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I 9 . 1986 Abraham Lincoln High school Railsplitter volume 23 Student Life Seniors Academics Sports Underclass Advertising 10-51 52-81 82-109 110-149 152-195 196-230 53C glory ' glore (glory, vainglory, gloria): lofty praise, honor, or admiration extended by common consent; high renown; condition of supreme exaltation or splendor; to experience intense delight or self-satisfaction. What word can better express our accomplishments and capture our spirit? Lincoln is a school of champions, a school filled with pride. Looking back on these years, we realize that they are truly...Glory Days. Clockwise from below: Strange growths appeared on the trees Homecoming eve. Jeff Ogden studies the defense. Nick Cardamon, Todd Mendenhall. Joe Severino, and Tim Hankins await halftime Home- coming festivities. Kurt Allison, Greg McCoy. Nicolle Foland, and Lisa Speck know who ' s Number One. The Rowdy Railmen play it cool. Sophomore cheerleaders Tracy Renda, Cindy Wilts, Wend) Wilson, Merilee Sparks, and Carrie Ahlberg wait for the start of the assembly, (center) Joe Orcutt shows his school spirit on Clash Day. Patti Gfeller and Paige Corrigan check out the opposing team. $6-08771 3 Clockwise from below: Mere words cannot describe the expression on Natalie Gentry ' s face. Lisa Wing, Mar- sha Mitchell, and Jon Satre do their imitation of Larry, Moe, and Curly. Matt Meline and Troy McGee wind up for their dance at the pep assembly. Mike Miller shows off his liberal tastes in fashion and politics. " Roberta " Freel excites the crowd at the pep assembly. Ace photographer Todd Mendenhall stops to change film. Principal Melvin Bowen and Vice- principal Al Graziano watch the game intently. Pete Else (center) and Jack Whisler find Bob Kellogg ' s sense of humor unamusing. icolle Folland, and Pete Else mourn at the loss of the Swing Choir office. Bruce Brown and Lonnie Beam get ready for the senior class picture. Nick Cardamon, Job " ooper, Jack Whisler, Pete Else, David Gilbert, Mark Pippett, and Matt Meline " Dress Cool. " Kevin Arkel, Warren Erickson, and John Wiscorek enjoy the sights and sounds of the basketball game. Tracey Perkins, Wendy Zagar, and Sarah Thoermer show enthusiasm at the Home- coming game. Shana Lamar mugs for a photo, (center) The fashionable Job Cooper shows off his new matching slippers and ear muffs. I Clockwise from right: Rochelle Davis and Matt Meline tango at a pep assembly. Missy Cronk, Kellie Sparks, and Lorrie Daugherty burst with excitement for the football team. John Kaldenberg awaits the big payoff. Cherie Brad- shaw shows why she is often referred to as " Elephant Ears. " Lincoln fans show support for the Rails. Jill Johnson and Rachelle O ' Connor show what close friends they really are. Tracey Perkins and Sarah Thoermer enjoy an exciting game. Aaron Cherry and Jenny Soroka anticipate upcoming weekend festivities. Clash Day participants add color: (above) John Perry. Chris Dow, Joel Vandcrwerff. and Chris Power. Troy McGee (top right) shows off i he Homecoming float. Swing Choir (center) performs at the assembly. Mata Studins. Paige Corrigan. and Elizabeth South (lower left) show Lincoln spirit. King Mark Pippctt and Queen Wendy Zagar. opposite page, (top left) preside over the coronation assembly. The candidates (top right) prome- nade around the gym. 12 I I Railsplitters explode in comeback victory Friday night ' s festivities opened with the release of maroon and gold balloons at the start of the football game. Seniors displayed their spirit as the Homecoming float arrived on the field. Troy McGee offered his car to be converted into the unusual float Halftime ceremonies consisted of entertain- ment by the Marching Band. The Homecoming court was introduced on the field in front of a rowdy Lincoln crowd. The Railsplitters beat a tough opponent by a narrow margin Friday evening. Two touchdowns by Pete Else and another by Scott Collier with less than four minutes remaining in the last quarter helped Lincoln edge Hoover, 26-24. Saturday night was a time of celebration and joy as students looked back on a week of enormous spirit and school pride. Dorian Art Club decorated the large gym with colorful streamers. Entertainment was provided by Last Shades of Dawn. Stover captured the moment by taking photographs and candids of the dance. Rich Blaylock. Matt Melinc. Troy McGee. Jon Salrcand Eddy Johnston (below) show why they are the Risky Rails. Shelly OBrian. Jean Long, and Patty DeFranscisco (top right) are all chained up. Drill Team (center) per- forms at the pep assembly. Students (lower right) display spirit chains. Frenetic crowd excites players Pep assemblies burst with excitement as creative and new skits were introduc ed to the rowdy student body. Tuesday evenings students representing different pep-related organizations met with Vice Principal Al Graziano to plan assemblies. The students thought of new ideas to lift the spirits of athletes for impor- tant up-coming events. Drill Team and Flags performed dances to popular songs. Cheerleaders led students in cheers to stir up emotion in team members. The Risky Railmen had the crowd on their feet when they displayed their unusual dancing abilities. Classes competed in races and games to decide which class had the most spirit. The seniors remained at the top, even with tough competition from the other classes. 16 Gordon Blenderman (opposite page, top left) takes a wacfc al a Dowling player. Aaron Cherry and F.rik Hohler (top right) walk through the tunnel of pom pons. Drum Line (eenter) gets a standing ovation at a pep assembly. John Herman and Eddy Johnston (lower left) dance to Pretty Woman. The Risky Railmen (lower right) show their style. Mark Pippett (lop left) speaks at a pep assembly. The Railbird (left) gets crazy. Jon Satre and Malt Meline (above) are voted " Best Dressed. " Ja Band (top center) entertains the rowdy crowd. 17 Cheerleaders are full of pep, spirit Varsity Cheerleaders, sponsored by Irene Bond, continued to keep school spirit growing. Michelle Mitchell and Jill Johnson served as co-captains for the varsity squad. Mitchell ' s squad cheered for the football, girls ' basketball, girls ' swimming, and wrestling teams. Johnson ' s squad cheered for the football, boys ' basketball, boys ' swimming, and volleyball teams. The cheerleaders were involved in many fund raisers, and the Homecoming mum sale was their biggest success. The money they earned went toward the purchase of paint and paper to make signs for the football and basketball season. Cheer- leaders gave watermelons to the football players on the last day of practice and bought cakes for the football team as well as the basketball team and boys ' swimming team. " Being a cheerleader is not as easy as it may seem. All of us work hard to learn the cheers and to perfect them. It has been a rewarding and memorable experience. I think every cheerleader feels this way, " commented Jill Johnson. 1 18 Jill Johnson, Judi Stapes, Michelle Mitchell, Danycl Caligiuri. (top left) show their excitement after a big win. Kay Creger, Wendy Zagar. Pam Spring. Judi Stapes, Michelle Mitchell, (center) cheer on the Rails during a close game against Hoover. Judi Stapes. Michelle Mitchell. Natalie Gentry, show their enthusiasm during the Home- coming game. Christy Nicholson (lower left) gives a smile of relief to her chccrlcading buddies after a good mount. Jill Johnson and Danycl Caligiuri (top left) pat each other on the back after a success- ful mum sale during Homecoming. Heidi Romans (center) chants to the crowd " Gimme an L, " Krisli Durban. Shirley Hurd. Natalie Gen- try (lower left) psych-up the crowd during a time out. Cheerleaders (below) do a difficult mount. Varsity Cheerleaders; (first row) Shirley Hurd. Judi Heidi Romans. Wendy Zagar, Pam Sring. Natalie Gentry, Stapes, Christy Nicholson, Kristi Durban, Kay Creger. Danyel Caligiuri. (second row) Michelle Mitchell, Jill Johnson, (third row) 19 Sophomores add spirit, zest, pride Sophomore Cheerleaders practiced every- day during the summer to prepare themselves for the 1985-86 season. The squad divided its time between fresh- men, sophomore, and junior varsity football, basketball, and wrestling. To gain experience, some of the cheerlead- ers went to clinics sponsored by colleges in Iowa and Nebraska. " The squad worked well together, com- mented team captain Chico Reed, " We ' ve learned a lot through cheerleading and it has been a great experience all of us will remember. " Sophomore Cheerleaders: (first row) Wendy Wilson, Traci Renda, Chico Reed, Ellen Meline. and Marilee Sparks, (second row) Cindy Wilts, Kristie Davis, and Carrie Ahlberg. Tracy Renda, Cindy Wilts. Marilee Sparks, and Carrie Ahlberg (above) get together before a football game. Wendy Wilson and Ellen Meline (center left) cheer for the crowd. Carrie Ahlberg (center right) leads a chant. The squad (lower right) performs the Hello Cheer. 20 SIS 9 Wk r Flags shine at State Contest Flag Team earned a 3rd place finish in the Props and Novelties division at the State Contest. The team spent much of its time involved in money-making projects. During the winter months they sold carnations and cheese and sausage in order to raise money for the Hawaii trip with the band in the spring. " I enjoy performing, " commented co- captain Kim Harris. " The squad had a good time working together. " Rag team (top left) performs at the Chicken Bowl. Amy Shmidt (far left) and Rochelle Schooler (right) go to state competition. Flag squad: (lower left), (first row) Amy Shmidt, Jill Arnold, Cammie White, and Allissa Thomas, (second row) Rochelle Schooler, Kim Hams. Kellie Dingman, Donna Sparks, and Lisa Moyland. Team captains were (below) Kim Harris and Rochelle Schooler. 21 Exuberant Squad $ travels to islands ' The 30-member Drill Team received high ratings at both state and local competitions. Early in the season, the team entered the McDonalds Marching competition and the State Marching contest and earned a 1 rating in both contests. At the State Danc- ing Competition the Drill Team received a 2 rating in the Large School Pom and Dance Contest. During the spring season the band and Drill Team marched in the Pella Parade. Twenty members of the squad performed with the band in Hawaii in June. Lanette Greco served as captain of the 1985-86 Drill Team. Greco, with the help of co-captain Amy Irons, Nicole Colisimo. Tori Soda, and Paige Corri- gan, created dances for pep assemblies, contests and halftime performances. Jungle Love. Relax, What I Like About You, i-nd Party All The Time entertained the crowds. Lanette Greco (opposite page, top left) dances at a pep assem- bly. The Drill Team (top right) plays to a capacity crowd at Hutchens Field. Drill team (top) performs to Relax. Raelynn Park (center left) dances to Party All The Time. Tricia Olson and Lanette Greco (center) model the costumes they wore at the State Contest. Paige Corrigan, Lisa Kellis, Nicole Colosimo, Lanette Greco, and Jamie Mitchells (lower right) perform at the Homecoming assembly. Dcnise Cole and Amy Irons (above) look forward to the Hawaii trip. 22 Drill Team: (first row) Jennifer Perkins. Dawn Rector. Tricia Olson, Denise Sevedge. Lori Nelson. Jodi Kcphart. Jamie Mitchels. Ann Gustafson, Vicki Carter. Denise Jones. Denise Cole. Angie Irons, and Scung Chae. (second row) Raelynn Park. Cheryl Cropp. Meta Stundins. Tori Soda. Lisa Kellis. Paige Corrigan. Nicole Colosimo, Amy Irons, Stephanie Wolfe, Denise Gustafson, Diana Dagistani, and Melissa Johansen. (third row ) Chris Putney, Elizabeth South. Sarah Wyckoff. Lanette Greco, Mindy Wood, Tammy Daugherly. and Abbie Holmes. 23 Band earns eighth No. 1 State rating All those early morning practices finally paid off for the 180 members of the Marching Band. Starting at 6:45 a.m. on the first day of school the members of the Band, Drill Team, Baton Twirlers and Flags were on the practice field working away. Because they worked so hard they received a number one rating at state contest held at East High School. This was the eighth consecutive T rating they received. They also received a ' l ' rating at the McDonalds contest and the drumline received the most outstand- ing drumline award. These students also participated in the Drake Relays Parade, Pella Tulip Festival Parade and the Veisha Parade in Ames. They left for Hawaii June 5 to march in the King Kamehameha Day Parade, to which only two schools from the continental United States were invited. Drum Line (top left) rocks the pep assembly. Marching Band (top right) struts their stuff. Band performs (center at state competi- tion. Marching Band (right) entertains a large audience at Hut- chens Stadium. Majorettes (opposite page, top right) Gina Daghestani and Des- ira Johnson add zest to band performances. Drum major (top right) Julie Schaffer leads the band. Band and field performers assemble for state competition at East High School. 24 % ft f Instrumental groups receive top honors Concert Band, under the direction of David Killinger, per- formed at the annual holiday and spring concerts. Concert Band and Wind Ensemble combined at the end of the year to play at Commencement ceremonies. Prep Band members met second hour to gain extra practice time in the hope of making Concert Band the following year. Jazz Band received many awards for excellence, including top honors. The Band was recognized for being one of the top jazz bands in their district. Jazz Band also performed well at the State Jazz Contest held at the Civic Center in April. if i Concert Band: (first row) Vicki Boone, Wendy Livingston, Venessa Bauer, Amy Schroeder, Julie Pratt, Tiffany Johnson, Carlin White, Susan King, Gerald Caliguri, Pam Vanderly, Cammie White, Paula Gulusrie, and Jodi McGee. (second row) Nikki Jennings, Stacy Sivers, Lorrie Johnson, Kristina Hartman. Holly Harrison, Avvana Lockey, Sarah Bradshaw, Marty Haus, Shirley Day. Paula Rushton. Jennifer Gather- cole, Angie Micksell, Melissa Friend, Tammy Breckenridge, Dawn Remel, Stephanie Morano, Dawn Sellers, and Michelle Crees. (third row) Mike Blackburn, Scott Crow- ley, Steve Stodden, Seth Else, Paul Hiscocks, Dee Ann Walker, Jeff Roth, Scott Thomlinson, John Mascaro, David Van Arkel. Jenny Roc, Chad Reynolds, Chris Bunce, Jeff Snydek, Carl Combs, Sandy Laws, Randy Dost, and Tim Clark, (percus- sion) Linda King, John Fillman, Deb Gamble, Dave Hibbs, Tom Sherman, Ben Handsacker, Brent Robinson, Malt Sanford, Tina Fazio, and Director David Killinger. DeeAnn Walker (far above) plays her sax. 3672 34 Jazz I: (first row) Tina Fazio, Matt Sanford. Deb Gamble. Dan Sanford, Scott Laws, and Nancy Johnson, (third row) Warren Erickson, Michcale Helmuth. Mark Bowers, Julie King, Julie Schaffer, Amy Wolfe, Shelly Smith. Director David Killin- Reynolds, John Weizorick. Tracy Chapman, and Chris Bunce. ger, and Jenny Newell, (second row) Jill E. Johnson, Neil Robison, Renec Bates, Andy Jazz II: (first row) Carrie Bates, Melissa Friend, Dave Hibbs, Mark Spidel. Tory (Opposite page) Prep Band: (lower right) Director David Killinger, Gonzalo Luna, Piciurri, Jill Jones, Sonya Salmon, Carlin White, Director Karl Killinger, and Seth Anne Haus, Dawn Remele. Michelle DeShong. Kristina Hartman. Paula Rushton, Else, (second row) Staci Lilli, Stephine Morano, and Holly Harrison, (third row ) Ruth Peggy Gracey, Andy Laws, and Tracey Thompson. Sibert, Gary Tesdale, Chad Reynolds, Jenny Roe, David Van Arkel, and Jeff Roth. 27 Musical groups show talent Wind Ensemble is made up of the best players from Marching Band. The band plays in concerts and had a successful year in competitions. Orchestra, directed by Mary Branninger, participated in performances with the accom- paniment of other musical groups. Orchestra has dropped down a few members this year, but didn ' t drop in talent. Wind Ensemble: (first row) Amy Wolfe, Shelly Smith, Amy Marshall, Jill Johnson, Michaele Helmuth, Pennv Coffin, John Weizorick, Warren Erickson. Ruth Sibort, Neil Angela Struve, Susan Marshall, and Julie Shaffer, (second row) Crystal Padovich, Robison, Nancy Johnson, and Renee Bates, (fourth row) Chico Reed, Susan Halstead. Wendy Wilson, Renee Robb, Sonya Salmon, Shelly Howland. Stacy Cowan, Michelle Staci Lilly, Jenny Newell, Jeff Strong. Steve Scott, Julie King, Dan Sanford, Troy Deshong. Lisa Hedrick, and Sandy Kyser. (third row) Seung Chae, Melissa Young, Daniels, Mark Spidel. Brian Mack, Scott Bowers, and Tori Piciurri. Nicky Atkinson. Peggy Gracey. Paul Scott, Jill Jones, Chris Bunce, Mark Reynolds, 2S Swing ll sings, gains experience Prep Swing, in its third year, is as strong as ever, consisting of students who were selected by their former music instructors and by Director Carroll Bennink. At the Winter Show, Prep Swing per- formed to the set Varsity Drag and also sang Power Of Love and How Do We Say Good-Bye? Prep Swing gained much experience by tak- ing part in the Urbandale Show Choir Jambo- ree and the Cedar Rapids Jefferson Competi- tion. The group becomes aware of what is ahead if they decide to try-out for Swing Choir. Brad Fuller. Gary Lukes, and Jeff Winne (left) do their rendition of I ' m Your Man. 2 Prep Swing: (first row) Rich Cantrcll. Lisa Shclton. Dave Pollium, Christy Grubbs. Jennifer Holton, Matt Speck, and Cindy Davis, (second row) Gary Lukes. Mindy Manley, Cindy Bell, and George Ashman, (third row) Alan Marquis and Julie Bower, (fourth row) Mr. Carroll Bennink. Scott Davidson. Lora Fitzgerald, Jeff Winne. Raquel Foland, Brian Sheesley. Job Carter, Sherri Wascow, Michele Barkland. Angie Skidmore, Tony Nucaro, Laura Hanson. Brad Fuller. Tom Smith. Michon Haus. and Dan Reed. 29 Treble Choir: (first row) Carol Wessel, Tammy Warren, Suzanne Rhode, Shannon Neely, Cathy Annett, Lolita Fonza, Dawn Dickson. Donna Lewis, Heather Koenig, Rae Lynn Park, Lisa Schnatorst, Pam Wright, Tricia Olson, Shelly Clifton, and Anna Cooper, (second row) Lori Enos, Tera Belinsky, Shlonda Butts, Jennifer Saitta. Jacquie Lair, Dawn Peterson, Donna Overton, Toni Mauro, Sandra Hinojosa, Tisha Cregcr. Denise Devick, Penny Wheeler, Rebecca Davis, and Dallas Dickson, (third row) Libby Amos, Lisa Elmore, Denise Carr, Daina Bert, Dana Brooks, Liz Filter, Leslie Miller, Chris Martin. Lori Stafford, Patty Egenberger, Amy Dekeyser, Pam Vanderly, Alecia Turnip- seed, Carol Huntsinger. and Kelli Doughty. JL uJi H J w im JU L JL Varsity Choir: (first row) Cheri Christianson, Alvira Flores, Sheila Smith, Tammy Little, Kristin Leavengood, Rosina Dance, Mary Dondlinger, Kelly Norris, Sam Morrow, Tom Marinaro, Chantel Kiene, Angie Bendixen, Chi Hui Pak. Michelle Aller, Karmen Stougard, Melissa Campero, Kelly Black, and Robin Stoneholder..( second row) Tammy Chesnut, LeAnn Ellwanger, Gena Boehme, Jennifer Saitta, Jacquie Lair, Brian Burgett. Tia Wright, Jeff Jorganson, Lincoln Grimes, Lamar Holt, Jackie Sumper, Misty McCaughey, Tara Tickle, Denice Mitchell, and Tracy Whistler, (third row) Jane Lain- son, Chris Thomas, Kelly Saf, Jan Herman, Kim Stewart, Brian Whitham. Jim Corigli- ano. Chris Bunce, Seth Else, Robert Milligan. Charice Long, Jessie Zika, Ronnie Walker, and Traci Longcor. (fourth row) Terri Boston, Shawna Comer, Lourie Beerbower, Emily Pinter, Dori Eller, Michelle Crees, Troy Barns, Brian Struve, Casey Leanord, Rob Taylor, Larry Miller. Raymond Murray, Jeff Meyers, Debi Bishop, Kristy McCollough, Chris Bayars. Jeana Adamson, Stacey Locke, Kelly Egenberger, and Julie Leib. 30 Choirs raise funds for yearly KC trip Practice, patience, and perserverence, made the Tre- ble, Concert and Varsity choirs a success. To help raise money for their annual trip to Kansas City, the choirs sold various Christmas items during the holiday season to cover the cost of expenses. In the end each individual put forth much effort and concentration to make the choirs a tremendous enjoy- ■ meiit lor all. Kristic Davis and Stephanie Rector practice for the ir spring show. Concert Choir: (first row) Angelia Carlingo, Angel Carroll, Carolyn Ramsey, Lisa Adamson, Joel Vanderwerff, David Palliam. Sean Newton, Lance Donaldson. Gary Ganoe, Carol Elliot. Lorie Tolley, Christine Rios. Mr. Bcnnink. Denis Arrowood, Kathy Karens, Jim Schroder, David Kellog. John Fillman, Linda Lame. Shannon Thorpe. Laughlin, Tori Soda, Wendy Wilson, Suzanna Willock. Miction Huss, Cindy Newkirk, Michelle Denny, Michelle Borrows. Michelle Burr, Cathy Werner, (fourth row) Libby Carrie Portel. Michelle Blenis. (second row) Yung Hui Yi, Shelly Gcppert. Donna Reas- Amos, Kim Attwood, Lisa Skidmore, Garla Woods, Janclle Wiltsic, Chad Cornwell. nor, Jean Smith, Cynthia Durbin. Diane Offenburger. Michale Allen. Derk Muphy, Jamie Schlock, Jeff Wambold. Dan Reed, Gary Loux, Jeff Strong. Chris Flatt, Robert Richard Cantrell, Joe Riccio. Matt Speck. Kale Bright. David McDowell. Mario Wright, Kirkman, David Gcone. Doug Brooks. Jeff Frccl. Todd Mitchell. Robb Nuckolls. Lisa Stephanie Rector, Lola Fitzgerald, Shannon Hutchinson, Amy McCoy, Julie Cherry. Shaw. Dionne Esnough. (third row) Ellen Robb. Michelle Oswalt. Dcena Cemore. Amy Wolfe, Wendell 31 Drama department introduces new talent A Murder Is Announced and Letters To Lucerne were chosen for the fall and spring productions performed by the talented drama department. Letters to Lucerne was performed in April. The cast consisted of nine girls and four boys. The majority of the cast played the parts of isolated school children who were protected from the war and kept from the bitterness of the outside world. The students involved were Lori Smith, Monica Parker, Robert Kirkman, Amy Schroeder, Rebee Rodish, Maria McKee, Anja Reiner, Scott Dolch, Tara Belinski, Petra Vignovich, Kristi Groen, Sandy Moffitt and Larry Miller. A Murder Is Announced is an Agatha Christy murder mystery. An announcement of a murder that would be taking place that night was the suspenseful plot of the fall play. The fall play cast included Jeannine Ahlberg, Maria Wright, Amy Schroeder, Brad Slade, Jaquie Lair, Monica Parker, Carrie Pester, Sharla Tiffany, Jeff Jorgensen, Bruce Elgin and Robert Kirkman. r f lit Ml H I Fall Play: (first row) Carrie Pester, Maria Wright, Monica Parker, and Sharla Tiffany, (second row) Jaquie Lair and Robert Kirkman. (not pictured) Jeannine Ahlberg, Amy Schroeder, Brad Slade, Jeff Jorgensen, and Bruce Elgin. 32 Spring play: (first row) Amy Schroeder, Lori Smith, Renee Rodish, Vignovich. (fourth row) Kristi Groen and Sandi Moffitt. (not pic Maria McKee, and Robert Kirkman. (second row) Anja Reiner, and tured) Larry Miller. Monica Parker, (third row) Scott Dolch, Tara Belinski, and Petra Choir electrifies their audiences Under the direction of Carrol Bennink. Chamber Chorale continued to impress audiences with their talent. In October, the choir members auditioned for the All-State Chorus. Four members from Chamber Chorale were selected to sing in the prestigious event. They are Rich Cantrell. Kristi Durban, Pete Else, and Nicholle Foland. Chamber Chorale also learned a special repertoire of Christmas music and performed it at such events as the Festival of Trees and the opening of the Kaleidoscope. All-State Chorus: (right, clockwise from left) Kristi Durban, Rich Cantrell, Director Carrol Bennick. Pete Else, and Nicholle Foland. Chamber Chorale: (first row) Brandy Hutchison, Tori Soda, and Pam Spring. Murphy, Nicholle Foland. Meridith Rinker. and Chcri Johnson, (fourth row) (second row) Pam Coleman, Stacy Rufer. Cindy Newkirk. Kristi Durban, Lori Tom Smith, Randy Legg, Richard Goodson, Denis Young, Bruce Elgin, and Don Wilkison, Linda Lane, Jennifer Christie, and Director Carrol Bennick. (third Hickman, (fifth row) Kurt Allison. Russ Tomlinson, Pete Else. Frank Holmes, row) Shawn Newton, Sarah Thoermer, Lori Mc Nulty. Gina Miller. Anne Chris Miller. Chris Darling, and Rich Cantrell. i ! ft- ! jji£tii»! A. ( Swing Choir: (first row) Dan Reed. Kim Kirkman, Craig Carpenter. Christy Nichol- son. Kristi Durban. Pat Daughenbaugh. Shelly Linton, Staci Rufer, Pam Spring, Bruce Elgin. Lori Wilkinson. Anne Murphy. Frank Holmes (second row) Russ Tomlinson, Rachelle O ' Conner, Russ Kuhn, Brandy Hutchison, Ted Hill (third row) Greg McCoy, Randy Legg, Lisa Speck, Tom Smith, Chris Darling, Natalie Gentry, Jackie Keller, Swing Choir (right) performs Birdland. Swing Choir Band: (opposite page, top) Joe Riccio, Chris Miller. Scott Davidson, Dan Reed, Greg McCoy. Russ Tomlinson, and Tom Smith. Swing Choir (center right) shows their stuff at Capital Square. Just another normal day in the life of Kurt Allison, (lower right) Sound Crew: (lower left) Joel Shutte. Todd Francisco, and James Borland, and Director Carroll Ben- nink. Jackie Keller. Jenny Soroka, Mere- dith Rinker. Cheri Johnson, Kristi Dur- ban, and Staci Rufer (center left) show the side you never see. Pete Denato, Denise Swinton, Rich Goodson, Angic Cave. John Kaldcnberg, Tracy Hendricks, Ron Duncan, Scott O ' Neal. Meredith Rinker, Joe Riccio, Pete Else (fourth row) Kurt Allison. Chris Miller, Cheri Johnson, Jamie Schrock. David Grout, Doug Brooks, Tammy Daugherty. David Keck, Scott Davidson, Nicollc Foland, Dennis Young (not pictured) Aaron Cherry. Jenny Soroka. 