Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1952

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1952 volume:

Ghz Snznxnrf Qfhass Evnzsenfs ilxncnln f,1,f1z High Su:I'p:unL AARON C HUTCHENS une, 1 52 OZQIQCO ll ? l'l'lU'lL5 ifa fl0fl VIDA B HALL 3 WALTER B BESLEY o il' l 5 . . . Priiicipol i i Girls' Adviser Vice Priimcip I UQCOAI A A EGCME FACULTY First row Poss Lewls Suffer Jones Ebers Berry Tolerrco Mopel Hufchens Second row Okey Holmes Cron Sfrleby Chotmon Scholfueld Thnrd row Wilson Smnth Fox Besley Morgontholer Wilson Grobou Sanders ULTY First row Bmkew fo Chrwf Coe S nlcn Burton B Wu!! mc e nd C r w up Hx t A r' K r of MQW?-v r e Swcrwofv Scvy Thnrd row Mahon pence Tomlncrw tone Dufmkevwrg Afor Dcx P Eckey 4 fs X! U nzmxnrf eflass QTOFLEIZPS LN W une, f 952 CAM O LCQP5 TERRY SHUCK, President DON HALL Vlce President JEANINE RAFFENSPERGER, Secretor GEORGE BENOIT, Treasurer 5 5 cm QL Uv L U IZ J kff 5 4 Helen Irene Aller Helen has served on the Nurses Staff slnce tenth grade faIthfuI member of the Callco Club Hobbles Include roller skatlng danclng and eatlng Pet peeves are people who tell you to be some place at a certaln tlme and then they are late Plggy halls from Maple Grove where she clalms she WGS G QOOU Qlfl Llkes to watch football and basketball Says her talents are hldden and wlll never tell her ernbarrasslng moments tWhy999I Blggest thrlll wlll be graduatlon for thls cute llttle glrl Ambltlon To be a success and get marrled Rosemary Phyllls Andreano Blggest thrlll came when she served as Homecomlng Attendant TIny s nds 4 IO tall a d ls he shortest member of the class ls a falthful member of the Callco Club Pet peeves In clude Certaln glrls at ALHS Embarrasslng moments are too embarrasslng to mentlon Was punlshed by slttlng In a dark roam ln grade school IRosIes scared of the darkl Hobbles Include danclng eatlng Ioaflng and of course men Served In Student Councll and on Llncoln Nlte Commlttee Ambltlon To stay slngle and run an old molds Instltutlon ancy Loulse Ash An early graduatlon trlp to Callf wlll prove to be Nan s blggest thrlll has been kept busy wlth varlous offlce dutles served as the asslstant secretory of chorus Sec of Nurses Staff Sec Vlce Pres Treas of Y Teen celved one letter In golf hobbles Include musIc go f Clalms too many embarrassIng moments to relate Pet peeves Include LONG lunch llnes book reports falthful member of L S M F T Y Teens Assembly Comm Skeleton In grade school a vIsIt to the prlnclple s office twhat happened 9 9 9 9l Ambltlon To go to college and to be an R N to always have many wonderful frIends Danlel Wesley Attlg Dons blg thrlll came when breoklng hls flrst tape In a track meet a falthful member of the servlce home Teen Toppers and Callco was oh so embar rassed when caught on a certaln table by Mr Fox elected PresI dent of Senlor Student Councll sports llfe has kept hlm busy took part In swlmmlng track foot ba wrestllng earned one letter In track gets real peeved wlth hard gradlng teachers hobbles Include danclng eatlng and muslc Blg Dan was proc tlcally always a good boy In grade school Hls one and only wlsh IS for world peace Amblhon To own the largest ranch style home In the mldwest Sally Lllllam Backstrom Recelvlng her dlamond and graduatlon are W Iles blggest thrlls MUSIC and wrltlng to G Certaln someone In he Navy keeps Ll pretty busy IS a falthful MISS to the Y Teen and the S S B Dlarr-and Lll Chorus Ive semesters Glrls Glee Club clalms she has many too many m borrasslng moments and hasnt any skeletons er Grade School closet We wonder 9 9 9 9 VI Sally wants to go to Callfornla In July how come LII99999 Ambltlon To be successful In every th nq she does Barbara Lee Beckwlth Bobble IS a falthful member of the YTeen LSMFT S S B Hobbles are sewlng horse back rldlng swlmmlng skotlng and SKOTIDQ Is real good at skatlng too" os two letters In Golf llkes to play basketball and watch football Her talents are gettlng other people Into trouble and gettlng herself out of lt She says she was a good glrl In grade school she refuses to make much comment on the sublect Student Councll Y Teen PresIdent Was so red faced when she walked INTO the boys gym at the wrong tlme Bobs pet peeve IS bad man nered people Ornery but swe I Arnbltlon To go to college and enlav lIfe George Benlot Sleeplng women golf and lOOlIDQ takes up most of Pros tIme clalms DIQQCST thrlll IS yet to came the lncldent at Ploneer Park made Ace redder than usual fWhat happened9l Servlce Home Room IS o loyal mem ber of P P A Treasurer of Senlor Class KA good one too"J Has one letter ln WrestlIng and three letters In Golf also Captaln of Golf team caught Wrlflng note to a glrl In grade school Wlll always be remembered by George awfully shy untll you get to know hlm real swell person to know neat dresser Ambltlon To be a professlonal golf er and show the glrls hls grlp Barbara A Blshop Thls cute llttle mlss tsoon to be Mrs I halls from ShIpley Iowa falthful member of Kelth eatlng sleeplng and Kelth are lust some Bobs hobbles clalms she IS such a good glrl that she has no9999 embarrasslng mo ments blggest thrlll IS graduatlon and recelvIng her dlamond pet peeves Include certaln people at Llncoln Barb wlshes she had a Cad Illac convertlble to take Kelth rldlng In Ambltlon To marry KeIth and always be happy Della Mae Blackburn Shorty says her llst of DIQQEST thrllls Include recelvlng er dlamond and graduatlon Hobbles are SSWIDQ sleeplng and Jerry Most embarrass Ing moment was an lncldent In Law class tWhat happened 9 9 9 9 93 Pet peeves are gosslps Clalms she was a good glrl IH grade school IWe wonder 9 9 93 Talents are talklng talklng talklng Della IS a member of the Homemaklrlg Staff and flnds the work very lnteresflng NICE to know Ambltlon To succeed In her loo and make Jerry a good Wlfe Darrel H Blunck Glrls staylng up late drlvlng around take up much of Butchs spare tlme fa thtul member of JU G LSMFT PINT sports Include football swlmrnlng track walked the beat at Park Avenue blggest thrlll wll come as he recelves hls dlploma also looks forward to seelng hls 5th oll well come Wlshes to become Mar ne Jet Pllot Possesses a sp clal talent never gets tIred99 Served as a columnlst Ra lsplltter Amblhon To llve a successful llfe own a couple of CADILLACS Joanne Lucllle Bradley Joanne be'ongs to the S S S A J U G S D M C BLM and the YMCA l-lobbues unclude knuttung workung wuth clay makung a summer garden also cheerleodunQ Talents are whustlung sklDDlVlQ desugnung garbage cans and walkung unto the wrong places at the wrong tumes Sports are ball and lacks weuglnt luftung Dolo hopscotch marbles and bug game huntunq Was soooo embarrassed when dancung on a stage and her skurt fell off e peeves are R l-l S W and boys who thunk they are Gods guft to women BuQ995T thrull us when the gurls wun the Uncle Stan s dressung race Ambltuon To own a plumb ng shop wuth Shurley Lee Beverly Ann Bragg Hauls from Maple Grove where she can well remember a spankunq un the second grade runnung arounrl Chuck stayung out latc and Chuck keeps her busy durung her spare tume a member of S S B E SG Bev had such a red face at a specual party wuth a specual boy Wrestlung us her favorute sport and she cla ms her talent us showung people how wrestle cant stand to be called a certaun name her bag thrull came when she met a certaun boy on the East sude Muscles can always be seen wuth Barb and Donna Wants to be a su cess un whatever she does Amblhon To luve un Iowa and marry that certaun someone Ann Bronco Annue came to Luncoln from Park Avenue says too many skeletons grade school closet to men tuon she served un Jun or Student Councul claums her hobbues are collectung records dancung eatung and bowlung er most embarrassung moment was at Park Lane wuth Carmen and Shurley Annue belongs to Caluco and her pet peeves are gurls that smoke swear and dr nk she was a member of the golf team and served two semesters cute short and a pal to all clescrube Ann Ambutuon T trap a mult m lluon oure husband and settle clown as a woman un whute un Florida Josephune Mary Byrnes Jo has served sux semester on the Gym Staff she was also o member of Senuor Student Councul tellung uokes and beung wuth the gang are her maun hobbues nothung ever makes thus luttle gals face turn red her spectal talent us that of ell ung funny uokes ou et a un ul you get to know her then she proves to he o lot of un and guute ornery lkes to watch Luncoln Hugh football and baskettcull games buggest rhrull wll com when she graduates and goes unto Nurses Traunung Shorty says she has no grade school skeleton un her closet clo ms she has no specual pet peeves Ambutlon To always have lots of fruends Joanne Caponlgra Jo does a r ol good o of tucklung the uvor eg and clg ms uts her hobby and her talents un one most embarrass ng moment occurred whule teachung nught school and seeung a certaun someone Who 109997 Her buggest thrull came when she receuved her duamond C S C Served on the Home Ec Staff lOth 8. llth grade says she lkes swummung best o of all the sports she kn ws to from Howe guuet nuce Ambutuon To marry M S be a good wufe for htm Tommue Carl Carson Swummung huntung women 'ushuna and women take u a lot of Kuts spare tum buggest pet peeves are teachers who guve a lot of homework sports lufe uncludes one season of swummung certoun uncudent a'ter the furst North game proved to be most embar VOSSIYWQ to Tom talents are yet to be discovered u thrull v.ull come wuth Graduatuon fauthful member of L P A P P A hauls from NLcKunley where he was always a good boy799 can always be seen wuth Dafud Kaulu Larry Smuth and Bruce Duxan Ambuhon To marry a ruch woman Beatruce Chatham Bea manages to keep real busy wuth boys sports studyung hustory and more boys er buggest thrull us yet to come some tume un the future she has been embarrassed many tumes too many tumes to begun to name her grade school closet reveals a bony skeleton as a result of some thung that happened un the fufth grade a true blue member of CSC and WCWB foot ball and basketball stand out on her lust of fayorute sports one swell gal to know a nuce classmate to one and all can be seen wuth Joann Ambutuon To be a success James Lee Claman um member of the cast un the plays The Perfect lduot and Our Town says embarrassung moments are too terruble to mentuon pet peeves are gurls who smoke hobbues unclude eatung sw mmung tennus baseball basketball football and sleepung seems that Jasper pumped out the wundow grade school so that he could be the furst one out of the buuldung u he got caught lWhat happen ed97777J Member of R AW claums buggest thrull us vet to come Jum wushes he had lots and lots of money very n ce guy o know Ambutuon To luve ove and be happy Fred A Clarke Fred has been kept busy wuth voruous school actuvutues Presudent of Stu dent Councul l2B Edutor f he Sen or Raul had a Ieadung roe un the play The Perfect lduot has two letters un football to us cre ut us a so an amateur bas ketboll player spends all hus spare moments sleeplng and eatung has many red faced mo ments too many to relate B ggest thrull came when wunnung the Roosevelt football game by a re of Gurls who chew gum rate a has buggest pet peeve came to Luncoln from Park Avenue where he could always be seen walkung the beat Would luke to have a Cadullac K. 'M Ambutron To graduate from Drake Pnsculla Duane Cleveland u a us a fauthful member of the Chorus and Sextette I-lobbues unclude mavues sungung and collectung cat puctures Pet peeve us to be called Prus Claums her Buggest Thrull us yet to come Embarrassung moments are too numerous to men tuon Says she was a good gurl un grade school tt-low Good? Talents Include sungung and playung the puano good too Wants to go to Hawauu Colufornua some day longs to the CSC o us o member of Church Chour Amblhon To be successful not only funancually but to be happy as well Shirley Ann Colllns Shurlcy was so embarrassed when she walked unto the boys gym at the wrong tume tWhy37l l-lobbues Include sleepung ectung men and luvung be ongs to L S M F T and Y Teens D mples has lettered twuce In Tennus and her buggest thrull came when she was p d to play on the All Cufy Tennus team aaa nst Omaha Pet peeves are boys that dont know enough get theur h r u Claums the talents are hud hund the Iron curtaun Ambutuon To play tennus af Forest H lls and Wumoledon Joe Emery Coltroln Angel Claums workung on cars to be hns hobby thus real ouuet lad was embarrassed most when caught swearung In Auto Mechanucs class Joes buggest thrull came when he saw Yellow stone Natuonol Park Claums skel efon In grade school closet was havung to stand IH the corner for breaklng a pencul over hus knee ltsk tskl Joe can usually be found peelung around corners In hus Lo Salle Ambuhon To own a new Cadulloc Club Coupe wuth o souped up motor and straught pupes Dorls Loulse Comer D served on offuce staff column un Regular Raul a f her spore tume IS spent eatung goung to games Sam talkung Sam very embor rassung moment came when a cer taun teacher sent her out of the room for certaun reasons member ofAWOL FORBB o sweet gurl wushes she had a mulluon dollars graduatuon wull be cu bug thrull looks forward to all of her talents are hudden trued to be o good gurl In grade school but dudn t succeed Amblhon To be a secretary and have many fruends George Edward Cordoro George better known as Cordaroy has been the As sembly Chaurman and also the Publuc Relatuons Chaurman Student Councul Hobbues Include umutatung and musuc Cla ms he IS structly a spectator when comes to sports e peeves are drunks Says hus grade school flu-.wr I cret gest thrull s yet come He has been a fauthful member of the band for sux years an s a Columnust for the Ra lsplutter he also served as MC for l-lamecomuna In l95l George holds the honor of beung In three school plays The Pertect lduot Our Town and You Can t Take lt Wuth You Ambuhon To enter show busuness Joyce Costello Jerce hauls from Howe Ice skatung bowlung and danc In take up her spare tume along wuth these clubs J U G A S S N A F L A Serv Ices consust of Student Councul and Homemakung Staff Buggest ru l wu to graduate Gossrps are Jerces pet neeves Favorute sports are football and basketball Fovorute songs are Any Tume Tell Me Why an Please MI n Joyce s outsude Iob us war ng os a telephone operator Ambufuon To be everyth ng l ve al ways wanted to be Corol E Crane Carol better know as Wundy hauls to Luncoln from Howe where she says she was a good gurl ls a fauthtul member of Leaders Club and the A S S Buggest thrull was goung to Chucago see a mauor league game Carol has served In the Band for eught se mesters Chorus for three semes ters on the Gym Staff for four semesters and on the Art Staff for one semester Was so em barrassed when she walked Into he wrong room at the wrong tume N ce to know and fruendly to all Ambuhon Ta graduate from lowa State Tea hers College Wllluom Ellery Creger Was red faced a certoun tume wuth Terry Shuck Also beung stuck In the mud Pct Peeve West Suders Teen Toppers G U N S Demolav Claums hus hobbues are hunturuq fushung WOMEN and athletucs Wummun says buggest thrull watchung Terry Shuck blush hav Ing some yutal buttons torn off In Grade School KS somethung Bull wull never forget3997 member of Homeroom l2O varsuty sauad of Football Basket ba and has two letters ID Track Ambltuon G to ISC a d graduate Bernodlne Crust Basketball and eatung take up mast of Bernues tume does a real good Iob of tucklung the IVOFIES Halls from Maple Grove claums she was always a good gurl grade school7977 tWe have a much better Idea of her than that'l Secretary of Leader s Club In l2A Also Secretary of A H Club for two years Wushes she had a lot of money Buggest thrull wll be oraduatuon from lowa Methodust School of Nursung CYISTIE says she has never been embarrassed tNever 793 A lot of fun to e around Ambuhon To graduate from lowa Methodust School of Nursung and be a Navy Nurse Lous Moe Donuels hauls from Callanan Offuce Staff columnust on Regu larRaIl AWOL FORBB dancung money men797 e up most of ths lu musss tume claums she was a very good gurl IH grade school lwe wonder97'99J Lo says she has so many embarrassung mo ments that It would take her too long to mentuon them I gest pet peeve Is people who tease her when she lS mad spends all her spare tume watchung basketball football baseball Buggest thrull wull be graduatuon and claums there wull be one yet to come Amblhon To marry a mulluonaure and have lots of clothes Clufford Lee Dawson A new member ot the ALHS senuor class Bu gets red faced at the mentuon of losung a certaun artucle whule In swmImIngPP99 Says buggest thrull wull be qraduatuon Hobbues are all sports e peeve Is gurls wrutung sentumental songs In Journalusm C I has one talent If no others that s makung fruends has many too' ' Must have been a good toy In grade schoolb: He cloums to have no skeletons We know better"'J A swell guy good fruend to all Ha ls from Wullard Lukes football basketball and track Ambutuon To go to Florudo and luye V. .NI U L gr M ...Alito luae g G ...Ito aulct... 