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We ' ve only just begun, and Lincoln is our inspiration. Lincoln ... a place where uncovered paths and new ideas await discovery. Challenged by its tra- ditions and eager for exciting experi- ences, Lincoln presents a fascinating part of itself to exploring Lincolners. — 3— S6-0773S Lincoln students combine knowl- edge, imagination, and talent to express creativity in the world of Lincoln. —A— —5— fcetemfaatfoH $A the Heif fe Achievement Student life at Lincoln is an essential aspect of the total high school atmos- phere. It involves the commitment of students to each other, to the school and to the community as a supplement to their classroom education. With its various career clubs, service organiza- tions, and performing groups, Lincoln otters each student the opportunity to become involved and to grow with the school. We He Onlif JuJt £e$un tc Plan, to Suil4 jfor the Cmina If eat Practice, practice and Shadows flip and pivot as Drill Teamers complete a more practice lead to evening practice, perfection as seen by Dick Horton and April Souther. With a heave and a ho, " heavyweights " Mettler, Marcia Cardill stops practic- Chrisinger and Horton raise the 1970 senior sign. ing her routine long enough to plan a segment of the Mermaid y Water Show. Reigning over Homecoming festivities are from left to right: Walt Kennedy, Mark Hendricks, Dick Chidester, Marty English, King Tony Russo, Queen Ann Clarity, Barb Robinson, Vicki Snover, Terry McKibben and Sue Griffin. Homecoming 1970 Homecoming 1970 was a time of excitement and fun. Throughout the frenzied week of activities such as the Powder Puff Football game, the car paint, the car bash, the caravan, the coronation assembly, the football game, and the Homecoming dance, Lincoln High stu- dents shared the excitement of the week ' s activities and the fun of being together. The newly crowned King and Queen happily parade before their subjects. Cheerleaders prepare to " fire up " for Home- coming Activities. Yea! Rah! Rah! Seniors! —13— Terry Roth outflanks her c as she goes for a touchdown Tickles as well as tackles combine as female footballers go for the ball. " Whataya mean ' ineligible receiver downfield? " — 15— The cast for the play " Pure as the Driven Snow " included: left to ritrht, Suzanne Jones, Connie Mayer, Charlie Richards, Sue Pumphrey, Terry Yakish, Pat Bowles, Dave Newman, Pam Brouifhton, Brian Ashby, Pete Koons, Beth Hertlein, and Marilyn Breizer. — 16— Virtue Triumphs in foam Prcjuctbh " Pure as the Driven Snow, " presented by the Lincoln Drama Department, is a melo- drama wherein virtue triumphs over villainy. The story centers around Purity Dean, the per- secuted heroine, who, after many escapades, finally rids herself of her shadow, Mortimer Frothingham, forever. The production of " Pure as the Driven Snow " was under the direction of Miss Carol Harms. " Unhand her, you cad! " , exclaim- ed the manly bosomed hero Leander Longfellow. — 17— MIMES — Top row, left to right : Connie Mayer. Liane Lipsey. Middle row. left to right: Becky Morgan, Dan Lawrence, Dale Valenti, Mary White, Jan Bain. Bottom row, left to right: Edna McPherson, Sue Humphrey, Jordan Briley, Jim Coughlan, Dean Olds, Doug Wylie, Pete Koons, Mary Vertz. 2 3 mp mm p Jp Lincoln High Mimes, under the direction of Miss Carol Harms, presented an assembly in which various situations and emotions were wordlessly depicted. Such techniques as slow motion were displayed. Mime fill %ll bou Hl — 18— faculty £erteJ Stcak aM With Prifo Loyal Lincolners come from miles around to eat pancakes and join in the fun at the annual Pancake Breakfast put on by the Mr. Lynn Hanson, Driver Ed. Teacher, applies his own unmistakable style to the flipping of his pancakes. lendrick anxi- k of pancakes STUDENT COUNCIL — Back row, left to right : Julie Martin, Cathi Evans, Cheryl Breeze. Mary Bridgeford, Debbie Cook, Lorena Yurigan, Cheryl Greutzmacher. Middle row, left to right: Cheryl Voumard, Peggy Mason, Kris Sloan, Susan Saydel, Ann Ackerman, Carla King, Theresa Maldon- ado. Front row, left to right: Francois Campos, Fonda Frazier, Lorrie Caring, Sherri Prinz, Theresa McFall, Marion Riggs, and Mr. Talarico. £tu4ent Council tfleaHA JJhfofoeineht Lincoln ' s Student Council provides an opportunity for students to express their ideas and to work for the improvement of the school. These students displayed an eagerness to solve the school ' s problems. Some of the projects of the Student Council were ribbon, mum, and Friendship Bond sales, a canned goods drive and several mixers. STUDENT COUNCIL — Front row, left to right: Lana Dant, Connie Mayer, Nancy Crozier, Laura Randolph, Diane Lau, Debbie Young, Janet Bain, Sue Hellsinger. Second row, left to right: Rick Lawrence, Jamie Fletcher, Jim Harris, Mike Kain, John Whaley, Chuck Schisel, Kelly Dhainin, Mike Stout, Paul Carey, Jim Moore, and Vince Schweiger. Back row, lelt to right: Jim Wallace. Dean Robinson, Mike Miller, Kevin Wymer, T. J. Kramer, Craig Cherry, Bill Ostrem, John Haigh, and Kevin Kelso. —20— —21 — Christmas Elf rough-houses with a young visitor. Inquisitive visitor checks out the authenticity of Santa ' s beard at the annual Christmas party for the Bird Elementary School children. —22— Lincoln High Pep Club. Pep Club tyleattJ Spirit Dressed in their new uniforms, Pep Clubbers made their presence known at the year ' s athletic events. These girls sat together and joined the Cheerleaders in conducting powerful spirited cheers and songs. The girls added spirit and excitement to the school athletic contests, making sure that Lincoln teams know they weren ' t alone no matter where they went. Lincoln High Pep Club. —24— —25— AAAwMieA Jfynite Pep! GIRLS CLUB EXECUTIVES — Front row, left to right: Mary White, Ann Burke, Nancy Rowell, Bonnie Young, Fonda Frazier, Traci McKibben, Terri McKibben, Mary Sheridan, Debbie Green. Second row, left to right: Peggy Muir, Sue Agar, Michelle Tharp, Cheryl Van Alstine, Terry Villi- rillo, Cindy Townsend, Debbie Fresco, Debbie Jolliffe, Kathy Zenor. Third row, left to right: Renee Shipley, Judy Puis, Cindy King, Connie Sims, Shelly Henry, Ann Murphy, Candy Ferguson, Jeanie Fulitano, Debbie Garland, Cathy Hoffman, Janice Johnson, Judy Hawn. Encompassing all the girls at Lin- coln, the Girls ' Club worked hard at promoting activities beneficial to the school and the community. These activities included the traditional Big Sister-Little Sister Picnic, monthly birthday parties at New Haven Rest Home, the annual style show, and the Homecoming balloon release. Climax- ing this year ' s events was the annual Sweetheart Dance. Soon it will be up, up, and away with the traditional homecoming balloons purchased by Girls ' Club. —27— First row, left to right : Tony Russo, Walt Kennedy, Marty English, Mark Hendricks, and Dick Chidester. Back row, left to right: Barb Robinson, Sue Griffin, Ann Clarity, Vicki Snover, and Terri McKibben. During Homecoming week school spirit takes on a new meaning. Sopho- mores become enthusiastic, juniors and seniors plan and use all of their ingenuity and energy to make Homecoming a reality. This year the results were a Senior Sign that revolved and an emotional coronation from which Ann Clarity and Tony Russo emerged as royalty. While gathered around the 1970 Senior Sign, Seniors show enthusiasm for Homecoming as they cheer on a victory. -28— While some Lincolners were busy listening for Santa ' s sleigh bells and envisioning sugar plums, girls were planning a " Winter Wonderland " Christ- mas Dance. Again this year, couples were asked to bring small presents which were given to underprivileged chil- dren. Newly crowned Miss Mistletoe Deanne Right, center, is surrounded by her attendants Rose Cardamon and Shelly Boyd, seated, Debbie Green and Lari Stradtman, standing. 197k 9t Was A Very W 1 eaH Lincoln boys suffered the pain of Cupid ' s arrows as the girls launched their " manhunt " for escorts to the annual Sweetheart Dance, sponsored by the Girls Club. First row, left to right: Kirk Blunck, Tony Russo, and Mike Long. 2nd row, left to right: Tom Comiskey, Mark Hendricks, Martin Osberg, Phil Hayman, Jeff Par- sons, and Mike Potts. —29— Cheerleader £park Pep Kindling spirit within a school of 2,000 students isn ' t an easy job, but t his years ' cheerleading squad man- aged to capture and transmit the ex- citement and sentiment to all school athletic events. New stunts executed by the cheerleaders and yell leaders were real crowd pleasers during basket- ball season. The cheerleaders helped to make the athletic year one of which we can all be proud. CHEERLEADERS, back row, left to riirht: Connie Russo, Lari Stradtman, Cindy (luzewich, April Souther, Kathy Rizzuti Karen Mettler, Mary Stevens, Jean Nizzi, Jeanne Fulitano. Front row: Cindy Hull, Vieki Snover, Joan Nizzi. Lari Stradtman lends a helping hand in the decorating of the locker room. —30— —31 — In a tangle of streamers, Cheerleaders decorate the locker room before a big game. Cheerleaders line up for a victory yell. —32 ■ DRILL TEAM from top of stem of " L " : Jane Patrick, Dolores Fleming. Janet At kin. Jennifer Weeks, Valarie Strahl. Linda Lembke, Carla Corey, Diana Baber, Pat Bowles, Sandy McDonald, Shelley Boyd, Cindy Gillespie, Trudy Mills, Gwn Schmaltz, Debbie Kurtz, Amy Wimer, Janet Andrew, Nancy Griffith, Roxanne Sapp, Terri McKibben, and Peggy Muir. Base of L ' ' back row: Peltry Mason. Barb Walsmith, Deb Green, Mary Sheridan, and Debbie Joliffe. Base of " L " front row: Jan Goodpasture. Paula Kimzey, Pat Houge, Mary Haluska, Debbie Martin. Hook of " L " : Mary Badger, Sharon Myers t Kathy McKelvey, and Co-Captains Shan Comiskey and Janet Augspurger. brill Team Perform With Spirit Adding color and enthu- siasm to the year ' s football and basketball halftime shows was the Lincoln High Drill Team. These girls, under the leadership of Co- Captains Janet Augspurger and Shan Comiskey, were chosen in the spring on the basis of marching ability, personal appearance, grades, attendance, and Pep Club standing. Besides marching during halftime perform- ances and parades, Drill Teamers sold homecoming buttons, candy, and jewelry in order to finance their trip with the band to the Dakota Days Band Festival. Mrs. Cheryle Hendrick contribut- ed much time to help the girls ' performance and also forfeited much patience and sleep during extra-curricu- lar activities. —33— Mary Badger sighs, " Look at those muscles, " while Gwen Schmaltz yells, " I saw him first! " and Sharon Myers