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Academics 10 Logo by permission of Education U.S.A., National School Public Relations Association Campus Life I at Lincoln Student Life 34 9 Reprinted by permission from CAMPUS LIFE Magazine, copyright 7977, Youth for Christ International, : Wheaton, Illinois Sports Illustrated at Lincoln Sports 90 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED title and format by permission of the publisher, TIME INC. 2 Underclass 142 PEOPLE Weekly, title and format by permission of the publisher, TIME INC. aNuiiujJn Life at Lincoln ST LIFE title and format by permission of the publisher, TIME INC. Cover photograph by Dick Christian Christian Photography Seniors 168 Reprinted by permission from TIME, The Weekly Newsmagazine; Copyright Time Inc. Ads 196 Registered trademark FORTUNE used with special permission of the proprietor Time Inc. FDHTIf at Lincoln 3 5 8 ATION U.S.A. ■ Leadership is Administration ' s strong point (above) Principal Melvin ). Bowen tackles the big problem of coordinating the ac- tivities of 2000 students, and obviously enjoys it. (right) Mrs. Kathleen Shiffer, registrar, keeps all grades and is responsible for the issuing of transcripts, (below right) Vice-principal Earl Brott is the junior advisor, (below middle) and Vice- principal James Fitzsimmons acts as sophomore advisor, (below left) Vice- principal Robert Wilson, coordinates all senior activities. Since Lincoln High School opened its doors in 1923, the student body has tripled, the faculty has increased by 400% and the administration has changed only three times. Principal Melvin Bowen has been here since 1958. Vice-principal Robert Wilson and Registrar Kathleen Schiffer have both served Lincoln for 25 years. School Board: (first row) James Cunningham, secretary to board, Karen Williams, Betty Grundberg, president, and Dr. Dwight Davis, (second row) Merle Schlampp, Ray Palis, Nolden Gentry, George Caudill, and Marjorie Spevak. 12 Staff members perform varied duties Shirley Garland Delores Warren Ann Wright Charlene Bjork Alette Shull Lois Gabler Pleasant, friendly and efficient describes Lincoln personnel. Mrs. Shirley Garland, Mrs. Delores Warren and Mrs. Ann Wright (above right) maintain the busy main office, aided by Mrs. Alette Shull, associate. Mrs. Charlene Bjork serves the counselling office and Mrs. Lois Gabler, associate, divides her time between the business and English departments, (above center) Mrs. Wright stops typing to answer a question. Mrs. Alice Bowling, nurse, was especially busy at the beginning of second semester with immunization certificates required by a new state law. Mrs. Ada Mae Fehrs, bookkeeper, keeps books for all clubs, Railsplitter publica- tions, and choir groups. Most students meet her at the sold supply window. f 1 Alice Bowling Ada Mae Fehrs 13 Co unselors guide students toward goals Led by Miss Alice Anderson the Lin- coln High counselors were hard at work again this year, helping students find the right schedules. The counselors helped students in many different ways. For example, Mr. Dennis Peacock was instrumental in finding many jobs for students in need of work, and computerized career ex- ploration was introduced. John Jarvis (far above) Peer counselors take a break, (center) Mrs. Cummins talks over schedules with a new student, (above) Senior Regina Zavalla discusses her college plans with Mr. Malliet. Ethyle Cummins Richard Malliet Dennis Peacock Maxine Scott 14 Specialized instruction Gelene Baldis Diane Eoriatti Ann Ginther Ronald Gray Brian Johnson Specialized instruction classes are small to provide individual attention Barbara Dunn Student Center, Study Hall Mrs. Johe Hickman and Mrs. Wanda Weberg watch over the Student Center. A new policy limits the Student Center to junior and seniors. Student Center provides food, soft drinks, pinball machines and foosball, and is a place where students can go to get away from the ordinary study hall. Students enjoy a game of foosball in Student Center Johe Hickman Wanda Weberg 15 Library is a place to learn For students seeking material beyond the classroom and the textbook the library provides 20,000 books, 15,000 magazines (old and new) and 2000 non- print magazines. The librarians, Miss Helen Holt and Miss Lillian Cole, select, organize, direct, and assist in the use of these resources. They are ably assisted by Mrs. Mary Jane Willey, library clerk, Mrs. Roberta McDonald, volunteer and the student staff. Pleasant surroundings, a well-rounded collection of materials and professional library services, are extensively used and enjoyed by the student body. Mary Jane Willey (above) Miss Cole and Mrs. Oakman help Junior George Caudill on his English project, (center) Karol Wright gathers information for a report, (top and right) Students work on individual projects for sophomore English classes. 16 Languages provide enrichment The Foreign Language Department of- fers four languages: French, Spanish, Russian, and Latin. A one semester language survey course is also offered to acquaint students with all four languages. Students receive training in speaking, understanding, reading and writing the language of their choice. This would help students to better understand other cultures and increase English vocabulary. Lincoln is the only Des Moines school to offer Russian and has the only Rus- sian typewriter in the area. Language survey is also unique to Lincoln. (far above left) Foreign language students have a lively discussion, (middle left) Mrs. Creagh lectures Spanish I students, (above right) Mrs. Bevington reads humorous French anecdote, (left) Latin students actively participate in classroom, (above) French I students concentrate on homework. Kathryn Kirkoff 17 English classes strive for creativity, variety (above) juniors Marvin Sears and Kelly Osborne get into the Halloween spirit during Drama class, (above right) Seniors Larry Berry, Mark Austin and Jeff Wheeldon try to be Creative in their Writing class, (below right) Senior Vickie Felice smiles intently for a picture (below center) Journalism II students work on cutting pictures for the yearbook, (below left) Sophomores Sue Leech and Marlene Griffiths enjoy watching a skit being put on in their Drama class. The English department offers a wide variety of writing improvement and communication classes, such as speech, drama, literature, reading improvement, debate and journalism. Sophomores are required to take a basic English class unless eligible to pass out of English and take one of the 28 elective courses offered. A speech credit is also required for graduation. Opportunities to work in plays, newspaper, yearbook, and forensics round out the program. Linda Schlak Harold Swihart Diane Weir James Wickhar 19 Social Science classes study past, present Social Science department is expan- ding every year. Sophomores are re- quired to take a full year of United States History, while seniors are re- quired to take a semester of Govern- ment and a semester of either Economics or Consumer Business. Various subjects offered are United States History, World History, World History-Western, World History non- Western, Government, Economics, Psychology, Russian History, Interna- tional Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, Afro-American History, Revolution, Social Reform, 20th Century Europe, Asian Studies, Emerging Na- tions, and Latin American Studies. All of thse subjects provide a broader look at our country and the surrounding world. (above right) Mr. Gordon Blenderman lectures on economic concepts. Mr. BLenderman ' s class is widely known as " Blendernomics " . (left) Don Ceynar ' s psychology classes listen intently in a class lecture. Gordon Blenderman John Carle Jerry Chiaramonte Kent Frank Gary Gabel William Gilbert 20 Science labs explode with enthusiasm The Lincoln High Science department of- fers a wide spectrum of courses, ranging from biology, taken by most students, to physics II, aimed at the college-bound stu- dent. This year Drake University ' s physics prize test attracted 30 Lincoln students. Drake also brought a laser show for a demonstration. Alan Ewers Judy Griffin Ace Hendricks (above) Students in Mrs. Williams ' class participate in a class discussion, (above right) Sophomore Jackie Walker and Junior Mary Krugler finish an assignment in their biology class, (below) Mr. Scott assists a student on a class project, (below right) When Mr. Kent wants to write on the very top of the chalkboard, he doesn ' t let anything stop him. t 22 Herbert McCaw Jan McKee (above) Senior Kevin Horner mixes chemicals in his chemistry class, (below) Sophomores Cindy Conner, Michelle Mills and Junior Pam Paszak work on a class project, (far below) Sophomore John Cameron concen- trates on a dissection of a frog, (far below right) Seniors Jim Sanders and Bob White smile for a picture. Math courses challenge students The Mathematics Department offers a large field of classes. Students may take in order, General Math, Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry and Calculus. The Math Lab offers students an oppor- tunity to study at their own rate. Lincoln also has a computer terminal available to all students. (above right) Mr. Lowell Dougherty works with one of his geometry students, (above) Mr. Vernon Bly talks to his Algebra II students. Gary Bagby Vernon Bly Lowell Dougherty Edgar Eckey Elbert Jennings Phillip Martin Lowell Reed 24 Industrial Arts sharpen trade skills Donald Gillis Paul Hess Bertil Johnson Eleven Industrial Arts classes are of- fered. These are important classes that any student can sign up for to learn new skills that could possibly help in choos- ing a future career. All of the classes are two semester courses and include Auto Mechanics I and II, Metal I and II, Wood Technology I and II, Basic Drafting I and II, and Ar- chitectural Drawing I and II. (above left) Senior Dan Kent works intently on his project in Mr. Wren ' s wood shop class, (left) The bionic wonders in auto shop throw a car at the photographer, (above) Mr. Hess advises a student on a metal proje ct. Gary McClanahan Gary Schmerbeck Douglas Wensley 25 Business Education paves way for future careers Business Education develops job skills for the future. Students are offered accounting, business arithmetic, business law, data processing, shorthand and typing. The skills learned can be used in business and industry. Three programs provide on-the-job training. Distributive Education (DECA), Executive Internship, and Office Educa- tion (OE). DECA and OE arrange for students to go to school half days and spend the other half on the job. Ex- ecutive interns receive on-the-job train- ing all day long in businesses involved in their chosen fields. Both programs give credit for the business experience gained. v Janyce Abarr Sally Fisher (above center) Sophomore Brenda Frye concentrates on her typ- ing, (above right) Seniors Kris Frangos, Rhonda Rice and Sophomore Jodi Ramey discuss an assignment in their account- ing class. Joan Hall Kathryn Kirkhoff 26 Fine Arts strives for excellence Art Fundamentals is a one year course which covers the basics of art. This is necessary for students planning to go on to Drawing II and III or Crafts II and III in their second and third year. These classes involve projects in a large number of mediums, such as watercolor, ink, pencil, weaving, jewelry, and pottery. Vocal and instrumental music offerings have something for everyone: Prep Choir, Concert Choir, A Cappella, Glee Club, Swing Choir I, Swing Choir II, Music Theory, Marching Band, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band and Stage Band. Richard Baber Karl Killinger Donna Yeast (far above) Junior Sarah Runkel smiles for a picture while working with pot- tery in her crafts class, (above) Junior students work on decorations for Christmas cards in their Drawing II class, (below) Students get involved while rehearsing for A cappella choir under the direction of Mrs. Carol Stewart and Mr. Richard Baber. Donna Whiteaker 28 LINCOLN Coed classes survive second year ■ Tom Cady Hugh Drake Jean Frazier Bob Locker Linda Ritland 4 (above left) Sophomore P.E. class enjoys a game of volleyball in the large gym. (above right) Students participate in Mrs. Sue DeWees ' s disco dancing class, (below left) Coach Drake shows off by proving how easy it is to shoot a basket, (below right) Mrs. DeWees, interim teacher, replaced Mrs. Linda Ritland second semester. Bob VanderLinden Coed gym classes continued in the Physical Education department with larger selections of in- dividual or team sports available. The classes worked in units of six weeks and students were able to choose weight lifting, flag football, swimming, tennis, ping pong, badminton, basketball, wrestling, Softball, volleyball and archery. Physical Education is required once a week for seniors and twice a week for juniors and sophomores. t 29 Drivers Ed draws a crowd of over 500 (above) Mr. Leonard explains simulator procedures to driver education students, (left) Mr. Baeth wears his usual smile as a student driver takes off. Most students entering high school look forward to taking driver ' s education The course, divided into three parts, is designed to give first hand experience in driving, the basics from the textbooks and films, and practice of the cor- rect techniques in simulator. Larry Hayes and Irvin Wildman instructed 96 students the first semester. Ron Baeth, Floyd Constant, Robert Case, Robert Leonard, and Jay Wand joined Mr Hayes second semester to teach classes total- ing 414 students. ■ Ron Baeth Robert Case Floyd Constant Jay Wand Irvin Wildman 30 Interest in home economics increases (above) Mike Smith passes a message to Pete Kozo as classmates suspicious- ly look on (above right) Kevin Hickle, Janis Prusis, and Kelly Millard work en- thusiastically on notes in Related Occupations Class. Home economics is more than cooking and sewing; it in- cludes courses in Foods, Ad- vanced Foods, Home Fur- nishings, Textiles and Clothing, Advanced Textiles and Clothing, Child Development, Personal and Family Living and Related Occupations. These courses stress skills necessary tor living healthfully and happily on a moderate income. Anne Borgen Mrs. Schwartz ' s Personal and Family Living class takes a self- evaluation quiz on mature love. ■ 1 Phyllis Garnant | Janice Roxberg Patricia Schwartz 31 Staff workers keep school moving (above) Joan Fredricks and Linda Anderson serve lunch, and (below) the camera catches Fred Trujillo en- joying it. (first row) Mary Ann Solem, Wilma McCauley, Mary Gillir, Toni Robbins, Ester Patten, Joyce Hendericks, (second row) Sharlene Norem, Shaun Montgomery, Joan Fredricks, Beulah Curry, Mary Jones, Linda Anderson, and Barb Scavo. 32 FACULTY INDEX ADMINISTRATION Bowen. Melvin, principal Brott, Earl, |unior advisor Fitzsimmons, James sophomore advisor Wilson, Robert, senior advisor Shiffer. Kathleen, registrar TEACHERS Abbar, Janyce, business, dept chairman Anderson, Alice, counselor, dept chairman Atkinson, Jerry, business Baber. Richard, music, dept. chairman Baeth, Ron. dr ed . dept chairman Bagby, Gary, math, dept chairman Baldis, Celene, resource Bevington, fcrna, foreign language, dept chairman Blenderman, Gordon, social science Bly. Vernon, math Borgen. Anne, home economics Bowling. Alice, nurse Jacobson. Ruth, business Jaehnel, Gerald. English Jarvis, John, counselor Jennings, Elbert, math Johnson, Bert, ind art Johnson. Brian, resource Kauffman, Gretchen, English Kent, Hugh, science Kern, Edward, science Killinger. Karl, music Kirkhoff, Kathryn, foreign language Vander Linden, Bob, P E . dept chairman Van Tuyl, Carl, social science Wand, Jay, dr ed Weberg, Wanda, study hall Weir, Diane, jou rnalism Wenslay, Doug, ind art Whiteaker, Donna, art Wickham, James, English Wildman, Irvin, dr ed Williams, Don, social science Williams, Sarah, science Wren, Robert, ind art Cady. Tom. P E Carle, John, social science Case. Robert, dr ed Ceynar, Donald, social science Chiaramonte, Jerry, social science Cole, Lillian, library Constant, Floyd, dr ed Creagh, Maria, foreign language Cummins, Ethyle. counselor Dann, Tom, English DeWees, Susan, P E Dougherty, Lowell, math Drake. Hugh. P Dunn, Barbara, work study, dept chairman Eckey, Edgar, math Eonotti, Diane, work study Ewers, Alan, science Leonard. Robert, dr ed Locker, Bob, P E Lussie, Leigh, English Malliet, Richard, counselor Martin, Phillip, math McCaw. Herbert, science McClanahan, Gary, ind art McKee, Jan, science McLean, Dale, art, dept chairman McMahon, Richard, business Murray, Dan. business Myers. Kathleen, English Oakman, Dorothy, English Olson, Margaret. English Ortale. David, social science Yeast, Donna, art Zinger, Virginia, social science Fisher, Sally, business Frank, Kent, social science Frazier, Jean, P E , dept chairman Gabel, Gary, social science, dept chairman Ciarnant, Phyliss, home economics Gilbert. William, social science Gillis. Don, ind art Ginther. Ann. resource Gray, Ron. work study coordinator Griffin, Judy, science Groth, Marilyn, English Hall, Joan, business Harms, Carol, English Hayes. Larry, dr ed Hendricks, Ace, science Hess, Paul, ind art, dept chairman Hickey, Jerald, social science Hickman. Johe. study hall Hildreth. Denis, drama Hildreth. Lillian. English, dept chairman Holt. Helen, library, dept chairman Hutchison, William, English Peacock, Dennis, counselor Reed, Lowell, math Rhoads. Cecil, social science Ritland, Linda. P E Rogers, Gene, business Roxberg, Janice, home economics Schlak, Linda. English Schmerbeck. Gary, ind art Schwartz. Patricia, home economics, dept chairman Schweizer. Rowena, business Scott, Maxme, counselor Scott, Tom, science Smith, Rose, social science Stewart, Carol, music Swihart, Harold, English Testa, Albert, social science 33 Student Life 1 Officers for Student Council are John Sc anion, chief justice; Jay Squires, vice president; Andy Ward, president; Bill Durbin, treasurer; and Anna Williams, secretary. Student Council accomplishments are many Under the direction of President Andy Ward, Student Council planned many activities and im- provements this year The canned food drive was a success, with 20 needy families being supplied with a turkey and canned foods. Money raised from the Christmas Dance, the St. Patrick ' s Day Dance, and the selling of goblets was used to paint the parking lot poles gold and to purchase standards which will sur- round the school seal in the front lobby. Many students from Lincoln were also in- volved in the Inter-city Student Council. Jay Squiers served as the Parliamentarian. (Bob White was the representative at large.) Members of Student Council (above) met during homeroom time. Becky Bakke (left) shows spirit by clean- ing the ALHS emblem with a toothbrush. 36 Six juniors participate in UN Tour Juniors chosen from Lincoln to attend the UN trip were Kristie Close, Kim Shapell, Martha Crist, Dave McCleary, Tim Gruis, and Cheryl Doud (not pictured). The Statue of Liberty (right) was one of the many historic sites viewed on the UN trip. Spring vacation for six of Lincoln ' s juniors was spent taking in the sights of Manhattan, New York and Washington, D C. Kristie Close, Martha Crist, Cheryl Doud, Tim Gruis, Dave McCleary, and Kim Shapell were selected to participate in the United Nations Tour. Along with the many historic sites that they visited, they also enjoyed shopping along Fifth Avenue and viewing the Broadway hit " Annie ' Exchange student contributes Senior Chikako Sugiyama, from Zama City, Kanagawa, Japan, was welcomed at Lincoln as our foreign exchange student. Chikako stays at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Cook. " They ' re a nice family and I am very grateful for all they ' ve done for me, " commented Chikako. Chikako was a member of the Lincoln volleyball team, and graduated with the class of 1978. She would like to go on to college to study to be a doctor. Chikako Sugiyama discusses her classes and future plans with Mr. Wilson, senior advisor. 37 Gaumer, Gable: Homecoming Royalty The Coronation Assembly climaxed Homecoming week. Queen can- didates were Kelly Carle, Karan Docken, Kay Gable, Debbie Seeber, and Lynn Webb. King candidates were Tom Dusterhoft, Brian Gaumer, Ted Heggen, Jack Rush, and Brian True. Queen Kay Gable, who describes herself as a Younker ' s Charm School flunkee, is active in many organiza- tions, including four years of girl ' s softball and cheerleading, and one year of Dorian Art Club. Kay is also a staff writer for the yearbook and serves on the Prom Committee. King Brian Gaumer, spent one semester of his junior year as an ex- ecutive intern. Brian was also in foot- ball for three years, wrestling for four years, and Spanish Club for one year. i J WW 1 l Mh 1 icr mi 9G Queen Kay Gable and King Brian Gaumer watch Swing Choir perform after the coronation. Lynn Webb and Debbie Seeber (far above) look on as Kay Gable is crowned by former queen, Diane Heggen. Homecoming candidates Lynn Webb, Karan Docken, Kelly Carle, Queen Kay Gable, and Debbie Seeber look out under rain drenched umbrellas as Lincoln downs East 30.14. (left) Karan Docken, escorted by Brian Gaumer, is viewed by Lincoln spectators. 38 39 Homecoming activities show spirit Homecoming activities began early in the year. Because of the extremely high cost of liability insurance, the school was unable to sponsor the Senior sign. Senior Lynn Webb organized the building of the sign, and many volunteers made the sign a success. The week of Homecoming started with the Powder Puff football game, won by Pep Club 27-7. Other activities of the week included the dance and hat, sock, overall, and color days. Friday, a pep assembly was held dur- ing second and third hour. The king and queen were announced at the assembly. The assembly was led by Mike Clark, master of ceremonies, and Sue Meredith, mistress of ceremonies. Enter- tainment was provided by the Lincoln Swing Choir and the Elvisettes. Homecoming was highlighted by the game against East. Despite rain and mud, the Rails came out on top 30-14. (top right) Drill Team performs routine for student body at Homecoming assembly, (right) Cheerleaders get support from Drill Team with some cheers. (lower) Many of the Senior Sign volunteers pose after bringing the sign to school. (lower center) Football team shows spirit during assembly. Pep assemblies encourage fan enthusiasm: President Don Lewellin Pep assemblies were organized by the captains of the varsity cheerleaders, Kel- ly Carle and Karan Docken. Batons, Drill Team, Flags, Pep Band, and the " Elvis- ettes " helped the cheerleaders present the student body with music, dances, and skits. Representatives from various sports encouraged students to support them. Pep Club supported the cheerleaders by getting the student body " fired up. " Besides cheering at the games and at the pep assemblies, Pep Club decorated the gym and field for Homecoming festivities. They also supported bus trips to the out-of-town games. Pep Club beat the Batons, Cheer- leaders, Drill Team, and Flags in the Powder Puff game 28-6. Leading Pep Club were Don Lewellin, president; Ed McClure, vice-president; Robin Cappola, treasurer; and Gina Niccolino, secretary. Three members of the varsity cheerleading squad (above) help arouse student spirit by ringing the bell, a Lincoln tradition. Doreen O ' Hara (top right), dressed up as Sam Labonia, dunks the ball in a basketball skit. 42 most enthusiastic are Pep Club members Lincoln fans support their teams in many different ways, as shown by these two animals (above). Pep Band provides music (right) as members of the Drill Team (center right) await the start of an assembly. Martha Crist, Lisa Cherry, and Simone Labuschagne, members of Pep Club, pose for photographer (top right). 43 School spirit rings among cheerleaders Football squad: (seated) Jo Marie Tucci, Debbie Seeber, Kay Gable, Captain Karan Docken, (standing) Sandy Wilson, Cin- dy Enslow, Tammy Cosner, Terry Champ. (above)Karan Docken, Kay Gable, and Sandy Wilson are ab- sorbed in the wrestling match between cheers. LINCOLN I (above right) Cheerleaders participate in pep assembly portraying the boys basket- ball team, (middle) Sandy Wilson and Cindy Enslow show enthusiasm at a football game, (above) Kay Gable watches closely in a very exciting wrestling match. 44 (above) Mascot Dana Judish takes a break. Varsity cheerleaders had a busy year. Once again they were divided into two separate squads: basket- ball and football. The basketball squad supported cross country, boys swimming, and boys varsity basketball. The football squad sup- ported girls swimming, wrestling, girls varsity basketball, and varsity football. Each summer the cheerleaders are up at 7 a.m. practicing in Lin- coln ' s parking lot three times a week, while twice a week they have practice at one of the cheerleaders houses. Hard work and effort is put into practice each summer. M M ' s were sold as one of this year ' s fund raising projects. With this money the cheerleaders plan to help pay for the new sophomore uniforms for the 1978-79 school year. Skits were performed by the cheerleaders at a few of the assemblies. (above)Basketball squad executes a mount. Enthusiasm sparks sports activities Basketball squad: (first row) Lisa Inhofe, Kim Minshall, Kelly Carle, (se- (above) During a basketball game cheerleaders take time out to do a cond row) Emily Edwards, Debbie Judish, Ellen Wood, (third row) cheer. Kim Minshall and Lisa Inhofe show enthusiasm during the Doreen O ' hara, Lynn Webb. timeout. 45 Sophomore cheerleaders show high spirits Sophomore Cheerleaders, chosen from four southside junior high schools, showed high spirits in all their activities . They cheered enthusiastically at sophomore and JV football games, girls and boys basketball games, and JV wrestling matches. Some fund raising ideas, which helped buy new uniforms, were candy sales and BLH stickers. ml. C«v V -.1— ik r » SStI lg U -Mill A 1 « (above) Sophomores show enthusiasm during break at Waterloo Central game, (left) Captain Debi Smith stops between cheers to pose for yearbook photographer, (bottom) Sophomore cheerleaders Chris Cordaro, Linda Grimes, Mary Fran Fazio, and D ' Ann Carle let the JV wrestlers know that they are behind them. (first row) Sue Leach, Chris Cordaro, Mary Fran Fazio, Lisa Ruz- zuti, Debi Smith, Captain, (second row) Linda Grimes, Brenda Morgan, D ' Ann Carle. 