'l 1- ...be- Q Q I ' . If U ..., , ll.-......ISO ,..On , ' - ll... . ' "2 o n ,..to UO.. U '4 Q lllo - - - A I ...a - .,.,. I I another one in the 'future-. . . claims ' A ' - I 4 F.. b H - - 4'Lo" . . . ' . , . ll, -ll.-..'--F-...-. -.-.J -- tak I ttle If ..,Pt IQI- l l V If ,tl AIA' Q,-tr., f- , 1 ' ' ' ' - ...Bug I to -I-bg. du 1 g... mu Iubem. H ,,.'tlf" ' -10, James Thomas Deets M .Iamle IS a sharp lad smart and nlce untll you get acaualnted wlth hlm He halls from Park Avenue Clalms hls grade school skeleton was walklng the beat Hls pet peeves are WS and Rl-lS Clalms blggest thrlll was beatlng Roosevelt ln football HIS hobbles are sports women plcture shows and watchlnq Gene Autry and Roy Rogers on TV and radlo Jlm expects to make hls frosted mll llon whlle stlll young Hls serv lc s lnclude anythlng for he aulcke Jarnle savs hls favorlfe song ls Honky Tonky Man AmbIflOh To own a certan hotel Chas Jarne Moose and Wes arlene A Deets Molly Ann was very embarrassed when she tell head flrst lnto a waste paper basket Hoa UICS lnclude Dlck danclnq sleeplnq and eatlng Belng an attendant for Homecom ng Queen and Graduatlon lop the llst of Marlene s blggest moments Pet peeves ln lude Certa n Peo pe ls o member of the AH Club Clalms her talents are yet to be ound Llkes to watch Basketball and Football Cute and frlendly to all Amblhon To marry Dlck Shlrley Mae Detlefsan M Sh rl has been a falthful member ot chorus for four semesters clams so many embarrasslno m ments that she cannot reveal .hem does not care for people who boo at the referees spends most of her spare tlme watchlng football baseball basketball games and swlmmlnq says her blggest thrlll ls yet to come was very embarrassed ln grade school one day when she forgot a speech to the P T A w shes there could be more assem les and ess school Hobbles lnclude sleep ng loaflng eat ng Amblflbh To make lots of en'ls ary Ellen Dlshon raduatlon wlll tle Reds blgges th ll rame to Llncoln from Washlnqton sports lnclude swlrrlm ng basketball served one semester on Home Mak no Staff spends all her spore tme collectlng pctures of boys clalms her embarrass no moments are too many to tell age pet peeve ls Perovloe Blondes Was a good Ittle orl oracle SCl'lOOl3773 o er worklng hou s are out ln at the Telephore Company Ambltlon Be a good telephone fD erator Marry scme unlu kv Cluv Bruce Dixon Bruce halls from McKlr-le fa thful member of P P A DlES lnclude wrestllng Russlan Roulette flshlng Clalm he has no emborrasslng moments We know betterl Graduatlon wlll prove lo be Bruce s blggest thrlll Gets oh peeved when teachers asslgn homework Skeleton ln grade school closet IS belng chased by grade school teacher Hls wlsh ls to have a mllllon dollars Mountaln Dew and Llttle Vvhlte Cloud That Crled top the llst of Bru e s favorlte sonos Ambltlon To become a success ln e Barbara Smith Dobhlns t Barb hGllS from Blrd grade school Nlcknames lnclude Butch Brat Smltty Barble Bobble Bobs and Barb Clalms she has too many embarrasslnq moments to remember Taklnq up Barb s spare tlme are horse back rldlng Bob embrolderlng Bob and roller skatlng Blggest thrllls were meetlng Bob recelvlng her dlamond wed dlng and graduatlon Clubs lnclude Callco and Sub Deb Pet peeve lS for someone to hlnt around about somethlng Can be seen wrth Letha Vlarllyn Katherlne and Barbara Barb clalms to have no skeletons ln her grade school closet Ambltlon be a success a a typlst and make Bo' a good wlfe ephanle Jane Douglass Steph halls from Park Avenue where she CIOITTTS she trled to be a good lttle o Gene col lectlna model horses Gene danclng and Gene takes up most of her spare tlme A pretty gal wlth o sparkllno rlnq on her thlrd flnger left hand steady representotlve on Student Councll another member of AWOL and the F O R B B recelvlrlg her dla mand and graduatlon plus another blg event ln June wlll complete eve s b thr walklng ln on some members of the opposlte sex ln a forbldden pla e made for aulte a red faced rr- ment Lyla s broken flnqer ls h r one and only pet peeve Al'l'lbIfl0I1 Always be happy wlth G R Ken nefh Lee Dunlap Ken s wlsh ls to own a Cadlllac and a thousand dollars worth of cold cash He IS a member of Callco Club and IS also a cornmlttee mem er Ken clalms hls blqgest thrlll ls yet to come Hls em barrasslng moments are too many to mentlon but remembers a coo summer nlght out at Park Qulckle He can be seen Wlfh Frost McClure and Myers l-l s blggest thrlll ls yet to come Ken lS a nlce aulet and sweet lad untll you get acaualnted wlth m Hls hobbles are danc mg swlmmlng and llkes to watch Caotaln Vldeo on T V Ambltlon Be a success at whatever l o Ronald Elllott Halls from Mclilnlev where he was practlcally always a good boyv has the very unusual nlckname of Hard Head lwe wonder how he got that, a real 'althful member ot NSCDA h s favorlte hobby ls worklng on cars he lS well auallflerl for such a lOl" as he has spent many hard work no hours an a used car lot h such a red face when he was aught lly the same man ln blue two Ultferent tlmes b ogest thrlll came when sclllng cars to to twooc' homework tops the t pet oeeves has been r ne wlshe he had l lol Ambltlon Own 32 Pontlac James J Engel s se vea sx years ln e to nd and has been ln three plavs The Pe fect ldlot Our Town and You Cant Take lt Wlth You along wlth these h nors Jlm ranks f st n s class scholastlcallv Other actlv ltles lnc ude eature edltor of Rallsplltter also Drum Malor w s o t fo football for two ye rc last but least yas Journalsrr- news braastcaster from Llncon eve KDPS Talents a e muslc and drama Bggest thrlll was golng to he Scout Jam boree at Valle Foroe ln l O golng tc oys State 3 Ambltlon To graduate from college " : To s S ' . . ' H ' ' real I l lrl , - . - A I - - - "St Ilst of lg llls . . , A ' " n . . . 4' " H . . . that she was supposed to glve ' ' ' ' ' A - - -- ' ' hl . . . - tu. . . I ' ' ' ' ' 5 fr. c G - 1 G K ,, ... t O .. . . . rl . . , . . I "A . -V I ' ' T , , V A l lA ln C . . All lf lv V ' ' ' ' ' ' l V ls 'gf ' ' . " 1 . - hea d to sav . s u a . W 1 rn 'llon 1 lars ' ' ' ' "hm" ha r A ,l th . .-v . . . sa . . . . ,..... Hob- , . . " r " . . . , . . . , .O 1 . . . Ir I hl so. . . . .. s . . . . . . N a' u r " I a , V .A . . 1 I' Y - C .,- v Y , 95 " 2 . .,. and . B ' ln M. l9 l, -l I.. James Roy Enslow Jlm has had wo honors ln basketball and one ln football Hls hobbles are basketball Maren football Maren huntlng Maren flshlng and Moren lm clalms hls blggest thrlll was oeatlng Roosevelt He has no embarrasslng moments that he can recall Clalms hls pet peeves are the WS and R H S Jlm came to Llncoln from Park Ave nue and wlll not reveal any skeletons ln grade school closet Jlm can be seen around school wlth Maren Jlm and Fred rend to Jlm states he wants to be llked by all and loved by one Ambltlon To manage a certaln woman wrestler Emma Marle Falla Spends her spare tlme playlng tennls bowllng and danclng as served as columnlst on the Regular Ral was OCTIVC on the assem bly commlttee had such a red face when a certaln nate was passed around the classroom Clalms blggest thrlll IS yet to come pet peeves Include studylng wrong asslgnments wlshe she had o Cadllloc Con vertlble wlll never tell her skele tons ln grade school Enloys very much watchlng football basketball wrestllng clalms her talents are ln typlng only Ambltlon To attend college EISIE Loulse Ferra fl Lou wlshes to have lots of frlends always HODDIES IU clude photo and scrap books very GCTIVQ on homemaklng staff falthful member of G O G G Three MISSES and a Hlt T S F C too many embarrasslng thrlll for Lou wlll be graduatlon spends most of her tlme at basketball and football games clalms all her talents are h dden IS well ll ed b all halls from Park Avenue where she says she was a very good glrl Ambltlon To make good ln the future Russell Flllman GOIDQ to college wlll be o blg thrlll to Russ hls hobbles ln clude school work whlch takes up much of hls tlme lce skatlng and mechanlcal drawlng clalms he has never had a red faced mo ment baseball and golf rate top notch on hls llst of sports halls from Maple Grove where he was found to be on the wrong end of a crack the WhlD game durlng a sprlng thaw ack of space ln hls locker stands out as hls blgaest pet peeve flrst and foremost he WlShCS to make on honest mllllon says hls talents are very few and far between Ambltlon Go to Iowa State Flora Carolyn Fisher Three MISSES and a Hlt A M W A T S F C Gym Staff GOGG skatlng bowllng men eatlnq wrltlng take up most o thls ll e mlsss tlme says most embar rasslng moment happened ID lallvv? blggest thrlll graduatlon pet peeves lnclude concelted people and gosslps clalms no skeletons IH grade school says talents are ye to be found she wlshes to be llked by all loved by one Ambltlon To be a successful secre tary then marry a certaln some one fAny mllllonalre wlll do Joan Marlene Flatt Joanne 5 hot tr es nclude tennls skatlnq bowl ng ant basketball Blagest thrlll came when shc recelved her letter n tenn s Cla ms too many embarra slng moments to tell vvl-yn and also too 'nany skeletons ln her grade s hool closet especlally at K r-leyl Jo s talents lnclude roller skat na and slng ng hlllbllly songs Pet peeve IS a person who always says offlces held lnclude secretary of Home Room and Leaders Club Jo lS a falthful memteer of the SSB LSMFT and LSCPC WlSl'1lSlOOWF1Ol952 Cadlllac Convertlble and a ranch Ambltlon To be a prlvate secretary to a small flrm Charles Robert Formaro Blggest thrlll was ln Football and Basketball when he made All Clty and S C Conference teams clalms hls pet peeves are W S and R H S Football las ketball and baseball hrad the l f Chu ks favor te spor s ls a member of the Alcohollcs Unan mcu and po sesses hldden talents He says that there are no skeletons ID hls grade school closet lWe wonder9J also clalms he has never been embarrassed Al11bIfl0I'l To own a certaln motel wlth Jamle Wes and Moose Delores Mane Foster Dee teachlnq Chuck to bowl lWhy does he always wln997l football eatlnq wrltlna takes up most of Fldo s tlme Three Mlsses an a Hlt G O G G T S F C A M W a certaln plcture taken IH lng for Plrlky says blggest thrlll IS yet to come wlshes to be llked by all loved by one skeleton ln grade school closet lS belng caught cllmblng over a fence at Park Avenue pet peeve IS be ng called Dee Dee b C R can be seen wlth Ruth o ue and Lou Amblhon To marry a mllllonalre James D Fox M Horseback rldlng ar muslc and photography a e hlgh on Jlms llst of hob IES blggest thrlll came when Jlm rav eled through Central Amerlca clalms he was a good boy ln grade school Cwe wonder"'l lm has won two awards ln tennls falthful member of N F L A and Stu dent Councll made a perfect host for the German Students when they Vl5lTed Llncoln par tlclpated ln Stars on Parade and Our Town Jlm IS a mem ber of the Alr Force Reserve and Pl Kappa Phl Frat AIhbIfI0l1 To travel around th w rld and vlslt al' hls torel n frlends oren Dlanne FlldlII'lgfOl1 Made a darllng Malarette for three years dld a good lob ln three school plays clalms she has had many bg thrllls but the bggest one ls yet to come Treasurer of Coun ll AM BB A and 4 H Has too many embarrasslng moments to mentlcn Llkes to watch Football and Basketball games Twlrl ng Jlm ana loaflna Oh yes and Jlm take u most of Petunlas tme Maren says they dldnt have any closet ln her grade school so s e hasnt been at le to keep any skeletons thls we dont bCllCvE' One swell gal good looklng too ' Can always be seen wlth Jlm Mary Of l'T1 Ambltlon To always be happy and successful and have many frlends " " r . . 