Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1954

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 15 of 88
Page 15 of 88

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 14
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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 16
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Page 15 text:

Lanny Raymond Helton . . . "Curly" hails from Park Avenue and Homeroom ll9. He has brown hair and blue eyes and says Mr. Jackson is his favorite teacher, and book- keeping is his favorite subject. Lanny belongs to D.D.LJ. Jr., F.A.M. and was in Radio. His hobbies include saving sports clippings and bowling. His talents are hidden someplace and his biggest thrill is yet to come. His favorite song is "Because of You" and his favorite quotation is "Don't pay too much for the whis- tle," Lanny can always be seen with Tom, Dick, and Ralph. Ambition: To be successful. Paula Jean Henry . . . "Puny Paula's talents are riding horses standing up and falling out of moving cars. Hobbies are horse- back riding and tennis. She was captain of the tennis team and has one letter, This busy gal has served on Student Council, Regular Rail, and Senior Rail. Biggest thrill . . . Ak-Sar-Ben and a "Gift." "Pinkie" chums with Nancy, Mary, and Diane. Can always be heard saying "That's real Tosci" or "We agree to dis- agree." Favorite songs???? are . . . l8th Variation of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and "Meditation" from Thais. Ambition: Go to S.U.l., be a success, and own a white Cad. with dark blue cashmere seat covers. Jerry Higgins . . . Faithful member of F.T.W.O.A. Says graduation will top his list of big thrills. Jerry spends his spare time hunting and fishing. He has partici- pated in basketball and baseball . . . thinks everything is "Real cool." . .. J. C.'s talents are singing and danc- ing. Can always be seen with Terry, Ralph, Lanny, Dan, and Frank. Came to Lincoln from Smithland, Iowa . .. Says Mr. Ator is his favorite teacher and woodshop his favorite subject. Jerry has dark brown hair and blue eyes. His favorite song is "Home on the Range" . . in Homeroom ll9. Ambition: To work with the railroad. William Wayne Highland . . . Bill claims his talents are hidden, Has lettered once in swimming. Hob- bies include Barbara, stamp collect- ing, swimming and . . . Barbara. Pals around with Andy Kelly, Marty McCarthy, Jim Kautzky. Usual com- ment is "Down Boy." Along the line of 'music Bill likes "P. S. l Love You" and "You, You, You." Claims his biggest thrill was his first date with Barbara lquite a gallll Belongs to K.A.B,B .... I.0.0.F .... U.S.N.R. Thinks journalism and Mr. Sanders are tops Ambition: To provide Barbara with a happy home and family, and to be a success in life Clifford Dean Holt . . . Dean hails from Farnhamville. Can be seen with Carter, Marshall, and Beef. Says Mr. Besley is his favor- ite teacher lclose friends???i Claims journalism is his favorite subject. Says he has no talents . . . as yet. Hobbies are hunting and fishing. "Bimbo" heads his list of favorite songs. Dean's biggest thrill was cruising down the Des Moines river with John, Ron, and Gordon. This guy has black hair and blue eyes. Ambition: To be a success. Mary Ellen Jennings . . . Mary has served as president of Library Staff, Leaders Club, was in the Student Council, Bond, and Reg- ular and Senior Rail Staffs, Another faithful member of S.T.T.T.H.S .... N.E.C .... T.F,M.S.L. and M,F.P.P. Hobbies are sports, horse back rid- ing, eating, and sleeping. Mary El- len has earned three letters in ten- nis, and her talents inclued the abil- ity to have fun, driving the Ford and unusual ability to chisel unknown victims l???i Won fifth place in the Los Angeles Road-Day-O-Driving con- test. Graduation will be her big thrill. Can be seen with the big ten. Ambition: Get a good job, be a suc- cess and make my first million . . . get a car, Margaret Jo Ann Jensen . . . This gal with blonde hair and blue eyes came to us from St. Johns. Can be seen always with Sal, Moe, Mick, Shirl, Sandy, Donnie, and Nan- cy. Talents are talking and stay- ing awake at slumber parties. Mag belongs to C.P.M .... C.P.W .... Tick Tock . . . and Calico. Likes all kinds of music. Hobbies include Jerry, bowling, eating, sleeping, go- ing places with the girls, dancing, and watching sports. Del.eony's big- gest thrill was receiving a certain ring. On Student Council, Green- horn, Regular Rail, and Art staffs. On Informal Committee. Ambition: Help make all my special people happy. Irene Johnson . . . "Holy Cow" is "Red's" favorite com- ment . . . and getting along with Merilyn is listed among her many talents. Irene was in two school plays . . . "Harvey" and "Snafu." Pals around with "The Big Ten." Johnny's hobbies are roller skating . . . Dick . . . dancing . . . Dick . . . and slumber parties . . . and Dick. She is a member of S.T.T.T.- H.S .... N.E.C .... T.F.M.S.L. . . . M.F.P.P. and her biggest thrill was receiving her diamond ring from Dick . . . and graduation. Ambition: To get married and keep in touch with the S.T.T.T.H.S. Lloyd A. Joss, Jr .... Brown hair and blue eyes describes Lloyd who came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. Can always be seen with Jim Kissel, Terry Richardson and Don Doane. Faithful member of V.l.D.E.O. Has lettered twice in golf. Gauze rates Mr. Jackson as his favorite teacher and mechanical drawing as his favorite subject. Can often be heard saying . . . "You're not my Mama, you can't tell me what to do." "Secret Love" tops Lloyd's list of top tunes. Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To go to Wisconsin. Lauana Kaili . . . Lauana Lilliokalanie Rozena Lillian Ann Kaili . . , lWhat a name!!!!J Hails from McKinley and her hobbies are playing western records, Jim, sleeping, Jim- . . . and collecting pictures of Jim. Dewey belongs to the Teen Club, Gay Teen Club, and J.C.L.C. Lauana's talents are danc- ing and drawing. Pals around with Bubbles and Liz. Lauana's favorite song is "The Heartbreaking Waltz." Says graduation and going to Omaha are biggest thrills . . . lWhat's in Omaha????J Lauana has black hair and 'brown eyes and says Miss Scan- lan is her favorite teacher and art her favorite subject. Ambition: To marry a certain Fly- boy.

