Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1953

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 82 of the 1953 volume:

., ma Senior Railsplitter Published by the Class of june, 1953 Edited by Iournalism II Students Abrahtmi Lincoln High School Des Nloines, Iowa J X 'ia- ,Q 1,1 V, , av- ! . w 4 5 Q. x wb' 'Q vzf NW' ' my Hs L1 M1 4, 5, I ff! -P A 'wwf' f f 4 7' 9' k Zvi 276' tr ,saw -gm, ff 9, Q f 1 if ,.' Iv .IL 5 mf," :M f 1' 1' . Z. , Q" U M. W -,haf . Q M1 if , . Q ' Q 3 'f 1 . .Tw M, 0+-1' . ' NW: 3' " X Sgfw ff ,.,, 1, ,gamx ' -4 f , rglv A ' GR ' v . ,Q fs-, X. I 16, .,,.l.I.Qi ., 1- v, , K ' Afz - '- V , x A ' 'Q . I I., .nf .fa , K 4,7 gf " 3' 4 K-:Zi ,ba ., ,iv A A 1 ,ff ,af f. ji, "g I 'V fhx ..' . ,213 , I- 4 f ft, K J-' K' Q M,-, f. is , 1.57 1 . ,HA , 'un ,ff ,. I 2. A y im, V A an f Zfj' 1 ' in f ip ,. 665' ,J -H . A I4 LHR T Z ' c Kirin . '. . ,ty ,' 3 ' al? if , ff , -ffz,,,,ne N, V , V V 4 4,1 Q23 . , A ,Km :ly 111, . V, , , V 3, ,Hg 'f fu: f ' Q , -1 'pg N ':+'., L IW.,yf, .huh - fs. fffxf Crwg if 25,1 f F? 3' '43 , .1 ,f i' L ,ffl ,, 2 and ,ff i f ' ff ,Q "' uf W JK + aff- W '4 I " f f 9 Senlnr Ufflcers GH fj 7 A l W, 1953 C M LARRY ANDERSON President O icem E ALICE COTRONE Secretory BEVERLY KELLAR Treasurer Vrce President 6 GEORGE TIMMONS fa Senior Class 4-5.4 Harold Ahlberg Ulftt untll you get to know hlrn Halls from Maple Gro e Hu old says he IS a falthful m mwer of he Callco Club cla ms ca huntlng an GIRLS hls favorlte t'lOt'7tJlCS ay hls most embarrasslng moment s yet to com also Blgget T r ll yet to come H s y hc has few talents and the skeletons n Horolds grade school clo ef are shut ln forever Horotfl Whats behlnd that locked door 7 7l He has no taxarlte songs them Amblflon To enloy llfe Oulte an ambltlon Larry Max Anderson Andy halls from Park Avenue C'o ms to have no skeletons ln grae scnool closet HODUICS ncludc Ice Skatlng Laatlng Looklna at new Cars Loatlng Says most embnro' lng marrent was vyllcn asslgned to glrls name econom ICS ln 7th grade lnsteod o woodslnops Andy has one letter football HIS OCfIVlT es at Llncoln lnclude belng on Green horn Staff Student Councll mem ber Clubs are GOOF S and C PW Clalms to have no t 'fnts Andys fovorlte song ls The theme of the Clscr KI BIQQCSY thrlll was bclna chosen Presldent of the JQDIO Cla s Amblhon To recelvc O sheepskln frorn Iowa Unlverslty Ronald Lee Anderson Andy attended Howe School before comlng to Llncoln Was chosen Edltor of Regular Roll for two semesters Clalms hls hobby s a certaln fllr Havlng car trouble on the wav one of Andy s most embarrasslng moments Blggest Thrlll yet to come Clalms hls talents are yet to be dlscovereft Skeleton ln grade school closet was bclng ln chool p'ay Hls favorlt song IS Lady of Spoln Ambltlon To make a certaln glrl habpy ln marrled llfe Barbara L Afklnson Ack halls from Maple Grove where she CIGIITIS there were skc. etons ln her grade chool closet Says she ls never embarrassed fl-tow about that 393 Clothes Sleeplng Food artles wlth e arn Barbs holhles Served n the Greenhorn and Regular R ll Staff dd o swell lab s nnac ctt a fa thful member of Fl V l P and R OT C Blggest th ll IS yet to come ansl Tap aonflng wlth Lynn lS lust a e of her mony talents Favorlte song lS the Kookoburra ong Ambltlon To remaln slngle and happy and to own N W B wltn Lynn lrbv Lamar Baker K rv came to Llncoln from CoI'ox Grade School ln Plttsbu gh Pennsvlvanlo He has no com ment on skeletons ID hls grade scnool closet Klrby hasrl haa bggest thrlll as ve IS hobbles are blaylng caras tallflm, drlv ng He wlshes no to remember any emrorrosslng moments hes had Krby wlll always be remembered ln chem lstrv class for hls hlgh percentage of breakage s No S and Oh l-lappy Day ae nts a vo lte song Ambltlon To stay OtIVC Ronald Leroy Bales Comlng to Llncoln from Wallace Grade Schoo Ronny llsts absolutely now? skeletons hls oracle schoolv Hls most rcddenlng moment was runnlng through the WALL ln Auto MCCHOUICS Ronald IS a member C P W H s blggest thr l ls Marge lunlor CtGlt'TtS hl only ta ent t ha A ' student ln Crafts Ambltlon To have a used Ars lot onl be ome o BUT HEP Thomas Alvln Bullard Tom came to Llncoln from Home where he remembers oe lng spanked" by he Se ond Grade Teacher Tom YXODIDY IS Huntlng WOMEN" twel really Toml ne also belongs to C PW Tom has re celved a letter n football and one from hIS local Draft Board Hls most embarrasslng moment was gettlng hls guns taken ln Grade School He wlll also turn a ery brlght shade of red when he IS een Wlft' Larry Brown Tom says hls blggest thrlll was gettlng caught sneoklng IH the K s sell Speedway Wlfh Joe Mettlll Toms talent IS moklng love becutltul women tHummmrn" l Tom s fovorlte songs are You Belong To Me a No 2 Glllette Blue Blade Ambltlon lo make a mllllon rlends Donna Carol Baller Don came to Llncoln from Park Avenue Gettlng spanked tor tearlng paper towels closed Donna s skeleton closet Talents are playlng games at late hours Blgaest thrlll IS yet to come and all sports Served o gym staff and art staff Belongs to TICR Tack Y O 'l Leaders Club Ralnbovv P I C Don s embarrasslng m ments were too embarrasslng to mentlon Lettered TWICC ln golt Ambltlon To graduate from S T C Marlanne Ellzabeth Barclay Murlanne halls from Park Avenue vvhere she was caught slapplng a toy ln 6th grade over on eraser Why Morlanne"' Here at LIPCOIF1 she has served on Art Staff for two semesters She belongs to COllCO Y Y C W B nc and Mermalds Borks hobbles lnclude roller slfotlng bunny hop danclng rol r skatlng horseback rldlng and roller skatlng She Clalms Qll of her embarrasslng moments have been purposely forgotten Her blggest thrlll wlll be graduatlon ' Barlfey s fovorlte tunes are Blrth of the Blues Blues ln the sllght an St Louls Blues Ambltlon To become a beautlclan Jennle L Bequealth Ha ls from Jefferson whe e he remembers the tlme she had to st under the teachers desk for belng naughty Her hODDl6S are Clscerleadlna Wrltlng Terry Sklpplng rope Collectlng buttons IOCPS and marbles Was so ernlorrassed when she got to a ba l-'etbal game and dlscovered she had forgotten her clothes H s three letters ID cheerleadlhg Sa her nly IOD held durlng srhool llte outslae of school was mowlng lawns Clalms her blggest thrlll was when a pollceman asked her nafne Jennles only talents are knlttlng and ploylng ball Can be seen around wlth lanlce May Ardys Annette Jeanne ani Berta AI'Y1bIfl0fl To be a success at what ever she does l Q VV V u 'gf 'Q I . , , .., At .,. . H3 k ' " m l L ls . .. ... fl -- - 3-- . .,.S 5 l ' e . ,. -is "' ' , at . .. . ..., ' h' ' O J .ll l .. 'PU . ,. I V s l ,.,tol:e.., V c A 'V lS . , .t t . . . he ls . . . an I A lust-ltkesall ol C " . L C ,. V ... ' . - . V V I T V I f lc- A . I. -.I F V' I' 'L' ' ' l I .. H lrt v l V at A 3 - V , its ,, ' f "..,na-- . : , .Y ' 4 Dock ' - - from the Ledges - ' WGS t'tOOblESkOff2 . . . eating , . . travellng ' V - - , 'I .V A V A .S . . . IV V - , , . V ln R .,.. V 3 ..'.'.f.a.of... and P f' th F.l .... , - ' V' ' A4 ' 5 ' Own .154 X . . . , . . ...and ' .Q l-r s ' ,VV .... . V , VVVV , - 4 I SI hls I ' ,t. H ,H I .4 . 1 i,fs.o 0" ' .l.. lx ' .'.. . . , 4'lt'- ln" , 4 4 A . , , V ", " . .. r f- l , AV s, V "y I l -3.. Marylun Ruth Ber95ff'-W1 Mcrylun came to Llncoln from Howe where she clalms st'e was too sweet to have any memares at neu-,Q bog erg served on Usmfy to' and was make up ed tgr ef the Senlor Ral and R gular QQ she was a fauthful member Y Y C Cmj I Qader s Club Thus tauentea gurl clalms to have many talents but al re Questuonabl ' O favorlte hobby IS pauntunl DO' ng tg of any poor unfortanat Dr-rggn w 0 wlll s IOHQ C au e us stu Q a V g t thrull to conse along gergs favorute tune s Plunk Plank Plunk Amblhon To go to England buy a new Cadlllac convertuh'e and out a do n payment on a three bejroom hoJse Larrv Bterma ccr Jewel comes to us frurn where he clalms he aes t hgya any ske eton h r school closet Jewel s hotlt ues un cluele Cars WOMEN and Cars Hls clubs onsust of r A W and C P W Larry ha lettered twuce un basketball Beer Jewels was SO embarrassed when a certaun gurl walked un at a basketball game he also clalms he nas never been thrulled Ambmon To marry a mllluon dollar Dany Barbara Jean Blair Barb another one of the Park Avc gang I-lobbles nclude sleepung catung rneetung blon'ls from Ames ann gettung un trouble wlth ce taln per-.ple tTe'I us morel One o her talents us sayung the wrong thlna at the wrong turre A peek un Barb grade school c oset was gyppung school for two weeks Cerved on Cecretarv Stat Chow and Gurls Glcc Club She has too many rnber blgaest thrull us yet to come Ambuhon arry young luyc on anJ tue happy Joanne Blake says a bug thrull was goung a Gleek fc mal wuth R LD and goung to Pella and Ames the bggest thrull us et to come Jo halls frcm Howe ana sey ral schools Colt an Wash Danclng goofln around partles and beuna wuth Ron take up n ost of her tume Clubs unclude Callco Hobby Dance Clut' B N A p Jos grade school closet hows that she was caught whule hudung from a ccrraun teacher lervuces Student Councul Pr nclpal talent us Rhurnbaung wuth Mar lvn S she has oodles of errlnor 'Jssung moments AMHINOH haye I ts of ruen s ani go to college Beverly Jean Boylan Q crly FTC o unc P rem P A enue where sm was so nkeft tlt ft mac B Gurl s ucen l- an r Chorus H r hob es con st of gjrgwung horse baLk r 'rr-3 CO Kng and sewung e ne clalms her most emharrc sung nn m nt was :Q mg he COUM f a horse ana then al ung Of' 4 Su thl Egy 5 alqgest hr ll was Iearnung to rde a horse that had too mu h ene gy Oflc SDIVT Her talents ft uae SIVTQWQ Dlavung the ocno anc' drawlng y I5 , ry f faxorute songs as beung Dgnt Let the .utars Get n Your Eye, Delucado and dy SQUID Ambrtton T llye on a farm ang to someday own her own hor Larry Brown own e me o L nco n n grade from Howe eryed Ort 1 eenhc n staff and Qenuor Cdl Belong to and F A W H bbues arc basketball nughtlufe t Reruheads 'an ertan Brownue s embarrasslna ments were not embarrassung a h to mentlon we vond r at ' Buggest thrulu reatunf Valley un basketball ln Slngung and danclng only a few of Larry s talents e ered tw ce ln basketball Ambutuon To have an amlnutuorl Januce Rae Burgess Jn buggest thrull was beung a homecomung attendan an I receuvung o motorcycle ,ackct wuth I7 zuppers Hauls from Park Afenuc wrcre there were no skeletons lr' her grade school IO ft 3 scrvuces Gym Staff Student C nc l and Columnust an Reau a Ol Receuved three Otters for rheerleac' ng dld a swell ob Hobbues unclude Chas druflng a tractor pole vaultung huntung What a gurl' an says she ha too many embar issung moments to mentlon Fauthfel mcmtner of S D MC C P W and P P P P Yodellng us to t one or Januces many talents Amb hon To be cool Beftv Darlene Burger! Betty carne to Luncoln from Amos H Jtt where she clalms she was a good gurl She belongs to YO B anrt her hobbles unclude readung and sewlng Lefty clalms her talents are all hudden and hullbully songs are her favor te type OF SONGS AT IS ' Betty was oh CO embarras el when a llttle boy tort er she was talng apart LL ' ' Lefty s buggest rl I us yet came Ambufuon To be a success un what she aes Aluce Lou Burrcss VI Aluce came to Luncoln trofn Elm Grove S e lusts her c E as oeung W B nc Y Y L. Skatung swum muna and eatung a topq wuth Louun Gettlng ugh gypp ng proved to be most em aarrassung to Aluce In grade school sh-. was slapped the hand wlth a ruller for Houng lowa hlstory NJugI"y G Auce clams she us at le o un any talents Grcduatung wull prove to t-e h r bg Q st thruu Ambuhon T go Ca lto nua L ctorua Theresa Chlavaro ckle cernes to us from t r thwny She served on the :eu etary Qtcff Gym Sta T and atode t Ccancul Vuckue Iaums her m st ernbarrassung moment was eaacarru tunthenn busy street Lke haye you stull got you ucense e s a men- er f tn:-TcTcCub YOT and Hobbues unclude eat ng sleepung and llstenung to musuc Vuckue says she has too many tal nts to rnentlon and the skel etcns un hcr grade school closet have all 'roken bones Her bggest s yet co One sweet gal to know Arnbmon To be a good nur e and own a huge farm J H n g , HB -- --Er I l' CQ l , l I: 7th L C X5 A I I K A A . L. A . , , u ' 1 X' Q Ra lx tor . . . I ' Qs . ll . , - J C, ,X F of l.V,L,B. Inc .... ,.,v. I GO. "X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' ' ' Y Gnc ...- y C l X O ,, I u or'a97? , . . ' ' " 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' Q me . , . - t 'Q I A h ,f ,1 gn co- . .... , . . . - ,bv Sh II wauturtx fer hi Ijlg- i552 ' Q f 'A - t - He: r 'l I k ' I F r OVC 'I , . . V 'V ' I. tt u . "W " . . . , UB A F iv, ' V , Burfl . . . " l' V1 Q I , . I. 5 un us g ado h. . A . our g. ',. .,-. -I ,--- lflzlm. u.. I V - - - - , .1 , . . l u - A s r. l I ' , . It .,.. ' fcfes. . ,V JI f TH '1.1t..'." Q" 14, V. ' . . . Q H - - h J A 1 I A fu A 'asyng moments to mcntuon , . . and WE U ' 5 it , A ' . th I to " : M , 1 I g " 3 . f L I A ul "Jo" to . .L But 'IA I , A H ' " '-Z' V 1 I . . . In lj Ct - - V IW lu S - V ' . . ,L. . I , . GP. 1 .,,.. Z M, N, A , , . . 3: t , . . . ....., A nk un 1 . . - l R 4 5 . . - , , , U, " X . . . . an U url ' ' I I, . . . l u O-,tg , U f . not t f d . . . ., , I , l , fr ur- " : To o I f rt e :X ' , " 2 o to I, r lr- Junl to serk. Bef ca t L ol, f . ark - - - WI, ha'-ru-Ie-r . . . for talkung tea V" l H S A " ' .., . . . 1 GCI III . . . 5 - - - Q- r ' Bev too ': un bot, lr. C 5, F 'r Q l - I , ' . . . e ou it 'L " ' - - - T 3 1 V' 1. . tau tu 3 gh ,udl M 1 -. D- :le ef a . . . A , . . ,Q',"Y 5. C163 l 1'ff.sn . ,s of " ft- , A lr- ' ' , - I , .1 o I .., . . .... ,e,f ng' Dre. I c A I ' ' ' 1 l . . . u gl ,v ' - ' I . I I I I . , . Bc I t'A e I 'E ' ' fy 3 ' ' A 4 I tlufmlu to wie' '.. I " H " . . . . . , "La cr H " : o -. W - - se. u -9.