janet Motzer, Dean Muller Linda lyluller, Mike O'Donnell, Pat Muller, Pa' Mullican, Say Mumford, Fred Ohe, Fred Munkner Row 3: Steve Llusser, Nanci Joyce, Elaine Nosser Georgia Naylor, Sue Neil, Marcia Newton, Bonnic Nielsen, Lenny Nissim, Diane Nofta, Anne Norl ment. Roz1'4.' Edith Nuttall, Larry O'Brien, Mike Ohme, Mike Olah, Val Olander, Mary Oldham, Sandy Olsen, Lenny Olson, Karl Olsson, Idarie Oliver. Rau' 5: Bill O'Sulliyan, Alvard Oyalle, Vera Ovens, Jeanie Paolussi, Tatyana Papkov, Lee Pap- pageorge, Chris Parnello, Rich Pashley, Mike Pas- qualetti, Bonnie Pates. Razz' 6: Rosalind Patton, Tom Pendergast, Frank Peterson, Krisana Peterson, Mike Phelan, Terry Piestewa, Arleen Pietz, Pat Pilara, Steve Pitts, Pam Place. HIGH 10 Rua' 1: Frieda Plansky, Rochelle Plouehe, Barry Pollack, Marilyn Ponte. Gail Pope, Jean Pope. Bob Portnoy, Suzanne Powell, Iylary Pretel, Daw: Prinehetta. Row 2: Judy Oualman, Mary Quinn, Sandy Ram- sour, Chunk Rapp, Ginger Russell, Sue Reed, Grayee Regan, Russ Rege, Theresa Reeeh, John Rentz. HIGH 10 hw I: Ann Rewl, Carol Rhoades. Ken Richard- son. Xenia Rixera, Carla Robbins, Ron Robertson. Kileen Robinson, Pam Rogers. Tom Rose. Steve Rubin. Rau' 2: Marsha Rueckcrt, Virginia Ruggiero. Yxonne Ruggiero, Marianne Russell. Rita Russell. Ana Maria Sainz. Phyllis Sands, Maureen Sansing. Chris Sapajnikoti, Carol Saiti. Rau' 3: Mike Savin, Kristin Schaadt, Elliott Schachter, XY'olfgang Schilling. Jim Sclxlictmann, Ben Schmidt. Pat Schmulian, Phil Schinkel, Curt Schneider. Albert Schoh. Razz J: Ron Schrott, Phyllis Schwartz. Ron Scott. Ron Sebanc. Gayle Seller. Anita Settle. Terry Se- verino. Jim Sexton, Ed Shaw. Judy Shea. Rffzi 5: Jackie Shephard. Bob Shimmon. Daxe Sills, Barbara Skendle, George Skinner, Karen Slissman. Claudia Smith, Helen Smith, Judy Smookler, Karen Smith. lRouf 6: Craig Snyder, Barbara Solomon, Linda fSouthern, Dorothy Snwcrs. Jerry Spindler, Harold lSpratling, Mike Springer, Adrianne Starno, Nicole Steiger, Kitty Stein. l HIGH io Row l.' Marilyn Stein. Call Stelling. Judie Stexen, Don Stewart. Nancy Stock, Ron Stolnwitz. Fred Stone, Helen Stone, Julius Straus, XVayne Stnckey. Ruiz 2: Dan Sullivan. John Sully. Louise Sven- sen, Charles Swanson, Susan Swimmer, Ron Syce. Chuck Tade, Marilyn Tashiian, Pam Ternahan, Sue Tlfiatclier. HIGH 10 Ruiz' I: Kris Thiel, Gail Thomas, Bill Traloucco, Carol Trauner. Jayne Travis. Sandy Troxel. Nike Tull. Diane Underwood. Sue Uriflervioucl. Jo Ann Van Dan Ackcr. Raw 2: Frank Treanor. Bob Van Herick. Georgia Vasilevirh, Bill Vassiley, Fred Vogel. Frank Volis, Jocelyn Volkers. Otley Von Nostiw, Jim Whilsh, Steve Wfanlass. limi 3: Pam XVatts. Terry XY'eitzman, Frank XVelch, George Xxfells, Barry XVenderoth. Art XX'en- strorn. John XVesen Dunk. Pat XY'heeler, Leigh Xllflieltlon. Rau -J: Genie NVhitehurst. Renee XY'l1itney. Bfarie XVileox, Dan XWiley. Hill XWilhelm, Ray XVison, Bill XVilson. Mary XY'1nters, Gary Wise, Joyce XY'1tlieclc. kwa' 5: Nanty XX'-ierner, Bruce XViight. Louella XY'right, Tom XY'right, Glenn Yfynlcoop, Pete W'ynne, Jim XVyrick, Par Zakos, Kurt Zickerman, Nike Ziegler. l A Rffu 6: Kay Zimmerman. ljlaine Zins. - A9952 IH TH SANf,l'l FY, Pf't't111't'Il! fiHt,it.K DAGIAI I ztt IM.-1t1'tv1f CINDY MlCHIiI.li'I'll .Yttrki,-Trim. FRED HIANNULCI fnmr Z? en7iZ 671665 Z?0Zfh fed cz' Ken? Zcierecz' LOW SOPH CLASS The "lowly" low sophomores have had a 'snot-sch lowly" semester under the sponsorship of Mr. James Yvyatt. The traditional Spaghetti Feed. held May 12. in the cafeteria, was one of the most successful ever. Beforehand, there was athletic competition be- tween the registries in volleyball. Then dinner was serxed in the Cafeteria. after which there was dane- ing and entertainment. The low sophomore class is the first class tu try out a new system to coordinate the nietnhers of the diflierent junior high Sehools. and the sponsors with the registries. 'lihe vonneil. eolnposed of thirteen students, nine nlenibers elected front eaeh ol' the nine registries: Jackie Swartz. Al Posin. Xlaggi Huebner, Jeannie Moretti. Fred Nenlmert, Diane An- derson. Linda Jenson. Dale Adams. and the four oflicers: Holi Sanehez. Chuc-li Dagit. Cindy Nlieh- eletti. and Fred Biatnineci. The 290 lIlC'tIllJCl'S also supported the high soph- omore danee g'Tropic-al Heat Wave." held April 29. in the lroys' gym. For the city-wide Road-lf-U Queen. sponsored lvy the Junior Chanilier of Connnert-e. the low swmho- t more nominee was Janet liaez. Pictnra on the opposite page ,show x the iiieiiilwt-is of tht present Low len Class. eannie Btorctti, julie Zgtchtitian. l.ind.1 Jenson. Ngtggi Henbner. tired Bianucci, Cindy Michelctti. B-wb Sanchey. Chuck Dagit, Dale Adams, Diane Anderson, jackie Swartz, At Posin, Fred Ncnbcrt. R, 2 .. . . maui WW. . 1 V 6 1 WY - M9 If , fig .Y 5523 av gg, ,wg ' M ish! ' ww, IN APPRECIATION.. The students ot Abraham I.incoIn High School-ancI particuIarIy of the publications statts-extend their sincere thanks to the wonderful men ancI women of the Parent- Teacher Assn.-whose unseltish assistance-both financial anaI physicaI-has contributed in such Iarge measure to the success of our many curricuIar anaI extra- curricular proiects. ODGANIZATIONS 0l'l'l8606!g Ma .NQP8 DAVID HETTIG Preridenl KAREN OKELBERRY HARRY HAIMOVl'l'Cl-I Vftt Prcvfdt nf Yrll f.w1rf4'r' SUSAN LIQRRQXYI RICHARD SAH .itfrrtlrzfg ,lfldgf XVIILIAM XWARA GEORGE KONIARAS T,-g,s,,,,H Dilttfftil' of Pf'0f7f'7!ic'.t 1 ' 1... XX 'l'he Fall Student Body otlicers began their term with a record sale ol' Student Body cards and pageant tickets. Although all the officers worked in a combined effort of these sales, as they did with all the activities of the term, especially responsihle for the record sales of cards and tickets was Bill uvtiee Vvilliew Vlfara. the Fall treasurer. The success- ful sales at the beginning of the term were a small indication of a good term to follow. Among one of thc first ollicial acts performed hy the Fall Student Body ollicers was the creation of a new oltice. This ofiice, the Director of Athletics, was conceived with the idea in mind that the treasurer carries one of the heaviest work loads among the officers. The Director of Athletics was to be accountable to the treasurer, and was to assist him in the sale of all tickets for games and also to assist him in planning the publicity for games. The sug- gestion for the creation of this new oH'ice was pre- sented to the Student Body and duly approved. The oHicers did not stop with the Director of Ath- letics. Throughout the term, President Dave Hettig ted the officers in the revision of the school Consti- tution. As part of this revision, outdated things were removed and for revised and new things were added. 'lihe Fall ofiicers only had time to lay out a plan for the revision of the Constitutiong they left this plan for the Spring oliicers. who continued the revision. NVhile all the ollicers worked together on the re- vision of the Constitution. the individual officers did not forget their johs. N ice President Karen Okel- herry planned the Bell Hop which proved to he even more successful than expected her-ause of Lincolnis defeat of Vviashington earlier in the day. Karen also conducted the Student Assembly with the help of Secretary Susan Morrow. who was rcsponsihle for all the minutes of the term. Sue suffered a slight set- hack when she lost an entire hook of minutes. hut this obstacle vs as soon overcome hy her own good nature and the enthusiasm which prevailed through- out the term. Also prevailing throughout the term was Yell Leader Harry Haitnovitclrs high spirit. He showed this spirit at all of the rallies held during the term. and especially at the victory rally held after Lin- coln's defeat of Poly. Also on hand at this rally was .Iohn Jacohsen who acted as Director of Properties during the latter part of the term instead of' George Koniaras who was originally elected for the ollice. Unfortunately, thcre were some offenders at the vic- tory rally, as there were at every rally. And Judge Richard Sah received them all in Student Court and doled out sentences that were intelligent and fair. .lf Q5 We. 'lihe Student liody ollieers of the spring term. l90ll. were well qualilied lor the job which faced them. President Don Bryant had been president of his elass as a low sophomore, and he was a member ol' the football. basketball. and trark teams. Lynn Cipolat. vice president. had been awarded for her good eitizenship and scholarship by the American Legion. Student Body Seeretary Bonnie Hughes was a member of the Forty Links, Big Sisters. and CSF: and she had been secretary-treasurer of her 4-lass as a low' senior. As Student Body treasurer, Gloria Nelson, who was a elass ollieer and Carnival Queen, spurred on Student Body Card sales. Ed Musante. who was the Student Body Judge, conducted his eourtroom with the ability of a natural leader. The Student liody officers suereeded in making the semester unusual and exciting. Wfith their baek- ing Student Body Card sales soared higher than they have in years. and the students were nearly repre- sented by ltlll per cent Student Body. These olticers enabled those with Student Body Cards to attend the first free dance at Lineoln in tive years. They also devised a new polivy whereby only Student Body Card holders could attend rallies: the other students remained in the library where roll was taken. Al- though only members of the Student Body vould attend rallies, there was an average of about one rally a w eek. more than ever before. OTTO VAN DUYN DON BRYANT P1 widt ru LYNN CIPOLAT Furtherinore, the otfim-ers continued a job begun y,,,,.M,A,,. I,jH,1,7mdW last term--fthe rexision of the Constitution. whieh they vonsidered obsolete. Another ol' the main pro- jects of the Student Body oflic-ers was a Festival. with both edueational and fun exhibits. The Spring ollieers did everything in their power to make the semester a well-rounded one. Student Leaders distuss plans for new Activities. FD MUSANTE BONNIE HUGHES judge JOHN l.OVEl.l. llintftlw uf P1t1fm'11r.r ,,,, --tl, :swf aff' EEL' . .,:-.-Mlm V .eminem .mmnvmwm ,Yzfrr Ning' GLORIA NELSON Tr mmf rt i N! S Q WW l J M4 . Q x Pittnrctl,1lwoxc ix the ifntltnt Awcnilwly pi'cp,1ring for one ol' in nmny inf:ctin.:x in Slit' l,ittlt- 'l'licL1tt-r. S'I'l'lJlCN'l' Ctll NCII. l 'l'lw Stuclvnt Connvil. 1-oinposvcl ol' tln- Studvnl nc-is olliu- was presr-nit-cl lo tllc Stutlvnl Body ani llocly ollii'ei's. tlw p1'0siclt'lits ol' tlie Yarioiis it-lussvs. tlllly 2lIDIlI'tlYt'il. and the uilitor of' tlie l,1'11f'0l11 Log is tlw grovtwriiiig Asifli- lrorn finishing tht- rvvision of the Consti lrocly ol' tllc- svllool. At its 'llnvstlay morning nivvl- lution. llw Spring Counvil. left lry llon lifyillll. anrl ings tlie Council flisvussffs tllt- l'lll'I'l'Ill prolvlvins luv- sponsorml lay Mr. ,lznncs lliyatt, was wry liusy ing tliv Stnrlvnt llotly and the scpa1i'att'cAlzisst's. .Mnong tliv svllool uvtivitivs rlnring tlw spring l0l'Ill llnring tlw lull lPl'lll the Stuclvnt Connvil. spon- xwrv tixo mlulnvs sponsorvcl liy tlit- Ftiulvnt lionnvil- sorecl lui' llrs. lit'I'lllt'i' Nlaiglio. was prvsirlml owl' lay llglrcli Urals anfl llilllop Hop. Flnclvnt lloily Pl't'SlClllllt llaw llettig. lnclvr luis 'lllit' Spring lfonnril also took part in tlw svliw- lt'a1rl01'sl1ip tlie llonnril l,lCl'liUl'll1Ctl its first olliviiil url tion ol' tllt- live sluclvnts ixlio wvrv to r0p1'tfsi'1it Lin ol' tlit' tvrni lay tieuting u nvxx Stnclvnt llocly ollict' f- voln in Sun l'll'illIl'lS4'0iS X ontli llllllCtlYGl'lllN1'!ll Day lliri-i'tor ol' Mlilcitirs. 'lillis ollivi' mis wvutvcl isitli Ont' ol' tliv lilltll' avtivities ol, tht- l6'l'Ill plunnvil lmy lliv iflvu ol' liilxing sonic- ol' tln' xsorlx loucl ull ol' tlitf- tln- Counvil. lnut vtwtaiiily not ont- ol' tlw li-list ini tl't-asiii'm'. 