Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 23 of 82
Page 23 of 82

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 22
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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 24
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Page 23 text:

f 14 -'..,x J Yu ' 491' 1 s ff f K' 1' N1 Mb-YJ 42? :" "'- Kf jfz fl! J we 0 1 ""P1ez' ,ml xl ,La L0 D. "aiu, , . E "a,11,3,g1r f,.,.-f.- ah- , f ':'V 5 ffm? E I z ,j f - 2 ,, ,, - W A pY'9Slgf""T z ' H Q A , , 'i f , y,f,,',, V My-,, V A , ,, . L,,,4, I 1 ,. M. 4 ,gf ' -Q 'qc 4 Nic- MNE O V 4,7f3hN 'U S: of.f.:'f, fi u 'uw 'A -VT '1 AJ1,a,fYU- ' 1 in Ima , .M JI A 2- I , Q wxfkutf " ,, '11 S v, , in f t .,,,, . ., W ,mq,,,4Elaq?K gx L. 1? .Q VI , r V .... 2? Q ,ggi 45 X 5' .,.A I ,MA ,,. , an . V' ' v my WMJA, ,K me v LANWE NESS!! f3.....T'EHf!3 .yr 1-wwf? is 9,2 'ff -mi M- 'il W .M fx A5 ,S Q an-.h - , Rafi! " 4 V .., 1 s ,Ze N ' ' 1 Q, 1 f' K Q " Us-,iw .1 D DI v. "f"W" Q :xx-1 -WH ggse- AIHLA 1- N:U3"x0 qdpwgf, x L,,A 1- ins. jgfif .ei Q Q X ll, 5 H ,Y N 1 mi f 5.10 w-' , 3 ' X F i Q s I L if N ' ' i fir' s " ' - ' n t N I , fw WX f ' 4 M 1.1 APVEQQ, 5, N M5 V.- .J K- iff

Page 22 text:

f'N! P f' 'Bc ,--.1 led ,2 6 4 'lo v 630. V 6 O L ?f x g f' MMXX J A5795 f W 1- re organizing a nc lghlmrhnml Hum r cullurm vunxnnllev WI n I put wou down for .1 fc w hours of xour fru time each wuk' dontxoudlrl !lVl K A Xou lw"' ' I wan! lo make a good ampreuuon on my gui friends so remen b , 1 er . . when I wave mw handlwrrhwf. vou make rx tourhdownf' Flu plan von t bf. thf une without um 13? 7' that one 1 onsolahon ENV Gi gs-ix O ID E gg' Q27 S gs, XS-all '5 11' Qx S N .. gp Nw '. s"""e K .. 55.223 X I Q ND is-2 X, Q ,Q 1 Q C3 YW' x -. .J Q f- N55 C Ez- an and thc mfctx pans, 'WFS JUHYU dn I ch mga thun, too?" g n N I ' ,,. " r Q W, - I f 2 i, -I R K 5 ' 31- ' QE, , at """""' - H W Q- F7 --I 1-' ul,-, '.r. , r. .n -.. , I- v,Al My QR X L " F Q ' " M gy L ' 9' 'U-Y fl 1, I -E L .9 lx N C ' ' L mf 'off V N , , 1 . , A W f f 9, 5. . ' I f A 9 ? M A 1 ig X 5 Q X W ' EN ' ' D 4 ' 2 P 2 X 1 f X ,J X pi ......,,,,..,,.. .....,.iA..., ,. ..,... H' h I h V . 5 Y Sz ? ' A sw .' , U U Q . . J 1 , . . . . . 1 '- 3, . K 'Z' X, KL ,.,- j -A X K I V V afxv K , X -f' -N 'Q 1 4 V x - , 1 X V. M ,K e. , i 44' r v Kr, 2 i Z f Q ml, I ' ' '

Page 24 text:

