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I Railsplitter Abraham Lincoln High School SW 9th and Loomis Des Moines, Iowa June 1974 Volume 11 1 SluepHht... a Mailed plan Pt- the utute. Qetif uH eftakiHf, edfeti) itcject calU (ct a ptan a fui((e Ufkat U tc cme. Hete at iinccln each ke an uctk ch a ma tet plan the OlueptiHt ct put lim. the paM,.. The past iras definilch a part of 197 . The nos- talgia trend nas evident throughout numerous facets of our lires. Mories and telerision shous such as " American draff iti " , " Cabaret " , " The Wag W e W ere " , " The Great datsbg " , " llappg Dags " , and " Tlie Waltons " u ere received with enthusiasm. The uell attended ' . (l ' s mi.xer featured Hank Hud- son and " golden oldies " such as " lilue Suede Shoes " and " litn-k Around the Clock " . Clothes reflected this trend also, ranging from the earlg (iatsfyg look of cuffs and aide lapels, through the arggle socks and saddle shoes of the .}0 ' s, to the coordinate sueater sets of the HO ' s. Even the militant student attitude uhich nas so u-idespread in recent gears has softened, and a more uhimsical, light-hearted outlook has taken over, as shown bg the enthusiasm given fads such as streaking. The popularitg of running through public in the nude reached a peak in mid-March and instances of streaking were reported from all parts of the globe. Ifif experienced the fttedent.. Nostalgia, a return to the past, ivas perhaps so popular because of the trials of the present. We were faced with a variety of serious matters. The corruption of governmental affairs was brought into view by the W atergate trials. The resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew was one of the results of these disquieting probes. The energy cr sis compelled us to cut back and conserve fuel and energy in every facet of our mechanized lives. Shortages were not confined to fuel alone, however. At various times, such items as beef, paper, plastic, and even the ever popular denim Levi ' s were in short supply. Prices soared, and each month ' s newspapers carried facts about the increases in the cost of living index. It was no wonder we some- times longed for the " good old days " . Still, our lives were not affected drastically, and life at Lincoln continued at much its usual pace. the hpe ah4 the utufe... Ml ioiif li in- spvnl most of our linic enf nf inf om srln s in Ihv daihi uvt ' n Uivs of hitfh school, it ith us (ihrai s in re lia-fi llioufffils of irhat is to vomv; iiuUfiniti ' impressions of that uhivh uv liandilii Itihil " Ihf fiilnrv. " I ' .rcn llioiifih derisions n-vrv hard to settle uptm, ire had rx ierienri s from our time at lAnridn to drair from, t ' erlia is ire are hesitant to make these derisions heennsi- ire realize the impart Iheif hare on the rest of oiir lires. This raiition ran fie iriseli IfiLrn. fnr tis Charles Ketterinii expressed it, " H e should all he rftneirned about I he future herause irr irill hare to spend the rest of our lires there. " 8 Ml J iitchitecU . . . Administration aims for quality The administration was oc- cupied this year attempting to solve the problems of Lincoln ' s recent expansion, and a new attendance policy initiated this year allowed more student re- sponsibility. The counseling department, headed by Miss Alice Anderson, was mainly concerned with scheduling problems during the school year. The group guidance method was used for all sched- uling purposes to save time and to be able to help all students. Next year counselors will put special emphasis on career edu- cation by working with the indi- vidual departments and with those students who have special learning disabilities. Melvin Bowen Earl Brott James Fitzsimmons Robert Wilson SCHOOL BOARD (top seated); James Cunninghom, Kate Goldman, Dwight M. Davis, superintendent; (standing) Dr. George Caudill, Merle Schlampp, Nolden Gentry, Dr. John C. McCow, Mrs. Jock Spevok, Dr. Ora E. Niffenegger. Jomes Fitzsimmons (middle left) and Earl Brott (middle right) discuss attendance problems with parents over the phone. Adviser Robert Wilson (bottom) reviews the senior budget with doss secretary Koren Briley. 12 r Principal Melvin Bowen (top left) discusses athletic programs with Coach Bob VonderLinden. Shelly Ballard (top right) aids office staff at switchboard while office secretaries (middle) execute doily duties. Alice Anderson (bottom left) prepares schedules; Ethyl Cummins (bottom center) and Chorlene Bjork (bottom right) plan student appointments with counselors. 13 Library: quiet exists amidst chaos By providing an ample collec- tion of nearly 18,000 books for reference and research, for in- formation, and for reading that is just plain fun, the library serves the students and faculty of Lincoln High. About 1500 books are added each year to keep pace with the changing world and with changing cur- riculum. One hundred and twenty magazines arrive in the library each month, and over 10,000 are kept on file for reference. Library users have a chance to use individual study carrels, watch a film on auto mechanics, link up a French verb, find a recipe from Iran, or see student art displays. Lillion Cole Helen Holt Dorothy Mc Students (fop) utilize the Reader ' s Guide to locote needed reference materials. Classes (bottom) spend time in the library writ reference papers. 14 Staff workers keep school moving In accordance with the energy crisis, head custodian Harold King (top left) explains new temperature control to motron Dorothy imith. Wanda Straude (top right) ond Marie Cook (bottom) found the meat shortage meant serving soybean burgers, and serving all foods at a higher cost. 15 Jonyce Abarr Jerry Atkinson Clora Day Jane Ealy Alice Else Sally Fisher Ronald Gray Joan Hall Richard McMahon Dan Murray Gene Rogers Bethel Shine Not pictured: Gene Kiekhoefer Business education focuses on job skilly 1 Students (top right) practice typing skills. Ronald Gray (top left) explains business principles to students. Alice Else (bottom left) assists students with assignment. Jonyce Aborr (right) helps Sue Sufka with problems. 16 Sally Fisher (left) answers student ' s questions. A typing class (right) practices various speed drills. Don Murray (bottom) exhibits an effective soles technique to DECA students. I 1 4 ' According to Jane Ealy, de- partment head, the business ed- ucation program is following the same general set up as last year. The department provides Lincoln students with career ideas and several permanent job placements. The students are offered one of several courses: Arithmetic. Business Law, Con- sumer Business, Data Process- ing, Notehand, Shorthand, and Typing. Skills are developed in these classes to help the student prepare himself for future jobs. The new clerical practice program of the department pro- vides the student with on-the- job training and experience for the college bound as well as the non-college bound student. Distributive Education (DECA) also gives the student an oppor- tunity to work when released from school and to gain a credit for doing so. DECA introduces the pupil to the business world. 17 Industrial arts builds future skills The industrial arts program trained students in the skills of woodworking, auto and metal shops, and mechanical drawing. Woodworking offered beginning and advanced courses. The auto shop course covered small and large engines and the dismantl- ing and reassembling of their own cars. Metal shop students were taught the fundamentals of shop safety, the use of hand tools, and welding techniques. Drafting classes worked on basic procedures of mechanical draw- ing, and third year students ap- plied their skills on some archi- tectural work. Lewis Gabardi Richard Lake Stonley Jones Douglas Wenslay Robert Wren Junior Pot Duffy (top left) planes wood for his project. Douglas Wenslay (top right) goes over class stondings with students. Stonley Jones (middle left) explains the lathe to junior Tom Cloudeli. Juniors Pat Antenucci and Don Step (middle right) try out their mechanical skills. Auto shop student (bottom) repairs a faulty differential. 18 Home economics helps young consumers More of both sexes are be- coming acquainted with the principles of food planning and nutrition, home furnishings, textiles and clothing, and indi- vidual family wants and needs through a number of elective home economics courses. With living costs at an all time high, these courses are particularly beneficial in aiding students to be better consumers and man- agers. Patricia Schwartz (top) leads class discussion in Personal Family Living class. Home economics student (middle) demonstrates proper care of children. Allison Smith (bottom) prepares muffins in cooking project. 19 Physical education means a choice Golf and tennis were new ad- ditions in the boys ' physical edu- cation program this year. Fall track, football, basketball, wres- tling, tumbling, as well as volley- ball, Softball and spring track made up the regular program. Swimming, especially for sopho- mores, was stressed. The girls ' gym classes changed this year along with the girls ' varying interests, offering a choice of individual or team sports, gymnastics, rhythm, swimming and track. The indi- vidual sports program consisted of badminton, archery, and ten- is. The team sports program offered flag football, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Tom Cody Jeon Frozier Robert Locker Ronold Peterson Lindo Ritlond Robert Vender Linden Girls Uqp) ej «i ' jise xi Boys (middle) proctice shots in gym doss. Paulo Sheiton demonstrates o beam routine (bottom) 20 Drivers education emphasizes safety The driver ' s education pro- gram is divided into three areas: driving, classwork, and simula- tor. During the driving class students experience first-hand various driving conditions from freeway and downtown traffic to country roads. The classwork involves textbook studies, films and lectures related to the in- structors ' personal experiences. The students practice correct driving techniques in the sim- ulator. Students are graded on driver ability and textbook tests. This course must be passed as a re- quirement under state law to receive a driver ' s license. Ronald Boeth Francis Belding Robert Collins Lorry Hayes Wolter Imig Not pictured: Bob Cose Ronald Baeth (top) instructs beginning drivers on the proper turning lanes. Robert Collins (bottom) starts the projector in the simu- lotor for Q class. 21 Advanced courses inspire artists The art department offered a broad spectrum of materials and techniques for students to work with. The art program begins with Art Fundamentals, an introductory, two semester course which provided the nec- essary background to continue on to Advanced drawing and Painting I and II, or Advanced Crafts I and II, where students had an opportunity to work with wood, textiles, ceramics and jewelry. Dale McLeon Donna Whiteaker Donna Yeast Marilyn Stein (top) nnacrames in crafts class. Janice Wore and Ken Walker (middle) concentrate on water color paintings. Donna Yeast (above) assists Dorn DeRoad with project ma- terials. Lori Tursi (right) mosters proper painting ongle. 22 Musk groups increase performances More than 70 performances for the school and community were given by the vocal music department consisting of the Swing Choir and Charnber Chor- ale, Concert Choir, Prep Choir and Girls ' Glee Club. Instrumental activity started this fall with marching band and orchestra. Later, wind ensem- ble, concert band and stage band were offered to the instru- mental student. In addition to the performing music groups, modern music and music appreciation courses were opened to any student in the school. Dennis Dowell Carol Stewart Dennis Dowell (top) goes over music composition fundamentals with a music appreciation class. Kristi White, Cindy Hewn, and Kothy Lukehart (bottom) practice for an opprooching concert. 23 Various media aid language students The foreign language depart- ment worked with tapes, films, and records to help stress a deeper understanding of the people, their language, and their culture, according to Erna Bev- ington, department head. French was offered first through fifth year. Latin, Russian, and Span- ish were offered through the third year. A special oral Rus- sian course has been developed to attract the interest of stu- dents who might not otherwise enroll in a foreign language. Kathryn Kirkhoff (top right) delivers daily language lesson to o class. Erno Bevington (bottom left) listens to a student recite French. Mario Creogh (bottom right) takes time from Spanish lessons to appreciate a student ' s humor. 24 Math appreciation offers practical use The mathematics departmsnt continued its program this year without any major changes, with regular classes of algebra and geometry, and the math lab suc- cessful in its third year. College prep courses played a dominant role. One relatively new course, math appreciation, was designed as a liberal arts approach to math, and encompassed a wide variety of applicable procedures. Gary Bogby Vernon Bly Lowell Dougherty Edgar Eci(ey Elbert Jennings Phillip Martin Lowell Reed Edgar Eckey (top) involves students in board work. Lowell Dougherty (bottom left) goes over ossignment with junior Rick Hollingsworth. Gory Bagby (top right) checks over math lab assignment. Lowell Reed (bottom right) odds lightness to daily lesson. 25 Science education assumes new importance Alon Ewers Jerry Ferrel Judy Griffin Hugh Kent Edword Kern Herbert McCaw Ervin Poduska Horace Hendricks Wendell Stone Hugh Kent (top) delivers a lecture In biology class on cell processes. Ervin Poduska (bottom left) demonstrates an experiment to electronics stu- dents. Seniors Jon Walker and Lance Brauer (bottom right) weigh a beaker during a chemistry experiment. 26 The science curriculum has expanded over the years to 15 courses. The newest addition offered this year was electronics, a one semester course involving math and laboratory work with electronic circuits used in power supplies, amplifiers, radio, TV ' s, etc. Alan Ewers noted that more than 50% of the student body were enrolled in a science class, although now students are only required to take one year of sci- ence or math to graduate. Ris- ing enrollments in science at all levels reflects the growing need for people in the field of scien- tific research. Herbert McCaw (top) prepores for demonstration with rats. Jeff Brown (right) studies magnesium reaction in the course of an experiment. Terry Saville (middle left) records data from a physics experiment. Judy Griffin (bottom) helps students with a biology ossignment. Science education assumes new importance The social science depart- ment made revisions in its cur- riculum to provide a wider vari- ety of subjects. The subjects offered provide a broader out- look of our country and the world. New courses included in the curriculum this year are Revolution and Social Reform, one semester courses meant to be back to back. They stress the two ways in which countries bring about changes. Twentieth Century Europe delves into the recent history of the European countries, and Emerging Na- tions of the World covers the Middle East, Africa, and South- east Asia, primary centers of conflict this year. Other new courses are Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Sociol- ogy. Two full units of social science are required for gradua- tion. Sophomores must take United States history or geogra- phy in an Urban Age, which focus on settlement and urban geography. American govern- ment and economics, each one semester courses, are required in the junior or senior year. The social science department started the year off with a tenth grade orientation which gave the incoming sophomore students the chance to better acquaint themselves with the school. The city council candidates spoke to classes in November. The de- partment sponsored the Thrill of Flight, a mental health clinic, in February, and the annual spring trip to Woodward for all psychology students. Gordon Blendermon (left) explains o test question to student. Don Ceynor (right) uses the overhead projector to illustrote his lesson. 28 Co. Gordon Blenderman John Carle Don Ceynar Jerry Chioromonte Don Cole Gory Gobel Bill Gilbert Wilmer Hokonson Jerold Hickey Richard Lussie Tom Long Rose Smith Dan Summy Albert Testa Carl Von Tuyl Virginia Zinger Don Williams Dan Summy (top left) supervises class as they take a test. Jerry Chiaramonte (top right) injects some humor into daily lesson, Carl Van Tuyl (bottom left) outlines the basic points of his lesson. Albert Testa (bottom right) poses some serious questions. 29 English grows more and more elective Increased student interest this year was evidenced in the enlargement of classes. Creative Writing grew from one class to six. The success of the depart- ment was also mirrored by stu- dent achievements. Three Lin- coln students, Pam Salzmann, Maureen O ' Connor, and Janis Glass, were the only Des Moines students to win the National Council of Teachers of English Award from a field of 16 win- Former journalism odviser Henry Sand- ers (right) points out o deadline. Dorothy Oakman (middle left) explains o paper ossignment. Lillian Hildreth (bottom left) discusses the finer points of expository writing. Roe Gene Robbins (bottom right) listens to student speeches. 30 In addition, poems have ners in the state various students ' appeared in the Des Moines Register Saturday School page. Lincoln ' s language arts cur- riculum has expanded to fit the needs of the students. A new feature allowed sophomores to pass out of the general 10th grade English program and join the elective program. The writing courses available were diversified: Creative Writ- ing I and II; Expository Writing I and II; Journalism I, II, and III; Technical Writing; and Writing Survey. The required speech course was made more adaptable to individual interests as students welcomed a choice of Forensics, Drama I and 11, or Speech Survey. The expanded literature program offered American Literature, English Literature, American Novel, Short Story, American Drama, Modern American Literature, and Literature Masterpieces. The more practical English courses incorporated into the curriculum were Using Your Language, Everyday Communi- cations I and II, and Individual- ized Reading. Kothy Myers (left) reods over students ' poems. Bill Hutchinson (top right) uses on instructional record to emphosize his point. Gretchen Kouffmon (bottom right) poses a thought provoking question to students. 31 Sophomores brave first days at Lincoln Orientation, August 31, unoffi- cially started school for 768 sopho- mores, bringing the current enroll- ment at Lincoln to 2157. The objectives of orientation were to introduce the new class to their homeroom teachers and school policies by Principal Melvin Bowen and members of the administra- tion, and familiarize them with the activities and clubs of Lincoln High by Student Council President Donn Stanley and numerous club presi- dents. The girls then attended the an- nual Girls ' Club Big Sister-Little Sister picnic at MacRae Park. The large addition to the Lincoln enrollment was welcome, even though it intensified problems such as congested halls, a crowded lunch room, and too few parking places. 1 Sophomores Morgie Scheftner, Vicki Short, Marc Sopp, and Mike Sedars (top) ponder introductory homeroom orientation. Principal Melvi n Bowen (bottom) welcomes the class of ' 76 at a generol orientation assembly. 34 35 Tradition influences homecoming events Tradition highlighted Lincoln ' s 1973 homecoming week of Sep- tember 17-22. The Powder Puff football game, a major traditional event, featured energetic pep club- bers capturing a victory over a determined team of the flag, baton and drill corps, and cheerleaders. Several Lincoln varsity football players coached the girls, teaching them possible plays and instructing them in fundamental football skills and techniques. Over 75 cars, some festively decorated by Girls Club members at their annual car paint, paraded down several main southside streets in a student-sponsored car caravan to the Homecoming Lin- coln-Hoover football game. De- spite intermittent showers, bright balloons and a strong spirit pre- vailed throughout the game, which ended in a 19-18 victory for Lin- coln. A half-time show featuring the band, drill, flag and baton corps preceded the presentation of the court. The week was wrapped up with the homecoming dance Saturday, September 22. The group Country featured the music which kept the couples moving around the deco- rated gym. Senior Jody Lynch (top) congratulates the newly-named homecoming queen. Rondo Stotton. Powder Puff ployers (bot- tom) take up positions. 36 Royalty Is still a part of homecoming The coronation assembly, Fri- day, September 21, resulted in the crowning of Doyle Smith and Ron- da Statton as homecoming king and queen. The new king and queen were crowned by the 1972 king and queen Pete Ricelli and Renee Myers. The attending student body, faculty, and court, consisting of queen candidates Kelly Allen, Rhonda Brown, Ellie Glazer, Cindy Robinson, and Sherry Rosendahl, and king candidates John Carda- mon, Kent Cherry, Tim Ellis, Paul Lantz, and Dave Thompson, watched the reigning king and queen make their traditional walk around the gym. The Lincoln Swing Choir, Doyle Smith, and the Lincoln Stage Band provided the entertainment and music that set the mood for the coronation. 1972 graduate Dean Robinson was the featured speaker at the assembly, giving a thought- provoking speech on the goals of education. A pep assembly planned for the field was cancelled due to the weather. However, the rain did not put a damper on Lincoln High spirit. Queen Rondo Statton (top right). Court members Cindy Robinson, Tim Ellis, and Sheri Rosendahl (bottom left) cheer at Homecoming game. King candidates (bottom right) ob- serve coronation assembly events. 38 HOMECOMING COURT: Queen candidates Sheri Rosendahl, Ellie Glazer, Rhonda Brown, Rondo Stotton, Kelly Allen, Cindy Robinson. King candidates Tim Ellis, Doyle Smith, John Cardamon, Dove Thompson, and Paul Lontz. Not pictured: Kent Cherry. 39 Pep Club builds spirit, enthusiasm The Pep Club backed the sports events at Lincoln High School for the ' 73-74 school year with enthu- siasm. During homecoming week, Pep Club participated in the bal- loon release at the homecoming game, and were the victors in the Powder Puff football game. Adding a bit of drama to a basketball pep assembly, the club performed a skit, and bought a new East High banner to replace the worn one in the boys ' gym. During the football season, Pep Club (above and below) provided spirit and loyalty for the team regardless of the weather. 