46 Flags, Batons highlight halftimes A Flags: (left to right) Maureen Casey, secretary; Lori Wagner, Gina Brauer, treasurer; Cindy Squire, Debi McCleary, captain, Brenda Bradford, Debbie Rice, Kristy Close, Tammy Foreman. (above) Junior Becky Taylor, demonstrates her ability to twirl her baton and spin around at the same time, (below) Junior Mary Bullard shows good form as she twirls her baton. Color guard presentation is highly respected as part of a basketball game, (left to right) are Kristy Close, Debbie Rice, Brenda Bradford, Debi McCleary, Gina Brauer. Flags worked as a team with hard work and long practice hours to achieve precision per- formances. They participated in Homecoming events such as sophomore football halftime entertainment, Powderpuf f game and pep assembly. They performed precision halftime routines at basketball games, and presented color guard and dance routines at various assemblies. Also they par- ticipated in contests throughout the year. In order to make money for the purchase of new flags, boots, and for a future trip, the squad sold candy, and Tupper- ware, and sponsored a bake sale and a garage sale. The club sponsor is Mrs. Toni Dann and officers were Debi McCleary, captain; Gina Brauer, treasurer; Maureen Casey, secretary. 47 Martha Crist, Eanne Jackson, Chris Burt, and Rhonda Andrenni robot during " Star Wars. ' Led by captains Cassie Cioccio and Rhonda Kilgore and spon- sored by Linda Ritland and Sue DeWees, Drill Team received second place honors in state competition Rhonda Kilgore won Miss Drill Team of Iowa and went on to compete na- tionally in California. Drill Team began early marching with the Band in the Iowa Shrine Parade and the All American City Festival. They entertained many fans during basketball halftimes, per- forming to many popular songs. Senior march presented a disco to " Stayin ' Alive, " and was finished with " The Times of Your Life ' Kilgore, Drill Team place in State (first row) Tracy Hill, Charlene Knight, Kathy Virden, Vicki Meyrat, Julie Anderson, Diane Deardon, Rhonda Andrenni, Willis, Tami Miller, Kay Kissell, Christy Weeks, Mary Horton, Kelly Lundgren, (third row) Judy Williams, Carol Kreig, Kelly Jadi Stapes, Sue Meredith, Joni Izzolena, (second row) Mary Larsen, Chris Burt, Rondelle Klimowski, Becky Lau, Diane Heggen, Becki Bakki, Denice Munyon, Diane Scarpino, Rhon- Crees, Lynda Weberg, Eanne Jackson, Martha Crist, da Kilgore, Sandy Riley, Cassie Cioccio, Liz Noah, Renee 48 (top left) Juniors show good form in " Star Wars. " (top right) Drill Team members salute during a color-guard, (middle left) After the last march the seniors receive roses from the juniors, (midd le right) Drill Team shows enthusiasm performing to " Baby Face. " (above) Seniors end their year with a traditional senior march, (right) Christy Weeks performs to senior march " The Times of Your Life. " 49 New Band director brings success The 1977-1978 Railsplitter Band, under the new direction of Mr. Karl Killinger, represented Lincoln at many sport events and parades. For the first time, the band will make a trip outside the con- tinental U.S. to participate in the King Kamahameha Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 10. To raise money for this trip, the band sold candy bars, jewelry, cheese boxes, and coupon books. As a Concert Band, Band members presented a winter and spring concert, and competed in Concert Band contest. Drill Team, Batons, and Flags added color to the Band, performing many routines to the many band selections. Mr. Killinger (left) speaks with the Con- cert Band about a new song during a rehearsal. Junior Becky Taylor (above) performs enthusiastically to a Hawaiian song during halftime at the Band ' s last football game. (first row) D. Young, S. Haskins, C Reed, D. Durdin, G. Mundel, L. Wagner, M. Casey, R. Brown, ). Nolan, P. Passak, J. Shortley, R. O ' Brien (second row) L. Moldonado, D. Cross, C Blevins, D. Dey, C Curtis, L. Thompson, K. Mullins, C. Turner, V. Ricks, L. Ricks, K. Roth, C. Hart, S. Tew, ). Robb, K. Worthington, M. Payne, T. McPhee, K Spaulding, S. Johnson, S. Meyer, J. Robison, C. Clark (third row) R. Roe, V. Willis, D. Munyon, M. Foust, T. Dunston, R. McKern, C. Williams, K. Hubbs, C. Brubaker, K. Henderson, L. Stundins, B. Davis, C. Jones, E. Russo, J. Stroud, T. Heggen, T. Lepper, D. Eidbo, J. Thiethe, C. Hanson, F. Montanaro, D. Clark, K. Sarasio, J. Proudfoot, K. Hanson, J. Brodersen, T. Sawyer (fourth row) V. Wignall, J. McKern, D. Moore, R. Conkling, J. O ' Donnell, T. Gruis, S. Jones, A. Edwards, J. R. Smith, D. Backstrom, J. Pullium, S. Boudewyn, S. Lint, Mr. Killinger. (not pictured) M. Heggen, L. Cherry, J. Ruggells, C. Bur- son, L. Fisher, S. Klinefelter, M. Lively, J. Richards, M. O ' Donnell, B. Sherriff, G. Shipman, G. Tait. 50 The band forms a crown to salute the Homecoming King and Queen. Band members wait calmly before their performance. Concert Band practices for an upcoming performance. The drummers work hard to keep the band in step. Forming a circle, Band performs to a popular song, " Bring In the Clowns ' Band shows that standing straight even when not playing is important. 51 fiiir l ' ' 1 lift 91 Jazz Band members are (first row) Derrick Clark, Rhonda Roe, Vicki Sheila Lint, Mike Briar, Dave Backstrom, Jackie Shortley, Laura Stun- Willis, Denise Munyon, Kathy Sarasio, John O ' Donnell (second row) Jim dins, John Stroud, Theodore Heggen, Ed Russo, Craig Jones, Brent Davis, Broderson, Greg Shipman, Fiore Montanaro, Keith Hanson, Tom Kevin Henderson. Sawyer, Aaron Edwards (third row) Mr. Karl Killinger, Larry Buzzy, Jazz Band performs big band sounds The Railsplitter Jazz Band performed their first concert in December. A snow storm han- dicapped attendance but the concert was still a success. February 9 the band went to Hiatt Junior High to perform for the students. On February 10 and 11, the band ventured to Drake University for the Jazz Spectacular. March 2 was an event for the whole southside when the jazz bands from Kurtz, McCombs and Weeks Junior Highs per- formed in the Southside Jazz Festival, along with the Railsplit- ter Jazz Band A combined show with the Jazz Band and the Rail Singers was held April 20. 52 53 A cappella achieves excellence 5 5 9 W Li i t % (first row) Lucy Hastie, Sally Amundson, Debra Cross, Kim Heaberlin, Ruth Shicks, Karen Haskins, Sheri Fennell, Holly Bell, Gloria Sears, Jean Briley, (second row) Ted Phillips, Mark Marturello, Pam Paszak, Donna Heiderscheidt, Mary Hudson, Laura Whitehead, Lisa Cherry, Robin O ' Brien, Nancy Price, Vicki Van Gundy, Sheryl Bettis, Mark Baltzley, Chris Burson, (third row) Mike Clark, Brian Wright, Brian Baker, Joe Gedler, Dave Lange, Jeff Rickabaugh, Elling Eidbo, Tony Hotchkiss, Ken Sufka, Pat Frazier, Mike Ogden, Steve Summy. A cappella Choir makes hard work pay off in preparing for their Christmas Concert. Richard Baber 54 A cappella and Concert Choir ' s year was highlighted by their spring tour to Kansas City. During the tour the choirs sang at schools and churches and saw the musical " Fiddler on the Roof " , at Chanhassen Theatre. Many fund raising projects were held to make the trip possible. Some of the projects held were the BLH drive, candy sales, a paper drive, and popcorn sale. Other fund raisers were a tee-shirt sale, a cheese sale, and selling of sponges. In addition to the tour, the choirs gave concerts at junior highs, banks, and their annual Christmas Concert. Both choirs also participated in Large-Group contest. (left) All-State Choir members are Jean Briley, Mike Clark, Jeff Rickabaugh, Brian Baker, and Laura Whitehead, (above) The paper drive was one of the many fund raising projects for the spring tour. Concert Choir goes to Kansas City (first row) Mary Marturello, Regina Zavalla, Kristy Close, Mary Stumpenhorst, Vangie Stuck, Joanie Izzolena, Ronnie Scott, Mary Nucaro, Michelle Caligiuri, Sara Runkel, Melissa Knauer (second row) Vicki Felice, Beth Moffet, Julie Stanley, Brenda Birdsell, Julie Staecker, Anne Clark, Lana Salyers (third row) Sandy Lane, Sue Fucoloro, Kim Pennington, Eanne Jackson, Nancy Wilson, Beth Rohm, Tami Slawson, Lisa Strait, Denise Curtis, Carla Stillwell, Candi Hamby, Susan Vandervelde, Sue Meredith (fourth row) Mark Maldonado, Tony Klucking, Jeff Gilbert, Brian Carroll, Ed McClure, Rick Douglas, Doug Craig, Mike Gedler, Dennis O ' Neel, Kent Gep- pert, Marty Wilson, David Julson, Dan Reeves, Mrs. Carol Stewart (fifth row) Tony Erickson, Brian Purscell, Al Soroka, Doug Palis, Greg Kline, Julian Rios, Robert Henre, Paul Stanard, Stan Burget t, Chuck Hotchkiss, Dave Maldonado, Dennis Lewellyn, Mark Timmerman (not pictured) Roger Robb. 55 Swing Choir visits Maracaibo, Venezuela Swing Choir, under the direction of Carol Stewart, was chosen to represent the United States on President Carter ' s Friendship Force Trip The choir left April 12 for Maracaibo, Venezuela, where they lived with families until their return to Des Moines on April 22. While in Maracaibo, the choir gave many con- certs; however, they also toured the surrounding area. One high point of the trip included swim- ming in the Caribbean Sea. The Swing Choir perfomed a wide variety of tunes during the year. They sang the rock songs " Foreplay-Long Time " by Boston and " Grand Il- lusion " by Styx. They also sang the swing tune " You ' re So Mean " arranged by Hollis Sundberg. Other songs include a Bette Midler tune " Higher and Higher, " " Songs from the Wood " by Jethro Tull, and Barry Mannilow ' s " I Write the Songs. " The choir ' s first performance was at the Homecoming assembly and concluded with a performance at Class Day. They finished runner- up at the Kennedy Swing Choir Competition. President of the choir for the year was Jim Stevens, and the Vice-President was Dave Jones. Swing Choir members are (first row) Carol Stewart, director; Dave Jones, Vice President; Sherri Fennell, Jim Stevens, President; (second row) Mary Marturello, Brian Wright, Connie Newton, Pat Fraizer, Ted Phillips, Melissa Knauer, Jean Briley (thrid row) Laura Whitehead, Chris Burson, Julie Staecker, Gloria Sears, Rick Douglas, Tony Hotchkiss, Vangie Stuck, Mark Baltzley, Debbie Cross, Jeff Rickabough. (above) Swing Choirs fall show, " Land of Make Believe, " featured such comedy acts as " One. " (right) The band prac- tices during the first retreat. 56 (first row) Greg Kline, Mark Maldonado, Tami Slawson, Jim Cole (second row) Mike Clark, Ronni Scott, Ruth Shicks, Brian Baker, Mike Ogden, Lucy Hastie, Mike Gedler, Regina Zavalla (third row) Kim Heaberlin, Robbin O ' Brien, Filing Eidbo, Ed McClure, Nancy Wilson, Mary Nucaro, Dave Lange, Karen Haskins. (above) Personality shines through during the first show, " Land of Make Believe. " The backdrop for the show was designed by Mark Martuello. (below) The choir left for Maracaibo, Venezuela, April 12. They performed many times while there and also went sightseeing. 57 One of the choir ' s pets, Pink Panther, is watched by Nancy Wilson. Julie Staecker and Regina Zavalla (right), along with Mrs. Stewart (below right), await performance time. Mike Gedler (far right) is shown singing in the Fall Swing Show. The senior pianist in Swing Choir is Sherri Fennell. Jim Stevens and Dave Jones (far above) relax for a minute between rehearsal hours. Mary Marturello, Jeff Rickabaugh, and Kim Heaberlin enjoy some improvisation. Mark Maldanado (far above) concentrates on livening the crowd with the rock hit " Long Time " . 58 Rail Singers shine with songs from " The Wiz " ■ 9 w Members of the Rail Singers were (first row) Joy Hoffman, Donna Heiderschiedt, Sally Amundson, Mar- da (, ilium, Sheryl Bettis, Candi Hamby, (second row) Dave Juleson, Dave Tilotta, Cliff Guy, Tom Ben- dixen, Mark Gedler, Dave Landess, (third row) Sandy Hoff, Rhonda Roe, Chris White, Lisa Peterson, Lance Harrison, Julie Hope, J. R. Smith, Kim Hochstetter, Dave Maldanado, (fourth row) Dawn Lujan, Mark Timmerman, Margeuritte Payne, Mike Hiatt, Brian Carroll, Lynn Krantz, Tim Fitzgerald, and Mary Hudson. Tim Fitzgerald and Dave Landess (right) take a moment to talk, before digging into their music. After working diligently for the Kennedy Swing Festival, the members of the Rail Singers take some time to relax. Dawn Lujan (right) asks Mr. Baber about a problem with her music. The main style of song that the Rail Singers perform is mellow, pop tunes. Songs from the musical " The Wiz " were the highlights of this year ' s choir. Choreography was led by Mr. Richard Baber, the choir ' s direc- tor. Participating in the Kennedy Festival, Cedar Rapids, was one of the the big events of the year. The choir also performed for many conventions, for Mount Pleasant High School, and for southsiders, at their spring show, with the Lincoln Jazz Band. 1 59 Prep Choir completes beneficial year Prep Choir: (first row) Joy Hoffman, Tonia Wears, Dawn Lujan, Corey Joss, Margueritte Payne, Mike Hiatt, Dave Tilotta, Tom Hatcher, John Thielke, Dave Landess, Sam Hastie, Kristie Arrowood, Cathy Reed, Sue Keeney, Bonnie Patch, (second row) Amia Suit, Laura Doane, Ann Fagerland, Sherry Haskins, Bill Albright, Jeff S. Noble, John Izzolena, Eric Abbot, Mike Gedler, Sandy Hoff, Vicky Wignall, Yolanda Smith, Phyllis Maldonado, Janet Price, (third row) Melinda Karnes, Shelly Bur- son, Miriam Erickson, Laurie Anderson, Mike Wilson, Jeff K. Noble, Dan Voogt, Todd Guessford, Tim Fitzgerald, Lance Harrison, Julie Statton, Terri Smith, Pam Brown, Mary Ladurini, Robyn Cox, (fourth row) Becky Andrews, Julie Hope, Glenda Ruble, Denise Ward, Julie Jordan, Scott Hunt, Tom Bendixen, Chris Calkins, Scott Anderson, Craig Mendenhall, Cliff Guy, Ty Eginoire, Denise Lange, Kym Hochstatter, Lynn Krantz, Lisa Baber. Not pictured: Cheri Gauldin, Robyn Batye. " Prep Choir is smaller in size this year, but it was chosen that way. We have a more select group, " Mr Baber, vocal direc- tor of Prep Choir said. Members of the group total 65. Prep Choir performed two vocal promotion concerts for Lincoln bound junior high students. The choir also per- formed three major concerts with the addition of a contest. Prep Choir members give full concentration to their work. Mr. Richard Baber (above left) is the co-director of the vocal music department. 60 Glee Clubs have successful year Members of Boy ' s Glee take part in class. Boy ' s Glee Club: (first row) Craig Jones, Dean Cronin, Randy Beals, Kevin Henderson, (sec- ond row) Scott Hohl, Doug Casner, Troy Senter, Archie Cross, (third row) Tony Kazunas, Mar- ty Taylor, Randy Draper, Stuart Isaccson, (fourth row) Mike Chido, John Trujillo, Rick An- dreas, Brad Hild, Keith Sudbrock. Not pictured: Craig Warfield. Girl ' s Glee: (first row) Brenda Vermeulen, Marlene Griffiths, Ronda Ruble, Kristie Bettis, Robin Henderson, Jenni Highland, Lori Button, Pam Timmerman, Pam Davidson, Kim Daniels, Yvette Riewer, Cindy Swartz, Debbie Shoning, (second row) Cathy Allen, Lisa Ligauri, Bev Kaiser, Sue Muto, Mallette Mosell, Karen Edwards, Margaret Watson, Barb Laughlin, Kristi Keyes, Krishna Woodson, Mari Pavon, Karen Backstrom, Nancy Craig, Lorena Lawler, (third row) Holly Bell, Mary Hurley, Sherri Davis, Patty Howell, Laura Wangler, Karen Hanson, Emily Jones, Annabel Wimer, Sheri Munyon, Stephanie Shipley, Kim Treanor, Robin Gates, Sue Hammond, (fourth row) Kelly Moffit, Lori Woods, Kim Williams, Cyndee Nation, Tammy Tew, Julie Jeager, Phyllis Pierce, Darrah Oswalt, Sharon Raymond, Debra Clark, Lisa McClurg, Shirley Houghtaling, Jill Fulitano. Not pictured: Mary Krigler, Shelly Schartner. (right) Girl ' s Glee members participate in a class rehearsal. Boy ' s Glee is a new choral group at Lincoln, consisting of 20 male voices. The glee club gave a number of performances for community organizations, and three major concerts at Lin- coln. They participated in the State Music Contest this spring. Mr. Richard Baber is the director of both Girl ' s and Boy ' s Glee. Girl ' s Glee performed three seasonal concerts: Christmas, midwinter, and spring. In April they also attended the State Music Contest. Girl ' s Glee to- taled 80 members. " The size of the group is two and one half times greater than in previous years. Girl ' s Glee has a high level of participation, " said Mr. Baber. 61 Lincoln Art Players mix humor, drama Sexton Ed McClure (above) waits in pain for a tooth to be pulled by the assistant, Jon Hoffman, who is happy to fill in for the real dentist, (below left) Jon is determined to pull the tooth; Ed is determined that he won ' t. The Lincoln Art Players pause during a rehearsal for the Good Doctor to pose for a quick photo. Art Players are (first row) Ed McClure, Sue Fucalaro, Kim Pennington, Gina Nicolino, Diane Scarpino, and Gary Kramer; (on shoulders) Connie Newton; (second row) Brian Carroll, Julie Stratton, Patty Scanlan, Laura Weaver, and Jon Hoffman; (back row) Anna Williams, student director; Ken Ham- mer, Dennis Lewellen, Steve Wall, and Dan Reeves. (Not pictured) Director Dennis Hildreth. Lincoln Art Players, as usual, was a smash in their annual fall play, " The Good Doctor. " Written by Neil Simon, the play is based on ten different short stories. Characters and situations range from tragic to comic, from innocent to naughty, and from absurd to vaudevillian. The scenes are all unrelated; some are humorous and some are serious. The scenes were tied together with the narration of a writer, piayed by Ken Hammer. The play was directed by Mr. Dennis Hildreth, with the help of student director, George Caudill. Governess Patty Scanlan discusses wages with her mistress, Diane Scarpino. 62 (above) Jon Hoffman, bank official, yields to the unreasonable re- quest of Sue Fucalaro, a persistent lady, (above right) Ken Ham- mer played a writer who told his different stories to the audience. He tied all the stories together as he narrated the play, (below) Dan Reeves, sitting behind Jon Hoffman, the general, lets go with a with a wet sneeze on the general. Kim Pennington, in back, looks on in dismay, while Lisa Peterson, Jon ' s wife, smiles at the humor. The Good Doctor " The Writer " Ken Hammer " The Sneeze " Dan Reeves john Hoffman Kim Pennington Lisa Peterson " The Seduction " Ken Hammer Jon Hoffman Laura Weaver " The Drowned Man " Dan Reeves Dennis Lewellen " The Governess " Diane Scarpino Patti Scanlan " Surgery " Ed McClure Jon Hoffman " Too Late For Happiness ' Steve Wall Julie Statton " The Audition " Gina Nicolino " A Defenseless Creature " Tony Erickson Jon Hoffman Sue Fucalaro " The Arrangement " Ed McClure Brian Carroll Connie Newton Drama II Drama I Jacki Baker Mary Clapper Terri Smith Sue Keeney Tricia Coffey Lee McLaughlin )on Hoffman CREW Ann Fa ' gerland Tony Colosimo George -Caudill Robin ' Gates Stephanie Shipley jill Fuiitano Kim Carpenter Shirley Houghtaling Photos by Julie Christian Anna Williams Vicki Hill Lucy Hastie Kevin Horner Gary Kramer Ed McClure Kim Pennington Sue Fucalaro 63 I (left) Laurie Anderson and Mary Ladurini prepare for a dress rehearsal, (above) George (Kevin Horner) talks with Mrs. Webb (Mary Ladurini) just before the wedding. " Our Town " presents serious drama m (above) Laurie Anderson and Kevin Horner exchange mar- riage vows, (right) Laura Weaver and Jay Squires perform the parts of Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs. 64 " Our Town " was a more serious type of acting and a different kind of drama than Lincoln has ever seen. There was no scenery present and very few props, which called for the audience to use its imagina- tion much more. However, many sound effects helped fill in the gaps. The cast of about 30 members was directed by Mr. Denis Hildreth and Assistant Director Anna Williams. Major roles were played by John Hoffman, Stage Manager and nar- rator; Laurie Anderson, Emily Webb; and Kevin Horner, George Gibbs. Performances were March 16 and 17. (above left) Kevin Flatt, Steve Wall and Dan Reeves " make fun " of George as he ap- proaches the wedding scene, (left) |ohn Hoffman explains the soda shoppe scene to the audience, (below left) Emily (Laurie Anderson) and George (Kevin Horner) exit after their wedding ceremony, (below) Mr. Webb (Ed McClure) watches on as George (Kevin Horner) and Emily (Laurie Anderson) speak briefly before the wedding. LAP strives for perfection (first row) Jeff Robertson, Russ State, Keven McAninch, Jacki Baker, Murry Althiem, Mary Clapper, (second row) Brenda Belinsky, Tricia Cof- fey, Sue Keeney, Robin Gates, (third row) Gina Nicolino, Julie Hope, Dan Reeves, Terri Smith, Shelly Burson, Brian Carroll, (fourth row) Denise Munyon, John Hoffman, Steve Wall, (fifth row) Diane Scarpino, Tony Erickson. (top) Senior Russ State clowns around before mimes show, (center) Junior Denise Munyon and Sophomore Sue Keeney prepare for mime contest, (above) Senior Doug Greig, Brian Carroll and Sophomores Sue Keeney and Julie Hope perform mime " Opra " for school, (left) Children Theater ' s Trica Coffee and Robin Gates perform " Star Trip. " 66 Dan Reeves gets a terrifying scare from the Blob. Jeff Robertson and Russ State narrate Mimes assembly for the school. An award of outstanding and State Honors were earned by Jeff Robertson, Dan Reeves, Murry Althiem and Russ State for their group mime " Clockwork Lemon " This is the highest award given by the Iowa High School Speech Association. Because of their achievement they were able to at- tend the All-State festival in In- dianola. Lincoln sent six mimes to the contest and all six received one ratings at State including solos by John Hoffman, Tony Erickson, and Lee McLaughlin. The Puppet Theater consisted of nine puppets. They are Amy, Ralph, Samson, Edwina, Clem, En- zio, Peabody, Eelicia, and Chris. They performed several shows for pre-schools around the city. (above left) Amy, Ralph, Samson, Edwina, Clem, Enzio, Peabody, Felicia, Chris, (left) Shirley Houghtaling, Stephenie Shipley, Terri Smith, Kim Carpenter, Jacki Baker, Vicki Hill rehearse for puppet show. 67 Dorian Art brightens school year - -T • J a — f • " ■i ' • AST — 3 Dorian Art Club (first row) Jody Pike, Cindy Beyers, Mary Hudson, Janet Elwanger, Tim Norton, Cindy Selby, Mike Denny, Craig Duede, Mark Carter, Kay Gable, Lisa Inhoffe, Michele Stevens, Connie Caligiuri, Stoud, Margret Goodling, Mike Gatske, Kirby Wilmore, Greg Wheeler, Sherri Davis, (second row) Ron Bristow, Randy Gathercole, Tom Kevin Smith, Dale Adams, and Todd Kinchloe. Cooper, Rick Montgomery, Doug Palis, Jerry Berry, Jim Piper, Dan Dorian Art Club added a touch of color to Lin- coln during the school year. Mr. Dale McLean, head of the art department, works with club of- ficers: Rick Montgomery, president; Janet Carter, secretary; Ellen Arent, treasurer; and Kay Gable, historian; to keep its members on the go. During the course of the year Dorian Art lost five members at the end of the first semester, Rick Byrd and Denise Nation graduated, Brent Boyd, Cathy Drew, and Sandra Snook went to intern ship. The DAP (Dorian Art People) take part in ac- tivities such as decorating the halls at Christmas time, making Christmas cards which are sent to other Des Moines schools, decorating for dances, posters for sports events and the pur- chasing of art work for the Lincoln art collec- tion. Each year the club adds a piece of art to the collection which is a continuing gift to the school. Dorian Art Club took second place in a van painting contest held at Vets Auditorium. The team was given a van and a 2-hour time limit to paint on their design Six members from the club won Gold Key awards in the art contest held at Brandeis this year: Sandra Snook, Kirby Wilmore, and Janet Carter. Other winners were Jessie Gomez, Mark Marturello, and Tami Miller. Club officers Janet Carter, Rick Montgomery, and Kay Gable hold discussion dur- ing homeroom. 68 Dorian Art Club divided into groups and painted different Christmas frames and painted green. The group put much effort and time into the scenes that are displayed in the front hall the week before Christmas hall decorations and the paintings brought spirit to the students during vacation. The separate pictures were framed in 5-foot wooden oval the Christmas season. Gold key winners are Kirby Wilmore, Janet Carter, Mark Marturello, Tami Miller, and Jessi Gomez, (not pictured, Sandra 69 Railsplitter staff digs for news Editor-in-chief Anne Clark makes up the front page and oversees the rest of the paper. The Railsplitter Newspaper staff, led by Editor Anne Clark had a successful year. The staff attended a workshop at the Register and Tribune and the Iowa High School Press Convention to learn new techniques to im- prove the paper. The highlight of the year was winning the Ail-American Award given by the National Scholastic Press Associa- tion. This national award is the highest award given to a high school newspaper. (top right) Cartoonist Mark Marturello hams it up at the skating rink, (center right) Sports editors Gary McCoy and Joan Walker paste up another sports page for the next issue, (below left) Rick Arrowood proof- reads another story for the front page, (above) Photographer Tony Petosa prepares to snap a picture; however, another photographer got his picture first. 70 71 Co-editor Brian Groves cuts pictures for a layout. The yearbook staff consisted of (front row) Connie Caligiuri, Nanette Bonnano, Marcia Gillum, Nancy Wilson, Keely Alton, Kay Gable, Co-editors Robert Henre and Brian Groves, Lynda Weberg, Regina Zavalla, Liz Noah, Lynn Webb, Debbie Judish, Peggy Gaskill, Julie Christian, (back row) Mrs. Weir, Carla Graham, Joe Sheehan, Dave Prall, Doug Summy, Steve Wallace, Larry Berry, Teresa Howell, Deb- bie McCleary, Kent Smith, Jim Cole, Kelly McAnich, Bart Warford, Mike Moore, and Brian True. Staff creates new look for yearbook Co-editor Robert Henre was in charge of the open- ing pages. (Below right) Dave Prall, sports co- editor, and (above right) Regina Zavalla, academics co-editor, work intensely to meet deadlines. This year ' s theme for the year- book is a little bit different from most years. It is many different magazines to make up one big magazine, the yearbook. The idea for this year ' s theme was submitted by co-editor, Robert Henre. The two co-editors, Henre and Brian Groves gave the yearbook a new look. The cover photograph is the work of Mr. Richard Christian, the father of head photographer Julie Chris- tian. 72 Mrs. Weir, advisor, helps Jim Cole, student life co-editor, measure a picture. Marcia Gillum and Dave Prall (above left) listen as instructions are given to the class, (left) Working on the sports section was part of Kent Smith ' s job. Liz Noah and Carla Graham worked as co-editors on the senior section, (below) Theresa Howell, index editor, gets help from Peggy Gaskill, underclassman co-editor, on sorting out index cards. (Far above) Steve Wallace and Nanette Bonnano take a moment to relax as Brian True (right) concentrates on typing copy. wfct rp 73 DECA provides on the job experience First hour DECA members: (first row) Randy Spore, Art Stepp (second Cornwell, Jane Comiskey, (fourth row) Steve Cross, John Reischl, Tim row) Lauri Jarnigan, Rose Spad (third row) John Martindale, Phil Rogers, Hart, Dave Cart, Paul P itman, Larry Warren, Jim Hickman, Ferrall Rob Anderson, Billy Sue Daggett, Mary Kay Davis, Michelle Rote, Mary Burgett, Mark Johnson. Steinbach, Vice President Pam Enos, Historian Diane McReynolds. Paula Steinbach works with an assistant at the Des Moines Osteopathic Center. 