Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 20 of 82
Page 20 of 82

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 19
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Page 20 text:

Manlyn Ma ne Turnqulst went to Por X er' C G Scnnol where shf v. h no c y c' f CCN FULVY' 'Cl tu cnt v. n e ct 'nor a '1 O 4 NA r v n the o fn eco ook n n merhtcr lush n vv 1 cr meore us C l U R C L MRC F x t e n her la est t rll ye crrc Ambuhon To trove repay ln whate cr slse c of r work Evelyn Colleen Verfz A tor ne udcnt o r wrcre she c'alms she hos no slffleton he co T r servlce e 'n be attlc lf Conn e has scxcrol cuhs CDMC Calrco R H ' H Grrls Scouts S S S P P P P Durlng ner nlgn scnool me outslde of the Waldo t Astorla Connles m lst embarrassung moment too embarrassing to say us as Glorla Hunter Talents are Jocks T ddleywlnks an: Marbles Her trggest thr ll wrll come ID August Her hobbres consrst ot Don eotlrg sleeprng Don and Playlng Jacks Amblhon To marry Don and lrve Happily ever otter Anneffe Vllllrlllo l comes to us along wvth the rest ot the gong from Mnole Grove Clarms she doesnt embarrass easlly 9 9 9 9 9 9 Blggest thrlll was be omrrg a Vldeo Ranger lWhere your space shrp parked Ettl9l Partles cmchetlng and wrestlvng a e her hobbies Served an Sensor Rall and Greenhorn Staffs Farthtul mmbero'SDMC GGS C P W and P P P P Sleepy clalms her only talent lS yodelrng Her grade school closet door rs lo ked and her tavorlte song Slow Poke Amblhon To be cool Ramona Lou Walston Manue comfs to us from Maple Grave Says cne of her many efnlar ra sung moments was when sho drcooed a certarn art Ie c Jw ed hall arms hcrt t thrll wlll be graductlon s a talthtul rnemLer of he A M L W W I ant KA TS l'olents lncluae sa,rng the wronq th ng at the wrono trme and play ng chop stlck Wo ll ays she cleaned her loset be ure she 'ett grade school ' ura Have You Heard and Lntorgettchle are 'vtonc s ' yor te Q0-1 Q Ammhon To always te happ ha e s e a rn Calrrornla v-wth Julle Jo Ann Ward Jo Ann came to Llncolr from Mavic Grove where she clorm thlt her grade school closet r too tull or skeletons to reveal any of them She has erved on St,l'ent Councll 'or tour years also she was Presldent J Jr Studen' Coun ll He clul ln ldde F I V l P andSSA Jcsho"lfsae partles w th the F l swrm no na an ' skat ng Amblhon To graduate 'rar' lcwc Un erslty College at t Urs ng Jacquelyn M Warren m to L V1 V' 'P L the gang trem e vm Sec e r f-nrcr Statent C mc ftn mt er t T T r Y 'Y' lc r slnq rrxarnent n x Wa C 'ferent e vy Var w rnrh nf' r e erng clecte Secrctar Cn or J H nt r' lfeleton cle tc na lacke c Cr O certa navrn lf e cher T ents o averer Ambmon fl nany 'rlerm Darlene Moe Wlmmer Osborn f-Q went to Pork A enue Grade School where WC VCWCW bers gettlng cauaht wh gypplng wlth L as been on Gvm tat' ann worked In the candy booth Dar r- te eng o W and Y Y C She clalms that she ha had too many emt.ar ra Inq mcrnent to mention her hchlwles rnclude cookln te slng Sal and eatrna Doe sa, her talents are all ha n and her tavorrte songs gn Why Dont You Eelleve e and Tlll I Waltz Agam WrtP You Darrenes lggest wll le arazluat on an gettrna rnorrred Ambuhon To le a good wrte to Sol Muldred Margaret Wright PLQ came from Howe wh rc she was always havrng to stay af school tor chewlna gum when she actually jldnt havr anyt'lng rn her mouth ITA' ENT 9 9 9 9 9l She has been a rrcmber at Homemakrng Stott tor fx semesters Jr