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 - Class of 1959

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Qwfh x r 1 . ,-Li? F ..- , ' Fi ' w.N 1- Y , . 4 .259-13' 1 pf- N ,... -- 'N-2 '4.v1. m su.: V J ,Q , ' :5 gferg- , 1.' . 1-1 A " W. 'f ' f - A V 4 V , , mm. - AZ -4, ,:, ':1,if:. nf- .41 , S.- , 1., If . 35 .1-'ryf faq, . -7. , -Q f 'ir'-?', if 7 . !,.LJ Q .V ,-, rf ,Q 35 , 1, .x-Ju, 4 fe. Afrwgh ., V . . - 4:11 "T A J. . 1 .. 'V in .., .'il ye . W 1 X a,y..'f - , A .,.m. . hys- 7'1 1 . I W . -'V v ii " - . 5. ,L , K . P+ ' ,4 .,, ,Q-lv. -A-:51 I. fn - . 7V.x1,- ' .gag 2, I :E-K. . iff. 1 -izgig ,-, ,- 5:-9? 45:6 .- 'Fill 1 W. ,. M,- , mn, - 15961.51 A , 1'- f 1 1 i 1... A ' X 2 X. 5 QXXTQ... X. " XX X .r.- .: 'L ff X , - .fs " Y XX . Y XX fv5"' V' J, I X -X . .X V . 7: 'Il ith!-f. X 'f.'X, A f' X4- XX X . r5::XX'. XX -. .... .X '?'f-SXXX - .Y ,. .V-. A . .W . ., Y u v .Xi ,5aX MTSNV. X, . - XXX . '. XX-, -X-311' I .. yum X J ' ' X , 2451- X . . , , . . 5,1-,V ..:1.. I' . 'L .i - A .Ir N' l E7 X . ll ' t - :'?'f flgr fi: . XAX' , X .L . A JB. .1 Shy,-V XA .XX 4-X.,'X,, '14 'QL 4 ,:'.f?1fLX-7f45- wg... Y 4, u,jg.7,-XX 5 . ,gina-ln-rj'X4v -. V ...Xu ,,,. , ,.. X. X,.. .X . .Xu ' 1, . .X. . ,. -,.-X., ,-Q11 ., A A , :J,,:.',"r:.g :X ' Jr-RXT:'Fe'1 , ' I:---X X ' ' '. 'jg' A . J L ,L . XX, 0 4 v,-A , -.iv . "Ln: ' X . ,, 1 ' 1 .XX t. . ggi' F... " 3: A 'f 13,7 ' ...ge-X. XXX, X A -"1'.'Xi X ii -X 2' 1-3 X, ' X ', Y . "1.f"f' .Q L.. . 'X ,Nici ' .-gtg., , ' "WE-'f.XJfXi - A ng: ' 1 ' Wk' ' ' 1- .M X . X, SEV' .9 A vt 9 I' by ' , 'H ' wif. 'yv'-5i' . ,I tl' .5 Xi-Y . , if-gibj .', l1H'g. wiigw V Q laifigm . X .. '. X 5" 'Lx fc, -- 3' ' ' 7- ': Xi .. 5, 5 ,. ., . 951'-X?faZX 'X Q.. .X X X ,W-3 . ' "X ,...3'f-?Wiff:'X' Xf nr V UQQJI 1 W r-.HR-X' r f'.':'jf.. -WNW ff' X ,.. V. ,X. K ,,,XX . 4 ,X15 LX if XL' fQ,f:'iV': "-- 'XXX . -' X, 'fm' . .Xf F - gf: qm- X 5 If H X' ..'.. H.. 325' ,X .. :X -A -39 . '. NX XM' X F ??!:E .V sg? v,'fXX,W.-Xk?,1?X"'l :MX - ' ...Li U if X.. :W X. X XXXX71 W fa. 1 .. 'ZBZ' F ,A f ,fl XX,X.-fX .XXXJ ' ' " ' X' X ' "'T!l'i 1 ' . .' 'I fa X L. ':"X XXX V, 'T 'X X 1 ,Xiu iw 's XXXL J --1 I 1 mt. XXI f WXX,j! XtfXu- X 4' X XX': -:."'Q.:a.. 1 :PN 1 arf' awf - XX .-.J . - ,V-q.X.'urX X gg 5? y.. Xi ,li X ,,,, 4X "I L " , 3.3. :XX XEYXX.-,W -, -4 'f"f XX:--Ejl'FQ.ngi,ij, E - "1-H" X ' 'Ur- Xf Mu, '2i4agf3FQ'1sgg.Sfff .ssjj X .-.n:1i'. 551 4-I 323 .21-3' 4 1W'i1sFs'faX' ff? 'W " .rj W',-Xi J . GX ' X , M-f i X5 X 1 M554 .X T. X, fXXsX.u'A-'i' 3, X."W,.if?i .fiXXXXf21FXi:x. N .-.1v.XF,:iXl:1 :X 4X Rig., 2'-. " . ,Hua , 3 XX X SXW Q H Xi. 'X -1 XX X . X ' ' MONARCH L959 N002 PRESENTED BY ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL S fi - ,J Yi 1 . .... IE? - if ly QQ V UE egg? N if Q gl iw? 3' 5- an 'sg'-5 ' Q 5 2 Ki T 33 is is 'ds v Q. A wg , 'W-egg-1 J' :K- E V . . .. XV., .Q ,J5:1f.'-S9 kg. Mae.. Q .wil -I Q f. Q Q. RXML 2 x -.4 ..Q..ffQi'- ,. .. ,. .egargx . , ff W Pi 3 YS 2 R 515 Q W :lg if ,X xv . SM 25 X Q K W k , z 4 1 K M is W ng Q , Q QAM? . 3 f. 5' fs 9 ' 5 P , , L L . W X 2 sz 5 S. Q g . , Qi J Q y uw ' N 5 x XX X 73 . iw W ES' k 'X .WFS 2? jf. A 2 A 3 V --.N . Qs. Af Q.. Q5 .gh mf. . :VN Q. M , . -qi: XS ex . az. .. . Q. 35.5 g 5 fxwwlkffflk " 2 ff A M jj-rg. Afi fai iwggis x-,, gg We X ,K A 53 TN E. 555 5 3 F32 XSS X 55 X Nw Qs 5 v WW SQ X X ? ' X Q sg E' 1 Sb Q 5 Mg Z a 5 f Vg Q 5 ' X S Y Sli :fi I ' s N 1 2 5 B gr? 1 5, 5 . E55 ' EH X Q 1 1 Q. ii, W if ig f.. ' , 3 5 S 5 fl iw t 'fi if . ,,.,, E. x Q 1 I Q. 3 X H5 . E 2 Q f gg Y l 3 Q N 2 Y S 5 . 5 5 s ,j Q K E Y A 5... X 52 N My E X K we 2 if . S XI- Iii MS .vhrmg 'Eli 1- . ' g fi. X ig Ei i 1. . ' 5 i- -ff . ur N. . . in x ' H rf , x .x -X ,. g 3 Q -",x . .S S E 3.1 X . . - I . 1 X 1 'N ii - 5 : Qvgsg-.5. Ll ' '53 .., . .fx iw Pu 5 I. F In .4 if V e Aj Our school of honor and beauty That bears a name on which all can rely-- a symbol of courage and duty if We've made our own his motto Do-Right. X-""' "l'w'.f!.' demooracy forever To rule ourschool with justice and might I ia- AII hail to Abraham Lincoln High! 55555-4-1111-1'jn1v-N1.avg-gd -. v1 Y,-rg,-3-5.111-K5 pf---11-57-3g,:g:'41:sga3.japvs-'41q':'f'- '- ., A 1.1 -.- x 1 EE'-'!,1x.1:'. 5I,vh!:1! ,l.m , 1 1.-. '.'i. 1 ,vp ' g1.n1"" ' J:-fr., 1111, 1 1 1 11 I , -1131111 -.-.165 ,Cx 1 I -:M s 'ol 11 11,51 , .M '1 IF. 1.1 ,L V 'z '41 L 'Ewa mf' Q ., an n 1' J' ff? Cf21.P'f"Q1 f5"'i1 Ir' 'f 1. " f7H+V" 5Jf?'?J'1gf:- Q 5" 1. T'.fP!11 ' ffi 'e1"?:1E1f.f:a1fh: -1' j:'r'T"':1-.L. ,1' x H A. ' . ,Wu ..g1I' .Sv I , 1.235 1 ' . '?.f1"' - Hg-,f . 1 , -1 ': 4' fr. , 'H' . 1 1 .- 1. - , A 1 1 11 ,1. ' 1 1. - K 1 1, - 1.-111 Y . f Q. 111 1 1 A, 11,1 .41 1, 3. k,.1,,.8P 15- .. gf' If? 1: T1 4, .. 11.f' " , 1:1 - K , 1 1,5 -. . ' 1 ' -1n ,.-, 11 is-. g' 'L '41 52.1 X 1' ' ,Y--nn X 5 5.-3-1,.,11QM'f 1 5,45 - 1,4,.,f. 1 4. ,1-A 1, .-fa 1 X ,Life -.g1Elg125,f1:q 5 H H- 1 , 11 Z2 '-31 ' 1,1 11,6 g.,41:fgfF. 1 1 .f 1,. ,. ,. l'-1' i -J: 1 m. . , ' 1 4111. 1- ""-U, am. 1 ' 51' :fig Y 1 1: 111' f F-539: 24,35 L59-A 1 1,1 1.r'11 ,.1. pr. . pl- 'af 1 1 11 6.1.1 wif-Q -agfzgwgf. 11' M" 1-. ' 1: i. 1' V1.1 14 .-1'?1ia'.:f1+3,1 f 1111- 411711 L 11' L 1' 1' 1, J.. ul H5511 511' . 1 NV 1 , f..-1 , 1 151 u.5g1:.. M 1,9 15111 gl 11' 1 Mr ' ' 11 . ,1 '1'1"'1a 1' ' , .1,.: J- 1 .11 W '.. 1 1 xQ'X"9 x b Y . 4' wx 0 Q Xq NW 'L Mr. Covell Dean of Boys JG QQ K S0 S: Nu? e ' S x .Q . 0 - ' N ' 'Q Q CN Q ' ' , A s my y , xl is x 1 40. N I . l Q Q, 1 S Dr. Kennedy Principal Mrs. Meclrfessel Mr- Hunler Dean of Girls Dean of BOYS . 'Yf Y li wil DEAN OF GIRLS VICE P RINCIPAL ! It W Miss Rennerf Nurse Cafeieria sfaff: Margaref Casfer- line, Mabel Janzen, Adeline Kar- ber, Harriei Drescher, Efhel Craw- ford, Opal Rapp. gy 5 la Office siaff: Mrs. MaH'och, Mrs. Braden. Mrs. Bellone, Mrs. Drys- dale, Mrs. Awbry. Miss Dober. Camera shy: Mrs. Winslow. I'ALL DIUIJENI IIUDY UFFICER5 Phil Nielsen Boy's Vice Presideni' Judy Krell Treasurer The Senaiors for lhe Fall Semesler were: P. Anderson, M. Anle, S. Aslrew, S. Avery, J. Bian- co, M. Burns, B. Burrows, J. Burrows, M. Bufler, B. Callahan, J. Conlreas, R. Cosfa, B. Dearborn, G. Dias, P. Doherly, J. Dunn, G. Gaffuccio, A. Hadley, F. Halsied, F. Irwin, L. Johnson, B. Kennedy, B. Kessler, B. Landis, S. Lam- brechf, K. Lindberg, J. Merlino, J. Moran, K. Morgan, J. Nissen, J. No- vah, T. O'Reily, J. Pilce, D. Posselli, M. Rausio, J. Romano, L. Sanchez. You all did a greaf job!! Lee Cox Janei' Garner Presiderll Girl's Vice Presideni i i :A r ., , ,ij ' s 45' ,i ' Wanda Hand Shiela Miller Secrelary Direclor of Publiciry lill The Senafe mei' a lol' of obsiacles rhis semesfer, buf managed io build up a good record. Lincoln now has assembly privilege cards which make assemblies opiional, and +he hall siiualion was improved wifh 'lhe help of fhe Do-Righf commifiee. The big siep was +he raiificarion of a new consiiiuiion. This provided for Junior Varsiiy cheerleaders and a Presiden+'s cab- inei. On fhe whole, +he Fall Semes- 'fer was a big success. The Golden Axe Honor Society, under the direction of Miss Wynett Fowler, consisted of J. Barnes, A. Belardes, D. Bohne, P. Brennan, C. Byers, M. Caston, L. Cox, T. DeCair, J. DiCuiccio, M. Flora, J. Garner, W. Hand, B. Houghtaling, K. Jenlrs, A. Jung, K. Krough, S. Miller, N. Needham, P. Nielsen, B. Pedretti, K. Pope, W. Sarager, J. Sutherlin, B. Waters, B. Williamson, and M. Zingheim. The committee chairmen for this 'Fall semester consisted of R. Aikman, W. Alvarez, M. Apr-1. G. Barrett, C. Byers, L. Carter, S. Cleveland. R. Costa, J. Crawford, P. DeMare, J. Di- Cuiccio, G. Down, M. Flora, B. Kennedy, J. Krell, S. Magellon, S. Miller, P. Nielsen, J. Perez, K. Pope, and E. Sturges. Mrs. Barnard sponsored the California Scholar- ship Federation this