74 DECA is a nation wide program for high school students, which offers students the opportunity to learn while on the job. Sixty students participate in the program which is divided into the first and second year classes. To start out the year, all members attended a communication lab at Camp Dodge. This was an all day lab to test the students ' listening ability for gaining information. Members also went to a delegated assembly in Cedar Falls, Iowa, at which state officers for the DECA Program were elected. DECA members attended the Area Conference in which all eight Metro schools participated at Southridge Mall. In January and March, the State Conference was held at Valley West Mall. DECA raised money with successful sales of candy, peanuts, and spices. Third Hour DECA Students: (first row) Jeff Truitt, Lexy Merrick, Dave Phillips (second row) Gary Fatino, Kent Speed, Graig Mettille, Carle Mazzie, Pete Rushing, Mike Dale, Blaine Thompson, (third row) Sue Vandervelde, Diane McReynolds, Rhonda Tassin, Rosie Closimo, Matt- Bomhover, Paula Steinbach, Gary Elbert, Mike Closimo, (fourth row) Paul Stevens, Chuck Manning, Pat Jury, Tony McKee, Mark Timmons, Pam Enos, Tony Crumb, Jeff Jordon, Brian Solem, Steve Mitchell, Clayton Nelson. 75 SLH members combine service, fun Students for Lincoln High officers: (second row) Rose Colosimo, historian; Lynn Webb, treasurer; (first row) Karan Docken, vice president; Kris Doane, president. (Vickie Felice, secretary, not pictured) (right) Kris Doane acting as president, (upper right) Club members par- ticipate in Halloween party, (above) Santa and his helpers pass out treats. All students were eligible for participation in the activities Students for Lincoln High sponsored. All activities were planned and carried through under the direction of Miss Gretchen Kauffman. The Halloween party was held in honor of Logan Tiny Tots. This Christmas the club performed a Christ- mas skit and sponsored a party for kindergarteners and first graders at Washington Elementary School. S.L.H. also performed a short skit at sophomore orientation. The officers then gave tours of the school. 76 Man of the year honored at dance Sophomore Eric Abbott, Man of the Year Junior Guy Neff, Man of the Year Senior Brian True, Man of the Year (above) Seniors Sue Barkley and Jeff Bixler pose for photographer at the Sweetheart Dance, (right) Traditional Valentine decoration " Cupid " . Man of the year candidates: (Seniors, third row) Brian True, Jack Rush, Jim Judge, Jim Sanders, (not pictured) Fred Trujillo. (Juniors, second row) Steve Seid, Craig Kern, Mick Anderson, Guy Neff. (not pictured) Steve Karnes. (Sophomores, first row) Sandy Hoff, John Cameron, Jack Woods, Matt Herbert, Eric Abbott. The annual Sweetheart Dance was held Saturday, February 11, in the Lincoln Roundhouse. The featured band was Sidestreet, a six member group. Pictures of couples attending the dance were taken by Stover Photo- graphy. Man of the Year awards were presented to the respective win- ners of each grade. All of the candidates were nominated by the student body and chosen by those attending the dance. 77 Clubs explore foreign cultures Members of French Club were Becky Bakke, Miriam Erickson, Sandy Lane, Dale Adams, Julie Andrees, Beth Rohm, Theresa Smith, Michelle Delury, Carla Stilwell, and Mrs. Erna Bevington, club sponsor. The first semester officers for French Club were Dale Adams, president; Vickie Van Gundy, vice president; Carla Stilwell, secretary; Sandy Lane, treasurer. Margaret Benoit was elected presi- dent of French Club for the second semester, at the club ' s meeting January 10 Other officers for the second semester were Beth Rohm, vice presi- dent; Alan Kincheloe, secretary; and Terri Smith, treasurer. Diane Scarpino talked about her trip to Ireland with the Friendship Force, playing tapes and showing pictures. French Club Officers were Carla Stilwell, Vickie Van Gundy, Sandy Lane, and Dale Adams. First and second year students made up the Latin club which was sponsored by Miss Katherine Kirkhoff. Latin Club members: (first row) Murray Altheim, Judy Chaudler, Sandy Puis, Naomi Burks, (second row) Guy Neff, Bill Durbin, Cindy Squire, Doreen Ware, and Denise Curtis. 78 Junior Guy Neff poses in a Roman toga amid a display of Latin projects. Guy is holding a Roman Legion insignia, and in front of him are the Coliseum with sugar cubes and Roman carriage; a Roman villa on floor and another on file cabinet are also sugar cubes. Dinner at the El Patio was the opening activity for the Spanish Club. The members also participated in the annual Pella trip. They also promoted National Foreign Language Week by decorating the halls and their room. Halloween was celebrated with a party at the Southridge Mall Cabin Fever Room. Officers for Spanish Club were Mark Maldanado, president; Dave Maldanado, vice president; Beth Thornton, secretary; and Steve Delmage, treasurer. Spanish Club members celebrate Halloween: (above left) Gina Nicolino, and Lisa Peterson. (Above) Janet Villirillo, Donell Colosimo, George Caudill, Kim Huffman, Julie McDonald, Brenda Belinsky, (second row) Mark Riggle, Carla Martinez, Cheryl Doud, Lisa Strait, Matt Smith, Gina Nicolino, and Tonia Wears. (above right) Spanish Club members: (first row) Mara Smith, Debbie Kauzlarich, Diane Kauzlarich, Brenda Belinsky, Marsha Blackmore, (second row) Tina McPhee, Vanessa Rice, Kelly Curry, Diane Smith, Teresa Howell, Carla Martinez, Jackie Hutt, Gina Nicolino, Brenda Birdsell, Mary Overton, (third row) Janise Bellis, Tammy Skoogland, Kim Huffman, Patty Howell, Lori Carlson, Ramona Briseno, Tonia Wears, Sue Shields, Donell Colosimo, Kelli Stone, Sharon Beakler, Sue Fucaloro (fourth row) Sherri Johnson, Cheryl Doud, Todd Kincheloe, Gary Mc- Coy, Tony Prieto, Jim Benda, Lisa Peterson, Marvin Treanor, Sandy Gates, Becky Souder, (fifth row) Steve Delmege, Dave Maldanado, Julie Jordon, Lisa Strait, Janet Villirillo, Mark Maldanado, Jim Nelson, Kirk Green. 79 Debaters wind-up successful season (first row) Coach Linda Schlak, Dean Cronin, Gary Baker, Lori Wagner, (sec- ond row) Tom Heathcote, Jim McGraw, Marty Wilson, Tammy Foreman, Becky Andrews The debate team had a very good year. Their numerous trophies are on display in Mrs. Schlak ' s room. The 1977-78 Debate Squad participated in 12 tournaments this season. Seniors Craig Bittick and Kevin Jarnagin finished with a 65 percent win record against six states, while Juniors Marty Wilson and Kathy Vanderpool held a 60 percent win record. The squad was able to place 15 students in the State Individual Events Contest, with Marty, John Hoffman and Dan Reeves coming away with a one rating. Kathy finished first in speaker points at the Roosevelt speech contest. Becky Andrews and Marty Wilson prepare for an up-coming debate. 80 Executive interns exchange job experiences for credit Sandra Snooks takes a short break from Larry Scott takes time to congratulate her work. Kippley Violett on his work. (first row) Terry Staude, Penney Photography; Sandra Snook, College of Osteopathic Medicine; (second row) Kippley Violett, Hilton Inn; Betty Keoppel, Polk County At- torney ' s Office; Pat Jury, Polk County Attorney ' s Office; (third row) Stan Burgett, Grace Assembly Church; Mary Stark, Iowa State Vocational Rehabilitation Center; Brent Boyd, Younkers Art Department; Todd Mack, Polk County Attorney ' s Office- Brian Solen, Offender Advocant ' s Legal Staff; (not pictured) Cathy Drew, Polk County Attorney ' s Office. Mary Stark (above) looks at last year ' s figures with her sponsor John D. Larson, (below) Brent Boyd and his sponsor, Victor Smith study one of Brent ' s designs. Executive Interns, under the direction of Mr. Weldon Else, gain occupational ex- perience and knowledge by working in the business world. Students in the Executive Internship program work during the day with an executive of an occupation of their choice. The Interns receive full school credit for participating in this program, which is open to juniors and seniors only 81 OE class receives experience Office Education (OE) is an organization designed to help students who are interested in a business career. OE is divided into two phases. Students that are involved in OE learn about of- fice machinery, filing and other things they will need to know for their jobs. They also have a club in which they participate in fund raising projects. This is the Co-op phase OE A is a phase in which the students get experience from work- ing in offices in the community. OE is led by Miss Janyce Abarr. The student officers are Judy Macasa, president, Tina Calvan, vice-president; Rondelle Klimouski, secretary; Judy Williams, treasurer; Terri Gam- ble, historian; and Chris Heck, reporter OE students that won in the District Competition were (first row) Tony Fatino, Margaret Burns, (second row) Lorrie Paton, Chris Heck, Lori Carr, Cindy Bishop, Rondelle Klimousky, Vickie Prothero, and Tina Galvan. Judy Williams, OE treasurer, (left) files folders for her employer. Judy Macasa, OE president, works on the job for credit. 82 I OE students: (first row) Carol Williams, Margaret Burns, Judy Macasa (second row) Vickie Prothero, Rondelle Klimousky, Tony Fatino, Tina Galvan, Chris Heck, (third row) Lori Carr, Lorrie Paton, Judy Williams, Terri Leege, Cindy Byers, and Terri Gamble. Mrs Abarr (right) assists Patti Tursi with office machinery. Young Office Worker ' s Club Members of the Young Officer Workers Club were (first row) Becki Cline, DeDe Young, Angela Ghee, Ginger Egenberger, (second row) Maureen Casey, Marjean Foust, Cheryl Backstrom, and Candi Hamby. Mrs. Jacobsen and Mrs. Fisher (right) were the club ' s sponsors. " We try to coordinate ac- tivities which have an interest in the business field, " said Mrs. Sally Fisher. Mrs. Fisher, along with Mrs. Ruth Jacobsen, have helped the students plan the Homecoming Calendar and a spring organiza- tional meeting with pot luck. 83 Computer helps members get information The Computer Club, sponsored by Mr. Gary Bagby and Mr. Elbert Jennings, works with the computer all school year. They don ' t have any contests but the members do know how to work the computer to get valuable information or to program certain games. Of- ficers for Computer Club are Dale Anderson, presi- dent; Tom Briggs, vice-president; Murray Althiem, secretary and treasurer. (first row) John Hoffman, Murray Althiem. (second row) Tom Briggs, Dale Anderson, Kevin Horner, Joe Groene, Mark Morris, (above left) Kevin Horner, John Hoffman, and Murray Althiem look at print out from keyboard. Field Day is good experience for Math Club Math Club ' had many months of review to get ready for their trip to Creighton University for their annual Field Day. The Field Day events in- cluded a Chalk Talk Event, the Leap-Frog Relay, and both classes of the Mad Hatter Marathon. In the Chalk Talk the contestant has to explain mathe- matical principles. The Leap Frog involves two peop I e working on separate test, and then at the end of a time limit, switching test A marathon depends on speed as prob- lems are shown on a screen. Officers are Mike Clark, president; Dave Lange, vice-president; Bill Durbin, secretary; Elling Eidbo, treasurer. G Math Club (first row) Bill Durbin, Todd Kincheloe, Andrew Leong, Randy Sheumaker, Julie Stanlev, Mr. ernon Blv, Mr. Elbert Jennings, (second row) Elling Eidbo, Dave Lange, Doug Suchv, Mike Clark. 84 Broadcasting Radio Club improves show " 1 (above left) Paul Stanard, chairman, (middle) Bob True, vice-chairman, (above) Mike Perkins, secretary, (left) Dave Tucker, Paul Stanard, Tim Zarley, Larry Buzzy, Bob True, Mike Perkins, Scott Ramsey, (not pictured) Tom Sawyer, Pete Kozo, Tim Schurman, Roger Montgomery. This year marked the second year of the existence of Radio Broadcasting Club. The club has improved its show great- ly over the past year The students in- volved also gained first hand knowledge in broadcasting and basic Federal Com- munication Commission rules. The sponsor of the club is Miss Margaret Olson, English department. The Lincoln Show is heard over KDPS, 88 1 FM at 6 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. The club hopes to broad- cast throughout the summer. Two members of the new Ham Radio Club sponsored by Mrs. )an McKee are Mark Morris, Bill Miller, (not pictured) Bill Vortel, Kevin King, Brad Hild. 85 Students volunteer study periods Many students gave up their free study periods and time before school this year so they could help in the nurses office, the library, the audio visual room, the counselors office, and the Stu- dent Center. Duties performed by the various volunteers were such things as shelving and checking out books, sorting mail, collecting absent slips, and transporting audio visual equipment. Volunteers working in the nurses and counselors offices were responsible for checking people in and out, while workers in the Student Center sold food. Helping students in the nurses office were Diane Smith and Julie jaeger. Students who offered to help in the Student Center were (first row) Kim Reed, Pam Enos, Jodey Nelson, Lola Ryan, (second row) Khristi Smith, Kim Griffiths, Roberta Hoch, June Whitmore, (third row) Jamie Richards, John Heath, and Dave Burden. Helpers in the office were Tracy Forbes, Peggy Fairchild, Sue Barkley, Lori Button, Kathy Forbes, and Janet Larson. (Left) Jodey Nelson and Pam Enos serve food to students in the Stu- dent Center. 86 Selling candy for students is part of Jodey Nelson ' s job in the Stu dent Center. Sue Shielks (above right), along with Mrs. Holt librarian, helps students find information for reports. Counselors received help from (front row) Margaret Wetson, Kathy Cross, Kelly Curry, (second row) Julie Christian, Kim Treacnor, and Kristy Smith, getting students in and out of offices quickly. (First row) Dave Tilotta, John Thielke, (second row) Mark Morris, Bill Voitel, Kevin King, and Bill Miller give up extra time to transport AV equipment. Pam Enos (below) takes a few minutes to talk with friends in the Student Center. Students offered to help shelve and check out books in the library. They were (first row) Nancy Craig, Yolanda Smith, Sue Shielks, (second row) Dar- rah Oswalt, Kristie Keyes, Dave Perkins, Mrs. Roberta MacDonald, Scott Hohl, and Mark Woods. 87 Synchro team holds water show Synchro team members are (first row) Blythe Powell, Marybeth Kissel, (second row) Cory Cady, Patty Howell, Shelly Burson, Carla Ma rtinez, Nora Stundins, Amy Ackerman, Sherri Anderson, Kathy Erickson, Beda April Pankuck, Barb Rohm, Beth Theormer, Kim Hoffman, Cindy Soliday, Cassie Cioccio, Leigh Potthoff, Locke Brenton, Kathy Dennis, Singleton, Emily Edwards, and Beth Moffit. The synchronized pageant adds a touch of beauty to the Lincoln pool annually. The show is directed by Jean Frazier. The officers of synchronized swimming are Presi- dent Vickie Felice, Vice-Presidents Beda Soliday and Leigh Potthoff, Treasurer Beth Theormer, Secretary Kee- ly Alton, Art Director Dana Speridon, and Publicity Director Cassie Cioccio. All members are kept on the go to get the show underway by April. The beginning of the school year brings the search for new members to the synchronized team. This year ' s theme was Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, selected to bring out some special memories in life. Officers of the Synchronized Swim Team were (seated) Vickie Felice, Cassie Cioccio, Leigh Potthoff, (standing) Beth Theormer, and Beda Soliday. 88 Probates included (second row) April Pankuck, Blythe Powell, Shelly Juniors Emily Edwards, Kathy Dennis, Locke Brenton, Beth Moffit, and Burson, Barb Rohm, Carla Martinez, Kim Hoffman (first row) Cory Cindy Singleton perform an act for the Synchro Show. Cady, Marybeth Kissel, Kathy Erickson, Amy Ackerman, Sherri Ander- son, Nora Stundins. (above left) President Vickie Felice poses before entering the water to perform her solo, (left) Leigh Potthoff, Beth Theormer, and Dana Speridon work on scenery for the synchro show, (above) Beda Soli- day shows the beginning of her solo performance. 89 Railsplitters finish second in Metro (left) Senior Bob Umdenstock shows his " pro " form during a game against Valley, (above) Junior Jim Sanders gets a lead off first base. The Railsplitters compiled a 19-8 over-all record and a 9-5 Metro record to finish second behind defending Metro champs Dowling. The team was led by five players who received All- Metro honors. Tom Dusterhoft and Steve Wallace were named to the first team, Jerry Ellston and Jim Sanders were on the second team, and Mike Bruchshaw was given honorable mention. The players felt the loss of Bob Umdenstock, who signed a pro contract with the Cincinnati Reds. In spite of his his short season, Bob was still named to first team All-State, and second team All-Region. The team was made up mostly of juniors and only five seniors. Next year ' s team should be strong, drawing on the experience of the juniors and the talent of the up- coming sophomores. (above left) Junior Tom D usterhoft slams a double while his team- mates look on. (above center) Junior Steve Wallace waits patient- ly for his next move, (above) Senior Mike Bruchshaw hits one deep against Roosevelt for a double. 92 93 Junior Varsity captures Metro title Junior Varsity had an excellent season with an 18-3 record. The Rails easily won the Metro Conference title. In the field and at the plate, the young Rails showed powerful determination and talent. Bob Strohn led the pitching department with a 9-1 record. The Railspl itters had a batting average of .369 with Pat Jury and Steve Seid hitting .442 and .412 respec- tively. Coach Denny Deardon feels that the enthusiasm and talent of the J V squad will add to the depth of the varsity team (top left) Sophomore Steve Seid steals second base against Hoover, (lower left) Sophomore Bob Strohn shows winning form, (above) Sophomore Mike Stevens connects for a base hit. 94 Seven returning starters dominate Railettes Softball team (first row) Joan Walker, Terri Dale, Linda Wilde, Debbie Seeber, Lisa Wilde, Kay Gable, and Kelly Larsen, (second row) Karen Allen, |eri Burdick, Rhonda Rice, Brenda Rice, and Debbie Snyder. The Railettes bagged a second place tie for the Metro, placing three girls on the All-Metro team: Brenda Rice, Rhonda Rice, and Debbie Snyder. In tournament play the girls cleaned house at Saydel bringing home first place at their invita- tional. The railettes were upset at Urbandale, but bounced back for a consolation title. Head Coach Larry Hayes (above left) helps Kay Gable with her batting. Mr. Hayes has been head coach of the team since girls softball started at Lincoln. The coaches, as well as the teams, have learned from each other. Assistant Coach Jerry Atkinson (lower left) adds much to the softball team with his good association with the members. Pa- tience is the virtue when you ' re in Mr. A ' s place. 95 Railettes finish with second place tie in Metro mm Debbie Snyder (above) swings the bat with power. The Railettes had three girls on the All-Metro team this year: Brenda Rice, Rhonda Rice, and Debbie Snyder. 1 Anxiously awaiting a play, Jeri Burdick (left) guards third base. Kay Gable and Debbie Seeber (below) take a rest at the water jug after their game. Heavy hitter, Rhonda Rice (lower left) swings with deter- mination. Volleyball ' s second year improves record Senior Rhonda Rice (left) and teammate Lin- da Wilde, junior, make a gallant attempt for the ball. But Wilde comes up on the short end. Lisa Wilde perfects a difficult over-the-back shot on the return. Chicako Sugiyama leaps high, punching the ball over the net for a Lincoln score. Volleyball finished with a 6-10 record. A 10-19 over all record proved to be an achievement in two years. Head coach Cherri Mortice completed her second season at Lincoln. Foreign exchange student, Chicako Sugiyama improved the team, leading them in serving. Rhonda Rice, a second team All-Metro choice, helped lead the team, along with honorable mention choices Sugiyama and Stacy McArthur. Volleyball is a world wide sport and growing fast. " Some day, it will be as popular as basketball and football, " com- mented Junior Lisa Wilde. Varsity: (first row) Chicako Sugiyama, Lisa Wilde, Linda Wilde (second row) Maria Hall, Renee Scott, Judy Chandler, Doreen Ware (third row) Coach Cherri Mortice, Debbie Conrath, Mary Geronzin, Lisa Straight, Rhonda Rice, Stacy McArthur. 97 Swimmers end season with powerful record (above) Senior Tammy Randleman relaxes after swimming the breastroke. 98 L (first row) Kay Kissell, Cassie Cioccio, Beth Thoermer, Beda Soliday, Leigh Potthoff, Tammy Randleman, Debbie Judish (second row) Manager John Deter, Kim Griffith, Deb- bie Hand, Terry Champ, Susan Vandervelde, Teri Cole, Billie Horton, Manager Brenda Birdsall (third row) Coach Cady, Sally Green, Mary Heggen, Erin Phalen, Shelly Burson, Lori Kirshbaum, Brenda Morgan, April Pankuuk, Tammy Skoglund, Carla Martinez (fourth row) Amy Gabbert, Karla Fisher, Tawnee Denny, Janel Pollock, Kristi Wor- thington, Patty Howell, Marybeth Kissell, Blythe Powell, Paula Seiner, Cory Cady, Coach Hickman. The girls swim team ended their season with an 8-1-2 record. A surprising tie with Roosevelt added extra interest to fine season. This was one of Lincoln ' s best years at the State meet. The six girls who competed were Cory Cady, Terry Champ, Debbie Judish, Blythe Powell, Tammy Randleman, and Beda Soliday. Blythe Powell had an excellent finish with third in the 500-yard freestyle, and sixth in the 200 yard freestyle. Debbie Judish finished tenth in diving. All other competitors had a fine showing at State. Even though the team has seven graduating seniors, the ex- perience of the sophomores and juniors should add to the depth of the team next year. v r v (above) Senior Cassie Cioccio strives for a victory in the 100-yard breastroke. (left) junior Terry Champ leaves the block to swim the 100-yard backstroke. (above) Senior Kay Kissell concentrates on her next (above) Blythe Powell swims to a victory in the 500-yard freestyle. 99 Harriers finish season with 4-3 record Cross Country (first row) Mike Gomez, John Woods, John Luna, Jay Delmedge, Guy Neff, Joe Gazzo, Matt Smith, Bill Holl. Nevins, Dave Prall, (second row) Greg Page, Kevin Smith, Jesse Gomez, Lindeman. Brenden Kriel, Rich McKern, Steve Gonzales, (third row) Steve Hampered by inconsistency, the cross-country team got off to a slow start. At the Ames Invitational the Rails finished ninth. The following week the Harriers bounced back with a very respectable third place finish at the Mar- shalltown Invitational The boys continued to show improve- ment by placing first in a triangular against East and North. After attaining an eighth place finish in the Tom Karpan Invitational, the Rails went on to defeat Tech at Ewing Park. The Harriers came in a disappointing sixth place in the Metro, but came back strong with a third place finish at the Ur- bandale Invitational, where Bill Hollenrake finished tenth, Joe Gazzo twelfth, and Dave Prall sixteenth (above) In a meet against Valley, Lincoln runners get off to a good start. 100 (top left) Senior Dave Prall and Junior Bill Hollenrake overtake Hoover opponent, (center left) Senior Joe Gazzo fights for lead against Hoover opponent, (lower left) Senior Steve Gonzales is all alone in his un- disputed victory in the Metro JV race, (center right) Getting off to a good start against Tech are Juniors Guy Neff, Mike Lindemoen, and Senior Steve Gonzales, (top right) Lincoln runners set the pace as they turn for home in the East meet. 101 Cross Country finishes with 8-2 record Coach Phil Martin led the Girls Cross-Country team to the best dual record in their five years of competition. The girls had a successful season as they placed high in all their in- vitational meets, bringing home many awards. At the Adel Invitational, the girls placed second out of 16 teams, bringing home the first trophy for the girls ' team Placing only fifth in Metro, the girls went on to districts to place tenth out of 36 teams. Girls Cross-Country was led to a strong season by Captains Lynda Weberg and Junior Brenda Belin- sky. Seniors Kim Hohenshell, Kris Frangos and Junior Sandy Hitch- cock were close behind to make up a strong Varsity Team. Other team members were Senior Joan Walker, Junior Jeannie Saltzman and Sophomore Suzie Clair. Cross Country team (left to right) Kim Hohenshell, Brenda Belinsky, Joan Walker, Coach Martin, Sandy Hitchcock, Lynda Weberg, and Suzie Clair, (not pictured) Kris Frangos, Jeannie Saltzman. 102 Junior Sandy Hitchcock strides out in Metro meet at Valley. Senior Kim Hohenshell picks up pace as Valley and Dowling runners trail behind. 