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Illllll lllllllll fttttfttt -Abraham oCinco(n JJifyli Scltooi 2600 S.W. 9tk i Iflfjoined, 9c 1975 castle builders rainbow chasers illusion breakers idealists ... realists 100-157 158177 .178-199 Dreams for the future, hopes, and plans of tomorrow, taking our fantasies and making them our realities. At Lincoln each of us is striving to reach the end of the rainbow — to find our own pot of gold — full of hopes and dreams. 3 e past . . . Dreams we have reached and dreams we are still reaching for. At Lincoln we have been involved in a year of changes and shortages, gas shortages, paper shortages, higher prices, stocks dropping, loir, ,■ mploymcnt rate, a mild recession, conviction of four government offi- cials, and the first resignation of a United States president and vice-president. Not only nation wide changes, but at Lincoln we too have been faced with the day-to-day hangups and changes of a growing high school: a stricter absence policy, confidentiality law, peer counseling, executive internship program, a new parking lot, proposals of additions to the building, more English electives for sopho- mores, new teachers, cadet teachers, foreign exchange students, change in coaching policies, proposals of busing, and winning state bas- ketball tournament Many of which were our dreams fulfilled and others our dreams falling short. dreams or tlte j ut are We now must dream and hope for the future. To set traditions and new policies for the generations to come and dreams for the rest of our lives. Dreams of open campus, student lounges, smaller classes, more varied classes, student council enlarged, new sports programs, and overall student participation. Dreams of success, happiness, and wealth. All of us waiting to be set free, to get out on our own, build a home, a life, to find and reach our goals and dreams. Each of us a little reluctant, a little fearful, a little disinclined, to leave behind us a part of us, a part of our lives. Even though decisions were hard to settle upon, we have dreams for and from our times at Lincoln. Many of us hesitant to make our decisions because we realize the impact it will have on our future — on the rest of our lives. Hone or the R AILSPLITTERS LINCOLN 6 Administrative woes- confidentiality, busing The attendance policy was a predominant issue faced by the admin- istration during the ' 74-V5 school year. The year was also marked by discussions on desegregation, building expansion and boundary changes. A ruling was enforced by the administration and the Police Department concerning the parking lot. The ruling, passed ten years ago, is being en- forced because of the increasing amount of cars over the past dec- ade. The " Family Ed- ucation Rights and Privacy Act o f 1974 " was passed by the federal gov- ernment in relation to students ' rec- ords. The Act, better known as the C o n f i d entiality Law, is being en- forced at Lincoln by Mrs. Kathleen Sniffer, registrar. Lincoln ' s Coun- seling Center, head- ed by Miss Alice Anderson, assisted students in course scheduling. Principal Melvin Bowen (above right) ponders a problem at the opening of .school. Adviser Earl Brott (above) ex- plains attendance policies to the incom- ing sophomores. Vice-Principal Robert Wilson (middle right) listens intently during an administrative meeting. Prin- cipal Melvin Bowen (below) listens at- tentively to students involved in one of the new school related activities, the Executive Internship Program. 10 School Board (seated) James Cunningham, Dr. George Caudill, Nolden Gentry, Dwight M. Davis, superintendent. (Standing) Dr. John C. McCaw, Merle Schlampp, Kate Goldman, Dr. Ora E. Niffenegger, Mrs. Jack Spevak. Advisor James Fitzsim- mons (above right) stops to think about the upcoming school year. Principal Mel- vin Bowen discusses with Student Council president Matt Tapscott, secretary Lorri Wedemeier, and vice- president Mary Brandt. Lincoln ' s Administra t i o n (above) are Vice-Principal Robert Wilson; Principal Melvin Bowen; 10th grade Advisor Earl Brott; and 1 1th grade Advisor James Fitz- simmons. Office registar (left) Kathleen Schiffer. Castle Builders 11 Library invokes study and research " Our aim is to supplement and enrich the classroom, and with that in mind, we try to run a good library ' commented librarian Helen Holt. The library is the one room in the building that becomes science — math — home economics — art — English — foreign lan- guage — commercial — social science — industrial arts — music, as all of these classes use the library. After 14 years, the li- brary is better than ever equipped to serve the needs of students with nearly 20,000 books and hundreds of current and back issues of magazines. " Although more than 600 stu- dents use the library every day, we endeavor to have a person-to- person relationship with each one, " expressed Lillian Cole, librarian. Mike Duff, Dave Little and Jim Ogle (far above) use the library for research. Debbie Patrick (left) looks for a good book. A student (middle right) researches a government project. Students (above) take time out for a joke during library time. 12 Staff workers hold school together The custodial staff includes (standing) Bob Sloan, Frank Funaro, Charles McClelland, Hubert McDonald, Ray Riley, Mike Newell. (Seated) Dorothy Smith, Dave Kiese, Jamie Henderson, Sam Ellis. The office staff keeps the school administration running smoothly and efficiently. Cus- todians keep Lincoln in tip top shape. The cafeteria help is responsible for serving the stu- dents and teachers grade A lunches which include regular lunch or ala carte. Office staff (above left) copes with their every day routine. Nurse Alice Bowling completes daily paper work. Beeulah Curry (below) prepares for lunch lines. Lincoln ' s cafeteria staff includes (first row) Ester Patton, Manager Mary Cook, Joyce Hendrichs, Linda Anderson; (second row) Marianne Solem, Wilma McCaulley; (third row) Lorraine Johnson, Maxine Tyler, Judy Hiatt, Pat Brewer; (fourth row) Mari- an VanAlstine, Sharleen Norem, Joann Bates; (fifth row) Beeulah Curry, Mary Jones, Barb Scavo. Castle Builders 13 Learning to understand the business world This year the Business Education department opened new courses for sophomores only. These courses were set up for career exploration office education. The department also provided juniors and seniors with on-the-job training and for the college bound or vocational student. Out of several courses, the student has the choices of: Arithmetic, Business Law, Con- sumer Business, Data Processing, Notehand, Shorthand, and Typing. These courses help students pre- pare for future jobs and career ideas. Distributive Education (DECA) also gives the student an opportunity to work when released from school and to gain a credit. Sponsored by Dan Murray, the club members acquired job skills in ac- tual work situations, working in grocery stores, gas stations, auto shops and other various businesses. Jane Sayers the department head said, " Our main goal is to offer a variety of courses in order to meet the need s of all students no matter what they pian after graduation. " Alice Else (above right) gives instruc- tions to class for their daily assignment. Mr. Murray (right) explains business prob- lems to his class. Nancy McBride (left), substituting for Clara Day, instructs typing student. Seniors Teri Grimes and Kim Hallbauer (lower left) practice their short- hand during class. Janyce Abarr (lower right) returns test scores to her class. 14 Gene Rogers (above left) explains busi- ness law to Jeff McClintock and Jody Schuler. Seniors Jim Silcott, Larry Bates, and Tim Laird (above right) try to figure out a problem. Richard McMahon (middle left) explains bookkeeping problem to Den- nis Cromer. Bookkeeping class (middle right) quietly studies as Jerry Atkinson looks on. Seniors Becky Clair, Cindy Hel- fenstien, Lori Wallace, and Diane Campi- nigro (left) practice typing skills. Castle Builders, 15 Production is our future business The industrial arts program trains students in the skills of mechanical drawing, woodworking, auto and metal shop. Woodworking program is offering beginning and advanced courses. Beginning students made step lad- ders while advanced classes worked on cabinets and tables. The auto shop course is covering small and large engines and the dis- mantling and reassembling of their own cars. In metal shop, students were taught the fundamentals of shop safety, the use of hand tools and welding techniques. Drafting classes worked on the procedures of mechanical drawing and gives the student a chance to apply the skills in some architectural work. Bert Johnson (above right) discusses plans with students. Randy Johnson (far right) works on step ladder. Terry Burns (right) uses a grinder in metal shop. Doug Wenslay (middle left) discusses parts of an engine during auto mechanics class. An aerial view shows woodshop (below). 16 V Versatility and improvement is our goal A new program in the Home Eco- nomics department this year was nursery visitation. Students from Phyllis Garnant ' s child development class went to various nursery schools and worked with the children. Other courses offered in this de- partment were home furnishing, personal family living, foods and nutrition and clothing and textiles. These are taught by Phyllis Garnant, Ann Borgen, Janice Roxberg and Patricia Schwartz, who are encour- aged by the number of boys in- terested in the home economics courses. Senior Diane Snyder (above left) looks for the right pan. Cooking students (above right) prepare for a dinner by setting tables and fixing the food. Personal Family Living class (middle) talk about the movie they just finished seeing. Child Development class (right) has a party for children brought by each student. Castle Builders 17 Driver ' s Ed. emphasizes safety and skills In order to develop safe and efficient drivers the law requires that a student be 1 5 years or older, acquire an instruction permit, wish to obtain a license before the age of eighteen and pass the three areas in which the drivers educa- tion program is divided. Students are required to pass driving, class- work and simulator in order to receive a drivers license. There were no curriculum changes, how- ever, the department consists of teacher changes. Two Lincoln teachers, Walter Imig and Francis Belding, were replaced by Floyd Constant and Steve Koroch. Floyd Constant (above left) discusses proper inter- section procedure with his first semester class. Larry Hayes (above right) explains turns onto one- way streets to his simulator students after viewing driving movies. Future drivers (above) try to com- prehend information during class discussion. Stu- dents and instructor (left) return to Lincoln after practicing driving skills. 18 P.E. classes strive for physical fitness During boys gym class, a fierce game of basketball is played (above). Coach Tom Cady (middle left) in- structs the breathing technique underwater. Vicki Short (left) awaits her turn during a bad- minton tournament in girls gym class. Girls in gym (left) take part in an exciting volley- ball game. The girls ' physical education classes worked in units for approxi- mately six weeks offering a choice of individual or team sports, gym- nastics, rhythmic exercises, folk dancing, swimming and track. The individual sports program consisted of badminton, archery and tennis. The team sports program offers soccer, basketball and volleyball. The boys physical education classes had different units offered this year. A new unit this year was badminton. Along with basketball, track (spring and fall), wrestling, volleyball and flag football. All two to three week courses, they gave gym students a variety. Studying fundamentals were the goals of these sports games. The state of Iowa requires each student to participate in physical education. The requirement is based on the importance of physical fitness and recreational or leisure time skills in our lives. Castle Builders 19 English classes more elective each year Lincoln ' s English department went through changes this year. The sopho- more English students got the chance to move directly into the 20 English electives this year due to tests which exempted them from taking the stand- ard English program. Approximately 34 students qualified to move directly into elective courses, according to de- partment head Lillian Hildreth. Other Lincoln students were put in classes on the basis of their tests scores, stressing usage or regular Eng- lish fundamentals. A second test was held to see if more students could pass out of the second semester where they could move directly to the elective program. Lincoln is fortunate to be the only high school with such an English pro- gram. English electives include: Cre- ative Writing 1,11; Drama I, II ; Journ- alism I, II, III ; American Novel; Writ- ing Survey; Expository Writing I, II; Speech Survey; Individualized Read- ing; and Short Story. Castle Builders 21 Languages communicate The Foreign Language department of- fered French, Russian, Latin, and Spanish this year. Not only do the students learn to better understand the people that speak the language they are studying, but by using tapes, films, and records they also learn to read and speak each language. The culture and custom of the particular country is also studied. Each language department has a club with student offi- cers which have activities throughout the year. " The foreign Language department is convinced that every well educated person must be familiar with the language and culture of a country other than his own. If a student continues his education in college he will realize that the most com- mon degrees such as a Bachelor of Arts continue to have foreign language as a requirement, " states Erna Bevington, de- partment head. 22 0 flf Maria Creagh (above right) explains Spanish term to Gloria Bernal. Kathryn Kirkhoff (middle right) listens as Diane Baker translates. Saskia Post (above) asks a question in French. Erna Bevington (right) interprets a French reading to the class. 22 Mathematics moves minds The Mathematics Department has added a new course this year to the curriculum entitled Applied Occupational Mathematics. This course is intended to provide a re- lated math experience to those students currently enrolled in the industrial arts program and other course areas. The main areas of concentration are the mathematics in electricity, carpentry, metal shop, auto shop and distributive education. The Omnicron Kappa (Math club) completed its activities for the year. Students prepared for the Creighton University Math- ematics Field Day and the Annual Mathematics Tests, both during the second semester. Edgar Eckey (above left) explains a problem to his math class. Phil Martin (middle right) discusses a problem on a math test with Mark Schroeder. Lowell Reed (left) writes a problem on the board for his students to work out. Lowell Dougherty (above) discusses math homework with Juniors Brian Baumhover and Jim Crumb. Castle Builders 23 Exploring to find new answers h " Out of an estimated 15 science courses, Lincoln ' s 1 200 science stu- dents are fortunate to have one of the largest science facilities of the Des Moines High schools, " accord- ing to Alan Ewers, head of the sc ence department. Of all the high schools Lincoln is one of the best equipped also. Curriculum in- cluded: Biology I; II, Ecology, Bot- any, Zoology I; II, Chemistry, Physiology, three different Physics courses, Electricity and Electronics. In the past three years Ecology, Botany, Zoology I; II, and Conser- vation classes have increased in enrollment because of the stu- dents growing interest in their environment. Mr. Ewers is looking forward to more science students next year. Arlene Young ond Howard Reeser (above) ask questions about birds of Ace Hendricks in Conservation. Sophomore class (above) watches intently as Hugh Kent lectures on Biology. Seniors Ron Lemons and Scott Blunck (left) prepare for an experiment. 24 Alan Ewers (above left) lectures to one of his physics classes. Edward Kern (above right) oversees his class as they take a Biology test. Comedy in Chemistry class (middle left) causes Mary Reed, Rick Peterson, Bruce Staples, and Wendell Stone to laugh. Seniors Jackie Moore and Laura Helland (middle right) are amazed at reactions of Chemistry experiment. Sophomore Biology class (right) studies for upcoming test. Castle Builders 25 Studying the past to move forward This year Lincoln ' s social sci- ence department catered to various interests of students with its elec- tives. Requirements for graduation include two credits of social sci- ence. Sophomores had to take either United States History or Geography in an Urban Age. American government and eco- nomics each one a one semester course are also required for gradu- ation. New courses last year, Revolu- tion and Social Reform, one semes- ter courses were meant to be back to back. They stress the two ways in which countries bring about changes. Social science electives and re- quired classes are as follows: Twentieth Century Europe which delves into the recent history of the European countries, and Emerging Nations of the World covers the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, primary centers of conflict this year. Asian studies is the study of all Asian countries and their backgrounds. Other courses include: Latin American — deals with culture, climate, philos- ophies and religion. Sociology — centers around major sociological concepts. Psychology — gives stu- dents understanding of social and human behavior. Geography in an Urban Age — chief goal is to pro- vide students with knowledge and cognitive skill to enable them to make generalizations and think ab- stractly. Revolution — concept of revolution itself lead students to value our system of social reform. Social Reform — study of social re- form movements in Great Britain and the United States. Economics — creates intelligent participants in the area of production, distribu- tion and consumption of various commodities. American Govern- ment — studies of the progression and background of the American government. Personal Family Liv- ing — deals with life and family living. Rose Smith (above right) explains the con- stitution to her government class. Jerald Hickey (above left) listens to a student discuss a social problem. Jerry Chairamonte (above right) talks about Psychology. Gordon Blenderman (right) tells the economic problems of the world. 26 Cecil Rhoads (above left) watches students as they do their class work. William Gilbert (above right) shows history class map of Ameri- ca. Student teacher Jacalyn Wright (middle right) opens her gifts as she spends her last day in Don Ceynar ' s psychology class. Albert Testa (left) takes time out from history work to tell a joke to his class. Seniors Debbie Palis and Eric Manhke (above) discuss procedures during gov- ernment class. Castle Builders 27 Fine Arts add culture to Lincoln Lincoln ' s Art department of- fered a wide and varied course of instruction. The art program con- sists of Art fundamentals, a one year course for first year art stu- dents. Second year students had the option of taking either Draw- ing-Painting II or Crafts II. In their third year students entered Drawing-Painting III or Crafts III. The vocal music department consisting of Swing Choir, Cham- ber Chorale, Concert Choir, Prep Choir, and Girls Glee participated in many performances this year, for the school and community, in- cluding winter and spring concerts. Instrumental performances with marching band and orchestra be- gan the year. Wind ensemble, con- cert band, and stage band were opened to school instrumentalists. Opened to all students this year other than the performing groups was music appreciation and mod- ern music courses. Frank Fillipelli and Terry Hennesey (above right) rehearse for a perform- ance. Dee Christy, Sue Hessong and Debbie Crapser (above) practice on wind instruments. Marilyn Pascoe (middle right) confers with Donna Yeast on Crafts project. Burt Powley, Jean Beckett, Theresa Stoner and Janis Danstrom (right) work on art projects. 