Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 14 of 82
Page 14 of 82

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 13
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Page 14 text:

Ethel Elalne Hemtx Blue Eyes came to Llncoln from Wrscensln where she Ialms she has tucked away all of er memorres E rne has L ft member of Student Councrl Gym Staff Home EC Staff anc has sold candv ln he hall he beongs to WLB lc and Y YC Her hobbles nclude tca Ing a certaln someone P danclng swlmmrna sewlna and pesterlng SANDERS' I ' Sad Sack clalrns her talents havent beer- found yet ond her brggest thrlll are grcduatrng and a cer ta n guy f om Tecl' Ambltlon To make two very speclal people proud of her Tom Henry Hen attended Grade School rn Penrlsylvana where he clarms he was a good boy Hrs hoobres lnclude sleeprng an eatrng and hrs orggest thrlll was hrs flrst rce cream soclol Tom was oh SO embarrassed when he got caught gamblrng rn 9A Study Hall Hen maln talent rs DORMANT' ' ' I ,whrch means Sleeplngl and HIS la vorrte songs are Happy Day and Java Jlve Ambltlon To stay out of the army untll he s 90 Barbara Delores Hiatt Barbara halls from Maple Grove Bobble served on Gym Staff one semester Her hobblcs n clude swrmmrng danclng klddlng the fellows and collectrng salt and pepper shak ers Barb belongs to W L B embarrasslng moments are oo many to mentron Bunnle lalms she has no talents that sh knows of RECGIVIDQ her droloma wrll prove to be her brggest thrlll Ambltlon To have a happy and successful future Delmar Hoffman Del comes to us from Maple Grove where he clarms there were no skeletons rn hrs grade chool closet GIRLS skatlng GIRLS football and GIRLS take up most of Dagmar s spare trme Del lettered n football and he was Sports Edltor for the Regular Rall Staff Del wlll never tell hrs most em barrassrng moments IWe wonder why 7 9 gl To graduate wrll be Delmars bggest thrlll Del says hrs favorrte song IS T I I Na z Agarn Wrth You One swell guy to snow Ambltlon To play football for Iowa State Teachers Robert Beymer Hufstader Bob came to Llncoln fron- Saunders C. ode School rn Dmahu Srnc comlng here hes en n H R and has run the noon movles Bots mam hobby rs photography embarrassrng moments go there are lust too many to mentlan He played Dr Chumley ln Harvey and Judge Wllkrns n Dear Puth Clalms h s blg gest thrlll t have been rece vrng 3 ID Ma B h ls 0 ta thf.lI member o P L Ambltron Go lnto eng 'leerlng enlay llfe Kenneth Wylle Hunt Wylle h lls from Park Avenue where there s no sound heard from rcttlrng skeletons Hunt ln flst'lng and wrestl ng make up hrs hobbles s member Jf Des MOINES Rltlc and Revolxer Club N le wes very embarrassed the frrt tme he went skatlng and wore pant wth maroon and gold trlanale an the legs Hrs hrggcst thr ll wa a vacatren ln Mrnnesota also graduatron In Book rs Wylres tavarltc une Ambltlon To get dlstrngulshert 'le rn n award and go to Iowa 'tate Joanne M Jackovlch Joanne hars from Curtrs and Howe Grade Schools She la ms she has no grade school skeletons At Llncoln Joanne has se ved on Secretarlal Sta" Greenhorn Staff Regular RGIl Staff and was Co Sketch Edltor of the Sr Ral' Jo has also lettered twlce ln golf Her hobbles IHCIUCE danclng go f partres Wllh the gang clothes She belorlfls o Callco Trc Tac Y OT Her mast embarrasslng moments are lust too many to mentlon' 'I Jos outstcndlng talent rs playlng games at slumber partles l-lcr blggest thrlll IS yet to come Ambltlon To travel and to own a Cadlllac convertrble .lulleann Jambor Julle came to Lrncoln ln nlnth grade from Mclirnley ln Cedar Raplds She has been Presrclent at H R 39 two semesters and been ln the sextet for two year She also ha been Secretary Staff for two se