34 Show Choir excels in outstanding year " L.A. Bound! " was the slogan for Swing Choir since early November when they were invited to compete in the Young Americans National Invitational Perform- ance Choir Festival, March 17-22, in Los Angeles. Although everyone was very excited for the trip, Swing Choir still had to concentrate on their main objective, entertaining the public. November 21-22 the choir presented their fall show Let Us Entertain You. Swing Choir also did their share for the community. In addition to the paid shows they did for the businesses in Des Moines, they performed at the Kaleidoscope, Capital Square, and the Polk County Senior Citizens Center, for, as one Swing Choir member put it, " the fun of it! " Student Council promotes spirit Student Council promotes many school activi- ties and is dedicated to serving the community. The Blood Center ' s annual blood drive. Febru- ary 4, was a great success. Over 100 pints of blood were donated by students and faculty. Stu- dent Council sponsored the event. The Canned Food Drive, held in November, helped the community with the donations of canned items to needy families. Student Council organized the spirit week fes- tivities and sold spirit ribbons during the football season. Officers are Changyon Pak president, Sherri Swenson vice president, Penne Parkin secretary, Mike Wiley, chief justice, and Bill Barry treasurer. Changyon Pak, Sherri Swenson, Penne Parkin, and Mike Wiley (top right) clean Lincoln ' s medalion. Todd Garrington (center right) gets blood drawn from his finger. Mark Scigli- ano (lower right) reads a pamphlet. John Herman (above) gives a pint of blood. Debaters rank first in district Ranked 1 in district standings in Western Iowa, the debate team, coached by Linda Schlak and Wayne Bauman, not only earned numerous trophies at the more than ten tour- naments they participated in, but also nabbed the 1 position in the sweekstakes contest at the Atlantic Bull Creek Classic. Several team members also qualified for district and state finals in debate and various individual events. Highlighting the year was the squad ' s partic- ipation in the California Polytechnic Univer- sity tournament in San Luis Obispo, Califor- nia. Eight varsity team members were chosen to attend the tournament, which was held January 17-18. The tournament exposed team members to different styles of debate and judg- ing practices, as well as allowing them to see some of the sights in California. Although the tournament was demanding, the students found time to visit Hearst Castle, Disneyland and Chinatown. Novice Debate: (right, first row) L. Kain, C. Kissel, J. Daivs, and B. Hufford. (second row) C. Chae. P. Schilling, D. Brooker, J. Carr, and M. Sater. (third row) R. Uboldo, S. Leonard, E. Mellia, and T. Loney. (fourth row) M. Cummings, T. Busby, R. Jeffrey, R. Whicker, K. Mc- Laughlin, N. Whitaker, and J. Iosbaker. Varsity Debate: (top, first row) L. Wheeler, P. Notch, L. Tucker, and K. Carnine. (second row) W. Hornback. C. Green, and H. Norton, (third row) E. Allen, T. Herri- ott, S Clair, and M. Baccam. 37 Mock Trial: (above, first row) L. Tucker, K. Carninc, L. Wheeler, and P. Notch, (second row) L. Kain, N. Graziano, C. Kissel. W. Hornback, and J. Carr. (third row) C. Green, T. Herriott, M. Baccam. C. Chae, and H. Norton, (fourth row) M. Cummings, R. Whicker, S. Clair, and N. Whilaker. Lincoln-Douglas Debate: (top right, first row) J. Carr, N. Whitaker, and M. Baccam. (second row) C. Pak. S. Clair, and T. Herriott. Letter Winners: (lower left, first row ) C. Kissel, L. Wheeler. W. Hornback. and P. Notch, (second row) P. Schilling. C. Pak. T. Herriott, M. Baccam, and H. Norton, (third row) C. Green, and S. Clair, (not pictured) L. Tucker, and K. Carnine. 38 NFL Members: (top, first row) L. Kain. K. Carnine. P. Notch, and L. Tucker, (second row) L. Wheeler. H. Romans. N. Graziano, C. Kissel, and J. Carr. (third row) C. Green, J. losbaker, S. Blevins, K Moon, S. Dickey. D. Brooker. and P. Schilling, (fourth row) H. Norton. M. Baa-am. W. Hornback. T. Herriott. J. Chase. C. Chae. and B. Hufford. (fifth row) E. Allen. M. Cummings. R. Jeffrey. S. Clair, R. Whicker. N. Whitaker. and A. Turnipsced. Legislative Debate: (center right, first row) P. Notch. L. Tucker. K. Carnine. and L. Wheeler, (second row) C. Kissel. J. Carr. L. Kain. C. Chae. and N. Whitaker. (third row) C. Green. P. Schilling. T. Herriott. M. Baccam. and J. losbaker. (fourth row) W. Hornback. T. Busby, J. Chase, and M. Slater, (fifth row) E. Allen. R. Whicker, S. Clair. A. Turnipsced. and R. Jeffrey. f 39 Club sponsors annual dance Rails Club is a school and community organization. Enrollment is open to every Lin- coln student. Club members work closely with their sponsor, Sally Fisher, to organize and plan activities. Rails Club sponsored the annual Sweetheart Dance held February 15. Other club activities included compiling student ' s names and phone numbers for the Buzz Book, dressing up for a Halloween Party at a day care center, and vis- iting a nursing home during the Christmas season. Officers were Tanya Fazio (first semester) and Sandy Konchalski (second semester), pres- ident; Sandy Konshalski, vice president; Kim Christensen, secretary; Tiffany Troxel, treas- urer; and Shelly Clifton, historian. Julie Overton, Missy Sanford, Garla Woods and Sally Fisher (top right) tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Some of the Rails Club members (center right) get together before a Halloween Party. The Club (lower right) sings Christmas Carols to the residents of a nursing home. Rails Club (below, first row) C. Conn, A. Copper, S. Konchalski, H. Roland, and S. Clifton, (second row) K. Christensen, T. Freel, T. Brcckenridge. M. Young, J. Roland, J. Pope, and J. Derrah. (third row ) M. Hickman. B. Sodergren, J. Haus, D. Dorris, G. Woods, and K. Potter. 40 Exiting dance proves success The Sweetheart Dance, held Saturday, Feb- ruary 1 5, proved to be a night of excitement as one Sweetheart and one Man of the Year was announced from each grade level. At the end of the evening the candidates gathered for the announcement of the winners: Freshmen Jessie Zika and Joaquin Benefiel; Sophomores Gina Marcum and Tony Martin- dale; Juniors Kay Creger and Travis Burris; and Seniors Leslie Myers and Todd Mendenhall. Rails Club sponsored the dance and deco- rated the gym. Music was provided by Teazer and Stover took photographs. Sweethearts and Men of the Year: Freshmen Joaquin Benefiel and Jessie Zika, Seniors Todd Mendenhall and Leslie Myers. Sophomores Gina Marcum and Tony Martindale. Juniors Kay Creger and Travis Burris. (Top left) Not all of the pictures taken at the Sweetheart Dance were serious. 41 Talent-filled club ages with pride Dorian Art Club is one of the oldest organi- zations at Lincoln according to sponsor Dale McLean. McLean has been involved with the club for 30 of its 40 years of existence. The group consists of talented artists that are recom- mended by teachers in the art department. This art club meets during homeroom every morning and consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Dorian Art is responsible for decorating the gym for the Homecoming Dance and design- ing and putting up Christmas decor during the holiday season. Every year the club buys art work and donates it to the school. Officers: (right) President John Robbins. Secretary Missy Wilson. Treasurer Jill Johnson, and Historian Wendy Zagar. Dorian Art Club: (first row) Jim Armstrong, Tony Martindalc. Sam Evans. Wendy Zagar. Sara Sayasans, Jean Smith, Mike Dickhoff, and Frank Cardamon. (second row) Mario Lundy, Doug Keller. Jim Cunion. Gary Gioffrredi. Tom Burgett. John Robbins. Jill Johnson. Sherry Marshall. Kim Hayes, and Brenda Trumbo. (third row) Kristin Sanning, Missy Wilson, Robert Whicker. Robert Jacabson, Wendy Riddle, Virginia Stevenson. Brian Patterson, John Mascoro, Rick Hendrix, and Deeanna Marturello. (not pictured) Chris Beatty. Steve Woodward. Brian Simms. and Jeff Edwards. 42 Educational travel opens new horizons Lincoln students have the opportunity to travel to New York and Washington, D.C., during their spring break, along with other interested students. The Polk County United Nations Association sponsors the UN Tour and selects approximately 130 students from the Des Moines area to participate. Selection is based on academic achievement, school and community activi- ties, and a one-page essay stating the importance of visiting the United Nations. Close-Up, a nationally organized tour, takes students to Washington, D.C. Five students from Lincoln took the trip to see government in action. Susan Bradner, a junior from Lincoln, traveled to Belgium to attend school there. Four foreign exchange students had the chance to see what the United States was like while they attended Lincoln and lived with host families. Foreign Exchange Students: (above) Anja Reiner. Germany; Kai Svendsen, Norway; and Mottoli. Chile, (not pictured) Katja Talsi. Washington Monument (top left) is one of the sights to see on the UN Tour. Aaron Cherry (center left) introduces Senator Tom Harkin to UN Tour participants on last year ' s trip. UN and Close-Up Tour: G. Daghstani, L. McNulty, H. Romans, and S. Chae. (not pictured) L. Moore. D. Thompson. K. Atwood, C. Cambell, S. Clifton, and B. Elgin. Students donate time, assist staff During study hall hours, many students assist staff members in a variety of jobs. They receive one-fourth credit for their services. Their jobs include working in the attendance office, counseling center, nurse ' s office. PE offices, and for individual faculty members. The PEOPEL program gets more than 20 students involved in helping special education students in their P.E. class. Concession stand workers: (lower right, first row) Sheri Emmons, Carrie Hon, Jeannie Toomey. and Rhonda Lilly, (second row) Evelyn Wade, Trisha Barnhart. Donna Hoock, Diana Hood, and Desira Johnson, (not pictured) Chris Zlotnik, Lisa White, Dawn Peterson, and Jennifer Young. Student Service (center) PEOPEL Aides: (top right, first row) W. Deal, S. Sims. S. Rector, M. Sparks, and L. Kain. (second row) A. Post., M. Ricio, M. Mealey. M. Senger, L. Sharr, M. Parker, M. Mitchell, and S. Emmons, (third row) K. Huffman. L. Donaldson, C. Cornwell, R. Taylor, R. Jones. K. Tweedy. M. Burr, and W. Hornback. 44 Central Campus A.M. Advertising manager Rachelle O ' Conner (righi) dis- cusses new ads with Advisor Diane Weir. Leslie Myers (below) concentrates on new story ideas. Lance Whitacre and Todd Mendenhall (center) type another sports quiz. Tracy Hendricks (opposite page, top) talks to Patty Notch about story possibilities. Holly Norton (right) writes cutlines for her pictures. Michelle Mitchell (center) shows Jerna Madero. Billie Montgomery and Wendy Bequeaith how proud she is of her cartoon drawings. Margee Car- damon (lower left) shows how she feels about getting her story done before everyone else. Rachelle O ' Conner (lower right) confirms ads by telephone. Newspaper Staff: (first row) Wendy Bequeaith. Tracy Hen- dricks, Patty Notch, Margee Cardamon, Michelle Seals, (second row) Kim Kirkman. Rachelle O ' Conner, Advisor Diane Weir, Sarah Thoermer. Michelle Mitchell, (third row) Holly Norton, Tracey Perkins, Billie Montgomery. Jerna Madero, Leslie Myers (fourth row) Lance Whitacre, Shawn Smith, Todd Mendenhall (not pictured) Tony Beck. 46 0 The Railsplitter staff, led by Editor-in- chief Patty Notch, worked together success- fully to complete 10 issues of the newspaper. The members of the newspaper staff started out small, yet they still achieved the high standards that the Railsplitter has always required. When semester rolled around, it brought forth new promise for an even better newspaper when three new people joined the staff. " It has been fun and interesting, " com- mented Patty Notch, " to coordinate the staff and watch everyone work together so hard. " 47 Yearbook sparkles with new ideas GLORY DAYS, the theme choose by the yearbook staff, symbolizes the best days of our lives . . . our high school days. Under the supervision of Advisor Diane Weir, Co-editors-in-chief John Kaldenberg and Wendy Zagar worked with staff members to complete the yearbook for spring delivery. The diligent staff spent their time selling ads, taking photographs, doing layouts, as well as a lot of writing. The editors chose a simple cover design and used spot color to create a unique look for the division pages. " There is a lot of time involved in putting the yearbook together " , commented Senior co-editor Rachelle O ' Conner. " Every staff member worked hard to complete it. " John Kaldenberg and Kurt Allison (top right) look through old yearbooks to get ideas. Cherie Bradshaw (top let) appears content with her work. Some staff members (center right) take a break from the yearbook. Rachelle O ' Conner and Jill Johnson (above) relax after selling an ad. Michelle Seals. Marsha Mitchell, and Denise Cole (lower right) scan the ad pages. 48 Yearbook Staff: (first row) Michelle Seals. Marsha Mitchell, Rachelle O ' Conner. Dawn Parson, and Branch Hutchison, (second row) Sarah Thoermer. Denise Cole. Advisor Diane Weir, Jeannine Ahlbcrg. and Leslie Myers, (third row) Tracey Perkins, Shana LaMar. Diana Marshall, and Barb Agan. (fourth row) John Kaldenberg, Todd Mendenhall. Wendy Zagar. Mike Parker. Patrick Kading. and Troy Wolver. (not pictured) Kurt Allison, Cherie Bradshaw, and Jill Johnson. 49 HALLEVS comet MIAMI -1 L-OREAL ' FREE HOLD " vyung moussi ' •fT WT. 5 QZ. 50 Vice-President Wendy Zagar Treasurer Aaron Cherry 54 Class of ' 86 John Adams Barbara Agan Jeannine Ahlberg Bryon Akers Angela Allen Eugene Allen DeAnna Aller Shawn Aller Kristen Allingham Kurt Allison Libby Amos Todd Anderson Randall Annett Tim Annett , Angela Armstrong Jill Arnold Denise Arrowood Joe Ashelford Michael Atwood Michael Babb Anthony Backstrom Jeffrey Baker Michael Baker Toni Barber Robert Barr 55 Tracy Berry Lynn Billick Tom Birmbaumer Richard Blaylock Richard Blonigan Diana Bly Rick Boatright Vicki Boone Michael Boot Renee Bates Lonnie Beam Chris Beattie Troy Beckman Pat Bedford Jay Bendixen Wendy Bequeaith Ken Berry " Simon Says, look to the right. " so Jeff Kline and Mike Gies don ' t waste any time joining in on a quick game. Thomas Boubin Scott Bowers Stacy Boyd Albert Branchcomb Kathryn Brickman Barbie Brightman Lesa Brose Brandi Brown Bruce Brown Lori Brown Ronald Brown Tiffany Brown Brian Buchanan Tom Burgett Danyel Caligiuri Martin Camacho Margaret Cardamon Brandi Brown enjoys a coke in student center. 57 58 Mindi Christensen Jennifer Christy Richard Chumbley Debbi Clark Tim Clark it Penny Coffin Denise Cole Scott Collier Penny Cone Mike Cook Carey Job Cooper Aaron Cooper Michael Cornelius Paige Corrigan Antonion Cosenza Emil Cosimo Leonard Cosimo Tammy Cosimo Brenda Cosner Kristin Coyle Carrie Craig Jerry Crawford Birgit Crouse Carrie Curnes Sharrie Curnes Michelle Dady Gracy Danca Chris Darling Norman Daughenbaugh Tammira Daugherty 59 Marsha Mitchell shows off her pearly whites to Lisa Wing. 60 Kellie Dingman Denise Dooley Carol Elliott Pete Else Jacqueline Erickson Warren Erickson Angelique Evans Dannette Farrar Lisa Farrington Jerry Fees J. Jo Leavengood is tempted to smile at Todd Mendenhall and Todd Roland ' s crazy antics in the student center. 4 I Michelle Ferlitsch Frankie Fessler William Fisher Jodi Ford Misty Ford Lesa Freed Robert Freel Mark Friend Bryce Friesz Elizabeth Fritz 61 Teresa Fucaloro Steve Furman Rich Galvan Janice Garnett Todd Garrington Dustin Gean Natalie Gentry Patti Gfeller Michael Gies David Gilbert Mistel Gillespie Larry Gilliam Michelle Glenn Joe Godfroy Joseph Gomez Sherry Goode Richard Goodson Mike Parker catches Mark Scigliano without a pass. 62 Lori Gordon Nicole Graziano Lenore Hadlock Kristine Hall Susan Halstead Bonnie Hammond Ben Handsaker Masey Hawkins Kim Hayes Christina Hein Michaele Helmuth Tracy Hendricks Rick Hendrix John Herman Donald Hickman Wendy Hildreth Joe Orcutt flashes his animal magnetism on Clash Day. Watch out, Lincoln. 63 Clockwise from right: After hearing a funny joke, Shelly Linton cracks a smile. Mike Miller gives us his best impression of Rambo. Sarah Thoermer looks pensive. Michelle Dady and Karl Thacker make a cute couple. Jeff Ogden, Scott Collier, and John Herman show off their GQ smiles. Leslie Myers is in a state of shock. Julie White smiles as she learns that she passed contract PE. Patty DeFransisco and Troy Wolver celebrate winning a foosball game in Student Center. Shana LaMar and Shelly O ' Brien take a break from the congestion in the hall. Stacy Boyd (center left) enjoys a Mountain Dew before heading home, (center right) Is it Susan Halstead or Sheila E.? 64 65 66 i i • Roger Hutch ins Brandy Hutchison Tammy Hutchinson Amy Irons Sherrie Ishmal Matt Ison Danny Jackson David Jackson Anna Jenkins Douglas Johanson Jill Johnson Todd Johnson Shannon Johnson Tonya Johnson Eddy Johnston Melissa Johnston Julie Jones Patrick Kading John Kaldenberg Gary Karnes Doug Raster Kent Kearney Jeff Kelly Jill Kesselring Michael Kinney Kim Kirkman Cheryl Kissel Jeff Kline Brian Klug Laura Knutson 67 Denise Swinton and Sarah Thoermer enjoy a few laughs before homeroom. Natalie Gentry shares gossip with friends Kris DcWitt. Michelle Dady, and Shana LaMar during student center. Meta Studins, Kim Kirkman, Julie Jones, Toni Barber, and Rachelle O ' Conner show school spirit at a pep assembly. 69 Susan Marshall Harold Martin Melissa Matney Melissa May Kim McCormick Rodney McCloney Troy McGee Don McKeehan Amy McNal ly Patricia McPhersen Michelle McVey Scott McWilliams Mona Medina Matt Meline Todd Mendenhall Christine Mercer Mark Mezera Anthony Micile Angie Mikesell Jennifer Miller After the football game. Danyel Caligiuri goes home smiling. Kris Miller Mike Miller Rodney Miller Kim Mills Dan Mitchell Marsha Mitchell Michelle M. Mitchell Michelle R. Mitchell Missy Monahan Mike Monahan Billie Montgomery Danny Moon Bruce Moore Kevin Moore Lisa Moylan Anne Murphy Paula Murphy Leslie Myers Tammy Naples Bryan Nelson The girls just go wild over Jeff Kelly ' s " Le Tigre. " Brian Nicoletto Michelle Nigro Hans Nissen Robert Noble Tim Noble Kimberly Norris Holly Norton Patricia Notch Shelly O ' Brien Rachelle O ' Conner Heidi Ogden Jeff Ogden Russ Ogle Michelle Oswalt Wayne Otte Ted Overton Eric Pack John Page Kelly Parisho Michael Parker Penne Parkin Dan Parks Dawn Parsons Forrest Parsons Brian Patterson Kevin Patton Frank Pazzi Tracey Perkins Carrie Pester Mark Pippett 72 Robyn Renken Robert Rhoades Theresa Riccio Danelle Rice Jeff Richards Mike Richards Richard Riewer Stephen Rios Randy Rivera Ellen Robb tm r ' !1 Jill Johnson gives her impression of Spiderman. Renee Robb John Robbins Dorota-Gigi Rokitnicki Todd Roland Cindi Routson Pete Else, Kurt Allison, and John Kaldenberg slop at the Ames game to pose with radio personality Larry Morgan. 1 Rodney Russell Harry Ryan Jay Sanford Stephen Genovese Sargent Russell Sater 74 Laura Smith Shawn Smith Steve Snyder Scott Soper Jennifer Soroka Elizabeth South Diana Sparks Donna Sparks Terri Spaulding Judi Stapes Susan Stenberg Karen Stephens Ronda Stonehocker Ryan Stout Wendy Strain Jeff Strong Angela Struve Meta Stundins David Sufka Michelle Summers Denise Swails Denise Swinton Karl Thacker Sarah Thoermer ■MVS » . Julie Jones is walking in a winter wonderland. 