semester. The members of this organization were: W. Alvarez, D. Bohne, P. Buttitta, C. Byers, L. Cox, L. Daubek, M. Duino, V. Fanelli, J. Ferrua, M. Flora, J. Garner, W. Hand, L. Jacobson, K. Jenlcs, A. Jung, G. Laveroni, C. Miller, N. Needham, P. Nielson, B. Pedratti, C. Piazza, K. Pope, J. Sutherlin, R. Williamson, M. Bradley, E. Brown, M. Butcher, S. Chu, R. Clapper, M. Conlrlin, B. Dearborn, N. delPrete, J. Di- Cuiccio, L. Dickson, E. Dunham, J. Erilrson, J. Estruth, R. Flores, L. Graham, P. Grayshock, T. Hawker, J. Heclrendorn, D. Jelciclr, E. Jung, P. Koga, A. Lane, M. Long, D. Matusich, J. Merchant, K. Morgan, K. Neavas, J. Nissen, N. Pace, and P. Quinn. The new s+uden+s were iniroducecl fo Lincoln's dances ai +he firsl' dance of ihe year, ihe Reg Dance. Several sfudenis puf in a number of hours of hard worlc io decoraie fhe gym. However, all of ihem agreed ihai' ii was wor+h i+ as evidenced by The smiles on fhe faces of fhese sfudenfs shown here. REG DANCE SEPT I9 .V.. fn , I K W s K wil ,, uf, sf ,,.., ,E ty. REG DANCE The publiciiy commiiiee for +he Reg Dance worked hard io develop fhe lrind of posiers +ha+ would ca+ch ihe eye and remind ihe s+uden+s of +he dance. This posier especially caughi fhe eye of our sfaff phofographer wi+h i+s "S'rag or Drag" fheme. Q ,W i Qian if 5 TALENT ASSEMBLY In order +o s+imula+e more inieresf in fhe Siudenf Body Card Sales, a special falenl' assembly was held. In fhis program, many hidden +alen+s were broughf fo light Here in fhis shol' is shown Lincoln's own Lawrence Wellr. vis, -- bl ' ..,,-dip-'f' The famous Kingsfon Trio is des- lined lo be moved inlo obscuri+y by ihis handsome fhree-some who are shown here exercising 'lheir vocal chords. Noi all of fhe faleni' was confin 'lo Lincoln sfudenfs. Here is picl' ed fhe famed Spanish Dancer Sania Clara High. FALL SEMESTER SPIRIT LEADERS Viclry Gordon Mary Belle Rogers Jan Shephard Duane Jelcick Hi Lions! We've really enjoyed being your spiril leaders +his year. We wanl +o lhanlc you for being so spiriled and coming +o the games and yelling. We wouldn"l' have been anyihing wifhoul' you. We fhinlu you have been ihe grea'l'es+ roo+ing Through your efforls, we were able 'lo win 'lhe roolers' 'l'rophy. This shows lhal we're noi 'lhe only ones who lhinlc you've been fabulous. We made a lol' of mislalres, buf we really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for all your support The Firsl' Semesier Spirif Leaders John Richfer Pep Leader D Ae: Q if 1' an Mallau Marie Casion Camera shy: Lois Mashburn FALL SEMESTER SPIRIT LEADERS Emily Felice Leo I Nancy Larson Gay Martinez VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Our ieam did very well ihis year compared wirh il's pasr seasons by placing four+h in i'l's division. Coach Harry Rose was head coach for +he Lincoln ieam ihig year, +aking over refired Lee Cox's place. Wes Srevenson also coached +his year and Was a valuable asser fo ihe +eam. Our ieam increased in power as 'I'he season progressed. All fhe feam needed was a few more brealrs and ihey would have won fhe championship for us, as we all saw in l'he Waghingfon and +he San Jose game. Dan Landes played a good season as half-back: Milce Falio had also a good season as quarier- bacl: and led his 'leam io many a viclory. One ol'her person 'I'ha+ cannoi' be forgofien is ibigi Bill Moyers who played as end and scored many a iouchdown for Lincoln. Oiher oufsfanding players were: Mario Moran, Par Cavaiaio. Ken Marlcgraf. Gene Yamasaki, Franlc Slrause, and Phil Neilson. We can expecl an excelleni' season nexl year wi'rh lhe reiurning leiiermen and ihe champion Jr. Varsiiy ieam This year playing Varsily fooiball. This year's varsily leam was coached for 'l'he 'Firs'l 'lime by Harry Rose and Wes Slevenson. The mem- bers of lhe firsi l'eam under l'he coaches were: Back row B. Moyers, L. Edwards, J. Childrey, R. Nissen, B. Reelc, P. Neilson, J. Enochs, M. Moran, R. Linneweh, P. Cowles, P. BuH'i'Ha, R. Groen, P. Fanning. Middle row G. Yamasalci, D. Wilcox, R. Arigoni. R. Fisher, F. Pompon, F. Salvaio, S. Magallon, P. Cavaiaio, G. Rocha, F. Azcaraie, F. Porlera. Fron'l' row W. Arballo. D. Landes, F. Sfrause. K. Marlr- graf, W. Ramirez, R. Aikman. M. Faiio, R. Piazza. C. Kappen. 30's FOOTBALL This year +he firsf Lincoln 30's fooiball feam was s+ar+ed. The ieam has esiablished a iradiiional "Small Bone" fo be given fo +he winner of +he Lincoln and San Jose 30's fooiball games. Our feam won ihe bone +his year. The members of 'rhe 'Firsi' 30's 'ream were from lefl' fo righ'I': Third row: D. Tolberison, L. Villareal, B. Siarr, R. Hogue. G. Newgren, R. Roggy, R. Avila, H. Schulfz, S. Plucy, J. Barnes, Coach Dubinslzy. Second row: Coach Adams, O. Sierra, C. Burge, B. Rush, V. Frosf, D. McCain, B. Frosf, A. Piazza, R. Bussy, E. Acuna, R. Shields, F. Sanfos. Firsi rowi R. Agilar, S. Caranza, S. Chu, H. Anfe, D. Shigemoio, J. Crawford, G. Chambers, S. Cacifii, J. Busch, R. Vasquez, D. Perez, F. Sedillo. V a L59-fn .f . 1522 We-v ' ,4 ' Yi - ,ai gi - , Q- Qi- X i 1: " ' 4- P? ,. 'wil V- if ' , ., 1. asv' .nn QW? 2 HY., ,L . if ,ig KIJ' X T . f A Qj xfngyi, , .1 T. 'A 'A qgfiggixnj ,x A ky . 'L 'J Jv's FOOTBALL Q ' The coaches of ihis year's J.V. Foofball Team were: Wayne Howard and Mac Mariinez. They coached +heir 'ieam +o +he championship wi+h an undefeafed record. The members of 'lhis championship +eam were: Firsi row: B. Wirh, R. Kenny, P. DeMares, S. Peferson, T. Fifhian, G. Rocha, R. Linneweh, G. Gallon K. Dearborn. Second row: L. Garcia B. McCullough, G. Cornelius, M. Burns, T. Burfon, R. Piazza, J. Trueba, C. Traina, G. Housion, M. French, D. Oliver, R. Diefrich, L. Worley, W. Hiaff, G. Mendoza, B. Sandoval. u -mi aJ mwnl..- . 1m.. -.iiV., ...1u....f 1 an-1 Lefl' io righh lasi' row: P. Fransham, B. Norona, J. Troncosco, L. Daubeli, K. Howell, G. Morrison, R. Allen, C. Taylor. Middle row: J. George, S. Brincilt, G. Ga'H'uceio, G. Siddell, F. Hosley, N. Binger. Froni row: J. Whi+ehead, J. Weinbroclc, D. Chrisiian, T. Wood D. Hernandez. WATER POLO Lefi' fo righh las'l' row: R. Allen, L. Daubelc, S. Lambrechf, B. Norona. Middle row: L. Freund lmgnl. G. Siddell, A. Cook, G. Gafruccio, G. Morrison. R. Squa+riHo Fronl' row: E. Talburi lmgnl, D. Samsel, J. George, J. Whifehead, J. Rich+er. G Brincklcoachl. Camera Shv: W. Sarager lHd. Mgr.l. Q wars.-.H . X ...mm-M.. .4..mw.'11. W. g, , . . . ,.,.-.34 , - 1 . , .., ,A :,....,.-...umm -- . ,..,m...., , Z 20'S BASKETBALL This year's 'l'eam had a fair season by placing 'l'hird place in iheir league. Their coach Jack Richards believes +ha+ members of 'lhis feam will be able fo help 'lhe 30's or even 'l'l1e Varsi+y baslce'l'ball feam. Members of 'lhis year's were lfrom leff io righfl. Mike RogerslGl. Mark lnouye lGl, John Medrano lGl, ScoH' Johnson lGl, Fred Braz lFl, Bruce Jacobus lFl, Jerry Arrieia lFl, Gary Sfrom lFl, Sco'H' Turner lCl, Carlos Perez I0'S BASKETBALL The l0's were coached by Milf Raugusi' a siudeni 'teacher from San Jose Sfafe College. Al- fhough 'lhe +eam did noi' have very much experience ihey came in 'fourlh place. Some of ihese members will be playing 20's or possibly 30's nexl' year. Members of 'lhis year's I0's were: Back Row John Marfinez lGl, Arihur Yamasalxi lCl, Warren Gibson lCl, Benny Diaz lGl, AI Belardes lFl, Denny Williams lGl, Fronl Row Carry Colla lFl, Perry Elson lGl, Juvenal Souza lFl, Lynn Everf lCl, Roberi' Correa mnmw1r M- U .,i.