28 Counselors help to solve problems Students await counselors in waiting room (above). Mr. Malliet (right) counsels students in front of his office. Faculty guides and advises V Alice Anderson Couns. Jerry Atkinson Bus. Ed. Erna Bevington French Charlene Bjork Couns. Sec. r Ronald Boeth Dr. Ed. Gordon Blenderman Gary Bagby Math Gelene Baldis Work Study Econ. Vernon Bly Math Ann Borgen Home Ec. Pat Brandt Teacher Assoc. Tom Cady P. E. John Carle Social Science Mary Jane Carlson Home Ec. Robert Case Dr. Ed. 13 Janyce Abar Bus. Ed. Beverly Barnes Nurses Aid Alice Bowling Nurse Donald Ceynar Social Science Castle Builders 29 Jerry Chiaramonte Social Science Clara Day Bus. Ed. Alice Else Bus. Ed. Lewis Gabardi Ind. Arts Ronald Gray Bus. Ed. Ace Hendricks Science Elbert Jennings Math Donald Cole Social Science djfe Lowell Dougherty Math Alan Ewers Science Gary Gabel Social Science Judy Griffin Science Jerald Hickey Social Science Faith Huitt English Bert Johnson Ind. Arts Lillian Cole Lib. Dennis Dowell Music Ida Mae Fehrs Bookkeeper Lois Gabler Clerk Marilyn Groth English I Lid Johe Hickman Study Hall William Hutchison English Stanley Jones Ind. Arts Floyd Constant Dr. Ed. Hugh Drake Jerry Ferrell Science Shirley Garland Sec. Joan Hal Bus. Ed. Denis Hildreth English Maria Creagh Spanish Paul Dupey English Sally Fisher Bus. Ed. Phyllis Garnant Home Ec. Carol Harms English ■■I Gerald Jaehnel English Gretchen Kauffman Hugh Kent English Science Ethyle Cummins Couns. Edgar Eckey Math Jean Frazier P.E. William Gilbert Social Science Larry Hayes Dr. Ed. Wilmer Hokanson Social Science John Jarvis Couns. Edward Kern Science 30 Kathryn Kirkhoff Russian t ft Herbert McCaw Science Dorothy Oakman English Linda Ritland P.E. Jane Sayers Bus. Ed. Alette Shull Teacher Assoc. Robert Vander Linden P.E. i Mary Willey A Steven Koroch Dr. Ed. David Ortale Social Science RaeGene Robbins English Patricia Schwartz Home Ec. Rose Smith Social Science f Carl Van Tuyl Social Science Lib. Don Williams Social Science Robert Locker P.E. Richard McMahon Bus. Ed. Dennis Peacock Couns. Gene Rogers Bus. Ed. Maxine Scott Couns. Wanda Weberg Study Hall Robert Wren Ind. Arts Richard Lussie Work Study Delores Miller Clerk Mary Jo Pierce English Thomas Rowley Science Barbara Shepherd Work Study Wendell Stone Science Annette Wright Att. Clerk Richard Malliet Couns. Dan Murray Bus. Ed. Lowell Reed Math Janice Roxberg Home Ec. ■ Bethel Shine Bus. Ed. Harold Swihart English Donna Whiteaker Art Phillip Martin Math Kathleen Myers English 5 J v Cecil Rhoads Social Science Henry Sanders Journalism Kathleen Shifter Registrar Albert Testa Social Science James Wickham English Virginia Zinger Social Science Castle Builders 31 1 New year brings in 806 Sophomores Orientation welcomed a sophomore class of over 800 to Lincoln on August 28th. The entire class met in the auditorium first to be presented school policies by members of the administration. At this time, they were assigned to their homerooms where they were introduced to their homeroom teachers. They then were able to roam the halls and become familiarized with the building and the location of various classes. The Journalism De- partment put out an Orientation Pamphlet which included a map of the school, and other vital in- formation. Students were invited to visit the counseling center to become acquainted with the counselors and to examine the career education materials available at the center. Hopefully a career edu- cation day or days can be planned for the school year. Advisor Earl Brott (above) speaks to sophomore class at orien- tation. Attentive sophomores (below) listen to speakers at orien- tation. 34 Sophomore girls had a chance to become familiar with Juniors and Seniors at the traditional Girl ' s Club Big Sister - Little Sister picnic. Highlighting the picnic were performances by the Cheerleaders, Drill Team, and Flag Twirlers. Sophomores (above left) watch as the various groups perform. Sophomores Leslie Siebert and Tammy Caudill (above right), at the Girls Club Picnic. Kathy Myers (below left) goes over a few homeroom rules with her new students. Some " Little Sisters " having a laugh at the Big Sister and Little Sister picnic. Rainbow Chasers, 35 Homecoming highlights include Float, dance Lincoln ' s Homecoming week of September 23 to 27 was a busy week for many students. The Senior Float was designed and constructed by members of the senior class. The Float was brought to Lincoln Friday morning during a procession of cars with the Float leading the way. The traditional Powder Puff football game resulted in Pep Club defeating a team of Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Flags and Baton Twirlers. The girls were coached by several varsity football players. The Homecoming Assembly boosted spirit for the upcoming Homecoming Lincoln-Tech game. A half-time show performance by the Marching band, presented the Homecoming court. The week was climaxed by the Homecoming dance Saturday the 27th. The group Flood provided music for the couples who attended. Officers of the Senior Sign (above right) are Dina Pagano, Secretary; Jeff Schmaltz, Vice Chairman; Christy Moon, Treasurer; Jeanne Bird, Chairman and Randy Emerson, Con- struction Manager. Powder Puff players (above) assume positions. Homecoming King Mark Long (above right) rewards Elbert Jennings with a pie-in-the-face for representing his losing homeroom in the SAT sales contest. Powder Puff players (below) in action during the game. 36 Rainbow Chasers 37 Anderson, Long reign over Homecoming Voices were hushed as the 1974 Homecom- ing King and Queen were announced at the coronation assembly September 26. Moments after being crowned, Queen Kim Anderson and King Mark Long made their traditional walk around the gym. The Homecoming Court con- sisted of queen candidates Jeanne Bird, Deb- bie Gering, Cathy Renda, Julie Schmaltz, and Shellie Swan. The king candidates included Kent Cherry, Mark Eggers, Rick Parsons, Matt Tapscott, and Jeff Trujillo. The Lincoln Swing Choir and former Homecoming King Doyle Smith performed as students and faculty ob- served the coronation. The first runner-up couple in Mark ' s and Kim ' s court was Jeanne Bird and Matt Tap- scott. Cathy Renda and Mark Eggers were elected second runners-up. Having runners- up in electing the Homecoming Queen and King was a first at Lincoln. Junior Pam Cross feels that the runner-up system is an- other beginning in Lincoln ' s Homecoming traditions. Queen Kim Anderson and King Mark Long begin their promenade after reigning King Doyle Smith and Queen Rhonda Statton pass on their crowns. 1974 Homecoming Court — Jeanne Bird, Jeff Trujillo, Queen Kim Anderson, King Mark Long, Shellie Swan, Kent Cherry, Rick Parsons, Julie Schmaltz, Mark Eggers, Debbie Gering, Matt Tapscott, Cathy Renda. 38 King Mark Long and Queen Kim Anderson (above left) reign over Homecoming activities. Queen candidate Julie Schmaltz and escort John Thorup are presented with first runner-up Jeanne Bird and escort Don Rand (above right). Second runner- up Cathy Renda and escort Mike Nixon (below left) are presented during the half- time activities of the Homecoming game. Queen candidates Debbie Gering and Shellie Swan (below right) observe the Homecoming victory over Tech. Rainbow Chasers 39 Enthusiasm and spirit, a Pep Club tradition An enthusiastic year for Pep Club began with varied Home- coming activities. During the annual Powder Puff game, the Pep Club team emerged victorious over the cheerleaders, Drill Team, Flags and Batons. Some members participated in a pep rally before the game and a balloon release during half time. Numerous out of town games were attended this year, including bus trips to Ottumwa for a football game and to Chariton for a basketball game. Pep Club Officers (below) Cathy Hoffman, Vice President; Lori Weidemeier, President; Jean Tursi, Treasurer; and Julie Connors, Secretary, discuss good standings. An enthusiastic Pep Club (above) cheers on the Basketball team at Chariton. A victorious Powder Puff team (left) poses with pride. Pep Clubbers (above) anticipate a football victory. 40 Rainbow Chasers 41 Cheerleaders kick-off Rail spirit Again this year, two separ- ate varsity cheerleading squads were used. This enabled more individual spirit and enthu- siasm for each sport. The Football, Wrestling, and Girl ' s Swimming squad was very liv- ely and busy with many pep assembly performances. New uniforms added a bit of a spar- kle. Led by captain Debbie Gering, the Football squad re- turned from a summer cheer- leading camp with award win- ning cheers and routines. The Football squad received outstanding ratings every day for cheering and enthusiasm during competition at NCA camp held at Lake Okoboji. Football Cheerleaders (above right) include (front row) Julie Schmaltz, Debbie Gering, Shell ie Swan, Tammy Huggins, Tracy Umdenstock, Pam Rizzutti, Liz Harbert, Nancy Link. Debbie Gering, Shellie Swan and Julie Schmaltz (below) are concerned over their team ' s performance. Yell leaders (above) include Mark Long, Jeff Schmaltz, Ron Lemons, Graig Brown, Eric Mahnke, Mike Caligiuri, Bruce Koepple. Not pictured, Dave Mills. Basketball squad continues Along with the Football Cheerleaders, the Basket- ball Cheerleaders learned many new cheers and chants to boost enthusiasm this year. Raising money with a bake sale and a car wash, the squad was able to purchase new uniforms. Headed by captain Diane Forkner, the squad sup- ported all Basketball, Cross Country, and Boys Swim- ming events. Cheerleaders (left) lead Pep Club in victory cheers. Denise Horner (right) prepares for a jump. Cheerleaders (above left) mount during a time-out. Diane Forkner (left) leads cheers at a pep assembly. Basketball squad (above) includes: (First row) Cathy Renda, Dina Pagano. (Second row) Denise Horner, Diane Forkner, Lisa Metel- man. (Third row) Kathy Felice, LuAnn Staecker, Julie Johnson. Rainbow Chasers 43 Sophs show leadership Chosen from freshman classes of area junior high schools, the sophomore cheerleaders followed var- ious sophomore teams throughout their seasons. Led by captain Leslie Benda, the squad took part in summer practices with the varsity squads. Money making projects included a car wash, a bake sale, and selling monogrammed hats. New uniforms were financed by the sales. The sophs were sponsored by Judy Griffin and Ann Borgen. Sophomore Cheerleaders (above left) include (first row) L. Seibert; (second row) D. Seeber, L. Benda, Captain; D. Carle; (third row) M. Albright, J. Trafford, T. Heck, S. Voltz. The squad (above right) leads Pep Club during a time out. Jean Trafford, Tammy Heck, and Sherry Voltz (middle right) chant " Poor Hoover High " with ' sincere ' sympathy. The squad (below right) sup- ports the football team. Leslie Seibert (right) cheers on the basketball team. 44 Baton Corps dazzles halftime performances Highlighting halftime events were the Baton Corps. Under captain Shellie Ballard, the Ma- jorettes performed special stunts with flaming batons. The girls accompanied the marching band to Iowa City. They performed stunts with flaming batons along with other routines. Batons include (above left) Jeri Balducki, Shellie Ballard, and Julie Pore. Shellie Ballard, captain, (above center) poses with pride. Jeri Balducki (above right) concentrates on precision while performing during the Fight Song. Majorettes (above) pause dur- ing a halftime show. Rainbo w Chasers 45 Drill Team combines variety, tradition Summer practices started the ' 74-V5 sea- son early for Lincoln ' s Drill Team. The squad of thirty-two juniors and seniors performed for spectators during football and basketball halftimes. Besides regular fall activities, the group also accompanied the Marching Band to Iowa City to appear in the University Homecom- ing Parade. Led by captains Teri Grimes and Sue Isaac- son, the group marched in spring parades in Pel la and Ames. " This year ' s squad has coop- erated and participated with more effort than previous squads, " boasts Linda Ritland, club sponsor. The ' 74-V5 Drill Team includes (first row) B. Shumway, T. Harper, J. Halter, T. Bird, B. Richards, M. Runkel. (Second row) D. Proudfit, C. Kent, M. Knauer, L. Helland, T. Van Zuuk, co-captain S. Issaacson, co-captain T. Grimes, C. Moon, T. Mehl, J. Stanley, P. Cross, M. Pardekooper. (Third row) N. Merkel, J. Moore, J. VanAlstine, M. Scaglione, P. Houghtal- ing, S. Jilg, C. Baumhover, W. Morten, G. Sage, D. Fisher, V. Roe, K. Hallbauer, L. Helland. Sponsor Linda Ritland joins Drill Team (above) during pep rally. Seniors Morta Runkel, Christy Moon and Linda Helland (right) march to " Those Were the Days " during the last performance. 46 Teamers (middle left) chant the fight song as they enter the stadium. Drill (middle right) is silhouetted during a fall halftime performance. Seniors (below left) end their final routine after a floral presentation. Proud marchers (above) salute Lincoln during their performance at Vet ' s. Rainbow Chasers 47 Twirlers brighten Lincoln victories Summer practices ended with a first performance at the Girl ' s Club Picnic for Flags. Led by co-captains Donna Baber and Vikki Fazio, Flags performed at various athletic events. A trip to Iowa City with the marching band, bake sales and candy sales added variety to their marching season. New marching uniforms and new skirts and sweaters brightened up their appearance and spirit. Flags were sponsored by Kathy Myers and Sally Fisher. Flags (right) pause while performing at the Girl ' s Club picnic. The group (below) includes co-captairjs D. Baber and V. Fazio, J. Smith, M. Brandt, L. Myers, B. Wilson, M. Barfield, S. Griffin, D. Speicher, D. Palis, and J. Bird. Co-captain Vikki Fazio (middle right) concentrates during a performance. At a final routine (far be- low) Flags demonstrated Lincoln is 1 . f Alf 4 y, — i 1 I 48 Cheerleaders, Flags, and Drill Team (above) pose with their coaches, Craig Hall, Kelly Willis, and Mark Eggers. Enthusiastic Flags (middle left) support their team during a pep assembly. Flags (middle right) triumphantly leave the field after a halftime performance. Co-captain Donna Baber (below left) contemplates decisions during a meeting. I wanted to carry ' a flag and march, To support my school and show I cared; My school which is really people, that I wanted to know and be known by. People I wish I could take in my arms and be close to. I would hug you all, crowd of people, as I stand on the yellow floor and face you, proud and shy, holding my flag tight in my cold hands. Please love me ' But you ' re stuck in your seats — distance blocking the way between us — and whether I march tonight or no — the love I need can ' t come from the crowd, but rather, from these ten, my friends, whose lives touch mine, giggles and raging, indifference and deep concern, blindly selfish and reaching out, you that I see in all of your interesting com- plexity, and you really do know and see and love and care about me. Written and presented by Kathy Myers, Sponsor Rainbow Chasers 49 Marching Band strives for perfection Last year ' s marching band returned from Winnipeg, Can- ada after receiving a third place trophy in national com- petition. The 1 974-75 march- ing band strived to keep up their new reputation. 7:00 morning and 11:30 noon practices highlighted the year with a familiar voice shouting, " Toe Point! Knee Lift ' Drive, Drive, Drive! " as band director Dennis Dowell pushed for perfection. A trip to Iowa City added to the year ' s experiences, as the band marched in the Univer- sity ' s homecoming parade. Band members march into a syn- chronized formation during a pre- game show. (First row) D. Noring, K. Ashbaugh, L. Dobbins, S. Roth, M. Davis, I. Stundins, L. DeRus, J. Whitfield, P. McVey, M. Reihsen, C. Calluzzi, S. Hessong, E. Albright, C. Snyder. (Second row) L. Schroder, B. Countryman, J. Burns, R. Sorolca, D. Christy, S. Darrah, L Ruble, L. Trullinger, W. Jones, J. Guess, C. Crawford, P. Thompson, L. Reihsen, K. Burrnett. (Third row) J. Shipman, C. Beck, T. Mack] S. Fisher, D. Spencer, L. Smith, C. Benton, S. McMurray, T. Mohler, K. Dickerson, D. Crasper, R. Smith, P. Shaw. (Fourth row) S. Snook, D. Knight, S. Isaacson, C. Connor, G. Johnson, D. Patrick, T. Olson, J. Tew, J. Stanley, T. Mehl, C. McBee, R. Larson, P. Melcher. (Fifth row) P. Burnett, R. Armel, H. Hansen, J. Crouch, D. Phillips, M. Bird, S. Teter, R. Hart, S. Hall, K. Koons, I. Loughry, P. Lockwood. (Sixth row) P. Thurmond, R. Maly, R. Butz, H. Price, B. Lowe, P. Crum, M. Brightman, S. Kuntz, K. Wheeler, C. Frazer, R. Powell. (Seventh row) Mrs. Dobbins, C. Connor, C. Gates, G. McDonough, T. Laird, P. Miller, D. Kline, M. Beauchamp, R. Reed, G. Shipman, Mr. Dowell. Not pictured: B. Anthony, B. Burson, J. Crise, K. Egenberger, G. Foreman, J. Henry, P. Johnson, L. Otto, K. Parker, B. Scarpino, N. Smith, R. Stotts. 50 Hugh Hanson, drum major, (above left) directs during a halftime show. Drill Team captains Sue Isaacson and Teri Grimes (above right) display the school banner. Band director Dennis Dowell (middle right) stares at a flank that needs improvement. Band members (below left) come to a halt after moving into a precise formation. Paul Miller, drum major, (below right) leads the band in a post-game show. Rainbow Chasers 51 52 Assemblies spur student involvement Outstanding spirit displayed at pep assem- blies encouraged suc- cess and drive. Enthu- siasm, excitement, and vigor represented pride of a number one school. Different organiza- tions provided spirit stirring skits, cheers and music. Some of this entertainment var- ied from portraying a Hoover Huskie to a banana eating contest. An experime n t a I open seating Christmas assembly was spon- sored by the music de- partment. It combined school spirit with Christmas spirit and brought the student body closer together. Student body (above left) shows satisfaction for the Cagers rating. She Hie Swan, Julie Schmaltz, Tracy Um- denstock, Pam Rizutti, Liz Harbert, Debbie Gering, Tammy Huggins, and Nancy Link portray Rails ' new found spirit. Rainbow Chasers 53 Instrumental music broadens interests As in past years, Jazz Band and Orchestra improved their reputation with fine perform- ances, along with a new comer, the Collegium Musicum, an an- tique instrumental band that plays Renaissance and Baroque music. Jazz Band, playing jazz music from the 40 ' s to the present, attended various festivals which included competing, clinics, and listening to concerts. Studying various aspects of playing jazz was their main purpose. Along with festivals, they performed locally and at special benefits. Major Jazz Festivals in which they took part this year were the SCIB Jazz Festival, Dec. 14; UNI Jazz Festival, Jan. 24 where they scored an all time high in their rating. Highlighting the year was a second place rating at the Fre- momont Jazz Competition, Feb. 8, and the Hoover Jazz Festival March 8. Participating in large and small group concerts, the Orchestra was active this year. Under the direc- tion of Sandra Tatge, the piece orchestra worked hard, and put in many hours of practicing to improve their performances. An added dimension to this year ' s orchestra was including a wind instrument section. Harpsicord, recorder, and an- tique brass instruments were used by the Collegium Musicum to play Renaissance and Baroque music. This newly formed group, headed by Dennis Dowell, checked out music from local libraries to complete their prac- tices. The students worked to appreciate cultural music. Lincoln ' s Jazz Band includes (first row) R. Larson, R. Reed; (second row) R. Armel, R. Soroka, S. Kuntz, G. Johnson, S. Fisher; (third row) P. Miller, C. Con- ner, Mr. Dowell, H. Hansen, R. Butz, H. Price; (fourth row) L. Smith, G . Ship- man; (fifth row) D. Phillips, R. Hart; (sixth row) J. Crouch, S. Hall; (seventh row) M. Bird; (eighth row) R. Smith. Not pictured: B. Scarpino. 54 The Orchestra (above) includes (first row) Shari Hutchison, Terry Williams, Doreen Daily, Jean Morris; (second row) Josie Brooks, Teresa Miller, Mary Jane Stroug, Toni Morris, director Sandra Tatge, and Nathan Runkel. Rainbow Chasers 55 Mimes rate high at State Under the direction of Carol Harms and student director Doug Kline, the pantomime show was presented on October 31. A brief preview of the show in a special assembly drew many students, packing the auditorium for the show. The mimes presented their show to many southside junior high schools also. " Winning top ratings at the state speech contest highlighted our year, " according to Kline. Doug Kline and Carol Harms (above right) discuss the upcoming perform- ance. Suann Jilg and Tara Bird (mid- dle right) assist ' scarecrow ' Scott Parks onto his perch. Steve Quirk (lower left) tries to wiggle out of a haircut from Lori Wallace. Darlene Sullivan (lower middle) helps Nate Runkle and Mike Erickson out of a " sticky " situation. Marta Runkle and Scott Kearney (lower right) show deli- cacy in their mime performance. 