- Lorry Coen . . . Larry has hurled all skeletons . . . ln the hasement ot Mable Grove . . . Swlllnmlng . . . baseball .A.- 'luntlnfl . . . and Glrls . . . He belongs to Callco . . . l-le lS a member ot l-t R, l2O . , , Larry has lettereft onxr ln 'ootlvall , . . and once ln , , swlrnmlng . . Hls most embarrass- lng rnomc-nt . . and tilggest thr ll . . are yet to come . . . llalnns thue lust lsn't enough . . . aiseuatc space ln thls book to tell at all ct hls . . . talents. Ambition: Own my own tuinclss antl make a mllllon. Alice Cctrone Another lalthtul member of YOT a P l C A serv d or Gym Stat Student Councll and Exchange Column ot liegu la Rall Allce came to Llncoln from St Anthony s l'lOlll3lfS ae anythlng excltlng uesldes eatlng and sleeplrlg can be seen around wlth ey and Donna Skel tons ln grade school closet clalrns that was one tlme when she was good tl-low about that' Allce ha too many embarrosslng moments to mentlon Blggest thrlll to graduate Amblhon To be a good secretary Janet Lou Dcvls Janet comes to Llncoln trom Howe Where she clalms there were no skeletons left behlnd Jan s hoohy IS collectlng plctures Her rnost embarrasslng moments are lust too many to tell Janet blggest thrlll wlll be graduatlon and getting her lob as a medlcal secretary She says she secures no talents lthat lsnt the way w heard ltj Jan s tavorlte songs are Why Dont Yot Belleve Me? and Halt As Much Amblhon To recelve her certltlco e ln Medlcal Termlnology and occomt a uccesstul medlcal se retary Russell Davxs Comlng to Llncoln from Boone lowa Russ says he left behlnrl a lot ot worrlcd fClCN teachers l-l llsts has hotll es s huntlng tlshlng on swlmmlng A member 'nt thr B LJ M S Was very embar o sell when he was caught sneaklna ln at the State Falr by a DOllCCFY'lOll blggest thrlll wll graduatlng from Llncoln t-llgh Russ clalrns hls favorlte song are Laely of Spaln and lt In the Book Ambmon To be successful ln what ever I do Jerry DeLeon lelly Bean t-lobe es ncl ports ann Mag an clurnnu ot St Anthonys Jer y has no skeletons ln hls VOKF school clo elly Bean was s y letters haset all ut ol and wrestl ng age rl' was the ll yelt A cl cu ClOlV'Y7S re lrosn f any efrrf ss ng rnarrent 9 Ser lce a lnlthtd menlter ot W and K C A ery sal. he has no to en But we kr' te t AIT!bIfl0I1 Car earl C Lilyonn Dissinger . . . Lll halls from Park Avenue , . . anll has served on Gym Stott . . , rtutlent Cauncll . Grcenhorn Staff , . . ReQu'ar Rall Statt . , Thls cute llttle gal ls GlOlfl'llLlll'YTQl'1'llJCV W' the Ra-nhow Glfll . Tlc To: Cllltv . YOT . . . anzl P l C .... l-l.Jlll,les ar.: swlmrnlng Jlm , , clcnclna . llrn , . Seems she ls pretty. lntrresterl ln . . Jlm . . . Mos' Cnr' arrasslng moment hal llencrf at the East, Llnioln game . wllcll Jlnt made a touchdown N'-e wsnler . , . What l'lCDDC'l'C'f!' , hlqgcst tnrlll was luelng At- tenlant to' Homeromlng Cueln Lll cla mg she llkes to play fanasta ,, at slunnt er partlas Ambition: ls to graduate anl: ao lr: M rnesota , , wlth Bel, Keller cm: tht' nano Katherine Loulse Dondllnger Kathy a very tlne volce l ns t 'rom McKln ex les ll'lClLl e Bob ln lce skatlng ol eat ng anl Bot: Re was mos ernllarrassexl whlle walklnq orocnd the halls durlng lunch Ol wearlng one shoe Kttys flOQCST thrlll was wlnnlng loerlor ratlno at the stat vocal TTlUSlC contest Clubs lnclude Sub Deb Bel Cantc Secr tary of Homeroom 39 Sex et Senlar Chorus vorltc song Make Bel eve Ambttron To marry a certaln some one and go to college Robert E Durbin Bob went to letterson Grade School before comlng to Llncoln where he must have been a very good llttle boy l-le IS a mcrrber ot Flvlng Hoots Drlll Tearrl ant says get FI was rldlng wl th organlzatlon ln the Sldney Roclen l-lls hobby IS of course horseback rldlng l-le was most emoarrassed when he was mafle to WVITE a note home about hls be havlor ln grade school Bob wa assls ant Stage Manafer tor Dear Rutr He cla ms has talents are lust too numerous to rnentlon An-blhon To own the best stock horse ln Iowa Jean Erickson Jeanne ls cnc of the Park Avenue k ls where she ll never forget when she anl Burgess were caught w arlnr stlck and playlng flagcla wl lov lblaughty glrlll Slnce belnq at llncoln she has served on Student Councll the Green hon and Regular Rall Statts Broadcast oxer KDPS Secretary 9 and has been n e sextet Jeanne has recelved t letters ln cheerleadlng and won honorable rnentlon ln hopscotch ' Shc lS a talthtul member of S D M C CPVN GGS and Callco l-ler most embarrasslng moment w s tylng to Sl Buttons ant c s ln an assembx lean Co'nlng Queen slnglng on TV and gettlng uaerlor rat ng n Mslslc Fecleratlon Amblhon To he cool DIXIE Farr amc to l r' res un Park Avenuf urses tatl C so was pre ltlCl'lT anc fl n tanr got v l ng lanclng c 'll ' lf' DOVlO are on Mr l ne e l-a cn em arras lnr- nn cr Tc Tc ROlI'tl'Ow Glrl Jl nt Callco get thrl f A tl r' etterel We alrns all '4 W F Ambltlon T f fm fy .fn Q m Q . .V . nd . ..... I :A V l " " , , , . , . f . . . 5. . . com, a us l l , . . . , - Hrlll: . rl . . . , , s 9- r . . . m .ng , . . . , B , . . . . . . - 4 - - ' l I . , . " d" ' if l ,,,Al I . . . B h Jr . . . . . , ...l.ll... .... Q- l a sl K . , . . . ' " 4 H , lc nts blg 3 th ll th .' .,. ll B sr.. " , lung ll t 'y' tl? ,4..bUl'l'f.'Cl . . . e l. a I , I . -. l.,.. rs Ofll.R,3 th . . . W? , 4 I x M . . . Hls ' be . . . " "5- - s . , . . A ' .... . A ' n " 's C I A U I V , r l ng " , l " 5 I , B ls " lg . . , 's l blggest thrllls were . . belng Home- . s . l Q' I ' ' ' V.: ' - Ulm Cl-' : Llncan along wltn . . . L S . . . Y . . . Y, C 'T fi 1 V , 4 ' Q AI' Serled on , ts - '. S ' . . set.,,J ...l clue NFC? X3 4- , .... , s 3 . . . ton I7 I 5 r' - ' ' ' f ' l r H - .. , ,A . . Bl, sr rr l li? -' - V Le A D' s . -l s ecse . 'on 5 l acne . ' 'I MCI' .7 B' ' V' C cf 52- I I 4 i . hut, at ., r s Jr: 'es Cl-:les :he .s-fr:..l so 222 . Cf f f- Q i fl 1 NC' RED ' 2 ' ' ' X' Y ers Cll 1 a f Blg ll J' T ' Q "" X M ' ' w-ll be grunt o 1. .L '. o . f " . . ,, Q ' ' ln colt. Cl rer talents ce 'W 'A Q U ' ' ' "ng Q r :ion . hc :Lost thctfiv : C 7. - carusz, .. , W : o g':':Jate 'rzrn 'Q 0,1- - " 3 , lits t ine. ,.lQ,. Morllyn R Flsher Lynn comes to us from Mape Grave A Deek LYl'l"l grade school closet revetls lo klng il certaln someone the locker and havlng to explaln to teacher Clubs ncluae r I and TIC Toc C'othes eatlrlg sleeplng and lartles wt the F are her hoboles Lynn served on the Greenhorn ana Regular Rall Staff M V em ba rasslng moment was owlng up at a to mal ln Cl wrlte formal n a black eye Nlce Contrast Blgqest thrlll lS yet to come Marllyn s talents are tap danc ng wr h Ack an gettlng JT of trouble A real sweet gal Amblhon To remaln s ngle and happy and own ts W B Wll'l Aclf l l Lester Theodore Floden, Jr Ted halls from McKlnley wh re he clalms he was a nlcc qulet llttle boy 0777 He has been a member of SfJ'lCl'lf Councll for two semesters and Stage Manager for Dear Ruth Hrs hobbles ITlCllJClC flshlng and huntlng WHATDWM and he belongs to J E R K S Te was oh O embarrassed when he got cal att sltlng on the Des EAOIDGS Brulns Ball Park Fence Ted favnrlte sono IS Oh Happy Day an HIS blggest thrlll wlll be QfCdLAOfIOl1 Amblhon To be a success anrl ovln a NEW car Vrctor Elllott Frederlck Vlctor camc to Llncoln from .Ie fcrson where he clatms to have been a very good Joy V OCllVIllCS lnclude two year n Four years on the Fly ng Hoof Drlll Team Th Red Trlangle Club and Callco Hls hobbles are tennls swlmmlng Ellen baseball Ellen loaflng and an TOQOHIZIHQ ,SAISS Davlson IS mat embarrasslng moments wants forgotten lAny speclal reasonlj VICTOY has recelved two letters one ln tennls anr one ln swlmmlng Hrs -plgqe thrll IS yet to come ClOI'T1S to have very few talents AIl1bIfl0I1 To graduate from lowa State and be a successful englneer ma Gorhn M1 Frlend Erma went to Corvdon Hlgh School where sn clalms she was a Wgoodn glrl She has been a member of udent Councll and Secretarlal Staff Erma belongs to WBL Inc Gnd Y Y C Her hobo es conslst of readlng ant a 48 Chevrolet Erma says that she doesnt nave any ern b0"f0SS'l'lQ moments she would care to mentlon ond QII gf hgy talcnts are hldden Her fayorltn sono s Oh Happy Day Cnr her DIQQGSY thrlll wlll be araduatlon Ambition To be a success ln what ever he undertakes to do John Carl Gosperl Comlng to L ncoln fron- Maple ,mv Grade School Jann Clg ms ls 'NQQCSY tht l was meet ng Shlrley G'lsolpe a falthful mem er f JE R K S Hls habbles ftcludc Vwcmen Shlrleyl Q,-ll Dho tooraphy John has wcrkel out slde of school belng a paper Day ant a drugstore cowboy 9 3 P P s 'CVOVITS ht song 5 Tryrqg Q Foroet You Ambrtlon To become a mllll narc th n to get marrled John W Groves Johnny attendea Park Avenue where he clalms to have been good bo 9 99 Hls nobbles are huntlr-g flshlng and WOMEN Hls blggest thrl'l wlll come on June 4 when he rccelves hls dlploma Jorlnny has served as Advertlslng M nager of the Senlor 'lull H 45 a member of C W Jonn s a lctterman ln wrest lna Clalms hIS only talent a flne stage coach dr ver for the ,Icurnallsm Department s avorte song s 'm Trylng c Forget you AHlblft0N To be a sur ess rl wt-at efer' a Carol Jean Gray Maple Grovc clalms Cave wh-' re she tells us the skeletons couldnt te found amongst all the lunk l-ler GCflVIltCS lncluae swlmmlng Galen danclng Ga' lce skatlrlg Galcrl eatlng Galen and A NA l W W L A A F C er ma t ernbarrasslng moment was belnq caught ln her palamas Ho es her blggest thrlll wll came ln June Her tavorltc songs lnclude You Belong to Me ani Stardust Ambltlon try t wa k stralqht and narrow and to be llked by everyone Charles Gurdlcessl Ju o comes to us from Vash lnqton Hrs most embarrasslng moment was gettlng caught over on a certaln slde of town an cars and Jan are Chucks hobbles Another mem berofthe FAW PPPP and CPW Blggest thrlll was s lllng davm Plkes Peak" Chuck s only talent seems to be danclng at partles What Klnd 937 Judo s fOVOflY9 song IS l Won Huntlng wlth You Jake But I ll Go Chaslng Women Ambltton To own a Cadlllac :hard Hammond DlCk attended Smouse where he would rather leave all skeletons ln the lockec closet Hls hObbleS are readlng an G rl Frlcnd huh3l He clalms to ha f. forgotten o eml arrasslng moments Are you sure or ust not telllng9 Dlc s bug t thrll v ll e recelvlng hls dlploma as of June A Hls favorlte song lS Stardust Al'hbIfl0I1 To graduate from allege anl become a suc essful chemlst Donald Lee Helm on came t Ltnc ln fron- Jewe' lOwG w ere he w ways an angel Always? 7 979 Huntlng and lshlng are Dons tavorlte hoboles H .Ast cant r Gll any reallv embarrasslng moments Cant ecall or wont recall Graduatlon wlll prove to be hls blggesf Tttrlll clalms to not have any talents th t he knows o Dont Fence Me ln ls tops on Don s hlt parade Ambuhon To oe a great success ln.., 's C 1 ,jjg,g yew... - - O? . e .P. . , .. - ,,.sh l , - I - , , .. D . ...fo Od 1 l De... l ' -H . 'W' Hl-f , l r. f fl .. r s'.:.. 1 . U d. s, l .- . ..., l... 5 . X .'.. .... " ci" S " N . f "Q D ' ": To ' o I the ' - l l- dl' -, Y. lc: .S I4-H.., . . 1 - - - l, - ' - . . . wlth Allpstlck on hlS face . . , ts ...he l' ' ' I . st G0,,- 'l l ' '- - A V R' oo T... ..s.., A Q, C' 'lv uf ,.,all thls... - 9 lc' . - - QCs l .. fl ll . .l " l --. L - . M f- . 'D " o o W ,Q .l' rw as..,al- UL M6 N :X O H' e" ' ', ,,,l' IVVV E - ec X I , ' , M lnnn It ...He l-lf. l ,-- , T 4 H I a -'Z 1 W C! Hi. . ' C, -.II-. Ethel Elalne Hemtx Blue Eyes came to Llncoln from Wrscensln where she Ialms she has tucked away all of er memorres E rne has L ft member of Student Councrl Gym Staff Home EC Staff anc has sold candv ln he hall he beongs to WLB lc and Y YC Her hobbles nclude tca Ing a certaln someone P danclng swlmmrna sewlna and pesterlng SANDERS' I ' Sad Sack clalrns her talents havent beer- found yet ond her brggest thrlll are grcduatrng and a cer ta n guy f om Tecl' Ambltlon To make two very speclal people proud of her Tom Henry Hen attended Grade School rn Penrlsylvana where he clarms he was a good boy Hrs hoobres lnclude sleeprng an eatrng and hrs orggest thrlll was hrs flrst rce cream soclol Tom was oh SO embarrassed when he got caught gamblrng rn 9A Study Hall Hen maln talent rs DORMANT' ' ' I ,whrch means Sleeplngl and HIS la vorrte songs are Happy Day and Java Jlve Ambltlon To stay out of the army untll he s 90 Barbara Delores Hiatt Barbara halls from Maple Grove Bobble served on Gym Staff one semester Her hobblcs n clude swrmmrng danclng klddlng the fellows and collectrng salt and pepper shak ers Barb belongs to W L B embarrasslng moments are oo many to mentron Bunnle lalms she has no talents that sh knows of RECGIVIDQ her droloma wrll prove to be her brggest thrlll Ambltlon To have a happy and successful future Delmar Hoffman Del comes to us from Maple Grove where he clarms there were no skeletons rn hrs grade chool closet GIRLS skatlng GIRLS football and GIRLS take up most of Dagmar s spare trme Del lettered n football and he was Sports Edltor for the Regular Rall Staff Del wlll never tell hrs most em barrassrng moments IWe wonder why 7 9 gl To graduate wrll be Delmars bggest thrlll Del says hrs favorrte song IS T I I Na z Agarn Wrth You One swell guy to snow Ambltlon To play football for Iowa State Teachers Robert Beymer Hufstader Bob came to Llncoln fron- Saunders C. ode School rn Dmahu Srnc comlng here hes en n H R and has run the noon movles Bots mam hobby rs photography embarrassrng moments go there are lust too many to mentlan He played Dr Chumley ln Harvey and Judge Wllkrns n Dear Puth Clalms h s blg gest thrlll t have been rece vrng 3 ID Ma B h ls 0 ta thf.lI member o P L Ambltron Go lnto eng 'leerlng enlay llfe Kenneth Wylle Hunt Wylle h lls from Park Avenue where there s no sound heard from