and Sr Chorus and Studen Coun rl Peggy lS a member of C Y F o j r houby ns collectlng matchbaok covers Pegs talents rnclude slngung and playrng the prano he clams she has had too many embarrasslna moments to mentlon and h r tavarute songs arc On l-lapuy Dov and vnt L the Star Get ln Yo Eyes Peggy says her rlggest graduatlon Ambltlan Bc o success rn whatever s L 'ln s John Davnd Yonosak A 'orrner student ot Park Avenue rate Scnoe where he clalms has only skeleton rn hrs grade chool clos t rs lr-rmse Jo n s a nlernLer at ryrce H R He nelong De Malay o tx ls calectln one nq to records Who knows what hr l es' r v H C.lOlfrrs hs al are yr. uncxplolte John nle was very emtarrassed when he w s caught scusslng pecu'lar tres ot a ccrtarn teacher ty sa d teach r o 'N s tayorrte sang l You ll Never Vwclk Alowe Ambition T make G suc lc er lr e Joe Zahn Joe clorms to have no sketetans ln hrs closet at Maple Grove Grote Scrco' Hrs nab' y s base hall losel atl Baseball ' ' " Tells us n had no emtarrass rnq moment YET " He rs a rnelnl er of A W O L Ougy has rcccrvzrl on: letter ln Fall tr xk one rn lasketlcll and tw, rn ras' all Hr trggest thr ll ls tc come rn the tuture Jot onl, t lent he cla ms s srnqlna nas vs th lot-n S cg lone rn the shower Amblhon To e C success V 94 I ' ' ' Ja:k:e" ca e l Qjln :lofg r 'Maru r lr 4, U GQ-fp tw re-t :ri . Monro a . . L L as always Gite S r -1 as , -s ' fC lv a.- I t sta ter goo, 'is talk- of 5, - ' ' CL l ' - C-'P' ng . , She has I . , o 1- , jr me . C :lf Lk K et 5 af- 'ou :l S--t- fUT - - p'C f Mi' 9 ' . , C us . nI trce Eta" . W' CL -' C 'V T T :Ins hs'-' rcs rtlu ie wr "ng le., use a 'tr kr from ref' PQ mtg I Wg, Q 1, L I I eng- mul , Hs? t,-cs n:l,,te 'o l- log travel ng . 5' 1: 'nfl e l S ' r 1 A eatng I gqgg D5 QD I I I l-,fy E :aest rhrr'l ec v no fi :mehr . ca re i- tx- 1 g. he' r ani 5 ' 1' ' X. at Q ac-tansc . sed "':,l ,lf"'.,, SYJC C 11" Es Ilfl M r K 'I t lrnt, rrglus-Q I I I I I. grade school sset I Id l-Q . . an' plc na h pan: , . ln lf' ls PTR 'U QW' "Nfl 'A' a rl 3 IQ I yy ,I 5 yyg 5 , and tc Cxprgn to th , - fl ,g -I 5, ' 3 and te V ' VC C' T F r . , h -ses 'cr Q lto 'P' " , " : Tc 'se c suszess a have V v ' 5? u- t , . . Bl L1 . . " ' ln t . l set . . , -le , s l- s A A V -f ' ' to tr Q l , , . . T - . - ' 'le - . l I s, . . , - . . .... r - - LD 3 RR- V A . . . ,.. . . . Sh' h . 5 l 7 i", I'-"'I rC.f.II,! Iggy LB lnr "SGC scnool she has been 4 . . Jan'tor at . r - - - V - f - f ' ' A ' . , 4 .E rs 2 - - - , I I , 1 . . . Q . , . sk . .. . . J - - - - - - . . . . . . l . . U f .I V 1' ' 1 I I I I I I I r .ie . . I r I . , , , V M I ' I I ' thrrll l N I 1 cl - V - . . . . , . I I 1,35 I - . , . G ' . . , , . , 1 ' U -II' 1 C In ' - r .,.. , , . . - I' 9 f - V V , re s , , . , I , I - - - ' 9 ' I ' .... I 4 nz' he . . , . , . ....,,, Q I I ' I I I 5 T 1 . , . ls ,I he P , I . . . " 3 I "Dc .' et I bs' I .9 'ur mfrllvvlll're,. . . . . he L .- V 4 lc 'ni I l r ' ff' d . 'ffl ...Cl , ' wg- G 1 '- -'l - - Y f Q61 l . . . V , Y T F ls Qlgg s t 'C . r s lt . . . H 1 . . , . . ,... c the ' o l - . - SC V - W0 I I I I , I ' A 1 I I ' r s to , X . . . i Hzs h 'Ulf l Q . . J . 1 . s . . , llstr-nr , . , . ll 5 f .. C. : , . . f. s Lgg or rh ,ll ,as " 4 I I . . . wrll lee . . , e - ls t - '-C , ' " , , . . ents . ret X d . . . ' A I QI rw , el , - l I , lot 'af tr, nas nd aybe go to J,h h I ,. ' S H ' I Y W I " 1 o , :ess ot Y t , .-48...

