Abraham Lincoln High School - Roundup Yearbook (San Francisco, CA)

 - Class of 1947

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V V X V- V . X., V 11' ' ,X.X X X XXX XX V '31 'Vi-ln whnf V . ' .VV ' lVMVWNR 5 AMiA4 -.-1-EV WW! V -, wg, VX V aw V 'QQ' .V V- . 1 V-V ,X X. X VV . V 1 7 xt J J V , V V QI Qqllli ' 'O 9 H - ' 4... I Q H fm . 1 F -,N-!',v-' 1 'nl' U .Y 'O ln. 4 1 . I V I I 6' I f A I I 9 ' :- 414. I Q' I I ' 5 1, A xxx U 4 Mngn' 1 mf u 0 ur' v J, I lp. I., 6 VOLUME VII - Publixbezi by THE CLASS OF JOURNALISM of ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL San Frandsco, California MARjORlE GAVIN, Erfilor-iH-Chief -ala- 'Ws 4 - -Q QQ' HQ!! A 5 'UTQQ' K , Q f Qin, 15 'Q A Q Ygilx . - L "S n- , sh . F' xxx 44" - S , PL QQQQ 'O ' ss' ' 4, ,, H '4., is .0 '- -ll 5 : LA ' Y, ilxx 5 Sxxxx lg 5 Klux 5. 5:5 . gtg- ax K .Gigs X. -,-lQQQQ." 's '55 9 x"x,j Q5 'hx , tghnvm ixtsus I it .lyk- 5X 'Q P 'ui' 'Q f '.lgg9, L lvl, FOREWORD... With the supine tlzruntless courage that brought the eurly pioneers West to Culilorniu, Linrolnites ol totluy look westwzrril to luture horizons. lust us yester'tlny's pioneers lueerl the privntions ol the wilderness, Lintolns pioneers ol totluy lute the problems ol nn expunrliirg worlrl. The transition lrorn stage tfonrhes to motlern eleisels, from town rriers to wireless toinmunirzrtions, :intl from clipper ships to luxury liners, has brought yestertlnys elistunt lrontiers to our rloorstep. ln spite of the zulvunees nntl complexities in at rlrungirrg worlrl, Liurolnites lute the future with the courage unel tleterininution ol their lorelzrtlrers. .,. Y - -,f--9.--1 I' , 1 51111, u 'J' J' I , , ' W s. I .,,,'fnsh"' ' t I I , sv " 'Xu Q . - . n 'nav-H' V' , I , , 4,-'cr-h few L : . H , 1 Jw, Pn r 1 , 1 aw' Y f f f' I 1 , r 1 v f I ' ' fl I rf 1, f 1 , I 1 fr I . , I ,"f s- ,ly 5 ,-I H, ,4--"-1 1 5 I I ,W .4 1 .QQ JV I, :bp Il. JI. F, lx ff A. 'j .V , HH' '-f5:iff.'fff'i:? r I f 1 I f Q if . , , f 1 4 1 f ' A 1 f u 1 1 ' , 1 .. - 4 I I 1 , 1 I 1 ,. If , ar. I U e: 5 If I S ,M , ,k 4 - .f f 1 4 .J 1 4 lg 4. ' , 1' "f s,,'..' 1 f " 1 , , 'I N,,-...X : AA , ,, - Q ,.......s..-s-t I r- i- , , L ll MR, tll.YDli W. WHl'l'll, Prhnijnrl PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE You seniors who have been at Abraham Lincoln High since 1943 or 1944, have gone through some of the type ol experiences incident to those who settle in a comparatively new country, for you have gone right along with a plant lar from complete and a campus void ol' many of the material things which aid in mak- ing a school life somewhat more exciting and interest- ing. That such has in no way been a handicap to you is evidenced in the grand spirit you have manifested and the way in which you have been strong leaders in all phases ol school activity, Each year your school seems to have taken a stronger place among the others in the city and is so well known that you have reason to take pride in the fact that yon have done your part in the carrying on of traditions and practices started by others but as yet not well-grounded when you lirst entered. PAGE EIGHT ln days to come when you chance to retrospect, you will thinlc ol the great carnivals we had in which you participated so enthusiastically. You will relive the march to the Parlrside theatre for a rally and the ral- lies we had on our Plaza on some days when the weather man didn't seem to be on our side. You will recall the football and baslretball games which gave you thrills and more thrills and lrom which you came home completely exhaustedneven more so, perhaps, than those who did the actual playing You will re- member your dances at Aptos and other places, as well as the term plays. These and a host ol other memories should endear you to your school, which you are about to leave, happy in the thought that your contribution has been a definite factor in its rapid growth and development. DEDICATION Cw Q, o thc cattle drivers oi the rouge, to the rzinchcts, and tothe gold seekers gocs the credit for the cou- qucst oi the West, From Independence, Missouri, they followed the winding trails of thc ufilcicmcss scouts tuiross the deserts and ovct thc mountains to Suttcrs' Fortg anti, fearless und gallant, tficy iouudcci un cmpirc in the West. To thcsc pioneers who suw their destiny beyond the frontier, we cicdicittc: this l9fi6-191,17 Round-Up. , ,, fd if 1 J I , ?' 77 ' Y, J If 1 , . I, I, r J 1,4 r Q 3 :ff - fa Fi? 'v I af .42 iv! 2' 1 ce' J I L I, ll p 4 I : auiktitqxulil B1 44' 1 1 fc J, 45' Nfl ' I f I: nl M. 1 f : 6 Al ,.,41 'NN if j Q04 'A V' mf' 'iw' . 1-An. , 'I firitiw f ', iw. 'I 1, ' ." , if I fl i 'agp ' ltfri, in il' I HW, 'W 'Ai , Nil' MR. WAI.'I'IiR IillIiDIiRIt.KMIN, Iiiiiir of liars MISS ANITA TRIIMAN. Iieiiii of Grill AItTSAII0IISIlH0l.li3 ARTS Hullsert, Miss Ethel t,I'Donolrtre. Miss tfatlrerine Avtllitlllllli, Miss firtflzl IIIMMIIRIIAI. filattree, Mr. Iflarenee Miossi, Mr. Ilernaril Parlier. Mr. William l'er'aei7a, Miss tlorinila Stlrmiilt, Miss Marie Silvia, Miss Iileneiief Ileail tQIlI,INSEI,lIIiS tionnolly, Miss t,atIicrine tfntlir. Mrs. I-Iclen liallaglier, Miss Grate Ilartwell. Mr, Roliett Maller, Miss Marioric Melntyre, Mrs. Mary Iiilna Morena. Mr. .IIllllCX"'IIC1ltl Aiitslry, MIS. IIOII5' Silrnriilt, Miss Marie Stein. Miss larry Tliompsoii, Mrs. Iierrlife IiNGl.ISI'I Ilronson, Mr. Ilerlroin fntlir, Mrs. Helen Iiilminster, Mr. Howaril Gallagher, Mrs. Grave I'IannaIr, Mrs. Miltlretl Iloxlsnrglr, Miss Iiileen Sanlslsery, Miss june Ytnileler, Mr. john Slieplraril, Miss Marion Snell. Miss Allrcrlaflleasl DRAMA Saulslsery, Miss Innc ,IIII.IRNAI.ISM lie Martini, Mr. Armonil LANGIIAGIES lonnolly, Miss iiartlrerine Iarolssen, Miss Illaileline Mt'lntyre,Mrs. Mary Edna Powell, Miss Alma Reynolds, Miss Dorothy Rosen, Miss Molly Salrnrann. Mr. lirnesto ItIA'l'IIIiMA'l'IIIS Avery, Mrs. Iliirtnna Baker, Mr, William Iterkowitz. Miss Iirariees Malier, Miss Mar'ioi'ie I'agarro, Mi. Reinalilo Peters, Miss Ilstlrer MIRLIIANIIIAI, DRAWING Anilrcws, Mr. William Ilnrliank, Mr. Derwaril thristcnsen, Mi. Loren Moslry, Mr. Ilaviil Ryall. Mr. Rielraril MUSIC Ifntlir, Mrs. IICIen Melvin, Mr. tieotge eatl SIIIIIIS IIIIYSIIIAI. IIIIIIIQAFIIIIN Ast, Mr. Milton Ilelleu, Miss ,Inne Raner, Mr. Ralph Meyer, Miss Iilsie Morena, Mr. ,Iames Nelson, Miss Iarnline Prinz, Mr. P. -I, Ileail si. lI.0, I .I,. Ilemplrill, Sgt. Ifluelrert Young. Sgt. Martin SOCIAL STUDIES llowning, Miss Margaret Ilrcnilr, Mr. Iiloyil llaeolisen. Miss Maclcline Kauer, Mr. Ralplr Melvin, Mr. George Mosliy. Mrs. Polly -Acting Ilcail Reynolils, Miss Dorotlry Selrmiilt, Mr. Walter Stein, Miss Lucy Tlrornpsnn, Mrs, Ilernisc St,lIiNtQIi tfliristensen, M r. I.oien Koehler, Mi. Iitlwartl Manalran, Mr. William--Ileael Miossi, Mr. Iiernrrril Nill, Mr. lolrn Selrnritlt. Mr. Walter Wolf, Mr, Gerarsl LIBRARY Dixon, Miss Grate Illrler, Miss Martha Pair Nrrsr in r A FOREIVIEN RCPE Miss Sanlslsery liar:-es ar quirk smile at a Drama llrllili 'l'llN AQ Mr. john Nill and Mr. Girard Wolf look over the rlay's ab- sentee list. Mr. Nill teaelres elrernisiry and was high senior arlvisorg Mr, Wolf teaches both chemistry and biology. Mrs. Bernice Thompson, who teaches soeial seienee, flashes her usual genial smile to her elass. Mr. William Manahan, Mr. Erlward Koehler, and Mr. Loren Christensen look on as Mr. llernarrl Miossi points out some inter- esting points about a heart rnoelel. All four are of the seienee departrnent. The charming laely at the piano is Mrs. Helen Cutlir, English and music teaelrer, who eonelurts the Arlvanrerl Chorus Class. 'lhe other hall ol our music rleparrment, Mr. George Melvin, listens attenrively. Mr, Melvin leads the orelrestra and band. Here we have all four members ol' the girls' plrysical erlueation elepartrnent, just rallerl away from their elasses ol basketball and baseball. They are .Miss Elsie Meyer and Mrs. Katherne Sullivan, and newcomers to the rlepartment, Miss Caroline Nelson and Miss june Bellew. Mr. rlrmond Dc Martini poses while working at his desk. Mr. "Dee" teaches jot "Roundup," Our Roundup unalrisru and linrglislr and is responsible lor the cameraman managed to snap Miss lane Sauls- hery during one ol her hreathing spells. Miss Saulslsery teaches rlrarnatufs and English. Gathered 'round the speakers' stand are Mr. Ralph Kauer, who teaches ll, S. History and roaelred our liglittveiplrt' traderneng Miss rllherta Sue l, head ol the English department and the one who spends rnany hours correcting Roundup eopyg and Mr. Howard lldminister, also ol the Englislr departrnent. Mrs. Polly Moshy is advisor lor the student eouneil and the student court, Mr, French is ol the Social Studies rlepartrnent. Miss Madeline Qaeohsen is kept husy leaching German, French and World ll rstory, while M r. lirnesto Salzmann teaches Spanish Mrs. Avery tearres algehraie theory, algehra and trigonometry, and docs eou nsel in geometry ani algo Mr, Hartwell t teaching eivirs. N yr in addition, Mr, Baker teaches plane and solid urair theory. oes educational and grade counseling lsesides r. Morena is head itounselor ,ur ,. ,X I 4 Mrs. 'lluunpson lecture: or a Social Class llllfili RLRVRN l I I p . -.. V V. Y V V .,. ' .. --- -- - -- -Y --1 V- e-'1 . I I r . 1 all 4. ima . 'ri - ' li as S -1 .a . .,. J MARY LOUISE Dl SUVERO ALBERT CIEIVIENTINA DEESSE WATSON ROBERT ERATES PATRIIIIA SULLIVAN srraarrg AND posses PAGE 'l'WEl,V" No loyal Mustang will ever forget the Fall 1946 student body officers or their splendid services. By fulfilling the responsibilities of their ofhces, they succeeded in keeping Lincoln in her position of leadership among San Francisco high schools. Albert Cementina was an excellent president as well as foot- ball player. He conducted numerous rallies and was always eager to work for the betterment of the school. As vice-president, Patricia Sullivan improved the monthly dances and brought good enter- tainment to the rallies. Deesse Watson kept minutes and wrote numerous letters during .irer term as secretary. Robert Erates kept all the school accounts straight in carrying out his job as treasurer. Mary Louise di Suvero was a capable and just judge of the student court. james liox worked hard to keep the spirit of Lincoln at tie top during his term as yell-leader. A great deal of credit for a successful term goes directly to the p efforts put forth by these six ofhcers. Dick tfollrell and Dick Sperisen -..L .-.-477 P--4 -Y Y. -V Yi-s.-.- -...-.-Mg - fn A F .:.-n:.v.,....L.l-Aw' , . , - .. if .- -..ngrff . . , ., WM.. :. w,.g.fs1:-n-remix.. - ., - .ne -...,.. . A -.. -, JOAN lflllRllNlRY Q K HERBERT LISTRR CHARl.liS GliliTlER ,lrltls JMKBON JFANNIE DOUGl,AS BLAZE TRAI The student body will always be grateful to the Spring 1947 ollicers lor the excellent way in which they directed the school activities, As president, Charles Geeter heads the list forthe line manner in which he fulfilled the duties ol his otlice. His ideas and respon' sibility helped to make the term a success. joan Cherney held the ' ollice ol vice-president and gave us many enjoyable dances and ral ies. leanne Douglas did her part in keeping Lincoln on the Iop by being a capable and hard-working secretary. 'lack jackson, treasurer, balanced the hooks and kept l,ineoln's hnances in tip-top order. Herb Lister appeared in the black robes of p. during his term of ollice. Dick Coltrell led songs and yells at all ol' the games and rallies with "Top school spirit of the city" as his motto and goal. ridge of the student court, and kept peace and order at lincoln Tluoughout the term, these six ollicers made Lincoln outstanding by their zeal and spirit. jim For leads a yell. Il T l l l l l l l I I I I I I I I I LS llill Tllllt'l'RllN p MAVIS MASLIN. BERNIE ESSER, MARILYN LOtfKHAR'l' IANE MaePHEE, JACK IIACKSON, BEV SULLIVAN tHIIt-IK OEEIER, JUNE REUBOLD, OTIOLE KREBS, RIIIH ABRAI-IAM MARION KREIIS, BOB ELDER, IRIS IIORWITZ, DON IIASEY CLASS PAGE F O URTEIE N The high senior FALL CLASS OFFICERS class ol the fall term was guided by an excel- lent group ol ollieers. Bob Elder proved an energetic and able president. Iris I-lo rwitz expertly performed her duties ol vice- president g so did Don Casey, treasurer, and Marion Krebs, see- retary. The lriglrliglrt of the Eerm, the Prom, was given in the Gold Room of the Fairmont Hotel. The low senior olliters were Richard Abraham, president, june Reubold, vice-president, Ottole Krebs, secretary, and Charles Geeter, treasurer. T The "Victory D ingron High Selroo. the junior class and .ae class sponsored a very smooth "brawl," ante" following the defeat ol George Wash- , in football tame about through the ellorts ol its ollirersz jack Iaeltson, president, jane Mae- Yhee, vice-prlesidenrg and Bev Sullivan, secrerarystreasurer. The sophomore crass was headed by capable ollieers, with Bernie Qisser, presidentg IvQarilyn 'Loclrhart, as vice-presidentg and Mavis Maslin, as secretary The freshman eass began its four years on the hilltop under the leadership ol President Bill Patterson, 'Vice-President Bill Cheyne, and Secretary loyee Boudinnt. ,Ioyee Boudinot, Bill I'atter'snn, Bill tjlrevne l tw 'ni .,, q .wal ,I - I , , "ii, , ' ' Y I i V 'AN' lIVliI.YN IIIINSDN, IllI,I. RA'li'liIiRh0N, IRAN lQllh'lh'llNGll I.Il.I.IAN Kl.0hiTRR, MARIQRI. IiI.ORliS, IANE blncpllllll IIARIIARA GROSS, Illll RAMSTIIAD, IEIJIANIJR MIS. DON ShIl'I'II ,IANIS Sl,lI,I,lVAN, RII.I. XVAGENER, GI.lIN VIJIIGHT, OT'I'DI.E KRI IIS SPRING CLASS OFFICERS I-Iigh senior class Presiclent Bill Wagener, Vice-Presiclent Ottole Krebs, Secretary Ianis Sullivan, ancl Treasurer Glen Vought worked tirelessly to give the Spring '-I7 seniors a lun-paclrecl term, Such social activities as the Prom, I-Iigh Senior Dance, picnic ancl break- fast were sponsorecl by them. Working especially harcl to put their class on top in all activi- ties this term, the low seniors were fortunate to have an excellent group ol officers serving tbern, with Don Smith as presirlcnt, Rar- sara Gross as vice-presitlent, Iileanor Zais as secretary, anrl lim itamsteacl as treasurer. This term's junior class gave Lincoln two gay evenings of fun anrl lrolic known as the junior Dance and Song ol the South Those mainly responsible lor these events were the class ollicers: Marcel Fiore, presirlentg Iillian Kloster, vicepresiclentg ancl lane Maclllree, secretary. Sophomore class othcers were Bill Patterson, presiclentg Evelyn Benson, vice-presirlentg ancl It-an Cummings, secretary. Those leacling the freshmen were Roger Moore, presiclentg and Rosemary Rieberclorf, secretary. Rosemary Ilieilcrilorl und Roger Moore LEADERS PAGE IIIIITIIIIN - , '1m3'm 1xQfli?. i-I 1 l ' 'J i I y ' Mrs. Polly Moslry auul ill Iiciuerrlirui FALI. l'llllNl'll, Nou' Ir ll. lissci, rl. Pos, W. l'ullcrsou. liuur 2: M. Di Suvcro, D. W1llSlIIl, A. lr-rircrrtirru. P. bullufuu, AI. lucllsou, C . Irusly. VIGILANTES Liurolu's most iuriorluul 'ovcruiuf boil' is the Stuileul Council. ls 'llus is coruliosril of llrc stuilcrit lioily ollicers, the cclrlor ol llic "l..iru'olu Log," unil llrc presiilcnts ol ull the classes. 'llicir uruiu ilutics incluilc zuruugiug uuil ruarrurgirru ull sluilcul bocly ilzurrcs zuul other social fuuc- lious, u u uroviu r the liuil fel, u u uoiuliu 'C'lC1lll-Ll r committees, uuil scrviuf A lo ls in llic Sluilcul Court. Mrs. Polly Mosby urls us lllCll'1lLlVlS01'. Ifruur nur: H. Levy, D. Dcllugclo, rl. Murclii, D. lhrppzrs, 'I'. lflursc, ll, Sflrloslruuq, j. llcrf riilrgc, j. Hlu'pirr'il, li. llrrugwslrarirscrr, l.. Puhluuuur, S. Circcu, buf ruuu' ll. lflrcrury. F. Loftus. ll. luuri, l.. Haulrcrr, ll. lloyuluu, M. Pl1lCl.illlU, P. llirsuw, M. Slciirlrurrsius, l'. Sclurrt, ll. liruiu M. Kreig, l.. Putuy. lu! muh' Il, Greco, li. Pruulcliu, ll. Nichols, lf, Wullccr, D. liulli ll. Lculiuci, 'l'. hlculrius, ll. lfulflucll, S. Mills, F. lwlucslro, j. Nelson. Li, Ulivur. 'Hli row: B. lvlchiugluu. ll. Puiukliii, D. Slillwcll, ll. Hcrulriclis, A, Williuurs, D, ll'loorlcy. A. Wultou. ll. Nelson, W, Puiulcr, rl. lfluylou, S, l.cvir1, D, Couli. i- Jwfgaidbf A- -A -.1 PAGE SIX'l'llEN Qiif'-v MP-,W ' ' 4 I l AWD I' 'Z f I ,ri P 0' I NN N V ,I If sl 5 r 1 1 va' ' L U, r 1'9" ' f I . I' u 0 'N r Jw 'v 'W l 'Q I I 'V , v . I ' -I 1 , I ', y ' ry' ' 1 'ln I b I ' , 1 9 : Of 4,1 J f .Ny , J I 1' I I' lv 5 'J . ' Q-xr I I i J f A' 4 an -4 If , f F ' r f ,V 0 J' 1 I p' f 7 f Q f WK ' f 1' 5 ' ' 1, J " ' , l? H r F 1 -ff Q I Y V 4 x :I ' . f 35- K I I t Aw T .ff 44...-f . , x rv! M, gg-- P ' w wma, ,JN A - ws ur' . Wm ..,--ff 'FMA' Mil -UFQ1 I I 'Nuns' I-I ww, A I rALLsEN1oiasNAPs K I afxf PAGE 'l'XVlTN'l'Y'ONI Seniors MARIE ALAlMO , . . dislikes any morning . . . wants to be a singer . . . 't'ri-Y member . . . br'own eyes and flair . . . DAVE ANDER- SON . . . "Swede" starred in baseball, track, and basketball , . . likes Nasty Nine . . . wants to dig ditches with Dave Nelson . . . GUIDO EALANESI . . . likes Marie . . . dislikes leaving the kids at school . . . active in football . . . wants to be state patrolrnan . . . INEZ ALBERT . . . "I" . . . likes people, food . . . home econ maior , . . blue eyes. blond hair , . . yllvt APPEI ,... wants to make money . . . likes skiing and Ken tjollins . , . blue eyes, brown hair . . . RON BAMEORD . . . Spanish is Ronnie's main irate . . . likes dances, girls, the River. I 'DIANE ALEXANDER . . . wants to own a ranch , . . dislikes 7:00 alarm and hard work . . . GERALD ARNSBARGER . . . jerry wants to be a millionaire - - . favors food, holidays and sports . . . DOROTHY EAW- DEN . . . Dot wants to be a loving wife . . . likes Bud and dancing . . . blue eyes, blond . . . STANLEY ALLEN . . . loafing is St.in's nrain activity . . . likes wine, women and song , . , STAN EACON . . . dislikes W, 'l'honrpson's big feet . . . "Eggs" wants to die of old age . . . RRQHARD BELL . . . leader of school band . . . wants to write music . , . likes Peggy . , . EOE AMUNDSEN , . , "Pinky" longs to see Lena the Hyena . . . likes Mr. Miossi's skeleton . . . red hair . . , MARY BAKER . . . Mac likes Wednes- day nights and Pinecrest . . , dislikes any- thing but suniiner . . . DEAN BENDER . . . pet peeves: girls and the draft . . . likes Nasty Nine . . . "Pretzel" wants to be on the saute garbage track with Erates. ps PAGE '1'WEN'l'trf"t'WO DAVE NELSON scyuints as he looks into the afternoon san on the Hill-top. Dave will be especially remembered for his amazing line play as guard on the Mustang varsity football team during the t9ff6 season. Although it is not generally known, Dave did a hne job as senior picnic committee chairman. Dave turned thespian in order to play an irnportairt role in the Lincoln production of the well-known play, "The Last Mile." Dave's performance added inaneasarably to the success of this event, His popularity with Lincoln's guys and gals was rmcynestionable. ALAIMO ANDERSON EALANESI ALBERT APPEL EAMEORD ALEXANDER ARNSBARGER BAWDEN ALLEN BACON BELL AM UNDSEN EAKER EENDER 'l'his attractive cowgirl in plaid shirt and cnwhny hat is pert Linenln senior MARlORlE MEYER. Marges varied activities qualified her as an outstanding rnemher nf the llall senior' rlass. Dressed in the tradi- tional white garlr of song leader, Marge cooperated with Yell Leader larry Weher in making Linenln's rallies successful, As song leader she aided in huilding l.inenln spirit to a new height in 1946. She supervised the make-up and editing of the first page of the Lincoln Log. Mrrr'ge's rlrarming manner has endeared her to all the ranch hands on Sandune hill. gp, yyyry' BRUNO tQliMEN'l'lNA lllEiRDil'l' RRUSIE Ill-IAMRERS llEN'l'ZliN EURKI IARD CHAME5 EERRIDGE RUSH CIIIRISTENSEN HRUNN CASEY tIHlttST'tlNSEN Fc1ll"46 HOWARD IIENNETT . . . English A annoys Howey . . . active on hoxing team . . . wants to he six feet tall , . . EMMA ERUNO . . . Em wants to marry the boss' son . . . ean't stand cottage cheese and getting up early . . . Al. CIEMENTINA . . . S. E. prexy . . . varsity foothall star , . , "Bert" likes the lrisli . . . dislikes lloh Elder . . . DIANE llliNOlT . , . Di dislikes buttermilk . . . favors Twain Harte, Rae, and Mrs. Mae .... wants to marry a rich hoss . . . jACQUEl.lN RRUSE . . . likes football games and music . . . memher of C.S.F., music cluh . . . dislikes liver . . . GORDON I.. CHAMBERS . . . "Lats" wants to he a P. E. instructor . . . sings . . . dislikes pegged skirts. DONNA HENTZEN . . . "Rae" goes for M., A's ties rind "Di" . . . wants to he a' eowpuneher . . . MARIE ANNE BURKHARD . . . llnrki wants to own a hotel in South America . . . likes empty strectcars and sleepy ing late . . . l-lEl.liN CHAMES . , . wants to he a housewife in Minnesota . . . likes Don Hannig, l.orraine Furner . . . JUNE BER' RIDGE . . . "Hutch" likes cheese sandwiches and music . . . wants to travel . . . NANIDTE RUSH . . . dislikes homework and loud fellows . . . goes for dancing and hloruls . . . DDN H, CHRISTENSEN . . . memher of tI.S.F., math eluh and l,S.A ,,.. pet likes: good music and dramas . . . Wll.MA ERUNN . . . Willy spends time with llill, Shyrl and Rusty . . . likes: llill, amhition: Bill . . . DON CASEY . . . pet peeves: tight skirts. people always Cutting the lrish lA.C.l . . . "Mahoney" was active in Block "l." . . . DDN CQHRISTENSEN . . . active in trark. l, S. A .... future diplomat. l'Airli IWENTY-'l'llRlill Y 'r ' ' '15 ' Seniors MARGARET DAHI .... ambition: dental hygienist . . . dislikes Mr. Schmidt's linals . . . likes Carolyn Trusty . . . DIANE DOBSON . . . called "Di," and "Red" . . . Cl.S.F., G.S.S., Senior lireaklast Ilom- mittee . . . ambition: ? ? ? ? . . . IANICE FAIRIilIZl.D . . . G.S.S., lireaklast Connuittee . . . dislikes clams and squids . . . DONALD DAVIS . . . likes girls and lood . . . dislikes hot rods . . . luture chemist . . . RAY EKIKIERT . . . "Bud" wants to he Mr. tlyclops , . . little boys and bulldogs are favorites . . . played varsity lootball . . . IiS'I'I3LLE FALK . . . tlarnera Club was main activity . . . "Bunny" likes ice skating and art . . . dislikes redheads. PAT DAVIS . . . grad committee and C.S.Ii. are l'at's main activities . . . Iuture Stanford coed . . . MARILYN IZDINGTON . . . active an l.og . . . likes Pvt. joe Mctlann . . , wants to be .i- loving wile . . . IIOBERT FRATES .I . . "5gutt't:y" was school treasurer, member ot' ffastball team . . . wants to collect garbage with D-.nr Bender . . . BILL DAVIS . . . Bill In tno activities , . . ambition: t?I . . . likes: ,tl . . . dislikes: same . . . NADINE t.It,t'IliNl3AUM . . . "Scott" wants to learn the words to Stardust . . . likes casluneres . . . GRACI3 FIIIEDIIICKSON . . . Gracie .-Tor Prom tjommittee . . . likes jtiane and L. S .... MARY DI . . . Mary wants to retire alter . . student iudge, member ol tl.S.li. JB ELDER . . . future bachelor . . . y" was football, basketball, track star . LORIIAINII FURNER . . . "I.orrie" .rlikes L. A .... active in Red Cross . . . likes dancing, T. N. . .. H, . 0 PAGE IWRNII-l'0UR 4..- The smiling Irishman under the jaunty sombrero is none other than Fall Senior DON "MAHONEY" CASEY. This tall, good looking senior served as treasurer of the liall 1946 class, and did an admirable job in keeping the senior linances in order. He worked hard on several senior committees, and was responsible for much of the fun and frolic of the class at the numerous senior get-togethers. Don always added an extra push to make the work assigned to him a little more outstanding. For this reason he will always have a special place in the memories of Lincolnites. DAHL I DOBSON rairtrraio Davis ackaar mg IQDINGTON Fggrgg 1 arcnarvaauia raaoaicrcsow or suvaao Eaoaa FURNER Xl' With her ten gallon hat perched jauntily on her head, MARY LOUISE di SUVERO poses for the cameraman in front ol' the Hilltop school. Mary Louise served as judge ol the Student Court during her high senior term. As such she tried and sentenced many student otienders. Prolicient in several languages, Mary volunteered to act as an inter- preter ior foreign educators who visited Lincoln during the United Nations Conference held in San Francisco. GEHRING HAASE HOLM GERMINO HALL HORWITZ GORDON HANLON IOHNSON GREGGANS HAUSER lIlKlfIH GRIFFIN HICKS lURD y s l 4 i . i i Q Fall-'46 ROBERT GEHRING . . , likes Chinatown . . . swimming and lllock main activities . , , hates Eng. A . . . ROBERT HAASE . . . Bob was on track, soccer . . , wants to be a hotel owner , , . likes sports . . . ANDREW HOLM . . . luture pilot . . . Andy dislikes geometry . . . cars are favorites . . . DOT GERMINO . . . ambition: to tind the guy who took her wallet . . . has a tendency to lose things . . . dislikes people who rut . . . BILL HALI r.., luture Krupa in name hand . . . Likes Krupa and Rich , . . dislikes "Pinky" Amundsen . . . lRlS HOR- WlTZ , . . "l" was low and high senior vice-president . . . likes Ray, jan, Viv and Diane . . . blue eyes, brown hair. VIVIAN GORDON . . . "Viv" dislikes Eng A and sloppy fellows . . . wants to write an advice-to-the-lovelorn column . . . jOSlil'll HANLON . . . likes Walt Stevens car . snobs. liver, and cabbage are joe's pct lanes . . . ROBERT JOHNSON . . . fitting and eating are Bob's favorite pastimes . . . wants to loaf, sleep and eat . . . JOSEPH .ililib GANS . . . Greg will be luture trac' 'tcoacli , . , Block . i . dislikes I.