mesters She Ilsts her hobbres as taklng p ctures ' m drrv ln danclng rm lootlng sleeplng and Jrm Beans IS a membe of AMLWWI embarrassrng moment was talllng at a certaln peclal school functlon lSllopery rloor9l Hans talents conslst of playlng the DIGHO slnglna cr cklng gum and always frndlng trouble Graduatlon and go no to college wlll Le her brggest thr 'Is Ambltlon To make frrends and n tlJcnce people and to go to 'all fornra wltn MOHIC Joed Elender Johnston Jo went to Jetferson Grade School where she clalms she was a 'load ltte glr 7 She has been on Llbrary Staff Senlor Judlclal Commrttee Greenhorn Staff Regular Rall Staff S Rall S aff he has also hal the lead n Our Town You Cant Tave l W h You Harvey and Assrstant Dlrector of Dear Ruth Jody says her talents lnclude actlng cook ng Her hobbles are travellng actlng and WYIYIHQ oed most embcrrasslng moment oc urred BACKSTAGE lHummmmmm and her blggest thrlll was walklng through the An len' Rrman Forum last summer Ambltlon To ga around the world and later be o good homemfker Thelma lrene Jones Thelma halls from Maple Grove where shc was always an anael ex cept to the trme she got a spanklng tor runnlng down the stalrs Were you ln o hurry Thelma? He hc bles are sleeplng eatlng sevlng and boys T el was a tratflc glrl ln th grade She has served on Home Mak ng Statf Greenrarn Staff and the Regula Rall She was oh so embarrassed when he last a certaln artlcle whrle swlmmlng lBoI:r:y plns of course " calms to have rrany talents most are not yet dlscovered Graduatlon wlll pave to be yer thrllllng Ambrtlon To be successful rn what ever l do ch I.. la uesna Y '. . l Y ...Hel a M : ...s ,l ' l Fl ..4, ao. I Vlf -s M ,.l.lE.l -- D ,f.'MRl '- 'VS I I -- " ' .. " ' - V le ...-ers. The du. y A If ..,Brll,.. l,..Blll U E ...BvilI... fr' I on... 4 - 3 l- 'AA I ,..Jl - --Q gm.. ...J 1' 'nc '-" ,GO - - - YY-C ---' :lsr A L.G.S. . I. , l, ,l , ll-lerlmost X 4 . i-- . ' F Il 'I..,C??.??J...m I ' ...r. 'k ...s C" n...'n ' , T . . ' If N..." H... 1' ,..'lfIl 'lt uf- I - y :N Cllr " r V In h Bef i..ll8... - . ' ' .' 'Af.,uAs... I , A 6 i.. . E ' T "S" F 'C I' W - a"" .th,.. ou' , .,...Se lr f .. I I ' Cut :U 1. f,.. ' r -12-

Page 13 text:

Morllyn R Flsher Lynn comes to us from Mape Grave A Deek LYl'l"l grade school closet revetls lo klng il certaln someone the locker and havlng to explaln to teacher Clubs ncluae r I and TIC Toc C'othes eatlrlg sleeplng and lartles wt the F are her hoboles Lynn served on the Greenhorn ana Regular Rall Staff M V em ba rasslng moment was owlng up at a to mal ln Cl wrlte formal n a black eye Nlce Contrast Blgqest thrlll lS yet to come Marllyn s talents are tap danc ng wr h Ack an gettlng JT of trouble A real sweet gal Amblhon To remaln s ngle and happy and own ts W B Wll'l Aclf l l Lester Theodore Floden, Jr Ted halls from McKlnley wh re he clalms he was a nlcc qulet llttle boy 0777 He has been a member of SfJ'lCl'lf Councll for two semesters and Stage Manager for Dear Ruth Hrs hobbles ITlCllJClC flshlng and huntlng WHATDWM and he belongs to J E R K S Te was oh O embarrassed when he got cal att sltlng on the Des EAOIDGS Brulns Ball Park Fence Ted favnrlte sono IS Oh Happy Day an HIS blggest thrlll wlll be QfCdLAOfIOl1 Amblhon To be a success anrl ovln a NEW car Vrctor Elllott Frederlck Vlctor camc to Llncoln from .Ie fcrson where he clatms to have been a very good Joy V OCllVIllCS lnclude two year n Four years on the Fly ng Hoof Drlll Team Th Red Trlangle Club and Callco Hls hobbles are tennls swlmmlng Ellen baseball Ellen loaflng and an TOQOHIZIHQ ,SAISS Davlson IS mat embarrasslng moments wants forgotten lAny speclal reasonlj VICTOY has recelved two letters one ln tennls anr one ln swlmmlng Hrs -plgqe