- me-1. vi is-f-71.1 --fu ,films in vi-,wa ww mf: sa, any uwu an .mM SADIE HAWKINS DANCE Music for +l1e Sadie Hawkins Dance was provided by fhis 'ralenfed combo composed almos+ en+ireIy of Lincoln 5+uaen+s. vx f, I Till ' as A A+ las+ +l'1e day of l'l1e year, +ha1' permi+s 'lhe girls +o ask fheir favori+e boy, rolls around. Yes, i+s lhe Sadie Hawkins Day. Here af fhe Sadie Hawkins Dance, s+uden+s found Marrin' Sam, Kissin' Rock, Skunk Hollow, and Bald Mounfain. This glamorous young lady seems lo be doing qui+e well wilh her hula-hoop. Whal' big eye lashes you have, Grandmofherl Some very wise young man +hough'r up a Very appropriale sign designed fo show 'lhe Sophomores +heir place. Need l say more? TWIRP DAY Of all 'rhe school days in 'lhe school year, Twirp Day seems 'fo be +he favorile of lhe boys. There have been many siudies made in+o 'lhe possible reasons for lhis, bu+ il slill remains a myslery. This is, however, offered as a possible reason. H's fhe one day of lhe year on which +he girls are +he boy's serva n'rs. This young man is +he proud possessor of a I90l, one girl powered, Rex ief. A very rare an+ique indeed. f as K , , . 1- , w,-gizhlim mem S5 P4 in 3' U . .1.,. 'n L X L7, . Q Vg nm 0, n unc Q Q gg f WI I ,A , I . ,,,,, , , .f , urwevuf -..lah ,. whiz., , .Q ,Nq5,cS, f yjxggk - Emi w ' ' ngwmn -. wi SQYE2? W sbp, li' - we it ' POI vu GN'-W" k nnomvu 'U' m I w. D"""'t'9 M M' QNX' I my - I A N- - 1 v 'Q N am' " N V ,-.Yi qi xvnkm 'V-31614, wf, ' pf' ...- mm Im I ,,' Z S.J'l bv X 'C .. sf buf. 4-4 L P'v f n , He, i Q' if 1 , , A z ,,'- .f-f, wg,- 1- A . .. li 1 lg-OAI!! - ' ..-,...- xg .vow RATED Gmmsm Calling A Sv QW ,,, , P' I s 9 ,xt SCIENCE As 'rime progresses life around us becomes more and more complica+ed. The science deparimeni al' Lincoln slrives +o explain, io Those who are eager and willing +o learn, all aboui ihe world in which we live and fhe lhings around us which we are noi aware of. Those sfudenls who do noi mind a li'Hle siudy find +he courses in Chemislry, Physics, Physiology, Biology, and Life Science a fascina+ing experience. v X I 1' fi f 'off ft , gb, .ii. .4 T 'ff MTW wa , vi K .-f Q ,, fr ,, -v These are 'rhe science 'ieachers al Lincoln. From leff 'ro righi lhey are: Gene Morris, Ari Boland, Harold Fisher, Doroihy Fau- quer, and Donald Desch. Here Mr. Morris helps one of his Biology This is one of Mr. Fisher's Physics classes. classes working on an experimenf in 'rhe lab. is,f.f,i1l-. we ai. .s. -., m r Mr. Boland here helps a group of his Chemislry sfudenfs perform an experimenf in fronl' of fhe class. The Malh leachers al Lincoln are from lefl' lo righl: Del Smi+h, Lee Cox, and WyneHe Fowler. Sl si MATHEMATICS Everyone needs a li++le malh in la+er life no mailer whal' a person's occupalion may be. During lhe year +here are many malh courses available 'lo suil everyone's needs. For lhose who will no+ go on +o college lhere is a well rounded Basic Malh course designaled 'lo give everyone a basic underslanding of Malh. Olher courses offered are Economic Mafh, Algebra. Plane and Solid Geomelry. and Trigonomelry. On fhe lell' is Mr. Cox and one of his Malh classes. Here Miss Fowler explains a 'lheorem 'lo one of her Geomefry classes. On lhe righl' is Mr. Smilh explain- ing an algebraic equalion fo his Algebra class. .5--i ww- ,fmlf ', I 1 is , ' ENGLISH Our English Deparfmeni' a+ Lincoln gives fhe sluclenfs a compleie background noi' only in basic grammar bu+ also in greal' liferafure. Each sludeni learns fo lznow and beHer undersiand +he wriiings of such greai' auihors as Chaucher and Shakespeare, and many American aufhors as well. A course in Journalism is also offered fo +he sfudenis by one of our English feachers, Mr. Bloom. Above are Lincoln's English ieachers. They are 'From lefl' 'lo righh Granville Bayse, Elgie Ogier, Harry Bloom, Amy Duvall, Florence Barnard, Joe Dubinslxy, and Ray Kendall. Here Mr. Richards helps one of +he sfuclenfs in his English class. On fhe lefl is Miss Pal Cabral wi+h one of her English classes We regrel' 'lhaf she was absenl' for ihe feachers' piciured above. Vx i rrms l The Social Sfudles 'leachers al' Lincoln are bo'Hom row lefl' 'lo righh Doro'H1y Burger, Kay Delerman Vlr gunna Wyckoff and Drusilla Raney -lop row lefi' +o nghl' Doug Shull. Len Sionehill, Gordon Fechfer Tom Democracy cannol' worlr unless lhe peo- ple undersiand and parficipafe in flue government In our Social Sludies classes fhe funcfions of our governmenl' are explained fo us. We are also 'iaughl +he hisio of The Uniled Sfafes and fhe resi' o?'l'he world. ln our sophomore year The Social Sludies course includes Firsl' Aid and Driver's Training. This ppurse fruly helps us prepare for lafer I e. M55 Rainey here asks some gf her This is Mr. Trombella explaining fhe imporlance of safe sfudenfs fo polnf our differenf driving lo a group of S'l'udenl'S- LANGUAGES So fhaf sfudenfs may learn fhe cusfoms as well as fhe languages of some foreign counfries: Lincoln offers fo fhe sfuclenf Spanish, Lafin, and French. In fhese classes fhe sfudenfs nof only learn fhe grammar of fhe language. buf fhey learn fo speak fluenfly by giving slcifs and singing songs in fhe foreign language. These are fhe language feachers af Lincoln. They are from leff fo righf: "Mac" Marfinez, Sal SanFilIippo and Edifh Perazzo. Here Mr. Sanfillippo feaches one of his On fhe leff is fhe former Miss Perazzo, now Spanish classes. Mrs. Zanoffi, feaching one of her French classes. A 1. .sm if ew -1-www., ,.iw..u...a....- Mrs. Zanoffi also feaches Laf- in, and here she helps her Lafin class. BUSINESS The Business Deparfmenf af Lincoln offers a good basis for anyone who is inferesfed in a business career. Such courses as Typing, Shorfhancl, and Bookkeeping also are useful in every- day life for fhe fufure housekeeper. The business feachers a+ Lincoln are from leff fo righf: Adelene Polifo, Dorofhy Ehrhorn, Carl Schweinfurfh, and Eric Larson. Mrs. Ehrhorn also feaches book- keeping, and fhis is one of her classes. This is Mrs. Polifo explaining some shorf- l-lere MrS- El1I'l10f'1.helPi Sludenls hand symbols fo one of her classes. 'n one of he' 'lYP'n9 canes' -w -- ,Wann all , ARTS The Arfs Deparfmenf offers fo fhe sfudenfs very useful courses for anyone who will one day own his own home. Courses in Home Ari' insfrucf sfuclenfs in inferior decor- afing. The craffs courses include wood carving, plasfics, mosaics, and leafher worlr. There are also courses in Draffing which prepgre sfudenfs for fraining as fechnicians or engineers. The arfs feachers af Lincoln are from leff fo nghf Vnolef Lanms Ray d'Arfenay. and Ray Oeschger ln fhe cenfer is Mr. Oeschger giving a few poinfers on how fo malre posfers 'I'o some of his sfu- denfs. denfs. ln fhe cenfer is Mass Lannls 'lallung on sculpfure fo some of her sfu These are ihe fwo Economics feachers ai' Lincoln. They are: Sarah Siraihman llefil, and Shirley Hansen. Here Mrs. Siraihman helps one of ihe sfudenfs in one of her sew- ing classes. . .1 . ,A ww. 1.m.41rmv K gmmlj ECONOMICS The Economics and Homemalcing Depar'l'men'l' al' Lincoln is declicaled io preparing girls for 'lhe fufure. There are sewing and coolzing classes which definiiely prepare 'ihe girls for when 'ihey will have fo 'ialce care of 'iheir own home. There is also a Senior Homemalring class which reaches family relaiions, child care, home nursing, and home furnishing. This is a picfure of one of 'ihe senior homemalring classes ai' Lincoln. SHOP There are 'two shops a+ Lincoln. One is Auro Shop and +he ofher is Wood Shop. In fhese classes a sfudenl' has a chance fo learn whai' his abiliiies are and which iob he is besf suiied for. Lincoln also has an Agriculiure Deparlmeni' which +rains boys for all professions re- The Shop 'leachers al Lincoln are: Milne Chiechi llefil, and Jim Wellingion. M. C. Rals+on, 'lhe Agriculfure ieacher, was abseni' for ihe piciure, -if some farming proiecl' lo wor on. This is Mr. Ralsion's agriculiure class ge'r+ing ready for 'lhe day's work. This shows Lincoln's Auio Shop Here in Wood Shop boys work with differenl- groups of boys on projecis of 'lheil own choice working on varied proiecis as shown in This piclure. CN. fuss ,,,,,, ,- QI, .V ff,-, tl K' A . Y I, T. 5, . ' 4. g "pry, ...