Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11 of 82
Page 11 of 82

Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 10
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Page 11 text:

Marylun Ruth Ber95ff'-W1 Mcrylun came to Llncoln from Howe where she clalms st'e was too sweet to have any memares at neu-,Q bog erg served on Usmfy to' and was make up ed tgr ef the Senlor Ral and R gular QQ she was a fauthful member Y Y C Cmj I Qader s Club Thus tauentea gurl clalms to have many talents but al re Questuonabl ' O favorlte hobby IS pauntunl DO' ng tg of any poor unfortanat Dr-rggn w 0 wlll s IOHQ C au e us stu Q a V g t thrull to conse along gergs favorute tune s Plunk Plank Plunk Amblhon To go to England buy a new Cadlllac convertuh'e and out a do n payment on a three bejroom hoJse Larrv Bterma ccr Jewel comes to us frurn where he clalms he aes t hgya any ske eton h r school closet Jewel s hotlt ues un cluele Cars WOMEN and Cars Hls clubs onsust of r A W and C P W Larry ha lettered twuce un basketball Beer Jewels was SO embarrassed when a certaun gurl walked un at a basketball game he also clalms he nas never been thrulled Ambmon To marry a mllluon dollar Dany Barbara Jean Blair Barb another one of the Park Avc gang I-lobbles nclude sleepung catung rneetung blon'ls from Ames ann gettung un trouble wlth ce taln per-.ple tTe'I us morel One o her talents us sayung the wrong thlna at the wrong turre A peek un Barb grade school c oset was gyppung school for two weeks Cerved on Cecretarv Stat Chow and Gurls Glcc Club She has too many rnber blgaest thrull us yet to come Ambuhon arry young luyc on anJ tue happy Joanne Blake says a bug thrull was goung a Gleek fc mal wuth R LD and goung to Pella and Ames the bggest thrull us et to come Jo halls frcm Howe ana sey ral schools Colt an Wash Danclng goofln around partles and beuna wuth Ron take up n ost of her tume Clubs unclude Callco Hobby Dance Clut' B N A p Jos grade school closet hows that she was caught whule hudung from a ccrraun teacher lervuces Student Councul Pr nclpal talent us Rhurnbaung wuth Mar lvn S she has oodles of errlnor 'Jssung moments AMHINOH haye I ts of ruen s ani go to college Beverly Jean Boylan Q crly FTC o unc P rem P A enue where sm was so nkeft tlt ft mac B Gurl s ucen l- an r Chorus H r hob es con st of gjrgwung horse baLk r 'rr-3 CO Kng and sewung e ne clalms her most emharrc sung nn m nt was :Q mg he COUM f a horse ana then al ung Of' 4 Su thl Egy 5 alqgest hr ll was Iearnung to rde a horse that had too mu h ene gy Oflc SDIVT Her talents ft uae SIVTQWQ Dlavung the ocno anc' drawlng y I5 , ry f faxorute songs as beung Dgnt Let the .utars Get n Your Eye, Delucado and dy SQUID Ambrtton T llye on a farm ang to someday own her own hor Larry Brown own e me o L nco n n grade from Howe eryed Ort 1 eenhc n staff and Qenuor Cdl Belong to and F A W H bbues arc basketball nughtlufe t Reruheads 'an ertan Brownue s embarrasslna ments were not embarrassung a h to mentlon we vond r at ' Buggest thrulu reatunf Valley un basketball ln Slngung and danclng only a few of Larry s talents e ered tw ce ln basketball Ambutuon To have an amlnutuorl Januce