rcttlrng skeletons Hunt ln flst'lng and wrestl ng make up hrs hobbles s member Jf Des MOINES Rltlc and Revolxer Club N le wes very embarrassed the frrt tme he went skatlng and wore pant wth maroon and gold trlanale an the legs Hrs hrggcst thr ll wa a vacatren ln Mrnnesota also graduatron In Book rs Wylres tavarltc une Ambltlon To get dlstrngulshert 'le rn n award and go to Iowa 'tate Joanne M Jackovlch Joanne hars from Curtrs and Howe Grade Schools She la ms she has no grade school skeletons At Llncoln Joanne has se ved on Secretarlal Sta" Greenhorn Staff Regular RGIl Staff and was Co Sketch Edltor of the Sr Ral' Jo has also lettered twlce ln golf Her hobbles IHCIUCE danclng go f partres Wllh the gang clothes She belorlfls o Callco Trc Tac Y OT Her mast embarrasslng moments are lust too many to mentlon' 'I Jos outstcndlng talent rs playlng games at slumber partles l-lcr blggest thrlll IS yet to come Ambltlon To travel and to own a Cadlllac convertrble .lulleann Jambor Julle came to Lrncoln ln nlnth grade from Mclirnley ln Cedar Raplds She has been Presrclent at H R 39 two semesters and been ln the sextet for two year She also ha been Secretary Staff for two se mesters She Ilsts her hobbres as taklng p ctures ' m drrv ln danclng rm lootlng sleeplng and Jrm Beans IS a membe of AMLWWI embarrassrng moment was talllng at a certaln peclal school functlon lSllopery rloor9l Hans talents conslst of playlng the DIGHO slnglna cr cklng gum and always frndlng trouble Graduatlon and go no to college wlll Le her brggest thr 'Is Ambltlon To make frrends and n tlJcnce people and to go to 'all fornra wltn MOHIC Joed Elender Johnston Jo went to Jetferson Grade School where she clalms she was a 'load ltte glr 7 She has been on Llbrary Staff Senlor Judlclal Commrttee Greenhorn Staff Regular Rall Staff S Rall S aff he has also hal the lead n Our Town You Cant Tave l W h You Harvey and Assrstant Dlrector of Dear Ruth Jody says her talents lnclude actlng cook ng Her hobbles are travellng actlng and WYIYIHQ oed most embcrrasslng moment oc urred BACKSTAGE lHummmmmm and her blggest thrlll was walklng through the An len' Rrman Forum last summer Ambltlon To ga around the world and later be o good homemfker Thelma lrene Jones Thelma halls from Maple Grove where shc was always an anael ex cept to the trme she got a spanklng tor runnlng down the stalrs Were you ln o hurry Thelma? He hc bles are sleeplng eatlng sevlng and boys T el was a tratflc glrl ln th grade She has served on Home Mak ng Statf Greenrarn Staff and the Regula Rall She was oh so embarrassed when he last a certaln artlcle whrle swlmmlng lBoI:r:y plns of course " calms to have rrany talents most are not yet dlscovered Graduatlon wlll pave to be yer thrllllng Ambrtlon To be successful rn what ever l do ch I.. la uesna Y '. . l Y ...Hel a M : ...s ,l ' l Fl ..4, ao. I Vlf -s M ,.l.lE.l -- D ,f.'MRl '- 'VS I I -- " ' .. " ' - V le ...-ers. The du. y A If ..,Brll,.. l,..Blll U E ...BvilI... fr' I on... 4 - 3 l- 'AA I ,..Jl - --Q gm.. ...J 1' 'nc '-" ,GO - - - YY-C ---' :lsr A L.G.S. . I. , l, ,l , ll-lerlmost X 4 . i-- . ' F Il 'I..,C??.??J...m I ' ...r. 'k ...s C" n...'n ' , T . . ' If N..." H... 1' ,..'lfIl 'lt uf- I - y :N Cllr " r V In h Bef i..ll8... - . ' ' .' 'Af.,uAs... I , A 6 i.. . E ' T "S" F 'C I' W - a"" .th,.. ou' , .,...Se lr f .. I I ' Cut :U 1. f,.. ' r -12- Donna Rae Jordan Donna ha ls from Park Aven le w ere she seems to have Deen ry oood te Nom c s 'les a golng a the rr- lk roJte wlth Jun or C lng places YOQ W'T'I 'I ng,-rlclng wth Jun or e was most ernbarrassed when s e w s threv n lnto o gong n room n a talthtul mem b ot E G C T T S orrl LWC Donnles DO"lCSf thr Il was recelvlng her cllarrlond cnd looklng 'orwafd I-lf-r 'ovor tc tunes nclude Just O ln More Chance on B c IE can she can alwafs be seen work no on the Pccolar RON l'flbIfI0h C l: wl anl ralse tau chlldren Wesley Buddy Jordan LX vs s ho b co lcctlng stray glrls member J E R K al th ll wlll bc Qraduatlon Clalms to have no skeletons ln grade school closet Plays the qultar beautltully Buddy come to u tr rr Grand Pralrle Texas anc Johnston Iowa Plays ln 1 western band or square dances says he has too many embarrasslng moments to mentlorl lust one Favorlte sono Jambalaya on the Bayou Ambltlon Playlng ln blg tlme wes ern band Nlck J Kalberg Nck came to Llncoln from Park Avenue He has been ln both Jr and Sr Chorus and Sr Boys Glee Club Nlck ha won two letters one ID track an'l one IH Cross Country Hls most embarrosslng moment was when he strollell lnto the qlrls locker room by mlstake Model trl IS hIS tavo e hobby Hls blggest thrlll ls yet to come NICK clolms ta have no to'ent but that statement seems to bc very untrue N ks faxorlte tunes are Blue Tanqo and Youll Never Walk Alone Amblfvon To qracluate from college Beverly Jean Kellar Bev IS a falthtul memher ot Rolnbow Glrls Tlck Tack YOT Callco an P I C Qhe has too many embarrasslng mom nts to mentlon Bev COVYTC to Llncoln from Park Avenue Danclng bowllng boys SYOYIYWQ and boys are '3evs hobhles Served on Nurses Staff Greenhorn Staff ftuflent CO.1nCll and Advertlslnq Man agr-r on Pegular Rall Bevs talent Dlaylnq games at slum ber Oaffles Blggest thrlll ls grarluatlon and meetlna a certaln someone from ISC ClGll'1'9 he w ll never tell about her skeletons ln grade school Ambltlon ls to graduate and go to Mlnnesota wlth Lll andthe gang Char es Kenoyer Cnazz ca ms he burled all of h skeletons 'rom hls grade school clos et at Howe ln hls backyard Hs hobhles ln ude Gr cars G rls skatlng Glls Chuckle clalms l-ll a ents w uldnt look good ln prlnt esen ' there was room for them ha es says hls embarrassln rl- ments are yet to come Hs 'avor te songs are Keep A Secr Tlll I Waltz Agaln wth ou and O C- In A Whlle and hls hlggest thrlll was gettlng a l2B Hlstory Ambltlan To get a car wlth a mo or n t a to graduate from school Phyllls Marle Klssell Jefferson clalms Phyl as a to me Duol Pee Wee serv ct on Gym Qtotf Senlor Student Coun Jonlor Glrls Glee Clut. Chee leader School Plar Reaular 'xOll Staff Greerlhorn Staff fenlor Rall Staff Teen Toppers Crrrlm also KDPS Radlo ytatlon Shortys hobbles IUCIUUP P l swlmrrllng Paul :lanclng Paul Phy has let tered three tlmes ln Cheerleod ng JVGAUOTIO1 wlll prove to be Phvl blgaest tl-rlll Shortys cluhs ln clude S D M C P P P P C P W P A U L Callco Club and says her most embarrasslng mofner-ts are too rlch to saeak of' Afflblflbh Ta te loved hy on and beled Asa to morvc certa Fl someone after qradmtloh ful Beverly Janlce Herker Larr Beverly came to Llncoln from alla n n .Ir I-ll h where there arc no skeleton that she cares to hea rattle Bev has served on Home rrlak no S aff on whlch she was se' retary for a year Her cluos are M I A and C C Sewlng arlf' Don a Bevs only hobbles Sre w ll not retell any ot her embar asslng moments Why Bev9l She rlalm her blgge t thrlll to be recelvlha her damand Her tavorlte s n BCCGJS Ambltlon To Ile o successful wlfe to Dan Alva Longerbone Comlng to Llncoln from Hovsc ln arade school rle IS o member of C P W W P A an. rnlsslons huntlng tlsnlng GIRLS and cars are Alvle s hobbles He has lettered once ln football Graduatlon wlll prove to v hlS DIQQCSY thrlll Hls most embarrasslng moments usually happen Wllh lx he wont tell us what happens779 I-le clolms hls only talent ls lfeeplng hls an Sato runnlng Ambltlon To own a small uuslne wlth Blk onthe South Slrle Robert John Lyons Crush carne to us from Mclilnlev and he ays lt was too lone ago to remember any skeletons hls qrole school clos Crusher Ilsts hls hobbles as olaylnq basketball and GIRLS' Bob lettcrecl once ln basketball and hls blgqest thrlll was w cn he got to start c tl st tggm gome Cl'uSl'1S fOvOVlfC songs are Oh HCJDDY Dew anrl Outslde at Heaven In can ft seen w h fhos Browr- Jewels ani 'ORC Amblhon T ao to Calltornla Paul James Maldonado Cl- clams there are too mom Slwletons hls grade school close' ct St Anthonv s to rnentlon Hl. s a member ot the Art Stat' and ha lettered twlce Ft trcck gl-N basketball Pablo hol- ,ns ln lude Vle danclng an worklng at th D MC nes Ornamental Iron C Paul says hls embarrasslng moments ore too QYTXEOYFOSSIDQ to tell I talent IS muslc and hls L agest Thr Il wlll be QVC uaflon AN1bIfIOH To love only one Q rl a be llked bv everyone Vg, llt I glrl , '.' Cll , . . . hofjf re... n ,A ll" ..- l X. ' ... . so , K P .., s .. Sue arf: ., I s ' ,- l , ..Sh, l n , - .l h l ' ' .. U l- , l Ou .s , .. , .."Do"ls -- ll - ef .. . .. l . . ., , ., . ,..." " C .J I 's 1- " . .. d " e- ., a,s". .f , . l .' l lk 'ny all. l I 'Y A ' ' : To oe suc esstul fe s - . . . , lr , Pol 377?9, "TA " so . hl I: y ls , , I- l r -s .. .. a - - ' ff ..J .,.. s .... lg- O 'lo my 5 l Qest , rl . ' - 7 K X I f , ' S O N' I . ' , l . l ,. , ... fi, ' H- ' l l f . . I f I, f A, ' ... ul A Q I5 -...IS ,. '9 , 4' I . . .A s "Bones" tells us he was a goodlbloy s ..., Om... .r,It. ,H y 2 1 ... ...B' . .buf l H.., H I lx.. . l-- . . . .,, . III I V V' L -- ' Q BQ l- lt .. . . .. 1 " : o . l " 5. WS l -- " lco" l ' .1 I Cl l.. llsv I, ,' it ..ancI sl , - ' s t I. ,,. s ' . . . .. o ' U, , , ., " 's' ll HE, C . . . C "". - ,Q Vle ,. Cl 2 Qs ,cl l , o , ltlr, l Qt" ' ' , ' l l-ls t Y. ' . ,, nr' ' H . , ,.., ' ,MQ , I I ln .. : W y ,C l . nd-. c. ,I .43- Ronald Frank Marturello Ronnle comes to us from Maple Clalms he was an c,'lgel99 n grade school whos he kln tlng arty a fart mem' er E R Cal co u P E C 'Je t th w ll e eradu a l n Hobbles lnclude danc ln L. E s partles and tomen Mos' emharrasslng moment was h n Lankford onc n ght whlle tak na plctures F yor e songs S cle By Slde why Dc t You Belueye Me? mbltlon T loln the Serv e get engage, to a certaln ome ne Jerry Motulone Matalone nlce guy to know skatrng huntlng and flshlng take up Jers tlrrle Member at Naval Reserve Jerry halls from St Anthony s l tered three tlmes ln golf Blggest thrnll will be gradu at on Eating and sleepln are Jerry s talents? Fovonte song Dont Let the Stars Get nn Yaur Eves Clalms to have no skeletons ln grade school closet Ambition To go to college Theresa Moy Tessy vent to Grade School ln Mlssourl and her hobbles con slst of sleeplng readlng and gettlng into trouble Theresa clalms she has too monv em barrasslng moments to mentlon and all o' her talents are hlddcn Tessys favorite songs are Tlll l Waltz Again Wlth You ani Keep It A Secret and he blgaest thrlll wall be araduatlon and gettlng a lab Ambition: Ta make herself a career. Sue Carrol McBurney . . . Thl. llttle gal halls from Callahan . .. where there are too many skeletons to reveal . . . "Shartle" belongs to ECC. , . . T.T.S ..,. l..W.C. . . . Her hobbles Include danclng . . Punky . . Looklng at used cars wlth Punky . . . Golng places stag wlth Donna . . . Punky , . . "PeeWee'f" talents are slnglng ana playlng the accordion . , . She clalrns her lorggest thrllls as . , . recelvlng her dlamond and looklng forward to gettung mar- ried . , . "Hot Rod" tells as her favorite tunes are "Hold That Tlger" and 'Becausef' Ambition: To be a successful wlfe ralse two chlldren and Irve ln a ranch style house. Larry Claude McKinney . . . "Mac" clalms hrs grace school skele- tons at Warren Hardlng are too pre- hlstorlc to remember . . He tzelcngs to Ped Trlangle , . and J.ERK.S. . . . l-lls hobbles lnclude huntlng . .. and collectlng rocks . . . '.'tAac's" tclcnts conslst of watchlng Tv . . and he has recelved a letter .n wrestllng . . . 'Larry" clalrns . . , no emearrassng moments . . . Hrs taver- lte songs are "lt's ln the Boolrj' ana "l Llke le" . . . and hls blggest thwll wlll be . . . graduatlen Ambition: Tc someday enn o carry farm. John .loscph Mettlll J c attcn M Kr ley Gro e TO a rcemler E R lsts his hOl1l,ICs Os emo tshlng basketla l slfat n H most ernt arr nomc ' was gettlng ca .ght klno nto the Kessell Soeccway C Q ls Q CS V ,ettlr-a a P from M ss Holmes n tl-0 oc and Sweet lo lets fa r te ht sa Ambition T marry no no re cmhter c no e o Glenn Miller N CI Onrty QS T hr w s makmg 27 oalnts ogalnst Colfarf Hohl les are huntlng and fushung Served as Presldent ot Sen or Student Council G ennle clams hes never had an em harrasslng moment tl-at oesnt sa md llke G enn Another rnemloer at C P W Mlsslons Callc W P A Glennle came to Llncolr' from Park Avenue clalms he never had any grade school skeletons he has lettered ln tasketball Glennle s fayorlte sang lS Why Dont You Bclteve Me? He enloved a cer n rght n Feb wlth Jac Cale and Gordon Ambition To become a muslc ar' oncy Jo Miller Nancy was a globe trottef wh Ie gettlng her grade school educatnon 'oulslana South Dakota Nebraska and Callanan Whlle ln Louzslona she acoulred a southern accent Nancy served on Offlce and Gym Staff and has also been on Senlar Student Councll for two semesters he turned red at a happenlng whale worklng a a drlve ln nn Kear ney Nebraska Other happenlngs are too embarrasslng to tell Nancys actlvltles lnclude taknng blcvcles apart and putting them back together agann CD0 they always run afterwards? Her talent IS . . . sewing . . , Any others are yet to be dlscovered . . . Nancy clalms . . her blggest thrnlls . . . are yet come, but o e big ne wl graduatlon. Ambition: T oe a gaoa wlfe and mother. oudine Loraine Moore . . . "Dee" halls from Mcklnley where she clalms all her skeletons are... locked up for kee s , . . Was on the Homemaklng Staff for three years . . . and was Asslstant Secree tary for one . , . Works for a aactar rt ln-e. b t sul keeps up r hoobv of ccllectfng odd shaped bot- tes . . . and semng . . , Is a mem- ber of the Y.Y.C.. . . ,.. .and he' most cmbarrasslng moment ls too . . emharrasslng to rnentlon . , . All of 'Dees' .alents are locked up ant . . . she can't tnnd the key... Her blggest thrrll wlll be recelvlng he' dlploma . . . "Dee" says "Blue Danube Waltz" and . . . 