We the Senror graduatrng class of June l953 endung our happy school days un Lrncoln do make publush and declare the followung as our last Wull and Testa ment that us to say We hereby wull the followung Larry Anderson wrlls hrs lke un to any good Republucan Ronnue Ander son leaves all hrs hot rods to Mr San ders To Dorothy Payne goes all the energy ut took for Barbara Atkrnson to strut Ronnre Bales leaves hrs parkung space un back hrs ways wuth Morgenthaler also hrs J S to Horton To Bull Barrett goes Kurby Bakers charge account un chem ustry Tom Ballard wrlls hus way wuth women to Larry Aller lYou lucky boyl To Mary Ellyn Hubbs and Sharr Muller go Mr Sanders and the unfunushed tennrs courts left them by Marranne Barclay Marulyn Bergstrom leaves her rob f make up edutor to Mr Sanders who does ut anyway accordung to Marulyn Ardy Cornnel rs left wrth Jennue Bequeauths abrlrty to play racks Larry Buerma ond Chuck Guuducessu ve Ken Carter IT ' ' ' ' Jum Bux r wrlls old 36 to Darold Berry To Pat Murphy goes all the fun Barbara Blaur has had un fourth hour rournalrsm Louuse Wrllrs us left wrth Beverly Boylans luck cal abuluty to Bug Red Janrce Burgess says shell wull her bug teeth to anyone who looks luke a rabbut lWhy Janl To Betty Burgett s srster goes all of her lock er keys tMay she use them wusely r Alrce Burress leaves her abuluty of gettung along wuth Muss Anderson to Deanna Hamlrng lLots of luck Deanna J To Bull De Blonk goes Larry Coen space rn front of the offuce Doug Davrs wrlls all hrs troubles wuth gurls and teach ers rn Lrncoln to hrs brother Dale Janet Davus leaves all her troubles and good tumes rn typrng to Pat Saffell and Ellen Lacey all of the troubles Russell Davrs had un twelfth grade Walter Johnson and Bob Russell are wulled the school by Duck Draper Duck also wants to leave Pete Rank to Laurre Buffungton Bob Durbrn leaves all hrs fun at Mac Ray to Davrd Norrus To the next graduatrng class go Jean Errckson leaves her two flat feet to anyone who needs four Maru lyn Fusher wrlls to the teachers at Lrncoln all the rest of the Fushers that are yet to come uf they can take ut To John Mascara goes all of Ted Floden s abrlrty un hrstory Vuctor Fredrrck leaves hrs tennus abrluty9 9 9 9 to Ellen Lacey and Gene Weber Erma Gartun leaves her shorthand book to anybody who wants rt To Ted Errck son goes John Graves seat un hrstory class Carol Gray rust leaves wuth every thrng that rsnt bolted down Johnny CAM lf!! Gasperr wrlls hrs abuluty to sleep and loaf un Mr Morgenthaler s room to Claur Strone and Don 'Duede Rrchard Hammond lls hus seat Muss Holmes hrstory class to whoever rs lucky enough to get ut Elarne Heuntz wrlls all her fun at Lrncoln to Sarge Reeves and her abuluty to tell storues to Cheryl Rrchardson To the frrst crop of new 7Bs go Tom Henrys locker old books and assorted pencrls Barbara Hratt leaves all her fun at Lrncoln to Peggy and the gang Dave Lrttle unheruts all of Del Haffmans werght to use un the mrddle of the football lrne To the boys un servrce home room ll8 go the movue machrnes wrlled them by Bob Hufstader Wylue Hunt leaves hrs hard tumes wuth physrcs problems to Kenny Waddull Joanne Jackovuch wrlls all her fun rn Lrncoln to Barbara Jackovuch and all her late assrgnments to Marrlyn Attug Please get them done Julre Jambor leaves her lo ker an old shorthand book her old typrng papers and anythrng else worth takung to anybody who hasn t got any Joed Johnston wrlls her well stock ed chemustry desk to Paula Henry Thel ma Jones wrlls all her good tumes at Lrncoln to Mary Lou Ogden and Dorus Warrrck To Janet Myers goes all the fun Donna Jordan has un Home Makrng wuth Sue McBurney Charles Kenayer wrlls hrs srdeburns to Henry Waddell and wrlls Prnocchro to Mr Pos Beverly Herker Laur leaves all her good tumes un l3S to Helen Pretro-don t let ut get under your skun To Anthony Belluzzu goes Alva Longerbones startrng posrtuon un the football lrne Bob Lyons leaves hrs hard luck wrth teachers to Ken Carter Ron Marturello guves all hs spare tume and gurls over at Munnue s to Jack Brookes and Chub Grossnrclfle Jer y Matalone wrlls