'llw suggestion lor tlie 1-rmtion ol' tliis portant. mis ilu- Spring lfeslixul. l,tf.' Iffrlxufxbf I.1tl lnultluit liolw S, iiit lit-?.5Ntn4,lci1t Hptly Ycll l.u11tli 'i'. Otto Yin lyhiyn. lllt lnuitlcimt Don l'gilznu'. Httv Picxnlunt limb Moon-. Stniltn llotly Xiu- lrcsnlcnt Lynn Cllpolzit, Ht- lrcsitlunt lctc lfri'1'v.'1o, Student lluly lresnlcnl Don Bryant, Srntlcnt Botly Swx'ct,iix' llonniu Hmgliuw. Ltl , W lit-sidt-nt lxon l3'Almio, l.ll Vim- Prwitlcnt ,Inn XY'ilxon, Stutlt-nt lltmgly C,u2totl1,iii Alolin Lowll. Student lloply 'I'1'cL1xni'c1' Qilirtizl Nzlfon is iilwg-nt. Qwmmw Z W' " '1'2"W , , Fill Iuai l.R1Li1Nli1 lx sh STUIJILNI COL x Une of the most important organs of liu: student r'lIUXl31'Illll0X1t at Aiiraiiani Liiivolii High Svhool is the Sludvnl Court xx hivh meets every Friday nioruing at 8 o'cl0r'k in room 226. At lhis time Lhose stuclems who haw 11-ceivecl vilalions from memlwrs of thv Rally Comiuitlve and Forty Links an- trivd and awarded illJll1'Upl'iillC puuishulents. The Court, judge, the Stlldfllli Body oiiiccrs, and the class jurors dl't6l'lllilll? ilie gravity of lhe offmiso pm-rfornwd liy the guilty stucleul. This term, spring, 1900, Ed Xlusaute served as juclgv, Noel Mim-he-lsmi mis Court 1-lark, and George- Koniuris kcpl ordvr as Mumburs of the Spxing Studunf Court pow foi journal Cnmeii B k 1 X Om X u I uyn Boi up Hug :Ls Ix Robertx. Lynn Cipolzxt, Bobbi Holmgrun, George Konixris. beltnd t tw e 1 on IN idic NUR d Nuslutf: lllt john Loxcil. .mvum aqgn 9:5111 .llwvr in pxglun, .Arc lllll S-mg bulls. lmm lc-ft tl: rxgglrn, Null lNllxl1tlw1l, Ml-ml Nllwn Llmlgx Kerr I-f1'um Qrrureley. l,vlr1!:p:-1.11, ,ami jcrx lllfln-w Hlllm lll Vlll Xfll lwlll-rx rrwm lqtr tl, :mln Hlnzl. ilfrlmm-l.l lvl:- HJHIS Pftr lfrnl-. Huw Hiirnmmjl., UAQ be of MWA Scum in tlu wictuxc lwlmv .uc thu Swrmj Yell lmulp-IN Azul Suu: Girly lfrlulz Mfr: CAI'--l Lxmlii. l5LlIl3,ll'1l 'llrlrxmli l V 1 l Y .F V I I V filln:l1R11fll.D1.l!1C fflluulx, fllnwtm Xp-lwrv, ,xml liwmttc XX1:m5'. lffjv 'Hn ' Uulx Cwm-15. Uttw X111 Umm. 14-llw Um lm. :xml Bull C5LlSxlNXL1X. Mx: ..- ..,, i!1WiiIESS'Si'3w . - 1 vlumm P:-rm l1:1muwN.n1.Li mmw gy-M tm ph.. I-1u,1pl1L1Jx1:1::4 4,.l,4uL:1m4.Init-xx:1,'!:1,f:f M.zr1ivx1 Nuuh, Rummy XXWM, N.11w.x LL-1Jh1 lin: l"hulmx. Ywwrzm M1L1..n.fl, Rn l..m:i vm, K.x:+1!L- N-frdu-11. Cult. Zcnilu, Klthx Lmztlf, Xlntm kv..mH.lLL. junk MMU. Ami lbw Iirlmclx Y'.w:X:.r ww :fund Prwm Qucrrx !:1fw 111 IM' rvurxwzz, W-..,,.,, mon? ouuenim Km Glut lv-mlnud -mt mfr thc n11u--plwrmu Qxf the CAAciLllIllX.1l .uwrzml-.irmic-J bg Nob I.a1'1ibcu: --n th-, mvlplm-uxxc,Ll1dfNfIkQ'fQril1Sr-H -ln the drurlu. jclf Aillmxlig XXL.ucr" bmi? Lmuxhnm .Al !1n.1l Munn Rallx. Here. M- lmds J lcttex Nh mn hngyxly aujwxixnr Lim-E1 Ilhl l.xm-:ln xhmu .uc the wplwrxl-,lu ,nt ilu - I 1 I mg HQHU D13 lhmm. ML111hLrw-yr-frlm xhlwcx .ntlundui qxlw rwrn M,m1.x. ,gg iw JEFF GRAFF ANN PFLEUGER P!'L'XidL'1If VIL i' P1 wilful! X . x JUDY HERTZ Sifr1'rIi1f,3 W M X 4 is K 2 X M A46 9.4 ,.,::. ..... 2? fs g I Ai, ii i 1 X QA -' Q", rf I ' C , V A NDY KE RR Tl'i'i1im er 7 4 a 7 we re llfllflgllfl Harlan Harkness jerry Harris joan Hartz Dave Hettig Sue Hulhxouk me' I, ,. iw W III, ,, 9' 5' ' P . if Brute Mcbine Mimi Mihniloff Sue IXImArow Put Nclder Gloria Nelson WWF JOHN JACOBSEN .S'w'gi'in11-.xl-fir111i D-an Bryzmt A W' 'iii Durothy Dierks 5 Peggy Driscull 3 .. . 1 -- V M i M , f is . I I .- Mike Grinsell A ii , V .: A X Harry Hilmuvitnlm W bi' 7 " II gr? " A .,.,... ,A "" ' ,Q .. .,,,, II ...., I , I III I i X-., M. 5 N33 ai 'N '-'- I Q II I lllu I I f Bonnie Hughes I ..,, .. :II ff-3 ' I Chufk Krieger .Ns I ' E 3 Carolyn Lytle I 13- I Molly Iwfriilcy ii as ' , .M X .f . WW, 1' Sl Q A i Z 'V M 1s:sis5s:sEs:sEeEsEsEsI IIIII ..I,: , : ..,:, I K -s:s:a:s:a .,... : :sms-.-1 i 'I viii: N Z Elaine ViCk'5"Y ' . .----- ' ,M M as A XV11ItVortm:mn 4? i'I.g5,5I, W if' um xvm 4 f"'1i'5 A EE ' '- -,EEEIEQEQEEEEEEEEE I: III :s:s5:. .1 -2 if-077 IQ -i Kathy Xveymnuth fx if - ' i .121 i iw' ,.,.., ,i ......, .. II I II V XIII K.irei1Okulbcrry i J Al Riifctm I .,.. ,i ,, ml xi Q -::E' ff.. 'g E.: ,,,"Ef1" ' .A,. 2 ,A WK: - M, JOHN JACOBSEN NOEL NIICHELSUIY BONNIE SINGER HARVEY INHTTLER lfl.l.lOTT lNllT'1If'R Pm .-ide uf I '14 L Pu lhlult Sl l wang 7'rm,-mm' Swgmvll 11 iv J Phyllis Bn-sclm Dun Bryant Di.lne lIhn1Ll1 Lynn Cipolglt Riuh Clgltt na fa Norm Cuhlcr BJI'l1llfLl Erielmun 5 N., - Pete Ferlem 'W V Bill Gnssawzly 4. -- Ken Cilatt ' ""' A K' A ,. A V -.:: Steve Hardy I " V W Ijlvi :' M .5 Sue Hnlbrouk 'V ' U zll' ' - 'f:---:: 3: A!! gy 99012 if Bonnie Hughei K " ' we jg ,Zz Chuck Krieger V ' f ' P' L H Ann Lancaster ...,:. -:::::::: ' , ,. .,...:,.:.:.,.:21,' M , linlw l.ewxun -Iolm I..-yell l.YllLl11 Mlxggi-mc.1lLl.1 I n Mollie klzliley C,11n1M11ll1ck sl . 1 fuesuge Nxlgel Clxrktl Xelwn Ciluri1lNelSun Paul Olxen jennell Plm L-1 x 'FN-F Ellen Ruth Rlell Sillu Inn 'Fumes Olin Vim Duyn Durette Xvigncy Sherri lN1LKcrcher Fmlw Menixt Mim1M1lmil1-rf Pnl Muszmte Anim Nigel '.,..1w ll.l.l.,lll,.l.,.,.. iiizzl l ,,,, iz. I- . H j 1 ""1:,l 12222 ., , 4 - Q- - M . 1- M- A. 5:51. ' ,wx Participating in the CSF installation are officers Maija Gross flighting cancllesj, Caron Smith, Teri Levitin. and Bette Balceluncl fscatecll . XY7Rfl'l'lll'U1 the ceremony is Principal john R. Carr. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION The Abraham Lincoln High School hranch of the California Scholarship lTt5fl8l'EllQi0ll. CSF, has in- creased in size over the years. to hecomc one ol' the schoolis most active clubs. The lf'l5 members. super- vised by their sponsor, Miss Keenan. made the years of 1959 and 1960 very l76I16l:lClHl. Led by leaders President George Nagel, Vice President Caron Smith, and Secretaries Betty Rakit- lund and Teri Levitin. the members of the club have heen working hard on selecting colleges, examining scholarships, taking: tests. and enjoying all the social activities offered to them hy the school and the Parent-Teacher Association. Among the activities enjoyed hy the Club this term was a formal tea, a joint meeting with the Balboa High School CSF, and the most dazzling affair. the formal installation which was held in the Little Theater: this latter was for life members of CSF anti for ofliccrs of thc cluh. Other enjoyalmle events of this term were all- flay tours, visits to colleges, visits to industries and a gala PTA party. The purpose of the CSF is to plan joint activities for top scholastic stuclents so that they may look upon their futures as a group. anrl plan for their futures with the help of other stuclents anti teachers. The CSF is now one of the most active cluhs in the school ancl many ol its memlwrs make important contributions to the sc-lmol. CSF othcers tor the Spring term flcftj: Bette Bakelund. George Nagel. Caron Smith, Teri l.evitin, and Maiia Cyioss KR1gb1j Fall Term Sponsor Miss Rosen accepts a gift from the ntticers. it a 3 m 5? X '-" F , ' 6 it .... , W w ,W W .mmm --,AV f 2 if Ron' I tleft to rightl: Bill Gzlssaway, Dan Link, Bob Devlin, Ed Linsante, R010 2: George Nagel, Harvey Mitt- ler, Pete Ferrero, Norman Cohlcr, Tony Bright. BIG BROTHERS The Big Brothers spent their most active term so far under the leadership of Dan Link, president, and Pete Ferrero, secretary. Also on hand to help the iifty-seven boys was the sponsor, Mr. Lederman. One of the Big Brothers' activities this term was to help keep order at the National Merit Scholarship Test which was given at Lincoln early on a Saturday morning. Other activities were the presentation of the movie in honor of the low sophomores and the welcoming of the low sophomores upon their arrival at Lincoln. BIC SISTERS Wanted: A senior girl who is dependable, has a Willingness to help others, and maintains a C plus average. Found: Sixty-five Big Sisters. The Big Sisters is an organization devoted to the performing of servifwe to the community and the srhool. Leading the group in their many activities is Miss Madeleine Gallagher, in the spring term. Under her sponsorship the girls made things for the TB Ward at City and County Hospital, planned a candy sale. and hosted the sophomore tea and movie and the annual dinner for eluh memhers. I t l P l t M r'ell Perr jmet Gilbert ju1ieZakoren Robin Kap Sliown fiom lclt, going tlockvnsc, are E 12.1 'itil ent crgas . u I Q y, 1 , V I , lan, Jeannie Miller. Anita Nagel, and Carol Gilbert. cngnyimg the fun and food at the Big Sisters' tea. Dads' and Daughters' Night. sponsored by the GAA and the Block I., is eagerly looked forward to by dads and daughters alike. The above shots demonstrate the dancing skill of many couples. GIRLS' BLOCK L Through the years the Girls' Block L Society has grown in importance and popularity among thc ranks of Lincoln cluhs. During the fall term, l959, the cluh, headed hy President Joanne Vifilliams, went howling, and after many other activities concluded the semester with a dinner at the Chuck Wagon. When spring, l960, arrived, Linda Buckner was elected the new Block L president. Along with her officers, she led the Block L in many interesting and worthwhile activities. One of these activities was the GAA Spring Carnival, a money-raising ef- fort to send Kennie Lee Hart and Arthurlcne Gart- rell, members ot' the girlsi track team, to the Sunnncr Olympics in Rome. As their service project the lilock L girls deco- rated City and County Hospital at lfastcr. Miss Norma Munie. thc cluh sponsor. has hclpcd to make the Block L a worthwhile organization. G AA COUN CIL Lincoln has a very interesting athletic program in that it can hoast a program for both boys and girls. An important part of the girls, program is the Girls, Athletic Association KCAAW Council. During the fall semester the GAA Council, led hy President Anne Lancaster, staged a GAA Carni- val. This carnival was one of the many fund-raising endeavors for the girls on the track team. lt was hoped that the money obtained would send two girls to the Summer Olympics in Rome, ltaly. Spring President Linda Auhel and Block L Presi- dent Linda Buckner, planned a sports day in which all the schools of San Francisco participated. A hike ride was also a spring actixity. The CAA Council is sponsored hy Miss Lillian Logan, Lincoln gym teacher. Although thc CAA Council is composed ol' the tcn olhcers plus a manager for each sport, anyone is Welcome to attend the Friday morning meetings. Pznisingrfor a moment in their busy round of activity planning are the members of the Girls' Block L. Seated are joe :inneNVilli1ims. Sharon Krug. and Marilyn Spiro.Stand1ng are Coral Wfisc, Carolyn Roberts, Edythe Bass, Midge Jen- sen, Roberta lirancoz, Lucille Greene. Arthurlene Gartrell, Carol Roberts. Linda Aubcl. and Pat Ncldcr. an S2 .pv- .,-i , R111 I' D111 1- X4-1x-111. R511111 C41111er41, F1111 KQQ11. 1411111 X'111.1. 15-111 Xfensn. 164111 2. M11 Cf1111:r1.11iQc-11. 111-11111114113 1.1114 XX'1111111.11111, 14-111 N,1lIlI1WC11. jet! rX1141e1'w11. 154111 1.111r11k111. C1.1ry14c11111, H1111 S: ,Xinkc Pr1c1sq11. 111114111 5111111-Qr. l..1r1'1 A1.l11Mll11l'1. XX',1v11u XY1411111. R1411 B.a1w111. Gum' 18111114111 R1114' 17,111 511111121-1'. T-1111 R41g1111. T11115' 1ir1g11t, f,11g11'11-Q 1x1'1cu1'1, 11111114 1,111'1.1, N1.11k1.11111. 131111 i. 1S111XX.11w4111, A111c11 11.Nu1x111,111,A1x111T1:1m-1,j111111 1141111-1ck. Daw P111w111.111. RlL1l H11111111111. Km 6: 1111'111u 1'1111w14'x', -1411111 XX'.11w11. K1111x Smith. 13.110 Yurlw. 141611 X"W1fL'1, H1111 'L B111 1.1tL'1111L'111. .11-1111 41,11-111w11, 1111111 P11141111111. 111101 11111 L1411 XX 111' III,U111i 1, .XXII 11.-XLLY COXIXI1T'l'1llf 14111 151.1114 XX .141111,11141, 11.11111 I'41111L111, 151111 K1u,11. .1111 1-X1111u1x-111. 114111 N14111x1. H1111 J' 11'-1111 K111111. V Q 1 ' - Q 1' 1 .I I 111'y111'1Q111. 141111 1i,111111. 144111 l.1:f1141xc-11, 1414111UCQ411111cr.l1'f111 if M1141 1'c'r11Nc11. D11vrNp1'111gc1'. 1-X1'l11111 IIN bln' lx li U01 It U N ul I . XX',1X111 XX'1uR111. 111:11 Kx1111m111, 11' 11 .3 P1111 1411111151111 1111111 1',111g1w11111. C.11.1:1us Krieg-1, l5.1x1 known all linvnhl kliuh as it . . . 7. , 411w111.111, Rffn 5: 15111 XX .11-.-111, 'l'1111111.1N w1u111'1s1111, J111111 XX'.1tx4111, C1lu11 XX'41ld. C1:11y 14111111. is c41111l141s4-41 411' 1114- 11151111-sl l'illl1i1IlgjQ a1111014's 111 11141 SV1141111. 111115 1411111 11 1sz1s14-41 111' Presi- r14'111 11111 1111111116141 111141 5194111- 51111311 111 X111 C111'is1ia111s4-11. 11s 1114-111114-1s 1111151 111411151119 1111 111 4411111111 z11111e114- 51111111- a1'41s 111111 1'i'll'1l Il11'Il1111'l' 15 1'z11'P1 lI11X' 4'1141s4-11 114'4'411'c1111g 141 his a1111v111' I'P1'1l1'f1 111141 SIll11'1S- 1111111s11111. f - , . . 111111111111 f,4111111111141c'. 4441111- l141sv41 111 111414-11 1. 11111111111-ls. 11z1si1s s11a1'41411'1111114-11141111. 115 Illillll 111111114111 15 141 lu-4111 11l'I1PI' 111 s4'1141411 1'111114's 111141 i1SS1'Il11l11l'SI 11111411141 1111s114-- 11ilXl1lg1 IS lSSll1'11 il s111111114111s 141 apl141z11' Ill 51114142111 1,41111'l. They 112111414-41 41111 l111'Il1X'. 