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Railsplitter Bl Abraham Lincoln High School S. W. 9th and Loomis Des Moines, Iowa June 1972 Volume 9 A whirlpool of Youth . . . the movement of our times Contradiction, conflict, controversy Swirling madly in the sea of life —2— 4 —5— —6— —7— —9— Answers still unanswered questions still being questioned Dreams developing and growing ideas shaping, concepts forming We ask but for one understanding An understanding of confusion A plea to our world — to understand OUR whirlpool of Youth . . . — 1 1 — —13— NfeLN His a S.A.T. sales end with a colored picture and a smile. Right: A finishing touch is added to loyalty sign by two Dorian Art members. Below: Discussing the Homecoming sign, seniors gather informally. Senior Sign meeting . . . Chicken wire . . . pep assemblies . . . counselors . . . activity books . . . tempra paints . . . loyalty signs . . . schedule chants . . . new friends . . . never ending practice . . . swim- ming meets . . . cooperation . . . picture taking . . . LD. ' s . . . all these are involved in the new year . . . new faces . - . hooks . . . and new ideas . . . the be- ginning. 1 c h o I B — 14— 9 I n n i n 9 Girls Swimming With several of the times in, Coach Cady goes over and discusses the next few races. Coach Cady . . . Assistant Coach — Mrs. Wilcox . . . months of hard prac- tice . . . What for? . . . butterfly s in stomach . . . swim-a-thon, raised over $2000 for equipment ... all pre- vious records broken . . . Uncle Tom . . . Third in District . . . Kings . . . new sweatsuits . . . from dawn to dusk . . . straight, stringy hair all day . . . kicking, kicking, and more kicking . . . magic number 48 . . . Dairy Queen . . . cheers of anticipa- tion and encouragement . . . swim- mers take your mark, Go! . . . Mrs. Marks, Mrs. Marks, where ' s the cream-a-jezus? . . . BLH Member- ship Drive — 1st prize . . . Coach, I can ' t swim that — do I have to? You talked me into it! . . . sprint, sprfnt . . . the joy of winning, agony of de- feat . . . memories . . . Fourth in State . . . returning swimmers out to win all next year . . • L to R., First Row: L. Scott, L. Andrews, V. Caudill, C. Wood, C. Clark, L. Stradtman, P. Hartman, T. Blaisdell, C. Vandervelde. L. to R., Second Row: M Roth, L. South, N. Dooley, D. Amend, T. Burt, C. Kern, J. Lee, C. Gruetz- macher, M. Riggs, C. Way. L. to R., Third Row: A. Hartman, C. Dunston, A. Fairly, T. Sullivan, C. Koffee, R. Radnish, C. Jones, K. Hanson, J. Nagel, L. Mahnke, L. Gregg, Coach T. Cady. m m ' I With a happy smile on her face, Lisa Manke reflects the outcome of her With a few qualms about her next race, Cheryl Clark ner- vously awaits her turn. —16— Staying late for practice, Patty Hartman concen- trates intently on her dive to perfect it. Kim Hanson strokes her way to a sixth place finish in the State 100 yard freestyle. Breast stroker Colette Kern relaxes while await- ing her event. Suddenly increasing her speed, Carol Van- dervelde leaves ripples of water trailing behind her. Relief and good-heartedness easily come to Mrs. Wilcox and her swimmers after a big win. LINCOLN GIRLS SWIM RECORD Lincoln 80 Lincoln 53 Lincoln 75 Lincoln 37 Lincoln 44 Lincoln 53 Lincoln 75 Lincoln 61 District Meet State Meet North 15 S. E. Polk 42 East 20 Hoover 58 Valley 51 Roosevelt 42 Tech 20 Marshalltown 34 3rd 4th Theresa Blaisdell pours on the extra energy in the final lap of the 200 yard freestyle event. — 17— Cheryl Gruetzmacher entertains students at Byrd Elementary during council Hallo- ween party. Senior Tim Anderson prepares notes for District Student Council as Peggy Mason, Liane Lipsey, and Cindy Lavorato look on. Tuesday morning meetings . . The what?. Oh the treasurers report . . . roll count . . . mixed-up seating chart . . . T. J. taking over?!? . . . Do wo have a quorum yet? . . . Mr. Talarico, advisor . . . Mr. Wilson as a reference . . . Exchange Day . . . point of reference . . . hooking up the microphone . . . Skip the pledge, someone ran off with the flag . . . Welfare Com- mittee ' s Halloween Party . . . canned food drive . . . student apathy . . . meetings continued at 3:00 . . . parking lot hassle . . . PACE . . . All-City Meeting on Thurs- day . . . rainy night balloon sale . . . ribbon sales . . . committee meetings in library . . . tutoring programs . . . Rock-a-thon . . . Open Bulletin Board . . . mixer with Roose- velt ... no Christmas dance . . . student count . . . OSMOSIS always needing arti- cles . . . Hunger Hike . . . tape player in cafeteria . . . meeting in the auditorium . . . You are out of order! ... I move the previous question! . . . Ken Spratt, President . . . T. J. Kramer, vice-president . . . Slave Day . . . Volunteers use various skills to raise money for council. Seniors Bill Wylie, Janet Bird, and Char- lie Hamilton promote the student council car wash. Charly Hamil- ton and Trudy Mills fill balloons with helium for council ' s party at Byrd Elementary. Chief Justice Gary Garnett, questions President Ken Spratt and Vice-President T. J. Kramer. —19— Fall Clubs The Last Shades of Dawn supply the music for the festivities at the DECA- sponsored mixer. Spanish Club members serve traditional Spanish foods at the Foreign Food Fair. Hospitality Club welcomes visitors to the school, and usher at school activities. Members of the Dorian Art Club dedicate their time and energy to paint the spirit signs which decorate the halls. Students over-anxious for the annual Key Club car bash attempt to try out their skills. —20— Charlie Richards, Camera Club member, helps out by taking I.D. pictures. Linda Duede demonstrates her skill on the horse to the members of the gymnastics —21 — HARRIERS Lincoln Harriers . . . practices . . . run . . . goals . . . new head coach, Dave Bennett . . . getting in shape . . . four runners instead of three . . . pace it! . . . late season injuries . . . co-captains, Rich Hickle and Rex Ridenour . . . run . . . golf course . . . preparing mentally . . . few spectators . . . sprint! . . . led by Huffey, VanNostrand, Ridenour, Hickle, St. John . . . Strong fin- ishes in meets . . . second in Metro meet, ahead of Hoover . . . spiteful . . . revenge . . . returning letter- men . . . next summer ' s practices . . . goals for the future . . . Metro Championship? . . . Strutting at a quick pace, Steve John- son attempts to overcome his Dowling challenger and pass him by. Front row, left to right: Jerry Huffy, Jamie Van Nostrom, Rick Hickle, Gary St. John, Rex Ridnour, Steve Johnson. Back row, left to right: Coach Bennett, John Kosceilak, John Nevins, John Biggs, John Sorenson, Ernie Huffy. Lincoln Opponent Sept. 9 11 16 18 25 30 30 Oct. 2 7 7 9 12 16 19 23 20 Dowling 12 Roosevelt Little Cyclone Invitational at Ames — 5th 22 Hoover Hoover Invitational — 5th State Mile Team Race— 7th 14 East 10 North 16 24 14 25 20 Grinnell Invitational — 14th, 15th, 18th 10 Valley 20 10 Tech 20 Augustine Invitational — 5th 20 Marshalltown 16 Metropolitan Conference Meet— 2nd Urbandale Invitational — 3rd State Cross Country Meet — 5th Dual Record 5-3 Taking the turn, senior Jerry Huffy sprints to the finish line. —22— With each step a painful expe- rience, an ex- hausted Jamie Van Nostrand proves his ability by placing sec- ond against East. Following the course which runs over Ewing Park bridge, Bruce Winfrey com- mands a lead hoping to im- prove his time. As another practice ends, Coach Bennett discusses the up-coming meet with his runners. Loosening up before their event, Jamie VanNostrand and Rich Hickle converse over the set course. All lined up and ready to begin, Lincoln runners start off with the thought of we ' re out to win . —23— Try-outs . . . pom poms ... 7:30 practices . . . half time perform- ances . . . sore feet . . . lost pom poms . . . making tags . . . singing Christmas carols . . . library-home- room . . . summer practices . . . chants . . . saddle shoes . . . BLH Drive . . . South Dakota . . . bake sales . . . bobby socks . . . weigh-ins . . . cold football games . . . candy sales . . . Wilcox . . . Barb and De De . . . Yell! . . . left-left . guide . . . shut up and listen . nickles . . . toot-toot-toot . , parties . . . forgotten gloves . snake formation . . . Big L . Margo ' s mouth . . . tobogganing . long parades . . . muddy feet . dropping pom poms . . . Routines require lots of concentration and foot-watching. Drill Teamers start on their traditional ' Friday morning rounds of the school halls. Marching is not the only talent of the Drill Teamers. Here they demonstrate their cheering abilities. —24— DRILL TEAM — Captains : Barbara Walsmith and De De Baber. Front Row, (left to right): Vicki Caudill, Linda Lembke, Debbie Green, Mary Sheridan, Vicki Collings, Margaret Fridl, Paula Tilling- hast, Theresa Sullivan, Cindy Townsend, Mindy Mooney, Jeri Hoops, Debbie Anderson, Sandy Mc- Donald. Second Row: Laurie South, Janet Goodpasture, Jodi Tedesco, Cheryl Clark, Ginny Young, Kathy Fisher, Sharon Myers, Mary Badger, Sharon Pascuzzi, Shelly Henry, Margo McClung, Marilyn Denny, Kathy Zenor, Sue Hardy, Cindy Gillespie, Theresa Blaisdell, Shelley Boyd, Debbie Hayes. Not pictured: Suzi Pumphrey and Peggy Mason. Drill Team Only practice makes perfect as the girls go over their routines Drill Team performs for the student body at in tne gym. pep assemD i y in honor of the football team. —25— Drum Major: B. Wylie. First row, left to right: D. Wylie, C. Hotchkiss, J. O ' Neal, L. Scot, C. Hansen, B. Bent- zin Huffman, V. Stodden, D. Watson, J. Knauer, M. Kendrick, T. Leto. Second row, left to right: A. Ro , iego, C. Smith, B. Seger, B. Van Zuck, M. Gale, C. Reed, C. Reeves, S. Wall, L. Mebs, C. Jones, J. Lee. Third row, left to right: J. McCleavy, D. Green, S. Willis, R. Statton, M. Griffith, M. Guess, D. Munyon, S. Bach- ellor, M. Bancroft, T. Burt, M. Roth, C. Shaw. Fourth row, left to right: K. Hagen, P. Cardemon, K. Dickerson, C. Dunston, N. Beck, D. Hewitt, D. Sterrett, M. Hawn, C. Watts, C. Robinson. Fifth row, left to right:- S. Six, M. Sastellano, R. Piper, T. Statton, B. McDonough, A. Knight, D. Colburt, D. Cantrell, D. Valenti. Sixth row, left to right: D. Brant, K. Kreig, K. Machlan, B. Cummins, G. Carter, R. Gillium, G. Reierson, J. Proudfoot, D. Raleigh, D. Koons, M. Dobbins. Seventh row, left to right: S. Augspurger, D. Crouch, R. Francisco, P. Lantz, G. Mack, P. Broughton, E. Rogers, L. Keeney, T. Roth. Eighth row, left to right: T. Killium, M. Gauldin, S. Gabbert, M. Asgren, J. Houghtaling, B. Kroll, B. Wheeler, L. Andrews, D. Cook, B. Hammer. Ninth row, left to right: K. Wityk, D. Hobt, S. Fortnam, H. Cross, J. Fletcher, B. Brooks, R. Newman, D. Carter, P. Peterson. Tenth row, left to right: R. Shipley, L. Agee, C. Richardson, K. Kline, R. Bahl, R. Hillabolt, B. Conn, G. Crise, D. Ceretti, J. Funderburk, B. Carol, L. Manke, K. Hanson. During pep assemblies the band brings music, excite- ment and in- vigor ating spirit for the big night ahead. —26— First row, left to right: L. Manke, J. Funderburk, B. Carol. First row, left to right: B. Morgan, D. Miller, C. Bennet. Back row, left to right: K. Hanson, C. Richardson, S. Mont- Back row, left to right: D. Cataldo, D. Miller, S. Swan, R. gomery, R. Shipley, K. Klein, K. Conrath, L. Agee. Brown, M. Smith, V. Carter. Hot uniforms . . . much practice . . . new flags . . . new majorette uniforms . . . cadence . . . loyalty song . . . yard line . . . mark time . . . cut off . . . candy sales . . . sour notes . . . pivot . . . left flank . . . right flank . . . crescendo . . . de crescendo . . . for- ward march ... a one and a two . . . band counsel . . . South Dakota Trip . . . stage band . . . ready play . . . Henderson . . . Wylie . . . harmony . . . half-time performance . . . pep band . . . practice . . . sore feet . . . hot sun . . . repeat . . . Flags perform to the band ' s accom- paniment. Flags form an aisle as greeting for the football players. Baton twirlers exhibit their skill during half-time. —27— Homecoming ... 