thrll IS yet to come ClOI'T1S to have very few talents AIl1bIfl0I1 To graduate from lowa State and be a successful englneer ma Gorhn M1 Frlend Erma went to Corvdon Hlgh School where sn clalms she was a Wgoodn glrl She has been a member of udent Councll and Secretarlal Staff Erma belongs to WBL Inc Gnd Y Y C Her hobo es conslst of readlng ant a 48 Chevrolet Erma says that she doesnt nave any ern b0"f0SS'l'lQ moments she would care to mentlon ond QII gf hgy talcnts are hldden Her fayorltn sono s Oh Happy Day Cnr her DIQQGSY thrlll wlll be araduatlon Ambition To be a success ln what ever he undertakes to do John Carl Gosperl Comlng to L ncoln fron- Maple ,mv Grade School Jann Clg ms ls 'NQQCSY tht l was meet ng Shlrley G'lsolpe a falthful mem er f JE R K S Hls habbles ftcludc Vwcmen Shlrleyl Q,-ll Dho tooraphy John has wcrkel out slde of school belng a paper Day ant a drugstore cowboy 9 3 P P s 'CVOVITS ht song 5 Tryrqg Q Foroet You Ambrtlon To become a mllll narc th n to get marrled John W Groves Johnny attendea Park Avenue where he clalms to have been good bo 9 99 Hls nobbles are huntlr-g flshlng and WOMEN Hls blggest thrl'l wlll come on June 4 when he rccelves hls dlploma Jorlnny has served as Advertlslng M nager of the Senlor 'lull H 45 a member of C W Jonn s a lctterman ln wrest lna Clalms hIS only talent a flne stage coach dr ver for the ,Icurnallsm Department s avorte song s 'm Trylng c Forget you AHlblft0N To be a sur ess rl wt-at efer' a Carol Jean Gray Maple Grovc clalms Cave wh-' re she tells us the skeletons couldnt te found amongst all the lunk l-ler GCflVIltCS lncluae swlmmlng Galen danclng Ga' lce skatlrlg Galcrl eatlng Galen and A NA l W W L A A F C er ma t ernbarrasslng moment was belnq caught ln her palamas Ho es her blggest thrlll wll came ln June Her tavorltc songs lnclude You Belong to Me ani Stardust Ambltlon try t wa k stralqht and narrow and to be llked by everyone Charles Gurdlcessl Ju o comes to us from Vash lnqton Hrs most embarrasslng moment was gettlng caught over on a certaln slde of town an cars and Jan are Chucks hobbles Another mem berofthe FAW PPPP and CPW Blggest thrlll was s lllng davm Plkes Peak" Chuck s only talent seems to be danclng at partles What Klnd 937 Judo s fOVOflY9 song IS l Won Huntlng wlth You Jake But I ll Go Chaslng Women Ambltton To own a Cadlllac :hard Hammond DlCk attended Smouse where he would rather leave all skeletons ln the lockec closet Hls hObbleS are readlng an G rl Frlcnd huh3l He clalms to ha f. forgotten o eml arrasslng moments Are you sure or ust not telllng9 Dlc s bug t thrll v ll e recelvlng hls dlploma as of June A Hls favorlte song lS Stardust Al'hbIfl0I1 To graduate from allege anl become a suc essful chemlst Donald Lee Helm on came t Ltnc ln fron- Jewe' lOwG w ere he w ways an angel Always? 7 979 Huntlng and lshlng are Dons tavorlte hoboles H .Ast cant r Gll any reallv embarrasslng moments Cant ecall or wont recall Graduatlon wlll prove to be hls blggesf Tttrlll clalms to not have any talents th t he knows o Dont Fence Me ln ls tops on Don s hlt parade Ambuhon To oe a great success ln.., 's C 1 ,jjg,g yew... - - O? . e .P. . , .. - ,,.sh l , - I - , , .. D . ...fo Od 1 l De... l ' -H . 'W' Hl-f , l r. f fl .. r s'.:.. 1 . U d. s, l .- . ..., l... 5 . X .'.. .... " ci" S " N . f "Q D ' ": To ' o I the ' - l l- dl' -, Y. lc: .S I4-H.., . . 1 - - - l, - ' - . . . wlth Allpstlck on hlS face . . , ts ...he l' ' ' I . st G0,,- 'l l ' '- - A V R' oo T... ..s.., A Q, C' 'lv uf ,.,all thls... - 9 lc' . - - QCs l .. fl ll . .l " l --. L - . M f- . 'D " o o W ,Q .l' rw as..,al- UL M6 N :X O H' e" ' ', ,,,l' IVVV E - ec X I , ' , M lnnn It ...He l-lf. l ,-- , T 4 H I a -'Z 1 W C! Hi. . ' C, -.II-.

