Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1950

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Railsplitter Yearbook (Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1950 volume:

bedication We, the members of the june 1950 Senior Class, dedicate this book to Nlr. Hutchens, principal, who has whole-heartedly guided our class from our first steps across Lincoln's threshold to our departure. james Knight, Editor -1.. enior Cjfarid icem The Senior Class needing a capable leader to uphold the respect and dignity ot its past, elected Murline Owen as president at the Senior Class. Being firm believers that a vice president should be able to carry on all undertakings sincerely, the Senior Class elected Larry Crist as vice president. MURLINE OWEN LAWRENCE cRisT ANTHONY PATERNO cHARLEs METTILLE P d 1 v d f Se y T ice-Presi en cretar Breaking all precedents of Lincoln High Anthony Paterno was chosen as class secretary, being the first male secretary ot a Senior Class since the school began. In accordance with his scholastic training in book- keeping Charles Mettille was chosen treasurer ot the Senior Class, ..2- Barbara Anderson Cute Full af dev lment Andes many hobbies include men dancing men pokes men eating Biggest thrill took place while spending summer in Chicago Barb used to enioy kissing a friend in the cloak room until he principal paid a visit proud member K H Claims no embarrassing moment an other yoke? Loves to go swimming at midnight in Chl cago Ambition To be a secretary to a self appointed boss and some day to get married Juanita Marlene Anderson Most of Nita s leisure time is taken up by collecting pictures Cla ms many embarrassing moments Wont let us in on any of them though Chums around at school with LaVonne Loretta Wouldnt disclose any skeletons in grade school closet ls keeping them all to herself Quiet till you get to know er nice girl swell person t know ls looking forward to graduation in June Ambition Graduate and travel around the world Augusta Ann Babb Possessor of beautiful dark hair matching blue eyes Member of Office Staff snce way back when One of 5 Ss Losing her bal ance on a streetcar proved to be very embarrassing or Gussie Collects cups and saucers in her spare time When is thatv Receiving her ring from Jimmy is Gus biggest thrill looking forward to a big wedding after graduation Forgetting to wear a certa n part of clothing is one of Gus many . . . grade school skeletons . . . one swell grr . Ambition-Have a nice home and make Jimmy a good wife, Dolores Baker . . . Mischievous . . . Always happy , . . Hard working circulation , . . manager , . . . . . Senior Rai . . . Member of F,R.A.NK Club . . . of all things . .. Favorite . . . pastimes are . . . dancing . . . lcafing . . . and writing to Jerry . . . Oh :.o many rare experiences . . . with the gang . . . Grade school . . . teacher had to walk De home .,.0lloflV1 mies . . . wan't reveal . . . why , . . Short , Cute . , . Never without a witty remark , , . Served on the Get- Together Committee . . . Claims Jerry as her biggest thrill. Ambition-To marry a . . . m - lionaire with several cars . . . then learn to drive. Patricia Mariorie Bird . . . is lively gal has a long of hobbies , . . including , , , Rich . . , dancing . . , swimming . . . skating . . . Rich . , Was ever so thrilled . . . upon re- ceiving her ring . . , from Rich of course . . . Pat is Pres of Teentoppers . . . steady cus- tomer at Calico Club . . . Member of . . . Student Council . . . Of- fice Staff . . . Helped make Get- Together . . . Career Conf, , , , such a big success . . , Full of DHD , . , Birdie worked hard On Messenger News in Jlm, , , ls keeping all her skeletons . . . from grade school closet . . . tc herself . . . Too many . . , 'ogg reddening moments to mention , . darling girl . . , liked by all. Ambition-Make Rich Q good ,, WI e Jerry Allen Blaney Hot Rods Many hobbies include driving women fishing women grade school tea her caught Jerry wrestl ng with two girls MERCY Horrifylng m ment resulted from driv ng into ditch on way to a party Pals with Charlie Fred Biggest thrill will graduation One time member of Evergreen boys H Club On Get Together committee Ambition To go to college and someday be a big wheel F Nadine Brose Deanie has beautiful eyes to match her super person ality Another member of FRANK Club YTeen Proud possessor of er golf monogram Formal Com mittee Rarlsplitter Staff Did a good yob on circulation of regular Rail Favorite hobbies include all sports riding around with the gang sounds like fun Nadine Says few things ever embarrass er Trip to Omaha with the gang was exciting for t is cute gal fun to be with Ambition To go on to college Floyd Brown Brownie is a faithful mem ber of the S S S S Club Short Sparkling personality always laughing Coun cil member 2 semesters Participated in Baseball and Football Co Make Up Editor Greenhorn Co Picture Page Editor Senior Rail Played the messenger Adorable Age Floyd cnioys hunting fishing sports Face turns a bright re oh so easily Biggest thrill will be June Sth . . . Mem- ber of Class Day , . . committee. Ambition-To make a million . . . dollars. Shirley Mae Brown . . . Co-Columnist o . . . regular Rai . . . Lincolnite Committee . . , Served on Parent Tea Com. . . , Yettashing's hobbies in- clude . . .ice skating . . . taking vacations . , . talking . . . and sleeping . . , Also likes to drive?? . . . Another F.R.A.N.K, . . SS.S.S. Club member . . . Shirl seems to have . . . a special tal- ent of . , . getting into trouble . . . when Lois is around . which is nearly always . . . Claims no grade school skeletons . . , but don't let that fool you . . . Never a dull moment when she is around . . . Personality plus . , . ls still looking forward .to biggest thrill . . . one swell girl, Ambition-Go to college and . , . have a dress shop of her own. Delores Mae Burk . . . Will answer to Dee any time . . . Music . . . vocal and piano . . , dancing . . . sleeping and writing to . . . Guam are her fa- vorite hobbies . . . Mostly Wflflng . . . Refuses to tell anyone her . , most embarrassing . . . mo- ment , . . Has many though . . . Will be so thrilled when . . . She makes her first million dollars . , Hopes it will come . . . in the . . . near future . . . Dee claims she was a good little girl rn grade school . , . My! how she has changed . . . Always dresses neat . . . Favorite pastime is cutting her curly lacks . . . Be- longs to S.S,G.C .... Class Day Committee. H Ambition-Marry a millionaire and travel abroad Ralph Angelo Caponugro Braun rated second n seruuor class Very smart guy Took tume aut trom studues for Junuor Senuor Councul 4 semesters and to lend an understandung ear to lusten to Leonard s troubles Shocked Muss Holmes when he brought the wrong book to Hustory 8 class What book was that Rolah997 Cap appears to be a very auuet guy puts up a good front Chums around wuth Jerry ar Chuck Ralph us lookung forward for hus buggest thrull thunks ut wull be qraduatuon Ta handsome guy Very fruendly Ambutuon To go on to college and be a mulluanaure Frank Nick Cataldo Wheel un football Nuck was selected on KSO furst All Cnty team Furst on South Central Conference second on All Cuty team Luttle guy but packs a lot of punch Receuved 2 monograms un favorute sport football Frank us a mem ber of YMOA YMCA Served on Formal Cammuttee Buggest ul for uc came when he met Dolores Beardslev Claums no skele tons un grade school closet Come Nuck know better than that Has such a soft and pleasung vouce Ambutuon To make a certaun someone a good husband Thomas Ruchard Cluman Duck says druvung cars new ones that us eatung and sleepung cure favor ute hobbues a ever so quuet lAt tumesl Skeletons un grade school closet unclude beung slapped bv the teacher for whus t ng at a rl sf whustles but not when Hauls from Maple Grove proud of ut too swell guy nuce to know Ambutuon Lots of them be a truck druver mechqnuc or pulat Darlene Voldme Clayton Another F R A N K eyes of blue un other words short and sweet swers to Dar Claums eaflng druvung Chuck Und SD0rts take up most at her spare tume Served on Sr Student Counculs Remembers certain day n grade school when s e wore teacher s smock all day because she spulled pant on her dress Butter lmgers Freckles was embarrassed when caught TW ng to druve cu Greyhound bus out of the statuon Omoho Curculatuon Manager regular Raul Class Day Commuttee Cute Always laughung Ambutuon Become a nurse and teach Morgan haw to dance Ruth Louuse Close Cute gal full of ep Gnd devulment Ruthue us one of e more musucal munded gurls ot the class member of sextette 3 semesters Secre torv of Chorus Treasurer of Senuor Student Councul l2A Ruth has many hobbues uncludung dClf1Clng swummung boys lmoybe rust one huh Ruth9J talk U1 and boys Poor gurl was heartbroken when she found out her grade school beau was her cousun Wull never f0 Q9Y UID to Omaha wuth the F R A N K Club Buggest t ul us et to come Wonderful gurl loves Qu9Qle Ambuhan To be a successful nurse and wufe Mary Lou Comuto Irush has snappy brown eyes pretty black haur Chaur man of Get Together Com muttee Served on Lun In te Commuttce Past prexy of Y Teen Councul 9th grade Member of Jun or and Senuor Chorus Hobbues are dancung and beung w tty whuch comes naturally Was so embarrassed when some thung unexpected happen d whule on the stage assembly Buggest thrull wull be graduatuon Wont tell grade school secrets One of the class cut ups F R A N K gang Ambutuon To travel around tne world wuth some mulluon aure Delores Mary Cornplano Comes runnung t nuckname Dee Neat dresser Dancung sports druvung and havung a good tum are pastumes Playung tennus proved so embarrass un What happen? Was very unnocent gal un grade school Bggest thrull us n the future Cute wutty snappy brown eyes Served on Cap 8. Gown Commut ee Hauls from North Hugh Always seen wuth Donna Ambutuon To have lats of money and spend ut for clothes Lawrence Herbert Crust Home Room Presu dent Larrys furst love us horses Effucuency Vuce Presudent of Senuor class Basketball track football photography take up all hus spare tume Has such a muschuevous smule Deep sea fushung off coast of Muamu Beach was quute thrullurug Claums Hmm Can usually be seen wuth Jerry Quuet at tumes Everyone s fruend Ambutlon T beat North or East un a track meet and ta go fushung every summer for the rest of hus u e Betty Louuse Davus a member of Y O B Club Glee Club 9th grade Was contunually gettung unto trouble when small drank kerosene ate lye fell unto a deep we Betty must have charmed lute huhv Was a good hand at tughtung the boys at Park Ave Betty thought ut was fun beung the only gurl un mechanucal drawung sewung druvung readung are tavorute habbues Faurutung a boy s arms proved very embarrassung for Betsy Quuet Very nuce Ambutlon Has many unclud ng marryung a ruch man and to travel to Europe Joseph Francus DeBolt Broad shoulders blond haur nuce persanaluty Doc possesses 3 letters un basketball l un baseball Member of Student Councul Raulsplutter Staff l-lobbues unclude all kunds of sports Maybe women too Nothung embarrassung ever happens to Sam Was thrulled at beung elected captaun basketball team Fran cus claums he was a good boy un grade school of thus we have our doubts Nuce look un one swell guy Ambutuon To graduate trom Drake - O ' . . , thr'I N: k'l - ' - l 1 . ' .If ' Alive t ' , E ' ,..l20.,,. Q- 'lif gi ...'i'lu'..l ' there are 'teachers around .V .I i no grade 'school . .h .' skeletons j ,Nyc Q.. lf. l ...An- ' A A, . . ' , , , Bet us . . . . . . lr .,.. , u, uu.,.A ' in... ' 'Q.,. '- . of., A- hfuu'-'vyp gs. 5 ' , ' ...to - -4.