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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1988 volume:

I 7 Abraham Lincoln High School VolumeXXV 1 i Putting the pieces together Putting the pieces . . , The experiences lived at Abraham Lincoln High are each like a separate puzzle piece, small in comparison, yet part of a much bigger picture . . . four years of high school. Some are just starting their puzzle and others are filling in their last pieces. The yearbook staff has put together a puzzle contain- ing the bits and pieces of the year 1987-88. . . . together 5. Brad Smith defies all laws of gravity. 6. Chico Reed raises spirits during a pep assembly. 7. Steve Tomlinson shows off his organized clipboard to Russ Hall. 8. Jason Herman distracts Kristie Davis as Chris Dow slyly tries to snatch Kristie ' s purse. 9. Josh Stoffel looks on as Tim Rush and Pat Becker concen- trate on their hockey game. . r ' I Homecoming Court: (first row) Jay Lundeen, Gina Marcum, Wendy Toni Mauro, Tim Rush, Wendy Wilson, Andy Fisher, Wolver, Beth Ann Kennedy, Troy Thacker. (second row) Jason Herman, George Ashman. Carrie Meline, and 1. The Homecoming Court is honored at halftime of the football game. 2. The Home- coming Court members and their escorts gath- er at the Coronation Assembly. 3. King Troy Thacker and Queen Gina Marcum take their " first royal walk. 4. Cheerleaders sell mums and carnations during Spirit Week. 5. LHD shows school spirit by decoratating their Homecom- ing fioat. 6. Swing Choir performs Get Happy at the Coronation Assembly. W It Coronation shines; king, queen elected September 22-26 was a week to remember as Home- coming festivities sparked school spirit. Spirit Week got off to a flying start when the student body selected the Homecoming Court. Cheerleaders sold mums and carnations, while the wrestlers sold the traditional spirit links. Spirit Week got into full swing on Wednesday as students and faculty displayed thei r school spirit on Hawaiian Day by wearing loud, floral patterned clothes. Thursday was designated as Dress up Day in honor of the Coronation Assembly. The assembly was emceed by David Pulliam and Swing Choir provided the entertainment by performing Celebrate, Together We Stand, and Get Happy. Silence fell over the crowd as last year ' s queen, Danee Ferguson, passed her crown to Gina Marcum. Last year ' s king, Travis Burris, was unable to attend to crown and congratulate the new king, Troy Thacker. In closing, the crowd rose to its feet to honor the newly crowned king and queen. Rails explode in excitement Friday brought out the true spirit of the student body. Students dressed in maroon and gold for the traditional Color Day. Sen- iors portrayed their spirit and enthusiasm by designing two different Homecoming floats. The football game got off to a colorful start when Rails Club released many ma- roon and gold balloons as the team ran onto the field. Halftime entertainment was pro- vided by the Marching Band while the Homecoming Court was announced. Rails Club decorated Hutchens Field with many colorful streamers. Students continued their school spirit as many attended the dance on Saturday night. Music was provided by KGGO ' s Phil Wilson. Decorations were provided by 1. Renee O ' Conner gets trashed on Hawaiian Day. 2. The football team makes its grand entrance before the game. 3. The football players get psyched up for their big game. 4. Kristie Davis, Jason Herman, Lance Donaldson, and Michelle Allen prepare to bring in the spirit chain during the pep assembly. 5. Students show their school spirit with the spirit chains. 6. TKD gets rowdy before the pep assembly. 7. The Risky Railmen do their version of A Chorus Line. 8. Seth Else and Jeff Jorgensen protest Hawaiian Day by clashing. Cheerleaders liven school The cheerleaders dedicated many hours of their time to help fire-up school spirit. They began their season early in the summer. They attended camp in Ames with other cheer- leaders from all over the state. The cheerleaders make many contribu- tions throughout the year: selling mums and carnations for Homecom- ing, making signs for athletic activi- ties, and planning pep assemblies. The group of twenty is divided into three squads. The girls basketball squad, headed by captain Marilee Sparks, cheers for football, girls swimming, wrestling, and girls bas- ketball. Ellen Meline is captain of the boys basketball squad. They cheer for football, volleyball, boys swimming, and boys basketball. The sophomores, led by Lisa Swift, cheered for all freshmen and sophomore football and basketball events. Co-captains Marilee Sparks and Ellen Meline said, " The friends and memories we made through cheer- leading will never be forgotten. ' ' Varsity Cheerleaders: (first row) Dawn Rector, (sec- Stewart, Ellen Meline, Chico Reed, Jennifer Saitta, ond row) Liesel Hohenshell, Michelle Aller, Marilee Wendy Wilson, Amanda Smidt. Sparks, (third row) Jessica Zika, Traci Renda, Kim 1. The cheerleaders get together before the North game. 2. Kim Stewart shows what cheerleading can do for your legs. 3. Ellen Mcline demonstrates a toe-touch and the latest hairstyle. 4. Liesel Hohenshell seems lost in thought. 5. The sophomores pause for a cool drink. 6. The cheerleaders enliven the crowd at the Valley game. 7. Michelle Aller cheers with a big smile. 15 Railettes attend Austrailian Expo In their second year, the 35 young Railelles began a successful year with a new sponsor. Pally Sonnlag, and a new captain, Denise Jones. " Rai- lettes takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but ifs more than that, weVe a family! ' ' said Denise Jones. Their first performance was at the Burger Bowl halftime with Shake Down, which they also performed at the first pep assembly. Their second dance was performed to the song Oh Yeah at the Homecoming pep assembly. Railettes also march with the band during halftime at football games. They competed with the band at two state marching contests finishing third out of 35 bands at Omaha and receiving a " 1 " rating at East High School. Parade season began in the spring with the Drake Relays pa- rade. The Railettes also marched in the Pella Tulip parade and the Viesha parade in Ames. The squad will accompany the Marching Band to Brisbane, Australia, in August, where they will march in two parades at the 1988 World Expo. I T he squad performs at Soulhridgc for the opening of the new store " Carnival. " 2. Captain Denise Jones directs the squad io Shake Down. 3. The leadership squad makes a pyra- mid at the first pep assembly. 16 4. Raileltes look enthused after performing at halftime. 5. Denise Jones and Amy Faller look pleased after a perfor- mance at East. 6. Leadership squad: Treasurer, Stephanie Walter; Co-Captain, Charice Long; Captain, Denise Jones; Secretary, Desira Johnson; and Activity planner, Shae An- gus. r Railcttcs: (first row) Stephanie Walter, Charice Long, Denise Jones, Shae kie, Loric Sparks. Daiynna Brooks, (third row ) Sponsor: Patty Sonntag, Leeann Angus, Desira Johnson, (second row) Nikole Knight, Amy Smidt, Robyne Maldonado, Cathy Valenti, Jenny Jones, Rosic Danca. Amy Faller, Rachelle Swisher, Jenny Stark, Pam Vanderley, Nikki Jennings, Kristen Slczak, Sarah Myers, Shelley Camacho, Allison Tallant, Jenny Alvord, Juliet Gibson, Angie Bradshaw, Kristie Wallace, Patty Egcnbergcr, Brandy Dhabolt, Paula Gutus- Irons, Cheryll Cropp, Kristen Stites. 17 Marchers go to Australia The Marching Band has been given " the chance of a life-time ' In June, they repre- sented the Mid- West in the World Exposi- tion in Brisbane, Australia. ' The trip was the largest ever attempted by an Iowa school. This was a very successful trip which was made possible by the adminis- tration, faculty, parents, students and good old work, ' ' commented Dave Killinger, band director. During the school year they held several fund raisers for the trip. They sold M M ' s, helped BLH sales, and held a paper drive. In competition, they received a ' T ' rat- ing for the tenth consecutive year. They also went to Omaha, Nebraska, to march in the Beatrice Music Bowl where they placed in the top three. In addition, the band provided fans with the halftime entertainment at three home games. In the spring they performed at the Drake Relays Parade, at the Tulip Festival in Pella, and at Viesha at Iowa State. 18 1. John Perry excites the crowd by swinging Chris Dow while the rest of BTIC gets ready to jump in. 2. Todd Herriott smiles as his name is mentioned for Debate. 3. Senior Cheerleader Traci Renda boo- gies to the beat. 4. Seniors stand to rally their team to victory. Student body shows spirit The pep assemblies were an exciting part of the year. They were times full of spirit, pride, and recognition. The Lincoln teams were recognized by the student body and staff for their abilities. Each team has something to be proud of and well deserved the attention. The main attraction of the year was the BTIC skit. Risky Railmen, perform- ing to You Shook Me All Night Long at the Homecoming assembly. The Cheerleaders and Drill Team had no trouble arousing the crowd with their version of Let ' s Go Crazy. Each pep assembly ended with the students joining in for the school song. 20 5. Michelle Allen, Mindi Wood, Renee O ' Conner, and Melissa Daughenbaugh got the O.K. from the dentist. 6. Railettes and Cheerleaders put a crowd-pleasing end to the version of " Let ' s Go Crazy. " 7. BTIC, Rick Studins, says " I DARE YA " after the assembly dance. 8. Senior students show mixed emotions over the pep assembly con- troversy. 9. Tad Johnson controls his emo- tions during the assembly. 21 Dorian Art students make school shine Dorian Art Club, continuing a 34 year tradition, once again added color to the school by decorating the gym for Homecom- ing and by hanging Christmas scenes in the front hall. The Christmas portraits which garnished the front hall fea- tured well known Muppet characters in traditional Christmas scenes. The 35 sophomores, juniors and seniors met each morning for homeroom, led by sponsor Dale McLean and officers: Kevin Molloy; president, Kim Clements; treasurer, Julie Cherry; sec- retary, and Mellisa Hawk; historian. President Kevin Molloy commented, ' ' Although this year ' s group was rather large, I feel that much was accomplished and there was a lot of motivation within the club. ' ' Annually Dorian Art donates a piece of artwork to the school, these are displayed in various school offices. 1 . One of the four scenes Dorian Art created during Christmas. 2. Dorian Art members work on a portrait for the front hall. 3. Scott Murphy and Kim Clements trim garland for the front hall. 4. Kim Clements helps decorate the gym for the Homecoming dance. 5. Sponsor Dale McLean supervises Dorian Art. 22 Dorian Art: (first row) Kevin Molloy, Joe Bianchi, Ace Hendricks, Tony Martindale, Doug Keller, Jim Armstrong, Gary Gioffrredi, (second row) Phil Gale, Scott Murphy, Mellisa Hawk, Linda Green, Julie Cherry, Tammy Nebola, Jennifer Brennan, (third row) Robert Carlson, Tammy Hendricks, Terry Weisshaar, Stacie Kline, Todd Harriot, Chad Gathercole, Lonnie Ceretti, (fourth row) Brian Hardie, Marnie Ison, Brian Connett, Larry Starner, James Spaur, Ron Bergmann, Steve Barber, (fifth row) Matt Smoot, Sponsor Dale McLean, Danny Bougher. Dorian Art officers: Julie Cherry, secretary; Kim Clements, treasurer; Kevin Molloy, president; ind Mellisa Hawk, historian. 23 In its continuance of excellence, the RAILSPLITTER, under the guidance of Co-editors Jason Herman and Mindy Manley, completed the successful issues. The newspaper staff, consisting of 1 5 members worked daily to contrib- ute interesting and intriguing stories to inform and entertain the student body. Jason Herman commented, ' Working as a co-editor was something that I will never forget. I expect it will be very helpful this fall when I take journalism classes in college. This staff needs to be given all of the credit. They were a great team to work with. ' ' Mindy Manley said, ' ' I was very honored to work as a co-editor of the RAILSPLITTER and I am also very proud of the paper and the staff. We have worked hard and maintained our standard for journalistic excellence. " InSurBncr iRUARY 12 3 4 ? t • I1 11 21 22 23MS nn Ncvi papcr Stall: (first row) Kristie Carnine, Valerie Kaczmarek, Lance Donaldson, Jason Herman, Mindy Manley, Sharon Little, Shari Emmons, (second row) Advisor Diane Weir, Mona Ubaldo, Melissa Johnson. Jim Lewis, John Kenyon, Jim Armstrong, Heather Roland. Rachel Wolford. (not pictured: Shellie McKeever.) 24 1. Mindy Manley appears quite surprised that the entire staff finished on time. 2. Jason Herman and Lance Donaldson consult other references for their stories. 3. Valerie Kazcmarek and Heather Roland check out the page dummy. 4. Sharon Little entertains the class with the latest news. 5. Rachel Wolford smiles as she completes a story for the April Fool ' s issue. 6. John Kenyon considers the possibility of someday being on the Bacone College newspaper staff. 7. Shari Emmons puts a lot of thought into her feature article. 8. Looking for the key word to catch the read- er ' s eye, Melissa Johnson polishes her story. 9. Shellie McKeever and Mona Ubaldo know the importance of proofreading to spot any flaws before the copy is set into print. Yearbook staff puts the pieces together After the theme Putting the Pieces together was chosen for the 1988 yearbook, the staff members worked hard to meet their many deadlines. Slowly, the yearbook became more than just an idea. Supervised by Advisor Diane Weir, Editors-in-chief Tad Johnson and Shannon McAninch began to take charge, and along with the other 28 staff members, strived to produce a book full of memories that everyone would be pleased with. 1. Denise Guslafson and Rac Lynn Park discuss changes to be made on the basketball layout. 2. Members of the staff grin happily on a successful dead- line day. 3. Senior editors Michelle Berkland and Dawn Petersen make a list of glossies for the senior section. 4. Advisor Diane Weir reminds her year- book students that good attendance is crucial in putting together a good year- book. 5. Co-editor Tad Johnson looks over photos for the opening pages. 26 5 5 38566 1. Angie Skidmore, Mary Sims, and co-editors Shannon McAninch and Tad Johnson discuss which photos will be used for various sports layouts. 2. Troy Thacker takes time out for the daily rit- ual of watering Mrs. Weir ' s plants. 3. Melissa Young consults with Advisor Diane Weir about changes in her lay- out. Yearbook staff: (first row) Linda King , Mary Sims, Tracey Campo, Dawn Petersen, Dawn Rector, Anne Denato, Jennifer Robart. (second row) Denise Gustafson, Trish Dey, Michelle Berkland, Ellen Meline, Tad Johnson, Shannon McAninch, Elisa Melia, Kevin Molloy, Angie Skidmore, Sherry Wasko. (third row) Melissa Young, Advisor Diane Weir, Rae Lynn Park, Joe Carter, Traci Renda, Tom Breese, Sonya Knight, Laura Brodie, Tammy Nebola, Troy Thacker, John Perry, (not pictured: Kristi Groen, Jennifer Holton) 27 Rails Club makes dance one to always remember Kevin Malloy broke Rails Club history this year when he became the first male officer the club has ever had. Kevin is the club ' s vice-president. Other officers are Heather Roland, president; Shannon Wright, secretary; Melis- sa Hawk, treasurer; Christina Carliango, historian; and Sally Fisher, spon- sor. The Rails Club does many things for the school and community. Among these are decorating the football field for Homecoming and conducting the annual Buzz Book cover contest. At Halloween and Easter they dress up to visit children ' s hospitals and nursing homes. At Christmas, members tested their vocal abilities by caroling at nursing homes. The annual girl-ask-boy Sweetheart dance, sponsored by the Rails Club, was held Saturday, February 13. Students danced to the tunes of Salmon Dave, formerly of Colt. 45, and Teaser. 28 1 . Sponsor Sally Fisher joins Rails Club in decorating for the dance. 2. Students dance to the music of Salmon Dave and Teaser. 3. Rails Club officers are (seated) Kevin Malloy, (standing) Christina Carliango, Heather Roland, Melissa Hawk, and Shannon Wright. 4. Chad Terrel shows his winning Buzz Book cover. 5. Sweetheart Man of the Year sinners are Seniors Chris Burkardt and Carrie Meline, Juniors Aaron Kephart and Heather Harpster, Sophomores John Feucalaro and Jessica Thompson, and Freshmen Damen Bartling and Jennifer Brown. 6. The Rockettes made a surprise appearance at the Sweetheart Dance. 7. Rails Club members show off their costumes before their Halloween activities. 8. Seniors want to let everyone know they had a good time at the dance. 29 Students choose study hall options Many students assist teachers in the library, counseling office, student center, and nurse ' s office. Student helpers receive 1 4 credit. Our counsel- ing office couldn ' t function without student helpers. They assist both faculty and students, " said Joyce Gast. This year the library has employed an electronic circulation system. The new system has improved the efficiency of the library ' s box checking system. With this new system, students must have an ID to check out books. Student center is offered to juniors and seniors in place of study hall. Students can play foosball, video games, listen to music, or eat a wide variety of snacks. Lincoln is the only school with a student center. Hi 30 i 1. Donny McVey takes a break in study hall. 2. Seniors Tim Rush and Michon Huss have no trou- ble studying in student center. 3 Crystal Padovich does her homework while Mr. Graziano is out of his office. 4. Ryan Blaskovich finds out there is a final for student center. 5. Jenny White helps check schedules with Joyce Cast in the counseling office. 6. Kevin Molloy is amazed at John Kenyon ' s ability to balance a book without any hands. 7. Shawn O ' Neil and Tim Swesey laugh as they try to do their homework. 8. Re- nee O ' Connor, Wanda Weberg, Brian Pierce, and Me- lissa Daughenbaugh show how much fun student cen- ter can be. 4 31 Council helps student body Student Council is concerned with organizing school activities and help- ing the community. The annual canned food drive proved very suc- cessful. A doughnut party for the homeroom with the most cans brought much motivation for the stu- dent body, not to mention a few more cans. About 1 10 people gave blood at the annual blood drive. Students 1 7 or over were able to participate. Student Council also sponsored the making and selling of spirit ribbons during football season. 1. Student Council officers: James losbaker, chief justice; John Carr, vice-president; and Kerry Larson, president, (not pictured Heather Johnson, secretary.) 2. John Perry gets cans ready to go to a needy family. 3. Billie Jo Borkgren gives her medical record to the R.N. before giving blood. 32 SIL, TLC programs strive to aid youths The Teen Leadership Connection (TLC) is a support group sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism to help people realize they can be proud of themselves without drugs or alco- hol. The Student in Leadership Program (SIL) develops leader- ship qualities to encourage involvement in the school and the community. It has three major components: self awareness, leadership development, and student involvement. The groups met monthly with students from all over Des Moines. The SIL program is sponsored by Judy Griffin and Drew Cannon. Students in Leadership: (first row) Jill Schneller, Chrystal Hughes, Lisa Armstrong, Nikki Dickmann, Chi Hui Pak, Joy Hockensmith, (second row) Lisa Ray, Stacy Bondura, Shelley Camacho, (third row) Cassie Evans, Dawn Davis, Angie Herold, Jessica Thompson, Craig Molloy, Kim Clements, David Hufschmid, Cheryl Cropp, and Dennis Smith. 1. Chelley Rivas, Kristi Groen, Jac- quie Lair, and Sara Timmons take a break during camp activities. 2. Teen Leadership Connection members: Kris- tin Leavengood, Kristi Groen, Chelley Rivas, and Bill Pirkle. (Not pictured: Kim Tweedy, Jacquie Lair, Heather Harpster, and Sara Timmons.) id- 41 f F| 33 Lincoln players present ' Arsenic ' Arsenic and Old Lace, written by Joseph Kesserl- ing, was first produced in 1942 and in 1944 was made into a movie starring Cary Grant. The play was about two very sweet old ladies who have devel- oped the knack of putting lonely old men out of their misery with a special potion of arsenic, cyanide, and elderberry wine. The fall play was directed by Kate Hoerl. Rob Andrews commented, " The cast and the crew were super and Mrs. Hoerl is the best dramatic teacher that Lincoln has had for a while. ' ' The Cast The Brewster Family Mortimer Rob Andrews Abbey Jeannie Truitt Martha Jenni Gathercole Teddy Chris Bunce Jonathan Jason Hallet Friends of the Family Elaine Stacy Trudeau Dr. Einstein Mark Pearson Mrs. Harper . Beth Ann Kennedy Members of Brooklyns Finest Officer O ' Hara Scott Dolch Officer Klein Aaron Lutyens Officer Brophy Troy Fickle Lieutenant Rooney Jerald Gains The Victims Mr. Gibbs Tom Ortega Mr. Witherspoon Tom Ortega Mr. Hoskins Colleen Fry Mr. Spenalzo Colleen Fry 1. Mrs. Harper (Belh Ann Kennedy), Abby Brewster (Jeanne Truitt) listen to Teddy Roosevelt (Chris Bunce) explain the canal in the basement. 2. Elaine Harper (Stacie Trudeau) sits patiently while Mortimer Brewster (Rob Andrews) discusses his family. 3. Joh- nathan Brewster (Jason Hallet) and Dr. Einstein (Mark Pearson) mistake their neighbor Elaine Harper (Stacie Trudeau) for a mid- night intruder. 34 3 Production Staff Director Kate Hoerl Assistant Director Tracy McAninch Technical Director Daniel Hoerl Stage Manager Tracy McAninch Properties Michele Soper Lisa Kennelly Light and Sound Jeff Jorgensen Lisa Shaw Rob Andrews Programs ALHS Graphics Makeup Sharyl Orey Stephanie Leeper Debi Stenstrom Jeni Weldon Krista Molloy Set Crew Jennifer Wylie Tracy McAninch Jason Hallet Sharyl Orey Amanda Barber Allyson Valder Lisa Kennelly Colleen Fry Michele Soper Aaron Lutvens 4. Abbey Brewster (Jeannie Truilt) and Mrs. Harper (Beth Ann Kennedy) have a friendly chat. 5. Elaine Harper (Stacy Trudeau) explains to Dr. Einstein (Mark Pearson) what she ' s doing in the Brewster household so late at night. 6. Mortimer Brewster (Rob Andrews) and Dr. Einstein (Mark Pearson) have a heated discussion. 