Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1954

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1954 volume:

3 VL w. 91 QW, I. 1, , .vu ,Q ffi X ,. - 53.55, V, v ga f v Q' s I 1 UA1.5'9fe"'fY? . ,vi 2 , , , V 34 vw WJ' E.. 3. 1. F35 H !F:,'v' I, XI. if 1 :WL .11 ,TLT W 5359 frf . Z v""i, 1 .Q fp. E, X fx? . uh R., ..--rw .fvw 1, ix ,, 27 i gw L, ' , - k . i ' 't T , nv- M an I I mimi i l We, the members of the Iune, 1954, Senior Class, dedicate this book to all Who helped make it a success. litter O-4 va ail R 101' 11 Se Senior Class Officers Senior Class Officers June, 1954 CHARLES SCOTT President JACK VAN GINKEL Vice President MARY LOU VANCE Secretory MARY LOU BRUBAKER Treosurer Senior Class Di ck Adamson . . . Dick came to Lincoln from Park Avenue . . . He has brown hair and hazel eyes . . . Dick has served on Senior Student Council . . . P. A. League . . . Projector League . . . and has been in service homeroom . . . Mr. Stone is high on his list of favorite teachers , . . and chemistry his favorite subject , . . "Fish" pals around with Paul, Jim, and Hank , . . Dick belongs to the math club and is a Kiwanis representative . . . His biggest thrill is yet to come . . , Dick's favorite quotation . . . "Fish and visitors stink in three days." Ambition: To go through college .. . then discover a gold mine and have some . . . little nuggets. Norman D. Allen . . . "Norm" comes to Lincoln from Ma- ple Grove . . . being in homeroom 217. ,Norm lists his hobbies as cars, dances, and Ruthy . . . His talent is . . . trying to pass Miss Holmes' tests . . . Norm's biggest thrill will be graduation . . . Pals around with Fred and Charley . . . "Half as Much" is Norman's favorite song. ., Norm hos brown hair and hazel eyes . . . belongs to the C.F,P.W. club. Ambition: To become ambitious. Suzanne Laura Allen . . . Suc comes to us from St. Louis, Mo. . . . She claims that all teachers arc tops on her list . . . She likes all her subjects . . . Sue has dark brown hair and brown eyes . , , Her biggest thrill . . . meeting Gene Autry . . . Sue has two letters in Golf . . . captain one year . . . Was in radio , . . an Jr. and Sr. Student Councils . . . Served on both Regular and Senior Rail Staffs . . . C.P.U. . . . S.S.S.R .... I.W.W. are Sue's clubs . . . Talents include driving a trac- tor . . . cor washing . . . and making bound buttonholes . , . Favorite song is "Caprice" and expression is . . . precisely . . . Can be seen with Ber- nice. Ambition: To continue with my stud- ies, and obtain a wider perspective. Marilyn Arvolah Attig . . . "Arvie," one ot our treasured cheer- leaders came to us from Maple Grove . . . She has twice been secretary of Senior Student Council and twice Vice President of Junior Student council, Home Ec. Staff, Chorus, two school plays, on the Greenhorn, Reg- ular, and Senior Rail Staffs , . . "Tenderly" is Mick's favorite song ...Talents are staying awake all njght, and forgetting her lines in the plays . . . Hobbies include col- lecting . . . pictures and listening to Donna and Moe talk . . . Mick's biggest thrill was being a cheerleader . . . Ca-n always be seen with Moe, Mag, Sandy, Millsie, Sal, Donna, Sher, and El , . . Member of Tick Tack . . . C.P.M .... l.W.B. Ambition: Travel around the world . . . live, love, laugh, and always be homey- Barboro Lucille Barnett . . . This cute gal came to us from Maple Grove . . . She hails from homeroom 217 . . . Barbie has brown eyes, brown hair . . . Barb's hobbies are roller skating and dancing . . . She belongs to Y.W.C.A ..,. J.E.W. and l.G,A.R. . . . History is Barney's fa- vorite subject and Miss Holmes is high on her list of favorite teachers . . . Pals around with Nancy Bris- tow, Carol Nelson . . . Barbara work- ed in cafe ten semesters . . . Art staff and student director of school play, one swell gal. Ambition: To be a good secretary . . . marry a certain someone. William F. Barrett . . . Bill hails from Clover Hill . . . A member of homeroom 217. Brown hair . . . brown eyes describes Bill. He was sports columnist of the Greenhorn . . . He says his fClV0flf9 teacher is Mr. Sanders. Favorite sub- ject Biology . . , He can .be seen with Dick, Rich, and Cecil . Looking at girls and sleeping are his only talents . . . and racing cars and following sports are his hobbIes . . . Bill belongs to the C.C.C.C .... and the J.E.R.K,S .... His biggest thrill is yet to come, Ambition: To own an Olds 88 and have my dreams come true. Bradley Bathey . . . Light brown hair and green eyes... describes "Brad." Mr. Stone is his favorite teacher and Dr. Tr. his top subject. Brad pals with Chas. S., Tony, Chas. C., Fred. He was a member of Jr. Student Council and homeroom l2O . . . Brad's hobbies are photography, sports, cars ino girls??j . . . He belongs to the C.C.C.C. and Y.M.C.A ..., A trip to Chicago with Scotty proved to be a big thrill . . . Favorite quotations, " Man, Man," "Real Cool!" . . . Favorite songs, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "l'm in the Mood for Love." Ambition: To buy a white Chevy Corvette with red leather upholstery, and go to California. Anthony S. Bellizzi . . . "Tony" hails from Park Avenue... Tony has brown hair and big blue eyes . . . Favorite teachers are Mr. Stone and Miss Holmes . . . Favor- ite subject is chemistry . . . Tony lists sports as his hobbies . . . Tal- ents are "hidden deep" . . . He let- tered twice in football.. .basketball . . . baseball. Anthony's biggest thrill . . . getting third in state in punting . . . Tony can be seen with George W .... Bob G. . . . Fred K. and Brad B. "Heck, Yes" is Tony's favorite quotation , . . "No Other Love" his favorite song. Ambition: Graduate from college. Harold J. Bierrna . . . Harold hails from Howe school . . . He is a member of H. R. 217 . .. Harold has brown hair, hazel eyes. Pals around with Fred Geting, or- don Boudewyn . . . Favorite songs are "Secret Love" . . . "Heart of. My Heart." Radio is Harold's fa- vorite subject and Mr. Pos is high on his list of teachers. Harold's hobby is archery . . . Talents are hidden, Biggest thrill doing o power stall in an airplane. Ambition: To find a long lost friend. James Charles Bonanno . . . r Jim came to Lincoln from St. An- thony . . . He is a member of home- room 217 . . . Jim Jam won a letter in football and one in track. Talents are playing the guitar and singing. Jim has black hair and brown eyes. His favorite teacher . . . Mr. Koroch. Favorite subject . . . Drivers Train- ing. Jim Jam pals with Bill, Beef, Ron, and Worm. His favorite songs are "Show Me the Way to GQ Home" and "I Wish l Was Single Again." He belongs to the P.A.G ,,,, and Singing Ranger cliibs. Jim's hobbies are oing to par ies . , , ' thrillgwill be graduation. B'gge5t Ambition: To be best man gf gill and Tillie's wedding. Gordon Boudewyn . . . "Gordy" came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of homeroom 2l7. Brown hair . . . green eyes describes "Gordy." Favorite teacher is Mr. Jackson . . . favorite subject Com. Law. Gordy's hobbies are model air- planes. Clubs . . . L.S.M.F.T. . . . L.E.M.A.C. "You don't have to be crazy, but it helps" is Gordy's favor- ite saying. "O Mein Papa" and "Warsaw Concerto" tops on his list of songs . . . Biggest thrill was going flying in an airplane. Ambition: To be a lawyer and be lucky. Shirley Ann Bradshaw . . . A real cute gal with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair could describe none other than Shirley. Member H. R. 2l7. She pals around with Ruth . . . Georgia . . . Diane . . . Mary J .... Mary L .... Mary E. . . . Mary A .... Merilyn . . . Irene. Mr. Sanders is her favorite teacher . . . Journalism her favorite subject. Served office staff . . . Regular... Senor Rail. She has participated in three school plays, "Snafu" . . . "Harvey" . . . "You Can't Take lt with You." Shirley's favorite song "My Restless Love," Ambition: To move out of Iowa, become a private secretary. Nancy Jane Bristow . . . Nance served on cafeteria staff six semesters, Sec. staff two semesters. A member of homeroom 2l7. Came to Lincoln from Howe. Nance has brown hair, brown eyes. Always seen with Barb, Jean, or Sally. Her fa- vorite subject typing, favorite teach- er is Miss Streiby. Nancy's hobbies are roller skating, BOYS, and teasing Barney . . . and Jean. Her many talents are . . . pestering Sanders and talking on the phone. She be- longs to Calico, S.A.H., G.U.Y.S., S.E.M. clubs. Her biggest thrill was her first airplane ride with Barney. Ambition: Be a successful stenogra- pher. Joyce Elaine Brokaw . . . Joey hails from Maple Grove. She is a member of homeroom 217 . . . Joyce has dark brown hair and brown eyes . . . Her talent is assisting Shirl in giving Mr. Stone gray hair. Hobbies are swimming, reading, loaf- ing in the sun. Her biggest thrill will be graduation. Joyce has served an Student Council . . . and the Journalism staffs. She pals with Shirl, Lou, and Joanie. Belongs to T.W.F.S. . . and . . . C.F.G. . . . clubs. Joey's favorite subject is Journalism . . . Favorite teacher, Mr. Sanders. "Secret Love" is Joyce's favorite song. Ambition: To become a good nurse, and later a medical missionary. Mary Lou Brubaker . . . "Mosy" made a good class treasurer. Served on Junior and Senior Student Councils, Chorus, Glee Club, Office Staff, Regular and Senior Rail Staffs. Hobbies include writing to Dick... talking about Dick, and collecting pictures of Dick. Moe belongs to Tick Tack . . . l.G.A.R .... C.P.M. and D.l,C.K. clubs. "To Be Alone" is on the top of her hit parade. Pals with Mick, Sal, Florie, Donna, Millsie, Mag, Sher, Bev, and Ellen. Moe Lu Bru's talents are staying awake all night and writing sketches. tWhat a jobllj Bru's biggest thrills were getting engaged, graduation, and being elected class treasurer. Ambition: To marry Dick soon and always make him very happy. Ruth Jean Burress . . . Dark brown hair . . . brown eyes describes Ruthie. A member of home- room 2l7. Came from Elm Grave. Ruth's favorite teacher is Mr. San- ders . . . Favorite subject . Jour- nalism. She pals with Georgie . . . Shirley and the rest of the g0nQ . . . One of the Big Ten. Ruth was Make-Up Editor of the Regular Rail, High-Lights . . . Editor of the Senior Rail, Talents . . . drivingADarrell's car into the ditch. Hobbies . . . eating . . . dancing . . . Darrell... red head . . . and Darrell. Belongs to l.G.A.R .... M.F.P.P .... S.T.T.T.H.S .... and Gay Teen clubs. Ruth's biggest thrill . . . re- ceiving diamond . . . A sweet gal. Ambition: To marry Darrell!!! Florence Marie Burrier . . . Flip comes from Charles City. She has brown hair and blue eyes. A member of homeroom 2l7. Short- hand is tops to her, and Miss Mo- roney is her favorite teacher. 'Her hobbies are reading and . . . writing letters but her talents are all hidden. She is a member of the M.B.T.M. and O.Y.C.O.B.D. clubs . . . Her biggest thrill will be graduation. She has served on the Home Ec. staff. Her favorite saying is "You'Il never know." Can be seen with Josie, Francie, Carolyn, Glenda, Joyce, and Ruth. Her favorite songs are "Cross Over the Bridge" and "As Far As I'm Concerned." Ambition: To be happy and have friends. Sally Marthann Byrnes . . . Served on Regular Rail as circulation manager, and Senior Rail as one of the sketch editors . . . Get-together committee . . . "Monsters" talents include writing . . . to Jerry, talking about Jerry, and . . . running up BIG telephone bills. Her favorite songs are "To Be Alone," and "Bell Bottom Blues." Can always be seen with Florie, Moe, Mick, Shirley, Sher- ry, Donnie, Mag, Bev, and El. Sal's most loved subjects are journalism and Jerry. Spends her spare time eating, writing to Jerry, and sleep- ing. Very faithful to l.G.A,R .... C.P.M .... J.E.R.R.Y .... clubs. LuAnn's big thrills are graduation and receiving her ring. Ambition: To marry Jerry and al- ways be happy. Sharon Marie Cain . . . Sharon's hobbies are eating, sleep- ing . . . Dick, teasing Joe . . . and Dick. She is a member of home- room 2I7. Sharon has brown hair and brown eyes. Home Ec. is her favorite subject and Miss Moroney her favorite teacher. Sharon pals with Shirley, Jeannie, Jo Ann, and Donna. Her favorite songs are "Bell Bottom Blues," "Wanted," and "Steel Guitar Chimes." Graduation is her biggest thrill, Ambition: To own o Cadillac and go to California with Shirley, Jean- nie, and Jo Ann. Robert Allen Canny . . . Shorty has brown hair and blue eves. Hails from Park Ave. ls a member of homeroom 2l7. Bob has served on the art staff and Jr. Student Council. Spanish is his favorite sub- ject . . . Miss Holmes is his favorite teacher. Bob pals with Missouri, Dicker, and Slim. His talents are too many to mention. Hobbies are art, motorcycles, and going to drive- ins. He belongs to the cuicycles club. Graduation will be his biggest thrill. His favorite songs are "China Doll,l'.and "There Stands the Glass." Ambition: To make good and have a lot of money. Kenneth Carter . . . Kenny came to Lincoln from Park Ave. He is a member af homeroom 2l7. Peepers has brown eyes and black hair, He pals with Douglas, Horton, Copley, and Little. His fa- vorite teacher is Mr. Morgenthaler and his favorite subject . . . Library. Kenny's hobby is changing tires, and his big talent is chugging . . . Pepsi, Kenny lettered in Basketball. He belongs to the P.A.G. club. His big- gest thrill is yet to come. Favorite song, 'There Was A Bay." Ambition: To be a millionaire. Marylyn Therese Cash . . . "Bank" has served on Greenhorn, Regular Rail, and Home Ec. Staff. She pals with Dort, Judy, Barb, Bebe, Marianne and Lerrine. Bank has blue eyes, brown hair. Mr. Sanders is high on her list of teachers. Jour- nalism is her favorite subject. Her hobbies are being with Jae, bowling, drawing, and collecting stuffed ani- mals. Bank belongs to Calico . . . C.F.P.M .... S.S.S.R. and K.D.N. clubs. Her favorite song . . . "Secret Love," favorite quotation . . . "Heck, Yes." Marylyn is a member of home- room 2l7. Biggest thrill was receiv- ing diamond. Ambition: To see the Lone Ranger and Cisco Kid meet. Josephine Mary Cipole . . . Chips came io Lincoln from St. An- thony's School. She is President of Home Ec. Staff. Josie lists Miss Moroney as her favorite teacher and Home Ec. as her favorite subject. She has clark brown hair and brown eyes. Pals with Flip, Mary, and Bev. She says hcr favorite songs are "Cross Over the Bridge" and "As Far As l'm Concerned." Jo's talent is singing and her hobbies are writ- ing to Les and sewing . . . Jo is a faithful member of C.Y.O. club. Her biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To keep working at N.W.B. then some day get married. Dole LeRoy Clark . . . Brown hair and blue eyes can only describe Dale. He came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of home- room 2l7. Dale was elected Editor of Greenhorn and Editor of Rail- splitter . . . Favorite teacher Miss Holmes . . . Favorite subject Jour- nalism. Clarkinskie lists his hobbies and talents as shocking Miss Holmes. His biggest thrill will be . . . starting to college. Dale has lettered in football. He pals with Larry, Bill, Jack, Dick, Rich. Pals in Jlm . . . Marilyn. Dale belongs to Calico... S.S.S.R .... C.F.P.M .... D.D.U. clubs. Ambition: To take Business Adm. at iowa U. Roger Conrath . . . "Isaac" is a member of the L.S.- M.F.T. and L.E.M.A.C. clubs. His hobbies . . . hunting, fishing, girls, and raising dogs. Roger has black hair and brown eyes. Crafts is his favorite subject. Miss Lewis tops an his list of teachers . . . He pals with Ed, Buddy, and Bob. Biggest thrill was being caught in Gray's Lake bv the cops. His favorite song "Oh My Papa," and "There Stands the Glass." "Make good money and still be poor" is Roger's favorite quotation. Ambition: Live in Canada and be a guide. Mary Luella Cooper . . . Coop is a member of hom0rOOm 2l7. She has brown hair and DYOWH eY9S4 Favorite subject Homernaking and favorite teacher Miss MoroneY - - - Mary pals with Cyn . . . Barbara V. .. Bev . . . and Myrtle . . . Cooking and sewing are her hobbies. She is a member of the D.D.C .... and B.B.S. clubs. Her favorite songs are "Cross Over the Bridge," and "l'm Available." Her biggest thrill will be graduation Ambition: To be successful in what- ever I do. Ronnie Copley . . . Ronnie came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of homeroom 217. Ron has red hair and brown eyes. He pals with Marshall, Montray, Car- ter, Little, Stevenson, and Bonanno. Mr. Morgenthaler is his favorite teacher. Library his favorite subject. His talents are playing pitch and canasta. Hobbies . . . a certain girl, women, old ladies . . . and loafing. He is a member of the P.A.G .... L.LJ.S.H .... P.P.W .... B.D.C. clubs. Ron's biggest thrill was when they made Milwaukee baseball famous. Favorite quotation, "What will you have?" . . . Favorite songs "Wanted" and "Granada," Ambition: To buy Milwaukee, Wis. Ardys Ellen Cornell . . . "Art" has red hair and green eyes. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Sanders. Favorite subject, Journalism, Art's big talent is always finding out if someone lies to her. She pals around with Janice, Mary, and Bert. Her favorite quotation is "It's the most- est to say the leastest about the bestest." Her favorite song is "Wanted" and her hobby is keeping late hours on weekends. Art's big- gest thrill will be . . . getting out of school. Ambition: To "Llve it up." Mary Alice Cox . . . Amazon . . . has brown hair and hazel eyes. She came to Lincoln from Bondurant. A member of homeroom 217. Mary pals with Mary Ellen, Mary Jo, and the rest of the "ten" in the gang. Her talents are yet to be revealed. Her hobbies are horse back riding, dancing, swimming . . . bowling and . . . BOYS!!! and bas- ketball. She is a member of the Norwalk Saddle Club, S.T.T.T.H.S., N.E.C., T.F.M.S.L. and M.F.P.P. clubs. Mary's biggest thrill will be gradu- ation. Miss Holmes and Mr. Sanders are he-r favorite teachers . . . JLM. and -History top her list of subjects. Ambition: Raise and train saddle horses and always be happy. Charles Cross . . . Charlie was elected Vice President of Sr. Student Council this semester... He has brown hair and blue eyes. A member of homeroom 2l7. Chuck pals with Harry, John, Bradley, and Frank. His talents are undiscovered. Hobbies, sports of all kinds. Lettered twice in football . . . twice in wres- tling. His favorite subject English. Favorite teacher Mr. Stone. Chucks biggest thrill was being Q member of the Lincoln wrestling teqm which took the city title and having Q chance to go to state. Also Joyce Ambition: To be successful in coll lege . . . and throughout life, Edward Cunningham . . . Ed hails from Jefferson. A member of homeroom 2l7. Ed has black hair and brown eyes. His favorite subject is history . . . and high on his list of favorite teachers is Miss Holmes. He pals with Terry . . . Roger . . . and Dave. Favorite quo- tation, "Don't di ou." Favorite Q Y song, "Runem Off.' Ed's hobby is raising dogs Ambition: To own a nationally known dog kennel. Myrtle Francis Cutler . . . Mert pals with Mary, Cynthia, Bar- bara, and Beverly. Favorite subject History . . . Favorite teacher Miss Holmes. Mrytle is a member of homeroom 217. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Mert has been a member of the Junior and Senior Student Councils, Sr. Chorus, and Glee Club. Her talents are playing the piano, writing letters, eating, and loafing. Hobbies are sewing, cooking, and collecting pictures. She belongs to the B.B.S .... O.B.D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. clubs. Her biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be a success and do some of the things l have wanted to do. Mary Rose Dethrow . . . 