14 30 Kg 6 7 7 Marshatltown North Tech East Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover Anlceny 7 9 20 14 0 12 21 H LHS Boys Sophomore Football 12 North 28 Tech 14 East 34 14 Dowling 19 12 Roosevelt 36 18 Valley 32 8 Hoover 24 78 79 60 99 78 76 76 80 73 77 78 52 87 67 Dowling Roosevelt Ottumwa Valley Urbandale fcast Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover North Pella lech District Roosevelt 85 88 57 86 ty Girls Swimming ' 77 Hoover 95 114 Grinnell 58 1st Southeast Polk Triangular 6th Valley Relays 86 Roosevelt 86 104 Dowling 68 69 Ames 103 129 Tech 44 111 Marshatltown 61 106 East 63 116 Newton 56 2nd District Meet 8th State Meet ■ LHS Varsity Girls Basketball w 54 Ames 86 84 Indianola 74 70 Las| " ' ' 107 ■ 81 Pella 69 i$ 65 Dowling 80 ■ 48 Marshalltown 61 79 Roosevelt 79 fctfech , .. • • 54 Valle 104 1 1 61 Hoover 59 North ( 8 1 85 Tech 55 Norwalk 74 96 74 Dowling 69 68 Roosevelt 104 83 North 81 Valley 94 81 Johnston 92 86 North 80 Hoover 9t Ankeny LHS Varsity Boys Swimming $nd Hoover jfiH Smi Boone w znd Valley H 1st Grmneli ' 1 ' Dowling 2nd Roosevelt ,1st Urbandale 2nd SE.Poik 1st Tech LHS Varsity Boys Cross Country 3rd Hoover, Valley 9th Ames Invitational 2nd Dowling, Roosevelt 4th Bobcat Invitational 1st East, North 5th Karpan Invitational 1st Tech 8th Augustine Invitational 4th Marshalltown 6th Metro Meet 3rd Urbandale Invitational 10th District 104 Ames Ankeny Boone Nevada Newton North Tech East Urbandale Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover North Tech East Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover Marshalltown j ' ML: LHS Girls Sophomore Basketball 50 Ames ...Mf 59 India no I a v . m 44 46 East f44 Pel I a Dowling 57 31 Marshalltown 55 52 Roosevelt 60 80 Tech . ' 47 56 Valley 65 Hoover 69 North 71 Tech 43 49 Norwalk 65 East 58 Dowling 58 65 Roosevelt 71 78 North .i p l 49 Valley 56 Hoover 72 ys Varsity Baseball Ames Valley East Tech Ankeny Boone Nevada Newton North Tech East Urbandale Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover North Tech Knoxville East East Dowling Roosevelt Marshalltown Hoover 15 51 35 2nd 4 28 1st 30 30 9 9th 3rd 6 19 Indianola Marshalltov North Hoover Saydel Tournament Valley Roosevelt Knoxville Tournament Newton Tech East Urbandale Tournament Lincoln Tournament Dowling Ames 20 26 12 50 30 LHS Varsity Girls Cross Country 3rd Indianola Quadrangular 2nd Hoover, Valley 7th Ames Invitational 2nd Dowling, Roosevelt 4th Bobcat Invitational 1st Fast, North 8th Karpan Invitational Adel Invitational bth Urbandale Invitational 5th Metro 1st Southeast Polk 10th District LHS 119 114 114 Varsity Gymnastic! Hoover Roosevelt East Dowling 120 148 115 80 126 135 138 105 Victory delights Homecoming crowd (above) Coach Ace Hendricks and players celebrate after Homecoming victory, (top right) Coach Rhoads gives instructions to players at East game, (below) Dowling run- ner finds open field hard to come by against Lincoln defense. Despite their 3-6 record the Railsplitters had a very interesting season by ac- complishing something that few Lincoln teams have ever achieved. The Rails not only defeated Dowling but kept them scoreless, a first time achievement in 65 Metro games. Leading the Rails were five All-Metro seniors: First Team All-Metro, Chuck Fargo, linebacker; Jack Rush, guard; Wood Young, defensive back; Second Team All-Metro, Tim Houge, halfback; Steve Wallace, split end. According to Coach Cecil Rhoads, " The 1977 football season was a season of ex- citement, joy, sorrow, and frustration. The Railsplitters were young and inexperienced at the start of the season and made some critical mistakes, resulting in games that were both exciting and frustrating. The Homecoming game was the start of good things and the Railsplitters put on their best offensive show of the season, over- whelming East 30-14. The following week, a group of confident, determined young men played their best defensive game of the season and turned in one of the biggest upsets in Lincoln history, shutting out Dowling 7-0. " 106 (first row) Doug Palis, Leroy Putney, Mike Stevens, Jerry Short, Larry, Berry, Chuck Fargo, Tim Norton, Jack Rush, Tim Houge, Doug Vose, Mike Ramey, Doug Such, (second row) Joe Harrison, Danny Steele, Mark Auston, Woody Young, Steve Wallace, Tom Dusterhoft, Jeff Hendericks, Rick Stapes, Chuck Reed, Tom Olson, Brian Guamer, Ron Tomlinson. (third row) Steve Meyers, Jim Piper, Jeff Bixler, Jay Squiers, Bill Durbin, Sam Laboya, Jeff Weldon, Todd Mack, Steve Karns, Steve Walker, Steve Jones, Dave Dennis, (fourth row) Brian Purcel, Mike Lloyd, Rickly Gillum, Randy Shoemaker, Jim Sanders, Doug Hether- ington, Tom Rains, Doug Detrick, Bill Baurer, Jerry Bixler, Pat Fouge. (fifth row) Jeff Truitt, Kermit Miller, Todd Bradshaw, Bob Strohn, Brent Sage, Kenny Housemen, Mike Moore, Jim Judge, Gene Dicky, Jim McClellan, Todd Parks, Dave Phillips, (sixth row) Gene Pouge, Mike Bix- ler, Steve Fitch, (seventh row) Coach Ace Hendericks, Coach Hugh Drake, (eighth row) Head Coach Cecil Rhoads. v tv A J (left) Center Larry Berry and Fullback Bill Durbin participate in bonfire at season finale, (above) Safety Ken Houseman destroys Dowling receiver. 107 Rails shut out Dowling 7-0, a Metro first in 65 games Offensive team (first row) Kermit Miller, Jim Judge, Jack Rush, Larry Berry, Ron Tomlinson, Jean Dickey, Steve Wallace, (second row) Bill Durbin, Doug Hetherington, Tom Dusterhoft, Jim Sanders, Tim Houge, Mike Moore. Defensive team (first row) Mark Austin, Jerry Short, Doug Detrick, Bill Brauer, Brent (top right) Tim Houge leaps for extra yardage, (middle) Sage (second row) Coach Rhoades, Steve Karnes, Kenny Houseman, Tim Norton, Senior Steve Wallace makes a diving catch in game Chuck Fargo, Chuck Reed, Woody Young. against Dowling. (above) Quarterback Tom Dusterhoft sets up to throw a pass. 108 JV gains valuable experience in 2-4 season Junior Steve Karnes shows perfect form as he booms a powerful punt in hard fought game against the Engineers from Tech High. Junior Rocky Gillum sweeps around left end to elude the single arm grasp of a Tech Defender as he turns on the speed, fire in his eyes, outrunning an oncoming Tech player. Junior quarterback Jim Piper makes gallant attempt to shake away from a determined Tech lineman to carry out the rest of the play. Junior Pat Foque comes up short with only the shirt tail of a determined Tech runner, while Junior Jay Squiers closes in to make sure he gets no far- ther. Junior varsity schedules are designed to develop a varsity football program. Winning games is not of prime impor- tance in a successful season. The philosophy behind Lincoln JV football is providing the opportunity to gain experience, improve and execute skills, and enhance team play. The season provided brighted spots in the form of leader- ship and improvement. Some of the most improved players offensively, are Rocky Gillum, Sam LaBonia, Jim Mc- Clelland and Tom Rains; defensively, Pat Fogue, Todd Mack, Dave Phillips and Jim Piper. The squad finished with a 2-4 record 109 (first row) Jeff Karch, Joe Yakovich, Danny May, John Blackford, Darren Rich, Jamie Ellis (second row) Chris Page, Scott Weyer, Rich Seibert, De- Wayne Carroll, Tim Heide, Craig Hart, Randy Magnani (third row) Todd Dalrymple, Tom Agan, Mark Gedler, Gene Carpino, Alan Cozad, Jeff Fronk, Paul Duffey (fourth row) Lance Harrison, Jeff Tomlinson, Harold Powell, Jerry Clingman, Dave Gorsche, Steve Vasey, Jeff Premtice (fifth row) Coach Bob Findley, Coach Bob VanderLinden, John Allen, Jimmy Halstead, John Izzoleana, Brian Pitkett, Bob Harper, Todd Hankins, Coach Dave Ortale. Head Coach Dave Ortale has a 14-19-1 record in four years as sophomore coach. The record does not show the ability and hard work that are brought out each year. This year ' s team was no excep- tion, with a 2-5-1 record. The squad never quit once. The sophomores had had two goals at the start of the season, one to improve, the other to win. Although the scores often times went against them, the team fought hard and worked hard to ac- complish their goals. The two games that the squad won were overwhelming victories, 19-0 derailing of Tech and a 28-7 riding over Roosevelt. Former Head Coach Bob VanderLinden came back to help Coach Ortale. Coach Ortale along with VanderLinden and Assistant Coach Bob Findley feel that we will be hearing a lot from Jerry CI ingman, Todd Dalrymple, Paul Duffy, Todd Hankins, and Lance Harrison in the near future. Heartbreaking season ends; Sophs finish with 2-5-1 record John Izzoleana sweeps around right end to elude an oncoming tackier for valuable yar- dage against the Rough Riders from Roosevelt. Lance Harrison (52) and an unidentified Lin- coln teammate anxiously await an important tackle on a Roosevelt play. no North, East victories highlight Frosh season (first row) Mike Fusaro, Glen Cosner, Tony Valenti, Steve Fucaloro, Garry Stratton, Scott Saltz, Steve White (fourth row) Doug Dahlberg, Scott McClelland, Gary McClure, Kelly Starrett, David Judge, (second John Neal, Larry Seibert, Jack Drew, Jim Lampan, Jim Griffiths, Craig row) Dave Bunce, Mark Melcher, Gary Heincy, Randy Craig, Tim Roone, Keith Cummins (fifth row) Bernie Gaumer, Dirk Rich, Ty Davis, Burgett, Wade Smith, Brad O ' Hara, George Patterson, (third row) Bob Jeff Rains, Blair Wicker, Dave Pawlewski, Coach Gary McClanahan. GAbriel, Mark Williams, David Hammond, Brad Kramer, Jeff Bagby, Togetherness and fundamen- tals are stressed strongly at the freshman level. School spirit and loyalty is a major aspect taught in the beginning year. The season was highlighted by a 38-0 slaying of North and a 28-0 scalping of East. After winning three straight, the team took a tumble follow- ing the cancelled Dowling game, losing three straight But the team recovered to tame Hoover in their season finale 34-14. Head Coach Gary McClanahan feels that this year ' s team is the best he has ever dealt with. " If the guys stay together, by the time they are seniors, they will have a fine shot at the Metro title. " Ill (first row) Kim Minshall, Ann Clark, (second row) Maria Hall, Linda Rush, Laura Weaver, (third row) Coach Cheryl Mortice, Sue Leach, Robin Blair, (fourth row) Barb Rohm, Elaine Conrath, Diane Caligiuri, Michelle Brown, Kim Huffman (above) Senior Captains Anne Clark and Kim Minshall rest on the balance beam in between events. It was a difficult year for the gymnasts. Adjust- ment to a new coach, Cheryl Mortice, was a major hurdle. With Miss Mortice ' s help, Senior Kim Min- shall qualified for regionals. Minsall tied for seventh place. Even though the gymnasts had a record of 0-9 they learned a great deal through experience. Min- shall said, " We all had to work together to make a successful season within the team. Next year ' s team will be strong and even more competitive. " (above) Junior Barb Rohm does splits in her routine on the balance beam. 112 Gymnasts learn through experience (top left) Maria Hall and Junior Robin Blair rest for a picture in between events, (center left) Sopbomore Diane Caligiuri performs a difficult stunt on the balance beam (below left) Freshman Linda Rush poses in the splits during competition, (top right) Kim Minshall and Junior Maria Hall pose for a picture before competition begins, (above) Lincoln gymnast performs difficult stunt on balance beam. 113 Rail Cagers gain needed experience (front row) Steve Karnes, Woody Young, Kelly McAnich, Mick Ander- son, Rich Bates, Craig Kern, John Heath, Tom Dusterhoft, Brian True. (second row) Coach Brian Johnson, Steve Seid, Gary Brown, Kent Smith, Guy Neff, Coach John Carle. Short on experience and short on size might be the best way to describe the 77-78 basketball squad. Following the early season loss of center Fred Trujillo because of injury, the Rails had to go with inexperienced juniors to gain the needed height to compete in the strong Metro conference Lack of experience and tough competition led to many close defeats. This in turn, developed an inferiority com- plex that was never overcome throughout the season. There was plenty of hustle and much hard work, but the positive mental attitude it takes to be a winner was never apparent. Junior Rich Bates led the Rails with a 14.6 scoring average. The rails lost six games by less than three points. The Rails will return four of five starters next year with Juniors Mick Anderson, Craig Kern, Rich Bates, and Steve Karnes. Sophomores Fred West and John Cameron will also play a major role in next year ' s season. Junior Steve Karnes gets set for jump shot against Hoover. 114 115 (top) Senior Brian True puts pressure on inbounds pass in ac- ' m " tion against North (above) )ohn Heath shoots jump shot Thrcc defenders pu , , jgh , defense on Cfaig Kern as hc fiRn , s against Central Waterloo. (above) High around the rim is Senior |ohn Heath for two points. 116 Senior Woody Young shoots jump shot over defender. Senior Tom Dusterhoft drives for a hard earned basket. Mick Anderson shows concentration on long jump shot. 117 Sophomores finish season with 8-12 record (first row) Matt Goode, Keith Wilson, Todd Guessford, Eric Ab- en, Jack Woods, Dan Claman, Don Finley, John Cameron, Jeff bot, John Izzolena, Mike Harper, Head Coach Dennis Deardon. Noble, Manager Bill Davis, (second row) Manager Dave McNally, John Caliguri, Tom Bendix- put up a jump shot between two Hoover players. 118 (above) Jack Woods stops and takes a jump shot over Hoover player, (above right) Todd Guessford brings the ball up court on fast break, as teammate Jack Woods looks on. (below) John Cameron puts up jump shot between three Roosevelt defenders. V If Sophomore Basketball had its ups and downs during the season. Even though the sophomores didn ' t have a winning season, they lost half of their games by only five points or less. At the end of the season the Sophs were hurt by the loss of their big man, Fred West, who was brought up by the Varsity. The team was led by top scorer John Cameron. Overall, the sophomores should help the Varsity in future years. The Sophomores were coached by Dennis Deardon who took over after Jerry Schartner stepped down after coaching the Sophomores for eleven seasons. 119 The highlight of the girls Varsity Basketball was winning the Urban- dale Sectional tournament. They defeated three teams to win it, beating Hoover in the champion- ship game 100-96. The team ended the season with an over-all record of 10-13 and a 5-9 conference record The team was led in the forward court by two seniors, Rhonda Rice and Sandy Laugk. Together they scored over 1,300 points, an average of 57 points per game Rhonda shot an amazing 62 per- cent from the field and 61 percent from the freethrow line. Rhonda made All-Metro and All Central Iowa special mention The guard court was led by All- Metro Melissa Pace and Teresa Shay, both averaging 4.6 steals per game. (above) Senior Rhonda Rice leaps high over Roosevelt defender for jump shot, (right) Senior Sandy Laugk makes good move to get past alley defender. Junior Debbie Conrath " blows " by Valley defender for an easy basket in close game at home. 120 Forward Rhonda Rice breaks away from ag- gressive Valley defender for a lay up in game at home. (above) Junior Debbie Conrath shows good form as she shoots over Roosevelt opponent. Girl cagers make great showing in Sectionals (third row) Coach Phil Martin, Donna Heiderscheidt, Sandy Laugk, Kathy Sarasio, Sandy Hitchcock, Lisa Wilde, Teresa Shay, Melissa Pace. Paula Manning, Tracy Hutchison, Rhonda Rice, Randi Jeffries, Coach (first row) Linda Wilde, Kim Hohenshell, Joan Walker, Debbie Conrath, Cheryl Wood, Coach Dave Blackman. (second row) Stacy McArthur, Doreen Ware, (not pictured) Tonya Soroka. 121 Railettes improve (above) Senior Joan Walker moves the ball around after steal, as Sophomore Teresa Shay and Junior Debbie Conrath try to help, (right) Sophomore Teresa Shay (with ball) prepares to move to the forward court as Seniors Joan Walker (center) and Tracy Hut- chinson (left) move in to help. (left center) Sophomore Teresa Shay puts on heavy defense against Roosevelt ' s All-Metro forward Laura Leonard, (center) Second Team All-Metro Melissa Pace, junior, attempts to re- ject a driving Tigerette. (above) Senior Tracy Hutchinson throws back driving Riderette as Melissa Pace keeps her eye on the ball, (left) Honorable Mention Debbie Conrath, junior, and Second Team All-Metro Rhonda Rice, senior, await re- bound as Honorable Mention Sandy Laugk, senior, moves in. 122 (first row) Lori Hart, Kim Douglas, Linda Coellenr, Lori Pascuzzi, Jackie Walker, Sherry Haskins, Phyllis Lane, (second row) Cindy Conner, Lori Greco, Diane Rickert, Denise Ward, Mary Saville, Etta Mae Creveling, (third row) Laurie Anderson, Sheri Rooney, Jolene Graham, Lori Doane. (fourth row) Coach Atkinson. Defense keeps season tight Sophomore girls basket- ball team did not have an im- pressive season, losing their first five ball games. Finishing 7-12 (overall) and 6-8 (Metro) the girls fought hard in every game. Defense was the high spot for the girls, progressing com- petitively each ball game, giving up an average of 56 points a game and a total of 265 steals during the year. Leading the defense was Kim Douglas with 52 thefts and Lori Greco totaling 49 thefts both averaging three per game, with Douglas leading in rebounds, 99 (five per game). The offense which aver- aged 55 points per game was led by Lori Anderson, a 44 percent shooter from the field and a 68 percent shooter from the charity stripe and averaging 24 points per game. " For many of the girls, a future is very prominent ' commented Coach Atkinson. " Sophomores all over the city were the most impressive I ' ve ever seen and I feel our girls held their own. " Denise Ward controls her opponent with pressure defense. Forward Lauri Anderson shows Roosevelt defender the ball for the last time as she puts up shot while oncoming referee makes sure play is clean. 123 Rail leers finish competitive season Hockey Team: (first row) Joe Warevick, Scott Wohlford, Tony Preun- Williams, Allen Turnquest, Jim Beyer, Bruce Coughennower, Marty Sut- inger, Mike Smith, Tim Preuninger, Phil Rogers. (Second row) Scott ton, Bob Strohn, Bill Albright, Steve Strohn. (not pictured) Mark Lasnek, The Lincoln hockey team is a member of the Metro high school hockey league. Their op- ponents included Valley, Dowling, Ankeny, Hoover, Roosevelt, Urbandale, Ames, Waterloo and Mason City. Often there aren ' t enough players to make a team from one school, so they combine Lincoln had players from East, Urban- dale and a goalie from Southeast Polk. Games were played on Sunday nights at the Ice Arena Lincoln placed Junior Bob Strohn on the first team all-state defense. Along with Strohn on the all-state team were Tim Preuninger on the sec- ond team as a forward and Steve Strohn as a sportsmanship award winner. 124 Water Polo lacks competition Boy ' s water polo team members are (first row) Dan Bartholomew, Russell State, Bruce Thomas, Paul Whitfield, Bill Judkins, and Kevin Horner, (second row) Kelly Harrison, Kurt Harrison, Tim Sherman, Brad judkins, and David McClary. (third row) Scott Anderson, Scott Lony, Pat Bird, Rob Town, and Jeff Noble. Girl ' s water polo team members were (first row) Billy Horton, Beda Soli- day, Beth Theormer, Leigh Potoff, Tammy Randleman, and Brenda Bird- sell, (second row) Kris Worthington, Patty Howell, Tammy Sckogland, Marleen Griffis, Karan Backstrum, Blythe Powell, Corey Cady, and Shel- ly Cosgrove. It is ironic the water polo team was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records, and turned out to be the only team in the state this year In spite of the lack of competition the team will play other schools from other states in a tourna- ment at Iowa City. Even though they had no meets the water polo team had a good turnout in numbers and had fun at the sport. 125 Wrestlers close successful season Wrestling team: (first row) Dave Weaver, Jim Griffiths, Pat Mitchell, Jim McClellen, Jeff McWherter, (third row) Craig Warfield; manager, Tony Colosimo, Ron Bristow, (second row) Ken Houseman, Rick Stapes, Dave Crise, Jim Judge, and Coach Larry Hayes. The wrestlers had a successful season, placing three wrestlers in the state tourna- ment: Dave Crise, Jeff Hendricks, Jim Judge. They completed with a 7-4 dual meet record, finished first in the Knoxville pin tournament and second in the Saydel Invitational. Lincoln finished third in their invitational leaving Dave Crise, and Jim Judge at first place in their weight divisions. The Railsplitters invited the Des Moines schools and Boone to their meet this year. Returning letterwinners from last year are: Seniors Dave Crise, Brian Gaumer, Jeff Hendricks, Jim Judge, Pat Mitchell, Rick Stapes, and Juniors, Dean Ayala, Ron Bristow, and Tony Colosimo The Grapplers included two freshmen, Dave Weaver at 98 pounds, and Jim Griffiths at 105 pounds. The team, coached by Larry Hayes and Don Williams, added Mr. John Ligouri, a Lincoln alumnus, who will coach the freshmen team. Senior Rick Stapes draws Dowling state champion John Campana in the first round of the Urbandale Invitational. 126 challenger. 127 Junior Varsity Grapplers end strong season Coach Donn Williams paces behind J.V. wrestlers while Varsity Coach Larry Hayes looks on for new prospects. Wrestling is an individual sport. Hard work and dedication makes a com- petitive wrestler On the Junior Varsity level a wrestler must work harder to become a varsity contender. The squad ' s highest point during the season was placing eight wrestlers in the Tech High Invitational. Hard work helped five of the Grapplers to place first and three to follow at second. Finishing first were Juniors Mark Barry (145), Joe Harrison (155), Jerry Short (unlimited), and Sophomore Aaron Ed- wards (138) and Dave Gorshe (185). Finishing second were Sophomore Gene Carpino (126), freshman Bob Colosimo (119) and Scott McClelland (unlimited). The squad finished with a 6-5 team record (top right) Greg Graves holds the upper hand on a Roosevelt opponent, (above) Ron Bristow relaxes before competition during the Lincoln Invitational. Bristow and Tony Colosimo challenged each other constantly during the year for the Varsity spot. 128 Confidence strengthens soccer team — . • 0 aft (above) Seniors Steve Walker, left and Jeff Proudfoot, right, help freshman goalie Steve White block a shot against Lincoln, (right) Senior Dave Robbins jumps into air to stop the ball by using his head, as Mike Amend looks on. The 1977-78 soccer team was led by offensive captain John Leo and defensive captains Ken Ball and Mike Amend. With experience from the 1976-77 team the players feel confident with this year ' s perfor- mance. Five season stater Ken Ball said, ' Our chances for the Metro title this year are great. Our freshman goalie Steve White should add to the depth to the team. " (first row) Steve Myers, Brian Jarnigan, Bob White, and Marty Rhoads. (second row) John Leo, Jerry Berry, Mike Amend, Steve Walker, Kenny Ball, and Jeff Proudfoot. (Not pictured) Fiore Montanaro, Mike Moore, Dave Robbins, Dino Sciachitano, and Steve White. 129 Tankers advance three to State Boys Varsity Swimming Team: (first row) Steve Summy, Bruce Thomas, Tony Klucking, Bill Judkins, man, Derek Rich, Tim John, Troy Belding, Troy Senter, Jay Reeves, Scott Dan Bartholomew, Jay Squiers. (second row) Kelly Harrison, ). R. Smith, Anderson, (fourth row) Dennis Summy, Kevin Henderson, Kelly Soliday, Dave McCleary, Brad Judkins, Tim Phalen, Curt Harrison, Head Coach Pat Walsh, Jeff Prentice, Sam Hastie. (fifth row) Rick Koskovich, Fred Jim Hickman, (third row) Coach Mark Hurley, Jack Kammier, Tim Schur- Mitchell, Pat Bird, Scott Long, Randy Randleman, Chris Soroka, Jeff Korch, Tom Hayes, Kevin Evans. 130 (above) Swimmers are " on their marks " before a race at home, (left) Tony Mucking performs a difficult dive against the Riders. The boys swimming team, coached by Jim Hickman and assisted by Mark Hurley, consisted mainly of freshmen and sophomores. Captains Bill Judkins and Tony Klucking pulled the team together by helping keep discipline and getting the team fired up before each meet. The Tankers placed three swimmers in state competition: Senior Tony Klucking, diver; Sophomore Kelly Soliday; and Junior Jay Squiers. One of the highlights of the season was Kelly Soliday ' s second place finish in the breaststroke at the Metro conference meet. 10 ♦ ♦ 13 ♦ ♦ 4 (above) Kelly Soliday swims to victory in 100-yard breaststroke. (right) Tony Kluck- ing finished inward one and a half to take first place against Roosevelt. 10 ♦ ♦ 1 ♦ 5 ♦ 13 • 9 131 (first row) Diane Siech, Linda Wilde, Lisa Wilde, Susie Klier, Pam O ' Con- ner, Debbie Fawler, Jeanne Saltzman, and Sandy Rand, (second row) Cindy Conners, Sue Little, Terry Hitchcock, Mary Geronzin, Sandy Hitchcock, Shelly Hoopes, and Brenda Ferrari, (third row) Diane Orcutt, Jackie Walker, Lori Hart, Diane Richert, Jennifer Evans, Theresa Shay, Chris Segar, and Brenda Belinsky. (fourth row) Coach Phil Martin, Kim Hohenshell, Julie Ferguson, Kris Frangos, Lynda Weberg, Cindy Enslow, Donna Heiderscheidt. Joan Walker, and Coach David Ortale. (not pic- tured) Coach Jeff Robinson. (above) Sophomore Theresa Shay shows good form in the long jump, (left) Senior Kris Frangos tries to catch Hoover opponent. 132 Experience, speed lead girls track team (above) Senior Cindy Enslow fires out of the blocks. (above) Senior returning letterwinners Cindy Enslow, Kris Frangos, Lynda Weberg (below) Junior Jeanne Saltzman pulls in front of East Kim Hohenshell, Donna Heiderscheidt, and Joan Walker, Julie Ferguson, opponent. Girls track team featured a strong senior group and a promising junior- sophomore group. The highlights of the season included the Tall Corn Invitational, Norwalk, and the Colfax Invitational. 1978 saw the end of three years of track for Seniors Kris Frangos, Lynda Weberg, Cindy Enslow, Julie Ferguson, Donna Heidersheidt, Kim Hohenshell, and Joan Walker. The 1979 season will see strong per- formances from Juniors Brenda Belin- sky, Sandy Hitchcock, Shelly Hoopes, Mary Geronzin, and twins Linda and Lisa Wilde, Sophomores Diane Siech and Theresa Shay. (above) Senior Joan Walker runs her leg of shuttle hurdle relay. 133 Strong senior group leads Cindermen Track members are (first row) Dave Prall, Todd Parks, Ken Housmen, Coach McClanahan, Steve Jones, Kevin Flatt, Chuck Hotchkiss, Stew Don St. John, Jim Sanders, Tim Houge, Jeff Bixler, Jack Rush, Kemit Isaacson, Dave Bixler, Tim Oxley, Mike Harper, (fifth row) Coach Drake, Miller, (second row) Bob Stafford, Bill Hollenrake, Jeff Jarnigen, Ned Mike Lendamoen, Tim Holland, Steve Oliver, Doug Suchie, Jeff Pren- Bair, Jim Biggs, Randy Shuemaker, Joe Gazzo, Chuck Fargo, Don Finley. tice, Mike Wilson, (sixth row) Coach Van, Jim Peter, Chris Page, Kevin (third row) Chuck Reed, Brenden Krelle, Steve Sied, Doug Hetherington, Smith, Gene Dickey, St eve Delmege, Tony Riffe, Dave Dennis, Jeff John Dardon, Matt Smith, Rich McKern, Steve Gonzalles. (fourth row) Karch. 