Page 14 text:

Janet Mae Flatt . . . Jan hails from McKinley. Home- room 119. Jan has brown hair and blue eyes. Mr. Sanders is her favor- ite teacher . . . History her favorite subject. She pals with Donna, Fran, Sondra, Sal, Glen, Marsha, and Shir- ley. Jan has been in two school plays, "Harvey" and 'Dear Ruth." Served on Reg. Rail Staff, Her tol- ents are cooking, sleeping and bowl- ing. Hobbies, tennis and baseball. Jan belongs to Calico, S.S.S.R .... C.T.P .... and D.O.A clubs. "You Goofed" is Jan's favorite quotation. Biggest thrill . . . graduation and being in two school plays. Ambition: To be a success, own a Lincoln...and see the world with Donna. Judy Marie Fontanini . . . Brown hair, big brown eyes describe this cute gal. Member of Homeroom 119. Crafts is "Font's" favorite sub- ject. She pals around with Moses, Molly, Marianne, Dort, Marylyn, Beebe, Lerrine and all the gang. Her talents, canning . . . lobsters . . . snails . . . eating . . . sleeping . . . arguing . . . jumping rope. Served on Nurse's Staff tour semesters. Jun- ior Student Council, Chairman of Judicial Committee Ninth Grade. Elected Homecoming Princess. Big- gest thrill will be graduation . . . "Font's" favorite songs are "Chew Tobacco Rag," "Farmer in the Dell." Ambition: To be a professional gar- bage collector with Dort and Beeb. Doris Jean Frecl . . . Eating, writing letters, and Jerry are Jcannie's hobbies. Talents are all hidden. Jean came to Lincoln from Howe. A member of Homeroom l'9. Jean has brown hair and blue eyes. Favorite teacher Miss Moroney, fa- vorite subject, Chorus. She pals with Anita, Shirley, Nancy, Barb, and Helen. Jean has served on Home F' Staff and Chorus. Belongs to the l.G.A.R. club. She always says, "Where there's a Will there's a Way." "Stardust" and "Yours" are tops on her list of songs. Her big- gest thrill is yet to come. fOh Happy Daylllj Ambition: To have many friends and make a certain someone happy. Robert Harry Gamble . . . Bob a member of Homeroom 119. Came to Lincoln from Washington. Pals with Bellizzi, Wolfe, and Scott. English is Bob's favorite subject. Mr. Berry his favorite teacher. Bob has been in Chorus and Glee Club, Sr. Homeroom, Student Council President in Ninth Grade. Playing the guitar and hunting are his hobbies. He has won four letters in track. His big- gest thill was appearing on a televi- sion panel. "Tis better to have lived and loved than to never have lived at all" is his favorite quotation. Ambition: To graduate from a Sem- inary. Donna Lee Hampshire . . . Brown hair i???l blue eyes describes "Ham," A member of Homeroom ll9. Came to Lincoln from Wash- ington. Miss Mitchell is her favorite teacher, Chorus her favorite subject. Pals with Lerrine, Marian, Harriett, Bernice and Beeb. Served on Home Ec. Staff and Gym Staff. Belongs to C.F.P.M .... S.S.S.R .... C.P.W .... Calico and D.L.A.D. ice skating is her hobby. Ham's fa- vorite song is "Bell Bottom Blues." Donna's biggest thrill is yet to come. Lettered in Hopscotch and Tiddly Winks. Ambition: To tour all over the world with Lerrine in her