Page 19 text:

Cherrie Sue Sims . - . 'Q-TerrTe' cirne to os 'rom Park Awnoe and Cattell , . where asc lf-lt clT her skeletens logkgfl up . . Her :luis Tncluae CPW, . . PPPP ani , MTssTen1 . . , Her mast ernhcrrasslng moment was C mffgrtane happemng on lnrjanola Ave, . . CherrTe clalrns , . . her tmgaest thr-lT to be re:eTvTng her rTng trfrn Nlclf HCV tWOCb'es CODSlSf of Qleeolnq ect PQ an: , . of course , NTCT4 . . ThTs gal has rnony mgfp talents Tut only elaTms her arfvne a:,TlTTy Storm-y Weather' anfl Kc-ep 't A Secret' are Clnernes ta. urTte tunes Ambition: To rnorr-T T . Nlcf . , gna I I Q.-In Q Caj"':: BeveI'y Kathryn Sloan . . . Env s r re swTrr'm n Ont Agnflnn B aaest Thr ll Ts ,nt to came Bclones t TTl4TOqlf antw Cac Y O T fought mf t erntvarrr' s tuly other, n the swrnrrlng ooolP79 Lettererl .T-T qolt Bev carne to LTncoln ffI,.rT Park Avenue lD 7th grade one et er many ta ents playmq qarnes ct slurr' er aartues Served on Narses utatt R qola Rgl 3 at areenhern Sta t CD1 CL 3 ' Tng Manager Ambmon oo collede ten rn me a gm wte cert someone James Merrntt Smlth w n gr s ho n Cer r Ran ls where he can Ternemter CTT Q spat er tor throt :ng snwwlla s ha n Tn S ryl C ll tor two semesters and Ts o rnerr her of DMV l-le also belong, t C PV He spends hlS spare tTrne skotTnj eatlng ana loatTnq He clalms h s eml arrass Tnq moments are not worth mentlon Tng m tty s t c a en nettm e car 'Tom T to s o . t Thrlll ye to corrc Amblhon To gra mate trorn co le as a Cnern col Eng neer Raymc Wullettc Sult Ha rrrn vcr Aven wnfwg she rlaTn no skeletons rattle ltTna letter O t N Nerv ce ami eat ng make TJ 'W s mem r l Y Y C e o Ts on Horne a A zrnt a rassmq moments a e says s C Cant remern Are yOu surf' of Us not tc T f Ra, Tqqe rl w rem G Ot lu clfens ayrrTte sin Hanm Da mblflon rr np Q hcfnm auaette Morne Swan ette ere h fs nys Y Y C C o ET 6 e r T4 she 'N LVT' : Y reef' rf Talt nts Q t s orT e 'ngs H C y av ' -ont The Vers act l fo s OPT L QQGsT Thrlll T ra T mbltlon T a een n whoteve se oe or-4 avvoys ge C, O tr en Jock Lee Thompson . . . ,ack 'crm to LTncoln trorn Nenraska CT1y, Nebraska , , . where he had to: nfony skeletons to mcntren . . . leaks hool:Tes are . . , eatlng . 4 . sleeyng , , . and collectmg match ::.ers . , He belongs to the Napo- 'egn Clog . . . He clazms to lie .mzhe te End any talents . . . Thats not the way we heard rt Hs rgaest thrTll Ts yet to come . . , Dent Let the Stars Get ln Your Ewls Ts ,a:k's favorlte song Ambition: To ze a sotcess Tn whal- e.er :o George Tumrnons ne ct th former clarllnqs of Nash known to everyone a JKTO s a frosty lTttle o grcde school Hol. Tes Tncllfle Marlene eat na tommmg around wuth the gong ont Marlene Slap soy he ha had no emharrosslng moments te ause he doesnt ernbar ass easTlf thats not we w , we eor Skp hns twe e frs toottall and Tee tra lc l-le says hT OC Tl"rTl lg to Qrarllm An-bmon To marry a certaTn some and at a trTe-nfl to everyone as v Henry Tntus Hank LIGWTNN eotlng an slefpmg hs only hal an s Has ervel tnree semesters Tn ServTcL Honweroorw most emluorra sung rnement was tzelng stopped by O' Clown town rlruvlng someone elses car baretootepl says he has no speoal talents B aest thrall vas not