141411 get ti' Left hand picture shows star of the Forensic Club, Boris Benado, striking one of his typical poses. Right hand pic- ture is the complete Forensic Club for the Spring term: Fifi! raw: Sally Mashburn. Bonnie Marinsich, Boris Benado Barbara McCord, Barry Ganapol, Cathy Bushnell. Rau 2: Judy Aggeler, Marilyn Mannheim, Steve Shawl, Bob Bush, Bob Wfalker. Rauf' 3 .' Steve Fisher, Eric Crystal. FORENSIC CLUB ll' any Lineoln High School student beeomes prominent in the lield ol' public speaking in the fu- ture, it will probably be a direct result of the ex- perience he gained as a IllCI1llJ6I' of the Abraham Lin- eoln Forensic Club. This club, under the guidance of Mr. Theodore Moore, is for the specific purpose of coaching those students who have natural ability in publie speaking and, when these students have been properly coached, to send them to forensie tournaments where they may gain aetual public speaking experience. This year three members ol' the elub turned their public- speaking experience into a credit both to themselves and the sehool, when .Xlike Kerson, Boris lienado, and Carlin Sankey beeame eligible for slate ehampionship eompetition. INTER NATION Al, CLUB 'l'he eustoms and ideas ol' other eountries are brought to the students of Lincoln via the Interna- tional Club. The main purpose of this organization is to gain a better understanding of peoples in for- eign Countries. To achieve this end the lnternational Club hosts guest speakers. attends foreign movies, and writes to foreign pen-pals. Dinners at foreign restaurants provide an intriguing atmosphere for the club as well. Aiding the lnternational Club in their pursuit of foreign interests is their sponsor. Mrs. lilorbes. Mrs. Forbes was new at Lincoln this term, where she taught Spanish and French. She has a great interest in foreign countries herself. It is the student who spends a sunnner abroad who serves as president ol' the International Club. The foreign exchange student spending the year in the linited States autonialieallv serv es as the viee presi- dent ol' the elub. International Club members from many different Countries arehseen in this picture. Linda Burgstrom, Marlissa Arm strong, Dan Peddlelwoarrl. Donna Rex, Marilyn Tashjean, Iuniarta Kartaberarlja, Helen Nelson, Linda Kurs. Kathi Slcetchley, Grademir llir, Leslie XYood, take time out from their meeting to pose for picture. summit-Q utr l Q? W 'lla N- int t lnlw rmnvlm 1' H5 prox'.,Pol1 XX .illu is tlttrrmining rlmt iolmqt,ot'1V1ndc:4r.irlc gvnqrqrttg 'l'tlNlOltHtlXX"S Tli MIH IQRS tll ol llvralmrn lllllftllll High Fvliool s proslwv- tivv tvuvlif-t's lnmw an opportunity to gain avtiml ts-ar-liing 1-xpf-rir-:nv as nwmlic-rs ol' the TOIllO1'I'0W,S 'llvar-lie-rs tllnli. llenilwrs of this Clnlm serve as tutors for those stnflc-nts who arm- having dillivnlty with their Studies. :Xsiclv from provirling the nwnilwrs of the vluli is ith lt'ill'lllIlfI 0XpPr'it'iit't'. this tutoring is wiluulmle- to tlie- otlwr stntlvnts unrl. 1-orxseqtwiitly. lo tht- sm-llool as at whole glsiclt- from tln' an-tixitivs along tlle' lint-s of urtnal lt'iil'lllllgI. the int-nilvs-rs ol' tht- 'litlIll0l'l'tlXtiS ill0klt'lll'l'5 Clulr liuvt- projc-rts snvh as partie-s for umlvrprixi- le-getl c'hil1li'c-n. st-ruplnoolxs for hospitals. nnfl tilnist- mais stovkings. rllllfx zivtixitie-s in-re' varrivtl ont in tln- lizill nnflm' tht- flirevtion ull uHlt'f'!'- tilairf- llorrt-ll. ,lliliv 'Xnrlr'i'son. ,loam ll1'QllllxlllIl. :incl 'livri lie-xitill. lluring tht- spi'illg1tt'rln'llP1'il,6X'ltin.,loz1n Hrandis. Xllllillf'P favll, ainfl liurliarzi flrwo lf-fl thc- vlnli in zlnothvi' Sllt'1't'5Slilll lPl'lll. ,-Xinong: the activities in thr- v-pring wvre guvst spvailiws who lllt'llltlt'fl forvign 1-x4-liange stnclcfnts. SCIENCE CLUB To intvrest its IllCllllJ9I'S is the main goal of thv ,'xlJl'ZIlN.lIll Linvoln Svivmw- Cluli. 'llliis tflrnfs oflic'e1's. llaul At'C2lIlllNl und Ktnlmit- Olsen. tlt4X1lIClltllt'IllSt3lY6S to fulfilling this goal. .lliss llilclrf-cl Johnson. the vlulw sponsor. wus on liancl to help. During thc-ir Nlvrlm-sclay afternoon IIlP0llIlQS tht- tfluli lwlcl clisvussions on surh topivis as wan- tlif-ory. Inf-ssagvs from ontm-r spam. and llf'dT'O-f'ilI'lbtlIlS. illlm rnenilwrsliip of tho fltlli is lnarlv up Ill'llllk'll'lly ol' lvovst lint girls arv also t'llt'tllll'ZlfIPfl to Ioin. llrtsitlcnloltln Elvin: Ioini-into . lottlius. lui lwttnt, is sltonn wmlizng --nc ot tln hm It-n tlus, lixw Vi? 1 ZW 3 A 1 l ,MWWTM 24 in R IQELW I ND ERS This yearis Heelwintlers spent an enjoyable and SllCl'l'SSlilll term furnishing help and assistance in the clisplay ol' autlio-xicleo material. Wfithout their help rallies and movie showings lor the various organizations in the sehool would not have been possible, not to mention the term plays and the tlanirfe ClK'lJill'tIll0I1liS prorluelion, Holitlay in Squaw Valley. limler the able lealciersllip ol' Mr. liernarcl Nliossi, they learn about the operation ol' souncl uncl visual equipment while obtaining mluablt- GXllCl4lClll'O uncl meriting at lol of gootl lun. Picture at the left, taken by Lzury Rosenberg. president of the Clmerxi Club. illustrates thc top quality worlx that the members of the Club produce. CAMERA CLUB The abou- picture was taken by Larry Rosen- berg. president of the Abraharn Lincoln Camera Club, during Z1 clemonstration in his public speak- ing Class. This shot is typical ol' the excellent work Clone by the club. HThe goal of the Camera Club is to take a per- son who knows very little about photography antl lflllfll him the techniques ol' photography. YllUVill'ClF this enfl the Camera Club offers lessons in pivture lillilllgf. tleveloping. and printing. to the inlerestml students," Larry says. liusily .rt wonlg l.:t right? are two members of the RL'ClYNll1LlCIS Club. At left. Brute lilglnlortl Lltliusts gi ploieftor xxbile Al Wfilliguns, :it right, splice Elm. smi was Shown is one of the many models that keep the members ol the Sailing Club interested during the term. SAILING CLUB The Abraham Lincoln Sailing Club began with an idea casually proposed over the lunch table. Since that proposal in 1958 the Sailing Club has gained thirty members and the distinction of being one of the most active boys' groups in the school. The club, sponsored by lVIr. Peter Walker, pro- vides a chance for those boys interested in sailing and boats to become acquainted and to gain knowl- edge about boats and boat racing. During the spring term, 1960, Henry Turkel served as Commodore, Tom Purdue acted as vice commodore, and Art Elvin was the club secretary- treasurer. GIRLS' DRILL TEA M The spring term 1960, saw another activity intro- duced into the GAA sports. Under the sponsorship of Miss Lillian Logan, these hfteen members of the girls' drill team practiced faithfully to bring honors to our school in parade competition. The girls compete in the WO1HCIl75 Drill Compe- tition division while in parades. This year they competed in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, the 9lst Division Military Exhibition and the Santa Rosa parade. Drilled by Ted Tazeau and Isabel Tanzi, the out- standing precision of these girls is to their credit. Back wwf Isabelle Tanzi, capraing Marcia Spears, Judy Mzirshg Sandra Ycaryg 'Rosalind Patton: Erma. Eycrettg Chefyl Smith: Annie Carman, guide-on. Front rauu' Nancy Fisher, Beth:-ne Harris, Elaine McGr1tl, Helen Smith, Bren- dolyn Bell, Judy Kaufman. 'H' 'K is KW I , aw 1 . , ,,.....,,, . I '15Ii"1:2i2i222::-. Q 'Q 1.,,,N Cilnscly cnnnectctl xxxth thc wnrlg nt thc Rtnlin Club in the nexxly ern- Chus ix an inteluxting antl f.ut'inallng mrnu, cspttinllx' Xxhcn it is plnyctl Systun nt' tcnthing fwxqiun lnignzxges. ln thii picture. Mx. Join' plglyccl hy l,1ncnln's Chess tllnlw mcnilaers. Hole, Mr. john Hulwlinnl l.ude1'nii1n, lmnnmry nicnlher ul the Radn, Clnh. tlcmnnstr.ltc5 tht- ,ind Dale Hnrlrngxn .irc tlccply srigwswcl1ntl1L'i1'g.une. new type ut reaching teflnnqnt-. .-X.NlA'l'EL H RADIO t'l,l ll Ulilibw LLL!! .Nluny ul' lhv Illl'II1lM'1'S of tht- Allltkilliilll Lincoln fxlllillfxlll' lladin Cluh have tht-ir gem-ral livensfw lrmn thc- Fvflm-ul COH1Ill1llllC'2lllOIlSCi0lIlIlllSSlflll.Tl1lS limlnse- vnulilvs llltxlll in npvralv hum Tflflltli. Thin ham l'z1rlinnpvl'alim1 lnalws lhv vlnlu a xviw' PK4'lliIl: unfl lIIl1'l't'SllNQ 0110. lilIflf'I' tht- spunsursliip nl' Dr. llunalfl filblfllbll. the nu-mlwrs nf the 1-lnh lmw- rnzifle 1-miluvt with many ulllvr hani upvralurs ilftlllllfl tht' wurlcl. in- vlucling tlnnw in japan. Canada, Alaska. ancl Nmv Jersey. Along wilh their ham razlin avtivitivs thc lll8IlllJlfl'S of the 1-lulw hnilt an uvriul that would in- crease the range of tht- raclio. K6SKS""'t'Olll4" in please. . . Open tu the mcmlwrs at lunthtnnc, Rnnrn 125 is often the xrcnc nt' tense tlrgimn. In the pictnru bclww Mr, Huh- lmrcl, sptmsor, is tlcnyinpg 11 lash glccnsttti-in tlmmwn hy Lx clnh member: "l did not rnfwc that pawn l' ,4- illhe lfhf-ss lilulr. lnsatlwl lry P11-sitlvllt lhiw Hull- nian antl Niue l'11'?SlIlf'I1l Miko llarris. tnvl alnnwsl I'X't"'l'f' fluy in morn 223 :luring filth IN'I'l0fl. 'l'ht- spmisur of the r'lnh. Nlr. .luhn lAllllllT2ll'd lm-lt lllat tht- nnnsl l1lllI1HTOIlS2l1'lIXllX ul thc- -1-nn-slvr was xslwn tha- !I7Ill'lllIl stall vmiw lu nikf- tlw pn-lim' lm' lhc JIYIIVIIIII. unrl tlwrv ww- unly lltllll' nivnilwrs in llw rnmn. 451- zllmwvl . . . lfqllzllly llIlllltll'0llS wvrv llw pivtnrv svssiuns lhnl xwrv l'ZillSl'll hy a Im-k ull l'll'll'l1'lN'y in one ul thv pl1olng1'a1plw1's. In-im-o lorth lo l'HIIlillll illl0IlylllUllS. The Chess Chili was plwln- grapliefl not olive-. not txsivfx hut tln-ve llllllxS. The aciixitie-s of the vluln invlutlt- lmnns within the t-lull. and niatvhes with nlln-r st-lnmlg. 'l'hc C-lllkllil unxnezpi uf th: jnnrnnl plnimgixlpliu tnnntlkthu xnuntwis tlcep in uvricczitxxitnni. Stzzttcrctl .xlu-wut the morn .nc CQl1ll Sclnneitlt-1, Duc Huffman. 5l.uwli.lll Rcctl. Mike lllrru, Mila- Ihwll. ,intl Run Y.1nk, imc' riierxilu-i'unl'll1u Entcrtnninent Clnlw. 'I'-my XYilli.nnS, xnuliwl g R434 liinl. pinning ,xml ,luc Uinl, iliummri, ,uv xli-mn pi-it-inning .ar Uni- nr thu mins Lincoln aptixitiu. rln- Hilltop limp. l"Yl'lfli'l7XlNNll"Yl'lllil ll li-XNiil'1 1Il.l Il 'l'lii- l'iIllt'l'llllllllltjlll illulv ib niaulc up ul' smnnv ul' 'l'li4f Aliraliuiii liinvoln lligli Svlioul Dillll't' lflnlr liiiivoliils lllLlSll,'illlf' annul ilruiiiulivailly lLlli'lllK'1l stu- was slurtvcl viglll years ago lay l.ini'nln's flann- ililnls. 'llllvsv llll'lllflt5 singers. lllSll'llIllt'lIlilllSl!4. pan- l.eHl'll6l'. Nlrs. ivlUIlll'il Kvyes. Since lllal linw lllt' lUIlllflllSlS. anrl vninvflians. 'llhv vlnlr pvrfm'ins TPQIII- vlulm has grown to twvnty strong. plus an llolmiiiry larly all si-lnml fum-limis unfl al, l4!'llf'I'lllillI Jxfllll' incmlwr, .lunic funn lnflnnvsia. lluspiizll. lfzivli ln-rnl Ilia llIl'llll16l'SUl.llll' cluli prcsm-nl 5l'lll1ll' 'flier vlulr, slunriisoiw-rl lux' Nlr. Altlllll Uuling: zinrl mv slums, clanve slums, zinfl plan lwzniqlieis ancl skating ganizewl lwy lJilVf' Oaks and Nick Xiilalis. luis gainvrl parlivs. llnring llw spring these- avtivilivs w1'i'v lvfl revognilioll for young tale-nt wl1vre'wl' and wl1c'1ww'1' lvy 'llanlzi flrlufl. Carol lluitcr, Sally Klaslilwurn. and it pcrforrns. A4'llYPlllf'Illlll'l'S of llw 1-llllm in4'liifl0Rif'l1 Cyrillii Kuys. ln aflrlilinn lo ilu' uvtivilivs ulrvumly Altinan, Sivw-l'iIls,'l'm1y Williams, ,lean x'ilSS01'Illilll, imentimu-cl. Ilia-so nllivf-rs plannc-rl tlim- lluy ,-Mui Cam Xlalliifli. Hay llaul. 