'Heart and Soul" are her fO'y'Oflf8 songs. Ambition: To DC a success ln llfe and to try and make people happy. Jock M. Nittlcr . . . "'llttIer" . , . went to Maple Graae Grade Schccl , where he :lc ms he was a good ooy . . Hts hsrgrtles are worlflng on mechanlccl thngs an.l he dr ues a truck after school Jacks r'na.n ta ent ls . 'naklng turnture ln wz:d shops . an: he belongs to the Natlcnal Ar Guard . . He says . he has no: no embarrass-ng moments . , Cs 5' yet , Jccl-"s fa.orte songs ore Oh l-lopoy Da,' an: 'Hot Rod Mama" .. and t-ls bggest tn' 'l . w ll be . . . graiuotlon Ambition: To own a :lack EZ -lne celn Copr, Diane June Ogden Davis . , Joan Pugh . 'JOfA'- E' 'la rnz Perv X-.efpf aa ne' grt Q :fool A rf: 'fctc . . Ft taht Cai agtwo r'f3na',e of , . I . , VlP . :O ECS 'fr iris? Qffgarrggglng Verve' . . yrs rv- iefg tne 43:K wfcn algnt -Q lVCVT'l a zzz' JOAN "ci linen an wg- CH Ii Qtr' tr' tkree -.carp , Por' Q1 A tw F ' '1 ve re' , . Fumes Eg Qe1t"'l , .et tc renee 2,5-' n ta'-' 'ar three .ea" i-'cr fo or 'c ,rg s . . . Kunz' .HQ song Ambition: T: pezarnff crnt, t Q, C 'CPAF t' Llnzzln Ugn- Viable Z' rf . ZC'-if Lf' 'smeeis Stat' t-wo ycare Pax' es nilaile Dcag , . , cctfj 'eating :nrt Doug E2 :age 'o the . Tzk Toclf Ca: oozing c ,fftatn . :rt 1 e f :rv from na one :':. , rxorei .em erwcrraeslng t: tt'-1 :atc itte 3:5 Etg, ae t trr lt wet tc flw? 'denti fi Q E5-ef 1. sefrc-' C' f- 'cfttlnae t, 'f- . . Elcelc-ton, " Tix 'Q efhccl 1 5 rl . ffm 1:2 fnzn, mg-nflfm 1 1 'Cave slag 21 Tcrflerlf . . :ni 21" Y':,1 Eele.e .fin '- Ambifion: T' ff f":5, Clyde W. Oxenreider . . . Q1 can cn tc oi "LN Cncrttrm P ge Scitcm ifzc tfnq here he acne" rm indent Cooncli 'ar twig serrteatorw arse is Enzrts Efftlcr rf the ief' or Ra. 'Orin-' callr-cts :ports rnagaz rea cs a lnollf . , He nes Uartftrzaterl n 'rgrk tor three years Hrs 2 iqest tnzll was 4 rtallx 'lntsl't ing -n the rreet at Jrc:.elanfl. i-4 3 talent is alfwaxf t,elng . wrong . . Clycfes tcyorlte Sona . ,. ,5 Dont Let the Stars Get ln Your E,es " Ambition: To he a rr' cnc re' " Sarah Frances Park . . . Halls from Park Avenue . . Nhere she claims snc was an angel , , Sane was a faitlftfol rvernlxer of Stu- di-nt Council . ially zzelonas to Calco Crain ., Y KC GO anfl 'WL B lnr lays ner most emlzarrasslnn moments are too ern- tnarrasslng to mention . Claims ner only talent-, are playing the DlO"lO . . . Sally's lONCYlfC songs are St. Louis Blues" ...' 'Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" . . , Her t"o"toles fonfist ct roller skating . :lanrlng . . . ice skating . . play tne plana , , Elaaest ttfrrll is yet to come, Ambition: To ara facto trim folleae than trayel tnmafqnctrt tnf- fon- flnfrtl, Raffael Punelli . . . Susie' , . nails tram ST. Antncav L . wnero t seems she was . C yery QOOI little qirl . She nas NCVVCVT OVW Gyrn Staff . and is a taltlfn. memher of , . . Learler e CIN, l yvLB,lnc .. YYC ant: GO . . Basketltdl Cnr' loafing are ner favorite bot,z,le-, . She Q gtrns ner talents are aorta aaostlencbb . That lsn't tae wfr wc nec' ' ' ' 'I . . Her i, ogeet thrill li yet t: come Ambifion: To -ucqeet in Mtatc. r sne rxes Gary lee Randall . . . Charles Peter Pigncri . . . Hoa" . , . as no is known to tvs clasintatet , . comes 'rom it, An- trmn-. s . wnere l-is ta-.ante pas- time wa- . , walktfiq glrli nomo , Hoa" main not 'iz s . sailing enrl no f'alrns to bam no talents . whatsoever Cnafk says . n s most emlvarrasslna rnornents were :wing grakte school , eznf' at the tw 0' tm- list ot we La.artte songs are . Holfl MQ Tnrl' Mc Kiss Ve' arm! Tl' l N'Valtz A-'l71'7 With Yoa . Hon is a 3 F P Grattaate on ' it A t :cost thrill wit- . .-.inning Er' rl: e ri the Sir? Eos Perm C' l9.1E Ambition: TQ V9 Qs 5,4 . NLC, C3er:ttons iemeffar, Shirley M. Pilmer . 'lf"O"C:c' . -QQ , 'an to 'C W 'Vt asset' 5 . tennis 5 CW' Lia" if A 'n tee F l M-srvr man, .- A,, J f - .. ,: ..,,s X, 5'1- LCWCESC' . . WAC' :3,.:f' .N tn ne' .er-,Y Ca. fmi ,N ' , -,.'I , Hgw. Ci...f tae' :V-rn -A f lse- '3 I"'S Cu ':'e,5' " TIE? . . -Qt'Q'3a Cafe -i -ff-fs 1 H-3' lem :es ng 5,-f 'ws An if-4. Qccfnzrn S':'t ce.. V , :Serif P: Stat' ,A sg Q,--M j"""' Q' tra ,sz we C , ' :ni , x 3 in v 2- QSC-f 'H ,Cf NMC 'Lo' 'Q 'ne 5+ 5'-ng Y- AQ, ,:,:., am.-. 'Wi' :A "" :eng ' , Tre . ,ee W, te Ki:-K-is-E.."t. Song Ambition: To Q Q'-35 -rw :Cf V'-'af' fi --cnt! Y v Garx went to Maple G"'C wt-err no galrns he was a aoof' ro., A JUDY? , Gary's notre are tra. K ant! Q-allnq :xr L' he lpglangs tp Callco . . lt cerv- fttgr Qgry .l.e- motte emltarra-se: ct Frau Kccstcrl Dortv -W2 Hooper' ' ' ' ' . Gary has tfrec letter- rw Trauk . and one n Ea kot' 2" an-1 rits ene we n tal-'nt X QQL3 "" Gans 'airing some , the P ke C- PON T 'tl' 'U-V' 'UVVJ Cni 'A t ' W.. the Ltate Cx ,,,3m,,. .,. Ctmntf, r. Ambition: WM Q QS N fy A wwe ',, '1'LLf,r.i'Q "mf lu--. Roberta Lee Rebelsky . . . Char :tts Q' KF 'Q -v'.v- Q 3 vs- irc fee-n't cn" an:- , 3 , .fn .e Q u " CQ, -L M ,s , , ll y e r A - . f A H o : : Q , f L P V- - . 'Ii Sensi on . :er-?':' : itz" Env Sta' Pi: Q "3"- .,, , Env? v---- ,P pcm -.Y ,., -- t, -,,, ,, nf' -f :c" as :mi -vie' f' L-fr aaeft 'Mr -3'-e ,, A V ,sm "2 :vi :i- , Qanqu' He- 1 .:'r3 nj 'ta L rv gi' :3., L egg ,. Q.. G4 2,0 do in-w Fe' Z' Coe ,,.Q Ambition: 'o Lv' fl ' 2 ' ,, f-, . EN ee Kcnncth M, Rccvcs. ff., V- H - ,, r Lpy ,X frm., .,,,fr. - fwfr, A Wt F ,,A. L 4 M, -r r 5 H: 2 rv' Pc 'ir ' uiwrv' L Crt V 'rf f 'o X Q"2 int f 'C, "X 'Ci"?i' f' t T 1 r' Xfl"'.f C'r 'C f 'f f 3' ' r- ' . Ambition: T rv' 1 ru lr. ,Y ,, . 5-f ,fm f .W 1 Rosemary John Rice . . . Rosy" 'I'TfV7IiCii Pork A.orwC aware sho sets that eric woe C Qfffii lttlo grri Served on F.."eQ's S':'f mc wears Lefforo: Coco in Qci' Her ciutix include J LJ G Ccirzc Ciufa . . Hott-ici are Eos . Both Boi: , Rmcmcrys moe? ern rworrossirvg momcm , can imc iocrnofi 'r rw lcon Erickson Ergqwt 'ir' '! rX wrt tw come Hrv 'r:,c,r tc rw: ri fbi" Cr!-' Lwrzr' ' Ambition: To from C rv lr in ir- ifz' :fd EC' Mary Elizabeth Rich . . . Emote' wont Tc Grofic Schooi rr' ST L 1 MWCT KMC ricrrm -,ro wc' fur rnnocoor to 'ict m trgw EC 7 7 7 7 Marx, hc?- 'fori no '.,.rXv X Sfci' Puma! jr Rc' 2'3" Grccrwrgrn Stott cn' Er 1. ,r Smfic-rw' C:,mr: Sha cis: 'CXVWQK 1: , SDMC C P 'A ow P C D P Of, wg - 41-,W mg W r- mgmfg 5 :c,erX 'cfcs up rnci' C' KECCTX tfro :mi rrcr Y: ev: gm " .ro TWC 3",."'C' ig SFC ifixq Mcri. uri' sfmorzi victim M ro' v-HOU XVQ QCCVU with H S EQ:'X 12. J Tc faq- QC FQ' 'x",rr: Cfi Tor AQ- lioi io fc' ' 2QiXf tfri J. ., , fn. ,WI rrr Ambition: T' rr, QC: Jo Ann Rite - .. J: iff tixrv rf, .,X 2' fc' if 1' ,G:' 'r r' 5:4 H 'if if r 1, xii' .i 3:1 .0 X nic Tim ri: 'Q -ff lm- f Hzrrr- E' Etc" mc WCX tic Q' nf i'i','fi""',v '71 RTCC' 4 Cn' cf Cr: 'oz' ' Q' , 'if Z '. .r ' , E f' H iff" rf f' r J- Marg 'cf'- '2 11 '-CNCQ X'if.r"' ' ,ff 3445 rczg .5 ' :or crfcr 4 ' 'Q-fig 5' F517 , C1771 :":'fe' ricrc QQ' T1 GMX we 1 3 rrp cv' ,ofncww aff? g,'o',C:r1, w r nc.Qr EC . ft at3.crc': Hcr 'rggrguv 'rr A ' grvfg f 'nf' fA,u,f,. Ambition: R rvrr' rr v. f V If of., A., 'uid Patricia Ruth Ruston . . P.-t r r ri ,, H ,Y ,.,r.r r wwf ' -N .of H -'.X5,,.,:P , 1 ,E . Q T 4 r , ,xX,,X' . f nu, ' "ii f' if 'Q 'iw' Q 'vigrx 4. Ambition: Ti D' Sharon Sanders . . ' L A pH, fr .x . ., , o,A,,., -, k ,. I' V X i- f f YQ-Q QVFI, Oi- mr fri "' NL' rfz' xii Hr rr? Q17 . my vmrr r' "L wv.D.1 in Q-,r'rv 'wiqitf :1rww'vu1'f"rT Crum' i 'HL' :ri rv, in xii. " mimi ',X Y ,N Q C P fm' CG. Qi:-rv 'wr rv" 1 or' hir C ':'k r' :wi 'fpiirr XKCT rrvg Cm 4 oo HQ' r 'LTGQT T-nr - 'X V" 1, QCFVC zo' me 'icwt vcfrri-"fr Crm Cr' :'raXX ng 'fervent-X 'AX 'ir Y: X QUT ' H :Lf 4 X Zwrv' P-rn' irri Xiiv 'rr rfzr, mmf . wr' '.",.r1tcgr' U. Ambition: Tia 5 1' 'L lv' 'ttf XP- fvhir, John Scaglione .. bi. Km-. Dowling ri I ,V . . f V ,,. .-More f 'or' ' litirn TC, Xcfrwwi re mai 3 .Q. MJ. H3 vztzrz Q :rc r-Cleric" homing wgmcnv? PG' 'wg fwrmiriq Graf loOsG!LC1l HC iQ c fcrthmr mcmiicr ot AM. O L Orvc 3' his mom tciX om, rX Xrngmq rw the showrxr with Joe Zahn Clip tic if-rtorcf' onfr' :rv l'OKi4l?Tl GH :Loi cfirv in 'f 'fi' Hn rr t 0rr'GrrGXXr'17 v- rv-Q41 f.2X 'C' mg vrrrgw' cw rr' r ' ':Xc r' 3 Lrrvfglr--North Qcrwrc go' r ' inner frr il X wer rf fzr-no Ambition: Tc 'rr' 2 X . James Richard Sccvo . . . J spin if ' Kr f-f-if f ilf' 'RT f, L 'Wi' ii' ,:'f'I ,.' V' fr Viva 1' 'C 'M-' 'Luv vw ,r HM "Q: ee comer " Xpg'vX Q' L" krazr rum' "o ' wif: Twin: X -'vor Q-FMC" ri-Lo' V F tv- 1 ' FQ! TQ YCH 5' ra . crf 30:55 -nc rrurf- f' of vw 'N ' C.Qr1 iot AX tr' Jw' J rv X 5 'nowwaor fn Q P H ti orwtg tic :ic " cw .01 Q- html QNX, z.L- ' ' X30 Ambition: E1 'vi Jerry Lee Shumway, 'fi X 'rim Q ,, A"-,ra fe C Qzrrrf We "' 3 X-f ri' 'X n to X o':'Q 'F 1' :',Xr si.: "4 "Y, .Q 'onli J , E:n'cr '11 f,fg':.,1 H 1 ' :wr I T ,, Vik! f. LAXXW -- ,, P f- 1, : X4 . X, f r ,4 W , i-C: 'C ff' aj 2,4 I 1 2, rf:-. og 'fr' cr' :QWXMQVQX 'ii'Yv Q4 mam ,W r X ,oy ",-LJCI H ff' -4:00, CG, Ambition: Tp 1 r,,f ff. -lf ft 'Q jig X f Cherrie Sue Sims . - . 'Q-TerrTe' cirne to os 'rom Park Awnoe and Cattell , . where asc lf-lt clT her skeletens logkgfl up . . Her :luis Tncluae CPW, . . PPPP ani , MTssTen1 . . , Her mast ernhcrrasslng moment was C mffgrtane happemng on lnrjanola Ave, . . CherrTe clalrns , . . her tmgaest thr-lT to be re:eTvTng her rTng trfrn Nlclf HCV tWOCb'es CODSlSf of Qleeolnq ect PQ an: , . of course , NTCT4 . . ThTs gal has rnony mgfp talents Tut only elaTms her arfvne a:,TlTTy Storm-y Weather' anfl Kc-ep 't A Secret' are Clnernes ta. urTte tunes Ambition: To rnorr-T T . Nlcf . , gna I I Q.-In Q Caj"':: BeveI'y Kathryn Sloan . . . Env s r re swTrr'm n Ont Agnflnn B aaest Thr ll Ts ,nt to came Bclones t TTl4TOqlf antw Cac Y O T fought mf t erntvarrr' s tuly other, n the swrnrrlng ooolP79 Lettererl .T-T qolt Bev carne to LTncoln ffI,.rT Park Avenue lD 7th grade one et er many ta ents playmq qarnes ct slurr' er aartues Served on Narses utatt R qola Rgl 3 at areenhern Sta t CD1 CL 3 ' Tng Manager Ambmon oo collede ten rn me a gm wte cert someone James Merrntt Smlth w n gr s ho n Cer r Ran ls where he can Ternemter CTT Q spat er tor throt :ng snwwlla s ha n Tn S ryl C ll tor two semesters and Ts o rnerr her of DMV l-le also belong, t C PV He spends hlS spare tTrne skotTnj eatlng ana loatTnq He clalms h s eml arrass Tnq moments are not worth mentlon Tng m tty s t c a en nettm e car 'Tom T to s o . t Thrlll ye to corrc Amblhon To gra mate trorn co le as a Cnern col Eng neer Raymc Wullettc Sult Ha rrrn vcr Aven wnfwg she rlaTn no skeletons rattle ltTna letter O t N Nerv ce ami eat ng make TJ 'W s mem r l Y Y C e o Ts on Horne a A zrnt a rassmq moments a e says s C Cant remern Are yOu surf' of Us not tc T f Ra, Tqqe rl w rem G Ot lu clfens ayrrTte sin Hanm Da mblflon rr np Q hcfnm auaette Morne Swan ette ere h fs nys Y Y C C o ET 6 e r T4 she 'N LVT' : Y reef' rf Talt nts Q t s orT e 'ngs H C y av ' -ont The Vers act l fo s OPT L QQGsT Thrlll T ra T mbltlon T a een n whoteve se oe or-4 avvoys ge C, O tr en Jock Lee Thompson . . . ,ack 'crm to LTncoln trorn Nenraska CT1y, Nebraska , , . where he had to: nfony skeletons to mcntren . . . leaks hool:Tes are . . , eatlng . 4 . sleeyng , , . and collectmg match ::.ers . , He belongs to the Napo- 'egn Clog . . . He clazms to lie .mzhe te End any talents . . . Thats not the way we heard rt Hs rgaest thrTll Ts yet to come . . , Dent Let the Stars Get ln Your Ewls Ts ,a:k's favorlte song Ambition: To ze a sotcess Tn whal- e.er :o George Tumrnons ne ct th former clarllnqs of Nash known to everyone a JKTO s a frosty lTttle o grcde school Hol. Tes Tncllfle Marlene eat na tommmg around wuth the gong ont Marlene Slap soy he ha had no emharrosslng moments te ause he doesnt ernbar ass easTlf thats not we w , we eor Skp hns twe e frs toottall and Tee tra lc l-le says hT OC Tl"rTl lg to Qrarllm An-bmon To marry a certaTn some and at a trTe-nfl to everyone as v Henry Tntus Hank LIGWTNN eotlng an slefpmg hs only hal an s Has ervel tnree semesters Tn ServTcL Honweroorw most emluorra sung rnement was tzelng stopped by O' Clown town rlruvlng someone elses car baretootepl says he has no speoal talents B aest thrall vas not lyemg Vzwqtnt l Forrnaro and GuTr1T cessu vtho were chasmq hTm 3 C r H nry .onus t us tram Dark Avenue y rl soTa Oh Haoov by Th Poor Kmght Amhxflon a fan wth Mar lyn Mor oe Enes 'osephmc Travolnl arn to as trom St Anthony :ne h een Secretary ot Home rn ZOJ snce l o so vak to EclTtor ot e RaTls T er e elalrns her hohhus are eat n sleepmg collectlng T ann lxays She Ts a ntul memher at th P P T V' Enos says her gram U fl ' nte T t way Her 'ayorTte song P- 'vt Cl bon mtnhon T Q .1 Wllllam Albert Tnssel rn Park Ave he was alway to C M ft e t rne rn :nn 5 rn nnents seem t A n yy ws e rf-Tn Goh Russell T-e' Henth rne ana B for How Cheat that berved on Student Coun res 'lent ot Homcroom 7 three semesters BTll s tn Q est ll was ownT hTs ccr thtal mem e ot ColTco Club etterec' three tTmes nrn ng an two trnes Tn HTs tayor Te songs are F IE Moen and Smoke .se s n Vee Exe Ambltlon 0 own hTs own buslness T '," hoz, es 3 . T tg , ' I.. , I R- 5 ., Mf I KI Ji Cd W CN N N tr'l EU, Y. Tn . I I I I S , ln A An' l Ts l i . 3tl,'4 ' ,,n:Tl . . n'l Az.-.erts LVN: ' nm ' ' ' I ' ' ' 1- T . . c , . . s Inj- st l wlll 1 ,to " : To to " l'1 -. I 3' s f ci T, 'or c . a n OW, ' V ' ' long cs he l tes, I 'JT--n' e. t to axle : ol T la -- ' I I , I, ,I T, T, T A. e ll: Y 'A ' I 2' C ' ' He s ltee e C H R X 'L' C o C , 1. .Y V. V I C p Tre . . . 1 . . . , '. . . . . V I r' I I ', 4 , . , : J - I I Ig- I , . "3 T ' " sn UTQ t l t ' 1 ' I' ' ' , Y Ts fl m hs lk II 'd' C . end lTTs wages Ts t ', ' For o te NI . . " .Day ' I if A l- QC . . 