lyemg Vzwqtnt l Forrnaro and GuTr1T cessu vtho were chasmq hTm 3 C r H nry .onus t us tram Dark Avenue y rl soTa Oh Haoov by Th Poor Kmght Amhxflon a fan wth Mar lyn Mor oe Enes 'osephmc Travolnl arn to as trom St Anthony :ne h een Secretary ot Home rn ZOJ snce l o so vak to EclTtor ot e RaTls T er e elalrns her hohhus are eat n sleepmg collectlng T ann lxays She Ts a ntul memher at th P P T V' Enos says her gram U fl ' nte T t way Her 'ayorTte song P- 'vt Cl bon mtnhon T Q .1 Wllllam Albert Tnssel rn Park Ave he was alway to C M ft e t rne rn :nn 5 rn nnents seem t A n yy ws e rf-Tn Goh Russell T-e' Henth rne ana B for How Cheat that berved on Student Coun res 'lent ot Homcroom 7 three semesters BTll s tn Q est ll was ownT hTs ccr thtal mem e ot ColTco Club etterec' three tTmes nrn ng an two trnes Tn HTs tayor Te songs are F IE Moen and Smoke .se s n Vee Exe Ambltlon 0 own hTs own buslness T '," hoz, es 3 . T tg , ' I.. , I R- 5 ., Mf I KI Ji Cd W CN N N tr'l EU, Y. Tn . I I I I S , ln A An' l Ts l i . 3tl,'4 ' ,,n:Tl . . n'l Az.-.erts LVN: ' nm ' ' ' I ' ' ' 1- T . . c , . . s Inj- st l wlll 1 ,to " : To to " l'1 -. I 3' s f ci T, 'or c . a n OW, ' V ' ' long cs he l tes, I 'JT--n' e. t to axle : ol T la -- ' I I , I, ,I T, T, T A. e ll: Y 'A ' I 2' C ' ' He s ltee e C H R X 'L' C o C , 1. .Y V. V I C p Tre . . . 1 . . . , '. . . . . V I r' I I ', 4 , . , : J - I I Ig- I , . "3 T ' " sn UTQ t l t ' 1 ' I' ' ' , Y Ts fl m hs lk II 'd' C . end lTTs wages Ts t ', ' For o te NI . . " .Day ' I if A l- QC . . 2 s ' ' " : To ha.e 1 t- ls ' o. T ls ple 'e . ' ' '.. . V ' - 4 - Enes t C 's Wr I s t lzcms Tn . I I f Ci ,X T W3 T ' T V 'D Rf A O-A A -T1 Ro rna's howlves . She T G - Tl I Ie, I fy, ' ' gl re at VT L B Tnc ,GO Y Em. A . Sh als EQ St t' Q I A I . , . s T - r ' o A TTT -- I Qamaee l , X ' hh' - f Tl ' TT' a ers t t' it S D On' - II ' s T f M 2 's me P P, an.' the llnyf lVT"'1,X l : sf CP . s - . fb " 'HI 54 C S 'lf 'il' -I school skeletons are long forqotten Chl A I' 3 ' 9 A Oh co l .ve she wa Nt T hat ' ' N, T ls . . A. 1 T: also C lo' at get, l Ta., Tar ' Q ' A " : ot' so :e:T"" C - -N L we 5 'he ls tri . ' f ,I ,. ., . .A NA . NWT ne 1 Q rn: - . I : ..T..T wen. T, -fam A-.ense gre. I-IC W3,-, 30,92 A 5. T, ng 'tn' Or 3v:'te pcs' 'fe -sos I nent fe ,o golf . . . swm- hi ' 'Z D fi: 2' tee :es-s :ne M N: ' Omg I I To I I I ek ncswi- 2 rferr-:er 5' Eeg'e':' : I3 C351 Q- B lls sp-r T . . , Hrs IT: A ' ' A ' 'st ,, :crrass rv' Te . ' T 3 T3 Wa 5 "1 C co: f s n::r es -Q ww, I9 Cfgjsg I Q35 Tri. lie eat ng 3 93 Q I I 3-1 gen I A -mv - On-7 TC7 fl? 1 :lc res sr-e has -V If 'V Is I A Tgg Bm. HCI Ni f'f'C A rarrcs' rf.: rnz- ,C 1 I M I I rnrnts C ' tc , ang . . r'eT 4QTT-cT- I' , 3' 7 Us ll WTCCCVW A ,Tl -4 H P f - . ZOV Cl:-f'ette' ta. f NI - I QVC A Jn' I T I Q Oh co T, Da ' T1 , , , F I rw ' no . . LU' ' 'AA F 'T 'T U' E'T9"- Fc T 1: r . . . X ' he' T' - Wll 59" , L 1 . . TD Q ,met on sw: . . . :l T A " Z O S C: ,, T r golf , . ' 1 , . ln 3 5 Te, l g h -. l 1- 4 "ue . , " W Ct ., , 'I z ,T Y -17-

Page 21 text:

Richard D Draper Stanley Arrowood Stan comes to us from Park Afenue toithtul memler of XA P A Y M C A L H F fishing Nancy hunting Nancy take up Stans spore time Biggest thrill will be graduation Claims to have an empty grade school close' Playing trumpet hea ls Stans talent Member of bond Favorite song It s Going to Be A Long Long Time Ambition To settle down and get married to a certain someone Jim Bvxler ix came ta Lincoln from Hove seems he was a very gocd boy there We won4ler"" Hobbies are eating Sleeping l-le is a member of Missions Lonely Hearts C P W Legs says his mc t em barrasslng rv-oment is losing his paw' in a 'oothall game e tered in football Biggest thrill Lil and scoring against East Se x ces are ust being at Lincoln One of his many talents s carve up with an excused admit eve v time Ambition To grow up and le r e his Caddy Arnett Douglas Davis, Jr Ea ing sleeping and looting take up mast at Doug s tlrne ,e is a member o . . . WC.T,Ll. . . . J.E.R K.S .,,, Cotton P:ckers . . . De Malay . . . Epworth League . . P,N.VN .... W.l-l.C .... ana C.B.C. , . Doug claims his talents haxen't been found yet . . but he is sure they are there . . . e songs that top the list of favorites for Doug . . . are , . . "Tenderly" and . . . "Why Don't You Believe Me." Ambition: To be a success in what- ey er he does. Jess Domel Llsfon Jes carve to Lincoln trcm royi ence llin where hi acte school closet s ul impossible to open the leer c Q l'-as worked on advertising tor the Senior Rcil s a tart rrernber ot C P W l-l s hobbies n ude cars and women l-'is only reaction to most errborrassing moments is Oh my Jessie holds one talent that being able to drive slcwly Graduation will be Jesss biggest thrill l-lobby Day is his favorite song Ambition To own C1 new hot rod M Mr 1953 racfuafea ...l9... Dick claims tnot there are too many skeletons in his Grade Scnool closet at Park Avenue to mention l-las hobbies nclude collecting rare coins swim mng and roller skating While at Lincoln he has been work ing at Jenkins Concrete 8. Block Dick was Oh" So' m barra sed while sitting on the winflow ledge and Mr Besley wnlkcd by he has received two letters in wrestling and has been a member at the band His big gf- r thrill will be graduation Ambition To loin the Navy Bonnie Colleen Hodgson Wonderful gal comes tran- M Kinley Bon s hobb es :nclude danc ng PONNIE swimming RONNIE hcmtina ROt'NlE sleeping Hot Rods skating and RONNIE Club are the C PW M rl C and P P P P Bon say er gest thrill receive a certain some t from o certain guy atter eraftuatlon l-lor Roc' claims as her mo t emtar ra ing rvoment to soy e wrrng thing at the RIGHT time Her skeletons in the grate schoa closet are locked UD and sh swallowed the key Ambition To marry a ertaln some one Ronn ew To own a w 'er lLf' Ca t lla Conyerti Willuam K Thompson Com ng to Lncoln tram Ne br ka City Nebraska lai s to have been , . . a little angel???? . , . Nas mcst . . . embarrassed when asking a friend about . . . the looks of a woman , . when it turned . .. o to be hs w e . . "Crazy legs" is C1 member . . . ot F.A.W .... and takes Dart in . , hunting and ice skating as his hobbies . . . Hs ig- gest thrill . . . is yet to come . . . "On Happy Day" is tops . , . on his list ot favorites. Ambition: To see the Wong,

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