- Lonnza Josephine Domungues Possessor of a beautuful vouce Member of Senuor Chorus Punks spare tume spent sungung doodlung and dancung Was constantly havung horrufyung mo ments un 2l5 and Sungung at KRNT The ater was so thrullung Was a mean luttle krd un grade school Fought G H un h grade Jo Can t seem agree wuth Muss Holmes for some peculuar rea .1 Came to us from St Anthony s Served on Banquet Commuttee Arnbmon To be a Spanush teacher Ruthlemae Dondlunger Ruthue wull answer to any of her nucknames Slunger Pudgue Purder Cla ms graduatuon June wull be thrullung Ruth turned such a pretty shade of red when certaun person pulled her out of bed Anybody we know Ruth77 Ta nuce gurl has many fruends un cludung Joanne Josephune Corene and Evelyn Favorute hobbues are Car sungung Was caught gugglung by grade school teacher had a hard tume explaunung Arnbuhon To marry a ruch man and spend all hus money Robert Eugene Duede a around sportsman receuved mono grams un football basketball baseball Honored at beung chosen of the 49 50 season served on student councul 2 semesters hob bues unclude sports gurls laf coursel Sports Edutor of regular Raul claums gradua tuon wull be thrull of thrulls for Hatch a nuce lookung Easuly embarrassed served Informal Commuttee has one of the cutest butch s Ambntuon To go to college Norma Lee Edrnundson Graduatuon tops Normas lust of thrullung moments hog had many others too Raun bow Qurls SSGC member Most of her spare tume us aken up by men co lectung putchers Quuet around certan people Luke many others Norm us look ung forward to college days after June Neat dresser Always seen wuth ev Maggue and rest of the gang Dud a swell uob on Parent Teo Comm ttee swell qol to know Ambahon-Go to college leave lots of fruends and maney Althea Corene Ell s Lukes to sng does ut well oo Jun or Senuor Chorus Glee Club Corene us another lucky gurl wuth rung on thurd fnger left hand Wull make Duck a good wfe For some unknown reason ce tan day un H 5 class proved very embarrassung spends spare tme wuth favorute hobbues Duck eatung sleepung mostly Duck Buggest thrull receuvung rung ls lookung forward to two bug events un June Graduatuon weddung a really swell gal has many fruends Arnbmon-Make Duck a good wufe Joanne Mary Edwards can always be seen wuth Darlene rest the regular gang Hobbues unclude George rudung around wuth Dar and lusten un Sleepy Joe Another member of the F R A N K Club Member of Senuar and Junuor Counculs Served Formal and Luncolnute Commuttees Jodv cute nuce personaluty Was embarrassed when walkurug down the street and suddenly What dud Happen Claums she was a teachers peeve grade school Buggest thru l yet to come Ambmon To become a graduate nurse and then marry a certaun mulluonaure Colleen Ruth Edwards One cute gal Possessor long black hour Served o student councul l h l2th g a le Member of F R A N K School play The Perfect ld at Buggest thrull was furst plund date Embarrassung moments are H0 DFID' able Hobbues are collect ng story book dolls danc ng Trup to Omaha wuth F RA N K gang wull prove thrull Can always seen wuth Bev A swell gal to know Ambutuon To spend a o of tume wuth O blond Irushman Marulyn Ann Farr Very busy gurl Councul member IOB thru lOA S S G C Band sunce 7th grade Nurse s Staff Always has tume though for favorute hobbues Dl0Ylf'lQ Bug wheel un m News Edutor regular Raul Glossue Edutor Senuor Raul Very ambutuous Has closets of darlung clothes Always neat Was such a good gurl un grade school has no skeletons for her closet Graduatuon wull prove thrullung for Marulyn Pos unclude Bev Norma Ambuhon Graduate from college and make lots of money Robert Leland Flnney Co Edutor Gfeen hog: Co Make UD EdIfOl' Senuor Raul Favorute pas tumes are fushung and tn kerung wuth some old car Buggest thrull was beuf'lQ Presudent of AH Club Gradu atuon wull also be thrullung Bob receuved a pants dustung when he threw o mudball gn hut superuntendents wundow un grade school To nuce smule Can always be seen wuth Carl Ambmon ls to make someone a good husband Attend Ford Motor Co school verly May Flsher .5 neat dresser one of the busuer membel'S of m Co Makeup Edutor Co Sketch Edutor ru Column st gegnhznrrgz I f r u en ouncu Seuecv FRANK ssss Clubs Sextette Chorus A certaun uncudent at the F0 r proved very m carrassung Claums JohnnY and graduatuon as her bug gest thrulls Hobbues are danc un Johnny eatung tplkung sleepung and clothes Darlung cheer leader l Ie ter Fruendly Personaluty plus Chcur man Informal Commuttee Ambrtlon Learn to cook spaghettu and meat balls Y' Al t'Jo .., - ' ...rof g...to.,. ...lOl '4' 4 . ' ...on... to... ' sfn...' A lri f' 1 lt.,. ' - -f- ..,lt -y ' ' ...a...tll An,.. ll... S.C.C. basketball furst . . . team mono A ' V good of if foo , , , ' 'Jl.... '.A..Co- - u ...af... - T I- ...B fu ' ' Be ' ,2,., - . A ?'..- - ...T- ,.,a ...e- ..5.. Jerry Flatt Good buuld swell guy Women sports and more women take up most of Jerrys trme He rather enuoys ut too An all around athlete Member of football basketball baseball teams 2 letters un baseball Councul member semesters Hu Y Go a bug thrull aut of huttung furst home run seems to have had a lu te cor trouble on way to January formal proved pretty embarrassung for hum Formal Cammuttee Ambition To get marrued and have my wufe support me Richard D Fogue Served Student Councul Swummung foot ba Hobbues are Donna and warkung on cars Buggest ru l ye to corne No embarrassung moments? Duck remembers kuckung hus grade school teacher un the shuns Blond haur Blue eyes Good lookung Can always be seen wuth Donna Halls from Maple Grove Ambuhon To be a brucklayer and contractor then settle down wuth that certaun gurl Eduth Moy Foster Effucuent chaurman of Home Ec staff wrutung t Bll sewung eatung sleepung and occupy all of Edue s spare tume Was she red when he entered boys gym by mustake Wall never forget havung to funush fught he classroom Maple Grove before an auduence Was one of the models un fashuon show 2B Better known as Dumlbles and Moroney s sude kuck Most thrullung a wull be gradua tuon and becomung a Mrs pretty black haur Ambutuon To marry Bull and be o good wufe Carl W Foust Short luttle guy Sparks better half Carl holds the specual honor of beung Pres of C WF Co Hobbues are fushung coon hunt un and last but not least gurls Won t tell what happened after tryung to get humself knocked out How about ut Carl7? Belueve ut or not C WF was a good luttle bov un grade school least thats what he says ls ook ung forward to raduatuon Always sungungn 7 cowboy songs wuth Sparks Great luttle guy to know Muscles Shorty Ambntuon Reture at the age of l9 wuth the rest of the Co to the Kentucky hulls Harold W Goble Receuved 2 letters un track Was most embarrassed when he gypped one day and arruved home to fund truant offucer wautung what shame Wont reveal grade school skeletons Gab s buggest thrull w I qraduatuon member DeMolay Hobbues unclude poker games and sports Swell personaluty nuce physuque Good lookung Ambuhon To own a profutable busuness and a new car Betty Louuse Garwuck e one swell gal to know Student Councul member one semester Hobbues collectung sea shells rocks Buggest thrull Takung trp to Key West Floruda anc a trp to many cutues un Caluforna Claums too many embarrassung moments to men tuon Now Bet Doesn t have any grade school skele tons Bet are you sure97 Look ng forward to graduatuon Amb tuon To go to Open Buble lnstutute Then to travel get marrued and be a good wufe JoAnn Germg Shortest gurl of the class Jody dud s el uob n Jlm as Junuor News Edutor Co Glossy Ed utor has plenty of cut fungers to prove ut too Long lust of hobbues unclude dancung eatung havung tun wuth Patty Trued very hard to a good gurl grade school stull got unto trouble though Buggest thrull wull be qraduatuon Tryung to explaun what happened to Pats car turned unto a very embarrass ung moment for J has had many others too Swell personaluty cute gal Shorty Ambutuon Wants to travel wuth Patty marry o mulluonaure Budd E Glew Stucky has acquured 3 monogroms un fayorute sport football Honored at beung pucked 2nd team All Conference Pres and tauthful member of BRD Club Spare tume s spent huntung Enjoys all sports Receuvung hus duploma and begunnung hus furst mulluon w ll be thrullung for Paste Beung unutuated unto BRD Club proved very embarrassung for some unknown reason lte us about ut Bu dl Cloums to have been an angel un grade school Served on Formal Cammuttee dud a good uob A swell guy to know Ambltuon To be a successful Salesman Dean Goodlaxson Ta l Pleasant personaluty Goung to San Juan Porto Ruco wuth Jum urr was Goodys buggest thrull Says he doesn t have any embar rassung moments Hmmm Skeleton un grade school wuth Dan Wutter us unmentuanable Oswald claums sleepung horse back rudung and musuc as hus hobbues Member of Chorus and Glee Club Partucupated un football and track Informal Commut ee Chums wuth Gray and Caponugro Ambutuon To reture Leonard Gray Student Councul member Sportsmanshup commuttee Lettered 3 tumes un track l-lobbues are JoAnne Sports JoAnne wood model ng and JoAnne Droppung baton on last lap of mule relay at cuty undoor meet was embarrassung An angel grade school A swell guy Buggest thrull was gettung out of a certaun math class Can be seen wuth Crust or Scovel olwoys foulung thungs up un Cherruustry class Ambltuon Have a whute collar uob and own a mansuon Bob D Gm-lley Collectmg gurls plctures and models of antlaue cars are Lovers pastlmes Was embarrassed when he got suck and hls mother found It was the a ter effects of a lOc clgar Booble fought wnth a llttle fourth grade boy over pretty brunette Possessor of a wonderful personallty Suggest thrill w graduatlon and a chance to become a lawyer Was so hu mnllated when he played cupld qot stones maxed c Ambltuon To be world s greatest lawyer Donald Levts Gustafson Football basketball base ba make Gus all around athlete Lettered 3 tlrnes ln football twlce baseball Fanthful member H R l2O In play cast of Adorable Age Perfect ldlot Being glven the male lead part ID ldnot cast proved thrllllng Class Day Comm ttee Sports Editor regular Ral Good at favorite hobby photography and anythlng he does Mast embarrassing moment slngJ S In grade play G s w ll always be remembered as a leader ln the class swell QUY Ambntlon Play football for lowa State and then coach George Wllllam Halsted Member of Senlor Chorus Glee Club Roller skatnng eatxng sleeplng slnglng .lo Anne are hus speclal hobbles Gorgeous George remembers klsslng Q grade Why George? Smashlng the drlvers tralnlng car was so humlatxng Recelvlng his d ploma wlll be thrllllng One e smaller members the class Ambltlon To b a Band Leader and JoAnne s husband Charles Franklm Hlldreth Cars glrls runnlng around wlth Jerry eatlng Wheatles are favornte hobbles Remembers be :ng shaken or fllrtlng wlth the gym secretory In grade school Charlle can usually be seen wlth Ralph and JSYYV Out for basketball ln llth grade A spotllght at the a rport caused con slderable embarrassment for Chuck Frnendlv at all tzmes the tallest m mber of the class Wlll answer to any one of Lankv Lover and of course Shorty Ambition To be a mlnlster or store manager for A 8. P Beverly Hlfsrnan Was a cute homecom ng queen Student councll mem'- l h grade other F R A N K member Pushlng a stalled auto wlth Colleen at 4 OO oclock 4 O am Bev7P proved very embarrassung Looklng forward to trp to Omaha wlth the gang Belng wlth Budd and benng elected homecom :ng queen are blggest thrnlls Collectlng story book dolls and danclng are fa vor te hobbles A of grade school skeletons resulted from bemg a member of Park Avenue gang Con gl ways be seen wlth Colleen and gang Class Day Com mlttee AlllbIfI0lllT0 become a success Shlrley Rome Howland Reeser One of the shortest members the class Sports two rmgs on her left hand l-'ad stand front of class wlth gum on her nose ln 2nd arade Member gym staff Swlmmnng dancung Harold occupy all spare m m nts Graduatlon and re elvlng her rlngs are tops are Tubbys Inst of thrllls Conte Always a lot of fun Ornery personaluty Arnb hon To be a successful wife Evelyn Claudlne Huff Alva sewing cooking stamp callectlng are Eves avorute pastlmes one of the qulet members of the class Blggest thr ll was recenvlng her d amond Served On Cop 8- Gown Commnttee R members staylng after hool for maklng faces classmates Turned so red when lnformed she was pronauncmg Alva In correctly Frlendly Sweet personallty Ambltlon To be a good wlfe for Alva Patricia M .laynes Pat clalms danclng tennns boys eatlng boys are her hobbues Can always be seen wnth JoAnn Thanklng wrong boy for a cer tam present proved embar rassmg Blggest thrall qettlng her cor Also gradu dlfferent letter sweaters she sports around Crash has one letter an favorlte sport tennls Lots of fun and laughs Had fun ln Texas ln 6th grade Donng what Pat P 7 Patty Always trymg to do secret thlngs or a certaln Vuce Presldent Ambuhon Travel wlth JoAnn Be a nurse to a certaln future Dr Donald Francus Jones Member service homeroom Pres of Protectors League 8 Collect mg couns huntung tlsh ang photography occupy Don s spare tlme Emborrass mg moments lust too hor rlfylng to mentlon Qulet nlce personallty Llked h all Was such a mean luttle kd at Maple Grove Clalms blggest t ll s yet to come Arnbnhon To go to college and become a Pharmacust Loretto Cathryn Jones Red har and ff0Ckl9S are Loretta s outstandnng features Loves to laugh Says s a lot of QSWVWQ fl and then out of trouble does a good rob of It too Gym Staff OA Reta as looking forward graduat ng In June was sooo embarrassed rn grade school when she found she heat up the wrong twin One swell gurl fruend to Q especially Meffert her favornte teacher Ambmon To become a su cessful bookkeeper Keep ght on looklng for e r ght guy W l '50 ,. .,.to.., ...Man K ,..of'.'