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, J Mii3fg,W?7M W ASZmQ LY4, ff NL224, ' 'fix' WW! 6 if, fi 3 MW K U Qi ff! ff, A322 E13 Tx -N gb, ' 25, 52 H if Qi? 4 gywf 3 YN f-c, in-24 xgfojvyb' wQil,,,ieJik'1? JL ., iff K as--' " 'Af 77"-1:11 y ' fjmf-N f '-ig, ," THE HUUND-UP 1945 M X ff ' 1 I ,E ,7 VM Wt MCD, My ,WW XEQWW q .S.n ga """ia wr MTWR ' 5-7-7.-rn, ,YW , ,, W Jf .y,,. A-1 A Q E 5 5 E 2 E ff -2 5 E 5 3 2 T 5 w Z 9 Q 5 E E Q 1 E 3 E 2 2 3 2 5 II I IIIZIYYJIFA M I . , "i"vu! IN A .ef If ,, k..f"1fLlQ, 3 , J if - y. t." sf . ' A I I S I1-, THE HUUN 1554 SW WM 214.1 ,O IMA-MW f 7d4afwIfa-M434 Q EJ? 'fll WM! cv ,Zu-,-iff! pl, .JVULUME vjmw ,U ,I 3444, 0-0-J J I If MM! V, W. I 'J J .J j 4 X .6 ,Q ' C! YJ 0 f, QQ f mn ? THE CLASS OF IOURNALISM OF I 5,jQ fu fm M..- + 3 A - -S O Published by 'Q W in . I OI, -L 1 ' J- ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL? 'A f K5 fi SAN FRANCISCO,CALIFORNIA . If If .sw P fi A If Z rg fx Q . J I 2' if A, DORIS KIESER, Editor-in-chief , 1' L 'f ' 74 rQ ' .tr -i 7 V' '5:9 1 L I V,, L . in - I -' ,z iffj XX -, ,f -6 ? - I ly T TO Qi:fViEMiiii,ilj . LOU if .2 FIJHEWUHD This year the eyes of the world have turned to San Francisco, the scene of the United Nations Conference. To this group has been given the task of planning the future of the vvorldg to us, the even greater burden of carrying out their decisions. For we are the men and women of tomorrow who are growing up in a war-conscious San F ran- cisco vvhere we prepare for the task ahead. IIEDIEI-XTIUN We dedicate this year's ROUNDUP to San Francisco, which can boast of many scenes of beauty and interest-Golden Gate Park, Mission Dolores, Fisherman's Wharf, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Twin Peaks, the Ferry Building-to name but a few.This splen- dor which has risen from the ashes of earth- quake and fire stands as a symbol and ex- ample to the world which will soon emerge from the chaos of war. We at Lincoln are 71 CZQQLUQCNQ " Jip fmtigagf . Q ft fcpfl U ,f , fl , A proud to be a part of the City of St. Francis and will strive to be worthy of the honor. X . N ' 1 N., , -MA-,LA . ,RX-,B 'N - X 5.5 LI ARMY George I. Adams Ray Adams Clifford Anderson Eric Anderson John Anderson Ralph Arnessen Eugene Arps Mario Balanesi Albert Balistreri Salvador Balistreri Dick Barberian Harold Barchi Richard Barecut Ernest Batchelor Joseph Bauer John Behr Enzo Belli Clement Bittner John Bokelund Robert C. Bolton Charles Bonsor Harvey Brymner Gilbert G. Brown, Jr. Roger Burr Donald W. Carroll Roland Casey Vernon Chambers Charles Chapman Eugene H. Charles William E. Chaty Vic Clemo Frank Connell Avery Constant Pat Corcoran Darold Du Commun Robert Conway Roy L. Cox Robert Crawford Joe Creisler James Currie John Desmond John Dineen Duance Dunn Bob Edwards Robert Eger James E. Elkington Sylvan Epstein Hugh F. Ewing Fred Faber Jim Farrell Raymond Fertitta Donald Fredricksson James Fried . James Geddes Keith Gerlach Jim Germino Gibson Gray Norman Gindrat, Jr. I. ITES THE ARMY Richard D. Gindrat Clarence M. Glattree John Granfield Art Goldfinger Frank Grant Kinsey Gray Wharton Gray Roy Green Steve Gritsch Gordon Goldsmith Francis S. Gordon Paul Haak Kenneth M..Hagler Lewis Hain Victor Hancock John Harrington Stan G. Harmon Harry J. Hatt Jerry W. Haughley Donald J. Haughton Henry G. Helmers Hubert A. Hemphill Neal Hoffman Peter Holmes John Holtz James Higgins Joseph B. Hill Joseph Hilbers Bernard Hillis Alfred C. Hinds Walter Jansson Thomas L. Jayne George P. Jeffery J. M. Jenkins Leo E. Johnson Walter H. Johnson James M. Kenville William R. Knill Albert E. Knipper David Knop Siegfried Knop David B. Knox Robert H. Koch Ward J. Kratter James Lang Dick Larrick Paul Larrick Ben Lowery Wallace Lowe Robert Madsen Vito V. Marchi Donald P. Malloch Leo McIntyre Kenneth M. McNeill Everett Glenn McNicholas Fred A. Mead Warren J. Miller Thomas H. Mills, Jr. ARMY Jim P. Mitchel Ernie Mohr James T. Maloney Harold E. Mooney LaRue Moore, Jr, Sage L. Morris Donald R. Morrison Robert I. Morrison John P. Murphy David L. Nagel George P. Nathan William Nielsen Murray Norton Charles O'Shea John C. Parker William M. Patsel Sanford L. Phillips Robert Pierce Robert J. Pokorny Daniel Powers Bob Rosenburg James B. Runner Robert Sanders John Sanders, Jr. Ted Schapp Ralph Schaumleffel Russell C. Seagrave Fred W. Seike Stephen Sherry Robert Sihner William Simon John T. Sink William A. Sipple Baird Smith Morgan H. Streeter, Jr. Ray H. Stewart Richard P. Stark Vernon Stern Andrew Tagliafico Peter B. Taylorson Alan D. Tilford, Jr. Harry W. Thomas Walter G. Tolleson Melvin Torley Joseph A. Truzzolino Ed Verdier Roland Von der Mehden Alex D. Vucetich J. C. Webb George Williaiii Weiner John White Paul Zaft NAVY William H. Adair Mayo Ralph Alberigi Arthur E. Allen, Jr. Edmund Lee Allison NAVY Fitzgerald Ames, Jr. Bill Arata Lowell Arnaud Herbert Attix Fred Richard Bahit Salvatore Balistreri Eugene Barrango George Barry Clarence E. Bawden Buddie Baust Hugo Bedau William T. Bender Louis E. Berg Herman Bergfried, Jr Ralph H. Bickel Richard Bowman Fred Brennan Don Brown Dean Bryant John Burns George Canrinus Robert J. Carey Jack Carli Harold S. Casper Joseph Frank Castro Robert J. Chambers Edwin F. Chase Jack C. Chaty Loren Christensen Daryl L. Clem Art Cody Robert G. Cordano Don Phlson Cox William H. Cox Robert R. Craig Robert S. Creely Harold J. Crockard Myron Crooks William R. Cullen Jack L. Cunningham Harry Davidson Byrne Davis William Day Bill De Martini Bill De Mello Jack Dobleman Tom Dolan Donald Dreessen Robert R. Durkin Herbert Edelstein Howard Edminster Richard Eichendory Bob Eichenbaum Warren R. Evans Thomas Fell Gerald Fex Jack Flaherty Joseph Flaherty LI Top 1'a1z'.' Ray Groves. Bob Quadros, Andy Casper. Bill Runes, Earl Kelly. liner: jack Grantield. Sefruln' rozcu' Bill Surges, Art Goldtinger, Adair Miller, Ted Schapp, john Danner, Enzo Belli, Roger Burr, Arnold Ambrossini. Bnllom mfr: Bob Pierce, Mayo Alberigi, Frank Grant, jack Glasner, George Jeffries, jerry Haughey. From high school to war is not the normal se- quenceg from the football field to the battlefield is a grim step. Today high school boys all over the nation must postpone their plans for college and peacetime occupations and don blue, green, and khaki in the service of their country. ' We are justly proud of the Lincolnites who PAGE EIGHT IIUI. ANSWERS have answered the nation's call to arms. They are the boys who sat beside you at the rallies not long agog fellows like Rocky Mason, the whiz with bat and ballg Al Bankus, one of Lincoln's first foot- ballers, grinning Ted Schapp, president of the class in his high senior year, Bob Conway, Lincoln's first yell leader. Then there's George Barry, who led TH . fv- zt . Top row: Bill Mason, Jim Bowden, jim Geddes, George Barry, Cilitf Anderson. Illfkflf Bob Searle. Sammi row: Chuck O'Shea, Duanne Dunn, Tom Dolan, Karl Sederhom, Bob Conway, Frank Quadms, john Quinn. ln.vi'I.' Ed Browne. Borrow wa 3 Hal Casper, Ed Mooney, jack Reynolds, Al Bankus. us as we cheered the football team to the champion- ship in the unforgettable 1943 season. Two other student body officers of that term are in the service: President Bill Surges and judge Art Goldfinger. The list is long, but you remember them all. You cannot forget them, for they, the boys who yester- day roamed the halls of Lincoln, are the lighting E BALI. TU IIULIJ men of today. Beneath the big red star on our service flag is a small gold one. It stands for the Lincoln boys who have given their lives for their country. lt is our fervent desire that we and our Allies may soon attain complete victory so that no more names can be added to the hallowed Roll of Honor. Adnan-Q HS PAGE NINE M M wwfgg M' ,ww H ere we have our adminz'slmtz'0n lm! pu! them to any zest, And af before, y0u'IZ alufczyx jimi We'zfe got the very best. ff- Q I ,V lT"k an ,Af 5 - ff .N 3 ff ef ' 2 ,U lb LQVL M Z, 2 , Rf -M F , ? 5 . 3 PHINIIIPI-II.'5 MESSAGE You are featuring in your book, many places of scenic interest in this city. Be- fore San Francisco was many decades old, it had such a striking individuality that it rated among the "big three" in the United States. Rich in historic lore, it has furnished the material for many excellent books while many of its leaders were world-famed. Tribute to many of its important men is to be found in the names of several of the thoroughfares. These men were so recognized for the contribution each made to what was then a struggling village. Their daring and energy, coupled with farsighted planning, prepared the foun- dation upon which a great metropolis has been built, one which is the envy of the entire world, with internationally famous landmarks. PAGE TWFI.VE MR. CLYDE W. XVI-IITE, Priwifm! LTY +1945 ART-HOUSEHOLD ARTS HULBERT, MISS ETHEI. O'DONOHUE. MISS CATHERINE PHILBIN, MRS. IANE WOODRUFF, MISS GERTA COMMERCIAL GOULD, MRS. IIIZTTY GROOM, MRS. WINIFRED PARKER, MR. WILLIAM PERACCA, MISS CLORINDA SCHMIDT, MISS MARIE SILVIA, MISS GLENEICE WEIDBERG, MISS BELLE COUNSELORS CONKLIN, MR. FRANK CONNOLLY, MISS CATHERINE FOX, MISS BARBARA GALLAGHER, MISS GRACE GOLDSMITH, MRS. ESTER GUDDE, MRS. ELIZABETH HALL, MRS. ETHEL HARTWELL, MR. ROBERT JACOBSEN, MISS MADELINE MAHER, MISS MARJORIE McINTYRE, MRS. MARY EDNA MOSBY. MRS. POLLY POWER, MR. MAURICE SCHMIDT, MISS MARIE STEIN, MISS LUCY THOMPSON, MRS. BERNICE ENGLISH CIUTLIR, MRS. HELEN CRITES. MRS. ESTHER De MARTINI, MR. ARMOND GALLAGHER, MISS GRACE GOLDSMITH, MRS. ESTER KANE, MRS. ALIKIE LIVINGSTON, MR. A. j. MENDENHALL, MISS RUTH POWER, MR. MAURICE ROXBURGH, MISS EILEEN SI-IAFER, MISS LAURA SHEPHARD. MISS MARION SNELL, MISS ALBERTA WILDMAN, MRS. JOYCE DRAMA XVILDMAN, MRS. JOYCE JOURNALISM De MARTINI, MR. ARMOND LANGUAGES CONNOLLY MISS CATHERINE GUDDE. MRS. ELIZABETH IACOBSEN. MISS MADELINE McINTYRE, MRS. MARY EDNA PERAKICA. MISS CLORINDA POWELL. MISS ALMA REYNOLDS, MISS DOROTHY ROSEN, MISS MOLLIE SALZMANN, MR. ERNESTO MISS ANITA TRUMAN MR. WALTER FREDRICKSON D.-an of Girl.: Dean of B011 FAB LTY +1945 MATHEMATICS AUSTIN, MR. ARTHUR BAKER, MR. XVILLIAM BERKOWITZ. MISS FRANCES FOX, MISS BARBARA GEIGER, MR. WHITNEY GERLACH, MISS OLGA GRAEBER, MISS ALICE MAHER, MISS MARIORIE PETERS, MISS ESTHER MECHANICAL DRAWING- ANDERSON, MR. ELMER ANDREWS, MR. XVILLIAM MOSBY, MR. DAVID RUSSELL. MR. WILBUR RYALL, MR. RICHARD SANDERSON, MR. De WI'l"I' MUSIC CUTLIR, MRS. HELEN MELVIN, MR. GEORGE PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIEDERICHSEN, MR. ROY DOWNING, MISS MARGARET GILL, MISS PAT MARELICH, MR. JOSEPH MEYER, MISS ELSIE PRINZ, MR. PERCIVAL SULLIVAN, MRS. KATHERINE SHOPS R. O. T. C. LYNCH, SGT. LEMUEL SOCIAL STUDIES I CIONKLIN, MR. FRANK FRENCH, MR. FLOYD HALL, MRS. ETHEL HARTWELL, MR. ROBERT JACOBSEN, MISS MADELINE KRAMER. MISS IACQUELINE MOSBY, MRS. POLLY SELIG, MR. JOHN STEIN, MISS LUCY THOMPSON, MRS. BERNICE XVEIDBERG, MISS BELLE SCIENCE AUSTIN. MR. ARTHUR KOEHLER, MR. EDWARD MANAHAN, MR. WILLIAM MIOSSI, MR. BERNARD NILL, MR. JOHN PHILBIN, MRS. JANE SCHMIDT, MR. WALTER TAYLOR. MR. ARTHUR WOLF, MR. GIRARD LIBRARY DIXON, MISS GRACE MIOSSI, MR. BERNARD FORMER MEMBERS OF LINCOLN'S FACULTY ON ALL FRONTS Lt. fjgj James Morena, U.S.N .... edu- cational oflicer . . . at Pearl Harbor. Lt. Stephen Sherry, U.S.A .... with the hospital corps . . . somewhere inGermanjf. Lt. fjgl George Canrinus, U.S.N .... stationed at Treasure Island. Lt. fjgj Howard Edminster, U.S.N. . . . somewhere in the South Pacific. MfSgt. Clarence Glattree, U.S.A. . . landed on the Philippines. CPO Claude Hanrahan . . . instructing alt U.C.l..A. Capt. Joseph Hill, U.S.A. . . - bombar- dier instructor . . . stationed at Midland, Texas. Lt. George Hutchinson, U.S.N .... stationed at San Diego. Major John Parker, U.S.A .... with Patton, somewhere in Germany. Lt. Lawrence Goodell . . . somewhere in the South Pacific, SfSgt. Hulbert Hemphill, U.S.A. . . somewhere in the South Pacilic. 'FPvt. Augie Venturi, U.S.A .... Lin- coln's Hrst teacher to be killed . . . the accident occurred in an airplane crash. PAGE THIRTEEN IEHPTY MUST!! I3 FACULTY Miss Snell is the head of Lincoln's English Depart- Mr. Russell handles U. S. Employment in Lincoln. In ment, She also assists in editing the Round-up. the past year Mr. Russell has given employment to over 1,000 students. Mr. Power is one of the advisors for the Spring '45 graduating class. He also took one of the prizes on Lincolnls Circus Day. Miss Downing, a favorite P.E. teacher, was an advisor Miss Stein assisted in the organization of five discus- for the Fall '44 graduating class. - sions on the Dumbarton Oaks Plan. Miss Stein is also Personal Problems Counselor. PAGE FOURTEEN Mr. Schmidt has helped many of Lincoln's service boys hy coaching pre-induction aeronautics and physics. He is also an advisor For the Spring '-ii graduating class. Mr. Prinz is head oft Miss Silvia is in charge of Lincoln's Commercial De- partment. She also supervises all Lincoln's finances. Miss Powell is one of Lincoln's most capable Spanish teachers. he Boys' Physical Education Dept. also head of the Social Studies Department. Mr. Conklin is Lincoln's acting Head Counselor and lfllf'I'FEN l ST HE T BUDY IJFFIIIEH5 + If I.I.'1l1l PAGE SIXTEBN DWIGHT STRAUB BARBARA HONS fudge Ififl?-P1'6'.fid672lf CHARLES GRANT Prvfidenl BEVERLY BARHAINI QIAMES FINLEY Seffelary Treamrer Yell LEJKZETJ JACK GALLISDORFER - WALTER STRYCKER BOB TRIEBER ST DE T BIJIJY IJFFIIIEHS + SPHI Ii '45 ROBERT BALLIET LOIS CROCKFR judge Sefrefary FREDERICK JACKSON I"re,fidw1l ELVIRA GRANFIELD FRED TAYLOR Vive-Prefident Treafurer Yell Leuden' DON MCCAW - JACK GALLISDORFER .,.. .........J PAGE SIZVIZNTEEN Q lf l CLASS UFPIIIEHS F I.Ln'41l JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Don Cardoza, presidentg Lois Crocker, secretaryg Rita Bosio, Al Cementina, presidentg Alice Conroy, secretaryg Marge vice president, ' ' ' Meyer, vice president. HIGH SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS jack Kamena, presidentg Elinor Mackie, treasurerg Dot Phil- lips, secretaryg Viv Brizee, vice president. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LOW SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bill Bacon, presidentg Maryann Trond, secretaryg Bev Brown, Charlie Dorsett, presidentg Pat Thompson, secretaryg Doris vice president. Kieser, treasurer gl Anne Apostolos, vice president. PAGE EIGHTEEN ja. Q riff I EA, wwe atfirei fifffw-ffm I ' . I 1' f ELA SOPI-IOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L.. - Wh-in qu- SPHI E'45 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SSUFPIEEHS VI. Humiltun. president: Dorothy Christopherson. vice presi- Hub Timmons, presidentg Eileen Cliristnphmsnn, vice presi- dentg Iirlice Wfolscth, sefrn-tawy. dentg -Ioan Cherney, secretary. LOW SENIOR OFFICERS Don MacKenzie, presidentg I.0is Richter, vice presidentg Frank Rowe, treasu HIGH SENIOR OFFICERS Charles Dorsett, presidentg Cecelia Fernandez, vice presidentg Doris Kieser, secretnryg Martha Smith, treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS W. Mehl, presiclentg L. Kortwright, vice presidentg J. An- rer. dersnn, secretary. PAGE NINETEEN MRS, POLLY MOSBY C0lII7fil Adfixm- STUDENT COUNCIL, FALL '44 Bark 1'ou'.' J. Kamcna, D. Straub, W. Bacon. J. Finley, C. Dorsctt. Frou! row: B. Greenberg B. Hons, Mrs. Mosby, B. Barham. A. Cementina. BU EHNINB EUUNEIL5, 19114 STUDENT ASSEMBLY, FALL 'H l:l'071I rozix' R. Meyer, XV. Dare, 1. Browne, B. MacGurn, R. Wfillianmson, I. Monroe, A. Clayton, Sturges, K. Parker. Row 2: B. Johnston, E. Brennan, R. Kamena, E, Rosenthal, K. Peterson, B. Hons, B. Barham, G. Smith, D. Payne. Row 3: K. Peterson, M. Smith, B. Keller, ,I. Loustan, Mrs. P. Mosby, D. Atwood, S. Sosnick, R. Fredricksen. Raw 4: J. Samuelson, B. Mnhns, B. Gross, j. LaFleur, L. Richter, M. Simmons, M. Millisich, T. Kristin, T. Chase. Burk raw: E. Mitoff, B. Richards, N. Yerby, C. Fernandez. P. Morris, E. Wolseth, S. Fredericksnn, l. Cherney. , STUDENT COUNCIL, SPRING '45 Burk l'l'll',' Dun Man-Kcnzie, Rffu' 2: F. Taylor, R. Ballict, C. Dumctt, R. Timmons, I. Ham- ilton. Ffllllf mir: W. Mehl. Cranfield. D. Kieserj I.. Cfmcker, CI. McGuire, j. Gallixdorter GU EHNINE IIUUNIIIL5, 1945 Ifrmzi muy' B. MuGurn, D. MacKenzie, D. Marshall, O. VanSkike. Run' 2: W. Lfaybee, B. Kelley, L. Stromberg, K. Turnley, S. Sosnick, A. Mishne, A. Clayton, M. Conover. Rau' 5: C. Cordes, R. Kamena, CQ. Wood, B. Balliet, B. Brennen, S. Shensen, R. Frcdrickson, K. Peterson, F, Washburn. Raw Ai: M. Smith. J. LaFleur, B. Wittrich, L. Richter, N. Eichenbaum, B. Moore, M. Shank, R. Rebock. Back row: j. Cherney, B. Cherney, j. Vandyke, E. Mitoff, U. Mack, E Wolseth, j. Gamble, M. Hart, j. Monroe. ELVIRA GRANFIELD FREDERICK IACKSON Vive P7'4,'Ji!1KI1! P7't?.fi11'F71l PAGE TVVBNTYAONE . v ,FA A'- Jf! f , gp .... fb Q! 'fftf f M 0, itefm W , ff tt W 7K Oeenpying the next section Are the students, old and nfisej You can recognize them as' Our gmdmztz'ng gals and gn s. J V' ., Y NP g v 2? 69 nw' 'gwhgpg 'Q-.. 'Pin M A ,xl 1 N 4' ' 1-.1 . J A QV swf :- ,XY .M,,W,,,,4,.4zm-w-mf-vw'-w"'f"" "W""' ' 'Sr A1 Xw,.,-., , ,, i .K arg: ,K 4 3 iv", K, Wg 4 . .2 .. ' 5 M Wi .55 fwfr M ,fx , .es S W Q Q 93' KG' V' -QL 5 m A ,., ' , , , ' nag ff' ' 5,-h ,. xg. f .f - 5,1-5"vag'k1V' A ,rv U A his V . 3 .- S, g 3 N,,,.'A!fx ti ' A hwjwm .,,..f ' .V Q , .,', I 44 b f -M22 a ,ae , A 'gp' QQ xg X 22 X u7l4,4'3 1 - ,,,, ffl: ' F o ' 6, K.,,'1-Al Q wwf, ' ' 2' r ' x i ' ,Q MQ, Zixfi glfff.. ef ' , gg wjvgxng NINETEE FIJHTY PU After four full years of work and play, Lincoln seniors extended a last farewell to the congenial school that has provided them with so many friends and hap- py experiences. ln the fall of 1941, one hundred and five students from surrounding grammar schools began their in- tensive study. One year later, fifty more entered Lin- coln from Aptos and other junior high schools. Dur- PAGE TVVIENTY-FOUR H EL 55 HISTIJHY ing the ensuing years, several dropped out, a few more entered, and finally one hundred and thirty-eight grief- stricken students left the old familiar halls of Lincoln, never more to roam. During the four years of their sojourn they joined clubs, honor societies, and service groups, adding to their increasing knowledge and experience, and working in cooperation for one main purpose, to make MEMUHIE5 UF H PPY ll YS Lincoln a more pleasant, orderly, and smoothly work- ing unit. They learned to type, were trained in the rudiments of shop work, learned how to wear their clothesg learned to study, and learned to dance. Lin- colnites took part in intramural and interscholastic ac- tivities such as debates and athletic contestsg all con- tributed to the exuberance and pep which set Lin- coln aside as THE school to go to and enjoy oneself whether studying or playing. Bright sunlight, foggy days, laughing voices, and high spirits tell the story of their First three years at Lincoln. The senior year filled to the brim with fun and gaiety will always be remembered best as the term when they were benevolent, yet glorious, seniors. PAGE 'YVUENTY-FIVE CLASS LIP F CONRAD ABBETT . . . called "Connie" . . . never does anything . . . ambition-??? . . . fu- ture U.S.N. officer . . . EDMUND ALLISON . . . "Lee" . . . likes girls . . . hates home- work . . . collects records . . . future C.O.P, in Navy . . . ARTHUR ANDERSON . . . Larry hates history, R.O., and physics . . . fu- ture chemical engineer . . . hobby-girls and art . . . JACK ANDERSON . . . blond and good looking . . . one of the better boys . . . ambition??? . . . future-U.S.A .... MARY- AN ATKINSON . . . nickname-"Bag" . . . green-eyed brunette . . . hates "hollys" . . . likes Keith . . . future-Mrs. Stein the 2nd . . . MARGARET BAND . . . "Maggie" goes for big, handsome men . . . hates journalism . . . likes homework . . . future-who knows? . . . BEVERLY BARHAM . . . "Bevra Lee" was S.B. secretary . . . likes Frog . . . hates one night at Larkspur . . . future-raising polly- wogs . . . BARBARA BIFFIN . . . Bobbie likes Bill and swimming . . . ambition-man riage . . . future-loving wife . . . ERNEST BOEGERSHAUSEN . . . "Bogie" for short . . . also "Dimples" . . . likes chocolate cake, food . . . ambition-business man or Air Corps . . . SHIRLEY BRADLEY . . . likes Navy . . . hobby-tennis and music . . . called "Queenie" . . . black hair, brown eyes . . . VIVIAN BRIZEE . . . H-12 vice-prexy . . . lovely blond hair . . . called Mabel . . . never a dull moment . . . likes the "Do Drop In's" . . . BARBARA BROWN . . . nickname Bobbie . , . likes Bob and Fran and the "unholy five" . . . future-model . . . JOHN BURNS . . . hazel-eyed blond and he likes hot fudge sun- daes . . . hates all girls OJ . . . hobby-bowl- ing . . . NORMA BUSSE . . . "I don't care" . . . big riot . . . always laughing . . . likes to loaf . . . never in class . . . future-Beatrice Kay. Jane Putnam graduated with the class of fall ZH. She was a member of the C.S.F. and G.S.S.g jane was given the Balistreri Award for an outstanding student. PAGE TWENTY-SIX I. CONRAD ABBOTT "Connie" EDMUNDLEE, ALLISON ee ARTHUR LAWLRENYCE ANDERSON arry IACK MADISON ANDERSON "lack" MARYAN ATKINSON n "Baz" MARGARET LOUISE BAND "Maggie" BEVERLY BARHAM "Bev" BARBARA MARIAN BIFFIN "Bobbie" ERNEST G. BOEGERSHAUSEN. IR, "Bogie" SHIRLEY GENE BRADLEY "Oueenie" FREDERICK BRENNAN "Fred" VIVIAN BRIZEE "Viv" BARBARA LEE BROXXIN "Bobbie" ROBERT BURKHART "Bob" IOHN BURNS "Jack" NORMA VIRGINIA BUSSE "I Don't Care" ALL .... NOR MAN XV. BUSSE "Norm" DOROTHEA CQARNEY "Dot" XVILLIAM THOMAS CARTER "Frog" MARILYN ANNE CASTILLO "Cassie" XYIILLIAM CII-IATY ' 'Bill" HAROLD VINCENT CHENEY. IR, "Hal" VAN CRICHFIELD "Crich" DONALD FRANK CIUM MINGS "Don" MARILYN ANN LUNNINGHAM "Red" BONNIE EULA CQUSHMAN "Brain" BETTY LOUISE DAUPHIN "Bet" BEVERLY IEANNE DEICHLER "Bev" ROBERT T. DESMOND "Bob" IOI-IN I.AWRENt.E DOLAN "lack" GLORIA BEVEIHLY DUKELOW UG O.. HERBERT ALAN EDELSTEIN "Herb" NORMAN BUSSE . . . Block "L" . . , MARILYN CUNNINGHAM . . . red hair . . . woman hater . . . future Monty Wlooley hates all B.T.O.'s . . , ambition-to finish . . . soon finishes frosh year at Stanford . . . high school . . . BONNIE CUSHMAN . . . ambitioniAnnap0lis . . . DOROTHEA CAR- brown-eyed Einstein . . . "Crash" likes smart NEY . . . blue-eyed brunette . . . always with people and any kind ot homework . . . hobby "El" . . . likes Clayton . . . hates journalism fgetting "A's" . . . BETTY DAUPI-IIN . . . . . . ambition-"to vote for Stein in '49" . . . likes dancing and eating . . . hobby-homework XVILLIAM CARTER . . . "Frog" . . . pe- . . , BEVERLY DEICHLER . . . blue eyes and rennial river-rat . . . will never forget Larkspur brown hair . . . called "Dikey" . . . editor of . . . likes Bev . . . one of Miss Stein's boys Lincoln Log . , . ambition-to be an old maid . . . MARILYN CASTILLO . . . hates rowdies . . . ROBERT DESMOND . . ,Bob hates work at rallies . , . green eyes . . . "tfassie" hates of any kind , . . adores baseball, swimming, work . . . future-'work . . . hobby-menvof boxing. . . future+Army Air Corps . . . JOHN rizing poems . . . WILLIAM KQHATY . . . DOLAN . . . jack dislikes all girls except Bill likes Bobby and the Navy . . . does not "Swann" . . . blue eyes, black hair . . . hob- go for peroxides . . . ambition-to graduate by-tomposing songs . . , ambition--home in . . . HAROLD CHENEY . . . Bud likes jenn the mountains . . . GLORIA DUKELOXV . . , and radios . . . hates homework and tall girls "Glo" really glows when swimming and danc- . . . future-radio technician in the Navy . . . ing . . . future-loving housewife or office DONALD CQUMMINGS . . . blond, blue eyes work . . . HERBERT EDEI.STEIN , . . Herb . . . likes parties . . , hobby-football . . . goes for brunettes, and the "hoots." Dwight Straub was one of Lincoln's outstanding students. During his senior year, he was Colonel of R.O.'I'.II and also Student tfourt judge. PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN IOHN EFSTUTHIOU "lack" RALPH IOSEPH EICHENBAUM ..Ik ., CARRIE LEE CAMERON FERGUSON "Carrie" IAMES EVERETT FINLEY, IR. ..Jim,, ROBERT L. FISHER "Bob" XVILLIAM TOHN FITZGERALD "Fitz" MARGERY B. FREED "Shorty" IAMES FRIED "Jim" CHARLES LEONARD GRANT "Charlie" BETTY ADELE GRAYWOOD .. et.. ROY HENRY GREEN, ,lR. "Greenie" NORRIS GREGORY "Greg" ELIZABETH SUE GULLEY "Betty" , LEWIS HAIN "Levy" PETER A. HAINES ' 'Pete" BERYL KAY HAUGHY "Beryl" CLASS UF FALL .... RALPH EICHENBAUM . . . called "Ike" . . . great "hunk of man" . . . likes Marge . . . hob- by-Marge . . . ambitionsprofessional bum. .. CARRIE LEE FERGUSON . . . beautiful blond hair . . . shy, but fun . . . plays piano and swims . . . future-Paderewski . . . JAMES FINLEY . . . dislikes all girls but one . . . jim was treasurer of the student body . . . one of Mrs. Easton's boys . . . ROBERT FISHER . . . brown eyes . . . Bob hates Cal history . . . intends to be Commander-in-Chief of R.O.T.C. . . . WILLIAM FITZGERALD . . . "Fitz" has brown eyes, hair . . . likes getting A's in physics , . . future-you tell him . . .MARG- ERY FREED . . . "Shorty" likes everything nice . . . hates heels with bobby sox , . .future -State . . . ambition-to develop an ambition . . . JAMES FRIED . . . tall, handsome . . . likes R.O.T.C .... future-General of China . , . ambitionvyou got us . . . CHARLES GRANT . . . S.B. president . . . likes "foot- Bev Deichler holds :r pretty smile for the lx Log in her high senior year. , PAGE TVIENTY-EIGHT ball players" . . . thinks that he is 6 ft. 2 in. . . . hates econ . . . ambition-to please Mr. White . . , BETTY GRAYWOOD . . . called "Bet" . . . green eyes, blonde hair . . . likes civics and horses . . . future+Cal or State . . . ROY GREEN . . . "Greenie" goes for violin concerts, chewing gum . . . ambition-fire prevention engineer . . . future-Army . . . NORRIS GREGORY . . . goes for zoot suits, peroxides . . . "Greg" likes the "River" and girls . . . ambition-pharmacy and the Navy . . . BETTY GULLEY . . . blonde . . , hates other blondes . . . called "Gulley" fwonder why?J . . . 