71 Pep Club, Drill Team, Flags and Cheerleaders do a turn about to see how a football player feels in the Powder-Pufi game. Girls club undertakes a car paint to promote the spirit of maroon and gold. Homecoming attendants receive the Royal treatment with sideline seats at the football game. Football . . . mum sales . . . Maroon and gold . . . alumni speaker . . . senior sign . . . Powder Puff Game . . . Cheerleaders . . . victory bell . . . Drill Team . . . Victory! . . . Queen and King . . . chicken wire . . . Flags . . . Car Paint . . . Victory tags . . . Spirit . . . crepe paper . . . East High . . . Abe Lincoln — Pete Koons . . . Yell leaders . . . Pep club . . . balloons . . . Homecoming Dance . . . ribbon sales . . . Majorettes . . . Soakie . . . Jeff . . . decorations . . . Court . . . Car caravan . . . Pep assembly . . . Drill Team performance . . . Corona- tion assembly . . . tradition . . . en- thusiasm . . . loyalty. Senior boys clown around during halftime at homecoming game. —28— Tom Comisky runs for tough yardage against East. Reigning over Homecoming ' 71 . . . Rose Cardamom L 0$ Railsplitter, Abe Lincoln the reason for our past, present and future homecomings. Everyone in the senior class puts in time working on the senior sign. —29— —30— Defensive Squad, left to right, front row: Dan Dotson 86, Mike Long 70, Leroy Edwards 64, Doug Clark 71, Kirk Blunk 12, Jim Wiand 61, John Houge 31. Back row: Kevin Wymer, 32, Blake White 23, Phil Hayman 30, Jeff Hanson 20. I 41 Offensive Squad, left to right, front row: Craig Cherry 88, Mike Long 70, Mark Hagan 66, Joe Oats 52, Jim Wiand 61, Doug Clark 71, Mike Miller 81. Back row: Tom Comiskey 25, Jeff Hanson 20, Jeff Par- sons 14, Kevin Wymer 32, Phil Hayman 30. First row, left to right: Phil Hayman, Mike Long, Jeff Hansen, Mark Hagen, Joe Oatts, Kevin Wymer, Doug Clark, Blake White, Mike Miller, Jeff Parsons, Craig Cherry, Jack Eaton, Tom Comiskey, LeRoy Edwards, Mark Blunck. Second row, left to right: Dewey Booth, Mike Wicks, Bill Marturello, Gary Edwards, Martin Osberg, John Houge, Dan Dotson, Mike Rich, John Gorsche, Jim Wiand, Bob Fouts, Dave Kaili, Dan Freeman, Kirk Blunck, Derek Mueller, Steve Thompson, Greg Grier. Third row, left to right: Steve Smith, Don Knox, Gary Ponce, Dave Atkins, Chris Logston, Gary Ogle, Bill Roth, Ron Gilliam, Mike Morris, John Croft, Steve Nation, Ray Buttler, Mike Klisarse, Mike Gale, Dave McDonald, Tom Lipovac, Don Freeman, Al Knight, Carey Verba, Charles Rice, Craig Newton. Fourth row, left to right: Coach Ron Petersen, Coach Larry Hayes, Tom Utterback, Mgr. Henry Pieart, Mgr. Tom Rowe, Mgr. John Hackley, Mgr. Marty Newton, Mgr. Jim Rhoades, Coach Bob Vanderlinden. V a r s i t y F o o t b a I I SEASON RECORD Lincoln 22 Marshalltown 18 Lincoln 14 Roosevelt 26 Lincoln 28 Valley 14 Lincoln 30 Hoover 14 Lincoln 38 North 0 Lincoln 22 East 6 Lincoln 46 Tech 7 Lincoln 6 Dowling 22 Lincoln 46 Ottumwa 8 Coach Vanderlinden . . . Co-captains Phil Hayman and Doug ( lark . . . hot summer practices . . . aching muscles . . . team meetings . . . Pag, Pillsbliry, Cliff, Desert Hawk, I rankenstein, Mark Trail . . . Phil Hayman, All-City tor three years and second team All-State for two years . . . assistant coaches Hayes, Peterson, and Summy . . . injuries . . . Wrenched limbs . . . You guys are like animals . . . mud-caked uniforms . . The Touchdowns . . . Sammy, Mutt, Spunk, Buffalo Boh, Ears . . . Doug ( lard, third string All-State . . . Hey, you might get your picture in the paper . . . Roosevelt and Dowling defeats mar record ... a jjreat season . . . —31 — Pass 112 . . . Mike Long, All-City Offensive (,uard . . . Craitf Cherry, All-City second string All-City Offensive End . . . Jeff Hansen, All-City De- fensive Half-Back and had the most interceptions . . . Phil Hayman, three-year 1,000 yard rusher and holds the city total points scoring record . . . All- Metro Team: Doug Clark — Tackle, Jeff Hansen — Defen- sive Back, Phil Hayman — Of- fensive Back, Mike Long — Guard ... 29 quick pitch . . . Excellent blocking from the offensive line forms a barrier to guard the hand-off to Phil Hayman and provides an op- portune moment to gain yard- age against the Riders. With the Hoover Huskies surrounding him, Jeff Hansen attempts to find an escape route. —33— Mike Long and Jeff Parsons celebrate after touchdown pass. Following the defensive actions of Phil Hayman, Jeff Hansen flashes past North players for a gain against the Polar Bears. With a long trail of Engineers and a referee following, Phil Hayman adds yardage to his seasons rushing record. Dowling, 46 games undefeated . . . preparation all year ... a shower of rainfall all day . . . slick field . . . determination . . . pressure exhausted sen- iors . . . trailing 18 points . . . Dowling, a 47 game winning streak . . . juniors made their vows for the coming year . . . Ottumwa . . . revenge on Lincoln ' s part . . . massa- cre of the Bulldogs . . . juniors experience prepara- tion for next season ... a walloping finish . . . Full of hot air during the high-pressure Dowling game, Railsplitters huddle to discuss further strategic tactics. Recalling all the season ' s experiences together, senior players somewhat reluctantly watch the burning uniform, as their memories and bonds linger with the flames of new tradition. fa Phil Hayman successfully evades Ottumwa players and exe- cutes a long run, making a first down. —36— Sophomore Football Mark Eg- g e r s powers his way to a first down. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Lincoln 20 Ames 32 Lincoln 30 Roosevelt 12 Lincoln 28 Valley 14 Lincoln 20 Hoover 20 Lincoln 26 North 22 Lincoln 38 Tech 0 Lincoln 42 East 12 Lincoln 8 Dowling 0 Hustle . . . freshman . . . Cherry . . . Champions . . . Next year ' s varsity . . . constant improvement . . . Carle . . . Dowling 9 ! winning streak . . . Baugher . . . Houge . . . Long . . . fantastic defense . . . power running backs . . . good showing for next season . . . lost against Ames, 32-20 . . . only defeat . . . Victory over Dowling, 8-0 . . . Sophomore Coach Carle relates his hap- piness over season with a smile. —37— John Thorop fires a pass against Dowling. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SQUAD— Front row, left to right: Coach Gary Baugher, J. Thorop, M. Long, L. Brauer, D. Thompson, R. Emerson, L. Tungland, G. Mason, P. Potts, P. Davey, K. Cherry, M. Eggers. Second row, left to right: G. Mitchell, T. Gorsche, J. Langbehn, J. Cardamon, M. Leo, D. Glade, J. Dilley, D. Berard, D DeRaad, L. Huss. Third row, left to right: R. Houge, J. Calvert, R. Dennis, S. Watts, S. Robertson, G. Puis C. Beck, M. White, E. Larson, J. Lankford, T. Hegan, K. Chandler, Coach John Carle. —38— SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL SQUAD— OFFENSE: Front row (left to right): L. Brauer, D. Thompson, D. Glande, L. Tungland, G. Mason, P. Potts, P. Davey. Back row (left to right): M. Long, M. Eggers, J. Thorop, K. Cherry. Mark Eggers (32) follows blocking of offensive line for a big gain against Hoover. Dave Thompson practices his extra- point kicking with his holder, Jim Lankford. Lincoln sophomore defense prepares for oncoming play. —39— F a I I P e P M. Zarley, S. Johnson, M. White, J. Rahm, M. Stevens, C. Russ G. Schmaltz, B. Baker, D. Rawson, T. Mills, L. Stradtman, L. Tucci. FALL PEP tryouts . . . Raisin Peo- ple . ribbon sales . . . balloon sales . . . new-yell-leaders . . . Homecoming Parade . . . Senior Sign presented . . . Where are my pom-poms? . . . half- time cokes . . . car rally out to Valley . . . Faculty skit at Dowling pep as- sembly . . . new cheers . . . tags . . . practice . . . cold football games . . . meetings . . . practice . . . allies . . . pep signs . . . Mrs. Fisher? . . . more practice . . . my bloomers? . . . cheerleaders constitution? ? . . . hoarse voices . . . sore muscles. d C h e e r I e a d e r s Trying to tell the other team they must succumb to the Big Abes, Cheerleaders warn them that the worst is yet to come. Sporting a floppy hat, Lari Kay Stradtman models the latest cheerleading garb. Using the fence as a stepladder, cheerleaders peer over the players and watch the game from an u n c o m fortable vantage point. —40— Having been taught new cheers by the mysterious Raisin People , Cheerleaders, Drill Team, and Pep Club form a path and await the football players to cheer them on to a victory. —41 — Setting a perfect example for the entire school body, cheerleaders look on with much stored-up enthusiasm. With the idea of arous- ing school spirit at a pep assembly in mind, Dean Robinson savagely wel- comes everyone with a I say hello, people! Hoping for the extra two points, cheerleaders await the result with eagerness and crossed fingers. With megaphone in hand, Norman Heck assists the cheerleaders in yelling support and encouragement for their team. Overwrought with the tension of a high strung game, Marcia Zarley hides the feeling in a cheer. With a sure victory in-the-making, cheerleaders warn the Railsplitter ' s opponent. While the ball is snapped into action during the annual Powder Puff game, quarterback Sara Montgomery hopes for a successful play resulting in a touchdown. —42— Nancy Benda, Becky Abild, Sheri Rosendahl, Tryouts . . . three junior highs . . . summer practices . . . Ronda Statton, Jeanie Wilson, Valerie Ceretti. football season . . . spirit . . . tags . . . traveling around . . . next year . . . tryouts again . . . different ideas . . . new cheers . . . Lincoln, Lincoln ... Go team, go . . . —43— Fall Drama: The Odd Couple D. Wylie provides Lincoln with an answer to Hair. Oscar Madison (D. Wylie) tries to talk a tearful Felix Ungar (D. Robinson) out of suicide. The weekly poker game at Oscar ' s serves as a discussion table for Felix problems. The marriage is on the rocks already as Oscar arrives home late for dinner. —45— WINTER MUSIC John Whaley, Director BOYS GLEE— First Row, left to riirht: Chuck Jordan, Tom Comiskey, Matt Sanders, John Buck- ner, Eric Bahl, Jim Hanna, Scott Schneider, Les Hazelton, John Locke. Second Row, left to right : Henry Pieart, Fritz Gray, Dave Newman, Don Stanley, Gary Muck, Rick Lawrence, Mike Brooks, Peter Yetter. Third Row, left to right: Mike Long, Jack Eaton, Tom Peterson, Brad Long:, Kevin Kelso, Mike Kean, David Hesrsren, Gary Madden, Jeff Lukehart, Cleo Brookhart. Piano — Sue Gabbert GIRLS GLEE CLUB— First Row, left to right: Lorna Hoagland, Ch Crawford, Judi Harker, Patty Morgan, Jackie Roby, Teresa Ray. Se Joyce Riley, Paula Underwood, Lurdez Medina, Vicki Simmons, Maria Pam Nieboen, Judy Welchel, Kathy Fisher, Renee Myers, Debbie Johm Bushbaum, Mary Byerly, Judi Richards, Debbie Markerman, Anne-Mar Short, Gail Knight, Joyce Rest, Linda Haycock, Susan Koscielak, Jeri left to right: Lynn Andrews, Karen Briley, Marcia Canfield, Barb D Debbie Marchesano, Cindy Shirley, Cathie Bargus, Kay Merritield, Mar Sharon Malherek, Sue Hilsinger, Peggy Maurturello, Lora Mercer, Lin Debbie Wozniak, Rosiland Gulino, Sherry Wood, Diane Hawne, Katen Smith, Debbie Snyder, Shelly Ferreri, Becky Timmons, Lisa Mebs, Lue eryl Putz, Debbie Downen, Cindy Downen, Danette Sterett, Kathy cand Row, left to right: Juanita Wright, Darla Stalter, Judy Guillman, Bcrardi, Brcnda (iaumtT, Cindy Strausser, Lisa Kinsey, Kathi Campbell, on. Third Row, left to right: Robin Fitzgerald, Chris Sickels, Ramona ie Manz, Kathy Moorehead, Toni Sciachitano, Linda Woosley, Sharon Funderburk, Teresa Kean, Evelyn McCaw, Jude Brooks. Fourth Row, rennan, Judy Christensen, Jeanne Cox, Cindy Laughlin, Cheryl Gable, garet Fridll, Mary Smith, Hallie Ratton, Sharlynn Hild, Debbie Hall, da Abbott, Patsy Nielsen, Kristin White. Fifth Row, left to right: Brown, Debbie Lujan, Judy Puis, Barb Schiffer, Linda Gardner, Jill Ann Koskovich, Sue Martin, Alice Mercer, Jan Groene, Kathy McCoy. Members of the band prac- tice in preparation for the upcoming winter concert. Practicing . . . more practicing . . . Whaley . . . yule tide program . . . Brass Ensemble . . . Conducted by Hill Wylie . . . Madrigals . . . Jingle Bell Travelogue ' . . . Concert Choir . . . tuning up . . . Fanfare for Christ- mas . . . Prep Choir ... I can ' t sing in French, I can ' t even speak in French . . . Girl ' s Glee Club . . . Holy Carol . . . Shep- herds Awake! . . . Boy ' s Glee , . . Grand Finale . . . Choral Fanfare . . . If — I Brass quartet- B. Wiley, D. Hobt, D. Crouch, D. Koons ; Mr. Whalcy, directing: S. Gabbert and J. Knauer, piano. First row, I. to r.— C. Weller, J. Riley, K. Roney, L. Rizzuti, M. White, D. Starrett, C. Wild, L. Walton, S. McGriff, M. Tharp, D. Si encer, C. Clark, T. Cardamon. Second row, L to r. — C. Martin, K. Wityk, C. Wood, J. Draper, R. Hellend, E. Bahl, S. Doane, G. Brown, R. Lawrence, G. Mitchell, C. Turner, L. Hennesy, D. Smith, M. Badger. S. Ryan. Third row. L to r.— K. O ' Neal, P. Shelton, L. Costello, P. Stocker, R. Parr, C. Tibel, H. Pieart, V. Schweiger, M. Brooks, J. Glew, L. Williams, C. Tucker, E. Miller, B. Johnson, M. Rumley, A. Mercer, T. Jose, K. Hickman. Fourth row, I. to r. — L. Snyder, P. Peterson, M. Morris, C. Hanson, S. Wood, N. Swanson, E. Larson, B. Long, M. Timmons, R. Newman, 0. Toner, A. Villerrilo, K. Babbit, V. Keezela, C. Heiken, P. Broughton, A. Akkerman, C. Townsend. Fifth row, 1. to r. — K. Merkel, C. Kern, C. Vandervelte, D. Baber, K. Heggen, J. Snyder, D. Hilabolt, T. Utterback, J. Vanaldston, F. Tate, L. Baker, D. Stouder, L. Keeney, P. Reynolds, J. O ' Neal. c H 0 I R PREP CHOIR— First Row, left to right: Dorothy Cataldo, Linda Cox, Sheryl Hickle, Becky Kent, Debbie Wright, Evelyn Moore. Second Row, left to right: Alice Urias, Becky Nielsen, Cass Reynolds, Kelly Wilson, Ronald Stooky, Paul Scavo, Diana Schmaltz, Jo Anna Alatorre, Vivian Boals, Debbie Meier, Cindy Perry, Debbie Conkling. Third Row, left to right: Cathy Reeves, Vicki Bunting, Jim Alexander, Steve K lein, George Sapp, Howard McChesney, Carol Siron, Christina Brunei , Cathy Gruis, Joyce Endres, Melanie Yates. Fourth Row, left to right: Barb Cremer, Debbie Montgomery, Ramona Bushbaum, Mike Brooks, Ken Webb, Sue Blanchard, Lee Ann Poison, Toni Russo, Debbie Hall, Terri Beauchamp, Carol Ghee, Lisa Mebs, Jeanette Hagen. Fifth Row, left to right: Debbie Davis, Kathy Huffman, Debbie Souder, Shelley Ferrari, Lou Ann Irving, Angil Johnson, Lynne Riggle, Kathy Merklin, Sheryl Duffy. Piano — Sue Gabbert, Debbie Warsona. Between the performances by the singing groups, the Brass Ensemble entertains during the Christmas Program. MODERN MADRI- GAL SINGERS — Front row, left to right: Christy Han- son, Carla Martin. Karyn Wityk, Pam Peterson, Mel i n d a Morris, Connie Turn- er, D e n i s e Smith, Pfttti Reynolds, Pam Broughton, Lisa Hen- Omj, Sue Gabbert, Piano. Bark row, left to right: Henry Pie- art. Clark Tibboel, Eric Bahl, Ron l u i , Jeff Glew, Greg Brown, Rick Law- rence. Not Pictured: Cleo Brookhart, Lar- ry Williams, JennirVi Knauer. —47— Interested students listen to a speaker on Adult Rights at 18. R.K.