1 W , "lg A , ' afl . all .. . . l... - ,,: .. T r,., . ,Hlt - " l'sto ',':"' l Vt ,. Q11 .... dwl ' moments to mention . . . Blggest jall , . . proves to be very embarrass- ... , ' V, ,.,, ' ...Fl ...S . l .. ' 6 O' 1" Q .c. ., ..,t, l ...f ttl - D " "ll l 1 A t,.. ' 2 .. N . , I ,, A J" I .42- Verle E Frlesner Graduating and getting engaged are Junkys buagest thrills comes to us from Howe l-lus pet peeve us gurls standing un he hall talk ng Has too many ern borrossung moments to mention Remembers a certaun tume un grade school when he had to puck up paper wods after a fruendly game a fa thful member of the Bov Scouts Hobbues are marksmanshup and PAT Talents unclude musuc and performing over the raduo wushes most to have a good uob and a happy home a real swell ouv un to know Can be seen wuth Pat Arnbltuon Music and to be a suc cess Jerry Dale Frost er us a fauthtul member of the P PA and also the Callco Club Has three letters un swum ming good too"' Claums bggest thrull s yet t come ,DJ Jerry us one of Lincoln s orneruest fu of n says he has no embarrassing moments lWe doubt thatl Swummunq takes up most of Jerrys tume S takes a lot of tume too doesnt shew? Loves to loaf and us named the Jerry Lewus of Lincoln Hugh Neat dresser cute swell guy fruend to all hauls from Maple Grove Can always be seen wuth Kenny Bull and Bob Ambition To be successful at what ever he does Richard Gabbert Gabby halls from Park Avenue grade school where he could always be seen beung a very good luttle boy was a member of the Art Staff he has been embarrassed oh so many tumes and they were all too emborrassung to rnentuon spends much of hus spore tume work ung wuth cars and drawing home work stands out on hus lust of pet peeyes Duck has put un many hard work ng hours at an Or D C ums hus biggest thrull s yet o came799 As for talents says he has none wants to luve lO0 years lAny special reason Duck7P999l Ambition To be successful and happy Barbara Galenbeck Barb was un Glee Club Chorus durung Junior Hugh spends all of her spare tume roller skating swumm ng and tap doncunq looks forward to a bug thrull un the future her sports Iufe includes bas lcetball badminton swimming and watching football games has been embarrassed many tumes too many tumes to mention Bobs us a fauthful member of LSMFT KSCPC andthe SSB gefs real peeved wuth people who tell her to be auuet wushes she owned a Cotaluna Pontiac Was always a good It g r grade schoolPP sweet gurl always seen wuth Cyn Lul Clarene and Joan Arnblhan To uoun the WAFS and ga around the wor'd Lovell Roger Garner Lowell hauls from Maple Grove where he held the honor of beung the thurd grade Casanova s fouthful member of the RAW Most embarrassing moment occurred one certoun night un a car wuth certain peopl from other schools 'What happenednvl Hobbues include huntung .enns basketball football and swummung Skooter hos let tered twuce un tennus Claims hug talents are yet to be found ug Qest thrull was touring the Unu versity of Lawsonomy Ambition To stay sungle go to col lege and be a success Jesse Gomez l-lauls from St Anthonys where remembers a certoun teacher spends all of hus spare moments I tenung to the raduo claums hus talents are very few and hard fund sports lufe uncludes bose bo basketball says he has no pet peeyes Jay was sa em barrassed when he was caught by a man un blue while sneaking on the bus put un many hard work ung hours on the section a hard working boy a all tumes nuce classmate to all who know h m hopes to be a success un everythunq he does we are sure he w ll he Ambufuon To be a boakkeeper Wesley Thomas Graham Hauls from Pork Avenue where h walked the beat wuth the rest of the boys receuved the class key when he was a l2B faithful and long devoted member Alcoholic Unanimous Wes has participated un football sunce 9th grade he claums the TRHS rate hu hus lust pet peeyes hobbies include Mary sports and Mary of talents are hidden and yet to b found biggest thrull for Wes us Mary co advertising manager on Regular Ral Alllblfldli To be a success Patricia Ann Grosnuckle Pots most embarrassing moment happened un Spanish l class7799 ls a faithful member of S SSA PPPM and BTO Danc ung and bowling are Pats pastimes us a good dancer too Claums her pet peeves are Blund Dates99P9 How came PQQPJP She likes o watch football basketball and base ba Says she hasnt had any bug thrills fWe wonder799J Mounes brings back a lot of memorues to Pat In fact too many to men tion Can always be seen wuth Marv Ambition To make a mulluon SSS and see the world un a helicopter wuth Mary William H Guthrue claums all of hus talents are hudden77799 Hobbues are nothung bu WOMEN loves them all as for pet peeyes nothing makes Bull mad Says he has too many embarrassing moments to men tuon He wushes he could have a pruntunq shop Studuous lookung but really usnt Bull come to us from Pleasant Ridge Buggest thrull wull be graduation ls that all Bull9977l Likes swummung and track Can always be seen wuth IN s real swell fella auuet that us untul you get to know hum Ambition To make I N happy Merna JoAnn Hagen CSC says her pet peeve us beung called Blondie Dancung uce skating musuc and swummung take up most of thus luttle misss tume Jo sings for er hobbv Qood too She re calls all too well what happened un grade school when she was caught wetting crepe paper and put tunq the dye on her lips Was soooooo red faced when teach ung nught school and saw a certaun someone a certoun way999777 Home Ec Staff Student Council Jo can always be seen wuth Ambition To succeed un her work and go to college .. 4 in . H , he ... 'M ' r ... V VQSQ , ' 'W ... "' 10 ' uu ...ls . 'A' S r 'lf .. A V K e i ...V I ...O. ... QW ,'. mn Q g E O ...uu fum... of'-E r '. J' ' , up W.S .,.. or .4 .. gh on ot . ., " " A ' "1..Quu"hu5 H A, E e ' - f .. ..,. l " ll . .. V 1 1 A - - .,,St. nomental lron Works Sho . . . Jahn's and Corpus Christi at Ft. Des la ' u t ' ' Y "Bill" I- fue ul in . ..., A , '-A' -' 0 " " , ,. .,.... Nuo" . . . H M A . ...I O I . 1- ' ... , h ... E!! . .. z ' I . - I-.'.:Jb..' 1 . u -u3.. Donald Owen Hall Claams most embarrassang m ment would embarrass youu Pet peevc at M0056 W and R H S say has hobbaes are sports huntanQ and tashana Don remembers walkang beat an Park Avenue lHQw CgmeP99l Baggest thrall was beatang Roosevelt an football and basketball as a trusty member of Alcohol Unanamous A homeroom representatave for Student Councal as a r al ornery tellow says has talents are few and far between plays base ba has two letters an foot ball and two an basketball Ambstaon Own a yellow Cadallac and be a mallaonaare playboy Robert Walluam Halsted Graduataon wall be Bobs baggest thral Hobbaes an lude musac sleep na and eotang Claams to belong to the Women Haters Club has no embarrass ang moments lnone979l Baseball as has favorate sport poeves are women women and more women Wants to make lots of monev lWho doesn t9PPPl Has a specaal talent tor fashana Bob came to us from Park Avenue and says he was a Good boy an grade school Ambatuon To stay saraalc Ruth Halsted Spends much tame skatang and swammang Gee Gee came to Lancoln from McKanley baggest thrall was receay ang her daamond from Tommy hobbaes anclude Tommy sew ng talkang was very very embarrassed on a cer tan day an a specaal as too many to mentaon cla ms her pet peeves are people cer taan peopleP77 puts an many workang hours at Telephone Co can be seen wath Delores Foster Joy Ann Houseman would lake to become Mrs Thomas C Arnblhon To always have many fraends Davad Stacey Hanna Dave says skeleton an grade school closet lockang arade school teacher an the closet ftsk tskl Baqgest thrall come when Lancaln beat North an swammang Sports are swamm na and tennas Dave as a three tame letter wanner an swammang belongs to 4 l-l lDresJ Flyang Hoofs tPresJ and board member of Teen Toppers Honors consast of u dent Councal and servace home room claams he has embarrassang moments Icon that be passable Dave997J thas swell lad can be seen around school wath Tom Machel and Dan Johnson Al1lblfl0h To retare at an early age Earolyn Harlan Earolyn claams her hobbaes are basketball Jerry bowlang and Jerry was very embarrassed a certaan nght at the bowlang alley fWhat bowlang alley73'77l says graduataon wall be her bagqest thral a faathful member of the Band and Homeroom 36 Pet peeve as 'Who s that977l claams she was sooo good ara grade school Wants to always have many fraends Cara always be seen wath Bonnae or Jerry Fraendly to a Lots of fun Ambrtnon To have a career and then marry a certaan someone Bonnae Hawbaker Haals from Park Avenue lakes to sew watch basketball bowlang and pang pona Claams her pet DEEVES are lattle sasters that twarl batons From what she says she was a good garl an grade school tBut we know better'll Gradu ataon wall be Bonnaes bag aest thrall gets awfully red faced when Mr McKanley makes the thangs she say sound lake somethang she doesnt 'neon at all999 braraan of Band two years a faathful member of Student Councal Bonnae toots the claranet does a very good aob too' swel gal can always be seen wath Earolyn Ambltlcn To travel and be o success an whatever she does .lack H Hayes Jacky a student from Elm Grove Grade School says has skeleton an the closet of grade school as too embarrassang to mentaon as a faathful member of the DeMoIay Club has hobbaes anclude garls drawang dravang Sanders and Mary Has baggest thrall as to be around people one garl especaally Jacky has many hadden talents too many to men taon he has held many seryaces such as artast for the Raal and runnang about for Mr Sanders Watty nace smart and dopey descrabes Jack Ambataon To get rach and marry some day and own a couple of aeatos Inn Eugene Helton Lefty was a chaarman of the Assemblys Usher Commattee for two years was a member of the chorus and glee club for three years lakes sports dancang Daxae roller skatang Daxae eotang and Daxae Claams has most embarrassang m ment was whale horse back ang wath has garl fraend he e seat of has pants How embarrass ng Lefty lakes to sang and dance has wash as to anherat a cold mallaon bucks not whate ones eather Has pet ieeve as school as a traend T O Amblhon To become a success an busaness and some day support a cer aan fane gal CD B J John Patrick Henry Quate an octave guy leadang role an the play Our Town also one o' the cast The Perfect 'daot member of Servace Home Room s nce lOth grade claams embar rassang moments are too many and too horrable to mentaon traed to be good an grade school but just couldnt succeed Pat has 2 letters an tennas to has credat has been wath the Flyang l-loofs Drall Team for 5 years says he hasnt found any of has talents we wonder about thas Baggest thrall come when he was hangang flags from the beams of the stock pavalaon at the faar grounds Ambuhon To get through college Caryl Ann Heyer Blondae was very embarrassed when she walked anto he boys locker room an 7th grade hobbaes anclude Raanbow garls paano swammang draw an and Francas Rabbat served on Student Councal chorus art staff member ot Y Teen Mermaads and L S M F T pet peeve as people who study for tests Cary claams her only talent as to get anto trouble wath teachers baggest thrall would be to become Worthy Advasor of Raanbow Garls skeleton an g ade school as drawang on paper that was handed Ambition To make a certaan some one happy O- .S ..,. . .... - a ' .. ,... La- e V ' ll... - I ' l.., C L' , Af- .- rid' A ' ' ' , lost a ...l'a- th - tory class.,,has many talents... H 5 - Y o . "1 t ' . .. 5 . an" " .'.st- ...no . A " U l...asl . - J.H .... , ' HMI... .?. ...l4L Mary Adella Hllllker MOVIO has led an actlve llte served on Nurses Stott Senlor Ral Staff Regular Rall Staff Art Stott Student Councll member of the cast ln he School play Our Town Spends all of her spare tlme drawlng danclng playlng the p ano scw In cook ng and eatlng what she ooks experlenced so many embar OSSIHQ moments that she can t begun to name them belongs to A P P and B B Mary clalms many thlngs have been thr lllng to her but she expects many more to come Talents ln clude playlng the plano and drawlng both of wh ch she does verv well Ambltlon To go to lOwO State and be a success ln everyth ng she does Norma Jean Hoogenakker 5 2 eyes ot e cute and nlce to know pastlmes are talkln and havlng a lot of tun A W O L F O R B B Park Avenue gang Recalls chaslng llttle bays whlle ln grade school why Norm Sec of Student Councll Ottlce Stott and Feature Edltor of Regular Ral Cla ms her talents are very ew Blggest thrlll ls graduatlon and one yet to come embar rassed soooa much when walklng on members at opposlte sex tarbldden place Pet peeve someone who repeats hlmself can always be seen wlth Shlrley Fred Shirley and Fred Ambition To make many trlends and much money Robert Housemcln Ha Is from Howe grade school where he was always a good boyPP Keeps real OCflVE wlth football baseball basketball and wrestllnq earned one letter ln wrestllng Bob IS a boy who never becomes em barrassed IS a member of Callco graduatlon and meetlng a cer taln R R stand out as hlS blqgest thrlll sports of any and all klnds take up much of hls spare tlme claims hls talents are ye to be found people and more . . . Deople head the llst of hls pet peeves . . . wlshes he could get through college. Ambition: To go to college and make good ln evervthlng he does Wayne Lee Howlette . . . "ShortV" halls from Park Avenue. ,. most embarrasslng moment was when he was caught ln grade school tor . . . beatlng up a small boy . . . clalms he has no skeletons ln grade school . . . closet . . . Wayne played football ln nlnth, tenth and eleventh grades . , . He served on Boys' Glee Club, and the . . . Senlor Chorus ,. . He IS a member of CYF Club , . a frlend to . . . l-lls pet peeves are many but he says , . . one IS studylng for Mlss Holmes' HISTOVV tests , . Can be seen wlth Chuck . . . Bob . . . Mary. Ambition: To go to college and . . . get some work ln an oftlce, Beverly Jean Huckstep . . . "Peaches" , . . served on Senlor Stuf dent Cauncll . , . Secretary ot Junlor Student Councll . . , was Presldent and . , . VICE Presldent ot Leaders Club . . . was very embarrassed when she popped ln on , . . a member ot the opposlte sex ShOWlnQ another member of the . . . opposlte sex hIS Qreen . , . unmentlonables . . . wlth red polnsettlas . . . pet peeve lS . ., busses that are always on , . . tlme?? Falthful member at J,U.G .... A.S.S.N ,.., A.F.L.A ..,. favorlte pastlmes Include . . . basketball,,, tenclng . . . swlmmlng . , , tennls . . "Bev" . , , clalms that her YNQQGST . . . thrlll IS at . . . Narth???? V - SOVS she was a good?? . . . glrl IU grade school. Ambition: To loln a , . . traternlty whlle attendlng college, Marvel H ungerford Marv Hunk are the nlcknames ot fHlS cute glrl sweet nlce to know onl aulet untll you get to know her Her hobbles lnclude roller skat ln men swlmmlng men toot tall and men he most embar rass ng moment s be ng teased ODOUY a certaln red sh rt M rvs blggest thrlll wlll graduatlon She says there are no hldden grade school skeletons when she was a llttle glrl lwr- know better, Marv clalms she has gone ta too many grade chools to mentlon a certaln one Ambltlon To fly around the world ln a hellcopter and make a fast m ll on Ihan Catherine Hunt lamond lll halls from Maple Grave Clalms most embarrasslng moment was havlng certaln note dls covered S S B Skatlng swlmlng bowllng talklng the phone and staylng up tll Wee hours at the mornlng are Lll s hobbles Says she doesnt have any pet peeves Bggest thrlll s yet to come and her talents are stlll hldden Leaders Club Home E Staff and Columnlst on Rall Llkes to watch Basketball and Base ba Wont reveal any skeletons ln her grade school closet wlshes for the end of the Korean War Real cute llttle gal neat cute smlle Ambition Help people to the best ot her ablllty Dan Lee Johnson Member ot Servlce Home Room and the Y MCA sports llfe conslsts ot swlmmlng and tennls has one letter IH tennls to hls credlt plus tour letters ln swlmmlno was also elected captaln of the swlmmlng team proved to be very embar rassed when bouncing a brand new Mercury off a concrete brldge spends what spare tlme he has swlm mlng and olaylng tennls Dan ls stlll looking tor hls blggest thrlll could be seen runnlnq lnto a teacher carrylng a tray of food whlle ln the second grade IS one and only wish IS that the . . . SWll'Y1FT1ll'1Q DOO' WGS WOYTYNCV . , . Assemblles during llbrary tops hls llst at pet peeves, Ambition: Go lnto the buslness worlcl. orman Lovern Johnson . . . "Norm" . . . IS a talthtul . . . mem- ber ot the CA.P .,.. Hl-Y . . . and the Order of the DeMolay . . . Most of hls spare tlme ls taken up . . . by loed . . . skatlng . . , Jaed . . . cars . . . Joed . . . and tootballr.. Pet peeves rnclude , . . havlng to work tor c llvlng , , . ls very actlve ln sports . . . has received two letters ln football . , . clalms blggest thrlll was . 