6 35 Debaters show much potential Coached by Linda Schlak and assisted by Mike Miller, the debaters had many opportunities to gain invaluable exper- ience. The forensics chapter, which has almost doubled in size in the last several years, participated in various tourna- ments, qualifying members for trophies and state-wide com- petition. In addition, the chapter hosted the Hoover-Lincoln Presidential Invitational Fall Classic at Hoover, with Presi- dential candidate Kate Heslop attending. This is the first Lincoln-sponsored tournament in 8 years. The chapter received the Leading Chapter award, the highest honor N.F.L. can bestow. A school must wait five years before again becoming eligible for the award. The teams participated in two and four-man policy debate. Class C debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate. Student Congress, and various individual events (including humorous interpre- tation, dramatic interpretation, original oratory, and extem- poraneous speaking). Judicial debate (Mock Trial), which consists of a court case tried realistically by several lawyers and witnesses who win their positions in open try-outs, again drew many partici- pants in the spring. Mock Trial team 1 was led by Captain Todd Herriott and managed by Adam Jones, Lori Chancy, and Nicole Kimber- ly. Members included Ron Bergmann, Chang Chae, Cheryl Cropp, Christina Jarnagin, Erika Moore, Paula Ruston, Nikki Whitaker, and Satire Williams. Team 2 was led by Captain Kristie Carnine and managed by Elda Lehman and Tracie Alt. Its members included Mek- hine Baccam, John Carr, Heather Johnson, Laura Kain, Angie Penland, Jodi Puis, Deana Scheffler, and Frank Spo- seto IIL Memorable tournaments included the Atlantic Bull Creek Classic, the Creighton Prep classic, and the N.F.L. West District Contest. N.F.L. Members: (first row) Michael Deierling, Christina Cariglino, Public Relations Clo- ver Finch, Secretary Todd Her- riott, Treasurer Kristie Carnine, President Laura Tucker, Vice- President Mekhine Baccam, Christina Harless, Coach Linda Schlak. (second row) A. Ward, A. Reynolds, G. Fuller, S. Wil- liams, C. Jarnagin, D. Brooker, J. Carr, J. Puis, A. Jones, R. Batts. (third row) K. Rogers, D. Scheffler, A. Sparks, C. Chae, J. losbaker, M. Mulvihill, J. Hock- ensmith, J. Roland, N. Whi- taker, P. Schilling, (fourth row) R. Russell, R. Tesdall, M. Wil- son, A. Van Fleet, J. Blair, P. Ruston, L. Abies, D. Dority, B. Garland, S. Heitman,S. Knight, J. Chapman, M. Cumings. Varsity: (first row) Coach Linda Schlak, Clover Finch, Paul Schilling, Christina Cariglino, Denise Brooker, Christina Jar- nagin, John Carr, Christina Harless, Kris- tie Carnine, Laura Tucker, Assistant Coach Mike Miller, (second row) Amy Sparks, Chang Chae, Leslie Abies, Mindi Mulvihill, Joy Hockensmith, James Iso- baker, Jody Roland, (third row) Andrew Van Fleet, Todd Herriott, Mekhine Bac- cam, Paula Ruston, Betsy Garland, Steph- anie Heitman, Sonja Knight, Michael Novice (first row) Ryan Tesdall, Renee Batts, Aaron Reynolds, Satire Williams, Adam Jones, Dawn Dority, Coach Linda Schlak. (second row) Matthew Wilson, Amy Ward, Deana Scheffler, Jodi Puis, Joel Blair, Michael Deierling. (third row) Rick Russell, Andrew Van Fleet, Garry Fuller. Individual Events (first row) Michael Deierling, Christina Cariglino, Clover Finch, Todd Herriott, Kristie Carnine, Laura Tucker, Christina Harless. (sec- ond row) Amy Ward, Aaron Reynolds, Garry Fuller, Satire Williams, Denise Brooker, Christina Jarnagin, Joy Hock- ensmith, Adam Jones, (third row) Deana Scheffler, Amy Sparks, Chang Chae, James Iso- baker, John Carr, Jodi Puis, Jody Roland, Nikki Whitaker, Paul Schilling, (fourth row) Rick Russell, Andrew Van Fleet, Joel Blair, Paula Ruston, Mekhine Baccam, Dawn Dority, Betsy Garland, Stephanie Heit- man, Sonja Knight, Michael Cumings. Debate (first row) Michael Deierling, Christina Cariglino, Clover Finch, Todd Herriott, Kristie Carnine, Laura Tucker, Christina Harless. (sec- ond row) Amy Ward, Aaron Reynolds, Garry Fuller, Satire Williams, Christina Jarnagin, Den- ise Brooker, John Carr, Jodi Puis, Renee Batts, Adam Jones, (third row) Kirk Rogers, Deana Scheffier, Amy Sparks, Chang Chae, James Iso- baker, Leslie Abies, Mindi Mulvihill, Joy Hock- ensmith, Jody Roland, Nikki Whitaker, Paul Schilling, (fourth row) Rick Russell, Ryan Tes- dall, Matthew Wilson, Andrew Van Fleet, Joel Blair, Paula Ruston, Mekhine Baccam, Dawn Dority, Betsy Garland, Stephanie Heitman, Sonja Group to ' Swing ' at Disney World Swing Choir dazzled audiences around the city with their exciting performances. Together We Stand was the group ' s fall show which was held on November 6,7. Members put on shows for many area clubs and businesses. Principal Financial Cen- ter rewarded the group with a free luncheon. In February, the choir worked diligently for the McDonalds Urbandale Competition and Cedar Ra- pids Jefferson Invitational. The group ended their year with a trip to sunny Florida. While there, the group performed at Disney World and Epcot Cen- ter. Swing I Band: (seated) Michon Huss, Troy Daniels, Jenifer Guetten, (standing) Chris Bunce, Jim Carigliano, Seth Else, Scott Davidson, Jeff Winne, Chrystal Hughes, Brad Cave. Swing I: (first row) Brad Cave, Seth Else, Crystal Hughes, Chris Bunce; (second row) Scott Youngquist, Christy Grubbs, Diana Daghastani, Wendy Wilson, Lisa Shelton, Michelle Berkland, Jenifer Guetten, Kelly Black, Mike Allen; (third row) Denise Devick, Michon Huss, Jeana Adamson, Raquel Poland, Angie Skidmore, Sherry Wasko, Michelle Allen, Lora Fitzgerald; (fourth row) Laura Hanson, Susie Rhode, Debbie Bishop, Tammy Warren, Angie Bendixen; (back row) Scott Davidson, Jim Carigliano, Tony Nucaro, Gary Loux, Troy Smith, David McDowell, Lincoln Grimes, Brian Burgett, Jeff Jorgensen, Fred Hale, David Pullium, Matt Speck, Rich Cantrell, Alan Marquis, George Ashman, Jeff Fredricks, Brian Sheesley, Brad Fuller, Joe Carter, Jeff Winne, Troy Daniels, (not pictured: Mindy Manley, Jenifer Saitta, Kim Stewart, Jamie DeAngelo, Todd Mitchell, Jamie Krammer, Jeff Freel.) 38 39 Prep Swing (first row) Tracy Erickson, Cherie Christiensen. Jon Durbin, JoAnna Sibert, Dawn Tigner, Stephanie Hedrick. (second row) Matt Faulkstrom, Shelly Rivas, Karen Christiensen, Kim Wilson, Julie Leib, Kip Heaberlin. (third row) Chris Reeves, Michelle Davey, Mike Bell, Brad Cave, Matt Raleigh, Jill Schneller Jay Carigliano. (fourth row) Travis Frost, Rich Grigliano, Ryan Thompson, Mary Miller, Joe Catron, Chrystal Hughes, Jim Carigliano, Jesse Villalobos, Kirk Twelmeyer (not pictured) Jesse Rincon, Andy Haluska. 40 Swing II, Chamber gain much respect Competitions and performances provided excitement for Chamber Chorale. Choir members competed for 30 spots in the All-State Music Festival against 300 other students from their district. Seniors Laura Hanson and Matt Speck were chosen to perform in the All-State Choir. Some highlights of the year were the Ogden Competition, performing at the Festival of Trees, and at a directors con- vention at Iowa State. ' ' I was really surprised by the way the group pulled togeth- er. I was proud to be a part of this group for a second year. ' ' commented Joe Carter. ' We had a very good year. 1 learned a lot and had fun too! ' ' said Sherry Wasko. Prep Swing gave their finest, putting energy and excite- ment into each performance. Homecoming was the group ' s first formal show. They also performed at Capital Square and competed in the Cedar Rapids Jefferson Invitational. Lift You Up and We ' re Gonna Make Some Excitement were two of the songs the group performed in their spring show. Chamber Chorale: (first row ) Sherry Wasko, Kristie Davis, Kelly Black, Lora Fitzgerald, Mary Miller, Laura Shaw (second row ) Director Carroll Bennink, Lori Tolley, Kim Atwood, Christy Grubbs (third row) Todd Mitchell, Debbie Bishop, Tony Nucaro, Lisa Shaw, Joe Carter, Cammille Campbell, Raquel Poland, Mike Bell, Cindy Davis (fourth row ) David McDowell, Gary Loux, Greg Payne, Brad Fuller, Joe Catron, Jeff Frederick, Brian Sheesley, Rich Canlreli, Dave PuUiam, Malt Speck, (not pictured) Laura Hanson, Jeff Freel, Jesse Villalobos. 41 Choirs work hard to perfect skills Hard work and determination helped lead the way to a successful year for Concert, Treble, and Varsity Choirs. Concert Choir chose to travel to St. Louis for their annual trip. They toured the city, traveled up the arch, and saw many other sights. They sold posters and jewelry to raise money for the trip. Concert Choir combined with Chamber Chorale to perform Heilig, a German Christmas piece, in the Winter concert. Other performances included a fall and spring show. ' ' Varsity and Treble choirs worked hard to learn the skills of singing " , said Director Janice Cord. While directing Concert Choir, Carroll Bennink pushes for the high note. Concert Choir: (first row) T. Warren, P. Russo, J. West, K. Mills, L. Tolly, C. Kain, J. Alcord, R. Thompson, J. Makowski, C. Reeves, R. Fast, J. Carr, M. Garland, J. Hockensmith, C. Pak, R. Lilly, B. Kennedy, C. Heimbaugh, G. Bostwick, T. Kost, D. Warren (second row) D. Devick, J. Herman, T. Wright, K. Carr, L. Elmore, S. Smith, N. Thummel, A. Ferguson, T. Chestnut, A. Fusari, L. Maldonad, B. Whitam, J. Norris, D. Murphy, F. Hale, L. Germany, S. Butts, B. Johnston, C. Kien, P. Wright, S. Timmins, R. Walker, L. Holtman, D. Sandes (third row) E. Miller, C. Wessel, L. Swift, A. Williams, L. Swift, A. Herold, K. Armel, K. Levengood, J. Lair, S. Williams, M. McBroom, J. Thompson, A. Hofbauer, L. Parkins, D. McBowell, T. Barnes, R. Taylor, C. Lenord, J. Huffman, R. Danoa, C. Huntsinger, M. Fulcalarno, A. Bendlxon, M. Aller, K. Erving (fourth row) S. Comer, T. Castellano, D. Eller, L. Beerbower, K. Norris, H. Johnson, W. Gibson, L. Cherry, C. Cornwell, J. Wambold, J. Villalobos, J. Rincon, J. Myers, M. Allen, S. Willock, C. Orey, L. Gilbert, S. Locke, M. Cornelison, J. Adamson, A. Dodge, H. Mutchler, L. Shaw. 42 Treble Choir: (first row) T. Mills, J. Murchinson, K. Aiello, H. Martinsen, T. Grubb, A. Zepeda, J. Levang, C. Annett, T. Durbin, (second row) Director Janice Cord, T. Schilling, D. Lewis, L. Rector, J. Janes, L. Mullenix, A. Ivory, A. While, C. Huntsinger (third row) S. Loux, T. Leib, L. Stafford, A. Sparrow, T. Johnson, J. Westworth, D. Ritchart, K. Anderson, A. Johannsen (fourth row) C. Page, S. Coldwell, C. Howard, J. Crain, B. Lynch, T. Crandall, Y. Bauer, K. Purtel, A. Terrell, A. Baumunk, L. Smith. Varsity Choir: (first row) J. Baker, N. Remsburg, M. Hayes, M. DuBois, T. Nelson, M. Trial, J. Kessel. C. Robinson, N. Rushing, A. Ogden, J. Schneller, K. Jones (second row) Director Janice Cord, K. Kernes, J. Friesz, J. Channon, C. Young, J. White, C. Edwards, D. Montana, M. Wessel, R. Dilse, C. Newkirk, S. Kaiho (third row) M. Longerbone, D. Weckman, K. Boozel, J. Wiltsie, M. Fitzlaff, B. Eddinger, T. Powell, J. Puis, L. Maddison, A. Dick, T. Reiner, M. Scott (fourth row) J. Fletch- er, K. Boles, A. Barber, J. Isenhower, T. Berkland, M. Wilson, A. Reynolds, J. Reese, K. Biondi, M. Scrithfield, R. Batts, C. O ' Conner. 43 Instrumental groups show musical ability Directed by David Killinger, Wind Ensemble competed in the State Competition held at Valley High School. At the end of the year, the group appeared at Vets Auditorium and performed at Commencement. Concert Band also performed at Commencement and State Competition. The group is directed by Andy Hanson. Orchestra, under the direction of Donald Webster, partici- pated with the vocal groups in their annual Winter concert. The group has gained new talent and had a very successful year. Members also participated in the All-State Music Festival and Aaron Wolle was chosen to play in the All-State Orchestra. Wind Ensemble (first row) Rachael Vosen, Shelly Smith, Crystal Padavich, Sonya Salmon, Christy Cain, Laura Johnson, Bridget Baker, Erica Stevensen, Michelle DeShong. (second row) Amy Wolfe, Tiffany Johnson, Michelle Clark, Lorrie Johnson, Staci Cowan, Tracy Zeliadt, Doug Taylor, Ben Schweizer, Carrie Bates, Jenifer Gathercole, Paula Gutuskie, Missy Friend, (third row) Kris Hartman, Stacy Sievers, Wendy Livingston, Melissa Young, Paul Martinsen, Gerald Caligiuri, Krissi Mosena, David Hufschmid, Bill Bassett, Chris Bunce, Mark Reynolds, Jenny Roe, Chad Reynolds, Jeff Snyder, Ruth Sibert, Seth Else, Chris Young, Holly Harrison, Mike Six, Andy laws, Joe Clements, Neal Robison, Jon Chapman, (fourth row) Nicole Kimberly, Julie King, Dan Schaffner, Mark Spidle, Tom Sherman, Jana Wright, Jeff Zeliadt. 44 Co ncert Band (first row) Pam Vanderly, Julie Pegg, Michelle Crees, Janelle Johnson, Jodi McGee, Arvana Lockey, Sarah Bradshaw, Rupa Singh, Audrey Johannensen. (second row) Dawn Remele, Kerry Readlinger, Tammy Breckenridge, Stephanie Leeper, Matt Robertson, Sandy Studins, Shodee Purcell, Ericka Livingston, Liz Zupan, Aimee Weaver, Karrie Loughry, Amy Atkinson, Nikky Jennings, Bill Willers, (third row) Steve Stodder, Julie Studins, Scott Johnson, Jenny Burch, Paul Hiscock, Bob Falkstad, Regina O ' Conner, Melissa Bingham, Missi McBroom, Missi Ruck-McCoy, Greg Laffredo, Laura Laws, Shirley Day, Kathy Griglione, Brooke Miller, Amanda Starner, Margret Fatio, Laura Dennis, (fourth row) Justin Hurt, Karen Anderson, Jamie Watson, Steve Starmer, Chad Davidson, James Ericson, Jeni Weldon, Brian Charron, Jeff Roth, Chad Garder, Nathan Neely, Becky Brown, Teresa Howland, Mike Fluharty, Mike Peters, David VanArkle, Angie Bowman, Carl Combs, Michelle Scott, Evan Wyer, Mike Montgomery, Rich Davenport, Chad Nelson, Shelli Cowan, Michael Blackburn, Dan Smoot. (fifth row) Melissa Sellers, Kelly Sturh, S hane Exman, David Hebbs, Debbie Gamble, Mary Jo Dobson, Chad Christy. All-Stale Cellist Aaron Wolle Orchestra (first row) Brandie Tucker, Stephanie Miller, (second row) Dana Cherry, Ursula Valles, Peggy Johanson, Marty Bernard, Donald Webster, (third row) Kari Davidson, Tammy Mawrey, Bill Sheets, Julie Cherry, Shelly Latessa. (fourth row) Cindy Galde, Aaron Wolle, Pilting Skud, Linda Gorsche. 45 Jazz I Jazz II Jazz Bands I and II added much spirit to basketball games as well as performing at various contest. In addition to State, they performed at five addition- al contest, including the Jazz Championship, and SCIBA contest held at Dowling. In the SCIBA competition, Jazz I re- ceived a 3 " rating and Jazz II received a ' 2 " rating in their divisions. ii icoh Jazz II; (first row) Erica Livingston, Michelle DeShong, Chad Nelson, Steph anie Leeper, Amy Keller, James Ericson, Andy Hansen (second row) Janelle Johnson, Sandy Stundins, Debbie Gamble, Chad Christy, Dan Smoot, Mike Six, Steve Starmer, Jeni Weldon, Shellie Cowan, Julie Stundins, Lorrie Johnson, Karyn Anderson, Liz Zupan (third row) Tracey Zeliodt, Nicole Kimberley, Missy Friend, Shane Wxman, Mike Fluharty, Krisse Mosena, Dan Shaffner, Andy Laws, Doug Taylor, Carl Combs, Bob Folkstad, Chris Young (fourth row) Nathan Neely, David Van Arkel, Brian Charron, Chad Davidson, Wendy Livingston, Greg Lefrado, Mike Peters 7» ML 4 r -ST " Jazz I; (first row) Crystal Padavich, Amy Wolfe, Shelly Smith, Michelle Clark, Holly Harrison, David Killinger (second row) Julie King, Carrie Bates, Mark Spidle, David Hibbs, Joe Clements, Neal Robison, Angle Bowman, John Chapman (third row) David Hufschmid, Mark Reynolds, Chad Reynolds, Bill Bassett, Ruth Sibert 46 Foreign exchange students: Hiroshi Tamura, Japan; Severin Danials, Germany; Akos Hegyi, Germany. Foreign trips excite students Six foreign exchange students attended Lincoln this year: Severin Danials, Ger- many; Hiroshi Tamura, Japan; Akos He- gyi, Germany; Ester Sanchez, Brazil; Ana DeBarros, Brazil; and Claus Dalum, Den- mark. In addition, students traveled across the nation and world, broadening their hori- zons. The U.N. and Close-Up trip partici- pants toured Washington, D.C., and were chosen from many applicants. The Europe and Mexico trips were arranged through the foreign language departments. fj), m, .aid Close-Up trip: (first row) Christina Harless, Liz Gilbert, (second row) Katie McLaugh- hn. Sonja Knight, Mark Bashor. Mexico trip: (first row) Jamey DeAngelo, Jami .Morton, Stacy Bondura, Jill Schneller, Julie Cronin. (second row) Mark Reynolds, Debbie McCloney, Jane Schneller, Kirk Twelmeyer, Dawn Shelton. U.N. trip: (first row) Ethan Johnston, Alyssa Scigliano, Kim Stewart, Michelle Aller, I ' aula Rushton. (second row) Ron Balducki, Brad Smith, Kristen Leavengood, Mindy Mulvihill, Leslie Abies. Europe trip: Monica Parker, Shelly Clifton, Melissa Mitchell, Leanette Cro- nin, Carrie Meline, John Kenyon. 47 Peer Helpers (first row) Jennifer Sailla, Jeff Jorgensen, Fred Hale, Michelle Chumbley. (second row) Jamey DeAngelo, Travis Denny, Kristin Leavengood, Brian Lumbard, Jeff Bianchi, Lori Blaylock, Jody Friend, (third row) Lisa Volden, Stacy Locke, Becky Wing, Heather Harpster, Amber Harpster, Jennifer Burn, Shae Angus, Sponsor Lorrie Streyffeler. (fourth row) Jason Swindler, Brian Arpy, Tom Blaskovich, Phil Gale, (not pictured) Seth Else, Tyler Hankins. Peers are chosen to solve problems Peer Helpers is a group of 24 juniors who are chosen by teacher recommendation to work with elementary, junior high, and high school special education students. The group works on enhanc- ing their listening and understanding skills. They also help eighth graders with their transition into high school. The members work with each other to develop a positive self-image and to interpret others ' feel- ings. " I think Peer Helpers is a great experience and it has helped me to become a better person, ' ' commented Jeff Jorgensen. Kristin Leavengood and Jeff Jorgensen (left) perfect their techniques in creative listening. Fred Hale (right) is eager to solve your problems. 48 Vice-principal Joyce Smith and Jennifer Holton enjoy refreshments at the initi- ation ceremony. Honor society recognizes 31 The National Honor Society is an orga- nization made up of students who show leadership qualities and have superior grades. Thirty-one members were chosen this year on the basis of teacher recommen- dation, evidence of service to others, and maintenance of a grade point average of 3.6 for five consecutive semesters. Members addressed the issue of recogni- tion for grades and held a special event hon- oring grades in the winter. The National Honor Society also spon- sored the luau that was held in the spring. Officers were Laura Kaine, president; Cheryl Cropp, vice-president; Cindy Gaul- die, secretary; and Carrie Meline, treasur- er historian. National Honor Society: (first row) Laura Hanson, Diana Dagheslani, Amy Marshall, Dawn Peterson, Michelle Berkland, Treasurer Historian Carrie Me- line, Jennifer Holton, and Vice-president Cheryl Crop, (second row) Kerry Lar- son, Laura Tucker, Monica Parker, President Laura Kain, Amanda Sanders, Camille Campbell, and Merilee Sparks, (third row) Mark Reynolds, John Keon- igs, Calvin Moore, Daniel Wadle, Breent Robinson, Robert Andrews, Amy Ric- cio. Secretary Cindy Galde, Christine Adams, and Advisor Gretchen Kauffman. (not pictured) Michael Comisky, John Fillman, Mindy Manley, Heather Roland, Steve Stodden, and Nickie Whitaker. 49 Varsity Softball: (first row) Mary Sims, Melissa Daughenbaugh, Renee Henrichs, Teresa Lukehart, Melissa Wilson, Abby Holmes, Tori Soda, Michelle O ' Conner, Angel Nelson, Deann Ibrahim, Kelly Grimes, Kim Wilson, (second McGriff, Carolyn Nash, Coach Gary Pardekopper. row) Coach John Ligouri, Angie Skidmore, Angie Tamasi, Jenny Roe, Dolly 52 Rails capture tourney titles JV Softball: (first row) Michelle McGriff, Jennifer McDonald, Lisa Armstrong, Nikki Mortimer, Billie Dyer, (second row) Tisha Free, Tammy Chiles, Lisa Gordon, Amy Sparks, (third row) Coach Gary Parde- kopper. Dotty Henrichs, Angie Skidmore, Carolyn Nash, Jennifer Carrol, Michelle Crees, Coach Roger Roland. The Softball team had another suc- cessful season with a 23-6 record. ' It ' s an honor being ranked in the top 10 of the state for the third year. This was our fifth season having won 20 or more games ' said Coach John Ligouri. The Rails won tournament champion- ships at the Jack North tourney, Indian- ola tourney, and the Norwalk Classic. First team All-Metro honors went to Mary Sims( Ist-base) and Deann Ibra- him(shortstop). Second team All-Metro were earned by Jenny Roe(3rd-base), Renee 0 ' Conner(2nd-base), and Angie Tamasi(pitcher). Kelly Grimes, Melissa Daughenbaugh, and Teresa Lukehart received Honorable Mention. Three players also made All-State recognition: Angie Tamasi-fifth team, Deann Ibrahim-fourth team, and Mary Sims-first team. This was the second year for Mary Sims to be chosen for first team All-State. I. Kim Wilson shows intensity as she catches a throw to home plate. 2. Angie Tamasi demon- strates a new ball trick to Jenny Roe. 3. Melissa Daughenbaugh eats dirt as she steals another base. 53 54 New coach leads Baggers The baseball season ended with a 10- 21 record, which placed the Baggers 7lh in the Metro. Team leaders, all batting over .300, were Gary Gioffredi, Brad Dittmar, Jeff Graham, and Jason Mar- quardt. " Last year our team was the youngest of all the other teams. We had only three returning seniors. I think that we will have an excellent chance next year due to the number of returning starters. We also have some outstanding sophomores coming up to the varsity team, ' ' said catcher Gary Gioffredi. Three players received recognition for their outstanding performances. Gary Gioffredi was named All-Academic, All-Conference. All Metro Honorable Mentions went to Brad Dittmar and Ja- son Marquardt. Marquardt said, ' Tt was a great honor to be named to the Honor- able Mention team, especially since it was only my junior year. ' ' The Baggers were led by Coach Jerry Hall. " The highlight of this season was playing for the championship of the Ur- bandale-McDonald Tournament. We had a great start and a great finish, but during the middle we became more in- consistent by committing too many fielding errors and by not being aggres- sive enough. I ' m sure that next season the Rails will definitely be the favored team, ' ' commented Coach Hall. Three players received honors for their perfor- mances on the field: 1. Gary Gioffredi, 2. Brad Dittmar, 3. Jason Marquardt. 4. Varsity eagerly lakes the field during a game against the Dowling Maroons. 5. Freshman Baseball: (first row) John Fuca- laro, Paul Olson, Shane Rhoerig, John Durbin, Jacob Ickowitz, Danny Hejkal, Danny Bougher, (second row) Jason Johnson, Steve Tomlinson, Scott McGriff, Russ Hall, Russ Ayers, Paul Bian- chi, Ryan Mulstay, (third row) Scott Crews, Mike Patterson, Scott Lundgren, Coach Kevin Ander- son, Rich Griglione, Jon Graham, Jason Rincon. 6. Sophomore Baseball: (first row) Tim Swesey, Roger West, Allen Kuehl, Fred Hale, Paul Halter, (second row) Roger Scneiderwine, Jamey DeAn- gelo, Dave Smith, Todd Portinga, Jeff Bianchi, Brian Connett, (third row) Neal Robinson, Matt Geyer, Coach Steve Seid, Jeff Davis, John Kline, (not pictured: Tyler Hankins) 6 55 Harriers show improvement The girls cross country team finished fifth in the Metro with Staci Cowan placing a respectable 20th out of 56 run- ners. The team had an extremely good sea- son, placing first in a triangular meet against S.E. Polk and Hoover, second in Kindy s Classic, and sixth at districts. " For the first time since 1985, every member of the girls team lettered. We will have a good team next year. The girls ' goal is to finish high in the Metro and be one of the top four in districts to qualify for state, " commented Coach Phil Martin. The boys cross country team finished seventh in the Metro, with Junior Larry Loffredo placing 15th. The team did es- pecially well at both the Indianola and Augustine Invitationals and finished 1 3th at districts. Senior Sean Angus felt that although the team was young, they should be stronger next year with the high potential of the returning runners. 1 . Sophomore Joe Catron pulls ahead of a Dow l- ing runner at the Karpan Invitational. 2. Junior Staci Cowan paces herself during Kindy ' s Classic. 3. Rob Allen sprints toward the finish line. 4. Jean Dates and Pauline Davey demonstrate stretching techniques. 5. Jessica Thompson shows determina- tion as she widens her lead. 56 Boys Cross Country: (first row) Gary Gates, Carl Thomas, Terrence Estrada, Girls Cross Country: (first row) Gabe Cleghorn, Rae Lynn Park, Pauline Davey, (second row) Coach Dave Bennet, Sean Angus, Larry Loffredo, Rob Allen. (not Jean Dates, (second row) Coach Phil Martin, Jill Johnson, Billie Dyer, Staci pictured: Joe Catron) Cowan, Angie Baumunk, Jessica Thompson. 57 Freshman Volleyball: (first row) Laurie Kokke, Tricia Mills, Jenny Snyder, JV Volleyball: (first row) Sharee Burch, Rhonda Jennings, Lana Rushing, Karrie Natalie Driscoll, (second row) Tracie Alt, Elda Lehman, Marti Evans, Stacey Sacks, (second row) Jean Riveriaestrella, Lori Dowell, Amy Ward, Kanlagnany Culver, Cindy Exline. (not pictured: Christ! Austin, Coach Jan Sarlet-Al- Saysane, Chris Daughenbaugh, Leona Chandler, Sherry Johnston, Stephanie Hen- dridge.) drick. (not pictured: Dawn Shelton, Audra Cake.) Varsity Volleyball: (first row) Michelle Berkland, Sharee Burch, Audra Cake, Shiloh Sorenson, (second row) Debbie Rivas, Shari Emmons, Mary Wellinghoff, (third row) Coach Bob Corey, Jenny Beck, Amy Riccio, Coach Jan Sarlat-Aldridge. 