stares in disbelief. Hags, Drill Team, and Cheerleaders patiently (?) await the entrance of the basketball team. Drill Team and Band work hand-in-hand, as demon- strated by Kirk Phillips and Mary Haluska. —35— 4 Madrigals recall childhood memories " The Night Before Christmas. " o 3 Heat a Hflehtbf? Highlighting a musical year, the vocal music department participated in various programs involving school assemblies, public perform- ances, and the state music contest. Under the direction of Mr. John Whaley, the Modern Madrigals, Concert Choir, Boys ' Glee Club and Prep Choir had a busy year. Madrigals repre- sented Lincoln at Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, and Rotary Club meetings. This group also visited nursing homes and the Echo Valley Country Club. A Christmas presentation and the spring show, " All Kinds of Everything " were the highlights of the year. Geoff Gray and John Whaley crack under the strain of difficult music and tricky lines. MODERN MADRIGALS — Back row, left to rijrht : Tom Weldon, John Whaley, Mark Carson, Jim Curtis, Clark Tibbel, Ste ve Everson, Steve Schneider, Geoff Gray, Dennis Lee, Cleo Brookhart, Kevin Andreano, Larry Williams. Front row, left to rijrht : Sue Griffin, Curia Martin, Barb Thompson, Pam Peterson, Sue Coley, Judy Hawn, Linda Ingle, Barb True, Lisa Henessy, Sue DeReyscher, Pam Broujfhton, Sue Gabbert, Mr. Whaley. —36— CONCERT CHOIR, left to right, first row: Dorene Pontious, Joyce Riley, Carolyn Roney, Jeannine Haack, Michael Johnson, Tom Weldon, Rick Borchert, Art Flatt, Scott Doane, Mary Badger, Joan Nizzi, Jean Nizzi, Karen McCarty, Sue Griffin. Second row, left to right: Carol Vandervelde, Kathy Portwood, Melinda Morris, Pam Stocker, Lari Kay Stradtman, Chuck Kauzlarich, Mark Backstrom, Don Thomason, David Lane, Robert Ken- dall, Mark Edwards, DiAne Schneider, Janet Augspurger, Pam Broughton, Michelle Tharp. Third row, left to right: Faye Vincent, Jean Smith, Kathy McKelvey. Pam Peterson, Barbara Thompson, Steve Hoffa, John Whaley, Steve Babbitt, Les Beck, Dennis Lee, Jeff Lukehart, Sue Hildreth, Linda Ingle, Sue DeRuyscher, Linda Culver, Lisa Hennesy. Fourth row, left to right: Barb Davis. Shan Comiskey, Sandy Gartin, Marva Lundy, Jenny Knauer, Steve McNew, Allen Webb, Curt Darrah, Anthony Berardi, Mark Carson, Geoff Gray, Kevin Andriano, Judy Hawn, Beth Baier, Cathi Evans, Sue Gates, Lou Ann Hildreth. Fifth row, left to right: Diane Woodman, Pat Stein, Dolores Johnson, DeDe Baber, Dennis Hillabolt, Steve Everson, Jim Curtis, David Franz, Roger Stradtman, Steve Schneider, Richard Chrisinger, Vicky Lacona, Cathy Larson, Pam Jones, Janice Johnson, Sherri Tucker, Sarah Robson. BOYS GLEE CLUB, left to right, first row: Terry Archibald, Steve McNew, Jim Roth, Steve Monaco, Paul Ross, Ken Huffman, Mike Timmons, Henry Pieart, Rick Lawrence, Kevin Andriano. Second row, left to right: Jon Croft, Scott Lewis. Gary Trullinger, Dave Lane, Mark Backstrom, Mike Hardenbrook, Randy Thompson, Bill Eaton, Cleo Brookhart, Jamie Van Nostrand. Eric Bahl, Don Thomason. Third row, left to right: Tom Atterbadk, Tom McKelvey, Dave Rafdal, Scott McNamara, Steve Everson, Gary Cook, Leon Johnson, Mark Hendricks, Mark Edwards, Mike Long, and Fritz Gray. —37— (.IK IS GLEE — First row, left to ri«ht : Pam Peterson, Rose Cardamon, Connie Turner, Debbie Downen, Linda Rua, Cheryl Clark, Joyce Riley, Kim Klein, Elaine Rogers, Rose Bennett, Maria Barardi, Diana Dainty. Row two, left to right: Sandi Waldron, Gale Hill, Debbi Jolliffe, Linda Laconna, Judie Christensen, Deb Cook, Bonnie Young, Valerie Hall, Darla Stalter, Ella Robb, Phyllis McKinley, Pam Miller. Row three, left to right: Becky Byars, Terri Larson, Dolores Johnson, Linda Walls, Debbie Souder, Nancy Swanson, Sherry Wood, Susan Koscielak, Alice Mercer, Linda Atherton, Colette Kern, Sheryl Whelchel. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB — Front row, left to right: Dianna Wadle, Debi Yates, Lurdez Medina, Cheryl Voumard, Margaret Fridl, Colleen Hollinrake. Second row, left to right: Roslin Arnett, Michelle Tharp, Lynn Gorla, Pam Broughton. Pam Perry, Sue Hilsinger. Third row, left to right: Jo Vulcano, Barb Cooper, Cheryl Dunmire, Holly Penfold. Cheryl Wages, Mary Smith. —38— Row 1: Karen Wityk, Cheryl Putz, Lorna Hoagland, Danette Sterrett, Frances Campos, Kathy Fisher, Jeri Funderburk, Terri Beauchamp. Row 2: Rachel Cottier, Jeannie Leonard, Susan Siasoco, Cindy Laughlin, Debbi Marchesano, Cheryl VanAlstine, Vikki Lynch, Rosie Amodeo, Peggy Mason. Row 3: Denise McCoy, Terri Sullivan, Shelley Ferrari, Cheryl Cox, Candy Ferguson, Patty Slorah, Debbie McFarland, Jane Thurmond, Patti Jo Reynolds, Jane O ' Neal. PREP CHOIR — Front row. left to right: Debbie Goodwin. Joyce Endres, Loretta Rizzuti, Cynthia Weller, Becky Morgan, Mikan Johnson, Larry Wil- liams, Donn Dresselhuys, Roger Laffoon, Greg Brown, Jane Thurmond. Judy Harker, Renee Myers, Danette Sterrett, Denise Smith, Denise Swarts, Kathy Fisher, Joan Hollinrake. Second row, left to right: Kim Heggen. Jeanette Draper, Christy Hansen, Linda Rizzuti, Debbie Lewis, Shelly Devine, Dale Jackson, Ron Parr, Robert Hammer, Jeff Glew, Cindy Townsend, Chris Hinds, Amenda Fitch, Sharon Pascuzzi, Terry Glenn, Nancy Roe, Terri Beau- champ. Row three, left to right: Valerie Madison, Pam Close, Sue Sawyer. Marian Riggs, Paula Greco, Linda Marturello, Fonda Frazier, Clark Tibboel, Mike Brooks, Alan Rooney. Sandy Sayers. Virginia Kuzela, Renee Fields. Mai ji Manz, Terry Jose, Debbie Nicholson, Debbie Fresco, Carolyne Harper. ' Row four, left to right: Debbie Ferrari, Carol Ghee, Cheryl Wood, Karen Wityk, Sue Gabbert, Dine Hanna, Dave Cornwell, Vince Schweiger, Terry Richardson, Lora Keeney, Maria Cross, Jean Heldenbrand, Sue Pasutti, Cheryl Gruetzmacher, Marsha Moon, Carole Heiken, Debbie McFarland, Lou Ann Saltzman. Row five, ieft to right: Denise McCoy, Donnie Richardson, Kathi Hurst, Kris Sloan. Lynda Mantooth, Debbie Harmon, Kym Merkel, Cheryl Snyder, Peggy Wasteney, Judy Puis, Terry Smith, Patty Slorah, Maria Briggs, Shelley Ferrari, Jeanette Hagen, Linda Baker, Patti Jo Reynolds, Karen Tucker, Jane O ' Neal. Band, Flags, and Batons perform during pre-game at Homecoming. Continuing to provide instrumental accom- paniment to the varied Lincoln activities, Band members performed at pep assemblies and athletic events. Also furthering Lincoln ' s public image, the band presented numerous concerts, one of which featured Joe Murrello, renowned jazz drummer. Under the direction of Mr. Bill Henderson, band director, and Kirk Phillips, drum major, the band high- lighted their 70-71 year with a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota for the Dakota Day ' s Pa rade. Concentration and accuracy combine as the brass section performs during pep assemblies. Pausing for breath are trombonists Doug Wiley and Brad Haack. .fes J ems Joe Murello explains a drumming technique at a practice session with the Lincoln Band preceding a public show. Drum Major, Kirk Phillips, questions Mr. Henderson as to the tempo of a number. A newly recruited navy-woman moon- lights as a player in the Lincoln Band. — 41 — The whirling of gold flags mark the performances of the Flag Twirlers. These girls dis- play not only marching ability, but also the twirling skill and showmanship that have be- come their trademark. Show- ing a different face to Lincoln fans, these ten girls displayed new uniforms and flags which were financed by bake sales and treasury money. Twirlers back row, left to rijrht : Candy Ferguson, Marci Caudill, Rene Shipley, Cathy Conrath, Sue driffin. Front row. left to right: Linda Asree, Jerry Funder- burk. Captain Jan Comann, Co-Captain Marsha Crawford, and Kim Kline. Candy Ferguson stifles a giggle as she dis- covers her mistake — " My bloomers?! " Flags present halftime entertainment at home basketball game. -42- Majorettes show their skill with fire batons as they perform an exacting routine. tflajwetteA Cxkiftit 7u irtiH(f falenU Skill and zest highlight each halftime performance that fea- tures the majorettes. These girls practice long hours in or- der to make their performances memorable. —43— Probates prepare to paint the pool. tfpu ' te a What?... ft tHewai t! " You ' re a What? " was the theme of the 1971 water show, staged by the Mermaids under the direction of Mrs. Jean Frazier. Come one. come all to see the ' showgirls ' ; left to right: Kris Hollebrands, Gwen Schmaltz, Martha Kendricks, Lari Stradtman, LuAnn Olson, Lisa Hamilton, Mary Stevens, and Debbie Green. —44 — Tana Metelman and Sherri Pocock reveal hidden talents as matadors. Here come de judge — the Honor- able Sue Griffin presiding. —45— —46— KEY ( LI B— Front row. left to right : Cary Kennedy row, lef t to right : Whaley. Harry Martin, John Scharnwebber, Kevin Prendergrast. Gary Ogle. Tom Rowe. Mike Klisares, Tom Comiskey, Mr. Swihart. Bark Mark McClurpr, Roger Stradtman, Richard Chrisinger, Steve Schneider, Ceoff (iray, John Heif Club £.ettieA Service for school and community highlighted the activities of Kiwanis Key Club this year. School activities included a car-bash, a basketball game with the KIOA High-Hoopers (proceeds of which were donated to the Band and Drill Team for their trip to South Dakota), and the purchase of a camera which was donated to the Journalism department. Key Klub Klown John Whaley guns for two points against the KIOA High-Hoopers. Key Clubbers Mr. Swihart and Roger Stradtman and DECA members Kelly Dhainin, Jack Textor, and Mr. Norman present their joint contribution of a camera and flash to the Journalism department, represented by Ann Burke. —48— Back row, left to right: Harry Duffy, Gary McGuire, Steve Moden, Larry Jarnagin, Dan Bower, Ron Warne, Ron Humphery, Duayne Johnson, Dan Bainter. Marv Seals. Second row, left to right: John Holmes, Bob Armstrong, Dave Bishop, Don Greubel, Randy Babbitt, Kelly Dhainin, Doug Green, John Jordan. Front row, left to right: Mary Blackford, Patty Vaughn, Kathy Stohl, Cindy Milliken, Lynda Campbell, Jan Sittler, Melody Powell, Lynn Thurmond, Mr. Norman. h.CC.A. AU Wwk ttc play? DECA students spend part of their days in school and part of it at work learning a vocation in order to acquire the leader- ship and social training which are objectives of the Club. Members of Distributive Education attended the Iowa State —49— Nancy Griffith Editor RaiUplittet %toApapet Henry E. Sanders, Advisor Production of the Railsplitter gives students experience in writing, editing, and publishing a newspaper. Students learn the exacting routine of