134 n. V [iirr isr- irr r ii P Led by a powerful senior group the Lincoln track team is ex- pected to finish high in the Metro and tough in State. April 1 the mile relay team captured the state ' s best time with a 3:24.1. The mile relay team includes Seniors Jim Sanders, Don St. John, Tim Houge and Junior Doug Hetherington. The Cindermen, led by Head Coach Bob Vanderlinden and assistant coaches Hugh Drake and Gary McCLanahan, practice between one and two hours a day, not including an early practice before school even begins. (above) Senior Jim Sanders leads pack in the 880 relay, (center left) Sophomore Chris Page attempts to clear a high obstacle. 135 Sophomore Boys Track: (first row) Mark Predegast, Jeff Karch, Matt Herbert, Craig Oxley, Jay Prentice, (third row) Coach Van, Jeff Tomlinson, Don Findley, Paul Duf- Nevins, (second row) Chris Page, John Darden, Randy Magnani, Jeff fy, Mark Gedler. Sophomores strengthen varsity Coach Bob VanderLinden led both varsity and sophomore track. The 1978 sophomore track team has high hopes for a successful season Not only do the team members compete in sophomore meets, but they also compete in JV meets. A few of the members compete in varsity meets. John Darden, Paul Duffy, Mike Gedler, and Randy Magnani are just a few of the sophomores who will make a mark in track at Lincoln. Coach Bob VanderLinden discusses upcoming meet with sophomores 136 CO 1 CD c ■ MM CD 00 ■ 137 Boy ' s golf team (above) Andy Ward, Clay Cotrell, Tom Benoit, Brian Groves, Chris Leach, Bob Russel, Terry Jackman. Golfers tee-off to good season The 1978 Lincoln High golf team should be a con- tender for the Metro title. The boy ' s team returns six let- termen, including Seniors Tom Benoit, Bob Russel, and Captain Brian Groves. A large number of boys turned out for the opening of the season and the competition is strong for the top spots. The girl ' s team also returns all but one starter, and Senior Lynn Webb should be in the running for Metro champ. (above left) Senior Brian Groves takes a break before the Valley Classic, (above) You wouldn ' t believe it even if we told you. 138 si! (far above left) Terry Jackman takes a few practice swings before Valley meet, (far above right) Simone Labuschagne hits one down the fairway, (center) Girl ' s team includes Simone Labuschagne, Michelle Caligiuri, Chris Burt, Lisa Ren- da, Lynn Webb, (above) Michelle lines up her approach, (below left) Girls get together for some practice. 139 Boys tennis team has the potential (first row) Mike Odgen, Tony Prieto, Jeff Noble, Tim Herbert, Robert Henre, Jeff Wheeldon, Tim Zarley, Doug Huggins, Dan Voogt (second row) Rick Reynolds, Coach Cheri Mortice, Jim Cunningham, Steve Dingman, David Landess, Curt Bles, Gary Bridgewater, Chris McKee, Mike Owen, Tom Bendixen, Steve Sisam, Mark Kelley, Pat Rushing, Rick South, Scott Warnes, Coach John Van Why With nine returning lettermen, the outlook for the boys tennis team look s promising. The team, headed b Captains Robert Henre and Tim Herbert, has the poten tial to be a real contender for the Metro title. " With a little luck, I really think we could win the Metro title, " commented Henre The team will play in the Ottumwa Invitational anc the Hoover Invitational to ready for district action with hopes of state qualifiers. (first row) Randi Jeffries, Julie Jordan, Ann Bruckshaw, Michelle da Tomlinson, Kris Posekany, Shelle Evans, Polly Stone, Lisa Felice, Tina Yakovich, Liz Cardamon, Renee Scott, Carolyn Gerdes, Shelly Schart- Gedler, Patty Heck, Maria Gedler, Erin Jones, Dawn Kading, Coach John ner, Doreen Ware, Sue Keeney (second row) Coach Cheri Mortice, Ron- Van Why Railettes inexperienced, dedicated Michelle Yakovich shows winning style. Carolyn Gerdes displays intense concentra- Renee Scott gets wrapped up in hitting a tion while hitting a backhand. crosscourt forehand. (left) Ann Bruckshaw blocks the ball back on a service return. The girl ' s tennis team, captained by Michelle Yakovich, will be trying to rebuild this year after losing five seniors to graduation. " The girls are working very hard, but we just do not have that much experience ' said Yakovich. The girls will host the Lincoln Invitational before going into district competition. 141 MARTURELLO Underclass Abbott. Eric Ackelson, Debra Adams. Jennifer Adreon, Dana Agan. Tom Agey. John Akins. Frank Akkerman. Amy Albright. Bill Allen. Carla Allen. John Amodeo. Mike Anderson. Karen Anderson. Kevin Anderson. Laurie Anderson. Mary Anderson. Scott Anderson. Shan Anderson, Ted Andrews. Becky Antenucci, Kevin Archer, Randy Arrowood. Kristi Avila. T rudy Austin. Gerald Austin, Shirley Ayarder, David Baber. Lisa Backstrom. Karen Baker. Garry Baker. Jackulyn Baker, Lorraine Bales. Jerry Barlion, Greg Barber, Pat Barnes, Chris Barth. Greg Bassford, Susan Bauer, Steve Baumann. Gottlieb Baughman. Kent Beals. Randy Bent. Randy Belding. Troy Bellis. Sue Bender, Karen Bendixen, Tom Berry. Steve Bettis. Kristie Bierma, Roby Bird. Pat Blackford, John Blackford, Randy Blades. Michelle 8 fi CQ ! i w 2 ° Lost . . . scared . . . anxious . . searching In new unfamiliar surroundings. " The Sophs " Lost, pushing their way through crowds Finding the right room in only the third time! Scared, unsure of what is expected of them, ahead of them. Anxious, to " find out, " to meet new people Searching, for pride, and satisfaction. Finally becoming " a part " of Lincoln. Able to carry on traditions, fulfill dreams, and strive to better themselves. All glory comes from daring to begin So begin .... 144 0 %AA £ f r A ft £ i. Absorbed in a book, Tim Sly relaxes in the library. 0 6ft § 5 9 Blase. Mary Blaylock. Greg Blevins. Christy Boals. Vickie Bolender. Eleanor Boozell. Rick Borror, Raleigh Borrell. Sharol Bowen. Lee Bowen. Steve Bradford. Jeff Bradley. Vic Brandt. Sufe Breheny. Jamie Bresee. Tammy Brewer. Kim Briar. Craig Brickman, Ernie Briseno. Ramona Brodersen, Jim Brooks. Terry Brown. Pam Brown. Rachelle Brubaker, Cindy Bruckshaw, Ann Buell Mike Bunte. Shelh Burgett. Kimberly Burriola. Becky Burson. Shelley Butler. Steve Button. Lone Cain. Allyson Caligiun. Diana Caligiuri. John Calkins. Chris Cameron. John Camp, Kevin Canty. Virginia Carle. D ' Ann Carlson. Lori Carnes. Chris Cady. Cory Carnahan. Shawn Carpenter. Kim Carper. Joe Carpino. Gene Carroll. Barry Carroll. Dewayne Carroll. Linda Casebolt. Kent Casner. Doug Cassady. Chris Caswell. Jeff Cataldo. Carla Ceron. Esther Chandler. Teresa Channon. Kristy Chapman. Kent Chiodo, Mike Chiodo. Tony Chiupka. Barry Cioccio. Marco Claman. Dan 145 Clapper. Mary Clark. Chris Clark. Michael Clark. Regina Clark. Scott Clark. Debbie Clingman. Jerry Coates. Brian Coates. Rick Coellner. Linda Coellner, Linn Coffeey. Tncia Cohoon, Jackie Cole. Ken Collins. Judy Combs. Charlene Colosimo. Donell Colosimo. Charlie Conner, Cindy Cook. Colene Cook. Cynde Cook, Debbie Cook. Richard Cord, Sandra Cordaro, Chris Cosper, Rhonda Cotton, Jon Cox. Robyn Cozad, Allan Craig, Nancy Crandall. Wendy Crawford. Donne Creveling, Etta Mae Crook, Donna Cross, Archie Cross, Kan Culp, Gary Culler. Bill Cummins. Kent Curnes. Susan Curtis. Carla Dalrymple. Todd Dalsing, Lisa Daniels, David Daniels. Kim Darden. John Davis. Bill Davis. Brent Davis, Cindy Davidson. Pam Dawson. Andy Dawson. Tina Dey. Bill Dey. Denise Diag. Jennie Dingeman. Steve Dissinger. Denise Doane, Laura Doud. Michele Douglas. Jody Douglas, Kim Douglas, Kurt Donahoo. Jeff 9 ft 9 M 0 %° " When you snooze, you lose " and it seems that Greg Barlion is doing both. 0 % 1 AAA G o a 9 n s i " n ft si 146 0 ids 6,, Victor Nelson (center) displays his unbelievable talent to totally unimpressed Joleen Fertig and Archie Cross. Dooley. Chuck Downey. Mike Draper. Randy Disalvo. Kim Du Bois. Elaine Durbin. Diana Duede. Tom Duffy. Paul Dunston, Tracy Eddins. Steve Edholm. Jamie Edner, Mike Edwards. Aaron Edwards. Carol Egmoire. Bob Eginoire. Ty Eidler. David Ehtrit. Tim Ellis. Brenda Ellis. Jamie Elmore. Ken Enckson. Kathy Erickson. Miriam Evans. Jennifer Fagerland. Ann Fazio. Lisa Fazio. Mary Fran Ferrari, Brenda Fertig. Joleen Fmley, Don Finn, Dawn Fitzgerald. Tim Fokken. Bruce Forbes, Tracy Friend, Melanie Fronk. Jeff Frye. Brenda Fuhtano. Jill Fuller, Dore Funaro, Tina Gale. Lisa Gamble. Linda Garber. Sue Gates. Robin Gates. Sandy Gauldin. Chen Gaumer. Barbie Gedler. Mark Gerdes. Caroline Gibbs, Kathy Gilliam. Jeff Gillson, Ray Glanz, Bob Gomez. Jesse Gomez, Manuel Gomez. Mike Goode. Matt Gorsche, David Graham. Jolene Grant. Maureen Graves. Greg Greco. Lauri Griffiths. Marlena Grimes, Linda 147 Guessford. Todd Guidicessi. Barry Gullion. Brent Gullord. Greg Guy. Clifton Guzzette. Jackie Hagar. Fred Halsted, Jim Halter. Lisa Hammond. Sue Hankins. Todd Hanson. Karen Hanson, Tern Hamilton. Glenn Harding. Daniel Hardman. Debbie Harper. Bob Harper. Mike Harper. Mike Harris. David Harrison, Lance Hart. Craig Hart. Donna Hart. Lory Haskins. Sherry Hastie. Sam Hatcher. Tom Hayes. Tom Haus. Joe Heck. Joe Heide. Tim Heimeman. Dave Heiselman. Rodney Heglm. Chris Helm, Gloria Henderson. Kevin Henderson. Robin Herbert. Matt Hesseltine. Ten Hiatt. Mike Higgms. Ed Highland, Jennifer Hildreth, Laurie Hild. Brad Hill. Jeff Hitchcock, Ten Hochstatter. Kym Hoff. Sandy Hoffman. Joy Hoffman, Lester Hohl. Scott Hollebrands. Matt Holmes. Delbert Holmes, Chris Hood. Debbie Hope, Julie Houghtaling, Shirly Howard, Diane Howard, Jeff Howe. Jim Howell. Patricia Hubbs. Kelly Huffman, Kim Hurley. Mary Hunt. Scott Isaac, Pam Izzolena. John Jackson. Becky Jackson. Julie Jacobs. Gary Jaeger. Julie Jarnagin. Gary Jarvis. Jacki Jasper. Julie Jeffrey. Randi Jenkins. Tom Jennings. Cindy Jessop. Marlene Johnson. Debra Johnson. Dennis Si 2 A • f • T 9 O 0 O n o 9 f 148 149 Johnson, Jennifer Johnson. Richard Johnson, Steve Johnson, Tim Johnson, Tracy Johnson, Vickie Jones. Barb Jones. Bill Jones, Carol Jones, Carrie Jones, Craig Jones, Emily Jones, Shelley Jordan, Julie Joss. Corey Kaiser, Keith Karch, Jeff Karnes, Melmda Kazunas, Tony Kaufman. Charles E Kaili, Kevin Keeney, Su e Kincheloe, Alan Keller, Vonnie Kelley. Larry Kelley. Mark Kent. Donna Kent. Mary Keyes. Kristi Kincel. Cindy King, Betsie King, Kevin Kirschbaum, Lory Kissell, Mary Beth Klein, Doug Klier. Susie Knapp, Carla Krantz, Lynne Ladurini. Mary Lafferty. Kim LaFon. Jim Larimer, Christina Lane. Phyllis Landess, Dave Lange. Denise Larsen, Karen Larson, Janet Lawler, Lorena Kruger, Everett Leach, Sue Lee. Chuck Leege. Connie Lenan, Dana Lemen, Jack Lumadue. Liz Lepper. Todd Leslie, Pat Lewellen. Nancy Ligoun, Lisa Lmgle. Vickie Lint. Sheila 0 f o II J. 1 A s Mi i. A ;a AJL IQVfk These are a few of their favorite things (about Lincoln) " The friendly teachers are the best thing. I also like the numerous classes available to us. " Alan Kincheloe " The best part of Lincoln is seeing Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Creagh ' s smiling faces. " Julie Jordan " My favorite thing is the involvement of all of the students. " Barb Laughlin " Meeting new people almost every day. " Dawn Lujan " Our favorite thing at Lincoln is . . Ann Bruckshaw! " Eric Abbott Tom Nucaro Rick Koskovick % 0 A£ " A litt i 0 A A fS 150 i 0 sS -c A i (it ,.: Jj e 0 A A X a 0 m m | Little. Kevin Little. Sue Lively. Mike Lloyd. Rita Logan. Andrea Long. Barry Long. Scott Lopez. Stephanie Lucas. Jim Ludlow. David Luian. Dawn Lukenbill. Pam Lunn. Ron Machir. John Magnani. Randy Maldonado, Lynn Maldonado. Phyllis Manley. Dawn Mann. David Marmon. John Marquis. Mike Marshall. David Martin, Ronda Martinez. Carla Massey. Andera May. Danny Mayo. Debbie Mazzie. Susie McAninch. Kevin McCarthy. Julie McCarthy. Kim McChsh. Dave McClurgy, Lisa McConkey. Dianna McCool, Doug McDavit. Brent McGraw. Jim McKern. Jeff McKern. Ramon McNelly. David McNew. Sheryl McVey. John McWilhams, Jerry Meeks. Kim Mendenhall, Craig Metford, Fay Meyer. Shelly Miller. Jeannette Miller. Mike Miller. Steve Miller. Tracy Miller. William Miles. Craig Mills. Michele Minshall. Mark Mitchels. Fred Moffit. Kelly Moore. David Moore. John Morgan. Brenda Morris. Mark Mosell. Malette Moses. Beverly Motsinger. Sue Donell Colosimo and D Ann Carle show a normal reac- tion to the camera. 151 Mould. Jim Mulhns. Kathy Mundel. Gayle Mundy. Rod Munoz. David Munsell. Steve Munyon. Sheri Murphy. Mike Murtle. Darla Myers. David Nelson. Jim Nelson. Vic Nevins. Ginny Nevins. Jay Nguyen. Kim Nichols. Jeff Nichols, Jody Niffenegger. Jill Niger. John Noble. Diane Noble. Jeff K Noble. Jeff S. Norberg. Scott Nucaro, Tom O ' Connor, Pam O ' Donnell. Mary Kay Oliver. Debbie Oliver, Eddie Ortega, Marina Ortiz, Tina Osborne, Diane Oswall. Darrah Oxley, Craig Oxley, Ronda Page, Chris Palmer, Lynn Parkin. Neal Pascuzzi. Laura Patch, Bonnie Paton. Rick Pavan, Marie Pannkuk. April Payne. Bernerd Payne, Marguentte Pebbles. Ryle Pedersen. Helen Penny. Kathy Perkins. David A ■ - m Fit l w While others in the class check papers, Tom Nucaro clowns around with Ann Bruckshaw. 152 Eric Abbott and Dan Voogt are caught working together during an individual study period. 5 9 A I - r It 4 . ! M m II i 1 Yl St Ail Jot! 1 ft ■■ ' J t mm a i Ail ■HIM 0 MA i AA ■■HMM ■■■■■■■ ri ill A L . John Calig when he j( iuri finds out what it ' s )kingly receives one f like to get a form 13, rom John Carle. Perkins. Janice Perryman. Eddy Phalen. Erin Pickett. Brian Pierce. Phyllis Piper. Don Pollick. Janelle Poortinga, Cheryl Porter. Bruce Porter. Cap Potter. Brian Powell. Blythe Powell. Harold Prendergast. Mark Prentice. Jeff Preuninger. Tammy Price. Janeice Price. Janet Puis. Sandy Rafdal. Pam Ramey. Jodi Rand. Sandy Ratliff, Donna Raymond, Shawn Rea, Marvin Rea. Monty Reece. Mike Reed. Cathy Reed. Gary Reed, Frank Reeves. Eddy Reeves. Jay Reeves. Jeff Robb, Mark Ragan. Kim Reimers. Curtis Renda. Laurie Rhodes, Lome Rhoades. Marty Riccio. Marguerite Rich. Darren Rickert. Diane Riewer. Yvette Riggle. Mark Riley, Bobby Rios, John Rizzuti. Lisa Robb. Cheryl Robb. Mark Robbins. Diane Robbins. Heather Roberts. Craig Rodberg, Sherry Roe, Rhonda Rohm. Barb Romeo, Jim Rooney, Shen Rosenbalm, Chuck Rote. Mike Roth, Karen Roth, Tom Routson. Pam Ruble, Glenda Ruble, Rhonda 153 Russo. Mary Lynn Rynearson, Kathy Sacco. Kelhe Saltzman, Jim Saville. Mary Sawyer, Tyra Scanlan. Patti Scavo, Greg Schartner. Shelly Schimidt, Angie Schoot. Pete Schuler. Linda Searcy. Chris Seibert. Rick Senecaut, Khris Senter. Troy Serverson, Melody Severino, Laurie Shay. Teresa Sheehan, Judy Shelton. Pam Shelton. Scott Sheriff. Brent Sherman. Sally Shipley, Stephanie Shoafstall. Shen Shockery. Clark Short. Velma Sieck. Diane Squire. Jim Sender. Bill Simmons. Sarah Sisam. Steve Skidmore. Tina Sleeth. Mike Sly. Tim Smith. Debi Smith, Don Smith. Jerry Smith, Mara Smith, Tern Smith, Yolanda Smull. Carolyn Sohday. Kelly Soroka. Chris Souder, Becky South. Rick Spafford. Donovan Sparks. Melinda Spauldmg. Kim Speicher, Mitch Spieker, Scott Stamper. Danny Stamper, Jeff Statton. Julie Stanley. Jeff Stemler. Shelley Stevens. Janette Stephens, Jerry Stone. Kelh Strain. Scott Street. Nanette Strohn. Steve Studer. Laura Studer. Lorna Studins. Nora Sudbrook. Keith Suit. Amia Summy. Sheely Swisher. Tammy Tapscott. Pat Taylor. Marty Tew. Chris Tew. Tammy Thacker. Sandy Thacker. Violet Tharp.. Ernie Theis Steve Thielke. John Thomas. Dana f S O O Q , . ja . ' " a m A A mm m mmmm ▲ ? % mm Wmmmm . mmm Mmmm m mm it It tkJL jSL a. a AS 1 154 9 3, A Jill] LA 0. ■ -lift HlHI HHHP HUB IHHH JHH JH H «mi iHH in • © Q 5. A 1 0 a a a j» | 0 « 9 Thomas. Jerry Thraher, Arnold Thurman, Rusty Tilotta, David Timmons. Jeff Timmerman, Pam Thompson, Julie Thompson, Lou Ann Thompson, Randy Thompson, Tammy Thorp, Randy Titus. Jim Tofanelli, Leanne Tomlinson, Jeff Toomey, Angel Treanor, Marvin Truitt, Mindy Trujillo, John Twyman, Dava Utterback, Lisa Vandepol. Mike Van Zuuk, Gary Vargus, Mike Varvel, Mark Vasey, Steve Vem, Pat Vermeulen, Brenda Vilhrillo, Janet Virden, Jerry Voitel, Bill Voogt, Dan Walker, Glenn Walker, Jackie Walker, Karin Walker, KeJIy Wall. Steve Walsh, Pat Wanick, Bob Wangler, Laura Ward. Denise Ward, Tom Warfield. Craig Warnes. Scott Wears. Tonia Weigel. Teresa Weir, Lon Wessel, Cindy West. Doug West, Fred Weyer. Scott Wheeler, Dorothy Wheeler, Jackie Whisler. Kathy White, Chris Wignall. Vicky Willet. Roger Williams, Kim Williams. Scott Willson, Terry Wilson, Bob Wilson, Harold Wilson, Keith Wilson. Mike Wimer, Annabel Wion, Jerry Wolver, Dick Woods, Jack Woods, Mark Woodson, Krishna Worthmgton, Kristi Worthington, Teresa Wright. Sharon Yakovich, Joe Young, John Young, Russell 155 The Salem Witch Trials Revisited God, I hate arguing with people who don ' t know anything They always insist that they ' re right — And I ' m wrong, (sigh) It ' s insanely aggravating . . . It makes me feel liked they ' re burning Pieces of my mind — At the stake. C. Cardamone, junior Goodbye Goodbye for now but not forever, for forever is such a very long time. And though we may forget the happiness we shared, I know it will always be in the bac k of our minds. We may now have thought about it at the time, but it was there, you could feel it in our hearts, and in the air One strong hand that held us together, and that hand was called lovr For love can be expressed in so many ways, and our love was measured in the spirit we gave Brenda Ferrari, sophomore THE DEATH OF WINTER THE BIRTH OF SPRING The sun comes up over the horizon, Its radiant beams shine over all. The earth awakens from a cold sleep to absorb the warming glow. New life begins as the hungry desert flower turns a wilted face upward. Golden warmth penetrates the petals Sending sparks of life throughout its veins. A red hot, yellow haze descends on the land Turning the grass from a wheat yellow to a ripe green The c old spell is over as the warmth breaks through The earth is like a white marsh- mallow, slowly being turned under the hot flames Until the barren ground becomes rich and fertile. Animals begin to wake from their cold winter sleep Stirring restlessly in their cubby holes Cautiously they venture to poke their noses out, into the fresh morning, and sniff the cold crisp air A whole new world is awakening under the sun ' s consistent rays The winter has past over night And the dawning sun brings spring with its smite! fackie Walker, sophomore The Wizard of Oz Syndrome Well, I tapped my heels together three times, A turned around, And whispered " There ' s no place like home " Nothing happened. No house lifting whirlwinds To transport me bac k Nothing. I don ' t want to disillusion you, But the town of Oz li W Doesn ' t do a whole lot for me There are no pink bubbles I hat gradually metamorphose into good witches With golden-rule philosophies Shov mg me the way Nothing seems to work out right for me. I can ' t pull the answer from inside myselt — Like so many of the inhabitants of this town. And, to tell you the (ruth, If I have to follow even one more yellow brick road I don ' t know what I ' ll do. Besides, There are too many signs that And just as many brainless scarecrows to Also, I ' m tired of rusty tin men — Who don ' t really ( are that much If they have a heart or not Cowardly lions? Yes More than I can count Lions that are too afraid of new ideas (or old ones) And are usually guided bv the brainless scarecrows. point lucky ones (like Toto) escape from the wrong people There were some Who managed to At the right time. I ' m more or less your average Dorothy, But I ' m still trying to find my way back home. I wasn t luck enough to have dreamed the whole I think it ' s too late And not even the biggest amount of your Sham wizardy — Could help me now. And I ride through Emerald City — Wild, but not quite free . On a horse that changes color With my every glance C. Cardamone, junior thing 156 To the Senior Class So many times we have spent together B and far apart We ' ve shared the tears of happiness and victory and tears of sadness and disappointments We ' ve faced some wins and some losses. But ou r pride remained, even through the bad times We stuck together, and (rime through it all safely We ' ve found independence and invented new ideas. We ' ve had close calls and a few upsets. The year passed so fast that many times were rushed, Hut we will never forget the memories because you made us what we are We wish you luck in the future. 1 he ( lass 79 Maria Hall, junior Actor, Actor Actor, actor on the stage act me a story that will be the rage Make it sweet make it sad make me feel just that bad It will be the critic ' s new found jo actor, actor you ' ll be the star no longer just the boy you are wondering what you really are up above the world so high like a rhinestone in the sky Lost in make-up and rehearsed old lines lost your way lost your mind Actor, actor on the stage you were the rage but now you ' re caged f Thev bought vour soul took your mind you ' re flesh and hair - but not really there Just an actor, actor on the stage. sunrise Sunrise streakes the sky. Dawn is almost upon us Its warm hands awake us — I a h day — I o a new beginning It does not dwell on yesterday. Or a year ago. It starts all over Memories have no meaning Only dreams circle our heads Dancing, and singing — To a new song, And a new day Kathy Dennis, Junior Chris Neuwerth, junior Morning My room is bright It couldn ' t be brighter I see the sun streaming in The yellow curtains are warm. Morning is such a short time of dav And people . some people Can ' t be themselves, free and pure Not even in the morning If it were r, lining or cloudy then it would be different But when the sun helps a new day wobble into life it is the most honest and sweet time of day that could be. Those cold faces Yearning for understanding Aren ' t willing to love morning like their own child All their unanswered questions, and dark closed doors could be lit up by the first time of da The earliest time ot day The most special time of day. When nights are dark and cozy and candlelit rooms are for two . . . the sky may be clear or a cloud may be thickly evident For at this dark time the sun is not caring for me and afternoons are so busy Filled with people and voices. When being alone with your own breath of air is longed Tor by some But thoughts of morning wasted by coffee and crackly newspapers shouting the world ' s confusion; people are Inside ... a shelter home that is brightened by a lamp. For the birds are outside wanting to be heard And the grass is outside wanting to be felt. And strangely, people are everywhere wanting to be understood by one who will open up too. To share the misgivings of life. One can find the best moments with smiles of fresh, pure, clean mornings of the faces of each other. From being outside with eyes that rest form the newborn s And the laughter of joy that resembles the laugh that slips when the sight of a new child smile at you The new child The new morning both soft and relaxing to take the hard shells awav and put answers and flowers in a vase It is outside a window for me to enjoy . . . if I see the morning. Lockie H ronton, junior 157 Abies, Doug Adams, Dale Agan, Tim Agans, John Agey, Joe Aguilar, Joe Aldini, Bob Allen, Becky Allen, Cathy Allen, Karen Allen, Kevin Allen, Robert Aller, Mary Aller, Sue Altheim, Murray Amundson, Sally Andersen. Kan Anderson. Jana Anderson. Mick Andreas, Julie Andreas. Rick Andreini, Rhonda Angelos, Diane Anthony, Jim Archer, Mary Armstrong. Bill Ashelford, Shane Augspurger, Carol Ayala, Chris Backstrom, Cheryl Baier. Ned Baker, Brian Baker, Joe Bakke, Becky Ballard. Sandy Barber, Bambi Barlion. Mike Barton. John Bass. Tony Bates. Bob Bates, Richard Baumhover, Matt Beakler, Sharon Beaty, Kelly Beck, Karen Beheu. Barb Belinsky. Brenda Bell. Leanna Bellis, Janise Benda. Jim Berry. Mark Berry. Robin Best, Marsha Bettis. Sheryl Billups. Bill Bingham. Randy Bondi. Ron Birdsell. Brenda Bishop Cindy 4 ii A A 6 Security . . . pride . . . high expectations . . . Security, " the security year ' In between the uncertain times of sophomore and senior years. A year to look forward to, and back on Pride, in Lincoln, plus all that is related to the school. High expectations, challenging, through achievements accomplished are rewarding. Finding their way into new horizons. Becoming more sure of themselves. Preparing for later life. JOB A ® t 1 1 158 Lori Lankford and Becky Lowe take time out of studying to share ideas. 