-10 git., .' ELNA HAUSER . . . "Shorty" want It. ln' a doctor , . , likes spirits . . . dislikes Lowell . . . LOIS JUKICH . . . called "Init-'A . . . likes Sinatra broadcasts . . . brown hair . . . RUTH GRIFFIN ski lodge "Fagin's" future . . . , tight skirts, reckless drivers . , . KM . . . wants to be one jump ahead o Stein . . . light brown hair, blue eyes ROBERTA JURD . . . "Ro" will he beautician . . . likes auto races . . . dislike school. PAGE 'l'WIlN'l'Y-lilVli 1- r-or r 1 it it an, ,r me te.. rr, rararnonotrw-our-wwarurm . .1f"'V.-.- , Seniors RU'l'H KAMENA . . . Ruthie was student body song leader . . . likes Yosenrite and lrorseback riding . . . dislikes tests . . . MERVYN KNORLOCIH . . . blond lrair. blue eyes . . . likes lood . . . hates work . . . will go to if .... DORO'l'l'lY LANE . . . ambition: to pass the physics linal . . . blue eyes, brown hair . . . JEROME KARP . . . luture sportscaster . . . likes everything but work . . brown hair and eyes . . . MARION KREBS . . . being senior class secretary was "Marn's" chiei activity . . . likes jerry and swimming . - . dislikes men . . . brown hair, hazel eyes . . . KENNE'l'tl LEACH . . . known as Steve . . . activities include track, football and lilock "L" , , . future Onndcr lflagge. NANCY KENEALY . . . "tLanclli" worked on Prom, Grad. tlornmittee . . . likes Erie and Unie . . . green eyes, brown hair . . . MILLAINIE KRIEG . . . will go to S, F. State . . . "Morro" was 'l'ri-Y prexy . . , favorite is Meru's ranch . . . MERLE LE'l'StIl'lE . . . checked Mr. D.'s roll . . . arnbition: I-louscwifc . . . likes the River and Yosemite . . . BOB KERN - - r dislikes Herb Mooney and homework . , , played on varsity lootball tearrr . . . EDA KUFLIK . . . this luture interpreter wants to travel . . . active in rlramatics . . . brown eyes, black halt . . . BOB. LEVY . . . member of boxing team . . . likes little boys . . - Det hates: Bud Eckert and his bulldog . , . SUSAN KLEIN . . . court clerk . . . likes Clear Lake . . . hates vegetables . . . HELEN LAITONIE . . . future coed . . . Prom Committee . . . likes Mr. R.'s M.D. class . . . PAT LISTER . . . Rus and Lincoln are tops . . . Prom Com- mittee , . . blue eyes, ash blonde lrair. anon rrveu'1'r-srx 3' -,H Showing off the broad grin that made him a popular band on the Hilltop is congenial AL CEMENTINA. Al served as sophomore class president, junior class secretary and low senior class president prior to his election as Fall '46 student body prcxy. As such Al did much to encourage attenclance at games and to improve rallies and dances. His brilliance as a gridiron star helped boost Lincoln to second place in the AAA. Al was an active Block "L" and Gridiron Club rnernber. At the close of his senior year he received a well-emned scholarship to the University of Santa Clara. KA MBNA KNOBLOCH LANE KARP KREBS LEACH KENBALY KRIEG l,li'I'StIHli KERN KUFLIK LEVY KLEIN LAl'I'O.NE LISTER I , ' ll if. sly ' l ri lr r , 1 -V' f y' , up L coor,rr r 'lt I ,r t r . , r y Y. its l L l r r , -, Y A r r rl tl l l r Vivacious and energetic are two words which aptly describe former student body vice-president PAT SULLIVAN. In addition to her regu- lar duties, Pat was in charge of the rally and dance committees. After serving as editor of the Lincoln Log and associate editor of the Roundup, Pat enrolled in the University of California where she intends to con- tinue her writing career as a journalism major. Pat was a member of both the G.S.S, and Tri-Y and acted as presiding ofiicer of the student assem- bly. She came to Lincoln as a low sophomore from the Aptos junior High. LUCCHETT I MncKlNNON MIBACH LUNDBLADE MARRIOTT MILLIGAN LUTZ MCBRIDE MUZIO LYNCH MELANCON MYERS MacGURN MEYER NADLER it F. I Fall-'46 ... .i :y ' it I y l tl' 1t' ROBERT LUCCHETTI . . . "Lu" wants to i I retire young . . . likes Reg. I-I0 . . . 8:45 I Ihlon.-Fri.I is pet irate . . . JOAN MACHIN- NON . . . to he fashion illustrator . . . drama club member . . . auburn hair, hazel eyes . . . IQAWRENCE MIBALIH . . . will study medicine . . . track . . . hazel eyes, black hair . . . BEVERLY LUNORLADE . . . "Lump" was Irosh class pretty . . . dislikes "Pei" and Nish . . . likes Bill . . . ALICE AIARRIOTT . . . this future bacteriologist likes music . . . eyes blue, hair brown . . . called Al . . . RALPH MILLIGAN . . . wants to own grocery store chain . . . no dislikes . . . Ralph has blue eyes and brown hair. t BARBARA LUTZ . . . "Biota" belonged to . Girls' Block "L," G.A.A .... will be a nurse . . . dislikes horses??? . . . JOHN Mc- BRIDIZ . . . dislikes onions on hamburgers . . . "Mac" will he nn Icthyologist . . . CLAUDE MUZIO . . . will be a bum . . . Hi-Y was "Fly-'I'rap's" chief activity . . . BOB LYNCH . . . wants to make rt million . . . swimming was his favorite activity . . . eyes blue, hair blond . . . BILL hlELANi,ION . . . "Coot" was an R. O. othcer. . . ambition: y to stay single . . . likes Model A's , . . JEAN MYERS . . .tests and hornework are "jeanie's" ., I y aversions . . . likes "River" vacations . . . WILLIAM MacGURN . . . R.O.'l'.C. othcer . . . on Grad. Committee . . . to be an engineer . . . MARIORIE MEYER . . . soph secretary . . . likes Vincent Daniel Michael King O'LIon- nor, jr. iPhew!J . . . ALVIN NADLER . . . Al was Mr. Andrew's assistant . . . plans to be a dentist. l l l PAGE 'I'WEN1'Y-SEVEN Seniors JOE NAREISSO . . . wants to marry a rich widow . , . likes fun, females, and song . . . eyes, yellow: hair, green ltlrat's what it saidl . . . ELAINE PAPPAS . . . likes Niels and Fresno . . . dislikes school, sodas . . . CONWAY PETERSON . . , "Pete" likes basketball, A. P ,... blue eyes . . . blond hair , . , DAVE NELSON . . . lutrrre: ditch diuger' with Dave A .... "I-look" dislikes "Weasels" . . , wants to hunt Eskimo pies in Alaska . . , lrlARCiARE'I' PARDEE . . . "Peggy" will be future mind reader . . . dislikes lietty Anralia Richards . . . Log Stall' . . . LEROY PETERSON . . . boxing was "Pete's" specialty . . . likes lan . . . blue- eyed blond. MOLLY OHR . . . block and Tri-Y II prexy . . . will be a nurse . . . blue eyes. light brown hair' . . . JOHN PAYER . . . went out for trarfk . . . likes sports . . .brown hair and eyes . . . RICHARD PHlI,PO'I"l' . . . to be bank president . . . likes Pat, Pat and Pat . . , dislikes people who don't like Pat . . . CHARLES OJAKIAN. . . future: pharma- cist . . . track and Block "L" . . I GERALD PEARLMAN . . . smooth "guys" are "I'earl's" pet peeves . . . activities: football, basketball, and baseball . . . llE'I"l'Y RICH- ARDS . . . junior officer, Log stall, Gradua- tion tlomrnittee were activities . . . dislikes: Margaret Ann Pardee . . . JANET OLSEN . . . log page editor . . . "lan" likes the River . . . brown hair and eyes . . . EOII PETERS . . . "Pete" played basketball , . . future: hobo . . . 'IRUDY RISU . . . ambition: to keep her hair blonde lH2tl2l . . . likes Bob tlross. Pfttili 'l'WliN'l't'-I?IGlet't' is Tall, blond, good-looking BOB ELDER smiles a greeting to Sandune dune citizens. Bob distinguished himself and brought honor to Lincoln with his tine sportsmanship and sterling playing ability on the varsity foot- ball and basketball teams. For his participation in these sports Bob won his block. Bob won tlreatrical plaudits for his portrayal of a guard in the term play "The Last Mile." In his spare time between games and play rehearsals, he served as senior class president. Bob will attend the Uni- versity of California where he will prepare for an engineering career. NARCISSO PAPPAS PIi'I'ERSON NELSON PARDEE PE'I'ERSON OIIR PAYER PHILPOTT OIAKIAN PEARLMAN RICHARDS OLSEN PETERS RISU ad.. r I rl 'r y. i a I' . rr Popular with all the Hilltop fellows and girls was Fall Senior IRIS HORWITZ. Iris, better known as "I," served as senior class secretary during her last six months on Sandune Hill. This busy senior was also chosen as alternate graduation speaker. She was a member ol the Girls' Service Society and the California Scholarship Federation. It was the duty of this energetic senior to correlate the varied activities of the many senior committees. Few of us will ever forget this lively Western gal. ROGERS SIIHMIDT SMITH RUSZ SIIHIIIIARTZ SNYDER SASSOON SHEEHY SOM MER Sf 1HAI3III. SHEPARD SOSNIITK SCHARI' SMATHERS SULLIVAN r , bk-.. y I f i 'fl I as r l t r I I ., , r 541. y. I tg- : Q ,J lr' ij, S . V I yt. rr' I . A Ii WI -. FalI"46 SYLVIA ROGERS . . . "Syl" will be a com- mercial artist . . . gray eyes, light brown hair . . . likes tea and dancing . . . MAX SIIHMIDT . . . ambition: not to be in the army . . . likes good food and cashmeres . . . dislikes IlT0's . . . VIVIIENNE SMITH . . . Viv was bus. rupr. ol Log . . . future cub reporter , , , green eyes, blonde hair . . . BETTY RUSZ . . . Iuture indefinite . . . likes berry pie a la mode . . . dislikes squids . . . ANN SIQIIWARTZ . . . "Faye" will go to Ilal . . , likes Mrs. Mclntyre . . . dislikes physics . . . brown eyes . . . RALPH SNYDER . . . "blank" likes lazy days at Yosemite . . . wants to live Lite oi Riley. LELIA SASSIION . . . active in clrama, G.A.A . . . "Sassy" likes swlnrrrrinp, Irorseback rid- ing . . . ELEANOR Sl-IEIEHY . . . Iuturt Stanford coed . . . dislikes nosey people . . . likes steaks . . . active on Lora Stall . . . ERILA SUMMER . . . longs to he 5'6" . . . Dick anrl food are tops . . . dislikes squash . . . RIISSIELL SLI-IABEI .... "Rus" played on the tennis team . . . has gray eyes and brown hair . . . wants to be a millionaire . . . IOAN SHIEPARD . . . was member ol jr. Statesmen . . . G.S.S., Debate Cllub . . . on Grad. Committee . . . aspires to position ol' mayor ol S. Il .... STEPHIEN SOSNICK . . . plans to enter politics . . . Ilamera and Debate tllubs . . , CAROL SIIIIAIIT . . . "Lee" was reg. rep .,.. Iuture artist . . brown hair and eyes . . . MIRIAM SlVlA"I'll-ERS . . . called "Ears" . . . hopes Io be Mrs. A. M. . . . likes Alice, llev, tlris and Slrirl . . . dislikes men . . . PAT SULLIVAN . . . vice-prexy ol student hotly, Log editor . . . likes dancing . . . hates physics. PAGE TllIfIiN'I'Y-NINIE Seniors BOB SULLIVAN . . . ambition: to retire . . . amateur photographer . . . "Sully" likes food . . . IIAROLYN 'I'RUS'l'Y . , . was Log ed . . . plans to succeed Louella Parsons . . . likes Peggy D .... LAWRENCE WEBER . . . was S. ll. yell leader . . . Block "L" member . . . Lincoln and the River are favorites . . . DOLORIIS 'FATE . . . "Dudie" was active on the prom committee . . , wants "A" in shorthand . . . likes Millaine and the kids . . . GERRITT VAN RAAM . . . Gerry will be a meteorologist . . . active in Hi-Y . . .blue eyes, brown hair , , , Ill3'l"l'Y WELCH . . . ambition: an "A" in physiology . . . Senior Prom Committee . . . likes Grace, Dot and Diane. JOHN TORNAI . . . pet peeves: turnips and women . . . will he an engineer . . . likes cars . - . OWEN VANSKIKE . . . "Van" was school photographer . . . likes Caruso recordings . . . dislikes hair oil . . . SHYRLEE WENTS . . . dislikes people who say she and "Willy" are sisters . . . activities . . . being with "Mac," "Willy," and "Rusty" . . . HARRY TRUDRUNG . . . likes sports . . . BBRTRAM VON KONSKY . . . Bert plans to be a printer . . . likes lootball games . . . BENJAMIN WIDFIELDT . . . wants to be a BTO . . . likes Halloween . . , hates oysters . . . HARRIIET WALKER . . . plans to be a real estate broker . . . called "Hat" . . . likes drive-ins, IIAGI' alll 'k Boundless enthusiasm and energy are characteristic of fall senior BETTY RICHARDS, who tackled all her activities with the same inten- sity. Betty served as chairman of the graduation committee, which success- fully planned the details of the january '47 graduation. She supervised the editing of the editorial page of the Lincoln Log. During her senior terra she served as song leader with Yell Leader jim Fox. Betty came to Sandune Hill in her low sophomore year. She had previously attended the Aptos junior High School SULLIVAN TRUSTY WEBER TATII VAN RAAM WELCH TORNAI VANSKIKE WENTS TRUDRUNG VON KONSKY WIDFIELDT WALKER I I l r I I It Q I I ' I , y, , yi ' I I I r .,' r r s i I I I s 5 S I I I . 6 F E Gcrrill Von llnaun, Lanny Wclww, Hill WQIHCIICF and Licwugc Zcnglcr caper .ll rally. Mary Ann DLIWLISUII :xml escort nl Fall Senior l'mn1. Gil Fwdwick grins from behind horseslluc. I- 1 J llicling rmcler that big horseshoe is hloncl ancl cute VERA lUST, a well known antl well likecl Lineolnite. Born in l-Iamhurg, Germany, Vera came to America with her lamily at the age ol six. Some time later she enterecl Lincoln as a treslrman. Vera's activities at Lincoln have inclrrclerl the following organizations: the G.A.A., the Tri-Y, the Reel Cross ancl the C.S.E. ol' which she was presiclent in the Spring ol '-'t7. During her lonr years at Lincoln Vera has taken a science major in preparation for the University ol California. ABOWO ANDERSON BAKER BARTON ABRAI-IAM ANDERSON BAKER Blitlli ALBERIGI ANDERSON BARNES BEETZ ALLEN ARLARO BARSO'l"l'l BERNOT ALLEN BAKER BARTHOLO BERRY ' 1 pnng' KAY ABOWD , . . likes Lincoln ancl shows . . . wants to he a lrorrsewile . . . CARL ANDERSON . . . loncl ol Cantor' . , . pet hate is physiology . . . intencls to he a ham . . . ORAl.lE BAKER . . . "Stonewall"s1oes lor Pete ancl Texas . . . wants to he happy . . . ,IAYRENE BARTON . . . ,lerry loves tloohle clating with Bohhie . . hloncle hair . , . RICIHARO ABRAHAM . , . Ahe was active in loothall , . . will go to college . . . OOLORES ANDERSON . . , eallecl Doclie . . . hopes to he a college grail . . ROBERT BAKER . . . ansions to tinish Lincoln . . , clislikes all things in rreneral . . . STAN BEIQK . . , likes sailing ancl potato salacl . . . his nickname is "Stormalong" . , . will po to college RAMONA Al.llERlCil . . . calletl llhlritrneyn . . . Senior Erlitor . . . likes Phil ancl clances . . . KEITH ANDERSON . . . e"ertainecl at rallies . , , wants to he a concc. pianist . . . ALFRED BARNES , , . Al wants to get out ot' school . . . has hazel eyes, hrown lair , . . GLORIA BEETZ . . . Glo is on the senior hreaklast committee , . . likes the River . . . DORIS Al,l.EN . . . wants to he a clentist . . . "O" likes l.incoln aocl Miss O'Oonolrrre . . . OANlEl. ARtIARO . . . Danny was prexy. sec. ancl treas. ot' his reg. U , , wants to he an electrician , . . BEVERLY BARSOTTI , . . hoirncl for a secretarial ioh . . . likes Lorry . . , BEVERLY BERNDT . . , a hltre-eyeil hloncle . . . hates peg skirts . . . RANOA ALLEN . . . chairman ol senior picnic . . , real t?l hlonrle hair .,,, lOAN BAKER , , , "Poochie" wants to leo to llolyoke . , . likes ll. t, .,,, t1AROl. BARTH- OLO . . , likes swimming at Fairfax anrl a xl, tl. man . . . BARBARA BERRY . . . likes Bermorla . . . hlue eyes. ' f . , at at aaa-i-i- i- 1 Seniors IMOUENE lllllllEllDOltli . . . art, gym, and ill people are Cupie's main likes . . . G,A.A. . . l'ATltltflA llOlSSlblt . . . Patsy thinks ood, spor'ts and people rue swell . . . wants tn graduate . . . DUNN llllANDOW . . . Hraudy dislikes Englislr in any funn . . . wants to own a hotel . . . INGE lllllltlllkltl . . . hopes to go to Marin j. If .... likes Ross . . . 1lAltllAltA Bl'l"l'MAN . . .likes Nan and converts . . . brown hair and blue eves . . . Vbll'l'A l50l.D'l' . . . blue-eyed Vert was a Debate and tlanrera tiluh rnenrber . . . likes ranching . . , NANCY llllANlJ'l' . . . was class treas .... :nnbition is to open lticlrard's door . . . ALVAH llUltNli'l"l' . . . will be a housewife . . . loves llob, loud and ttoo. liltr'-NK l.ll.AlNl5 . . . will be a machinist . .I likes wine, women and song . . . ltllllt- tihhp Q' liOlllJEN . . . active in G.S.S., Block "ls" Ylusic Club , , . will be a nurse . . . llhhbl. llRlNlill . . . likes blond boys . . . member ol' GAA., Music Club, Starters . . . li'-'liLYNNli l3USKliY . . . llvie was on senior rung comin., reg. treas., grail. chairman . . . likes lootball . . . l,OllllrilNE BLINN . . . lllinrp longs to he an airplane pilot . . . likes the Hang . , . MARILYN lltlllDliN . . . lrtinerresls enthusiast . . . active in ti.A.A. and 0.8.8 .... llltIHAllll l5lltlWN . . . was member ul' tlamera tlluh , , , wants to grad. . . . lfAllill,YN lfrllhll' ,... I oy likes dancing with Don . . , was on sen. picnic connn .... Glllltlh llllllUSl.AV . , , mem- ber of tf.S.li ,... likes dancing and swim- ming . . , l'HYl,l,lS iiliAlNAllD , . . Phil likes Mooney . . . assistant sen. editnr . . . IIAROI. ljUlililNG'l'0N . . ,sen. picnic connn. lnture: secretary . . . lltlll KIAMPANA . . . called llap . . . will work lor his pop. r l'Alrl5 'l'llllt'l"1'-litlllli. r ,L , a Hit., , HERB LISTER is the irritate of this industrious gentleman of the West. Well known to all Lincolnites is active and lan-loving Herb. Before coming to Lincoln, Herb attended Lawton, where he served as Student body president, This position gave him good practice in leadership which he later nsed as judge ol Lincoln, and president ol his registry. He is interested in dramatics and his ability in this field was proved by the line acting he did in one ol the term plays, "The lilattering Word." Upon graduation he will go to college to study either radio announcing or nredicine. lllllllliltlitlltli llOlSSllill BRANDOW BURGOLD lll'l'l'hlAN li0LD'l' llllAND'l' l:iUllNli'l"l' HLAINE BURDIEN BRINIER llUSKEY liLlNN llOllDliN lillOW N tltkhelll llOHUSLAV l3llAlNAlll'J llUlililNLi'l'tlN lfAhlPANA ll t .rl th You will probably recognize this smiling brunette in the western attire as JEANNE DOUGLAS, another of Lincoln's popular and hard work- ing Mustangs. leannes main activity here at Lincoln consisted ol being a very good student body secretary. During her other terms she has been an active member of the G.A.A., the Tri-Y, the lr. Statesrnen and the Block leanne will be a commercial artist ol the lutuer and with such ability will most likely be a good one. CANTOR CHASE CIRIAIELE COLE CANTWELL CHASE COATES CONN ERS CARELLA CHERNEY COCHRUN CONROY CARL CHERNEY COFFEY COOPER CARROl.L CHI LDERS COFFMAN COOT E . I -.1 . '.qfrA,,r,7 Spring-'47 WALLACE CANTOR . . . Wally was active in swimming . . . likes Willy and ears . . . Al. CHASE . . . attire in goll and basketball . , . likes study hall . . , lllNE CIRIMELE . . . wants to he a millionaire . . . was on journal stall . . . S'l'ANLlEY COLE . . . likes rallies . . . plans to attend Stanford . . . ROllER'l'A CAN'l'Wlil.I ,,.. ambition: a suceesslnl career and a happy marriage . . . dislikes moodl' people . .. . VlRGl.NlA CHASE , . . blue eyes, hlonde hair . . . 'l'uny as active in many rluhs , . . lOllN COATES . . . was in the Block "L" . , . likes Bev and skiing . , . wants to retire at lorty with about a million . . . llOlllill'l' CONNERS . . . llnh plans to he a chemist , . . thinks trout dinners are tops. 'l'llOlllAS CAlilfl.l.A . . . likes track, socce. . . . black hair, lrrown eyes . . . llARllARA l,HERNliY . . . llarhy was on the danr -al rally committees . , . will be a psyc :ir social worker . . . LOREN COCtlltl,ll' hopes to be an engineer . . . likes O, t . has brown hair and eyes . . , Al.lCli CON . . . Allie . . . sect.-treas. ol soph class llliRllliRT CARI .... likes basketball . called Herh , . . hates hamburgers . . AIOANE CHERNEY . . . likes friendly people . . , dislikes parsnips and turnips . . . ROliliR'l' COEFIEY . . . assistant track squad coach . , , wants to play professional baseball . . NANE'l"l'E COOPER . . . Nan worked on Log . , . wants to be a wiitet . . . ROSE ANNE CARROLL ,... hates liver and civics . . . green eyes, brown hair . . . DORIS CHILDERS . . , likes lim . . . ambition: lady ol leisure . . . JAMES COFEMAN . . . plays ping pong and studies , , . HONEY COOTE . . . likes Clrnck , . . wants to graduate. ,IW re , att' N, t Kirk' i lx! ie PAGE 'l'l llR'l'Y-lflVlE ' r I Seniors ROIIIERI' t'OPIil.AND . . . tlope served as class treasurer' . . . likes lloulder . . , IIIAN tYRltiTOIfANI . , . green eyes . , , tlris wants to get out ol selrnol . , . MARY ANN DAVIDSON . , . luture career girl . . . likes Don . . . lrrnwn eyes and lrair . . . DONALD DOZIER . . . lrlue-eyed Don wants tu study t'orestry . . . likes hunting . . . tQAROt, tfORDIiS . . . class treasurer and rrepreserrtrrtive . , . likes dinners . . , GER, ALDINE CROSBY . . . Gerry was in GAA., 'l'ri-Y, and Block "L" . . . arnlritioni doctor . . , SHIRLEY DIILO . . on sen. conrrn. . . . likes kids at U.S.tI ..., green eyes, lnown lrair . . . DAVID DUIIRNRR . . . arnlrition: wants to graduate . , . lrlonde hair . . . likes girls, MARY LOU CORDIIS . . . likes Bill . . . will lre a secretary . . . blonde Irair . . . DORIS tIROUtlI'I . , . is eaeer to grow an inclr . . , called tllrickie . . . in G.A.A, . , . plrotograwlry editor ul journal . . . WORTII' lNG'I'ON Dli'l'WIl,lill . . . Det was active in track . . . wants lu settle down . . . GAYLIZ DUIIRIISNE . , . likes julinny , . , will eel nrarried . . , brown eyes and lrair . . . IIARIIARA IQOUGLE . . . G.A.A. nrernber . . . likes Del . . . lrrown hair . . . RUTH tfUNNlNCiHAls'l , , , on sen. grad. curnrn., lrid rornrn., O.A.A., Block . . . likes sail lroatls . . . lNlAR'l'lN DOK'l'lIR . , . Dot' likes loud . , . will lre a capitalist . . . IIARIIARA Iillrllllllilf . . . wants to grad . . . likes Lincoln . . . green eyes . . . LORRAINR t'OX . . . likes cars, ltnulder . . . called Tally . . . l'A'l'RltflA DARNIELI .... lungs tn travel . . . dislikes lrorrrework . . . JRANNII DOUGLAS . . . school sec, 'l'ri3Y . . . rally cumin .... likes music . . . MARCIIALYN lllklllllkfli . . . likes Benny . . . called Mar' . . . blonde lrair. Prltili 'l'l lIR'l'Y-SIX :- is 'I 1 I rt Hiding under that big s0rnbrer'o is BILL WAGENER. A native San Franciscan, Bill came to Lincoln from Parkside in September, 19113. He played football, soccer and starred in swimming, He was elected president ol the Hi-Y, vice-president ul tlre Masquers, had parts in the plays, "RamshackIe Inn" and "The .lflattering Word." He entertained at rallies and became the president of the high senior class. Alter graduating from junior College and U.C.L.A., he wants to Ire a radio entertainer. COPELAND tYRlS'l'OlfANl DAVIDSON DOZIER IIORDES CROSIIY DIZLO DUIiRNI3R KIORDIES CROUCIH DE'l'WlLliR DU FRESNIE COUGLI5 CTUNNINGHAM DOKTER EMRREIE COX DARNELI, DOUGLAS EMMRIK Well, this looks like "Hop Along Cassidy's" girl friend, but no, on a second glance we see that it is our own DFESSF WATSON, known around the hilltop school as "Dee," She has been a member of the Masquers, and the Tri-Y, She was the associate editor ol the Log and was the co-president of the G.S.S. ln the fall of '46 Dee had a successful term as student body secretary. Dee has had a very lull and enjoyable high school career and hates to leave the school which has come to mean so much to her. f rea rirwcizr, roawiiy raiaoaicircsaw iciiriiiaais FISCLI-llilt rowraa raaoaiciicsow rirusu eisrma rox nw auxin tri,m'c.iuai raawic naoos iar.rPra'i'a'i Fr.a'r'ciina FRFDERIKIK uarai Spring-'47 DEAN FARRIER . . . lt,tJ.'l'.tl .... jr. Statesman . . . likes hlue-eyed brunettes . . . l'HYI.t.lS FINKEI ,... active in Stagers, dance committee . . . hazel eyes, black hair , . . AIJIJRHY FORNFY . . , goes tor tall blond men . . , active in cluhs and com- mittees . . . DORAI.Fll FllliI'DltltIKSEN . . . "llohbie" would like to he a t'eacher . . , brown hair and brown eyes . . . li0lllili'l' FJSRRARIS . . . llolfs chiel' activity is soccer . . . wants to he a dentist . . . CLIFFORD FtSt,Htilt . , . ambition: engineer . . . is a general loater . . , ltARllARA FUWIFR . . . was on the prom clecuration comm .,.. plans to be a buyer . . . blonde hair . . . lill'FH Fltlll3Rlt,KSttN . . . ambition: college . . , 'tri-Y. ALAN FIFISH ,... A l pestered Mr. Schmidt in physics . . . dislikes cate food . . . JAMES FISIIER . . . ambition: ? ? ? . . . likes Fred Martin . . , black curly hair . . . JAMES FOX . . . luture: actor . . . likes females and lun . . . MARYl3lil.l,Ii FRY . . . hates log , . . will go to ll, ol Montana . . . ANDFRS FtttI,D , , , was pres, ot' reg. and on dance conuu .... will go to Stanford . . . ARTHUR Fl,li'l'tjtIhR . . , "Dimples" played basketball and track . . . likes Carol F. . . . INGRIZD FRANK . . . called "Vicki" . . . in tL.S.F .... likes men . . , t.Il.l.lAN GAGOS . . . activities: amusing Mr. Ryall . . . likes Bolt , , , tQ0tlRlNl2 Flt,PPE't'Tl . . . black hair, brown eyes , . . likes the gang . , . dislikes poor school spii'it . . . Sl'lllll,hF Fl.ll'l't,l-'lliR . . . on Lug stall . . . called Fletch . . . likes jerry . . . GILBIZRT littlilblittltfli , . . was in Block "I," , . . likes baseball . . . black hair . . . DIANA CiAl,l.l . . . dislikes 'her temper . . . ambition: lack. l'AtiIl 'l'llIlt'l'l'-SIEVFN V . A. 4 s , , Seniors ALVIN GARBIER . . . called tilrark . . . dreams ol' ygracluatine I - - dislikes younrg girls . . . GHARLRS GRIi'I'liR . . . Student Body Fiery . . . nickname tilmck . . . low twelve treas .... ambition: art . , . LOR- RAINE GIRAUD . . . likes 'I'ex Beneke . . . wants to grad . , . brown eyes and lrair . . . ALMON GRABIIR . . . Al will be at Ioalet . . . likes tlarnlyn . . . green eyes . . . IRANNE GA'I"I'O . . , likes doing nothing and steak . . . brown eyes ,.., I AMI35 GEIGFR . . . jim is beaded lor dog doctor- inyg . I. . likes girls . . . active in track . . . jUANI'I'A GNAGY . . . Nita warns to be air electrical engineer . . . likes Don . . . JOAN GRACIA . . . on prom decoration committee . . . will no to New York . . . likes tall boys. MARIORIE. GAVIN . . . journal editor, t-.A.A. and C.S.F .... likes skiing and biking . . . ES'I'IiI.I.li GIESAS . . . likes music' . ' . mernber ol Math tllub, 'l'ri-Y and tfamera Club . . . ALIIERI' GOI,lJS'l'IiIN . . I, active in soccer, boxing . . . will be a test pfll . . ROIIIERI' GREEN . . . called Pierre . . plays basketball . . . brown lrair . . IARLES GAWLIEY . . . boxed . . . o il . aeronautical engineer . . . dislikes work . . . FRANCES GHISOLFO . . . member ol' G.A.A., Block "L" will be a nurse . . . IIUGIINII GOIIDEN . . . Gordie plans to Iinisli college . . . likes radio, sports, and ears . . . ,IANIE GRIFFIN . . . wants to go to Cal .... likes dancing . . . Irair and eyes are brown . . . HENRY GAZZANO . . . called Hank , . . likes to draw . . . will be an artist . . . ROBIIRI' GIBSON . . . "But- tons" wants to sail . . . likes ears . . . 