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 - Class of 1958

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' 4v2E,,E:" 3, wfwlm - ' N 'A ' I K- A 'xi . V ' M ,f'f9!Qax.f V. fr- 1 if ,Q H 'M 4 ' ,axis 'g 1 Q' ""'f-: f .. A ' E ,331 ,. qv' . A , xi -- .5 ' A I . ,W 1 , -4 1- V I 'Nw 'f -- ,ii . f f? J' . 11, . K . LM. ' fs! T. Q .4 -LA as we 5 ,J 5 , , 2 , . .iz F1 .I 3, 'F , " .3 'e 2. -if .V Q fm as 1 ' L 5 y 1 , ,." . , ,W . 1 .,-2 . I .:-V. -.il 'I ,V N. - I' lx' 'V 7 - k:,"' V' fx - , 1 1 - ,W . v W A - ,5 51 kgiiw M I :X Jw fu S' A -1, ' 'N ,Q 'V f Z -1 ,X fi1g,5,H',w?, A , "- P,.A,ggg A, , Y M , . . , , qrnn E ,M W, my N' ' HJ" 1 ' N ' ' Q. 4- , ' 5? f ' ' W i - + .M - figs: f-iQx.1,,f w MY' QM .qv . :WA 'v W.'iids ,xr Q., N QQ: l:??:jQ ,. .. ,, , is kv- w 4 'Q X 'FW' A I 11 A . s 'JP 'id ' SING 0 rw m fgafiyi an ,p:,,,Wg,s , W 'DM 'fif'A25?fi 'lf N L QW W w n2,P QT-ie 1 xsxvgirzd. Q u W LL M my , ' M 1 , 1 , " gig ETH" s L3 1 I W 1 I .J f7J'xa!l,WC0W MM D iii? W Jw 5530 Q12 if 'Z95fwQQg,L ig, giig Sfgfflfffeffffw ii? f 553557 Zgiiff. K6 X Six? figgiir giwim ,AM is? fwggy rf SW Qifi? FSWWW wif , AA 4,2g iv s if ,J K c f, - L- .W 5, 'Q lpxlfl ff ,fl ff' ' . .FI I, CK f Law- J, , W c J- a KU! Q """!I Y H gE.1Wvwill1" Mawr 'H' . W - Puf K.- ,T , P , . v.1:fM'JU,'f jg, api .aw 2 .1 ' , r'?'?f' ' " Cb l l a", ,l C 'ull - 3 X l l l lu ' V' Q "WEN ' ' f Nfl l . ll lil ll K M 33 'f5?:eii,f1,N. N M ,Nl J , l 5 4 P , 1 M ll - W l . , ,X V T I N 3 E E Ak b 1' Nm cl id? l 6 K 4? ' ' 1 ' ' . lil L :JV-, ml -ll 'T "1 V, ll J . w A if .. f Q ,X A ,X f yah l' l H l P o X A 4 wg w Q . S F .292 Xl - "shY:clxw5xxQ5 I l H lx X ,C Alf N , ' .3 F 1, 'k , ,, N ,- J 1 3 xX . uf XL 5 - N v , f . ' .L V ,J ,flu if X, hall +o Abraham Lincoln High. l We ve rnade our Own. his FTIOHO D0 R'Ql1t' V' lx lvl l . Ancl claimed democracy forever. I , Y, V X A .f X hug, fhool ol honor qndh-bfaully' I To rule our school wiih iusllce angljrnicjhl. 1, j 'J V lf! a ears a name on W lc a can re Y' All hail +o Abraham Lincoln Hihh. ' pi ' X "' NWA Q f f ffl lj Q e symbol of courage and clufy. . 'xy' I . ,J of , K' fl' l ,I gg sm, -. "4'vl"'iFi5fJi'+', if-v-e ' ' ' The 50's will be long remembered as fhe "'Rock 'n Roll" era, iusf as lhe 20's is known as fhe "Jazz Age." Since we are ending fhe fabulous 50's, lhis being 'lhe year I958, we ihoughf if would be quife appropriaie +o have music as 'Phe fheme fhroughoul' Lincoln's Monarch of l958. To name a few of fhe singers who have had 'Phe opporiunify fo reign as King during ihe pasf year are: Elvis Presley, Pai Boone, Tommy Sands, Fals Domino, Jimmy Rogers, The Everly Bros. Jerry Lee Lewis, and Sammy Cook. And