5' 2" eyes of blue and blonde hair describes this cute little gal. hails from Howe school and She is a member of homeroom ll9. Toots pals Norma, Nancy, Barbara, and Shirley. She served on office staff four semesters Greenhorn taff . . . s and Sr. Rail staff. She belongs to Y-Teens, Calico, R.A.T.T.C .... and 4-J.O.K.E.R.S. club. Playing the man- dolin is her big talent. Collecting Hank Snow and Hank Williams rec- ords is her hobby. "Walk Lightly" is her favorite song. Favorite quo- tation . . . "Why, surel!" Biggest thrill will be . , . graduation. Ambition: To go to college and be a success. Glenda Jean Dickey . . . "Glen" who has brown hair and hazel eyes came to Lincoln from Mc- Kinley. She is in homeroom ll9. Glen lists her favorite teacher as Mr, Chatman . . . and favorite subject as Study Halli She can be seen with Sal, Dix, Marsh, Fran, Donna, Jan. and Mary. She has served on the office staff. Glenda's talents . . making Sal and Mary miserable, sleeping, eating Pizza with Fran. Her hobby is figuring out SaIly's jokes and then laughing at them. l.O.L.E.M.A.C .... I.F.L.A .,.. and D.O.N. clubs. Biggest thrill is U.S.- A.F. and graduation . . . tat Iostl. Ambition: To win scads of clothes and . . . make good in T.V. with ??? Merilyn R. Dobbins . . . The ability to get along with lrene is Mare's talent. She came to Lin- coln from Park Ave. Mare has clark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She pals with Mary Ellen, Irene, and the rest of the gang. Journalism and History are her favorite subjects, and Miss Holmes and Mr. Sanders are her favorite teachers. Merilyn has served on Jr. Student Council, and participated in a school play, "Death Takes A HoIiday." Her hob- bies are dancing, horseback riding, basketball, slumber parties . . . and one man!! A member of S.T.T.T.H S. . . . N.E.C .... T.F.M.S.L. . . . M.F.P.P. clubs. Ambition: To be a success. Diane Dolly Dressler . . . f Brown hair, blue eyes describes this short and sweet little gal. She came to Lincoln from Saylor . . . Mr. San- ders is her favorite teacher . . . Favorite subjects . . . chorus and journalism. "Dolly'f has served on Student Council, Library Staff and Sextet . . . Was also Usher Chair- man. Friends are Mary Ellen, Meri- Jo, Mary L., Mary A., lrene, Mari- lyn, Shirl, Ruth, Georgia and Paula Diane's hobbies are swimming, bowl- ing, ice skating, and loafing. She belongs to S.T.T.T.H.S .... N.E.C. . . . T.F.M.S.L .... M.F.P.P. and THE BIG TEN. Graduation, bowling 2ll and owning her own-car are her biggest thrills. Ambition: To attend S.LJ.l. and own a car. Shirley Exford . . . Hails from Maple Grove. Homeroom ll9 . . . Professor has blonde hair, hazel eyes . . . Pals with Anita, Jean, Beverly, Barb, Nancy and Mary Lou. Typing and Shorthand are her favor- ite subjects, Miss Moroney her fa- vorite teacher. Shirley's hobbies are sewing, singing, and Crocheting. Tal- ents yet to be discovered. A mem- ber of A.B.S. club. Graduation will be her biggest thrill . . . "Oh My Papa" and "Secret Love" are her favorite songs. Favorite quotation , . . "You can do anything you want to bad enough." Ambition: To be successful in every- thing I attempt. Frances Jean Favaro . . . Big brown eyes and brown hair de- scribes this cute gal. She comes to Lincoln from St. Joseph's. A mem- ber of Homeroom ll9. Fran pals with Donna, Janet, Phyl, Sal, Glen, Marsha and Sandra. Boys . . . eat- ing, sleeping . . . and more boys are her hobbies. Eating Pizza with Glen is her big talent. She belongs to the M.I.J .... L.E.M.A.C .... T.F.M.S.L. clubs. Fran has served on gym staff. Mr. Sanders her fa- vorite teacher. Art her favorite sub- ject. Fran's biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: Fly to the moon in Phyl's home made rocket and live on green cheese. Richard Fazio . . . Came to Lincoln from Park Avenue. Hunting, fishing, and eating take up Faz's spare time. His main talent is breaking light bulbs in the hall. Can always be seen with Bill Barrett. Possessor of beautiful brown eyes and dark brown hair. Dick's favor- ite song is "Heart of My Heart." Spanish tops his list of subjects and Mr. Stone is his favorite teacher. One of the members of C.C.C.C. and J.E.R.K.S. Dick claims his biggest thrill was receiving his football mon- ogrom. Ambition: To be a success and have a lot of money. Richard C. J. Felice . . . Dick hails from Howe. A member of Homeroom ll9. Dick has black hair, brown eyes . . . Pals with Jack, Larry, Rich. Mr. Stone is his favor- ite teacher and chemistry his favor- ite subject. Chief Justice of Sr Student Council, Editor of Sr. Rail, and Sports Editor of Greenhorn. He lettered twice in football . . . once in basketball. Receiving the honor of team captain of the 53-54 bask- ketball team was Dick's biggest thrill. Hobbies are sports of all kinds. Be- lOf'1Qs to R.A.G .... N.O.C. clubs. "Heck Yes" is Richard's favorite quotation. fThat's all we ever hear when he is aroundllj Ambition: To be someone!!! Janet Mae Flatt . . . Jan hails from McKinley. Home- room 119. Jan has brown hair and blue eyes. Mr. Sanders is her favor- ite teacher . . . History her favorite subject. She pals with Donna, Fran, Sondra, Sal, Glen, Marsha, and Shir- ley. Jan has been in two school plays, "Harvey" and 'Dear Ruth." Served on Reg. Rail Staff, Her tol- ents are cooking, sleeping and bowl- ing. Hobbies, tennis and baseball. Jan belongs to Calico, S.S.S.R .... C.T.P .... and D.O.A clubs. "You Goofed" is Jan's favorite quotation. Biggest thrill . . . graduation and being in two school plays. Ambition: To be a success, own a Lincoln...and see the world with Donna. Judy Marie Fontanini . . . Brown hair, big brown eyes describe this cute gal. Member of Homeroom 119. Crafts is "Font's" favorite sub- ject. She pals around with Moses, Molly, Marianne, Dort, Marylyn, Beebe, Lerrine and all the gang. Her talents, canning . . . lobsters . . . snails . . . eating . . . sleeping . . . arguing . . . jumping rope. Served on Nurse's Staff tour semesters. Jun- ior Student Council, Chairman of Judicial Committee Ninth Grade. Elected Homecoming Princess. Big- gest thrill will be graduation . . . "Font's" favorite songs are "Chew Tobacco Rag," "Farmer in the Dell." Ambition: To be a professional gar- bage collector with Dort and Beeb. Doris Jean Frecl . . . Eating, writing letters, and Jerry are Jcannie's hobbies. Talents are all hidden. Jean came to Lincoln from Howe. A member of Homeroom l'9. Jean has brown hair and blue eyes. Favorite teacher Miss Moroney, fa- vorite subject, Chorus. She pals with Anita, Shirley, Nancy, Barb, and Helen. Jean has served on Home F' Staff and Chorus. Belongs to the l.G.A.R. club. She always says, "Where there's a Will there's a Way." "Stardust" and "Yours" are tops on her list of songs. Her big- gest thrill is yet to come. fOh Happy Daylllj Ambition: To have many friends and make a certain someone happy. Robert Harry Gamble . . . Bob a member of Homeroom 119. Came to Lincoln from Washington. Pals with Bellizzi, Wolfe, and Scott. English is Bob's favorite subject. Mr. Berry his favorite teacher. Bob has been in Chorus and Glee Club, Sr. Homeroom, Student Council President in Ninth Grade. Playing the guitar and hunting are his hobbies. He has won four letters in track. His big- gest thill was appearing on a televi- sion panel. "Tis better to have lived and loved than to never have lived at all" is his favorite quotation. Ambition: To graduate from a Sem- inary. Donna Lee Hampshire . . . Brown hair i???l blue eyes describes "Ham," A member of Homeroom ll9. Came to Lincoln from Wash- ington. Miss Mitchell is her favorite teacher, Chorus her favorite subject. Pals with Lerrine, Marian, Harriett, Bernice and Beeb. Served on Home Ec. Staff and Gym Staff. Belongs to C.F.P.M .... S.S.S.R .... C.P.W .... Calico and D.L.A.D. ice skating is her hobby. Ham's fa- vorite song is "Bell Bottom Blues." Donna's biggest thrill is yet to come. Lettered in Hopscotch and Tiddly Winks. Ambition: To tour all over the world with Lerrine in her Rocket Ship. Ralph Eugene Hartley . . . Gov is a member of Homeroom 119. Hails from Washington. Can alwavs be seen with Lanny and Frank. ROlPl1 has blue eyes and brown hair. Mr. Ator is his favorite teacher, wood- shop his favorite subject.. His big talent is blowing bubbles with bubble gum. Hobbies are fishing and golf. Belgngs to club. - RGlDl'1'S biggest thrill was passing Miss Selby in History 5 and 6. "Heart of My Heart" and "Rags to Riches" are his favorite songs. "What the heck is that, stupid?" is his favorite quo- tation. Ambition: To be a success and own a 1954 Oldsmobile. Judy Harvey . . . Judy has served on Nurse's Staff seven semesters and participated in two school plays, "Death Takes A Holiday and "Snafu." Harv is a member of homeroom 119, has dark hair and blue eyes. Came to Lin- coln from Park Ave. Collecting rec- ords and swimming are Judy's hob- bies. Belongs to F.N. and F.M.A. clubs. Favorite teacher Miss Scan- lan, favorite subject Dramatics. Judy pals with Marie Ruth, Judy, and Sally. Biggest riifiii will be gradu- ating from S.U.l .... and also go- ing with Guy. "September Song" is her favorite song. Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse. Shirley Ann Hawbaker . . . Shirl came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member of Homeroom 119. Mr. Stone her favorite teacher, Chemistry her favorite subject. Shirl has light brown hair and blue eyes. Pals with Ruthy . . . Myrn . , . Lou . . . Joey and Coe. Served in Band since 7t grade. Belongs to T.W.F.S. club. Hobbies are swimming and archery. Talent, giving Mr. Stone gray hair. Biggest thrill will be graduation. "Bells of St. Mary's" and "l'll Walk Alone" are her favorite songs. "You can't laugh until I laugh" is her favorite quotation. Ambition: To graduate from Broad- lawns School of Nursing with flying colors. Frances Honnold Heothcote . . . Fran has brown hair and brown eyes. Hails from Howe. A member of Homeroom 119. Miss Holmes and Mr. Sanders are her favorite teach- ers. English and Journalism her fo- vorite subjects. Pals with Carolyn, Ernie, Fran, Mary, Judy and Florence. Talents are yet to be revealed. Hob- bies are bowling, Jerry, the gong, Jerry, and loafing. Belongs to F.T.A. . . . O.B.D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. . . . l.G.A.R. clubs. Her. biggest thrill was getting married. "Be My Love" and "Because" are her favor- ite songs. "oo-bee-dow" is her fa- vorite quotation. Ambition: To live, love, and be happy with "Jerry." Sondra Sue Heckman . . . This cute gal has brown hair and hazelheyes. She came to Lincoln from Valley. A member of Home- room ll9. Pals with Shirley, Mari- lyn, Nancy, and all the gang. Served on Gym Staff, Sec. of F.T.A .... Greenhorn and Regular Rail. Mr. Sanders is her favorite teacher. Her favorite subject Homeroom. Hobbies are eating, sleeping, Jim, driving, Jim. Belongs to l.G.A.R .... S.S.S.R. . . . J.l.M .... C.P.M .... Tick Tock and Calico. Her biggest thrill will be graduation. Toe dancing is her big talent. Ambition: To always be happy and have many many friends. Lanny Raymond Helton . . . "Curly" hails from Park Avenue and Homeroom ll9. He has brown hair and blue eyes and says Mr. Jackson is his favorite teacher, and book- keeping is his favorite subject. Lanny belongs to D.D.LJ. Jr., F.A.M. and was in Radio. His hobbies include saving sports clippings and bowling. His talents are hidden someplace and his biggest thrill is yet to come. His favorite song is "Because of You" and his favorite quotation is "Don't pay too much for the whis- tle," Lanny can always be seen with Tom, Dick, and Ralph. Ambition: To be successful. Paula Jean Henry . . . "Puny Paula's talents are riding horses standing up and falling out of moving cars. Hobbies are horse- back riding and tennis. She was captain of the tennis team and has one letter, This busy gal has served on Student Council, Regular Rail, and Senior Rail. Biggest thrill . . . Ak-Sar-Ben and a "Gift." "Pinkie" chums with Nancy, Mary, and Diane. Can always be heard saying "That's real Tosci" or "We agree to dis- agree." Favorite songs???? are . . . l8th Variation of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and "Meditation" from Thais. Ambition: Go to S.U.l., be a success, and own a white Cad. with dark blue cashmere seat covers. Jerry Higgins . . . Faithful member of F.T.W.O.A. Says graduation will top his list of big thrills. Jerry spends his spare time hunting and fishing. He has partici- pated in basketball and baseball . . . thinks everything is "Real cool." . .. J. C.'s talents are singing and danc- ing. Can always be seen with Terry, Ralph, Lanny, Dan, and Frank. Came to Lincoln from Smithland, Iowa . .. Says Mr. Ator is his favorite teacher and woodshop his favorite subject. Jerry has dark brown hair and blue eyes. His favorite song is "Home on the Range" . . in Homeroom ll9. Ambition: To work with the railroad. William Wayne Highland . . . Bill claims his talents are hidden, Has lettered once in swimming. Hob- bies include Barbara, stamp collect- ing, swimming and . . . Barbara. Pals around with Andy Kelly, Marty McCarthy, Jim Kautzky. Usual com- ment is "Down Boy." Along the line of 'music Bill likes "P. S. l Love You" and "You, You, You." Claims his biggest thrill was his first date with Barbara lquite a gallll Belongs to K.A.B,B .... I.0.0.F .... U.S.N.R. Thinks journalism and Mr. Sanders are tops Ambition: To provide Barbara with a happy home and family, and to be a success in life Clifford Dean Holt . . . Dean hails from Farnhamville. Can be seen with Carter, Marshall, and Beef. Says Mr. Besley is his favor- ite teacher lclose friends???i Claims journalism is his favorite subject. Says he has no talents . . . as yet. Hobbies are hunting and fishing. "Bimbo" heads his list of favorite songs. Dean's biggest thrill was cruising down the Des Moines river with John, Ron, and Gordon. This guy has black hair and blue eyes. Ambition: To be a success. Mary Ellen Jennings . . . Mary has served as president of Library Staff, Leaders Club, was in the Student Council, Bond, and Reg- ular and Senior Rail Staffs, Another faithful member of S.T.T.T.H.S .... N.E.C .... T.F,M.S.L. and M,F.P.P. Hobbies are sports, horse back rid- ing, eating, and sleeping. Mary El- len has earned three letters in ten- nis, and her talents inclued the abil- ity to have fun, driving the Ford and unusual ability to chisel unknown victims l???i Won fifth place in the Los Angeles Road-Day-O-Driving con- test. Graduation will be her big thrill. Can be seen with the big ten. Ambition: Get a good job, be a suc- cess and make my first million . . . get a car, Margaret Jo Ann Jensen . . . This gal with blonde hair and blue eyes came to us from St. Johns. Can be seen always with Sal, Moe, Mick, Shirl, Sandy, Donnie, and Nan- cy. Talents are talking and stay- ing awake at slumber parties. Mag belongs to C.P.M .... C.P.W .... Tick Tock . . . and Calico. Likes all kinds of music. Hobbies include Jerry, bowling, eating, sleeping, go- ing places with the girls, dancing, and watching sports. Del.eony's big- gest thrill was receiving a certain ring. On Student Council, Green- horn, Regular Rail, and Art staffs. On Informal Committee. Ambition: Help make all my special people happy. Irene Johnson . . . "Holy Cow" is "Red's" favorite com- ment . . . and getting along with Merilyn is listed among her many talents. Irene was in two school plays . . . "Harvey" and "Snafu." Pals around with "The Big Ten." Johnny's hobbies are roller skating . . . Dick . . . dancing . . . Dick . . . and slumber parties . . . and Dick. She is a member of S.T.T.T.- H.S .... N.E.C .... T.F.M.S.L. . . . M.F.P.P. and her biggest thrill was receiving her diamond ring from Dick . . . and graduation. Ambition: To get married and keep in touch with the S.T.T.T.H.S. Lloyd A. Joss, Jr .... Brown hair and blue eyes describes Lloyd who came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. Can always be seen with Jim Kissel, Terry Richardson and Don Doane. Faithful member of V.l.D.E.O. Has lettered twice in golf. Gauze rates Mr. Jackson as his favorite teacher and mechanical drawing as his favorite subject. Can often be heard saying . . . "You're not my Mama, you can't tell me what to do." "Secret Love" tops Lloyd's list of top tunes. Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To go to Wisconsin. Lauana Kaili . . . Lauana Lilliokalanie Rozena Lillian Ann Kaili . . , lWhat a name!!!!J Hails from McKinley and her hobbies are playing western records, Jim, sleeping, Jim- . . . and collecting pictures of Jim. Dewey belongs to the Teen Club, Gay Teen Club, and J.C.L.C. Lauana's talents are danc- ing and drawing. Pals around with Bubbles and Liz. Lauana's favorite song is "The Heartbreaking Waltz." Says graduation and going to Omaha are biggest thrills . . . lWhat's in Omaha????J Lauana has black hair and 'brown eyes and says Miss Scan- lan is her favorite teacher and art her favorite subject. Ambition: To marry a certain Fly- boy. James Kautlky . . . "Bimbo" spends all his sparc time working on cars and all types of engines. Hails from Park Avenue. Can always be seen with Phil Spaul- ding and Bill Highland. Very faith- fuls to the B.U.M.S. Lettered in baseball. Jim always says "A loser never wins and a winner never loses." Favorite songs are "Secret Love" and "Change Partners." Services include baby sitting with I7 and I8 year old babies ithis is a service??i Jim claims his biggest thrill is yet to come!! Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I do and provide a happy home for the girl of my choice. Cynthia Keeley . . . "Pete's" hobbies are basketball . . . swimming . . . reading . . . and her many talents are playing the piano, singing . . . and just loafing. Cyn is a member of Homeroom II9. Pals around with Barb, Mert, Mary, Bev- erly, and Jeannie. Cynthia has been a member of Chorus four semesters. Miss Scanlan is her favorite teacher and bookkeeping is her favorite sub- iect. Belongs to F.T.A .... BB. This gal with brown hair and brown eyes says her biggest thrill will be when she graduates from college. Ambition: To live, laugh, and be happy and be a teacher. Andrew Kelly . . . Coming to the United States from China to finish his education tops the list of Andy's biggest thrills. A faithful member of A.K.G .... K.A.B.B .... D.D.U. Jr. and the Red Triangle. "Down you fools or we'll all be killed" is his usual com- ment to pals Myers, McKinney . . . Lozier, and Highland. Big talent is getting into trouble with B. N. My- ers. ndy has lettered in swimming and served on the Student Council. Spends his spare time stamp collect- ing and swimming. Lists chemistry as his favorite subiect. His most be- loved songs are "No Other Love," and "You, You, You." Ambition: To be a success in what- ever I undertake. Carolyn King . . . Light brown hair, blue eyes, and a real sweet girl describes "Care" per- fectly. She is in Music Homeroom 39. Mrs. Mapel and Chorus are her favorites. Her talents are playing the piano and the bassoan. She likes to try to sing and we all know she does a good job. Collecting pro- grams is Care's hobby. She has been in band, iunior and senior chorus, and sextet. Pals around with Fran- ces and Marilyn. Favorite song is "You'lI Never Walk Alone." Ambition: To graduate from college and become a great musician. Harriett Jacquilyn Knotts . . . l-lails from Portland, Oregon. Claims she has letters in hopscotch . . . and tiddly-winks. "You Belong to Me," tops Hore's Hit Parade. Can al- ways be seen with Larry, Bernice, Donna, Lerrine, and Marion. One of the faithful members of C.F.P.M. . . . S.S.S.R .... L.F.W .... M.M.