58 Spikers ace tourneys The Spikers got off to an exciting start winning their first two matches. The team placed first in the consolation bracket at the Gladbrook Tournament and second at the Indianola Invitational, in sectional play, the Spikers were de- feated in a hard fought match by East to end the season, 19-17-11. Captain Mary Wellinghoff, who led the team in ace spikes and serve recep- tion, was chosen for the All-Metro team, while Michelle Berkland was named to the second team. Debbie Rivas, Shiloh Sorenson, and Jenny Beck earned honor- able mention. The Spikers took on the Gridders for a battle of the sexes in a volleyball match which proved the girls ' enthusiam. In the first game the Spikers blew away the football players, 15-2. However, in the second game the boys were almost vic- torous; but again the girls stopped them, 15-10. Michelle Berkland: Because of all the ef- fort and enthusiasm shown by everyone on the team, we had a good season and a lot of fun. Mary Wellinghoff: The season went well. We really came to- iicther as a team at ihe end and I learned a lot. Next year, I plan to play college ball and advance to an even higher level of play. I. Jenny Beck leaps into mid-air to force the ball into the football players ' court. 2. Mary Wellingh- off winds up for another ace spike. 3. In the play- off game against East, Shari Emmons sets the ball. 4. Now we see another side to the seniors. 59 Varsity Football; (first row) Mike Mackey, Rob Blonigan, Brad f uilcr, Dan Prince, Brad Smith, Ace Hendricks, Tim Cone, Brian Aller, Pete Greco, Don James. Mark Cody, Seth Else, (second row) Mike Reid, Andy Warren, Jim Lewis, Jay Castle, Todd Claussen, Gary Tesdell, Robert Sloan, La Cam, Chad Douglas, Dan Nisser, Brad Dittmar, (third row ) Mike Weaver, Jamey DeAngelo, Bruce Johanson, Gary Gioffredi, Coach Ace Hendricks, Coach Tim Miller, Coach Roger Hart, Coach Hugh Drake, Troy Thacker. David Smith, Tom Jar- shaw, Brad Aller, (fourth row) Joel Schutte, Chad Cornwcll, Chris Bolien. Mike Starr, Craig Bailcy, Gene Parker, Joel anderW erff, Steve Dillard, Todd Poor- tinga. Gene Washington, Ron Foronato, (fifth row) Aaron Kephart, Richard Kelley, Matt Clem, Steve Hurd, Eric Bergis, John Zoutte, Greg Worthington, Curtis Smith, Jace Fransen, Eric Ingvall, George Ashman, Jason Marquardt, (sixth row) Jeff Nelson, Todd Cox, Chris Gustafson, John Kline, Kent VandeWeerd, Brad Pippetl, Ted Bolten, Brian Berry, Jeff Davis, Paul Romine, Chris Kelley. 60 Rails survive tough season The varsity football team, led for the second consecutive year by Head Coach Tim Miller, ended the season trium- phantly with a 14-0 win over the East Scarlets at Williams Stadium. The game was scoreless until the second half when quarterback Jamey DeAngelo passed to Brad Dittmar, who ran 73-yards for a touchdown. On East ' s next possession, Brad Ditt- mar intercepted a pass to set up Lin- coln ' s second score. Brad Pippett was the next to receive for a 36-yard pass to the end zone for another touchdown to bring the Rails to a 12-0 advantage. The final 2-point conversion by Joel VanderWerff made it 14-0. The Gridder ' s previous battles were not as successful. Opening the season, the Rails suffered a disappointing 26-6 loss to the Bobcats in Marshalltown. Starting quarterback Gary Gioffredi was tackled in the second half and sus- tained a broken leg that put him out for the rest of the season. The Rails dominated the next match against the Valley Tigers, who were rat- ed at the beginning of the season, result- ing in a 20-14 victory. The Gridders didn ' t do as well against the Cyclones in Ames, losing 21-12. Homecoming spirits were high as the Rails took on the Hoover Huskies, but the Huskies found their weaknesses and overcame the Rails, 15-13. The Gridders didn ' t play up to poten- tial against the Roosevelt Roughriders, failing 23-7. The Rails came back, how- ever, to keep the North Polar Bears win- less with a 26-12 victory. The Dowling Maroons proved tough and defeated the Gridders once again in a 35-22 battle. Captain Ace Hendricks commented, ' ' We had set high goals for the season, but injuries to our key players and lack of depth hampered our season. " 1. Varsity Football Coaches: Ace Hendricks, Tim Miller, Roger Hart, and Hugh Drake. 2. Coach Tim Miller watches his Rails with nervous anxiety. 3. The inspired Gridders look on as the battle begins against the Valley Tigers. 4. Troy Thacker and Joel VanderWerff tackle each other during halftime warm-ups. 5. Ted Bolten and Ja- son Marquardt run to join in the pile up. 61 62 Gridders earn recognition The varsity Gridders completed the sea- son with a record of 3-5. Many of them received recognition for their abilities. Players of the Year included Eric Ingvall and Pete Pirillo, Most Im- proved; Brian Berry, Most Inspirational; and Brad Pippett, Most Valuable Player. Jason Marquardt earned the Coaches Ap- preciation Award for his valuable coopera- tion and contributions to the team. Jason Marquardt said, ' ' We played real- ly well this season, although our record did not reflect all the progress we made. The whole team ' s contributions and spirit helped us in gaining respect from our oppo- nents and we always stuck together even in the hardest of times. ' ' All-Metro selections gave First Team recognition to Brad Pippett, receiver; Ted Bolten, offensive linemam; Jamey DeAn- gelo, quarterback; Pete Pirillo, defensive lineman; and Jason Marquardt, defensive linebacker. Second team recognition went to Eric Ingvall, defensive lineman; John Kline, of- fensive lineman; and Brian Berry, defensive lineman. All-Academic, All-Conference awards went to Ted Bolten, Mike Reid. and Jamey DeAngelo. Coach Tim Miller commented, T feel tremendous improvement was made in our program this fall. The players showed strong determination and never gave up even when the going was the toughest. The final win over East was an excellent way to end the season and gave us a big boost going into the 1988 season with Co-captians Ja- mey DeAngelo and John Kline leading the Gridders. ' ' 1 . With mixed emotions, Jamey DeAngelo discusses his next move with Coach Roger Hart. 2. Brad Pippett stands up to check out the situation against East. 3. Varsity Football Captains: Steve Dillard, Ace Hen- dricks, Joel Schutte, and Ted Bolten. 4. Ace Hendricks stands by to assist in a tackle as the opponent tries to crawl by. 5. The Rails take the Dowling Maroons down to the ground. 6. The offense looks on as the touchdown is called. 7. The Gridders face off fhe Dowling Maroons in a hard-fought battle. 8. Dave Smith is determined not to let anyone gel around him. 63 fit JV Football: (first row) John Zoutte, Don James, Gary Tesdell, Chad Douglas, Brad Smith, Brian Aller, Mike Mackey, Pete Greco, Seth Else, Todd Poortinga, (second row) Gene Washington, Matt Clem, Mark Cody, Ron Foronato, Rob Blonigan, Todd Claussen, Robert Sloan, Tom Jarshaw, Dan Nisser, (third row) Mike Starr, Greg Worthington, Richard Kelley, Chad Cornwell, Gene Parker, Craig Bindrum, Dave Smith, Andy Warren, Marvin Cason, (fourth row) Chris Kelley, Kent VandeWeerd. Eric Bergis, Todd Cox, Jace Fransen, Steve Hurd, Steve Hetherington, Chris Gustafson, Greg Bailey. Sophomore Football: (first row) Dennis Smith, Chris Helm, John Feucalaro, Jacob Ickowitz, Troy Dayton, Dan Hejkal, Joe Bianchi, Jacob Valdez, Chuck Grange, (second row) Don Harris, Terry Gracey, Mark Kinney, Charles Tapee, Mike Ayers, Jason Fuller, Jon Hider, Ryan Johnson, Al Hyslope, Todd Fatino, (third row) Mike Patterson, Ryan Mulslay, Russ Hall, Coach Brian Pierce, Coach Kyle Black, Coach Steve Reed, Shawn Forrester, Travis Frost, Steve Tomlinson, (fourth row) Chad Welch, Brett Dupes, Brian Click, Ronnie Evison, Marty Horton, Scott Johnson, Bob McVay, Bill Pirkle, (fifth row) Jason Johnson, Chad Stookey, Rich Griglione, David Herderson, Robert Renken, Judd Hardcas- tle. Chuck Grisby, Jon Graham, Jon Henderson. 64 Young teams gain strength Freshman Football: (first row) M. Williams, E. Twombley, R. Hesselting, T. Luna, B. Barongan, T. Powell, R. Channon, D. Brown, G. Janssen, J. Widen, G. Brower, S. Ridnour, (second row) R. O ' Donnell, M. Cherry, R. Harris, M. Fitzlaff, W. Lunesford, R. Spencer, J. Parker, J. Miller, D. Manuel, T. Berkland, C. Davidson, (third row) D. Aidini, J. Gioffredi, B. Cavin, D. Aidini, B. Carter, Coach Larry Johnson, Coach Dave Bender, D. Wolloson, P. Starr, J. Garner, B. Boone, B. Hardaway, (fourth row) J. McDonald, M. Vigil, B. Smith, J. Brown, R. Benge, B. Snyder, R. Rivera, T. Litchkey, C. Comito, J. Belloma, B. Fanter, (fifth row) M. Law,T. Ray, D. McVey, B. Andrew, B. Lamb, J. Wheeler, D. Porter, C. Latcham, K. Garner, (sixth row) F. Castle, J. Harris, B. Burgett, W. Obile, P. Winn, D. Epps, T. Freed, C. Glenn, C. Wood, J. Loydd, D. Bartling. Freshmen, sophomore, and JV teams brimmed with talent. At this stage, the players are gaining experience in learning the system. This can make moving up through the ranks much easier to do. The potential looks strong for those young Gridders who acknowledge what they have learned and put it into use. Their talent and ability could be th e mark of excellence for the years to come. JV players gained useful experience that will prepare them for the varsity and lead them into a winning season. Some of the outstanding players for the JV team include running back Brian Aller, senior; offensive lineman Gene Parker, junior; and defensive linebacker Rob Blonigan, junior. " We had a great season with a record of 4-4, which is the best sophomore re- cord since 1976. Our team vastly im- proved and we played tough in the Met- ro, ' ' commented Coach Kyle Black. Steve Tomlinson, quarterback; Joe Bianchi, linebacker; and Russ Hall, full- back and linebacker were some of the outstanding players for the sophomore team. Sophomores Steve Tomlinson and Joe Bianchi agreed, ' Our team has im- proved a lot this year, which will provide a big incentive for next season. We also believe that if we work hard enough for something, we can accomplish our goals. " The freshmen Gridders, led by new Head Coach Dave Bender, did well with a record of 3-5. 1 . A swarm of Gridders maim the Marshalltown opponents. 2. After the play is called, Jon Graham, Russ Hall, Dan Hejkal, and Ryan Johnson recover from the pile up. 65 DES MOINES LINCOLN Boys Swim Team: (first row) Ralph Hutchinson, Joe Roth, Arick Gray, Ryan Tesdall, (second row) Joe Buehlmann, Mike Bales, Tom Reece, Eric Richardson, Gary Allbee, Ethan Johnston, Dennis Smith, Akos Hegyi, Rob Burnett, (third row) Brian Andrew. Gene Kenoyer, Bob McVey, John Perry, Carl Thomas, Shawn Lewis, Deano Casey, Todd Fatino, Alfred Hyslop, (fourth row) Assistant Coach Dan Paulson, Joe Harris, Matt Steele, Co-captain Lance Donaldson, Travis Denny, Co-captain Andrew Fisher, Greg Thompson, Eric Harrison, Claus Dalum, Fl oyd Castle, Coach Stan Thompson. Girls Swim I cam: (first row) Angic Fcrgcrson, Valeric kaczmarek, Mindi Wood, Dawn Rector, Marilee Sparks, Dennis Smith, (second row) Karen Anderson, Shellie Cowen, Angle Moorehead, Julie Stundins, Sandy Stundins, Jenny Nessen, Heather Anderson, Renee Wessel. (third row) Stacey Lohrman, Jamie Morton, Stacie Lilly, Lisa Volden, Amber Wegner, Julie Wellinghoff, Laura Shaw, Angle Kuhn, Lillian Salama. (fourth row) Dan Paulson, Jennifer Grain, Melissa Kelso, Chandra Page, Christy O ' Connor, Betsy Garland, Dawn Dority, Christy Cole, Sara Whitlock, Coach Tom Cady. 66 Tankers end season strong The Tankers had an impressive season finishing with a 7-3 record. Among their victories were top ranked Ames and long time rival Dowling. With depth as one of their strong points the team pulled off a second place finish in the district compe- tition. The Tankers qualified for state in six of eleven events. Foreign exchange students Akos Hegyi and Claus Dalum were two very strong assets to the team. Ethan Johnston broke his own school re- cord in the 1 00 backstroke with a time of 58.13, finishing eighth in the state com- petition. Co-captain Lance Donaldson was seeded fifth in the 100 yard frees- tyle. A young girls ' swim team gained needed experience. With a disappointing season of 1-9 the girls never lacked hard work or dedication. They finished well by qualifying in three events for state. Amber Wegner broke two records in the 100 freestyle and the 50 freestyle. She qualified for state in the 50 freestyle and the 100 backstroke. Amber finished 1 2th in both events and Mindi Wood placing 23rd in the state competition. " Mindi and Amber finished their out- standing season with good performances in the state meet. They were handi- capped by inexperience at that level. Next year will be stronger ' said Coach Tom Cady. 1 . Bob Burnett gets set to score high on his dive. 2. Carl Thomas swims hard in the 500. 3. Ethan Johnston shows how to psyche up for a race. 4. Seniors Valerie Kaczmarek, Mindi Wood, Dawn Rector, and Marilee Sparks are honored at the last home meet. 5. Andy Fisher anticipates a win as he dives in for the medley relay. 6. Mindi Wood shows top form in her reverse pike. 7. John Perry captures Lance Donaldson with his underwater camera. 8. Valerie Kaczmarek comes in a close second against lop-ranked Hoover. 67 Gymnasts end last year strong High insurance rates and low partici- pation were given as reasons for discon- tinuing gymnastics in Iowa schools. Ju- nior Christina Harless, co-captain of the East-Lincoln team, was the only Lincoln student to participate in this last year. East and Lincoln combined to form a team for the second time. 1. Christina Harless perches on the high beam, surrounded by her East teammates. 2. Christina shows good form during her floor routine. 3. Christina shows that dancing is an important part of gymnastics. 4. Christina prepares to do a difficult move on the uneven parallel bars. Soccer Coached by John Leo and Dan Paul- son the soccer team finished third in the Metro with a record of 9-6-1. Fredrick Danielson led the conference in scoring with 23 goals, despite playing only 9 of 14 scheduled games. First team all Metro honors went to Fredrick Daneilson. Allen Hansen re- ceived second team all Metro honors and Bryan Searcy made honorable mention. Tony Martindale said, " Next year ' s team should be even better with a l ot of returning starters. " 1. Allen Hansen protects the Lincoln goal by sending the ball up field. 2. The Railsplitter de- fense stops Roosevelt. 68 Soccer team shows promise Varsity Soccer: (first row) Steve Jansen, Tony Martindale, Oscar Corrigedor, Andy Tiegan, Tony Gross, Chung Chae, (second row) Chad Taylor, John Fillman, Bri- an McGriff, Tim Bowen, Robbie Carlson, (third row) Dean Hennesy, Kenny Rush, Donnie Brown, Coach John Leo, Allen Hansen, Brian Searcy, (not pictured) Fredrick Danielson. 1 JV Soccer: (first row) Jerry Caliguri, Scott Jansen, Kevin Binkley, Tracy Zeliodt, Phon Siihiphong, Monty Eagan, (second row) Don Harris, Chris Reeves, Dean Hennesy, Tom May, Jeff Zeliadt, Todd Berkiand, Darin Ferguson, (third row) Jason Grubb, Tony Baralta, manager, Chad Gathercoie, Jeff Johnson, Coach Dan Paulson, Bill Searcy, Chris Wallace, William Brightman, Chad Terry, (not pictured) Ben Long, Pat Campero, Jeff Johnson. 69 Varsity Wrestling: (first row) Kyle Lewis, Bob Moural, Ken Ray, Ed Dunham, Brian Callahan, (second row) Rob Blonigan, Tony Fatino, Jason Moural, Kevin McCarthy, Mike Howan, Fred Klinge. (third row) Coach " Skeeter " McClelland, Coach Orville Siers, George Ashman, Steve Dillard, Curtis Smith, John Kline, Brian Berry, Matt Sanford, Jerry Dunham, Coach Mike McGivern. (not pictured: John Wilson.) 70 Grapplers send four to state J V Wrestling: (first row ) Dan Rcmelc, Joe Scigliano, Jerry Mauk, Adam Stills, Art Cruikshank, Mike Young, Scott Floyd, (second row) Mike Price, Jim Spaur, Shawn Hornbeck, Matt Holdefer, Bill Burke, Chad Carring- lon, Chris Reeves, Kevan Wilson, (third row) Shawn Wilden, Mark Kinney, Mike Filzlaff, Aaron Klinge, Eric Hibbert, Al Lenz, Roger Schneidewind, Tim Peters, Brent Tesky, Jason Grubb, Rob Marinaro, Chad Davidson, (not pictured: Alvin Magenson and Bill Magenson.) We will, we will rock you. The Grapplers accomplished just that after they paraded confidently around the Roundhouse to that song by Queen. The wrestlers, coached by Mike McGivern, proved their strength and potential with a 5-0 winning streak. They ran into a defeat when they faced the third nation- al champion Dowling Maroons. Al- though they suffered a 50-6 loss, two Rails, Ken Ray and John Wilson, beat their opponents in the dual meets. Put- ting their loss behind them, the Grapplers got back on a winning streak with impressive victories over Valley, Hoover, East, Roosevelt, and S.E. Polk. Turning fantasy into reality became the next moves when four wrestlers ad- vanced to the State Tournament: Ken Ray at 98 lbs., Brian Callahan at 112 lbs., Jerry Dunham, last year ' s only State qualifier, at 145 lbs., and Brian Berry at 185 lbs. With an improved dual meet record of 11-2-1, the Rails placed a high second place in the conference. The Boy ' s State Tournament on Feb- ruary 24-27 proved to be a challenge as the four wrestlers did not fight up to the expectations and did not advance after the first round. Coach Mike McGivern commented, " This has been, by far, the best and most exciting team I have ever coached. Their hard work, determination, and commit- ment over the past three years has really paid off. I only hope that the younger athletes are standing by and grasping the concept of hard work and intensity exhibited by the varsity squad so that in the future, they can step into the line-up and continue to produce winning teams. " IPE. 1. George Ashman sits " flat bottom " to gain control of his match. 2. Jerry Dunham uses all his strength to keep his opponent close to the mat for the pin. 3. Ken Ray gives his defender an overjoyed smile as he twists and turns with victorious results. 4. Coach Mike McGivern emphasizes the impor- tance of supporting the Grapplers in their struggle to achieve. 5. Brian Berry ' s determination puts his opponent in a bind. 6. Brian Callahan parades around the pep assembly to display the team ' s spir- it. 71 Varsity (first row) Melissa Daughcnbaugh, Missy Baker, Dotty Henrichs, Tracy Chapman, (second row) Aaron Reynolds, Lisa Gordon, Kelly Williams, Jenny Roe Bobbie German, Kim Clements, Anic Hall, (third row) Matt Wilson, Dana McNally. Assistant Coach Kyle Black, Coach Jerry Schartner, Assistant Coach Scott Harrison, Chris Byars, Chris Fedsen. 1 72 Undefeated girls go to State Rated second in the state, the Rails clinched the Metro Conference Championship with a record of 14-0 in the Metro and 23-2 overall. Four seniors. Missy Baker, Tracy Chapman, Melissa Daughenbaugh, and Dotty Henrichs, paced the Rails in their attacks against oppos- ing teams. The Rails, coached by Jerry Schartner, set a new school record for the most consecutive victories when they clinched their 18th victo- ry. They also set a new record with the most points scored, 92, by a Metro team in the 5- player game. Team members who made 1st team All- Metro were Missy Baker, Tracy Chapman, and Melissa Daughenbaugh. Dotty Henrichs made 2nd team All-Metro and Jenny Roe re- ceived Honorable Mention. Dotty Henrichs commented, ' This year we played more as a team. Scoring from the four seniors was mostly even and Jenny Roe helped a lot too. I think this was the best way to end our senior year. " Fighting their way through districts and re- gional, the Rails remained undefeated and advanced to the State Tournament. In the semi-final game, the Rails fought a hard battle against the Bettendorf Bulldogs. With 18 sec- onds left to go in regulation time, the game was tied. Not being able to get a shot up in the final seconds, the girls sent the game whirling into overtime. In the 3-minute overtime, the two teams battled and remained tied until the last 3 sec- onds when Bettendorf scored the extra point needed at the free-throw line. The Rails were unable to recover and lost 56-55. In the consolation game, the Rails were un- able to contend with the height of the Water- loo Columbus team and bowed to them 41-37 to claim 4th place at the tourney for the second year in a row. Coach Jerry Schartner commented, ' This team was second to none in the history of Lin- coln girls basketball. They had the best offen- sive average and the best record that any girls team has ever had. ' ' 1 . Jenny Roe concentrates on making a perfect shot. 2. Missy Baker blocks the drive of the oppos- ing team while Melissa Daughenbaugh goes for the steal. 3. Melissa Daughenbaugh scores 2 points on the fast break. 4. Dotty Henrichs looks to Missy Baker for the open shot. 5. Jenny Roe shoots over North ' s zone defense. 6. Coach Jerry Schartner points out his strategy for the second half. 6 73 JV girls show promise JV: (first row) Aaron Reynolds, Kim Clements, Lisa Gordon, Matt Wilson, (second row) Chris Fedsen, Chris Byars, Dana McNally, Kelly Williams, Anie Hall. The JV girls, coached by Scott Harri- son, showed promise for next year ' s var- sity team with a record of 4-2. Kim Clements played an important part in the team ' s over-all performance as the leading scorer with Dana McNal- ly close behind. All the girls worked hard and gained valuable experience that will be applied to next year ' s varsity team. Coach Harrison commented, ' My girls worked hard and showed a lot of improvement as the season went on. " All of the JV players had a chance to gain valuable experience on the varsity level as reserves for the varsity team. Lisa Gordon said, ' This year we played very few games but we learned what we had to work on individually and as a team for next year. Next year we ' ll have to work hard for every win, but I think we ' ll have a pretty good season. " 1 . Missy Baker shows a look of determination at a district game against Marshalltown. 2. Tracy Chapman shoots over a North defender on her way to another 2 points. 3. Missy Baker finds Friday night traffic a little heavy. 4. Melissa Daughen- baugh shows why she leads the state with number of steals. 5. Tracy Chapman leads the fast break. 6. Teammates encourage Missy Baker at the begin- ning of the Marshalltown game. 7. Dotty Henrichs goes for the extra point after being fouled under the basket. 8. Kim Clements draws a foul as she goes for the short jumper. 9. Kelly Williams shows her form at the free-throw line. 75 Girls Freshman Basketball: (first row) Angie Bowman, Michelle Scott, Heidi Hoganson, Crystal Jessen, Tina Burgell, Meagan Scitchfield, (second row) Jennifer Burch, Renee Batts, Missy Reick McCoy, Carra Russo, Edith Barth, Jennifer Brown, Coach Phil Martin Freshman Sophomore Girls Basketball Girls Sophomore Basketball: (first row) Janet Lovelace, Dena Van Zouk, Nicole Kesselring, Lisa Harris, Jana Murchison, (second row) Jessica Thompson, Amy Crane, Coach Kyle Black, Gretchen Jensen, Tammie Click. 76 Boys [ rcshman Basketball: (first row) Dion Manuel, Mall Law, L lu i 1 ai tiuin, Terry Freed, Greg Bloomgren, Chad Prenesoil, Chris Glenn, Bill Fanner, Jason Villalobos, Pat Starr, (second row) Matt Zepeda, Scott Cole, Brian Higgins, Ken Alexander, Brad Burget, Jamie Loyd, Ryan Rivera, James Erikson, Chae Adamson, Coach Dave Bennett. Freshman Sophomore Boys Basketball Boys Sophomore Basketball: (first row) John Feucaloro, Russ Hall, Scott McGriff, Steve Tomlin- son, Michael Ayers (second row) Marty Talarico, Scott Lundgren, Judd Hardcastle, Chuck Grigsby, Aaron Lutyens, Brad Edenburn. Budd Renken, Scoii Johnson, Mike Collier. 77 Varsity gains respect Bringing back nine lettermen, the Cagers ended the season with a 10-8 re- cord showing exceptional improvement. They started off the season slowly, but built their record up to 9-4 after Christ- mas. Leading the Cagers were Senior Brad Pippett, with an average of 21 points, and Tyler Hankins, with an average of 1 1 points per game. In districts, the Rails faced No. 2 rat- ed Valley. With the loss of point-guard Tyler Hankins due to injury, the Rails were defeated after a hard fought battle. Coach Tom Lee commented, After Christmas the team played excellent basketball and their only defeats were teams rated in the top five. With the nucleus of underclass returning and a lot of hard work, next year should be an exceptional year for boys basketball. " Brad Pippett added, ' It was unfortu- nate that we had some mistakes that cost us crucial games. I had fun playing these past two years and 1 wish Coach Lee and the juniors the best of luck! ' ' 1 . The players warm up before the Valley game. 2. Phil Chia looks stunned by the officials ' call. 3. Tyler Hankins searches for a teammate in-bounds. 4. Brad Pippett dribbles around his opponent. 