5l11'i'ry llvm-nrli Nil-k Xi- Danica XX nrkslmp. in uliivll all Buy ,Wren 5:-Imnls pan'- lalis. and llaw Oaks. licipatecl. Smile. girls. .ind pray tliu lwyx lmlnl un! Sliimn lx nnly unc of the trickv iniitinw tried ini Hfffiilizy 1rfSqm1z1'l'i1lfij. l'.irt nt the xxliecl, klwilmiw, frnm lwtt-nn center ,iiuDi.1nc fflinuli, AnilyKs1'r, Tina Dresnher, Bob l.::wnn. liimniu Atkinsnn, Hugh luiirifk, Nucl Nichelscn, and 'Ibm V.1lcntn. Wxifswvv.. Wall Qiimxlullx pm- .ir rlic and nf tlicii mlm rnrxip. Srulik lnirn l min! lu luck .nc Ciinl Ann, Stcplmnni- Rayrnuml. Lyiilla l Kay. .ind Ella-ii Ruth Qi if W .. ,MA . , ,W , 5:5a5a2EsEsE151Eifmg 5' ,,A,' " 3 M , mf ww it -::::a:::a:5:, ,..:, X ,.,.,yN ww 3 ' ws- XM s Ms r as ::-13,1 , 2 tw vw vt. We, .5 Ia tl zo ffykx: Gary' Kane. Chad: Atlguns, Teil il'ftZCLlU, Hola Mtmq, ou he in fkejgrmy ow An outstanding lst. Zntl, and Iird year eatlel in manual of arms nlovenients from eaeh battle group seloeted to eompete against other entrants in the manual ol' arms eompetition. Sinee the eadets rarely' make a gross error yr hieh automatieally' elimi- nates thorn. the judging ol' minute details forms the proeess of elimination. The eommands are giyen until there is reniaining one lst. Zncl. antl fircl year eatlet. The outstanding earlets of Lineoln were lst year. D. Barraclas: 2nd year. A. Norhlin: ffirrl year. D. Hoffman. Cadet D. Hoffman plat-ed Znfl in the eity. An Honor School Aysard is given to the school which has reeeiy erl the most points in the Professor ol' Nlilitary' Seienees anti Taeties. lnspeetions. the Wlilitaryf Test. and the Spring and Fall Rifle Matehes. The 91st, Division Spring Competition Trophy' is auarflecl to the school with the most points all told. The winning hattle group has often sueeeetled in eompiling more points than the other sehools. Judg- ing is flillienlt and it is the minute details whieh tip the seales lior the is inning sehool. Un the Lincoln ROTC stall are Battle Group Com- mander Lt. Col. llohert Menist, lfxeeutiye Ullieer Kla- jor Gary' Kane, Acljutant Captain David lflollman, Intelligence Oflieer Captain 'lied Taxeau. and Supply' Ofifieer Lt. Charles Aclains. lvnder this stall' is the tlrum eorps yyhieh has I2 members. Two hass-drums. live snares. eymlrals. hell lyre, tyxo tenor tlrums and hugles eompose the flrum eorps. Drum Corps Commantler Captain Phil lirown and his group haye partieipatecl in Colum- lwus' Day. St. Patrieliis Day. ancl Xeterans' Day par- ades. ln the paratles they haxe lreen in, they haye regularly' plaeecl first or seeoncl. For the past three years the tlrurn eorps ol' Lineoln has held the title of Northern California State Champions resulting from the annual competition heltl in Santa llosa. Also partieipating in the Santa llosa Festival paratle nas the tlrill team nntler Captain rlletl Tazeau. Queen Anne and l.aneers Drill Manual with rilles is the speeialty' ol' the tlrill team. ln the eily' ratings. it hohls thircl plaee. The Reserve Ullicers Training Corps spring com- petition was lirst, held in the year 1920. ln 1947 the 9lst Division and the 9l,st Infantry Division League was held as a special event in Colden Gate Park. High school interest expanded and in l957, the spring competition was held in the Civie Auditorium to make it possihle for the puhlic to attend. how in 1960. Mayor George Christopher declared April l7-223 as ROTC-'Jlsl Division week. This marks the 14th annual spring competition between San Fran- ciseois high school ROTC students for the drill pla- toon. drill team, and individual manual of arms honors. The drill platoon is composed of twenty-nine cadets. each selected for his ahility to exeeute with precision and accuracy the movements of close order drill as prescrihed hy Army Regulations. Certain maneuvers are selected hy the olliee of the Professor of Military Sciences, and tactics must he performed inside a given area within a limited time. The pla- toon is judged on drill, dress. manual of arms, ap- pearance. platoon leader, and completion of pre- serihed movements. The special drill team is a group of volunteer cadets selected for their willingness, for extra effort. and for skill achieved in disniount drill. The maneu- vers are planned to stress the close coordination and skill accomplished after many hours of extra train- ing. Un Lincoln's drill team were T. Tezeau, D. Bar- rades, C. Beatty. A. Belkin, P. Boxer, K. Miller, D. Muggeridge, A. Norhlin, K. Rolls? D. Stewart, and C. Swanson. Lint-olnis team plaeed 3rd in the competition. 1 rff riglvi: Capt. Bailey, Sgt. 1"!4ti'lf'flDCl',fiL1Pl. Synolds ez If 4 ii- Shown is the Abrziliam Lincoln High School Color Ciuartl. preparing In present the Hag. Also seen in parades is the Lincoln Color Guard. Another duty is the presentation of the flag at Lin- coln school rallics. Since there are only four in the Color Cuard, the menihers take turns in presenting the flag. The memhers are Officer-in-Charge S. Shawl, P. Boxer, B. Landman, H. Langfelder. H. Nlagliocco, A. Norhlin. and K. Holls. The flags car- ried are the flag of the Lnited States of America and Lincoln's own school hanner. Another group in the Lincoln ROTC is the riHe team. Mernhers of the 'LAW rifle team are Captain D. Sutherland, ,I. Holmes. ll. lVlenist. A. Mord. T. Taz- eau, and N. Vironis. This team competed in hoth Spring and Fall competition. and is rated second in the city. FEDERAL INSPECTION Once a year, Federal Inspection takes place. flach school is inspected hy a General from the 6th Army Division. Cleanliness of ROTC area, order of hooks and supplies, completeness of uniform. and voice volume are a few of the many things the ROTC stu- dents are judged upon. A rating from superior to unsatisfactory is given after the inspection. Lincoln ROTC has never failed to pass Federal Inspectiong a red star on each uniform signifies this. The Lincoln ROTC spends much time and exerts much effort to meet the high standards which the A rmy inspectors set. Left Iv righl: Boh Harris. Dick X7.lI1ClCIgYllT. Mike Young, John Felson, Allan McCl'ymontl, George Koerner, fllifl' Sears, john Unger. Mike Springer. Phil Brown. X5 S' by A val 4 ww , A V, bg., if '- C533 ,, x, my xv Q: 1 ' ,Q i 4- ' 5 fm , ' J H54 G f 3 , N .M . i . .y - N 4 , sd' "XX ,, -irq 'ip-341- dx 25? fl. '1 A 5 iff ff: .Qgfx K' , W .fi ,iffy A 1 A W w xv-wg, 1 N gm gm . ., X - 'gba mf ' Q, W ' 'A ' 'f 1 Y ., 4 Q fix '22, A .QSM x , U ' -'U?i2k i yfYf'i:,, ff 'xi' gf, V H it ,E X vi ' Sm Hwxg Q . S, if .CL H1-L ' J H ,N-ff V , .4 1 ' , "Xi Ng . 5 ,X A2 RJ, ' .ry 1' 4 wav' A, AQ I L 1 ' .-,xg fn 74 N ,G ' :fx ', I ' "J x wfff' :gpg W, ,fr ' wa W' ma few, -5 - WY' 'ws f ww Qswwsifkw. " 1 ., O f,: ,gy - :ww My 1 Xfggggygja A ' 'T wwf , 'Q 1 1 -4,1 f 3, 2 5' V fX9i,iL,'2kf 'Q ,fm X KX.w,4y,jf' -2 , W ' 2,1 gm 1 :'1 YA. Qi: riff' s 4' 'Z w ' Y' EQ W, fl , ' . N A. X X www 5 f - M ff , www ,mf -M x QQ. ,mwgc-'.x ,xy 6 WWW A X 2 W '54 3? X -Q w XWPWX xx eww YK 5 ngwx ww Q fx rm 3 M 2 x fm W QM- gsm Lg 'F-EM 'ix QA - inco n 0619 For the editors of the l,incoln Log, Kathy Wieytnouth and Sue Holbrook, the school day began this term at 7:00 a.m. At that time, bleary-eyed and helt-asleep, they stum- bled into room I-521 and were greeted by the smiling face and booming voice of Mr. Wralter Schniidt, the Log sponsor. Before he Could say Hliave you got the Copy?,' the printer would arrix e, and the Log would go to press. The job involved in putting out a paper docs not rest only with the editors. One issue can involve as many as Hfty people. There are the individual page editors, who plan the Hlayouti' for the pages and assign the stories for that page. There are the pho- tographers. There are the salesmen. And, of course, there are the actual reporters. 'Wi' There is another job involved with the paper+ advertising manager. This job is perhaps the hard- est, by far the most discouraging, and one of the most necessary. If not for lda Blanck, this termis advertising manager, it is doubtful whether the Log would have ever reached the hands of the students. Also part of the journalism department is the News Bureau, which provides local newspapers with IDA LOUISE NANCK news about activities and events at Lincoln. AdW"fff'1E'1ll41'ff'.H1"' Each term one edition of the Log is handled by the beginning journalism class, under the direction of Mr. Phillip Lum. All other issues are produced by the advanced journalism students. The Log staff constantly strives to bring the stu- dents of Lincoln stories that they will enjoy more, and also stories which will make them sit up and look at the goings on at Lincoln. Editor Sue Holbrook and Assistant Editor Ivan Temes. Q 2 l gs. a1 ' ' 'afvwwir K W1 901,00 Q L'l59 . . . ISS . . . l57 . . . " So began the countdown of what in September seemed to be an impossible task- Athe publication of the l960 lfozuzrfup. Wlho in the Journal- ism class can forget the spirited controversy that accompanied the choice of cover design and theme? Not to mention that bleak November day that found the stall' members busily engaged in identifying and sorting over 700 senior pictures. The real work began in September. when Editor Cam Mallick drew up a work- ing "dummy", of the l6U-page book, cleverly planning it around the central theme of HMusic." From here she started the Herculean task of filling these pages with pic- tures, stories, and captions. Working with her in the Fall were Denise Plamenatz, ,loan Hertz, and Barbara Hurd and Sandi Daly, who handled the alphabetizing, cutting, pasting, and identifying all of the low er division pictures. In the Spring, increasing pressure and decreasing time brought a larger staff. Barbara Madisoifs heroic efforts to write the Senior Section will long be remem- bered. Robin Kaplan was frustrated as Activities Editor, making certain that all phases of student activities received coverage in the book. Thanks to Paul Olsen for his creative art work, found in the song titles and headlines throughout the hook. Anita Nagel had many headaches as circulation manager, but not so many as Ida Blanck, business manager of lnoth the Rlllllllillfll and the Log. Last but far from least where would a yearbook be Without pictures ? This yearis Rozmflup photographers were Tak Shibata, Larry Rosenberg, Paul Olsen, Jerry Brenner. and Jerry Pelzner. Special thanks goes to the Art Department for Division pages. CAM MALLICK Editor BARBARA MADISON Spring Affinflnt Editor i , xv, N MR XXAI llR SCHMIDI its if LltILl1fIll 1 yum osc ROBIN KAPIAN ."ltIfI'ilft'J' Edifor ANITA NAGEI, Sfvriflg Cirrzflufiofl rllnmlgcr JOAN HERTZ Full Aximml Edifw DENISE PLAINIENATZ Ifrzll Cirfnlafian Mfzrzfzger 1 11431511116 11'011z11f111 1a1st-11111111111 1'u11111s11111 1X111l'1l 111111111 P ' ' 7 7 1 Illillly 111111115 1'1'ilIl114'21111'1,I'y1Ilg 111 111111 1111- lHlt'11 1119111- 11111' 111111 il 1It 1-11-m't1'1f' 11111111111 111I' st:'1'11111111s 1'l'- 11Q111's111s 1'Hl' 11111 ,111-City 1111111111 151-stixall. 111111 1111111- 1111 1,ilIDL1Z1il1l ill1f1 11114-1'y1 xxvil1SOll 1'tiIl1'lxI'lti'11 1111-1 I1l11S1I' 11ist1'11111t11111: 11111 11114-111 1'1111f'ti1111i11g X111sif' 111f1111i1' C11111111itt1w1 11111111 1'1111sist11c1 111 1,3111 1f1111'c'f1g1-. Nyiwk 11t1111s. 5111- 5tf1111sif'1i. xxxlilyllf' 111111. 3IlC1 Illillly F111 11111 :K ff.1p1u-11.1K'111111 Q1111111.1s1111g11r1v.1x1111 11g11tS .11 1111- C1!111xt111.1- 3111111:l1tw1k-xr1x':11 'X 1If11'I'l1Q1,l.1X tl11tDI1i 1 I1f1l'1' I111' 1111'1'1'ti1111 1111 N111 ,1111111 17111i11g. 111l' U11It'1'51 11ll' 11111'1ft11111s lfit1'1l11115l at 11111111 tar 1 111111111-1111 11111111 llPI'1'UI'1I1Pl1i11 11121111 f'U1lf'l'I'1S. 1'c-1'c'- 11111111 211111 t11m11g11 t1111 strvvts 111' 1101111101111 S1111 11111111112 1111111 a1ss1111111111's t111'r111g11011t 1110 s111111111 f'f'il1'. 13'1'a1111'is1'11 t11111ix111111111yt. 111111111 1111. 1116 11111111 rt' 11111111111sr-11 471- 11111111 111L1ll sms-1115 1110111111115 111111 111110 111c'111111?1s t111' spirit 211141 c11'c1it'11ti1111 111' 1111 t1111sf' 11111 113171 M111111 ll1'1W1H11H 11111511111 1111l'1igI1'4l111111. 1116 l'1l4l11' 11011111141 111 11121111 111115. two t11Il119l'l11tS 111 1IJl'It110I1. 1'f'p1'Qsr111ts 1,i11r'11111's 1111c1st, 11111s11'111 f11'g21111z11t1r111. This ,mu-'S Vlwir ,,f1if.eI,5 ilwlmif. lgmvlm,-A lfyivk 11ig111ig11t111't1111ym11'1111st11111'111111'7st1'111t11511111111 sun, 161111911 15111 vrs. 111111 'x1ilI'S11. 1111111111 xYilS111ItQ XUHVF- Ci11111"""1i'- 1111911 1110? 1'f1V11"11'31"'I 11' 11"' 11111. 11os0111111'11' 1'1mr111i11g. 71111111 XY111i11111f. 211111 1g1l1t'1l U1""'1"? Da? U"'1"'1"'1iVH "1 11111 111' V1'i"U"' UIY111' Klljilkil. 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"'11'tt'1 1f-' 11 1' ""' 1, ',f'1 N1 NH' WI' -11 'W 11-111 TW' 'U'1tH1'1'H NC Y1t:111S. 13.111 U.11is. .11111 XX"g11'11c 111111. 141-11111 its tllillly l1111'1o1'11111111'1's. t111' l'11U1l' l't"11lPll1- 4-- 11111 5c1c11e1'. 1111111 1J6l'1li'Ill0l', 111111 .'x1I1lIlS4l1t, 211111 mln elflflgel' WAQH ' " 1 "Nl llu- lim-nplm-. Hy llu- Pc-npli-. lwn' llu- IU-nlnlm-. u as ilu- 1-rc-1-cl nl' ilu- St'IllHl' Class ulu-n ilu-y Iblillllllxll ,- ancl pri-se-nu-rl ilu- Si-ninr ,linx. 'l'lu- Jinx. lu-lel nn Xlay Zll, lflfill. lnnlx ilu- plan- nl' ilu- rm-gnlar 54-nini' Slum: nnly sf-ninrs pa1'lic'il1alm-cl in llie slum. 'lilun rliri-c'linn uf llu- play was lianmllm-cl ln' lxarf-n llfuulell. lligli I2 :lin-1'lni'. anfl lflliul Xlittlm-r. Inu I2 :lin-c'tni'. Tlu? Feninr lflass kc-lvl tlu- sm-Ming. ll2iII4'i'S. anul pal'- lir-ilvanls se-on-1 in ZIIWIIIFP ilu- c-nrinsity nl' llu- Inns-1' rlivision slncla-nls alul in niakm- llu- p4-rfnr1in11u'4- num- inti-rvsling. Tlu- ilu-ine was "l H1-ilu-nilu-r NX hm-n a l'l'Il1ll1lSl'lIlg over the Q-ve-nls of llw seniors' Iliff-6 years at l,in- vnln. Tlierr- mere- mam' lfnnnorous sc-e-nu-S. invliuling Don Bryant suvking a lollypop. .Inlin luwell lf-arn- ing In flu ilu- Box Waltz. and Nom-l Nlll'llK'lSl'll znul Hnnnim- Hnglu-s playinglinpsm-ot:-li in tlu-S1-luuvl yarrl. Mrs. Nloliiva K6-yt-S, fl3lll'l' lllSll'll1'lUl' nl' Linn-nln. r-nntrilnltc-fl lu-1' linu-. 