.i ...O AA. O- ' H ...l1l...be Q ' - A ll..'. '.'..Qrl ' in,..M' .,.ls A 1 ...-CYD! C s , 14- 5- ' ,.,0t 'Qfkes' ..'41h - ' acertain , ,. lrl .-.,.,ll1SllKfl'l Pflon - 1 - Well krlown fo' the , th... ...of I - ' ...hflll 2 ...6'5 ..-- ff.'lr,.. ...XR .1 ,...,. Lt... fun-I----I :O .. ' ww, ll of ll . .. V. . .Mrf 7 ,,.. Clyde W Kauffman Short blond nuce buuld Claums he used to make dauly trups to grade school pruncupal s offuce Any change Clyde? Racung workung cars eatung sleepung and gurls are favorute hobbues Buggest thrull w ll be graduatung face reddenung moments Partucuoated un football and baseball grade Ambltuon To be an enguneer or pulot Shlrley Jull Kenworthy Dresses neatly lots ot un and laughs lull claums movues men dancung shoes as her favorute hobbues Goung to Clear Lake and fundung a certoun someone else there was a thrullung experuence Very embarrassed upon beung thrown t a suttung down posutuon un he muddle of a dance floor Member Senuor Glrls Sextette 2 semesters H H gang Served on Get Together Cornmut ee untellugent gurl as many fruends Ambutuon Be a good secretary make lots of money and spend ut all on clothes Thomas Kenneth Kueler Presudent H R 20l 2 semes ters Stage Commuttee Member baseball football and basketball teams Tom claums too many embarrass ung moments to dusclose Another one of Hullybully Boys Remembers walkung Park Avenue beat many a tume Oh my achung feet Baseball sleepung all other sports are favorute Cute butch Ambutuan Become a good electrucuan someday Eugene Joseph Klrk Baseball druvung photog raphy and baseball are Hermons favorute hobbues tWhat no gurls Genevl ceuved 2 monograms un baseball Served on u dent Councul and Co Columnust sports page on re ular Raul Makung All Cuty baseball team and huttung home runs proves to be bug gest thrulls for The Baby Doesn t care to mentuon embarrassung moments Too m0nY FYTOYDE77 Halls from DOWIIHQ Nuce lookung Ambltlon Wants to be a success at whatever he does Aluce Louuse Kussel Beung chosen attendant homecomung heads thus cu e gals lust of bug thrulls Made a darlnng one too Ray swummung take up mast of Als tume Remem bers laughung at Ted Newton when he fell unto sewer whule chasung er Ol' 0 Dartv Was a mean luttle gurl at Maple Grove Pu cockleburrs un a gurl s long haur Make UD Edutor regular Raul Co Sketch Edutor senuor ROI Co Feature Edutor Greenhorn Served an Gym Staff Luncolnute Commuttee 2 semesters Snappy member of FRANK Club SSSS gang Neat dresser Always laughung Cap 8. Gown Commuttee Ambltlon To fund a Shangru La James Robert Knught Card of the cass um an actuve guy Pres SSSS Class Day Commuttee Greenhorn Edutor Senuor Raul Edutor un cast of Per ect lduot Chaurman sembly Commuttee Member of football baseball squads Receuved l monogram un football Beung photographed a certaun posutuon up at Ledges proved very embarrassung for Kungfush Claums huntung fnshung hukung models as hobbues a handsome guy Wonderful personaluty Zeke Luugl Aunbmon Become an actuary rouse a football team and pay all theur expenses James Everett Kochheuser Was so abashed when he had to sut un corner because he sang too low un grade school A member of Servuce Home Room Cl'l0Dl0'l'1 Of DeMolay A carruer sales man for 7 years Everett was thrulled when he receuved a scholarshup and collue on the Paramount stage was tuckled when he hut a musuc teacher wuth a paper wad but It dudnt last long Can always seen wuth Maggue and Wayne Has a wonderful sense humor Sully laugh Nuce personaluty Ambutuon To be a munuster Robert Lee Kyar Cowboy us a member of the Naval Reserve Student Councul Chaurman Buuldung 8. rounds Commuttee Movue Ushers Commuttee Annalou bowlung Annalou and huntung rate hugh on Bobs hobby lust Was so thrulled when he funally got out of grade school Wasnt easy was ut Bob? Member baseball football squads Busy guy as Advertusung Manager for regular and senuor Rauls Wont talk about grade school experuences Lots of fun Prettyboy as a fruend to a Ambutuon Go to college become a successful farmer Delbert Sherman Lee Huntnng cars bowlung and Marulyn are uncluded among Snort s favor ute hobbues Partucupated un baseball un Luther and Napuer lowa Has 2 mono grams Is keepung s skeletons embarrassung moments under lock and ey Buggest thrull Maru n lucky gurl Ta beautuful wavy haur Quuet tull you get know hum Swell guy to know Ambutuon Wants to buuld a home and get marrued Mary M Lundgren Sweet smule personaluty plus best descrubes thus cute gal What happened un lubrary when a certaun yoke was told Mary? Beung caught hangung from a bull board whule John Law went proved embarrassung to Mary Most of her spare moments are spent sleepung loafung or over at Munnues w Jull Ande Jo Ann and qang Served on Get Together Com muttee Neat dresser luked by all Quuet ut not around the gang swell gur Ambutlon Have lots of clean quuet dugnufued un l Y I ...J' I us.. ...As- V u ...No I fmunuurh ,lim f - I A rg. ANSQ-N, V . - 'L' Q ...be hobbies . . . Swell to know .- HD .jsli ' by on.... I ,,.-Ag- 'IA' I-A-hi' - - ly ' ll . ,.,. .Sf-s of... 1, - r . I ... A ...Ca- ' l ' ' ...b ..., 'l. ,3.. JoAnn Marie Maeri Short cute is faithful member of K H ub Hobbies include Minnie s dancing eating and having a lot of fun Skeletons grade school closet happened in the school library when a certain ioke was told Most embar rassing moment was when she got on the wrong bus the bus was going to Dowling Now how could that have hap penedi' Jody can be seen with Mary Ande Anna and gang Ambition To marry a good looking man and receive a carat diamond Margaret Isabelle Matthews Maggie has been a faithful member of band since 7th grade was so terribly horrified when she met an unexpected guest at the Drake Relays Says music biggest hobby Mike received such o hard spanking in grade school and all because of MLC Claims a certain teacher as her pet Deeve served on Parent Teacher Tea Did a good iob Active member of SSGC Office staff Attractive with a nice personality Ambition-Own half of Tri States with Bernice as partner LaVonne Joyce McConkey Member Senior Junior Girls Glee Club Swimming Club Jo s hobbies include skating dancing Claims too many embarrassing moments to tell Long blonde hair cute girl LaVonne had to sit in a corner in grade school for talking to Juanita ls not looking for biggest thrill for a long while yet Swell girl usually seen with Juanita Ambition Like many others to marry o millionaire Bernice Bonita Me Elwee Bobby will always remem ber August 7th and that thrilling day she learned to drive Whose cor was it Bernicev Always with Donna Maggie rest of the kids Her many hobbies include eating pop corn on bus with Maggie men dancing basketball Turned very red when she tore her leans a certain embarrassing place Member S A F E Club Hard worker on Class Prophecy . . . Banquet Committee . . , Will answer to nicknames . . .. All-Star . . . Berney. Ambition-Own a bachelors home with Donna. Johanna Irene Metferd . . . Jo claims ice skating , , . roller skating , , . and sewing . . . hobbies . . . Was so thrilled when Harry , . . placed diamond on her left hand , , . Far too many embarrassing . . . moments , . , Was so humiliated . . . when she had to sit in the . . . corner one day in grade . , . school . . . Has neat black hair . . . Quiet . Can always be seen . . ,. with BCYTY - - - Corrine , , , Ruthie and Harry . , . ls looking forward to a wedding after grad- uation . . . Member of Senior Chorus. Ambition-To be an efficient . . . wife. -.ws Charles Lester Mettille Aswers to Chuck Mis chievous Can always seen with Jack and im Charlie claims girls loafing eating sports and girls are favorite pastimes Was so embarrassed when caught entering wrong? car An excellent Class Treasurer Claims have been very innocent little boy in grade school Was out for base ba Noted for his freckles devilment Mutual friendship with everyone Ambition T become a professional Ioafer to keep the friends he has made David Mills Dees hobbies are sports dancing and girls ust one Dave? A naughty word that slipped during a Lincolnite assembly caused Dave much embarrassment Co Make UD of Senior Rail Co Feature of Greenhorn Feature Editor of Regular Rai Lincolnite Committee Golf team lOth through l2th monograms Basketball lOth grade SSSS Club One certain girl and receiving his monograms are tops on Ace s tn i I st Got his head split open in a fight over a girl in 2nd grade Class Day Committee Ambition To be a sports writer for a magazine Raymond Paul Morris Ray has 2 letters in favorite sport football Being seen out in the hall after football practice last fall proved to be a very em barrossing moment for Whitey Blond hair good build swell personality best describes Ray Vice President B R D Club Co Columnist on sports page regular Rai Class Day Committee Claims all kinds of sports Alice as favorite pas times being with Alice always proves thrilling for Ray Digs out Leonard Gray as skeleton from grade school closet Swell guy to know good looking cute smile Ambition--Own a hotrod Nadine Zoe Mortvedt Mandy has beautiful blonde hair blue eyes that match Considers being member of 13 great honor and privilege Participating in All State Chorus proved to be thrill in Although biggest ri I Pau Hobbies are dancing singing writing lto Paul3'l Most embarrassing moment came when on a certain date unmentionables fell Nicky remembers being slapped by o Pork Ave teacher or talking to J, M ..,. An active member of Sextette . . , Chorus . . . Girls Glee Club , . . C.C.A. . . . cute girl with . . . a pleas- in . . . personality. Ambition-Make someone a good wife. Theodore Bert Newton . . . One of the busiest guys on . . . the senior list . . . Junior Council President . , . Y.O.B. President . . . Participated in football . , . gof...received.,. letters in golf . . . Student . , . director of Senior Chorus . . . Member of Band 4V2 YEGVS - - - Quartet . . . 