-- ,A fr 1 H, vu - mmm: missin mmm Q :ki 1 " . ,, HQ, U :if , W W , V sul., '. 5 - W- ,L L S , r 'wwn,'a,s L vrxfl , X2 g , amffxiiicj ,i ,WWTWQ -, , 12 3 'gd I' .I if f' ' T -.QW 1 i1i21.3,gQ.i'i5v z K if 'fill' ' has 4 4 . r- .Q".Q,3 - - f - ' : "' " K il5Q3iQ!:!25Z!!zw ' f if! 'fl H ,V 'f - lllkl ,Ally H 'lit i i lik . ,fi f W , , . M417 "FW: , ss- ' " : X " Q-, f',QWfi,f'2,,Iff Q ' pf .V-W , - f- - '- ---- 'Q-. ':2at":s'2':::n'fassf a'a.': r,ezfQ1Q-szsfz,e..s7 Ain, v-,lyme fsszsfzs- W' A - Y .UMD M- ,,,. My W, iw.,:W,a.,.i,,,. W , -- I, E lafed +o Agriculfure. The bots each have The picfures on fhis page are all of Lincoln s+uden+s workin in fhe differeni' shops ai' 9 Tech. Many of fhe boys af Lincoln also aH'end Tech every day. li is ihere 'ihaf +hey are irained for a special 'ob. When 'they graduaie from Tech. 1'hey are ready 'lo pursue whichever field 'l'hey have been working in. There is no be'Her way io frain a boy for whichever 'ob he likes and is good in, fhen +0 give him firsf-hand experience like fhaf he ge'l's in Tech. -.vi - l v TYR . I OU ' is l .1 V. .,.. l., . ir 'Q i y is if MUSIC The Music Deparlmenl' al Lincoln nol' only offers such courses as orcheslra, choir, music fheory, and band 'lor lhose who are musically inclined, buf 'lhe deparlmenl' also plays an imporlanl' part in lhe school funclions. If helps enlerlain al' many school assemblies as well as being a necessary and needed parl' of our school spiril al' sporfs evenls. 9 rx - alle? The fwo men in charge of lhe Music Deparlmenl' are Vince Carler llefll, and Roberi' MoH'. lheir rehearsals. Q ,Q This is Linc9ln's bancl al one of This is Lincoln s Choir dlrecled by Mr. Carler These are fhe girls' gym feachers. They are from' leff fo righf: Cafherine Cosia. Margaref Waiiers, Ellen S+illman, and Marilyn Walfers. A+ 'the 'lime fhis piclure was 'laken fhese were ihe girl's gym feachers. Wi+h a new semesler some changes were made, and lhe women gym leachers af 'l'he presenl' are: Miss Cosfa, Mrs. King, Mrs. Walker, and Mrs. Ryder. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Our Physical Educaiion Deparimenl' sfrives lo 'train +he body as well as 'lhe mind of fhe sfuclenr. In these classes 'lhe siudenis learn 'l'o work in feams as well as learning means of self-defense and pro'l'ec1'ion. Here is a group of girls also play ing volleyball in +heir gym class, k 414 A The boys' gym 'Teachers and coaches are from leH +o right Tom Adams. Jack Richards, Milne Chiechi, Wayne Howard, George Brinclc, Harry Rose, and Wes Sifevenson. This is a piciure of one of fhe morning gym classes playing vol- leyball.. c M ,M 5 PV' Q. V glial A i 2 Q si W, ,pf Q. ,, Here we see our 30's +eam in acfion, as No. 77 passes +he ball +o one of his +eamma1es. Here is anoiher sho+ of our 30's foofball feam in acfion, fhis piclure also shows us why +hey placed high in fheir league. This piclure shows our J. V. foofball +eam in ac- 'I'ion, and i+ shows us why fhey were +he Champions in fheir league. SCRAMBLE Cenfer Arfhur Yamasaki UI, of +he IO's feam scrambles for fhe baskefball. The ofher IO's are Al Belardes 121, John Mar+inez 151. and Roberf Correa JUMP BALL Forward Gary Sirorn lb, jumps and +ips +he ball fo Carlos Perez UZI, and Bruce Jacobus wafches 'Hue Hp. Q, COMPLETED PASS Quarlerbaclr Milne FaI'io IIOI complefes a 20 yard pass +o end Bill Moyers I22I. Coming up Io make 'Ihe sfop for Andrew Hill is Eddie Martinez IIZI. Oiher Lincoln players are II II DankI..andes and I35I Ron Reels. 'Lincoln 'Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln 'Lincoln 'Lincoln 'Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln LINCOLN FOOTBALL SCORES 25 vs. Fremoni' 7 vs. MI. View 6 vs. Menlo A+her+on 6 vs. Willow Glen 26 vs. Andrew Hill 28 vs. Samuel Ayer I9 vs. James Liclr -I2 vs. Washingfon 0 vs. San Jose LANDES GAINS Fullbaclz Dan Landes IIII sweeps his Iefi' end 'For a large gain againsf Andrew Hull Andrew Hull was defeaied 26-6 on our field. Ofher Lincoln players are IISI Wall Arballo and I36 Larry Edwards. LIONS RAMBLE Pal' Cavafaio ll2l is s'I'op- ped by a Washingfon player af+er running for a Lincoln gain. O+l1er Lin- coln players are l42l Paul Cowles and I33I John Childrey. FIRST AND TEN Mario Moran l27l gains enough yardage for a Lincoln Isl' down before finally being sfopped. Lin- coln players in back ground are Mike Fafio IIOI, Gene Yamasalci I4-Ol. and l32I Rich Arigoni. JUMP PASS Mario Moran I27l fhrows a comple+ed iump pass for a considerable gain for Lincoln. Ofher Lincoln player is l26l Paul BuH'i'Ha. The Big Bone Ball was held here fhis year and fhe decoralions made us proud lo have San Jose in our gym. "The Sain+s" provided +he musical enierfainmenf, and fealured a fine vocalist Some cool rock and roll music al' inler- mission goi' +he crowd in+o a real swingin' mood. BIG BONE BALL Duane Jelzuclc was +he Queen from Lincoln This year, and fhe broad smile on her face shows how ihrilled she was when Mike Fafio placed +he crown upon her head. , ai'5 . ,Qt if ,,' ww- , vf',,,X- I -, Af JEL gffiii? J i?Shqgj A s A2 , ' .g, 9 ifx 3 M 3 v f x 9. HtwnQ f ' w Huw? ,S .,.. X 'i si . W :W 2 51 Q 2 Q21 5 ff-- f + ,-f 4 I fa Q- M S' ,ff , 1 3'3 ' 1 A 4A2Ka.' ' 1.-., 441 sm- .us x -194,- 6 NK .fi 'Y , Q x K 0 'X - a IL Affer all our roofing and cheering was over for +he foofball season, and fhe resulis were iallied, we were happy +o learn ihai we had won fhe Roos+er's frophy. Here +he Presi- den'l' of Willow Glen High School is shown presen+ing 'ihe irophy fo Linda Car- ier. The originaior of ihe Sporfsmanship Trophy made a shori' speech ai' fhe preseniaiion of +he frophy fo us for ihe pasi' semesier. sPoRTsMANsl-ur AwAnn Assemsuss l Our wresiling assembly presenied our ESCVAL league champions in acfion. Here Frank Sfrouse is receiving his 'l'rophy from Mr. Adams, +he wres+ling coach. Science s+uden+s were enferiained and educaied by fhe General Moiors Science Assembly. Here many inieresiing demon- si'ra'I'ions were presenied. f Ve CHRISTMAS DANCE rv . fl A 's I f. - x ' Q I One of fhe biggesi dances of fhe year was 'Phe Chrislmas Dance. Wifh all 'rhe snowflakes and paper slreamers hanging around, one almos+ felf as if Huey were in a "Win'fer Wonderland." , 5 no ,O Q i 4 a. i X E s .m.amw-4 . Paf UNAHIQH Edifor Jane Nissen Assisfanf Ed i'l'or The Yearbook Sfaff, meefing X-period, is a small, closely-lcnif class fhaf has fun while, if works fo mee? deadlines. No grades are received. The only reward given is a sfronger sense of responsibilify and a greafer safisfacfion of serving Abraham Lincoln High School! Mr. Oeschger, fhe yearbook sponsor, is "fabulous" and always willing fo give help and advice no maffer whaf day fhe calendar reads. Q . , Q illgiii QQ? E 2 A K I ' fififk 'iff f 2' E 5455+ il si 1 lm , K fh K h Sh I e Seeger Susan Sheff John Feffui Winsfon Sarager Aff Edifbig SehioTnCo-Edifor Senior Co-Edifor Class Edflof SPOHS Ediffbl' Max Crumley Arf Yamasaki Carlos Perez Adivifyl Abe Belardes I Bob Krah. Sporfs Secfion Sporfs Secfion Adve,-fisemenq-I Pl"0i09"aPl1Y Ed'l'9" Phofagrapher llONlAlES ' um '7!rl' Marla Dunno Fall Edifor sxs. ' Shiela Miller Spring Ediior Anila Bueno Spring Edi+or Journalism is noi only one of 'lhe mosl' inleresfing bu'I' one of 'lhe mosl' exciiing classes lhal' Lincoln has lo offer. This class gives lhe s+uden+ an oppor+uni+y lo wri+e and also a s+rong sense of responsibilify. S+uden+s in 'rhis class are responsible for lhe publica'I'ion of +he school newspaper, Lion Tales. This 'lakes a greal' deal of co-operalion since +here is a deadline each Tuesday of +he week. A lol' of hard work is pui' in by all members in order fhaf fhe Lincoln sfudenf body mighl' keep up wilh +he laiesl' news. The members of 'I'his class include Mary Brisco, Anifa Bueno, Jerry Busch, Sally Camou, Linda Carfer, Barbara Dearborn, Marila Duino, Berl' Garcia, Linda Griffin, Wanda Hand, Louis Mashburn, Norville Mercer, Jeanne'H'e Merlino. Sheila Miller, Bob PedreHi, Paul Powers, Paul Quinn, Lalla Viclor, and James Wood. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The Varsify Baskefball leam sfaried 'rheir season by enlering +wo iournamenis. ln ihe James Lick +ournamen'l' Lincoln defeafed Sania Clara and James Lick, in order io gel' info fhe finals. Lincoln mei' San Jose High in +he Finals buf we were defeaied by a slighi margin. ln +he second 'rournamenl' which we played ai Sunnyvale our feam defeaied Sunnyvale and Samuel Ayer. Again we played in +he finals againsl' San Jose High, in 'lhis game we were complefely ouf marched by San Jose buf pul up a sirong baHle. We losl' 'rhal' game bu'r il' gave +he 'leam valuable experience which +hey showed in 'rheir following games. As a whole fhe feam did very well considering +ha'r Coach George Brinck was iniured and was noi' able +o be wilh 'lhe feam all of lhe season. This was George Brinclc's lasl' season and a lo'r of credif should be given +o him for +he Champion feams he has produced af Lincoln. Players 'thai will be leaving Lincoln fhis year are Don Wilcox, Al Aguirre, Bill Moyers, Fred Sanfos, Paul BuHiH'a, Rich Aikman and Mike Faijo. Bill Moyers placed second in The league scoring fhis year, Don Wilcox and Al Aguirre also had an oulsranding season. Fred Sanlos played wi+h 'rhe varsify Team for 'rhe firsf 'lime fhis year and showed everybody +ha+ heighl is no'I' everyfhing. Members of fhis year's Varsify Baskefball Team were' Back row B Pe . l I . : . pon Hd M C K R- l-lnl16Wel1. MOFGH. Hosley. R. Hills, J. Sisfo, George Brinck lcoac: lBoHorr?rrbw T aVFilli::::l lMgr.l, M. Failo, P. BuH'lHa, D. Wilcox, A. Aguirre, R. Aikman, F. Sanios and R Callahan Mgr 30'S BASKETBALL TEAM Alfhough 'rhe 30's placed fiffh in iheir league 'lhey played hard 'ihroughoul' ihe whole season. Coach Jack Richards believes 'lhar nexf year wifh some of fhis year's 30's refurning +ha+ nexi- year Lincoln will have a excellenf chance ai' fhe championship. John Barnes who was fhe only senior on fhe 'I'eam played his lasf game 'lhis year affer being on fhe leam 'For ihree year's. Members of +his year's 'leam were: Back row: C. PerezlMgr.l, B. Lawfher, R. Aguilar, A. Aguirre, D. Mclcay, R. Muller, D. O'Connell. M. Inouye lMgr.l. Boffom row: J. Barnes, B. Rush. J. Seeger, B. Sfover. sw-on -J 1 All TIME OUT FOR GINGER Lizzie Susan Sheff Camillia Piazza Agnes Carol Wilhelmina Alvarez Howard Carol Fred Halsfed Joan Carol Paf Naylor Beffy Toledo Jeannie Carol Esfher Young Marfha Walker Virginia Carol Marylin Foley Eddie Davis Berf Garcia Tommy Green Jim Wood Mr. Wilson Max Crumley Ed Hoffman David Bohne Direcfed by Mr. Granville Basye Sfudenf Direcfor Max Crumley Make-Up Esfher Young Prompfers Franell Irwin Beffy Schrader Sfage and Consfrucfion Crew: Hene Tamarkin, Karen Pope, Judy Oyler, Bob Dunlap, Mike Fafio, Max Crumley, Sandy Whifrock, Fred Halsfed, BeHy Toledo, Wilhelmina Alvarez, Jackie Trenf, Shirley Cleveland, Vickie Hyde, Esfher Young, Marfha Walker, Ruby Perfecf, Peggy Clayborn, Eve Sfurges, Susan Sheff, Berf Garcia, Tom Berficivich, Veronica George, Grace Weins, Gerry Caifo, Nancy Evans, Linda Freyling, Diane Paseffa, Bob Pedreffi, Tom De Cair, Susan Gasfall, Salli House, Richard Chavez, Darlene Gallegos, Marylin Foley, Janef Consfanfino, Jim Wood, Alan Tefz. SENIOR PLAY This years Senior Play, Time Ouf For Ginger, was given January l5fh and Ibfh af fhe Woodrow Wilson Audiforium. If proved fo be very successful bofh nighfs. The casf excellenfly performed fhe sfory of a feenage girl and her ambifion fo play on fhe high school foofball feam. 21 Q 3 ,OU 5-,Io S 0 .Tv D "4 rn lnii' il .Ill-1 lil liil il il Yiili l iii l Tl l liilii ,1 I .Q A., . ' 1 5 2 me J ka eq ji N Rich Aikman Fred Halsfed Boy's Vice Presidenf ? Pregidenf Linda Carfer Girl's Vice Presidenl' Diane Jelcicl: Marilyn Bufcher Judy Krell Secrefary Direcfor of Publicify Treasurer The members of fhe Senafe for fhis semesfer were: A. Aguirre, W. Alvarez, J. Anderson, D. Burfner, B. Bussey, M. Callahan, M. Casfon, J. Chapman, D. Coelho, N. Conly, J. Cons+an+ino, M. Crumley, L. Daubelc, B. Diaz, S. Enfanfimo, R. Engdahl, G. Enriquez, J. Esfrufh, S. Ferrera, L. Finlr, S. Gahan, V. Krell, K. Krogh, J. Labergue, S. Lambrechf, M. Lee, K. Morgan, B. Near, G. Newgren, D. Oliver, B. Paramo, D. Pasiffa, B. Pedreffi, B. Perez, J. Robinson, J. Romano, S. Trolongo, J. Troncoso, E. Wearf, K. Wells, N. Welsh, G. Wesf. fhe school! The Senafe had 'fo cope wifh difficulfies af fhe be ginning buf on 'lhe whole fhis has been a greaf or ganizafion. The officers have fulfilled fheir respon sibilifies of leadership well, as have fhe Senafors Such fhings as fhe prob lem of Nafional Thespian blocks were overcome wifhouf fhe whole calen dar of fhe Senafe being fhrown off. Thanlcs goes fo fhis Senafe for If s worlc wifh Scafferal' and 'lhe resl' of Do-Righf around Golden Axe for fhis semesfer con- sisfed of: R. Aikman, W. Alvarez, P. Anderson, M. Apra, J. Barnes, A. Belardes, D. Bohne, P. Brennan M. Burns, C. Byers, B. Carr, M Casfon, D. Coelho, L. Cox, T. DeCair, J. Di Cuiccio, P. DeMare, J. EsI'ru+h, M. Flora, L. Freund, J Garner, G. Ga'Huccio, B. Groch W. Hand, B. Houghialing, Ki Jenks, A. Jung, E. Jung, B. Ken- nedy, K. Krogh, S. Miller, K. Mor- gan, N. Needham, P. Nielsen, J Nissen, N. Pace, B. PedreHi, K Pope, P. Quinn, W. Sarager, D Sever, E. Siurges, J. Suiherlin, S Wasilund, B. Wa+ers, R. William son, M. Zingheim. The Commi'H'ee Chairmen for 'this spring semes+er are Bob McCulloh, PaH'y Romano, Joyce Sufherlin, Glenda Laveroni, Jeane Meyers, Bob Bussy, Pai Brennan, Gary Gai'- +uccio, Offeillia GuiH'erez, Belly Kennedy, Kaihy Morgan, Jon Erickson, Diane Mafusich, Uri Her- sher, Mike Fa+jo, Judy Krell, Rich Aikman, Marilyn Bufcher, Les Fruend, Rufh Emery, Rich Cosia, Glenn Barre'H', Jackie Tren+, Willy Alvarez, Jim Safcher, John Furrura, and Joan Shebefia. The California Scholarshi Fed ' eraiion for +his Spring Jzmerrer consisied of W. Alvarez, D. Bohne, P. BuHi'I'+a, C. Byers, L. Cox, L. Daubek, M. Duino, V. Fanelli, J. Ferrua, M. Flora, J. Garner, W. Hand, L. Jacobson, K. Jenks, A. Jung, G. Laveroni, C. Miller, N. Needham, P. Nielsen, B. Pedre++i, C. Piazza, K. Pope, J. Suiherlin, R. Williamson, M. Bradley, E. Brown, M. Buicher, S. Chu, R. Clapper, M. Conklin, B. Dearborn, N. DelPre+e, J. DiCuiccio, L. Dickson, E. Dun- ham, J. Erickson, J. Esfrurh, R. Flores, L. Graham, P. Grayshock, T. Hawker, J. Heckendorn, D. Jelcick, E. Jung, P. Koga, A. Lane, M. Long, D. Mafusich, J. Mer- chan1', K. Morgan, K. Neaves, J. Nissen, N. Pace, P. Quinn, D. Ram- som, A. Uchiyama, J. Whifehead, K. Williams, and R. Wirfz. Q. Mir' A ,K -iw Y Will? 5 K I ei Lays? 1 if Qzffff' lg tif y rl Vg M -1 5 ,X -1 X X. 4 -rf 454 n . ni 5,5 1' 3 f if , ii Es Pam Anderson ,1 f , A5 SPRING SEMESTER f SPIRIT LEADERS f or 'E if ' WI y ' T Shirlene Baily K. L ,g -,i i ,,. - ,ZVV L 1 J-2 L ff k,,. fy., Janef Pike Hi Lions The Spiril Leaders of +he spring semesler like fo 'lhank you 'for 'l'he wonderful spiril you showed al all our rallies and games. Your co-operaiion and encouragemeni made our lask a pleasani one. H' is because of you +ha1' Lincoln has gained ils repulalion for good sporlsmanship and high spiriled enlhusiasm. Thank you again for being so easy lo work wilh. The Spring Semesfer Spiril' Leaders Leo Dennis Oliver Pep Leader X X infill' ff y Kafhy Papalzonslanfinou fn? S I I V if A Jf .4" Joyce Bianco arl- Y I 2 LL"' f fl, , 1,,- f I eel SPRING SEMESTER SPIRIT LEADERS a t I f Ei Y , 1 .ll Y" , ,A--J Priscilla Thomas Ann Hadley 55' xwaz. I Q we Shirley Cleveland Z' Arif Frances Pofoslcy I Q! xg XX J gg 'D -2 xi? if 5 H M MMM F Rl ff x 8 af lg if Bti 5 T5 bw 5- v . A- . Q Q. ' 1 if " f 5' A, fs mai il 5 'YH 1 rw . .P l if Wk? W 3 il F f 14 1 Zggas f 1 3' l :f v S S Qi 'ff 'f' Q 45 ,x 5? is H 35 X I J ' x "Q 3 W 4 1 5 g- v .52 ' is . 