78 J t? flj | V|Vi Varsity Basketball: (first row) Willie McCarrell, Mike Patterson, Phil Gale, Matt Geyer, (second row) Jamey Deangelo, Joel VanderWerff, Dan Twelmeyer, Jason Marquardt, Tyler Hankins, (third row) Coach Bob Fontanna, Brent Robinson, Phil Chia, Chad Jensen, Jeff Stinson, Brad Pippett, Brian Gentry, Coach Tom Lee 79 Cagers show improvement 1. Phil Chia screens out Ankeny lo gel the re- bound. 2. Matt Geyer hustles down the court to help his teammates. 3. Jason Marquardt dribbles around his opponent. 4. Matt Geyer refuses to let Dowling get the ball. 5. Brad Pippett questions the referees call. 6. JV Basketball: (first row) Joel Vanderwerf, Dan Twelmeyer, Brian Gentry, (second row) Phil Gale, Willie McCarrel, Brent Robinson, Mike Patterson, Coach Bob Fontanna, (third row) John Feucaloro, Rod Renken, Aaron Lutyens, Brad Edenburn, Jeff Stinson. 7. Mike Patterson looks shocked as the ball goes in. 80 Netters ace another season The mixture of experience and new talent promised great achievement and proved challenging for top spots on both tennis teams. The girls ' team lost their top three players, two of whom were Son Chae and Alexandra Martin who fin- ished fourth in the state tournament in doubles last year. The boys lost their first and third spots, once occupied by Fredrick Danielsen and Bill Spears. Still, over half of the team members, most of whom were letter winners, re- turned for another season. ' ' I just enjoy playing, " commented Brooke Reichen- backer. Also a substantial number of new players made this a season of suc- cess. Everyone was anxious and enthusias- tic for things to get started. The first dual matches were in Newton, the girls April 7 and the boys April 1 1. 1 . Tracey Chapman reaches with her backhand. 2. Judd Hardcastle concentrates on his return. 3. Rick Siundins utilizes his powerful forehand. 4. Brooke Reichenbacker follows through in her re- turn. 5. New team members: (first row) Singh Rupa, Jennifer Gruss, Gretchen Burch, Stephanie Taylor, Julie Stundins, Sandy Stundins, Michelle Garland, (second row) Adam Rappaport, Bryan Davey, Marty Talarico, Jennifer Swindler, Nat- alie Dilse, Scott Choi, and Mike Metcalf. 6. Aaron Woole concentrates on his serve. Girls I cnnis Team: (first row) Tricia Zarley, Brooke Reichenbacker, Jenny Alvord, Son Chae, (second row) Julie Ponzeline, Laura Hanson, Lisa Heidorn, Tracey Chapman, Dawn Shelton, (third row) Alexandra Martin, Christy Dickson, Coach John Van Why, and Melissa Hillman. 83 Girls Track Team: (first row) manager Katie Managhan, Jill Johnson, Dawn Rector, Mary Wellinghoff, Leann Gensch, Chris Adams, Kristie Hill, Stephanie Heitman, Sandra Raleigh, manager Michelle Clark, (second row), Tricia Mills, Donna Rivera, Jody Graham, Amy Davis, Tracy Whisler, Karyn Reichart, Amber Wagner, Julie Wellinghoff, Angie Ferguson, (third row), Jessica Haltman, Edie Barth, Pam Sease, Karrie Lourghy, Trade Alt, Staci Cowan, Billie Dyer, Carrmann Clark, Misha Porter, (fourth row), Kim McCarthy, Melysa Kelso, Gaberiel Cleghorn, Vonchouane Baccam, Falana Sullivan, Satire Williams, Angie Moorhead Casey Evans, Stacey Monahan, Jackie Vandervort, (fifth row) Allyson Voider, Kristy Austin, Amy Hofbauer, Niki Fetters, Lorie Sparks, Lori Dowell, Holly Conrath! Debbie Warren, (sixth row) Paula Sease, Jody Martindale, Lauren Mullinin, Dana Tomlison, Audra Cake, Marnie Ison, (seventh row) Donna McGriff, Pauline Davey, Heidi Hoganson, Angie Bowman, Sarah Meline, Bonnie Roberts. Boy ' s Track Team: (first row) Robert Sloan, Marvin Cason, Scott Woodruff, Dean Hennessey, Bruce Johanson, Brad Dittmar, George Ashman, Tony Martindale, Sean Angus, Matt Arndt, Brad Pippett, Jason Grubb, Chad Terry, (second row) Richard Kelly, Pete Greco, Jeff Nelson, Jace Fransen, Jamey DeAngelo, Ted Bolten, John Kline, Joel Schutte, Bill Searcy, Chad Adamson, Donnie Brown, (third row) Todd Cox, James Ericson, Jeff Davis, Aaron Kephart, Matt Hensley, Larry Leoffredo, Todd De Francisco, Carl Thomas, Joe Catron, Robert Allen, (fourth row) Ben Schweizer, Kent Kiefer, Brian Cammins, Dan Prince, Pat Nelson, Jon Henderson. Matt Law, Nick Rodrigues, Bob McVey, Dirk Hejkal, (fifth row) Brian Click, Brad Burgett, Scott Houghtaling, Nick Christopherson, Travis Frost, Shawn Forrester, Mike Hall, Terry Gracey, Adam Stills, Todd Berkland, (sixth row) Pat Starr, Bob Grange, Chuck Grange, Chris Comito, Scott Bauer, Ryan St. John, Jason Fuller, Jerry Saffell, Ken Alexander, Rich Beal, Chris Golby, Robert Gavin, Mike Watson, (seventh row) Wallace Obie, Jason Cartwright, Joe Harris, Chris Latchum, Ray Spencer, Terry Freed, Greg Bloomgren, Mike Russell, Dave Pillie, (eighth row) Eric Beattie, Chae Adamson, Brandon Hardaway, Damon Bartling, Floyd Castle, Chuck Cipali, Chad Edwards, Terrance Estrada, Don McVey, Mike Vigil, Doug McCoy. 84 Boys, girls track start strong Boys track coach Bob VanderLinden expected a successful season for this year ' s squad. Even though many state qualifiers were lost due to graduation, the team had an abundance of exper- ience. With 25 returning letterwinners, the void was filled. The boys indoor track season started March 1 9 at the Graceland Indoor Meet in Lamoni. April 5, the Cindermen ' s outdoor season started with an open meet at Lincoln. The girFs track team, coached by Ed Pilkington, had high expectations going into the season. Striving to improve on their 6th place finish in the Metro last season, the Cinderwomen helped Coach Pilkington come through with a new and winning season. ' ' ' Coach Pilkington will made some strong and best-bet decisions for the inexperienced and youthful team, " said Senior Dawn Rector. 1. Stacie Cowan psyches herself up before taking on the two mile run. 2. Leann Gensch stretches out before a practice. 3. George Ashman — He ate his Wheaties today! 4. Brad Dillmar and Matt Arndt chat about the purpose of running 20 miles. 85 Boy ' s Fall Golf: (first row) Paul Olson, Ron Bergman, Adam Rappaport, Chris Johnson, Bob Joss, (second row) Coach Dave McGinnis, Jeff Bianchi, Doug Keller, Jeremy Kramer, Pat Becker, Matt Geyer, (third row) Marty Talerico, Scott Choi, Dan Twelmeyer, Abe, Greg Blomgren, Kirk Twelmeyer, Ken Alexander, John Lewis, (not pictured: Tyler Hankins, Jeff Herzberg) 86 Letterwinners provide strength The boys ' fall golf squad, coached by Dave McGinnis and assistant Orville Siers, had high aspirations heading into the season with three returning varsity members: Senior Captain Doug Keller and Juniors Jeff Bianchi and Jeff Herz- berg. The season started with a Metro Invi- tational as Lincoln finished fourth out of eight teams. As the year went on the Linksmen kept improving. The team was paced by the returning varsity members and the consistent scores turned in by newcomer and Outstanding Golfer of the Year Senior Jeremy Kramer and Ju- nior Tyler Hankins. Before Districts at the Ames Invita- tional, All-Metro selection Bianchi won the tournament and hit an unexpected hole-in-one as the team defeated Dowl- ing in the playoff. Lincoln finished an impressive third place at the close of the Metro season. Districts saw Hankins qualify for state with a perfect round of 72 and the team was nipped from the competition by one stroke. Returning letterwinners for the girls fall golf team including Missy Baker, Liz Gilbert, Shelley Pittman, and Mary Wycoff, provided enough support and strength to take an edge in the Metro. With daily practices at Willow Creek Golf Course, the team strived for achievement, developing and perfecting their golf abilities. They competed in meets against Metro schools, as well as other high schools in the state. 1 . Doug Keller displays his total power hand grip on his way to the 18th green. 2. Jeremy Kramer hits from the rough. 3. Mary Wycoff yells " Fore ' as she takes her swing. Varsity Girls Golf: (first row ) Kristin Lcavingood, Missy Baker, Mary Wycoff, Shelley Pittman, Liz Gilbert, (second row) Melissa Bingman, Jacquie Lair, Jenny Roe, Leslie Abies, Stacie Lilly, Lisa Pieart, (third row) Coach Jerry Schartner. 87 FOOTBALL Brian Berry 2nd Team All-Metro Ted Bollen Isl Team All-Metro, All- Academic, 3rd Team All-State James De Angelo 2nd Team All-Metro, All-Academic John Kline 2nd Team All-Metro Jason Marquardt 1st Team All-Metro Peter Pirillo 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Team All-Stale Mike Reid All-Academic Brian Aller George Ashman Eric Bergis Craig Bindrum Chris Bolten La Cam Jay Castle Matt Clem Chad Cornwell Todd Cox Jeff Davis Brad Dittmar Steve Dillard Chad Douglas Seth Else Jace Franzen Brad Fuller Gary Gioffredi Ace Hendricks Steve Hetherington Steve Hurd Greg Ickowitz Eric Ingvall Tom Jarshaw Bruce Johanson Chris Kelley Aaron Kephart Jim Lewis Mike Mackey Jeff Nelson Gene Parker Brad Pippett Joel Schutte Curt Smith Dave Smith Gary Tesdell Troy Thacker Joel VanderWerff Kent Vanderweerd BOYS AND GIRLS GOLF Jeff Bianchi Matt Geyer Tyler Hankins r— ' Jeff Herzberg p Doug Keller Jeremy Kramer Dan Twelmeyer Missy Baker Liz Gilbert Kristen Leavengood Shelly Pittman Jenny Roe Mary Wellinghoff Mary Wycoff BOYS AND GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Rob Aller Pauline Davey Sean Angus Billie Jo Dyer Angie Baumick Jill Johnson Gabe Cleghorn Larry Leffodo Staci Cowan Rae Lynn Park Gary Gates Carl Thomas Jean Gates Jessica Thompson ® BOYS AND GIRLS TENNIS La Cam Jenny Alvord Seth Else Tracy Chapman Judd Hardcastle Christy Dickson Chris Perez Laura Hanson Brad Smith Lisa Heidorn David Smith Missy Hillman Rick Studins Brooke Reichenbacker Jason Swindler Aaron Wolle WRESTLING Brian Berry, 2nd Team All-Metro Brian Callahan, 1st Team All- Metro Ken Ray, 2nd Team All-Metro George Ashman Rob Blonigan Eddie Dunham Jerry Dunham Tony Fatino Aaron Klinge Fred Klinge Kyle Lewis Jerry Mauk Kevin McCarthy Bob Moural Jason Moural Chris Reeves Dan Remele Mike Rowen Matt Sanford Curtis Smith Brent Tesky Gene Washington John Wilson VOLLEYBALL Jenny Beck Michelle Berkland, 2nd Team All-Metro. All Academic, All Conference Audrc Cake Sherri Emmons Amy Riccio, Honorable Mention Debbie Rivas, Honorable Mention Shiloh Sorenson, Honorable Mention Mary Wellinghoff, 1st Team All-Metro 88 GIRLS AND BOYS SWIMMING Heather Anderson Akos Hegyi Tom Reece Rob Burnell Ralph Hutchinson Jeff Roth Floyd Castle Alfred Hyslope Lillian Salama Christy Cole Ethan Johnston Marilee Sparks Claus Dalum Valerie Kaczmarek Matt Steele Travis Denny Melissa Kelso Julie Studins Lance Donaldson Gene Kenoyer Sandra Studins Dawn Dority Angie Kuhn Carl Thomas Todd Fatino Stacie Lilly Greg Thompson Andy Fisher Stacey Lohrman Amber Wegner Betsy Oarland Bob McVey Julie Wellmgnoii A rick Gary Jamie Morton Sara Whitlock Eric Harrison Dawn Rector Mindi Wood SOFTBALL Melissa Daughenbaugh Honorable Mention Dotty Henrichs Teresa Lukehart Renee O ' Conner 2nd Team All- Metro Jenny Roe 2nd Team All-Metro Mary Sims 1st Team All-State, All-Metro, Best of Polk County Angie Skidmore All Academic — All Conference Kim Wilson BASEBALL Brad Dittmar, Honorable Mention Gary Giofreddi, All-Academic, All- Conference Jason Marquardt, Honorable Mention GIRLS AND BOYS TRACK Chris Adams Billie Dyer Tony Martindale Sean Angus Todd Francisco Jeff Nelson George Ashman Jace Fransen Brad Pippett Brian Berry Travis Frost Misha Porter Ted Bolten David Gardner Dan Prince Marv Cason Leann Gensch Dawn Rector Carmann Clark Dean Hennesy Karen Reichert Gabe Cleghorn Bruce Johanson Joel Schutte James Clifford Jill Johnson Chad Terry Staci Cowan Aaron Kephart Julie Wellinghoff Jamey DeAngelo John Kline Mary Wellinghoff Brad Dittmar Larry Loffredo Scott Woodruff GIRLS AND BOYS BASKETBALL Missy Baker 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Team All-State Chris Byars Tracey Chapman 1st Team All- Metro Kim Clements Melissa Daughenbaugh 1st Team All-Metro, 3rd Team All-Slate Bobbie German Lisa Gordon Dotty Henricks 2nd Team All- Metro Dana McNally Jenny Roe Honorable Mention Kelly Williams Phil Chia Jamey DeAngelo Brian Gentry Matt Geyer Tyler Hankins Chad Jensen Jason Marquardt Willie McCarrell Brad Pippett Brent Robinson Dan Twelmeyer Joel VandcrWerff SOCCER Allen Hansen 2nd Team All-Metro Bryan Searcy Honorable Mention Tim Bowen Donnie Brown Rob Carlson John Fillman Andy Fisher Steve Janssen Tony Martindale Bryan McGriff Chong Phae Ken Rush Chad Taylor Andy Teigen 89 Superpowers sign treaty at Geneva " Ifs the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) " 90 Gary Hart reenters presidential race Oliver North vaults into spotlight in Iran-Contra affair 91 Peggy Louise Dierzen Peggy Louise Dierzen was born in Chica- go, Illinois, on November 25, 1943. She grew up in Newark, Illinois. Peggy gradu- ated from Drake University in 1966 and taught English at Des Moines Technical High School for 18 years and at Lincoln High School for three years. Peggy received her Masters Degree in Counseling in 1986 and hoped to become a counselor in the Des Moines Public Schools. Her courageous fight against cancer touched the hearts of everyone who knew her. A memorial fund has been set up to hon- or her memory. A set of books about her favorite poet, Robert Frost, have been don- ated to the library. Each book contains a gold nameplate inside the front cover dedi- cated to her memory. In Memory of , . , A Certain Kind Of Teacher What does a teacher teach? Whom does a teacher teach? A certain kind of teacher touches us all. Students learn about cancer and courage. Faculties learn about love and caring, Friends and family learn how to listen and to share. This teacher models how to make the most of limited time and limited strength: — how to conquer panic on a plane flight alone or when one suddenly cannot breathe when climbing stairs, — how to appreciate the cooling breeze and a friendly shade tree when sitting on the porch on a warm day, — how to laugh as the little boy across the street plays with the water hose, and — how to treasure times with family and friends even when one ' s voice is scarcely a whisper. This kind of teacher is one who maintains a sense of humor even as affairs are put in order — and who remains concerned about others. Most of all, a certain kind of teacher chooses optimism as an ally for as long as possible — and then goes on to teach strength in decision-making. A certain kind of teacher believes in a Higher Being and a purpose in things. and shows us we finally have to accept what we cannot change. A certain kind of teacher ' s influence never stops — This teacher will always be with us And our love will always be with her. — Bonnie McNurlen, Hospice Volunteer One whom Peggy taught Melvin J. Bowen Principal Lincoln expands with Southside When Lincoln High School was built in 1922 it contained only 55 rooms and was completed for the mere cost of $949,754. Since then, Lincoln added the Roundhouse and cafeteria in 1 966 and the new wing, containing 1 3 more classrooms, in 1972. Finally with the com- pletion of the shops building and media center, another five classrooms were added. Currently, Lincoln offers more than 180 courses and the faculty and staff numbers 152. Lincoln is the largest senior high school in Iowa and its large staff is guided by the philosophy: ' ' Recognizing the wide spectrum of the southside community, Lincoln High School is dedicated to the acceptance of the individual and to the devel- opment of the individuals capacity for learning. " School Board: (seated) Peter Cunningham, secretary; Jonathon Wilson, vice-president; Sue Luth- ens, president; William Anderson, superintendent; (standing) Mark Smith, Jo Brown, Gloria Hoff- mann, Betty Grundberg, William Keck. Albert Graziano Vice-principal Joyce Smith Vice-principal Ralph Maigaard Vice-principal Lola Hill Registrar Dan Murray Freshman Coordinator 96 97 Faculty and Staff Janyce Abarr, business, OEA Linda Anderson, attendance clerk Sharon Ashman, LD SCIN Ron Baeth, driver education Gary Bagby, mathematics Jack Baker, counselor Anne Bendixen, English Carroll Bennink, vocal music Jacqueline Berguin, social science Bill Berry, NJROTC Kyle Black, business, DECA LeRoy Blackledge, social science Gordon Blenderman, social science Alice Bowling, nurse Tom Cady, PE Frank Calhoun, science Drew Cannon, New Horizons John Carle, social science, SWS Janice Carter, resource teacher Robert Case, driver education Donald Ceynar, social science Eugene Clark, industrial arts Irene Clark, English, SWS Lillian Cole, librarian Floyd Constant, driver education Janice Cord, vocal music Bob Corey, English Carolyn Cowles, English Spanish Maria Creagh, Spanish Gary Curtis, science 98 Ronadel Davis, work study, PE Dennis Devick, mathematics Hugh Drake, PE Elizabeth Edwards, home economics Alan Ewers, science Ada May Fehrs, bookkeeper Sally Fisher, business Sue Fitzsimmons, French Walter Franz, mathematics Jean Frazier, PE Gary Gabel, social science Lois Gabler, associate Shirley Garland, secretary Joyce Gast, counselor clerk Bill Gilbert, social science Jackie Gray, work study Judy Griffin, science Charles Gritton, mathematics Tim Grooters, mathematics Marilyn Groth, English Latin George Hahn, campus security Jean Hall, business Andrew Hansen, instrumental music Maurice Hansen, counselor Roger Hart, BD associate Ronald Harvey, woodshop Larry Hayes, driver education Ace Hendricks, science Jerald Hickey, social science Kate Hoerl, drama speech Gerald Jaehnel, English Janice Johnson, English Gretchen Kauffman, English Marcy Kauzlarich, business, English David Killinger, instrumental music Joyce Knock, home economics Lisa Kunze, English Clinton Land, NJROTC Tom Lee, PE Jan Leise, librarian Jane L ' Estrange, library clerk Vicki Ligouri, mathematics Robert Locker, auto mechanics Shirley Lueder, mathematics Richard Malliet, counselor Joyce Marks, business Phillip Martin, mathematics Ray McAdam, driver education Betty McEwen, work study David McGinnis, science Michael McGivern, business Dale McLean, art Richard McMahon, business Earl McNeal, metal shop Becky McNew, stenographer clerk Laurita Miller, business Tim Miller, LD SCIN Esther Miskimins, stenographer clerk Charles Newton, social science Anne Noah, English Rosalind Oliver, attendance clerk David Ortale, social science Dan Paulson, mathematics, SWS Dennis Peacock, counselor Brian Pierce, associate Ed Pilkington, science Susan Pinneke, mathematics Susan Purcell, stenographer clerk Lowell Reed, mathematics, ath. dir. Lyle Reeves, counselor 0% 100 Keilh Reins, English Cecil Rhoads, social science Pam Riggs, English Gene Rogers, business Janice Roxberg, home economics Susan Sarver, resource teacher Robert Scanlan, social science Patricia Schafer, resource teacher Jerry Schartner, social science Linda Schlak, speech, debate Patricia Schwartz, home economics Rowena Schweizer, business Mark Scigliano, campus security Tom Scott, science Margaret Severino, Spanish French Aletta Shull, associate Orville Siers, English Rose Smith, social science Patricia Sonntag, LD SCIN Charles Spain, science Don Squires, counselor Lorrie Slreyffeler, counselor, pupil services Patricia Stump, resource teacher Harold Swihart, English Caroline Tate, work study Albert Testa, social science Carol Testa, mathematics Mary Triplett, nurse ' s assistant Frances Van Combos, LD SCIN Carl Van Tuyl, social science Eunice Van Tuyl, French Spanish John Van Why, PE Bob VanderLinden, PE Marlis Wagner, resource teacher Jay Wand, driver education Wanda Weberg, associate Donald Webster, orchestra Diane Weir, English journalism Audrey West, resource teacher Ron Whitlatch, mathematics James Wickham, English John Williams, English speech Donna Yeast, art Jo Yeates, resource teacher Virginia Zinger, social science Roberta Berry, bookkeeper Sally Trudeau, stenographer clerk Cheryl Shroyer, work exp. coord. Food Service Janet Boozel Beulah Curry Sandy Ford Phyllis Fredrick Dianne Greer Mary Gonzalez Sylvia Hutchinson Wilma Munoz Joan O ' Boyle, mgr. Toni Robbins Marianne Solem Nadine Stafford Maxine Tyler 102 103 Math Science Introductory Mathematics Earth Science Introduction to Algebra OU Science Algebra I, II Biology I, II Geometry Physics Trigonometry College Algebra Harvard Physics Calculus Advanced Zoology General Mathematics II Conservation Math Lab Chemistry Consumer Chemistry Math and Computer Club: ( first row) Lau- ra Hanson, (third row) Akos Hegyi, Carl ra Tucker, Vongkham Racksaouk, John Thomas, Mekhine Baccam, Tracie Storjo- Kessel. (second row) Nickie Whitaker, hann. Amy Marshall, Sponsor Gary Bagby, Lau- 1 . John Henderson concentrates on another science lecture. 2. Melissa Daughenbaugh admits that math is over her head. 3. Diana Daghestani and Tracey Campo hold a taste test during a chemistry lab. 4. Tom Scott scares himself during a demon- stration. 5. Shelly Blevins and Mary Wellinghoff are amazed by the power of a microscope in Biol- ogy II. 6. John Perry explains biology to an eager Joel Vanderwerff. 7. Susie Leigh thinks that Gary Curtis may have slipped and hit his chin on a mi- croscope. 8. Misty Marcum appears to be fright- ened by earth science. 9. John Kenyon is proud of his mathematical abilities. 9 105 Business Education Typing I-II Exploring Business Business Math General Business Sales Intro Computer Programming Accounting MI Applied Business Economics Shorthand I-Il Clerical Procedures I-II Business Law Office Education Related Notetaking Office Education Co-op Clerical Typing Marketing Education Steno Typing Marketing Education Co-op 106 V Social Science Government Economics Psychology Sociology World History American History International Relations Current Issues 1 . Shelly Pillman, Chico Reed, and Jenni- fer Robart find just how fun economics can be. 2. Aaron Woole shows his excitement with computer programming. 3. Michelle Wolfe breezes through her first page of typing. 4. Kim Wilson jots down a few notes in her American history class. 5. Teresa Lukehart and Gina Marcum dis- cuss an upcoming test with their extra time in psychology. 6. Gary Tesdell decides to teach class for a day; obviously, Gordon Blenderman doesn ' t approve of the idea. 7. Tests in psychology don ' t seem to phase Pat Becker as much as they do Pat Blasko- vich. 8. Lance Donaldson loses $ 1 00 in account- ing class. 107 DECA DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, pro- vided experience in retail and marketing skills. Students are released in the afternoon to work at jobs requiring skills that relate to their class work. First hour DECA officers are Melissa Clark, president; and Jennifer Bair, secretary. Second hour class officers are Kellie Williams, president; Misty McCaughey, vice- president; and Tracy Bernholtz, secretary. Third hour class officers are Brad Beadle, president; Melissa John- son, vice-president; and Mary Sims, secretary. m DECA, first hour: (first row) Linda Aiarcon, Missy Hernandez, Marne Beck. Shannon Neeley, Missy Clark, Tricia Olson, (second row) Lisa Carty, Jeanna Adamson, Danielle Beam, Michelle Messier, David Woolamn, Vicki Gass. Andy Porter, Shelley Tutlle, Ana Ramos, Curt Russo. CLUBSOrC 7 AMERICA DES MOINES LINCOLN CLUBS OF Vf AHERICA DCS MOINES LINCOLN Second hour: (first row) Jennifer Benge, Leakol Schooler, Misty McCaughey, Tracy Bernholtz, Rachelle Turner, Corina Miller, Trina Wheeler, Tonya Sanford, (second row) Kellie Williams, Stacy Perrosil, Wendy Burt, Chad Lundy, Lei Freed, Lynne Freed, (third row) Bill Searcy, Jeff Grahm. Terry Droi . Marty Raymond, Don Brown, Phil Davis. Third hour: (first row) Carmen Vosler, Mary Sims, Greg Ickowtz, Tina Loney. Nimisha Patel, Toni Mauro, (second row) Melissa Johnson, J.T. Sloan, Jud Swan, Doug Gruber, Jeff Rogers, (third row) David Darling, David Whitlach Tony Sorez, Mike Roe, Brad Beadle, Dennis Fessler, John Clark. 108 OEA: (first row) Chris Zlolnik, Bona Lovan, Jeannie Joiner, Savan Chhith, Amy Vicente, (second row) Jeannie Toomey, Georgette Robbins, Michelle DeMoss, Joy Woodworth, Diana Learning, Angie Irons, Nikki Jennings, (third row) Wendy Dunston, Becky Mckern, Dena Corath, Stephanie Fritz, Kim Rogoff. 1 . While working at her afternoon job at Target, Cor- ina Miller takes time out to laugh with Corey Gatzke. 2. Angel Nelson and Tricia Olson give Curt Russo service with a smile at Dairy Sweet. 