Page 15 text:

Donna Rae Jordan Donna ha ls from Park Aven le w ere she seems to have Deen ry oood te Nom c s 'les a golng a the rr- lk roJte wlth Jun or C lng places YOQ W'T'I 'I ng,-rlclng wth Jun or e was most ernbarrassed when s e w s threv n lnto o gong n room n a talthtul mem b ot E G C T T S orrl LWC Donnles DO"lCSf thr Il was recelvlng her cllarrlond cnd looklng 'orwafd I-lf-r 'ovor tc tunes nclude Just O ln More Chance on B c IE can she can alwafs be seen work no on the Pccolar RON l'flbIfI0h C l: wl anl ralse tau chlldren Wesley Buddy Jordan LX vs s ho b co lcctlng stray glrls member J E R K al th ll wlll bc Qraduatlon Clalms to have no skeletons ln grade school closet Plays the qultar beautltully Buddy come to u tr rr Grand Pralrle Texas anc Johnston Iowa Plays ln 1 western band or square dances says he has too many embarrasslng moments to mentlorl lust one Favorlte sono Jambalaya on the Bayou Ambltlon Playlng ln blg tlme wes ern band Nlck J Kalberg Nck came to Llncoln from Park Avenue He has been ln both Jr and Sr Chorus and Sr Boys Glee Club Nlck ha won two letters one ID track an'l one IH Cross Country Hls most embarrosslng moment was when he strollell lnto the qlrls locker room by mlstake Model trl IS hIS tavo e hobby Hls blggest thrlll ls yet to come NICK clolms ta have no to'ent but that statement seems to bc very untrue N ks faxorlte tunes are Blue Tanqo and Youll Never Walk Alone Amblfvon To qracluate from college Beverly Jean Kellar Bev IS a falthtul memher ot Rolnbow Glrls Tlck Tack YOT Callco an P I C Qhe has too many embarrasslng mom nts to mentlon Bev COVYTC to Llncoln from Park Avenue Danclng bowllng boys SYOYIYWQ and boys are '3evs hobhles Served on Nurses Staff Greenhorn Staff ftuflent CO.1nCll and Advertlslnq Man agr-r on Pegular Rall Bevs talent Dlaylnq games at slum ber Oaffles Blggest thrlll ls grarluatlon and meetlna a certaln someone from ISC ClGll'1'9 he w ll never tell about her skeletons ln grade school Ambltlon ls to graduate and go to Mlnnesota wlth Lll andthe gang Char es Kenoyer Cnazz ca ms he burled all of h skeletons 'rom hls grade school clos et at Howe ln hls backyard Hs hobhles ln ude Gr cars G rls skatlng Glls Chuckle clalms l-ll a ents w uldnt look good ln prlnt esen ' there was room for them ha es says hls embarrassln rl- ments are yet to come Hs 'avor te songs are Keep A Secr Tlll I Waltz Agaln wth ou and O C- In A Whlle and hls hlggest thrlll was gettlng a l2B Hlstory Ambltlan To get a car wlth a mo or n t a to graduate from school Phyllls Marle Klssell Jefferson clalms Phyl as a to me Duol Pee Wee serv ct on Gym Qtotf Senlor Student Coun Jonlor Glrls Glee Clut. Chee leader School Plar Reaular 'xOll Staff Greerlhorn Staff fenlor Rall Staff Teen Toppers Crrrlm also KDPS Radlo ytatlon Shortys hobbles IUCIUUP P l swlmrrllng Paul :lanclng Paul Phy has let tered three tlmes ln Cheerleod ng JVGAUOTIO1 wlll prove to be Phvl blgaest tl-rlll Shortys cluhs ln clude S D M C P P P P C P W P A U L