76 ijfc Alissa Thomas Cherrie Thomas Deanna Thomas Jennifer Thompson John Thornton Russ Tomlinson Scott Tomlinson Toni Triska Dana Tutor Julie Vanderwoal Joe VanHaecke Tina Van Houweling Joe Vivone Julie Vogel Michelle Walke DeeAnn Walker Joanne Waller Kimberly Warrell Jeff Waterman Anjanette Webber Jeff Weeks Laura Wessel Liebchen Wheeler Tammie Wheeler Erik Hohler offers lo run the projector, but Gordon Blenderman stands close by to make sure he doesn ' t foul up. 77 Jack Whisler Lance Whitacre Julie White Rick Whitham Denise Whitlatch Michael Wiley Debbie Williams Ronda Williams Lisa Wing Sharon Wolf Troy Wolver Steve Woodworm Cindy Wright Richard Wright Bobby Wright Dennis Young Wendy Zagar Lorie Zeliadt Michael Zeller Catherine Campo Dee Long Cathy Gothard Matthew Rossell Frank Stahl 7H Seniors choose officers to plan activities for ' 86 The Senior Class started it ' s busy year with the election of class officers, who with the help of homeroom representatives, were the backbone of all the planning and organizing for senior committees. Todd Anderson was chosen president, and with this position came many responsibilities. He worked on prom and commence- ment committees, and represented the senior class. Wendy Zagar, vice-president, was in charge of Class Day, but was also involved in various other senior activities. Treasurer Aaron Cherry had many financial duties. Aaron worked closely with Senior advisor Ralph Maigaard to collect senior dues and balance the books. Rich Blaylock was elected secretary and was in charge of Senior Banquet. He was also responsible for writing letters and sending invitations to guest speakers to request their presence at many of the activities. Prom night, April 19, was a night seniors will always remember. The theme, Black Tie Affair, was chosen by the prom committee and colors were black and white with red accents. Prom was held at Drake ' s Olmstead Center. Senior Banquet was a great success, with a steak entree chosen by the senior class. The banquet was held at the Hotel Savery, May 16. Class Day was held May 30 to prepare seniors for graduation. Top 3 and 15 percent were announced and scholarships and awards were given to outstanding seniors. Commencement ceremonies were held at Veterans Auditorium June 1 at 3 p.m. The guest speaker was Nolden Gentry. The Senior Class of Lincoln High looks back upon the years of good times, memories, and victories. The tears will come, but surely not in sadness. As we leave Lincoln we face the hardest of any test...saying goodbye. Senior Robert Rokitnicki gets measured for his cap and gown. Top 3 percent Donna Chiodo Carrie Craig Thomas Warren Erickson Lisa Farrington Nicole Graziano Cathe Green Lisa Hofbauer Lisa Leo Diana Marshall Susan Marshall Melissa Matney Jeffrey Richards Lisa Skidmore Wendy Strain Wendy Zagar Top 15 percent Randall Annett Timothy Annett Angela Armstrong Renee Bates Scott Bowers Danyel Caligiuri Adrianna Carlo Brian Carter Robin Cashatt Aaron Cherry Scott Collier Birgit Crouse Wendy Deal Patricia DeFransisco Peter Else Dionne Esnough Tammy Faubus Jodi Ford Bryce Friesz David Gilbert Michelle Glenn Michaele Helmuth Michael Holcomb Amy Christine Irons Jill Suzanne Johnson Jeffrey Kelly Cheryl Kissel John Kunkel Jean Long Shawn Lukenbill Teri Manley Denise Marshall Mark Mezera Rodney Miller Michelle Mitchell Mellissa Monahan Billic Montgomery Lisa Moylan Holly Norton Patricia Notch Daniel Parks Theresa Ricco Mike Richards Amy Schroeder Stephen Scott Julie Shaffer Jon Glen Shepherd Jamie Smith Elizabeth South Theresa Lynn Spaulding Susan Stenberg Angela Struve Meta Stundins Denise Swinton Sarah Thoermer Russell Tomlinson Joseph VanHaecke Liebchen Wheeler Richard Whitham 79 80 Melvin J. Bowen, Principal Ralph Maigaard Vice-principal Larry Martindale Vice-principal Albert Graziano Vice-principal Dan Murray Freshman Coordinator Lola Hill Registrar ALHS starts Honor Society " Recognizing the wide spectrum of the southside community, Lincoln High School is dedicated to the acceptance of each indi- vidual and to the development of that indi- vidual ' s capacity for learning. " This is the philosophy on which Lincoln High School is based. This past year, Lincoln met two major goals — initiating and distributing academic letters and establishing a National Honor Society chapter. According to Principal Melvin Bowen, the purpose of the National Honor Society is to recognize students for good academic records, good citizenship, and wholesome attitudes. Mr. Bowen said, " Students don ' t always listen to what we adults have to say; they need to find out for themselves. This pro- gram helps them find out the things they will need for the future. " School Board: (first row) Secretary Peter J. Cunningham. Vice President Gloria Hoffman. President Jonathan C. Wilson, Superintendent William Anderson, (second row) Betty Grundbcrg, George Wilson, Barbara O. Buck, Sue Luthens. William D. Keck. Faculty and Staff Janyce Abarr, business, OE Alice Anderson, counselor, Pupil Services Linda Anderson, attendance clerk Ronald Baeth. driver education Gary Bagby. mathematics Jack Baker, counselor Judy Baldwin, attendance clerk David Batts. police liason Carrol Bennink, vocal music Jaqueline Bcrguin. social science Kyle Black, business, DECA LeRoy Blackledge, social science Gordon Blenderman, social science Irene Bond. English, SWS Alice Bowling, nurse Mary Brauninger. orchestra Robin Burke, English Tom Cady, physical education Frank Calhoun, science Drew Cannon, New Horizons John Carle, social science. SWS Janice Carter, resource teacher Robert Case, driver education Donald Ceynar. social science Eugene Clark, drafting Lillian Cole, librarian Floyd Constant, driver education Robert Corey. English Carolyn Cowles, English, Spanish Loretta Crane, stenographer clerk 85 Maria Creagh. Spanish Gary Curtis, science Ronadel Davis, work study, PE Dennis Devick, mathematics Peggy Dierzen. English Hugh Drake, physical education Elizabeth Edwards, home economics Alan Ewers, science Ada Fehrs, bookkeeper Sally Fisher, business Joanne Frank. French Walter Franz, mathematics Jean Frazier, physical education Gary Gabel, social science Lois Gabler, associate Shirley Garland, secretary Joyce Gast, counselor clerk William Gilbert, social science Judy Griffin, science Charles Gritton. mathematics Tim Grooters, mathematics Marilyn Groth. English, Latin Joan Hall, business Maurice Hansen, counselor Ronald Harvey, woodshop Larry Hayes, driver education Ace Hendricks, science Jerald Hickey. social science Lawrence Hulse, science Betty Hunerdosse, work study Gerald Jaehncl, English Janice Johnson. English Gretchen Kauffman. English Marcy Kauzlarich, business Hugh Kent, science m 1 David Killinger. music Karl Killinger, music Joyce Knock, home economics Jo Leavengood, student center Tom Lee, physical education Jan Leise, librarian Jan L ' Estrange. library clerk Ted Leverenz. math, PE Robert Locker, auto mechanics Betsy LofTredo. resource teacher Shirley Lueder, mathematics Leigh Lussie. English Richard Malliel. counselor Mary Manuel, nurse ' s assistant Joyce Marks, business Phillip Martin, mathematics Ray McAdam, driver education Herbert McCaw, mathematics David McGinnis, science Mike McGivern. business Dale McLean, art Richard McMahon, business Launta Miller, business Esther Miskimins, stenographer clerk Linda Monserrate. psychologist Charles Newton, social science Anne Noah. English David Ortale. social science Rhonda Osborne. English James Patch, industrial arts Dan Paulson, math, PE Dennis Peacock, counselor Connie Perez, stenographer clerk Ed Pilkington. science Lowell Reed, mathematics Cecil Rhoads. social science Sally Richardson, SCIN Gene Rogers, business Janice Roxberg, home economics Sarah Runkel. work study Susan Sarver, resource teacher Robert Scanlan, social science Patricia Schafer. resource teacher Gerald Schartner, social science Linda Schlak. English, debate Patricia Schwartz, home economics Rowena Schweizer. business Mark Scigliano. campus security Tom Scott, science Alette Schull. associate Cheryl Shroyer, work exp. coordinator Orville Siers, English Wayne Silka, English, drama Rose Smith, social science Charles Spain, science Don Squifs. unselor Kenneth Stancel, metal shop Lor it Jneyffeler, counselor Harold Swihart. English Albert Testa, social science Carol Testa, mathematics Carl Van Tuyl, social science Eunice Van Tuyl, French. Spanish John Van Why. physical education Bob VanderLinden. physical education Marlis Wagner, resource teacher Jay Wand, driver education Wanda Weberg, student center Diane Weir, English, journalism Audrey West, resource teacher 83 Food Service, Operations 0 . ' - — Carol White, English Ronald Whitlatch, mathematics James Wickham. English Donna Yeast, art Jo Yeates, resource teacher Linda Anderson, head cook Susan Bergman, food service Janet Booze I, food service Dale Collins, operations Charles Cook, ass ' t engineer Bculah Curry, food service Chuck DeFino, operations Bill Dickhoff, engineer Jeanette Dickhoff, matron Bud Dixon, ass ' t engineer Sandy Ford, food service Phyllis Frederick, food service Frank Funaro. operations Dianne Greer, food service Mary Hohl. food service Sylvia Hutchinson, food service John Lillibridge, ass ' t engineer Charles McClelland, building manager Todd Markle. engineer Carolvn Nash, food service better compliments his outfit. Wayne Silka finds the value of his newspaper non-existent. 90 hi mm Students excel in study areas The library and student center have had a very productive year. Money from the school and a block grant from the district has allowed for replacement of 1643 books over the past two years. The grant will be offered again next year. Librarian Lillian Cole said. " I ' m very pleased that our school library is being used to a greater extent than ever before. " Lincoln is the only school in Des Moines with a student center. Wanda Weberg feels this is because students handle the responsi- bility so well. Juniors and seniors relax and study. Money spent here goes back into the school to support various organizations and activities. Clockwise from below: Bryan F.dwards and Jim Cronin play an intense game of foosball in student center. Library assistants: (first row ) Joanne Waller. Lisa White. Trisha Barnhart. Rachelle Myers, (second row) Cole Cross, Robin Schaffer. Carl Thomas. Sam Holmes. Brenda Johnston. Carmen Vosler. Grant Parnell. Senior Angelique Evans studies in the library. Student Center assistants: (front row ) David Nash. Brent Garrett, Kevin Slezak. Ted Hill. Sara Sayasannc. (second row) Ben Handsaker. Anne Murphy. Garla Woods. Jim Haus. Kevin Moore. Jeff Ogden. (third row ) Steve Schaper. Karl Thacker. Shaun Roeder, Bryan Nelson. Qualified staff develops skill The Math department offers a good program of college preparatory classes, as well as classes for non-college bound students. The main goal of the math depart- ment this year was to create a desire to learn and understand mathematics, as well as to help develop computational skills useful in everyday life. The math department this year was headed by a " well-qualified, dedicated staff who integrated the use of compu- ters into the curriculum to better aid students in the job market, " commented Department chairperson Gary Bagby. Amy Schrocdcr (top right) gets disgusted with the Pythagorean Theorem. Rod Jones (right) is a living example that math can be fun. Lowell Reed (lower right) pours out his knowledge about Algebra II to his in-out box. Gary Bagby (below) gives much-needed aid to Scott Bowers and John Kunkel. (opposite page) Math Club members Donna Chiodo and Russ Kuhn (top) prepare for competition, (lower right) Nicole Graziano and Danny Parks cheerfully graph their Reimann sum problem. 92 m Clubs arouse student interest The Math Club is an organization for students who have good ability in math and interest in competition. Weekly meetings included presentations on var- ious topics, guest speakers, group work on complex problems and preparation for competition at Wartburg College in the spring. Computer Club members partici- pated in periodic meetings in order to gain knowledge about programming, the Pascal language, and even computer games. These students ended the year studying Instant Pascal and using a gra- phics tablet for computer graphics. Computer Club (center): (seated) Gary Bagby. Sharla Tiffany, and Scott O ' Neal, (standing) Mark Mezera. Seung Chae, Bruce Elgin, Scott Bowers, Harry Hager, Cherrie Thomas. Math Club (above): Gary Bagby, Russ Kuhn. Bill Berry, Scott Clair, Tracie Storjohann, Donna Chiodo. Chris Delury, Warren Erickson, (not pictured) Mark Cody, Cathe Green, Tony Buchanan. James Borland, and Jeff Richards. 93 Foreign connection opens ethnic doors The Foreign Connection, a language club open to all French, Spanish, and Latin students, provides activities for interested stu- dents outside the classroom. The club participated in Lanugage Day at Central College in Pella, celebrated ethnic holidays, and dined at ethnic restaurants. Eddy Johnston, Jason Levang, Teri Manley, Mike Curtis, and Matt Ison (below) frolick at Language Day in Pella. (bottom left) Michelle Ferlitsch and Penne Parkin really put their heart into their work. Maria Creagh (right) tells the class why she loves Barcelona. Dan Twclmeyer. Sean Angus, Chris Dow, Jason Marquardt. and Joel Vanderwerff enjoy a " Spanish? " dinner at Spaghetti Market (center right). Eunice VanTuyl (bottom right) practices for her conga line. m • x « FELIZ DIX DE SAK YJILEJITIK i ft. 75 94 Languages encourage devlopment of skills The main goal of the foreign language department is to further the development of individuals and to better their understanding of various cultures. Foreign language students are encouraged to think in terms of a worldwide perspective. Classwork stresses communication and the development of thinking and communi- cation skills. Melissa Warden, Colleen Willson. and Seung Chac (left) work on some trans- lations of Ulysses, (center left) Mrs. Groth and some of her Latin II students struggle over some translations of Caesar. Teri Manley. Lori Zeliadt. and Eddy Johnston (bottom left) enrich themselves in French II. Tony Luna and Amy Dekeyzer (bottom right) practice foreign dialog in Spanish class. Scott James write s intently with un Lapiz on his papel (below). 95 New courses are added for seniors This was the last year for such classes as Expository Writing and Literary Masterpieces as juniors signed up for Advanced Placement English and Senior English. These classes will combine the composition of Exposi- tory Writing and literature and are intended for college bound students. Electives like creative writing, journal- ism, drama, and debate will still be offered in addition to the full-year courses offered each of the four years. Clockwise from top right: Peggy Dierzen explains The Crucible. Gretchen Kauffman looks on while Jon Satre and Bobby Wright try to explain their papers to her. Creative Writing classes try to identify their shoes by smelling them? Damn Dueling takes his English work very seriously. English class works on proofreading their compositions. trnimi 96 Home Economics helps to set goals Home economics offers study in foods, nutrition, tex- tiles, clothing, health, housing, parenting, and personal development. These courses use rational decision- making strategies for sound economic decision and practical lifestyle choices. Jeanine Ahlberg felt that Parenting, " gave me a better attitude and different perspective to help me establish how I want to raise my children. " Shana Lamar felt that " Personal Family Living has helped me be more aware of social crises and helped me set realistic goals. " Counter clockwise from top left: Lisa Daughcnbaugh samples her own creation. Cooking can be a messy experience for Cole Cross. Angie Mikesell presses the hem in her pants. Holly Geyer cleans up in the kitchen. Patricia Schwartz lectures to her child development class. 1 TP? " n 1 1 11 97 DECA students excel Two distributive education (DECA) classes provide students with responsible attitudes in salesmanship and management skills, first and third hours. Kyle Black is the coordinator. The DECA Area Conference Tournament was held February 5, where students took tests related to their marketing fields. First place winners were Seniors Rochelle Davis, Bruce Brown, Michelle Dady and Kim Mills. Julie Hildrcth (top right) carefully sacks a customer ' s merchandise at Target on Fleur. Rochelle Davis (center left) cheerfully exchanges merchandise at the courtesy counter at Target. Jill Maldonado (center right) shows that there truly is a helpful smile in every aisle at Hy-Vee on Park Avenue, (lower left) First hour DECA; (lower right) Third hour DECA; (opposite page) Gracy Danca (top left) answers the phone at her office job. Kris Bird. Mona Medina. Terri Spaulding, Tresa Denny and Julie Shaffer (center left) proudly display their awards from individual competitive events at AIB. Marsha Bia nchi (center right) answers one of the many calls to the Lincoln office. CLUBS Of C ANfJMCA DCS MOINES LINCOLN mmcnr 0) » urnir CLUBS Of AMERICA DCS MOINES LINCOLN OEA members gain needed office skills Office Education is a organization that joins students and busineses in the working community. It allows the student to gain actual skills and experiences in an office environment and apply them in a career. In regional competition OEA students ranked high in their fields. Senior Terri Spaulding placed first in Steno II making her eligible to compete in the national confer- ence in Columbus, Ohio. I. L Gracy Danca. (second row) Jan Abarr, Kris Hall, Tern Spaulding, secretary; Laura Knudson, Business classes learn usefull skills The business department enables students to develop career skills in accounting, business law, business math, data processing, clerical typing, consumer business, salesmanship and shorthand. With a variety of choices, the student is able to go into a career field to gain knowledge and skills that can be put to use now and in the future. Clerical practice teaches filing and typing on different kinds of machines and gives students experiences with payroll forms and invoices. Sam Tumea (top) gives a look of suprise as he finishes his accounting. Katja Talsi (right) concentrates on her typing skills. Aaron Cherry (center right) works to make no errors. Jack Whisler (below) balances his leager. Mike Richards (lower right) smiles as he turns to finish another page. J 100 Students improve their techniques In art every student has the opportunity to express himself through good art experiences. Students learn to formulate their ideas, to explore various means for projecting their ideas, and to fulfill the desire in everyone for expression. Many students have their art work exhibited in various shows throughout the year and have won both state and national competition in the Scholastic- Art Contest. Six courses are offered both semesters. Visual Design studies elements and principles of design, composition, layout, and color. Art II Drawing and Painting emphasizes creative techniques in the use of materials, pictorial composition, and color. Art III Drawing and Painting is a continua- tion of Art II. Art IV Individualized Art Study is for students who have been in art every year and would like to continue in a more advanced indi- vidual way. Crafts II deals with textiles, ceramics, wood, and jewelry; Crafts III is a continuation of Crafts II. John Davis. Camillc Campbell. Wendy Zagar. and Jim Cunion (top left) won ribbons and gold keys in the National Scholastic Art Contest. Frankie Fesslcr (left) grins as she gets an idea for her sculpture. Students (lower left) observe closely as Dale McLean shows them a new technique. Alphonso Rios (below) works intently to finish his project. 101 Mona Medina and Mark Mezera (left) show off their eco- nomic abilities in class. Byong Yi (center right) listens intently to the teacher ' s lecture. Gordon Blenderman (lower left) is shocked at just how difficult Blcndernomics is. Mike Gies pleads with Rose Smith (below) to let him answer the next question. Ace Hendricks (opposite page, top left) is stumped on a big question. Hugh Kent and Mike Evans (top right) arc caught draw ing cartoons in class. Robyn Renken. Lisa Moylan. John Kunkel, and Scott Bowers (center) perform a physics experi- ment. Mike Blades and John Reeves (lower right) listen care- fully as Tom Scott explains a chemistry problem. " Quick, put out the fire, here comes Mr. Ewers! " cry David Sufka and Jeff Weeks, (below center) 102 Sciences promote student awareness To meet the academic need of LHS students, eleven science courses are offered. Two semester courses are earth science, biology, physics and chemistry; one semester courses are advanced zoology, botany, conservation and consumer chemistry. More students at LHS are becoming aware of the importance of science in their lives and the science faculty continues to offer the best science program available. The social science department has become more involved with current events and current world news. Required classes are government and econom- ics for seniors, American history for sophomores, and world history for freshmen. Elective courses are psychology, sociology and current issues, available for juniors and seniors, and consumer business classes offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. A special yearly event is the trip to Woodward State Mental Hospital-School for psychology and sociology classes. Rose Smith sets up a model congress for her senior government classes every semester. The students write bills which go through committees just as they do in Congress. 103 Classes in music broaden horizons Musical groups had a very successful year. Students worked hard in music classes perfecting breath support and articulation and learning music. Classes meet once a day. Vocal music includes Varsity Choir, Treble Choir, Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Swing Choir I, Swing Choir II. For instrumental students Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band I, and Jazz Band II are available. Juniors (opposite page, lop) take time out of PE class for a quick break. Volleyball (center left) is a favorite gym activity. Freshmen students (lower left) earn free time in the pool. Dennis Reasoner (lower right) gels ready to take a dip in the pool. Freshmen (center right) run 40-yard dash in track unit of PE. Carrol Bennink (top) expresses the importance of opening your mouth to sing. Concert choir (right) practices music for their next concert. Junior Bob Johnson (lower right) plays an instrument almost his size. Practice makes perfect in band class, (below) 104 Physical education shapes up students All students from grades 9-1 1 are required to take physical education; freshmen everyday; sophomores and juniors two days weekly. Seniors take contract PE. At the end of every nine weeks seniors turn in contracts signed by a parent or sponsor certify- ing that they have participated in some type of physical activity. Adaptive physical education began in 1981 at Lincoln with the PEOPEL program. This program provides physical edu- cation opportunities for students with physical, social and emotional problems and provides the motivation and skills to appreciate and maintain physical fitness throughout their adult life. L I N CO L N ----- 105 Driver Education, Industrial Arts Driver education is the most popular class taken at Lin- coln. Five teachers handle approximately 375 students, divided into three sections: classroom, simulator and car. This course is offered first semester only, since instructors are needed at other schools. Industrial art classes consist of metal and wood shops, drafting, and auto mechanics. The classes have instruction for the beginner, as well as the advanced student. Projects range from students working on their own cars in auto mechanics to drawing blueprints in drafting. (Opposite page) Obeying the 55 m.p.h. speed limit, Kelly Drummond (top) practices perfect driving skills. David Darling (center) checks to see if there is a car in his blind spot. Jeff Bcnn (lower left) shows what happens when you fall asleep at the wheel. Carefully following the driving proce- dures. Kathy Kelcc (lower right) buckles up. Using proper safety equipment. Bob Rhoades (left) drills carefully on a lathe. Jeff Horton (center left) works on a set of plans for an athletic center in Architectural Drafting II. A smiling Rich Blonigan (center right) finishes his project. Ken Stancel shows Steve Ackelson (lower left) how to properly use a shaper in metal shop. Carefully measuring his lines and figures. Mike Kinney (lower right) prepares a layout for a house. 107 Have a problem? Call Peer Helpers Peer helpers is a group of 20 juniors who are trained in listening and communication techniques, and also in developing a positive self image. Lorrie Streyffeler has been the groups ' adviser for seven years. She helps them learn the basic skills of caring and understanding. The group was chosen in December 1985. Next fall the students will work with elementary school children in a type of big brother big sister program. Gina Miller commented, " I ' m really looking forward to the upcoming year and new experiences that peer helpers will provide. Clockwise from top right: Paul Eidbo ' s confused at the task of filling out program cards. Shirley Hurd laughs while trying to pull out Gina Miller ' s hair and David Blaylock looks on in horror. Peer Helpers: (first row) Joel Drake, Paul Eidbo, Heidi Romans, (second row) Pam Schneider, Staci Rufer. Angie Cave, Gina Miller, Nicole Colisomo, Kristi Durban, (third row) Greg McCoy, Travis Burris. Kevin Hoskins, Cheris Gray, Lorrie Streyffeler. (fourth row) Jamie Hawthorne, Russ Kuhn, Shirley Hurd, Teresa Gorsche, Kay Creger, David Keck, David Blaylock. Lorrie Streyffeler smiles a peer facilitat- ing smile. 