- N.LJ.A. Hobbies are dancing, Larry, sleeping, Larry, and eating. Har- riett's biggest thrill is just being with Larry. r-ler favorite quotation is "Come on you guys." Harriett has brown hair and blue eyes and claims chorus is her favorite subiect. All her talents are hidden. Ambition: To marry Larry and go to Santa Catalina Island for a honey- moon. Fr ed Phillip Koester . . . Fred halls from Maple Grove . POIS around with George, Anthony, BOP, Dale, Paul, and Bradley. CIOHTIS he has no talents iwe know betteri HCS served on Student Council, Chorus, Giee Club, and Quartet, SCWO' ploy "You Can't Take It With You," and "Death Takes a Holiday," Also at- tended Boy's State. Hobbies are Car- rol, photography, Carrol, listening to Stan Kenton, and Carrol. Lettered once in tennis. Very faithful to Cal- ico . . . C.C.C.C .... H.B.I. and Gay Teens. Sl1m's biggest thrill came when he wan second place in the city "I Speak for Democracy," con- test. Ambition: To study psychology and become an Air Force Lieutenant. Caroline Fay Large . . . Caroline come to us from Alleman High . . . where she was editor of the school paper. Member of sextet, trio, girls' chorus, glee club, secretar of llth grade, treasurer of her IZB class. This talented gal can sew, cook, sing . . . and is very good in speech and dramatics. Can be heard saying "Humm!" Faithful member of the Ink Spots. Along the line of music Carol likes "With a Song in My Heart" and "Star Dust." Hob- bies include music, reading, ping pong and figurine painting. Being awarded a citation by Mrs. Beards- ley in the i953 "I Speak for Democ- racy" contest was her biggest thrill. Ambition: To be a writer of chil- dren's stories or do public personnel work. Barbara Joan Lehman . . . Barb came to Lincoln from St. An- thonys. Claims her favorite subjects are typing and shorthand . . . and Miss Sutter and Miss Scanlan ner fa- vorite teachers. Pals around with Myrtle, Cynthia, Mary, Mildred, and Beverly. Says her talents haven't been discovered yet. Spends her spare time ice skating and playing tennis. Barbie belongs to O.B D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. and B.B.S. Served on homemaking staff. Lists "Secret Love" as her favorite song. Barbara claims her biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be successful in every- thing I do. Barbara Lett . . . Brown hair and brown eyes describes this gal that came from Park Ave- nue. Can always be seen with Joan, Sharon, Darlene and Jeanne. Bobby can always be heard saying "Don't go away mad, just go away." Big talent is tap. Hobbies include Car- lisle, eating, G.R.B. and J.M. Be- longs to F.S.L. and G.R.B. Favorite songs are "Make Love to Me," "Oh, My Papa." Barbara includes in her list of big thrills her first airplane ride, graduation and working out to Lloyds. Ambition: To get a good job, travel, have many friends, learn to fly a plane and marry a certain guy in the service. David Little . . . Brown hair, brown eyes, and the nickname "Rush" could only go to one guy . . . "Dave." He came to Lincoln from Chicago. A member of Homeroom 220. Mr. Koroch is his favorite teacher, Art his favorite subiect. Pals with Ronnie, Bill, Beef, Dick, Ken, and Bill. He belongs to the P.A.G. Received one letter in baseball, three in wrestling and two in football. His biggest thrill . . . winning a place on the all-city foot- ball team. His favorite quotation is "Eat' hearty and be a weaklingf' Ambition: To become a millionaire arid donate money to Bill Marshall's poor peoples fund. Sally Ann Lloyd . . . Shortie has brown hair and hazel eyes. Came to Lincoln from St. An- thonys. A member of Homeroom 220. Miss Holmes is her favorite teacher and typlng is her favorite subject. Pals with Marsh, Glen, Mary, Fran, Donna, Janet, and Shirley. Sal's hobbies are music, dancing, skating, eating, sleeping and driving people insane. Belongs to Calico, L.E.M.A.C. . . . T.F.M.S.L ..,. and G.L.O.B.B.C. clubs. Her favorite song is "Cross Over the Bridge" and "Till Then." Favorite quotation, "Just want the facts ma'am. Ambition: To inherit Marilyn Mon- roe's walk. Robert Joe Lotfredo . . . Bob is a member of Homeroom 220. Came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Pals with Frank Tilotta. Favorite teacher Mr. Stone, favorite subject chemistry. Has served in Service Homeroom ll8. Bob's hobbies are building model aircraft. Belongs to A.F.A. His biggest thrill was flying by airliner to Idaho. Bob's favorite songs are "Embraceable You," and "Moonlight Serenade." Ambition: To be successful in the field of aviation and to live a use- ful life. Mary Ann Long . . . Annie is a faithful member of the L.E.K. . . . M.A.L.L .... D.O.P.E. clubs. Larry, eating, sleeping, l.arry, dancing, and Larry are Annie's hob- bies. Mary Ann has blonde hair and green eyes. Mr. Cox is high on her list of favorite teachers. Pals around with Maxine, Twila, Joan, Barb, and Larry. Her favorite songs are "l Love You," and "Let Me Be the One." "You hate me, l can tell," is her favorite quotation. A member of Homeroom 220. Came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. Ambition: To always be hapoy with Larry. LoDonna Marie Longden . . . Came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. A member of Homeroom 220. She has brown hair, and hazel eyes. Pals with Shari and Donna. Favorite songs are "Cross Over the Bridge" and "Stranger In Paradise." Hobbies are roller skating, dancing, swimming, and Johnny. Her biggest thrill is yet to come. LaDonna's favorite sub- jects are typing and shorthand. Fa- vorite teacher is Miss Scanlan. Ambition: To be successful in what- ever l da. William Harold Lozier . . . "Lo-gear" has brown hair and brown eyes. Came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. Bill's favorite subjects are Barbara . . . late hours . . . and Barbara. His hobby is having New Years Eve parties . . . KWOWI! what partieslll . . . Claims his talents are few and far between. Faithful mem- ber of Calico . . . C.P.P.W. . . . and L.M.E. Ownership of a red convert- ible tops his list of big thrills. Bill's most loved quotation is "l'm shock- edllll Ambition: To graduate from S.lJ.l. as a dentist. John Luberto . . . Black hair and brown eyes describes John. Came to Lincoln from St, An- thonys. Pals with Copley, Marshall and Montray. His main hobby is knitting. Talents are hidden. Be- longs to P.A.G .... L.lJ.S.H. . S.B.G. John's favorite subject is mechanical drawing, "One who eats the fastest gets sickest," is John-'S favorite quotation. His biggest thrill is yet to come. g Ambition: Get rich and get married and have lots of friends. Francis William Marshall . . . Bill is a member of Homeroom 220. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and came to us from Park Avenue. Bill belongs to 4F . . . P.A.G. . . . L.U.S.H .... S.B.G. His hobbies are jumping rope, playing jacks and giving hickies . . . big talent!!! Also making whooppee. Bill chums around with Beef, Montray, Jim, Copley, John, and Swede. "Little Duckie Duddle," tops his list of songs. His favorite quotation is "Draw one." Bill picks history as his favorite sub- ject and Mr. Opel his favorite teach- er. His biggest thrill is . . . Ginger. Ambition: To marry Tillie????? Marie Mortz . . . "Sam" came to Lincoln, from Park Avenue. Claims her favorite teacher is Mrs. Groves. Likes any subject. Can be seen with Sandy, Pink, and Judy. Martzie has participated in Student Council . . . Band . . . K.D.P.S .... and was a member of Band Homeroom. Talents are... talking a lot, saying little. Says the rest are hidden. "Sam's" biggest thrill is coming back to Lincoln . . . every time. Main hobby is collecting Stafford records . . . and her favor- ite quotation is "Glizeoffen Spiven- dart." Martzie's favorite sang is Georges Bizet's "Habanera et Segui- dilla" from "Carmen," Ambition: To become ambitious: work up to V. P. in charge of safety pins in a diaper factory. Arlie E. McAdoo . . . Mac comes to us from Benton, llli- nois . . . and is now in Homeroom 220. Mr. Jackson is his favorite teacher and he likes bookkeeping better than any of his subjects. He has brown hair and blue eyes and says his talents are wrecking cars. Arlie belongs to P.P.A .... Gay Teens . . . S.P.P.W .... L.E.M.A.C. . . . S.P.A. and says his hobbies are hunting and "That little green Ford." His biggest thrill will be graduating after twelve years of slavery. Mac's favorite song is "Stranger ln Para- dise" He can always be seen with Bill, Marv, Glenn, Tom, and Dick. Ambition: To be successful in life and make a good husband in the FAR future. Martin G. McCarthy . . . Mart, who comes from Maple Grove has brown hair and brown eyes. l-te is in Homeroom 220, and says that Mr. Morganthaler is his favorite teacher, mechanical drawing is his favorite subject and claims his only talent is being a soda jerk in a drug store. His hobbies include hunting and being a fireman. He belongs to the SA.M.S. and B.T.F.D. Biggest thrill is belonging to the fire depart- ment. Favorite quotation is "Let's go" and favorite song is "Changing Partners." Ambition: To be successful in life. William E. McKibben . . . Bill's hobbies are fishing . , hunt- ing . . . and playing pitch with the guys. He belongs to the AF and S.P.P.W. clubs. Bill has brown hair, brown eyes, and favorite subiect is radio. Bill pals around with Jerry Stevenson, "Song of lndia" and "Marie" are his favorite songs, Bill has been in two plays. He had the lead in "You Can't Take lt With You" . . . also in the Christmas play . . . in l95l. Bill hails from Park Avenue and is a member of Home- room 220. "Daddy's" biggest thrill was becoming the father of a 7 lb. ll oz. baby girl. Ambition: To own a 550,000 home and a new Cadillac. David Lee McKinney . . . "Mac" came to Lincoln from Hub- bell, Member of Homeroom 220 . .. Brown hair . . . and blue eyes de- scribes him. Pals with Lazier, Little, Felice, and the Miller boys. Dave's big talent was keeping Mr. Cox hap- py. Hobbies are Sandra . . . eating, haunting spookie places, Sandra . . . and swimming. Mac lettered twice in swimming. Biggest thrill was win- ning third place honors in state meet and a certain trip to St. Louis. Dave's most famous words are "Well, Mr. Besley, it was like this." Favorite song "Tenderly" and "Don't Call Me . . . Coach, Call Me George." Ambition: Swim, graduate from S.kJ l, . , .make a million, own and race sport cars, Shari G. Miller . . . Brown hair and brown eyes describes Shari. Came to Lincoln from Park Ave. A member oi Homeroom 220. Miss Sutter is her favorite teacher, and typing is her favorite subject. Pals with Bev and LaDonna. "Cross Over the Bridge" and "Changing Partners" are her favorite songs. Swimming and dancing are her hob- bies. Talent is playing the piano. She belongs to S.S.S.R .... C.P.M. . . . P.A.G. clubs. Her biggest thrill is yet to come. Favorite quotation is "You Goofedf' Ambition: To go to college and be- come successful. Shirley Mills . . . Millsie . . . who is a whiz at cook- ing . . . spaghetti?? comes to Lincoln from Park Avenue. Vice president of F.T.A .... and is on the secre- tary staff. Can be seen with Sandy, Mick, Moe, Florie, Donna, Sal, Nan, and many others. Greatest thrill was receiving her ring from Gary. Shir- ley lists her favorite subject as his- tory, and favorite teacher as Miss Holmes. Her many hobbes are eat- ing, Gary, dancing, driving, and . . . Gary. Shirl is a member of Tick- Tack . . . S.S.S.R ..,. C.P.M. . . . P.U.B.O ..... G.A.R.Y .... l.G.A.R. Ambition: To love, and laugh, and be happy with Gary Anita Marie Mitchell . . . "September Sang," and "Tenderly," top her list of favorite songs. "Nita" has served on Senior Student Coun- cil, was elected Secretary of Junior Student Council, and Nurse's Staff, Pit Band, Band Librarian and Secre- tary. Claims her talents haven't been discovered ibut we know bet- tci"'l Has much musical ability! Hobbies are are skating and tennis. Anita is a rnembci of A B S. Chums around with Jean Shiilry, Mary Jo, Beverly, and Niaiilin Claims her biggest thril is yet to cami Ambition: To graduate irons cfillegic William Joseph Montray . . . Bill came to Lincoln from St. An- thonys . . . and is a member of Homeroom 220. Brown hair and brown eyes describes Bill, whose ta- vorite quotation "Women are the root of all sorrow. His favorite song is "Space Ship." New song, Bill??. Bill was a fine President of Senior Student Council and participated in two school plays. Bill can often be seen with Bill M., Ronnie, Dave, Jim T., and Jim B. Bill has lettered twice in swimming and has been a faithful member of P.A.G. for three to four years. Bill's biggest thrill "being born." Ambition: To be rich. Dale Moore . . . Dale comes from McKinley and was in Homeroom 220. This guy with brown hair and blue eyes says Mr. Smith is his favorite teacher . . . and auto mechanics is his favorite class. He can be seen around . . . with Terry, Ted, and Bob. Claims he has no special talent . . . but his hobbies are driving cars . . . riding motorcycles and , . . hunting. "Heart of My Heart" is his favorite song. Dale says his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be successful in life. Judy Ann Moses . . . A member of Homeroom 220, she has brown hair and blue eyes. Can always be seen with Judy, Donna, Patty, Shirley, Marianne, Marilyn, and Deanna. Mosey's favorite sub- ject is bookkeeping and her teacher is Mr. Jackson. Talents are . . .talk- ing, eating, and loafing. Hobbies are bowling, skating and basket weaving. She belongs to Calico . . C.F.P ..... S.S.S.R .,.. B.D.G. Her biggest thrills were being an at- tendant to the Homecoming Queen, and winning first place in state skat- ing competition in 1949. Judy served on the Senior Rail Staff. Ambition: To join the Skating Van- ities with Shirley Bloomquist. Thomas 0. Myers . . . Blond hair and blue eyes describes "Gruber" who has lettered three times in swimming. Tom came to us from Army Post. He lists his favorite teacher as Mr. Sanders and his favorite subject as Radio. Top tunes are "You, You, Vou" and "You'll Never Walk Alone." Can al- ways be seen with Andy, Dick and Larry. Tom's talent is making whoopy to Karen . . . and his hobbies are Karen . . .baseball . . . swimming and Karen. He belongs to l.T.A. and N.H.R.A. Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To live in Colorado, Beverly Kay Oliver . . . Bev who hails from St. Anthonys and Park Avenue has brown hair and blue and green eyes. Bev's hobbiu include tennis . . . collecting record: . . . and ice skating. She is a mem- ber ot O.B.D .... O.Y.C .... B.B. and EI.F.F.C. Her favorite teachers are Miss Sutter and Miss Holmes and her favorite subiects include short- hand Gnd TYDIHQ: Pals are Barbara, MGFV, Myrtle, Mildred, and Cynthia, OSS ?gSLOl:i?gO"uLsf her favorite song, and ,Chr Smpgerja ion is Bless it ::::"ss.,.., To 90 To Dorothy Payne . . . "Moe," who has brown hair and blue eyes comes to us from Maple Grove. She was a majorette for three years and served on the Senior Rail and Regular Rail. Dort's favorite teacher is Mr. Sanders, and favorite subject is journalism. Mae's many talents are pole vaulting, knitting and sing- ing. Her hobbies are bowling, twirl- ing, and riding in Beeb's truck . . . and L. H. Belongs to Calico . . . S.S.S.R .... C.P.M, and L.A.R.R.Y. Biggest thrill was being Homecoming Attendant to the Queen. Ambition: To be a professional gar- bage collector with Beeb, Font, and Cash. Marian Ruth Pietro . . . "Pete" says her talents don't amount to much iwe know different.j Very good in school play "You Can't Take lt With You." Dancing and going to parties take up most of her spare time. Likes Pizza and spaghetti. Seen around with Harriett, Bernice, Beeb, Danna. Usual answer is "Tut-tut." Belongs to S.S.S.R .... C.F.P.M. . , . Calico. Favorite song . . . "Bell Bot- tom Bluesf' Marian says she's had no big thrills so far . . . but she's still hoping. Ambition: To keep smiling and al- ways have a lat of friends. Mildred Jean Powell . . . Mildred came to Jincoln from Guth- rie Center. Can always be seen with Jean Bullen, Barbara Lehman, Bev- erly Oliver, Mary Cooper, and Cyn- thia Keeley. Millie can always be heard saying "Heavens to Lucifer." Hobbies include horse back riding and writing to a pen pal. Belongs to Leaders Club, Gay Teens Club, J.C.C., O.B.D., O.Y.C., B.B,, B.B.S. Says her talents haven't been discov- ered yet. Very fond of "Stranger in Paradise." Mildred's biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To go to college and be- come a teacher. Sharon Irene Powell . . . "Just don't know what to tell you" is Sharon's answer to everything. Claims all her talents are hidden but her hobbies include a certain persons in the Service iWho Sharon???J and skating and sleeping. Miss Moroney tops her list of favorite teachers, and Home Ec. is her most loved subject. Pals around with Joan, Barb, and Darlene. Faithful member of H.P.M. and R.L.K. "Make Love to Me," is Sharon's favorite tune. Claims grad- uation will be her biggest thrill. Ambition: To join the service with Joan. Richard G. Quivey . . . Served on the Student Council. Says he has no special talents. Baseball takes up Dick's free time. Hails from Park Avenue and can be seen almost always with Tom Myers, Lan- ny Helton and Andy Kelly. Long time member of D.D.U.S.R. Favorite quotation is "Hog Wild." "Stranger In Paradise" is on the tap of Quiv's hit parade. Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Mr. Sanders seems to be his favorite teacher but auto mechanics is his favorite subject. Dick has brown hair and blue eyes and is in Homeroom 220. Ambition: To be happy the rest of my life. Terry Richardson . . . "Fat Man" comes to us from Maple Grove. Thinks everything is "Real Gone." Girls and pool take up most of Terry's spare time, Only talent is getting into trouble with Ed in auto mechanics. Member of D.D.LJ. . . . V.l.D.E.O. and P.B.S. Chums with Ed, C., Lloyd J., Albert K., and Jerry H. ln the ways of music he likes "Secret Love." Graduation will top his list of big thrills. Says Jack- son is his favorite teacher, and his- tory his favorite subject. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes. Ambition: To have lots of women and money. 