3 years , . . All- State Orchestra . . . Chorus . Hobbies include . . , reading . . . and music . . . Embarrassed when he forgot part of Pledge . , . of Allegiance before . : . the . . . student body . Big- gest . . , thrill was singing with the All-State , . . Chorus . , . Nice looking . . , wonderful personality . . . sure , . . to be a success. E E Ambition-To enter the ministray. Raymond E Ogburn Flshlng huntlng women mllklng cows calllng hogs are a few of ow boys many hobbles Was pretty embarrassed when caught smoklng whlle out for track Shame Member AH Club ls very proud of blue rlbbon for belng champlon hog caller Beaky was such a brat ln grade school let alr out of prlnclpals tlres put gravel ln Trunk of the car What do you do every 4th of July RQy797 Included ln blggest thrllls are gradua TION roller coaster Amblflbn To get lots of fun out of lfe Beverly Jean Oliver Wlll answer to nlcknames Bev or ete play ng the plano drlvlng swlmmlng men are favorlte pastlme hobbles Short black halr neat dresser Hard worker on Class Prophecy Parent Tea Commlttee Another SSGC member Ran around a certaln corner too fast embarrassed Bev to no end could be she sow somethlng she shouldn t haven? Grade school skele tons lnclude havlng certaln Tattletale tattle Leadlng ln January Class Graduotlon are blggest thrllls Ambltlon To have a convertlble swlmmlng pool many frlends Merle Olson One swell gal to knov Halls from Muskegon os sesses pretty blonde halr Merle IS an OCTIVG mem ber ln muslc Clalms playlng the plano eatlng e tlng suntan as her hobbles Blggest homecomlng attendants Too many errlbarrasslng moments to reveal Chosen slng e All State Chorus ln I949 Can always be seen wlth Joan Stoker Member of the F R A N K gang Amblhon To play Cir and never Bb at the DIODO Murllne L Owen Blggest thrlll came when elected Presldent of Senlor Class Really a swell guy Ta Qulet tlll you get to know hlm Buzz worked hard Copy EdIfOf of regular Rall Organlzatlon Senlor Ra l Llkes muslc plays trom bone ls looklng forward to the day he passes one of Mlss Holmes hlstory flnals Clalms he gets embarrassed QUITE easlly Member S S S S Club Smart guy Llked by all Ambltlon To become a doctor Anthony James Paterno Dark nlce looklng Anthony has the honor of belng fIfSf male secretary of a senlor class dld a swell lob Member Senlor Stu dent Councll lOth thru 12th grade Chalrman Publlc Relatlons Commlttee l2A Y M C A member Llkes to spend spare tlme flshlng huntlng Hasnt any embarrasslng moments grade school skeletons So he says UHYWOY Graduatlng wlll prove thrllllng frlend to all One swell person to know Ambltlon Be a pharmaclst and a mllllonalre I0- Rose Mane Plum One of Moroneys h lpers Member Hom E Staff l2A Was a blg hop cafeterla worker Has a frlendly smlle Rosle clalms too many m barrasslng moments to tell Roller skatlng football games palntlng flgurlnes takes up most of her spare tlme Was 0 sweet lttle grl grade school Has no skele tons ln closet Served Parent Tea Cornmlttee looklng forward to graduatlon Ambltlon Be a good typlst Robert Thomas Powell a IS a possessor of beautlful blond curly halr Always can be seen wlth Hatch and rest of e gang Sports glrls and more glrls are Bob s favorlte pastlmes Mem ber Sports Staff or regular Rall Played baseball football track team l monogram ln track Student Councll member Bow Wow Clalms he has too many embarrasslng moments to reveal Swell guy to know Ambltlon To become a travellng salesman and travel nat urally Wayne Prlfchard Ta good looklng flash IH brlght red halr Prltch has been a member of golf team SINCE lOth grade 3 monograms Was oh so embarrassed when Mary Lou gave her speech at the 9A banquet Hobbles ae all sports and Evelyn Says nothlng excltlng hap pened ln grade school Waynes blggest thrlll was glvlng her dlamond Mem ber of the SSSS Club Amerlcan Leglon basketball team nlce personallty Al1lblfIOll To be a success u archltect Jeanne Mane Pugh Beautlful blonde natural curly halr sweet smlle Qulet Won t reveal embarrasslng moments too many maybe?7' An ever falthful member of e Llncoln Band l2 semesters Member of Offlce Staff Another SSGC glrl Very proud of the fact too Has many hobbles to keep her busy lncludlng p ay lng the clarlnet wrltlng tc England drlvlng Gradu atlon wlll prove to be thrllllng for Jeanne although blgges thrlll IS yet to come sweet personallty nlce glrl Ambltlon Be a good secretary and own a car Merrlll Lee Qulvey Qulvs hobby IS trylng keep hls Ford runnlng Queevys a swell guy to know always a lot of n Has been a Band member slnce 7th grade Cheerleader l2th grade Says blggest thrlll IS yet to come Clalms no embarrasslng occaslans Ne dont belleve t wall map fell on hls head ln grade school Ouch On Get Together Commlttee Member o S S S S b Nlce personallty Amblflon To have a salary of S95 a week and own a new Mercury then travel to Callfornla W I l ta... 1 If H . l lln...-1 ' OA , V .-,.ls a.- f..0n ,..P.- I ' ...gt- ...a... v r r thrill waslbelnglinb of the ' ' ' A -- ' ' L ...to... ' -r - 4. ' ...in....th EV ' ' - fl...-' - ll' ' A f ' 4 A fl' V as I A . 'f' . ' 'H ...to - I... .'f'i. A J fn ,.,. clu' Carmen Mane Rlccelh Beautiful black hour closets of darling clothes Carma Lou lukes dancing swimming men rudung un convert ubles Must be a busy gurl Falling down Younkers staur way and being caught by a clerk tMae o fe male7l proved pretty embarrass un Claims she used to do some very unusual things un grade school especially when Joann and Mary were around Just cant seem to stay away from Louise really swell Arnbnhon Be an office nurse for a certaun future dentist Herbert H Rlchards Hard worker77 on Parent Teacher Tea Committee Assemblv Ushers Chaurmon Herbs favorite hobbues are women huntung and uust plain luvung Was em barrassed when caught by River Patrol swummung un D M Ruv r un bxrthday suit Member of track swummung and football teams Lettered un track Started out bad n school gypped un furst grad had to stay un during recess Buggest thrill rudung un John Johnson s hotrod Ambntlon Own Mud Continent Aurlune and fly over his IOOO acre farm Martha Ann Rogers Martha us well known to all for her beautiful singing voice An active member of the YO B Club A faithful member of Chorus and Sextette Marty us very proud her superuor ratings for partucupotung un State Music Con tests at Drake Hobbies un clude singing and Ken Martha was so em barrassed when she was told Miss Schofield stop making eycs at a ccrtaun fellow un class a swell gurl to know claims biggest thrull wull come soon after grad uatung from Northwestern Buble School Ambmon To make Ken a good wufe and to luve a good Christian u e Lols Mae Roth Louie neat dresser cute cla ms a certan after noon at Clear Lake proved very embarrassing Hmmm council member of hard working Columnust of regular Raul Serves on Assembly Committee hobbies include eating sleepung druvung sports and ice skating 0 SHGDDY member o F R A N K Club S S S S Club says she us stull waiting for her thrull none so far l.ouuePP favorite pastime us getting un trouble wuth Shurley Alllblfl0h'TO own a convertible . . . go deep sea duvung and , . vacation in Jamaica, Arzelle Theodore Satre . . . Arzie was . , . so embarrassed when she found out . , . she was the only gurl in woodshops , . . Won't admzt she enjoyed t though . . . Served on Home Ec, Staff . . , lOA Gym Stalf . , lOA thru llB . . . Senor Student Council , . . 3 semesters . . . Informal Committee . . . Gradu- ation wull top all thrulls for . . . Arzelle . . . Ice skatung 4 A , boys . . . swimming . . . wrut ng to lowa State . . . boys . . . a'c favorite hobbues . , . Chum- around wuth , . , Pat . . . Jocl, . . . beautiful blonde hair . . . real swell gurl. Ambition-To marry a special , . . someone . . . travel around . , . the world. Jacquelyn Schaenenberger Beautiful red hair snoop ng bright eyes to match make Jackie a very outstand un ur Long lust of hobbues include roller skatung dancing and gettung un and then out of trouble Right Jackue99 Face turns red lke her haur quite easuly Most redheads do though Lef all her skeletons locked up closet over at North Hugh Is looking forward to graduation un June Nice gurl Cute Ambuhon To become a success the W A F s Jerry Rlchard Seovel Proud member and secretory o H R 0 Member Sports manshup Committee Dad wull never forget the time he had to carry his notebook ba k of because his pants were rupped Dud a swell uob on swimming team track Being elected captain of swimming team proved thrullung for Jerry Really deserved ut too Hob bues include swummung gurls horses Stage Committee Swell guy Pals wuth Ted Arnbmon To be able to swum as fast as Crust can run James Smlfll Luke considers ut an honor and o pruvulege to be a member of CWF 8- Co Skeletons un grade school are auute gruesome Had to go to the office because some boys ate the English Teachers gold fish im how could you? Claums he would like to spend the rest of his lufe fushung coon huntung For some reason or other being seen wuth a certain New Yorker proved very embarrassing Biggest thrull wull be grad uatuon Always wuth the usual gang of boys Slum is a swell guy to know Ambltlon Be treasurer of CWF 8- Co and make a fast million Eluzabeth Carolyn Snider Carol Claims receuvung diamond graduation rate hugh on bg thrull st Hobbies include Ralph eating sleeping W make Ralph a good wufe Such a talkat ve person got spanked for to kng too much un furst grade And so young too Walking unto Boys Gym laccudentally of coursel proved to be Quite embar rassung S ell I Ambutuon Make alph a good wife to travel Oral Edvard Sparks . . . Proud member of CWF 8. Co. . . . Coon and varmint hunting . . . fishing . . . sleeping . . . are Sparkue's hobbues . . , Was very embarrassed . when caught by , . . opposite sex . sw.mmung . , , without necessi- ties at . . , Greys Lake . . . wonder! . . . Slum us like the stars . . . out every night . . . Buck's biggest thrull , , , wull be graduation , . , Always embar- rassed when seen wuth , . . Carl . Jim . . , Tollari . . . Tall . . . good looking . . . mem- ber of , , Cap and Gown Com- mittee. A Ambition-To be Vice-President of CWF 8. Co .,.. Retire at age of l9 . , .then move to Kentucky. Rlcha rd Eugene Stader C0 Sports Edrtor regular Rorl Sports Staff Senror Rar Partrcrpated football baseball basketball Gene had ta grve o speech t a basketball all pep assembly Was so embarrassed Hobbies are sports and grrls maybe rust one Member of S S S S CI b Nothrng excrtrng ever hop pened at Maple Grove for Gene Served an Formal Com mrttee Was camrcal Palestrne H lbrllre at e Get Together Poor Gene has never been thrrlled Swell guy hy Personalrty pus Ambrtron To fly around the world rn a pane course Joanne Mae Stoker Ta sweet smrle tans easrlv Jo rust loves to cut her lovely locks dance ea and loaf Ourte an ambrtrous gal Member Student Councrl lOth thru llth grade Lrncolnrte Charrman 2A Nurse s Stott Snappy member of F RAN K s Formal Com mrttee Embarrassrng moment come at a basketball game Tell us more Joanne A great pal to mrce rn Chemrstry and Morre Can t remember any grade school skeletons brggest thrrll wrll groduatron gorng on to college darlrng wonderful personolrty Ambrtlon Get a suntan rn January wrthout a sunlamp Vrctor Joseph Tllotta A very quret polrte guy Vrc has partrcrpated rn Stu dent Councrl Actrvrtres member rn lOA Spends most of hrs trme wrth favorrte hobbres drawrng parntrnQ Has never had anythrng embarrassrng hop pen to hrm79 least harls from Maple Grove Was a very good779 boy too Brggest thrrll for Vrc wrll come rn June Graduatron Con be seen around the halls wrth John Fred One grand guy Arnbrtron To have hrs own busr ness establrshment Donald John Tollarr Short dark black harr Dan lrkes to stay out untrl all hours of the nrght wrth grrls naturall When not wrth the grrs Don can be seen wrth Carl or Sparks Member of the C W F Br Co Worked hard dorng drshes Get Together Although many thrngs have happened Don Clarms brggest thrrll rs yet to come Con rmagrne how embarrassed he was when caught swrm mrng at San Tan by Dosrte sex Member H A Club One swell guy Arnbrtlon Be secretary of CWF 8. o and retrre to Kentucky hrlls wrth the boys Fred Arthur Townsend Pals around wrth Jerry Vrc Charles Frnney Farthful member of Lrncoln Band H s all hrs grade school skeletons under lock and key Favorrte hobbres are many rncludrng huntrng musrc model makrng grrls Clarms no embarrass rng moments at least none that are prrntable Brggest thrrll wll be June 8th graduatron Swell guy Quret vou get to know hrm Ambrtlon Hove a busrness of hrs own go to Drake Wnllram Dean Tyler Quret reserved trll u get to know hrm Bull clorms huntrng frshrng as favorrte hobbres What no women79777 Is wartrng anxrously for June bt to roll around or brggest thrrll Emborrossrng