1-IAR- RlE'I"I' GO'IdliIiRIIiD . . . "Gorilla" likes lite River . . . wants to Ioal' . . . ELAINE GRIS- SOM . . . "Gruesutne" dislikes civies . . . G.A.A. PAGE 'I'IIIR'I'Y-IIIG1I'I' I t R Ficturecl here is one of the pistol-packing set of Clrerney twins, BAR- BARA CHERNEY. Barbara, called Barby by her twin and friends, has been very busy in lrer four years at Lincoln. Sire lras been on the rally committee, tlre dance committee, in the Stagers, G.S.S'., C.S.F., and in the student assembly almost every term. Barbara wants to attend the University of California upon graduation Irorn Lincoln. GARBFR GBETIER GIRAUD GRABIIR GA'I"I'O GIEIGRR GNAGY' GRACIIA GAV IN GESAS' GOI.DS'I'I3IN GREEN GAWLEY GHISOIFO GORDIIN GRIFFIN GAUANO GIBSON GO'I"I'FRIED GRISSOIII This small gun toter is the other hall ol the set ol' I.incoln's popular' urirror twins, IOAN CIIERNEY. She has been active in such things as the rally eornmittee, the dance committee, the Stagers, the G.S.S,, II.S.F., and the Student Assembly, loan did an excellent job in her high senior term as the sehool's vicefpresident. She plans to join her sister at the I,lniversity ol California upon graduation. lQiROD'l' llAl.I, IlAR'l' HOFFMAN KIIIIIIN l-lAMll,'li'ON HAYDISN HOLMES GIIIIIN IIAM MER ISERG I-IIIADRIIIK l'lOl.S'l'EN OIIILFOY IIAM MON HENRY IIIIEACIIEK HACKER HARRIMAN IIIMES IRELAND qs , N, "tr-thx 2 '17 Spring-'47 DOROTHY GRODT . , , Dot likes lincoln . . . has blonde hair . , . ambition: ? ? ? . . . RIIZHARD IlAI.I .... active in track . , . wants to he chemical engineer' . . . PAT HART . . . on Log stall . . . likes ensigns . . . blonde hair . . ,JOHN HOFFMAN , , . wants a car . . . played soccer . . . blue eyes . . . AI,llliR'I'A GUIIIN . . . Eertie will go to lfal . . . likes summer . . . reg. presi- dent . . . JERRY I'lAMIl.'I'ON . . . played loothall . . . Iklock "l." prexy . . . likes Shirlee . . . DAVID IIAYDIEN . . . Dave was in Masquers , , . will be a doctor . . . likes Denver and dances . . . KATIIRYN HOLMES . . . "Clrirkic" has green eyes, blonde hair . . . ambition is to he happy . . . likes Waslrington, D. C. lAIIQllEl.lNli GIIIIIN . . . will study archi- tecture . . . likes people , , , BARIIARA I'lAMhlERIlERti . . . wants to weigh a lurndred pounds . . . "IIarumy" is a blire- eyed blonde . . . RALFII IIEADRICK A . . arnbitinn is to be a producer . . . likes music . . , I.ORll.AlNli HOl.S'l'EN . . , likes George and cars . . . plans to slr .trippy THOMAS GUILFOY . . . Tom n s to be a boss , . . likes the River . . . ,l,lAlrl HAMMON . . , llill was on All-t ailyik . . . Illoek . , . JOSEPH IIENR. . . . soccer player . . . likes dances and Fairlar . , . CAROLYN IIUISACIIEK . . . "Rusty" was on Log stall and prom comm .... likes linrmie's Dodge . . . LAIIRENE HACKER . . . Tri'Y, O.S.S .... ambition: to teach swimming . . . CYNTHIA IIARRIMAN . . . will be a stcnograplier . . . likes everything . . . MARIORY IIIMES . . . active in rallies . . . likes Dick . , . blue eyes . . . reddish hair . . . PA'l'RIIlIA IRELAND . . . called Slim . . . wants to he a singer , . , blue eyes . . . blonde hair. pane 'rrrrrrrv-urrva 'dr Seniors Al.YIfli IVEY . . , "Roots" belonged lo ti.A.A., 'l'ri,l' . . . hopes to he at beauty operator . . . 'l'l"l0lklAli JENKIN . . . will strive to be an engineer . . . Ili-Y nrenlber . . . likes daneinu and sports . . . ROGER JOYNER . . . ahhnrs hoinework . . . wants to graduate . . . hlue eyes, hlack hair . . . IIRUIIE KELLIEY , . . longs to go to Stanlord . . . t1.S.ll ,... blue eyes . . . ES'I'I'IliR JAIIURSON . . . active in tf.S.li. and lj.A.A. . . . likes ears . . . 'l'IlI5t.IDOIlR JENSEN . . . delights in nragic shows . . . will be an engineer . . . VERA JUST . . . hopes to be a lah, teclinieian . . . member ol G.A.A., 'l'ri4Y, lf.S.li. . . . lll.VA Klll.l.OGLi . . . sen. pirnic comin. . . . dreams ol' getting married . . . likes everytliing. ROBllR'l' JAtlOllSON . . . called Jake . . . likes to disprove Ivlr. Selrmidt's statements . . . AI5llY JUIINSON . . . lo play at tfarnenie llall is her ambition . . . blue eyes. red hair . . . JACK KAHN . . . played soccer . . . hates In-liayettes . . . wants to see Lincoln grow . . . PAT lilihlhllil' . . . studying lo he a buyer . . . enjoys people . . . l.li0NARD JAMES . . , brown hail . . . wants to pratluate . . . ean'l stand clams . . . WILLIAM J0l'lNS'I'tlN t I - active in socrer and track . . , goes lor San Mateo girls . . . WILLIAIVI RAPPELIIIAN . . . R.O,'I'.lI, ollieer . . . ahlrors lrornework . . . blue eyes . . . EIlIlllYl.0U KIEYES . . . wants ltlJ1l'iltlLlillC . . . likes tennis . . . lfUR'l'I5 JANSSEN . . . llamera tllub . . . will be a eliern. engineer . . . brown hair' . . . HELEN JONES . . . hates vegetables . . . loves Utah . . . green eyes . . . l'A'l'RllIlA Rlllfb . . . Pal wants to travel . . . enjoys clothes . . . brown eyes . . . Jill-IN KllvlllAl.l, . . . called "Ramiro" , . . on jonrnail stall , . . likes Kathy. l'AtiIi liOII'l'Y This tough looking homhre is known as CHARLES GEETER but called Chuck by all .tis buddies, He was born in Joliet, Illinois, but alter a lew years moved to Cliicago where he went llirough his lirst eight' years ol' school. In I9d5, Chuck and his family moved to San liraneiseo, and he entered Lincoln. ln his low senior year he was elected class treasurer and chairman ol the senior ring eornrnittee. Then he was elected prexy ol' the student body the following term and was a very capable leader. Chuck will limi his future in commercial art alter attendin U. C. or I3 Stanford. rvsv lnrvkrrv JOYNIEII RELLEY lrttiousotv ,JENSEN Inst' RELLOGG ,lseonsow lor-nvsoN kann lssrvtstrsv plains V lonNs'roN KAPIJELAIAN Ksvns IANSSEN ,lowes Ksns krrvlunti. -I The happy looking girl in the hiya hat is IIVIIILYNNII BUSKIIY, a husy anrl energetic Liucolnite. Iivie luis lrelrl the position ol registry treasurer for three terrnsg she was on the senior ring committee, she was the advertising manager ol' the log, aucl she rliil her last inh on the rnarching and seating rornmittee lor pracluation, Iivelyune, a science major, has really worketl hanl at Lincoln where her many positions have kept her husy. In the fall hvelynne plans to go to San Iirancisco luuior College to contimre her stuilies in journalism. KING l.l.0lI MarlDIlIIGAl.l. MARTIN KING l.l.IJI' MAIfK MARTIN KIIIIIIS IAIPEZ IIIAHII lvlAYIIIIiI,I3 l.IiVY LOIIVAII MANLIIY MeDEVII"l' LISTKR LUTZ MARIIIII McIiNIRY - t'f'i-R it 4 , r' ' .INA I :A I rx f r l.r wwf: "folks, .0 .V . rj r - yy. Nia tes Spring"47 EDWAIIIB KING . . . enioys concert music . . . will he a larmer . , . IIIEVIIRIY l,I.OP . , . playecl the trumpet . . . hlonrle hair ancl hazel eyes . . . IIIAN IlIacDt'IIlGAI,I, . , . ran't stantl liver anal conceiterl lroys . . . Jeanie has anhurn hair . . . DALE MARTIN . . . callerl Speetl . . . wants to sail the ocean hlue . . . IIOIIFIITA KING . , . hates lislr ancl sealnorl . . , goes lor clrocolrrte milk shakes . . . IACQIIELYN I.I,0P . . . nick- name ,laekie . . , likes the Illaremont . . . VIIIIA MACK . . . hlue eyes antl rerl hair . . . works on Log . . . Mr. "Dee" calls lrer "Mem Vark" , . . FRED MARTIN . . . Frerl has hlnnd hair . . , wants a rally antl a clouhle lunch every clay , , , likes sports. IITTOIE KREIIS . . . lriulr senior v.-pres. . . . goes for jack . . . MARTHA LOPEZ . . arnhition: to travel . . . callecl Marty . . . l.YSllE'l'II MAIIII . . . In lr. Statesmen . . . plans nursing career . . . MAIIILYN MAYFIEIIJ . . . active in G.A.A ..,. hopes to he a missionary . . . JANICIE LEVY . . . was on the ltounrl-Ilp stall . . . likes Ray, P, D.'s . . . future Mrs. M .... YIANIIT I.0lIVAII . , . clesires to he a loving wife, likes Russ anal Vera . . . DOLORES MAN- LEY a . . hlonrle hair . . . ambition: ? ? 3 . . . lonil ot' rallies . . . MARILYN Mc- IJIEVITI' . . . was on the prom comm. . . . wants to get even with Mr. Miossi . , . hot lor Gene . . . HERIIIiRT l,IS'I'I3It , . . hopes to be a ratlio announcer or go into rnerlicine . . . hrown hair anrl eyes . . . I.Iil,AND l.II'l'Z . , , ralletl Lee I . . enjoys model airplanes , . . ALICE MARCIII . . . active in many things . . . wants to visit Paris . . . ANN McIiNIIIY . , . known as Annie . . . was on the lug Stall . . . has real hair. PAGII FOIlTYf0Nll Y U, I tu srl.. -mn - . . Seniors CLAY ltlcKEE . . . "Mud" will strrve to be a West Point grad .... likes girls . . . DOROTHY MELIIY . , . rrrernber ol G.A.A., G.S.S ..,. goes Ior Oregon and dancing . . . ,IOAN MITCHELL . . . likes Wayne . . . hopes to grad .... G.A.A .,.. DONNA MORAN . . . called Don . . , will go to San Mateo j. C .... likes Stanlord I . . IEAN McNAItIiH'l'ON . . . goes lor tall boys . . , dislikes eggplant . . . blue-eyed blonde . . . GEORGE MERKEL . . . ltlerk's elrlel like is money! . . . active in track . . . brown lrair . . . DICK MISURACA . . . called Miz . . . active in lootball . . . DAVID MORGAN . , , wants to he a peddle puslrer . . . not interested in airy girls . . . hazel eyes . . . brown lrair. EDWIN McNINCH , , , played Iootball . . . in Block "L," Hi-Y . . . wants to go to Cal ,,.. BEVERLY MILLER . . . Bev hopes to graduate . . . likes Al . . . blue eyes . . . ELIZAl3E'l'l'l MOIINS . . . called Betty lo . . . utairr dislikes: snobs and lrorneworlt . . . plays tlre violin . . . DONAl.D MORRIS . . . goes lor hltlr period lunch . . . lrates week days . . , KEN MCQUEENEY . . . likes last De Solos . . . dislikes English . . . blue eyes , . . LEWIS MILLER . . . uickrrarne: Moose . . . Camera Club, Science Club . . . CARL MONDON . . . active in sports . . . goes lor bowling and swinnning . . . dislikes horne- wora . . . yanrs Morrow . . . Larry was in Block "L," dance ronrrn .... will go to College . . . I'RISCII.I.A McltEYNOLDS . . . likes vacations . . . hates trig . . . brown eyes . . . ALAN IvIISllNE . . . Mislr was active in sports . . . wants to grad , , . NORMA MOORE . . . Skipper was in terru play . . . likes ple MIIILON MOUN- 'IANOS , . . class or! A .... will be happy. yi! Here we have a trrre bandit of the Old West, IIM FOX. In tlre fall ol I9-I3, jinr came to Lincoln to start his happy and lull high school career. He became outstanding as our student body yell leader and then became the student body treasurer. He won honor for lrinrsell in a city wide blood donor drive and participated in school sports. One of the things 'lint liked doing most was playing the lead in the term play, "The Last Mile," lor dranratics has always been Iris pet like. Iirn's Iuture lies in either rnedicine or acting, and he will attend either California or U.C.L.A. to prepare for Iris vocation. MCKEII MELBY MITCHELL MORAN McNAUGII'I'ON MERKEL MISURACA MORGAN McNINCl-I MILLER MOHNS MORRIS McQUEENEY MILLER MONDON ItIOR'I'ON McREYNOI.DS MISHNE v MOORE MOUNTANOS in plaid shirt and cowboy hat, this girl who looks like a hit ol the Old West' is none other than ALICE MARCHl. A graduate from Park- sice, Alicia came to Lincoln as a lreslunan and hecame a registry ofhcer rig it away. As the time passed Alice was elected assembly representative, Log editor, a memher oi the Stagers, the Masquers, the Student Court ani Student Council. Alice loves dramaties and played an excellent part in one ol the terrn plays. As she majored in French, Alice hopes to visit Paris alter completing college. MllMF0ltll NIELSON OSBORNE PEARSON MURRAY NIETO OYEN P IZARSON MYERS NEWl-lAl,l, PAINTER llliRAl.'l'A NADLHR NISHKIAN PAPAZIAN PERSON NAGlll. NOSENZU PATTON PETllRS t nr i rf Spring-'47 SYDNEY hltlhlF0llD . . . Syd's main ac- tivity is cutting school , . . likes the River . . . IRENE NEI.StlN . , . "l" likes dancing with Louie, and louis . . . dislikes mustard . . . hlonde hair . . . MhTr'l OSBORNB . . . Meta wants to have a singing career . . . she dislikes school , . . GRHTA PEARSON . . . G.S.S ,... longs to he a secretary . . . lood is tops with her . . .Wll,l.lAM MUR- RAY . . . Willy plans to he a doctor . . . is lonil ol Model A's . . . lll.0RliNCli NETO . . , called liillie . . . on picnic comm. . . . the sun is her main like . , . MARIAN OYEN . . . will he a mag. illustrator . . . nickname: "lhigsy" .... IEAN PEARSON . . . on log stall' , , , wants to he wc-altlry , , . hlueseyed Jeannie likes Pat. Sr'l'ANl,liY MYERS , . . Stan plays a drum . . . enjoys eating . . . tfl'lARl,liS NliWl-lAl,l. . . . Clem hopes to he a street cleaner . . . hroivn eyes . . . WAl.l.AtlE PAINTER . . . Spanish is Wallys chief dislike . . . homework makes trim unhappy . . . OSCAR PERAl.'l'A . . , in Hi-Y, llloek "I," . . . likes fun and lrolic . . . has hlacli hair . . .MARVIN NADLER . . . hopes to bc a doctor or a dentist . . . hrown eyes and hair . . . BEV- ERLEY NISHKIAN . . . called "Niall" . . . on log stall . . . likes Mr. Dee . . . Gll. l'APAZlAN . . . goes for jayrene and Miz . . . nickname: Pel . . . hlack hair . . . ANNFTTTE PERSGN . . . "Andy's" only dislike is calihage . . . green eyes, hlonde hair . , , l.0lS NAL ,... l.o is a hearty eater . . . dislikes horuework . . hlue eyes . . , hrlll.UliED NOSHNZO , , . Milly longs to he an actress . . . likes tlhinese food - . . VIRGINIA l'A'l"l'ON . . . on' log and journal stall . , . war's to he a huyer . . . ,IEANETTE Pll'l'lllt5 called jenny . , . will travel. .U y. Seniors VIRtilNIA l'li'l'lIRSEN . , , would like to he u model . . , has blue eyes, brown lruir . . , kVll.l.lAhl Pllilllil' . . . main like is basketball . . . belonged to the Ili-Y . . . RUSSIILI, I'ltI5l.l.Wl'I'Z . . . goes lor nrusic and women . , , was quite interested in most sports . . . llE'l"l'Y ROIBIIINS . , . tagged as llbleepyn , , . abhors people who can't smile . . . NEAI, I'I.E'I'EltSON . - . to be a doctor is Pete's ambition . . . goes lor gray tfhev- iolets . . . LOMA POHLIVIANN . . . hates any Monday inorning . . has brown hair, blue eyes . . . LORRAlNll PIIOUT . . . hrown-eyecl lorry cun't stand snooty people . . . lutnre: secretary , . . LORRAINIE ROB- IIINS . . . loves lo skate . . . Lorrie hales eggs and unfriendly people. jAt'IQUlil.lNb l'li'l'Rl . . . known as jackie . . . likes Hill . . . auburn hair . . , IIEVERLY POND . , , was on senior prom connn. . . . crazy about Saturday ulgltts . . . JUNI5 RIEUIIOID . . . played the piano in all-girl band . . . loves Vlloodacre . . . PAUL ROHRIIR . . . did a lot in sports , . . lavorite activity is skiing . . . WILLIAM lIl'lILl.II'S . . . has the anibition to be lree . . . thinks San Mateo is hue . . . NANIIIII l'O'I"I'lIR . . . rneinber ol 'l'ri-Y . . . Nan goes lor sunshine and U.tI.L.A .... HELEN RICH . . . Helen thinks hot dogs and converts are delinitely okay . . . is a blue-eyed blonde . . . RIIIIERI' SANDSTROM . . . known as Sandy . . . hopes to be a success . . . IANICE PIBIIRNIG . . . was in G.S.S., ti.A.A. and Block "L" . . . ambition: to travel . . . FRED IIRAIJI' . . . thinks he will be a ranelrer . . . likes V. V ,,.. AIWIUIANI RItYH'I'l5R . . . happy when surliog, sailing or bowling . . . KA'l'HRh'N StfHMIlI'I' . . . will be at nurse . . . brown hair. Prltill lftIIl'l'Vr I'tIlllt ll V ir' sql' 'Ihis happy looking cowgirl can't fool us by her disguise because we can see that it is MARILYN BORDEN. Marilyn, who has a twin sister Margaret, has been one of I.incoIn's most active students. She was the vice-presiclent of the Girls' Service Society, a nreinber of the Girls' Block L," a class representatrive and vice-presiclent ol her registry, Marilyn also did her part in various bond drives, in the Red Cross, and helped in the canned I ood drive. Her anrbirion lor the luture is to be a good secre- tary and she has preparecl lor this work during her high school years. I'E'I'liRSEN PI ERCIY l'Rlil.l.Vl' l'I'Z ROBBINS IIlE'I'IiItSON ROI-ILMANN I'ROU'I' ROBBINS I'li'I'RI POND REUBOLD ROHRER PHILLIPS PO'I"I'RIt RIIIII SANDSTIIOIVI PIIIIIRNIG I'RA'l"I' RltfH'I'ER SKIHMIDT raannmgmwpanaynonaawnsnrawaanmwraoa lNNJmommmMoHmBmmnmmaHMhmwmaMmmmum smvw mawonmnIm'menmnyadwwkshrwmdrMwlmshwmrpmt whhedwdmsahmnkdIhnom.ThmeadWkwshwhmmlmeClSSaHw hIuskfCluh,thc Chrh'lhork mln and hehang hlr RyaH.IJunng Um yvar years hlargaret Serveo as a volunteerrrarses aide ar Hre Clrihlren's hospihd wlrearshe eonhihuted 500 horns ollrerthne,laargaretenjoyed Hnswomiewrmwh,mrwwisphnnmgtohuomeannme SIIIIIIUIEIDHR SIIERWOOIJ Stllllill STIEVIENS Stftl'I"I' SIItlIII.GIlIISKY SOIIENSHN SIIINII SIiKARA SINGER SORIENSEN STONE SIIITNSON Shllilllblilt S'I'IiINl-IAIISIIII lI'I'Il1'IN'l'ItN SIIIYRNIAN SIILDAVINI STliI,I.lNtl S'I'R0lvIIIIiIlG Spring"47 IOIS SIIIlROIiIJEIl . . . in tlI'CIll'SlIitl . . . amhition: to gratluate . . . Iontl ol june I.ake . . . AUDRIZY SI'II?ItWO0D . , . seems to rare lor Wally , . . hates mysteries . . . S'I'rlNI.IiY Slilllllll . . . Stan . . . wottltl like to have it lot of money . . . lirown lrair antl lllne eyes . . . WflI.'I'llIl S'I'lIVIlNS . . . goes Ior A. W., Iiolirlays . , , will he an engineer . . . IiI,IZAllIl'I'I'l SIQIYIUI' , . . nickname: 'Iutky . , , will he a nurse . . . likes hlae . . . SIINIA SII0lII.GtttISKY . . . will he a nurse or motlel . . . likes Pat . , . XIUANNE SOIIIHNSEN . . . was in G.A.A. . , . likes Ilill . . . hrown hair . . . lltllllfi STONIT . . . Stoney will stutly astronomy . . . likes traveling aml staying in Oregon. 1'lNI'JllliW SIIKARA . . . Iootl ol lun. girls antl loaling . . . may he a traveling sales' man . . . IIARIIARA SINGER . . . her amhition is to grow tall , . . ran not stantl snolrs . . . MAIIIANNII SORENSEN . . . will he a nurse . , , crazy ahoat Ilnssian River . . . IlIAIltiARIE'I' STONIE . , . was in G.A.A ,... .woultl he happy as at doctor . I . NIIIRVYN SIIIIENSIIN . I . in lllock likes Ilairlax . - ' hIrlIIVlll.l.E SNEIDIIR . I . hopes to go to t1.0.I' .... likes her hntltlics anal clothes . , . NIAIIGAIIET STIZIN- IIAIISHR . . . known as Moasie . . . may motlel . , . hates a clam . . . ROIIIERT S'I'Rf'lN'l'ON . . . tlitl lots ol ramera work . , . wotilil like to lte a plttrtogntpliet' . . . IltllIIiR'l' SIIIIRIIIIIN . . . has a yeh lor eating :intl snlitl geometry . . . hrown hair . . . BARIIAIIA SIIIDAVINI . . . Salili hates tweed suits . . . likes ,lnhnny . . , ALIIIII S'I'I5I.I,lNti . . . tlay tlreams . . . wants to he fascinating . . . Alrlhl STRON- BERG . . . was in term play. hoacil .,-'. . known to his lmdtlics aslll. 3,1 4. 'F gi I raerroarraavr I Seniors LA WAYNE S'I"IlOblIlEIIG , , , plnns on being either ti doctor oi' tt buni . . nbhnrs work , . . IANIS SULLIVAN . . . was high senior secretary . . . goes for lllel and Jeanine . . . NANCY 'l'IEl,lIER . . . nclive in Ci.A.A., lllock "I," rind Mnth Ijlub . . . red hnir, blue eyes . . . R0llIlR'I' VON KIINSKY . . . Ioitfs . . . tunbitionz to loaf . . . hot for WnIIy's rocket . , . ELAINE S'I'IIAR'I' . . . known ns "Stu" . . . wants her fellows hill . , . loves to swini . , , SIAIIELIIUN SIVIIN- SUN . . . was in Ili-Y und spoils . . . ai boy who wants to get nnn'riecI . . . CLAIRE 'I'U'I'II . . . cnlled Lindii . . . his hopes of being at clesiener . . . GLENN VOUGIII' . . . nctive in football, truck, Ili-Y . , , is fond ol cans. Sl-IIRLEY STUARI' , . . keeps herself busy with ice skating . . . hits hopes of being lvlrs. A. lil .... EUGENE SlVli'l"l' . . . nnihition: engineer . . . goes for blondes . . . MARYLOU TRUE . . . is fond of week-ends . . . Innes chem. tests . . . WlI.l.IAIvI WAGE- NER . . . in Ili-Y . , . would he hzippy its nn enterlztiner . . . PAULA STUIIR . . . U.S.S. nieniber, also on Log stnll . . . likes Drive . . . ciin't stand onions . . . h'IAI.tf0I.lIl SYIVIONDS - - - ti track rind boxing nnin . . . will be nn engineer' . . . VIUAN 'I'lVEEl,7'I' . . . has it liking lor pliiitoinzipliy . . . annhition: ngricnltunilist . . . IILARIINKTE WAUNER . . . "tIlnncy" czin't slnnd week-end horne- work . . . nclive in sports . , . I-IARLEY SULLIVAN . . , thinks darting is great . . . nnxions to get itliencl . . . ALVA TAYLOR . . . doesnt like clieniistry . . . but goes for converts , . . UIIIR VAN ERI' . . .innbitionz urcliilect . . . pintinl to redheinls . . . MARION IVAIRIIII , . . is culled Blondie . . . allways Innns . . . tgreeii eyes. PAGE FORTY-SIX I i Under the big horseshoe is pictured one ol' the senior class' biggest d bcst RICHARD ABRAHAM Born 'incl reared in Stn lfrwncisco 'I i, 4 ' I 4 7 Riclnnd crnne to Lincoln alter attending Prirksicle Gnuninur School. During his stny nt Lincoln, he has been known for the active pint he took in sports und student body work. Rich went out for football and tnick. I-le wus center of the nll-city football teiun ns well as cnptniii of Lincoln's own varsity. Rich was the president of the low senior class. S'l'llOIIIl3EIlG S'I'UAR'l' S'l'UAR'l' SYIIUCK SULLIVAN SULLIVAN SWENSON SWll'l"I' SYIIIUNDS 'I'AYLOR 'IELEIER 'I'O'I'I I TRUE 'l'IXIEIiD'l' VAN ERI' VON RONSKY V ULIUHI' WAGENER IVAGNER WALKER The trite girl in the hriglit plaid shirt and big hat is known as MAR- IORIE GAVIN. Marge started at Lincoln in her sophomore year, alter coming from Palo Alto. She worked harrl as husiness manager of the Log, and then did an excellent joh as editor ol the Roundup. Marge has also been active in sueh organizations as the junior Statesmen, the G.S.S., the Girls' Block "L," and is a life mernher of the C.S.F. Marge is planning to take a srienre rnajor in College, WARNER WATSON Wlt.KS'l'ROM WINTEREERG WARNER WAY WILLIAMS WISSING WARREN WEI,tII-I WILLIAMS WITTRII ill WASIIRIIRN WIIITE' WILLIG ZENGLER WIIITELEY WILSON ZIEGLER Spring-'47 DEAN WARNER . . . Iavors hrnriettes . . . will Iinrl his luture in engineering . . . ROBERT WAY . . . desires to go to Mana- gua, Nicaragua . . . has hazel eyes . . . ALIIERI' WILLIAMS . . . hasn't any dislikes . . . happy when roller skating . , . gray eyes and hlaek hair . . . RERNICE WISSING . . . is crazy ahoot clothes . . . will End her Iuturc in srhonl tearhing . . . DIANE WAR- NER . . . Di wants to he a dental nurse . . . a hlne-eyed blonde . . . RUIIIN WIE.IIIl . . . whistles and yodels , . . stupid women are on his hlark list . . , JANET WILLIAMS . . . worked hard in the otlire . , . will go to college . . . IIARBARA Wl'I"IRItlI'I . . . unhappy when it rains . . , called Ilohhie. llAlIlIl.lJ WARREN . . . is known as Real herause of his red hair . . . aiuhition: to he a pharmacist . . . SARA WI-II'I'E . . . was in fi.A.rl., Starters and likes to swim . . . alihors asparagus . . . EDWARD WILLIG . . . douhle lunches are tops on his list . . . hopes to he an ire man . . . GEOIIGE ZENGLER . . , partial to tlramatics, Ioorl, and sleep , , . hrown hair and eyes . . . EAITH WASH- IIIIRN . . . loves Lolorarlo, and sports . . . in G.A,A. and Elork "I," . . . Vlt1'l'UR Wlll'l'EI,EY . . . popular as The Tongue . . . hoses . . , arnlsiliou: ruoney . . . SHURLIA WILSON . . . seems tn he lonil of Roy . . . called Shorl , . . hrown eyes and hair , . . AR'l'l'lIlR ZIEGLER . . . goes lor girls . . . doesnt like kids who hum rides . . , DEESSE WATSON . . . hates kids who ran't pronounre her name . . . Round-Up stall , , , ANN WIIIKSTROM , , . on sen. hreak. rnnun. . . . ltlue eyes . . . IANICE WINTERIIERG . . . amhition: radio . , . hlonrle hair. PAGE l'0R'l'Y-SIIVIIN N17 f' x fr' 10' ff EL "' bl L 7 1 9 'Q M f 17 Jfvs' ff fl if j gf 13122 f 5 I J f If ff I J 1 J, E 4' fc vx j f f f JJ I' pf 5 lv" ,J 5 .. 