Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 16 of 82
Page 16 of 82

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 15
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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 17
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Page 16 text:

Ronald Frank Marturello Ronnle comes to us from Maple Clalms he was an c,'lgel99 n grade school whos he kln tlng arty a fart mem' er E R Cal co u P E C 'Je t th w ll e eradu a l n Hobbles lnclude danc ln L. E s partles and tomen Mos' emharrasslng moment was h n Lankford onc n ght whlle tak na plctures F yor e songs S cle By Slde why Dc t You Belueye Me? mbltlon T loln the Serv e get engage, to a certaln ome ne Jerry Motulone Matalone nlce guy to know skatrng huntlng and flshlng take up Jers tlrrle Member at Naval Reserve Jerry halls from St Anthony s l tered three tlmes ln golf Blggest thrnll will be gradu at on Eating and sleepln are Jerry s talents? Fovonte song Dont Let the Stars Get nn Yaur Eves Clalms to have no skeletons ln grade school closet Ambition To go to college Theresa Moy Tessy vent to Grade School ln Mlssourl and her hobbles con slst of sleeplng readlng and gettlng into trouble Theresa clalms she has too monv em barrasslng moments to mentlon and all o' her talents are hlddcn Tessys favorite songs are Tlll l Waltz Again Wlth You ani Keep It A Secret and he blgaest thrlll wall be araduatlon and gettlng a lab Ambition: Ta make herself a career. Sue Carrol McBurney . . . Thl. llttle gal halls from Callahan . .. where there are too many skeletons to reveal . . . "Shartle" belongs to ECC. , . . T.T.S ..,. l..W.C. . . . Her hobbles Include danclng . . Punky . . Looklng at used cars wlth Punky . . . Golng places stag wlth Donna . . . Punky , . . "PeeWee'f" talents are slnglng ana playlng the accordion . , . She clalrns her lorggest thrllls as . , . recelvlng her dlamond and looklng forward to gettung mar- ried . , . "Hot Rod" tells as her favorite tunes are "Hold That Tlger" and 'Becausef' Ambition: To be a successful wlfe ralse two chlldren and Irve ln a ranch style house. Larry Claude McKinney . . . "Mac" clalms hrs grace school skele- tons at Warren Hardlng are too pre- hlstorlc to remember . . He tzelcngs to Ped Trlangle , . and J.ERK.S. . . . l-lls hobbles lnclude huntlng . .. and collectlng rocks . . . '.'tAac's" tclcnts conslst of watchlng Tv . . and he has recelved a letter .n wrestllng . . . 'Larry" clalrns . . , no emearrassng moments . . . Hrs taver- lte songs are "lt's ln the Boolrj' ana "l Llke le" . . . and hls blggest thwll wlll be . . . graduatlen Ambition: Tc someday enn o carry farm. John .loscph Mettlll J c attcn M Kr ley Gro e TO a rcemler E R lsts his hOl1l,ICs Os emo tshlng basketla l slfat n H most ernt arr nomc ' was gettlng ca .ght klno nto the Kessell Soeccway C Q ls Q CS V ,ettlr-a a P from M ss Holmes n tl-0 oc and Sweet lo lets fa r te ht sa Ambition T marry no no re cmhter c no e o Glenn Miller N CI Onrty QS T hr w s makmg 27 oalnts ogalnst Colfarf Hohl les are huntlng and fushung Served as Presldent ot Sen or Student Council G ennle clams hes never had an em harrasslng moment tl-at oesnt sa md llke G enn Another rnemloer at