56 Rainbow Chasers 57 and we did it our way Lincoln ' s swing choir, The New Beginning, led another championship year winning first place honors at the Hoover Jazz Festival and Midlands Jazz Festival in Fremont, Nebraska. Also in Fremont, the 40-member group received the " Outstanding En- semble Award " for the second conse- cutive year. Besides numerous " gigs " and bus trips throughout the year, swing choir staged two all school productions in November and April. The " Boogie Team " also performed for various school, pep, and celebrities assemblies and participated in a group retreat last August. The " New Beginning " (left) includes (clock- wise fror- lower left) B. Thcmoson, S. Bittick, B. Wilson, E. Albright, B. Freeman, P. Yetter, P. Meredith, K. Walsmith, N. Runkel, D. Baker, D. Forkner, D. Kline, D. Young, G. Garnett, P. Miller, M. Montious, F. Fillipelli, L. Wright, C. Timmons, B. Staples, C. Benton, Director Carol Stewart, G. Chamberlain, B. Koeppl, M. Read, S. Quirk, S. Dagget, J. Stark, P. Craig, C. Renda, K. Minard, K. Wil- lis, J. Bird, L. Vanderpool, K. Krotz, L. Smith, M. Runkel, C. Belding, M. J. Strouf, K. An- drews, R. Morris, B. Clark. Swing Choir members (above) relax during rehearsal. Trophies (right) are proudly displayed in the music room. Rainbow Chasers 59 Concert Choir warbles wholeheartedly Under the leadership of di- rector Carol Stewart, Concert Choir, followed in the foot- steps of last year ' s unprece- dented first place rating in the state and took part in various school year activities. Performing to a " standing room only " crowd at Open House, the choir also did pro- motional concerts at south side junior high schools, a Christ- mas concert, a spring concert and performances at Class Day and Commencement. Concert Choir president Doug Kline helped to keep the group organized during many of the activities. These activ- ities included the sponsoring of a 50 ' s mixer that featured live performances by group members. They were also the chief sponsors for " Hello Dolly " . Director Carol Stewart (right) de- mands perfection in performance. First row: C. Bloomer, D. Daggett, S. Jilg, J. Olsen, R. Thornton, T. Bird, M. Runkel, director Carol Stewart, D. Kline, B. Koeppl, S. Quirk, J. Stanley, M. Knauer, L. Smith, S. Griffin, L. Whitmarsh, C. Wheeler. Sefcond row: K. Sagrillo, L. Vanderpool, C. Renda, D. Forkner, M. Reynolds, D. Griffith, K. Koons, M. Walker, K. Minard, C. Fitzgerald, B. Wilson, T. Brower, D. Noring, S. Ridnour, M. Rhieson. Third row: E. Albright, B. Freeman, D. Young, M. Hatcher, J. Stanley, K. Felice, G. Garnet, D. Horner, D. Baker, M. Aller, T. Heathcote, J. Brooks, V. Lacona, C. Belding, K. Andrews. Fourth row: N. Swinehart, S. Daggett, C. Thoermer, S. Bittick, B. Clark, N. Runkel, R. Morris, B. Thomason, P. Yetter, B. Staples, J. Zarley, R. Keener, P. Jilg, W. Morton. Fifth row: M. Strouf, J. Bird, F. Filippelli, L. Bruner, J. S tark, S. Kear- ney, G. Chamberlain, B. McClurg, J. Griffith, P. Craig, M. Montis, B. Mendenhall, P. Miller, L. Wright, K.Millhollin. Sixth row: J. Shipman, P. Shaw, P. Meredith, A. Mahnke, S. McVey, R. Hochstatter, K. Walsmith, B. Timmons, C. Benton, C. Kratz, M. Reed, S. Richards, J. Snider. 60 Rainbow Chasers, 61 Concentration set on Rennaissance music Chamber Chorale is one of the most pres- tigious groups at Lin- coln. Their many per- formances included two at the Salisbury House in 16th century cos- tume. These came af- ter many hours of hard work and lots of re- search into Rennais- sance music over state- sance music and cos- tume. One of the big- gest highlights of the year was the Chorale ' s Christmas performance of their Rennaissance music over statewide television. Carol Stewart and Russ Morris (left) discuss their new music. Petty Meredith and Steve Quirk (right) per- form at the Salisbury House. Chamber Chorale includes (seated) Jim Griffith, Julie Snyder, Paul Miller, Kim Minard, Ray Smith, Karol Kratz, Lori Smith, Pat Craig, Debra Young, Paul Jilg, Diane Baker, Greg Chamberlain. (Standing) Mary Walker, Mary Reed, Bill Thomason, Gayle Garnett, Kay Andrews, Russ Morris, Karl Stundins, Camille Benton, Doug Kline, Cindy Clare, Scott Bit- tick, Laura Wright, Jeff Stark, Carla Brown, Phil Yetter, Cindy Timmons, Patty Meredith, Steve Quirk, Nathan Runkel and Debbie Noring. The Chorale was attended by Nancy Swinehart and Josie Brooks. 62 Objective: preparation for performance " To educate themselves so they can per- form is what it ' s all about . . . " said Carol Stewart, vocal music director. This year ' s vocal music department par- ticipated in various programs including winter and spring concerts. Girls Glee and Prep Choir are mostly devoted to learning to read notes and fundamentals of music. Prep Chcir includes (first row) Director C. Stewart, R. Carscn, T. Cannon, S. Cardamon, L. Huggins, C. Osborn, C. Hoff, S. Voltz, C. Riccelli, D. Wilson, D. Harrison, T. Miller, J. Rierson, K. Marvin. (Second row) R. Lewellyn, D. Maxwell, J. Potyski, S. Tillinghast, T. Mohler, K. Pa!is, I. Stundins, S. McCollough, S. Wedemeier, S. Post, M. Rics, M. Billings, K. Burnett. (Third row) L. Hall, S. Barfield, M. Gruis, K. Stoner, E. May, L. Heller, D. Lujcn, C. Nifferegger, K. Bullington, J. Crcnin, M. Albright, A. Amend, L. Douglass. (Fourth row) M. Wyont, C. Fraser, R. Birdsall, K. Hatcher, M. Warrens, J. DeCarlo, J. Lohr, L. Hcllett, D. Breheny, M. Chautevert, R. Rice, K. Hammer. (Fifth row) T. Walker, G. Riordan, C. Tib- boel, J. Hunt, J. Benton, C. Weeks, R. Cole, C. Howard, S. Cherry, J. Balducki, C. Machir. (Sixth row) T. Tay- lor, D. McCleary, A. Virden, T. Carroll, B. hild, S. Con- nors, M. Morrison, K. Flem- ing, M. Nicholson (Seventh row) R. Craig, L. Hill, R. Prymek, D. Ellis, J. Bixler, C. Matzke, D. Drew, J. Young, D. Zeanor, D. Foust. (Eighth row) R. Bunting, M. Beauchamp, M. Schroeder, T. Garber, M. McWilliams, R. Hutt, C. Jacob- sen, D. Jantz, C. Osborn, J. Joyce, J. Julliam, P. Brown. Girls Glee includes (first row) Director Carol Stewart, J. Shipman, K. Erickscn, L. Seibert, D. Seeber, R. Francois, L. Oppenhiem, K. Kramer, C. Beardsley, T. White, J. Harkness, student teacher Crista Snellen (Second row) K. Kramer, K. Carter, T. Cannon, C. Edwards, M. Marasco, D. Miller, L. Bahl, C. Noble, D. Boudewyn, D. Wren, P. Young, M. McDaniel, T. McNeish. (Third row) C. Kent, D. Daily, J. Knott, L. Burgdaff, B. Vincent, M. Berard, A. Bridgeford, S. Wisler, J. Noble, N. Borcherding, A. Young, C. Hupton, D. Young, S. Gathercole. (Fourth row) D. Frederick, L. Austin, S. Siepmann, S. Lane, D. Carroll, K. Agan, D. Messinger, D. Truitt, J. Wren, D. Davis. (Fifth row) K. Kirchner, M. Hatcher, C. Virden, K. Jones, J. Stump, L. Hutt, J. Way, B. O ' Keefe, M. Neff, T. Trujillo, S. Neas. Rainbow Chasers 63 Jahe my wrap, fellas. Jind me an empty £ap, j olly u iff net awau again: With over 200 people involved, the production of " Hello Dolly! " was completed February 25-27. Directed by Carol Harms and Carol Stewart, the cast of 60 was accompanied by a pit orchestra led by band director Dennis Dowel I. The part of Dolly Levi was por- trayed by senior Marta Runkel opposite senior Doug Kline as Horace Vandergelder. Romantic leads were played by senior Steve Quirk and junior Karol Kratz with other principal roles given to sen- ior Becky Richards and juniors Kay Andrews, Pat Craig and Phil Yetter. Sophisticated choreography, taught by Helen Lutz and Jan Schissel, was evident in intricate dances by cast and chorus mem- bers. A colorful wardrobe was co- ordinated by a committee headed by costumers Anita Micich and Lila Kline. Student directors were juniors Jeff Gabler and Jon Zarley with senior Tara Bird as- sisting choreographers. Band director Dennis Dowell (right) directs the pit orchestra during rehearsal. 64 Dolly: Just leave everything to me! ' 66 Comedy, romance highlight ' Dolly ' Karol Kratz and Steve Quirk (above left) express their love for each other during " It Only Takes A Moment " . Phil Yetter (above right) shows dismay when he realizes his money won ' t hold out. Waiters (above) give Dolly a warm welcome. Dennis Jantz, Becky Richards and Steve Quirk ' s (right) attention is drawn by Dolly ' s entrance. Newspaper staff members (above) include (seated) Lynn Harvey, Camille Benton, Patty Meredith, Debbie Fisher, Adviser Henry Sanders, Shellie Swan, Kevin Lehmkuhl, and Ricardo Leite. (Standing) Becky Richards, Doug Kline, Ron Keener, Pico Brown, Tracy Bales, Karl Stundins, Debbie Gering and Mark Hall. 68 3AiL PLiiLc3 adopts new approach Co-editors-in-chief Doug Kline ond Mark Hall (far above) study deadlines. Doubletake columnists Tracy Bales and Peco Brown (above right) create a new story. Photographer Karl Stundins, Paul Pasutti and Larry Bates (above) zero in on a basketball game. Linda Vanderpool (right) looks on as news editor Camille Benton discusses new stories. Railsplitter staffers were inspired with new ideas for the upcoming year last summer when five of the journalists attended summer work- shops at Drake, Iowa State and the University of Iowa. Co-editors Doug Kline and Mark Hall headed up the changes which included a new name- plate, variation of copy width, the addition of graphics and a news briefs column. The Railsplitter was awarded Medalist rank by the Columbia Press Association in New York, March 14. Not more than 10% of entries in a given class are awarded this ranking. Rainbow Chasers, 69 Tapscott heads student action Committees such as building and grounds, welfare, finance and student loyalty combined in student effort to accomplish goals set by student council. This year ' s officers were President Matt Tapscott, Vice President Mary Brandt, Secretary Lorri Wedemeier, Treasurer Bruce Staples, and Chief Justice Jon Zarley. Matt Tapscott and Jon Zarley (right) display their new image as Rowdys. Student council officers (below) preside over a meeting. T Chief Justice Jon Zarley (above) contemplates council action. Inter City representatives (right) are B. Koeppl, K. Samuelson, C. Lopeman, D. Speicher, J. Conners, M. Brandt, President J. Zarley, S. Post, J. Tran- sue, and M. Tapscott. 70 Lincolners agree: let ' s boogie! ' Bobby sox, pony tails and saddle shoes are seen at the 50 ' s mixer sponsored by Con- cert Choir. Guys and gals bee- bopped to the sounds of early rock and roll. Choir members provided live entertainment. Other mixers featured rock bands of today, sponsored by DECA and Student Council. Couples (left) boogie at a Student Council sponsored mixer. Carlo Burt and Cindy Hoff (middle left) get down to the music of Doyle Smith. David Mills and Jeanne Bird (below) relax between dances at a 50 ' s mixer spon- sored by Concert Choir. Pico Brown (below left) acts as an emcee at a sock hop. Becky Clair (below right) shows satisfaction for the music at a DECA sponsored mixer. Ij( ■ 4 Rainbow Chasers 71 DEC A students earn while learning " Developing future lead- ers for marketing and dis- tributing ' ' is the slogan for the Distributive Education Clubs of America, other- wise known as DECA. Sponsored by Dan Murray, club members acquired job skills in actual work situa- tions such as grocery stores, restaurants, gas sta- tions, auto body shops, and the Des Moines Flying Service. The club sent represen- tatives to various confer- ences such as the Central Regional Conference and Chapter Development Con- ference. Contests entered included Area Leadership and the State Leadership. DECA raised funds by selling spirit buttons, can- dy, and mirrors. The club also made money from sponsoring a Christmas mixer, car wash and a raf- fle. DECA also maintains the activities sign on the front lawn. t3 k V |j Junior and Senior Officers (First Row) Jim Ogle, Theresa Spagnola, Bill Krahl, Donna Wells, Nick Scavo, Mr. Murray. (Second Row) Mike Pontious, Lee Larson, Carla Hotchkiss. (Third Row) Charlie Scavo, Donna Wells (above) with her employer. Jim Bishop (right) busy at work. 72 DECA (First Row) Dave Bishop, Jim Ogle, Russ Abbott, Lori Kernes, Croig Daniels, Merlin Davis, Terry Flatt. (Second Row) Mike Duncan, Andy Mills, Rick Hollingsworth, Teresa Spagnola, Lee Larson, Donna Wells, Nick Scavo, Annette Allison Mott, Chuck Scavo, Carlo Hotchkiss, Bill Krahl. (Third Row) Jim Bishop, Janice Vandervelde, Theresa Walker, Debbie Lee, Judy Hartzer, Cathy Huston, Brenda Blackford, Kim Gray, Debbie Ghee, Mike Duff, Joni Schneider. (Fourth Row) Mr. Murray, Bob Kernes, Milo Ferrari, Jim Smith, Patty Thompson, Mike Pontious, Terry Williams, Don Prothero, David Little, Bob Mark. Rainbow Chasers 73 Girl ' s Club sponsors picnic, dance Open to all girls, Lincoln ' s Girls Club sponsored various activities for the student body. This year ' s program started with a fall Big Sister-Little Sis- ter picnic for incoming sopho- more girls. This was to benefit the sophomores and better ac- quaint them with Lincoln. Promoting Homecoming Spirit, the club sold brilliant colored balloons and sponsored a poster paint. The club also put out buzz books. Profits from the sale were saved for future use. " Man of the Year " elections hightlighted the Sweetheart Dance, which was sponsored by the club. Mark Long was elected Senior Man of the Year, Chris Kern was picked by the Juniors, and Doug Long was the Sophomore ' s choice. Terra Firma provided music for the dance which took place on March 1. Newly elected girls officers (above) include Cathy Renda, president; Julie Schmaltz, vice-president; Liz Harbert, treasurer; Peggy Houghtaling, secretary; and Pam Kline, historian. Girls Club officers (far above) are Julie Schmaltz, Liz Harbert, Cathy Renda, Pam Kline, and Peggy Houghtaling. 74 Goal: Interest in France and her culture ' French club, sponsored by Erna Bevington, is in its six- teenth year at Lincoln. The club is supported by thirty members who throughout the year have participated in many activities including showing slides of " Versailles " , playing games in French and holding a potluck banquet in Decem- ber. The purpose of the club is " To encourage an interest in France and her language and to gain a knowledge and under- standing of her manners and customs. " French Club members (right) in- clude (front row) sponsor Erna Beving- ton, Diane Maxwell, Becky Thornton, Karen Culp, Pam Cross, Lori Zarley, Kris Culp, Lori Wedemeier, Beth Kalb, (back row) Diane Benoit, Mary Neff, Julie Reed, Dawn Judish, Cindy Brok- ens, Mary Reed, Caryl Pointer, Lia Jantz. 76 Spanish club members (left) look on during fes- tivities. Sponsor Maria Creagh discusses Spanish culture with her student teacher, Tina Mathis. Many festivities f or Spanish Club [ Spanish Club members (above) include (first row) Lynn Harvey, Sarah Clark, Andy Hart, Betsy Shirley. (Second row) Tia Huggins, sponsor Maria Creagh, Joyce Janis, Randy Perkins, Karl Hart- kemeyer, Teresa Fillipelli, Billy Jo Cropp, Kelsey Koons, Tracy Elder, Laureen Otto. (Third row) Shari Hessong, Lynn Sparks, Lori Burgduff, Lisa Hollett, Frank Fillipelli, Jeff Stark, Pam Conner, Maria Hatcher, Bill Thomason. Spanish Club ' s first meeting was presided by president Lynn Har- vey. The club, spon- sored by Maria Creagh, discussed ways of mak- ing money, those being the BLH drive, a bake sale, and cheese sales. Halloween, Christ- mas, and Valentine parties were just a few of the year ' s many fes- tivities. Other activities included an Interna- tional Foreign Food Fair (Lincoln repre- senting Guatemala), a trip to Pella for Lan- guage Day, a fashion show, and participation in Pan American Cele- bration Week. Fall officers Lynn Harvey, president ; Andy Hart, vice-presi- dent; Sarah Clark, sec- retary; and Betsy Shir- ley, treasurer, and spring officers Lynn Sparks, president; Kev- in Livengood, vice- president; Frank Filli- pelli, secretary; and Kevin Ketzler, treas- urer, led the group. Rainbow Chasers 77 U.N. Clubbers represent Canada United Nations Club, sponsored by Jerry Chiar- amonte, began the year by making preparations for the 1974 Governor ' s Youth Conference Day which was held in Octo- ber. Money raising proj- ects to fund the trip to U. N. I. were enthusias- tically taken on by the club. Cheese and candy were sold and a car wash held under the leadership of fall and spring officers Patti Douglass, Susi Har- ris, Rose King, Dawn Messinger, Carol Miller and Vicki Wren. High- light of the year was the Model United Nations Mock General Assembly held in April. Represent- ing Canada, U.N. Club participated in debate. 4- United Nations members (above) sponsor Jerry Chiaramonte, Susi Harris, Vicky Wren, Patti Douglass, Rose King, Laura Douglass, Jill Sorenson, Lynn Sparks, Carol Miller, Jeri Harris, Donna Ward, Dawn Messinger, Carol Fraser. Fall and spring officers (above) discuss dates for committee meetings. Sponsor Jerry Chiaramonte (right) laughs with Susi Harris and Jill Sorenson during a meeting. 78 Exchange students visit Lincoln Lincoln hosted foreign exchange students from Brazil, Mexico, and England. The students visited Des Moines, sharing accommodations with Lin- coln students and their families. The Brazilian and Mexican students went through the sched- uling program with counselors and were placed in classes according to their interests. They became actual students and followed curriculum as offered by the teachers. The British students attended classes with their hosts in fulfilling their objective of better understanding the American school system. Extra-curricular activities included picnics, Capi- tol tours, and a trip to the Amana Colonies with their hosts. Lillian Ring, Manuel Palomo, and Selina Cantu (far above) discuss American culture with their Lincoln hosts Debbie Young, Jeff Stark, and Diane Forkner. The English foreign students (above) include (front row) Mrs. Joyce Chadwick, Rowenna Goodwill, Jane Lund, Kim Chadwick, Susan Rhoden, Phil Howarth, Sysan Takersley, Mrs. Brian Dunning. (Back row) Paul Chadwick, Martin Kyle, Alan Blaymire, Allan Hodgkinson, Adrian Ladkin, Christine Howard. Not pictured: Jill Hoggart. Latin American exchange students are Lubia Sage- strume, Pedro Maia, Selina Cantu, and Ricardo Leite. Rainbow Chasers 79 Dorian Art Members (above) Cheryl Sease, Pam Countryman, Burt Powley, Kim Rogers, Cindy Lopeman, Kelsey Koons, Janice Ware, Michelle Casper, Faunda Haag, Jan Johnson, Kris Culp, Scott Parks, Lisa Metelman, Patty Hunt, Mike Erickson, Laura Blunck, Jan Jungman, Julie Purviance, Connie Fields, Ken Kalkings, Dody Zavalus, Scott Blunck, Melvin Gruwell, Kirk Morris, Cindy Clay. Michelle Casper, Cheryl Sease, Scott Parks, Scott Blunck and Kim Rogers (above) discuss Yearbook covers. 80 Various projects occupy Dorian Art The annual art sale, dec- orating the school for spe- cial events, designing and choosing the Railsplitter cover, and creating the school Christmas card were some of the projects the Dorian Art Club accom- plished in a full year of activities. Sponsored by Dale Mc- Lean, the club took part in various exhibits including the South Des Moines Ex- hibit and a Des Moines Art Center exhibit. The stu- dents also furnished paint- ings for the school board. One of the major aims of the club is to purchase art works for Lincoln ' s permanent collection. The works are purchased through club dues and funds raised during the annual art sale arranged by Pam Countryman, Burt Powley, Faunda Haag and Cheryl Sease. Another purpose is to understand and appreciate the mean- ing of art through their work. Dorian Art officers (above left) Patty Hunt, Scott Blunck, Jan Johnson, and Lisa Metel- man. Kelsey Koons, Melvin Gruwell and Scott Blunck (mid- dle left) decorate the entrance for Christmas. Lisa Metelman and Robyne Seibert (above) finish a pep sign for the Hoover football game. New members (below left) take part in initiation. Dorian Art members (be- low) relax at a club party. Rainbow Chasers 81 Fans follow Rails to unprecedented crown 82 Batter splatters, flapjacks f ly . . . T STORED r The faculty ' s annual pancake break- fast was February 21. Each year funds are raised by the teachers for the gen- eral treasury. The money is distributed to various school activities in need of financial assistance. The breakfast patrons were served pancakes and sausage prepared by the faculty. Albert Testa (left) demonstrates immaculate pouring technique, Bob Vanderlinden (middle left) utilizes his physical ability in tossing pan- cakes. Gary Bagby and Harold Swihart (middle right) use their mathematical ingenuity while preparing batter. Dave Ortale (below left) coaches Lewis Gabardi in pancake formation while William Hutchison makes his next move. Faculty members (below right; discuss helpful household hints. Rainbow Chasers 83 Clubs cater to various interests " Interest in horses is the only requirement, " states m President Cheryl Sease of the ..w . Equestrian Club. The club went on trail rides and spon- sored a horse show, striving to understand different aspects of horsemanship. Included in the year ' s activities were numerous trail rides, visiting champion- ship horses and their owners, and having fund raising proj- ects for their rides and the show. Candy sales helped fi- nance a horse show performed by the club. Being a new group the club plans to expand further next year. Equestrian Club members (above): (Front row) Judy Belken, Cheryl Sease, Brenda Halterman, Kathy Scott, Bar- bie George. (Back row) Julie Mult, Lorene Otto, Gladys Larson. The Math Club, sponsored by Elbert Jennings and Gary Bagby, worked to learn about possible careers in mathematics during meetings this year. Their purpose is to deepen interest in mathematics, and to gain more knowledge and pass it on to others, expressed President Jon Walker. A mathematics field day at Creighton University was a big event this year. Along with public speakers and going to computer centers, their schedule was complete. A new motion this year was to challenge other high schools to " chalk talk " and five man teams. Members of Math Club (above) are: Brad Smith, Bruce Staples, Jody Brown, Tracy Carroll, Lia Jantz, Bridgett Omar, Jon Walker, Jeff Groene, Jeff Fagerland, Gary Agans. Not pictured: Bob Speed, Patti Douglass, Andy Hart. Sponsors (right) discuss use of an adding machine with senior Patti Douglass. 