3. Michelle De- Moss takes a break from her afternoon job at Brody Junior High to demonstrate that she can type and smile at the same time. 4. OEA students practice typ- ing skills during their 2nd hour class. 5. OEA sponsor Jan Abarr supervises her class. OEA OEA, Office Education Association, is a business course that specialized in teaching office skills. Students are released in the after- noon to work in offices to provide experience for future jobs. OEA held numerous fund rais- ers throughout the year to help pay for region- al, state, and national competition. In Novem- ber, OEA held a walk-a-thon to raise money for the special Olympics. The group members were interviewed on radio station KWKY. Class officers: Georgette Robbins, Presi- dent; Stephanie Fritz, vice-president; Me- chelle DeMoss; secretary; Chris Zlotnik, trea- surer; Joy Woodworth, historian; Diana Learning, reporter; and Jan Abarr, sponsor. 110 1 . Larry King has Jeff Klug, Jace Fransen, Brian McVey, and Steve Hebron show his new style in glasses. 2. Cianan Dinwid- die diligently works on her parenting project. 3. Clarissa Fun- aro applies the pocket to her shirt in textiles. 4. Tony Martin- dale casually tries to score brownie points with Eugene Clark in graphics. 5. Deanna Baker is amazed at how long her thread is in textiles class. 6. Roger West describes the back of a tire to Danny Wessel in auto shop. 7. Corey Gatzke shows everyone how he can draw without looking in Drafting I. 8. Look out Betty Crocker; here comes Chris McElvogue. 9. Mike Starr is in deep concentration in auto shop. Ill 1. Derek Qujano smiles at the idea of taking Larry Hayes out for another ride. 2. Ford Motor Company presents automotive educational tapes to Ron Baeth for use in the Des Moines School District. 3. Jennifer Stark wipes off her sweaty hands after a hearty drive. 4. Bob Case shows Scott Murphy how to properly open a car door. 5. Ray McAdam finds his class amusing. 6. Ryan Mulstay displays his dancing ability in gym class. 7. Freshman girls learn the basics of scuba div- ing. 8. Christy Newkirk shows a faint smile pleased that she ' s finally learning to jump rope. 9. Lora Buske, Heather Harpster, and Amber Harpster laugh at the guy who just fell three feet ahead of them. 112 Physical Education PE class is required of freshman through juniors. Students participated in many activi- ties such as basketball, swimming, track, aero- bics, volleyball, and softball. Seniors are enrolled in contract PE, a pro- gram which allows the student to participate in sports outside of school and count it as gym credit. PE provides physical education for students who have emotional, social, or physical prob- lems. Driver Education Driver Education is offered first semester only. Over 300 students were enrolled this year and participated in all three aspects of the class: simulator, class, and car. The students who passed were able to get their licenses Jan- uary 15. 113 114 1 . Carroll Bennink enthusiastically directs the choir during class. 2. Troy Daniels looks quite proud after finishing his solo. 3. The choir sings on as Carroll Bennink pounds away at the piano. 4. Band director, David Killinger, and Mark Reynolds play a duet during practice. Music Marching Band Jazz Band I, II Pep Band Concert Band Wind Ensemble Orchestra Varsity Choir Concert Choir Treble Choir Swing Choir I, II Chamber Chorale 115 NJROTC unit expands to 80 The Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) program is a 3- year curriculum designed to promote self- esteem, self-discipline, and self-control, for which students can receive high school credit. After graduation, cadets who wish to en- list in any branch of the service may do so at an advanced pay grade. Other opportuni- ties include ROTC college scholarships and nominations to military academies. For a week of orientation in the fall, 24 cadets were able to go to Norfolk, Virginia. Honor Guard met and performed for the arrival of the Vice Commander of the American Legion at the Des Moines air- port. Drill Team and Color Guard per- formed in the Veterans Day parade at the State Fair. Color Guard performed at all home football games and at the American Legion on three occasions, the Highlander ' s conce rt, and the Coast Guard Auxilary. 1 • 1 ' 1 : • Color Guard: (first row) David Ladurini, (second row) Jeff Hewitt, Christina Nelsen, (third row) Sean Sadler, Lyle Bedford, Alecia Turnipseed, Mi cheal Young NJROTC Unit: (seated) Alexandra McGinley, Jacqueline Vandervort, Sheri Hammond, Christina Nelsen, Jodi Guill, Sheri Foreman, (first row) David La- durini, Commander Clinton Land, Brian Potter, Jerry Rasmussen, Rick Ray, Joe Scigliano, Olga Maldonado, Amanda Reid, Katy Gordon, Eric Beattie, Kelly Berkemann, Jamie Marker, Dan Cochrane, Joe Buehlemann, Richard Daven- port, Chad Tollerud, Mike Peters, Lt. Commander Bill Berry, Dean Hennesy, (second row) Bill Sheets, Ray Estes, Mark Spidle, Denise Holtman, David Wag- ner, Christina Young, Debbie Hildebrand, Tracy Shelton, Tarah Knolton, Kim Payne, Chad Mullenberg, Glen Burgetl, Ken Parkins, Ken Myers, Adam Stills, (third row) Adam Jones, Joe Harris, Brian Scavo, Chris Power, Gerald Caligiuri, Sean Sadler, Paula Moser, Kris Jones, Alecia Turnipseed, Michelle Soper, Scott Holmes, Wesley Duncan, Sheri Maxwell, Pam Zlotnik, Lisa McGehee, Eric Sonnenberg, Al Lenz, (fourth row) Rich Ostrand, Tim Boston, Chris Wallace, Micheal Young, Jeff Hewitt, Larry Burchette, Kelly Doyle, Rob West, Troy Bresley, Lyle Bedford, Ryan Schaffer, Ray Murray, Howard Chandler, Joe Darnall, Steve Rokey, Mike Russell, Fred Tucker, James Helt. 1 16 1. Chad Mullenberg and Tim Boston stroll down the hall in their dress blue uniform. 2. Sherrie Hammond looks up from her work in math lab. Rifle and Piston Team: (first row) Sean an Scavo, Mark Spidle, (fourth row) Scott Sadler, Lyle Bedford, (second row) Micheal Holmes, Ken Myers, Micheal Russell, Dean Peters, Kim Payne, Jacqueline Vandervort, Hennesy, (fifth row) David Ladurini, Kelly Glen Burget t, (third row) Jerry Caliguiri, Bri- Doyle, Alecia Turnipseed, Micheal Young. Drill team: (first row) Dean Hennesy, David Ladurini, Troy Bresley, Denise Chad Mullenburg, Kristin Jones, Brian Scavo, Jacqueline Vandervort, Brian Holtman, Michael Young, Alecia Turnipseed, (second row) Alexandra McGin- Potter, (fourth row) Chris Wallace, Kelly Doyle, Larry Burchett, Rob West, Sean ley, Christina Nelsen, Kim Payne, Shcri Foreman, (third row) Olga Maldonado, Sadler. 117 1. Senior Steve Hurd concentrates on Senior English. 2. Maria Endres gives Gretchen Kauffman the OK to speak in English 12 AP. 3. Joe Davidson gives thumbs up to English. 4. Derek Winne and Lisa Kunze work on the computer in English lab. 5. Greg Medina listens to a lecture in speech. 6. Senior John Ken- yon peeks over his French book. 7. For- eign exchange students: Akos Hegyi, Esther Sanches Sotres, Severin Daniels, Ana DeBarros, Claus Dalum. (not pic- tured: Hiroshi Tamura) 8. Maria Creagh plans the Foreign Connection Halloween party. 9. Scott Davidson is caught offguard while Seth Else re- mains cool in French II. 10. Jamie Mor- ton, Rosemary Perez, and Becky Wing study Spanish III. Nfflcole Adams Chae Adamson Rex Ades Reina Alarcon Lisa Alcantar Danny Aldini Lori Aldini Darren Alexander Kenneth Alexander Brad Allen Kevin Allen Randy Allsteadt Trade All Carolyn Alvarez Heather Anderson Jennifer Anderson Karyn Anderson Brian Andrew Ronald Armbrest Rosalee Atchison Troy Atkinson Christina Austin Tom Baccam Vongchouange Baccam Aimee Baker Bridget Baker Jennifer Baker Lisa Baker Matt Baker Melissa Baldwin 122 Shawn Bales Christopher Ballzley Amanda Barber Edith Barth Damon Bartling Mark Bashor Renee Batts Scott Bauer Yvonne Bauer Angela Baumunk Richard Beal Eric Beattie Carla Bell James Belloma Lalaunie Benge Richie Benge Giovanna Berardi Beth Berhow 123 r F R E S H M E N Todd Berkland Martha Bernard Kevin Binkley Kerry Biondi Brandy Bishop Michelle Black Dawn Bliss Brian Bly Brandi Boatright Karla Boetel Kayshana Boles Lisa Boley Derek Boobyer Brandon Boone Robert Booth Kathyrn Boozell Nicole Boozell Robert Bowman Shon Boyd Krista Brewer Marc Briggs Jennifer Broich Shawnae Brookhart Janene Brooks Delmo Broomfield Gregory Brower Daniel Brown Jeffrey Brown Jennifer Brown Laurie Brown Nicolle Brown Pamela Brown Rabecca Brown Shawna Brown Gerald Brunk Joseph Buehlmann Gretchen Burch Bradley Burgett Glen Burgett Melissa Burgett Tina Burgett David Burks Ruth Burks Armando Burriola Kerry Burrows Anthony Calaro Robert Caldwell Chantal Cambell William Campbell Santos Campero Jeffery Carder Brian Carninc Christina Carpenter Jon Carpenter Bradley Carter Lori Carter 124 » 4 A n Jason Cartwrighl Deano Casey Ene Cavan Jennifer Channon Todd Chapman Maria Chenet Dana Cherry Lashay Cherry Tremayne Cherry Jane Cheung Samanlha Choda Chad Christy Charles Cipale Jeremy Clark Kiltie Cleghorn David Cleland Daniel Cochrane Christopher Cody Jamie Cole Chad Colwell Randall Cooper Cynthea Corben Jennifer Corley David Couch Jennifer Crain Tiana Crandall Deborah Crees Roy Crees Charis Creighton Stacy Culver Gerald Damante Michael Damerville Brent Darrah Jean Dates Richard Davenport Billie Davis Michael Deierling Scott Dennis Amy Dick Robyn Dilse Travis Dinnen Sherry Dixon Marijo Dobson James Dooley Danyell Dornbusch Cassie Douglas Brian Downing Bryna Dreher Michael Dreher Natalie Driscoll Lizbeth Drummond Melanie Dubois Joshua Duke Theresa Durbin Tracy Dusenbery Everett Dyke F R E S H M E N 125 F R E S H M E N William Eddinger Jeanna Edgington Chad Edwards Darrell Einertson Jennifer Eisenhower Chad Emery Kimberly Entsminger Dennis Epps Melinda Erickson Terence Estrada Marti Evans Trista Evans Mike Evison Cindy Exline William Fanter Margaret Fatino Angela Fazio Norman Fessler Michael Fitzlaff Jennifer Fletcher Angel Flores Scottie Floyd Brandy Folberth Christopher Foley Carrie Ford Cheri Foreman Jolynn Formaro Matthew Formaro James Foust Terry Freed Angela Freel Angel Freeman Jill Friesz Justin Fritz Aleeta Frost Colleen Fry Michael Gallagher James Gardner John Gardner Kirk Gardner Timothy Garland Robert Gavin Daniel Gering Jason Gibbs Jennifer Gilbert Russell Gilman Joseph Gioffredi Christopher Glenn Tammie Glick Catina Gomez Thomas Gomez Kathryn Gordon Jolessa Graham Matthew Graham Nico Granda Christopher Grandstaff 126 Zlizabeth Green Kathleen Griglione Lori Groen Tanya Grubb Jennifer Gruss Jodie Guill Rhonda Hale Stacey Hamilton John Hansen Melinda Harclerode Brandon Hardaway Kelly Harper Joseph Harris Rodney Harris Kimberly Harter Shawn Hartzer Aaron Harvey Bryan Harvey Jessie Hastie Matthew Hawkins Mario Hayes Kip Heaberlin Russell Hebron Jessica Heggen Timothy Heim Dirk Hejkal Michael Henderson Ryan Hesseltine Eric Hibbert Brian Higgins Deborah Hildebrand Chad Hills Marc Hobbs Todd Hoffman Heidi Hoganson Renay Hokanson Christian Holmes Jessica Holtman Lisa Holtman Kristine Hoskins Scott Houghtaling Eric Houser Teresa Howland Misty Hummel Richard Hunerdosse Christine Huntsinger Justin Hurt David Hutchins Tammy Hutchins Juliea Hyden Tony Hymen Gary Use Antonia Irwin Ahllisha Ivory Jennifer Jackovich Stephanie Jackson F R E S H M E N 128 Alfred Lenz Corey Lenz Julia Leo Mark Leo Michelle Lesher Jodi Levang Danette Lewis Warren Litchkey Kimberly Lloyd Michelle Lloyd Jeremy Logsdon Stacy Lohrman Michelle Longerbone Chad Loudon Karrie Loughry Sandra Loux Lavanhy Lovan Janet Loveless James Loyd Cher Luffy Antonio Luna Manuel Luna Randy Luna Sheil a Luna Wayne Luncsford Brandi Lynch Laurie Maddison Alvin Magneson Olga Maldonado Dion Manuel Misty Marcum Jamie Marker Jody Martindale Hollie Martinsen Melissa Marvin Sherri Massey Jerry Mauk Christy McCarl Kimberly McCarthy Doug McCoy Joshua McDonald Alexandra McGinley Bernard McGriff Kevin McGriff Dave McNeeley Donald McVey Sarah Meline Michael Metcalf John Miller Stephanie Miller Tricia Mills Maria Mireles Marie Mireles Krista Molloy Kathrin Monaghan Danniel Montano F R E S H M E N 129 F R E S H M E N Ladona Montenguise Angela Moorehead Nicole Mortimer Paula Moser Tamara Mowrey Chad Mullenberg Laura Mullenix Patricia Munyon Kenneth Myers Lorie Myers Mynde Myers Tara Myers Tammela Nelson Jennifer Nessen Christy Newkirk Rebecca Oakley Valerie Oberender Wallace Obic Christy O ' Conner Regina O ' Connor Randy O ' Donnell Amy Ogden Gary Okland John Oneil Tracy Onstank Carrie Ory Richard Ostrand Marlene Overton Ronald Oxford Greg Pace Chandra Page Dorothy Parker Kenneth Parkins Catina Patrick Kari Paul David Pille Gjoa Piltingsrud Becky Poil Doug Porter Katherine Post Robert Post Travas Powell Chad Prenosil Jim Prince Melissa Prine Katrina Pugh Jodi Puis Shodie Purscell Jason Quick Vangphet Racksasouk Adam Rappaport Michael Ray Lori Rector Kerry Redlingler Dean Reed Richard Reed 130 131 132 133 134 Benny Agee Catherine Aiello Douglas Akers Linda Alarcon Lisa Alden Lisa Jo Allen Robert Allen Brad Aller Ada Liz Alvarez Jennifer Alvord Peter Anderson Karen Armel Lisa Armstrong Amy Atkinson Michael Ayers Malaykham Baccam Veomayoury Baccam Craig Bailey Daniel Baker Deanna Baker Taffy Baker Michael Bales Luigi John Baratta Stephen Barber Jackie Barnhart Cindy Barsetti Jennifer Barth Nicolle Bartlett Eric Beattie Jodi Beener r.: G nfl 0 fin 136 Michael Bell William Bennett Nicole Berardi Ronald Bergmann Kelly Berkemann Joseph Bianchi Paul Bianchi Melissa Bingham Tina Birnbaumer Shelly Bitting Sherry Blakeslee Richard Blaskovich Amy Lea Bohall Stacy Bondura Scott Boodry Julie Ann Bosteder Timothy Boston Gina Maria Bostwick Danny Bougher Troy Bresley Suzanne Brodie Jason Brom Jill Brooks Lisa Brooks Melissa Brown Michael Brown Tabetha Brown Kristie Buchanan 13 r s 0 p H 0 M 0 R E S Sharee Burch Billy Burke Janel Burke Naomi Eva Burrows William Burton Christina Cain Audra Cake Michael Calaro Montez Joseph Camacho Shelley Camacho Charles Campbell Stacie Campbell Jon Campo Edward Carroll Jennifer Carroll Jill Ann Casper Charles Cassady Carma Cataldo Joe Catron Jeffrey Caudle Brad Cave Lonnie Ceretti Michelle Chalmers Leona Chandler Lori Ann Chaney Randy Chasten Bobbi Chiles Scott Choi Amy Christensen Karen Christensen Nicholas Christopherson Brian Clair Carrmann Clark Lisa Clark Kim Cleaver Gabrielle Cleghorn James Clifford Linda Coan Christine Cole Lon Cole James Coles Michael Collier Morris Conn Holly Conrath Jason Cooper Jay Corigliano Brandice Coulter Amy Crane Angela Crawley Scott Crewse Kim Cronk Harold Crouse Troy Cruchelow Brian Cummins Ryan Curtis Paris Daniels WW! n EE aini 138 Brad Daugherty Michelle Davey Danny Davis Dawn Davis Julie Davis Shane Davis Troy Dayton Christina DeFrancisco Bobbi Degroote Laura Dennis Jennifer Derryberry Michael Dewild Christy Dickson Nioka Diekmann S 0 p iKifiifiorifi H I KJfr wm . W Kk m H i fl " " I I I ■■■r ■■mHH 1 IB Duncan ■ ■ 0 M 0 R E S Eddie Dunham Brett Dupes Jonathan Durbin Monty Eagen Kenneth Eaton Bradley Edenburn Amy Edwards Daniel Ellson Tillie Enos Brian Evans Cassie Evans Ron Evison Shane Exman Matt Falkstrom Amy Falier Melissa Farnsworth Todd Fatino Eric Faust Kathi Fessler Michael Fetters John Feucaloro Paul Filippelli Clover Finch Amy Fogarty Robert Folkestad Shawn Forrester John Fravel Tisha Free Travis Frost Thomas Fry Jason Fuller Clarissa Funaro Angeline Fusari Jennifer Gabbert Michelle Gale 139 s 0 p H 0 M 0 R E S Cheryl Garland Elizabeth Garland Michelle Garland Christopher Garrett Tom Garrington Lisa Garsh Chad Gathercole Michael Gering Tiffenie Gesualdo Joel Geyer Juliet Gibson James Glashan Monika Glaze Brian Glick Bryan Glover Jessica Godfroy Linda Gorsche Luann Gorsche Rachael Gothard Terrance Gracey Jon Graham Charles Grange Michael Green Richard Griglione Tony Griglione Charles Grigsby Scott Groves Jennifer Grylls Jennifer Guttenfelder Michelle Guynn Angela Hall Michael Hall Russell Hall Ryan Hall Jason Hallett Andrew Haluska John Halverson Michael Hamilton Sherrie Hammond Greg Hankins Mary Hansen Justin Hardcastle Donald Harris Edward Harris Lisa Harris Eric Harrison Jennifer Hort Nancie Hartley Kristi Hassel Jamie Hastie Jennifer Hastie Pody Hathi Tammy Haus Steve Hebron Stephanie Hedrick Candy Heimbaugh 140 141 Phoulhasone Khounxay Kent Kiefer Nicole Kimberley Mark Kinney Scott Kinney Sophia Lorene Kissell Wendy Kissell Lori Kline Stacie Kline Aaron Klinge Jeff Klug Susan Knudsen Cathy Kokke Tanya Kosl Jeff Kramer Josh Kramer Angela Kuhn Brenda Ladd Stephanie Larimer Gina Lawless George Lawrence Clayton Leaming Jim LeClair Charles Leo Karmon Lester Jonathan Lewis Kyle Lewis Shawn Lewis Chad Lindsey Nilandone Lo Shawn Loney Sharon Longcor Chad Luna Scott Lundgren Aaron Lutyens Kristie Lyons Thi Loune Mac Kevin Mack Scott Macken Jennifer Madero William Magneson Joey Makowski Lee Ann Maldonado Robbie Marinaro Shawna Martin Laura Matthess Phillip May Thomas May Tina May Tracy McAninch Jason McBride Melissa McBroom Shaunna McCauley Christina McCollough Jennifer McDonald Shawnna McGee 143 Linda Pool Tonya Poortinga Mesha Porter Tania Porter Brian Potter Jackie Powell Paula Preston Mike Price Sheila Prock Lori Puis Jennifer Quaintance Paul Quick Vongkham Racksasouk Matthew Raleigh Jerry Rasmussen Lisa Ray Tom Reecc Chris Reeves Rocky Reeves Lucille Ren Robert Rp " »n Julie Rexroat Nichole Richards David Riddle Jason Rincon Kim Rincon Rochelle Rivas Sherry Rivas Pam Rivera Bonnie Roberts Royal Robinson Shane Roerig Stephen Rokey Kristin Roland Jessy Rombou Daniel Rowe Howard Rush Lana Rushing Patricia Russo Sean Sadler Shane Sanford Jim Sater Frank Scarcello Ryan Schaffer Daniel Schaffner Deana Scheffler Theresa Schilling Jill Schneller Brian Schultz Ben Schweizer Donald Sciglinano Allen Scoii Randy Scoii Debbie Shannon Laura Shau Sandy Shau A 3 ii 1 i ' » D n P I 0, ' KM s or ff n n Dawn Shelton Jeffrey Shepherd Tonika Shirts Jennifer Shreffler Joanna Sibert Misty Simmons Michael Six Kristen Slezak Robert Sloan Brian Smith Darcie Smith Dennis Smith Daniel Smoot Michael Snyder Amy Sparks Kevin Sparks James Spaur James Stamper Amanda Starner Ronald Statler James Stauble Erika Stevenson Mark Stewart John Stodgel Chad Stookey Stephen Storjohann Jacqualynn Storm Mike Stover Kelly Stuhr Lisa Swift Robyne Swisher Charles Talarico Charles Tapee Chad Taylor Douglas Taylor Andrew Teigen Tressa Thacker Tana Thieleke Shannon Thomas Greg Thompson Jessica Thompson Ryan Thompson Nikki Thummel Amber Tibben Troy Tickle Dawn Tigner Sara Timmons Kimberly Toillion Richard Tomkinson Steven Tomlinson Stacie Trudeau Joe Tumea Jennifer Turner Kirk Twelmeyer Cathy Valenti Ursula Valles Jacqulene Vandervort Dena Vanzuuk Mamie Varvel Aaron Vasey Jesse Villalobos Chantell Violelt Traci Volkamer Heather Vosen Marcia Voyna Kelly Walker William Walker Christopher Wallace Paula Warden Tracy Warden Debbie Warren Gene Washington Donovan Waters Christopher Watrous Michael Watson David Wegner Shayna Weir Michael Weis Chad Welch Stephanie Welch Margaret Wessel Michele Wessman James West Roger West Christopher Weston Mike Weckman Treasa Wickersham Renee Wilbcr Shawn Wildcn Christian Wilkinson Eric Willett Robert Williams Satire Williams Kevan Wilson Kimberly Wilson Derek Winne Stephen Wolff Marsha Wood Jennifer Wylic Michael A. Young Michael W. Young Jeffrey Zeliadt Matthew Zingg Km mm 0 ■ i A (S hi N 0 Leslie Abies Daryl Achey Chad Adamson Jeana Adamson Eric Akkerman Tony Alden Michele Aller Tammy Aller Damon Andrew Shae Angus Cathy Anneli Brian Arpy Ron Balducki Troy Barnes Danielle Beam Marne Beck Pat Becker Laurie Beerbower Troy Bender Angie Bendixen Jennifer Benge Tracey Bernholtz Deanna Bertrand Diana Bertrand Jeff Bianchi Debbie Bishop Kelly Black Michael Blackburn Joel Blair Ryan Blaskovich Tom Blaskovich Lori Blaylock Rob Blonigan Chris Bolten Tim Bowen Shirley Braack Sarah Bradshaw Irena Breese Renee Brewer Bill Brighlman Brian Brodeur Denise Brooker James Brooks Angela Brown Donald Brown Rebecca Brown Tracy Brown Troy Brown Kris Bruce Dexter Bryant Tony Buchanan Chris Bunce Larry Burchetl Brian Burgett Carla Burks Jennifer Burn Robert Burnett Wendy Burt Lora Buske Danny Butrick Christine Byars James Byars Jennifer Cage r J u N I 0 R S Amy Cain Jerry Caligiuri La Cam Melissa Campero Troy Canfield Lisa Caniy Robert Carlson Tony Carlos Chad Carr John Carr Dannella Carter Dwan Carter Tina Castellano Jay Castle Tom Cavanaugh Darcy Cero Tina Cerratli Chang Chae Mike Chantler Rhonda Chasten Tamara Chesnut Cheri Christensen Michelle Chumbley Deborah Cipale Melissa Clark Wayne Clausen Todd Claussen Kim Clements Chris Clifton Mark Cody Stacie Coldwell Michelle Collier Shawna Comer Brian Connett Dena Conrath Bret Cooper James Corigliano Marcie Cornelison Todd Cort Jennie Cosenza Staci Cowan Todd Cox Michelle Crees Tisha Creger Julie Cronin Leanette Cronin Art Cruikshank Abe Cubbage Crystal Cunningham Kathrine Curtis Blondeanna Daggett Cheri Damante Rosina Danca Tina Darby Christine Daughenbaugh Bryan Davey 150 151 Roberta German Matt Geyer Liz Gilbert Shane Gilman Angie Gilmer Dianne Glover Lisa Gordon Matt Gray Kevin Green Linda Green Mike Greenwood James Grier Lincoln Grimes Tony Gross Donnie Grover Jason Grubb Chris Gustafson Mike Guthrie Paula Gutuskie Fred Hale Paul Halter Tyler Hankins Bobbi Hanson Tommy Hanson Christina Harless Jan Harman Amber Harpster Heather Harpster Bonnie Harrison Holly Harrison John Hart Kristina Hartman Marty Haus Melissa Hawk Dan Hedstrand Akos Hegyi Tammy Hendricks Dean Hennesy Matt Hensley Jeff Herzberge David Hibbs Clint Highland Shawn Hildebrand Lisa Hill Ronda Hodges Everett Hogue Liesl Hohenshell Denise Holtman Teresa Hon Chandra Howard Chad Hutchinson Ralph Hutchinson James losbaker Cindi James Donnie James Chad Jensen 0 f) aha LIU Kelli Johannesen Britt Johnson Chris Johnson Jeff Johnson Lorrie Johnson Tiffany Johnson Ethan Johnston Sheryl Johnston Jeff Jones Jennifer Jones Melissa Jones Michelle Jones Jeff Jorgenson Jason Juran Mike Keeling Doyle Kelley Richard Kelley Aaron Kepharl Kalhy Kerr Marci Kesselring Chantel Kiene Larry Kinney John Kline Frederick Klinge Nikole Knight Francis Knode Karen Kozak Jamie Kramer Jeremy Krinn Corey Kurih Jane Lainson Jacquie Lair Michell Last Scott Lawrence Kristin Leavengood Sherri Legg Julie Leib Rod Lemke Casey Leonard Scott Lester Scott Lewis Stacie Lilly Mark Lipson Rick Livingston Stacey Locke Arvana Lockey Lawrence Loffredo Ben Long Charice Long Traci Longcor Pamourine Lovan Nicole Lucia Brian Lumbard Gonzalo Luna Chad Lundy John Marasco J U N I 0 R S 153 f J u N I 0 R S Tom Marinaro Troy Marlow Margaret Martin Paul Martinson Sherry Maxwell Raymond Mays Erica Mazza Chad McBride Candy McBroom Kevin McCarthy Misty McCaughey Debbie McCloney Karmie McConnell Johnny McDaniel Chris McElvogue Lisa McGehee Bryan McGriff Shelly McKeever Kim McKinney Jodie McWilliams Tim Meggison Mara Meisterberg Michelle Messier Jeff Meyers Amy Miller Brad Miller Corinna Miller Teri Miller Rob Milligan Barbara Mills Traci Millsap Richard Mischel Denice Mitchell Stefanie Morano Joe Morawski Sam Morrow Krissi Mosena Robert Moural Mindy Muetzel Mindy Mulvihill Katharine Munsinger Pam Munyon Scott Murphy Raymond Murray Rachelle Myers Shannon Neely Nancy Newell Mike Nipper Robert isscr Rachelle Nixon Elsa Noboa John Norris Kelly Norris Robb Nuckolls Stephanie Nuckolls Shannon Nyberg " J V I Mi i o 1 i i • P fit TV n S 154 .1 yxlt J U N I 0 R H H HH H H 1 I IB Ramona H Q V IH BK sHH r H T KKT nnfinw n " li s Tad O ' Conner Swain Olson Shawn O ' Neal Tammy Onstalk Sharyl Orey Doug Pagel Chi Hui Pak Gene Parker Sheila Parrish Greg Payne Chris Perez Rosemary Perez Brian Pickett Lisa Pieart Emily Pinter Angela Poison Todd Pooriinga Bill Poortinga Andy Porter Dawn Porter Norma Pratt Stacy Prenosil Dan Prince Jacki Purdy Derek Quijano Richard Quirk Sandra Raleigh Ana Ramos Karena Randolph Amy Rankin Jerry Rasmussen Ken Ray Richard Ray Dennis Reasoner Yvonne Rebhuhn Karyn Reichert Amanda Reid Rod Reinick Chad Reynolds Missy Reynolds Marcy Rhoads Suzy Rhode Anna Riccio Steve Richards Stacie Richmond Jean Riveriaeslrella Christen Roberts Lucinda Roberts Neal Robison 155 r J u N I 0 R S Phil Rowe Richard Rudolf Matt Rush Paula Rushton Karrie Sacks Jennifer Saitta Sonya Salmon Denise Sanders Dianna Sanders Matt Sanford Lisa Sansgaard Manorat Saphongxay Melissa Sater Karla Saville Kanlagnany Sayasane Frank Scarcello Paul Schilling Roger Schneidewind Julie Schnoor Alyssa Scigliano Bryan Searcy Bill Searcy Richard Sego Richard Shannon Tom Sherman Kim Shiffer Chris Shipley Stacey Sievers Amanda Smidt Brad Smith Curt Smith David Smith Lisa Smith Sheila Smith Troy Smith Lorie Sparks Tom Spaulding Ronnie Speights Melissa Spencer Lori Stafford Jennifer Stark Larry Starner Mike Starr Garrett Steele Matt Steele Melissa Stevens Betty Stewart Donna Stewart Kim Stewart Jeff Stinson Kristen Stites Karen Stocker Josh Stoffel Robin Stonehocker Tracie Storjohann Karmen Stougard 156 James Swails Tim Swesey Jason Swindler Allison Tallant Robert Taylor Chad Terrell Chad Terry Sean Teske Brant Tesky Jim Thoermer Liz Thomas Richard Thompson Steve Thompson Tim Thompson Tracy Thompson Tara Tickle James Treanor John Trevillyan Jeannie Truitt Jody Truillingner Bill Tucker Darrin Tuttle David VanArkel Bobbi Vandervort Andy Van Fleet Fun Visonnavong Lisa Volden Shane Voshell Kim Waldo Kristina Wallace Marcie Walsh Stephanie Walter Amy Ward George Warren Tammy Warren Greg Medina, Ryan Blaskovich, and JctT Johnson, concentrate on hockey strategy in Student Center. J u N I 0 R S Kyle Webb Loren Weber Amber Wegner Terri Weisshaar Kristie Welch Julie Wellinghoff Carol Wessel Danny Wessel Renee Wessels Robb West Roger West Tracy Whisler Carlin While Jennifer White Brian Whitham Kellie Williams Rob Williams Steve Williams Julia Wilson Becky Wing Corrie Winn Tracy Witmer Christal Wollesen John Wood Michelle Wood Scott Woodruff David Woolman Greg Worthington Jeff Wright Shannon Wright Tia Wright Jessie Zika Pam Zlotnik John Zoutte a 3. Jay Castle is in full bloom, while Amber Harpster, Becky Wing, Jennifer Burns, and Heather Harpster thoroughly enjoy the Spanish Halloween party. 