9 r' T .QU ? .mi I GOLF Golf has always been a favorife sporf ai +his school. They have always done well in irhe pasl and have a good chance 'fhis year. Members of +his year's +eam were, leff +o right: G. Brinclr lCoachl, T. Piazza, G. Galfuccio, D. Posselli, L. Faler, B. Law+her, J. Cafanese, B. Peponis lMgr.l. SWIMMING TEAM Members of +his year's Swiming Team were: Baclc Row: L. Fruencj lMgr.l, E. Talber'I', N. Binger P. Muenzer, E. Taylor, L. Daubeclr, B. Loggy, G. Conroy, R. Williamson, D. Wayman, G. l"lus+on Fronf Row: S. HewiH, J. Avila, S. Lamberf, G. Morrison, J. Whifehead, B. Noriia, F. Sfrause F. Sedillo, T. Wood, D. Chrisiian, B. Cawles. ., X , .--f , f y W ' "fp-. - K M, 3 1 A ' . WRESTLING TEAM Baci: row: Leif +o Right S. Plucy, O. Sierra, K. Dearborn, R. Mariinez, L. Edwards, T. Fcfhian, R. Arrigoni, J. Trueba. Middle row: Lefi' fo Right B. DeGarmo lmgnl, N. Pace lmgr.l, B. Wafers lHd. Mgr.l, M. Serabia, R. Felice, A. Belardes, S. Carranza, P. De Mare, F. Sfrouse, Coach Tom Adams. Fronf row: Leff +o Right H. Anie, J. Mariinez, A. Belardes, R. Correa, C. Burge. TENNIS TEAM Your I959 fennis feam. Top row: lefi +o righf: R. Nissen: L. Edwards: L. Hughes: R. Shields RZ Devirian: M. Magellon: R. McCain: M. Lewis: R. Wa'I'ers lmgr.l: Joe Dubinslcy lcoachl BoH'om row: leff fo righh W. HiaH': L. Cox: R. Allen: V. Frosf: G. Rocha: G. Mendoza: D Samsel: B. Frost I VARSITY TRACK Back row: Zamora, S. Magellon, D. Lancles, E. Savola, R. Manriquez, R. Jessen, Moran, K. Lindr- berg, B. Hills, B. Reelx, B. Moyers, F. Hosley. Fronl' row: B. Morrone, G. Abode, J. Saso, J. Barnes, . Shannon, H. Milfon, D. Brown, C. Kappen, P. DeMare, P. Sandoval, R. Fisher. B, C, AND D TRACK Baclr row: J. Worrell, T. Hawlcer, M. Long, J. Esirufh, M. Burns, B. Dunlap, S. Caci'H'i, R. Rogers, S. Salmon B. Jacobus, C. Perez, D. Flanagan, J. Crawford, G. Newgren. Froni' row: G. Faler, J. Nolan, J. Souza, S Brink, A. Yamasalci, B. Near, S. DiSalvo, R. Flora, L. Rodriguez, M. Sarabia, G. Gasfon. S. Plucy, J. Barfon G.A.A. 'Q Q ian Girls who parficipafed in fhe Girls Afhleiic Associafion. G.A.A. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Shown below are fhe members of +l1e G.A.A. board for Huis year. Top row: leff 'lo righfs Anifa Bueno: Mrs. King: Miss Cosia Mrs. Walker. Bo++om row' leff 'ro right Diane Jelciclq Doxey Ransom: Diane Coehlo: Darlene Willoughby. A fs gk slid!!! i - This year, as in 'Phe pasf, 'Phe Seniors aHencleci a number of Vocaiional Conferences. Speakers were inviied from differenf indusiries and jobs. The purpose of +hese conferences was +o enable Seniors +o learn more fully aboui iobs in which rhey were inreresfed. The conferences were very successful. and everyone enjoyed +hem. SENIOR VOCATION CONFERENCES CO-CHAIRM EN Janef Garner Joyce Sufherlin Larry Daubek , , Z5 I W? w! . ? SENIOR VOCATIONAL . Y a T M 4' Q 1 1 i .'k. . M 1.1 n filxxf,-a.wYx5::HEN-1 . J 5 X f X R Y W A1A.A . .X xl Y' v' 'Wit 1 ' f , V W Q .:,. , M , ,..- J ,Y 5 Xa -5?-4 -7 ' x .1" :,a..f ' -, M 0 ' ' ' k "H, ' 9' - RE i,L N9 BLACK MAGIC This mysfic gafhering of "ca'rs" was held on Friday ihe I3+h. In spife of fhe black cafs and wifches, everyone enjoyed himself. Lecfurer Teacher Mr. Brown Mrs. Brown Belle ,,,w,,A,, Crunch ,..A Goan v.e,,,e Moose ...Ae Helen ,,v.r, Millie REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE Direcfors , Buzz Jim ,,,.,,,., A Man .w... Judy ,,,Y,,,,. Plafo .. ,B Mrs. Davis Ray .,,.,,..,,A,,, Mrs. Sfarlr Mr. Sfarlc Grandma Marilyn Foley Edna Brown Bill Jepson Sandie Bennef and Robin Maloney BeH'y Kennedy and Carol Jaclrson Bryan Eslcandian Gary Mellow Vern Frosl' Sandy Hill and Linda Graham Pai Larsen and Dellaiean Burriesoi ,, .,.., Marilyn Foley and Willie Alvarez Jery Siegenfhaler and Brad Della Valle Max Crumley Bob Dunlap Margaref Raudio and Jan Powell Doug Burfner ..,,,..sSfephanie Home and Marfy Fields Sandy Whifrocl: and Willie Alvarez Marie Shaw and Hene Tamarlrin John Paulson Gay Ann Salvafo and Fernice Edelsfein 1 zh' i ' ' K -TM -i'llljQl,575 JW,flfr34.lWi54?f1vMw ,me aeewwf of U Eric Savola beafs +he Washinglon runner in 'I'he fasf lQ'Uyard dash +o 'rake firsl place for Lincoln. Lincoln's Eric Savola ge'rs a good iump in ihe running broad-jump. John Barnes clears 'I'he las'r hurdle lo lake firsi' place in 'Phe high hurdle race. ' ,1 V .--.r 'V 'Q .,. W-A X., .4 I .zz W.. .L L. -Q VARSITY BASEBALL This year's baseball feam has a good chance of winning +he championship. Members of 'Huis vear's ieam were: back row: P. Quinn fMgr.l, J. Richards fCoachi, B. DeGarmo iMgr.l, K. WyaH' iMgr.i, A. Aguirre, G. Graham, A. Cook, D. Wilcox, R. Aikman, L. Laform, B. Wheiihan. Fron+ row: G. Yamasaki, S. Clow, R. Linneweh, P. Cavafaio, R. Muller, A. Aguirre, G. Eng. SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Members of +his year's 'l'eam weref back row: J. Seeger, B. Sfarr, B. Lowrie, J. Sis'l'o, N. Rovai, G. Sfrom, R. Quezada, M. Marovic, C. Gilberf iCoachi. Froni row: S. Carranza, B. BaHen, J. Jones, D. McKay, O. Sierra, R. Cheippo, L. Everi, P. Elson iMgr.i. 1-....... i wmv- -.uw-'Y -wwf-my all ' , ., Lf. . f- Q 4 , dm ' E W1 .wg - . V 4 1 1 y 5' a T A s. ii I-K, Vi. ,. K I 4, V, 1 'fn 5 M 523 ' w. 1-xx wx I tv f J Q B1 - if ' ' v - . K. 'W .ir 'Q wi , A . - . - ,..L: , , ' . .. . ',' l 1 .G?1g,', -g- " f'M'f5 Sf t W5-2 ' fi A M' P T V , in Q 51111 X, ' ' w 9514- 'f-if1,vfWf,.,?5f -4 WFYQ Qig- ff F , iff 'uf 555-at ,. -ffj f' Aff!! nr F q ? 5 f , s sn,- Q lla 4 J , go ' f - x , , 72 'f' N - ' E .2 LKV, V Q - W' SOPHOMORE PICNIC The ouisfanding highlighfs of The Sophomore year is +he Sophomore Picnic. This day is loolced forward 'ro wi+h greal' enlhusiasm, because every one loves a piCY1iC, especially when if gefs you ouf of class. A cl These Soph's seem fo belenioying fhemselves. From leff +o righi: Tony Garcia, Twila Welch, Bud Near, u rey iheviner. Hufch and friehd, Bonnie Walker, Josie Romano, Rich Shields, Barbara Lackner, Linda Fuma, Siuarf un. 6-1 al From leff fo righf: Ann Cook, Bob Dunlap, Janef Pike, S+eve Lambrech+, Ka+hy Popakons+an+inou, :lohn Whifehead, Doxey Ransom, Mike Burns. The Junior Prom will be looked back upon many limes as +he mosf imporfani' even+ in 'a Junior's life JUNIOR PROM AND PICNIC Fro Y N ' i I pp D'oro+hyi Popkins, Barbara Burriesci, Jerry Siegen+haler. I l m lefl' iQ'Tl9l1i3 l-95 Freund. Diane Coellw- Eve"S+urges Berfi Paramo Mark Thayer Dennis Oliver Chuck Ka en .MRM ..,v-: Shown here is a picfure of our G.A.A. aquacade praciicing for lhe big day. All girls in G.A.A. musf have livesaving. ln 'lhis piciure we see lhe girls praciicing differenl' forms of lifesaving. xg- . , ' xxx f . .x xx - xx Shown here are iwo picfures of our G.A.A. Hoclcey +eam in acfion. By fhe happy face in 'lfhis picfure, we can see why ihe girls have such a good 'rime in G.A.A. Shown below are fwo sho+s of fhe G.A.A. champion baslceiball loam of our school H EY DAY SNA'PS THNMN Wk... wiv: W GREEN CHRISTMAS ALVIN S HARMONICA TIME KE GETS IN YOUR EYES 1 I 11 F 4 mvrxqz. my 1. dx- Qnizv-.ygggu ' " v- X -f c ly . 4 c - :zl l,. '- " , - ,L if ,..'1 I-. Q- 4f-.- . ' - ' ,LM . -v 1-,:-3L ,1 ..f.,4T' "jk :1.ff"f"'v f f i,t. 1 ' 4: .. ' 'Pl fnlv' 145' A fr' , . L . . .. - . ,vi-,Av -1, , rj!-nigrf 'WFMEIL-1' Q? N h 1' ' 4-' 2-,',:,' . ., V.. .,.g,.u 4 1 w A- L K .. , -hu, 1-4:25-1 fr' Fi '??4G.'9'4L3f ' ggrw' U . ,. fl? bl -4,.'1f ' P15 FT WE ,V .,- ngiggw, L Q. Q Eg i. .. ..,, 11 , xg, 1314 1- - . 