9 1 Ofl mm A ' " MM 0 ft o a n o © a § a o 0 All Aw A a- . v jl . i .. x Si Bishop, Debbie Bixler. Dave Bixler. Mike Blackman, Dixie Blades, Tom Blair, Robyn Blair, Sharon Bolton, Greg Boothe, Jerry Boston. Sean Bowdewyn, Sheri Bradford. Brenda Bradshaw. Todd Brandt, Bob Brauer. Gina Brenton, Lockie Bridgewater, David Bristow, Ron Brown, Gary Brown, Julie Brown, Mark Brown, Roxanne Bubendoiier, Jon Bullard. Mary Burden, Vickie Burdick, Jackie Burke, Naomie Burson, Chris Burt, Chris Buzzy, Larry Caligiuri. Michelle Calkins, Dale Caluzzi, Bob Cardomone, Cathy Cardamone, Joe Carlson, Richard Carpino, Julie Carr, Sheri Carson. Ruth Casey, Maureen Caudill, George Champ, Tern Chandler, Judy Cherry, Lisa Chiodo, Mary Chiovaro, Tony Christianson. Mike Church, Becky Clark, Carolyn Clark, Nancy Clark, Sandra Clark, Todd Claman. Dave Clme, Becky Coan, John Cole. Terne Colosimo, Mike Colosimo, Tony Comegys, Danny Conley, Margaret Conner. Shelley Conrath, Debbie Conway, George Cook. Doug Cook. Patty Cook, Ron Copic, Kim Cooper, Tom 159 Coppi, 3eresa Coppola, Robin Cottrell. Clayton Coughennower, Bruce Countryman, Michael Couvalt. Scott Cozad, Donna Craig, Doug Crawford. Curt Crees, Diane Crees, Valerie Crist. Martha Cronin. Dean Cross. Kathy Cross. Tracy A Cross. Tracy L. Crouch. Theresa Curry. Kelly Curry, Stan Curtis. Denise Curtis, Kevin Daggert. Jim Dale. Mike Dalton. Lone Daniels, Brian Daniels, Michele Darnall, Christy Darrah, Jon Davenport. Dean Davenport. Bob Davis. Tony Davis. Joe Davis. Sherri Davison, David Dean, Scott Deardon, Denise Deangelis, Chuck Dearth, Tim Delmege. Steve Delury, Michelle DeMoss, Barry Dennis. David Dennis. Kathy Dereus. Dave Dey. Carolyn Dickey. Gene Donahoo, Jim Doud. Cheryl Douglas. Ten Draper. Dan Duckworth. Craig Dudley. Jennifer Duke, Dave Dyer. Rhonda Edwards, David Edwards. Emily Edwards. Karen Egenberger. Ginger Eginoire. John Eilbert. Gary Elder, Flynn Ellis, Jeff Ellwanger, Scott Endres, Kerry Epps. Lonnie Enckson. Perry Enckson. Theresa Enckson, Anthony Erquist. Becky Ethendge. Shawn Etzen. Bob Ewald. Brenda Evans, Mark Fairley, Janet Fatino, Tony Fauler, Debbie Fazio, Frank Fazio. Jeff Felice. Debbie Fenton, Kelhe 9 £ yiAii § o u $ p o ■I « n o 4 0 ftAaM 160 Kermit Miller and Jim Piper " take care " of the car which blocked them into their parking space. ■ 9 0 0 Iwl 1 ji ... vrn il Filippelli, Joe Fmdley, Lisa Fisher. Karla Fisher, Lone Flannery, Teresa Flatt. Kevin Fogue, Pat Fokken, Marrianne Foust, Marjean Foutz, Don Freel. Jeff Fridl. John Frome, Teresa Frye, Mark Foreman, Tammy Funderburk. Jana Fusaro, Christina Gable. Susie Q Gabriel, Ross Gates. Kathy Gates. Rick Gathercole. Randy Garber. Terry Gaulke. Sharon Gedler. Mike Geppert. Kent Geronzin, Mary Ghee, Angela Gibson, Colette Gibson, Jeff Gilbert, Jeff Gillespie, Becky Gilliam, Rod Gilliam. Robin Goble, Kay Goble. Julie Gordon, Rick Gourley, Kim Graeve. Mark Gray. Donna Green. Kirk Green. Sally Griffiths. Kim Groene. Joe Gruis. Tim Guill. William Hall. Maria Halverson, Kim Hamby, Candi Hammer, Ken Hand. Debbie Hanson, Keith Hanson, Leroy Hanson, Mark Harker. Wes Harris, Naomi Harrison, Curt Harrison, Joe Harrison, Kelly Harvey. Tim Hastie, Lucia Hatfield. Kenny Haugh, Tom Heathcote, Tom Herbert, Bettma Heggen. Mary Heiselman, Norma Heller. Blaine 161 162 1 ▼ I mm M a ft A M MM 0 ' i ft 1 0 A. J a, m A 1 0 Heldenbrand. Cheryl Hendrix, Debra Heritage, Tracey Herren, Dana Hetherington. Doug Hickle, Kevin Hill. Tracy Hill, Vicky Hitchcock, Sandy Holland, Tim Hollmgworth, Kelly Hollinrake, Bill Hoopes, Shelly Horton, Billy Hotchkins, Tony Howard, Debra Huggins. Doug Hutchens. Denise Hutt, Jackie Inhofe, Lisa Isaacson, Stuart Jackman, Terry Jackson, Douglas Jackson, Eanne Jarmgan, Jeff Jannsen, Rhonda Jimenez, Shelly Johannesen, Dan John, Tim Johnson, Lori Johnson, Missy Johnson, Penny Johnson, Scott Johnson, Judi Johnston, Tim Jolliffe, Bryan Jones, Bill Jones, Dawn Jones, Steve Jones, Gene Jordan, Jeff Julson, David Jury, Pat Karnes, Steve Kauzlarich, Debbie Kauzlarich, Diane Kausy, Bev Kennedy, Bob Kent, Brian Kern, Craig Kieler, Bill Kincheloe, Todd King, Brian Kirschbaum, Bridgette Knotts, Sue Knox, Susan Krelle. Brendan Kroll, Doug Krugler. Mary Kusle, Jo Lynne LaBonia, Sam Labuschagne. Simone Lawless, Bud Lane. Sandy Lang, Teresa Lankford, Laura Larsen, Kelly Lau, Becky Leech, Chris Leonetti, Frank Leto, Paulie Lett, Art Lett. Bob Lewellen, Dennis Lindemoen, Mike Lloyd, Mike Lloyd, Richard Lopez, Chris Lowe, Don Mack, Todd 163 Maldonado. Art Maldonado. Dave Manning. Paula Marshall. Mike Mason. Randy Mathews. Betty Matson, Robin Mayhugh. Rex 0 A McArthur. Stacy McBee, Tara McClelland. Jim McClean. Sherri McCleary. David McCoy, Karla McDonald. Julie McKee. Anthony o 0 A 0 o McKee. Chris McKern. Randy --- McKern. Richard y ' w McLaughlin. Arlena JL jjj W McLeland. Brent 1 JT ; J McPhee. Tina rf Meek, Dan .j i Meeks. Michele Mettille. Craig Middleton. Denise Mikovec. John Millard. Kelly Miller. Kermit Miller, Leonard Miller, Patty Miller. Mark Xj! t m Mm a 0 Miles. Jeff Minella. Gilbert Mitchell. Lee Ann Mitchell. Steve Modde, Dennis Moffit. Beth Morre, Sid Morgan. Jeff 4 1 Motsinger. Tammy Muck, Denise Munyon. Denise Murphy. Paul Murrell, Susie Myers, Steve Myers, Tern Nation. Cyndee 1 Ci A 0 0 Kb Mm Neff. Guy Nelson, Mark Nelson, Tom Neuwerth. Chris Nicholson, Brian Nicolino, Gina Nixon. Bill Nixon, Marty $ 10 rvsj Noble. Kim Noland, Julie Norton, Tim O ' Brien, Robbin O ' Connell. Kent 0 0 Ogburn, Bill Ogden. Mike Oliver, Steve Olsen. Edward Olson. Gregory Oltrogge. David Orcutt. Diane Ortega, Robert Osborn. Kelly Ostrem. Brian Overton. Mary i A 0. Youngchu Pace. Melissa Palis. Doug Parks. Jim Parks. Todd Paszak. Pam Patch. Jeff Patten. Judy 9 164 A 5 g 0 © f ) 0 O 9 0 0 Payne. Natalia Pazzi, Louie Peachey, Tern Penney, Jerry Peter. James Peterson, Lisa Petosa. Tony Phalen. Tim Phillips. David Pike. Jodi Piper. Jim Plemone, Mitch Pogue. Gene Poison. Jerry Preuninger, Tim Presnell. Ken Prusis. Jams Prymek, Tom Prieto, Tony While in student center Mike Smith and Putney. Leroy Bob Strohn enjoy a game of foosball. Race. Susan Rains. Tom Rains. Ulzanda Raleigh. Jon Ramsey. Scott Ratchffe, Robin Reed. Tern Reeves, Linda Reichenbacker, Kelli Reints. Laurie Reir. Debbie Renda, Anthony Renda. Lisa Reser, Gary Rice. Vanessa Richards. James Richards. Jearl Rickabaugh. Jeff Ricks. Lynne Ricks. Vivolyn Riehm. Sherry Riley. Robin Riseley, Douglas Rist. Debbie Rivera, Theresa Robb. Jenny Robison, Janice Roeng, Kathy Rogers. Mike Rogers. Randy Ruggles. Jay Ruggles. Julie Rummelhart. Craig Rummelhart, Mike Runkel. Sarah Rushing, Pete Russell. Bill Ryan. Lola Rynearson, Kathy Sage. Brent Saltzman, Jeanne Saltzman. Rick Sanford. Mike Sapp. Lynda Scarpino, Diane Schaffer, Calvin Schaefer. Julie Schmeling, David 165 Schurman. Tim Scott. Mike Scott. Renee Sears. Marvin Seid. Steve Seger. Chris Selby, Cyndi Semple. Scott Senecaut. Kim Shappell, Kim Sheehan, Jeff Sherman. Scott Shicks. Ruth Shields. Sue Shingledecker. Russ Shipman, Greg Shoning, Debbie Short, Jerry Shortely. Jackie Shumway, Mike Sigmund. Jeff Sinclair. Jim Singleton. Cmdi Singleton, Frank Sinopoli. Thor Slawson. Tami Sloan. Peggy Smith, Diane Smith, Dianna Smith, J. R. Smith. Kevin Smith. Khristy Smith. Lisa Smith. Matt Smith. Mike Smith. Rick Sohn. Allen Soroka. Al Soroka. Tonya Spahr, Virginia Sparks. Melissa Speed, Kent Squiers, Jay Squire. Cindy Stafford. Andy Stafford. Bob Stanard. Paul Stanley, Tammy Stapes. Jadi Staples. Mary Steele. Danny Steinbach, Dorinda Steinbach, Lisa Stemler, Tami Sterret. Bill Stevens, Mike Stiehl. Mike Stifel. Steve Still. David Stilwell. Carta Stodden. David Stover, Bob Strait. Lisa Strait, Randy Strohn, Bob Stroud, John Student. Vicki Sufka, Pam Mr. Jerry Hickey keeps a sharp eye on the " troublemakers " during a test! A A A 9 0 Q m EL 166 A .4 J. A u k t ;1 0 0. 2. A 0 0 9, 0 a 4£ ia A Ji JI Q k Taggart, Jeff Tait. Gary Talley, Brad Taylor. Becky Tassin, Pam Tapscott, Melissa Tew. Sue Thacker, Glen Thacker. Jeff Theis, Greg Thomas. Rory Thomas, Roxanne Thompson, Shelby Thompson, Blaine Tiepelman, Madonna Timmerman, Mark Timmons, Julie Timmons. Mark Toncar, Robert Tracy. Vickie Treanor, Kim True, Bob Truitt. Jeff Tucci. Jo Marie Tucker, Dave Turner, Cormen Turnipseed. Wes Vance, Chuck Vanderpool, Kathy Vandervelde, Susan Van Gundy, Vicki Vanpelt. Bill Vansickle, Mike Venn. Rhonda Volz. Vince Violet. Kipp Virden, Kathy Waddell, Dennis Wagner. Lori Waldron. A J Walker. John Ware. Doreen Ware. Tom Watson, Margaret Weaver, Laura Weigel, Jim Weldron, Pat Wendt, Debra Wheeler, Mary Lou Westburg. Michelle Witacre. Shirley Whitcher. Becky Whitmore, Jane Whitten. Carla Welton. Adriana Wilcox. Kim Wilde, Linda Wilde. Lisa Williams. Carol Williams. Carolyn Willion, Lance Willis, Vicki Wilson, Camie Wilson. Marty Wilson, Ray Wilson, Sandy Wilmer, Linda Wingfield, Don Winters. Steve Wood, Deb Wood. Ellen Woods, Jon Woods. Lori Worley. Bernie Worthington, Tim Wyatt, Tim Young. Deb Zarley, Tim Zepeda. John 167 Faces of old Senior class officers: Bob White, president: Mike Clark, treasurer: Anne Clark, secretary; Mark Marturello vice-president. 170 and faces of new SIR Ackelson, Kim Adams, Leslie Agan, Vicki Agans, Georgia Alessio, Joe Ahlberg, Dennis Alton, Keely Amend, Mike Anderson, Dale Anderson, Julie Anderson, Kelly Anderson, Robert Andrew, Louise Antenicci, Karen Arendt, Ellen Arrowood, Richard Askland, Margie Austin, Mark Babb, Rhonda Backstrom, Dave Baker, Sheryl Ball, Ken Baltzley, Mark Barkley, Susan Barth, Vicky Bartholomew, Dan Beebe, Chuck Beeler, Linda Belken, Michael Bell, Holly 171 People we knov Beniot, Tom Benshoof, Lea Berry, Jerry Berry, Larry Biggs, Jim Bishop, Cindy Bishop, Debbie Bishop, Marsha Bittick, Craig Bixler, Gerald L., Jr. Bixler, Jeff Blount, Douglas Boats, Cindy Bonanno, Nanette Brackney, Norman Brauer, Bill Briar, Michael Briggs, Tom Briles, Steve Briley, Jean Brown, Greg 172 and people we knew 1 IRPIP Brown, Laurie Buckingham, Dave Burgan, Randy Burgett, Ferrell Burgett, Stan Burns, Margaret Bush, Shari Byers, Cindy Caligiuri, Connie Cardamon, Elizabeth Carle, Kelly Carr, Lori Carroll, Brian Cart, David Carter, Janet Casebolt, Julie Christian, Julie Cioccio, Cassandra Clark, Anne Clark, Mike Clayton, Jerry Cole, Jim Colosimo, Rosie Colosimo, Tony Comegys, Michelle Comiskey, Jane Conkling, Rich Cornwell, Mary Costanzo, Joe Cromer, Steven 173 Growing together Crapser, DeAnn Crawford, Janet Crise, Dave Cross, Debbie Cross, Steve Curtis, Pat Daggett, Billie Sue Dailey, Tim Daniels, Cheryl Daniels, Debbie Darr, Sherry Davis, Mary Kay Deardon, Diana Denny, Mike Deter, John Detrick, Douglas DeYoung, Debra Dickey, Dave Dingman, Brian K Dmgman, Kris Dingman, Tami Doane, Kristin Docken, Karan Doerring, Linda Douglas, Rick Draper, Debbie Draper, Jim Drew, Cathy Drew, Julie Duckworth, Debbie 174 then drifting apart Duede, Craig Durbin, Bill Dusterhoft, Tom Dyer, Karen Eidbo, Elling Ekstrum, Dan Eldridge, Janet Ellingson, Sue Ellwanger, Dan Enos, Pam Enslow, Cindy Erickson, Joni Erickson, Michelle Evans, Mark Fairchild, Peggy Nominees for Senior Class officers (first row) Bob White, Debbie Seeber, Karan Docken, Brian Gaumer, Anne Clark, Kim Minshall, Brian Carroll (standing) Mark Marturello, Tim Herbert, Lynn Webb, Cassie Cioccio, Kay Gable, Mike Clark, Bill Durbin, and Brian True. 175 Always an en ding Fargo, Chuck Fatino, Gary Fees, Terry Felice, Vickie Fennell, Sherri Fenton, Terry Fergson, Julie fields, Bill Fisher, Debbie Fisher, Mindy Fisher, Tami Fitch, Penne Fitch, Steve Flatt, Jack Flickinger, Paul Forbes, Kathy Foust, Karla Fraizer, Pat Beda Solidav finds her books as comfortable as a pillow ri 176 and now a new start Frangos, Kris Fraser, Julie Fucaloro, Susan Funaro, Don Funaro, Tessie Fusaro, Toni Gable, Kay Galvin, Tina Gamble, Terri Gardner, Theresa Gaskill, Peggy Gauldin, Gary Gaumer, Brian Gedler, Joe Ghee, Terri Gillespie, Jo Gillispie. Cheryll Gillum, Marcia Goerndt, Kyle Gomez, Kathy Gonzalez, Steve Goodling, Margaret Graham, Carla Greene, Christine Griffin, Vicki Groves, Brian Guthrie, Jack Guthrie, Tom Guy, Greg Haley, Randy 177 At graduatior Hamman, Sherri Hanson, Craig Hanson, Jamie Harrison, Dana Hart, Tim Hartkemeyer, Karla Haskins, Karen J. Heaberlin, Kim Heath, John Heck, Christine Heggen, Ted Heiderscheidt, Donna Henderson, Jerry Hendricks, Jeff Henkle, Cindy Henre, Robert Herbert, Tim Hesser, Kim Heuton, Curt Hibbert, Ruby Hibbs, Kelly Hickman, Jim Hildreth, Sheri Hitchcock, Doug Hoch, Roberta Hoffman, John Hohenshell, Kim Holder, Kelli Holmes, Susie Horner, Kevin 178 we an grow nearer Horton, Mary Hotchkiss, Chuck Houge, Tim Housby, Mike Houseman, Ken Houts, Cheryl Ann Howell, Teresa Howlett, Steve Howlett, Sue Hudson, Mary Hutchison, Tracy Huxford, Bill Irving, Jill Izzolena, Joni Jarnagin, Brian Jarnagin, Lori Johns, Dave Johnson, Jeff 179 And a of our friends Johnson, Mark Johnston, Debbie Jones, Dave Jones, Jon Jones, Ted Judge, Jim Judish, Debbie Judkins, Bill Kaiser, Kevin Kazo, Pete Kent, Dan Kernes, Tim Kilgore, Rhonda Kirschbaum, Kathy Kissell, Kay Klier, James Klimowski, Rondelle Kline, Greg Kline, Mary Klinefelter, Steven Klisares, Kevin 180 seem so much dearer Klucking, Tony Knauer, Melissa Knight, Charlinn Kramer, Gary Krieg, Carol Sue Koeppl, Betty Kutchen, Jerri Kuzela, Helen Lacona, Vanessa LaFon, Debbie Lagunas Patty Lammers, Loren Lane, Nancy Lange, David Larson, Caroline Laugk, Sandy Lawler, Rick Leege, Terri Leo, John Leong, Andrew Lewellin, Don Livingston, Stan Lucia, Tony Lundgren, Kelly Lyons, Randal! Macasa, Judy Madison, Lucertia Mahoney, Teresa Maldenado, Mark Manning, Chuck 181 And as we sa Matalone, Kathy Martindale, John Marturello, Mark Marturello, Mary Mazzie, Carl McAninch, Brad McAninch, Kelly McClean, Mike McCleary, Deb McClure, Ed McCoy, Gary McGee, Rhonda McLaughlin, Lee McReynolds, Diane McWherter, Jeff Meisters, Terry Mendenhall, Bill Meredith, Susan E. Merkel, Mark Merrifield, Dan Meyert, Rene ' Miller, Donna Miller, Tami Mills, Margie Mills, Mike Minshall, Kimberly Mitchell, Mary Moden, Tim Mohr, Deanna Molka, Mary 182 our final goodbye Monroe, Mark Montanaro, Fiore Montgomery, Rick Montgomery, Roger Moore, Cheryl Moore, Mike Motsinger, Mark Mullins, Sue Muto, Sue Myers, Rhonda Nash, Janice Nation, Denise Navin, Randy Nelson, Clayton Nelson, Jo Dee Nemeroff, Terry Newell, John Newton, Connie Nicholson, Kelly Nicholson, Terry Nicoletto, Pauline 183 One last embrace Niffenegger, Julie Noah, Liz Norton, Tammy Nittler, Terry Nucaro, Mary O ' Donnell, John O ' Hara, Doreen Oliver, Debbie Olsen, Thomas Olson, Jon Owen, Mike Page, Gregg Paton, Lorrie Penney, Terri Pennington, Kim Phillips, Kathey Phillips, Ted Piper, Jeff 184 and one more cry Pittman, Paul S. Pollock, Mick Poison, Larry Pottoff, Leigh Powers, Angela Prall, David Price, Nancy Proudfoot, Jeff Pulliam, Jerry Purscell, Brian Raguer, Eric Ramey, Mike Ramsey, Cindy Rand, Cathy Randleman, Tammy Randolph, Mary Reed, Charles Reetz, Dee Reeves, Dan Reihsen, Linda Reischl, John Reisman, Ken Remsburg, Mark Rice, Bruce Rice, Rhonda Richardson, Kevin Riewer, Tammy Riley, Sandy Riney, Belinda Ritchart, Cheri 185 A " keep in touch ' Rivera, Louie Roads, Chuck Robbins, Nick Robertson, Jeff Rogers, Phil Rohm, Elizabeth Rote, Bill Rote, Michelle Roth, Linda Roth, Steve Routh, Patricia Rush, Jack Russell, Bob Russell, Roy Russo, Ed Russo, Jeff Sacco, Gara Salyers, Lana Sanders, Jim Sarasio, Kathleen Sawyer, Tom Scaglione, Victor Schwartz, Kevin Scigliano, Mark Scott, Ronni Sears, Gloria Seeber, Debbie Seger, Pam Shannon, Shawn Sheehan, Joe 186 nd w a promise i wi Sheets, Karla Shockley, Chuck Shoemaker, Cindy Shoemaker, Randy Sieck, Duane Sly, Tammy Smith, Arthur Smith, Kent Snook, Sandra Solem, Kelly Soliday, Beda Spad, Rosemary Sparks, Kelly Spaur, Randy Speridon, Dana Staecker, Julie St. John, Don Stanley, Julie Stapes, Rick Staples, Mary Stark, Mary Rhonda Rice acts as clerk in a Mock Congress in Mrs. Smith ' s government classes. 187 A " remember when ' State, Russell Staude, Terri Steinbach, Paula Stender, Georgia Stepleton, Christopher Stepp, Art Stevens, J im Stevens, Michelle Stevens, Paul Steward, John Stotts, Bill Stout, Mark Strait, Lisa Strasser, Perian Stratton, Jerry Stratton, Larry Street, Steven Stuck, Vangie Stumpenhorst, Mary Stundins, Laura Sufka, Ken Sugiyana, Chikako Summy, Doug Summy, Steve 188 but better still Swackhammer, Gina Swartz, Cindy Tassin, Rhonda Tassin, Rich Taylor, Christina Thacker, Barb Thacker, Jerry Thiel, Tom Thoermer, Beth Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Christina Thomas, Jim Thompson, Wes Thorne, Michael Tomlinson, Ron Thornton, Beth True, Brian Trujillo, Fred Tucker, Jan Tursi, Patti Tyler, Jeff Umphfleet, Craig Van Patten, Rich Van Velzen, Polli Vander Werf, Jeff Ward, Andy Volz, Kimberly Vose, Doug Vulcano, Cindy Wagner, Franz 189 A place in my heart Wagner, Scott Walker, Joan Walker, Steve Wallace, Steve Warford, Bart Warren, Larry Watt, Don Webb, Lynn Weberg, Lynda Weeks, Christine Wenck, Tom Wheeldon, Jeff Wheeler, Craig White, Bob White, Kyle White, Lee Whitehead, Laura Whitfield, Paul Williams, Anna Williams, Iris Williams, Kim Williams, Judy Wilmore, Kirby Wilson, Nancy Wion, Daryl Woods, John Worthington, Eddie Wright, Brian C. Wright, Karol Yakovich, Michelle 190 you ' ll always stay 191 This is what ' s said as we go our own way. A 1 Senior Board members for the Class of 1978: (first row) Lori Janagin, Anna Williams, Kay Kissed, Mary Kay Davis, Doreen O ' Hara, Rhon- da Rice, (second row) Lynda Weberg, Lana Salyers, Lynn Webb, Julie Christian, Sue Mullins, Anne Clark, (third row) Karol Wright, Terri Leege, Peggy Gaskill, Carla Graham, (fourth row) Julie Niffenegger, Jeri Kutchen, Beth Rohm, Beth Thornton, Toni Crumb, Peggy Fair- child, (fifth row) Gary McCoy, Ken Sufka, Mike Clark, Mark Austin, Bill Durbin. 192 And as wexasc our final goodbye At graduation Always an ending and now a new start A " keep in touch " and a " promise I wi Growing together then drifting apart A place in my heart you ' ll always stay and one more cry and people we knew People we know Faces of old and faces of new And all of our friends seem so much dearer A " remember when " but better still we an grow nearer 193 Co-editors-in-chief Brian Groves Robert Henre Academics Lynda Weberg Regina Zavalla Student Life jim Cole Nancy Wilson Sports Debbie Judish Dave Prall Underclass Peggy Gaskill Lynn Webb Seniors Carla Graham Liz Noah Advertising Connie Caliguiri Index Teresa Howell Circulation Debi McCleary Theme Robert Henre 194 Staff Photographers Division Pages With special thanks to Keely Alton Larry Berry Jeff Bixler Nanette Bonnano Kelly Carle Kay Gable Kelly McAnich Tami Miller Joe Sheehan Kent Smith Doug Summy Brian True Steve Wallace Bart Warford Julie Christian Mike Moore Tony Petosa Chris Burson Emily Edwards Brian Groves Scott Ramsey Joe Marie Tucci Advisor Diane Weir Mark Marturello, art work Tony Petosa, photos Julie Christian, senior photo Printed by Garner Publishing Co. Christian Photography Stover Photography Lockie Brenton George Caudill Tim Norton Kim Shappell Paul Stanard 195 +- i dongxatu[ationi FROM KEEFER ' S GRUBB WASHER Sales Service Inc. HOME APPLIANCES — TELEVISION FURNITURE 3310 S.W. 9th Street Ph. 243 0526 Where You Always Get The Best Buy Bob And Bill Keefer ■ ■ ■ ■ 4 Congratulations Class of 1978 Food Stores ' Where There ' s A Smile in Every Aisle ' ' s Pizza House Dine With Us Or Carry It Out • Pizza (over 25 varieties) • Strom and Ham Cheese Sandwiches • Salads (with a special homemade dressing) Open 5 P.M. to 12 Midnight (Weekdays and Saturdays) Fridays 5 P.M. till 1 A.M. Closed Sundays Tuesdays Phone 285-9357 1920 Army Post Rd. i I DON ' S 1300 ARMY POST ROAD SUPER UALU CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 78 198 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1978 ZwMi, 33 FLAVORS Ice Cream Shop PARTY ITEMS A SPECIALTY SOUTHRIDGE MALL 1111 E. ARMY POST ROAD 287-3333 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF 1978 FROM -4 SCORNOVACCAS PIZZA A 1701 SOUTH UNION one block south of Wimpy s Steak 244 5779 or 243 -9012 BEER • ONION RINGS FRIES SALADS Tlou Iru IF YOU VE TRIED THE REST... ikL tst: ' . ■ ■ ■ « § Conway Buick-Opel Inc 1401 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 244-2561 199 - 1 I I ! i i i SKATING CENTER INC ROUNDS ROUNDS OF FUN! FOR EVERYONE — ROLLER SKATE) FAMILY FUN! aOPEN to the public Tues - Wed - Fri Sat Eve 7:30 PM Sat Sun Matinees 1 PM CLASSES SKATES ACCESSORIES Reserved for Private Parties on Mon - Thurs Sun Eve ! J " Air Conditioned " ARMY POST RD. 285-6756 j Across from Southridge Plaza Whitaker Pharmacy Co. With Z )t Hlmport fiop " THE PRESCRIPTION STORE " 1103 ARMY POST ROAD TELEPHONE 285-2121 DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 — SOUTH DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS, AND ENJOY BEING A PART OF YOUR COMMUNITY 3 SOUTHSIDE LOCATIONS BANK S.W. 9th Wakonda nnrMTHM Shopping Center DKEIM I UN McKinley 6025 S.E. 14th St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 200 I Krispy Krust i Bread Co. Specializing in Hearth-Baked Bread VIENNA ITALIAN PUMPERNICKLE RYE Krispy Krust BREAD INC. Baked in Des Moines Since I9f7 I At Your Store 2 S.E. Jackson Ave. DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 243-1620 i i 201 TfUc eae z RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE ON FLEUR DRIVE ACROSS FROM HOLIDAY INN SOUTH Phone 244-6231 ITALIAN CUISINE I -4 BILL ' S CYCLERY " THE ENTHUSIAST CYCLE SHOP " MOTOBECANE GITANE RALEIGH PEUGEOT MOPED ' S PUCH - MOTOBECANE - SOLEX 3719 SW 9th DES MOINES 282-7161 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Learn a skill. Doing something different. You can help in the Air Guard. IOWA AIR NATIONAL GUARD, 4200 S.W. 34th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50321 Phone 285-7182 202 I 4 I I HOL IO00D Chrysler-Plymouth We go that extra mile for you. 4730 Merle Hay Road Just South of 1-80 278-2301 P ' nW The New place across from Lincoln Featuring Polish sausage and hot dogs + •+ 9IL fl. 9flaxa6ca SUfy , c .u-. MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE. 4626 S. W. Ninth Street Des Moines, Iowa 50315 PHONE 287-4770 203 " It ' s not QUANTITY that counts, it s QUALITY " For the Best Quality work in all of your printing needs .... PRINTING i I ! 2803 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA 243-2404 -+ 1 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS i ! Army Post Rental WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING 1211 Army Post Road 285-3941 CONGRATULATIONS tf-lowesti, liy 3300-1 S.W. 9th St. Call 288-6789 .+ Des Moines, Iowa ANTHONY COMITO, Proprietor 204 Anderson-Erickson Dairy Company " Quality You Can Taste " 2229 Hubbell Ave. Phone 265-2521 DES MOINES, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1978 GRADUATES Erickson ' s Barber Shop 4302V2 S. W. 9th BARBER Ted Open 8:00 - 5:30 Tues. - Sat. 5:00 FLOWERS FOR ALL YOUR OCCASIONS lAJiima A J-io low e ri 6213 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 I i I - I " Phone 285-5212 David Van Sickle — -I CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1978 GRADUATES spouts center 1942 indianola wft 6es moines a S031$ 288-3401 (At Richards OK Hardware) 205 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC WORLD LEADER IN AGRI-GENETICS S PIONEER )C55i) SEEDS Corn, sorghum, alfalfa, cereal seeds. OHif LA Line LAYERS Layer-type parent stock, chicks, started pullets. 8 INDIAN RIVER® BROILER BREEDERS Peterson® Seed Meat-type parent stock. Forage and soybean seeds. INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT PLANNING AND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY IMPACT SERVICES Computer consulting and management services. PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC. - 1206 MULBERRY, DES MOINES, IOWA 50308 ® Registered trademarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A. 206 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Gordons Wholesale, Inc. 2326 BELL AVE. 244-8941 CENTRAL IOWA ' S CANDY AND TOBACCO DIST. Good Luck Seniors Class of 1978 Army Post Standard 849 Army Post Rd. 285-9555 Southgate Standard 3401 S. E. 14th 285-9460 Allied Wholesale Meats, Inc. 2418 Sunset Road 243-0518 COMPLETE SUPPLIES OF CHOICE MEATS SEAFOODS ' Quality and Service a Must ' — + 207 — . Cognratulations to the Class of 1978 l +- Dial Financial Corporation CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1978 GRADUATES From NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS — TAILORING Free Pickup and Delivery DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Dave Noah, Asst. Manager The Best Buy In Cleaning Is Quality S. W. 9th Leland 285-1 261 DES MOINES, IOWA + — Wakonda Shopping Center next to Dahl ' s 285-6060 That Exclusive Crunchy Flavor KARMELKORN SHOPPE I Southridge Mall 287-3600 Merle Hay Mall 276-1972 Valley West Mall 225-6469 Greg Lindaman (Owner) I 4 ] 208 CONGRATULATIONS Crescent Chevrolet Company Ne w Cars 247-8000 Service Department 247-8020 Parts Department 247-8030 Used Cars 247-8040 itf to • «° »A0 A0 e 4 ft if — " ' ■■■■■■■■ — — Congratulations class of ' 78 STAR LOAN 414 E. Grand Come see us for your money needs j MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE 15th Locust Dial 283-2446 " We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN 209 Wish from Standard Bearing Company of Des Moines 2350 Hubbell Ave. 265-5261 JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF CENTRAL IOWA, INC. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF 1978 YOUR FUTURE IS NOW GOOD LUCK! GO RAILSPLITTERS DANCEABLE MUSIC RAY FAUBUS ff o o i i I 8 715 Warrous Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Phone 283-0363 Ray Faubus Four Velvetones Blue Tones 4.— " " — - — ■ — ■ — ■ — — - — - — — — « — ■ — — - — ■ m iw m m w | CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 78 from WILHITE PLUMBING AND HEATING " Your Southtown Plumber " 1720 S. E. Army Post Road 285-7510 —————•+ 210 Massey-Ferguson in Des Moines Massey-Ferguson is among the world ' s largest manufacturers of farm machinery, industrial and construction machinery, lawn garden equipment and diesel engines (Perkins). About 20 per cent of all agricultural tractors, about 20 per cent of all combine harvesters and about 15 per cent of all multicylinder diesel engines made in the Western World bear the MF or Perkins mark. These product? are made in 90 factories in 30 countries, half of which are developing nations. Des Moines is Massey-Ferguson ' s North American headquarters. MP Masse y Ferguson North American Headquarters: 1901 Bell Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Retail Sales Service Center: 1400 E. Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa 50320 211 EAST DES MOINES National Bank Member F.D.I.C. S.E. 14th Indianola Road —South of Waigreens Southgate Shopping Center Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture, Norcross Greeting Cards BING ' S STATIONERY CO. Bing Bogatto 341 0 S. W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 Where Service Courtesy Prevail CONGRATULATIONS 1978 Railsplitter Graduates - The Waik Hcuie 1316 ARMY POST Where you can spend an hour and save a day. 285-0424 Pat Dorothy - Frawley Gene (Dsian SiudloA 543 • 6th Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50302 243-7674 212 We want to be the best Central National Bank Trust Company DES MOINES (515) 245-7111 MEMBER FDIC LOCUST AT SIXTH FIFTH GRAND 35TH INGERSOLL WEST DES MOINES: WEST TOWERS OFFICE BUILDING. 35TH I-235 AFFILIATED WITH CENTRAL NATIONAL BANCSHARES INC — ■ «{•■ m m .... tin « ... .