meeting deadlines, and work as a team to combine the headlines, stories, and pictures that make up the Railsplitter. The Railsplitter records for Lincoln High School the achievements of students and teachers in classroom and extra- curricular activities. The Railsplitter reflects the world of students by reviewing the happenings in school and communitv. This year the Railsplitter won its eleventh consecutive All-American award from the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation 84th Critical Service and its fourth Medalist from the Columbia Press Association. Managing Editor Ann Burke con- fers with Mr. Sanders concerning a story. Editor Nancy Griffith Managing Editor Ann Burke Feature Editor Janice Johnson Sports Editor Kirk Phillips Adv. Mgr Bob Bunch Photographer Bob Griffith Editor Nancy Griffith meditates about a proper lead paragraph. Journalism students get newspapers ready for bi-weekly delivery and mailing. GaiUplitter tfeath k Henry E. Sanders, Advisor By combining pictures and words, the Railsplitter yearbook attempts to recreate and record the 1970-71 school year. The staff, headed by Sue Griffin, spent many hours working and reworking the layouts and copy for the book. Each segment of the book ' s production was headed by a member of the editorial staff. Introduction was handled by Cathy Evans. The Student Life section was edited and planned by Shan Comiskey. Dan Blunck and Mark Hendricks were contributing editors for the Sports section. The immense job of cutting and pasting the senior glossies was handled by Cindy Moon and the Undergraduate section under the direction of Mindy Siddens. Kim Markwardt handled the accounting for the ads and Joan Nizzi guided the circulation of the books. Photography was contributed by Bob Griffith, Kirk Phillips, and Charlie Richards. Susan Griffin Editor Joan Hollinrake and Mike Johnson discuss a probler in the layout of the undergraduates. Conferring with editor Sue Griffin are April Souther, Maria Falbo, and Kathy Rizzuti. Mindy Siddens and Marcia Caudill work on senior graduate section layout. Cathi Evans plans introduc- tory pages of yearbook. Shan Comiskey sorts photos for the student life section. —51 — LATIN CLUB — Front row, left to right : Sandy McDonald, Janice Coller, Debbie Callahan, Pam Contri, Paula Greco, Marci Butz, Miss Dubas. Second row, left to right: Dave Gatto, Vince Schweiger, Sarah Robson, Leigh Phillips, Peggy Mason, Diana Baber, Larry Peterson, Mike Paton. ianquaqi ' Club A Pnwte KhderJtatuf hy Through Lincoln ' s language clubs — Latin Club, French Club, and Spanish Club — stu- dents are able to express their interest for and to gain an understanding of foreign countries and languages. FRENCH CLUB — Front row. left to right: Linda Rizzuti, Laurie South, Melinda Hawn, Marcia Zarley, Marian Riggs, Susan Johnson. Liz Tucci. Nancy Rowell. Cheryl Coco. Second row, left to right: Melinda Morris. Lee Murray. Debi Tunsrland, Kathy Portwood, Connie Hotchkias. Jeanne Rahm, Cindy Docken, Virginia Kuzela, Traci McKibben. Third row, left to right: Nancy Griffith, Cheryl Gruetzmacher, Liz Gregg, Jane Webley, Janice Maine, Sheila Shives, Valarie Strahl, Ann Akkerman, Mrs. Bev- ington. —52— UNITED NATIONS CLUB — Front row, left to right: Miss Selby, Paula Kimzey, Sandy McDonald, Jaki Samuelson, Sherrie Tucker. Back row, left to right: Mr. Testa, Tom Weldon, Mike Kain, and Jim Harris. United Nations Club members prepare programs to help them to better their understanding of the objectives and accomplishments of the United Nations. Films and guest speakers enhance the value of their monthly meetings. The members publicize the annual U.N. Trip for juniors and send delegations to the annual Governor ' s United Nations Day and the Iowa High School Model U.N. Members of the International Club strive to better inter- national relations by supporting student exchange programs. Money for foreign students coming to Lincoln and for Lin- colners going abroad was raised by the club. INTERNATIONAL CLUB — From left to right: Jaki Samuelson, Andrea Bly, Shelly Henry, Cindi Moon, Mary Ludwig, Cathy Ward, Debbie White, Juan Carlos Zeballos. —54— FORENSICS — Standing, left to right: Mrs. Robbins, Terry Yakish, Don Carlson, Jamie Fletcher, dale, Sue Yates, Cindy Lavarota, Cami Dresselhuys, Jaki Samuelson, Toni Leto, Linda Sawyer. Sitting, left to right: Rose Miller, Ruth Cover- Forensics Club is one of the most active at Lincoln. This year, the club has won award after award for outstanding per- formances in debate, impromptu speaking, and many other categories. Coaches are Mrs. Robbins and Mr. Burstein. Members of the Computer Club learn the basic symbols and logic of the Fortran language as well as the theory of computer operation and the process of punching data cards. COMPUTER CLUB — Left to right: Mr. Jennings, Mike Watson, Mike Astley, Steve Everson, Tom Shepherd, Paul Antol, Mr. Bagby, Terri Righi. Gail Allan, Dorothy Baird. De Ann Righi, Kathy Portwood. —55— Three organizations — Health Careers Club, Nurse ' s Staff, and Red Cross Club — provide means for students to express and to develop an interest in medicine. Health Careers Club is designed to interest students in the careers available in the health field. Members of the Nurse ' s Staff are able to gain experience in nursing by help- ing with ill students. The Red Cross Club stresses the satis- faction a person receives in serving his fellow man. HEALTH CLUB — Front row, left to right: Joyce Poore, Jeanine Haack, Debbie Callahan, Mrs. Dorothy Brandt, Frances Compos. Back row, left to right : Janet Andrew, Janice Maine, Cathy Smith, Roxanne Pankuk, Cheryl Cox and Sue Gates. NURSE ' S STAFF — Front row, left to right: Joyce Poore, Cindy Caudill, Jeanne Guzman, Mrs. Brandt. Back row, left to right: Janet Andrew, Cathy Smith, Roxanne Pankuk, Cheryl Cox. —56— DORIAN ART CLUB — Back row. left to right : Terry Joss, Brad Hansen, Kirk Blunck, Jim Driscoll. Dave Ogle, Bob Kendall, Randy Puis. Steve Hoffa, Mr. McLean. Front row, left to right: Tana Metelman, Pat Houge, Janet Bird, Jo Cering, Cyndi Hull, Linda Sawyer, Patti Oberlin, Lynn Thurmond, Mary Blackford Dorian Artists not pictured: Sherri Pocock, Terri McKibben, Debbie Garland, Jean Saylor, Dennis Howe, Debbie Martin. m Dorian Art Clubbers Kirk Blunck, Dave Ogle, Brad Hanson, Jean Saylor, and Linda Sawyer discuss the cover designs for the Railsplitter. Ccbt Dorian Art Club members strive to attain an understanding of art appre- ciation through their varied activities. Members of Dorian Art decorate the school for special occasions, such as Christmas and athletic events. Field trips to the Art Center and other places are also included in their yearly activities. Members of Dorian Art contemplate examples of their work. —57— AUDIO-VISUAL — Left to right: Herb McCaw, Keith Gibbons, Terry Yakish, Don Van Ginkle, Don Tomason. The Audio Visual Staff handles the projectors, and all other visual teaching aids and work backstage during assemblies. Members of the Hospitality and Usher Committee welcome guests to all school functions and act as ushers for school assemblies. Young Office Workers learn the skills needed in office work. HOSPITALITY USHER COMMITTEE — Front row, left to right: Judy Christensen, Christine Jorgenson, Nancy Markwardt, Paula Kimzey, Sue Siedel. Back row, left to right: Mr. Eckey, Kathy Hoffman, Alaina Cooper, Terri Sullivan, Carla Corey, Terri Hayman, Jeff Glew. YOUNG OFFICE WORKERS CLUB — First row, left to right: Linda Hudnall, Sheryl Heldt, Shelley Fennell, Debi Marchesano. Jo Gerring, Dawn Mallory, Kathy Kinkade, Cindy Hunt. Back row, left to right: Kathy Johnson, Cheryl Warne, Angle Rowe, Carla Corey, Sheryl Whelchel, Debbie Ballard, Debbie Martin, Janet Thomas. —58— HOCKEY CLUB — Front row, left to right: A. C. Warford, Joe Masteller, Jim McBride, Mike Vivone, Kirk Phillips. Back row, left to right: John Webb, Tom Harper, Craig Morrison, Jim Galloway, Bill Mitchell, Mike Phillips. Members of the Hockey Club, representing Lincoln on the ice, devote many hours and much effort to the playing of this exciting and demanding sport. Learning the techniques of the challenging game of chess, Chess Clubbers have represented Lincoln at local and state contests. CHESS CLUB — Left to right: Rick Lancaster, Rick Ramsey, Mark Miller, Mr. Hutchinson, Ben Munson, George Watts, Gary Campbell. —59— EQUESTRIAN CLUB— First row, left to right: Judy Mack. Candace Moore, Diane Reetz, Twyla Bailey. Roseanna Thompson. Second row, left to right : Mrs. Yeast, Violet Grogan, Laurie McClel- land, Laura Keeney, Nancy Olson. LEADERS CLUB — Front row. left to right: Cindy Weller, Jo Ann Gering. Sue Siasoco, Jeri Funderburk, Judy Russell, Sue Turner, Deloris Johnson, Michele White, Jeanne (Juzman, Janet Shurtleff, Ann Burke, Jeanne Leonard, Lisa Hennesy, Jody Tedesco. Second row, left to right: Sue Siedel, Mary Blackford, Kathie Adams, Debbie Souder, Cindy Gillespie, Deanne Righi, Carol Crawford, Mary Sheridan, Carol Noglia, Rose Giudicessi, Sandy Allen, Sue Erickson, Vicki Baum. Third row, left to right: Janet Walker, Laurie Shives, Barb Walsmith, Shelley Henry, Carol Heiken, Renee Fields, Debi Marchesano, Kyle McClellan, Shelley Ferrari, Renee Shipley, Marsha O ' Connell, Pat Collins, Sherry Tucker, Cathy Evans, Joan Hollinrake. I.F.TTKHMKN - U ' B — front row. left to ri ht: Mi IVterson. Kich Hicklft, M i k • BtoekCT, K. .ri Wym.-i. St. .