4 . "Asklng a certaln someone to go steady" . . , Says he was a good boy n . . grade school . , and has no embarrasslng moments . . . Wants to be a mllllonalre. Ambition: To own and operate a cattle ranch , . and marry Joed. , atter he has served IH the Navy Delores Ann Jones . . . Dee" . . . IS a wheel ot the 7th Street gong . . , also a talthtul mem- ber ot F.K,C .... car raclng, eatlng , , . loatlng and BOYS . , . tcke up most???? ot , . . Jonesy's tlme . . , Jackson was . . . saoooo red faced when a certaln boy . . . klcked her P.J,'s dawn the front hall???Ol-l? . . . Gxm Stott . . . Clalms her one??? talent ls Roller Skatlng . . . hobbles are Sports, Roller Skatlng, Car Raclng . . . and swlmmlng . . . Pet peeves lnclude . . . Boys from Polk Clty and Esthers . . 4 halr . . . Dee was o mean llttle . . . youngster ln Hanover . . , she even , . , let a goldtlsh go down the draln . . . Can be seen wlth Nancy, Vlckle . . , and Janet. Ambition: To get marrled and own o cor. Carl Jorgensen Duck hauls from Maple Grove where he could be seen kussunq some of the gurls behund the school house IS one and only hobby consusts f women women and more women wuShCS he could always have a good tume shows hus workung gbluty by spendung many hours un an Electruc Motor ShoD had such a red face when he was pushed unto a roam full of gurls claums swummung us hus tavorute sport Bug Thrull wull come when h s walkung down the ausle to receuve h s duploma becomes so pcevcd wuth gurls who smoke and extra long Hustory tests Ambuhon To uoun the Navv avid Michal Kaulu Jr Bug Dave us a member of The Pen cul Mark and the S P A Clubs hus hobbues are eat na sleepung teasung luttle Rose and women Hus bug wush us to become a m Iluon aure whule young He claums hus buggest thrull was beatung North Dave partucupated un swummung and baseball Says there are no skeletons hudung from McKunIey grade school lWe know betterl Dave can be seen pallung around wuth Tommue Carson lukes to watch TV lakes to eat and oaf Hus most embarrassung mo ment was Iosung hus trunks at the Boone swummung meet Ambition To rnarry a gal wuth uon dollars and try be success Marilyn King Marulyn ha ls from Casady takung up her spare tume are danc ng and wrutung short hand sports unclude badm n on swumm ng baseball and watchung wrestlung basketball and football B ggest thrull us luvung at SM S Mar Iyn s buggest pet peeve homework Claums to have no embarrass ng moments skeletons un her grade school closet lcon that be possuble Marulyn9PP9J Honors are Home Room 39 and Homemakung Staff thus swell g also claums she has no nuck names Ambition To be a good cutuzen Donna Jean Knouff Neff fauthful member of A D J S S B E S G K S C P C hobb es unclude Danny runn ng around partues stavung out late buggest thrull us meetung Danny was so very embarrassed when Bll Sample told Danny about a cer taun Saturday nught and clumb ng out a wundow pet peeve us Chuck teasung her about a certa n someone Skeletons un grade school are too numerous to mentuon Cough wushes to be luked by all . . , and loved by one . . . nuce to know . . . can be seen wuth . . . Barb . . , Betty , . . Cyn and Bev. Ambition: To be a good wu,e . . . and rouse chuldren. Jo Ann Bequeaiih Knight . . . Keepung . , , three room house , . . clean takes up most of Jo's tume . .. Danny . . , dancung . . . Danny talkung . . . Danny , . . are some of her hobbues , , . buggest thrull us gettung . . . marrued . . . cla.ms so many embarrassung moments . . . that she us embarrassed to mentuon them . . . skeleton un grade school closet us askung her teacher . . . what she and the . , , man teacher . . . were sayung at the Water Works Park . . . S.S.S.A .... says her pet peeve . . us the stampede of kuds . . . at 3:30 . . . claums only talent us tap dancung. Ambition: To be a good housewufe. ,. FF' A Mary Louuse Largenl Curley hauls from Park Avenue grade school claums she has no embarrassung moments fwe know betterl her hobbues are eatung loafung and Jack and collectung stamps and Jack She us a member of the L S M F T Curley has partucupated un golf and qurls basketball Her buggest thrull was goung to HAWK EYE GIRLS STATE claums she has no skeletons huduna from grade school experuences Mary served on the Otfuce Staff Make up Edutor of the Senuor Raul and the Year Book Ambutuon To be a success un what ever she does Shirley Lee Shurley was sooo emLarrassed the day she carrued unmentuon alles un her pocket CWHYW Pet peeves are luars lovers and stuck up people Talents unclude whustlung skuppung and desugn una garbage cans belongs to the B L M S S S A J U G and Y M C A Claums her sports are weught luftunq polo hop scotch marbles and bug game huntung Hobbues are knuttung workung wuth clay and makung a summer garden Shurley hauls from Park Avenue where sne remembers a ra nv day un fourth grade Bggest thrull us when the gurls w n Uncle Stan s dress ng ra e Ambition To be a lady plumber wuth Joanne Eugene Logston Buggest thrull wull come to Shorty when he graduates Amos Huatt where he hauls from was caught shootung paper wads at ith grade teacher has p un uve semesters workung un the paper room member of Y M C A stu wautung for hus most embarrass ung moment spends most of hus spare tume repaurung old radlos swummung tops the lust of hus favarute sports claums all talents are hudden and are not to be found has one bug wush to have a bug car a nuce house and a good raduo busuness after servuce Ambufuan To be a aood raduo man un the Navy Dan Madison Danny us a nuce auuet boy untul you get to know hum He hauls from Jefferson grade school and went to Park Avenue un suxth grade hus hudden skeleton un grade school was the bug tuoht wuth Dave Hanna Dan has had many honors Prouectors League and football un tenth grade The oftuces Dan has held were Vuce Pres of Senuor Student Councul twuce Presudent of Junuor Student Councul un nunth grade Dan was a o a member of l2O Edutor of Greenhorn and Regular Raul Journalusm . . . Dan's hobbues are antagonuzung Sanders, and watchung sports events. Ambition: To have fruends and b one, , . . to go to College and be a successful enguneer. James McCarthy . . , "Jum" lukes to hunt, fu h, and swum . . , lettered un track and cross coun- r , . . Can't stand lustenung to other people grupe . . , hus buggest thrull was wunnung the city mule run un the of ' . . . Went to Maple Grove . . . and says there are no skeletons . . . un grade school closet that are mentuonable , . . lukes ture shows to see Ava lukes to watch all of . . . romance puctures . lllll He to go to puce Gardner , . . Clark Gables . . We won- der whv ..... . . . would luke to own o boat, a woman, a resort, and a car that runs. Ambition: To be a success in any- thung. Il McClure Wlly IS a lad from North Hlgh me to us rt l was on the Varsity Sauad of football and also a real TOHKHY Was most embarrassed Otter gypplng two days and saw hls parents come to see Mr Beasley Callco Club Teen Toppers Red Triangle Hls hobbies are none other than eatlng loaflng women and LOAFING with Kenny QUIET untll you get to know hlm Claims he cont remember any bla thfllls We bet"" He has too many skeletons ln his grade school closet to mentlon One swell QUV Can always be seen with Kennv Amblhon To be successful ln llfe Potrlcua Joy Mc Kowen Pa halls from Park Avenue member of L S M F T Ralrt bow Y Teen hobbies include sewing cooking and eotlna what she cookgvv claims she has a few embarrasslng mo ments biggest thrill w ll be graduation and YGCGIVIDQ a mon ogrom IU golf served on Library Staff Student Council and was representative in llB says she has too few talents to mentlon lbut we know better'l clalms she has no pet peeves Ambition To be a success ln any thlng she may do Robert V McLucas Bob IS a faithful member of the RAW comes to us from Howe Claims his pet oeeves are WOMEN Blgqest thrlll was get tlng his Chevy and another wlll be graduation Has too many embarrasslng moments so he wont reveal any Says he doesnt have any skeletons IH his grade school closet but we know better"' Hobbies are automobiles and flshlng Talents ore drlvlng a car9979? Wishes to be a gen eral ln MOFIDCS Ambition To be a blq wheel ln the Marlnes Lyla Jean Merryman . . Neat dresser . . , biggest thrill will be graduatlon and one yet to came?? Remembers the parties while in Park Avenue very well . . . A.W,O,L, . . . F.O.R.B.B .... hobbies include danc- ing, money and men l??????l , , . most embarrassing moment , , . walking IH on members of the op- posite sex IH a forbidden place , . , Claims pet peeve IS a certaln some- one's expression . . . "Pee me a grape" . , . Senior Rall Staff and Student Council . . . Can always be seen with Lols, Norma, Shirley, Doris and Stephanie. Ambition: To make new friends and keeD the old ones Thomas E. Michel . . . "Torn" doesn't have any embarrass- lng moments, he says , . . was a member of the Service Home Room . . . was a member of the swlmmlng team and the baseball team . , . his biggest thrill ls graduation . . . He -wants to go to . . . Alaska and re- tire at thirty-five . . . lS a member of the Y.M,C.A ..., went to Park Ayenue , , . and remembers getting lnto a tight with Don Rlzzutl . . . and gave himself . . . the black eve , , . ls a nice, au.et lad . . . has many frlends , . . llkes to argue w,th Sanders and Jlm Engel , . . llkes to eat sleep loot . . . and luggle tooth- plcks on olnes, Ambition: To be a veterinarian 'S Thomas Orrin Mills Tom can always be seen with Charles and Gordon Advertising Manager of Year Book Biggest thrlll wlll be graduation Clalms to have no embarrasslng moments lthat he wants to telll Says he was a good boy ln grade school tWe wonderj Has lettered ln got pretty good at lt too"' Was ln school play Our Town dld a pretty nice ab Bowling takes up most of Tom s tlme He may have talents but says he cant flnd them Nice looking cute smile ornery Ambition To be a bachelor go to Collfornla and be a butcher Marlys Moore Marlys came to Lincoln from Park Avenue and states there are no hldlng skeletons ln grade school closets This cute sweet llttle malorette can be seen with Jeanine Gwen and Shirley Marlys claims her most embarrasslng mo ment was when she marched off the football field twlrllng all by herself and she had to pass by the football players Shorty llkes to have a good tlme always he IS also talented ln sorthand and twlrllng Her favorite sports ln clude basketball football and wrestling Marlys hobbies ln clude dancing Ambition To be a success Kenneth M Myers Ken came to Lincoln from Maple Grove IS a member of 4F Red Triangular and the Motor Clubs his hobb es include Sherry rods money Sherry rods and Sherry hos partlclpated ln foot ba swlmmlng and baseball wlll never reveal skeletons ln grade school closets his l"lQQ9Sf thrill is yet to come or beating North the swlmmlng meet hs wish IS for a mllllon dollars Sherry and a Hot Cod Kenny IS a oulet nlce and bralny lad untll you get to know hlm Ken can be seen around with Michel Sherry Chas and Moose Ambition To be happy and to be an engineer Marilyn Anne Newman . . . t'Bunny" . . . halls from . , . Howe Hobbies are giggling . . , sewing , .. Btll, dancing and playing the piano . . . Claims she has no embarrasslng moments . . . tthat she can recall??J . . . Pet peeves are people who . . . never laugh or can't be gay . . , s e llkes basketball, swimming, tennis and bowllng . . . the real athletic type . . . Does a real swell pob at , . , tlckllng the IVOVIGS . . . Biggest thrlll wlll be graduation and one be- fore . . . was meetlng a certaln someone . , Home Ec. Staff two years . . . lS a faithful member of Home Room 240, Ambition: To be a success ln every- thing she does Be a certaln some- ones wlte ln the near future. Fonda Mae Osborn . . . "Foodie Mae" . . . spends most of her spare time . . , wrmng short stories . . , the rest . . . IS taken up watching . . . softball . . , and bas- ketball games . . . blggest thrlll wlll be graduation and later on getting married . . , was very embarrassed when she fell . , . through a glass dcor book case . . . clatms there are too many . . . skeletons tn grade school to mentlon . . says her tal- ents are very few . . hobbies include loaflng . , . eatlng , . sleeping . . . she has too few . . . pst pecyes to mentlon. Ambition: To be a practical nurse. Shlrley Ann Palmer Shlrley s face was oh soooo red when she walked ln on members the opposlte sex ln a forbldden place An ornery llttle gal wlth a sense of humor A W O L and F O R B B Clalms eatlng Jlm Loaflna lm take up most of her spare tlme duatlon ll be bg th II Shlrley looks forward to others ID the future lust cant stand people who grab her possesslons served on Of4lCG Staff Gym Staff Passesses a speclal talent makes a face llke a monkey Ambltlon To make the best of the better half Cynth a D Ponhous Cyn halls from McKlnley Recelv lng her dlamond and graduatlon 700 The llst of her blggest th llls Clalms she has too many embarrasslng moments to men TIOD Was caught klsslng boys ln grade school lWhy Cynl Danclng football skatlng and Chuck take up most of Cynthla s spare tlme Falthful member of S S B K S C P C A DJ Gets so peeved when people start to say thlngs and never fln s Frlendly gal to all Can always be seen Wlfh Jean Jerl Donna Joan and Barb AlhbIfl0l1 To make Chuck a good Wlfe Jeanlne Mae Raffensperger Falthful member of Student Councll Chorus Raff spends her spare tlme collectlng mlnl ature horses watchlng TV and Chorus belongs to SSS clalms she was a perfect angel IH grade school WlfhOUf her halo sports Ilfe lncludes watchlng football and basketball games Golng to Duluth Llncoln representatlve wlnnlng an essay contest top Shorty s llst of blg moments had such a red face when loslng a plcnc basket on a plcnlc Wlfh Dlck Amblflon To succeed and be a success ln everythlng she does Emma Delores Ransom Sweet lttle gal who has llved n Osceola and New Vlrglnla before she came to Llncoln DOUIC spends o lot of her tlme readlng danclng and belng Wlfh CC tests top her llst of pet peeves she has plenty of skeletons IU h r grade school closet but she says she wlll never tell about them er blggest thrlll Wlll come sometlme ln the future clalms her talents are very few and far between flrst and foremost she wants to grad uote has put ln many hours worklng at Katz Drug Store real nlce Qlfl to know Amblflon T be o success all that she does Marlanne Raper A real llttle gal whose UIQ thrlll wlll be oraduatlon has put ln much hard work on Student Councll and the Gym Staff an enthusa tlc an at all the football basket ba and baseball games Shorty can always