Rae Burgess Jn buggest thrull was beung a homecomung attendan an I receuvung o motorcycle ,ackct wuth I7 zuppers Hauls from Park Afenuc wrcre there were no skeletons lr' her grade school IO ft 3 scrvuces Gym Staff Student C nc l and Columnust an Reau a Ol Receuved three Otters for rheerleac' ng dld a swell ob Hobbues unclude Chas druflng a tractor pole vaultung huntung What a gurl' an says she ha too many embar issung moments to mentlon Fauthfel mcmtner of S D MC C P W and P P P P Yodellng us to t one or Januces many talents Amb hon To be cool Beftv Darlene Burger! Betty carne to Luncoln from Amos H Jtt where she clalms she was a good gurl She belongs to YO B anrt her hobbles unclude readung and sewlng Lefty clalms her talents are all hudden and hullbully songs are her favor te type OF SONGS AT IS ' Betty was oh CO embarras el when a llttle boy tort er she was talng apart LL ' ' Lefty s buggest rl I us yet came Ambufuon To be a success un what she aes Aluce Lou Burrcss VI Aluce came to Luncoln trofn Elm Grove S e lusts her c E as oeung W B nc Y Y L. Skatung swum muna and eatung a topq wuth Louun Gettlng ugh gypp ng proved to be most em aarrassung to Aluce In grade school sh-. was slapped the hand wlth a ruller for Houng lowa hlstory NJugI"y G Auce clams she us at le o un any talents Grcduatung wull prove to t-e h r bg Q st thruu Ambuhon T go Ca lto nua L ctorua Theresa Chlavaro ckle cernes to us from t r thwny She served on the :eu etary Qtcff Gym Sta T and atode t Ccancul Vuckue Iaums her m st ernbarrassung moment was eaacarru tunthenn busy street Lke haye you stull got you ucense e s a men- er f tn:-TcTcCub YOT and Hobbues unclude eat ng sleepung and llstenung to musuc Vuckue says she has too many tal nts to rnentlon and the skel etcns un hcr grade school closet have all 'roken bones Her bggest s yet co One sweet gal to know Arnbmon To be a good nur e and own a huge farm J H n g , HB -- --Er I l' CQ l , l I: 7th L C X5 A I I K A A . L. A . , , u ' 1 X' Q Ra lx tor . . . I ' Qs . ll . , - J C, ,X F of l.V,L,B. Inc .... ,.,v. I GO. "X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' ' ' Y Gnc ...- y C l X O ,, I u or'a97? , . . ' ' " 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' Q me . , . - t 'Q I A h ,f ,1 gn co- . .... , . . . - ,bv Sh II wauturtx fer hi Ijlg- i552 ' Q f 'A - t - He: r 'l I k ' I F r OVC 'I , . . V 'V ' I. tt u . "W " . . . , UB A F iv, ' V , Burfl . . . " l' V1 Q I , . I. 5 un us g ado h. . A . our g. ',. .,-. -I ,--- lflzlm. u.. I V - - - - , .1 , . . l u - A s r. l I ' , . It .,.. ' fcfes. . ,V JI f TH '1.1t..'." Q" 14, V. ' . . . Q H - - h J A 1 I A fu A 'asyng moments to mcntuon , . . and WE U ' 5 it , A ' . th I to " : M , 1 I g " 3 . f L I A ul "Jo" to . .L But 'IA I , A H ' " '-Z' V 1 I . . . In lj Ct - - V IW lu S - V ' . . ,L. . I , . GP. 1 .,,.. Z M, N, A , , . . 3: t , . . . ....., A nk un 1 . . - l R 4 5 . . - , , , U, " X . . . . an U url ' ' I I, . . . l u O-,tg , U f . not t f d . . . ., , I , l , fr ur- " : To o I f rt e :X ' , " 2 o to I, r lr- Junl to serk. Bef ca t L ol, f . ark - - - WI, ha'-ru-Ie-r . . . for talkung tea V" l H S A " ' .., . . . 1 GCI III . . . 5 - - - Q- r ' Bev too ': un bot, lr. C 5, F 'r Q l - I , ' . . . e ou it 'L " ' - - - T 3 1 V' 1. . tau tu 3 gh ,udl M 1 -. D- :le ef a . . . A , . . ,Q',"Y 5. C163 l 1'ff.sn . ,s of " ft- , A lr- ' ' , - I , .1 o I .., . . .... ,e,f ng' Dre. I c A I ' ' ' 1 l . . . u gl ,v ' - ' I . I I I I . , . Bc I t'A e I 'E ' ' fy 3 ' ' A 4 I tlufmlu to wie' '.. I " H " . . . . . , "La cr H " : o -. W - - se. u -9.-