- Johnson, Gary Maddrn. BttVt Thomp- son. Gary Bo wen. Jerry Huffey, Steve DiMaggio, Mr. Vander Linden. Second row, left to right: Mike Potts, Craig Cherry, Kirk Shoemaker, Dale Anderson. John Anderson. Alan Vine, John Haigh. Phil Rogers, Mike Long. Third row, left to right: Dan Blunck, Dick Hoi ton, Mike Miller, Steve Sekaetder. Ray Lantz. Rich Chrisinger, Geoff Gray, Dick Chidester, Walt Kennedy. — 60 COUNSELING CENTER STAFF— Front row, left to riRht: Linda Atherton, Barb Thompson. Jean Nizzi, Joan Nizzi, Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Malliet, Mr. Baker. Back row, left to right : Diane Hanna, Diane Woodman, Lana Dant, Debbie Cook, Miss Anderson, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Cummins. LIBRARY STAFF — Front row, left to right: Twyla Baiiey, Terry Johnson, Toni Sciachitano. Back row, left to right: Ann Rogers, Miss Cole, Elaine Rogers, Wanda Wood, Mrs. Mason, Miss Holt, Roseanna Thompson. STUDENT CENTER STAFF — Back row, left to right: Horace Morris. Mrs. Shiffer, Linda Moore, Pam Fischer, Kathy Fedro, Debbie Toomer, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Campbell. Front row, left to right: Art C.urnsey, Rose Carde- mon, Shari Moon, Kathy Zenor, Debi Richards, Dianna Wadle, and Mary Morton. —61 — First row, left to right: Phil Hayman, Mark Middleton, Tom Ritchie, John Anderson, Walt Kennedy, Dick Horton, Mark Hend- ricks, Tony Russo, Dick Chidester, Steve Young, Craig Johnson, Alan Vine, Jim Harris, Frank Leopold, Marty Leonhardt. Second row, left to right: Chris Kothenbutel, Dan Blunck, Jeff Parsons, Kirk Blunck, Bill Ostrem, Mike Stocker, Mike Kain, Phil Rodgers, Doug Clark, Chris Herbert, Mike Potts, Rich Chrisinger, Roger Stradtman, Don Freeman, Greg Grier. Third row, left to right: Gart Powell, Coach Vandeiiinden, John Rafdal, John Houseman, Mike Miller, Blake White, John Hogue, Kevin Wymer, T. J. Kramer, Mike Long, Bill Collings, Hank Gertsen, Craig Cherry, Jeff Hanson, Dean Robinson, Dan Freeman, Coach Long! Coach Peterson. Railsplitters get set for a touchdown play. Lincoln 1 8 Ft. Dodge 6 —63— —65— Mark Middleton adds an extra point after a touchdown. —66— TOUCHDOWN! As the fire goes out football season burns to an end starting a new tradition. —69— £tjikewn Jpctttall SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL— First row, left to right: Ron Harrison, Steve Smith, Perry Hooks, Tom Lipovac, Eric Gertsen, Rick Bahl, Ron Gillum, Jeff Crawford, Jack Kauzlarich, Mike Gale, Don Sears, Martin Osburg, Brad Long, Ray Butler. Second row: Manager Tracey McCoy. Jim Rhoades, Jim Wiand, Bill Marturello, Robert Conn, Mike Boothe, Tom Comiskey, Gary Ogle, Mike Rich, Gary Edwards, Jack Eaton, Dave Kaili, Joe Oatts, Randall Heide, Mike Wicks, Dan Datson, Mark Blunk. Third row: Manager Henry Piert, Manager Dale Valenti, Don Martin, Bill Roth, Tom Fontanine, Gary Sly, Robert Conners, Steve Wilson, Steve Stolemier, Gene Crise, Mike Morris, Martin Enslow, Fritz Gray, Craig Newton, Tim Burgess, Al Knight, Don Knox, Coach Baugher. Fourth row: Coach Reed, Chris Logsden, Paul Collner, Dave McDonald, Alan Rooney, Brian Cosner, Jim Lankford, Tim Deitrich, Kevin Townsend, Charles Rice, Mike Marvin, Don Dresselhuys. Dave Atkin. Dennis Woods. A kickoff for a victorious Sophomore season. SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL RECORD Lincoln 12 Ames 7 Lincoln 14 Roosevelt 0 Lincoln 36 Valley 14 Lincoln 28 Hoover 22 Lincoln 48 North 22 Lincoln 66 Tech 14 Lincoln 22 East 20 Lincoln 22 Dowling 48 —70— —72 G+M Country Lincoln is out to win! —73— WRESTLING — First row, left to ri ht: Dave Hibbert, Gary Ponce, John Hoprue, Jack Eaton, Dave Berard, Al Warren, Tom Ekstrom, Gre»r Grier, John Anderson, Pat Renda, Steve Caliguiri. Second row, left to right : Steve Thompson, Gary Bowen, Francis Coulthard! Dave Brandt, Ron Gillum, Gary Garnett, Rob Weaver, Ken Webb, , ;ave Atkin, Jim Meishner, Jim Wiand, Mark Blunck, Eric Gertsen. Third row, left to right: Manager Jim Rhoades, John Fouts, Ken Dile, Jerry Worsencroft, Scott Andrews, Dave McDonald, Tom Lipovac, Al Knight, Joe Roney, Mike Klasares, Jerry Garland, and Manager Dave Newman. WRESTLING RECORD Lincoln 30 Indianola 15 Lincoln 13 East 33 Lincoln 38 Newton 42 Lincoln 33 North 19 Lincoln 13 Roosevelt 27 Lincoln 4 Valley 46 Lincoln 5 Dow ling 36 Lincoln 20 Tech 38 Lincoln 14 Hoover 36 KNOXVILLE TOURNEY Lincoln 33 Twin Cedars 15 Lincoln 44 Knoxville 10 Lincoln 13 Newton 29 Lincoln 7 East 40 Lincoln 12 Ottumwa 32 Ccach Blenderman shows juniors Steve Caliguiri and Gary Bowen a new move as senior John Anderson and junior Al Warren look on. —75— Senior John Anderson fights for takedown. Team mates congratulate Steve Thompson on mat Mat Maids tape mats before a wrestling victory. meet. in Lincoln grappler rides out Valley opponent. Referee indicates victory signal for Junior, Al Lincoln ' s wrestler Bob Weaver tries Warren. desperately to counter opponent ' s move. —77— VarAitif SaAketball Left to right: Chris Herbert, Craig Cherry, Jeff Jimenez, Mike Potts, Mark Hendricks, Jeff Parsons, John Haigh, Mark Rasmussen. Second row, left to right: Marty Newton, manager, Coach Long, Marty Leonhardt, Scott Percival, Phil Hayman, Dennis Smith, Scott Fields, Mark Bresley, Randy Liggett, Coach Peterson. VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Coach Long -Mm Lincoln 62 Roosevelt 45 Lincoln 40 Valley 45 Lincoln 64 Hoover 66 Lincoln 63 Ottumwa 75 Lincoln 66 North 50 Lincoln 64 Tech 39 Lincoln 50 East 44 Lincoln 52 Fort Dodge 54 Lincoln 54 Dowling 60 Lincoln 68 Roosevelt 67 Lincoln 45 Valley 65 Lincoln 42 Chariton 55 Lincoln 49 Hoover 62 Lincoln 58 North 82 Lincoln 67 Tech 54 Lincoln 75 East 56 Lincoln 80 Dowling 64 Lincoln 61 Nevada 37 District Lincoln 69 Tech 58 Lincoln 54 Valley 63 Metro-scoring leader, Ray Lantz, sinks a free throw in fighting cause against Ottumwa. —78— Hayman leaps high for Lincoln. Lincoln ' s got control as Potts drives in for two. RIGHT ON! —81 — Front row, left to right : Jim Foster, Steve Rasmussen, Mike Long, Mike Rich, Gary Sly, Dave Kaili. Gary Edwards. Second row, left to right: Don Johnson, Dick Lankford, Dan Forkner, Steve Mihalovich, Mike Smith. Third row, left to right: Coach Schartner, Mike Wicks, John Whitaker, Tom Fontanini, Chris Logsdon, Danny Dotson, Martin Osberg, Lonnie Lair Joe Oatts, Dominic DeAngelis, Ron Curtis. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL RECORD Lincoln 51 Roosevelt 52 Lincoln 67 Valley 47 Lincoln 64 Hoover 61 Lincoln 67 Ottumwa 54 Lincoln 67 North 70 Lincoln 51 Tech 54 Lincoln 68 East 81 Lincoln 77 Fort Dodge 55 Lincoln 65 Dow ling 83 Lincoln 52 Roosevelt 57 Lincoln 73 Valley 72 Lincoln 43 Chariton 64 Lincoln 45 Hoover 48 Lincoln 46 North 57 Lincoln 66 Tech 70 Lincoln 58 East 68 Lincoln 64 Dow ling 95 Lincoln 53 Nevada 50 Lincoln sophomore reaches high against East opponent. —82— VarAitif MmthiHf Front row, left to right: Mike Cummings, Robbie Pomerantz, Dave Gatto, Mark Powell, Tim Burgess, Leo Fortune, Bill Vertz. Second row, left to right: Jeff Hansen, Bob Kolden, Doug Clark, Bill Cowlings, Tim Fogue, Ray Beaty. Third row, left to right: Coach Tom Cady, Brad Hansen, Tom Anderson, Mike Hannigan, Steve Burgess, Mike Voshell, Mark Edwards. VARSITY SWIM RECORD t Lincoln 59 Lincoln 82 Lincoln 73 Lincoln 60 Lincoln 56 Lincoln 33 Fifth Place Ames Invitational Lincoln 33 Lincoln 43 Lincoln 26 Lincoln 20 Fourth Place Metro Meet Fourth Place District Meet Twentieth Place State Meet North 36 Dowling 13 Tech 22 East 35 Boone 39 Marshalltown 62 Relay Ames 62 Valley 52 Hoover 69 Roosevelt 75 Coach Cady —84— Co-captain Steve Burgess works out in prepara- tion for the state meet. First row, left to right: Mike Cummings, Robbie Pomerantz, Dave Gatto, Mark Powell, Tim Burgess, Leo Fortune, Bill Vertz, Dale Velenti. Second row, left to right: Craig New- ton, Jim Beardsley, Dennis Reed, Ron Parr, Scott Hawkins, Frank Hoifeldt. Back row, left to right: Coach Phil Martin, Fritz Gray, Bix Brooks, Dan Brown, Kevin Prendergast, Bill Roth, Doug Anderson, Jim Wallace. Managers: Vincent Swigert, Bob Van Zuuk, Mike Morris. —85— i t I URLS ' SWIMMING TEAM — Front row. left to right: Julie Bird, Theresa Blaisdell. Second row, left to right: Cheryl Wood, Diane Baber, Pat Hartman, Cindy Dunston, Kim Hansen, Jane Nagel, Debi Marchesano, Mary Badger. Third row, left to right: Cheryle Hendrick, coach. Sue Griffin, Cheryl Clark, Chervl Gruetzmacher, April South er, Mary Haluska, Lari Kay Stradtman, Ann Hartman. Fourth row, left to right: Tom Cady, coach, Carol Vandervelde, Lise Mahnke, Mindy Mooney, Collett Kern, Kyle McClellan, Terri Sullivan, Vicki Caudill, Alice Mercer. GIRL ' S SWIM RECORD Lincoln 74 S.E. Polk 20 Lincoln 76 East 19 Lincoln 51 Roosevelt 44 Lincoln 38 Valley 57 Lincoln 80 North 14 Lincoln 14 Hoover 81 Lincoln 84 Tech 10 Lincoln 65 Marshalltown 32 Third Place Metro Third Place District Meet Thirteenth Place State District Coach Cady instructs the girls on the upcoming dis- trict meet. —86— Sophomore Lise Mahnke strokes to a first place finish in the 50 yard freestyler, Kim Hanson, sprints for Lincoln 100 yard backstroke. against Valley. In a record-setting time, Carol Vandervelde finishes the 400 yard freestyle. —87— VARSITY SQUAD— Front row. left to right: Roger Stradtman, Manager, Kirk Blunck, Jeff Parsons, Richard Hickle, Derek Mueller, Phil Hayman, Mark Edwards, Eldon Nichols, Wayne Franklin, Rex Ridenour, Bob Burgett, Gary St. John. Middle row, left to right: Coach Belding, A) Vine, Steve Johnson, Mike Harvey, Don Freeman, Bruce Winfrey, Ken Webb, Blake White, Tom Ritchie, Richard Horton, Dale Anderson, Mike Stocker, Bob Gorche, Dan Dotson, Dean Robinson. Third row, left to right: Steve Everson, Keith Macklin, Alan Noring, Craig Cherry, Dan Blunck, Kevin Wymer, Jeff Hansen, T. J. Kramer, Ray Lantz, Bill Ostrem, Bob Fouts, Jerry Huffey, Dave Jones, Doug Clark, Mick Carpenter, Jamie Van Nostrand, Manager, Ron Curtis, Coach Locker, Coach Vanderlinden. SOPHOMORE SQUAD — Front row, left to right: Ray Butler, Don Knox, Mark Blunck, Tom Comiskey, Chris Logsden, Jim Wyan, John Biggs, Gary Ogle, Dave Kaili, Gary Edwards, Tom Lipovac, Mike Klisareo, Ken Dale, Jim Aldrich. Back row, left to right: Jamie Van Nostrand, Mark Hagen, Mike Long, Kevin Prendergast, Dave Bowen, Jack Eaton, Ron Sorenson, Gary Carter, Al Wright, Dave McDonald, Dave Atkin, Steve Smith, Mike Wicks, Charles Rice, Mike Gale, Ron Curtis. SPRINTERS: Ken Webb, Dan Blunck, Eldon Nichols, Phil Hayman, Dale Anderson, Bob Gorshe. —88— Dick Horton lets loose a record breaking toss. Lincolns Dynamic Duo : Kirk Phillips and Jerry Huffey, two milers. High Jumper: Craig Cherry. Milers : Ray Lantz and Rick Hickle. Pole Vaulters: Mark Edwards and Steve High Jumper: Dave Jones. Thompson. Record Setting Hur- dle Relay Team: Dean Robinson, Der- ek Mueller, Wayne —89— We Ohlif Waifhe State Indoor High Hurdle Champion 7.2 State Indoor Low Hurdle Champion 7.4 Drake Relays Champion This is the fastest time recorded by an Iowa —90— Drake Relays Record Holder 14.0 Iowa Inter Scholastic Record Holder 14.0 high school athlete in the history of track. Self ' an 4 BOY ' S TENNIS — Front row, left to right: Les Beck, Fritz Gray. Mike Rich. Henry Piert, Steve Gregg, Kirk Shoemaker, Jeff Glew. Back row, left to right: Bill Wylie, Coach Van Why, Geoff Gray, Steve Schnieder, John Whaley, David Frantz, Craig Johnson, John Haigh. Front row. left to right: Kyle McClellan, Kim Hanson, Cheryl Wood, Tana Metelman, Shan Comiskey, Sue Johnson. Back row, left to right: Lise Mahnke, Linda Lembke. Rene McFall Joyce Beeler, Terri Roth, Marian Riggs, Shelly Henry, Marcia Zarley, Coach Van Why, Mary White, Diana Briar. —92— Self A ' and Summer