moments too numerous to e Must be some good ones though Is keeprng hrs skeletons locked up rn hrs own closet Swell Nrce person to know Ambltlon To graduate orma Jean Vance Norms brggest thrrll wrll graduatron one e qureter members of the class Demure Has a frrendly smrle Can always be seen wrth Carolyn Evelyn Carrrne Clarms there are oh so many embarrass mg moments all unprrntable Dresses neatly Served Cap 8. Gown Commrttee Grade school skeletons too numerous to mentron Ambrtron To be an effrcrent secretary and someday a good wr e Alvln Wayne Vernon Quret untrl he gets wrth Floyd James rest of the boys On Tennrs Team A 2A Spends a lot of trme wrth favorrte hobbres musrc sleeprng eatrng Turned red when rn 6th grade found hrs back Brggest thrall came whrle playrng rn Sprrng Musrc Festrval Clarms no skeletons Tex rs o very n tellrgent guy Lrked by all Ambrhon Wants a drug store monopoly also a new Cadrllac Wrllram Robert Wallace Berng elected Presrdent Sen ror Councrl twrce rs rust one of Brlls many honors Presrdent Senror Chorus semesters Accepter the class ey Hobbres are women sports women member baseball football basketball teams monograms rn baseball Wrlly another guy that keeps em rn strtches fun to be wrth Bggest thrrll battrng rn wrnnrng runs Clarms closet rn grade school was known as rest room and was full of skeletons all the trme cute guy wonderful personolrty Alnbltlon Own half of the Ford fortune lchard Wilcox Vrce Presrdent Student Coun Popular guy Lrked by all Rrch has 3 monograms swrmmrng Sports Edrtor o Greenhorn Edrtor rn Chref of Regular Rar Photography swrm rnrng are hobbres Recerved two medals rn state swrmmrng meet Mem er O SSSS ub Chorus Boys Glee Club Drck was embarrassed when h walked rnto the dressrng room off stage and met half dressed red head Thrrlled at berng anchor man on the l6O relay team unbeaten rn crty com petrtron Ambltron Become a swrmmrng coach or professlonal entertainer f.,rrr .. o... Q N .... u ,..f A ijfrrr., I ir ' 'rh' I'.. r ...Br ll... H' N be... '...rsQQf ...0f...rh..,' be... :.,' - f.f..of... ' III' ' thqvs what he says . . . Victor pants were V f - SDM down the 'Til - - .Zia ...on I' V. .jigopi E, .'- ' R' ' cil... ' V ' l b,'.,,l2 .,tHfri...f so-Ii 3 .,:+.rr ' F-12- Evo King Kathryn Oliphant Robert Wilcox . . . Robbie remembers being , , . picked . . . up by John Law one dark . . . night . . , for . . . parking . . . Swimming . . . hunting . . . horseback riding . . . with S. R ,... fishing . . . eating . , . are Bob's hobbies . . . Thrilled . . . while enter- taining student at the . . . Unl- versitv of Washington . , . State . . . Rece.ved 2 monograms in sw.mming . . . Judicial officer . . . of Junior Council . . . mem- ber of . . , Senior Council . , . S.S.S.S. gang . . . Would rather not tell grade . , , school skele- tons , . . Willie . . , Swell guy . . . nice personality . . . Served on Informal Committee. Ambition--To spend . . . his . . . life . , . horseback riding in Wyoming . . .with S. R. Lauren Owen Williams . . . Real swell guy . . . Squill runs a taxi service for . . . Quivey . , . Dick . . . Faithful member of band s.nce 7A . . . Has a variety of hobbies including . . . stamp . . , collecting . . . driving . , . traveling . . . dating . . . Student Council , . . lOB . . . DeMoloy In grade school . , . was always in the office for having gong fights Ta dark good kid to know Claims graduation will prove thrilling Ambition Become a good pho tographer and have a nice home Shirley Rowland Dancing sew ng riding sports and C are fa vorite hobbies Seems monkey sitting on stool restaurant was so embarrass ing Member of Tennis Team B gest thrill is in the ture Can always seen with Chris Blanche and Pat Neat Sweet personality Was angelic grade school Ambition To a big wheel in the Air Lines and make someone a good wife Hobbies include photography ing hunting Elkie was bar king gual ra uafea eating Minnie says dancing and rado eat rowing take up and eating her spare time Came candy to Lin oln from lndianola East lowa Can always Wayne Wesley Wilson . . . Hunting . . . fishing . . . also cars are Wayne's hobbies , . . Biggest thrill will be . . , gradu- ation . . . Claims . . . no em- barrassing moments , . . We have our doubts about that , . . Was caught throwing dice . . . in grade school . . . doesn't do . . , such things now though . . . too many other skeletons to men- tion . . . Quiet guy . . . till you get to know him . . . Tall . , . Real swell person to know. Ambition-Own a business . . . have someone else do all the work. Donna Theone Woltkill . . . Playing basketball . . . with Bev , . . Bernice. . .and gang . .. driving . , . talking . . . men . , . and loafing are included . . , in Donna's long list of hobbies . . , Hard worker on Informal Committee . . . Class Prophecy . . . Member of ,S.A.F.E. Club - . . Student Council . . . Wan't tell . . . what happened at corner 6th and Grand , , . Says it is too . . . embarrassing for words was a mean little grade school refused to lump rope with a cer tan girl Got a good talk ing to from the teacher too is looking forward to gradu ation cute Donnie Ambition Has quite an ambition to own a bachelors home Louise Sergio Lots of fun and laughs are in hand when this cute gal around Always get ting into trouble Was caught picking water lilies at Ah auabi putting clock ahead in grade school w at o bad g l Was thrilled at meeting a certain boy from Tech High being one of the can didates for Queen of Hearts Do Dos favorite hobbies are basketball cooking dancing lwlth a certain boyl Always seen with Carmen Gym Stott lOA wonder tul personality Ambition Own a S5000 wardrobe marry a millionaire travel around the world High summer school seen with Aioh Was so scared when AGO Gnd Maude bridge Q from Most embarrassing moment under him Ta and concerns o certain U S N R possesses bright red flashy DUYTV WVIOT HODDSUGG naar Red s biggest th ill anyway? Won t claim ve come any Qfade school Can be seen with Hodson skeletons Must have been an Carr and Kincaid angel Thrilling moment Ambition marry will be graduation Quiet Rita Hayworths daughter around school an live Island Stromboli Ambition To travel the U S and bomb all spam factories lo Cute gal lots of un out on a good act at et Together Member golf team h s l le er Kathie loves to bowl ice skate raise French poodles Remembers telling a ioke in grade school found out the meaning later Acted in Children s Theatre 3 times Student Council member Was verY embarrassed when she sorted to get out of the lake minus the bottom of her swimming suit Real swell gal Ambition Wants to marry 0 multi billionaire I H A girl in I. u g of . is... - Q... 7Qf.s a... ...in..,a .,.My... - h lr..... ...Mig fu- ...be - ,.,in,.. . .. - ...be... r. - John Edwin Holmes... ' ' ...at.., ...be ., .,,fll . .. is... t...to.., ...lOB... V d 'on . .. -n ,-. I .f46raAam incofn jacuky An administrative change took place for the second semester of the school years when Mr. Hutchens became ill and was placed on a leave of absence. Mr. Besley was made acting principal, being moved from vice principal to that duty. Mr. Meffert was moved from classroom teaching in the commercial de- . 4 . . I4 AARON C' HUTCHENS partment to acting vice principa Principal ROLAND MEFFERT Acting Vice-Principal WALTER B. BESLEY VIDA B. HALL Acting Principal Girls' Adviser FACULTY 7 Front row, left to right, Fox Beas- ly, Wilson, Arnolr: Saf- ter Dunkeluurg, Strighy Berry, Sanflcre, Donny Scconn: row, Ie't rg r gm Hall, Scholfielv Faris, McEnirv Holmes Selr, Kirkhol' Lev. 3 Q gn'Cr Margenthalcr Tnw: rov. left to nglwt Opel Blaklcv Cnngt Chap' ma ' rt n Scnwa 2 Talariff. SICC, Sliinfe 'Johan Earl' row lit' in nqlfil Hov-0 Ecko-, Cox Gra- viou lm th Digmfson Elicrx Ewan on Halt Stone fijlioof Pfa, 'Ulm linker lhof' PLAY CAST Sfondmg IMT to rnghf Engle Cordero Henry Gusfofson on couch Kmoht Crpger neared Dovs Fmdlmgton Clark Berry Rusforw Ru tcm Cn rl r mega Qu for an bmotheu 15 PLAY CAST-Srcndmg lc-'T to 'QVT Cordero Frrxilrngton Hoogenshker Engle Ucrk Usrrvorv Henw Km Q51 Eerrx Scorer' Deva Edwards 5 'co F H ' 5 5 ' PLAY CAST Standlng left to rlglrt Frudllngton Gustafson Cordaro Engle Knlght '-lenry Creger Seated Davls Clark Berry Ruston WCMLO CKCISU Mass Heaps radlo classes went far from the regular currlculum m thus year s work For the flrst tlme un the department s hlstory chlldren s star es were presented over statlon KWDM every Tues day mornlng The program s tltle was Adventures from Bookland To reward the department s hard work thus program was chosen the most popular by the school chvldren at Des Molnes Smuth Cf' et Teacl' n raw left to rlght Wallace Rndlen Ru ron Berry Garwnck Stevenson Crane Claman Starr Third row left to r ,nt Chechelow l-'ntsrnan E wards Brose Comuto Doves Catrone Mcwlllxams Celse Haye hrl tcnson ack row le t r ght Adams N ayner Go se Clarke Palmer Cregor Rlzzut: Palm er Caponugro Seversan H Idreth 16- ix 1 V l 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 4 r ' I r 1 1 ' o . . . . . . . . I I l - . , . ,, ., . . , . , . Radio Class-Front raw, left to r,ght Rowland, Turner, Wasson, Clarke, Beckwlth, Chlvaro, Beardsley, Frldllngton, Mlss Heaps, Mlss 1 il ,-.-rl, Sega d , : , , s , , , , , , l . , 1 , d , , , , , ' , - ' , S, C s B ', f to l 'J . , s , , . . , ' , f 'K' ., M fr. M , xg ff 4 W 'L , y , 4 1 I LW, A uf s 1 Ax! 22? . , 'W 1,?f ,,, -:- . M W2- v l wiv, -A wwfff' Mm? l'y,ya3o?f'f W 1 X ab! Nik lln 'XxS'?x5 Ei' is mea s Ol -ISSN n -all g..L., W ififf H5 it A ft we ...ffaz . ognco n .ilglz Lgyoorfzi 0 1950 BASEBALL As the 1950 Baseball season opened Wayne Hertz coachung hus second year at Luncoln was Iookung forward to a good sea son There were seven lettermen re turnung to the 1950 squad They were Outfuelders Jerry Flatt Dan Wutter and Gene Kurk Catchers Don Phlllups and Don Gustafson lnflelder Bull Wal lace and Putcher Bob Duede At the tume of thus wrutung the Abes were currently on top of the Cuty Serues Standungs wlth a good mark TRACK The Cundermen of the 1950 squad ran un 9 meets thus sea son turnung un a pretty faur sea son s record Mr Graaff states that school s Mule Medley record was broken thus year by Robunson Scovel There were 12 lettermen that returned to thus years squad They were Powell Crust Sulcott Shelhammer Scovel Gray A derson Ruchards Wagner Fla herty and McCoulloch GOLF The Llnksmen placed second un the cuty meet fallung short of Roosevelt as they have done for the last sux semesters Pacung thus semester s team were lettermen Ted Newton Da vud Mulls Wayne Prutchard and some very promusung sophomores un John Newton Russell Parks and George Benout The lunksmen had a better sea son than was expected TENNIS Muss Elbers states that the Boys and Gurls tennus teams have not engaged un any matches up to the tume of thus wrutung She preducts also that the season should be a pretty faur one for both the Boys and Gurls teams More boys have reported thus season than ever before they Wayne Ver Duck Carter are Dlck Graber non Louls Muller and Lauren Gulespy The gurls reporting for the 1950 season are Roselun Pom erantz Blanche DeCoursey Vera Huatt Shurley Colluns Nancy Ruston and Kay Garruson BASKETBALL The Abes Basketball season was a faurly successful one wund ung up wuth a 7 9 wun loss record The Abes were boosted by four returnung lettermen They were Francus DeBolt who also was elected Honorary Captaun of the season Bob Duede Jum Sulcott and Sam Caluguuru These boys were helped out by Jum McCul logh Jerry Flaherty Muke Owen Al Shelhammer and Don Wutter Leadung the scorung parade of the season were Bob Duede Jum McCoullogh and Francus DeBolt JUNIOR GIRLS SWIMMING The Junuor Gurls Swlmmung Club under the durectuon of Muss Ebers has been establushed for the furst tume thus season There are about 45 gurls partucupatung un thus club and they have been doung a fune uob Gurls partucupatung h fuel Dorothy Payne Joanne Brad Iey Ellen Freeman Marulyn Bur gess Sally Burgess Delores Beardsley Jackue Warren Sue Todd Rocey Leach Jackue Gau mer and Nancy Burd aseb II-Fot o left to g t e ea o eBolt G afso o Hall o ght Wa oth ebe Fl tt Clak M hel Wall e Gale Sh ck ack o eft to ght Ko och Ph llp Hoffa a OM a Robeto Mayer, Flatt, Duede, Wutter 20 . l . -I V I 5 V , .. . A - 1 ' 1 - . - A , , ' - I 1 ' A I . . ' - ' - f - I . . . ' A A I g I I 1. 