40 Pep C lub Team (left) at the Powder Puff game includes (first row) L. Potthoff, C. Stubbs, E. Glazer, S. McGriff, R. Brown, J. Glass, S. Harris, D. Amend; (second row) J. Edwards, R, Seibert, P. Thompson, L. Harvey, S. Jilg, J. Bird, C. Caudill; (third row) J. Transue, P. Kline, P. Mercer, A. Leto, D. Speicher, K. Kramer, L. Close, A. Klair, C. Renda, L. Blunck, D. Pagano, C. Ligouri, J. Schmaltz, L. Hetherington, C. Hoffman; (fourth row) Coaches R. Parsons, J. Thorup, 8. Sinclair, L. Brouer, G. Mason. Pep Club Vice President Lori Wedemeier, Sponsor Carl Van Tuyl, and Treasurer SueAnn Jilg (above) review the Pep Club good standings records. Clapping and cheering. Pep Club (middle left) rallies for the basketball team. Pep Club (bottom left) participates in balloon release during the homecoming game. 41 Cheerleaders inspire spirit at Lincoln 1973-74 marked a year of change for Lincoln ' s varsity cheer- leaders. The separation of duties between two squads, the Letter- man ' s Club donation of $100 to be used in making spirit tags, and new uniforms were the major changes made. One of the eight member squads cheered for varsity football, girl ' s swimming, and varsity wrestling. The other squad devoted time to cross country, varsity boys ' and girls ' basketball, and boys ' swim- ming. This new set-up enabled the girls to give more attention to the individual athletic events. Summer practices, bake sales, and the International Cheerleading Foundation, a summer camp in Ames where the cheerleaders re- ceived a second place award for overall ability, were some of the other activities in which they were involved. The basketball squad (above) are: Front row, Teresa Ray, Rondo Statton, and Paula Shelton. Bock row, Andrea Scorcello, Diona Schmaltz, Nancy Dooley, Kelly Allen, ond captain Debbie Wozniak. (Photo by Stover ' s) 42 Cheerleaders Kelly Allen and Poula Shelton (above) count down time at a close basketball game. Debbie Wozniak, Andrea Scarcello, and Diana Schmaltz (top right) express varied moods during the homecoming game. Cheerleaders (middle right) take time out at a game to clown around. Captain Maureen O ' Connor (bottom right) collects her thoughts at a girls ' swim meet. The Football Squad (above) are: Front row, captain Maureen O ' Connor, Debbie Gering, and Shellie Swan. Back row, Diane Forkner, Lisa Metelman, Condi Souther, Joan Lee, and Julie Johnson. (Photo by Stover ' s) 43 Soph cheerleaders boost team morale Lincoln ' s third year squad of sophomore cheerleaders worked at promoting school spirit for our sophomore athletes. The cheer- leaders were chosen from the vari- ous southside junior high schools as freshmen. During weeks of summer practices, the varsity cheerleading squad provided sup- port and encouragement for the sophomores. Sponsor Judy Griffin and captain Tracy Duede assisted the girls throughout the year. The girls bought new sweaters to brighten up their uniforms. Faith- ful attendance at football and bas- ketball games, and at wrestling and swimming meets aided the Lincoln teams with active support. Sophomore cheerleaders (obove) for the 1 973-74 year include (front row), Nancy Link, Captain Tracy Duede, Julie Conners, (back row) Linda Rizzutti, Kathy Felice, Liz Herbert, Debbie Ghee, Tammy Muggins. Full of vim and vigor, Kathy Felice, Julie Conners, and Tracy Duede (bottom left) spread spirit throughout the gymnosium. Keeping the spirit moving, Nancy Link, Liz Harbert, Tracy Duede, and Kathy Felice (bottom right) lead the spectators in a timeout cheer. 44 Spirit explodes at Rail pep assemblies Batons, Cheerleaders, Drill Team and Flags (top) lead the school in the fight song. Members of the boys drill team (middle left) demonstrate their marching ability. Bob Sincloir (above) discusses an upcoming football game with Lincoln fans. The Pep Band (bottom left) add rhythm to the pep assembly. 45 Drill team displays creative routines Practice, precision, and pride were the primary elements of the performance of the 1973-74 Drill Team. The 40-member squad was led by co-captains Joy Fulitano and Michele Lau. Attending a clinic at S.E. Polk, the members learned new steps and routines to present at games. With many hours of work be- hind them. Drill Team opened the year marching at the traditional Big Sister - Little Sister picnic. Sponsored by Linda Ritland and Dennis Dowell, the girls also per- formed at all home football and basketball games, in addition to pep assemblies and parades. Drill teamers also made tags, decorated locker rooms, and cheered through the hails on game mornings; ad- ding spirit and support to Lincoln and its events. Cheerleaders, Drill Team, Flags Team at the powder puff game include, first row, L. Abbott, S. Scarpino, S. Hild, J. Lee, K. Briley, L. Drew. Second row, R. Statton, C. Moon, L. Harbert, T. Grimes, K. Felice, S. Isaccson, K. Kinney, N. Link. Third row, M. O ' Connor, D. Schmaltz, T. Ray, Kim Hallbauer, M. Runkel, T. VanZuuk, D. Forkner, V. Roe, M. Lau, P. Marturello, D. Wozniak, K. Warne, T. Stanton, T. Harper, Coaches, J. Cordamon, D. DeRaad. Not pictured, N. Dooley. Officers of the ' 73-74 Drill Team, Co- captoin Michele Lau, sec. -treasurer Linda Berry and co-captain Joy Fulitano. (Photo by Stover ' s) Seniors Pom Salzmann, Kim Worne, and Michele Lau (middle) swing to the band. An " L " formation (right) is dis- played during a halftime performance. 46 First row: Co-captains Michele Lau and Joy Fulitono. Second row: D. Conkling, J. Halter, T. Bird S. Mulchoy, P. Solzmonn, C. Word, B. Shumwoy, C. Wilde, L. Berry. Third row: P. Morturello, T. Kent, M. Kramer, C. Moon, K. Briley, T. VonZuuk, L. Abbott, T. Grimes. Fourth row; K. Coffey, Tursi, K. Kinney, D. Mueller, C. Boumhover, S. Isaacson, T. Burt, sponsor L. Ritland. Worne, J. VonAlstine, J. Groene, K. Hollbauer, V. Roe, J. Robinson, S. Hild, S. Smith, T. MacBride. ( Photo by Stover ' s) M. Runkel, Stanton, B. L. Drew, L. Fifth row: S. Duffy, K. M. Scoglione. Not shown: 47 Flags display maroon, gold The Lincoln High Flag Twirlers worked together with captain Sue Scarpino, co aptain Sandy Vine, secretary-treasurer Caria Flatt, apd sponsor Leigh Holm to twirl their way through a busy year. Practice during summer months resulted in a season of marching at football and basketball halftimes. New uniforms were bought through the profits of several bake sales. The Flag Twirlers attend a clinic and are chosen according to teacher recommendations, attitude, coop- eration, grade average, and ability to maneuver the flag. Twirlers Sue Wall and Donna Baber (top right) per- form at the homecoming game. Captain Sue Scarpino (middle right) blows the whistle to start the routine. Flog Twirlers (above), include, kneeling, Vikki Fazio, Carlo Flatt, Collen Toner, and Donna Baber. Standing, Sandy Vine, Sue Wall, Loretta Scott, Amy Mohnke, Mar- garet Roth, and Sue Scorpino. Flag Twirl- ers (bottom right) demonstrate their skills during halttime. Batons add sparkle to halftime events The Lincoln High Baton Corps, after a summer workout through practices, began the ' 73-74 school year performing at the football halftimes and later in the year at basketball halftimes. The baton twirlers are also a part of the marching band and participated in band activities, such as parades in the spring. Captain Merrie Smith and the five other twirlers attended a baton clinic at Northeast Mis- souri State College in Kirksville, Missouri during the summer to learn additional techniques. The Baton Corps, advised by Marilyn Hankinson, English department, purchased new gold, sequined uni- forms with money earned from a summer garage sale. Baton corps members (above), include Terri Harper, captain Merrie Smith, Shelley Ballard, Carole Kent, Julie Bolduki, and Nancy Beck, kneeling. (Photo by Stover ' s) 49 Treasurer June Herrington, chief justice Karl Stundins, presi- dent Donn Stanley, adviser Albert Testa, secretary Rhonda Brown, adviser Dennis Peacock, and vice-president Ellie Glazer (above) discuss council business. Inter-city representative Ellie Glazer and treasurer Debbie Amend (left) discuss policy with members Dave Thompson, Mary Brandt, and Nancy Dooley. Kim Warne (above) tells Sonto what she wants for Christmos. 50 Student Council leads school pep Sophomore Sheryl Fargo (obove) uses the new candy machine in the cafeter Student Council made great strides to improve the conditions at Lincoln this school year and for the future. The administration, with council backing, was able to obtain a new parking lot to partly relieve the congestion we now face daily. Council action also brought two vending machines to Lincoln ' s cafeteria to be used by the down- stairs study halls. The Council also initiated sev- eral efforts to instill pep at Lin- coln. These efforts included spon- soring hat day and mum day during homecoming and sponsoring hat day and color day during Beat Hoover Week, and selling ribbons, buttons, and pennants during the year. Inter-City Council members from Lincoln, including Debbie Amend, Inter - City treasurer, played a key role in that organi- zation ' s activities. Junior Tammy VanZuuk (above) smiles for the photographer as she enjoys the student council mixer. 51 Debaters capture state title Lincoln ' s championship debate team won the Iowa High School Speech Association state cham- pionship title in February compe- tition. The team members are Michelle Scaglione, Kirk Bragg. Janet McCleary, and Donn Stanley. Gordon Burstein, former social studies teacher and debate coach at Lincoln, currently teaching at Franklin Jr. High, guided Lincoln ' s debate team through three vic- tories in addition to the state championship. The team members also finished second in three tournaments, and ranked quarter finalist once and semi-finalist twice. The team traveled around Iowa and journeyed to Kansas City, Mis- souri and Omaha, Nebraska. The highlight of the season was a four day venture to Chicago, I Illinois where they competed in the North- western University Tournament with 102 teams from nearly half jhe top debaters of the state (above) with their coach, are Michelle Scaglione, Kirk the states represented. Bragg, Coach Gordon Burstein, Janet McCleary, and Donn Stanley. Presenting their coses, during tournament practice are (above left) Michelle Scaglione and Kirk Bragg, and (above) Donn Stanley and Jonet McCleary. 52 New coach heads team in new direction The Forensic team under the direction of new coach Owen Jones, boasts several successes. The accomplishments included Jeff Gabler winning an oratory contest at Drake, Melanie Yates taking third at Valley, and Beth Kalb and Lorri Wedemeier reach- ing final in dramatic interpretation and extemporaneous speaking re- spectively. Lorri was also a finalist at Hoover and Jeff was a semi- finalist in oratory at Hoover. Other tournaments entered were the Iowa Fall Conference, the Perry, Iowa tournament, and the Iowa Forensic League Tournament. The Forensic team (above) includes (seated) Cindy Showers, Beth Kalb, Jeff Gabler, (standing) Jeff Hardy, Lorri Wedemeier, Maureen O ' Connor, and Korl Stundins. Not pictured: Melanie Yates. 53 Noncy Swinehort (top) reminds Steve Quirk that he should not interfere in other people ' s business. Jeff Stark, her husband, lets her speak for him, too! Dove Tillinghast and Mike Morturello (middle) become " patsies " for Nancy ' s plan to repay her hus- bond ' s violent behavior. Dove Tillinghast and Mike Morturello (bottom) use rather violent means to convince Jeff Stark that he is a doctor. Director Carol Harms (top) gives the cast a few en- couroging words before the (jerformance. 54 " The Doctor In Spite of Him- self " , a Restoration play by Mol- iere, was presented December 5 and 6. Directed by Carol Harms, the play was a different form of dramatics experience for the cast. Action takes place in the woods where Mike Marturello and Dave Tillinghast, cast as two upper-class gentlemen, try to convince Jeff Stark, a lazy woodcutter, that he is an unusual doctor with special qualities. After a slapstick beat- ing, the " doctor " tries to cure a rich man ' s daughter of a sudden illness, and chaos results. " Doctor! Now this has got to stop! Go easy with my wife! " exclaims Mike Mar- turello (top right) when jealousy arises from the doctor ' s attraction to Morturello ' s wife. Pete Yetter (top left) demonstrotes his fencing ability to the " doctor " , and Les Hozelton (bottom left), sup- ported by his son, Pat Craig, appeals to the doctor for medical help for his wife. Stark (top right) and his jug of wine can ' t be parted throughout the ploy. 55 Stoge Band members included (front row) Steve Kuntz, Mark Gauldin, Ray Armel, Cathy Wheeler, Paul Thurmond, (row two) Steve Fortnom, Hollie Price, Rick Bufz, Dove Hobt, Bill Scarpino, (row three) Hugh Hansen, Duane Contrell, Chuck Conners, Greg Long, Dave Crouch, Roy Smith, Barry Arnold, Roger Hart, Lori Smith, John Crouch, (at reor) Dennis Dowell, director. Dowell leads practke...after practice.. Following in the footsteps of the previous year, marching band members awoke early for 7:30 practices to perfect routines and formations for halftime and pre- game performances. Led by band director Dennis Dowell and drum majors Mark Guess and Mark Gauldin, the band marched its way through a season of entertainment. Pep and enthusiasm were aroused by Pep Band during assemblies and basketball games, by leading the crowd in many songs, including the school fight song. The 20 members of stage band, also under Dowell, put in many hours of practice to improve their performances. They appeared in a winter concert, February 26, and again for a spring concert April 1 5. Equipped with buttons, banners, and heodgear. Pep Band (top) inspires Lincoln to a dazzling first place finish over city rivol Hoover ot the Morch I " Beat Hoover " pep assembly. Members of the band (front row) D. Squire, C. Benton, J. Sorenson, P. Burnett, T. Elder, J. Stanley, L. Otto, J. Proudfoot, D. Evans, Z. Holder, D. Conkling, C. Fitzgerald, S. Hessong, A. Bancroft, T. Bird, L. DeReus, L. Andrews, K. Ashbough, S. Darroh, D. Christy, (row two) E. Albright C. Thoermer, C. Watts, L. Hetherington, M. Jones, G. Robinson, D. Potrick, C. Way, S. Richards, S. Chio, D. Phillips, R. Hart, M. Roth, L. Smith, B. Countryman, P. Shaw, D. Young, D. Noring, M. Suchy, R. Smith, (row three) T. Loird, R. Francisco, G. Long, L. Armbrest, R. Armel, B. Wheeler, B. Lowe, D. Crouch, M. Guess, D. Cantrell, P. Thurmond, M. Brightman, S. Kuntz, K. Sutherland, J. McCleary, I. Loughry, K. Krieg, H. Hansen, J. Crouch, R. Moly, (row four) D. Hobt, S. Fortnam, B. Arnold, J. Henry, T. Osterholt, M. Gauldin, C. Conners, B. Scarpino, P. Cordamon, D. Michner, D. Kline, J. Crise, P. Miller, G. McDonough, R. Stotts, C. Wheeler, R. Butz, N. Smith, H. Price, (at rear) D. Dowell, director. Not pictured: D. Dorgitz, K. Monroe. 57 Band, orchestra entertain at school events The band members opened their busy year by presenting halftime shows at all home football games. Symphony band practiced regularly for its many performances which included three regular concerts and a city-wide high school festival. The band also marched at the Drake Relays parade. Besides their music activities, band mem- bers sponsored various money rais- ing projects to fund a trip to Winnipeg in June. Under the direction of Sandra Tatge, the nine-piece Lincoln or- chestra was active this year, pre- senting several concerts and par- ticipating in small and large group contest. Next year ' s plans include an expected doubling in size and the addition of a wind instrument section. Band (top) odds a little atmosphere, entertaining hungry people at the 14th annual Pancake Breakfast, March 2. Trumpets and clarinets (above) assist the band in o halftime performance at a home footba ll gome. Peer- ing down on fellow band members. Bill Scarpino (lower right) awaits the start of the school fight song. 58 Under the direction of Dennis Dowell, bond stonds stedfast while performing a pre-game overture. 60 Julie Conner and NorRoe Merkel (left) sit Qt booth and answer questions from inquiring observers. Lmcolners Under the direction of Maria Creagh, foreign language depart- ment, Spanish Club began the year of many activities with the election of officers. Julie Conner and Mike Smith reigned over the Valentine party ' s activities. Julie Conner was the representative for the Pan- American Days celebration; Lin- coln portrayed the country of El Salvador. French Club started the school year with initiation of new French Club members. With the help of sponsor Erna Bevington, foreign language department, the club ' s activities ranged from a Christmas banquet to a March visit to see a play called " lonesco, " done in French. At the January meeting, the club elected its spring officers, replacing the fall officers. The French club members ore (row one) fall president P. Douglass, fall vice-president J. Moore, spring president L. Jontz, spring vice-president C. Pointer, spring secretory B. Shumwoy, and sponsor E. Bevington, (row two) B. Kalb, M. Reed, and L. Wedemeier. Not pictured: foil secretary K. Culp, fall treasurer L. Stoecker, and spring treasurer P. Cross. Language club activities enrici Andy Hart ond Mike Smith (above) model their native El Salvador dress ' at Merle Hoy Mall for Pan-American Days. 61 DECA means competition, job training Presidents Connie Edwards and Terry Williams led the Lincoln Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) through an active year. DECA is designed to provide a well-rounded education with on- the-job experience included. Stu- dents involved also attended sev- eral conferences throughout the year, capturing first, second, and third place trophies, and seven honorable mentions at the area conference in January. The first mixer of the year, pep skits, and spirit button sales were DECA sponsored activities this year. To raise funds, the club also sponsored sales of buttons, candy, calendars, candles and frogs. DECA members (obove) include (row one) Jeff Hill, Bob Kernes, Mike Pagono, Russ Abbott, Poul Scavo, Bob Wolk, Chuck Scovo, Don Grubel, (row two) Jim Bishop, Bob Phelps, Jeff Ufkin, Wayne Moore, Roger Ryneorson, Chet Muehlentholer, Don Prothro, Kothy Huston, Mike Pontious, Terry Willioms, (row three) Alice Uhlmon, Lynn Riggle, Donno Wells, Lindo Jones, Carlo Flott, Sondi Vine, Carlo Hotchkiss, (row four) Sondi Wenger, Mike Hitchcock, Mitzi W imber, Annette Allison, Gory Brooner, Pom Lone, Linda Johnson, Marilyn McDonough, Debbie McWillioms, Potty Thompson, Brenda Blackford. Officers of DECA (top) irKlude Jeff Ufkin, Terry Willioms, Connie Edwards, Sondi Vine, adviser Dan Murray, Linda Jones, Donna elk, Roger Ryneorson, Poul Scovo, Potty Thompson, and Theresa Spognolo. 62 63 UN club members include (front row) Vice-President D. Munyon, President R. Van Nausdie, Secretory-Treasurer C. Toner, (row two) P. Douglass, C. Miller, R. King, L. Harvey, P. Schisei, D. Bernol, (row three) sponsor J. Chiaramonte, J. Moore, D. Messinger, V. Wreri, A. Johnson, P. Hertko, J, Crawford, S. Hannom. UN Organizing SOS (Sophomore Orientation Service) got the United Nations Club off to a start in the ' 73-74 school year. In October, UN sent 22 members to Governor ' s Day at the State Capitol, and raised $1 16.54 for UNICEF. The fall plans included attending workshops at North and Hoover, and prepar- ing for the " Model United Na- tions " which took place April 18- 20 at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls. Lincoln stu- dents represented the countries of Italy and Australia. The fall quar- ter also included revising the con- stitution. Fatino ' s Restaurant was the scene of the Fall-Winter Ban- quet December 12. " The Banana Devolution " was planned, in conjunction with Girl ' s Club, for February to raise money for the trip to Cedar Falls. The Devolution was cancelled because of lack of student interest — re- placed by a bake sale in April. paves way for future peace The Bonona Devolution press conference (above) was held in January. A speech was given by UN club member Jim Crawford, president of the Devolution Committee, followed followed by a question and answer period. 64 Foreign students visit Lincoln on US trip 19 to junior months. Study took up a lot of time for Patti Douglass end house guest Morisa Esplnola do Silvo Pocheco (above), a foreign exchange student from Brazil, during her stay here. This year Lincoln hosted a for- eign exchange student from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marisa Espi- nola de Silva Pacheco. Marisa arrived in Des Moines December stay with the family of Patti Douglass for three Marisa was very impres- sed with the students and faculty at Lincoln and is anxious to return. One of the highlights of her stay was attending the Lincoln-Hoover basketball game. She was able to see part of the US in a tour of Ari- zona and California with other ex- change students. Lincoln also was a host to 15 students who arrived the week of April 14 from Derby School. Berry- town, Lancashire, England. The foreign exchange program, di- rected by William Gilbert, social science department, was formed to enable students to travel and visit other countries. The students stayed with Lincoln families. Fif- teen Lincoln students are going to England this summer accompanied by Carl Van Tuyl. social science department. The English students visiting Lincoln (left) include (row one) Carol Horiick, Leslie Perkins, Tony David- son, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Rotcliffe, (row two) Melanie Homer, Kerstin Berns, Jane Tomlinson, Suson Rhoden, Beverly Nield, Lorraine Tracey, Diana Dickinson, and John Westwell. Marisa (above) finds excitement in extra-curricu- lar activities. Dorian Art adds color to Lincoln Dorian Art Club was led by offi- cers Tom Murphy, president; Kristi Wallace, secretary; Jeanne Bird, treasurer, and Merrie Smith, his- torian. The Art Council included Guy Cook, Louise Ellsworth, Sher- rie Porter, Greg Hendricks, Jody Johnson, and Dan Wilkes. Adviser Dale McLean helped the students in preparing a full year of activities. This summer, they were involved in the painting of the mural downtown. A large pep poster was painted for each football game. At open house, the club sponsored a student art sale. New members were chosen in the spring and a new art piece was added to the Dorian Art col- lection. Dorian Art secretory Kristi Wallace (above) takes notes during o meeting. Cheerleaders (left) wait for the team to run through the weekly pep sign. Dorian Art members (bottom) decorate the gym for the Sweetheart dance. , S " " " —i ¥ »• r • 66 Dorian Art members (above) include (front row) J. Bird, L. Metelman, K. Wallace, M. Smith, J. Proudfoot, (row two) S. Porter, K. Merklin, J. Wore, P. Hunt, K. Gulp, (row three) D. Wilkes, G. Cook, N. Benda, K. Hickman, K. Belieu, J. Johnson, T. Mulligan, M. Gruwell, (row four) T. Simmons, H. Pike, S. Blunk, K. Cooley, T. Murphy, G. Hendricks, K. Morris, and D. Riggle. Not pictured: T. Bales, L. Elsworth, D. Horton, M. Leon- ard, C. Lopman, S. Schneider, and L. Tursi. Members Merrie Smith, Greg Hend- ricks, Kristi Wallace, Jody Johnson, Sherrie Porter, Tom Murphy, ond Kim Cooley (middle left) paint the weekly football poster. Dorian Art Club initi- ates new members for " 74-75 school year. 67 Girls sponsor picnic, dance, ' car paint ' The Girls ' Club, under the lead- ership of president Ronda Statton, got off to a start with the annual Big Sister-Little Sister Picnic. The Girls ' Club sponsored the picnic to acquaint the incoming sophomore girls with other junior and senior girls at Lincoln. During homecoming week, Girls ' Club added spark to the festivities with a balloon release at the home- coming football game, and a " car paint " before the game. Later in the year. Girls ' Club sponsored their " Sweetheart Dance " February 2, a tradition at LHS. Girls ' Club mothers con- tributed their efforts in such ways as serving cookies and pouring punch. A final tea in May was given by Girls ' Club for the purpose of in- stalling next year ' s officers. Girls ' Club president Rondo Statton (top) presides over a meeting. Girls ' Club officers and their mothers (middle) are historian Julie Schmaltz, treasurer Sue Smith, secretary Cathy Renda, vice-president Cathy Babbit and president Ronda Statton. Girls ' Club members Sarah Ward and Christy Moon (bottom) help decorate cars during annual Girls ' Club " cor paint. " 68 Man of the year candidates (above) ore (row one) senior John Koscieiak, sophomore Chris Kern, seniors Tim Crow- ford, John Cardamon, (row two) juniors Mark Eggers, Mark Long, Bruce KoeppI, sophomores Guy Souther, and Jon Stapes. Winners who reigned as King of Hearts at the " Sweetheart Donee " were John Koscieiak, Chris Kern, end Bruce KoeppI. Beat Hoover week ends in victory Pep rallies, " hat day " , a chili supper, half-time events, a victory mixer, and a pancake breakfast climaxed Beat Hoover Week, March 1 . A one and a half hour pep as- sembly took place in the boys ' gym on game day. The Lincoln High Pep Band, led by Dennis Dowell, opened the assembly. A pep rally in the gym, began at 5:30, ended at 6:15 in time for the sophomore basketball game. Student Council sponsored a car bash Thursday, February 28, after school, and a " hat " and color day the day of the game. All students and faculty were urged to wear a hat and maroon and gold clothing all day while attending the rallies and game. A chili supper was staged by the Concert Choir in the cafeteria from 3-5 p.m. The supper ' s main objec- Junior Phil Brown (fop left) sports a hat on hat doy, fxirt of Beat Hoover Week. Seniors Rick Soroko and Pot Davey (top right) moke o joint effort in demolishing a cor at the Student Council cor bosh. Juniors Scott Blunck and Jim Dilly (bottom right) go all out in declaring their loyalty at the Lincoln-Hoover gome. five was to aid students in arriving in time to get seats for the game, reported director Carol Stewart. The supper was also a fund raiser for a spring choir tour. During the half-time of the var- sity game, a drawing took place which determined Mary Garbett of Carlisle the winner of a $300 San- yo stereo system that was raffled off by the band. Also at half-time, the Drill Team routine featured the annual Senior Drill. The rock group " Mourning " was the featured band at the vic- tory mixer in the cafeteria after the basketball game. Pancakes, sausage, milk, and coffee were on the menu for the faculty ' s 14th annual Pancake Breakfast from 6:30-1 1 :30 a.m. in the cafeteria the next morning. Culminating Beat Hoover Week, the breakfast was the faculty ' s only fund raising event of the year. There was not a Pancake Queen this year, but there were door prizes and a " Player of the Gams " award presented to Mark Long. Entertainment was provided by the Lincoln High Stage Band under the direction of Dennis Dowell. 