Rocket Ship. Ralph Eugene Hartley . . . Gov is a member of Homeroom 119. Hails from Washington. Can alwavs be seen with Lanny and Frank. ROlPl1 has blue eyes and brown hair. Mr. Ator is his favorite teacher, wood- shop his favorite subject.. His big talent is blowing bubbles with bubble gum. Hobbies are fishing and golf. Belgngs to club. - RGlDl'1'S biggest thrill was passing Miss Selby in History 5 and 6. "Heart of My Heart" and "Rags to Riches" are his favorite songs. "What the heck is that, stupid?" is his favorite quo- tation. Ambition: To be a success and own a 1954 Oldsmobile. Judy Harvey . . . Judy has served on Nurse's Staff seven semesters and participated in two school plays, "Death Takes A Holiday and "Snafu." Harv is a member of homeroom 119, has dark hair and blue eyes. Came to Lin- coln from Park Ave. Collecting rec- ords and swimming are Judy's hob- bies. Belongs to F.N. and F.M.A. clubs. Favorite teacher Miss Scan- lan, favorite subject Dramatics. Judy pals with Marie Ruth, Judy, and Sally. Biggest riifiii will be gradu- ating from S.U.l .... and also go- ing with Guy. "September Song" is her favorite song. Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse. Shirley Ann Hawbaker . . . Shirl came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of Homeroom 119. Mr. Stone her favorite teacher, Chemistry her favorite subject. Shirl has light brown hair and blue eyes. Pals with Ruthy . . . Myrn . , . Lou . . . Joey and Coe. Served in Band since 7t grade. Belongs to T.W.F.S. club. Hobbies are swimming and archery. Talent, giving Mr. Stone gray hair. Biggest thrill will be graduation. "Bells of St. Mary's" and "l'll Walk Alone" are her favorite songs. "You can't laugh until I laugh" is her favorite quotation. Ambition: To graduate from Broad- lawns School of Nursing with flying colors. Frances Honnold Heothcote . . . Fran has brown hair and brown eyes. Hails from Howe. A member of Homeroom 119. Miss Holmes and Mr. Sanders are her favorite teach- ers. English and Journalism her fo- vorite subjects. Pals with Carolyn, Ernie, Fran, Mary, Judy and Florence. Talents are yet to be revealed. Hob- bies are bowling, Jerry, the gong, Jerry, and loafing. Belongs to F.T.A. . . . O.B.D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. . . . l.G.A.R. clubs. Her. biggest thrill was getting married. "Be My Love" and "Because" are her favor- ite songs. "oo-bee-dow" is her fa- vorite quotation. Ambition: To live, love, and be happy with "Jerry." Sondra Sue Heckman . . . This cute gal has brown hair and hazelheyes. She came to Lincoln from Valley. A member of Home- room ll9. Pals with Shirley, Mari- lyn, Nancy, and all the gang. Served on Gym Staff, Sec. of F.T.A .... Greenhorn and Regular Rail. Mr. Sanders is her favorite teacher. Her favorite subject Homeroom. Hobbies are eating, sleeping, Jim, driving, Jim. Belongs to l.G.A.R .... S.S.S.R. . . . J.l.M .... C.P.M .... Tick Tock and Calico. Her biggest thrill will be graduation. Toe dancing is her big talent. Ambition: To always be happy and have many many friends.

Page 16 text:

James Kautlky . . . "Bimbo" spends all his sparc time working on cars and all types of engines. Hails from Park Avenue. Can always be seen with Phil Spaul- ding and Bill Highland. Very faith- fuls to the B.U.M.S. Lettered in baseball. Jim always says "A loser never wins and a winner never loses." Favorite songs are "Secret Love" and "Change Partners." Services include baby sitting with I7 and I8 year old babies ithis is a service??i Jim claims his biggest thrill is yet to come!! Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I do and provide a happy home for the girl of my choice. Cynthia Keeley . . . "Pete's" hobbies are basketball . . . swimming . . . reading . . . and her many talents are playing the piano, singing . . . and just loafing. Cyn is a member of Homeroom II9. Pals around with Barb, Mert, Mary, Bev- erly, and Jeannie. Cynthia has been a member of Chorus four semesters. Miss Scanlan is her favorite teacher and bookkeeping is her favorite sub- iect. Belongs to F.T.A .... BB. This gal with brown hair and brown eyes says her biggest thrill will be when she graduates from college. Ambition: To live, laugh, and be happy and be a teacher. Andrew Kelly . . . Coming to the United States from China to finish his education tops the list of Andy's biggest thrills. A faithful member of A.K.G .... K.A.B.B .... D.D.U. Jr. and the Red Triangle. "Down you fools or we'll all be killed" is his usual com- ment to pals Myers, McKinney . . . Lozier, and Highland. Big talent is getting into trouble with B. N. My- ers. ndy has lettered in swimming and served on the Student Council. Spends his spare time stamp collect- ing and swimming. Lists chemistry as his favorite subiect. His most be- loved songs are "No Other Love," and "You, You, You." Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I undertake. Carolyn King . . . Light brown hair, blue eyes, and a real sweet girl describes "Care" per- fectly. She is in Music Homeroom 39. Mrs. Mapel and Chorus are her favorites. Her talents are playing the piano and the bassoan. She likes to try to sing and we all know she does a good job. Collecting pro- grams is Care's hobby. She has been in band, iunior and senior chorus, and sextet. Pals around with Fran- ces and Marilyn. Favorite song is "You'lI Never Walk Alone." Ambition: To graduate from college and become a great musician. Harriett Jacquilyn Knotts . . . l-lails from Portland, Oregon. Claims she has letters in hopscotch . . . and tiddly-winks. "You Belong to Me," tops Hore's Hit Parade. Can al- ways be seen with Larry, Bernice, Donna, Lerrine, and Marion. One of the faithful members of C.F.P.M. . . . S.S.S.R .... L.F.W .... M.M.- N.LJ.A. Hobbies are dancing, Larry, sleeping, Larry, and eating. Har- riett's biggest thrill is just being with Larry. r-ler favorite quotation is "Come on you guys." Harriett has brown hair and blue eyes and claims chorus is her favorite subiect. All her talents are hidden. Ambition: To marry Larry and go to Santa Catalina Island for a honey- moon. Fr ed Phillip Koester . . . Fred halls from Maple Grove . POIS around with George, Anthony, BOP, Dale, Paul, and Bradley. CIOHTIS he has no talents iwe know betteri HCS served on Student Council, Chorus, Giee Club, and Quartet, SCWO' ploy "You Can't Take It With You," and "Death Takes a Holiday," Also at- tended Boy's State. Hobbies are Car- rol, photography, Carrol, listening to Stan Kenton, and Carrol. Lettered once in tennis. Very faithful to Cal- ico . . . C.C.C.C .... H.B.I. and Gay Teens. Sl1m's biggest thrill came when he wan second place in the city "I Speak for Democracy," con- test. Ambition: To study psychology and become an Air Force Lieutenant. Caroline Fay Large . . . Caroline come to us from Alleman High . . . where she was editor of the school paper. Member of sextet, trio, girls' chorus, glee club, secretar of llth grade, treasurer of her IZB class. This talented gal can sew, cook, sing . . . and is very good in speech and dramatics. Can be heard saying "Humm!" Faithful member of the Ink Spots. Along the line of music Carol likes "With a Song in My Heart" and "Star Dust." Hob- bies include music, reading, ping pong and figurine painting. Being awarded a citation by Mrs. Beards- ley in the i953 "I Speak for Democ- racy" contest was her biggest thrill. Ambition: To be a writer of chil- dren's stories or do public personnel work. Barbara Joan Lehman . . . Barb came to Lincoln from St. An- thonys. Claims her favorite subjects are typing and shorthand . . . and Miss Sutter and Miss Scanlan ner fa- vorite teachers. Pals around with Myrtle, Cynthia, Mary, Mildred, and Beverly. Says her talents haven't been discovered yet. Spends her spare time ice skating and playing tennis. Barbie belongs to O.B D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. and B.B.S. Served on homemaking staff. Lists "Secret Love" as her favorite song. Barbara claims her biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be successful in every- thing I do. Barbara Lett . . . Brown hair and brown eyes describes this gal that came from Park Ave- nue. Can always be seen with Joan, Sharon, Darlene and Jeanne. Bobby can always be heard saying "Don't go away mad, just go away." Big talent is tap. Hobbies include Car- lisle, eating, G.R.B. and J.M. Be- longs to F.S.L. and G.R.B. Favorite songs are "Make Love to Me," "Oh, My Papa." Barbara includes in her list of big thrills her first airplane ride, graduation and working out to Lloyds. Ambition: To get a good job, travel, have many friends, learn to fly a plane and marry a certain guy in the service. David Little . . . Brown hair, brown eyes, and the nickname "Rush" could only go to one guy . . . "Dave." He came to Lincoln from Chicago. A member of Homeroom 220. Mr. Koroch is his favorite teacher, Art his favorite subiect. Pals with Ronnie, Bill, Beef, Dick, Ken, and Bill. He belongs to the P.A.G. Received one letter in baseball, three in wrestling and two in football. His biggest thrill . . . winning a place on the all-city foot- ball team. His favorite quotation is "Eat' hearty and be a weaklingf' Ambition: To become a millionaire arid donate money to Bill Marshall's poor peoples fund.

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