C P W Mlsslons Callc W P A Glennle came to Llncolr' from Park Avenue clalms he never had any grade school skeletons he has lettered ln tasketball Glennle s fayorlte sang lS Why Dont You Bclteve Me? He enloved a cer n rght n Feb wlth Jac Cale and Gordon Ambition To become a muslc ar' oncy Jo Miller Nancy was a globe trottef wh Ie gettlng her grade school educatnon 'oulslana South Dakota Nebraska and Callanan Whlle ln Louzslona she acoulred a southern accent Nancy served on Offlce and Gym Staff and has also been on Senlar Student Councll for two semesters he turned red at a happenlng whale worklng a a drlve ln nn Kear ney Nebraska Other happenlngs are too embarrasslng to tell Nancys actlvltles lnclude taknng blcvcles apart and putting them back together agann CD0 they always run afterwards? Her talent IS . . . sewing . . , Any others are yet to be dlscovered . . . Nancy clalms . . her blggest thrnlls . . . are yet come, but o e big ne wl graduatlon. Ambition: T oe a gaoa wlfe and mother. oudine Loraine Moore . . . "Dee" halls from Mcklnley where she clalms all her skeletons are... locked up for kee s , . . Was on the Homemaklng Staff for three years . . . and was Asslstant Secree tary for one . , . Works for a aactar rt ln-e. b t sul keeps up r hoobv of ccllectfng odd shaped bot- tes . . . and semng . . , Is a mem- ber of the Y.Y.C.. . . ,.. .and he' most cmbarrasslng moment ls too . . emharrasslng to rnentlon . , . All of 'Dees' .alents are locked up ant . . . she can't tnnd the key... Her blggest thrrll wlll be recelvlng he' dlploma . . . "Dee" says "Blue Danube Waltz" and . . . 'Heart and Soul" are her fO'y'Oflf8 songs. Ambition: To DC a success ln llfe and to try and make people happy. Jock M. Nittlcr . . . "'llttIer" . , . went to Maple Graae Grade Schccl , where he :lc ms he was a good ooy . . Hts hsrgrtles are worlflng on mechanlccl thngs an.l he dr ues a truck after school Jacks r'na.n ta ent ls . 'naklng turnture ln wz:d shops . an: he belongs to the Natlcnal Ar Guard . . He says . he has no: no embarrass-ng moments . , Cs 5' yet , Jccl-"s fa.orte songs ore Oh l-lopoy Da,' an: 'Hot Rod Mama" .. and t-ls bggest tn' 'l . w ll be . . . graiuotlon Ambition: To own a :lack EZ -lne celn Copr,

Page 15 text:

Donna Rae Jordan Donna ha ls from Park Aven le w ere she seems to have Deen ry oood te Nom c s 'les a golng a the rr- lk roJte wlth Jun or C lng places YOQ W'T'I 'I ng,-rlclng wth Jun or e was most ernbarrassed when s e w s threv n lnto o gong n room n a talthtul mem b ot E G C T T S orrl LWC Donnles DO"lCSf thr Il was recelvlng her cllarrlond cnd looklng 'orwafd I-lf-r 'ovor tc tunes nclude Just O ln More Chance on B c IE can she can alwafs be seen work no on the Pccolar RON l'flbIfI0h C l: wl anl ralse tau chlldren Wesley Buddy Jordan LX vs s ho b co lcctlng stray glrls member J E R K al th ll wlll bc Qraduatlon Clalms to have no skeletons ln grade school closet Plays the qultar beautltully Buddy come to u tr rr Grand Pralrle Texas anc Johnston Iowa Plays ln 1 western band or square dances says he has too many embarrasslng moments to mentlorl lust one Favorlte sono Jambalaya on the Bayou Ambltlon Playlng ln blg tlme wes ern band Nlck J Kalberg Nck came to Llncoln