2 s ' ' " : To ha.e 1 t- ls ' o. T ls ple 'e . ' ' '.. . V ' - 4 - Enes t C 's Wr I s t lzcms Tn . I I f Ci ,X T W3 T ' T V 'D Rf A O-A A -T1 Ro rna's howlves . She T G - Tl I Ie, I fy, ' ' gl re at VT L B Tnc ,GO Y Em. A . Sh als EQ St t' Q I A I . , . s T - r ' o A TTT -- I Qamaee l , X ' hh' - f Tl ' TT' a ers t t' it S D On' - II ' s T f M 2 's me P P, an.' the llnyf lVT"'1,X l : sf CP . s - . fb " 'HI 54 C S 'lf 'il' -I school skeletons are long forqotten Chl A I' 3 ' 9 A Oh co l .ve she wa Nt T hat ' ' N, T ls . . A. 1 T: also C lo' at get, l Ta., Tar ' Q ' A " : ot' so :e:T"" C - -N L we 5 'he ls tri . ' f ,I ,. ., . .A NA . NWT ne 1 Q rn: - . I : ..T..T wen. T, -fam A-.ense gre. I-IC W3,-, 30,92 A 5. T, ng 'tn' Or 3v:'te pcs' 'fe -sos I nent fe ,o golf . . . swm- hi ' 'Z D fi: 2' tee :es-s :ne M N: ' Omg I I To I I I ek ncswi- 2 rferr-:er 5' Eeg'e':' : I3 C351 Q- B lls sp-r T . . , Hrs IT: A ' ' A ' 'st ,, :crrass rv' Te . ' T 3 T3 Wa 5 "1 C co: f s n::r es -Q ww, I9 Cfgjsg I Q35 Tri. lie eat ng 3 93 Q I I 3-1 gen I A -mv - On-7 TC7 fl? 1 :lc res sr-e has -V If 'V Is I A Tgg Bm. HCI Ni f'f'C A rarrcs' rf.: rnz- ,C 1 I M I I rnrnts C ' tc , ang . . r'eT 4QTT-cT- I' , 3' 7 Us ll WTCCCVW A ,Tl -4 H P f - . ZOV Cl:-f'ette' ta. f NI - I QVC A Jn' I T I Q Oh co T, Da ' T1 , , , F I rw ' no . . LU' ' 'AA F 'T 'T U' E'T9"- Fc T 1: r . . . X ' he' T' - Wll 59" , L 1 . . TD Q ,met on sw: . . . :l T A " Z O S C: ,, T r golf , . ' 1 , . ln 3 5 Te, l g h -. l 1- 4 "ue . , " W Ct ., , 'I z ,T Y -17- Manlyn Ma ne Turnqulst went to Por X er' C G Scnnol where shf v. h no c y c' f CCN FULVY' 'Cl tu cnt v. n e ct 'nor a '1 O 4 NA r v n the o fn eco ook n n merhtcr lush n vv 1 cr meore us C l U R C L MRC F x t e n her la est t rll ye crrc Ambuhon To trove repay ln whate cr slse c of r work Evelyn Colleen Verfz A tor ne udcnt o r wrcre she c'alms she hos no slffleton he co T r servlce e 'n be attlc lf Conn e has scxcrol cuhs CDMC Calrco R H ' H Grrls Scouts S S S P P P P Durlng ner nlgn scnool me outslde of the Waldo t Astorla Connles m lst embarrassung moment too embarrassing to say us as Glorla Hunter Talents are Jocks T ddleywlnks an: Marbles Her trggest thr ll wrll come ID August Her hobbres consrst ot Don eotlrg sleeprng Don and Playlng Jacks Amblhon To marry Don and lrve Happily ever otter Anneffe Vllllrlllo l comes to us along wvth the rest ot the gong from Mnole Grove Clarms she doesnt embarrass easlly 9 9 9 9 9 9 Blggest thrlll was be omrrg a Vldeo Ranger lWhere your space shrp parked Ettl9l Partles cmchetlng and wrestlvng a e her hobbies Served an Sensor Rall and Greenhorn Staffs Farthtul mmbero'SDMC GGS C P W and P P P P Sleepy clalms her only talent lS yodelrng Her grade school closet door rs lo ked and her tavorlte song Slow Poke Amblhon To be cool Ramona Lou Walston Manue comfs to us from Maple Grave Says cne of her many efnlar ra sung moments was when sho drcooed a certarn art Ie c Jw ed hall arms hcrt t thrll wlll be graductlon s a talthtul rnemLer of he A M L W W I ant KA TS l'olents lncluae sa,rng the wronq th ng at the wrono trme and play ng chop stlck Wo ll ays she cleaned her loset be ure she 'ett grade school ' ura Have You Heard and Lntorgettchle are 'vtonc s ' yor te Q0-1 Q Ammhon To always te happ ha e s e a rn Calrrornla v-wth Julle Jo Ann Ward Jo Ann came to Llncolr from Mavic Grove where she clorm thlt her grade school closet r too tull or skeletons to reveal any of them She has erved on St,l'ent Councll 'or tour years also she was Presldent J Jr Studen' Coun ll He clul ln ldde F I V l P andSSA Jcsho"lfsae partles w th the F l swrm no na an ' skat ng Amblhon To graduate 'rar' lcwc Un erslty College at t Urs ng Jacquelyn M Warren m to L V1 V' 'P L the gang trem e vm Sec e r f-nrcr Statent C mc ftn mt er t T T r Y 'Y' lc r slnq rrxarnent n x Wa C 'ferent e vy Var w rnrh nf' r e erng clecte Secrctar Cn or J H nt r' lfeleton cle tc na lacke c Cr O certa navrn lf e cher T ents o averer Ambmon fl nany 'rlerm Darlene Moe Wlmmer Osborn f-Q went to Pork A enue Grade School where WC VCWCW bers gettlng cauaht wh gypplng wlth L as been on Gvm tat' ann worked In the candy booth Dar r- te eng o W and Y Y C She clalms that she ha had too many emt.ar ra Inq mcrnent to mention her hchlwles rnclude cookln te slng Sal and eatrna Doe sa, her talents are all ha n and her tavorrte songs gn Why Dont You Eelleve e and Tlll I Waltz Agam WrtP You Darrenes lggest wll le arazluat on an gettrna rnorrred Ambuhon To le a good wrte to Sol Muldred Margaret Wright PLQ came from Howe wh rc she was always havrng to stay af school tor chewlna gum when she actually jldnt havr anyt'lng rn her mouth ITA' ENT 9 9 9 9 9l She has been a rrcmber at Homemakrng Stott tor fx semesters Jr and Sr Chorus and Studen Coun rl Peggy lS a member of C Y F o j r houby ns collectlng matchbaok covers Pegs talents rnclude slngung and playrng the prano he clams she has had too many embarrasslna moments to mentlon and h r tavarute songs arc On l-lapuy Dov and vnt L the Star Get ln Yo Eyes Peggy says her rlggest graduatlon Ambltlan Bc o success rn whatever s L 'ln s John Davnd Yonosak A 'orrner student ot Park Avenue rate Scnoe where he clalms has only skeleton rn hrs grade chool clos t rs lr-rmse Jo n s a nlernLer at ryrce H R He nelong De Malay o tx ls calectln one nq to records Who knows what hr l es' r v H C.lOlfrrs hs al are yr. uncxplolte John nle was very emtarrassed when he w s caught scusslng pecu'lar tres ot a ccrtarn teacher ty sa d teach r o 'N s tayorrte sang l You ll Never Vwclk Alowe Ambition T make G suc lc er lr e Joe Zahn Joe clorms to have no sketetans ln hrs closet at Maple Grove Grote Scrco' Hrs nab' y s base hall losel atl Baseball ' ' " Tells us n had no emtarrass rnq moment YET " He rs a rnelnl er of A W O L Ougy has rcccrvzrl on: letter ln Fall tr xk one rn lasketlcll and tw, rn ras' all Hr trggest thr ll ls tc come rn the tuture Jot onl, t lent he cla ms s srnqlna nas vs th lot-n S cg lone rn the shower Amblhon To e C success V 94 I ' ' ' Ja:k:e" ca e l Qjln :lofg r 'Maru r lr 4, U GQ-fp tw re-t :ri . Monro a . . L L as always Gite S r -1 as , -s ' fC lv a.- I t sta ter goo, 'is talk- of 5, - ' ' CL l ' - C-'P' ng . , She has I . , o 1- , jr me . C :lf Lk K et 5 af- 'ou :l S--t- fUT - - p'C f Mi' 9 ' . , C us . nI trce Eta" . W' CL -' C 'V T T :Ins hs'-' rcs rtlu ie wr "ng le., use a 'tr kr from ref' PQ mtg I Wg, Q 1, L I I eng- mul , Hs? t,-cs n:l,,te 'o l- log travel ng . 5' 1: 'nfl e l S ' r 1 A eatng I gqgg D5 QD I I I l-,fy E :aest rhrr'l ec v no fi :mehr . ca re i- tx- 1 g. he' r ani 5 ' 1' ' X. at Q ac-tansc . sed "':,l ,lf"'.,, SYJC C 11" Es Ilfl M r K 'I t lrnt, rrglus-Q I I I I I. grade school sset I Id l-Q . . an' plc na h pan: , . ln lf' ls PTR 'U QW' "Nfl 'A' a rl 3 IQ I yy ,I 5 yyg 5 , and tc Cxprgn to th , - fl ,g -I 5, ' 3 and te V ' VC C' T F r . , h -ses 'cr Q lto 'P' " , " : Tc 'se c suszess a have V v ' 5? u- t , . . Bl L1 . . " ' ln t . l set . . , -le , s l- s A A V -f ' ' to tr Q l , , . . T - . - ' 'le - . l I s, . . , - . . .... r - - LD 3 RR- V A . . . ,.. . . . Sh' h . 5 l 7 i", I'-"'I rC.f.II,! Iggy LB lnr "SGC scnool she has been 4 . . Jan'tor at . r - - - V - f - f ' ' A ' . , 4 .E rs 2 - - - , I I , 1 . . . Q . , . sk . .. . . J - - - - - - . . . . . . l . . U f .I V 1' ' 1 I I I I I I I r .ie . . I r I . , , , V M I ' I I ' thrrll l N I 1 cl - V - . . . . , . I I 1,35 I - . , . G ' . . , , . , 1 ' U -II' 1 C In ' - r .,.. , , . . - I' 9 f - V V , re s , , . , I , I - - - ' 9 ' I ' .... I 4 nz' he . . , . , . ....,,, Q I I ' I I I 5 T 1 . , . ls ,I he P , I . . . " 3 I "Dc .' et I bs' I .9 'ur mfrllvvlll're,. . . . . he L .- V 4 lc 'ni I l r ' ff' d . 'ffl ...Cl , ' wg- G 1 '- -'l - - Y f Q61 l . . . V , Y T F ls Qlgg s t 'C . r s lt . . . H 1 . . , . . ,... c the ' o l - . - SC V - W0 I I I I , I ' A 1 I I ' r s to , X . . . i Hzs h 'Ulf l Q . . J . 1 . s . . , llstr-nr , . , . ll 5 f .. C. : , . . f. s Lgg or rh ,ll ,as " 4 I I . . . wrll lee . . , e - ls t - '-C , ' " , , . . ents . ret X d . . . ' A I QI rw , el , - l I , lot 'af tr, nas nd aybe go to J,h h I ,. ' S H ' I Y W I " 1 o , :ess ot Y t , .-48... Richard D Draper Stanley Arrowood Stan comes to us from Park Afenue toithtul memler of XA P A Y M C A L H F fishing Nancy hunting Nancy take up Stans spore time Biggest thrill will be graduation Claims to have an empty grade school close' Playing trumpet hea ls Stans talent Member of bond Favorite song It s Going to Be A Long Long Time Ambition To settle down and get married to a certain someone Jim Bvxler ix came ta Lincoln from Hove seems he was a very gocd boy there We won4ler"" Hobbies are eating Sleeping l-le is a member of Missions Lonely Hearts C P W Legs says his mc t em barrasslng rv-oment is losing his paw' in a 'oothall game e tered in football Biggest thrill Lil and scoring against East Se x ces are ust being at Lincoln One of his many talents s carve up with an excused admit eve v time Ambition To grow up and le r e his Caddy Arnett Douglas Davis, Jr Ea ing sleeping and looting take up mast at Doug s tlrne ,e is a member o . . . WC.T,Ll. . . . J.E.R K.S .,,, Cotton P:ckers . . . De Malay . . . Epworth League . . P,N.VN .... W.l-l.C .... ana C.B.C. , . Doug claims his talents haxen't been found yet . . but he is sure they are there . . . e songs that top the list of favorites for Doug . . . are , . . "Tenderly" and . . . "Why Don't You Believe Me." Ambition: To be a success in what- ey er he does. Jess Domel Llsfon Jes carve to Lincoln trcm royi ence llin where hi acte school closet s ul impossible to open the leer c Q l'-as worked on advertising tor the Senior Rcil s a tart rrernber ot C P W l-l s hobbies n ude cars and women l-'is only reaction to most errborrassing moments is Oh my Jessie holds one talent that being able to drive slcwly Graduation will be Jesss biggest thrill l-lobby Day is his favorite song Ambition To own C1 new hot rod M Mr 1953 racfuafea ...l9... Dick claims tnot there are too many skeletons in his Grade Scnool closet at Park Avenue to mention l-las hobbies nclude collecting rare coins swim mng and roller skating While at Lincoln he has been work ing at Jenkins Concrete 8. Block Dick was Oh" So' m barra sed while sitting on the winflow ledge and Mr Besley wnlkcd by he has received two letters in wrestling and has been a member at the band His big gf- r thrill will be graduation Ambition To loin the Navy Bonnie Colleen Hodgson Wonderful gal comes tran- M Kinley Bon s hobb es :nclude danc ng PONNIE swimming RONNIE hcmtina ROt'NlE sleeping Hot Rods skating and RONNIE Club are the C PW M rl C and P P P P Bon say er gest thrill receive a certain some t from o certain guy atter eraftuatlon l-lor Roc' claims as her mo t emtar ra ing rvoment to soy e wrrng thing at the RIGHT time Her skeletons in the grate schoa closet are locked UD and sh swallowed the key Ambition To marry a ertaln some one Ronn ew To own a w 'er lLf' Ca t lla Conyerti Willuam K Thompson Com ng to Lncoln tram Ne br ka City Nebraska lai s to have been , . . a little angel???? . , . Nas mcst . . . embarrassed when asking a friend about . . . the looks of a woman , . when it turned . .. o to be hs w e . . "Crazy legs" is C1 member . . . ot F.A.W .... and takes Dart in . , hunting and ice skating as his hobbies . . . Hs ig- gest thrill . . . is yet to come . . . "On Happy Day" is tops . , . on his list ot favorites. Ambition: To see the Wong, f'N! P f' 'Bc ,--.1 led ,2 6 4 'lo v 630. V 6 O L ?f x g f' MMXX J A5795 f W 1- re organizing a nc lghlmrhnml Hum r cullurm vunxnnllev WI n I put wou down for .1 fc w hours of xour fru time each wuk' dontxoudlrl !lVl K A Xou lw"' ' I wan! lo make a good ampreuuon on my gui friends so remen b , 1 er . . when I wave mw handlwrrhwf. vou make rx tourhdownf' Flu plan von t bf. thf une without um 13? 7' that one 1 onsolahon ENV Gi gs-ix O ID E gg' Q27 S gs, XS-all '5 11' Qx S N .. gp Nw '. s"""e K .. 55.223 X I Q ND is-2 X, Q ,Q 1 Q C3 YW' x -. .J Q f- N55 C Ez- an and thc mfctx pans, 'WFS JUHYU dn I ch mga thun, too?" g n N I ' ,,. " r Q W, - I f 2 i, -I R K 5 ' 31- ' QE, , at """""' - H W Q- F7 --I 1-' ul,-, '.r. , r. .n -.. , I- v,Al My QR X L " F Q ' " M gy L ' 9' 'U-Y fl 1, I -E L .9 lx N C ' ' L mf 'off V N , , 1 . , A W f f 9, 5. . ' I f A 9 ? M A 1 ig X 5 Q X W ' EN ' ' D 4 ' 2 P 2 X 1 f X ,J X pi ......,,,,..,,.. .....,.iA..., ,. ..,... H' h I h V . 5 Y Sz ? ' A sw .' , U U Q . . J 1 , . . . . . 1 '- 3, . K 'Z' X, KL ,.,- j -A X K I V V afxv K , X -f' -N 'Q 1 4 V x - , 1 X V. M ,K e. , i 44' r v Kr, 2 i Z f Q ml, I ' ' ' f 14 -'..,x J Yu ' 491' 1 s ff f K' 1' N1 Mb-YJ 42? :" "'- Kf jfz fl! J we 0 1 ""P1ez' ,ml xl ,La L0 D. "aiu, , . E "a,11,3,g1r f,.,.-f.- ah- , f ':'V 5 ffm? E I z ,j f - 2 ,, ,, - W A pY'9Slgf""T z ' H Q A , , 'i f , y,f,,',, V My-,, V A , ,, . L,,,4, I 1 ,. M. 4 ,gf ' -Q 'qc 4 Nic- MNE O V 4,7f3hN 'U S: of.f.:'f, fi u 'uw 'A -VT '1 AJ1,a,fYU- ' 1 in Ima , .M JI A 2- I , Q wxfkutf " ,, '11 S v, , in f t .,,,, . ., W ,mq,,,4Elaq?K gx L. 1? .Q VI , r V .... 2? Q ,ggi 45 X 5' .,.A I ,MA ,,. , an . V' ' v my WMJA, ,K me v LANWE NESS!! f3.....T'EHf!3 .yr 1-wwf? is 9,2 'ff -mi M- 'il W .M fx A5 ,S Q an-.h - , Rafi! " 4 V .., 1 s ,Ze N ' ' 1 Q, 1 f' K Q " Us-,iw .1 D DI v. "f"W" Q :xx-1 -WH ggse- AIHLA 1- N:U3"x0 qdpwgf, x L,,A 1- ins. jgfif .ei Q Q X ll, 5 H ,Y N 1 mi f 5.10 w-' , 3 ' X F i Q s I L if N ' ' i fir' s " ' - ' n t N I , fw WX f ' 4 M 1.1 APVEQQ, 5, N M5 V.