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Shoot for the Stars Shoot for the stars, the sky is your limit. As indi- viduals, we are all caught up in an ever changing and progressive society. Our high school years are only the starting blocks for the unseen and furtu- ristic race of life ahead of us. It is up to each one of us to get the most out of life and savor the best. Our memories and friendships that have been collected from the walls of Lincoln ' s ongoing pride, tradition, and spirit have been caught for only a moment, on film, showing the sparkling and shin- ing faces of those who have grown within. Forging on, to get what we expect out of life, we can take with us the following pages, the pictures and the expressions of the years we have spent and enjoyed here. Annette Dudley (top right) poses between two dazzling pompons Suzanne Bell studies diligently on the way to school Jim Corsche gives Julie Kephart " the eye " Billy Mof f itt feasts on a chunk of watermelon Stephanie McKee (opposite page top right) leads Russ Gillum down to accept his homecoming crown Chamber Chorale fills the air with the sweet, sweet sounds of music Teresa Russo, Kim Kesselring, Robin Willett, and Rose Russo express team togeth erness before a volleyball game Greg Prentice exhibits his true school colors. 3 3 4 Drill team members (opposite page top left) are all gussied up in their top hats and tails for state competition. Frances Briseno competes with Cheryl Tiegs varsity football players display the remains of their watermelon feed. Junior cheerleaders Wendy McNally, Julie Satre, Chris Combs, and Kelli Mulcahy are busy creating a daring mount Sophomore Steve Burson (top left) looks interested in some off the court action. Tim O ' Donnell, Maurcio Munoz, and Brenton Burnett check out the new varsity basketball teams while Karen Schweiger begs for attention. Mary Nichols, Kellie Keyes, Lisa Crubbs, Karisa Runkel and Stephanie McKee get ready for bed, after an exhausting day at cheerleading camp. Katy Llewellyn shows rare academic interest. 7 Melvin J. Bowen, Principal Kathleen Shiffer, Registrar Ralph Maigaard, Senior Advisor Earl Brott, Junior Advisor Larry Martindale, Sophomore Advisor Melvin Bowen observes 25 years at Lincoln Melvin J. Bowen, celebrating 25 years as principal of Lincoln High School, has been instrumental in initiating and seeing to completion three major building additions to Lincoln High School. He has made improvements to Hutchens Field and initiated construc- tion of the girls softball diamond at the Kurtz Junior High School site, ap- propriately named Bowen Field. During his 25 years at Lincoln, Mr. Bowen has concentrated his efforts on educational programs that would improve the instruction of the youth of the Lincoln High community. Mr. Bowen is a graduate of North High School and received his BA and MA from Drake University. School Board: (first row) James Cunningham, William Keck, Nolden Gentry, son, superintendent (second row) Ray Palis, Betty Crundberg, Karen Williams, Hildreth Dr. William Ande SueLuthens, Frar 10 r Janyce Abarr, business Alice Anderson, counselor Ronald Baeth, driver education Gary Bagby, mathematics Carrol Bennink, vocal music Cordon Blenderman, social science Vernon Bly, mathematics Alice Bowling, nurse Thomas Cady, physical education John Carle, social science Donald Ceynar, social science Eugene Clark, industrial arts Cathy Clarkson, social worker Lillian Cole, librarian Floyd Constant, driver education Robert Corey, work study Shirley Corkhill, English Robert Crawford, science Maria Creagh, Spanish Ronadel Davis, work study Hugh Drake, physical education Edgar Eckey, mathematics Elizabeth Edwards, home economics Alice Else, business Alan Ewers, science Ada Mae Fehrs, bookkeeper Sally Fisher, business Joanne Frank, French Jean Frazier, physical education Gary Gabel, social science Lois Gabler, associate Shirley Garland, secretary Joyce Gast, counseling clerk William Gilbert, social science Judy Griffin, science 11 Marilyn Croth, English, Latin Joan Hall, business Ronald Harvey, industrial arts Larry Hayes, driver education Horace Hendricks, science Jerald Hickey, social science William Hutchison, English Gerald Jaehnel, English John Jarvis, counselor Brian Johnson, LD Jan Johnson, English Cretchen Kauffman, English Hugh Kent, science Edward Kern, science Karl Killinger, band Tom Lee, utility teacher Janis Leise, librarian Bob Leonard, driver education Robert Locker, industrial arts Leigh Lussie, English Richard Malliet, counselor Joyce Marks, business Phillip Martin, mathematics Ray McAdams, driver education Herbert McCaw, science Dale McLean, art Richard McMahon, business Mary Jane Milley, library clerk Esther Miskimins, steno clerk Dan Murray, business Dave Ortale, social science Dennis Peacock, counselor Lowell Reed, mathematics Cecil Rhoads, social science Dorothy Riddle, home economics 12 HIHI mmm p 0 " MM 1 L t si 9 Jjfl rl»lif« It Gene Rogers, business Janice Roxberg, home economics Jan Saville-Grondahl, business Susan Sarver, LD Gerald Schartner, social science Linda Schlak, English Patricia Schwartz, home economics Tom Scott, science Alete Shull, associate Wayne Silka, English Cheryl Shroyer, work study coordinator Rose Smith, social science Lorrie Streyffeler, counselor Harold Swihart, English, AV Albert Testa, social science Bob VanderLinden, physical education Carl van Tuyl, social science John van Why, physical education Marlis Wagner, LD Wanda Weberg, Student Center Diane Weir, English, journalism Carol White, English James Wickham, English Ralph Woods, police liaison Robe rt Wren, industrial arts Annette Wright, attendance clerk Donna Yeast, art Jo Yeates, LD Virginia Zinger, social science Bo Belding, driver education 13 Linda Anderson, food service Sharon Bagby, food service Janet Boozel, food service Dale Collins, custodian Mary Cook, manager Beaulah Curry, food service Jeanette Dickhoff, custodian Joan Fredrick, food service Frank Funaro, custodian Louis, Culino, custodian Gerald Knutson, stationary engineer asst Todd Markele, eng., Hutchens Stadium Charles McClelland, building manager Mike Miller, stationary enginner Carolyn Nash, food service Ronald Oxford, custodian Toni Robins, food service Henry Robinson, stationary engineer asst. Benny Smith, custodian Marianne Solem, food service Nick Spasato, engineer, 1st asst. Jerry Swain, custodian Robert Turner, custodian Maxine Tyler, food service Michael valder, engineer, 2nd asst. Delores Weeks, food service 14 English department offers variety of electives Offering development of language skills in grammar writing and literature, the English department also offers electives like journalism, debate, speech, and drama. Students who participated in debate earned 75 NFL degrees and won over 50 trophies. Journalism students worked hard putting out the newspapers and yearbook. Drama presented two plays, M A S H and Bye Bye Birdie. Harold Swihart (below) gives Todd Cross directions for an English assignment. Jim Bianchi gives the audience a smile as he gives his speech. Shirley Corkhill explains why English is fun Cilles Marcea and Randy Hoffman study well together in the library. Todd Davis (opposite page, top) catches some Z ' s during a consumer business class. Jerry Schartner holds the " famous or oft-times infamous " orange bucket " while Steve Rush draws a question. Randy Thomas and Amy Whisler are entranced with sociological principles. Denise Roach and Michelle Romine are not happy about the pop quiz. Social Science classes offer knowledge about world events Knowing more about world problems is becoming a neccessity in our society today. Required classes are economics and govern- ment for seniors, and American history for sophomores. Students are realizing what a great oppor- tunity they have to learn about the world problems and cultures and are taking more of the elective classes offered: Sociology, Psy- cology, and Current issues. Science, business, math classes expand to meet student needs The science, math, and business classes are a vital part of many college bound students ' schedules. Business classes stress career development with courses in Accounting, Business Law and Business Math, Clerical Typing, Data Processing, Salesman- ship, and Shorthand. Science and math classes are designed to prepare students for further education. These classes include science courses in Biology, Botany, Chemis- try, Physics, Physiology, and Zoology. Math classes consist of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra ll, Trigonometry, and Calculus. 18 Physics Symposium students (opposite page, lower left): Cia Scurletis, Doriano Rossi, Paul Smith, Alan Ewers, Rob Dittmar, Amy Cants Jeff Meeks (right) concentrates on getting his fin gers on the correct keys. Robert Dittmar Jr (center) and Alan Ewers (right), are greeted by George W. Aucott, President of Firestone ' s world tire group, at the 27th international Edi- son Birthday Celebration Symposium held at the university of Akron. Faith Chapman looks away from her geometry to smile Steve Lewellyn and Kim Keeling (top left) look on as Sally Fisher explaines the correct proce- dure for solving a problem Gary Bagby explains trigonometry to his students Vernon Bly lec- tures to his geometry students. 19 DECA, OEA prepare students for future business careers DECA and OEA are classes designed to give students both credit and paid work exper- ience. Both organizations have state and national affiliation. DECA teaches its students to have a posi- tive attitude toward their work and the people they work with. DECA Coordinator Dan Murray said, " I believe this is the best group that I have worked with in the past 13 years. " Office Education is a cooperative pro- gram between the school and business community which allows students to gain actual work experience in an office environ- ment. in order to finance a coffee and a ban- quet for employers and trips to local, state, and national conferences, OE students sold carnations for valentines Day. Other fund- raisers included the Top Kat Kit, cheese and sausage, popcorn and school necklaces. Rhonda Ferrari (top right) finishes up some paper work at North Central Construction Company Answer- ing the phone is one of the duties expected of Tracey vanNausdle at weeks Junior High school OEA students show their appreciation by holding a coffee for their employers in the media center OEA: (first row) Renee McKern, Tina Patel, Carolyn Reyes, Denise Lundeen, Jamie Smith, Angela Rizzuti, Tracey VanNausdle (second row) Janyce Abarr (third row) Cindy Vonk, Rhonda Ferrari, Sonya Hargens, Joleen Brooks, Janet Ury (not pictured) Molly Miller, Anousone Houangvan (top left) working diligently at Montgomery ward, Tracey Armstrong helps out a waiting cus- tomer. DECA First Hour : (first row) K Johnston, T. Bradshaw, K. Nelson, R woods, w Catron, J. Mor ford, V. Seger, T. Janes, S. Shaughnessy, S Shurman, D. Brown (second row) B. Agan, R. Aller, S. Bixler, M. Stewart, D. Cirksena, S Farrington, M. Cheers, K. Nickel, L Scaglione, J. Chiodo, L Gillespie, T James, S Lewiston, Dan Murray (not pictured) T. Armstrong, J. Barfield, L. Roerig, E Baker DECA Third Hour: (first row) R. Heritage, R. Russo, A. Noble, T. Russo, T. Lawless (second row) T Caligi- uri, D. Layton, T. Jones, S. Lweiston, Dan Murray, J Kingkade, C. Schaefer, T. Singleton, C Ades (not pic- tured) R. Enslow, J. Smith, S. Choate. Louie Branch- comb, Richman Gordman ' s finest salesman, shows his spirit during the holiday season. 7 PE students are in shape The physical education program is not only a required class, but also a necessary one. Semesters are divided into six-week units of various activities. The units are choosen by the students according to their own interests. Selections include individual activities, such as floor hockey and basketball. Stu- dents are able to compete against and compare themselves to other students. PEOPEL helps students with special needs in phys- ical education to succeed with the help of peer- teachers. PEER-Teaching is a key element of PEO- PEL, a program designed for students who will benefit more from an individualized physical edu- cation program than from general education. Under the direction of physical education special- ists, Ronadel Davis and Tom cady, this class pro- vides a one-to-one instruction ratio in a coeduca- tional setting for up to 40 students (20 PEOPEL students and 20 student aids.) Danny Bertrand (below) concentrates on bench pressing. Jim Ellwanger goes up to block John Cox ' s basketball. Cunder Thompson shows his speed on the ropes Keith Gardner (opposite page, top left), National Council of Alcohol, tells Cindy Clifford that alcohol and keys don ' t mix. Ron Baeth reads car insurance rates to the class. Wayne McCally and Natlie Rush concentrate on their test. 121— : 22 « 10} Driver education students are eager to receive license Because knowing how to drive is such an important part of every day life, driver education is a very popu- lar class, one that students find very essential. The course is divided into three sections: textbook, simulator class, and driving instruction. During the year, a special speaker, Keith Gardner, National Council of Alcohol representative, impressed the students with statistics on drunk-driving and tough laws. This course is directed by five teachers who in- structed 270 students during first semester. Second semester, three teachers, Larry Hayes, Bo Belding, and Ron Baeth, remained to help 138 stu- dents with their driving techniques. 23 Students find pleasure helping by contributing study hall time Many students are needed during the day to perform servcies for teachers and counse- lors, in the library, students help check out and file books, while in the counselors ' office, volunteers answer the phone. The nurse ' s helpers act as receptionists and do filing. The Student Center puts their assistants to work behind the snack counter and to take roll. These students don ' t do all of this work for nothing though. Each one gets one-fouth credit and the pleasure of helping someone else. Peer Helper Gail Scarpino (opposite page, to right) coun- sels Freshman Linda Randleman. Counselors ' Helpers: (seated) Marnie Methfessel (standing) Shelly Bates, Vanessa Mass, Kathy Maxon, Tracy Reeser, Michelle Greenwood (not pictured) Susan Hood, Kim Berry, Leigh Wilcox, Danielle Rockhold. Peer Helpers: (first row) Counselor Lorrie Streyffeler, Leigh Wilcox, Linda George, Amy Herman, Kevin Leonard, Karen Schweiger, Kim Kramer, Gail Scarpino, Kim Thacker (second row) Jeff Drake, Bruce Cast, Jesse Rincon, Chick Herbert, Tom Foldes. (Top right) Student Center Helpers: (first row) Michele Chia, Linda George, Melody Robinson, (second row) Elaine Burns, Michelle Jones, Krista King (third row) Mike Gillespie, Dave Garnett, Crystal Kennedy. Shelly Bates answers one of the many phone calls received by the counselors. Library Helpers: (seated) Gina Corley, Jolene Rich, (stand- ing) James Agey, Kim Hutchinson, Shelley Dickson, Brenda Moyle, Eileen Armentrout, Kristi Crise, Paula Studer. Nurse ' s Helpers: (first row) Deanna Stevens, Lisa Bellizzi Carol Hook, (second row) Jerry Simmons, Alice Bowling, Chuck Wood, Jim Comgton, (not pictured) Michelle Davis, Darla Janson, Roxanne Lewis, Jill Morford. Classes develop skill for future industrial Arts and Home Economics are classes that plan for the future. Even if students do not plan to pursue careers in these fields, the skills learned in these classes are important to future hobbies and ordinary day-to-day living. Home Economics teaches not only cooking and sewing, but also interior decorating, family living, and raising children. As a beginner in the industrial arts department, a student can learn the basics of auto mechanics and woodshop. The more advanced students have the opportunity to work on very complicated projects, such as rebuilding car engines in auto shop, drawing floor plans in drafting or constructing water beds, pool tables, or other complex pieces of furniture in woodshop. Senior Matt Mitchell said, u By the time l graduate, l will have made my whole bedroom set. " 26 Students (opposite page, lower left) enjoy a day with little ones in Child Development. After chowing down, Tonya Deshler washes dishes in Foods, (above) Ginger Porter laughs while Lisa Maldonato burns her eggs. Al Branchcomb works attentively on his gun rack while Jeff Brindley takes a break, (top left) Mike Hansen tightens a C clamp for a friend in woodshop Tom Nash and Kevin Keyes are precise on their final blueprints, (lower) Tim Mitchell and Jerry King tune up a car during auto mechanics. Dale Curtis demonstrates his ability to change a tire. 4 27 Hilary Brown and RuthAnn Patch (upper right) sing out loud. Todd Cross concentrates on putting the right touches on his drawing. Scholastic Art contest winners: (seated) Bonita Hilsen- beck, gold key textiles; Tonette Soda, blue ribbon textiles; Kim Hutchison, honorable mention textiles, (standing) Todd Copley, Hallmark nominee mixed media; Tim Neal, honorable mention acrylics, Tony Noboa, honorable mention water colors. Trade Feight fills her pen with ink to finish her design. Mr Bennick (opposite page upper left) directs his music stu- dents Concert Choir cheers on Kristi Allison for her birthday. Swing Choir members enjoy themselves during a 50 ' s number at their fall show. Art, music students explore talents Art and music classes round out a student ' s edu- cation by exploring the beauty of sight and sound. Six art classes offer variety. Emphasis is given to creative techniques in the use of materials, princi- ples of pictorial composition and color. Each year students enter the Regional Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition in many different catego- ries: oil painting, three dimensional design, photo- graphy, and others. Music classes composed of vocal sections ac- commodate students in groups or individually. The classes provide instruction for as many stu- dents as possible, with opportunities to sing and perform good music in an interesting manner. Russ Cillum (below) is crowned Imperial Margarine King Swing Choir performs to their version of Hit The Road Jack. Flag Twirler wendi Wagner performs to It ' s Your Life. Seniors Marcie Wilmore, Maria Colo- simo and Julia Knauer put more into the dance, as the crowd responds loudly. Homecoming Court members (opposite page, top picture) are queen candidates Tracey Schartner, Amy Whisler, Kelli Keyes, Mary Nichols, Deb- bie Bunce ; king candidates Craig Ades, Dan Burgett, Jim Corsche, Russ Cillum John Fraser Debbie Bunce and Russ Cillum are crowned Homecom- ing queen and king Homecoming week shines with spirit; Gillum. Bunce announced king, queen Homecoming, October 4-8, was a week of festivities, renewed spirit, and continued tradition. The student body reached its highest peak of spirit during the Home- coming coronation, where Russ Gillum and Debbie Bunce were announced Homecoming king and queen. The Homecoming Court was announced in the first issue of the Railsplitter Monday morning. Debbie Bunce, Kelli Keyes, Mary Nichols, Tracy Schartner, and Amy Whisler were the queen candidates. Craig Ades, Dan Bur- gett, John Fraser, Russ Gillum, and Jim Gorsche were the king candidates. Tuesday the entire student body voted in the election for the king and queen. Students participated in hat and sock day on Wednesday. The traditional coronation, held Thursday featured Swing Choir ' s performance of Jamb oree, It Was Almost Like a Song, and Hit the Road Jack. Spirits soared Friday at the Pep Assembly. Colors of maroon and gold were displayed in the audience. Flag Twirlers fired up the spirit by performing to It ' s Your Life by Loverboy, followed by Drill Team with So Caught Up in You by .38 Special. 33 Rails win in rainstorm Even a drenching rainstorm couldn ' t damper the spirits of the Homecoming crowd at Friday night ' s game. The spirit of the crowd encour- aged the team to win a victory over North, 33-0. The spirit of the game continued on to the dance Saturday night in the large gym which had been decorated by Dorian Art. Songbird provided the music. 