be found lce skatlng or drlvlng was oh so red faced when caught standlng at the wrong tlme a falthful member of SSB KSCPC andDAJ gets real peeved Wllh people who nag her lnto dolng thlngs stood an her knees tor talklng ln grade sclsool talents lnclude drlvlng and talklng real fast AHlblfl0fl To succeed ln whatever she does and to travel John Robert Ratcllffe Bobo member of G U N S CGIICO Teen Toppers Servlce H R Red face matched red halr when Bob had an egg troken on hls head West Slders HS rate hl hls of pet peeves hobbles lnclude huntlnq women the blg thrlll came when meetlng Terry Shuck OCTIVG guy football 4 letters ln track hauled from Maple Grove where he helped .lerry Frost klss the glrls talents are verv few and far tween Ambltlon Go to Iowa State Stay out of the Army Chrls J Rlchards Ears ls a falthful member of the band and has been for four long years IS ln Home Room 76 Halls from Ohlo ongs he a e RHSFC he clalms he has never had any embarrasslng moments9779 Pet peeves are Mac s speeches Chrls s blggest thrll lust hasnt happened yet lso he saysl plays the French horn IH the bond es ol nce lob o Chrlss hobby IS radlo ls a r al qulet fella untll you get to know hlm Swell guy Can be seen wlth members of the band Al'l'lbIfI0h To graduate from ISC Don Rlllufl Sllm halls from Park Avenue where he clalms hls grade school closet IS completely bare IS embarrasslng moments are many shows hlm as a falthful Student Councll representatlve one of the advanced Engllsh boys couple of hls pet peeves are cheap mayles and arlthmetlc huntlng flshlng and Shakespeare take up much of Zoots spare tlme radla programs and plays show hls talents one of the staff track rates ace hlgh o hls t of sports always can be seen bummlng around Wlfh Fred Don T and Darrel Amblhon To be a success ln what ever he does James Edward Robertson Daddy Presldent Senlor Chorus Greenhorn and Reaular Rall Sports Edltor and Presldent of MUSIC H R three letters ln Baseball two ln Basketball embar rasslng moments are too many t mentlon Grade school skeletons lnclude gettlng klcked out of school IH second grade lshar-ne shamel glrls cracklng gum Noses pet peeve Patunla beatlng Roosevelt thls year ln basketball and maklng wlnnlng polnt last year agalnst North are among Jlms TNQQGST thrllls Ambltlon To be a professlonal base ball player Charles J Russo Belng ln the State Track meet and meetlng a speclal someone Chuck s blggest thrlll served on Student Councll Llncoln Nlte Commlttee member of the 4 F Cal co hobbles lnclude glrls ca s Chas Boy hge DOffIClDGTCd ln basketball cross country baseball and has two letters ln track Rosco says he has F10 skeletons ln hls grade school closet Ambltlon To marry Mlss Amer lca own a Llncoln canvertlble wlth a couple mtlllon dollars Q ,Of ., I . . - .. my ,,., V ..R g on llst.,. gra wl W a l fl for - V V -- - ' I' ' bel V torlt JlM'S Fld-TTI, do a re ln' to ' - ' ' e ih... ' E ' ,,." A" ' ' --.h Served as Treasurer of Y-Teen' .' .' TOO momf to reveal ' -' ' Denys DOS' ' ' an ' n 'Alis- l V I . ' V I I cg -"'e -...- IS I M-A "1 o ln ' Il,, I ...lSO.,. - ,181 Peter Sahm Wood carvung puano playung and chemustry take up most of Petes tume halls from Berlun Germany ls a fauthful member at the Servuce Home Room ll8 Cla rrus hus most embarrassung moments a e easy to forget Pet peeves are people who are under the un fluence ot an alcoholuc drunk buggest thrull was comung o Ameruca From what he says he was a good boy rn grade school7P7 Wants to travel around the world wuthout the use ot money Track German handball wres tlurug Receuved on honor for .rack un Germany A swell DCVSOH know Ambutuon T be a great puano player Norma Seud Claunss her bggest thrull us yet to come hauls tram Elm Grove us a member of the C SC has been un the Sextcttc and Chorus ever snce she started to Lun oln 'Good too u Her hobbues are play ng the puano eatung and loafung says she has too many em barrassung moments so she wont tell any was a real goodv? gurl un grade school 50 She gays not one skeleton un her closet Real swell gal a whuz at typing and shorthand ornery Full at un fruend a Cute smule Ambutuon To do well un cverythun she does Charles J Serra Huntung gurls swummung and grl manage to take up much ot Chucks tume hus buggest thrull wull come some day un the tu ture Skeleton un hus closet shows hum gyppung wuth Don Zute and Chuck Pugneru also gettung caught at ut Presudent The P PA and Vuce Presudent of the 3v s Talkatuve gurls stand out on hus lust ot pet peeves auute a talented guy bubble champ of l947 proved to be so embarrassed whule standung front ot Mr Jacksons class could always pe seen wuth Frank Scaluse Ambutuon To be Ruta Hayworth s next husband Helen Sheldon Su ar us an alum tram Maple Grave he served wuth the senuor chorus tor two years us o mem ber ot Teen and Caluco She claums she has no hobbues We wonder she claums her most embarrassung moments are uoo embarrassung to prunt her sports conslst of basketball baseball tootball on'l bowlunq wushes to b luked by all and loved by all He en says her lxggest thrull w ll be graduatuon Sugar us a sweet uet n e gal untul you e acguaunted wuth her Ambltlon To Iuvc lovc laugh and be happy Terry Alfred Shuck Beung elected captaun tootball team proved to be a bug thrull ror Terry Belongs to G J N S and Home Room l2O Hobbues that take p Reds tume are huntung tushung and athletucs claums hus ta e got soooo red when on a crowded bus and droppurg certa n utem from hus gym bag Pet peeve us a certaun hugh school and glamour gurls Varsuty sauad has two letters un basketball Two football and three un Baseball Nuce buuld and pretty red haur Terry us swell to know Ambltuon To graduate from college Robert Elvun Skunner Bob came from Woodrow Wrlson Junuor Hugh claums skeletons un grade school are too many to men tuon Hus hobbies are alayung bebop and arrangung musuc Hus buggest thrull us yet to come Wants to own hus own band Bob has served as a member of Home Room 39 Boys Quar e Chorus School Bond and the Dance Band lukes to eo sleep drun water and above all Iukes women us a fruend to all has a pleasant person Cllfy Bob claums hus pet Deeves are people who chew tobacco and whusper secrets Ambntuon To arrange wrute and teach musuc Larry Everett Smuth Smllly hauls from A"lfVW0Vly and us a tull fledged merrbcr at the PPA C b swummung huntung and fsh ng take up thus lads spare tume LOffys pet peeve fond whose usn t us teachers that auve homework Smutty s wish that Kaulus Ford97P would Sfon after games swummung hus one bug sport un whucl-1 hg had two letters Claums he has no embarrassung moments Are you sure not even un he DOOIDDJ Larrys buggest thrull came when Luncoln beat North tor the turst tume un a swummung meet hus tavarute songs are Moozntaun Dew and ry Ambltuon To be successful un lute Sharley Smith Claums she uust hasnt any talents999 Graduatuon wull be buggest thrull SS S lukes to watch football and baseball her pet peeve us no other than teachers" Her hobbues unclude sleepung Gnd 5lCCDlf1Q Shurley was a nuce7999P gurl un grade school SO She SGys She comes to 'rom St Mary s an lllunous Wushes sh had a lot ot SSSSS ldont we OWN Shrrley can always be seen wuth Gwen No embarrassung moments for thus luttle Muss KPDJJDV Nuce dresse 'un to know swell smule Ambutuon Wants to travel Donald Francis Starr Twunkle come to Luncoln from Park Avenue l-lus hobbues are photography and women claums s D t peeve us not gettung the 'Omllv car when he wants t and women who chew tobacco Dons most embarrassung mo ment was when he was caught kuss un Nette un the l-le was caught tw Muss Holmes He has great talent when ut comes to olayung un the school bond Don was advertusung manager for the June 52 Sen or Raul lukes to eat sleep ant uuggle dashes and ash trays buggest thrull was comung home from Colutornua Ambutuon To marry Nette Donald Edward Townsend Don claums to have no skeletons n hus grade school closet not even at Park Avenue Don? Dans maun hobby us mus c and he us a tauthtul mem er ct The Shady Note Club ls c mad scuentust n room ll8 Most embarrassung moment was a uncudent that happened un the Bond Buggest thrull us yet to come Don claums to enuoy ployung un the band and he us o sux year band man also enuoys swummung un hus spare tume was un two school plays Our Town and You Cant Take It Wuth You nuce lookung and nuce to know Ambuhon To be an enguneer p 1 Hls l-TA TIT.. - I to -rr . "1 o I V' ' .. u- ,. lu . . u ..,. ,I ., u !!!4.A c in X u V '.,, ' ,-Y-I5 , 4,,,5 ur... . ": Q -A . 5 ..,ou' V' ' I ..... A 'V 1 ..... ,, "Q" u " " env. ur. 5' .. u, ' u cu" " hall... - l u I -V ou u uc in A QT-Ar T' u .. , ...ot... ' " , ....,. U H Y - - . ..H -19- Geraldme Grace Turner TalkIng roller skatIng eatlng ce skatIng sleeplng and boys take up much of JerI s tame sports IIfe Includes watchmq LIncoln basketball and football games beInq seen wIth Mary Jo and the gang proves to be auIte embarra sIng she IS lookmg forward to her bIggest t r I her grade school closet IS oh so full of skeletons but she cla ms shell never reveal them a very faIthful member of the SS B B TO people who are mean to telephone operators rates hIgh on her lIst of pet peeves Wlshes she had enough money for lots of clothes and to travel around e world Ambltlon To Iouns the WAFS Mary Barbara Tursl Becng elected captaIn of the tennIs team proved to be Mary s bIggest thrIII LIbrary Staff Student Councll HomecomIng Commlttee Y Teen L S M F T Leaders Club take up most of TUYSI s tIme hobbIes Include tennls eatIng IIvIng pet peeve Henry Sanders and others Hey TUVSI claIms talent to be wInnIng Sanders enthuslasm In Jlm very GCTIVE on tennIs basketball wnshes Sanders would stop preochIng or else become a preo her Ambltlon To go to college Helen Jean Utsler EatIng sleepIng havIng un wIth the gong take up Jeames spare tIme er embarrassIng moments are lust too revealIng to reveal GraduatIon wIIl prove to be Jean s brg thrIIl becomes oh so peeved Wlfh engaged men and student nurses was CIGSSlfl9d as a scared rabbIt In grade school claIms her talent IS her letter collectIon would lIke to have more of what she hasnt got served on Regular RaIlsplItter Ambltlon To wIn more frIends Influence a certaln man Donna Vance HaIls from Maple Grove Member of YOB claIms oo many embarrassIng moments to mentIon says bIggest thrIII wIlI be graduotIon Donme hes to I e a slngle tWhy Donna'l seems that Don nIes skeleton grade school closet IS gettIng sponked999999 hobbIes Include volley ball eatlng sleeplng havIng a good tIme Amhltlon To get a Iob and do the best she can do Everett Van Scoyk Von Spook was a member of Park Avenue grade school can re member beIng chased by fIrst grade teacher and she caught hIm and hIt hIm over the head wIth a broom Poor Kld hIS bIggest thrIII wIll be gradu atxon lIkes to sleep eat and wants to own a shrlmpboat hasnt had any embarrassrng mo ments as yet9 IWe know better' I Spook has token part In football and basketball Hus pet peeves are women weIgh over 98 pounds HIS talents are eat IRQ eatIng and more eatIng Real swell guy to know a real frIend AmbItIon To be a tax collector and own a mIIIIonaIre for a Wlfe Jeanme Wallace Jeannle has too many grade schools but says her tavorIte IS Jerome Pr IYIQ In G P Ore on TakIng up JeannIes spare tIme are collectmq knack knocks dancrng and swImmIna she has too many embarrassIng moments relate talents consIst of dancIng JeannIe s pet peeve sonoeone popplng gum makrna crackIng sounds bIggest rrl WI I be QVUUUOVG her favorlte songs are Because of You she has no skeletons IN her grade school closet that she can remember Jeanmes wIsh Is that everyone I0 the world had enough food clothlng and shelter Ambltuon To be a good R N Charles Cllftord Ware Charlue lIkes to bowl hIs leIsure tIme Claums he cant recall any embarrossuna moments9999 BIQQEST fhflll Wlll be graduatIon and Ieavmg for Hollywood CalItornIa wIth Tom MIIls a falthtul member of the DeMolay Says he was always a pretty good lIttle guy In grade school IWe know better""'l Swell to know but IS actually a bIg Ioafer IIKES all sports has a nIfty IIttIe car NIce looknng romeo cute smIle Ambltlon To be a bachelor unless 99999 And to be successful Beverly Jean Wassgren BeIng HomecomIng Attendant proved to be very thrIlIIng for Bev tmade a very cute one too Secretary of Chorus and former member of Sextette It seems Hose Nose was very embarrassed over somethlng I.lust ask A Bl claIms her hObbleS Include gettlng a sun tan tand some perfect ones at thatl sIngIng eatung and Iust loafIna IIkes very much to watch basketball football baseball games talents Include sIngIng whIstlIng yodeIIng AmbItIon To go to HOWOII and become o Hula dancer Earlene Wasson Says shell never reveal her most embarrassIng moment BTO S A M H HObbl9S are none other than MICK eat ng sleep IRQ and MICK claIms bIggest thrIIl IS yet to come999 Skeletons In her grade school closet are long forgotten as for her talents she says they are undlscovered as yet Pet peeyes are people beIng rude to telephone operators and studylng Student Councll H R Secretary and Treasurer LIkes Ice skatIng swImmIng and football er one wIsh IS to have a mansIon wIth elevators and molds Real swell frIend cute Ambltlon To be a success ul home maker and have many fnends Denny Randall Watts Was soooooo red faced about an Incldent In ROUIO Closs9999 'What happened Denny999 WrestIIng and Track bIggest t rIll was wInn ng tIrst wrestlng match for Lmcoln P PA Iust hates school and work Clamps hIs talents are to b A F e re shocked GuItor and sports take up most of thIs young mon s tome No grade school skeletons hIS closet the character of the class can be seen wIth Charles Cross Al1lblfl0ll To become a space cadet I V' 7,4 I , '.. ---' 0 I Q C ...fo h,l'4' .,.IS... X . ...or... thlrll m... " ...th I - If ...MJ I-'-- 'g 'I' ..,lS - " --Ah p...A.H.... I . I - - ' that happened...at St. Anthony's V. ...,.. "tm I, - was iv life I . - h YI .. .. - -' 9 J If . .. I ,,, .