4 r f M. x ,M-fl' wx wr 5 " if A I 1 f 5 I V A QQ Mo WES'l'liltN DAY tIl'tlvIlttl'l"l'lilE LOG S'l'AllF llorrr l: j. Levy, S. Shenson, ,l. llearson. ltarrr lirarrt roar: A. ltlarchi, N. Cooper, S, Flutclrer, ll. lluslrey, A. Wiclrstroru, M. Gavin, A. lllc- B. Nislrlrlan, j. Wlnterlrerrg. Zrrrl rarrlf j. Pear- son, V. Paton, V. Mack, P. Stuck, ll. Buskey yl. Sullivan. ire! r'oar.' G. Van Dyke, S. Allen linlry. CUB S'l'Alill Rauf Ir B. Samuelson. B. Kress, Winlield, 1. Arrnos, ll. Byrnes. ltarr' 2: D. Cnltrell, 5. Mc- Donnell, li. Zals, N. Bone, j. Wlnlield. llarr' if D. Plrillips, B. Copeland, D. Dxhorouglr, B. lolrnson. Future Caens-Eleanors ln the journalism classes at Lincoln High School, future newspaper rnen and woruen learn the lundarnentals ol writing under advisor Mr. Arrnond De lvlartini. Many phases ol journalisrn are studied, from head- line writing to rnalre-up, and all students have a chance to become stall nrernhers of the "Lincoln Log." As such it is their job to see that dead- lines are inet and to generally supervise the paper. Under the able leadership ol' Carolyn 'l'rasry and Alice Marchi, the editors of the '46-'fl7 Log, the paper had a successful year. Carolyn Trusty received national r'ecogrrit'iorr from the Arnerican Tuberculosis Association for an oat- Aypc Mmm Lug mm standing news story appearing in a school publication. Ulf le flalrlf Gil Freclerick and Gene Yan Dyke write lor the "Log" , . . Yerba hlackV:1cltlr'esses copies ul the "log" lor Lincoln alanrru .' . . .laurs bullrvau types "l.or4' copy . . . Alice Marclri and jan Wruterlrerg hle "Log" copy . . . Rusty Huhaclrel: and Wally Lrurtor look over a new edition ol the "Lua" Inset: livelynne Busleey rnalte a husruess cal. PAGE li1l"TY .L llnlr Stranton, Rounrl-Up Plrntruaraplrer ROUND lll' Sfl'rlFll Prrrrrr rare: A. Wirkstrom, S. Slrenson, 1. Levy, i bl. Sullivan, ,l. Gntsrlrall, M. Sneicler, Zrnl rare R. Illlaerigi, P. llrainarcl, P. Stuck, P, Darnell l. liirimele. 3rd rorv: M. Gavin, 1. Kirnlrall W. tfantor, lt, Strantun, D. tirourlr. Wield the Mighty Pen Responsible for llre publication ol the Lincoln animal are the lrarrl- worlring rnenrlrers of the Rounrl-Up stalt uncler the supervision ol the ailvisor Mr. "Dee" anil eclitor, Marjorie Gavin. This group correlates material, collects pictures, and supervises the production ol the journal. The purpose of the journal is to reflect the srilrolastic and social life ol all stuilents ancl preserve a perrnanent recorrl that lineolnites can rel er to in future years. ln orcler to carry out the theme of the 19216-1947 journal the stall' ol the Rounrl-Up sponsored a Western Day ilevoterl to the clraraderization of lile anel times of pioneer rlays in llre Par West. Phillips anrl ,lnily tintsrlrall Bl -A , .., ,.., lllarjorie Gavin, Rounrllip llrlitor Lejf rn riglrr,' ,lanis Sullivan, Marge Gavin, Marvelle Sneiiler and Pat Darnell look over tlre Rounrl-Up ilununy . , . janis vSullivan, Sa ly Slrenson, jean Pearson, arul llnn Mellnny make plans for Western'Dav . . .Plryllrs ltrarnarrl and Ramona rl lrerigi go over senior lriorrraplries . . , Paula Stuck anal Evelynne lluskey . . . june Crrnnele, lrusrni-ss manager. inset: Pat Sullivan, associate Rounrl-Up eritor, fall 19-lo. PAGE FIFD ONE l Vern lust, l'iesiileiit nl t'.S.ll. -ss' 4.4 . grin ,W til tl- fxilixfkiil. .v'-v'- tv ii'. ,. x ' g.. tl.S.ll. nnvs s l"inul t'Itll'.' lt. Batltei, K. lvlt'Qttevney, nl. llnllninn, M. lilielteiilonpei, ll. Ltipliznii, D. Hiill, ,I ltielnvonel. flltl roiitr ll. Stanley. D. Vnnllip, lt. lvlnnie, S, l.evin, S. Kline, lt. Linigei, li. Kit vvnllvnwvlvi ln! l'ftll'.' ll. Pliillips, P. Snltnw. P 0 W ' 0 W S The Cnlilornin Seliolnrsliip lieileivitioii is it state-wide lionoi' society consisting ol stntlents who have neliieveil liigli seliolnstie stzunlings. Lineoln's active elniywter, which is sponsored by Miss Mollie Rosen, olleis at vnrieel proygniin lor its ineinbers. l.llltlCf presidents Steven Leneli and Vern just, C,S.li'ei's have t'otn'eel tlie eznnynnses ol outstanding univer- sities nntl nttenileil nnttinee peilortnnnees of sevevnl nzttionully recog- nizetl ynlnys. tj.S.ll, lilllLS in nnin' tl, ttnznlvis, II. lnnvnn, ll. lvlnrtenson. WI. Willitnns, M. Miislin, l. lteitit, U. Siingei Ii. tlssin. Jml I'0tt'.' D. tflnzie, E. lnenlisen, G. Ninnis, P. Lyons, M. tinvin. D. Stone, D. l'i'etlerit'ltsvn, G. tfiosliy. fin! rrntt: tl, tlniig, l.. lltn'ke1', li. lllnlieity, ,l. l.nrsnn, lt. blnlninsnn, j. Mtiltsell, tl. l-lznely. fllli unit: M. liry, K. llinnnmn, G. Vtiinlevei. D. Uyipeiilznnlei, A. Vogel, l. tftiniiinglntin, Dime. Ml: loin' V. just. H. De lilnint. P. llicltel, l. tiniiiiiiiings. S. l7lett'liei', lt. lireili'ii'ksnii, A. llullnvr, M. tiiillen. ---s 4.411.- lllltjli lill"l'Y-TWO 1 l 0.8.8. ltr rrnrm' Al. Cherney, D. Watson. G. Pearson, E. Foletta, I., Kortriglit, .l, llerta, ll. tlherney, 2rrfl rnrrr: D, Melhy, ll. Allen, A. lhirnett. M. Gavin, G. t Iroshy, D. Stone. liar' fart M hir V. just, S. tirunigen, S. McDonnell, l. Pehernig, ftrlv i-nrrf: M. llnrilen, M. ltorilen, ll. Wcssing, l'. Henson, S. Slioiilgolsky, P. Stuck, sth rortu' H. llrincr. E. Flaherty, . P 0 W- O W S 'lhe G.S.S., sponsorecl hy Miss Anita Truman, consists of a group ot' thirty girls whose purpose it is to give service to the school, The girls work in the lihrary helore anil alter school, make seraphoolrs lor ehilrlren, anil plan a dinner each term. Meinhets ol the lloys' Bloelt are those who have earnerl their hloelrs hy participation in sports. Under the sponsorsliip ol Mr. larnes C. Morena, these hoys keep oriler at rallies anrl perlorin other neeilccl service. 4 t novs' aioiiie lit rare: M. Fiore, M. hlrenson, ll, Waltz, E. MeNineli, O. Peralta, M. Mnnntanous. ir. Freil- jerry llamilton, Presiilrnr Boys' tllorlr eriile. hir! roar: P, Rolrrcr, ti, Vonglit, j, Hamilton, j, tnates, H. Mooney, ll, Martin, rad roar: R. Cutler, R. Brown, ll. Sans, l. jackson, R. Sornmers, B. l-rlarnnron. Altli rnrin' M. Ver' nrnlen, R. rlhraham, j. Ramsteail, R. Davies. RAGE l'll'lTY'TtIRllE Lll5RAllY ASSlS'l'AN'l'S lrr roto: M. Stevens, tl. Kellor, E. Marsh, P. Turcy, U. broser. Qrrrl row: D. ltoherlsou, F. Drew, F. Uuesns, U. Harley. 3rd ruin' li. Znis, M. Stewart, A. Wrckstroru, M. Snerder, F. Keyes. Pow-Wows l.lBRAltY STAFF The librury stuff, under the direction of Miss Grace Dixon, ussists in checking books in und out, putting books in order, repuiring durnuged copies, und giving general irrtonuutiorr to those using the library. JUNIOR S'l'ATEShllEN lr! row: V. Boldt, B. Hollmuu, M. Grithu, M. Fry, j. Avey, M. Gavin, D. Watson. Qrrrl row: B. Baker ll. Nicoll, M. Nndler, L. Mohr, ll. Cfunuiugluuu, D. Ferrer, P. Selrunrucker. in! row: A. Hal- sen, 1. Richwood, ll. Brown. FAME lf lF'l'Y'FOUR J... Jutvrou srnrusunu Tl1ejuuiorSr1ntesrucr1 of America is a national or gzrnizution which promotes student interest in govern ment. Liucolu's chupter has helped the school or- ganize student hody elections. OFFICE STAFF The ollice stall is composed of u group of students who work during their free period doing general otlice work, such us hliug und taking cure ol records Under the supervision of Mrs. Easton, they uid in keeping the ollice ar smoothly running unit. oerrcu Srnlfrf ln' row: G. Bush, N. Peden, E. Folettu, F. Penrose, N. llozukis D Mrtzner. De Denux, y. Blackwood. 2nd roto: P. Seidell, M. Nelson, P. Sounuers, B. ltozrr rs, A. Mrlaui, G. Beetz. li. Buskey, B, Stanley. Bn! row: A. yGruher, M. Bishop, D. Christoplrerson, M. Locklrart, P. Stuck, N. Potter, S. White. 4th row: ll. '1'aylor, S, Mnuseu, G, Uolde, M. Evuusoul, C. Penirrptorr. ,Sth roto: G. Vundiveer, M. Sclrullutusw, C. Craig, ll. Wrssrng, V. Young, D. Lunsunm. P 0 W'W0 W S COMMITTEE EOR INTERNATIONAL CLUB The committee for the International Club is formu- lating plans for a group who will explore the city, get to know people with ditlerent attitudes and habits who have something to contribute to American lite, and help interpret America to foreign students. IIAMERA CLUB ltr I-aria' j. Lane, F. Ghisollo, E. Bnslrey, S. Shonlgolsky, J. Tweedt, IE. Gesas, R. Cantwell. lm! row: H. Chase, j. Loustow, C. Richards, B, Madden, D, Brown, D. Hanson, P. Sclinrnacker. 3rd mic: R. tunners, C. lanssen, W. Moseley, B. Wyner, B. Stranton, E. Putzer. lNfl'lERNATlUNAL S. hluzro, R, Madden, L. Bauer, Y. l.acomh CAMERA CLUB Camera clubbers leamtthe fundamentals ol good photography through instruction and practice iII print- ing, developing, and actual picture taking. They sup- ply the bulletin board with appropriate photographs, and snap many scenes used in school publications. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is composed of Spanish class stu- dents who are interested in lamiliarizing themselves with the characteristics ol Spanish life, and in under- standing the aims and views ol the Spaniards. The group also does Spanish singing and dramatization. SPANISH CLUB Ir! fora: D, Manuck, M. Drnhy, B. Mortensen, E. Zaisg Zrrd row: B. Gubin, J. Gubin. 3rd I-nur: D. Gavidia, I.. Cochrun, D, Coltrell. 17 I PAGE FIFTT " h Qnrua'rrs titans lar rote: V, llultll, 'l, Prime, P. Lyon. Li. 'l'rabert. Dad Hill'-' ll. 'l'o hm, l. Ustholl, D. Danhert, B, lloyner, B. Stanley. had rare! ll. Salhert, B. Boynton, P. larlrson, ti. Berglund, P. Soltow, sith rant: l. ltiehwood, P, Srlnrnraelrer, M. Band, lvl. Hielrenlooper, I, Phillips Pow-Wows DEBATE CLUB The debaters are one ol Lint'oln's outstanding groups. As rnernhers of the National liorensie League, they have put Lincoln on the map in city, state, and national contests. Playing host to two tournaments, they have brought many laurels home. UIUDIRUN CLUB lit r'our.' P. llolner, ht. Piore, H. Hotlman, D. ltirlrshine, H. Sul- livan, li. hleNirrelr, lt. Prellwita, tl. Peralta. lad rorrr: B. Galloway. D. Uxbourglr, j. Hagler, U, Vonght, xl. llarnilton, nl, Coates, H. Mooney, 'l'. Umplrery. ghd rout: U. Morgan, B, Peterson, M. Peter- son, C. l-lord, B. Sans. S. Swenson, C, Wagrrer, -lrlr rote: B. hlahr, tl. Carsten, lvl. Vermuelen, D. Abraharn. l. larkson. ti, Biogini, lt. Davies. .ltlr rare: D. hlisurata. B. Ciainey, B. linilloy, l.. l.ani.1, B. Colley, tf. janssen. PAGE Pll"I'Y-SIX GRIDIBUN CLUB The Gridiron Club is composed of members ol the varsity football squad. 'lfre boys are interested in pro- moting good public relations in football, and include outside speakers in their yirograrn as well as dances and other social allairs, MATH CLUB The lvlatlr Club is composed of those members ol mathernatits classes who have a particular interest in the held. They spend many hours ayiyilyirrg their Prae- tical knowledge ol math to solving perplexing brain- twisters. I if r'orr'.' P. Ulrisnllo. lt. True, B, Gesas, V. Boldt. lm! rare: E. Busty, lt, Berndt. ht. Pty. ,tial ram' D. Hall, tj. Janssen, U. tlt:Halas. Pow-Wows REIELWINDERS Under the supervision of Mr. Bernard Miossi, the reelwinders take care ol' the sehool movie projector and show lilms used in classroom instruction. Most of the members are licensed operators. RADIO Irf mrrm' M. Hirkenlooper, M, blattieson, lvl. Nadler, l., Gibbons. Zrnl rrrrrr: ll. Goldstein, ll. l.arnrirrtra, tj, Rirbard, j, Dam. . . , ,m,.,t RliEl.WlNDhRS 1 I , .Wt . .l.evrn, j, Co . . lfrrr l torhrun ll toltrell P old ll lernin Rnd rorr: lt. Wyner, bl. Hiekenlooper, l. Phillips, lt. llriedman. RADIO Cl..l.lB The Radio Club is partieulatl,y attractive to those who have an interest in radio and electronics. The group spends rnuth time in actual construction and repair of radios. Under the guidance of Mr, Burbank, they get code prartiee and radio theory. MOUNTAINEERS The Mountaineers are rr hrantlr ol the Senior Girl Scouts. 'lhough just under way, their artivities have included ski trips, dances, and barbecues. One project has been to work up a rnorrrrtaineer' pledge and an installation ceremony for ollieers. hl0llN'l'AlN1lliRS lrf rare: P. Wood, V. tiliigris, H, Smith, G. llenolds. Qrrd row: J. Avery, P. Donegan, D, Olsen, 3rd rnrrr: S. Gilly, A. Crooks. 1 r l . ...U-H S 1 r l PAGE l"tFTY-SEVEN .p llLlll2-'l'ltl CLUB ifrrrul rant: lt. Albee, ll. Mcliune, B. Sullivan. A. ltutner. End rant: ht. Alarcon, Brown, C. Boche, li. Boegerslransen. 3rd roar: lt. l'erkins, J. Squires. H. lsaacson, j. Dane. 4th row! R. liagan, j, Rogers, P. Cunnan, j. Gr'eerrlJen:. Pow-Wows BLUE TRI The Blue Tri, sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., includes in its varied program social and sport activities lor girls, and opportunities lor community service proj- ects. Sports, dances, and week-end trips composed the agenda lor a busy terrn. MUSIC CLUB 4 In rortu' D, Clazie, tl. Hooper, D. SCllllltJtllll,tgllllllA, D. Sclunerlinnlrotl, lt. Weidenleld, lvl. lvlaytield, l. Berta, D. Clrilders. had rorru' A. john- son, J. Badger, H. Briner, A. Taylor, M. Borden, A. Vogel, D. Dau- bert. ,Sad roar: R. Good, B. Mohns, lvl. Steinlrauser, lt. Cunnlnglram, iv. Itlopper, B. Wittriclr. :IIA rout: A. Cernentina, C. Wagner, li. lar oem l'Abl. l"lli'l'Y-r'lttll'Z MUSIC CLUB The Music Club is composed of members ol the advanced chorus and orchestra classes who have achieved high grades in this held. The chorus sings lor l'.'l'.A., U.S.O., church, and school proprzuns, and the orchestra plays for school productions. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, open to all students, stimulates an interest in the scientitic lield. Dernonstrations, ex- perirnents, and lectures are given, as well as parties from time to time. The Lincoln Science Club is a unit of the Science Club ol America. science cron tri roam' lt. Freernan, K. Schmidt, Z. Baker, tsl, lliclrenlooper, Jud roar: G. llrederrels, B. Nishkian, M. Fiore. Pow-Wows 'l'ltI-Y Cl-lAP'l'IiR 2 Due to a membership limit in Tri-Y Chapter l in the Spring ol 1945, a second Tri-Y group was formed. The girls have done much service for the Y.M.C.A., such as serving dinners and helping on committees. They plan much lun in the future under their sponsor, Mrs. Gesas. TRI-Y l tr! r'ora.' C. Craig, S. lvlrllonncll, I.. llaeker, ll. Leland, B. Wittrich, R. lliedrirlrsen, j. Douglas. Zml row: l.. Klostcr, l.. lanctsli , C. flail- teux, lt, Mac Gnrn, J. hlaltsell, V. just. 3rd rare: M. Fry, llimcs, ll, Williarns, J. Borflrard, l.. lllinrr, D, lleach. TRI-Y II lrl rnrv.' G. troshy, N. Potter. 2nd row: li. Glenn, C. Penington, Il. Gcsas, I. Burgold. TRI-Y CHAPTER t 'l'ti-Y Chapter l, a counterpart of the Hi-Y, is sponsored hy the Y.M.C.A. Primarily a social group, the girls have had s'ri trips, dances, and a harhecire. A service project ol sending packages overseas at Christmas is lacing planned. TRI-Y CHAPTIER Fl An increasing interest in the type of program otlered hy the Tri-Y groups necessitated the formation of a third lincoln chapter. As one ol the newest Link cluhs, Tri-Y Cliapter 3 is fast moving toward a lull program ol lun and service. 'mi-Y rrr M. Tee, Ii. Phelps, A. llalchois, P, Wright, N, Stark, ll, Perry, C. Rohertson. r , . i i in t l'.ltiIT PIF'lY'NlNli 4. PAGE SIXTY .Ml .. -L 'I Mr. Melvin leads 'orchestra . . . viulinists absorbed in a dillicult piece . . . star pupils perlnrm . . . expressions on the lates ol these chorus inembers say "this is lun l" Inset: Arvnnna Vogel sings at rally. Mavericks Through the ellorts of music department heads Mr. George Melvin and ivlrs. Helen Cutlir, Link music- makers have had a most successful term. Members of the band played at all the basketball games at Kezar Pavilion, and helped a great deal to build up school spirit in crucial clashes. The group played in battalion drills every week, and on May 21, 1947, they played in the Annual Federal R.O.'l'.C. inspection given by U. S. Army oliicers. The advanced orchestra practiced tirelessly through- out the term to give a professional touch to the mu- sical parts ol the Fall and Spring term plays. This term's chorus classes have been most active, and have presented numerous programs which dis- played the talents of the group. ln March the chorus sang lor the veterans at the Presidio. On February 25, l9i7, the sophomore and ireslnnan classes presented a lower classmen's program On the several occasions Music BLOCK lj r'fr nr rvrrrm' j. liadger, L. Sclnneder, S. Wilson, H. liriner, M. litJl'tlt'll. horn 2: ii. King, ll. Murray, li. tirillith, P. Barnes, Uiltl: row: N, Foote, B. Way, S. Cole. AlJVriNt'1ED tllttIl'elES'l'ltrl lirorrl roar: A. O'Nate. R. Cunninglnnn, C. Hartelnre, D. Schmeding- hull, D. Sclnnedinglioll, P. Switzer, D. tllnzie, Qin! roar: lvl. ilnrklrart, K. johnson, R. Gund, A. johnson, j. Badger, L. Sclrroeder. M row: gi. Eiese, tf. Bagot, D, Geddes, Wm. Murray, H. Schumacher, j. en 'rns. Arvunna Vogel and Alva ,lean Taylor . . . rhorns sinus at a P.'I'.A. meeting . . . Mrs. llnllir directs a elronrs alass . . . lake a deep lrrealh. and sing!! lnset: An ahh' male mernher ol the advanced rlrorus nerlorrus at a rally. Make Music that lhe l.ineoln P.'l'.A. asked the chorus group lo sing, chorus rnernlrers were always willing to perform. The many hours of preparation spent' in practice for the All-City Choral Festival showed themselves in the superior quality of the voices. Though l.ineoln was one of the smallest groups reyrresentecl, volume and lone made up for lark of uurnher's. The Music Cluh is a music honor soeiely Consisting ol members ol the chorus and orchestra who have achieved two ll Iinals or one A hnal in advanced nrusie. This lenn's oflicei's were Marilyn llorden, president, Ruth Widerrleld, vire1pr'esirlerrr, Doris Childers, see- relary, lloh Rielrarrls, treasurer, and llrnie Horloelr, sergeant al' arms. lEl.llMliNTARY ill IORUS lfrvrrri rrrnu' N. Brown, l. Wendt, M. Trudrung, S. llarnilton, R. Ran- razzo, M. Mishnc. ll, l-lotlrnan, M. Pannier. Rain 2: ll. Estes, ll, llr'ainanl. ll, Dejnlrn, D. Mclhy, j. Warren, G. Gnlde. lion' S: V. Stone, ll. llerlriek, W, Ames, V. llradley, M. llonlen, B. Roy, ff. Freeman. llurla ruin: I. Tail, C, Roherts. V. Valcnte, H, Moran, S. Myers, ll, Delany. ADVANIAIED lfHOllUS Fran! r'orn: M. llordcn, M. Maylield, l.. Pruner, j. Cherney, B. Cher- ney, j. llerra. Ron' 2: P. Ireland, V. fllrirgris, R. King, K. Lauper Y ,l. Williams. Raw 3: S. Garriott, M. Stcinhauser, j. Fisher, S. Meyers, A. Taylor, ll. Wirlenlclrl, f.. Hooper. Rnn14.' G. Vouyyht, P. Fischler, ll. Witlrich, ll. llriner, N, Cooper, D. Dauhert. D, Chr rlcrs, A. Vogel. flank rare: B. Fcrraris, J. Gnagy, P. Wcinlrarrp, Il. Irlorloelc, J. loans hury, ll. jayne, l l 'I PAGE SIXTY-ONl Prltili SlX'l'Y-'I'WO Tlrespians pause for rr moment ol relaxation at a term play practice . . . a scene from "The Last Mile" , , , Mr. 0'Neill gives a lew lastg minute directions . . . a tense moment in the term play "The Last Mile." Inset: Doris Childers applies make-up. Link Thespicrns Lincoln stuclents have come a long way in the helcl ol' high school clrarnatics, ancl the past year has been a very successful one in putting the selrools amateur Tlrespians on top. On December 5-6 the Masquers, Lincoln's lrononny rlrarnatic society, sponsored Star' Niglrt, the lirsl full fall clrarnatic production in the school's history. Tire bill incluclerl three one-act plays: "The lilatterinp Worth" "The Man Upstairs," ancl "The Last Mile! two corneclies ancl a serious clnuna. Both comedies aflorcierl many lauglrs with their ocln clraracters anti humorous situations, while "The Last Mile" brouglrt a very serious hour into lre evening. The production was ably clireetecl by Robert O'Neill, Lineoln's drama teacherg splenclicl back stage work was clone by a student crew ol technicians, rnalce-up and costume people, and stage hands. Another factor which helpecl lo create a greater irrterest in clrarnaties at Lincoln was the organization of the Stagers, an entertainment club open to all s'r'Aouus lllllllf rule: M. Panuler, D. tfln'istopl1erson, ,l. llertn, L, Elledge, Kon12: lt. Whitten, lt. Widenlelcl, B. Mznlrlen, ,l. Scott. Bnrle row: G. Zeneler, li. Gross. l. Allen. Susan Snyder nncl llerb Lister lronr a scene in "Tire Flattering Word." Doreen Mannnek. Carol llutlington, Gene Stcil, joe Lorrstorr, Paul tioltow and .lim Fox relax during dress rehearsal . . . t,.ast takes a how on stage . . . joe Riclrwood instructs servants Gene Steil, Roo t.ntler and john Hellman in a scene from "She Stoops to Conquer." . . . joe l.oustou, joe llirhwoorl and Paul Soltow make merry. lu.rer.' Marge Himes, Win Applause students interested in some phase of dramatic work. The work which was hegun in the cluh under the sponsorship of Rohert tl'Neill in the lall. term has been carried on hy Miss lane Saulsbery, who sne- eeeded Mr. O'Neill as dramatic coach. Something new in drama at lincoln was presented hy the students when the Masquers sponsored their second production, "She Stoops to Conquer." This Goldsmith play hrought eolorlul costumes, powdered wigs, satin, lace, and eighteenth century comedy to the Commerce auditorium audience on May 9. Out ol the play also came the lirst permanent: costumes lor l.ineoln's wardrohe, As usual, a hard-working crew helped the cast make the spring play a success. Miss Saulshery stepped in to do a splendid joh of directing in her lirst term at lincoln. Memhers ol hoth the Stagers and lvlasquers, as well as students from the drama classes contributed greatly to making rallies successful. hlASOllhRS lfruul roam' P. Ireland, tl. Mannurk, M. Hines, ll. Gross. A. ltorney, xl. Winterherg, lt. Marchi, D. Watson. 21111 rote: G. Zengler, l-I. l.ister, ll. llayden. ll. Wagener, J. Allen, ll. Fox. Paul Soltow, Jeanette llerta, ,Ioe Riehwood, and Jim llos in a scene from "She Stoops to tfonqucrn' Piltlll SlX'l'Y-'l'llRllll Knowledge Today for Tomorrow Links Shine in Classrooms Future lromemalrers display talents in a cooking class. Left to t t right: jerry Barton, Bev Miller, Katherine Holmes, and l,orraine Ilolsten. i prepare themselves for the future the social science clepartment oil life, and the value of good-sport of foods, home nursing, anti clot. housewives, designers, anti ciietic gently in any society. repairing, or errgincer'ir1g. Steve Sosnick voices an opinion in a civics c lfrlfili SlX'l"1'-3 Ul'li 1 l For those who wish to make po, Unitecl States history, social prob Physical eciucation classes teac The householrl arts ciepartmeng In the classrooms of Lincoln High, students are given many opportunities to ities, economics, or cliplomacy their profession, ers courses in worlcl history, civirs, economics, ents, and California history. ,r the importance of exercise and out-of-cloor srnanship. presents a program which inclutles the stutiy ring. These courses prepare girls for careers as ians. The English rtepartment teaches students how to use worrls correctly, how to spell, to react, and to write, so that they will be able to express themselves intelli- Work in mechanical drawing classes and machine and woocl shops is clesignecl for the incliviriual who wishes to prepare for such a profession as mechanics, lass. Lal! In right: l,.ink lcmmcs work nut nn lwnrs . . . Those lcllnws stein nlwsnrlncd in work in thc P' to lnqi: lturqolil smiles fni'n1incnnnnn in at Stull hall . . , l.aDu Ellicligc "tabs" with a ncithlvnr ln .V "'f i . Y .t . . room . . . Tlifcc Mustangs nn tlicii' way tn tliiril pctincl class . . . Taking it typing timc test in it cnininuniil cl.t1-5. Inset: llmlmrn Hnmincrlwnrg tlcsigns it poster in nn art itlftss. Viltili Hllll Y-l'lVll l Classrooms Laboratories of Education Earl 'lhomas and Mr. Andrews seein intrigued with a coinplirated inerlranisin in the inachine shop. Pltllll SIXTY-SIX JNL... h, txt, khklxxy ,., Abraham Lincoln High School presents its st t - interesting courses as illustrated here. lield of science. s history of art. X X ' X . K Opportunity for students to learn soniething possible by tire rnachine, metal, and wood shops. aspire to be craftsmen. janet Olsen and a buddy caper in it tryin class. udents with a wide choice of Clremistry, physiology, biology, and physics classes with their ideal working facilities and necessary equipment are ollered to :hose who are interested in the 'th art departinent, under the able guidance of Miss Hulbert and Miss O'Don- ahue, ollers study in all lields ol art. Young artists have the opportunity to take up the specific lield in which they are most talented, wlietlrer it be water color, poster paint, ink, pencil, or other. Also ollererx is a thorough course in the Students w io wish to make a place lor theinseves in the business world lind Lincoln's connnercial courses most helpful. Classes include instruction in short- ,Y hand, typing, Jookkeeping, and tlll'6ClIl0l'l on the use of modern business etyuipinent. l ol the various trades is made Mr. Ryalls mechanical drawing class ollers needed instruction to those who Rootin' Tootin' Rally Days Fillies and Colts Covort on Pla cr 1 PAGE SlX't'YeElGll'l' An entlursiastic rally audience voices its opinion on the entertainrnerrt. Among the bright spots of lite on the Hilltop ar during the term. Rain or shine, Lincolnites turn or e the numerous rallies given rr: in full force on the plaza to view the entertainment lannedlorthemb the ral committee. Y Y t Tire programs feature Outside entertainers and taented Link students. ln the past, such personalities as jack Grayson from the Qtrealrfast Club and joaquin Garay ol the Copacabana have appeared in person. jelore each rally, tryouts are held by the rally cornrnittee to select talented students go perform before the student body. Singers, dancers, pianists, and comedians cornpprise the bevy of entertainers presented by the versatile Mustangs. On several occa staged hilarious skits, which delighted the audience. sions the drama classes have Never to be forgotten are the loyal Lincoln songsters and yell leaders who lead the rooting section in hght songs and victory yells. They reflect the excellent school spirit present at each rally. Al Cerneutinn, student body president, presents scholarship banner to registry president Dave Nelson. l i l l t J. Ks Lal! In right: Marge H imcs-, tlarliara Gross, Doris Cltililcrs, l,at'ty Weber, antl Bill Wagoner pct'fni'tn at a tally . . . Links sing hymn at clnsc nl a rally . . . Mustangs jig 'n jivc during at tlonlilc lunch pcfintl . . . Ptiggy Patitlcc, llctty lliclinrtls, Dccsac Watson, and Dnilic Tatv pat nn a lnntliall skit . . . nntsitlc cntcrtaincrr Bula Allen playa linngic. Inset: R.0.'l'.C. luantl lcatla student hndy in patatlc tn Pmltsitlc' Theater rally, . A Mustangs 'Hoof 'n Hop' Pronoe 'n Trot A crowded gymnasium lloor proves the popularity ol the monthly Aptos dances. Many lamiliar Lincolnites, old and new, have been seen jigging to the music ol Lincoln's own dance band and that ol guest bands at the school dances given on the second liriday night ol each month at the Aptos junior l-ligh gymnasium. Admission to these dances is free 3 the only ticket necessary is a student body card. Guests from other schools or graduates may attend il they have signed up on the guest list. These lunlests are sponsored by the student body otlicers and supported by the entire school. 