SaAeball VARSITY BASEBALL — first row, left to right: Donald Allen. Gary Pardekooner. Bob Cox, John Liprouri, SWen Reves, Dave Turninse«»d, John Ander- son, Dale Anderson. Paul Jovce. and Buckv Hoaorland. Second row, left to right: Tim Joyce, Bob Ponce. Dick Chidester, Mark Middleton, Anthony Russo, Walt Kennedy, Dick Horton, Terry Joss, Coach Schomburfir, and Coach Locker. JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL — first row, left to right: Mike Pascuzzi, John Haigh. Bob Fouts, Mike Kain. Rick Wells, and Steve Watts. Second row, left to right: Greg: Grier, Randy Liggitt, Dour Clark, Hank Gertson, Jeff Parsons, and Dan Baker. —95— —96— —97— flcadwicA We He Oh tf JuM Sefuh Jo AckkHe —99— — 100— Mrs. Mason, librarian Librarians Lillian Cole and Helen Holt assist students and teacher, Mr. Hickey, aide, prepares records of in the library, new books received this — 101 — Academic tfhderac fit any CkanaeA It has been said that, " Variety is the spice of life. " At Lincoln, this year, academics have undergone renovations, additions, expansions, and experimentation, much to the delight o f students and faculty. The Opportunities Unlimited program expanded by offering new courses in math, data processing and other areas. A new dimension was added to girls swimming this year when Mrs. Cheryle Hendrick initiated scuba diving. The course was only an introduction to the sport, but it offered an enjoyable as well as educational experience for the girls. Other new courses are math and music appreciation, data processing, psychology, con- sumer business and cooperative education. There have also been numerous changes in the language arts, social science, natural science, and math departments. Journalism class members discuss editing problems with Miss Helen Randall, cadet teacher from Iowa State University, second from right. Miss Marlys Lazarus ' creative writing class works on collage and other assignments. — 102— Mr. Will iam Gilbert conducts social studies class in discus- sion about U.S. and foreign trade problems. — 106— — 107— —108— Student Council president Dave Hale speaks to the faculty about the possibility of an Open Forum Assembly. Discussing their recent field trip to Woodward State Hospital and School, psychology students tell their observations concerning effects of brain damage with Mr. Donald Ceynar. — 109— Boys ' gym stu- dents utilize weightlifting ma- chines for condi- tioning. — 1 1 1 — I he computer mathematics clas s looks and listens as tour guide explains machines on a field trip. ing a data proces- sing problem. 112— — 114— Janyce Abarr Business Educ. a Jack Baker Counselor Alice Anderson Counselor Francis Belding Drivers Educ. 1 Jerry Atkinson Bookkeeping Erna Bevington French Gordon Blenderman Economics Kent Babcock Drivers Educ. Ronald Baeth Drivers Educ. Dorothy Brandt Nurse Carol Brown History Gordon Burstein History Tom Cady Physical Educ. Mary Jane Carlson English Ethyle Cummins Counselor Lowell Dougherty Math. Sharon Dubas Latin Donald Ceynar Psychology M. Jane Ealy Business Educ. Donald Cole History Kathy Crabtree English Maria Creagh Spanish Alice Else Business Educ. Sally Fisher Business Educ. Jean Frazier Physical Educ. Dorothy George Homemaking William Gilbert History Ronald Gray Business Educ. Judy Griffin Science Marilyn Groth English ft Diane Hadley English Joan Hall Business Educ. a ?k Lynn Hansen Drivers Educ. Carol Harms Drama Bill Henderson Instrumental Music Cheryl Hendrick Physical Educ. — 115— Jerald Hickey Lillian Hildreth Leigh Holm William Stuart Jacobson Gerald Jaehnel John Jarvis History English English Hutchison History English Counselor English Elbert Jennings Stanley Jones Gretchen Hugh Kent Edward Kern Kathryn Kirkhoff Marlys Lazarus Math. Industrial Arts Kauffman Science Science Russian English English Robert Locker Sam Long Richard Lussie Richard Malliet M. Evalina Phillip Martin Herbert McCaw Physical Educ. History Work-Study Counselor Manucy Math. Science Art Dale McLean Gary Miller Jed Miller Clarence Modglin Dan Murray Ben Norman Dennis Peacock Art Drivers Education Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Consumer Distributive Educ. Drivers Education Business Lowell Reed Rae Gene Robbins Jon Rusten Henry Sanders Judith Schneller Patricia Maxine Scott Math. English Business Educ. Journalism Business Educ. Schwartz Counselor Homemaking Eleanor Selby Marilyn Sherman Bethel Shine Rose Smith Wendell Stone Harold Swihart Francis Talarico History English Business Educ. History Science English History —116— — 117— | j J 1 i 11 ft ...si w Jb ft Deby Abbott Michael Abbott Kathy Abild Kathy Adorns Mary Lee Agans Ann Akkcrmon Jim Aldridge Gail Allan Joe Altomari Steve Amend Rose Amodeo Theresa Anania Tom Anonia Debbie J. Anderson Debbie S. Anderson Doug Anderson June Anderson Nancy Anderson David Andrews Scott Andrews Sheri Anschutz Julie Antenucci Douglas Arrowood Doug Ashbaugh David Atkin Sue Bachellar Chuck Backstrom Eric Bahl Barb Baker Dennis Baker Janice Baker Linda Baker Loyd Baker Rhonda Baker Daniel Bartield Deborah Barnhill Kathleen Battin Linda Barnert Lisa Baumhover Jim Beardsley Terri Beauchamp Jack Bieler Renee BeLieu Sheryl Bennett Rebecca Bentzinger Maria Berardi John Biggs Rondo Billings Deborah Birdsall Peggy Blackford Bonnie Blanchard Leslie Blanchard Susan Blanchard Patricia Blase Marta Blomgren Mark Blunck Andrea Bly Vivian Boals Michael Boothc David Bowen Don Brand David Brandt John Brebner Earl Bressley James Bressley Bobbi Brewer Roger Brierly Maria Briggs Charles Brookhart William Brookhart Bix Brooks Danny Brown Greg Brown Randy Brown Mary Brugioni Jeannette Buckinghan Gary Bulkeley Dennis Burdick Tim Burgess Denise Burgett Mike Bunn Mike Burke Delores Burks Rita Burriola Paulette Bussanmass Ray Butler Jerry Campbell Kathi Campbell Alfred Campo Frances Campos Melody Campos Mike Carey Paul Carey Mike Carmosino Sue Carney Dave Carper Bev Carroll Gary Carter Vicki Carter Moses Castellano Lowell Chiles Sherri Christensen Cheryl Clark Cindy Clark Jeff Clayton Jack Close Pam Close Paul Coellner David Colbert Janice Coller Vicki Codings Jim Collins — 120— (ft ftA ft Ray Collins Nancy Comegys Susan Comegys Tom Comiskey Bob Conn Gary Conned Robert Conner Pam Contri Bill Cook Debby Cook Debbie R. Cook Gary Cook Joe Cordaro David Cornwell Brian Cosner Rachel Cottier Mike Coulter Francis Coulthardt Ken Cox Debbie Coy Donna Crapser Jeff Crawford Gene Crise Lou Croft Maria Cross Richard Cross Tarla Crumb Bill Cummings Mike Cummins Tim Cunningham Ron Curtis Mike Dagle Diana Dainty Kenneth Dale DeeAnnc Dougherty LuAnne Davey Kim Davis Dom DcAnqclis Domonick DeFino Marvin Delmott Melody Dennis Marilyn Denny Tim Detrick Shelly Devine Steve Dinzman Martin Dobbins Vicki Dobbins Cynthia Docken Dan Dotson Cynthia Downen David Downey Jcanette Draper Barbara Drennan Connie Drew Vickie Duff Cindy Dunston —121 — Jock Eaton Pamela Eaton Bob Edmonds Alyce Edwards Gary Edwards Mark Eikcnbcrry Mike Ekstrum Fred Ellis Robert Ellis Becky Emerson Leonard Emery Joyce Endrcs Marci English Martin Enslow Debbie Etzcn Bob Evans Brian Evans Mary Evans Terri Evans Eva Faith Joe Fornum .a. 9 a a XX on Ik A M " I Debbie Fazio Melody Feathers Cothi Fedro Gene Fcichtrce Shelley Ferrari Rcnee Fields Kathy Fisher , - V s Amenda Fitch Debbie Floyd Tom Fontanini Lcanne Foreman Dan Forkner Leo Fortune Debbie Fosnauqh Jim Foster Ken Foust Russell Foust Nancee Francois Mary Franzen Fronda Frazier Debbie Fresco Margaret Fridl Sue Gabbcrt Kim Gabriel Mike Gale Sherry Gamble Diane Garla Jerry Garland Gary Garnctt Kathy Gates Brcnda Gaumcr Eric Gcrtson Carol Ghee Kevin Giles Toni Gillihan —122— mm (ill Matt Gillman Maurice Gillman Janet Gillum Ron Gillum Jeff Glcw Diana Gomez David Gotto Vickcy Goulder Kevin Gracey Debbie Graham Fritz Gray Paula Greco David Green Dean Greenland Liz Gregg Steve Gregg Tom Griffith Betty Groves Sandy Grubb Cheryl Gruetz mac her Mike Griffith Doug Gruvcr Roger Gruwell Jean Gulling Helen Gulling Patsy Gulling Jean Guzman Bill Hackley Jeanctte Hagcn Randy Hainlinc Jim Hale Bill Hammer Bruce Hammer Robert Hammer Gary Hannon Christy Hansen Kim Hanson Judy Harker Debra Harmon Carolync Harper JoLynn Harrington Ron Harrison Dennis Harrison Ann Hartman Jeff Harvey Scott Hawkins Melinda Hawn Linda Haycock Debra Hayes Terri Hayman Randall Heide Carole Heiken Phil Heiser Diane Helm Hugh Hennesy Jean Heldenbrand Mork Hertlein Shelly Henry Steve Hcrrinqton Dave Hibbert Teresa Hillman Chris Hinds Craig Hines Ray Hincs Cathy Hoch Frank Hoitcldt Jill Hoffman Tim Hottman Vicky Hotfmon Colleen Hollinrake Perry Hooks Jeri Hoops Wendy Horn Ken Horner Judy Houghtalinq Terry Howard Tom Howard Kevin Huebolt Ken Huttman Dana Hughes Rich Hummel Roger Humphrey Jerry Hunt Theresa Hunter m HH HMH Glenda Hyde Jett Ingroham Martha Jack Dale Jackson Dale Jackson Joy Janis Diane Jarshaw Keith Joyne Debbie Johnson Dennis Johnson Don Johnson Mikon Johnson Mike Johnson Susan Johnson Terry Johnson Cindy Jones Gary C. Jones Richard Jordan Theresa Jose Jenniter Joyce Pam Jury Dave Kaili Patty Kain Jack Kauzlarich Janet Kauzlarich Teresa M. Kean Steve Kearney Lora Keeney — 124— Jf S ' Tom Killam V f Don Kissell Cj 1 1 4 ' " I 1 j N Raymond Kirschboum £15© © H If ' a I 5 f j! ft A V Jf i i V I; » 1 M 1 X ' J Craig Ligouri 9.4 V Bt K VP A V S Tommy Lipovac v ' »w k 3 ■ T X r — 125— Joe Madonio Lisc Mohnkc Anna Maldcnado Randy Manor Marjoric Monz Nancy Markwardt Donald Martin Sandra Martin Teresa Martin William Marturello Linda Marturello Michael Marvin Karyl McClelland Robert McConncll Denise McCoy Tracey McCoy Brenda McCullouqh Donald McDonald Keith McEldcrry Teresa McFall Traci McKibbcn Karen McKinney Dcbra McVey Linda McVey Linda McPhcrson Maiy Kay Masolini Sherry Mason Anna Motlaqc A3 A —126— 2 Monte Ollin Nancy Olson Jane O ' Neal Martin Osberq Mike Pane Ron Parr Sharon Pascuzzi Susan Pasutti Mike Paton Randy Pebbles Janice Perrin Cindy Peters Larry Peterson Debbie Petosa Steve Perry Mike Phillips Henry Pieart Ted Pineqar Richard Piper Rebecca Poindcxtcr William Poison Robert Pomerantz Randy Potts Mark Powell Kevin Prcndergast Sherry Prinz Pam Prothero David Proudtit Judy Puis Carol Pumphrcy Dcbra Purdy Cheryl Putz Peter Rand Richard Randall Mike Randolph Mary Ellen Rasmusscn Steve Rasmusscn David Ray David Recscr Dennis Rcid Greg Rcierson Patti Jo Reynolds Jim Rhcades Jackie Rhoads Pete Riccclli Charles Rice Connie Richardson Vickie Riehm Marian Riggs — 127— Terri Riqhi Tom Ritchison Carmen Rivera Linda Rizzuti Lorctta Rizzuti Debbie Robbins Daryl Roberts Jeri Robirds