-.20- Gwendolyn Ann Williams . . . "Petunaa" . . . claams she doesn't have any skeletons an her grade school closet??? . . . "Gwen's" , .. talent as sanaang . very good at at tool' . . . Her pet peeve as none other than gettang up -early , . . or aust gettang up Gwen9777 Y Teen S S S her pastames anclude dravang7P9P her fathers car around and co'lectang sat and pepper shakers qraduataon w ove o a t fo thas Mass Wants to go to England some day and meet all of her relataves 77 Just loves to watch o certan someone play base ha and basketball has too m ny embarrass ng moments to rn ntaon77979 Ambataon To become a good sec ret ry and marry a certa n someone Colleen Audrey Woodard CI Chuck movaes Chuck car radang Chuck top the last of Shorty s hobbaes was so very emtarrassed when a certaan cop stopped her an front of everybody lWhat for97779 Pet peeye as to have someone brag al the tame and gum chewers an shows baggest thrall wall bc graduataon and the moment she receaves her rang from Chuck Lattle Audrey washes she could grow a lattle says she lakes all kands af sports but mostly basketball and football Hot Rod was a good garl an grade schoal79999 Treasurer of Home Room faath ful member of S S B Ambataon To become a good wate for Chuck ara Irene Appleby Clarence says her baggest thrall wall be aroduataon as a member o the SSB Hobhaes are wrat n to certan Marane CVCVV naght Emtarrassang mo ments are too embarrassang to men taon halls from Elmwood where she w s a good aarl ll-low CIOOVDDDJ says her talents are haadcn so deep that she cant fand them Wants t ao t Calafornaa and spend the rest of her a e Sunny Calafornao399 Can always he seen wath Joan Barbara anc Lallaan Ambataon To settle cown wath some Lucky Guy Shlrley Louase Backstrom UQS w h as to own a car t at rurl Claams that she has no emcarrassang moments how could that be Dossable7' not even at l-lowe9 Sh rley s haggest thrall wall come an August radang dancang svsamm ng Dacnacs and MEN take up BUQS spare tame can be seen around wath Joyce and Loretta thas cute short and blonde gal s favorate sports consast of basketball and football she can be seen Ch99Vll'lQ her loudest at our Qames Bugs favorlte song s Tell Me Why Ambnhon To graduate and be an operator and travel llglflrff I"aJlfLalQZf Q--4 21 Ralph D. Woods . . . 'Woodyt' . . . claams too many em- lzarrassang moments to mentaon . . , member of Boys' Quartet says he has no skeletons an grade school we wonder, blggest thrall wall be graduataon Ralph washes to be a success 'and we are sure he waal be gettang p n the mornana as Waodys pet DGGVG hobbaes anclude eat an laafanq leepang has no favarate sport he lakes them all one swell guy Ambltaon Retare from servace Loretta Jane Wraght Retta a very busy garl member of Home Makanq Staff R Sextette and Student Councal eatang playang the paano and Jack are among her hobbaes J U G A S S N A F L A sweet and neat qarl claams her graduatlon pictures are her pet peeye sports anclude football basketball learnang to ace skate her baggest thrall as yet to come wants to go to Ind anapolas Speedway on her honeymoon has a specaal taaent tells everythang an detaal Ambahon To be a success an lafe Suzanne Edwards Due Posscsses bcautaful blonde haar Faathful member of skybaosters Claams she was a aoorl lattlc q rl an oracle school we doubt that Sue Came to Des Moanes from ha Cago most of her tame as spent roller skatanq and QOIVIO T0 shows Blonaaes bag moment came when qoanq to Calafornaa Her sports ancluclc swamrnanfl and skatanq very talented accor daonast taqqest wash as o rnorry Cl Certcan someone Ambataan To make good anythana she does Ida Frances Fazao Dga-ag ng and tennas take up a lot of Franae Lou s tame studvlflfl DVOVCS to be a bag pet peeve has so man embarrassana moments that she cant began to name them her sports lxfe ancludes watchang foot bg and basketball qames golf she as stall lookanq forward to her baggest thrall her grade school closet as full of skeletons she claams she ll never tel thear hastory says her talents have not been dlscovered but w re sure she has some Nllould lake ta have a mllaon dollars Al'11bIfl0I1 To be a good secretary We the 7graduatung9 class of June l952 ending our sux happy? years of lufe un Luncoln Hugh do hereby wull the fol lowing items to the people who are f00l ush enough to accept them Helen Aller leaves all her troubles un Mr Wulluams Bookkeeping class t0 the poor soul who can handle them Rosle Andreano leaves her abuluty to mumuc Mr Cox to any 9student9 capable of the task Nancy Ash having been blessed wuth a 3 unch book leaves ut to anyone wuth a two unch locker Dan Attug wulls hus better late than never slogan to the slowest student un school Lulluan Backstrom leaves all her good tumes lat Luncoln7J to her brother Reed Shirley Backstrom wulls her excutung tumes at basketball games to the person wuth a strong heart To Nancy Muller goes all of Barbara Beckwith s aches and pauns from BCuSk6f ball lLucky youl George Benout be stowes hus abuluty to run the old Bell and Howell movue machune to Russ Parks and Gerald Broad To Sheru Outhouse 9095 Barbara Bushop s orneruness Della Black burn leaves all her heught to any one wearung elevated shoes To lLuckyl Jum Buxler goes all of Darrel Blunck s tardues To Jan Burgess goes all of Jo Bradleys cold oatmeal sandwuches Beverly Bragg wulls her good tumes un Radio to the raduo bug lstudentl who can tackle the uob Ann Branco leaves all her good tumes to Rosue John To Lulyann Dessunger goes Josephunes Bynes abuluty to tell uokes Joanne Caponugro wulls her won derful tumes un Luncoln9 to Bev Tom Carson uust leaves Beatrice Chatham leaves all her man troubles to the lucky guy who wants them To Everett Mor gan goes all of Jum Clamen s tennus abul Fred Clarke wulls hus unfunushed book Lute of a grasshopper to the per son brave enough to funush ut Prusculla Cleveland leaves her abuluty to wunk at the wrong tume to Kathy Dondlunger Shirley Colluns leaves her laziness to Marulyn Scovel Dorus Comer leaves man troubles to Shirley Jo Eaton Joe Coltroun wulls hus abuluty to sleep un class to any one who us brave enough to do so To Jerry Heathcote goes to George Cordaro nuckname car daro Joyce Castello leaves her dum ples to the guy or gal who wants them Cfafid W Carol Crane leaves her abuluty to say the wrong thung at the wrong tume to Shirley Pulmer Lucky us the person who receuves Bull Cregers love lufe Berna dune Crust leaves her knack of breakung glassware to Russell Lous Danuels leaves her 8 00 typung class to Jean Eruckson Cluff Dawson leaves hus knowledge of making awful smells un chemustry to any one wullung to wear a gas mask T Maruanne Sulcott goes all of the gay tumes had by Marlene Deets Shirley Detlef son leaves her place un chorus to the weak one wuth good arches Mary Dushon leaves her shyness to Normue Muse Bruce Duxon leaves hus buuld to Johnny Grove Jum Deets bestowes hus wrestlung holds to Dante Romeo lmay you use them welll Barbara Smith Dobbuns leaves her teasing nature to Letha Hulde brand To Jennue Bequeauth goes all of Stephanie Douglass s errors un typung Ken Dunlap leaves Mr Tomlinson to Jack Hoffa lguvung teachers away now7l To Don Coltroun goes Ronald Elluotts week wuth Mr Beasley To the lucky guy who unherlts Jum Engels drum ma uors uniform goes hus abuluty to handle the twurlers Jum Enslow bestows hus athletes feet aulment to Tom Gale llucky guy? Emma Fazuo leaves her abuluty to get her fingers stuck un between the Askland To Bob Burt goes Elsue Fer raru s gamblung nature Russell Fulman leaves hus suze and wudth to an unfor tunate 7B Flora Fusher bestowes her card knowledge to Larry Coen Joan Flatt bestowes all the ornery kuds to Mr Korock To Chas Guudesse goes Chuck Formaros abuluty to hude un dark corners lwhats thus9J To Mary Ann Gable goes Delores Foster s knack of get tung unto trouble Jum Fox leaves hus excutung night lufe to Vuc Fredrick Maren Frudlungton wulls her broken fingers lfrom twurlungl to Shur ley Bloomquust To Delmar Hoffman goes Verle Fruesners parkung space l3 feet? Jerry Frost wulls hus Jerry Lewus antucs to Mary Ruch To Tom Ballard goes all of Duck Gabbert s ways wuth women Bar bara Galenbeck leaves a part 9 of the druvers traunung car to Donna Thomas To Jackue Gaumer goes all of Jesse Go mez s art abuluty To Larry Brown goes all of Lowell Garner s lover abuluty Wes Graham leaves To Pat Perry and Pat Reynolds goes Pat Grossnuckles booth at the lantern Joann Hagen leaves her buddies? to Don 22 na Jordon To Romeo Don Korock goes all of Don Hall s gals Troubles are left to John Scasluone from Bob Halsted Dave Hanna leaves hus wooden legs to any drug store store cowboy at Lincoln Earolyn Harlan leaves her good and bad tumes to Judy Moffutt Bull Guthrie leaves hus seat un Cox s room to any one able to fut ut To Anuta Mutchell goes Bonnie Hawbaker s lubraruan trauts Jack Hayes takes all of hus wuth hum T Lanny and Larry Helton goes Gene Hel tons tone To Bull McKubben goes all of Pat Henry s actung abuluty lon and off the stagel Caryl Ann Heyer wulls her blonde haur to Skup Tummons Mary Hul luker bestowes her shortness to Buddy Jordan Norman Hoogenakker wulls her whute bucks to Marulyn Attug lwear them welll Charles Cross receuves all of Bob House man s wrestlung techniques lWhat kund7l To Jum Smuth goes the durty gym clothes of Wayne Howlette lwhat a lucky boyl To Joan Pugh goes Bev Huckstep s abuluty to shock Muss Holmes Marvel Hungerford wulls her way wuth men to Lenore Munucks Lulluan Hunt leaves her quuetness to Jum Sullivan Dan Andy Kelly Norman Johnson leaves hus share of the locker to Joed Johnson D lores Jones wulls all her skatung abuluty to Bev Whute To Jo Gerung goes Carl Jor gensens drawer un Mechanucal Drawung Dave Kaulu leaves hus one wheel buke to Neal Fusher To Bernice Wallace goes all of Donna Knauffs weught Jo Ann Knight leaves all her happuness un mar rued lufe to Earlene Wasson Mary Largent bestowes all her Jour nalusm troubles to any one who wull take them Shirley Lee bestowes Eugene Logston leaves hus grocery store management abuluty to Don Gab bert Dan Madison wulls all the head aches of uournalusm to any poor sucker who wull accept the Edutors uob Jum McCarthy leaves hus brothers hus place in track Bull McClure bestowes hs swummung abuluty to Tom Meyers lmay he use ut welll Pat McKowen leaves her heught to Shirley Jo Eaton Bob Mc Lucas wulls hus locker space to Lowell Lyla Merryman leaves all her druvung abulutues and accidents to Duane Dressler Tom Muchel wulls hus long noon hour to Davud Stevens D , . , ' A I I ' E . u 4 - - . o , . , , u I A 3 ' ' ' . o 4 ' - . . ' U ' ' I . 4 ' - ' I SDGCS bill' On her TYD9W"lfe" to JOOYWG Johnson leaves his swimming suit to ' . " T f : ' V '2- . . - ' ' ' U ' ' ' u - 4 I 7 . . I ' . . ' . . . . . I I - in -u ' - ' ' ' ' I ' ' , . . ' I In v . , I ' I ' ri ff x. X . Nxxffxx 1 r fx 1 KH r I ,f , , Q 1 N V AI , wx , xl! 11 I M 1, ,ul , I wsu: 'lwaff' Wx XXX ZX X K fwif KQJ 22 Cf K X f ff XX , 1 x 1 fy fl f v If I 9 f Q K A Z! xx, f 7241? ' f X ' ff .A . X f ly ff? 1 W, , , X , , fy WAX x 411 M 5 x X ff! f , if S M i fs 'WV' f v Ml , - 3 WW- fm f ., H ,, an f--'ww-1-wlnmllivli 31 1 'iw 5 fi .. .... -M H, ' , , , Z , , . , Wwqnwgg' " ' ' ' . ' wg!-f,.j IT4 3' 7 WA 2 . V' ' - ' .' , . -' f W1 . V . , 1 . w':y:4w ,-f-fm,, .y..,. Q, -- f- f V 1. ' , LM.--Q W-:.. J. . ..,. ,Wy fm QM-f , Q f ff -- - ,,. , W Z SERVICE HOME NURSE'S STAFF First row: Sfevcns, Lacey, Gllberf, Holl Rnch, Ogden, Kelior Second row: Harvey Aller, Fontomnn, Knox Ash, Hwllnker, Dunkief burg, Forr, John Goumer, Sloonc MERMAIDS First row: Allen, Don- n 1 n g, Thompson, Dressber, Stcmer, Nrrsh, F r e e m o n, Rrckord, Pendryg Second row: Mrss Ebers, Sfefonl, C 1 o r k Andreorwo, R u m p, Hendrrcks, Znko, Chenowuth, Byg, Howland, Wrrghf, M4- chel, Jornes Third row: Hayden, Roo '1- son, Mullwqon, Skun- ncr, Powers, Sloane, G o u rn e r, Borrcrf Hodqe fs 4 ROOM 118 ond 120 First row: Modrson Johnson Wolfe, Gom- tzte Cross Benort Cordero, Second row Bnonor Smrfh Vest L e t u s Huffsfoder Brubaker Pcrks Brood: Third row Henry Loffreoo New- ton Scnm, Yoncsock Coen, Creger Arfrg Fourth row: Stone Hoffo, Shock Rot- clrffe, Mnchel, Honno Wrrghf Bern. ffubemf gmmlzvmmvzmf 2 4? Q' :f- Q 1 5? -F unior an .gznior .ghwlenf Counci 5 3 z E , cl 5. sw H is " W , T' ga SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Flrsf row Russo Weber Beckmon Koesfer Henry Funk Jordon Second row Drcssler Muse Hookenokker Moduson Attug Fndllngfon Hrlluker Beckwith Johnston Cox Thlrd row Thompson Pietro Athg Selberlnno Nady Todd Howhokcr Dwssxngcr Burgess Krsscll Fourih row Mortz Mrlfer Merryrnon Clarke Benoit Horyey Chnoyoro Cotronc Word mon McBcrh Gocssford Burnett Roth Srlmtto Alrcn Anorecno Fontonn Potters Mcwrliwoms Rrchorfis Thurd row Lockhart GrHor'r1 Hummer Keehn Von Scoyk Wnckcr Bcrtwnw Rump Johns AMS rocks Four? row Plem FE Ty!er J Newton Brown S Newton L Myers Reeves Hrtchcock Nest Austin Fifth row Thacker Ve' n Ortega S O! e Ffwtze Awexcnder Beqoeoth Mrllrgon TCrrc!' Ho Nc? Sixth row Rorrmo Wyckoff Frozrer M Myers Hough Crou h 28 V f 'Q ri . as W0 f A JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL-First row: Er cksof Pundlc, Hokicn, Thompson M,t:hcNI Lcifrcfio Durr, McConnell GrrU:ths Second row: Wvsh In I , I , ' I ., " Mr B hx Z A-O ,-I A V, ,-. ., X, ' s, , ' 1 - :L 3 , : s , 1 , r v. - ' : H 1 ZITLUI' QQVUUP5 7 A xiii if ENGLISH 8 Flrst row Heyer Wofson Todd Nld McKowen Ash Second row Muse Brood Parks Moduson Morfz Gomez Rrzzufn Clorke Lee Scholfleld Thlrd row N wfon Sohm Henry ngel Christ Deefs ATTIQ Enslow Graham Q RADIO Furs! row Mortz Fndlnngton Pcss Hzldenrand Parks Knoff Lee Second row Bouben Jones Anderson Andrescn Engel ,ordoro Thlrd row Genng ferro Gufhnc Green Starr Goble 30 1 W U y f 1 52? 54ZZC24f,,: M14 1 f 'J fzfwsgc flag - MW f ,M Z f ff 1' f, W' '7fQwif02" ,L M pn- vis' 'Q ' 1 urn "N", 4115 4' c Marr 'N9' Q 'varnf U Ny' 4-.. Ay.. . 5 i - V ', I ,1 .,.,, . .. -z,fwmv.:6 V ' E 3215 fi? QZQ.. .,.. If S" nw .,. - ., J - me J' 93? Wu. ,,, I ,,.,..: music I N V, w'..'. f ,. f - - f ,,,,,,,,':.+'ifg'W"" if W iggg 5' .I 5 2' M ' W si t XM M T 1 1 .1 xv" f , t . ,, A I QQ? ,. ,, ZW 456315 I , 5' .Q 4 l , Qi ig? if My 3 e 'S Q, we fe .wa . 1 A. f kgs QW' EW? x b' , . ' 5' 3. 1 1 A f , I 1 fzqgwnk ' V, , , ,i"Q H W A . f 1 -KM , A . JA 3 ,,,A i Aki? gm MAJORETTES A vc WWC' LN lu F .vm E'ww Q vs. w- '- BAND LEADERS Mr McKm!Q-N, rghf, mortar Chuzk MfKm!cy, ,crmnv mcxfz' 101 En- QQN F041 dum mc cf N. -. HOME ROOM 3 Firsf row: gfcrr H 6 TCQC' Mcrtz M f:h e QCCCX. Jenn mg HCM-Ckc' NNQK Mm DECOHU row: 4.4 ,-,- N -F "-fn ,.,-X cry, W -Q"' PSSTQI N F7 Pr? 2 Skf Qcwk -WAY-. vgnz EAQL rv OCG udzc 'i F' 'x HOME ROOM 39 First row Dondlmgcr Mrs Mopel Bcglor Second row Yxng WQNOCQ Howlefr Comcfisorw Uwckon Jombor Third row Woocis Hoon Eccbwwon Skmn r DcLeon ,Jai SENIOR BOYS GLEE CLUB-Farsi row Bockmon Gomer Bwermo Gerng lh P cucn Ucrr-me Second row DeLccn Hoc Hckfef Nhnlon Howien Helfov Clark Fwester Eocksvrom Skmner 36 uv f f V V 'Q I. , ,Wy Q3 ., ,Ly , ! ' 4. Q ' A r I c A .il '22 V H, I T at . . Q . , . -up vs- 5 H 3 , -A : , ,, , , : N ,' , , , ' : W V 'T - ' .'u?w'i.",hgf 1 Mfg 'Q' Q ' ,yi ,IV . . I 1,., , n li - N Q, Q . ' 4 .,,, V , I' ' ' z 1 ,A, Jmvffs E " T ' Y : fi , ,, 2 SENIOR CHORUS Firsl row: Sw -'4 ' Dc,r1f'wQQr H ' ju ',rIm'1 Tonvg.. if CQ- vlf-H Eoqlcr A-If Hn, Ifw ZCI,C'IV'vf1 Second row: Eczkr sfmm Genre' .2 - Iwurrw Jsrm Q' Hcror ATIIQ VQHIQ NN Icr Jonson P evo Third row: Mrs Verne' Erwrkscrx DCLQQH, INomr1s Skwrmcr Ru" fcmporqer S Y Q n Jomoi Vco Sccxk Wmfufi- Kfxzttx Fourth row: S15 ,M Rustco RC'gCr?eCn Eicfrmzo Acre' R rg QM' Clizrk HQEUW Hfm-we Ez'-4xfr,w Fifth row: Gam' IC HCIJO' Girrver Ggr, Ifm' I-15111: Kiran-r , 'rv' rv Nkfc Q LL SENIOR GIRLS GLEE CLUB Firsf row: Green Raq- e's Mwch-f woods Anderson Gzcrowf Sc-r no Elailfborrw Czpow qrf, Mccir Second row: Ncrczc 'Accel f-mmm Epico- cr RQWLK Grrcdfz E','ckcr G'c-co -Errwes Q .e' 3 Third raw: E fl ' CONC' Kcd. PQNUI EW. oc-2 Yr- Fofvffc-r ,td Izre Kncftg Harm, iw ro T rvqlcl. Fourih row: Hrgrwmfi Z Im '3Uf+cn'fizrJrq5-r SUI FVWQE, SPCIYLW Czrnc-If efurw Hamm? irwfvr vwrffx Hwrf' TIM' . , . v W , ' 3 1 r 4 , ,. P Orr , A 4 ,er 'I ' -Q 'Y' id U Q, 54? 