5 ft. 5 in .... future-college and Ted . . . PETER HAINES . . . Brooklyn boy . . . eyes-oh, so dreamy! . . . hair, wavy . . . tree that grew in Brooklyn was in his yard , . . ambition-Air Corps . . . BERYL HAUGHY . . . can't stand bangs . . . likes dancing . . . hazel eyes . . . future-loving wife of her marine. irdie. Bev was a very capable editor of the Lincoln ELINOR HAYDEN STANLEY GORDON HENRY "Stan" ELSWORTH HOEFT "Hoeftv" BARBARA ANNE HONS "Bnbbie" FRANCES PEGGY HOWEI.I. UMM., RONALD EDWIN IMHAUS "lmmie" BARBARA EVELYN isAAc,soN "Izzy" RUTH MA'I'l-IILDA IAC ,KS "Ruth" DAVID EINAR IOHANSON "Dave" lOl-IN GEORGE KAMENA "lack" CARLOS EDMEJNP KAUFELDT ar RAY HENRY KING "Rav" XVILLIAM ROBERT KNILI, "Bill" SIEGFRIED KNOP "Pierre" LOUISE ANNE KRUDOPP "Lou" KATHRYNKIPEAN KRULL ay ETE ELINOR HAYDEN . . . hates peroxides . . . --dancer . . . DAVID JOHANSON . . . Dave secretary . . . ambition-to graduate . . . STAN- has blue eyes, blond hair . . . likes girls and LEY HENRY . . .Cw0w!j. . .good-looking, M.D .... ambition-radioman . . . futuref has everything . . . ambitioneadmiral . . . fu- Nggy'y , , , JOHN KAMENA , , , 1-1.13 P1-Cxy lUfU'N3VY - - - ELSWORTH HOEFT - - - . . . very mathematically inclined , . . helps nickname "Hoefty". . .green eyes, brown hair, with PVAI system b h - future,--Unde Sam" . . . has no likes, dislikes or hobbies . . . future gm him U l w likes PM I . -CARLOS KAUF- sUncle Sam . . . BARBARA HONS . . .Bob- bie was treasurer of Soph. class, vice-prexy of ELDT . . . now with Uncle Sam . . . dark, J I d , f Q B G S S good-looking . . . hates homework . . .futurem r. c ass, an vice-prexy 0 .. ., ..... . headed for C.O.P. . .FRANCES HOWELL . . . nickname "Mag" or Peggy . . . likes food in "He's in the Army Now" . . RAY KING . . . singing . . . ambition-singer . . . future-laxxw yer uf Met. opera singer , . . WILLIAM KNILI, general . . .hates hollys . . . futurefunclecidecl l V I Bm likes gum and the Wrong seat in reg - - - RONALD IMHAUS ' - ' Ulfnfulcn is . . . hates school and E.l-I .... ambition! one nf the better boys . . . worked nn the Lin- muncymakcf I A . SIEGFRIED KNQP , 1 , mln Log ' - - 21mblfl0U-4'F - - - fufufeflmf' "Pierre" likes girl in France . . . ambition- tender . . , BARBARA ISAACSON . . . "Izzy" commercial artist . . . futureg' 'Board 81" . . . . . futureALone Mountain . . . amhition-s0- LOUISE KRUDOPP . . . likes convertibles . . . cial worker . . . RUTH .IACKS . . . hates fresh future-finding a "nn homework" college . . . boys . . . likes brunettes . . . wonderful dancer KATHRYN KRULL . . . Kay dislikes work . . . in variety show . . . future and ambition . . . futurefOregonian. Unforgettable Dorothy Thomson participated in many activities at Lincoln. She Wrote Abe's Almanac and several other features for the "Log," PAGE TWE NTY-NIN E CLASS UF Fil CHARLES LANE . . . "Bagpipe Midge" . . . is inseparable from Dot . . . goes for hollys, hates Lowell heartily . . . likes the hoots . . . zoot suits . . . loves journalism . . . future- ambition-piping the "97th" over the top . . . Cal or Oregon . . . JANICE MARLOWE . . . BOYD LANG . . . dislikes English . . . hobby "Red" goes for gym and Churchill . . . future- -photography . . . blue eyes, curly blond hair librarian . . . hobby-getting A's . . . ambition . . . future-pilot . . . LAURETTE LAW- -Communist . . . CHARLES MARTIN . . . RENCE . . . blue eyes, light brown hair . . . hazel eyes . . . goes for girls, school, and read- likes working at the P.C. . . future-work, ing books . . . future-Army general . . . work, and more work . . . MARTHA LEE . . DOROTHY MARTIN . . . Dottie dislikes Ken ambition-tickling the ivorie's over radio . . . MCN . . . hobby-making friends . . .future- likes Mr. Schmidt and physics . . . future-IC. dental technician , . . LORRAINE MCBRIDE and marriage . . . ROY LEVY . . .brown eyes , . . dental nurse is "I.orry's" future . . . hates and hair . . . likes girls, good times . . .ambition gas rationing . . . goes for men-any type . . . -electronic engineer . . , future-Cal . . . ROSEMARY MCDONOUGH . . . Rose likes WINIFRED LOWY . , . "Winnie" likes dancing, shows, etc .... dislikes bleached French-fries, fudge sundaes . . . future-undo hair - - - fufllre-M3riUC'S wife - - - DON- cided . . . brown eyes and hair . . . ambition ALD MCKELVEY . . . "Mac" likes girls fei- -just to graduate . . . DOROTHY LUND ther Lorraine or Jeanj . . . ambition-ily a . . . Dot plus Jim equals marriage . . . hates kite . . . future-Army Air Corps . . .GEORGE zoot suits, hollys, and physiology . . . hobby- MCLAUGHLIN . . . called Bud . . . likes play- phonograph , , ,ELINOR ,NIACKIE , , , -'Er' ing pedro with the Rah . .. . dislikes Mem. Looking and sitting right pretty is Bobbie Melbin, graduate of fall term, was one of the famous singing trio of Barham, Glover and Melbin. PAGE THIRTY CHARLES LANE "Midge" BOYD RICHARD LANG "Boyd" LAURETTE MARIE LAXVRENCE "Laurie" MARTHA ELIZABETH LEE "Martha" ROY I. LEVY "Roy" XWINIFRED RUTH LOWY "Winnie" DOROTHY BARBARA LUND "Dot" LONSTANCE LUTZ "Connie" ELINOR LOLIISE MACQKIE IANICE MARLOWE . "Red" CHARLES RAY MARTIN "Charlie" DOROTHY EDITH MARTIN 'lD0lliC, l LORRAINE IEAN INICBRIDE "Lorrv" ROSEMARY AINLNE MCDONOUGH " ose" DONALD H. MCKELVEY "Mac" GEORGE FRANEI3 -McLAUGHLlN u LI. .... KENNETH M. MCNEI LL "Ken" BOBBY KRISTIN MELBIN "Bobby" BARBARA GRACE MILLER "Barhy" DONALD GRANT MINICK "Minski" WALTER BURLING MINKEL "Walt" AUDREY CLAIRE MORRICE "Clarence" WILLIAM ROEIERT MUNDT ..Bi ., SHIRLEY ARDELL NADLER "Nadlie" CARROLL FRANCES NAGEL "Carroll" IUDITH NATHANSON ..Judv,, KENNETH THOMAS PARKER "Ken" SUSAN PARLA "Sue" ROBERT NOEL PARNCJW "Bob" FRANCES CLARESE PETAN "Fran" DOROTHY MARIE PHILLIPS "Dottie" HELEN ELAINE PINOUIE "Pinkie" ETE E FUHTY FUUH KENNETH MCNEILL. . .goes for any study eyes, brown hair . . . future-marriage . . hall . . . dislikes Lowell and D.M .... future CARROLL NAGEL . , . likes F.P.'s jokes . . . -up to local board . . . BOBBY MELBIN dislikes a certain teacher . . . hobby-stamps . . . Mel was a songster during football season, . . . future-working girl . . . JUDITH NA- participated in rallies . . . likes the "Do Drop THANSON . . . Judy goes for all kinds of In's," modeling and football players . . . fu- candy . . . hobby-no time . . . ambition and ture- U.S.C .... BARBARA MILLER . . . future-ballet dancer . . . KENNETH PARK- likcs H-12 gym and those books . . . hobby- ER . . . likes only one girl . . . dislikes Sinatra, scrapbook for friends overseas . . . future-low zoots and bleaches . . . future-engineer . . . ing wife to Bob . . . GRANT MINICK . . . ROBERT PARNOW...hates Spanish, English, called "Minski" . . . likes jean and the "Gung- . . . hobby-fixing autos . . . ambition-no Ho Raiders" . . . :imbitionAto be a million- counting . . . future-draft board K.A. . . . aire . . . WALTER MINKEL . . . likes blondes, FRANCES PETAN . . . "Fran" . . . green brunettes, redheads . . . hobby-radio . . . eyes . . . likes sports, etc .... ambition-lab Uncle Sam's Navy next . . . AUDREY MOR- technician . . . future-work . . . DOROTHY RICE . . . "Clarence" likes the Navy . . . PHILLIPS . . . likes double lunch periods . . . hobby-music . . . future-,Inysee co-ed . . . blue eyes, "blonde hair" . . . hobby-having WII.I.IAlN'I MUNDT . . . Bill likes blue con- fun . . . future-loving wife . . . HELEN PIN- vertibles, Molly C .,., dislikes levis on fems QUIE . . . "Pinkie" likes dancing . . . hobby . . . ambition-ministry . . . SHIRLEY NAD- -dancing, skating, tennis . . . future-nurse or I.ER . . , dancing, skating for Nadlie . . . hazel social worker. Elinor Mackie takes a sunbath while waiting for her picture to he taken. Elinor graduated as Treasurer of Fall Class '44, she was also on the Log staff. PAGE THIRTY-ONE MARTHA l. PLANT "Marty" PAUL VINCENT PRIOLO "Missing Link" SHIRLEY NOEL PURVIS "Chinky" IANE PUTNAM "lame" SALLY MARY1glHKNCES RAGAN 3 Y LOUIS H. REIMERS. lR. "Buz" ' XWILLIAM ALBERT RUBKE UA .. BERNICE VIOLET SAMUELSON "Bernie" ROBERT Sl-IACHT 0 IOHN M. H. SCHIEFER "SchieF" ROBERT H. SCHNEIDER "Bob" FREDERICK R. SCHROEDER "Slitz" HAROLD SEGELCIKE "Harry,' LAWRENCE DAVID SMITH "Lawrence" . JAMES FRANCIS STEIL "Fran" HAROLD STONE a CLASS UF FALL .... MARTHA PLANT . . . "Marty" likes a blond . . . dark blonde, brown eyes . . . likes swim- l sailor . . . dislikes boys who act grown up . . . ming and dancing . . . ambition and future- futurehprivate secretary . . . PAUL PRIOLO rural nurse . . . ROBERT SCHACHT . . . fu- . . . likes girls . . . dislikes necktiesi. . .hob- tureiNavy . . . dislikes short girls, too much by-more girls . . . nickname-"Missing Link" perfume . . . goes for the "River" . . . ambition . . . future-replacing Miss Stein . . . SHIR- -mechanical engineeer . . . JOHN SCHIEF- LEY PURVIS . . . "Chinkey" likes Jack . . . ER . . . blonde, brown eyes . . . called "Schief" ' hobby-knicknacks . . . ambition-nurse . . . . . . hobby-stamps and birds . . . future- futurwcadet nurse . . . JANE PUTNAM . . . bouncer . . . ROBERT SCHNEIDER . . . Bob called Janie . . . dislikes Mr. Schmidt's mid- likes fishing, hunting and fixing his car . . . terms . . . ambition-to pass English A . . . hobby-antique guns . . . future-electrical en- future-Cal co-ed . . . SALLY RAGAN . . . gineer . . . LAWRENCE SMITH . . . radio brown eyes, hair . . . small . . . hobby-collecb technician for future . . . hobby-'radios . . . ing souvenirs . . . dislikes "know it all's" . . . future fimmediatej Uncle Sam . . . FRANCIS futurwR.N .... LOUIS REIMERS . . . "Buz" STEIL . . . likes Bobby . . . dislikes j.D. home likes science, roast beef . . . hobby-photogrzr . . . hobby-being with B.B .... future-Mr phy . . . ambition-to be a scientist . . . AL- Bobby Brown . . . ambition-to be Chief of BERT RUBKE . . . hates "girls in levis," mid- Police . . . HAROLD STONE . . . called Hal terms . . . hobby-music and stamps . . . ambi- or Rick . . . likes Alyce and the "River" . . . tion-teacher . . . BERNICE SAMUELSON dislikes 4-F's . . . future-Navy Air Corps. i Here is good natured Norma Busse, who is always laughing. Lincoln's "I don't care" girl was active in everything including rallies and office work. PAGE THIRTY-TWO N ARTHUR ALVIN STRANTON .. rt.. DWIGHT G. STRAUB "Hogan" DORIS LAVAUGHN STROM i lD0flSl Y MILDRED ESTHER SWANSON "Millie" ANDREW VOLENTE TAGLIAFICO ...ragn ROBERT BARNIETT TAYLOR HB0 .. GORDON CHARLES 'THOMAS "Gordo" DOROTHY CIAROLYN THOMSON "Dorn RICHARD RITER TOLLESON "Tolly" DONNA LOU TRITTSCHUH "Donna" ROBERT URBAIS "Urb" rroruzwczrs M. vocisr "Flo" . VERNON VON HERRMANN "Rex" VIRGINIA I. WALKINSHAW "Ginnie" RAYMOND BARRTON WATERBURY FIV RICHARD E. WILLETT ' 'Dick' ' PHYLLIS HELEN WOOD "Phyl " ETE E FUHTY r FU ARTHUR STRANTON . . . dislikes econ . . . . . . ambition-to be a loving husband . . . future-silly question . . . DWIGHT STRAUB DONNA TRITTSCHUH . . . likes Latin and . . . "Hogan" . . . Student Body Judge . . . ping-pong . . . ambition4"Ph.D." at end of hobby-reforming school system . . . ambition name . . . future-Cal . . . ROBERT URBAIS -dictator ot' China . . . future-Army general - . . "Urb" likes Miss Schmidt . . . hobby- . . . DORIS STROM . . . likes dancing . . . more girls and young teachers . . . future- brown eyes, hair . . . ambition-lab technician Navy . . . ambition-street cleaner . . .FLO- . . . future-Cal . . . MILDRED SWANSON RENCE VOGEL . . . "Flo" or "Birdie" likes . . . "Swann" likes jack . . . blue eyes, blonde kidding OJ . . . hates history . . . future and hair . . . future-archeologist . . .ANDREW 'ambition-housewife . . . VERNON VON TAGLIAFICO . . . "Tag" likes all sports . . . HERMANN . . . six-footer "Rex von Hoff" hobby-model aeronautics . . . ambition-aero . . . likes going out with the boys . . . full of research . . . ROBERT TAYLOR . . . Marines witty remarks . . . future-Navy . . .VIRGIN- for Bob, then commercial artist . . . dislikes IA WALKINSHAW . . . "Ginnie" likes a fast parties, an altogether likeable guy . . . certain fellow overseas . . . hobby-designing, GORDON THOMAS . . . "Gordo" likes girls sewing . . . tutureAhousewife . . .RAYMOND . . . hobby-girls, modeling . . . future-Navy WATERBURY . . . one of W.P.'s boys . . . radar . . . DOROTHY THOMSON . . . likes hates graduating . . . future and ambition-not plaid stationery . . . called "Dorn fshe doesn't to be SO lazy . . . RICHARD WILLETT . . . look like onej . . . hates physics . . .ambition likes - ??? . . . ambition and future-Navy -Ofegom - - DICK TOLLESON Y Y - "Tolly" . . . PHYLLIS woon . . . "Phyl" dislikes . . . hobby-girls, art . . . future-4-F or Navy "Big Time Operators." Stan Weeks, now serving in the U.S.N., graduates with Spring '45 Senior class. Stan was very active on the football team of 1943. PAGE THIRTY-THREE 1945 CLASS HISTUHY .... On june 21, the spring class of 1945 marked its Hnal milestone in the four eventful years spent at Abraham Lincoln. As the last hour approached, the mind of every graduating student was filled with thoughts of each successful year. As memories pass in review, each perhaps, recalled the first day he stood on the thresh- old of this great "hall of learning," wondering on PAGE THIRTY-FOUR which path the next four years would lead him. He may have remembered his first day at Lincoln when the classes, the teachers, and the students were all a new experience, or the embarrassing moment when he fell for the "swimming pool gag," and woke up to the fact that a swimming pool is only a post-war dream. He may remember the dances-the afterrschool dances in the cafeteria, and the Low Senior Brawl that the Mi UHIE5 UF class sponsored. Or probably he is looking back to the High Senior Prom, given june 15 at the Scottish Rite Auditorium. If he were on a senior committee he would recall the work and trouble that were necessary to make the dance a success. The picnic at Sigmund Stern and the Senior Breakfast were both part of the well-planned class activities, and linally graduation aa un has -'iw www r Q Wim ?"'l'2?f3f ..,.. .u Q sw- """ gigs. rg'- -rn is I..4.!'xlws,.iL-ff" 'nm H PPY D YS from George Washington auditorium. But these events are now in the past. Again the path lies aheadg the trodden, memory-laden road, behind. And as we, the spring class of 1945 pass down the aisle into the world beyond, our sincere hope is that we may reflect credit on our school in appreciation of four wonderful years. PAGE THIRTY I IN 1: TTA '91 slr' Fx, W- 'WYV5 Wm-Mg i i. :M it if FWF!" t to Sis. 1 A lm, I l ' -Q fr 3,5 QI .25i?77' DONALD CHARLES ALBER "Don" .IUNE ROSE ALBERIGI ..Junc,. IOYCE EDITH ALMLIE "Shorty" ANN AUDREY ANDERSON "Aud" EDWARD MICHAEL ANDERSON "Swede" ANNE ANITA APOSTOLOS "Annie" . BEVERLY RAE ARNOLD "Bev" ESTELA AZA "Estelita " BARBARA ANNETTE BAGOT "Bobbie" ROBERT TEE BALLIET ..Bob.. BARBARA KATHRYN BALSER "Babs" ROBERT HARPER BARR ' 'Bob ' ' CLAIRE MAR IORIE BATCIHELDER "Batch" Doius IEANNSE oarcniaioiaa Of MARILYN IUNE BECKER "Mern' ' SALLYANNE FQRRENCE BEIRNE .. a V.. CLASS UF SSPHI .... DON ALBER . . . activities were P. A. sys- shows . . , BARBARA BAGOT . . . Bobbie N tem and reel winder . . . likes money . . . was in the G.A.A .... likes Galileo men . . . dislikes English A . . . brown eyes . . . JUNE hates B, T, 0,'5 , , , BOB BALLIET , , , AI-BERIGI - - - June Wants rn live in 3 student judge, junior class president . . .would country with plenty of sunshine . . . dislikes likg fo be an engineer , , , BARBARA BALSER going to school . . . JOYCE ALMLIE . . . . . . "Baba" worked in the library . . . wants called "Peewee" . . . frosh secretary . . . to be a professional ice skater or dancer . . . likes to dance . . . dislikes Roni and Corinne likes an officer in the Army . . . ROBERT . . . AUDREY ANDERSON . . . "Aud" was BARR . . . Bob's ambition is to be a clown . . . on the Log staff . . . likes people who listen likes ice cream and Lincoln . . . dislikes to her babble all day . . . no dislikes . . . Physics and Sinatra . . . DORIS BATCHELDER ED ANDERSON . . . varsity basketball . . . . . . likes horse back riding and Mel . . . ambition to graduate . . . dislikes R. B .... dislikes strawberry ice cream, hollys . . . am- ANNE APOSTOLOS . . . Annie was art bition - ? . . . future-teacher . . . MARILYN editor of the Journal . . . green eyes, auburn BECKER . . . "Mem" likes PeeKays, Aladdin's hair . . . likes Ray . . . BEVERLY ARNOLD Lamp, her family, S. D., and H. I .... dis- . . . blonde Bev likes the Navy . . . dislikes likes being a war widow . . . future San jose getting up in the morning and chemistfy . . . State and Mrs. ? . . . SALLYANNE BEIRNE wants to go to college . . . ESTELA AZA . , . . . . active in journalism and drama . . , likes to be an ice skating champion is "Estelita's" names beginning with "D" . . . dislikes ambition . . . likes food, ice skating and big guns. Student Body Judge Bob Balliet shows his hot "A" to Helen Tanner. Bob also participated in boxing, while Helen was circulation editor of the Roundup. PAGE THIRTY-SIX ' ' ' ' IOHN ALFRED BEYER "Iohnnie" GEORGE BISHOP. IR. is DONALD GORDON BLUE "Gordo" SHIRLEY LOUISE BOGNER "Shirl" PHYLLIS MARYAN BOOTH "Bonnie" DOUGLAS HARRY BOSSHART "Doug" ROBERT O. BOYD "Bob" PETER MICHAEL BRADY, IR. "Pete" PATRICIA HOPE BRASKAMP "Patty" RODERICK BRENNAN o IRENE BRISLAXVN MARVIORIE ROBERTA BROWN "Marge" PETER FRANKLIN BROWNING "Pedro" FRANK EUGENE BUCK "Gene" IOHN VINCENT BUCKLEY "lack" IEROME A. BURMAN "Jerry" ET ,x EE PUHTY EI JOHN BEYER . . . future Navy . . . blue eyes, . . . interested in aeronautics . . . likes choco- blonde hair . . . dislikes clams and snobs late milk shakes . . . PATRICIA BRASKAMP . . . GEORGE BISHOP . . . Block "L" mem- . . . Patty would like to be a model . . . likes ber . . . called "Bish" . . . likes sports and the men over six feet tall . . . dislikes cliques . . . hoots . . . dislikes slacks on girls . . . Hazel RODERICK BRENNAN . . . active in football gyes , , , DQNALD BLUE . , , "G0rdg"1ikg5 . . . would like to loaf for life . . . likes johnny Mercer and brunettes . . . dislikes R- C- 5- H- G ---- IRENE BRISLAWN - - - getting haircuts . . . ambition Navy wings . . . NSY I0 P1ei15e"likCS mefhankill Clflwing - - - SHIRLEY BOGNER . . . lovely blonde hair dislikes nothing - - - plans to so in Sfiinfnfd . . . wants to be Mrs. "B" . . . likes Kevin . . . MARJORIE BROWN . . . Marge likes and her little brother , . . dislikes anyone zoos, broad shoulders . . . dislikes getting up against Kev . . . PHYLLIS BOOTH . . . on in the morning . . . ambition-maybe college Lincoln Log staff . . . "Bonnie" wants to be - - - PETE BROWNING . - . Called "Pedro" a flyer . . . likes a "Guy named joe" . . . activities were picking on teachers . . . am- dislikes Sybil and Bill . . . DOUGLAS BOSS- bition Sinatra's good looks . . . likes smooth HART . . . Doug would like to go to college ones . . . dislikes squiddy women . . . hair-- some day . . . likes food and money . . . short . . . EUGENE BUCK . . . Gene was ROBERT BOYD . . . Bob wants to get in the an R. O. officer . . . likes anything with blonde Merchant Marine . . . likes physics . . . dis- hair and Union St. No. 102 . . . dislikes likes manual labor . . . blue eyes . . . PETER slitzies . . . ambition army . . . JOHN BRADY . . . took part in soccer and track BUCKLEY . . . activity R. O. T. C. . . . Cis Granfleld, the girl with the personality plus, had a successful term in office as Vite- President of Student Body. Smiling Ray Stewart was a member of the Block and Hi-Y. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN CLASS UF SP likes fishing and hunting . . . dislikes jazz . . . dislikes B. T.'O.'s, hollies . . . CAMILLE bands . . . JEROME BURMAN . . . hazel CHRISTENSEN . . . "Chris" would like to eyes and brown hair . . . Jerry likes photography be a doctor's assistant . . . likes to have a . . . dislikes sauerkraut . . . MARGY BUS- good time . . . GLORIA CLARK . . . blue TERNA . . . active in C. S. F., G. A. A., eyes, brown hair . . . ambition, secretary . . . Block "L" . . . Wants to be a coed . . . likes likes to swim . . . ELMER CLOW . . . called red converts, A. A. C., dancing . . . dislikes Elbow . . . activities baseball, basketball, foot- long haired males and levis. ball, Lincoln Log, and Block "L" . . . desires DOLORES BYRNE . . . Dodie would like to to be a millionaire . . . likes '37 Dodge coupe be a pilot . . . brown eyes and hair . . . dis- . . . dislikes Mr. Dee . . . ROBERT COURT- likes Harry James, and hollies . . . COLEEN ING . . . known as "Pancho" . . . R. O. CALVERT . . . blue eyes, blond hair . . . officer, soph. class pres .... ambition to be future teacher, wife . . . Corky likes French, a lover . . . likes Lincoln coeds . . . dislikes french-fries, food, food, Bob, food . . . PAUL bossy women . . . BERNARD CRIMMINS CHAPMAN . . . "Phil" played soccer and . . . activities were swimming, boxing . . . was pres. of his reg .... a future surgeon ambition, Navy . . . likes swimming, bowling, . . .likes Model "A's", Lorraine, senior proms. girls . . . PHILIP CRIMMINS . . . "Phil" sun . f . dislikes girls with slitzies . . . likes gas and Model "A's" . . . activities, BARBARA CHRISTENSEN . . . "Chris" was boxing . . . ambition, U. S. M. C. . . . BAR- active in journalism and Senior Picnic . . . BARA CRONEY . . . Bobbie would like lo likes Navy, Russian River, rooting at games get married . . . can see Navy . . . MORTY Elmer Clow is relaxing after a hard term playing baseball and basketball. At his side is witty Pat Davis, Associate editor of the Round-up. PAGE TI-IIRTY-FIGHT MARGY BUSTERNA "Margy" MARY DOLORES BYRNE "Dodie" COLEEN MARGARET CALVERT "Corky" PAUL BRUNSKTEQD CHAPMAN 1 BARBARA ANN CQHRISTENSEN "Chris" CAMILLE CHRISTENSEN "Chris" GLORIA MAE CLARK "Glorie" ELMER EDMUND CLOW ' 'Elmn" ROBERT MACK COURTING "Pancho" BERNARD WILLIAM CRIMMINS "Bernie" PHILIP HENRY CRIMMINS "Phil" BARBARA MAE CRONEY ' 'Bobbie' ' ' IAMES MORTIMER KQULVERWELL "Mortv" DEAN DAVENPORT "DaveV" FRANK REYNOLDS DAVIS, IR. "Frank" PATRICIA IIANE DAVIS .. at., HI .... SUZANNE MAY DEBLEY "Sue" MARY LOUISE DE BOER "Marv Lou" SHIRLEY NADENE DE CURTONI "Shirl" DONALD DE MELLO "Don" ROBERT LOUIS DI PIETRO "Defee" I HARLES BARCLAY DORSETT "Chuck" MARY MARGARET DOUGLAS "Dougie" IIERNADETTE CLAIRE DOWD "Bernie" RILHARD GEORGE DROLETTE ' 'Dick" SHIRLEY BARBARA DROUBIE "Dl'iJOD" ROBERT RAYMEJND DURKIN HB0 ,. KATHLEEN COZZALIA "Kathy" ROSEMARY RITA ELMS "Rosie" IOHN PETER ERICZKSON "Pete" H. RAYMOND FABER "Rav" STANLEY FELDMAN "Stan" ET EE FUHT CULVERWELL . . . likes Barbara and ice cream . . . dislikes peeled nail polish . . . . active on varsity football, Log and pated in tennis and orchestra . . . likes science, trical engineer . . . PATRICIA DAVIS . . . Pat was on the Round-up staff and V. E. Day script . . . likes Ted in me A. A. F. . . . dislikes MacPhee and onions . . . SUZANNE DEBLEY . . . "Suzie" wants to get in the Cadet Nurse Corps . . . likes celery . . . dis- likes levis . . . hazel eyes . . . MARY LOU DE BOER . . . member of G. S. S .... plans to go to U. CI .... likes school. SHIRLEY DE CURTONI . . . likes men . . . blue eyes, blonde hair...Camera Club fan... ambition lab technician . . . DON DeMELLO . . . "O'Hule" was active in football and box- DEAN DAVENPORT . . . called "Davey"" journal staffs, likes the hoots . . . dislikegfvg, "Spiders" . . . FRANK DAVIS . . . particle" music, math, tennis . . . hopes to be an elec-gt, i ' if X 5 ! V ' e ,s 34,1 I ing. . . . likes eveiyfhing . . Y: Hislikes notlfing . . . post futufe riculjural College stu- tieig Roaraufz gili'IETRO . . "oem" wis very activl in fo?'Aall, baseball, basketball, was prex-ygff SOPll.'j'8L Block "L" . . . likes "Candy" 8: 5 .aghetti . . . dislikes Ray Faber . . . CHMLE DORSETIS . . prexy of L12 '84 H12,'s6c. of junior class, played football. ,chqgas . . . curly brown hair f. . ambitilsn avia- tion . . . MARY MARGARET DOUGLAS . . . called "Dougie" . . . pres. G.A.A., active in Tri-Y 84 C.S.F .... likes convertibles and tall blondes . . . dislikes peanut butter . . . BER- NADETTE DOWD . . .iealled "Bernie" . . . interested in medicine . . . likes dancing, boogie woogie . . . on G.S.S .... RICHARD DRO- LETTE . . . played basketball, on Lincoln Log staff . . . likes girls, cars and food - . . future with Uncle Sam awhile . . . SHIRLEY DROU- BIE . . . "Shirl" likes good times and dancing . . . dislikes homework . . . ambition airline Hard-working Lorraine Miramontes, business manager of the "Log," takes it easy for .i moment. Don Goodenough, sports editor of the "Log," follows her example. PAGE THIRTY-NINE I CECELIA RITA FERNANDEZ "Cec" DONALD FRGNECHFISHSTROM is 1 BARBARA ANN FORD "Bobbie,' PATRICIA MARY FRANCIS "Pat" MARVIN EDX2CfENdFREEMAN. IR. u WALTER RICHARD FROMMEL "Walt" KENNETH IIESSE FRYER .. ri.. ROSEMARY HELEN1 'IRENE GALVAN a -A Is, DONALD ROIRIE ENOUGH ,' 0 ' RICHAR A , GOBMAN 4 ick" :JI NORM licH gp GOTELLI . , m s M ELviRA MARIE GRANEIELDM . ,f "Cis" JW' E I' gf ,MJ 4,145 Ai' If , ' IAlVlESiPPXR Y GRAY rflf f f , f-'html' ,sf ,f ' ET CAT INE GRAY 'J "PC V" BEVERLY ANN REEN ,f 5 A "Baz" Y 4 if BgR'PoAL!? GREENBERG fi "T HG OVDV, CLASS n1f5,,P,11if,f is sf' J! " stewardess . . . ROBERT DURKIN . . . on likes Rio . . . DONALTJ S OM . . Rifle Team of R.O.T.C. . likes girls in pur- "Fish" was active in trac , fpgt l . . ' - ple sweaters . , . dislikesihomework . . . ambi- tion Navy . . . likes a nic londe . -is- 1 tion Navy . . . KATHLEEN DOZZALIA . . . likes girls in levis . . . BA BARAAF D . . . .'Kathy" has no certain ambition . . . likes a PATRICIA FRANCIS . . . r o Girl'ReL J certain sailor . . . dislikes school . . . RQSE- serves . . . ambition to go t ough dental MARY ELMS . . . sandy haired Rosie likes the lege . . . MARVIN FREEMAN . "incl" "River" Bc cute, curly, black-haired fellas . . . wants to travel far 8: wide . . . likes, his car dislikestonceitecl fellas . . . ambition a loving and a certain person . . . active in R O, . . . wife . . . PETER ERICKSON . . . active on WALTER FROMMEL . . . Walt lik s fishing Rifle Team . . . "Lief" likes Saturday nights . . . blue eyes, blonde hair . . . soon hopes to . . . dislikes homework . . . future engineer . . . be in the U.S.C.G .,,. KENNETH FRYER RAYMOND FABER . . . called Fearless ofthe . . . active in track and soccer . . . "Fri" likes Skull . . . can hoot like an owl . . . likes rallies 8: brunettes . . . red hair and green eyes women, Hemo . . . dislikes Charles Atlas . . . . . . ROSEMARY GALVAN . . . service edi- ambition to sell vitamin pills . . . STANLEY tor of the Round-Up . . . Wants to be a wealthy FELDMAN . . . ambition mechanical engineer hobo . . . likes dancing and swimming . . . . . . nicknamed "Face" . . . likes levis, girls, dislikes "big time" . . . DONALD GOOD- levis, girls, etc .... CECELIA FERNANDEZ ENOUGH . . . nicknamed "Goodie" . . . . . . "Cec" was H12 vice prexy, journal staff sports editor of Log . . . would like to be a . . . ambition-ha-ha . . . likes joe . . . dis- radio announcer . . . dislikes jim C., Lowell Wonder what all-round athlete Bob DiPietro could be telling Marilyn Becker to make her blush so? Marilyn was on the journal staff, also active in senior affairs, PAGE F ORTY ' ta ALAN LARRY GRIFFIN "GrifT" PATRICIA ANNETTE GROSSMAN "Pat" ROBERT XVEIEZIEHGRUNIGEN o IOAN MARGARET HANNAN "Birdie" PHYLLIS DAR LEEN HANSEN "Phill" PERRY HARDWICKE "Perry" JEAN HARRINGTON "Jeanie" ELEANOR M. HASKINS "Ellie" FREDERICK CURTIS HAVENS "Fred" BARBARA HELBUSI-I is BARBARA JEAN HELLER "Bobby" ALBERTA HENCNER JAMES HENNVOOD im MONROE Houvlgiaigo Hess, nz, 0 sEYMoRE H1PsHMAN "See" BARBARA VIRGINIA HOCIHEDE ' 'Hoch' ' ET I . cr 4 2,2 Q t is EE EUHTY FIVE . . . RICHARD GORMAN . . . active in tennis and boxing . . . would like to be a doctor . . . NORMAN GOTELLI . . . R.O. officer . . . fu- ture civil engineer . . . likes Pat . . . dislikes all finals on one day . . . ELVIRA GRAN- FIELD . . . "Cis" . . . was vice-prexy of the student body, snapshot editor of journal . . . likes the unholy live, jigging, eating 8-: fellas . . . JAMES GRAY . . . Jim wants to be an air general or a chemical tycoon . . . likes magazines and science . . . dislikes pullovers . . . MARGARET GRAY . . . worked on jour- nal . . . ambition is to take 11 trip to moon . . . likes guys and gals with a sense of humor . . . dislikes insincere people . . . BEVERLY GREEN . . . CQ.S.F. member . . . college bound after grad . . . likes the river and clothes . . . BERT GREENBERG . . . nicknamed "Clown" . . . was editor of Log, sports ed. of journal . . . likes blondes and smooth music 8: Cohn . . . ALLAN GRIFFIN . . . Griff was member of band 8: C.S.F., earned music block . . , college or A.A.C. after graduation . . . PATRICIA GROSSMAN . . . getting into college is Pat's ambition . . . likes people and hates leaving school . . . ROBERT GRUNIGEN . . . loafing was "Grone's" activity at Lincoln . . . ambi- tion: admiral . . . likes econ., history . . . says "no" to math . . .JOAN HANNAN . . . arnbi- tion is to be a fashion artist . . . likes flyers, crew cuts . . . nicknamed "Birdie" Pl-IYLLIS HANSEN . . . blonde and green eyed "Phyl" likes dancing, ping-pong, and A rertain merchant marine . . . PERRY HARD- WICKE . . . "Slim" was active in track, swima ming and baseball . . . likes food . . . dislikes homework . . . JEAN HARRINGTON . . . "Jeanie" was active on the Log staff . . . likes to eat and dislikes noisy people . . . ELEANOR HASKINS . . . "Ellie" was on the C. S. F., G. A. A., G. S. S .... likes swimming, dancing, loahng . . . dislikes egotistical teach- Pete Browning lends a hand to petite "Klee" Fernandez. Cec was an active member of Journal staff, and virc-prexy of' spring class, while Pete was on the boxing team. I3 AGE I-'URTY-ONE CLASS ers, foggy days . . . wants to graduate from U. C .... FREDERICK HAVENS . . . Fred was an ofhcer in the R. O. T. C .... likes Sat. nights . . . dislikes Iim's crowded car . . . ambition, Navy . . . BARBARA I-IELBUSH . . . called "Sis" . . . Block "L" and G. A. A. member . . . likes Mike and sports with him . . . dislikes physics . . . BARBARA HELLER . . . Bobby likes to dance . . . dislikes home- work . . . has hazel eyes and brown hair . . . ALBERTA HENCNER . . . Bert would like to be an aviatrix . . . likes Marines . . . dislikes homework, levis and hollies . . . JAMES HENWOOD . . . "Small-Fry" likes double dates with Bob and Glena . . . active in R. O. T. C .... ambition, Marine Air Corps . . . MONROE HESS . . . very active in track, soccer, Block "L," life member of C. S. F., R. O. officer, member of band, music block . . . "Mo" likes all kinds of sports . . . SEYMORE HIPSHMAN . . . "See" was active Corrine McGuire and Dick Drolette arc chatt PAULA RUTH HOFFMAN "Soottv" MARION CLAIRE HOOPER ' 'Hoop" DORIS EILEEN HOPPER "Hoppe" GEORGIA ANN HOPPE "Georgie" HORATIO BEIGELOW HUDGINS "Rav" PATRICIA IANE I-IUEY ' 'Pat" RICHARD TAYLOR I-IUTCI-IISON "Hutch" GENARO INGCO "Ink" PHYLLIS MAE IRELAND "Tippie" FREDERICK ENOS IACKSON "Fred" BARBARA LOUISE ,IENKS "Jinx" ROBERT IUND IENSEN "Bob" IAMES ROY IOHNSTONE ' ',Iim" CHARLES AUSTIN IONES "Chuck" GERALD IONES "IerrV" VICTOR ERNEST IONES "Vic" U F 5 P H I I I I I in football . . . likes almost everything . . . dislikes almost nothing except "Spiders" . . . BARBARA HOCHEDE . . . red haired "Hoch" wants to get into Stanford . . . loves Lincoln . . . levi jackets are out . . . PAULA HOFF- MAN . . . "Spotty" was in the G. A. A., Block and C. S. F .... likes dances, gooey sundaes, and Jerry "always" . . . am- bition, loving wife . . . MARION HOOPER . . . member of G. S. S .... "Hoop" would like to be a doctor . . . likes school saddles. converts . . . DORIS HOPPER . . . "Hoppe" was active in bowling, wants to get the most out of life . . . dislikes stuffy people . . . GEORGIA HOPPE . . . blonde "Georgie" wants to be a kindergarten teacher . . . likes Miss Stein, girls with dark hair . . . dislikes moody people . . . HORATIO I-IUDGINS . . . Ray wants to be a doctor . . . likes hunting, Fishing, eating . . . dislikes English A and homework . . . PATRICIA HUEY . . . "Hugh" ing gaily on their off-time. Corrine was editor of the "Log," and Dick was on the basketball team. PAGE FORTY-TWO NINA LEE KAHN "Nine" DOLORES G. KEATING "Dodo" DORIS IRENE KIESER "Gibbon" BARBARA IRENE KINREAD "Bobbie" KQELILIA L. KNIPPER "Cc-c" LAIRD PHILIP KOENIG "Laird" HELEN URSULA KRETZ "Helen" IOYCE VERA KULL "Shorty" LEONARD CARL LANE "Snider" MARILYN XVILMA LARNEY "Babv" SHIRLEY ANN LATIE "SVbil" IEANETTE MARIE LAVURENCXE "IennV" DAVID LEARY "Dave" LOUIS LEGERTON "Lou" 'ruitiii 1.QfgscARoEN IEAN ANNE LOUDERBALK' " leanniew ET EE FUHTY FIVE l was active in G. S. S. and G. A. A ,... likes lies with army transports . . . likes ships . . . , chocolate shakes and S. I. dislikes English . . . gray eyes . . . GERALD TAYLOR HUTCHINSON . . . Lt. Col. in JONES . . . Jerry was active in boxing . . . R. O., on rifle team . . . Hutch wants to be likes dances and Paule . . . plans to enter the ' an architect . . . likes Sue D .... dislikes real estate business . . . CHARLES JONES shot cars . . . GENARO INGCO . . . nick- . . . Chuck played football . . . likes the hoots, named "Ink" . . . ambition, forestry service sports, his car . . . dislikes mean teachers . . . . , soccer and rifle team . . . PHYLLIS IRE- ambition, not to be a bum . . . nice smile . . . LAND . . . called "Hippie" . . . wants to be VICTOR JONES . . . track and boxing were a Navy Nurse . . . likes swimming. dancing, Vic's activities . . . wants to be a millionaire converts, and eating . . . FREDERICK JACK- . . . likes Irene . . . dislikes peroxides . . . SON . . . Student Body prexy, nthcer in R. O., NINA LEE KAHN . . . "Nine" worked on active in soccer and on title team . . . likes the Journal . . . not much ambition . . . likes U. S. Forest Service . . . future entomologist the Armed Forces . . . dislikes Patty and Bobby . . . BARBARA JENKS . . . played basketball . , . DOLORES KEATING . . . "Dodo" likes . . . would like to be a physical ed teacher opera and high-brow concerts . . . dislikes . . . likes blue jeans and white shirts . . "Boogie Wcxogie" . . . ambition is marriage called "Jinx" . . . ROBERT JENSEN . . . and twelve Children . . . DORIS KIESER . . . Bob would like to go to college . . . likes editor of Round-up, L12 treas., H12 sec. . . , physics . . . dislikes Latin and peroxides . . . "Kieser" wants to graduate from U. C. . . . JAMES JOHNSTONE . . . Min's ambition likes shows, clothes and Jerry Baldwin . . . . Being quite chummy this afternoon are athletic Al Munn and cute Rosie Galvan. Al was prominent in basketball and Rosie handled the Servicemen list for the Journal. ,...--. -I .. . , , .a...... ...a,.............. PAGE FORTY-THREE EL!-ISS nO dislikes . . . BARBARA KINREAD . . . Bobbie is interested in commercial art . . . likes almost everything . . . dislikes crowded street- cars and gym . . , CELIA KNIPPER . . . blue eyed Cec likes food and dislikes homework . . . question mark to ambition . . . LAIRD KOENIG . . . interested in advertising . . . likes Friday at 3:10 , . . dislikes final exams . . . HELEN KRETZ . . . likes fun, eating, talking and sleeping . . . dislikes disorder . . . JOYCE KULL . , . "Shorty" would like to be a singer . . . likes pie and ice cream . . . dis- likes Frank Sinatra . . . LEONARD LANE . . . "Spider" was active in football and base- ball . . . likes Mr. Andrews . . . dislikes Dean Davenport . . . big character . . . MARILYN LARNEY . . . called "Baby" . . . ambition to be a Stanford coed . . . likes French, songs . . . worked on the Log . . . SHIRLEY LATIE , , . "Sybil ' wants io haunt a lost and found department . . . likes a marine or fliers . . . dislikes Phyllis and joe . . . JEANETTE Pat Thompson, gracious president of the IOAN RUTH MACPHEE "Mac" ISERNICE I.A VERN MANFREDO "Bernie" ELIZABETH MAE MARCALLINO "BettV" CLAIRE GERTRUDE MARTIN "Pussy" IRENE ELIZABETH MARTIN "Irene" DONALD BURNS MCCAXV "Don" HAROLD XVILLIAINI MCCORIVIICK ..Ha .. XVILLIAM LEONARD MCCORMICK "Bill" PATRICIA MARY MCGINLEY ' 'Mac" IOHN FRANCIS McGINTY "Mac" SHIRLEY LOU MCGUFFICK '-Duffy" CORINNE trials' Mrcaoraia MARILYCIE ANN MrKEAN "Lynn" PATRICIA L. McPEtQK "Mac" MOLLIE IOAN MERCER "Mutt" AI.EXANDEAl'i's. MESEN U F S P H I I l l l LAXVRENCE . . . "jenny" hopes to become an artist . . , likes tailored suits . . . dislikes English A . . . DAVID LEARY . . . Dave was active on the Block "L" and in soccer . . . blue eyes and brown hair . . . ambition. Merchant Marine Cadet . . . LOUIS LEGER- TON . . . "Lou" went out for track . . . likes Lincoln spirit . . . dislikes chewing gum in class . . . blue eyes . . . TURIE LOFTS- GARDEN . . . "T" was active in riding and bowling . . . likes Byron . , . dislikes zoot suits . . . ambition to graduate . . . JEAN LOUDERBACK . . . Jeanie wants to go to Cal .... worked on Log , , . likes french, fries and cokes . . . JOAN MACPHEE . . . "Mac" was on the Round-Up staff, "Mother" in term play, active in rallies . . . likes johnny in A. A. F .... dislikes Davis and onions . . . BERNICE MANFREDO . . . Bernie's ambition is to be a good wife and singer . . . likes C. H. and cooking , . . ELIZABETH MARCALLINO . . . Betty likes calories and Music Club, took part in rallies and shows. Bob "Pancho" Courting was Colonel in the R,O.T.C., and also on the track team. D AGE FORTY-FOUR RALPH MEYER , ris BARBARA IRENE MILEY "Babs" RALPH E. MILEY ' 'Bud" GLENDORA ALICE MILLER "Glennie" LORRAINE CATHERINE MIRAMONTES "Lorrie" IAMES C. MOI-INS. R. "lim" Lois Mai ,ryroUi.rN 0 LAURENT MUELLER ..Lm,rVH ALBERT lgpiiilgn MUNN IOAN MARIE MURPHY "MurDh" BETTY KJAIEOL NELSON .. ct., ROBERT BEQNBNS, NEUMAYR o RENEE MAE NEYRAUMONT "Frenchie" RICHARD LEROY NEWHOUSE "Dick" DOROTHY IANE NEWMAN "Dottie" RICHARD PAUL NORWALL "Dick" ET r EE EUHTY FIVE also to eat . . . dislikes vitamins . . . brown eyes and brown hair . . . CLAIRE MARTIN . . . "Pussy" . . . hazel eyes and blonde hair . . . likes a good time . , . dislikes homework . . . ambition, loving wife. DONALD MCCAW . . . former yellvleader wants to go to Cal .... likes Lincoln and dislikes Lowell . . . HAROLD MCCORMICK . . . Hal's greatest ambition is to go through life loafing . . . his main interest is in Red' wood City . . . XVILLIAM MCCORMICK . . . varsity football and basketball . , . likes Bev. . . . dislikes loud girls . . . curly blond hair. PATRICIA McGINLEY . . . Pat was on the journal staff . . . ambition to have lots of fun at State College . . . dislikes people who put on an act . . . JOHN MCGINTY . . . blue eyes, red hair . . . called "Mac" . . . likes ice cream . . . SHIRLEY McGUFFICK . . . active on journal, Log staff, and Cap and Gowns . . . "Duffy" likes hoots and cashmere sweaters . . . dislikes buddies and conceited Martha Smith listens in interest to what 0 say, Both were very active in Senior affairs. people . . . future Mrs. ? . . . CORINNE MCGUIRE' . . . editor of Lincnln Log . . . ambition to raise peaches . . . likes Phil . . . dislikes Roni and Joyce . . . MARILYCE MCKEAN . . . "Lynn" likes frog legs . . . dislikes girls in levis . . . ambition to be a dancer . . . PATRICIA McPECK . . . "Mac" wants to be a second Ernie Pyle . . . activities were Log staff . . . has hazel eyes and brown hair . . . dislikes snobby people , . . MOLLIE MERCER . . . played golf and tennis, was soph. sec., . . . Mutt wants to be a lexicog- rapher . . . likes Chinese food, ice cream . . . ALEXANDER MESEN . . . president of the Camera Club and member of the rifle team . . . Al wants to he a Navy photographer . . . likes no homework and Sat. nights . . . dislikes final exams . . . RALPH MEYER . . . "Chris" was a member of Hi-Y and swimming team . . . dislikes sweater girls, snobs . . . BARBARA MILEY . . . likes a Navy man . . . has blue eyes, blonde hair Qnaturalj . . . nicknamed ur energetic President of the Student Body has to PAGE FORTY-FIVE 4 ELI-ISS UF SP Babs . . . RALPH MILEY , . . "Bud" wants only to finish school . . . likes figures with face . . . dislikes algebra theory . . . GLENDORA MILLER . . . future teacher . . . Glenny was a member of the G. A. A ..,. likes people, fun, and sailors . . . LORRAINE MIRA- MONTES . . . a C. S. F.'er and business manager of the Log . . . "Lorry" would like to work for the civil service . . . JAMES MOHNS . . . jim was an R. O. ofhcer . . . likes brunettes . . . dislikes French . . . am- bition to be an engineer . . . LOIS MOULIN . . . likes dances, sports, especially horseback riding . . . ambition to spend the rest of her life getting a tan down at the "farm" . . . LAURENT MUELLER . . . "Larry" likes the summer sun and definitely dislikes school . . . ambition to be a landscape artist . . . ALBERT MUNN . . . varsity all-city basketball, boxing, track, tennis, likes anything pertaining to bas- ketball . . . dislikes Dick Drolette . . . am- bition, basketball player. Polite Monroe Hess turns on the faucet as Tri JOAN MURPHY . . . hobby, sleeping in class . . . ambition, Pete, and having her own way . . . dislikes dead heads . . . BETTY NELSON . . . associate editor ofthe Log . . . plans to go to Cal .... likes fellas . . . dis- likes spiders and gym .... ROBERT NEU- MAYR . . . track and soccer were Bob's ac- tivities . , . wants to graduate . . . likes anything he doe'sn't dislike . . . dislikes home- work period . . . RENEE NEVRAUMONT . . . green eyes, blonde hair . . . Renie would like to travel, also likes physics . . . RICHARD NEWHOUSE . . . active in tennis . . . likes blondes KM. 1.1 ' ' - dislikes anything not pertaining to Mary jane . . . ambition, Navy . . . DOROTHY NEWMAN . . . Dot likes brunettes and redheads . . . brown eyes and brown hair . . . dislikes snobs and showoffs . . . on Log . . . RICHARD NORWALL . . . Dick's ambition is to loaf and fool around . . . likes the river and "ski trips" . . . CLIFFORD OHLSSON . . . "Olie" took part -Y president Mary Margaret Douglas proceeds to drink. Monroe was Lincoln's track star, and also President of the C.S.E. PAGE FORTY-SIX CLIFFORD OHLSSON . i IUNE THEO PANOS "June" GUS IAMES PAPPAS "Gus" ROXANNA PATSEI. "Roxie" VALERIE CQIQNIEPEDERSEN a LITA IOY PERALTA "Lee" LEO ALEXANDIERTIROINIKOFF eo GAIL RENE PITHEY "Windy" MINETTE LUCILE POPE "Minnie" THOMAS ROBERT POSTON "Tommie" MURIEL ROSALIE POWERS "Muir" DOROTHY CATHERINE OUINN "Dottie" H I I l I I IERONNE IEANE RICHARDS "Ronie" IEMIL IAMES REIIQHOLD "Slim" DOROTI-IEA IEAN REIMANN "Dor" ROBERT RIENEKIKER "Rick" ROBERT IAY RISVOLD "Bob" DONALD KEITH ROOKER "Don" PHYLLIS ROSBERG i WII.LARD IRWIN ROSS "Will" CKHARLES EDWIN SANDERS "Chuck" VERLAYNE BEIATTRICQE SHAVES er ARESTA MARIE SHUMATE "Marie" HERBERT HOWARD SIHNER "Herb" Q K x I I in track and crew . . . future-Navy . . . likes people who use H202 . . . hazel eyes, brown . V' 'shi' ' !1iI'lS - - - JUNE PANOS . . . brown eyes hair . . . likes tall, dark, and . . . , N M 'Ti' QB: and brown hair . . . active on the journal THOMAS POSTON . , , big game hunting . t -W 1 F wk ' ,' . . . likes blonde hair . , . ambition is to be- is 'l'ommie's ambition . . . likes his grand- ' 1 -if , 3 i f ' tome July , , . GUS PAPPAS . . . "Pap" mother and other girls . . . dislikes purple ' 4, f' jf r "viii 2 kr ' was active in sports . . . likes staying out at lipstick . . . MURIEL POWERS . . . "Muir" W - if night . . . dislikes coming home at night . . . , . . blue eyes, red hair . , . likes tall, dark, ' V," wants to "Gay Dog" around the world . . . and handsome . . . dislikes short, fat, and T' ' . ROXANNA PATSEL . . , "Roxie" likes ugly . . . DOROTHY QUINN . . . "Dottie" sports and pastries . . . dislikes insineere people was active on the debating club . . . likes . . . ambition to get a man worth keeping . . "Hammonds" and dislikes snobs . . . ambition 1 VALERIE PEDERSEN . , , likes steaks and social worker . . . LERONNE RICHARDS horse back riding . . . active on the Ii. S. F. . . . called Roni . . . ambition farmers wile ' and library . . . ambition undecided . . . . . . likes Don S .... dislikes Corinne and l.lTA PERALTA . . . nicknamed "l.eet" . . . joyte . . . EMII. REICHOLD . . . "Slim" wants to be a nurse . . . likes a good joke . . . is going in the Army . . . dislikes lcvis fea- l.EO PIROJNIKOFF . . . went out for tennis tured on females . . . likes cars . . . DOR- and swimming . . . ambition to attend New OTHEA REIMANN . . . member of the England Conservatory of Music . . . GAII. G. A. A., junior Statesman . . . likes ice PITHEY . . . would like to be a teacher . . . skating . . . ROBERT REINECKER . . . called "Windy" . . . likes dancing and B. R. active in basketball, tennis, soccer . . . am- . . . MINETTE POPE . . . "Minnie" dislikes bition is to be a P. E. instructor . . . ROBERT anything to do with this? jim Wlinterrowd, designer ol iournal cover looks rather happy. Could Betty Wittrich have PAGE FORTY-SEVEN RISVOLD I. . . "Ris" took part in track . . . bleached blondes. ambition is to be an aero engineer . . . hazel MERYLYN SIMMONS . . . brown hair, eyes, brown hair . . . DON ROOKER . . . brown eyes . . . ambition is to get good known as "Rook" . . . all-city and varsity grades . . . likes to get letters . . . KATHLEEN football . . . likes "Skipper" dislikes "un- SMITH . . . "Kathy" likes double lunch dependable people" . . . ambition Navy . . . periods . . . dislikes Spanish tests . . . dark PHYLLIS ROSBERG . . . Phil would like brown hair . . . MARGARET SMITH . . . to marry a midget . . . dislikes people who "Windy" wants to see the world . . . likes ask her how tall she is . . . WILLARD ROSS swimming and Mexican food . . . MARTHA . . . Will was active in sports and music . . . SMITH . . . "Marty" was prexy of the dislikes push ups . . . ambition radio . . . G. S. S., a C. S. F.'er, member of G. A. A., CHARLES SANDERS . . . Chuck would like H12 treas., music club, Girl Reserves . . . likes to stay single . . . likes beautiful women . . . spaghetti . . . ambition, U. C. . . . DE LOS dislikes blind dates and women who talk too SMITH . . . Smitty was active in track . . . much . . . VERLAYNE SHAVES . . . member likes cars and blondes . . . dislikes no gas . . -. of G. A. A. and C. S. F .... "Ver" would ambition, Navy, then college . . . LOUISE like to be a teacher and Mrs. J. S .... MARIE SPENCER . . . "Breezy" likes flying and every- SHUMATE . . . played in the school band body and everything . . . FRANCIS SPERISEN . . . would like to be second Benny Goodman . . . Fran took part in soccer and track . . . . . . dislikes snobs . . . HERBERT SIHNER likes a good date . . . ROBERT SPRATLING . . . "Herbie" wants to be a Model "A" . . . nicknamed "Sprat" . . . ambition, engineer specialist . . . likes Nellie and dislikes . . . active in basketball, track, Block "L" . . . Here are jerry Baldwin and Doris Kieser, not walking tfor a changej . jerry ran the all-city 880 and Doris was in charge of morale and editor of the Round-up. PAGE FORTY-EIGHT MERYLYN FELT SIMMONS "Mer" KATHLEEN MARY SMITH "Kathy" MARGARET LORRAINE SMITH "Windy" MARTHA MARIE SMITH "Marty" XVILLIAM DE LOS SMITH "Smitty" HELEN LOUISE SPENCER "Breezy" FRANCIS IOSEEH SVPERISEN. IR. ran ROBERT ERNESITISPRATLING o BEVERLY RrgAN,ggHE STERN . CV RAYMOND ROLLAND STEWART "Rabbit" RICHARD FRANK srRATFu1.L "Dirk" LORETTA ANNE SWEENEY IKRCLLZI, I UF SPHI .... RICHARD SYLVESTER v GEORGE rvraclpavisiu Taxis. IR. C Ti-ioivias i.ocsAN TANNA "Tom" HELEN ANNE TANNER "Skeezix" BERNARD TESCH, IR. "Barnie" CARL IAY THOMAS "Slaphappy" PATRICIA RUTH THOMPSON "Pat" ' HAROLD CRONE THOMSEN "Harry" CORALIE BOBBIE THORMOD "Curie" ERANCOISE LORRAINE TRAHAN "Haney" IACOUELINE PHYLLIS TROYER Ulackien KENNETH COLLINS TURNLEY "Ken" ET EE EUHTY FIVE BEVERLY STERN . . . "Bev" plans to go to Cal .... blue eyes, auburn hair . . . likes chocolate sodas and definitely dislikes work . . . RAYMOND STEWART . . . nicknamed "Rabbit" . . . varsity football, tfack Block basketball, soccer. Hi-Y -. . , likes music, Model "A's", sports and Pat . . . dislikes gas rationing . . . ambition, gym teacher . . . RICHARD STRATEULL . . . Dick was active in swimming . . . likes aviation . . . ambi- tion. aeronautical engineer . . . LORETTA SXVEENEY . . . "Ritter" likes Bill and dancing . . . dislikes B. T. O.'s . . .ambition is to be a loving wife , . . RICHARD SYLVESTER . . . "Syl" . . . hazel eyes, brown hair . . . wants to be a lab. assistant . . . likes machine shop and radios . . . GEORGE TAKIS . . . ambi- tion, engineer . . . called "Te" . . . played football, in Hi-Y . . . likes girls . . . THOMAS TANNA . . . nicknamed "Lips" . . . would like to get in Navy . . . dislikes Guy Lom- "Skeezix" . . . member of C. S. F., G. A. A., G. S. S., journal . . . likes Chuck Walker of Navy blue . . . dislikes liver and showoffs. BERNARD TESCH . . . Barney would like to be an aeronautical engineer . . . likes blondes . . . dislikes rainy rallies . . . JAY THOMAS . . . "Slaphappy" likes basketball, wine, women and song . . . ambition to be a pilot . . . PAT- RICIA THOMPSON . . . Pat was a member of G. S. S., G. A. A. and the Music Club . . . ambition, radio singer . . . likes Bill S. . . . HARRY THOMSEN . . . active in box ing . . . Harry plans to join the Merchant Marine . . . likes Model "A's" . . . dislikes gas rationing . . . CORALIE THORMOD . . . "Corie" likes swimming and Boulder Creek . . . dislikes poison oak . . . ambition, debu- tramp . . . FRANCOISE TRAHAN . . . Fran would like to be a dancer . . . like ice skating . . . dislikes Monday A. M .... JACQUELINE TROYER . . . wants to be a housewife . . . bardo . . . HELEN TANNER . . . callednicknamed "Happy" . . . dislikes Chinese Bill McCormick rinds playing on a slide much easier than playing basketball. The lovely miss taking her turn is Barbara Christensen, a very active senior. PAGE FORTY-NINE CLASS food, clams fboth kindsj . , . KENNETH TURNLEY . , . "Ken" will soon be in the Navy . . . likes dances . . . dislikes girls in levis . . . FRANCES UNMACK . . . "Frankie" was active in horseback riding and roller skating . . . likes good times . . . ambition, dress designer . . . ROBERT VETTERLEIN . . . "Swede's" ambition is to make millions . . , likes three month vacations . . . JOYCE VORE . . . "Fergie" writes Al for activity . . . dis' likes conceited men . . . but likes Al . . . ELEANOR WAEGERLE . . . "Elly" was active in G, S. S., and on the C. S. F .... hazel eyes and brown hair . , . likes tennis and dis likes levis and homework . . . MARIAN WAGENER . . . "Corky" likes dancing and swimming . . . dislikes homework , . . ambition, church social service worker . . . CHARLES WALTER . . . Charlie worked on the P. A. System and was a reel Winder . . . ambition, radio engineer . . . likes a certain blonde from Lowell . . . dislikes girls in levis Wise-cracking Joan McPhee, "Mother" in UF SP . . . LAUREL WATSON . . . "Bugs" likes music, dislikes bananas and homework . . . active in music and ping pong . . . EUGENE WATSON . . . "Bus" was active in chorus . . .likes 3:10 bell . . . dislikes English A . . . blue eyes and brown hair . . . PATRICIA WAT- SON . . . "Pat" was active in the G. A. A. . . . plans to do hospital work . . . blue eyes. blonde hair . . . likes tennis. BILLIE WEBB . . . would like to be a secre- tary . . . likes johnny . . . dislikes catty people . . . ELAINE WENDLAND . . . active in journalism and dramatics . . . Elaine plans to go to college . . . likes the Army but not the Navy . . . YVONNE WEST . . . nicknamed "jinx" . . . member of Lincoln Round-Up staff . . . liked red converts . . . GERALDEANE WHITE . . . "jerry" hopes to be a social worker . . . likes Army Air Corps . . . dis- likes enchiladas . . . JAMES WHITE . . . jim . . . Uncle Sam has plans for him . . . likes all types of carryings on . . . GRETCHEN "junior Miss," Swings little Ed Anderson, who was an outstanding member of the basketball team. PAGE FIFTY FRANCES ALICE UNMACK "Frankie" ROBERT IAMESIJVETTERLEIN .. O ., IOYCE IEAN VORE "Fer2ie" ELEANOR XWAEGERLE MARIAN MURRAY WACIENER "CorkeV" CHARLES ALEXANDER XVALTER, IR "Charlie" EUGENE LEROY WATSON "Gene" I.AUREL WATSON "Bugs" PATRICIA GIEACE XVATSON .. at.. BILLIE FAYE XVEBB "Willie" ELAINE GLORIS WENlDI,AND "Elaine" YVONNE DELORES WEST ' ' Iinx" Ill .... GERALDEANE XVHITE "Jerry" IAMES IRVING WHIT'l2 "Iimmie" GRETCHEN LOUISE XVlI.l.lAMS "Gretch" NELSON VALVERT XVILLIAMS "Nels" VIVIAN ELAINE XWILLIAMS "Viv" RUTH LORRAINE WII.I.lS "Ruthie" CHARLES ERROI. WILSCDN "Errol" CONSTANCE MARGARET WILSON "Connie" IAMES XIUARREN XVINTERROXVD "Root" BETTY HELEN WITTRICQH "Bet" KATHRYN IOY XY"RIGHT "Lefty" ET V EE EUHTY FIVE WILLIAMS . . . Gretch was in the G. A. A., CL S. F., a junior Statesman, and worked in the Lincoln Canteen . . . likes ping pong and volleyball . . . dislikes no one . . . future re- search chemist . . . NELSON WILLIAMS . . . played in the band, C. S. F. member . . . plan "Nels" wants to go to U. C .... likes science and music . . . dislikes homework . . . VIVIAN WILLIAMS . . . "Blondie" has blue eyes . . . likes to go places and eat and a Navy man . . . dislikes snobs . . . wants to travel as mis- sionary . . . RUTH WILLIS . . . "Ruthie" likes Glenn Miller and dislikes homework . . . ambitionfwho knows . . . CHARLES WIL- SON . . . R. O. T. C. otiicer, participated in rallies . . . ambition, chemical engineer or world ruler . . . likes "Carol" . . . dislikes linals . . . CONSTANCE WILSON . . . "Con- nie" plans to go to U. C. and take up nursing . . . green eyes and brown hair . . . likes vaca- tions . . . dislikes work . . .JAMES WINTER- ROWD . . . "Root" likes Betty . . . dislikes i Bert Greenberg and Ciuralie Thormod 'seem l girls in levis . . . ambition, Navy, then college . . . BETTY VUITTRICH . . . member G. S. S. ambition, stenographer . . . likes hot fudge sundaes and jim . . . KATHRYN WRIGHT . . . "Lefty" worked on the 44 . . . hopes to be an efficient secretary likes june, Kathy, and Gail . . . STAN WEEKS . . . varsity football, Block . . . likes riding in the "Buick," olive pits . . . dislikes being called "Josie" . . . now in Navy would like to own a cattle ranch. to be having a little ioke. Bert was active on the "Log" and the Round-up, Coralie participated in rallies. PAGE FIFTY-ONE 71" - Y Mjfffffffffi' V . f QV f ,, J' effffff, . I ,V f jf: , f Ziff jg W' w ff ,lj 0, ', fe . pf! Merle ff ff !,,A, ?C ff M . 1. ' W, V tif e . IQXYJA , e , Q J Mfr' e - W I gf K' H.,JJ""', 28 ' A ' g 4 gf" On Zfzese next few pages, e f A If I You may sfzrzelq in terror or fear- ,-jj gf X, b-v D 5 xeknly you1f'regz'mfy pielures ' MN That may look cz lzzlle queer. X 4 ---- ' ' J ff' f' ' .,, M v .' . 'fiii5iQ3Qs:E-3HVf:2 sgw., Q "vga-1?:fjY",', in if I fm, .,A., 355. ,-qu , ,l migifffffiafiwrr, :,:,. ,SUI--ke':i' 3 ,' 1' V, fl f gignstgg- .L fmgp, ' M -flwkffw YM 2 ' W ai V -, .L,x 4 . -A H . 'G , ,ff-il' jk We-,vysqy 5 3 gf Mig k U- Vg-,Wi , 1? f",h'f 'f f-,. ff?-w5'i1i12fSQ ', fl W ,faiw A . W, ,Q .H i if? is-My 1 2, Ki,-L-gg,-Wg ., : gg, LW J: ,1 L,s::,S'f::fQ, wg 'f f' 3 14: .gs ,Vg YQ' id L:'f22agLai-f.-f',ff' fy ,Ly ' ' ,L rs I-,kg A 5 'mygiv ,eff ffm , L: FN an - 353:15 ,wf rylfcg "fN01gs?f,gig51f ,. ,1 fl lf, 1, J -' I ,,.-'5' 'fi Pg? V . fb wg M ,S-f,p,fg4 , ' 3, . ,g , X N K. - f-fgifvff ' I K . ,EQ - Q , .1 H , ,X -Q Q - - fri' J QT'-fS'iKfL ig-4'3F5fWf3Y' 1 I 'zflvvg 5'-ifwgiwiw wkaygf ,li ff r Y jml 5?- ,, ' -fTsgf'fY't9Mf Ji, A 5 Mase" R 96 E Q .A 'Q I, j , X :iii Q 5 ,QL iifzf , . , ' f ' 'ik'-'S :Qfif2"? A 1251 ..- , f " , . , 1- ma-5 'Ai " ,xl ' . f .f' 'B Lv.-M-ffwu - i -. xv- ' ' W- .. ,. I , -4+ .H , ', A.. Q ylwf, if-if h.,,,f:. 1 ' , . -, r ' f ,, 1' H , K ,Av 4, s , + Q ff f . ,sf 1. YS 54 wwf t 4 4245615 1' ' Q ,asf x : w wax - --v.,.-,J Q-.: r .V - . ,. f f . . - , -- , ' .11-..'2--e,gc.,, 7 23, - f , ,, ye' Lf, ' , 'Q ef f f? . vs " x if ' ff , 'z Mi M if s 12 ae ,E N X Ayef r wr M .fi - F22 ff' :if S 2:1 QQ: Q E gs y , f, af Q ml if '5 ' Q , 1 x -x , f J if 5. ix 5 K Q. if ,lf N , ,--,. 5, W f ' , -A:- 46' W 1 li E ,Q ,Q L T' " ,, , fr. K 'D Hi ff? Registry 127 Top ww: Cohn, B., Dinneen, B., Newell, A. Serond row: Payne, D., Toft, B., Stone, L., McCoy, D., Riley, J., Brodkey, R., Wigle, L. Third 1'o1u.' Kemme, A., Beetz, P., Pfaffenberger, K., Papazian, J., Quamby, S., Bonner, C. Boztom row: Gallisdorfer, J., Ander- son, E., Helbig, F., Briar, F., Thompson, K., Line- han, P., Mitoff, E. Registry 130 Tap mum' Porter, D., Lucas, K., Phillips, R., Simister, D., Dowdell, R., Vonder Mehden, W. Semrzd row: Mills, R., Skovgaard, A., Rebstock, E., Stang, P., Masarie, F., Riordan, W., Teshara, T. Third row: Stockfleth, G., Marlow, R., Rowe, R., Nicolai, R., Sheerin, P., Sydel, R. Boflom row: Lash, P., Philow, J., Prosser, D., Green, C., Wright, M., Starr, Y., Samuel, P. Registry 141 Tap row: De Mello, D., Carson, J., Rowe, F., Marsh- all, D. St'K'071d row: Day, J., Davenport, D., Luns- mann, H., Samuel, D., Clayton, A.. Widtfeldt, J. Bollom row: Ashe, L., Doud, l-. Erhel, M., Carter, B., Leidich, J., Ravani, P., Brandlein, D. HEEISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY PI E Registry 143 Top row: Cohn, B., Bush, R., Amundsen, R. Suomi raw: Fisher, N., Douglas, B., Baldwin, G., Fell, G., Ustin, J. Third row: Zais, M., Gerhardt, R., Hyland, J., Schroeder, H., Edmondson, G., Krull, T., Cail- teux, M. Fourth row: Ellis, H., Allen, P., Crook, N. Blackburn, C., Oddstad, L., Glass, B., Bork, P. Bol- mm row: Gustafson, I., Jakobs, D., Crocker, L., Bosio R., Larson, B., Keller, V., Richter, L., Yalovov, R. , Registry 202 Top rouu' Kokezas, P., Maiersik, C., MacKenzie, D. Mohoncy, R., Ayers, W., McDowell, V., Bayler, J. Second rouf: Mack, H., Rogers, J., Field, M., Amans B., Hodges, C., Schutt, C. Third raw: Brady, VU. Behr, J., Aherne, H., Bawart, B., Kettler, J., Mac- Lean, C. Bottom raw: Mitoff, J., Mayers, B., Ander- son, S., Newell, O., Arensburg, P., Olson, B. Green, D. - Registry 201 Top wird' Chudy. J.. Glynn, F., Cochrane, W., Forth' emer, H., Aviani, E. Semnd row: Dodd, J., McNulty, J., Main, S., Lerner, S., Keegan, I. Third row: Po- nath. G., Boscow, A., House, G., Sides, C., Derham. P., Ferguson, E. Balmm mum' Olson, G., Dokter, E., Ig'1cFarland, C., Moore, B.. Fenton, B., Millisich, M., iss, P. PAGE FIFTY-FOUR Registry 209 T017 funn' Selna, F., Selna, R., Matthews, T., Iuliano. B. Third rank' Zaft, F., Anderson, B., Kerrigan, R., Hughes, L., Pitts, D., Chucly, J.. Petrich, M. Second row: Brennan, E., Berndt, B., Thulander, B., Chris- tensen, J., Bohlen, B.. Hayward, V. Firr! row: Nel- son, J., Bowen, E., Attinger, E., Worman, M., Har- rington, B., Gamble, I., Buckley, G. J Registry 215 V. ' ' Top mum' Sorensen, E., Clarke, Ji., Russell, R., Stoll, B., Schaminghausem- B., Atkinson, J., Miller, S. Fpurlh mum' Hohndorf, E., Timmons, B., Holcomb, J., 'Rogers L., Sans, B., Steinmctz, S., Wright, J. Third rn1z': Summer, J., Javet, R., Grasberger, L., Ghisoltn, E., Cosgrove, B., Gray, N., La Fleur, J. Serena' row: Ames, A., Amerian. B., Bell, L.L., Bag- genstos, G., Fitzsimons, A., Smith, G. Firrl mun- Goldhammar, A., Jacobson, M., Crow, Ji, Strom, D., Goldkuhl, L., Quast, G., Anderson, S. Registry 214 Top raw: Becker, J.. Dales. R., Erickson. D., Trieber, R., Szukalski, C., MacGregor, D., Gard. C., Coffey, B. Serond row: Johnson, A., Quillinan, H., Kelly. T., Murray, E., Van Dyke, F., Strand, A.,,, Cox, J. Third row: Spilmer, D., Strom, J., MacDdT1ald. M., Wara, B., Mann, M., Long, B. Bfntom rouy' Schilling. A., Wilk, B., Thai, B., Buchner, N., Fredrickson, S.. Elliott, E., Barrango, I. HEEISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY PI E Registry 215 Top row: Browne J., Kean, W., Harvey, F., Stem- well, J., Lane, M., Pillsbury, F., Reames, R. Second wzr: Maybee VU., Erpenstein, E., West, B., Bittner, D., Baker, J., Harsh, P., Skillicorn, R. Third row: Roessing, W., Carehidi, D., Nicholson, S., Carr, M., Klaldaroni, M., Regimbal, L. Bottom row: Lawrence, V., Abdill, M. J., Strom, D., Anduza, J., Paccioretty, D., Dignum, A., Sturtevant, B. Registry 314 7 up mum' Wlolle, J.. Baker, E., Casperson, R., Bulski, XV., Crawford, D. SL'1'077d raw: Dittmore, P., Donald- son, R.. Deasy. J., Blair, E., Bowen, L. Third row: Devine, D., Belasco, J., Breton, R., Bredeson, R., Hartmann, H., Burke, M. Barium mum' Verhagen, M., Looper, S., Perkins, P., Detsch, J., Crook, B., Arm- strong, E., Christopherson, E. Registry 315 Tap run? Greene, D., Taylor, T. Rau' Four: Gray, I., Gagliolo, R., Kilpatrick, R., Giannini, A.,.Jarvis, R., Manning, J. Ron' Three: Pappas, A., Petrich, M. Davidson, L., Harrington, B., Henek, D., Johnson, er, E.. Groves, W., Graves, M., Hall, N. Row One. Eichner, S., Jacobs, P., Guidera, A., Georgas, D., Driscoll, S., Huxley, J., Gathgan, P. PAGE FllfTY-FIVE N., Hood, M. Razz' Two: Smith, G., Mason, S., Fras- QJ 5 CU Ki' 3 NS E S 1 bsx Q N 5 ,IC 1 -A . .0 .3 M.. .L ix L Registry 317 Top row: Elliot, B., Cheshire, A. Seward l'fI'l0I- Mack H., Gold j., Valente, D., Madden, j., Ruggles, G. Kirkewoog, A. Tlairi! row: Clazie, R., Keene, M., Rim: ington, B., McLachlan, E., Peterson, K., Henderson, L Bottom row: Goodloe, A., MacNeil, M., McKe1vey, L. Minzenmayer, D., Lowy, K., judge, G., Nelson, Mi REGISTRY 526 Top Row: Stone, L., Strycker, W., Wood, C., Stroupe, H., Taskett, B. Third raw: Seeba, B., Runner, A., Ros- enthal, E., Tamke, V., Maynard, B., Trost, C., Miller, B. Serona' Row: Baldwin, D., Murphy, C., Schilling B., Romich, B., Singer, A., Leamons, P. Fin! Row? Vollmer, A., Milanesio, S., Smith, M., Unmack, K. Wolseth, E., Gravem, G., Tuska, V. . ,L . '97 1 Registry 140 Tap row: Bender, D., Pearlman, G., Pearson, D., Davis, B., Iohnson, R., Snook, F. Fourzh raw: Scha- bel, R., Arnsbarger, G., Schmidt, M., Ohr, M., Lutz, B., Smathers, M. Tlfird row: Oiakian, C., Lucchetri, R., Mibach, L., Weber, L., Sullivan, P., Schwartz, A., Watters, C. Second rawg Pardee, P., Letsche, M., Levy, R., Shephard, I., Rogers, S., Richards, B. First row: Nessiere, D., Pappas, E., Sheehy, E., Krebs, M., Olsen, I., Meyer, M., Lister, P. HEBISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY FI E Registry 211 Top row: Griffin, R., MacCarthy, B., Moretti, B. Nelson, D., Bell, D., Taggart, H. Third row: Day, R. Philpott, R., jungclaus, H., Muzio, C., jurd, R. Trusty, C., Walker, H. Second raw: Schonbeck j. Falk, E., sands, V., Drew, W., Fairfield, J., Mi.-03 yan, V. Firrt rogu: Gordon, V., Berridge, j., Birt, P. Linn, S., Rusz, B., Dobson, D., Horwitz, I. Registry 212 Top raw: Knobloch, M., Laval, ,I., Faurll: 1-ow: John sen, D., Eckert, R., Kern, R., Karp, J., Haase, R. jukich, L., Marriott, A. Third row: Amentina, A. Fratis, R., Elder, R., Greggans, I., Leach, K., Holm, A. Second row: Klein, S., Kenealy, N., Griffin, R. Krieg, M., Davis, P., Lane, D. Fin! raw: J-crneffg M. Edington, M., Turner, L., Rudford, D.,3Ris1is2"e6. Chames, H., Dudune, N. , xo, A Q, .. , rx , W 3 Registry 306 Tap raw: Peterson, C., Milligan, R. Sefoud row: Mel- ancon, W., Smith, E., Carl, H., McDevitt, E., Welch B., Fredrickson, G. Bolzam row: Nadler, A., Shim-P mon, R., Meyer, I., Tate, D., Wilkins, G., Laitone H., Sommer, E. PAGE I-'IFTY-SIX Registry 312 Top mum' Rogers, C.. Lambert, I., King, B., Christen- sen, D. Serum! row: Dahl, M., Davis, D., Vanskike. O., Watson, A., Duncan, B., Seher, W. Bofiom row Allen, S., Hummel, K.. Kamena, R.. Blood. P.. Baker, M., Hahn, D., Boggs, I.. REGISTRY 329 Top mum' McBride, J., Anderson, K., Lillie, D.. Sul livan, R, Third row: Surian, R., Clam, A., Greendalc T., Appel, J., Narcisso, j., Gehring, R., Peters. B .Yefand mum- Vaeth, J., Koehler, C., Miller, H., Brody D., Andreini, R., Smith, V. Fin! row: MacKinnon, I. Smith, H.. Guaraldi, V., Broock. D., Chabot. N. Lundblade, B., Shingleberger, N. Registry 2 T017 wuz' Baker, R., Whilden, T., Papiizian, G. Christensen, H., Von Konsky, R., Ziegler. A., Sweet G. Third roiv: Shoulgovsky, S., Walker, M., Wood C., Stevens, W., Sherman, R., Geiger, j., Warren H. Serona' rouu' Trout, D., Russell, J., Stuart, E. Westwater, E., Sterett, B.. Schrepel, N.. Hamilton, W. Fifxrf faux' Symonds, M., Richards, E., .Robbins l.., Tweedt, I., Kindler, B., Watson, D., Singer, B HEEISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY I-'I Yup mu J Barbour, R.. lost, C.. Gnagy, J., Herring- ton, S., Abowd. K., Souders, P. Barium row: Bettz I.., Mack, V., McMichael, P., Anderson, D., Finkel P., Eberle. P., Biebertlorf, I. Registry 101 7011 wir: Larkin. j., Lister, H., Llosson, H. Suvond mum' Kempc, B., Geetcr, C., Jacobson, B., Emery W. Oxford, G., Steinhauscr, M. Third 1'ou': Bredeson, M. Hayden, D., Lucero, D., Guilfoy, T., Mishne, A. XVeaver, K. Fomzb roam' Rose, D., Douglas, J., just V., Kraal, L., Kees, P., Cantwell, R. Bolfom mu' Durncy, D., Burgold, I., Ivey, A., Mills, A., MC Hrytle, J., Burlington, ff., Cluttcn, B. Registry 118 'Iliff rffzlu' Steil, G., XX'arner, D., Deslm, E., Miller I..,. Arearo, D., Sweet, R.. Seroml rorv: Rohrer, P., Boissier. P., T0tll. C-. Sneider. M., Wilson, D., Mc- Devitt, M. lfifsf wir: Sassoon, ff., Treizisc, P., Myers l., C amp, I., Stliroetler, I.., XVa'shburn, F., Crosby, G PM-li Ill- TY-SEVEN - Registry 210 Tap faux' Kimball, J., Cantor, NW., Dobbs, l.., Branf dow, D. liaurfh row: Coates, j., Cordes, il., Kara- nolf, Y., Wickstfom, M., Romo, G., Copeland, R. Third row: Emmick, M., Baker, O., Campbell, M., Utegaard, R., Cole, S., Harris, HA., Boyd, R., Day, I.. Svmmz' rrmu' Blaine, F., Barsottl, B., Alberigi, R., Gavin, M., Bates, S., Chasc,'V.. Brandt, N. Fira! wir: Brainard, P.. Daly, CI., Colgrove, R., Burton, N., Stuart, S., Miley, F., Iiampana, R., Bartliold, C. Registry 22-l 17,11 wrzru' Swett, E., Gazzano, H., Abraham, R., Fletch' er, A., Green, R. Fonrrb row: Stromberg, L., Wagner, C., Brown, R.. Light, B., Burkhart, M., March, E. j. Third f'f1uf.' Mathews, D., jenkin, T., Whiteley, V., Coffman, j., Hamilton, G., Howell, j., Gorden, E. Svrond row: Cabeceira, D., Cougle, B., Stone, D., Earl, V., Fox, J., Williams. J. Bollom row: Barde, G., Gagos, L.. Cooper, N., Honens, M., Hamfnarberg, B., Conroy, A., Sullivan, I. Registry 301 Tap rozv: Tornai, J., Olmo, 'l'., Da Roza, L., Kahn, j., Buskey, E., McNaughton, j., Borden, M. Foufrla rr11v.' Feuchtwanger, I., Martell, F., Hewit, R., Mer- rill, ,l., Dokter, M., Beck, S. Third row: Briner, H., Barton. J., Nicol, j., Stuck, P., Trezise, P., Brown, B.. Hart, P. Sammi' raw: Trapp, K., Pibernig, J., Pearsoa, G., johnson, j., Beetz, G.. Cfolfey, R. Firrl wiv: Peters, j., Edwards, P., Cox, I.., Carroll, R., Manley, D., Melby, D., llherney. B. HEEISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY FIVE Registry 305 Yap mir: Johnston, W., Martin, J., Henry, j.. Kracku W. Family row: Matthews, B., Mahr. L., Hubachek C., Kelley, B., Fisher, J., Himes, M. Third raw: Gib son R Forne A. Hoffman Frederick G. Lev . -. Y. . .J., ' , . y. nl., Lawrence, L., Kennedy, M. Srrmzd row: Baker, j., Hammon, W., Gawley, CI., Goggin, J., McChes ney. I., Gesas, F. Final roux' Hogan, M., Ireland, P. Freeman, Ci., Krebs, O., Marsh, N., Gracia, j. Garber, A. Registry 308 T011 raw: Stranton, R., March, B., Wagoner, B. Berndt, B., Nosenzo, M., Tritsch, B. Third raw Borden, M., Delaney. R., Swenson, S.. Sullivan, H. Vought, G., McCormick, D., Patton, V. Serond row Young, V.. Wendland, J., Harriman, C., Turner, J. Pearson, j., Sekara, A. Fifxr row: Zengler, G., Stag gers, J., Boldt. V., Marchi, A., Mayfield, M., Ll0p I., Clherney, I. Registry 309 Tuff wwf McDougall, I., Painter, W., Morton, j. Price, C. Xerm1drozi'.