1 . I . ' . . - ' I . I - - I I ' I I . - . . . ' ' . . . . , , y . y . 1 ' ' ' ' - - y - . . . . . . . D , . c ' ' - . I , I I . 1 1 I . . . 2 . . I . - . A 1 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 D ' 1 in T is Sulcott and Shelhammer. Jum Fox, Pat Iflenry, Duck McLean Swimming Club Ore: NO,-,Cy Stu- . I Q ' . I I . - l - ' . 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 - I - 1 . 1 1 1 n' . 1 . . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 I 1 ' , . . . 8 1.1 r ru r w, fl ht: Heun z, Down y, D rd n, Kirk, D , ust n, Rich, Former , . Sec nd row, left to ru 3 r- ren, R us, W r, av, r e, lc , ac , , u . B r w, I ri 3 r , u u s, , P lmer, ' ar , r 5 n, gh Q, . A , .5 ' 7 1 ., .1 Q. 5 Q nv 5 H V, Q Q xw' 4 V M 3' H-V W , lim 'E' xm. 4 7' ' wr 1 , A , 9 1 WK li A 5 . wi 5 i a i 5 ,mi . Gini-qaw-il' -.49 1 1 N2 1 9' ig ,, A ,M Ii p w 'ff.. ,xg 'W -.A tr , 5 I' Q b Ed , iii- sxqzi x k ' 1 A xx t . J K ,Q ',5,.g . l' K yn, 755. - ' X. A X- - . ' v -x. if 'g '5 - 'X ,.---9 X A :wx-5 1 I . S '7Ux,V M' ' Q-5 1 5 W g . Q. -- -- f..- HT - ' '3 .9 vm ra. ' 3 - ,sq V x ' ' i A Ex , ' A . A 4 4 N A X A b -l P' , r ,Y -' K Y K ww uv 1 x A 4: Q kt v A W v ,lvl yr Q. M vw A . - 5 X b ' uv., :gg'1k,,l.. bl - -tt 1 XY 4 6 Ax: 5 'x5,,?vSHK 1 ' S, Kwik , fxwrfx ' 6 K. W N ef Q K K i , K Q , D - . ff, .jg , V 5 'I 3 mfg EEN? V55 f I SQ: 'Gr W a-Q' mg C- S ,nv Biff A Q ' 'f at li lg 3 .W IA- . , A' ' I - 1 gs, Q. 7 , fy-ff ' 'fl ' 2 , ty S' gr , , Q , 1 :1., 5 Q 231 5 i . f I XZ I T , X gi 5 5 Z 1 wa -22 22' :: X 1 X 'Z 1 -1 - ' f .. 3 Q f ' ,gy fmqwwx- ,N mmf Wade SENIOR CHORUS Fronf row Iefr to right Mapa! Domwngues Wnlfsne Raycs Cunningham Raffenspergcr Hui! Hrtcman Sola Capo mgro KrsscN Second row Peff To rxgnt Wasgren Smrfh Armstrong Ba ksfrom Wullard Clarde Close Allen Chrcdir Houkc Roth rrd row Neff to nghf Ausuno Halsfed E115 Sera Mnlburn Olson Sxtronefo Ocvezand Brown neldon B ck w left to rn f Sknnner Correluson Wrlcox Adams Graves Scverson Newton Johnson Robertson Gooilaxson Howreft I JUNIOR BOYS AND GIRLS GLEE CLUBS nt on to r Hr' C Corn ro Em Gkcr Bvfnos eras-r Bok w Sun Rynor n Joostorr onlcr arncs Payne Janzc rr1'n asv Jvr n rd row rr,t cw, O cr rn on crr Pzr arnold Lctrmcr ann, Huff E Cksrrrr' fr rr' n e Jern r r To rr Bmrrna Kaur kx Gay MrKnnLx, Lrnn Qrronn Rust n Daws 28 Tn' , 1' 1, ', I, ', ' , f ' ,' ' ', 's ', 'Q ro,' ' gh, A I Y ,N . 5 ' ' ' f Fra 5' left 'gnt Shan 'gd Tr, :ro Gisrr- tr - 1 Q .Zn V-, tg . Drepslcr, Euston Crouzn Caponwgro Maw Lcccnqi row ron To man! Herron swf' .xg Marpr. Jordon QL O-:rho Tran: no v'vO1KCr B r Q. , a sf, F 1 , B , X 3 1. , W N gn .Q ' Th. Init 10 on R os T I! K T F , F . 2 H , C a 1 ' Ep, ifi Q Pr, or Rag! 7 r g Kon! Ea k Ow 40'1 gn? JUNIOR CHORUS A Front row, lett to rrght: Welshons, Foust, Htldcbrond, Dondlxn- qcr, 'vwtght Turnowgt, Strfcl Borqcsf, Atkwnson Second row ieft to rrght Mopcl, Smvth, Sparks, Cutler, Roon- ey, Woes, Hornpehrre, Wol- Noce, Recms, Dornrnquez, Thtrd row, Soft to rrght: Hol- ton Stott, Mriter Jomcs Eoytcn German, Hopkms Bordcw Freeman, Chctr- monto Ecck row, Neft to rrght: Eronlec, Shumurcry Yonosck KOlterg,T:rnm':r1i, Molfiinsfzo, Helton Pouison Gcmmc Sotern 3 1 5 f f V H. R. 'I33fF':vht 'sw Za-'Y tc rrghr .Nr gh' V, 'fs it So 1 Alton C Qon Crykc Cf! runghcn' .1 fN:r: Ntzrtteiv NAQDQN 53:14 'Qw 'oft 'C gmt W ttcr Czrne' 23h Orson Newman CWCN.C'Ur f Sexersco Strcoetc Newry' Boxer SENIOR BOYS' GLEE CLUB- Front row, ICH To rvght OI Son VMIOIOVQOS, Allen, Au srlro Adorns. Second row left to rught' Neff, Holstcri Skrnncr, Wztcox, Newton Johnson, Srtroncto, Howlett Bock row, Yet? to rght' Mr! burr' Cornehson, Groves Scvcrson, Goodloxon, Robert SOFT j' QPULCQ fa I5 M' We Nmmww R. HOME EC STAFF Front row Ie't fa rlghf Adamson Sofre Ferrarl Back row left to rnghf Foster Wallace Caponlgro Hagen Plum LIBRARY STAFF-'Front row, left to rlghr Robnnson, Holt, Scovel, Tum, Falkenhoner Back row, left to ugh! Word, Robbms, Watson, Toad, Colluns. M Q, Ra 6 z' if s fy 12.-aj 45' W' 'C--Tar fm. f if 11, V Y , V, XI - f E ayyvxl ME me ,bwwvl 'Aww ig' J 7 .M y Diff? W gf' wg 23,4 ii-.M w g.. gm.. 2 if , 4 Flutes Dlxue Farr Joan Pugh Nancy Martz Clorinets Marilyn Farr Margaret Matthews Jeanne Pugh Larry Martz Alfred Wright Dayud Lasko Dee Applegarth Mary Ellen Jennlngs Shvrley Hawuoker Patti Ann Soffell Ellen Lacey Betty Garwuck Mary Jane Armstrong Shar: Mlllcr Sally Parks Donna Jordan Jnm Campbell incofn gain! Horns Chrls Rrchards Pat Flnney Gary Randall Duane Jones Oboe George Cordaro GERALD GATES, Comets 8. Trumpets Stanley Arrowood Fred Townsend Jerry Heathcote Bob l-lalsted Don Townsend Ivan Butler Bull Shadley Robert Burt B II Brubaker Larry Hart Don Gobbert Dowd Sknnner Wylle Hunt Harold Parsons Di rector Baritone Jlm Engel Pat D'Ostnl.o Saxophone Ross Corncllson Dlck Adams Earolynn Harlan Bassoon Jlm Severson Cafolyn Kung Bells Judy Moffatt Trombones Francls Hladky Bob Skinner Dale Clark Duck Oulyey David Guessford Boss Horn Everett Van Scoyk Larry MeCoughey Douglas Dayxs Loran Glllasoy Karl Thacker Drums Bob Russell Jack Sclnrnndt Larry Palmer Gerald Green Accordion D.ane Ogden Frank T-Ilotu Moioreftes 'Donna Tollant Maren Frzdlnngton Theda Miller lsobel Allen Marlys Moore Mary Mason Marilyn Powell Drum Major Duck Adams 51. CVM 'MJ We the Senior Class of June l950 beang of sound mand memory and understandag do make publash and declare the following as our last wall and Testament that as to say We hereby wall the followang Barbara Anderson leaves her abalaty to ace skate to Anna Branco To Mary Lou Chambers and Ann Marae Sullavan goes Gussaanne Babbs abalaty to roll her eyes To anyone who thanks she can handle at goes Dolores Bakers aob as carcula taon manager To lucky Mr Sanders goes Pat Bards horn rammed glasses Jerry Blaney leaves whatever he has to any body that wants at Nadane Brose leaves all her excuses for tardy s to home room to Mary Jo Bruhn Floyd Brown leaves all has good tames at school to everyone Sharley Brown leaves all her car troubles to Jerry Jones D lores Burk leaves her method of studying Mass Holmes hastory tests to anyone who can get up that early To John Rothfus goes Ralph Caponagro s love for math Frank Cataldo as leav ing has monogram sweater to Delores Beardsley Rachard Cla man leaves all his Bookkeeping troubles to has brothers Bob and Jam Darlene Clayton leaves all of her gum chewang to Mass Heaps To Georgaa Faulk goes the southern accent of Ruth Close Mary Lou Comato leaves all her lrash to John Nagro To Donna Howland goes Delores Compaanos good tames at Walgreens Larry Crast and Jerry Scovel leave all thear stanky experaments an chemastry to suckers who take over thear desks To Mary Vallarallo and Peggy Deordon goes Betty Davas hagh school skeletons Francas DeBoIt and Buzz Owen gust leave To lucky Rachel Leo goes Lorenz Domanguess great heaght Ruthaemae Dondlanger and JoAnn Mefferd wall thear good tames an school to Mary Jo Haldreth and Katherane Dondlanger Bob Duede and Bob Powell leave all of thear good tames an art and crafts to anyone who wants them Colleen Edwards and Beverly Hatsman leave all thear love troubles to anyone who can handle them Joanne Edwards leaves her thousands of pencals to Mr Stone To Loas Sead goes Corene Ellis abalaty to stay off patch an chorus To lucky Larry Martz goes Mara Iyn Farr s farst chaar an the claranet sectaon l Bob Fanney wall all my reckless dravang to Bob Foust Beverly Fasher leaves her one black eye to Chuck Formaro and her brown one to Stacey Henderson Rachard Fogue leaves has daaly trap to Mannaes durang second hour to Jerry Frost To Maralyn Newman goes Edath Fosters needle poked fingers Carl Foust leaves has abalaty to skap school and not get away wath xt to Jam Salcott Harold Gable leaves all the mace an has locker to the next poor tenant To Jerry Flaherty goes Joan Gerang s shortness Budd Glew leaves has troubles wath women to any unfortunate person who as goang steady To Jam Fox goes Dean Goodlaxson s troubles wath has Ford and girls Leonard Gray leaves all has long hours of home work wath Mass Davison to .lay Anderson Don Gustafson and Gene Stader leave thear posataons on the basketball bench to the two most untalented boys next year George Halsted leaves has chorus robe to anyone small enough to wear at Rachel Leo goes Chuck Haldreths heaght Sharley Howland leaves her blue dress to Evelyn Spoonholtz Evelyn Huff leaves all her school problems to Norma Martan To Nancy Ruston goes all of Pat Joynes fun and good times Don Jones leaves has 35 M M proaector to Pat Henry Loretta Jones walls her meanness to Charlotte Van Gankle Clyde Kauffman leaves has lunch to Mr Ator To Ballae Johns goes Jull Kenworthys good tames at Mananes and the Grall Jam Jeffries as the lucky one who gets all of Tom Kaeler s good tames an Mass Lewas room The great and sometimes unfortunate name of Th Babe as left to Don Phallaps sadly by Gene Kark Alace Kassel and Ray Morras leave all of thear troubles to Dan Witter and Jackie Fasher Jam Knaght leaves Mr Grabau s homeroom to anyone who has a cold Everett Kocheaser leaves has Chrastaan adeals to all who wall accept them Bob Kyar walls has aclvertasang aob to whom ever gets at Delbert Lee leaves the women to Jerry Flaherty Mary Lund gren leaves her abalaty to faght the north sade to Janet Out house Mass Holmes hastory tests are gladly left behand to Pat Penland from Jo Ann Macra Margaret Matthews leaves her troubles wath Mr Sanders to who ever as unfortunate enough to anherat them To Maralyn Powell goes all La Vonne McConkey s fun at Gloraa s partaes Bernace M Elwee leaves her All Star abalaty an basketball to Norma Mart n and Mary Jo Haldreth To Joe Mettalle goes all of Ch.ack Mettallee s graduatang troubles Davad Malls leaves all has troubles wath Mr Morgenthler to anybody who enters has room Nadane Mortvedt leaves her well traaned dravang abalaty to Pat Penland Ted Newton leaves has Bable to every one who wall read at Ray Ogburn leaves has horse to John Parsons Beverly Olaver leaves her faithful Pete to Gloraa Porter and hopes she wall take good care of ham Merae Olson leaves her unbroken record of tardaness to Betty Allen To Lynn Darrah goes Kathae Olaphant s short haarcuts A thony Paterno leaves all has labrary fanes to anyone who can pay them To Betty Henderson and Walma Henzley goes has heart to Evelyn Smith Merrall uavey leaves all has troubles wath has Ford to Joan Beaquath Carmen Raccella leaves her place an front of the marror to the person who can get there farst Herb Rachards leaves has abalaty to make the worst odors an chemastry to Buzzy Zeaner To Roberta Rebel sky goes Martha Rogers abalaty to get anto homeroom late Loas Roth leaves all her tardaes to Joanne Ryles Arzelle Satre leaves her good tames at Lincoln to Beverly Wallas To Jean Baerma goes Jackie Schoenenberger s temper Abal aty to skap school and get away wath at as left to Jake Manks by Jam Smath Oral Sparks leaves has great sense of humor to Mr Ator Joanne Stoker leaves her razor blade for cutting her haar to Janace Wallard Louase Sergao leaves all her hard tames wath Mr Opel to whoever can handle them Vactor Talotta leaves Jam Sullavan the 203 Homeroom presidency Don Tollarn leaves has studaous abalaty to Tom Thompson T Jerry Heathcote goes Fred Townsends musac abalaty Bll Tyler leaves has peaceful hours an Merchandasang to anyone who needs sleep Norma Vance leaves all her hard work of shorthand and typang to Anna Kirk Wayne Vernon leaves has fours from Mass Davison to the worst student of next semester Ball Wal lace leaves has magac abalaty to waggle has ears to anyone wath as lattle between thear ears as he has an order to do at Rachard Walcox leaves to Kenny Dunlap the fun and memoraes of be ang on the swammang team Robert Walcox leaves has swam mang abalaty to Bob Richardson Lauren Wallaams leaves all has fast dravang and bad luck wath has car to Neal Cornelason Takang everythang wath ham as Wayne Wilson Donna Wolfkall leaves her freckles to Marnie Corcoran 26- o I ' .l I l . , U . ' . . A . l A e . , . I I - . . . . D e- - - , ' . , . 