from Park Avenue He has been ln both Jr and Sr Chorus and Sr Boys Glee Club Nlck ha won two letters one ID track an'l one IH Cross Country Hls most embarrosslng moment was when he strollell lnto the qlrls locker room by mlstake Model trl IS hIS tavo e hobby Hls blggest thrlll ls yet to come NICK clolms ta have no to'ent but that statement seems to bc very untrue N ks faxorlte tunes are Blue Tanqo and Youll Never Walk Alone Amblfvon To qracluate from college Beverly Jean Kellar Bev IS a falthtul memher ot Rolnbow Glrls Tlck Tack YOT Callco an P I C Qhe has too many embarrasslng mom nts to mentlon Bev COVYTC to Llncoln from Park Avenue Danclng bowllng boys SYOYIYWQ and boys are '3evs hobhles Served on Nurses Staff Greenhorn Staff ftuflent CO.1nCll and Advertlslnq Man agr-r on Pegular Rall Bevs talent Dlaylnq games at slum ber Oaffles Blggest thrlll ls grarluatlon and meetlna a certaln someone from ISC ClGll'1'9 he w ll never tell about her skeletons ln grade school Ambltlon ls to graduate and go to Mlnnesota wlth Lll andthe gang Char es Kenoyer Cnazz ca ms he burled all of h skeletons 'rom hls grade school clos et at Howe ln hls backyard Hs hobhles ln ude Gr cars G rls skatlng Glls Chuckle clalms l-ll a ents w uldnt look good ln prlnt esen ' there was room for them ha es says hls embarrassln rl- ments are yet to come Hs 'avor te songs are Keep A Secr Tlll I Waltz Agaln wth ou and O C- In A Whlle and hls hlggest thrlll was gettlng a l2B Hlstory Ambltlan To get a car wlth a mo or n t a to graduate from school Phyllls Marle Klssell Jefferson clalms Phyl as a to me Duol Pee Wee serv ct on Gym Qtotf Senlor Student Coun Jonlor Glrls Glee Clut. Chee leader School Plar Reaular 'xOll Staff Greerlhorn Staff fenlor Rall Staff Teen Toppers Crrrlm also KDPS Radlo ytatlon Shortys hobbles IUCIUUP P l swlmrrllng Paul :lanclng Paul Phy has let tered three tlmes ln Cheerleod ng JVGAUOTIO1 wlll prove to be Phvl blgaest tl-rlll Shortys cluhs ln clude S D M C P P P P C P W P A U L Callco Club and says her most embarrasslng mofner-ts are too rlch to saeak of' Afflblflbh Ta te loved hy on and beled Asa to morvc certa Fl someone after qradmtloh ful Beverly Janlce Herker Larr Beverly came to Llncoln from alla n n .Ir I-ll h where there arc no skeleton that she cares to hea rattle Bev has served on Home rrlak no S aff on whlch she was se' retary for a year Her cluos are M I A and C C Sewlng arlf' Don a Bevs only hobbles Sre w ll not retell any ot her embar asslng moments Why Bev9l She rlalm her blgge t thrlll to be recelvlha her damand Her tavorlte s n BCCGJS Ambltlon To Ile o successful wlfe to Dan Alva Longerbone Comlng to Llncoln from Hovsc ln arade school rle IS o member of C P W W P A an. rnlsslons huntlng tlsnlng GIRLS and cars are Alvle s hobbles He has lettered once ln football Graduatlon wlll prove to v hlS DIQQCSY thrlll Hls most embarrasslng moments usually happen Wllh lx he wont tell us what happens779 I-le clolms hls only talent ls lfeeplng hls an Sato runnlng Ambltlon To own a small uuslne wlth Blk onthe South Slrle Robert John Lyons Crush carne to us from Mclilnlev and he ays lt was too lone ago to remember any skeletons hls qrole school clos Crusher Ilsts hls hobbles as olaylnq