1-lliorl. and palic-iu'G in lie-lping ilu? slum to lu- a sur'1'c-ss. Sli? was nltc-n S1-1-n scurry- ing lirmn mu- plum- lo anntlu-r uitli sm-ninrs lollnm- ing and asking questions alumnl lllPll' ilillN'l'S. The Senior Jinx will always lu- 1'PlllCIlllN'l'0ll ln llunsa- uluu parlivipalecl and also lay ilumsi- sslua san ll. It is EIIlUllN'I' IPM ilfflillgl Ililsjff ill llli' SPIll0l'S- lrtlihli 'l'11l4inQtirnc -,nr frnm Sunini Jinx rulicglixiil tn pi.-sz' f-ir c.ini:r.1 .lI'L'1KI!ll,lX.1!l:l, or nlmnurics. .ind j-:lin Smplctfrn. 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Nlulllvl' ljcagle Lln- llilll Clvrslloi. llw lliglny. friemlly nnn. Mutller Trnwor' 1l'znn Tl14JlIlilSl, lllli gentle. slvcp-sxalkillg 1 nnn, or ,xl0ll1l"l' lwassmnsailc. the Sl'lC!lliflf,' nun, ' 9 l we Wemder of fhe mdfng It all happened that crazy sunmzer when Frankie was twelve. That was the szunmer, when, for a long time, Frankie hadn't belonged to anything . . . So begins Carson lVlcCuller7s searching story of the tragedy and joy of growing up. Wlihe Member of the Weddingl' takes place in the deep South, in the summer of l945. That was a strange summer for Frankie fRoberta Dixonl, for suddenly, during that summer, she found something that she could belong to. Berenice fArthurlene Gar- trelll the Negro cook, Could not understand Frankieas obsession to join with the wedding of her brother, Jarvis fhlred Stonel and his bride, Janice l'Kay Zimmermanl. And John Henry, Frankie's eight-year-old cousin lliichard Blakel, paid little or no attention to Frankiels problem, but continued to alternately taunt her and comfort her. Alone in her ulovew for the wedding, Frankie tries to join with the wedding, but is stopped by her father, Mr. Addams fArt Ruthenbeckl, and T. T., Berenice's boyfriend Hack Josephl. Seeing that all hope is gone, Frankie, pistol and suitcase in hand, runs away into a dark, stormy night. Other members of the May 6 production were Honey 1,Tony Williarrlsj, l3erenice's restless foster hrotherg Mrs. West fBonnie Atkinsonl, John Hen- ry's mother, Sally Nlashburn and Sandy Oppen- heim as Doris and Helen. lmxidsrs frum the Arctic? Hardly. Rather, Linculii girl: dressed as pun to he part of the Shim' Scene in Ilfilidrrj in .Yqfmzr Vilflm-. gums. ode! y in nina T!! Q HMV N6 faq Lllfllfg at rhe- Hillwp Hop, l.iiic-ilnk riovclirirgc all-xcliiml rlgincc mill rally were ciitcrtgiiiirll hx' 1l grivuiv ul pillowiQ1scS? Amlx' Kerr helps Diziiic Chiirrli xiith Ya stuhlmrn sluts Lifter the ml lcgizwtc SDUV dance, .1 highlight wt Irlfflldilvi 111 Sqmm Vrzfliy. High Seniors wiitcli thcii lust rgilly xx ith wiilbiiiul feelings of cxlitumciit rind sadness, xxhile Lim' Sciiiivrx 4xiixiimwl5 ziwuitul thc will of the rally. NN hen they rukc their planes 1l9fl'lf: si'lmul's lcxldcrs. A010215 'lihe IUOU version of the Ahrahain Lincoln varsity haskethall team. coached hyviiill Ryan, surprised the league hy coming within a few seconds of taking the Aeademic Athletic: Association championship. After finishing the league season in fourth place. the Mus- tangs upset Poly in the lirst playotl' game only to lose to Sacred Heart in the final. The playoff victory over Poly must he rated as the high point of the season. 'lihe Mustangs had been heaten hy Poly during the league season and entered the game as the underdog. The Mustangs out-hustled the taller Parrots and Came from behind to win U12- ll on a layup hy forward Don Bryant. lt was the tirst x arsity haskethall win oyer Poly in recent years. ln the championship contest: with Sacred Heart. the Mustangs suffered a hearthreaking loss. After huilding a ten point halftime lead. the Links fought oil' an lrish eomehack only to lose on a last second desperation shot. Although they led hy lifteen points at one time, the 'Mustangs couldnt hit at the free throw' line and lost 39-33. Despite the seasonis disappointing climax. the hlustangs did hetter than expected. Lincoln started the year with an exceptionally strong squad. hut ,lost three iirst stringers at mid-term graduation. At the seasonis start the lirst string was Dennis Lewis and Rich Mereurio. guardsg Hon Fineherg and Tom Valento, forwardsg and Glen Wlold. center. Lewis was unanimous All-City choice in l959 and was the league's top player until graduation at mid- term 1960. Meeurio played the full year and was the l.CilIIl,H floor leader forthe last halt' of the season. Ron Fineherg. the third highest seorer in the league in l959, couldnit hit his former stride, hut he added scoring punch until he graduated at mid-term. Glen Wlold and Tom Yalento, hoth 6-5, were the teamis big men. Yalento, another mid-term graduate, added experience and rehounding strength despite a pre- season injury. Center Clen Wlold played the entire season and was the hflustangs' hest rehounder. Vlfold, along with guard llicll llflecurio, made the seeond string All-City team. Lineoln opened the league season with an easy 'LT-Ill Victory over Mission. lion Fineherg led the way, scoring 17 points. ln the second contest of the season. however. the Mustangs were upset hy a torrid shooting Sacred Heart quintet. The lrish eouldn't miss during the first half as they stunned Lineoln and rolled up a hfteen point halftime lead. The Mus- tangs lought hack in the second hall' and narrowed ACQTION l3l'RliXCi 'IVHE POIY CQAML At left. Rich Mcrturio tlltt shoots .I jump shot oxei l'oly's Ken Jgtranitllo ltr, Poles john Neal and l.intoln's Denny Lewis loolg on. At right. I,incoln's Tom Vtilento reatlies in yarn utter 1 Poly shot that stored. Nike Statstrom tt tl waits to put thc hall in play. If l l St. Shaw ' 'QS iwissfix st T? 1 into n o llll- Illilfgllll lll llul IJUIIIIF, lllll llllf' lwlv llllllllll- lll lillxk' IIIL' Il'i1ll illlfl Illsl Ill-II. l,lll4'UlIl l'illIll' lull-lx lll lll'l'l'ill lullwll lull llll' ,XIIIFILIIIQS lwrl- sllllllll-ll lll lll4'lI' I4lllI'lIl lulllllg lll tllll fviil' alglllllsl Pull. ll lszls il llglll Qilllll' alll llllx lxlly. lull lJIIll'lllIll1lSl lslll-ll ll NHS IIIILIIPIUIUl1Ilt'llIll'IlI'l'l'PIlll'lllKr.Vlxlll'XlllSlilllg1Sl'LlSIly lll'Il'Lll1'll lrillllkll llll- Illlllllllllg lwvlx. Eli llll- llllll-lt'I'IIl Q1l'il4IlIilll'a lllllyl-ll llleil' lllfl 51illlll'. XX illl llll- Sl'il4UIl Illlll' lllllllk lllulllll Ilyllll lust Illl'l't' lll' Ilia Slill'll'I'S illlll llllklgl' lllnrll lll' Ilis Ill-sl l't'M'l'Xl'S. lll llrlllililul lll Lvlsls. l'1Illl'llPl'Q. illlil Xlllvlllo. lllv llllslllllgs lllfl XIIKIX' IXPIAI' illlll ,lllll llllllll. lmlll ll-3. illltl Ill'l'Illl' I'IlIll'lllll'gI. il llvllclvyv SllUUl4'I'. Only Wvwlll illlll XIl'I'lII'IU l't'Ill1llIl4'tl I-l'HlIl llll' lllllglllllill IIIIPIIP. Xlilw 5lllI'sll'lllll, ll Slllilll illlll ilQIQII'l'SSIW' l1Ill0I'. lllllli llXl'l' Ilu' llllllllx lmlllf. llllll Hlwalllt illlfl ,lllllll xxill- Still hulk mvl' all llllfl lUIWNilI'il spots, Xxillillll. il fl-.1 jllllltlll llllclvll IAUIHILIIIIIIIIQL Sllfllgllll, llllilv Bfylllll Iw- 4-allle llll' ll'ilIll-5 tllp rl'4lI'Pl' lll lllll vlusillg glllllvs lll' llll' svasllll. Illl' lll-lv Illlvllll mls Sl1f'l'6'SSfllI Ilwllll lll? Stall. :XIxll'1' IlI'1'l'ZlIlg Ily Billllilil. IIN' Xlllslalllgs IILIIIIIJIUCI llll-il' l'l'oss-lmlll rllals. tllv XYHSIIIIIQIUII lfzlglvs. Stall'- Slftllll illlll Igfyillll Illllll sc'1ll'l2fI Ili IJHIIIIS. alllll Still'- slllull was vllosvll "I'l'l-ll of llll' XYHPIC' Ivy lllff lm-al lI2illK'I'S lm' llls lPPl'l'UI'lllHlll'6. l-lllt'lllll was IPPHIPII Ivy Sl. lgllalills. llll- lwelllllall II'ilgIllP 1-Imllllls. ill llle li- Ilill mllllvsl uf llll' Il'ElQllI6 sellslul. The Illlall svullv. Oll- IU. was Illpslderl. Iult the galllle was close lor llw ilrsl lllrl-e llUilI'lC'l'S. Vlilllf XYlIcIl'llls Illll llll al ll't'lI1CIldUl1S I'OllI'lIl qlIiIl'ICI' slulrl ln Ilrvzlli lllv QIZIIIIP lxicle llpvll. Illf' Cll'l:?ill llaf lllllIlIllOI'l2iIlI, Illml-xl-1', lla llle Nllls- lilllgi 5-C1 l'61'lll'll llllll illI'l'LllIy ?ilI'Ill'Cl llll'lll il plllyllll ll6'I'lI1. Stllllll lll, lllv vrelllt Illll' lllf' Wlllstalllgs' sllm-vss lllllil go lll IIN' l'l'5t'l'NPS. IJ1'Sl'l'YIllgI Ill- IIlf'IlllllIl url- Bull flslllllutll. Ilivk Xlullllzlll. Nlalrtv Nlllfjllillll. .Izlvk SIC-WON Hliiilllill I.lll1'lllll,, , I7 xllSSIHll ,, Ill l,illl'llIll,,,, II Sill'l'l'fl Ilmlrl I0 l.illf'0lll If? l.llll'l'll ,, , 35 Illll f'll lIl,, I2 Pllly , ll l,ill4'rllll ,,,, full Clllllwl ,, 30 l.llll'1llll, Sli lliilllllbl ,,,,, , 29 l.llll'lllll 30 XX alslllllgllull H IT lllll l'll lll Ill Sl. lglllllills , llll I.lIl llll lll,, 12 Pull H ,, H . Il I,illwllll, fill SLIKTIWI llmlrl H IW Mlku Sfdlrilllllll llllxcs pzlsl Plllyk Ksll ,l.lllll-llllll lll tlll- Plllx'-I.llll'-llll pllyllll g,llllu. 'IIlu,X1llNl.lllp wlll. 41-11. Carle-r. .lllll Ix5vllll'llel'. lrltlllgj Brllll. 514-xv Pllyetlv, illlil Bill Gill-s. Spa-l'lzll llllxlllltllll goes lo IICIIIIIS I3I'0l'. il jllllllll' l.llI'XNilI'lI lsllo lilll-ll Ill llflllllllilllf' lll lllv Vllillll- PIUIISIIIIJ Qfilllll' lll llll- plallv ul ,lllllll XX illillll. Mlm M215 IlljlIl'l'fl. FINAL ST.-XNIIINGS XX I, Sl. lglllillllli ,. 23 Il Poly ,,,, ,, ll 2 S2ll'I'Q'II llvllrl , 3 I3 LINCOLN .. 3 fl Xxrililllllglllll I -I lullsl-ll ,, fl 3 fullllml ,,,, 2 0 Hllllllul 2 ll ,lllfsllul , I T ? THE VARSITY BASKE'I'BAl.I. TEAM !,1m1'1f1.qf lla-it fu lnghrl: Clmulu XX :ll Ryxm. link V-utnmxm. juhn XX',xtx-nm, Glen XX wld, Tum V.nNcnt-1, Mnxy Mc- Uufrm. Riph McI'nul'iu. Dczmis Irvin .Vv.lJml,' Dun li1'v.lr1l, Nts-Nu Pgxvctfc.l3t1'11ic lk-lr1lu'l'g, Mike St:1fS!1'um. Run lx-mb:-lu. liwvfw Axluxu-idx. HICvHl.lC,1H'l5 OV 'IME l,IYCIOLX-XX'ASHINCYI'ON C1UN'I'ifST Mustang Mike Sufxtmnx 4'p1Lru1u1:ll Icftl umm .lx lm dunes mst the Lnglm' Tun Grady fu-xucll and lid Gnlmdu. At right. linwlxxk Digk Xmtrngmn puts .1 tight X NquurlrHI1u1uldcI1KfI'lcdEldlrxx T34-11115 Hrmlx VSLJI ,md Slufm-un I-wk .m. H. 'WW . " Q'C. sf 9 f 2 Q 5 Q 1inEXI'0'Nl:X'I'lSA5KIi'IHAl.l.TliAM xg,W,.','f,g ffm r., iixlnig Dunk xilmlh. MIM- si-dnnln. Mizxni limkqfr, lS.nlI.i. Alnwu. Ihr lim, -lnlig, -I,n.,!i won, C-unl: ml Hliliivri. w i'.iw.i1mi M.:,4.f" Cummins XX 1-llx. Rich Xiniinx. Mic: lxntm. liiil I5.'i1inNtnn, lil lil-lmxirli. Rui lfilfb l3'X5lxlzl IMLI, I x Jing wx lwn 1 il XX ld wp ix ' , . ', 7. ' . " '. ,, A ff. . Ling-'ln liinxylicl jnlin XX.xh-in -lcllnilx .l:.1inx . ' l LUCU ll wtll I 'hN"'bF' F l"ll' qxljllllelll lldxlxgllldll mini, All-C,Itx ini' frwnn M. l:n.ll1nx. Nlmhiiix Lrlun Rv - - - , I K, A, ' . ' , , ll'ilIIl slarlc-cl llllx svnsml slrnngly lint laile-fl ull in llle "' "-'Ll'-I "H"l- VK Xmlkll-1'N V 'W W 'UA 1-losing glzunvs nf lln' svnsmi. 'liliv Cults llIllSll4'fl lililli l in ilu- AAA standings uilll ai linal rm'm'cl ul' llm-e , xx ins unri live lussvs. 'lilw Links lirst six vmitvsls ns-rr' all ln lllv 0lH'Ill'I'. lillliffllll lmltlwl Ihr- M flmsn lu the llllal uun unli in lim' ln inn 1 . . llairvlaiy Nlussvy. mln- vu-ntnally lWl'LllI1lx the lvagln-s Illlll niosl cfllvvlixi- si-m'4'r. il1lNilIl1't'd lllff l,lIl4'4llll l'illlH' Nllll ZI ljillllli. lliv hulls luul lwllvr lnvlx Ill their next lim vmilvstw us llltf' sqiivulwml lay l,mwll and 5zn'rn-fl H1-url. l.inc'uln's finvst vllnrl uf llw f'l'ilI' mum' against Poli. 'flu' lIIlflPl'fllIQ l,inuiln fixv Imuk llic l,ar1'n1s inlr: mvrlirm- lrelinw- losing nn Pulp' li-ve llnwm F. 'Xl Illlll-SPLIHUII il l1llIM'dl'l'll ns il' llw ISSUE vunlil rm-avli ilu- pluynllis. Alvlvr il xirtury mm' lfalilf-U. llw Cults llarl il llll'1'l' ixin. Ima lnss rw'm'rl. Vlillt'Y in-Pflr-rl lun nmrc- mins to linisli fulirlll. , 1 , . lln- lmullwn uann' uns ilu' llII'IllIlQ Inrllll nl lln- Q 1 SUHSIIII. llw Links lusl In ai strung llullmiui lvann anrl in-11' Xll'llIilllX Pllllllllillvfl Irwin plzuufl vmilvlillmi. Ihe Malls lmxwcl lu ll'ilEIlll' vlnuliimni XXElSlllllQjlHll L unml 51. lgnzxlinf lu 1-nil lln- wusmi. lg2ll'l'liiy Nlnsswy nnil jnlni .lm-Ulm l4'illllN tmp fr'm'f-rs. Xlalfsvy new vlniw I1-uni -Xll-City. in uc-rv ills' l'lll:l'llilIlQl'lA5. ission Bvurs puints. n as Nm-cwnnl IZWS ISASKICTBAIL Coaeh Will Ryan and his assistant jim Dunn, lieldecl one of the most sureessllul Lincoln l2l'l's teams in reeent years. lied liy All-City seleetion Boll Kennedy. the .Nlustangs won six games while losing two, lioth in overtime. Had they lieen alile to win one ol' these oyertime setbaeks, against either Saint lgnatius or tfalileo. tht- lltl s would haye lieen Art,-X ehampions. The Nlustangs started out strong with a triple oxertime vietory against Washington, who went ou to take the AAA crown. 'llhey followed with Yie- tories over Lowell, Balboa, and Mission. 