1- " H' 'N . '-sf ms' , . 72113,-f 2-C ', sf , Lu , 1- W ,-jill. -7: ,f . j'L1 52 1.n5i+1QJf?fP1ff7-V 1'?.Qe5i " ' W HQ fi? 5 'l- ' X M " " "'1"'-'M ,F I 3' 1 , ' V :- ,. - ' ,.,.. -S", ' lr: ,. ' ' A .9939 EIU-' -- -q!" M- 4: 15 ,5- - 1 3 'L N '5:.-M frs' .Ay . ' H - .:?6Eg--2-Qfigg:jSif7fAB":2.L' wi J, .'.. . va Q1-gig-.gh .3-I.-' 51- :Wy .I-13 1114 w ' ' ?.e1eamf 172 5-:rg - wif x -FM-it I uw :3Vw1wt?E,, .5-.5 :Nw E A ' QT: f Y.11A'i'lF+.H,3f PQWE5.-qx A ' " "gf J 3,14 ' H . TW: ' 'N-,113 . .3 FL: JE'3:.' fa .. :ff E: f" :- ,4 3,1-.. . ., :1 f-.14-xr. 4-f.-wr,-. :HI fy, rl . f .. 1 .21-v n... 5+ 22z354fE5fawf 2 -fx 1'fz1-in All .1 .4 ,,: ,L ,Q ,Q-,j f., .m,.-grli N X713 ,a,. xx- : .w U W .111 V- ' 1 , N' H, I I... u . 1-.Lrb.s.u:-m ' IE L 41,5 , ' . ,rl V, ,gr , 1 .L ,.' .Ei W fi -. w .-f..4.1.1.M"r.4J. ., I 1 .U x. X 150 Q Enioying lhemselves al' fheir Senior Picnic are: Lefl' fo righf, Yvonne Young, Jess Perez, Pa'H'y Romano, Elberfa Gray, Beri' Garcia, Jan Hunl, Lowell Anderson, Dale Walfers and Jaclcie Trenf. SENIOR PICNIC This years Senior Picnic was held al' fhe Balardo Parlc in Hollisler. From all +he lallc, l gafher every- one had a wonderful time. A grea'r opporfunify fo really have fun wi+h your classma+es and falking over +he +imes of your school life were only a few +hings discussed a+ +he Senior Picnic. QF in I Q The big momenl finally arrived, lhe Senior Ball "Elysium" for lhe Senior class of l959. June sixlh was lhe big nighf, and none olher +han lhe San Jose Civic Audirorium was +he place For a greal' climax of Senior acliviries, "THE BALL." Ask anyone who wen+, l'm sure you'll hear many 'rhrilling +hings aboul' "Elysium," meaning "heavenly," bu+ also meanl' fun anal exci+emen+ fo +he gracluaring Seniors. I' Those seen enjoying lhemselves al' 'lheir Senior Ball were, lefl' +o righf: Calhy Feliciano ancl Alan Teh, Jane'r Con- sfanlino and Jim Enochs, PaHv Caci++i and Ken Marlcgrali, Georgene Helwig and Jose Troncoso. gf 4 350 Q uf 1 AGUIRRE, AL AIKMAN, RICH ALLEN, RON ALVAREZ, JOSE ALVAREZ. WILHELMINA ANDERSON, LOWELL il? LV' I i AN SON, JEFF APRA. MIKE AGUILAR. RAE ARMEN DEZ. JIM AVILA, DAN BAILEY, SANDY BAILEY, SHIRLENE BANOS, HECTOR BARNES. JANET BARNES, JOHN BARNES, KEITH BLATTNER, ANNETTE BOHNE, DAVE BOOKER, BILL BRENNAN. PATRICIA BRISCOE, MARY BROWN, DON BEATON. NANCY BEEMAN scorr azmzoes Ass BERRY. KAY BERTICEVICH. THOMAS BIANCO, JOYCE BLACK. DONNA CACITTI, PATRICIA CAITO. GERALDINE BURZOTA, BEN BUSCH, JERRY BUTTITTA. PAUL BYERS, CYNTHIA CAMOU, SALLY BROWN, MARILYN BROWNLOW, EDDIE BUENO. ANITA BURKE, JOANN aunmsscu, DELLAJEAN BU RROWS. JOHN CARCELLO, GENE . Q VIM Q M1Q CARRASCO, RU DY CARTER, LINDA CASSATA. CAROL CASTON, MARIE CATELLO TONI CERVANTEZ RICHAF K CLEVELAND, SHIRLEY CLEWETT, JACKIE COLLINS, RUSS CONSTANTINO, JANET CORDERO, DAVE CORDERO, ELIZABETH CHAVEZ, RICHARD CHILDREY, JOHN CIMOLINO, DAVE CLAYBORN, PEGGY J DOWN, GLORIA DREWES, JIM f . 4' DECAIR, TOM omz, BENNY DQHERTY, cHARLEs oommouez, BARNEY DUINO, MARLA CORREA, MARGARET COWLES, PAUL COX, LEE CRUMLEY, MAX DAUBEK, LARRY DAVIS, AL DUNN. JUDIE DURAN, BEATRICE M. . EASTMAN, MARLENE EMERY' RUTH ENOCHS, JIM EVANS DON EVANS NANCY FARMER, MAUREEN FATJO, MIKE FAUGHN, SHARON FELICIANO, CATHY FELLABAUM, LOMITA FARIS, DAVID FALER, LARRY FANELLI, VIRGINIA FANN ING, PAT FARAON E, CARLA FERRUA' JOHN FILICE, EMILY FINK, LYNNE FISHER, RON FITZGERALD, KATHY FLAHERTY, JOYCE FLAHERTY, PAT FLORA, MIRIAM FLORES, MARYANN FOLEY, MARYLIN FREYLING, LINDA FRISBEE, CHARLES FUENTES, FRANK GAETA, RAY GAL'-EGOS. DARLENE GALVAN, DON GARCIA, BERT 41' ' If GEORGE, ALICE GEORGE, VERONICA GORDON, JUDY GORDON, VICKIE GOULDING. JAMES GRAHAM, GREGG GARCIA, HERMAN GARCIA NATALIE GARCIA PAUL GARCIA, STEVE GARNER, JANET GASTALL, SUSAN GAYLER, BOB GRAY, ELBERTA GREENINGER, GERARD GRIFFEN, LINDA GRIGSBY, GENE GROEN, DICK HAGELBERG, GORDON HALL, CAROL HALSTED, FRED l HAMNER, KAREN HAND, WAN DA HARWELL. TED HELWIG, GEORGENE HEPPARD, GWENDORA HERNANDEZ' ADELINE HERNANDEZ, MARTHA GF HERRERA, YVONNE HIPPLER, LYNNE HOGAN, SYLVIA HORNING JEAN HOSKINS SHERRIE Eli gg- Lg, . 1 2 HUNT, JAN HYDE, VICKIE IRWIN, FRANELL JACKSON, SANDY JACOBSON, LINDA JANOVITCH, KEN HOTT, FOREST HOUGHTALING. BONNIE HOUSE, SALLI HOWELL, KEN L. T KELLEY, FRANK KELLEY. JANITA KIRSCHNER, WENDY DOEHLER, MARTIN KOOPMAN. JERRY KOTILA, SHARON KRATT, ROBERT JEN KS. KEN JESSEN. RON JOHNSON, PHIL JUNG, ARLENE JUNOUA, FRANK KEEBAUGH, CHARLES KRELL, JU DY - 1 1 ilu, , KROGH, KATHY 1-gv,41L:4Xv,w LANDES, BETTY LANDES, DAN MAGALLON, SOCORRO MAMMINI, LARRY MANRIQUEZ, BARBARA MARKGRAF, KEN MARLING, CARL MARTIN, TOM LAROCCA, PAT LIVELY, DARIOUS LOPEZ, MARY LOVEALL, SHERRY LOZANO, NINA LAVERONI. GLENDA LAZETERA, TONI MARTINEZ, DAVE MARTINEZ, FAU L MARTINEZ, RUEBEN R if . A A 1 MARQUEZ, DAN MARQUEZ, Lure MASHBURN, LOIS MCMANIS, MONTY MELTON, HARVEY MERCER, NORVILLE MERLINO, JEANETTE MES-I-ICE' SAND' MEYER, JEANNE MIGNOSI, BEA MILLER, BOB MILLER, CAROL 'wnsmlu- -an-m M A4 MILLER, CAROLE MILLER, SHEILA MONDIEL, YVONNE MOORHEAD JANE MORAN JUDY I MULLER, LYLE NAYLOR, PAT NEEDHAM, NANCY NEWTON, ANGELITA NIELSON. PHILIP NISSEN, ROLAND Mokmson, GARY MOYER, BILL MUDGE, MARY MUENZER, RICHARD NOVAK. JONELLE NOVOTNY, MARGIE OLIVER. BILL OLIVO. NELLO ORTIZ, ERN ESTINE OWENS, CAROL OWENS, GLADYS OYLER, JU DY PACHECO, ART PAPPAS. PHIL PARKER, JOHN PASSETTA, DIANE PATTON, LYNN PAULSON, JOHN PEDRETTI, BOB PELLISSIER, YVONNE PEPONIS, BILL PEREZ. JESS PERFECT' RUBY PERRY, MELODY PORRIA, JANET PORTERA, FRANK POTOSKY. FRANCES OUIJAS, TERRY RAMIREZ. WILLIE REEK,-BOB PETERSON, KEN PIAZZA, CAMELLIA POMPON, FRAN K POPE, KAREN R5 . Nr' REEVE5. BONNIE REEVES, DARLENE REEVES, DOUG 5,4 RESZ, STEVE RETZER, CAROL RIVAS, BENITA ROBERTS, ARTHUR ROBINSON, JOANN RODRIQUEZ, AL RODRIQUEZ, EDDIE DDR 'WEL HORTENCM RODRIGUEZ. JESUSITA Roomouez, MINNIE Ronmousz, RITA ROGERS RON W. K 'Q A k .4 ROL-STON. TERRY ROMANO, PATRICIA RUBALCABA, ERNESTINE RUIZ. MADELINE RUSCHE, LORRAINE SABANOVICH, MILTON SALVATO, FRED SANCHEZ, ARMIDA SANCHEZ, AURORA SANTOS, BELEN SANTOS, FRED SARAGER, WINSTON SAVOLA, ERIK SCARPINO, KAREN SCHEBETTA, JOAN sc:-IEINDER, ANNETTE in SCHRADER, BETTY L Q Lf g'g' "7 . . - N Qsgggkggf V 5 E E . SEEGER, SHARLENE NL SEWELL, LINDA SHANNON, Tom sl-ferr, SUSAN SHEPHERD, GEORGIANA SKAGGS, JOLENA SKALISKY, JOHN SMITH, GENE SMITH. JUANEKE SOHM, SALLY SPARACO, JO SPECCHIALI, BOB STELLRECHT, FRITZ ST. JOHN, JOHN ST. JOHN. PHIL THEURKAUF, JACKIE THOMAS. PRISCILLA TOBECK, BETTY TOLEDO, BETTY TOBERTSON. DON TRENT, JACQUELINE STROUSE, FRANK SUTHERLIN JOYCE SWOFFARD SALLY TAMARAKIN, HENE TAMBRIN. RICHARD TAROLI, GARY- TETZ. ALAN TRONCOSO, JOSE VAN CLEEF, MARTHA VEGA, MARGARET VERZI, GLORIA WAGNER, LOUIE WALKER, MARTHA WALTERS, DALE WATERS, BOB WATSON, CAROLYN WEAVER, WILLIAM wemsaocx, JOHN wesr, eeonse west, MARGIE WHEUHAN- BILL WHITROCK, SANDY WIENS, GRACE WILCOX, DON WORLEY, DOUG WORLEY. GUY YAMASAKI, GENE YARNELL, SUE YBARRA, ANITA YOUNG, CLARK wnucms, CAROLYN WILLIAMS. RICHARD WILLIAMSON. ROBERT WILLOUGHBY, DARLENE WOOD, JAMES WILLIAMS, JOAN WILLIAMSON. KAREN Q YOUNG. ESTHER YOUNG, YvoNNe YOUNGQUEST, SANDY ZIMMERMAN, MARILYN zlNGHE,M JOSEPH ZINGHEIM, MARION BARCELONA, JOE BUDROS, STEVE DAVIS, ALBERT DELLA VALLE, BRAD DOMINOUEZ, BARNEY DRISKELL, ALLEN FARIS, DAVID FERNANDEZ, JOHN FLORES, ESTHER GILLIO. JOHN GOULDING, JAMES CAMERA SHY ZUNIGA. JENNIE GRIFFIN, LINDA MARTINEZ. DAVE NEGRETE, JEAN RIVAS, BENITA RODRIOUEZ, EDDIE RODRIOUEZ, JESUSITA TOLBERTSON, DON TYMKSWICZ, JIM WALKER, JUDY WELCH, JOE WOOD. RUBEN OPEN LETTER TO SENIORS Iongratulations to the members of the June 1959 graduation class! bur leaving Lincoln High School means several things. In the first place you have pasted of success in the fact that you have completed academic