- Detwiler, W., Merkel, G., Mor ris, D., Hirsch, W., MCNinch, E., Nelson, I., Pen rose, B. Third 1'014'.' Person, A., Mohns, B., Standcr man, B., Pond, B., MCEniry, A.. MCQueeriey, K .Yt'l'0?1d r'0u'.' Phillipg, B., Martin, F., Ralston, VU Mrtzner, l.., Cordes, M., Rich, H., Mountanos, M PAGE I-'IFTY-EIGHT Registry 516 'lap mn .' Ferritris, II., Goldstein, A.. Frgml-tlin, C.., Fischer, C., Alarcon, D., Hicks. J., NVi1lif0rl1. LV. Lister, H. Secwfa' 1-nun' Peterson, N., Harness, J., Duerner, D., Fletcher, S., Nishkian, B., Bawden, D., Shenson, M., Hayden, D. 'Third wuz' Sosnick, S., Fowler, B., Allen, D., Giraud, L., Alziimo, M., Frank, I., Barbieri, L. FUIIIII9 i-nic: Gatto, I., Cirimele, I.. Praed, D., Neto, F.. Filippetti, C., Galli, D. Buzrwu mic: Berry, B., Polilmann, I.., Hoerling, I., Hunting lon, B., Burnett, A., Crouch, D., Dulfiesne, Li. Registry 3 Top fouu' jackson, j., Bertetta, HI., Way, R., MacGurn, B., McCabe, N. Semnd rnzc: Grissom, E., Quinlan, R., Glover, K., Sherwood, A., Flynn, M., Delo, S., Milani, A. Tlyird row: Cochrun, L., Sorensen, M., Burman, J., Manuck, D., Schmidt, K., Evans, C. Botfom rozu: Zais, E., Monclon,'C., Cfoltrell, R., De- lroi, D., Erbel, E., King, R., Blinn, I.. Registry 4 7'fl' roux' Green, B., Sans, W. Second wuz' Crosbie, 'I'., Thornton, j., Proctor, F., Mullins, V., Wincnimxx', R., Cutler, R. Third row: Seller, R., Fibish, A., Pa- rente, R., Harders, G., Pokorny, O., Welch, R., Morg- an, D. Fourlh rozzx' Wissing, B., Brennan, B., Schncht, H., Hackett, M., DeBoer, B., Sorenson. J. Bfffmnl wuz' Ritchie, ll., Mortenson, B., Muller, K., Twitch- ell, S., Bone, N., Kress, B., Winfield, j. HEGISTHIES + NINETEE FIIHTY FIVE I I Registry 11 Top row: Foote, N., Erekson, C.. Farrer, D., Dull, C. Fom-Ib row: Hazlett, G., Fromberg, G., Gray, L., Freeman, J., Brown, R., de Nevers, C. Third row: dc Halas, D., Hedrick, B., Dowling, J., Gross, B., Gerhardt, L., Craig, C., Bennett, J. Second row: Carson, K., Bishop, M., Hansen, H., Besozzi, j., Crum, W., Brock, E. Firfl raw: Buck, L., Christoph- erson, D., Curtis, K.. Elston, D., Broughton, J., Al- enin, X., Anderson, J. Registry 124 Tap 1'ou'.' Cross, R., Field, A., Bishop, D., Walslr, J., McNeill, D., Cook, E., Fiedericksnn, R., Stelling, A. Fourrly raw: Borchard, J., Wittrich, B., Applebaum, S., Prout, L., Livingston, A., Hacker, L., McDonnell, Tlyinl mum' Grodt, D., Lutz, D., Davidson, N., Swanson, B., Kellogg, E., Cooper, D. Second row: Warren, V., Crow, I., Kappelman, W., Iacobson, E., Telfer, N., Drouhie, M., Beach, D. Registry 226 Top wuz' Murray, W., Prellwitz, R., Vermeulan, M., Hancock, j., Mathis, D., Trullinger, E. Third row: Bordenave, G., Goldstein, H., Richards, C., Loustau. J., Gernhardt, L., Mac Beth, K., Geddes, N. Second row? Phillips, D., Haverstock, B., Gottfried, H., Fe- der, N., Uksila, R., Roy, B. Firrl rnuf: Tait, I., Price, B., Bittman, B., Childers, D., Lawson, A., Diamond, S., Markel, V. PAGE l"1F'1'Y-NINE REGISTRY 328 Tuff row: Ramstead, I., Windhorst, D., Spencer, R. Volosing, D., Hinrichs, C., Severison, I. Second ron .' Sudivig, R., Peterson, M., Mooney, H., Wfilkinson, L. Ricnecker, R., Sommer, R. Third iwiix- Softus, F., Schwartz, L., Holsten, L., Shenson, S., Ystrom, M.. Mristro, F. Barium row: Brcnnen, B., Scott, I., Mad' den, R., Tomrose, B., Hoqueu, I., lxl.llll!Tl21I'lIl, B., Whitney, N. Registry I 'lofi rang' Young, B., Cunningham, P., Downes, I.. Lciil, C., Slocum, B., Curran, I., Sodcrhcrg, C., Olde rich, F. Seromf raw: Gage, T., Pratt, L., Andrus, B., T.iinter, I., Hoppe, M., Larsen, L., Pcrutz, Y. Third ww: Smith, I., Hance, R., Chudy, F., Frayne, K., Pritchard, B., Smallwood, K. Botmm 1'nzr'.' Hunber. R., Scott, S., Wulff, I., Nitholson, N., Henricksen, M., Duvall, I., Roach, I. Registry 5 'l'12f1 row: Andrews, I., Besgcl, A. Suroml rnun' Dutl, F., Galloway, D., Casten, A., Ollayos, B., Knowles, I., Fredericks, R. Third wiv: Clhalkcr, I., Erfurt, L., Atwood, D., Clark, R., Cfohn, R., Furiosi, R. Fourlh wiv: Daubert, D., Boynton, B., Bonner, H., Frank- lin, B., Anderson, I., Harder. M. Bnttwn ww: Brown, H., Armos, I., Dixon, D., Fried, S., Hart, D., Brickic, R., Berto, I. HEBISTHIES ' NINETEE FIIHTY FI E Registry 6 T011 mm: MacKenzie, N., Steil, E., McNaughton, T. Serond row: Putzar, E., McCarty, I., Lewin, W.. Langdon, E., Lord, C., Riksheim, R. Third row: O'Berst, G., Rogers, A., Suriseri, A., Hoffman, H., Roth, L., McGill, P. Fourth row: Meyer, D., Man- ning, B., Hoeft, L., Iones, M., McAlpin, D., Stew- art B. Kettler P. Fi th row: Schmidt . Fraumeri , , , i . J . . V., Seltzer, P., Hayden, L., Pundt, V., Nennis, G. Boifam raw: Rebok, R., Solache, I., Raincn, H., Woodey, I., Swall, B., Nessier, C., Henke, I. Registry 7 Tap row: Thomas, Levin, A. .Yvrwzd wiv: Bchlow, D., Cummins, I., Wider, W., Oppenlander, D., Sayers, E., Ostholf, O. Third 1-0110 Cremer, B., Bril- liant, L., Anderson, O., Mills, S., Mehl, W., Schwab, L. Fourfh row: Batrhelder, S., Richards, B., Desin, A., Clayton, A., Thompson, G., Stern. M. 130110771 wuu' Maltsehf, I., Hardy, C., Schaumleffel, S., Mana- han, M., Courtright, M., Slocum, I., Baker, P. PAGE SIXTY I Registrv W 'lfflf Vflll ' lirimc-lc, R.. Ruth. li.. Hallgren. I. Run lfin: Stomp, I., XVL-lrli. R., Flahertv. I., Manhert, R.. Stewart D jacob: M Rfu' Four' fmith I 9' t . . .. . , . f .. . Aol. M.. Derham, B . Oxhorough, R., Phillips, I., Holmes, R. Third rffirr Shank. M.. Lorenzcn, G., lngalsbc, D., lNlCl.2l'1C, M., Richards, V., lanersky, L. .Vwwld fuzz .' lamvold, B., Hicking, N.. Novus. I., Samuelsen, j.. Hall. N., Salmans, M., W'hitten, L. Boilom wil: Feldman, H., Schlocker, L., Murphy, A., Dickson. F., . Rohhins. ll., Mahoney, D., Simmons, B., Hinc, P. Regrstry U 'lfilv rffrrt Clarke, D., W'urSChmidt, K. lfnffiflv mr. ' Becker. R., Cameron, D., Thomas, A., Levin, S. llmphreys, T., XY'he-eler. P. Thin! mu .' Brucato, I. Fotehos, B.. Alverson. I., Cooper, -l., Faliano, B. Cosgrave, ,l., Bacon, XV. St'l'U71ul rnzzy' Muller, F. Cailteux, C, Bcrgluid, G., Crooks, A., Maltserl, L.. Henderson. R. First row: Wfilliarns, D., Bloomfield. N.. Zinkand. A., Carillon, R., Anthony. O.. Wfest XY., Tudor, H. f HEGISTHIES + NINETEE FUHTY FI E Registry 10 T017 raw: Neumayr, J., Donohoe, G., Sperisen, D. Visser, K., O'Rourke, B., Barnes, P., Brooks, W. Meehan, N. Sefoml row: Baker, Z., Espmal, I., Na varro, F., Broderick, P., Kortright, O'Connor, M. Barzani 1'll!4'.' Crawford, L., Lucchesini, P., Miller, D., Leighton, B., Byrne, B., Van Dyke, E.. Ehvff hardt, C. Registry 237 Tap raw: Brass, B., Class. C., Hansen, J., Kimpel P., Iohnson, D., Schumacher, P. Third row: Morris P,, 'Ricke, L., Rogers, J., Engel, L., Cozzaha, J. Szukalsk, R., Kolb, G. Second row: Schilder, Klein, N., Carman, P., Levy, R., Downes, J., Nitscn ke, D. Ballom raw: Dolan. R., Blood, R.. Hart, M. Flmnn, I., Canuto. C., Atkinson, D., O'Shea, I. PAGE SIXTY-ONE QW lyf V5 .. W l F 4 f if W jf J f f g , J 1 P W 9 1 J ' V . J 5' f 3 X Q xl Fx fun flip the page and you will 5 v if H Lots of Lincoln activity- X-? Wh HW, Tri-Y, and Block L- V And lots more zflzaz' are really sw ll fy A he Q fkifw 5144.4-Q vw., fy . ,ww ,-M fzswfmm .. , A7,55-,:Yl,:Zyq?fgf?Qg,gl 2-K , 4!,f M5 f g E, QE gig CTI ITIES ,vm SU E SILLY SI On April 20 loomed the sequence to a tradition started in '44 with Pioneer Day. Again the graduating seniors will be left with an unforgetable memory of a hilarious "Kiddies' Day at the Circusf, While some girls and boys dressed as they looked ten years ago, the more ambitious turned out as lions, clowns, tum- blers, and freaks. A Baby Pen was set up by the G.A.A. for students and teachers not in costume. The "Pen" was not used much because almost everyone got into the spirit of things and made a gala turn-out. PAGE SIXTY-FOI R D E SHUW ST FF During third period, a stupendous circus rally took place. Tumblers, fat ladies, siamese twins, a ballet dancer, clowns and other acts contributed to the enter- tainment. An animal contest took place which a rooster, rabbit, guinea pig, Siamese cat, and dogs entered. Other dogs were running around amongst the students putting Abe's children in a frenzy. Lincoln students having a chance to act as babies Q Pj had a double lunch period. Booths sponsored by var- ious school clubs were set up to keep students occupied JIVIN' EHS while they waited to get lunch in the crowded cafeteria. The "babies" will remember the "Paris Artists," For- tune-telling Madame Yetta, and the "Kisses" fcandy, of coursej booth. Later on, the students assembled for the promenade of students in best costume. Mr. Clyde White led the gala clothed students before the student body into the cafeteria where a group of faculty members acted as judges. Prizes offered to students winning any contests were journals. ' JILLS JIU Some of the more daring Lincoln lovelies skated up and down Honest Abe's halls before Mr. White put his foot down. Off came the "kiddies' " skates and they went on their merry way singing "Farmer in the Dell." Even though everyone was tired from all the ex- citement, they were sorry the day had to end, but there is always next year. PAGE SIXTY-FIVE MONROE HFSS Prcsxdcnl oi CI. S. F. C. S. F. BOYS I-'wwf rm: .' M. He-as. N. XY'illiams, j. Browne. Row 2: A. Grifnn, A. Runner, B. Avers, B. Toft kl. XY'interrond. D. fhristcnson. Al. Dodd, ff. Trost. Kon' 3: F. Pillwbury, I. Gray, R. Reamcs. W' Dctuiler. R. Hcadriuk, R. Fratcs, D. Ncwhousc. Rau' 4: NW. Strycker, B. Andrcini, R. Harvev S. Lerner, I.. Stromhc-rg, R. Brodkcy. Bark mn'.' B. Lnrtcr, NV. Hamilton, B. Baker, A. Livingston XV. Rnzis. B. Kgrpplcmnn. F. Milcy, j. Monroe. II LIFUHNIA SEHIJL HSHIP FEIIEH Tlll C. S. F. GIRLS lw11frffr1 5 V. Patton, R. Hurncuood. G. Pithcy, M. Ficld, AI. fjhristcnson. H. Snhrocder, K.. Smllmr QI. Naggc. Ro14'2: M. Guin, B. Dowd, HI. Green, D. Kicscr, K. Peterson, l. Qsthofi, E. XVucgL'rlc M. Fry, B. Black. Ron' 3: E. Haskins, D. Quinn, R. Frcderickson, L. Mxramontes, B. Grcvn ,l. Galsky, G. Lorenznn, P. Davis, M. Borgcn, B. Cosgrove. Razz' J: J. Bruse, M. Mercer. M. Douglzm, M. Smith, B. johnson. A. Vollmer, D. Mintzinmaycr, Y. Bahlskin, K. Green I. Trnycr. Rnu' 5: A. Ames. j. Kettler, CI. Green, R. Yalovoy, B. Curley, D. Stone, G. Crosby C., Hardy, N. Tclfer. Bark 1'azz'.' j. WulH-, M. Bosternn, A. Guidcm, B. Marcallino, E. Bruno H. Tanner, Cf. Gravem, V. Shavcs. P. Gafhgan, S. Chcrncy. PAGE SIXTY-SIX I. fI.ll11I'VIL'. V. IISIISIKII. limi mn : -I. Snnmwr. Ii. Bglggurt. R011 2: P. 'I'Imrnpsun, P. Hun-Y. Ip. XX.1cg.xrIc, II.. Itlln. Y. Inwrcmc, K . Bunrwr. I-'rffnf Inu J NI. Smith. H. NY'1ttrInIx. I.. Ridmzcr. H. 'I'.xnncr. Y. Slmws, GIRLS' SERVICE SUIIIETY BUYS' BLIIIIH "L" IILOI K I, lx'f'11 I' I. XX'mgI1l, I.. I:z.mL'x. XY. Ntnmkcr, D. Dales, H. F4vrIIxem:.l, L. Rogan, M. burian. IU. Annhxlwrm. K. l'nm.uk. Rffn .': Nuirncycr. S. INIcyurwv1. 'If ,IICSI1-.lI'.l, R. PI11II'1psI K, Lqms. ROBERT DI PIFTRO K Maiclwik B, lntIcx', H. Nia-:Ii H. SIIlI'It'I'. Rffu' I: XV. Iwlglurrnuk. P, Iirgldv, I. INIIGIUN. I II: Burr. 4E.4IXmIurwn,' I. Hardxxifk. F. Spcnrwn. R,,Stcw1rt. Ii. flmx, D. Fislntrbm. Razz' V P1'rriJIr1l ff S .FcIIIman. G. Pappus. R. Spmtling, D. Lczxry. K. Friar, R. IDiPi4'rm, G. Bialmp, II, Ihllict. CQ Dursctt. M. Hess. I. P.-XGF SIXTY-SFVFN sd' Kflass reads finished product Q 4 A I .og Staftfliall '44 l Corinne McCu1rc. Editor ot Ing ' Circus Day Staff . Pat Ravani types copy JUUHNALIST5 I THE MAHI G Responsible for putting out the always anxiously- awaited Lincoln Log is a hard-working group of jour- nalism students headed by Corinne McGuire, this term's energetic and efficient editor. Aided by a depend- able staff of page editors and reporters, she has done much toward making the Log one of the city's best high school papers. The Lincoln Log, has in the past five years, developed into the dependable popular paper that its pioneers intended it to be. The staff consists of Betty Nelson, who has proved PAGE QIXTY-EIGHT to be very capable in her job as associate editorg Pat McPeck, the tireless and original feature editorg Don Goodenough, whose enthusiasm for sports has made him an outstanding sports editorg Elma Armstrong and Audrey Anderson, who compile the first and editorial pages. respectivelyg and jean Harrington, editor of exchanges. An efficient business staff is composed of Dorothy Green, advertising managerg Lorraine Miramontes, business managerg and Don Lillie, photographer. X' K 77 'L ae""Jjrw- Round-L'p Staff I Piourarn l uriimittce Plans bids Mi. I7 Rntintltm sponsor LI CHL H HU To name any certain group as being entirely re- sponsible for the success of this term's journal would be both unfair and erroneousg the whole student body of Abraham Lincoln has rallied together to make the Roundup .1 symbol ol' its school. However, without the able direction of the Roundup stall, headed by Doris Kieser, the energetic and hard- working editor, this success could never have been at- tained. It was necessary for this comparatively small, but enthusiastic group to work with tireless energy, mingled at times with doubts and disappointments, be- Log Staff plans a paper Log Stat? Spring '-ti UN'- P ST FF fore it finally turned out the journal that could reach the goal which had been set for it. Doris' ethcient start is comprised of the following section leaders: Pat Davis, associate editor, Pat Bras- kamp, photography editorg Bert Greenberg, sports editorg Yvonne West, activities editor, Marilyn Becker, senior editorg Norma Buchner, advertising editor: l-lelen Tanner, business managerg and Donald Lillie, photographer. This group is backed by numerous assist- antsf-teachers and students both fwho also deserve much credit. I':Xl.li SIXTH Nllv L HHH!-l IZ!-l'I'IIJ S PAGE SEVENTY JUNIOR RED CROSS From mfr: P. Bork, D. Vlacobs, M. Alaimo. A. Crooks. Row 2: H. l-lnchede. M. Bredeson, P. Grossman, B. Nelson, P. Lash, C. Green, B. Thal. Row 3 .' M. Manahan, A. Kemme, C. Black- burn. N. Crook, R. Bosio. M. Carr. Bark 1-aux' B. Fenton. A. Shil- ling, H. Robins, M. Harder, M. Cuurtrigllt, I.. Nagel, D. Green. Hi-Y Due to the efforts of Mr. Mosby, faculty advisor, and acting president, Fred jackson, the Hi-Y com- pleted its fifth successful year at Lincoln. Some of this term's activities included a picnic at Fairfax, dances, and many school improvement pro- grams such as putting a lawn in front of the main building. HI-Y From rauu' G. Takis, R. Meyer. Barb rozr: I. Atkinson, B. Tott, D. Marshall, T. Hutchinson, D. Mciiaw, Al. Day. Tri-Y The girls' Tri-Y, under the guidance of Mrs. Polly Mosby, had a highly successful term this year. The Tri-Y, in cooperation with the Y. M. C. A., collected toys for the tuberculin ward at the county hospital. Aside from their service programs, mem- bers of the club had numerous enjoyable times on their ski trips, picnics, and dances. TRI-Y Fran! mir: J. Douglas. j. Sumner. C. Sides. ff. Matliarlanfl, j. Christensen, M. Field, V. lust. Row 2: M. Millisich, M. Doug- las, M. Fr e, I.. Prout, J. Borchard, R. Frederickson, Burk rozv: S. Fredrickisori, M. Krieg, M. Smith. B. Moore, j. l.iiFleur. li. Barnett, K. Frnne. Camera Club The Camera Club, with Mr. Williaiii Manahan as its advisor, carries on many photographic activities throughout the school year. Their two main projects are taking pictures for the bulletin boartl display and also for the various school publications. They otten take trips to scenic spots in the bay area for the purpose of getting a variety of pictures. cgAixiieRA ciuis lfrrful wir: C. Szulcalslti. A. Ncsen. D. Lillie. H Rowe. A. Griltln Rau' 2: B. Carter, I, Black. B. Stranton. B. Clark, D. Mci tn, IJ. Porter. H. Smith. Rink mn .' I.. Schroeder. B. Thal. M. Mana hsn, D. Ingalsbe, Cicsas, D. Kfammsn. 1. fanute. Reelwinders The Reelwinclers club, now numbering twenty. has come a long way since its start in the tall of 19-i I. The club is responsible for the showing of all the moving pictures shown on the school projector. The club has shown movies to science, language, histo- ry, shop and several other classes. Reiss. xvmniaas lwfnl mn .' j. Muirv. IJ. Porter, 'I'. Miattluevxs, R. Bush. Ii. Rowe. H. Anderson, limi mu .' XV. Mayhee, I.. Ijtsllinsitx V. Hayward, IJ. MtAIpin M. Innes, B. Carter. DEBATING lfi-mn wuz : K, Sniallwnnd, S. Sosnick. H. Ellis, j. lumrence. F. Harvey, Ron' 2: I. Osthotf. B. Mortenson. B. Glass, G. Eclmontl- son, D. Oppcnlancler, G. Hergluncl. Bark rffzt .' j. Monroe. D, Georgas, M. Stern, C. Hooper, I.. Kortxvright. Il. Bvrne. I. Heihordorf. 7- UHBIINIZIITIU S P.-'itilf SFVFNTY-ON IZ A 0 PAGE S IIIZZY HIIIS Il HIIIHIES' Il!-XY Bobbie Boget is seen eyeing the ice-cream, popcorn and These kids and squids who all donned baby pretzel stand under the supervision of Mrs. Gerlach. attire were right in the swing of things. Not spots before your eyes - just three clowns seen galavanting around on Circus Day. As if they didn't get enough of this in gym! I! Displaying flashy costumes, selected students parade That's Coralie, pretzel fashion. before student body to find who's best dressed. EVENTY-TVUO at-ini KIDS lllfl TINUE II T- P EAPEH5 This gal is courageously holding off the These Siamese twins get their mugs on paper. advances of a wild and wooly beast. Paris artists wield the paint brush. These two characters should be awarded Lincoln's li for effort! Check the original costumes. Rosie Galvan, Doris Kieser, and Cec Fernandez all He-man Don Rooker, singlehanded, viciously grouped together for their daily gab session. attacks monkey-face Deer on Circus Day. PAGF SFVIZNTY- TH L..-...W - . . 4, . .. , JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Rau' 1: A. Claytung B. Teschg V. McDowell g j. Stuweg D. julmwn N. Adamsg P. Switzer. Raw 2: F. Davisg P. Bamcsg F. Xlffeissf M. Shumuteg D. lngalsbeg D. Shumateg M. Burkhart. Rau' 3: R. Snilerg K. Visserg D. Christofersong M. Manahan: j. Kellerg M. Shnnkg B. Frankling M. jacobsg J. Henke. CHORUS Razz' 1: Il. DiPietrug J. 'lllmuntong R. Burrg G. fill2lIl1l3CI'Sj M. Hess li. Xvatsrmng H. Closseng R. Alarwn. Row 2: Cf. Dorsettg D. Henck j. Gnagyg E. MfDevittg B. Bemdtg M. Hooper: J. Rilesg B. Gagliola Raw 3: R. Why: V. Iustg M. Borden 5 E. Haskinsg H. Brinerg P. Penl llnzesg B. Gilbert. Ro14'4.' R. Weidenfeldg P. 'Fhompsong M. Smith B. Miles: P. Samuel: K. Kerrigang M. Ahdillq G. Graham. LI EUL' MUSIC CLUB Roz: I: E. Wfatsung B. DiPietrog B. Elliottg D. Greeneg N. Wfil linmsg C. Rogers. Rau' B. Taylorg R. Donaldsong S Sosnick j. Lamberlg O. Vim Dykeg D. Marshall. Razz' 3: C. Moncllg H. MCI llorrnickg T. Tzmnerg A. Grirfang L. Legertong W. Emery: J. Rileg l?f1u'.4: B. Hall, C. Troustg B. Mathewsg R. Bellg M. Hess: Gaghoog G. Majersickg P. Pendazes. Row 5 .- B. Taskettg C. Dorsett D. jarvisg I.. Rogersg B. fjusgroveg j. Bruseg B. Mohnsg D. Shumatef Raw 6: M. Shoemakerg C. Bannerg J. Reuboldg K. Kerrigang M. Hnoperg P. Thom song L. Hacker. Row 7: L. Schorder' M. Smith Y. Westg B. Milzyg W. Rossg D. Mensenmayerg V.,'I'uskag Bennett. PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR D l l .. ,F l ORCHESTRA Rau' I: L. Hnckerg D. Minzcnmayerg H. Benncttg B. Muhnsg F. Lof- tusg V. Tuskag C. Monden 3 W. Frommcl 3 D. Greene. Row 2: Mar' rinttg C. Bonnerg L. Schroedcrg j. Bruscg B. fjosgrovcg G. Crosbyg S. Wilsong W. Rossg j. Reuboldg W. Emery. Rau' 3: W. Hall, XV. Taskettg C. Trostg H. Mfffurmickg R. Bell: B. Mathcwsg K. Grrt- tiths: R. Tnylnr. MUSIC M!-IIIEIIS JUNIOR CHORUS Row 1: M. Aliniug rl. Dcasyg H. jungclausg I.. Wiglcg M. Stein hauserg E. Blair. Rr2z1'2.' M. Bredesong B. Westg I.. Ashcg F. Truhan D. Trnutg R. Uksilag J. Shcpardg D. Lane. Brandt 3 T. Borchard 3 D. Childers g S. Shunsong F. Unmackg P. Ireland. Ruu' 4: j. Dctchg K. Mayfield' R. King: G. Campg V. Cfhigris Luopcrg Liagusg N. Cooperg B. Robbinsg si M. Hcaricksung j. Bertag R. Brickie. Rau' 3: A. Brien: N H. Brennan 5 B. Balscr Kifschg K.. Hoopcrg M. J. Myers. Rau' 5: ,I Diarmmrlg M. Wfzxtcrs MUSIC BLOCK Razr' I: C .Trostg R. Bellg M. Hessg W. Elliot: R. Donaldson. Row J: L. Rugcrsg Y. XVestg P. Thompsong B. Gagliolog C. Bonner: W. Roig. PAGE SEVENTY- FIVE I 1 l HULLI E UP HIS SLEEVES Beaming into the camera is the advanced Glee who express Concentration again rates highg these gals in typewriting are their joys in song every sixth period. too engrossed to get their faces in the picture. Four more Lincoln students are busily engrossed in their classwork, which happens to be Biology. Rosie, Gloria, Camille, Bobbie and an anonymous face appear Mr. Melvin is caught waving his arms in an effort busy with their comptometers in this shot, to keep the orchestra together. PAGE SEVENTY-SIX ABE LI CIII. BUE5 TU WUHH A familiar sight is the race for first chance at In this photo there are four energetic "cuisines" who the delicacies offered by the cafe. are caught brewing their own viands. Norma Busse is doing a good job of explaining to the girls' gym teacher, Miss Downing. I'hese commercial art students have all done an excellent Busily sewing dresses, suits and blouses are a group of girls 'ob in advertisin the various school activities. in one of Miss O'Donohue's sewin classes. J S 8 PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN LI IIUL IJFFIIIE PAGE SEVENTY-FIGHT GENERAL OFFICE STAFF Burk roar: M. Borden, B. Wissing, I. Nelson, S. Shoulgonsky, G. Miller, B. Helbush. Raw 2: E. Stuart, P. Bork, L. Robbins, S. McDonnell, I. Kettler, W. Groves, P. Booth. Row 3.' K. Kirsch, B. Morgtensen, J. Burman, 1. Ritchie, D. Stone, D. Fredricksen. Frurlf i'r111'.' A. Schillin2, I.. Buck, j. Malstetl, G. Pearson, A. Burnett, D. Byrne, D. Watson. Main Office Staff The Main Office Staff consists of a group of boys and girls who volunteer their services to assist in the office and who are interested in the welfare of the school. Under the direction of Mrs. Grace Easton,,school secretary, the students are given thorough instruction in office procedure. MAIN OFFICE STAFF Franz! raw: S. Slioulgonskv. I. Bowe, G. Edmondson, J. Pibornig. Rau' 2: S. Quamby, L. Robbins, P. Booth, M. Sorenson, D. Stone. Barb raw: D. Fredrickson, D. Molby, E. Bruno, E. Richards, D. Watson, D. Robinson. Student Body Office The Student Body Oflice, under the direction of Miss Gleneice Silvia, takes care of bond, journal, and ticket sales, library deposits, and money matters. It is located to the right of the main office and is open before school, usually from 8:15 to 8:30. STUDENT BODY OFFICE STAFF I Front row: C. Wood, F. Taylor. Bark row: L. Miramontes, P. Thompson, B. Twitchell, D. Jacobson, H. Tanner. Student Court With Bob Balliet, judge. and Mrs, Polly Mosby. advisor, the Student Court capably takes care of all student offenders. Offenders are brought before the court due to summons given by the Block L Boys, High Seniors, and the Student Body Officers. Their penalties range from writing compositions to clean- ing lockers and walls. Their objective is to keep law and order about the school for the good of all. s'I'UDEN'1' cgoURT f'. Cranfield, F. Taylor, B. Ballict, B. Ciourting, I. Gallisilorfei. I.. trucker. junior Statesman The junior Statesmen, under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Elizabeth Hall, has been working most dili- gently this past term. With jim Browne as presi- dent, its growth and prominence has been growing continually. The junior Statesmen's objective is to promote student interest in governmental affairs. enabling them to become well informed citizens of the future. - II VNIOR STATESMEN liwfur muy' Al. Browne, B. Douglas, D. Porter, Bari wuz: B. Carter. F. Harvev, M. Fry. S. Sommer, F. Rowe, S. Sturges. LI EUL 7 SIKIENCE trim E IJ B 5 lfwrir mu : S. Lerner, S. Sosnick, I. Beckei. R. Reanies, R. -Broil key. F, Pillsbury. Bari mu .' V. Richards. V Patton. D. Bittner. B. Berndt, P. Gamble, P, Perkins. B. Carillon. PAGE SEVF NTY-NIN E WUHH KEEPS Mr. Melvin's contented facial expression must mean some In a typical classroom study, we have Bob Haase and class unusual musical harmony in his class. mates doing last minute homework. Norma Busse, Joan MacPhee, and Margy Busterna are deciding upon some weighty attendance problem. Accompanied by the lilting airs of a phonograph, this gym Leo McIntyre seems to be amused at something on ' class does its folk dancing repertoire. the bulletin board, or was it just Cis? PACT? EIGYITY WUHLD Mr. Nill's Chemistry classes are again delving into the science Mr. Miossi is keeping a watchful eye on these young of composition of matter. physiologists, who are conscientiously at work. lack Kamena and jane Putnam seem absorhed in some type of electrical experiment for Physics II. Each period the library may be seen crammed with earnest Here is :1 shot of General Shop worl-ag radio and electricity students diligently studying school work. are among the courses taught here. PAGE FIGIITY-UNI ! PAGE EIGHTY-TVVO - vS',:,:-Q 1 ' NI Rf l If 3 I frf I , , Af Ilf7f76'!' left: Mother talks to Judy RS family luukg On. Right: Second cast rehearses t00. l.ff1Iw',leff.' ,Iudy learns Yogr. Riglaf: Luk IYIIIOLILICCS her many beaus to dad. TALE JTEII LI nnL THESPIA 5 ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL K pI'EJ'8I7f.f ' 'WJUNIUH MISS" I By JEROME CHODOROV 8: JOSEPH FIELDS BASED ON TI-Ili STORIES BY SALLY BENSON C A S T in order of Hlarry Graves.,.,.. .,,.... MORTY CULVERXVELI, Joe .,....,...,,........ G race G ra ves .,....A Hilda ...... I ..,..,.,, . Lois GraveS.,.... ..,,,..,,..lWONROE HESS ,,,....JOAN IVIACPI-IFE r,,,..,...BARRARA GROSS WCAROI.. BLACKBIIRN Judy Graves ......... ..,,,,,,,,,,... J ANET SMITH Fluffy Adams .....,. ...,.,,,. B EVERLY BROWN J. B. Curtis .,.....,,.,,, ......,, N EWMAN FISHER Willis Reynolds ..,,,,... Barlow Adams .,...,, ,r.,,,,.PAT THOMPSON ,,,,,,.BOR DOUGLAS their HJ: jrermm re Haskell Cummings ,... Western Union Boy ......,,v,,... Merrill Feucrbuch ..,,,, .. LUIS' Buy Frl6nLlS2 Sterling Brown ,,,,.. Albert Kunody ,,,,.... ..,,. Tommy Arbuckle ....,,,,,,..... Charles ......,,.....,,.,.,, Henry ....,, O V E R T U R E SL'lC'CIlOl'l. 5TUDl:NT PRINCE ,... ,..,,,,...,,..,..,....,,,,,..,,,,........,,, . V, RICHARD ARNESEN .KAY SMAIIWOOD .....,DON JOHNSON CHARLES DORSETI' ...,.....r,.,DON PITTS ,HAROLD GLOSSON .,,...........,JACK CARSON JOHNSON GENE WATSON .,.......Rfm1l2er,q M I sf" ff 3- ' E4 5 Ng A W f V Z ' l If ,fir 'UG lififuv' IMI: Lois antl one of her men. I.tu1ri.' Two lovehirtls. Rlglrlf ,l. li, tloesn't seem to upproxe. Io rl 1 Dilincl B . ru" iff .' it 1 rl, . talk it over with the hoys. Rfllllf Fltitly and Iutlv trap one. STAGE SMASH HIT 'JU IUH MISS' I I PRODUCTION STAFF Director .,,,,,.,..,....,..,,, .,,,,, lk Irs. ,loyce Wildnialn Choral Director ,,,.,..,. ,,,,. ..., Iv I iss Helen Cutlir Assistant Director .,...........,,,., Murilyce McKean Business Manager, ,.,....,,...,,,, Mr. Williiiin Parker Technical Directors ,,,...,,,.. ,,Mr. VUilber Russell Publicity 8: Program ,..... Mr. Armond DeMartini Mr, WI, Dewitt Sanderson Poster ZR Cover Design .,,,, Miss Ethel Hulbert Orchestra ,,,,,,. ,,...,,,,,, M r. George Melvin Makeup ,.,,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,.,,.... ,,,,MlSS Marion Shepard SYNOPSIS OF SCQENES 'I fu lfrllti ii ffu Grain i' ,zfn1r'lv1w1! ACT l ACT ll Scent' l, An evening lute in Decemher Scene l. Christmas morning Scene 2. Three hours later Scene 2. New Years Dill' MUSICAL PROGRAINI INTERMISSION Chorus with Crchestrni "Begin the Beguineu Urehestm. "New Iwfoon "..,,..,,,,,,,,,,...,., Romlzcig Com Poivimt ACT III Duet, "One Kiss ''.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,..,,. I"ir1w' Herberf The folloreiflg eiwlirlg PAT THOMPSON 84 NANCY CitoMBU1u9 Overture Chorus: Victor Herhert Favorites Between Acts l S Il: Chorus with Orchestra PAGE EIGHTY-THREE PEUPLE PLACES The Star-Spangled Banner waves in the breeze as the On V-E Day the chorus sings a hymn of thanks for National Anthem begins each rally. victory in Europe. As ai symbol of faith and hope, thc cross atop Mt. Davidson continues to inspire all. What would rallies be without the band? Here they Led by the band, the entire student body marched down are, snapped in action. to the Parkside Theater for a memorable rally. l KC E FIGHTY-FOUR PL EES I-KN EES San Francisco by night, Ll city of inagic. A spot well "Wl1ut 11 day!" gasp dazed students as they stumble known to Lineolnites: Twin Peaks by moonlight. out alter freedom rings .it 5:10. Between classes Lincolnites saunter casually to and from the shnclcs. Shirley Bates flashes a smile for the cuinerumun ns she 5:10fThere's a mad rush for the door followed by leaves Lincoln for the day. the afternoon glib session on the steps. 1 il L, la :nn I! PAGE FlGll'l'Yfl'lVl? l THIS AI 'T I. A few of the boys whip up some dainty numbers for the warm summer nights at Larkspur. To please the teacher has always been our main and AGE EIGHTY-SIX constant objective. I IIUI. .... A daily occurrence . . . taking L1 little stroll around school during shack time fwith teacher's permission, of coursej Table manners at Lincoln have always been of the highest caliber, according to our model, "Emily Post." with wpvlvgie-fro 'THIS AI 'T THE ARMY' There is nothing our girls would rather do in their spare time than fix parts for their Model A's. Because of our double lunch period there's plenty of time to wait our turn at the candy counter. Because of the little time left in school, the seniors are never absent from class. Lincoln Mustangs relaxing on l.incoln's sun terrace during one of our typical warm sunny days in between dips in our spacious swimming pool. Any disputes that arise in class are always settled in .1 peaceful and harmonious manner. To the graduating seniors it seems that the new fresh- men and sophs get smaller every year. PAGE EIGHTY-SEVEN 1 aa W M092 sfsJyffjfjJM1fWyfWwJ N355 yy'lJ,JffgafiW ,ff ll ff! ' fi 3 'kj Wsfs'Qyfl XY fffj s . Qu: 011 h ?,Cg,,Q?'Vx.r'f9""'-' M 'Q Q,,,,,,,,f :LA-Au WW QWQE9--. , Qgxx-Qylr-N Xkm gf in -V ,.",,.- K f fx ' P-Q-pl 5 ,v-. . 1 , U ., N, wx U! A " K ia. Y -L A - x A s N R., 7. 5,4 rg, - ' x , QQ M ""7"fV' JK DQ ,wa I by elzanee you tara this page A nal stop to stare in surprise, last replace your eyeballs, please Iz's only L1'ne0ln's bramny gays. ,vm-9 ,r -.. qu, ' --,aw . D .A-si s ,Q ' by W 4 1. Nj 2, 5 5 1 X f xi Daffy fy E A 1 ' 1 s . ' D six! A A b ls.-Largl-,I -v. V .N it lj, .l 4,3 4 g I , .aj lit 1'0ll'li' P. fglivier, 1, Kelly, B. Mctxxrmick, D. Ruukcig D. Samuels. N. Jensen, K. Lukas, ., I ., B.'Wl1ite, L. Lane, R. Brennan. 2nd mum' H. Fnrchemer, Ci. Lane, D. Delvlello, CQ. Innes, --" 'l M- D. Davenport, Di Tolleson, B. Tolt, G, Takis, R. Stewart, L. Cllamin. Bob DiPietro. 3rd ww: m j. McGinty, H. Stone, C. Rogtrs, j. Hamilton, j. Pearlman, H. Riordan, j. Greely, B. Dineen, I. Clarke, E. Clow, jf Marelicli. -Wh mzzu' R. Hunter, S. Hipschman, D, Bcnber, D. Coates, 'II Kelly, G. Drrrsett, li. Erates, ,l. Shonbeck, A. flementina, B. Nicolai, R. Diedericllsen, LSTANE EHIDIHU "SHE TS" HERB FORCHEMER BEN PAGE NINETY Defending their 1945 triple-A grid crown, the Lin- coln Mustangs immediately bumped into a solid wall of bad luck, and when the moleslcins were tossed back into the storeroomkthe Links were seventh in the league standings. Dame Fate struck two dire blows upon the Sun- setters, in their opening contest. Although they out- played the Lowell Indians for four periods, the Abes came out on the short end of a 6-0 score and with their star fullback Bob DiPietro on the injured list. With renewed vigor and attack, the Mustangs chalked up 12 speedily won digits in the first half of e Washington fray, only to have the Eagles push over Q r intermission. As a result of the 13-12 defeat, ' alf Ray Stewart was on the injured list. , IOE MARELICH MCCORMICK DEAN DAVENPORT HAL STONE Stull, No. 79, chases to n I. ell sfo s n ng t F li' E H " II H ll" H l ,r .-" ,, ,J In their next tilt, history repeated iigyjffflnd the Lin- coln team succumbed to Mission,Q -12. The Bears' second conversion abgemptfvvaslblocked by a Mustang lineman, butiihgejpjgskin careened through space and landed in rms of a Mission endiwho happened to be "Johnny on the sipotn in the end zone. But at last fo tgwfmiied upon the Link grid ma- chine, and it miie its debut in the victory column by downing St. Ignatius. The Wildcats boastecy the cir- cuit's strongest forward walls, but it was two Abe linemen who turned the tide. Guard Chick Kelly intercepted an Ignatian pass and rambled 35 yards to paydirt. Pivot man Don Rooker played his usual sen- sational game and was a thorn in the Wildcat's side ALL-CITY DON ROOKER BOB NWI-Il'I'E PAUL OLIVIER UM GREELY ELNIER CLOW GEQRGE TAKIS 1 if V an v an-um-we A HU ' J V ' . . A . Rrordan whips around end for 11 first down in the Wgxsliingtrmn disaster EST HES WI tr TWU il fi T' lx wx. ix with his brilliant all-around work which even included passing and receiving. Final score: Lincoln 7, St. Igna- tius O. 3 p 'A Next, Coach' joe Marc-lich's men clashed with the titfle-bound Poly Parrots and went down to a 12-0 defeat in the midst of a cloudburst. Braving the down- pour, the Lincoln rooting section gathered outside of the team's dressing room after the battle, and for thirty soggy minutes cheered the gridders with school sbngs -and yells. 'llhe Sacred Heart encounter drew the curtain on the l-M campaign and saw the Mustang eleven resem- bling the '43 championship contingent. With the original line-up back in harness, the Link forward wall Rogers tackles an S.I, man the hard way ROY HUNTER CHARLEY JONES RAY STEWART "CHICK" KELLY BOB DIPIETRO PAGE NINBTY-TWO Rooker becomes eligible for pass and receives one for tenty-Eve yard gain IJEPE SE UF 1943 TITLE tore gaping holes in the Irish line through which Dick Tolleson, Bob DiPietro, and Ray Stewart rambled off literally miles of yardage. Final score: Lincoln 19, Sacred Heart 0. ln recognition of his great season performance, Don Rooker was a unanimous choice for first string all-city honors, while Chick Kelly attained third string on many of the mythical squads. The Crimson and Gold starting eleven was' composed of Elmer Clow and Bill McCormick, endsig Dean Davenport and Paul . Olivier, tacldesg Chick Kelly and Chuck Jones, guards ,ff Don Rooker, center 5 Bill Riofqdlrnxxquartem 1 lesqn and Ray Stewart, alf sg 'and.Bol3""DiPietro, I 5' 'I'- f-ullbacl-:. A,,' 1 if s Q i me N ' Stewart 4154 l'ullow1- Stollis 1,101 ll'lfl'I'lCICllLC . , ' , f 'Y' fn . DON Dl',hlELl.fJ 4 if IERRY PEARLMAN I HARLEY DORSETT BILL RIORDAN DICK TOLLESON 'Nr PAGE NlNETY-THREE 4 , f ia r ,fp 'ff ' 4' lf' "Ji 'Y l .,zf"w, ' ' Qi l if l h 1 I ix 4 1 3- x , Ron' 1: Rolirer. Boyd, Perclew, Burns, Eynon. Vought, Oxborou,uh, McNimcl1. Row 2: Sullivan, Devine, Kern, 1.ordgLPeralta, DuFf, iVlottcin,'Amund son. Row 3: Bishop, Sans, jackson, Abraham, Elder. Nelson, Wlilson, Grecntlale, FHUSH-511 PAGE NINETY-FOUR '3- siii 5 Ill A I1 ,ff X . fall while- the varsity football agggegatibn is ' fgettingwall the glory, a team known as 'thee' "goefs," i Vfeoafhed by "DOH: Mosby , ,Nl rp akesiiilsr bid for igficliron fainc, but most of all for a certzirrtbing called experi- 'ence.'TheQteam's"roster is composed offfger classf' naen, the stars of' the future. Y, , ., A , 7 1 jTlrel1545 editinjifof tlue eleven was not as successful as its,figretlege3ss,QrsZ but this4!iwas'cffie to a late practice. The'Golts' SC2lSOi1'l'CCOEd,iWflS'FfO-U1' games 'lost' and one tied. The starting line-up consisted of Bob Elder and Charlie Price at enclsg Bill Sans and Don Koster at tacklesg DayejNelsonA and Oscar Peralta at guarclsg Dick Abrahanilat center Paul Rohrer at quar- terbackj Tom 'Greenclale and Glenn Vought at half- - baclasg and Bucl Wfilson and Charley Lord, alternating fullbacl-cs. COACH "DOC" MOSBY CAPT. PAUL ROHRER I X - any ,Vi W x Vg- if tt, X . Q but ,. 1 ....-.- gn Pvt g -,G Xt . 'fit mn is E Q f ' -fs-95. .1 BUXINE E JUY5 S EEE55 Ihtici' thu .thlcguitlancc UfciUk1Ci1 Roy Ilictinrifiiwri. I.im'oln's YC'UYf1d yuar of hoxing was a grvat silccc-Ss. with more than l'i hon participating in thc sport. Nut cquipment. cstahlishmcnt of the "Ring King" duh, a picnic' at Alum Rock Park. and two out-of-town matfhtw with Sequoia anti B4-llarmim' xvt-rc wmv of Nr. Dini- t-t'iL'IN- Thu Fathui n's afcomplishmcnts. Staxoriii Climax cams on blunt H wht-n tht' S Night finals wcrt' held at thc S.F.,I.C. gvm hcforc a Capacity Crt 1, Bob 1, Don R. Man 0. laik DiPit-tio i Dchol tr. Soma ' Thornton sa nwti of 2500, Ditk Mahoriu Dun Yolz Bernie K ohm HL-th If-at hun P. Hill Aiiam Ht. Boh Leu ll. Dori lDCih1L'iiu tr 1, Hurt fire:-iiht-ug 'HQ 4-. -,.w.,,..,,... 415- 5, Lt 51 PAGE NINFTY-I IYF if ""-I ' VARSITY BASKETBALL Bark row: Pearlman, J., Taylor, T., Anderson, Ed, McKenzie, N., Ramstead, II., Elder, B., Rienecker, B. From roux' Coffee, B., mgr., DiP1etro, B., Drolette, D., Dales, D., Munn, A., Clow, E., Diederichsen, R., coach. W V HSITY II!-IIJEHS THIHII I TRIPLE AL MUNN PAGE NINETY-SIX The Lincoln High varsity cagers, mentored by amiable Mr. Roy Diederichsen, succeeded in nabbing a tie for third place in their latest Triple A endeavors and also gained the distinction of winning the San Quentin Invitational Tournament and taking runner-up honors in the San Francisco IC. tourney. Sparked by forward Elmer Clow and guard Ed Anderson, each with 9 digits, the Crimson and Gold scanty-clads turned back a talented Sacred Heartrive, 27-26, in their season debut. With one victory under its belt, the Lincoln squad fell be- fore Galileo's Lions feventual co-holder of the prep gonfalonj, 24-26. This one was really a tough one to lose, as the margin of victory came via a "sudden death" basket after one overtime period had been played. Another classic was in the oflfing when the Mustangs tipped off against the Washington Eagles and dumped them by a 28- 26 score. With forty-live seconds remaining in the game, Al Munn stole the casaba and sped over the hardwoods to lay up the tally that put Lincoln ahead. An instant later Ed Ander- son whipped a pass to Clow, who dropped in the clinching field goal. In an evening affair against Poly scoring seemed to be the order of the day, the Abes winning, 45-24. Anderson meshed 17 points to lead the team in scoring, and was followed by Herb Levin, who sent four Held goals and a charity toss through the hoop. M ...ff . 4ai?'is" l' if r V svwixil TOM TAYLOR BILL McCORMICK ELMER CLOW NAHHIJWLY ISS 19 Playing hustling ball, the Mission Bears almost slyed the Links down to a mere walk, but the final pcorefavored the locals, 29-25. Anderson led in the .scoring deE21,ptme,9t,yvgitfa 1-fl markers. This was the-last game of the seasonffbr rangy Hgh serious throat infeetfonf V AA f 1 ,My-.-' ' On the ensuing iW,eekf"fhe'Must'angs rafiftfheii' string of con- secutive victories to four straight by whipping Commerce, 28- 1 9. Then came the St. Ignatifis fracas.'Witl1out the services of Levin, the Lincolnites had a difficult time in out-rebounding the taller Saints and fell by the wayside in a 37-39 defeat. Munn, with 14 points, and Bill McCormick, with 7, shone for the Honest Abes. The Sunsetters re-entered the win column a week later when they bowled over Balboa by a 26-53 count. Anderson tanked 11 digits, and Munn swished 10. The climax of the 1945 basketball campaign came in the final game of the season and was played at night between Lincoln and Lowell before a crowd of 7500 fans. The victor of this tilt would share the league title with Galileo. Despite the absence of Elmer Clow, who had suffered a broken wrist, the Mustangs got off to a good start and held a narrow half-time lead. A fiery barrage of baskets enabled the Cardinals to overcome the defif-ir and eventually win by a scant point, 19-18. ' Levin, who had to leavtfschqol fo-fthree monthsvbgcanse' of ay. ff I, ' If 1' 4 5 Miiii F!-lllsll COACH ROY DIEDERICHSEN P 'XI' li NINli'I'Y-SEV l LI H5 PHD IDE H IH H ISINI3 AFTER UU S Mustang Varsitys INDIVIDUAL SCORING in A.A.A. Competition Ed Anderson Al Munn Elmer Clow Bill McCormick Herb Levin Tom Taylor Bob DiPietro Dick Dales Dick Drolette FT TP 20 72 ll 57 ll 50 9 39 2 Z0 1 I5 5 9 0 6 l 1 61 267 PAGE NINIETY-EIGIIT In the post season Red Cross Benefit triple bill held at the Civic Auditorium, the l.incoln-Washiirgton tilt stole the show. After three overtime periods had elapsed and the score still stood knotted at 25 all, Coaches Diederichsen and Bussenius decided to call the game a draw, much to the disappointment of the 10,000 people attending. Throughout the second half of the season Tom Taylor filled out Levin's spot at center, while Bob DiPietro and Dick Dales also saw plenty of action. For his outstanding and consistent performance Al Munn gained all-city recognition, while Ed Anderson made second stringg Bill McCormick third g and Elmer Clow honorable mention. BASKETBALL ACTION PAGE tlnsets on opposite pagej Upper' loft: Bob Sprattling, Lincoln 150's center, iumps for hall in Lowell game. Center: Bob DiPietro battles for rebound in Red Cross henerit against Washington held at Civic Auditorium. Right: Mustanfl guard Ed Anderson pushes one through the mesh in the Polv contest. Middle vow, lofi: Les Brilliant, of the junior Ahes, leaves the hard- woods after the casaha. Abazef All-City Sid Meverson lavs un two points after stealing ball from Polv opponent. Below: An unidentified Colt hustler matches height against a darker clad St. Ignatian. Rinlifs Anderson fakes otf Kennedv's in the S.I. tilt. Bynum rout, fell: Springy Herb Levin retrieves the ball 05 of the backhoard over the Rllilfdillu of two Missionites. Center' Elmer Clow, forward, goes into contor- tions in order to rack up a tallv against the Bears. Rigbzs Anderson and Tom Taylor convince Washingtiiniiins that three is it crowd. N N J l Qi X x 3 . C? 3 b xii 4, , 'i Z if ll , 4 il 61 5' 74, n fx S X . ..t-' -M , 1 1 -1, g -,A 4 :Q ,U . ,asf- . , J iso POUND BASKETBALL I X K' . Firf! rffzzx' Clemcntina, A., Clarke, j., Levanson. M., Sands, B.. Marelich, J., coadn it .S'vr'f1mlr01l': Trieber, B., Peters, B., Brilliant, L., Meyerson, S., Wriglit, DI., Greenberg, B. M STANE MIGHTY MIDBET5 EA DEH SID MEYERSON PAGE ONE HUNDRED 130-POUND BASKETBALL Suffering seven defeats as against three wins, Coach joe,Mare- lichls 130-pound casabateers did not fare so well as their big brothers in the latest edition of A.A.A. cage wars. The outcome found the "Mighty Midgets" in fifth place, but only after losing many heart-breakers. In the inaugural tilt of the season the Links coasted to an easy 32-14 victory over Sacred Heart, but on the following week lost to Galileo, 16-17. Washington bowed to the Twenty-fourth and Quintara boys, 27-28, and then Poly trampled the local pro- teges, 29-14, to terminate the play in the fall term. The Mus- tangs started the spring semester off with a bang by upsetting Mission, 26-23. Then disaster struck and in their remaining encounters the Sunsetters succumbed to Commerce fin an over- timej, 24-27g St. Ignatius, 26-425 Balboa 35-44, and Lowell, 17-23, Throughout the campaign the Lincoln quintet was led by Sid Meyerson, captain and forward, who attained first string all-city honors and potted a total of 74 points. Sid was followed in scoring by the guards Bob Peters and Les Brilliant, each of whom received honorable mention. Pivot man Bob Trieber and forward Jerry Wright played good defensive ball and were aided by reserve Bob Spratling in the rebounding department. ff' 't I . A Ap Q5 J lfyffd v ,df ff' 'Help FY! 67? , iiiiiifiau Piiiiiiiiiiiiklilililiiiiiliis EASABA DEB T 120-POUND BASKETBALL The 120-pound Colt aggregation did not fare as well as did its smaller brothers. Mentored by Al Munn, the 120's garnered only one win and dropped the rest of their tilts by very close scores. Bob Levy and Stan Bacon, forwards, Ray Eckart, Center, and Walt Thompson and jack Neumayer, guards, comprised the first string. Considering the fact that the 120-pound scantyclads had no gym in which to Practice, they must be commended, as their performance was far better than their record indicates. 120's Howell, j.. 'lihoi'nt0n, I., Neuineyer. I., Swenson, S., Arnsbarger, G Quinlan, B., Doctor, D., Bacon, S., Rogers, B., Murry. F., Echert, R., Thompson, W., Levy, R. BER'ILQREENBERCif" 110-POUND BASKETBALL Coached by Ed Anderson, the Lincoln High 110- pound basketball team broke even in its 1944 season by hanging up four victories and losing four. The quintets that bowed to the Colt squad were Mission, Commerce, Sacred Heart, and Washington. Bill Ham- mons led the little Links in scoring for the entire sea- son with 56 points, followed by Walt Stevens with 49. The starting five consisted of Hammons and Stevens at forwardsg Steve Leach at center, and Bill Bacon, Don Stewart or Leo Schwab, guards. 110's Glomer, K., NVebbei'. L., Piercy, K., lleigal, R., Mciforinick, D., Anderson, E., Ross. W., Mehl, Leach, S., jones, S., Stewart, D., Stevens, W., Van Dyke, G., Ruth, Mortenson, R., Bacon, B., XVilkins G PAGE ONE HUNDRED ONE mis vi ,p 4-.. a 'C 130-POUND SCORES OF ALL-CITY MEET .....26 place in the "Round Robin" Class "A" VARSITY 'TRACK Fran! row: Feldman, S., Kilpatrick, R., Courting, R., Duncan. R. Risvold R. Hess Row 2: Balanesi, G., Clow, E., Toft, R., Winteroud, J., Hass, R., Fryer, K.: Stang, Pi, ner, A., Fischer, IN., Phillips, R., Anderson, D., Elder, R., Martin, D., Neumeters Fishstrom, D., Windhorst, D., Majersik, C., Brady, P., Zais, M. Bamford, R. Kean Back row: Diederichsen, R., Goodenough, D., Bush, R., Pearsori. D., Russel,,R., Bran ham, B., Casey, S., Ohlssen, C. . .f vAH5iTYjr7STiSf Lincoln's 1945 unlimited cindermen, lwefe' despite a small roster, garnered a fourth A1 Runner, who hurdles, Dave Polytechnic ...,................ 27W Balboa .... Lowell ......... ..... 