'there have been victory dances, holiday dances, barn dances and just good old sport dances to get together with the gang. School clubs and classes have sponsored many dances at various clubs in the city, featuring such notable bands as those ol Walt Tolleson and Howard lired- erics. On November '15, 1946, the junior Class held its Victory Dance at the Century Club. 'l'he Century Club was also the scene of the Gridiron Clubs lioot- ball lirolic and the High Senior Class' Spring Fever. Yes, dances really play an important part in the school life ol' young people and Abraham Lincoln High School, its student body ollicers, and its faculty do a noteworthy job in presenting this needed recreation. Two Links step to a lively tune at the Gridiron Dance. F x , , 4 I al- "' 5 P' 1 ' A l J ' . . 1 5 J 4 N nga wel i ' q ir 1 91 t i . X lf. ' 5 ,'l1'y at W A 3 , 'f V . 5 4 ,f iff.-I 5 . . JU N 1' .T-:'3"' B V, 'I' V, - "H dy? ',I " 1 an 1 F 5 . f' H .f 4 4 I - 6 ll uv. : ll K -.ff "' 'lx -I . .Q . 'qu H, an lm, H 1 I L '1 1 f ' . ,S L .w X Q1 :Y f' ' -55 11 " x V - . D Pu. VVIIMM n w 1 11- a.,- ' I 9 r . ..w I 1 n I v 1 I . I 7 1 A :', cl? l ii: "7 Pioneer Maidens, Redskins, Caper on Western Day .LI Q y 11 1 L- 1: z- , 14' , L .TJ 5 . 11' I N11 's 1. " " .s..4'. .. lillii dill' 1 I 1 l 1 l l 1 l 1 1 jim Fox pill'il'LiY5 the 111i11e1 in "The SI11111li111r ol Dllil hleG1'ew." Lihcoliiites 1'ez1lly111le11'111l'e1l to revive the 1'o1111111ti1' and colorful d11ys ol' yester- year wl1e11 the Lorie Rriiger f0ill11CLl. l'iilV0l'CLl 11111011411 the o11riilsre111i11isee1r1t ol days ol old were the lJCfCllIll2ll levis 1111d plaid shirts which had been do1111ed by both fellows iillki girls. Some more o1'igi11z1leosh1111es, liheiiing their wezirers lo notorioiis llilly the Kid, jesse james, Belle Starr, P11111'l1o Villa and other lalseiiiatiiig eziziiiicters, iippeured i11 the hulls, o11 the lllillil, and i11 the Court. For those who wore iiothiiig iwgiiely 1'ese111bli11g western garb, Sherili Cliueh Geeier and his posse of Block "L" boys1'11111111ged 2111 eseiiyae proof hoosegow. There were seven booths 011 the ,plaza lor the 1111111se111e11l of the crowd. Among these was11le111o1111desl1111d, gzunes of hisso the horse and diirrs illlll 11 booth for Orieiitul lortuiie telling entitled Coiiluseiiis Sez. The 11111111111 sr111le11t-l11e11lry baseball g1llllC, cheered by routers for both sides, V1'Ll55l2lgCLl, illlkl lllifillllllfill contests of viirious sorts were held o11 volleyball courts. Western Day, the third in ll series ol play days at Lincoln, w11s11 great success and wus enjoyed byll1ee11ti1'e st11de11rbo1ly 1111d fzieulty. An 1111ide11lilied Cllil1'llCi.Cl' shows oll illl o1'igi11:1I Western D11y11111sk. Lei! to right: Bill Sans dodges scltacr water . . . jim Fort plays dying rnincr while Bev Brown looks onf Slit-ri. son announces-thc gang at thc har room tahlcgirom "Tho Shooting ol Dan McGraw" . . . Ninocytrg- llloor-ta , , , Rusty Huhathclt and .lorry Barton . . . Mr. Baker poses on one of Golden Gate Parks prize nnilrsy' . .frllirt Stclling and Randy Al on put on "Black Faro" act at Western Day Rally. Inset: Gaston Gitssitmt,-'iidtl Mart?.i,y jim Fisher, and Dale Martin play the wcstctncrs in a barren patch on thc Hilltop. J fair ..rva:d Cowhands, Badmen Room Hilltop Highlands A l l i A' i ""Vii:'i'1 r'-llOl it g-4.-.1 ,Yer 41.4 A background chorus ol songstrrs aid Mr. French in leading a community sing. On the morning of April 12 Lincoln was the scene of much excitement. What was the cause of all this commotion? Why, Western Day, of course! journalism students, who were the sponsors ol Western Day, were busy put- ting up booths, and rally entertainers were going through last minute rehearsals. Festivities commenced at the close of the second period, and Links, attired in costumes representing the dress oi the Old West, hurried to obtain choice seats at the rally. Some ol the outstanding features ol the rally were a take-oli on "The Shooting of Dan McGrew," and a horse race run by students dressed in costumes represent- ing horses. Strununing some lively tunes on his guitar, Mr. French led the audience in a connnunity sing. He was aided by a background chorus of Western gals. A trio and a black lace act were also a part of the musical entertainment. A grand costume parade brought a successful Western Day to a close. Mr. Nill tries to look desperate with clicrnistry llask and gun in hand. . N! Q: - 1 - a 5 Xia., 'sr IW A 1 f fx W' Ng E , N if V,V.x- ,t , Q, :vii 'P .,-4-... , v-.... .4 -wi. R, S5 ' li 'iff 5. Q K. .H 4 I, PT . , O J.. 1 4 fm, , 1 ,ov W 1 4. VN .2 ' WH ' A'P Pu If 'A if fy HI Lv lily' Q ' 1-' f' "Ca ' 'fi -'31 WU! ' ff 3491 K 3 'Q ' 'l' . ,f Q my 1 X FH i KN t' ', Q W w X . H iff I . 1 W ,gf 5, V' MS N J' w, 4 'STN' v' Nj J I . 7' fx f , gf' p 6.99" 1 N 'ff I' F j 5 J v i f j P I 15 ! A P ig ,ff In fm 1 i , " Y V I Wg, MVT 1 r Y Y i l : , df..- A, -- , V A. , Y , "Mu J U' 1 ' I . 4 JERRY HAMILTON BILL SANS LEADING SCDRIIRS 'l'D's Conv. 's 'Il' I'RA'I'liS ............,,. .,............................. 6 I I7 HAMILTON ............ 6 U 36 CEMENTINA .,........ I 7 I3 VOUGHT .........,. 2 U 12 DAVIES ..,...,........ 3 o I2 ECKERT ............. I I 7 PEARLMAN ............ I 0 6 1.rlr'oItf.'A. Field, G. Birlanesi, M. Fiore, F. Maestro, E. Yerby, B. Perdew, H. Hollrnan, D. Misuraea, A. Cenientina, S. I.er1ch, A. Mislrne, G. Voualrt, P. Rolner, B. Sans. II. lfollee. lurl row: B. Gainey. R. Ahralrarn, C. Wagner, H. Mooney, D. Deruler, R. Rik- sheirn, 'I'. Uinplireys, I. Coates, B. lirates, I. Hamilton, R. MrNineh, 'I'. Stern, II. Iiekert, j. jackson, ll. Elder, T. Gilluy, 3rd raw: . Coach B. Braun, Coach G. Canriuus, N. Searl, A. Casten, L. Solari, D. Oxburongh, D, Morgan, B. Peterson, M. Peterson, C. Janssen, C. Lord, R. Davies, S. Swenson, G. Biagini, G. Pearluian, M. Verrneulen. Coach R. Kauer, O. Peralta. -'lib raw: D. Galloway, II. Sullivan, R. Prellwitz. D. Bishop, D. Nelson, lf. Mnlrr, L. Lang. Links Tie for '46 The most spectacular grid perfonnanee turned in by a Lincoln football squad sinre the championship play ot the 1943 team came last season when the 'lovable Links" won six out ol seven scheduled garner. whipped Lowell in the playoll semi-hnals, and tied with Poly for the I9fl6 A.A.A. Football Charn- pionship. fl George Canrinus, who gave the '43 squad their Iirst shot of ' rose charnpionslrip ways and plays," returned lror the Navy to guide the '46 team in their very successful season. The first faint signs ol a possible elurrnpioriship squad rarne when the Mustangs opened the season with a bang, walloping the Mission Bears, 24-0. Link gridders were led by jerry ,Hamilton and Al Centen- tina in the impressive win. PAGE SEVEN'1'Y-IIRQIIT fr--nn-as --- the --v- DICK ABRAHAM OSCAR I'ERAL'I'A BOB FRATES MARTY VIIRMIIBLIIN Lintoln Lincoln Lincoln Linfoln SCORES Oli LlillGlIll GAMES lhlISSIOIl,,.., lloly ....,..,,,.. ....... ....,....... Lowell .....,....A.,. .,..l....... Sl. Ignatius ,.,.,.....,. ,...,....,... Lincoln ..., ....,,..... ...4....... l 3 1 ,ommetre ......,,,....... Lincoln .,,.......,,,.., ,l,..,..... l 3 llalhon ,....,..,..,,. Lincoln ,l..,........... .............,.. 2 6 Wnsliington ,........... Plnyollsl Lincoln ....,......,.... .......,... I 3 Lowell .....,.....,,, ............. 7 Lincoln ....,...,,...... .,......... 7 Poly ..,,....,.,.,. ,,,.,,,..,,,. 7 DEAN llllNDEll yllllllll' Plllllll.MAN lfnllhack lloh Frntes completes ii snrecsshil line plunge to score the tying point in championship tilt. t,il.lEN VOUGLIT Al. CLEMLENTINA DAVE NELSON IACK tQIOAT'llS Gridiron Crown 'lhe lone tlefeitt on the Links' otherwise flawless reeonl nppeitreel in the seconil game of the season, when ti fellow hy the nnme of Dove Miteielli gave the Poly Parrots it 6-O win over the Lineomites. On the iiot-too-ntleqimte Wosliingtoii' helci, the Mustangs elroppetl their third opponent, rival Lowell, hy an nnimpressive 7-0 victory. Fullhack fftrlnnn in- tereeptetl tlllll0StTf0p1ltlSSHIltl tmveleil 'lt nnls to the Lowell hvc, to set up the lone Link tail With two wins tnekecl neatly away, tl. Crimson and Goltl drove through the St. lgnntins Wiltleots for o 20-5 win. ' lt was in the next tilt that the true superiority of the Links showed tliroiiglngvlieii they looked much like a smooth tlowing collegesqiiatl in racking up e 13-o l'Atill SFVIYNTY-NINll RAY ECKIER'l' GUIDO IIALANESI END-Ot'-SEASON GRID STANDINGS W on Lust Pt POLY'I'IICIINlC ...,........ ..... 7 o I I s LINCOLN ..A......A...... ..... o I I to tIOMIvIEItIIL ............. .... S 2 so LOWIII,L .........,.,. ,... - I 5 7I MISSION .....I............. ,... 5 -I so ST. IGNATIUS .................... 5 I 77 SAI'IItIlD HIIAIIT ...,...,........ 3 I 57 BALBOA .,..,.............,....... 2 5 6-I WASI-IINGTON .........,., .,,.. I lr 6-I GALILI30 ................... ..... I 6 77 Hznnilton passes . . . Conclres Knuer, Crnrinus und Bruun . . . and Eckert receives. Win Six T ilts in shutout over the .previously undefeated Cornrnercc Bulldogs. A-similar shutout crune in the following week, when Lincoln trinnned Bulbou to the tune of 13-0, scoring un unirnpressive victory. Although insured n spot in the '-I6 plnyolis utter the Buccaneer tilt, the Mustangs went on to win the lust gnrne ol the otliciul senson by slippirrg to n 26-13 victory over Wnslrington. ln the second tilt of the semi-hnnl pluyotls, the Links overcome rr lirst hnlf lend of seven points to con- quer the Lowell lrrdinns, I3-7. On n shuttle pass to Wurren Knrhy from Lowells Al Williurns, the Cards scored their only tnlly, but in the second half, the Links sturted to roll, knocking on Lowell's touchdown PAGE E1liII'I'Y A PAUL ROHREIL MAIICEL FIORE BOB ELDEIL RUULON DAVIES FALL 1.946 SEASON S'FA'l'lSTltIS lNot including playollsl lforivard passes attempted ..l... s fl...:1,.......,..........-,...,........ .,.... , . Fruwartl passes completed .................., Forward passes intercepted t..... Forwartl passes inrompletcd ...,...,............ Yards gained from srrimmage .t.....t.,....,. Yards gained lrom passes ........ Yards lost Iroru sfrimmage ............... First downs, total ...t.............,......,.. First downs from srtrirnrnarge., First downs from scrimmage.. First downs front penalties ...rrt ,Number ol punts ....,4,,,.r....,,... Number ol fumlrles ......,..... Yards lost on penalties ........r... 9-l -li lll ...,.....,....l30'l 429 ltd 00 55 .. 22 il-l 21 JACK JACKSON llllllll MOONIZY l Vought rtunhles . . . Toss-up on 'l'll1'lreyDay. . . against Poly, STEVE l.llAtQl-I DICK OXBOROUGFI Al. CASTEN CIIARLIE LORD Seven Starts door three times, and succeeding the fourth time to reach pay dirt. Boh Frates culminated a series of short ground gains hy driving twelve yards to the Lowell 4. Des rite a lrve yard penalty, Fratcs reached the end zone on the nest play. Cementina tied the score when he rl rove from the two, In the last quarter, Cementina cornsinecl forces with Frates in scoring the next Link TD. On Thanksgiving Oay, over 35,000 witnessed one of tire most evenly matched prep tilt ever played on the Keaar turf, with the Mighty Mustangs facing Rival Poly. Fenalties prevented the lrard-driving links from scoring in the first quarter. In the seennrl period, the mid-field turf was worn hare, as the two squads swayed hack and forth in a vain attempt to get some- where, PAGE BIG!-ITY-ONE Af. MlStlNE LARRY SOLARL LINK S'l'A'f'lS'f'lCS FOR PLAYOFFS fSerni-huals and finals garnesl Number of lirst downs ,.... ................. .................,.,..,.... . . . Yards gained from seriuunarre ...........,.... .....,. Yards gained on passes .......,.....,........ .. Forwrnal passes atternpted ..........,.. . Forward passes cornpleted ....,........ . Number of punts .....................,. .. Average distance of punts ............ ....... Number of fumbles .................. ,. Yards lost on penalties ........... ..... .....,. Yards kicks were returned ....... ..... . . In lite oats PlClUl'9 of a double blork in prep history, Render flattens two Poly rnen as Hamilton kicks. hree on All-City Whe Cernentinas opening kickoff was advanced all the y to the Link 46, Poly's liord Long executed the sat play that had defeated the Mustangs before -the akecl reverse. lt worked again, with superior blocking lay the Parrots leading the way to a one-play touchdown,-'. na' a successful conversion. Finishing c powerful ground drive in the fourth period, Harnil n hit pay dirt from the Poly two, and Frates scored .e crucial seventh digit amid shouts from the stan ., to complete the tie, 7-7, score. Adding to top-notch season, Lincolnites Abraham, Sans, and H milton were chosen hrst string All-City men, while .aekle Bill Sans placed on the first string All-America grid learn. Bolo lirates was awarded the annual Charles Corsiglis trophy for the outstanding player of the year. PAGE lilGfi'l'Y-'l'W0 Loma LANG oroncsn nraomr non oarrowas currr rarvssan 'I llAt1KFlll'l.ll STA'l'lSl'ltQ3 FOR PLAYOFFS lSe111i-linals and tinals gamesl Times Yards Times Av. Gain Carried Advanced Failed Yards Per llall Ball to Gain l.nst Play t,lEMliN'l'lNA ....4..,,,.,,... 33 1111 a 1 1.11 1111. t.0A'I'ES ,.....,,.....,..,......,.. 1 111 1 ll 1.11 1111. 111111111 ....,.1....1...... ,.,.... 1 9 ll ll 1.1 1111. 111111'1'11s ...11...,....,.1..,...,,.. 34 112 1 o sa 1111. llAMll.'l'0N ....,......,.,..,. 27 rot 1 no 1.111111 1111110111 '.,.,........ ,... . zz os 1 I0 1.9 1111. Q - - s11111.n1'1Ns1yn11so11 Davis lVl0RGAN F .. gf .. Ll. i t1lr1111'.'VeI11r1le, lllllllllllltlll, Deljernardi, Rando, l-lasse, Gray. Zilra, Friedman! Fraser, Hickey, lvlittelstamlt. 21rd row: Collins, llnxley, Clark, Mcrrrll, Murray, Fulton, Gill, Alhcr, Anderson, Cirimele, Nislrkran, lil0llCllWCll, 3171 row: Preston, llopltins, Parolr, llrandt, laogtlon, llorlorlc. Moore, lloseit, Baker, Kern, Tlrontpson. ltb f0ll1'.' l,eonl1ar1lt, Williams, Hansen, Friednran, Dethlels, Stertett, tlark, llrass, Nagel, l,evi1. llttpo, Wilke, Jensen. ITD MtNlNCll llARl,llY SUl.l.lVAN llOl,ANll lllKSllEllll BLAKE PE'l'liRSON Goolsllll-Time Best The lroshfsoph football squad of Fall 15 S was the best ever seen on the Lincoln tnrt, for Doc. 'oshy himself acclaims the team as being the tinest e er to come Olll ol the Hilltop. ln training for varsity cotnpetition, tl11r,Q110ls relin- quished little ground in their scheduly 1 yneets with other schools. All i11 all, they allowed o y six points to he scored on tl1e111---wqtrite a feat, I, 'l'wo of their tilts came to dead draw one ending in a six to six tie, tl1e other in a nothing to nothinyg stalemate. Rigorous training under the SltllCl'VlSl0Il of Coach "Dot" Mosby gives the fellows of the freslrman and snplronrore classes ll chance to train for future compo tition in inter-sclrolastle tilts. PAGE lilGll'l'Y-Tllllllll l5ASlillALL llttflll t'ftlI'i' D. Young, J. Muller, lvl. Fiore, G. Fretlerick, D. Dtnnltrs, j. Stevens, tt. Sheritl. Jin! foie: lt. Stevens j. llrnr PAGE l5lGllTY-1l0U1l 1-nr - iltnn, li. Ester, ll. Morton. ll, llntcliinson, lt, tiheyne, ll, lllyn. Mustang Clo The opening tilt of Lincoln's lnatsehn the Ahes going clown to tlelent nt the pionship Mission. Mission lecl throng lliore, Linlc soutlrpuw hurler, wits pt, errors ol his tennttnzttes, till coming nt light. to Sncrecl Heart, the 1946 eo-chtnnp Lincoln "Giant Killers" lrnoclrecl oli P ULGIS l season lounil irinels ol' chann- lrout the grime :incl hzitl the upper hnnel nlntost till tire wary. llrhtrciel npuecl hy lonr vital rnontents. The Beers linnlly won out 7 to 5, lint not without at Wliztt slronlcln't happen to at clranipion tliel gruppen ion, when the the lris 1, it-3. Practically the whole deed conlcl be creclitecl fo Lin- coln's 14 yeur olcl lreslnnnn, Stun Sherwoocl. 'fhe lil' riglrtlnnrcler' virtually lrnntlcnlleel the Slitnnroclts with ,tis curve hull nnel looked hire until he retireel in the seventh with rwo clown in lnvor ol Marcel lliore. Linlt Qrzttstnen got only hve hits on Butch T ierney's ollerings sul they plnyeel lrencls-up hull to win the exciting tilt. The hot nnel colcl Mustnrrg nine tlroppeel their third tilt of the senson to the Lowell lnclinns, 4 to lt. This time the Ahes plaiyecl poor clelensive hall and threw sway the gairne. Big Bill Hutchinson pitched four-liit will zrgniirst the lnclittns hut' wars szthotatlleel zilielel. llehincl the mighty pitclring ol' Dick Perri of lzhtl- Jon the Axtnren fell to the Bucs, fl-t. "Snoolt" Fiore was the victirn of Perri, losing rt six-hitter. The Bucs ,incl complete control tlirougltont the contest ztncl were only tlireaitenetl in the first inning. Again nt Club House the Mustnttgs hecanne "Giant Tofr: Gil Freclerlclr runl tlorreh Milt nxt. llotmn1.' Bill llutchinson, Don Dunclrts. inaarvrs asses. ,tot-av ruumaa stan smsavvooo ,llillRY llrlhlll.TON Gil llredericks slides into third. Win Three Tilts Killers" as they downed a strong Commerce nine, 2-0, behind the line hurling of johnny Muller and the timely hit ol Gil Frederirlr. The Axtmen broke up a pitching duel between Muller and Larry Smith in the fifth frame to cop their second win of the season. The Axtmen just dont like Friday, or so it appeared, as lack Friday threw sweet nothings at Lincoln batters and shut them out, Sail. From the very first man up it was apyuarent that the Hilltoppers were going to have a tough afternoon, rls for the Saint lgnatius game, the Hilltop nine dropped their only extra inning tilt of the season to a mediocre Wildcat teamby a 12 to 9 margin. ln their eighth game of the season Lineoln perpe- tratecl the biggest upset of the season by overwhelming the highly favored Galileo nine, ltl-3. The Links hand- ed the Lions their lone defeat last season, and history repeated itself as the Nortlrbearliers went down. Gali- eo led going into the last of the sixth by a slitn 3-2 margin. At this point the unpredictable Mustangs came to life. lly virtue of Cannonball Cannadys ineffective- ness and six hits the Links Vpuslred eight: runs across the plate before relief hurler llernard Valdez could .rut out the fire. Little johnny Muller, l.inroln's ace irurler, pitched great ball, scattering nine hits. Bob Stevens collected three for four. Ending the season against Washington, the llxtmen lost their chance to get into the play-offs by losing, 3-1. DEI, YOUNG BOB STEVENS "l.EFTY" MURTON hlrllltfhl. FlORli PAGE IllGllTY-FIVE l ,rr I 'Q ill i PAGI VARSITY BASKETBALL lil rote: jnliarrrstead, A. Biegle, j. jackson, L. Schwab, A. lfletclrer, L. Leonliardt, Bm! ruru.' tfoach Diedericlrsen, N. hlclieuzre, B. llsser, I., Brilliant, j. l-lamiltnu, UI. 'l'hornton, W. Tliompsou. l IllGllTY-SIX L-n Cascrbateers Win Lincoln Highs varsity basketball team, ably mentored by Mt. Roy Diederichsen, succeeded in placing second to champion Saint lgnarius in the 1947 Triple A casaba race. The Links opened their season with a decisive Bel-26 victory over the Galileo Lions. lack Neumayr and lim Ramstearl starred forthe winners. lu their second outing the Sunsetters whipped highly rated Commerce, 52-3l. Neumayr, Rainstead, lzlrilliant, Peters, McKenzie, Hamilton and Thornton all played sterling ball lor Lincoln. ln a "sudden death" overtime tilt: Larry Terling ol Lowell dropped a dll-footer tlirougr the mesh to decision the Crimson and Gold, 27-25. The Links were out in front ol the lndians lor three and a hall quarters. Bill Sutton led his Washington squad to a 28-26 win over the Links. jack Neumayr aml jim llamstead were the heroes in deleat for Lincoln. The Hilltoppers sullered their third straight loss of the campaign when Mission turned them back, 51-26. After three straight setbacks the Honest Abes got back in their win- ning ways with victories over Balboa and St. Ignatius. The Lincolnites next trimmed Sacred Hearts hghting lrish, so-ra. The Mustangs closed out their season with a well earned dt-57 win over Poly, For his line play lim Ramstead was chosen on the All-City's hrst team. lim was also the leagues high scorer with 99 points. BASKETBALL tIOACl'l ROY DIEDIHTICHSEN I 1 n I . .U en. ' f f , I , u 1 I A q W W fr :wx Nm my Q s, J fx! ,i, ' cf :mu . .,. . .R N51 A r 3 9 UH ,. ,1 ? 1 '., qi" fi 'f 63 --+- , 1.1 'v'-'- v ,xfkfr , r I i i l l BOB l'li'l'liltS l-lamilton scores against Curnuierce. LES llltll.l.lAN'l' r PAGE ElGl't'l'Y-l5lGll'1' L4.i.1..l Cop Tourney Crown The "Sky Scrapin' " Mustangs annexed the second consecutive S. li. junior College basketball charnpiouship when they rolled over tour Bay Area opponents prior to regular season play. Besides having the tournanrent's top cyuintet, Lincoln center jirn Ram- sceacl walked away with the scoring trophy when he registered -i7 points trrough the Kezar nets. Added honors lor the Links came when jack 'Qhornton was narned Most Valuable Guard in the 19516 tournarnent. Defending champions of the previous year, the "Lanky Links" downed pick Wilrnerding High School, 42 to l7, in the opening round of the cage tourney. Guard jack Thornton led the Link scoring parade with 1 0 c igits to his credit. Tie well balanced, well reserved Lincoln squad entered second round of pay ol the C. Tourney against St. .loseplfs High ol Alameda. Ram- steacl hit his stride in this garne, ernerging high point rnan, with his t7 digizs contributing greatly to the fit-33 victory. Lincoln's quintet won its serni-finals duel with Balboa, downing them, 30--9, and entering the linal round against St. Mary's ol the East Bay. The St. Mary Panthers succeeded in keeping pace with the Links throughout the lirst quarter, but the dornineering height of the Mustangs, together with a jim Rarnstead-Bob Peters scoring cornbination, led the Link squad to a 46-27 victory, and another C. Tournament crown. j. C. 'l'0UltNEY 'TEAM CAP'l'AlN, JIM ItAMS'l'lEAD ,A 214 ' ,..f W. I' w Vu - , Nlrlj .., .,j4, 111k ,J . f. I a+ H -.x, V. 'I 4 w '. 'Q Q, '11 4 fgr'fi Y .V ,-. -r.. A. 'Vg' 5 H555 E' ,giiijplw X 1"'. H W , ,Nr ,mil ,.: , . 1 Ld-L4 N ' L, gi v Q A fl W, 1 Q 41 - wx ' l , , A 1 1 W o .-, Q, I 2 U ig: U 'w 1 ' W ' www 1 -w D l " v Q, 'fl ,A ,VF ' +N may , W 1 - N 1 'f M' A E' W 1 Htl PUIIND BASlxLlBAl.l. 'TEAM g aa s r chlc l Ruth ll lreilericks. Bra! rarr'.' tjnach lleiclericlrsen. j. Mills, S. 130's Team Tallies During the 1947 basketball season Lincoln Highs 150-ponnci baslcethall tearn set a new school recorcl .ay troancing live rivals anti losing to four. The Lighties cleleatecl Galileo, Mission, Washing- ton, Sacrecl Heart, and Poly. The thirties lost to gowell, St. lgnatins, Balhoa ancl Cornrnerce. The Colts ost two garnes hy one point and one hy seven ancl another hy six. The games they lost were very close as the scores inclicate. In their lirst game ol' the season the Colts were seaten hy an inspirecl Cornnrerce cyuint, 525-52. Henry Nloy lecl Cornrnerce with seventeen nrarlcers. Bill Harn- rnon anc Stan Bacon scored eight ancl iilteen points for ghe locals. One point separatecl the two learns clnring rnost of the contest. Galileo fell before the shooting ol Walt Mehl, 33-52. lvfehl collected twelve cligits to cop high scoring honors for the clay. Bob liroeschle ancl Bill Hannnon helped :he Mustangs' cause along with line tloor games. Led hy Greek Glaclliclkes, Lowell's Lightweight cagers scoretl a 1515-26 victory over Lincoln. Glaclliclkes coppecl hlteen lor the lnclians. Stan Bacon clippecl the hoop for twelve points. The chief reason for the tlolts' loss was their inability to connect on close-in shots. The thirties wr'appecl up their seconcl victory ol the 'I'ayr.' Stan Sopher struggles lar hall with three lanatinns. Barrera' lireclericlts and Bacon overtake tiornrnene hall-hancller. Froeselrle tsot and Mills l25l getset for rehounel. Walt Stevens, right trtrernr'rtri'rtl finishes rr shot Top Tilt Triumphs season hy tleleating their eross.yarlc rivals, Washington, 28-26. Stan Bacon again lecl the Colts with ten points. llill Harnmon, lim Mills, Walt Stevens anrl Rott Freel- erieks all playerl line hall. The thirties marie it two in a row when they lcnoekerl over the Mission Bears, 25-211, ltoh liroesehle leel the l,.inli attack with eleven points. Alter topping two in a row the Linroln Lighties were rlurnpetl by Balhoa, 53-52. joe Dillon ol the lines was the high scorer with lifteen points, Boh Froesehle lerl the Alves with zen. Poor shooting was again the nrain reason lor the Colts' loss. St. Ignatius rappeel the Colt lighties to the tune ol 5226. jerry Murphy was the big gun lor the high rirling lgnatians. Boh liroesehle and Walt Mehl gar- nereel nine points apiece lor' the hinlcs. Bill Hamrnon anal Walt Stevens starretl lot the Mustang Light- weights. The tjttt-ysorrrrrlers next yrrnelvetl out a 28-26 win over a hghting Saereel Heart squad. Stanelonts lor lin- eoln were Harnmon, Stevens, lirerlerieks anal Mehl. The thirties eloseel out their 'fl7 season in at hlaze of glory hy rapping out a decisive 117-24 win over l'oly's Parrots, The whole Mustang squad ol Mehl, lireelerielts, Levis, Mills, Cummings, Soper, Ruth, Stevens, lslammon, and liroeschle played well. 