Nancy Roe Dainc Rogers Linda Rogers Joe Roney Debra Root Diane Root Allan Rooney Gina Ross Paul Ross Mike Rich Terry Richardson William Roth Nancy Rouse Thelma Rouse Lyndal Ruby Louisa Rushing Judith Russell Charles Russo Nick Russo Mary Rustio Harold Ryan Dan Ryncarson LouAnn Saltzman Vicki Sanford Susan Sawyer Tony Scavo Vincent Schweiger Joe Sciarrotta Danny Sears Jim Sembower Samra Settle Teresa Severino Kathy Shawhan Steve Sheets Michael Sherman Maria Shurtlett Connie Show Russell Shives Larry Simmons Rac Simmer Connie Sims Tom Sims Wendell Singleton Linda Sinopolc Dennis Skidmore Shirley Slack Theresa Slaglc Kris Sloan — 128— Gary Sly Debbie Smith Dcnisc Smith Diane Smith Linda Smith Mary Smith Steven Smith Terry Smith Frank Smithson Bob Snovcr Cheryl Snyder Tcsa Snyder Paul Sondall John Sorcnson Debbie Souder Laura South Tim Stanley Nancy Stephens Danctte Sterrctt Mike Steven Kay E. Stevens Vicki Stodden Steven Stolmeier Jackie Stroud Barbara Sutka Mike Sutton Dcbby Swanson Dcnisc Swarts Joseph Sztakowski Diana Tapscott Frank Tate Jim Taylor Jodi Tedcsco Kathy Terry Carolyn Tew Martha Thompson Stephen Thompson Sue Thompson Tina Thomas Janie Thurmond Clarke Tibboc Paula Tillinqhast Mike Timmons Debbie Toomer Cindy Townscnd Dorothy Trail Liz Tucci Connie Turner Theresa Valdcz Dale Volenti Deborah VanDanackcr Barry VandcBoe Harriett VanBuskirk Marcin VanDykc Vicky Van Dyke Robert VanZurk — 129— Kathy Vargos Linda Vcach Bill Vertz Joyce Waqncr Deborah Walker Janet Walker Jim Wallace Terry Walters Jetfrey Warford Peggy Wasteney Kathy Waters Jane Wcblcy Lurie Weikun Cynthia Weller Marcus Welton Ronda Weston Carol Whitten Bill White Mary Ellen White Ken Whitehead John Whitaker Jim Wiand Mike Wicks Kenneth Wiqg Debi Wilkinson Larry Williams Robert Williams Lynne Williams 2 a % Steve Willson Bob Wilson Dcbra Wimmer Becky Winebrenner Cheryl Wood Jim Wood Debbie Woods Wanda Woods Dennis Woods Zelda Woods Linda Woolscy Juanita Wright Douglas Wyiie Cindy Yakovich Carla Yaw Virginia Young Lori Yurigan Marcia Zarley Rossan Zavalla Clyde Zenor Kathy Zenor Janet Zika —130— —132— —133— — 134— Linda Fisher JoAnn Fitch Richard Fleener James Fletcher Becky Floyd Ben Foland Mike Foldes Steve Ford Bob Fouts Dan Freeman Don Freeman Greg Funaro Jeri Funderburk Sherri Gabbert Tanna Gabriel L. Rick Gale Rick Gentosi Dave Geppertt Joann Gering Henry Gertson Keith Gibbons Cindy Gillespie Randolph Goerndt Janet Goodpasture John Gorshe Deborah Green Greg Grier Theresa Griffin Mary Grindle Judy Guillman Rosalind Gulino Steve Gullard Brad Haack Theresa Hager John Haigh Luane Hall Tom Hall Valerie Hall Charles Hamilton Lisa Hamilton Diane Hanna Jane Hannan Carol Hanright Jeff Hansen Pete Hansl Deborah Harrison Tom Harrison Patti Hartman Bonnie Harvey Christine Harvey Mike Harvey Vicki Haugh Phil Hayman Norman Heck Brenda Hedden Ricky Hedger —136 — —137— Keith Mauk Jack May Susan McDannel Sandy McDonald Bernard McDonough Maureen McFall Kathryn McKelvey Phyllis McKinley Steve McNew Edna McPhcrson Tony Melia Randy Mendenhall Alice Mercer Kym Merkel Korla Meyer Sharon Meyers Dennis Michener Steve Mitchell Sara Montgomery Sheri Moon Candice Moore Dirk Moos Jed Morgan Bill Morlan Rick Morlan Ron Morris Tony Morrow Mary Morton I 3l 6 km Gary Muck Darick Mueller Esta Mullins Mike Munsell Alona Nelson Orville Nelson Bob Newman Dee Nichol John Nicholina Debbie Nicholls Steve Nichols Debbie Morgan Jerry Nizzi Theresa Noble Al Noring Craig Norman Jim Northway Blake Oberlin Dave Oberlin Jimmy Ochoa Scot O ' Connor Sharon Ogle Debbie Oliphant Henry Ollrich LuAnn Olson Cathy Oltrogge Bill Olstrcm Wilma Otto -138— Hal Page Craig Parker Debi Parr Jeff Parson Paulanne Parson Diane Pascuzzi Holly Penfold Lisa Perkins Eileen Perrin Pom Perry Gary Perryman Debbie Persinger Jon Peterson Pam Peferson Mike Petterson Leigh Phillips Gary Ponce Dorene Ponfious Doug Porter Jane Porter Ralph Porter Craig Potts Donna Powley Kerry Presnell Peggy Pressly Suzi Pumphrey Laurie Quijano Jan Quivey John Rafdal Jeanne Rahm Mike Ramsey Anfhony Rand Ronald Rand Bob Randazzo Laura Randolph Debbie Rawson Jody Reyes Pat Renda Julie Renzo Ken Richardson Rex Ridenour DeAnne Righi Joyce Riley Mary Ritchison Rick Rivero Dean Robinson Toni Roberts Sarah Robson Sfeve Roerig Ann Rogers Gregg Rogers Tom Rogers Julie Romeo Carolyn Roney Donna Roof Gary Rosendahl -139— Bill Ross Dave Ross Terry Ross Jim Roth Terri Roth Joe Rush Cassie Rushing Danny Russell Connie Russo Toni Russo Rhonda Rynearson Toni Sanford Vickey Scavo Sherrie Scharlaw JoKn Scharnweber Gwen Schmaltz Diane Schneider Frank Schoonover Toni Sciachitano Becky Seegcr Mary Sheridan Linda Shineflew Rene Shipley Laurie Shives Jackie Short Nancy Short Sue Siedel Richard Simansons in is A f fch. (% s=se " I ■ 1 1 il Scott Spcridon S f3 --V A fS lilt: J J 1 ,L St W Jo f hn Y - Cr ¥ I k 1 Pom Stockcr I ' M 1 i V " JJM I Charlie Storm —140— Larry Sufka Chuck Stumpf Robin Sturtz Nancy Swanson Teresa Sullivan Ron Summy Steve Sutton Sue Swan Dave Tanney Mark Tapscott Cindy Taylor John Tcsdall John Tew Al Thacker Michelle Tharp Don Thomas Ernie Thomas Janet Thomas Debbie Thompson Randy Thompson Steve Thompson Jacklyn Triplett Barb True Janan Tucker Sherri Tucker John Tursi Paula Underwood Tom Utterback — 141 — — 142— RHONDA BAKER 1954- 1971 Rhonda ' s bright and energetic personality was loved by all who knew her. Rhonda enjoyed sports, and was an active member of Pep Club and tennis team; she was a newly elected member of the Dorian Art Club. The class of 1973 will miss her loyalty and enthusiasm as they continue their years at Lincoln. MARY VITALE 1952- 1970 Mary was one of Lincoln ' s most challenging students, to teachers and friends alike. She enjoyed participating in Pep Club, Future Teacher ' s Club, and Leaders Club. Mary will always be remembered by those whose lives she touched. —143— — 144— President Vice-President James Harris Mark Hendricks SENIOR BOARD— Front row, left to right: Sandy (lartin, Jean Nizzi, Sue Siasoco, Connie Mayer, Dianna Briar. Second row, left to right: Linda Saw- yer, Kathy Rizzuti, Cindy King, Sue Gates, Kathy Rush, Sue Coley, Candy Ferguson, Cheryl Van Alstine. Back row, left to right: Steve Babbitt, John An- derson, Walter Kennedy, Steve Timmons, Steve Schneider, Mike Kain, Mike Pascuzzi, Clyde Triplett. — 145— June (jtaduatinq CtaAA 7 y? 3% Janet Elaine Atkin James Briggs Harris Karen Lee McCarty Jacqueline K. Samuelson Shan Marie Comiskey Richard Lee Hobt Margaret Muir Carol Ann Spencer David Charles Franz Teri Ann Hudson Michael Arthur Pascuzzi David Russell Striffler Sue Lynn Gates Linda Kay Ingle Jane Elizabeth Patrick Thomas J. Weldon JcUiiriiric J jyt.c nuuv.iv. 1 r i a 1 r i I r c r r juriiLc Lcuri junnbun David Clarence Reineke TV Co lQj2 «3 o CH CI urA ft lu Janet Sue Andrew Sandra Kae Gartin Alan Lee Jenkins Delorse Jean Saylor Janet Augspurger Kathryn Elizabeth Glenn Suzanne Elizabeth Jones Steven F. Schneider Frank Paul Ayala, Jr. Geoffrey W. Gray Michael Eugene Kain Pamela Loretta Shelton Elizabeth Sue Baier Susan Lynne Griffin Thomas Eugene Kenworthy Sheila Marie Shives Shelley Bain Nancy Joan Griffith Paula Christine Kimzey Janet Marie Shurtleff Leslie Thomas Beck Cynthia Margaret Guzewich Mary Jo Ludwig Cathleen Marie Smith Judith Diane Brantley Karen Sue Hagge Mark Alan McClurg Roger D. Stradtman Dianne Briar David Arnold Hale Janice Virginia Maine Valarie Ann Strahl Ronald William Bunn, Jr. Bradley Lynn Hansen Connie Sue Mayer Barbara Ann True Mark Lon Carson Judith Jean Hawn Jean Ann Nizzi Deborah Lynn Tungland Herbert Lightyke Clark III JoAnn Helland Joan Mary Nizzi Barbara Jo Wassom Duane Carl Coller David Hollingsworth Sherri Louise Pocock Michael Lowell Watson Carla Jean Corey Joan Marie Hollinrake Joyce Marie Poore Jennifer Joan Weeks James Leslie Curtis Duane William Hotchkiss Randy James Puis John C. Whaley Lana Christine Dant Patricia Ann Houge Diana Louise Reetz Donald Dean Young Angela Gail Dunston Cynthia Sue Hull Barbara Jean Robinson Sheryl Lynn Folwell Terrie Jo Hutchins Linda Luaine Sawyer -146 — —147— — 1 53— Ann Hudson Dwight Hughes Deborah Huglin Cynthia Hull Ron Humphrey Pamela Hunt James Huston Terrie Hutchins Linda Ingle Christine Jack Gerald James Julie Janis Larry Jarnagin Tim Jeffries Alan Jenkins Susan Jenkins Steven Jennings Jeffrey Jimenez Craig Johnson David Johnson Dolores Johnson Dwayne Johnson Janice Johnson Michael Johnson Pamela Jones Suzanne Jones Zelda Jones John Jordan Sharon Jordan Michael Kain — 154 —155— Gary Leto Dean LeVang Scoff Lewis Judy Liggett Patricia Lint John Liston Melinda Ludlow Mary Ludwig Marva Lundy Karen McCarfy Laurie McClelland Mark McClurg Mary McConnell Sheila McCoy Cynthia McDowell Debbie McFarland Gary McGuire Thomos McKelvey Terri McKibben Scott McNamara Ronald McNeeley Karen McNelly Vicki Madden Larry Madison Terri Mahaffey Janice Maine Vloria Malherek Mike Mallory Rick Manges Linda Mantooth — 156— — 157— —159— Linda Sawyer Sandra Sayers Jean Saylor Bill Scheffler Charles Schisel Steven Schneider Rita Schnoor Larry Schrock Marilyn Schuler Maria Sciachitano Leonard Scorpiniti Louis Scorpiniti Gladys Scott Marvin Seals James Severino %1 1 Micky Severino Lawrence Shea ■CT y Pamela Shelton agg. fl Tom Shepherd Sheila Shives in ............ Michael Shriner Janet Shurtleff ft Susan Siasoco Mindy Siddens Q mk Janet Sittler ■ | Ronnie Slagle ft Lucy Sleeth % Linda Sloan k B Patricia Slorah — 160— —161 — — 163— t ANTHONY AttNX)Ll)S(u :yV iN Paul Ogle — Cover Designing Ricardo Studio — Sports Photography Stover Studio — Color Photography James Minks 1 — Photography Charlie Richards — Photography Register Tribune — Photography A V c 7 9 9 n —164 — Persian Rug Room 2302 S.W. 9th South End of MacRae Park Prices Range From $9.00 to $300.00 We Can Meet Most Rug Demands Sizes 30 " to 54 " Up to 15 x 15 Feet Every Color Available From 1 1 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open til 9 p.m. on Mondays Here ' s why more and more Des Moines graduates choose Grand View each year . . . Statistics show that each year more and more Des Moines graduates are choosing Grand View College . . . And here are some of the reasons . . . • A 75-year heritage of academic excellence • Concerned faculty interested in each student • Two-year and Three -year programs • Reasonable tuition • Modern classrooms • Fully-accredited liberal arts and pre- professional curriculum Before choosing your college, consider Grand View. WE WOULD BE PLEASED TO SEND YOU FURTHER INFORMATION. JUST WRITE: Director of Admissions GRAND VIEW COLLEGE A COLLEGE OF THE LUTHERAN CHURCH IN AMERICA 1200 Grandview Ave. Des Moines, Iowa — 165— + ARTISTIC ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS 282-1866 Interior Exterior Rails Dom Rizzuti Sam Rizzuti DES MOINES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 71 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 3LZ. 4201 CHAMBERLAIN 3306 3. W. 9TH ST. t)idtinctiue Styled AND C ourteouA Service Ph. 282-8510 Ph. 255-5571 + 4010 S.W. 9th For the Best Pizza This Side of Italy and the South Side of Des Moines Come to PASQUALE ' S Call 243 0338 CORN STATES METAL FABRICATORS Industrial Sheet Metal Ventilation Air Conditioning Dust Collecting Systems Conveyors ALL TYPES CUSTOM FABRICATING WELDING CORN STATES METAL FABRICATORS 1323 Maple, W.D.M. 274-3443 — 166— + FRANKELS DOWNTOWN • PARK FAIR CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Flatt Tire Service 207 Eost 5th St. Krispy Krust Bread Co. Specializing In Hearth-Baked Bread VIENNA ITALIANO PUMPERNICKLE RYE At Your Store 2 S.E. Jackson Ave. DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 243-1620 -4 •t C onyratufah to tL ions une graduating, C la S WIMPY S STEAK HOUSE 1604 SOUTH UNION —167— Baker Skelly TOWING TUNEUP BRAKES Top Quality Work 4704 S.W. 9th St. 285-9558 Best Wishes For The Future R. S. Prewitt Co. Food Brokers 2820 Bell Ave. 243-6173 .+ + — — . — + You don ' t need us 99 Central National Bank 8- Trust Company LOCUST AT SIXTH AVENUE, DES MOINES, PHONE 243-8181 Member F.D.I.C. — 168— t- AMERICAN REPUBLIC INSURANCE COMPANY The training of a mind is an exciting, lifetime adventure. The mind may be taught, or it may be self- trained. But, no matter the method used, an education is never finished. If serving your fellow man through work in the business world seems challenging to you, we hope you will come see us when your school days are over. GET THE i ICC c HABIT! Try all your old favorites . . . plus " crazy, mixed-up " fla- vors made only by Baskin-Rob- bins. During the season, watch for: CHOCOLATE ALMOND . . . PINK BUBBLE GUM . . . STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE . . . JAMOCA ALMOND FUDGE . . . FUDGE BROWNIE . . . ROCKY ROAD . . . and of course, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla! BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM STORES All 31 Flavors Hand Packed! Over 375 Stores Coast-to-Coasr ©1965 BASKIN-ROBBINS, INC. RON CHRIS HILL 4231 Fleur Dr. Des Moines, Iowa Phone 285-9467 (Wakonda Shopping Center) " RAILSPLITTER " FANS Get More at LOTTS " DINE WITH OLD-FASHIONED CHARM AND JET-AGE SERVICE " LOTTS PRIZE SANDWICH SHOPPE 4502 Fleur Drive Harry Sleet Manager DINE IN OR CARRY LOTTS HOME — . — 169— c lake yCmr date to a wdrldjamous r staurant McDonald ' s u LU Wakonda Standard 4108 Fleur Drive 285-9466 GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 71 EAST DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK E. 14th and Euclid Hubbell and E. University Pleasant Hill S.E. Indianola Road —170— — Congratulations " 71 " Grads CHAROLAIS WORLD ' S FINEST BEEF CATTLE American-International Charolais Ass n. ! S.E. 14th Co. Line Road LUNDY ' S CHAROLAIS 285-2075 + — — 822 Walnut St. Phone 244-4956 DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 P. P. of A. P. P. A. la. WEDDINGS GRADUATIONS HOLMES, MURPHY ASSOCIATES INSURANCE AND BONDS 1022 High 243-8 11 6 Congratulations Seniors •S . mm iih H H mm mm mm mm — 171— £ CLOTHING COMPANY Since 1898 Two Locations 712 Locust 2404 University Smart dfotlieS j or W en and DMFS PES MOINES PLYING SERVICE, INC. MUNICIPAL AIRPORT. DES MOINES. IOWA M11I Ttltphont IIS-4I11 Art Cod S1I Call Us For A $5 INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT LESSON In The New CHEROKEE FLITE LINER You Go With The Best At DMFS! DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. 285-4221 DES MOINES FLYING SERVICE, INC. cairan HYATT HOUSE HOTEL 6215 Fleur Drive ACROSS FROM THE AIRPORT 285-4310 —172- CONGRATULATIONS 1971 GRADUATES Books instruct us without anger, threats and harsh discipline. They do not sneer at our ignorance or grumble at our mistakes. They ask only that we spend more t.me in the company of greatness so that we may absorb some of its attributes. — Hoosier Schoolmaster President Class of 1937 f- eter $cri Sec.-Treas. Class of 1938 Sales Ad Manager Class of 1939 LOCATED THROUGHOUT IOWA ACRI WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY 1400 Market St. — Des Moines, Iowa 50303 Phone 243-7601 —173- Congratulations Class of ' 71 Air Lanes 4200 Fleur Dr. 285-8632 and Bowlerama Lanes 1313 S. E. Diehl 285-281 1 Plenty of Family Entertainment The insurance business holds many career I opportunities. FEMIC may have one for you after graduation. FARMERS ELEVATOR MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Fleur Bell Des Moines, Iowa 50315 I Dan Mcllhon James Moore Connie Fulton Fifty four hundred South West Ninth at Kenyon —174- TONINI FUNERAL HOME 2135 S. W. 9th OLINDA Phone 282-7311 (Service to all Faiths) MANDO TONINI Class of Jan. 1938 MARY TONINI Class of June 1942 Hudson Home Appliances " The Finest Appliances Made ' 4120 S. E. 14th Phone: 285-8713 Des Moines, Iowa Complete Line of FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES SERVICE • PARTS Jlie J Qaiisptttter Printed and Bound by A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE • ART • LAYOUT • LETTERPRESS OFFSET PRINTING • COPY • PHOTOGRAPHY • BOOKBINDING 1636 LOCUST ST. DES MOINES, IOWA 50309 PHONE 282-8146 —175— LOOK ...A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY IN A GROWING COMMUNITY ONE OF DES MOINES ' LARGEST EMPLOYERS LOOK Subscription Division • 111 Tenth St. • Des Moines, Iowa Congratulations to the Senior Class of ' 71 from Jewett Lumber Company 3717 6th Avenue Phone 244-5255 Al Ayala Chuck Lane Roger Swartsfager Rick Thompson Ft. D. M. Yard Donaldsons J owa s furniture Sli owcaSe 19 FURNITURE — CARPETS — DRAPERIES Professional Decorating Staff Open Weekdays 9 to 9 Fleur Drive McKinley 285-3114 —176— IS THE WORLD GROWING FAST ENOUGH? It depends. Either population is growing too fast or food produc- tion is not growing fast enough. World population may double in 33 years. Does this mean mass starvation? Not if we develop to- day ' s agriculture and harness coming breakthroughs in feeds, fertilizers, farming methods, and machinery. Can the world grow food fast enough? John Deere equipment and dealers will help farmers make the answer to this question " yes. " JOHN DEERE John Deere Des Moines Works Des Moines. Iowa I Flynn Milk It keeps you going longer CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Ray B. Black Agency 3138 S.W. 9th Street Des Moines, Iowa Phone 288-6059 + ■ -177— PRE-RECORDED TAPES 8-TRACK CASSETTES 45 ' s LP ' s Tape Equipment Tape Accessories Music International Wakonda Shopping Center Arcade 4313-M Fleur Drive DES MOINES, IOWA 50321 285-0112 »!•■— — CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CLASS OF 1971 From Fina JERRY ' S FINA 5920 S.W. 9th " Save-A-Stop Fina " Nizzi ' s Corner 285-9552 with Quality You Can Taste " -flllDERSQn ERICKSOn DAIRY CO. 2229 Hubbell • Des Moines • Phone Collect 265-2521 —178— With great pride, we congratulate all the ' 71 grads for your fine achievements. That diploma is just the beginning. It ' s the passport that opens the way to a successful future for you ! And while you ' re planning your future, let us help you with all your financial questions. We at Bankers Trust wish each of you a solid success in your chosen careers. Bankers Trust SIXTH AND LOCUST, DES MOINES Offices: 3905 Merle Hay Road Grimes, Iowa 6617 University Windsor Heights Drive-In 6th Grand " the pacesetter bank " Member FDIC —179— CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1971 Dial Finance Company Congratulations ' 71 Graduates NEW HAVEN REST HOME 5608 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa i i I — - — - — - — - — m — - — - — - — ... — - — ■ — ■ — ... — .... — .... — .... — - — ... — .+ fM — - — . — m — - — . — ■ — — . — — — — . — m — - — . — . — . — ,4. + . ■ ■ , CONGRATULATIONS tf-lawell liif 3300-1 S.W. 9th St. Call 288-6789 Des Moines, Iowa ANTHONY COMITO, Proprietor —180— THERE ' S ROOM TO GROW BENEATH THEjg| EQUITABLfi TOWER in i i ii If you ' ve reached a point in life where a career decision must be made, think it over carefully. It could be the most important decision you make in your life. Before you make that decision, consider Equitable of Iowa. In the past 100 years Equitable of Iowa has grown and expanded to meet the times. We ' re still growing, faster than ever, and would like you to come and grow with us. We offer all of the modern advantages of working for a large company, group life and health insurance, job security and generous vacations. Yet when you work for us you ' re more than just an employee, you ' re part of the Equitable family. The life insurance industry is an American giant and one of the most vital industries in the nation ' s economy. Its work is essential to millions of Americans and their families. Equitable of Iowa has over $2V2 billion of life insurance in force making it one of the major life companies. The work of Equitable of Iowa involves many kinds of jobs requiring many kinds of qualifications. Advancement is limited only by your ability and initiative. If Equitable of Iowa sounds interesting to you stop into our personnel office, 1105 Equitable Building. Ask for Pat Bush. She ' ll be glad to discuss career possibilities with you. After she does you may well decide to grow with us ... at Equitable of Iowa. EQUITABLE OF IOWA Founded In Des Moines In 1867 . „ „ Knudson TRANSMISSION SERVICE 4223 Vi S. E. 14th Phone 285-7561 Shoppers Charge Master Charge Bank Americard For Those Who Want The Best ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ — ■ — + Quarry Supply, Inc. TOPS IN INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT 4521 S. E. 14th St. 285-8131 Des Moines, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Quad States Construction and Equipment Company 1410 S. E. Diehl 285-1020 LARRY STRADTMAN Class of " 41 " —182— Class of 71 CONGRATULATIONS BARBARA Cooper Homes Inc. 3217 Summit Vista Dr. J. H. Cooper 285-6205 IT ' S YOUR jAULT IF YOU DOMT Cave oio your. FOOD OOUAfc 1 Cohen ' s Foodtown 1101 Scott 244-1694 r KRNT THEATER SHOW PLACE OF ALL IOWA BOB ' S CARPET, PAINT FLOOR COVERING FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Kitchen, Bath, Living Room and Commercial Vinyl Floor Inlaid Linoleum — Floor Tile Seidlitz SafrinTone The Easy Paints " Ph. 285-2263 