84 The primary objective of the Ecology Club is to do an experimental study of an ecological topic of in- terest. The group has chosen to gather informa- tion on the subject of " En- vironment vs. the Econ- omy. " Information will be gathered by research, sur- veys, pictures and tape re- cordings. The group will interpret the data and draw their conclusions. From this they hope to get an article published. As a fund raising project the club is considering get- ting involved in service type work. The Ecology Club, under the direction of Thomas Rowley (left): (Front row) Julia Wachter, Marcia McDanel, Jackie Stewart. (Back row) Minda Wynat, Pam Johnson. Barbara Saville. Under the direction of William Hutchinson the Chess Club enlarged it ' s membership to thirteen this year as they began the Metro League in January. The group also attended the state chess tournament last December. With Ben Munson as coach, the members hoped to expand their club next year. Chess Club members (above) are Don Treanor, Chris Connor, Paul Jilg, William Hutchison, sponsor, Richard Rice, Ken Reed, Nevin Bruce. A tense moment in practice (below). Rainbow Chasers 85 A busy year for Matmaids The 1974-75 Matmaids had many responsibilities along with supplying spirit for wrestling meets. Some of the duties performed throughout the year were putting up rosters, making programs, announcing line-ups, decorating locker rooms, taging wrestlers, helping coaches, and taping mats. All the Matmaids were appreciated by both wrestlers and spectators for a complete and accurate job this year. Sponsored by Gordon Blenderman, the Matmaids look forward to a successful season next year. Matmaids (right) are: Angie Klier, Sara Ward, Bonnie Erickson, Kelly Kramer, Linda Hutt, Kim Kramer, Jeri Jorgenson. Not pictured: Marsh Reynolds. Sponsor, Gordon Blenderman (middle left) explains Matmaids responsibilities. Kelly Kramer, Jeri Jorgenson, and Ang ie Klier (middle right) in charge of the scoreboard at a meet. Kelly Kramer (above) changes the score. Letter winners (right) (First row) Janet Edwards, Marilyn Newton, Jan John- son, Andy Leto, Sandy Hayman, Lori Wallace. (Second row) Pam Mercer, Cathy Sagrillo, Amy Mahnke, Robyne Seibert, Linda Schweiger. (Third row) Cindy Edwards, Lori Sackett, Vicki Wren, Mary Reed. (Fourth row) Reva Maple, Brenda Halterman, Lynn Harvey, Deb Palis. 86 Eggers heads Lettermen ' s Club A: v Senior Mark Eggers headed the Lettermens Club, Lincoln ' s club for athletic letter winners. Even though the club consists of over 1 00 members, approximately 30 are actively involved. A $100 donation was given to the cheerlead- ers to help pay for tags. Part of this money was raised by jerseys sold in the fall. Other officers include vice-president Mike Nixon and secretary- treasurer Garold Oliver. Lettermen ' s officers (left) are Garold Oliver, secretary- treasurer; Mike Nixon, vice- president; and Mark Eggers, President. Lettermen (above) (First row) — Ben Davidson, Pat Potts, Jim Lankford, Jeff Trujillo, Joe Kline, Doug Berard, Jim Dilley, Doug Fouts, Jon Stapes, Jim Bell. (Second row) Kent Cherry, Bob Speed, Sam Briseno, Kelly Willis, Chuck Agan, Scott Blunck, Mike Bird, Kevin Randleman, Steve Teter, Carl Hotchkiss. (Third row) Roger Hart, Don Ceretti, Doug Speicher, Mark Morgan, Mark Eggers, Jeff Schmaltz, Dale Smith, Garold Oliver, Karl Stundins. (Fourth row) Jeff McClintock, Rick Peterson, Dave Tillinghast, Mike Nixon, Mark Long, Craig Hall, Ron Lemons, Chris Kern, Paul Stocker, Jeff Irving. (Fifth row) Steve Jones, Rick Houge, Jeff Draper, Dave Stringer, Dan Powell, Clark Rasmussen, Larry Toomey, Brad Burson, Bob Dearth. (Sixth row) Bill Thomason, Bill Truitt, Steve Foldes, John Leo Thorup, Rickrail Russell Parsons, Barry Lowe, John Bixler. Rainbow Chasers 87 Veni Vidi, Vici We came, we saw, we conquered. The south side truly came together as they never had be- fore and they saw, as one, the opponents fall, one by one, un- til we had conquered the state of Iowa. V Railsplitter Rainbow Chasers 89 Volunteer Service provides training " Membership consists of students who are interested in other people, " says coordinator Rae Gene Robbins of The Stu- dents Educational Services Club. The club, which is now a class at Lincoln giving class credit, enables students to work outside of Lincoln in other schools or service organ- izations of their choice. Due to the new focus on other serv- ice related activities other than training in teaching, it has been enlarged to other profes- sions such as nursing, law, so- cial work, youth activities and pre-school. Vivian Stubbs (above right) enter- tains during a Halloween party. Presi- dent Lisa Whitmarsh, secretary Janice Stanley and sponsor Rae Gene Rob- bins discuss their calendar. Ray Roberts (right) helps Carol Caliguiri with an adding machine. Volunteer Service members (above) discussing upcoming events include Ray Roberts, Ron Eginore, Lisa Whitmarsh, Rita Singleton, Sarah Ward, Caroline Moore, Nancy Smith, Wendy Batten, Jon Walker, Janice Stanley, Rae Gene Robbins, sponsor, and Kim Peterson. 90 Debate and Forensics receive top ratings Following in the footsteps of last year ' s state championship team, Lin- coln ' s Debaters received top ratings this year. Headed by Ms. Mary Jo Pierce, this year ' s varsity team has placed in most major tournaments. " Learning to express yourself clearly and thinking on your feet, are vital " , expressed Captain Beth Kalb. Major tournaments in which Debaters took part this year were the Coe College Tournament January 10-11 in Cedar Rapids, the NFL tournament, and the IFL tournaments in February. The Forensics Club, composed of debate and individual events, strives to create interest in speech and other related events throughout Lincoln. Included in the club were students who were time keepers and researchers. Karl Stundins and Rick Peterson (above left) await their start. The Forensic Team (above) includes Mary Jo Pierce, Mary Blaisdell, Mary Gruis, Denise Harrison, Karl Stundins, Rick Peterson, Frank Fillipelli, Dennis Jantz, Diane Baker, Beth Kalb, and Nevin Bruce. Marc Ward and Kevin Livengood (middle left) look over notes. The Debate team (left) are Marc Ward, Denise Harrison, Dennis Jantz, Beth Kalb, Rick Peterson, Kevin Livengood, Nevin Bruce, and sponsor Mary Jo Pierce. Rick Peterson and Nevin Bruce (above) review their rebuttle. Rainbow Chasers 91 Open to anyone, the Ush- er and Hospitality Club was a group of students who act- ed as guides for visitors touring Lincoln. Sponsored by Dorothy Oakman the group was available to help point out the various rooms for Adult Education classes. Around the table: Cindy Nevins, Sheryl Moore, Kris Morris, Dave Mills, Carla Tibboel, Patty Young. Clubs provide services to school As an enrichment pro- gram, the Young Office Workers was open to stu- dents in business related classes. Sponsored by Alice Else, the students designed and distributed the Home- coming activities calendar. The club also took a field trip to Farmer ' s Elevator Mutual Insurance Company to observe office work. Linda Huggins, Pam Kline, and Debbie Griffiths discuss club plans. II! It li i. J III wr:. Around the table (left to right) Deanna Munyon, Carol Roth, Debbie Griffiths, Kim Kramer, Dee Christy, Jody Blakley, Tracie Mehl. Back Row (left to right): Sue Heller (seated), Debbie Crasper (standing), Linda Huggings, sponsor Alice Else, Patty Johnson, Vicki Stringham, Vicki Short, Judy Hartzer, Kathy Ashbaugh, Sheryl Olson, Linda Dodd, Vicki Woods, Debra Doty, Jonnette Mc- Clung, Pam Kline. 92 Study Hall students donate free periods Library Staff (left), Miss Cole, Michelle Casper, Laura Smith, Miss Wi I ley, Miss Holt, Lia Jantz, Brenda Lett, Dennis Jantz, and David Rosas. Student Center help (above) includes Janice Was- ton, Pam Connors, Patty Frakes, Kelly Zimmerman. Students volunteered their free time to assist the office staff, counseling center, librarians, stu- dent center, and the nurse. The office girls filed, sorted, and ran errands. The counseling staff did similar duties in the counseling center. Tasks performed by librarian aids included checking and dis- tributing books and periodicals in the library. Student center vol- unteers took care of candy and pop sales. Lincoln ' s school nurse, Alice Bowling, supervised her own staff, which assisted her in various duties. Nurses Staff middle left are: Sharon Morris, Tammy White, Jody DeCarlo, Diane Maxwell. Back Row: Robin Michael, Jackie Stewart, Patty Curtis, Harvel Enos, and sponsor, Mrs. Boling. Not pictured are: Judy Cozad and Paulette Hickman. Julie Pore (below left) answers phone in office. Josie Brooks (above) works in counseling center. Rainbow Chasers 93 Mermaids ' Adventure through time ' " Adventures Through Time and Places " was the theme for this year ' s Mermaid show, March 13-15. The group is sponsored by Jean Frazier. Opening to " Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? " various groups portrayed events experienced by time travelers played by Tracy ales and Peco Brown. Special performances by the Super Frogs, Lincoln Mimes, and seniors Steve Quirk and Frank Fillipelli highlighted the show. Seniors (right) performed to " Sounds of Silence " . The time travelers (below) find themselves in Russia with Jon Zarley and Lisa Mettelman. Seniors Cathy Cau- dill and Janice Transue (below right) per- formed to " Somewhere Over the Rain- bow " . Lincoln Mimists (far below) who portray lobsters are Jeff Gabler, Nat Runkle, Steve Quirk, Doug Kline, and Scott Kearney. 94 ❖ 3 5 Probates (left) performing to " Saturday In The Park " are (clockwise from top) Anna Bridgford, Kim Erickson, Pam Mulcahy, Tammy Caudill, Cindy Ligouri, Michelle Casber, Barbie George, Diane Elliot, Tara Bird, Paula Hursi, Debbie Gering, Amy Amend, Ruth Ann Francois, Mary McClellan, and Leslie Benda. The time travelers (below) are welcomed by Amy Manke and George Caudill. Other emcees are Kathe Sabol and Mary Brandt. 9 ™ % ♦ ♦ 45 ♦ ♦ ♦ J Seniors (above) performing to " Hubcaps and Tail-lights " are LuAnn Staecker, Shellie Swan, Julie Johnson, and Julie Schmaltz. Vicky Wren and LuAnn Staecker (left) perform to a rock and roll duet. Rainbow Chasers 95 96 A- Group members (left) are (kneeling) Beth Cabanis, Leslie Benda, Tara Bird, Julie Johnson, and Saida Mulligan, (standing) Julie Schmaltz, Shellie Swan, Diane Bernal, Vicky Wren, LuAnn Staecker, Liz Her- bert, Cathy Caudill, and Janice Transue. Juniors (below right) performing to " In the Beginning " are Beth Cabanis, ' Diane Bernal, Diane Moore, and Liz Har- bert. Sophomore Anna Bridgeford (below left) is pinned by seniors Janice Transue and Cathy Caudill. 1 i ■ Mermaids (above) include (sitting) C. Caudill, S. Mulligan, R. Francois, C. Ligouri, L. Myers, L. Helland, D. Gering, P. Tursi, A. Amend, L. Benda, C. Renda, T. Bird, D. Bernol, P. Mulcahy, K. Erickson, and B. Cabanis. (standing) T. Caudill, L. Harbert, C. Lope- man, L. Helland, D. Forkner, A. Bridgeford, J. Johnson, J. Schmaltz, L. Staecker, V. Wren, D. Moore, D. Elliot, M. Casber, and B. George. Rainbow Chasers 97 Douglass, Palis head yearbook Utilizing workshop techniques, the ' 75 Railsplitter staff com- pleted this year ' s book, " Dream Factory. " Under the direction of advisor Henry Sanders, co-editors Patti Douglass and Debbie Palis headed a staff of section editors, copy writers, and photographers. Section editors included Aca- demics: Lynn Cutler, Cindy Baum- hover; Student Life: Donna Baber, Marilyn Pardekooper; Sports: Jim Hagar, Jan Johnson; Undergradu- ates: Kathy Smith, Lynn Sparks; Senior Section: Julie Van Alstine, Michelle Sullivan; Art Editor: Me- lissa Scaglione; Circulation Man- ager: Burt Powley. Co-editors-in-chief Debbie Palis and Patti Douglass (right) make final touches on layout proofs. Student Life editors Marilyn Pardekooper, Donna Baber and Undergraduate editor Kathy Smith (below) crop pictures. Senior Section editor Michelle Sullivan (below right) looks on as Sports editors Janet Edwards and Jim Hager review contact sheets. 98 X 4 Yearbook staff (above) includes (seated) J. Van Alstine, K. Smith, J. Hager, D. Palis, P. Douglass, D. Baber, (standing) L. Sparks, P. Pasutti, M. Brandt, J. Edwards, G. Hagar, J. Johnson, T. Laird ; McCleary, L. Bates, C. Baumhover, M. Pardekooper and B. Powley. (not pictured) M. Scaglione, L. Cutler and M. Sullivan. Academics and Student Life editors (above left) discuss deadlines. Art Editor Melissa Scaglione (left) reviews page layout with section editors. Academics editor Lynn Cutler (above) looks on as Christy Moon and Diana Timmons type copy. Rainbow Chasers 99 Rails tie for second in Metro Lincoln Rails ended the season tied for 2nd in the Metro with an 8-6 record, 15-10 overall. The Rails advanced in tournament play by defeating Hoover and Indianola but were defeated by Creston in Sub-State. Several players earned All-Metro recog- nition. Second team honors were given to pitcher Rick Parsons, second baseman Bob Sinclair, and shortstop Kyle Ferguson. Kent Cherry, Mike Nixon, Lance Brauer and Tim Nicolino received Honorable Mention. Parsons also received 3rd team All-District honors and Honorable Mention All-State. Kent Cherry received 1st team All-District honors and Honorable Mention All-State. Returning lettermen for next season will be seniors Rick Parsons, Doug Fouts, Jim Lankford, and Mike Nixon. The only junior to letter was Chuck Agan. 102 Back Row: Coach Locker, Bill Truitt, Jeff Johnston, Chuck Agan, Lance Brauer, Scott Blunck, Rick Parsons. Front Row: Bob Sinclair, Bob Dennis, Roger Chambers, Kyle Ferguson, Tim Nicolino, Kent Cherry, Doug Fouts, Mike Nixon, Steve Schultie, Jim Lankford, Greg Davidson. Illusion Breakers 103 Girls share Metro title with East Lincoln ' s girls ' softball team ended their ' 74 season with a 17 and 5 record overall. The girls tied for first place with East High as Metropolitan softball champs. Both teams ended their season play with a 12 and 2 record. Lincoln placed second in the Saydel tournament where three girls shared births on the all-tournament team. Pitcher Brenda Rice, third baseman Mary John- son, and centerf ielder Kathy Lukehart were awarded all-tournament T-shirts. Lincoln lost to Dallas Center in the final game in the tenth inning, after defeating Hoover in 14 innings which advanced them to the finals. Brenda Rice made first team all-Metro and third team all-state. A torn ligament in her arm kept Brenda out a few games but she ended the season with a 14 inning loss to East in the second round of sectional play. Sophomore Brenda Rice (abov e) shows pitching form in the Metro game. Coach Larry Hayes expressed grati- tude towards Brenda Rice. Brenda, according to Coach Hayes, was a major asset in Metro-play. Coach Hayes calls a meeting at the mound (left) as he discusses the game situation. Coach Hayes and Coach Kite (below) wait patiently for the outcome of the game. Back row: Coach Hayes, Debbie Snyder, Mary Johnson, Kathy Lukehart, Brenda Rice, Coach Kite. Front row: Sandy Hayman, Cindy Groves, Cheryl Fargo, Lynn Harvey, Janet Edwards. Illusion Breakers, 105 J.V. team ends second year J.V. softball team: (First row) Darcy Boyd, Linda Dobbins, Jeri Ballard. (Second row) Teri Harper, Pam Cross, Melody Cole, DeAnna Munyon, Kim Agan. (Third row) Debbie Wren, Darla Bradford, Sheila Cherry, Jody DeCarlo. Lincoln ' s J. V. softball team ended their season of competition with a 9 and 9 record over all. Pitchers Michelle Brown and Jody DeCarlo aid- ed the team with 4 and 6, 5 and 2 records respectively. The competition on the team was wide. " J. V. has been a big help to the var- sity, " commented coach Larry Hayes. The team played many games which helped them to gain experience. They are coached by Jim Kite presently teaching at Kurtz Junior High. Being his first year of coaching the J. V. team, he felt the team did well. The season schedule included all Metro teams and Johnston, Urbandale, and Norwalk. ' 74 graduate Melody Cole received the only award on the team. Sophomore Sheila Cherry (left) anxiously awaits a play as she takes her position at short- stop. Jody DeCarlo (above) strives for another strike. 106 Girl ' s Swimming, a year to remember Being a year to remember, the girl ' s swimming team finished convincingly with a 8-4 over all record. Coach Tom Cady felt the team consisted of a most pleas- urable mixture of experienced young and old swimmers. 10 out of 11 previous school swimming records were broken and set up the finishing punch of the season. Lincoln ranked an overwhelming third in districts. Qualifying for state were fresh- man Beda Soliday in the 100 Butterfly, who placed fifth in the state. Also senior Vicki Wren, sophomore Mary Neff, and freshmen Beda Soliday and Tammy Ran- dleman qualified in the 200 Yard Indi- vidual Relay, and seniors Amy Mahnke and Vicki Wren, and freshmen Beda Soliday and Tammy Randleman qualified in the 400 Freestyle Relay. Divers Jill Cady, a junior transfer from Hoover, and freshman Debbie Judish qualified first and second respectively in districts. Jill Cady fin- ished the season with her third place ranking in state and Debbie Judish placed in the top fifteen. Freshman Debbie Judish (left) performs a back dive to place second behind teammate junior Jill Cady. Coach Tom Cady " smiles a smile " of ap- proval as Lincoln wins a tough meet against South- east Polk. Girl ' s Swimming team: (First row) Beth Theormer, Tammy Randleman, Keeley Alton, Beda Soliday, Kay Kissel, Debbie Judish. (Second row) Bridget Soliday, Janice Weston, Ingrid Stundins, Carrie Clark, Mary Jean Blaisdell, Diane Heggen, Saskia Post, Michelle Casper. (Third row) Nancy Toggart, Tammy Caudill, Pam Mulcahy, Lee Potthoff, Carrie Wymer, Cindra Machir, Lori Sackett, Linda Schweiger. (Fourth row) Coach Tom Cady, Tara Bird, Cathy Caudill, Amy Mahnke, Mary Neff, Vicki Wren, Robyne Seibert, Jill Cady, manager Susan Roth, manager Debbie Wren. Not pictured: Sherry Moore, Kathy Palis, Carol Roth. 10 out of 11 old school records broken Freshman Beda Soliday (above left) concen- trates on her butterfly leg of the 200 Yard Individual Medley. Senior Tara Bird and sophomore Mary Neff (above right) show their determination as they start the 200 Yard Individual Medley. Junior Lori Sackett, freshman Tammy Randleman, and senior Robyne Seibert (middle left) cheer on swim mates at Hoover. Senior Amy Mahnke (above) warms up for a big meet against Hoover. Sophomore Mary Neff (left) swims the breast stroke leg of her 200 Individual Medley. 108 Senior Vicki Wren (above left) gives a sigh of relief after a hard 50 Yard Freestyle. Junior Jill Cady (above right) does an inward dive to place first against East. Freshman Debbie Judish (left) yells out a chant as she stretches out for her next diving event. Senior Robyne Seibert (middle left) attempts to pull herself out of the pool after the 100 Yard Breast stroke. Senior Cathy Caudill (middle right) dives off the block on her way to finishing first place in the 400 Yard Freestyle against S.E. Polk. Freshman Beth Theormer (below) strokes to a victory in a J.V. meet against Tech. Illusion Breakers 109 Lowe leads harriers to second in Metro This year ' s varsity cross country team, lead by captains Jeff Irving and Barry Lowe, fin- ished with a second place in Metro-Conference meet. They also had a 3-3 dual meet record and finished eighth in the state meet. Second year All-Stater Barry Lowe smashed the school two mile record by 23 seconds, bringing it down to a 9:20.0. Coach Dave Bennet was pleased with the second place finish in Metro. Other members of the varsity squad were juniors Bob Dearth, Clark Rasmussen, and Larry Toomey. Junior Varsity members in- cluded junior Dale Smith, sophomore John Conkling and freshmen Alan Atwell, Steve Gonzales, and David Prall. Lincoln runners (far above right) take command against Dowling and East. Larry Toomey (above) shows determination as he strides for the finish line. Jeff Irving (right) warms up before starting practice. 