'l'rrjr.' Walt Mehl lil in tor rt prrshrshot. liollorn: Stan llaron sttanthles lor hall with a tarntnterfe man. PAGE NINETY-0Nli l lil r-ore: tfollrnan. Stolli, tieeler, Martin, Weston, Levinson, Tlrornas, llall, Vouglrt, tloaeh lstorena, .?url rvrr.' lticlrards, ltlcKinley, tilarlre, Roth, Land, Sullivan, ltoherts, Detwiler, Hayden. ,lol rare: lllctfarty, lirarnlow, hlerliel, Sarnlslrorn, W ilke, lliagrrri, Stern, Broun, Loustau. -lib rare: Geiger, liletclier, Leonhardt, layne, llarnstead, rlhralrarrr. liranlrlin, llollnran, lliillrant, tfanllon. PAGE NlNli'l'Yf'1'WU r Link Cindermen With a well earned 28 points, Lincoln's varsity cinderrnen wallred off with third place All-City in the Spring '47 season. Although the unlimitecls qualified men for every event except llre ddtl, no Link finished a lirst in the linals. Leading the Mustangs were Dale Martin and ltich Abrahanr, who together accounted for 17 of the Lin- coln points. Martin placed third in three events, and Abe second in rwo held events. Starting olf the day with the grueling rnile, Linc0ln's favored jirn Colfnian dropped to second behind jones of Mission, anuexing four points forthe team. Colf- rnan, one of the best mi ,ers ever to run for the Linlr lightclails turned in a continuously line performance during the season, lrighr,iglrtetl hy his win over the California junior Varsity squad. Second Varsity event of the day saw johnny Weston talre a sixth place in the c high junior speedster, w errtury-rrriglityygood for the -ro placed a line lifth in the 220 sprint. johnny is a top-notch contender in any traclcsters book and stands to irnprove greatly next season. ln the discus throw, Bernard of Waslrington won over Lincoln's Abraham, although Abe heaved the discus lilo feet I0 inches to place second, as he did in the shotput, with a heave of 50 feet M inclres. Those Toll: Dale lvlartin, vaulter and hurdler, clears ll feet. Borrow left: john Westony top varsity daslnnan, wins the century. Bottom right: l'lalt-rrnler hlrlre Levinson wins agani. Vought and 'Tliomas tinish neck and neck in rlrltt, Al Mishne wins century in Galileo meet. F, Burn Kezcir Track two events gave Lincoln a shot-in-the arm, to the size of eight points. Hard-working Chuck Leonhardt, sen- sational sophomore discus and shot man had his efforts pay off when he qualified for the discus finals. Triple winner Dale Martin, perhaps the finest all- around track man ever seen at lincoln, took thirds in the pole-vault, l2tl yard high hurdles, ami 220 low hurdles, to turn in nine well-earned points. Martin was instrumental in the Links' third place victory, as he finished out his last year on the lklustang squad with a hlaze o' glory. Russ Stolh, a newcomer to the link team, placed a fourth in the hroad jump with a leap of 20 feet W2 inches. The promising Stolfi is also a memher of the relay team, and a track man who can turn in good per- formances in all track and field events. Bill Hammond, unlimited high jumper, didnt garner any points for the squad, hut did qualify for the linals and take a sixth place in competition that was jumping six feet and over. ln the final event of the day for the Mustang cinder- trotters, the relay team of Mishne, Vought, Weston, Stolli and McKinley, placed third in a last 1320-yard race. ,rl great deal of credit ought to he given to Coaches Morena and Kauer, who trained the fellows for the "Big Meet." Dale Martin takes the 220 lows. McKinley hnishcs hrst for relay squad, l'AGl? NlNliTY"l'lllttil 150 TRAflK TEAM Ir: row: Martin, Fox, Erfart, Symonds. Urban, Molinari, DeLorimer, Church. ffllrf ram' Sommer. Kolb, Walti, Rando, Hnnherg, Sweeney, 1-loffman, Coach lxauer. ,inf rare: Class, Thomas, Stevennt, Schrlder, Levis, Lawton, Fredericks, Pnlster, Alnlrnsuri. i " : -s'A""""+ I - - .H..-.. ' l 1 f: .1 " - f -i,...:.AL,...,ag, 120 TRACK TEAM lit I'U1l1.' Kellng, Hngoen, Keep, Passeri, Cable, Nnwack, Phillips, Velarde. Qui! rare: floach Kauer, Tinges, Lindner, Gray, Walker, Reuehout, Banks, Kratter. Track Colts Caper Lincoln lightweight track men took a third place in the 120's fora tie for fifth in the 150's in the A.A.A. All-City track meet, to end the 1947 Cinder season. The "Cinder Colts" of the 120's lost only two dual meets and amassed ten and one-half points in the All- City to place third behind Lowell and Galileo. jack I-loquen, veteran lightweight high jumper, tied for a second in the twenties high jump, jumping only one inch lower than Thompson of Mission who copped a first. Even though he did not win, the 5 foot 4 inch Hoquen broke the city record with his jump of 5 feet 8M inches. Another 120 pointgetrer was Louie Passeri, sophomore newcomer who placec a fifth in the record- l 1 1 3 I A B l l PAGE NINIETY-li0LlIt breaking century-quite an accomplishment for Lou in his first year on the Link tract team. Bob Velardi, another newcomer to the ranks of Mustang tracksters, placed fourth in the 1211's hroadjump, with a leap of 1.9 feet 3 inches, aiding greatly in the twenty's third place victory. In the l20's 880-yard relay, l-locjuen, Passeri, Vel- ardi, and sophomore Art Molinari placed second behind Lowell's quartet. Kauer-Kids Doug Church, Larry Schulder and Bill Walti placed in the hurdles, 880, and high jump, respectively, with Church's third place in the 110 lows being outstanding for the track newcomer. 'l'v1r.' Mainstays of the 120's, Huguen, high jumperg Molinari, 2203 Velardi, broad jumpg Passeri, 100. Itfnrani: Leading 30's paint-getter Bill Walti clears 5'8". C, school, and division Liglrtweiglit Track Coach Ralph Kauer starts a dash. Glen Vouglrt and jack Putnam tight for hall in thrilling tilt. Intramural Sports Off With cr Bang One of the ruost extensive programs of intra-mural sports ever launched in a San lirancisco high school took shape and developed under the supervision of Mr. Pagano during the past year. With the main purpose of . sroviding sports partici- pation for those students who are not on school teams, the progranr provided many petitive sports for Lincoln stuc .included in the program softhall, and touch-tackle fool arrarigecl accorcling to registr rohin elimination found grae tours of relaxing, coma ents. were track, haskethall, :hal.l.. With competition ies ane grades, round- distrihnted to winners, with captains of the respective sports learns receiving the awards on the stage. The last sport to be held at the writing of this article was touch-tackle foothall, with games held on the track held between sis-man teams. Credit for the successful showing of intra-mural sports at Lincoln in '46-'47 goes to Mr. Pagano, for he outlined, supervised, aml successfrrlly completed a program that taught Lincoln fellows how to play competitive sports and enjoy them at the same time. Rich rthraham has the reach nn casaha opponent in jump-hall. winners awarded with crimson and gold banners. These hanners will he kept hy the victors until such a time rivalry appeared on the when other winners might deservingly win them. The hrst of tie intra-mura l sports to he held was track, otliciatetl lay Mr. Pagano and school track coaches. All of the regular events of an inter-scholastic meet were run olf, with much new talent: appearing for the first tirue, possible inter-scholastic rnaterial. was dis- covered. Track coruperitrion was followed hy haskethall, in which a great deal of friendly courts, with games heing held for many afternoons after school. High Senior registry 305 emerged as the victor in the intra-mural games. Two games a day were held on the tennis courts in solthall competition, many of the competitions attract- ing large after school crowds. At rallies, banners were l'AGli NlNliTY-tllVll r,.-..vii-...a-ivvwaqvivaai ,nanny n.... va. ... , ,. . it--1 -f -- at fa ef l,,,,,, , . Ir! r-oven' D. Damler, B. Rainey, J. Burton, B. Cristman, B. Packatowski, B. Chapman. Zrrri roa'.' D. Carver, B. Pierccy, D. DeLong, R. Mohr, G. Van Dyke, Coach R. Deidcricksen. l 110's Set Record Tabbed as dogmeat during pre-season play, Lincoln High's 110-pound basketball squad broke a school rec- ord by trouncing six rivals and losing to three. The previous school record was four wins and tive losses. The tens dropped St. Ignatius, Sacred Heart, Poly, Galileo, Washington, and Lowell, but dropped three tilts to Commerce, Mission and Balboa. The team was made up of Don Kameler, Cris Gas- bridge, Gene Van Dyke, Don Picatoski, Brooks Rainey, Don Delong, Dick Carver, Bill Chapman, john Burton, Bob Christman, and Rich Mohr. The squad was coached by Mr. Roy Diederichsen. Coscrbo Colts Shine in All Nine 120's in Second Place On the basis of eight victories in nine league starts, Lincoln Highs 120-pound basketball team became the rirst of its kind to win more than two games in one season of play. The boys who made up the second place squad were Ray Dolan, Bill Bacon, Rudy Mortensen, joey Hanlon, Phil Vickicivich, Norm Gard, Bill Banks, jerry Kolb, Bill Walti, Alan Carver, Murray Hart, Bob Kopleain and jakson Benson. The squad was coached by Mr. Roy Diederichsen. Bill Bacon led the twenties in scoring with 69 points. PAGIE NINli'l'Y-SIX s . . ,..,..,.., . ., .. .. ,. . .. . ., ,,,,, , lar rorv.' B. Piercy, M. Hart, R. Capelarn, J. Kolb, J. Hanlon, B. Banks, B. Walt. Zur! rorrn' R. Mortensen, A. Carver, B. Banks, P. Vikicivich, N. Gard, Coach Deidericlisen. Minor Sports on Parade I.ed by the scoring of Gil Frederick, Gaston Gassiot, and Dale Martin, the I.incoln Zebras annexed six out of eight soccer tilts for a third place berth in the A.A.A. 1916 season play. Galileo and Mission defeated the Prinzmen, while Washington, Commerce, Lowell, Balboa, Poly, and Samuel Gomphers fell victim to a fairly strong Link squad. Coach Prinz worked hard to put the team in the upper division, and much experience was gained through play at Beach Chalet and McCoppin Park, especially - - - - - 1 for the returning players. SWIMMING Lincoln High swimmers finished sixth in the city meet Saturday, May 17, 1947. The Mustang 130's scored seventeen points to capture a hftlr place in hnal standings. The 120-pound mermen tried hard but could only muster twelve points for a fifth place. The Varsity scored their only two points on a fourth place by Dick Misuraca. The thirties collected their points on a first place in the breast-stroke by Mervon Shenson, a third and fifth in diving by Carl Mondon and -v f Bill Walti, a fifth by Taylor in the free style, and a fourth in medley relay. v- . - . The twenties scored their points on Paul Dwerner's hrst in the 100 SWIMMING lil rote: Il. Keller, G. Archie, P. Dtrmer, T. Scott, I. Marchie, A. Picatoski, B. Rainey, B. tflrapman. 2r1drozt'.' P. Lamantia, R. Nishkian, Ii. Willig, fl. Monclaon, M. Shen- son, I. Donahue, M. Taylor. 3rd rottu' Il. Kelly, I.. Silhersein, l. Stow, G. Gassiot, G. Van Dyke, B. Dunleavy, l. Downs, Ii. llorlock. :ith tore: D. Van Iirp, B. Hannon, ,l. Dam. N. Peterson, B, Winenow, Ii. Delany, D. Misuraca. SOCCER Iii forth' G. Ilrederick, M. Fallen- baclr, P. Iilrurclt, B. Phillips, B. Farraras, D. Casey, Coach P. I. Prinz. 2nd roar: D. Martin, C. Pynch, G. Gossiot, L. Roth, R. Welch, E. Smith, B. Detwyler, B. Haas, I. Muller. 3rd row: G. Zengler, D. Smith, B. johnson, G. Archie, D. Deboi, R. Brown, I-I. Eidler, E. Gorden, I. Donahue. flth tore: R. Singer, S. King, G. Merkel, B. VonKonsky, L. Weber, D. Phillips, G. Raeside, B. Moli- nari, N. Reinhardt, B. Rosenthal. free and second in the breast-stroke. Tire medley relay team of Gene Van Dyke, backstrokeg Richard Nishkian, breast-stroke, and Don Pic- atoski, free style, placed fifth. Some of the other Link Merrnen to hit the city meet were Brooks Rainey, Bob Chapman, and Bob Dunlevyq TENNIS Lincoln Highs Tennis team, working without a coach, were prac- ticing diligently for the final matches of the city meet when this journal went to press. Up to city meet time the racketeers were holding practice sessions at the McCoppin courts. In dual meet play the Mustangs did not fare so well, winning only nine matches while dropping 26. The Mustangs were drubbed in their last outing of the season by St. Ignatius, 7-0. In the preliminaries to the city finals Sam Reinfelt lost a decision to champion Matt Murphy of St. Ignatius. Lee Tucker and Don Bramford of Lincoln reached the semifhnals in the doubles matches and then were downed by a Balboa team. ' The team consisted of Sam Reinfelt, Lee Tucker, Don Bramford, and Ittrort'.'S.Re l... , . 'r 2nd roto: G. Gassiot, 0. Bramtord, S. Peterson. infelt I Coclimn L Tucker E. Putzar, Philvukicivichl 1, PAGII NINIETY-SBVIIN p I p I I ti.A.A. tj0UNtltL A 1 rrurrn' M. Lewis, N. Hernze, lvl. Gavin, D. Frederhlrsen. G. t'roshy,1i. Glrisoltn, Jin! rwnr,' ht, Steinhauser, ti. Loftus, ill, tl. ,I. Perrrirgtorr, ,l. Dnrrglas, S. Slroulgouslay. tf .. Q75 . 1 , ,i l?l.v..,f ., , 3, H 'tiritupr reap? ,..,,.l1,as,yy i'rf,11',,irI, 'jr'-, l L II'i ' I, lr diva , .pr fr't"' I , .. ,v .fy v rsh... H hlfiwf or 0 , Girls Sports On The Girls' Athletic Association was ahly led in the lial. of 1946 hy Elna Hauser, president g Imogene Bie- herdorf, vice-president, LaDay Elledge, secretaryg Heen Briner, treasurerg Arvonna Vogel, historian, anc Doris Stone, yell leader. The Fall council planned many activities, which inc. uded a swimming play day, horsehacle-ricling play clay, and a Halloween party in the school cafeteria. At the 1-lalloween party prizes were given for the most efiective maslrs, and games such as "Bob for the Apple" anc "Mystery Alley" were played, The sports offered during the Fall term were bowl- ing, ice-slrating, and haslrethall, 'fhe Spring term G.A.A. program was officially opened with an enrollment rally in the school cafe- teria. Guest speaker Ernie Smith told a few of his favorite sports stories, and explained the importance of after-Sclrool sports. He then interviewed Rose Kaufman, a Crystal Plunge swim champ, who an- swered cyuestions relating to a swimming career. Gerry Crosby, Block "L" president, spoke on recyuirements for rnemhership in the Block "L," and outlined the activities of the club for the term. Marjorie Gavin, G.A.A. president, explained the after-school sports offered for the term, and told about the award system. Tay: Dnralee Fr'erler'ielrserr, stannlout girl tennis player. lllli SKd'l'lNG tfttllt lat rurr'.' lirlwards, Drrgger, llnlclrins, liislrer. Kirlrley. Jmf rvrr'.' llerg- lund, tllearwaler. Avey, tfrrrrrrrrings, Peden, Perry, Wright. 3rd rnn'.' ltenhold, tirnolrs, Glrisollo, larlrson, Ivey, Rich. with rorrx' tlstlrntl, Wolfe, Waslrhrrrn, lliclcel, Rogers. GlRl.S' lll.OGK Rare I: nl. Burrnan, D. hlelhy. M. Gavin, N. Teller, D. Frcdericksen. G. tfroshy, D, tlrouch. Rare A. Wickstrour, Al. Piberrrig. li. Washburn, H. Rich, F. l.ot'lus, D. Stone. Ron' 3: j. Douglas, H. hlolrns, hi. Fry, F. Ghisollo, S. Shoulgousky, R. tlunninglrarn, M. Borden, hi. Borden. Upswing in '46-'47 The Spring term sports were swimming, volleyball, golf, ice-skating, bowling, and horseback-riding. As swimming sign-ups were so large, the girls were divided into a Monday and a Wednesday group. The swimming program consisted mainly of pleasure swim- ming at the Y.W.C.A., with a few "tip dips" on the side. Twice a month the girls had a dinner at the Teen Inn ol the "Y." Bowlers "rolled" at the alleys of the Downtown Bowl, and several of the "expert" G.A.A.'ers partici- pated in a bowling play day with Galileo High School. Volleyball girls learned the correct techniques ol the game every Thursday on Lincoln's own courts. Team competition made the sport even more fun than usual. Ice-skaters cut capers at the 48th Avenue rink, and had a generally good time trying out new stunts. The sportsters really graduated from the wobbly ankle stage to the figure skating stage. Horseback riders "saddled-up" at the Marvista Rid- ing Academy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There was a beginners' class in which the girls learned the prin- ciples ol good riding, and an advanced class which was designed more for experienced riders. During the Easter vacation period, a ride to Sharps Park was 7'ap.f Pat Ireland rolls a last one at the Downtown llowl,lIla11arr1.' Two girl sportsters outstaudrrrg at Lincoln, Marge Gavin lleltl and Gerry Crosby. . y X 1. G.A.A. H0liSEllAtfK RIDING lil rora: N. Heinz, P. Drew, M. Stevens, M. Mayfield, li. Ganrlin. Jar! r'orr'.' V. Ely. l. Gaesiclr, M. Grrllerr, J. 'l'weedt, P. boissier. S. Slionlirorrslry. .ini rare: V. Delany, D. Uppenlander, S. Snyder, ll. llerndt, ll. johnson, S. Swanson. PAGE UNE llUNlJltl5D ij. 1" r . 'L 7. ri G.A.A. .BOWLING lsr rnw.' P. Ireland, G. Beetz, H. Wolf, J. Roberts L. Gann. Bad rote: A. Wiclcstrorn, M. Nelson, H. Robinson, B. Sullivan, L. Hoelt. 3rd rote: A. Kontz, S. Mason, G. 'l'enderis, B. ltozakis, M. Hoppe, L. Larson. -lib fore: M. Smathers. L. Sclrloclrer, G. Vandiveer, tl. Braun, M. lildridge. Jllr rote: ll. MeNinclr, L. Guyton, B. Cravvford. ll. Sneider, L. Tracy. G. A. A. Sportsters scheduled. On several occasions the group had evening rides along the beautiful trails around Marvista. These rides were followed by weinie roasts at the stables on the return of the riders, Golfers spent many days in practice before teeing off the regular course at Harding. During the hrst few sessions, the girls learned how to grip the clubs cor' rectly. They were given instrnctiorr on how the game is played, how to score, and on when to use the numer- ous types of clubs. This pr'elirniuary instruction was followed by practice sessions on the lawn at Lincoln, at the driving range, and at the Sigmimcl Steam putting greens. The last lesson given was in chip shots. Two days were spent at the Harding practice course, during which the girls were able to get the feel of a real course. At the close of the semester, a six-hole medal play golf tournament was held on the Harding prac- tice range. The winner received new golf balls as an award. The GAA. also sponsored a girls' singles and doubles tennis tournament. The winner of the singles received a cup, and the doubles winners were awarded new tennis halls. The Girls' Block "L" had a softball play day with Commerce, Polyteclmic, and Mission high schools, and Vera ,lust reaclres lor .r high one. Golfers learn to putt. l.elt to riglrt: M.. Gavin, S. 'l'clrlennll, M. Shaves, A. Arlrey, li. Loftus, tj. j. Perrrinrtnrr. MON. SWIMMING Ir! rorrn' ll. Gore, ll. Allure, S. White, M. Ilortlen, M. llorilen. Qin! rarru' G. llurglunrl, M. llry, I. lllohr, A, Milani, M. llishop, V. thase, ,ini roar: P. Iiinlrle, I. tunningharn, li. Neto, W. Ames, fi. turtles, ll. Moran. 41A rare: I. Squire, I. Ilreitas, M. Stein- lllrtnri I Sheer It Ixur Sllrrnu A I lunorI.,l. : l,.' , Vg. r .nan-rs,tr,srnrr lin II Aller S ham : , , 1, Ilelo, ll. Cunning 1 . Frolic F ull Time the G.A.A. had a haslrethall play rlay with Ballina, Washington, and I.owell. The Iinal event of the Spring term was an awartl rally arnl hanquet at Signuuul Stearn Grove. Memhers Ilorlsed to the Grove imrnecliately alter school, anal the Iestivities elitl not tease until nine o'clorlr. Before flin- ner volleyball anrl sol thall garnes were organizetl, anrl the girls hail a ehanre to get together and talk ahout all the fun they hatl hail in the G.A.A. rluring :he term. At rlinner the guests were intr'otlrrr'ed, and Nfiss Anita Truman, Dean of Girls at Lintoln, gave a speech ol' welroine. The guests inelurlerl the presiilents of :he G.A,A.'s in San l'r'aneisro, Mr. C, W. White, Iltisa Anita 'l'ruman, antl Mr. Doherty. Following enter- tainment presentee hy the Council and the Illoelt "Q," awards lor sports participation and lor the tennis anrl goll' tournaments were oresentetl, Ollieers lor the Spring 1947 term were Marjorie Gavin, presitlentg Jeanne Douglas, vire-presirlentg Franeette Loftus, seeretaryg Nancy Teller, treasurerg Miriam lewis, historiang anrl Iloralee Ilrerlerulrsen, yell learler. vor.r.nyuar.r. rraanr lil rout: Mrliune, Alhee, Frerleritkseo, tlroshy, Teller. Marlin, Melhy. hu! rorru' Ilieherrlorl, R. Iiieherelorl, I, Ilurman, Stone, Gill, Pilrernig. ini rout: Arrrolrl. Molms. Gruoigen. Ilunningham, lust, Craig. fitli rorr: Vogel, tunninglraru, llriner, Shaw, Mrll-Ianus, King. itll roun' Rogers, Darn, II. Gill, liraun. Gt'II,ll 'I'liAM lr! rote: Trhlenotl, tjonolly, Loltns, Gill, Gavin. Burl roua: Dorrrglas, Peningtoo. WEIJNIiSI3AY SWIMMING TEAM lu roam' True, Singer. I.aval, Penrose, Sancs, V ivell, lewis. 2nn' rout: Wood, lleyuolrls, Rohertsorr, Peirrrrgton, Noyes, llarriruan, Shaw. lol rout: Antlrony, Gavin, l.oIlus. 'IIA rnrrn' Sims, Nelson, Vought. -W .----W . --- V 4.-an PAGE ONII lllINDllIlD ONE l , V . .. ,.,,,....,. -.. .c , r lf.L,,.1f7,i"'ff - . .. lt.0.'l'.C. lllFLE TEAM lr! ruin' Kimball, Ziegler, Snudmour, llnlrer. Bud rote: Srnith, Gerhles, Keane, l.nwson. SERGEANT Mrlll'l'lN YOUNG The latest acltlitiou to Lincoln l-ligh's ll.O.T.C. training stall is veteran inlrurlryrnan Sergeant Martin Young. Sergeant Young was assignerl to cluty here after serving overseas during tl1e war. 'l'he sergeant serveel in the European theater ol operations, anal ynr't'icipatecl in the closing battles ol the war on Gernnur soil. Before serving in the BTO, Sgt. Young was in the infantry, serving for a total ol 23 years. Alter being clischargetl in October ol' l9ffl5 he re-enlistetl, to be assignecl to tluty at Lincoln tluring june ol 1946. PAGIZ ONIE 1llJNDltllD'l'WO .uh- - re 1 ,- ll.0.l,t,.- 6.0. rl. In rote: K. lvlcQueeny, A. Ziegler, J. Kinrhull, ll. Santlslronr, H. Satterheltl. Jml inter lj. Kestersou, D. Gerlrles, ll. lirutligauu, li. tlnorntu, tl. llouirle, D. liurrer. 3wl rout: hl. Narller, l. Perry, R. Lewis, L. Walsh, D. rllher, C. Willis, KI. Davis, fltlr rout: ll. Heu- clerson, D, Gordon, D. Arturo, W. lInrr, A. Hnlsen. 5th rarer: A. liihish, 0. 'l'ustiug, j. Smith. RO's Round Out With two, insterul ol' one training ollicer, the Lin- coln ll.O.T.C. battalion hns been able to progress a great tleal in the past year. Many new honors anrl cluties have corne to the R.O.'l'.C. men. They trainecl school tralllc styuarls, antl participated in two rille matches, anrl receivecl rnern- bership in the San lirancisco R.0.fl'.C. honor school. Under the leaelership of Sergeant I-lempliill and Sergeant Young, tl1e Reserve Ollirers Training Corps at Lincoln holcls a battalion rlrill every Thursclay, with a lecleral inspection once a year. ln existence at Lincoln is the Marshall Trophy, a l ll.0.T.C.r 10. ll 111 mira' D. Cottrell, T, yenlrin, ll, llnlrer, ll. Kapplemnn. 2nd row: 'l'. Smith, ll. llarher. l. ieane, ll. Selmmnelrer, ul. lluwartl, ll, An- rlermn. ,Sul rare: R. tlouners, M, llluuk, R. joyner, R. Freeman, F. liitzgernlcl. fltb rare: R. lluggen, R. lnrohsen, M. lllatlriesuu A Regal Season pernetual awarrl given to the hest R.O.T.C. company each term. llesirles the Marshall nwarrl, Competition in rlrill worlr is heltl every year for those wishing to try out for the roveterl Sons oi ftmeriea awarrl, given for ysrolirieney in tlrill performances. This award is held hy Al lawsen, Irwin Phillips, nnrl others at Lincoln. ln the Fall ol' 1916 anrl the Spring ol 1947, the Mustangs "junior ln1antrymen" eompetecl in the Sixth Army's annual, rifle meet anal the Hearst Meet. lu these two meets, much valuable training was oh- tainerl hy the memhers ol the rifle team. T raining ot lincoln fellows in the Rs.Ofl'.C. takes ll,1l,'l',tQ 1101.011 GllARlJ Srlurmarlrer, hlnllriesun, layner, lireemrtu SERGllrlN'I' HUBERT llEMPHlLl. Sergeant Huhert Hemphill returnetl to Lincoln in Spring ot' 19116 to talre over ll.O,'l',C. iusnuetiorr from Sgt. William Boggs, Returning from active rhrty rluring the war, Sgt. Hemphill is not new to Lincoln Hill- toyppers, for he was in charge ol' the R.O.T.C. helore the war' broke out. When hostilities began, the sergeant was enllerl to active duty in the transportation corps. He saw action in the Southwest Paeitir, serving in New Guinea anrl the llliilivppiries lor two years. While in the Paeihe area, Sgt, Hemphill worlrerl in the transportation of army water rralt. After returning to the States, he was nssignetl to tearh at l.,inroln in March, 19116. P11011ONll1ll1Nll1tllDTl1ltlill iti,.t.t.t,Wiiwtto ,,,, l ll.O.'l'.tf. men shoulder errors. AR'lll'lUll ZIIEGLER llhrjor lilllili lQUl.'l'llllLl. Jml l.ir1rIrmHlt lllllllfltl' hllNllS'l'llUh'l fillfllrlltl KliNNll'l'H lvlcQUlEENEY thlrlrrrrr PAGE oNJr l'lUNUltED FOUR ill " rr.o.'r'.c:.--rio. tr: I V lit roto: fl. Luwsorr. lm! rorr'.' ll. Llzrre, ll. Vincent, ll, l.urrclr,.hl. 'l'romhorg, H. llorusclr, lt. ltitturan. 