108 Clockwise from left: Amazed by their intensity. Leigh Lussie can only stare at her compos ' tion class. Diane Weir is overcome by the brilliance of Journal- ism II students. Walter Franz explains that the theo- rems of geometry are easy; it ' s how you prove them that ' s hard. Chuckling as he prepares a zoology test, Hugh Kent exclaims, " You ' re my type! " Aletta Schull works dilligently on her study hall lists. " A large pepperoni and mushroom pizza with extra cheese. Yes-Eugene Clark is the name. " Mr. Young- bower, student teacher for David Ortale. smiles as he convinces the students they are in Basket-weaving II. Judy Griffin remembers now what she was told all through college, " Never put your fingers in your mouth immediately following a lab. " 109 Baseball team earns 2nd place in Metro The baseball team ended their season with a 20-12 record, placing second in the Metro. Pitcher Aaron Cherry and out- fielder Jeff Ogden made first team All-Metro; catcher Mike Cook and second baseman Joe Rand make second team All-Metro. Mike Cook said, " We had a good season, but we will have a better upcoming season, because of the returning players. " " We had a let down in the middle of the season, but I predict that the next season will be good for a trip to the state tournament, " said Jack Whisler. Coach Tom Lee said, " I felt we had a excellent season, especially with the number of underclassmen that played. With the nucleus of players coming back our expectations and goals will be to win the Metro championship and to play in the State tournament. With hard work and leadership, we feel these goals can be accomplished. " 112 Todd Garrington (opposite page, left) prepares to strike out Dowling batter. Third baseman Mike Woo- dard (top right) gets ready to prevent a North-Tech squeeze to home. Captain Tim Hankins (center) con- centrates on another strike-out. No. 30 Joe Gomez (lower right) watches as the pitch unwinds. Catching the ball (left) Jeff Kline gets the out at first. Lincoln players (below) plan strategy. Varsity Baseball: (first row) Jack Whisler, Kurt Prettyman, Joe Gomez, Ivan Schna- Mark Comito. Jeff Kline, (third row) Aaron Cherry, Jeff Ogden. Tim Hankins, Coach thorst, Mike Woodard, (second row) Joe Rand, Pat Kading. Robbie Lloyd. Jay Bendixen Tom Lee, Mike Cook, Todd Roland, Todd Garrington . Girls varsity team wins championship With an impressive 14-0 record, the softball team won the Metro championship and barely missed going to State. They lost to Nevada in the regional tournament. The Railettes were led by catcher Karen Bianchi, shortshop Leslie Myers, designated hitter Angie Arm- strong, and third baseman Deeann Ibrahim, of whom all made first team All-Metro. Pitcher Angie Tamase and first basman Mary Sims made second team All-Metro. Myers said, " We had a great season and with a lot of hard work we accomplished many of our goals. " " Our record was 29-8 and we had five people on All-Metro teams. We had a super season and we ' ll have a strong team next season, " said Coach John Ligouri. V 114 Varsity Softball: (first row) Coach John Ligouri. Karen Bianchi. Angie Tamasi. Lisa Farrington, Penny Coffin. Tracey Fisher, Missy Wilson. Abby Homes. Carolyn Nash. Coach Gary Coper, (second row) Fran Fuson, Mary Sims. Leslie Myers, Amy McNally. DeAnn Ibrahim. Kim Norris. 115 JV Baseball: (first row) James Cronin. Bryan Edwards, Travis Burris. Jeff Allen. Joel Wilson. Gerald Johnson, John Wiezorek. Shaun Mortimer, Don Exline. Drake, Ty Castle, Douglas Raper. (second row) Jamie Schrock, Stacy Hovey, Rick J.v. Baseball Softball BALL STRIKE OUT H-E I- 1 JV Softball: (first row) Tori Soda, Angela Nelson, Kelly Grimes, Melissa Daughen- Scorekeeper: Carline Nash, Angela Skidmore, Teresa Lukehart, Angela Vivonc, Robin baugh, Renee O ' Conncr, Carrie Hon. Crisline Grange. Theresa Gorsche. (second row) Rivas, Dotty Henrichs. Melissa Wilson, Abigail Holmes, Coach: Gary Pardekooper. 116 Soccer players have winning season The varsity team, coached by Tom Cady, finished the season with a 6-6-4 record in the Metro. The team played well throughout the season. Jeff Draper, Frank Holmes, John Herman, Darrin Rippey, all of w hom made second team All-Metro, contributed heavily to the success of the season. The Junior varsity team, coached by Dan Paulson, ended the season with a disappointing 2-14 record. The team is very young and with some experience should improve. It was the first season of soccer play at Lincoln and credit should be given to the players and coaches who got the team off to a respectable start. Soccer should develop it to become one of the most exciting sports at Lincoln. JV Soccer: (first row) Jeff Cruise, Sandy Konchalski. Danny O ' Neel. (third row) Mark Lawless, Ken Rush, Coach Dan Wildcn, Lisa Shelton. Tad Johnson, (second row) Paul May, Paulson. Scott Little, Tony Harvey. Michon Huss, Bruce Brown, Pat Campero, Chris Eddy, Cory Varsity Soccer: (first row) Darin Rippey, Steve Janscn, Jeff Draper, Tony Martin- Hansen. Jeff Weeks. Coach Tom Cady, Dennis Johnston, Matt Ison. John Herman, dale. Juan Noboa. (second row) Byong Yi, Alan Stewart, Frank Holmes, Mark (not pictured) Managers Jackie Keller and Nichole Jennings. L ' Estrange. Javier Ceron. Mark Christensen. (third row) Gabriel Acquino, Alan 117 Melody Knowles (above) runs strong at the Kidys Invitational. Lisa Skidmore (upper right) races to a big win over Dowling and Valley- Dar- rin Rippey (opposite page, right) is cheered on by teammates as he approaches the finish line. John Seals (upper right) takes another breath as he crosses the finish line. 118 Girls Cross Country: Coach Phil Martin. Tiffany Cam- Skidmore. Melody Knowles. Patty Gamble, Cherrie pero. Lisa Hofbauer, Leann Gensh, Staci Cowan, Lisa Thomas. Harriers run well; girls place at State The girls cross country team placed 4th in the Metro and went to State. The boys placed 3rd in the Metro, sending Darrin Rippey to State. At the Augustine Invitational. Harriers Darrin Rippey and Brian Carter placed 3rd and 4th. Rippey also placed 3rd at the Ankeny Invitational and was followed closely behind by Brian Carter who placed 5th. The boys placed 3rd at the Metro meet, while Carter placed 9th and Rippey placed 10th. The girls team won the First Triangular meet. Lisa Skid- more, one of the top runners in Central Iowa and Melody Knowles led the Harriers to a first place victory in the Kidys Invitational. The girls also breezed by S.E. Polk, 74-29. The girls team was selected to enter the State meet and placed 1 1th. Lisa Skidmore placed 1 1th individually in a field of 89 119 Mary Wellinghoff (right) warms up before a game. Varsity team (below) cheers on JV at Dowling. Donna Chiodo Michelle Mit- chell (center) await the serve. Varsity Volleyball: (first row ) Adrianna Carlo. Son Chae. Debbie Rivas, Michelle Mitchell. Mary Wellinghoff. (second row) Laura Brown. Amy Riccio, Coach Bob Corey. Donna Chiodo, Michelle Berkland. Adrianna Carlo (opposite page) concentrates as she makes a serve. Son Chae (lower right) sets up, as Donna Chiodo makes her approach. Michelle Mitchell (lower right) is ready and waiting for the serve. 120 Spikers ' determination earns Metro second The Spikers finished off their season with an impressive 15-6 record, tieing for second in the Metro with Hoover. Making first team All-Metro were Co-captains Donna Chi- odo and Adrianna Carlo; making second team All-Metro was Son Chae; and making honorable mention were Laura Brown. Michelle Mitchelle. and Mary Wellingoff. All these girls deserve special recognition for their outstanding play. At the Regional Volleyball Tournament Lincoln made their way to an exciting third round action, beating North and Grinnell, but losing to eighth-ranked Valley, who lost to Fort Dodge in the finals for State competition. Through the season the team worked together improving steadily, show ing ambi- tion, team effort and toughness. After an exhausting, but rewarding season. Coach Bob Corey commented, " I was very pleased with the season and proud of our performance. I ' m looking forward to next year because we have some fine players returning. " 121 Cridders play well; show improvement A strong JV season started with an impressive win over Valley, beating the Tigers 18-3. They continued their winning streak by beating Hoover 40-0, Ames 27-0, and ending the season with a 22-20 victory over Ankeny. Coach Cecil Rhoads called all games very dedicated efforts, with many players showing improvement. The sophomore season started slowly with five straight losses, but ended with three victories. The Gridders showed improvement over their freshmen skills, which was one of their goals. At the freshman level, the team showed promise for future years. They won their first three games but dropped their last five. The team showed a lot of potential and a number of players played exceptionally well: Jason Cooper, Jamie DeAngelo. Matt Geyer, Tyler Hankins, Andy Porter, David Smith, and Travis Tepfer. Dcundra Germany (upper right) runs for another first down against Valley. Jay Bendixen and Bob Wright (lower right) wrestle a Valley player to the ground. ■ ■ ■ ■ " " " " W- " — " - JV Football: (first row) Mark Fargo, Jeff Sherman, Scott O ' Neal, Jamie Marlow, Bill Lapham, Mike Clausson, Mike Roberts. Mark Jacobs, (second row) Jeff Benn. Chris Delury. Mike Gies, Scott James. Terry Riccelli, Stacey Hovey, Bob Peterson, (third row) Harold Martin, Tim Clark. Doug Thompson. Brian Buchanan. Rich Bloni- mm gan, Scott Jones, Richie Galvan, Noel Birdicho, Mike Parker, (fourth row) Ty Castle,- David Jackson. John Poortinga, Jeff Horton, Kevin Moore. Kevin Hoskins, Rusty Bishop. Mike Boot, (not pictured) John Herman. Jay Bendixen. Deundra Germany. 122 Sophomore Football: (first row) Jason Marquardt. Jason Herman, Gary Gioffredi. George Ashman. Brad Ditimar. Craig Bindrum. Brute Johanson, Mike Reid. (second row) Gary Tesdcll. Darin Dueling. Tim Cone, Ace Hendricks, Dave Pulliam. Mike McCleary, Ted Bolten. (third row) Coach Ace Hendricks. Paul Romine. Sean Angus. Steve Dillard. F.ric Ingvall. Jeff Nelson, Jeff Fredrick. Coach Hugh Drake, (fourth row ) Brian McVey. Brad Fuller. Eric Bergis, Lester Leslie, Joe Miller. Barry Mussman. (fifth row) Joel Schutte. Brian Berry. Jeff Snyder. Eric Methffessel. Chad Cornwall. Scott Tigner. Jeff Wambold. (sixth row ) Christ Kelly. Joel VanDer Werff. Troy Thacker, Brad Pippett, Malt Speck. Bryant Egcnberger. Clarence Con. Bill Bingaman. Steve Hews. Randy Biandi. Coach Bobby Ingval. j Freshman Football: (first row) Darin Ferguson. David Woolman. Paul Halter. Adam Miller. Travis Tepfor, Fred Hale, Jason Grubb, Mike Rowan, Jim Corigliano. Tom Spaulding, Dean Hennessey, (second row) Troy Brown. Juagin Benefiel. Andy Porter, Todd Poortinga. Chang Chae, Wray Halterman, Josh Stoffel. Clint Ball. Andy Warren, Rob Blonigan. Curtis Smith, (third row ) Coach Larry Johnson, Rob Rissman, Everett Hogue. Troy Marlow. Seth Else, Jay Castle, Jason Cooper, Mark Cody. Grant Parnell. Doug Pagel. Aaron Kephart. Rich Kelley, Head Coach Kyle Black, (fourth row) Greg Medina. Casey Leonard. Chris Bolten. Dave Smith. Gene Parker. Danny Nisser, Malt Geyer. Lc Cam. Todd Claussen. Matt Sanford. Shawn 0 " Neil. Bruce Peterson, Mgr. Chris Fedson. (fifth row ) Chris Guslafson. Art Nelson, Todd Cox, Jace Franscen, John Kline. Tayler Hankins. Art Clayton. Greg Worthington. Brian Baker. Jamie DeAngelo. 123 Season ends strong ■ Cridders take second The Rails opened up the season with an impressive 23-6 win over Marshalltown. Turnovers proved to be a factor in the game, as the Bobcats turned over the ball seven times. Offense was the show at East, as Jeff Odgen teamed up with receiver Pete Else and Scott Collier to roll up over 350 offen- sive yards and dominate East, 27-7. In the upset of the season, the Rails demolished second- ranked Valley, 26-7, and continued their winning streak by beating Ames, 14-7. The Homecoming game proved to be no easy contest, as the Rails narrowly escaped Hoover, 26-24. The Rails first defeat came at Roosevelt, 10-8. The Railsplitters got back on the right track by beating the North-Tech, Polar Bears 30-12. Tied for first in the Metro, the Rails fell to the hands of Dowling by a score of 26-24. The game was for the Metro title and a playoff berth. The Rails ended the season with a win over Newton, 21-17. Varsity Football Team: (first row) Stacey Hovey, Brian Buckanan. Doug Johanson, Mike Roberts. Brian Jones, Terry Riccelli, Job Cooper. Richie Galvin. Jeff Allen, Scott James. Harold Martin. Travis Burris. (second row) Mark Fargo, Rich Blonigan. Chris Delurv, Bob Kellogg. Mike Parker, Jack Whisler, Joseph Vivone. Deandre Germany. Mike Claussan. Mike Gies. Mike Zeller. Kevin Hoskins, Jeff Sherman, (third row) Manager Troy Ackelson, Tony Beck, Russ Tomlinson, Doug Thompson. Scott O ' Neil, Assistant Coach Ray Lipovac. Coach Cecil Rhoades. Assistant Coach Roger Hart, Assistant Coach Ted Leverenz, Dave Gilbert, Pat Daughcnbaugh, Jay Bendixen. Pete Else, Manager Chris Waltz, (fourth row) Jamie Marlow, Bill Lapham, Rusty Bishop. John Adams, Bob Peterson, Jeff Bcnn, Noel Berdicko, Randy Annett, Jeff Kline, Mike Cook, Rick Hendrix, (fifth row) Bobby Wright. Mark Jacobs, Mike Johnson, Jeff Horton, Todd Garrington, Tony Harvey, Ty Castle, John Poortinga. Tim Clark, Kevin Moore, (sixth row) John Herman. Scott Collier, Mark Pippett. Aaron Cherry. Eric Hohler, David Jackson, Mike Boot, Todd Roland, Jeff Ogden. 124 125 Cecil Rhoads retires at end of 7-2 season Coach Cecil Rhoads retired from 12 years of coaching with a winning 7-2 season and Metro second. Rhoads, who coached a total of 35 years, was carried off the field on his players ' shoulders follow- ing the last game of the season, a win against Newton. In a ceremony before the Newton game, Athletic Director Lowell Reed presented Rhoads with a plaque. Over his 12 year coaching span at Lincoln, Rhoads coached five All State players, 4 1 Metro selections and was chosen Central Iowa Coach of the year in 1976 and 1985. The 1985 season sent Mark Pippett to 1st Team All-State, with Tony Beck and Jeff Ogden All-State Special Mention and John Adams Honorable Mention. Mark Pippett (lop) breaks through blockers to get to the ball. Russ Tomlinson (below) races for the loose ball after Doug Johanson jolts a Valley player. Jay Bendixcn (center) concentrates in an intense game. Todd Roland (lower right) sprints for the end zone, while the offensive line blocks. »t4 F i 126 Joseph Vivone (top Left) watches attentively as the offense moves the ball. Russ Tomlinson (lower left) comes off the field relieved after a great play. The spirit of Lincoln (top right) shows through as the team does the " High- Five. " John Herman and Mike Parker (right) show that Lincoln is No. I at the Marshalltow n game. 127 Girls swim strong; Spidle leads team The girls swim team had a very rewarding and success- ful year. At the Urbandale Invitational, Sophomore Karen Spidle took first in the 50 freestyle and in the 1 00 butterfly. Karen broke a school record of 26.2 made by Elly John- ston, with a time of 26.14 in the 50 freestyle. Other swimmers also proved their strength. At their meet at East, October 15, Amber Wegner took first in the 50 freestyle and in the 100 back stroke. Debbie Clark took first in the breaststroke. Karen Spidle continued to do well, taking first in the 100 and 200 freestyle, individual medley and butterfly. Coach Dan Paulson said the team was very young and that instead of trying to win meets they tried to build up confidence for the future. a. A. X A ♦♦♦ 60 Coach Dan Paulson (top right) talks it over with the girls. Jane Harmon (above) appears to be in a strong second place. The team members (right center) relax after the race. The team (lower right) looks tired, as they wait for meet results. 0 3 0 128 Varsity Swimming: (first row) Terri Weishaar, Michele Aller, Christi Harless, Kelly Black, Valerie Kaczmarck, Lisa Volden, Rence Wessels, Stacie Lilly, (second row) Marci Kesselring, Karen Spidle, Shelley Hutchinson, Co-captain Julie Shafer, Charice Long, Mindi Wood, Michelle Allen, (third row) Assistant Coach Sarah Rankel, Jan Herman. Amy DeKcyzer, Susan Spidle. Manager Amanda Cowen. Amber Wegner, Kim Tweedy. Debi Bishop. Coach Dan Paulson. (Not pictured Co-captain Debbie Clark. Angie Gilmer, and Karrie Sacks). 129 Swim team lives up to high expectations The boys swim team had a very profitable year with a record of 4-6. The Tankers, led by Coach Tom Cady and assistant Coach Dan Paulson, placed sixth out of nine teams at the Metro Conference. At the district meet the Tankers took fifth place, and several individuals finished in the top twelve in their events. The 4x12 relay team came in third and qualified for state. The relay team consisted of Seniors Eddy Johnston and David Gilbert and Juniors Wade Marquis and Pete Beck. David Gilbert said, " We were really proud of our perfor- mance at State. " Coach Tom Cady said, " Seniors David Gil- bert, Eddy Johnston, Matt Meline, Jeff Monscour, and Jeff Strong will be missed, but there are 30 eager and talented underclassmen returning. The swim team lived up to their expectations and had a very successful season in spite of their 4-6 record. " Boys Swimming: (first row) Jeff Monsour, Eddy Johnston, Malt Meline, Dave Gilbert. Jeff Strong (second row) Shawn O ' Neal, Ted Karnes, Bob Straton, Chris Perez, Ethan Johnston. Brian Lumbard, Jeff Roth. John Hart (third row) Coach Tom Cady, Andy Warren. Matt Steele, Arick Gray, John Perry. Lance Donaldson, John Seals, Travis Denny, Coach Dan Paulson (fourth row) Shirlie Day, Debbie Bishop. Ron Lewis, Andy Fisher, Rob Andrews, Doug Thompson, Mike Edwards, Carl Thomas, Chris Ball, Wade Marquis, Pete Beck, Danielle Dey, Chance Long. 130 Eddy Johnston (opposite page) stretches into the final lap. Wade Marquis (center) shows his form during the relay. Eddy Johnston (top left) wails for the sound of the gun. Lance Donaldson (left) shows his diving abilities. Seniors David Gilbert. Jeff Strong, Jeff Monscour, and Matt Mcline (center left) wait to receive congratulations from Coach Tom Cady. Matt Meline (below) waits to talk to Coach Tom Cady. Butterflycr John Perry (lower left) approaches the finish. David Gilbert (lower right) is a member of the freestyle team that went to state. 131 Girls Varsity Basketball: (kneeling) DeAnn Ibrahim. Lori Bonano. Leslie Myers, Tracy Chapman, (standing) Assistant coaches Bob Corey, and Kyle Black, Carrie Railettes take second in Metro title race In their first year playing five on five, the girls varsity basketball team finished in a tie with Hoover for second, with a compiled record of 11-3 in Metro and 15-7 overall. All losses were to rated teams, four of them to Valley. The Railettes were led by first team all Metro senior Penny Coffin and Sophomore Missy Baker. Coffin averaged 16.5 points, while Baker averaged 15 points. Senior Lisa Wing was a second team Metro pick while, her tough defense made other teams commit many turnovers. Coach Jerry Schartner commented, " We had a very suc- cessful year and have built a strong foundation for years to come. " Clark, Dotty Henrichs, Lisa Wing, Missy Baker, Penny Coffin, Theresa Lukhart, Missy Daughenbaugh, Chris Waltz, Head coach Jerry Schartner 132 Girls JV Basketball: Jennifer Roc. Teresa Lukehart. Rachel Foland, Dotty Henrichs. Tracy Chapman. JV Girls Boys Basketball Boys JV Basketball: (first row) Coach Ted Leverenz, Joel Drake, Chris Lawless. Jerry Fees, (second row) David Keck, Chris Flatt. Kelly Parisho. Tyler Roach. 135 Girls Freshman Basketball: (first row) Billic Dyer. Lisa Gordon. Missy Clark. Kristin Kcllie Williams, Staci Cowan, Chris Byars. Liz Potts. Karyn Reichert, Coach Phil Levengood. Julie Wallace. Kim Elements. Karen Stocker (second row ) Shaw Angus. Martin. Freshman Sophomore Girls Basketball Girls Sophomore Basketball: (first row) Bobbi German, Jenny Roc, Dameda Fin- Otis, Vanessa Bower. Raquel Foland. Cindy Davis, Jenny Beck, Teresa Lukchart. ney. Renee O ' Conner (second row) Coach Kyle Black. Missy Daughenbaugh, Rachelle Coach Bob Corey. 136 Boys Freshman Basketball: (first row) Phil Gale. Paul Halter. Scott Murphy, Chris Hershberg (second row) La Cam. Jamie DeAngelo. Brian Connett. Jeff Davis, John Fering. Josh Stoffcl. Tyler Hankins. Matt Geyer. Travis Tcpher, Tim Bowcn. Jeff Kline. Neil Robison. Brian Searcy. Mike Chantlcr. Coach Dave Bennett. Freshman Sophomore Boys Basketball Boys Sophomore Boys Basketball: (first row) Willie McCarrell. Greg Ickowitz, Greg Twelmeyer. Brent Robinson. Brad Pippett. Coach Bob Fontana. Phil Chia. Todd Miler. Howard. Brad Dittmar. Chris Dow (second row) Troy Daniels. Jason Marquardt. Dan Aaron Kneile. Joel Vanderwerff, Brian Gentry. 137 Seniors close out successful careers The varsity basketball team had an up and down season with a record of 12-7. Coach Tom Lee felt that their best game was against Dowling. Bob Johnson led the Rails with an average of 25 points and 10 rebounds per game. Eight seniors who contributed to the team were Jay Bendixen, Scott Collier, Jerry Fees, David Jackson, Jeff Ogden, Kelly Parisho, Mark Pippett, and Jeff Waterman. Coach Lee said, " This was one of the most disap- pointing seasons that I ' ve experienced in the 15 years I ' ve been coaching. Depending on our mental attitude, we were capable of either being one of the best teams in the state, or of getting beaten by the worst team in the state. " Boys Varsity Basketball: (first row) Jay Bendixen, Jon Satre, Joel Drake, Scott Collier. Fees, Chris Rati, David Jackson, Jeff Waterman. Robert Johnson, Mark Pippett Tyler Gerald Johnson, Jeff Ogden, Chns Lawless (second row) Coach Ted Leverenz, Jerry Roach, David Keck, Kelly Parisho, Coach Tom Lee. 138 140 Gymnasts combine with East for year The gymnastics team coached by Joyce Vickroy was combined with East this year. Representing Lincoln this year were Freshmen Jody Trullinger and Christy Har- less, Sophomores Carrie Meline and Chris Adams, and Senior Denise Shoup. The girls improved their skills and achieved higher scores this year than in the past. Carrie Meline commented, " It was a good experience and we ' re glad we gave it a try at East. There wasn ' t as much school support for the Lincoln girls but we had some great times and we met some friends that we ' ll never forget. " ' M bBBI Carrie Meline (left) shows her ability on the balance beam. Gymnastics: (first row) Rhonda Allison, Carrie Meline, Cathy Murray, Christy Harless Michaele Gallagher. Jeff Shepard, Coach Joyce Vickroy, Tim Stroll, Jody Trullinger (not (second row) Chrissa Nester, Denise Shoup, Barb Weiland, Chris Adams (third row) pictured) Susan Carlson, Jenny Burns. Tammy Pulley. 141 Matmen gain respect; put forth great effort The wrestling campaign did not fare well for new head wrestling coach Mike McGivern. The Grapplers lone victory of the season came against North-Tech. The squad was very young and unexperienced but learned a lot of new techniques and gained respect from their opponents. One bright spot for the Grapplers was Mike Monahan who compiled an impressive record of 23-6, placing either first or second in every regular season tournament. At the district meet, Mike placed second giving him a berth in the State Wrestling Meet. But things didn ' t go well, as Mike was beaten in the first round by a wrestler from Fort Madison. LINCOLN Varsity Wrestling: (first row) Jimmy Hawk, Mike Dickhoff, Craig Prettyman, Tom Tina Carlino, Charlie Little, Brian Berry, Brian Ladd, Steve Dillard, Curt Prettyman. Spaulding, Jason Moural, Bob Moural (second row) Melissa Hawk, Cory Gatzke, Jay Brian Law, George Ashman, Tony Harvey, Gary Loux, Marne beck (not pictured) Ted Castle. Jerrv Dunham, John Wilson, Mark Sterns, Bob Pryor, Tish Cregar (third row) Hill and Mike Monahan. 