70 Band director Dennis Dowell and vocal music director Carol Stewart (top) perform a musical skit as part of the 90 minute pep assembly before the Hoover gome. Lincoln and Hoover fons (middle left) wait in line for seats at Lincoln-Hoover game, only to be turned away. Coach John Carle (above) gives a promising speech at the pep assembly. Lincoln fans (bottom left) excitedly rush onto the floor offer the 70-69 victory over Hoover. Choir director Carol Stewart (top right) dons o clown mask to relieve the tension of a hard Concert Choir practice. Passen- gers and cargo (below) reach final stages of loading as Choir members anxiously wolt for departure. J Female vocal section (obove) reheorses during an evening practice for the spring tour. 72 Concert Choir reaches spring tour goal John Snyder (obove) goes through the chili supper line, on event sponsored by Concert Choir to help raise money for their spring tour. A ' 50 ' s mixer, leaf rake, paper drive, and chili supper brought concert choir together in a group effort and provided the choir with funds for their spring tour. The tour lasted three days, starting with a performance at Lewis Cen- tral High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa, then moving to Tarkio Col- lege, Tarkio Missouri, and ending at Trinity United Methodist, Kan- sas City. " These kids have worked hard and well toward this trip, and I am really pleased to know that once they set their minds to com- plete a goal so high, they intend to finish it and come out with fly- ing colors, " commented Carol Stewart, vocal music director. Concert Choir ' s 85 members re- hearsed during many daytime and evening hours preparing for both the Christmas and spring concerts. Concert Choir (obove) Includes (row one) K. Lukehort, R. Statton, D. Young, D. Catoldo, D. Kline, J. McCaw, director Carol Stewart, P. Yetter, D. Wozniak, C. Way, L. Vonderpool, T. Cordomone, E. Moore, (row two) C. Bloomer, A. Manz, M. Yates, B. Timmons, C. Renda, L. Andrews, J. Stanley, D. Conkling, D. Munyon, (row three) L. Smith, A. Mahnke, S. Gullord, C. Shirley, E. Larson, M. Sanders, K. Willis, A. Manz, B. Clark, S. Quirk, T. Hennesy, L. Abbott, C. Showers, C. Clair, C. Bruner, (row four) 6. Horner, L. Berry, c! Reynolds, A. Bancroft, D, Hagen, J, Alexander, G. Chamberlain, B. Thomason, M. Bingamon, M. Marturello, S. Daggett, D. Wossom, U. Sciachitono, K. Beltrame, D. Forkner, (row five) J. Olson, A. Villirillo, K. White, B. KoeppI, J. Crise, J. Snyder, F. Filipelli, s! Schneider, R. Newman, L. Hazelton, L. Whitmorsh, P. Meredith, C. Benton, C. Belding, M. Runkel (row six) R. Peterson, D. Amend, M. Strouf, M. Canfield, L. Wright, C. Mown, D. Caponigro, D. Hollinrake, A. Johnson, J. Snyder, C. Toner, S. Martin, D. Lujon, c! Babbitt, B. Wilson, M. Lou. Not pictured: Cheryl Wilde. 73 New musk— it can be done Performing in a Chamber Chor- ale convention, the Lincoln Cham- ber Chorale presented a program entitled, " New Music in the High Schools — It Can Be Done. " Avante Garde is the most ex- treme in the new frontiers of mu- sic, with much of it calling for electronic tapes with such un- common devices as ' aleatory ' pas- sages. The Chorale contributed five of its members to the All- State Choir. The members were Cindy Claire, Debbie Wozniak, Frank Filipelli, Les Hazelton and Pete Yetter. Girl ' s Glee Club and Prep Choir concluded their year with a spring concert that was open to the pub- lic. Carol Stewart, vocal music director, has prepared the Prep Choir to step up into the vacant places of the Concert Choir for the upcoming year. The Lincoln Swing Choir displays their first ploce trophies on their Boogie Team backdrop. Prep Choir (above) includes (row one) director Carol Stewart, C. Thoermer, T. Muggins, K. Krotz, K. Koons, P. Young G. Garnet, M. Walker, S. Clark, D. Hiatt, L. Bruner, R. Morris, P. Jilg, P. Yetter, K. Andrews, K. Sogrlllo, K. Russell, C. Noble, C. Edwards, J Gordner L. Smith, (row two) J. Stanley, J. Leach, C. Dingmon, D. Norring, S. Hickle, R. Rios, G. Chamberlain, S. Bittick R. Pogue, N Runkel, C. Fitzgerald, S. Hormel, J. Knott, V. Stubbs, V. Stringham, L. Smith, D. Graham, M. Suchy, P. Cross, (row three) J Stroud, J Jorgensen S Griffin, L. Hutt, P. Show, P. Kirk, B. Freemon, V. Lacono, J. Brooks, B. Thomoson, D. Smith, J. Griffith, R. Fleming, D (3eorge T Heothcote, S. Ridenour, K. Felice, K. Kramer, M. Knouer, D. Proudfoot, K. Kramer, M. Read, C. Kent, M. Reynolds (row four) P. Rizzuti, J. Stump, V. Woods, K. Walsmith, L. Close, L. Kernes, T. Brouer, M. Turner, B. Mendenholl, D. Payne, P Croig, M. Montis, D. Roth, N. Curry, D. Boudewyn, C. Brown, A. Klier, K. Minord, C. Timmons, D. Baker, (row five) K. Wheeler, J. Schneider, D. Griffis, L. Hoch, B. Soville, N, Smith. 74 Girls Glee (above) includes (row one) W. Morton, J, Beemon, D, Stocke, A. Young, B. Kramer, C. Downey, D. Teneurs, K. Davis, D. Cowl, C. Bloomer, K. Fitzgerald, G. Gayle, (row two) Carol Stewart, director, B. Cobb, D. Cotoldo, D. Melr, C. Bruner, ' S. Hickle ' , D. Drew, B. Ford, M, Aller, K. Anderson, C. Wesson, (row three) M. Hotcher, U. Schiachitono, M. Brown, J. Edwards, R. Ellis, K. Beltrame, D. Fredricks, L. Austin, S. McVey, S. Billups, C. Portwood, 8. Thorton. Chamber Chorale (above) includes (row one) D. Munyon, D. Baker, C. Claire, D. Young, J. McCleory, L. Berry, (row two) L. Hozelton, P. Yetter, D. Wozniak, L. Wright, L. Andrews, K. Minord, L. Smith, R. Smith, M. Bingman, (row three) G. Chamberlain, F. Filipelli, P. Craig, J. Stork, D. Kline, K. Stundins, P. Miller, P. Yetter. 75 Each dawn brings a new begin- ning . . . Entertainment, clinics, competi- tions, and a tour highlighted the activities for Lincoln ' s Boogie Team. The group performed for charity benefits and held many high paying jobs during the year. The Swing Choir presented an all- school show featuring the entire group, solos, and " Celebration " , a guest college group from Oregon. At the beginning of the year, the choir hosted a clinic for swing choirs from all over the state to learn new techniques and listen to the " Clef Dwellers " perform. " The New Beginning " , the name swing choir chose for itself this year, placed first in the Hoover High Jazz Festival, the Mid-Amer- ica Jazz Festival in Omaha, and the Mid-Land Jazz Festival in Fre- mont, Nebraska. Along with the first place trophies they won, they brought home the " Outstanding Ensemble Award " received for their showmanship in Fremont, Nebraska. Swing Choir nets honors in competition Swing Choir (above) includes (row one) T. Hennesy, S. Daggett, N. Runkel, P. Yetter, M. Canfield, C. Claire, J. Snyder, B. Wilson, F. Filipelli, S. Schneider, K. White, S. Qui ' l , Sanders, (row two) J. Alexander, C. Renda, L. Andrews, T. Cardomone, L. Hozelton, C. Belding, D. Horner, R. Newmon, D. Wassom, R. Soroka, K. Lukehart, (row three) L. Wright, D. Munyon, B. KoeppI, J. McCow, E. Larson, L. Berry, M. Runkel, D Wozniok, C. Benton. Not pictured: K. Willis, C. Wilde. 76 Rick Soroka (left) moves with the song " Rocky Mountoin High " in the all-school show presented by Swing Choir in the ouditorium March 28. Pete Yetter (right) portrays Jesus Christ while the group asks, " Is that all you wont from me? " , a number from " Jesus Christ Superstar " . 77 The closing number displayed the entire cost (above) in the pantomime show, March 19. Mimes become pregnant chickens, robots... The 1974 pantomime show, under the direction of Carol Harms, was performed March 19 at 7:30 in the Lincoln auditorium. Stu- dent director Doug Kline was ac- companied by a cast of 20 who created their own ideas for the mimes characters they were as- signed. The mimes presented shows to Weeks, Brody, Kurtz and McCombs Junior Highs throughout the month of March. Mimes Tracy Boles, Doug Kline, Lynn Andrews, SuAnn Jilg, and Andrea Scar- cello (right) play basketball in slow motion. 78 Chris Watts (left) displays pain while the " Mechanical Massage " takes over. Spider, Doug Kline (middle left) tries to spin his web around fly, Andrea Scarcello, in " Spider and the Fly " . Debbie Wozniak and Les Hazelton (middle right) show excitement as they watch the " Car Races " . Tough cowboy Pete Yetter (bottom left), finds fault with sweet cowboy Steve Quirk in " Pink Cowboy " . Kris White (below) mokes the art of painting a rough task for painter Pat Craig in " The Artist " . [ 79 Chess, Equesterian Clubs provide variety The Equestrian Club topped its season with a Western Horse Show this spring. The show was May 5 in an indoor ring. President Cheryl Sease, vice president Judy Balken, treasurer Brenda Halterman, and secretary Debra Young planned along with sponsor Donna Yeast, the years activities. The group took several trail rides and many members participated in adult education courses on horseback riding. According to William Hutchi- son, Chess Club ' s ' 74-75 season started out on a winning streak against Dowling in March. Presi- dent Jeff Bexell felt that this was an indication of things to come. The nine chess members competed in five inter-city matches this year. Hutchison had hoped that more students would have become in- volved in the chess club. Equestrian Club members complete tronsactions following the sale of tee-shirts. The members include Judy Belken, Cheryl Seose, Tia Huggins, and Debro Young. 80 J John Kosielok (left), president of Lettermon ' s Club, addresses members at a meeting. Cheerleaders Maureen O ' Connor and Joan Lee (above) receive a $100 check from letter- men Dave Thompson and John Nevins to help finance the traditional tags. Letterman money goes to cheerleaders The Letterman ' s Club, under the leadership of president John Koscielak, vice-president John Nevins, treasurer John Locke, and secretary John Cardamon, got un- der way in the fall by presenting $100 to the cheerleaders for their expenses. The money covered the cost of tags which were delivered to the athletes on the mornings of their sports events. With the direction of sponsor and coach Bob Vander Linden the lettermen raised the money by selling football jerseys, jackets, and T-shirts to the student body. Letterman ' s Club (above) includes (row one) Gary Teter, Barry Lowe, Steve Jones, Dorn DeRoad, John Cardamon, Joe Kline, Jeff Trujillo, Craig Hall, (row two) Tyler Townsend, Mark Nogel, Robin Weberg, Kent Cherry, Steve Foldes, Chuck Heggon, Doug Berord (row three) Mike Bird, Eric Mahnke, Crickett Edwards, John Locke, Kirk Schmaltz, Bill Thomason, (row four) Bob Dearth, Bob Speed, Doug Speicher, Joe Romano, John Nevins, Paul Stocker, Jeff Irving, (row five) Larry Toomey, Dan Powell, Mike Smith, Ron Lemons, Jeff Schmaltz, Mark Long and Chris Kern. 81 Mermaids present Beatle hits The annual Mermaids presenta- tion centered its theme around a trip in a yellow submarine and saluted the music of the Beatles. Led by sponsor Jean Frazier, presi- dent Pam Salzmann, vice-president Debbie Amend, secretary Kim Zar- ley, treasurer Shellie Swan, and art director Nancy Benda, the girls worked to compile one hour of mu- sic, comedy and swimming per- formances. The highlights consisted of two solo ' s, a duet of seniors, a trio of juniors and quartet of seniors. The Mermaids also participated in synchronized swimming compe- tition, achieving first place in Met- ro. The State meet was in May, with many of the Mermaids par- ticipating. Juniors (top) pose beside pool. They ore Laura Hellond, Julie Schmaltz, LuAnne Steacker, Cindy Lopeman, Cathy Coudili, Shellie Swan, Mary McClellon, Julie John- son, Pot Hertko, Cathy Rendo, and Janice Tronsue. The entire cost (bottom) assumes membership in " Sergeant Pepper ' s Lonely Hearts Club Band " . 82 Floaters (top left) are (standing) Cathy Renda, Lori Myers, Linda Helland, Sue Harris, (sifting) Lynn Potthoff, Debbie Amend, Liz Herbert, and Mary McClellan. Shelly Swan (top right) performed a solo to " Storm at Sea " . Seniors (bottom) are (standing) Laura Drew, Lynn Potthoff, Joan Lee, Nancy Benda, (seated) Diane Stodden, Kimberly Zarley, Sue Harris, Pom Solzmann, Debbie Amend. The seniors ended the show with a routine to " Long and Winding Roads. " J- V 1 ■• 12 ' 83 The Probates (top left) " fix a hole " as they pose as plumbers. They are (standing) Laura Drew, Vicki Wren, Diane Moore, Amy Mahnke, (kneeling) Diane Forkner, Liz Herbert, Diane Bernol, Saida Mulligan, (seated) Diane Stodden, Lori Myers, Beth Cobanis, and Linda Helland. Seniors Joan Lee and Kim Zar- ley (top right) performed a duet to " Lucy in the Sky With Diomonds. " President Pam Solzmann (above) swam the tradi- tional solo to " Here Comes the Sun " . Debbie Amend, Sue Harris, Pom Solzmann, and Noncy Bendo (middle right) presented a quartet to " Help " . Narrators (bottom right) include Debbie Wozniok, Jonis Gloss, Les Hazelton, and Doyle Smith. 84 mi The A group (left) sworn to " A Little Help From My Friends " ; they include (bock row) Cathy Coudill, Kim Zorley, Cindy Lopemon, Janice Tronsue, (kneeling) Julie Schmaltz, Saido Mulligan, Shellie Swan, and Luanne Staecker. Cathy Caudill, Julie Johnson, and Jonice Tronsue (right) portray octupuses. 85 student. Study hall students volunteer their services Throughout the year students from the study halls volunteered their services to aid in the opera- tion of various school departments. Students working in the main office operated the switchboard, picked up and sorted absence slips, handled the mail, delivered mes- sages to people around the school, and ran other errands. Returning books to their proper shelves, helping others find needed materials, and checking books in and out were some tasks performed by the librarian aids. Student center workers occupied their time by serving food and drinks to hungry students. Junior Kim Anderson (obove) sets up the student center concession stand for the day. 86 Librarians Lillian Cole and Betty Mason pose with aides (standing) Paul Jilg, Randy Fleming, Terry Ware, Dan Adams, Kim Kropp, Lia Jantz, librarian Helen Holt, (seated) Kim Jones, Laura Smith, Nancy Smith, Jody Blohely, and Connie Szutkowski. Junior Betty Powell (above) waits on juniors Ann Blonchard and Jeff Schmaltz in the student center. Office worker Helene Stein (above) dis- tributes morning mail to homeroom teachers ' boxes. 87 Railsplitter reflects staff changes The publication of the Railsplit- ter newspaper and yearbook was affected by a change of advisers in mid-November. Henry Sanders was replaced by Debra West when he left for a year ' s leave of absence. Miss West initiated the use of by- lines on feature stories, a new column to relay information from the counseling office and photog- raphy credits for pictures taken by non-staff photographers. The fall newspaper staff pub- lished a special edition as a tribute and gift to Mr. Sanders. " We were really proud of that paper since we edited and paid for it without any adviser assistance, " said senior Pam Salzmann editor. The paper was financed by journalism student contributions and ads sold to fac- ulty departments and clubs. Staff changes occurred at the semester. Sue Harris replaced John Nevins and Joan Lee as sports editor, and Sherry Mulcahy took Sue ' s old position as circulation manager. Tension mounts for newspaper editor Pom Solzmonn and adviser Debra West (above) as they work to meet a deadline. Maureen O ' Connor, features editor, (above left) does the yearbook staff a favor by promoting yearbook sales during a pep assembly. Reporters Patti Dougloss and Linda Berry (above right) type stories for a fast approaching deadline. Yearbook staff photographers Larry Botes and Karl Stundins (top left) assist co-editor-in-chief Evelyn Moore in choosing a picture. Senior section editor Charlene Stubbs (top right) creates on interesting candids page. Yearbook staff utilizes worksliop ideas Several yearbook workshop vet- erans were members of the 1974 yearbook staff. A record number of Lincoln students attended the workshops held at Drake and Iowa State in early August. Les Hazel- ton, photographer, Patty Morgan, staffer, and Tom Murphy, art edi- tor, participated in the Drake workshop. The Iowa State work- shop was attended by Debbie Amend, student life editor, Tam- mie Burt, lay-out editor, Chris Bruner, undergraduate editor, Janis Glass, co-editor-in-chief, Evelyn Moore, co-editor-in-chief, and Charlene Stubbs, senior section editor. At the workshops the stu- dents were taught the fundamen- tals of yearbook layout design, copy writing, and graphics. Early in the year the staff chose " Blueprints " as the yearbook theme. New features in the year- book are a student index and a photographic cover taken by Perry Garner, newspaper photographer. Debra West was the yearbook ad- viser during Henry Sanders ' leave of absence. 90 i i ■ Debbie Squire and Potty Morgan (top left) work on circulation records for the yearbook. Index editor Andrea Scarcello (top right) works on her filing cards. Student life editor Debbie Amend (mid- dle left) consults with layout editor Tam- mie Burt about a possible page design. Sports editors Dove Thompson and Joan Lee (bottom left) fit copy onto a football spread. Cathy Ogburn and Potty Morgan (above) help undergraduate editor Chris Bruner put together a page for her section. Not pictured with the staff are photo- editor Tim Scholler, photographer Les Hazelton, and advertising manager Rose Radnich. 91 Juniors add depth to Lincoln baseball Juniors gained experience for the 1974 season as the Lincoln Rails finished with 1 1 wins and 12 losses. The somewhat divided sea- son did provide standings in the All-Metro Conferences for five of the Lincoln players. Senior outfielder Bill Marturello was named All-Metro Conference first team with a batting average of .282 and leading the team with four home runs. All-Metro Conference honorable mentions were given to third base- man senior Dave Kaiii, junior, shortstop Kyle Ferguson, catcher Kent Cherry, and sophomore pitch- er Rick Parsons. Kent Cherry led the team with a batting average of .303 followed by Kyle Ferguson with a .288 aver- age. Rightfielder Gary Edwards (top) streaks for third base. Pitcher Roger Chambers {middle left) lets loose with a fast ball. Third baseman Dave Kaili (middle right) smashes the oncoming pitch. Centerfielder Bill Mar- turello (left) received First-Team All-City ranking. 94 1973 was the first year for girls Softball and Lincoln came through the season with 14 wins and seven losses. Behind the coaching of Larry Hayes and LeMoine Park- hurst, the girls took second place in the metro standings and handed first rated East its only two losses of the season. The team had the extra advan- tage of two 1973 graduates, Janice Baker, third, and Christie Smith, catcher. Extra help came from seniors B. DeAngelis, S. Porter, L Tursi, and V. Fargo. Starting jun- iors were B. Clair, B. Powell, C. Lukehart, L. Riveria, S. Milligan, H. Pike, P. Mercer, and L. Harvey. Summer wasn ' t the end of soft- ball. It continued this fall and al- though many of Lincoln ' s games were rained out, they pulled through with five wins and only one loss, which occurred in sec- tional play. Girls place second in metro standing 1 m " 3 Uwi ' jO icol [L T 4 ' ' Hl ' 1 Tiqhtly gripping the bat, junior Cheri Fargo (top) is determined to hit a homerun. Junior Janet Edwards (left) helps the team Qch.eve one of their 14 wins with her powerful swing. Junior Holly Kike (right) concentrates on making on out. 96 Back Row: Lori Cronin, Rita Singleton, Sondy Chia, Sherrie Porter, Jill Burdick, Kathy Myers, Andrea Leto, Sandy Hayman, Judy Burdick, Kris Rodosevich, Becky Clair, Coach Hayes. Front Row: Pom Cross, Mary John- son, Lynn Harvey, Jean Tursi, Sherrie Forgo, Jerri Bollard, Pom Mercer, Janet Edwards. Not Pictured: Vickie Forgo, Kathy Lukehart, Betty Powell, Becky DeAngelis, Janice Baker, Cindy Smith, Holly Pike, Sue Milligan, Lisa Rivera, Lori Tursi. Young team achieves winning season The Lincoln High swimming team, made up of comparatively young members, captured a 6-5 record for this year. After a slow start, losing five of the first six meets, the girls matured and won the final five. During the course of the year, two school records fell. Freshman Mary Neff bettered existing times in the 100 yard butterfly and the 200 yard individual medley. The team finished placing 17 in the state meet. Qualifying for state were the medley relay team composed of Andrea Fairley, Lynn Potthoff. Carrie Clark, and Vickie Wren; Nancy Dooley and Amy Mahnke in the 200 and 50 yard freestyle, respectively; and Carrie Clark in the 100 yard fly. Mary Neff qualified in both the 100 yard fly and the 200 individual medley. Placing seventh in state finals was the free relay team composed of Nancy Dooley, Joan Lee, Amy Mahnke, and Vickie Wren. Concerned, Coach Tom Cody (above) watches his team swim In on important meet against East. Junior Tara Bird (right) contemplates before swimming the 200 individual medley. ■ Senior Joan Lee (above) sets the pace in the 100 freestyle. An important member of the team, freshman Mary Neff (left) flys to a victory in the 200 yard individuol medley setting a school record. 