158 Bookends Time it was, and what a time it was It was a time of innocence, A time of confidences. Long ago it must be, I have a photograph, Preserve your memories. They ' re all that ' s left you. Simon and Garfunkei A Andy Fisher, President 162 Officers organize memorable year u en bv the senior class. The m December, officers were chosen bV - ' with homeroom repre- various senior aclivilies oy sentatives. . nresident of the senior class. His Andy Fisher was . or class and workmg resDonsibililies included leaoing .vith all the various ' r.red ' vice-president. She handed out Sharon Little was elected vice P . the senior officer plaques on Class uy Fueene Clark. j „ii he financial details na Marcum, " easurer h " d f which included announcements, nam ..cretary took notes and sent out invita- Wendy Wilson, secretary, tions to guest speakers Moines Mar- Senior Banquet was held Apn riott Hotel. Prime 3 at the Drake Olms ed Senior Prom !,, ;l J ' f,Uen as the theme with blue. Center. " Ballroom Bhtz J, key chains, and pic- black, and silver as the ' ' the committee, with the frames were sol as -venir help of Sponsor Gary Bagoy, for this memorable " l ere given to outstanding seniors Scholarships and a rds -ere ,ere also r,um on May 29, 1988 at 2 P ' J f ,,ke university. Ray Pugh, puzzle, but final y a Our senior year as bee " a mes of the pieces are coming ' J ' somehow made it, Id the bad, the the rest of our Uves and we will Now it ' s time to start a unknown the future. I Christine Adams Carrie Ahlberg David Albaugh Lori Aldini Jeff Allen Michelle K. Allen Michelle R. Allen Mike Allen Brian Aller Angel Alvarez Margaret Anderson Rob Andrews « Sean Angus Lance Armel Debbie Armstrong James Armstrong Matthew Arndt George Ashman Kimberly Atwood Angela Avila 164 Brian Berry Karl Berry Rachelle Biggs Craig Bindrum Bill Bingaman Randall Biondi Kristin Bird Pat Blaskovich Michelle Blevins Theodore Bolten Deborah Boozell Billi Jo Borkgren Daniel Bower Julie Bower Jeremy Kramer, Carrie Meline, Rick Studins, and Valerie Kaczmarek enjoy a fiesta at Annie ' s Santa Fe. 166 i Lisa Braack Shirley Braack Tamara Braun Tamera Breckenridge Tom Breese Jennifer Brennan Kale Bright Laura Brodie 1 Dana Brooks Angela Brown Daniel Brown Wendy Brown Charlotte Budgell Christopher Burkhardt Greg Ickowitz is studying? Even he finds it hard to believe. Tracey Burks Diana Burt Shionda Butts Kevin Cahow Brian Callahan Camille Campbell Rob Campfield Tracey Campo Richard Cantrell Karen Carico Kristie Carnine Denise Carr Amy Carroll Dean Carver Marvin Cason Deena Cemore Howard Chandler Tracy Chapman Elena Charikov Julie Cherry 168 Gary Cheung Savun Chhith Salvador Chia Tamara Chiles Randy Chumbley Stephen Claman John Clark John Clarke Matt Clem Shelley Clifton Randy Collins Carl Combs Michael Comiskey Tim Cone LeAnna Connett Michelle Cook Tim Cooper Chad Cornwell Michael Cortez Crystal Coulter llll ljj ir Ronda Cox Jeff Crise Cheryl Cropp Scott Crowley! Michael Cumings Jim Cunion Diana Daghestani Claus Dalum Severin Daniels Troy Daniels Joe Darnall Jodi Darrah Melissa Daughenbaugh Kari Davidson Scott Davidson Cynthia Davis Kristie Davis Rebecca Davis Danielle Day Ana de Barroft p 1 Ibv T Amy Dekeyzer Michelle DeMoss Anne Denato Denise Devick Irish Dey Sheila Dickens Sherry Dickey Dalles Dickson Steven Dillard Kevin Dinnen Cianan Dinwiddle Brad Dittmar Lance Donaldson Chad Douglas Chris Dow Terry Drottz Todd Duckworth Darin Dueling Jerry Dunham Wendy Dunston Teresa Dyer Kimberly Eaton Julie Edgington Ross Edwards Sam Ellis Lisa Elmore Sherri Emmons Maria Endres Adam Eriksen Keri Ervin Ray Estes Michael Evans Raymond Fast Tony Fatino Penny Ferlitsch Jill Finken Andy Fisher Lora Fitzgerald Raquel Foland Todd Francisco t W ), , 5- Kevin Frank Stephany Fritz Bradley Fuller Cynthia Galde Betty Jo Gates Corey Gatzke Leann Gensch Nolden Gentry James George La Sundria Germany Brian Gero Steve Gilliam Gary Gioffredi Tim Glick Victoria Gomez Jeff Graham Cristine Grange Kristi Groen Lynn Gros§ Doug G ruber Denise Gustafson Dana Guzman Richard Hall SuCora Hameisler Allen Hansen Laura Hanson Brian Hardie Andrea Harris James Harvey Rob Hatfield Shannon Haus JoAnna Hays Lisa Heidorn Ace Hendricks Dotty Henrichs Jason Herman Todd Herriott Jeff Hewitt Steve Hews David Hufford Scott Hulbert Carol Huntsinger Stephen Hurd Michon Huss Andrew Hutchinson Julie Hutchison Steve Janssen Thomas Jarshaw Robert Jeffries Nichole Jennings Bruce Johanson Desira Johnson Jill Johnson Melissa Johnson Nancy Johnson Stevan Johnson Tad Johnson Jeannie Joiner Daniel Jones Denise Jones Nicole Jones Lisa Jordan Valerie Kaczmarek Nicholas Kaiho Laura Kain Kathy Kelce Doug Keller Chris Kelley Beth Ann Kennedy John Kenyon Julie King Linda King Jeff Knox Jon Koenigs m JIU I Jj blevc liura ana J l dioan aecme mcy wani you lo run lur rrcbiucm ai mc i uucu rmax mny. 177 Jeffrey Lile Sharon Little Wendy Livingston Larry Logston Tina Loney Gary Loux Bounheuang Lovan Teresa Lukehart Trisha Lukenbill Jay Lundeen Tricia Lyons Deanna Mackey Mike Mackey Susan Makowski Jason Herman keeps one ear open at all times. Melinda Manley Gina Marcum Jason Marquardt Alan Marquis Amy Marshall Sherry Marshall Tony Martindale Deanna Marturello Jodi McGee Michele McGriff Rebecca McKern Katie McLaughlin Jeffery Matney Jeanie Mayfield Shannon McAninch Mary McCall Willie McCarrell Michael McCleary Troy McConnell David McDowell Brian McPhillips Brian McVey Todd Mealey Elisa Melia Carrie Meline Ellen Meline Eric Methfessel Todd Miler Tammy Miller Kristy Mills Melissa Mitchell Todd Mitchell Robert Mock Sandi Moffitt I Kevin Molloy Calvin Moore i Marcia Morris Joan Moser Jason Moural Renee Mowrey Kathy Murfin Derek Murphy Barry Mussmann Tammy Nebola Angel Nelson Jeff Nelson Kary Nieuwenhuis Marc Nobile Tony Nucaro Melisa O ' Conner Renee O ' Conner Amy O ' Keefe Tricia Olson Sharyl Orey Crystal Padavich Michael Page Sheila Parish Rae Lynn Park Monica Parker NaMisha Patel John Perry Dawn Peterson Brad Pippett Shelley Pittman Kelly Porter Aletha Post Christopher Power Craig Prettyman Robert Pryor David Pulliam Chris Putney ViengKhong Racksasouk Angela Raymond Dawn Reasoner Dawn Rector Chico Reed Brooke Reichenbacker Michael Reid Dawn Remele Traci Renda Mark Reynolds Amy Riccio Hope Richardson Tricia Rhoades Deborah Rivas Jennifer Robarl Kristi Robb Georgette Robbins Christopher Roberts Brent Robinson Renee Rodish Mike Roe Jeff Rogers Kim Rogoff On the phone again, Michelle McGriff? Heather Roland Pat Rollins Shannon Routson Tim Rush Curt Russo Joseph Russo Jody Saltzman Ester Sanchez Amy Sanders Tonya Sanford Melissa Nat Sayasane Leakol Schooler Joel Schutte Rosemary See Katy Selim Jill Sellner , Melissa Senger Kelcey Sexton Laura Sharr Mike Shaver Lisa Shaw Lisa Shelton Ruth Sibert Dawn Simmons Mary Sims Richard Sims David Sirfus Angie Skidmore JT Sloan Amy Smidt Melissa Smith Patrick Smith Shelia Smith Shelly Smith Matt Smoot Jeffrey P. Snyder Jeffrey Snyder Tony Soares Brian Sodergren Michelle Soper Marilee Sparks Troy Spaulding Karen Spidle Mark Spidle EJ Spitzer Tony Sposato Frank Sposeto Jamie Slanger Brent Stanton Donny Stevens Steven Stodden Charles Street Rick Stundins Eric Summers Hiroshi Tamura Darren Teigen Gary Tesdell j Troy Thacker i Carl Thomas i Scott Tigner ; 186 Lori Tolley April Toman Jeannie Toomey Laura Tucker I Josette Turk Rachelle Turner Adrienna Turnipseed Alecia Turnipseed Shelley Tuttle Kimberly Tweedy Daniel Twelmeyer Ramona Ubaldo Jeff Usher Pamela Vanderley Joel Vanderwerff Kent Vandeweerd Frank Viola Ransall Virden Ly Visonnavong Lisa Vivone Rachael Vosen Carmen Vosler Dan Wadle Mike Wagner Ronnie Walker Sean Walker Jeffrey Wambold Melissa Warden Sherry Wasko Connie Webb Brad Welch Mary Wellinghoff Michael Wheeler Trina Wheeler Nickie Whitaker David E. Whitlatch . David Whitlatch Danelle Williams Suzanna Willock John Wilmore Sandi Wilson Wendy Wilson Cindy Wilts Jeff Winne , Amy Wolfe Michelle Wolfe Rachel Wolford Aaron Wolle Wendy Wolver Malinda Wood Gary Woods Joy Woodworth James Worthington Jana Wright Pam Wright Mary Wyckoff Jennifer Young Melissa Young Scott Youngquist Eric Zepeda 189 Chris Zlotnik Steven Bainter Joe Carter Al Cosimo Steve Hetherington Lisa Hill Paul Hiscocks Jennifer H ' Nora Hook Scott Horn Donna Houk Gregory Ickowitz Eric Ingvall Angela Irons Garret Johnson Scott Keho Denise Martin Brian Sheesley II o c W)o 2 3 3 E = ? w c o □J o cu o X c c c -if o 2 o CQ 2 m vj 3 - -J o T3 O o LU r: ji O ( 5 T3 .S O 8. E U E S 05: O r3 . ot)S op c a c: o.E t3 I- o u J 8 5 ii • c o i-.i.y (- [ 5 - ' • ' - ' ■ .• ' .•i. ' .y ' S ■ ' -l l ' l ' . Vhi ' A " «?ll«falffi ' ' I ' Mi ' ] EST. 1971 you II long WE SUPPORT LINCOLN HIGH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 88 NEAR DOWNTOWN: 2923 S.W.9TH 283-2696 WEST: 6612 UNIVERSITY AVENUE 274-9307 NEAR DRAKE: 1904 FOREST AVENUE 282-8078 2817 INGERSOLL AVE. 515-283-2121 Softball • Wrestling • Volleyball CO C c a; a; u u o o o Your all sport club. Join us to help LINCOLN sports, today and tomorrow. Railsplitter Ambassadors n n o c D 3 3 d ' n j|09 • iieqaseg • sdusbuoiX the onion chip Offers THE BEST Food Beverages At THE BEST Prices For THE BEST High School Students A.L.H.S. 197 TH€ M RY f- mi in 9T R O MUSIC SYSTEMS in LL 9Q04 IMGeKIOLl ' DGS nOIMGS lOWz-l 50319 (515) 988-9916 It ' s O.K. to say " NO " , Southside Community Chemical People Task Force Chapter Congratulations Seniors Class of 1988 Army Post Standard 849 Army Post Road 285-7660 Park Florist South Our Fresher Flowers are your Fresher ideas 2432 S.W. 9th Des Moines, lA 50315 Ph 246-1211 198 CLAYTON ' S Arts, Crafts, Needle Art, Cake Decorating and Candy Making Three Locations To Serve You 7611 Douglas Ave. Urbandale. Iowa 50322 M423 S.W. Army Post Road Des Moines. Iowa 50315 2610 University Ave. Des Moines. Iowa 50315 Congratulations Class of 1988 Quarry Supply, Inc • 4521 S.E. 14th St. 285-8131 KEITH WOLLESEN, PRESIDENT Des Moines, Iowa Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 • New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th FABRIC CARE CENTER Where you can spend an hour and save a day. 199 nw rsFMEtT BRDGNJIRT iMiiMiifirt TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Senrice to all Fai ' fht) MANDO TONINI Closs of Jon. 1938 MARY TONINI Closs of June 1942 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 6 Convenient Des Moines Area Locations S.W. 9th and McKinley E. 28th and Hubbell 3615 Beaver 1220 Grand, West Des Moines 80 School Street, Carlisle 421 Laurel Fresh Food Systems Rosie 1978 Robert 1981 Nicole 1987 Anthony ... 1979 Maria 1983 Christina ... 1992 Charles jr. 1980 Carolyn 1985 Cassandra . 1994 101 E. 2nd Street 244-6370 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charles A. Colosimo Sr. and Family 200 BRENTON NATIONAL BANK OF DES MOINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS, AND ENJOY BEING A PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY 2 SOUTHSIDE LOCATIONS S.W. 9th McKinley Wakonda Shopping Center The norking bank. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Garlaiia COMPLETE AUTO SOUND SALES SERVICE 1304 LOCUST ST. 288-6324 P . D s Barber Shop 3823 S.W. 9th Des Moines, la. " You ' ve tried the rest now try the best ' Congratulations Class of ' ' 88 " Pete Mazza and Family 201 Congratulations Class of ' ' 88 " Ben Franklin == Better Quality for Less! Frame Shop 20% OFF Any Open Frame In Stock FREE FRAMING We provide froming for pointings, needlework, photos, docunnents, crofts in our Frame Shop. • Mot Cutting • Gloss Cutting • Mounting • Assembly AII yow poy for ore molenolj UnitretcKed convoi ond needlework moy require itretcKing ond btockmg This is ovoiiobic oi o reotonobie cost Mention this ad for discount Hours: 9om to 9pm Mon.-Sot. 1 lom-5pm Sun. 4808 S.W. 9th 285-2225 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 4201 CHAMBERLAIN Ph. 255-5571 4221 FIEUR DRIVE Ph. 282-8510 TURSI PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING W InvlU ■II Lineelntrt to (hop at th complal slort lor their wardfob . S.W. 9lh A Park Avenu Phon 283 0649 Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture BING ' S STATIONERY CO. Randy Gould Owner 3410 S.W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 y lhere Service Courtesy Prevail 202 Win or Lose, One Thing ' s the Same: Thereis nothing like a Big Mac® sandwich after the Big Game! 4814 S.W. 9th 3000 S.E. 14th CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF ' 88 bdc Brodie Door Company, Inc. OVERHEAD DOORS RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL • Wood • Aluminum • Steel • Fiberglass SERVICE • SALES • INSTALLATION Entry Doors Also Available Where Quality and Douglas ' 61 1321 Hoak Dr. Service Makes You Todd ' 85 West Des Moines A Satisfied Customer Laura ' 88 223-4344 204 For Elegant Dining . . . Large Groups Welcome •Serving groups up to 70 •Choose one item or select from full menu •One or separate checks available Breakfast 7-1 1 a.m. Lunch 1 a.m.-3 p.m. Dinner 5-10 p.m., Fri. Sat. 5-11 p.m. Experience Our Sunday Jubilee Brunch 6111 Fleur Drive 287-2032 Across from the Airport WRY ANN ' S " PIE SHOP •PHONE 282-3738 2020 Indianola Rd. Des Moines. Iowa 50315 Delicious Home-Made pies, bread, rolls, turnovers, croissants, and cookies Congratulations to Mary, Tracey, and the class of 1988. CENTER Four generations of MITCHELL ' S are now working at MITCHELL Automatic Transmission 15th and Locust Dial. . . 283-2446 We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models. 205 BUILD LINCOLN HIGHER CLUB The Build Lincoln Higher Club is con- tinuing to serve the needs of Lincoln High School organizations, activities and students. Dan Murray, Mary King, Kae Shiffer Allied Wholesale Meats, Inc. 2418 Sunset Road 243-0518 Complete Supplies of Choice Meats Seafoods " Quality and Service a Must " Mother won ' t let you raid her ice box? COME RAID OURS! JOHN i MARGE SWAN 4140Park Ave. CONGRATULATIONS 1988 GRADUATES from NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS— TAILORING Serving South Des Moines Since 1948 Free Pick-up and Delivery David Noah, Owner The Best Buy in Cleaning is Qualit y S.W. 9th Leiand 285-1261 DES MOINES. IOWA HOLIDAY GIFT BASKET HASKI I SHOWN Ncu Wi lbs I AROE: BASK! I Net Wi 24 lbs Congratulations Class of ' 88 Your j if! can he the center of aiieniion at the h()lula feast. It ' s a perfect w ay to solve vour holiday ift prohlenis quickly and to hrin i reat pleasure to et)iployees, clients and frietuls on your Christ nuis list. For prices atid nu)re inforniatioti, contact: W ait t Vf 2436 S E 7th street Des Moines, la 50315 PHONE • 515 282-9600 A Dairii Queen Congratulations Seniors PeU latuei. DAIRY QUEEN 3408 S.W. 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50315 (515) 282-8823 Mama Laconas NORTH 3629 Beaver Ave. Tuesday-Thursday 4:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday 4:30 p.m. - 12:00 p.m. 274-0403 Sunday 4:30-10:00 SOUTH 6305 S.W. 9lh (S.W. 9th Army Post Rd) Tuesday- Friday 4:00 p.m. - 1 1:00 p.m. Saturday 4:00p.m. - 1 1:00 p.m. Sunday 1 1:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 287-7857 Complete Carryout Service Banquet facilities up to 100 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Learn a skill. Doing something different. You can help in the Air Guard IOWA AIR NATIONAL GUARD, 3100 McKINLEY DES MOINES, IOWA 5032 1 Phone 285-6790 208 Whitaker Pharmacy Co. W ' W] Z ]t 5lmport l)op THE PRtSCRIPIION SIORE 1103 ARMY POST ROAD TELEPHONE 285-2121 DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 Congratulations Seniors. CHEVROLET IS... OFAMERICA CRESCENT IS... THE " OFDOWNTOm Since 7 93 7 17m4ln9trtellS1S-247-IO( Optn lilt 9 00 Monday. Widnttdtr 4 Thurttfty 3 243-5269 IlIOORANO OESMOINCt Congratulations Class of 1988 Ingersoll Employee owned Where there ' s a smile in every aisle 4 Michelle Berkland, Todd Francisco, Kim Eaton, Raqucl Poland, and Scott Davidson. Not pictured: Jason Levang, Jim Lewis, and Scott Horn. 209 AMILTONS rUNEDAL AfTCD LIFE EDVICt« ) Hamilton ' s Funeral Home • 605 Lyon Si. • Des Moines. lA 50309 • 1-515-243-5221 Southtown Funeral Home • 5400 S.W. 9th St. • Des Moines. lA 50315 Moffitt Funeral Homes • Altoona. lA 50009 • Mitchellville. lA 50169 Hamilton ' s near Highland Memory Gardens • 121 N.W. 60th Ave. • Des Moines. lA 50313 Congratulations Seniors! 2? REAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT John B. Leavengocxi CPM Suite 12, 1221 Center Street Des Moines, Iowa 50309 515-280-9204 Congratulations Class of ' 88 from Dr. Mark Lazar staff i Mark R. Lazar D.D.S. complete family and cosmetic dentistry 6100 S.W. 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa 50315 287-5400 CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 Serving the Public Since 1919 Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 287-1991 Hours — Two Locations — Hours SouthRidge Mall Open 7 days a week Monday Thrusday 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m.-10:30 p.m. 210 Breese Family Tae Kwon Do 1 800 Bell Ave. First Unitarian Church Des Moines, lA 50315 CONGRATULATIONS from Purolator courier PUROLATOR COURIER CORR 2701 S.W. McKinley Des Moines, Iowa 50321 Tel. 1-800-645-3333 Tony Breese, Sr. Res. 285-1543 ts just w hst the doctor ordered Soulhridge Mall • Gifts-graduation, etc. • Camera Supplies-for the big day • Cosmetics-for her • Cologne-for him Store 287-1020 Pharmacy 287-1022 • School Supplies- for those college bound • Complete Pharmacy- for all your health needs Congratulations Railsplitters DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • 211 GO TOPLESS i AMC JEEP RENAULT. INC. 201 EAST LOCUST DES MOINES IOWA Eagle 8118 LINCOLIM HS EAST DES MOINES National Bank Memhfir F D I C S.E. 14th Indianola Road East 14th and Euclid East University ana Hubbell Pleasant Hill, Iowa 244-6677 MAID-RITE SUPPORTS LIN COLN HIGH GRADUATES Success For Over 60 Years 212 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 Remember us for all your graduation party needs Decorated graduation cakes, meat cheese party trays, snacks, pop, nuts, mints Park Ave. Super Valu 3200 S.W. 9th 243-2654 SUPER V ALU PETE ' S-A-REA open 7 a.m. donuts, milk, and orange juice NOON HOUR Slice pizza; Sandwiches Sausage $1.25 Pepperoni $1.25 Cheese $1.10 Grinders Meat Ball Cheese Burgers Tacos Soft drinks, chips, and GAME ROOM 2619 S.W. 9th 280-7348 SW 9th PARK AVE IcHUeAyi Bif inc. Anthony J. Comito 288-6789 213 214 216 What a long, strange trip it ' s been — TKA ' 88 221 BTIC members Swizzle, Spaz, L.H.D., and C.O.P.E. give Fergie a warm welcome to a new way of life. MITCHELL ' S Sunset Beach AUTO SALVAGE AND REPAIR ★ DOMESTIC - FOREIGN - TRUCK ★ COMPLETE LINE OF USED PARTS ★ WE BUY LATE MODEL WRECKS ★ ON SITE INSTALLATION OF MOST PARTS ★ REBUILDABLES ON HAND ★ PARTS LOCATING 266-5201 1111 SE 30th lA. WATS TOLL FREE 1-800-383-5201 INDEX Berhow. Beth 1 23 Breslcy. Troy 1 37 A A Bcrkemann. Kelly 116.137 Brewer. Krista 124 - o Berkland. Michelle Brewer, Renee 149 Briggs, Marc 124 D ..-.l. 1 A T ' AA Al iin QA 1 1A Berkland. Todd 4 Bright, Kale 167 Abe 86 Baccam, Maiaykham 1 36 Berkmann. Kenna 165 Brightman, William 69.149 Abies, Leslie 36.47,o7,l4o Baccam, Mekhine 36.104,165 Bernard. Martha 45.124 Brodeur. Brian 149 Acney. uaryi l4o Baccam, Somkoum 165 Bemholtz, Tra cey 108.148 Brodie. Laura 27.167 Adams. C nnslme 49.84, 164 Baccam. Tom 1 22 Berry. Bill 1 16 Brodie. Susanne 1 37 Adams, rsicoie iiz Baccam, Veomayoury 136 Berry , Brian 60,70,71,166 Broich. Jenniier 1 4 Art mcrkM Ch ' kei HA I Aft , Qamson. nau o ' .i ' »o Rom k ' orl 1 AA Dcrry , N.ari i oo Brom. Jason 1 37 AHamcrvn C V af 11 HA Ml DaLK3iiLiiii, nciui JJ Bertrand, Deanna 148 urooKer. L nise 30.i4v Aaamson, jeanna iUo,3v,4v, i to Daiiey, i. raig ou,04, i jo Berlrand. Diana 148 Brookhart. Shawnae 124 A AC- Daw I H Aoes, KCX 1 lz Dainier, jicvcn itz Dl W. CC AQ C OA AQ Diancni. Jetf 4e, 33,00, 146 Brooks. Dana 1 .I6 Agec, Benny 1 36 Bair, Jennifer 165 Dln. U; I U 77 t A 1 77 Diancni. Josepn 3,o4,i3 Brooks. James 149 Ahlberg, Carrie 164 Baird, Gregory 165 Diancni, raul 33,13 Brooks. Janene 1 24 Aieiio, Lamenne 43,130 Baker, Aimee 122 Diggs. Kacneiie loo D. l, 1:11 177 HrOOKS. Jill 13 Akers, Douglas 1 36 RoL-or Rrirlaot AA 1 11 DaKer, Dnogei 44,izz Bindrum, C raig 64.166 Brooks. Lisa 1 37 Akkerman, Eric 148 DaKer, i aniei 1 30 Dinnnm ' .r. D.ll 1 AA Dingaman. oiii 100 Dr «Mr oi p oi»Mi-k 1 lA oroomiieid. ueimo 1 4 Alarcon, Linda 1 36 RoLrtr fVtonno III 1 f DaKer, i anna i i i . 1 30 Dingnam. Melissa 43.6 Brower. Gregory 1 24 Alarcon, Reina 122 RiLnr lonniTor A 1 11 DaKer, jenniier 43,1 z Binghan. Melissa 137 Brown. Angela 149.167 Ainaugn. uavia 104 DiLrkV 1 ICO 1 11 DaKer, Lisa zl Binkley. Kevin 69.124 Brown, Becky 45 Alcantar, Lisa 1 22 DaKer, iviait 1 zz Biondi. Kerry 43.124 D- .., r n«;Ai 1A 1A7 brown, L aniei 1 4,10 Alden. Lisa 1 3o U. La - Kjfirr.. 11 11 1A Q1 IA DaKer. Missy z. 3, 4,o ,i03 Biondi. Randall 166 D.».,.M r »-«»i iLft QA 1 r o AC Brown, Donald 69,64.106.149 Alden, 1 ony i4o DaKer, 1 aiii 1 3o Birch. Jennifer 76 Brown. Jeffrey 124 Aldini. Danny 122 RolHii L ' i Drkn Al A9L DaiQUCKl, KOn 4 , 146 Bird, Kristin 166 D - . « lonniTov 7Q 7A 1A Brown. Jenniier v, o, 1 4 AiQini, Lori i ,io ' Baldwin, Melissa 122 Birnbaumer, Tina 137 Brown. Laurie 1 24 Alexander, Darren 122 RqIoc Mif Kool AA MA Daics, Micnaei 00.130 Bishop, Brandy 124 Brown, Melissa 1 37 Alexander. Kennem ,o4.oo.i z Dales. ? nawn 1 3 Bishop, Debbie 41,148 Brown, Micnaei 13 Allbee, Gary 66 RollorH MolinHfi lA Daiiara. Maiinaa 103 Bitting, Shelly 137 Brown, Nicolle 124 Allen, tsrac i Baltzley. Christopher 123 Black. Kelly 41.148 Brown, Pamela 124 Alien, jeii i o4 Baratta. Louie 165 Black. Michelle 124 Brown, Rebecca 124,149 r IICll, IVtVlIl Li Riimttn Tr»nv AQ Blackburn. Michael 45.148 Brown, Shawna 1 24 Allen. Lisa 1 5 Baratta. Luigi John 136 Blair. Joel 36.148 Brown, Tabetha 1 37 A lion Mi hollo V f A Alien, iviicneiie n.. io ' Barber, Amanda 123 Blakeslee. Sherry 137 Brown. Tracy 149 A linn A ' ,r- a a D 1 1 T 1 1 Ail Alien, Micneiie k. I3,zi.io4 oariKr. siepnen z3,i30 Blaskovich. Pat 107,166 Brown. Troy 149 A linn 1 A Allen, Mike io4 DarKcr. jonn ioj Blaskovich. Richard 137 Brown. Wendy 167 A lion D Uni-t QA Allen, KODen o»». ijo Barnahart. Jackie 1 36 Blaskovich. Ryan 31.148 Bruce. Kris 149 A linn 1 i -o 1 Alien. Lisa JO 130 Barnes. Troy 1 48 Blaskovich. Tom 48.148 BrunK. LieraiG 1 4 Allor DroH AH 1 Aiier. orac ou, 1 30 Barnhart. Trisha 165 Blaylock. Lori 48.148 Bryant. Dexter 149 Allcr, Brian 60.64,164 oarr. Bryan 103 Blevins. Michelle 105.166 Buchanan. Kristie 137 Alier. Micneiie 14,1 j,4 ,i4» Barros. Anna de 1 70 Bliss. Dawn 124 Buchanan. Tony 149 Aller, Tammy 148 Darseiii. inay 1 30 Blomgren. Greg 86 Budgell. Charlotte 167 Allstcadt. Randy 1 22 Rorlh Pi ith 7A fiil 1 Dann. taiin o. 64. 