4 Members of the Cross Country (above) are (front row) Dale Smith, Jeff Irving, John Conkling. (Back row) Barry Lowe, Bob Dearth, Larry Toomey. Not pictured: Clark Rassmussen. Barry Lowe (below left) blazes to another first place. Clark Rassmussen (below right), a transfer from Palatine, shows good running form. Illusion Breakers 1 1 1 Second season for girl Harriers Front row: Ann Weberg, Janis Vivonne, Linda Weberg, Back row: Pam Seiger, Coach Phil Martin, Cathy Sagrillo, Kim Watts. Girl harriers (above) push to gain lead in triangular meet. Junior Kim Watts streaks ahead to better her time. " Girls ' Cross Country at Lincoln is becoming a better known sport as more people are becoming aware of it, " according to Coach Phil Martin. The girls ended their second season of competition with a record of 5-3. Lincoln placed third, sixth, and ninth respectively in the Ames, Marshalltown, and Urbandale " Invi- tational meets. The girls advanced to the District meet where they placed 12th out of 23. Cathy Sag- rillo led the team, placing 13th out of 1 1 5 runners. Cathy also qualified for State with her 8:56 clocking on a mile and a half course where she placed 92nd out of 165. According to Coach Martin, he feels the team will be stronger next year as the complete team will be returning. The girls helped to make the spring track team stronger. I J j f 112 Junior Cathy Sagrillo (left), shows winning stride, as sophomore Ann Weberg (above) breathlessly heads for finish line. Harriers attempt to pull away from the pack as they get off to a fast start. Freshman Linda Weberg strides to gain advantage over opponents. Illusion Breakers 113 Powerful offense sparks Rails The Rails opened the season with new head coach Cecil Rhoads, and assistant coach Hugh Drake. Returning lettermen for the Rails include: Chuck Agan, Doug Berard, Kent Cherry, Jim Dilley, Mark Eggers, Steve Foldes, Craig Hall, Joe Kline, Rick Parsons, Pat Potts, Doug Speicher, and Jeff Trujillo. They achieved fourth in Metro fin- ishing with a 5-4 record. Several play- ers received Metro recognition. First string honors were given to defensive back Steve Foldes and tackle Pat Potts. Second team honors went to Chuck Agan, Doug Speicher, Jeff Tru- jillo. Kent Cherry, Joe Kline, and Rick Parsons were awarded honorable mention. Quarterback Rick Parsons was first in Metro, and fifth in the State in yards gained in passing. Head Coach Cecil Rhoads (left) encourages his team. Lincoln (above) blasts through the Tech defense for a touchdown. Rick Parsons (below) sheds his Dowling opponent with a break-away. 114 Starting offensive line-up; first row — Mark Morgan, Pat Potts, Scott Blunck, Chuck Agan, Jeff Trujillo, Doug Berard, Craig Hall, second row — Rick Parsons, third row — Mark Eggers, fourth row — Kent Cherry, Doug Speicher. Quarterback Rick Parsons (above) rambles for first down against the Dowling Maroons. The score climbs (above right) as Lincoln scores another touchdown against Tech. Doug Speicher (below right) sweeps around the end for a long gain against North. Illusion Breakers 115 ' Roothogs ' take firm stand Rails started the season with a new defensive coach, Hugh Drake. 10 of the 1 1 starting on defense were seniors, Jon Stapes being the only junior. Returning defensive lettermen are Kent Cherry, Jim Dilley, Randy Emerson, Doug Fouts, Steve Foldes, Craig Hall, Pat Potts, Doug Speicher, Jeff Trujillo, and Bill Truitt. Due to the injury Greg Davidson received early in the ' 73 season he was not able to earn his letter but well proved himself this season. Rail defense recorded one shutout, 18-0 over Hoover, and dominated their oppo- nents. Dowling and North were the only teams to score more than 20 points against the tough Railsplitter defense, which was led by 1st team All-Metro defensive back Steve Foldes and 2nd team defense nose- man Jeff Trujillo. Roothogs hosted a Homecoming game in their honor against Valley. The game ended in a 20-14 victory. The squad chose Debbie Gering and Donna Speicher as their candidates, and elected Donna Speicher as their Queen. Linebacker Kent Cherry dives to recover a Dowling fumble. Defensive team: (First row) Greg Davidson, Jim Dilley, Jeff Trujillo, Pat Potts, Bill Truitt. (Second row) Randy Emer- son, Kent Cherry. (Third row) Doug Fouts, Craig Hall. (Fourth row) Steve Foldes, Doug Speicher. 116 The Rails (above) demonstrate their strong defensive line against Dowling. Illusion Breakers 117 J.V. strengthens Rails r y 1 Bflfl 1 1 fij ' " T » ' : • The Railsplitter J.V. team finished their season with a 4-4 record. The junior-varsity team consisted of all those players who didn ' t start regu- larly for the varsity. The J.V. ' s potent wishbone offense relied heavily on its ground game which was led by senior halfbacks Doug Fouts and Joe Wilson. Junior fullback Rick Kaili provided power up the middle and hard-nosed blocking. Q.B. Kevin Livengood found passing targets in wide receivers Jim Lankford and Bob Speed. The line play was dominated by seniors Scott Blunck and Jim Dilley; juniors Jim Bell, Chuck Lacona, Earl Agan, and Jeff Conner. Two of the J.V. losses were last second thrillers against Ames and Newton. Last year ' s J.V. sched- ule was cancelled due to injuries mak- ing the V4-V5 season a bright spot and a change of pace for the Rails. Captain Houdy squad (above left) show form in pre-game warmups. Pat Potts, Bill Truitt, and Kent Cherry (left) scramble to regain possession of loose ball. Roothog coach, Hugh Drake (above) waits for important game-changing brakes. 118 Junior Varsity: (First row) Dan Addams, Jim Bell, Jan Enslow, Mike Lantz, Earl Agan, Doug Fouts, Scott Blunck, Rick Peterson, Steve Drew, Don Ceretti, Rick Kaili. (Second row) Bob Speed, Joe Wilson, David Goerndt, Rick Gasperi, Jeff Brown, Ron Dales, Sam Briseno, Scott Cohen, Jeff Conner, Randy Alexander. (Third row) Jim Dilley, Jon Stapes, Kevin Kesler, Matt Allen, Chuck Lacona, Kelly Willis, Franky Micile, Dave Brown, Kevin Livengood. (Fourth row) Kevin Heglin, Roy Cosner, Steve Anderson, Ron Lee, Jerry Clausi. (Fifth row) Dave Meisters, Dennis Clair. Illusion Breakers 119 Sophs roll to a 4-4 record The 1974 sophomore football team fin- ished the season with a 4-4 record, under the new direction of coaches Dave Ortale and Tim Barker. Victories for the young Rails came through hard fought battles with Ames, North, Roosevelt and Valley. 4 The greatest disappointment was a 28-0 loss to city rival East, " commented Coach Ortale. The little Abes ' scoring attack was directed by Doug Long, quarterback, with Bob Umdenstock, Mark Edwards, and Tim O ' Hara rounding out the backfield. Prime aerial targets were ends Jack Pulliam and Jim Bixler. Leading the defense were safety Joe Joyce, tackle John Rutan and defensive halfback Chuck Funaro. Commenting on the season, Coach Ortale said, ' The season provided both excitement and disappointment as the young Rails showed great team unity and spirit. Coach Barker and I feel this soph- omore team will do great things for Lincoln. " Fullback Chuck Funaro (above) eludes a Roosevelt player to gain yardage. Defensive Unit (left): (Front row) — Dave Eggers, John Rutan, Russ Spaur, Rich Davenport, Mike Cox. (Back row) — Dave Halter, Rick Richards, Chuck Funaro, Bob Umdenstock, Larry Wycoff, Joe Joyce, Curtis Hart, and Mark Kellner. Offensive Unit (right): (Front row) — Jack Pulliam, Mike Anderson, Mike Bruchshaw, Brian Hild, Russ Spaur, Kevin Parker, Jim Bixler. (Back row) — Bob Umdenstock, Mark Edwards, Doug Long, Tim O ' Hara. 120 Illusion Breakers 121 Gymnasts emphasize poise, grace, style Coach Linda Ritland guided and pushed the girls gymnastic team, with the help of student manager Cindy Robinson, through their fourth year of competition with a 2-7 record. Being a very young team, there will be many returning letter win- ners to help to guide the team in years to come. Julie Schmaltz and Shellie Swan were the only two seniors performing on this year ' s team. This year ' s letter winners in- clude: Rhonda Borchert, Robin Brown, Barbie George, Karen Locke, Ingrid Stundins, and Vicki Van Cleve. 122 The Gymnastic squad includes (front row) Vicki VanCleve, Ingrid Stundins, Shelly Carpenter, Jeannie Tursi, Lori Zarley, Michele Gasperi. (Back row) Rhonda Borchert, Jan Street, Karen Locke, co-captain, Barbie George, co- captain, Robin Brown, Marty Sperry, Paula O ' Connor. Ingrid Stundins (far above) warms up for the vaulting division. Karen Locke (above) practices back flips for her trampoline per- formance. Vicki VanCleve (above left) portrays grace on the beam as she pauses in splits. Karen Locke (left) shows her skill on the beam in front of fellow team members. Illusion Breakers 123 Rails: undisputed Metro Champs, 18-0 Cagers land three on All-Metro team Lincoln ' s boys basketball team cruised to an undefeated season in Conference play under the coaching of John Carle. This was the first time in Metro history for a team to claim the crown undefeated. Another mark in Metro history went down as Lincoln ' s team had the highest offensive average in the conference, 95.6. Under captain Mark Long, all of the team school records were broken: best record: 24-0, most points one season: 2,167, most conference points one sea- son: 1,338, best conference offensive average: 95.6, high single game: 124. Chris Kern, Ron Lemons, and Mark Long dominated the first team all-Metro. John Thorup was chosen for second team, with Mike Nixon receiving honorable mention. Again this year two key games were played against Metro-foe Hoover at Vet ' s Auditorium in front of crowds of 9,000 and 1 1,000 people. John Thorup (far above) stops to analyze the situation against North. Chris Kern (left) goes up for an easy two points at Chariton. Mark Long (above) drives for a layup under heavy Dowling attack. 124 Ron Lemons (above left) skies for two against Pella. Craig Hall (above middle) goes up for a heavily contested layup. John Thorup (above right) zeroes in for a free throw against North. Mike Nixon (left) tallies two in the first Hoover game. Coach Carle (above) shouts " Come on, let ' s get it together out there! " Mike Caliguiri (right) breaks into the clear against East. Illusion Breakers 125 Cagers advance to first state tourney Lincoln ' s ' AAA ' state basketball champions (above) are (first row) coach Dennis Deardon, John Thorup, Dennis Livingston, Chris Kern, Ron Lemons, Mark Long, Mike Nixon, coach Jerry Shartner. (Second row) Toby Cozad, Mike Caliguiri, Bruce Koeppl, Barry Arnold, Mike Lantz, Graig Brown, Mark Hall, Craig Hall, Jeff Schmaltz, Rick Kaili, Dave Tillinghast, head coach John Carle. (Third row) managers Rich Powell, Brian McClurg, Brett Andrews. Not pictured: Manager Bruce Staples. Mark Long (above left) works against an Ames opponent. Coach Carle (above right) relays instructions to team members during a time-out. 126 Dennis Livingston (above left) looks to pass to an open teammate. Chris Kern (above middle) eyes the basket as he skies for two. Ron Lemons (above right) wheels around Bob- cat defender as he drives for the hole. Mike Nixon (left) leads fast break against Waverly-Shell Rock. John Thorup (below) lies injured as Coach Carle and doctor check his knee injury. John was forced to sit out the remainder of the tournament games due to strained ligaments acquired during the Waverly-Shell Rock game. Illusion Breakers 127 1 Rails win state ' AAA ' cage Kern, Long named to 1st, Lemons to 2nd All-State teams Lincoln ' s phenomenal cagers became the 1975 ' AAA ' state champions, con- cluding the season with a perfect 24-0 record. The Rails became the first team to win the title undefeated since Storm Lake in 1968 and the first Metro team to win it since Roosevelt in 1965. The cagers faced stiff competition against Dowling, Tech, East, Waverly- Shell Rock and Marshalltown in their march to the final game. Lincoln proved too tough for Ames in the state game, pulling out a 56-51 vic- tory. The close game was decided after the Rails managed a small lead late in the game and held off an Ames comeback attempt in the closing seconds. Chris Kern, Ron Lemons and Mark Long received All-Tourney berths. Kern and Long were placed on the All-State first team, Lemons on the second team and John Thorup received honorable men- tion. 128 Jeff Schmoltz (for obove left) removes the winning gome net oft«r ckf o£nfl Ames 56-51. Mark Long (for above right) defenses a Waverly-Snell Kock opponent. Ron Lemons (above) battles for a tipoff against Chris Kern (right) outstretches an Ames defender. Illusion Breakers 129 Little Abes roll to a first in Metro Lincoln ' s sophomore basketball team finished with a 16-2 record and a first place finish in the Metro Conference. Coach Jerry Schartner explains, " this is the best team I ' ve had in my eight years of coaching at Lincoln. " Bob Umden- stock was leading scorer in the confer- ence with 223 points in 17 games. Kirby Van Nausdle set a school sopho- more record for 67 steals in one season, as well as sharing defensive honor with Umdenstock. Coach Shartner gave out honorary awards to team members Doug Long, Doug Harvey, Tim Hollingsworth, Joe Joyce, Kevin Swanson, Darrell Finley, Randy Karnes and Marvin Fisher. Steve Dean (above right) shoots free throw against North; scoreboard in background reflects Rail victory. Doug Long (above) passes ball to a teammate against tough Rider defense. Kirby Van Nausdle (right) tries to break away from a tight North defense. 130 Bob Umdenstock (left) shoots a jump shot from the corner against Hoover. Darrell Finley (above) drives around tough Rider defense for two points. Randy Karnes (below) puts up a shot at the free throw line. LINCO Lincoln ' s boy ' s sophomore basketball team includes (first row) Kirby Van Nausdle, David Navin, Bob Umdenstock, Tim Hollingsworth. (Second row) Rusty Bonjour, Darrell Finley, Doug Long, Jack Pullium, Marvin Fisher, Joe Joyce, Manager Doug Tipping, (third row) Coach Jerry Shartner, Doug Harvey, Mike Manning, Randy Karnes, Steve Dean, Rod McElwee, Kevin Swanson, Neil Smith. f Illusion Breakers 131 Girl ' s varsity cagers plagued with injuries Girl ' s varsity basketball grounded out an 8-6 metro-conference record, 10-8 overall, finishing fifth in metro play. Five letterwinners returned. Senior Rachel Peterson led the team scoring in the forward court along with starting seniors Kathy Lukehart and Betty Powell. Other offensive players contributing were senior Becky Clair, junior Joyce Janis, and sopho- mores Shari Hutchison, Kathy Murphy and Deb- bie Snyder. Senior starter Lori Wal- lace led the defensive team in rebounds with junior Sheryl Olson, lead- ing the Metro in defen- sive steals, and also senior Jan Johnson. Defensive reserves were seniors Janet Edwards and Mari- lyn Newton along with junior Pam Kline and sophomore Darci Boyd. Senior Becky Clair and sophomore Kathy Murphy express their feelings (above left). Seniors Betty Powell, Kathy Lukehart, junior Sheryl Olson and senior Janet Edwards (above right) head for the locker room. Lincoln ' s girl ' s varsity basketball team includes (first row) Becky Clair, Pam Kline, Darci Boyd, Kathy Lukehart, Joyce Coach Jerry Atkinson, Debbie Snyder, Sheryl Olson, Marilyn Coach Phil Martin. Kathy Murphy, Jan Johnson, Betty Powell. (Second row) Janis, Janet Edwards, Barb Saville. (Third row) Assistant Newton, Lori Wallace, Rachel Peterson, Shari Hutchison and 132 Peterson places on All-Metro second team Illusion Breakers 133 Girl ' s varsity ousted early in sectional play s m. Senior Becky Clair (above left) drives past her guard to score a lay-up. Sophomore Kathy Murphy (above middle) finds an opening to the basket in the lane for 2 points against Metro leader Valley. Senior Rachel Peterson (above right) connects 2 points despite the tight defense by her guard. -I Senior Kathy Lukehart (above left) ties up the ball. Senior Jan Johnson (above right) contemplates her next defensive move. Senior Lorj Wallace (right) holds her defensive ground. Senior Janet Ed- wards (far right) makes an attempt to stop Hoover ' s forward. 134 Girl ' s sophomore basketball cruises Girl ' s sophomore basketball team was paced by many good varsity prospects. Shari Hutch- ison, Brenda Rice and Debbie Snyder held up the forward court. Defensive starters were Darci Boyd, Julie Geronzin and Debbie Porter. The girls ended Metro play 11-3 and 15-4 overall, with losses only to Tech, Valley, In- dianola and Dowling. Coach Jerry Atkinson re- marked, " Sophomore girls this year had a lot of depth and talent all the way down and as a team we had an outstand- ing attitude. " Lincoln ' s girl ' s sophomore basketball team includes (front row) Julie Geronzin, Dee Munyon, Ann Weberg, Darci Boyd, Virginia Vinson. (Back row) Coach Jerry Atkinson, Debbie Snyder, Debbie Porter, Brenda Rice, Shari Hutchison, Chris Roush, Sheila Cherry, Cindy Pontious and Donna Ferguson. Not pictured: Bridget O ' Keefe. Debbie Snyder (above) goes up for 2 points as Shari Hutchison waits for rebound. Guards Darci Boyd and Julie Geronzin (below left) regain their composure. For- ward Virginia Vinson (below right) shoots jumper. Forward Brenda Rice (above) makes an easy lay-up for 2 points. Forward Brenda Rice (above) makes an effort to rebound. Guard Debbie Porter (below) screens out as guard Julie Geronzin anticipates rebound. Illusion Breakers 135 BOYS SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL LHS 49 Chariton 25 68 Tech 53 73 East 70 37 Ottumwa 39 76 Dowling 67 69 Roosevelt 41 71 Valley 48 58 Hoover 50 72 Urbandale 66 73 North 71 74 Tech 54 67 East 62 54 Dowling 60 90 Roosevelt 39 80 Valley 46 83 Pella 63 43 Hoover 38 76 North 56 1st Metro Conference BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL LHS 94 Chariton 48 100 Tech 64 95 East 52 99 Dowling 58 91 Ottumwa 67 105 Roosevelt 62 94 Valley 60 77 Hoover 66 99 North 57 112 Urbandale 63 99 Tech 65 107 East 53 93 Dowling 74 124 Roosevelt 73 90 Valley 54 87 Pella 65 73 Hoover 67 83 North 70 1st Metro Conference 1st District Play 1st Sub-State Play 1st State Play 1975 STATE CHAMPIONS GIRLS GYMNASTICS LHS 131 Roosevelt 167 114 Hoover 138 136 Valley 150 138 East 193 4th Urbandale Invitational 136 Marshalltown 118 151 Ankeny 152 159 Urbandale 177 144 Dowling 179 VARSITY FOOTBALL LHS 6 Marshalltown 7 1 8 Hoover 0 21 North 41 32 Tech 6 6 East 1 3 0 Dowling 38 26 Roosevelt 20 21 Valley 14 53 Ottumwa 7 BOYS SWIMMING LHS 108 Grinnell 64 103 Boone 68 124 North 41 66 Hoover 106 5th Ames Relays 73 Valley 99 116 Dowling 55 63 Roosevelt 106 109 Tech 57 106 Marshalltown 66 117 East 55 4th Metro Conference 3rd District Meet 14th State Meet LHS 27 6th 6 33 49 12 1st 3 0 17 8th 12 5th 4th LHS 70 67 53 70 74 73 61 52 53 51 54 63 71 76 65 41 59 52 46 BOYS WRESTLING Indianola Saydel Invitational Marshalltown East 39 40 33 16 51 North Hoover Knoxville Pin Valley 59 Dowling 60 Roosevelt 36 Urbandale Invitational Tech 42 Lincoln Invitational Sectional Tournament GIRLS BASKETBALL Indianola 44 Tech 62 Pella 37 East 68 Marshalltown 45 Dowling 68 Roosevelt 62 Valley 70 North 42 Indianola 48 North 40 Hoover 78 Tech 70 East 61 Dowling 35 Roosevelt 54 Valley 78 Ames 48 Urbandale 62 136 GIRLS SOFTBALL LHS 4 Urbandale 9 10 Johnston 0 2 East 4 18 Tech 0 1 1 Roosevelt 0 10 Johnston 2 9 Valley 3 3 Hoover 1 28 North 9 2nd Saydel Tournament 3 Dow ling 0 4 East 3 18 Tech 2 8 Roosevelt 1 7 3 Valley Norwalk 6 6 6 Hoover 2 15 North 8 2 Dow ling 1 1 1st Metro Conference LHS BOYS CROSS COUNTRY 3rd Ames Invitational 3rd Hoover Invitational 15 Tech 23 21 Hoover 15 13 Roosevelt 26 2nd Marshalltown Invitat ' l 14th Karpan Invitational 23 Dowling 13 15 East 21 4th Augustine Invitational 35 Marshalltown 21 2nd Metro 3rd Urbandale Invitational 8th State GIRLS SWIMMING LHS 118 East 40 114 Grinnell 66 63 Hoover 107 98 S.E. Polk 73 55 Valley 1 15 58 Roosevelt 113 108 Dowling 63 61 Ames 109 125 Tech 43 125 North 37 104 Marshalltown 67 4th Tiger Relays 4th Metro Conference 3rd District Meet GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY LHS 3rd Ames Invitational 6th Marshalltown Invitat ' l 27 Indianola 16 28 Hoover 1 1 17 Roosevelt 19 18 Roosevelt 19 12th Urbandale Invitational 15 S.E. Polk 24 13 Johnston 28 17 Dowling 26 19 Roosevelt 18 9th District Play GIRLS SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL LHS 64 Indianola 45 54 Pella 51 61 Tech 67 84 Marshalltown 41 53 East 50 64 Roosevelt 46 68 Dowling 51 64 North 26 47 Valley 45 49 Indianola 51 76 Hoover 53 58 Hoover 57 66 North 35 60 Tech 54 62 East 39 55 Dowling 62 58 Roosevelt 53 48 Valley 53 81 Ames 53 2nd Metro Conference BOYS BASEBALL LHS 12 Ankeny 7 10 Nevada 0 3 Urbandale 5 6 Ames 4 6 Perry 0 1 Newton 2 5 Boone 4 4 Hoover 2 1 North 2 15 Tech 4 0 East 5 5 Dowling 6 4 Roosevelt 6 4 Valley 0 6 Hoover 2 14 North 5 1 Tech 0 5 East 10 6 Dowling 4 1 Roosevelt 3 0 Marshalltown 4 5 Valley 1 3 Hoover 0 9 Indianola 4 1 Creston 7 Illusion Breakers 137 Grapplers ' individuality stands strong Lincoln varsity wrestling squad stands 1-5-1 in the conference. This year the team has sustained many injuries. The ' 74-V5 season was one for individual efforts as the team lacked depth. Seniors Jeff Draper, 112 lb., Rick Houge, 126 lbs., and Jeff Tru- jillo, 187 lbs. have all done an exceptional job in com- petition according to Coach Larry Hayes. Lincoln held their annual invitational February 8. The team took fifth place overall, and sophomores Scott Pierce, and Kevin Parker won second place in finals for their weight divisions. Jeff Trujillo and Jeff Draper participated in the- sectionals February 14-15. Draper went on to Dis- tricts held at Valley, February 18-19, in which he was eliminated in first round competition. Coach Hayes (above) looks on as a varsity wrestler goes against his opponent. Steve Hiesler (left) tugs for a two point takedown! Lincoln ' s Varsity squad Pierce. (Back row) Coach includes (front row) Kevin Foust, Hayes, John Rutan, Jeff Trujillo, Dan Norm, Jeff Draper, Keith Weaver, Rick Houge, Scott Larry Daniels, Ron Dales, Ed Egenberger, Coach Williams. 