2 2 LINCOLN ..... Zlw Washingtorn ...... ..... 1 2 Mission ....... ..... 7 Commerce ..... ..... 2 Galileo .. 2 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWO league and a fourth in the "All-City" meet. In the latter, Mr. Diederichsens boys were led by Poly with 73, Lowell SSM, Balboa 14, and Commerce 14, to- taled IOM points themselves, and were followed in respective order by Gompers, Mission and St. Ignatius, and Washing- ton and Galileo. The Mustangs who ivel Lynn Day of Lincoln and Cotillo of Poly in Paul Wheeler, star 120-pound 220 man me joe Greggans 130-pound 100 yard dark man takes a .- - -. 5 . " ' Q a .I u s 1 . 4 A 4 'a A o who Y, OI' the followed low M., Pappas, G., Leech, S. amstead, J. Row 3 .' Run' ., Willifort, L. Raw 4: ndrews, B., Brennen, R. W, R., Baldwin, I., Abra- ., ,. r ,i. in the .fi i ..'3, C.. PEH5 IOVZ score were fifth O 120's Fft1rll101L'.' Brown, R.. Wflmcder, P.. Webet', l.., Bacon, S., Dowling. I., Macllctli. K., Vouglit. G. Rz1u'2.' Brodkcy. R., Mishne. R.. Oldricli, DeNevers, V., Day, I... Coffman. R.. Howell. J.. Hotfman, j. Rau' 3: l-lamman. B., Gauley. QI.. Qopelantl, Rl,,l.ery. R., Fox, j., Unmack, . Stewart, D. Rauf 4: Stevens, W.. Martin. F.. Wilkins, G., l-tidman, j., looper, D., l.mx1. 5-. liarillion, R. Bark wuz' Holm. A.. Beigel, A., Mihath, I.., Pnnz. P. j. - 'LIl3HTIES'4thI IIITY EET Hardworking Mr. P. J. Prinz once again molded strong 120 and 150 pound track teams, each of which placed fourth in the dual meet schedule and the All- City final. Mon Surian of the 130's de- fended successfully his 220 title of 1944 by waltzing to victory in 23.-1 seconds. joe Greggans, century mang Bob Nicolai, 440, DeL0s Smith, low hurdlerg and jack Neumayer, high jumper, all took third places, and Charley Gard 11 fourth in the broadjump. The relay team, con- sisting of Greggans, Hondorf, Surian. and Nicolai came in second best and boosted the Colts' score to ZIVZ points, 6 less than Poly, who won first place. Without the service of Paul Wlmeeler, who was a cinch to win the 220, the l20's scored only 10 points through the second places of Ken Unmack in the 100 yard dash, Glen Vought in the furlong, and fourth place of the relay squad of Vought, Day, Wlmeeler, and Unmack. 130's Flon: row: McNaulty, j.. Spearson. F., Haulendorf, E., Hewitt, B., Smith, D., Surian, N., Gard, C. Rau' 2.' Fletcher. A., Neumeyer, B., Reames, R., Timmons, B., flcmintini, A., Nicolai, B., Sommer, R., Greg1ns,j. Row 3: Hoffman, I., Sihner, H., Dorsctt, C., Skillicorn, B., Oiakian, C., Koehler, Cf., McNuton, T. Burk 1'01z'.' Brock, B., Dobbs. L., Paer, J., Quillinan. H., Prinz. P. j. 1 QOAFH P. VI. PRINZ l PAGE ONE HUNDRED THREE ' vQ,fL,,5'1 M 4 ii a p X, ' t L X ' ls S, . , fi 1 ,-.LA 1 . N, .' ' s ..,:'.q,,,,1r'-tif.. x Q af Q Y LXMIQI4 5 Ur 3 tslykligi. 5, QAEQL 9504? s ,, . Y Sf! Z . " 'VW 8444 vi-MQ" 1 'll NEB! BAsEBALL Sfurlzlifzg lefl to rigkl: Elmer Clow, Don Payne, Bill Riordon, Bob Payne, jet" Pearlman. P ck' Ro , ,I ' G ld, I' M4 4 , Bnb DiP'tu ,ry I ap yn gers any o im mrtmm 5 ier . lXfIL't'll!1:E,' Bob Andrienl, Ronald Keifer, Tom Teshara, Whit Stryker, Fred- . eruk Gill, Len Stone, Elliot Fraser. DON PAYNE LEN STONE LHARLEY "PAC KY" ROGERS PAGE ONE HUNDRED FOUR W B SEB LI.-fllVIEHIIIfl'S Though losing seven games and winning but three, Coach Dick Ryall's Mustang diamond men provided many uncomfortable mo-ments to all oppo- sition in their 1945 season. In its inaugural encounter the Link nine fell before the mighty paw of the champion Mission Bear by a L0-3 count. jerry Gold, right fielder, blasted out three hits in three trips to the plate, and pitcher Bob DiPietro hit two for three. ' Behind the masterful relief twirling of Elmer Clow, who had his left arm in a cast for the entire season, the Mustangs pummeled Lowell, 10-7. Clow hit three for three, Teshara got two for four, and "Deef" walloped out a circuit blow, Clow won his second game of the campaign over the hapless Samuel Gompets aggregation to the tune of a 15-2 victory. Pitcher Bob Wentworth of Sacred Heart allowed the Crimson and Gold horsehiders but three bingles, those three collected by DiPietro, whose team went down to a 9-3 defeat. Errors wrought disaster upon the Lincolnites in the Poly tilt and although they outhit the Parrots, the local boys succumbed, 5-6. Clow hit two for three, and Strycker, two for four. l Tuff wfzv: Clow connects in S. H. tilt. Coach Dick Ryall. Gold buffs into first base. Bffizxinz mzr: Payne digs for first. DiPietro slides into third base. F!-WIJHITE P!-XSTI St. Ignatius had a held day against the men of Ryall' and took advantage of their eleven hits and many Link "bobbles"to chalk up a 12-4 win. lfor the first time in the season the Abes were victims of a shutout at the hands of Wasliington's Irv Keller. The score: 3-O. One shaky inning against Galileo turned victory into a 5-2 defeat for the Mustangs. Packy Rogers, first sacker, swatted two singles, and DiPietro hit one for two. Up against the fast-balling of Commerces "Satchel" Dials, the Lincoln nine could get only three hits-two of which were Don Payne's and lost, 5-0. After dropping six games in a row, the Sunsetters finally got back in the win column by dumping Balboa, 9-6. Payne, Rogers, and Stone all fattened their batting averages. ' When the season terminated, Elmer Clow, the one-armed wonder, and Bob DiPietro led the Crimson and Gold batting parade with averages of .425 and .400, respectively. Both were prominent in the "big ten" of the Triple A batters, and both were placed on the All-City team. ELMER CLOXV BOB DI PIETRO HOB ANDREINI TOM TESHARA PAGE ONIZ HUNDRED FIVE U H if High Snhnul Spnrts Page nf the Air Something new was added to San Francisco's prep sporting scene when, in February, the "High School Sports Page of the Air" began its series of Thursday evening broadcasts over station KYA. The program, with its thirty minutes of individual school reports, predictions, interviews, and awards was finally set to be aired at 7:30 P.M. Bill Brown, manager and sports editor of KYA, supervised the new show which had as its Don Pitts of Lincoln. Don Goo-denough and Bert Greenberg, also of Lincoln, were respectively announcer and Mustang reporter. "Sports Page" fans are promised an even bigger and better program with the coming of the fall term. PAGE ONE HUNDRED SIX SOCCER Raw 1: Leanard, B., Kirkwood, A., Stratten, D., Goodenough, D., Pearl, l- Row 2: Fisher, N., McNaughton, T., Maiersik, C., Bush, R., Glenn, F., Hass, B., Banford, L., Rau' 3: Gard, C., Shenson, M., Green, T., Atkinson, F., Mahoney, D-1 Sturges, S. Row 4: Van Raam, G., Hayden, D., Hondorf, E., Lister, H., McNulty, J., Streckfus, C., Lynn, S. Nineteen forty-four may be written down in Crimson and Gold annals as the most successful soccer season enjoyed by the Lincoln eleven in its five years of A.A.A. strife. With Coach P. Prinz at the helm, the Zebras racked up a record of two wins, two ties, and three losses, which placed them in a tie for fifth place at the end of the campaign. The three squads strong enough to stem the Crimson and Gold tide, were Mission, Poly, and Galileo. The latter ultimately became the champion but had a difficult time in hurdling the Links until it tallied twice in the final minutes of play to win, 2-0. 'Ir ir uk ' 4 A first period goal by Monroe Hess gave the boys their initial win over Washington. The other V-day occurred in the Commerce tilt, which the Prinz men took, 6-1. The contests that ended all knotted up 2-2 were the Gompers and Balboa frays. Best rea- sons for Mustang success were Sig Knopf, Monroe Hess, Vic Jones, Gil Fredericks, Pete Brady, Char- lie Grant, Roy Phillips, Chuck Streckfus, Dale Mar- tin, Dick Willet, Bert Greenberg, and many others. With numerous veterans returning, the boys look forward to an even better season in '45. SOCCER Row 1.' Gagliolo, B., Grant, C. Row 2.' Wilson, E., Brady, IP., jackson, R., Incgo, G., Koenig, L., Brandow, R. Row 3 : Kilpatrick, R., Martin, D., Chagman, P., Neumayer, B., Willet, D., Green- ber , B., Hess, M., ihner, H. Raw 4: Frederick, G., Taylor, F., Dofbsf L., Anderson, D., jones, V., Timmons, B-L UI1r11HCk. K-5 Mountanos, M. Fr-nm, kneeling: Knopf, S., Capt. TENNIS SQUAD Top Rvu' left tu vigbl: Al Munn. Ed Anderson, Bob Triebcr, Dick Dales. Botfom wuz le!! to righlf Loren Cochrun, Frank Davis, Paul Harsh, Dick Newhnuse. Enjoying their best season to date, Abraham Lin- c0ln's swimmers knocked off a third place berth in the lightweight division of the city meet, while the unlimiteds trailed in seventh place. The majority of the Mustangs' lightweight points were scored by the 130-pound team, which won the 150-yard medley relay with a squad composed of Dick Stratfull, Merv Shenson, and Bob Gehring. Stratfull took a second in the 50-yard backstrokeg Shenson took a third in the breaststrokeg and the 200-yard relay team placed fourth. The 12O's 200- yard relay men glommed third place, and Ron Cut- 1er's and Ray Eckert's second and fourth, respective- uk 'Ir it ak ly, in the diving department, gave the "lighties" a total of 34 points. In the unlimited bracket the Abes could muster only 4 points. Ralph Meyer, 50-yard free styler, had bad luck and hit the rope several times but man- aged to take a fifth, while Bud Wolle got the same in the breaststroke. The 800-yard relay team was also fifth. Congratulations to Bob Pederson, of the fe "Y," who coached the Link mermen, job well done. However, even better re are ex- pected next year. - J Lrf 1. f S WIMM ING Cutler K Mondnn R u 2 Qlane R c R. Meyerg W. Krackerg H. Mooneyg Coach J. lv J. Beyer, I.. Weaverg B. Gehringg B. Von Kc M, Shenson, D. Stratfull. Rau' I.' J. Chudy Q W. Reese: G. Steilg ,antnrg F. R.. gl. .o':J., g.Eki l ' 4 SPUHT5 Highlighting their current campaign, the Lincoln novice tennis team chalked up a clean sweep in the finals to take the first annual city novice champion- ship. Netters Ed Anderson and Al Munn sparked the team to victory, taking the doubles title. The other racqueteers who garnered points for the Crim- son and Gold were: Dick Drolette, Bob DiPietro, Pete Brady, jay Thomas, Rod Brennan, Elmer Clow, and Dick Gorman. Outstanding in the senior class was Dick Newhouse. The boys were ably coached by Mr. jim Livingstone of the English department, who is quite a star himself. filyffwz PAGE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN l . , l l OFFICERS CENTER ilapt. ANDERSON 2nd Lt. SlNllTH PAGE ONE HUNDRFIJ lilGll'I' Zml Lt. RUBKE R. O. T. C. COMPANY A D. Morris. Rau' 2: 1. Perkinsg B. MacGurng S. Alleng C. Richardsg 127. Amyilieeg H. Smithg C. Fisher. Silliug: D. Marshallg R. Durking . Gore i. lVI HTML MUSTANBS Under the able leadership of Colonel Robert Court- ing, Lieut. Colonel Taylor Hutchinson, and Adjutant, Captain Norman Gotelli, the R.O.T.C. has shown rapid improvement during the past semester, and has advanced at a pace of which Lincoln may well be proud. "A" Company, which is under the capable direction of Captain Pete Browning and Lieuts. Robert Durkin and Donald Marshall is a heavy contender for this year's Marshall Trophy. 2nd Lt. Znd Lt. 2nd Lt. FINLEY BOEGERSHAUSEN KAMENA fo-Q ,pw Raw 1: E. Swcttg J. Lambertg B. Cohng D. Christensong D. Davisg 1 . .. R. 0. T. C. COMPANY B Row I: B. Bakcrg P. Krvkezas, Rau' 2: H. Goldstcing J. McDougal. Raw 3: VI. Johnsong CI. Gieetcrg nl. Huston: R. Mileyg J. Kimbleg A, Fihishg dl. Belasco. Row 4: R. Pillsburyg V. Haywardg B. Freeman: H, Harris: D. Coltrellg E. Erbelg R. Madden: A. lngle. Xiftifzgx R. Erifksorig T. Hutchinwng J. Mohnsg E. Wilsfmn. SULIIIEHS IN EMBHYU the downgrade, this year is making an attempt to at- tain the record left by Capt. Letche. Thanks to this progress can be given to Capt. James Mohns and Lieuts. Errol Wilson and Pete Erickson. "C" Company, as in past semesters, is the most con- spicuous of the battalion, and although it is not always first, it rates a strong second. In its command are Capt. Don McCaw, and Lieuts. Ted Hansson and jack Buck- ley. MAIOR QARENCE WOODBURY Capt. Kant. lst Lt. . lst Lt. Clol. Capt. MOHNS BULKLEY HAVENS HANSSON CIOURTING MCCAXV PAGE ONE HVNDRED NINE aaa. Presentation of the Marshall 'froplw to Co. "C E-- R. O. T. C. COMPANY C Row I: J. McGintyg C. Szukalskig H. Stroupe. Raw 2: C. Petersong Al, Browneg S. Millerg D. johnseng D. Greeneg B. MeLancong j. liaylerg R. Jacobson. Row 3: D. Farrerg R. Seebag G. Craigg XV. Hamiltong H. Warreng F. Harvcyg A. Zieglerg R. Vtegaaro. Row 4: F. Blaineg O. Andersong K. McQlueencyg R. Szukalskig J. Chalkerg B. Colgroveg D. Millerg B. Kappa many I. Philips. Sflffrlgl T. Hans- snng D. Mcflawg II. Buckley. UFPIIIEH5 AND ME "D" Company, captained by our student body presi- dent, Fred jackson, assisted by Lieuts. Fred Havens and Gene Buck, is fast becoming the pride of the battalion in every type of teaching. Because of Sgt. Lynclfs departure, the rifle team found it difficult to redeem last year's honors but is con- fident of a successful future. Lincoln is proud to receive capable SfSgt. Boggs, lst Lt. 1stLt. lst Lt. Capt. Znd Lt. Lt. Col. ERIC KSON DURKIN MARSHALL IACKSON LEGERTON HUTCHISON PAGE ONE HUNDRED TEN x l l R. 0. T. Ci. BAND Ruiz' I: R. flnzieg N. Footcg XV. Elliotg R. Gerhardtg A. Griffing I.. Rogers. Row 2: R. Mcflormickg W. Taskettg H. Closson1 S. llzirnessg R. Phillipsg R. Rowe. Rau' 3: W. Murrayg D. McKinley: li Kingq R. Cfopelandg C. Trostg N. Willia1nsgB. Kelleyg R. Donaldf son Rau' 4 .' I.. Legertnng C. Eberhardtg R. Jarvis: G. Bzlrnesg K.. Turnerg S. Coleg S. Sc1snikgW. Ross: lvl. Hess: R. Bell g T. Tanna. HUTII HHYTH BUYS who has replaced the equally capable Sgt. L. R. Lynch, recently honorably discharged from the Army. Under the guidance of SfSgt. Boggs, Lincoln's progress is cer- tain to receive "honor" rating. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. George C. Melvin and Drum-Major, Capt. Tom Tanna, the band, as well as the R.O.T.C., has an established past, n colorful pres- ent, and 21 promising future. Maioi Kant. Cant. Cam. "SOUND OFF v . l Ll. lst Ir GOTEI.I.l BROWNING WILSON TANNA IQCCK Hfss PACL OlNl' Ill NDRYD IITN FN' I GIRLS' BASKETBALL Row J: N. Busse, E. Houser, M. Dahl, B. Lutz, B. Remington, B Janx. Raw 2: S. Shoulgousky, C. Trusty, D. Wealington, G. Miller Mackinnon, D. Rose, M. Frye. Raw 3: M. Borden, M. Borden, . Ghisolfo, A. Wiclestrom, F. Ghisolfo, F. Neto, D. Galli. Raw 4: . Westwater, J. Fairfield, D. Georgas, J. Burrnan, F. Washburn Crosby. Rau' 5: D. Dobson, G. Quast, J. Anduza, A. Guidera Byrne, J. Kull, B. Sturtevant. VOLLEYBALL Row 1: J. Green, M. Ohr, M. Norenso, P. Dahl, P. Kempel, N. Mca Cabe. fl. Tusty. Row 2: S. Sugoskey, V. Patton, V. Just, J. Douglas, E. McLachlan, M. Hodd, K. Peterson, J. Shepherd, G. Miller, B. Helbush. Row 3: B. Gill, B. Stewart, J. Anderson, P. Ireland, W. Drew, F. Netto,.J. Salli, M. Smith, M. Douglas, T. I-Iomback. Ron' 4: K. Schmidt, C. Evans, F. Washburn, J. Stewart, M. Oyen, P. Edwards, A. Valimer, D. Minzenmayer, L. Dixon, R. Hance Row F: K. Black, B. Pritchard, B. Jamhold, Hicking, M. Gaven G. Ninnis, R. Rebok, J. Weff, V. Schigris. Row 6: B. Eisen, J. Frucht. I. Albert. G. Quast, G. Fryrer, Z. Greenberg, J. Jelman, J. Berta, M, Barnes, I. Bieberdorf. flBE'5 fl AZU S In the fall term there were six after-school sports. They were divided into two groups. Basketball, tennis and golf running the first half of the term and, because of the weather, tumbling, ice skating and dancing took place the last half of the term. Rhumba, tango and Congo were taught in place of the usual folk dances. pvwmrnw PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWELVI2 DANCING Ron' 1: fPicture unidentifiedl, B. Mohns, B. Borden, M. Borden A. Crooks, J. Alverson, J. Cooper. Row 2: R. Fredrickson B. Green, M. Jonas, C. Pennington, D. Rose, J. MacKinnan, G Miller, B. I-Ielbush. Rauf 3: D. Strom, F. Dickson, J. Sorenson R. Rebok, J. Pebernig, J. Williams, D. Gradt, A. Stelling, T. Gage M. Fay. Row 4: L. Klaster, B. Richards, M. Smith, J. Fairfield 1 B. Raiss, A. Wickstrom, F. Glisalfa, D. Galli, B. Witrfich. Rawl5. V. Punett, I. Bochard, I. Maltseff, C. Hardy, J. Burman, J. Smith, V. Chegres, G. Ninnes, J. Thompson. Razz' 6: S. Schaumleffel, I. Hartaight, D. Melby, D. Dobson, D. Byrne, L. Blenn, D. Beach SOFTBALL Row I: D. Stone, G. Crosby, B. Remington, B. Jenks, M. DeSevery B. Watson, R. Damena. Row 2: L. Ames, J. MacKinnon, A. Singer C. Sassoon, R. Fredrickson, P. Thomson, P. Stuck, K. Bittner, L. Prnt! Row 3: B. DeBoer, J. Sorenson, J. Anduza, P. Watson, N. Buckner, J Quanmby, B. Franklin, J. Thompson, Raw 4: D. Dicsnn, I. Downs J. Bieberdorf. V. Pundt, L. Goldkuhi, H. Tanner, I.. Peralta, I. Tainter, B. Sturde: vart, V. Tuskn, D. Crouch. PL Y B SEB LI., Twenty-four talented tumblers put on a very inter- esting show for the Girls' Athletic Association. Doralee Frederickson has again won the tennis cup for her performance in the fall tournament. The officers who made the term so successful were President, Shirley Purvisg Vice-president, Barbara ADVANCED TENNIS Row I: tUnirlentiried,b, L. Koster, R. Bosio, B. Berndt, B. Rusz. Row 2: B. Larson, N. Crook, A. Kcmme, V. Patton, M. Baker, P. Thompson. Rau' 3: P. Watsrmn, M. Smith, D. Stone, D. Fredrickson, A. Quidera, H. Tanner, V. Tuska. VOLLEYBALL ROIl' 1.' M. Ohr, M. Nozenso, P. Dahl, P. Kempel, N. McCabe C. Trusty. Row 2: S. Sugoskey, V. Patton, V. Just, J. Douglas E. McLachlan, M. Hood, K. Peterson, J. Shepherd, G. Miller, B. I-Ielbush. Rvu' 3: B, Gill, B. Stewart, J. Anderson, P. Ireland, W. Drew, F. Netto, J. Snlli, M. Smith, M. Douglas, Homback. Row 4: K. Schmidt, fl. Evans, F. Washluurn, J. Stewart, M. Oyen, P. Edwards, A. Vallmer, D. Minzenmayer, L. Dixon, R. Hance. Roux 5: CUnidentitiedJ, B. Pritchard, B. Jambold, N. Hicking, M. Gaven, G. Ninnis, R. Rebok, J. Wfulff, V. Chigris. Row 6: B. Eisen, J. Frucht, I. Albert, G. Quzist, G. Fryer, Z. Greenberg, J. Elman, J. Bertn, M. Barnes. I. J. Bieherdorf. DANCING Row 1: Walker, M., Embree, B., Toth, C., Brannan, E., Kelsey, J. Row 2: Mann, M., Baker, J., Mcffhesney, I., Sorenson, M., Will- iams. Row 3: Sorenson, J., Buffington, C., Vollmer A., Driscoll, S.. Ninnis, G., Rebnk, R. BEGINNERS' TENNIS Rum I : V. Just, J. Douglas, M. Ohr, B. Mohns, L, Srhrolder, J. Hoc, Rau' 2: C. Pennington, B. Richards, D. Kinsey. I. Maltseff, M. Mana- han. ll. I-Iurdy. Row 3: I. Albert, S. Schaumleffel, F. Dichson, J. W'illiams, J. Pibernig, M. Oyen. Ron' 4: E. Elliot, J. Badgen, V. Wfarren, M. Gavin, D. Melhy, I. Bieberclort. TENNIS, ULLEYB LL, B SIIETBIILL Sturtevantg Secretary, Vera Just, Treasurer, Ann Gui- dera, and Yell Leader, Elaine Elliott. The spring term found the G.A.A. plus the other ,girl athletes in full readiness for a term of activity and fun. Advanced tennis under the direction of Mrs. Sul- livan kept the tennis girls constantly on their toes. Seventh period volleyball under the direction of Miss Meyer challenged the boys of seventh period to three games of volleyball. The boys won two and the girls won one. The after-school volleyball played 21 round-robin and the juniors, led by Blanche Corville, PAGIT ONIS IIIINIBRITD TIIIRII I N GIRLS' GOLF Raw I: J. Miller. Rau' 2: D. Moran, G. Pithy, R. Patsel, D. Bittner, E. Blair, B. Birk, B. Cofville, E. McLachlan, L. Haugen. Raw 3: A. Murphy, H. Kretz, P. Huey, H. Walker, J. Bruse, J. Durie, P. Peterson, R. Frederickson, M. Mercer. Row 4: D. Prosser, B. Green, P. Hoffman, B. Helbush, L. Robins, J. Borchard, B. Wittrich, B. La- ten. Row 5: D, Robinson, D. Strom, S. Purvis, J. Thompson, M. Bus- terna, L. Crocker, M. Douglas. Raw 6: C. Barthold, N. Hall, D. Mein- senmeyer, D, Byrne, L. Peralta, D. Watson, D. Beach, C. Thormad. ICE SKATING Row I: P. Huey, E. Grissom, B. Gross, D. Lucero, M. Fry, C. Pen- nington, S, Applebaum, L. Prout. S. Stuart. Row 2: A. Ames, P. Kettler, B. Price, L, Holstein, N. Davidson, V. Lawrence, E. Zias L. Schroeder. Row 3: E. Brock, V. Valente, I.. Buck, L. Nagle, D. Paccioretty, M. Jacobson, K. King. Row 4: E. Elliot, P. Brown, A. Jones, D. Georgas, L. Cartwright, J. Solache, M, Martorella V. Markel. HEAHYNHEDY5 won. They will receive a two-pound box of candy at the G.A.A. tea. Miss Downing kept her softball group busy during the term. A double round-robin tournament took place during the weekly meetings after school. The winning team under Captain Ann Guidera will re- PAK I' ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN ICE SKATING Row Z: B. Embry, M. Walker, E. Houser, M. Dahl, B. Bernclt, M. Ohr, B. Lutz. Row 2: P. Stuck, M. Baker, C. Trusty, P. Dahl, B. Green, M. Bredeson. Rauf 3: B. Price, J. Douglas, V. Just, E. Zais, P. Thompson, S. Applebaum, I. McChesney. Raw 4: R. King, A. Vallmer, M. Marcallino, B, Miller, D. Stone, D. Fredrickson. Row 5: D. Georgas, G. Quast, H. Rich, M. Gavin, J, Clarke, I. Albert, H. Tanner. DANCING Row 1: 1Picture unidcntitiedJ, B. Mohns, M, Borden, M. Borden, A. Crooks, J. Alverson, J. Cooper. Ron' 2: R. Fredrickson, B. Green, M. Jonas, C. Pennington, D. Rose, J. MacKinnan, G. Miller, B, Helhush. Raw 3: D. Strom, F. Dickson, J. Sorenson, R. Rebok, J. Pebernig, J. Williams, D. Gradt, A. Stelling, T. 'Qage, M. Fay. Rau' 4: L. Klaster, B. Richards, M. Smith, J. Fairheld, B. Raiss, A. Vlfickstrom, F. Glisalfa, D. Galli, B. Wittrich. Rougi: V. Punett, J. Bocharcl, I. Maltsell, C. Hardy, J. Burman, J. Smith, V. Chegres, G. Ninnes, J. Thompson. Raw 6: S. Schaumlelfel, L. Hartaight, D. Melby, D. Dobson, D. Byrne, I.. Blenn, D. Beach, J. Bieberclorf. EULF,D EE, ceive a box of candy. Also a play day was arranged with Lowell and the Lincoln girls took Lowell 14-8 and 24-10 in both the softball games. Circus Day brought alleout cooperation from the G.A.A. They organized the games for Circus Day. VOLLEY BALL Vigorous exercise is what keeps a person physically tit--at least that's the old line. So . . . these gals are right on the beam as they bounce the ball around. Yolley ball is only one of the sports these energetit' girls can play, ATHLETIC LOVELIES l.incoln's girls are not to be outdone bv the boys in sports ability. Here we see a group of athletic lovelies in the middle of a came of xolleybnll. Nothing like .1 stirring game in the wind and log to keep your vitality up to par. SCHOTTISH One, two, threef-hop, One, two, threefhop. Does the rhythm strike n familiar chord in your ear? Yes? Then you are a seasoned member of the well-known art of the Schottish dance. The dance has several variations, and the one pictured above is known as the Triple Schottish. LONGA LINE Ever been to South Amerita? Well. why bother. 