Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1954

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 10 of 88
Page 10 of 88

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9
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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 11
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Page 10 text:

Di ck Adamson . . . Dick came to Lincoln from Park Avenue . . . He has brown hair and hazel eyes . . . Dick has served on Senior Student Council . . . P. A. League . . . Projector League . . . and has been in service homeroom . . . Mr. Stone is high on his list of favorite teachers , . . and chemistry his favorite subject , . . "Fish" pals around with Paul, Jim, and Hank , . . Dick belongs to the math club and is a Kiwanis representative . . . His biggest thrill is yet to come . . , Dick's favorite quotation . . . "Fish and visitors stink in three days." Ambition: To go through college .. . then discover a gold mine and have some . . . little nuggets. Norman D. Allen . . . "Norm" comes to Lincoln from Ma- ple Grove . . . being in homeroom 217. ,Norm lists his hobbies as cars, dances, and Ruthy . . . His talent is . . . trying to pass Miss Holmes' tests . . . Norm's biggest thrill will be graduation . . . Pals around with Fred and Charley . . . "Half as Much" is Norman's favorite song. ., Norm hos brown hair and hazel eyes . . . belongs to the C.F,P.W. club. Ambition: To become ambitious. Suzanne Laura Allen . . . Suc comes to us from St. Louis, Mo. . . . She claims that all teachers arc tops on her list . . . She likes all her subjects . . . Sue has dark brown hair and brown eyes . , , Her biggest thrill . . . meeting Gene Autry . . . Sue has two letters in Golf . . . captain one year . . . Was in radio , . . an Jr. and Sr. Student Councils . . . Served on both Regular and Senior Rail Staffs . . . C.P.U. . . . S.S.S.R .... I.W.W. are Sue's clubs . . . Talents include driving a trac- tor . . . cor washing . . . and making bound buttonholes . , . Favorite song is "Caprice" and expression is . . . precisely . . . Can be seen with Ber- nice. Ambition: To continue with my stud- ies, and obtain a wider perspective. Marilyn Arvolah Attig . . . "Arvie," one ot our treasured cheer- leaders came to us from Maple Grove . . . She has twice been secretary of Senior Student Council and twice Vice President of Junior Student council, Home Ec. Staff, Chorus, two school plays, on the Greenhorn, Reg- ular, and Senior Rail Staffs , . . "Tenderly" is Mick's favorite song ...Talents are staying awake all njght, and forgetting her lines in the plays . . . Hobbies include col- lecting . . . pictures and listening to Donna and Moe talk . . . Mick's biggest thrill was being a cheerleader . . . Ca-n always be seen with Moe, Mag, Sandy, Millsie, Sal, Donna, Sher, and El , . . Member of Tick Tack . . . C.P.M .... l.W.B. Ambition: Travel around the world . . . live, love, laugh, and always be homey- Barboro Lucille Barnett . . . This cute gal came to us from Maple Grove . . . She hails from homeroom 217 . . . Barbie has brown eyes, brown hair . . . Barb's hobbies are roller skating and dancing . . . She belongs to Y.W.C.A ..,. J.E.W. and l.G,A.R. . . . History is Barney's fa- vorite subject and Miss Holmes is high on her list of favorite teachers . . . Pals around with Nancy Bris- tow, Carol Nelson . . . Barbara work- ed in cafe ten semesters . . . Art staff and student director of school play, one swell gal. Ambition: To be a good secretary . . . marry a certain someone. William F. Barrett . . . Bill hails from Clover Hill . . . A member of homeroom 217. Brown hair . . . brown eyes describes Bill. He was sports columnist of the Greenhorn . . . He says his fClV0flf9 teacher is Mr. Sanders. Favorite sub- ject Biology . . , He can .be seen with Dick, Rich, and Cecil . Looking at girls and sleeping are his only talents . . . and racing cars and following sports are his hobbIes . . . Bill belongs to the C.C.C.C .... and the J.E.R.K,S .... His biggest thrill is yet to come, Ambition: To own an Olds 88 and have my dreams come true. Bradley Bathey . . . Light brown hair and green eyes... describes "Brad." Mr. Stone is his favorite teacher and Dr. Tr. his top subject. Brad pals with Chas. S., Tony, Chas. C., Fred. He was a member of Jr. Student Council and homeroom l2O . . . Brad's hobbies are photography, sports, cars ino girls??j . . . He belongs to the C.C.C.C. and Y.M.C.A ..., A trip to Chicago with Scotty proved to be a big thrill . . . Favorite quotations, " Man, Man," "Real Cool!" . . . Favorite songs, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "l'm in the Mood for Love." Ambition: To buy a white Chevy Corvette with red leather upholstery, and go to California. Anthony S. Bellizzi . . . "Tony" hails from Park Avenue... Tony has brown hair and big blue eyes . . . Favorite teachers are Mr. Stone and Miss Holmes . . . Favor- ite subject is chemistry . . . Tony lists sports as his hobbies . . . Tal- ents are "hidden deep" . . . He let- tered twice in football.. .basketball . . . baseball. Anthony's biggest thrill . . . getting third in state in punting . . . Tony can be seen with George W .... Bob G. . . . Fred K. and Brad B. "Heck, Yes" is Tony's favorite quotation , . . "No Other Love" his favorite song. Ambition: Graduate from college. Harold J. Bierrna . . . Harold hails from Howe school . . . He is a member of H. R. 217 . .. Harold has brown hair, hazel eyes. Pals around with Fred Geting, or- don Boudewyn . . . Favorite songs are "Secret Love" . . . "Heart of. My Heart." Radio is Harold's fa- vorite subject and Mr. Pos is high on his list of teachers. Harold's hobby is archery . . . Talents are hidden, Biggest thrill doing o power stall in an airplane. Ambition: To find a long lost friend. James Charles Bonanno . . . r Jim came to Lincoln from St. An- thony . . . He is a member of home- room 217 . . . Jim Jam won a letter in football and one in track. Talents are playing the guitar and singing. Jim has black hair and brown eyes. His favorite teacher . . . Mr. Koroch. Favorite subject . . . Drivers Train- ing. Jim Jam pals with Bill, Beef, Ron, and Worm. His favorite songs are "Show Me the Way to GQ Home" and "I Wish l Was Single Again." He belongs to the P.A.G ,,,, and Singing Ranger cliibs. Jim's hobbies are oing to par ies . , , ' thrillgwill be graduation. B'gge5t Ambition: To be best man gf gill and Tillie's wedding.