'llhe sea- son closed with a loss to Galileo. yietories over Sa- ered lleart and Poly, and a heartbreaking overtime loss to Saint Ignatius. The starting lineup was Captain Dennis Daniels and Holm Kennedy at guards, Bruce Mattox and Cris Smith at forwards, and Jim Briseoe at center. ,Ken- nedy, Daniels, and Smith were the leading scorers. while lllattox, Briscoe, and substitute lfarl Belt were the strong l'0lJ0llltflPl'S. ilu liennt-tly' tt: tttteinpts to hlotlt .t shot math- by ont ol tht' rxieiiilwis ol the yisiting thtlileo term. ,ftnotlier lantoln gylartr in the lxttlaitngiitl till ry Dennis Daniels. Ihe hfustangi won the , ,, lui, liy ,t tolttty1It.ilitLtiriigtia. lllhe Mustangs this year oeeu- pied a second plaee lmerth until their meeting: with Saint lgna- tius in w liirh that game was lost hy one point. lfyen though the easalia handlers toolx a liual third plaee, the eoaehing stall' has high hopes for a sueeesslul SPHSUH N llt'Il llltx llUy5 Nllll played lior the l2ll team gradu- ate to the yarsity team. the teams lug source ol points was Holi lieimetly who took the only All-tiity title on the entire team. Holi, who plays the position of guard expeets to play' llor the yarsity team next year and will undoulitetlly lie an important spark plug. This year the Ztlis squad was plagued hy an overall shortness of the players and therefore. re- hounds were not frequent by the Mustangs. The team oyereame this handicap by their tremend- ous shootingz ability. lir'iu'4'M.1ttox, ponitilm to lux liglit, :tml Jim XY'.1lstl1, Qtatntling in tlnc In L u x L fun uliirtlt-si Linlu in tliix yiftuzc. 1122 ww! 120' Z?MLefAaf The starting lineup for the Mustangs' 112 tcznn, 1-out-liecl lry Nlr. Ryan was the following: Bill Lull- wigson and Cary Bloggvt lLQl1H1'ClSil, Dave Castalino lk1'0llf6I'l, ancl Bill AllilPl'SlJIl and l,z1r1'y nlaylwallilll ll'0I'Wdl'flS P . 'Ill1el-inks lbfjliill with ix good p1'a1-tire SPHSUII owr- voniing tho losses witli eigllt wins. lllllf' outlook was gfoocl for the rc-gtilar se-arson lnut the talilvs turned giv- ing tlie Links two wins and lossvs to the Sun l'll'ilIli,'lSt'U tvanis. lllany ol' tllis seasonls players am- 4-xpet-tml to go up to tliv IZU toani next watson xxliirli niakes ciULl1'll llyun YPry llilIPIlY. Mr. llyan be-lie-ws tlw team tliml xwll in spilt' ol' tlleir sniallnvss and luvlx of relronnxl- ing aliilitv. 'lllw twain plalvvcl llartl anrl was wt-ll t'HilI'l1PClillltl tllut is tliv main thing lluit vounts in tlu- sports liolfl. 'l'l1e tvzun vontainefl ont- All-City lllilll. Bill liuml- uigson. xxllo was axsalwlvfl tliri lionor lwcuilsf- ol luf clvuflly Pye- on tln' vourtw. 7 I ja... Q its Dennv Lewis. Star liitlfluiik for the Links this season. poses his running form that gave him an All-City title thie year. Lincoln's varsity foothallers reached their peak early in the l959 campaign hut they failed to main- tain their streak throughout the year in a spirited hid for an Academic Athletic Association gridiron crown. Their favorahle 6-2 niark hrought the Links a third-place round-robin finish behind Saint lgnatius and Lowell, hut the lVlustangs couldnlt overcome a Hred-up Lowell eleven in the senli-finals, losing 13-0. Polytechnic and Saint lgnatius had to share the football title. The latter went undefeated in round- rohin play only to he humiliated, 35-6. hy the Par- rots in the playoffs. Poly then went on to edge Lowell, 26-l9, on Thanksgiving Day. emoriefi re mule of jdifi The season proved one of great thrills through- out, whether it was Dennis Lewis faking a trio of onrushing tacklers out of their shoes, scatlnack Bill Litchheld streaking through the line like a flash of lightning, or the great line play anchored by such worthies as tackles Mike Kasper, John Lovell, and George Koniaras: guards Dave llettig and Steve Notter, and center Wiillis Lovell. A trio of glue- lingered ends, Mike Peterson, Rich Condon, and Don Bryant. stole the spotlight on many oc-easions. lion D'Aloisio showed flashes ol' hrillianre at fullback after first-stringcr Chuck Uushani was forced to the sidelines with a hroken ankle. A duo of signal-call- ers, Craig Schwartz and Hay DeMartini, always gave their hest, and Rick Clatt was always reliahle in his place-kicking chores. The top reserves in- cluded Cal ltothinan, Barry Rogofli. Ed Nlusante. lion Yank, and Chuck Krieger. To attest to their top individual skill as well as teamwork. eight of the Seh ldassanisi-coached Links In the Bell Gantt' Ron D'Aloisio has just caught .1 pass and is receiving blocks on the field from Mike Kasper, john Lovell, Dave Hettig, and Steve Yotter. Q Mm wrw im Sillmg, left to right: Chuck Krieger. Ray Dc Martini, Tony Caxagnaro, Mike XVeisgcrber, Pat Lewis, Ron Yank. Elliot Mittler. Bud Martin, Ed Mu- Sante, Mark Lillie. Craig Schwartz. K'!lt'L'1jPIg.' Bob Andrini, Mike Casper. Rich Clatt. George Koniaras, Bob Kuenigs, Bill Litchtield. Harxev Mittler, BLIVVY Rogofl, Daw Plowman. jack XVoodlanCl. Rich Condon. Fred Fillli.SlilfliflfllljijUlll'lil.i1XEll. Mike Peterson, Don Bryant. Cal Rothman. Stew Yottur, Ron l3'Alosio, Steve Hardy, Wfillis Lovell, Chuck Oushani, Coach Sc-lwPassanisi, were plaza-d on one or the other of the All-City teams at the conclusion of the season. The Hilltoppers opened their season like a ball of fire by galloping off to hve consecutive victories. The Lions of Galileo were druhbed ESI-18 in the opener and the Links followed this up with a hard- foughl triumph over Nlission. The highlight of the season was next on the agenda. the thrilling, first- ever win over Poly. 20-lfi. Consecutive shutouts were next. a 27-ll trouncing of Sacred Heart and the traditional Bell Game victory7 28-0, over Wasil- inglon. The overconfident Links were looking the wrong w ay against Lowell and dropped a tough l5- 0 decision. A win over Saint lgnatius was a NIIIUSIN if a title was to he had, hut the Mustangs couldnit pull il out of the tire. losing another heart-hreaker. l9-l I. Don Bryant, who played tirst string end this year tor the Mustangs. poses for the jfmrmll camera. The regular season was topped off with a Zl-T de- cision over scrappy lialhoa hut the disastrous play- ofl' loss to Lowell was to follow. PLA YOF FS--LOW ELL lilsl ,IN COLVX 0 ln the seniis Lincoln attempted to avenge an earlier l5-0 loss to the lndians in regular season play. Throughout the tilt hoth defenses waged a tre- mendous hattle, hut Lowell got the hetter of the breaks to win l3-0. The squads battled to a standoff in the initial half with Lowell unahle to penetrate past their foe's 'll- vard line. Tw ice the Links drove deep into hostile country only to have drives thwarted. Both Indian scores were on pass plays from quarterhaek Joe Alvarez, the first a l5-yarder to Bill Carter and the finale an ll-yard scoring play to end ,lere Driscoll. Denny Lewis carries the ball for the Links while getting protettion from 'lark XVoodland and Mike Kasper. partially hidden, in their game against bt. Ignatius. pn-mm-aww-km NWFRQW wmwoswwswgrmmavvw -sd7W""""' -am was aww'-Q fwmmwwue S18 w.mw-www-mug wwwwwmd .::.:s4::ea- 'eww ' Q' Thirteen isn't an unlucky number in this lineup. Standing, left to right: Denny Lewis, Ray DeMartini, Craig Schwartz, Ron D'Alosio, and Bill Litchfield. In the line, left to right, Don Bryant, Rich Condon, John Lovell, Steve Yorter, George Koniaras, Dave Hettig. Mike Kasper, and Mike Peterson. Rich Condon, who plays end for the Links, shows how the hall should be gripped, while the three smiling men below cz1n't get their eyes off the camera: left to right, Bill Litch- Held, john Lovell, and Steve Yottcr. LINCOLN 20-POLY 13 It will he a long time hefore Lincoln receives as big a thrill as it did on Octoher lel-, l959. It was then that they received their first-ever win over Poly, a heart-stopping 20-13 verdict. The Links put on a devastating ground attack led hy Denny Lewis, l23 yards rushing. The outstand- ing Mustang line allowed the Parrots to run off hut one play in the opening l5 minutes. Lewis accounted for two scores while Bill Litchlield pushed across the third. Poly tallied on a spectacular 96-yard kickoff return hy Romulo Ruelos and a 22-yard fourth-quarter pass play. Chuck Oushani and Craig Schwartz also turned in some fine plays for Lincoln. LINCOLN 28f-YYASHIBCTON 0 The Bell remained at Lincoln for another year as the Mustangs completely outelassed their foes from across the Park hy scoring three times in the ini- tial 5:l5 of action cn route to a 28-O victory. 8' 3, 1. Denny Lewis M35 swings around right end as Mike Peterson 1843 blocks out opposing player, and Mike Kasper 1761, heads over to give more uasrstzxnce, I". EUCAJOWN After l,itr'hfield had opened the scoring on a 12- yard hurst. Lincoln guard Steve Yotter completely stole the show. The hig Link guard outdid even a linernan's dream as he pic-lied off the loose pigsliin twice and rarnhled oil on a pair of 40-yard scoring excursions. Hon l'YAloisio tallied the finale from three yards out. Again it was LlIlC0ll'l7S Hue defensive line which held the Eagles in check. Gcorue Koniarai poses for the 'Link czxrnurzl in ci position that iS enough to Sutra any opposing playcrw lnllf out uffl1Ci1' Witi, :,, a Q Ka., LINCOLN' Qlf '---' B ALBUA 7 ln the Hnal round-robin tilt, Lincoln came from hehind to defeat stuhhorn Balboa, 21-7. Denny Lewis scored on a one-yard sweep, 00 yard punt rc- turn, and heaxed a 27-yard storing toss to Don Bryant. Fulllmaffk D7Aloisio ate up ll.2 yards on the ground. Ron Yank, with the lull, runs around right end after receiving pass from Craig Schwartz itll, Blocking for Ron is Bill Litclincld 4223 5 hw .. .. m.4,,?as'1?,4g?AvwX .3 3? Www ., N if , ,fl iilmsiikf 'gwwh ffl H I t. . K e k ,,, ' K AS W. B3 sayin ra- N A yi 5 iam, ,se --4. init . lag lf, - Q 5' if raw. Q qi ,, 3, gfQ'a Q is -f ' f - f wi' ri i K 4 P' 9? 9 Q hi Egg ab 3: Q, K, var 1' mmmwwmm-up -t mg-....1m.. ,..:...,v. ...::,V. .h,. , ,, , V, . , , A , n l - V i !"M-ff-W 'L 'S' The clvvck rumnzng while the Links have L1 2'-Imam Adxnn L M Imk r 1 mug sutmn IlPZILCTHIfHl'l'H!f1Lfi'IE.f!'lLllf1UI11l I.. OF THE PAGEANT 'sf' gm if ff? 5 we .fir A ,,...Q q WM-L--M ,,f,, -Y -'--- 71- ff Craig Schwartz. first string qunrterb11Ck.,iS ahnkcn up during tha QLIHIC .mmf lNlUCCIYII1g .l551Sf1IIICCifI'UIHfhC tuzlm dmtm Olfflelfl if! fo Qlfllelffl el' I.eft to right at Bell Game----Seb Passnnisi. Don Bryant, Chuck Oushani, Denny Lewis, and Mike XY'cissbcrger. i Denny Lewis seems tn be in trouble with this Sacred Heart mlm Tm, Shim uf the Luwsll mme show the action durin turning straight hir him. Denny -wcrczxine the pmlslcm iw running the First lmlf and the players lifter being defeated lu around the msn, the Indians. Fruin left tu right are three members ut the Iinuuln football sqtmdz Mark Kocnigs. John Smpletrm, :md Run Yank. an MIKE PETERSON MIKE KASPER WI e DAVE HETTIG CHUCK OUSHANI BILI. LITCHFIELD W v VUIILIS LOVELI. V my N-'Q' 3' :gg:a:::g ,,,, ' ----. : ""- : 5 f:5s5:5af:f:5.,-,'?:" 5:22 s.::aIF:52':aiif::QIf-2:2 N4 CRAIG Sf il-IXWA RTZ W EI.I.IOT MITTLER RAY JQMARTINI HARVEY MITTLER BARRY ROGOFF CHUCK KRIECQER RICH CLATT MARK LILLIE CAL ROTHMAN ED MUSANTB JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM I959 Ends Tackles Brown, J, Brunswig, F. Hamblinq K Daniloff, N. Ha,-dwif-ks H. Domeniclini, li. .lohnson. K. LUVIH- F- Olson, B. NlcAr11ay.R- Young, H. YUUHIR F- Hayward, R. Ymmfi- O- flnthbertson. Backs t1ohcn.,l. Gliards, , Danish. D. Hanley, ill. D,O AI . T Murray, .l. "ml, ' Ellen. B. Rawlings, ill. ,IIIlE'llSCll, .I . Wissman. W Catzert, N. Gcrrans, IC. Pasliley, H. Centers Rc-ntz, .l. Ricci, B. Shannon. G. Hieschel, D. Strawn, K. Coach of the junior varsity team, Phil Gelrirrli, poses whilc he looks ovcr scrimmagc that his boys are participating in. unior ardifg After the first win over Lowell High School it appeared as if Lincoln High would have another championship ,l.V. team. To everyhodyis disappoint- ment the only other win by the team was that over Balboa High School. Lincoln fielded a rough and rugged team featuring John Murray, who took the Junior Varsity Trophy at Lincolnis renowned Awards Rally. The team was introduced to a new coach this yearfljhil Gelardi. Mr. Gelardi has had many years of experience in the area of football and sincerely believes that many of his uboysw will be supporting the varsity team next year in their bid for the city championship. Other outstanding team members who are sure to be seen next year are ,loel Cohen, Frank Lucia, Mar- ty Rawlings. Fred Yotter, and Don Rieschel. Coach Celardi was a new figure on tl1e Lincoln football turf last spring and since then he has gained the admiration and respect of all the sports partici- pating boys in the seventh period classes. Coach Celardiis assignment was the IN. team which he managed with perfect coaching and experience which he received in previous colleges of his school career. Mr. Gilardi has a