- .J K- iff We the Senror graduatrng class of June l953 endung our happy school days un Lrncoln do make publush and declare the followung as our last Wull and Testa ment that us to say We hereby wull the followung Larry Anderson wrlls hrs lke un to any good Republucan Ronnue Ander son leaves all hrs hot rods to Mr San ders To Dorothy Payne goes all the energy ut took for Barbara Atkrnson to strut Ronnre Bales leaves hrs parkung space un back hrs ways wuth Morgenthaler also hrs J S to Horton To Bull Barrett goes Kurby Bakers charge account un chem ustry Tom Ballard wrlls hus way wuth women to Larry Aller lYou lucky boyl To Mary Ellyn Hubbs and Sharr Muller go Mr Sanders and the unfunushed tennrs courts left them by Marranne Barclay Marulyn Bergstrom leaves her rob f make up edutor to Mr Sanders who does ut anyway accordung to Marulyn Ardy Cornnel rs left wrth Jennue Bequeauths abrlrty to play racks Larry Buerma ond Chuck Guuducessu ve Ken Carter IT ' ' ' ' Jum Bux r wrlls old 36 to Darold Berry To Pat Murphy goes all the fun Barbara Blaur has had un fourth hour rournalrsm Louuse Wrllrs us left wrth Beverly Boylans luck cal abuluty to Bug Red Janrce Burgess says shell wull her bug teeth to anyone who looks luke a rabbut lWhy Janl To Betty Burgett s srster goes all of her lock er keys tMay she use them wusely r Alrce Burress leaves her abuluty of gettung along wuth Muss Anderson to Deanna Hamlrng lLots of luck Deanna J To Bull De Blonk goes Larry Coen space rn front of the offuce Doug Davrs wrlls all hrs troubles wuth gurls and teach ers rn Lrncoln to hrs brother Dale Janet Davus leaves all her troubles and good tumes rn typrng to Pat Saffell and Ellen Lacey all of the troubles Russell Davrs had un twelfth grade Walter Johnson and Bob Russell are wulled the school by Duck Draper Duck also wants to leave Pete Rank to Laurre Buffungton Bob Durbrn leaves all hrs fun at Mac Ray to Davrd Norrus To the next graduatrng class go Jean Errckson leaves her two flat feet to anyone who needs four Maru lyn Fusher wrlls to the teachers at Lrncoln all the rest of the Fushers that are yet to come uf they can take ut To John Mascara goes all of Ted Floden s abrlrty un hrstory Vuctor Fredrrck leaves hrs tennus abrluty9 9 9 9 to Ellen Lacey and Gene Weber Erma Gartun leaves her shorthand book to anybody who wants rt To Ted Errck son goes John Graves seat un hrstory class Carol Gray rust leaves wuth every thrng that rsnt bolted down Johnny CAM lf!! Gasperr wrlls hrs abuluty to sleep and loaf un Mr Morgenthaler s room to Claur Strone and Don 'Duede Rrchard Hammond lls hus seat Muss Holmes hrstory class to whoever rs lucky enough to get ut Elarne Heuntz wrlls all her fun at Lrncoln to Sarge Reeves and her abuluty to tell storues to Cheryl Rrchardson To the frrst crop of new 7Bs go Tom Henrys locker old books and assorted pencrls Barbara Hratt leaves all her fun at Lrncoln to Peggy and the gang Dave Lrttle unheruts all of Del Haffmans werght to use un the mrddle of the football lrne To the boys un servrce home room ll8 go the movue machrnes wrlled them by Bob Hufstader Wylue Hunt leaves hrs hard tumes wuth physrcs problems to Kenny Waddull Joanne Jackovuch wrlls all her fun rn Lrncoln to Barbara Jackovuch and all her late assrgnments to Marrlyn Attug Please get them done Julre Jambor leaves her lo ker an old shorthand book her old typrng papers and anythrng else worth takung to anybody who hasn t got any Joed Johnston wrlls her well stock ed chemustry desk to Paula Henry Thel ma Jones wrlls all her good tumes at Lrncoln to Mary Lou Ogden and Dorus Warrrck To Janet Myers goes all the fun Donna Jordan has un Home Makrng wuth Sue McBurney Charles Kenayer wrlls hrs srdeburns to Henry Waddell and wrlls Prnocchro to Mr Pos Beverly Herker Laur leaves all her good tumes un l3S to Helen Pretro-don t let ut get under your skun To Anthony Belluzzu goes Alva Longerbones startrng posrtuon un the football lrne Bob Lyons leaves hrs hard luck wrth teachers to Ken Carter Ron Marturello guves all hs spare tume and gurls over at Munnue s to Jack Brookes and Chub Grossnrclfle Jer y Matalone wrlls hrs golf abuluty to Loyd Joss Theresa May leaves her abrlrty to graduate from Lrncoln to her srster Karen Sue McBurney wrlls all her good tumes un home makung wrth Donna to Beverly and Shurlev Brrd To La ry Horton goes the chaur un the front hall left hum by Larry McKunney Glenn Muller wrlls hrs raduo scrupts to that famous man and great Amerucan Mr Wayne Pos Esqurre Nancy Muller guves her abuluty to sew a straught seam and all her good tumes rn Muss Scanlan s class to her srster Lonnue To some lucky student of Muss Holmes goes the hrstory abuluty of Jae Mettulle Claudune Moore leaves all her good tumes un Muss Mor oney s room to her srster Barbara Jack Nuttler wrlls hrs desure to help other peo ple out as they have helped hum T Frances Kennedy goes all of Duane Og dens old run down boy fruends Clyde Oxenreuder leaves hrs beaten up track shoes to hrs brother Garry Sally Park leaves all her raduo scrupts and good tumes un raduo to Jean Monroe 22 To Bob Bordenero goes the autamatuc lught rn the locker left hum by Charles Pugneru Anyone who has enough cour age to take Jean Punellu s good tumes can have them Raffaela Punellu leaves her typewruter un Mr Sanders room to any one who can take ut wuthout berng caught To Bob Lozrer goes the track shoes of Gary Randall Florentuna Ruvera left wrth Mary Ruch s abuluty to get along wuth Mr Chatman" JoAnn Rufe hereby wrlls all of her left over dues on home makung staff to Marulyn Cash who has a pot of gold9 Pat Ruston leaves all her thrrllung urdes rn Shasta to Cath rune Caldwell that us rf she can stand sudden death Sharon Sanders wushes to leave to her best fruend Helen Pretro her unlumuted abuluty to sew and make orugrnal desrgns equal to any Parrs couturueres John Scagluone wrlls hrs abrlrty to sung wuth Joe Zahn to hrs brother John To Frank Tullotta goes the wood workrng abrlrty of Jum Scavo Jerry Shumway wulls hrs parkrng place to anyone who us capable of fundung t Cherrue Sums leaves her unfluence toward males to Sharon Corn To Bob Loffredo goes the chaur used by Jum Smuth un math class Rayma Sult wrlls her locker of fuve years to anyone who can stand the mud un the bottom All the l2Bs are left wuth Claudette Swan s fun un l2A actrvrtres Bull Thompson leaves the love of hrs present teachers to hrs younger brother Skrp Tummons leaves all of hrs troubles at L H S to hus dear fruend Ross Cor nuelson and hopes he gets away wrth as much as he dud Enes Travarnu leaves all her loafung un school to Donna Magnanu Bull Trussel leaves all hrs car troubles to Bull Brubaker and all hrs devulushness to Ross Cornuelson Marulyn Turnquust wrlls all her fun and troubles wrth boys un Mrssouru to anyone who wants them and to Karen Kennedy goes all the fun she has had at Lrncoln Connre Vertz leaves her hrstory notes to Judy Fontanunu and anyone else who wants them To Esther Olson goes An nette Vullurrllos abuluty to make a mess of her haur Ramona Walston wrlls he seat of sux semesters un Mr Coxs hs tory class to some future lucky 9 9 9 9 9 student JoAnn Ward and Barbara Ruce leave theur smelly lab desk rn chemustry to anyone who can stand the odor Jackre Warren leaves all her fun rn Lrncoln to Duxue Benscoter To Esther Olson and Marulyn Burgess goes all the good tumes Darlene Wummer has had at Lrncoln Peggy Wrrght leaves all her fun un l2A actrvrtres to red Wrrght and Colleen Turner John Yana sak guves hrs palutucal drscussuons wuth Muss Holmes to Lloyd Green Joe Zahn leaves hrs sleeper hold to Anthony Pal ludrno l I . . . I 1 I ' ' ,. . 9 - . ' wi ' in V ' ' ' A r - ' , , r A Il 9 tv - ' . , ' - A ' , ' . rs V u A ' I - ur - A V 4 , . I , , - 4 - . . .' . ru -u . A I r I , - ' A . . 4 . ' I ' ' ' . . . , . . . U D . I , I . . , , O , , . . .. . . ,- . - 4 ,T I . I - I .' b. . I A . -S I ' ' ' A t I . . . i - . . lea . . . . ' ' Ie V ' ' with Horses. Larry Brown wills his musi- l"',5 hcffrglo B"qdHB0lheY- phYll'5 K'55eH ' ' ' ' ' , ' I I . i Q A. . ' ,I - ' -- , . r . . , , V '..' . . I . , V - , . .... ' ' 'I ' A ' A . . ' ' I ' - . , . , ,A V g Q u . b O . . L, 9 Faculty 0 Q j l e 93060 Fl JA, l'l'lU'llff ffa tl0l'I, AARON C HUTCHENS VJALTER B BESLEY RIS ANDERSON G ls Ad GH 0 Lug Ent G0 rHm Ent lfll'll0l" an .SZHIOIA .S?U,C!0l'lf COUITCI if Mr Pos Sensor ond Mrs Robbnns Junror Advusors Q9 SENIOR COUNCIL First Row Oxenrczder WOHC Von Drew Scott Cross HorTJey Second Row Mwrchell Dressler Skelton Monroe Blrqucz Myers Mehorry Muller Sloon Johnson Ryols Thlrd Row Jmrth Anderson Venn Krnfon Floden Cond? Moore Wgrrck Mrlcr Fourth Row Cornei D Ostrlro Brocoff Green Myers Blake Loszel Vkn te Atfrg Warren JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL hm Row Hwnkley Hcmrlton Ccsner Brose Qchomernorf Swcetr Mchcnnor Ferrer woocls J Brown Rcnkrn Second Row Dow: Hull Von Seoyk Myers Ceretfr McCarthy Siefonf Longeroone Nosn CHJC Jone J Brow- Belonger Thud Row lngie Weaver Clork Rogers Gander J Warren Megguson Palmer Parsons Goylorc Irrsh Blczewcn Reece Fourth Row Qreele Norm Pelkey Ferguson Rondo Brrghtwell Robwnson Terrell Jewel! Errckson Sk nner doker Whrfe Breese 28 O I Q ' I I I ' I I V I Y TE f I 1 T ' " r ' 1 ' ' s ., 1' W' ' ' Ir .4 W VI I 'X " ' g l .N .J 6 . N' 1 ' " ' . 'AG x 9 'A + . 4 I A . , X fm 5 2 W 9 .. Q A If' v ' "' - - L, . I . 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'd 0 : VC ' " c 5 - rf :- ' 1 as cw Rv an S :wma ON MAI M 1' 5 L3 MAJORETTES-Left to Right: Af: 'Q ,, Q l' my .rn 1, ' ,, -f5fA71j , Q , , 1 f'!,.h,r.f E Au ,rf my 1 , , 1 544' W g4gff'i., ' A fb Q gfvi Foy ne, Bloomqu gmx i ,wx A -.Q ri aa" x A 1 5 Wx '- if " K x x, 5 N X Mx X X , M 5 as x Q , ' 5 x J ,M , , . ' H? X Qi? 1 4.5 ' N M. QQ, 0 ,,,, V , 1-lx ':f'!,5:rQ1a L QI 5 Q x 5 ' lgggil 27' ' 'L K Q . . x 1 ,A u ,' A ,, f' W Q ' W5 'll W? 11" U ,, 2 ,gy ,A 4 Y f' 4 ff 'f ' js 4 wg I v Hwy , f ' M 'D 'E ff ' O Q? P , . I an li 'iff 502' s it my . '1 4 is-+A? any 'A - Taffy 5 Service Staffs Q0 Q 'Eli Q QCl'0fal"ld all MPJQ5 if SECRETARIAL STAFF F st Row BMV So? c' rou crtwn :won Secnnd Row M155 Swomon Adamson Perry Mugs Suffer Mulls Chxvoro Cor neil Jcrlfovuch Third Row Wolcron lgmfwor NURSE'S STAFF-Mascot: Tzffrr, N"C:m':v First Row: Efzw' 'B Lerf, Mes SJVVKGVTLCVQ Hoon Kelmr Mwtchell, Second Row: Farr Sheff Rmb ,,C qc ,-.fi H,-yy Hf-Y ,Q -33.- , . 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BASKETBALL Coached by Frank Talaruco The l952 53 basketball sea son was rounded out wnth the Abes placnng fnfth nn the South Central and ganned a fourth place tne nn the Cnty Sernes l the Metropolntan race the Ranls compnled snx wnns to eleven losses o nnnsh snxth All nn all cagers fanred better than many observers expected CAGERS Forward Bob Lyons Ganned Honorable Mentnon All Cnty Good shot ended season wnth nnne ponnt game average Reserve Gary Randall Forward Fred Wrnght Junnor Good rebounder and team player wnll do well next year Reserve Joe Zahn Center Glen Mnller Top game twenty seven ponnts agannst Colfax Honorable Men tnon All Cnty Reserve John Scaglnone Guard Larry Bnerma Good team player best game agannst East scornng twelve ponnts Reserve Jack Glessner Guard Larry Brown Elected Captann of the team Hon orable Mentnon All Cnty Team playmaker Reserve Ken Carter WRESTLING Coached by Don Koroch Coach Koroch s grapplers al though thrownng stuff competntnon at everybody they faced placed last nn the Cnty Sernes race agann thns year But the team can be much prouder of themselves thns year than last Johnny Martnnez I33 pounder after wnnnnng hns bouts nn the dnstrnct meet went ahead to place nn the State Meet Delmar Hoffman and Dave Lnttle won thnrd places nn the AAU meet and Anthony Pallndnno landed a thnrd place nn the dns trnct 95lb l03lb l 2 b l20lb l27lb MATMEN Conrad Cleghorn Dave Ortega Dante Romeo Anthony Pallndnno Bnll Stewart I33 lb John Martnnez Dnck Draper Dave Lnttle Jerry DeLeon John Ortega Charles Cross Delmar Hoffman Harry Flaugh SWIMMING Coached by Loren Graaff The Mermen rolled up another good record thns season recordnng fnve wnns to three losses Qualn fynng themselves for thnrd place nn the Cnty race Gonng on to the State the tankers fnnnshed fourth for a good shownng Andrew Kelly Ross Cornelnson Tom Myers and Jnm Campbell paced the Abes thns season Fanr warnnng goes to all com petntors who have to face these up and comnng Tankers of Coach Graaffs Wnth plenty of depth and expernence next season t looks as nf somebodys gonng to be donng a lot of rewrntnng nn the record books l38lb l45lb l54lb l65lb H W TANKERS 40 yard free style Dave McKnnney Clanr Strohn Eugene Weber Tom Myers Vnc Frederncks Nenl Fnsher l00 yard breast stroke Art Bartholomew Ross Cor nelnson Bnll Montray 200 yard free style Andy Kelly Kenny Thomas 100 yard free style Larry Coen Bll Lozner Bl' Trnssel Dnvnng Jnm Campbell l80 yard medley relay Vnc Frederncks Ross Corneln son Bnll Lozner Tom Myers l20 yard nndnvndual medley Andy Kelly Don Freeman l6O yard free style relay Dave McKnnney Clanr Strohn Eugene Weber Jnm Campbell TRACK Coached by Loren Graaff Due to nllnesses and nngurnes the track team dnd not have as good a record as establnshed nn prevnous seasons Worknng hard 44 I 952 53 and long though the boys proved they had the wnll and fnght nt takes to stnck nt out CINDERMEN Sprnnters George Tnmmons Nenl Fnsher Bruce McWnllnams Darold Berry Dnstance Men Larry Hart Bob Lozner Clyde Oxenrender Fneld Events Larry McKnnney Dnck Ogden Jnm Campbell Jack Van Gnnkel BASEBALL Coached by Wayne Henntz The baseball team havnng good weather and benng able to get out doors look as though they mat turn out nn pretty good shape VVnth four returnnng let termen the dnamond squad may look doubtful but wnth a bunch of sophomores and lunnors and the wnll to wnn nt looks lnke they are gonng to throw trouble at every body Joe Zahn Bob Lyons John Scaglnone Vnc Freder cks Jerry DeLeon Bob Frazner and Larry Coen make up the sennors on the dnamond thns year DIAMOND SQUAD Joe Zahn Pntcher second team All Cnty last season Batted over 300 two tnme letter wnnner all around ball player John Scaglnone Second base man another 300 hntter fnne team player Jerry DeLeon Outfnelder another two letter wnnner nn thns sport good defensnve ball player Bob Frazner Outfnelder ong ball hntter 300 man lettered twnce fast and qunck thnnknng fnelder Larry Coen Outfnelder ast hard worknng outfnelder n help to squad thns year Vnc Frederncks-Pntcher nne control wnth plenty of stuff wnll add depth to the mound staff Bob Lyons Pntcher expern enced control ball artnst another asset to the pntchnng staff . 