Page 9 text:

Senior Class

Page 11 text:

Gordon Boudewyn . . . "Gordy" came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of homeroom 2l7. Brown hair . . . green eyes describes "Gordy." Favorite teacher is Mr. Jackson . . . favorite subject Com. Law. Gordy's hobbies are model air- planes. Clubs . . . L.S.M.F.T. . . . L.E.M.A.C. "You don't have to be crazy, but it helps" is Gordy's favor- ite saying. "O Mein Papa" and "Warsaw Concerto" tops on his list of songs . . . Biggest thrill was going flying in an airplane. Ambition: To be a lawyer and be lucky. Shirley Ann Bradshaw . . . A real cute gal with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair could describe none other than Shirley. Member H. R. 2l7. She pals around with Ruth . . . Georgia . . . Diane . . . Mary J .... Mary L .... Mary E. . . . Mary A .... Merilyn . . . Irene. Mr. Sanders is her favorite teacher . . . Journalism her favorite subject. Served office staff . . . Regular... Senor Rail. She has participated in three school plays, "Snafu" . . . "Harvey" . . . "You Can't Take lt with You." Shirley's favorite song "My Restless Love," Ambition: To move out of Iowa, become a private secretary. Nancy Jane Bristow . . . Nance served on cafeteria staff six semesters, Sec. staff two semesters. A member of homeroom 2l7. Came to Lincoln from Howe. Nance has brown hair, brown eyes. Always seen with Barb, Jean, or Sally. Her fa- vorite subject typing, favorite teach- er is Miss Streiby. Nancy's hobbies are roller skating, BOYS, and teasing Barney . . . and Jean. Her many talents are . . . pestering Sanders and talking on the phone. She be- longs to Calico, S.A.H., G.U.Y.S., S.E.M. clubs. Her biggest thrill was her first airplane ride with Barney. Ambition: Be a successful stenogra- pher. Joyce Elaine Brokaw . . . Joey hails from Maple Grove. She is a member of homeroom 217 . . . Joyce has dark brown hair and brown eyes . . . Her talent is assisting Shirl in giving Mr. Stone gray hair. Hobbies are swimming, reading, loaf- ing in the sun. Her biggest thrill will be graduation. Joyce has served an Student Council . . . and the Journalism staffs. She pals with Shirl, Lou, and Joanie. Belongs to T.W.F.S. . . and . . . C.F.G. . . . clubs. Joey's favorite subject is Journalism . . . Favorite teacher, Mr. Sanders. "Secret Love" is Joyce's favorite song. Ambition: To become a good nurse, and later a medical missionary. Mary Lou Brubaker . . . "Mosy" made a good class treasurer. Served on Junior and Senior Student Councils, Chorus, Glee Club, Office Staff, Regular and Senior Rail Staffs. Hobbies include writing to Dick... talking about Dick, and collecting pictures of Dick. Moe belongs to Tick Tack . . . l.G.A.R .... C.P.M. and D.l,C.K. clubs. "To Be Alone" is on the top of her hit parade. Pals with Mick, Sal, Florie, Donna, Millsie, Mag, Sher, Bev, and Ellen. Moe Lu Bru's talents are staying awake all night and writing sketches. tWhat a jobllj Bru's biggest thrills were getting engaged, graduation, and being elected class treasurer. Ambition: To marry Dick soon and always make him very happy. Ruth Jean Burress . . . Dark