1 Florentina Rivera . . . Biggest thrill was being picked cheer leader for A.L.H.S .... iMade a good one, too.j Lettered twice, Florie belongs to C.A.D., C.F.P.M., F.T.A., A.A.C. and P.U.P.O. Can always be seen with Moe, Sal, Mick, Donnie, Mag, Sandy, Sher, El, Bev and Mari- am. Tina's hobbies include dancing, singing and telling tales. Talents are tap dancing and eating. Served on Home Ec. Staff . . . F.T.A. Was secretary and treasurer of Sr. Chorus, Greenhorn . . . circulation manager. This cute little gal with the snappy brown eyes likes "Answer Me" as her top tune. Ambition: To better myself, be hop- py, and make many more friends. Richard Robert Robbins . . . Hails from Jefferson. Can always be seen with Dave, Clark, Felice and Bru. Says talents are hidden. Served on Senior Rail and Regular Rail. Very faithful to D.L.C .... N.O.C .... P,A,G. and Calico. Hobbies are sports of all kinds and meeting different girls . . . from each side of town, mostly the South. Rich likes all songs. Favorite subject is girls fwhich side of town??j Biggest thrill was going to California , . . and on o date with "Marilyn" Monroe?? Agnbition: Be a success in whatever o. Joan Diane Rogers . . . Joanie comes to Lincoln from Wash- ington . . . and is in Homeroom 239. She has brown hair and green eyes. Miss Lewis is her favorite teacher, and art is her favorite subject. Joan served on the Art Staff and Student Council. "I really don't want fo know" is her favorite song. Claims she hos no talents but her hobbies are drawing and talking. Joanie's biggest thrill will be graduation. Can always be seen around with Ruthy, Myrna and Colleen. Ambition: To be a success. Theodore Samuel Rosky . . . "Rosk" comes to us from Chicago. Quite an actor . . . leads in "Death Takes a Holiday," "Snafu," and The Christmas play. Member of Home- room ll8. Other talents include tell- ing jokes and kidding Miss Scanlan in English. Participated in tennis. Ted spends his spare time eating, sleeping and having fun. Very faith- ful to J.O.K.E.R.S. Pals around with Scotty, Brad, Dave, Bill, and thinks Stan Kenton's music is tops. Plav- ing in "Death Takes a Holiday" and graduation will top the list of Ted's big thrills. Ambition: To go to college, to be a success, and have money. Norma Jean Ryals . . . Norm hails from Washington. Can be heard say "So-ah-what's new? Was in "You Can't Take it With You" and on Office Staff two se- mesters. On Greenhorn, Regular, ond Senior Rail staffs . . . Treasurer of Student Council. Pals around with Rosie, Sue, Pink, Marianne. Rya- shall's talent is mixing' the WFOUQ thing at the wrong time in chemistry. Hobbies are swimming, ice skating, eating, and selling shares in cars, Norm is faithful to Tick Tack . . . S.S.S.R .,.. C.P.M .... Calico . Made a good representative to Girls State in l953. g Ambition: To be sole heiress of O pretzel plant, a pomegranate tree and "The Pizza House." Charles Howard Scott . . . "The quiet man" hails from Okla- homa. Tall, light, and handsome claims he has no talents but we know better. Scotty has done much for A.L.H.S. . . . as Vice President of the Senior Student Council. WOS elected President of the senior class and was in Homeroom l2O. Hobbies include science and sports. Charlie pals with Bathey, Van Ginkel, Gam- ble, Wheeler, and Clark. Scotty let- tered oncc in track and is av faithful member of Ph.D. His favorite songs are "Clair de Lune," "YOU Alone," and "Say You're Mine Again." You can always hear Charlie saying "That's for sure." Ambition: To get a good education. Donna Mac Scibarling . . . Donna has served as Treasurer of Student Council . . . Chorus . . . Rail Stall . . . Senior Rail Staff . . . Informal Committee. Pals around with Mick, Moc, Floric, Sal, Mag, Sandy and Shirl, Can always be heard saying "Hero we go again, Marilyn." Donnie is very faithful to Tick Tock, S.S., C.P.M., l,A.S.l., and G.O.C. Great talent is always say- ing thc wrong thing at thc wrong time and going without sleep. Hob- bies incluclc talking to Mick and try- ing to read minds. Top tune on her list ot favorite songs is "Blue Moon." Claims she is still waiting for her biggest thrill. Ambition: Travel, find the right guy, and always be happy. William H. Shadley . . . "Once in a While," is on the top of "Shad's" hit parade. Served on Sen- ior and Junior Student Councils . . . Greenhorn and Regular Rail Staffs. Pals around with Clark, Robbins, Lo- zier, Felice and Gink. Hobbies are eating, ice skating and working on his car. Bill claims he has abso- lutely no talents. Favorite quotation is "Simmer down." Says his biggest thrill is yet to come. Came to Lin- coln from Park Avenue and is ia homeroom 239. Bill, who has a sharp butch on his auburn hair is a nice guy but quiet until you get to know him! Ambition: To graduate from college. Marsha Jane Shepard . . . i'SheD" came from Waterloo in 8A. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. Claims she likes all of her teachers but chemistry is her favorite subject. l-ler limited talents are getting up late and singing in the bathtub, and her hobbies include Dick, ice skat- ing, and tennis. She belongs to Cal- ico and L.E.M.A.C. Her biggest thrill will be graduation. Can always be seen with Sally, Glenda, Fran, Mary, Janet, Sondra, and Donna. She served on the Office Staff one semester. Marsha's favorite songs are "Ebb Tide" and "Heart and Soul." Ambition: To be loved by one and liked by all, Marianne Doris Silcott . . . "Silly" has many talents such as picking peaches, cooking spaghetti, typing, and laughing . . . ifl'1lS IS talent?J l-ler hobbies include collect- ing pictures tof what??l . . . attend- ing wrestling meets . . . and nights out with the gals. Marnie is most faithful to the Tick Tocks, Calico, S.S.S.R. and C.P.M. Sillycott is one ot the talented members of Home- room 39. Was in Sextet, Junior and Senior Chorus. Marianne's usual comment is "So what's new?" Pals with DOFT, Marylyn, Judy, Shirley, Norm. "Sil" rates "Foolish Heart" as her-favorite song and claims graduotion as her biggest thrill. Ambition: Attend college, live, love . . . and always be happy. Norma Jean Six . . . Biggest thrill for-"Imp" will be grad- uation. Spends all her spare time collecting hillbilly records and being with Dick. Claims talents are hid- den. Norma likes all western and hillbilly music. Says she likes all her teachers and subjects . . . tmust have been a good little girl???J Be- lOHQs to Y-Teen, Calico, 4 J.O.K.- E.R.S. and lJ.R.A.T.T.C. "Shorty" can always be seen with Mary, Rose, Nancy, and, of course, Dick. ' Ambition: To marry a certain some- one . . . and always be happy. George William Sloan . . . George comes from St. Anthonys . . . and can always be seen with Jack Slater and Larry Mitchel. His hobby is being a good boy ldaes that take a lot of time?J Claims his talents are toolnumerous to mention but has no specialty. George's favorite songs are "Wanted" and "No Tear Drops Tonight." His biggest thrill was go- ing overseas. George has brown hair and blue eyes . . . and says that Mr. Morgenthaler is his favorite teacher, and mechanical drawing is his favor- ite subiect. Ambition: To be a Naval officer. Howard E. Smith . . . "The Ankeny Kid" says he has no talents and rates history as his fa- vorite subiect and Miss Farley his favorite teacher. Usual comment "That's the way the Ball Bouncesf' Hobbies include Ann, square dancing, and Ann. Received a letter in foot- ball at Ankeny. Howard's most loved tunes are "Till I VValtz Again With You" and "Slowly." Howard can al- ways be seen with Dave Norris. Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To become a farmer. Phil Spaulding . . . School plays . . . chorus . . . and glee club take up most of Phil's spare time. This talented gu can sing, dance and act. Pals with lim Kautzky and Weber. Doll's usual comment is "Oh brother . . . slip it to me easy, l'm one of the boys." Most loved songs are "Because You- 're Mine" and "Be My Love." .lust won't tell his biggest thrill??? Philo is a member of Teen Club, Calico and G.0.0.F. Blondie's big hobby is working on cars and driving them. iDo they run, Phil????i Ambition: To be a very successful businessman. Jerry Stevenson . . . "Swede" can be seen with Bill Mc- Kibben and Ronnie Copley. Says his biggest thrill will be graduation. Hob- bies include women . . . music and . . . women. Very faithful to Cal- ico, B.D.C. and P.P.W. We know Jerry is around when we hear "What'll you have??" This guy with the pretty blond hair and blue eyes claims he has no talents . . . says Mr. Jackson is his favorite teacher . . . and his favorite song . , . "Be- gin the Beguine." Swell guy . . . always a smile. Pals with Ken Car- ter in Journalism. Ambition: To make a fortune. Nancy Stitel . . . Red hair and blue eyes describes Nancy...Belle. She came to Lin- coln from Maple Grove. Can always be seen with Ardys, Sondra, Shirley, and Donna. Nanny's favorite song is "Why Don't You Believe Me." Talents are toe dancing, eating spa- ghetti and racing Mr. Jackson to the cafeteria, "Red's" hobbies include eating, sleeping, Larry, swimming and Larry. She belongs to Tick Tock . . . S.S.S.R .... C.P.M. . . . L.A.R.R,Y., Calico and l,G.A.R. Made a cute majorette for two years. Served on Greenhorn, Regular and Senior Rail staffs. Nan's biggest thrill was receiving her ring from L. B. Ambition: To rnarry Larry and al- ways be happy. Nina L. Terry . . . Nina came to Lincoln from De Soto, Iowa. Rates Mr. Cox as her favor- ite teacher, and her favorite subject is Bob fNew subject???l. "Blondie's" talent is writing letters to Bob. Hob- bies are Bob, roller skating, Bob, movies, and Bob. Can always be seen with Joy, Bev, and Caroline. Favorite quotation is "Killjoy." Nina says her biggest thrill hasn't hap- pened as yet. Ambition: To be successful and to meet my dream man. Mary Jo Thompson . . . "Jerry" came to us from Nebraska City. ls very active in sports. Hob- bies are basketball, swimming, ice skating, and bowling. Has been ac- tive in Band . . . Sec. Staff . . . Of- fice Staff and as a life guard. This busy little gal chums with Dolly, Mary Ellen, Ruth, Mary Lou, Mary Alice, Shirley, Marilyn, Georgie and lrene, Jo is very faithful to , . . S.T.T.T.H.S., N.E.C., T.F.M.S.L., The Big Ten, and M.F.P.P. Her favorite song is "Heart of My Heart." Jo Jo's biggest thrill was attending Kemper Military Ball. Ambition: To graduate from college and have many friends. Frank Charles Tilotta . . . Frank hails from Maple Grove. Lists his favorite teachers as Mr. Sanders and Mr. Ator, and his favorite sub- iect as Journalism, ls a proud mem- ber of Service Room ll8, Was sports editor of the Regular Rail. Frank's hobbies are weight lifting, hunting, and listening to Notre Dame win all its football games. Belongs to S.S.S,S. and D.F.A. Biggest thrill will be graduation. Frankie, who plays the accordion like a whiz, nas black hair and brown eyes. Can always be seen with Bob and Ralph. Every once in a while you can hear him say "Lucky Joe DiMaggio." Favor- ite song is "Cross Over the Bridge." Ambition: To go to Notre Dame and . . . become a professional accor- dionist. Georgia Tilton . . . "Gee" claims her biggest thrill will be graduation, Talents are getting into trouble. A very faithful mem- ber of S.J.J.T.H.S., N.E.C., M.F.P.P., T.F.M., S.L. ls one of The Big Ten. Tilt served on Student Council and Senior Banquet Committee . . . and columnist on Rail. "Porge's favor- ite tune is "Cross Over the Bridge." Hobbies include games . . . Louie . . dancing . . . Louie . . . play- ing basketball and taking walks... lwho with, Gorgie???l. Ambition: To have fun and be liked by all. Mary Lou Vance . . . Mary Lou came to Lincoln from Maple Grove. She was chosen Sec- retary of the Senior Class and was a member of Junior and Senior Stu- dent Council. Snuffles was Sec. of Homeroom IO3 . . . Sec. Staff . . . "Vance" pals with lrene, Merilyn, Mary Jo, Mary Alice, Mary Ellen, Diane, Ruth, Georgia and Shirley. Mary Lou claims all her talents are hidden . . . We know better!! Her hobbies include basketball, singing, sleeping and eating. A very faith- ful member of N.D.C, S.T.T.T.H.S., M.F.P.P. and T.F.M.S.L. Lists her biggest thrill as graduation, Ambition: To be successful. Jack Van Ginkel . . . Brown hair, green eyes, and a swell personality can only describe "Van." Jack came from Howe and says his favorite subject is journalism . . . tops for teachers . . . Sanders. Ginkles can be seen with Wheeler, Clark, and Scotty. Gink was elected Vice Pres. of the Senior Class and was sports editor of the Senior and Regular Rail . . . also served in Homeroom l2O for two semesters. Hunting and fishing are Van's hob- bies and he has lettered three times in track. Jack's biggest thrill was setting a new football throw record in track. Ambition: Be a plumber with Pee Wee . . , and stay off Uncle Sam's payroll. Bernice Faye Wallace Lavorato . . . "Be" was in sextet six semesters, and in Sr. Student Council two semesters. She is one of the talented members of room 39. Came to Lincoln from Park Avenue. Pals with Harriett, Donna, Lerrine, and Marion. Chorus is her favorite subject. Hobbies in- clude . . . Louie, dancing, Louie, eating and sleeping. Talents are hidden. A member of C.F.P.M .... S.S.S.R .... M.M.N.V.A .... and L.D.L. Her favorite songs are "Ten- derly" and "Anytime." Says she let- tered in hopscotch and in tiddly- winks. Claims her biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To go to Hawaii with Louie , . . and own a powder blue Cadillac. Larry Wheeler . . . Brown hair and brown eyes can only describes "Pee Wee," who came to Lincoln . . . from McKinley. He is a member of Homeroom 239. Larry's favorite teacher is Miss Lewis, and crafts is his favorite subject. "Pee Wee" pals with Jack Van Ginkel, Dale Clark and Charles Scott. His talents are too many to mention, and his hobbies are baseball, football, and fishing for mermaids up in Min- nesota, Larry has received two let- ters in baseball and one in football. His biggest thrill is yet to come, Arnbltlnn: To be a plumber with Van. Ginkel. Joy Wilson . . . "Joy in a bottle" came to Lincoln from Garden, California. Lists her favorite teacher as Mr. Sanders, and her favorite subject is sewing. .lay pals around with Nina Terry and Rheta James. Sewing is her great talent and her hobbies include Frank . . . sailors . . . and writing tc- Frank. She is a member of C.S.O.C, and P.L.I.N,C. l-ler biggest thrill will be going back to California and being with Frank again!! Joy's fa- vorite quotation is "That would be the size." "Till Then," "Green Eyes" and "Tell Me Why" are her most loved songs. Ambition: To graduate and go back to California and have a happy lite. George Henry Wolfe . . . Brown hair and blue eyes can only describe George who came to us from Howe. He was a member of Service Homeroom l2O. He was also Chief Justice of Student Council . . . George's talents include fixing cars and loafing. His hobbies are eating . , . girls . ., parties . . . sleep- ing . . . cars . . . and skating. He is a faithful member of C.C.C.C. and Gay Teens, He has received two letters in football. George pals around with Tony B., Bob G., Darrel R., Fred K., and his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: Go to college, get money, be successful, and get married. Larry Frederick Wolff . . . Blue eyes and brown hair can only describe Tinker who came to Lincoln from West Des Moines. Tinker's hobby is Harriett. Says his talents are hidden. He is a faithful mem- ber ot S.P.C. and C.F.P.W. Mr. Jacks son is his favorite teacher and com- mercial low his favorite subject. Lar- ry pals around with Harriett, Bill M., Dale M., Jim T., and Bill M. He was a member of the stage crew. Tinker's favorite quotation is "Let's get out of here," and his favorite song is "You Belong to Me." Ambition: To get married and raise five kids. August Graduates Jeannie Anne Edwards . . . "Red" came to Lincoln from Warren Harding. Her many talents include playing marbles with Lauana . . . eating . . . a certain someone . . . dancing and eating. She is a faith- ful member of J,E.R.K.S., G.T.C,C., 'Ll.J,A,J.A.E, Sharty's favorite teacher is Mr. Sanders, and her favorite sub- ject is journalism. She pals around with Lauana, Shirley, Donna, Sharon, and Jo Ann. Jeannie's biggest thrill will be graduation. Her favorite songs are "Steel Guitar Chimes" and "Love Letters in the Sand." Ambition: To graduate and be hap- py-go-lucky. Robert Eshelman . . . Hunting and fishing take up most of Bob's spare time. Mr. Stone tops his Jist of favorite teachers . . . Wood- shop is his favorite subject. Can always be seen with Paul, Larry, Jim, Dwayne. "Yukon Bob" hails from Washington , , . has brown hair, and eyes of blue. Main talent is making walnut desks . . . favorite songs are "Dear John" and "Crying in the Chapel." Claims his biggest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: Join the Navy, sail the seas. Joan Lea Losee . . . . Commercial geography and Miss Mo- roney are her favorite subject and teacher. Toots has brown hair and blue eyes. A member of Home- room 220. Came to Lincoln from McKinley. Pals with Barbara, Pat, Sharon, and Darlene.. "Cross Over the Bridge" and "You All Come," are her favorite songs. Hobbies are Clayton, skating, and sleeping. Be- longs to C.L.S. but her talents are all hidden. Graduation and Clayton are her biggest thrills. Can often he heard saying "Oh well." Ambition: To join the service with Sharon. Anna L. Martinez . . . Anita hails from St. Anthonys, MC- Kinley and Homeroom ll9. Says her favorite subjects are bookkeeping and Spanish. Claims her biggest thrill is yet to come. Says her tol- ents haven't been discovered yei. Her top song is "Rags to Riches." Can often be heard saying "Heavens above." Pals around with Mary . Ernestine and Frances. Brown hair and brown eyes describes Anna who belongs to the H.S.C., C.I.A., C,F.G., O.B.D., O.Y.C. and B.B. Ambition: To be a success and Ol- ways have many friends. Dorothy Anne Fisher . . . Came to Lincoln from Stowe. Has blonde hair and brown eyes. Claims Mr. Sanders is her favorite teacher and Journalism is her favorite sub- iect. Can always be seen with Betty and Lois. Dot says she has no spe- cial talents. "To Be Alone" tops her list of favorite songs. Hobbies include skating, boys, games and more boys. Dorothy claims her big- gest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be successful in what- ever l do. Mary Margaret Johnson . . . A faithful member of Calico . . . C.F.P.M ..., S.S.S.R. and B.D.G. Can always be seen with Dart, Judy, Lerrine, Donna, Marilyn, and Marion. Beeb has many talents??? such as playing the fiddle . . . canning oys- ters . . . and her hobbies are riding camels and elephants . . . tBusy girllll Mary's favorite quotation is "Heck, yes" . . . and "Bell Bottom Blues" tops her Hit Parade. Claims she has had no big thrills. iWe won- der????l Ambition: To be a professional gar- bage collector with Dort and Cash. Walter Edward Johnson . . . Hails from St. Anthonys . . . Rates Mr. Sanders as his favorite teacher and Journalism as his favorite sub- ject. Black hair and brown eyes de- scribes "Toad." Pals around with "The Gang." "Love Me Again" is on the top of his Hit Parade. Walt was on Advertising in Journalism where he could usually be seen with Bill Montray. Claims he has no tal- ents. Very faithful member of Cal- ico. Seems to have only one hobby . . . a certain gal on the East side of town. Says his biggest thrill was his first paid vacation. Ambition: To retire young. Joan Willett . . . "Jody" who has auburn hair and brown eyes . . . ca-me to Lincoln from Webster. Her talents are talking and basketball. Hobbies include eating, sleeping and reading. Red says her favorite teachers are Mr. Sanders. .. Miss Mitchell. Typing and English top her list of favorite subjects. Can always be seen around with Bev, Kay, Bonnie, Sharon and Josie. Red is a member of P.D.Q. and S.l.T. "Jody's" biggest thrill will be becom- ing an airline stewardess. Ambition: To be an airline stew- ardess. Fred R. Reyes . . . Fred came to Lincoln from Park Ave- nue, Classes salesmanship as his favorite subject, and Mr. Jackson-his favorite teacher. Hunting and fish- ing and cat'n around take up most of Fred's spare time. Can always be seen with Norman Allen, Darrell Riggle, and Clair Strohn. Claims he has no talents twe wonder????J Fred has brown hair'and brown eyes and is in Homeroom 220. Says his big- gest thrill is yet to come. Ambition: To be a success. Oro Shelton . . . "Shorty" came to us in llA from Russell . . . and is now a member of Homeroom 239. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Claims she has no talents. Lists Miss Moroney as her favorite teacher, and Home Econom- ics her favorite subject. Ora has served on Home Ec. Staff. Says her biggest thrill is yet to come. The top tunes of "Shorty's" Hit Parade are "Hello, Operator" and "Secret Love." Can always be seen with Shirley Fuller. Ambition: To be a success. David Stevens . . . Dave hails from Park Avenue . . .. can always be seen with Larry Kell- ner. Talents . . . tooling around with his car and is a faithful mem- ber of DeMalay, S.K.K. and Y.M.C.A. His favorite songs . . . "Secret Love" and "Dirty Boogie." Dave's biggest thrill was going to Riverview in De- cember! fWas it chilly Dave???l . .. Hobbies include cars, Sheila, loafing, and Sheila. Ambition: To be a successful busi- nessman and have a car for every day of the week and two on Sunday. We, the senior graduating class Jf June, l954, bringing to a close our school life in Lincoln, do make, publish, and declare the following as our last will and testament, that is to say: We hereby will the following: Dick Adamson wills the errors he has made to Kent Folsom so that he may profit from them. Norman Allen leaves his gas can to someone else who has the habit of running out. Sue Allen leaves everything she didn't take to Bernice Ar- rowood. Marilyn Attig wills her emo- tional acting ability to YOUNG John Zahn. Barbara Barnett leaves all the good times of l2th grade to Carol Nelson and Shiela Davis. Bill Barrett leaves his re- served parking place to Richard Crane. Bradley Bathey wills the chlorine gas in chemistry to his brother. To his brother, John, Anthony Bellizzi wills the hydrogen sulphide in Mr. Stone's chemistry class. Shirley Bradshaw wills a certain stand- ing place by her locker to Karen Beat- tie. To Bev Howlett goes Nancy Bris- tow's place on the secretarial staff. Joyce Brokaw wills all of the fun in the chemistry lab to Helen Fillman. Mary Lou Brubaker wills her ability to write letters seven times a week to Sue Michel. Ruth Burress leaves her talent for writ- ing l?l poems l?J to Miss Moroney, Florence Burrier leaves everything to Glenda. Sally Byrnes wills to her sister, Sharon, all the fun she has had at Lin- coln. Sharon Cain wills all her troubles to Shirley Howard. Bob Canny leaves his trusty 3X8 drawing pencil to Larry Hel- denbrand. Ken Carter wills to Larry Douglas his ability to get an "l" in crafts. Marilyn Cash leaves all her gym days and her ability to do push-ups to Vella Ogle. Josephine Cipale wills her favorite teacher, Miss Moroney, to some- one who can handle her with care. Dale Clark leaves his ability to shock Miss Holmes to his sister in 7B. Roger Con- rath wills his locker to the rest of his brothers and sisters. Mary Cooper leaves to her sister, Sharon, all her fun at Lin- coln. To Jim Thompson goes Ronnie Copley's dirty sweat sacks. Ardys Cor- nell wills her ability to gripe all the time to anyone who can do it as well. Mary Cox leaves her locker to anyone who will be lucky enough to get all at their things in it. Charlie Cross wills to Tom Cross all of his good times with Mr. Stone CRockl. To Karen, her sister, Myrtle Cutler leaves all her locker troubles. Mary Rose Dethrow leaves to Barbara Aller her ability to explain and become confused. Glenda Dickey wills her abil- ity to get library fines to Dix. Merilyn Dobbins wills her ability to get along with Sanders to her sister. Diane Dressler leaves to Judy Gering her place in sextet. Jeannie Edwards leaves her friendship with Mr. Cox to Shirley Howard. Bob Eshelman leaves to Paul Funk the back seat in Mr. Cox's History class. Shirley Exferd leaves to Beverly Exferd all the good times she never had while at Lin- coin, Frances Favaro just leaves. Dick Fe- lice leaves all the arguments in Journal- ism to Woody. Dick Fazio wills all his troubles to anyone that wants them. Dor- othy Fisher leaves to Betty Veach and Lois Wright the good times she has had in l2th grade. Janet Flatt wills to Donna Thomas, Sondra Anderson, and Shirley Gillaspy her ability to try to make it to home room on time. Judy Fontanini wills to Moline Wyckoff all of Miss Holmes' history tests. Jean Freel wills to Helen Samuelson her ability to swipe, borrow, and take car checks. Senior Class Will Bob Gamble leaves all of his girls to Dwight Carter. To Lerrine and Bernice go all of Donna Hampshire's troubles. Ralph Hartley leaves his brains to Robert Jackson. Judy Harvey leaves to Judy Moftitt her ability to embarrass Ruthie. Shirley Hawbaker wills her history notes and tests to Myrna. Frances Heathcote leaves her rusty pen and 8:00 o'clock typing pass to the Cuevas twins and Mary. Sondra Heckman leaves locker T6 in the girls' gym to Sue Skinner and Karen Kennedy. Lanny Helton leaves his good attitude toward school to his nephews and nieces coming to Lincoln in the for future. Paulo Henry wills to Judith Farrell her ability to get along with the teachers. Jerry Higgins passes on his ability to get Ator to do all his work in wood shops to Jerry Bristle. Bill Highland leaves his math knowledge to anyone who wants it. Mary Ellen Jennings passes on her well-known ability to get lectures in the back-room of a certain library to just anyone who thinks he can get along with the lecturer. Margaret Jensen wills her session with Sue and Rose at Younkers to anyone with the courage to take it. lrene Johnson leaves her ability to act l?l in any of Miss Riggs' plays to anyone who is brave enough to accept them. Marv Johnson wills her ability to have fun to Rose Edwards. Walter Johnson leaves to Bob Russell all of his share of Miss Holmes' history tests. Lloyd Joss wills his mechanical drawing board to Don Thomson. Launa Kaili leaves to Glenda Hickman her messy locker. Jim Kautzky passes on all his trouble with his "4l Ford" to Larry Barry. Cynthia Keeley leaves all her fun in chorus to Carol DeLeon. An- drew Kelly wills his robe to Kenny Thomas. Carolyn King leaves her rusty shorthand pen to Marilyn Cozad. To Lerinne Statler and Guyla Wallace go Harriett Knotts' many funs at AL.HS. Fred Koester pushes all his troubles, wor- ries, financial problems and adventure with girls off on his brother, Jim. Caroline Large wills her cluttered lock- er to anyone with the ability to close it while full. Bernice Lavorato wills all the trouble she gat into with Miss Anderson to Guyla Wallace and Sherry Pennington. To any unfortunate person goes Barbara Lehman's locker. Barbara Lett wills to Darlene Ballard all the good times she had in gym and at the Green Lantern. Dave Little leaves all his strength and stamina to Anthony Palladino. Sally Lloyd gives to Shirley Howard all her Jerry troubles with HER Jerry. Bob Lof- fredo wills all his good times with Mr. Stone and H, R. ll8 to his brother, Carl. Mary Ann Long leaves 'all her fun at Lincoln to her little brother who will be here in September. To Linda Wood, Nora Lee Myers, and Donna Carzoli gc all La Donna Longden's fun at Lincoln. Joan Losee wills to Pat and Darlene all of the fun she had at Lincoln and at the Green Lantern. One vacancy on the swimming team goes to Bob Dean from Bill Lozier. John Luberto wills his place in front of Mr. Beasley's office to Clair Strohn. Bill Marshall leaves his bunk down at the Bethel Mission to Beef Miller. To Sally Hall from Marie Martz goes Mabel and all the trouble that comes with it. Anna Martinez wills her locker keys to whoever can find them. Arlie McAdoo wills to Shari Beth all the fun he has had at Lincoln. Marty McCarthy leaves all his tardies to his brother. To Butch Freeman goes Dave McKinney's driving ability with his jeep. Bill McKibben wills all his pictures of Marilyn Monroe On his locker door to his brother, BarrY- From Shari Miller to NonCY KOIPSVQ and Bev Fatino go all the work and fun she has had at ALHS. Anita MlfCl'16ll leaves her lab desk in chemistl'Y to Geneva Mason. Bill Montroy wills all his nicknames to any sucker Wl'1O wants them. Dale Moore wills all his tests he didn't make up in auto mechanics to Ted Lacher. Judy Moses leaves all her debits and credits in bookkeeping class to Don- na Brown and Patty John. To Patty Hyde goes Tom Myers' sweet and quiet dispo- sition. Beverly Oliver wills her ability to carry her shorthand book home levery nightl to Gloria Wignall. To Lerrine Statler goes Dorothy Payne's ability to get the biggest dish of spaghetti in sec- ond lunch hour. Marian Pietro leaves all her good times at Lincoln to Bernice Arrowood. Mildred Powell leaves to Jean Bullen her ability to lose locker keys. To Darlene Ballard goes Sharon Powell's seat in Moroney's room. Dick Quivey wills his future teacher seat in Miss Holmes' class to anyone who wants it. Fred Reyes leaves his chorus troubles to anybody who thinks he can put up with them. Terry Richardson wills all his good luck with the teachers to Jack Richardson. Florie Rivera leaves her toe dancing talents to her sister, Rose. To Bob Winters go all of Rich Robbins' good-looking girls. Joan Rogers leaves all her nights of studying to Ruthy. To his lucky brother, Greg, go Ted Rosky's walk and energy. Norma Ryals wills her ability to get a sun burn in the mid- dle of winter to Rose Edwards and Sue Michel. Charles Scott wills his smelly locker to anyone who thinks he can take good care of it. Donna Seiberling wills her ability to make love to Darrell Riggle in history to Ellyn Cornelison. Larry Kell- ner inherits Bill Shadley's hook in the boys dressing room. Ora Shelton leaves all -the good times she has had at Lincoln to Donna Thomas. Marianne Silcott leaves her ability to be late to chorus every day to Joyce Alexander. Norma Six wills her look of innocence to Nancy Harper. To everybody at Lincoln go best regards from George Sloan. Howard Smith wills his "discussions" with Miss Farley to David Norris. To Gene Web- ber go all of Phil Spaulding's backstage romances. David Stevens passes on all of his used car worries to Larry Kellner. Jerry Stevenson leaves his ability to jump when Marshall and Beef are around to Larry Goode. Nancy Stifel wills all her many funs at Lincoln to Jerry Brown. Nina Terry leaves her good grades and brains in bookkeeping to Bernice Ar- rowood and Bette Lou Barrett. Mary JO Thompson wills to her brother, Mike, as much fun in ALHS as she has had. John Zahn and Larry Colo inherit all of Frank Tilotta's Notre Dame arguments. Georgia Tilton leaves her ability to get into trou- ble to Deanna Hamling. Mary Lou Vance leaves all her hours of shorthand to anyone strong enough to take it. Jack Van Ginkle wills his old beat-up track shoes to any cinderman with big enough feet to fill them. From Joy Wilson to Phyllis O'Neal gO all the "cute guys" in California. Larry Wheeler wills his dirty locker to whoever wants to clean it out. George Wolfe leaves all his power to get gi,-l-f,-iends 'rg Darrell Riggle. Jim Thompson inherits all of Larry Wolff's troubles at School, Joan Willett wills all her troubles with Miss Selby in history class to Beyerly Caponiglro. AARON C. HUTCHENS Principal Lincoln High Administration June, 1954 IRIS ANDERSON Girls' Adviser WALTER B. BESLEY Vice Principal Lincoln High Faculty FACULTY--Firsf Row Amr, Woods, Gralnau, Cllngman, Sanders, Second Row: R, Wnlson, Lorgent, Snlffer, Adamson, Wells, W1ll.OmS 1,7 FACULTY-First Row: Opel, Suffer, Burton, Blakley, Selby, Hclr, Strlebyi Second Row: Engle, Farley, M, Johnson, Chafman, Holmes Klrkoff ffxCEV'llfk' Third Row: Frtzsvmrnons Jackson, Stone, Cox, Berry, Eesley, Jones, McMains, W. Wxlson, Pos. -22.- Jo Ufnqlisrn Q02 P R2fxXsQYxt Journali m Staff MR. SANDERS, Advisor Dick Felice Paula Henry Brad Bathey Margaret Jensen Sally Byrnes Mary Lou Brubaker Marilyn Attig Editor Makeup Photographer Inserts Sketches Sketches Sketches Jock Van Ginkel Mary Jennings Georgia Tilton Diane Dressler Marianne Silcott Norma Ryals Dorothy Payne Sports Advertising Advertising Circulation Picture Page Picture Page Picture Page Shirley Bradshaw Rich Robbins Ruth Burress Sondra l-leckmcin Donna Seiberling Mary Detrow Dale Clark Organizations Finance Highlights Class Will Class Will Glossies Newspaper Editor JOURNALISM 2-First Row: Quivey, Barrett, Tilton, Kaili, Dressler, Henry, Burress, Bradshaw, Shadleyg Second Row: Johnson, Flatt, Attig, Brubaker, Byrnes, Rivera, Brokaw, Bathey, Third Row: Jenn.ngs, Ryals, r-leckrnan, Stifel, Jensen, Silcott, Clark, Robbins, -24-- Stud nt Governm nt n ' , w f- V-My, 0:1 "-Maki Q f Qin, Zz 5 K Y' ,a W '47 EK ,M Us 171 1,5 , 7, P 7 + Senior and Junior Student Councils MR. POS, Senior, ond MRS. ROBBINS, Junior, Advisors Q 9 SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL-First Row: Pieart, Fredricks, Keanw, Wesfon, Scott, Quivey, Kocsfer, Clark, Second Row: Wolfinger, Brown, Robcits, Crouch, Spooner, Hamilton, Affig, Cross, Flaugh, Felice, Zolfin, Wheolly, Barreltj Third Row: Tully, Henry, Babb, Slcioni, Jennings, Cozad, Jungmon, Michel, Bliquez, Mehorry, Thomas, Fourth Row: Doncllinger, Cole, Clark, Parks, Ingle, Jewel, Millis, Scilvcrling. Henry, Brubaker. JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL-Firsf Row: Fedro, Dovis, l-lever, Ruoerto, Malfnews, Ogren, Cowie, Shoning, Woods, Second Row Brown, Michoelson, Siafler, Breeders, Thompson, Allen, Caskey, Weaver, Filzsimmons, Bosworth, Ward, Rosky, Cackler, Nessen Third Row: Wilson, Penland Davis, Lockhart, Henry, Winters, Holden, Gaylord, Moon, Myers, Owen, Forrell, Newton, Fourth Row DeBolT, Butler, Huff, Luicla, Shaffer, Koclriheiser, Crane, Ellfrifz, Mueller, Pound, Byg, King, Zika. -2 6... Dramatics Music S nior and Junior Choruses MRS. MAPEL, Director 521 T-7 Wg, , ,f SENIOR CHORUS-First Row: DeL,eon, Andreono, Coponiqro, Riley, J. Gering, Rivera, Howlett, Skelton, Townsend, Knotts, Austin, Second Row: Kung, Cosacle, Winoert, Abrahamsan, Murphy, Robinson, Wallace, Sherman, Shoemaker, Fender, Pietro, Hampshire, Third Row: Anderson, Consolver, Corneilson, Brewer, Mott, Bequicth, Milligan, Ratfensberger, Millis, Keeley, Collins, Freelp Fourth row. Silcott, Russell, Spaulding, l-lighlanrl, Skinner, Wolfinger, Bierma, B. King, F. Gering, Alexander, Brown, Fifth Row: Gamble, Folsom, Reyes, Ruston, Koestcr, Olson, Rigqle, Maxwell, Rose, Mchleoly, Veach. ,. " , QE .,., Q '39, tit, ggi Q 2 1 2 X ,:.,s eo r S , f is F . ,rvi i"' , r - F- , ,, .sv , , A, ,V 1 , , VK . F. f , I. V ,, " V M Z .,, f , b wi 5 , , JUNIOR CHORUS-First Row: Wier, Cackler, Zogg, Ballard, Field, Parsons, Cnvaro, Goylord, CC"'l"W, Weaver, Allen, Second Row Lee, Lockhart, Hayden, Lash, Moon, l-lyrle, Cox, Frederick, Gnder, Olson, Third Row: vLeih, Wilson, Fisher, Magnani, Agkgriund Beckman, Byg, Field, Mould, Holden, Parker, Fourth Row: l-larner, Wood, Mazza, LGQQITT, FV0f'llSl'f1, Alello, Norris, 5-lerman Stone Wheeler, Sellirigcrf Fifth Row: Dei-stlcr Conrath, Johnson, Highland, Dare, Knight, Elifritz, Wood, Stewart, Fisher, ' S nior Boys and Girls Glee Clu MRS. MAPEL, Director Rt? GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-First Row: Holden, Moon, Lockhart, Hyde, Benson, Blazevich, Thomas, Second Row: Halsted, Magnani, Gaylord, Davis, Byg, Ackerlancl, Knotts, Third Row: Ballard, Thompson, Guile, Comito, Cooper, Nowerls, Casner, Fourth Row: Henry, Barber, Beckman, Zahn, Cox, Pultz, Morris, Sherwood. BOYS' GLEE CLUB-First Row: Veach, Highland, Gamble, Riley, Folsom, Spaulding, Russell, Second Row: Hall, Bainter, King, Max- well, Burris, Wolfinger, Rose, Skinner, Third Row: McNeely, Biermo, Olson, Rlggle, Ruston, Koester, Dutton. qv L E 54 tx O .9 nh 2 o 1 .: .- .. 3 o H- hi QU P- E I C, .Q Q 52 Ur E E L fi 3 o cz 1: : o 0 cu V? 6 c w U o. P- .C 4. o ... o D U C U J 1' J U E o 2 fn :C m E .c V1 515 L u 'U an C : .1 .2 o. 1 o Z VY m 5 QI az L .2 3 C O E . o LL IA. C an y 2 S C C up .. 2 m .E LD +2 .. O I Ta ff 4- an C un C cu GJ 3 O W. U C 0 L .E cz S o M dr VI .t T D Z 4 na lc U c Q. cn D K Eg E AZ .D 5 O IE x01 CE al LU nn ur Z IX CD LGI J 5 E TJ M CC o I E o I ua .C U 3: C. 0 ..- x CJ .. cn , .C ,+- 2 , -E CDLD +- va Ol U C -2 .C Ls me 53' 35 Em U1 C XS C C go .C OU J Nxca 3: CU 54-5. O Qu- vm Jn -GJ 3 4.9 Z' C 5 2513 E. C U E E o I Z6 C. .l: I-O ,Xu U GJ 7,5 U QU -.O IDN O OU CC S , : o S E E. O O I N-4 36 W.. go -4- an rn LQ! Q2 C 3 O .E X Ln G vftk so C P6 cu 3,32 .Q Za: Cx GJD cn Staffs Q Secretarial and Library Staff MRS. WELLS, MISS SUTTER, ond MISS HOLT, Advisors SECRETARIAL STAFF-Standing: Mrs. Wells, Vance, Musclmon, Mills, Bristow, Miss Sutter, Seated: White, Howlett, Skelton, Colo. QJBRARY STAFF-Standing: Miss Holt, Dressler, Jennings, Robinson, Hamilton, Loisell, Morgon, IHQIGZ Seated: Davis, Beckman, Nrighl, Glenn. ..34... Office and Art Staff MRS. SHIFFER and MISS LEWIS, Advisors OFFICE STAFF--Standing: Miss Adamson, Mrs. Shifter, Miss Largent, Moffit, Moore, Lonrman, Raffensberger, Green, Thompson Spoonhaltz, A, Harper, Spooner, Christian, Wood, Beattie, Myers, Dethrowg Seated: N. Harper, Aller. ART STAFF-Standing: Vanderbilt, Wilbur, Ward, Barnett, Cannyg Seated: Sterzing Stefani, Kaiii, Fotino, Nelson. -35-.. Nurse and Ham making Staff M335 DUNKLEBERG and MISS MORONEY, Advisors NURSE'S STAFF-Standing: Miss Dankcltfcrg, Lamm, Hammond, Schaff, Stevens, Maldonado, Hallg Seated: Proper, BFOWH, Bullen, NIU711, Iic1v'.Cw KBHy, e i X gqgf ,wa 2 as A I HOMEMAKING STAFF-Seated: Cmme Lawrence, Hcmlmg, Conn, Rwerag Second Row: Clpale, Barrier, UOSTIIOI 5fCIhdin9I C059 Shelter FaUer Pre-eN' Not Pictured: Vecch Vkfycoff. --36,. Future T achers Gm L aders Club MR. STONE, MISS EBERS and MRS. WILSON, Advisors FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION-First Row: l-lamilton, King, Rivera, l-leckman, Mr. Stone, Campbell, Funk, Maxwell, Skinner, Hammond, Second Row: Cutter, Bingamon, Crook, Keeley, Rolland, Ward, Johnson, Rogers, Heatl'1cote,Comito, LEADERS CLUB AND GYM STAFF-First Row: Miss Ebers, Mrs, Wilson, Wheatly, Newbury, Favaro, Dressler, Turner, McAuly, Green Burns, Second Row: Fontanini, Brightwell, Hiatt, Cutler, Longerbone, Wing, Samuelson, Smith, Show, Stevens, Third Row: Green l-layner, John Jennings, Roberts, Disalvo, Milligan, Pendry, Powell, Hayes. Radio and Engli h 8 Group MR. POS ond MISS SCANLON, Advisors 5 RADIO-Standing: Frcflrickg, Rank, Montroy, Mckilvlncn, Helton, Allen, Rosky, Crouch, Gering, Bicrmo, Flott, Miller, Fisher, Cross, Marti, Corwonigro, Scofcd: Myers. ENGLISH B-First Row: Smith, Kcllner Slnodley, KQQI Green Henrx Ryols, Allen, Willett Powell, Shelton, ey, C Third utter, Miss Scanlon, Rosky, Gering, Webber, Second Row: Moffitt, Row: Kenton, Stevens, Lozier, Conny, Bothey, Gomble, Scott, Kelly X. ,M Harvey, , Myers. if ' - A T ' if Hom oom 39 - 118 - 120 MRS. MAPEL, MR. STONE and MR. BERRY, Advisors HOME ROOM 39-First Row: Wallace, Dressler, Reilly, Gering, De Leon, Second Row: Austin, Silcott, King, Corneilson, Howlett Third Row: Highland, Wolfinger, Skinner, Veach, Fourth Row: Koester, Bierma, King, Olson. ' f47,f,,,:,.f,, ., 7 r Xffff if 2 HOME ROOM 'IIB-'I20-First Row: Colo, Moon, Miller, Bellizzi, Hammond, Conrath, Spencer, Hayden, Hammer, Jones, Second Row Campbell, Zahn, Lozier, De Blonk, Webber, Montgomery, Flaugh, Park, Cole, Third Row: Mr. Stone, Pieart, Jackson, Duede, Mes- ton, Suit, Davis, Elings, Mysters, Norris, Folsom, Mr. Berry. 