142 JV Wrestling: (first row) Gery Gensch, Danny Butrick, Ken Ray, Derek Quijano, McCarthy, Mike Rowan, Sam Morrow (third row) Melissa Hawk, Jim Freel, Chris Sims, Adam Miller, (second row) Rob Blonigan, T.J. Sloan, Fred Klinge, Charles White, Kevin Troy Brown, Lance Armel, Tony Jarschow, Jim Grier, Todd Cox, Tina Carlino. Track teams show competitive abilities The girls track team had only six returning seniors and nine other members from last years squad. After getting off to a slow start, the girls improved as the season progressed and came away with many victories. Senior Lisa Skidmore broke the school record in the 800 meter run during the second meet of the season. Junior Shirley Hurd commented, " We have a very young team which gives us time for improvement, but over all the team had a good season. " The boys track team completed a successful indoor season which showed in the meet at Lamoni. After strenuous practicing throughout the month of March, the team began their outdoor season with a meet April 4 in Marshalltown. The team competed at the Jim Zabel Urbandale Relays, Hoover Invitational, Urbandale Invitational, Ames Invitational, Ankeny Relays, Valley Relays, and also the Drake Relays. " This year ' s team is talented, hard working, and determined., commented Jeff Kelly. " We ' re a tough team to beat. " Long distance runner, Lisa Skidmore (right) practices indoors on a rainy day. Girls Track: (first row) Tammy Warren, Shirley Day, Amy Marshall, Carrie Sacks, Michelle McGriff. Tara Tickle. Julie Wellinghoff, Lisa Vivone, Kristen Debord, Cheri Johnston, Shalonda Butts. Tiffany Campero (second row) April Towman, Jill Johnson. Tammy Nabola. Paige Corrigan. Mindy Wood, Abbie Holmes, Danyell Beam. Julie Cherry, Lori Blaylock, Tracy Whistler, Amy Davis, Billie Dyer, Kcely Eganberger. Alvira Flores (third row) Manager Michel Deshong, Lori Nelson, Dee Long, Julie White. Tracey Starjon, Carmen Harachcta, Tina Costellano, Cheryl Cropp. Karen Spidle. LeAnn Gench, LaSundria Germany, Debbie McCloney, Stacy Cowan, Cathy Sonncn- burg, Wendy Wilson, Tracy Hendricks (fourth row) Liz Potts, Dona Chiodo, Lisa Skidmore, Mary Wellinghoff, Vicki Constant, Kristina Hartman, Cindy Davis, Gina Adamson, Jena Adamson, Lei Freed, Beth Fritz. 144 The boys ' team (below) streches out before they run. Bryan Edwards (left) jogs around the track. Boys Track: (first row) Jeff Ogden, Rich Blaylock, Darren Rippey, Bryan Edwards, Tony Martindale, Rob Worthington, Tim George, and Todd Anderson, (second row) Pat Nelson, Jeff Kelly, Man Cason, Kevin Moore, Kelly Parisho, Todd Roland, Todd Gar- rington, Mike Zeller, Eric Pack, Bill Lapham. Mark Fargo, and Greg Leaper. (third row) Jeff Lylc, Bruce Peterson, Chad Lundy, Chad Terry, Chris Fering, John Kline, Doug Johanson, Travis Burris, David Keck, Tyler Hankins, Chris Flatt, and Bruce Johanson. (fourth row) Rob Nicholls, Clint Ball, Rob Carlson, Rob Taylor, Casey Leonard, Mark Cody, Tim Bowcn, Chang Chae, Jeff Nelson, Gary Tesdale, and Chris Dehiry. (fifth row) Tom May, Jeff Klug, Brad Davidson, Donnie Brown, John Loutte, Bill Poortinga, Chad Kissel, John Clark, Sean Angus, and Tim Cone, (sixth row) Garrett Steele, Larry Lof- fredo, Danny Prince, Karl Seimers, Dave Gardener, Jeff Benn, Eric Inguall. and Steve Hurd. (seventh row) Joel Vanderwerf, Mike McCleary, Jame DeAngelo, Ted Bolter, Pete Greco, and Todd Cox. (eighth row) Brad Pippett, Mark Pippctt, Rick Livingston. Dean Hennesy. Bill Searcy, Mike Johnson, Todd Francisco, Cory Gatike and Pat Cam- pero. (ninth row) Jason Grubb, Carl Thomas, Tim Rush, George Ashman, Joel Schutte, Brian Berry, Jeff Nelson, Jeff Wamold, and Steve Scott. 145 Boys Tennis: (first row) Coach John Van Why, Dave Smith, David Grout, David Rick Studins, Chris Guzcwich, Peter Else, Peter Susie, Paul Eidbo, Matt Mcline, Aaron Hibbs, Les Leslie, Craig Carpenter, Bill Spears, Chris Perez, Jason Swindler (second row) Wolle, Seth Else, Brad Smith. Tennis teams match up for great season The combination of returning letterwinners and devoted players gave the girls ' team their competitive edge this season. Nine letterwinners returned for the girls. The boys ' letterwinners and new talent gave way to the successful season. Coach John Van Why felt that the sea- son needed lots of leadership from senior letterwinners for a team dominated by freshmen and sophomores. Their successful season depended on how fast freshmen and sophomores moved up on the varsity level. Both tennis teams hit off the seaon with matches against Newton in April. Son Chae (lop left) shows good back hand form. Carrie Holmes (left) follows through after hitting a perfect forehand. Girls ' Tennis Team: (first row) Nichole Graziano. Laura Hanson, Tracy Chapman, Parsons, Kathy Murfin. Jean Long, Michelle Hillman, Sarah Thoermer, Kristi Davis Son Chae, Brooke Reichenbauker, Cindy Wilts (second row) Trisha Zarley. Dawn (manager). Coach John Van Why. 147 Boys Golf: (first row) Alan Surbaugh, Joe Vivone, Dan Parks, Brad Helmuth (second row) Brad Essman, Steve Thompson, Gary Karnes, Richard Riewer, Paul Hiscocks, Chris Power, Charles Massey, Bob Burnett, Ted Karnes, Sam Evans, Chris Johnson (third row) Andy Warren, Dan Twelmeyer, Bryan Law, Jeff Horton, Job Cooper, Scott Collier, E.J. Spitzer, Tim Garland, Rick Brown, Tim Glick, Ike Smong, Doug Keller. Mike Nipper. Jason Marquardt, Jeff Rogers, John Perry, Jeff Heeberg (not pictured) Mike Gies. Girls Golf: (first row) Shirley Hurd, Lorrie Daugherty, Danielle Fuson. (second row) Baker, Mary Wycoff, Carrie Craig, Michacle Helmuth. Julie Sehnoor. Shelly Bevins. (not Carlin White, Stacie Lilly, Thersa Gorsche, Beth Cosner, Laura Brodie. (third row) Missy pictured) Seung Chac. Shelly Pittman. Boys, girls golfers swing for success The boys ' golf team was strongly supported by three returning lettcrwinners. Captain Dan Parks, Joe Vivone and Alan Surbaugh. Jeff Horton and Brad Helmuth also returned from last year to the varsity team. Many others were new to the varsity team. The girls ' golf team had only two returners, both letterwinners, Michaele Helmuth and Carrie Craig. The teams, alongside Coaches Don Ceynar and Jerry Schartner (boys ' and girls ' respectively) practiced daily, except meet days and weekends at Willow Creek Golf Course and driving range. The teams competed in various meets in the Metro, such as the Dowling, Ames, Ram and Urbandale Invi- tational and the Valley Classic, along with the regular meets at Willow Creek. Captain Dan Parks said, " Most of the team was young and inexperienced, but they were very willing to work hard and improve themselves. Improvement was seen day after day. " Leslie Abbis Chad Adamson Jeana Adamson Dena Aguiniga Eric Arkcrman Linda Alarcon Lori Aldini Michelle Aller Tammy Aller Yvelte Allsup Eric Anderson Shelby Anderson Chrisly Andreano Damon Andrew Melissa Angus Cathy Annett Brian Arpy Leon Atchison Brian Baker Ronald Balducki Kathy Bales Shaw n Bales Clint Ball Troy Barnes Steve Barton Mark Bashol Danielle Beam Marne Beck Ron Beeman Laurie Beerbower Troy Bender Angie Bcndixon Carmen Benefiel Joaquin Benefiel Jenny Benge Ten Miller concentrates on her limed typing. 152 Craig Bennett A m fl . A It « N Valeria Bennett ' A jf l - k A m A Deanna Bcrtrand p n p f ' r 9T N Pl s A F Diana Bertran ° 153 Jennifer Cage Gerald Calibiuri La Cam Melissa Campero Charles Canty Lisa Canty W illiam Casner Christine Cariglino Anthony Carlo John Carr Robert Carlson Tina Castellano Jay Castle Tom Cavanaugh Darcy Cero Tina Cerralon Chang Chac Mike Chantler Tamara Cheslnurt Lewis Chlebek Chen Chrislensen Michelle Chumbley Jennifer Chumbley Debbie Cipale Missy Clark Wayne Clausen Todd Clausen Arthur Clayton Kim Clements Mark Cody Michelle Collier Deonne Collins Shawna Comer April Conn Brian Connett Freshmen relax in Mrs. Wier ' s homeroom. 154 Bryan Dullard Raleigh Dunston Samantha Dutter Billie Dyer Karissa Eberle Kristina Eberle Teanna E dwards Keely Egenberger Kelly Egenberger Patricia Egenberger Dorinda Ellcr LeAnn Ellwanger Seth Else Joseph Esterman Jeremy Evans Robert Farrar Tina Fazio Christopher Fedson Tony Felice Angie Ferguson Darin Ferguson Chris Fering Norman Fessler Elizabeth Filter Alvera Flores Michael Floyd Lolita Fonza Mark Formaro Ronald Foronata Debbie Forst Jace Fransen Lei Freed Lynne Freed Jody Friend Melissa Friend Brad Dav idson shows he ' s in charge of the class. 156 Merianne Fucalaro Garry Fuller Amy Gale Phillip Gale Debbie Gamble David Gardner Gary Garland James Garlon Victoria Gass Jennifer Gathercolc Gary Gensch Bobbie German Matt Geyer Elizabeth Gilbert Shane Gilliam Angie Gilmer Bryan Glover Dianne Glover Maria Gomez Lisa Gordon Ken Graeve Arick Gray Peter Greco Kevin Green Linda Green Mike Greenwood Jim Grier Lincoln Grimes Tony Gross Scott Grove Julie Gruber Jason Grubb Chris Gustafson Mike Guthrie Paula Gutuskic Fred Hale Paul Halter Wray Hallerman Stacy Hamilton Tyler Hankins Bobhi Hanson Tom Hanson Christina Harless Jan Harmon Amber Harpster Heather Harpster Bonnie Harrison Holly Harrison John Hart David Hartman Kristina Hartman Ron Hartman Marty Haus Melissa Hawk Jenny Hayes Dan Hedstrand Candy Heimbaugh Vanessa Henderson Tammy Hendricks Dean Hcnnesy Jamie Henning Lisa Hensley Matt Hensley Jeff Her berg Matt Hickman Clint Highland Shannon Hileman Mike Hill Sandra Hinojosa Event Hogue Liesl Hohenshell Monte Holm Samantha Holmes Denise Holtman Teresa Hon Billy Hook Jeff Huffman Billie Hufford Artie Hunt Chad Hutchinson Mindy Hutchinson Ralph Hutchinson James Isobaker Shelley Jackson Sarah Jacobsen Cindy James Ronnie James Randy James Eric Joachims Kelli Johannesen Britt Johnson Chris Johnson Jeff Johnson Lorrie Johnson Sean Johnson Steve Johnson Ethan Johnston Sherry Johnston Fred Jones Jeff Jones Jennifer Jones Michelle Jones Missy Jones Tracy Jones Jeff Jorgansen Jim Kaloides Ted Karnes Richard Kelley Aaron Kephart Kalhi Kerr Marci Kesselring Chantel Kiene 158 Larry Kinney John Kline Fred Klinge Jeff Klug Nikole Knight Francis Knode Karen Ko ak Brad Krahl Jeremy Krinn Michael Krugler Alan Kuehl Jane Lainson Jacquie Lair Brian Lambert Melissa Lampman Michelle Last Scott Lawrence Shannon Leahy Kristin Leavengood Sherri Legg Julie Lieb Rodney Lemke Lane Lenz Casey Leonard Mark Lepson Donna Lewis Scott Lewis Stacie Lilly Tammy Little John Livingston Stacey Locke Arvana Locke Larry Loffredo Benjamin Long Betty Long Chance Long Traci Longcor Pamourine Lovan Nicole Lucia Brian l.umbard Gon alo Luna Chad Lundy John Marasco Thmes Marinaro Troy Marlow Margo Martin Sherry Maxell Grace Maxon Philip May Thomas May Raymond Mays Erica Mazza Chad McBride Candy McBroom Kevin McCarthy Shane McCarty Misty McCaughey Debbie McCloney Christey McCollough Karmi McConnell Johnny McDaniel Kellie McDougal Lisa McGehee Bryan McGriff Bonnie McNew Jodie McWilliams Greg Medina Mara Meisterburg Michelle Messier Jeff Meyers Adam Miller Amy Miller Brad Miller Corinna Miller Larry Miller Teri Miller Robbie Milligan Traci Millsap Richard Mischel Denice Mitchell Julie Mohler Lori Moore Stefanie Morano David Morawski Sam Morrow Bob MouraJ Danny Mouzakis Mindy Mulvihill Katie Munsinger Allen Munyon John Munyonberg Is Ethan Johnston able to sleep and work at the same time? Jim Thoemer concentrates on his assignment. 160 Eldon Munyon Pamela Munyon Scott Murphy Raymond Murray Heidi Myers Rachcllc Myers Shannon Neely Pat Nelson Steven Nelson Brett Newell Nancy Newell Mike Nipper Danny Nisser Rachelle Nixon Elsa Noboa Kelly Norris Stephanie Nuckolls Tad 0 Conner David O ' Donnell Tracey Oliver Shawn O ' Neal Tammy Onstank Donna Overton Doug Pagel Chi Hvi Pak Joe Palladino Gene Parker Grant Parnell Chris Perez Dwana Peasley Rosemary Perez Bruce Peterson Glenda Phillips Robbie Phipps Victor Picciurro Emiliy Pinter Angela Poison Todd Poortinga Bill Poortinga Andy Porter Dawn Porter Deanne Post Liz Potts Norma Pratt Shannon Pratt Stacy Prenosil Annette Presley Daniel Prince Mike Prusia Jacki Purdy Robert Putney Derek Quijano Richard Quirk Sandra Raleigh Tina Ramirez Ana Ramos Karena Randolph Amy Rankin Jerry Rasmussen Ken Ray Martin Raymond Dennis Reasoner Yvonne Rebhuhn Tony Resser Shelby Reeves Karyn Reichert Scott Remington Lucy Ren Marcy Rhoads Suzie Rhode Steve Richards Stacie Richmond Kim Rincon Arthur Rios Rob Rissman Jose Rivera Jean Rivenaestrella R.J. Roach Loucinda Roberts Neal Robinson Jason Robuck Ramona Rodnquez Jennifer Roe Jody Roland Jeremy Rose Jeff Roth Mike Rowan Dan Rowe Phil Rowe Rich Rudolf Trent Rudot Carmen McKonnel and F.lsa Noboa enjoy the class discussion. 162 Allison Runner Malt Rush Paula Rushton Karric Sacks Keltic Saf Jennifer Saitla Sonya Salmon Scott Saltzman Denise Sanders Dianna Sanders Missy Sater K ai Li Saville Kanlagnany Sayasane Janet Sellers Bill Searcy Bryan Searcy Matt Sanford Manorat Saphongxay Allyssa Scigliano Julie Schnoor Paul Schilling Tim Senger Tracey Severeid John Seymore Richard Shannon Tom Sherman Chris Shipman Kyn Siffer Chris Sims Stacey Simms Karl Sremers Stacey Sieres Robert Sloan Amanda Smidt Brad Smith Curtis Smith David Smith Kelly Smith Lisa Smith Sheila Smith Carrie Soroka Tom Spaulding Lorie Sparks Scott Spurgeon Lori Stafford Jennifer Stark Larry Starner Mike Starr Garrett Steele Matt Steele Nick Stettes Melissa Stevens Joe Stevens Noelle Steward Betty Jo Stewart Kim Stewart Jeff Stinson Kristin Slites Karen Stocker Josh Stoffel Robin Slonehocker Tracie Storjohann Karmen Stougard Brian Struve Lodene Sublet! Jackie Sumpter Jim Sumpter Jim Swails Allison Tallant Rob Tayler Rod Taylor Tom Templeton Travis Tepfer Chad Terrell Chad Terry Sean Teshe Brant Tesky Jennifer Thomason Ricky Thompson Steve Thompson Troy Thompson Tara Tickle Jim Treanor John Trevillyan Wanda Trogdon Jeannie Truit Jody Trielleiiger Bill Tucker Angie Tudor Darrin Tuttle Eric Tyer Tom Tyler Tyler Tyson Chuck Utter Madaline Utlcy David VanArkle Jason Vanderwaal Ann Vangorp Scott Verhuel Fun Visonnavong Lisa Vivone Lisa Volden David Voshell Shane Voshell Laurie Walker Ronnie Walker Julie Wallace Kristie Wallace Marcie Walsh Stephanie Walter 164 A AH Amy Ward Paula Warden Dina Warn George Warren Tammy Warren Gene Washington Loren Weber Kyle Webb Mike Weckman Amber Wegner Terri Weisshaar Kristie Welch Julie Wellinghoff Carol Wessel Danny Wessel I Roger Wesl William Wesl Tracy Whisler Arika White Carlin White Jennifer White Brian Whilham Erick Willett Kellie Williams Rob Williams Steve Williams Julie Wilson Becky Wing Corrie Winn Jason Winpler Warren Winter Tracy Witmer Howard Wolf Christal Wollesen John Wood Laura Wood Marsha Wood Michelle Wood Scott Woodruff David Woolman Greg Worthington Jeff Wright Shannon Wright Tia Wright Cathy Young Jessica Zika Pamela Zlotnik Tamy Zuck Jennifer Zylstra Daryl Achey Steve Ackelson Chris Adams Carrie Ahlberg Dave Albaugh Jeff Allen Michael Allen Michelle Allen Michelle Allen Brian Aller Michelle Allison Angel Alvarez Terri Anderson Gina Andreano Robert Andrews Sean Angus Lance Armel Debbie Armstrong Jim Armstrong Matt Arndt George Ashman Kim Atwood Angie Avila Nicole Ayres Mekhine Baccam Heidi Backstrom Charley Bagbey Steve Bainter Jennifer Bair Greg Baird Matt Baker Missy Baker Todd Bales Malinda Ballard l.ouie Baratta Rhonda Lilly stretches her imagination as she prepares her journal in speech. 166 John Barker Trisha Barnhart Bryan Barr Marie Bason Carrie Bates Brad Beadle Jennv Beck Lyte Bedford Donna Beeman Tera Belinskv Cindy Bell Jeff Benge Tammy Berger Eric Bergis Kenna Berkemann Michelle Berkland Brian Berrv Karl Berry Rachelle Biggs Craig Bindrum Bill Bingaman Randy Biondi Kris Bird Michelle Blevins Nicki Blount Ted Bolten Debbie Boozcll Bilh Jo Borkgren Julie Bower Michelle Bowlin Mary Bowman Lisa Braack Tami Breckenndge Tom Brcese Jennifer Brennan Chris Brindley Mike Brockman Laura Brodie Chad Brookharl Dana Brooks Angela Brown Danm Brown Denny Brown Richard Brown Andrea Bryson Tina Buck Charlotte Budgell Chris Burkhardt Sarah Burks Tracey Burks Diana Burt Shlonda Butts Alex Cahill Brian Callahan Camille Campbell Mike Campbell Ruben Campfield Tracev Campo Rich Cantrell Karen Carico Kristie Carnine Denise Carr Amy Carroll Joe Carter Harold Carver Steven Carver Linda Casner Marvin Cason Deena Cemore Javier Ceron Alicia Cerralo Howard Chandler Tracy Chapman Elena Charikov Julie Chase Kenny Chasten Rhonda Chasten Julie Cherry Gary Cheung Savun Chhilh Salvador Chia Tammy Chiles Randy Chumbley Brian Church John Clark Matt Clem Shelley Clifton Sharon Cluck Jerry Coles Randy Collins Carl Combs Angic Avila smiles as she finally remembers her locker combination. 168 Teresa Dyer Kim Eaton Julie Edginglon Ross Edwards Bryant Egenberger Stacy Ellifritt Sam Ellis Lisa Elmore Sherri Emmons Maria Endrcs Kevin Erickson Keri Ervin Ray Estes Mike Evans Shelly Ewing Penny Ferlitsch Dennis Fessler Jill Finkcn Dameda Finney Andrew Fisher Lora Fitzgerald Mark Flaherty Raquel Foland Todd Francisco Steve Franz Jeff Frederick Jeff Freel Brad Fuller Cindv Galde Jeff Gale Betty Jo Gates Corey Galzke Leann Gensch Brian Gentry Jim George Lasundria Germany Brian Gero David Gill Steve Gilliam Gary Giofrcddi Tim Glick Vicki Gome Jeff Graham Crissy Grange Justine Grant Frank Griffin Kristi Groen Lynn Gross Christy Grubbs Doug Gruber Denisc Guslafson Dana Guzman Jon Hake Rich Hall Sucora Hamcister Matt Hammond 170 Allen Hansen Laura Hanson Brian Hardie Andrea Harris Bob Hatfield Shannon Haus Christal Hawker Joanna Hays Vicki Hedges Lisa Heidorn She-la Heitman Ace Hendricks Dotty Henrichs Jason Herman Todd Herriott Jeff Hewitt Steve Hews Marina Highland Lisa Hill Paul Hiscocks Kelts Hitchcock Sam Holland Lamar Holt Jennifer Holton Carrie Hon Diana Hood Nora Hook Dave Horn Scott Horn Donna Houck Greg Howard Mark Humphrey Carol Huntsinger Steve Hurd Miction Huss Andy Hutchinson Teresa Hutchinson Julie Hutchison Shannon Hutchison Greg Ickowitz Eric Ingvall Angle Irons Steve Janssen Brad Jarnagin Sean Jarnagin Tom Jarshaw Robbie Jeffries Nichole Jennings Michelle Jergens Bruce Johanson Anthony Johnson Craig Johnson Desira Johnson Garret Johnson Jack Johnson Jill Johnson Melissa Johnson Nancy Johnson Tad Johnson Hrenda Johnston Kammy Johnston Dan Jones Denise Jones Jennie Jones Kelly Jones Nicole Jones Rod Jones Lisa Jordan Valerie Kac marek Laura Kain Michael Keeling Scolt Keho Kathy Kelce Doug Keller Chris Kellev Kicci Kellis Tracy Keltner John Kenyon Robert Kimbro Julie King Linda King Teresa Kmieciak Aaron Kneile Sonja Knight Jeff Knox Kristen Knudsen Heather Koenig Jon Koenigs Pam Kokke David Ladurini Troy Lampman Pal Wilson works hard to prepare his speech while Lisa Braack finds more interesting things to do. 172 Kerry Larson Bryan Law And) Laws Diana Learning Mike Leedy Darti I .egg Deric l.egg Sunn Leigh Jim Leo Shell Leonard Lcs Leslie SooH Lester Jason Levtng Jim Lewis Ron Lewis Jeffrey Lile Rhonda Lilly Sharon Little Wendy Livingston Tina Looey Charles Long Mark Long Gary Loux Bounheuang Lovan Teresa Lukehan Trisia Lukenbill Steve 1 uncsford Jav Lundccn Tricta I vons Charlie MacDonald Dcanna Mackey Mike Mackey Susan Makowski Mindy Manley Jenny Manning Gina Marcum Theresa Marcum Marty Marinaro Jason Marquardt Alan Marquis Amy Marshall Sherrv Marshall Christine Martin Cindy Martin Tony Martindale John Martinez Crystal Marturello Deanna Marturello Jeff Matney Toni Mauro Jeanie May field Shannon McAninch Wayne McBride Mary McCall Willie McCarrell Melisa McClain 173 Mike McCleary Dan McCoy Susan McCoy Tim McDaniel David McDowell Mary McF.lvogue Jodi McGee Michele McGrifT Bcccy McKern Kate McLaughlin Brian McPhillips Brian McVey Todd Mealey Elisa Melia Carolyn Melme Ellen Melinc Stephanie Mendenhall Eric Methfessel Vickie Meyer Frank Mezera Todd Miler Joe Miller Tammy Miller Kristy Mills Melissa Mitchell Todd Mitchell Kelly Mock Robert Mock Sandi Moffitt Kyung Na Moon Calvin Moore Joe Morawski Nika Morgan Marcia Morris Joan Moser David Albaugh finishes his English assignment, while others chat about the weather 174 Mike Reid Dawn Remele Steve Ren Traci Renda Mark Reynolds Mark Reynolds Amy Riccio Bill Rice Hope Richardson Debbie Rivas Kristy Robb Georgette Robbins Mike Roberts Brent Robinson Renee Rodish Mike Row Jeff Rogers Kim Rogoff Heather Roland Patrick Rollins Jessy Rombou Paul Romine Tim Rush Curt Russo Joe Russo Jody Saltzman Tonya Sanford Melissa Sayasanc Frank Scarcello Shawna Schofield I i-.iki ' l Schooler Jim Schroeder Patrick Schroeder Joel Schutte Kris Scott Steve Seiberling Katy Selim Dawn Sellers Jill Scllner Melissa Senger Bob Scvereid Kelcey Sexton Laura Sharr Michael Shaver Lisa Shaw Brian Sheesley Lisa Shelton Ruth Sibert Dawn Simmons Shannon Simpson Rick Simms Angela Skidmore J.T. Sloan Amy Smidt Aimee Smith Daivd Smith 4. 176 Melissa Smith Michelle Smith Pat Smith Matt Smoot Jeff Snyder Jeff Snyder Brian Sodergren Michelle Soper Marilee Sparks Troy Spaulding Matt Speck Karen Spidlc Mark Spidlc E.J. Spitzer Tony Sposalo Candy Stamper Jamie Stranger Brent Stanton Scott Starman Jim Starner Joseph Stec Christy Steffens Donnie Stevens Chrystal Stille David Stoddard Steve Stodden Charles Streeter Rick Studins Ralph Sublet! Eric Summers Judy Swan Sherri Swenson Carl Swolley Debbie Tedesco Darrin Teigen Tammy Terrell Gary Tesdell Troy Thacker Carl Thomas Tim Thompson Shannon Thorpe Traci Titus Lori Tolley Richard Tomkinson Jeannie Toomey Mike Trogdon Brenda Trumbo Laura Tucker Josette Turk Rachelle Turner Alecia Turnipseed Andrienna Turnipseed Shelley Tuttle Kim Tweedy Dan Twelmeyer Lynnctte Tylor Ramon UbaMo Jeff Usher Pam Vanderley Joel Vanderwerff Mcrlita Vicente f rank Viola Ransall Virden Ly Visonnavong Joe Vivier Carmen Vosler F.velvn Wade Dan Wadle Prcd Wadle Mike Wagner Rhonda Wagner Jill Walker Sean Walker Chris Waltz Jeff Wambold Melissa Warden Lisa Warren Sherry Wasco Dense Wauters Connie Webb Brad Welch Mary Wellinghoff Cathy Ann Werner Rodney Wessel Jim Wessels Julie West Stephanie West Malisa Wheeler Pennie Wheeler Trina Wheeler Nickie Whitaker Wendy Wolver breaks from her difficult Counseling Center work to read the Railsplilter. STUDENTS pu M Ha " ln Wh«i You Arnvo. Alio. Roeord Tho Timo You W JV 178 Charles While I isa While Tcrrie White David Whitlatch Dtvid Whitluteh Dull) Wilden Alicia Williams Dandle Williams Michelle Williams Kim Willis Su anna Woiocfc John Wilmorc Bret Wilson John Wilson Pat Wilson Sandi Wilson Wend) Wilson Cindy Wilts Jeff Winne Ann Wolfe Rachel Wolford Wendy Wolu-r Mindi Wood (iar WiKXis Joy Woodworlh Jamie Wonhinglon Rob Wonhinglon Missy Wright Pant Wright Marv WvckolT Yung Hui Yi Jennifer Young Melissa Young Tina Young Fric Zepcda r Kacheal Abdallan Lociflic Adair Wendell Adamson Kurtis Agan Harold Agee Michelle Alcantar Joseph Aldiano Diana Allen JelT Allen Shelley Allen Brenda Armstrong Demse Anowood Nikole Atkinson Mi a Baccam Ruslv Bair Shell , Bailey Shelia Baker Trade Baker Dale Baldwin Chris Ball Bill Bam Mall Barten Melia Barllelt Ronda Barton Jerry Baumann Peter Beck Jeff Beener Bob Beghtel Greg Behile Jeff Benn Kim Bennet Kevin Berg Marsha Bianchi Danny Bishop Rusty Bishop Lisa Schnathorst. Cari Clark. Lori Bananno. and Janice Quijano show their chorus line talent after gym class. 180 David Blaylock Shannon Blount Douglas Bohal! Lori Bonanno Paul Bonanno David Bondura James Borland Susan Bowers Bobbie Brady LeeAnne Brazelton Noel Bridicko Julie Breeding Kale Bright Patrick Brodeur Doug Brooks Lesa Brose Danny Brown Laura Brown Noel Brown Tony Burke Marcia Burr Travis Burris Pat Campero Tiffany Campero Frank Cardamond Mike Carder Craig Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter Lucy Carra Vicki Carter Mike Cason Ty Castle Patty Caughron Angie Cave Ericka Cero John Chacon Seungeun Chae Sno Suk Chae Kim Christensen Scott Clair Cheri Clare Cari Clark Mark Clark Shannette Clark Mike Clausscn Tina Clem Shawna Clemma Joyce Cogdill Pam Coleman Nicole Colosimo Christina Conn Chris Conn Chris Connelly Vicki Constant Gary Cooksey Debra Cooper Lucy Cosenza Don Countryman Amanda Cowen Teresa Cowman Brenda Cox John Cox Debora Crabbs Kay Creger Jim Cronin Melissa Cronk Cheryl Cropp Cole Cross Lynnette Cross John Crouse Mike Curtis Gina Daghestani Lisa Daughenbaugh Pat Daughenbaugh Doug Daughterly Lorrie Daugherty John Davis Lisa Davis Tammy Davis Terrv Davis Willie Davis Kathy Dean Brian Dearden Travis Decamp Wade Degroote Chris Delury Pete Denato Jack Dennis Michelle Denny Mike Dickhoff Erin Diddio Theresa Gorsche and Lorrie Daugherty show their friendship at a football game. 182 Dawn Dorris Brad Downing Joel Drake Kelly Drummond Ronnie Dugger Paul Dullard Kristi Durban Cynthia Durbin Bryan Edwards Jeff Edwards Mike Edwards Paul Eidbo Bruce Elgin Doug Elliot Brad Essman Erin Eubank.s Paul Evans Don Exline Earl Faith Mitchel Falkstrom Corev Fallcr Mark Fargo Tammy Faubus Jim Fazio Tanya Fazio Bill Feight Therese Felice Danee Ferguson Charles Ferlilsch Christopher Rati Nicolle Foland Steve Folkers Tucker Ford Danny Formaro John Fortune Dave Foy David Free Tina Freel Kevin Fritz Chuck Funaro Danielle Fuson Kevin Gabbert John Garcia Brent Garrett Stephanie Garrett Julie George Shelley Geppert Deundra Germany Jennifer Getman Darwin Geyer Heather Geyer Holly Geyer Connie Gilbert Theodore Gilliam Angela Gilman David Goff Lola Gomez Thcrea Gorschc Mike Graber Peggy Gracey Deborah Grange Cheris Gray Jamie Gray Lanette Greco Kim Green Mindy Greenwood Melissa Griglione Kelly Grimes David Grout Mike Grubb Ann Gusiafson Tony Guzman Gary Hameister James Hamilton Sean Hammer Angela Hannah Todd Harper April Harris Carla Harris David Harris Kim Harris Tammy Harrison David Harter Melanie Hartzer Tony Harvey James Haus Lisa Haus Patrick Havens James Hawk Mike Hawkins Jamie Hawthorne ■i Lenny Williams has finished the assignment and now has his mind on other things. 