98 Senior Andrea Foirley (top left) pulls toward a victory in the 100 backstroke. Senior Lynn Potthoff (left) takes a quick breath of air while swimming the 100 breoststroke. Senior Nancy Dooley (above) pulls for a victory in the 100 freestyle. Girls varsity swim team, (back row) M. Brandt, M. Smith, A. Foirley, M. Roth, L. Potthoff, J. Lee, N. Dooley, A. Mahnke, Coach Tom Cady, (third row) J. Burdick, K. Prendergost, V. Wren, C. Belding, T. Bird, R. Siebert, S. Swan, S. Mulligan, C. Coudill, (second row) L. Sackett, L. Schweiger, B. Fritz, C. Roth, D. CBeorge, J. Vondervelde, S. Griffin, K. Andrews, L. Seibert, L. Benda, K. Hogen, M. Blaisdell M. Neff, K. Palis, C. Clark. Junior diver. Shelly Swan (left) executes great skill at home meet. 99 Gymnastics team, (front row) Pom Brouer, Karen Locke, Shellie Carpenter, Michel Gasperi, Barbie George, Jeannie Tursi, Marty Sperry, Diane Bernal, (back row) Rhonda Borchert, Julie Schmaltz, Kathy Merklin, Rhonda Brown, Andrea Fairley, Poula Shelton, Diana Schmaltz, LuAnn Staecker, and Lori Hetherington. Junior Julie Schmaltz (left) performs a chassez on the balance beam. Coach Linda Ritland and sophomore Rhonda Borchert (above) look upon the competitors with approval. Contributing to the teams ' victory over Valley, co-captoin Rhonda Brown (left) poses with confidence on the balance beam. 100 Poise, talent boost gymnasts Lincoln ' s aspiring girls ' gymnas- tics team completed their third year of competition in 1974, post- ing a 4-5 mark. Coach Linda Ritland guided the team with the help of student man- ager Cindy Robinson. The squad was anchored by sen- iors Rhonda Brown and Andrea Fairley on balance beam, floor ex- ercise, and tumbling; Paula Shel- ton and Diana Schmaltz on uneven parallel bars; and Kathy Merklin on balance beam. All around performers were tal- ented sophomore Karen Locke and outstanding freshmen Barbie George and Michel Gasperi. Other letter winners included juniors LuAnne Staecker and Julie Schmaltz and sophomores Rhonda Borchert and Marty Sperry. Ill Demonstrating exceptional form, senior Poula Shelton (top left) executes a stroddle bock on the uneven parallel bars. Co-coptoin Andrea Fairley (left) presents herself to the judges after the conclusion of her tumbling run. Senior Diana Schmaltz (above) swings into a flying hip circle on the uneven parallel bars. 101 T. Hertko D. Thompson C. Agon R. Person Varsity football team, (row 1) J. Cordamon, T. Hertko, J. McClure, T. Gorsche, L. Tungland, D. Thompson, D. Boothe, L. Brouer, K, Cherry, B. Sinclair, D. DeRoad, (row two) D. Fouts, J. Hager, T. Hagen, M. Machair, L, Huss, T. Yoncy, G. Moson, M. Nagel, C. Hall, S. Foldes, D. Speicher, M. Long, (row three) M. King, D. Ceretti, J. Wilson, B. Arnold, S. Blunk, P. Potts, R. Parsons, M. Eggers, J. Lankford, K. Lemkuhl, L. Goode, R. Lee, (row four) B. Fouts, J. Dilley, J. Bixler, B. Truitt, C. Agon, J. Thorup, D. Berord, J. Trujillo, J. Kline, B. Speed, K. Willis. INCOLN M. Eggers J. Cordamon C, Hall T, Gorsche J. Thorup 102 B. Sinclair S. Foldes p. Potts WPS D. Berrard J. Kline L. Goode M. Long L. Brouer LHS 14 AAa rsha 1 Itnwn fTlVll JI lull I m T T 1 1 15 20 Vallev V alley 0 19 Hoover 18 7 North 6 33 Tech 6 14 East 22 7 Dow ling 25 7 Roosevelt 29 28 Ottumwa 8 OOTBALL D. Speicher Injuries plagued the Roilsplitters throughout the seoson. John McClure, Gary Mason, Pat Dovey, Larry Tungland, Jeff Trujillo, and Craig Holl were proof of this fact as they watch a game from the sidelines. 103 Rails finish with winning season Overcoming a crop of injuries, the Lincoln High football team managed a winning performance in 1973. A 4-3 record placed the Rails in a four-way tie for second place in the Metropolitan conference. A victory and a loss in non-confer- ence play put them 5-4, overall. The Abes battled for a 4-0 con- ference mark midway through the season, and appeared to be threat- ening for the title. Jim Dilley ' s dramatic extra point kicks provided the margin for victory in two games that were decided b one point. One such game was Lincoln ' s vic- tory over Hoover for Homecoming. The other wins came over Valley, North, and Tech. Bad luck followed the impressive start when Lincoln was crippled by injuries. As a result the Railsplit- ters dropped three straight games to Dowling, Roosevelt, and East. Nevertheless, the team came back to trip Ottumwa in the final game, 29-7. Fullback Mark Eggers (right) powers through gaping hole in the Morsholltown line for more yardage. Junior Mark Eggers (above) digs for yardage as Chuck Agon and Dave Thonnpson look on. 104 105 106 Nine gridders receive lienors Numerous injuries plagued the team ' s efforts this year. Three players were lost before the season began. Receiving serious injuries were Kent Cherry, Greg Davidson, and John McClure. Mark Eggers, Pat Davey, Larry Tunglund, Craig Hall, and Gary Mason were also finished for the season after in- juries received during a game. Jeff Trujillo, Tom Gorsche, and Lance Braur were among those re- ceiving temporary injuries. In spite of injuries, nine players received special recognition. Chosen to the All-Metro team were fullback Mark Eggers, tackle Dave Thompson, and end Lance Braur. Selected on the second unit were Gary Mason, Doug Berard, and Mark Long. Honorable men- tions went to John Cardamon, John Thorup, and Jeff Trujillo. Thomp- son and Eggers also made All-State honorable mention. Junior Pot Potts (top) socks Dowling quarterback. Lincoln ' s John Thorup (lower left) confers with Coach Robert Vender Linden between ploys. Quarter- back Rick Parsons (above) hands off to John Carda- mon up the middle. 107 Valley, Ames only JV contest Only two games were played on the junior varsity football schedule in 1973. Coaches Ron Peterson and Ace Hendricks directed the team as they finished with a 1-1 record. The Abes victory was over Val- ley, and the defeat came at the hands of non-conference Ames. The abbreviated season was mainly due to the great number of injuries on the varsity squad. The injuries caused many junior varsity team members to be moved up to the varsity level, resulting in severe losses to the JV squad. Also, wet weather prevented competition on the playing field of Hutchens Stadium. Lorry Goode (above) breoks open for a long gain against Valley. Junior John Thorup (right) drops back to pass as his blockers hold off the Ames defensive rush. 108 Sophomore gridders accomplish goal: Punter Mark Morgan (above) lets his foot do the talking on fourth down. Halfback John Stapes (bottom left) looks for opening through his line. Quarterback Kevin Liven- good (bottom right) lets loose with a pass. The 1973 sophomore football team, coached by Tom Long and Dan Summy, finished the season with a 3-5 record. Victories for the Little Rails came at the expense of rival teams North 35-7, Tech 27-12, and Roosevelt 27-0. Strong leadership for this year ' s offensive unit was provided by Matt Allen, end. Rick Kaili, full- back. Mark Morgan, halfback, Kevin Livengood, quarterback, John Stapes, halfback, and Dennis Livingston, end. Leading the defense were versa- tile players Matt Allen, defensive end, Rick Kaili, linebacker, Kevin Livengood, safety, and John Stapes, safety. Commenting on the season, Coach Long said, " It wasn ' t as successful as planned, but the team did accomplish several things it set out to do. " 109 Soph gridders build for future Sophomore footboll team, (front row) G. Souther, J. Stapes, Mitchell, M. Sopp, B. Pascuzzi, S. Cohen, J. Crumb, S. Drew, R. Yohnke, R. Cosner, R. Stotts, (row two) K. Livengood, R. Hart, R. Dales, J. Bell, J. Enslow, M. Morgan, L. Daniels, J. Bohl, R. Gasperl, R. Kaili, B. Huss, E. Agan, R. Rice, (row three) coach Tom Long, P. Pasutti, T. Mason, D. Adamson, J. Connor, D. Browne, M. Lantz, D. Livingston, M. Allen, R. Peterson, R. Porter, D. Jones, R. Marshall, J. Heing, coach Dan Summy. 1 10 Freshmen snare 4-2 grid mark Freshmen football included (row one) C. McBee, B. Hild, D. Flllippelll, C Funaro T. Hollingsworth, B. Duede, R. Spour, J. Utterbock, L. Trulllnger, J. Benton, (row two) B. Stubbs, R. Cole, D. Novin, M. Bruckshow, D. Long, J. Young, M. Fisher, S. Snook J. Sheets, D. Knight, J. Pulliam, J. Judge, M. Edwards, M. Smith, S. McClure, ' (row three) K. Parker, J. Joyce, C. Motzke, C. Hart, M. Kellner, T. Glass, R. Bonjour, J. Bixter, L. Wykoff, M. Coffey, C. Kalb, Coach Francis Belding, (row four) D. Amend, H. Nowell ' R. Davenport, T, Taylor, P. Walker, D. Harvey, R. Karnes, S. Kolb, C. Gates, J. Wiond ' B. Snyder, B. Burgeft, T. Wears. Not pictured: Coach Tom Hill, M. Cox, D. Ellis, d! Santoge, R. Richards, J. Jocobson. The freshman football team, un- der the leadership of their new coach. Francis Belding, completed the ' 73 season with a 4-2 record. After a slow start, losing the first two games to Dowling and Valley, the frosh came back to win four straight. The string included victories over Hoover, East, Tech and North. Among the 19 gridders who played regularly were standouts Doug Long at quarterback, half- back Chuck Funaro, defensive end Mark Kellner, and fullback-line- backer Steve Kolb. Coach Belding was impressed with the team ' s mid-season im- provement, and is " looking forward to next year. " Steve Kolb (left) runs for yardage as Randy Karnes sets a block. Curtis Hart (below) tackles a Metro foe in a ballet style play. Ill Koscielak leads harriers to 7-1 season Leading Lincoln ' s cross country team, the state mile team race champs were senior co-captains John Koscielak and John Nevins, and junior Barry Lowe. The har- riers, coached by Dave Bennet, established an excellent dual rec- ord of 7-1 , with the only loss being to Metro Champion Dowling. Abe trackmen finished second in the Metro meet with Koscielak and Lowe taking first and second, respectively. They also captured first in the Urbandale Invitational, second at Hoover, third at Ames, and fourth in Tom Karpan Invita- tional at Valley. The harriers also placed fifth in the two-mile state meet with Koscielak and Lowe pacing the team with fourth and fifth places. Three school records fell this year at the hands of senior John Koscielak. He set new records in the one-and-a-half, one-mile and two-mile runs. Other team mem- bers included juniors Jeff Irving, Paul Kroll, and Karl Stundins, and sophomores Larry Toomey and Bob Dearth. Vorsity cross country team, (front row) Barry Lowe, John Koscielok, Jeff Irving, (bock row) Coach Dave Bennett, Karl Stundins, Bob Dearth, Larry Toomey. Not pictured: John Nevins. Freshman Ann Weberg (top) displays winning style. Coach Martin (right) discusses strategy with team members Kim Watts and Ann Weberg. Pictured above is Coach Martin and girls cross country team members (front row) Sue Hickle, Kim Watts, and Ann Weberg, (back row) Liz Hoch, Kim Coolley, Karen Hammer, and Barb Schoffer. 1 14 Girls cross country new to Lincoln The existence of a girls ' cross country team at Lincoln was not a widely known fact to the student body during the past year. In their first year of competi- tion, the harriers posted a 1-5 dual record, and finished eighth, ninth, and tenth in the Valley, Hoover, and Urbandale invitationals, re- spectively. in the district meet, the girls finished 14 among 23 schools. Freshman Ann Weberg and sophomore Kim Watts achieved distinction this year when Weberg placed 16 out of 115 girls in the district meet, and Watts took first place in four dual meets. Coach Phil Martin was pleased with the team ' s performance in their first year and is " looking for even better things next year " . Senior Barb Schaffer, sophomore Kim Watts, and senior Kim Coolley (top) rest between events. Kim Watts (bottom) strives to outrun opponent. Metro champions-Rails ' best ever ' The Lincoln basketball team finished in a first place tie in the Metropolitan Conference in 1974, rolling up a record 13-1 mark. The best previous metro record was 11-3, held in 1972. The season started with the Rails sweeping the first seven games. Included was a 107-62 victory over Chariton in which Lin- coln set a single game scoring record. January 12 brought the only defeat of the season, 69-66, against Hoover in overtime. The Rails bounced back to rip off an- other ten straight games, and gained revenge against Hoover March 1 , 70-69, in overtime, and tied for the Metro crown. When the final seasonal rankings were released, Lincoln, 17-1, ranked second in the state. Bidding for a shot at the state tournament. Hoover and Lincoln met for the third time, and the Rails lost 65-56, ending the year with an unmatched 20-2 mark. Coach John Carle, who has lead Lincoln teams to a combined record of 53-13 in his three years as coach, summarized the team ' s efforts: " This season has been the best in Lincoln ' s history and my best as a coach. " Long, Kern are All-State selections Leading defense were team cap- tains Mark Long and Robin We- berg. Long came up with 57 steals and Weberg 64; the two combined for 89 rebounds. Long also led freethrows, shooting 72.9 per cent. Sparking offense were Chris Kern, leading in total points with 259 and rebounds with 183, and Paul Lantz who shot 53.7 per cent. As a club, the Rails scored an average of 83.5 points per game, a record, while giving up only 61 .5. The team also broke the school record for the most points scored in a season, totaling at 1,839. Chris Kern and Mark Long were both honored on the All-State and All-Metro teams. Kern, placed on the seventh squad, was the only sophomore named to the All-State teams. Long, voted to the third team, was one of only four juniors. Both Long and Kern were first team All-Metro selections. Junior John Thorup was recognized on the second team All-City and hon- orable mention All-State. Weberg received honorable mentions on both All-State and All-Metro teams, and Lantz was voted to the second team All-Metro. Senior Robin Weberg (top right) jumps up for on eosy 2 points. Senior Dorn DeReod (above) runs post opponents for lay-up. Sophomore Chris Kern (right) exhibits great form on his way to becoming leoding scorer. 118 1 19 D. Tillinghast R. Lemons T. Hertko 6. Koeppel imith Lincoln 107 83 97 77 75 94 68 66 93 72 98 105 83 81 71 99 90 70 District 83 District 89 Sub-state 82 Sub-state 56 Chariton 62 North 67 Tech 50 East 62 Ottumwa 60 Dowling 76 Valley 49 Hoover 69 North 72 Urbandale 63 Tech 65 Roosevelt 78 East 63 Dowling 57 Roosevelt 51 Nevada 74 Valley 60 Hoover 69 Carlisle 47 S. E. Polk 62 Creston 36 Hoover 65 Total 1 ,839 Non-conference 607 Reg Conference 1,176 1.357 404 888 ASKETI M. Nixon C. Hall J. Silcott 120 Row 1: Coach John Carle, R. Weberg, J. Thorup, R. Lemons, T. Petersen, P. Lontz, C. Kern, M. Long, Coach Tom Long. {Qw 2: W Bruntley, B. Koeppel, D. DeRood, M. Hall, T. Hertko, B. Arnold, C. Hotchklss. Row 3: M. Nixon, C. Holl, M. ■mjth, R. Parson, J. Schmaltz. Sophs end season with 11-7 record Although the sophomore basket- ball team had a great loss in the moving up of Chris Kern to the varsity team, they slowly adjusted this year and reacted very well, winning the last six out of seven of their games. The last win was a victory over number-one ranked Hoover by 1 1 points. Hoover beat Lincoln in a prior game of the sea- son by only 5 points. The season record was 1 1 -7. Coach Jerry Schartner, teacher at Kurtz Junior High, commented that this year ' s team was his hard- est working ever and will supply several good prospects for next year ' s varsity team. Sophomore basketball team (above) includes (row one) R. Kaili, M. Caligiuri, D. Green, J. Barrett, (row two) R. Callahan, R. Loerke, G. Souther, G. Brown, (row three) M. Lontz, D. Livingston, C. Agon, E. Shipley, Cooch J. Schartner, manager B. McClure. Chuck Agon (above) plays rugged defense on Dowling foe. Mike Caligiuri (right) strains for two against Hoover. 122 123 Peterson, Wallace rate All-Metro Girls ' varsity basketball (front row) Cooch Terry Atkinson, Laura Blunck, Janet Edwards, Donna Matney, Michele Sulli- van, Diane Forkner, Betty Powell, Kay Andrews, Coach Phil Martin, (back row) Paula Rassnnussen, Sherrie Porter, Lori Wallace, Marilyn Newton, Rachel Peterson, Becky Clair, Jan Johnson, Kothy Lukehart. Senior Sherrie Porter (above) shows concern about the out- come of a gome. Junior Lori Wallace (left) blocks shot against Tech player. 124 Inexperienced team nets balanced record In the second year of girls ' bas- ketball, the Railettes, a young and inexperienced team, sported a per- fectly even record, 9-9. The team was led by All-City first team choices Rachel Peterson and Lori Wallace, juniors. Peterson was the second highest scorer in the metro this year behind only Sherry Cock- ing of East. With the driving ef- forts of Becky Clair and Kathy Lukehart in the forward position, and guards Marilyn Newton, Sher- rie Porter, and Janet Edwards hold- ing up defense, the team fought close games. The team ' s scoring average was 58.2 for the season with opponents at 59.3. In tourna- ments the girls beat North and Valley before losing to Roosevelt. " With the return of many jun- iors and the help from new sopho- mores next year ' s team should be much improved, " commented jun- ior Becky Clair. Metro leader Lori Wallace (above) holds a tight defense against Valley. Junior guard Janet Edwards (left) catches her breath during a break in the action ogoinst East. Junior Kathy Lukehart (obove) strives for the tip-off over Tech opponent. 126 Girl cagers challenge non-Metro teams Sophomore reserves (above) watch with anticipation. They are Vicki Woods, Jeri Noah, Linda Schweiger, Sandy Chia, Cathy Wheeler, Andrea Leto, Sherry Mohler, and Pom Kline. The sophomore girls ' basketball team ended the season with 1 1 wins, 7 losses. This was the first year Lincoln experienced playing against non-metropolitan teams such as Baxter and Pella. Starters Pam Mercer, Jonette McClung, and Barb Saville led the scoring in the forward court. Other offense players were Andrea Leto, Sherry Mohler, and Linda Schweig- er. Defense was handled by start- ers Sandy Hayman, Cheryl Conlin, and Sheryl Olson, giving the team a 30.6 rebounding average. The defensive reserves were Sandy Chia, Pam Kline, Wendy Morgan, Sherry Mohler, Jeri Noah, Cathy Wheeler, and Vicki Woods. The team was coached by Jerry Atkin- son. Girls ' sophomore basketball team (front row) Sherry Mohler, Linda Schweiger, Vicki Woods, (row two) Andrea Leto, Sandy Hayman, Pam Kline, Jonette McClung, Sheryl Olson, Wendy Morton, (back row) Sandy Chia, Jeri Noah, Cathy Wheeler, Barb Saville, Cheryl Donlin, Coach Jerry Atkinson. Junior Rachel Peterson (left) prepares for a pass against East defense. 127 Seven wrestlers advance to districts The ' 73-74 wrestlers ended their season with a record of 5-5 in dual meets. Coached by Larry Hayes, the grapplers competed in the Say- del Invitational, placing second, and participated in the Urbandale Invitational and took first in the Lincoln Invitational. With eight seniors leaving the squad, a turnover of competitors will occur for next year. Capturing first place in their weight division in the sectional meet were Jeff Draper, Tim Sears, Mark Caligiuri, Rick Houge, John Cardamon, Randy Hillabolt, and Jeff Trujillo. Going into the semi-final round of the district meet were Draper and Hillabolt, and in the final round, Sears. None, however, ad- vanced to state. Senior Ed Devine (top) plans strategy against opponent in the Lincoln invitational. Senior Tim Sears (left) faces off opponent. Junior Jeff Trujillo (above) applies pressure to opponent. 128 John Cordamon (above) attempts take-down. Varsity wrestling team, (front row) John Cordamon, Ed Devine, Tim Nicolino, Rick Houge, Guy Cook, Jeff Draper, (bock row) assistont coach Don Williams, Randy Hillabolt, Jeff (Zonners, Joe McNew, Jeff Trujillo, coach Larry Hayes. Not pictured: Tim Sears, Mork Colligiuri. 129 Senior Tim Nicolino (above) strives for o takedown against his East opponent. 130 Promising JV team gains experience Junior varsity wrestling teom, (front row) Scott Morion, Andy Mills, Delbert Edwards, Keith Weaver, Jeff Gabler, (middle row) Ron Dales, Dove Lung, Dave Bishop, Mike Rea, (back row) Cooch Don Williams, Lorry Daniels, Richard Jennings, Kelly Croft. The 1973-74 junior varsity wrestlers ended their season with a 3-4 record. Under the coaching of Don Williams, the team offers promising new wrestlers for the upcoming years. The junior varsity team was lead by Andy Mills, Keith Weaver, Larry Daniels and Jeff Connors. Both Daniels and Con- nors wrestled in place of injured varsity grapplers. According to Williams, " A lot of the JV team should be on varsity next year. We have eight wrestlers on the team who will graduate to varsity. They should add a lot of depth. " " They are still looking for a heavyweight though, " stated Wil- liams, (lonnors ended up with sixth place in Lincoln ' s Invita- tional. Varsity member Mork Caliguri (top) contemplates his move before taking down his opponent. 131 Returning lettermen set pace for track Robin Weberg (left) grimaces os he strides for the finish line. Junior Borry Lowe (above) leads the pack. 132 Varsity track team (above) includes (row one) M. Machir, K. Schmaltz, J. Koscielak, J. Nevins, R. Weberg, D. Thompson, J. Cardomon, L. Brauer, J. Romano, P. Davey, (row two) J. Wilson, T. Hogen, B. Gillam, B. Speed, S. Foldes, D. Speicher, P. Stocker, J. Irving, B. Lowe, B. Buschbaum, (row three) R. Hart, J. Hoger, M. Eggers, J. Dilley, R. Loerke, W. Soderholm, B. Dearth, L. Toomey, D. O ' Donnell, (row four) Coaches Ace Henricks, Bob Vender Linden, Ron Petersen. 133 Track events reflect determined effort Senior Dorn DeRoad (left) guides for the pit in the long jump competition. High jumper junior Doug Speicher (above) makes another successful jump. Sophomore track team (above) includes (row one) P. Passutti, D. Hollenrake, J. Crouch, D. Smith, J. Bell, J. Enslow, S. Drew, R. Kaili, J. Lang, (row two) S. Soderholm, D. Wion, W. Templeton, M. Erickson, M. Morgan, L. Toomey, R. Gospri, D. Brown, manager K. Good (row three) S. Parks, B. Dearth, R. Hart, W. Soderholm. 135 Experience grows with season ' s liopes Girls ' track team (above) includes (row one) J. Edwards, K. Lukehart, C. Sagrillo, L. Schweiger, L. Maro, L. Harbert, S. Hoyman, S Hickle, R. Maple, C. Edwards, (row two) coach P. Martin, S. Moore, L. Kernes, R. Seibert, A. Mahnke, K. Watts, B. Halternnan, B. Schaf- fer, S. Chia, asst. coach J. Atkinson, (row three) D. Stocker, B. Cook, K. Krammer, J. Hartzer, C. Timmons, K. Heggen, K. Meyers, P. Kline, M. Reynolds, N. Curry. Lorree More (above) strides through the 1 1 0 nneter hurdles. 