208 E. Army Post Rd. Mon. Thurs. HI 9 P.M. ■ ' ■■ ' T ■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■ ■ " — 183- BURGER CHEF Family Restaurants Fleur and AAcKinley Burger Chef goes all out to please your family. BURGER CHEF. AND BIG SHEF ARE TRADEMARKS OF BURGER CHEF SYSTEMS. INC. + DAVIS BROKERAGE COMPANY, INC. Food Brokers P.O. Box 1361, Des Moines, la. 50305 Telephone: Code 515—285-8750 Lemmo ' s Grill FINE FOODS 321 1 Indianola Road DES MOINES, IOWA —184— i ! i Realty Inc. 3612 S.W. 9th List With Us And Start Packing Mobile Phones 24 Hour Answering Service 283-2141 BANK BRENTON + . » , , — „ „, „ + + , — + CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS South Des Moi nes National Bank Southwest Ninth McKinley and Wakonda Motor Bank on Fleur Drive I I RICCELLI ' S HEATING AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL 3009 S.W. 9th St. MICHAEL ' S RESTAURANT on Fleur Drive " The Strip " Known for AGED STEAKS and Real ITALIAN CUISINE — 185— + tiond C onyratufatii J une 1971 Cjraduales FROM GRUBB WASHER Sales Service In HOME APPLIANCES — TELEVISION FURNITURE 3310 S. W. 9th Street Ph. 243-0526 Where You Always Get The Best Buy ■ i i We want EVERYONE to enjoy steak at FONDEROSA STEAK HOUSE Every Ponderosa Steak is Cooked to Order Please specify: Rare • Medium • Well Conveniently located at 3319 S.W. 9th Des Moines, Iowa Ph. 244-2014 rY ° U 99c LUNCHEON SPECIAL Monday thru Saturday 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. — + — + Congratulations To The Class of 1971 Henry ' s Drive-In 2717 S.W. 9th St. HENRYS V r — } AMERICA ' S MOST POPULAR DRIVE IN MENU — 186— RANDLEMAN REALTY INC. Residential Sales Rental Properties Farms Acreages Insurance Notary Public Call! ! 285-7370 4730 S.W. 9th 285-7370 Crescent Chevrolet Co. Des Moines, Iowa SALES - SERVICE 17th Ingcrsoll USED CARS 12th Locust , , „ » , mmm i . . . ,i Great Plains Bag Co. Our Bags Are Overflowing with Good Wishes for Lincoln Students and Their Friends 2201 Bell 283-2041 — + MASSEY-FERGUSON, INC. Lawn Garden Tractors, 7-10-12 hp Riding Lawnmowers, 5-6 hp Snowmobiles Tractors - Combines - Balers 1400 E. Army Post Road DES MOINES, IOWA 284-2251 187— STEREO TAPE PLAYERS CAR PORTABLE HOME AM-FM 4000 TAPE CARTRIDGES (ON DISPLAY) JACK WALLACE AUTO RADIO STEREO CENTER 1120 LOCUST PH. 288-2479 DOWNTOWN Vernon ' s CLARK SUPER 100 STATION Double Gold Bond Stamps on Fill-up Bonus Card Worth 150 Stamps 2408 Ingersoll Ave. +■ ii ■ m m -m m m u ,m ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ if COMPLIMENTS ODEA Finance Company Visit Us At 1117 Locust Street DES MOINES, IOWA 243-3247 -+ CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dr. Dale E. Briley 1415 Army Post Rood —188— ■+ Sembower Pharmacy 4020 Fleur Drive REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES I i - 285-8303 Prescriptions Delivered BIOLOGICALS — SICKROOM SUPPLIES COMPLETE BABY DEPARTMENT CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BRIGHTWELL OIL COMPANY WASHING and GREASING BATTERIES ACCESSORIES I Westside 1142 -42nd 279-0095 Westside 4400 Hickman Rd. 274-0307 Downtown 10th Keo 244-8997 Northside 1 5210 N.E. 14th ! 265-2369 I CONGRATULATIONS FROM Dr. Colin M. Stout and Dr. Katheryne Stout Optometrists 243-0642 3138 SOUTHWEST NINTH — „ Congratulations Class of 1971 from STEREO SOUND STUDIO Tapes, Players, Stereos 1206 Grand 288-0216 and RADIO TRADE SUPPLY COMPANY ' Everything in Electronics 1017 High C Lassaux 288-7237 4 4. — , + — 189— ■ ■■■■■ .A Lil Joe ' s Lincolners — Check Out Our Chicken Ribs, Steaks, Seafood Fine Italian Cuisine PHIL BARBER, Chef 11 P.M. Tues.-Thurs. 5-12 P.M. Fri. Sat. 2301 S.W. 9th In Railsplitter Land " + + . ,» , + WHITAKER PHARMACY Jke Pra5cription Store With the Import Shop • • • 1 1 03 Army Post Rd. Phone 285-21 21 • • • FREE DELIVERY {. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS i Jim Brookhart United Garage 243-9087 Wedding Announcements - Envelopes - Letterheads Bring your printing problems to us for fast inexpensive service. J eeveS folate ervice Phone 243-1132 Free Pick-up Delivery » ■■■■ + — 190- GILLOTTI CONSTRUCTION CO. 1405 S.E. First Des Moines, Iowa A. R. Gilloti J. L. Gillotti F. R. Gillotti +— - Food Brokers Mario Falbo Associates 414 Elm St. Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Ph. 244-4267 + + m m m , As a young adult you need a good banking connection. The best place for you to establish your checking and savings account is at the Valley. VALLEY BANK and TRUST COMPANY WALNUT at FOURTH SEVENTEENTH from GRAND to LOCUST CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1971 GRADUATES Erickson ' s Barber Shop Beauty Salon 4302 ' i S. W. 9th 3 BARBERS Ted Eric Craig Open 8:00 - 6:00 Tues. - Sat. 4 HAIR STYLISTS The Most Modern Technique Used Tinting - Frosting Open Evenings By Appointment HEY 72 SENIORS DIS MUS BE DA PLACE RICARDO REYES 243-0019 across from school The G L Clothing Shoes Meyer and Harry School Jackets — $15.95 $17.95 Lee Levi ' s Stay Press Slacks No Ironing Sport Shirts Large Assortment of Sweaters Complete Lettering Service 917 Walnut 243-7431 Congratulations Graduating Seniors S-M-B STAGE LINES Clean — Efficient Charters Everywhere 5805 Fleur Phone 285-5121 ARNOLD FLETCHER i L — 192— + — i , . — Compliments of n or man au 5 rcu 6 8th and Walnut BINGS STATIONERY COMPANY Your Southside Headquarters For • SCHOOL SUPPLIES • OFFICE SUPPLIES • OFFICE FURNITURE • ART SUPPLIES • GREETING CARDS • GIFT ITEMS • SOCIAL STATIONERY • WEDDING SUPPLIES • PARTY GOODS Come In and Get- Acquainted! 3410 S.W. 9th Phone 288-4889 Congratulations Seniors — — - I I TRIANGLE DRUG S. E. 14th and Indianola 243-4131 PARK AVENUE DRUG 3300-2 S.W. 9th 244-8166 PARK AVENUE SHOE AND CLOTHING SHIRTS — SLACKS — SHOES SUITS SPORTS COATS MEN ' S FURNISHINGS LEVIS -STA PRESS PANTS I I ! 3304 S. W. 9th Street I I 4. — Phone 282-0649 4 hoclcenberg • rubin co. food brokers DES MOINES BRANCH OFFICES: SIOUX CITY • DAVENPORT PEORIA • OMAHA " Watts " In A Name SALES - SERVICE - APPRECIATION 4202 S.W. 9th Ph. 283-2265 Ask for " LYLE " • TATI FA t M STATE - FARM - INS. Auto - Life - Fire Congratulations 1971 Graduating Seniors Kings Delivery 1320 Grand Congratulations to the Class of 1971 LINT VAN LINES INC. 730 Murphy Des Moines, Iowa Phone 283-2112 Local and Long Distance Moving Complete Storage Facilities — 194— BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1971 Willow Creek Iowa ' s Finest Public Golf Course 285-4558 S.W. 63rd Army Post Rd. Law ' s " 66 " Service Fleur McKinley Des Moines, Iowa 285-9324 Call a • • • Yellow Cab Over 50 Years of Service to Des Moines 243-1111 HINKY DINKY STORE Manager Charles Freund S.W. 9th Bell — 195— f f- it ' s Smarter to Charter YOU Have A Group? WE Have A Bus! Special Rates for School Activities TRANSIT CORPORATION IOWA REGIONAL Iowa Regional Transit Corporation 244-81 1 1 +■ i ■ +• i Babes Fabulous New Restaurant 417 Sixth Avenue +■- — - — AT GRADUATION. ...WE HOPE YOU ' LL CARRY WITH YOU FOR THE FUTURE, THE FACT THAT ... UNITED, m SAVINGS FEDERAL IS WHERE " PEOPLE COME FIRST " DES MOINES - OTTUMWA - OSCEOLA - WINTERSET - JEFFERSON Home Office: Locust at 4th Des Moines CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE! Discover DEEYA for a Lovlier You Bothered with teen-age problems? Blemishes? Dry skin? Oily skin? Let Margaret help you with your Skin Prob- lems while one of our Trained Operators gives you a flattering New Hair Style. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Wont to earn money for your club? Call Margaret for Club or Group demonstrations. Figurette Bras Mirelle Wigs MEL-MAR ' S HOUSE OF BEAUTY 3209 S.W. 9th 244-3855 De Young ' s MEAT MARKET 2927 S. E. 14th 288-2806 Government Graded U.S.D.A. Good Choice Catalfo A FURNITURE CARPETS DRAPERIES Professional Interior Designing 5900 S.E. 14th Des Moines, Iowa CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS From Ford Garland Radio Cor Radio Soles Service Auto Tape Players Vibrasonic Sound System 1407 Locust Des Moines 288-6324 4 — 197— MITCHELL Automatic Transmission SERVICE " We service, repair and rebuild all makes and models " ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY GIVEN 15th Locust Dial 283-2446 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1971 GRADUATES From NOAH ' S CLEANERS DRY CLEANERS — TAILORING DYEING Free Pickup and Delivery DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Dave Noah, Asst. Manager The Best Buy In Cleaning Is Quality S. W. 9th I Leland 285-1261 DES MOINES, IOWA MULLIGAN BODY SHOP COMPLETE BODY AND PAINT REPAIR 1212 Geil 285-5302 SOUTHTOWN ' S LARGEST TV CENTER OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS DES MOINES TELEVISION, INC. Sales - Service Certified Electronic Technicians WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL NOW— NOT NEXT WEEK Check Our Prices — You ' ll Be Glad You Did Large Showroom and Service Center to Serve You Free Color Demonstrations 4000 S.W. 9th Street 288-1923 — 198— + 4- PIONEER HI-BRED 1206 Mulberry Sr. Des Moines, Iowa 50308 INDIAN RIVER PIONEER. BROILER BREEDERS BEEF CATTLE PIONEER. Hu-Une BRAND SEEDS CHICKS i Registered trademarks of the Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. 4. , r cs Take Home A Dozen 400 W. Euclid 2923 S.W. 9th I +•- EDDIE AND ILENE ' S Elbow Room Serving Complete Menu Breakfast — Lunch — Dinner Open 9 a.m. to 1 1 p.m. Closed Sundays Holidays 1910 Army Post Road 285-9404 Des Moines, Iowa Home of the BEST ROAST BEEF In Town! Congratulations to the Class of 1971 CRIVAR0 SON Insurance Agency John A. Crivaro 2460 S.W. 9th Phone Des Moines, Iowa 288-5589 — 199- YOUNKERS Satisfaction Always As part of Younkers firm belief in the young people of today, a program is offered each year for the Des Moines area schools . . . TEEN BOARD for junior and senior girls, and ADVISORY BOARD for junior and senior boys. These young people, selected to represent their schools, are chosen for leadrship qualities, high scholastic standings, personal recommendations from school administrators and evaluation from members of the retiring boards, plus their interest and ability in retailing and fashion. They give talks in their schools and to other groups on good grooming, publish a monthly newsletter and work in various junior departments each Saturday. Younkers salutes the representatives from Lincoln High School for a job very well done. Left to right: Cindy Guzewich, John Whaley and Sherri Pocock. —200—

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) collection:

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