« ■ ... ,-. ■ hh ■ ■ i » li ■ ■ »•{• fHVPPINESS HAPPINESS is owning your own Class Ring, and getting the full purchase price REFUNDED when you purchase your diamond engagement ring. GET HAPPY today, order your Class Ring NOW! Keepsake tenter Ginsberg ' s eara ere I SouthRidge Mall Valley West Mall Des Moines James Moore Fifty four hundred South West Ninth at Ken von 213 Jlte J aitspiiller Printed by Garner Publishing Co. PRINTERS LITHOGRAPHERS Distinctive Printing Lithography Letterpress Process Color Color Separations Layout and Design Complete Binding Service All Types of Specialty Printing 1697 N.E. 53rd AVENUE DES MOINES, IOWA 50313 PHONE 266-2171 NATIONAL REALTY INC RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL DEVELOPERS- ACREAGES TViti 11 And Start PadciH f ' OUR SALES ASSOCIATES CAN BE REACHED DAY OR NIGHT ROSE JEAN KUHNS - BROKER GRI DAY OR NIGHT 287-2100 It MLS MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE l?F AITOR ' VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION- 1 BLOCK NORTH OF ARMY POST RD 6112 SW 9 DES MOINES I + " If your hair isn ' t becoming to you .. . You should be coming to us! " OPEN EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS 4803 SW NINTH ST. 285-2393 214 CLASS OF 78 WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU 216 =3 MARY ANN?! ,PIE SHOP 1 282 3738 2020 indianola Rd. Des Moines. Iowa 50315 38 Varieties Delicious Home-Madc Pies, Bread, Donuts, Rolls, Cookies, Turnovers, and Crispies • by Art, Steve, and Debbie Alber • Compliments of n orman ay. c Sbe A TCU A 8th and Walnut i i h ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ — — ■— CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Serving the Public Since 1919 and GOOD LUCK Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 287-1991 SUPER " CENTER ■ Hours — Three Locations — Hours 3700 SW 9th Open 7 days a week 3315 S.E. 14th St. 10 a.m. - Midnight Des Moines, Iowa Downtown Prescription Phone 282-5295 : 1 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. SouthRidge Mall Information Phone 282-2177 l 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. . ! Saturday and Sunday 11:00-5:00 217 218 Family Restaurants Fleur and McKinley There ' s more to like at Burger Chef. BURGER CMEF, ND 6IG SMEF ARE TRADEMARKS OF BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS. INC 219 Paying too much for Auto Insurance NOW it ' s even more im- portant to check your Farmers Insurance Group Agent for sub- stantial savings for preferred risks. Before you renew your present policy call Special Rates For Good Students DARREL HENDRICKS AUTO-HOME LIFE - COMMERCIAL 1111 E. Amy Post RU SonttiMgelbll Ph. 285-2580 Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 A.M. -9 P.M. Saturday 9 A.M. -5 P.M. Sunday Noon 5 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. Katheryne Stout Optometrist 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINT H . — CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 4201 CHAMBERLAIN Ph. 255-5571 3306 S. W. 9th ST. Ph. 282-8510 2) 3 tin ctive Sty leS AND (Courteous Sc eruice TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jon. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 220 Congratulations Class of ' 78 ' Quarry Supply, Inc. 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 Des Moines, Iowa JOHN I MARGE SWAN 4140Park Ave. I " What can we say? " Schwartz homeroom 221 COMPLIMENTS ODEA Finance Company 1117 Locust Street DES MOINES, IOWA 243-3247 1140 S.E. Army Post Road Des Moines, Iowa Open 24 Hours Go Where? You Ve Kidding! Now wait a minute . . . we ' re not kidding. We arc dead serious about your future college plans. Drake University offers special advantages for Des Moines students. Come to Drake and live on campus, Think about the advantages . . . on your own but elose enough to home for " emergencies " like borrowing the car or replenishing the bank account at a moment ' s notice. Think about the advantage you have over the out-of-towners who don ' t know the ins-and- outs of your hometown. Think about the many educational advantages at I )rake. too. At I )rake we have six undergraduate colleges and schools with over 108 major areas of Study to choose from. And when your college days are over, we ' ll even do all we can to get you a Job. That ' s how much our students mean to us. There ' s a lot more happening between Forest and University than you realize. Stop by and let ' s talk about your future. Or. If you ' re in a hurry, eall us at 271-3181. do where 0 do to Drake. | 1 • ♦ A . that ' s where. So, who ' s kidding! QtAKC UlUVerSltV Drake University admits students without regard to se race color, national or ethnic origin or handicap 222 Congratulations Seniors: For Good Leadership and Job Security — GO TEAMSTER Ralph Smith - Secy Trea. Dick Elliott - Asst. B.A. Teamster Local Union 90 2425 Delaware 262-3194 J I0LUER SHOP NORTH GRAND MALL - AMES SouthKidge Mail - MERLE HAY MALL ■+ Des Moines. Iowa The Tower Shop continues to provide both fashion and traditional looks in men ' s and young men ' s clothing at prices you can afford. Featuring new low prices on all jeans such as Levis, Brittania and Sedgefield. PAn LORD JEFF r 4l Ls THANE jOEt- SEDGEFIELD 1 0WER SHOP SOUTHRIDGE MALL 285-5577 Lincolners — Check Out Our Chicken, Ribs. Steaks .Seafood, FINE ITALIAN CUISINE FAVORITE • Wines • Beers • Cocktails WEEKEND SPECIAL Prime Rib or SPECIAL Italian Dish JACKIE PHIL WELCOME YOU 5 -11 P.M. Tues. -Thurs. 5-12 P.M. Fri. -Sat. 2301 SW 9th IN RAILSPLITTER LAND 223 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dr. Dale E. Briley 1415 Army Post Rood CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 410 S.E. 18th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50301 AREA CODE 515—265-1618 mend Packing Company Hawkeye Tours Inc. LAND— SEA— AIR AIRLINE TICKET RESERVATIONS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE INDIVIDUALS • GROUPS • CHARTERS TOUR PACKAGES TO ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD CHARTER BUSES AMERICAN AIRLINES • Frontier • Delta • Braniff • Eastern • Pan Am • BOAC • SAS • KLM • Icelandic • Varig • Western • American • Air France • Irish • El Al • Japan • Northwest • Continental • Swissair • Lufthansa • Quantas • Alitalia • Sabena • Air India WE DELIVER TICKETS Airline Ticket Sales Information 276-6782 Iowa Toll Free 1-800-362-2109 TRAVEL BAGGAGE INSURANCE AVAILABLE 8450 HICKMAN RD. SUITE 20 Congratulations class of ' 78 Davitt -ff- Realty, Inc. 244 0333 2704 S.W. 9th Residential • Commercial • Farms • Acreages • Appraisals 224 3245 NORTH SABINO CANYON ROAD Tucson, Arizona 85715 THE FINEST EQUESTRIAN FACILITIES OFFERED IN TUCSON Instruction At Its Very Best In All Levels Of HUNT SEA T EQUITA TION, JUMPING, and DRESSAGE Specializing in Safe Beginner Instruction of Children and Adult ' s 3 Professional Instructors to Teach Private, Semi-Private, Group Lessons 3 Large Riding Rings, Outside Hunt Course and Trails Horses Boarded, Trained, Shown and Sold 4 Horse Shows Annually WINTER VISITORS WELCOME FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL (602) 296-6013 HARTMUTE KNABE, HEAD INSTRUCTOR AND TRAINER Congratulations Class of 1978 John Vivone Jr., owner Class of 1957 225 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 100 E. 2nd Street 244-5281 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charlie Colosimo, Owner 226 227 OPEN WEEKDAYS 12 to 9 PM • SATURDAYS 9 AM to 5 PM SAVINGS 4626 S.W. 9th Phone 515 287-3224 To Save Big, Drive a Little Farther on S.W. 9th + — " FOR THE SHOW " Leotards Tights Batons Pom Poms Marching Boots Theatrical Makeup Hats Wigs Novelties 145 5th West Des Moines 255-4333 300 Vi Main Ames, Iowa 232-3369 1 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1978 Willow Creek Iowa ' s Finest Public Golf Course 285-4558 S.W. 63rd Army Post Rd. i Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 • New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th 229 • — RANDLEMAN 4730 S. W. 9th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 PHONE 285-7370 IOWA . ncs vioines ma M A NATIONAL BANK Yes, you can get a lot of help for your money. Member FDIC Seventh Walnut Beaver Douglas 245-3131 245-3365 8301 Douglas E 25th Euclid 245-3386 245-3134 600 Army Post Rd 245-3450 An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation + | Mfai Ci- CO cTa r s a s l or7°8 nS aAXvuJ ; 230 «!«■ — Mil — llli 544 - 36th S I K I I I 1)1 S MOINES, l() V PHONE 255 - 2159 " WE INTERPRETE THE ORDINARY IN AN EXTRAORDINARY MANNER . . Des Moines ' only master photographer offers you a choice of proofs with every sitting that includes black white and natural color. Natural color and silver-tone wallets are our specialty. BnmgargEai JUST E KTS Pitts JUSTMNTS PLUS 3001 S.W. 9TH Master ( karge Open: 11:00 - 8:00 Weekdays JttW.ftff ft , DES MOINES, IOWA SHOPP S 282-9617 — Levis 231 I I j I I i i i PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING We invite all Lincolners to shop at the complete store for their wardrobes. 3304 S. W. 9th Street Phone 282-0649 ! I + lincal+t student ,! The insurance business holds many career opportunities. We may have one for you after graduation. FARMLAND INSURANCE SERVICES Fleur Bell Des Moines, Iowa 50315 „ Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES 285-8303 Prescriptions Delivered BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT Congratulations Seniors! i Central Iowa X JX Credit Union J Chapter discover your Credit Union 232 Not pictured: Jacki Baker, Doug Craig, Sue Fucaloro, Mike Gatzke, Kevin Horner, Cheryl Houts, Gary Kramer, Lee McLaughlin, Anna Williams 233 A 23 Name Page Babb. Rhonda Baber. Lisa 171 60. 144 Abarr. janyce 26 Baber. Richard 28 Abbott. Eric 60, 77. 118. 144. 152 Backstrom. Cheryl 83, 1 58 Abies. Doug 158 Backstom, Dave 50, 52. 121. 171 Ackelson. Debra 144 Backstrom. Karen 61.144 Ackelson, Kim 171 Baeth. Ron 30 Adams. Dale 68. 78. 158 Bagby, Jeff 111 Adams. Jennifer 144 Bagly. Gary 24 Adams, Leslie 1 71 Baier. Ned 1 34, 1 58 Adreon, Dana 144 Baker. Brian 55,57,158 Agan, Tim 1 58 Baker, Garry 80, 144 Agan, Tom 144. 110 Baker, Jackulynn 66, 67,144 Agans. John 1 58 Baker, Joe 158 Agan. Vicki 1 71 Baker, Lorraine 144 Agans. Georgia 171 Baker, Sheryl 171 Agey. Joe 1 58 Bakke. Becky 48. 78. 1 58 Agey. John 144 Baldis. Gelene 15 Aguilar, Joe 1 58 Bales, Curt 140 Ahlberg. Dennis 1 71 Bales, Jerry 144 Akins. Frank 1 44 Ball. Ken 129. 171 Akkerman, Amy 144 Ballard. Sandy 158 Albright, Bill 60, 124, 144 Baltzley. Mark 55, 56, 71,171 Aldini. Bob 158 Barber, Bambi 158 Alessio, Joe ; r., ... 171 Barber. Pat 144 Allen. Becky 158 Barkley, Susan 77.86.171 Allen. Carla 144 Barlion. Greg 144,146 Allen. Cathy 61 , 1 58 Barhon. Mike 1 58 Allen. Karen 95.158 Barnes. Chris 144 Allen, Kevin 158 Barth, Greg 144 Allen, John 110.144 Barth. Vicky 171 Allen, Robert 1 58 Bartholomew. Dan 130.158 Aller, Mary 1 58 Barton. John 1 58 Aller, Sue 1 58 Bass, Tony 158 Altheim, Murray 66, 78. 84. 1 58 Bassford, Susan 144 Alton. Keely 72,171 Bates. Bob 158 Amend, Mike 129. 171 Bates. Richard 114. 158 Amodeo. Mike 144 Bauer. Steve 1 4 Amundson, Sally 55,59.158 Baumann. Gottliev 144 Andersen, Karen 144 Baughman. Kent 144 Andersen, Kan 158 Baumhover, Matt 75,158 Anderson, Alice 14 Beakler. Sharon 79. 1 58 Anderson, Dale 84. 171 Beals. Randy 61. 144 Anderson, J ana 1 58 Beaty. Kelly 158 Anderson, Julie 48. 158 Beck. Karen 158 Anderson, Kelly 171 Beebe, Chuck 171 Anderson. Kevin 144 Beeler. Linda 171 Anderson, Laurie 60, 64. 65, 123, 144 Belding. Troy 144 Anderson, Mary 144 Belieu. Barb 158 Anderson, Mick 77, 115. 114, 117, 158 Belinsky, Brenda 66, 79,102,103,132,158 Anderson, Robert 74, 171 Belken, Michael 171 Anderson, Scott 60, 1 30. 1 44 Bell. Holly 55. 61. 171 Anderson, Shan 88. 144 Bell. Leanna 158 Anderson, Ted 144 Bellis. Janise 79. 1 58 Andrews. Becky 60. 80, 144 Bellis. Sue 144 Andreas, Julie 78. 1 58 Benda. Jim 79. 1 58 Andreas, Rick 61 . 1 58 Bender, Karen 144 Andreini, Rhonda 48. 1 58 Bendixen. Tom 59. Andrew, Louise 171 Benoit, Tom 71.138.172 Anerson, Mary 144 Benshoof. Lea 172 Angelos, Diane 158 Bent. Randy 144 Antenicci, Karen 171 Berry. Jerry 68,129.172 Antenucci, Kevin 144 Berry. Larry 19. 72, Anthony. Jim 158 Berry. Mark 158 Archer. Mary 158 Berry. Robin 158 Archer. Randy 144 Berry. Steve 144 Arendt. Ellen 68. 171 Best. Marsha 158 Armstrong. Bill 158 Bettis. Kristie 61.144 Arrowood, Kristi 60. 144 Bettis. Sheryl 55. 59. 158 Arrowood. Richard 70. 171 Bevington. Erma 17, 78 Ashelford, Shane 158 Beyer. Jim 124 Askland, Margie 171 Bvers. Cindy 68 Atkinson, Jerry 26.123 Bierma. Roby 144 Avila. Trudy 144 Biggs. Jim 134,172 Augspurger. Carol 158 Billups. Bill 158 Austin, Cerald 144 Bingham. Randy 158 Austin. Shirley 144 Biondi Ron 158 Austin. Mark Bird. Pat 130. 144. 149 Ayala. Chris 158 Birdsell. Brenda 54.79. 99.158 Ayala. Dean 144 Bishop. Cindy 82.172 Ayardar. David 144 Bishop. Cindy 158 Bishop. Debbie 159 Bishop, Debbie 172 Bishop, Marsha 171 Bittick. Craig 172 Bixler. Dave 1 34. 1 59 Bixler. Cerald L . Jr 107.172 Bixler. Jeff 77,107.134.135,172 7 Bixler. Mike 107,159 f Blackford. John 110, 144 ( Blackford. Randy 144 Blackman. Dixie 159 Cady, Cory 88.99, 145.149 Blackmore. Marsha 79 Cady, Tom 29 Blades. Michelle 144 Cain, Allyson 145 Blades. Tom 159 Caligiun, Connie 68. 72. 173 Blair. Robyn 110, 111, 159 Caligun, Diana 110. 111. 145. 149 Blair, Sharon 159 Caligun. John 118. 145. 153 Blase. Mary 145 Caligun. Michele 54. 1 39. 1 59 Blaylock. Greg 145 Calkins, Chris 60, 145 Blenderman, Gordon 20 Calkins. Dale 159 Blending. Troy 130 Caluzzi, Bob 159 Blevins. Christy 50, 145 Cameron, John 77. 118. 119. 145 Blount. Douglas 172 Camp, Kevin 145 Bly, Vernon 24 Canty, Virginia 145 Boals. Cindy 172 Cappola. Robin 43 Boats. Vickie 145 Cardamane. Cathy 159 Bolender. E leanor 145 Cardamane, Elizabeth 141,173 Bolton. Greg 159 Cardamane, Joe 159 Bonanno. Nanette 72, 73,172 Carle, D Ann 46. 145. 151 Boothe. Jerry 159 Carle, John 20,114.153 Boozell. Rick 145 Carle. Kelly 38. 39. 44. 45.173 Borgan. Anne 31 Carlson, Lon 79.145 Borrell, Sharon 145 Carlson, Richard 159 Borror, Raleigh 145 Carnahan, Shawn 145 Boston, Sean 159 Carnes, Chris 145 Bowen. Lee 145 Carpenter, Kim 67.145 Bowen, Steve 145 Carper, Joe 145 Bowdewyn, Shari 50, 1 59 Carpino, Gene 110, 145 Boyd, Brent 68, 81 Carpino, Julie 159 Brackney, Norman 172 Carr, Lon 82, 83, 173 Bradford. Brenda 47,159 Carr, Shen 110,159 Bradford, Jeff 145 Carroll. Barry 145 Bradley. Vic 145 Carroll. Brian 54. 59. 62.66.173 Bradshaw. Todd 107, 159 Carroll, DeWayne 110.145 Bradt. Bob 159 Carroll, Linda 145 Brandt. Sue 145 Carson, Ruth 159 Brauer. Bill 107, 108. 172 Cart, Dave 74.173 Brauer. Gina 47,159 Carter, Janet 68. 69,173 Breheny, )amie 145 Case, Robert 30 Brenton, Lockie 88, 89. 1 59 Casebolt, Julie 173 Bresee, Tammy 145 Casebolt. Kent 145 Brewer. Kim 145 Casey. Marureen 47. 50. 83.159 Briar, Craig 145 Casner, Doug 61,145 Briar, Michael 52, 53,172 Cassady, Chris 145 Brickman. Ernie 145 Caswell, Jeff 145 Bridgewater, David 1 59 Cataldo, Carla 145 Bndgewater. Gary 140 Caudill, George 16. 79.159 Briggs. Tom 84. 172 Ceron, Esther 145 Briles. Steve 172 Ceynar, Don 20 Briley, Jean 55. 56,172 Champ, Terri 44. 99. 159 Briseno. Ramona 79.145 Chandler, Judy 78. 97. 1 59 Bristow. Ron 68. 126.128,159 Chandler, Teresa 145 Brodersen, ) im 50, 52, 145 Channon, Knsty 145 Brooks. Terry 145 Chapman, Kent 145 Brown. Gary 1 1 4. 1 59 Cherry, Lisa 43. 55.159 Brown. Greg 172 Chiaramonte, Jerry 20 Brown, Julie 1 59 Chikako. Sugiyama 173 Brown. Laurie 173 Chiodo. Mary 159 Brown, Mark 158 Chiodo. Mike 61.145 Brown. Pam 60. 145 Chiodo. Tony 145 Brown, Rachel le 50. 145 Chiovaro. Tony 159 Brown, Roxanne 159 Chiupka. Barry 145 Brubaker. Cindy 50,145 Christian, Julie Bruckshaw. Ann 141.145.149,152 Christianson, Mike 159 Bruckshaw. Mike 92 Church, Becky 159 Bubendorfer. Jon 159 Cioccio, Cassie Buckingham. Dave 173 Cioccio, Marco 145 Buell. Mike 145 Clair, Suzie 102. 103 Bullard. Mary 47, 159 Claman, Dan 118, 145 Bunce. Dave 111 Clapper. Mary 66, 146 Bunte. Shelh 145 Clark, Anne 54,70, Burden, Dave 86 Clark, Carolyn 50,159 Burden. Vickie 159 Clark, Chris 146 Burdick, Jen 95.% Clark. Debbie 50, 61, 146 Burdick. Jackie 159 Clark, Derrick 52 Burgan. Randy 173 Clark. Michael 57.146 Burgett. Ferrell 74.173 Clark. Mike 55. 84.173.192 Burgett. Kimberly 145 Clark. Nancy 159 Burgett Stan 54. 81.173 Clark. Regina 146 Burgett. Tim 111 Clark. Sandra 159 Burks. Naomie 78. 1 59 Clark. Scott 146 Burns. Margaret 82. 83,173 Clark. Todd 159 Burriola. Becky 145 Claman, Dave 159 Burson, Chris 55. 56.159 Clayton, Jerry 173 Burson. Shelly 60. 66. 88. 99.145 Cline, Becky 83.159 Burt. Chris 48. 1 39. 1 59 Clingman. Jerry 110.146 Bush. Shan 173 Close, Knsty 37, 47. 54.159 Butler. Steve 145 Coan, John 159 Button. Lorie 61.86.145 Coates. Brian 146 Buzzy. Larry 52,85,159 Coates, Rick 146 Byers. Cindy 83.173 Coellner, Linda 123, 146 Byrd. Rick 68 Coellner, Linn 146 234 Coffey, Tricia 66. 146 Duckworth. Craig 160 Ferrari. Brenda 132.147 Cohoon, Jackie 146 Duckworth, Debbie 174 Fields. Bill 176 Cole. Jim 57, 72, 73, 173 Dudley, Jennifer 160 Filippelli. Joe 161 Cole, Ken 146 Duede, Craig 68, 175 Findley. Bob 110 Cole. Lillian 16 Duede, Tom 147 Findley, Lisa 161 Cole, Terri 159 Duffy, Paul 110,136. 147 Fmley. Don 118.134,136.147 Collins, Judy 146 I Duke, Dave 160 Finn, Dawn 147 Colkms. Jeff 191 ' i f Dunston. Tracy 50. 147 Fisher, Debbie 176 Colosimo, Charlie 146 J. . — J Durbm. Bill 36. 78. 84. 107. 108. 175. 192 Fisher. Karla 99,161 Colosimo, Donell 79, 146. 151 Durbin, Diana 50. 146 Fisher, Lorie 161 Colosimo, Mike 75.159 Daggert. Jim 160 Dusterhoft, Tom 39. 92. 107, 108. 114. Fisher, Mindy 176 Colosimo, Rosie 74,75, 76.173 Daggett. Billie Sue 74, 75, 174 117.175 Fisher, Tami 127, 176 Colosimo, Tony 126,127,159 Dahlberg. Doug 111 Dyer, Karen 175 Fisher, Sally 26 Colosimo, Tony 173 Dailey, Tim 174 Dyer, Rhonda 160 Fitch, Penne 176 Combs, Charlene 146 Dalrymple, Todd 110. 146 Fitch, Steve 107, 176 Comegys. Danny 159 Dale, Mike 75,160 Fitzgerald, Tim 59, 60.147 Comegys, Michelle 173 Dale, Terry 95 Flannery. Theresa 161 Comiskey, Jane 74, 173 Dalsing, Lisa 146 Flatt, Jack 176 Conkling, Ric h 50.173 Dalton, Lori 160 Flatt, Kevin 63, 134, 161 Conley, Margaret 159 Daniels, Brian 160 Flickenger, Paul 176 Conner, Cindy 123,132. 146 Daniels, Cheryl 174 Fogue. Pat 94, 161 Conner, Shelley 159 Daniels, David 146 Fokken, Bruce 147 Conrath, Debbie 97,120,121,122,159 Daniels, Kim 146 Fokken. Marianne 161 Conrath, Elaine 110 Daniels. Debbie 174 Echolm, Jamie 147 Forbes. Kathy 86. 1 76 Constant, Floyd 30 Daniels. Kim 61 Eckey, Edgar 24 Forbes, Tracy 86. 147 Conway, George 159 Daniels. Michele 160 Eddins, Steve 147 Foreman. Tammy 46. 80. 161 Cook, Colene 146 Dann, Toni 18 Edner, Mike 147 Fouge, Pat 107,109 Cook, Cynde 146 Darden. John 134. 136, 146 Edwards, Aaron 50, 52,147 Foust, Karla 176 Cook, Debbie 146 Darnell. Christy 160 Edwards, Carol 147 Foust, Marjean 50.83.161 Cook, Doug 159 Darr, Sherry 174 Edwards. David 160 Foutz, Don 161 Cook, Patty 159 Darrah, Jon 160 Edwards. Emily 44.45,88, 89.160 Frangos, Kris 26, 102.103.132,133,177 Cook, Richard 146 Davenport, Dean 160 Edwards, Karen 61.127.160 Frank, Kent 20 Cook. Ron 159 Davenport, Bob 160 Egenberger. Ginger 83,160 Frazier. Jean 29 Copic, Kim 159 Davis, Bill 50,118, 146 Eginoire, Bob 147 Fraizer, Pat 55, 56.176 Cooper, Tom 68. 1 59 Davis, Brent 52, 146 Eginoire, John 160 Fraser, Julie 1 77 Coppi, Theresa 160 Davis, Cindy 146 Eginore. Ty 60, 147 Fravey. Mark 94 Coppola, Robin 160 Davis, Joe 160 Eidbo, David 50 Freel. Jeff 161 Cord, Sandra 146 Davis. Mary Kay 74. 75. 174. 192 Eidbo. Elling 55,57,84.175 Fridle, John 161 Cordaro, Chris 46, 1 46 Davis, Sherri 61,68,160 E idler, David 147 Friend, Melanie 147 Cornwell, Mary 74, 75,173 Davis. Tony 160 Eilbert, Gary 75.160 Frome, Teresa 161 Cosner, Glen 111 Davis, Ty 111 Ekstrum. Dan 175 Fronk, Jeff 110,147 Cosner, Tammy 44, 191 Davison. David 160 Elder. Flynn 160 Frye, Brenda 26.147 Cosper, Rhonda 146 Davidson. Pam 61. 146 Eldridge. Janet 175 Frye, Mark 161 Costanzo, Joe 173 Dawson. Andy 146 Elitrit, Tim 147 Fucaloro, Steve 111 Cotton. Jon 146 Dawson. Tina 146 Ellis, Brenda 147 Fucalaro, Sue 54. 62.63. 79.177 Cottrell, Clayton 138. 160 Dean, Scott 160 Ellis, Jamie 110. 147 Fulitano. Jill 61. 147 Coughennower, Bruce 124.160 Dearden. Denise 160 Ellis. Jeff 160 Fuller. Dore 147 Countryman, Michael 160 Dearden, Diana 48. 1 74 Ellingson, Sue 175 Funaro. Don 177 Couvalt, Scott 160 Deardon. Dennis 118 Ellwanger. Dan 68. 175 Funaro, Tessie 127. 177 Cox. Robyn 60, 146 Deangelis, Chuck 160 Ellwanger, Scott 160 Funaro. Tina 147 Cozad, Allan 110, 146 Dearth, Tim 160 Elmore. Kem 147 Funderburk, Jana 161 Cozad, Donna 160 Deitrick, Doug 107 Endres, Kerry 160 Fusaro, Christina 127, 161 Craig, Doug 54, 66, 160 Delmege, Steve 79, 100, 134, 160 Enos, Pam 74,75,86,175 Fusaro, Mike 111 Craig, Nancy 61, 87, 146 Delury, Michelle 78. 160 Enslow. Cindy 44. 132. 133. 175 Fusaro, Toni 177 Craig, Randy 111 DeMoss, Barry 160 Eonatti. Diane 15 Crandall, Wendy 146 Dennis. David 107,134. 160 Epps, Lonnie 160 Crapser, DeAnn 174 Dennis. Kathy 88, 89. 160 Erickson, Anthony 54. 66.160 Crawford, Curt 160 Denny, Mike 68. 174 Erickson. Joni 175 Crawford, Dorine 146 Denny, Tawnee 99 Erickson. Kathy 88.147 Crawford, Janet 174 Dereus. Dave 94. 160 Erickson, Michelle 175 ( Creagh, Maria 17 Deter. John 99. 174 Erickson, Miriam 60. 78.147 V Crees, Diane 48 ' 160 Deterick, Doug 108173 Erickson, Perry 160 Crees, Valerie 160 DeWees. Sue 29 Erickson. Theresa 160 Crevehng, Etta Mae 123, 146 Dey. Bill 146 Erquist. Becky 160 Gabel. Gary 20 Crise, Dave 126, 174 Dey. Carolyn 160 E theridge. Shawn 160 Gabbert. Amy 99 Crist, Martha 37,43, 48,160 Dey, Denise 50, 146 Etzen, Bob 160 Gable. Kay 38. 39. 41.44. 68. 72.95 Cromer, Steven 173 DeYoung, Debra 71.83.174 Evans, Jennifer 132.147 166. 177 Cromn, Dean 61.80.160 Diag, Jennie 146 Evans, Kevin 130 Gable. Sue 161 Crook, Donna 146 Dickey, Dave 1 74 Evans, Mark 160 Gabriel, Bob 111 Cross, Archie 61,146.147 Dickey. Gene 107,108,134.160 Evans, Mark 175 Gabriel. Ross 161 Cross, Debbie 50, 55, 56, 174 Dingeman. Steve 140, 146 Evens, Shelli 141 Gale, Lisa 147 Cross, Kari 146 Dingman. Brian K 174 Ewald. Brenda 160 Galvin, Tina 82,83.177 Cross, Kathy 87, 160 Dingman. Kris 174 Gamble, Linda 147 Cross, Steve 74. 174 Dingman, lami 174 Gamble, Tern 83,177 Cross, Tracy A 160 DiSalvo. Kim 147 Garber, Sue 147 Cross, Tracy L 160 Dissinger, Denise 146 Garber, Terry 161 Crouch, Theresa 160 Doane, Kristin 76. 174 Gardner, Theresa 177 Crumb, Toni 75, 192 Doane, Laura 60,123, 146 c " " I Garnant. Phyllis 31 Culler. Bill 146 Docken. Karan 39, 38,44, 76,174 Gaskill. Peggy 72,177.192 Culp, Gary 146 Doerring, Linda 174 J Gates. Kathy 161 Cummins, Ethyle 14 Donahoo. Jeff 146 Gates. Rick 161 Cummins, Keith 111 Donahoo, J im 160 Fagerland. Ann 60,147 Gates. Robin 61.66. 147 Cummins, Kent 146 Dooley, Chuck 147 Fairchild. Peggy 86. 175, 192 Gates. Sandy 79. 147 Cunnungham, Jim 140 Doud, Cheryl 37, 79, 160 Fairley. Janet 160 Gathercole. Randy 68. 161 Curnes, Susan 146 Doud, Michele 146 Fargo. Chuck 107. 108, 134. 176 Gatske, Mike 68 Curry, Diane 79 Dougherty. Lowell 24 Fatino. Gary 75.176 Gauldin. Chen 147 Curry, Kelly 87. 160 Douglas. Jody 146 Fatino, Tony 82, 83,160 Gauldin, Gary 177 Curry, Stan 160 Douglas. Kim 123. 146 Fauler, Debbie 132.160 Gaulke, Sharon 161 Curtis, Carla 50, 146 Douglas. Kurt 146 Fazio. Frank 160 Gaumer. Barbie 147 Curtis, Denise 54, 78. 160 Douglas. Rick 54.56,174 Fazio, Jeff 160 Gaumer, Bernie 111 Curtis, Kevin 160 Douglas. Teri 160 Fazio, Lisa 147 Gaumer, Brian 38. 39. 41,107.127,177 Curtis, Pat 174 Downey, Mike 147 Fazio, Mary Fran 46. 147. 149 Gazzo, Joe 100. 101, 134.135 Drake. Hugh 29.107,134 Fees, Terry 176 Gedler, Joe 55.177 Draper, Dan 160 Felice, Debbie 160 Gedler, Maria 141 Draper, Debbie 174 Felice. Lisa 141 Gedler, Mark Draper, Jim 174 Felice, Vicki 19. 41.54. 89.176 Gedler, Mike 54. 57. 58. 60. 161 Draper. Randy 61,147 Fennell, Sherri 55. 56, 58. 176 Gedler. Tina 141 Drew. Cathy 68, 174 Fenton, Terry 176 Geppert, Kent 54.161 Drew. Jack 111 Fenton, Kellie 160 Gerdes, Caroline 141. 147 Drew. Julie 174 Fergson, Julie 132.133.176 Geronzin, Mary 97.132.161 DuBois. Elaine 147 Fertig, Joleen 147 Ghee, Angela 83. 161 235 Gibson, Colette 161 Gibson, Jeff 161 Gilbert, Jeff 54, 161 Gilbert, William 20 Gillespie, Becky 1 61 Gillespie. Jo 177 Gillis. Donald 25 Gillispie. Cheryll 177 Gilliam, Jeff 147 , ilium Marcia 59, 72. 73, 177 Gillum, Robin 107, 109, 161 Gilliam, Rod 161 Gillson, Ray 147 Glanz, Bob 147 Goerndt, Kyle 177 Coble, Julie 1 61 Coble. Kay 110, 161 Gomez, Jesse 68. 69. 100, 147 Gomez, Kathy 1 77 Gomez, Manuel 147 Gomez, Mike 100, 147 Conzales, Steve 100, 101. 134, 177 Goode, Matt 118,147 Coodling. Margaret 66. 177 Gordon, Rick 161 Gorsche, David 110, 147 Gourley, Kim 161 Graeve, Mark 161 Graham, Carla 72, 73, 177, 192 Graham, Jolene Grant. Maureen 147 Graves, Greg 128,147 Gray, Donna 161 Gray, Ronald 15 123, 147 Green, Kirk 79, 161 Greene. Christine 177 Green, Sally 99. 161 Griffin, Vicki 177 Griffiths, Jim 1 26 Griffiths, Kim 86.99.161 Griffiths. Marlena 19,61,147 Griffiths, Jim 111 Crimes, Linda 46, 147. 149 Groth, Marilyn 18 Groves. Brian 72,138,177 Gruis, Tim 37,50,161 Cuessford, Todd 60, 118, 119, 147 Guidicessi, Barry 147 Cuill, William 161 Gullion, Brent 147 Uullora. Cjreg 147 Guthrie, Jack 177 Guthrie, Tom 177 Guy, Clifton 59,60,147 Guy, Greg 177 Cuzzette. Jackie 148 Hagar, Fred 148 Hall, Joan 26 Hall, Maria 97.110,111.161 Haley. Randy 177 Halsted. Jim 110.148 Halter, Lisa 148 Halverson, Kim 161 Hammon, David 111 Hamman. Sherri 178 Hamby, Candi 54, 59,83.161 Hamilton. Glenn 148 Hammer. Ken 62.63.161 Hammond, Sue 61.148 Hand, Debbie 99.161 Hankms, Todd 116.148.154 Hanson. Craig 50.178 Hanson, Jamie 178 Hanson. Karen 61.148 Hanson. Keith 50. 52. 161 Hanson. LeRoy 161 Hanson. Mark 161 Hanson. Tern 148 Harding. Daniel 148 Hardman. Debbie 148 Harker. Wes 161 Harms. Carol. 18 Harper. Bob 110.148 Harper. Mike 118.148 Harper. Mike 134. 148 Hams. David 148 Harris. Naomi 161 Harrison. Curt 161 Harrison, Dana 1 78 107, 161 Harrison, Kelly 130. 161 Harrison, I ance 59, 60.110.148 Hart, Craig 50, 110, 148 123, 132, 148 Hart, Tim 74,75,178 Hartkemeyer, Karla 1 78 Harvey, Tim 161 Haskins, Karen J. 55,57,178 Haskins, Sherry 50, 60, 123. 148 Hastie, Lucia 55,57,161 Hastie, Sam 60, 1 30, 1 48 Hatcher, Tom 60,148 Hatfield, Kenny 161 Haugh, Tom 161 Haus, Joe 148 Hayes, Larry 30,128 Hayes, Tom 130. 148 Heaberlm, Kim 55, 57, 58. 178 Heath, John 71, 86, 114, 116, 178 Heathcote, Tom 80, 1 61 Hebert, Bettina 1 61 Heck, Christine 82,83,178 Heck, Joe 1 48 Heck, Patty 141 Heggen, Diane 38 Heggen, Mary 48.99, 161 Heggen, Ted 39. 50, 52, 53, 178 Heglin, Chris 148 Heide, Tim 110,148 Heiderscheidt, Donna 55, 59, 121. 132. 133 178 Heincy, Gary 111 Heiselman, Norma 161 Heiselman, Rodney 148 Heldenbrand. Cheryl 163 Helebock, Terry 1 32 Heller, Blame 161 Helm, Gloria 148 Henderson, Jerry 1 78 Henderson. Kevin 50. 52. 61, 130, 148 Hendersen. Robin 61. 148 Hendricks, Ace 106. 107 Hendricks, Jeff 107. 127, 178 Hendnx, Debra 163 Henkle, Cindy 1 78 Henre. Robert 54. 72. 140. 178 He rbert, Matt 77, 148 Herbert, Tim 1 36. 140, 178 Heritage, Tracey 163 Herren, Dana 163 Hess, Paul 25 Hesseltine, Teri 148 Hesser, Kim 1 78 Hethenngton, Doug 134,178 Heuton, Curt 1 78 Hiatt, Mike 59,60,148 Hibbs, Kelly 1 78 Hibbert. Ruby 1 78 Hickey. Jerald 21 , 1 66 Hickle. Kevin 31.163 Hickman, Jim 178 Hickman. Johe 15 Higgms, Ed 148 Highland. Jennifer 61. 148 Hild. Brad 61.148 Hildreth. Denis 18 Hildreth. Lauri 148 Hildreth. Lillian 18 Hildreth. Sheri 178 Hill. Jeff 148 Hill. Tracey 48.163 Hill, Vickie 67.163 Hitchcock, Doug 178 Hitchcock, Sandy 102. 