3111 rurrr: D, Meyer, E. Zinn, J. Bell, B. Orrin. J. Neuhert, rlllr row: D. Dozier, ll. Shelliehl, 1. l'hlllipS. Military Men place during three periods of the clay. Each periocl is rlesignzrtetl us rr Cornparry, and all three Cornporries comprise the school Birttzrlion. 'this orgauizirtiorr is fashioned alter thot ol the U. S. Army. Memberslrip in the highly r'egur'rlecl Honor School rleperrrls on the perlorrrrmwe ol the schools Buttrtlion during lleclerol lnspection. Appezrrzrnce ol uniforms, together with exacthess in drill work ood morcliing constitute the greater majority ol requirements for Honor School Memherslrip, ll the school qualities for this memberslrip, each Circlet is allowed to werrr at R.O.'l',fI. HAND Front rote: ll, hlcliinley, ll. hlurruy, S. Myers, K, Grillith. Row 2: D, Patterson, R. hladden. W. hlosely, II. llzrgot. W, Sarmsin, H. l'aretrliun, Y, lillllllld. lion' 4: D, llnntlonl, M. lurohs, J. hlnirs, ll. McDonald, C. Payne, j. llntes, Sgt. Hemphill. I.hrrl2 ronr: 'l'. Lliesterrurrri. j. Waterman, S. Cole, R. Freeman, O. Anderson, L, Hoomerslrine, G. Cohn. Shoulder Arms Clriinsnn nud Gold shield on the sleeve ol his unilorm. A greet deal of training lor ndynneed endets has been made possihle through the arrival ol' many diller- ent types ol' arms and munitions. lnrluded in these sliiprnents were 45 enliher pistols, MI Cnrhines and rilles, lvll grenade luurieluzrs, 30 enliher light and heavy ninrhine guns, no and 85 millimel'er rnortnrs, and suhnincliine guns. The cadets gained valuable experience in unpacking and cleaning the weapons, and also learned how to operate them. Company undergoes ir weekly inspection, ll0lllill'l' llrllillll fkrjrlfrirr l0llN KlMBAl.l. Boil Imrlemorr 'lllhrl JENKIN 2nd lrierrlemrrrl Wll.l,lAhl KAPItI,lEhlAN Jud l.irrrfemrur PAr1noNt?rrtrtyrinrrtirtvtt jj 1, HI, AN A ' I A F I4 F' 1 X J .r 2 ' 7 f ' I fi: 1 1 4 :Q ' I I A p I www' ' ' ' , 64 N F -' I 1 4 X H-...q X if , FEW I xl! Rl5LilS'l'RY NO. 3 Top nnu: j. MeDonnlel, N. Nienlni, P. l-lnllninn, 'l'. lnzzeii, ,l. Maiirs, R. Lewis, L. lfluebsch, K. Keep, M. Lewin. Slevin! min: R. Stone, Y. Lucninbe. ,l. john- snn, P, Mntlrieli, Ll, LLOIQRII, G. Miinynn, S. llnuer. Ummm 1-lnn: ,I. AlcK.eelinii, j. lnenla, ll. llnelter, ll. Hansnn, 5. Mnzin, P. Hnlling, A. Lintlsny, I.. Phillips, Ci. MeQueeney. RllGlS'I'RY NO. fl Top i'on': P. tfnstu, D. Llnlatnesi, D. Sweet, L. Prntt, l. Brunn, A. M. Petersen, li. Boegerslnisuen, D. D'An- gtdln. 2114! ww: P. Sims, de Curtoni, H. Sniitli, B. Wulf, P. tfatrnien, L. Ginni, P. Doiiegziii. lid runu' A. Hansen, V. Albeit, D. Urban, B. Rznney. R. Mur- ray, D. Pieatoski, lib rnnu' ll. Willie, j. Dnwns, ll. Sayers, B. Wilsnn, J. Mills, A. tfznver, D. Biss. RELilS'l'RY NO. S Trip nnlh' K. Venturi, tl. Walker, R. Velnrde, R. 'Pur- ner, l. Yates, R. 'l'0rnl1et'g, K. 'l'nfnlmull. Serum! ruin: L. Zelinslsy, M. Sellruetler, R. Pleeninn, V. Young, j. Vnnglnt, N. Renbnlel, J. Dnily. linllnnl wtlm' l. Ven Alslyne, ,l. Grnvei, M. lVl11cDnngnll, Y, tjnllins, L. Vivcll, S. 'l'uller, P. Wnnd, P, Hniley. ill PAGIS ONE HUNDRIlD EIGHT .. Registries REtilS'l'RY NU. 1 Typ rnin.' ll. Glnsser, E. Haiinnvitelt, R. Sclininnclier, l. llenly, D, Ayinni, A. liennnn, R. Ainlelsnn, R. tIln'istnntn. Xwniiil fottu' A. Mnnis, j. llnntlinnt, L. Dfnier, Li. lluskey, D. Robertson, D. Nnste, L. Carle. V. iylnnny, 'l'. Sinitli. llnllnzn rlne.' R. llielmenluil, ll. tilizipninin, tl. Geller, j. Prntes, ll. tknlsnii, H, jnyner, P. lliekel, M. Alancnn. ll1iG+l5'l'RY NO. 7 Alone in bull une: R. Carver. Pull lop rnnf: A, Gin'- nlns, li. 'l'nber, J. Carlson, vl. Hoseit, 0, lf-lnllnian, G. Areliie. Ait'l'0lI!f font: VV. Annes, L. Meier, D. Mnenriu, A. Kees, M. Slntw, j. Roberts. A. Gone. Hlllllllll ww: M. Misline, li. Hicks, N. Brown, G. Reynolds, U. Bush, J. Willilnns, li. Dssin, Registries REGISTRY ND. 8 Tofu roar: lf. Footer. J. Gray, J. Duarimcr. Saroarl raw: M. Snrrrcirilr, l. Falcs, R. Huxlcy, II, Dctlrlclson, T. Osborne Forrharrlt Franks C' frlrtolani Third rorr: P. Brown, N. Graf, R. Evans. J. Greenberg, H. Dr Chant, ll. llrlrlrsnn. A. dc l.or'imcr. Fourth rvrw: R. Donn, M. Rvanson, H. lsaarsnn, B. Crawford, ,l. Eotwislc, j, Lnrrrrnlnyrs, M. Daniels, M. Anrlcrson. Ihrrlorrr rorrr.' S, Grccoc, CI. Poster, D. Gnrrcll, J. Favf orman, ll. lhrgym, P. Erlwarrls, K. Cushman, G. Dc- Jr-aux. l l aaors'r'ay No. ror Tay: hayr at lnjr: I.. Boomcrshinc, XV. Srczrlll. Tap r-arru' G. Roniwit, -S. Behrens, R. Blaclchurn, R. Clarlrc, ll. Rnslrnrll, J. Allen. .lrraml lull r'nu'.' T. Clrcstcr- man, A, Karl, li. Rcrlkcy, F. Noarlc, R. llarhirrl, l.. flahlc, j. llarraogo. Tlrirrl fall roto: j. llrcwcr, Alcnln, G. Kohn, M. Grilhn, j. Avcy, N. Barnes, M. C.onpcr. Hollow roar: CI. Rarlon, l.. Rorlassi R. lrlullman, A. Kaula, M. Craig, R. Bruno, D. tllaaic, l.. Pruncr. REGISTRY NU. 9 Top roroy W. Haglrcrg, T. Kinaky, M. Hawkins, J l.lnrlncr, R. Brown, G. MrNaughtnn. Sammi row: P Hinrichs, H. Hart, 1. Kcanc, l.. Gnyton, P. Kaplan S. Peterson. Third mrrn' G. Hcllcn, D, Iarnsmann, K johnson, l. Kyle, M. Poallrursl. ,l. Klnrhclnc, G. l.cn1 rlaris, ll. Lange, D. gukirlr. Hallam row: C. Himcr ,l. lliagi, D. Laval, hr. Smyth, P, Pcrlclns, E. Krrlalry P. Pcnrosc, j, lllaclrwoorl. REGISTRY NO. I0 Tap raw: R. Moore, S. Garriot, D. Dcl'ara, I.. Watso. .Rvrarrrl ro-rrf.' R. Nlshlcian, j. Dcllcrnarrlr, R. Falkcn. hcrg, R. Springer, . Burton, R. Kcalcrson, Tlrirrl rarrr: ll. Laplram, D. Galli, jackson, D. Clayton, P. Draw, II. fhivcrtnn, N. Hcinac, Ralmrrr raw: l.. Good, ll. March, ll. Randal, D. Paclaolrl. ll. Schwalb, D. Murray, G. llalcy, W. Stewart. RllGlS'l'RY ND. ll Top row: R. Sclmcrk, I.. Gottfried, A. Triplctt, R. Czcclrowilz, W. loc, D. Du llrcsnc, C. Payne. .Yerorrd rorrf: R. jenkins, R. Tohin, j. Rogers, nnirlrntillcal, KI. Darn, Il. Zinn, R. Daley. llollarrz r'nur.' I.. Gila' Irons, T, Wilrlcr, ll. Di John, S. Gill, ll. l.cvcy, M. Monrlon, M. Paonlar, G. Tralrcrl, R. Klcincn. PAGR ONE HUNDRED NINE RIEGISTRY NO. 127 Toyz rnrn: F. Filzgernlrl, A. 'l'll0IllSlS, R. Hansen, R llnlville, R. Owen, nl, lylr'lIrrr'ly, P. Selrnr1nreker', W Cirrlney, R. Oxlnnnunlr, j. Slnler. .l'vr'nr1rl rnuf: R. Lan' Sen, M. Hnrl, G. Knlp, ll. Nessier, D. Church, G Dnnulrne. llulrnnr nrrru' R. Szrrknlski, D. Geller, P Lynn, P. Rirnpel, j. 0'Slren, ll. lfanrnln, j, lilrnan RElilS'l'RY ND. 129 Top rwrrn' R. lylanlirr, R. Davies. R. McHenry, S. Kline D. Geddes. R. Roberts, Scrum! rnnf: lf. Pynelr, ij llerry, ll. lVlnln', W, Mnreley, ll. llelerwnrr, W. llerf L. l.nng, F. Wzrrel. 'l'l1irrl rare: R. l'iRrnnn, H. Plrll: lips, R. Krarller, J. Lawton, V. Snritlr, V. lylark, l. Mnel'lree, Barium rnrrff ll. Menrllin, ll, Qnent, R. .I.z1n'rierwe, j. Mnrrllerlrr, K. Myers. H. Meliennn, l llluln, li. Reynolds. Rl5GlS'l'RY ND, lglll Tnyr rnnu' l. Dowling, W. llrlyrerley, L. Gray, R. De- lnny. .lemrrrl rorrm' D. Deluoi, R. Grilllllrs, V. rlc Nev- I ers, R. llrown, D. elellrrlns. Thin! rnrr .' rl. Gnlrlsteln D. Morris, R. lrlznlrlen, M. Perkins, ll, llreernnn, nf Cnllrell, V. Ynnng, C. Vern. llnlfnm rnrrn' ll. Urnss t R. leleelrick, R. lfrrrwnrr. l. llesizzl, ll. llurrnnn, B. Mnrl lensnn, E. llrnelr, ll. Kress, ,I. llrouyglrtrnr, D. Cllrris- tnplrerscnr. '...v,' l'.'lUli 0Nll HUNDRED TRN D -.... Z Registries RllGlS'l'RY NO. l2fl 'I'uyr rnrrm' R. W inennw, R. Cross. ll. Dull, D. RlCNGlll. A. Frnrrke, G. Sweet. Srrnrrd furry: D. Snnllr, K. Gln' ver, N. Ring. ll. Robertrnrr, R, Muller, S. Anplelwznnn. l. llnrelnrnl. llnllnrn rarer S. R'lCDUllillll, ll. ll9llbll1N. Rl. Drnuluie, D. Selrrnerllnglrnll, N. Bone, l. Wnrlreld, D. Henrlr, G. DnFresne. r RliLilS'l'RY ND. lil Tull raw: l. Vnrner, W. Ynuens, j. Weston. R. Bell- low, R. lllrnurrle, W. Wnlti, W. Weber, P. Sultow. ll'lirfrllr'r'rr1l1.' l. Stringlielrl, l.. Snlnri, T. Stern, G. Van- rllveer, L. Swanson, B. Stanley, E. Yerby. llntlom row: Rl. Trnrlrurrg, M. Slrnves, M. Selrulllruuser, M. Bishop, ll. Sullivnrr, ll. Willianns, N. 'l'ehlennll, N. Rnznklr. Registries REGISTRY ND. Isltt 'lop rorix' I. ffurren, R. Young, R. Iarohson, R. I.int- ner, ff. Riclrartls. .Yrfieiiiirl ifirr: A. Iawsnn, G. Ror- tleoave, I. I.ustau. I. Fisher, K. Marlletlr, M. Ver' mnellen. Third rote: H. Cioltlstein, F. Martin, I. Tait, R. Uksila. B, Haver'stork, F. Rivers. Iioiliriii rorii: D. Caheeeira, IZ. Zais, I. Itailger, II. tiottlrietl, I.. Ileeler, B. Winheltl. RIit,iISTRY ND. 20l Trip row: I. Flaherty, R. Manhert, W. Derham, E. Ruth, R. Welsh, C. Hallgren. Ser'orrd r'orv.' I. Stowe, I, Phillips, M. Mt'I.ane, B. Moran, M. Iaeohs, R. Holmes, Iiorrom rout: M. Shank, M. Trootl, I.. Whit- ten, F. Dickson, S. Lambert, It. Simmons, D. Mahoney. RIIGISTRY ND. I-Il fllorii' ill lofi: tl, Steele. Top ima: D. Stewart, D hIt'Nat, K. Burk, R. Ilischotl, I. Donahue, N. Searle G. Baker. .thrririrl I'IIll'i' R. tlonlan, I. flronenwett, R DalwyIer'. A. Fraser, R, Ashman, Il. Esser, D. King 'I'Iiiir! i'ore.' A. I.eIrrntI, I. Larson, I. Cart, II. Anthony I. Iohnson, B. Greenslarle, M. Lockhart. llotturn min I-I. Levy, L. McMiIIian, I. Horwitz, M. Eltlretlge R. MeNinch, S. Hatlley, I.. Grossman, M, Ilorwin REGISTRY NO. Ill 'lofi rii1i'.' I.. Schwab, I. Cummins, A, tllrryton, II. Iones, A. Levin, G. 'I'Irompson, R, Tlrornas, II. Mor- tensen, A. Desin, S. Mills. Seruiid ivirim' II. Fortl, D r Dppenlantler, M. Rosenherirer, I. Dsthotl, G. Ilerglrrntl, M. King, I. Prescott, Bnrnmr rare: M. Ifonrtriglrt, B. Ititlrartls, I. Mastetl, N. I-licking, M. Stern, C, IIar'tly, I.. Alcott, RIitiIS'I'RY ND. I-I5 'lop riiri-: F. Moran, I.. Clark, I. Haase, R. Paroli, I. Daly, 'I'. Sweeney, R. Preston. Srwirr! roir: G. Pitt, I. tfolcman. If. Gasparich, 'I'. Rantlo, R. Slrimmon, D, Whiteley. 'I"Irirrl iiire: IE. Neto, I. Ifnnninglrarn, R. Ferguson, It. Hall, P. Sonrmers, I. Beaumont. M. Whitten, G. Fox. llnrlorii fore: H. I.evin, I.. Chapman, D. Kamler, I. Harper, R, Fagan, R. MrKone, R. Alhee, W. Patterson. PAGE DNR IVIIINDRIEII III.IIVIilr i, ii llliGlS'l'llY NO. 213 'Fuji rme.' Slueilielei, R. Trounsim, W. Sarrasiii, D. Norquisl, S. Reinilelil,Hi. .Neuberl. .leeifmi mul: C. ' n Xllillix, P. Ziese, D. D , R. Stone, j. ifruse, W. Sei iwerl, R. 'l'llClS5l7Il. Tiiini iwiin' ll. Vim'enl', E. Sllere, P Seidell, S. Sullivan. S. Stull, P. Panler, l-l. Gmalas liollom miru' li. Phelps, A. llalehios, D. Nyman, I Sean. N. Stalk, S. Nilsim, li, Perry, P. Wriglil, D Deinalralc. V RiiCilS'l'RY NO. 215 Top roam' W. lllll0llll'Sllll, W. liaeim, R. Seiler, W. Sams, 'l', Umplneys, E. Rulli, R. lfutler. Seroini ruin: G. Kelly, A. 'l'lmmas, S. Levin, D. Clarke. D. Wil- liams, A. Zinklancl, R. Williimison. Tiiini iam' R. lfarillon, Alveraon, M. llielmlels, A. Crooks, Ilunler, B. Folenos, ll. llaliano. Hmmm rima' N. Blnomlielel, O. Anthony, G. Young, M. Hoppe, D. 'l'ruax, j. lfoserave, M, liarnes, P. Muller. RliGlS'l'RY NO. 214 Top ime: J. lloquen, Cf. libelliarell, li. lll'OIlllJifi'lL, L. lliilliani, P. liarrles, R. Speaisen, D. Oille. Minn! row: K. lilariiman, j. Tliompson, W. Brooks, Y. Perutz. I. Noyes, N. Davidson, C. Penington. Tbinl muh' J, liipinal, B. Leiglxton, j. Asllliougli, P. Bfoeleliek, l.. janetsky, M. Dressen, N. Meelmn. Bnlimn mum' l.. Williams, P. Lneeliesini, R. Weielenlelel, C. flail- lellx, Z. linker, ll, llyrne, M. U'Conner, L. Korlright, i l -- . . ia lu ia l P 'AGR ONE IIUNDRPD 'l'WliI.Vli Registries lliiGlS'I'liY NO. Zll lililfi i'im'.' P. Dull, ll. Kem, S. jaeobson, li, l-lannon. S. MeLzn'lilan, J. Matlmer, B. lilopkins. .i'er'un:i row! il. l.CUllllIll'lll, W. Gibson, S. King, Zilla, il. Cial- lemnre, B, llilellonougli, D. Levis. Tien! mum' R. Gill, li. Smith. H. llanan, 'l'. Prime, N. finial, iT, lsaaes, Li. Ciassiot, R. Herzig. Bolton: imiu' I.. Sflllllll, li. Sanders, R. Perry, D. Olsrm, P, Selna, J. Reynolds, D, Pappui, M. Pierce. RlKilS'l'RY NO. BIS Tofu iymn' R, Norellierg, D. Mann, G. Marelikian, li. llorlock, W. Oliver, R. Polsler, li. Pearson. leeomi foam' ,l. Nelaon, R. McCallion,j.Mitcl1ell, R. O'Neill, A. Molinari, l., Passei'i, W. lllartin, R. Newell, S. lllaasen, D. Peilersen, j. Pom, j. Kenney. Third foie: ll. Natliansim, M. Newmim, ll. Ray, M. Nosznan, M. Peilen, M. Saines. Barium i'ozn.' M. Lee, i. MCSl1ea D. Pallemni, A. O'Nale, M. Maslen, P. Miller, D Mitaner, S. Rversa. 1 1 Ir fr i-rrrrry' A. Small, Il. Wymcr. .lrfmrrrl rrrrrr: D, Young, A Srllrr I Hilrcrlio I rnlr Ilrtcrscn. Ilnllorrr rnufr H. Clirrsc, G. Wlrimlccr, I. Squires, M. Stevens, I., Soplri, I. Tlromnr, R. Spring. Registries REGISTRY NO, 225 Top row: Ii. Franklin, II. Ward, I. Ilaglcr, I. Gorrlcn. .Irrrvnl rorr: I, Riclrwood, R. Kasscnhrork, M. Iinllcn- lirrch, M. Fiore, Il. Fnsana, ll. Estes. N. Ranrlolplr. 7'lrirvl ruin: K. I-Inlrliarfl. I. Gntsclnrll, S. Ifirnnigcn M. Iarmrrn, R. Iolninson, E. Gnmlcn, fl. Freeman. Ilollnrrr r'orrf.' A. Akcy, I. Hart, S. Fcirlccrl, S. Hull I. Irlrrglrrcs, I. Wnlll, Il. Noycr, I.. Illlcrlygc. I REGISTRY NO, 226 Top nor: C, Ilcslcr, R. I-Iahn, II. Parclrharn, H, Rcrl lirlr, F. Wirlrcrs, .I'eroirrI i'0!l1.' R. Ilnric, P, Flcmcr S. Fnlrinnn, W. Fcirkcrt, T. Thompson, I. Perry, I Ronlrk, P. Ducrncr, Thin! rorrw D. Harrison, H. Rrr asrlr, A. Illioponlos. Ii. Benson, C. Rrnun, M, May noirlcntilicrl, I. Gnirlsiclr, I, Illin. llnrrnm row: V Ilnnllcy, IQ. Ilarrclmc, I.. Ilznrcr, V. lily, Cr. Golrlc, M Ilrrlc, I. Anthony, R, Gore. RIEGISTRY NIJ. 227 Top rorrr: W. Brass, D. I.onrrsIinr'y, P, Ilirnrrirrglmm, I.. Gill, Il. Class, I.. Sclrilrlcr. R. Ilnrncrnn, II. Slril, I., Tnclrcr. .Ivrrirrd rrrirn' N. Klcin, V, Ilryrlitzki, Il. Lrn rlon, T. Mirtclstacrll, ll. Johnson, D. Ilanson, I., Ilnygcl, A. Nowarlr, I. Rogers, R. lrvy, IJ. Atkin- son, W. Wolpcr. Ilolrnrrr rorrf: I. Rnnrlolph, I. WL-nrlt, G. Fryer. I.. Iflnrrkin, S. Ilnrlros, Il. Svincl, I.. Nelson. RRGISTRY NO. 306 Trip rrrrru' I.. Shccrin, C. I-Irill, M. Trornlrcrg. Srrorrr! I0ll".' G. Ilrown, H. Lrivcli, R. Snlkov, N. Mnlilros, R. Allen, II. Rrrrlrcr. lirrrrorrr roriu' ll, Lyons, G. Byers, Ii. Ilrrrsinnrs, G, Angclirh, M. Srrrnrrclscn, A. Cronrlr, R. Ranrlnzzo, RIZGISTRY NO. 512 Cr inn, . . , Q, V R, Tingcs, F. I PAGII ONIE IIUNIIRIID TIIIRTIZIIN ,.,. 4, . IIEGISTIIY NU. 515 'loft roam' A. Halaen, j. Bell, A. llasten, A. Ileigel .leroml rout: L. Effort, I. Knowles, Il. Tumey, H l.llClICll, H. l.olm1eyer, D. Galloway, ll. llreeletlt'lts I'lainlv'ow:D.Gavitlla I3.PIal1ett B.Liill D. Dixon I yl I I ll. lflatlt, D. DIlIIlJCl'l, A. LlllIllIlIlS. Bollorll l'lIll!.' P. Flxelller, II, MeAlpin, H. llonner, P. Benson, V lilxlmix, K. Prayue, It. llrlekie, j. Betta. IIIIGISIIIY Ntl. 3l7 lloft row: E. Putzer, 'I'. Arlt'lVLlLIglIlCll, ll. llorwitlt I. Thornton, A. Sunseri, G. O'lletst. Serum! row I. Ninnis, R. llelwox, H. Hollman, It, Itiltslleinl, ti I.orel, lvl. Stott, L, Roth, I. Selnnitlt. Tlvlrfl row: ll Stewart, P. Kettler, N. IlleIIa1'tl1y, ll. Glenn, ll. Smitlx I. Flohr, I.. Hoell. Bottom row: H. Ilainen, S. Konltel I, Wootley, S. Fried, P. Switzer, I. Solaelte, I. Antler! son. V. llvingstone. IlEUIS'I'ItY NO. 336 Taj: wan' N. Ilupp, W. Stvatatrgaretl, I. Rite, A. Sclnoe der, Svenml rant: tf, Aneletson, Il. Sutton, S. Seovllle, ll. Sterling, L. Sllberstein, H. Sltumaelter. Tlairtl ma' Il. Taylor, ll. Dletlerle, l. llelllll, ll, lleulwoltl, M Nelson, S. Snyder, ll. Fisher, Bfllllilll roam' D. Smith Sublte, D. Ryan, A. Rutlnet, ll. Sullivan, H, Roll mson, B. Rozakis, ll. Retllonl. O. Sorensen. PAGII ONE HUNDRIIII FOUlt'l'lIllN Registries RELEISTIIY NO. Ill 'lop nnth' ,l- Williann. Il. Nagle, Il. Illoeselrle, Il. l'retten, P. llunnlngltam, li. Wttltleldt. .l'et'oml row: P. llenebone, ll. HUUIIIIEU, Il. U'llourlte, ll. Nelson, It. Sluerwootl, 'I'lnnI noe: It. Itosenthal, I. Norwood, li. Simistet, W. 'l.lltlllllISIlIl, V, Nlsnltian, ll. Singer, G. Itaesitle. Iiorlnm l'Ull'.' I. Putnam, A. Grotlt. Vogel, If. Wallace, A. Sntitll, ll. Vaugltt, lvl. Sheenn. IlEGlS'I'ltY NO. 537 Tap I'0ItI.' H. Eitller, H. Satterlleltl, O. Anderson, W. Donald, ll. Iliagini, II. Allman, M. Levenson, ll. Davis. .l'ernnd l'0lla"' W. llanloz, S. De Haan, l. Kruse, W. Brenner, W. Allison, ll. Ilaltet, I. Benson. Bottom rouw N. Brunner, P. Bzogetto, It. Gootl, N, Connolly, V. De Lany, II. Elletlge, M. Iltorter, j. De Paolo. Registries REGISTRY NO. 328 Top roni: C. Hinrirhs, H. Mooney, j. jackson, K. Anderson, F. Proctor, D, McKinley, R. Rienecker. .Irroiid roui.' R. Sommer, R. Quinlan, I. Scott, F. Msstro, R. Morton, D. Duerner, R. Clieriff, M. Pet- erson. 'Nwirff row: D. Mnnuck, V. Stone, B. Soidnvini, B. Sterett, I.. Cox, S. Shenson, B. MncGuin, B. Tom- rose. Bottom mai: I.. Sclrwarrtz, V. Valente, I. tfor- nelius, E. Boynton, F. Loftus, A. Milani, D. Manley. Lefl to right: Two Links take time out oo front steps. Marge H imes poses in Pierre's heret. Iiillies "powder up" for n picture. Mr. Moreno and Mr. DeMnrtini talk things over. Three P. E. students husk in the sun. M-in-in-rn, good! The expressions of these I-Iilltoppers read, this sunshine is wonderful! PAGE ONE IIUNITREIJ I'IIi'I'IIIiN r fr C L AN r" I x 0 'JI A - lj A I I I I r I, , I' II, f A5 1 I1 4, ' I 2, 'J X46 11' ! if 4444: IW' M 7' . I ixit '11 If X L 'Q ASQ .H A t .,..4A., "Fr l .,.. "F Q1 ,Qc :'?' 4 14. fu' 9. Ay' f . 1 -V .ix 7.. 'W I N ,N fd g W J. . " . ' 1 W!!! I':1.f' tv' ,,o A X . 5 V, 'vm H11 . in :ai gg f I 'Q W , ,-., 1 , , ' . 5 sf A figyl. gd' ' , " 'lv ' ' Q 'Mfg f,. ' 5' ,V 'Af'T.'f'? WF ' . ' ' 'J' f -ful' 14- 4 f'. j', ., Q - ' Q ik? fi-mlffl . , ' ' '. 0- 4. jg, 4 A I X, - ' A Q . ,,,5:.fq,fl,5.1 'fl'-" prxagf 1? ' ff m' , - , at? bv1,'1?." . "Him: 'it ' "f 4 V If ' , j 5 LAX , gig ' 1 . V FW 17 FY , , - vi," v 1 l I ' 5 ,' 1 ' I ,N J! J , . H1 ' M ' ' ' 1 7 3 'lf . "I X ,' Wt' Q X ' V 'v 7 I - ,l X Xa xt , X1 li ,X A M X, Xl, , N , , ,Q 'Q All ,W I xr ':,.xI'!U , , , f g,U-v ,, ,Q - W, ,I N.. 5 L I 4" . - . . .X 'Lk it 4 .5 7' x R . , r vffx f,, 'w ' 'wi-'-I - xv V 64,4- D 'nl I QT' X nX"'.I'. in-' Y H 'N k,..n I . H Q L K, , 1 'iff 1, v . .x L ' ...f ' C 1' A QQ, J ' INN! 'N-V -...- V. .L I, As.. f- f--' -- !l,m'fQH1-I-.TV ' A ':fQl.1., gg Qfaqmviswwlpgmf- . J. N J A. vi. 'V fv. - -.FSH fqlylxa V M A AP, Vw, - "Q J '-" ' wr M' 'A ' ' QW1 A. Q V' '-'w5'9:if" ' X- 4' ,A ' hw,-li' . 'I dwg., C. g1,y 1i.f ' I , 1- 1" X- sf, F 73,3 WI:-A Wh It' 3, 5-,PV A N31 v .Y fg j . If ' A 1 I ' 1 up 'N 'nn h llo You Know THAT THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Gave the january, 'l9rI7 Senior Class their Senior Picnic and is plan- ning to do the same for the june, 1947 class? Gave lour registries football tickets for 100 per cent registries in its October Membership Drive? Furnished the flowers and greens for decorations lor the january graduation class? Held two special meetings lor the parents ol new students? Has organized new club groups and alter school activities and is plan- ning even more so all the students can have a wide range ol choice of clubs and activities? Has a membership ol eight hundred parents with an average ol over one hundred at every meeting? Gave a tea for the faculty ol the school? Is considered one ol the linest Parent-Teacher Associations in the City because of its outstanding programs? Had a Hobby Show and speaker at the january meeting which was the "talk ol' the town"? Was most helpful in obtaining the hnal O.K. on the plans for the Sunset Community Center? ls following through to help to push the construction of the new additions to Lincoln as soon as monies are available-1947? Assisted with the Edu-Carnival which attracted 10,000 people? Was responsible for ob :aining auto driving lessons as an alter-school activity for the students ol Lincoln in the fall? Contributes more than fifty dollars each year towards student aid and Parent-Teacher scholarships to worthy and needy students? ls your own service club ready to assist the students in any way that it possibly can? 0 CALL ON US- Asnanan Lincoln HIGH Parent-rtacura Assocrarron IVE IIVANT T0 SERVE YOU! IAGII ONE I'lUNDlIliD liIGll'l'llllN Here we have the "Belle Starr" of the campus, blonde Alva Burnett. Although hooked up solid by one particular male, Alva is really dangerous, especially when holding a gun. She shoots straight and is an excellent Irobby-lrorsewoman. This blonde bombshell is one gun moll who has naturally golden locks and, also a naturally agreeable personality. ll you dare take a chance on looking up this dangerous femme, she is never hard to hurl. just look for the blonde curls and listen lor the loud report of her pistol. l Anders Field is renowned in Sandune Gulch lor his never lniling murksrnan- ship-gun in hand, pipe in mouth, hat on hend und ull. He can even hit the hullseye ut tifty paces riding horseback with his eyes closed. Quite u man, Anders Field, but we don't like the sneer were getting in this pictureg so were going to he sure to keep out of the bullet range of this deadly cnwhand pictured shove. Benjamin P. Keys Company Paper Rulers ' Boolcbinders Manulacturers 0 s i A A? 'IFC' If A :ggi 2225 -fsd in-ev I J, nj 113: ei 1-gi-I bk M et--Es - W "reg 3:55. I' Ill I N il- K fel H I :rdf 'First r 246 First Street ' San Francisco l Phone EXbrook 2871 PAGE ONE lllINDlthD NlNETliliN efilfooo fohool oooooo to yoorr fooorotro oo floon THREE IILLS lllineteenth and Irvine also Tenth and Irvinq -- -e Weweo A l PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWIENTY Heres the blonde half ol that insep. arable lly doo, Brainard and Alberigi. Miss lt. seems to be a little careless by the way she handles her revolver liereg watch out, Pbyl-it might go off and hit Mr. Dee, and we know yon wouldnt want that. Lots of the credit for this year book goes to this lil' gal and her buddy llook across the pagey, because they really worked bard . . . like all good journalists in room lellt. RAMONA ALBERIGI Now, the other hull, ruotin,' tootin', two-gun Ramona Alberigi, looking rztther lost without Phyllis. These two kids can usually be found running arounel the school on journal business or lounging comfortably in a chair in 140, pen in huncl, composing journalistic muster- pioces by the score. We wonder how poor Mr. Dee is going to curry on now with- out Phyllis Brninurd and Rnruonu Al- hcrigi to keep the presses roaring on the Hilltop from now on. llll llllll llllSlll'508 Mr pareweff '33 Qin '51 Exif is ies if ,ffl up his ftfwfiwhr F 4 dvi gush FREE if p 0 rljlqf X 'if' -- s R wi , W ll lb 'I 'M , 0 . I, ' I I nent ill QU W Wglftidtnwx l ilu Q as FAREWELL Q3 5 lx from 1 3 rreisnu 329 Ps J ' fo Clif! 1 , vgsslvir ,W is Ldi-QA LC 1 5 15355 at M yt ls I X aisle x My QI '59 A GMM 9,8 mtl fmfllly llJjlfJW,,,d1f CQM sh CW amor:-r..f,4-,wt o PAGE ONE llUNDltllD TWENTY-ONE ' 'I'oTI-IESENIORCLASS-CONGRATULATIONS! VIALES B. PHOTO STUDIO O I "OOOO A I SERVICE rrrrrl QUALITY at a Reasonable Price A Complete I Photographic Service I YEAR BOOKS I CLUBS Sr LODGES - WEDDINGS , 0 GBADUAIIONS I BABIES 0 COPIES A723 GEARY BLVD. At llth Ave. BAyview 2295 Enroll NOW! for umm er or Fall IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in preparing lor a Career in busi- ness, it is advisable to enroll now, and be sure ol rr place. Courses offered include: rr SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING STENOGRAPHIC BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS MACHINES CIVIL SERVICE rURSES RANGE FROM 5 MONTHS TO 24 MONTHS Free Plrrrerrrerrt Brnerrrt it For FREE BULLETIN . . . write, phone, or visit the school HEALD'S BUSINESS COLLEGE ran Ness Avenue Phone Ordway 5500 toner cringe at snt:IraMEu'ro, SAN IoSE, ora OAKLANDJ DIIEII WIIN'l'Y-TWO Looks like Sara White got roped in by ll pretty rough looking cowhand iacross tlIe pagel wlIo incidentally Seems to resemble a guy named Oscar. It doesnt appear as though little Miss White particularly minds the rope judg- ing by the pleasant smile we See here. In fact, she looks pretty Sunny about the whole deal, but then that's not unusual since Sara is rarely Seen wearing rr frown at any time. il tl lr all X Oscar Peralta really looks rough and ready and doesnt seem to look as ii he intends to show any pity at all for poor lil' Sara as he pulls the rope tighter around her neck. But when you get to know Oscar, he's really not half as mean as all thatg in fact he may even give you the impression of being kinda' bashlul -or should we say just modest. Oscar is also famous as the original "Indian" and costume prize winner on Western Day. .PAREWIELL from H I G H S B N I O RS in 5 O 9 I Keith Anderson 'ames Morton Honey Coote Milton Mountanoas Mary Lou Cordes frene Nelson Worthington Detwiler Charles Newhall Kathryn Holmes Wallace Painter Roger Joyner Oscar Peralta Anne McBniry Annette Pearson Edwin McNinch Bill Phillips Kenneth McQueeney Beverly Pond George Merkel :une Ruebold Betty jo Mohns Helen Rich Donald Morris Robert Way Shurlia Wilson B B ST W I S H B S from THE GRADUATES rl R B G I ST R Y 5 0 l Randa Allen fack Kahn Dolores Anderson Beverly Llop Stan Beck Dolores Manley Gloria Beetz fean McNaughton Margaret Borden Priscilla McReynolds Helen Briner Dot Melby Evelynne Buskey Greta Pearson Bernice Brown feannette Peters Rose Anne Carrol fanice Pibernig Barbara Cherney Russell Prellwitz Bob Coffey Kathryn Schmidt Martin Dokter Marianne Sorenson Bertie Gubin Paula Stuck Pat Hart Claire Toth Helen Jones Diane Warner janet Williams , PAGE ONE HUNI Till T Have a Coke l0lllED UNDER AUTHORITY Ol' THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BV THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ' SAN FRANCISCO ' 4? I'm planning on a job at the Telephone Company when I graduate arena erra- ti' There are opportunities for pro- motion tl' The work is interesting - and important, too it Pay is good right from the start it Telephone people are friendly it l can earn while I learn at The work is steady Why alon'r your plan are n teleyrhorre rornlrurry job, too? Come in and talk it over with our employment counselors today at 140 New Montgomery Street, or 2272 Mission Street. fir fill agp 'I 6 The Paoiiie Telephone and Telegraph Company . r GOOD LUCK, H GH SENIORSl rnotu nnojsrnv are Gene Kely Ronald Keller Margaret Kayope Marilyn Flynn Stan Levin fanice Averson Bob Carrilon Barbara .ialiano Alice Crooks Bill Bacon lllgn Anthony gy Mary L. Barnes Bob Hencerson Barbara Fatinas Luka Maerseil Florence Muller loyce Hunter Marilyn Richards Bill Sans Geniel Young Al Thonia Wall Thompson Tom Umphreys Al Zinkand joan Cosgrove Don Clark Winita West Doug Williams Dick Williamson Norma Bloomfield Richard Sciler Dolores Traup Ronnie Cutler liN'l'Y-l'Ol WX i. lf lu H Whats the trouble, Marvell Sneider? ls the strong wind up here on the hilltop too much for the ten-paallon hat? It looks like this lovely lassie was afraid oi losing her clrapeau when this picture was taken. Marvelle is another' one of the gals who worked so hard for the Log and Round- up this past term. She is one ol the orig- inal rogues from Rancho 140 no less! Warning to sheriff and his posse-be on the lookaout for all armed journalists' - Here, looking his usual rugged self, ,lack Coates smiles benevoleutly out at his fellow Mustangs, Having otten been regarded as the Lone Ranger of the Parle side District, Jack is usually accompan- ied by a blonde Indian squaw. She was too camera shy to appear in the picture and remained outside to hold the reins of jack's pet horse. ll any bandit is on the loose, just get in touca with Coates, the original protector of law and order. The Graduates of 140 Bid You Farewell! Betty Richards Sylvia Rogers Russ Schabel Max Schmidt Ann Schwartz lilenore Sheehy ,loan Shepard Marian Smathers Pat Sullivan john Tornai Bert Von Konsky Shirlee. Wants James Appel Bob Lucchetti jerry Arnsbarger Bev Lundblade Ronald Bamford Barbara Lutz Dorothy Bawderi Marge Meyer Howard Bennet Molly Ohr Wilma Brunn Larry Weber Diane Alexander Charles Ojalcian Gordon Chambers janet Olsen Bob johnson Elaine Pappas Marion Krebs Peggy Pardee Myrle Letsche jerry Pearlman Pat Lister Richard Reddiclt HIGH ON A HILLTOP . . . FOUR WONDERFUL YEARS HAD WE. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, FAREWELL FROM 303' Bob Baker Gloria Bonrislav Patricia Darnell Dean Farrer' fim Geiger fane Griffin Dick Hall Curt lannsen Roberta King Qean MacDougall Lorraine Robbins Bob Sherman Barbara Singer "Walt" Stevens Margaret Stone Elaine Stuart Mary Lou True joan Tweedt Bob Von Konsky Marion Walker Harold Warren Deesse Watson Robin Welch Albert Williams Edward Willie Elaine Worsley Arthur Ziegler David Morgan . Good Luck, Graduates, from Registry 5 Yvonne Collins Gerald Daily Ronald Freeman james Grithn fone Grover Lynn Kelso Mary MacDougall Beverly Maldonado Nlorman Nelson Richard Osborn Earl Pruner .Verma Ruebold Milton Schroeder Roy Thomas Cliff Walker Val Thornton Ayr Walton Bllb T10fUbefll jim Waterman stifle? Tlglel' Paul Wesendunk Kfn.l.tf'1 t"' rnuanwttrte Paglgm Bailey Fdward West Bo ' urner ' ' . r' joan Van Alstyne PRBSY Warsl Ken Venturi lilfk WGS Bob Velarde Virginia Yates Vernon Vinding Virginia Young Lorraine Vivell 'Leland Zelinsky Jean Vought Mr. J. F. Scudder , , PAGE ONE llllNDRlilJ 'l'WIiN'l'Y-lilVL l REG 2l0 PREDICTS THE FUTURE Abowd, Kay ......................... "Lamplighter" Alberigi, Ramona ............... , .... Piekpockel Anderson, Carl ................ Old Grand Dad Baker, Oralie ........................ Chorus Girl Beiberdorf, Imogene .........,...... , .... Giantess Blaine, Frank ........................r..... "Wedgy" Brainard, Phyllis .............. Benny the Bum Brandow, Don .,,,.,,..,..., Sideshow Midget Brandt, Nancy ,...... ............ ' 'limb Servant" Campana, Bob ............,..,.,,,........ Bartender Cantor, Wally ..............,..... The Thin Man Chase, Tony ....,......,........................ Beetle Childers, Doris ,........ ..................... B ar Fly Coates, ,lack ....,....,,.. ...,.............. I ndian Cole, Stan .................................. Ernbalmer Cordes, Carol ............... , .... Bunion Grower Cunningham, Ruth .......... Football Player Embree, Barbara .......................... Corsetier Bmmick, Marrialyn .............. Mrs, Paullin Finkel, Phyllis .................. Gunners Moll Fredrickson, Ruth .............. Schuss-boomer Gavin Mar re .......................... Ski Champ .Anonyrirous r is Jacobsen, Ester .................... Kellog, Elva .............. Asst Toll-Collector Stuart, Shirley ...,............ Al's "Secretary" Telfer,Naucy.....A ....................... . ....,. Horse? Warren, Virginia ........................ Governor White, Sara .........,.....,.............. Undertaker Wickstrom, Anne... ................ Dog Catcher -'T' l -3l7- Tlarrr third and thin Oar' arrays have been la rorrrrude.rbiyr rogetlaer. 'Ve rairb you lark, O1rrLlur0lrr pals, lu lair and stormy weather. Orr lifes broad rear Yorr'll larrurla your craft Arid rail from harbor' boldly ,' Fair uriurlr, srrrrers. Ami safe retrrrvrl May Fame r'errur'rl you wholly. -3l7- WE, THE GRADUATES OF REGISTRY 224, wish you a pleasant vacation and good luck in your future terms in Lincoln. r S 0 L 0 N G l r-.ga s PAGE ONB HUNDRED TWBNTY-SIX ' n 'nr SOLON GLINCOLN FROMT HEGRADUAT ESOF 306 "O.K., reach! I got ya' covered." warns "Bullseye Bill" Hamrnon, and he looks as though he really means business, too. Rough, tough, and nasty Willy was l,in- coln's big threat on the 30's basketball team last term. He never misses with the basketball either! Beware, all you dudes. of this dangerous guy under the hat. He's wanted dead or alive for disturbing the peace in Kezar Pavilion. Leaning over the gate, lasso in hand, is Margaret "The Indian" Steinhauser, minus the leathers and watpaint. Mar- garet has that gleam in her eyeg so watch out, all you fellas, if you don't want to get roped in-she's really deadly with that lasso. Besides her teepee activities, "The Indian" participates in many girls' sports. If you ever wish to contact this comely lass, just give a few heats on your tom-tom and shell appear before you. BEST WISHES TO Tllll CLASS Oli '47 from CHARLES CORSIGLIA or THE OVERLAND PHARMACY 1055 TARAVAL OVerland 4664 A PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST A Donor ol tlre rlmtrral Football Trophy to tire Urrtrtrrmlirrg Player RICHMAN HSPORTSWEAR ym. DARN NEAR EVERYBODY" OCEAN AVENUE near l9th Phone SEabright 4154 - Q - '1 N A .Et X .AJ d e, :A lim", ui F H " E. va A. AAQIM .rs-qx xg J IIA Jltmll -' nf s. L '- yjisyr. ,-,. 1 ,,,,X ,. lf? -. 'y ill l , ' rl-305' Sllll0r'S Mill .. . wherejames Marshall found the gold Hakes that starred the grearugold- rush" to California. Visit tlre Wells Fargo Historical Collection, Market mul Montgomery Streets. Wells Fargo Bank ruarov rrusr co. SAN FRANCISCO ' 20 Estoili.rbed1852 Member l'.D.I.C. H 'I 'I E E I 1 U5 X.. Eg 2 Pnl. -R :Im 5-I I+, 32- 2 5-J 1 SX ,G-:Q V3 Q2 'Y JI' 5 L li A i'lt ,S lwtlrll r1zoti,?0llett5ria'l'rU!21l1al N O W O P E N ' 2 p2 Sessions Daily 'surfer cans 1-2 5-1-"or ourecr 4, . rr r . . I r " r' lL.l l' lL 'rl tl '.f".'i I I arlfsa, X lull-. V5 "1 il f"i" x5llE ,iftwa Item: it litzr fntlfgl ,129 iilastie-sEs'i1' lx 'Et,ai321f1,2il,t,- .-.. .FE stew' 'P' E-fa-r' ll ' V' 'fa ,,f.l,lZ-is 4 Y t r S tso r r - t 4 Wil?3:i5"'iQiff,5if-flizf l iii 235 51,35 fl ' : N I' rro' r1-, -r ,,oy,i - -i-r"aa ti .,,,, ,l3.,,f'f' a-,-- W,-is P ,A teiiflii 1' Q itf,3s,fF 'i1'j,2Ql-11 "' X I if""?r51tf'f5E:i:55f" Y -, A li, uint I ilu, I I xx K l 1 r ,,, I r I 'I i I 'Will' lllltulllillr. l P' 1 ry F I go lly I I ll' ,, 4 f 4 a . I r l I I PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN -215- To tire lriglr .rerriors rolro rrrr going ruorryr 'Ve tlriule you are lodoiug lruytyryt und guyr But just roirrla-ru Lincoln rdrrrorr eoery drry You had sports, drrrrcer, and rdrouys sorrre ploy Nora you rrrr grrrdrrulos, old und gray . . . fun ortrreorr us, dorr'r you roirla you could stay? -r 1 5 - Good Luck Congratulations und ood Congratulations B951 Wishes to all tr we oaanuarrryo GRADUATES snruoas treo yrour Reg1SE1'y Registry 201 142 BEST OF LUCK 'O 'HE GRADUATES FROM Laura june Williams fune Noyes Carla yo Penington Ruth Geidenfelcl Lysla Kartright foan Thompson Pat Barnes Lois yanetsky David Oille Charles Eberharclt fack Holluen joan Espinal Dick Sperison Doug Worsley Beverly Leighton Dick Miller Nancy Davidson feanne Ashbough Kathie Harriman Margaret Dressen Bobbie Byrne Nancy Meehan Charlotte Cailteux Madelyn Smith Mary O'Conner Zoe Baker Pat Brodrick Gene B. Fromberg Pamela Lucchesini Jene Van Dyke R E G I S T R Y 2 1 4 PAGE ONE HUNDRED 'IWENTY-IllGll'I' I 1 D 1 1 Here we have that smilin "couple of ringersj' Bertie and Jackie Guhin. The well known twins, attirecl in their very best western garb, are seen together con- stantly, usually escorted by some of the local cowhands trying to guess who is who. Someday someone is sure to had a foolproof method of telling these two gals apart, but so far, ones never quite sure. When you spot a double-take in lovely twin outhts, you've found the Gubins and you won't ever want to lose track of them again. No, it's not the james hoys. On your left you will find "Two Water Pistol Swenson" and on your right, "Two Cap Gun Sullivan," perhaps better known among their intimate outlaw acquain- tances as Sheldon and Harley. These two daring desperados are part of "Danger- ous Doe" Miossi's gang and are still wanted dead or alive for leading their hand in the nmhush of registry 516. If you happen to run across these hoys, notify the sheriff imniediately. When You Soy MILK Soy . . . MARIN-DELI. ffIt's the Besti' 'Ir Spreckels French Custard ICE CREAM a Gold Medal Winner 7414 Rennie . . . Senim Registry 211 GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE GRADUATES from lite R.0.T.C. RIFLE TEAM MAY YOU ALWAYS HIT YOUR MARK! THE McDOUGALL PRESS COMMERCIAL PRINTERS A I'rrbli.rher:r of T us Suusur News A roar IRVINIG STREET MOntrose 9635 PAGE ONE IIUNDIIIID 'I'WIiN'l'Y-NINE ull u YOUR Nnrorrnonuooo IRVING THEATRE 14TH st IRVING STREET V ALL THE SMASH HITS FROM ALL THE MAJOR STUDIOS! V FREE PARKING ron PATRONS Rerrrerrrber the S U GA R B O W L where ALMOST anything goes V I WEST PORTAL AVE. HAROLD KOCALIS BEST WISHES, SENIORS! , PARKWOOD RESTAURANT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ,GRADUATES l BERNARD'S MEN'S WEAR 642 IRVING STREET nr. 8th Ave. V Featuring A Coruyiete Line of Sportswear Bert Wirlrer to Al!! GRAY'S DRUG STORE GRAY E. GARBRICK, Pbttrmtrrio PRESCRIPTION COMPOLNDING Our Specialty v 2I2I Taruval, bet. 31st 8: 52d Aves. Phone OVerlRnd 3200 XX A E' 2lsT and IRVING BEST WISH ES FROM THII L l N C O L N LOG AND THR RO U N D- U P STAFFS EDITH OFFERS! nouns - FLATS . APTS. EDITH BECKER REALTOR A 1428 IRVING STREET OVERLAND 1416 CONGRATULATIONS TO LlNCOLN'S GRADUATING CLASS or 1947 Enoru TEE STUDENTS or Rrnrsrnv 32 C. Anderson A. Ruffner D. Smith R, Ditterle M. Rupp O. Sorenson R. Dugan D. Ryan W. Spnarrmerr R. Fisher D. Salhert R. Sterling D. Stevenot K. Knopf R. Schneider R. Morien A. Schroeder I. Stevens M. Nelson H. Schumacher R. Stolh B. Redford S. Srovil S. Suhke J. Relrill N. Shafer R. Sutton li. Ruebold L. Silberstein H. Robinson W. Singleton B. Poznkis S. Snyder R. Sullivun R. TZIYLOI' I. Wood 6 PAGE ONE HUNDRED Tl-IIRTY .A A A' " ' just keep thot there shooting iron pointed nt your confederate, Miss Cooper, und not Rt us. Nun, another or Mr. Dees liendish journalists, is not nlwuys feud! ing with Rustyg they quite often are seen working energetically on some important masterpiece. But, at times, the shotgun is necessary. Watch out for this kid, thoughg if she is disturbed while nt work, she muy forget that lt's Rusty shefs aiming nt. I-I Heres the target of the kid across the page, and she is equally well fortified. 'l'his likable gal is none other than the one and only Rusty Hubba-Hubba-Clrok, in person. Not so vicious as her gun- toting lriend, Miss H. is not only a good journalist, but quite an artist, as well. Someday her pictures will probably be appearing in the Gazette. II you'd like to see her etchings, you can usually lind her with Nan lRusty's the tall onel, running here or there. ' Reg 140 in '48 k Will prove they too can graduate. Then Mr. "Dee" can take a bow- His problems then, his prizes now. 'lt G O O D L U C K, S E N I O R S FROM THE BLOCK "L" ol Fall '46 Wishes You Good Luck Rich Abraham Steve Leach Dave Anderson Dale Martin Don Casey jim Morton Al Cementina Milton Moantanous Ron Cutler Charles Ojakian Bud Eckert jerry Pearlman Bob Elder jim Ramstead Gil Frederick Glenn Vought joe Greggans Bill Waltl jerry Hamilton Larry Weber - BEST WISHES TOTHII GRADUATING SENIORS raorvr REG ONE THIRTY BEST OF LUCK rornn SENIORS OF SPRING 1947 REGISTRY I4I , GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! 4 REGISTRY l3I u CONGRATULATIONS TOTHB GRADUATING SEN IORS REGISTRY 3l4 BEST WISHES T0 THB GRADUATING SENIORS FROM REGISTRY 3 Low IO PAGE ONE HUNDRED 'I'IIlR'l'Y-ONE .ht IA., A.B.C. EMBLEM CO. A 1251 1y1A11K113'1' S'1'1111E'I' I1IAnsrrr' 211011 EDWARDS BEAUTY MANOR I'ERMANEN'I' UIIAVING Our Specialty A 2027 IRVING ST. 5548 GEARY BLVD. IvIOn1rose 0077 SKyline 9291 I2Ih lr KIRKHAM MARKET Iloruionnu BIIOTIIERS A GROIIERIES and VIiGE'I'ABLES 7511 Kirklrnm Street IvIOn1r0se 9740 PII'I'I'URI5 FRAMING EXPERTLY DONE by EERNICE MOORE 1039 IRVING ST. I.O1nbnr'el 0-6368 SAN FRANCISCO PACIFIC NEWS Prirrlirrg nm! Prrbiirlrirrg Ce. A 1722 '1'nrrnvnL Srnrrrrr Ovnrunuu 0100 DOROTI'IY'S BEAUTY SALON 1-122 NORIEGA STREET MON'rnosn 41122 A San Fmneiseio, California EM LER PRINTING nun PERSONALIZED STATIONIIIIY A 251 IVns'r Porrruir, Ave. SLIAI1RIIIII'I' 32-111 San Francisco 10, California VOLL'S JEWELRY STORE DIAMONDS 1X!A'l"CHES - JEWELRY OVERLAND 6134 ' 258111!ESTPORTAL I San Francisco 16 PAGE ONE IIIINDRED 'I'IIIR'I'Y-'I'WO COURTING'S "fi Duzr'rr1011'rr Smre 111 Your Door" F011 SCHOOL SU1'P1.IES DRAWING MATERIALS AR'I'IS'1'S' MA'I'ER1AI.S 70 Wnsr Ponrnr. OVnnr.nNo 55111 PARKSIDE HABERDASHERY fri Qlrrrlily Sloref A 1050 TARAVAI.. ST. OVrnu.nNr1 9611 OCEAN FURNITURE COMPANY 11111. 11. 'l'lIRNIiY HOME IiUIIN1i'I'L1RE APPLIANIIIIS - RADIO fIrr1Irorized II'e.r1i11,qArrr1re Ilrrrler 11100 Oeenn Avenue Iliniper 0-0111111 RUDY'S OK CLEANERS A DYERS snur. 101001111111 CLEANING A PRESSING LAUNDRY filleruriorrr Our Sfrerirrlry 1320 IRVING ST. 111Or1'rr1osra 211111 1r10N'rnosn 8009-8610 BA1'vrnuf 2255 B11.1'i11r'.r,r IIe.r'irAfr7ru HENRY IRVING PUBLIC AIKl0UN'l'ANT INSURANCE - ALI.. LINES Licensed Insurance Broker 1.100 IRVING S'I'REE'1' Snn Francisco Oiiice Horne MOn1rose 7002 OVerI:1n1I 01175 W. PARK CUNNINGHAM LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER 1950 IRVING STREET Reel E.1'If1lv Irr.rrrr'f1rr1'e The VILLAGE PHARMACY A 2570 OIIEAN AVENUE ,IUNIIIIIR 7.1311 INGLESIDE STATIONERY 81 RECORD SHOP A 1931 OCEAN AVENUE RANooLrur 0207 Meet "Flush Bulb" Strunton, shown here or ir rare murnenr of rest, tluruyrir usually found creeping up on unwnry Lincoinites with Iris trusty camera in Iruncl. Yes, Bob is usually on the other end oi 1Ire.C0r1re1'0 as Ire does most of the school plrotogrnpiry work. I-Ie is not reuIIy ns dangerous ns one might expectg if you cartclr him between the snapping of pictures, you'll Iinci n very likable guy who is reully nn asset to the school. This morose looking clraracter really has a brighter sicleg in fact, he is some- times so bright we might even label his antics as miseltiel. Of course, it may be inspired by his cohort, H. Lister, but we rather clouht that this is the case all the time. If a lirecraclcer goes off or at time bomb is placed in the olhce, Dave is a very likely suspect. Culprit or not, though, D. H. is truly a likable lael here at Lincoln. t,'orrt'Ie.ry ,l'rt'r'irr 22nd 8: IRYINO MARKET tlro. Poerimr R E. Httamfr M liA'l' DEPAR'I'MEN'l' Ilnraiz Dtar.tvianv DEALERS IN IQHOIIIE MEATS 2101 Irving Street San Francisco Plante OVerlanrl 91142 Phone MOntrose S077 MONDON'S BARBER SHOP rl ttarmaas AI' Yoon Stsrtvrotr A 2525 Noriega St. near 52ml Ave. OLSON CLEANERS 81 DYERS 2512 lrvint: Street OV. fIfIrI3 A WE IIALI, AND DELIVER KAY'S FLORIST tII'I'Y-WIIDIE DELIVERY A 107 W. Portal Ave. MO. 9502 WESTWOOD PHARMACY Pao'r'zisr. Baootarts 15211 OCEAN AVENUE Phone IU. 7-8500 tfornnlilltrrlrr of HENRY M. ZAIS FURNITURE CO. A RliASONAl1I,l5 R RELIABLE A A-I0 Mission Sl. EX. 0512 LITTLEMAN MEAT MARKET POR QUAl.l'I'Y MIiA'l'S A 751 IRVING STREET LO. 6-7109 Gooo r.ocK! PHlL'S RESTAURANT ERENIIH AND AMERICAN IIUSINE A II02 'I'atr.wat. IllON'raosa 9712 EETTIE LOU SHOP l1I.O'I'HES A'I' MODERATE PRICES Alatertrity Dresser A OPENING BABY SHOP SOON 21115 TaaAvar. Sraaa'r HI. BOYS AND GIRLSI WHEN YOU WANT A GOOD CLEANER, COME TO THE DERBY CLEANERS 2529 Noriega St. OVerland 90-I9 A PItliSIlRlP'I'IUN Sracratrsrs .Yfrorlirtg G'notl.r Elt'r'lrir'rtl Guurlr HAMILL'S PARIISIDE HARDWARE IIOIL I-IAM ILL IIOMEWARE - HARDWARE APPLIANCES 10:11 't'anavAt San Fnmlersco M0.0534 BOUSK05 BROS. ssia re NORIEGA amatcm' A OROIIIIRIES, MEA'I'S AND VEGETABLES IRENE CHASE DECORATIVE ARTS A 1011 IRVING ST. 845 IRVING ST. LOmbard 6-626-I I.OmbartI 6-11000 st-TELENEWH' MArtrcE'r NEAR Powers THE WORLD AROUND IN SIGHT AND SOUND! 50 Woman Nrrws Evrnyrs AND Sar.rro'rrzo Strom' Suayaers NEW SHOW EVERY FRIDAY 1:00 P.IIt. .al AWARD SWEAT'IiRS MADE TO ORDER SElGEL'S 2366 MISSION STREET Between 19th and 20th EART'S STATIONERY CO. PRINTING Personalized Stationery Greeting Cards Werlrliog Announcements I.Omhartl 6-75-I0 1552 IRVING SI. PAGE ONE IIUNDIIIID 'I'lllIl'I'Y-T, 1 A' ll . xx 5 5 I i I DE GENNARO'S SHOE SERVICE A loll OCEAN AVENUE San Francisco 12 l NEW PORTAL BOOTERY MARK tvrarNsr'nrN GOOD SHOES CAREIIUILY FI'I"I'ED A Dirrricl flgarrry for RED GOOSE SHOES S11 West Portal Ave. OVerlantI 76711 THREE MILLS CREAMERY Hoare-Made ICE CREAM AND CANDLES FREE DELIVERY A 836 Irving Street hIOntrose 8762 OLDE ENGLISH ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN LUNCHES - DINNERS Iirozen De,r.rer'tr' A 1140 IRVING at 10th 0Verlancl 8434 BUI'S STATIONERY GREETING CARDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES A 2134 Taraval Street FABRICS FOR WOMENS WEAR lI"ooIen.r, Silks, Rayon: and Cononr by the yard WINN LTD. 274 CLAREMONT BLVD. SEahr-iglrt 0510 West Portal District The "LOS AM1GOS" Shop LAOIIES' into I.IIII,IIIlEN'S AIIIIAILEI. Itornrnir' nm! Irrryiar'tr'rI Gnorla A 1341 Taraval St. OVcrlaniI 31115 FOR THE BEST IN SWING. FOR FRANKIE OR BING. FOR THE CLASSICAL TOPS. OR tIEY-BOBvA-RE-IIOPS- I1s's the LAIIESIDE MUSIC SHOP IN LAKESIDEI VILLAGE IUNrana 4-53115 PAREWELI. SENIORS GOOD LUCK horn REGISTRY 314 CONGRATULATIONS SPRING 1947 from REGISTRY 328 CONGRATULATIONS 'l'O'I'HE GRADUATES from REGISTRY 8 Low 10 BEST WISHES from REGISTRY 9 CONGRATULATIONS 'rornrr GRADUATING SENIORS from REGISTRYI43 I rnrsrres cotoruat gy 1833 ravine I A I For a I GOODMILKSHAKE I Q.-1--.-..... 't:orr's mrutnacr "wus" scorn A 3' Inu NORIEGA IIRTY-F OUR UNCLE ROGERS York 84 Ben Pierson Bows BOWS MADE TO ORDER A Corrryrlerc Line of fIr'rho'y Taclzla 2117 TARAVAI. SEannrnrrr 30117 This rlistinguishecl looking lad isnt really as quiet as he seems. Glenny, al- ways sporting his engaging smile, is quite fascinating to the young ladies at San- clune Hill. A warning to all girls is posted: keep your heart under lock and key when this young man is around! Of course, Glen is currently interested in a certain V. O., but cIon't despairg there's still a chance. I-Ie's made no tlelinite plans for the future, as he's young yet. Though looking quite clernurc in this pose, Tuay Chase is actually one of the most sought after female bandits of our tirnfe. She is notorious for stealing all thc salt in the school along with thc hearts of various male students. Although her top accomplice has left the school, this dangerous blonde thetter known as "Unie"l is still on the loose. Handcuffs, ropes and chains should he used irnrnes diatcly on Tuny ii and when she is cap- turcd. L GSW JAG 9 is O' U 'll'ltNG . . . that in quality and satislnction morlts the zenith ol accotnplislunent its E X I C 0 P R E S S soo SilI'lSOU'1C.S'lt'66l V' rllt?ltg?IQtlltlI'lCSZ Gnrllold 6859g Douglas 4756 Pnoa oust' - 'Drirele . . BELL BROOK MILK Sem Fmreciseo's Fireesb CLAREMONT CLEANERS CLEANING DYEING - PRESSING REPAHUNG - REMODEUNG Cloth and Iirrr Coats Relirred Hart Clerltreri and B1orfkr'd 2809 - 14th AVENUE San Fnarrersco I I CONGRATULATIONS, SEN I ORS from REGISTRY 11 GOOD L U II K, S II N I Il It S, hour REGISTRY 124 IIUAUIII. Iltlll Diff It fi! I.r1I'! i 11ONGllATULA'l'IONS, IEIIADUATES Item REGISTRY 127 HONGIIA'I'UI,ATIONS, SENIORS Irvin REGISTRY 227 o o o o LU e te 'ro 'trite GRADUATINO S Ii N I O R S lrom REGISTRY 315 EEST WISHES from REGISTRY 101 GOOD LUCK SENIORS yhtorn THE CUB STAFF My, such a hendish smile! It looks like "'l'ertible Tom" jenkin Iof the cat- tle rustlin' jenkinsesl is really out for bloorl this time, and we elon't mean may- be! This famous bandit is giving it the Casual front here wearing his hat prep- ster style, but we. know that it's all an act to win the confidence of unsuspecting citizens in Sandune Gulch. 1It's really the cattle he's got his eye onil Theres a reward out ior the capture of this men- ace to eattlemen. Behind this door we leave our memories . . . and Mr. Miossi I' I ,. EN ,U Waite Qojlly l.as'r Y MM -Y Q K W 'E"wtiieeM'9 QA W . MMWM W Jef s ii tiff ,I I IW be bfew, 0 4 I MW giwiiwi IWW gwygiiswtqji I egayyyr Wuehatt' y ytif y AkNi'nWQi'ee,fi6 Jw tri A M I Li M W My So long irotn 305 I rr Itlill IIUNDIIED Tl-lllI'l'Y-SIX fr f ' ' ' , 4 ' 5. '3 i 5 Mai". 7 xi Q4 f H Q A l , W f ' ' 4 ,: '-:-:fi , f , lv I 1' . - '. ly, :X 0 if Y .,Ag:- J, f- -N h ,0 5 J' 'X x -4 '.H.Q- , YI , k ,U X ffm, In N' ' X . 2412.1 ' n v .f A H w 'V ' ' .. aa " x ' , .Q ' , ' . 1 ' ' '3' 7 , - 5' V 1. . ,. ,,.. 'Q -k f V 1. .EW-fx2f'.1 N341 ff -,Q Y ,":""HrmfPi.1-11.-Egg -fr r i' ' M, X Af 8 4! J sv: ffm- ,ff " -f . ,zgi A 1' Q' ' -A - 1 . ' - N" ,YM 3, EW: 'ff "Ziff ' TEQE W2 A V - 371 ' ,N1f3'3..' !x'1':vE 5 +8 Q 1 : PP -',:,1 1 fJWw I ' ' if 'fs' jf-gy: z5.,,+,' g3 ' E! ef' Y- . , , ,h .1 .JM ,. ', 4- - ' .. :-:V 1:-f1:'155'r1'-' ff 'M X' A qq. ,L-- . ' Q lil:-,""lf' ' eg.: " ' I q f- , wg 1:11 N 1 M ' HY", f - , A ff 1 1-4 Q kr! ' ,. ,. 5: elk, W I I -9 -1 SYM ' .',. ' 1 , me ,XR .t.- Ewa' XI: 1 Kawfi H -. 1 H M 4. WH" M A v 9 aw Wm, Q W: ' Y 951 K 4 5 ar.: I' in 7 NW X-m F an W 9 f, W .vvswgmw P Q 92 QI nf W, is E' if A' New YN 1 2 1 ' . ., ' ,- ,, 2 , , ' -Wi , y - , F-.: V J. f 1. . f- :N Q, ' Q: S -. .1 X ., "' H11 . , , al ' H 1 I N, I . 1 , . - K .... QLMJM M B I W, t . 3 V I ' 4.-R543 ml I ' 1' ALL! - .mf I" , ' , KU, I ,Wa -15 I! ' ' -,Q bww' . Pa QM' Q fMl w GQAQWQN. ' . X - 1 nnl X N ' hx -W x ,-K' . N N A-.il i-. ,, rf X . 'PI' N I N tl' X. W fzfwf t, 3 JP , A 'f""Q u ik , M x V " ,3 , L .f 'Vf , ... S ,, A! In 'M , - ' y was J 9 '- , I. ,W V at , 'A ' 3 "1 ' P ' , di. .. ' 1 f 3 . fiqx, - 5, - X" '- - A V '- 1 f -- 1, , , V 1. M .' 4 gm Q ww If- n 1 1 V Q, I 4? A i . ,F I ' ' 1 1.5 " V L 'IL ' ', flu, Y . If 1 ' ' W 'L '-.V, , ' VJ- .x W Y 3 Q I IA, 1 Y wg? -3, lx, . ' , hw 'N I I " - 1 2 pt' I Y '1 ,I S "9 5 MA if 1 I I' ,W f 1 X - ' M fi. : '-' I ' ik M -M 1' 'V W' a W 'I - 'K 1 . .' . l., -' Ae- vw-V, A' ' W ' 'zu f ", -f 'f' I ' Wg? 1 'Q yn- - M2221 ' 'WVWNWD A 4 I Q. In img , .,,. .Av J .1 f 'f i X l A- 1 1 ' , , 1 W , ' - cg' W, , N, Vg .Q W, HF. , Q ,fr a ,gn ,,,4 mu Nha' ' ,M , ,:-Q wi' 5 " '-, 4 .1 H HX , 64,1 ,J w,.' 34" .-.,'-Qlf-f-iigm Y, 1' ix ' tl,-. 'ibn Z U 3 . M ' 4 fu' Aj. f ' Y" il 4 . ' . 5' , , . , mf ' A 1 ' ' ' F, I A gg ' 5' , H ' : ,H ' X.. A AV W , Ny' xl W- 1 . . , A '. , ' Wt "1 NN 'Wa' ' " x . H - '- - V - -ra I . I V3 J' ' 5' A ' ,. J ,"N '-1-'jul 'QQ' WX Luv ,I Z ' V 4 ,.n xv Y V ff Wg , 1 'af' 1:2 ff 0 N ' w 4- , M ' f . 5 - L . ' . 5 0' 19. :tr M ng ' P' 1 N- f k 4 . I 'i ., ' A fvff: A 4 J ' .r A+- ,Hg .. - f 'f "M ' fr f ' 1 W Q 4 " YW in '15 W7 .wo ' ' L q , N ' .wh D f , 'L 1 . X 4 Q. ,. , 'Q -' .p -a fs Y' N A-LQ fe' gt ' Y - W U V ' rg, b If In jf! 'V .EVN W In X' ' 3 Vw ' ' ' E" " ,, 'Q -3. I Tri.: X 5 . A x '6 li Yi. vs- vi' I -.., vi A-a.-:I .K f, I X 14 1 R 4. 1- " F , , W W 0 I l 1 ' 5 W' . 'Q . 1, .f,.' 'lil' , , ' ,Mug X ' -44: Nl- ' fl' 'W f lo -," ' I , qv. t Q X Q Ve W .ew j A' if, ' "' , A f , 4 'Ji ' 4 ' . t M i 8 5 ' ' 3 V 4 L, ff' ap f Y 5 X K X Q A s Q K W 6 W B m we My lu, A K ' 1 4 Q WS m M .f 4 , g Q is 4 K Q' I5 x 1 1, 'fit f A 11, S, W - :, I - ,4 1 ' 24' X f 1 -. .-, u . x , I A if A Q W Y. ,MZ 1 Q' ' fi M " 3 ' M, MTH N , - . - J, , , mf: , - -1 - ' uf - ' V ', ,Q W N , 3 R . 3' R, x . '- .V M I km' Q H.. ll Q il f 3 3 'mmm H ,wk PM nnqw ja 39" f 3 I W mi ab ,Wi fnwgrwmqfw wi Q f . , , .W I 6 4 P I w I w i r 4 K 1 1 5 n

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