136 Placing first in the shot put at East, Brenda Holderman (above) throws 32 ' 1 1 Vi " . Determination shows as Sandy Hayman (left) places first in 220 yard dash against East. 137 Strong finish for young team Lincoln ' s boys ' varsity swimming team under the direction of coach Tom Cady had a season resulting in a record of 8-3. Qualifying for the state meet held in Ames were the medley re- lay team of seniors Steve Fortnam and Ray Newman, and juniors Cricket Edwards and Mark Nagel; 50-yard freestyle, Mark Nagel; 100 fly, Ray Newman; 100-yard breaststroke, Cricket Edwards, freshman AAike Bird; 100-yard backstroke, Steve Fortnam; and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of juniors Gary Teter, Eric Mahnke, Mark Nagel, and senior Ray New- man. The medley relay finished seventh in state. Mark Nagel fin- ished eighth in the 50 freestyle, and Cricket Edwards finished fifth in the 100-yard breaststroke. According to Coach Cady, he is looking forward to next year ' s competition due to the return of strong swimmers, including the freshmen who added depth to this year ' s team. Graduating seniors include Dave Briseno, Leonard Bussanmus, Steve Fortnam, John Locke, Ray Newman, Thorn Powell, and Mike Rust. Senior Roy Newman (above) helps pace the medley relay to a seventh place finish in State. r I Boys " Varsity swim team: (row one) Dove Briseno, Ray Newman, John Locke, Steve Fortnom, Leonard Bussonmos, Thom Powell, Mike Rust, Peter Post, Jim Edwards, (row two) Eric Mahnke, Dove Mills, Rich Butz, Steve Jones, Bill ThofTKJSOn, Mork Nogel, Ron Lee, Gory Teter, Nate Runkel, (row three) Tom Edwards, Kevin Randleman, Mike Bird, Steve Teter, Dove Stringer, AAark Walsh, Don Powell, Brad Burson, Kurt Potthoff, Karl Hortkmeyer, Pot Bussonmos. 138 139 Poloists go on road to compete The girls ' and boys ' water polo teams finished second and seventh seasons respectively under the leadership of Tom Cady. Poloists Cricket Edwards, Ron Lee, Eric Mahnke, Tom Mulligan, Mike Rust, and Gary Teter joined members of Hoover ' s and Roose- velt ' s teams as the boys traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska and Dallas and Lenmark, Texas to compete against metro foes Valley, Roosevelt, Hoover, and East. The girls faced Valley and Dav- enport West. Gary Teter (top right) approaches team member in hopes of regaining the boll. 4r 1 mm Merrie Smith (above) strives to outstroke competitor. Leonard Bussanmas (middle right) gains control of the ball. Water polo demands constant attention, something one poloist (bottom right) apparently forgot! 141 Girls ' golf swings a balanced season Junior Dorcy Fredricks (upper left) steadies for o putt. Senior Merrie Smith (upper right) smiles as putt is good. Coach Don Ceynor (above) shows golfer how to correctly place club. Junior Debbie Palis (right) has control over her swing. Ill 142 144 145 Tennis season opens with March winds 146 Boys ' varsity tennis team (row one) Mike Morturello, Tracy Simmons, Rod Bullard, Pete Brown Bruce Staples, Jeff McClintock, Phil Brown, Mike Lantz, (row two) Kirk Grier, Karl Studins, Jeff Pomerantz, Mike Nixon, Jeff Schmoltz, Jon Zorley, Carl Hotchkiss, Randy Hillobolt, Coach John Van Why. 147 Girls tennis season begins with victory 148 Girls varsity tennis teann (front row) includes Lindc Murphy, Beth Fritz, Mary Ree Jan Johnson, Joan Lee, Sue Harris, Julie Johnson, Kathy Murphy, Leslie Benda, (seco row) assistant coach Carol Stewart, Sue Cook, Christy Moon, Sheryl Morelock, Ingi Stundins, Lori Weidemeir, Sheila Cherry, Debbie Porter, Sheri Volz, Sue Lang, Beth Kal Andrea Leto, Carlo Burt, Cooch John Van Why, 149 Sophomores show mixed emotions about their orientation to Lincoln. Don Adorn son Chuck Agon Jo Akke ' fnan Corl Albfecht Rondv AlexQodcf Moureen Amodeo Renno Ammon B ' llxr And ' «)n Don Andffrjon Tern Andefson Kay Andrews Richord Andrui LouMC Arendl Roy Arm«l Rondy Arn«tt Kathryn AthbouQh St«ve Aihbauoh April Avhby t.if do Bomtc William Batter Jerilyn BoMord Tommolyn Balkird Morlene Borton Crystol Bo« n Bnon Boumhover Jodi Beamon Judith Belk«n Noncey Bennett Don Bemhotf Vincent Berofdi Oione Bernol Scott BittKk Jock BkKkford Cvnttuo Blount Laura Bk«xk. Rhondo Borctieit Dttibf Boudewyn Ed Bot don R«n« BonfOur Chrn Beipen Sophomores spark school spirit 152 LorettQ Boy loo Wode Branltrly Pom Broucr TfocBv Broviet Rondv BredeKof Arme Bfenizer Kevin Bfickman Mork Bnghrman Ciridy Bfofceni Bob Brooks Laura Brooks Carlo Brown Doug Bfo n Gfeg Brown Marcy Brown Let BrurMr Adnane Bnffs Rod Bui lard Doyl« Bunting R ' Chord Burchofd Cheryl Burns Pot BurriolQ TherciQ Burriola Mory Buuomet LirKticy Butcher Beth Cobomt Carol Coligun MOfk Coligun Ken Calk.ns John Callahan Hick. Collctxin Valerie Compbell Chrii Cordomon Rob Corey C o)g Corpentei Shelley Corpenter Ov Ann Corroll Kelly Corter Miche ' l Cotber Bobby Conody Sheryi Caudill Grag ChombwMn Rondo Chamber John Chefry Sondro Chto Dee Chrufy Terry Chumbly Don Cirk» no Soroh Clark Vick Clork Pom Cloy Linda Close Scott Coen Becky Cook Rhonda Cook Shoton Cook Sheryl Cook Susan Coon Tom Cooper Bob Conrwtl Je " Conr er Julie Corww Ed Co ey Penny Co r»er Roy Cowef Rusty Cosper Borb Countrymen Potrick Croig Sortdy Crorv? Debbie Crofper Jackie Cnie Kelly Crolt Morgie Cromer Lori Crontn Pom Crook Potty Crook Pom C ' o s John Crouch Kim Cropp Jim Crumb Jell Cruson Ko lo Cummiftt Noncy Curry Ron Dol«i Bob Do I ton Craig DonieK Lorry Oonie Sheryl Dorroh Cothy Dovtdson Jeon Dovidson Brenda Dovis Merlm Oovis Bob Dearth Ltr da Defenbough Chris Dengmon Lee Ann Oereus Connie De Young J one Dtckey Kevin Otngmon Dennis Dobb ns Linda Dodd Kevin Dolon Keth Doke Cheryl Oonteri Tim Dortetl Debbie Downard Lorrettt Downard Steve Dreir N Of man Dudley Trocy Du«de Mike Outt Mike Duncon Diono Ounhom Rcuvty Dunn I m Anita Dyer Cindy Edwards Ed Egenberger Jill Eikcnbcrry Ttocy Elder 153 Jon En%low Mike Enckson Bonnie EnckiOn Dcbbip Evons Pom Ewing Kim Ezcl Trno Foith Cheryl Fat o Peggv Forns Scoir Forrii C ami He Foith Chorles Fazio Kothv Felice Thereio Filippelli Bill Findtev Perrv fiicher Jodv F ' tch Colleen Fitzgerald Renec Fitzgerald Terry Flott Roger Fleener Rondy Flefmng Michocl Foguc Jomcs Fouti Becky Freemon Suson Fresco Beth Fritz Tony Fur aro Patrick Fuuro Jeffrey Gobler Gc»yle Gale Rodney Garber Rita Garcio Jolme Gordrter Gayle Gwnett Richord Gaspen Debbiw Genovese Debbie George Debbte Ghee Mehiio Gibbel Koren Gibton Oovid Gilge Ken Giloe Dave Gilliam Roxortrve Gillum Kent Gable David Goerndt Kevin Goode Karen Gorsuch Larita Grocey Diane Grohom Robertto Groham Livo Graitidge Kimberly Gray David Green Dennis Grten Terry Green Bill Griftin Shetia GrtUm Dovic) Gitflin Jom« Griffith Det b(e Griff lht Cirvdy Grovei iake Guile A Ion Guzman Jim Holvef»on Carlo Mond Carol Hansel Liz Harbeft Jim Hartrohon Melvin HOfger AAonica Ho ' per Tefi Horper Roger Hort Belindo Hort ley Judy Hortzer John Horvey Veronko Hatfield Lorry HowKby Tereio Heathcote Karen Heggtn Kevin Heglm Randy Me I ken Dove HeWt J5 " S " K Hugh Kent tries to explain biology to his sophomore class. 154 El r Sophomore Joyce Janis relaxes during the noon hour. Sandra Heller Sue Heller Heidt Henderson Mirch Henry Shofi Hetsong Dconno Hioft Susan Hickle ROTHtV Hill J.m Mine Julie Hitchcock Elisabeth Hoch Rick Holder Dovid Hollmrake Sheryl Holtoway Susan Horrnel Corl Motchkii Peggy Houghtalm Morty Houseman Mike Houscmon Teresa Howe Joon Howleft Tomfry Huggint Kolhryn Huitt Cmdy Hupton Chorles Huriey Bill Huss Linda Hutt Greg Jocksort ' M ke Jocob» Ron Jonk Joyce Jonis Sherry Jeffries Richard Jennings Paul Jilg Cindy Johnson John Johnson Potty Johnson Richard Johnson Scolt Johnson Shoron Johnson Don Jor»es Kim Jones Ltndo Jones Steven Jones Terry JorMs Kim Johonson Tim Jordon Jen Jorgenson Kevin Judson Rick Koili Curt Kemp Ooug Kennedy Mo y Kennesy Corole Kent Lourie Kernes Chfit Kern Jodi Kern Jim King Rose King Tim Kir»r»ey D«M ) Kirschboum Sonio Kitsel Angelo Klier Pam Kline Melody Knauer LmsQ KnighT Jockie Knott Kelsey Koons Bill Krohl Kelly Kramer Kir« Krorrter Karol Kroiz Stev« | .WT)12 ChorlM Ibcono LOuorvi Locono Volertc Locono Roberto Loerke Vicly Loir Jeff Lang Mike Lontz Jim Lonmrvo Le Roy Lorsen Glodys LOfSOn Joonne Leoch Lynn Leach 155 Jomet Le«oe Tern Leon«tti Andrea L«to Perry Lcto Sheilo Lipovoc Kevin Livengood Dennu Livingston Karen Locke Mario Lucio Kenrwth Lukenbtll Linda Mocota Horley Maze Torti Maldonodo R)Ck Moly Melvin Manning Rivo Mopel Robert Mark Richord Marthell Sutan Morshelt Albert Martin Terry Motlage Dean Motten Tim Mown Vtcki Matlnon Kelly McAnirKh Horry McClelland Jeff McClintock Jonette McClung Brian McClurg Joyce McCoy Belly McDonold Craig McDonold Tom McDonald Gory McDonough Robin McDougoll Tammi McKibben Ron McNeeley Sherry McNeeley Oofy McNew Lorry McPherjon Suson McVey Mike McWilliams Trocie MeM Lynelte Mefters Corel Metone Bob Mendenholl Pom Mercer Leonord Meredith Norroe Merkel Dawn Messmger Mike Meftille Dovid Meyer Jennie Meyer Don Miller Pom Miller Scott Miller Kim MillHollin Andy Mill« David Milli Kim Minord Jeff Mitchell Steve Mitchell Sherri Mohler Mike Montis Corolyn Moort Diorw AAoore Sheryl Moore Mono Morouski Scon Morkv) Lofrec Moro Jeorwe Morris Kriiti Morris RuU Morris Werx Morton Mary MLTryon Susette Murphy Beth Myers Kottvy Myers George NoQto FelKio Negrete OwjQ fWsen iomes AeHon Ci Newim Joelij NrTTter Jen Notfi Lehm Nervt Ocv 0 » B S Danny Adomson appears disinterested in the art of typing. 156 Draw my lines my angles. Place me upon a sheet of paper and outline my world. I am not allowed to escape from the square that surrounds me, for if I do, I shall be overcome by the Deepness, and Lonliness, of the Blue, and I ivill he lost in the denseness of my mind. Knoivledge is the architect that will accept my changing lines and move only to mold them for bluepj ' ints may change And together ive shall become The Architects of the Universe Karen Showers 1 IS Sheryl Olton Barry O ' NmI Bill Oxford Brion Palmer John Pane S ott Porks Roger Porlec LiiO Pocrott Bill POSCUZ2i Pool Po ul1 Rusicll Pebbles Brervlo Pedervsn Lori Perkins Kim Peterson Rick Peterson DouD Phillips Sue Phillips A I Ion Ptefce Delorii Piper Rick Pogue Koren Po n )e)(ter Ron Porter Don Powell Judi Ptohmko Debbie Proudftl Teresto Punelli Mark Quinn Debbie Rafdol Michoel Reo Mary Reod Ken Reed Oonovon Recfz Berry Reeves Diono Reeves Debbie Reynolds Morstwile Reynokh Richord Rice Sue R (Chords Jockie Richordwn Sue Rider our MOTKI Rios Pom Riz2uti Don Roberts Jim Roberts Cheryl Rodriguez Donna Rogers Tim Ronev Dovid Roias Kevin Rosendohl Corol Roth Sheryl Rounds Debbie Routh Note Runkel K.m Russell Jon.r e Russn John Ruthmeir Shofon Ryneorson Lorroine Sac kef t Goil Soge Cothleen Sogrilto Kathy Samuelson Donrtel) Sonford More Sopp Mike Sorncck Tim Sater Boro Soville Bill Scorpino Nick Scovo Mike SchoHer Stephonie Schis«el Linda Schivc.ger Julie Schmaltz J on I Schneider Mike Sedors Richord Setbert Doug Seulerer Gloria Sever mo Peggy Shaw Rondv Sheets Morgorel Sheftrter Mark Sheflr er Poificio Shelton Edword Shiptey Eliz Sh.riey Vicki Short Ko e( Stwwets Peter Shrir er Ruth Shuster Debbie Stanley Greg Stonley 157 m Stonlev Rodney Stanton Bruce Stoplet Linda Step Helene Stem Tono Stevensort Elotne Stckeli Stocev Siepmonn Mike S ' gnnund Kathy Sincloir Rita Singleton Ronald Smopole Mo reonne Strioni Janice Slaton Jocn Sloton Oote Smith Debra Smith Gene Smith Jim Smith Joy Smith Laura Smith Nancy Smith Roy Smith Jeff Snyder Steven Soderholm Woyne Sodefholm Thereto Soroko Guy Souther Donna SpCKher Mortho Spcrry Jon Stopet Julie Sterrett Roy Stilet Dione Stocker Rondv Stoitt Kenneth Stover Deborah Stookey Jeonne Strotton Dwwite Street Dove Stringer Vickie Strir oham Jill Stroud Vivion Stubbt Janice Stump Dorlene Sullivan Connie Summy Kelly Sutherlorvj Jeor etto Sztukow«kt Buddy Templeton Allan Test K. C Textor Jim Thcxker Tim Thocker Chr.» Ttieii Carne Thoermer Dove Thornborg Shirley Thomas Peggy ThomcMon Poui Thurmond Cirxty Timmom Borb Toncor Lorry Toomev Don Treortor Kev.n Turk Mortm Turr ef Jeon Turn Mo Uhlmon Janice Vondervelde Willis Von Zee Don Voughn Ben Veoch Betty Veovy Ctntfy Virden Ken Virdwi WdMy Wochtet- CMdv Wogner iock wogner V «oana Joe WokJron 158 Sharon Worson Kim Woftt Jo Ellen Weblev Coth«r.n« Wheeler Kent Whitemore Mtke Whitmore Oebro Williomt Jenifer Wietsie Shelley Wood! Vicli. Woodi Rickie Woodvard Ronnie Woolion Oebbi Wren Gene Wright Vickie Wright Thomot Votes PhiliD Vetter Arlene Young Oarlene Young Potricio Young Ricky Young Jon Zorley Scott Ziebell Living In Friendship He reached out for the darkness, but got drops of sunlight. He reached out for lonliness, hut he got campanions to break the boredom. He called out for quiet and peace, but got war and fighting. Why does he have to stiff er? Why does he call for a buffer. He lives among friends. They hate him, love him, despise him, treat him well, give him attention. However, he wants peace of mind. Not always obligated to another, as before. He wants lonlines, not always companionship. He reaches out and wants darkness. To think That to be obstructed of his mangled, mindless thoughts I need this too. I am he. Scott Parks 159 Coach Vanderlinden shares a homecoming treat with Senior Doug Boothe, and Juniors Bill Truitt, Doug Speicher, Jeff Trujillo, Craig Hall, and Steve Foldes. Juniors prepare for top spot Ruts Abbot Jamei Adomi Tom I Adomi Alan Adet Gory Aijont Denite Aldndge Rick AldridQe John Alien Kathy Allen Ann«ft Athion Dovid Alliton Woyne Amundton Kim Anderton Shecyl Anderson Pat Anlenucci Rot Armentrout Borrv Amok) Dennis Aihlcy Gory Asklond Gl«n Atklond Lorna Au«ton Oonno Sober Bob Baker Oebi Baker Julw Bolducki Dove Bol«s Trocie Bo les Shellte Bollard Mike BonoTti Marsha Borficid Mike Borr Rod Borton Wendy Batten Lorry Botes CirwJy BoumKover Boscoe Boushboum Jean Beckett Corol Beldmg Greg Ben to Comille Benton Sorah Bentzirvger Dowo Berord Jerry Berhens Glorio Bernol Colhy Bcverooc Jeff Bexoll Lindo Bilbrey She la Billups Jeane Bird Two 6trd Dove Bishop Um E Bishop Jim Bishop John B ' oler BrerKlO Block ford Jodv Blokcly Arm Blonchord Cinthio Bloomer Scott BKnck Bvb Bolt 1 y S 1 160 gal Chorty Bowers Trrri Boflbv Morv Bfondt Jeff BrnM Mark Brth«nv Robin Bnghtwvll Som Bnieno Gofv Brockmon ioiic Brook) Gory Brooncr Dale Brown Jttf Browrt Jody Brown Kevin Brown Phil Brown Jill Burdick. Paulo Bu r «tt Chrti Burnt Evonrte Burnt T«rry Burm Mark Butrons Richord Bull Mark Coligtun CtCil Calvert Oione Confield Oiono Caponigro Horold Corrwy Ciryjy Corpcr Noel Cosebolt Cothy Coudrll Tom Couddl Oor Ceretti Randy Ceretli Debbie Chapmon Sieve ChopfT»on Con Ch.lei Diane Cirktena Dennii Chrmnoer B«cky CkMr Cindy Cloire Brton Clork Ctndy Clov Becky Cobb Bob Colby Ju( e Cotemon Pot Comegyt Tom Conlrv Chuck Corvter David Coofc Kothy Cook Susan Cook Cindy Cosner Gregg Cosner Pomelo Country mon John Courlrwy Richord Crorw James Crowford Alan Crcv ling John Crise Dennu Cromer Chris Crontn Melissa Cummings Kenneth Cummins Corl Cunningham Cathy Curtningham Kenr eth Cunmnghom Kris Culf Cheryl Curry Lynn Cutler Sharon Doggett Potncio Dole Jonis Domslrom John Oonilson Deboroh Dorgitz Terry Davenport Greg Davidson Kothy Dov» Lir dO Dovis Lois Oovis Robert Dovis Chris OeCorlo Dovid DcCon Joyme Deeds Rick Denms Jim Oillcv Tim Dormelly John Ootson Kevin Douglas Patricio Douglas Jeff Draper Dione Drew Penec Dubois Patrick Duff Kris Earn Delbert Edwards Janet Edwards Jim Edwords Mark Eggers Ron Egirwire Todd Eikenberry Dove Ellis Jim Eltis Rhonda Ellis Randy Emerson Down Evorts Tern Evons LirKlo Ewurt Rick Forrell Diono FouK Greg Foy Tim Foxio Vikki Fazto Milo Ferrori Connte FiekJs Fronk Fillipelli Debbie Fisher Rick Flatt Donald FlKkinger 161 Ton Floyd Pet Ffongos Darcy Frederick Steven Foldes Bcckv Ford Ktmberlv Fofcmon Oior»e Forkner Dougloi Fouli Robert Fouti Perry Gorrvjr Debbie Gering RfCk Gilei Pobert Gill ' Om Chorles G ' llum Jor»een Glynn Dave Good Borrv Grortidge Kirk Grier Corol Grifftn Cv ' t iio GnMin lorrv Gr.Hin Richord GriMin Ten Grimes J eHrey Groene Ken Grove Jeffrey Gruelzmocher Melvin Gruwell Mory Guiizetti Sor dra Gutlord Thomoi Gobbert Foundo HooQ C(r dy Hocker Jim HoQer Ty Hoger Crotg Holl Dove Halt Mork Hall Mory Hall Kim Hallbouer Julie Halter Mory Homilton Bob Hommer Joyce HoiwKi Hugh Honien Cheryl Hardmon Andy Hart Kathy Mori Wittiam Harter Mory Hertmon Lynn Horvey Ooug Hatcher Mario Holcti«r Diorw Half te Id Cirtdy H Mrn Pol Heriko Joe Henry Tefry Henneiy Noncv Helm Kim Heineman Mike Heinicke Richard Heggen Cindy Helfen»tin Lirido Hellor d Coufo Hellortd Larry Hett«ltin« Zo Heiseltirte Lori Hetherir giori Doug Hirws Dove Hitchcock PatriciQ Hoch Cothy Hoffman Jim Hoffmon Rick Hoffmon Oorviy Holder Zcrelda Holder Rick Hollingnworlh Gerw Holrrwi Chuck Hoop Mar lone Hoopes Denite Horner Corlo Hotchk.si Rtck Houge Morlo Howell Mike Huddleton Lirtdo Huggtrvs 1 C H 0 ming event. Junior Condi Souther anxiously owoits results of a swim- 162 Jeff Trujillo ' s expression matches the rainy weather at the home- coming gome. Poftv Hunt Debbie Hupton Koihy Huiton Ruth Hult Sherfy Huxford Edd e Hvde Jeff Irving Sue issocson Lio iantz Tom Jeffenes Suonn Jilg Debb ' C Johnton Jon Johnson Ju ' te Johnson Mory Johnson Roger Johnson JeH Johnston Kim Jollifte Don Jones Marcie Jones Phil JOOM Chfis ovce Jon Jungnxm Oeth KoTb Ken Kouzlonch Scott Keorney Ron Keener Mike Kellner Robert Kennedy Onoh Kervoyer Bob Kcrr es Bob Kieler Mike King Kim Kingkode Cortnie Ktetn Doug Klem Joe Kline BrMe Koeppt Pom Koons Archit Kraui« Erich Loge Rick Loir Tim Loird Jim Lonklord Mofy Lanning Rick Lorpenter Lee Lorsen Cothy Lorsen Noncy LeDent Ron D. Lee Ron E. Lee Debbte Lcgon John LrKeny Kevin Lchmkuhl Ron Lemons Tom Leonelli Dorlenc Lester C r dy Ligourt Kevin Lindscy IxMtv Lislon Dove Little Denn.s Lively Greg Long Cmdv Lopemon ilo Loughry Sue Lovell Borry Lowe Neil Luc OS Kothv Lukehorf Dovid Lund J eon Lunn Beckv Lynch Amy Mohnke Erie Mohnke AltK Moru Penny Morks Lucmdo Morttn Mike Morlurello 163 Donno Motntv Pom McAninch Mary McClcllon David McConkev Crotg McCool Bfod McCov K.m McCov Minom McEldtrry K.m McEw«n Kvtn McGillifory Cindv McNellv Junito Medino Vol«ne MMk Pot M«ndtth LiM Metelman Lorry Meycr Fronkie Micil« Bruce Mickclion CurTts Middkton Julie Millard Carol Miller Mike Miller Poul Miller Sue Milligan Mork Mills Kevin MirKki Mike E Mitchell Mike R Mitchell John Mitchener Keith Monroe Susan Monroe Chnstv Moon Jockie Moore Sherry Moore A I Morono Jamet Morano Shorel More lock Vicki Morion Mike Morning Kirk Morrit Torn Moffi Connie Morriton Tony Mortozo Tom Mulligan Ron Mure hi wm Karen Mulchler LOfi Myers McKk Nogel Doug Nation Kyle Newell Morilyn Newton Mory Anne Nicolino Jim Ogle Dennit O ' Donrwl Dennis Oliver Diane Oliver Gerald Oliver Kalhy Olton Julie Olwn Br ion O ' Neel Tim Osterholt Loroine Otio Ronni Poeh Dino Pogono Don Poke Debbtc Polti Morityn Pordekooper Tim Porks Rick Portons Morilyn POSCO Johrt Patch Debb Potr k DovKj Patkm Strve Peorie Lorry Penlortd Gary Perwtirtgton Beckie Pefkwn Randy PerkWtt Ocbb e Peterson Mcyy Peterson UocT Peterson Sue PetoM Joe Kline provides holftime entertoinment ot the Powder Puff football game. Can I Mite 9 164 All Today came shall I keep it or throw it atvay ? All that I have left is you, my friend. But isn ' t that rvhat rve all live for? To live, to love, to make friends. I guess I will keep today, for I have everything, you . . . my friend. Mary Jane Strouf SS ■ IBB Bobbi Potvcki B«tty Pow«H Don Powdl Kevin Power More Power 1 Buft Powlcv Karen Prentlvroatt Cirwlv Price Holli« Prtce Don Prothro Tony Pult Julte Purvionc Offbbie Rogon Don Rond John Rorxj Dove Rondoll Randy Roper Poulo Ratmuiien Mory Reed Ron Reed Cortene Re«Mr Diane Reeier Sue Reitmon Cothy Rcndo Pom Rhoodes Becky Richards Keith Richardsort Scott Riehm Rick R «t Mike Rittv Heidi Rfftgl Dave Rtogle Debbie Riggs Leiso Rivera Enc Ro6b Roy Roberts Margie Robertson Cindy Robmton Vicky Ro« Curt Rogers Kim Roo ri Ron Rogtft Nick Romono Rerwe Ross Marta Runkel Croig Ryon Kothe Sobol Kriity Soltzmon Kim Somuetton Jonine SorKtwrQ Terry Soville Melisso Scogriorw John Scortozzi Chorles Scovo Don Scovo Tim Scholler Jctt SchmoJtz Julie Schmaltz Sobrirvo Schullz Utohno Sciochitono Cleo Scott Lowell Scott Cheryl Seose Robyne Scibert Victor Senter C indie Sever mo Pott I Sherman Charlie Shin«flew Cindy Showers Brcndo Shumwoy Gr«g Sieck J.m Silcott Tfocie Simmons Rick Sirvgt ' on Peory SirKXwIi Ted Stagle Evston lloto Mike Sly Bred Smith Jerry Smith Kothy Smith Lor I Smith Mike Smith Normon Smith Rusty Smith Sue Smith Tim Smith Dian« Snider Julie Snyder Jill Sorenson Steve Souder Corvli Souther Scott Sowtes Tt ereso Spognola Lynne Sporks 165 Lori Spour Bob SpMd Doug p«ich«f Lu Ann Sloeck«r Doug Stolter Jonice Stonley Tim Stapes Sieve Stopleton Jiff Stofk Dennis Steele Greg Steinboch Don Stem Do othv Stevens Poul Stocker Dennu Stotts Tern Stout June Sireeter M ke Strode Morv Jone Strouf Michelle Sullivon Shell II Swon Noncv Swinehort Rick Templilort Sherfy Terrell Gory Tetir Jomci Thorp Rick Thormn Williom Thomoton Pomelo Thofnpson Potty Thompton Becky Thornton John Thorup Chin Tidboll Dovid Tillinghost Debbte Tomtmton Tyler Town»e d Jonice Tronuie Roy Tnplitt Bill Truitt Jeff TrufiMo Pouto Turner Doniel Ur derwood Kim Uiterbock Julie VonAlttine Lon Vance Jiff Von Cleve Mora VonDeBoe Lindo Vonderpool Tommy Van Zuuck Roy Votey Cindy Veoch Soeilo Venosky Sherry Virden Louiw Vuinovich Jon Walker Lwi Woltoce Donna Word Sarah Word Jontt Wore Oebbv Worne Sheryl Wesson Kctth Weaver Tony Webt) Robert Wedded Lorn Wedemier Donno Welh Sondv Wenger Dean Wiit Ron Weston Rtchord Wheeler Don Wilkinson Terry Willioms Trocy Williams Kelty Willis Becky Wilson Dtan» Wilson Joe W.hon Mitzi Wimbor Alan Whitoher L ' to Whitmorsh Lirxjo Whillen Vkki Wren Gwen Wright Louro Wrtght ■ PS BUS B B 9 B e Junior Tim Scholler develops film in a developing bog for the Railsplitter publications. Tim will find this job somewhat more comfortable next year when the department is equipped with a darkroom. BHh D ■sans 166 B B D«bfO Voung Jody ZovotIO Debbie Zimmerman Monte Boinler Koren Bower Debbie Dent Dwighl Douglos Stan Evont Steve Feothers Jock Freel Tim Gillmon Lorry Goodc Sorylee Gregg Joyce Hanr c Bilt Let neii Judy Loiee Oovid LuTKl Bob Mueller Milce Nixon Lynn Noemon Bev Norton Bob VanDykC Dream It was a snowy winter day in the middle of August. The picture fairy tale moon shown through the rose blossoms on the ginger tree. A warbling bird in the tree gathered all his lost songs from the ivind. Teddy bear whistled a tune, while the little girl skipped rope backwards down the lane. Small green dragons slid smoothly up the rainbow. Clouds rested their feet, on the shingled housetops. The cotton ball tree was doing extremely well for this time of day. Kris Gulp Kothy Smith (above) peers suspiciously from folded arms at a football game. Juniors (below) use the library to study and relax. 