Page 10 text:

Harold Ahlberg Ulftt untll you get to know hlrn Halls from Maple Gro e Hu old says he IS a falthful m mwer of he Callco Club cla ms ca huntlng an GIRLS hls favorlte t'lOt'7tJlCS ay hls most embarrasslng moment s yet to com also Blgget T r ll yet to come H s y hc has few talents and the skeletons n Horolds grade school clo ef are shut ln forever Horotfl Whats behlnd that locked door 7 7l He has no taxarlte songs them Amblflon To enloy llfe Oulte an ambltlon Larry Max Anderson Andy halls from Park Avenue C'o ms to have no skeletons ln grae scnool closet HODUICS ncludc Ice Skatlng Laatlng Looklna at new Cars Loatlng Says most embnro' lng marrent was vyllcn asslgned to glrls name econom ICS ln 7th grade lnsteod o woodslnops Andy has one letter football HIS OCfIVlT es at Llncoln lnclude belng on Green horn Staff Student Councll mem ber Clubs are GOOF S and C PW Clalms to have no t 'fnts Andys fovorlte song ls The theme of the Clscr KI BIQQCSY thrlll was bclna chosen Presldent of the JQDIO Cla s Amblhon To recelvc O sheepskln frorn Iowa Unlverslty Ronald Lee Anderson Andy attended Howe School before comlng to Llncoln Was chosen Edltor of Regular Roll for two semesters Clalms hls hobby s a certaln fllr Havlng car trouble on the wav one of Andy s most embarrasslng moments Blggest Thrlll yet to come Clalms hls talents are yet to be dlscovereft Skeleton ln grade school closet was bclng ln chool p'ay Hls favorlt song IS Lady of Spoln Ambltlon To make a certaln glrl habpy ln marrled llfe Barbara L Afklnson Ack halls from Maple Grove where she CIGIITIS there were skc. etons ln her grade chool closet Says she ls never embarrassed fl-tow about that 393 Clothes Sleeplng Food artles wlth e arn Barbs holhles Served n the Greenhorn and Regular R ll Staff dd o swell lab s nnac ctt a fa thful member of Fl V l P and R OT C Blggest th ll IS yet to come ansl Tap aonflng wlth Lynn lS lust a e of her mony talents Favorlte song lS the Kookoburra ong Ambltlon To remaln slngle and happy and to own N W B wltn Lynn lrbv Lamar Baker K rv came to Llncoln from CoI'ox Grade School ln Plttsbu gh Pennsvlvanlo He has no com ment on skeletons ID hls grade scnool closet Klrby hasrl haa bggest thrlll as ve IS hobbles are blaylng caras tallflm, drlv ng He wlshes no to remember any emrorrosslng moments hes had Krby wlll always be remembered ln chem lstrv class for hls hlgh percentage of breakage s No S and Oh l-lappy Day ae nts a vo lte song Ambltlon To stay OtIVC Ronald Leroy Bales Comlng to Llncoln from Wallace Grade Schoo Ronny llsts absolutely now? skeletons hls oracle schoolv Hls most rcddenlng moment was runnlng through the WALL ln Auto MCCHOUICS Ronald IS a member C P W H s blggest thr l ls Marge lunlor CtGlt'TtS hl only ta ent