Callco Club and says her most embarrasslng mofner-ts are too rlch to saeak of' Afflblflbh Ta te loved hy on and beled Asa to morvc certa Fl someone after qradmtloh ful Beverly Janlce Herker Larr Beverly came to Llncoln from alla n n .Ir I-ll h where there arc no skeleton that she cares to hea rattle Bev has served on Home rrlak no S aff on whlch she was se' retary for a year Her cluos are M I A and C C Sewlng arlf' Don a Bevs only hobbles Sre w ll not retell any ot her embar asslng moments Why Bev9l She rlalm her blgge t thrlll to be recelvlha her damand Her tavorlte s n BCCGJS Ambltlon To Ile o successful wlfe to Dan Alva Longerbone Comlng to Llncoln from Hovsc ln arade school rle IS o member of C P W W P A an. rnlsslons huntlng tlsnlng GIRLS and cars are Alvle s hobbles He has lettered once ln football Graduatlon wlll prove to v hlS DIQQCSY thrlll Hls most embarrasslng moments usually happen Wllh lx he wont tell us what happens779 I-le clolms hls only talent ls lfeeplng hls an Sato runnlng Ambltlon To own a small uuslne wlth Blk onthe South Slrle Robert John Lyons Crush carne to us from Mclilnlev and he ays lt was too lone ago to remember any skeletons hls qrole school clos Crusher Ilsts hls hobbles as olaylnq basketball and GIRLS' Bob lettcrecl once ln basketball and hls blgqest thrlll was w cn he got to start c tl st tggm gome Cl'uSl'1S fOvOVlfC songs are Oh HCJDDY Dew anrl Outslde at Heaven In can ft seen w h fhos Browr- Jewels ani 'ORC Amblhon T ao to Calltornla Paul James Maldonado Cl- clams there are too mom Slwletons hls grade school close' ct St Anthonv s to rnentlon Hl. s a member ot the Art Stat' and ha lettered twlce Ft trcck gl-N basketball Pablo hol- ,ns ln lude Vle danclng an worklng at th D MC nes Ornamental Iron C Paul says hls embarrasslng moments ore too QYTXEOYFOSSIDQ to tell I talent IS muslc and hls L agest Thr Il wlll be QVC uaflon AN1bIfIOH To love only one Q rl a be llked bv everyone Vg, llt I glrl , '.' Cll , . . . hofjf re... n ,A ll" ..- l X. ' ... . so , K P .., s .. Sue arf: ., I s ' ,- l , ..Sh, l n , - .l h l ' ' .. U l- , l Ou .s , .. , .."Do"ls -- ll - ef .. . .. l . . ., , ., . ,..." " C .J I 's 1- " . .. d " e- ., a,s". .f , . l .' l lk 'ny all. l I 'Y A ' ' : To oe suc esstul fe s - . . . , lr , Pol 377?9, "TA " so . hl I: y ls , , I- l r -s .. .. a - - ' ff ..J .,.. s .... lg- O 'lo my 5 l Qest , rl . ' - 7 K X I f , ' S O N' I . ' , l . l ,. , ... fi, ' H- ' l l f . . I f I, f A, ' ... ul A Q I5 -...IS ,. '9 , 4' I . . .A s "Bones" tells us he was a goodlbloy s ..., Om... .r,It. ,H y 2 1 ... ...B' . .buf l H.., H I lx.. . l-- . . . .,, . III I V V' L -- ' Q BQ l- lt .. . . .. 1 " : o . l " 5. WS l -- " lco" l ' .1 I Cl l.. llsv I, ,' it ..ancI sl , - ' s t I. ,,. s ' . . . .. o ' U, , , ., " 's' ll HE, C . . . C "". - ,Q Vle ,. Cl 2 Qs ,cl l , o , ltlr, l Qt" ' ' , ' l l-ls t Y. ' . ,, nr' ' H . , ,.., ' ,MQ , I I ln .. : W y ,C l . nd-. c. ,I .43-

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