167 168 Class of 74 closes books September united over 530 stu- dents at Lincoln City. Together they formed the Senior Class. Headed by class president Tim Ellis, and adviser Robert Wilson, the class built a successful senior float and sponsored other home- coming activities. After fall activ- ities were behind them, the seniors set about planning a banquet, prom. Class Day, and commence- ment. Senior class president Tim Ellis discusses the senior calendar with officers John Koscielak, vice-president, Ellie Glazier, secre- tary, ond Karen Briley, treasurer. Robert Wilson, (top) senior adviser, reviews the prospective list. 170 171 Linda Abbott Becky Abild Phyllis Acri Dennis Aldridge Jim Alexander Candy Allen Kelly Allen Mark Allen Paula Allen Richard Allen Debbie Amend Karen Anderson Kim Anderson Lynn Andrews Bob Antol Linda Armbrest Steve Augspurger Tim Avila Cathy Bobbitt Bob Bockstrom John Baker Raymond Baker Betty Ballard Ann Bancroft Mary Boratta Cindy Bates Nancy Beck Gloria Beemon Kim Belieu Debbie Bell X % 172 John Bell Kris Beltrame Nancy Benda Cindy Benton Linda Berry Linda Bilbrey Mike Bingamon Danny Biondi Nancy Blount Regino Bonanno Doug Boothe Joe Bowers Elaine Boysell Kathy Bradley Mil Le Brandenburg ' 9 ' 1 1 A. ' mi A " $10 $ Candy Brantley Lance Brouer Carol Breese Jeff Breheny Karen Briley David Briseno Craig Brookhart Welker Brooks Karen Brown Rhonda Brown Mike Brugioni Christina Bruner John Buckner Vicki Bunting Judy Burdick 173 Diana Burgon Mike Burns Tomara J. Burt Leonard Bussonmas LoDonna Butler Morcio Canfield Duone Cantrell John Cardamon Paul Cardamon Teresa Cardamone Mary Carey Pam Carmlchael Camille Carmosino Dole Carter Dorothy Cotaido Roger Chambers Melinda Chia Pam Chiles Kathy Chlodo Steve Chopard Rachel Clevenger Sherry Close Pete Cloyed Craig Coon Kathie Coffey Melodie Cole Julie Coleman Daniel Collins Potricia Comegys Deborah Conkling mm i! 174 175 4( Ken Dickerson Nancy Dooley Christie Douglas Jim Douglas Laura Drew Sheryl Duffy Connie Edwords Jim Eginoire Bob Elgin Timothy Ellis Louise Ellsworth Ted Erickson Kent Evans Andrea Fairley Vicki Forgo Greg Fenton Carlo Flatt Susan Fletcher Roxon Folond Steven Fortnam Rick Francisco Joy Fulitono Tammy Gole Lindo Gordner Sharon Gardner Wolter Garretson Mark Gouldin Darell Gilliham Dan Glode Jonis Gloss r Hi 1 V if 176 imLk.. Kim Hickman Sharlynn Hild Jeff Hill Randy Hillobolt Mike Hitchcock David Hobt Tom Hohenshell Mary Hollingsworth Debra Hollinroke Debbie Horton Loura Horton Nick Houseman Robert Huffmon Linda Humphrey Leon Huss Kathy Hutt Louanne Irving Scott Isaacson Jim Israel Jeri Johanson Anngie Johnson Jody Johnson Linda Johnson Joni Johnston Bill Jones Cathy Jones Debbie Jones Kelly Jones Linda Jones Wendy Jurgens 178 1 I- 1 i » mM Ann Marie Monz Linda Martens Sue Martin Peggy Marturello Gory Mason Terry Mason John Maxwell Pat McAninch Janine McCow Janet McCleary Bruce McClelland LuAnne McClung Danny McCiure John McClure Mark McCoy Don McDonough Donna McDonough Marilyn McDonough Sue McGrift Joe McNew Keith McWherter Debbie McWilliams Fronk Meek Debra Meier Pom Mekus Lori Mercer Noncy Mericol Kothy Merklin Gory Merrifield Koy Merrifield 180 Cathy Meyer M k «| 1 HF i l T l Michael Meyer ■ I A H Ml X H T L I J H Meyer J T l Mw " H " ' ' . H Meyers H Rj l " H Bruce H H T I 1 BtS ' Jii ' A ' H Lynn Miller H Tl IP V H| Aj ' V l 1 MITiJiijiiH I m Terry Moden Evelyn Moore Wayne Moore Patricia Morgan Pam Morion Tony Moro Molaon Mosell Chet Muehlenthaler Down Mueller Sherry Mulcohy Debbie Munyon Linda Murphy Tom Murphy John Nevins Roy Newman 181 182 183 ' Good-bye yellow brick road The time has come my friend. Now those people who have protected and provided for you for so long are; Pushing you out of the nest. Sending you off to fight your own war. Throwing you out into the world. But, Are you ready to fly? Are you ready to fight your battle? Are you ready to meet the world by yourself? It seems so hard, So cruel. To take away all of your securities at once. But I suppose it would take many years for you to gather the courage yourself to try it all on your own. It is sad, but things will never be the same again. And I will miss you, And pray for you. And want you home again. But you can never come home again and belong there. You will only be a visitor. And I am more frightened for myself For my turn is next. Janis Transue 185 186 Carol Siron John Slock Allison Lone Smith Doyle Smith Gerald Smith Jody Smith Merrie Smith Mike Smith John Snyder Randy Sonnenberg Rick Soroka Steve South Debro Squire Donn Stanley Terrie Stanton Rondo Stotton Pam Steinboch Bill Stevens Joyce Stillion Susan Stockwell Joseph Sullivan Greg Summy Connie Sztukowski Frances Tontillo Terry Denise Test Diane Stodden Lowell Stonehocker Theresa Strahl Charlene Stubbs Sue Sufko 187 189 Seniors not pictured: William Ashley Dean Kirschbaum Kimberly Bointer inoron MeDe Richard Best Gary Knox Barry Boylon Lee Koskovick Kirk Bragg Kevin Long David Burchard Mark Ludlow Juanito Burriola Thomas Lundeen John Calvert vee Jo Anae Lynch Debra Countryman Charles McChesney James Crawford Miriam McElderry Paul Cronin Gregory McPherson Jeffrey Dorroh Vincent Meek Bruce Davidson Jomes Moore Janice DeBrouse Stephen Muir Kevin Downing Marsha Myers John DuBois Jerry Pauley Vera Duffy Shane Percival Deborah Dunham r eier rosr Denise Dunham Rebecca McWillioms Potter Rhonda Ellis John Prohasko Donna Emerson Edeltraud RingI Donald Erickson Joyce Rist Carol Estes Eric Robb Kyle Furguson Jeanne Cox Runyon David Flanagan Michael Rust Thomas Floyd Michael Scalise Mary Franzen Alan Staples John Gardner Marilyn Stein Robert Giles Susan Strotham Mark Goble Vickie Taggart Douglas Goodwin James Taylor Ronda Graves Robert Tomsche Kim Christensen Mainline Kenneth Walker Kevin Haskett William Walker Cynthia Hawn Carol Walter Colette Hopkins Lucy Weikum Colleen Hopkins Cheral Wheeler Rebecca Hupton Martin Williamson Gail Jimenez Donald Wilkinson Glenda Kellogg Debra Wyant Tracy Kemp Trocie Youmons Timothy Kingkade 190 191 — » « Danny Glade, John Cardamon, Lorry Tunglund, Jeff Crane, and Jim O ' Donnell (tap) are enjoying a basket- ball game. Pom Mekus (bottom left) expresses a great deal of amusement at Steve Robertson ' s antics at a Lincoln mixer. Carol Conrey, Steve South, and Donn Stanley (bottom right) ore keeping a watchful eye on the 1 974 senior sign. , 192 193 tfet cut cut tc ethefheJJ ue ctm4 cut cuH ' m4l(il4ual plan ... a bluept ' mt ct tcmcttcu . -y tcli itect deS tin y Vm an architect of destiny I ' m building my life from the inside of a cloud watching and waiting for the sun to set, piecing together the minutes and hours I ' ve gathered through the seasons, kept within my soul. The foundation is not yet sturdy it still shakes with my joys, trembles with my tears I trust in it, it holds the promise of a future anxious to be fulfilled. The Blueprints I have drawn are vague and hard to understand sketched in a manner that lends itself to only me, it tells the story of where I ' ve been and where I ' ve yet to go. Maureen O ' Connor 195 Published by: Co-editors-in-chief: Janis Gloss, Evelyn Moore Lay-out editor: Tommie Burt Art editor: Tom Murphy Architects: Kim Zorley Carpenters: Debbie Amend Laborers: Dave Thompson, Joan Lee Apprentices: Chris Bruner Craftsmen: Chorlene Stubbs Index editor: Andrea Scarcello Advertising mgr.: Rose Radnich Circulation mgr.: Debbie Squire Photo-editor: Tim Schaller Photographers: Larry Bates, Perry Garner, Les Hozelton, Tim Schaller, Karl Stundins, Stover Photography, Des Moines Reg- ister and Tribune Adviser: Debro West Printed by: Garner Publishing Co. 1636 Locust Des Moines, Iowa Acknowledgment to: Henry Sanders, Adviser, Steptember-November, 1973 196 STUDENT INDEX Graduating Seniors ABBOTT, Linda 172, 46, 47, 73 ABILD, Rebecco 172 ACRI, Phyllis 172 ALDRIDGE, Dennis 172 ALEXANDER, Jim 172, 73, 76 ALLEN, Candy 172 ALLEN, Dovid ALLEN, Kelly, 172, 39, 42, 43, 89 ALLEN, Mork 172 ALLEN, Paula 172 ALLEN, Richard 172 AMEND, Deborah 172, 35, 40, 50, 73, 83, 84, 85, 91 ANDERSON, Karen 172 ANDERSON, KImberly 172 ANDREWS, Lynn 172, 57, 73, 75, 76, 78 ANTOL, Robert 172 ARMBREST, Lindo 172, 57 ARNETT, Raymond ASHLEY, William AUGSPERGER, Steven 172 AVILA, Tim 172 BABBITT, Cathy 172, 68, 73 BACKSTROM, Robert 172 BAILEY, Randy BAINTER, Kimberly BAKER, John 172 BAKER, Roymond 172 BALLARD, Bette 172 BANCROFT, Morilee 172, 57 73 BARATTA, Mary J. 172 BATES, Cindy 172 BECK, Curtis BECK, NANCY 172. 49 BEEMAN, Gloria 172, 75 BELIEU, Kim 172, 67 BELL, Debbie 172 BELL, John 173 BELTRAME, Kristine 173, 60, 73, 75 BENDA, Nancy 173, 67, 83, 84, 85 BENTON, Cindy 173 BERRY, Linda 173, 46, 47, 73, 75, 76 77, 89 BEST, Richard BINGAMAN, Mike 173, 73, 75 BIONDI, Danny 173 BLACKBURN, David BLOUNT, Nancy 173 BONANNO, Regina 173, 88 BOOTHE, Douglas 173, 102 160 BOWERS, Joe 173 BOYLAN, Barry BOYSEL, Elaine 173 BRADLEY, Kothy 173, 171 BRAGG, Kirk 52 BRANDENBURG, Mike 173 BRANTLEY, Candy I7J BRAUER, Lonce 173, 26, 40, 95, 102 103, 133 BREESE, Carol 173 BREHENY, Jeff 173 BRILEY, Karen 173, 12, 46, 47, 170 BRISENO, David 173, 138, 139 BROOKHART, Craig 173 BROOKS, Judi BROOKS, Welker 173 BROWN, Karen 173 BROWN, Rhondo 173, 39, 40, 50, 100 BROWN, William BRUGIONI, Mike 173 BRUNER, Chris 173, 73, 75, 91 BUCKNER, John 173 BUNTING, Vicky 173 BURCHARD, David eURDICK, Judy 173, 99 BURGAN, Diana 174 BURNS, Mike 174 BURRIOLA, Juonita BURT, Tomara 174, 47, 91 BUSSANMAS, Leonard 174, 138, 140 171 BUTLER, Ladonna 174 CALVERT, John CANFIELD, Marcia 174, 73, 76 CANTRELL, Duane 174, 56, 57 CARDAMON, John 174, 39, 46, 69 81, 102 105, 106, 107, 129, 130, 133, 192 CARDAMON, Paul 174, 57 CARDOMONE, Theresa 174, 73, 76 CAREY, Mary 174 CARMICHAEL, Pam 174 CARTER, Dole 174 CARMOSIMO, Camille 174 CATALDO, Dorothy 174, 73, 75 CHAMBERS, Roger 174, 94 95 CHILES, Pom 174 CHIODO, Kathleen 174 CHOPARD, Steve 174 CLEVENGER, Rachel 174 CLOSE, Sherry 174 CLOYED, Pieter 174 COAN, Craig 174 COFFEY, Kathy 174, 47 COLE, Melodie 174 COLEMAN, Julie 174, 161 COLLINS, Daniel 174 COLTRAIN, Toni C0ME6YS, Patricia 174 CONKLING, Deborah 174, 47, 57, 73 CONNELLY, Brett 175 CONREY, Carol 175, 192 COOK, Bill 175 COOK, Dwight 175 COOK, Guy 175, 67, 129 COOLLEY, Kim 175, 67, 114, 115 COSNER, Craig 175 COULTER, Jerry 175 COUNTRYMAN, Debra COVERDALE, Bill COX, Jeanne COX, Lindo 175 CRAIG, Julie 175 CRANE, James 175 CRANE Jeff 175, 192 CRAPSER, David 175 CRAWFORD, Debro 175 CRAWFORD, Diane 175 CRAWFORD, Kathryn 175 CRAWFORD, Tim 175, 69 CREMER, Barb 175 CRON, Becky CRONIN, Paul CROSS, Harold 175 CROUCH, David 175, 56, 57, 144 CROSS, Lori 175 CURRY, Terry 175 DALY, John 175 DANIELS, Linda 175 DARRAH, Jeff DAVEY, Pat 175, 70, 103, 133 DAVIDSON, Bruce DENNIS, Bruce DENNIS, Donna DEANGELIS, Becky 190 DE BROUSE, Jonice DE RAAD, Dorn 175, 22 46 81, 102 118 120, 121, 134 DERICHS, Robert 175 DEVINE, Ed 175, 128, 129 DICK, Bob 175 DICKERSON, Ken 176 DOOLEY, Nancy 176, 42, 50 99 140 DOUGLAS, Christie 17» DOUGLAS, Jim 176 DOWNING, Kevin DREW, Laura 176, 46, 47, 83, 84 DU BOIS, John DUFFY, Sheryl, 176, 47 DUFFY, Vero DUNHAM, Debbie DUNHAM, Denise EDWARDS, Connie 176 EGINOIRE, Jim 176 ELGIN, Robert 176 ELLIS, Rhonda 176. 161, 75 ELLIS, Tim 176, 38, 39, 170, 217 ELLSWORTH, Louise 176 EMERSON, Donna ERICKSON, Don ERICKSON, Ted 176 EVANS, Kent 176, 222 FAIRLEY, Andrea 176, 99, 100 101, 140 FARGO, Victoria 176 FENTON, Greg 176 FERGUSON, Kyle 190, 95 FLATT, Carlo 176, 48, 62 FLETCHER, Sue 176 FOLAND, Roxonn 176 FORTNAM, Steve 176, 56, 57, 138 FRANCISCO, Rick 176, 57 FULITANO, Joy 176, 46, 47, 171 GALE, Tammy 176 GARDELL, John GARDNER, Linda 176 GARDNER, Sharon 176 GARRETSON, Walter 176 GAULDIN, Mark 176, 56, 57 GILES, Robert GILLIHAN, Darren 176 GILLSON, John GLADE, Don 176, 192 GLASS, Janis 176, 40, 84, 90, 234 GLAZER, Ellie 177, 39, 40, 50, 170 GOBLE, Cheri 177 GOBLE, Mark GOODWIN, Doug GORLA, Bob 177 GORSCHE, Tom 177, 102, 106 GRUEBEL, Dan 177 GROENE, Jon 177, 47 GRUIS, Cathy 177 GUESS, Mork 177, 57 GUNTER, Debbie 177 HAGEN, Alton 177 HAINLINE, Kim HALL, Debbie 177 HAMMOND, Sheryl 177 HAND, Roger 177 HANNA, Jim 177 HANNAM, Sue 177, 64 HARDIE, Jeff 177, 53 HARDING, Randy 177 HARKNESS, Chris 177 HARLAN, Jim HARMON, David 177 HARRIS, Sue 177, 40, 83, 84 89 14 " HART2ER, Richard 177 HASKETT, Kevin HATCHER. Thereso 177 HAZELTON, Les 177, 57, 73, 75, 76, 79 84 HEGGEN, Dove 177, 73 HEGLIN, Kim 177 HELLAND, Robert 177 HENDRICKS, Greg 177, 67 HERRINGTON, June 177, 50 HERTKO, Tom 177, 102, 120 121, 191 HICKLE, Sheryl 177, 75 HICKMAN, Kim 178, 67 HILD, Sharlynn 178, 46 47 HILL, Jeff 178, 62 HILLABOLT, Randy 178, 129 146 HITCHCOCK, John 178, 62 HOBT, Dove 178, 56, 57 HOHENSHELL, Tom 178 HOLLINGSWORTH, Mory 178 HOLLINRAKE, Debro 178, 73 HOPKINS, Colette HOPKINS, Colleen HORTON, Debbie 178 HORTON, Laura 178 HOUSEMAN, Jim HOUSEMAN, Nick 178 HUFFMAN, Bob 178 HUMPHREY, Linda 178 HUMPHRIES, Joonn HUPTON, Rebecca HUSS, Leon 178, 102 HUTT, Kathy 178 IRVING, Louann 178 ISAACSON, Scott 178 ISRAEL, Jim 178 JOHNSON, Anngie 178, 64, 73 JOHANSON, Jeri 178 JOHNSON, Billy Joe JOHNSON, Jody 178, 67 JOHNSON, Linda 178, 62 JOHNSTON, Joni 178 JONES, Cathy 178 JONES, Deborah 178 JONES, Kelly 178 JONES, Linda 178 JONES, William 178 JUR6ENS, Wendy 178, 171 KALAR, Becky 179 KELLOGG, Glenda KENDALL, Becky 179 KENNEDY, Bruce 179 KENT, Becky 179, 47 KING, Jeff KINGKADE, Tim KINNEY, Kathy 179, 46, 47 KIRSCHBAUM, Deon KISSEL, Frank 179 KLEBE, Sharon KLEIN, Steve 179 KLISARES, Jeff 179 KNOX, Gory KOSCIELAK, John 179, 69, 81, 112, 113, 133, 134, 170 KOSKOVICK. Lee Ann KRAMER, Mary 179, 47 KRIEG, Kim 179, 57 KRUIDENIER, Lisa 179 LAGUNAS, Raynee 179 LANDERS, Delores 179 LANE, Pam 179, 62 LANTZ, Paul 179, 39, 116, 117, 120, 121, 191 LARSEN, Ed 179, 73, 76 LAU, Michele 179, 46, 47, 73 197 LEACH. Tim 179 , LEE, Joan 179, 43, 46, 81, 83, 84, 91, 98, 99, 148 LEEGE, Debbie 179 LEONARD, Mike 179 LEONARD, Pot 179 LINT, Rick LINT, Sondv 179 LOCKE, John 179, 81, UO, 171 LOERKE, John LONG, Kevin LUDLOW, Mork LUJAN, Debbie 179, 73 LUNDEEN, Tom LYNCH, Jody 36 MAC BRIDE, Teri 179 MACHIR, Morton 179, 102, 133 MADISON, Russell 179 MAINE, De Loris 179 MANZ, Anne-Marie 180, 73 MARTENS. Linda ISO MARTIN, Sue 180, 73. 217 MARTURELLO, Peggy 180, 46, 47 MASON, Gory 180, 40, 102, 103 MASON, Terry ISO MAXWELL, John 180 MC ANINCH, Pat ISO MC CAW, Jonine ISO, 73, 76 MC CHESNEY, Chorles MC CLEARY, Janet 180, 52, 57, 75 MC CLELLAND, Bruce 180 MC CLUNG. Luanne 180 MC CLURE. Donny 180 MC CLURE, John 180, 102, 103, 171, 193 MC COY, Mork 180 MC DONOUGH, Danny 180 MC DONOUGH, Marilyn 180, 62, 171 MC DONOUGH, Donna 180 MC GRIFF, Sue 180, 40 MC NEW, Joel 180 MC WHERTER, Keith 180 MC PHERSON, Greg MC WILLIAMS, Debra 180, 62 MC NEELEY, Roberta MEEK, Frank 180 MEEK, Vincent MEIER, Debra 180 MEKUS, Pam 180, 192 MERCER, Lori 180 MERICAL, Noncy ISO MERKLIN, Kathy 180, 67, 100 MERRIFIELD, Gory 180 MERRIFIELD, Koy 180 MEYER, Cothy 181 MEYER, Mike 181 MEYER, Vicki 181 MEYERS, David 181 MIDDLETON. Bruce 181 MILLER. Deboroh 181 MILLER, Debro 181 MILLER, Louis 181 MILLER, Tino ISl MILLS, Linda 181 MINCKS, Eorl 181 MITCHELL, Gory 181 MITCHELL, Gerry 181 MOCKERMAN, Debbie 181 MOORE. Evelyn 181, 60. 73, 90 MODEN. Terry 181 MOORE, Wayne 181, 62 MORGAN, Potty 181, 90 MORLAN, Pom 181 MORO, Tony 181 MOSELL, Molaon 181 MUEHLENTHALER, Chet 181, 62 MUELLER, Dawn 181, 47 MUIR, Steve MULCAHY, Sherry ISl, 47, 88, 234 MULLINS, Steve MUNYON, Debbie 181, 64, 73, 75, 76 MURPHY, Linda 181, 149 MURUHY, Tom 181, 67 MYERS, Marsho NEVINS, John 181, 81, 112, 132, 133, 135 NEWMAN, Raymond 181, 73, 130 138, 191 NICOLINO, Tim 182, 95, 129 NORMAN, Steve O ' CONNER. William O ' CONNOR, Moureen 182, 43, 46. 53. 81. 83 O ' DONNELL, Jim 182, 195 OCHOA, Christine OGBURN, Cathy 1S2, 91 PACHECO. Anno 182 PAGANO, Mike 182, 62 PALMER. Brod 182 PANNKUK. Gory 182 PARK, Lyio 182 PARKINS. Cheryl 182 PATER. Sheilo 1S2 PAYNE. Cindy 182 PAYNE, Don 182, 74 PEDERSON, Karon 182 PERCIVAL, Shane PERKINS, Mike 182 PERRY, Cynthia 182 PETERSEN, Dennis 182 PETERSON. Tom 182, 116. 119, 120, 121, 191 PIERCE, Sheryl 182 POLSON, Lee Ann 182 POMERANTZ. Jeff 182, 146 PORTER. Sherrie 182, 67, 97, 124 POST, Pete 138, 140 POTTER, Becky POTTHOFF, Lynn 182, 40, 83, 99. 140 POWELL. Carol 182 POWELL, Thorn 182, 138. 140 POWERS, Jonis 182 POWLEY, Thom 182 PRITCHARD, Diane 182 PROHASKA, John PROUDFOOT, Jim 182, 57, 67 PULS, Gory 182 PUNELLI, Mary 183 RADNICH, Rosemary 183, 217 RADOSEVICH, Knstine 183, 97 RAGAN, Bill 183 RALEIGH, Dan 183 RAMSEY, Bruce 183 RAY, Teresa 183, 42, 46 REED, Cindy 183 REYNOLDS, Cass 183, 73 REYNOLDS, David 183, 171 RICHARDS, Judi 183 RIES, Rondy 183 RIGGLE, Lynne 183, 62 RIGHI, Steve 183 RILEY, Nancy RINGL, Trudy RIST, Joyce RITCHHART, Cindy 183 RIVERA, Josie 183 RIVERA, Josiquino 183 ROBERTSON, Steve 183, 191 ROBINSON, Cindy 183, 38, 39 ROBINSON. David ROBINSON. Janice 183 ROBINSON. Connie 183, 57 ROERIG, Debra 183 ROGERS, Ronald 183, 165 ROBINSON, Donna Agons ROMANO. Joe 183, 81. 133 ROSENDAHL. Sheri 183, 38, 39, 191 ROTH, Margaret 183, 48, 57, 99 ROUSH, Steve 183 RUSH. Becki 183 RUSH, Tom 183 RUSSELL. Janet 186 RUST, Mike 138, 140 RYNEARSON, Roger 186, 62 SALZMANN, Pom 186, 46, 47, 83, 84. 85. 88 89 SANDBERG, George 186 SANDERS, Matt 186, 73, 76 SCAGLIONE, Michele 186, 52 SCALISE, Mike SCARCELLO, Andrea 186, 42, 43, 78, 79, 91 SCARPING, Sue 186, 46, 48 SCAVO, Paul 186, 62 SCHAFFER, Barb 186, 114, 115, 136 SCHARNWEBER, Donnie 186, 95 SCHISEL, Pom 186, 64 SCHMALTZ, Diano 186, 42, 43, 46, 100, 101 SCHMALTZ, Kirk 186, 81, 133, 135 SCHNEIDER, Scott 186, 73, 76 SCOTT, Loretto 186, 48 SEARS, Tim 186, 128 SEVERING, Cindy 186, 165 SHANNON, Lonnie SHARER, Jeff 186 SHARON, Gordon 186 SHEETS, Mike 186 SHEHAN, Pom 186 SHELTON, Paulo 186, 20, 42, 43, 100, 101 SHIRLEY, Cindy 186, 73 SICKELS, Chris 186 SIDDENS. Leslie 186 SINCLAIR, Bob 186, 40, 45, 95, 102, 103 SINK, Vicky 186 SIRFUS, Candy 186 SIRON, Carol 187 SLACK, John 187 SLACK, Shirley SLANTON, Lavina SMITH, Allison 187, 19 SMITH, Doyle 187, 39, 84, 171 SMITH. Gerald 187 SMITH, Jody 187 SMITH, Merrie 187, 49, 67, 99, 140, 142 SMITH, Mike 187, 57, 60, 120, 121 SMITH, Tom SNYDER, John 187, 73, 76 SONNENBURG, Randy 187 SOROKA, Rick 187, 70, 77 SOUTH, Steve 187, 192 SQUIRE. Debbie 187, 57, 58, 91 STANLEY, Donn 187, 50, 52. 191, 192 STANTON, Terrie 187, 47, 46 STAPLES, Alan STATTON, Rondo 187, 36, 38, 39, 42. 46, 68, 73 STEIN, Marilyn 22 STEINBACH, Pom 187 STEVENS, Bill 187 STILLION, Joyce 187 STOCKWELL, Sue 187 STODDEN, Diane 187, 83, 84 STONEHOCKER, Duone 187 STRAHL, Theresa 187 STRATHMAN, Sue STREETER, Pot STUBBS, Chorlene 187, 40, 90 222 SUFKA, Sue 187, 16 SULLIVAN, Joe 187 SUMMY, Greg 187 SZTUKOWSKI, Connie 187 TAGGERT, Vicky TANTILLO, Frances 187 TAYLOR, James TEST, Terry 187 THACKER, Debbie 188 THARP, David 188 THOMAS. Rick THOMPSON, Dove 188, 39, 50, 81, 91, 102, 104, 105, 133, 134, 193 TIMMONS, Becky 188, 73 TOMSCHE, Bob TONER, Colleen 188, 48. 64. 73 TORRENCE, Jerry 188 TRIMBLE. Koren 188 TUCKER. Steve 188 TUNGLAND, Lorry 188, 102. 103. 192 TUR5I, Lori 188, 22. 47 TWYMAN, Debbie 188 UFKIN. Jeff 188 62 UHLMAN, Alice 188, 62 VAN NAUSDLE, Rhonda 188, 64 VAN PELT, Angelo 188 VAN VELZEN, Julie VERMEER, Tim 188 VILLIRILLO, Ann 188, 73 VINCENT, Michele 188 VINE, Sondi 188, 48, 62 VOUMARD, Greg 188 WALKER, Dennis 188 WALKER, Jim WALKER, Ken 22 WALKER, Larry 188 WALKER, Bill WALL, Jody 188 WALL, Sue 188, 48 WALLACE, Kristi 188, 66, 67 WALLACE, Rondy 188, 193 WALLIN, Carol 188 WALTER, Rondy 188, 47 WARD, Carol 188, 47 WARNE, Kim 188, 46, 47, 50 WASSOM, Debbie 189, 73 WATSON, Debra 189 WATTS, Christine 189, 57, 79, 171 WATTS, Steve 189 WAY, Corrine 189, 57, 73 WEAVER, Jonice 189 WEBB, Jerry 189, 145 WEBERG, Robin 189, 81, 117, 118, 120, 121, 132, 133 WEIKUM, Lucy WENTZEL, Cheri 189 WENTZEL, Lorry WEST, Sheryl 189 WHEELER. Brendo 189, 57 WHELCHEL, Judy 189 WHITE, Cathy 189 WHEELER, Cheryl 57 WHEELER, Dennis WHITE, Krisfi 189, 23, 73, 76, 77, 79 WHITEFIELD, Bob WICKERT, Victor 189 WILDE, Cheryl 189, 46, 77 WILKES, Danny 189, 67 WILLIAMS, Cindy 189 WILLIAMSON, Marty WILSON, Kelly 189 WINEBRENNER, Jerry 189 WOLK, Bob 189, 62 WOODRUFF, Ed 189 WOODRUFF, Lorraine 189 WOZNIAK, Debbie 189, 42, 43, 46, 73, 75, 76, 79, 84 WRIGHT, Debra 189 WYANT, Debbie WYKOFF, Lindo 189 YANCY, Tim 189, 102 YATES, Mortin 189 YATES, Melonie 189, 73 YETTER, Peter 189, 57, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79 YOUMANS, Trocie ZARLEY, Kim 190, 83, 84, 85, 90 198 Undergraduates ABBOTT, Russell 160, 62 ABBOTT, Kim 152 ADAMS, Jim 160 ADAMS, Tammy 160 ADAMSON, Danny 87, 99, 110, 152 AGAN, Chuck loi, 104, 122, 123, 152 ADES, Alan 160 AGAN, Earl 110, 152 AGANS, Gary 160 AKKERMAN, Jo 152 ALBRECHT, Carl 152 ALBRIGHT, Emi 57, 152 ALDRIDGE, Denise 160 ALDRIDGE, Richrd 152, 160 ALEXANDER, Randy 152 ALLEN, David ALLEN, John 160 ALLEN, Kothy 160 ALLEN, Mott 110, 152 ALLER, Mory 75, 152 ALLISON, Annette 62, 63, 160 ALLISON, Dovid 160 AMADEO, Moureen 152 AMUNDSON, Wayne 160 AMMON, Renna 152 ANDERSON, Billie 152 ANDERSON, Donald 152 ANDERSON, Kim 75, 86, 160 ANDERSON, Sherrill 160 ANDERSON, Terri 152 ANDREWS, Kay 74, 99, 124, 152 ANDRUS, Richard 152 ANTENUCCI, Pot 18, 160 ARENDT, Laurie ARMENTROUT, Rose 160 ARMEL, Raymond 56, 57, 152 ARNETT, Randy 152 ARNOLD, Borry 56, 57, 102, 121, 160 ASHBAUGH, Kathy 57, 152 ASHBAUGH, Steve 152 ASHLEY, Dennis 160 ASHBY, April 152 ASKLAND, Gory 160 ASKLAND, Glen 160 AUSTIN, Dan AUSTIN, Lorna 75, 160 AYALA, Mike AYALA, Mike 152 BABER, Donna 48, 160 BACKSTROM, Mike 152 BAHL, J. 110 BAINTER, Monte 167 BAINTER, Linda 152 BAKER, Clifford 152 BAKER, Debro 74, 75, 160 BAKER, Diane 152 BAKER, Jim 152 BAKER, Robert 160 BAKER, William 152 BALDUCKI, Julie 49, 160 BALES, Dovid 160 BALES, Tracy 78, 160 BALL, Jeff 152 BALLARD, Jerilyn 97, 152 BALLARD, Shellie 13, 49, 160 BALLARD, Tommalynn 152 BARF I ELD, Morcio 160 BANOTTI, Mike 160 BARR, Mike 160 BARRETT, Jeff 122, 152 BARTH, Billy 152 BARTON, Morlene 152 BARTON, Rod 160 BASON, Crystol 152 BATES, Lorry 90, 160 BATTEN, Wendy 160 BAUMHOVER, Brian 152 BAUMHOVER, Cindy 47, 160 BEAMAN, Jodi 152 BEAVER, Cheryl 152 BEARD, Robert 152 BECKETT, Jeon 160 BEHRENS, Jerry 160 BELDING, Carol 73, 99, 160 BELIEU, Tern 152 BELKEN, Judith 80, 152 BELL, Carole 152 BELL, Jim 1 10, 135, 152 BENNETT, Noncy 152 BENSHOFF, Don 152 BENTO, Greg 160 BENTON, Camille 57, 73, 76, 160 BENTZINGER, Sarah 160 BERARD, Doug 81, 102, 103, 160 BERARDI, Vincent 152 BERNAL, Dione 64, 84, 100 152 BERNAL, Gloria 160 BEST, Rod 152 BEVERIDGE, Kathy 160 BEXELL, Jeff 160 BILLUPS, Sheila 75 160 BIONDI, Mike BINGAMAN, Jim 152 BIRD, Jeonne 40, 67, 160 BIRD, Tora 47, 57, 98, 99, 140 160 BISHOP, David 131, 160 BISHOP, Jim 62, 63, 160 BISHOP, Peggy BITTICK, Scott 74, 152 BIXLER, John 102, 160 BLACKFORD, Brenda 62, 160 BLACKFORD, Jock 152 BLAKELEY, Jody 87, 160 BLANCHARD, Ann 87, 160 BLOOMER, Cynthia 73, 75, 160 BLOUNT, Cindy 152 BLUNCK, Laura 40, 124, 152 BLUNCK, Scott 67, 70, 102, 160 BOLDT, Barb 160 BONJOUR, Rene 152 BOOKER, Dovid BORCHERT, Rhonda 100, 152 BOUDEWYN, Debro 74, 152 BOURDON, Ed 152 BOWEN, Chris 152 BOWEN, Karen 167 BOWERS, Chorels 161 BOWERS, Richard BOWLBY, Terri 143, 161 BOYLAN, Loretto 153 BRANDT, Mary 50, 99, 161 BRANTLEY, Wade 121 153 BRAUER, Pom 100, 153 BRAUER, Trocey 74, 153 BREESE, Dennis BREDEHOFT, Randy 153 BREESE, Jeff 161 BREHENY, Mark 161 BRICKMAN, Kevin 153 BRENIZER, A. A. 153 BRIGGS, Adrune 153 BRIGHTWELL, Robin 161 BRIGHTWELL, Roberta BRIGHTMAN, Mark 57, 153 BRIGHTMAN, Kevin 153 BRISENO, Sam 161 BROCKMAN, Gory 161 BROKENS, Cindy 153 BROOKS, Bobby 80, 153 BROOKS, Josie 58, 74, 161 BROOKS, Laura 153 BROONER, Gory 62, 161 BROWN, Carlo 74, 153 BROWN, Dole 145, 161 BROWN, Doug 135, 153 BROWN, Croig 122, 123, 153 BROWN, Jeff 27, 161 BROWN, Jody 161 BROWN, Karen BROWN, Kevin 161 BROWN, Marcio 153 BROWN, Michelle 175 BROWN, Michelle BROWN, Phil 70, 161 BRUNER, Leslie 74, 153 BROWNE, Danny 110 BULLARD, Rodd 153 BUNTING, Doyle 153 BURCHARD, Richard 153 BURDICK, Jill 