t ha A ' student ln Crafts Ambltlon To have a used Ars lot onl be ome o BUT HEP Thomas Alvln Bullard Tom came to Llncoln from Home where he remembers oe lng spanked" by he Se ond Grade Teacher Tom YXODIDY IS Huntlng WOMEN" twel really Toml ne also belongs to C PW Tom has re celved a letter n football and one from hIS local Draft Board Hls most embarrasslng moment was gettlng hls guns taken ln Grade School He wlll also turn a ery brlght shade of red when he IS een Wlft' Larry Brown Tom says hls blggest thrlll was gettlng caught sneoklng IH the K s sell Speedway Wlfh Joe Mettlll Toms talent IS moklng love becutltul women tHummmrn" l Tom s fovorlte songs are You Belong To Me a No 2 Glllette Blue Blade Ambltlon lo make a mllllon rlends Donna Carol Baller Don came to Llncoln from Park Avenue Gettlng spanked tor tearlng paper towels closed Donna s skeleton closet Talents are playlng games at late hours Blgaest thrlll IS yet to come and all sports Served o gym staff and art staff Belongs to TICR Tack Y O 'l Leaders Club Ralnbovv P I C Don s embarrasslng m ments were too embarrasslng to mentlon Lettered TWICC ln golt Ambltlon To graduate from S T C Marlanne Ellzabeth Barclay Murlanne halls from Park Avenue vvhere she was caught slapplng a toy ln 6th grade over on eraser Why Morlanne"' Here at LIPCOIF1 she has served on Art Staff for two semesters She belongs to COllCO Y Y C W B nc and Mermalds Borks hobbles lnclude roller slfotlng bunny hop danclng rol r skatlng horseback rldlng and roller skatlng She Clalms Qll of her embarrasslng moments have been purposely forgotten Her blggest thrlll wlll be graduatlon ' Barlfey s fovorlte tunes are Blrth of the Blues Blues ln the sllght an St Louls Blues Ambltlon To become a beautlclan Jennle L Bequealth Ha ls from Jefferson whe e he remembers the tlme she had to st under the teachers desk for belng naughty Her hODDl6S are Clscerleadlna Wrltlng Terry Sklpplng rope Collectlng buttons IOCPS and marbles Was so ernlorrassed when she got to a ba l-'etbal game and dlscovered she had forgotten her clothes H s three letters ID cheerleadlhg Sa her nly IOD held durlng srhool llte outslae of school was mowlng lawns Clalms her blggest thrlll was when a pollceman asked her nafne Jennles only talents are knlttlng and ploylng ball Can be seen around wlth lanlce May Ardys Annette Jeanne ani Berta AI'Y1bIfl0fl To be a success at what ever she does l Q VV V u 'gf 'Q I . , , .., At .,. . H3 k ' " m l L ls . .. ... fl -- - 3-- . .,.S 5 l ' e . ,. -is "' ' , at . .. . ..., ' h' ' O J .ll l .. 'PU . ,. I V s l ,.,tol:e.., V c A 'V lS . , .t t . . . he ls . . . an I A lust-ltkesall ol C " . L C ,. V ... ' . - . V V I T V I f lc- A . I. -.I F V' I' 'L' ' ' l I .. H lrt v l V at A 3 - V , its ,, ' f "..,na-- . : , .Y ' 4 Dock ' - - from the Ledges - ' WGS t'tOOblESkOff2 . . . eating , . . travellng ' V - - , 'I .V A V A .S . . . IV V - , , . V ln R .,.. V 3 ..'.'.f.a.of... and P f' th F.l .... , - ' V' ' A4 ' 5 ' Own .154 X . . . , . . ...and ' .Q l-r s ' ,VV .... . V , VVVV , - 4 I SI hls I ' ,t. H ,H I .4 . 1 i,fs.o 0" ' .l.. lx ' .'.. . . , 4'lt'- ln" , 4 4 A . , , V ", " . .. r f- l , AV s, V "y I l -3..