34 Greg Prentice (Opposite page, upper left) still shows spirit even after a pie in the face, varsity cheerleaders show enthusiastic pep during rainstorm Jim Corsche ' s house looks great after Thursday night ' s teepeeing by Cheer- leaders and Drill Team Tonette Soda and Marsha Lewellen of Dorian Art decorate the gym for the Homecoming Dance Greg Prentice and Dina Rich (left) enjoy hat day during spirit week. Kelli Keyes and Mary Nichols wonder what happenned to halftime. Karisa Runkel and mascot Cassie Colosimo show that we are still No 1 , even in the rain The Homecoming float on the field shows North who is going to win. Kalen Turk (top left) makes his third and final attempt to slam dunk the basketball. Robin Willett crowns Cordon Blenderman, Dowling homecoming queen. Seniors show enthusiastic spirit dur- ing a pep assembly. John Carpino and Jim Corsche btrut their stuff as Stray Cats Chad Duckworth waits for a kiss from Heidi Blachley. Mary Nichols, Lisa Crubbs, and Karisa Runkel prepare for their version of Pac Man Fever. Bobby Martin boxes valley ' s Eye of the Tiger 56 Pep assemblies are exciting Pep assemblies proved a real support and helped build traditional spirit and pride. Cheerleaders put in endless hours organizing the pep assemblies to assure the student body of an exciting and action packed experience. Outstanding dance routines were once again dis- played by Flags and Drill Team. Skits were enjoyable and humorous thanks to the help of Ace Hendricks. Bob and Doug Mckenzie from the Great White North visited; we hosted the Dowling homecoming queen contest, and we beat the Eye of the Tiger in a grueling boxing match. Sophomore enthusiasm was surprisingly over- whelming. Juniors ' remarkable spirit was tough to beat in yelling battles, but senior pride prevailed. Pep Club added support and spirit to pep assemblies and games. A summer carwash and the sale of sports preview books provided funds to buy senior football players carnations. Pep Club officers were Jackie McFall, president; Brenda Robinson, vice-president and treasurer; Sulina Collet, secretary; and Brenda Reeves, historian. Kelli Keyes (top left) is a bit worried about the game ' s outcome Kelli Mulcahy whispers to Karisa Runkel during a wrestling meet Stephanie McKee leads the home crowd in v-i-C-T-O-R-Y. Captain Lisa Crubbs is giving commands. Boys basketball squad (opposite page, top left) cheers on the team Boys basketball squad performs a mount with a little height Chris Combs gives a great big " yea beau " Varsity Cheerleaders: (first row) Kelli Keyes, Stephanie McKee, Carla Brown, Wendy McNally, Patty Welch, Karisa Runkel (second row) Debbie Bunce, Julie Satre, Lisa Crubbs (third row) Kelli Mulcahy, Chris Combs, and Mary Nichols. 58 Cheerleaders stir up crowds throughout year ' s sport events Led by Captains Lisa Crubbs and Mary Nichols, varsity cheerleading was a real asset to Lincoln spirit. New and creative ideas used in pep assemblies boosted morale to a new high. Cheerleaders attended a camp in Okoboji during the summer, sponsored a watermelon feed for the football players, teepeed the football players ' homes at Homecoming, and decorated the halls with colorful signs throughout the year. " Cheerleading this year was an experience l will never forget, " commented Captain Lisa Crubbs. Sophomores spread spirit Spreading spirit throughout the year was the major goal and achievement of the sophomore cheerleaders. Captain Beth Runkel led her girls to wrestling meets, football and basketball games. " Sophomore cheerleading has been a rewarding experience and should help us in the future to be more responsible and confident of ourselves, " replied Runkel. Each girl did her job of getting the crowds rowdy. All their time practicing and all their hard work paid off when it showed in their performance. (below) Sophomore cheerleaders: (first row) Kerri Carlisle, Captain Beth Runkel, Julie Forest, Dawn Reed, Diana Karnes (second row) Dawn Locke, Heidi Blachley, and Kelly Miller. Kelly Miller (top right) cheers on as the cold keeps on, at the East football game. Sophomore cheer- leaders get the crowds rowdy at a pep assembly with a " Yea Beau " cheer Sue Ponzeline (opposite page, top left) leads her line in a dance at a pep assembly. Flagtwirlers: (first row) Wendi Wagner, Mascot Pamela Durbin, Tina Peters (second row) Janet Ury, Michelle Cole, Wendy Coburn, Jana Antol, Patty Fitzgerald (third row) Captain Becky Durbin, Brenda Mack, Rhonda Keller, Sue Ponzeline, Roxanne inman, and Captain Leslie Ross. Brenda Mack positions herself for her dance at the Roosevelt basketball game. Tina Peters struts her stuff while performing at a pep assembly. Flags ignite school spirit Showing much pep and enthusiasm, Flags captured the crowds attention at their performance during the Homecoming pep assembly. Finishing their performance to It ' s Your Life by Loverboy, they received a standing ovation from the rowdy crowd. Early morning practices began dur- ing the summer and lasted through- out the year. Flags performed during halftime at football and basketball games and at pep assemblies. Sponsors were Shirley Corkhill and Ronadel Davis. Captains were Becky Durbin and Leslie Ross. Flags had several money making projects during the year including the annual carnation sale and football raf- fle. Other fund raisers included pop- corn sale, bake sales and car washes. 41 Drill Team captures spirit Drill Team captivated Rail fans at the annual Homecoming pep assembly, performing to 38 Spe- cial ' s, Caught Up in You. At the state contest held at South East Polk, they performed in white tie and tails to If They Could See Me Now. Fall activities included marching with the band, and the thrill of receiving a one rating at the state contest held in Pella. Throughout the year, Drill Team held various fund raisers, selling raffle tickets for a week in Europe, a week in San Francisco, a weekend in Kan- sas City, and $100 worth of groceries. Sponsor Sue Sarver said, " The girls have worked very hard this year, and spent a lot of time keeping the group looking good. Jill Stevens points out to Joan Shipman two guys playing Space invaders. Julia Knauer, Marcie Wilmore, and Liliana Bon- nano tells everyone to walk this way. Drill Team cheers basket- ball team on to a victory at a home game. Drill Team dances to Bobble Sue at pep assembly. Drill Team: (first row) Captain Maria Colosimo, Captain Dina Rich (second row) Liliana Bonnano, Lorl Barnes, Julia Knauer, Laurie Jorgenson, Becky Lynch, Jill Stevens, Dawn Wellman, Mar- cie Wilmore, Jean Shipman (third row) LeAnn Brown, Annette Dudley, Lisa Bridgewater, Ellyn Briles, Karen Schweiger, Jan Schneider, ina Labuschagne, Cia Scurlettis, Anna Filippelli, Kath- leen McKee (fourth row) Patty Jackson, Becky King, Teresa Cerst, Kristi Cavins, Joan Shipman, Carol Anderson, Denise May, Ann Judge, Suzi Wilmore, Gail Scarpino (not pictured) Cheryl Bartho- lomew, Francis Briseno, Renee Willett. Drill Team excites crowd in white tie and tails at pep assembly. Captain Maria Colosimo does a Charleston kick at state contest. 42 Renee Coffin (below) majorette, Sue Ericson, Shari Brown, and Kim Howland hold their trumpets high. Sharon Baldwin, Devon Reed, and Amy Cants concentrate on improving their tone. Joey Corigliano tries to keep his cool while marching. Drum Major Sharon Baldwin (opposite page, center) brings the band on to the field in style. Jeff Roe, Larry Johnston, Sonja Hargens, Amy James, Joey Corigliano, John DeVaul, and Pat Dulaney concentrate on keeping the beat Band goes to Hawaii to compete in King Kamehatneha Parade Band worked hard through a full schedule of competitions and activities, beginning their year with the halftime shows and contests at Pella in October where they marched away with the tra- ditional I rating. Their spring season was full with Drake Relays, Veisha, and Pella tulip parades. Their year ended with a trip to Hawaii for the King Kame- hameha Parade, in preparation for Hawaii they had many fund raisers, including a Band-A-Thon. Concert Band gave three concerts and per- formed at the Adventureland and State contests. They rounded out their year by performing at Class Day and Commencement. Concert Marching Band (first row) J. zeliadt, K. Hager, D. Reed, N. Roeder, D. Loney, T. vanMaaren, D. Reed, S. Baldwin, A. Cants, (second row) L. Jones, D. McCarey, J. Robinson, M. Smith, T. Reeser, J. Moist, M. Hoffman, B. Clark, S. McPhee, C. Countryman, C Sarasio, D. Morgan, P. Cooksey, (third row) B. Norton, M. Smith, T. Cross, J. Pierce, V. Lomax, B. Stout, J. Kirfman, S. Neal, C Anderson, Mr. Hupp, N. Rush, C. Corley, L Riggle, J. Williams, S. Ericson, R Sinclair, F. Chapman, s Brown, J. Daugherty, K. Howland, (fourth row) R. Coffin, J. Norman, R. Marquardt, D. Sellers, T. Flickinger, T. Broderson, K. Newton, C. Overstreet, T. Mouzaikas, T. Neal, M. Arndt, D. Cies, C. Cooksey, S. Janssen, M. Staley, A. veith, D. Power, D. Curtis, K. Chia, R. Miller, M. Barnes, T O ' Donnell, J. Brown, (fifth row) S. Bunn, N. Cean, R. Reid, T. May, J. Corigliano, J. Roe, P Sapp, J. Devaul, P. Dulaney, M. Welch, and K. Killinger 45 Saxaphone section (lower left) swing in unison. Andy Veith concentrates on hitting the right pitch. Shari Brown keeps the band on beat Faith Chapman plays with pride Pep Band performs at a basketball game Orchestra (first row) Dale Keho, Brenda Gift, (second row) Brenda Mack, Renee Willett, (third row) Nancy Lane, Karen Schweiger, James Brauninger, Mary Boyer, and Frank Peterson. Trombone section (opposite page, top left) strives for perfection Jazz Band (first row) A Cants, S. Baldwin, R. Coffin, R. Marquardt, N. Roeder, D. Cies, K. Killinger, (second row) P. Dulaney, J. Coringiano, A. Veith, J. Brown, M. Staley, C. Corley, (third row) K Howland, J Daugherty, D. Cur- tis, S Brown, F. Chapman, J Williams, and R. Sinclair. Kathy Hager plays her solo with ease % « . » 1 4 i J? y MS! Jazz Band, Orchestra A smaller but very exciting Jazz Band participated in contests at Ames, Ankeny and Drake. They were invited to play for the Kiwanis Club luncheon and the Metro Boy ' s Bas- ketball Jamboree. They gave two concerts and played at Bankers Life, Bankers Trust and Valley National banks during Drake Relays week. Orchestra was a part of a Quad- School Orchestra with Hoover, North and Roosevelt which gave two per- formances. They also gave two con- certs of their own. The group sold jewelry, plants and posters to raise money for a trip to St. Louis in the spring, and planned a rehearsal at McCombs to promote participation. 47 Prep Choir (below, first row) L. Jones, S Niffennager, T. DeCroate, S. Bates, J. Salem, S. Banner, B. White, M Rogers, T. Ramey, J. Pierce, A. Potyski, D. Bowlin, C. Rippey, S. Chang, D. Reed, S. Laffredo, D. Albaugh. (second row) A. Cantrell, T. Leo, M. McDowell, K. Miller, K. Carlisle, K. Bond, H. James, D. McCloney, T. Fisher, C. Scartozzi, B Ryan, D Bostwick, M. Armstrong, N. Martin, D. Bell, S. Johansen, F Fuson, S. Davis, B Runkle, A. Cooper, B. Drummond. (third row) K stockman, L Johnson, K. King, J. Fuhbodt, A. Fernandez, E Murphy, J.D. Lierow, K Bright, D. Worthington, R. Bonell, L Shively, S. Burson, S Arndt, S Carter, T Aldenie, R. Reid, C Johnson, R. Reid, K. wellman, K. Camp, S. Ceppent. (fourth row) C. Cooksey, M. Jones, C. Meyer, H. Law, L. Reese, A Kneile, T. Radke, H. Smith, J. Brooks, M. Barnes, T. Anderson, K. Chapman, D Peavey, T Strong, T. Cross, D Price, T. Roach, M Fuller, J. Stocker, J. Rhode, T. Riggles, K Starner, M. Smith, C. Biddle, K. McCee, M. Kingen. Not Pictured: T. Koale, P. Hutchings, P. Avery, R Dickhoff , F. Fusan, T. Fisher, K. Wellman, D. McCarey, T Aldine, C. Lewis, K. Ralph. Carroll Bennink explains to the choir how to use good breath control. Mark Murphy (opposite page, top left) member of Prep Choir, anxiously waits for the class to begin. Penny Hutchings smiles to herself as she remembers the words to a new song. Treble Choir: (first row) L Hansen, M. Strens, S. Madden, (second row) D. Remley, S. Cleveland, K Davdlinges, C Crise, B. Armstrong, M Chia, K. Por- tinga, C. Fast, (third row) V Cerrato, K Howard, K. Taylor, D Conn, C. Carter, S. Hake, P. Dean, A. Peterson, (fourth row) J. Wiltsie, T Winslow, S. Branch, L. Esterly, L Mefford, L. White, P. O ' Neal, N. West, K Baurnbaumer, W. Hildreth. s Prep, Treble Choirs strengthen new positive image for contests Prep Choir is a highly select group of singers, and is limited to 94 tenth graders. Singers go from this choir into Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, and Swing Choir. Prep Choir is a pre-requisite for all these choirs. in the late Fall, Prep Choir and other groups visited all the junior high schools which feed into Lincoln. March and April brought the large group contest and the Spring Concert. Final performance was in May at commencement. Director Carroll Bennink said, " We arrived together to make music by combining talent from these junior highs. The road is long and tough - we make a big sound but have much to learn about producing the sound correctly, perfecting our skills, and working together toward one goal. " Treble Choir, a quality performing group, included tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. Stu- dents were admitted on recommendations from their prior music teacher and by Carroll Bennink, vocal director. The choir, made up of 33 girls, participated in various programs, including the Fall Festival, Christmas and Spring concerts, in the spring they attended the large group contest. Concert Choir completes challenging year Concert Choir junior and senior members had an extremely exciting and busy year. The group performed three concerts in the course of the year, including the fall, winter, and spring concerts. Concert Choir members partici- pated in the annual Build Lincoln Higher (BLH) drive, collecting donations in return for BLH stickers. Along with the other vocal music groups, Concert Choir went on the junior high tour. Throughout the year, the group held various fund-raising activities to raise substantial funds to attend a trip to Chicago. They also entered and participated in the yearly Large Croup Contest. Concert Choir ended their big year by performing at veterans Memorial Auditorium at the graduation ceremonies in May. Concert Choir (lower left, first row) W. McNally, E. Briles, C. Blackmore, E. Baker, P. Suttor, s. Shoemaker, T. Titus, B Beaman, J Hoff , R. Andrini, P. Fitzgerald, K. Kirkman, B Armstrong, T. Cross, D. Reeves, R. Bucannon, P. Welch, J. Kephart (second row) T. Birnbaumer, B Hilsenbeck, D. Davis, K schrater, L Campos, M. Meyers, S. Jansen, D. Andeson, s. Shelton, D. Miller, T. Hiatt, s. Blecker, A. Soroka, M. Kauzlarich, J. Davenport, A. Howard, P. Barret, T. Leo. (third row) L Dudley, R Lee, D. Schrock, L Leeper, R Cotter, H. Murphy, P. Lang, J McNulty, M Sawyer, C Hiatt, B. Willis, C. Stuart, D Hadlock, J. Brooks, B. Zaizer, J. Stizell, K. Nelson, D. Morgan, C. Allison, L Robbins, 0. Edson (fourth row) M. Strong, N. Lame, B. Robinson, J. Cedler, P. Davenport, N. Roeder, L Snider, K. Heathcoat, H. Bequeaith, T. Speck, S. Davis, T. O ' Connel, B. King, K. Sneider, S. Martin, A. Bennink, C. Cantrell, M. Legge, C. Ragner, P Crziano, A. Hammond, B. Clark, K. Lester, T Johannsen, L Bridgewater, S. Sundal. Todd Fitzpatrick tries to find his pitch. Dean Miller waits for the concert to begin. Chamber Chorale sings gloriously Chamber Chorale began the school year by learning music for All-State chorus try-outs. Music included such Latin pieces as Ave verum Corpus and Laudate Puerri. Next on the agenda for Chamber Chorale was the Fall Concert and the annual southside junior high tour. All five vocal music groups performed in the mini-tour to encourage and promote student involvement in vocal music. The group was very busy around the Christmas holidays, per- forming for various groups and organizations in the Des Moines area, Chamber Chorale also held a Christmas Concert. January was an exciting month for the group after receiving a one-plus rating in a contest held at weeks Junior High. Chamber Chorale then began preparation for the Spring Concert, and ended their year performing for graduation at veterans Memor- ial Auditorium in May. Amy Shirley and Juanita Cedler (top left) sing their little hearts out. All State singers. J. Cedler, J. Knauer, R. Patch, S. Smith, C Cantrell. Chamber Chorale, (first row) H. Brown, R. Stafford, J. Cedler, A. Daghestani, C. Robinson (second row) A. Fagerland, T. Soda, D Pawleski, N. Preston, L Hild, A. Cants R Patch (third row) B. Willis, A. Shirley, T. worthington, J. Knauer, R. Rhode (fourth row) D. Harrison, J Cilman, T. Murphy, C. Cantrell, M. Marturello, M. Bristow (fifth row) R. Bell, C Miller, S Smith, R. Gillum, D. Burgett. 51 Swing Choir has successful season, as they perform to amaze audiences Sparkling faces and warm personalities once again brought Swing Choir members as close together as a family. Yearly events started with the annual fall retreat at Bortells Ranch, September 3-5. it was a weekend of getting to know each other and the start of a lot of hard work. Director Carroll Bennink drained every ounce of talent and pizzazz from each member to put together one of the best fall shows ever. One voice was the theme for the fall show, November 5,6. Throughout December, Swing Choir performed in a number of sites, ranging from Drop-In Center lun- cheons to company Christmas parties. January made for endless hours of hard work as they prepared for state competition at lowa State, coming back with a one rating. Mid-winter months were devoted to practice for competition at Coe College and spring show, April 21 ,22. Class Day was the final show for seniors. Tears were shed and memories and friendships were locked into place. Officers were Scott Davis, president; Karisa Runkel, vice president; Ruth Stafford, secretary; Rob Rhode, treasruer. 52 Swing Choir: (opposite page, first row) J. Cedler, J. Kephart, R Staf- ford, J. Knauer, (second row) H. Brown, M. Toomey, B. Willis, D. Miller, D. Pawlewski, S. Davis, L. Steckman, C. Miller, R. Keller, P. Fitzgerald, (third row) A. Bennink, L. Barnes, S. Rush, J. Johnson, D. Burgett, s. Blecker, B Burnett, B. Beaman, K Runkel, M Bristow, R Rhode, C Hiatt, R Patch, C. Cantrell, (fourth row) K. Snider, H. Bequeaith, S. Smith, R Miller, J Hoff, T Murphy, K. Hohler, M Marturello, T. Worthington, J. Corsche, R. Cillum, D Harrison, C. Robinson, and T. Speck. President Scott Davis is physically exhausted after an early morning practice Craig Miller and Chris Hiatt get down to some serious jamming. Karisa Runkel (top left) sings Find Me Someone to Love. Lori Barnes dazzles the audience with her dancing, singing and smile Sound men Steve Searcy, Mark Francisco, Director Carroll Bennink, and Joe Noland discuss arrangements. Swing members enthusiastically sing Come On in. Sweethearts dance the night away The Sweetheart Dance, which turns the table on the dating scene, was held Saturday, February 12 from 8-11 p.m. in the Round House. Rialto played their way to the hearts of many dance-goers. Stover provided dance pictures in a new setting featuring an ornate wicker chair against a red background and white cupids. This love-themed event was sponsored by Rails Club. One Sweeheart and one Man of the Year were chosen from each grade level. The winners, who were honored in a spotlight dance, were Seniors Craig Ades and Lori Barnes, Juniors Jesse Rincon and Lisa Leeper and Sopho- mores David Dueling and Susan Lapham. Rick Mulstay and Carolyn Colosimo (below) take time out between dances for a quick hug. Man of the Year candidates Randy Hoffman and Chick Herbert show off a new version of the Hustle Sweetheart Candidates: (first row) Seniors Tracy Shartner, Lori Barnes, and Debbie Dunce, Sophomore Shelly Bates, Junior Lisa Leeper (second row) Sophomore Heidi Law, Senior John Fraser, Sophomore Craig Leavengood, Juniors Chick Herbert, Lisa Bendixen (third row) Sophomores Tim Hankins, Sue Lapham, Juniors Jesse Rincon, Chris Combs, Seniors Brian Coffin (fourth row) Junior Randy Hoffman, Sophomore David Dueling, Senior Jim Corsche (not pictured) Senior Craig Ades. I? i I Rails Club serves community Serving the school and the community is the purpose of the Rails Club. Rails Club sponsored the annual girl-ask-boy Sweetheart Dance, a semi-formal dance held February 1 2, in the large gym. Other activities included d ecorating Homecoming field, hold- ing a Halloween Party and dressing up for Little Lamb Day Care Center and Blank Hospital and singing Christmas carols at Common wealth Nursing Home. Club members worked closely with their sponsor, Sally Fisher, to organize and plan activities. A special project sponsored by the club compiled the Buzz Books, a student directory. Sponsor Sally Fisher (above) show the members a sign from Rails Club to graduating seniors. Rails Club (first row) Sally Fisher, sponsor, Holly Murphy, treasurer, Donna Allison, historian, Karen Kaili, secretary (second row) Jackie McFall, Brenda Robinson, Bonnie Arm- strong, Jolene Rich, Mary Kauzlarich (not pictured) Merry Cheers, president, Janet Ury, vice-president, Liz Pinnick, Kristen Hornback, Lisa White, Peggy O ' Neal, Denise Remele, Michelle Strong. Rails Club members hold a meeting to discuss future plans 55 Dorian Art spreads color Dorian Art added a lot of color during the Christmas season by decorating the front hall with bright Christmas pictures that were created and painted by the members of the club. Following a different theme each year the club chose famous Christmas songs. Besides spreading cheer for the Christmas sea- son, Dorian Art also decorated the gym for dances, and designed colorful spirit signs for pep assem- blies and sporting events. Each year Dorian Art chooses a painting or