basketball and GIRLS' Bob lettcrecl once ln basketball and hls blgqest thrlll was w cn he got to start c tl st tggm gome Cl'uSl'1S fOvOVlfC songs are Oh HCJDDY Dew anrl Outslde at Heaven In can ft seen w h fhos Browr- Jewels ani 'ORC Amblhon T ao to Calltornla Paul James Maldonado Cl- clams there are too mom Slwletons hls grade school close' ct St Anthonv s to rnentlon Hl. s a member ot the Art Stat' and ha lettered twlce Ft trcck gl-N basketball Pablo hol- ,ns ln lude Vle danclng an worklng at th D MC nes Ornamental Iron C Paul says hls embarrasslng moments ore too QYTXEOYFOSSIDQ to tell I talent IS muslc and hls L agest Thr Il wlll be QVC uaflon AN1bIfIOH To love only one Q rl a be llked bv everyone Vg, llt I glrl , '.' Cll , . . . hofjf re... n ,A ll" ..- l X. ' ... . so , K P .., s .. Sue arf: ., I s ' ,- l , ..Sh, l n , - .l h l ' ' .. U l- , l Ou .s , .. , .."Do"ls -- ll - ef .. . .. l . . ., , ., . ,..." " C .J I 's 1- " . .. d " e- ., a,s". .f , . l .' l lk 'ny all. l I 'Y A ' ' : To oe suc esstul fe s - . . . , lr , Pol 377?9, "TA " so . hl I: y ls , , I- l r -s .. .. a - - ' ff ..J .,.. s .... lg- O 'lo my 5 l Qest , rl . ' - 7 K X I f , ' S O N' I . ' , l . l ,. , ... fi, ' H- ' l l f . . I f I, f A, ' ... ul A Q I5 -...IS ,. '9 , 4' I . . .A s "Bones" tells us he was a goodlbloy s ..., Om... .r,It. ,H y 2 1 ... ...B' . .buf l H.., H I lx.. . l-- . . . .,, . III I V V' L -- ' Q BQ l- lt .. . . .. 1 " : o . l " 5. WS l -- " lco" l ' .1 I Cl l.. llsv I, ,' it ..ancI sl , - ' s t I. ,,. s ' . . . .. o ' U, , , ., " 's' ll HE, C . . . C "". - ,Q Vle ,. Cl 2 Qs ,cl l , o , ltlr, l Qt" ' ' , ' l l-ls t Y. ' . ,, nr' ' H . , ,.., ' ,MQ , I I ln .. : W y ,C l . nd-. c. ,I .43-

Page 17 text:

Diane June Ogden Davis . , Joan Pugh . 'JOfA'- E' 'la rnz Perv X-.efpf aa ne' grt Q :fool A rf: 'fctc . . Ft taht Cai agtwo r'f3na',e of , . I . , VlP . :O ECS 'fr iris? Qffgarrggglng Verve' . . yrs rv- iefg tne 43:K wfcn algnt -Q lVCVT'l a zzz' JOAN "ci linen an wg- CH Ii Qtr' tr' tkree -.carp , Por' Q1 A tw F ' '1 ve re' , . Fumes Eg Qe1t"'l , .et tc renee 2,5-' n ta'-' 'ar three .ea" i-'cr fo or 'c ,rg s . . . Kunz' .HQ song Ambition: T: pezarnff crnt, t Q, C 'CPAF t' Llnzzln Ugn- Viable Z' rf . ZC'-if Lf' 'smeeis Stat' t-wo ycare Pax' es nilaile Dcag , . , cctfj 'eating :nrt Doug E2 :age 'o the . Tzk Toclf Ca: oozing c ,fftatn . :rt 1 e f :rv from na one :':. , rxorei .em erwcrraeslng t: tt'-1 :atc itte 3:5 Etg, ae t trr lt wet tc flw? 'denti fi Q E5-ef 1. sefrc-' C' f- 'cfttlnae t, 'f- . . Elcelc-ton, " Tix 'Q efhccl 1 5 rl . ffm 1:2 fnzn, mg-nflfm 1 1 'Cave slag 21 Tcrflerlf . . :ni 21" Y':,1 Eele.e .fin '- Ambifion: T' ff f":5, Clyde W. Oxenreider . . . Q1 can cn tc oi "LN Cncrttrm P ge Scitcm ifzc tfnq here he acne" rm indent Cooncli 'ar twig serrteatorw arse is Enzrts Efftlcr rf the ief' or Ra. 