Page 12 text:

Lorry Coen . . . Larry has hurled all skeletons . . . ln the hasement ot Mable Grove . . . Swlllnmlng . . . baseball .A.- 'luntlnfl . . . and Glrls . . . He belongs to Callco . . . l-le lS a member ot l-t R, l2O . , , Larry has lettereft onxr ln 'ootlvall , . . and once ln , , swlrnmlng . . Hls most embarrass- lng rnomc-nt . . and tilggest thr ll . . are yet to come . . . llalnns thue lust lsn't enough . . . aiseuatc space ln thls book to tell at all ct hls . . . talents. Ambition: Own my own tuinclss antl make a mllllon. Alice Cctrone Another lalthtul member of YOT a P l C A serv d or Gym Stat Student Councll and Exchange Column ot liegu la Rall Allce came to Llncoln from St Anthony s l'lOlll3lfS ae anythlng excltlng uesldes eatlng and sleeplrlg can be seen around wlth ey and Donna Skel tons ln grade school closet clalrns that was one tlme when she was good tl-low about that' Allce ha too many embarrosslng moments to mentlon Blggest thrlll to graduate Amblhon To be a good secretary Janet Lou Dcvls Janet comes to Llncoln trom Howe Where she clalms there were no skeletons left behlnd Jan s hoohy IS collectlng plctures Her rnost embarrasslng moments are lust too many to tell Janet blggest thrlll wlll be graduatlon and getting her lob as a medlcal secretary She says she secures no talents lthat lsnt the way w heard ltj Jan s tavorlte songs are Why Dont Yot Belleve Me? and Halt As Much Amblhon To recelve her certltlco e ln Medlcal Termlnology and occomt a uccesstul medlcal se retary Russell Davxs Comlng to Llncoln from Boone lowa Russ says he left behlnrl a lot ot worrlcd fClCN teachers l-l llsts has hotll es s huntlng tlshlng on swlmmlng A member 'nt thr B LJ M S Was very embar o sell when he was caught sneaklna ln at the State Falr by a DOllCCFY'lOll blggest thrlll wll graduatlng from Llncoln t-llgh Russ clalrns hls favorlte song are Laely of Spaln and lt In the Book Ambmon To be successful ln what ever I do Jerry DeLeon lelly Bean t-lobe es ncl ports ann Mag an clurnnu ot St Anthonys Jer y has no skeletons ln hls VOKF school clo elly Bean was s y letters haset all ut ol and wrestl ng age rl' was the ll yelt A cl cu ClOlV'Y7S re lrosn f any efrrf ss ng rnarrent 9 Ser lce a lnlthtd menlter ot W and K C A ery sal. he has no to en But we kr' te t AIT!bIfl0I1 Car earl C Lilyonn Dissinger . . . Lll halls from Park Avenue , . . anll has served on Gym Stott . . , rtutlent Cauncll . Grcenhorn Staff , . . ReQu'ar Rall Statt . , Thls cute llttle gal ls GlOlfl'llLlll'YTQl'1'llJCV W' the Ra-nhow Glfll . Tlc To: Cllltv . YOT . . . anzl P l C .... l-l.Jlll,les ar.: swlmrnlng Jlm , , clcnclna . llrn , . Seems she ls pretty. lntrresterl ln . . Jlm . . . Mos' Cnr' arrasslng moment hal llencrf at the East, Llnioln game . wllcll Jlnt made a touchdown N'-e wsnler . , . What l'lCDDC'l'C'f!' , hlqgcst tnrlll was luelng At- tenlant to' Homeromlng Cueln Lll cla mg she llkes to play fanasta ,, at slunnt er partlas Ambition: ls to graduate anl: ao lr: M rnesota , , wlth Bel, Keller cm: tht' nano Katherine Loulse Dondllnger Kathy a very tlne volce l ns t 'rom McKln ex