139... .,.LJl9N Y w 4 3 0 3 x Kmq with her nCrr1wCJlexDrGSS'Dr1' Q lrcrfe Urwdf-xxi'1.JTH'1rCC c1rm57777 ure- ghmmng the fender' WO Wrong 5123 SNH777 W Art ummm Cmw' Sharon JUL' look ng bo rms' Y3 C355 x5 ul-YCTN7 -4:3-.CHS Thw rsr1'frC3Nfx New ,vm DQrt??f Flcrence and Luono between meo157?7 PreTfx+MrQ Hetlfh Nerf! Ioxe grarwdvr' H.f'Qrv1 SUNNY! Mom Leu Kick rv H xoufh GQlO1'77?7 Cum Font-The pause that refreshes!! Wolff showng hvs peorliesfff Mr. Felucefrespecfrvelvif' Sm There Fronff' Horr1ef1 vou doll xou7?? Mr. 8 Mrs. OrfegoAdon'T lwreOk1YJohn"' A Young Sweetheart!!! VVhCaf's up Mog??? Yo shaken' horvds??? Sforrv eyes-Se:bcrImQ!!Y? Innocence, R1xerO"' Who vo mod of SoV?3P Sweets Pncfro'f' f ff, , ff W, X14 ' , ,, f Z, if 4 yn 7 1 ff' . wi 1419" VAN GINKEL, SCOTT, GAMBLE, CLARK CHARLEY AFTER VICTQRY gg L. LARRY WHEELER MARY JENNINGS, PAULA HENRY Y, ,M .,5f:LWffW,ff wwf 'f f SUE ALLEN LOZIER, KELLY, MCKINNEY, MYERS 4 , , ,, 4 My MJWV4? f fi ,. V ,f f f., . . ' . f' 2 Sports Review For 1953-5 WRESTLING Coach Don Koroch A fine coaching job on the part of Coach Koroch combined with plenty of spirit and determination from the Abe matmen provided a very successful season for the Railsplitter wrestlers, lt would be hord to pick one man out of the team as the most outstanding contender. With a record of 9 wins and I loss in dual meets, the grapplers finished in a tie with East for the City title and second in the District meet, sending five men to the state meet. They were Danto Romeo, Anthony Pal- ladino, John Martinez, Charles Cross and l-larry Flaugh. Unfor- tunately Palladino suffered a dis- located elbow in practice the night before the State meet and was unable to compete. MATMEN Weight Name 95 Jan Kobloze IO3 Conrad Cleghorn l I2 Dante Romeo l20 Anthony Pallodino I27 Doran Cole I33 John Martinez l38 Dave Little I45 Bill Stewart l54 Harry Flaugh l65 Charley Cross HW Dick Crain Fred Miesters SWIMMING Coach Loren Graaff The Abe swimmers had one of the greatest seasons in the his- tory of the school, They finished with a record of seven wins and two losses in dual competition and finished second in the City meet and fourth in the State. The tankers just about rewrote the record books at Lincoln, setting nine new school records and tying one. Andy Kelly, one of the best all around swimmers ever to come to Lincoln, set three new individual records and was in two record set- ting relays. New Records 200 yd. free style-Andy Kelly 220 yd. free style-Andy Kelly l20 yd. individual medley- Andy Kelly l00 yd. back stroke- Tom Myers 200 yd. back stroke- Tom Myers l80 yd. medley relay-Myers, Bartholomew, McKinney 300 yd. medley relay-Myers, Bartholomew, Kelly 400 yd. free style relay- Thomas, Kelly, McKinney, Lozier l00 yd. breaststroke- Art Bartholomew 40 yd. free style- Tied by Dave McKinney TRACK Coach Loren Graaff Up until the printing of this book, the track team has not been too successful. Because of bad weather the cindermen were late getting outside and were slow getting into condition. Though we did have a better team this year than last, the com- petition was much tougher. The six returning lettermen were: Dick Ogden, Neal Fisher, Bob Lozier, Charley Scott, Jack Van Ginkel, and Bob Gamble. CINDERMEN Sprinters Gilbert Webb, Larry Conrath, Ed Dorset, Garry Enslow, Jerry Ruston, Tim Six. Distance Men Dale Clark, Larry Griffen, Lar- ry Hart, Harold l-lammer, Bob Lo- zier, Charles Scott, Charles Mc- Neeley. Middle Distance Men Neil Fisher, Bob Gamble, Jack Van Ginkel, Gerald Warner, Jim Reynolds, Jim Oglesbee, Bob Norris, Sherman Gray, Dwayne Ferguson. Field Events Dick Ogden, Charles Elings, Ken Thomas, Larry Horton, Jim Campbell. BASEBALL Coach Wayne Heintz This is another sport that had a slow start because of bad weather. With five returning let- termen and several other capa- ble veterans the diamond squad should have a good season this year. Up to the printing of this book the team had not been out- side yet and were working out in the gym. -44.- The five returning lettermen are Larry Wheeler, Nick Bellizzi, Anthony Bellizzi, John Zahn and Kent Folsom. Larry Wheeler, with his fine fielding will probably be the sparkplug in the infield for the Abes. BASKETBALL Coach Frank Talarico The i953-54 basketball sea- son may not have been one of the greatest we ever had but what they lacked in the statistics they made up for in fight, spirit and determination. They may not have been the City Champions and they may not have won a lot of games but you can bet that every team they played knew they'd had a real game when it was over. Cagers Forward - Larry Berry-Sopho- more-gained honorable men- tion all-city-averaged over ten points per game. Reserve--Jack Woods Forward-Anthony Bellizzi- Senior-started late in the season but came along fast- scores well -good defensive man-scored 8 points in first game he started. Reserve-Don Duede Center--Larry l-lorton-Junior- good rebounder-always plays hard-good team player- scored l2 points against Tech -was developing a good hook shot. Reserve-Darrel Riggle Guard-Kent Folsam-Junior- good rebounder - filled gap left by Fred Wright at micl-seo- son-also played forward-a good ball handler. Reserve-Bill DeBlonk Guard-Nick Bellizzi-Junior-- good ball handler-excellent shot-small in size-big in heart-missed about six gameS because of illness but came back strong. Reserve-Ted Robertson Guard-Dick Felice - Senior - honorable mention all-city- -elected team captain-good ball handler - good shot - scored I9 points in Pella game -played forward before mid- season. Reserve-Jim Davis Varsity and Second T am Basketball MR. TALARICO oncl MR. ROUSH, Cooches VARSITY BASKETBALL-Standing: RoherTscn, De Blonk, Duede, Vvrighf, Riggle, Horton, Berry, Couch, Toloricog Seated: Bellizzi, Woods, Dovls, Erickson, Bellnzzi, Fellce, Folsom. SECOND BASKETBALL-First Row: Miller, Montgomery, Erickson, Haydon, J. Bellizzi, Benfon, Gray, Second Row: Jockscn, Oglesbee Spencer, Elings, Pork, Clork, Conroth, Mr. Rouse. 145T Wrestling and Track Squad MR. KOROCH ond MR, GRAAFF, Coaches WRESTLING-First Row: Kolulozc, Clcghom, Romeo, Pollooxno, Cole, Second Row: Flough, Cross, Mr, Koroch, Lifilc, Morfinez, Meisters VARSITY TRACK-First Row: Webb, Ogden, Fisher, Borber, Wornes, Oglesbee, Conrofh, GVQY, HOW! COHWDUGH, S042 Second Row: MC- NCGIGY, Bomter, Elmgs, Lozler, Maxwell, Dorset, Hommer, Fergusen, Scott, Von Gmkelg Third Row Cooch Grooff, Reynolds, Enslow, SUNY, Ruston, Stevcrws, Norris, Gomble, Clork, Cooch Fitzsummons. i4 6, Swimming Team and Baseball Squad MR. GRAAFF and MR. HEINTZ, Coaches is if A ' . a 4? r, 5? . ,ge , . ef B 'E ' , ' e . if i N ' ff'-11 fx L Nr in i 6 X i . Ex s Q X ,, N 3,44 -t ' ' ' J gs SWIMMING-First Row: Mr. Graaff, Myers, Conkey, B. Nession, M. Nession, Warnes, Campbell, Second Row: Bob Lozier, Norris, frEdricks,WFi:eman, Lehman, Rose, Campbell, Davis, Third Row: Griffen, Kelly, Bill Lozier, McKinney, Barfholomew, Srrohn, Fisher, omas, e er. BASEBALL SQUAD-First Row: Zahn, Jones, Duede, MGVTlV19Z, 5OI'1QsTer, Wheeler, A. Bellizzi, Wakins, Montgomery, Second Row: Fol- som, Spencer, Elifrifz, C. Woods, Sfrohn, Kinton, Beeman, Cleghorn, Caligiuri, Shoemaker, Haydon, Third Row: Meisters, N, Bellizzi Parks, Works, DeBIonk, Croff, Pabst, J. Bellizzi, Benton, Breazaleg Fourth Row: Miller, King, Jackson, Felice, Douglas, Kawrzkyl Mr. Wilson, Mr. Heinfz. ' i4 7... I Golf and Tenn: am MR. MORGENTHALER and MISS EBERS, Coaches BOYS' AND GIRLS' GOLF--Firsl Row: Zika, Allen, Edwards, Skelton, Singletary, Westfall, Newton, Russell, Second Row: T. Erickson, Davis, Moon, Freeman, i., Erickson, Botkin' Third Row: Wolfe, Gilbert, Warren, Butler, Mr. Morgcnthalcr, Skinner, O'Keefe, Hammond. R BOYS' AND GIRLS' TENNIS-First Row: Pearson, Stevens, Sherman, Henry, Crouch, Jennings, Green White, Dethrow, Second Row !Vli?OfiE3,MNGWE:ry, Turner, McAuley, Brzghtwell, Hiatt, Hugne sg Third Row: Koester, Adamson, Olson, Highland, Nelson, Rose rec VlC S, ISS AGVS. 1481 Cheerleaders and Mermaid MRS. ENGEI. ond MISS EBERS, Advisors CHEERLEADERS-Rivera, Gering, Affig, Edwards, Michel, MERMAIDS-First Row: Perkovich, .PuITz, Byg, Robinsonp Second Row: Mass Ebers, Srorier Breecan, -Noosa, Hollmggwgrfh Q Prewift, Bortell, Brown, Hoydeng Third Row: Goulc, Cockoyne, Henry, Crouch, Eome Zugg, Keener C5514-,, Z4 QT ,. X O. Generol Brubaker Ruth ond hers Those were the days No other love Joon'5 new iob Gorgeous Georgia Which twin hog the Toni? Felice ond his hot rod ffl' 9. No tonsils, huh? lO, Doncin' up o storm ll Bill ond one of his 12, Coretree Conroth 13. Slumber porty??? li. The morning after-the night before E5 Anlhony, l'rn shocked! . Will he bite? Shirley's little Jetney Joyful Judy Q Urnmmmmmm-thot's nice Cozy Corner . Don't cry, Rich This con't be Janet i This con't be love There's one in every crowd Mary Alice Cox Marty McCarthy Joy Wilson The Lustre Creme Kid Myrtle Cutler Innocence The PeDsodent kid Jcon Freel f 1' ff 1- if ,M .Q . . 7 iw 'ff W M iff gi fl. W lr y .15 .iw ,"z,'g '14 ' Z X V MSE' ., ,1 ff' 6 -2 Y , mggh, '-gs: L Q., E, 47 19 , x: WZ' ,Vi gif 'X' ' A HZ X CONGRATULATIONS TO JUNE 54 CLASS FROM ONE OF THE ALUMNI Sid Beattie, Inc. WEST DES MOINES FORD FOR NEW OR USED CARS GET A BID FROM SID COMPLETE SERVICE FACILITIES 6th and Maple WEST DES MOINES Phone 5-'II31 I I 4. ..I-..-,e-. ---..- -.I- - -V- ,-..--,-. .. -.n- - -I-I... ,-,V.-.-I-.,.. .. - .. - - - - - - - - -.u....,........4- Senior Diary Highlights We, the senior students of Lincoln High, have had many good times and unforgettable occasions in our last semester. We would like to present some of these to you in the form of a senior diary, in the hopes that the mention of these various ac- tivities will bring back as many pleasant memories to you as it does to us. February l Dear Diary, Today we elected Dale Clark as editor of the Railsplitter. He then chose two separate staffs who are to work alternately on the papers. Since we have a large class, this makes it easier for every- one to have a chance to work on the paper. Shirley Bradshaw and Ruth Burress are make-up editors, Paula Henry and Joyce Brokaw are feature editors, Jack Van Ginkel and Frank Tilotta are sports editors, copy editors are Marianne Silcott and Norma Ryals, proof editors are Mary Lou Bru- baker and Margaret Jensen. Columnists, which will involve the largest num- I Handling circulation will be Sally Byrnes, Mari- lyn Cash, Sue Allen, and Florentina Rivera. Advertising managers are Richard Robbins, Dick Quivey, and Walter Johnson. Today was a busy day, and all were anxious to start on their jobs as staff members. February 8 Dear Diary, Well, we just elected our class officers. Presiding over our senior meetings will be Charles Scott as our class President. Assisting him in case of absence will be Vice President Jack Van Ginkel. in'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'PFW' ' ' "F ' ' The Messenger- News l - T f i SOUTH DES MOINES' ONLY PUBLISHER i I ber of people, are Georgia Tilton, Janet Flatt, 'k Nancy Stifel, Dorothy Payne, Bill Montray, Diane Q . l Dressler, Donna Seiberling, Mary Alice Cox, Sondra 4311 59UfhWe5l' Nmfh sheet 8-3594 T Heckman, Bill Shadley, Marilyn Attig, Mary Ellen Jennings, Jeannie Edwards, and Lauana Kaili. 5..- ,.,, ..... . ............ .... - i .i '!'- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - 1"' - "" - "" - "" - "" -'--"- "" "---- ' ' "'-"""' "" "' "'!' l l - l l - l . l l i Q I Printed amd Bound i Y L l l i 0 o g i Garner Pubhshmg Compan I S 615-17-19 Euclid Avenue DCS Moines 13, Iowa 1 Q +----- .... ------- -A ---------- ------ ---------- -we Congratulations On Your June 1954 Graduation SAM and PINK R S,-P. Henry meet M. Martz at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Utopia, South Africa, at 14:00 A. M. June 10, 1954, DON'T BE LATE ! I! M. MARTZ +1iir.1 1 1 1 1.t.i....m,1 19,11 1 1 1 19,1 .1 1 1,,,,1.,+ ELF I'g1EjE5ie?E.f?eEE if 3 J . gs., IN l X X X Qial Aus-anno, BOTTLES I 1,.,,1 1 1 1.1111 1.1 111 ....iiIi...im.-mi1nii1iiu1im1uii1ii 11m1nn1-m1im-1im.-.iiii--mt--M1111I--im--m --iiii1uu1iiii--mi1I'ii1iiii1uiri1ii CONGRATULATIONS TO JUNE 1954 CLASS SYLVIA'S ELBOW ROOM 1217 Army Post Road Phone 4-7648 1i1..1,t,41,,,,1.ui1,,,,1.iii...m.1..it..I-141 1 1 1iii1iiii1iiii1.ivi1nii1,,,,1, 1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,,, CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1954 GRADUATES from MIDWAY MARKET Phone 4-4840 2601 S. W. NINTH Open Evenings ond Sundays ,,1....1,,,,11ii,1......,......m1.1-11,...1.,.,.....,1...-1i...1..1-I--I-iw-'H'-ft"-""" CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS TED'S BARBER SHOP 3142 S. W. 9th Street iii1m.1 1 1 1mi1,,,,...m.1H111tu.1mt..,m...t..l..,m1...t1 1 1 1,u.1 '11nn1iui1iiii1Im1nn11m-uu1n1 1 1 1nu1-im1mi1im1nn1i-n1ini1 VISUAL ANALYSIS VISUAL TRAINING DR. COLIN M. STOUT OPTOMETRIST - 3201 s. W. NINTH sr. TELEPHONE 3-0197 iii-ini1nn1mi.1un1uu1iui1nn1i 1 1 1 1iiii1mi1nn1nu1nn--nu1nn1 n1l.l,1 1 1 1 1 ,1,,,,1,,,,1iiii1,,,,1iiii1l,,,1,,,1.1-1 1 1,,,.1 SHELL PRODUCTS SOUTHERN SUPER SHELL GREASING 0 TOWING TIRES o BATTERIES o ACCESSORIES Phone 3-9861 3000 S. W. 9th St. Des Moines, Iowo u1uu-ini-1nii1n-I1ii-i1im1nn-.-im-im1uu1nu1iii:--mi1iin1uu1nn1nu--nn1 n1iin- 1 1um1ini-1mi1ini-un1iiii1iiii1mi1iiii1iiu1im1ini1 1 111111 LINCOLN SODA GRILL Frosted Malts - Beefburgers - Coneys Root Beer Across from Lincoln High iii1Iiii1 1 --- 1ii-i1ii:i1iIii1im-iiii1iiii1iiii1iiii1ini1nii1ini1 -- -11111 ii1iiii1 -- 1 1iIii1iiii1iiii1iiii1iiii1iiii-viii-1iii1iiii-iiii1 1 1.1iiii1 KEHM FLORAL CO. ttt1.m1 1 1.1 1I1iiii1....1iIii1.I,I1,.,,1,yy,1,I1 1 1 1 1,m1 it-mi---------Q..-...1.... .fv-1... A?':qh.: M 1 If 11 -, 1 f '.f1,, . . ,W , ,E V1 v, II AA -M..-... 9-'E wg? 1:50, " Q tm , WW - f ' I fl' in M I ' M Sify! , . ,M fy,-wf, ..,, J? 1, ,L mmwwmwz,adzQf:f2f2LQw1maf " WZQ OWEN CRIST AUTO Bonv SERVICE We take the dents out of accidents Keo at Fourteenth St. PI. Phgne 4-5258 4. ,,,, 1111 ..,,-1, 11,1i-11-.H-.i11...1 1i1iii1im1nQq Qaui1im1 -- 1 12111-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t 1 k 1 -mw- 1 .-.g.1,,,,1 TOkir1g the minutes will be Mary Lou Vance, our 'iw' "" """' ' "" "'-' ' ' '- new Secretary. z hColIeoting all senior class dues and recording Z 'I em wi I be Treasurer Mary Lou Brubaker. A , We think we made a very fine choice. Z THERE S ' February l7 - EXTRA Dear Diary, - QUALITY Today our new Senior Student Council members 1 were sworn in as they took the oath of office in an - You CAN assembly. - TASTE" The new President is Harry Flaugh. Assisting I in ever him will be Charles Cross as the Vice President, - A d Y Marilyn Attig as Secretary, John Zahn as Treas- I 'Person' urer, and Dick Felice as Chief Justice. E"'Ck59n 2 Dairy Product T" "" ""-"H" "" - "" -""" "" 'W' "" -""-"N-""-""" "" -"u- "" - "" ' "" -'HZ' - Socks 8. Ties 7 PARK AVENUE SHOE SHOP T Shoes - Levi's - Clothing t FOR E S. W. NINTH STREET DELIVERY fi-.,.- .... -...- -.i.....,.-....-,i....,.-..-.i-..i-....- ..,, .....- - - .......-i.i. PHONE 6-3172 f!""""' "" ' "" ' "" " "" ' "" ' "" ' "" ' "" " "" ""'-""' 'l" ' "" """' "" ' "" """"l'2' Gauss WASHER SALES a. SERVICE L A, Your S For Best Qualify i GROCERS T In Home Appliances 81 Television Z 3306 S. VV. NINTH PHONE 3-0526 E 'i'H1ulx-m1v'ul-- Illl 1lll- I2'I 1 Ilii 1 illf -111 IIII -- Y IH-- IIII PIIHPIIII1 "" 1 "" 'Wi' .iutTIHI1IHITHHT - TI? T. ili 1 1 1 1 1 1 -In-. -g--- Iiii - -i-- --------- 1 ------ - ii- -"' - "" -""- "" ------ '----- ---- - ' ' - L l T . . Andrews Studio T 822 WALNUT STREET I Phone 4-4956 S DES MOINES 9, IOWA T I WEDDINGS GRADUATIONS I l - - A .1..-........m- - - - ------ -- ------- --"- -'-- -'--- - - - 'H- -55+ 4... - - - - - - - .. - - - - .. .. - .. -,...+ .g....,i,,-,,,.-.,.-,m-.,,-...-,,.-.m-..I-..-H.,-,,,-..,,..r....n...i..n..-n-- 4. BEST WISHES TO JUNE GRADUATES From JACK'S , POST BARBER SHOP 53 Chaffee Ft, Des Moines 1-t.i1.,,,1.,,,1iii1ii.i1H1 1 1 1 1 1Iii1iui1iiii1iui1mi1mi1,,,,1. -.ini1iiii1iiii1,,,,1iiii1,,,,1,,,.1,,,i1m.1ii5,1,,,.1,,i,1i,.i1iiii1t.i1iii.1 1mi1ii CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, THE JUNE 1954 GRADUATING CLASS REDBIRD HATCHERY 1346 E. Court Phone 6-8441 H. W. TRISSEL - R. C. MILLER - Proprietors 1,iii1...1..t1 1 .1 ,1 ,1 ,,1..........1.,.1 1.1 1 1 1 1mi1, 1...,1 1 .1 ,1..-.im1im..iiii..iiii1iiii1iiii1i:i.1i-II1 1. 1 1 1,.,,1.. Compliments FORD HOPKINS REXALL DRUG SIXTH AND LOCUST 1...1ii 1 1. 1..ii1i.i.1I.ii1iiri1im1iiI-1,iii1.i..1,i,i1....1,, 1 1 1i.i,1. 1ini1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1 1 1-i1i.1.-i...i1.1,1 1iii.1,- CHOOSE YOUR STERLING SILVER PATTERN From Over 60 Leading Patterns By America's Leading Silversmiths At asephs QUALITY JEWELRY SINCE 1871 SIXTH AT LOCUST 1rm-i1i1 1.-Q1 1 1 1i1i1.1i.1 1 1 1 1 .1nm1,,,, GEIL COAL YARD Southwest Ninth and Army Post Road COAL, ICE AND FEED PHONE 4-5826 J, R. GEIL CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TOWNSEND ENGINEERING CO. 2425 HUBBELL PHONE 6-1178 ,1iiii1..,,1i1.1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1ini1,,,,1 1iin1im1 1ri.i.-..,,.1,..,1,,,,1,,1,,,1,,.1,-u1,m1m...im1m11 1,m1,,..1 PARKER DRUG STORE Fort Des Moines S. W. Ninth and Army Post Road PHONE 3-9625 li-.mi1m.1 1 1 1m..m.1,m1,m1,,..1,.,i1mi1ni.1 1 1 1,m1,..,1 ,1,,.,1m.1m.1un1,,,,1iiii1uii1,,,,1inii1im1mi1M1iiii1.m1..,.1.i:i1iiii1ii-.1 A 81 R O'DONNELL HARDWARE S. W. 12th 8. Army Post Road Phone 2-6141 DES MOINES, IOWA DRY CLEANERS o TAILORING o DYEING FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY NOAH'S CLEANERS DWIGHT NOAH, Prop. Telephone 2-8210 S, W. 9th St. and Army Post Road DES MOINES, IOWA 4. ....,.5. q..-,.. ...- i.......I-m....-m.-M-i........-..-u..- .. -......... ii..1iiu1g1 111m-.mi1.m.1im1M.1im1.m.-uu1un1un1iiu1 1mi1,m... 1m,1m.1,m1,m1 1 1,g1n..n1.m1 1 1m1u1,m1M1 February 22 Dear Diary, Dick Felice, editor of the June i954 Railsplitter, Live chose his staff today. l The staff is small, but there will be a number of helpers needed under each staff member. Paula Henry was chosen as Make-up editor, ma I e more which is probably the most important job of the enl0YClbl9 book. She will determine where everything goes in Und the book. , l easier Sketch editors are Mary Lou Brubaker, Sally Byrnes, and Marilyn Attig. They will be responsible tor writing the sketches beside the seniors' pictures. 4..-i...-l..-,...-,,,.-i.,,-i..,-.i-.-ii..-i...-.,,.-,...-.:.,-V -i - - -...i-iq. Compliments ot He - I CRWAR0 'NSURANCE AGENCY be the most faithful SERVANT LlABlLITY-CASUALTY-BONDS-FIRE Year in Und Yefll' Out! Q 326 S. W. Vlrglnla Phone 2-7719 I g l - , i "Graduate ot Class of January, l93l" 5 I i I -i- .i.,.-,.,.-,,-i- - - - -.- - -,- - - - - - ..i-,...- .. ....,.,-.... i-, - - - -- - .. - - - - - - -i- ..,,..-., ! Our Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of '54 L I ! SUE M KET5 Qii ifiw i I Headquarters for the Town's Finest Foods T C Tender, Juicy MEATS Q Farm-Fresh PRODUCE I Famous Brand GROCERIES C ' ,,,,.,1,1i,--11i..1i14-4111111.,11...i1-ii,1.-1i-..-kiwi, ,P..1ii'ii1i..., ... --. i1iiii-i.i- 1-i - 1- - 1: i-'11 -i ------- ini-ual. 'PHI-HH 11--11- - 1-"-' 1- -11- "- 1 -"Nl" 1i,..1i,..1,1.,1,,,-1,,,1i,1,,1i,rr..,,1r..1 1i..1r,1rir1 1 1 1 1, 1,1 , - , 1,1,.1'.-.11 1111.- 1ii.i1liii1,,1i1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 --r,1-111.1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1,11,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m... So you'r graduating and ready to begin your career? - You have your diploma - you have the ambition - you're ready to go to work - Have you thought about an exciting career in the publishing business? Merediths in Des Moines, publishers of BETTER HOMES 81 GARDENS and SUCCESSFUL FARMING magazines, have a variety of positions open for i954 high school graduates. For High School Graduates FOR GIRLS: Beginning positions for clerks, typists, stenographers, and secretaries. On-the-job training provided. - 0 Sports and Club Activities FOR BOYS: Opportunity to enter and train for 0 Cvnsenivl Working ASS0Ci0f2S printing trades O Good Starting Pay ' 0 Opportunity for Advancement 0 Attractive Cafeteria-Fine Food If you choose your career carefully it will last a lifetime! Meretlllll Plll1llSlllllg Company Des Moines, Iowa .i...