a piece of sculpture as a gift to the school. So far, there about 50 pieces on display throughout the school. Dorian Art (opposite page lower left) decorates the front hall for Christmas. Dorian Art: (first row) Katy Llewellyn, Tony Noboa, (second row) Kelli Leonard, Keith McCaughey, Todd Roo- ney, Tracy Schartner, Bonnie Hilsenbeck, (third row) Richard Medina, Dave Watson, Doni Jo Schrock, Beth Zaiser, Jana Stitzell, (fourth row) Marsha Lewellen, Becky Durbin, Missy Dickson, Kim Hutchison, Tracie Feight (fifth row) John Carpino, Kevin Leonard (sixth row) Mike vanPatten, Scott Rieck, Eric Johnson, Phil Shields, Todd Speck (seventh row) Laurie utterson, Susan Dud- ley, Sue Ponzeline, Chris Boote (not pictured) Ron Burt, Donna Coltrain, Tonette Soda. Kim Hutchison works on her ink design Marsha Lewellen and Sue Ponzeline (upper left) look at the final product. Dorian Art officers: Missy Dickson, treasurer; Mar- sha Lewellen, secretary; Beth Zaiser, president; Katy Llewellyn, historian. Dorian Art students work steadily to complete their projects. Kim (Juanita Cedler) (above) tells Hugo (Jim Lile) he is the only boy for her. Conrad Birdie (Craig Miller) makes debut in Sweet Apple, Ohio. Every phone is busy in Sweet Apple. Conrad Birdie (opposite page, top) discovers the ice house Rosie (Dawn Pawlewski) tells the crowd where Conrad Birdie was discovered. Albert (Chuck Cantrell) and Rosie welcome Conrad to Sweet Apple. Cast Albert Peterson Chuck Cantrell Rose Alvarez Dawn Pawlewski Ursula Merkle Ruthanne Patch Kim MacAfee Juanita Cedler Mrs. MacAfee Aimee Shirley Mr. MacAfee Steve Smith Mae Peterson Faith Chapman Conrad Birdie Craig Miller Hugo Peabody Jim Lile Randy MacAfee Anna Cooper ft i Drama, music students choose Bye Bye Birdie as spring play Bye Bye Birdie, the only musical play since 1980, was presented by the combined efforts of the drama and music departments. The musical was a famous Broadway hit as well as a movie, it was presented in the auditorium April 9, 11. Bye Bye Birdie is the story of Conrad Bir- die, an Elvis Presley type Rock-n-Roll singer, who was about to be inducted into the army in the early 50 ' s. As one last publicity stunt, Conrad ' s agent arranges for him to bid a typi- cal American teenage girl good-bye with an all American kiss. The whole stunt is to be tele- vised on the Ed Sullivan Show. The viewpoint of Bye Bye Birdie is satirical, but not malicious, it gives an insight into the everyday life that is very much part of us. r CAST General Hammond Ron Kerr Radar Frank Peterson Colonel Blake Jim Lile Captain Bridget McCarthy Juanita Cedler Lt. Janice Fury Jan Schneider Sergeant Delores Devine Kelly Lester Lt. Louise Kimble Hilary Brown Captain Frank Burns J.D. Leirow Father Mulcahy Mark Barnes Captain Walt Waldowski Jim Eidbo Captain John Mclntyre (Trapper John) Tom Nash Captain John Black (ugly) Kevin Leonard Hawkeye Chris Ragner Duke Steve Landess Ho-Jon Kendra King Pvt. Lopez Ron Kerr Korean Woman 1 Wendy Hildreth Korean woman 2 Kim Renner Lt Nancy Phillips Cathy Knight Margaret " Hotlips " Houlihan Sharon Baldwin Congresswoman Coldfarb Kelly Lester Dean Mercy Lodge Anna Cooper Miss Randazzle Lisa Bellizzi Mitzi Faith Chapman Fritzi Lori Martin Agnes Jonell Pierce Lt. Connie Liebowitz Karen Schweiger Snakehips Ron Kerr Major Ruth Haskell Teri Kaale Nurse Debbie Reeves 60 M A S H is a smash M A S H, the fall play, performed December 6,7, was based on the award winning film and hit tele- vision series. The play was set in the 1950 ' s during the Korean War in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit. During Their stay on the base, two doctors meet several memorable individuals and pull numerous pranks, including putting a dead cat in a footlocker, and reviving " dead " patients. Drama Club, composed of 15 members, meets every Thursday. They attend plays at community theaters and enjoy reading scripts together. JAN, (opposite page, top left) played by Jan Schneider, express her real feelings for UGLY played by Kevin Leonard. Sharon Bald- win (MAJOR HOULIHAN) looks displeased after taking a round of insults from DUKE HAWKEYE Frank RADAR Peterson listens for helicoptors carrying incoming wounded. Jim Lile, (top left) COLONEL BLAKE, gets warning of the arrival of a Congresswoman. Cast members show concern during an intense moment. Steve Landess (DUKE) and Chris Ragner (HAWK- EYE) entertain each other with a song about the unit. Drama Club: (first row) Sherry Brown, Kathy Knight, Tracie Radke. (second row) Faith Chapman, Lori Martin, Kelly Lester (third row) Chris Ragner, Jim Lile, James Eidbo, J.D. Lierow. Clubs offer something for all Gary Bagby was in charge of the Computer Club, a group formed to promote an interest in computer science. Dur- ing the meetings members studied programming techniques. Math Club, also led by Mr. Bagby, met before and after school. March 6, the team went to waverly, lowa, for the math field day at Waverly College. Rob Dittmar placed in the marathon event. Donna Yeast was in charge of the Equestrian Club. They met on Tuesdays after school and went on trail rides at Bakers Stables. Led by Harold Swihart, Raido Club presented school news, occasional interviews, and a variety of music. Each Monday and Wednesday night from 6 to 7 p.m., Radio Club pre- sented their show KDPS, 88.1. Bicycle Touring Club, under the direction of Shirley Cork- hill, traveled to Booneville, Ankeny, Carlisle, Martinsdale, van Meter and indianola. During the meetings, the club members learned how to properly maintain their bikes and ride safely. Students in Leadership was led by Judy Griffin and Ace Hendricks. Faculty and student members committed themselves for ten days of summer vacation to attend workshops and seminars. 64 Computer Club: (top right, first row), B. Burnett, D Rossi, J. Drake, T Foldes, R. Bell (second row) R Dittmar, F. Peterson, S. Browne, A Kersey, R Miller, T. Flatte, J. Squire, D. Lanum, M Amend, C Herbert, A Porter Gary Bagby, S Smith Math Club: (first row) R. Dittmar, F Peterson, Gary Bagby, B Whitcher, J Hoffman, A. Herman, L Browne, P Fazio (second row) S Browne, D. Rossi, T Ramsey. Equestrian Club: (first row) S Crees, M Methfessel, B Mack (second row) S Dudley, B Moyle Radio Club: (first row) L Martin, s Landess, M DeFrancisco (second row) M Rushton, R Goedicke, J. Saltzman Amy Lapham, president of Bicycle Touring Club, is ready for the first trip of the season Students in Leadership: (first row) G Scurletis, Judy Griffin, S Sinnorai (second row) Ace Hendricks, D. Lanum, J Drake (not pictured) K Hohler, L. Randall, C. Cason, R. Heritage. m ■ Languages benefit students Taking a foreign language can be beneficial as well as interesting. Aside from being a college preparatory class, and improving students ' English skills, foreign lan- guages provide an insight into the customs of other nations. Latin class had a toga party. French and Spanish classes participated in a roller skating party, went bowling, and out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. 66 Marilyn Groth ' s Latin class (opposite page, top left) enjoys their toga party. Bill Clanz regains composure after taking a fall at the skating party Tony Noboa helps out Clenna " Oiseau " Frank as Bill Gilbert looks on. Sherrif Dave Harrison (top right) controls a would-be toga bandit. Joanne Frank, French teacher, adjusts her speed. Maria Creagh, Spanish teacher, listens thoughtfully to plans for the next French-Spanish outing. Students from France, Brazil experience Railsplitter life Coming to the United States was a challeng- ing experience for Chrystiane Holanda e Silva and Cilles Marceau. They both came to the US under the international Student Exchange program. Chrystiane is from Fortaleza, Brazil, and lived at the home of Jerry Hickey, social science department. When asked what she liked the best in the United States, Chrystiane commented, " The people, Lincoln High, and the food. " The big- gest problem she encountered was English. Living in Brazil, she speaks Portugese, and experienced many language barriers here. Cilles, 17-year old exchange student from Montargis, France, which is about 50 miles south of Paris, lived with Jim Grant and his family. Cilles said that the way people think and the things that they do in the United States are different from France . . .that this is what makes the United States more fun. Cilles commented, " The best things in the United States are the people and my new friends. " 68 Travel dreams come true Every year, Lincoln students enjoy the chance to travel to far away places like New York, Paris, Rome, and Washington, D C. During spring break, 14 juniors took off for New York City and Washington, DC, as part of the united Nations Tour sponsored by the UN Association of Greater Des Moines. Selection of students was based on their academic achieve- ment and extra-curricular activities. They saw such sights as the U.S. Captiol, Empire State Building, and the presidential memorials. From July 3 to July 30, two Lincoln students ventured to Europe to visit Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, and Italy. They saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, and the ruins of Athens in Greece. The trip is sponsored by the American institute of For- eign Study. Chrystiane Silva (opposite page, top left) rubs the nose of Abe for good luck Cilles Marceau shows a fast way to get down Lincoln stairways. The Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular sights, according to UN Tours. Foreign exchange students, Chrystiane Holanda e Silva and Cilles Marceau exchange impressions of life at Lincoln. The United States Capitol (top left) is a memorable expe- rience for the UN Tour group. UN Tour (first row) Linda George, Gail Scarpino, Pam Cooksey, Carolyn Sarisco (second row) Krista Hohler, Theresa Gerst, Bruce Gast, Anna Filippelli (third row) John Gilman, Brenton Burnett Brent Gast. Europe trip : Aimee Shirley and Gia Scurletis. Debate has successful year; adds 49 trophies in an outstanding season, 27 active debaters earned 87 degrees, and 49 tro- phies. Fifteen members qualified for the state tournament, debating in over 1097 rounds. The team competed with almost all dis- trict schools. Tournaments included Brind- ley at UNI, The Bull Creek Classic at Atlantic, and the National Forensics League Districts. Debaters started right out by breaking record winning their first Sweepstakes troph y at university of Northern lowa, accumulating more points than any other team. Along with this, they placed their first finalists in district tournaments and qualified for the Orange Bowl in Florida at Florida international University. Coach Linda Schlak (top left) models a debate T- Shirt at Bortells Ranch. Mike DeYoung, Roger Karnes, Todd Sy verson, Bonnie Mehl, Janelle Chase and Linda Schlak take a break from debating in Florida. Bonnie Mehl glances at the notes in debate Roger Karnes shows his experience in a contest (opposite page) Tom Cady is one of the many teachers who donated during the annual blood drive. John Petosa looks very excited for his 6:45 a m meeting Student Council officers: Todd Worthington, chief justice; Selena Col- lett, secretary; Teresa McConnell, treasurer; Sue Neal, vice-president; John Petosa, president 70 Student Council directs annual Blood Drive, many activities Sponsored by Student Council, the Red Cross annual blood drive, March 3,4 took blood from student and faculty donors from all Metro schools in Des Moines and west Des Moines. Their goal to increase their annual intake by 18,000 units (pints) gained considerable ground as stu- dents 18 and older and students 17 years of age with parental concent " donated to save lives. " During the blood drive, Student Council spent many hours working on publicity as well as filing out appointment sheets and reminder cards. John Petosa, Student Council president, said, " This year had the most successful canned food drive ever, we also raised substantial funds from the sales of spirit ribbons through out the foot- ball season. " Iowa wins Peach Bowl For the first time in over 20 years the university of lowa ' s football team won a post-season game. Head Coach Fry, after a heart breaking 28-0 loss to Washing- ton in last year ' s Rose Bowl, guided the Hawkeyes to victories in eight of their last ten games, earning a bid to the Peach Bowl where they came home victorious, 28- 22. Not since Bump Elliot ' s 1 959 Rose Bowl entry has lowa produced a team that won a post-season game. The Hawks; 8-4 record was a surprise to all considering that nine of its starting eleven defensive players had gradu- ated last year. The new, inexperienced squad gained much respect as it pulled a surprise No. 1 Big Ten team defense rating, just as last years ' s Rose Bowl defenders did. throughout his countless days as top man. M A S H says goodbye February 28, 1983, will be a memorable day for years to come. On this day, the millions of weekly viewers of M A S H saw the final episode of this very popular and long running series go off the air in a very classic way. The final episode, a two-and-one-half-hour movie presentation, saw Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, Loretta Swit, William Christopher, and David Ogden Stiers all say goodbye as the Korean war finally ended. The actual war lasted only one third as long as the series did. Mash didn ' t end because of bad ratings (as most shows do), nor did it end because of disputes between cast members or production crews. It was more of a retire- ment. After 11 years and well over 200 episodes, the most successful television show in recent history decided to call it quits . . . and move onward and upward. The final episode shattered the old record for highest rating for a single show. The old record of 53 (on the Neilson chart) set by Dallas ' u Who Shot JR " episode was beaten by a substantial margin. Mash received a 60 and was watched by 77 percent of the viewing audience. 72 Governor Ray retires After serving longer, and gaining more respect than any other governor in lowa history, Robert D. Ray has retired after serving a record of 14 years. Governor Ray carried the state through good times, and bad, like no other chief executive in the state ' s history. He gained enough respect to win elections without worry. His ideals and piece of mind stayed with him throughout his countless days as top man. His replacement, a fellow republican, Terry Brandstad won easily over democratic hopeful Roxanne Conlin. Despite a huge, nationwide sweep by democrats, Conlin lost by a margin of nearly two to one in what was polled just days before the election as " a very close race. " Brandstad, who turned 36 years old after the election, is now the youngest governor in lowa history. Brand- stad wasted no time in proving that he means business. Four weeks after taking office January 1 4, the new chief executive signed a bill which raised Iowa ' s sales tax from 3 percent to 4 percent effective March 1. Tylenol deaths shock nation Several Chicago area residents died of cyanide poison- ing in September and October after taking Extra- Strength Tylenol capsules. For several days, the deadly Tylenol lot number MC 2880 was printed in an outlined box on the front pages of newspapers throughout the nation. Authorities, although they have several suspects, have not yet indicted anyone. Apparantly the responsi- ble party had taken bottles of the Extra-Strength Tylenol off the shelves, poisoned several capsules, and replaced the deadly medicine on the shelves. immediately, the manufacturers of Tylenol and nearly all other over-the-counter drug distributers replaced old containers with new packaging techniques that greatly curbed any possible future poisonings. Grammys are awarded Men at Work, a new wave rock group from Austrailia, won a Grammy for best new artists of the year, when their album Business as Usual broke a record set by the Monkeys in the late 60 ' s. The album held the number one position on the album chart for more weeks in a row than any other debut recording in history. The debut album had several hits including their number one song, Down Under. Toto dominated the awards presentation, proving elite by taking home six Grammys, including best record- ing for Rosanna and best album for Toto IV. Best song of the year was Always on My Mind, by Willie Nelson, who also won the best country male voca l award for this tender ballad. John Cougar jumped on the scene winning the male rock vocal Grammy for Hurt So Good from his album American Fool. Richard Pryor won yet another Grammy, his fifth, for his comedy album, Live on the Sunset Strip. 73 Katy Llewellyn (top left) pulls another great news story out of thin air Jim Lile, editorial editor, has editorials coming out of his ears. Tom Frederick, Scott Chidester, and Jeff Lowry are busy pasting up a sports page dummy Pat Lloyd, editorial editor, touches up his editorial page before the big delivery day. in the paper storage cabinet, (opposite page, top left) Lisa Crubbs finds a moment of peace and quiet to concentrate on her editor ' s duties Sue Whitfield eagerly departs for a journalism workshop at Drake University Newspaper staff: (first row) Julie Smith, Karisa Runkel, Co-editors Lisa Crubbs and Sue Whitfield, Cindy Kammeier, Jim Lile (second row) Advi- sor Diane Weir, Liz Pinnick, Todd Murphy, Tom Frederick, Bill Clanz, Pat Lloyd (third row) Jeff Lowry and Scott Chidester. 74 Railsplittcr reports news creatively, uses fresh, upbeat ideas for design Under the leadership of Co-Editors Lisa Crubbs and Sue Whitfield, the Railsplitter completed six successful issues. The staff members thought of creative ways to express the news in each planning session. " Although each deadline was a challenge, the staff took pride in the finished product, " Crubbs commented. Although issues were fewer than usual, the Railsplit- ter staff created an extra special orientation issue for the incoming freshman and sophomores who will com- prise more than one-half of the school in fall of ' 83. Advisor Diane weir supervised production of the newspaper and made sure the paper was delivered first hour. First semester newspaper staff included Russ Gillum, Ron Heritage, Todd Lage, Steve Landess, Katy Llewellyn, Dean Miller. Staff gives yearbook unique look; uses new innovative copy, layouts Creative ideas and thoughtful suggestions helped to boost the ' 83 yearbook off to a fast start, with the theme and cover design being decided on within the first week. After all major decisions were made on new layouts and copy to give the book a completly unique look, the hard work started. Supervised by Advisor Diane Weir and led by Co-editors-in-chief Frances Briesno and Karisa Runkel, members kept busy collecting information, taking pictures, developing film, and making deadlines. " I believe all staff members gave their best to truely make this book a treasure of memories, " commented Runkel. In the end all deadlines were made wi th a little sweat and dismay and everthing made it to the press on time, April 8. Yearbook staff: (opposite page, lower left, first row) Wendi Leonard, Dina Rich, Maria Colosimo, Mary Melcher, Tonette Soda, Jeannette Painovich, Jean Shipman, Joan Shipman (second row) Sue Ponzeline, Suzanne Bell, Kelli Keyes, Co-Editors-in-Chief Karisa Runkel and Frances Briseno, Stephanie McKee, Linda South (third row) Caylene Bills, Steve Farrington, Jim Lile, John Fraser, Scott Meyer, Sharon Baldwin, and Mary Creveling. Kelli Keyes displays her Student Life Editor abilities on the phone. Karisa Runkel (top left) helps a distressed Scott Meyers with his layout. Sports layouts have Frances Briseno, Editor-in-Chief, simply baffled. Staff members Dina Rich and Suzanne Bell sort pictures for their layouts. Index Editor Mary Melcher puts in endless hours of extensive labor for the yearbook ' s index. Maria Colosimo exercises her dazzling typing abilities, while Stephanie McKee looks on with a bewildered expression. 