0l' ' f. . .u n l ,- . -- I n f" ' . ' the , f U 1' v I ' . 'Z' ' ' i " - ' ," f I ' u : . - - lO0-yard back stroke ' - . ff 1 ' F ' .T , , n ', a. - -. I ' ..' ,' 1 , , 'Q ' .Mn . , I l ' I . . ' Q' ...bg nr- ' A ' .J Q SLU l'l'lI'l'lU'L gud 5 GOLF Furs! Row Wesfphci Align Farr Sloar Jackovuch Balzer Rach Rebelsky Zxka James Second Row Mafalone Moon Romeo Brubaker Moffntt Trnssel Br-Make Russel! Venn Pohn Bock Row Gllbert Warren Clark Wolfe Wrffkowsku Mr Morgenthaler Peck Defhrom Mntchell SWIMMING-Furs? Row Rose Nessnon Mxers Second Row Lozuer Fwher Fremrncks Freeman MQK-nney Reynolc' Hghland Svrohn Thema GrIDerT Thnrd Row Grccvf Mormfrax Cornemon Trws el Barfhmomew Lozrer Kem Coon We-Der Campoell 4 f ' ' Ausfm Hoyner, ' - - - f rs . , , 5 ' 1 . V I 5 ,i I I V , I, A. - 7- f mumf 4, uw, if ,M mu ,--. fm- nw Q f Ziff' 'Wil ' if an Q , ff? 'f +P- 4f2."f! ,, mfg' C4474 + 41' gig? a f i 'vw' Q 5 'Q 4 .wg I , 3 ' ' ,,., 2 4 Q . Z V 4 ..,. ff 'eff W ' W QQ , I ,t as , ,W digg , w QM4 Z -- 32, W 11? f f if 1 1 7' ,, ,V ,:, , f Q Q ,yy A? , gr, LZ VV ' gli. 444 4 11,13 v. W 5 ham vw! K 4 .5 ffm V, S3 su, an ram .5322 22225 al 4.59: ag?- f A ermai A and .ilomeroomd ll 420 4317, , V V . ,V , V. , ,tv 1 1 V . - MERMAIDS-Flrst Row Skmrer Benson lrlih Sllletto A11en Cockavne Hoskxns Henrlckson Warywoda Pruntt Crouch Ca ky Second Row Ebers Haydon Pvrkovucn Pultz Henry Robunson '-htchcock Foush Znka Byg Pennington Ackerland Statler Hallung worth Hut hens SERVICE HOME ROOM First Row Spencer Zahn Loffredo Cole Adamson F Ison Jones Second Row IQ n ROQKV TOUGH Tlloth BOO C Bothv Qcott Duede Detuonk Third Row 'ores Flauah Dovs Beuhzzn Brubaker Wolfe Gamble Clark Berv 51 ' : 1 , , ' , , , , ' , ' , , ' , , S J 2 V L r f , r ' 1 , r 1 r r r 3 -r C b I . vxn , ' N' , ff, - we QU - 2 , , V , , O , I : WM: - , 1 s Q V -1 ' I xr , F L ' , , , , r I 1 I l',4v"""' ,www ,, Q 'G . Y ' i ,M ' fp I N 1 ga Mg' f ' S. s f 6 ' 4 df' , .VW dVE TklSB UTI B DiS A B ag 5 ,vb Q fi THE NATIONAL GUARD op Mllltary Trammg onor and Prestnge ducatlonal Opportumtles ew Skulls dvancement and Promotuon rammg un Your Home Town ncreased Income ew Friends pponntment to West Polnt eadershxp Development ood Sportsmanshlp nut of Your Choice nnual Summer Camp etlrement Benefits efense of Home and Country ARGONNE ARMORY E lst 8. Des Memes Sts Co B l68th Infantry Has Co 34th Inf Hqs Detachment 34th Inf Medical Co 168th Inf Hqs State Detachment RED HORSE ARMORY Hardmg 81 Prospect Roads 554th Freld Artillery 3655th Ordnance Co D 34th Duv Signal Co MEAN 2 5796 4 5554 4 5554 2 5796 2 5796 7 3332 7 5297 7 2192 In accordance with current polncles young men 17 to 'IBV2 years of age may fulfnll thezr servnce obllgatuons under the Selectnve Service Trammg Act by performing satls factory servnce wnth the Natlonal Guard P H ' : E a . . . ' I N - -1 A A nnnnnnn 5 , 1 A ' ' . . - I Opportunities for a Commission y 0 5 N - ' . . n A ' ' .c sa - L - ' . ' .5 as - L G . . . . I . A . . . . . - R . . . . . . D -54, Lincoln Sprung Hlghllghts 1Ne the Jane 1953 graduatlng class auld lnke to p esent some of the mast memorable happen ngs of our last semester atLlnco1n Hugh We hope that the ment on af the arnaus act :tes brngs bacx as many pleasant memor es fo you as f does To us SELLERS HARDWARE scoTTs LAWN Pnonucrs 3205 S W NINTH PHONE 41913 BUY A FAMILY PACK From Your Favonte Dealer Il ' SJ! q li s r 'f w- llY PA: l-75 My IOWA 7 UP COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS VALLEY BANK 2111 Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon FOURTH AND WALNUT 55 O I O I I A I W - , - 1 A 1 ' 1: 'TI f " "' 4:1 1 V ' wi a g"? s, . x , - . .el 1'e r'f,+w Q11 , A 1 K fgr l,.,"' ,lv 7414? 6 ENGRAVING INC Awe A kwa 3-3571 3-3359 ,....-...Y ,V PEGASUS Bronze figure-fountain in the reflecting pool of then' I Des Moines Art Center W CARL AMILLESA Swedish Sculptor Dear Ruth "Dear Ruth," a comedy play in two acts, was presented by the Lincoln High Dramatics Depart- ment, March 5 and 6, under the direction of Miss Mary R, Riggs. "Dear Ruth" concerns a young girl, Miriam, played by Pat White, who carries on a romantic correspondence in her older sister s name with an Air Force Lieutenant stationed in Korea When CUNNINGHAM 81 ALDERA GROCERIES AND MEATS 3801 S W Ninth Dial 4 5246 FOR FLOWERS The Gift That Always Pleases KEHM FLORAL C0 Walnut at 9th Phone 3 5276 CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS FROM LOZIER HEATING CO TIMKEN HEAT GAS OIL 24 Hour Repair Service On All Makes 2l9 UNIVERSITN PHONE 8 I9l7 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE I 953 GRADUATES From PROCTOR DRUG C0 A place to meet your friends 321 I Southwest Ninth Street Phone 4 7521 DES MOI NES IOWA I -G XT mfg-I K af' I 'O' 'O' U , 4 4' " ' , ef: . . '- X B li L R .lx I 2.9-pi ,57- the Laeutenont returns to woo the older suster Ruth Q 0 played by Morton Puetro the nrnpush Murnom us T found out ond o series of huloruous hoppennngs an volvnng Ruth Albert her fxonce ond the Lneutenont us started Sensors In the cost were Joed Johnston ossnstont dnrector Jerry DeLeon os Lt Wnllnom Seowrrght Borboro Race os Mrs Edith Wrlklns mother of Ruth ond Murlom ond Robert Hufstoder os Judge Wal kms father ofthe two gurls LINCOLN SODA GRILL Frosted Malts Beefburgers Coneys Root Beer Across from Lmcoln Hugh On Duty 24 Hours Each Day sALYERs LAMBERT sHoP to Serve You JERRY gt RED IOWA PUWER AND LIGHT 6213 s w 9m Phone 24436 GRADUATION PICTURES Andrews Studio 822 WALNUT STREET Phone 4 4956 DES MOINES 9, IOWA t Remember we con moke weddung pnctures too 58 GD I 9 39 - - W CO. 1 l - ou ll enioy e eareer at Nleredrth e 1111 kll8tt'll1NCIX N de ILIOLIS 11111111 tlme nu ilx 1t lou coat 1eq11111t 111eml111 1tllGllllg' e p 1 get 1111 ec 111ee111u1 llltl 1 N JIXI Kell 1111111 1111111111 mt to hrgh we fo 1 11111 111 11 lm begm tl1e11 e 118818 a 111l1tl1s lt e 111 1111 1. 1e1 health 11111 1.1L11le11t lI1NUIiIlLt fuel lent Nflll-xlllg' K0lld1tl0IlN 1 f1ve-dax week 1 oung men he ll 1, kll N Q N 111 111 111111115 xx mmen 1e11 III 9l8NI1llg' Llellk il mba 1111111111111 1+ Nleredith r11agaL111ex l,1tte1 Honres 1'1ICl9ll 1 N 1e 111 l llnll f K ontmt our Personnel Department today 1 rzsrt may lead to an interesting and profitable career for you Meredith Publlslung Company, l7l6 locust St Des Moines 3, Iowa I C 9 9 A Ill'2lS2lI1t 111111112 8' -2 ' "2 .' "es ' 2 2 ' .' '2 - xl' -' L- - l 1 12 R12 ' v W . 1 ' 'r' v ' ' S' 2 ' tv l"'1 1 1 2' L12 " s lrl ' '. yur 1' 211'q112' I'l, 'f ' ' ' "21,l.'. F0 . y 1 t 1 I -mem f --2 fth- Aml tl1e1'1- 21l'0 S6Yt'1'2ll 211'ti1'1' L'll1lJ5 ffll' offer lifetime 1'211'ee1's i11 ll skilled pro- llfll l fsts. I' esiim . I" ' j '1 tl 'l2i.1'Q Ii' '2 ' ."l11l 't'r' -"'2,' 'ztt g'2 21s' 1' ' t .1 ' ' " 1- .' Blew ' Q 21111 tl is 2 l'2 il res: t" 1 SL C2 ' s Zllll .'l1L" ss' l 92 ' 'ne O I O O 'I Pruth McFarlin Lincoln High was host to Pruth McFarlin, radio and concert tenor, and Sarah Hedrick, his accom- panist, on Feb. 20. Mr. McFarIin opened the program with his favor- ite song, "The Lord's Prayer." He sang "Because," "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes " "Half As Much Jericho and many others Although he has been confined to a wheel chair since he was stricken by polio at the age of two his natural clear voice has not been affected Graduate planning a Career or College Wardrobe win top honors with their selections from our Sports wear and Junior department Choose from such famous names as Tom Owen R and K Nelly deGrab Sportlelgh Junior Accent Lassie Junior Premier Pat Hartley NORMAN CASSIDAY N-'f Q? CNY NVO1 LIN OOSSY NO O make a date wx tomorrow save today at H FEDERAL , x E! '7 SBN ON S30 IF 'X 'C :ll .QCCMA :X12f7 ROY E. MORTIMORE MASONRY CONTRACTOR 1700 Army Post Road Phone 2-7661 POLSON FOOD MARKET MEATS CIGARETTES G E ELECTRIC APPLIANCES HARDWARE 211221145 E 14th STREET Congratulations to the Graduating Class of June 1953 LINCOLN HEIGHTS BARBER SHOP Loyal Lincoln Supporter ERIC ERICKSON 3204V2 S W NINTH STREET ATTENTION JANUARY GRADUATES Prepare for a position with a future at A 1 B starting June 8 Also special classes in shorthand and typing for students planning a college course Write or call A I B for a copy of Choosing Your Career Amencan Inshtute of Business 10th and Grand DES MOINES S ' . , r' X' ' .s I f 1 .41 , 5 1 S Qs. X , , I 4, 0 I if V: an '-.- ugh? VX, A If 'X 5 ' , I . A ,O 1 I Eff I I v-Lf' ' I I - u l I, I ' V. . . F' fl Vx -'S A M P - 'H . . . . Q I 1, I A D .Q X l F J .II 2 A- 0 a o 6- .J , ' 2 ' - P4 ll: "JI 'l I- ' I JY 'IJ -IV ' gp I W Lo t L. -60- Scholastic Art Awards Scholastic Art Award's Regional Exhibition tor Iowa was held at Younkers from February 25th through March 7th, Pat Ruston and Charles McNeIey were key win- ners and their work was sent to the National Scho- lastic Art award competition at Pittsburgh, Penn. The keys were presented to the winners at the presentation ceremony which was held February 28th in Younkers tearoom following a dinner given by Younkers. GENE GLESSNER Would Like to See You At Allen Wagner T V and Appliances IIO9 Army Post Road Phone 8 7552 BOESEN THE FLORIST THREE STORES 700 Grand Ave Phone 3 4279 Ingersoll at 38th Phone 5 2188 DES MOINES IOWA PARKER DRUG STORE Fort Des Moines S. W. Ninth and Army Post Road PHONE 3-9625 CHOOSE YOUR STERLING SILVER PATTERN From Over 60 Leading Patterns By America's Leading Silversmiths Af lose hs QUALITY JEWELRY SINCE 'l87'l SIXTH AT LOCUST NEW MULBERRY PARKING RAMP 633 MULBERRY STREET SAVERY GARAGE FOURTH 8: LOCUST HOWARD LEOPOLD Operator Graduate of Lincoln Hugh 'D' Q' 5 3422 Beaver Ave. - - Phone 7-44l6 PARKING GARAGE -51- Wlll YOU BE A DRAKE BUll DOG' DRAKE UNIVERSITY :mba shea 1881 9 Colleges ol the University l. be ol A ts Com ty College B ble Cmrc:eodFoce oo Eclucoton e A FoceR OT C Offeed FOR INFORMATION coll or visit th off of Admissions Counselor KCCH BROTHERS Printers Stationers Bookbunders Office Outfitters Office Machines GRAND AVENUE AT FOURTH DES MOINES Telephone 4-4224 Congrotulotionf Seniors 3018 Plus I3 Other Convenient De 63 S W 9th ST 6204 S W 9th ST O s Moines Locations ' l . . . . . 1 I - . . . . C fn-M i r r Low rnuni i . om e n in n Ph rm cy i Fin AHS Graduate Division ir r ..,. r e ice . . ' all 1 O . . . I . . . Muller Elected DR G J RONAN Glen Muller was elected president ot the Sensor OPTOMETRIST Student Councll ln the election held nn January As presrdent Glen called the councul meetings to 4 4 Flemlng Bldg Phone 4 2419 order and voted an case of a tue DES MQINES IOWA The posltuon of vnce president was taken over by Charles Scott One of Charles dutues was to preslde over the meetungs when Glen was absent S Jackne Warren was elected secretary for thus se mester She kept an accurate attendance sheet of all the members of the Council THICK PROPERLY AGED STEAKS F om Ou 0 Cooler Cut Our Own Ktchen FREE PlCK UP and DELIVERY T BONES TENDERLOINS TOP SIRLOINS NEW YORK CUT SIRLOINS FRIED CHICKEN S ITALIAN SPAGHETTI DIAL 3 9708 DWGHT NOAH Pm" Fon RESERVATIONS Telephone 2 8210 6ll5 S W 9th Street DES MOINES IOWA Accomrnodaho s for P :vate Part es Fleur Dr 8- Stanton V2 Ml N of Alrporf B and B GROCERY Open Evennngs and Sundays 2004 S E 6th Phone 3 7607 LINCOLN MERCURY AUTOMOBILES MID TowN Motoks INC Fu,-nas Ice Cream l408 LOCUST ST PHONE 4 8323 SATISFYING INSURANCE DELICIOUS AUTO TRUCK FIRE NUTRITIOUS Farmers Mutual Compare Before You Renew 'lf 'A' R W PILMER, Agent Phone 3 5773 6? . I . . 2 . . - . I , A ' r r wn 1 in I DRY CLEANERS I TAILORING 0 DYEING CHOICE I - ' n r' i l ff If ll 'U For the first time in the history of Lincoln'S Stu- dent Council we had co-treasurers, They were Norma Ryals and Marilyn Meyers. George Wolf, judicial chairman, headed the ju- dicial comrnittee and enforced the laws which the council had made. Mr. Pos was again council adviser. This was the second time Mr. Pos had helped the council in this way. PAYTON AVE. MOTOR SERVICE General Repairing - Standard Oil Products TOWING -1- PHONE 3-9678 5940 S. W. 9th Street FT. DES MOINES COMISKEY'S CONOCO SERVICE GOODRICH TIRES and BATTERIES WASHING and GREASING S. W. 9th 8. Virginia Phone 3-937I LOOK FOR THE RACK WITH THE SNACK IN THE SCOTCH PLAID SACK fhafs IIILIIIID PDTIITO CHIPS Congratulations to the Graduating Class of June I953 From THE JUNIOR CLASSIC BOWLING LEAGUE The Arr Lanes THERE S EXTRA QUALITY YOU CAN TASTE in every Anderson Erickson Dairy Product FOR DELIVERY PHONE 6 3172 2 GROCERS 64 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ts Good Sense START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT when you START YOUR CAREER DES MDINES BUILDING LDAN AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 'IO Slxth Ave Phone 2 8303 b ed a g oa s a ce o , OF O SS to I I At Your "The Oldest in Des Moines Mem erF er lSavin s8-L nln ur n C rp. REEDS ICE CREAM SHOP S W NINTI-I BY LINCOLN I-IIGI-I R 8- E GROCERY GROCERIES MEATS BEVERAGES 2920 S W 9th Phone 2 5481 LEN S PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE T r s Butte es Accessor es P sh Se e Washing Greasmg Phc e 3 9079 s 7 925 A my Post Road MINNIES SANDWICH SHOP SPECIOIIICS Hamburgers Home Made ChIII French Frnes Phone orders filled 2621 S W NINTH STREET PHONE 3 9344 GWIN S JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING BILLY R GWIN 136 S N Pho e 8 0832 Des M Complxrnents Of ROY BRICK BARBER SHOP 3136 5 W NInI'I'I Comphments FORD HOPKINS REXALL DRUG SIXTH AND LOCUST PARK AVE DRIVE INN Genulne Huckory Smoked Bar B Que Rubs Chnl: Coneys Spagheth Chlcken 11th and Park Avenue Phone 4 7518 RELIABLE RUG CLEANING CO 1200 CROCKER STREET Iowa s Largest PHOTOGRAPHS FOR GRADUATES OUR SPECIALTY WOLTZ STUDIO DES MOINES IOWA 420 Nmth Street Phone 8 1955 COWNIE FURS 510 Market Street Coat and Surf Corner 8th and Walnut PERRY MOORE SERVICE YOUR FRIENDLY MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION Greasmg Wash ng Battery Servrce 3501 S W NINTH DIAL 39991 Congratulatuons to the Graduatmg Class of June 1953 Nlttler Plumbing Ca REPAIR WORK CONTRACTING Phones 167 4 271 1028 Army Post Rd Congra UIatIons June 1953 Graduates From Phlllnps Construction Company Your Home In the Future P If P ,P 9 ie - ri - i u rvic - ' - ' ' n - Hour -IO r P ' . ' ' 0 i o ' WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY , , . I 3 .wr mm . . n - Oines, Iowa O . . ' 3- 5- -I . 