-SEMINARS 23rd of November . . . Reverend Robert Keck . . . international, national, local . . . seminars . . . All City . . . committee of faculty and students . . . gathering information . . . kick off speaker, Tom Whitney . . . guest speakers . . . drag strip . . . N.A.A.C.P. . . . parking lot . . . end the war . . . starvation . . . abortion . . . Middle East crisis . . . success or failure ... up to the individual . . . Parent representatives (right) sit in on one of the seminars. Students analyze the routes to peaceful or violent revolutions. Une of the seminar ' s many distinguished speakers evaluates the Vietnam War. A speaker from the N.A.A.C.P. discusses racial problems. —48— 0 p E N F 0 R U M A select group of students express their opinions during the Open Forum assembly. D. Lopeman, C. Lavorato and K. Kelso screen potential speakers before they can take the floor. Open Forum, 1971 . . . December 20, 10:00- 11:30 .. . the Panel— Ken Spratt, Mr. Bowen, Dr. McCaw, Dr. Denny, Mr. Wilson, Miss Ander- son, Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Hildreth, Mr. Gable, Dr. White . . . equal academic opportunity, less sports emphasis . . . inner-school activities, mix- ers . . . pull the plug on him if . he slips . . . teachers ' rights, profanity in classrooms, passes thrown on the floor ... a student representative wanted on steering committee . . . one day of gym — not five . . . pass or fail gym class . . . specialized gym classes . . . Mr. Bowen ' s philos- ophy on education . . . Now People ' . . . the run-around . . . What measures are taken if someone is caught smoking on school ground — how about drinking? . . . questions and answers . . . more voice for the teachers . . . open campus . . . open finals — three days, two tests a day . . . proposed solutions . . . organized to the finest point . . . impeachment of Student Council Presi- dent — issues of the parking lot, shunning open forum, negl ect — no student showed support of proceedings . . . Youth Coalition . . . Why is it that students are last to be heard from? . . . Man — am I scared! li Wf 1 1 The d i s t i n - guished Panel of Experts listen in- tently to student recommendations. —49- Kneeling, left to right: Mike Long, Marty Newton, Chris Logsdon, Dan Dotson, Jeff Parsons, Craig Cherry, John Whitaker, Coach Carle. Standing, left to right: Coach Baugher, Kevin Downing, Chris Herbert, Mark Bresley, Jim Thorup, Dennis Smith, John Haigh, Steve Rassmussen. Jim Thorup shoots over George Lang of Hoover for two more points. Long hard practices . . . inspirational pep- talks . . . new team philosophies . . . return- ing lettermen . . . Hog . . . poor start-lose to Roosevelt . . . erratic first half of sea- son . . . overtime win against Chariton . . . 100 points against Dowling . . . Thumper . . . move into title contention . . . revenge against Roosevelt . . . confrontation with Tech . . . Dennis Smith gets 36 points — new scoring record . . . Muscles . . . team play . . . tight Metro conference race . . . Bird- man . . . 11-3 conference record — tied with Roosevelt . . . share Metro title ... 1st in 20 years . . . Boards . . . preparation for tournaments . . . gold sportjackets . . . Coach Carle-Superstar . . . school spirit ignites . . . thirty-point win over Kast . . . Roosevelt again . . . tough breaks . . . three starters foul out . . . 61-60 defeat BASK E T B A L L —50— BASKETBALL RECORD Lincoln 52 Lincoln 81 Lincoln 60 Lincoln 75 Lincoln 68 Lincoln 64 Lincoln 74 Lincoln 76 Lincoln 78 Lincoln 100 Lincoln 87 Lincoln 70 Lincoln 77 Lincoln 82 Lincoln 94 Lincoln 92 Lincoln 79 Lincoln 90 Tournament Lincoln 65 Lincoln 60 Roosevelt Chariton Valley Hoover Ottumwa North Tech Ft. Dodge East Dowling Roosevelt Valley Hoover North Tech East Nevada Dowling John Haigh adds to Lincoln ' s total Have you ever seen legs like this, outside of the beauty pageants? during the 100-71 shellacking of Dowling. Coach Carle outlines strategy during the Lincoln-Valley contest. —52— John Haigh slides past three thunderstruck Hoover defend- ers for an easy two points. Two Tech defenders stare in awe at Dennis Smith ' s un- stoppable jumpshot. —53— Jim Thorup out reaches opponent for opening tip-off of the second half. Rasmussen sets up a play on route to a 94-93 victory over Tech, in a three way tie for first place. Students rush out onto floor to congratulate team after close victory which put Lincoln first in Metro. Scoring two points, Jim Thorup makes it look easy. Meet East at Vets . . . East stalls first half . . . plays basketball second half . . . Abes tromp 65-35 . . . play Roosevelt in District final . . . play poor first quarter . . . trails by one at half- time . . . play even third quarter . . . Abes run into foul trouble . . . Lincoln is upset by Roosevelt 64-60 in District final. —54— Thompson, T. Peterson, P. Lantz, M. Smith, T. Herko, M. Rustmor. Sophomore Record Lance Brauer shoots a free throw against Valley. Before season practice . . . getting in shape . • • wason begins practicing with new team . . . practice 6:30-9:40 Peterson ' s broken nose . . . Downing makes varsity season opens with two victories . . . problems rest of the year . . . Cherry and Weberg gun them through . . . DeRaad, Lantz, and Hertko work it in . . . will we go out next year . . . how tough will the team be to make . . . Rob Weberg battles Valley op- ponent for re- bound. Roosevelt 37 Chariton SI Valley 51 Hoover 64 Ottumwa 61 North 60 Tech 67 Fort Dodge 45 East 67 Dowling 70 Roosevelt 50 Valley 66 Hoover 53 North 49 Tech 72 East 79 Nevada 69 m Lincoln 62 Lincoln 79 Lincoln 58 Lincoln 49 Lincoln 74 Lincoln 43 Lincoln 74 Lincoln 83 Lincoln 52 Lincoln 86 Lincoln 65 Lincoln 68 Lincoln 41 Lincoln 55 Lincoln 79 Lincoln 62 Lincoln 64 —56— —57— ■ Front row, left to right: Gary Ponce, Bob Weaver, Steve Thompson, Gary Bowen, Dave Hibbert, Steve Cali- guri, Francis Colthard, Pete Ricelli. Back row, left to right: Coach Schaumburg, Ray Butler, Jack Eaton, John Houge, Dave Atkins, Jim Rhodes, Coach Hayes. Gary Bowen rides his opponent in a 119-pound match against Tech. WRESTLING RECORD Practice . . . exercises . . . steps . . . challenges . . . learning new moves . . . Knoxville tournament . . . giant trophy . . . mat burns . . . Metro Champ Gary Ponce . . . qualifying . . . weighing in . . . returning Juniors . . . hope for next year . . . Lincoln 23 Tech 35 Lincoln 35 Roosevelt 14 Lincoln 24 Indianola 30 Lincoln 20 Nevada 23 Saydel Invitational 4th Lincoln 31 East 19 Lincoln 24 Newton 24 Lincoln 40 North 12 Southeast Polk Invitational 1th Knoxville Invitational 1st Lincoln 27 Hoover 24 Lincoln 11 Valley 31 Lincoln 4 Dowling 40 Metro Meet 3rd Mr. Bowen looks on as Steve Thompson presents Knoxville Invitational trophy to school. Jack Eaton takes down Tech opponent and later scores a pin. J V Grappler Ed Divine rides his opponent on During a Junior Varsity meet, Jeff Crawford thinks about way to a victory. ' possible escape methods. Gene Crise pins his East opponent for 6 points. Lincoln Grappler, Dave Hibbert, picks up opponent in meet. —60— KNOXYILLE Lincoln grappler faces his Roosevelt opponent and prepares for confrontation. — Mat Maids talk over Tech meet. Steve Calitfuri fights for points in 105 pound battle. International Clubbers prepare for their annual sale of Friendship Key Club member Kent Walker escorts students Bonds, through the Drugmobile. Debbie Green and Mary Badger entertain children at convalescent home. Jeannie Rahm and Rose Cardamon chat with one of the residents of the New Haven Rest Home. Girls pose as profes- sional models during the Teen Board-spon- sored fashion show. -63- Cindy Lavorato searches frantically. I hate debaters who grease Issues thinks Cami Dresselhuys with disgust. I C s Coach Burstein instructs novice debators in some of the finer techniques for their first contest where they placed 3rd. From left to right: Donn Stanley, Michelle Scaglione, Kirk Bragg, and Janet McCleary. CATASTROPHE In the name of the debate team and women ' s lib. Ah, c ' mon Bob, give me your case. —64— Individuals . . . debate . . . Tuesday meetings . . . long hours after school . . . winning . . . bombing out . . . impatient and anxious waiting . . . planning banquets and mixers . . . hours of practice . . . endless research ... 50 pounds of files . . . sore backs and shoulders . . . Newton ' s churches . . . Minneapolis . . . trophies . . . feuds . . . writing speeches . . . dead baby jokes . . . affairs . . . spilling cases . . . screw decisions . . . incompetent judges . . . squirrel cases . . . our image . . . sig- nificance . . . racism . . . joy . . . despair . . . resolution . . . pride . . . champions 9 Although some re- ceived special honors and awards, everyone in forensics was a win- ner. Coach Schwarz waits anxiously for results after a day of tough competition. Forensic club spon- sor and officers plan the spring banquet in honor of graduating seniors. From left to right: Mrs. Rae Gene Bobbins, Ruth Cover- dale, Cami Dresselhuys, Suzi Pumphrey, and Jody Reyes. w I N N E —65— V A R S I T Y First Row, left to right: Kevin Long, mgr., Tom Cady, coach, Dave Koons, mgr. Second Row, left to right: Leo Fortune, Ray Newman, Rick Koons. Tim Hannigan, Dave Briseno, Steve Fortnam. Third Row, left to right: Dan Brown, Mark Powell, Dave Gatto, Kevin Prendergast, Gary Mitchell, Mike Daly. Fourth Row, left to right: Bob Kolden, Doug Clark, Dean Robinson, Tim Burgess, Bill Collings, Bix Brooks. Not pictured: Mike Cummins, Kevin Wymer. Summer practices . . . before school . . . after school . . . discipline . . . fourth in metro . . . Coach Cady . . . slaughter over East . . . district meet ... 9 qualify for state . . . returning juniors . . . good outlook for next year ... all year-round practices . . . never ending . . . worthwhile!? . . . An awed crowd watches Leo Fortune perform in diving com- petition against Hoover. Breaststroker Dave Gatto swims to a fourth place finish in the city meet. —66— Doug Clark sends the 400 yard freestyle team into the lead. Mark Powell catches his breath after win- ning the 200 yard individual medley. VARSITY SWIMMING RECORD Lincoln 13 Hoover 82 Lincoln 76 Dowling 19 Lincoln 54 Boone 41 Lincoln 33 Valley 62 Lincoln 20 Marshalltown 75 Lincoln 55 North 40 Lincoln 65 East 30 Lincoln 24 Ames 71 Lincoln 37 Roosevelt 58 Lincoln 61 Tech 34 Metro Meet 4th District Meet 5th Dean Robinson, Lincoln ' s top butterflyer, takes first place in East meet. Tim Burgess churns off the yards in the 400 yard freestyle. Mike Cummings flashes to victory in the 100 yard freestyle. —67— Front row, left to right: Rick Koons, Ray Newman, Jeff Klisares, Dave Briseno, John Locke. Sec ond row, left to right: Tim Hannigan, Steve Muir, Joe Sullivan, Steve Fortnam, Thorn Powell Back row left to right: Gary Mitchell, Leonard Bussanmas, Welker Brooks, Ken Dickerson, Robbie Helland, Coach Phil Martin, foreground. Dave Briseno demonstrates his diving technique during a sophomore meet. Long practices . . . laps and more laps . . . beat the clock . . . improvements . . . making varsity . . . burning eyes . . . tired muscles . . . more laps . . . next year ' s team . . . returning members . . . winning . . . CHLO- RINE . . . Coach Martin . . . butterfly . . . divers . . . free style . . . SOPHOMORE SWIM RECORD Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln 47 64 65 63 56 23 39 28 62 Hoover Valley Tech (J.V.) Dowling North (J.V.) Roosevelt S.E. Polk (J.V.) Hoover Valley 47 :u 29 28 39 71 56 66 33 s 0 p H 0 M 0 R E S —68— Front row, L to r.: J. Guzman, G. Schmaltz, C. Russo, J. Nagel, L. South. Back row, L to r.: G. Knight, L. Duede, Coach C. Wilcox, K. Gruis, R. Myers. RECORD Lincoln Urbandale 55.45 57.7 Ankeny 16 39 St. Joseph ' s 42.76 32.96 Marshalltown 58.5 60.5 Point your loes . . . new uniforms . . . two victories ... 8 laps . . . glide . . . be graceful . . . first year competition . . . prac- tice . . . grace . . . get limber . . . G Y M N A S T I C S Practicing is strenuous, as K. Gruis knows. Grace and form on beam Again! as G. Schmaltz keeps up by L. South. her practice. A smile should always complete the routine, says A. Fairley. A difficult cast I over by C. Russo. —69- Sue Swan as Cinderella. Officers Gwen Schmaltz, Lu Olson, Lari Stradtman and Sue Swan. Seniors, left to right: Mary Stevens, Lu Olson, Lisa Hamilton, Terri Sullivan, Kyle McClelland, Gwen Schmaltz, Sue Swan, Lari Stradtman, Debbie Lopeman, Peggy Mason, Debbie Green, Marti Kendrick, Mary Jo Schirmer, Marci Butts, Kris Hollebrands. MERMAIDS —70— Piglets Mindy Mooney, Marilyn Denny and Susan Johnson. Clinics . . . tryouts . . . cold water-green water . . . offi- cers — Sue Swan, Lari Stradtman, Gwen Schmaltz, Lou Olson . . . Advisor Mrs. Frazier ... But I say 101 Dalmatians! . . . Baby Ele- phant W alk . . . You guys will be here till midnight . . . Point your toes . . . A salute to Walt Disney — March 14, 15, 16, 17 . . . Pro- bate initiation — T-Shirts, bobby-socks, and tennis shoes . . . M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E . . . don ' t spit ... I am a little bit crazy . . . pool push-ins . . . SMILE . . . Fri- day morning meetings prac- tices . . . boys swim team — Donald Duck number . . . The beat is DADADA DA DA DA DA . . . basketball and swimming spectators during practice . . . after school pictures — 3:00 SHARP! Where ' s the pho- tographer? . . . yellow car- nations with sweetheart rose- buds . . . Mr. Olson ' s help with scenery . . . red roses . . . telegrams . . . congratu- lations . . . LA PIZZA HOUSE— dinner at 4:30 . . . locker room privileges . . . shhhhh . . . turn off the locker room light . . . Jordan and Pete — W.E.T. announc- ers . . . Come on you guys, I ' m tired of yelling . . . Turn in your money — 6oon . . . opening night jitters . . . the final performance . . . Judy Haughtaling and Jill Hoff- man share spotlight with Jimminey Cricket. Chimney Sweeps, front row left to right: Marilyn Denny, Cheryl Clark, Cheryl Gruetz- macher. Standing: Judy Haughtaling, Jill Hoffman, Sue Johnson, Mary White, Connie Drew, Mindy Mooney. —71 — Probates, front row left to right: Mary Jo Schirmer, Gail Knight. Second Row: Pam Saltzman, Jane Nagel, Nancy Benda, Kim Zarley, Sue Harris. Back Row: Cindy Shirley, Joan Lee, Mrs. Frazier, Debbie Amend, Diana Schmaltz. Senior Lu Olson as Mickey Mouse. Lari Stradtman and Kyle McClelland practice puppet routine as Pinnochios. Cheryl Clark and Mary White are Siamese Cats. —72— Diana Schmaltz, Gwen Schmaltz, Cheryl Grueta- macher, Kim Zar- ley, Pam Saltz- man and Marti Kendrick in It ' s a Small World. S P L A S H Trying to perfect their routine, juniors work laboriously at stroking together. Club president, Sue Swan, seems quite pleased as she watches final practice. —73— Pre-game spirit adds to the excitement of the game. Lemon meringue, my favorite, exclaims Lari Kay. Drill Team honor guard presents flag during national anthem. —74— Majorettes perform during wrestling meet. Pep Band warms up for Valley game. Cheerleaders lead Pep Club in a cheer against Tech. Hot basketball games . . . flying pies . . . cjieer- leading constitution ... no drinking . . . victory over Tech . . . overtime game against Chariton . . inspiration by pep band . . . cold winter nights . . . mat maids . . . wrestling tournaments . . . award assemblies . . . exciting swimming meets . . . Number One always . . . -75- Cheerleaders take time for a little fun, while leading cheers to inspire team members. hoarse voices . . . inspiring pep assemblies . . . cramped legs . . . anticipation of state tournament . . . Well, Pep Club is for yelling isn ' t it? tense nerves . . . —76— Sophomore cheerleaders inspire pep during the sophomore basketball game. Drill Team demonstrates their teamwork during halftime at Tech game. —77— 71-72 NEWSPAPER Editor Suzi Pumphrey ponders over a lead para- graph. Cami Dresselhuys corrects story. As we look back on our year as editors, many things come to mind . . . crowded beat sheets . . . deadlines . . . rewriting stories . . . ( ami ' s writing . . . pink passes . . . the rat-tat-tat of typewriters . . . questionable oaths . . . 