les ll'lClLl e Bob ln lce skatlng ol eat ng anl Bot: Re was mos ernllarrassexl whlle walklnq orocnd the halls durlng lunch Ol wearlng one shoe Kttys flOQCST thrlll was wlnnlng loerlor ratlno at the stat vocal TTlUSlC contest Clubs lnclude Sub Deb Bel Cantc Secr tary of Homeroom 39 Sex et Senlar Chorus vorltc song Make Bel eve Ambttron To marry a certaln some one and go to college Robert E Durbin Bob went to letterson Grade School before comlng to Llncoln where he must have been a very good llttle boy l-le IS a mcrrber ot Flvlng Hoots Drlll Tearrl ant says get FI was rldlng wl th organlzatlon ln the Sldney Roclen l-lls hobby IS of course horseback rldlng l-le was most emoarrassed when he was mafle to WVITE a note home about hls be havlor ln grade school Bob wa assls ant Stage Manafer tor Dear Rutr He cla ms has talents are lust too numerous to rnentlon An-blhon To own the best stock horse ln Iowa Jean Erickson Jeanne ls cnc of the Park Avenue k ls where she ll never forget when she anl Burgess were caught w arlnr stlck and playlng flagcla wl lov lblaughty glrlll Slnce belnq at llncoln she has served on Student Councll the Green hon and Regular Rall Statts Broadcast oxer KDPS Secretary 9 and has been n e sextet Jeanne has recelved t letters ln cheerleadlng and won honorable rnentlon ln hopscotch ' Shc lS a talthtul member of S D M C CPVN GGS and Callco l-ler most embarrasslng moment w s tylng to Sl Buttons ant c s ln an assembx lean Co'nlng Queen slnglng on TV and gettlng uaerlor rat ng n Mslslc Fecleratlon Amblhon To he cool DIXIE Farr amc to l r' res un Park Avenuf urses tatl C so was pre ltlCl'lT anc fl n tanr got v l ng lanclng c 'll ' lf' DOVlO are on Mr l ne e l-a cn em arras lnr- nn cr Tc Tc ROlI'tl'Ow Glrl Jl nt Callco get thrl f A tl r' etterel We alrns all '4 W F Ambltlon T f fm fy .fn Q m Q . .V . nd . ..... I :A V l " " , , , . , . f . . . 5. . . com, a us l l , . . . , - Hrlll: . rl . . . , , s 9- r . . . m .ng , . . . , B , . . . . . . - 4 - - ' l I . , . " d" ' if l ,,,Al I . . . B h Jr . . . . . , ...l.ll... .... Q- l a sl K . , . . . ' " 4 H , lc nts blg 3 th ll th .' .,. ll B sr.. " , lung ll t 'y' tl? ,4..bUl'l'f.'Cl . . . e l. a I , I . -. l.,.. rs Ofll.R,3 th . . . W? , 4 I x M . . . Hls ' be . . . " "5- - s . , . . A ' .... . A ' n " 's C I A U I V , r l ng " , l " 5 I , B ls " lg . . , 's l blggest thrllls were . . belng Home- . s . l Q' I ' ' ' V.: ' - Ulm Cl-' : Llncan along wltn . . . L S . . . Y . . . Y, C 'T fi 1 V , 4 ' Q AI' Serled on , ts - '. S ' . . set.,,J ...l clue NFC? X3 4- , .... , s 3 . . . ton I7 I 5 r' - ' ' ' f ' l r H - .. , ,A . . Bl, sr rr l li? -' - V Le A D' s . -l s ecse . 'on 5 l acne . ' 'I MCI' .7 B' ' V' C cf 52- I I 4 i . hut, at ., r s Jr: 'es Cl-:les :he .s-fr:..l so 222 . Cf f f- Q i fl 1 NC' RED ' 2 ' ' ' X' Y ers Cll 1 a f Blg ll J' T ' Q "" X M ' ' w-ll be grunt o 1. .L '. o . f " . . ,, Q ' ' ln colt. Cl rer talents ce 'W 'A Q U ' ' ' "ng Q r :ion . hc :Lost thctfiv : C 7. - carusz, .. , W : o g':':Jate 'rzrn 'Q 0,1- - " 3 , lits t ine. ,.lQ,.

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