103, 121. 132. 163 Hitchcock, Ten 148 Hoch, Roberta 86. 1 78 Hochstatter, Kym 59. 60. 148 Hoff. Sandy 59. 60. 77.148.149 Hoffman. John 62.63.65. 66, 84.178 Hoffman. Joy 59. 60. 148 Hoffman. Lester 148 Hohenshell. Kim 102. 103.121,132.133 178 Hohl. Scott 61. 87. 148 Holder. Kelli 178 Holland. Scott 134 Holland Tim 163 Hollebrands. Matt 148 Hollingsworth. Kelly 163 Hollmrake. Bill 101. 134. 163 Holmes. Chris 148 Holmes. Delbert 148 Holmes. Susie 82. 178 Holt. Helen 16 Hood. Debbie 148 Hoopes. Shelly 132.163 Hope. Julie 59. 60.66.148 Horner, Kevin 64, 65. 84. 178 Horton. Billie 98. 99, 163 Horton, Mary 48, 1 79 Hotchkiss. Chuck 54, 1 34, 1 79 Hotchkiss, Tony 55,56,163 Houge, Tim 107, 108, 134, 179 Houghtaling. Shirley 61,67,148 Housby. Mike 179 Houseman. Ken 107, 108, 126, 134, 179 Houts. Cheryl Ann 1 79 Howard. Debra 163 Howard, Diane 1 48 Howard, Jeff 148 Howe, Jim 1 48 Howell. Patricia 61. 79. 88, 99. 148 Howell, Teresa 72. 73. 79, 179 Howlett. Steve 179 Howlett, Sue 1 79 Hubbs, Kelly 50,148 Hudson. Mary 55, 59, 68. 1 79 Huffman, Kim 140.163 Hunt. Scott 60,148 Hurley, Mary 61. 148 Hutchens. Denise 163 Hutchison, Tracy 121.122.179 Hutchison, William 18 Hutt, Jackie . 79,163 Huxford. Bill 179 3 Inhofe, Lisa 44.45.68,163 Irving. Jill 127.179 Isaac. Pam 148 Isaacson, Stuart 61 . 1 34, 163 Izzolena, John 60.110118.148 Izzolena, Joni 48.54,179 3- Jackman, Terry 138.139.163 Jackson, Becky 148 Jackson, Douglas 163 Jackson, Eanne 48.54,163 Jackson, Julie 148 Jacobs, Gary 148 Jacobs. Sherri 148 Jacobson. Ruth 26 lannsen, Rhonda 163 Jaeger. Julie 148 Jaehnel, Gerald 18 Jarnagin. Gary 148 Jarnigan, Brian 129.179 Jarnigan, Jeff 134.163 Jarnigan. Lon 74.179.192 Jarvis. Jacki 148 Jarvis. John 14 Jasper, Julie 148 Jeager. Julie 61.86 Jeffrey. Randi 121.141. 148 Jenkins. Tom 148 Jennings. Cindy 148 Jennings. Ellbert 24 Jessop. Marlene 148 Jimenez, Shelley 163 Johannesen. Dan 163 John, Tim 130.163 Johns. Dave 179 Johnson Bertil 25 Johnson Brian 15.114 Johnson Debra 148 Johnson Dennis 148 Johnson Jeff 179 Johnson Jennifer 150 Johnson. Judi 163 Johnson, Lon 163 Johnson Mark 74. 180 Johnson Missy 163 Johnson Penny 27.163 Johnson Richard 150 Johnson Scott 163 Johnson Shern 79 Johnson Steve 50. 150 Johnson Tim 150 Johnson Tracy 150 Johnson Vickie 150 Johnston. Debbie 180 Johnston. Tim 163 Jolliffe. Bryan 163 Jones, Barb 150 Jones. Bill 150 Jones. Bill 163 Jones. Carol 50. 150 Jones. Carrie 150 Jones, Craig 52.61,150 Jones, Dave 56.58,180 Jones, Dawn 163 Jones, Emily 61 , 141.150 Jones, Gene 163 Jones, Jon 180 Jones, Shelley 150 Jones, Steve 50. 107. 134,163 Jones, Ted 180 Jordan. Jeff 163 Jordan. Julie 60. 79. 141,150 Joss, Corey 60.150 Judge, )im 77. 107, 108. 126, 127.180 Judge. David 111 Judish, Dana 45 luaisn, Uebbie 45.72,98,99,180 Judkins. Bill 130, 180 Judkins. Bradley 130, 163 Julson, David 54.59,163 Jury. Pat 75. 81 ,94. 163 Kading. Debbie 141 Kaili, Kevin 150 Kaiser. Bev 61 Kaiser, Keith 1 50 Kaiser, Kevin 180 Kammier, Jack 1 30 Karch, Jeff 110.136,150 Karnes. Melinda 60, 1 50 Karnes, Steve 1 A 7 1 All 1 AO 1 1 A 1L1 1U , lUo, Kr), I 14. IbJ Kaufman, Charles, E 1 50 Kauffman, Cretchen 18 Kausy, Bev 163 Kauzlanch, Debbie 79, 163 Kauzanch, Diane 79, 163 Kazunas. Tony 61 , 1 50 Keeney, Sue 60, 66, 1 41 , 1 50 Keller, Vonnie 150 Kelley, Larry 150 K elley, Mark 140,150 Kennedy, Bob 163 Kennedy, Walt 111 Kent, Dan 25. 180 Kent, Brian 163 Kent. Donna 150 Kent. Mary 150 Kern. Craig 77, 114, 116, 117, 163 Kernes, Tim 180 Keyes, Kristi 61 . 87. 1 50 Kieler. Bill 163 Kilgore. Rhonda 48, 71, 180 Kilhnger. Karl 28. 50. 52 Kincel. Cindy 150 Kincheloe, Kenny 150 Kincheloe. Todd 68. 79.84. 163 King. Betsie 150 King, Brian 163 King. Kevin 87.150 Kirkhoff. Kathryn 17.26 Kirschbaum, Bndgette 163 Kirschbaum. Kathy 180 Kirshbaum, Lori 99.150 Kissell. Kay 48, 180. 192 Kissell. Marybeth 88.99. 149. 150 Klein. Doug 150 Kli er. James 180 Klier, Susie 132. 150 Klimouski, Rondelle 48.82.83,180 Kline. Greg 54,57.180 Kline, Mary 180 Klinefelter. Steven 180 Klisares. Kevin 180 Klucking. Tony 54,130,131,181 Knapp. Carla 150 Knauer. Melissa 54, 56, 181 Knight. Charlinn 48. 181 Knotts. Sue 163 Knox. Susan 163 Koeppl. Betty 81. 181 Korch. Jeff 130 Koskovick. Richard 130. 181 Kozo. Pete 31. 180 Kramer. Brad 111 Kramer, Gary 62, 181 Krantz, Lynne 59. 60. 1 50 Krelle. Brendan 134. 163 Kneg, Carol Sue 27.48. 181 236 Kriel, Brenden Kroll. Doug Kruger, Everett Krugler, Mary Kusel, )o Lynne Kutchen, Jerri Kuzela, Helen 100 163 150 163 163 181, 192 181 X LaBonia, Sam 107,163 LaBuschagne, Simone 43,139,163 Lacona, Vanessa 181 Ladurmi, Mary 60,150 Lafferty, Kim 150 Lafon, Debbie 181 Lafon, Jim 150 Lagunas, Patty 181 Lammers, Loren 181 Lampan, J im 111 Landess, Dave 59, 60, 1 40, 1 50 Lane. Nancy 181 Lane, Phyllis 123,150 Lane, Sandy , 54, 78, 163 Lang, Teresa 163 Lange. David 55,57,84,181 Lange, Denise 60,150 Lankford, Laura 59,163 Larimer, Christina 150 Larsen, Karen 149,150 Larsen, Kelly 48,95,163 Larson, Caroline 181 Larson. Janet 86, 150 Lau, Becky 48,163 Laughlin, Barb 61 Laugk. Sandy 120,121,122,181 Lawler, Lorena 61,150 Lawler, Rick 181 Lawless, Bud 163 Leach, Sue 19,46,110,150 Lee, Chuck 150 Leech, Chris 138,163 Leege, Connie 150 Leege, Terri 83,181,192 Lemen, Jack 18,150 Lenan, Dana 150 Leo, John 129.181 Leonard, Robert 30 Leonetti, Frank 163 Leong, Andrew 84,181 Lepper. Todd 50.150 Leslie, Pat 150 Leto, Paulie 163 Lett. Art 163 Lett, Bob 163 Lewellen, Dennis 54,62,163 Lewellen, Nancy 150 Lewellin, Don 42,181 Ligouri. Lisa 61 , 1 50 Lmgle. Vickie 150 Lindeman, Mike 101 Lindemoen, Mike 134,163 Lint. Sheila 50.52,150 Little, Kevin 151 Little. Sue 132.151 Lively. Mike 151 Livingston, Stan 181 Lloyd. Mike 97,107,163 Lloyd, Richard 163 Lloyd. Rita 151 Locker, Bob 29 Logan. Andrea 151 Long, Scott 130,151 Long, Barry 151 Lopez. Chris 163 Lopez. Stephanie 151 Lowe. Becky 159, 163 Lowe, Don 163 Lucas, Jim 151 Lucia, Tony 181 Ludlow, David 163 Luian, Dawn 60, 59. 151 Lukenbill. Pam 151 Lumadue, Liz 150 Luna. John 100 Lundgren, Kelly 48,181 Lunn, Ron 151 Lussie. Leigh 18 Lyons, Randall 181 Lynch, Tracee 163 Macasa. Judy 82,83,181 Machir, John 151 Mack. Todd 107,163 Madison, Lucretia 181 Magnani. Randy 110,136,151 Mahoney, Teresa 181 Maldonado, Art 164 Maldonado, Dave 54, 59, 79, 164 Maldonado, Lynn 50, 151 Maldenado, Mark 54, 57, 58. 79, 1 81 Maldonado, Phyllis 60. 1 51 Malliet, Richard 14 Manley, Dawn 1 51 Mann, David 151 Manning, Chuck 75,181 Manning. Paula 121,164 Mark, Todd 81 Marmon, John 151 Martin, Philip 24.121.132 Marquis, Mike 151 Marshall, David 151 Marshall, Mike 164 Martindale, John 74,182 Martinez. Carla 79, 88, 99, 1 51 Marturello, Mark 55. 68. 69, 70, 71 , 1 82 Marturello, Mary 54, 56, 58, 71, 182 Massey, Andrea 151 Mason, Randy 164 Matalone, Kathy 182 Mathews, Betty 164 Matson, Robin 164 Mayhugh. Rex 164 May, Danny 110,151 Mayo, Debbie 151 Mazzie, Carl 75,182 Mazzie, Susie 151 McAnnich, Brad 182 McAnnich, Kelly 72.114.182 McAnnich. Kevin 66,151 McArthur, Stacy 97,121,164 McBee, Tara 164 McCarthy, Julie 151 McCarthy, Kim 151 McClanahan. Gary 25.111,134 McClelland. Jim 107,126,164 McClelland, Scott 111 McClean, Mike 182 McClean, Sherri 164 McCleary. David 37,130.164 McCleary. Deb 47.72.182 McClish. Dave 151 McClure. Ed 42. 54. 57. 62. 65. 71. 182 McClure, Cary 111 McClurgy, Lisa 61,151 McCool, Doug 151 McConkey. Dianna 151 McCoy, Cary 71 , 78, 79. 1 82, 1 92 McCoy, Karla 164 McDavit. Brent 151 McDonald. Julie 79,164 McCee, Rhonda 182 McCraw, Jim 80,151 McKee, Anthony 75,164 McKee, Chris 140,164 McKern, Jeff 50, 151 McKern, Randy 50.164 McKern. Ramon 151 McKern, Richard 100,134,164 McLaughlin, Arlena 164 McLaughlin, Lee 182 McLean, Dale 28. 68. 69 McLeland. Brent 164 McMahon, Richard 27 McNally. Dave 118 McNew, Sheryl 151 McPhee, Tina 50,79.164 McReynolds, Diane 74, 75, 182 McVey, John 151 McWherter, Jeff 126.182 McWilliams, Jerry 151 Meek. Dan 164 Meeks. Kim 151 Meeks, Michelle 164 Meisters, Terry 182 Melcher, Mark 111 Mendenhall. Bill 182 Mendenhall. Craig 60. 1 51 Meredith. Susan E 48. 54. 1 82 Merkel, Mark 182 Merrick, Lexy 75 Mernfield, Dan 182 Metford, Fay 151 Mettille. Craig 74.75.164 Meyer, Shelly 50.151 Myers, Steve 107 Meyert, Rene 48,182 Middleton, Denise 164 Mikovec, John 164 Miles, Craig 151 Miles, Jeff 164 Millard. Kelly 31,164 Miller, Bill 85.87 Miller. Donna 182 Miller, Jeannette 151 Miller, Kermit 107.108,134.161,164 Miller. Leonard 164 Miller. Mark 164 Miller, Mike 151 Miller, Paty 164 Miller, Steve 151 Miller, Tami 48,69.182 Miller. Tracy 151 Miller, William 85,151 Mills, Margie 182 Mills, Michele 151 Mills, Mike 182 Minella, Gilbert 164 Minshall, Kimberly 44, 45, 110, 111, 182 Minshall, Mark 151 Mitchell, Mary 182 Mitchell, Pat 126 Mitchels, Fred 130,151 Mitchell, Lee Ann 164 Mitcell, Steve 164 Modde, Dennis 164 Moden, Tim 182 Moffitt, Beth 54, tt. 89. 164 Moffitt. Kelly 61.151 Mohr, Deanna 182 Molka, Mary 182 Monroe, Mark 183 Montanaro, Fiore 50, 52, 183 Montgomery, Rick 68, 183 Montgamery, Roger 183 Moore, Cheryl 183 Moore, David 50, 1 51 Moore, John 18,151 Moore, Mike 72,107,108,183 Moore, Sid 164 Morgan, Brenda 46,99,151 Morgan, Jeff 164 Morris, Mark 84,85,87,151 Mortice, Cherri 97,110 Mosell, Malette 61.151 Moses, Beverly 151 Motsinger, Mark 183 Motsinger, Sue 151 Motsinger, Tammy 164 Mould, Jim 152 Muck. Denise 164 Mullins. Kathy 50.152 Mullins. Sue 183.192 Mundy, Rod 152 Mundel. Cayle 50,152 Munoz, David 1 52 Munsell, Steve 152 Munyon, Denise 48, 50, 52, 66, 164 Munyon, Sheri 61,152 Murphy, Mike 152 Murphy, Paul 164 Murray, Daniel 27 Murrell, Susie 164 Murtle. Darla 152 Muto, Sue 61.127,183 Myers, David 152 Myers. Kathleen 18 Myers, Rhonda 183 Myers. Steve 129,164 Myers, Terri 154 Neuwerth, Chris Nevms, Cinny Nevins, Jay Newell, John Newton, Connie Nguyen, Kim Nichols, Jeff Nichols, Jody Nicholson, Brian Nicholson, Kelly Nicholson, Terry Nicolino. Gina Nicloetto, Pauline Niffenegger, Jill Niffenger. Julie Niger, Jon Nittler. Terry Nixon, Bill Nixon, Marty Noah, Liz Noble, Diane Noble, Kim Noble, Jeff K Noble, Jeff S Noland. Julie Norberg, Scott Norton, Tammy Norton, Tim Nucaro, Mary Nucaro, Tom 164 152 100,136,152 183 56.62.71,183 152 152 152 164 183 183 43, 62,66. 79.127,164 183 152 184.192 152 184 164 164 72, 73,184 152 164 60,118,140,152 60,152 50,164 152 184 68. 107, 108, 164 54,57,184 1 52 O, Youngchu 164 Oakman. Dorothy 16,18 O ' Brien, Barbara 15 O ' Brien, Robbin 50. 55. 57, 164 O ' Connell, Kent 164 O ' Connor, Pam 132,152 O ' Conner, Patrick 152 O ' Donnell. John 50.52.184 O ' Donnell, Mary Kay 152 Ogburn. Bill 164 Ogden. Mike 55,57.140,164 O ' Hara. Brad 111 O ' Hara. Dorren 42.44,184.192 Oliver, Debbie 184 Oliver, Debbie 152 Oliver, Eddie 152 Oliver, Steve 134,164 Olsen, Edward 164 Olsen, Thomas 184 Olson, Gregory 164 Olson, Jon 184 Olson, Margaret 18 Olson, Tom 107 Oltrogge. David 164 O ' Neel, Dennis 54 Oreutt. Diane 132.164 Ortale. Dave 21.110.132 Ortega. Marina 152 Ortega, Robert 164 Ortiz. Tina 152 Osborn. Kelly 19,164 Osborne. Diane 152 Ostrem, Brian 164 Oswall. Darrah 61.87,152 Overton, Mary 79, 1 64 Owen, Mike 140,184 Oxley. Craig 136,152 Oxley, Ronda 152 Oxley, Tim 134 £P Nash, Janice 183 Pace, Melissa 122.164 Nation, Cyndee 164 Page. Chris Nation, Denise 61.68.183 Page, Greg 100.184 Navin. Randy 183 Palis, Doug Neal, John 111 Palmer, Lynn 152 Neff, Guy 77. 78,100,114,164 Pankuuk, April 88.99.152 Nelson, Clayton 183 Parkin. Neal 152 Nelson, Jim 79.152 Parks, Jim 164 Nelson, Jo Dee 86.183 Parks. Todd 107.134.164 Nelson, Mark 164 Pascuzzi. Laura 123,152 Nelson, Tom 164 Paszak, Pam 50, 55, 164 Nelson, Victor 147,152 Patch. Bonnie 60,152 Nemeroff, Terry 183 Patch, Jeff 164 237 Paton. Lome 82.83.184 Raymond. Shawn 61. 153 Paton. Rick 152 Rea, Marvin 153 Patten, Judy 164 Rea, Monty 153 Patterson. George 111 Reece, Mike 153 Pavon. Marie 61.152 Reed. Cathy 50, 60, 1 53 Pawlewski. Dave 111 Reed, Charles 107, 108. 134. 185 Payne, Bernerd 152 Reed. Frank . 153 Payne. Margueritte 50,59.60.152 Reed. Gary 153 Payne. Natalia 165 Reed. Kim 86 Pazzi. Louie 165 Reed. Lowell 24.111 Peachey. Tern 165 Reed. Tern 165 Peacock. Dennis 14 Reetz, Dee 185 Pebbles. Ryle 152 Reeves. Dan 54, 62, 63. 65, 66, 1 66. 67. 1 85 Pedersen. Helen 152 Reeves, Eddy 153 Penney, Jerry 165 Reeves, Jay 130.153 Penney, Kathy 152 Reeves, Jeff 153 Penney, Terri 184 Reeves, Linda 165 Pennington, Kim 54.62.63,184 Reichenbacker. Kelli 165 Perkins, David 87.152 Reihsen. Linda 185 Perkins, lanice 153 Reimers, Curtis 153 Perkins, Mike 85 Reints, Laurie 165 Perryman, Eddy 153 Reir, Debbie 165 Peter, James 165 Reischl, John 74,185 Peterson. Lisa 59,63.79.165 Reisman, Ken 71,185 Petosa. Tony 70.71,165 Remsburg, Mark 185 Phalen, Erin 149.153 Renda, Anthony 165 Phalen, Tim 165 Renda, Laurie 153 Phillips. David 75,107.165 Renda, Lisa 139.165 Phillips. Kathey 184 Reser, Gary 165 Phillips, Ted 55. 56. 184 Reynolds, Rick 140 Pickett, Brian 110.153 Rhoads, Cecil 21,106.107.108 Pierce. Phyllis 61,153 Rhoades, Lorrie 153 Pike. Jodi 68. 165 Rhoades, Marty 129.153 Piper, Don 153 Riccio, Marguerite 153 Piper, Jeff 184 Rice, Brenda 95.% Piper, Jim 68. 107. 109. 161. 165 Rice, Bruce 185 Piper, Ronald 153 Rice, Debbie 47 Pittman. Paul S 74.185 Rice, Rhonda 26.95. 96, 97.120.121. Plemone, Mitch 74.165 122.185.192 Pogue. Gene 165 Rice, Vanessa 79.165 Pollock. Janel 99.153 Rich, Darren 110.153 Pollock. Mick 185 Rich. Dirk 111 Poison, Jerry 165 Richards. James 86. 165 Poison, Larry 185 Richards. Jearl 165 Poortmga, Cheryl 153 Richardson. Kevin 185 Porter, Bruce .... 153 Richart, Chen 185 Porter, Cap 153 Rickabaugh. Jeff Posekany, Kris 141 Rickert, Diane 123.132.153 Potter, Brian 153 Ricks, Lynne 50.165 Potthoff, Leigh 88, 89, 99, 185 Ricks, Vivolyn 50. 165 Pouge, Gene 107 Riehm Shen 165 Powell, Blythe 88.99,151 Riewer, Tammy 185 Powell, Harold 110,153 Riewer, Yvette 61.153 Powers, Angela 185 Riggle. Mark 79.153 Prall, Dave 72,73,100.101,134.185 Riley, Bobby 153 Prentice, Jeff Riley. Robin 165 Prendergast, Mark 1 36, 1 53 Riley, Sandy 48.185 Presnell, Ken 165 Riney, Belinda 185 Preuninger, Tammy 153 Rios, John 153 Preuninger, Tim 124.165 Rios, Julian 54 Preuninger, Tony 124 Riseley. Doug 165 Price, Janeice 153 Rist. Debbie 165 Price. Janet 60.153 Ritland. Linda 29 Price, Nancy 55.71.185 Rivera, Louie 186 Prieto, Tony 79.140.164 Rivera, Theresa 165 Proudfoot, Jeff 50.129.185 Rizzuti, Lisa 46. 153 Prothero, Vickie 82. 83 Roads, Chuck 185 Prusis. Jams 31. 165 Robb. Cheryl 153 Prymek, Tom 165 Robb, Jenny 50.165 Pulliam. Jerry 50.185 Robb, Mark 153 Puis, Sandy 78. 1 53 Robb. Mark 153 Purscell, Brian 54.107,185 Robbins, Diane 153 Putney, LeRoy 107. 165 Robbins. Heather 153 Robbins. Nick 185 Roberts. Craig 153 Robertson. Jeff 66, 67. 186 Robison. Janice 50.165 Rodberg, Sherry 153 Roe. Rhonda 50, 52. 59. 153 hr Roeng, Kathy 165 ' Roger, Mike 165 Rogers, Gene 27 Race, Susan 165 Rogers, Phil 74, 124. 186 Rafdal. Pam 153 Rogers, Randy 165 Ragan. Kim 153 Rohm. Barb 88.110,111,153 Raguer, Eric 185 Rohm. Elizabeth 54. 78, 110, 186. 192 Rains. Jeff 111 Romeo, Jim 153 Rains. Tom 107.165 Roone. Craig 111 Rains. Ulzada 165 Rooney. Shen 123.153 Raleigh, Jon 165 Rosenbalm. Chuck 153 Ramey. Jodi 26.153 Rote. Bill 186 Ramey, Mike 107.185 Rote. Michelle 74. 186 Ramsey, Cindy 185 Rote. Mike 153 Ramsey. Scott 85. 165 Roth. Linda 186 Rand Cathy 185 Roth. Karen 50.153 Rand. Sandy 132.153 Roth. Steve 186 Randleman. Randy 130 Roth. Tom 153 Randleman. Tammy 98. 99. 185 Routh. Patricia 186 Randolph. Mary 185 Routson. Pam 153 Ratliff. Donna 153 Roxberg, Janice 31 Ratchffe. Robin 165 Ruble. Glenda 60.153 Ruble, Ronda 61, 153 Shingledecker, Russ 166 Ruggles, Jay 165 Shipley, Stephanie 67, 1 54 Ruggles. Julie 165 Shipman, Greg 52, 166 Rummelhart, Craig 165 Shoafstall, Shen 18. 154 Rummelhart, Mike 165 Shockley, Chuck 187 Runkel, Sarah 28.54,165 Shockery, Clark 154 Rush, Jack 39, 77.107,108.134.186 Shoemaker, Cindy 187 Rush, Linda 110. 111 Shoning, Debbie 61. 166 Rushing, Pete 75.140.165 Short, Jerry 107. 108. 166 Russell. Bill 165 Short, Velma 154 Russell. Bob 138. 186 Shortely. Jackie 50. 52. 166 Russell. Roy 186 Shumway, Mike 166 Russo, Ed 50. 52. 53.186 Sieck, Diane 1 32. 1 54 Russo. Jeff 186 Sieck, Duane 187 Russo, Mary Lynn 154 Sigmund. Jeff 166 Ryan, Lola 86. 165 Simmons, Sarah 154 Rynerson, Kathy 165 Sinclair. Jim 94. 166 Rynearson, Kathy 154 Singleton, Cindi 88. 89. 166 Singleton, Frank 166 Sinopoli, Thor 166 Sisam, Steve 140, 154 Skidmore, Tina 154 Skoglund, Tammy 79. 99 Slawson, Tami 54, 57. 166 Sleeth, Mike 154 C Sloan, Peggy 166 Sly, Tammy 187 Sacco, Gara 186 Sly, Tim 145, 154 Sacco, Kellie 154 Smith, Arther 187 Sage, Brent 107,108. 165 Smith, Debi 46, 1 49. 1 54 Saltz, Scott 111 Smith, Diane 79, 166 Saltzman, Jeanne 103,132.133,165 Smith, Dianna 86. 166 Saltzman, ) im 154 Smith, Don 154 Saltzman, Rick 165 Smith. J R 50. 59. 130, 166 Salyers, Lana 54, 186. 192 Smith, Jerry 154 Sanders. Jim 77. 93. 107. 108. 134. 135. 186 Smith, Kent 72. 73. 114. 187 Sanford, Mike 165 Smith, Kevin 68. 100. 134, 166 Sapp. Lynda 165 Smith, Kristy 27, 86, 87, 166 Sarasio, Kathleen 50, 52. 71, 121, 186 Smith, Lisa 166 Saville, Mary 123. 154 Smith. Mara 79. 1 54 Sawyer, Tom 50, 52. 186 Smith, Mark 166 Sawyer, Tyra 154 Smith. Matt 79. 100, 1 34. 166 Scaglione. Victor 186 Smith. Mike 31. 94. 124, 165. 166 Scanlon. John 36 Smith, Rick 94. 166 Scanlan. Patti 62. 1 54 Smith, Rose 21 Scarpino, Diane 48, 62, 66, 165 Smith, Terri 60. 66. 67. 78. 1 54 Searcy, Chris 27. 154 Smith, Wade 111 Scavo, Greg 154 Smith, Yolanda 60, 87, 1 54 Schaefer, Julie 165 Smull. Carolyn 1 54 Schaffer, Calvin 165 Snook, Sandra 68, 81, 187 Schartner, Shelly 141, 154 Snyder, Brenda 166 Schimidt. Angie 154 Snyder, Debbie 95, % Schlak, Linda 19, 80 Sohn, Allen 166 Schmeling, David 165 Solem, Brian 81 Schmerbeck, Gary 25 Solem, Kelly 187 Schoot, Pete 154 Soliday, Beda 88, 89, 99, 187 Schuler, Linda 154 Sohday, Kelly 130, 131, 149, 154 Schurman, Tim 130, 166 Soroka, Al 54. 166 Schwartz, Kevin 186 Soroka. Chris 1 30, 1 54 Schwartz, Patricia 31 Soroka, Tonya 132, 166 Schweizer, Rowena 27 Souder, Becky 79, 1 54 Scigliano, Mark 186 South. Rick 140. 154 Scott. Mike 94. 166 Spad. Rosemary 74. 75. 187 Scott. Maxine 14 Spafford, Donovan 154 Scott, Renee 71.97,141.166 Spaur. Randy 187 Scott, Ronni 54. 57,186 Spahr, Virginia 166 Sears, Gloria 55. 56.186 Sparks, Kelly 187 Sears, Marvin 19. 166 Sparks, Melinda 1 54 Seeber, Debbie 38. 39. 44.95,96.186 Sparks, Melissa 166 Seger, Chris 132,166 Spaulding, Kim 50. 1 54 Seger. Pam 186 Speed. Kent 75. 166 Seibert, Larry 111 Speicher, Mitch 154 Seibert. Rick 110.154 Spieker, Scott 1 54 Seid, Steve 77, 94. 114. 134. 166 Speridon, Dana 41, 89, 187 Selby, Cyndi 68. 166 Spore, Randy 74 Seiner, Paula 99 Squire, Cindy 47, 78, 166 Semple. Scott 166 Squiers. Jay 36. 64. 107, 109, 1 30, 166 Senecaut, Chris 154 Squire, Jim 154 Senecaut. Kim 166 Staecker, Julie 54, 56, 58, 187 Sender. Bill 1 54 Stafford, Andy 166 Senter, Troy 61 . 1 30, 1 54 Stafford, Bob 134, 166 Serverson. Melody 154 Stamper, Danny 154 Severino, Laurie 154 Stamper, Jeff 154 Shannon, Shawn 186 Stanard, Paul 54. 85. 166 Shappell, Kim 37.166 Stanley, Jeff 154 Shay, Teresa 18, 122. 132. 154 Stanley, Julie 54, 84, 187 Sheehan. Jeff 166 Stanley, Tammy 166 Sheehan, Joe 72.186 Stapes, Jadi 48, 166 Sheehan. Judy 154 Stapes. Rick 93, 107, 126, 187 Sheets. Karla 187 Staples, Mary 166, 187 Shelton. Pam 154 Stark. Mary 81, 187 Shelton, Scott 154 Starrett. Kelly 111 Sheridan. Dave 154 State. Russell 66, 67, 188 Sheriff, Brenton 154 Statton. Julie 60, 154 Sherman, Sally 154 Staude, Tern 81, 188 Sherman. Scott 166 Steele, Danny 107, 166 Shepherd, Barbara 15 Steinbach, Donnda 166 Sheumaker, Randy 84.107,134.135.187 Steinbach, Lisa 166 Shicks. Ruth 55. 57,166 Steinbach, Paula 74, 75, 188 Shields, Sue 166 Stemler, Shelley 154 Shielks. Sue 87 Stemler. Tami 166 238 Stender, Georgia 188 Thomas, Rory 167 Stender. Phillip 154 Thomas, Roxanne 167 Stephens. Jerry 154 Thompson, Blaine 75,167 Stepleton, Christopher 93. 188 Thompson, Julie 155 Stepp. Art 74. 75. 188 Thompson, Lou Ann 50, 155 k A Sterret. Bill 166 Thompson, Randy 155 Stevens, Janette 154 Thompson, Shelby 167 V I 71 Stevens, Jim 56. 58, 74. 188 Thompson, Tammy 155 ! V Stevens, Michelle 68, 188 Thompson, Wes 189 Stevens, Mike 94,107,166 Thorne, Michael 189 Waddill, Dennis 167 Stevens, Paul 188 Thorp, Randy 155 Wagner, Franz 189 Stevens, Paula 75 Thorton. Beth 71,189,192 Wanger, Scott 190 Stewart. Carol 29, 56 Thraher, Arnold 155 Wagner, Lori 47, 50.80. 167 Steward, John 188 Thurman, Rusty 155 Waldron, A J 167 Stiehl. Mike 166 Tilotta, David 59, 60, 87,155 Walker, Glenn 155 Still. David 166 Tieplemen, Madonna 167 Walker. Jackie 123.132 Stillwell.Carla 54, 78,166 Timmerman, Mark 54, 59,167 Walker, Joan 70, 71,95,102.103.121. St John. Don 134. 187 Timmerman, Pam 61,155 Stoddend, David 166 Timmons, Jeff 155 Walker. John 167 Stone, Kelli 79.154 Timmons, Julie 167 Walker . Karm 155 Stone. Polly 141 Timmons, Mark 75,167 Walker. Kelly 155 Stotts, Bill 188 Titus, Jim 155 Walker, Steve 107,129.190 Stout, Mark 68, 188 Tofanelli, Leanne 155 Wall. Steve 62, 65,155 Stover, Bob 166 Tomlinson, Jeff 110, 136, 155 Wall. Tim 66 Strain. Scott 154 Tomhson, Ron 107, 108. 189 Wallace, Steve 72. 73, 92.107,108.190 Strait, Lisa 54, 79, 97, 166, 188 Tomlinson, Ronda 141 Walsh, Pat 1 30. 1 55 Strait. Randy 166 Toncar, Robert 167 Wand. Jay 30 Strasser. Perian 188 Toomey, Angel 155 Wanick, Bob 155 Stratton. Carry 111 Tracy, Vickie 167 Wangler, Laura 61. 155 Stratton. Jerry 188 Trainer, Kim 127 Ward, Andy 36, 71.138, 189 Stratton, Julie 62 Treanor, Kim 61,87,167 Ward. Denise 60.123.155 Stratton, Larry 188 Treanor, Marvin 79, 155 Ward. Tom 155 Street, Nanetta 154 True, Bob 85,167 Ware, Doreen 78. 97,121.141,167 Street, Steven 188 True, Brian 39, 72, 3. 77,114,116.189 Ware, Tom 167 Strohn, Bob 94, 107, 124, 165, 166 Truitt, Jeff 75,107,167 Warevick, Joe 124 Strohn, Steve 124, 154 Truitt, Mmdy 155 Warfield, Craig 124.155 Stroud. John 50, 52,166 Tru|illo, Fred 115.189 Warford. Bart 72.93,190 Stuck, Vangie 54, 56, 188 Trujillo, John 61,155 Warnes, Scott 140.155 Student, Vicki 166 Tucci, Jo Marie 44, 167 Warren, Larry 74,190 Studer, Laura 154 Tucker, Dave 85, 167 Watson, Margaret 61, 87, 167 Studer, Lorna 154 Tucker, Jan 189 Watt. Don 190 Studins. Laura 50,52,188 Turner, Cormen 50.167 Wears. Tonia 60, 79, 155 Studins, Nora 88. 1 54 Turnipseed, Wes 167 Weaver, Dave 126 Stumpenhorst, Mary 54. 188 Turnquest, Allen 124 Weaver, Laura 62,64.110.167 Suchy. Doug 64,107,134 Tursi, Patti 83. 189 Webb, Lynn 38. 39. 41.44.45. 72.76 Sudbrook, Keith 61,154 Twyman, Dava 155 139,190. 192 Sufka. Ken 55,188.192 Tyler, Jeff 189 Weberg, Lynda 48,,133. Sufka. Pam 166 190. 192 Sugiyana, Chikako 37,97,188 Weberg, Wanda 15 Suit. Amia 60, 154 Weeks, Christine 48.190 Summy, Dennis 130 Weigel, Jim 167 Summy. Doug 55, 72, 188 Weigel, Teresa 155 Summy, Shelly 154 CI Weir, Diane 19.71 Summy, Steve 130, 188 1 Weir, Lori 155 Sutton. Marty 124 L Weldon. Jeff 19.107 Swackhammer, Cina 189 Weldron, Pat 167 Swart , Cindy 61. 189 Umphfleet, Craig 189 Welton, Adriana 167 Swihart. Harold 19 Utterback, Lisa 155 Wenck, Tom 190 Swisher, Tammy ? 154 — mm J I v V Wendt. Debra Wensley, Douglas Wessel, Cindy West, Doug West. Fred Westburg, Michelle Weyer, Scott Wheeldon. Jeff Wheeler, Craig 167 25 155 155 117.155 167 110.155 140.190 190 Valenti, Tony 111 Wheeler. Dorothy 155 Taggart, Jeff 167 Vance, Chuck 167 Wheeler, Greg 68 Tait, Gary 167 Vander Linden, Bob 29, 110 Wheeler, Jackie 155 Talley. Brad 167 Vanderpool, Kathy 167 Wheeler, Mary Lou 167 Tapscott, Melissa 167 Vanderpol, Mike 155 Whisler. Kathy 155 Tapscott. Pat 154 Vandervelde, Susan 54, 75,99.167 Whitacre, Shirley 167 Tassi n, Pam 167 Van Gundy, Vicki 55. 78, 167 Whitcher. Becky 167 Tassin, Rhonda 75. 189 Van Patten. Rich 189 White. Bob 129.190 Tassin, Rich 189 VanPelt. Bill 167 White. Chris 59.155 Taylor, Becky 47. 50,167 VanSickle, Mike 167 White. Kyle 190 Taylor, Christina 189 Van Tuyl, Carl 21 White, Lee 190 Taylor, Marty 61 Van Velzen, Polli 189 White. Steve 111 Testa, Albert 21 Vanderwerf, Jeff 189 Whiteaker, Donna 28 Tew, Chris 154 Van Zuuk, Gary 155 Whitehead. Laura 55. 56. 190 Tew, Sue 50, 167 Varvel. Mark 155 Whitfield. Paul 190 Tew, Tammy 61 , 1 54 Vargus, Mike 155 Whitmore. Jane 167 Thacker, Barb 189 Vasey, Steve 110, 155 Whitten, Carla 167 Thacker, Glen 167 Vem, Pat 155 Wicker, Blair 111 Thacker, Jeff 167 Venn, Rhonda 167 Wickham, James 19 Thacker, Jerry 189 Vermeulen, Brenda 61. 155 Wignall. Vicky 50. 60.155 Thacker, Sandy 154 Villirillo. Janet 79, 155 Wilcox. Kim 167 Thacker. Violet 154 Violet. Kipp 81. 167 Wilde. Linda Tharp. Ernie 154 Virden, Jerry 155 Wilde. Lisa 95.97,121,132.167 Theis, Greg 167 Virden, Kathy 48. 151 Wildman, Irvin 30 Theis, Steve 154 Voitel, Bill 87. 155 Willet. Roger 155 Thiel, Tom 189 Volz, Kimberly 189 Willey, Mary Jane 16 Thielke, John 60, 87, 1 54 Volz. Vince 167 Williams, Anna 36, 62, 190. 192 Thiethe, Jerry 50 Voodgt, Dan 60,140,152,155 Williams, Carol 83.167 Thoermer, Beth 88. 89. 98, 99,189 Vose. Doug 107,189 Williams, Carolyn 50. 167 Thomas, Bruce 130, 189 Vulcano, Cindy 189 Williams, Don 21.128 Thomas, Christina 189 Williams. Iris 190 Thomas, Dana 154 Williams, Judy 48. 82.83.190 Thomas, Jerry 155 Williams, Kim 190 Thomas, Jim 189 Williams, Kim 61.155 Williams. Mark Williams, Scott Willion, Lance Willis. Vicki Willson, Terry Wilmer, Linda Wilmore, Kirby Wilson, Bob Wilson, Camie Wilson, Harold Wilson, Keith Wilson, Marty Wilson, Mike Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Ray Wilson, Sandy Wimer. Annabel Wingfield, Don Winters, Steve Whitmore, June Wion, Daryl Wion, Jerry Wohlford. Scott Wolver, Dick Woods, Deb Woods, Cheryl Wood, Ellen Woods. Jack Woods, John Woods, Jon Woods, Lori Woods. Mark Woodson, Krishna Worley, Bernie Worthington, Eddie Worthington, Kristi Worthington. Teresa Worthington, Tim Wren. Robert Wright, Brian C Wright, Karol Wright, Sharon Wyatt, Tim 111 124. 155 167 48, 50. 52,167 155 167 68. 69.93.190 155 167 155 118.155 54. 80.167 60,155 54, 57. 58. 72. 73. 190 167 44. 167 61 155 167 167 86 190 155 124 155 167 121 45.167 190 100.167 61. 167 87.155 61.155 167 190 50.99,155 155 167 25 55. 56.190 16,190.192 155 94. 167 Yakovich, Joe Yakovich. Michelle Yeast, Donna Young, Deb Young, Doug Young, John Young, Russell Young, Sande Young, Woody 110.155 141. 190 28 50.167 191 155 155 191,117 191 Zarley, Tim Zavalla. Regina Zepeda, John Zimmerman, Kevin Zinger, Virginia 85. 140. 167 14. 54. 57, 58, 72,191 167 191 21 239 It is the belief that two and two is really five that makes tomorrow tomorrow. 240

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