77 Baggers take third place in tough Metro Conference Rated as high as sixth in the state, Baggers ended the season with a 9-5 record to tie for third place in the Metro. Leading the Baggers ' offense were Tim Lewis with a .577 average and Steve Lanum batting .327. Post season honors went to Lewis who was named second team All-State. Earn- ing second team All-Metro honors were Scott Harrison, Steve Lanum and Jeff Shaw. Honorable mention honors went to Gary Guthrie and Ed Heritage. Coach Bob Locker said, u We lost some key players this year, but will have some excellent players coming back to fill those vacant spots. " Second baseman Tim Lewis (opposite page lower left) concentrates on game Rick Biondi and third baseman Rick Johnson tensely wait for the crack of the bat varsity Baseball Team (first row) Rick Walsh, Brett Johnson, Russ Oillum, Howie Ragan, (second row) Tim Lewis, Mike Bonnand Scott Harri- son, Gary Guthrie, Steve Lanum, Scott Meyer, (third row) Rick Johnson, Rick Biondi, Jeff Shaw, Coach Bob Locker, Craig Ades, Ed Heritage Howie Ragan (top left) shows good form before a homerun Team proudly waits for Ragan to cross the plate after his homer Ed Heritage waits for the pitch Gary Guthrie can get a hit even with his eyes closed Steve Lanum gets another base hit 83 JV Baggers take third JV Baggers finished their season with a record of 9-5 to capture 3rd place in the Metro. Outstanding players for the Baggers were Ron Burt, Dan O ' Conner, Dave Patterson, Mike Raymond and Jessie Rincon. Rincon led the team with a batting average of .318. The defense was led by the hustle of O ' Conner and Patterson. Coach Dave Ortale who will be entering his 5th r year as JV coach said, l, l believe players from this team will add strength to the 1983 varsity team " JV snares Metro title Posting an 11-1 record, the JV team placed first in the Metro race. The team displayed great talent by taking 1 st place in the waukee tournament, a tournament designed for var- sity teams. The team was led by the superb pitching of Michelle Chia and hitting of Lynn Knight. The team showed excellent ability and should strengthen the varsity next year. Dave Griffith (opposite page top) hits a liner JV Base- ball: (first row) Dave Griffith, Dave Lanum, Tom Akers, Dave Patterson, Mike Gillespie, Dan Goble, Dan O ' Conner (second row) Jim Jordan, Brad Amos, Jessie Rincon, Terry Burris, Ron Burt, Don Gornick, Mike Raymond, Andy veith, Coach Dave Ortale Terri Fritz bulls over Dowling catcher for a score. Debbie Lukehart (top of page) pitches another strike Michelle Chia throws her dreaded drop ball Lynn Knight throws to first, as Chia checks out soil 85 New field brings luck: Rails nab 1st Pride initiated the new softball field as the Rails captured the Metro title once again. Finishing the season with a 3rd place State rank, the Rails ended with a 1 3-1 record in the Metro and 29-5 overall. Ankeny ended the season by beating the Rails in district play. Mary Thompson, who received 1st team All-State and All- Metro honors, led the team in hitting and pitching. Other team members picked on 1st team All-Metro were Vicki Knight and Jeannette Painovich. Liz Frome, Michelle L ' Estrange, and Tanya warren were chosen for second team All-Metro and honorable mention went to Bobbi Rice and Jill Joss. Softball Team: (first row) Fran Fuson, Lynn Knight, Amy McNally, Leslie Meyers, Jeannette Painovich, Vicki Knight, Tonette Soda, (second row) Toy Sargent, Mary Thompson, Liz Frome, Tanya Warren, Mardell Roux, Michelle Chia, Kim Norris, Debbie Lukehart, Lora Reese, Jill Stevens, Kim Kesselring. (third row) Assistant coach John Lagory, Julie Patterson, Kelly Chia, Penny coffin, Michelle L ' Estrange, Terri Fritz, Bobbi Rice, Angela Livengood, Coach Larry Hayes. Vicki Knight (opposite page) heaves a monstrous throw to first to barely nip the runner Jeannette Painovich (upper left) asks for a little help from a friend before stepping up to the plate Mary Thompson unleashes one of her many devastating pitches Tanya Warren shows perfect form as she lays down a bunt Liz Frome closes her eyes and hopes for the best 87 Harriers send one to State First year runner David Griffith placed seven- teenth at state, and led the Harriers throughout the season. " The rest of the team was very inconsistent dur- ing the season, and losing Brian Milton to a knee injury didn ' t help matters any, " Coach Dave Ben- nett said. The Harriers expect to be much stronger next year, as Griffith, Brent Ryan, and Steve Scott hope to lead the runners to the Metro title. Mike Sterns (top) turns corner at high speed. Wayne Knutson and Sterns sprint past a Roosevelt opponent. Knutson, sterns, David Griffith, and Tom Nash prepare for the start of the race. Boys Cross Country: (first row) Steve Scott, Rick Andrews, Mike Blodes, Todd Anderson, Brian Klug, Andy West (second row) Tom Nash, Wayne Knutson, Mike Sterns, Brent Ryan, Ted Hill, Tony Lea, John Ericson, Mauricio Munoz, Robb Coedicke, Mike Monsure, Dave Lanum, Coach Dave Bennett, Dave Griffith. Girls place fifth in Metro Placing fifth in the Metro meet, the girls finished the season strong. Coach Phil Martin said, " The var- sity consisted of a very young team that did quite well. " These young runners should make for a very strong team next year. Before ending the season with an ankle injury, lone senior Sue Ericson led the team in running. Ericson won the senior division of the Urbandale Classic, while Cheryl Crees, Marcie Sterns, and Julie Hanson combined to win the sophomore team title. Crees took over towards the end of the sea- son, placing high in every meet. Julie Hanson (top) strides alone to the finish line. Karen Eggen kicks home for a strong finish. Marcie Sterns tries to pass a Roosevelt defender Girls Cross Country, (first row) Marcie Sterns, Laura Knutson, Sue Ericson, Julie Hanson (second row) Karen Eggen, Cheryl Crees, Coach Phil Martin, Natalie Rush. Lisa Bendixon (lower left) unloads one of her many ace serves. Michelle (. ' Estrange lets loose of her well-known vicious spikes, as Margaret Corsche looks and learns. Varsity volleyball: Teresa Russo, Jeannette Painovich, Margaret Corsche, Lisa Bendixon, Michelle L ' Estrange, Angela Livengood, Kelly Berry, Robin Willet, Rose Russo. Jeannette Painovich (opposite page) sets one up for a winning point. Angela Livengood and Kelly Berry cover an opposing spike JV volleyball: (first row) Michelle Chia, Lynn Knight, Robin Willet (second row) Margaret Corsche, Mariam Smith, Olivia Edison, Kim Kesselring. Robin Willet and Michelle Chia stuff a spike in the opponent ' s face. 90 Spikers capture second Spikers ' bid for a state birth fell short when they lost to Hoover in district play. Ranked 16th in state, the Rails took second in Metro with a 12-2 record. Posting the best record ever, the JV team stole first place in the Metro. Coach Bob Corey said, " I feel very proud to have coached these fine girls who have done a marvelous job compiling a 2-year match record of 33-9-2. The seniors ' leadership will be greatly missed. " All-Metro honors went to Michelle L ' Es- trange and Rose Russo. Second team picks were Angela Uvengood, Lisa Bendixon and Teresa Russo. Jeannette Painovich made honorble mention. Kelly Berry and Margaret Corsche also contributed a great deal to the team ' s success. 01 John Carpino and Greg Prentice (upper right) show their approval of a goal line stand against Dowling. Matt Mitchell (opposite page top left) gets one of his many quarterback sacks against East, while Scott Cozad makes sure he ' s down. Rails coaching staff looks on with determination. Stingy defense goes for a blocked field goal. Defensive signal caller, John Carpino, waits for a call from the coach. varsity Football: (first row) M. Gillespie, B. Burnett, J. Gill- man, E Bannister, R. Bell, R. Gillum, C Campos, C Smith, J. Alessio, J. Noland, D. Goble (second row) R. Drew, M. Amend, T. Fredricks, G. Stewart, B. Murphy, D. Burgett, G. Prentice, S. Cozad, D. Patterson, T. Fitzpatrick (third row) P. Drotz, R. Enslow, T. Foldes, J. Gorche, Assistant Coach Ace Hendricks, Head Coach Cecil Rhoads, Assistant Coach Hugh Drake, C Monahan, D. Harrison, R. Miller, J. Brown, (fourth row) J. Rin- con, J. Carpino, S. Meyer, M. Tungesvik, B. Clinton, R. Bauman, R. Dowell, R. Mulstay, S. Lanum, J. Drake, (fifth row) D. Brown- ing, B. ingvaul, B. Williams, Kile Snider, J. Squire, L Johnson, E. Johnson, D. Ogilvie, T. Foley, (sixth row) T. Ramsey, T. Burris, B. Moffitt, C Herbert, M. Mitchell, D. Smith, T. O ' Donnell, J. Ferrari. In spite of tough schedule, Gridders excite, thrill fans Although the Rails were only 3-5 for the year, they played an exciting brand of football. The win-loss column does not show everything. The Rails played only three home games out of eight, with five of the teams rated in the top ten n the state. Three wins included North, Roosevelt, and East who was rated No. 5. The upset cost East a playoff berth. Rails display togetherness Head coach Cecil Rhoads said, " This team was one of the most enjoyable group of young men l have coached in the last nine years. They accepted their role as under- dogs and did something about it. They showed a lot of character. " individualism was secondary and the team concept was accentuated. As a result the team developed and a noticeable factor was the student body ' s reaction to a determined group of young men. " We don ' t promote stars, but we had several young men who made a tremendous contribution. For instance, Jim Corshe came out of nowhere and pro- ceeded to become the city ' s toughest runningback. Scott Meyer had an outstanding season and he had prepared himself for it by hard work. Greg Prentice, a tough, hard nosed blocker and Tom Ramsey, a dual pur- pose player, were steady players up front. " 94 Terry Burris (opposite page top right) inspects football during rainy North game Scott Meyer throws over valley defender. Bob ingvaul shows he ' s nobody to mess with. Jim Corsche (top left) runs for day- light for a long gainer Rails anxiously await the call from quarterback Scott Meyer Jim Corsche opens a hole for Russ Gillium. Steve Lanum dances for extra yardage JV Gridders finish season undefeated; Sophomores gain skill, get experience u Our objective is not really to win games but to improve our skills. We were fortunate to win the games we did, " stated Coach Ace Hendricks. JV finished the season with a 5-0 record. Junior varsity is made up of players who don ' t play a great deal of varsity. Even though a few of these players don ' t play on varsity their hard work and determination is exceptionaly strong. " Everyone got to play and we all gave 100 percent on the field. That made our victories a lot more gratifying, " said David Harrison. The JV team was made up of strong devoted seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Outstanding players through the season were Bill Moffit, Rick Dowell, Dave Patterson, Jesse Rincon, David Har- rison, and Tim O ' Donnell. " JV doesn ' t emphasize individual effort as much as team effort as a whole, " said Coach Hendricks. Sophomore football team showed outstanding effort through out the season, despite a 0-7 record. The young Rails were dedicated to improving their skills but suffered from lack of experience. However, the young Gridders put in fine team effort especially in their tie with Roosevelt. Even though the sophomores had a disappointing season, next year ' s varsity and JV teams should have a winning season with a fine experienced crew. Roy Enslow prepares to snap the ball to Rick Dowell (opposite page lower left) Tim Hankins avoids charging defense and breaks left Mike Gillespie tries to break through the Cardinal ' s defense for extra yardage Defense waits tensely for the Cardinal ' s to snap the ball Todd Brodie and Mark Kincheloe, (upper left) jump up to block North ' s punt North player is tackled by an aggressive defense. Sophomore Football: (first row) Mark Stougard, Scott Evans, David Dueling, Chris Slezak, Doug Worthington, Neil Martin, Kelly Page, Steve Burson, Ivan Schnathorst, Eric Murphy, (second row) Kevin White, Andy Wyckoff, Jim Thompson, David Castellano, Don Smith, Joe Lacona, Jeff Brindley, Tony ivory, Sean Arndt, Bill Hoeft, Pete Sabbage, Darrell Peavy, Mark Comito, (third row) Coach Dave Ortale, Tim Hankins, Reg- gie Tighe, Mark Murphy, Jarrett Wright, Mark Kincheloe, Paul Schneider, Al Branchcomb, Doug Edwards, Mike Mitchell, Jim Webb, Mark Russo, Brett walker, (forth row) Craig Leavengood, Todd Barnett, Tim Strong, Mark Barnes, Todd Carlisle, Todd Brodie, John Eidbo, Ron Smith, Alan Duede, Mark Riggs, Assistant Coach Ken Fry Sophomore diver Julie Moist (top left) shows her skills in a back dive Senior Dina Rich sings, " Splish splash I was takin ' a bath, " during the 100 yard breastroke Girls swim team (first row) Pamela Hart, co-captains Selena Collett and Sue Whitfield, Dina Rich (second row) Robyn Burdock Linda George, Krista Hohler, Renee Willett, Manager Debbie Reeves, (third row) Coach Bob Crawford, Amy James, Sue Williams, Mary Scarcello, Dawn Ballard, Andrea Kneile, Assistant coach Dan Paulson, (fourth row) Katie Heggen, Susan Wright, Julie Moist, Sandy Madden, (fifth row) Carla Sibent Jill Kesselring, DeeAnn walker, and Julie Shaffer Coach Bob Crawford (opposite page, top left) gives Sophomore Andrea Kneile her time after the finish in the 100 yard backstroke Oh Lord it ' s hard to be humble, when you swim like Selena Collett Andrea Kneile glides through the water with a graceful backstroke is Captain Sue Whitfield cheering or getting ready to sneeze? Swimmers overcome short, but especially tough season Girls swimming completed their season with a 2-8 victory, earning a respectable 6th place Metro finish, and qualified two at state. Senior Selena Collet qualif ied at districts in the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle. Sophomore Andrea Kneile qualified In the 200- yard individual medley. in their opening meet, the team suffered a disappointing 6-point loss to Dowling. North, the team ' s main rival, upset the Tankers with an unexpected win. Ames, Hoover, urbandale and Marshalltown also proved too tough for the Tankers. Enthusiasm and energy was the key to success for the team, In spite of their upset-plagued season ii Steve Burson (top left) having some trouble with his goggles, gives his all in the 200 individual medley. Larry Hayes shows excellent diving technique. Boys Swimming team : (seated) Assistant Coach Ace Hen- dricks, Manager Selena Collett, Coach Bob Crawford (first row) M. Car- ter, J. Compton, D Gilbert, J Ellwanger, T worthington, A Bennick and E. Johnston (second row) T Boubin, Ed Johnston, R. stonehocker, s. Burson, J. Roth, M Barnes, J. Strong (third row) J. vanHaecke, B Hoeft, J. Ericson, c Slezak, D Moon, L Hayes, and C. Squiers. Coach Crawford (opposite page, top left) shows great enthusiasm while watching Evan Johnston in the process of breaking the school record. Evan Johnston jumps for joy after breaking his best time ever. Like all good swimmers, Cil Squiers feels that it is good to shave one ' s head for the State swim meet. Tankers show tremendous determination Johnston, Squiers break school records " This has been the best season I have ever had. The team showed great improvement, tremendous determination, and a lot of dedication. The best thing about this year ' s team is that all but one, Jim Compton, will be back again next year, " stated Coach Bob Crawford. The swimming team had a good season posting a 4-5 record and sending two individual swimmers to state. The team also set more school records than in any other year to the credit of Evan Johnston and Gil Squiers. Evan Johnston broke three school records by the end of his season - the 50, 100, and 200 yard freestyle. Evan was also the District Champion in the 100 yard freestyle. He finished third in state in the 1 00 yard freestyle, and is State Champion in the 50 yard freestyle. Gil Squiers finished his season as conference Champion in the 500 yard freestyle, breaking the school record. With all but one swimmer returning, next year ' s team may prove to be even better. varsity Girls Basketball (first row) Lisa Bendixon, Kelly Berry, Tracy Schartner, Tanya Warren, Jill Joss (second row) Assistant Coach Bob Corey, Robin Willett, Toy Sar- gent, Michelle (. ' Estrange, Lynnette Hild, Coach Jerry Schartner (third row) Jan Fraser, Michelle Treanor, Julie Severino, Terri Fritz, Julie Patterson All-Stater Tanya warren (top of page) puts on one of her marvelous moves as she goes up for two Tracy Schartner (opposite page, top) flies past East opponent as she heads towards the bucket. Tanya warren keeps her eyes on the basket and her tongue out at the crowd as she drives to the hoop. Michelle L ' Es- trange gets ready to go up strong against an unlucky opponent Girls district loss ends an era that will be remembered forever In district play the North Polar Bears ended what had been many years of hard work and togetherness for the seven seniors of the team. Many of them have been playing together since seventh grade. The team closed out the season with an inspiring 19-6 record. The district loss also ended the high-school career of an unforgettable player and person, Tanya Warren. Warren, who broke about every record in the book, compiled an unbelievable 2,990 points in her four years of play, warren averaged more than 40 points a game in her last two seasons and the team had a 73-16 record during her career. Her unmatchable playing abil- ity will be remembered throughout the years. Coach Schartner feels a sense of great loss. He said " Since I have been coaching most of this year ' s seniors for the past five or six years, and considering all the long hours we have spent together, l have grown to know, love, and respect each one of them. I will truely miss them next year. " First team All-Metro honors went to guards Julie Severino and Toy Sargent and forward Tanya Warren. Forwards Tracy Schartner and Michelle L ' Estrange and guard Kelly Berry received Honorable Mention. Toy Sargent (below) stretches for the sky to stop her opponent. Michelle Treanor and Lynnette Hlld let this North opponent know how it feels to be blocked. Kelly Berry and Toy Sargent get some quick pointers from Coach Corey. Dave Griffith (opposite page, top) rockets over North opponent on a layup. Varsity Boys ' Basketball (first row) Brian Coffin, Brad Amos, David Griffith, Robert Drew, Roby Bradford (second row) Assistant Coach Ted Leverenz, Brian King, Matt Mitchell, Bill Mof- fitt, Tim Bianchi, Coach Tom Lee (third row) David Parks, Kalen Turk, Mike Raymond, Tom Ramsey, John Fraser, Eric Swanson. Boys lose the close ones First year coach Tom Lee ' s Railsplitters finished their season with a 6-12 record. Lee coached at Albia for eleven seasons before coming to Lincoln. Lee became head coach after John Carle resigned late last summer. Lee said, ' losing so many close games made the season really frustrating. " The boys lost six games by four points or less. " It would have taken very little to turn this season into a very successful season, but that never happened. With a lot of dedication and hard work during the off season, next year ' s team could be very successful, " Lee said. 105 S.E. Polk ends Rails season The Rails ended their season with a 75-74 loss to South East Polk in District play. The game was close all the way, with the teams exchanging the lead 1 3 times. The Rails had a five point lead with two minutes remaining, but S.E. Polk cut the lead to one point with 30 seconds remaining. Matt Mitchell missed the front end of a one and one, and John Fraser fouled Brian Sporrer with fourteen seconds remaining. Sporrer made both freethrows and S.E. Polk won by one point to end the Rails season. Leading the Rails in scoring for the season were Dave Griffith and Kalen Turk, both aver- aging 16 points a game, while team captain John Fraser averaged 12.5 points a game. Fraser and Turk led the team in rebounding, while Fraser and Griffith led the team in assists and in steals. Fraser earned second team All-Metro honors. Griffith earned third team All-Metro, and Turk earned Honorable Mention. The Rails will return two letterwinners next year, Grif- fith and David Parks. JV Girls finish season undefeated JV Boys ' attitude plays key role Playing on Monday nights, the JV girls team went undefeated with a 5-0 season. With every game they improved their skills for the varsity team. The guards, showing good defense by keeping the opponents ' game down, were led by Senior Robin Willett and Juniors Michelle Treanor and Lynnette Hild. Showing good offensive skills, the forwards were Lisa Bendixen, Jill Joss and Terri Fritz. With the starting line-up, changing every game, the JV boys came up with an impressive 5-2 record. The offense was led by Senior Bill Moffitt and Junior Rick Dowell. Other bright spots offensively were the inside plays of Tim Bianchi and Mike Raymond. Defensively, Brad Amos and Brian King stood out. Also adding to the season ' s success were Roby Bradford, Eric Swanson and Robert Drew. Coach Ted Leverence said, " Because of the winning atti- tude and the love for the game, these nine players are perfect examples of what Lincoln basketball is all about. " Robin Willett (opposite page, lower left) fights for the ball against North forward. Terri Fritz drives by opponent for good lay up. Lisa Bendixen goes up for two against North guards. Rick Dowell (top left) finger rolls the ball in for two against North Tim Bianchi eyes a rebound Brad Amos (below) drives by North player for easy lay up. Maggie Corsche (top of page) eludes two defenders as she goes up for an easy bucket. Julie Hanson shows true guarding ability Wendi Williams flies high for two points. Girls Sophomore Basketball: (first row) Penny Coffin, Kelli Chia, Sherry Davis, Natalie Rush, Julie Hanson, Heidi Law (second row) Coach Bob Corey, Maggie Corsche, Debi Rickert Wendi Williams, Helen Smith, Marsha Hoffman. Mark