1 3 Blonigan. Rob 60.64,70,148 Buehlmann. Joseph 66.1 16.124 Alt " Tt-n ' ta fl 9A Ml All. 1 racie jo.o4. izz Barth. Jennifer 1 36 Bloomgren. Greg 77,84 Bunce. Chris 38.44.149 Alvarez. Angel 164 Bartlett, Nicolle 136 BIy. Brian 124 Bunsen. Chris 34 Alvarez. Carolyn 122 Qo«-4linn r oWki-in 70 QA 1 1 Dartiing. uamon v, 64, 1 3 Boatright. Brandi 124 Burch. Gretchen 83.124 Alvarez. Ada Liz 136 Roclrnr MorL Al 1 Dasnor, MarK 4 , 1 3 Boetel. Karia 124 Burch, Jenny 45 Alvord. Jenniter 1 ,o3.i3o Bason, Marie 165 Bohall.Amy Lea 137 Burch, Sharee 58,138 Anderson, neatner oo.lJz Bassett, Bill 44,46 Boles. Kayshana 124 Burchette, Larry 116,117,149 Anderson. Jennifer 122 Bates, Carrie 44,46,165 Boley. Lisa 124 Burgett, Bradley 77,84,124 A nAnrmn V Of-» n Al A Af fyf 1 11 Anaerson, N.ar n Rottc Qon o lA 41 7A 1 1 Dans, ivenee 30,43, o, 1 3 Bolten. Chris 60.149 Burgett, Brian 149 Anderson. Margaret 164 Donor C tt QA 171 Dauer, coii 64,1 3 Boltcn. Theodore Burgett, Glen 1 16, 1 24 Anderson. Peter 136 Bauer, Yvonne 43,123 Bondura. Stacy 33.137 Burgett, Melissa 124 An -Atft ' [2«-aon AA 1 11 Anarew, orian oo, i ii DoiimiinL- A nfioli A HA 1 71 DaumunK, Angeia 43.64,1 3 Boobyer. IX rek 124 Burgett, Tina 76,124 Andrew, Damon 148 RooHIo RroHlv t nit lA Deaaie, Draaiy 1U6.103 Boodry . Scott 1 37 V. d:ii.. 71 170 Burke, Bi lly 7 1 , 1 38 K A A , D Wa -« A( 1.A 1 A Andrews, Koocrt 49,34,33, io4 Rnil Di korH HA 171 Deal. Kicnara 64, 1 3 Boone. Brandon 124 Burke, Janel 1 38 Angus, Sean 84.164 Dcam, L anieiie iu6.i46 Booth. Roben 124 Burkhardt. Christopher 29,167 Angus, nae i .4o.i4o Root! lo X rxn HA 1 1 A 171 1 lA Deaiiie. trie 64. 1 10. 1 3. 130 Boozell. Deborah 166 Burks, Caria 149 Anneti, c amy 43.i4o DCCK, Jenniier 36,3V,io3 Boozell. Kathym 43.124 Burks. David 124 Arkle. David Van 46 Ro L Morno ( H AH DCCK, Marne IU6,I46 Boozell. Nicole 124 Burks. Ruth 124 Armbrest, Ronald 122 Ro Lor Pot 8A lfl7 1 ilfi DCCKer, rat 3,60,IU ,I46 Borkgren. Billie Jo 32.166 Burks, Tracey 168 Armei. Karen 1 3o RorirnrrI 1 v ' lo 1 lA 1A Deaiora, Lvie 1 1 0.103 Bosteder.Julie Ann 137 Burn, Jennifer 48.149 Armel. Lance 164 Beener. Jodi 1 36 Boston. Timothy 1 1 6. 1 1 7. 1 37 Burnett. Robert 66.67.149 Armstrong. Debbie 164 Beerbower, Laurie 148 Bostwick.Gina Maria 137 Burriola. Armando 124 Armstrong. James 164 Roll C ' xrK ' x 1 1 1 Dcii. I. ana 1 3 Bougher. Danny 55.137 Burrows. Kerry 124 Armstrong. Jim 23.24 Roll ( T Ay.- IA Dell, v ind 103 Bow en. Tim 69.149 Burrows.Naomi Eva 138 Armstrong. Lisa 33.53.136 Roll Mir k ol A( A 1 17 DCII. Micnaei 4U, 41,13 Bower. Daniel 166 Bun. Diana 168 Arndt. Matthew Belloma, James 123 Bowman, Angie 45,46.76 Bun. Wendy 108.149 Arpv. Brian 48. 148 Bender. Troy 148 Bowman. Robert 1 24 R„ri( | ICarIa 41 DUIILI, IVai la Ashman. George 60.70.71,84,85,164 Bendixen. Angie 148 Boyd. Shon 1 24 Burton. William 138 Atchison, Rosalee 122 Benge. Jeff 165 Braack. Lisa 167 Buske. Lora 149 Atkinson, Amy 45,136 Benge. Jennifer 108.148 Braack. Shirley 149.167 Butnck, Danny 149 Atkinson, Troy 1 22 Benge. Lalaunie 123 Bradshaw. Sarah 17.45.149 Butts. Shionda 168 Atwood, Kimberly 41,164 Benge. Richie 123 Braun. Tamara 167 Byars. Christina 72.75.149 Austin. Christina 84.122 Bennett. William 137 Breckenridge. Tammy 45.167 Byars, James 1 49 Avila, Angela 164 Berardi. Giovanna 123 Breese. Irena 149 Ayers, Michael 64,136 Berardi. Nicole 1 37 Breese. Tom 27.167 Ayers, Russ 55 Bergis. Eric 60.64 Bergmann. Ronald 23.86.137 Brennan, Jennifer 23,167 Bresby, Troy 1 1 6. 1 1 7 C 231 Cage, Jennifer 149 Cahow. Kevin 168 Cain. Amy 150 Cain. Chrisiina 44.138 Cake. Audra 58.84.138 Calaro. Anthony 124 Calaro, Micheal 138 Caldwell. Robert 124 Caligiun. Gerald 44.69.1 16,150 Callahan. Brian 70,71.168 Cam. U 60.150 Camacho. Shelley 17.33,138 Camacho.Joseph Montcz 138 Cambell. Chantal 124 Campbell. Camille 41,49.168 Campbell. Stacie 1 38 Campbell. William 124 Campero. Melissa 1 50 Campero. Pal 69 Campero. Santos 1 24 Campfield. Rob 168 Campo. Jon 138 Campo. Tracey 27.105.168 Can field. Troy 1 50 Cantrell. Richard 41.168 Canty. Lisa 150 Carder. JefTery 1 24 Cariango. Chnstina 29 Canco, Karen 168 Carigliano. Jay 40 Carigliano. Jim 38,39.49 Cariglino. Christina 36 Carlos. Tony 1 50 Carlson. Robert 23,69,150 Camine. Brian 124 Camine. Knstie 24.36.168 Carpenter. Chnstina 124 Carpenter. Jon 124 Can-. Chad 1 50 Carr. Denise 168 Can-. John 32.36,150 Camngton, Chad 71 Carroll, Amy 168 Can-oil. Edward 138 Carroll. Jennifer 53.138 Carter. Bradley 124 Carter. Dannella 150 Carter. Dwan 1 50 Carter. Joe 27.41.192 Carter. Lon 124 Cartwright. Jason 84.124 Carty. Lisa 108 Carver. Dean 168 Casey. Deano 66. 1 24 Cason. Marvin 64.84.168 Casper.Jill Ann 138 Cassady. Charles 138 Castellano. Tina 150 Castle. Royd 66,84 Castle. Jay 60. 1 50 Cataldo, Carma 1 38 Catron. Joe 41.84,138 Caudle. Jeffrey 1 38 Cavan. Ene 124 Cavanaugh. Tom 150 Cave. Brad 38.40.138 Cemore. Deena 168 Ccretti. Lonnie 23.138 Ccro. Darcy 1 50 Ccrratii, Tina 1 50 Chae. Chang 36.150 Chae. Chung 69 Chae. Son 83 Chalmers. Michelle 138 Chandler. Howard II 6. 168 Chandler. Uona 58,138 Chaney,Lori Ann 138 Channon, Jennifer 43.124 Chantler. Mike 150 Chapman, John 44.46 Chapman. Todd 124 Chapman. Tracey 72.74,83.168 Chankov. Elena 168 Charron. Brian 45,46 Chasten, Randy 1 38 Chasten. Rhonda 1 50 Chenet, Mana 124 Cherry. Dana 45 Cherry. Julie 23.45.168 Cherry. Lashay 124 Chestnut. Tamara 1 50 ( heung, Gary 169 Cheung. Jane 124 Chhith, Savun 109, 169 Chia. Salvador 79.80,169 Chiles. Bobbi 138 Chiles, Tamara 53,169 Choda, Samantha 124 Choi. Scott 83.86.138 Christcnsen. Amy 1 38 Christcnscn. Cheri 40, 1 50 Chnstensen. Karen 40,138 Chnstopherson. Nicholas 138 Chnsty. Chad 45.46.124 Chumbley. Michelle 48.150 Chumbley. Randy 169 Cipale. Charles 124 Cipale. Deborah 150 Cipali. Chuck 84 Clair. Bnan 138 Claman. Stephen 169 Clark. Carrmann 84.138 Clark. Jeremy 124 Clark. John 108,169 Clark. Lisa 138 Clark. Michelle 44.46.84 Clark. Missy 108.150 Clarke. John 169 Clausen. Wayne 150 Claussen. Todd 60.64,150 Cleaver. Kim 138 Cleghorn. Gabrielle 84.138 Cleghorn. Kittie 1 24 Cleland. David 124 Clem. Matt 60.64.169 Clements. Joe 44.46 Clements. Kim 22,23,33,72,75,150 Clifford. James 138 Clifton. Chns 150 Clifton. Shelley 47.169 Coan. Linda 138 Cocharne. Daniel 124 Cochrane. Dan 1 16 Cody. Christopher 1 24 Cody. Mark 60,64.150 Coldwell, Stacie 43.150 Cole. Chnstina 66,138 Cole, Jamie 124 Cole, Lon 138 Cole. Scott 77 Coles. James 1 38 Collier. Micheal 77.138 Collier. Michelle 150 Collins. Randy 169 Colwell. Chad 124 Combs. Carl 45.46.169 Comer. Shawna 1 50 Comiskcy. Michael 49,169 Comiio, Chris 84 Cone. Tim 60.169 Conn. Moms 138 Connett. Brian 23.55.150 Connett. LeAnna 169 Conrath. Dena 150 Conrath. Holly 84,138 Cook. Michelle 169 Cooper, Bret 1 50 Cooper. Jason 1 38 Cooper. Randall 124 Cooper. Tim 169 Corath. Dena 109 Corben. Cynthea 124 Corigliano. James 150 Corley. Jennifer 124 Corligliano. Jay 1 38 Cornelison. Marcie 1 50 Cornwell. Chad 60.64.169 Corrigcdor. Oscar 69 Cort, Todd 1 50 Cortez. Michael 169 Cosenza. Jennie 1 50 Cosimo. Al 192 Couch. David 124 Coulter. Brandice 138 Coulter. Crystal 169 Cowan. Michelle 45.46.66 Cowan. Staci 44.84.85,150 Cox. Rhonda 1 70 Cox. Todd 60,64,84,150 Crain. Jennifer 43.66 Crandall, Tiana 124 Crandell, Tiana 43 Crane, Amy 76,138 Crane, Jennifer 124 Crawley. Angela 1 38 Crees. Deborah 124 Crees. Michelle 45.53,150 Crees. Roy 124 Creger. Tisha 1 50 Creighton. Charis 124 Crews, Scott 55,138 Crise, Jeff 1 70 Cronin, Julie 47,150 Cronin. Lcanette 47,150 Cronk, Kim 138 Cropp, Cheryl 17.33,49,170 Crousc. Harold 138 Crowley. Scott 1 70 Cruchelow, Troy 1 38 Cruikshank. Art 71,150 Cubbage. Abe 1 50 Culver, Stacy 58,124 Cumings. Michael 36.170 Cummins. Brian 84,138 Cunion. Jim 1 70 Cunningham. Crystal 150 Curtis. Kathnne 150 Curtis. Ryan 138 D Daggett. Blondeanna 1 50 Daghestani. Diana 49.105,170 Dalum. Claus 66.104.1 19.170 Damante. Cheri 1 50 Damante. Gerald 124 Damcrville. Micheal 124 Danca. Rosina 17.150 Daniels. Pans 138 Daniels. Sevenn 47,1 19.170 Daniels. Troy 38.1 15,170 Darby. Tina 1 50 DaHing. David 108 Darnall. Joe 1 16.170 Darrah. Brent 124 Darrah. Jodi 170 Dates. Jean 1 24 Daughcnbaugh. Chris 58 Daughcnbaugh, Christine 150 Daughenbaugh. Melissa,105,170 Daugherty, Brad 139 Davenport, Richard 45.1 16.124 Davey. Bryan 83.150 Davey, Michelle 15.40.139 Davey. Pauline 84 Davidson. Chad 45.46,71 Davidson. Joe I 19.151 Davidson. Kan 45.170 Davidson. Scott 38,1 19,170 Davis, Amy 84.151 Davis. Billie 124 Davis. Cynthia 41.170 Davis. Danny 139 Davis. Dawn 33.139 Davis. Jeff Davis. Julie 139 Davis. Knstie 5,13,41,170 Davis. Phil 108.151 Davis. Rebecca 170 Davis. Shane 139 Davis. Tony 151 Day. Danielle 170 Day. Shirley 45.151 Dayton. Troy 64. 1 39 DeAngclo. Jamcy 47,48,55.60.62,63,79,84,151 DeBarros, Anna 1 19 DeBord. Knsten 1 5 1 DeFrancisco. Chnstina 139 DcFrancisco. Todd 84 Degroote. Bobbi I 39 Dcirling. Micheal 36.124 Dekeyzer. Amy 151.171 DeMoss. Michelle 109,171 Denato. Anne 27,171 Dennis, Laura 45,139 Dennis. Rachel 151 Dennis. Scott 124 Denny. Travis 48.66.151 Dcrryberry. Jennifer 139 DeShong. Michelle 44,151 Devick. Denise 171 Dcwild. Micheal 139 Dey. Trish 27,171 Dhabalt. Brandy 17.151 Dick. Amy 43.124 Dickens. Sheila 171 Dickey, Sherry 171 Dickmann. Nikki 33 Dickson. Chnsty 15.83.139 Dickson. Dalles 171 Diekmann. Nioka 139 Dill. Lany 151 Dillard. Steven,171 Dillinger. Stephen 139 Dilse, Natalie 83.151 Dilse. Robyn 43.124 Dingman. John 139 Dinnen. Kevin 171 Dinnen. Travis 124 Dinwiddie. Cianan 111.171 Dittmar. Brad 54.55.60,84.85.171 Dixon. Sherry 124 Dobson. Mary Jo 45.124 Dobson. Richard 151 Dodge. Abigail 1 39 Dolch. Scott 151 Donaldson. Unce,67,107.171 Dondlinger. Mary 151 Dooley. James 1 24 [)onty. Dawn 36.66.139 Dornbusch. Danyell 124 Dougger. Chad 1 39 Douglas, Cassie 1 24 Douglas, Chad 60,64, 1 7 1 Dow. Chns 5.20. 1 71 Dowell. Lon 58,84,139 Downing, Brian 124 Doyle. Kelly 1 16,1 17 Dreher. Bryna 124 Drehcr. Micheal 124 Dnscoll. Natalie 58,124 Drottz, Terry 1 7 1 Drotz, Terry 108 Drummond, Lizbeth 124 DuBois, Melanie 43,124 Duckworth. Todd 171 Dueling. Darin 171 Duke. Josuha 1 24 Dullard. Bryan 1 5 1 Duncan. Wesley I 16.139 Dunham. Ed 70.139 Dunham. Jerry 70,71,171 Dunston. Raleigh 151 Dunston. Wendy 109.171 Dupes. Brett 64.139 Durbin. Jonathan 40.55.139 Durbin. Theresa 43.124 Dusenbery. Tracy 124 Dyer. Billie 53.84 Dyer, Billie Jo 151 Dyer. Teresa 1 72 Dyke. Everett 1 24 E Eagan. Monty 69.139 Eastaman. Joe 151 Eaton. Kenneth 139 232 Eaton. Kimberly 172 Eberlc. Karissa 151 Ebcric, Kristina 151 Eddingcr. William 43.126 Edcnburn. Bradley 80.139 Edgington. Jcanna 126 Edginglon. Julie 1 72 Edwards. Amy 1 39 Edwards, Chad 43.84,126 Edwards. Ross 172 Edwards. Teanna 151 Egcnbcrger. Bryant 114 Egcnberger, Keely 1 5 1 Egcnbcrger. Kelly 151 Egcnbcrger. Patricia 17,151 Egcnburn. Brad 77 Einertson. Darrel 126 Eisenhower. Jennifer 126 Elgm. Malinda 151 Eller. Dormda 151 Elhs. Sam 172 Ellson. Daniel 139 Ellwanger. Leann 151 Elmore. Lisa 172 Else. Seth 19.151 Emcr , Chad 126 Emmons. Shari Emmons. Sherri 172 Endres. Maria 114.119.172 Enos. Tillie 139 Enstminger. Kimberly 126 Epps. Dennis 126 Enckson. Melinda 126 Ericson. James Erikson. Adam 1 72 Erikson. Tracy 40 Er m. Keri 172 Estes. Ray 1 16,172 Estrada. Terence 84. 1 26 Evans. Brian 139 Evans. Cassie 33.84.139 Evans. Marti 58.126 Evans. Micheal 1 72 Evans. Trista 126 Evison. Mike 126 Evison. Ronnie 64.139 Exime. Cindy 58.126 Exman. Shane 45,139 F Falkstad. Bob 45 Falkstrom, Matt 40.139 Faller. Amy 17.139 Fanter. William 77.126 Farnsworth. Melissa 139 Fast. Raymond 172 Fatino. Margret 45.126 Fatmo. Todd 64.66.139 Fatino. Tony 70.172 Faust. Eric 1 39 Fazio, Angela 126 Fazio. Tina 151 Fedscn. Chris 72,75.151 Ferguson. Angie 66.84.151 Ferguson. Darin 69.151 Fcring. Chris 1 5 1 Ferlitsch. Penny 172 Fesseler, Norman 126 Fessler. Dennis 108 Fessler. Kathi 139 Fetters. Micheal 139 Fetters. Nikki 84 Fcucaloro. John Filippclh. Paul 139 Finch. Clover 36.139 Fmken. Jill 172 Fisher. Andy Fitzgerald. Lora 41.172 Fizlaff, Micheal 71.126 Fitzlafi " . Michelle 43 Fletcher. Jennifer 126 Flores. Alvira 1 5 1 Flores. Angel 126 Royd. Mike 151 Royd. Scon 71.126 Ruharty. Mike 45.46 Poland. Raquel 41.172 Folberth. Brandy 126 Foley. Christopher 126 Folkestad. Robert 46.139 Ford. Carrie 1 26 Foreman. Cheri 1 16.1 17,126 Formaro. Jolynn 126 Formaro, Mark 114,151 Formaro. Matthew 126 Foronato. Ron 60.64 Forrester. Shawn 64. 1 39 Foust. James 126 Francisco. Todd 39.49.172 Frank. Kevin 173 Fransen. Jace 10,1 11,151 Fravel. John 139 Frederick. Jeff 39.41.49 Free. Tisha 53.139 Freed. Lei 108.151 Freed. Lynne 108.151 Freed. Terry 77.84.126 Freel. Angela 1 26 Freeman. Angel 126 Friend. Jody 48.151 Friend. Melissa 151 Friend. Missy 44.46 Friesz. Jill 43.126 Fritz. Justin 126 Fritz. Stephanie 109.173 Frost. Aleeta 1 26 Frost. Travis Fry. Colleen 126 Fry. Thomas 139 Fucaloro, Merianne 151 Fuller. Brad,173 Fuller, Gary 36,151 Fuller, Jason 64,84,139 Funaro. Clarissa 110,111,139 Fusari, Angeline 139 G Gabbert. Jennifer 139 Gaines. Jerald 151 Galde. Cindy 45 Galde. Cynthia 173 Galdie. Cindy 49 Gale. Amy 151 Gale. Michelle 139 Gale. Phil Gallagher. Michael 126 Gamble. Debbie 45.46,151 Garder. Chad 45 Gardner. David 151 Gardner, James 126 Gardner. John 1 26 Gardner. Kirk 126 Garland. Betsy 36.66 Garland. Cheryl 140 Garland, Elizabeth 140 Garland, Michelle 83.140.151 Garland. Timothy 126 Garrett. Christopher 140 Garrington. Tom 140 Garsh. Lisa 140 Garton. James 151 Gass. Vicki 108.151 Gates. Betty Jo 173 Gathcrcole. Chad 23.140 Gathcrcole. Jennifer 151 Gatuskie. Paula 44 Galzke. Corey 109,1 10.1 1 1.173 Gavin. Robert 84.126 Gensch. Gery 151 Gensch. Leann 84.85.173 Gentry. Brian 79,80 Gentry, Nolden 173 George. James 1 73 Gering. Daniel 126 Gering. Michelle 140 German. Bobbie 72.75.152 Germany. La Sundria 173 Gero. Brian 173 Gesualdo. Tiflenie 140 Geyer, Joel 140 Geyer. Matt,152 Gibbs. Jason 126 Gibson. Juliet 17.19.140 Gilbert. Jennifer 126 Gilbert. Liz 47.87.152 Gilliam. Steve 173 Gilman. Russel 126 Gilman, Shane 152 Gilmer, Angie 152 Gioffredi. Gary G ioff red 1. Joseph 126 Glashan, James 140 Glaze. Monika 140 Glenn. Chris 77 Glenn. Christopher 126 Glick. Brian 64.84.140 Ghck. Tammie 76.126 Glick. Tim 173 Glover. Brian 140 Glover. Dianne 1 52 Godfroy. Jessica 140 Golby. Chris 84 Gomez. Catina 126 Gomez. Thomas 126 Gomez. Victoria 173 Gordon. Kathryn 126 Gordon. Katie 1 16 Gordon. Lisa 53.72.75,152 Gorsche. Linda 45.140 Gorsche. Luann 140 Golhard, Rachael 140 Gothercolc. Jenifer 44 Gracey. Terrance 64.84.140 Graham. Jeff 54.108.173 Graham. Jody 84 Graham. Jolessa 1 26 Graham. Jon 55.64.65,140 Graham, Matthew 126 Granda. Nico 126 Grandstaff. Christopher 1 26 Grange. Bob 84 Grange. Charles 140 Grange. Chuck 64.84 Grange. Cristinc 1 73 Gray. Matt 152 Greco. Pete 60.64.84 Green. Elizabeth 127 Green. Kevin 1 52 Green. Linda 23.152 Green. Michael 140 Greenwood. Mike 152 Grey. Arick 66 Grier. James 1 52 Griglione. Kathleen 45.127 Griglione. Richard Griglione. Tony 140 Grigsby. Charles 64.77.140 Grimes. Lincoln 1 52 Groen. Kristi 33.173 Groen. Lori 1 27 Gross. Lynn 173 Gross. Tony 69.152 Grout. David 83 Grover. Donnie 152 Groves. Scott 140 Grubb. Jason Grubb. Tanya 43.127 Grubbs. Christy 41 Gruber, Doug 108.173 Gruss. Jennifer 83.127 Grylls. Jennifer 140 Guetenfelder. Jennifer 38 Guill. Jodie 127 Ciustafson. Chns 60.64.152 Gustafson. Denise Guthrie. Mike 152 Guttenfelder. Jennifer 140 Gutuskie. Paula 1 52 Guynn. Michelle 140 Guzman. Dana 1 74 H Hoganson. Heidi 76 Hale. Fred 48.55.152 Hale. Rhonda 127 Hall. Angela 72.75.140 Hall. Mike 84 Hall. Richard 174 Hall. Russell Hallet, Jason 34 Hallett. Jason 140 Halter. Paul 55.152 Haltman. Jessica 84 Haluska, Andrew 140 Halverson. John 140 Hameister. SuCora 1 74 Hamilton. Stacey 127 Hammond. Sherrie 1 17,140 Hankins. Greg 140 Hankins. Tyler 48.79.152 Hansen. Allen 69.174 Hansen. Andy 46 Hansen. John 127 Hanson. Bobbi 152 Hanson. Laura Hanson. Mary 140 Hanson. Tommy 152 Harbron. Steve 1 10 Harclerode. Melinda 127 Hardaway. Brandon 84.127 Hardcastle. Judd Hardic. Brian 23.1 14.174 Harless. Christina Harman. Jan 152 Hams. Lisa 76 Harper. Kelly 127 Harpster. Amber 48.1 12.152 Harpster. Heather 29.48.1 12.152 Harris. Andrea 1 74 Harris. Donald 64.69.140 Harris. Edward 140 Harns. Joseph 66.84.1 16.127 Harris. Lisa 140 Harns. Rodney 127 Harrison. Bonnie 152 Harrison. Enc 66.140 Han-ison. Holly 44.46.152 Hart. John 152 Harter. KimbeHy 127 Hartley. Nancy 140 Hartman. Kristina 44.152 Hartzer. Shawn 127 Harvey. Aaron 127 Harvey. Bryan 127 Harvey. James 1 74 Hassel. Knsti 140 Hastie. Jamie 140 Hastie. Jessie 127 Hatfield. Rob 1 74 Hathi. Pody 140 Haus. Marty 152 Haus. Shannon 54.174 Haus. Tammy 140 Hawk. Melissa 23,29.152 Hawkins. Matthew 127 Hayes. Mario 43.127 Hays. JoAnna 1 74 Heaberiin. Kip 40.127 Heatherington. Steve 64.192 Hebbs. David 45 Hebron. Russell 127 Hebron, Steve 1 1 1.140 Hcdrick. Stephanie 40,140 Hedstrand. Dan 1 52 Heggen. Jessica 127 Hegyi. Akos 47.66.152 Heidom. Lisa 83.174 Heim. Timothy 127 Heimbaugh. Candy 140 Heitman. Stephanie 36.84,141 Hcjkal. Daniel 55,65.141 Hejkal. Dirk 84.127 Hejkal. Troy 64 Helm. Christopher 64.141 Helm. Craig 141 Hell. James I 16.141 Henderson. David 64.174 Henderson. Jon Henderson, LeAnna 141 Henderson. Michael 127 Hendrick. Stephanie 58 Hendricks. Ace Hendricks. Tammy 23,152 Hennesy . Dean 69,84. 1 1 6, 1 1 7, 1 52 Henrichs. Dotty 52,53,72,73,74,75.175 Hensley. Matt 152 Herd. Steve 1 19 Heriott. Todd 20 Herman. Jason Hernandez. Missy 108 Herold. Angela 33.141 Herriott. Todd 23.36,175 Herzberge, Jeff 1 52 Hesley, Matt 84 Hesseltine, Ryan 127 Hewitt. Jeff 116.175 Hews, Steve 1 75 Hibbert, Eric 71.127 Hibbs. David 46.152 Hider. Jon 64,141 Higdon, Cindy 15.141 Higgins. Bnan 77.127 Highland. Clmt 152 Hildebrand. Deborah 116,127 Hildebrand. Shawn 152 Hileman. Shannon 141 Hill. Kristin 84.141 Hill. Lisa 152,192 Hillman. Melissa 83.141 Hills. Chad 127 Hinds, Randall 141 Hiracheta. Carmen 141 Hiscocks. Paul 45.192 Hobbs. Marc 127 Hockensmith. Joy 33.36.141 Hodges. Ronda 1 52 Hofbauer. Amy 84.141 Hoffman. Todd 127 Hoganson. Heidi 84.127 Hogue. Everett 1 52 Hohenshell. Liesel 14,15,152 Hokanson, Renay 127 Holdefer. Mathew 141 Holder, Amy 141 Holdfer. Matt 71 Holmes. Christain 127 Holmes. Scott 1 16.141 Holtman. Denise U 6,1 17,152 Holtman, Jessica 127 Holtman. Lisa 127 Holton. Jennifer 49.192 Hon. Teresa 1 52 Hook. Nora 192 Horak. Alyce 141 Horn. Scott 54.192 Hornback. Michael 141 Hornbeck, Shawn 71 Hort. Jennifer 140 Horton. Marty 64.141 Hoskins. Kristine 127 Houghtaling, Scott 84.127 Houk. Donna 192 Houser, Eric 127 Howard, Chandra 43,152 Howe, Troy 141 Howland. Teresa 45.127 Hufford, David 175 Hufschmid. David Hughes. Crystal 33.38,141 Huizcnga, Suzanne 15,141 Hulbcrt. Scott 175 Hummel. Misty 127 Hunerdosse. Richard 127 Huntsinger. Carol 1 75 Huntsinger. Chnstinc 43,127 Hurd. Stephen 60,64,175,177 Hurt. Justin 45,127 Huss. Michon 31,38,175 Huss, Mike 141 Hutchins. David 127 Hutchins, Tammy 127 Hutchinson. Andrew 175 Hutchinson. Chad 152 Hutchinson. Melinda 141 Hutchinson. Ralph 66.152 Hutchison. Julie 175 Hutchison. Roger 141 Hyatt. Mike 141 Hyden. Juliea 127 Hymen, Tony 127 Hyslop, Alfred 66 Hyslopc. Al 64 I Ickowitz. Gregory 108,167.192 Ickowitz, Jacob 55,64,141 Use, Gary 127 Ingvall, Eric 54,60,192 losbaker. James 32.36,152 Irons. Angela 17.109.192 Irwin. Antonia 127 Isenhower, Jennifer 43 Ison. Mamie 23,84,141 Ivory, Ahllisha 43,127 J Jackovich. Jennifer 127 Jackson, Stephanie 127 Jackson, Todd 1 28 James, Cindi 152 James, Donnie 60.64,152 James. Tammy 141 Jamez. Tina 128 Janes, Juliana 128 Janssen. Gary 128 Janssen, Scott 69,141 Janssen, Steve 69,175 Jar, Craig 141 Jamagin. Christina 36,141 Jarshaw. Thomas 60,64.175 Jcavo. Brian 1 1 7 Jeffries. Robert 175 Jenderseck. Melissa 128 Jennings. Nichole Jennings. Rhonda 58.141 Jensen. Chad 79,152 Jensen, Gretchen 76, 1 28 Jergens, Michael 128 Jessen. Crystal 76,128 Jessop. Carol 128 Johannesen. Audrey 43.45.128 Johannesen. Kelli 153 Johanson. Bruce 60.84,175 Johanson. Peggy 45,128 John, Ryan St. 84 Johnson. Angela 128 Johnson, Britt 153 Johnson, Chris 86,153 Johnson, Desira 17,19,175 Johnson. Garrett 192 Johnson. Heather 141 Johnson. Janelle 45.46 Johnson, Jason 55,64.141 Johnson. Jeff 69.153 Johnson. Jeffrey 69,141 Johnson. Jill 84.175 Johnson. Jonathan 128 Johnson. Laura Johnson. Melinda 141 Johnson. Melissa 24,25,108,175 Johnson. Nancy 176 Johnson. Nicole 128 Johnson. Ryan 64,65,141 Johnson. Scott Johnson. Stevan 176 Johnson. Tad Johnson. Tammy 43.128 Johnson. Tiffany 44.153 Johnston. Ethan Johnston. Julie 128 Johnston. Kristy 141 Johnston. Shem 58 Johnston. Sheryl 153 Johnston. Ten 141 Joiner. Jeannie 109,176 Jones. Adam 36.1 16,128 Jones, Angela 1 28 Jones, Daniel 1 76 Jones, Denise 16,17.176 Jones. Jeff 153 Jones, Jennifer 1 7,153 Jones, Julie 43 Jones, Kristin 43,1 16,1 17,128 Jones, Melissa 153 Jones, Michelle 153 Jones, Nicole 176 Jones. Staci 128 Jordan. Andrea 141 Jordan, Lisa 1 76 Jordan, Shelby 141 Jorgensen. Knstin 128 Jorgenson, Jeff 13.48.153 Joss. Jennifer 128 Joss, Robert 86,141 Juran, Jason 1 53 K Kaczmarek. Valerie 7,24,25,66,67,176 Kadner, Kim 128 Kaiho, Nicholas 1 76 Kaiho, Stephanie 43,128 Kain. Laura 49,176 Kaster. Kimbcrly 128 Keeling, Mike 153 Keho, Scott 192 Kelce, Kathy 1 76 Kell, James 141 Keller, Amy 46 Keller, Doug 23,86,176 Kelley, Chris 60,64,176 Kelley. Doyle 153 Kelley. Richard 60,64.153 Kellis. Jamie 141 Kellis, Jason 128 Kellogg, Orville 141 Kelly. Richard 84 Kelso. Melissa 66.128 Kennedy. Beth Ann 10.34,35,176 Kennedy. Jason 128 Kennelley. Dana 141 Kennelley. Lisa 128 Kenoyer. Gene 66 Kenoyer, Robert 141 Kenyon. John 24.25,31,47,105,1 19,176 Kconigs. John 49 Kephart. Aaron 29.60.84,153 Kern, Christopher 141 Kernes, Kathleen 43, 1 28 Kerr, Kathy 153 Kessel, Jonathan 43,104,128 Kesselnng, Marci 153 Kesselnng, Nicole 76,128 Khounxay, Phouthasone 142 Kiefer. Kent 84.142 Kiene. Chantel 153 Kimberley. Nicole 44.46,142 King, David 128 King, Denver 128 King, Julie 18,44,46,176 King. Larry 1 10,1 II King. Linda 27,176 Kinney. Larry 1 53 Kinney. Mark 64.71.142 Kinney. Scott 142 Kiplinger. John 128 Kirschbaum. Lonny 128 Kissell. Sophia Lorene 142 Kissell. Wendy 142 Kline. John Kline. Lori 142 Kline, Stacie 23,142 Klinge, Aaron 71.142 Klinge. Frederick 70,153 Klug, Jeff 1 10,1 1 1,142 Knalton. Tarah 1 16 Knight. Nikole 17.153 Knight. Sonja 27,36,47 Knode. Francis 153 Knox. Christopher 128 Knox. Jeff 176 Knudsen. Susan 142 Koenigs. Jon 1 76 Koenigs, Rachel 128 Kokke, Cathy 142 Kokke, Uurie 58,128 Kokke, Pamela 1 77 Kost, Tanya 142 Kozak. Karen 1 53 Kramer. Jamie 1 53 Kramer. Jeff 142 Kramer, Jeremy 86,166,177 Kramer, Josh 142 Krebs, Shona 1 28 Krinn, Jeremy 153 Kuehl. Allen 55 Kufner, Angela 128 Kuhn. Angela 66.142 Kulso. Melissa 84 Kunze, Lisa 1 19 Kurth. Corey 1 53 L Ladd, Brenda 1 42 Ladoux. Michelle 128 Ladurini. David 1 16.1 17.177 Laffredo. Greg 45 Lainson. Jane 1 53 Lair. Jacquie 33,87,153 Lamasters. Casey 1 28 Lamb. Robert 128 Lamphiear. Deborah 128 Lancee, Tanya 128 Land, Clinton 1 16 Larimer, Stephanie 142 Larson, Kerry 32,49,177 Last. Michell 153 Latcham. Chnstopher 77.84,128 Latessa. Michelle 128 Latessa. Shelly 45 Lauer. William 177 Laughry. Karrie 45 Laus. Laura 45 Lavorato, Anthony 128 Law, Bryan 177 Law, Matthew 77,84,128 Lawless, Gina 142 Lawrence, George 142 Lawrence. Scott 1 53 Laws. Andy 44.46.177 Laws. David I 77 Laws. Laura 128 Leaming. Clayton 142 Lcaming. Diana 109,177 Leavengood, Kristin 33,47,48,87.153 LeClair, Jim 142 Lee. Richard 128 Leebrick. Joy 1 28 Leeper. Stephanie 45.46 Lefrado. Greg 46 Legg, Darci 177 Legg. Deric 177 Legg. Sherri 153 Lehaman. Elda 58 Lehman. Philip 128 Lcib. Julie 40.153 Leib. Tammy 43.128 Leigh, Susie 105 Lcmkc. Rod 153 Lemon.Jo Anna 128 Unz, Alfred 71,1 16,129 Lenz, Corey 1 29 Uo, Charles 142 Leo, Julia 