10-78 margins . . . you rum-dum! . . . arguments . . . Henry . . . police-press bull session s . . . room 28 — The Hole . . . marked up proofs, interviews . . . Bernie . . . tears . . . weary smiles . . . sleepless nights. It hasn ' t been all roses by any means. We vron ' 1 forget those students who let us down and didn ' t turn in their stories, or those who were just too busy to type or run an errand. We placed curses on the unyielding, uncooperative people who refused to help us . . . who made it downright hard to even get new s. But, there are some people that we must thank for their help. Thanks to those faithful souls who ran countless errands for us. We need a car IM- MEDIATELY to go across town to . . . Hurry! We need to have this envelope over to the printer by 9:00! Thanks also to the ad-men who spent hours selling ads and collecting money. We will be ever grateful to the typists who spent time hammer- ing out stories on those run-down, skipping type- writers. Of course we couldn ' t forget the reporters who gathered the facts, and wrote the stories. Thanks goes to the proofreaders, also, who poured The photographers deserve great recognition, as well. Most of them were also working on the yearbook, thus their load was doubled. Some of the pho- tographers who helped us so much didn ' t even get credit tor journalism. Thanks must go to all the understanding teachers who allowed students to miss a class or two to run an errand or get a story. We also salute news sources who patiently check accuracy in stories and tirelessly initialed Above all, we wish to make special note of our devoted advisor Mr. Henry Sanders. Although times it seemed we never got to consult with him, he was the binding element for the paper. Mr. Sanders worked with us countless hours inside and out of school in order to produce a good news- paper and teach us the principles of journalism. Through the months we have been ever grateful for his guidance and aid. Most of these people never received recognition for their efforts. However, without any one of them, the paper could not have been produced. In looking back over our journalism experiences, the challenges, frustrations, and satisfaction of working on the newspaper have played an important role in the evolution of our ' ' whirlpool of vouth. —Cami Dresselhuys and Suzi Pumphrey Co-Editors Advisor Henry Sanders stresses an im- portant point to his class. over proofs, straining eyes to catch errors. A L L A M E R I C A N —78— Staffers proof- read Rail pages before the dead- Suzi Pumphrey checks beat sheet for story assignments. Co-feature editor, Kevin Kel- so, makes correction on a story. Alan Whitmarsh and Dan Laurence check cameras between pictures during football game. Barb Walsmith diligently types a story. Suzi Pumphrey and Dennis Winne, fea- ture editor, study NSPA score book. Co-feature editor, DeAnne Righi makes a last minute check on proofs. Sports editors, Lari Stradt- man and Craig Cherry, work on picking All City Rail Cage Team. This year the Kailsplit ter news- paper won two of the highest na- tional honors a high school news- paper can receive. The Medalist was awarded by the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation ' s 1 St h Annual Contest for newspapers and magazines in New York. Each school is entered in an enrollment classification to be compared with others of similar enrollment. Less than 10% of the entries in a given classification may receive Medalist distinction. The Rail won its 13th consecutive A II- American rating in the 85th All-American Critical Service of the National Scholastic Press As- sociation. Student newspapers from across the nation were judged in groups divided hy frequency of publication, school enrollment, and publication method. The Railsplit- ter received four out of a possible . ) Marks of Distinction in Content and Coverage, Writing and Edit- ing, Physical Appearance, and Photography. -79— First Row, left to ri ht: Jordan Briley, Steve Gre££, Randy Hillabolt, Al Staples, Jeff Glew. Second Row, left to ritfht: Kevin Wymer, Fritz Gray, Mike Rich, Jeff Pomerantz, Coach Van Why, Bill Wylie and John Haigh. Captain John Haigh pre- Fritz Gray lofts a serve. Mike Rich returns a volley, pares for a match. —80— Bill Wylie M ft John Locke Kevin Wymer waits for a Jordan Briley ' s powerful return, backhand. Al Staples Mike Rust Jeff Pomerantz Steve Gregg Dave Gatto Rebuilding this year . . . loss of nine lettermen . . . need help from first-year men . . . Captain John Haigh . . . prac- tices at Kurtz . . . It ' s cold! . . . rain and snow . . . Ot- tumwa Invitational . . . open- er against Dowling . . . tough season . . . Try to get organ- ized . . . District bouyed by early-season play . . . District Meet May 13 . . . State Meet May 26-27 . . . wait ' til next year . . . Randy Hillabolt —81 — John Whitaker rifles out an iron shot. Mark Powell strokes in putt for a birdie during a challenge. David Crouch analyzes a putt. Studying a long putt, John Webb checks out the line. Bill Jones watches as putt slides past hole. 1! 71 season . . . early loss to Ames . . . heat Roosevelt by two shots ... 10 Straight dual meet wins . . . Southeast Polk Invitational . . . best score of the season — a record 146 at Poilderosa against Valley . . . Scott Hawkins. Sectional cham- pion . . . John Webb, District champion . . . team finishes disappointing sixth in the State Meet . . . first Metro golf title in 2. ) years . . . 1972 season . . . three letter winners . . . support from new players . . . Conference Champs again? . . . Bunn , Hoc and Heifer . . . hopes for a state championship . . . —83— Hack row, left to right: Mr. Rusten, Cheryl Pierce, Cheryl Wood, Nancy Riley, Andrea Scarcello, Reeny McFall, Kvle McClellan, Joan Lee, Lisa Manke, Kim Hansen, Terry Roth. Front row, left to right: Karen Briley, Kiin Zarley, Sue Johnson, Ellen Glazer, Marci Butz, Shelly Henry, Connie Hotchkiss, Marcia Zarley, Sue Harris. Lisa Manke Karen Briley Cheryl Pierce Andrea Scarcello 1 Joan Lee, Shelly Henry, Marsha Zarley Connie Hotchk iss, Nancy Riley Marci Butz Kim Hansen mm Cheryl Woods Kathy Sloan Ellen Glazer n Tennis rackets . . . It ' s too cold to play tennis! . . . slow starting season . . . backswing . . . practices . . . The sun is in my eyes! . . . singles matches . . . rebuilding season . . . big team . . . Coach Van Why . . . chasing run-away balls . . . after school practices . . . Rut it ' s raining . . . Doubles ... re- turning lettermen . . . tough season . . . serve . . . nets . . . score . . . work-outs . . . SWISH! Sue Harris, Kim Zarley —85— M. Denny tries the ' sidewinder style. C. King follows the result of her shot. Sophomore J. Glass GIRLS ' GOLF Wind-blown skirts . . , touseled hair . . . 40 strokes over par . . . broken fingernails . . . blisters . . . L got a birdie! . . . 80 yard drives . . . lost golf balls . . . broken tees . . . returning lettermen . . . broke even for a .500 season . . . Sophomore M. Smith ■ i Senior D. Lopeman knocks in a putt. Sophomore K. Allen L. Yurigan hits a short chip shot. -86— Varsity Baseball— First row, L to r.: J. Haigh, R. Wells, A. Wareford, T. Russo, B. Fouts, M. Pascuzzi, D Hor- ton Second row 1 to r.: D. Chedister, B. Marturello, J. Anderson, J. Studer, H. Gertsen, M. Middleton, D. Baker, J. rarsons, Coach Locker. Junior Varsity Baseball— First row, L to r.: R. Liggett, E. Gertsen, R. Ridenour, F. Coulthard, D. Dresselhuys T Comiskey, A. Noring, J. Foster, S. Stolemier. Second row, L to r.: Coach Schaumburg, J. Rhoades J Whit- aker, C. Cherry, M. Anderson, D. Kaili, G. Ogle, D. Lyons, D. Clark. METRO RECORD — 1970 a Lincoln 8 Lincoln 8 Lincoln 5 Lincoln 4 Lincoln 4 Lincoln 0 Lincoln Lincoln 2 Lincoln 2 Lincoln 6 Lincoln 1 Lincoln 10 Lincoln 2 Lincoln 0 Lincoln 2 Roosevelt 12 Valley 6 Hoover North Tech East Dowling Roosevelt 11 Valley 6 Hoover North Tech East Valley Dowling 3 3 3 10 6 Spring practices . . . running laps . . . batting practice . . . infield . . . pop ups . . . Tony Rosso, All City team . . . double play . . . hitting the long ball . . . sore arm batting cage . . . K.B.I. s average striking out . earned run Coach Locker Hot summer days . night games . . . bench-warm- ers . . . skinned arms . . . returning lettermen . . . Come on ump! . . . specta- tors . . . It ' s over the fence! Coach Locker —87— 0 Varsity Track Team, first row, L to r.: D. Jones, C. Cherry, B. White, J. Hansen, D. Clark, R. Hickle, J. Huffey, D Anderson, R. Ridenour, G. St. John, S. Johnson, J. Gorsche. Second row, L to r.: M. Gale, J. Van Nostrand, B Burgett D Mueller, B. Fouts, D. Dotson, J. Biggs, S. Smith, S. Dingamon, D. McDonald, K. Pendergrast, D. Bowen Third row, L to r.: Coach Bob Locker, E. Huffey, D. Knox, G. Ogle, M. Blunck, T. Comiskey, J. Wiand, S Nation T Lipovac, M. Klisares, J. Crawford, J. Sorenson. Fourth row, L to r.: M. Hagen, G. Edwards, M. Wicks D ' Dresselhuys, M. Boothe, K. Blunk, D. Freeman, B. Kroll, T. McCoy, A. Knight, R. Butler. Fifth row, 1 to r.: Coach Bob Vanderlinden, D. Kaili, J. Oatts, D. Miller, Coach Ron Peterson. £ ♦ ' t 0 Sophomore Track Team, first row, L to r.: T. Yancey, P. Davey, T. Hertko, M. White, D. DeRaad, D. Woods, J Cardamon, J. Nevins, R. Wieberg, K. Schmaltz, J. Koscielak. Second row, L to r.: K. Cherry, D. Thompson, D Bersino B. Torode, J. Alexander, T. Murphy, P. Lantz, D. Heggen, J. Romano. Third row, L to r.: Coach Ron Peterson, T. Gorsche, L. Brauer, B. Dennis, L. Bussamus, D. Boothe, R. Helland, J. Sullivan, S. Muir, S. Tucker. —88— From left: James Conkling, CR Wash.; Phil Hayman, DM Lincoln; Merell Harberts, Cedar Falls; Al I -.ewis, WDM Valley. Hayman won preliminary heat of 50 yard dash at State Indoor Meet. Coach Robert Vanderlinden ponders track situation. Tom Comiskey and Kent Cherry warm up by jogging during practice. Before season training . . . blisters . . . sprints . . . sets . . . sore muscles . . . hand-offs . . . shin splints . . . injuries . . . butterflies before meet . . . side-aches . . . salt pills . . . initiations . . . exer- cises . . . warm-up jogs . . . cool-down jogs . . . District Champs 2 years in a row . . . Metro Champs 2 years ago . . . Invitationals . . . Spring Vacation prac- tices . . . before school jogging . . . letters . . . trophies . . . future. TRACK -89- The show cast introduces their act during the Lincoln performance. Pantomimists pause before a show. MIME SHOW ' Mimes become adept at using clown-white makeup and lipstick. A ' Mime applies her makeup. The Pantomime show . . . make-up . . smeared lipstick . . . bright lights . . The Box . . . Training the Dog . . Drugs . . . The Machine ... fro zen faces going to junior highs . . Miss Harms . . . ' No lines to memor ize! . . . hair in makeup . . . makeup smeared clothes . . . long practices . . clammy hands . . . Slow Motion . . greasy faces . . . My sweatshirt ' s turning white! . . . funny looks from teachers and students . . . several days of stained lips and eyebrows . . . fin- ger-smudged mirrors . . . Miss Harms holds the keys to success as director of the Pantomime Show. —91 — Musicians and cast members lis- ten avidly as co- directors Miss Harms and Mr. Whaley offer suggestions for the show. Cast from left: Suzi Pumphrey, Les Hazelton, Peter Yetter, Kevin Kelso, Valerie Hall. Seated: Doug Wylie. Patty, Valerie Hall, tries in vain to comprehend Linus ' definition of happiness. Snoopy bores Charlie Brown with his overpowering solo on the joys of suppertime as Lucy looks in amazement. F i Gotta get this stupid kite to fly! Bedecked with aviator ' s cap and scarf, Snoopy imagines himself a WWI Flying Ace high over France in his Sopwith Camel. —92— Y 0 U R E Long rehearsals . . . dragging songs . . . Blackout, Charlie! . . . Miss