184 185 r Jackie Keller Ronald Kellev Lisa Kellis David Kellogg Jodie Kephart Steven King Susan King Marty Kingen C ' hantelle Kiplinger Robert Kirkman Alisa Kisscll Sheena Klug Melody Knowles Sandra Konchalski Sokha Kong I ' ala Kroke Lorilei Krugler Russell Kuhn Sandra Kyser Bryan Ladd James Lamb Linda Lame Stacy Lampman William Lapham Kalhy Laughlin Chris Law less Dennis Laws Robert Lay Gregory Leaper Tracey Leech Shelly Lemke Tim Lemon Teresina Leo Kyle Leopold Mark Lestrange Lorrie Weiver takes a rest in math class between problems. 186 4 A Q30 Jeff Lindemoen Bill Link Tracy Litchkey Charles Little Dastin Little Scott Little Mickey Lovett Anthony Luna Lynn Lundquisl Mario Lundv Jill Maldonaldo James Marlow Travis Marquis Terri Martin Todd Martin John Mascara Charles Massey Christin Massey Paula Matalone Christy May Paul May Dennis Mcbride Rodney McCloncy Amy McCoy Gregory McCoy Maria McCurnin Heather McDonald Mike McDonald Michael McGehee Kenneth McGraw Lori McNulty Daniel McReynolds Michelle Mealey Thereasa Medina David Mefferd Lisa Mefferd Gary Mever Bill Miller Chris Miller Doug Miller Gina Miller Kelli Miller Michael Miller Thomas Miller Brad Milton Joe Mitchell Jamie Mitchells Aaron Mohler Cleo Monahan Shawn Montgomery Chris Moon Laureen Moor Craig Morgan Dianne Morris Shaun Mortimer Robert Moyer J u N I 0 R S 187 Troy Movie Stasi Mulvihill Barbara Murphy Vicki Murphy Margee Myers David Nash Robert Nelson Jeff Nelson [.ancc Nelson I.orie Nelson Melissa Nessen Jeff Newell Jennifer Newell Cynthia Newkirk Christy Nicholson Diane Offenburger Troy Oliver Arther Olson Scotl Oncal Cory Oneel Michaela Otte Julie Overton Changyon Pak Christopher Palladino Raclynn Park Larry Parsons Milan Patel Trupti Patel Jennifer Perkins Robert Peterson F.ddie Pickett Michelle Pictsch Angela Post Randall Post Stacv Potter Peter Susie smiles as he breaks the pinball record in Student Center. Greg McCoy was amazed when he typed 70 words per minute on his typing test. 188 Craig Praska Julie Pratt Stephanie Pratt Jody Prock Elizabeth Prymek Sara Quaintance Tina Quick Janice Quijano Amphayvanan Racksasouk Tina Ramey Tony Ramnos Carolyn Ramsey Doug Raper Donna Reasoner Stephanie Rector Dan Reed Rhonda Reinier Ronda Rhoads Terry Ricceli Maggie Riccio Annette Rice Rod Richards Scott Richardson Wendi Riddle Meredith R inker Alphonso Rios Tina Rios Darin Rippey Robin Rivas Joline Rivera Tyler Roach Kim Robb Mike Roberts Robyn Rodish Shawn Roeder Kristen Rogers Mike Rogers Jack Rogoff Heidi Romans Kathyryn Rose A.J. Ross Marvis Routh Stacy Rufer Anthony Rulli Dale Rumbaugh Noelle Runyan Ken Rush Dana Rutan Mark Salvaggio Richard Samson Sandra Sandclin Daniel Sanford Michelle Sanford Shawna Sanford Kristen Sanning Tina Schaefer c Kelly Schmidt Lisa Schnathorst Pam Schneider Jamie Schrock K. 11 l.i Scott Larry Scott Paul Scott John Seals Michelle Searey Denise Sevedge Cynthia Shaffer Jeff Sherman Braden Slade Kevin Slezak Denise Smith Dennis Smith Jean Smith Lori Smith Tom Snook Tori Soda IL Sup Song Catherine Sonnenburg Sandra Sorenscn Andrew Soroka Jennifer Soroka Kelli Sparks Sheryl Sparks William Spears Lisa Speck Susan Spidle Pam Springs Lee Stahl Sheryl Staley Ann Stark Dan Stenstrom Mark Sterns Virigina Stevenson Alan Stewart Kim Stodgel Stephen Stoermer Alan Surbaugh Peter Susie Jamie Sutherlin Angela Tamasi Slacc Tate Lisa Thielke Doug Thomson Paula Thompson Richelle Thompson Sharla Tiffany Kevin Tokheim Kyle Tokheim Robby Tomlinson George Torgerson Angela Townsley Tiffiny Troxel 190 Sammy Tumea Tim Tweedy Scoti Upton Julie Vanderwaal Robert Vaught Matt Verhuel Petra Vignovich Virgil Virden Angela Vivone Troy Volkamcr Johnnine Wadle Stephen Walker Jamie Wallendal Todd Ward Laurie Weaver Michcle Weddell Debby Weikum Tony Weisshaar Todd Welch Pat West Caitlin Weston Robert Whicker Camillc White Mark Whitfield John Wiezorek Tracy A. Wignall Tracy L. Wignall Lori Wilkinson Doug Williams Leonard Williams Trade Williamson Jodi Wills Colleen Wilson David Wilson Melissa Wilson Richard Wilson Ricky Wilson Jenelle Wiltsie Scott Wingerson Teresa Winslow Mark Wishman Stephanie Wolfe Mike Wood Garla Woods Ricky Work Dawn Wright Maria Wright Paulette Wright Sarah Wyckoff J nation. The space shuttle Challenger exploded, killing the seven crew members on board, as well as dealing a devastat- ing blow to the United States space program. As crew member Ronald McNair stated, " True courage comes in enduring...preserving, and believing in oneself. " We aedicate these pages to the memory of these brave people who j|rved for glory. — , EST " A Taste and Quality You ' ll Long Remember " ® For World Class Catering PHONE (515) 283-1010 WE LOVE YOU DES MOINES Fifteen years ago we started with a dream. ..A dream that you have made a reality. Judged in Cleveland, America ' s 1 Baby Back Ribs served in a restaurant and most recently selected as the Barbeque With Taste at A Taste of Greater Des Moines. We realize these achievements are the result of your patronage. You, our customers, have helped us establish one of Iowa ' s most successful independent restaurant operations. On behalf of our restaurant and staff, Thank You. BBQ Restaurant " Judged Some Of The Best Ribs In America " 1985 B B 0 e £ £ F • S K I R T S T £ A K S A N D W I c H £ S tin (JmeoicoN 1985 Voted " Best Chili in Des Moines " by Des Moines Register 1985 Voted 1 In Iowa For Imported Condiments WEST 6612 University Ave 274-9307 SOUTH 2923 S.W. 9th 283-2696 NEAR DRAKE 904 Forest Avenue 282-8078 B B Q P O R K B B 0 T U R K £ S A N D W I C H £ S BBQ RIB DINNERS BBQ CHICKEN GOURMET BURGERS FRENCH DIP • 198 Railsplitter Ambassadors Your all sports club. Join us to help Lincoln sports, today and tomorrow. DES MOINES National Bank Member F.D.I.C S.E. 14th Indianola Road East 14th and Euclid East University and Hubbell Pleasant Hill, Iowa 244-6677 fylo-weAA, 4f c. Anthony J. Comito SW 9th PARK AVE VISA ' 288-6789 199 II INI KM IX INK VI I I III II I I K 1.1 I ON(. K OI GH?? BUD MULCAHY ' S DES MOINES AMC JEEP REINAULT I I I | I IP E. 2nd Locust 288-2231 CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 Serving the Public Since 1919 Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 287-1991 Hours — Three Locations — Hours 3700 SW 9th Open 7 days a week Monday Thursday 1 0 a.m. - 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 Midnight Downtown 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. SouthRidge Mall 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11:00-5:00 SOUTHTOWN FUNERAL HOME (Hamilton ' s Service) 5400 Southwest 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa 200 TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MAN DO TONINI Class of Jon. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 CONGRATULATIONS from Crescent Chevrolet Inc. New Cars 247-8000 Service Department 247-8020 Parts Department 247-8030 Used Cars 247-8040 CLAYTON ' S Arts, Crafts, Needle Art, Cake Decorating and Candy Making Four Locations To Serve You 7611 Douglas Ave. Urbandale, Iowa 50322 1423 S.W. Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315 2622 Beaver Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50310 2610 University Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50315 CONGRATULATIONS 1986 GRADUATES from NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS— TAILORING Serving South Des Moines for over 30 years Free Pick-up and Delivery David Noah, Owner The Best Buy in Cleaning is Quality S.W. 9th Leland DES MOINES. IOWA 285-1261 201 Four generations of MITCHELL ' S are now working at MITCHELL Automatic Transmission 15th and Locust Dial. . . 283-2446 We Service, repair and rebuild all makes and models. BUILD LINCOLN HIGHER CLUB B L H Club proceeds have been used for these projects and activities during the past school year: Scholarships. Warm-Up uniforms for both boys girls basketball. Donation to help the girls softball field Improvements for the baseball field. Purchase of a computer for the business department. Donations to the band and debate club. Half of all membership money collected was returned to the organizations participating. K aye Shifter Secretary Ken Summy; Treasurer sponts center Mother won ' t let you raid her ice box? COME RAID OURS! HUNTING WE DO OUR OWN LETTERING 1942 INDIANOLA RD. SH JOHN MARGE SWAN 4140 Park Ave i TROPHIES MEDALS ENGRAVING % BASEBALL SOFTBALL LITTLE LEAGUES SCHOOL fijjACKETS LETTER SWEATERS ATHLETIC Jil SHOES ?i 288-0162 202 HOLIDAY GIFT BASKET BASKET SHOWN New Wt. 13 lbs. LARGE BASKET — Net Wt. 24 lbs. Congratulations Class of ' 86 Your gift can he the center of attention at the holiday east. It ' s a perfect way to solve vour holiday gift problems quickly and to bring great pleasure to employees, clients and friends on your Christinas list. For prices and more information, contact: AnqelolS Gift Boxes %J 9 2436 S.E. 7th Street " Des Moines, la. 50315 PHONE • 515 282-9600 203 CARROLL AUTO WRECKING MOTORS SPRINGS TRANSMISSIONS REAR ENDS FRONT ENDS RADIATORS HOODS GRILLES BUMPERS 288-2244 OR 288-3801 CAR TRUCK PARTS WE SELL INSTALL USED MOTORS OLD NEWER CARS OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 8 AM - 5:30 PM SAT. 8 AM - 2 PM 1610 SCOTT • DES MOINES WAKONDA CLEANING CENTER 4227 Fleur Dr. Wakonda Shopping Center Special prices on band uniforms cheerleading uniforms flags and drill team uniforms 285-5305 Banking. And a whole lot more. Whitaker Pharmacy Co. (KU«tf) (£f)f Slmport f)op Norwest Bank Des Moines. N.A (515) 245-3131 666 Walnut Street 4505 Douglas Avenue 2505 East Euclid Avenue 8301 Douglas Avenue 600 Army Post Road 9801 University Avenue NORWEST BANKS THE PRESCRIPTION STORE 1103 ARMY POST ROAD TELEPHONE 285-2121 DES MOINES. IOWA 50315 205 Z3 Congratulations Class of 86 Fresh Fruits Vegetables Institutional Suppliers and Potato PROCESSING CO. CHCF ' i Of LITl Rosie 1978 Robert 1981 Nicole 1987 Anthony .... 1979 Maria 1985 Christina .... 1992 Charles -Jr. . . . 1980 Carolyn 1985 Cassandra ... 1994 100 E. 2nd Street 244-5281 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charlie A. Colosimo Sr. and Family 206 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Learn a skill. Doing something different. You can help in the Air Guard Ask about " The New G.I. Bill " IOWA AIR NATIONAL GUARD, 3100 McKINLEY DES MOINES, IOWA 50321 Phone 285-7182 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 4201 CHAMBERLAIN 4221 FLEUR DRIVE Ph. 255-5571 Ph. 282-8510 2bhi in i five Stu feJ AND C ourteoui etv OUR 22ND YEAR THE FABRIC CARE CENTER Where you can spend an hour and save a day. 207 Medina Associates — Hairstylists — " Congratulations Graduating Seniors of 1986 " Mona Medina Barb Agan Rich Medina (515) 274-3200 560-3 1st Street Des Moines, I A, 50312 ROOFING AND " The Roofing Professionals 9 1720 S.W. First St. Des Moines, IA 50315 (515) 244-2711 Don Parsons Jr., President GOOD LUCK SENIORS! from Hy-Vee Southridge 208 MUOflEZO uu - «o q.-nn • Muooezo uu l-NN 9 o u o z cc O o M 9 u u o ec O u i M o o O Z K o LU OQ LU 5 o ( ) LU CC LU X »- Q UJ CC h- LU o ll- CC LU t UJ CD UJ DC UJ CS) o ( ) z g o o o CC Ok D = 5« CO t is is co co in in • i 00 00 CM CM " J CO 2 Q OS Z c 2 S| co is (O CD CD CD r is ■ i CO CD is r CM CM 9 u u o o U M L. £ - Z Q — Z uj x -J -i - s is «- CM O CM O CO (0 0 I I CD CO CO CD CM CM Ui 51 S CO 5f CO CD CO CO i i CO « is CM CM 9 u o O z oc O u M l- o H. ■ i Ui §! po 5 CO «- o is CO If) CD i i CO (6 D CD CM CM Z O (A 1?l LU 0) 00 rs co r cm wj if) r CM CM 3 u u o z OC o u tt »UOllO UU ' M a.-NN «9UOIIOXUU ' W l-NN ' 209 Congratulations Seniors! Class of 1986 Army Post Standard 849 Army Post Road 285-7660 Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th CONGR4TUL4TIONS Edwards Graphic Arts, Inc. 1 TENTH STREET □ DES MOINES, IOWA 50303 210 Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture BING ' S STATIONERY CO. Bing Bogatto 3410 S.W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 Where Service Courtesy Prevail CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 FROM r Des Moines Area Food Stores ' Where there ' s a smile in every aisle ' Allied Wholesale Meats, Inc. HILTON INN 2418 Sunset Road 243-0518 CONCRATUL ATI OMS LINCOLN NlfiN SCHOOL CLASS OF 191 Complete Supplies of Choice Meats Seafoods " Quality and Service a Must ' Stay at Airport Hilton and try the fabulous Crystal Tree Restaurant • ••• ,.t l Q«.vC - 3ISM045 0 » 211 lincoln high and McDonalds We make a great McDottatd ' s Hamsf r BRENTON NATIONAL BANK OF DES MOINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS, AND ENJOY BEING A PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY 2 SOUTHSIDE LOCATIONS S.W. 9th McKinley Wakonda Shopping Center bank) BRENTON The working bank. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DRUGMART CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 6 Convenient Des Moines Area Locations S.W. 9th and McKinley E. 28th and Hubbell 3615 Beaver 1220 Grand, West Des Moines 80 School Street, Carlisle 421 Laurel CONGRATULATIONS FROM Katheryne Stout Optometrist 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH 213 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 86 bdC Brodie Door Company, Inc. OVERHEAD DOORS RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL • Wood •Aluminum • Steel • Fiberglass SERVICE . SALES . INSTALLATION Entry Doors Also Available Where Quality and The Only Overhead Door Service Makes You Company Serving the A Satisfied Customer South Side 285-0051 214 UMDENSTOCK DAIRY QUEEN 3408 S.W. 9th STREET 215 Whether you ' re wallowing in victory or drowning in defeat, you ' ll find good times, good food and plenty of company at Godfather ' s 3022 S.E. 14th Pizza after every game. There ' s nobody ' s pizza like Godfather ' s 243-2122 Pizza. It ' s a winner every time! Wagner ' s Rowdy Rails 216 217 iBen Franklin i Better Quality for Less! Frame Shop 50% OFF Any Open Frame In Stock FREE FRAMING We provide framing for paintings, needlework, photos, documents, crafts in our Frame Shop. • Mot Cutting • Gloss Cutting • Mounting • Assembly ' All you pay for are materials Unstretched canvas and needlework may require stretching and blocking. This is available at a reasonable cost. Mention this ad for discount £I Hours: 9am to 9pm Mon.-Sat. 1 lam-5pm Sun. 4808 S.W. 9th 285-2225 7 Ay Mama Laconas NORTH 3629 Beaver Ave. Tuesday-Thursday 4:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Friday-Saturday 4:30 p.m. - 12:00 p.m. 274-0403 SOUTH 6305 S.W. 9th (S W 9th Army Post Rd ) Tuesday-Friday 11:00 a.m. - 11:00pm Saturday 4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. 287-7857 Complete Carryout Service Banquet facilities up to 100 218 KING DIP LOID BRYOPHYTA NANNANDROUS FOURTH HOUR BOTANY IS GOING TO MISS A FUN GI LIKE YOU! Barb Travis Niky Tim Wendy Doug Vicki Robbie Nicole David Lisa John H. Michelle Kevin Ounaroth Troy Gina Mark Missy John Z. Terry Sharla Steve Jeff S. JeffW. Shawn Robyn McCaw ' s Crew CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1986 XL-DP, inc FOR THE INFORMATION ACE 4 i WILLIAM L. JOHNSON 705 E. 2nd St. 284-1427 219 220 221 Prep Swing Southridge Mall 287-1924 Happy Joe ' s would like to wish all of the grads GOOD LUCK! ERICKSON ' S BARBER SHOP AND BEAUTY SALON TED ERICKSON • 1955 ALHS GRADUATE CONGRATULATIONS 1986 SENIORS BARBER SHOP 4302 SW 9th 288-1457 TED ERICKSON BEAUTY SALON 4302V 2 SW 9th 288-8421 223 225 Store 287-1020 Pharmacy 287-1022 DRUG TOWN WANTS YOU! for all your shopping needs fi just what the do ctor ordered Southridge Mall a fuV • Gifts-graduation, etc. • Camera Supplies-for the big day • Cosmetics-for her • Cologne-for him • School Supplies- for those college bound •Complete Pharmacy- for all your health needs Congratulations Railsplitters DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • DRUG TOWN • Congratulations Class of " 86 " Quarry Supply, Inc. 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 D«t Moines, lowo i J ' ' . fcz " Rockin ' the Lincoln JailhoUSe " Flag Team: Amy Smidt. Kim Harris, Kcllie Dingman, Camie White, Alissa Thomas, Rochelle Schooler, Jill Arnold. Wendy Deil, Donna Sparks, Lisa Moylan. 226 227 230 Peer Helpers 85-86 Staff Editors-in-chief John Kaldenberg Wendy Zagar Student Life Editor Jill Johnson Academics Editors Barb Agan Sarah Thoermer Sports Editors Diana Marshall Dawn Parsons Adviser Diane weir Senior Editors Shana LaMar Rachelle O ' Conner Underclass Editors Diana Marshall Marsha Mitchell Leslie Myers Advertising Denise Cole Michelle Seals index and Circulation Tracey Perkins Staff Jeannine Ahlberg Kurt Allison Cherie Bradshaw Brandy Hutchison Pat Kading Todd Mendenhall Mike Parker Troy Wolver Special Thanks Stover Photography Photographic Enterprises Alan Ewers Corissa Hutchins Bob Logston warren Winter Printer U.S. Yearbook INDEX B Abies, Leslie 152 Achey. Daryl 166 Ackeison. Steve 107.166 Acquino. Gabriel 117 Adams. Christine M 141. 166 Adams. John 55. 1 24 Adamson. Chad F 1 52 Adamson. Jeana Adamson. Wendell A 31.1 19.183 Agan. Barbara K 49.55.60 Agan. Kurtis 180 Agcc. Harold K 180 Aguiniga. Dcna M 1 52 Ahlberg. Carrie F 20,166 Ahlberg. Jcannine B 49.55 Akers. Bryon 55 Akkerman, Eric 152 Alarcon, Linda M 1 52 Albaugh, David 166.173 Alcantar. Michelle 180 Aldiano. Joseph 1 80 Aldini, Lori Lynn 152 Allen. Angela 55 Allen. Diana R 180 Allen, tugene H 39.55 Allen. Jeffrey A 116.124.180 Allen. Jeffrey T 166 Allen. Michael S 166 Allen. Michelle K 166 Allen, Michelle M 180 Allen. Michelle R 31.129.166 Aller, Brian 166 Aller. Deanna L 55 Aller, Michele 30.129.152 Aller, Shawn D 55 Aller. Tammy 152 Allingham, Knsten 55 Allison. Kurt M 33, Allison. Michelle 100 Allsup. Yvetle 152 Alvarez, Angel R 166 Amos, Elizabeth M 30.31.55 Anderson, Eric S 152 Anderson. Marty G 180 Anderson. Shelby D 152 Anderson. Terri A 166 Anderson. Todd A 54,55,145 Andrcano. Christi 152 Andrcano, Gina 166 Andrew, Damon T 152 Andrews, Robert W 130.166 Angus. Melissa S 1 52 Angus. Sean M 94. 1 23. 1 36. 1 45, 1 66 Annett Cathy J 30,152 Annett. Randall 55,124 Annett. Timothy 55 Armel. Lance W 143,166 Armstrong. Angela 55,58 Armstrong. Brenda 180 Armstrong. Deborah 166 Armstrong. James M 42.66 Arndt. Matthew S 166 Arnold. Jill D 21.55 Arpy. Brian S 1 52 Arrowood. Denise 31.55,180 Ashelford. Joseph 55,66 Ashman, George ... 29,123.142,143.145.166 Atchison. Leon L 1 52 Atkinson. Nikole 28,180 Alwood, Kimberly J 31.166 Atwood. Michael D 55 Avila, Angela 166,168 Ayres. Nicole C 1 66 Babb. Michael B 38.55 Baccam. Mekhine 39,166 Baccam, Mixay 180 Backstrom. Anthony 55 Backstrom. George 1 80 Backstrom. Heidi 166 Bagbey. Charles L 166 Bailey. Michelle A 180 Bainter. Stephen 166 Bair. Jennifer 166 Bair. Russell E 180 Baird, Gregory P 166 Baker. Brian T 123.152 Baker, Jeffrey G 55 Baker, JoleeL 180 Baker, Matthew 166 Baker. Melissa M 48,49,132.133,166 Baker. Michael 55 Baker. Sheila 180 Baker. Tracie 180 Balducki, Ronald L 152 Baldwin. Dale 180 Bales. Kathy K 152 Bales. Shawn E 152 Bales. Todd 166 Ball. Christopher J 1 19.130.180 Ball. Clinton 123.145.153 Ballard. Malinda R 166 Baratta. Louie J 166 Barbar. Kristin E 152 Barber. Toni 55,69 Barker, John 167 Barnes, Troy M 30 Barnhart. Trisha 44,91.167 Barr, Bryan L 167 Barr. Robert D 55 Barry. Bill A 180 Barlen. Matthew 180 Bartlett. Melia 180 Barton. Ronda 180 Barton, Steve M 152 Bashor. Mark A 152 Bason, K Marie 167 Bates. Carrie 27,167 Bates, Renee 27.28,56 Baumann, Jerry 100 Beadle. Brad 167 Beam, Danielle 145.152 Beam. Lonnie 56 Bcattie. Christine 42.56 Beck. Anthony J 46,56.124 Beck. Jennifer A 136.167 Beck, MarneA 152 Beck. Michael F 56 Beck. Peter A 119,130.180 Beck. William R 56 Beckman. Troy A 56 Bedford, Lawrence P 56 Bedford. Lyle 167 Beeman. Donna 167 Beeman, Ronnie D 1 52 Beener. Jeffrey 180 Beerbower. Laurie L 30, 1 52 Beghtel. Bob 180 Behle, Gregory 180 Belinsky, Tera 30,32.167 Bell. Cindy 29.167 Bender. Troy 152 Bendixen. Angela K 30.152 Bendixcn, Jay 1 3, 1 5,56, 1 1 3. 1 24. 1 26. 1 48 Benefiel. Carmen R 1 52 Benefiel. Joaquin G 41.123.152 Benge. Jeff 167 Bcnge. Jennifer K 152 Bcnn. Jeffrey Bennett. Craig 14.153 Bennett. Kimberly 180 Bennett. Valeria C 1 53 Bennett, William L 153 Bequeaith, Wendy 40,47,56 Berg, Kevin R 180 Berger, Angela L 1 53 Bergis. EricK 123.167 Bcrkcmann. Kcnna 167 Berkland. Michelle 29.120.167 Bernholtz. Tracey A 1 53 Berry. Brian Berry, John 131 Berry, Karl M 167 Berry. Kenneth 56 Berry. Tracy L 56 Berry. William 93 Bertrand. Deanna V 1 53 Bcrtrand. Diana V 153 Bianchi. Jeffrey L 123.153 Bianchi. Marsha L 99.180 Biggs. Rachelle 167 Bilbrey. Michelle 153 Billick, Lynn 56 Bindrum. Craig S 133.167 Bingaman. William 123.167 Biondi, Randy 167 Bird. Kristin 99,167 Birnbaumer. Todd 1 53 Birnbaumer. Tom 56 Bishop, Danny L 1 80 Bishop. Deborah 30,130,153 Bishop. Russell D 122,124.180 Black, Kelly J 30,129,150 Blackburn. Michael W 26.153 Blair. Joel 153 Blaskovich, Ryan T 153 Blaskovich. Thomas W 153 Blaylock. David 108.181 Blaylock, Lori J 145,153 Blaylock. Richard M 14,54.56.145 Blevins. Michelle R Blodgctll. David 153 Blonigan. Richard Blonigan. Robert 123,143.153 Blount. Nicki 167 Blount. Shannon D 180 Bly. Diana 56 Boatright. Rick E 56 Boehme. GenaM 30.153 Bohall. Douglas L 181 Bolten. Christopher G 123.153 Bolten, Theodore M 123,145,167 Bonanno. Lori 132,134,180,181 Bonanno, Paul N 181 Bondura. David 181 Boone. Vicki 26.56 Boot. Michael B 56,122.124 Boozell, Debbie 167 Boozell, Russell 153 Borkgren. Billi J 167 Borland, James Lee 35.8 1 Boston. Terri 30.153 Boubin. Thomas R 57 Bowen, Robert B 153 Bowen.Tim 137.145.153 Bower. Julie 29.167 Bower. Vanessa 1 36 Bowers. Scott 27, Bowers. Susan 92.181 Bowlin. Michelle L 167 Bowman. Margaret. M 1 53 Bowman. Mary 167 Bown. Been M 153 Boyd. Stacy 57.64 Braack. Lisa 1 67 Braack. Shirley E 153 Bradshaw, Chene K 13,48,57.62 Bradshaw. Sarah 26.153 Brady. Bobbie J 57,181 Brady. Meredith 57 Branchcomb. Albert 57 Brazelton. Lee Anne 181 Brdicko. Noel 122.124.181 Breckenridgc. Tamera 26.40. 