'lust drop into Room 101 and watch the gym classes form a conga line tor a touch ot the South. One, two, threefkitkl One, two, three-kick! just hang on v .ind you're hound to get it! IEE SKATE, BUWI. I-llllll TUMBLE Helen Tanner worked out the schedule for Circus Day with the help of the G.A.A. President, Mary Margaret Douglas. The other officers for the term are: Vice- president, Yvonne Pinquieg Secretary, Blanche Cor- villeg Treasurer, Vale Tuskag and Yell Leader, Elaine Elliott. A perfect end to an effective term of sports is the G.A.A. tea given on june 6. There will be a candle light ceremony for incoming officers and the presenta- tion of G.A.A. awards will be made with the exception of the pins given for four years of work which will be presented at the student body Award Rally. PAGE ONE IIITNDRED lfllfTliIiN . .1 .yi 1. I .QV sJfy,Yf V ,355 ' gg ,rg J N Nl U f'yr'fQ! ,M W Erjyh K Pcztrorzize our advertisers Bu! before you do, 1 Buy another war .damp To help our boys come through I fra-M GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE SENIORS FROM ALL OF US Mary Jane Abdill Jean Anduza Jeanne Baker Dorothy Bittner Douglas Brainard James Browne Marie Caldaroni Richard Carchidi Marilyn Carr Alyce Dignum Edwin Eipenstein Theodore Hansson Barbara Harrington Paul Harsh Frederic Harvey William Kean Marjorie Lane Virginia Lawrence Walter Maybee Sally Nicholsen Diana Paccioretty Francis Pillsbury Rich Reames Lorraine Regimbal Walter Roessing Jerome Shain Robert Skillicorn Jane Stemwell Dawn Strom Barbara Sturtevant Joanne Thiele Berta Twitchell Betty West Robert White REGISTRY 215 WE DEDICATE THIS SPACE TO MR. SCHMIDT WITH SINCERE THANKS FOR BEING A SWELL REGISTRY TEACHER FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS Don Alber Phil Crimmins Fred Havens Jim Henwood Jerome Burman Walt Frommel Barbara Heller Doris Hopper Bill Karl Delos Smith Richard Sylvester ISIGNEDJ Coralie Thormod Frances Unmack Gerry White Jim Winterrowd Betty Mae Marcilliano Beverly Stern Harry Thomsen Ken Turnley Charles Walter Vivian Williams Joy Wright MEMBERS OF REGISTRY 303 PAGF ONF HUNDRED EIGHTEEN LINCOLN SKATES?? Whoever heard of skating at Lake Merced? Tl1at's what they're doing, though, it seems. Maybe roller skating isn't such a good idea, after all. Lee Niel- sen looks rather surprised after taking a nice flop. Marie Caldaroni and Doris Hahn are pretty disgusted about the whole thing. LINCOLN BICYCLES The gas shortage doesn't bother these three inseparable fems. Reading from left to right are Shirley Fletcher,Bev Nishkian and Baarby Berry. They End that three on a tandem is quite cozy. lsn't that right? These gals not only have good looks and personalities, but they're smart, too. They know bicycling is good for the figure. FAREWELL SENIORS fro m REGISTRY CLASS 7 MRS, ESTHER D. Carries, Teacher Adams, Mary Anderson, Oliver Bachelder, Sara Baker, Paul Behlow, Richard Brilliant, Leslie Clayton, Arthur Courtwright, Marion Cremer, Byron Cummins, Jack Desin, Andrew Hardy, Constance Heyde, Caryl Hooper, Carla Hudgins, Thomas jones, Clifford Kloster, Lillian Levin, Alan XX'alsh, john Maltseff, 'lean Manahan, Marilyn Nathieson, Martin Mehe, Walter Mills, Stanley Mortensen, Rudolph Oppenlander, Dorothea Ostholf, Isabel Richards, Betty Sazers, Eleanor Schaumletfel, Shirley Schivab, Leo Slocum, joan Stern, Mariette Thomas, Emile Thompson, George Waters, Marilyn Wider, William REGISTRY ROOM 209-H11 MRS.GOULD, Tearlaer Andersen, Robert Attinger, Elinor Berndt, Barbara Bohlen, Bernice Bowen, Enid Brennan, Elaine Buckley, Gloria Christensen, janet Colman, Patricia Doherty, Jacqueline Gamble, joan Hayward, Verne Hughes, Leo juliano, William Zaft, Fred Kerrigan, Ralph Matthews, Tom Nelson, june Nielsen, Helen O'Rourke, Jean Petrich, Max Pitts, Don Reardon, Jean Rogers, james H. Selna, Robert Taylor, Frederick Thulander, Betty Weiss, Frank Worman, Marilyn PAGE ONE HUNDRED NINETFEN Good luck to Lincolnk Semorr lVlaereoe1' you may roam, Remember fha! in yearr to come Lincoln ir your home. Registry 6 GOOD LUCK Richard Abraham Girade Barde lack Barnes jayrene Barton Richard Brown Marilyn Burkhart Dolores Cabeceira Alice Conroy Nannette Cooper Barbara Cougle jean Cristofani Beatrice Dorsett Virginia Earl Arthur Fletcher Lillian Gagos Henry Gazzano Eugene Gorden Almon Graber Robert Green Gerald Hamilton Barbara Hammarberg Mary Honens Jack Howell Thomas jenkin Charles Karsun Alex Kogen Beverly Light june March Virginia Mathews Doris Stone Eugene Swett Clarence Wagner Frank Ward Dolores Wellington Victor Whitely Janet Williams james Fox, Prerident james Coffman, Vice Preridem' Gene Duff, Seefeiury Janis Sullivan, Trearurer LaWayne Stromberg, Reprerematioe Registry 224 SONS AND DAUGHTERS OFIJNCOLN SO LONG Registry 32 PM I' ONE HUNDRED TVVENTY LINCOLN LOOKS Many strange and weird sights can be seen at the zoo. These being the animals from deep dark Africa, snakes of India, and the reptiles from the East. But the strangest of all a the"Ql5Ji'i'1stangs at Lincoln. ot all oft pecuiliar animals are in th 0.2 Eli . A - i . ff' r gl W , e I Xu x idx vo A i Ll? if xi ,lr it .. ki . 'E l .1 1 , ,JL l E 'i my tw X ffl ft X, A Q QD 4 -,. xy , N' L we iii or 'Orff L'-.V X' i gl' LINCOLN 'll-.. SHOPS Some of the kids from Sandune Hill are on a trip to the big city fmeaning Market Streetj. They're in a big hurry as you can see because they're going to get their senior rings from the jeweler and they want to be Hrst in line. eguuuf 13.2 Farewell to Lincoluk well-known bulls, Teucherr, and good friends, too. We'll never forget you, though you muy go far. Goodbye and good luck from . . . Reg. I32 HERE'S TO THE KIDS WHO HAVE MADE LINCOLN TOPS Eileen Barrango Barbara L0f1g joseph Becker Margaret MacDonald Norma Buchner Douglas MacGregor Bert Coffey Marilyn Mann Marilyn Conover Eugene Murray johnny Cox Harry Quillihan Dick Dales Annette Schilling Robert Denison D0r1S Spilmer Elaine Elliott Arthur Strand David Erickson ISHS SUOITI Susan Frederickson Caspar Szukalski Charles Gard Beve Thal Carol Ghiselli Bob Trieber Janet Hall Fred VanDyke Alec johnson Barbara Wara Tom Kelly Barbara Wilk Florence Kureon REGISTRY 214 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TYVENTY-ONE HERE'S TO YOU, HIGH SENIORS! Hereiv to you! How we euoy your pofitiou Af we struggle for recognition,- Your reward for years of work 5 Shows ur that we mustu t Jhirhy Ami al' you uow make plans to graduate We are left with just a heaelaehe. Here J to you, High Seniors . . . Good Luth!! REGISTRY I0 GOOD LUCK, SENIORSY Sincere Wishes May you figure large on lifeff movie screen With the hest o f good wishes from Reg. 213 Bernice Amerian Audrey Ames Ronald javet Kathleen Kerrigan Shirley Anderson jackie La Fleur Stanley Miller joe Atkinson Gloria Baggenstos Gloria Quast Lora Lee Bell jack Clarke Larry Ragus Raleigh Russell Bettilou Cosgrove BillScharninghausen Robert Sans jackie Crow Anne Fitzsimlmons Gerrie Smith Stan Steinmetz Evelyn Ghisolfo AnnetteGoldhammer Ben Stoll Donna Strom Lola Goldkuhl Lewis Grasberger jackie Sumner Nancy Gray Ernest Hohndorf Jeanne Holcomb Bob Timmons Mary Wisnom jerry Wright Marjorie Jacobsen Miss Shephard to the from Re Q, 305 ougratulatiouf to the g Graduating Seniors FMWRQMW5 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO LINCOLN POSES Dean Davenport and Ray Faber are giving it the buddy act. This particular day they went to visit their relatives at the zoo. Why the sad looks on your faces, boys? You say the attendant told you to leave because you were scaring the animals? That's really a. shame. TROTS Lincoln's intellectual upper classmen are seen having a gay time on an old stand-by for a good time-the merry-go- round. These brave horsemen are .Ian Larson, "Chuck" jones, Shirley McGuHick, and George Bishop. As you see, these lovely Lincoln girls were afraid to ride by them- selves, so their strong, so-called Lincoln men volunteered to protect them. Seuiorf of Lincoln, 301'5 heetz u-thitzkitf, Whut we could put in thi: Jpucej L I N C O L N We do with you good luck, Best wither we'll chuck, But the truth we might us well fuce. We of the high tezz,ou1' good-hyes we feud To you gruttr of '45, We, one unc! ull, Shout out thir cull . . . "Of Huppifzefr and Succefs for the rest of your liver." REG. 142 PREDICTS THE FUTURE GRACIE GALLAGHER, Swami Dick Gorman-Butcher jerry jones-Plumber Rod Brennan-Body building inst. Glendora Miller-Loving wife Dick Drolette-Wolf Chuck Dorsett-Father of sextuplets Mollie Mercer-Wife of Fuman Chu Hal McCormick-Mattress tester jim Mohns-He does ! !? Verlayne Shaves-Circus fat lady Gus Pappas-Bouncer Bob Jensen-Bubble gum expert jay Thomas-Mayor of Petaluma Herb Levin--Fuller brushman Martha Smith-Fan dancer Lois Moulin-H202 specialist joan Murphy-Follies of the gay 50 Bob Rieniecker-Doctor of Education Lorraine Miromontez-Dance teacher Phyllis Ireland-Lauren Bacall II Pat McGinley-Pat McGinty Eugene Watson-Play boy Al Munn-Street car conductor Pat Francis-Liquor tester Bob Durkin-Human guinea pig Audrey Anderson-Vera Vague II Bernice Manfredo-Gay divorcee Horatio Hudgins-Collector of Int. R Fred Jackson-No, no, not that! Dorothea Reiniann-Wolfess Louise Spencer-Dodger dancer S CV. Congratulation to the Graduating Class from Regi try l T TH HGH SNRS: In ths tme f wr nd strss We try t cl or vry bst. Nd so t sve bth ppr nd tme, We sll nt wst anthr lne. Whrvr yu g, true Wll tll We d slmnly bid yu frwll. REGISTRY 317 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENT'Y-THREE Compliments G R A NAA ,A B R O of ae . Largefz1,l,llIizi.:zT1t4ictu:'ing OVERLAND RETAIL PHARMACY IEWELERS PRESCRIPTION ,I SPECIALISTS 1055 Taraval St. cor. 21st Ave. OVerland 4664 Grant Avenue at Geary 20th at Mission San Francisco GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 1945 You Are Through with your High School Program Now is the Time lo Star! Your LIFETIME INSURANCE PROGRALI I STATE FARM INSURANCE CO'S 516 VAN NEss AVENUE To the Graduates ojf I945 Our Bert U7i.floe,r for Your Future if A G E N T S R. K. Thompson Arden Hursh 2694-23rd Avenue 3645 Ortega St. R E G I S T R Y 'I 0 'I ReczlE.rm1e Notary Izzrumme HUNGRYPPP CHESTER R. MacPHEE ' ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE An Arrive Real Eftaie Firm List your property with us Sure, but Why eat at home when you can eat at . . . THE TOWN HOUSE 2623 Ocean Avenue Q And you don? lmzfe to umfa llae dirrh E.: .I PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR LINCCLN WADES The Portals of the Past have a singu- lar history. This piece of an edifice f25c wordb used to hold the door in an old San Francisco mansion before the earth- quake. After the quake the only part of the house left standing was the arch, so the owners presented it to the park with the name "Portals ofthe Pastf' LINCOLN WALKS Its famous name and tradition are al- most as old as San Francisco itself. From the side facing the ocean can be seen many points of interest, including Seal Rocks and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Farallone Islands can be seen on a clear day. 1 ' ya4,.?f"' K f .'4A,,'a.4' , AI' ., ' -,Y 4 0 ri I . UNCLE ROGER'S 1 BEST WISHES .AfC6.f501'l65 for to the Sfllnlp Collectom ARCHERY SUPPLIES from Sardetts-the Perfect Bait I 1 I7 TARAVAL Sliabright 30 47 H-9-REGISTRY 8 GOOD LUCK to s E N 1 o R s Of SPRING R45 from VIALES B. PHOTO STUDIO 4725 GEARY BOULEVARD BAyview 2295 Van Wormer fr Rodrigues and A. R. Dankworth Co. jewelers Stationers i' Ma1zufactu1'e1'5 of your ABRAHAM LINCOLN CLASS PINS, RINGS i' Commencement I mfimtiom Perxomzl Cards Troplaief Medalf Club Pim Compliment! From the Students of Cell No. 4 of . A hearty farewell PODESTA6' ,OW BALDOCCH' GRADUAUNG ir SENIORS 224 GRANT AVENUE of Spring Term 1945 SUtter 6200 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE ki l ueluutes NOW IS THE TIME TO START YOUR CAREER IN THE Telqbbone Com uny If you are interested in a good job now--that has a future after the war too-consider work as a telephone operator or in an oflice position at the Telephone Company. You'l1 enjoy renewing friendships with former school- mates now in the Company- Tbe work is interesting o The surroundings pleasant And we'll pay you while you learn Let us tell you more about it. Come in and talk it over with our employment advisors at 140 NEW MONTGOMERY smear Q sAN FRANCISCO THE PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY PAGE ONE HUNDRED TXVENTY-SIX i LINCOLN WORKS Employed as gophers in a coal mine, these three Lincolnites, Ken Fryer, Don Goodenough and Don Fishstrom seemed to have just popped up for a spot of fresh air. Ordinarily, these fine young gentle- men would be all slicked up in their manly attire, but since there are no wom- en in camp to admire them-need we say more??? Anyway, chopping sticks in the Forestry Service is no easy job-huh, fellas? LINCGLN SPLASHES Come on in--water's fine! It's Doris Allen and Paula Stuck braving the icy waters of the Pacific. Fighting through dense clouds of fog every inch of the way-torn between the desire to round- about-face and head for a luscious hot dog smothered in mustard, these two Lin- colnites conquered their fears and true to the dauntless spirit of Lincoln, advanced into the foaming frothing. In other words, they went wading! We, the hidr in 316, Bid fond farewell to youg You mighty Jeniorf of Lincoln To thee we ray adien! May good lock he your heritage Wherever you .fhall roam,' Remember alwayr thir grand .rthool That you have called your home. i DIEVERQ GARRIITY ilk KEYS INCORPORATED PAPER RULERS ' BOOKBINDERS MANUFACTURERS 246 First Street ' San Francisco Phone EXBROOK 2871 Congratulations and Best Wishes ,O Seniors oil 1945 REGISTRY 210 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN A: frosh we were "hewilalereol," As Jophomorey, "in the know," A5 "union we were "zz er flow, I H A5 Jehiorx, 'Vhe whole Jhow",' Now of lo!! 'lL'6',1f'E reached the top, Our high school aloyx are clone, 'But we'll looh hack on gooal times po!! . . FAREWELL 131 School Supplier Sorial Stoflonery Ingleside Sfaiionery 81 Record Shop 1931 OCEAN AVENUE RAndo1ph4267 To the Sefliorf we my good-hye From Reg. 312 of Lizzeolrz High, And Jinee you have lo go u'e'll my Farewell until another day. Greeling Card: Giflx ' Louis Zanze's G O O D FINE FOODS LUCK, 1102 TARAVAL sr. S E N I O R S 0 Phone MOntrose 9712 San Francisco REGISTRY 124 PET ANIMALS -find BIRDS LOmbard 647761 SUNSET PET SHOP Pet Boughl, Sold 1734 Irving at 19th Avenue Ada Foy San Francisco CONGRATULATIONS to Reg. 306, if we graduate in '46 EDNA N. VALENTINE CONGRATULATIONS c A s U A L zo 2 Z2 if 2 SPRING CLASS OF '45 100927 Wool-319.00 lmm Panel Slmdef 1341 TARAVAL REGISTRY 226 I. S. Geer C. L. Geer G O D U K O I. C GEER HARDWARE to a o HIGH SENIOR CLASS 2133 TARAVAL STREET At 32nd Avenue Phone OVerland 5586 that will be hard to beat REGISTRY 212 DAWSON'S DRYGOODS 81 SHOES J. A. Dawson, Prop. ORDERS GIVEN PERSONAL ATTENTION Phone OVerland 1314 2129 Taraval St,-San Francisco 16 Moy the years you fpenz al Linroln Linger ever in your mimi AJ happy year:-time well spew- Thot you regretfully left behind. REGISTRY 143 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT LINCOLN S K I S ? ? It's Linco1n's outdoor gym complete with snow and everything. Here We see Bob Risvold making a smooth landing on all fours, or should we say five? He says he has to take the rest of his lessons. Oh, well, better luck next time, Ris. LINCOLN BOATS These gigantic and strong sports en- thusiasts, our own Lincolnites, to be ex- act, are at the moment engaged in the rigorous work of becoming rowing ex- perts. Stowe Lake really is quite the place to row, as many a gay young Mustang has found out in the past. A LaVerne Ames Ernie Aviani Pat Biss Anne Boscow Bill Cochrane Pat Derham john Dodd Eda Dokter Beverly Fenton REGISTRY ZOI Elizabeth Ferguson Herb Forchemer Russ Gibbons Frank Glyn Glenna House john Keegan Stanley Lerner Stan Main Marilyn Martorella Carol McFarland Jack McNulty Margaret Meyer Marian Millisich Bobbie Moore Greta Olson Gloria Ponath Walt Riess Charlotte Sides G O O D L U C K in Ike GRADUATING SENIORS from REGISTRY 328 HELENE'S 129 XVEST PORTAL Hay What You Laok For in- APPAREL RE-NEW Cleaners and Dyers Our Name-Our Aim We operate our own plant 2215 IRVING STREET Phone MOntrose 4491 San Francisco The GEORGIAN SHOP 111 XVest Portal o SILVER AND NOVELTY JEWELRY FOR THE GIRLS BEST XVISHES TO THE GRADUATES Complimenlr of COURTING'S 76 WEST PORTAL AVENUE Phone OVerland 3451 Complimenu of SILVIA'S CANDIES 1601 OCEAN AVENUE All Cundier Made on lbe PremiJeJ Busus OVer1and 2640 J. Carlo, Prop. VARIETY SHOP 32nd 81 Taruval Markef QUALITY MEATS 'A' FISH and POULTRY 3 1 2, .1 T A R A V A I, 5 T R E E T 2149 Taraval St. San Francisco MO t 3075 Elerfrif Plumbing Carpenlef IUSC L 'I I JOBBING and REPAIRING CINDERELLA SHOP HAMILL'S Miss Clara Mohr, Prop. LADIES' AND CHILDRENS WEAR PARKSIDE HARDWARE 1038 Taraval Street -.z 1 ' Y s s F ' H 1 Wing nest an mncmo Robert B. Hamill MOntrose 4968 A F T E R 5 C H 0 0 L BiII's Delicaiessen ffl I THE BEST OF SUPPLIES Boa Youn HOME Marshall S Courteous Serrice Wes'I' Porial Pharmacy 186 West Portal Ave. Alwayr 118 WEST PORTAL AVE. OVerland 5727 PAGE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE "Hello . . . Coke !" If 5.1 i BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF YNE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. San Francisco, California DEDICATION.. Mario Balistreri Bernard Hicks Frank Balduc Louis Fortro August Venturi Frank Ferris BobSanden joe Portillo Warren Tattenham REGISTRY 2 I YQ si 555:255- 'glqn un up Q 2 5 -E 5 V E N I To Those in the Serfivice Reg. 202 Vsfishes YOU More Than .lust GOOD LUCK PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY IJINCOLN LOAFS Resting on the grassy patch by the "K-L" transfer stop, a group of Lincoln- ites are working diligently at their favor- ite sport-loafing. This is best done in perpendicular fashion as is displayed in the picture, but is popular at anytime or place. The enthusiasm which these stu- dents show for loahng can easily be seen by a tour of class rooms where demon- strations continue throughout each period. P L A Y S Whoever heard of going to the conces- sions without visiting the fun house? These Lincolnites seem to be debating whether or not they should go in and join the crowd, getting lost in the mirror maze and riding the bouncing ponies. Perhaps they'll stay outside, watch, save money and defy tradition. LINCOLN scl-looLwEAn Acnv: s. spscmron sPon1swEAn KNIT-KRAFT , GOOD LUCK SENIORS BEST WISHES and GOOD LUCK from from REGISTRY 308 REGISTRY H ' Class of'48 GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK MW GRADUATES , HIGH SENIORS from REGISTRY 227 ' from And a u reach ur oal fllfliutside Wfflld g REGISTRY 2 CONGRATULATIONS Good Luck to the u I GRADUATING Hlqh Semors CLASS OF 1945 f 1'OIT1 .tt REGISTRY 309 Regisiry 315 PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE fx 4 f QM Finally Made It! REGISTRY 3 2 7 SPRECKELS - RUSSELL Z MILK Farewell Pals Regisfry 'I41 May lbe ycarf you Jpent al Lincoln Liuger ever in your mind A5 happy yearr-time well Jpeni, That you regretfully lefl behind. REGISTRY 143 N OVerland 9611 7' J 1 Ffesll 115 the We Take Care of Your Needf V4 1 Morning PARKSIDE HABERDASHERY f Wk 1 - HARRY RABINOVICH I . Outfitters for Lincoln High IN KLA 1050 TARAVAL ST. San Francisco 16 PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO LINCOLN LEARNS Seekers for the life of Thomas Jeffer- son, the history of the Hawaiian Islands, the fate of Queen Victoria, the loves of Edgar Allan Poe, come to the West Por- tal Library, the eventual end of all the Lincoln bigger brain trusts. After all, we have to pass U.S., somehow. So we spend our afternoon driving the librarian Crazy and having a good time, too, where all good fellows meet. f LINCOLN SNITCHES Deep in San Francisco's past dwell the cable cars. Running on tradition alone fthe engineers tell usj, the loyal, hard- working trollies labor up the steep San Francisco hills. Lincoln's girls and fellows like the cable cars, too, It's a rare adventure when they all take a ride to the end of the line and back. High school kids appreciate tradition and romance too! I ' 551- I - HIGH SENIOR REGISTRY 225 M., ' at. V W f Nfl wk -A ,A f Belfast Quality Beverages Made in lbs U.S.A. . If W? l,v f I A' - 1 1, fel oLDwQ"!y 4 it 6' U! I s llf fwfr! NGER ALE HIRE'S ROOT BEER srslj-.054 BELFAST BEVERAGE C0 820 PACIFIC AVENUE DOuglas 0547 ...W ..., .......,. ,. ..... ..,,. a1KlE5 f , , another of Palmeiiiaftluthentic Smith GW WIKIES! Wf1fef"?' Paltlmi cotton Shirred ela-SNC e en ' . 9 St0TeS. E,nm.Az Amefwa S wp rt... LEXICON PRESS C 0 u gmtulutes the Gmduutes und wishes the Faculty und Student Body u VERY HAPPY VACATION' PAGF ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR LINCOLN KM . l , Ass in RIDES Lincoln's fondest dreams have come trueg we now have a subway from the main building to the shacks. Street cars run every two minutes and the streamline special roams by just before the last bell. Through hot weather or cold, through thick and thin, our faithful service never fails and the Lincoln trolley roams on. f. f in rf? fx ,ns ' I' LINCOLN Mfg PM Q My My AMW Ric-E. -A 7,14-ip' YQ' 54554, V541 W why SL 5 0 'lllwmw ffl! . ow beY Gvuvuqen X M Q C H A T S ' e we see some lassies taking it easy G9-yr b fountain at the zoo. If We had f n as large as thus at Lmcoln we d b ver have to worry 530J1L.54,,, Jgdauufmdwv if T,o,yLQDv HUTCHIJON UA +4 mf ,awww . Us x Y? QQQ3 .M WW -fifwffgua QQ 1115 :aff Q-,QQ . Ay' Raj PAGF ONE HUNDRED THIRT THIRTYQECOND AVENUE M scorrs PHARMACY ' ' I "XVes" Scott T if L I N C O L N 32nd and Noriega Street SEabright 3535 DONUT DEPARTMENT SPECIAI. ATTENTION TO PARTY ORDERS Dinners Served 6 to 8 P.M. Fountain Servire Hand-packed Swift's Ice Cream 2511 Noriega Street SEabright 3511 LO. 6-8350 T O Y S THE NORIEGA SHOP 2515 Noriega WOMENS, CHILDRENS and INFANTS' WEAR Foundation Girdles, Brassieres Complete New Line for C0-eds E E A N D S E A U T Y A L O N fFormerly Empire Hotelj PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALISTS 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturday--9 A.M. to Midnight Monday thru Friday 2521 NORIEGA OVerland 1194 MONDONSEARBERSHOP HAIRCUTS FOR THE FAMILY 2525 Noriega Street Open 9 A.M, tn 7 P.M, Weektiaxys 9 A.M. to R P.M. Saturdays FARLONE CLEANERS FOUR SHOPS V I .ll T, MEETS , And this is the Parkside Theater where the kids meet On Friday nights. Lincoln has had a few rallies here as the manager Of the Parkside has been nice enough to let us use it now and then. h T O 5 E R V E Y O U On Week-ends the ience tly con- Call and Deliver I.Ombard 6-5811 sims of kids frm . l L t S., RIVERS REALTY CO. "If il can be rald, we nm .fell il" FOR QUICK, PROFITABLE REAL ESTATE SALES RESULTS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Y - 2533 Noriega Street Phone SEabright 4450 F Al Giuliani 33rd 81 'NQRIEGA MARKET . MEAT DEPARTMENT ' ' QUALITY MEATS COURTEOUS SERVICE 2 N X 5 my , x S A L'-I S B R O S. VEGETABLE' DEPARTINIENT Lower! PITLYI l FULL LINE OF FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fresh Vegetables Every Day 1 BOUSKOS BROS. ' GROCERY DEPARTMENT FINE FOODS ALVVAYS FOR LESS THIRTY-THIRD AVENUE PAGE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX W fy X wb W ' v . u xg' ox tvvkf - - vlb ul Q v 0, Cf film.,-4,.fe,?,.,..,-,g'., f vim in V U A K 0' U' J j m 0 0 we 4 40 1 W ff - M K J xr' - T 0 u. 'v Vp ax' 0 ,, C 0 0 .1- aw X M X 74245, ,Mgafw MZ fvvbwf F 157'-fA,,,,,qffVP KWMQ b Ajvw !..Z9iw,LE',VfrV4., Z A X QESXHX i! - ek IW K RS Ei W, 3 392 X SR lqfx Ei Xlxleb XQYMA5 iff, QQXXX 1 ix Q D- X ilsxgg M ,ffjff T X MdI W5j,pW 'Mi -

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