1 . l - - ' I ' , ' , , . . ' . - . . . . , . . , , . ' n- . . ' . . 4 l I l - ' ' ' Rose Marie Plum's sewing machine. Wayne Pritchard leaves , , . . ' . . . ' . . . , , . , , , 'A . I I ' . ' ' ' I ' . ' , . . -1. , . . I . . I . U D ' D . D ' . . ' , 0 ' ' ' - r . . . . A , a ' I ' . . 4 . I . OFFICE STAFFfFronf row left to rwghf. Furrow, Brod- lcy, Hoogenokker, Arnold HGH. Bock row, Neft N: ugh? Lorgem, Bcoslcv W 1' son Van Gnkle, Maffhcw' Vzilinllo, Pugh,MOxwei1, Sqlf Lvcn, Meffert, B055 WW 24,44 NURSES' STAFF-From row Ie'r To rxghf AHer Agr Pcmercntz Ortega Lei S ':w, matt, Ecck rev. 1e'r T: nghr: Dwwkehdrg H emker Green, Sggfggek Sm!! Fcff Coker? EQGF- Derger SERVICE HOMEROOM---From row, left To rzghti M,!?,urn Johnson, Wwlcox, D,Mo'1,xon Hoffo, Joss Gusmfssn Hmm J Mo-'Lson Lchm3n,G3-mwu Scion! row, IQH 10 mqhr Knchcasor, Jones Anderson Crcger, Shuck, Owen, Crust, RnffMffr' Sfnvvll ATMQV Fifa' rwcrfy Bock row, ICH To r qht' Tomlrnsan, Sforwc Hcnry, Somulscn, Bc-Lou En sinw, McCulloch, Berry I ,Fm 5 ' ' ,, E 1 2 't Q 9 fi? uf W 35 gf' '52 321 ' if in -2 12 Y vi' s 1' , s 25 ,Q - '. y kg' 2.0 AA A J a V , am. MKS: E. JM - .. A W .jx ,f N , . W ' .0-. ,wx-v......-11-.,..-9--v M A'-' , ? ,ll ' 5 9- 1' ww ' -Q K Q? Q ' limb E? Q3 Q XA' 9 ,LQ wr 7:24 1 Y :gr .J K -L t, T :Ulm ' UW.. f ,Q G ' , 4, , ,U ,,,A,7,l A ,.,,, , ,.,, , .. , ,Wu A , . . , f , New V in .1 V ' -, -'l ' ' f ' ' wr, ll-,V 2- , ,ff-iff' 1, nk ' 4.1 . I , ' ,M -:' ' Mmff f 5' if Q +f-W am , . - fl . , ,A . A fw , 'v:a2fA1ff ,. 1,5 1 1 0, ff f 1,1 f ' AAL, g., .- L2y,,,,g ' M HK CA44 ttf?-Z?g' cwfvp , Thus ns radvo and TV statuon ALHS Des Monnes lowa brought to you by the June l95O graduatung class featurung the three propheteers Thus ns a specual program revealing over the back fence the happenings of the Sensors of the last I5 years Now to get the program under way We fund that our furst specumen we mean person ns Barbara Anderson who has acquured quite a name for herself by settung Chncago on fure agann tWe knew you d make good Andyl :ng Dew Drop In Graveyard Oh yes there as Juaruta Anderson plannnng her next attack wsth her famous Robot Mob CBest of luck Nltal Look at all the helucopters IH front of Gussue Babb s house There goes Pat Bard unto the house now wonder what could be gonng on? Let s take a look lt s the annual meeting of the Lnncoln Alumnn Wlfe Assoclatuon The President Corene Ellns as callnng the meetung together There seems to be a commotuon nn the corner Oh' Oh' Shnrley Holland as cheat :ng at Canasta agam Hey' there goes Caro lyn Snider wnth the door prlze' Grab her The other wnves thot are present are Eduth Foster Evelyn Huff Joanne Mefferd and Martha Ann Rogers 'ets take a look and see what Delores Baker ns dolng She S done pretty well for herself she us now circulation manager of the New York Tnmes Jerry Blaney just pealed by h s a bug wheel on has new Orange Rocket Car we are now enternng a hospntal zone There goes Nadine Brose and Ruth Close unto Cure Em or Knll Em hospital now You the audience can draw your own conclu snons What s on that park bench over there? Oh' noon and evening snooze Ouch' Where are those horrible screams cornung from? There s Lols Roth s Judo School Could that be the explanation? Let s take a look Shnrley Brown just threw a student over her shoulders Why Shlrley' Here comes Dr Larry Crlst and has falthful nurse Patty Jaynes Now for the commercnal Do you luke fune music? Why not stop with us at the Metro polntan Opera House for a few munutes Why there s Delores Burk playing the lead In Mad ame Butterfly THE RAlLSl?Ll-lTER Printed and Bound 6ll I'lQl lifklllg 0l'l'll0Cll'ly 6l5 l7 l9 EUCLID AVENUE DES MOINES l3, IOWA A - . . I Q K l 0 QC A 5 I . . ' . ' . I I 1 I e, U , A . ' sm! ---. ' ' A I What's this our TV cameras are approach- lt's just Floyd Brown taking his morning! oftere BY u , ..33- C H55 QOIJA 01 y Flash Beverly Flsher Cnow Mrs John Russol has just added to her football team two cheerleaders THE GREEN LANTERN 2 27 s NINTH sTR ET HAMBURGERS CONEYS CHILI AND LUNCHEONS My the traffic seems to be gammlng up Wonder what the hold up ns? Oh at s Ralph Caponlgro s Drlve Inn grocery store Has bus: ness IS really paymg off slnce Charles Hnldreth took over the management Speaknng of management Nick Cataldo F L Q W E R S seems to be donng qulte well managnng has own Prunt Shop and putting out the danly Raulspllt Rlchard Claman as makung quute the name for himself by worklng hns eught hour shlft and dlvldlng ut equally Two hours devoted to has farm two hours as a truck druver two as a mechanic and has flnal two hours as a pilot DESS POWERS 812 Locust Street vAN GINKEL SUPER VALUE Phone 40307 30055 E Fourteenth COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FOODS fRocER1Es AND MEATS PHONE 3 7378 Thank You, Semors of 1950 Your valued patronage has been ex tremely gratnfynng during your school years We shall contlnue as always to do our utmost to gnve you hugh qualuty merchandise and the best of service at the rlght prnce rankel's founded l86l 34 , 7 VJ 1 E ter for Lincoln l-ligh. BY N, - u I I I , . The First Thing You Notice About IIIIIIEIISDII EIIICKSOIIS IIOIIIDGEIIIZEII IIIILII ls Its Good Taste You Good tor N' content Good nhlgh rn butternnche ExceedmgIY ml k .5 also enshme vrto E on-O the su Vutomln D dug-m9 unter n so needed fnl mgnfhs CALL 6 3172 FOR COU RTEOUS HOME DELIVERY SERVICE C055 pl' l9LeCy Darlene Clayton us MC of that great radro program People Are Stupud and look who the trrst contestant IS None other than Mary Lou Comlto Delores Comprano ns carrymg out the tamlly tradltlon by operatnng her own Restaurant known to all as Dopey Dee s Steak House Let s change our rhythm now to the sound ot natrve drums from the heart of the Afrncan lungle That hut on the left IS the home of our two Amerncan Mussuonarnes Betty Davrs and Betty Garwnck Now to turn to the sernous side of lute Bas movne Father ns a Fullback to real Irfe Last we heard Francns was head coach of Yale Un: DR C R KNUTSON DENTIST XRAY SERVICE 3I IO S W Ninth Street Phone 3 0885 GRADUATION PICTURES Andrews Studio 822 WALNUT STREET Phone 4 4956 DES MOINES 9 IOWA Remember we can make weddung prctures too f 0 4 N-V' I-1 TSI 4,3 . . 7 7 q . M ' 1 - kefbou. We find Francis DeBoIt bfangnlg the I I ' ,NA4 h . dn ' ' ' A. .II Alf. - with . , KL. Q35-- COMPLETE PLATE SERVICE 6?WHaI'F+onesf0'4- Zmc Efchmgs Color Plaies O'Ffse1' Plafes We Specaahge ln Hlqh School and Colleqe Year BooK Arhsfs Pho+og rophers Photo Engravers SERVICE EEREQYINSE ME 64455 pl'0,9AQCg versity for was it Harvard? Oh Welll He's a coach anyway. Josephine Domingues has taken Mrs. B. Pearl MapeI's job as music instructor and Ruthemae Donlinger is the Pilot Training teacher at Lincoln High. That nasty old dracula, Bob Duede, is still chasing poor little Kathryn Oliphant. CWe use the word chasing looselyl. RELIABLE RUG COMPANY 1200 CROCKER STREET WHEN YOUR RUGS LOOK DULL LET US BRIGHTEN THEM FOR YOU BY CLEANING THEM IN ouR PLANT JUNE i950 GRADUATES CONNIE Gm LEW'S DRIVE-IN across from airport on Twenty-first Street i' 'A' Tables for Families Quick Dnve In Servnce at all fumes Beefburgers Coneys Chnl: French Fries That can I' be beat Closed on Wednesdays F urnas Ice Cream SATISFYING DELICIOUS I I l l Y ir 'k 'A' i' Prepare for o position with a future at A.I,B Also NUTRITIQUS special classes in shorthand and typing for students -l i ' 5 , Wri .l,B. r a , sa A f l I I i t l -.37.. oann ng a coileae course te or coll A fo copy ct Choo na Your Co eer American Institute of Business 10th and Grand DES MOINES youll enjoy a career af Meredith s A pleasant company cafeterla serves dellclous noon tlme meals at low cost Frequent member gathermgs llke the Golf partv above help you get ac qualnted meet new frlends And there are sex eral actlve clubs for hob bylsts Exen more 1mportant to hlgh school graduates who begln thelr careers at Meredlths are these advantages free health and accxdent msurance excel lent vsorkmg tondltlons a me day vxeek For young men the Drlfltlng' crafts offer llfet me tareers 1n a skllled pro fesslon For young women there ale mterestmgr clerltal 10bs 1mportant to Vleredlth magazmes Better Homes 8: Gardens and Successful Farmlng Contact our Personnel Department today A uszt may lead to an interesting and profitable career for you Meredith Publishing Company, l7l6 locust St Des Momes 3, Iowa e Q , ,. ,4.M' 5 ,., . . . . I . . - . . , L ' s L . K, ' D Y , . . V V . 7 . ' ' , , 1 -- . . . . . I ' ' - , . . . L - K . . . , ,, . . . K ,, K 1 .- . l c 1 w u ww 4 1 f . . I O O O 'I Cfazfii pI'0l9AOCg Norma Edmundson and Beverly Oliver are still working on their one and only project- Men, Surin if it isn't our little Irish Colleen Ed- wards. She must have carried out her threat to marry her little blond Irishman for she now lives in Killarney Ireland There goes Joanne Edwards on her daily round as clock wander in New York City Oops She dropped her winder Marilyn Farr seems to be very happy with her poor husband Put down that rolling pin Marilyn SHELL PRODUCTS SOUTHERN SUPER SERVICE GREASING 0 TOWING TIRES BATTERIES 0 ACCESSORIES e 3 986i 3000 S W 9th St Des Mo es o GEIL COAL YARD Southwest Ninth and Army Post Road COAL ICE AND FEED Pho e 4 3826 R C W ROTH GROCERY HOME OWNED STORE GROCERIES AND MEATS W nth and Bancroft Pho e 3 6346 A 1HW', 2 We take the dents out of accidents OWEN CRIST AUTO BODY SERVICE Keo at Fourteenth St PI Phone 4 5258 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I950 DES MOINES STUDIO 820 Locust Street Phone 3-3400 GRUBB WASHER Westinghouse and No ge Home Appliances 0 Television 3306 S W N nth Street Phone 3 3523 BARR S BICYCLE SHOP Bicycles and Blcycle Repairing 5th and Linden Phone 4 5825 I Block North of Grand CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1950 GRADUATES from PROCTOR DRUG CO A place to meet your friends 32lI Southwest Ninth Street Phone 4 752l DES MOINES IOWA I l . I . . . . . . ' V t I . . . 9 'I' 1 1 ' - - U - Phan - . . , in , I wa n - J. .GEIL ..A ., S. . Ni n - Vw' LF . , 'T 5 E em5,22A 1 I S f 'S ff if , ,ff A e ase, ' ., , . ,s,, . L. : . 'A' ir -39.- JOHNSON NEPSTAD LOCKER SERVICE Meats for Lockers and Home Freezers 2402 S W Nunth Street Phone 3 2865 BOB DENNETTS FOOD MARKET Self Servlce 0 Dolly Dellvery 1028 Army Post Road Phone 3 539 HOWARD LEOPOLD Storage 0 Washing 0 Greaslng 24 HOUR SERVICE 4 O 4th St eet Phone 4 8 PARKER DRUG STORE Fort Des Momes W Nunth and Army Post Road PHONE 3 9625 PARK AVENUE SHOE SHOP S W Nrnth Street JOE TURSI P op New Shoes 0 New Clothmg M E T T I L L E GROCERIES and MEATS 2215 S E Fourteenth Phone 4 8436 CHARLIE PRAY MUSIC CENTER 3104 S W 9th Street Lessons On Any Instrument PHONE 2 2987 6 G55 p l9AOCy Bob Funney now can be seen runmng has own Ford Motor Schooi 1Wonder why he s unn1ng71 Speclal Bulletin There was just a bg hold up at Dean Goodlaxson s Serve All Serv :ce Statuon By the way Rnchard Fogue has suddenly opened a streamline servnce station Let s get a newspaper from that newsboy Why we see an thus news Item that Jerry Flatt finally found a wife that would support hum and he us now happily marrned CAnyway he s Speak ng ot shady characters rf we move our cameras to the New York underground we CASCADE 1301 D 0 Grand LAUNDERERS AND DRYCLEANERS A 81 R ODONNELL HARDWARE S W Nrnth and Army Post Road Phone 2 6141 Pa nt Sporting Goods CUNNINGHAM 81 ALDERA GROCERIES AND MEATS 3801 S W Ninth Dlal 4 5246 LINCOLN SODA GRILL FROSTED MALTS BEEFBURGERS CONEYS ROOT BEER Across from Lincoln Hugh - K ff, 1 ' ' 1. - r ' . I . . Z . i - 1 I ' ' ' I SAVERY GARAGE POPPYJ i . 