97, 161 BURKS, Laura BURNETT, Paulo 57, 161 BURNS, Cheryl 153 BURNS, Christine 161 BURNS, Evonne 161 BURNS, Scheryl BURNS, Terry 161 BURRIOLA, Pot 153 BURRIOLA, Teresa 153 BURT, Steve BUSHBAUM, Boscoe 133, 160 BUSSANMAS, Mary 153 BUTCHER, Lindsey 153 BUTLER, Richard BUTTON, Mork 161 BUTZ, Richard 56, 57, 138, 140, 161 CABANIS, Beth 84, 153 CALIGIURI, Carol 153 CALIGIURI, Mark 161 CALIGIURI, Mike 122, 153 CALKINS, Ken 153 CALLAHAN, John 153 CALLAHAN, Richard 122, 153 CALVERT, Cecil 161 CAMPBELL, Valerie 153 CANFIELD, Diane 161 CAPON IGRO, Diono 73, 161 CARDAMON, Christine 153 CARDINES, Jo Ann CAREY, Robert 153 CARNEY, Harold 161 CARPER, Cindy 161 CARPENTER, Craig 153 CARPENTER, Shelley 100, 153 CARROLL, Dyonn 153 CARTER, Kelly 153 CASBER, Michelle 153 CASEBOLT, Noel 161 CAUDILL, Cathy 37, 40, 82, 85, 99 140 16 CAUDILL, Cheryl 153 CAUDILL, Tom 18, 161 CASSADY, Bobby 153 CAWL, D. 75 CERETTI, Donald 102, 161 CERETTI, Randy 161 CHAMBERLIN, Greg 73, 74, 75, 153 CHAMBERS, Rondo 86, 153 CHAPMAN, Debbie 161 CHAPMAN, Steve 161 CHERRY, John 153 CHERRY, Kent 81, 95, 102 CHIA, Sandy 57, 97, 127, 136 153 CHILES, Carl 161 CHRISTENSON, Sheryl CHRISTY, Dee 57, 153 CHUMBLEY, Terry 153 CIRKSENA, Dan 153 CIRKSENA, Diane 161 CHRISINGER, Dennis 161 CLAIR, Becky 97, 124, 125, 161 CLARE, Cindy 73, 75, 76, 161 CLARK, Brion 73, 161 CLARK, Soroh 74, 153 CLARK, Vicki 153 CLAUSI, Jerry CLAY, Cindy 161 CLAY, Pom 153 CLOSE, Linda 40, 74, 153 COBB, Becky 75, 161 COEN, Scott 110, 153 COLBY, Bob 161 CONLEY, Tom 161 COMEGYS, Pot 161 CONNELL, Bob 153 CONNER, Chuck 56, 57, 161 CONNER Jeff 1 10, 129, 153 CONNER, Julie 44, 57, 60, 153 CONNER, Julius COOK, Dovid 161 COOK, Kothy 161 COOK, Becky 136, 153 COOK, Rhondo 153 COOK, Sharon 153 COOK, Sheryl 153 COOK, Sue 149, 161 COON, Sue 153 COOPER, Tom 153 COREY, Ed 145, 153 COSNER, Cindy 161 COSNER, Gregg 161 COSNER, Penny 153 COSNER, Roy 110, 153 COSPER, Russ 153 COUNTRYMAN, Barb 57, 153 COUNTRYMAN, Pom 161 COURTNEY, John 161 COVEY, Karen COVEY, Rosemary CRAIG, Pot 57, 74, 75, 79, 153 CRANE, Richord 161 CRANE, Sandy 153 CRAPSER, Debro 153 CRAWFORD, Jim 64, 161 CREVELING, Alan 161 CRISE, Jocklyn 57, 161 CRISE, John 73, 161 CROFT, Kelly 131, 153 CROMER, Dennis 161 CROMER, Morgie 153 CRONIN, Christine 161 CRONIN, Lori 97, 153 CROOK, Pom 153 CROOK, Potty 153 CROPP, Kim 153 CROSS, Pom 74, 97, 153 CROUCH, John 56, 57, 135, 153 CRUMB, Jim 110, 153 CRUSAN, Jeff 153 CSADER, Fred GULP, Kris 67, 161 CUMMINGS, Melissa 161 CUMMINS, Ken 161 CUMMINS, Korlo 153 CUNNINGHAM, Carl 161 CUNNINGHAM, Cathy 161 CUNNINGHAM, Ken 161 CURRY, Cheryl 161 CURRY, Nancy 74, 136, 153 CUTLER, Lynn DAGGETT, Sharon 73, 76, 161 DALE, Potricio 161 DALES, Ronald 110, 131, 153 DALTON, Robert 153 DAMSTROM, Jonis 161 DANIELS, Craig 153 DANIELS, Lorry 99, 110, 131, 153 DANIELSON, John 161 DARGITZ, Debbie 161 DARRAH, Sheryl 57, 153 DAVENPORT, Terry 161 DAVIDSON, Cathy 153 DAVIDSON, Greg 161 DAVIDSON, Jean 153 DAVIS, Brenda 153 DAVIS, Kothy 75, 161 DAVIS, Linda 161 DAVIS, Merlin 153 DAVIS, Lois 161 1 DAVIS, Robert 161 DE CARLO, Chris 161 DEARTH, Bob 81, 113, 133, 153 DECOU, David 161 DEEDS, Joyme 161 DEFENBAUGH, Linda 153 DENGMAN, Chris 153 DEIST, Debbie 167 DENNIS, Rick 161 199 DENNIS, Robert DEREUS, Lee 57, 153 DE YOUNG, Connie 153 DIAL, Denise DICKEY, Jane 153 DILLEY, Jim 70, 102, 103, 106, 133, 161 DINGMAN, Chris 74 DINGMAN, Kevin 153 DOANE, Greg DOBBINS, Dennis 153 DODD, Linda DOKE, Joe DOKE, Keith 153 DOLAN, Kevin 153 DONLIN, Cheryl 127, 153 DONNELLY, Tim 161 DOTSON, John 161 DORSETT, Tim 153 DOUGLAS, Dwight 167 DOUGLAS, Kevin 161 DOUGLASS, Potty 61, 64, 65, 161 DOWNARD, Debbie 153 DOWNARD, Loretta 153 DOWNEY, Sheryl 75 DRAPER, Jeff 129, 161 DREW, Diane 75, 161 DREW, Steve 110, 135, 153 DU BOIS, Renee 161 DUDLEY, Norman 153 DUEDE, Tracy 44, 153 DUFF, Mike 153 DUFF, Pat 18, 161 DUFFY, Kelly DUNCAN, Mike 153 DUNHAM, Dionno 153 DUNNING, Randy 153 DYER, Anita 153 EARLL, Krisfi 161 EDWARDS, Cindy 74, 136, 153 EDWARDS, Delberf 131, 161 EDWARDS, Crickett 81, 138, 139, 140, 161 EDWARDS, Janet 40, 75, 96, 97, 124, 136, 161 EGENBERGER, Edward 153 EGGERS, Mark 102, 104, 105, 133, 161 EGINOIRE. Ron 161 EIKENBERRY, Jill 153 EIKENBERRY, Todd 161 ELDER, Tracy 57, 60, 153 EL GIN, Joel 161 ELIFRITZ, Andy 161 ELLIS, Dove 161 ELLIS, Debbie ELLIS, Jim 161 ELLIS, Rhondo EMERSON, Randy 161 ENSLOW, Jon 110, 135, 154 ERICKSON, Bonnie 154 ERICKSON, Mike 135, 154 ESTES, Tim EVANS, Terri 161 EVANS, Stanley 167 EVANS, Debbie 57, 154 EVANS, Dawn 161 EWURS, Lindo 161 EWING, Pom 35, 154 EVERETT, Louello EZEL, Kim 154 FAITH, Tina 154 FARGO, Cheryl 50, 96, 97, 154 FARRELL, Rick 161 FARRIS, Peggy 154 FARRIS, Scott 154 FAUX, Diano 161 FAY, Camille 154 FAY, Greg 161 FAZIO, Charles 154 FAZIO, Tim 161 FAZIO, Vickie 48, 161 FEATHERS, Steve 167 FEES, Debbie FELICE, Mory FELICE, Kothy 46, 47, 74, 154 FERRARI, Milo 161 FIELDS, Connie 161 FILIPPELLI, Frank 60, 73, 75, 76, 161 FILIPPELLI, Thereso 154 FINDLY, Bill 154 FISCHER, Perry 154 FISHER, Debbie 161 FITCH, Jody 154 FITZGERALD, Colleen 57, 74, 75, 154 FITZGERALD, Rennee 154 FLATT, Rick 161 FLATT, Terry 154 FLEENER, Roger 154 FLEMING, Randy 74, 87, 154 FLICKINGER, Don 161 FLOYD. Tom 162 FOGUE, Mike 154 FOLDES, Steve 81, 102, 103, 133, 160, 162 FORD, Becky 75, 162 FORKNER, Diane 43, 46, 73, 84, 124, 162 FOREAAAN, Kim 162 FOUTS, Doug 102, 162 FOUTZ, Jim 154 FGUTZ, Bob 102, 162 FRAKES, Pot FRANGOS, Pete 162 FREDERICK, Dorcy 75, 142, 162 FREEL, Jack 167 FREEMAN, Becky 74, 154 FRESCO, Sue 154 FRITZ, Beth 99, 148, 149, 154 FUNARO, Tony 154 FUSARO, Pat 154 GABBERT, Tom 162 GABLER, Jeff 53, 131, 154 GALE, Tom GALE, Goyle 75, 154 GARBER, Rodney 154 GARCIA, Rito 154 GARDNER, Joline 74, 154 GARNER, Perry 88, 162 GARNETT, Gayle 74, 140, 154 GASPERI, Richard 110, 135, 154 GENOVESE, Debbie 154 GENTOSI, Ted GEORGE, Debbie 74, 99, 154 GERHARDT, Kathy GERING, Debbie 43, 162 GHEE, Debbie 44, 154 GIBBEL, Melissa 154 GIBSON, Karen 154 GILES, Rick 162 GILGE, David 154 GILGE, Ken 154 GILLIAM, David 154 GILLIAM, Bob 133, 154 GILLMAN, Tim 167 GILLUM, Charles 162 GILLUM, Roxanne 154 GLYNN, Joneen 162 GOBLE, Kent 154 GOERNDT, David 154 GOOD, David 162 GOODE, Kevin 135, 154 GOODE, Larry 102, 103, 108, 167 GORSUCH, Karen 154 GRACEY, Loriso 154 GRAHAM, Dione 74, 154 GRAHAM, Robertta 154 GRATTIDGE, Barry 162 GRAVES, Rondo GRATTIDGE, Lisa 154 GRAY, Kim 154 GREEN, Dove 154 GREEN, Dennis 122, 154 GREEN, Terry 154 GREGG, Sondee 167 GRIER, Kirk 146, 162 GRIFFIN, Carol 162 GRIFFIN, Dan GRIFFIN, Lorry GRIFFIN, Richard 162 GRIFFIN, Sheilo 74, 99, 143, 154 GRIFFIN, Wihom 154 GRIFFITH, David 154 GRIFFITH, Jim 74, 154 GRIFFITHS, Debbie 74, GRIMES, Terri 46, 47, GROENE, Jeff 162 GROVES, Cindy 154 GROVE, Ken 162 GRUEBEL, Don 162 GRUETZMACHER, Jeff GRUWELL, Melvin 67, GUILE, Jocob 154 GUIZZETTI, Mary 162 GULICK, Roy GULLORD, Sandy 73, GUZMAN, Alan 154 154 60, 162 162 162 162 HAAG, Foundo 162 HAAG, Sandy HACKER, Cindy 162 HAGEN, Ty 102, 133, 162 HAGER, Jim 102, 133, 162 HALL, Croiq 81, 102, 103, 120, 121, 144, 160, 162 HALL, Dove 162 HALL, Mark 120, 121, 162 HALL, Mary 162 HALLBAUER, Kim 47, 162 HALTERMAN, Brendo 136, 137 HALTER, Julie 47, 162 HALVERSON, Jim 154 HAMILTON, Mary 162 HAND, Charlie 154 HANNA, Joyce 162, 167 HANRAHAN, Jim 154 HANSELL, Corol 154 HANSEN, Hugh 56, 57, 162 HARBERT, Liz 44, 46, 83, 84, 136, 154 HARGER, Merlin 154 HARPER, Monico 154 HARPER, Teri 46, 49, 154 HART, Andrew 57, 162 HART, Kothy 162 HART, Roger 56, 57, 110, 133, 135, 154 HARTER, William 162 HARTLEY. Belinda 154 HARTMAN, Julie HARTMAN, Mary 162 HARTZER, Judy 136, 154 HARVEY, John 154 HARVEY, Lynn 40, 60, 64, 97, 162 HASKETT, Kroig HATCHER, Doug 162 HATCHER, Maria 75, 162 HATFIELD, Diane 162 HATFIELD, Veronica 154 HAUGH, Craig HAWN, Cindy 23, 73, 162 HAWXBY, Lorry 154 HAYMAN, Sandy 97, 127, 136, 137 HAZEL. Michele HEATHCOTE, Teresa 74, 154 HEGGEN, Karen 136, 154 HEGGEN, Richard 162 HEGLIN, Kevin 154 HEINEMANN, Kim 162 HEIKEN, Randy 154 HELDT, David 154 HEINICKE, Mike 162 HELFENSTINE, Cindy 162 HELLAND, Laura 82, 162 HELLAND, Linda 83, 84, 162 HELLER, Sandy 155 HELLER, Sue 155 HELM, Nancy 162 HENNESY, Terry 73, 76, 162 HENDERSON, Heidi 155 HENRY, Joe 57, 162 HENRY, Mitchell 155 HERTKO, Pot 64, 82, 162 HESSELTINE, Lawrence 162 HESSELTINE, Zoe 162 HESSONG, Shari 57, 60, 155 HETHERINGTON, Lori 40, 57, 100, 162 HI ATT, Deonna 74, 155 HICKLE, Sue 74, 114, 136, 155 HILL, Randy 155 HILLMAN, Helen HINES, Doug 162 HINES, Jim 155 HITCHCOCK, Dave 162 HITCHCOCK, Julie 155 HOCH, Liz 74, 1 14, 155 HOCH, Pot 162 HOFFMAN, Cathy 40, 162 HOFFMAN, Jim 162 HOFFMAN, Rick 162 HOLDER, Danny 162 HOLDER, Rick 155 HOLDER, Zee 57, 162 HOLLINGSWORTH, Richard 25. 162 HOLLINRAKE, Dove 135, 155 HOLLOWAY, Sheryl 155 HOLMES, Gene 162 HOLMES, Paul HOOPES, Marlene HOOPS, Charles 162 HORMEL, Sue 74, 155 HORNER, Denise 73, 162 HOTCHKISS, Carl 62, 121, 147, 155 HOTCHKISS, Carlo 162 HOGUE, Richard 129, 162 HOUGHTALING, Peggy 35, 155 HOUSEMAN, Mike 155 HOUSEMAN, Martin 155 HOWE, Thereso 155 HOWELL, Mario HOWLETT, Joan 155 HUDDLESON, Mike 162 HUFFEY, Ronnie HUGGINS, Linda 80, 162 HUGGINS, Tammy 44, 74, 155 HUITT, Kothy 155 HUNT, Potty 67, 163 HUPTON, Cindy 155 HUPTON, Debbie 163 HURLEY, Charles 155 HUS5, Bill 110, 155 HUSTON, Kothy 163 HUTT, Linda 74, 155 HUTT, Ruth 163 HUXFORD, Sherry 163 HYDE, Eddie 163 IRVING, Jeffrey 81, 113, 133, 163 ISAACSON, Susan 46, 47, 163 JACKSON, Greg 155 JACOBS, Mike 155 JAHNKE, Ron 155 JANIS, Joyce 99, 155 JANTZ, Lio 61, 97, 163 JEFFRIES, Sherry 155 JEFFRIES, Tom 163 JILG, Suonn 40, 78, 163 JOHANSON, Kim 155 JOHNSON, Cindy 155 JOHNSON, Debbie 163 JOHNSON, Jon 124, 148, 149, 163 JOHNSON, John 155 JOHNSON, Julie 43, 82, 85, 149, 163 JOHNSON, Mory 97, 163 JOHNSON, Pot 155 JOHNSON. Rick 155 JOHNSON, Roger 163 JOHNSON, Scott 155 JOHNSON, Shoron 155 JOHNSTON, Jeff 163 200 JONES, Don HO, 155 JOLLIFFE, Kim 163 ;ONES, Don 163 JONES, Kimberley 87, 155 JONES, Lindo 62, 155 JONES, Marcie 57. 163 JONES, Phil 163 JONES, Steve 81, 138, 140, 155 JONES, Terry 155 JORDAN, Tim 155 JORGENSEN, Jerie 74, 155 JOYCE, Chris 163 JUDSON, Kevin 155 JUNGMAN, Jeonette 163 KAIL!, Rick 110, 122, 135, 155 KALB, Beth 53, 58, 61, 149, 163 KAUFFMAN, Jeff KAUZLARICH, Kenny 163 KEARNEY, Scott 163 KEENER, Ron 163 KELLNER, Mike 163 KEMP, Curt 155 KENNEDY, Doug 155 KENNEDY, Mary 155 KENNEDY, Robert 163 KENNEDY, Tim KENOYER, Onah 163 KENT, Carole 49. 74, 155 KERN, Chris 69, 81, 116, 117, 118, 120. 121, 155 KERN, Jodi 155 KERNES, Laurie 136, 155 KERNES, Bob 62, 163 KIELER, Bob 163 KIENO, L. 74 KING, Jim 155 KING, Mike 102, 163 KING, Rose 64, 155 KINGKADE, Kim 163 KINNEY, Tim 155 KIRSCHBAUM, Debbie 99, 155 KIRK, Pom 74, 140 KISSEL, Sonia 155 KLEIN, Connie 163 KLIER, Angela 74, 155 KLINE, Douglas 57, 73, 78, 79, 75, 163 KLINE, Joe 81, 102, 103, 163, 164 KLINE, Pom 40, 127, 136, 155 KNAUER, Melody 58, 74, 155 KNIGHT, Lindo 155 KNOTT, Jackie 74, 155 KNOX, Bryan KOEPPL, Bruce 69, 73, 76, 120, 121, 163 KOONS, Kelsey 74, 155 KOONS, Pam 163 KRAHL, William 155 KRAMER, Kelley 40, 74, 75, 136, 155 KRAMER, Kim 74, 136, 155 KRATZ, Carol 74, 155 KRAUSE, Archie 163 KROPP, Kim 87 KROLL, Paul KUNTZ, Steve 56, 57, 155 LA CONA, Lou Ann 155 LACONA, Chuck 155 LACONA, Valerie 74, 155 LAGE, Erich 163 LAIR, Rick 163 LAIR, Vicky 155 LAIRD, Tim 57, 163 LANG, Jeff 135, 155 LANKFORD, Jim 102, 163 LANNING, Jim 155 LANNING, Mary 163 LANTZ, Mike 110, 122, 155 LARPENTER, Rick 163 LARSEN, Leiand 163 LARSEN, Leroy 155 LARSON, Bryan LARSON, Cathy 163 LARSON, Gladys 155 LE DENT, Nancy 163 LEACH, Joanne 74, 155 LEACH, Lynn 155 LEE, Debbie 155 LEE, Ronnie 102, 138, 140. 163 LEE. Ronald 163 LEEGE. Jim 155 LEGAN. Debbie 163 LEHENY. John 163 LEHMKUHL. Kevin 102, 163 LEHNEIS, William 167 LEIGHT, Lori 60 LEMONS, Ron 81, 117, 120, 121, 163 LEONETTI, Terri 155 LESTER, Dorlene 163 LEONETTI, Tom 163 LETO, Andrea 40, 97, 127, 149, 155 LETO, Perry 155 LIGOURI, Cindy 40, 163 LINDSEY, Kevin 163 LINK, Nancy 44, 46 LIPOVAC, Sheilo 156 LISTON, Judy 163 LITTLE, David 163 LIVELY, Dennis 163 LIVENGOOD, Kevin 109, 110, 156 LIVINGSTON, Dennis 110, 122, 123, 156 LOCKE, Karen 100, 138, 156 LOERKE, Robb 122, 133, 155 LONG, Greg 56, 57, 163 LONG, Hildo LONG, Mork 69, 81, 102, 103, 119, 120, 121 LOPEMAN, Cindy 82, 85, 163 LOSEE, Judy 167 LOUGHRY, lla 57, 163 LOVELL, Sue 163 LOWE, Barry 57, 81, 113, 132. 133. 163 LUCAS. Neil 163 LUCIA. Maria 156 LUKEHART, Kathy 23, 73, 124, 126, 136, 137, 163 LUKENBILL, Ken 156 LUND, David 131, 163 LUNN, Jean 163 LYNCH, Becky 163 MACASA, Lindo 156 MAC KIN, Fred MAHNKE, Army 48, 73, 84, 99, 136, 163 MAHNKE, Eric 81, 138, 139, 140, 163 MAIZE, Harley 156 MALDONADO, Tom 60, 156 MALY, Rick 57, 156 MANNING, Melvin 156 MANZ, Alexander 73, 163 MAPEL, Revo 136, 156 MARK, Bob 156 MARKS, Penny 163 MARSHALL, Richard 110, 156 MARSHALL. Sue 156 MARTIN. Albert 156 MARTIN, Lucinda 163 MARTURELLO, Mike 56, 57, 73, 146, 163 MASON, Tim 110, 156 MASTERS, Seah 156 MATNEY, Donna 124, 164 MATLAGE, Terry 156 MATTESON, Vicki 156 McANICH, Pom 164 McCLELLAN, Mary 82, 83, 164 McClelland, Horry 156 McCLINlOCK, Jeff 156 McCLUNG, Jonette 127, 156 McCLURG, Brian 122, 156 McCONNELL, Michelle McCOOL. Craig 164 McCOY. Brad 164 McCOY. Kim 60. 164 McCURNIN. Matt McDonald, Betty 156 McDonald, Craig 156 McDONOUGH, Gory 57, 156 McDonald, Tom 156 McDOUGALL, Robin 156 McELDERRY, Miriam 164 McEWEN, Kim 164 McGILLIVRAY, Karen 164 McKIBBEN, Tommi 156 McNEELEY, Ron 156 McNEELEY, Sherry 156 McNELLY, Cindy 164 McNEW, Gary 129, 156 Mcpherson, Larry 156 McVEY, Sue 75, 156 . McWHERTER, Keith McWILLIAMS, Mike 156 MCANINCH, Kelly 156 MCCONKEY, David 164 MCCOY, Joyce 156 MEDtNA, Juanita 164 MEEK. Valerie 164 MEFFERD. Lynette 156 MEHL, Tracie 156 MELONE. Carol 156 MEISTERS. David MENDENHALL, Bob 156 MERCER, Pom 40, 97, 156 MEREDITH, Leonard 156 MEREDITH, Patty 73, 164 MERKEL, Norroe 60, 61, 156 MESSINGER, Dawn 64, 156 METELMAN, Liso 43, 67, 164 METTILLE, Mike 156 MEYER, David 75, 156 MEYER, Jennie 156 MEYERS, Larry 164 MICHNER, John 57 MICILE, Frank 164 MICKELSON, Bruce 164 MIDDLETON, Curt 164 MILLARD, Julie 164 MILLER, Corol 64. 164 MILLER, Dan 156 MILLER, Donny MILLER, Mike 164 MILLER, Pam 156 MILLER, Paul 57, 75, 164 MILLER, Scott 156 MILLHOLLIN, Kim 156 MILLIGAN, Sue 164 MILLS, Andy 131, 156 MILLS, Dave 138, 156 MILLS, Marc 164 MINARD, Kim 74, 75, 156 MINCKS, Kevin 164 MITCHELL, Jeff 110, 156 MITCHELL, Mike 164 MITCHELL, Mike 164 MITCHELL, Scott 156 MICHENER, John 164 MOHLER, Sherri 127, 140, 156 MONROE, Keith 164 MONROE, Sue 164 MONTIS, Mike 74, 156 MOON, Christy 46, 47, 68, 149, 164 MOORE, Carolyn 156 MOORE, Dianne 84, 156 MOORE, Jackie 61, 64, 164 MOORE, Eric 140 MOORE, Sherry 136, 164 MOORE, Sheryl 156 MORANO, Al 164 MORANO, Jim MORAWSKI, Maria 156 MORELOCK, Sharel 149, 164 MORGAN, Mark 109, 110 MORLAN, Scott 131, 135, 156 MORLAN, Viki 164 MORNING, Mike 164 MORO, Lorree 136, 156 MORRIS, Jeanie 156 MORRIS, Kirk 67, 164 MORRIS, Krisfi 156 MORRIS, Rusty 74, 156 MORRIS, Toni 58, 164 MORRISON, Connie 164 MORTON, Wendy 75, 127, 156 MORTOZA, Tony 164 MUELLER, Bob 167 MULLIGAN, Soldo 67, 84, 85, 99 MULIGAN, Tom 140, 164 MUNSON, Ben 80 MUNYON, Mary 156 MURCHISON, Ronnie 164 MURPHY, Susette 156 MUTCHLER, Koren 164 MYERS, Beth 156 MYERS, Kathy 97, 136, 156 MYERS, Lori 83, 84, 164 NAGEL, Mark 81, 102, 138, 140, 164 NAGLA, George 156 NASH, George 156 NATION, Doug 164 NEGRETE, Felicia 156 NELSEN. Doug 156 NELSON, Jim 156 NEVINS. Cindy 156 NEWELL, Kyle 164 NEWTON, Marilyn 124, 164 NICOLINA, Mary Anne 164 NITTLER, Jackie 156 NIXON, Mike 120, 121, 147, 167 NOAH, Jeri 127, 156 NOBLE, Cindy 74, 156 NOBLE. Julie NOREM, Lori 156 NORTON, Beverly 167 NORTON, Randy NORMAN, Lynn 167 NORING, Debbie 57, 74 O ' DONNELL, Dennis 133, 164 O ' NEEL, Barry 156 O ' NEEL, Brian 164 OGBURN, David 156 OGLE, Jim 164 OLIVER, Dennis 164 OLIVER, Diane 164 OLIVER, Gareid 164 OLSON, Cathy OLSON, Julie 73, 164 OLSON, Sheryl 127, 156 OSTERHOLT, Tim 57, 164 OTTO, Lorene 57, 167 OXFORD, William 156 PACH, Ronnie 164 PAGANO, Dina 40, 62, 164 PAKE, Donald 164 PALIS, Debbie 142, 164 PALMER, Brod 156 PALMER, Bob PALMER, Brion 156 PALMER, Theresa PANE, John 156 PARDEKOOPER, Marilyn 164 PARKS, Tim 164 PARKS, Scott 135, 156 PARLEE, Roger 156 PARROTT, Elizabeth 156 PARSON, Rick 40, 95, 102, 106, 107, 164 PASCUZZI, Bill 110, 156 PASCO, Morilyn 164 PASUTTI, Paul 110, 135, 156 PATCH, John 164 PATRICK, Debbie 57, 164 PATTEN, Dave 164 PEARCE, Steve 164 PEBBLES, Russell 157 PEDERSEN, Brenda 157 PENLAND, Larry 164 PENNINGTON, Gory 164 PERKINS, Beckie 164 PERKINS, Lori 157 PERKINS, Randv 164 PETERSON, Kim 157 PETERSON, Debbie 164 PETERSON, Mary 164 PETERSON, Rachel 73, 124, 125, 127, 164 PETERSON, Richard 110, 157 PETOSA, Sue 164 PHALEN, Mike 164 PHELPS, Bob 62, 164 PHILLIPS, Don 57 PHILLIPS, Doug 157 PHILLIPS, Sue 157 PIKE, Holly 67, 97, 164 PIERCE, Alan 157 PIPER, Delores 157 PIPER, Lori 164 POGUE, Richard 74, 157 POINDEXTER, Karen 157 POINTER, Caryl 61, 164 PONTIOUS, Mike 62, 164 PORTER, Ron 110, 157 PORTWOOD, Cindy 75, 164 POST, John POTTS, Pat 102, 107, 164 POTYCKI, Bobbie 165 POWELL, Betty 87, 124, 165 POWELL, Danny 81, 138, 157 POWELL, Marty 165 POWELL, Rondy POWER, Kevin 165 POWERS, Mark 165 POWLEY, Burt 165 PRALL, Steve PRENDERGAST, Karen 99, 165 PRICE, Cindy 165 PRICE, Hollie 56, 57, 165 PROHASKA, Judy 157 PROTHERO, Donald 62, 165 PROUDFIT, Debro 74, 157 PULS, Tony 165 PUNELLI, Tereso 157 PURVIANCE, Julie 165 QUINN, Mark 157 QUIRK, Steve 56, 73, 76, 79 RAFDAL, Deboroh 157 RAGAN, Debro 165 RAGAN, Jerry RAND, Donald 165 RAND, John 165 RANDALL, David 165 RAPER, Randall 165 RASMUSSEN, Paula 124, 165 REA, Michael 131, 157 READ, Mary 74, 157 REED, Kenneth 80, 157 REED, Mary 61, 148, 149, 165 REED, Ronnie 165 REESER, Carlene 165 REESER, Diane 165 REETZ, Donovan 157 REEVES, Berry 157 REEVES, Diono 157 REGAN, Jerry 80 REISMAN, Susan 165 RENDA, Catherine 40, 68, 73, 76, 82, 83, 165 RETHMEIER, John 157 REYNOLDS, Debro 157 REYNOLDS, Marshelle 74, 136, 157 RHOADES, Pomelo 165 RICE, Richard 110, 157 RICHARDS, Becky 165 RICHARDS, Suson 57, 157 RICHARDSON, Jackie 157 RICHARDSON, Keith 165 RIDENOUR, Sue 74, 157 RIEHM, Scott 165 RIES, Richord 80, 165 RIGGLE, David 67, 165 RIGGS, Debbie 165 RILEY, Mike 165 RINGLE, Heidi RIOS, Romona 74, 157 RIVAS, Chris RIVERA, Leiso 165 RI2ZUTI, Pom 44, 74, 157 ROBB, Eric 165 ROBERTS, Don 157 ROBERTS, Jim 157 ROBERTS, Roymond 165 ROBERTSON, Margie 165 ROBERTSON, Ricky ROBINSON, Cynfhio 165 ROOBERG, James RODRIGUEZ, Cheryl 157 ROE, Elbert 46, 47, 165 ROGERS, Curt 165 ROGERS, Donno 157 ROGERS, Kimberly 165 ROMANO, Nick 165 RONEY, Timothy 157 ROSAS, David 157 ROSENBAUM, Poul ROSENDAHL, Kevin 157 ROSS, Renee W. 165 ROTH, Carol 74, 99, 157 ROUNDS, Sheryl 157 ROUTH, Deborah 157 RUMMELHART, Mark RUNKEL, Morto 46, 47, 73, 76, 165 RUNKEL, Nathan 58, 74, 76, 138, 157 RUSSELL, Tony RUSSELL, Kimberly 74, 157 RUSSO, Jonine 157 RYAN, Craig 165 RYNEARSON, Sharon 157 SABOL, Kothe 165 SACKETT, Lorroine 99, 140, 157 SAGE, Gail 157 SAGRILLO, Cothleen 74, 136, 157 SALTZMAN, Kristy SAMSON, Sheryl SAMUELSON, Kothy 157 SAMUELSON, Kim 165 SANDBERG, Jonine 165 SANDERS, Thomas SANFORD, Donnell 157 SAPP, More 34, 110, 157 SARNECKI, Michoel 157 SATER, Tim 157 SAVILLE, Borboro 127, 165 SAVILLE, Terry 27, 165 SCAGLIONE, Mellisso 47, 165 SCARPING, William 56, 57, 58, 157 SCARTOZZI, John 165 SCAVO, Charles 62, 165 SCAVO, Danny 165 SCAVO, Nickey 157 SCHAFFER, Michael 157 SCHEFTNER, Mark 34, 157 SCHISSEL, Stephanie 157 SCHALLER, Tim 88, 165, 166 SCHEFTNER, Morgoret 157 SCHMALTZ, Jeff 81, 87, 121, 147, 165 SCHMALTZ, Julie 40, 55, 68, 82, 100, 165 SCHNEIDER, Joni 74, 157 SCHULTZ, Julie 157 SCHULTZ, Sobrino 165 SCHUSTER, Ruth 157 SCHWEIGER, Lino 99, 127, 136, 137, 157 SCIACHITANO, Ufohno 73, 75, 165 SCOTT, Cleo 165 SCOTT, Lowell 165 SEASE, Cheryl 80, 165 SEDARS, Mike 34, 157 SEGER, Jamison SEIBERT, Richard 157 SEIBERT, Robyne 40, 99, 136, 165 SENIOR, Judy SENTER, Victor 165 SEUFERER, Doug 157 SEVERING. Gloria 157 SEVILLE, Barb 74 SHAW, Peggy 57, 74, 157 SHEETS, Rondy 157 SHELTON, Pot 157 SHERMAN, Potti 165 SHINEFLEW, Charles 165 SHIPLEY, Ed 122, 157 SHIRLEY, Elizabeth 57, 60 SHORT, Vicki 34, 157 SHOWERS, Cindy 53, 73, 165 SHOWERS, Koren 58, 157 SHRINER, Peter 157 SHUMWAY, Brenda 47, 61, 165 SICKELS, Eloine 157 SIECK, Greg 165 SIEPMANN, Stocey 157 SIGMUND, Mike 157 SILCOTT, Jim 120, 165 SIMMONS, Tracy 67, 186, 165 SINCLAIR, Mary 157 SINGLETON, Richard 165 SINGLETON, Rita 86, 97, 158 SINOPOLI, Roold 158 SINOPOLI, Peory 158 SIRIANNI, Morionne 144 ' 58 SLAGLE, Theodoor 165 SLA TON, Euston 165 SLATON, Jonice 158 SLATON, Joon 158 SLY. Mike 165 SLEETH, Glendo SMITH, Brod 165 SMITH, Dole 135, 158 SMITH, Debro 47, 74, 158 SMITH, Gene 158 SMITH, Gerold 165 SMITH, Jim 158 SMITH, Joy 158 SMITH, Kothy 165, 167 SMITH, Louro 74, 87, 158 SMITH, Lori 56, 57, 73, 74, 75, 165 SMITH, Mike 81, 165 SMITH, Nancy 74, 87, 158 SMITH, Norman 165 SMITH, Patricio SMITH, Roy 56, 57, 75, 158 SMITH, Rusty 165 SMITH, Sue 68, 165 SMITH, Tim 165 SNIDER, Diane 165 SNYDER, Jeff 158 SNYDER, Julie 73, 165 SODERHOLM, Steve 135, 158 ' SODERHOLM, Wayne 133, 135, 158 SONNENBURG, Randy SORENSON, Jill 57, 165 SOROKA, Mary 158 SOUDER, Steve 165 SOUTHER, Condi 43, 162, 165 SOUTHER, Guy 69, 110, 122, 158 SOWLES, Scott 165 SPAGNOLA, Theresa 62, 165 SPARKS, Lynne 60, 165 SPAUR, Louri 166 SPEED, Bob, 81, 102, 133, 166 SPEICHER, Donno 40, 158 SPEICHER, Doug 81, 102, 103, 132, 133, 134 160, 166 SPEIRS, Chris SPERRY, Marty 100, 158 STAECKER, LuAnn 82, 85, 100, 166 STALTER, Doug 166 STANLEY, Debro 157 STANLEY, Greg 157 STANLEY, Jonice 73, 166 STANLEY, Jill 57, 74, 157 STANTON, Rod 157 STAPES, Jon 69, 109, 110, 158 STAPES, Tim 166 STAPLETON, Steve 166 STAPLES, Bruce 58, 157 STARK, Jeff 56, 57, 75, 166 STEELE, Dennis 166 STEIN, Helene 157 STEINBACH, Greg 166 STEPP, Don 18, 166 STEPP, Linda 157 STERRETT, Julio 158 STEVENS, Dorothy 166 STEVENSON, Mono 157 STILES, Roy 158 STOCKER, Diane 75, 136, 158 STOCKER, Paul 81, 133, 166 STONER, Kenneth 5T0NER, Teresa STOOKEY, Deborah 158 STOTTS, Dennis 57, 166 STOUT, Terri 166 STRATTON, Jeanne 158 STREET, Donette 158 STREETER, June 166 STRINGER, David 138, 158 STRINGHAM, Vickie 74, 158 STRODE, Michael 166 STROUD, Jill 74, 158 STROUF, Moryione 58, 73, 165 STUBBS, Vivian 74, 158 STUMP, Janice 74. 158 STUNDINS, Karl 50, 53, 75, 90, 113, 146 SUCHY, Maxine 57, 74 SULLIVAN, Dorlene 158 SUTHERLAND, Kelly 57, 158 SWAN, Shellie 43. 82. 