Harms . . . My dress is too short! . . . the bassoon . . . What ' s my first line? . . . This song sounds terrible! . . . Mr. Whaley ' s singing . . . ripped paper bags . . . Pete, you forgot the ' No ' again! . . . You ' re a Brown Man, Charlie Good? . . . school bell . . . Mith Othmar . . . sweaty palms . . . Are my cheeks too red? . . . Doug ' s cold . . . My baseball hat is gone . . . assemblies . . . Boy, am I tired! ... You ' re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, presented in April jointly by the Lincoln drama and music department, is a musi- cal comedy based on the Charles Schulz comic strip. Although the show involves the lives of six children, the play is an excellent commentary on life and has great universality. The audience was delighted with the riotous songs and lively dialogue in the show. The music and conversations combined to make the show a great success, enjoyed bv all. The familiar Peanuts gang truly came to life and will not be soon forgotten. Miss Carol Harms and Mr. John Whaley, drama and music instructors beautifully directed the show. G 0 0 D M A N Schroeder, Les Hazelton, latches onto an idea for his book report on Peter Rabbit. CHARLIE BROWN 1 Lucy gazes, entranced, at Schroeder, sing- ing, I think the way you play the piano is nice! ... and I shouldered my bat and I swung A wide variety of expressions are reflected on the faces of the cast as they receive last-minute instructions. Light director Charlie Richards and student direc- tor Jim Moore discuss light schemes for the baseball scene. —93— w s p R I N G Traditional initiation results in walking down a line of paint happy artists for a new Dorian Art member. Key Club members work on painting equip- ment boxes for the athletic departments. Looking over awards recently won at a DECA convention are Mr. Norman and DECA students. Award winners are: Donna Powley, Rick Hedger, and Dan Sears (not pictured). c L U B S Mr. Ben Norman discusses the State Leadership Conference with Lincoln delegates. —94— HUT Band members, under direction of Mr. Bill Henderson, give a spring Buses await Lincoln ' s singing groups outside performance at Weeks Junior High. Brody Junior High. M U S I c Concerts . . . trips to junior highs . . . Brody ... Mr. Whaley . . . tuning . . . visiting Weeks . . . concert choir . . . Kurtz . . . assemblies . . . band concerts . . . Iowa City . . . Spring soloists contest . . . Drake Relay ' s Parade . . . early morning practices . . . Band Coun- cil .. . Band Boosters . . . parents and students . . . sing . . . Stage band, directed by Mr. Bill Henderson, performs for fellow Lincoln students at a special spring concert. Band members perform a concert for student body of Brody. Concert choir performs spring concert at Kurtz Jr. High. This was part of a series of spring concerts which were given at Lincoln ' s supporting junior high schools, under the direction of Mr. John Whaley. —95— YEARBOOK 7 1-72 Co-editor Tim Anderson explains new ideas to staffers Kathy Huffman and Diane Pascuzzi. Pete Koons works diligently on the aca- demic section. Mary Badger, expert typist , works on captions. Radicals . . . Yellow Maroon . . . Huffman needs another kleenex! . . . lost glossies . . . this typewriter skips! . . . quite yelling at me! . . . printers . . . colored pages . . . Iowa City . . . but Sanders ... ! . . . I can ' t wait until this hook is done! . . . Get a photographer down there right now! . . . proofs . . . tears . . . I ' m never coming back here again! . . . This layout stinks! . . . Tim Kenny, co-editors? . . . Where ' s the cutter? . . .design . . . layouts . . . copy block . . . HENRY! . . . How can we gel that picture — it s raining? . . . deadlines . . . only 24 pages to go . . . Where ' s that picture of Uncle Bob Melvin J.? . . . pass the glue . . . We ' re 2 picas short! . . . change . . . 1300 sales . . . ladders . . . Can you come in 2nd, 3rd, ft 5th hours? . . . Man! . . . I ' ve got to be CRAZY! . . IT ' S DONE. IT ' S DONE! . . . Messengers Linda Lembke and Deb Raw- son fight rain and snow to deliver finished work to the printers. —96— —97— G. Kennedy, K. Presnell, D. Conrey, M. Nordenson and M. Tharp work on senior section. Gary Kennedy recruits time and patience to proof senior glossies. John Webb works patiently on sports sections. Photographer Pete Koons pauses to load his camera. Vicki Carney writes out receipts for senior glossies. Ad manager, Bill Ostrum, goes over records and receipts brought in by the many students. —98— A Whirlpool of Youth . . « our theme for this 1972 yearbook, exemplifies the changes which are evident in the youth culture today. We have tried to portray these many changes throughout the book ' s 200 pages. In order to accurately capture the New Youth ' we found it necessary to employ new methods. Thus we feel that an explanation is necessary so that these new techniques will not be misunderstood. The bright yellow cover is a break with tradition, as all prior yearbooks have had the school colors, maroon and gold, included in the cover design. We feel that it is not necessary for these colors to appear on the cover. The inside cover also presents quite a startling change. Its purpose is to illustrate the student ' s problems in HIS Whirlpool of Youth. It holds meaning for Lincoln students, all members of the community ... and the world. Al- though such issues as drugs, crime, and sex are usually ignored or put out of perspective by numerous individuals who prefer to remain blind to their impacts on society, we feel that they are part of the new generation and should be included along with the other issues. Another section which might create some misunderstanding is the way in which we deal with the various clubs. We eliminated the traditional posed pictures completely. Instead, we used action shots of those clubs that performed some duty or held some type of activity. We thought we could better represent Lincoln by what Lincoln students really do. If a club was actively involved in projects throughout the year, it was included— if not, it was ignored. Posed pictures were used in the sports sections, however, because we feel that all these people were deeply involved in a very important part of our school. Another conflict might arise concerning the undergraduate division. This year we used much smaller pictures in order to save space which could better be used. Some new aspects that we hope are not controversial were also initiated into the book. Use of the tinted picture in the introduction and other sections of the book was one new technique. We also used the filmstrip effect in an attempt to add a slightly different dimension. Also included is a different concept in the advertising section. We tried to feature some Lincoln students in the ads, and we hope that next year ' s book will contain even more. A new outlook towards academics will also set an example too, as we successfully eliminated the mug-shot pictures of the faculty. Making use of the resume ' will add a little more meaning to the individual. A new system of layout designs were initiated this year, mainly through the patience of two very dedicated girls, Kathy Huffman and Diane Pascuzzi. We would like to especially thank Pete Koons who spent so much time preparing the academics section. His dedication and ability as a photographer have been greatly appreciated. We would like to thank the two girls already mentioned, Diane and Kathy, who worked so hard. Special thanks go to John Webb for all his help in the sports sections. Two boys really deserve a lot of credit, Gary Kennedy and Duane Conrey, who were responsible for the undergraduate and senior sections. They spent many tedious hours arranging and pasting hundreds of pictures. In addition, recognition should be awarded to junior Dan Laurence, who freely offered his skills in photography, although he is not enrolled in journalism. We would especially like to thank our advisor, Mr. Henry Sanders. Although our philosophies are miles apart, he wanted a good and truthful yearbook as much as we did. We are sure that every member of the staff respects and admires him. We would like to thank all the other students and teachers who helped us throughout the school year. Their aid and confidence have been greatly appreciated. —99— Sincerely grateful, Tim Anderson and Ken Allen LITERARY SECTION Students enrolled in the Creative Writing classes under the direction of Mr. Nic Dowd, have been working to express their feelings through poetry. For many students, writing is not only a way to convey ideas to others, but also is a means of self- understanding. The following poems reflect on a few of the many facets of youth. Described as seen through differing eyes are school, love, childhood, and people. fa ■ 0 a 1 ESCAPEE Student no. 083312 Silently screaming Begging for release — Not just parole. Student no. 083312 Suffocating, flailing for air For room to be free to reflect to grow to encounter life. Like a cash register, a computer Adds and subtracts Until it knoiv8 one ' s potential, one ' s intelligence. Graded and totaled, I yearn to shout, u 083312 — Not suitable material for programming. Then they would whisper about me: Mentally unbalanced, broke up, Couldn ' t take the strain of It. They wouldn ' t see that it was It That couldn ' t take the strain of me. Carol I umphrey GREEN WORMS— MONDAY THRU FRIDAY My desk i sit at is hard and cold. Just like everything else i ' ve confronted today and even the old cheap table top is corroded by the frenzied hand of a little green dot-maker, and as i sit here and squirm and ache, i wonder, if i will ever find simplicity again ? Linda Duede ODE TO MOBILE UNIT SIX Sitting here in our individual square chairs writing on our properly proportioned desks we are like butterflies captured inside a glass jar. We have enough to survive on but what we really long to do is to be free like the butterfly to unfold and create. Ruth Coverdale — 100— I ' M GLAD I ' VE GOT YOU Pm glad I ' ve got you ' Cause you don ' t care when I say something stupid like I do sometimes. Or when I trip and fall over my ever present feet, at parties and places when people are looking. I ' m glad I ' ve got you Cause you understand when gum gets caught in my hair, and I choke on my popcorn. And you have to slap me on the back, when you should be slapping me in the face, for all the embarrassment and confusion, that seems to travel with me. I ' m glad I ' ve got you ' Cause you always know the right things to say and do when I don ' t, and you always make me feel important, although I really know, I ' m not, and you are so, I ' m glad I ' ve got you. Valerie Hall GRIN Mr. Doolittle, Chemistry teacher, Thinks it odd for me To be delirious Over empirical formulas When actually I ' m recollecting Peppermint Certs kisses, Lacy Valentine cards, And snugger than teddy bear hugs. Conspicuously Revealing is the fact Ionic bonds are hardly comical And even Mr. Doolittle suspects I don ' t grin for chemistry But for you. Marcia Zarley TITLES I ' ll never say love to you. i know you ' d like it better if i only smiled and laughed as old friends do. I ' ll never say love to you. i ' d have too much to lose . . . to choose between you and love, is not a choice. I ' ll always take you — no matter what your title. Linda Duede BOYFRIEND I regret That all my children Will know you only From your page In my scrapbook As a boy With a cowlick And wild eyes Holding mom ' s hand, As a football hero With newspaper clippings And faded photographs Bounding for a touchdown pass , As a boyfriend Their mother knew once Before she loved dad. I pity All my unborn children Who will never remember More than pictures Of your smiles For their mother Captured so much more of you Than the camera. CANDY KISSES Somebody tell me That what I ' m doing is wrong, That Hell fire awrf God ' s eye Are hidden under blankets Ready to eat me up When morals go to sleep with Natural sensations. Swear that the sky will fall If I touch you too much And don ' t want to go home. Strike me with lightning If I should forget that Snowy sheets for adults, Candy kisses for children, And we ' re between the chocolateness Of child-woman, child-man. Marcia Zarley LOOKING FOR YOU TO FIND ME F or seven days and seven nights I found myself trickling down your roof, floating through your rain trough, and sinking into your fathers soil. You stepped on me with your big red goloshes, you made a pie of me ,and you sold me to your playmates. I fell for you, trickled and floated for you and was hoping you ' d save me on a rainy day. John Rafdal Marcia Zarley — 101- FADING SUNS When I was a little girl I created a picture, finger-paint style, Of a garden with flowers in reds, yellows, and purples, With a sun grinning madly in the top corner, And lines of yellow sun rays coming down on the flowers. That was a painting of my life. But now some things have changed. Life isn ' t all gardens and flowers. And I can ' t even find the sun, Much less tnake him smile. Carol Pumphrey i i 4 MM IBM III! IMI HAPPINESS True happiness lies not in big cars, or money in the bank But in a smile of a child trusting A child full of love, believing and holding in his mind The answers to all the problems of today. Tim Anderson PETER PAN FANTASY Never grow up. Refuse. Refuse To leave behind Barefeet on spring ' s first day. Remember and wonder At butterflies wings, ant hills, puppies, And blue skies. Don ' t abandon . Soaring kites and roller skates. Save Your childhood dreams and We will fly To Never-Never Land And build A happily Ever After. Carol Pumphrey SUNSHINE I ' ve only seen sunshine once. It was orange. It didn ' t really shine It wasn ' t all that hot In fact it was cold. It doesn ' t start to burn Until you swallow it. Bill loneliness .... sorrow of past thoughts of freedom hours of sitting by yourself no companionship no one to rap with Morlan silence isn ' t always golden minutes seem like hours thoughts run wild waiting for nothing to happen Jim Thorup — 102— POLYGON ES and TRI ANGELS Somebody said the world was round. Is that as in well-rounded? If it is, I am the tangent Linda Duede POEM ON PAGE TWO Sometimes, People analyze Poems. Tear them apart To find hidden Meaning. Sometimes, Poems aren ' t meant To be torn apart. There is no Hidden meaning. Sometimes, There is no meaning. Somet imes, There is not even A poem. Sometimes People analyze Poems. Maybe, Sometimes, People ought to Analyze People . . . (Did you find the hidden meaning in this Poem on Page 21) Doug Wylie MIRRORS Knowing a person — a parent, a boyfriend, a team mate is like wandering through an amusement park ' s mirror maze; the image that is reflected a thousand different ways in the walls oj glass has the same face, only new refractions. A person, like the mirror faces, has myriad moods and emotions. The intriguing aspect of this is that people can be banshees one moment and Santa Clans the next. Marcia Zarley A TRIP TO THE BODY SHOP I think my mind Is having a power failure It just doesn ' t work. I might need an overhaul. All the little people From Fantastic Voyage Are checking out My wiring. Looking for short circuits. Checking for burnt fuses. While I sit And stare at my desk. Then everything registers Gears start turning, I am informed That the fuse For my cerebrum Was blown. Must have been Saturday night. They hand me the bill. Thirty dollars for parts. Fifty dollars for labor. A man can ' t afford to think LOOKING FOR NORMALITY I ' m an abnormal everyday person It used to bother me a lot Until I discovered that we were all Abnormal everyday people Which is quite normal. John Rafdal These days. Bill Morlan — 103- Jt 1972 School Board Members from left to right: Mrs. Kate Goldman; Dr. George G. Caudill; Mr. Merle F. Schlampp; Mr. Herrold V. Mann, Secretary; Mrs. Jack Spevak, President; Dr. Dwight M. Davis, Superintendent; Dr. Ora E. Niffenegger; Mr. Nolden Gentry; Dr. John E. McCaw. John Jarvis — Counselor In the constant struggle to adapt and grow in a changing: world, great improve- ments in Lincoln ' s academic structure have been brought about, opening new thresh- holds of learning in our whirlpool of youth. Innovations in both building facilities and course structure have been initiated to meet the needs of the students. A new science and art wing has been added on the south of the building to ac- commodate an ever-increasing enrollment. The new addition, although not completed for use this year, will be ready to take on its capacity of 300 students next fall. The first floor of the structure will en- compass a progressive new suite of art rooms, and the second floor will house an advanced science complex. Other new facil- ities include two additional mobile units to increase the capacity of ever-growing Lin- coln. Lincoln has undergone quite a metamor- phosis in academic structure this year. The emphasis in new course development has been placed on the individual student and his needs. —109— The changes they must come new devices, new techniques Corresponding to all — but yet to benefit the individual In The Whirlpool of Youth . . . The process of learning throughout, throughin — Encompassing the minds — the hearts and the soul Of The Whirlpool of Youth . . . As we seek out the knowledge the world and society has provided Let us not forget — ever the learning we did inside ourselves In The Whirlpool of Youth everlasting . . . —no— Lillian Hildreth along with Gretchen Kauffman — English Dorothy Oakman— English Gerald Jaehnel— English In past yean, Seniors hare been the only ones in the English workshop, consisting of various reading, writing, and literature courses. Due to its success, juniors were able to take part in this opportunity instead of the regular English Program, with a minimum of one class and a maximum of three. It is hopeful that this great opportunity will be avail- able for the sophomores next fall. . . . Also a new course, Heading Improvement, has been added to the English curriculum. The course was initiated to meet the specific needs of students who want to improve their reading speed, improve their reading comprehension or to do both. The class accommodates students who have many levels of reading ability and the students progress at their own speed. In order to help more students, the class provides various options. It can be taken as a full time subject, as a partial credit course, or as a laboratory course. — 1 14— — 115— Lowell Reed— Math Gary Bagby— Math Lowell Dougherty— Math Edgar Eckey— Math Phillip Martin— Math Vernon Bly — Math For math students, a new math lab has been available six hours a day for concentrated individualized math study. Similar to the math laboratory, has been started and has been in use one period a day. I Patricia Schwartz — Homemakintf Carolyn Chase Homemakinp: Clarence Mod lin — Industrial Arts m m a a §a Ml Undo Abbott Becky Abi la- Phyllis Acri Donna Agons Nancy Akers Jo Ann Alatorra Jim Alexander Vicki Aldme Kathy Aldndge Dennis Aldridge Candy Allen David Allen Kelly Allen Mark Allen Richard Allen Mike Allison Debbie Amend Debbie Amnions Karen Anderson Lynn Andrews Robert Antol Linda Armbrest Elaine Armstrong Jean Armintrout Ray Arnett William Ashley Joy Augspurger Steve Augspurger Tina Avila Cathy Babbitt Bob Backstrom Randy Bailey John Baker Raymond Baker Dan Baldwin Kevin Bales Manlee Bancroft Mary Jo Baratta Melmda Barton Cindy Botes Kim Beaty Curtis Beck Nancy Beck Kim Belieu Debbie Bell John Bell Dole Benham Geraldine Bennett Cindy Benton Mary Bernard Linda Berry Cathryn Bertrand Richard Best Bette Ballard Mike Bmgaman Danny Biondi Allen Bishop Linda Blackburn Nancy Blount Rodney Boals Regina Bonanno Douglas Boothe Joe Bowers Barry Boylan Mark Boylan Elaine Boysel Kathy Bradley Kirk Bragg Arlene Branchcomb Mike Brandenburg Candy Brantley Lance Brauer Carol Breese ieff Breheny Jack Bnckman Robert Bndger Karen Bnley Dave Bnseno Craig Brookhart Judi Brooks Welker Brooks Alan Brower Karen Brown Rhonda Brown Mike Brugi oni Christina Bruner Dennis Burdick Judy Burdick John Buckner Vicky Bunting Dave Burchard Diana Burgan Chnsta Burk Mike Burns Vicki Burns luamta Burnola Gregg Burt Tammie Burt Ramona Bushbaum Leonard Bussanmas La Donna Butler Brad Butz Man Byerly John Calvert Renee Calvert Cathy Campbell Marcia Canfield Duane Cantrell John Cardamon Paul Cardamon Teresa Cardamon Mary Carey Gary Carlson Pam Carmichael Mark Carper Dale Carter Bob Casper Dorothy Cataldo Valerie Ceretti Debbie Olausi —127— Roger Chambers Mike Chapman Kent Cherry Pam Chiles Sherry Chiles Kathy Chiodo Keith Chandler Steve Chopard Donna Chrisinger Kim Christensen Jeff Clark Rachel Clevenger Sherry Close Pieter Cloyed Craig Coan Ceha Coco Kathy Coffey Melodie Cole Beth Collins Daniel Collins Debbie Conkling David Conley Brett Connelly Carol Conrey Kim Coolley Dwight Cook Guy Cook Kevin Cooper Craig Cosner Jerry Coulter Debra Countryman Jams Courtney William Coverdale Jeanne Cox Linda Cox David Crapser James Crane Jeff Crane Debbie Crawford Diane Crawford Kathy Crawford Tim Crawford Barbara Cremer Paul Cronin Lori Cross Harold Cross David Crouch Terry Curry John Daly Robert Damlson Linda Daniels Jeff Darrah Pat Davey Bruce Davidson Bill Davis Debra Davis George Davis Cindy Dawson Gary Deal Becky DeAngelis Jan Debrouse Bruce Dennis Bob Derichs Dorn DeRaad Eddie Devme Cheryl DeYoung Kathy Dial Robert Dick Ken Dickerson Gary Dickey Chris Dmnen Nancy Dooley James Douglas Steve Downard Michael Downing Laura Drew John Dubois Sheryl Duffy Debbie Dunham Denise Dunham Rose Mary Eaves Connie Edwards Deborah Edwards Jackie Egenberger Jim Eginoire Bob Elgin Louise Ellsworth Tim Ellis Donna Emerson Don Enckson Kent Evans Robert Ewurs Andrea Fairley Bill Farrell Steve Fatino Greg Fenton Kyle Ferguson Roxann Foland Becky Foreman Steve Fortnam Rick Francisco Pam Franklin Pat Franklin Mary Franzen Ernest Froehhch Joy Fulitano Kevin Funaro Kim Gabriel Tammy Gale John Gardell Linda Gardner Sharon Gardner Walter Garretson Mark Gauldin Richard Gilbert Darrell Gillihan John Gillson Daniel Glade Jams Glass Ellen Glazer —128— Cheri Gable Mark Goble Doug Goodwin Kathy Gordin Bob Gorla Tom Gorsche Dan Gruebel Danny Griffin Jon Groene Randy Grove Delores Groves Catherine Gruis Nancy Gruver Mark Guess Betty Gulling Deborah Gunter Deborah Hall Bill Hammer Sheryl Hammond Roger Hand Jim Hanna Susan Hannam Tim Hannigan Jerry Hanson Kris Hanson Jeff Hardie Randy Harding Christine Harkness Sue Harris Richard Hartzer Kevin Haskett Teresa Hatcher Sheilah Haugh Les Hazelton Jim Heck Butch Hedger David Heggen Robbie Helland Jamie Henderson Greg Hendricks June Harrington Tom Hertoko Sheryl Hickle Kim Hickman Sharlynn Hild Mary Hildreth Greg Hill Jeff Hill Randy Hillabolt Patti Hmes John Hitchcock David Hobt Gary Hoffpauir Tom Hohenshell Phyllis Hohl Mary Hollingsworth Debbie Hollmrake Loretta Hopkins Debbie Horton Jim Houseman Kathy Huffman Robert Huffman Steve Hunt Pat Hurley Leon Huss Karen Ingraham Louann Irving Scott Isaacson James Israel Vann Jenkens Marcie Jimenez Angie Johnson Brenda Johnson Debbie Johnson Jody Johnson Linda Johnson Barbara Johnston Joni Johnston Cathy Jones Debbie Jones Kelly Jones Linda Jones William Jones Chuck Jordan Wendy Jurgens Kathy Karnes Glenda Kellogg James Kelly Rebecca Kendall Bruce Kennedy Rebecca Kent Jeff King William King Tim Kingkade Kathy Kinney Lisa Kinsey Dean Kirschbaum Doug Kirschbaum Frank Kissel Sharon Klebe Steve Klein Jeff Klisares Bruce Klucking Jonice Knedler Mario Knight Gory Knox Bonnie Koll Richard Koons William Kooser Robert Konchalski Lyle Konrad John Koscielak Lee Ann Koskovick Mary Kramer Kim Krieg Carol La Favor Raynae Lagunas Pam Lane Robin Lane James Langbehm —129— Poul Lontz Ed Lorsen Michele Lou Tim Leach Joan Lee Debbie Leege Mike Leo Connie Lester Kurt Liebold Rick Lint Sandy Lint John Locke John Loerke Kevin Long Mark Ludlow Debbie Luian Jody Lynch Ten Macbnde Mart Machir Greg Mack Bridgett Maher DeLoris Maine Ann Mane Manz Sharon Malherek Sharon Mann Ernie Marcum Dean Markow Sue Martin Peggy Marturello Gary Mason Terry Mason Melanie Mayo John Maxwell Pat McAninch Janme, McCaw Janet McCleary Charles McChesney Howard McChesney Bruce McClelland LuAnne McClung Danny McClure John McCoy Kathy McCoy Mark McCoy Donna McDonough Marilyn McDonough Sue McGriff Brenda McKelvogue Joe McNew Greg McPherson Becky McW.lliams Debbie McWilhams Lisa Mebs Frank Meek Toni Meisters Pam Mekus Lori Mercer Kathy Merkm Kay Merrifield Cathy Meyer Mike Meyer David Meyers Bruce Middleton Debra Mier Debbie Miller Debbie L. Miller Louis Miller Teresa Miller Tina Miller Linda Mills Earl Mm.ks Gary Mitchell Gen Mitchell Randy Mitchell Debbie Montgomery Joyce Moore Joan Mony Debbie Montgomery Dennis Moore . Evelyn Moore Jen Moore Wayne Moore Catny Mooreheod Patty Morgan Eva Monarty Tony Moro Molaau Mosell Dawn Mueller Steve Muir Chet Muehlenthaler Sherry Mulcahy Stephen Mullings Debbie Munyon Donna Munyon John Murphy Linda Murphy Tom Murphy Becky Naples Pam Niebaer John Nelson Steve Nelson John Nevins Randy Newman Ray Newman Tim Nicolma Becky Nielsen Steve Norman Christine Ochoa Bill O ' Conner Maureen 0 Conner Jim O ' Donnell Cathy Ogburn Sharon Ogle Kimberly O ' Neal Jean Orndorff Mike Pagono Becky Palmer Brad Palmer Gary Pankuk Sheryl Parker —130— Cheryl Porkins Lyla Parks Sheila Poter Debbie Potterson Lee Ann Poison Karon Pedersen Dawn Perkins Mike Perkins Cynthio Perry Dennis Peterson Tom Peterson Sheryl Pierce Sherne Porter Lynn Potthoff Glendo Potts Carol Powell Tom Powell Jams Powers Tom Powley Jomes Proudfoot Mark Prazak Paula Pressly Terri Prinz Diane Pntchard John Prohasko Gary Puis Rosemary Radnich Knstme Rodosevich Billy Ragan Danny Raleigh Bruce Ramsey Joyce Rondall Teresa Roy Randy Rauson Cmdy Reed Cathy Reeves Cheryl Reeves Jo Ann Rethmeier Cassandra Reynolds David Reynolds Karen Riccelli Keith Rhoades Judy Richords Randy Rier Lynn Riggle Steven Righi Jen Riley Noncy Riley Cindy Ritchhart Joyce Rist Josequmo Rivera Josie Rivera Gordon Robb Steve Robertson Cindy Robinson Connie Robinson David Robinson Jan Robinson Ten Robinson Debbie Roeng Joe Romano Marvin Root Shen Rosendahl Margaret Roth Steven Roush Vicki Rowe Alyce Rush Becki Rush Tom Rush Sarah Rushing Mike Rust Jeanette Russell Kathy Russo Sandra Ryon Roger Rynearson Janet Saltzman Pam Saltzmon John Samsen Matthew Sanders George Sapp Michelle Scaglione Andrea Scarcello Susan Scarpmo Poul Scavo Barbara Schaffer Don Scharnweber Pam Schisel Diona Schmaltz Kirk Schmaltz Scott Schneider Loretto Scott Margaret Scott Sharon Scott Deanna Scovel Tim Sears Caroline Sego Mary Senior Albert Sevenno Phyllis Shappell Jeff Sharer Mike Sheets Paula Shelton Cynthia Shirley Sharon Short Loretta Shuey Chris Sickels Leslie Siddens Bob Sinclair C andy Sirfus Carol Siron Sid Six Kathy Sloan John Slock Allison Smith Chris Smith Doyle Smith Debro Smith Mary Smith Merne Smith Mike Smith —131 — n A O 1 Tom Smith John Snyder Leso Snyder Randy Sonnenburg Rick Soroka Steve South Diono Sparks James Sparks Jim Spratt Shan Stahl Dan Stanley Donn Stanley Terrie Stanton Al Staples Ronda Statton Marilyn Stein Pom Stembach Bill Stevens Mark Stevens Pam Stevens Diane Stodden Ron Stookey Theresa Strahl Cindy Strauser Pam Streeter Peggy Stroburg Charlene Stubbs Susan Sufko Joe Sullivan Jim Sullivan Greg Summy Betty Swartz Connie Sztukowski Vickie Taggart Frances Tantillo Alan Taylor Cindy Taylor Terry Test Debbie