-....-.....--------------'H'--' Sports editor is Jack Van Ginkel. He will handle all sports in the book. Mary Ellen Jennings and Georgia Tilton will be busy handling the advertising. Richard Robbins will assist them as financial editor. He will collect the advertising money as well as all other connected with the book. Writing the class will is Sondra Heckman and Donna Seiberling. They will arrange the state- ments made by seniors to form the will. Mary Dethrow and Norma Six are glossy editors. They will put the glossies in alphabetical order. +I-im--im1...1..i.-iii.-mi-ii..1...1,11.iii-mi-iiii1,iii1iiii-im-mi1mi-i-ii-ii 4, I LOOK FOR THE RACK WITH THE SNACK IN THE SCOTCH PLAID SACK i l ihafs t HILAND POTATO CHIPS s : Ulm-iiii1iin1iiii1i:ii1uii1iiii1iiii1iiii-iiii1im1iiii1ini1uii1iiii1iiii1iiii1im1iiu1uo!s ,l.l1iiii1 1 1 1 .-M111mi1,m.1iiii1m,1,,,,1..,.1iiii1i,..1 1 1 1iin1m,!, I I I n. M. D A N E s 3 I DENTIST 3210 s. w. Ninth Street Phone 4-5561 ii- ...i - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - .... - T... - .... --- .... - .... - .... -. .... - --.. ------me uri- '--- ----------------- ---- - f ie I I I I I 59 i Yellow Cabs PHONE 3-'I1'I'I I 1 l -i- -59- ii1iiii1 1:1 1 1 1 1,11 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1i,1,m iii1iiii1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 ,!,,,1..,,, 1ii,1i111i11 1 1 1 -ii-11111 Oi' GRAND VIEW COLLEGE E. 'I3th 81 Grandview DES MOINES, IOWA Founded 1896 0 2 Years of College - Liberal Arts 0 Pre-Professional 0 Elementary Teachers Training Curriculum Leading to Standard Elementary Certificate STUDENTS FROM COAST TO COAST A Small School with Every Advantage We invite you to join us and participate in the fellowship of a Christian approach to edu- cation and personal growth. HIGH SCHOLASTIC STANDARDS-LOW COSTS Join Your Friends at G. V. C. l..-IIII111..111111111111i1m.1 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE I 954 GRADUATES From THE NEW UTICA The Place fo go for the Names You Know 1 1 1 1 i1im1 +--T- T- -I - - - ---. .-.. - -t- T- .,. .,.,.. ., -,t- -,- -,,-,- ,,,, - -,t-,l-l..s...t..,,..-1- COWNIE FURS 510 Market Street Coat and Suit Corner 8th and Walnut 1tl.1.l,l1 t1t.1,t.1tl,1.t,,1 .,1..t.1ln.1t-1,1.w1.m1 1 1, 1 ,,1,,,,1, 1tm1.1.t,14.1,,1,,.1,,,1q1,1 1.1v1,1,1 .1 1.1 -1, ,1lm1vl ROCKY'S STEAK HOUSE THICK PROPERLY AGED STEAKS From Our Own Cooler - Cut in Our Own Kitchen CHOICE T-BONES - TENDERLOINS - TOP SIRLOINS - NEW YORK CUT SIRLOINS - FRIED CHICKEN ITALIAN SPAGHETTI DIAL 3-9708 FOR RESERVATIONS Accommodations for Private Parties Fleur Dr. 8. Stanton - V2 Mi. N. of Airport 1.,..1tm1.m1.-l-,t,,1..,1...1.t1 . 1, .,1....1tl..1, . -.1-,t....m.1,.tl-m4...m1. 1.1-11. 1 1,1,,1 .1..,1.,1...1,1.,,.1.-1t,1 1,1.1..,1l,..1y. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS It's Good Sense - - - to START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT when you START YOUR CAREER DES MOINES SAVINGS 8 lOAN ASSOCIATION 210 Sixth Ave. Phone 2-8303 "The Oldest in Des Moines" Member Federal Savings 81 Loan Insurance Corp, 'P -.tt-.,... -, - T- .- T... - - - .,-,.,.-..g. if 'k F urnas Ice Cream SATISFYING DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS 'A' if BOESEN THE FLORIST -3-1-. THREE STORES 700 Grand Ave. - - - Phone 3-4279 3422 Beaver Ave. - - Phone 7-44l6 Ingersoll at 38th - - Phone 5-2l88 DES MOINES, IOWA it-in-1,1.1:,1 111.111 1 1 1.,f1tl..1 1 1 1 .-n l l MOVQOVGT Jensen and Bradley Bathey are The '5"'-""' " ' '-'- " ' '- -"' - - - " - artists. They will make the page inserts. I .Shirley Bradshaw will work on organizations. She - Z will Identify all people in group pictures. 5 C? C? gi' Working on the picture pages will be Marianne g 2- D N E Silcott, Dorothy Payne, Norma Ryals, Judy Moses, : 5 5 g g U, Nancy Stifel, and Sue Allen. I I gk -1, -4. 2 Writing the Highlights of the senior semester l Q g 'I 'I diary will be Ruth Burress. , li 5- E Q DianesDressler will be handling the big job ot cir- - E 3 gk 2- culation, She is in charge of passing out the books E 5 9 g 5' to people who bought them. - Z if 3 3 Sounds like the makings of a good book? E Z 2- :" l If 'H I . i '3 1 I fu- iiii ------ i iii- iiii -iiii-.iii-HHQ i-i. - :.. 1 -1... -.......,,I, , Q l I - 3 wi l PHONE 2-6721 1 - S 5 l l E 5 fu Q PARK AVE. MOTORS i g. ar l ' l - I WE BUY, sEi.L AND TRADE Q 5 , 'Q l NEAR NEW AND USED 1 l f 5 x is CARS, TRUCKS AND PICKUPS 3 ' 'E I I l Y -9 I 3401 S. W. Ninth St. Des Moines, Iowa f -1 E E E is l Gurnie Johnson 1 Ray Walker l l z l E.-..-.-.- -..-tn- ,.., -..- - -...-.,..-....-.... .... ..,.-..l +...-i.,- -E - .. -- - - - - -1- - - - j1I1nn -i11111-11:1 ii-nn-i --:1 1 imiiii -iliiii iiii1iiii--i- -- - -- 1 - 1 - 1 l A ' . - .f 2 , N74 .. -1gf:sge:g-' -1 .1-.. ' 523.235'If.2i"iia2z22i2Q32gi 2 A 'af-Qs 'V -'Sf s Age- ' ,f " ""i ' gi the , gf, - ta 'i N - ,QED 1 I All I ! g Q ....... A - V... 3115 1.. , ?:I":Q2.'E' i A. . A......,.. . .A..:ffiQ.iZiifiiifrs - 4 ' -:-25:51351y::512:2:'-ff"' 1 ., .. .,,., WY' l EQSSUDLTNEE Iliff i,., 52522 ziiiiageg- B R E A D I C ON D 3 A D U5 2 i There Is A Difference In BREAD ' Only the finest of ingredients are 5 UNGLES 3 Baking Co. l used in DONALD DUCK BREAD l BAKERS or ' DONALD DUCK for FINER, FRESHER, FLAVOR DUNCAN i-iiNEs l and HARVEST BREAD l 'f'-i-...i- -H..-iii...im-im-IIII--m--""- - -' -' '- -' '-E 1 1 1 Q61- 1,,,,1,.,,1,,.,111:11lm1.m1nn1,,,,1nu.1 1 1 1,4111.,m1m.1.,,.1,m1 11111-111111111-1.1.11un1im1nn-m--nn-nn-nn1 1nn1uu1un1.m1un1i 11m1u,r1 1,111 1 1 1 1.1 1 1111111,.r111111-1,,1 ,-1,,,11,,1 .11 1,11,111,,,1,,,1, 1.1i11v1.. DR. G. J. RONAN OPTOMETRIST 424 Fleming Bldg. Phone 4-2419 DES MolNEs, IOWA 1...1,...1..,,1.1i41,,,,1,m111.,14,,,1.m-nn1,1.,1,,.,1,,,,1H111m11nn11m1,,,,1n 1m11,,,,1 11m1,,,,1im.-,,,,1,,..1my1,m1,,,.111.11v,,I1.m1m.1,,1 1i1in1,, ROY E. MORTIMORE MASONRY CONTRACTOR 1700 Army Post Road Phone 2-7661 11m11111-lul1uu111111111111111111141un-un-mn1nn1lm1rru.1ull--un1nu1lln1xu MlLl.ER'S SUPER VALU STORE Every Day Low Prices 1300 Army Post Road Phone 2-4691 -un-nu--mu1nm1am--nn1un-nn1m1-nn1nn1un1un1nn1uu1uu-- 1mm--ri SEMBOWER PHARMACY JAMES SEMBOWER, P, H. S. W. 3rd 81 Army Post Rd. Phone 2-6708 1,,,,1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,,1,, NEW MONARCH MACHINE 81 STAMPING CO. Manufacturers of Metal Stampings, Dies and Tools Monarch In-A-Slide Basement Win- dows, Screens and Storm Sash DES MOINES, IOWA m:1uu1u,11-um1im1nn1un1nn1nn1nu1 1 1un1un-4m1nn1nn1nn1u nn1u m1u ,,1,,,,1111111111111111,,'1, 111 1 1 1.m1m11u .I -111.4-wa1nn1nn1me1uu....1.n1un1un1nn-nn1:1111-vrll-III4-"""""'1""'-"Mi MINNlE'S SANDWICH SHOP Specialties . Hamburgers, Home Made Chili, French Fries Phone orders filled 2621 S. W. NINTH STREET PHONE 3-9344 m1nu1un1nn1nn1nn.1nu.-nn1un1nn1un1im1-nu--uu1mn1uu1un1nu1un1 u-un--lm1nm.-nn -nu-nn1nn-nn.1mi-1mi1un111111nu1uu1nn1uun1nu1un1 LLOYD COOK TEXACO SERVICE GREASING AND wAsi-:ING Towing - Tires - Batteries - Accessories PHONE 3-9444 S. W. 9th 81 ROSE 311.111nn-1nu1Im1nn1uu--I 1 1 1nu-1 1N111un1nn..-nu--nn-un1.m1 n1nu1 1 I1-un--un1nn1nn11m1nn1nu1uu1nn1:m1nu1mI1:1un1uu1 ALLEN 8. WAGNER KITCHEN-sPEclALlsTs LAUNDRY I 109 Army Past Rd. Phone 8-7233 YOUR Ho'rPolNT sToRE 1.111111 1 1:1111nli1nn1un1uu1nn1un1nn1nn1uu1nn1 1 1nn1nn1 n-nn1un1nn1nn1mm1nn--nn1nn1m11nn1nn1nn1nn1mu--nu--lm1uu--nn1 SALYERS LAMBERT SHOP JERRY 8. RED 6213 S. W. 9th Phone 2-4436 n1...,1mr1.m1,,,,1inul1,,,,1,,,,111 1 1 1 1.m1m,1,m...lili1,m14m1 NEW MULBERRY PARKING RAMP 633 MULBERRY STREET 6 SAVERY GARAGE FOURTH 8. LOCUST PARKING GARAGE HOWARD LEOPOLD, Operator Graduate of Lincoln High n1,,,,1..1111-.111111i --,- M1 March I I Dear Diary, Today we had our Spring play matinee. "Snafu" proved to be a wonderful comedy. Ted Rosky played the lead excellently and is ex- pected to do the same in tomorrow's evening per- formance. Marilyn Attig and John Zahn also did a fine job in their supporting roles. Other members of the cast also did a very nice job. "Snatu" was written by Louis Solomon and Har- old Buchman. Miss Mary Riggs directed and Margaret Sherman assisted. fi- i-ii - -"- - i-if - i-'i - '--- - i-ii - 'i-i - -ii- - i-ii - -i-- - i-ii - -iii - -fi- - iiif - i--i --- i-ii -is stout REAL ESTATE I NOTARY PUBLIC FIRE INSURANCE I 32OI S. W. 9th Street Phone 3-OI97 im- i--- - iiii - iiii - ---i - iiii - i--- - i--i - iii- - iiii - --i- --i- iiii - ii.. -- .... - ...I - iiii - ii.. --wi- -x--'- ---- - ---- -i-- ---- - ---- - i--- - ---- - '--i - i--i - ---- - ---i - ---- - ---- - -1-i - iiil - ---- - ---- - i-i- --if I CONGRATULATIONS JUNE I954 GRADUATES I I From I I - HALL'S JEWELRY l 425 EUCLID AVE. +I- --f- --:--- --i- - --fi - ---- - --i- - i--- - i-'- - '--- - --i- ----- ---- - - --i- Ei- '--- - ---- --- ---- - ---- - ---- - --ii - ---' - ---- - ---- - ---' - --'- - ---- - ---- - ---- --- ---- --if DeCOURSEY SERVICE I I 2Ol2 S. E. Ifith St. Phone 3-9754 DES MOINES, iovvA -i--- ---- - --- --.- - ---- - ---- - ii-i - ---- - ---. - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---. - ---. ----- - ----.-is 'sallam -11- un-ul-nu:iuziuuiiniimi-un-nu-un 1-1: lm:-mg? 5 ! I GWlN'S JEWELRY T : T I REPAIRING BY LICENSED WATCHMAKER 3138 s. W. Ninth Phone 2-9547 illilllli IIKI ltllli-IllIv!lIllvhAllIlllllillll1llT 1' Tlli'llIlTlllllllllllulllnlimlili nga:-im -i1-11-11 4-. -11111- mi-ii in 111lull-inn--uni:iii-ini-riii-mi-i.ii1iiii-iii..-iiiiiisii?im-iiiiiiiii-inninit.-iiii VAN GINKEL SUPER VALU 2927 S. E. l4th EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FOODS PHONE 3-7378 .pri-.ii..... ...r.ii-.i..-.i..-ir.-im-....-ii..-i...-i.ii-....-..ii-..i,-..i.....,.- ii-i...- liTllllTlllllllll1lIII11IIII1-IIII-illlllIllllllllllllllllll1110 lllIl1llll illlllllllllllllllll "Q FT. DES MOINES COFFEE SHOP 1o1o ARMY Post ROAD Good Coffee Sq: -- Malts 8- Sundaes - Sandwiches Pig - N - Blanket 'ISV' - Pop 617' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JUNE l954 CLASS From .lunes Beauty Shop 6520 S. W. llth Phone 2-3368 -i+H- ii-' -H ---------- ----- ' -""-'P clan-uni-I 11111 lifi f 11?"' ' "mil 'E' TOPS FOR TASTE ENJOY RICHER-TASTING FLYNN DAIRY PRODUCTS I I , S E i ' COMPLETE RADIATOR SERVICE I i Automobile and Tractors - Dependable Work T I -D E453 M i I ,M I ' ' I I W Q Wayne Highland Radiator Shop I gr .iia A ..,..,. I 608 14th sneer Phone a-1475 I Cleaning - Repairing - Straightening - Recoring I . I I I .,,,.-.,..- - .. - - -- ---- ---- - - -I----H+ -I-H--i---H ------------- - - ----i- -i- ,63, Enmmvlnn INC i Fifihi Ave. L L Des Moines, lowo "'1'ONes 3-3571 ?f3359, L e L ,line F4554 fr ! ,rl in PEGASUS Bronze figure-founiair in the reflecting pool of the Des Moines Art Cenfe by C A R L M I L L E S Swedish Sculptor March I7 Dear Diary, Today we voted on the cover for our June l954 Railsplitter. This will be the first hard cover in Lincoln's history. lt was decided to have a white leather grain cover with the Lincoln High emblem in maroon in the upper left-hand corner on the front side of the cover. We are very proud of the fact that the June '54 book will be the biggest in the school's history. u1IIII1IIII1IIII1InI-un1IIIIiIIIIinII-uuimi-IIII-IIII-IIII1IIII1III--IIII1IIII-IIII1III 4' 'Z' l e l For Your Insurance Needs I l I - JOHN A. PETOSA AGENCY l i - Fire - Auto - Casualty - Bonds - Life ' I 304 Home Federal Bidg. Phone 4-2oII I E I .i...,..i. ............. A - - -..-..,.-...i. gg'-Im -1----1-1-1---1- I-Im-II rg l l I CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS I SERVICE A OPTICAL L I COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE l l I EIGI-ITI-I AND LOCUST Q II1wIi11111111-111..-11,,., uiIIII1I-111111-i1-1111-..lm qw-Im-I. ------ .-I- -1- - - :I 1 1 -III'- :fe KOCH BROTHERS Printers 0 Stationers I Bookbinders Office Outfitters 0 Office Machines GRAND AVENUE AT FOURTH DES MOINES Telephone 4-4224 LINCOLN HIGH NABORS - - If You Need ROOFING or SIDING Call On Us-We Can Do the Job BETTER and LOWER 033154-gg,-N COMPLETE HOME REMODELING CO. I 1 FREE ESTIMATE I I THIRD AND LOCUST i S. W. 7th 81 Indionola Phone 3-6283 2 I 5 I ,5,,,-,,,,- - ,, - .. .. - ----- ---- I I- -'-- -I+ -s---- IIII -- - - -I ------- -- - - I- - -In-q. 165-. 1.1.1 1 1 1 1m.1 1 -- ri.-im1nn:...i1uiu1iiii--ii...-null...-nu HOFF'S SHOE REPAIR 6307 S. W. Ninth 1ru.1,.1.1 1..1....1.i..1.i..1iiii1..i.1...1.,..1....1 1 1 1 1.n.1.. 1.44.1 1....1..i.1,.,.1.,,.1....1....1....1....1....1ui.1,...1....1....1....1 1....1... PERRY MOORE SERVICE Youiz FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD senvics STATION Greasing c Washing o Battery Service Brake Service 3501 S. W. NINTH DIAL 3-9991 1anii1....1....1..i.1..ii1.i..1.,,.1....1...,1.ii.1 1 1 .1....1....1....1....1....1.. 1....1 1 1...1....1..i.1,,..1....1....1....-....1....1....1....1....1 - 111.1-ii FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS J. R. ANDERSON LIFE -- AUTO - FIRE 1119 Bell Ave. Phones: Off. 3-4181 - Res. 4-4990 -ini1i...1.ii.1Iiii1.ii.1 .1I...1nv.1nn-v-ii1ini1mi-...i11...ziiiixnii-ini-un1u PARK AVENUE DRUG EVERETT WESTPFAHL, Prop. 5. W. NINTH a. PARK Ave DIAL 4-8166 1...i1.iir1.iii1....1i...1.in1..i.1i...1....1....1 1 1 .1....-.....-....-.iii-nu-ui 1....1111111.-11111.1111....1ii Congratulations June 1954 Graduates From ALBER COFFEE SHOP 3315 S. E. 14th AND ALBER D-X SERVICE 1....111.-1111.111111111.ii.1u 1....11111.-1111.-1.1111.1.ii.1.. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of June 1954 From The Air Lanes Bowling 4200 FLEUR DRIVE 1.,..1.,1,,.1 1.1.1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.. 1,..1...1.,..1.. 1 .1 .1.,1.-1 1 1.. 1 .1...i1i. 1..n.1.iu.1 1 1..ii1iii 1. 1., 1 .1....1 ,,1.,,.1 1 1..i.1....1....1....1,...1....1....1....1....1....1.... ... C. W. ROTH GROCERY Quality, Price, and Service GROCERIES and MEATS S. W. 9th 8. Bancroft Phone 3-6346 .......i- - 1ni.--ii...-....1....-I...1....-....1.in-.....-....1....1....- 1-1...-. THE GREEN LANTERN 2727 S. W. NINTH STREET HAMBURGERS - CONEYS CHILI AND LUNCHEONS iii1....1 1 1 1.iii1i.ii1....1....1....1..iu1.ii.1....1....1iiii1 1 1 1....1.. .1.....-1111.-11111111111.ii.1. WiIson's Variety Shop GIFTS - NOTIONS - CLOTHING Shop with Us and Save 910 Army Past Road Phone 2-7738 ..1..i.1 1 1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1..i.... ..1....1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1.I Compliments BLUE LINE STORAGE CO. 226 Elm Street Phone 4-8151 LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING Member Allied Van Lines, Inc. .i1..., 1 1... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...........l ..-..-..,i -.....1 I 1 I I I 1 I I 1 I l I I 1 I I . I ....-..........-...-..g. 4..-,,. 4...- ....--.--wg. .5..1.1--...---.-....1...1....1 1--.--.-...-1..g. 1.z.1....1.n i...1....1....1 ....1 - 4. ..1....1....1....-...... March 27 Dear Diary, Last night the annual Lincoln High Fun Night was held. The festivities started at 4:00 and ran until l l ZOO. Something new was added this year. We had a King and Queen. Karen Kennedy was crowned Queen and Norman Timmons was King. There were concessions, prizes, talent show, dancing, and movies. It was sponsored by the P,T.A. and all had a very enjoyable evening. ff- +l-- - l'l' - 'li- - '--- - -l-1 - ---' ---- 2 --T--T ---- ---- - if l l ARMsTRoNG TIRES l -'BEST IN ANY TEST" l MID-CONTINENT DISTRIBUTING CORP. 8ll Keo Way Phone 4-7222 1 DES Moiisiss 9, iowA l I -f '1- A..1,,gl1,,1,1 .1 imrinn1-u,.....n.1uniImlml...n1..,l1,..,1.3 1 ,IH-u -gn-lin-ini -1---11---1- 1 --11 im-:T rg A Play Miniature Golf! 1 AT . Cool - Crest l I Army Post Road 8r Fleur Drive l l Open 1:00 P. M. to Midnight l Group Rates Phone 8-9035 4...-....-....-..,.-H..-i...-....-..................-Hr.-il.-.......,..,-.il-l..-........l.-... .5 MARGARET'S POTTERY and CAFE HAMBURGERS GOOD COFFEE and SHORT ORDERS 4216 S. E. 14th STREET Elmglr 1 1- -.iminu1nil-un.-iniiiiii-iin-ini-iiii-nn- 1 ,rim ,,,,,,,1,1 1 1 ... i 1 1 ... 1 1 -,i 1 1 Quin. llelplul lB5e1imlaimg SlElQVlQlE Valley Beals aiiml Trust Co. WALNUT AT FOURTH MEMBER F.D.l.C. BUY A FAMILY PACK From Your Favorite Dealer :J 1 D515 'Aft vi, ,,,, '-'ljl 3 l'3'a2 3? Wil yi :lv dlayg. 'Q gg. ,Hi 5' "Q, imlilr 5' Q, l, ilu Tlvfx?'T' , , . ,, , 'Milly -is '4 5 y . IOWA 7-UP COMPANY + ,P .l.m-rm- - - - 1-1111-1-1-1 nu-mr Q. 1 ,, Im,-...i.-.-.-1-...11i...1,1iiii1,, Congratulations Seniors REGISTER AND TRIBUNE Dear Diary, March 30 We had a very full day today. It was Get-to- gether day. "Future Ambitions" was the theme, which provided a lot of fun for our usual assembly of comedy skits and acts. The seniors remained in costume all day, and at 3130 p.m. a dance was held. Following the dance we had a spaghetti supper in the cafeteria. Dear Diary, April 9 Tonight we're all getting ready to go to the Sen- ior Informal. The boys' gym will be decorated to the theme of Easter and Don I-loy's Aristocrats will be playing the music. We're all going to have a lat of fun. 4.1.-..........-...1-....-....-....-....-.......,..-11...-1...-1.11-1111-1...-.1..-....-1...-1...-1.4. T RELIABLE RUG CLEANING CO. T - 1200 CROCKER STREET I V E g "Iowa's Largest" .i...-....- -1- -1- ,-....-....-1..-..,,-....-....-....- .... ....-...i. sr- ---- - --ii - -'-- - ---- - --1- - -'-' - ---- - ---- - -'-- - -K-- - ---- - 1--i - '--' - ---- - -"i - ---- - ---' - ---- -Us I PHOTOGRAPHS FOR GRADUATES 1 I OuR SPECIALTY woLTz STUDIO I DES MOINES, IOWA 420 Ninth Street Phone 8-1955 111111111111111111111111111111111110-1111-1111111111 1111111111-1111--11111111111111i11111n +.111u1 1 111111111111ii11i1i111111111111111111i1111ii11i1i1111111111111 1 1111111141 1 DR. C. R. KN UTSON I 1 DENTIST 1 - 31 IO S. w. Nirsirri STREET I 0 X-Ray Service O I 1 Office Hours - 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. 1 5 Closed All Day Wednesday 2 I OFFICE 3-0885 RES. P1-1. 4-8786 I '1H- Iill - iiii - iiii - Iiil -wi- IIII - iiii - 'III - IIII - iifi - iill - IIII - IIII - IIII - IIII - IIII - ilvi - ilii -wi' 31- -"' - -'-- - i--- - -"' - '-" - "-- - --" - 'i-' - i'-' - -'-' - "-' - '--- -1-1-- '1-' - ---- -1- '--- -1-1--is CUNNINGHAM a. ALDERA GROCERIES AND MEATS 3801 S. w. N111111 1 Dial 4-5246 -X'...-..,.-1111-........11-.111-1...-...1.. 1 .. 1 1 1 -...,-.111-1111-1...-11,111+ 4..,-....- - -1...-.,,.-.,,.-,..........-,...-1111-1111-,,,.-....-..11-11.... ... ....1.-1..5. I JEWETT LUMBER co. 6305 S. w. Nirsiri-1 PHONE 4-8921 I..- iiii - iii, - i.., - iiii - i.,, -..1- i,.i - i.i. - .iii ---- iiti - ii.i - iiii - iiii - iiii -1111-HI 31- ---- -- -x-- - ---- - ---- - ---- - 'f-- - ---- - 1'-- - ---- - ---- - -i-- - 'i-- - --" - -ii' ---- "" -is ! 3M on Savings I I POLK COUNTY FEDERAL I I SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. I I SEVENTH and HIGH DES MOINES, IOWA - 1 Each Account Insured Up to 510,000.00 I 'ill-111111i11-1111-1111-1111-1i1:-1u1-1111-111i:1111-1111-1111-1111--111111111-suiiluiiliiii-:nic .11m11,,1 1 1 1,f,11,1,111,1111111,1111111111,11111,111111 1 1 1 g111111111 1 1111111111111-.11n1,,1111111111111,11111111111111 1 1i11u1 111111111111 1 1 1111111111111111111111111 u-ini-1111-1111-iiiiiniiiiiuiiiii-nu-11111111i11111-1111 -1111111111111111111-1111-1111-111111i111111111111111111iiii-1111-111111111 Compliments of ROY BRICK BARBER SHOP 3136 S. w. N111111 FLOWERS BY DESS POWERS 812 LOCUST PHONE 4-0307 111111111111111111111111111...11i1111111 1 1 111111111111-11111141111111-1111-11111 111111111111 1111111111111i111111111111111111111111,1111111111111111111 1 111111 SEARS MOTOR CO. General Repair Including Body 81 Fender Work 5919 Fleur Drive Across from the Air Port 111111111111 1 1 1111111 1111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 111111 ASH HARDWARE CO. COMPLETE GENERAL HARDWARE 3215 S. W. Ninth Street Phone 4-8077 1111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 95 University Ave. Phone 3-6281 4.1-1.1-.111-..1........