recognition set up w'the State of California and the San Jose Unified School District. You are now 'eady to go on to college to complete your education for your life's work, or you dll go right out into the community and go to work. In a sense this is a fork in Qhe road for very important achievement for you in the years to come, and your success .n high school should give you some assurance that you could be successful at college nr on the job. In the second place com encement means that you are leaving some very dear friends mom you have made at Lincoln. You will always remember Lincoln by your association dth your friends in all of the school's activities. More than that, these same riends can be very helpful to you throughout the rest of your life, but this breaking vff of high school friendships at this time is a painful process. h the third place you will have fond remembrances of some very fine teachers. You dll remember them because they have been interested in you and because they have gone mt of their way many times to help you reach this successful point in your life. M are always overjoyed to hear of the successes of our graduates because you are mr product and what you do and the way in which you live after you get out of school .etermines the success of the school. e sincerely hope that Lincoln has had a great influence on your life and that you ill have warm affection for Her and will come back whenever you can to see all of us. M75 SENIOR OFFICERS Treasurer Secreiary Presideni' Vice Presideni Direcfor of Publicify DON WIICOX JaneI Consianiino Mike Apra Karen Pope Anifa Bueno Sergeani A+ Arms Sergeani. A+ Arms Frank Srrouse Gene Yamasaki SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Senior Panoramic Picfure Senior Managemeni' Frank Sfrouse, Gene Yamasaki Don Wilcox Senior C695 and Gowns Senior Picnic Senior Bail Senior Graduarion Senior Announcemenis Karen BYe"5 JoAnn Burke ix is J ,Q Xi, I DAN LANDES-Mosi' Popular, Besf Line, Besf Dancer, and Biggesi' Flirf. -K JANET GARNER-Senior Who Has Done 'lhe Mosf for 'lhe School, Senior Who has Done lhe Mosl' for 'lhe Class, and Friendliesl. and Senior Who Has Done The Mosi For The School. SENIOR SPOTLIGHT Karen Pope MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Lee Cox Joyce Bianco MOST POPULAR Dan Landes Priscilla Thomas BEST LOOKING John Paulson Janel Garner SENIOR WHO HAS DONE THE Lee Cox MOST FOR THE SCHOOL Janel' Garner SENIOR WHO HAS DONE Mille Apra THE MOST FOR THE CLASS BRAINIEST FRIENDLIEST Karen Pope Larry Daubelr Janel' Garner Fred Sanlos Rufh Emery OUICKEST WIT Fred Hals+ed Rufh Emery FUNNIEST LAUGH Ar+ Pacheco Linda Carter MOST SOPHISTICATED John Childrey Norville Mercer MOST NAIVE Bill Moyer Arlene Jung MOST RESERVED AI Aguirre Wendy Kirschner FLASHIEST DRESSER Brad Della Valle Hene Tamarlcin BIGGEST CHARACTER Gene Yamasalri Judy Krell BIGGEST POLITICIAN Fred Halsled Pal' Naylor BEST ACTRESS OR ACTOR Max Crumley Camilia Piazza MOST TALENTED Brad Della Valle Darlene Gallegos BEST FIGURE Franlr S'I'rouse OR PHYSIOUE Joyce Bianco BEST LINE Dan Landes Darlene Reeves BEST DANCER Dan Landes Sally Camou BIGGEST FLIRT Dan Landes Hene Tamarlcin MOST LOOIIACIOUS John Barnes ITALKATIVEI KAREN POPE-Mos+ Lilcely fo Succeed and Braini- esf. FASHION SHOWS This year for 'lhe firsl' lime we had a fashion show which was a sfudeni' body fund raising show. lf was held on May 22 in our school gym also. There were +wen+y-fwo models-all seniors. Each girl modeled 'I'wice. The cloihes came from Cowles Fashion. Mrs. Cowles was commenhlior. Every year +he clofhing classes have iwo fashion shows. One in 'lhe fall and ano+her one in spring, which is a combina'l'ion Fashion Show and Molhers Tea. This year +he Mofhers Tea was held on May I5 in our school gym. There was en+er+ainmen+ pu? on by fhe sfudenfs. All in all, if was a big success. S 'X L 191' Sn Af, is V K I 5!'f 45339 Xnlohms f 2,4 Qadw A on f---"ad "M ck. L for flue besf in wafer sporfs equipment renf from . .. for a 'fool for your every need see RY""'5 5P0"+i"9 60065 Park Avenue Hardware l7I7 Park Avenue 3737 park Avenue for The lafesf fashion designs go To for all Your Clothing needs See Cowles' F A S H I i 0 N S The Merry Mari' W5Shihg+Oh Fair ryfhing from siuffed animals fo school supplies if's THE RECORD RQOM Parlrlwenue W. C. LEAN, JEWELERS LEAN 81 JUNG 99 SOUTH FIIRST STREET MADERIS' I7l0 Park Avenue 752 0nllg7'u0l0S' 4ffZT?eg'Q'ce Qfgtyyak ...... QM :hge Everyfhing for ll'1e bride and her parfy al' . . . Slwop for flue besl in foods and produce ai GREEN Fnoe Aunnsws onsss sl-lor 20, Th A, C, 0 e ame 76 West San Anfonio Slreef a Have your prescriplions filled al . . . HESTER DRUGS I22l The Alameda AUTOGRAPHS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Yearbook sfaff alone could noi' produce our annual Monarch. ln order +o compile fhe necessary maferials fo comple+e fhe yearboolc, our s'I'a'F'F needs fhe help and assisfance of many individuals and special groups. And so, af lhis fime our sfaff would like 'lo give our aclcnowledgmenl fo fhese people. Mr. Oeschger, bofh our friend and advisor. Mr. Fisher and his phofographers, Bob Krahl, Berl' Garcia and John Burrows. The Globe Prin+ing Company. Schulfz Composifion Service. The Tony Rose S'I'udio. We would also lille +o express our grafiiude fo fhe loquacious seniors who helped lo publicize +he Senior seclion in 'lhe yearboolc. ' .L I-.gn ' V i . : ..!' H 51 I yy:-' u W ' I ff Q :- ' ,. V, . r1.4 x,..,.. H -H . .K . -..P1 . 4.- 1 -.vm +'.,-1-5 Y, -faq . Aga? A' 3, -., V X L U J-- fggg L V w' 1.45 -, 5-V MZ, .f .13 :J f.., L 'f ' 'wr HW, I V. ,.,- ,.,,. . I.- HV K- ,, ,J-,J v I . I A M! , 1' . UL. -,H , 5. ' , ...AA .,1 'lx X .lf f,,.., 1. , . t 1. '.,T' I ,I jjllgv,-H, , 'ff 'F?7?'f:' if '- I-Q: . lx . 1 f' - ,H , we . 79225 3 , Q, "ff.vI..: ,fee lj QQ -fx 11: . 1 . . ' ffJI.'I .. . '- wif' 1 V V ,,t:V.!. "Nl ' -' ' . ' ..-.mif2fa.44 'fx lf -fflg.. fa' ' 1. , Iii ffl. , A. Q. "'iff'i Q f,.,:.1Q: 1' 1:3 . Ts ' JIS.: . Ev MI" " T5 Wy. if Z" . H1 iq? 5. , . ,I"4,. ,1:,?'. . I gf' ' W- ' .' . ,. 'iii-1. 5' -.ul - .. .Z --if - ., .. . 355 . :'g-.fin f 1:21-F: -51, ,W ' " '?axx+F" '. ' U. -' " " .if 127' ' ' V 'mf-I" -4 3' 2 " ' '217.'-:4g'.1,f:,S'5f1'iuQ 4' '. 5.'mff"l'-if., f, LQ 55:-1: ,w:.'-'le - -2- '-:f.j-1-i,-fv-'-A .- "" "F 'I17 .1 - 7T"'f.i1i"'553w'f'i-6 iiilx, ' ' 11- , .1fLsafy.4fl' . '. F ' W9 N A iv N P31 3,,:,i.,.? '. .45 ' ,' , 1 .11,- -2 5 1 :P ' T. f' ,AN .' E, ' . -Qi, Q ,',.3 H 1 . ' 1' , 1':pj?5' I V- 5453,-. J. ' . y ' . f. " "Wa ' '. -1:1 .EL-.Q " ' J 1- ' 'i - - ,V -, Gm' , '.f T- k 1QiS1,.L 35.51. I 1 .,Q':f.E'1:E 555 .':'.f -' 'li' fa? . 6 g-"ral 7 w "5 1 J " 'W' 4: ' ' , i:"?3i"-.aQ!- 3, . A :..' REI fii'fIl!H '-. -.".1.x. ., Qf . g.,f'h-gn 1 JY. J' 21, ' U I - .i",.1 fl. " -. . T1 V 12.--,' 4, rf' ",-'Jn' ':-,f K . ' Y --5 ,-:.l"1 . 'V A .- LA., V. V . V 4 , -- L' yr: ,f a"' "N '.' A X5 ff .why A f, ,2 -'wif-'1 .2 ,,. 1. .Q ""'l'. '. 1' ' f:':Qn':gQf3L,f5i,Ll?'5i'rfiij N ' ' 1'-E5 L-..- ,' Q, ' W " iyil-if-'i .145 - ',,. -iw-5. 4. :A V f z .fr , ' 4. ' 3 iY.Q.1Qj?Q.'-1 j'fj,'3. gm 4 ' vi . ' - " .:,!fmff4ii.-1' I ' . i ' 3 51" .L .5 Tit? V 1- L ' :ff .'l. "J ' 41 Tifil-5??i1-1514" " +I' , - ffw':i2,g.5-ifP'f"'.1L . 2- ' H Q 5 1,5,., -I fn.. A PM 'L .Q .:"1s'.i''5keQj'J-Cg.,?f?.'w'- E' -1- '1,'. '. 1- f ' 5""" -fi - f:"f-1.'-S if f . ,V M., E. ..,,. 1131- 'L ' ' I-.if"Qfq,,.gi,j,.I4 .s f ..' . 'Lg ' . 'T' 1 ,ft-df. 1- , V A 11. if 4 vw AE ',1'11'b- 1- I2 1 -'ii i v E '. I-if, Li' -. , .. X 4 - "!fZ.-f - -rn '-2. ,ISLQQHLLIL .1 '. I' in A -A 5 L wr. - , ' W , VX-zqzzziffzgmi'ax.p2':v,L..14:n4,,xb'z4.wf" m:::.m-4:.Qkfl.wH:'vwiff2TQf-. , Q.J.:, ,w.:,::f':n-ww V -H .1..,.-Q:-,Q-1 1'- , ,

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