1 r 407 6 ' a I S- . ' 3-1181 - 0- MILLERS SUPER VALU STORE Every Day Low Prnces 1300 Army Post Road Phone 2 4691 PERRY MOORE SERVICE Mobnloul and Mobnlgas eosmg Washnng Bette y Se ace S W NINTH AND JARVIS AVE GIBSON UPHOLSTERY Furniture Repolrmg 0 Upholstenng PHONE 4 6887 REEDS ICE CREAM S W NINTH BY LINCOLN HIGH CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JUNE CLASS OF 1950 TROY LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS Phone 4 3257 Kea at 6th DRY CLEANERS TAILORING DYEING FREE PICK UP a d DELIVERY NOAH S CLEANERS DWIGHT NOAH P op Telephone 2 8210 S W 9th St and Army Post Road DES MOINES IOWA MELVIN LUMBER DEPENDABLE BUILDING MATERIAL HIGHLAND PARK 0 FORT DES MOINES NORWALK -41 SEMBOWER DRUG Professional Prescnptuon Servuce Deluvenes Phone 2 6708 WOLTZ STUDIOS PHOTOGRAPHS FOR EVERY OCCASION 420 Nnnth Street Phone 4 0109 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1950 GRADUATES from DONS A G FOOD MARKET 3202 Southwest Nmth Phone 2 1006 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE 1950 GRADUATES from THE NEW UTICA The Place to go for the Names You Know Y Gr ' 0 ' 0 r rv' 3138 S. W. Ninth St. Des Moines 15, Iowa I , O I o 0 n 1 , r . JIMMIE S SUPER VALU Foods You ll Really Be Thankful For S W Ninth ond Pork Avenue PARKING SPACE BOESEN TWO STORES 700 Grond Ave Phone 4 6I5I 3422 Beaver Ave Phone 7 4416 DES MOINES IOWA ROSSINAS BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2 6118 59I7 S W N nth Rossnno Ros NEAL for HARDWARE g H Kth dv Complnments of JACKS VARIETY 81 APPLIANCES 2022 24 S E 6th Phone 2 4489 ROY LARSON FURS Restyhng I Cleonung 0 Storage BONDED PICKUP 8- DELIVERY 938 M h A 2 4706 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS VALLEY BAN HI1 Member of Federol Deposnf lnsuronce Corporotnon FOURTH AND WALNUT 42 I ' v . . i ' 3 Fishin Equipment - General ardware Paints - i c envares 591 I S. W. 9th Street PhTn:'2-06013 Open Sun o Mornings ll' 'I' ' ' a I ois ve. Phone - CCLLIJ p l9AQLy mlght see Carl Faust Oral Sparks and James Smnth Keep up the fnne work boys and you rn ght get caught All aboard' We II have to stop at thus next Rallrood Crosslng Here comes the Len ord Gray Local He Isnt there a aw agalnst hoppnng trams If there IS Harold Gable as surely nn for lt JoAnn Gerlng seems to have secured her one ombatlon to become 6 2 Say Isnt that Bud Glew knockung at that door Lets see what hes selllng Fuller Brushes? Oh' Oh' Well he can at least say he put hrs best foot forward Maybe he shouldn t have stuck It so for forward As long as we re near the court house let s :ng the defendant Bull Wallace Shall e llsten? o Have you ever appeared here be fore? Yes slr Bob In what sunt? B II My blue serge lHow dumb can one get7I There s coach Don Gustafson wlth hls team of WHITE COATS ls he teachlng them the fundamentals of football or how to get out of thelr stralght gackets9 As long as we are nn the bug cnty we mught as well hat the hugh spots Let s look ot the blllboard of the Danclng Bubble Club Look' George Halstead and has Blushlng Seven are playung Lets get a table Hey' Walter' COURTESY YELLOW CAB CO PHONE 3 1111 MINNIE S SANDWICH SHOP Speclaltles Hamburger Home Made ChlI1 French Frles Phone orders hlled 252I VV NINTH STREET PHONE 3 9344 PAYTON AVE MOTOR SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS TOWING 5940 S W 9th St P c c 3 96 8 Ft Des Mounes Iowa MOELLERS MASTER MARKET Frlendllness and Cleanllness The Worklngman s Frlend ASH HARDWARE CO Hardware 0 Appliances 0 Housewares 32I5 Southwest Nunth Street MARKET BUFFET CONEYS CHILI SANDWICHES OO LOCUST STREET Phone 9788 CONGRATULATIONS JUNE I 950 GRADUATES from MIDWAY MARKET Phone 4 4840 2601 S W NINTH Open Evenungs and Sundays I l'0 ' ' ' D I V I S, . .I . : A C I E S . I I I' ' I ' , ' ' I 'h ft- . 7 . I I I , I 1 . I I , stroll in. Lawyer Bob Gridley is cross exam- ZIO LOCUS' Street . I . t W . . . B bi - Bill: i :A ' I . . ' 1 - , 3 3, ..43.. McGOWAN S Home Gm Auto Store 3l46 S W NINTH PHONE 2 l Schwinn Blcycle Headquarters for South PARK AVENUE CAFE HOME COOKED PIES and MEALS H E BREAZEOLE Owner C 61515 p lJAC'Ly W y lf lt lsnt Tom Kleler' Say we sand walter not bouncer The lrghts are dummnng and here comes the featured slnger Loretta Jones Lets get out of here' Oh well we d nt want to be rude There seems to be aulte a few celebrities here thrs evenung Let s do o llttle camera flashung At the table on the left we see Iowa s Corn Queen Beverly l-lst man from Drake and her escort Back there nn the corner IS the famed Unnon leader Don Jones Temper temper Don' There IS someone back there wlth hum lets move ln a llttle Why Its Clyde Kauffman fllrtlng wlth the candy gurl Lavonne McConkey S just came nn wuth her handsome boss Lucky gurl Let s move to the ball park Looks luke Gene Kurk the Bruln coach ns losing Well that s baseball Gosh what s thus? That cop Robert Powell ns glvung two old frnends Aluce Klssell and Ray Morris a ticket for speeding They were just hlttung l lO These cops are surely tauchy Jam Knlght just came unto the studlo Hns program IS next They are broadcastung hrs latest fnlm Jolson Slngs Again and Agaun Compliments of The De s .lunlor Bowling League K ro A ' I h , ' ' ' ' ' . , ' . . - 3l , ' . Q I ll' 1' ' ' . .' 3 . . A I . I I A O- Automotive Parts and Accessories phisticated and successful, Jill Kenworthy, I O O C .. 4- 66155 pl' ,9AeLy Here comes Everett Kochesser and has Boy Scout troop Probably out for a hlke Who s thus handsome sallor comung toward our camera? Why xt s Robert Kyar and he s on has way to Texas Delbert Lee just hut an oul gusher It S tame to eat and here comes our Lady Chumney Bunlder Mary Lundgren down from her perch She usually goes into Mother UoAnnl Macrl s Dlner for her lunch Shal we go un? A crew of lumbermen just hut town and lt looks luke they are all ln here There s Davld Malls Wayne Pntchard Jerry Scovel and Lauren Wnlllams Qulte a few of the old gang Even Anthony Paterno the tree Sur too noisy Across the street IS the Tru State Theater of fnce where Margaret Matthews us head stock holder There are quute a few people down town for the bug parade that ns benng led by that woman candndate for Pres'dent of the U S Bernlce McElwee Donna Wolfklll s Bachelors Home us campalgnlng for her She mnght have a hard tume because she ns runnmg against Mur On Duty 24 Hours Each Day to Serve You IOWA POWER AND LIGHT CO. PRINTING Whatever your pruntmg needs may be whether a large order or small lt should have careful consuderatnon and plannmg Plaln Talk ID the prnntnng busuness for more than 80 years us well qualnfued to assist you ln your pnntmg needs from small Busmess Cards Offuce Forms Letterheads and En velopes to 2 to 5 color Magaznnes ll hen you need pzzntzng you nerd Plaln Talk Publlshmg Co 5'I5 Slxth Avenue East Phone 2 0485 Des Moines CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS SERVICE OPTICAL Complefe Ophcal Service EIGHTH AND LOCUST THIRD AND LOCUST K 0 A ' ' .I A I I I . I . , . . veyor. n Let's get out of here, 'these guys are I II S B in 6- + + G9 . . ea G9 Q 'I' 145.- KOCH BROTHERS PRINTERS STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS BUSINESS MACHINES Grand Avenue At Fourth STON ER PIANO COMPANY Home of the STEINWAY PIANOS and HAMMOND ORGANS OLSON P es de t IOTH AND WALNUT STREETS COMPLIMENTS OF DES MOINES STILL COLLEGE OSTEOPATHY an SURGERY DES MOINES 9 IOWA C G55 pl'0lJAOLg IIne Owen whose campaIgn manager IS that shrewd MerrIlI QUIVSY Good luck kIds' Oh' Oh' We had better pull over to the curb and make room tor thIs Fure Wagon that s comIng NadIne Mortvedt won t move for anyone when she IS on her way to put out a fIre Ted Newton IS on the back hopIng that they get there In tnme and there IS our fnend Vnctor TIlotta tunously rIngIng the tIre bell Let s follow them Oops' They almost lost thenr ladder carrner Norma Vance They are pullIng up In front of Donald TollarIs house O dear hIs bIrd house IS on fre BIII Tyler IS gettIng out the tIre hose Well the fnre seems to be under control so I thInk It wIll be sate to go I don t thunk we Il be able to see Ray Ogburn today as he IS herdIng cattle on the range Charles MettIlle seems to be busy at the Whute House He was appoInted treasurer of the U S We lust passed CarnegIe Hall many prano Concertos Rose MarIe Plum can now be seen In her Park Ave Penthouse In case you are wonder Ing she marrled a mIllIonaIre Jeanne Pugh IS head IIbrarIan In the II brary of Congress lMy these promInent peoplel LINCOLN DELICATESSEN Speclallzmg GOOD FOOD AND BEVERAGES OpenBA M toMd ghtEeyDay 2824 S W 9th St eet Phon 2 5897 COWNIE FURS 5lO Market Street Coats and Surts Corner 8th and Walnut STEVENS Everythlng for the Table E Army Post Road Phone 4 3910 Cmzgratzllafzozls Imcolrz Sfnzms THE FULTON MARKET FINE MEATS AND GROCERIES 4I3 Srxth Ave Telephone 3 5I37 H F , Marie Olson opens there tonight in one ot her . C. , r I n - . . . in . . i ni v r . . I' E - of . d IOI . - li 'll .45-. C6155 pl' PAGE? Jumpen Jahosaphres whats all the com motion Carmen Rncelll and Louvse Serglo are having a dlsagreement or ns ut a knock down drag out and right on Park Avenue too Really Girls' Gene Stader as a bug executive In Elmers Electrnc Typewruter Company There s Arzelle Satre over there an her dust cap She must be doung her sprung house cleanung for her certaun someone Jacquelyn Schoenenberger as now one of the noted Powers Models We heard that Herb Rtchards now owns hrs own Mud Contunent Arrllne and uses hss planes to nnspect has lOOO acres of farm land We also hear where Joanne Stoker has been nomunated as Arr Corps Pan Up Girl of 1965 Fred Townsend has tnnally started has own buslness and Wayne Wulson as guvlng hum some stuff competutnon Wayne Vernon lust won the Olympic Award for 1965 a tennns bout wnth Ruchard Wilcox BROWNING RADIO SERVICE FORMERLY cox mono PHONE 2 5035 3505 S W Nxnth St eet Des Moines I5 Iowa PICKUP AND DELIVERY Compliments of ROY BRICK BARBER SHOP 3l36S W Ninth PARK AVENUE DRUG EVERETT WESTPFAHL P op S W Nnth8tParl4Ave Da 385l0 FORT DES MOINES FOOD MARKET 904 Army Post Road Deluverles Phone 4 5239 j I f X 3 ff K 2 Because here shoppers ind IOW f 0 - H V . H F . I I . - - I , , . , . . . I , 4 , . i . i l - I I . . - Yi A '23 Isl? 151 xfxs 1 A li ,Q s l X . mm..,.., X Y A . gn ..47... C G55 !rjI'0l9A8Ly Oh by the way we haven t been to the race track yet Why Robert Wllcoxs horse has lust won the Kentucky Derby' Looks luke Shlrley Rolland bet on the wrong horse Eva Kung has taken over Gloria Nords place ln the Skatlng Vanutnes John Holmes has achueved has one ambl tlon he has marrled Ruta Hayworth s dough ter tWonder where they are llvang l Well we hope you have enjoyed our pro gram and hearnng about your old friends Thus ns statlon ALHS sngnang off 3205 S W Nnnth Street Phone 4 l9l3 PAINTS AND GENERAL HARDWARE Floor Sandlng Equipment for Rent ewwmmwwwwmmv uugtululuhnu Wi yi we lf 1250 lm f Y DES MOINES COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY f I fVV X7 RX2VAyfRXZsAXfxX CREED OF The Budd Lmcoln H1gher Club A Non Proflt Non Pollhcal Non Sectcrlan Organlzahon Wnth the growth and development of a more actnve South Des Mounes Communuty the B L H Club lnc pledges sts support to all communlty church and school actlvltles Membershlp ns open to any one Interested ln Llncoln H gh or the South Des Molnes Communuty or any graduate from Llncoln Hugh or any one l8years of age MEANING AND PURPOSE OF B L H CLUB support the school un all educatlonal programs and all extra currnculum support all reluguous denomlnatuons support the faculty an all theur varuous actuvntles Build the South Des Moines Communuty to one ofthe best ln the clty Membership Dues are 51.00 yearly. 48 f W R V J we J V f V R V ' Q, lg A . A A .x A A A . A , , I , N - ' 'M - N . . . Q , ' - W ' N e N . N , . l 'll-llllil Q M ' , f Q X V 'll I T511 ww rvglltll' A SELLERS HARDWARE -. ,,, X4 'lf-pf ' - ' ' Q, c,s.. ', lll:ll'lll A F Q gin i Q - ft MV V X' v v V ' v v xv v - A l. To ' ' ' . 2. To ' ' ' ' . 3. To ' ' ' ' . 4' To . . . . . I

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