Thacker David Tharp Paul Thomos Rick Thomas Alan Thompson Boyd Thompson Dave Thompson Jeff Thompson Randy Thompson Becky Timmons David Tomlinson Colleen Toner Brian Torode Jerry Torrence Karen Trimble Stephen Tucker Larry Tungland Lori Tursi Jeff Ufk.n Alice Uhlman Craig Uhlman Paula Umphress Kim Underwood Alicia Unas Rhonda VanNausdle Angela VanPelt Julie VanVelzen Fronk Vasey Ann Villirillo Sandi Vine Debbie Vivier Greg Voumard Bill Walker Dennis Walker James Walker Ken Walker Larry Walker Ric Walker Jody Wall Sue Wall Knsti Wallace Randy Wallace Catherine Walrod Randy Walter Lon Walters Lon Walton Carol Ward Cindy Ware Kim Warne Debra Wassom Mike Watrous Debbie Watson Christina Watts Steve Watts Cornnne Way Robin Weberg Jerry Webb Lucy Weikum Larry Wentzel Shen Wentzel Rhonda West Sheryl West Brenda Wheeler Dennis Wheeler Judy Whelchel Knsti White Mike White Victor Wickert Doug Wieser Cheryl Wilde Danny Wilkes Martin Williamson Cothy Wilson Jeanie Wilson Kelly Wilson Jerry Winebrenner Robert Wolk John Wood Terry Wood Edwin Woodruff Joon Woodruff John Woolsey —132— F A whirlpool of Youth Friendships . . . Accomplishments Ideas . . . Cynthia Shirley Friendships Sophomore Band Members Rhonda Statton Socializing during lunch Debro Wozmuk Debra Wright Vicki Wright Debbie Wyont Linda Wykoff Tim Yancy Melonie Yates Pete Yetter Kim Zarley Ray Newman Rhonda Brown Ideas Brett Connelly — 133- AH, 3 Debbie Abbott Mike Abbott Kothy Abild Kothy Adams Mory Lee Agans Ann Akkerman Joe Altomari Jim Aldndge Johnny Allison Gail Allen Tim Allen Stephen Amend Charles Anama Debbie Anderson Dennis Anderson Doug Anderson June Anderson Nanett Anderson Dave Andrew Scotty Andrews Douglas Arrowood Doug Ashbaugh Davey Atkm Sue Bachellor Chase Buckstrom Eric Bahl Barb Baker Dennis Baker Janice Baker Linda Baker Lloyd Baker Danny Barfield Debbie Barnhill Kathleen Battm Denise Bauhofer Lisa Baumhover Jim Beardsley Terri Beauchamp Jack Beeler Renee Beheu David Belt Mary Bengford Cynthia Bennett James Bennett Sheryl Bennett Rebecca Bentzmger Maria Berarid John Biggs Rhonda Billings Debbie Birdsall Bonnie Blanchard Susan Blanchard Marta Blomgren Mark Blunck Andrea Bly Vivian Boals Michael Boothe Dave Bowen David Brandt John Brebner Earl Bresley Roger Bnerly Maria Bnggs Charles Brookhart Mike Brooks Danny Brown Greg Brown Randell Brown William Brown Mary Brugioni Tim Burgess Dolores Burks Rita Burnola Paulette Bussanmas Ray Butler Kathi Campbell Alfred Campo Melody Campos Paul Carey Tom Carey Sue Carney David Carper Beverly Carroll Gary Carter Vickie Carter Moses Castellano Lowell Chiles Sheryl Chnstensen Cheryl Clark Cindy Clark Pam Close Caroll Coam Paul Coellner David Colbert Steve Coleman Janice Coller Vicki Collings James Collins Ray Collins Nancy Comegys Susan Comegys Tom Comiskey Francis Campos Bob Conn Robert Conner Pam Contn Debbie Cook Debbie Cook Gary Cook James Cook William Cook Joe Cordaro David Cornwell Brian Cosner Rachel Cottier Mike Coulter Francis Coulthard Ken Cox Donna Crasper Allen Crawford -135— Jeff Crawford Gene Cnse John Croft Maria Cross Richard Cross Tarla Crumb Bill Cumings Mike Cummins Tim Cunningham Ron Curtis Mike Dagle Ken Dale Mike Daly Connie Damerville Dee Anne Dougherty Lu Anne Davey Kim Davis Dominie De Angelis Dominick Defino Marvin Delmott Marilyn Denny Tim Detnck Steve Dingman Martin Dobbins Vicki Dobbins Cindy Doc ken Dan Dotson Cindy Downen Dave Downey Jeanette Draper Don Dresselhuys Connie Drew Vicki Duff Cindy Dunston Rene Duntz Jack Eaton Robert Edmonds Alyce Edwards Gary Edwards Mark Eikenberry Mike Ekstrum Bob Ellis Becky Emerson Joyce Endres Martin Enslow Debbie Etzen Bob Evans Brian Evans Mary Evans Terri Evans Eva Faith Debbie Fazio Melody Feathers Cathi Fedro Shelley Ferrari Renee Fields Kathy Fisher Jina Fisher Amenda Fitch Robin Fitzgerald Debbie Floyd Thomas Fontanini Dan Forkner Leo Fortune Debbie Fosnaugh Jim Foster Kenneth Foust Russell Foust Nancee Francois Fonda Frazier Debbie Fresco Sue Gabbert Mike Gale Jerry Garland Gary Garnett David Gotto Vickey Goulder Brenda Gaumer . Eric Gertsen Carol Ghee Toni Gilliham Matthew Gillman Maurice Gillman Janet Gillum Jeff Glew Diane Gomez Kevin Gracey Debbie Grahm Fritz Gray Paulo Greco David Green Dean Greenland Elizabeth Gregg Steven Gregg Mike Griffith Tom Griffith Betty Groves Cheryl Gruetzmacher Doug Gruver Roger Gruwell Helen Gulling Debbie Gustm Jeanne Guzman Jeannette Hagen Mark Hagen Randy Hainline Jim Hale Christy Hansen Luane Hare Bruce Hammer Robert Hammer Gary Hannon Kim Hanson Sue Hardy Corolyne Harper Dennis Harrison Mike Hart Ann Hartman Jeff Harvey — 136— 699 £4 Scott Hawkins Melinda Hown Linda Haycock Debra Hayes Tern Hayman Carole Heiken Phil Heiser Ronnieon Heldenbrand Hugh Hennesy Rochelle Henry Steve Herrington Teresa Hillman Craig Hines Roy Hines Mory Hoch Jill Hoffman Vickie Hoffman Frank Holfeldt Colleen Hollinrake Jen Hoops Ken Horner Judy Houghtaling Terry Howard Tom Howard Dave Hubbert Kevin Hueholt Ken Huffmon Ernest Huffey Dana Hughes Rich Hummel Roger Humprey Rodney Hunson Jerry Hunt Thereso Hunter Kathy Hurst Glenda Hyde Dale Jackson Diane Jarshaw Jay Janis Debra Johnson Dennis Johnson Donald Johnson Michael Johnson Susan Johnson Terry Johnson Gary Jones Theresa Jose Jennifer Joyce Pamela Jury Patricia Kam Jack Kauzlarich Janet Kauzlarich David Kaih Steve Kearney Lora Keeney Dave Keil Tracy Kemp Steve Kennedy David Kern Tom Killam Corla King Delbert Kirschbaum Raymond Kirschbaum Don Kissell Cindy Kline David Kline Mike Klisares Jennifer Knauer Albert Knight Gail Knight Don Knox Vicki Knudson Tim Krahl Robert Kroll Virgmio Kuzela Roger Laffoon Lonnie Lair Kathy Lamb Richard Lancaster Linda Lane Richard Lankford Cheryl Lonmer Alan Larson Dan Laurence Jerry Leahy Tom Lela Tony Leo Curtis Lewis Pomelo Liggett Craig Ligouri Darlene Lloyd Chris Logsdon Brad Long Mike Long Tommy Lipovac Lione Lipsey Debbie Loghry Joe Lucas Vicky Lynch Charles Lyons Danny Lyons Gary Madden Valerie Modison Joe Madonia Lisa Mahnke Anna Maldonado Randy Manor Marjone Manz Mark Marco Donald Martin Bill Marturello Linda Marturello Mike Marvin Mary Kay Masolini Sherry Mason Anna Motlage Janme Mattiussi Ross Maynard Karyl McClelland —137— (ft Boh McConnell Dcnisc McCoy Troxey McCoy Trudy McCoy Dave McDonald Keith McElderry Teresa McFall Vicki McFarland Traci McKibben Linda McPherson Debbie McVey Ed McWilliams Debbie Medina Debbie Meister Connie Merrifield - Don Mettler Mike Mihalovich Barb Miller Debbie Miller Emily Miller Sandra Miller Kathy Millhollin Gayle Mitchell Ken Mitchell Jerry Mohler Bob Monaco Diana Money Denise Monroe Marsha Moon Mindy Mooney Anna Morano Donna Morano Becky Morgan Melinda Morris Mike Morris Jul: Mortoza Bill Mott Craig Munyon Ann Murphy Pat Murphy Pom Myers Renee Myers Jane Nagel Carl Nation Steve Nation Tim Nevins Dave Newman Craig Newton Diane Nichols Patsy Nielsen Jeff Neimeyer Craig Normg Leslie Normile Dan Norns John Oatts Mike O ' Brien Gary Ogle Greg Ohrt Paul Oliver Nancy Olson Jane O ' Neal Martin Osberg Mark Parker Ron Parr Sharon Pascuzzi Sue Pasutti Mike Paton Jerry Pauley Jan Perrin Larry Peterson Cindy Peters Debbie Petosa Mike Phillips Henry Pieart Rick Piper Becky Poindexter Robbie Pomerantz Mark Powell Kevin Predergast Sherri Prinz Pam Prothero David Proudfit Judy Puis Carol Pumphrey Debra Purdy Cheryl Putz Pete Rand Mary Rasmussen Steve Rasmussen Halhe Ratton David Reeser Dennis Reid Greg Reierson Patty Reynolds Jim Rhoades Jackie Rhoads Pete Riccelli Charles Rice Connie Richardson Vickie Riehm Yvonne Riewer Marian Riggs Theresa Right Sherry Riley Carmen Rivera Linda Rizzuti Loretta Rizzuti Jeff Robbins Jen Robirds Jackie Roby Nancy Roe Elaine Rogers Linda Rogers Joe Roney William Roth Mary Roustio Nancy Rowell Roberta Rushing Judy Russell Nick Russo —138— Clark Tibboel Mike Timmons Dee Tinlim Cindy Townsend Dorothy Trail Elizabeth Tucci Connie Turner Sue Turner Pat Urias Dale Volenti Vicky Van Dyke James Van Nostrond Bob Von Zuuk Kothy Vargus Chuck Venn Bill Vertz Dawn Ufkin Cory Violett Joyce Wagner Deb Walker Jonet Walker Jim Wallace Mellodi Wallace Je ' t Warford Peg Wasteney Jane Webly Jeff Webly Luie Weikum Cindi Weller Marc Welton Rhonda Weston John Whitaker Bill White Mary White Ken Whitehead Jim Wiand Contemplating 1 Anticipating Studying Exploring s TMW I II Achieving — 140— Mary White and Cheryl Clark Becky Morgan — 141 — Graduates — 143— — 145— Susan Erickson Robert Evans Antoinette Evans Jane Fairley Victoria Farkas Douglas Farris Gregory Faux Carol Fay Shelley Fennell J? dim Douglas Fisher William Fisher Linda Fisher Robin Fitzgerald PI El James Fletcher 9 y 1 ■ V 1 Bennie Foland Steven Ford Robert Fouts Donald Freeman Margaret Fridl Richard Fleener Linda Froehlich Gregory Funaro Jeri Funderburk Sheryl Gabbert Cheryl Gable Tanna Gabriel Rick Gale Kathy Gates Rick Gentosi — 147— Christine Harvey Michael Harvey Tom Harrison Deborah Harrison Anna Hartman Patrice Hartman Linda Haycock Rick Hedge Kim Heggen Sheryl Heldt Elizabeth Hennesy Christopher Herbert Donna Hewitt Richard Hickle Debra Hill i J7r Dennis Hillabolt Susan Hilsinger Lorna Hoagland Robin Holder Kristin Hollebrands Janet Holmes Merrill Hoopes Connee Hotchkiss John Houge Robert Houseman David Darla Linda Kathy Peggy Howk Hudnall Hudnall Huffman Huffman — 149— — 152— —153— D 1 1 Martha Rumley Joseph Rush Constance Russo Antonette Russo Rhonda Rynearson Ron Saf Antoinette Sanford Vickey Scavo Sylvia Schaller Sherrie Scharlau John Scharnweber Mary Schirmer Gwenda Schmaltz Toni Sciachitano Margaret Scrignoli Rebecca Seeger Keneth Shappell Mary Sheridan Linda Shineflew Francine Shipley Laurie Shives Jacqueline Short Nancy Short Leslie Sidmore Susan Siedel Vickie Simmons Linda Sinopoli Joyce Sirfus Kristi Sloan Debra Smith — 156— Dennis Smith Jillene Smith Michael Snider Deborah Snyder Mark Speridon Scot Speridon Steven Spragg Kenneth Spratt Darla Stalter Kim Stanley Debra Stapleton Terry Stratton Shelley Stegman Jane Stevens Mary Stevens V V 53 mm ft mt:M !3 ■ § Susan Steward Gary St. John Pamela Stocker Larilyn Stradtman Theodore Strasburg Sandra Stroud Charles Stumpf Robin Sturtz Lawrence Sufka Theresa Sullivan Ronald Summy Susan Swan Nancy Swanson David Tanney Cindy Taylor — 157— John Tew Randall Theis Ernie Thomas George Thomas Sheryl Thomas Deborah Thompson Gary Thompson Michelle Tharp Shcrri Tucker John Tursi Henry Ullrich Paula Underwood Tom Utterback Carol Vandervelde Sherrie VanDyke Donald Van Ginkel Linda Veach Mary Verrz Teresa Villirillo Sheryl Vincent William Vinson John Vujnovich Jo Anne Vulcano Dianna Wadle Deborah Wadle Cheryl Wages Carol Wagner Monika Wagner W. Kent Walker Tonya Walker — 158— Barbara Walsmith Catherine Ward Linda Watts Robert Weaver John Webb Kenneth Webb Katherine Weikun Theresa Welborn Rick Wells Deborah White Blake White Alan Whitmarsh Phillip Whitmore Robert Wilbert Steven Wilde William Willers Sherrie Willis David Wilson Bruce Winfrey Dennis W nnc Cheryldean Wion Sherry Wood Zelda Woods Dexter Woodyard August Wright William Wylie Kevin Wymer Terry Yakish Cynthia Yakovich Susan Yates Janet Zika Elizabeth Webster — 159— —160— The fading Senior, disappearing . . . Relinquishing the hold traditionally . . . Giving up the controls forever . . . Abandoning our past reluctantly . . . As we search out life individually . . . The fading Senior . . . dissolved . . . GRADUATING CLASS 72 Steak-O-Rama The finest from our broiler T-Bone 2.18 Fillet 1.55 Sirloin 1.50 Iowa Ham 1.40 Pork Chops 1.40 Steak Burger .99 Ranch Steak 1.19 Served with baked potato, tossed salad and Texas toast. 2 Locations to Serve You 1816 Army Post 285-0091 3714 Ingersoll 277-2697 Also Orders to Go mi — MM — MM — MM — MM — HI ! 1 Long ' s Auto Parts 4 NAPA) 2200 E. Douglas 4411 S.W. 9th 2428 Easton 6208 Douglas 325 5th W.D.M. Happiness is a class ring from Shelton Jewelers 3600 S.W. 9th i MORLANS BARBER APPOINTMENTS IF DESIRED r WAKONDA SHOPPING CENTER —164— MECHANIC ON DUTY 6:00 A.M. - 12 P.M. Tune up or overhaul work Free car wash with fill M M Standard 2 Blocks South of Lincoln High 24 Hour Service Call 300 S.W. 9th 243-9487 i Call Yellow Cab Over 50 Years of Service to Des Moines 243-1111 Up tight about choosing the right college? Make your choice Grand View College, the right on place to go. Where you go for your college education is one of the most important decisions you ' ll be making. So choose carefully. Consider ... 2 and 3 year programs, faculty personally interested in each student, modern classrooms, fully accredited liberal arts and pre-professional curriculum, and reasonable tuition. In other words Grand View offers a quality education you can afford. No need to be up tight when you make your decision. Get the story on the now college; talk with our director of admissions. —165- Des Music House Established 1916 814 Walnut Street Phone 244-4161 Dear Henry, Thanks for all your cooperation and steadfast patience in the making of this year book. We salute your integrity and overall sincerity and wish you many more happy years. Signed, Your Journalism Students —166— City Automotive Supply Inc. 1537 Second Ave. Tires — Parts Accessories 288-5729 Des Moines, Iowa Sport Cycle Center 1530 Army Post Rd. I. ' • j ■Id 71 There ' s a growing environment for education right here in Des Moines. Drake is growing in national stature . . . it ' s a leading major private university. You should consider one of these six undergraduate colleges open to qualified high school graduates. Talk with your counselor today. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY • COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM • COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS • COLLEGE OF EDUCATION —167— Congratulations Seniors Compliments of Fleur Rexall Pharmacy 24-Hour Prescription Service 5875 Fleur Drive Phone 285-6716 Knudson TRANSMISSION SERVICE 4223 1 2 S. E. 14th Phone 285-7561 Shoppers Charge Master Charge Bank Americard For Those Who Want The Best —I I — .