138 Illusion Breakers 139 V V ' - Keith Weaver (far above) gets his opponent down on the mat as he scores 3 points for a near pin. Rick Houge (above) grabs an ankle to prevent losing control. Dan Norm (below) escapes single leg lunge and gains 2 points for his takedown. Jeff Draper (above) shakes hand with East opponent after a close victory. John Rutan (below) ends all hopes for his East opponent as he pins him in the first period. 140 J.V. adds strength to varsity grapplers Junior Varsity includes (front row) Harold Reeser, Jeff Utterback, Ron Yalky, Randy Cole, Mike Ayala, Randy Johnson. (Middle row) Danny Qui I, Tim O ' Hara, Steve Heisler, Mike Coffee, Mark Romano. (Back row) Coach Hayes, Kevin Parker, Rick Marshal, Mike Fogue, Coach Williams. Jeff Draper (above) throws in cross face that helps aid him in another victory. Jeff Trujillo (left) applies strength as his opponent expresses great pain. Illusion Breakers ' Super Frogs ' , a year for the seniors Coached by Tom Cady, Lincoln ' s boy ' s swim team ended the season with a 7-3 record. Seniors Cricket Edwards, Mark Nagel, Gary Teter, and Bill Thomason made up the medley relay team which placed first in Metro con- H 0 ference. New records were set by senior Cricket V iJ } Edwards, 500 yd. free style; seniors Eric JF P Mahnke, Mark Nagel, Gary Teter, and sopho- £- more Mike Bird, 400 yd. free style relay; and senior Bill Thomason tied the record in the 100 yd. backstroke. ' Seniors who rounded out the team were Rick Butz, Ron Lee, and Nick Romano. Senior Cricket Edwards placed fifth in back- stroke and eighth in individual medley in the state meet held at Ames. Others who placed in state were senior Eric Mahnke, eleventh and the Medley relay team which placed sev- enth. The team as a whole placed fourteenth. Senior Gary Teter (above) strives for a winning time and great form in the butterfly. M it Senior Eric Mahnke (left) shows good form as he leaves the starting block hoping to gain inches on his opponents. Jim " Cricket " Edwards, senior, (above) comes up for air on his way to taking first place in the breast stroke. 142 The swimming team (above) includes (first row) coach Tom Cady, manager Jeff Fagerland. (Second row) Eric Mahnke, Bill Thomason, Jim Edwards, Gary Teter. (Thjrd row) Richard Butz, Mike Bird, Steve Jones, Dan Powell. (Fourth row) Steve Caron, Kevin Randleman. (Fifth row) Steve Teter, Tom Edwards. (Sixth row) Ron Lee, Brad Burson. Not pictured: Mark Nagel. ? i Brad Burson, junior (above) shows great ability in his double twist pike. Sophomore Mike Bird (left) shows his style in the butterfly. Seniors Eric Mahnke, Jim Edwards, and Rick Butz (above) rest up for their upcoming events. Illusion Breakers 143 Bill Thomason (above left) stretches out during his leg of the 400 free relay. Rick Butz (above right) leaves the starting block in hopes of a win over Hoover. Coach Tom Cady (left) considers the order of the medley relay. Lincoln tankers (below) push off the blocks to gain an advantage over Hoover. r djtfl i ■■fcr «H«r 144 Poloists compete in California Boys water polo members (above) include (first row) Rick Butz, Dan Powell, Eric Mahnke, Steve Teter, John Burton, Ron Lee. (Second row) Steve Caron, Steve Jones, Jeff Judge, Jim Edwards, Tom Mulligan, Mark Nicholson. (Third row) Nick Romano, Mark Welch, Dave Ellis, Dave Ricard, George Shipman. The girls waterpolo team includes: (Front row), Bridgett Soliday, Brenda Allen, Michele Price, Robin Bucknam, Lee Potthoff. (Second row), Mary Neff, Cathy Caudill, Jeri Burdick, Diane Heggen, Karen Prendergast, Beta Soliday. (Third row), Lori Sackett, Cindy Kurshbaum, Jill Burdick. Illusion Breakers 145 Cindermen prove to be tough opponents 146 Varsity Track members (above) are (first row) Boscoe Bushbaum, Chuck Funaro, Steve Drew, Paul Stocker, Steve Nicolson, Clark Rasmussen, Doug Speicher, Jim Hager, Bob Speed, Barry Lowe, Jeff Irving, Kirk Jones. (Second row) John Rutan, Bob Dearth, Rich Gasperi, John Crouch, Roger Hart, Steve Foldes, Dennis O ' Donnel, Bob State, Dale Smith, Ken Gans, Larry Toomey, Mark Morgan. (Third row) Coach Hugh Drake, Scott Parks, Kevin Ketzler, Kevin Livengood, Rick Kaili, Dave Hollinrake, Chuck Lacona, Doug Brown, Mel Manning, Kelly Duffy, Coach Ace Hendricks, Coach Bob VandarLinden. Dennis O ' Donnel (above left) shows excellent form in the long jump. Mark Morgan (left) exerts 100% effort in the discus throw. Jeff Irving (above) inches out teammate Bob Dearth for the mile victory. Illusion Breakers 147 Juniors add depth to team Bob Speed (right) clears bar with room to spare. Ken Gans, (middle right) transfer from Chicago Heights Illinois concentrates on clearing his next vault. Jim Hager (far right) clears his mark. 148 Sophomore Track team members (above) are (first row) Kevin Parker, Domonic Filippelli, Dave Olsan, Jim Anderson, Kevin Lehman, Bob Larson, Steve Snook, Tim Hollingsworth, John Conkling, Jack Pulliam, Tim O ' Hara, Larry Wycoff, Dan Gill. (Second row) Chuck Funaro, Marvin Denny, Mike Manning, Chip Sloan, Neal Smith, John Benton, Howard Newell, Alan Cart, Jerry Sheets, David Nevin, Gary Young, Steve Heisler. (Third row) Kirk Jones, John Rutan, Dave Rickert, Kirk Hart, Jerry Wiand, Joe Tursi, Jim Bixler, Mike Bruckshaw, Paul Walker, Richard Davenport, Dave Spencer, Doug Harvey. Illusion Breakers 149 Track events reflect determined effort Junior Laree Moro (far above) pushes out of the blocks as she starts off a relay race. Senior Brenda Halderman (above) shows her form as she throws the shot. 150 " Lincoln ' s girls track team is a young team, " comments coach Ortale. The team had a good season last year and coach expects a good season this year. The girls started the season off slow but improved much during the season. Returning letter winners, seniors Janet Edwards, Brenda Halterman, Kathy Lukehart, Robyne Seibert. Juniors Cindy Ed- wards, Sandy Hayman, Loree Moro, and Kathy Sagrillo. Expected to be strong competitors for girls track are Brenda (shot put and discus), Cathy (880 and mile) and Loree (hurdles and 440). High jumper Michelle Gasperi (far above) makes a successful jump. Sophomore Darci Boyd (above) finishes first in the mile relay. Girls track team includes: (row one) A. Weberg, J. Vivone. (Row two) Belinda Toomey, Gwen Reeves, Karen Hatcher, Bridget O ' Keefe, Kathy Lukehart, Michelle Gasperi. (Row three) Sandy Hayman, Debbie Wren, Kathy Sagrillo, Linda Schweiger, Larree More, Debbie Snyder, Sheryl Olson, Darci Boyd, Pam Conners, Robyne Seibert, Carla Burnett. (Row four) Janet Edwards, Tudi McNeish, Jerri Harris, Pam Koons, Brenda Holderman, Marilyn Harris, Cindy Edwards, Julie Gerinzin, Denise Aldridge. Not pictured Coach Dave Ortale, Lisa Reihser, Tammy Heck, Sue Hickle, Andy Lato, Cathy Scott, Leanne Blair. Head down, swing, now follow through The 1974-75 boys and girls golf team could be a tough group to beat. Boys returning lettermen include Seniors, Dale Brown, Ed Cory, Dave Tillinghast. Girls re- turning lettermen include, Sen- iors Debbie Palis, Darcy Freder- ick, and Juniors Shiela Griffin and Marianne Sirianne. " The season should be a good one once it gets started. The team is considerably stronger than a year ago. Their success in the metro, however, will depend on how strong the other teams are, " said golf coach Mr. Don Ceynar. Marvin Fisher (above) takes time as he makes important chip shot. Jeff Barrett (right) tees off in challenge play. Shiela Griffin (far right) takes time out to practice her putting. Debbie Palis (below) lines up par putt. Boys and Girls Golf team includes: (front row), K. Palis, S. Woods, J. Reed, D. Benoit, L. Harbert, S. Griffin, M. Sirianne, D. Frederick. (Second row), D. Palis, D. Tipping, E. Cory, R. Carey, J. Beret, R. Callahan, P. Jilg. (Third row), M. Fisher, J. Joyce, D. Tillinghast, D. Long, M. Ward, D. Mills, D. Zeanor. 152 Marc Ward Rich Callahan Doug Long Illusion Breakers 153 Debbie Palis Darcy Frederick Marianne Sirianne i Freshman Lynn Webb (far right) follows through after a short chip shot to the green. Coach Don Cey- nar points out the right way to do it. 154 Experience pays off for boys tennis Senior Karl Stundins (left) shows powerful form at the baseline. Senior Jeff Schmaltz (above left) reaches for a winning serve. Senior Mike Nixon above right) shows his strong forehand shot. Junior Karl Hotchkiss (below left) concentrates on his serve. Boys tennis team members include: (front row) Rick Hazelton, Tim Herbert, Mike Clark, Mike Owens, Brad Moore, Pete Brown, Joe Wilson, and Rod Bullard. (Back row) Bruce Staples, Mike Nixon, Kirk Grier, Mike Marturello, Karl Hotchkiss, Karl Stundins, Jeff Schmaltz, Jon Zarley, Jeff McClintock, and Coach John Van Why. Illusion Breakers 155 Girl ' s tennis strive to win Metro Lincoln ' s tennis team, both girl ' s and boy ' s, showed much po- tential and experience. The boy ' s team finished strong overall in metro play. Returning letterwin- ners for boy ' s last year consisted of Karl Stundins, Mike Nixon, Kirk Grier, Jeff Schmaltz, Mike Marturello, Carl Hotchkiss, Jon Zarley, and Jeff McClintock. The boy ' s started out a good sea- son by upsetting Valley and fin- ished with a consistent record. The girl ' s team had returning letterwinners that included co- captains Julie Johnson, and Jan Johnson, Kathy Murphy, Debbie Porter, Beth Fritz, Leslie Benda, and Carla Burt. Lincoln ' s girl ' s hosted an invitational with six teams along with traveling to Red Oak to play Sioux City and Atlantic. Senior Julie Johnson (above left) follows thru her forehand shot. Senior Jan Johnson (above right) concentrates on her serve. Sophomore Kathy Murphy (left) hits a strong baseline shot. Girls tennis team members include: (front row) Sue Lang, Sue Roth, Ingrid Stundins, Teresa Filippelli, Sue Richards, and Lori Zarley. (Back row) Coach Van Why, Leslie Benda, Carla Burt, Debbie Porter, Sharel Morelock, Julie Johnson, Jan Johnson, Kathy Murphy, and assistant Miss Mortiss. 156 Senior Kirk Grier (far above left) anticipates hitting a forehand shot. Senior Mike Marturello (far above right) shows power in his half volley. Sophomores Carla Burt and Debbie Porter (above middle right) pair up for doubles. Junior Beth Fritz (left) shows determination as she serves. Sophomores Leslie Benda (above left) anticipates serving. Senior Sharel Morelock (above right) shows power in her forehand shot. Illusion Breakers 157 Keith Adoms Pom Adams Kim Agon Mori Albright Doug Aldridge Lon Allbury Brendo Allen Cheryl Allen K.m Allen Cathy Allison Albert Alvares Amy Amend Dovid Amend Rose Amodeo Jim Anderson Denise Anderson Kathy Andersen Mike Anderson Sue Anderson Bret Andrews Kim Andrews Bill Anthony Troy Arrondale Mark Ayolo Debbie Baber Marge Bockstrom Loun Bohl Bob Baier Jeff Baird Eddie Baker Jen Balducki Torn Bollard John Barach Susan Borfield Jock Bassford Pam Beard Carrie Beordsley Mike Beouchomp Cheryl Beck Dorlene Beck Cormen Beckett Debbie Belieu Vicki Beheu Leslie Bendo Dione Benoit Pom Benefield Lon Bentele Vicky Bentley John Benton Michelle Berord Shelley Billups Jim Bingoman Ricky Bingham Mike Bird Renee Birdsall Mary Beth Billings Jim Bixler Linda Bixler Lynnonn Blockman Debro Blodes Toni Blodes Leonne Bloir Mory Biaisdell Rusty Bon our Noncy Borcherding Kelly Bowers Rondy Bowlby Darci Boyd Dorlo Brodford Debbie Breheny Noncy Brenizer Anno Bndgford Fawn Brochett Kelly Brown Leonna Brown Nevtn Bruce Mike Bruckshow Robin Buckner Kristin Bullmgton Jen Burdick Lori Bugduff Robert Burgett Jeanmne Burks Korlo Burnett Jerry Burn Rory Bunting Monico Burnolo Mario Burnolo Undo Burnolo Brad Burson Corlo Burt Doug Burt John Burton Pot Bussonmos Gory Byers Sue Byers ■ft Approximately 800 sophomores began the 1974-75 school year with their fall meeting in the auditorium August 29 for the Sophomore Orientation program. 63% of the sophomore girls and 59% of the boys purchased SAT ' s that helped to spur the Student Activity Ticket Con- test. " I was kind of scared to come to Lin- coln but it was O.K. after a couple of days. The thing that scared me most were the cafeteria procedures, " commented sopho- more Laura Douglass. Sophomore students (left) display their school spirit at pep assembly. Cathy Coluzzi Dan Campbell Gmo Compapiano Terri Cannon Theresa Cardamone Yvonne Carpino Debt Carle Rusty Carnes Stephen Caron Rachoel Corson Tracy Carroll Alan Cort Barbra Carter Tina Case bolt Tammy Caudill Lynne Chadwick Koylo Channon Clay Chapman Mark Chopmon Pom Chapman Mindi Chateouvert Sheilo Cherry Debbie Ch.dester Dennis Clair Jeff Clark Carrie Clork Steven Clark Jenny Clay Tammy Clifford M.ke Coffey Randy Cole Kathy Colegrove Dartrmo Oolsimo Rosmory Colosimo Connie Comegys John Conkling Chris Conner Pom Conner Steve Conner Lame Conroth Rondy Cook Kevin Copic Kathy Casper Connie Cotton Mike Cox Judy Cozad Rick Craig Dennis Crapser Brenda Crawford Kathy Crawford Amber Crevelmg Tern Cronin Bilhe Cropp Phil Crum Karen Culp Dave Curtis Dovid Curtis Tommy Dogge t Doreen Doiley Thereso Dale Richard Davenport Steve Davidson Bev Davis Dawn Davis Mary Dovis Steve Dean Randy Debrouse Jodi DeCarlo Don Decker James Deeds Paul Deeds Pam Dennis Marvin Denny Kent Dickerson Kevin Dmgman Dennis Dissmger Lindo Dobbins Mary Douglas Rhondo Douglas Tammy Douglas Idealists 161 Laura Douglas Sharon Downs Mark Dresselhuys Dovid Drew Dan Duff Tim Duff Charlie Eaton Gary Edwards Mark Edwards Sharlynn Edwards Tom Edwards Kent Egenberger Dave Eggers Karleen Eilbert Pat Ekstrum Rebecca Elgin Mike Elifritz Clarence Ellis Dave Ellis Jerry EMstrom Lome Ellsworth Roxanne Emery Russel Emery Harvel Enos Kim Erickson Kim Enchson Bndgette Estersnanr John Evans Joy Evans Jeff Fagerland Kim FaiTey Lorry Fatmo Donno Ferguson Danny Ferrari Tonyo Ferrori Carol Fraser Dom Filippelli Tammy Field Sherne Finch Darrell Fmley Marvin Fisher Steve Fisher Eddie Fokken Kevin Fleming Scott Foreman Shern Forrester Cathy Fosnaugh Nancy Foster Kevin Foust Doug Foust Ruth Ann Francios Carolyn Free Annette Fuller Chuck Funaro Willetta Funaro Kelly Gale Michelle Gasperi Craig Gotes Solmda Gathercole Mark Gatl.ff Don Gatto Steve Gouldm Barbie George Julie Geronzm Hugh Glesche Dan Gill Jodi Gilliam Mildred Gillson Rick Gist Debbie Gray Kim Gray Pam Gray Sue Griffin Shirley Grubb Mory Gruis Julie Guess Tony Guile Mary Guthrie Duone Hoc ken Gory Hoger Debbie Hale Betty Hole Chounci Holl Liz Hall Sophomore girls (above) find it easier to maneuver a shopping cart through the halls if they are empty. A 5 A3 A C 162 i J Steve Hall Dove Halter Anna Hamilton Brod Hamilton Koren Hammer Lesa Hansen Carol Hordman Valerie Harker Jennifer Harkness Demse Harrison Curt Hort Kurt Hartlemyer Mike Hartzin Andy Harvey Doug Horvey Tommy Harvey Karen Hatcher Rick Haze I ton Tammy Heck Diane Heggen Steve Heisler Sam Helfenstine Liz Heler Devin Hesser Dovid Hentor Paulette Hickman Kim Higdoy Brian Hild Larry Hill Cmdy Hoff Mike Hoffmon Rick Holder Scoft Holland Liso Hollett Tim Hollmgsworth Vicky Holmon Kathy Holmes Mark Holzhouser Mike Hoopes John Horack Noncy Horn Tommy Houseman Craig Howard Doug Howell David Hraho Johnnie Hubbs Liso Huggms Judy Hunt Pom Hupton Shan Hutchison Roy Hutt Teresa Irvin Corlo Irving Thereso Irving Steve Isaacson Clark Jacobsen Dennis Jantz Dawn Judish Paul Johns Beverly Johnson Brod Johnson Gory Johnson Pomelo Joanne Johnson Pomelo Jo Johnson Rhonda Johnson Steve Johnson Ted Johnson Jeremy Johnston Carolyn Jones Julie Jones Kirk Jones Wendy Jones Tarn i J or don Joe Joyce Jeff Jidge Kay Kankol Randy Korngs Julie Kauffman Mark Kellner Lorna Kennedy Sophomore football player (left) looks concerned about the outcome of the game. Sophomore cheerleaders (above) are happy with the Chariton game. Idealists 163 Leilo Knifong 4Bfcv " fife is- 4 ft ft© a oft 164 Joe Joyce and Mike Manning (above) smile and give the photographer the peace sign. " The first time I walked through the front doors I was so scared I wanted to turn around and go back home, but I knew we couldn ' t. " " There are a lot of nice peo- ple at this school. I can tell by the way they smile and act towards their friends and others. " " When I came through all of my classes I found out some- thing different, I think that maybe it will work out. (I hope so.) " " I got lost several times. " " Inside it was different. People were standing around talking and laughing and the whole place seemed to have a cheery atmosphere. " " I knew for a fact that Lin- coln was a number one school. " " I am kind of glad that I am going here. " " I went to the Girl ' s Club picnic which turned out to be a lot of confusion but interest- ing. Overall I ' d say I felt very welcome. " ft ft ft Trudy McNem Tom McNerney Roy McSwom Potti McVcy Shoron Meek Audrey Meeks Mott Megnnon Peter Mclcher Jim Meyer Kelly Meyer Rick Meyer Robin Michael Robbin Michael Roxonnc Michocl Steve Mick Mike M.llard Donna Miller Lynn Miller Mary Miller Mike Miller Pam Miller Paula Miller Theresa Miller Cindy Minmck Diane Monaco Judy Morgan Sharon Morns Sue Morris Bill Mould Wanda Mozakis Pam Mulcahy Paula Mundy Dave Munscl Dec Munyon Kathy Murphy Tim Murray Julie Muto Karen Myers Linda Myers Nancy Myers Randy Myers Rhonda Myers David Navm Shen Neas Mary Neff Carl Nelson Lon Nelson Howard Newell Kevin Newman Mark Nicholson Corla Nifteneger Joe Nixon Dan Norem Jeft O ' Connor Paulo O ' Connor Marc O ' Donnell Laurie Ogburn Kathy Ogle Tim O ' Hara Bridget O ' Kecfe Bill Oliver David Olson Dennis Olson Tim Olson Idealists 165 Loro Oppenheim Chris Osborn Cmdi Osbom Kafhy Osterholx Tammie Pake Kothy Palis Lor i Pongburn Kevin Parker Linda Patten Joon Paulsen Jim Paxton Allison Peel Jom Pcnland Don Perry Rick Persmgcr Bruce E Peterson Bruce F Peterson Rito Perez Bruce Phillips Larry Phillips Mike Phillips Chnstmo Piper Karen Piondexter Lisa Pointer Bart Poison Cmdy Ponfious Steve Ponzelme Julie Poore Debbie Porter Lcono Porter Terry Porter Soskio Post Kurt Potthoff Jola Potycki Richord Powell Cindy Powley Michelle Price Sandy Pnohaska Ten Prothero Gma Prusis Rondy Prymck Jack Pulham Sheila Puis Becky Romcs Vera Roincs Pom Rand Walter Randcll Kevin Rondleman Jim Reed Juhc Reed Rick Reed Harold Rccser Don Reeves Gwen Reeves Julie Reierson Lisa Reihscn Juli Rcnda Chris Riccclli Brenda Rice Rhonda Rice Rick Richard Carlo Richardson Jerry Richardson Laura Rigglc Pam Riley Sue Riley Gale Riordan Ed Riftcr Audrey Rivera Craig Robb Jonnie Robb Dave Robinson Jim Robinson Kafhy Roby Karen Rogers Steve Rogers Mork Romano Phil Ronan Connie Rote Larry Roth Susie Roth Noncy Rouse Cns Roush Annette Roy Jeff Roy LaVon Ruble Mike Ruby Jeff Rugglcs Tern Rush Doug Rushing Cheryl Russo Judy Russo John Rotan Vicki Rymcr Ted Rynearson Roger Saltzman Marlow Samuelson Mork Sanford Dave Santagc Richard Soroka Rodney Saylor Scott Saylor Fronk Scoglione Becky Schmaltz Lori Schrocdcr Mork Schrocder Jodie Schulcr Bob Schultc Kathy Scott Diane Secbcr Elana Seger Lesley Siebert Gina Seuferen Rondy Shannon Randy Sharer Shanna Swanson Kevin Shaunke Sid Shepherd Connie Shmledecker Dove Shipley 166 f f k fl 0f% | F Tino Thompson Idea