Murphy (top of page) goes up strong for an easy score. Jay Bendixon scans the floor for an opening. Boys Sophomore Basketball: (first row) Alex Naboa, joe Rand, Dirk Kissel, Jay Bendixon, Scott Evans, Pete sabbag. (second row) Jim Taylor, Tim Strong, Troy Anderson, Craig Leavengood, Scott Collier, Mark Mur- phy, Randy Debolt. Sophomores will provide depth With the leadership of Maggie Corsche in the forward court and Julie Hanson in the guard court, the girls finished the season with an impressive 12-5 record. For- ward Wendi Williams and guard Debi Rickert were the most improved on the team, while Penny Coffin and Heidi Law showed consistent hustle throughout the season. Coach Bob Corey said, " There is great promise on this team, but it will only come through hard work during the off season. " With some strong dedication, these girls will add a lot of depth to the varsity team. Finishing with a 6-6 Metro record and 8-9 overall, the boys displayed a hard working and positive attitude. With a great deal of improvement, the boys were able to end the season strong. Coach Brian Johnson said, " By the end of the season, the players displayed the charac- ter needed to win. " Most Valuable Player award went to Mark Murphy, while Dirk Kissel was named Most improved. The long range shooting of Jay Bendixon also helped the team a great deal. Six wrestlers go to State " For the first time in over a decade, six wrestlers from Lincoln qualified for the state meet at Vete- rans Auditorium, " commented Head Coach Cordan Blenderman. Don Browning, Todd Davis, Chad Duckworth, Wayne Knutson, Todd Rooney and Mike Sterns qualified for the state wrestling meet, February 24-26. Duckworth took fourth place Coach Blenderman and Dave McCinnis took over coaching duties when Head Coach Larry Hayes suf- fered a heart attack. The Crapplers finished second in the Metro race, beating out Hoover, Roosevelt, North and valley. " This year has been great, we pulled together at the end of the year, and proved to everyone we ' re a good team! " commented Sterns. Don Browning (opposite page, lower left) awaits the whistle at the State competition Todd Rooney shows no sympathy for his Roosevelt opponent Todd Davis puts an underhook hold on his Ames rival. Wayne Knutson plans a take-down against his Dowling competitor. Mike Sterns (top left) pounces on his opponent at the Ames meet Chad Duckworth celebrates his victory at the Saydel tournament. Wrestling Team : (first row) Todd Rooney, Mike Sterns, Curt Prettyman, Mike Monahan, Chad Duckworth (second row) Don Browning, Todd Barnett, Clark Campos, Todd Davis, Wayne Knutson, Mike McDowell, (third row) Ted Hill, Bruce Moore, Randy Rodish, Dan Tutor, Shawn Aller, Dave Horn, Mike Milazzo, (fourth row) Kevin Felsky, Larry Fales, Steve Dunham, Mark Cosner, John Blecker. J.V. Wrestlers lend help JV wrestlers matured greatly during the season, working against varsity during prac- tices, they not only improved themselves but pushed varsity members as well. Their dedica- tion helped send six varsity wrestlers to state. Coach Blenderman said, " These fellows worked very hard during the season and should strengthen the varsity next year. " Todd Davis and John Blecker (below) warm up before a meet Coach Blenderman watches with a thoughtful frown. John Blecker takes his opponent down. Steve Dunham takes a breather after the first period. Gymnasts compete hard Hardwork, dedication, and determina- tion were the ingredients used when the gymnastic team set out to improve their individual and team scores. Unfortunately the team had no confer- ence wins during the regular season; how- ever the girls placed second in the Jeffer- son invitational. Coach Cady said, " Our girls are showing good improvement, and should have a great season next year. " Kim Mercer (top page) demonstrates her moves dur- ing her floor exercise Gymnastic team : (first row) Shel- ley Linton, Rochelle Schooler, Jodi Raper, Coach Tom Cady, Margaret Rodriguez, Kim Thacker, (second row) Tanya DeAngelo, Kim starner, Kim Mercer, wendi Dun- can, Linda Pierschbacher. Jodi Raper strikes a stun- nings pose during practice. R. Schooler keeps her balance. J Cindermen once again pursue title Again, the Cindermen looked to be in the chase for the Metro title. With Tom Ramsey and Jeff Curnes running high hurdles, the Cindermen were strong. Two-time conference champ Darryl Lindsey defended his pole vaulting title. Craig Cason again led the Cindermen in the 1 00, 200, and 400 yard contests. Relay teams proved to be strong with the experience of Cason, Rick Dowell, Chick Herbert, Steve Lanum, and Matt Mitchell. Brian Milton ran the quarter and the half mile. Dave Griffith tackled the mile. Coach Bob vanderlinden said, " in order to be one of the top teams in the Metro, we needed a few lucky breaks. " Boys ' Track: (opposite page, first row) C Cason, P. Shields, M Mitchell, S. Lanum, C. Herbert, D. Lindsey, T Ramsey, G Prentice (second row) D Griffith, D Lanum, T. Nash, S. Lewellen, W. Knutson, B ingvall, M. Sterns, B. Milton, L Branchcomb (third row) D. Curtis, R. Dowell, C. Duckworth, s. Cozad, T Burris, M. Russo, J Squires, B. Foulkes, D. Patterson (fourth row) D. Harrison, J. Drake, T. Foldes, J Curnes, B. May, B. Brown, K. Young (fifth row) T Carlisle, P Snider, K Noboa, T. Hankins, T. Barnett, A weit, K Murtle (sixth row) C Foulkes, R Coedike, N. Comito, D Dueling, S. Dunham, D Peavey, B Ryun, R Karnes (seventh row) R. Scott, T. Beck, T. Anderson, F Schmidt, J. Quijano, R. Smith, D Smith, M. Blades, J. Wright, M. Lanum, P Wilson, A Williams, J Cox (eighth row) J. Richards, M Cook, M. Parker, J. Ericson, M Zeller, M. Pippett, B Klug, T Boubin (ninth row) T Anderson, J. Herman, R. Blaylock, D. Gilbert, D Moon, K Moore, K Perisho, S. Scott. Dave Griffith and Dave Lanum (top of page) play follow the leader during practice. Tom Ramsey happily jumps a hurdle Daryl Lindsey prepares for his next jump. Young team confronts tough competition in track meets The girls ' track team captured 18th place at the State indoor meet at Drake early in the season. The 4x1 lap relay team took fourth place, while the 4x2 lap and 880 relays stole sixth. The girls also competed in some other very tough meets including the Norwalk and Ankeny invitationals. Coach Dave Ortale said, u we were very fortunate to have all of our freshmen back as sophomores this season and to have an excellent group of freshmen who really helped us. " Coach Ortale also felt that several girls showed leadership qualities, especially four-time letterwin- ner Senior Sue Ericson and the speedster of the team, Junior Terri Fritz. Sue Ericson (top, opposite page) runs a strong last leg of her relay Girls ' Varsity Track: (first row) Cherrie Thomas, Mindy Duckworth, Lisa Easterlie, Lesia Miller, Nicole Craziano, Kim Kirkman, Sherri Blecker, Kristi Allison, Missy Toomey, Patty Gamble (second row) Beth Fritz, Tracy Hendricks, Shelly Lenton, Natalie Gen- try, Susan Halstead, Cathy Knight, Vicki Lomaz, Dawn Locke, Tina vanHoweling, Laura Knutson (third row) Marcie Sterns, Karen Eagen, Leslie Meyers, Julie Hanson, Sheryl Crees, Mamie Methfessel, Lisa Hol- fauer, Page Corrigan, Donna Chiodo, Lisa Skidmore (fourth row) Missy Meyers, Natalie Rush, Sue Eric- son, Terri Fritz, Julie Patterson, Jan Fraser, Lisa Far- rington, Sunny Hartman, Laura Davidson Terri Fritz (top of page) gets ready for a hand- off. Marcie Sterns warms up for the big race. The track team does some wind sprints during practice Sherri Blecker gets prepared to start a relay. 119 Tennis teams return top-ranked players Prospects were bright for both the boys ' and girls ' tennis teams this spring. With such a fine group of returning letterwinners, both teams have been challenging for the Metro title. The boys opened the season at Ames and competed in ten dual meets. Dan Norton and Rick Walsh returned to the top two posi- tions and were consistent win- ners again this year. The top three players also re- turned for the girls: Lisa Bendix- en, Tracy Schartner, and Shelley Thielke. Faced with a rebuilding season next year, Coach vanwhy has his work cut out for him. 120 i Captain Tracy Schartner (opposite page, top) ambitiously waits for her op- ponent ' s return. Lisa Bendixen shows the style which makes her number one on the team During a practice, Julia Knauer is totally bedazzled by her game Shelley Thielke warms up for a doubles match. Girls ' Tennis Team : (first row) B Whitcher, S. Thielke, T. Schartner, L Bendixen, J. Knauer (second row) C. Burkhardt, M. Hardcastle, C. Scarpino, S. Thoermer, D Morgan, T. Radke, D. Parsons. Dan Norton (top of page) slams one into the forehand court Senior Rick Walsh concentrates on another ace Chris Cuze- wich hits a volley down the base line Boys ' Tennis Team: (first row) M. Meline, D. Rossi, S Surbaugh, D. Norton, E. Wilson, T Scartozzi, R. Walsh (second row) C Cuze- wich, P Sabbag, J. Andreas, J Roe, K Leo- nard. P Craziano, J. Darling, R. Bradford, C Smith, B. Amos, T. Dillon, J. Ellwanger J. Lovejoy. Golfers begin season strong Led by returning letterwinners Sue Lapham and Julie Moist, the girls ' golf team expanded its schedule by adding two more tournaments. The girls, who practiced at Willow Creek, Echo Valley and the munici- pal courses, were looking for a much improved season over last year ' s when they were forced to forfeit all their matches because of lack of players on the team. Coach Schartner said, " We should be very competitive in the Metro, even though we have only two expe- rienced players back. " It was tee-off time with the first sign of spring for the boys ' golf team, as practice got under way at Willow Creek. Returning letterwinners Tom Brodersen and Jeff Forbes helped to make a strong team. Placing 5th in state last year, the same team returned this year for 1 2 tough matches. The team was coached by Don Ceynar. (opposite page) Golf Team: (first row) Mike Klier, Nick Cardoman and Rick Carpenter (second row) Steve Burson, Pete Nigro, Tom Brodersen, Jim Webb and Dave Carnett (third row) Robert Drew Jeff Forbes, Coach Don Ceynar, John Munyon, Bob Dunn and Tony Ralf Tom Brodersen shows good form. Jeff Forbes looks forward to another good year. Spring snow (top left) forces Debbi Rickert to practice inside Julie Moist hopes to lead the team to a successful season. Golf Team : (first row) Lisa Lumbard, Sue Lapham, Jonell Pierce, Carol Johnson and Julie Moist (second row) Coach Jerry Schartner, Heidi Law, Debbie Rickert, Wendy Williams, Carrie Craig, Susan Wright and Rhonda Reid. 4 - 1 1 k Hi A SPORTS Tanya Warren, senior 1st team All-Metro All state Basketball-Forward Toy Sargent, junior 1st team All-Metro Basketball-Guard Julie Severino, senior 1st team All-Metro Basketball-Guard Dave Griffith, junior 17th in State Cross Country Matt Mitchell, senior 1st team All-Metro Football-Defensive End Jim Gorsche, senior 1st team All-Metro, 3rd team All-State Football Runningback 124 STARS The yearbook sports staff wishes to recognize 12 top athletes. Athletes who received 1st team All-Metro honors and better or finished high in a state meet deserved special mention. CONGRATULA- TIONS to our athletes for a job well done. Chad Duckworth, junior 4th in State Wrestling-112 lb Gil Squires, junior 10th in 500, 17th in 200 (freestyle) State Swimming Evan Johnston, junior 1st in 50, 3rd in 100 (freestyle) State Swimming-All American I i Rose Russo, senior 1st team All-Metro volleyball-Setter Michelle L ' Estrange, senior 1st team All-Metro Volleyball-Spiker i jeannette Painovich, senior 1st team All-Metro, 4th team All-State Softball-Left field 125 Senior Class Officers i Debbie Bunce, Lisa Crubbs and Jean Hoffman look through magazines to decide which decorations are appropriate for Prom. Senior activities create memories that will last a lifetime Themes for senior Banquet and Prom echoed the bit- beans almondine, and sundaes were selected for the tersweet thoughts of many seniors as they wondered menu. The program included a Swing Choir performance just exactly how to say goodbye and found themselves of Where Have All the Good Times cone?, the theme wondering where all the good times had gone, as if for the evening, followed by speeches from Tom Ram- there would never be good times again, some goodbyes sey and Jean Hoffman, and the amusing presentation of were said by not saying goodbye; some were said with a baby pictures of different seniors, hug and tears, some were said by a handshake; some by a How Do we say Goodbye? was the theme for the smile and a wave ; and some by a promise to keep in Senior Prom, which was held April 23 at the Olmstead touch, and I ' ll never forget . . . Center. Silver decorations added atmosphere as the Assuming leadership of the senior class, Jean Hoffman local band Frlxls performed, was elected president in December. Other officers were Memories of the prom, banquet, class day, and finally Amy Whisler, Debbie Bunce, and Bobbie Whitcher, commencement will be cherished forever, sounds of elected as vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, defeat and victory echo in the empty halls. Tears of respectively. happiness and tears of sorrow stain a senior ' s memories. Off icers took charge of committees to organize prom, Senior year is probably a young adult ' s most remem- commencement, banquet and finances. They also bered year. It is the ye ar that decisions are made that worked together to make major decisions that resulted affect a lifetime, the year that friendships are let go of in memorable activities. simply because some people will never be seen again, the Senior Banquet was held April 8 at the Savery Hotel. year of adulthood, the year of so many goodbyes Prime rib, tossed salad, oven-browned potatoes, green Jim Agey gets measured for his cap and gown. 131 Craig Ades Christine Allen Delbert Allen Roger Aller Mathew Amend Cina Amodeo John Andreas jana Antol Brenda Armentrout Tracy Armstrong Beth Baker Marty Baker Pamela Baker Sharon Baldwin Angela Barber Julianne Barfield Lori Barnes Cheryl Bartholomew Norm Bates Mary Beakler Charles Bell Richard Bell Suzanne Bell Heidi Bequeaith Kelly Berry Ginger Bertrand Caylene Bills Teresa Birnbaumer Cheryl Blackmore John Blecker 132 Liliana Bonanno Sara Boyln Terry Braack Roby Bradford Louie Branchcomb John Brauer Ray Breeding Kenny Brickman Frances Briseno Brian Bristow Thomas Brodersen Joseph Brooks Jolene Brooks Mike Brookes Tina Brose Hilary Brown Lisa Brown Lori Browne Don Browning Roxanna Buchanan Robin Willet quenches her thirst after a big volleyball game. 133 Debbie Bunce Dan Burgett David Burton Terri Caligiuri Dina Camacho Clark Campos Vic Campos Charles Cantrell John Carpino Carmen Carrasco Jeannette Painovich, while recovering from knee surgery, hitches a ride from John Fraser to her next class Cina Carter Jeanne Caswell Ruben Ceron Vickie Cerrato Ho Chae Michael Charikov Jannelle Chase Merry Cheers Scott Chidester Jim Chiodo 134 Rose Chiodo Shelley Choate Angelo Cipale Dean Cirksena Jeff Clapper Brian Clark Cathie Clark Danny Clark Jim Clark Kevin Clark Diana Clifford Becky Clinton Chris Cobb Wendy Coburn Brian Coffin Selena Collett Maria Colosimo Donna Coltrain Delia Compton Scott Conrath pam Coon Donald Cosner Robin Cotter Chris Countryman Jeff Cowie Scott Cozad Melody Craig Lisa Crees 135 Mary Creveling Shelly Cronk Cheryl Croy Brooke Daniels Todd Daniels Jeff Darling Janet Davenport Debbie Davis Todd Davis Scott Davis John Devaul Julie Dickhoff Missy Dickson Carolyn Dillard Rob Dittmar Dawn D ' Ostilio Patrick Drottz Kim Drummond Dave Dubois Lisa Dudley Scott Davis drums with great energy at the Swing Choir show 136 Jim Dunlap Rebecca Durbin Carolyn Dyer Colleen Dyer Randy Easter Olivia Edison Melinda Eggers Brad Ellis Scott Emmons Roy Enslow Sue Ericson Diane Evans Steven Farrington Sean Fay Paul Fazio Patty Fees Tracie Feight Shelley Felice Rhonda Ferrari Danny Field Rose Nucaro, Chris Roberts, Marsha Lewellen, and Angie Miller huddle up to keep warm at the football game 137 Cindy Fisher Patricia Fitzgerald Jeffrey Forbes Jan Fraser John Fraser Randy Friend Steve Garner David Carnett Juanita Cedler Kathy Gift 4» ■4 - 1 1 Lori Barnes gives Craig Miller a hug for finally learning to open his locker all by himself Lorna Gillespie Russ Gillum William Glanz Jim Gorsche Anthony Graeve Leslie Graham Robert Grant Lance Greco Mark Greenwood Mark Gross 4 138 139 Karla Hayes Teresa Hayes Kathy Heathcote Mel Heckart Angie Hein Larry Helm Ron Heritage Paula Hesseltine Robin Hietala Bonita Hilsenbeck Melody Hiracheta David Hock jean Hoffman Joan Hooper Robert Hopkins Anousone Houang van Alicia Howard Vicki Huck Monica Hutchins Kim Hutchison Bob mgvall Roxanne inman Arlene ishmael Machelle ivory Jeff Jackson Jerrey Jackson Theresa James Tammy Jerkewitz Julie Jessop Brett Johnson 140 it Diana Johnson Kerri Johnson Larry Johnston Jim Jones John Jones Scott Jones Tiffany Jones Laurie Jorgenson Jay Kaale Cynthia Kammeier Kim Keeling Ron Kerr Kim Kesselring Kelli Keyes Diana Kimble Kern King Marvin Kingen Janet Kingkade Melissa Kingkade Kelly Kirkman Julia Knauer Wayne Knutson Jean Konchalski John Konchalski Rhonda Kusel Michelle L ' Estrange Steve Landess Steve Lanum Amy Lapham Kellie Larison Mick Lathrum Sonja Law Toby Lawless Debbie Layton Ramell Lee Brian Lehman wendi Leonard Kelly Lester Marsha Lewellen Steve Lewellen Roxanne Lewis Sue Lewiston Jim Lile Darryl Lindsey Nick Lint Angela Livengood Katy Llewellyn Patrick Lloyd Lori Lohmeier Cordell Long ; V 1 Sharon Baldwin plays her favorite song, the Lincoln Fight Song, of course, on her saxo- phone Rick Bell concentrates while complete- ing the last few answers on his test. 142 Julie Severino and Tanya warren do their ver- sion of Ebony and ivory. i Jeffrey Lowry Denise Lundeen Rebecca Lynch Bruce Main Julie Martin Bob Martin Cina Martinez Tyna Martinez Michael Marturello Chris Maskrey Raymond Mass Kay Mazzie Anita McCall Keith McCaughey Patty McDowell Jacqueline McFall Patty McCee Cindy McCraw Stephanie McKee Reene McKern 143 Candy McReynolds Richard Medina Rose Mary Medina Jeff Meeks Denise Mefford Lora Mefford Bonnie Mehl Mary Melcher Lori Mendenhall Scott Meyer Dina Rich teaches mascot, Christina Colosimo, how to be a true drill team member. Angie Miller Craig Miller Dean Miller Molly Miller Brian Milton Matt Mitchell Bill Moffitt Chris Monahan Tracy Montenquise Brian Moore it 144 Jill Morford LeAnne Morris Julie Moyle John Munyon Marsha Munyon Pat Murphy Robert Murphy Todd Murphy Tom Nash Mary Nichols Kim Nisser Anita Noble Jamie Noble-Morgan Joan Noble Tony Noboa Dave Norberg John Norman Rosanna Nucaro Cigi Oliver Sheri Oliver Kurt Ostwinkle Jeannette Painovich Dawn Pannkuk Ruth Anne Patch Bhavila Patel Deborah Patterson Christina Peters Sharon Philp Paul Pierce Elizabeth Pinnick Bambi Piper Shawn Pittman Diane Plym Teresa Poller Sue Ponzeline Karen Poortinga Alan Porter Greg Prentice Howard Ragan Chris Ragner Jason Rains Thomas Ramsey Debbie Rand Debbie Reeves Jay Reid Kimberley Renner Carolyn Reyes Rob Rhode Bobbi Rice Jeff Rice Dina Rich Scott Rieck Angela Rizzuti Denise Roach Christine Roberts Brenda Robinson 146 Cindy Robinson Jeff Roe Linda Roerig Kathleen Rogers Michelle Romine Todd Rooney Angie Rosenbaum Leslie Ross Buster Rounds Roberta Routh Greg Prentice and Matt Mitchell illustrate the fact that economics drives them crazy. Karisa Runkel Steve Rush Rose Russo Teresa Russo Nopphavanh Sayasane V r Lisa Scaglione Todd Scartozzi Chris Scavo Charles Schaefer Tracy Schartner 147 Jerry Shay Matt Sheets jean Shipman Joan Shipman Aimee Shirley George Singleton Sinarack Sinnorai Jamie Smith Jill Smith Julie Smith Julia Knauer can ' t seem to get up in time to do her hair at home 7 • ■ l m 1 -1 0 P Steven Smith Laura Snyder Tonette Soda Ann Soroka Linda South Paul Soutter Dan Spidle Ruth Stafford Anne Stamper Lisa Steckman 149 Mike Sterns Jill Stevens Glen Stewart Michael Stewart Jana Stitzell Robert Stougard Darren Stout Valerie Strait Susan Sullivan Todd Syverson Kevin Taylor Kyle Taylor Renee Theil Shelley Thielke Randy Thomas Debbie Thompson Melissa Toomey Jeffery Towne Kalen Turk Janet Ury Tracey vanNausdle Mike vanPatten Penny Vieth Kelly Venn Rhonda Volz Cindy vonk Barry vosler Wendi Wagner Bill Walker Richard Walsh Tanya Warren Robert Watson Patricia Welch Stacy welch Dawn Weilman Rita Weyer Trudy Wheeler Amy Whisler Bobbie Whitcher Susan Whitfield Kelly Willard Robin Willett Kelly Williams Lila Williams Eric Willson Marcie Wilmore Bonnie Wilson Doug Winslow Sheila Wolfley Charles wood Beth Zaiser David Zeller Denise Zupan Tarene Christensen Kim Nickel Brian Sheumaker Todd Lage Tom Hall Todd May Tamra Warren 151 in Course Of Time The feeling . Of time rushinc So quickly - too quickly! Many friends will soon leave To go out on their own, Bringing closer thoughts of my future. Senior year rushed to meet me, With college just around the corner. I feel . . . As if I ' m sprinting through the days Out of breath, wanting to slow the pace, Slow the minutes to hours To savor each more fully. To postpone the future - Scared of what will come, The changes I may not like. I wish . . . For everyone and everything To remain the same, To keep the closeness And affection of my friends, For time to stand still. if not, Then for life always to be as good As now. Ho Chae w Senior Life Thursday, August 26, 1982 Can it be that after all these years spent in school, we have only nine months left? it seems impossible that our last year is already upon us. Friday, October 8, 1982 Homecoming ' s arrived, and are we ready! we ' ve crowned our king queen. The football team is ready to take the field against North-Tech, we seniors are confident of another victory and are looking forward to the dance tomorrow night. Monday, January 10, 1983 Oh, no! Finals week! I just can ' t fail this test! if l do, it means I ' ll have to take an extra class next semes- ter. But after these tests are over, there ' ll be only four months left till graduation. From now on, we can cruise! Friday, March 18, 1983 Where has all my money gone? Name cards, announcements, the yearbook, senior dues, and the Senior Banquet have taken every single dollar I ' ve saved! Saturday, April 23, 1983 Tonight ' s the prom! Do I look okay? is everything just right? Time for a night on the town with some good food and then over to the dance for some slow music to dance close to. Only one month till the big day, and it will be the slowest month in history! Sunday, May 22, 1983 Come on, Ralph! Get the speeches over with and call my name! One piece of paper is separating me from my freedom! I won ' t have to worry about school any more. I ' ll be able to go into the big world where they don ' t care if l succeed or fail. I ' ll be able to fight against 20 other people for a job that pays only minimum wage. Frightening, isn ' t it? Steven Smith In Memoriam Yesterday Your past won ' t be forgotten, though the flowers lay on your grave. The love will live on in our hearts remembering all you gave. Your smile won ' t be forgotten, it ' s planted in our minds. Yesterday is a memory, that will continue through the times. we ' ll remember all the good things, though it had to end this way. We ' ll know you once were present, and our love for you will stay. Yesterday is gone for now, but you ' ll remain my friend. Though these are the worst of times, I ' ll never say . . . the end. eobbvewebb Diana Cliff ord 1964-1982 Sally Fisher, Scott Chidester, and Merry Cheers examine their home- room banner which has been dedicated to the memory of Diana Clifford. 