+ — + IMPORTS 1208 Locust Phone 283-1975 — 168— Tollerud ' s Towing - Brakes Front End Work Approved Bob Foreman, Mech. Fleur and McKinley 285-9392 MILLIGAN BODY SHOP COMPLETE BODY AND PAINT REPAIR 1212 Geil 285-5302 -J Today a savings account - Tomorrow Security. UNITED 1 I AFEDERAL SAVINGS Des Moines, Ottumwa, Osceola, Winterset, Jefferson — 169— Family Restaurants Fleur and AAcKinley Burger Chef goes all out to please your family. BURGER CHEF. AND BIG SHEF ARE TRADEMARKS OF BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS, INC — 170— — — „!, fl , ■ ■ + MOTES 66 SERVICE 2012 S.E. 14th St. Grease Jobs, Tire Repairs Des Moines, Iowa 243-9844 ARTISTIC ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 282-1866 Interior Exterior Rails POLK CONSTRUCTION CO. 1405 S.E. First Des Moines, Iowa A. R. Gilloti J. L. Gillotti Dom Rizzuti Sam Rizzuti DES MOINES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 71 .. + F. R. Gillotti + — , — , , „ ,. ,„ .„ „ — , CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 72 from WILHITE PLUMBING AND HEATING Your Southtown Plumber 4601 S.W. 9th 285-7510 . .„ , — 171 — S-M-B CHARTER BUSES and AIRCRAFT The Ideal Way to Travel DIAL 276-3701 If No Answer Call 243-0066 Complete Charter Service Anywhere Sedalia — Marshall — Boonville Stage Line, Inc. 5805 Fleur Drive Des Moines CONGRATULATIONS 1972 GRADUATES Compliments of the Conway ' s I i CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ackerman Auto Parts Co. Clutch and Brake Specialists 1511 High Street Phone 288-8576 Des Moines, Iowa — . — + —172— it ' s Smarter to Charter t 1 CONGRATULATIONS YOU Have A Group? WE Have A Bus! Special Rates for School Activities IOWA REGIONAL TRANSIT CORPORATION FOR INFORMATION CALL 244-8111 +■—— — SENIORS FRANKELS Downtown Park Fair Dicks Texaco 3719 S.W. 9th Phone 243-9444 Tune Up Brake Work Custom Rust Proofing Cooper Tires Pick-up Delivery CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1972 William E. Walker Co. Sherwood Forest 7450 Hickman Road Des Moines, Iowa 50322 —173— The G L Clothing Shoes Meyer and Harry School Jackets Lee Levi s Stay Press Slacks Levi Jeans Bell Bottoms Large Assortment of Sweaters Complete Lettering Service 917 Walnut 243-7431 t ■■ — Crescent Chevrolet Co. Des Moines, Iowa SALES - SERVICE 17th Ingersoll USED CARS 12th Locust ■ . ■ CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dr. Dale E. Briley 1415 Army Post Road t „ 1„, „„ ,„, „„ MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM MM I.M MM MM I + MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE ' We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN || 15th Locust uiai IBS Dial 283-2446 + — 174— BINGS STATIONERY COMPANY Your Southside Headquarters For | • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • OFFICE SUPPLIES • OFFICE FURNITURE • ART SUPPLIES j • GREETING CARDS • GIFT ITEMS • SOCIAL STATIONERY • WEDDING SUPPLIES • PARTY GOODS Come In and Get Acquainted! 3410 S.W. 9th Phone 288-4889 Congratulations Seniors + — , , . 4 + , ., .„ + KRNT THEATER SHOW PLACE OF ALL IOWA + + Catalfo FURNITURE CARPETS DRAPERIES Professional Interior Designing 5900 S.E. 14th Des Moines, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1972 Dial Financial Corporation — 175— CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1972 GRADUATES Erickson ' s Barber Shop Beauty Salon 4302 ' i S. W. 9th 3 BARBERS Ted Erie Craig Open 8:00 - 6:00 Tuet. - Sat. 4 HAIR STYLISTS The Meet Modem Technique Used Tinting - Freetiag Open Evening! By Appointment Law ' s 66 Service Fleur McKinley Des Moines, Iowa 285-9324 mm — • — - — - — » — • — - — - — - — - — - — - — - — mf TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jan. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From Ford Garland Radio Car Radio Sales Service Auto Tape Players Vibrasonic Sound System 1414 Locust Des Moines 288-6324 —176— The insurance business holds many career opportunities. FEMIC may have one for you after graduation. FARMERS ELEVATOR MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Fleur Bell Des Moines, Iowa 50315 Conyratu tationi une 1972 (graduate 5 FROM GRUBB WASHER Sales Service In HOME APPLIANCES — TELEVISION FURNITURE 3310 S. W. 9th Street Ph. 243-0526 Where You Always Get The Best Buy CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 4201 CHAMBERLAIN -:- 3306 3. W. OTM ST. distinctive AND C ourteoud es Service Ph. 282-8510 Ph. 255 3371 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS South Des Moines National Bank Southwest Ninth McKinley and Wakonda Motor Bank on Fleur Drive BANK? BR EN TON i i I — 177— + - HINKY DINKY STORE Manager Charles Freund S.W. 9th Bell 4. + .J.,, m, .... .... m m .... m « h.. .... .... .... mm m .... .... mm ■ + PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING SHIRTS — SLACKS — SHOES SUITS SPORTS COATS MEN ' S FURNISHINGS LEVIS -ST A PRESS PANTS 3304 S. W. 9th Street Phone 282-0649 CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. Colin M. Stout and Dr. Katheryne Stout Optometrists 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH +- f- I i -+ Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES + — + 285-8303 Prescriptions Delivered BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT — 178— L +- i Babes Fabulous Restaurant American Italian Food 417 Sixth Avenue CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1972 GRADUATES From NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS — TAILORING DYEING Free Pickup and Delivery DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Dave Noah, Asst. Manager The Best Buy In Cleaning Is Quality S. W. 9th Leland 285-1261 DES MOINES, IOWA PRE-RECORDED TAPES 8-TRACK CASSETTES 45 s LP ' s Tape Equipment Tape Accessories Music International Wakonda Shopping Center Arcade 4313-M Fleur Drive DES MOINES, IOWA 50321 285-0112 ! ! +■■ i Congratulations to the Class of 1972 CRIVARO SON Insurance Agency John A. Crivaro 2460 S.W. 9th ■ Des Moines, Iowa Phone 288-5589 — 179— + . + MASSEY-FERGUSON, INC. i Lawn Garden Tractors, 7-10-12 hp Riding Lawnmowers, 5-6 hp Snowmobiles Tractors - Combines - Balers 1400 E. Army Post Road DES MOINES, IOWA 284-2251 + . . — ! BOB ' S CARPET, PAINT FLOOR COVERING FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Quality Is Our Goal Kitchen, Bath, Living Room and Commercial Vinyl Floor Inlaid Linoleum — Floor Tile Seidlitz SatinTone The Easy Paints Ph. 285-2263 208 E. Army Post Rd. Mon. Thurs. til 9 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS tf-lbwesti, liif AflilvOtUf, 3300-1 S.W. 9th St. Coll 288-6789 Des Moines, Iowa ANTHONY COMITO, Proprietor —180— GOT AN IMPOSSIBLE DREAM? MAKING IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS POSSIBLE SEE BANKERS TRUST 515-283-2421 — 181 — DMFS PES MOINES FLYING SERVICE. INC. MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, Oil MOIHIt. IOWA Mill TiiipMni 111-4111 Arta Catft 111 Call Us For A $5 INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT LESSON In The New CHEROKEE FLITE LINER ★ DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. 285-4221 DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. Congratulations 72 Graduates NEW HAVEN REST HOME 5608 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa a. , — — — . . — . ■ ■ ■ + f r infancy — Wedding Announcements - Envelopes - Letterheads Bring your printing problems to us for fast inexpensive service. beeves folate Service Phone 243-1132 Free Pick-up Delivery Class of 72 Cooper Homes Inc. 3217 Summit Vista Dr. J. H. Cooper 285-6205 +- -182— CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CLASS OF 72 From Fina GARY ' S FINA and Payton Ave. Groceries 5920-24 S.W. 9th Save-A-Stop Fina Nizzi ' s Corner Station 285-9552 Store 285-9599 + — + i EAST DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK E. 14th and Euclid Hubbell and E. University Pleasant Hill S.E. 14th Indianola Road Compliments of Food Brokers n or man i ! Ca5siday5 Mario Falbo Associates 2)e-A rcu 5 8th and Walnut j ' u mm . i . . it - - - ■- - - - ----- - .- 4- + ■ — + 414 Elm St. Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Ph. 244-4267 —183— CONGRATULATI ONS, GRADUATE! Discover DEEYA for a Lovlier You Bothered with teen-age problems? Blemishes? Dry skin? Oily tkinP Let Margaret help you with your Skin Prob- lems while one of our Trained Operators gives you a flattering New Hair Style. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Wont to earn money for your club? Call Margaret for Club or Group demonstrations. Figurette Bras MEL-MAR ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 3209 S.W. 9th 244-3855 Lil ' Joe s Lincolners — Check Out Our Chicken Conway Buick-Opel Inc. 1401 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa — 184— National Realty Inc. 3612 S.W. 9th List With Us And Start Packing Mobile Phones 24 Hour Answering Service 283-2141 1 1 Baker Skelly TOWING TUNEUP BRAKES Top Quality Work 4704 S.W. 9th St. 285-9558 It ' s the real thing, Coke. ( llll ' S ID Trade m« h (J) — 185- I l CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Jim Brookhart United Garage 243-9087 Congratulations Class of 1972 from STEREO SOUND STUDIO Tapes, Players, Stereos 1206 Grand 288-0216 ind RADIO TRADE SUPPLY COMPANY ' Everything in Electronics ' 1017 High C Lassaux 288-7237 - ■+ AT AMERICAN REPUBLIC, OUR BUSINESS IS LIFE AND HEALTH INSURANCE. OUR GOAL IS A BETTER SOCIETY FOR AMERICANS. American Republic Insurance Company -Des Moines, Iowa —186— Hudson Home Appliances The Finest Appliances Made 4120 S. E. 14th Phone: 285-8713 Des Moines, Iowa Complete Line of FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES SERVICE • PARTS De Young ' s MEAT MARKET 2927 S. E. 14th 288-2806 Government Graded U.S.D.A. Good Choice Bed Wiik from Standard Bearing Company of Des Moines 2350 HUBBELL AVE. 262-5261 —187- +• i WHITAKER PHARMACY Jke Pre5cription JH)tore With the Import Shop • • • 1 1 03 Army Post Rd. Phone 285-21 21 • • • FREE DELIVERY HOLMES, MURPHY ASSOCIATES NSURANCE AND BONDS 022 High 243-8116 Congratulations Seniors — mi — mi — mi — mi — 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 CONGRATULATIONS 100 g kf to you Seniors ... and tr r lOOIUU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ILMJlUU 100 100 Since 1872 100100 Valley Bank Trust Company MEMBER FDIC aif Tl 11 1 The ONLY Bank at both ends of the loop! Im JLJ | Walnut at Fourth — Seventeenth from Grand to Locust | 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 GET THE ICE CREAM ! ! Try all your old favorites . . . plus crazy, mixed-up fla- vors made only by Baskin-Rob- bins. During the season, watch for: CHOCOLATE ALMOND . . . PINK BUBBLE GUM . . . STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE . . . JAMOCA ALMOND FUDGE . . . FUDGE BROWNIE . . . ROCKY ROAD . . . and of course, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla! BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORES All 31 Flavors Hand Packed! Over 375 Stores Coast-to-Coast ©1965 BASKIN-ROBBINS, INC. Wakonda Shopping Center 4231 Fleur Dr. Des Moines, Iowa Phone 285-9467 RANDLEMAN REALTY INC. Residential Sales Rental Properties Farms Acreages Insurance Notary Public Call! ! 285-7370 4730 S.W. 9th 285-7370 1 -nnoERSon ericksoii dairy co . 2229 Hubbell Des Moines Phone Collect 265-2521 —189— + . + CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BRIGHTWELL OIL COMPANY WASHING and GREASING BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Westside 1142 - 42nd 279-0095 Westside 4400 Hickman Rd. 274-0307 Downtown 10th Keo 244-8997 I Northside 5210 N.E. 14th 265-2369 + „ „ , „ . — . . Great Plains Bag Co. Our Bags Are Overflowing with Good Wishes for Lincoln Students and Their Friends 2201 Bell 283-2041 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC. and Divisions World Leader in Agri-Genetics PIONEER SEEDS PIONEER. BEEF CATTLE PIONEER.. DATA SYSTEMS OHti CH ■Line HICKS ' ©f INDIAN RIVER BROILER BREEDERS PIONEER SEED COMPANY, Des Moines, Iowa Pioneer Brand Corn. Sorghum, and Alfalfa Seed. PIONEER SORGHUM COMPANY, Plainview, Texas Pioneer Brand Sorghum Seed. PIONEER CEREAL SEED COMPANY, Hutchinson, Kansas Pioneer Brand Cereal Seed. 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Class of 1938 Sales Ad Manager Class of 1939 LOCATED THROUGHOUT IOWA ACRI WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY 1400 Market St.— Des Moines, Iowa 50303 Phone 243-7601 TWIN PACK —198— CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Quad States Construction and Equipment Company 1410 S. E. Diehl 285-1020 LARRY STRADTMAN Class of 41 — 199— YOUNKERS Satisfaction Always As part of Younkers firm belief in the young people of today, a program is of- fered each year for the Des Moines area schools . . . TEEN BOARD for junior and senior girls and ADVISORY BOARD for junior and senior boys. These young people, se- lected to represent their schools, are chosen for leadership qualities, high scholastic standings, per- sonal recommendations from school administra- tors and evaluation from members of the retiring boards, plus their interest and ability in retail and fashion. They participate in special fashion shows during the year, give talks in their schools and to other groups on good grooming, publish a monthly newsletter and work in various junior de- partments each Saturday. Younkers salutes the rep- resentatives from Lincoln High School for a job very well done. DeAnne Righi, Elizabeth Gregg and John Haigh. —200—

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