hrs golf abuluty to Loyd Joss Theresa May leaves her abrlrty to graduate from Lrncoln to her srster Karen Sue McBurney wrlls all her good tumes un home makung wrth Donna to Beverly and Shurlev Brrd To La ry Horton goes the chaur un the front hall left hum by Larry McKunney Glenn Muller wrlls hrs raduo scrupts to that famous man and great Amerucan Mr Wayne Pos Esqurre Nancy Muller guves her abuluty to sew a straught seam and all her good tumes rn Muss Scanlan s class to her srster Lonnue To some lucky student of Muss Holmes goes the hrstory abuluty of Jae Mettulle Claudune Moore leaves all her good tumes un Muss Mor oney s room to her srster Barbara Jack Nuttler wrlls hrs desure to help other peo ple out as they have helped hum T Frances Kennedy goes all of Duane Og dens old run down boy fruends Clyde Oxenreuder leaves hrs beaten up track shoes to hrs brother Garry Sally Park leaves all her raduo scrupts and good tumes un raduo to Jean Monroe 22 To Bob Bordenero goes the autamatuc lught rn the locker left hum by Charles Pugneru Anyone who has enough cour age to take Jean Punellu s good tumes can have them Raffaela Punellu leaves her typewruter un Mr Sanders room to any one who can take ut wuthout berng caught To Bob Lozrer goes the track shoes of Gary Randall Florentuna Ruvera left wrth Mary Ruch s abuluty to get along wuth Mr Chatman" JoAnn Rufe hereby wrlls all of her left over dues on home makung staff to Marulyn Cash who has a pot of gold9 Pat Ruston leaves all her thrrllung urdes rn Shasta to Cath rune Caldwell that us rf she can stand sudden death Sharon Sanders wushes to leave to her best fruend Helen Pretro her unlumuted abuluty to sew and make orugrnal desrgns equal to any Parrs couturueres John Scagluone wrlls hrs abrlrty to sung wuth Joe Zahn to hrs brother John To Frank Tullotta goes the wood workrng abrlrty of Jum Scavo Jerry Shumway wulls hrs parkrng place to anyone who us capable of fundung t Cherrue Sums leaves her unfluence toward males to Sharon Corn To Bob Loffredo goes the chaur used by Jum Smuth un math class Rayma Sult wrlls her locker of fuve years to anyone who can stand the mud un the bottom All the l2Bs are left wuth Claudette Swan s fun un l2A actrvrtres Bull Thompson leaves the love of hrs present teachers to hrs younger brother Skrp Tummons leaves all of hrs troubles at L H S to hus dear fruend Ross Cor nuelson and hopes he gets away wrth as much as he dud Enes Travarnu leaves all her loafung un school to Donna Magnanu Bull Trussel leaves all hrs car troubles to Bull Brubaker and all hrs devulushness to Ross Cornuelson Marulyn Turnquust wrlls all her fun and troubles wrth boys un Mrssouru to anyone who wants them and to Karen Kennedy goes all the fun she has had at Lrncoln Connre Vertz leaves her hrstory notes to Judy Fontanunu and anyone else who wants them To Esther Olson goes An nette Vullurrllos abuluty to make a mess of her haur Ramona Walston wrlls he seat of sux semesters un Mr Coxs hs tory class to some future lucky 9 9 9 9 9 student JoAnn Ward and Barbara Ruce leave theur smelly lab desk rn chemustry to anyone who can stand the odor Jackre Warren leaves all her fun rn Lrncoln to Duxue Benscoter To Esther Olson and Marulyn Burgess goes all the good tumes Darlene Wummer has had at Lrncoln Peggy Wrrght leaves all her fun un l2A actrvrtres to red Wrrght and Colleen Turner John Yana sak guves hrs palutucal drscussuons wuth Muss Holmes to Lloyd Green Joe Zahn leaves hrs sleeper hold to Anthony Pal ludrno l I . . . I 1 I ' ' ,. . 9 - . ' wi ' in V ' ' ' A r - ' , , r A Il 9 tv - ' . , ' - A ' , ' . rs V u A ' I - ur - A V 4 , . I , , - 4 - . . .' . ru -u . A I r I , - ' A . . 4 . ' I ' ' ' . . . , . . . U D . I , I . . , , O , , . . .. . . ,- . - 4 ,T I . I - I .' b. . I A . -S I ' ' ' A t I . . . i - . . lea . . . . ' ' Ie V ' ' with Horses. Larry Brown wills his musi- l"',5 hcffrglo B"qdHB0lheY- phYll'5 K'55eH ' ' ' ' ' , ' I I . i Q A. . ' ,I - ' -- , . r . . , , V '..' . . I . , V - , . .... ' ' 'I ' A ' A . . ' ' I ' - . , . , ,A V g Q u . b O . .

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