155 Juniors look toward the future Jeff Johnson goes for that serious rock Brad Agan Sherry Ahl Tom Akers Derrick Aldridge Jim Alessio Jim Aller Lonnie Aller Donna Allison Kristi Allison Robert Allison Kevin Ammerman Brad Amos Carol Anderson David Anderson Tom Andreano Mike Andrews Ryan Andreini Greg Anthony Eileen Armentrout Bonnie Armstrong Bruce Armstrong Ron Armstrong Marty Arnolt Carolyn Bagwell Cindy Bailey James Bailey Echo Baker Richard Baker Shelly Baker Craig Ballard Dawn Ballard Mike Barrett Pauline Barrett Mark Barten Greg Bastian 158 Jackie Baughman Brent Beaman Cindy Beck Sherri Belecker Lisa Bellizzi Lisa Bendixen Andy Bennink Rodney Benson Joy Berka Ron Bert Tim Bianchi Nicki Bills Kim Birnbaumer Steve Bixler LeeAnne Blessing Chris Boot Shirley Boubin Tim Bougher Brenda Bowen Tammy Bradshaw Lisa Bridgewater Ellen Briles Mark Bristow Holly Brookes Joe Brooks Brad Brown Carla Brown Carla Brown David Brown LeAnn Brown Rick Brown Shari Brown Sharon Brown Alan Brose Roxanna Buchanan Suzi Bunn Deanna Burch Jeff Burdick Robyn Burdock Cina Burkhardt Mary Burks Brenton Burnett Ellyn Briles, Kim Kramer, and Rhonda Keller point the way to McDonalds 159 Joyce Burnett Regina Burriola Terry Burris Brandie Butcher Diana Cade Lisa Campos Chris Carder Rick Carpenter Becki Carter Mike Carter Connie Casner Tom Cater Wendy Catron HiSuk Chae Michele Chia Barb Chiodo Dwayne Christensen Kevin Christiansen Brenda Clark Greg Clausen Cyndi Clifford Bob Clinton Renee Coffin Michelle Cole Pat Coleman Chris Combs Frank Comito Paul Comiskey James Compton Danita Conn Gary Conner Pamela Cooksey Lisa Cooper Todd Copley Jim Countryman Pam Countryman Donald Cosner Butch Casey Gary Cozad Melody Craig Shelly Cronk Jan Schneider and Karen Schweiger have fun horsing around Teri Cross Stefan Crouse Jeff Curnes Dale Curtis Chris Curtis Dean Curtis 160 Anita Daghestani Rod Dahlberg Jennifer Daniel Gene Darris Patty Davenport Chuck Davis Sherri Blecker whistles a tune while Mike Marturello does the choreography Craig Davis De Davis Debbie Davis Shelly Daughenbaugh Jeff Daugherty Tonia DeAngelo Kim Debolt Mark DeFrancisco Chris DeMoss Tonya Deushler Rittu Devan Michael DeYoung Julie Dierling Donovan Dingman Robert Dittmar Patricia Dondlinger Dawn Dooley Michelle Dooris Tracy D ' Ostilio Rick Dowell Jeff Drake Robert Drew Chad Duckworth Annette Dudley Susan Dudley wendi Duncan Renee Edwards Dawn Eginoire James Eidbo Krista Ekstrom Brad Ellis Anita Fagerland Merideth Farnsworth Carrie Fatino Randy Fears Jason Ferrari Jody Ferrari Lisa Fields Anna Filippelli Todd Fitzpatrick Timothy Flickinger 161 Brenton Burnett is reaching for a high note Tom Foldes Tim Foley John Fontanini Bill Foster Brain Foulkes Eric Fraser Teresa Fritz Amy Cants Bob Garrison Brent Cast Bruce Cast Nicole Cean Linda George Theresa Gerst Debbie Gies Karl Gilbert Diane Gillen John Gillespie Mike Gillespie Jack Gilliam John Oilman Bob Cleason Dan Goble John Coodpaster Laura Goodwin Don Gornick Leslie Graham Janet Grate Wesley Graves Paul Graziano Michelle Greenwood David Griffith Dean Hadlock Kathleen Hager Lori Hall Aimee Hammond Karen Harris Michael Harris David Harrison Kelly Hassel Karen Hayes Melissa Haynes 162 A tWt Bobby Heggen Michelle Heide Julie Hendricks Denise Hendrix Charles Herbert Amy Herman Chris Hiatt Todd Hiatt Lynnette Hild Beck Hill Richard Hill James Hitchcock Jay Hoff Kirk Hoffman Randy Hoffman Krista Hohler Marti Holm Karen Hook Carol Hope jana Hovey Joel Howard Kim Howland Suzanne Huff Melissa Hupp Lynette Huffman Mary Hunemuller Lana inman Tammie inman Eric Irons Patricia Jackson Amy James Tami James Darla Janssen Suzanne Janssen Tracy Johannesen April Johnson Eric Johnson Jeff Johnson Rae Johnson Evan Johnston Karla Johnston Kelly Johnston Julie Satre looks pensive during a timeout 163 Michelle Jones Jim Jordan Jill Joss Ann Judge Tracy Kading Chris Kaduce Karen Kaili Roger Karnes Mary Kauzlarich Kristy Kavens Rhonda Keller Rick Keeling Holly Kelly Jeff Kennedy Julie Kephart Allen Kersey Kevin Keyes Becky King Bryan King Jerry King Krista King Russell King Dan Klauenburch Janet Klebe Kim Kramer ma Labuschagne Mark Ladurini Nancy Lame Paula Lange David Lanum Kelli Larison Craig Larsen Toby Lawless David Lee Todd Leech Mike Leege Lisa Leeper Thea Leo Kelli Leonard Kevin Leonard Kelly Lester Craig Lewis Cia Scurletis, ina Labuschagne, Annette Dudley, Gail Scarpino, and Ann Judge show togetherness in home- room 164 Dave Harrison is asking himself, friends? " ' Where are all my Rich Linderman Cindi Livingston James Locke Bill Logsdon Michael Lomax Diana Loney Joeffery Lonneson David Lujan Debbie Lukehart Sengkham Mac Brenda Mack Lisa Maldonado Kari Manley Scott Martin Tom Martindale Mike Marturello Bill May Denise May Kathy Maxon Teresa McConnel Brian McCoy Danny McCraw Wendy McNally Julie McNulty Shauna McPhee Kim Mercer Mamie Methfessel Jim Mezera Barbara Milleker Rob Miller Tim Mitchell Beth Monahan Tracy Montenquise Jim Moon Craig Moore Jill Morford Diane Morgan LeAnne Morris Teresa Morris Brenda Moyle Kelli Mulcahy Rick Mulstay 165 Mauricio Munoz Holly Murphy David Murtle Christopher Musselman Steve Nabrite Steve Nagle Susan Neal Kimberly Nelson Kim Nelson Teresa Newell Darrel Newton Kim Newton Frank Nixon Joe Noland Penni Norman Julia Norris Robert Norton Michelle Nuckolls Danny O ' Conner Tim O ' Donnell Jerri Oliver David Parcel Patrick Parkin Kashmira Patel Dawn Pawlewskie Gary Peek John Petosa Randy Phipps Diane Plym Monte Pollard Tuk Pongphimkham Sherry Porter Todd Porter Virginia Porter Kathleen Posekany Douglas Power Tracy Powley Nancy Preston Kelly Pryor Kim Pryor Clenda Putney Jeffrey Ouaintance Michael Ouigley Diana Ragan Tony Ralph Lisa Rand Jodi Raper Angela Raymond Michael Raymond Dan Reese Darrin Reeves Lisa Reeves Kristin Reichert Denise Remele Jesse Rincon Frank Ringl Karen Risbeck Tena Rivas Lisa Robbins Noel Robbins Danielle Rockhold Diane Rockwell Natalie Roeder i 1 166 ft Linda Roerig Barb Rogoff Mark Rosky Doriano Rossi Michael Russo John Ryan Kelleen Saltz Jeff saltzman John Salvaggio Carolyn Sarasio Toy Sargent Julie Satre Michael Sawyer Mary Scarcello Gail Scarpino Desiree Schooler Kaja Schraeder Karen Schweiger Cia Scurletis Steve Searcy Sidney Seger Bobby Seiberling Mark Selby Denice Sellers Joni Severino Robin Sevier Stephen Shelton Lori Sherman Philip Shields Suzanne Shoemaker Larry Shultz Jodina Signs Christopher Smith David Smith Kristain Smith Jon Smith Margaret Smith Michael Smith Paul Smith Kile Snider Tonya Snider Randall Snyder Rodney Snyder Jan Schnider Todd Speck Phillip Spencer Kimberly Spring Gil Squires John Squire Diana Stafford Tony Starrett Jeffery Stevens Denise Stewart Michael Stewart David Stout Michele Strong Paula studer Susan Sundal Eric Swanson Randy Stonehocker Jerry Taft Debbie Tait Meschelle Test 167 Kim Thacker Tracy Theobold Lance Thompson Mark Thompson Stacy Thompson Tammy Thompson Kirt Tinkle Teresa Titus Michelle Treanor Troy Troxel David Tuttle April usher Mike Utley Laura Utterson Andy veith Gary Virden Tammy Virden Sandy voogt Lori wadle Janet walker DeeDee Walsh Rhonda walzer Tammy warn David Watson Sondra weaver Bobby Webb Todd weese Brenda Welch Robert weir Rodney weir Terry wells Trudy Wheeler Renee Whisler Dawn Wicker Leigh Wilcox Pau l Wilkinson Janet Williams Susan Williams Brent Willis Renee Willett Suzanne Wilmore Brent Witmer Phil Witter Kevin Wise Debbie wohewend Connie wood Randy Work Todd worthington Kim Wright Matt Wright joe Youmans Ken Young Julie zeliadt Mickey Zimmerman i 168 Sophomores face new challenges John Akes points out to Kenny Kaiser and Robert Kennedy a good novel for them to read Tammy Ackelson John Akes Denise Albaugh Tina Aldine Lisa Allen Melissa Allison Susan Anderson Troy Anderson Rick Andrews Stormie Armagost Michael Armstrong Todd Armstrong Sean Arndt Scott Atwood Shawneen Bainter Lori Baker Rhonda Bales Jessica Baratta Stacey Barber Mark Barnes Todd Barnett Ron Barton Shelly Bates Sandra Baughman David Bell Mark Bell Melissa Benefiel Kim Berry Danny Bertrand Cindy Bianchi Candace Biddle Richie Bishop Heidi Blachley Angie Bohall Kelly Bond 169 Randy Bond Stephanie Boozell David Bostwick Debra Bowlin Sheronne Branch Albert Branchcomb Norman Bresley Kyle Bright Chris Brodeur Todd Brodie Jeff Brooks Christy Brown John Brown Kelly Brown Tracy Brown Steve Browne Steve Bruce Ollie Burks Cynthia Burnett Melinda Burriola Petra Burriola Steve Burson Somsoy Cam Kristy Camp Anita Cantrell Nick Cardamon Kerri Carlisle Teresa Carpenter Martin Carpino Chris Carter Steve Carter Cennaro Cataldo Dale Catron Faith Chapman Kurt Chapman Andre Charikov Kelli Chia Monica Chia Susie Chong Nancy Clark Sharon Cleveland Brenda Clift Sherrie Davis and Penny Hutchens wave at their friends outside the classroom. 170 Debbie Clinton Shannon Clos Lisa Coen Sandy Cogdill Chris Cohoon Carolyn Colosimo Lynn Coltrain Mark Comito Tina Conn Carrie Cooksey Anna Cooper Tracey Copley Steve Corbelt Tom Corbin Milton Cordova Joseph Corigliano Mary Cosenza Mark Cosner David Costellano Jim Cox Lisa Cox John Cox David Crawford Sherlye Crees Kristi Crise Jodi Crooks Robert Cross Todd Cross Colleen Crowley Karen Dale Mike Dale Chris Daniel Jim Daughenbaugh Mike Davidson Cindy Davis Dorothy Davis Michael Davis Michele Davis Robert Davis Sherrie Davis Deana Dayton Patty Dean 171 Chris Russo (center), Mark Comito, and Kelly Miller show different atti- tudes toward their quiz Randy DeBolt Tracy DeCroote Julie Delpierre Jake Devoogd Rick Dickhoff Shelly Dickson Julie Dingeman Tom Dillon Kathy Dondlinger Brenda Drummond Mindi Duckworth Alan Duede Dav id Dueling Pat Dulaney Jim Dungan Steven Dunham Robert Dunn Troy Dusenberry Ronald Dyer Karen Eagen Lisa Easterlie Doug Edwards Luetta Edwards John Eidbo Matthew Elliot Robert Ellis James Ellwanger Scott Evans Larry Fales Joseph Farnsworth Christal Fast Todd Faubus Jerry Fazio Roy Fazio Kevin Felske April Fernandez Joel Fertig Nancy Fisher Tracey Fisher Doug Fister Pam Fitzlaff Damon Followill 172 Patrick Ford Julie Forst Gary Foulkes Mark Francisco Eddie Fritchey Zoe Ann Fuhlrodt Michael Fuller Tammy Fuller Francesca Fuson Michael Garcia Bryan Gothercole Joseph Gatto Adrienne Gentry Sandie Geppert David Gibbs Andrea Gibson Charlene Gieseke Kristen Gill Don Goble Robbie Goedicke Margaret Gorsche David Grange Jim Grant Alphie Graspy Denise Greenfield Rusty Groves Kelly Gruwell Stacie Gust Sherri Hake T odd Habich Lonnie Hamby Cathy Hanson Julie Hanson Lisa Hanson Michelle Hardcastle Greg Harris Theresa Hastie Larry Hayes Katie Heggen Penny Hutchens Marlene Henderson Becky Hensley Tiffany Herbert Mike Herwig Wendy Hildreth Bill Hoeft Jeff Hoffman Marsha Hoffman Sue Hood Dave Horn Kristin Hornback Kelli Howard Vinh Huynh Deanna Gustafson Holly James Jeff Jarrett Pete Jerkewitz Tebra Jinson Sherri Johansen Carol Johnson Eric Johnson Linda Johnson Suzette Johnston Bill Jones Dave Jones Dennis Jones Lori Jones Michelle Jones Jeff Jorgenson Amy Junck Teresa Kaale Michael Kaduce Kenny Kaiser Diana Karnes Roger J. Karnes Dale Keho Sherry Kelt Steve Kellis Robert Kennedy Kirk Keul Laura Kiefer Kwang Jong Kim Mark Kincheloe Kendra King Melodee Kingen John Kirfman Rick Kirkman Kasey Kirts Dirk Kissel Michael Klier Andrea Kneile Cathy Knight Roilyn Knight Paul Knode Rhonda Konchalski Curt Kruger Mary Kunkel Joe Lacona Robbie Ladoux Curtis Langlinais Susan Lampham Mike Last Natalie Lavorato Heidi Law Craig Leavengood Theresa Leo John Leto Connie Lewis Jeffrey Lierow Ronald Lilly Dawn Locke Sharon Loffredo Vicky Lomax Khamphone Lovan Gerald Lovejoy Jeffrey Lowe Lisa Lumbard Charles Luna Steven Lyons Dala Mac Sheila MacDonald Sandra Madden Chris Manning Cina Maricle Rachelle Marquardt Adrian Marquis 174 Margaret Corsche thinks, " if my friends could see me now! ' Joyce Martin Lori Martin Neil Martin Adam Martinez Anita Martinez Michelle Marturello James Mason Vanessa Mass Kelli Mauro Todd Maxwell Debbie McCaughey Wayne McCauley David McClannahan Desiree McCloney Darryl McCoy Mark McCoy Michael McDaniel Marcia McDowell Michael McDowell Debbie McCarey Kim McCee Rachelle McKern Michael McKinney Dawn Mefferd Tim Messier Tracy Mettler Doug Miller Kathy Miller Kelly Miller Leisa Miller Anthony Mills David Mitchell Mike Mitchell Julie Moist Matt Morgan Steve Morris Tracy Mouzakis Shelley Munyon Eric Murphy Mark Murphy Mark Murphy Robin Murphy 175 Junior Carol Hope looks up in amazement from her busy work. Chris Myers Kris Myers Tim Neal DeAnn Newton Susan Niffenegger Peter Nigro Alex Noboa Juan Noboa Robert Ogren Becky Ogle Peggy O ' Neal Kelley Page David Palladino David Park Kelly Park Kelly Parker Laurie Paterno Darrel Peavy Milissa Perry Brad Peterson Frank Peterson Kollin Peterson Mike Phipps Jonell Pierce Linda Pierschbacher Linda Pirkle Brian Potter Ann Potyckl David Price Jeff Punaga Daniel Ouaintance John Ouijano Tracie Radke Kara Ralph Tami Ramey Joe Rand Jim Randolph Dawn Reed Devon Reed Laura Reese Tracy Reeser Gary Rerves m m ♦ W W V HI 9 ■ t j 176 ill Rhonda Reid Susan Renn Joseph Rhode Julie Rice Jolene Rich Jack Richards Debbie Rickert Leigh Riggle Cina Rippey Diane Rissman Carla Rivera Kathleen Rivera Tom Roach Tim Roach Teresa Robinson Judy Robison Lisa Rodberg Randy Rodish Darrell Rogers Mary Rogers Maria Rombou Joseph Roth Beth Runkel Natalie Rush Mark Rushton Christopher Russo Mark Russo Corrowena Rutan Bret Ryan Peter Sabbag Jerry Sanders Erik Sanning Tracie Sargent Craig Scartozzi Rex Schaefer Frank Schmeck Paul Schneider Tandy Scott Jenny Selim Gale Sells Mark Shelton Janet Short Joni Shortley Ounarong Sinnorai Brigitte Sleeth Teresa Small Chris Smith Daniel Smith Donald Smith Greg Smith Helen Smith jerald Smith Lori Smith Miriam Smith Ronald Smith Stacey Smith Troy Smith Shane smock Lora Snider Traci Snider Joe Soloman Tonya Spackman David Spivey Darrin Squires Mike Staley Laurie Stamper Kim Starrier Laura Stec Mark Steele Marci Sterns Deanna Stevens Sam Steward Joe Stocker John Stocker Karen stockman Michelle Stockman Mark Stougard Jenny Stratton Timothy Strong Steve Surbaugh Trudi Syverson James Taylor Kelly Taylor Wendy Taylor Karen Thacker Kim Thacker Delwayne Thomas James Thompson Tammy Thompson Reggie Tighe Michell Tokheim Shelly Trent Noelle Trevillyan Daniel Tutor Tracy Tyson Tammy vanMaaren John vonk Bret walker David Walker Lee walker William Walsh Tammy warren Rhonda Waterman Kathy watts Toni Webb Dawn Reed is a blooming success. 178 Mark Barnes takes it easy in biology class Jim Webb Mike Welch Kim wellman Andy west Kim west Nagrie west Matt Wheeler Brian Whisler Barb White Joyce White Kevin White Lisa White Roy Whitter Bill Wignall Andre Williams John Williams Robert Williams Wendy Williams Pat Wilson Sheri Wilson Julie Wiltsie Jon Wingert Tina Winslow Tom Woodard Mike Woodard Jill Woods Douglas worthington Jarrett Wright 179 ANIMAL ARTS TAXIDERMY STUDIO ' Graduate of A. IT. ' Member of N.T.A.. N.R.A., ISF State and Federal licensed 591 Marlou Parkway Des Moines, Iowa 515 285-0495 Quality You Can Trust! Owner: Tom Caudill CARROLL AUTO WRECKING • MOTORS • SPRINGS • TRANSMISSIONS • REAR ENDS • FRONT ENDS • RADIATORS • HOODS • GRILLES • BUMPERS 288-2244 OR 288-3801 CAR TRUCK PARTS WE SELL INSTALL USED MOTORS OLD NEWER CARS OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 8 AM - 5:30 PM SAT. 8 AM - 2 PM 1610 SCOTT • DES MOINES Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture BING ' S STATIONERY CO. Bing Bogatto 3410 S.W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 Where Service Courtesy Prevail Congratulations Seniors! B B Super Market Old Fashion Service Meat Counter S.E. 6th Hartford 243-7607 1 J A 1 ■ ■ ■■Mil , 182 CLAYTON ' S Arts, Crafts, Needle Art Variety Three Locations To Serve You 7611 Douglas Ave. Urbandale, Iowa 50322 1423 S.W. Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50315 2622 Beaver Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50310 SOUTHTOWN FUNERAL HOME (Hamilton ' s Service) 5400 Southwest 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa RICK LIVINGSTON STAN LIVINGSTON DENNIS LIVINGSTON DON LIVINGSTON Livingston ' s Auto Service CONGRATULATIONS from Crescent Chevrolet Inc. New Cars 247-8000 Service Department 247-8020 Parts Department 247-8030 Used Cars 247-8040 PROFESSIONAL FOREIGN AND AMERICAN CAR SERVICE BY CERTIFIED MECHANICS PHONE 287-1372 5304 S.W. 9TH STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 183 Whitaker Pharmacy Co. Wnb Cf)f 3!mport £ f)op " THE PRESCRIPTION STORE ' 1103 ARMY POST ROAD TELEPHONE 285 2121 DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 EAST DES MOINES National Bank Member F.D.I.C S.E. 14th Indianola Road East 14th and Euclid East University and Hubbell Pleasant Hill, Iowa 244-6677 Congratulations Seniors! Osum Studio a 543 - 6th Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50302 243-7674 DON ' S 1300 ARMY POST ROAD SUPER UALU Always Remember: In at ten, out at four! OPEN 24 HOURS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 184 UMDENSTOCK DAIRY QUEEN 3408 S.W. 9th STREET Congratulation Seniors! Class of 1983 Army Post Standard 849 Army Post Road 285-9555 WAKONDA CLEANING CENTER 4227 Fleur Dr. Wakonda Shopping Center Special prices on band uniforms cheerleading uniforms flags and drill team uniforms 285-5305 185 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Learn a skill. Doing something different. You can help in the Air Guard IOWA AIR NATIONAL GUARD, 3100 McKINLEY DES MOINES, IOWA 50321 Phone 285-7182 Congratulations Class of 1983 Air Lanes Bowl 4200 Fleur Drive Des Moines, Iowa Phone 285-8632 OPEN DAYS WEEK 186 Allied Wholesale Meats, Inc. 2418 Sunset Road 243-0518 Complete Supplies of Choice Meats Seafoods ' Quality and Service a Must ' The insurance business holds many career opportunities. We may have one for you after graduation. FARMLAND INSURANCE SERVICES 1963 Bell Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50315 245-8800 inn Stay at Airport Hilton and try the fabulous Crystal Tree Restaurant •Ml SOUTH f ,Eu » DRivC - DCS MON6S Owa Edwards Graphic Arts, Inc. P.O. BOX 655 • DES MOINES, IA 50303 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1983 R4ILSPLITTERS (515) 280-9765 187 BRENTON NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH DES MOINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS, AND ENJOY BEING A PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY 2 SOUTHSIDE LOCATIONS S.W. 9th McKinley Wakonda Shopping Center The working bank. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 Serving the Public Since 1919 Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 287-1991 Hours — Three Locations — Hours 3700 SW 9th Open 7 days a week Monday Thursday 10 a.m. - 1 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 Midn ight Downtown 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. SouthRidge Mall 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11:00-5:00 SERVICE WITH DISTINCTION DELUXE MOTOR COACHES INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP AIRLINE TICKETING RESERVATIONS SAVE MONEY TIME WORRY BY WORKING WITH THE PROFESSIONALS Make All Of Your Airline Reservations Faster And Easier By Using Our Computerized System CALL MAIN OFFICE Branch Office 276-6782 243-1861 (Hf) HAWKEYE TOURS INC 8450 Hickman Road - Suite 20 3300 S.W. 9th - Suite 4 188 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 410 S.E. 18th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50301 AREA CODE 515—265-1618 mend Packing Company CONGRATULATIONS 1983 GRADUATES from NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS— TAILORING Serving South Des Moines for over 30 years Free Pick-up and Delivery David Noah, Owner The Best Buy in Cleaning is Quality S.W. 9th Leland DES MOINES, IOWA 285-1261 Railsplitter Ambassadors CONGRATULATIONS 1983 LINCOLN GRADUATES JOHNSON COMMUNICATIONS 285-8967 Your all sports club. Join us to help Lincoln sports, today and tomorrow. 1314 ARMY POST ROAD DES MOINES 189 WE ' RE ON YOUR SIDE 4814 S.W 9th • 3000 S.E. 14th CONGRATULATIONS FROM Katheryne Stout Optometrist 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF CENTRAL IOWA, INC. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF 1983 YOUR FUTURE IS NOW GOOD LUCK! GO RAILSPLITTERS IOWA . nesmoines 1 A rWIOMAL. EWHK 245-3131 Member FOIC An Affiliate of Northwe st Bancorporition Banco BUILD LINCOLN HIGHER CLUB B.L.H. Club proceeds have been used for these projects and activities during the past school year: Scholarships. Warm-Up uniforms for both boys girls basketball. Donation to help the girls Softball field. Improvements for the baseball field. Purchase of a computer for the business department. Donations to the band and debate club. Half of all membership money collected was returned to the organizations participating. FIVE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Downtown Office, 7th Walnut Douglas Office, Beaver Douglas Euclid Offce, E. 25th Euclid Fort Des Moines Office. 600 Army Post Road Urbandale Office, 8301 Douglas Dan Murray; President Kaye Shifter; Secretary Ken Summy; Treasurer 191 Banivrs Trust company Bankers Trust Come Crow With us Des Moines, Iowa 50304 TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jan. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 Congratulations Class of " 83 " Van Cleve Dance Studio Quarry Supply, Inc. 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 Des Moines, Iowa 2102 Wakonda View Dr. (Across from Dahls on Fleur Dr.) 285-9789 and 4041 Urbandale (Heart of Beaverdale) 274-0620 or 282-3129 Ballet - Tap - Jazz - Acrobatic - Baton - Aerobics 192 Bamie ' s Pizza House Dine With Us Or Carry It Out • Pizza (over 25 varieties) • Strom and Ham Cheese Sandwiches • Salads (with a special homemade dressing) Open 5 P.M. to 12 Midnight (Weekdays and Saturdays) Fridays 5 P.M. till 1 a.m. Closed Sundays Tuesdays Phone 285-9357 1920 Army Post Road. Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 • New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th " It ' s not QUANTITY that counts, it s QUALITY " For the Best Quality work in all of your printing needs .... PRINTING 2803 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA Boesen FLOWER MARKET SOUTHRIDGE MALL DES MOINES, IA 243-2404 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 193 r Congratulations Class of ' 83 Fresh Fruits Vegetables Institutional Suppliers and 100 E. 2nd Street DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charlie Colosimo Sr. and Family CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! 4201 CHAMBERLAIN -:- 4221 FLEUR DRIVE Ph. 255-5571 Ph. 282-8510 2) J tin ctive Sty ied AND C ourteouS Service MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE 15th and Locust Dial . . . 283-2446 We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models. Mother won ' t let you raid her ice box? COME RAID OURS! Southridge Mall • Des Moines Phone 287-5555 SHOES BY Nike Adidas Converse Pony Puma " SPEEDO " Swimsuits BASEBALL Wilson Rawlings FOOTBALL Wilson Rawlings " WIGWAM " Socks " DODGER " Shorts JOHN i MARGE SWAN 4140Park Ave. 195 I BUD MULCAHY ' S E. 2nd Locust DES MOINES AMC JEEP RENAULT 288-223 1 I I I | I IP 196 ft Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES 285-8303 Prescriptions Delivered BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING We invite all LIncolners to shop at the complete store for their wardrobes. 3304 S. W. 9th Street Phone 282-0649 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! ESCRIPTI0N PRIcfs 7 Convient Des Moines Area Locations S.W. 9th and McKinley E. 28th and Hubbell 3615 Beaver 1220 Grand, West Des Moines 80 School Street, Carlisle 421 Laurel 5775 Merle Hay Road THE FABRIC CARE CENTER Where you can spend an hour and save a day. 197 Kri spy Krust Bread Co. We specialize in VIENNA ITALIAN PUMPERNICKLE RYE DINNER HARD ROLLS HOAGIE ROLLS At Your Grocer Baked in Des Moines Since 1917 2 S.E. Jackson Ave. DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 243-1620 50D FARM NURSERY CENTER CONGRATULATIONS 1983 GRADUATES EGGERS SOD NURSERY INC 8400 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 285-1595 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 FROM Mee r Des Moines Area Food Stores " Where there ' s a smile in every aisle " CANTEEN SERVICE COMPANY OF CENTRAL IOWA 21 10 WAKONDA VIEW DRIVE . DES MOINES. IOWA 50321 • (515)285-8504 CUSTOM COFFEE CANTEEN CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " 83 " 200 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC WORLD LEADER IN AGRI-GENETICS 2g PIONEER ' BRAND SEEDS Corn, soybean, sorghum, alfalfa, cereal and cotton seeds. 3g PIONEER BRAND MICROBIAL PRODUCTS Naturally occurring microbial cultures selected for agriculture. PIONEER J r ATA 0 XOTC««0 DATA SYSTEMS Computer hardware and data processing services. NQR 3NU DATA SYSTEMS Microprocessor-based data systems. Green Meadows SM Planning Systems Community planning and development. 3£ PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC. - 1206 MULBERRY STREET, DES MOINES, IOWA 50308 • Registered trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A. 201 ZKirport 150 Rooms • Meeting and Banquet Facilities For up To 300 • indoor Pools, Jacuzzi, Sauna Skyway Restaurant • Hangar Lounge 3 Minutes to Airport • 10 Minutes to Downtown Des Moines 1810 ARMY POST ROAD DES MOINES, IWOA 50312 PH: (515) 287-6464 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 WE PRINT ANYTHING CUSTOM L MEYER ' S AUTO TRUCK PARTS Used Rebuilt save on 12 ACRES of cars ' ' You Need It, Meyers Got it " 30TH UNIVERSITY DEAN SCOTT A U T O P A R T S 266-1109 3740 VANDALIA ROAD 203 205 207 209 NICHOLS CONTROLS SUPPLY, INC. Controls for Industry Dealers Activators • Motors • Solenoids • Thermostats • Valves • Ect. Wayne Nichols President Res. (515) 285-8083 120 S.W. 6th Des Moines, Iowa 50305 Phone (515)243-4327 Congratulations Cheerleaders The one and only - Homeroom 118 Lorilee Browne Selena Collett Dawn D ' Ostilio Robert Dittmar Robert Grant Jean Hoffman Tiffany Jones Top 3 percent Marvin Kingen Marsha Lewellen Jeannette Painovich Thomas Ramsey Karisa Runkel Tracy Schartner Ruth Stafford Kevin Taylor Kyle Taylor Roberta Whitcher Mara Wilmore Elizabeth zaiser Denise Zupan Top 15 percent Matthew Amend Catherine Clark Ronald Heritage Michael Marturello Leslie Ross Earl Banister Chrystal Cloyed Paula Hesseltine Craig Miller Robert Routh Lori Barnes Brian Coffin Bonita Hilsenbeck Brian Moore Doni Schrock Cheryl Bartholomew Pamela Coon Dao Huynh Rosanna Nucaro Sinarack Sinnorai Liliana Bonnano Janet Davenport Roxanne inman Sheri Oliver Steven Smith Kenneth Brickman Debra Davis Julia Knauer Bhavila Patel Tonette Soda Deborah Bunce Kimberly Drummond jean Konchalski Sharon Philp Cindy vonk Teresa Caligiuri Sue Ericson Michelle L ' Estrange Susan Ponzeline Penny Veith John Carpino Paul Fazio Angela Livengood Alan Porter Dawn wellman Ho Chae Rhonda Ferrari Katherine Llewellyn Lisa Robbins Amy Whisler Rose Chiodo James Corsche Rebecca Lynch Christine Roberts Lila Williams Tarene Christensen Elizabeth Crubbs Cynthia McCraw Angela Rosenbaum Sheila Wolfley Ackelson, Tammy 169 Ades, Craig 21,33,54,82,132 Agey, James 25,131 Agan, Bradley 21,158 Ahl, Sherry 158 Akers, Tom 84,158 Akes, John 169 Albaugh, Denise 48,169 Aldine, Tina 48,169 Aldridge, Derrick 158 Alessio, James 92,158 Allen, Delbert 132 Allen, Lisa 169 Aller, James 158 Aller, Lonnie 158 Aller, Roger 21,132 Allison, Donna 55,158 Allison, Kristine 118,158 Allison, Melissa 169 Allison, Robert 158 Ammerman, Kevin 158 Amend, Matthew . . .92,132,139,214 Amodeo, Cina 132 Amos, Bradley . . 84,105,109,121, 158 Anderson, Carol 43,158 Anderson, David 158 Anderson, Sue 169 Anderson, Troy 48,116,169 Andreano, Tom 158 Andreas, John 1 21, 132 Andreini, Ryan 158 Andrews, Mike 158 Andrews, Rick 88,169 Anthony, Gregory 158 AntoUana 41,132 Armagost, Stormie 169 Armentrout, Brenda 132 Armentrout, Eileen 25,158 Armstrong, Bonnie 49,55,158 Armstrong, Bruce 158 Armstrong, Michael 48,169 Armstrong, Ronald 158 Armstrong, Todd 169 Armstrong, Tracy 21, 132 Arndt, Martin 158 Arndt, Sean Alan 48,97,169 Atwood, Scott 169 B Bagwell, Carolyn 158 Bailey, Cynthia 66,158 Bailey, James 158 Bainter, Shawneen 48,169 Baker, Echo 21,158 Baker, Elizabeth 132 Baker, Lori 169 Baker, Martin 132 Baker, Michelle 158 Baker, Pamela 132 Baker, Richard 158 Baldwin, Sharon 44,46,47,60,76, 132,142 Bales, Rhonda 169 Ballard, Craig 158 Ballard, Dawn 98,158 Banister, Earl 92,214 Baratta, Jessica 169 Barber, Angela 132 Barber, Stacey 169 Barf ield, Julie 21.132 Barnes, Lori . . . 43,52,54,132,138,214 Barnes, Mark 48,97,169,179 Barnett, Todd 97,113,116,169 Barrett, Michael 158 Barrett, Pauline 158 Barten, Mark 158 Bartholomew, Cheryl 132,200, 214 Barton, Ronald 169 Baughman, Sandra 169 Baumann, Richard 92 Beakler, Mary 132 Beaman, Brent 52,159 Beck, Cynthia 159 Bell, Charles 132 Bell, David 48,121. 169 Bell, Mark 169 Bell, Richard 92,132,142 Bell, Suzanne 3,6,76,132 Bellizzi, Lisa 25,159 Bendixon, Lisa . . . 54,90,102,108,120, 159 Benefiel, Melissa 169 Bennink, Andrew 52,159 Benson, Rodney 159 Bequeaith, Heidi 132 Berka, Joy 159 Berry, Kelly 90,91,102,104,132 Berry, Kimberly 169 Bert, Ron 159 Bertrand, Daniel 21,169 Bertrand, Ginger 132 Bianchi, Cindy 169 Bianchi, Tim 16,105,109,159 Biddle, Candace 48,169 Bills, Gaylene 76,132 Bills, Nicolette 159 Biondi, Rick 82 Birnbaumer, Kim 159 Birmbaumer, Teresa 132 Bishop, Richard 169 Bixler, Steve 21,159 Blachley, Heidi 37.40.1 69 Blackmore, Cheryl 132 Blecker, John 113,132 Blecker, Sherri . . 52,118,119,159,161 Blessing, LeeAnne 159 Bohall, Angie 169 Bonanno, Liliana ... 6,42,43,133,214 Bonanno, Mike 82 Bond, Kelly 48,169 Bonel, Randy 48,170 Boot, Christine 56,159 Boozell, Stephanie 170 Boskey, Beau 195 Bostwick, David 48,170 Boubin, Shirley 159 Bougher, Tim 159 Bowen, Brenda 159 Bowlin, Debra 48,170 Boylan, Sara 133 Braack, Terry 133 Bradford, Roby 105,133,121 Bradshaw, Tammy 21, 159 Branch, Sheronne 49,170 Branchcomb, Albert 97,170 Branchcomb, Joseph . . . 21,116.133 Brauer, John 133 Breeding, Raymond 133 Bresley, Norman 170 Brickman, Kenneth 133,214 Bridgewater, Lisa 43,159 Bright, Kyle 48,170 Briles, Ellyn 43,159 Brindley, Jeffrey 97 Briseno, Frances 41,76,133,183 Bristow, Brian 133 Bristow, Mark 52,159 Brodersen, Tom 122,1 33,1 97 Brodeur, Christopher 170 Brodie, Todd 97,170 Brooks, Jolene 21,133,182 Brookes, Holly 159 Brooks, Jeffrey 48,1 70,1 82 Brooks, Joe 133,159,182 Brose, Alan 159 Brose, Tina 133 Brown, Bradley 116 Brown, Carla Jean 39,159 Brown, Christina 170 Brown, David 159 Brown, Hilary 76,52,66.133 Brown, Jamie 92 Brown, John 46,47,170 Brown, Kelly 170 Brown, LeAnn 43,159 Browne, Lisa 133 Browne, Lorilee 133,214 Brown, Rick 159 Brown, Shari 44,46,47,61,159 Brown, Sharon 159 Brown, Tracey 170 Browne, Steve 170 Browning, Don 92,112,113,133 Bruce, Steve 170 Buchanan, Roxanna 133,159 Bunce, Debbie 33,39,54,131,134, 155,213,214 Bunn, Suzanne 159 Burch, DeAnna 159 Burdick, Jeff 159 Burdock, Robyn 98,159 Burgett, Dan 33.52,92,134 Burkhardt, Gina 120 Burks, Mary 159 Burks, Ollie 170 Burnett, Brenton . . . 5,52,69,92,159, 162 Burnett, Cynthia 170 Burnett, Joyce 160 Burns, Elaine 25 Burriola, Melinda 170 Burriola, Petra 170 Burriola, Regina 160 Burris, Terry 84,92,94,116,160 Burson, Steven 5,48,97,122,170 Burt, Ronald 56,84 Burton, David 134 Butcher, Brandle 160 C Cade, Diana 160 Caligiuri, Teresa 21,134,214 Cam, Somsoy 170 Camacho, Dina 134 Campos, Clark 92,113,134 Campos, Lisa 160 Campos, victor 134 cantrell, Anita 48,170 Cantrell, Charles 52,59,134 Cardamon, Nicky 122,170 Carder, Christina 160 Carlisle, Kerrl 40,48,170,185 Carlisle, Todd 97,116 Carpenter, Ricky 122,160 Carpenter, Teresa 170 Carpino, John 36,56,92.93,134. 139,214 Carpino, Martin 170 Carrasco, Carmen 134 Carter, Becki Sue 160 Carter, Christopher 49,170 Carter, Cina 134 Carter. Michael 100,160 Carter, Steven 48,170 Casey, verlyn 160 Casner, Connie 160 Castellano, David Thomas 97 Caswell, Jeanne 134 Cataldo, Gennaro 170 Catron, Dale 170 Catron, Wendy 21,160 Cavins, Kristi 43 Ceron, Ruben 134 Cerrato, Vickie 49,134 Chae, HiSuk 160 Chae, HO 134,214 Chapman, Faith 46,47,61,170 Chapman, Kurt 48,170 Charikov, Michael 134,170 Chase, Janelle 134 Cheers, Merry 21,134,155 Chia, Kelli 86.170 Chia, Michelle 25,85,86,91,160 Chia, Monica 49,170 Chidester, Scott 75.1 34,1 55 Chiodo. Barbara 160 Chiodo, James 21,134 Chiodo Rose 134,214 Choate, Shelley 21,135 Chong, Hye Sim 170 Christianson, Dwayne 160 Christianson, Kevin 160 Cipale, Angelo 135 Cirksena, Dean 21,135 Clapper, Jeff 135 Clark, Brenda 160 Clark, Brian 135 Clark, Cathi 135,214 Clark, Daniel 135 Clark, James 135 Clark, Kevin 135 Clark, Nancy 170 Clausen, Greg 160 Cleveland, Sharon 49,170 Clifford, Cyunthia Ann 22,160 Clifford, Dianna Lee 135,155 Clift, Brenda 46,170 Clinton, Debra 171 Clinton Rebecca 135 Clinton, Robert 92,160 Clos, Shannon 171 Cobb, Christine 135 Coburn, Wendy 41,135 Coen, Lisa 171 Coffin, Brian . . . 54,105,160,135,139, 214 Coffin, Renee 44,46,47,160 Coffin, Penny 86 cogdill, Sandra 171 Cohoon, Christina 171 cole, Michelle 41,160 Coleman, Patrick 160 Collett, Selena 98,99,135,214 Colosimo, Carolyn 54,171 Colosimo, Cassie 194 Colosimo. Christina 144,194 COlOSimO, Maria. . . 32,43,76,135,194 Coltrain, Donna 46,56,135 Coltrian, Lynn 171 Combs, Chris 4.39,54,160 Comiskey, Paul 160 Comito, Frank 160 215 Comito, Mark 97,116,171,172 Compton, Delia 135 Compton, James 25,160 Conn. Danita 49,160 Conn, Tina 171 Conner, Gerald 160 Conrath, Scott 135 Cooksey, Carrie 48,171 Cooksey, Pamela 69,160 Coon, Pam 135,214 Cooper, Anna 48,171 Cooper, Lisa 160 Copley, Todd 26,160 Copley, Tracey 171 Corbett, Steve 171 Corbin, Tom 171 Cordova, Milton 171 Corigliano, Joseph 44,47,171 Corley, Cina 25,47 Cosenza, Mary 171 Cosner, Donald Troy 135,160 Cosner, Mark 113,171 Costellano, David 171 Cotter, Robin 135 Countryman, Chris 135 Countryman, James 160 Countryman, Pamela 160 Cowie, Jeffrey 135 Cox, James Russell 171 COX, JOhn 21,116,171 Cox, Lisa 171 Cozad, Gary 160 Cozad. SCOtt . . .7,92,93,116,135,139, 195 Craig, Melody 135,160 Crawford, David 171 Crees. Lisa 135 Crees. Sheryle 89,118,171 Creveling, Mary 76,136 Crise, Kristina 25,49,171 Cronk, Shelly 136.160 Crooks, Jodi 171 Cross. Robert 171 Cross, Teri 160 Cross, TOdd 16,26,48,171 Crouse, Stefan 160 Crowley, Colleen 171 Curnes, Jeffrey 116,160 Curtis, Christopher 160 Curtis, Dale 116 Curtis, Dean 46,47,160 D Daghestani, Anita 161 Dahlberg. Rodney 161 Dale, Karen 171 Dale Michael 171 Daniel. Chris 171 Daniel Jennifer 161 Daniels Brooke 136 Daniels Todd 136 Darling, Jeffery 121.136 Daughenbaugh Jim 171 Daughenbaugh Shelly 161 Daugherty Jeffry 46 47 161 Davenport Janet 136 214 Davenport Patty 161 Davidson Michael 121.171 Davis Charles 161 Davis Cindy Lee 171 Davis Craig 161 Davis Deanna 161 Davis, Debra 136,161,214 Davis, Dorothy 171 Davis, Michael James 171 Davis, Michael Todd 1 7,1 1 2,1 1 3, 136 Davis, Michele 171 Davis, Robert 171 Davis. SCOtt 52,136 Davis, Sherri 48,170,171 Dayton, Deana 171 Dean, Patricia 49,171 DeAngelo, Antonia 161 Debolt, Kimberlee 161 Debolt, Randy 172 Defrancisco, Mark 161 Degroote, Tracy 48,172 Delpierre, Julie 172 Demoss, Chris 161 Deshler, Tonya 161 Devan, Rittu 66,161 Devaul, John 45,136 Devoogd, Jake 172 DeYoung, Mike 161 Dickhoff, Julie 136 Dickhoff, Richard 48,172 Dickson, Melissa 56,57 Dickson, Shelly 25,136,172 Dierling, Julie 161 Dlllard, Carolyn 136 Dillon, Thomas 121.172 Dingman, Julie 172 Dingman, Donovan 161 Dittmar, Robert 1 8,1 36,1 61 ,21 4 Dondlinger, Kathy 49,172 Dondlinger, Patricia 161 Dooley, Dawn 161 Dorris, Michelle 161 D ' Ostilio, Dawn 136,214 D ' Ostilio, Tracey 161 Dowell, Richard . . 92,96,109,116,161 Drake, Jeff 24,92,116,161 Drew, Robert 92,105,122,161 Drottz, Patrick 92,136 Drummond, Brenda 48,172 Drummond, Kim 136,214 DuBois, David 136 Duckworth, Chad .. 37,113,116,124, 161 Duckworth, Mindi 118,172 Dudley, Annette . . . 3,43.66,161.164 Dudley, Lisa 136 Dudley, Susan 56,161 Duede, Alan 97,172 Dueling, David 54,97,116 Dulaney, Pat 45,46,47,172 Duncan wendi 161 Dungan, Jim 172 Dunham, Steven 1 1 3.116.172 Dunlap, James 137 Dunn, Robert 122,172 Durbin, Rebecca 41,56137 Dusenberry Troy 172 Dyer Carolyn 137 Dyer colleen 137 Dyer Ronald 172 E Edwards, Luetta 172 Edwards, Renee 161 Eggers, Melinda 137 Eginoire, Dawn 161 Eidbo, James 61,161 Eidbo, John 97,172 Ekstrom, Krista 161 Elliott, Matthew 172 Ellis, Bradley 137,161 Ellis. Robert 172 Ellwanger, James 21, 1 21, 172 Emmons, Scott 137 EnslOW, Roy 21,92,96,137 EriCSOn, Sue 44,89,118,137,214 Evans, Diane 137 Evans, Scott 97.172 Fuhlrodt, Zoe Ann 173 Frome, Liz 86,87 Fuller, Michael 48,173 Fuller, Tamara 173 Fuson, Francesca 48,86,173 F Eagen Karen 89,118.172 Easter Randall 46.47,137 Easterlie Lisa 49118172 Edison, Olivia 91,137 Edwards Douglas 97,172 Fagerland, Anita 161 Fales, Larry 113.172 Farnsworth, Joseph 172 Fransworth, Meridith 161 Farrlngton, Steven 21,76,137 Fast, Christal 49,172 Fatino, Carrie 161 Faubus, TodU 172 Fay, Sean 137 Fazio, Jerry 172 Fazio, Paul 134.214 Fazio, Roy 172 Fears, Randy 161 Fees, Patty 137 Feight, Trade 26,56,137 Felice, Shelley 137 Felske, Kevin 11 3,1 72 Funero, Nick 199 Fernandez, April 172 Ferrari, Jason 161 Ferrari, Jody 161 Ferrari, Rhonda 21,137,215 Fertig, Joel 172 Field, Danny 137 Fields, Lisa 161 Filippelli, Ann 43,69,161 Fisher, Cynthia 138 Fisher, Nancy 172 Fisher, Tracey 48,172 Fister, Douglas 21,172 Fitgerald, Patricia 41,52,138 Fitzlaff, Pam 172 Fitzpatrick Todd 92,161 Flickinger, Timothy 161 FOldes. Tom 24,92,116,162 Foley, Tim 92,162 Followill, Damon 172 Fontanini, John 21,162 Forbes, Jeffrey 122,138 Ford, Patrick 173 Forst, Julie 40,173 Foster, William 162 Foulkes. Brian 116,162 Foulkes, Gary 116,173 Francisco Mark 53,173 Fraser. Eric 162 Fraser, Jan 118.138 Fraser John . . . 33,54.76,102,105,106, 107,138,183 Frederick Thomas 75,92 Friend, Randall 138 Fritchey, Eddie 173 Fritz, Teresa .... 84,86,102,108,118, 119.162 GantS, Amy 18,44,47,162 Garcia, Michael 173 Garner, Stephen 138 Garnett, David 25,122,138 Garrison, Robert 162 Cast, Brent 69,162 Cast, Bruce 24,69,162 Gathercole, Bryan 173 Gatto, Joseph 173 Gean, Nicole 162 Gedler, Juanita 58 Gentry, Adrienne 173 George, Linda 24,25,69,98,162 Geppert, Sandi 48,173 Gerst, Theresa 43,66,69,162 Gibbs, David 173 Gibson, Andrea 173 Gies, Debora 46,162 Gieseke, Charlene 173 Gift, Kathleen 138 Gilbert, Karl 162 Gill, Kristen 173 Gillen, Diane 162 Gillespie John 162 Gillespie, Lorna 21,138 Gillespie, Michael . . . 25,84,92.96,162 Gilliam, Jack 162 Gillum, Russel . . 2,32,33,52,82,92,95, 138 Gilman, John 69,92,162 Glanz, William 66,75,138,148 Gleason, Robert 162 Goble, Daniel 84,92,164 Goble, Donald 173 Goedicke, Robbie 88,116,173 Goodpaster, John 162 Goodwin, Laura 162 Gornick, Donny 84 162 Gorsche, James . . . 3,33,36,52.54,66, 92,95,125,138,139 Gorsche, Margaret . . .90,91,173,175 Graeve, Anthony 138 Graham, Leslie 46,138,162 Grange, David 173 Grant, James 173 Grant, Robert 82,138,149 Graspy, Alfie 173 Grate, Janet 162 Graves, Wesley 162 Graziano, Paul 121,162 Greco, Arthur 138 Greenfield. Denise 173 Greenwood, Mark 138 Greenwood, Michelle 24,162 Griffith, David . . . 