'L . o o . o 7 . " ' . ' . ll if ..-65- Fun NIght Fun NIght held AprII l7 was one of the out standIng hlghllghfs of the school year lt was a terned after the old tnme FIESTOS once held t Lmcoln A style show talent shows movIeS and conces SIons were the maIn attrachons Wlfh a dance held In the Boys gym featurmg Pals of the Range and Irrwa s Oldest Jewelry S ore In Oualnty for 88 Years DIAMONDS WATCHES J EWELRY and SILVER THE GREEN LANTERN 2727 S W NINTH STREET HAMBURGERS CONEYS CHILI AND LUNCHEONS VISUAL ANALYSIS VISUAL TRAINING DR COLIN M STOUT 3201 S W NINTH ST TELEPHONE 3 0197 SHELL Pnooucrs THIRD 8. GRAND SHELL SERVICE Greaslng Towmg Tlres Battelle: Accessaues THIRD 8- GRAND PHONE 7 5071 Complaments of WALTS BARBER SHOP PLUMB JEWELRY STORE 3ll EAST FIFTH STREET Walnut at SIxth Des Momes June 1931 Graduate CONGRATULATIONS JUNE l953 GRADUATES From THE NEW UTICA The Place fa go for fhe Names You Know Congratulahons to the Graduatung Class of June 1953 Ro Lee Studio 1915 GRAND WEDDINGS PORTRAITS BABIES t V I A p t- . . - - ' ' I Q ' , ' f ' OPTOMETRIST a Lmcoln orchestra. . y t l 6 , . - . I -66, New Teachers Lincoln had one new and one interim teacher this semester replacing two former teachers. Mr. Nich Radokovich, a graduate of Iowa State College, replaced Mr, Mahon in Junior metal shop in room 28. Mr Bovey former junior teacher was replaced temporarily on the faculty by Mrs Sherman Mrs Sherman has taught at Lincoln for many years in various positions as an interim teacher COMPUMENTS O'DEA Finance WIMPY S STEAK HOUSE 'III7 Locust Street 'I604 SOUTH UNION ST DES MOINES IOWA PHONE 3 9817 BALZERS PURE SERVICE WASHING GREASING TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES 2716 S W NINTH ST PHONE 3 9498 7 3 IEA OWEN CRIST AUTO Bonv sznvlcs We take the dents out of accidents Kea at Fourteenth St Pl Phone 4 5258 COMPLIMENTS OF Des Momes Sull College Osteopathy an Surgery DES MOINES 9 IOWA ' I I . . . . f . ' Y I TI- fb- N V R of fs. , 2' W -X f V. - V ey L, - - fev. - ' . 1 ,, 1 f .s,.,...,,.,.,,.MM4..,. af I I - I 167.. T V Progrorn Mrs A C Hutchens wife of Llncoln Hlghs prlncupol oppeored on WOI TV s Mund of Mon The progrom ns one an o serues of weekly discus snons of greot books The book reviewed wos Feo dor Dostoevsky s closslc Crrme ond Punishment Mrs Hutchens hos had two hustorncol novels pub Inshed In recent yeors John Brown s Cousnn ond Tnmofhy Lorkun MELVIN LUMBER CO 6305 S W NINTH PHONE 8921 DR C R KNUTSON DENTIST 3110S W NIIN H TREET X Roy Serv ce O:ceHo 9amto5pm Closed All Doy Wed esdoy OFFICE 3 0885 RE PH 8786 PARK AVENUE DRUG EVERETT WESTPFAHL Prop S W NINTH 8. PARK AVE A 85 O C 81 H MARKET GROCERIES AND MEATS 1305 Pork Ave Phone 4 7527 The Messenger-News 'A' SOUTH DES MOINES' ONLY PUBLISHER 'A' 4311 Southwest Nmth Street 8 8594 3 X on So ngs POLK COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN SEVENTH o d HIGH DES MOINES IOWA Each Account Insured Up to S10 000 00 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1953 GRADUATES from MIDWAY MARKET Phone 4 4840 2601 S W NINTH Open Sunday Mormng CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIO CLASS SERVICE OPTICAL COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE EIGHTH AND LOCUST THIRD AND LOCUST 09 vi . . I - . .. . n , . . 4- . . 'T s ' o - i o ff' urs- . . . . f1 - S. , 4- ' , . - R . . . D1 L 3- I L-6g.. A-.Al alulh-q.mu.,. STROUDS SUPER SERVICE AUTO 8- BODY REPAIR Wo PI ng G eos ng T re Reponr UIIQITIIIIIIIIIUIIS BI Ph APPLIANCES FURNITURE T V RENTAL SERVICE fp 742 5514 ALLEN WAGNER I IO9 ARMY POST RD y Off ce 8 7552 PHONE Res 9 4444 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JUNE 1953 CLASS From Junes Beauty Shop 6540 S W Ilth Phone 2 3368 v 'fm wwdlfm lm Fresh But Its Fresher Q -E 4703, ku,-'Q J-,Q 1' u We 5 35,9 iff Donald Duck Bread THATS WHY OVER ONE MILLION ,-"" MOTHERS CHOOSE DONALD DUCK BREAD EVERY WEEK UNGIES BAKING C0. 33?k'TLB'5'Ei'kiF"" , z .RWE K . '-Ijw M jimi I 3 3 F . . . . Z ,F 5 I - r I - I r f ' 2 5 "WW u. . - . , , . - Z I 5 I I4 Z Q f 4 'F I - ,iS I '1 5 . 2 I - M --4 . - ,WW S fx? W if L 4? ,WM 'I I . W I ,N - oss MOINES COCA-COLA BOTTLING comm if NNW ,,,,,,I, ,,,,M , ,,,fff,I,w ml ,44,,,,,,,,.,,ffM,I,mI,, W,,,,,,,,,,,,,MM 7 FTP' 43- 'X Q' ' N sg A ' li , VI 'Q . I9 , , -fs 'I 'X IL I 9 K 5:1 I .X .. 5 W, Ni E I- '-N if A f I - . 'Q I 'ey MAD .Il DOIILDDIIIII , ,, ' ,A. . Brown, Cage Captain Larry Brown was named captaIn of the 1952 53 CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS TED'S BARBER SHOP basketball team by hIs teammates 3142 S W 914-I Street Anderson Elects Two Staffs MILLERS SUPER VALU STORE RonnIe Anderson was elected by the JournalIsm GERALD Gnd KENNY class to head the Regular RaIlsplItter and two 1300 Army post Road phone 2 4691 D M D A N E S DENTIST 3210 S W Nmth Street Phone 4 5561 Cong atulahons Class of 53 f om LINCOLN DELICATESSEN 2824 S W NInth Phone 2 5897 ASH HARDWARE CO COMPLETE GENERAL HARDWARE Housewo es Sporhng Goods 0 Applronces Electrlc 8. Plumb ng Supphes RADIO AND TELEVISION Ft Des Momes Rodlo 61 TV SALES and SERVICE Hours 9 A M to 9 P M Phone 3 5702 6319 S W 9th Des MOINES Iowa MAX ANDERSON PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE Wash ng G eos ng S W 9111 81 K k ood Phone 3 9153 SEARS MOTOR CO General Reporr Includmg Body 8. Fender Work 5919 Fleur DrIve Across f om the A r Port FLOWERS BY DESS POWERS 812 LOCUST PHONE 4 0307 GY Ohh 9 no- .S GB 0 Z owa Most Mode n D Y II ' ' , - . . A - r I r ' ' r ' 4: 4 . - 'Z r . . . 3, 1 . -A X -' N s gall I 2 I A ,I A 0 11 'E I s I I S ' 's Il II 5 ' an 1 I 3 . H- g : E' 'Il 3 "5 I 5 Ibn ze E as E .5 I 5 1 .. . . . - - -Eg 5 ' .2-1 ' ' ' ' Z sm .. - - Q 2 9 9 5 3 Fl U- o o -., 3 5 cn ... : i -- r i Q " , , Ir w - C --70- staffs were chosen to work wrth hum alternately on producnng each Issue On the furst staff Marslyn Bergstrom was respon sible for makung up the front and back pages and Joanne Jackovlch arranged the feature page .Ian Ice Burgess wrote a feature column and Alice Co man and Jerry Matalone worked on the sports page Conme 8 Lews Drlve In Across from Aurport BEEFBURGERS CONEYS CHILI FRENCH FRIES EXCELLENT COFFEE FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS J R ANDERSON LIF AU O FIRE II9BeIlA Pho es Off 34181 e 44 90 C W ROTH GROCERY Quoluty Pnce and Service GROCERIES and MEATS 9th 8. Banc oft Pho e 3 6346 e BLOSSOM Shop 6209 S W Phone 2 9617 DES MOINES IOWA We Specuoluze In Corsoges Bouquets ond Weddlngs THE RAIL PLITTER Prmted and Bound BY Garner Publishing Company 615 17 19 Euclld Avenue Des Momes 13, Iowa ' E- T - 1 , I ' I ve. n : . - - R s, - 9 trone wrote the exchange column. Delmar Hoff- ' , ' , ' S. W. r n - . I Th O - . . 9th - -.71-. Beverly Sloan had the job of advertising manager while Julie Jambor was proof editor. Sally Parks was responsible for distribution of the paper. Pat Ruston did the art work and Ramona Walston han dled the gunior news Donna Jordan was news editor The second staff included Phyllis Kissell news editor and Enes Travaini make up editor Joed GEIL COAL YARD Southwest Ninth and Army Post Road COAL ICE AND FEED PHONE 4 5826 R DeCOURSEY SERVICE 2002 S E I4th St Phone 3 9754 DES MOINES IOWA NESBITTS BOTTLING C0 DES MOINES IOWA I622 Hardina Road Phone 7 0700 A 81 R O DONNELL HARDWARE S W I2th 8. Army Post Road DES MOI NES IOWA PHONE 2 67 I PARK AVE MOTORS WE BUY SELL AND TRADE NEAR NEW AND USED CARS TRUCKS AND PICKUPS 34OI S W Ninth St Des Moines owa G e Jo nso Roy Wolke Socks 8. Ties PARK AVENUE SHOE SHOP Shoes - Levi's - Clothing S. W, NINTH STREET VIS CAFE HOME PASTRIES GOOD COFFEE S W 9th and Army Post Rd Phone 3 9I27 DE YOUNG SUPER MARKET GROCERIES MEAT AND FEED 20 S E 6th St Phone 4 SI97 STOUT REAL ESTATE NOTARY PUBLIC FIRE INSURANCE 3201 S W 9th Street Phone 3 OI97 Co g at lot ons Class I953 DES MOINES TELEVISION Acc ed ted Tele s on Eng neers 400212 S W NINTH PHONE 8 4943 PARK AVE FLOWER SHOP XOLR SOLTH CITX FLORIST A 4009 5 W 9th FLOVI FRS BH VIIRF I 2 28 I d g Wilson s Variety Shop GIFTS NOTIONS CLOTHING Shop with Us and Save 9I0 Army Post Road Phone 2 7738 - 0 I 1. 1 I ' . ' - I W I Ol . . . - - J. . GEIL I . 1 - n r u I I gt 1 u Q I in Y I VI I I 9 A , ' ' ' ' " . . Flowers for II Occasions phone I' : ges - Bouquets - Plants -:- A Cnmplt-tc Gift Line 7. '. ' ' ' ' ., nr. Pho - '2 I F ID " . - ved in S a Sr ' hy fm - 1. 0 I 0 I .i 1 . - . . ' . ' , l urni h n -- r ' ' ..72... Johnston eduted the feature page whsle Mary Rnch handled a feature column ond Lllyann Dlsslnger wrote the exchange column Shlrley Pulmer edited the sport page on whuch Jo Ann Rufe and Jerry Mat alone wrote sports columns Beverly Kellar and Tom Ballard shared the dutues of managlng the ad vertusements Raffaelo Punelln was proof edutor and Thelma Jones took care of crrculatuon CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU THE JUNE I953 GRADUATING CLASS REDBIRD HATCHERY 'I346 E Court Phone 6 8441 H W TRISSEL R C MILLER Proprietors BANKERS RUBBER STAMP Inc Clothnng Markmg Stamps A Specialty 805 GRAND PHONE 3 2535 P 8. C FOOD MKT GROCERIES MEATS 3825 S W 9th Phone 4 7319 HUFFS SHOE REPAIR 6307 S W 9th VAN GINKEL SUPER VALU 29 7 S E 4th EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FOODS PHONE 3 7378 Cong atulat o s to June I953 Class SYLVIAS ELBOW ROOM IOIO Army Post Road CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF JUNE I953 SMITTY S DONUT SHOP Donuts and Rolls Our Speclalty 9th and Kea Phone 2 l8l8 SHELL PRODUCTS SOUTHERN SUPER SHELL GREASING 0 TOWING TIRES 0 BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES DIXON S MASTER MARKET 'PIO LOCUST STREET FRIENDLINESS AND CLEANLINESS The Wo kmgman s F lend Co g atuloto s to S sh ne of Ju e I953 G aduat g Class from JACK S SERVICE STATION l000 Army Post Rd Phone 4 7648 STEVENS FOOD MARKET I0l E Army Post Road Ft Des Molnes Phone 4 3910 r I n . . . , I . I - , . l - Phone 3-986I 3000 S. W. 9th St, Des Moines, Iowa 9 . Q - r . , r. n r I n un i n ' r in . . . 9 2 . . I Music Students Win Awards Mrs. Mapel's music groups won superior and -v excellent ratings in the music federation March 2l CONGRA ' ULATIONS o it , of 'O e JUNE 1953 GRADUATES The boys' quartet with Jerry DeLeon, Nick Kal- berg, Paul Olsen and Fred Koester, was rated su- From perior. Two girls' trios earned superior ratings also. . Katherine Dondlinger, Ellen Corneilson and Jean DAILY SERVICE TO STOP AT KANSAS CITY O ST JOE 3203 S W 9th Phone 3 9375 INDIANAPOLIS Courtesy of G A M B L E S EAST SIXTH and LOCUST 430 S W Fifth Phone 8 4888 GRAND VIEW COIIEGE DES MOINES IOWA Founded 1896 ENJOY RICHER TASTING YEARS OF COLLEGE LIBERAL ARTS PRE PROFESSIONAL FLYNN DAIRY PRODUCTS ELEMENTARY TEACHERS TRAINING CURRICULUM Lead g to Sta da d Eleme ta y Cert t cate ENROLL NOW Students from Coast to Coast ' A Smnll School th Eve y Ad antoge M LK W e mv te you to IO s a d pa tcipate the fello sh p 6 E of a Ch stan app oach to educat 0 d pe so al Q o h HIGH SCHOLASTIC STANDARDS LOW COSTS 74 0 . 0 u - I - 2 .. in n r rt r ii f . , FL' l..... W' r V -1.1! .L ....... lu W ' i 'inu n ri' in wi " I rii r inan r n rwt Erickson composed one trio, and Ramona Walston, Julie Jambor and Bernice Wallace made up the second group. Another trio consisting of Diane Dressler, Beverly Boylan and Marilyn Turnquist was awarded an ex- cellent rating. Two soprano soloists Katherine Dondlinger and Julie Jambor rated superior All entries who ranked superior advanced to the state music federation Senior Formal The June l953 graduating class held a semi formal dance at the Val Air Friday May 22 All who attended had an enjoyable evening GRUBB WASHER For Best Quality In Home Appliances 8. Television 3306 S W NINTH PHONE 3 3523 CREED OF The Budd Lmcoln H1ghCf Club A Non Proflt Non Polltical Non Sectanan Organnzation With the growth and development ot a more active South Des Moines Community the B L H Club Inc pledges its support to all community church and school activities Membership is open to any one interested in Lincoln High or the South Des Moines Community or any graduate from Lincoln High or any one l8 years ot age MEANING AND PURPOSE OF B L H CLUB support the school in all educational programs and all extra curriculum support all religious denominations support the faculty in all their various activities Build the South Des Moines Community to one of the best in the city Membership Dues are S100 yearly 75 l. To ' A A . 2, To ' ' ' ' . 3. To . . . . . . ' 4. To ' ' A ' ' - 1411 1091-up 145

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