83, 85, 99, 166 SWINEHART, Nancy 56, 166 SZTUKOWSKI, Jeonette 87, 158 SULLIVAN, Michelle 124, 166 SUMMY, Connie 158 TAPSCOTT, Matthew TEMPLETON, Wayne 158 TEMPLETON, Rick 135, 166 TENEURS, D. 75 TERRELL, Sherry 166 TERRY, Rondy TEST, Allan 158 TETER, Gary 81, 138, 140, 166 TEXTOR, Kent 158 THACKER, James 158 . THACKER, Timothy 158 THARP, Jomes 166 THEIS, Chris 158 THOERMER, Carrie 57, 74, 158 THOMAS, Rick 166 THOMAS, Shirley 158 THOMASON, Williom 73, 74, 81, 138, 140, 166 THOMPSON, Alan THOMPSON, Pomelo 40, 62, 166 THOMPSON, Potricio 166 THOMPSON, Peggy 158 THORNBURG, Dovid 158 THORNTON, Rebecco 75, 166 THORUP, John 40, 57, 102, 103, 107, 108, 116, 117, 119, 120, 121, 166 THURMOND, Paul 56, 158 TIDBALL, Christine 166 TILLINGHAST, David 56, 120, 144, 166 TIMMONS, Cindy 74, 136, 158 TOMLINSON, Debbie 166 TONCAR, Borboro 158 TOOMEY, Lorry 81, 1 13, 133, 135, 158 TOWNSEND, Tyler 81, 166 TRANSEAL, Sue 20 TRANSUE, Jonice 40, 82, 85, 166 TREANOR, Donald 80, 158 TRIPLETT, Raymond 166 TRUITT, William 63, 102, 160, 166 TRUJILLO Jeff 81, 102, 103, 128, 129, 160, 163, 166 TURK. Kevin 158 TURNER, Mortin 74, 158 TURNER, Poulo 166 TURSI, Jean 97, 100, 158 202 UHLMAN, Mae 62, 158 UNDERWOOD, Daniel 166 UTTERBACK, Kimberly 166 VALADEZ, Diona VAN ALSTINE, Julie 47, 166 VAN DE BOE, Maryonn 166 VAN DYKE, Bob 167 VANCE, Lori 166 VAN ZEE, Willis 158 VAN ZUUK, Dorronce 46, 47, 50, 166 VANCLEVE. Jeffrey 166 VANDERPOOL, Linda 73, 166 VANDERVELDE, Jonice 140, 158 VASEY, Betty VASEY, Roy 166 VAUGHAN, Doniel 158 VEACH, Benjamin 158 VEACH, Cindy 166 VEAVY, Betty 158 VENOSKY, Sheila 166 VIRDEN, Cindy 158 VIRDEN, Sherry 166 VIRDEN, Kenneth 158 VUJNOVICH, Louise 166 WACHTER, Walter 158 WADLEY, Frederick WAGNER, Cynthia 158 WAGNER, Jack 158 WAGNER, Tamoro 158 WALDRON, Joseph 158 WALKER, Douglas 158 WALKER, Jon 26, 166 WALKER, Maryellen 74, 158 WALKER, Richard WALKER, Teresa 158 WALKER, Wyott 158 WALLACE, Lori 124, 126, 166 WALSMITH, Kathy 74, 158 WARD, Donna 166 WARD, Marc 158 WARD, Sarah 68, 166 WARE, Jonis 22, 67, 166 WARE, Tarry 87, 158 WARNES, Debby 166 WASSON, Mikael WASSON, Sheryl 75, 166 WATSON, Patricio 158 WATSON, Shoron 158 WATTS, Kimberly 114, 136, 158 WEAVER, Keith 131, 166 WEBB, Tony 166 WEBLEY, Jo Ellen 158 WEDDELL, Raymond WEDDELL, Robert 166 WEDEMEIER, Lorri 53, 61, 149, 166 WEIKUM, Rodger 158 WELLS, Donna 62, 166 WENGER, Sandra 62, 166 WESSEL, Rexine 158 WEST, Craig 158 WEST, Dean 166 WESTON, Ronald 166 WHEELER, Catherine 56, 74, 127, 158 WHEELER. Richard 166 WHITAKER, Alan 166 WHITMORE, Kent 159 WHITMORE, Michael 159 WHITLATCH, Alan WHITMARSH, Liso 73, 166 WHITTEN, Linda 166 WIESER, Doyle WILLIAMS, Debra 158 WILKINSON, Donald 166 WILLIAMS, Mike WILLIAMS, Terry 62, 63, 166 WILLIAMS, Tracy 166 WILLIS, Kelly 73, 102, 166 WILSON, Diano 166 WILSON, Don WILSON, Gigi 158 WILSON, Jack 158 WILSON, Rebecca 73, 76, 166 WILSON, Joe 102, 133, 166 WILTSIE, Jennifer 158 WIMBER, Mitzi 62, 166 WION, Dale 135, 158 WISE, Carol 158 WISNER, John WOODS, Shelley 159 WOOD, Wendy 159 WOODS, Phillip 159 WOODS, Vicki 74, 127, 159 WOODYARD, Rickie 159 WOOLSON, Ronald 159 WREN, Debbie 140, 159 WREN, Vicki 64, 84, 99, 140, 166 WRIGHT, Gwen 166 WRIGHT, Gene 159 WRIGHT, Laura 73, 75, 76, 166 WRIGHT, Lester WRIGHT, Vickie 159 YAHNKE, Ron 110 YAKOVICH, Scoft YANCY, Gregory YATES, Thomas 159 YETTER, Phillip 74, 75, 159 YOUNG, Arlene 75, 159 YOUNG, Darlene 159 YOUNG, Debra 57, 73, 75, 80, 86, 167 YOUNG, Potricia 74, 159 YOUNG, Ricky 159 ZARLEY, Jonathan 147, 159 ZAVALLA, Domingo 167 ZIEBELL, Scott 159 ZIMMERMAN, Deboroh 167 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS South Des Moines Rental WE RENT MOST EVERYTHING 1211 Army Post Road 285-3941 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES 410 S.E. 18th STREET DES MOINES, IOWA 50301 AREA CODE 515—265-1618 mend Packing Company i Henrys r Congratulations Class of 1974 Henry ' s Drive-ln 2717 S.W. 9th St. Henrys Just Across the Street 204 SKATING CENTER INC ROUNDS ROUNDS OF FUN! FOR EVERYONE — ROLLER SKATEI FAMILY FUN! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Tues - Wed - Fri Sat Eve 7:30 PM Sat Sun Matinees 1 PM • CLASSES • SKATES • ACCESSORIES Reserved for Private Parties on Mon - Thurs Sun Eve All ConditioiMd 606E ARMY POST RD 285 756 +. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 74 ROBINSON PLUMBING AND HEATING 4055 S.W. 30th 285-8171 Satisfaction Guaranteed I i •+ Congratulations Class of 1974 Dial Financial Corporation CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1974 GRADUATES Ericksoii ' s Barber Shop Beauty Salon 43021 2 S. W. 9th BARBER 4 HAIR STYLISTS Ted The Most Modern Open 8:00 - 5:30 Technique Tues. - Sat. 5:00 Used Tintinq - Frosting Open Evenings By Appointment 205 Beit Wiik ed from Standard Bearing Company of Des Moines 2350 HUBBELL AVE. 262-5261 RANDLEMAN REALTY INC. Residential Sales Rental Properties Farms Acreages Insurance Notary Public Call! ! 285-7370 4730 S.W. 9th 285-7370 CONGRATULATIONS RAILSPLITTERS! gun club poft uueor 214 S. W. JACKSON 283-1988 MANUFACTURERS OF SHOOTING AND FIELD SPORTSWEAR 206 ■ i Southtown Furniture House GAIL (BUD) McANINCH Auctioneer 285-5151 • New and Used Furniture • Buy and Sell Daily • Business Liquidators 6631 S.E. Bloomfield Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 1 Block South of Army Post Rd. 1 Block East of E. 14th I D 1 lOWA-DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK MAIN DOUGLAS 7th Walnut Beaver Douglas 245-3131 277-6333 EUCLID E. 25th Euclid 265-5372 URBANDALE 8301 Douglas 276-3446 , Allied Wholesale Meats. Inc. 2418 Sunset Road COMPLETE SUPPLIES OF CHOICE MEATS SEAFOODS " Quality and Service a Must " 207 Des Moines Area Mee Food Stores r t 4 1 MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE ' We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models " ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN " Where There ' s A Smile in Every Aisle " 4k. + Butterworth ' s " THE TIRE PLACE " Radial Tire Specialist ' Armstrong - B. F. Goodrich Uniroyal Butterworth Tire Co. " The Best Place in Town To Buy Tires " 433 E. Grand 244-5214 ] m 15th Locust Dial 283-2446 CONEY ISLAND NO. 2 Serving the Public Since 1919 Famous for CONEYS, BEEFBURGERS, CHILI Phone 243-9608 or 243-9695 Hours — Three Locations — Hours 3700 SW 9th Open 7 days a week 10 a.m. - Midnight Downtown 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 400 Euclid Monday thru Saturday, Closed Sunday 208 — + CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Quad States Construction and Equipment Company 1410 S. E. Diehl 285-1020 LARRY STRADTMAN Class of " 41 " 209 r Bob ' s Carpet, Linoleum Paint FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Quality Is Our Goal Kitchen, Bath, Living Room and Commercial Vinyl Floor Inlaid Linoleum — Floor Tile COLONY PAINT SatinTone " The Easy Paints " Ph. 285-2263 208 E. Army Post Rd. Mon. thru Fri. until 8:00 P.M. Saturday 8-4 onaratuiaL toni to ike WIMPY ' S STEAK HOUSE 1604 SOUTH UNION James Moore Cheryl Moore Fifty four hundred South West Ninth at Kenyan 210 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 CRIVARO SON insurance Agency John A. Criraro 2460 S.W. 9th Phone Des Moines, Iowa 288-5589 Krispy Krust Bread Co. Specializing In Hearth-Baked Bread VIENNA ITALIAN PUMPERNICKLE RYE At Your Store 2 S.E. Jackson Ave. DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 243-1620 ! 10 SPEED BICYCLES Motobecone, Peugeot Gitone, Mizutoni, Bionchi BILL ' S CYCLERY The Enthusiasts Bike Shop 3505 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Phone: 282-7161 21 1 J rem Saving , Commeth having man, Iseth That ever True! f(f4fc IRa , (1670) " English Proverbs " Fi 4 Ali Ovzn. QzntAoZ Iowa y i List With Us And Start Packing Mobile Phones 24 Hour Answering Service 287-2100 +• 1 National Realty Inc 5875 Fleur Dr., Suite 100 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1974 Willow Creek Iowa ' s Finest Public Golf Course 285-4558 S.W. 63rd Army Pott Rd. 212 GET THE 11 ICS CRSAM Try oil your old favorites . . . plus " crazy, mixed-up " flo- vors made only by Boskin-Rob- bins. During the season, wotch for: CHOCOLATE ALMOND . . . PINK BUBBLE GUM . . . STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE . . . JAMOCA ALMOND FUDGE . FUDGE BROWNIE . . . ROCKY ROAD . . . ond of course, Chocolate, Strowberry, and Vonilla! BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORES Wakonda Shopping Center 4231 Fleur Dr. Des Moines, Iowa Phone 285-9467 ! I Dewey Dorothy Boothe I Senior Portraits %3n direct Qolor Your Family ' s Treasured Possession Forever STUDIO Suite 101 1011 Locust St. Phone 285-4376 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 I MILLIGAN BODY SHOP COMPLETE BODY AND PAINT REPAIR 1212 Geil 285-5302 „ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 74 from WILHITE PLUMBING AND HEATING " Your Soufhtown Plumber " 1001 S. W. Hockley 285-7510 213 A turning point in our liistory The decade of the 70 ' s may well go down in history as a turning point in the lifestyle of this country. A time when man suddenly awoke from a lifestyle of increasing, and many times wasteful, energy consumption. And when he awoke to decreasing fuel and energy supplies, he took a positive step and entered the age of energy conservation. It will be noted as a time when it became as important to use existing energy supplies wisely, as to find and develop new and alternate sources. That ' s why at Iowa Power, we think practicing energy conservation, like insulating your house well, is so important. Important because we don ' t think it makes sense for any of Us to use or pay for more energy than we really need. At Iowa Power, it ' s our responsibility to provide adequate supplies of energy. It ' s your responsibility not to waste any of it. To Lincoln, the best school in Iowa Congratulations Class of ' 74 COMMONWEALTH CARE CENTER 5608 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa f — AT AMERICAN REPUBLIC, OUR BUSINESS IS LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE. OUR GOAL IS A BETTER SOCIETY FOR AMERICANS. American Republic Insurance Company-Des Moines, Iowa 214 ♦ ., Best Wishes For The Future R. S. Prewitt Co. Food Brokers 2820 Bell Ave. 243-6173 I ■ I 4i. TRIANGLE DRUG S. E. 14th and Indianola 243-4131 PARK AVENUE DRUG 3300-2 S.W. 9th 244-8166 Congratulations Class of 1974 From IOWA SOUND Topes, Players, Sfereos 1017 High St. 243-3104 and RADIO TRADE SUPPLY COMPANY ' Everything in Electronics ' 1017 High C Lassaux 288-7237 Office Supplies for Home or Office Office Furniture, Art Supplies, Social Stationery Notes, Norcross Greeting Cards BINGS STATIONERY CO. 3410 S.W. 9th Ph. 288-4889 ! — .+ 215 Southtown Music GUITARS DRUMS Alvarez Apollo Electro Rogers Fender Ludwig Harmony Zickos Gibson Polaris Yamaki Ovation Martin Guild AMPLIFIERS EMC Kustom Alamo Woodson Randall Acoustic " Student Teaching " By Professional Musicians Lou Carroll, Owner 5915 S.W. 9th 285-2770 Lir Joe ' s Lincolners — Check Out Our Chicken Ribs, Steaks, Seafood Fine Italian Cuisine PHIL BARBER, Chef 5-11 P.M. Tues.-Thurs. 5-12 P.M. Fri. Sat. 2301 S.W. 9th " In Railsplitter Land " CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1974 Cooper Homes Inc. 3217 Summit Vista Dr. J. H. Cooper 285-6205 1 t COMPLIMENTS ODEA Finance Company 1117 Locust Str««t DES MOINES, IOWA 243-3247 216 + i —• — — WHITAKER PHARMACY Call a • . • I li Pr»6cription Store With the Import Shop • • • Over 60 Years of Service 1 1 03 Army Post Rd. Phone 285-21 21 to Des Moines • • • 243-1111 FREE DELIVERY - ■ — — ' ■ PARK AVENUE I- i 1 " OMfZDATIII ATinKlC fZQArvl lATPI VJlNOtx 1 VJ1 A 1 iVJiN J, V3F l- ' J N I C: j SHOE AND CLOTHINC Ditcever DEEYA for a Levlier You BeHi r d with t an-ag probUmif BlMnlthMF Dry skinr Oily •kinf Let Margaret help you with your Skin Prob- lems while one of our Trained Operators gives you a flattering New Hair Style. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Wont to Mrn moMy for your clubf uii fVturuvirci lUi luu w udi rvn ru i iv Figurette Bras i 1 S i in j Rose Radnieh, Tim Ellis, Sue Martin in- 1 vite all Lincolners to shop at the complete j store for their wardrobes. I 3304 S. W. 9th Street Phone 282-0649 i 1 i .. MEL-MAR ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 3201 S.W. 9th 244-3855 ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 217 on ratuiationi une 1974 raJuales FROM GRUBB WASHER Sales Service In HOME APPLIANCES — TELEVISION FURNITURE 3310 S.W. 9th Street Ph. 243-0526 Where You Always Get The Best Buy Bob And Bill Keefer Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES 285-8303 Prescriptions Delivered BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT 4— 218 — + CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 4201 CHAMBERLAIN SSOO S. W. 9TM ST. biitinclive Si ie6 AND Courteous Service Ph. 282-8510 Ph. 255-5571 a..—- — HINKY DINKY STORE Manager Charles Freund S.W. 9th Bell Des Moines Music House Established 1916 814 Wolnut Street Phone 244-4161 Congratulations Class of ' 74 Air Lanes 4200 Fleur Dr. 285-8632 and Bowlerama Lanes 1313 S. E. Diehl 285-281 1 Plenty of Family Entertainment +— You don ' t need us .s ' .-- .- FULL Central National Bank Trust Company MAIN BANK LOCUST AT SIXTH AVENUE, DRIVE-IN MOTOR BANK AT FIFTH « GRAND FULL SERVICE OFFICE AT 3STH S INGERSOLL. DES MOINES. PHONE 243-8161 MEMBER FDIC. 219 Congratulations Seniors Class of " 74 " From SCONOVACCO ' S PIZZA S.E. 8th and Indianola Rd. 243-9012 Congratulations Seniors Food Brokers Mario Falbo Associates 414 Elm St. Des Moines, iowo 50309 Ph. 244-4267 4 — .. + CONGRATULATIONS (uue d liif 3300-1 S.W. 9th St. Call 288-6789 Des Moines, Iowa ANTHONY COMITO, Proprietor + 220 TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jon. 1938 MARY TONINI Closs of June 1942 SELLERS OK HARDWARE William P. McCoy, Owner 3205 S.W. 9th Street DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 Phone 244-1913 THE VERY FINEST IN HARDWARE and WINDOW SCREEN REPAIR +— — ' ■ — " Conway Buick-Opel Inc 1401 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 221 • tl— Ml Happiness is a class ring from Shelton Jewelers 3600 S.W. 9th — . ,. „. . 4. Doug ' s Restaurant OPEN 24 HRS. Complete Menu, Fast Service, and Great Food We Cater Parties and Weddings TRY US SOON Ph. 285-1424 4821 S.W. 9th or 5th and Grand CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dr. Dale E. Briley 1415 Army Post Road + — — ARTISTIC ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 282-1 866 Interior Exterior Rails 4..— 222 Dominic Rizzuti Sam Rizzuti DES MOINES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 74 4. Congratulations Class of 1974 Riccelli ' s HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING and Electrical Co. 3009 S.W. 9th 283-2001 Law ' s " 66 " Service Fleur McKinley Des Moines, Iowa 285-9324 Bamie ' s Pizza House Dine With Us Or Carry It Out • Pizza (over 25 varieties) • Strom and Ham Cheese Sandwiches • Salads (with a special homemade dressing) Open 5 P.M. to 12 Midnight (Weekdays and Saturdays) Fridays 6 P.M. till 1 A.M. Closed Sundays Tuesdays I I I 1920 Army Post Rd. Quarry Supply, Inc. TOPS IN INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 Des Moines, Iowa I Compliments of n ormun 2). -J- 8fh and Walnut DMFS PES MOINES FLYING SERVICE. INC MUNICIPAL AIKPORT. DIl MOINCt, IOWA Mill Taltphtfifl lll-4l t Aril Ci«« 111 DISCOVER FLYING! Investigate Career Opportunities NOW In General Aviation! see us for a $5 INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT LESSON! DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. Municipal Airport 285-4221 deserve a break tod a) so get up and get away to... McDonald ' s 4812 S.W. 9tli DES MOINES, IOWA + „ — . ,. ,. „ " Established in 1906 " Banco Mortgage Company 4. t- Banco MORTGAGE BANKERS 288-1941 700 Second Avenue Des Moines, lowo FHA CONVENTIONAL VA MORTGAGE LOANS Minimum Down Payments Maximum Terms CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1974 GRADUATES From NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS — TAILORING DYEING Free Pickup and Delivery DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Dave Noah, Asst. Manager The Best Buy In Cleaning Is Quality S. W. 9th li Leiand 285-1261 DES MOINES, IOWA S-M-B CHARTER BUSES and AIRCRAFT The Ideal Way to Travel DIAL 276-3701 If No Answer Call 243-0066 " Complete Charter Service Anywhere " Sedalia — Marshall — Boonrille Stage Line, Inc. 5805 Fleur Drive Des Moines 4 „ 1 CORSAGES WEDDING FLOWERS owetA 6213 S.W. 9th DES MOINES, IOWA 50315 1 Phone 285-5212 Night Phone 285-3990 Don Van Sickle •+ 225 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ford and Garland Radio AM FM Car Stereo 4 8 Channel Tape Players Sales and Service 1414 LOCUST DES MOINES 288-6324 I i I CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CLASS OF 73 from GARY ' S FINA 5920-24 S.W. 9th Nizzi ' t Corner Station 285-9552 HYAH HOUSE HOTEL 6215 Fleur Drive ACROSS FROM THE AIRPORT 285-4310 226 1 ♦.- AUTO RADIOS PLAYERS TAPES AM FM ( Tape) IN DASH • 8 TRACK • QUAD SOUND • CASSETTE SALES— SERVICE— INSTALLATION ■ I JACK WALLACE I AUTO RADIO STEREO CENTER I I 1120 LOCUST PH. 288-2479 ! DOWNTOWN The insurance business holds many career opportunities. We may have one for you after graduation. FARMLAND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and FARMERS ELEVATOR MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Fleur Bell Des Moines, Iowa 50315 i ,. „ Anderson-Erickson Dairy Company " Quality You Can Taste " 2229 Hubbelt Ave. Phone 265-2521 DES MOINES, IOWA j Congratulations To The Graduating Class Lincoln High School Jewett Coffee Shop 914 GRAND 282-2033 Owner Operator PERK, DORIS, RANDY PERKINS Specializes in Homemade Rolls, Bread Donuts 227 CLOUD ROOM Sunday Buffet From Noon ' til 8 p.m. V. F. Bonsignore Mgr. Free Parking MUNICIPAL AIRPORT 285-3431 . — — + lonA HALL PRINTING COMPANY .+ +■ Printed and Bound by A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE • ART • LAYOUT • LETTERPRESS OFFSET PRINTING • COPY • PHOTOGRAPHY • BOOKBINDING 1636 LOCUST ST. DES MOINES. IOWA 50309 PHONE 282-8146 228 — - . - „ ,. . „ .. , + Dick Bond Skelly 4704 S.W. 9th Phone 285-9500 Tune-Up Brake Work Custom Rust Proofing Tires Pick-up Delivery L Fresh Fruits Vegetables Institutional Suppliers and jOtferfO PROCESSING CO. j CHEF ' S DE-LITE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 334 S.W. 6th Street 244-5281 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 Charlie Colosimo, Owner " I " ACRI WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY LOCATED THROUGHOUT IOWA TWIN PACK NH WT. II oz. 1400 Market St. — Des Moines, Iowa 50303 Phone 243-7601 +■ — + 229 CONGRATULATIONS TO 74 GRADUATES From Papa Joe ' s Pizza 1501 S.E. 1st 288-5520 Home of the Godfather and the Valachi Sandwich Crescent Chevrolet Co. See the Crescent Man Today! 17th Street North of Ingersoll Ph. 288-7041 USED CARS 15th Locust Ph. 288-1988 South Des Moines National Bank S.W. 9th McKinley Wakonda Shopping Center 6025 S.E. 14th Des Moines, Iowa 50315 • — " —• + ! CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS i Jim Brookhart United Garage 243-9087 230 .+ + Dannie ' s CONGRATULATIONS FROM Beauty Salon " We Care Enough To Do Our Very Best " 1944 Indianola Rd. Phone 288-4209 Owner Deanna Felice 1 Dr. Katheryne Stout Optometrist 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH •! BURGER CHEF Family Restaurants Fleur and McKinley Burger Chef goes all out to please your family. BURGER Chef. AND BIG SHEF ARC TRADEMARKS OF BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS. INC 231 T t ! ! STYLECRAFT STEEL, INC. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 74 " 1924 S.W. Second St., Des Moines, la. 50302 j P.O. Box 507 Area Code 515 288-8981 j Give Us A Call for Immediate Attention ■ To Your Metal Product Needs j , „ 232 t I ■ I I Ostrem Imports i i 1208 Locust ■ 1 I Phone 283-1975 I I I 1 I Congratulations Seniors } from j Iowa ' s Oldest and Largest 1 Sports Imports CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1974 Carinco Insurance Services, Inc. Keosauquo at Third Des Moines, Iowa 4 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BRIGHTWELL OIL COMPANY WASHING and GREASING BATTERIES ACCESSORIES ! i 1 1 I I i I Westside 1142 - 42nd 279-0095 Westside ! 4400 Hickman Rd. I 274-0307 Downtown ■ 10th Keo 244-8997 ! I I Northside j 5210 N.E. 14th ! 265-2369 i i.. EAST DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK E. 14th and Euclid Hubbell and E. University Pleasant Hill S.E. 14th Indianola Road Congratulations to the Graduates Jfflatt A Unique Difference Wakonda Shopping Center 285-3504 + — Road Contractors, Inc. 1405 S.E. First Des Moines, Iowa A. R. Gilloti J. L. Gillotti F. R. Gillotti 233 Out o{ Si ht BOUTIQUE Young Edwardian Young Innocent Sweet Baby Jane Junior House Charlies Girls WAKONDA SHOPPING CENTER 4223 Fleur Drive DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 287-1791 On the . . SOUTHSIDE it ' s PASQUALE ' S PIZZAREA 4010 S.W. 9th • Anchovy • Bacon • Cheese • Green Pepper • Horn • Shrimp • Hamburger • Mushroom • Onion • Pepperoni • Sausage • Special ' or any above combination " Onion Rings Hot Sausage Sandwiches Take-iNout or Eat-it-here 243-0338 or 243-9409 -+ Best of luck to the CLASS OF " 74 " BOB BROWN CHEVROLET " Iowa ' s Largest and Finest Day No. 276-2501 Night No. 276-9277 4224 Merle Hoy Road 234 " MAKING IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS POSSIBLE " ® BANKERS TRUST 515-283-2421 For Appointment ' s Coll 282-7179 2619 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Clothing Tailored by Deansgate Roosevelt Shopping Center Going away to college? Go away to Drake. That ' s right, Drake University! Come to Drake and live on campus. Think about the advantages .... on your own but close enough to home for " emergencies " like borrowing the car or replenishing the bank account at a moment ' s notice. Think about the advantage you have over the out-of-towners who don ' t know the ins-and-outs of your hometown. Think about the educational advantages at Drake. A degree from Drake means a head-start on your career. Want proof? Right now, 94% of last year ' s graduates have a job in the field they chose. There ' s a lot more happening between Forest and University than you realize. Stop by and let ' s talk about going away to Drake. If you ' re in a hurry, call us at 271-3181. 236 REED ' S ICE CREAM 11061 2 Army Post Road 285-9385 Grand View College ...the personal college. Grand View College— Education with a personal point of view. That means we see the person as the center of our purpose. For more than three-quarters of a century we ' ve been convinced that educa- tion doesn ' t all come from textbooks and classrooms. Meaningful education also comes from learning about yourself, learning about values to serve you a lifetime. A Grand View education means a dedi- cated faculty who share a common commit- ment to help each student develop through the entire spectrum of mind, body, and spirit. If you ' re looking for the personal di- mension in higher education, make Grand View your first choice. Write today for more information. Grand View— it ' s the personal college. Qthqd ie College A College of the Lutheran Church in America 1200 Grandview Avenue Des Moines. Iowa 50316 Phone 515 265-4232 It ' s new at Grand View . . . International Studies Program . . . study in Mexico, Spain, Austria Teacher Associate Curriculum . . . a 2-year career program January Semester . . . new and innovative courses Three Year Program ... for the honor student Increased Scholarships . . . now available 238 239 satisfaction Always Left to right: Joan Lee, Mark Long and Ellie Glozer. As part of Younkers firm belief in the young people of today, a program is offered each year for the Des Moines area schools . . . TEEN BOARD for junior ond senior girls, ADVISORY BOARD for junior and senior boys. These young people, selected to represent their schools, are chosen for leadership quolities, high scholastic standings, personal recommendations from school administrators and evaluation from members of the retiring boards, plus their interest and ability in retail and fashion. They participate in special fashion shows during the year, give talks in their schools and to other groups on good grooming, publish a monthly news- letter and work in various junior departments each Saturday. Younkers salutes the representatives from LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL for a job very well done. 240

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