1 67 Breeding. Julie A 181 Breese. Tommy 167 Brennan. Jennifer 167 Brewer. Renee 153 Hi i, km, in Kathryn D 57 Bright. Kale 31.181 Brightman. Barbie 57 Brightman. William P 153 Brindlcy. Christopher 167 Brockman. Michael A 167 Brodeur, Brian 1 53 Brodeur. Patrick 181 Brodic. Laura 148.149.167 Brooker. Denise 1 53 Brookharl, Chad A 167 Brookhart. James 153 Brooks, Dana M 30,167 Brooks. Douglas E 31.181 Brooks. James D 1 53 Brosc. Lesa A 57,181 Brown. Angela M 167 Brown. Angella M 153 Brow n. Brandi S 57 Brow n. Bruce D 57 Brown, Daniel P 167 Brown. Danny W 181 Brown. Denny A 167 Brown. Donald S 145,153 Brown. Kimberly A 153 Brow n. Laura L 120.181 Brow n. Lori L 57 Brow n. Michael T 1 53 Brow n, Noel 181 Brown. Richard 148.167 Brow n. Ronald 57 Brown.Tiffany A 57 Brown. Tracy N 1 53 Brown, Troy 123,143.153 Brown. Wendy L 153 Bruce. Kristina 153 Bryson. Andrea 167 Buchanan. Brian 57,122.124 Buchanan. Tony M 153 Buck. Tina 167 232 Buchanan. Brian 57,122.124 Buchanan. Tony M 1 53 Buck. Tina 167 Budgell. Charlotte 167 Buncc. Christopher 1 53 Burgctt. Brian D 30.153 Burgett. Thomas A 42.57 Burke. Anthony M 181 Burke. Marcclla 153 Burkhardt. Christopher 167 Burks, CarlaL 153 Burks. Sarah L 167 Burks. Tracey L 167 Burn. Jennifer 1 53 Burnett. Robert D 148.153 Burnelle. Timothy 153 Burr. Marcia 31.44.181 Burris. Travis 41, Burt. Diana L 167 Burt. Wendy L 153 Busby. Tara 39.153 Buske. Lora M 153 Butrick. Danny D 143.153 Butts. Shlonda 30,145.167 Byars. Christine 1 36. 1 53 Bvers. James A 1 53 Cage. Jennifer M 1 54 Cahill. Alexander D 167 Calibiuri. Gerald 26.154 Caligiuri, Danyel 18.19,57.70 Callahan. Brian 167 Cam. La 123.137.154 Camacho. Gerardo M 57 Campbell. Camille L 101.167 Campbell. Michael W 167 Campero. Melissa A 30.154 Campero. Patrick E 1 17.1 19.145.181 Campero. Tiffany 118.145.181 Campfield, Robert 168 Campo, Catherine A 78 Campo. Tracey M 168 Cantrell, Richard Canty. Lisa 1 54 Cardamon. (-rank A 42.181 Cardamon. Margaret 46.47.57 Cardamon. Nick 58 Carder. Michael E 181 Carey. Christine R 58 Carico, Karen L 168 Cariglino. Angela D 3 1 ,58 Cariglino. Christine 1 54 Carlo. Adrianna R 58.120,121 Carlo, Anthony P 1 54 Carlson. Robert 145,154 Carninc. Kristie K 37,38,39,168 Carpenter, Craig A 34.146.181 Carpenter. Jennifer 181 Carr, Denise J 30.168 Carr. John M 38,39,154 Carra, Lucy A 181 Carroll. Amy 168 Carroll. Angel 31 Carter, Brian S 58,119 Carter, Joseph A 29,168 Carter, Vicki 23.181 Carver, Harold D 168 Carver, Steven 168 Casebolt, Kevin B 58 Cashatt, Robin L 58 Casner. Linda M 168 Casncr, William L 154 Cason. Marvin 145,168 Cason, Michael 181 Castellano, Tina M 1 54 Castle. Jay L 123,142,154 Castle. Ty Lew 116,122.124,181 Caughron. Patty 181 Cavanaugh. Thomas A : 1 54 Cave. Angie 34,108.181 Cemore. Decna L 31.168 Cero, Darcy K 1 54 Cero, Ericka L 181 Ceron. Javier R 117,168 Chacon, John J 181 Chac. Chang H 38.39. 1 23, 1 45. 1 54 Chac. Seung, Eun 23, Chae. SonSuk 120.121.147,181 Chandler, Howard 168 Channon. Craig R 181 Chantler. Michael P 137.154 Chapman. Tracy ... 27, Charikov. Elena 168 Chase. Julie D 39,168 Chasten. Kenneth 168 Chasten. Rhonda L 168 Cherry Aaron K 13.124 Cherry. Julie 28,31,43.145.168 Chesnut. Tamara J 106,130.154 Cheung. Gary 168 Chhith. Savun 168 Chia, Salvador P 137,168 Chiles, Tamara L 168 Chiodo, Donna 58.93. 1 20. 1 2 1 . 1 45 Chlebek. Lewis 154 Christensen. Cheri 30.59.154 Christensen. Kimberly 40.181 Christensen. Mark A 58,1 17 Christy. Jennifer 33.59 Chumbley, Jennifer M 154 Chumbley. Michelle 154 Chumbley, Randall A 168 Chumbley. Rick D 59 Church. Brian G 168 Cipale. Deborah K 154 Clair. Scott Clare. Cheri L 181 Clark. Can A 132.180.181 Clark. Deborah 59 Clark. John W 145.168 Clark. Mark 181 Clark. Melissa R 136,154 Clark, Shannette 181 Clark. Timothy Clausen. Wayne D 154 Claussen. Michael T 122.124,181 Claussen. Todd A 123.154 Clayton. Arthur P 123,154 Clem, Tina 181 Clem, WM Matthew 168 Clements. Kimberly M 154 Clemons. Shawna L 81 Clifton. Shelley 30,40.68 Cody, Mark 123,145,154 Coffin. Penny S 28.54.1 15.132,133 Cogdill. Joyce 181 Cole. Denise L 23.48.49,59 Coleman. Pamela 33,181 Coles, Jerry 168 Collier. Michelle 154 Collier. Scott A 59,,148 Collins. Dionne 1 54 Collins. Randy 168 Colosimo. Nicole L Combs. Carl E 26.168 Comer. Shaw na M 30. 1 54 Comiskey, Michael 169 Cone. Penny Jo 59 Cone, Timothy 133.145.169 Conn. April L 154 Conn. Christina L 40.181 Conn. Christopher R 181 Conn. Clarence 123.169 Conn. Krislina K 169 Connelly Christopher 181 Connetl. Brian D 137.154 Connetl. Leanna 169 Conrath. Dena 1 55 Constant. Vicki L 145.181 Cook. Jamie R.M 169 Cook. Michael R 59.113.124 Cook, Michelle S 161 Cook, Teri Ann 169 Cooksey, Gary 181 Cooper, Aaron 59 Cooper. Anna J 30.40.169 Cooper. Carey J 59. 1 24. 1 48 Cooper. Debra E 181 Cooper, Jason G 123,155 Cooper, Timothy J 169 Corigliano. James 30, 1 23, 1 55 Cornelison. Marcie 1 55 Cornelius. Michael 59 Cornwell, Chad W 3 1 .44, 1 69 Corrigan, Paige, C 12.22,23,59.145 Con, Todd E 155 Cosenza. Anlonino 59 Cosenza. Jennie T 1 55 Cosenza, Lucy C 182 Cosimo. Albert 1 69 Cosimo, Emelio G 59 Cosimo. Lennie M 59 Cosimo. Tammy Roe 59 Cosner, Beth Ann 148.149.155 Cosner, Brenda 59 Cosner, Denise R 1 69 Cosper, Lynda L 1 82 Costa, Anthony M 1 55 Couch, KellieC 155 Coulter. Crystal M 169 Countryman. Donald 82 Courtney. Jim L 1 55 Cowan. SuciL Cowen. Amanda 129.182 Cowles, Marc V 169 Cow man. Teresa R 1 82 Cox, Brenda E 182 Cox. Jon W 182 Cox, RondaJ 169 Cox. Todd D 1 23. 1 43. 1 45. 1 55 Coyle. Kristin 59 Crabbs. Debora 182 Craig. Carrie 59.148.149 Craig. Kimberly .• 155 Crane. Jennifer 129.169 Crane. John J 1 55 Crawford. Jerry 59 Crees. Michelle 26,30,155 Creger. Kay M 18,19.41,108,182 Cregcr, Tis ' ha A 30.142.155 Crise. Jeffrey 117.169 Crise. Matthew. W 155 Cronin. James E 91,116,182 Cronin, Lcanetle L 1 55 Cronk, Melissa D 182 Crooks. Crisu L 169 Cropp. Cheryl D 23.145.169 Cropp. Sherry A 1 82 Cross. Cole A 91.97.102 Cross. Lynelte 182 Crouse. Birgit 59.99 Crouse, John L 1 82 Crowley, Scott 26.169 Cruikshank. Arthur E 155 Cumings. Michael W 38,39.169 C union, James J 42.101.169 Cunningham. Crystal 155 Cunningham. Michelle 169 Curnes. Carrie 59 Curnes. Nancy 155 Curnes. Shame 59 Curtis, Kathrine M 155 Curtis, Michael 94.182 Custard. Steve 1 55 Dady. Michelle R 59,65.71 Daggett. Blondeanna 155 Daghestam. Diana 23.169 Daghestani. Gina 25,43.182 Damante. Cheri 155 Danca. Gracy N 59,99 Danca Rosina P 30,155 Daniels Troy 28,137,169 Darling. Chris 33.34,59 Darling. David 106.169 Darnall. Joseph 169 Darrah. Jodi L 40.169 Darrah. William M 169 Daughcnbaugh. Christine 155 Daughenbaugh. Lisa J 182.197 Daughcnbaugh. Melissa .... 1 169 Daughcnbaugh. Norman 59 Daughenbaugh. Patrick 124.182 Daughterly. Douglas 1 82 Daugheny. Lorrie S 148,149.182 Daugheny. Tammira 23.59.73 Davey. Bryan 1 55 Davidson. Brad L 1 2. 1 45. 1 55. 1 56 Davidson. Kan 28.169 Davidson. Laura 60 Davidson. Scott 29.35.169 Davis. Amy 145.155 Davis. Christina M 155 Dav is. Cynthia D 29. 1 36. 1 45. 1 69 Davis. Douglas. A 155 Davis. Jennifer K 1 55 Davis. John P 101.182 Davis, Kristie Davis. Lisa M 182 Davis. Phillip J 155 Davis. Rebecca 30 Davis. Rochelle 60.66,98 Davis. Tammy 182 Davis. Terry L 182 Davis. Tony R 155 Davis. Willis 182 Day. Danielle 169 Day. Shirley Deal. Wendy 44.60 Dean. Kathleen 182 Deangelo. James M Dcardcn. Brian 60.182 Debord. Kristcn 145.155 Debord. Michael 60 Debrouse. Tina M 1 55 Decamp. Travis 1 82 Deforest. Ryan D 155 Defrancisco. Patricia 1 4.60,64 Degroote. Bobbie J 155 Degroote, Wade P 182 Dekeyzer. Amy L Delury. Christopher Demoss. Michelle L 169 Denato. Anne 1 69 Denato. Peter 182 Dennis. Jack D 182 Dennis. Rachel L 155 Denny. Michelle M 31.182 Denny. Travis G 130.155 Denny. Tresa 60.99 Deshong. Michelle Devick. Denise R 30.169 Dewitt. Kristin 60.71 Dey, Patricia 130.169 Dhabalt. Brandy A 155 Dickev. Sherrv 39.169 Dickhoff, Michael A 42.142.182 Dickson. Dalles Ann 50,169 Dickson, Dawn 30.60 Didio. Erin 182 Dillard, Steve 123.142.169 Dilse. Natalie L 155 Dimaio. Anthony J 60 Dingman. Kellie J 21.61 Dinnen. Kevin, M 169 Dinwiddie. Cianan. R 169 Dittmar. Bradley D 123.137.169 Dobson. Richard J 155 Doke. Jeffrey P 169 Dolch, Scott E 32.155 Donaldson. Lance 3 1 .44, 1 30. 1 3 1 . 1 69 Dondlinger. Mary A 30.155 Dooley, Denise M 61 Dooley. James J 1 55 Dorris Dawn L 40,183 Doughty. KelliA 30.169 Douglas. Chad A 169 Dow, Christopher T 1 2.94, 1 37, 1 69 Downing. Bradley 1 83 Drake. Joel 108,1 16.135,138.185 Draper. James S 1 55 233 Draper. Kosanna S 1 55 Draper. Roxanna M 155 Droltz, Terry W 169 Drummond. Kelly A 106,183 Duckworth. Todd E 169 Dudley. Jennifer 169 Dueling. Darin 96. 123, 169 Dugger. Ronnie 1 83 Dullard. Bryan K 156 Dullard. Paul D 183 Dunham. Jerry W 142,169 Dunlap, Christine N 169 Dunston. Raleigh 1 56 Dunston. Wendy 169 Durban, Krisli 33,35,108,135 Durbin. Cynthia J 31,183 Duller. Samantha S 156 Dyer. Billie Jo 136.145,156 Dyer. Teresa M 170 Ealy, Crystal R 156 Eaton, KimberlyC 170 Eberhard. Charles Eberle. Karissa S 156 Eberlc. Kristina 156 Edgington. Julie 170 Edwards. Bryan W 9 1 . 1 1 6, 1 1 9. 1 45, 1 83 Edwards, Jeffrey K 42,183 Edwards. Michael S 130,183 Edwards. Ross E 170 Edwards. Teanna M 1 56 Egcnberger, Brvant L 123.170 Egenberger. Kelly S 30,156 Egcnberger. Keely A 145.156 Egenberger. Patricia 30. 1 56 Eidbo. Paul 108,146.183 Elgin. Bruce 33.43,183 Filer. Dorinda K 30.156 Ellifritt. Stacy M 170 Elliott. Carol R 31,61 Elliott. Douglas J 183 Ellis, Sam K 170 Ellwangcr. Leann R 30.156 Elmore. Lisa K 30.170 Else. Peter 33,61,74,124,146 Else, Seth A 26,27.123.146,156 Emmons. Sherri L 44,170 Endres. Maria A 170 Erickson. Jacqueline 61 Erickson. Kevin 1 70 Erickson. T Warren 27,28.93 Ervin. Keri 170 Essman. Bradly 145.183 Estes. Raymond 1 70 Eubanks, Erin K 183 Evans, Angclique M 58,61,91 Evans, Jeremy J 1 56 Evans, Michael J 103,170 Evans, PaulS 42,148.183 Ewing, Shelley 1 70 Exline. Donald V 116,183 Fazio, Tanya A 83 Fazio, Tina M 26,27,156 Fedson, Christopher R 123.156 Fees, Jerry 61,135.138 Feight. William 183 Felice. Anthony 1 56 Ferguson. Angela R 1 56 Ferguson. Danee 183 Ferguson. Darin 123,156 Fering. Christopher 137.145.156 Ferlitsch. Charles 183 Ferliisch. Michelle A 61.94 Ferlitsch. Penny 1 70 Fessler. Dennis E 1 70 Fessler. Frankie 61,101 Fessler, Norman L 1 56 Field. Michael E 170 Filter, Elizabeth A 30,156 Finken. Jill M 170 Finney. Dameda J 136,170 Fisher. Andrew J 130,170 Fisher, William 61 Fitzgerald, Lore 29 J 1.1 70 Flaherty, Mark 170 Halt. Christopher L 31,135,138.145 Flores. Alvira M 30,135,145,156 Floyd, Michael A 156 Foland, Nicolle R 33,183 Foland, Raquel A 29,135,136,170 Folkers, Steven 183 Fonza. Lolita M 30,156 Ford, JodiB 61 Ford, Tucker 183 Formaro. Daniel R 183 Formaro, Mark 1 56 Foronalo. Ronald M 1 56 Forst, Deborah L 156 Fortune, John D 1 83 Foy, David K 183 Francisco. Todd A 35,145,170 Fransen, Jace E 123,156 Franz, Stephen 1 70 Frederick, Jeffrey S 123,170 Free. David 183 Freed. Lei Ann 145.156 Freed. Lesa M 61 Freed. Lynne 1 56 Freel, Jeffrey 31,170 Freel. Robert R 61 Freel, Tina 40,183 Friend, Jody L 1 56 Friend. Mark 61 Friend. Melissa A 26,27 Friesz, Bryce 61 Fritz, Elizabeth A 61,145 Fritz, Kevin W 183 Fucaloro. Merianne. K 1 57 Fucaloro. Teresa Anne 62 Fuller. Brad 29.170 Fuller, Garry L 1 57 Funaro, Charles M 183 Furman, Stephen 62 Fuson. Danielle L 148.149, 183 Faith, Earl 183 Falkstrom. Mitchel D 183 Faller. Corey 183 Fargo. Mark D 122,124.145.183 Farrar, Dannctte S 61 Farrar, Robert W 156 Farrington, Lisa D 61,155 Faubus. Tammy 183 Fazio, James C 1 83 Gabbert, Kevin 183 Galde, Cynthia L 28,170 Gale, Jeffrey 170 Gale, Phillip 137,157 Galvan. Richard T 62,122,124 Gamble, Deborah L 26,27,157 Gamble, Patricia 62,118 Ganoe, Lisa A 31,62 Garcia, John P 183 Gardner, David S 145,157 Garland, Gary L 157 Garland. Timothy P 62,148 Garnett, Janice O 62 Garrett, Brent, T 91,183 Garrett. Stephanie L 1 83 Garrington. Todd W 36.62. 1 1 3. 1 24. 1 45 Garton. James Raymond 157 Gass, Victoria 1 57 Gates. Belly Jo 170 Gathercole. Jenifer R 26 Gatzke. Corey 142,145,170 Gean. Duslin H 62 Gensch, Gery L 143.157 Gcnsch, Leann M 1 1 8, 1 45. 1 70 Gentry. Natalie 62,71 Gentry. Nolden 137.170 George, James 1 70 George. Julie 1 83 George. Tim 1 45 Geppert, Shelley 31.185 German. Roberta G 136,157 Germany, Deundra L 124.183 Germany. Lasundria 145.170 Gero. BrianS 170 Geiman. Jennifer 183 Geyer, Darwin, L 1 83 Geyer, Heather 183 Geyer. Holly 97,183 Geyer, Matthew 123,137.157 Gfeller. Patricia 62 Gies. Michael 56,62.102.122,124,183 Gilbert, Connie J 183 Gilbert. David 13.62,124.130.131 Gilbert. Elizabeth 157 Gill. Mike D 178 Gillespie. Misiee D 62 Gilliam. Larry 62 Gilliam. Steven T 170 Gilliam. Theodore 183 Gilmer. Angie K 129,157,183 Gi offredi. Gary J 42, 1 23. 1 70 Glenn. Michelle 62 Glick. Timothy 148,170 Glover, Bryan C 157 Glover, Dianne L 1 57 Gobcn. Sucey L 1 57 Godfroy, Joseph 62 Goff. David M 183 Gomez. Joseph 62,99, 1 1 3 Gomez, Lola 1 84 Gomez. Maria C 157 Gomez, Victoria M 1 70 Goode, Sherry L 62 Goodson. Richard 33,62 Gordon. Lisa 136.157 Gordon, Lori 63.99 Gorsche, Theresa E ... 108.116.148,149.182, 184 Gothard. Cathy D 78 Graber, Michael 184 Gracey Peggy 28.184 Graeve. Ken F 1 57 Graham. Jeff 1 70 Grange, Crisline 116,170 Grange, Deborah L 184 Grant, Justine R 170 Gray, Arick M 130.157 Gray, Cherts 108.184 Gray, Jamie 1 84 Graziano, Nicole 38,39,63,93,147 Greco. Lanette L 22,23.134 Greco, Peter 145.157 Green, Cathe 38.39,63 Green, Kevin 157 Green. Kimberly 1 84 Green. Linda M 157 Greenwood. Melinda L 184 Greenwood, Michael J 157 Grier. James E 143,157 Griffin. Francis A 170 Griglione, Melissa J 184 Grimes. Kelly L 116.184 Grimes. Lincoln A 30.157 Groen, Kristi 32,170 Gross, Anthony J 1 57 Gross, Lynn D 170 Grout, David A 146.184 Grove. David A 63 Groves, Scott W 157 Grubb, Jason 123,145,157 Grubb, Mike 184 Grubb. Pamela Grubbs, Christy 29,170 Gruber. Douglas B 1 70 Gruber. Julie T 157 Gustafson. Ann 23.184 Gustafson. Christopher 1 23, 1 57 Gustafson, Denise 23,170 Guthrie. Michael W 157 Gutuskic. Paula J 26.157 Guyer. Candice 63 Guzewich, Christopher 63,146 Guzman. Anthony 1 84 Guzman. Dana 1 70 H Hadley. Jenny L 1 57 Hadlock. I enure 63 Hager. Harry 93 Hake. Jon C 170 Hale. Frederick 123.157 Hall. Kristin R 63.99 Hall, Richard 170 Halstead. Susan L 28.63.65 Halter. Paul 123,137.157 Halterman, Wray 123,157 Hamcisler. Gary L 1 84 Hamcister, Sucora J 1 70 Hamilton S James 184 Hamilton, Stacy 157 Hammer. Sean 184 Hammond. Bonnie 63 Hammond. Matthew R 170 Handsaker. Ben 26.63,91 Hankins. Tyler E 123,137,145.157 Hannah, Angela 184 Hansen, Allen 1 17,171 Hanson. Bobbi 1 57 Hanson. Laura 29,147,171 Hanson, Tommy 157 Hardic. Brian 171 Harless, Christina L 129,141.157 Harman. Jan M 123,130.157 Harper. Todd, A 184 Harpster. Amber 157 Harpstcr. Heather 1 57 Harris, Andrea L 171 Harris. April J 184 Harris, Carla 184 Harris, David 184 Harris. Kimberly D 21,184 Harrison, Binnie 157 Harrison. Holly A 26.27,157 Harrison. Tammy 1 84 Hart. John R 130 Hartcr. David L 184 Hanman. David G 157 Hartman. Kristina L 26,145.157 Hanman. Ron G 157 Hartzcr. Melanie 1 84 Harvey, Tony 117,124,142.184 Hatfield. Robert 171 Haus. James A 40.91.184 Haus. Lisa A 184 Haus. Marty A 26,29,157 Haus. Shannon 171 Havens. Patrick B 184 Hawk. James 142.184 Hawk Melissa 142,143.157 Hawker. Chrisul 171 Hawkins, Masey 63 Hawkins. Michael 184 Hawthorne, Jaime 108.184 Hayes, Jennifer A 157 Hayes, Kimberly 42,63 Hayes, Todd 185 Haynes, Rashell 185 Hays, Joanna 171 Hebert. Shannon P 185 Heckenlively, Mike 185 Hedges. Vicki 171 234 Hcdrick. Lisa 28,185 Hedstrand. Daniel 157 Heeberg, Jeff 148 Heidorn, Lisa D 171 Heimbaugh, Candy 158 Hein, Chrislina 63 Heilman, Shela 171 Hcjkal. Susanne 185 Helm. Randal L 185 Helmuth. Brad A 148.185 Hclmuth. Michaele M 27,28.63,148.149 Henderson, Vanessa 1 58 Hendricks, Horace 123,171 Hendricks. Tammy M 1 58 Hendricks, Tracy L Hendrix. Ricky J 15,42.63,124 Hennesy, Dean 123,145.158 Henning, Jamie Russel 158 Hcnrichs. Dotty 1 16,132,134.135,171 Hensley. Lisa L 158 Hensley, Matthew J 1 58 Herman. Jason 123.171 Herman John,1 17,124,127 Hcrriott, Todd K 38,39,171 Her berg, Jeffrey 137,158 Hewitt, Jeffrey A 171 Hews, Steven C 123,171 Hiatt, Troy Martin 185 Hibhs, David D 26,27.146,158 Hickman, Donald R 33.63 Hickman. Matthew C 40,158 Higgins. Tina Marie 158 Highland. Clint 158 Highland. Marina 171 Hildreth, Julie 98,185 Hildreth, Wendy 63 Hilcman, Shannon 158 Hill. Danny D 171 Hill. David E 171 Hill, Lisa 171 Hill. Michael P 158 Hill, Theodore R 66,91 Hillman. Michelle 147,185 Hinojosa. Sandra L 38,158 Hiracheta, Carmen 145,158 Hiscocks. Paul W 26, 1 48, 1 7 1 Hitchcock, Kelly M 171 Hodges. Rcnae. D 185 Hofbaucr. Lisa A 66.1 18 Hoff. Michael 185 Hogue, Everett 123,158 Hohenshell, Liesl 158 Hohler, Erick 16,66,77,124 Holcomb. Michael 66 Holdefer, Mark A 185 Holland. Samuel 171 Holm. Monte C 158 Holmes. Abbie 115,116,145.185 Holmes, Carrie 147.185 Holmes. Merle F 33,66.117 Holmes. Samatha J 91.158 Holtman. Denise 158 Holtman. Melissa J 185 Holton, Jennifer 29,171 Hon. Carrie 44,116.171 Hon. Teresa L 158 Hood, Diana L 44,171 Hook, William F 158 Horn, David A 171 Horn. Scott 171 Hornback. Wcndie 38.39,44,66,185 Horton, Jeffrey S,148 Hoskins. Kevin M 108,122.124,185 Hoskins, Michcle R 66 Hospodarsky. Jeneva M 66 Houck, Donna J 44.171 Houge, Elizabeth 185 Hovey. Stacy 116,122,124,185 Howard, Greg 137,171 How ard. Tracy L 185 Howland, Michaele 28,66 Huettman, Corey D 18 5 Huffman. Jeoffrey M 158 Huffman. Kimberly A 44.185 Hufford. BillieL 39,158 Hunt. Edward A 158 Huntsinger. Carol 30.171 Hurd. Shirley L 18.19.108,148,149,185 Hurd, Stephen W 145,171 Huss. Michon M 31.171 Hutchins, Corissa K 185 Hutchins. Roger 67 Hutchinson. Andrew 171 Hutchinson, Chad 158 Hutchinson. Melinda 1 158 Hutchinson, Ralph E 158 Hutchinson, Shelly 129.185 Hutchinson, Tammy 67 Hutchinson. Teresa D 171 Hutchison, Brandy L 13,33.34.49,67 Hutchison. Julie 171 Hutchison. Shannon 31.171 Ibrahim. Deann M 115,132,133,185 Ibrahim. Debra E 185 Ickowitz, Greg 1 37 Ingvall. Eric L 123.145.171 Inman, Tina M 185 Irons. Amy C 23.67 Irons. Angela 23,171 Isobaker. A James 39.158 Ison. Matthew D 67.94.117 Jackson. Daniel 67 Jackson. David D Jackson. Rochelle R 158 Jacobs, Mark R 122,124,185 Jacobsen. Robert W 42,185 Jacobsen. Sarah 1 58 James. Cindi A 1 58 James. Donnie E 1 58 James. Rochelle 1 85 James. Scott Wm 95,122.124.185 Janes. Randy A 158 Janssen. Steven J 1 17,171 Jarnagin, Brad 171 Jarnagin. Sean R 171 Jarshaw. Tommy 143.171 Jeffrey. Ricci 39.185 Jeffries. Michael 171 Jeffries. Robert M 171 Jenkins. Anna M 67 Jenkins. Teri 185 Jennings. Nichole 26.71 Jensen. Kathryn 185 Jcrgens. Michelle M 171 Joachims. Eric M 158 Johannesen. Kelli 158 Johansen, Melissa K 23,185 Johanson, Bruce D 123,145.171 Johanson. Douglas L 66,124,125.126.145 Johnson, Anthony 171 Johnson, Brill 1 58 Johnson, Cassaundra 1 85 Johnson, Cheri A 33,35, 1 85 Johnson. Christopher T 148.158 Johnson. Craig 171 Johnson. Darci 185 Johnson. Dcsira. L 44. 1 7 1 Johnson. Garret A 171 Johnson. Gerald B 1 16.138.185 Johnson. Jack L 171 Johnson. Jack Lee 1 85 Johnson. Jeffrey 1 58 Johnson. Jill Ellen 27,28.145,171 Johnson. Jill Suzanne ....,74 Johnson, Lome S 26. 1 58 Johnson, Melissa A 158 Johnson. Melissa S 172 Johnson. Michael L 124,145.185 Johnson, Nancy Ann 27,28,185 Johnson. Nancy Lou 27,28, 1 72 Johnson. Richard 1 85 Johnson. Robert A 1 04. 1 38, 1 39, 1 85 Johnson, Robert Todd 67 Johnson, Sara A 1 85 Johnson. Sean 1 58 Johnson. Shannon 67 Johnson. Stevan L 1 58 Johnson. Tad P 117,172 Johnson. Tonya Y 67 Johnston. Brenda 91,172 Johnston, Dennis D 1 17,185 Johnston, Eddy J 1 6,67,94.95. 1 30. 1 3 1 Johnston. Ethan 130.158 Johnston. Kammy L 172 Johnston. Melissa R 67 Johnston. Sheryl L 144,158 Jones. Brian W 124,185 Jones, Daniel 172 Jones. Denise A 23,172 Jones. Frederick R 1 58 Jones. Jennie L 1 72 Jones. Jennifer L 1 58 Jones, Jill 27,28 Jones, Julie C 67.69,76 Jones, Kelly R 172 Jones. Melissa 1 58 Jones. Michelle R 158 Jones. Nicole 1 72 Jones. Richard 185 Jones. Rodney A 44,92,172 Jones. Sandra L 185 Jones, Tracy 1 58 Jordan. Lisa R 1 72 Jorgensen. Jeffrey 30.158 K Kaczmarck, Valerie 129.172 Kading. Patrick 48,49.67,143 Kain. Laura 38.39.44,172 Kaldcnberg. John W 39,48,49.67.74 Kaloids. Jim 158 Karnes. Edward 1 85 Karnes. Gary W 32,67.148 Karnes. Ted 130.148.158 Kaster. Douglas L 67 Kearney. Kent 67.68 Keck. David 108,135.138,145.185 Keeling. Deanna 185 Keeling. Michael A 172 Kcho, Scott T 172 Kelce. Kathryn 106,172 Keller. Douglas G 42. 1 48. 1 78 Keller. Jackie 35.186 Kelley. Christopher 123.172 Kelley. Richard D 123,158 Kelley. Ronald 186 Kellis, Lisa A 22,23.186 Kellis. Ricci J 172 Kellogg, David 31.186 Kellogg. Robert W 124 Kelly. Jeffrey 67,69,119,145 Kelso. Charles 172 Keltner, Tracy M 1 72 Kennedy. Denise 1 72 Kenyon, John 172 Kephan, Aaron 123.158 Kephan. Jodie A 23.186 Kerr. Katherinc M 158 Kesselring, Jill 67 Kesselring, Mara L 129,158 Kiene, Chantel R 30.158 Kimbro. Robert 172 King. Julie D 27,28.172 King, Linda E 26.172 King, Steven D 186 King. Susan 26.186 Kingen. Martin J 186 Kinney. Larry J 159 Kinney. Michael J 67,107 Kiplinger, Chantelle 186 Kirkman. Kimberly D 34,46.67.69 Kirkman. Robert R 31,32,186 Kissel. Cheryl A 38.39,67 Kissell. Alisa 186 Kline. Jeffrey 56.67,112.124 Kline, John E 123,131.145.159 Klinge Frederick 143.159 Klug, Brian K 67 Klug. Jeffrey D 143,159 Klug. Sheena 186 Kmicciak. Teresa 172 Kneile. Aaron 137.172 Knight, Nikole 159 Knight. Sonja K 172 Knode. Francis 159 Knowles. Melody L 1 18.186 Knox. Jeffrey A 172 Knudsen, Kristen 172 Knutson. Laura L 67,99 Koenig, Heather 30.72 Koenigs. Jon B 1 72 Kokke. Pamela 172 Konchalski. Sandra L 40,1 17,186 Kong. Sokha 186 Kozak. Karen 1 59 Krahl. Bradley 159 Krinn. Jeremy A 159 Kroke, Gayle L 68 Kroke. Paula A 186 Krugler. Lorilei L 186 Krugler. Michael C 159 Kuehl. Alan F 159 Kuhn. Russell 93.108.186 Kunkel. John 68.92,103 Kyser. Sandra 28.186 Lacona. Lisa 68 Ladd. Bryan C 142.186 Lainson. Jane 30.159 Lair. Jacquie D 30.32. 1 59 La Mar. Shana D Lamb. James 186 Lambert. Brian 159 Lame. Linda 31.33.186 Lampman. Melissa 159 Lampman. Stacy L 1 86 Langlinais. Kevin V 68 Lapham. William 122,124,145.186 Larson, Kerry J 1 73 Last, Michell J 159 Laughlin. Kathy 31,68.186 Law. Bryan P 142,143.173 Lawless. Christopher 135.138.186 Lawless, Mark 68,117 Lawrence, Scott M 1 59 Laws. David A 26,27.173 Laws. Dennis M 1 86 Lay. Robert M 186 Lea. Antonio T 68 Leahy. Shannon 1 59 Learning. Diana 1 73 U-aper. Gregory 145.186 Lcavengood. Kristin J 30.136,159 Lcblanc, Njai 186 Leech, Tracey 1 86 Leedy. Michael 173 Legg, Darci A 1 73 Legg. Deric A 173 Legg. Randal S 33.34.68 Legg. Sherri E 159 Lcib. Julie 30,159 Leigh. Susan J 1 73 Lemke. Rodney J 1 59 Lemke. Shelly L 186 Lemon. Timothy C 186 235 Lenz, Lane Jack 1 59 Leo. James J 1 73 Leo. Lisa 28.68 Leo. Tcresina 1 86 Leonard. Casey 30.123,145,159 Leonard. Shelly 173,186 Leopold. Kyle 186 Leslie. Lester D 73.123.146 Lester. Michelle 68 Lester, ScotlS 173 Lestrange. Jeff M 117,186 Levang. Jason D 74. 1 73 Lewis. Donna E 30,159 Lewis, James M 1 73 Lewis. Ronald E 130,173 Lewis. Scott A 159 Lewis, Suzeue M 68 Lile. Jeffrey 145.173 Lilly. Rhonda 44.166,173 Lilly. Stacie 27,28, 1 48. 1 49, 1 59 Lindemoen, Jeffrey A 187 Link. Billy 187 Linton. Shelly Louise 34.64,68 Litchkey. Tracy L 68,187 Little. Charles W 142,187 Little, Dustin G 187 Little. Kevin E 68 Little. Scott A 117,187 Little. Sharon L 173 Little. Tammy R 30,159 Livingston. John R 145,159 Livingston, Wendv K 26,173 Lloyd. Robbie 68,113 Locke. Stacey J 30.159 Lockey, Arvana M 26. 1 59 Loffredci, Lawrence A 145,159 Logsdon. Dale 187 Logston, Larry A 1 73 Loney, Gina 68 Loney.Tina 173 Long, Benjamin 1 59 Long, Betty Ann 159 Long. Charice D 30.129.159 Long. Charles E 73,130 Long. Dee Anna 78,145 Long. Jean 14.68.146,147 Long. Mark S 1 73 Longcor. Lisa 68 Longcor, Tract L 30, 1 59 Loux, Gary W 31,142,173 Lovan. Bounhcuang 173 Lovan. Pamourinc 1 59 Lovett. Mickey 187 Lucia. Nicole 159 Lukehart. Teresa L 32. 1 1 6. 1 35. 1 36. 1 73 Lukenbill. Shawn K 68 Lukenbill. Tnsha A 173 l.umbard. Brian 130,159 Luna. Anthony R 95,187 Luna. Gonzalo 26, 1 59 Luna. Lisa A 187 Luncsford. Steven E 1 73 Lundeen. James 173 Lundeen. Timothy A 69 Lundgren. Jill J 69 Lundquist, Lvnn A 187 Lundy.ChadG 145.159 Lundy, Mario 42,187 Lyons, Tricia L 173 M MacDonald. Charles 173 MacGregor. Scott J 69 Mack. Brian L 28,69 Mackey. Deanna 173 Mackey, Michael S 173 Madero, Jerna 46.47,69 Makowski, Susan M 173 Maldonado. Greg A 69 Maldonado. Jill R 98.187 Manley, Melinda S 29,173 Manley.Teri 69,94,95 Manning, Jennifer L 713 Marasco. John 151 Marcum. Gina 41,173 Marcum. Theresa 173 Marinaro. Marty M 173 Marinaro. Thomas L 30. 