brilliant future in the Physical Education Department because of the way he can handle the players of the teams. Besides coaching the ,l.V. team, he helped Mr. Passanisi and Mr. Presley with the varsity and frosh soph teams. In the soph frosh game against Sacred Heart, john Berglund, yy ith ball. slips around end to Despite a poor won-lost record. Coach Ross Pres- ley's sophomore football team had a successful year. Although they were naturally inexperienced, the Colts played well over most of the season and dis- played teamwork unusual for an inexperienced team. The soph team won two contests while losing five, although several of their defeats were by a narrow margin. They lost their first outing of the season to Lowell in what turned out to be their Worst per- formance of the year. This was natural since many of the sophs had never played organized football be- fore. The Colts then lost to Poly. 20-l-lg beat Wiash- ington, 6-09 lost to St. Ignatius, l-l-l2g beat Sacred Heart, 26-0: and ended the season by losing to Bal- boa and Riordan. The Colts' best-played games of the season were their losses to Poly and St. lgnatius, according to Coach Presley. Although the win over Wiashington was satisfying, the team played better football against the local powerhouses. There was no single standout on the team. but the Colts were sparked by several solid First stringers. The backheld posts were manned by quarterback liob Moore, halfbacks Norm Kirby and John Berg- lancl. and fullback Jim Cois. Dave Conn ay and Mark Lovell were among the best linemen. Coach Presley remarked that this team had un- usually high spirit and morale. He said they worked well as a team and were a credit to the school. make n touchdown. SOP Amos. Larry Bei-g1uml,.lol1u Bright. Phil Buslier. .lim Cavalier, George Cois, Jim Conway. David Cusliway, Russ Dalpogetto, Robert Delee, Dennis Ellison, Steve Effenbeck, Phil Faix, George Foresti. Dave Cermano. Rich Chisolfo, Gene Cribl1le.:Xllen Hettig. Dick Kahn, .left H ROSTER Keating, Dan Kirby. Norm Lovell. Mark NlacKay, Phil Manley, Ken Nl4'CilHlllI'l4lfL?, Mark Xleilandt. Hill Nloore, Bob Nissim, ,lack Olsen. Len Perdue. Tom Reynolds, Jeff Schliclitrnan. ,lem Sommers, Bill Stewart. Bob Thomas, Dave Wanlass, Steve Wilkening. .lim Crader. Ron 2 2 ,yr ! H at 5' W3 4 'fig 2155 Q QL " l 43 ,ge Q R 3' . at 1 2 9 f f 3 aa .,, Coach Presley, who coached the soph frosh team for the first tune, shows brought his team on to so m I - f. - rt .r . , tit acc -i1 any x ittories. ,iw ,. Q-- . , 1 V 5 fo Q,-ff-1. - fiwtf "aiu, fggirf t , ., . . we Leng? 6 , 1 . ,, - f , H . , ' tw. . . as s si.- : gf I f-5251 Ilm wiccr tum- Ixvfllniu. lclt ti- rigln: R. i.i1rClem. M.i1qu,1rt, T.. Shultz, P. F.ll.3l'll0. J. Harris, I., Feld. G. Hur- liii. K, St-Splicii. If. Muquez, P. l'l.iixsun. 'Imp ffm .' Crnuli H, Cfliristuriscri. Al Oiyglllc, R. Rupgrmni. Ed Miirqiiu. ll, XY':1tyi-ii. S, Salu-pplw, j. Biillmk, D. Niki, XY". Sihillings, j. Cfgintgin, R. Cfislicn, j. Mclfnilcii. It was ri disappniilliug yc-ar fur tl4l2i1'll Hurwy t,llI!'lFlPl1SUll,S sowvi' lvam. Puleiiliaxlly, ln-st l.im'uln S1N'1.'4'l'tPilIll in years, lvut it the loss uf Captain Holi Keysai' and seycnlli place with a 1'Pl'Ol'fl ol' om' win, live lussos. livysar, tlw tl'illll.S leading out ol' ilf.'llH1l must of llie si-asmm flllll in ililw Nluslangs ywre a lie-lte1'tva111 than il was this was hurl lay fiuishcrl in one tie. and SI'tlI'P1', was i11jLl1'lPS. tliclir rcvoril imliralcs. Tlu-y playm-cl ilu-ir lmesl games mu-ly in ilw svason against, Nlissiml and llullnou. ilu' ll'ilQIlll' lNlXYQ'l'll0llSPS. xllllmiigli losing lmtll vmilvsls ln vlosv si'o1'e's. lliv spiritml LlIli'Olll lmuli-1's slimyflcl vxvvllelil spvecl and Cll'lll"IlSlY6 play. 'lihf' loim Limfoln yivlory 3:3 H555 Q .Isl M .i OCCQI' 1 - - f 1 ul the yvar' vamc against Poly. llie Nluslangs wmv also able to llolfl il strong Galileo learn to a iii: Kftvr a tough early svuson svlicfliilc-, the Mustangs lust to Lowell, xXvi1Sl1lIlgtOIl. aml Sl. Ignatius. Uiltstamcling players inf-lmlvfl llalpli C01'dCl'O and Gary Berlin. llalflizlvksz and Len Felcl. forwarrl. Utllel' rvgillars were Ki-n Str-flew. Rnlmrt Hugcrimi. Xavier Marquez. aml Xvfllfgilllg Svliilling. fO1'WHI'1'lSQ ,lvrry Harris. Pllil lfvlarclo. and liarry SI'llllllZ, full- lwavlxs: aml ,lulin KPllllf', goulkeqwr. At ilu- clusv Ol' the season. Ralph CU1'Clt"l'U and Bull Kvysui' wmv vliusen the mosi yalualnlv players. lil 51635 GI RLS' TRACK TEAM Under the direction of Miss June Bellew ol' the Physical Education Department, Lincolnis girls track team raced its way to victory in April. The members, Kennie Lee Hart, Ellnerlee Morgan, and Johnnie Wfard, traveled to Chicago for the Na- tional WOIIIGIIHS Indoor Track Championship during Easter week, although the fourth mem- her, Arthurlene Cartrell, was unable to attend. The girls raced well without her, however, and placed highly in several events. Kennic Lee, who has the fastest time for the NVOIIICIIVS 75-yard dash in the nation, took fourth place in the 100-yard sprint and third place in the 50-, 220-, and 440- yard dashes. Johnnie also raced well, placing third in the 880, and lflnierlee placed fourth in the 220-yard dash. The Easter week events, although exciting, are only a prelude of events to follow. The Physical lfducation Department sponsored the movies shown to the student hody during the lunch pe- riods in order to raise the funds necessary to send the girls to Corpus Christi. Texas, for the outdoor championships in July. A week later the girls will attend the Olympic tryouts in Abilene and possihly be a part of the Olympics in Rome. 4 ., ,........ we , -..Va.:.: zit so W A .........:, 43.1 1 ' ...,,. : zz, "'-2:: ...aaiieie-" W Y Left fa riglzi: Elmerlce Morgan, Kennic Lee Hart, Arthurlene Gar- trell, and Johnnie Xvard. Elmerlcc and Kennie Lee demonstrate running form. , X iLf5sZ.ff41?i"'zfr, 0' ,, ifafffi 3553? fl Wm k fa? 5 ir.. ' Z " ff' fy , ' -mg, ,, . fuss if ,. ,?ifkQ?A f , P3 rf: V 4 av-'gi' Q ! ' gi X Q gm- ar A? my Wits' Q i ' , 'f ' uf' ple?-f,'f LM V V K, K .Wy ,,, mv., . V , X . 'Q tn W 1 Www 1, ky 'S ng at in jl'XItJlt Vklhl l'Y Sl ARTIXCY I,lNl lltmtv lkmztsttz. lhrrx lv,1:z,t limi.. lwh l':..ttrl lx,.:w lm U Ktlth liwlilzxstvii, Sul Dxittwlt. lxnh .M.1.i's, ltw:wlllmxt.,l1::a an ty -If w' gf., wwf ,Qld on, ln U1-mlm' that eavli anspiumt lm' travlq may test his yy incl. spvvcl. mill t'Ilfltll'ilIIt'f?. l.int'uln lligl15vl14ml ullers truss 4'oullt1'y as il tmmi sport in the llall shm- vstPl'. Tlw vrtrss Vttlllllfy team is cliylflecl into three' sep- arate' l6'itlI1S. SOIllltlIll0l'P. junior yarsity. zmcl yarsity. vavll t-mwht-tl by Wfilliam Ollhf-cl'0. This svason Pauli of the tlirev tmuns was very lntbllllllillf' to win lirst plate in tht- All-City Nlevt. 'Illw SUHSUII lic-gall with dual meets against schools uliif-li arf' ltIPll1l5PI'S ol' tht- :M'aflm'1l1i4' ,-Xtlllvtiv Asso- viatimi. 'llllv lirst mewt was against Sl. lgllltllllts which uv lust hy tt small niargin. Htmewr. tlespittl this lirst lailurc mf mm eu-ry utlwr llwvt. lu vumpeti- tion. teams. ratlu-r than incliyiduaxls. min. 'eg , img sk nd '7Q'f'W1t ,mm ,fha iii '43 V ll J. ,, , ff. on jnai 9 Un XOYt"tIllM'I' 15 mul ltr. l939. tlw .flll-City Met-t was hrfltl in ythit-lm l4lIlt'1Illl plalvml lirst. 'lille anarrl nas at llltgtx trophy syhivli t'Lll1 ht- St't'Il in our tmphy vasv. The vuurse run hy the vross t'0llIlll'f' lt'lll11 is in Ctplflen Gate llark hy 5l1PlJllCl'il.S Mezlflou. Fm' l.9 mill-s the lmys run uphill. tlmxnllill, lllftlllgll grass. saml, and il numlwr ol ulwstavlt-s. The tmp svwiuig mcmlnvrs ut' tht- te-41111 this year mire- ,lusv Xallv. who pluwvcl set-uncl in :Xll-City: Nlilw Cihezut. who plavml thircl in All-City: and He-rl, l,fllltT1'. who pluvecl fifth. l.im-mln is wry lurtunatv that thvscl lmys will he harlx next seliwstelp for an- ntlwr All-City min is f'xpet'tt'd. CROSS CQUl'N'l'RY TE.-XM 'lffjm fhacll U'l'iu'fL'. Milxr Cillu-.tu. jwhri Cllriiplwll, ,Inc Rl:-mics. Cnty XY'rs1if.1. limi Rugigli, Html- Hulwlwlcy, Dum XY'lr:ht. jim liwcttrlxcr. Kttth Rtthtf wh. lllyly f,-wrxmll, Nllzmgtt Jhhn lltixglitiiri. .ll1.fJ,lt.' ,lull Cimtt, Ciuvrgn Upptxxluntlu. Rim l't.:rcr'. Stun Pmucr, -Ittlin Puml. lbitlc NttI.cgm. Sul Ihggptn. jim Eltlcl, ,lim Allcgrutti, l.ff1tt:: Aluihtgm' Kun Cwtlulm, litilw Bwmrt lhrrx figtyigptsl. Milt t.tuiimy. Ht-rlw lhfttcr. 'llmy ll-multi. Riyh Amllm, RimAll-yf:r',j1nwlfttlh-1.,lttst'V.illr, ,N N. V., 5 . E , f f""f,w M ' A ' W 1' , sl , fmt, f N, A s' " f i -A , A f s , ,, s., 4 W N PL. A , Ram Jr jim Allugrpttl. 111115.lXf4lIl,XXvHllg,lIlg Sl11llmg,Hc1b Bl.llNll1 m ln x nu 1 1 uw Srnuxn. Rffzz 2: Allan ll-lzcr, jon Valle. 'Luk XY'-fmllzxxul. Frmls Nxlwcllx jwlm Pm w lx ll L nm af Ciwzrgg 'XX'cllN. l7.111 Llrxlx. Khzry XX:xm.1, Juv XX'L1tm11.lS41lw Cmltlnll 1 Iulm XX lltp ll Ll Rall lm I llrl fu Hlllurx' ming. V.1l Sllully, Dwm Bxymt, jlm C.wlm1m'. Ulm Cwpu. Nh 1 N . ml Q lu ul Guugli. Iflmrlu- Urntlcfy, Tum Nnlmx, Nurnl U.1t7ex't, Cul Rf-tl1m:lrl l mm Lnnu 4 Hug, l nlx HL l'5f'd C-rmnlui, XIXIIMTN IH XC lx Tlu- jxlbftllldlll Linmlu tlmlvk learns, mam-l1e4,l by Xxvillialn fflicefe ancl Pai Gvlarcli. xwrv su-ll ll'LllIll'll. well lbalaxxvvcl units. lu the Sprints. ilu' Mlllsiaulgs wmv lvrl lmy ,lulm Panglnurxx and Dave lJanisl1.Hesi1les running the lllll yard clash. l'a11glv111'n ram the lon l1lll'1llPS mul lmmad jumped. Ken Gough nas thc' olllvr Ul1lSlilll1llIlQI In-mul jluuper, and Herb Nlurslmll pwxiflml slwvfl in the low and lligll lmrdlvs. U11v:nlLl1cm.my tllllllfgxulxcll llmslxca ul the 1' s us H -.. .,, ps, mm, ,H , is .. ,, , W , .M - in N W. ,. Q ,. W . ., .,.. air .sv My ,yung my ,Q It get s .w..w.f MA ww, Q?-wk Lf.t.N4i"'-w.:iw:?1wf3wMT wma, W .,.,,, : ft X . V- f " W --W - -6 fkmw N ,+'?'f5,,, ,, X Q2-., - - . . 5 4:5 m i:-2 EEL. , u :' .P Lim-olii hacl sf-vc-1'al 1-xi-ellt-lit ss:-ifflil tlimwf-1-s. ln 4.3 . C -1 - ---' -- the- shut put. three ex-luntlwall plain-is. Cal llotliimur. 8 4 - - V i . . - :' -' 1, -53'-:E :2- lleunis Brom-k. und lxen Firms ri pr-miclvd thv pum-h. ? ' H. . I v.'.. Ziff ? " - - . 5: ,. -- ' -'i - ., " ..Z52515i3Z:- ... . ' 'Q Nlllu- ljetwsmi. John btupeltuii, and l'z1t l,s-wis. am' 2 ' 4, 4, Ulllixl' lrio uf gritlirmi Yr-tvmiis. gan? l,im'uln um- ul' - . - - - '52 13 155:-Z 555 1" the top dist-us lc-anis in lhv 1-llv. lu utlic-r vw-nts. Boll 1 1:1312 - - I - ,I fyutlerrez led the pole uiulters, and Mil bln-Ivy was z . . . . . ' ' -. " in 1-onsistanl point gvtter in thc- high jump. D if 2 ' , . -ga 2:...4-if' a 2 .. ' """"A '- as . ag V 2 , ig M, - - b g Ei ' 1 -' -, x ii " Thr- 12-Wax mnent lravk tmmi. 1-nam,-l1Pcl ln' Xxillllillll OAKeel'e and Put Ge-lardi. lrrouglit Lim-oln its lirst 3- track 1-liz-iiilpiorisliib in liistoff' this Sbrizlgl- A W V. Point-getters were Chris Smith and Holi fluillei-cz ,. , in the polo vault: llei-lm Marshall and John Pang- hurn in thi- hurdle-s: l"r-tink Sawlla. .lim Bar-liwata. and Mel Lammers in the 2530: 'l'm1y Bright and Mel Roach in the 660. lflliott Nlittlvr and l7rar1k Edwards in the shot put: and He-rlv Potter and Dave BI'6IllII19l' in the 1320. l,lIl4'OlI1 had sexeral l'E'L'UI'll smaisllvrs. llaiigliurii ln-like the low hurdle 1-Pc-or-cl. Marshall equalled his own high hurdles ren-orfl. and Nm-in Kirby, compet- ing for the l20's. sf-t ei new mark in the low hurclles. Mol Iniiiimcrs, tityk mp Sill mgiu. :Lum tr- Urmincirig win in Sl meer, 'llhv Mustang varsity nas deplete-cl to give thi- lilllls streught. hut sew-ral 1-mnpvtitors fart-cl well. Mike Ciln-au got points in tht- 85-ill. and Pat lim-wis took at plam-ef in the clisc-us throw. 'l'hc- 120 exponent lc-um liuishecl lluurth, with Wayne EiClWdl'flS. Hurry llaiiapol, and Steve- Pimier sm-oriiig points. Taft: Glen XY'old, Phil Bright. Mikt- Hullirid, limb Simliw, .UIJJIL-.' Cflmclc llrggutt, Alxin Turrivsr, llwh Butler, Run Pmtsr, Hw1fm1.' Bill Griusg, Str-xc Primer. Nwrm Kirly. Dennis Cirmlr, Barry-Ga1i.1pol. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Standing fleft to rightl: Tony Varclla, Coach Harvey Christensen, Bruce Usher. tired Neulwcrt, Brad Rothhack, Mark Zimmerman, Mike Stafstroin, Dine Priuchetta, john Noren. Ed Beckwith, Craig Srliwartz. Larry' Scott. John I.oell. 5't'a1ud.' Dave Plowman. Bill Stanlev, Byron Nelson, Phil Van Tassel, Stan liippas, Cigny Marble, Date Sthleppler, jerry McCgirtliy, laik Fox. I 4 jak We Ouf The l90tl Mustang hasehall team was one of the most talented l.incoln squads in recent years. lfnder Coach Harvey Christensen. Lincoln capitalized on good pitching and enemy errors to win more than its share of games. Although the Mustangs lost four of' their first eight games. the were hadly heaten only once. ln the open- ing game of' the season, Sacred Heart downed the l,inks ll-5. This was the only time the Mustangs were involved in a uno-contest" aflair. The Mustangs lost their second contest hy a score of' 2-1 to Poly, despite a fine pitching performance hy Marty Laughman. St. Ignatius also squeezed hy the Hilltoppers hy a score of 2-l. The other Lincoln loss carrie at the hands of the lialhoa Buccaneers. The Bucs put two runs across in the eighth inning to win a lf-2 decision in extra innings. Lincoln countered their losses with wins over arch-rixal lVashington. Mission. Lowell. and Gali- fo ff.. aff gm... leo. The Vtfashington game was a wild lU-9 walkfest which was halted by darkness after five innings of play. The Mission game was marked hy outstanding pitching, as Laughnian threw a two hitter. Things looked up as Lincoln entered the second half of the sixteen game season. To the surprise of everyone, the Mustangs topped the previously un- heaten and heavily favored lrish of Sacred Heart hy a score of 5-3. Lincoln took advantage of a wild lrish pitcher and scored five runs in the hrst two in- nings of play. Laughman held off a late inning rally hy the lrish to get credit for the win, as the Mus- tangs reversed a previous defeat in a Hue team effort. The Mustangs followed the triumph over Sacred Heart hy heating Poly 3-0. thus reversing another loss. Lincoln featured a well halanced attack and con- sistent helding. l'hil Yan Tassel and Dave Princhetta shared the catching chores. ljrinchetta was an excel- lent fielding catcher, while Van Tassel improved tremendously over the course of the season and he- came a steady hitter. Lincoln had a hue defensive infield with Ed Beck- with at Hrst hase, Cary lVlarhle at second, Craig Schwartz and Jerry lX'lcCarthy alternating at short- stop. and Fred Neuherl at third. lVlarhle. a consistant power hitter with a .300 plus average. was a more than competent fielder and one of the hest second hasemen in the league. Neuhert, Beckwith, and Sch- wartz. all under classtnen. provided fielding as well as halting strength. Mcflarthy provided utility strength and clutch hitting. G . K A ff 5 ., ,..g,g55,5,: , k - E .,:E: :55.s .,::,..,.,., it .gg i 2 V li l X sg i 2 1 , is 4 Mcmhers of the fencing team from left to right are Pat Holt. Kay Vztnderforrl. Sue Hollaroolg, Nori Keslon, George Nagel, Bruce Melnne, captain, and Mike Tyrell. FENCING Touche is the cry that is heard outside the girls' gym. No, this isnit a hattle cry. lt's the cry of a fencer who has just touched his opponent with a foil. Youill hear this and other sounds when you watch the fencing team which meets every Thurs- day and Friday after school in the girls' gym. Mr. Wlilliam Coleman, the coach ofthe team, who has won many honors in fencing competition and who has introduced fencing to other schools in the city. gives individual lessons to the members of the team. While the private lessons are going on, the other members of the class practice dueling each other. The team travels to all the Bay Area colleges for competition. The highlight of the season is the com- petition for the perpetual trophy lxetween Lincoln and Balboa. liach year lroth schools display their fencing skill to determine who shall win the tro- GOLF Calling all young men with their eye on a brilliant political careerl Sign up for golfl Six young presi- dential hopefuls produced hy Lincoln this year were Bruce Hubley, Bob liewon, Bill Vifilliarns, Bill Baker, Rick Clatt, and Herhert Atwater. S0 girls, get their autographs while you can, for who knows, once they get into office, those summit meetings will take up all their time. These young men will owe their drive to their coach, lVlr. Will Ryan. who has started many of our males on the long road to the joys of the sport of retired lrusinessmen, crooners, presi- dents, and Bob Hopes. During the golfing season. seven matches were played, one each week, at l.incoln Park Golf Course. Borrowed from the files ofthe Lim 51111 Lug. the picture below demon- strates thc golhng ability ot thc golf tearirs honorary members. Mr. lilmcr Danielson and Mr. Wfcndell Lathrop. phy, which is an authentic rapier that was used in the l9th century. it ' eff . , W "" ' llil "fl 'A Mcmlwers of the lincoln " -':: ' -t 'e High golf team llcft up- pcrl: Rich Clatt .ind Hcrh Atwater. lI,ow crl B lb l.cwon and lhll Wlilliziliis. Alnne is Bruce Huhlcx. c AAAA VV.,,.,, Aiil in Q ' '1':: S fi Kr esge:-5, iizi ..-:.,'.vg 225525 --. . ,,,,...i 'Hai' :.. 3 ii its y we .. .... 5 ff K, is TENNIS TEAM lm!! lu riglnf Rifh Murray, Rifh Schwgirtz, jim Cieigcinnullcr. Liniy Inlhcl, linb Ashwnrth. Harvey Samuels. Russ Davidson, Xavier Marquez, Al Oypillc, Gene Oyalle, Coach XVilI Ryan. The tennis team, uncler the excellent t'OilCl1lllg ol' Mr. William Ryan rlid very well in its inatvhes this season. The teznn nut-played sueh high sehonls as Balhoa, Mission, Galileo, Sacred lleart, and Poly. hut suffered a Cilt'l"PEll tn Lowell. Vnlleying at Vicente nj ,J rs , -' by 'AWN .iqisisv 399KFfli4tJsQ TENNIS The liye hest Linvnln players participating in Singles mnnpetitifnl were ranlxecl as linllows: llivh Murray, captain. lirsl: Xavier lylarqnez, set-unclg Eugenio Oyalle. thirclg his hrother. At, fourthg and Bula Ashworth, lifth. The hest clouhles players un the teann were the pairs, liiarry Lalwel and Russ David- son: and ,lllI1fi6lfIlYItI11llll6T and Harvey Sznnuels. liohhy' Sislia, who had lmeen the lmest player on the Linvoln tennis team until inifl-season. was sent tn Rome. ltaly where he partieipatefl in the Olytnpit' Cannes. Frcnn Horne he will he sent to partivipate in junior and senior tournaments, first in liill'l'0lOIlil. Spaing then Paris, l'1I'2llIt561 and to finish his tour, he will he in mattfhes all over lfnglancl and lrelanrl. Bnhby. the fourth ranked junior in the nation. ,lunior Davis Cup winner. two times singles AAA t-hannpinn. has a revord uneqnallecl in AAA tennis. He has Nlfhlili lust a setl WJQWW W 'WM' M, ,N inf? -MB: -.awuw 1 rw -M una., E Ty "0 .f SWIMMING Coach Presley found this year's swimming team to be one of the greatest Lincoln has had. The Lin- coln team won three out of seven of the pre-season swim meets with the other schools in the AAA league. In their first event of the season against Sa- cred Heart, all three divisionsfvarsity, I30's, and I20,s, came out ahead, as they were to do later against Galileo. The league as a whole was well balanced, with no team as a sure winner. St. Ignatius, Washington, Lowell, and Lincoln were the major contenders, and the top honors were well earned. All the teams seemed to have more depth than round-robin abili- ties, and Lincoln, in particular, had a very well- rounded team. The varsity squad boasted of quite a variety of members. Bud Martin, a junior, was the best all- around individual swimmer of the team, and Paul Olsen was the leading diver. The free-stylers, Jeff Andersen, Cliff Willis, Glenn Wold, John Himes, and Roger Mack, along with the breaststrokers, Bill Wissman and Bob Malfanti, added considerably to the team's strength. John Bowcock was the team's entry in butterfly stroke events, and Rick Knutson was entered in backstroke events. The I30's were also well represented in all meets, with Mike Spellman, John Murrow, and John Diss- meyer as freestylers, and Bob May and Dennis Rich- ardson in the butterfly. Other members were Paul Gormley as diver and John Jacobsen in the breast- stroke. The leading members of the I20's team were Gino Orlofff, Carl Allen, W3'y'IlC Wiswell, and Rich An- derson. SONG GIRI, COMPETITION fI.cf'l tu'1'igI1ti-'Bax'b:rm 'I'ringzlli, Iiurcttv Wfigney, Judy Mulitz, juan IXIIXVIILIIQ, RnI'wu1't11 Rnthcr- rml, Irrsl Armos. Chrisli Nelson. Diane Clhurch, Ellen Ruth, Rnbcrtu Iiixnn, Iennnull Pmxc1's. Linda RCISCICF, Bexcrly Iiglncnjnycc Ifrcnclx, Phyllis I'rrmIx.jnyc'c Luper. Anita NQIQQIT Cnrnl Lglndis, judgu nn the Sung bill Lnxnpctltiun up-up Ir-un Irtt tw right: Bula Ifwrun, jnlmn I.mcII, Ed Mumlntc, Ottn Vzln Duyn. liwnnic I-Iughcx. Sue I-Inlbrmnlc. I.ynn Cipnhlt. Ulu' wrxxng the try-outx are KLl1'cn OkclIwcr1y .Ind gm unidenti- nc-II flip PImtn,g1.1pI1L-rs mptulcnl thc m.1ndlII CX1fl'CwIuIlN nf Lhc ng-xxlg Ihnwn Sprnxg Sung- CQIIIS, I.q-It In IIgIII, IDnrctt4- XVI ngy. Hzxrlmm 'I-I'II1j:1CIII. EIIcn Ruth, Dunn- C,InncIx, Carnl I..lndus. :md Clmwty N1-lwn. In thu Iw41cI4gl'm1mI gun' mn nt the runners up. "N"'1vM ff? ,, , . . 'QT .,,:Zf!f' ",J'lQ"fVZ'f? I" I 4 QWWW 4-. I 254' .vhkh 73?-' ' HL N5 gyzvs- v -vgarxfi-4" 1- .fL.f'-"""' FISHING FUR A IIIB? lt's easy to hook one at the Metropolitan, if you have the proper bait. Good starting salaries- regular increases- rapid promotions. Life Insurance, Disability, Hospital, Surgical and Major Medical Expense benefits. Appetizing luncheons as guest of the Company- without charge. Wfell-equipped medical service. Cash awards for suggestions. Liberal vacations and holidays. A modern, well-stocked library-no charge to employees. Fun in many social, athletic, hobby and recreational groups. . Ideal working conditions. lt's fun to work with your friends. For full information, come to the Employment Bureau, Monday through Friday, any time between 8:50 A.M. and 5 P.M. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 765 California Street, San Francisco 20, Calif. f J, TU I, A-I 1' 2 :Y K fi"5uf' ,. -,fiamifg " -V sfeqfzrz iw sf . A - ,wg .mf W., :fs.5f?2fm-,ff . . X' , gfszggizg fa., X R. U 0 M '- ,,,,-...fs .5g::, ::a:aaW 3: - ,,:.,.: : - X ' f fx 'fi u ,.,,1 A---:' H 1. 1 ' an 'F-A :.: cf Y V.,, A .- .,.:A,AA ...,,...: z L X 4 " if Q l, A f , "-'2:i NK M :,. , Q .vs liiv . f t 4 fziiz- 'Wig - :.:. f - 3 ..',: A-:' ' W A - .," f AAIA Z W W 2, 4' 'U ..-::. fi Q""""A"'-1 E 4 , , WM W., ,,,,, If ,M . N ' M 1 - ,ml ,Y -ifh W ...A X 4 E 'NBS W iff 4 V 5 I y , , , ,sg S f 'N 1 . tar, 5 Q . f . , 1 , " Effie-.fff...,f-"" I 1 - M A , A - 4 Q4 ..,m,,:,.' - - f Y I ,A Q -- ,J .--ff' , V: 3 .V MN K f,',, N ., Q 1 ' X ff V 1 3 , Q 'f 1 1 v X A, A W . so Lcms REL: 105 4 ' f'Z:::f': a ::-1' R E'i2J'yifx'1'xf, , in QWANTMVE ,,,.,,. Nm WAR A , K l AA" "" 1 A, .-. 1 A, ,. , 65 :,., L lg H 'E qlll I i 2 f 1 ... kj M is H : ? + E f : A , f , fig M 1 Md W X Al X A . 2 'I "::" ' 1 V P 1 - . A In 35 v-,, - 1 A 'fails' - .. W AA , ,. 1: fi' ,., A Q l ww' V KLA. J W -1 , , 49 v , ,f J F x X if-" Q mr ., ' , 1 ' I y J 7 Limia on in? 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Because here are steady jobs . . . no busi- ness experience is re- quired . . . and you earn a full salary while you,re learning! And you're sure to like working in light, pleasant tele- X phone offices. 1 fgxfg So, after graduation, why not come by and X! "' talk it over? Come to: I 1 ! 5 ji Pacific Telephone There's o good job for you with Pacific Telephone' 445 Bush Street 140 New Montgomery Street 3333 25th Street KW-2 'fe"':vf.vfi5w-m3'Zfp'-'-mr 2 A3 ,,53f:4wf . S Mb? g 3 5 M x"-':"wW N-ZA,gN X-,J QV? 33 225' ' 1 a J , Y K A in KV Kwan semen. Qosmmf, 5cw .s ffgmw gym: TEEA EVYQQTQST ,I ' vw ,, s.,,..,sw.,,,W ' Q in M mg 22 ffs2r5 LVDQ HUSSQLL ABFV: Soi? JN :, ,E Sw zwzssxs Su. 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K fi Mrk :'4- " f f ' W Wvhq A 5 if C 2.5 IVV, E., R, 'M 5 Q .5 X, O , ff. . X 9 f I ! fa Q, f f W , Q. qllqiv, i-:,,, , . f gf aw 3 K R 2 14 H fix!!! Q ? di . J " 97 USEQW JM f" mi as 'I' , l UR -1 FLOWERS QQ .M,.. A l lou- are I Compliments of o Friend Editoris Message As editor ol' the l960 Roundup, l would like to dedicate this page to all those who worked so dili- gently and cooperatively to produce what l feel is one of Lincolnis hnest yearlmooks, and what l know one ol' the largest yearhooks ever put out in a San Francisco high school. Contributions came not only from JOllI'l121llS1I1 class rnenilrers, lmut from students around the school who were interested in helping to make this book a success. ln these one-hundred and sixty pages, pages packed with pictures and stories, we have tried to present a record of Lincoln's activi- ties lor this year. Thanks to all who helped to make this hook a successg your cooperation and assistance have inade this hook possible. After the hook had gone to press, we were sad- dened to hear of the death of one of our class mein- lners, ,laniee Solbj or. All those who knew ,lan remem- ber her kindness, her warmth, and l16I' willingness to help others. Wie did not receive notice of this until it was too late to remove her picture from the hook. CAM lVlAl.L1i:K, Eflilor

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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