-1.1.-.111-....-1.1.- -1- -11-11-1...-....-1.11-1111-....- 4. 11111 1111111111111111 1 1 1 -11111 1111111111111111 1 111111 11111111111111i1 'S' "'-"'--T'-9 '?' I l .gm1-f.i.,,,.-mi-.m.1ii...mi...mi. 1mi1.,,,1. ..-.Ui H1 I T SQUARE at ROUND Headquarters for DANCE FRIDAY and SATURDAY R , SYCAMORE oblnson s r PARK Furniture Store 5 DRIVE-IN OPEN SUNDAY 412414 WALNUT STREET l Hall Available for Weddings 8. Large Parties No Interest or Carrying Charges 3 - 9 0 4 5 i John Comito Geo. Stanley ...,.. ,,,, .. .... ...,.-.,,-,.-..,- ,.,, -..Q ,.-,,.....,..,-,- -,- - - - - -,- - .. Z2 X , 4 A I, 1 sei :1g,,A l G afwmg fu TR T eg T0 N IGH T I aie f method will teach you to dance faster, better, less expensively than you ever dreamed possible. What makes us so X ff sure? Years of teaching thousands the Astaire way have proved we can turn .uzimfa inte a polished dancer in short order. But don'tt.1lce our word for it. Convince yourself? Come into Fred Astaires today - y0u'll be dancing tonight. 'M is llllll llSlAIlll April 14 Dear Diary, Today we composed a list of the dates tor our commencement activities. On June 1st, the Senior Banquet will be held with a movie following. The Baccalaureate and Parent Tea will be held on Sunday, June 6 at 3:00 p.m. The Class Day assembly will be given on June 8. Commencement exercises will take place June 10, at 8:00 p.m. in the Lincoln auditorium. lt seems that time is passing almost too quickly. 'fn-' "" '- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "-' - "" - f"' - "" - "" - -'-' - i-" - iiii -I-1 COMISKEY'S coNoco SERVICE 1 GOODRICH TIRES and BATTERIES T 'Z' WASHING and GREASING T i S. W. 9th 8. Virginia Phone 3-9371 T 5'1111iiii-ini-nn-iiii-vii-iiiiln 1----1 ii-niixini:ini-Qiiii-iiii-his 4..-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-....-...........-....-....-.,..-....-....-....-....-...i-1. 4. JOHNSON 81 NEPSTAD LOCKER 1 1 lr FURNITURE a. APPLIANCES 2402 s. w. Ninth sf. Phone 4-5287 -1---M---im ---- - ---- - r-i- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - ---- - - - ---- - .--- - ---- - ---- - .--. -..----E Ei- -'-- ------------ A ---- ---r - '--i - 1 -E- L 1 1 1 l 1 Congratulations June 1954 Grads From I l 1 MARASCO'S 1 i SHOPPING CENTER I 1961 INDIANOLA AVE. 1 South Des Moines . 1 Everything for the Family and Home i ' See Marasco's First 1 1 1 1 1 4.,.-,,,,.. .. .. - -. --------.-- ..,........-...5. 1.71- iiiiiii- 1iiii1iiii-iiii-iiii1iiiiiiiii..iiii.-nu-ini:iiii1iiii...iiii1iiii1iiii- 1 ii-ini STEVENS FOOD MARKET 101 E. Army Post Road Ft. Des Moines Phone 4-3910 ii..iiii1mi1m,1m.1iiii1iiii...iiii1 1 1 1 1 I1.11.-iiii1,,,,1,,,,-..m1lm1 MIDDLEKAUFF PLUMBING CO. 919 Watrous Phone 4-1986 81 2-0858 DES MOINES, IOWA .,1....1 1 1 1 11m1I...-.iiii1iiii1im1.m1mi....,,,,11.1.1 1 1 ...HH1 n1,,,,1 1 1i..i1.m.1.m..,m1,,,,1m.1my-mi1iiii..i..l1,,,,1,,,,1 1 -iiii1 R. 81 E. GROCERY GROCERIES - MEATS - BEVERAGES 2920 S. W. 9th Phone 2-5481 ii1iiii1i.l,1i.ii1iiii1mi-.im1..i..1.m.. 1 1 1 1in1,m1iiii.-mi1,m1,m1 I-un-ini-iiiiiiuiiiiii-iiii1iiii1iui1iiii-iiii1nu-iiii:mi-im--iniinn-iiii-ini: PARK AVENUE DRIVE INN Genuine Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Ribs Chili - Coneys - Spaghetti - Chicken 11th and Park Avenue Phone 4-7518 ii-ini.-nil1iiii1ini-iiii1niu:ini1illl-im-iiii..iiii1ini-ini1un-iiii1iiii1iiii1iiri- ,,...ini1iiii-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1iui1iiii1 ir it COMPLIMENTS O'DEA Finance Company 1117 Locust Street DES MOINES, IOWA ir ir H1im1mi1iii.- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..,1iiii1,,,,1 ini: 1ini--iiii-iiii-iiii-mi-iiuliiii-:iii1iiiiiuiiiiiii--:iii-iiii1iiiiiiiii1iiii1iiii- H- wxxx -'.T- T-T-N-T,-A -1- -M---T..- .- T-T.,-...p .g..-.....-....- .. - - - - - - ... .- - --- -- L L L L L L L I CONGRATULATIONS VA N S T T JUNE 1954 GRADUATES L L SUPER VALU L L mm L L L L L L ' L L L L E d L P ' Very GY ow "ces oss MolNEs, lowA L L 'l4th and Indianola Road DES MolNEs, lowA 1 1 ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! Phone 8-4695 L f 1 --..-----....--....-..-....-...g. .g.-.-T.,.-..------------.-- CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1954 GRADUATES From Biggies Drive-In 2424 S. W. 9th Street - Featuring - TASTY BIGGIEBURGERS-GIANT TENDERLOINS MALTS 81 SHAKES . . . Best In Town Car, Counter and Carry Out Service ...ni cfun-un-n - Dear Diary, Some of our Seniors have been busy taking tests I to qualify for scholarships. A number of colleges offer their scholarships to Lincoln students. April I9 "" """" "" T CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS FROM Today, Charles Scott, Anthony Bellizzi, George Wolfe, Bob Gamble and Ted Rosky were offered l LoZ1ER scholarships to Simpson College in lndianola, Iowa. I I 1 , . . . I ' Many of our other seniors will soon be finding out. about their scholarships. OIL .gsn-irii-rni-miiiiii-ini-ini-im-uri-iii.-un-rin-I -i.ii-uri-iiii-ini-ini-iii.-ii4, I I i I MARASCO'S PHILLIP 6 ER I E I T, , 5 6 S V C i I TIMKEN and DELco HEAT I :res - Batteries - Accessories T I i AAA Washing - Greasing AAA T ? i Phone 3-9079 Hours 7-'IO 925 Army Post Road i i n -itti-.iii-m.-mi-....-..I.- -....-ri..-....-..ii- -.m-.i..-..rr-....-...I-.im-.mi-...it T Hour Repair Service on Makes signin-null 1 1 inn-nn1un-nn-nuiuuinn1nii1inl-uni: in -In-uiiiili,-34 Q : c. H. cizewss DRUG co. I - I : I Fl-EUR PHARMACY, T I 2722 INGERSOLL PHONE 8 l9l7 i Across from Airport Dial 4-2421 T I DES MOINES, IOWA vivn-nn- - -I - --I-i-im-iiii-iiii-iiii-nu-im-.iii-iiii ---- rin-ini. oieii-1iii- 1- - 1 -' -' 1 1 " 1 1 ' " ' 1 agar-im-in-I - - - -i - - -mi-im-mi-uri-im-.iiii--iii-im-.iii-ini-rm-mi-im-mi-mi-im-iiii-im-mr--itil-r.i--- - - - - -rII- - l TONINI FUNERAL HOME I . ..,.,.,, , .,.-.. ,.:.,.-.- .-..,.,.,. , .,,,.,,:.,.,.-.f.-1-:..-:-i.i.g.,.,.,:.-.-.5,-1-:4:4:4:41.1.,.,.::::,:::::4:-:-:4.g.g.:.:.,.1.,:::,:::,:,1.1.4-1.1:f.f.:.f,:.::::1:-:-:-:.:.wg.1:,:::g:::1:,:,:f:-1-:arfz::f:f:::f:5:1:1:55:1:r1r::g:gr1:1:::f:f:,-5:-zfzfrrfrfrrrf:sf:::f'f:1:f:,:4:-:fzfzfzrfrfrsf:f:::5:-rf:-:fp:-11:21-argrg:f:f:::1:1: : : : : -1,551-:Ar-: :-:': : : A: :r1:E:A:-:-:-:-:-:': :-12+1::s5:5:1:1:f:2:1:1:22:f:rZr51E1i:31'f:' -':liiiirfifririiiflilifi ' Q I .," - -2:E:1:I:1:f:.. ,',' :I15254E:f:I:2:fS1E252?2E2Z2E152f1:- "51E1E1E2?--15?:2E1:23Ef5fi2'5-.15252Srf1f:f:fE5211515E2E2ErErf:1:5:f31:1:2251 QQ: -'-".,. I' "" "i'fS,5:f.f1',':2:,'frgqsgzgva 2: 2:2'-55:1:FtfE?15233EJE1EF:22:2slzfzliifiiwriiiifigl tp-1 ""f : -E2E25i?ZE:'f .'."' 51E251525rE2ErS1'.f-fffffififz 221 "" : ar-IE-:z--:.:..:.. 2 if "-' i MI ':"2ffIs22fsfsf2i' A"" ff : iff' ., -A-2fff1f:ff22:sfs5: --'. 22221faff?fff215:s:2:s:sSEsE5252sf' "v. 1525:2:5:25355555552Eff:2:5:s:s:5S: I 5 'F-5155 1: ,E ,gi '2EffEf'5'E5f .',, l 55555f f 's : 1'5?if5 r5 iffr' "',c ffiirfff ""' - -s:s:51f:s:f:5:5i:sfaaw1.'fs115:5:1seri:s:s:5:3:5:s:5:5a:f:1, ' E:E:f:2.1g2.'.:2 .'-- :..,1.1:P.-.:Irf:r:I5:sfsas:s:s2'f:i:::::5:2::g:s:5:s:e:a:s:f 1:1 r. r '?'.f"1"1f4 S5-715 71125 ' 15Ff7iJf252"5a5f?'E1ll1 f?27f:iff 57g5752:25 ff -ffl: -1'1:+1.-', ' 51 ': 11. 2:f:f" :1:11wff:f '1f1f2SI5!QE:Ef2f32'1':-3-EVfIEIEIS:Ef252SQSSff5fSffEEf!5E725f:""5 --.,.,.,.:QE55f55.-.f?.'fi.:gI-iff,1.1SfrIf1f55ffl5ifEZsfffffflfiffffflffffflf 'f: 5.1, fi: ivi fa fsf t :f, ,,5 , --f f 1:5 --1- .314-.3-s , g 1ff 5: 12555: fe ' ff M43 - ! icii I - 'iiiisigf15f535QII5fgqg.51E:1:E55fiifffrisffiiifiiiifiiif 3 1553, ffE5I' f' ? Q fifl- 5 fEj55'I1 iffj 'ii isiifif 15551 1 555. it 1:-A 5 315155521535 " "4S151E1:r11S:-I I W' .',2 i - 21: i f I . 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'1 Il vlllli l i 2 l l -73- -1- -i--i-,- - -- - - - - -T-- -.- -.,,,-...P CONGRATULATIONS JUNE i954 GRADUATES FROM LOFFREDO ELECTRIC 6004 S. W. 2nd Phone 2-5528 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING COMPLETE SERVICE i ,3 A Distingui 9C Liberal Arts Community College Business Administration Education i Law . Divinity Pharmacy I . Fine Arts Graduate Division Air Force R O T C Offered Jen-un-11,1 .. 1...,1.m-.n.-.,.,-until.,.-....-,.,..-H....,..1..m1 -7527 ll3l l l C 81 H MARKET i Q GROCERIES AND MEMS i305 Pork Ave. Phone 4 y ai- -'-' - ---- - -ilx - ---f - K-.- - --ii - --1- - ---- -T - - ----- ii-- - -1'- - --ii - ---- ----.-....- i ft- tttt M tttt - tttt - tttt - ttit - tttt - tttt ------- I -- l L Fon New on AI ussn CARS Q l See 1 l BOB BEATTIE 1 l AT sos BEATTIE SID BEATTIE, INC. i West Des Moines Ford Dealer 6th cmd Maple Phone 5 -1. -1'-- -llf --- ------------ - - 1ml..,, ,1mi...-I..-W.....1..1--....11i-...111 shed University in Your Home Town DRAKE U I ERSITY - Established 'l88'l - alleges of the University Q A or CQYTN 1,,,l1,m1 .-m,1,,,,-. FOR INFORMATION call or visit the office of Admissions Counselor ,.-1 , 1,11 1 ...my1im..vwi....1w...,.w..,w..wT--,miim-mi.: ,,..,,Qnuguui.-,,1m.mm-.im-un-mi..m....m1,m...w.1,,,,1mi-uuilwi L 1 1 1 jun.- ...74.. May 7 "' "" ""'-'-""""' 'E' I I Dear Diary, , , , Q .Q W V, The Spring Music Festival will be held tonight I ' NA 5' 5 in the Lincoln High Auditorium. , I . I . The Chorus will be singing songs from "South gil " Pacific," and there will be soloists, also. I fqli' .I "-t' This is an annual event at Lincoln. 'V'i 'I 'I -sm , f l ' Mrs. Mapel will be directing, with people in glee S ff , f ' club and chorus groups participating in the pro- it 5 gl g ra m. 5 VW it I r- make a date Wit? tomorrow E 0 gl-I---'I-I-1-'-I----I----- ----- ---- I ---. . i..-..,g Q T E save today at HOME FEDERAL I I I 1. I I All Types of Metal Windows 2 E I I .Q . I I MOFFITT BUILDING MATERIAL co. I 3 -A 55,554 3. Fig gg. I 1 .fig - - I fu ' r TQ' 3 v , Q., ,lg 5- ? Plastering Materials - Brick Masonry Materials L T 3 V ' tl Y r 1 "lf i Sand, Gravel, Limestone I T 2' ' ' , s ,fn J ii I , E Roofing and Siding-Insulation I e 'B , 5 f V. 5 I ' I 'J 02' I , ' ' Q. I I 2-5, lg: . 'lice 621 S. W. 7th Street gg sg :I VTX . j '- g . can it , , 32 . V, if Phones: Off. 8-7259, Home 4-2528 v 'J , 'i"1"" 111'i '-- 1i21 -12- 1 .. 1,,,,..,,,i, 'i'nI-Iininn-ni -11?111111 IIII-ull-lnI1lHI1 - -gi-II ------ ----- - - -. -....- - -..,.-., .... . .... , ,- .... ... .. - - - ... - I I I CREED 017 I 5 I O I I The Budd Lmcoln H1 her Club r 3 A Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Sectarian Organization I With the growth and development of a more active South Des Moines Community, I the B. L. H. Club, Inc., pledges its support to all community, church and school i activities. - Membershi is o en to any one interested in Lincoln Hi h or the South Des Moines - . P P . . 9 I Community, or any graduate from Lincoln High, or any one I8 years of age. I MEANING AND runross or B. L. H. CLUB l. To support the school in all educationalrprograms and all extra curriculum. E 2. To su ort all reli ious denominations. I PP Q 3. To support the faculty in all their various activities. 4. To Build the South Des Moines Community to one of the best in the city. I i Membership Dues are 51.00 yearly I I oion-IIII- -- -' '- 1 1'??" "' iliii iiliiliiiiliii iiii 1 1 1 1 + -75-, 17,-,,,1:,..1w 1 ,iwiwlw1-f.1.,,imQf,:if,,...,,1,,, 111.12mlm,-,,,,1,,.,i,m-,,,.1,,..i.,,,,,,,i -- Lincoln High has a lot D of friends at Solar . Among graduates of Lincoln High at Solar are, left to right: Dick Masimore I'44J, Chief Cost Re- corder: Bill Graves I'4lI, Precision Inspector: Rich Reyes I'44I, Photographic Technician: .lack Gill- man I'44I, Maintenance: Leonard Hudson I'44i, Payroll Clerk. Q AIRCRAFT CQMPANY DES MOINES 0 ui,-.lviiillw-11111112111111,-..- I FOR COMPLETE SAN DIEGO .-nn.1unx.1nn,,,,,1.,.,..m,1 1 .. 1 I Painting G. Decorating SERVICE O COMMERCIAL O INDUSTRIAL CALL FOR ESTIMATES COMPLETE INSURANCE COVERAGE CALL 2-5279 Mansfield DECORATING CO. 'l0'l 0 ROSE AVE. ,F ,, ,.,,.. im...-. ,...,.. iv-- 1 1 1n:Iim1InI...w-lim.-.un1mI..mI.. 1 1 1 176-- May I4 Dear Diary, TOCIOY, The annual Science Fair was held at Lincoln High School. Representatives of the biology, chemistry, and physics classes from all Des Moines High Schools came to our school and set up their exhibits and conducted various experiments. The Science Fair provides a way tor the students to show what they have learned, and what other students from other schools have been doing in their science classes. 4...-....-1...-....-...1-1...-....-....-1...-1...-....-....-..- - 1 Vl'S CAFE I HoME coo141Ne-aooo COFFEE i 1 1- 1 11111111.21 T s. w. 9111 at Army Post Rd. Phone 3-9127 -1 11-1.11-....-111-11.....11-.111-1111-11....111-1...-....-.1 -11.1-1111-11...-11.1-1111-111.-mi. AE111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111,111111111..111111111-11111111111111111 'S' I I T COSPERS CONOCO SERVICE T S. E. I4th 81 Virginia Phone 3-9I27 DES MOINES, IOWA i We Give Gold Bond Stamps 2 .g.....1.,.- - -..,.-..1.....,.....,.-.1..-..,.-...1.....,.-....-....-....- - - -....-,,,g, I!u111111 1 11111111111111111111 1i111 11 1 111 1 11:111110g . The BLOSSOM Shop 6209 5. w. 9th Phone 2-9617 DES MOINES, IOWA We Specialize In Corsages, Bouquets I and Weddings I in- i-ii ------ - 1- '--- - '-1- - -"- - ---- - -iii -1 ----- ---- - 1-fl Q..-.111 --------- .1 -.11 - 1-1 ----- 1...-11? l Compliments of I BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. I 5 Manufacturers of Walside Baked Enamel 11111111111111111 C. DE YOUNG SUPER MARKET GROCERIES, MEAT AND FEED 2OOI S. E. 6th St. Phone 4-5l97 111111111111111111111111v1111111111111111t11111 1 111111111111111111111111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 DlXON'S MASTER MARKET 210 LOCUST STREET ER1END1.1NEss AND c1.EAN1.1NEss The Working man's Friend 111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1111111 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 BALZERS PURE SERVICE WASHING - GREASING - TIRES - BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES 2716 s. w. NINTH ST. PHONE 3-9498 -.11,111111im,11111,1111t1111..1111-111 .... i 1 im.11111.-Im-,,,,1111111m... ,1..,,,,i,m11.111HI,,11n.-1111111111111111111111111111111111.-11111111111111-u11-1111111111 RADIO AND TELEVISION FT. DES MOINES RADIO 81 TV SALES and SERVICE Hours: 9 A, M. to 9 P. M. PHONE 3-5702 63I9 S. W. NINTH DES MOINES, IOWA CONGRATULATIONS JUNE I954 GRADUATES From PROCTOR DRUG CO. 'D' 'D' A place to meet your friends 4 4' 32I I Southwest Ninth Street Phone 4-7521 I Aluminum Siding DES MOINES, IOWA l4I4 Grand Ave. Phone 8-8501 I I ' gn- ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, .. .,,. - ..,, ... ------ ...-....- .... - .... -. .... - .... -I+ qw- .... - .,,. ------------ - - - - -1.11- --77- 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111-.1111111111 ,.,, ... - ,,.N - .... - 4..-........,.. -,..... ... .. - - - ..,- -- -i-- - --- SELLERS HARDWARE SEIDLITZ PAINTS Thirty-six Shades in Nine Different Finishes :curse Powen Mowens 3205 5. W. Nintn ' PHONE 4-1913 1i,i,1..ii1...1Li1.i,1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1i,ii1. 1iiii1,,,1i.ii1.i..1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,141 1i1iii,1ii CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATE OF JUNE CLASS '54 QD. of Snow 1iit.1 1 1 1,1 1 1i.1.t1 1.1.1 1,1.,1 1.1iiii1,i 1,,.,1 1 1 1 1 1..1i1,.1.1 1 1i1vi,1 1,1 1iiii1iii CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1954 GRADUATES Ro-Lee Studio Wedding Portrait 1915 Grand Ave. Ph0ne 8-1946 m1iiii-.1111,11111111111..1g W I M P Y ' S STEAK HOUSE 1604 SOUTH UNION ST. PHONE 3-9817 ,1,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1iiii...im1i3i1,,,.1.iit1in.1 1.1,m1m,1 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1954 GRADUATES From DiON'S FOOD STORE 3202 Southwest Ninth U Phone 2-1006 ii1iiii1i1i1.1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1iin.-iui- .1,,,,1.itt-.nn.....,ii1nii1n.i1nn...n,l1ini1,,,,1,,,,1...1,..,1iii.1..ii1..,.1....1,.,.1 ATTENTION JUNE GRADUATES Prepare for a position with a future at A.i.B. starting in June. - Also special classes in shorthand and typing for students planning a college course, Write or call A.l.B. for a copy ot "Careers Unlimited." American Institute of Business 10th and Grand DES MOINES 4, ,N ,, ,, ,-,... .......-..-....-....-.,.-,..... - -.,,,-,,-,,..,,- M 28 Dear Diary, Oy Well, TOI'1ight's the big night! The Senior class iS- l'1Oving its semi-formal dance at the Val Air to- night at 9:00 p.m. The formal is always a very lovely occasion and we re sure to have a wonderful. time. This completes the senior diary of the June '54 class of Lincoln High. We would like to express our hopes that the Jan- uary '55 class will have as much fun and enjoy- ment keeping their senior diary as we have had with ours. Q..-I..-i...-....-i...-....-....-H..-....-....-im-.....-..i.-....-iii-....-....-..,.-i..i-...Q S Congratulations to the Graduating Class of June l954 l i NITTLER PLUMBING co. 2 REPAIR WORK 1 CONTRACTING e l Phones l I 3-l675-4-1271 1028 Army Post Road I rfU1iiiiiinl1ilii.-iili1iiii1i4il1iui1 1 1 1union,mi1,,,,1niiiiin1iin..mi-ini. -:-- '1f- -i-+-r- -'-- - -'ii - -'i- - -"i - --'- - f-ff - i-ii - i-if - i'ii - f-'i - -'i- - f'ff - -fii - iff- - i-fi -it-Q MARiE's BEAUTY sAi.oN i 2221 S. W. Ninth Phone 2-6868 T I COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE T i Revlon Cosmetics - Helene Curtis and Zotos Cold Waves i if1i1nu1mi--nn1uu1iui1uu1iin1nu1uii-iiii1iiu1iiii1iiii1iiii1iiii1iin1iiii1ini1nqio in- "" -f"-'- "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - "" - iiii - "" - "" - "" - 'f" - 'ii' --'- "" -"-ir HoUsE or MARMIQN 5ll EUCLID AvE. T OPEN 9 to 9 PHONE 8-6737 T i The Home of Dream House Furniture T 'i"- ifii -w- ---- - 1--i - iiii - iif- - i--i - iiii - --i- - ii-i - iiii - iiii - iiii - iiii - iiii ---i- iii' ---rf' 'ffl1ml1mi1iiii1mi1iiii1un1iin11m1mi1ini1iiu1mi1iiii1iin1uii1iiu1mi.-iiii11:44 l I i PARK AVE. FLOWER SHOP Q T "YOUR SOUTH CITY FLORlST" . . . Flowers for All Occasions 5 : Corsages - Bouquets 1 Plants -:- A Complete Gift Line l I 4009 S. W. 9th FLOWERS BY WIRE, Inc. Phone 2-2872 I i Funeral Designs - Weddings a Specialty T 'ilu--iui1i 1iiii1iiii1u 1 1u:i1iiii1im1iin1iiii LQQQ iiii- -iiii1iiii1unio o!u1uu1n -121i- iiii1iiii1i.ii1iiii1 i1 1 1 1' 1 i1uu1iinfs l' l Q INSIST UPON I BILT WELL WOOD WORK . I Bilt Well Products are specified by leading architects I i and used by Des Moines' leading builders. i l CARR a. Mom-ii. co. I - 7 nes Memes, iowA I Visit Our Display Rooms l .!...-....- .. - .. -...,-...,.....,-....-,...-..,,-..,.....ii-,...- .. .. of My rrr ,i 'lllllllll E Qlllllllllllllliiiiili' l xi!! WINDOW G DOOR i COMPANY 209 Court Avenue DES MOINES, IOWA AX-NNq.XN'RX'W. Aluminum Combination Windows and Doors REYIIOLDI .-"'-,--g'1- -,awww 5 " ll LU Ill I II U III Aluminum Primary Windows Also-Reynolds Lifetime Aluminum Rain Carrying Equipment ii1iiii-- 1iiii1uii.-iiii1iiii1mi1iui1ini1iiii-iiii-un1iiii1iin1uii1iiii-iiii n1iiii1.-111111..11-...1..1.- COMPLIMENTS OF Des Moi11es Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery -l- -I- nes Mamas 9, iowA q1H-.m'.-I- -Mi ...ni.-iui1iiii1iiii1iiii1iiii1un1im1i 1 1 1IIl1iIiI1nQo li'lllTllll'1 1 1+ 1--11111 '- "" 1 -111 1 1 Q. P7 9- 4 SSN : w . , Nt Sf x 'E fi .v, my f N , S 5 I W,,,,,v--ws., ,f'y, wth an xv ' 4 ' me x. 3 M 3 1, Ki X 3 1 A l 3. 3 as ' 5-QL -, 5 FN v ' . Q' IW . f, 'ij . ' lf V . "fi , Am A W ' .f ,...41, , . , L. ,X Eg ' J ...mmf-4..1.ls.:.1zmlie

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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