1 59 Marlow, James 122.124.187 Marlow.TroyT 123.159 Marquardt, Jason,173 Marquis. Alan 29, 1 73 Marquis. Travis W 130.187 Marshall, Amy 28.145.173 Marshall. Denise M 69 Marshall, Diana K 49.69 Marshall, Joel S 69 Marshall, Sherry 42.173 Marshall. Susan K 28,70 Martin. Christine 30, 1 73 Martin. Cindy C 173 Martin. Harold 70.122.124 Martin. Margaret 1 59 Martin. Terri 1 87 Martin. Todd 187 Martindale. Anthony 41 ,42. 1 1 7. 1 45. 1 73 Martinez, John L 173 Marturello, Crystal 173 Marturello, Deanna L 42. 1 73 Mascaro. John 26.42.187 Massey. Charles W 148.187 Massey. Christin J 187 Matalone, Paula 187 Matney. Jeffrey S 173 Matney. Melissa 70 Mauro.Toni L 30.173 Maxon. Grace Denise 1 59 Maxwell, Sherry A 159 May, Christy 187 May, Melissa A 70 May, Paul 117,187 May. Philip A 159 May. Thomas 145.159 Mayfield, Jeanie R 173 Mays. Raymond 1 59 Mazza, Erica L 1 59 McAninch. Shannon 173 McBnde, Chad 159 McBnde. Dennis 187 McBnde. Wayne 173 McBroom. Candy J 159 McCall. MaryK 173 McCarrell. Willie 137.173 McCarthy. Kevin M 143.159 McCarty, Shane J 159 McCaughey, Misty L 30.160 McClain. Melisa 1 73 McCleary, Michael 123,145,174 McCloney. Debra 145.160 McCloney. Rodney 70.187 McCollough. Christina 30.160 McConnell. Kamri 160 McCormick, Kim 70 McCoy. Amy 28,31.187 McCoy. Daniel 174 McCoy. Gregory A McCoy. Susan 174 McCurnin. Maria M 187 McDaniel. Johnny 161 McDaniel, Timothy 1 74 McDonald. Heather 42.187 McDonald, Mike M 187 McDougall. Kellie 160 McDowell, David 31,174 McElvogue. Christopher 160 McGee. Jodi E 26,174 McGee,TroyL 12.60,70 McGehee, Lisa M 32,160 McGehee. Michael 187 McGraw, Kenneth K 187 McGriff. Bryan W 160 McGrirT. Michele L 145,174 McKeehan, Donald 70 McKern, Rebecca 1 74 McLaughlin. Kathryn 174 McNally, Amy 13,70,115 McNew, Bonnie 160 McNulty, Lori 33,43,187 McPherson, Patricia L 70 McPhillips. Brian M 174 McReynolds. Daniel 187 McVey. Brian 123,174 McVey. Michelle L 70 Mc Williams, Jodie A 160 McWilliams, Scott 70 Mealey. Michael T 1 74 Mealey, Michelle L 44.187 Medina. Gregory J 123,160 Medina, Ramona L 70,99,102 Medina. Theresa 187 Mefferd. David L 187 Meffred, Lisa 187 Meislerburg, Mara K 1 60 Melia, Elisa 174 Meline. Caroline 141.174 Meline, Ellen N 17,26 Meline. Matt C 1 4, 1 7,70. 1 30. 1 3 1 . 1 46 Mendenhall. Stephanie 1 74 Mendenhall. Todd 13, Mercer. Christine 70 Messier, Michelle 160 Methfessel, Eric 123.174 Meyer. Gary L 1 87 Meyer. Vickie L 1 74 Meyers, Jeffrey 30.160 Mezera, Frank 174 Mezera. Mark A 70.93,102 Micile, Anthony J 70 Mikesell. Angela M 26.70,97 Miler, Todd A 174 Miller, Adam 43,123.160 Miller. Amy C 160 Miller. Bill R 187 Miller. Bradley 160 Miller. Christopher 33,35.187 Miller, Corinna S 60 Miller, Douglas J 187 Miller. Gina 33,108.187 Miller. Jennifer 70,99 Miller, Joe 123.174 Miller. Kelli 187 Miller. Krisline E 71 Miller, Larry C 30,160 Miller, Michael A 71,187 Miller Michael D 65.68 Miller, Rodney L 71 Miller. Tammy L 30.174 Miller. Teri J 152.160 Miller. Thomas J 187 Milligan. Robert 30,160 Mills. Kimberly 71 Mills. Kristy 174 Mills, Thomas 1 74 Millsap, Traci L 160 Milton. Brad 187 Mischel, Richard 160 Mitchell. Daniel A 71 Mitchell. Denice A 30.160 Mitchell. Joe K 187 Mitchell. Marsha R 48,49,60,71 Mitchell. Melissa K 44,74 Mitchell, Michelle M 19.71.73,120.121 Mitchell, Michelle R 46,47 Mitchell, Todd 31.174 Mitchels. Jamie L 22,23.187 Mock, Kelly J 174 Mock, Robert J 174 Moflitt. Cassandra 32,174 Mohler, Aaron 1 87 Mohler, Julie A 160 Monahan. Cleo A 187 Monahan. Melissa I 71 Monahan. Michael D 66,71.142,143 Monscour. Jeffrey J 130,131 Montgomery. Billie 46,47,71 Montgomery. Shawn M 187 Moon. Chris 187 Moon. Daniel R 71 Moon. Kyung Na 174 Moor, Laureen 187 Moore. Bruce E 71 Moore, Calvin M 1 74 Moore, Kevin M 71,91,122.124,145 Moore, Lori 160 Morano, Slefanie K 26,27,160 Morawski, David 160 Morawski. Henry J 174 Morgan. Craig 1 87 Morgan. Nika M 1 74 Morris. Dianne L 187 Morris. Marcia 1 74 Morrow, Samuel A 30.143.160 Mortimer. Shaun D 87.1 16 Moser. Joan 1 74 Moser. Lawrence 1 75 Mottoli. Mike 43 Moural, Jason D 142,175 Moural, Robert M 142.160 Mouzakis. Danny M 1 60 Mouzakis, Krissy 175 Mowrey, Renee A 1 75 Moyer. Robert 187 Moylan. Lisa 21,71.103 Moyle, Troy 188 Muctzel, Malinda M 160 Mulvihill. Anasiasia 188 Mulvihill. Melinda A 160 Munsingcr. Katherine N 160 Munyon. Eldon 161 Munyon. Lisa 175 Munyon. Wendell A 160 Murfin. Kathleen A 147,175 Murphy, Anne L 33,34,35.71.91 Murphy. Barbara J 188 Murphy. Derek S 31.175 Murphy. Paula E 71 Murphy, Scott 137,161 Murphy, Vicki L 188 Murray. Raymond L 30,161 Mussmann, Barry A 123,175 Myers, Hiedi 161 Myers. Leslie . . . .32,33.34,41,46,48.49,67.71, 115 Myers. Rachelle L 61,91 Myers. Shane S 175 N Naples. Anthony 175 Naples. Tammi 71 Nash. David 91,188 Nebola, Tammy 145,175 Neely, Shannon C 30,161 Nelsen. Robert 188 Nelson, Angela 75.1 16 Nelson, Bryan P 71.91 Nelson, Jeffrey A 123.175 Nelson. Jeffrey D 145.188 Nelson, Lance 188 Nelson. Lori A 23.145,188 Nelson, Patrick J 145.161 Nelson. Steve P 161 Nessen, Melissa 188 Nester, Chrissa 141 Newell, Arthur 188 Newell. Brett S 161 Newell, Jeffrey E 188 Newell, Jennifer A 27,28.188 Newell, Nancy E 161 Newkirk, Cynthia A 31,33,188 Newton, Sean 31.33 Nicholson. Christy 18,19,34,35.188 Nicoletto. Brian J 72 Nieuwenhuis, Kary G 175 Nigro, Michelle 72 Nipper, Michael 148.161 Nissen. Hans E 72 Nisser, Robert 123,161 Nobile, Marc 1 75 Noble, Robert J 72 Noble, Timothy J 72 Noboa, Elsa M 161 Norris, John M 175 Norris, Kelly J 130,161 Norris, Kimberly 72,115 Norton, Holly L 28,39,46,47,72 Notch, Patricia 37,38,39,46,47,72 236 Nucaro, Tony W 29,175 Nuckolls, Stephanie A 31,161 O ' Brien. Rochelle 14,64,72 O ' Conner. Melisa 1 75 O ' Conner, Rachelle 13,46.47,48.49,69.72 O ' Conner, Renee 1 16,136,175 O ' Conner, Tad L 161 O ' Donnell, David 161 OfTenburger. Diane K 31,88 Ogden, Heidi 72 Ogden, Jeffrey M, 140.145 Ogden. Rocky 175 Ogle, Russell 72 O ' Keefe, Amy 175 Oliver, Bruce A 175 Oliver, Tracey 161 Oliver. Troy 188 Olmstead, Cherie C 175 Olson, Arthur 188 Olson. Tricia A 22,23,30,175 O ' Neal, Scott 93,122.124,188 O ' Neal, Shawn P 93,123.130.161 O ' Neel, Cory 117,188 Orcutt, Joseph W 63 Oswalt, Michelle 31,72 Otis, Richelle 36,175 Otte. Lori A 175 One, Michaela V 188 Otte. Wayne N 72 Overton, Belinda J 175 Overton, Donna 30,161 Overton, Julie J 40,188 Overton, Kasey J 1 75 Overton, Ted I 72 Pack, Eric 72,145 Padavich, Crystal A 28,175 Page. John B 72 Page, Michael 175 Pagel. Douglas J 123.161 Pak. Changyon 36,38,39,188 Pak. Chi Hui 30.161 Palladino. Christopher 188 Palladion. Joseph A 161 Parisho. Kelly 30,72,135,138,145 Park, Rae Lynn 22.23.30,175 Parker. Gene R 123,161 Parker, Michael 49,72,75,122.124,127 Parker, Monica 32.44,175 Parker, Tamara 1 75 Parkin. Penne 36,72.94 Parks. Daniel 72,93,148 Parnell, Grant 123.91,161 Parsons, Dawn M 49,72,147 Parsons, Forrest 72 Parsons, Larry D 188 Patel, Milan 188 Patel, Nimisha J 175 Patel, Trupti 188 Patterson, Brian 42,72 Patton, Kevin M 72 Pazzi, Frank, A 72 Peasley, Dwana J 161 Perez, Christopher 130,146,161 Perez, Rosemary 161 Perkins, Jennifer 1 22, 1 88 Perkins, Tracey 46,49,72 Perry, John 12,130,148,175 Pester, Caroline A 32,72 Petefish, Sharon 175 Peterson, Bruce 123,145,161 Peterson. Dawn M 30.175 Peterson, Robert 122.123,188 Phillips, Glenda L 161 Phipps, Denny L 161 Phipps, Robert D 161 Picciurro, Victor B 161 Pickett, Eddie 188 Pietsch. Michelle K 188 Pinter, Emily L 30.161 Pippett, Brad E 123,137,145.175 Pippett. Mark R . . 1 3. 1 7.72, 1 24. 1 26. 1 38. 1 4 1 . 145 Pittman, Shelley A 175 Polly. Laura L 175 Poison. Angela M 161 Poortinga. Johnny 73.122,124 Poortinga, Todd 123.161 Poortinga, William C 145.161 Pope. Jolela 40,175 Portel, Carrie J 31.73 Porter, Andrew J 123,161 Porter. Dawn R 161 Porter. Kelly Jo 40,175 Post, Aletha L 175 Post. Angela C 44,188 Post, Dawn 175 Post, Deanne 161 Post, Randall L 26,188 Potter. Melissa R 175 Potter. Stacy L 188 Potts. Elizabeth 136,145,161 Power. Christopher N 1 2 1 , 1 48, 1 75 Praska, Craig 189 Praska, Jerry M 73 Pratt, Betty 175 Pratt. Julie 26,189 Pratt, Norma L 161 Pratt. Shannon L 161 Pratt, Stephanie A 189 Prenosil, Stacy Jo 161 Presley. Annette L 161 Prettyman. Craig W 142.175 Prettyman. Curtis A 73,1 13,142 Prince. Daniel H 145,161 Prock, Jody 175 Prusia. Michael 161 Prymek, Elizabeth A 189 Pryor, Robert 142,175 Pulliam, David 29,123,175 Purdy. Jacki Jo 161 Putney. Christine M 23,175 Putney, Robert 142,175 Quaintance, Sara 189 Quaintance, Sheryl L 73 Quick. Tina M 189 Quijano. Derek A 143,161 Quijano. Janice L 180.189 Quintana. Jason S 175 Quirk, Richard E 161 Racksasouk. Amphayvanh . . 1 89 Racksasouk, Viengkhong 175 Rains, Chuck A 161 Raleigh, Sandra L 161 Ramey. Tina M 189 Ramirez, Christina M 161 Ramirez. Krista Renae 15 Ramos. Ana 161 Ramos. Phillip P 73 Ramos, Tony M 1 89 Ramsey. Carolyn M 31.189 Randleman. Michele 73 Randolph. Karena D 1 62 Rankin. Amy M 162 Raper, Douglas 116.189 Ray. Kenneth 142.162 Raymond. Angela 1 75 Raymond. Martin J 162 Reasoner, Dawn M 1 75 Reasoner. Dennis D 105 Reasoner. Donna L 31.189 Rebhuhn. Yvonne C 162 Rector. Dawn M 22,31.175 Rector, Stephanie 31,44.1 89 Reed. Daniel Reed. Dione R 20,28.175 Reese. Michelle R 73 Reeser, Antonio 162 Reeves, John A 73.103 Reeves, Shelby 162 Reichenbacker, Brooke 147,175 Reichen. Karyn 136.162 Reid. Michael J 123,176 Reincrs. Anja 32.43.73 Reinier, Rhonda S 189 Remele. Dawn 26,176 Remington. Scott E 162 Ren, Lucy 162 Ren, Steven E 176 Renda. Traci S 20.176 Renken. Robyn V 74.103 Reynolds. Chad Lee 27.27 Reynolds. Mark 27,28,176 Rhoades, Robert 74.167 Rhoads. Marcy J 162 Rhoads. Ronda D 189 Rhode. Suzanne 30.162 Riccelli, Terry S 122,124,189 Riccio, Amelia F 120.176 Riccio, Joe 35 Riccio. Margaret 44. 1 89 Riccio, Theresa 74 Rice. Annette, Mane 1 89 Rice. Billy J 176 Rice. Dandle S 74 Richards. Jeffrey 74 Richards. Mike 74.100 Richards, Rodney H 189 Richards. Steven A 1 62 Richardson. Hope M 1 76 Richardson. Scott A 1 89 Richmond.Stacie L 162 Riddle, Wendi 42.189 Riewer. Richard S 74.148 Rincon. Kimberly M 162 Rinker, Meredith M 33.35.190 Rios, Alphonso, A 89,101 Rios, Arthur J 162 Rios, Christine R 31.189 Rios. Stephen C 74 Rippey. Darin 1 1 7, 1 1 8. 1 1 9. 1 45. 1 89 Rissman. Robert 123.162 Rivas, Deborah 120.176 Rivas, Robin 28,116,189 Rivera, Joline K 1 89 Rivera Jose 162 Rivera. Randolph M 74 Riveriaestrella, Jean 162 Roach. R J 162 Roach, Tyler 135.138.189 Robb. Ellen K 31.74 Robb. Kim J 189 Robb, Krislina M 176 Robb, Renee A 28,74 Robbins, Georgette A 1 76 Robbins, John J 42,74 Roberts, Loucinda J 162 Roberts, Micahel 122.176 Roberts. Michael A 24.89 Robinson. Brent 26,137.176 Robison, Neal 27.28,137.162 Robuck, Jason A 162 Rodish. Renee 32,176 Rodish, Robyn 189 Rodriguez. Romona A 162 Roe. Jennifer L 26,27.136.162 Roe. Michael 176 Roeder, Shaun C 91.189 Rogers, Jeffrey L 148.176 Rogers. Kristcn K 189 Rogers, Michael D 189 Rogoff. Jack 189 Rogoff, Kimberly 176 Rokitnicki. Dorota 74 Rokitnicki. Robert 79 Roland, Heather D 40.176 Roland. Jody A 40.162 Roland, Todd D 61.68.74,113.124.145 Rollins. Patrick C 176 Romans. Heidi A Rombou. Jessy 176 Romine, Paul 123,176 Rose, Jeremy A 162 Ross. A J 189 Rossell. Matthew 78 Roth. Jeffrey 26.27.130,162 Routh. Marvis 189 Routson. Cindi L 74 Rowan. Michael T 123.143.162 Rowe. Daniel D 162 Rowe. Philip J 162 Rudat. Trent 162 Rufcr. Staci L Rulli. Anthony 189 Rumner. Allison K 163 Runyan. Noelle 189 Rush, Kenneth L 17.189 Rush. Matthew 163 Rush. Timothy 126,145 Rushton. Paula 26.163 Russell. Rodney A 74 Russo. Curt 176 Russo. Joseph 176 Rutan. Dana J 189 Ryan. Harry 74 Sacks. Karrie B 145.163 Saf. Kellie 30.163 Saitta. Jennifer 30.163 Salmon. Sonya 27,28. 1 63 Sail man. Jody M 1 76 Salt man. Scott 163 Salvaggio. Mark A 189 Samson. Richard E 189 Sandelin, Sandra 1 89 Sanders. Dianna J 1 65 Sanders. Daniel C 27,28. 1 89 Sanford, Jay 74 Sanford, Matthew C 26.27,123 Sanford. Michelle 40.163.189 Sanford. Shawna M 1 89 Sanford. Tonya M 1 76 Sanning. Kirsten 42.189 Saphongxay. Manorat 163 Sargent. Steve G 74 Saler. Melissa Sue 39,163 Sater. Russell 74 Satre. Johathan 14,17.38.75,% Saville. Karal 163 Sayasane. Kanlagnany 163 Sayasane. Melissa 1 76 Sayasane. Noudsaravanh 42,75,91 Scarcello. Frank 1 76 Schaefer, Tina 1 89 Schaffer. Robyn L 75 Schaper. Steven 75.9 1 Schilling. Paul 38.39.163 Schlarbaum. MikeS 75 Schmidt. Kelly M 190 Schnathorst, Lisa 30.90,180 Schneider, Pamela 108.190 Schnoor. Julie Ann 148.149.163 Schnoor. Rodney A 75 Schofield. Shawna 176 237 Schooler. Leakol L 1 76 Schooler. Rochelle 21,75 Schrock. James 116.190 Schroeder. Amy M 26,32.75.92 Schroeder, James 3 1 . 1 76 Schroeder, Patrick L 1 76 Schuue. Joel M 35,123.145.176 Scigliano. Alyssa A 163 Scott, Karla Jo 190 Scott. Kris L 176 Scott, Larry 190 Scott, Paul Brian 28.190 Scott. Stephen 28,75.145 Seals. John 118,119.130.190 Seals. Michelle 46,48,49.75 Searcy. Bryan C 137,163 Searcy, Michelle 190 Searcy. William L 145,163 Seiberling, Steven R 1 76 Selim. Anna K 176 Sellers. Dawn M 26,163.176 Sellner. Jill S 176 Senger. Melissa J 44. 1 76 Scnger. Timothy J 163 Sevedge. Denise R 23,190 Severeid. Robert 1 76 Scvereid, Tracey A 163 Sevcnno. Joseph 13,75 Sexton. Kelccy 1 76 Shaffer. Cvnthia B 190 Shaffer. Julie A 25,27.75.129 Shannon, Deborah 28.99 Shannon, Richard 163 Sharr. Laura 44,176 Shaver. Michael 1 76 Shaw. Lisa K 28.31.176 Shcesley, Brian J 29,176 Sheeslev. Michelle 75 Snellen. Lisa R 29.117.176 Shepherd. Jon G 75 Sherman. Jeffrey 122,124.170 Sherman, Scott J 75 Sherman. Thomas L 26.163 Shiffer. Kimberly 163 Shipley. Christopher R 163 Shoup, Denise 75.141 Sibert. Carla L 75 Sibert, Ruth 2778.176 Siemer. John 1 76 Siemers, Karl G 145.163 Sievers, Stacey 26,163 Simmons, Dawn M 176 Simmons, James 1 76 Simms, Lee 190 Simpson. Carl D 163 Simpson. Shannon R 1 76 Simms, Brian R 42,75 Sims. Mary 115,174 Sims, Richard J 176 Sims. Stacey L 44.163 Skidmore, Angela 118,119,130.190 Skidmore, Lisa M 31,75,118,145 Slade, Braden 190 Slezak, Kevin 190,191 Slifer, Craig 163 Sloan. James A 143,176 Sloan. Robert L 163 Smidt. Amanda D 163 Smidt, Amy L 21,176 Smith, Aimee Joelene 176 Smith. Bradley 31,163 Smith. Curtis J 123,163 Smith, David L 123.163 Smith. David Scott 3,176 Smith, Denise E 190 Smith. Dennis W 190 Smith. Jamie 75 Smith. Jean A 31.42.190 Smith. Joyce L 190 Smith. Kelly K 163 Smith. Laura L 32,76.190 Smith. Lisa D 163 Smith, Melissa L 177 Smith, Michelle L 27.28.177 Smith, Patrick J 177 Smith. Shawn E 46,76 Smith, Sheila B 30.163 Smith. Thomas L 33,35.190 Smong, Ike 148 Smool. Matt W 177 Snyder, Jeffrey P 26,177 Snyder, Jeffrey S 26,123.177 Snyder, Steven L 76 Soda, Tori 23.31,116,190 Sodergren, Brian 40. 1 7 1 Song, II Sup 190 Sonnenburg, Catherine 145,190 Soper, Michelle 177 Soper, Scott L 76 Sorensen. Sandra 190 Soroka. Andrew D 190 Soroka, Carrie A 163 Soroka, Jennifer L 35,76.190 South. Elizabeth D 13,23,76 Sparks. Diana 76 Sparks, Donna L 21,76 Sparks, Kelli L 190 Sparks, Lorie A 163 Sparks. Marilee 20,44.177 Sparks, Sheryl K 190 Spaulding, Theresa L 76,99 Spaulding, Thomas E 123.142,163 Spaulding, Troy D 177 Spears, William 3.190 Speck, Lisa M 190 Speck. Malt 29,31,123,177 Spidle, Karen K 129.145,177 Spidle, Mark 27,28,177 Spidle. Susan M 129.190 Spitzer, EJ 148.177 Sposato, Tony 177 Spring. Pamela 33.190 Spurgeon. Scott E 163 Stafford. Lori L 30.163 Stahl. Lee R 190 Suley Sheryl A 190 Stamper, Candy I 177 Stangcr, Jamie S 177 Stanton, Brenton E 1 77 Stapes, Judi A 18.19.73,76,99 Stark, Ann M 190 Stark. Jennifer L 163 Starman, Scott A 1 77 Starner. James 1 77 Slarner. Larry J 163 Starr. Michael E 163 Slec. Joseph A 1 77 Steele. Garrett H 145.163 Steele. Matthew 130.163 Steffens. Christina L 177 Steffes. Nick C 163 Stenberg, Susan 76 Stenstrom. Daniel E 190 Stephens, Karen K 76 Stephens. Lisa L 1 77 Sterns. Mark 119,142.190 Stevens, Donald W 177 Stevens, Melissa 163 Stevens. Ronald J 163 Stevenson. Virginia A 42,190 Steward. Noelle, D 163 Stewart, Alan W 117,190 Stewart, Betty Jo 163 Stewart, Kimberly K 30.163 Stille. Crystal R 177 Stinson. Jeffrey R 164 Stiles, Kristin 164 Sleeker. Karen K 136,164 Stoddard. David 177 Stodden, Steven 26.177 Stodgel. Kimberley 190 Stoermer, Stephen. E 1 90 Stoffel. Joshua J 123,137,164 Stonehocker, Robin 76 Stonehocker, Ronda 30,164 Storjohann, Tracie 93,145,164 Stougard. Karmen A 30,164 Stout, Ryan 76 Strain, Wendy S 76 Straton, Bob 130 Streeter, Charles 177 Strong, Jeffrey M 28,31,76,130,131 Slruve, Angela 28,76 Struve, Brian M 30,164 Stundins. Mela K 12,23,69.76 Stundins. Richard 146.177 Subleit. Lodcne 164 Sublelt. Ralph 177 Sufka. David M 76.102 Summers. Eric E 177 Summers. Mechelle R 76 Sumpier. Jackie W 30.164 Sumpler. James W 164 Surbaugh, Alan 148.190 Susie. Peter A 146,188,190 Suthcrlin. Jamesina 190 Svendsen. Kai 43 Swails. Denise 76 Swails, Jimmy D 164 Swan Judy 177 Swenson. Sherri L 36,177 Swindler. Jason 31.146 Swinlon. Denise 69.76 Swolley. Carl W 177 Tallant. Allison G 164 Talsi, Katja 100 Tamasi. Angela 1 1 5. 1 90 Tale, Stacy J 190 Taylor, Robert W 30,145.164 Taylor. Rodney A 44. 1 64 Tcdesco. Deborah 177 Tcigcn, Darrin 177 Templeton. Thomas 1 64 Tepfer. Travis M 123,137,164 Terrell. Chad P 164 Terrell. Tammy L 177 Terry. Chad W 145,164 Tesdell. Gary S 27,123,145.177 Teske. Sean M 1 64 Tesky, Brant 164 Thacker, Karl M 65,68.76,91 Thacker, Troy T 123.177 Thielkc. Lisa 190 Thoermcr. James 164 Thoermer. Sarah 33,46.49.65,69,76.147 Thomas, Alissa 21.77 Thomas, Carl 91,1 19,130,145,177 Thomas, Cherrie 77,93,118 Thomas, Christine 30,164 Thomas. Deanna 77 Thomason, Jennifer K 164 Thompson. Douglas R 122,124,136.190 Thompson, Jennifer R 77 Thompson. Paula M 1 90 Thompson, Richard A 1 64 Thompson, Richelle K 190 Thompson, Steve 1 48, 1 64 Thompson, Timothy 177 Thompson, Tracy A 26 Thompson, Troy 1 64 Thompson, Vickie 177 Thornton. John O 77 Thorpe, Shannon 31.177 Tickle. TaraL 30,144.164 Tiffany. Sharla 32,93.190 Tigner. Scon 123.177 Titus, TraciL 177 Tokheim, Kevin 190 Tokheim. Kyle 190 Tolley, Lori L 31,177 Tomkinson. Richard R 177 Tomlinson, Robby D 190 Tomlinson, Russell D 33,35,77,124,126. 127 Tomlinson, Scott A 26,77 Toomey, Jeannic 44, 1 77 Torgerson, George 190 Townsley. Angela M 190 Treanor, Jim 164 Trent. Dennis 177 Trevillyan. John F 164 Triska. Toni 77 Trogdon, Mike 1 77 Trogdon. Wanda K 1 64 Troxel, Tiffany 190 Truitt, Jeannie L 1 64 Trullinger, Jody L 164 Trumbo, Brenda 42,177 Tucker, Laura 37.38,39.177 Tucker, William 164 Tudor, Angla 164 Tumea. Sammy 100,191 Turk. Joseiie 177 Turner. Rachelle A 1 77 Turnipseed. Adnenna 177 Turnipsecd. Alecia 30,39,177 Tutor, Dana 77 Tuttle. Darrin 164 Tuttle. Shelley 177 Tweedy, Kimberly 44,129,177 Tweedy. Timothy 191 Twelmeyer, Daniel 94, 1 37. 1 48. 1 77 Tyer, Eric, J 119,164 Tyler, Lynnelte L 177 Tyler, Tom M 164 Tyson. Tyler D 164 u Ubaldo. Ramona 178 Upton. Scott W 191 Usher. Jeffrey 178 Utley. Madalenc M 164 Utter. Charles 164 V VanArkel. David M 26.27.164 Vanderley. Pamela 26.30,178 VanderWaal. Jason 164 VanderWaal, Julie 77,191 VanderWerff, Joel ... . 12.31.94,123.137.145. 178 VanGorp. Ann M 164 VanHaecke, Joseph 77 VanHouweling, Krislina 77.99 Vaught, Robert L 191 Verhuel, Matthew 191 Verhuel, Scott 164 Vincente, Merlita 178 Vignovich, Petra 32,191 Viola, Frankie 178 Virden, Ransall G 178 Virden, Virgil 191 Visonnavong, Fun 164 Visonnavong, Ly 1 78 Vivier, Joseph W 124,178 Vivone. Angela 116,191 Vivone, Joseph J 7,127,148 Vivone. Lisa V 145.164 Vogel. Julie 77 Volden. Lisa 129.164 Volkamer. Troy 191 Voshell. David A 164 Voshell, Roberts 164 Vosler, Carmen C 91.178 w Wade, Evelyn L 44,178 Wadle. Del, D 178 238 Wadle, Fred 178 Wadle, Johnnine A 191 Wagner, Michael 178 Wagner. Rhonda 178 Walke, Michele A 77 Walker, Deeann 26.77 Walker. Jillonne M 178 Walker, Laurie A 164 Walker, Ronnie S 30,164 Walker, Sean C 178 Walker. Stephen D 191 Wallace, Julie 136.164 Wallace, Krislina 164 Wallendal, Jamie 191 Waller, Joanne 77,91 Walsh, Marcie A 164 Waller, Stephanie 164 Waltz, Christopher 124,132.178 Wambold, Jeffrey 31,123,145.178 Ward. Amy 165 Ward. Todd S 191 Warden. Melissa L 95,178 Warden. Paula M 165 Warrell, Kimberly 77 Warren, George 30.148.165 Warren. Lisa A 1 78 Warren. Tammy L 30,145.165 Washington, Gene C 165 Wasko. Sherry 29,178 Waterman. Jeffrey A 77.138 Waulers, Denise 178 Weaver, Laurie 186,191 Webb, Connie L 178 Webb. Kyle E 165 Webber, Anjanctte M 77 Weber, Loren 165 Weckman, Michael S 165 Weddell. Michele M 191 Weddell, Ronald J 178 Weeks, Jeffrey 77,103,1 17 Wegner, Amber 129,165 Weikum, Debbyjo 191 Weisshaar, Terri L 129,165 Weisshaar, Tony J 191 Welch, Bradley S 1 78 Welch, Kristie L 165 Welch, Todd 191 Wellinghoff. Julie M 145,165 Wellinghoff. Mary 120,145,178 Werner, Cathy A 31,178 Wessel, Carol 30 Wessel, Danny 165 Wessel, Laura L 77 Wessel, Rodney 178 Wessel, Varol 165 Wessels, James 1 78 Wessels, Renee 1 29 West. Julie L 178 West. Philip P 191 West. Roger L 165 West, Stephanie A 1 78 West. William 165 Weston, Caitlin 191 Wheeler. Leibchen 37,38,39,77 Wheeler. Malisa 1 78 Wheeler. Pennie 30 Wheeler. Tammie C 77 Wheeler, Trina L 178 Wicker, Robert D 39,42,191 Whisler. Jack A 78,100,1 13,124 Whislcr, Tracy 30,145,165 Whitacrc, Lance 46,78 Whitaker, Nickie 38,39,178 White, Arika I 165 White, Camille 21,26,191 White, Carlin 26,27,148,149,165 White. Charles L 143,179 White, Jennifer L 165 White, Julie A 64,78,145 White, Lisa M 91,179 White, Terriena 179 Whitfield, Mark 191 Whitham, Brian 30,165 Whitham, Richard P 78 Whitlatch. David E 179 Whitlatch, David L 179 Whitlatch. Denise 78 Wiezorek. John Wignall. Tracy A 191 Wignall. Tracy L |9| Wilden, Danny P 117,179 Wiley, Michael 36,78 Wilkinson. Lori M 33.191 Willclt. Eric D 165 Williams, Alicia 1 79 Williams. Debra L 75,78 Williams. Douglas 191 Williams. Kellie 136.165 Williams. Leonard 184.191 Williams. Michelle R 179 Williams. Robert 165 Williams Ronda C 28.78 Williams. Steven M 165 Williamson, Tracie 191 Willis, Kimberly 179 Willock. Suzanna 179 Wills, Jodi 191 Willson. Colleen 95.191 Wilmore. John 179 Wilson, Bret 179 Wilson, David A 191 Wilson. John M 142.179 Wilson, Julia 165 Wilson, Melissa 42,115.116.191 Wilson. Patrick D 179 Wilson. Richard R 116.191 Wilson, Ricky J |9| Wilson Sandra 1 79 Wilson. Wendy 20,28.145.179 WilLs. Cynthia M 20,147,179 Wiltsie. Janelle 31.191 Wing. Lisa R 66,78,132.134 Wing, Rebecca L 165 Wingerson, Scott 191 Winn. Corrie M 165 Winnc. Jeffrey 29,179 Winpler, Jason 165 Winslow, Teresa 191 Winter. Warren 1 65 Wishman, Mark A 191 Witmer. Tracy 165 Wolf, Howard R 165 Wolf, Sharon 78,146 Wolfe. Amy 27,28,31,179 Wolfe. Stephanie J 23.191 Wolford. Rachel 179 Wollesen. Chrisul A 165 Wolver, Troy 49,64,78 Wolver, Wendy 178.179 Wood, John M 165 Wood. Laura L 165 Wood. Malinda 23.129.145 Wood. Marsha M 165 Wood. Michael R 191 Wood. Michelle M 165 Woodruff, Scott A 165 Woodruff. Scott 165 Woods, Garla 31,40.91.191 Woods. Gary 179 Woodworth, Joy R 179 Woodworth, Steven 42,78 Woolman, David 123,165 Work, Ricky 191 Worthington. Gregory. . 123.165 Worthington. James L 1 79 Worthington, Robert 145,179 Wright, Cynthia K 78 Wright. Dawn 191 Wright, Jeffrey 165 Wright, Maria 32,191 Wright, Melissa A 179 Wright, Pamela S 30,179 Wright, Paulette 31,191 Wright, Richard 78 Wright, Robert 78,%, 124 Wright. Shannon S 165 Wright, Tia 30.165 Wyckoff, Mary 148,149,179 Wyckoff, Sarah 23,191 X Y Z Vi, Byong 102.117 Yi, Yung Hui 31.179 Young. Catherine 165 Young, Dennis 33,78 Young, Jennifer 1 79 Young, Melissa 28,40, 1 79 Young, Tina 1 79 Zagar. Wendy ... 1 3. 1 8. 1, 1 0 1 , 1 54 Zarley, Patricia L 147.191 Zaver. John |9I Zeliadt. Lorie 78,95 Zeller. Michael 78,124,145 Zepeda, Eric 1 79 Zika. Jessica 36,4 1,165 Zlotnik, Christine 179 Zlotnik. Pamela 1 65 Zoutte. John D 145 Zuck, Tammy 165 Zylstra. Jennifer 165 239 Work and pressure put aside, Grab a rail and hitch a ride. Take a journey back in time, Stir up memories in your mind. Follow the paths and winding ways and find yourself in glory days.

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