'Orin-' callr-cts :ports rnagaz rea cs a lnollf . , He nes Uartftrzaterl n 'rgrk tor three years Hrs 2 iqest tnzll was 4 rtallx 'lntsl't ing -n the rreet at Jrc:.elanfl. i-4 3 talent is alfwaxf t,elng . wrong . . Clycfes tcyorlte Sona . ,. ,5 Dont Let the Stars Get ln Your E,es " Ambition: To he a rr' cnc re' " Sarah Frances Park . . . Halls from Park Avenue . . Nhere she claims snc was an angel , , Sane was a faitlftfol rvernlxer of Stu- di-nt Council . ially zzelonas to Calco Crain ., Y KC GO anfl 'WL B lnr lays ner most emlzarrasslnn moments are too ern- tnarrasslng to mention . Claims ner only talent-, are playing the DlO"lO . . . Sally's lONCYlfC songs are St. Louis Blues" ...' 'Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" . . , Her t"o"toles fonfist ct roller skating . :lanrlng . . . ice skating . . play tne plana , , Elaaest ttfrrll is yet to come, Ambition: To ara facto trim folleae than trayel tnmafqnctrt tnf- fon- flnfrtl, Raffael Punelli . . . Susie' , . nails tram ST. Antncav L . wnero t seems she was . C yery QOOI little qirl . She nas NCVVCVT OVW Gyrn Staff . and is a taltlfn. memher of , . . Learler e CIN, l yvLB,lnc .. YYC ant: GO . . Basketltdl Cnr' loafing are ner favorite bot,z,le-, . She Q gtrns ner talents are aorta aaostlencbb . That lsn't tae wfr wc nec' ' ' ' 'I . . Her i, ogeet thrill li yet t: come Ambifion: To -ucqeet in Mtatc. r sne rxes Gary lee Randall . . . Charles Peter Pigncri . . . Hoa" . , . as no is known to tvs clasintatet , . comes 'rom it, An- trmn-. s . wnere l-is ta-.ante pas- time wa- . , walktfiq glrli nomo , Hoa" main not 'iz s . sailing enrl no f'alrns to bam no talents . whatsoever Cnafk says . n s most emlvarrasslna rnornents were :wing grakte school , eznf' at the tw 0' tm- list ot we La.artte songs are . Holfl MQ Tnrl' Mc Kiss Ve' arm! Tl' l N'Valtz A-'l71'7 With Yoa . Hon is a 3 F P Grattaate on ' it A t :cost thrill wit- . .-.inning Er' rl: e ri the Sir? Eos Perm C' l9.1E Ambition: TQ V9 Qs 5,4 . NLC, C3er:ttons iemeffar, Shirley M. Pilmer . 'lf"O"C:c' . -QQ , 'an to 'C W 'Vt asset' 5 . tennis 5 CW' Lia" if A 'n tee F l M-srvr man, .- A,, J f - .. ,: ..,,s X, 5'1- LCWCESC' . . WAC' :3,.:f' .N tn ne' .er-,Y Ca. fmi ,N ' , -,.'I , Hgw. Ci...f tae' :V-rn -A f lse- '3 I"'S Cu ':'e,5' " TIE? . . -Qt'Q'3a Cafe -i -ff-fs 1 H-3' lem :es ng 5,-f 'ws An if-4. Qccfnzrn S':'t ce.. V , :Serif P: Stat' ,A sg Q,--M j"""' Q' tra ,sz we C , ' :ni , x 3 in v 2- QSC-f 'H ,Cf NMC 'Lo' 'Q 'ne 5+ 5'-ng Y- AQ, ,:,:., am.-. 'Wi' :A "" :eng ' , Tre . ,ee W, te Ki:-K-is-E.."t. Song Ambition: To Q Q'-35 -rw :Cf V'-'af' fi --cnt! Y v Garx went to Maple G"'C wt-err no galrns he was a aoof' ro., A JUDY? , Gary's notre are tra. K ant! Q-allnq :xr L' he lpglangs tp Callco . . lt cerv- fttgr Qgry .l.e- motte emltarra-se: ct Frau Kccstcrl Dortv -W2 Hooper' ' ' ' ' . Gary has tfrec letter- rw Trauk . and one n Ea kot' 2" an-1 rits ene we n tal-'nt X QQL3 "" Gans 'airing some , the P ke C- PON T 'tl' 'U-V' 'UVVJ Cni 'A t ' W.. the Ltate Cx ,,,3m,,. .,. Ctmntf, r. Ambition: WM Q QS N fy A wwe ',, '1'LLf,r.i'Q "mf lu--. Roberta Lee Rebelsky . . . Char :tts Q' KF 'Q -v'.v- Q 3 vs- irc fee-n't cn" an:- , 3 , .fn .e Q u " CQ, -L M ,s , , ll y e r A - . f A H o : : Q , f L P V- - . 'Ii Sensi on . :er-?':' : itz" Env Sta' Pi: Q "3"- .,, , Env? v---- ,P pcm -.Y ,., -- t, -,,, ,, nf' -f :c" as :mi -vie' f' L-fr aaeft 'Mr -3'-e ,, A V ,sm "2 :vi :i- , Qanqu' He- 1 .:'r3 nj 'ta L rv gi' :3., L egg ,. Q.. G4 2,0 do in-w Fe' Z' Coe ,,.Q Ambition: 'o Lv' fl ' 2 ' ,, f-, . EN ee

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