lists 167 Teresa Trujillo Larry Trulhnger Joe Tursi Paulo Tursi Sheri Twymon Jeri Umphress Bob Umdenstock Jeff Utterback Vicki VonCleve Mark Van DePol Kirby VanNausdle Betty Vasey Ken Veith Mike Villirillo Barbara Vincent Virginia Vinson Mike Virden Rick Virden Jonice Vivone Julie Vivone Sherri Volz Chris Voorhees Julie Wachter Terry Weldon Kevin Wolker Paul Walker Teresa Wolker Penne Wallace Kathy Wolsh Mark Wolsh Scott Worne Michelle Warnes June Way Demse War nock Bob Worson Tim Wears Heidi Webb Ann Weberg Stephanie Wedemeier Craig Weeks A ft M A The boys sophomore basketball team (above) watches the girl ' s game. Diane Maxwell (right) performs a solo in the Swing Choir show. Kelly We.kum Janice Weston Eugene Wheeler Ron Wheeler Sue Whisler Don White Tommie White Joyce Whitfield Kaylo Wh.tlotch Jerry Wiond Richord Willett Anne Williams Phil W.ll.oms Terne Williams Bruce W, 1 1 son Deona Wilson Scott W.lson Corey Wimer Betty Wing fie Id Debro Wmne Connie Witmer Ralph Wol.nski Deb Wolk Shelley Woods Jeanne Wren Randy Wr.ght MmdO Wyont Raymond Wyont Brent Wyckoff Lorry Wyfcotf Bill Young Gory Young Jeff Young Jerry Young Lor i Zorley Todd Zelmski Kelly Z i mmerman A 1 168 Carry me piggyback across the meadows Dance in the rain without a stitch, Skinny-dip in Love. Bathe yourself in sunlight Kiss a flower. Pick me for a friend. Skip across tomorrow never looking up or down or ever. Grow wild with the dandelions and blow away . . . Plant yourself in a lonely heart and multiply. by Patty McVey Anna Bridgeford (above left) receives a corsage from Janice Transue for making Mermaids. Steve Hall and Linda Dobbins (below left) enjoy their free time on the band ' s trip to Iowa City. Saskia Post (below) contem- plates her first year at Lincoln. Idealists 169 Kim Abbott Donny Adorn son Chuck Agon Earl Agon Jo Ellen Ackermon Rondy Alexonder Emi Albright Mark Alfonso Matt Allen Mary Ann Aller Maureen Amodeo Rachel Amodeo Sherrill Anderson Terri Anderson Koy Andrews Richard Andrus Lourie Arendt Roy Armel Kathy Ashbaugh Steve Ashbaugh Don Austin Mike Backstom Linda Bomter Diane Baker Tom Boker William Baker Jeff Ball Jen Ballard Tommalyn Ballard Jeff Barrets Bill Berth Marlene Barton Chris Bason Brian Baumhover Jodi Beomon Bob Beard Cheryl Beaver Terri BeLieu Judy Be I ken Carol Bell Jim Bell Noncy Bennette Dan Beshoof Vince Berardi Diane Bernol Rondy Berry Scott Bitt.ck Jock Blackford Cindy Blount Loura Blunck Rene Boniour Dave Booker Rhonda Borchert Chris Bo wen Debbie Boydeyn Loretta Boylon Wode Brontly Pom Brauer Tracey Brauer Rondy Bredehoft Arme Brenizer Adrune Bnggs Mark Brightmon Cindy Broken Carlo Brown Doug Brown Graig Brown Morcio Brown Michelle Brown Robin Brown Les Bruner Rodd Bullord Doyle Bunting Rick Buchard Loura Burks Roberta Burns Patty Burnolo Teresa Burnolo Mary Bussanmas Lmdsey Butcher Richard Butler Beth Cabanis Carol Caligiun Mike Caligiun Ken Colkins Rick Callonhan Larry Compbell Voler.e Campbell Rob Carey Craig Carpenter Shelly Carpenter Dyonn Carroll Kelly Carter Michelle Casper Kenneth Caukens Sherrill Caudill JO ' " This year is easier for me than last year, because I know what to expect from the teachers in the way of tests, " stated Peggy Shaw, junior. A total of 765 juniors bought SAT ' s and came in a close second behind sophomores just missing them by three. Over 800 were enrolled at the beginning of the ' 74- ' 75 school year. Almost all the junior students were personally involved in some school activity, ranging from sports events to debating or from music groups to full spirit in pep assemblies. Commented another junior, Mike Sedars, " In my opinion, Lincoln is the best high school in the state. " Juniors converse during halftime of a varsity football game. AAA ' S MBA n q o » Greg Chomberloin John Cherry Sandy Chio Dee Christy Terry Chumbley Don Cirkseno Soroh Clork Jerry Clousi Pom Cloy Linda Close Scott Coen Jeff Conner Julie Conner Rebecca Cook Rhonda Cook Sharon Cook Sheryl Cook Susan Coon Tom Cooper Ed Corey Penny Cosner Roy Cosner Barb Countryman Paul Courtney Foley Cozod Pat Croip Debbie Cropser Sondy Crane Jackie Crise Kelly Croft Margie Cromer Lon Cronin Kim Cropp Pom Cross John Crouch Jim Crumb Jeff Cruson Fred Csoder Karla Cummins Nancy Curry Ron Dales Sylvio Daniel Craig Daniels Lorry Daniels Sheryl Dorroh Cathy Davidson Jeon Dovidson Brendo Davis Merlin Davis Bob Dearth Chuck Defino Guye DeFroncisco Lee DeReus Jane Dickey Chris Dingman Kevin Dingmon Dennis Dobbins Tim Dorsett Loretto Downord Steve Drew Norm Dudley Mike Duff Mike Duncan Dianna Dunhom Rondy Dunning Anito Dyer Cindy Edwards Ed Egenburger Jill Eikenberry Tracy Elder Jan Enslow Bonnie Erickson Mike Erickson Pam Ewmg Tina Foith Scott Farris Comille Foy Kathy Felice Theresa Filippelh Bill F.ndley Idealists 171 Perry Fischer Jody Fitch Colleen Fitzgerald Renee Fitzgerald Terry Flott Roger Fleener Randy Fleming Mike Fogue Jim Foutz Becky Freeman Sue Fresco Beth Fritz Pat Fusoro Jeff Gabler Goyle Gole Rodney Garber Gayle Garnett Rick Gospen Debbie Ghee David Gilge Ted Gentosi Debbie George Melissa Gibbel Koren Gibson Roxanne GMIum Kent Goble David Goerndt Kevin Goode Karen Gorsuch Robertta Graham Dave Green Dennis Green Terry Green Bill Griffin Sheila Griffin Dove Griffith Jim Griffith Debbie Griffiths Cmdy Groves Linda Groves Alon Guzman Sondy Hoog Jim Hakerson Bob Hammer Corla Hand Corol Hon sell Jim Hanrahan Liz Herbert Monica Harper Ten Harper Marilyn Harris Roger Hart Julie Hartmon John Harvey Lorry Houvley Lissonne Hoymon Teresa Heothcote Donna Heggen Kevin Hegler Randy Heiken Dove Heldt Sondy Heller Sue Heller Heidi Henderson Mitchell Henry S on Hessong Deonno HioTf Susan Hickie Rondy Hill Helena Hillmon Jim Hines Juke Hitchcock L.z Hoch Dove [ " Paul r |B1I I|B|II|«|II|B|II|B|II|B|II|B|II|B|II1B|II|«|II|B1II|B|II|B|II|B|II|B|H|B1II|B|II|«|I I TiilBliilaliilariiLliili[iilaliilB!ii! H [ii!Blii!alii! a !iiLliilBliilaliil H |iil a !iil B ti Slowly and cautiously I walk down the long aisle of time Advancing to the bright lights and sparkling future. Closer and closer to freedom I move. Then memories of the past begin to blur my mind. Times of happiness and of sorrow bring back the emotions of my youth. The joys of soaping the fountain, teepeeing an enemy, and swingng in the park must now be just memories. As I received my key to the world with an encouraging handshake, I want to where I could Enjoy my fun, foolishness and the wishes of my heart. by Marsh Reynolds iBii ■ iiTii a n ■ ii ■ ii ■ liairTiia iViiViiVii Vn ■ ' n ' aliilBliitiTi Monv Mm— cm 9m mhi 172 £9 0 ft Bill Huss Undo Hutt Tom Jocobs Ron Johnke Joyce Jams Sherry Jeffries Richord Jennings Paul Jilg Potty Johnson Randy Johnson Richord Johnson Scott Johnson Sharon Johnson Don Jones Kim Jones Lindo Jones Steve Jones Tim Jordan Jerry Kouffman Ken Kauzlanich Curt Kemp Doug Kennedy Mory Kennedy Tim Kennedy Carole Kent Cris Kern Laurie Kernes Kevin Ketzler Jim King Rose King Tim Kinney Debbie Kirschbaum Soma Kissel Angela Klier Pom Kline Melody Knauer Linda Knight Jackie Knott Kelsey Koons Kelly Kramer Kim Kromer Korol Kratz Bill Krowl Steve Kuntz Chuck Lacono LouAnn Locono Valerie Lacona Vicky Loir Jeff Long Jim Lannmg Mike Lantz Bryon Larsen LeRoy Lorsen Gladys Larson Joanne Leoch Debbie Lee Jim Leege Andreo Leto Perry Leto Nancy Link Sheila Lipovoc Keven Livengood Dennis Livingston Karen Locke Rob Loerke Hmdo Long Ken Lukenbill Lmdo Mocosa 1 Graig Brown (left) shoots for a basket at game. Debbie Proudfit (above) performs drill routine. Idealists 173 Horley Moize Tom Moldonodo Rickey Moly Melvm Monning Revo Mopel Bob Mark Richord Marsholl Sue Marshall Tim Mason Vicki Matteson Kelly McAninch Harry McCelland Jeff McClintock Jonette McClung Brian McClurg Joyce McCoy Betty McDonald Croig McDonald Tom McDonald Gary McDonough Robin McDougall Tammi McKibben Ron McNeeley Sherry McNeeley Gory McNew Lorry McPherson Sue McVey Mike McWilliams Lynette Mefford Trocie Mehl ft ft Jfc o n a A ft n A Pi Rhonda Rice, Julie Reierson and Minda Wyant (above left) take a break during the 50 ' s mixer. Michelle Brown (middle) watches senior sign activities. Pam Mercer (right) throws winning pass in Pep Club football game. Bob Mendenhall Pam Mercer NorRoe Merkel Down Messmger Mike Mettille David Meyer Jenni Meyer Don Miller Pam Miller Rick Miller Andy Mills Dave Mills Kim Mmord Joe M.reles Shern Mohler Mike Montis Carolm Moore Dionne Moore Eric Moore Sheryl Moore Mark Morgan Scott Morion Lorree Moro Jeon Morns Kris Moms Ruts Morris Mary Munyon Sue Murphy Kothy Myers George Nagio Doug r ' C«0 I . Jack Nrtttar Jer, Noah Cindy i Julie ( Lor i f) fit r j j r V 5 0 1 174 Tracy Umdenstock (above) attempts to escape with Lincoln Spirit at a pep assembly. Roothog Queen Donna Speicher (below) after being chosen by the football linemen. J5 A A n %? y - o H A 42 Dove Ogburn Sheryl Olson Barry O ' Neal Bill Oxford Bnon Palmer Scott Parks Roger Porlee Lisa Porrott Bill Pascuzzi Paul Pasutti Russ Pebbles Scott Peers Lon Perkins Kim Peterson Rick Peterson Doug Phillips Allan Pierce Rick Pouge Ron Porter Dan Powell Judi Prohaska Debbie Proudfit Teresa Punelh Debbie Raftal Clark Rasmussen Mary Reed Ken Reed Berry Reeves Diono Reeves Don Reetz a - fS St A J Marsh Reynolds Richard Rice Sue Richards Sue Ridenour Mono Rios Cindy Rivera Pom Rizzuti Jim Roberts Donna Rogers Jerry Rogers Tim Roney David Rosos Kevin Rosendahl Carol Roth Debbie Routh Nate Runkle Kim Russell Lon Sackett Gail Sage Cathy Sagrillo Kathy Samuelson Thomas Sanders Marc Sapp Mike Sarnecki Tim Sater Borbara Saville Don Scan lon Bill Scarpmo Nick Scavo Mike Schaffer Idealists 175 176 Lonely Dream A dream that I thought would never come true a dream so dear to my heart. Then one day this dream that I speak of, This dream that I ' d wanted so long It opened a door to a whole new world insisting we never part. But I can ' t help but think that one of these days, the door to my dream will close And there I will be, lonely, wondering why it was me? Kimbo Minarel J Willis VonZee Ben Veoch Cindy Virden Ken Virden Sue Vulcano Wolly Wochter Cindy Wagner Tomi Wogner Joe Woldron Cindy Walker Doug Walker Teresa Walker Kathy Wolsmith More Word Terry Ware Parti Watson Sharon Watson Kim Wotts Jo Web ley Croig West Cathy Wheeler Kent Whitmore Mike Whitmore G1G1 W.lson Jack Wilson Jenny Wiltsie Carol Wise Debbie Wren Gene Wright Shelly Woods Tracie Woods Vicki Woods Rick Woodyard Ron Woo I son Tom Yates Phil Yetter Arlene Young Darlene Young Potty Young Jon Zarley Jon Stapes (above left) watches in amazement as football cheerleaders T.P. his house. Junior, Julie Conners and Senior Lorri Wedemeir (above right) struggle to gain control of the V.W. Steering wheel. Jill Stanley and Melody Knauer (above) travel to Iowa City on the bus. Idealists 177 Lowe heads 1975 graduating 180 f Russ Abbott Tami Adams Gary Agans Denise Aldridge Dave Allen John Allen Dave Allison Kim Anderson Pat Antenucci Barry Arnold Dennis Ashley Gary Askland Debi Baker Donna Baber Robert Baker David Bales Tracy Bales Jeri Ballard Shellie Ballard Marcia Barfield " The class of ' 75 is a pretty good class although, this class seems to be more apa- thetic than others, " comm ented senior adviser Robert Wilson September united over 543 students at Lincoln High. Together they formed the Senior Class. Headed by Barry Lowe and Adviser Robert Wilson, the class built a successful senior float and sponsored other homecoming activities. After fall activities were behind them, the seniors set about planning a banquet, prom, Class Day, and commencement, June 1. " This senior class had had many out- standing accomplishments, and I am real happy to graduate in it. I ' m sure we ' ll all look back with fond memories of our years at Lincoln, " commented senior Jill Sor- enson. (Front row) Mary Brandt, Kim Anderson, Mark Long, Bruce Koeppl, Julie Johnson, Jeanne Bird. (Back row) Adviser Robert Wilson, Mark Eggers, Barry Lowe. Realists 181 Paula Burnett Larry Bates Wendy Batten Cindy Baumhover Cheryl Beaver Jean Beckett Jerry Behrens Carol Belding Terry Belieu Cami Benton Doug Berard Diane Bernal Kathy Beveridge Sheila Billups Jeanne Bird Tara Bird Jim E. Bishop Jim L. Bishop John Bixler Jody Blakley Ann Blanchard Cynthia Bloomer Scott Blunck Barb Boldt Terri Bowlby Mary Brandt Jeff Breese Mark Breheny Robin Brightwell Sam Briseno Josie Brooks Bill Brommel Dale Brown Jeff Brown Jody Brown 182 Pico Brown Jill Burdick Chris Burns Evonne Burns Terry Burns Steve Burt Boscoe Bushbaum Mark Button Rick Butz Carol Caligiuri Mark Caligiuri Diane Canfield Selina Cantu Diane Caponigro Craig Carpenter Cathy Caudill Tom Caudill Don Ceretti Debbie Chapman Kent Cherry Sandy Chia Diane Cirksena Becky Clair Cindy Clare Brian Clark Cindy Clay David Cook Rhonda Cook Sheryl Cook Sue Cook Becky Cobb Wjnona Collins Tom Conley Chuck Conner Pam Countryman Realists 1 83 Realists 185 Cindy Cosner Gregg Cosner Robert Cosner Scott Crane John Crise Dennis Cromer Chris Cronin Cheryl Curry Kris Culp Melissa Cummings Karla Cummings Cathy Cunningham Ken Cunningham Lynn Cutler Alan Creveling Sharon Daggett Patty Dale Janis Damstrom Andy Danilson Debbie Dargitz Kathy Davis Linda Davis Gregg Davidson Chris DeCarlo Bob Dennis Denise Dial Jim Dilley Greg Doane Dennis Dobbins Dwight Douglas Patti Douglass Sheryl Downey Jeff Draper Diane Drew Annette DuBois 186 Pot Duff Kelly Duffy Kristi Earll Jim Edwards Janet Edwards Ed Egenberger Mark Eggers Ron Eginore Todd Eikenberry Joel Elgin Jim Ellis Rhonda Ellis Diana Elliott Andy Elifritz Dawn Evans Stan Evans Linda Ewurs Mae Ewurs Rick Farrell Diane Faux Cammy Fay Tim Fazio Vikki Anne Fazio Milo Joe Ferrari Connie Fields Frank Filippelli Debbie Fisher Rick Flatt Don Flickinger Tom Floyd Steve Foldes Becky Ford Diane Forkner Doug Fouts Robert Foutz Realists 187 Patricia Frakes Pete Frangos Darcy Frederick Ken Gans Marcy Jones Garcia Debbie Gering Bob Gilliam Tim Gillman Charles Gillum Janeen Glynn Larry Goode Sandee Gregg Kirk Grier Carol Griffin Teresa Grimes Jeff Groene Mary Guizzetti Sandra Gullord Faunda Haag Sandy Haag Cindy Hacker Jim Hager Craig Hall Dave Hall Mark Hall Mary Hall Kim Hallbauer Julie Ha lter Brenda Halterman Mary Hamilton Hugh Hansen Joyce Hanna Jerri Harris Andy Hart Kathy Hart 188 Lynn Harvey Maria Hatcher Kim Heinemann Laura Helland Linda Helland Sue Heller Cindy Helfenstine Terry Hennesy Joe Henry Pat Hertko Zoe Hesseltine Lori Hetherington Terry Heuton Doug Hines David Hitchcock Cathy Hoffman Jim Hoffman Zerelda Holder Rick Hollingsworth Gene Holmes Marlene Hoops Denise Horner Carla Hotchkiss Rick Houge Maria Howell Linda Huggins Patty Hunt Cindy Hupton Debbie Hupton Kathy Huston Sherry Huxford Jeff Irving Sue Isaacson Lia Jantz Tom Jefferies Realists 189 Suann Jilg Debbie Johnson Jan Johnson Julie Johnson Mary Anne Johnson Roger Johnson Jeff Johnston Kim Jolliffe Don Jones Phil Jones Jeanete Jungman Beth Kalb Scott Kearney Ron Keener Robert Kennedy Jodi Kern Bob Kernes Bob Kieler Mike King Kim Kingkade Pam Koons Jackie Knott Cindy Portwood Knox Archie Krause Paul Kroll Erick Lage Rick Lair Tim Laird Jim Lankford Lee Larsen Nancy LeDent Ron D. Lee 190 Ron E. Lee Debra Legan Kevin Lehmkuhl Ricardo Leite Ron Lemons Darlene Lester Cindy Ligouri Kevin Lindsey Dave Little Greg Long Mark Long Cindy Lopeman I la Loughry Sue Love 1 1 Barry Lowe Kathy Lukehart Jean Lunn Amy Mahnke Eric Mahnke Alex Manz LuCinda Martin Mike Marturello Donna Matney Pam McAninch Mary McClellan Michelle McConnell Craig McCool Kim McCoy Kim McEwen Karen McGillivary Cindy McNelly Sherry McNeeley Jaunita Medina Valerie Meek Patty Meredith Realists 191 Lisa Metelman Larry Meyers Bruce Mickelson Doug Michener Curtis Middleton Julie Millard Carol Miller Mike Miller Paul Miller Kim Millhollin Sue Milligan Michael Mitchell Keith Monroe Christy Moon Jackie Moore Sherry Moore Al Morano Jim Morano Sharel Morelock Viki Morlan Kirk Morris Toni Morris Connie Morrison Tony Mortoza Karen Mutchler Bob Mueller Saida Mulligan Tom Mulligan Michelle Mulstoy Lori Myers Mark Nagel Doug Nation Kyle Newell Marilyn Newton Mary Anne Nicolino 192 Mike Nixon Beverly Norton Dennis O ' Donnell James Ogle Dennis Oliver Diane Oliver Garold Oliver Cathy Olson Julie Olson Brian O ' Neel Tim Osterholt Lorene Otto Dina Pagano Debbie Palis Marilyn Pardekooper Rick Parsons Marilyn Pasco John Patch Debbie Patrick Dave Patten Steve Pearce Larry Penland Beckie Perkins Lori Perkins Randy Perkins Kim Peterson Rachel Peterson Richard Peterson Holly Pike Lori Piper Caryl Pointer Mike Pontious Pat Potts Betty Powell Marty Powell Realists 193 194 Luby Sagastume Kim Samuelson Candy Sandberg Terry Saville Melissa Scaglione Charlie Scavo Julie Schmaltz Jeff Schmaltz Utahna Sciachitano Cleo Scott Lowell Scott Cheryl Sease Robyne Seibert Greg Sieck Doug Seuferer Pat Sherman Jane Shipman Brenda Shumway Elaine Sickels Jim Silcott Rick Singleton Ted Slagle Brad Smith Jerry Smith Kathy Smith Lori Smith Mike Smith Susan Smith Tim Smith Diane Snider Julie Snyder Jill Sorenson Victor Senter Scott Sowles Theresa Spagnola Realists 195 Lynn Sparks Lori Spaur Bob Speed Doug Speicher LuAnn Staecker Doug Stalter Janice Stanley Tim Stapes Jeff Stark Dan Stepp Paul Stocker Teresa Stoner Terri Stout Mary Jane Strouf Karl Stundins Darlene Sullivan Michelle Sullivan Shellie Swan Nancy Swinehart Matt Tapscott Sherry Terrell Gary Teter Jim Tharp Bill Thomason Pom Thompson Patricia Thompson Becky Thornton John Thorup Christine Tidboll Dave Tillinghast Debbie Tomlinson Tyler Townsend Janice Transue Bill Truitt Paula Turner 196 Dan Underwood Kim Utterback Diane Valadez Julie VanAlstine Linda Vanderpool Jeff VanCleve Tammy VanZuuk Roy Vasey Ben Veach Sue Volcano Louise Vujnovich Jon Walker Lori Wallace Donna Ward Sarah Ward Janis Ware Debby Warnes Keith Weaver Tony Webb Raymond Weddel Robert Weddel Lori Wedemeier Donna Wells Dean West Lisa Whitmarsh Linda Whitten Terry Williams Tracy Williams Kelly Willis Becky Wilson Diane Wilson Joe Wilson John Wisner Vicki Wren Laura Wright Realists 197 Scott Yakovich Debra Young Debbie Zimmerman Ken Cummins Bruce Koeppl Robert Kennedy Cathy Bailey Seniors not pictured: Richard Aldridge Cheryl Hardman Wayne Amundson William Harter Lorna Austin Doug Hatcher Mary Beebe Diana Hatfield Gloria Beeman Richard Hegger Shelia Berry Lawrence Hesseltine Mike Biondi Ricky Hoffman David Bishop Danny Holder Brenda Blackford Charles Hoops Nancy Blount Thomas Hoye Charles Bowers Michael Huddleson Cecil Calvert Charles Hurley Noel Casebolt Bryan Knox Randy Ceretti Mary Lanning Carl Cunningham Rickie Lint Donna Dennis Becky Lynch Rick Dennis Karla Magnussen Debra Doty Pedro Maia Delbert Edwards Penny Marks Gregory Fay Brad McCoy Thomas Gabbert David Meisters David Good Marc Mills Richard Griffen Mike Mitchell Larry Griffin Ronnie Murchison Jeff Gruetzmacher Fred Norman Melvin Gruwell Shane Percival Donald Phillips Jon Post Bobbie Potycki Tony Puis Scott Riehm Paul Rosenbaum Renee Ross Kristi Saltzman Steve Schulte Sabrina Schultz Euston Slaton Norman Smith Tom Smith Tesa Snyder Dennis Steele Greg Steinbach Dennis Stotts Ricky Thomas Jeff Trujillo Fred Wad ley Joyce Wagner Christine Wall Sheryl Wasson Ronald Weston Richard Wheeler Domingo Zavalla 198 Realists 199 Farewell It is time to move on now Make new friends and plant new roots. You hare all been good and close to me You hare made me smile, laugh and even cry My friends the memories shall never die Your lives have intertwined into mine, Making me realize all the good and beautiful things around me I am not leaving for good, just going away for a time, I ' ll return someday, to my real and only home with you You all have given me more than words could ever express I will not say goodbye, just farewell till the next hello Don ' t forget the fun, the laughs, the sadness, the joy, and the tears we shared Let me stay in your heart forever as you will stay in mine, My friends you 11 always be a part of me, for I shall not forget! by Debbie Palis 201 Dream Factory published by: co-editors-in-chief ! Patti Douglass Debbie Palis layout editor! Melissa Scaglione section editors: castle builders: Cindy Baumhover Lynn Cutler rainbow chasers: Donna Baber Marilyn Pardekooper illusion breakers: Jim Hager Jan Johnson idealists : Kathy Smith Lynn Sparks realists : Michelle Sullivan Julie VanAlstine circulation manager: Burt Powley photographers: Larry Bates Garry Hagar Dave McCleary Paul Passutti Karl Stundins staff contributors: Mary Brandt Janet Edwards Sandee Gregg Craig Hall Mike Marturello Mary McClellan Christy Moon Randy Perkins Ray Roberts Patti Sherman Diana Timmons Scott Yakovich advisor : Henry Sanders with special thanks to: Stover Photography Camlin Photographer D. M. Register and Tribune Scott Parks - cover design Amy Mahnke- theme printed by: Garner Publishing 1636 Locust Des Moines, Iowa From left to right: Lorri Wedemeier, Jim Crumb, Lisa Metelman. As a part of Younkers firm belief in the young people of today, a program is offered each year for the Des Moines area schools . . . TEEN BOARD for junior and senior girls, and ADVISORY BOARD for junior and senior boys. These young people, selected to represent their schools, are chosen for leadership qualities, high scholastic standings, personal recommendations from school- administrators and evaluation from members of the retiring boards, plus their interest and ability in retail and fashion. They participate in special fashion shows during the year, give talks in their schools and to other groups on good grooming, publish a monthly newsletter and work in various junior departments each Saturday. Younkers salutes the representatives from LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL for a job well done. PTIyounkers ■lildl SATISFACTION ALWAYS COMPLIMENTS ODEA Finance Company 1117 Locust Street DES MOINES, IOWA 243-3247 PRODUCE 57 Fresh Fruits Vegetables Institutional Suppliers and Potato PROCESSING CO. CHEF-S DE-LITE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 334 S.W. 6th Street 244-5281 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charlie Colosimo, Owner MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE ' We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models " ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN 15th Locust Dial 283-2446 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 CRIVARO SON Insurance Agency John A. Crivaro 2460 S.W. 9th Phone Des Moines, Iowa JL. m • m m ■ 1 288-5589 204 — t + — CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ford and Garland AM FM Car Stereo 4 8 Channel Tape Players Sales and Service 1414 LOCUST DES MOINES 288-6324 DMFS DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC MUNICIPAL AIRPORT. DIS MOlMIt. IOWA Mill Ttltphcnt III Uli Aria Caia 111 V piper ¥L SALES AND .SERVICE DISCOVER FLYING! Investigate Career Opportunities NOW In General Aviation! see us for a $5 INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT LESSON! DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. Municipal Airport 285-4221 BANK BRENTON SOUTH DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK S. W. 9TH McKINLEY WAKONDA SHOPPING CENTER 6025 S. E. 14TH BOX 2630 PHONE (515) 285-1450 DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 + — 205 t National Realty Inc. 5875 Fleur Dr., Suite 100 Our Salesmen Can Be Reached Day or Night 287-2100 Complete Real Estate Service msta- I homes f KATiMAi hoik rmm si«v cf REALTOR Multiple Listing Service BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1975 Willow Creek Iowa ' s Finest Public Golf Course 285-4558 S.W. 63rd Army Post Rd. — + You don ' t need us. F FULL Central National Bank Trust Company 206 Going away to college? Go away to Drake. That ' s right, Drake University! Come to Drake and live on campus. Think about the advantages .... on your own but close enough to home for " emergencies " like borrowing the car or replenishing the bank account at a moment ' s notice. Think about the advantage you have over the out-of-towners who don ' t know the ins-and-outs of your hometown. Think about the educational advantages at Drake. A degree from Drake means a head-start on your career. Want proof? Right now, 94% of last year ' s graduates have a job in the field they chose. There ' s a lot more happening between Forest and University than you realize. Stop by and let ' s talk about going away to Drake. If you ' re in a hurry, call us at 271-3181. It ' s the real thing. Coke. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Iowa 4021 Fleur Dr. Des Moines, Iowa 207 v Good Luck Seniors Class of 1975 Army Post Standard 849 Army Post Rd. 285-9555 Wakonda Standard 4108 Fleur Dr. 285-9575 + — ie ' s Pizza House Dine With Us Or Carry It Out • Pizza (over 25 varieties) • Strom and Ham Cheese Sandwiches ! • Salads (with a special homemade dressing) Open 5 P.M. to 12 Midnight (Weekdays and Saturdays) Fridays 6 P.M. till 1 A.M. Closed Sundays Tuesdays 1920 Army Post Rd. AT AMERICAN REPUBLIC, OUR BUSINESS IS LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE. OUR GOAL IS A BETTER SOCIETY FOR ALL AMERICANS. 1 j ' T " American Republic Insurance Company -Des Moines, Iowa ■+ ■i 4 208 EAST DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK E. 14th and Euclid Hubbell and E. University Pleasant Hill S.E. 14th Indianola Road TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jan. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 Des Moines Music House Established 1916 814 Walnut Street Phone 244-4161 — CONGRATULATIONS I JUNE 1975 4012 EAST 14TH STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 262-5655 209 615 New York Street bonat C. Brandt DES MOINES, IOWA 50301 I I + — 210 I I Happiness is a class ring from Treasure Trove Jewelry 3600 S.W. 9th Krispy Krust Bread Co. Specializing In Hearth-Baked Bread VIENNA ITALIAN P UMPERNICKLE RYE At Your Store 2 S.E. Jackson Ave. DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 243-1620 + COUCH AUTO PARTS Congratulations 1975 Seniors 3010 -6th Ave. Ph. 282-9585 ions HALL PRINTING COMPANY i i i ■ •+ 211 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1975 Cooper Homes, Inc. 3217 Summit Vista Dr. J. H. Cooper 285-6205 i FASHIONS POP X-S 2.ES — I INC. ■ ■■ — — •+ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 75 from WILHITE PLUMBING AND HEATING " Your Southtown Plumber " 1001 S. W. Hockley 285-7510 2503 Easton Blvd. Ph. 266-9882 S.W. 9th On Emma Ph. 287-2893 " Where fashion is a style not a size " CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 410 S.E. 18th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50301 AREA CODE 515—265-1618 mend Packing Company 212 4 f Congratulations to the Class of 1975 Dial | Financial | Corporation + 213 " Established in 1906 " Banco Mortgage Company Banco MORTGAGE BANKERS 288-1941 700 Second Avenue Des Moines, Iowa FHA CONVENTIONAL VA MORTGAGE LOANS Minimum Down Payments Maximum Terms t f JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF CENTRAL IOWA, INC. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING CLASS OF 1975 YOUR FUTURE IS NOW GOOD LUCK! GO RAILSPLITTERS Valley Bait for Rods — Reels — Line — Bait Classes on all kinds of fishing for mom, dad and kids. Two Blocks West of Gray ' s Lake AT 2248 Valley Dr. Ph. 243-9238 Massey Ferguson the World ' s Largest Tractor Manufacturer Serving Your Many Growing Needs In North America, MF and its Subsidiaries are Leading Manufacturers of. . . Farm Machinery Industrial Construction Equipment Recreation Equipment Office Furniture Farmstead Equipment MF= Massey Ferguson 1901 BELL AVENUE, DES MOINES. IOWA 50315 214 11 GET THE € 1 HABIT! I ICS CREAM Try all your old favorites . . . plus " crazy, mixed-up " fla- vors made only by Baskin-Rob- bins. During the season, watch for: CHOCOLATE ALMOND . . . PINK BUBBLE GUM . . . STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE . . . JAMOCA ALMOND FUDGE . . . FUDGE BROWNIE . . . ROCKY ROAD . . . and of course, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla! , BASKIN-ROBBINS I ICE CREAM STORES Wakonda Shopping Center i I I 4231 Fleur Dr. Des Moines, Iowa Phone 285-9467 I Dewey Dorothy Boothe 1 ■i + CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Jim Brookhart United Garage 243-9087 + .+ CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 4201 CHAMBERLAIN -:• 3300 «. W. 8TH ST. distinctive Styles AND (Courteous Set ! Ph. 282-8510 I ! ■ i Ph. 255-5571 — Salcuimaoiea STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE So fine, so beautiful that you know foods are cooked easier and tastier. Magnificent, heavy tri-ply 304 gauge, lifetime cookware. For modern, low heat, " waterless " cooking. Helps prevent vitamin and mineral loss. Ask to see it demonstrated in your own home. 2211 E. 14th Ph. 265-4730 Des Moines 4..— . — ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ Bed Wiili ed from Standard Bearing Company of Des Moines 2530 Hubbell Ave. 265-5267 •Jo — |M mm — — mi— mm— m— — mm — — mi— mm — mm— — mm— — no— — mi — — mm— mn — mm— — »m — mm — n» • DANCEABLE MUSIC by RAY FAUBUS if o o 715 Watrous Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Phone 283-0363 Ray Faubus Four Velvetones Blue Tones i i +- racer ' s den Central Iowa ' s Finest High Performance Automobile Parts LOUIE PLUDE 1433 E. 14th 515 265-7331 DES MOINES, IOWA 50316 216 Super Valu Congratulations Class of 1975 I 4 ■ + Law ' s " 66 " Service Fleur McKinley Des Moines, Iowa 285-9324 Hawkeye Tours Inc. LAND— SEA— AIR AIRLINE TICKET RESERVATIONS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE INDIVIDUALS • GROUPS • CHARTERS TOUR PACKAGES TO ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD • Frontier • Delta • Braniff • Eastern Pan Am BOAC SAS KLM • Icelandic • Varig • Western • American • Air France • Irish • El Al • Japan • Northwest • Continental • Swissair • Lufthansa • Quantas • Alitalia • Sabena • Air India WE DELIVER TICKETS Airline Ticket Sales Information 276-3525 or 276-3605 TRAVEL BAGGAGE INSURANCE AVAILABLE 8450 HICKMAN RD. SUITE 20 ■ ■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ii m m m mm Congratulations Seniors Class of " 75 " F rom SCORNOVACCAS PIZZA S.E. 8th and Indianola Rd. 243-9012 + +• 217 Anderson-Erickson Dairy Company " Quality You Can Taste " 2229 Hubbelt Ave. Phone 265-2521 DES MOINES, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS TO 75 GRADUATES From Papa Joe ' s Pizza 1501 S.E. 1st 288-5520 Home of the Godfather and the Valachi Sandwich Succete tomorrow: il f niU l Fi dvml Saving Throughout Central Iowa Tony ' s Pester Derby 5901 Fleur Dr. 285-9430 FREE CAR WASH WITH A FILL To get the most out of what you put in GET THE PESTER DERBY HABIT + — • »■—-«« »» 1 — I Mil MM Mil MM MH — U M UN UK MH II H MM MM MM— III! »»f CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Gordons Wholesale 2326 BELL AVE. 244-8941 CENTRAL IOWA ' S CANDY AND TOBACCO DIST. Congratulations Class of 75 ' Quarry Supply, Inc. 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 Des Moines, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dr. Dale E. Briley 1415 Army Post Road 219 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC WORLD LEADER IN AGRI-GENETICS PIONEER Corn, sorghum, alfalfa, cereal seeds. PIONEER BEEF CATTLE LA Line LAYERS Angus, charolais, hereford, red angus cattle and semen. Layer-type parent stock, chicks, started pullets. INDIAN RIVER W ) BROILER BREEDERS Peterson Seed Meat-type parent stock. Forage and soybean seeds. INTIGOA ' IO MAOAGtMINT I IMPACT SERVICES Computer consulting and management servic es. PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL. INC. - 1 206 MULBERRY. DES MOINES. IOWA 50308 (g) Trademarks and servicemarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Inc. TM, SM Des Moines, Iowa. U.S.A., registered or registration applied (or. AUTO RADIOS PLAYERS TAPES AM FM ( Tape) IN DASH • 8 TRACK • QUAD SOUND • CASSETTE SALES— SERVICE— INSTALLATION JACK WALLACE AUTO RADIO STEREO CENTER 1120 LOCUST PH. 288-2479 DOWNTOWN ■ CLOUD ROOM Sunday Buffet Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive From Noon ' HI 8 p.m. REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES Free Parking 285-8303 MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 285-3431 Prescriptions Delivered V. F. Bonsignorc BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES Mgr. COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT S-M-B CHARTER BUSES and AIRCRAFT The Ideal Way to Travel DIAL 276-3701 If No Answer Call 243-0066 " Complete Charter Service Anywhere " Sedalia — Marshall — Boonville Stage Line, Inc. 5805 Fleur Drive Des Moines Catal4c ' a FURNITURE CARPETS DRAPERIES Professional Interior Designing 5900 S.E. 14th Des Moines, Iowa ]•■ m m - ■ .... m . .. ... ... ... ... .... ,. m- Butterworth ' s THE TIRE PLACE " Radial Tire Specialist Armstrong - B. F. Goodrich Uniroyal Butterworth Tire Co. " The Best Place in Town To Buy Tires " 433 E. Grand 244-5214 Des Moines Area r Food Stores " Where There ' s A Smile in Every Aisle " 4. ■ ■ ■ ■ 4 The insurance business holds many career opportunities. We may have one for you after graduation. FARMLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and FARMERS ELEVATOR MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Fleur Bell Des Moines, Iowa 50315 222 Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture, Art Supplies, Social Stationery Notes, Norcross Greeting Cards BINGS STATIONERY CO. 3410 S.W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. Katheryne Stout Optometrist 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH j. . — — — .+ +. SELLERS OK HARDWARE William P. McCoy, Owner 3205 S.W. 9th Street DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 Phone 244-1913 THE VERY FINEST IN HARDWARE and WINDOW SCREEN REPAIR CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 Serving the Public Since 1919 Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 243-9695 Hours — Three Locations — Hours 3700 SW 9th Open 7 days a week 10 a.m. - Midnight Downtown 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 400 Euclid Monday thru Saturday, Closed Sunday 223 i CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS South Des Moines Rental WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING 1211 Army Post Road 285-3941 to the tons une CjraJuatincj C iaAS WIMPY S STEAK HOUSE 1604 SOUTH UNION MILLIGAN BODY SHOP COMPLETE BODY AND PAINT REPAIR 1212 Geil 285-5302 Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 • New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th 224 Congratulations Class of 1975 From IOWA SOUND Tapes, Players, Stereos 1017 High St. 243-3104 and RADIO TRADE SUPPLY COMPANY ' Everything in Electronics ' 1017 High C Lassaux 288-7237 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BRIGHTWELL OIL COMPANY WASHING and GREASING BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Westside 11 42 -42nd 279-0095 Westside 4400 Hickman Rd. 274-0307 Downtown 10th Keo 244-8997 Northside 5210 N.E. 14th 265-2369 I CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1975 GRADUATES Erickson ' s Barber Shop HINKY DINKY Beauty Salon 43021 2 S. W. 9th STORE BARBER 4 HAIR STYLISTS Ted The Most Modern Manager Open 8:00 -5:30 Technique 1 Charles Freund Tues. - Sat. 5:00 + ' - Used i Tinting - Frosting Open Evenings By Appointment i S.W. 9th Bell 225 CONGRATULATIONS tf-lowesti, fiif 3300-1 S.W. 9th St. Coll 288-6789 Des Moines, lowo ANTHONY COMITO, Proprietor 4. — — + Whitaker Pharmacy with The Import Shop 1103 ARMY POST 285-2121 FREE DELIVERY 1 1 4 % lA ' 544 - 36th STREET DES MOIN ES, IOWA PHONE 255 - 2159 " WE INTERPRETE THE ORDINARY IN AN EXTRAORDINARY MANNER . . . " Des Moines 1 only master photographer offers you a choice of proofs with every sitting that includes black white and natural color. Natural color and silver-tone wallets are our specialty. 226 CONGRATULATIONS Crescent Chevrolet Company NEW CARS — PARTS SERVICE 17th at Ingersoll Phone 288-7041 USED CARS 15th Locust Phone 288-1988 PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING Parti Douglass and Deb Palis invite all Lincolners to shop at the complete store for their wardrobes. 3304 S. W. 9th Street Phone 282-0649 ■+ + + College ' ■ Two and three year programs in the liberal arts ■ Low tuition . . . $700 semester ■ 4-1-4 Calendar ■ Personalized approach to learning ■ Educa- tional, cultural, social, and employment opportunities in Iowa ' s capital city. For more information call 265-4232 GRAND VIEW COLLEGE 1200 GRANDVIEW AVENUE, DES MOINES, IOWA 50316 227 BURGER CHEF Family Restaurants Fleur and AAcKinley Burger Chef goes all out to please your family. BURGER CHEF. AND BIG SMEF ARE TRADEMARKS OF BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS. INC CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975 Dickey s APCO 6t U-Haul 1307 Army Post Rd. 285-5615 Tune up Tires Batteries Accessories t — + CONGRATULATIONS RAILSPLITTERS! gun club port wear 214 S. W. JACKSON 283-1988 MANUFACTURERS OF SHOOTING AND FIELD SPORTSWEAR 223 i William T. Brown D.D.S. 4305 Fleur Dr. Suite A 285-1504 +• I SENIOR GIRLS get set for those graduation activities onn ie 3 for Appointments 282-7179 2619 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA ACRI WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY LOCATED THROUGHOUT IOWA TWIN PACK 1400 Market St. — Des Moines, Iowa 50303 Phone 243-7601 Southtown Music DRUMS Apollo Rogers Ludwig Zickos Polaris GUITARS Alvarez Electra Fender Harmony Gibson Yamaki Ovation Martin Guild AMPLIFIERS EMC Kustom Alamo Woodson Randall Acoustic 20% Discount for All Lincoln High Students " Student Teaching " By Professional Musicians Lou Carroll, Owner 5915 S.W. 9th 285-2770 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1975 GRADUATES From NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS — TAILORING DYEING Free Pickup and Delivery DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Dave Noah, Asst. Manager The Best Buy In Cleanin g Is Quality S. W. 9th Leland 285 1 261 DES MOINES, IOWA James Moore Cheryl Moore Fifty four hundred South West Ninth at Kenyon 4 230 You deserve a break today so get up and get away to... McDonald ' s ® 4814 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 75 ROBINSON PLUMBING AND HEATING 4055 S.W. 30th 285-8171 Satisfaction Guaranteed — + donyratu.la.lion5 $une 1975 (graduates FROM GRUBB WASHER Sales Service Inc. HOME APPLIANCES — TELEVISION FURNITURE 3310 S.W. 9th Street Ph. 243-0526 Where You Always Get The Best Buy Bob And Bill Keefer 231 Best of luck to the CLASS OF " 75 " Day No. 276-2501 Night No. 276-9277 BOB BROWN CHEVROLET " Iowa ' s Largest and Finest " ! 4224 Merle Hay Road + +. 1 Compliments of n orman ay. A 2) 8th and Walnut Dannie ' s Beauty Salon ' We Care Enough To Do Our Very Best " 1944 Indianola Rd. Phone 288-4209 Owner Deanna Felice + 232 Lil ' Joe ' s Lincolners — Check Out Our Chicken Ribs, Steaks, Seafood Fine Italian Cuisine PHIL BARBER, Chef 5-11 P.M. Tues.-Thurs. 5-12 P.M. Fri. Sat. 2301 S.W. 9th " In Railsplitter Land " Congratulations Class of ' 75 Air Lanes 4200 Fleur Dr. 285-8632 and Bowlerama Lanes 1313 S. E. Diehl 285-281 1 Plenty of Family Entertainment IOWA-DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK MAIN DOUGLAS EUCLID URBANDALE 7th Walnut Beaver Douglas E. 25th Euclid 8301 Douglas 245-3131 245-3365 245-3134 245-3386 — 233 +■ i I Allied Wholesale Meats, Inc. 2418 Sunset Road i I I I COMPLETE SUPPLIES OF CHOICE MEATS SEAFOODS j " Quality and Service a Must " ! „ . . — . ■■■■■■■ •! ■ m m mm mm mm— mm mm m m m mi mm mi im m ■ mi im m—m uu tm ■ ■ mi mm mi km mm— m mi m uu m mm m mm— mm mm mm M» • Printed and Bound by Cjarner Pubfidliincj. C o. A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE • ART • LAYOUT • LETTERPRESS OFFSET PRINTING • COPY • PHOTOGRAPHY • BOOKBINDING 1636 LOCUST ST. DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 PHONE 282-8146 234 THE Wr i r iikiri LOUNGE STEAKS OPEN PIT GRILL It Cook Your Own CHARCOAL BROILED STEAK Complete Service for RIBS LASAGNA VEAL PARMIGIANA PEPPER STEAK PRIVATE PARTY ROOM SERVING UP TO 400 285-9573 3322 Indianola Rd. ONE OF AMERICA ' S FIRST CAPPUCCINO MACHINES V naff 236 FLOWERS FOR ALL YOUR OCCASIONS lAJiima 6 owerd 6213 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 Phone 285-5212 David Van Sickle REALTY INC. Residential Sales Rental Properties Farms Acreag es Insurance Notary Public Call! ! 285-7370 4730 S.W. 9th 285-7370 SKATING CENTER INC ROUNDS ROUNDS OF FUN! FOR EVERYONE — ROLLER SKATE! FAMILY FUN! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Tues - Wed - Fri Sat Eve 7:30 PM Sat Sun ££J| Matinees 1 PM • CLASSES • SKATES • ACCESSORIES Reserved for Private Parties on Mon - Thurs Sun Eve Air Conditiontd 606 E ARMY POST RD 285-6756 i 4 Best Wishes For The Future R. S. Prewitt Co. Food Brokers 2820 Bell Ave. 243-6173 237 IIIHll n,, Mill, •Mill J I ■ ■■II Bankers Trust t — + Conway Buick-Opel Inc. 1401 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa (jary latino J ITALIAN - AMERICAN CUCINA (FORMERLY ROCKYS WHITE SHUTTER INN) RESTAURANT LOUNGE • Pasta Veal Tortellini • Home-made Italian pastries • Imported Wines PLUS YOUR FAVORITE STEAKS SEAFOOD POULTRY Private Party Facilities for groups to 75 FOR RESERVATIONS: 285-8444 FLEUR DRIVE AT STANTON DES MOINES Dinners from 5 P.M. Closed Sundays CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Quad States Construction and Equipment Company 1410 S. E. Diehl 285-1020 LARRY STRADTMAN Class of " 41 " TTTTT

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