'V 3' F' "" Qtida. 3 ?vlg if s fr f " 'P 'if 14 Q if .. 1 I af I I X I JUNIOR CHORUS First row: fr 'I iw Hz, Ekigw .KP fuhgr Egfr F2:"C"xiwrqvr Pro 'sri' Czrvf cr, 3 : C Second row: 'JQLQ Q Iv. ,, 3 3 .2 , QC' 'Man E"."'A:KQ' Phzof-If Qc,e:f if Third row: SCE' 'f nur, :K W 3'-I '-+,.2"cx Qc,Q'sf :L 'r 'L g'rc"":f I -Q: T og' 2, Fourfh row: Km, 1 so 561.03 ff Gwen E',Cf..Cf. f" Curwm :gf geese' ikcwm r-wir-V-e'T Greco MII' ,R Fifth row: ENN TJVFQJXT Qrw' Stconcm C ' Pcrrw H:x,1Cr' Ear! .U 'X , , v , f"X1' M, A w , 'Q QM,v.':..f' fwtagvop fa 1221 'ir ,wx 4--5 ' 1 QV ,Lk X ' S 'Lai xr wuSSoJ -S 0 Q A D 5,g"g'4,W1 24,3 62, 2 lui if 'S Cf! I, ' .f..,p-v-'K Z I, SYN, w ,Q EA ,wa , ,ky-xv, KJ? f-2.3. k C, sr if , 4 I x I ..... K Lal M Us 11-.. "BKT 3' s f ' 3 if If C3 'Life I fmww 5395 Q. ., X -LJ fy, 26 Q1 13,3 Q 9 QW- -, , ',: - gp, U , I ,,,...,1 ,- fe x P Q.-, xv j-fm nw l' ,f 7 x X9 gf 1 NCOLNC' 53, L92-4 4 1 orfi .Sims Parade 30,4 7957 52 BASKETBALL The basketball season of 1951 52 wull stand out as o banner year un the annals of Luncoln hugh ath letucs Hughlughts of the vuctoru ous march of the Abes were the wunnung of uts furst Cuty Serues Champuonshup annexung uts furst South Central tutle and compulung the best seasons record un the Des Mounes Metropolntan area Cage Notes Forward Don Hall Gauned second all cuty berth Honor able mentuon un South Central Conference Elected Captaun of the team Forward Jum Robertson Gauned second all conference recognutuon honorable men on all cuty team Center Terry Shuck A very fune rebounder and defensuve player receuved honorable Guard Jum Enslow ood reboundung and very fune de fensuve work descrube Jums cage abuluty Guard Chuck Formaro Gauned furst team berths on both the all cuty and South Central Conference teams very fune offensuve and defen suve player Metropolutan Records Luncoln Roosevelt Tech Dowl ung Valley ast North SWIMMING The Luncoln tankers also ended one of the greater seasons un swummung They had a record of fuve wuns and three losses whuch tued them for second place un the cuty The mermen showed theur abuluty when they placed thurd un the State meet Dan Johnson one of the best all around swummers ever to come to Luncoln set fuve new rec ords The records are the 40 yd 200 yd 220 yd 100 yd free style and the unduvndual medley He also helped wun the 160 yd free style Ken Dunlap Ken one of the best sprunters Luncoln has had placed thurd un the State Meet He us a member of the record holdung 160 yd free style relay Ken has three letters and us one of those all round good guys Dave Hanna Bug Dave another three letter man who has been swummung sunce seventh grade us also one of the bug guns on the team Dave swums both the breast stroke and free style He took fufth place un the breast stroke funals of the Ken Myers Another one of the bug guns on the team Ken has spent four years on the team He us best known for hus performance un the defeatung of North Hugh Kenny was a standout un the 40 yd and 100 yd free style un that meet He us a member of the 160 yd relay that placed un the State Meet Larry Smrth Larry us one of those all round guys who always gave all he had Larry has been on the team four years and has lettered twuce The kud us a quuet good natured fel low that can be relued on when the goung us tough Jerry Frost Thus wutty screwball who us al ways un there tryung Jerry al ways us a team player and us an other one who can be relued on One of those three lettermen Jerry placed un the State one year and has been on the swummung team four years 40 TRACK Here us another sport that had bad weather and couldnt get started but showed that they had the wull to wun and the stuff ut takes to keep goung although the cundermen dudn t rank hugh on statustucs they were always up wuth the best of runners Up untul the pruntung of the book Don Hall was the outstand ung member of the track team scorung our only pounts un the A A U meet Thus us Don s furst year out for track and he us rap udly becomung one of the best sprunters un the cuty WRESTLING Thus us the furst year for wres tlung at Luncoln and the matmen showed great possubulutues un thus sport Although the Abes took last un the cuty they gave trouble to everyone they faced Coach Koroch feels that the team wull be better balanced next year because of the experuence gauned thus year Jum Deets al though thus beung hus furst year took second un the cuty un hus weught and proved to be a tough contender to hus foes Larry Mc Kunney Abe heavy weught was the most successful un hus weught duvusuon BASEBALL The baseball team had a slow start agaun thus year because of bad weather Wuth ten letter men returnung the duamond nune look as though they wull have a good season Good putchung and a stout unfueld backed the Lun colners for one of theur better years on the duamond Starters are Jack Hoffa 3b Tom Muchel 1b Chuck Formaro c Jum Deets ss John Scuone 2b Joe Zahn If Tom Gale cf Jerry De Leon rf Jum Robertson p Ter ry Shuck p U mention on the all-city team. State Meet. ' - ' . . : G ' W. u.. ' ' 13 3 ' 1 1 6 . - ' 1 1 7 - A . ' - y ' - ' 9 9 ' . ' - - 12 12 . . ' - E 7 1 1 ' - - ' 5 14 ' - ' - WSL Muse Meal Robble Tank Taliy Chas lgco 0 E 377195 lui Ulf X21 4 NWI. Brownie Trl 8185. Sleepy VARSITY BASKETBALL Flrst row Mefhlle Scnone Parks Brown Russo Formaro Hall Creger Hoffa Randall Second row Coach Talarrco Lyons Bnerma Rnggle Maldonado Heathcote Shuck Robertson Mlller Enslow ahn SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL Fust row Feluce Burgetf Brubaker Carter Beluzzn Fazao Germg Second row Helton Holt Wrnghf Glessner Joss Burt Cross Stone 42 1 1 1 w A I 1 f 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 + 1 1 1 , za fn Bl as nu M! f ,J 2 fio 3 f 4 4 if 1 5 , f 3 5 J 4 WRU? 1 f 3 4' ' E, wh 1 Q Q jg ,V 1' ,4 W7 ,fn 2 af j' x e ff QW .fy ,e 5. 51,3 g gg 'W 3 -nw it w 3144: Aw 5 K Us W Wmajfg if Q V 3? ,L fi" 1 JJ Q 5' ff? ? ',,. ' 1 Q A , .5 Q , 'irfvlfzf V , 5912? 'M V -4? . uw' A' 1 g Qi M 4 ig ',. I, 2 llzlv ,gm ', . iv , , ,: g ' by 6 if 5 4 :: .zzw.5gKsf1f A H' F A . 338 an 1 il , 'N ::A:':. f gg jg iw 52 'A 2' , q1f'ff,. '? ,ww if aff , . V Ni ZA' Ilv , WY ,Q nf ' fn Mmm 4, 21 A :- ' 1. af ' 1.31 an ' R 'I -5' uf 12wf.'5'i25g , fig we W ,Mfg ly 9 X5 1 Q- Q? O on off? 1 e xix Q5 Z Q E II Z9 Dmamai-L1:5 F N hwy f F vJ W' fi Bl 4 4 W Lk! 54- ':'1 ij U mf , ff . V ' 'f Q S 3 ,. fi Q.,-5 1140" v. 1, I ' i 1, J W A 4 A ff ' I xxx xv'- I I 15 .x u--m','v - L - ' X., , ,h iff. l , " NWS!!! Abonzvfxsavs W QQ gx QV Class Prophecy Entering its twentieth year, the United Na- tions has many former June 1952 Lincoln graduates among its members. We find Bill Creger watching Terry Shuck playing football for the l S C And Jim Rob ertson another athletic soul playing baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers Darrel Blunck can now be seen counting his oil wells from his office window while Bruce Dxon is the President of the First National Bank in Texas THE GREEN LANTERN 2727 S W NINTH STREET I-IAMBURGERS CONEYS CHILI AND LUNCHEONS BALZERS PURE SERVICE WASHING GREASING TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES 2716 S W NINTH ST PHONE 3 9498 RELIABLE RUG CLEANING CO. 'I200 CROCKER STREET "Iowa's Largest" PHOTOGRAPHS FOR GRADUATES OUR sPEciAi.TY WOLTZ STUDIO DES MOINES lOWA 420 Ninth Street Phone 8 1955 COWNIE FURS 510 Market Street Coat and Sult Corner 8th and Walnut PERRY MOORE SERVICE YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICE STATION Greasmg Wash ng Battery Service 3501 S W NINTH DIAL 3 9991 CREED OF The Budd Lmcoln H1gher Club A Non Profit Non Palltlcal Non Sectarian Orgamzatlon With the growth and development of a more active South Des Moines Community the B L H Club lnc pledges its support to all community church and school activities Membership is open to any one interested in Lincoln High or the South Des Moines Community or any graduate from Lincoln High or any one 18 years of age MEANING AND PURPOSE OF B L H CLUB support the school in all educational programs and all extra curriculum support all religious denominations support the faculty in all their various activities Build the South Des Moines Community to one of the best in the city Membershup Dues are S100 yearly ' 0 i 0 ' 1. To ' ' ' , 2. To , ' ' ' ' . I 3. To ' ' ' ' ' ' . 4. To ' ' ' ' ' . --51.. CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS TEDS BARBER SHOP 3l42S W 9th Street COURTESY YELLOW CAB C0 PHONE 3 1111 Congratulatlons to the Graduatmg Class of June l952 Ro Lee Studio 1915 GRAND WEDDINGS PORTRAITS BABIES Class Prophecy' George Cordaro fmally has has own Televl slon show starrung Grandma Dagmar and Mary l-lulluker as hns head artlst We see Caryl Ann Heyer who has gust been named Best Dressed Woman nn the world countmg her mnlluons whale her certam some one does the dnshes lToo chmtzy to hare a mold l Well what do we have here Rosemary Andreaho as bemg kept very busy cookmg for PARK AVENUE DRUG EVERETT WESTPFAHL Prop S W NINTH 8. PARK AVE DIAL 3 8510 C 81 H MARKET l305 Park Ave Phone 4 7527 GROCERIES AND MEATS OUR 90th JUNE TO EXTEND GOODWISHES GRADUATING SENIORS OF IOWA SCHOOLS FOUNDED l86l Frankel's " U , . . .- . ' I 1 I . 0 , , an un TO I I You ll enjoy a career at eredlth -X pleasant tompmw cafeteua serx es d9llClOUS noon tlme meale at hm cost l lequent membel ffathelxng help xuu get uqu untecl meet neu l'llt'llflS hobbxlsts Exen mole lmportant to hlgh sthool gl aduates who begln then' tareers at Vleredlthe are these adx antages fret health md acclclent lllNl.1l ante excel lent XXOlkll'lg condltxons a five dax week FOI xoung men the pxmtmg matt fesslon F01 xoung women there a e lntele tmg cleucal mbs lmpoltdnt to Nleredlth magazlnes Better Homes St L irclens and Quctessful lfalmlng C ontact our Personnel Department today 4 usd may lead to an znterestzng and profitable career for you Meredith Publlshmg Company, 1716 locust St Des Moines 3, Iowa I 0 0 9 J . , , - F. .' S . ,' And there are several active clubs for Offer lifetime Ca,-99,-S in 2, gkilled pm- v s 4 l 1 . L11 . v S I 1' 1 I. Lv ' 1 I Q xv v . I w 2 A - . kv T A4 O O I O 'I .,53.. Llass Prophecy the Old Mauds Institution lWonder at the food IS worth eatung?l Here comes Nurse Nancy Ash who has just burned her fsrst patlent Oh oh Mary Largent just moved unto the house that Jack built fHow long do you thunk at wlll stand up before It collapses Mary7l :ng for Jum to make has mulluon dollars We see Shurley Lee and JoAnn Bradley have COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Socks 8. Tues PARK AVENUE SHOE SHOP Shoes Lev: s Clofhmg S W NINTH STREET COMPLIMENTS OF Des Momes St1ll College Osteopathy and Surgery -l- -I- nes Momes 9, IOWA REEDS ICE CREAM SHOP S W NINTH BY LINCOLN HIGH CORDARO GROCERIES SPECIALIZING IN ITALIAN FOODS a a M at Ball 0 Sp gett Sauce H t S usage 2920 S W NINTH ST PHONE 2 5481 NEAL 8: SON HARDWARE Open Sunday Morning 5911 S W Nunth Phone 2 0606 MINNIES SANDWICH SHOP Spec alt es Hamburgers Home Made Chlll French Frles Pho e o de s Illed 2621 S W NINTH STREET PHONE 39344 GWIN S JEWELRY Repaurlng by Licensed Watchmaker 3146 S W Nunth Phone 2 9547 Compl 'ments of ROY BRICK BARBER SHOP 3136 S W Nunth COMPLIMENTS FORD HOPKINS REXALL DRUG SIXTH AND LOCUST PARK AVE. DRIVE INN GENUINE HICKORY SMOKED BAR B Q RIBS CHILI CONEYS SPAGHETTI CHICKEN llth AND PARK AVENUE PHONE 4 7518 1 I 7 I l ' ' lt li n e s a i 0 o a Maren Fridlington is still an old maid wait- Various Spaghetti and Macaroni 9 i i I . .I . ., . , - - n r r I l 9 . . . ' . . ..54.. CONGRATULATIONS JUNE l952 GRADUATES From THE NEW UTICA The Place fo go far fhe Names You Know Class Prophecy opened their plumbing shop, How is busi- ness girls? Russell Fillman has just beenielected Vice President of Bachelors Club of America. f Con- gratulations Rus? As we look a little farther ahead we see Shirley Palmer starting to raise Lincoln's tu- ture basketball team with two substitutes. Well there's Marine Lieutenant Anna Bran- co. She tells us that Fred Clarke is a very successful lawyer and that Don Rizzuti just STEVENS FOOD MARKET lOl E. Army Post Road Ft. Des Moines Phone 4-39lO GEIL COAL YARD Southwest Ninth and Army Post Road COAL ICE AND FEED PHONE 4 5826 J R EIL THE RAIL PLITTER Printed and Bound Garner Pubhshmg Compan 613 l 19 Euclid -Xxcnue Dcs Nloincs I3 Iowa - I . . G BY 0 I ,55- Class Prophecy received Second Academy Award Oscar Oh yes there rs the only honest tax col lector rn the Notion Everett VanScoyk Bob Skinner now has his own band and IS rn Holly wood making a new picture Marlene Deet vs now a Mrs and lives rn a beautiful three mrllron dollar home seems as thouah Marlene and D ck are very happy As we gaze around the corner we see Doris Comer coming out of her mllllon dollor home ZIMBELMAN 8. HAMILTON HEATING CO ARMSTRONG FURNACES OII Gas Coal Magic Chet Space Heaters 2203 Cottage Grove Phone 2 l5l2 ATTENTION JUNE GRADUATES Prepare for a positron with a future at A l B starting rn June Also special classes rn shorthand and typrng for students planning a college course Write or call A I B for o copy of 'Choosrng Your Career ' American Institute of Business 10th and Grand DES MOINES o NOLLV OOSSV NVO1 CINV SEN ON S30 l FM 4 N-"" make a date wzfil tomorrow save today at HOME FEDERAL 'X C vo use 1' ef or . :G NEW MULBERRY PARKING RAMP 633 MULBERRY STREET G SAVERY GARAGE 410 FOURTH STREET HOWARD LEOPOLD, Operator Graduate of Lincoln High 1 v , , ., , H X A ft La . 'ft A "fi--'il ' ""- f:::.- -:,..- ,,f:::f,.,,. 1- I ' 2' 5 A , ' F' ,. .I we . . . , , , . S I . . ' N 1 f I It rw. , M , f ' . 1' 1 , . if 'R it I ,, . 1 5 5 , Z 5 as I I S -n .. K I ' 4,3 g AV - V, I 1 f '-5 1 X - . - - 1 -V n 1. A 1 ly 3132?-K!! .. W . - me ,A .Y 1' ' -02 Q' , xv 'fp 1.9 .f ' f A - Q ' .Fe 4 Ip , 'JE -, in .1 , - vii. 1' , av- -- ' n V ' I A- : rj ' A w f, -,5,f,.. uccess of '52 X5 Borneo UNDER AUTHORITY OF rr-as COCA COIA COMPANY sv DES MOINES COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS SERVICE OPTICAL Complete Opfical Service EIGHTH AND LOCUST THIRD AND LOCUST Class Prophecy Her wlsh for a mlllron dollars must have come true Lyla Merryman and Lols Danrels have a three room apartment un Ames IWhat are you studying glrIs977977l and us takrng lute easy? None other than Tom Michel It seems as though the Four Horsemen led by Jean Utsler have taken over Snusvllle There s .hm Engel the ernment crlmlnal VAN GINKEL SUPER VALU 29 7 S E 4th EVERYDAY LOW PRICES COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FOODS PHONE 3 7378 DR C R KNUTSON DENTIST 31 IO S W NINTH STREET X Ray Ser Ice Ofhce Hous 9a m to5p m Closed All Day Wed esday OFFICE 3 0885 RES 8786 CONNIE 8. LEWS DRIVE Ac oss f om A rpo I BEEFBURGERS CONEYS CHILI FRENCH FRIES EXCELLENT COFFEE ASH HARDWARE CO. COMPLETE GENERAL HARDWARE HOUSEWARES 0 SPORTING GOODS 0 APPLIANCES ELECTRIC 8' PLUMBING SUPPLIES Vuslt Our NEW and Complete WALL 8: FLOOR COVERING DEPARTMENT JOE UHLHAN, Floor Craftsman FREE ESTIMATES 3215 S W NINTH PHONE 4 8077 E 1 . . . '-' I I N 5 Guess who retiredbat the a e of thirt -five to the class g S ' . . . Q Y A A C A - V. ,xkrwg . k ,,, 'X 2 . . 