129 Leo. Mark 129 Leoffredo, Larry 84 234 Leonard. Casey 1 53 Lcsher. Michelle 129 Leslie. Les 177 Lester. Karmon 142 Lester. Scott 1 53 Lcvang. Jason 1 77 Levang. Jodi 43,129 Lewis. Danette 43.129 Lewis. James 24.60,177 Lewis. John 86 Lewis, Kyle 70,142 Lewis, Scott 1 53 Lewis, Shawn 66,142 Lile, Jeffrey 178 Lilly. Shelly 87 Lilly. Stacie 66,153 Lindsey. Chad 142 Lipson. Mark 153 Litchkey, Warren 1 29 Little. Sharon 24,25.162.178 Livingston. Erica 45,46 Livingston, Rick 153 Livingston. Wendy 44,46.178 Lloyd. Jamie 77 Lloyd. Kimberly 129 Lloyd. Michelle 129 Lo. Nilendone 142 Locke. Stacey 48.153 Lockey. Arvana 45.153 Loffredo. Lawrence 153 Logsdon. Jeremy 129 Logston. Larry 178 Lohrman. Stacey 66,129 Loney. Shawn 142 Loney. Tina 108.178 Long. Ben 69.153 Long. Charice 17,153 Longcor. Sharon 142 Longcor. Traci 1 53 Longerbone, Michelle 43,129 Loudon. Chad 129 Loughry. Karrie 129 Lourghy. Karrie 84 Loux. Gary 41,178 Loux. Sandra 43.129 Lovan. Bounheuang 109.178 Lovan. Lavanhy 129 Lovan. Pamourine 153 Lovelace. Janet 76 Loveless. Janet 1 29 Loyd. James 129 Lucia. Nicole 153 Ludgren. Scott 142 Luffy. Cher 129 Lukehan. Teresa 52,107,178 Lukenbill. Trisha 178 Lumbard. Brian 48.153 Luna. Antonio 129 Luna. Chad 142 Luna. Gonzalo 1 53 Luna. Manuel 129 Luna. Randy 129 Luna. Sheila 129 Luncsford. Wayne 129 Lundeen. Jay 10.178 Lundgren. Scott 55.77 Lundy. Chad 108.153 Lulyens. Aaron 77,80.142 Lynch. Brandi 43.129 Lyons. Kristie 142 Lyons. Tricia 1 78 M Mac. Thi Loune 142 Mack. Kevin 142 Macken. Scott 142 Mackcy. Deanna 178 Mackcy. Mike 60.64.178 Maddison. Laura 43.129 Madero. Jennifer 142 Magneson. Alvin 129 Magneson. William 142 Makowski. Joey 142 Makowski. Susan 178 Maldonado. Lee Ann 17.142 Maldonado, Olga 116,117,129 Manley, Mindy 24,25,39.49,179 Manuel, Dion 77,129 Marasco, John 1 53 Marcum. Gina 10,107,162.179 Marcum. Misty 105.129 Marinaro. Rob 71.142 Marinaro. Tom 1 54 Marker, Jamie 129 MaHow. Troy 154 Marquardt, Jaso n 7.54,55,60,61,79,80.179 Marquis, Alan 39.49.179 Marshall. Amy 49.104.179 Marshall. Sherry 179 Martcr. Jamie 1 16 Martin. Alexandra 83 Martin, Denise 192 Martin. Margaret 154 Martin. Shawna 142 Martindale. Jody 84,129 Martindale, Tony 23,69,84,1 1 1.179 Martinsen. Paul 44.154 Martinson. Hollie 43,129 Marturcllo, Deanna 179 Marvin, Melissa 129 Massey. Sherri 1 29 Matney. Jeffery 1 79 Matthess. Laura 142 Mauk, Jerry 71,129 Mauro, Toni 10.108 Mawrey. Tammy 45 Maxwell. Sheri 1 16 Maxwell. Sherry 154 May. Phillip 142 May. Thomas 69.142 May. Tina 142 Mayfield. Jeanie 1 79 Mays. Raymond 154 Mazza. Erica 154 McAninch, Shannon 27,179 McAninch, Tracy 142 McBride, Chad 1 54 McBride, Jason 142 McBroom, Candy 154 McBroom, Melissa 45,142 McCall, Mary 1 79 McCarl, Chnsy 1 29 McCarrell, Willie 79,80,179 McCarthy. Kevin 70.154 McCarthy. Kimberly 84.129 McCaughey. Misty 108.154 McCauley. Shaunna 142 McCleary. Michael 179 McCloney. Debbie 47.154 McCollough. Christina 142 McConnell. Karmie 154 McConnell. Troy 179 McCoy. Doug 84.129 McCoy. Missi Ruck 45 McDaniel. Johnny 154 McDonald, Jennifer 53.142 McDonald. Joshua 129 McDowell, David 41.179 McElvogue. Chris 1 1 1.154 McGee. Jodi 45.179 McGec. Shawnna 42 McGeHee. Lisa I 16.154 McGinley, Alexandra 1 16,1 17.129 McGriff. Bernard 129 McGriff, Bryan 154 McGriff, Kevin 129 McGriff. Michele McGriff. Scott 55,77,143 McGriff. Brian 69 McKeever. Shellie 25 McKeever. Shelly 154 McKcrn. Rebecca 109.179 McKinney. Kim 154 McLaughlin. Joseph 143 McLaughlin, Katie 47.179 McNally. Dana 72.75,143 McNeeley, Christopher 143 McNeeley, Dave 129 McNew, Bonnie 143 McPhillips, Brian 180 McVey. Bob 64,66.84 McVey, Brian 110.111,180 McVey, Donald 31.84.129 McVey, Robert 143 McWilliams, Jodie 154 Mealey. Todd 180 Medina, Gregory 1 19.143 Mefferd. Lori 143 Meggison. Tim 1 54 Meisterberg, Mara 154 Melia, Elisa 27.180 Meline, Carrie 4,10.29.47,49.166,18 Meline. Ellen 4,14,15,27,180 Meline, Sarah 84.129 Messier. Michelle 108.154 Metcalf, Mike 83.129 Methfessel. Eric 180 Meyers, Jeff 1 54 Michaud, Kristy 143 Miler. Todd 180 Miller, Amy 154 Miller. Brad 154 Miller. Brooke 45.143 Miller, Corinna 108,109.154 Miller. Elizabeth 143 Miller. John 129 Miller. Mary 41.143 Miller. Stephanie 45.129 Miller, Tammy 180 Miller, Teri 154 Milligan, Rob 154 Mills, Barbara 1 54 Mills. John 143 Mills. Kristy 180 Mills. Tricia Millsap. Traci 1 54 Mireles. Maria 129 Mischel. Richard 154 Mitchell. Denice 154 Mitchell, Melissa 47,180 Mitchell, Todd 41,180 Mock, Robert 180 Moffitt. Sandi 180 Molloy, Craig 33.143 Molloy. Kevin 23,27,29.31,180 Molloy. Krista 1 29 Monaghan. Kathnn 84.129 Monahan. Stacey 84.143 Montana. Daniel 43 Monlano. Danniel 129 Montenguise. Ladona 130 Montgomery. Mike 45,143 Moore. Calvin 49,180 Moore, Erika 143 Moorehead. Angela 66.84,130 Morano. Stefanie 1 54 Morawski. Joe 1 54 Morey. Wendy 143 Morgan. Kara 143 Morris. Marcia 180 Morrison. Janessa 143 Morrison. Tracy 143 Morrow. Sam 154 Mortimer. Nicole 53.130 Morton. Jamie 47.1 19.143 Mosena. Krissi 44,46,154 Moser. Joan 1 80 Moser. Paula 1 16.130 Moti. Jenny 143 Moural. Jason 70.180 Moural. Robert 70,154 Mouzakis, Robert 143 Mowery, Tamara 1 30 Mowrey, Renec 180 Mrgan. Frank 143 Muelzel. Mindy 1 54 Mullenberg. Chad 116.117.130 Mullenix. Uura 43.84.130 Mulstay. Ryan 55.64,1 12 Mulvihill, Mindi 36,47,154 Munsinger. Kath arine 154 Munyon. Pam 154 Munyon. Patricia 130 Murchison. Jana 43.76.143 Murfin. Kathy 181 Murphy. Derek 181 Murphy. Scott 22.23,154 Murray, Ray 1 16,154 Mussman, Barry 181 Mussman, Tim 143 Mutchler. Heidi 143 Myers, Kenneth 1 16.130 Myers. Lorie 130 Myers. Rachelle 17,154 Myers. Tara 1 30 N Nebola. Tammy 23.27.181 Nedy. Nathan 46 Neely, Nathan 45 Neely, Shannon 108,154 Nelson, Angel 52.109.181 Nelson. Chad 45,46.143 Nelson. Chnstina 1 16,1 17.143 Nelson. James 143 Nelson. Jeff 60.84.181 Nelson. Pat 84 Nelson. Tammela 43.130 Nessen. Jennifer 66.130 Newell. Nancy 154 Newkirk. Chnsty 43,1 12,130 Nieuwenhuis, Kary 181 Nipper, Mike 154 Nisser, Dan 60.64 Nisser, Robert 154 Nixon, Rachelle 154 Nizzi, Teri 143 Nobile, Marc 181 Noboa. Elsa 154 Norris. John 1 54 Noms. Kelly 1 54 Nucaro. Tony 41.181 Nuckolls. Robb 154 Nuckolls. Stephanie 154 Nyberg. Shannon 154 o O ' Bryan. William 143 O ' Conner. Chnsty 43.66,130 O ' Conner. Melisa 181 O ' Conner, Mike 143 O ' Conner. Regina 45.130 O ' Conner. Renee 13, O ' Conner, Tad 155 O ' Donnell. Randy 130 O ' Keefe. Amy 181 O ' Neal. Shawn 31.155 Oakley. Rebecca 1 30 Oberender, Valene 1 30 Obie. Wallace 84.130 Ogden. Amy 43.130 Okland. Gary 130 Oliver. Patricia 143 Olson. Paul 55.86.143 Olson. Swain 143.155 Olson. Tncia 108,109,181 Oneil, John 130 Onstalk, Tammy 155 Onstank. Tracy 1 30 Orey. Shary l 155.181 Ortega. Tom 143 Ory. Carrie 1 30 Ostrand, Richard 1 16,130 Overton, Donna 143 Overton. Marlene 130 Overton. Paul 143 Oxford. Ronald 1 30 P Pace. Greg 1 30 Padavich. Crystal 31.44.181 Page. Chandra 43.66,130 Page, Jim 143 Page. Michael 181 Pagel. Doug 155 Pak. Chi Hui 33.155 Palladino. Joseph 143 Pansh. Sheila 181 Park. Rae Lynn 4.26.27,181 Parker. Dorothy 130 Parker. Gene 60,64,155 Parker. Jermey 143 Parker, Monica 47.49.181 Parkin. Luara 143 Parkins. Kenneth 116,130 Pamsh. Sheila 155 Patel. NaMisha 181 Patel. Nimisha 108 Patrick. Catrina 130 Patternson. Mike 143 Patterson. Mike 55.64.79,80 Paul. Kan 130 Payne. Greg 41.155 Payne. Kim 1 16.1 17.143 Pearson. Mark 34.35.143 Pegg, Julie 45 Penenger. Catherine 143 Pcnland. Angela 143 Perez, Chris 155 Perez. Rosemary 1 19,155 Perry, John,67,105,182 Peters. Mike 45.46,1 16 Peters. Tim 71,143 Petersen, Dawn 26,27,182 Peterson. Dawn 4,49 Phillips. Royd 1 12,143 Pickett. Brian 155 Pieart. Lisa 87.155 Pille. Dave 84 Pillie, David 1 30 Piltingsrud, Gjoa 130 Pinegar. Fred 143 Pinter. Emily 155 Pippett, Brad,80,84,182 Pirckle. Bill 64 Pirkle, William 143 Pittman, Shelley 182 Pittman, Shelly 87,107 Poil, Becky 1 30 Poison. Angela 1 55 Poison. Tammy 143 Ponzeline. Julia 143 Ponzeline. Julie 83 Pool. Linda 144 Poortinga. Bill 155 Poortinga. Todd 60.64,155 Poortinga. Tonya 144 Porter. Andy 108.155 Porter. Dawn 155 Porter. Doug 1 30 Porter. Kelly 1 82 Porter. Mesha 144 Porter, Misha 84 Porter, Tama 144 Portinga, Todd 55 Post, Aletha 182 Post, Kathenne 1 30 Post, Robert 1 30 Potter, Brian 1 16,1 17.144 Powel, Travas 43 Powell, Jackie 144 Powell. Travas 1 30 Power, Chns 1 1 6 Power, Chnstopher 1 82 Pratt. Norma 155 Prenesoil. Chad 77 Prenosil, Chad 130 Prenosil. Stacy 108,155 Preston, Paula 144 Prettyman, Craig 182 Price. Dan 84 Price, Jim 130 Price, Mike 71,144 Prikle, Bill 33 Prince, Dan 60,155 Pnne, Melissa 130 Prock, Sheila 144 Pryor. Rob ert 1 82 Pugh. Katrina 130 Pulliam. David 39.41,49.182 Puis. Jodi 43 Puis. Jodie 36 Puis. Lon 144 Purcell. Shodcc 45 Purdy. Jacki 155 Purscell, Shodie 1 30 Putney, Chris 182 Q Quaintance, Jennifer 144 Quick. Jason 130 Quick. Paul 144 Quijano. Derek 1 12.155 Quirk. Richard 155 R Racksaouk. Vengong 104 Racksasouk. Vangphet 130 Racksasouk. ViengKhong 182 Racksasouk. Vongkham 144 Raleigh, Matt 40 Raleigh, Matthew 144 Raleigh, Sandra 84.155 Ramos, Ana 108,155 Randolph, Karena 155 Rankin, Amy 1 55 Rappaport, Adam 83.86,130 Rasmussen. Jerry 116.144.155 Ray. Ken 70.71.155 Ray, Lisa 33,144 Ray. Michael 130 Ray, Richard 155 Ray. Rick 1 16 Raymond. Angela 182 Raymond, Marty 108 Rcadlinger, Kerry 45 Reasoner. Dawn 182 Reasoner. Dennis 1 55 Rebhuhn, Yvonne 155 Rector, Dawn 7,14,27,66,67,84,182 Rector, Lon 43, 1 30 Redlingler, Kerry 130 Recce. Tom 66. 1 44 Reed, Chico 5.14,107,182 Reed. Dean 1 30 Reed. Richard I 30 Reese, JefT43.131 Reeves, Chns Reeves. James 1 3 1 Reeves, Rocky 144 Reichart. Karen 84 Reichenbacker. Brooke 83,182 Reichert, Karyn 155 Reick-McCoy 76 Reid. Amanda 1 16.155 Reid. Michael 60.182 Reik-McCoy.Melissa 131 Reiner. Tessa 43 Reinick, Rod 155 Reinier, Jennifer 131 Remele, Dan 71,131 Remele, Dawn 45,182 Remsburg, Nicole 43,131 Ren, Lucille 144 Renda. Traci 14.20,27,182 Renken, Robert 64,144 Renken, Rod 80 Rcnten. Bud 77 Rcxroat, Julie 144 Reynolds, Aaron 36.43,72,75,131 Reynolds, Chad 46.155 Reynolds, Mark 18.44.46, Reynolds, Missy 155 Rhoades. Tricia 183 Rhoads, Erica 131 Rhoads, Kevin 131 Rhoads, Marci 155 Rhode. Suzy 155 Rhoerig. Shane 55 Riccio. Amy 49.58,183 Riccio. Anna 1 55 Richards. Nichole 144 Richards. Steve 155 Richardson. Eric 66.131 Richardson. Hope 183 Richman. Stacie 1 55 Riddle. David 1 14.144 Riding, Ben 131 Ridnour. Steven 131 Rincon. Jason 55.144 Rincon. Kim 144 Rinker. Royden 131 Ritchhart. Dana 43,131 Rivas. Deborah 58.183 Rivas. Rochelle Rivas. Sherry 144 Rivera. Corey 1 3 1 Rivera. Donna 84.131 Rivera. Pam 144 Rivera, Ryan 77.131 Rivenaestrella. Jean 58,155 Robart. Jennifer 27.107.183 Robb. Knsti 183 Robberts. Bill 131 Robbins, Alice 131 Robbins, Georgette 109,183 Roberts, Bonnie 84,144 Roberts. Chnsten 155 Roberts. Christopher 183 Roberts. Lucinda 155 Robertson. Matt 45,131 Robinson. Brent Robinson. Cherie 43.131 Robinson. Royal 144 Robison. Neal 44.46.55,155 Rodish. Renee 183 Rodnguez. Ramona 155 Rodriques, Nick 84 Rodriquez, Nick 131 Roe. Jennifer,74,87,155 Roe, Mike 108,183 Roerig, Shane 144 Rogers, Jeff 108,183 Rogers, Jonathan 131 Rogers, Kirk 155 Rogers, Micheic 1 3 1 Rogoff, Kim 109,183 Rokey, Steve 1 16,144 Roland, Elgin 131 Roland, Heather 24,25,29,49,184 Roland, Jody 155 Roland, Knsten 144 Rollins, Pat 184 Rombou, Jessy 144 Romine, Paul 60 Ross, Jesse 131 Roth. Jeff 45,155 Roth, Joe 66 Rouse, Jennifer 131 Routh, Angel 131 f Routh, Marty 155 Routson, Shannon 184 Rowan. Mike 70,155 Rowc, Daniel 144 Rowc, Phil 156 Rowc, Tammy 1 3 1 Roy, Amy 131 Rubicam, Carolyn 131 Rudolf, Chnsty 131 Rudolf, Richard 156 Rudzik. David 131 Rumbaugh, Malynda 131 Rupa. Singh 83 Rush, Elizabeth 131 Rush, Howard 144 Rush. Kenny 69 Rush, Matt 156 Rush, Tim 5.10.31,184 Rushing. Jennifer 131 Rushing. Una 58.144 Rushing. Natalie 43.131 Rushton, Paula 47,156 Russell, Jody 131 Russell, Michael 84.1 16.131 Russell. Paul 36 Russo. Cara 76.131 Russo. Curt 108,109.184 Russo. Joseph 184 Russo. Patricia 144 Russo. Tony 131 Ruston, Paula 36 Ryan, Steven 131 Ryburn, Lesa 131 s Sacks, Karrie 58,156 Sadler, Sean 1 16.1 17,144 Saffell. Jerry 131 Saitta. Jennifer 14.48.156 Salama. Lilian 66,131 Salmon, Sonya 44,156 Saltzman. Jody 184 Sanchez. Ester 184 Sanders, Amanda 49 Sanders, Amy 184 Sanders. Denise 156 Sanders. Dianna 156 Sanford. Matt 70.156 Sanford. Shane 144 Sanford, Tonya 108.184 Sansgaard. Lisa 156 Saphongxay. Manorat 156 Satcr. Jim 144 Sater. Melissa 156 Sauer. Tom 131 Saurez. Felix 132 Saurez. Sandra 1 32 Saville. Karla 156 Sayasane. Kanlagnany 58.156 Sayasane. Melissa Nat 184 Scarcello. Frank 144.156 Scavo, Brian 1 16,131 Schaffer, Ryan 1 16,144 SchafFler, Deana 144 Schaffner. Christina 131 Schaffner, Daniel 44.144 Scheffler, Deana 36 Schemer. John 131 Schilling, Paul 156 Schilling. Theresa 43.144 Schncidewind. Roger 71.156 Schncller. Jane 43.47.131 Schneller, Jill 33,40.47.144 Schnoor. Julie 156 Schooler, Leakol 108,184 Schroeder, Eric 131 Schultz, Bnan 144 Schutte, Joel 39,49,60,62,63,184 Schwcizer, Ben 44,84,144 Scigliano, Alyssa 47,156 Scigliano, Joseph 71.116,131 Sciglinano. Donald 144 Scnciderwine, Roger 55 Scott. Allen 144 Scott. Michelle Scott. Randy 144 Scntchfield. Megan 43.76.131 Searcy. Bill Searcy. Bryan 69,156 Scasc, Pamela 131 Scase, Paula 84, 1 3 1 Sec, Robert 1 32 See, Rosemary 184 Scgo, Richard 156 Sehm, Katy 184 Sellers, Melissa 19.45,132 Sellner, Jill 184 Scnger, Melissa 184 Sexton, Kclcey 184 ShafTncr. Dan 46 Shannon. Debbie 144 Shannon. Richard 156 Sharr, Laura 184 Shaver, Mike 184 Shaw, Laura 41,66,144 Shaw. Lisa Shaw. Sandy 144 236 Sheeslcy. Brian 41.192 Spidle. Karen 186 Streeter. Patrick 132 Thoermer. Jim 1 57 Sheeslcy. Christopher 132 Spidle. Mark 44.46.1 16.186 Studins. Julie 45,46,66,83 Thomas. Abagail 1 32 Sheets. Bill 45.116 Spitzer. EJ 1 86 Studins. Rick 21,83,166.186 Thomas, Carl 66.67,84.104.186 Sheets. William 132 Sposato, Tony 1 86 Studins. Sandy 45.46,66.83 Thomas. Liz 157 Shelton. Dawn 47.83.145 Sposeto, Frank 186 Sluhr, Kelly 145 Thomas. Shannon 145 Shelton. Lisa 4.185 Spurgeon, Robby 132 Sturh, Kelly 45 Thompson. Greg 66.145 Shelton, Traci 1 16.132 Stafford, Lori 43,156 Sullivan. Falana 84 Thompson. Jennifer 132 Shepard. Joseph 1 32 Stamper. James 145 Summers, Eric 174,186 Thompson. Jessica Shepherd. Jeffrey 145 Stanger, Jamie 186 Swails. James 1 57 Thompson. Mark 132 Sherman. Tom 44.156 Stanton. Brent 186 Swan. Judy 108 Thompson. Richard 157 Shiffer. Kim 156 Stark. Jennifer 156 Swartz, Christopher 1 32 Thompson, Ryan 145 Shimer. Bill 132 Starman. Darren 132 Swesey, Tim 31,55.157 Thompson. Steve 157 Shipley. Chris 1 56 Starmer. Steve 45 Swift. Charles 1 32 Thompson, Theresa 132 Shirts. Tonika 145 Starner. Amanda 45.145 Swift. Lisa 15.145 Thompson, Tiffany 132 Shong. Michelle De 46 Starner. Larry 23.156 Swigert. Marcy 132 Thompson, Tim 1 57 Shreffler. Jennifer 145 Starner. Steve 46 Swindler. Jason 48,83,157 Thompson. Tracy 157 Shutte. Joel 84 Starr. Mike 60.64.1 1 1.156 Swindler, Jennifer 83.132 Thummel, Nikki 145 Sibert. JoAnna 40.145 Starr. Patrick 77.84.132 Swisher. Robyne 17.145 Tibben. Amber 145 Sibert. Ruth 44.46.185 Statler. Ronald 145 1 ■ 1 Tickle. Tara 157 Sickles. William 132 Stauble. James 145 t Tickle. Troy 145 Sievers. Stacey 44.156 Steele. Garrett 1 56 1 Tiegan. Andy 69 Simmons. Angie 1 32 Steele. Matt 66,156 JL Tigner, Dawn 40.145 Simmons. Dawn 185 Stenstrom, Deborah 1 32 Tigner. Scott 186 Simmons. Misty 145 Stevens, Donny 186 Taft. Julie 132 Timmons. Sara 33.145 Simmons. Shane 132 Stevens, Melissa 156 Talarico. Charles 145 Toillion, Kimberly 145 Sims. Mary 27.52,108,185 Stevensen, Erika 44,145 Talerico. Marty 83,86 Tollemo. Chad 132 Sims, Richard 185 Stewart. Betty 1 56 Talerico, Steve 77 Tollerud, Chad 1 16 Singh, Rupa 45,132 Stewart. Donna 1 56 Tallant. Allison 17.157 Tolley. Lori 41 Sirfus. David 185 Stewan. Kim Tamura. Hiroshi 47.186 Toman. April 187 Sithiphong. Phonvilay 69.132 Stewart. Krista 132 Tapee. Charles 64.145 Tomkinson, Richard 145 Six, Jeff 132 Stewart. Mark 145 Tavathia. Meenu 132 Tomlinson. Deana 132 Six. Micheal 44.145 Stills. Adam 71.84.1 16,132 Taylor, Chad 69,145 Tomlinson. Steven 5,55.64.145 Skidmore. Angie Stinson, Jeff 79,80,156 Taylor, Doug 44,46 Toomey. Jeannie 109.187 Skud, Piltmg 45 Stites, Kristen 17,156 Taylor, Douglas 145 Torode. Faith 132 Sle ak. Kristen 17.145 Stith, Steve 132 Taylor. Edroy 132 Townsend. Karl 132 Sloan. J.T. 108.177,185 Stocker. Karen 1 56 Taylor. Robert 157 Tracy, Thomas 1 32 Sloan, Robert 60,64,84,145 Stodden, Steven 49,186 Taylor. Stephanie 83.132 Trail. Melissa 43.132 Smidt, Amanda 14.156 Stodder. Steve 45 Teigen. Andrew 145 Treanor. James 1 57 Smidt. Amy 17.185 Stodgel. Jennifer 132 Teigen, Darren 186 Trevillyan. John 1 57 Smith. Brad 5.47,60.64,83.156 Stodgel. John 145 Terrell, Amy 43.132 Troup. Lisa 132 Smith, Brian 145 Stoffel, Josh 5.156 Terrell, Chad 29,157 Trout, Nathan 133 Smith, Brice 132 Stonehocker, Robin 156 Terry. Chad 69.157 Trudeau. Stacie 34,35.145 Smith. Curt 156 Stookey, Chad 64.145 Tesdall. Ryan 36.66.132 Truillingner. Jody 1 57 Smith, Curtis 60.70 Storjohann. Stephen 145 Tesdell. Gary 60.64.107,186 Truitt. Jeannie 34.35.157 Smith. Darcie 145 Storjohann. Tracie 104.156 Teske. Sean 1 57 Trumbo. Reanee 133 Smith. Dave 55.63,83 Storm. Jacqualynn 145 Tesky. Brant 157 Tsianos. Yeoryia 133 Smith. David 60.64.156 Stougard. Karmen 156 Tesky. Brent 71 Tucker. Bill 157 Smith, Denise 66 Stover. Mike 145 Thacker. Tressa 145 Tucker, Brandie 45.133 Smith. Dennis 33,64.66.145 Stpeter, Brandy 132 Thacker, Troy 10, Tucker. Fredrick 1 16.133 Smith. Linda 43,132 Street. Charles 186 Thieleke. Tana 145 Tucker. Uura Smith, Lisa 156 Smith, Melissa 185 Smith. Pat 54 Smith, Patrick 185 Smith. Sheila 156.185 Smith. Shelly 44,46.185 Smith. Troy 1 56 Smoot. Daniel 45.46,145 Smoot. Matt 23.185 Smoot. Mike 46 Smothers. Michelle 132 Snyder, Jeffrey 44.185 Snyder. Jeffrey P. 185 Snyder. Jennifer 58.132 Snyder. Micheal 145 Soarcs. Tony 185 Soaur, Jim 71 Sodcrgrcn. Brian 185 Sonnenberg. Eric 32,1 16 Soper. Michelle 1 16,185 Sorenson. Shiloh 58 Sore . Tony 108 Sotrcs, Ester Sanches 1 19 Sparks, Amy 36.53.145 Sparks. Kevin 145 Sparks, Lorie 17,84,156 Sparks, Marilee Sparrow, Ariessa 43.132 Spaulding. Tom 1 56 Spaulding. Troy 186 Spaur. James 23.145 Spears. Bill 83 Speck, Matt 40.41 Speights, Ronnie 1 56 Spencer. Melissa 1 56 Spencer. Ray 84.132 v. r u j .• Dan Murray measures a senior for her graduation cap. Tulley. Lori 187 Tully. Brad 133 Tumea. Joe 145 Turk, Josette 187 Turner. Jennifer 145 Turner. Rachelle 108.187 Turnipseed. Adnenna 187 Tumipsecd. Alecia 1 1 6. 1 1 7. 1 87 Tutlle. Damn 157 Tulile. Shelley 108.187 Tweedy. Kimberly 187 Tweedy. Renee 133 Twelmeyer. Daniel Twelmeyer. Kirk Twombly. Cassundra 1 33 Twombly. Eric 133 u Ubaldo. Ramona 24.25,187 Usher. Jeff 187 Utley. Madalene 133 V Valder. Allyson 133 Valdez. Jacob 64 Valdez. Jason 133 Valenii. Cathy 17,145 Valles. Ursula 45.145 VanArkel. David 45.157 Vance. Slryker 1 33 Vanderley. Pamela 17.45.187 Vandervort. Bobbie 157 Vandervort. Jacqulene 84. 1 1 6. 1 1 7. 1 46 Vanderweerd, Keni 60.64,187 VanderWerf. Joel 60,61,79,80.105.187 VanReel. Andy 157 VanHorn. Desiree 133 Vanweclden. Harmony 133 Vanzouk. Dena 76.146 Varvel. Mamie 146 Vicente. Amy 109 Vigil. Michael 84.133 Villalobos, John 133 Villalobos. Jason 77.133 Villalobos, Jesse 40,146 Viola, Frank 187 Violett, Chantell 146 Virden. Ransall 187 Visonnavang. Ly 187 Visonnavong. Fun 157 Vivone. Lisa 187 Volden. Lisa 48.66.157 Voider. Allyson 84 Volkamer. Traci 146 Vosen. Heather 146 Vosen. RachacI 44.188 Voshell. Shane 157 Vosler. Carmen 108,188 Voyna, Marcia 146 W Wadle. Daniel 49.188 Wagner. Amber 84 Wagner. David 1 16.133 Wagner. Mike 188 Wahl. Shannon 133 Waldo. Kim 157 Walker. Kelly 146 Walker. Ronnie 188 Walker. Sean 188 Wallace. Christopher 69.1 16,1 17.146 Wallace. Kristina 17.157 Walsh. Marcie 157 Walter. Stephanie 17,157 Wambold. Jeffrey 188 Ward. Amy 36.58.157 Warden. Melissa 188 Warden. Paula 146 Warden. Tracy 146 Warrell, Kerry 133 Warren. Andy 60,64 Warren. Debbie 84.146 Warren. George 157 Warren. Tammy 1 57 Washington. Gene 60.64.146 Wasko. Sherry Waters. Donovan 146 Watrous. Christopher 146 Watson. James 45.133 Watson. Michael 84.146 Weaver. Aimee 45.133 Weaver. Mike 60 Webb. Connie 188 Webb. Kyle 1 58 Webb. Shannon 1 33 Weber. Daniel 133 Weber. Loren 1 58 Webster. Donald 45 Weckman. Debra 43.133 Weddeli. Chad 133 Weddcll. Lisa 133 Wegner. Amber 66, 1 58 Wegner. David 146 Weir. Shayna 146 Weis. Michael 146 Weis. Stephanie 133 Weisshaar. Terri 23.158 Welch. Brad 188 Welch. Chad 64.146 Welch. Kristie 158 Welch. Stephanie 146 Weldon. Jeni 45.46 Wellinghoff. Julie 66.84.158 Wellinghoff. Mary 58.59.84,105,188 Wentworth. Jennifer 43.133 Wessel. Carol 158 Wessel. Danny 1 10.1 1 1.158 Wessel. Margaret 43.146 Wessels. Renee 66.158 Wessman. Michele 146 West, James 146 West, Rob 1 16,1 17.158 West, Roger 55.1 10, 1 1 1 , 1 14, 146, 1 58 Weston, Christopher 146 Weyer, Christopher 133 Wheeler. Jeb 133 Wheeler. Michael 188 Wheeler. Trina 108,188 Whisler, Tracy 84. 1 58 Whitaker. Nickie vVhite. Angela 43.133 White. Carlin 158 White. Eileen 133 White. Gaylena 133 White. Jason 43.134 White. Jennifer 31,158 White. Kimberly 134 Whitham. Brian 158 Whitlach. David 108 Whitlatch. David 188 Whitlatch. David E. 188 Whitlock. Sara 66.134 Wickersham. Treasa 146 Wickman. Mike 146 Widen. Jamie 1 34 Wike, Scott 134 Wilber. Renee 146 Wilden. Shawn 71.146 Wiley. Penni 134 Wilkenson. Christian 146 Willers. William 45.134 Willett. Eric 146 Williams. Dandle 188 Williams. Jamie 1 34 Williams. Kelly Williams. Micheal 134 Williams. Rob 146,158 Williams, Satire 36.84,146 Williams. Steve 158 Willis. Jack 134 Willock. Suzanne 188 Wilmore. John 188 Wilson. Brian 134 Wilson. John 71 Wilson. Joshua 134 Wilson. Julia 158 Wilson. Kevan 71.146 Wilson. Kimberly 15, Wilson. Matthew Wilson. Renee 134 Wilson. Sandi 189 Wilson. Wendy,189 Wilts. Cindy 189 Wiltsie. Jacalyn 43.134 Wing. Becky 48.119,158 Winn. Corrie 158 Winn. Patrick 134 Winne. Derek 1 19.146 Winne, Jeff 38,189 Witmer, Tracy 158 Wolfe, Amy 44,46,189 Wolfe, Michelle 107,189 Wolff, Stephen 146 Wolford. Rachel 24,25.189 Wolle. Aaron 45.83.189 Wollesen. Christal 158 Wollesen. Douglas 134 Wolver. Wendy 10.189 Wood. Christopher 1 34 Wood. John 158 Wood. Malinda 21,189 Wood, Marsha 146 Wood, Michelle 158 Wood, Mindi 66.67 Woodruff, Scott 84,158 Woods, Gary 189 Woodworth, Joy 109.189 Wolle, Aaron 107 Woolman. David 108,158 Worthington, Greg 60.64.158 Worthington. James 189 Wright. Amee 134 Wright. Jana 44,189 Wright. Jeff 158 Wright. Pam 189 Wright. Shannon 29.158 Wright. Tia 158 Wxman. Share 46 Wyckoff. Mary 87.189 Wyer. Evan 45.134 Wylie, Jennifer 146 Y Young, Chris 43.44.46 Young. Christina 116.134 Young. Jennifer 189 Young, Melissa 27.44,189 Young. Mike 71.1 16,1 17,146 Young. Micheal W. 146 Youngquist. Scott 189 z Zehadt. Jeffrey 146 Zehadt. Jeff 44.69 Zcliadt. Tracy 44.46.69 Zepeda. Angela 43.134 Zepcda. Eric 54.189 Zepeda. Matthew 77.134 Zeroni. Melissa 134 Zika. Jessica 14.158 Zingg. Matthew 146 ZIotnik. Chris 109.192 Zlotnik. Pam 1 16.158 Zoutte. John 60.64.158 Zupan, Liz 45.46 Sweetheart Dance candidates 238 239 Putting the pieces together of atheme of life et u nknown, Like a leaf in the wind blowing with a destinys S |Jyao s n To all our years of growing filled with pain, defeat, an(PscW»©w, is time in which we spent was to give us strength for our next tomorrow. To the times that we shared of joy, love, and happiness That will, in turn, make our good-byes filled with sadness. We look forward to the future plans that are headed us abound, And to the day to day life that makes the world go round. All at once, life revolves fast. Flashing the memories that will soon be in our past. Hold onto your dreams, because only you can make them right. Touch your star, and make it soar into flight. We have thought our dreams over of how it was meant to be, of growing up, meeting friends, and accepting responsibility. As it comes closer to the end, we will be there with our hands and hearts out to lend. We ' ll remember our moments, good or bad And all the special times that weVe had Putting the pieces together of the memories we ' ve shared The ones that we ' ll cherish forever to show how much we ' ve cared Tracey Campo I

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