brown hair . . . brown eyes describes Ruthie. A member of home- room 2l7. Came from Elm Grave. Ruth's favorite teacher is Mr. San- ders . . . Favorite subject . Jour- nalism. She pals with Georgie . . . Shirley and the rest of the g0nQ . . . One of the Big Ten. Ruth was Make-Up Editor of the Regular Rail, High-Lights . . . Editor of the Senior Rail, Talents . . . drivingADarrell's car into the ditch. Hobbies . . . eating . . . dancing . . . Darrell... red head . . . and Darrell. Belongs to l.G.A.R .... M.F.P.P .... S.T.T.T.H.S .... and Gay Teen clubs. Ruth's biggest thrill . . . re- ceiving diamond . . . A sweet gal. Ambition: To marry Darrell!!! Florence Marie Burrier . . . Flip comes from Charles City. She has brown hair and blue eyes. A member of homeroom 2l7. Short- hand is tops to her, and Miss Mo- roney is her favorite teacher. 'Her hobbies are reading and . . . writing letters but her talents are all hidden. She is a member of the M.B.T.M. and O.Y.C.O.B.D. clubs . . . Her biggest thrill will be graduation. She has served on the Home Ec. staff. Her favorite saying is "You'Il never know." Can be seen with Josie, Francie, Carolyn, Glenda, Joyce, and Ruth. Her favorite songs are "Cross Over the Bridge" and "As Far As I'm Concerned." Ambition: To be happy and have friends. Sally Marthann Byrnes . . . Served on Regular Rail as circulation manager, and Senior Rail as one of the sketch editors . . . Get-together committee . . . "Monsters" talents include writing . . . to Jerry, talking about Jerry, and . . . running up BIG telephone bills. Her favorite songs are "To Be Alone," and "Bell Bottom Blues." Can always be seen with Florie, Moe, Mick, Shirley, Sher- ry, Donnie, Mag, Bev, and El. Sal's most loved subjects are journalism and Jerry. Spends her spare time eating, writing to Jerry, and sleep- ing. Very faithful to l.G.A,R .... C.P.M .... J.E.R.R.Y .... clubs. LuAnn's big thrills are graduation and receiving her ring. Ambition: To marry Jerry and al- ways be happy. Sharon Marie Cain . . . Sharon's hobbies are eating, sleep- ing . . . Dick, teasing Joe . . . and Dick. She is a member of home- room 2I7. Sharon has brown hair and brown eyes. Home Ec. is her favorite subject and Miss Moroney her favorite teacher. Sharon pals with Shirley, Jeannie, Jo Ann, and Donna. Her favorite songs are "Bell Bottom Blues," "Wanted," and "Steel Guitar Chimes." Graduation is her biggest thrill, Ambition: To own o Cadillac and go to California with Shirley, Jean- nie, and Jo Ann. Robert Allen Canny . . . Shorty has brown hair and blue eves. Hails from Park Ave. ls a member of homeroom 2l7. Bob has served on the art staff and Jr. Student Council. Spanish is his favorite sub- ject . . . Miss Holmes is his favorite teacher. Bob pals with Missouri, Dicker, and Slim. His talents are too many to mention. Hobbies are art, motorcycles, and going to drive- ins. He belongs to the cuicycles club. Graduation will be his biggest thrill. His favorite songs are "China Doll,l'.and "There Stands the Glass." Ambition: To make good and have a lot of money.

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