84,88,105,116,117, 124,162 Gross, Mark 138 Grove, Robert 139 Groves Rusty 173 Grubbs, Elizabeth 5.7.37,39,75, 131,139,213 Gruwell, Kelly 173 Guessford, Tim 139 Gust, Stacie 173 Guthrie, Gary 82,83 216 H Hablck, Todd 173 Hadlock, Milton Dean 162 Hager, Kathleen 46,47,162 Hake. Sherri 49,173 Hall, Lori 162 Hall, Tom 151 Hamby, Lonnie 173 Hammond, Aimee 162 Hankins, Timothy 54,96,97,116 Hanson, Cathy 173 Hanson, Julie 89,118,173 Hanson, Lisa 49,173 Hanson, Michael 139 Hardcastle, Liz 139 Hardcastle, Michelle 120,173 Harder, Jason 139 Hargens, Sonya 20,45,139 Harris, Gregory 173 Harris, Michael 162 Harrison, David 52,66,67,92,116, 162,165 Harrison, Scott 82 Hart, Pamela 98,139 Harvey, Krlstie 139 Hassel, Kelly 162 Hastie, Victoria 139 Hastie, Theresa 173 Hayes, Karen 162 Hayes, Larry 173 Hayes, Teresa 140 Haynes, Melissa 66,162 Heathcote, Kathryn 140 Heckart, Melvin 140 Heggen, Kathleen 98,173 Heggen, Robert 163 Heide, Michelle 163 Hein, Angle 140 Helm, William 140 Helterig, Penny 173 Henderson, Marlene 173 Hendricks, Julie 162 Hendrix, Denise 163 Hensley, Rebecca 173 Herbert, Chick 24,54,92,163 Herbert, Tiffany 173 Heritage, Ed 82,83 Heritage, Ron 21,140 Herman, Amy 24,163 Herwig, Michael 173 Hesseltine, Paula 140 Hiatt, Chris 52,163 Hiatt, Todd 163 Hietala, Robin 140 Hild, Lynette 102,104,163 Hildreth, Wendy 49,173 Hill, Rebecca 163 Hill, Ted 88,113 Hilsenbeck, Bonita 26,56,140 Hiracheta, Melody 140 Hitchcock, James 163 Hoch, David 140 Hoeft, William 97,100,173 HOff, John 52,163 Hoffman, Jean 130,131,140 Hoffman, Jeffrey 173 Hoffman, Kirk 163 Hoffman, Marsha 173 Hoffman, Randall 16,54,163 Hohler, Krista 52,66,69,98,163 Holm, Marti 163 Hood, Susan 173 Hook, Carol 25 Hook, Karen 163 Hooper, Joan 140 Hope, Carolyn 162,176 Hopkins, Robert 140 Horn, David 113,173 Hornback, Kristin 173 Houangvan, Andusone 20,140 Hovey, Jane 163 Howard, Alicia 140 Howard, Joel 163 Howard, Kelli 49,173 HOWland, Kim 44,47,163 Huck, Victoria 140 Huff, Suzanne 163 Huffman, Lynette 163 Hunemuller, Mary 163 Hupp, Melissa 163 Hustofrom, Deanne 173 Hutchings, Penelope 48,49,170 Hutchins, Monica 140 Hutchison, Kim 25,26,56,140 Huynh, Vinh Ouang 173 I ingvall, Bob 92,94,116,140 inman, Lana 163 inman, Roxanne 41,140,214 inman, Tammie 163 irons, Eric 163 ishmael, Arlene 140 ivory, James 97 ivory, Machelle 140 J Jackson, Jeff 140 Jackson, Patricia 43 James, Amy 45,98,163 James, Holly 48,173 James, Tami 21, 163 Janes, Teresa 21,140 janssen, Darla 163 janssen, Suzanne 163 jarrett, Jeff 173 Jerkewitz, Peter 173 jerkewltz, Tammy 140 Jinson, Tebra 173 johannesen, Tracy 163 johansen, Sherl 48,173 Johnson, April 163 Johnson, Brett 82,140 Johnson, Carol 48,123,173, Johnson, Diana 141 Johnson, Eric Alan 173 Johnson, Eric 56,97,163 Johnson, Jeff 52,66,158,163 Johnson, Kerri 140 Johnson, Linda 48,173 Johnson, Rae 163 Johnson, Rick 82 Johnson, Suzette 173 Johnston, Evan 125,163 Johnston, Karla 21,52,163 Johnston, Kelly 163 Johnston, Larry 45,140 Jones, David 174 Jones, Dennis 174 Jones, James 140 Jones, John 140 Jones, Lori 48,174 Jones, Michelle L 25,164 Jones, Michelle Marie 48,164 Jones, P Junior 164 Jones, Scott 140 Jones, Tiffany 21,141,214 Jones, William 174 Jordan, James 84,164 jorgenson, Jeffrey 174 jorgenson, Laurie 43,141 joss, Jill 102,164 Judge, Ann 43,164 Junck, Amy 174 K Kaale, Jay 141 Kaale, Teresa 48,174 Kading, Tracy 164 Kaduce, John Chris 164 Kaduce, Michael 174 Kalle, Karen 55,164 Kaiser, Kenny 169,174 Kammeler, Cindy 75,141 Karnes, Diana 15,40,174 Karnes, Roger 164 Karnes, Roger James 116,174 Kauzlarich, Mary 55,164 Kavens, Kristy 164 Keeling, Kim 19,141 Keeling, Rick 164 Keho, Dale 46,174 Kell, Sherry 174 Keller Rhonda 41,52,159,164 Kellls, Stephen 174 Kelly, Holly 164 Kennedy, Crystal 25 Kennedy, Jeffrey 164 Kennedy, Robert 169,174 Kephart, Julie 3.52,164 Kerr, Ron 141 Kersey, Allen 164 Kesselrlng, Jill 98 Kesselring, Kim 2,86,141 Keul, Kirk 174 Keyes. Kelli. . .. 5,33,35,39.76,141,213 Keyes, Kevin 164 Kiefer, Laura 174 Kim, Kwang Jong 174 Kimble, Diana 141 Kincheloe, Mark 96.97,174 King, Becky 43,164 King, Bryan 88,105,164 King, Jerry 164 King, Kembal 141 King, Kendra 48,174 King, Krista 25,164 King, Rebecca 164 King, Russell 164 Kingen, Marvin 66,141 214 Kingen, Melodee 48,174 Kingkade, Janet 21,141 Kingkade, Melissa 141 Kirfman, John 174 Kirkman, Kelly 141 Kirkman, Patrick 174 Kirts, Kasey 174 Kissel, Dirk 174 Klauenburch, Daniel 164 Klebe. Janet 164 Klier, Michael 122,174 Knauer, Julia .. 2,14,32,42,43,52,120, 141,151 Kneile, Andrea 48,98,99,100,174 Knight, Catherine 61,118,174 Knight, Roilen 86,91,174 Knight, Vicki 86 Knode. Paul 174 Knutson, Wayne 88,113,116,141 Konchalski, Jean 1 41, 21 4 Konchalski, John 141 Konckalski, Rhonda 174 Kramer, Kim 159,164 Kruger, Curt 174 Kunkel, Mary 174 Kussel, Rhonda 141 L L ' Estrange, Michelle 86,90,102, 103,125,141,214 Labuschane, ina 43,164 Lacona, Joseph 97,174 Ladoux, Robbie 174 Ladurini, Mark 164 Lage, Todd 151 Lame, Nancy 46,164 Landess, Steve 60,141 Lange, Paula 164 Langllnals, Curtis 175 Lanum. David 84,88,117,164 Lanum, Stephen . . . 82,83,92,95,141 Lapham, Amy 141 Lapham, Susan 54,123,174 Larlson, Kelli 1 41, 164 Larson, Craig 164 Last. Michael 174 Lathrum, Mickey 142 Lavorato, Natalie 174 Law, Heidi 48,54,123,174 Law, Sonya 142 Lawless, Toby 21, 142 Lay ton, Debra 21,142 Leavengood, John 66,97,174 Lee, David 164 Lee, Ramale 142 Leech, Todd 164 Leege, Michael 164 Leeper, Lisa 54,164 Lehman, Brian 142 Leo, Thea 48,164 Leonard, Kelli 56,164 Leonard, Kevin 24,56,60,164 Leonard, wendi 76,142,164 Lester, Kelly 61,1 42,164 Lewis, Craig 164 Leot, John 174 Lewellen, Marsha 34,56,57,137, 142,214 Lewellen, Steve 19,116,142 Lewis, Connie 48,174 Lewis, Tim 82 Lewlston, Susan 12, 142 Lierow, Jeffrey 48.61,174 Lile. Jim 15.58.60,75,76,142,148 Lilly, Ronald 174 Llnderman, Richard 165 Lindsey, Darryl 116,117,142 Lint, Nickie 142 Livengood, Angela . . . 86,90,91,142, 214 Livingston, Cindi 165 Llewellyn, Katy . . 5,56,57,74,142,214 Leo, Theresa 174 Locke Dawn 40,118,174 Locke, James 165 217 Loffredo, Sharon 48,174 Logsdon, William 165 Lohmeier, Lori 142 Lomax. Michael 165 Lomax Vicky 118,174 Loney, Diana 165 Long, Cordell 142 Lonneson, Joeffery 165 Lovan, Khamphone 174 Lovejoy, Gerald 121,174 Lowe, Jeffery 174 Lowry, Jeff 75,143 Lloyd, Pat 75,139,142,148 Lujan, David 165 Lukehart, Debbie 85,86,165 Lumbard, Lisa 123,174 Luna, Charles 174 Lundeen, Denise 20,143 Lynch, Becky 43,143,214 Lyons, Steven 174 M Mac, Dala 174 Mac, Sengkham 165 MacDonald, Sheila 174 Mack, Brenda 41,146,165 Madden, Sandra 49,98,174 Main, Bruce 143 Maldonado, Lisa 165 Manley, Kari 165 Manning, Christopher 174 Maricle Cina 174 Marquardt, Rachelle 46174 Marquis, Adrian 174 Martin Joyce 175 Martin, Julie 143 Martin, Lori 61,175 Martin, Neil 48,97,175 Martin, Robert 37,143 Martin. Scott 165 Martindale, Thomas 165 Martinez Adam 175 Martinez, Anita 175 Martinez Cina 143 Martinez, Tina 143 Marturello, Michael David 165 Marturello, Michael Dean . . . 52,143, 161 Marturell o, Michelle 175,214 Maskrey, Christopher 143 Mason, James 175 Mass, Ray 143 Mass, Vanessa 24 .175 Mauro. Kelli 175 Maxon. Katherine 24,165 Maxwell, Todd 175 May, Denise 43,165 May, William 116,165 Mazzie Kay 143 McCall Anita 143 McCaughey, Debra 175 McCaughey, Keith 56,143 McCauley, Wayne 22,175 McClannahan, David 175 McCloney, Desiree 48,175 McConnell, Teresa 165 McCoy Brian 165 McCoy. Darryl 175 McCoy Mark 175 McDaniel Michael 175 McDowell Marcia 175 McDowell Patty 48,143 McFali Jacque 55.143 McCarey Deborah 48.175 McCee, Kimberly 175 McCee, Patricia 143 McCraw, Cynthia 143,214 McCraw, Daniel 165 McKee Kathleen 43 McKee, Stephanie 2,5,39,76,143, 213 McKern, Reene 20,143,175 McKinney, Michael 175 McNally, Amy 86 McNally, Wendy 4,39,165,185 McNulty, Julie 165 McPhee Shauna 165 McReynolds, Candace 144 Medina, Ricky 56,144 Medina, Rose Mary 144 Meeks, Jeffrey 18,144 Mefferd, Dawn 175 Mefford, Denise 144 Mefford, Lora 49,144 Mehl, Bonnie 144 Melcher, Mary 15,76,144,194 Mendenhall. Lori 144 Mercer Kim 165 Messier Timothy 175 Methfessel, Mamie 24,118,165 Mettler, Tracy 175 Meyer, SCOtt 76,82,92,94,95,144, 183 Meyers, Leslie 48,86 Mezera, Jimmy 165 Miller, Angela 137,144 Miller, Craig 52,58,138,144,214 Miller, Dean 52,144 Miller, Douglas 175 Miller, Kathy 48,175 Miller, Kelly 15,40,172 175 Miller, Leisa 175 Miller, Molly 20,144 Miller, Robert 52,92,165 Mills, Anthony 175 Miliken, Barbara 165 Milton, Brian 116,144 Mitchell David 175 Mitchell, Matt 7,92,93,105,106, 139,141.147,195,214 Mitchell, Mike 97.175 Mitchell, Timothy 165 MOffitt, Billy 3,92,105,144 MOiSt, Julie 98,123,175 Monahan, Beth 165 Monahan, Chris . . . 6,92,113,139,144 Montequise, Tracy 144,165 Moon, James 116.165 Moore, Brian 113,144,214 Moore, Craig 165 Morford, Jill 21 145 165 Morgan. Diane 120,165 Morgan, Matt 175 Morris, LeAnn 145,165 Morris, Steve 175 Morris, Teresa 165 Mouzakis, Theresa 175 Moyle Brenda 25,165 Moyle, Julie 145 Mulcahy. Kelli 4,7,39,165,196 Mulstay. Pat 92,165 Munoz Maurcio 5,88,166 Munyon John 122,145 Munyon, Marsha 145 Murphy, Eric 48.97,175 Murphy Holly 55,166 Murphy, Mark J 49,175 Murphy, Mark R 97,175 Murphy, Patrick 145 Murphy, Robert 92,145 Murphy, Robin 175 Murphy, Todd 52,76,145 Murtle, David 166 Murtle, Derek 116 Mussleman, Christopher 166 Myers, Christine 176 Myers. Kristine 176 Myers, Melissa 118 N Nabrite. Steve 166 Nagle, John 166 Nash, Tom 88,116,145 Neal, Susan 166 Neal, Tim 26,176 Nelson, Kim A 166 Nelson, Kim E 21,166 Newell, Teresa 166 Newton, Darrel 166 Newton, DeAnn 176 Newton, Kimberly 166 Nichols, Mary . . . 5,6,33,35,36,39.145. 213 Nickel, Kimberly F 121.151 Niffenegger, Susan R 48.176 Nigro, Peter 122,176 Nisser, Kimberly 145 Nixon. Frank J 66,166 Noble, Anita 21,145 Noble, Jamie 145 Noble, Joan 145 Noboa, Alex J 176 Noboa, Juan c 116,176 Noboa. Tony 26,56,66.145 Noland, Joseph 52,92,166 Norberg, David 134,145 Noberg, David 145 Norman, John 145 Norman Pennie J 166 Norris, Julia 66,166 Norris, Kim 86 Norton, F Daniel 121 Norton, Robert A 166 Nucaro. Rosanna 137,145,214 Nuckolls, Michelle 166 0 O ' Conner. Danny 84,166 O ' Donnell. Timothy J 5,92,166 Ogilvie, David J 92 Ogle, Becky 176 ogren, Robert 176 Oliver, Jerri 166 Oliver Regina 145 Oliver, Sheri 145,214 oneal, Peggy Marie 149,176 Ostwinkle. Kurt 145 Park, David 105,176 Parker, Kelly S 1 76 Parkin, Patrick 166 Patch, Ruth 26,52,145 Patel, Tina 20,145,214 Patel, Kashmira 166 Paterno, Laurie 176 Patterson, David 6,84,92,96,116 Patterson, Debbie 145 Patterson, Julie 86,102 Pawlewski, Dawn 52,59,166 Peavy, Darrell 48,97,116,176 Peek, Gerald 166 Perry, Melissa 176 Peters, Christina 41,145 Peterson, Angela 49 Peterson, Bradley 176 Peterson, Frank 46,60,176 Petersen, Kollin 176 Petosa, John 166 Philp, Sharon 145,214 Phipps, Christopher 176 Phipps, Randy 166 Pierce, Jonell 48 123 176 Pierce, Paul 145 Pierschbacher, Linda 176 Pinnick, Elizabeth 75,145 Piper, Bambi 146 Pirkle, Linda 176 Pittman, Shawn 146 Plym, Diane 146,166 Pollard, Monte 166 Poller, Teresa 146 Pongphimkham, Tuk 166 Ponzeline, Sue 41,56,57,76,146, 193,214 Poortinga, Karen 49,146 Porter, Alan 146,214 Porter, Sherry 46,166 Porter, Todd 166 Porter, Virginia 166 Posekany, Kathleen 166 Potter, Brian 176 Potycki, Ann 48,176 Power, Doug 166 Powley, Tracy 166 Prentice, Greggy . . 2,7,34,35,92,116, 139,146,167,195 Preston, Nancy 166 Price, David P 48,176 Pryor, Kelly 166 Pryor, Kimberly 1..166 Putney, Glenda 166 0 Ouaintance, Daniel 176 Ouaintance, Jeffrey 166 Ouigley, Michael R 166 Ouijano, John c 116,176 R Page, Kelley Lee 176 Palladino, David M 176 Painovich, Jeannette . . 76,86,87,90, 91,125,145,192,196,214 Pannkuk, Dawn 145 Parcel. David 166 Radke, Trade 48,61,120,176 Ragan, Diana 166 Ragan, Howard L 82,83,146 Ragner, Christina 61,146 Rains. Jason 146 Ralph, Anthony 122 218 Ralph, Kara 48,176 Ramey, Tami 48,176 Ramsey, Thomas . . . .92,105,106,107, 116,146,214 Rand, Deborah 146 Rand, Joseph 176 Rand, Lisa A 166 Randolph, James 166,176 Raper, Jodi 166 Raymond, Angela 166 Raymond, Michael 84,105.166 Reed, Dawn 15,40,48,176,178 Reed, Devon 44,176 Reese, Dan 166 Reese, Laura 48,86,176 Reeser, Donald E 176 Reeser, Tracy 24.176 Reeves, Darrin E 166 Reeves, Debra 98,146 Reeves, Gary 176 Reeves, Lisa 166 Reichert, Kristin M 166 Reid, Jay 146 Reid, Rhonda L 48,123,177 Remele, Denise 49,166 Renn, Susan R 177 Renner, Kimberly 146 Reyes, Carolyn 20,146 Rhode, Joseph 48,177 Rhode, Robert 52,146 Rice, Bobbi 86,146 Rice, Jeffrey 146 Rice, Julie D 177 Rich, Dina R 35,43,76,98,144,146 Rich, JoleneM 25,55,177 Richards, Jack 177 Rickert, Debra 123,177 Rieck, SCOtt 56,134,146,197 Riggle, Leigh Ann 48,177 Riggs, Mark 97 Rincon, Jesse 24,54,84,92,166 Ringl, Frank 166 Rippey, Cina 48,177 Risbeck, Karen 166 Rissman, Diane 177 Rivas, Tena 166 Rivera, Carla Kay 177 Rivera, Kathleen 177 Rizzuti, Angela 20,146 Roach, Denise 1 7,146 Roach, Thomas 177 Roach, Timothy 48,177 Robbins, Lisa 166,214 Robbins, Noel 166 Roberts, Christine 137,146,214 Robinson, Brenda 55,146 Robinson, Cynthia 52,147 Robinson, Melody 25 Robinson, Teresa 177 Robison, Judy 177 Rockhold, Danielle 166 Rockwell, Diane 166 Rodberg, Lisa 177 Rodish, Randall 113,177 Roe, Jeffery 45,121,147 Roeder, Natalie 46,166 Roerig, Linda 21,147,167 Rogers, Darrell 177 Rogers, Kathleen 147 Rogers, Mary 48,177 Rogoff, Barbara 167 Rombou, Maria 177 Romine, Michelle 17,147 Rooney, Todd 56,1 1 2,147 Rosenbaum, Angela 147,214 Rosky, Mark 167 ROSS, Leslie 41,1 47,214 Rossi, Doriano 18,121,167 Roth, Joseph 100,177 Rounds, Buster 147 Routh, Roberta 147,214 roux, Mardell 86 Runkel, Beth 15,48,168,177,213 Runkel, Karisa .... 5,7,35,36,39,52,75, 76,147,148,194,213 Rush, Natilie 22,89,118,177 Rush, Steven 16,52,147 Rushton, Mark 177 Russo, Christopher 172,177 Russo, Mark 97,167 Russo, Mike 116 RUSSO, Rose 2,21,90,124,147 Russo, Teresa 2,21,90,147 Rutan, Corrowena 177 Ryan, Bret 48,88,116,177 Ryan, John 167 S Sabbag, Peter 97,121,177 saltz, Kelleen 167 saltzman, Jeff 167 Salvaggio, John 167 Sanders, Jerry 177 Sanning, Erik 177 Sarasio, Carolyn 69,167 Sargeant, Blanche . . .86,102,104,124, 167 Sargeant, Trade 177 satre, Julie 4,163,167 Sawyer, Mike 167 sayasane, Nop 147 Scaglione, Lisa 21, 147 Scarcello, Mary 98,167 Scarpino, Gail 24,43,69,120,164, 167 Scartozzi, Craig 48,177 Scartozzi, Todd 121,147 Scavo, Chris 147 schaefer, Charles 21,147 schaefer, Rex 177 Schartner, Tracy 33,54,56,102, 120,147,214 Schmeck, Frank 116,177 Schnathorst, Ivan 97 Schneider, Jan 43,60,160,167 Schneider, Paul 97,116,177 Schooler, Desi 167 Schraeder, Kaja 167 Schrock, Doni JO 56,148,214 Schurman, Susan 21,148 Schweiger, Karen . . .5,43,46,160,167 Scott, Douglass 148 Scott, Steve 88,116 Scott, Tandy 177 Scrowther, Dana 148 Searcy, Steven 53,167 sease, Treasa 148 Seger, Sidney 167 Seger, viola 21,148 Seiberling, Bobby 167 Selby, Mark 167 Selim, Jenny 48,177 Sellers, Denice 167 Sells, Gale 177 Senecaut, Karen 148 Severino, Joni 167 Severino, Julie 102,124,143,148 Sevier, Robin 167 Shaffer, James 148 Shaffer. Julie 98 Shaughnessy, Shelly 21,148 Shaw, Jeff 82 Shay, Jerry 149 Sheets, Matthew 149 Shelton, Mark 177 Shelton, Steven 167 Sherman, Lori 167 Shields, Phillip 56,116,167 Shipman, Jean ... 43,76,149,192,196 Shipman, Joan ... 42,43,76,149,192, 196 Shirley, Aimee 69,149 Shoemaker, Suzanne 21,167 Short, Janet 177 Shortly, Joni 177 Schultz Larry 167 Sibert, Carla 98 Signs, Jodina 167 Simmons, Jerry 25 Singleton, George 21,149 Sinnorai, Ounarong 177 Sinnorai, Sinarak 149,214 Sleeth, Brigitte 177 Small, Teresa 177 Smith, Christine 167,177 Smith, Christopher 92 Smith, Daniel 116,177 Smith, David 92,167 Smith, Donald 97, 116.177 Smith, Greg 121,177 Smith, Helen 48,66,177 Smith, Jamie 20,149 Smith, Jerald 177 Smith, Jill 21,149 Smith, Jon 167 Smith, Julie 75,149 Smith, Kristian 167 Smith, Lori 177 Smith, Margaret 167 Smith, Michael 167 Smith, Miriam 48,91,177 Smith, Paul 18,167 Smith, Ronald 97,116,177 Smith, Stacey 177 Smith, Steven 52,149,214 Smith, Troy 177 Smock, Shane 177 Snider, Kile 53,92,167 Snider, Lora 149,177 Snider, Tonya 167 Snider, Traci 177 Snyder, Randall 167 Snyder, Rodney 167 SOda, Tonette .. 26,34,56,76,86,148, 149,214 Soloman, Vernon 177 Soroka, Ann 149 South, Linda 76,149 Soutter, Paula 149 Spackman, Tonya 177 Speck, Todd 52,56,167 Spencer, Phillip 167 Spidle, Daniel 149 Spivey, David 177 Spring, Kimberly 167 Squires, Darrin 178 Squires, Gil 100,101,125,167 Squire, John 92,116,167 Stafford, Diana 167 Stafford, Ruth 52,149,214 Staley, Michael 46,178 Stamper, Anne 149 Stamper, Laurie 178 Starner, Kim 48,178 Starrett, Tony 167 Steckman, Lisa 52,149 Steele, Mark 178 Sterns, Marci . .. 49,89,118,119,178 Sterns, Mike 88,113,116,150 Stevens Deanna 25,178 Stevens, Jeffery 167 Stevens, Jill 42,43,86,150 Steward. Sam 178 Stewart, Denise 167 Stewart, Glen 92,150 Stewart, Michael 21,150,167 Stitzell, Jana 56,150 Stocker, John 178 Stocker, Joseph 48,178 Stockman, Karen 48,178 Stockman, Michelle 178 Stonehocker, Randall 100,167 Stougard, Mark 97,178 Stougard Robert 150 Stout, Darren 150 Stout, David 167 Strait, Valerie 150 Stratton, Jenny 178 Strong, Michelle 167 Strong, Timothy 48,97,178 Studer, Paula 25,167 Sullivan, Susan 150 Sundal, Susan 167 Surbaugn, Steven 121,178 Swanson, Eric 105,167 Syverson, Todd 150 Syverson, Trudi 178 T Taft, Jerry 167 Tait, Debra 167 Taylor, James 178 Taylor, Kelly 178 Taylor, Kevin 150,214 Taylor, Kyle 150,214 Taylor, Wendy 178 Test, Meschelle 167 Thacker, Kimberly Ann 178 Thacker Kimberly Sue 168 Theobald, Tracy 168 Thiel, Renee 150 Thielke, Shelley 120,150 Thomas, Delwayne J 178 Thomas, Randy 1 7,1 50 Thompson, Debra 150 Thompson, James D 97,178 Thompson, Lance 168 Thompson, Mark 168 Thompson, Mary 86,87 Thompson, Stacy 168 Thompson, Tammy Lee 168 Thompson, Tammy Rene 178 Tighe, Reggie 97,178 Tinkle, Kirt 168 Titus, Teresa 168 Tokheim, Michell 178 Tommey, Melissa 52,118,150 Towne, Jeff 150 Treanor, Michelle 102,104,168 Trent, Shelly 178 Trevillyan, Noelle 178 Troxel, Troy A 168 Turk, Kalen 36,105,106,107,150 Tutor, Daniel 113,178 Tuttle, David 168 Tyson, Tracy Wayne 178 219 u Ury, Janet 20,41,150 Usher, April 168 Utley, Mike 168 Utterson, Laurie 56,168 V vanMaaren, Tammy 178 Veith. Andy 46,47,84,168 Veith, Penny 150,214 Venn, Kelly 150 Virden, Gary 168 Virden, Tammy 168 volz Rhonda 150 vonk, Cindy 20,150,214 vonk, John 178 voogt, Sandy 168 vosler, Barry 150 Van Nausdle, Tracey 20,150 van Patten, Michael 56,150 W Wadle Lori 168 Wagner Wendy 32,41,150 walker, Billy 150 Walker, Brett 97,178 walker, David 178 Walker, DeeAnn 98 Walker, Janet 168 walker, Lee 178 Walsh, Debora 168 Walsh, Rick 82,121,150 Walsh, William Jr 178 walzer, Rhonda 168 Warn, Tammy Teresa 168 warren, Tammy Sue 178 Warren, Tanya . . 86,87,102,103,124, 143,151 Waterman, Rhonda 178 Watson, David 56,168 Watson, Robert Jr 151 watts, Kathy 178 weaver Sondra Kay 168 Webb, Bobby 168 Webb, James 97,122,179 webb, Toni 178 weese, Todd 168 weir, Robert 168 weir, Rodney 168 welch, Brenda 168 Welch, Michael 179 welch, Stacy 151 wellman, Dawn 43,151,214 Wellman, Kimberly 48,179 wells, Terry 168 wench, Patty 151 West, Andrew 88,116,179 West, Kimberly 179 West, Nagire 49,179 weyer, Rita 151 Wheeler, Matt 179 Wheeler, Trudy 1 51, 168 Whisler, Amy 17,33.130,151,200, 214 Whisler, Brian 179 whisler, Renee 168 Whitcher, Roberta 1 20,1 30,1 51 , 214 White, Barbara 48,179 White, Joyce 179 White, Kevin 97,179 White, Lisa 49,179 Whitfield, Susan 75,98,99.151 Whitten, Roy 179 Wicker, Dawn 168 Wignall, Billy 179 Wilcox, Leigh 24,168 Wilkinson, Paul 168 Willard, Kelly 151 Willett, Renee 46,98 Willett, Robin 2,36,46,54,90,91, 102,108,133,151 Williams, Andre 179 Williams, Janet 168 Williams, John 47,179 Williams, Kelly 151 Williams, Lila 151,214 Williams, Robert E 179 Williams, Robert R 92 Williams, Susan 98,168 Williams, Wendy 1 23,179 Willis, Brent 52,168 Willson, Eric 151 Wilmore, Marcie .. 32,42,43,151,214 Wilmore, Suzanne 43,168 Wilson, Bonnie 151 Wilson, Patrick 121.179 Wilson, Sheri 179 Wiltsie, Julie 49,179 Wingert, Jon 179 Winslow, Douglas 151 Winslow, Tina 49,179 Wise, Kevin 168 Witmer, Brent 168 Witter, Phillip 168 wohlwend, Debra 168 Wolfley. Sheila 151,214 Wood, Charles 25,151 wood, Connie 168 woodard, Michael 179 woodard, Thomas 179 Woods, Jill 179 Work, Randall 168 worthington, Douglas . . . 48,97,179 Worthington, Todd .... 52,100,168 Wright, Jarret 97,179 Wright, Kimberly 168 Wright, Matthew 168 Wright, Susan 98,123,179 Wyckoff, Andrew 97,179 xxz Yingst, Lorrie 179 Youmans, Joseph 168 Youmans, Robert 179 Young, Kendall 116,168 zaiser, Becky 179 Zaiser, Elizabeth 56,57,151,214 zeliadt, Julie 168 zeller, David 151 Zimmerman, Mario 168 Zupan, Denise 151,214 220 Co editors In chief Frances Briseno Karisa Runkel Academic Editors Caylene Bills Linda South Student Life Editors Maria Colosimo Kelli Keyes Sports Editors John Fraser jeannette Painovich Senior Editors Stephanie McKee Tonette Soda Underclassmen Editors Sharon Baldwin Mary Creveling Advertising Sue Ponzeline index Mary Melcher Circulation Scott Meyers 222 staff S uzanne Bell Dawn Finney Ron Heritage Wendi Leonard Dlna Rich Jean Shipman Joan Shipman Photographers Jim Lile Karisa Runkel Steve Farrington Frances Briseno Mary Melcher Scott Meyer Stephanie McKee Todd Daniels Rob Dittmar Advisor Diane weir Theme, Cover, Division Pages Karisa Runkel Cover Design Karisa Runkel Tonette Soda Special Thanks Stover Photography Alan Ewers Second Semester Newspaper staff Photographic Enterprises Corp. 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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 1


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