1 gg . . . 0 ' - ' v' O . I - n . PH. 4- ' IN -57- COMPLETE PLATE SERVICE 6yffbH.,nf+onesyff-L Zmc Efchangs Color PIa+es 'Ffsei' Pla'l'eS We Specuahge an Hugh School and Colleqe Year Book Enqravmqs Arhsfs PI-mo+ograpl'aers Photo Engravers -S EPNICE- ENGRAVING INC PHONE 3'357I " 54I 5+h AVE. DES MUINESJUWA Class Prophecy lawyer who lust saved another thug who had one foot nn the grave We see Delores Foster slttrng by her prlvate swrmmnng pool whsle her mrlllonarre husband acts as butler Not bad If at works Loretta Wrnght lust took over offrce of Su pervlsor rn Servrce Bureau of the Telephone Be sure that all of you turn on your tele vrsron set next week as Jrm McCarthy rs goung to sarl In Captarn Vldeo s Space Shrp A 81 R O DONNELL HARDWARE S W 12th 81 Army Post Road Phone 2 6141 Des Mornes Iowa MILLERS SUPER VALU STORE Every Day Low Prrces 1300 Army Post Road Phone 2 4691 u On Duty 24 Hours Each Day to Serve You IOWA POWER AND LIGHT CO. CONGRATULATIONS JANUARY 1952 GRADUATES From PROCTOR DRUG CO 3211 A place to meet your frrends Southwest Nrnth Street Phone 4 7521 DES MOINES IOWA BOESEN THE FLORIST TWO STORES 700 Grand Ave , Phone 4 6151 3422 Beaver Ave , Phone 7 4416 DES MOINES, IOWA CO.. , I . ' 1' . S 8 5 I I GD , ea 99 60 U DIXON S MASTER MARKET 2l0 LOCUST STREET FRIENDLINESS AND CLEANLINESS The Worklngmcn s Friend FRANCES CAFE HOME COOKED ITALIAN FOODS 1300 s E FIRST STREET PHONE 3 9250 LINCOLN SODA GRILL FROSTED MALTS BEEFBURGERS CONEYS ROOT BEER Across from Lincoln Hugh Congratulat ons Class of 52 from LINCOLN DELICATESSEN 2824 S W Nmth Phone 2 5897 SHELL PRODUCTS SOUTHERN SUPER SHELL GREASING TOWING TIRES BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES Pho e 3 986l 3000 S W 9th St Des Mo nes Iowa STOUT REAL ESTATE NOTARY PUBLIC FIRE INSURANCE 320I S W 9th Street Phone 3 0I97 CUNNINGHAM 8: ALDERA GROCERIES AND MEATS 3801 S W Nlnfh Dual 4 5246 Class Prophecy We see Elsne Ferraru has retired after just twenty years of secretarual work Good work Elsse Well what do you know Jack Hayes got ruch fast got marrled In a hurry owned a couple of autos has a new home and guess what he just went broke Chuck Formaro Jum Deets and Wesley Graham all made their fnrst mllluon at twenty four years of age IWhere 7 7 7 How 7 7 73 SELLERS HARDWARE SEIDLITZ PAINTS Thirty sux Shades In nlne Dufferent Funnshes 3205 S W NINTH PHONE 4 I9I3 D M D A N E S DENTIST 32I0 S W Nunth Street Phone 4 556I MIDTOWN MOTORS LINCOLN MERCURY Sales 81 Servuce I 408 LOC UST up Q ' 1 n ' I I , I I - - - ' I I 5 ' . . 0 0 n - . . . i , - . 16O... Class Prophecy Ifwa, s Oldest Jewelry Store lt seems as though Lowell Garner and I Chuck Russo are havrng an awful argument r .a over which one IS gomg to marry Mass lgmer l 865 QU0l'TY f0" 86 YGOVS :ca Lowell owns General Motors and huck has a new convertrble and two mlllnon dollars DIAMONDS WATCHES Shrrley COlllnS S66I'T1S to be l'lCJppy In her mansion on top of a mountain rn Pasadena lCan you blame her7'l Are you stall single Walnut of S'Xll'l D95 Momes Shirley? CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS W I M P Y S NIZZI GROCERY 205 Wall Ave Phone 3 8956 STEAK HOUSE 1604 SOUTH UNION ST VISUAL ANALYSIS VISUAL TRAINING DR COLIN M STOUT 3201 s w NINTH sr TELEPHONE 3 0197 GRADUATION PICTURES Andrews Studio 822 WALNUT STREET Phone 4 4956 DES MOINES 9, IOWA Remember we can make weddrng pnctures too 6l I I ound 3 U Which one would you choose, girls? I JEWELRY and SILVER 1 O BUY A FAMILY PACK From Your Favorlte Dealer ll ' S. T! 4 -1 .n I' X7 'MK is IOWA 7 UP COMPANY PARKER DRUG STORE Fort Des Mounes S W Nunth and Army Post Road PHONE 3 9625 CHOOSE YOUR STERLING SILVER PATTERN From Over 60 Leadlng Patterns By America s Leodmg Sllversmlths At Iosephs QUALITY JEWELRY SINCE 'I871 SIXTH AT LOCUST Class Prophecy Jnm Enslow us trying to make a mlllnon dol lars off of hns lady wrestler Hope you make :TJ m We see Don Hall has just graduated from college and as on hls way to Paree wlth has mul Ilon dollars It took hum a long time to get through college but he finally made It There s Admiral Norman Johnson lw than a year? and Captoln Ralph Woods home on a leave VIS CAFE HOME PASTRIES GOOD COFFEE S W 9th and Army Post Rd Phone 3 9127 KEHM FLORAL CO 900 WALNUT PHONE 3 5276 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Its Good Sense START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT when you START YOUR CAREER DES MOINES BUILDING-lOAN AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION 2'IO Sixth Ave. Phone 2 8303 "The Oldest In Des MoInes" Member Federal Savangs 8- Loan Insurance Corp ' ' a . ' l?2i'5 39091: , Qi 5 1-,, ' ' . QI 'I ,J -II? gf? 1, Iq,E'm fi , . . . 1, II '-' ' 'N ff x t: ,gl ,uf ., A ISP f Mt A.: f fg .- -.I . l , Y to -62- Class Prophecy WHY TAKE LESS As Presldent of General Motors we see Kenny Myers Hrs Income IS only a mulllan dollars a year Bob Halsted ns stlll trying to understand women Won t you ever gnve up Bob? Calltornla Here We Come IS the song b en singing ever since l952 Hope you make It pretty soon boys NORMAN CASSIDAY S Sbopplng Center for the tasblan mmded mnss Sportswear Center for every lunlor I C graduate or undergraduate PGPSI CONG Ing O DES MOINES IOWA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS V LLEY BANK an TRUST COMPANY Member of Federal Deposut Insurance Corporataon FOURTH AND WALNUT 63 cc an , , A that Kenny Dunlap and Bill McClure have ' ' . ' o i I I ' ' ' 0 0 - Class Prophecy We find Clifford Dawson owning a small town in Florida with all of his friends running the town. Congratulations .lim Claman is now in charge of the Inter- planetary Power 8 Light Corporation on the dark side of the moon We see Beverly Bragg sitting in the poor Lmcoln High Seniors house with the l952 June graduates from East High Peter Sahm has finally become a DRY CLEANERS o TAILORING o DYEING FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY NOAH S CLEANERS DWIGHT NOAH Prop Telephone 2 82lO S VV 9th St and Army Post Road DES MOINES IOWA Our Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 52 IIIEUIIY Oflowa SUPER MARKETS Headquarters for the Town s Fmest Foods O Tender Juicy MEATS O Farm Fresh PRODUCE O Famous Brand GROCERIES O 64 . . . . . . I 0 , . I , . . , 525 2 . .:5' :SI ,:s51fAf'1:f:s:s:,.. ''izggtxag-:513yg:::::::5:Qq:5g:k:, rs- 1. ze: ,553 fc' 2:r:-. .Kf:1:r:2:E2E:2:-:-:1Z.f221:1s. . ,fi35g55:g:55:3:55gg55:5:3:555g55:515g,5:5555:55 .555,Z,5:5:E35:5:5:55:55:5335:g.1.:,.:.f.:.:.:.g.:.4--,12g.mt.::,:,:.:.:.,::::::f:,g:f.:.1::,Q:,1,:,1:::,:::::,:,::g::555:5,:,5:gjg35:5g53:g5g:5:5,515535g:53g5:5,5gE,5:, 45:5:::::E:f:7:Fg1Q:::f:f:f:f::gg:f:f:f:f:23Q:g:2:Q. :Ig:f:f5:2:Ei:I5gE:f:37:f:25:5:::ff Q:F:1:2j'f2f2:5:fIgIS25f:f:I:I:If3E2f:Q:5:I:Ig2gIS:f: grf:f:E:f:2:7:ff:2:3f:i:7:i:5EI?:f:21:,.'1:g,.fI' 'f55fsQf5:55555553563255f525552?5f555E15555E5f5Es? 35555555ff5f5ffEf5ff55ff55ff555753554555255 'If3E5E:5:5:5:5E2E3Eri5:5:3555555515: 5555:EI5221535E55f5:E25:5:gE5ErEr: O 0 ::ISIS:E:2:5i:55fS:ErE:5:5f55h:Er ' , . . I - Class Prophecy chemust and possessed a Sternway prano or 56 OOO Bob Housernan has a ranch of hrs own n the wrld and wooly West We hear that Emma Marne Fazro rs a mu1Ironarre rn Pans Drrvang down Eughth Street rs Tom Carson an one of hrs fleet of Cadnllacs Geraldlne Turner rs rn a home for retired other B T O s We see Donna Knauff srttmg In a certarn COMPLIMENTS OF CAPITAL CITY BOTTLING WORKS Makers of DADS ROOT BEER and LIME COLA FINE FLAVORS 1319 DES MOINES ST PHONE 62 4491 THE MESSENGER NEWS SOUTH DES MOINES ONLY PUBLISHER 4311 Southwest Nlnth Street 8 8594 FIRE LIFE BEST WISHES FOR JUNE GRADUATES ROBERT L. CARPENTER AGENCY Lrncom ALUMNUS Quahty :mf qnce Ar Lower nares Auro 62 4016 CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS FROM LOZIER TIMKEN HEAT GAS OIL 24 Hour Repalr Servlce On AII Makes 219 UNIVERS'TY PHONE 8 1917 COMPLIMENTS O DEA Finance Company 1117 Locust Street DES MOINES, IOWA if if . Q . . f . A i telephone. operators evith Ne1Iie and all 'the CQ. if 'Ir 'A' ' I 'k 1 - O --65.. "EXTRA QUALITY YOU CAN Anderson Dolry Product DELIVERY Class Prophecy THERF5 restaurant on the East side with the same old gang. Norman Hoogenakker is a successful buyer for Younkers salarred at S2 OOO a week Looks as though she wrII be supporting Fred Guess who us secretary for Estes Kefauver It s only Earolyn Harlan She rs just workrng for hum so she can buy a fur coat Bob Ratcllffe says that he as gorng to be a rnrllronarre playboy We see Flora Frsher has frnally land asrde TASTE ln every Erickson MELVIN LUMBER CO 6305 S W NINTI-I PHONE 4 8921 FOR PHONE 6 3172 ALL MAKES OF PENS AND PENCILS REPAIRED Leads and Ink IOWA JEWELRY 81 PEN SHOP 708 West Locust St eet MAYNARD N LEVICH Telepho e 4 6937 JACOB LEVICI-'I DES MOINES IOWA At Your GROCERS 'sem U NG LES BAKING CO Quoluty Bakers for Over 51 Yeors S W5 aww M W'-if 6.1-Q32 .--gf YI 033350 mx? 6' X CRAMMED TO ITS CREAMY CRUST Wlth Growth Promoting Food Elements The whole tamrly enyoys rts want another slrce flavor And watch them go for the golden goodness of Donald Duck toast AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE 66 I I ' 1, . ' F . U - I in J 6' LT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - I s riff'- I , -A X X X I A SX ""-Q , ' F 'f 'V ,- f-R, . XI 9 Y - M, H . Q r on , I" 7 .hm X 'f rrbrmn curl! E lf . . . . - - . - Class Prophecy her pen and retired to a nice quiet family life with her millionaire boss. Here comes Delores Jones and her husband in their brand new 1918 Ford. We find Beverly Huckstep, the wealthy lady bachelor traveling around the world again. Mary Tursi 'till belongs to the Theta Delta l Jeanine Raftensperger seems to be living a happy life as an old maid school teacher Sitting at the switchboard working like mad DRESS RIGHT FEEL RIGHT BE RIGHT Wear Lams Clothes LAMS CLOTHES SHOP 514 LOCUST NESBITTS BOTTLING C0 DES MOINES lOWA 1622 Harding Road Phone 7 0700 ...mf 'llffll slr? ...Q QWEN CRIST Aura Boov sERvIcE We take the dents out ot accidents Keo at Fourteenth St Pl Phone 4 5258 Polson - Fond - Market MEATS CIGARETTES ELECTRIC APPLIANCES HARDWARE Open Sundays and E enrngs 2112 2114 S E 14th St Dancmg Studlo Mary Lou Holmes 3505 S W NINTH ST TAP BALLET ACROBATIC lTeen Age Ballroom Classes? BEGINNERS and ADVANCE ALL AGES Summer Classes Starting May 1 CALL 8 4515 J . I. . -I - Q . . A G. E. V . - a n a . I ' 9 .cv-I- jim g v l "' A227 :-:-.- , -r' ' .V , Q,-C-V -.1-rr... ,g -gg al 5,3 -, --'tux -'fs p seie -,Q 5 figs .1 -I as ,st- ug ,,,,,j" t' -fy" 5 ' ' , ' if vwuni , .Q - :'P, ."'-, . f 4? , - ., rv. , I - ., I H , . err- -.fs - DR G J RONAN OPTOMETRIST 424 Iemlng Bldg one 4 24l9 DES MOINES IOWA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JUNE CLASS OF 52 FROM Furnas Ice Cream SATISFYING DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS Class Prophecy rs Mary Dsshon She says she as stull wartung for that certaun guy lt seems as though Stephanue Douglass rs being kept very busy ransrng her crew of pllots nn Illunous JoAnn Flatt ns playnng nn the Wlmbledons In England and ns married to a mllluonanre And now we see Pot Henry as makrng the rounds of all the June l952 graduatmg class POLK COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN SEVENTH and HIGH DES MOINES IOWA MAUCH STANDARD SERVICE S E l4th 84 Induanola Road DES MOINES IOWA DRAKE UNIVERSITY The Frzendl y School Nme Outstanding Colleges Liberal Arts Flne Arts Educatlon Busxness Admlnnstratlon Pharmacy Law Buble Graduate Pharmacy Air Force ROTC For more Information, vlsut the campus or call the Admlssuons Counselors Offuce I F A . Ph - ' ' I - I ' ' ' , Q Each Account Insured Up to 510,000.00 I 1 t t as ' as . . I . , . . . . . . , O I . . O O 'A' 'A' -gg- Class Prophec maklng has yeorly check up on all the mem bers of the class Cynthna Pontrous seems to be making a or tune as a movie star In Hollywood We see Borbara Galenbeck ns now stat oned nn Florudo with the women s our force Dan Johnson retured when he was only twenty one Were you gettnng too old Dan? Oh yes Marlys Moore has a nursery for all her nueces and nephews C W ROTH GROCERY uallty Prlce, and Servlce GROCERIES AND MEATS S W NINTH and BANCROFT PHONE 3 6346 Our recognlflon naflonwlde as leadlng plafe makers Our desare fo explore and develop new mefhods and fechnaques have been made possible by our 40 years ln fhe engraving and elecfrofypmg business We are proud fo have been assoclafed an fhe malunq of fhe prlnhng plafes for fhls Issue DES MOINES TELEVISION RADIO S OUR HOBBY TELEVISION OUR BUSINESS Call Us for Service Youll Be Glad You Dad 4002Vz S W 9th St Telephone 8 4943 DES MOINES IOWA INSTALLATION AND SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS We Are Accredited Televlsnon Engineers Modern Equupment DM TV Expenenced Workmen One of the Best Equupped Televnsuon Shops an the Mlddlewest June l952 Graduating Class Iona s Fznut Paul Mann1ng Chevrolet yenth and Locust Phone 4 4247 DE' MOINES IOWA If If s CHEIVROLET ll . . . f U I Q . I . . Our Heartiest Congratulations to the . ' ' ' E12 . A - 'J I ' ' . . . uw I1 1-ff if -69.. KOCH BROTHERS Prmters Statloners Bookbmders Offuce Outfutters Ofhce Machmes GRAND AVENUE AT FOURTH DES MOINES Telephone 4 4224 Class Prophecy Woyne Howlett groduoted from college ond as now o bug otfrce executive ond hos o nlce wafe ond o fine house We fund Gene Helton ond has wlfe ore en goyrng the comfortable life off the mulluon dollors he unherlted We hope thot oll of you whose names ore mentroned rn the prophecy wall not toke ony of It sernously We wrsh you oll the success an the world GRUBB WASHER For Best Qualuty In Home Appllances 8. Televlslon 3306 S W NINTH PHONE 3 3523 SEARS MOTOR CO General Repair mcludlng Body 8- Fender Work 59I9 Fleur Drlve Across from the A r Po I C DE YOUNG SUPER MARKET GROCERIES MEAT AND FEED 200 S E 6th St Phone 4 5I97 CONGRATULATIONS JU NE I 952 GRADUATES from MIDWAY MARKET Phone 4 4840 2601 S W NINTH Open Evenings and Sundays DeCOURSEY SERVICE 2002 S E l4th St Phone 3 9754 DES MOINES IOWA ROCKY S STEAK HOUSE THICK PROPERLY AGED STEAKS From Our Own Cooler Cul an Ou O n Kitchen CHOICE T BONES TENDERLOINS TOP SIRLOINS NEW YORK CUT SIRLOINS FRIED CHICKEN ITALIAN SPAGHETTI DIAL 3 9708 FOR RESERVATIONS Accommodat ons fo Pr ate Part es Fleur Dr 81 Stanton V2 Mn. N of Airport I a I I O I O ' . . 0 a . o l . I . i r I . . . - I I 1 ' r w ' . i r iv i f-4 Q- .3 ,-v ,-. ,-. Y 2 .X 5 1 --5. 5 f 1 ,J ' x . .' , 2. z . 'gl '-L 4 p - , K , . i . , f ' ' 4 , I f ' A 'x 'X' N. 4 W ' Qv- 1 Nl 'L' . . -1 V Q - , . ,N -L 1 Q, v' ' N -'W L- 3 . K. Q K A .U N A X , N -5 5 Q u Q- ,- 'C Q. Y X , - .Q M - QT 'L x X .N .L X b . K 5 ov

Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) collection:

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