from 'fhese singers have come some of ihe songs 'lhaf will be ideniified wifh the "Rock 'n "Roll Era". Jusl' as in fwenfy or fhirly years you'll be seeing imifalions of ihe "Rock and Roll Era" on felevisicn, when in 'rhe 'Fufure for "Seniimenl'al Reasons" when you 'rhumb fhrough fhis Yearbook, you will be reminded of many pasf experiences which parallel 'ihe experiences your parenls are now enioying. b "Chances Are" ihai' if you're walking lhrough Lincoln's "Wild wilh +he Wind" halls, you "Sill1q.u'el'leS". As we "'Siroll among 'lhe siudenis, we see many "Teen-Age Queens" such asg "Julie", "'Johnnys Dream' .- 'Peggy SUS .l and Of COUVSB 'ihaf "Good Golly Miss Oh, oh! --'I'here's +ha+ "Woman from Liberia", 'Phe I Beg of You' - Come back +0 class!! Well, back io ihose wilh Mr- l'lUf1lBI'- if' wg ' MW I mf .Y O SOHO ks T., 76555 . , V ,, s . -1 l r A- ',Lx l YI J . A 'if iv v . I m.,,17,,,: V' .gf l , QL fri' 2 FH' W' - ,fl-. f eg-,five Q- , K . , . - . , ,W Q? is 1 .:i7if?l"3 43'fl'!-f:f'f1ff5""' liilp' 55. iw :Wie w "zfs,YHf'l1'f1v'21-- ,J aw' 44- f' f .W .W- - "' ' f ,, Lf H ,,, tj, ' Q' 'M iA,, I ' 1 ff' . ,l 5 "" jQfW?'1?ll1 , , I 'gf f iq if W , H Q , -3?':j1l,Gg, I , A fl QI .T:., J-few: lfl X , ,1 W -'fwefv , 5' !,l5::,L'r:Aw . l :AV I, fx I rv t Q,'4 I I Q'5"CZiZ!2! fm fy, gd, ,i Ze, I Alf I - ,431 H , r , Q "" 5'lf,'l1ff5'1:'gE 1 r , Q4 , i ' Q' fjf, A If ,, ,, +'1g!',.'Y.-3, , ' ' e - ,..a ,' 1, ,.A. L Q Q i , ,A, , , , 1' I MU yf lqfyi' . ll , f l f , PW M . ,0!f!,ll Jfl , o r ,,- L' M kg!! l ' .f "A LiHle Bird" who learned "The Walk" came "26 miles" iusl +o see our oulsl-anding, bullefin Boards. Why, "henrieHa" even brolre her HBI- d ll - - In Dale In order 'll1al she would be able lo see 'them for hereself. Throughoul' 'lhe year we had bullehn boards lhal' deli' wilh our annual x Magazine Drive, March of Dimes, Homemalring and doozens of olhers which helped +o decorafe our school halls. ' V A ,el V451 I , A wHoLE wr F YELLIN,-iQwz-so ' GOIN ON ! gl: hixifl' ' 5 ' Q gjfgil :'.ag-'F-S fr .. W f,,f1'q"R'fQ.,.'?"Y ,si F " v fl -lr if 6 'L 7451? 1 'N JJ- 'A yr rw Y I1 v fr 1' hf'.f,s' . A X r --' .S 1 ,ful "' L f. 'fr H - ' 'A 1 .315 ,fr i . 1' J f-3 il., ne-2,0-a,f, ,l . :4 we Q -' - - fag . f 'IL "Niall f f'f f if .5 .2 aw' f 'fexrfwlw . 'li -,ff ' .- !z'fV .:1Ei":r, ' ' ' 'A ff' in i'a3.sm'A e-31,2-Fan r .aiu 'Q' - my of , Z f ' ra . - - - gs--.1 A . l F3 i . r mtg ' - -'B P5 N 5' e-, ,s-f f if . l - gf Ti ffrfag ru l, ri nil - 1 J., , fi-5 11, 'fl .,L: Egl -A gi ' 'I - -S' 4-. V ,Q 1' A if 3' " yy V. i '5 .. ,Q Lf. A x , 13 :Tl if - fig, .ag ' gg -' '- ' V3 iq, ft ,. G- l , gs- W2 " ,e 4. .r Q,-a , . ,., .ge.if!.!! - , , -QQ-iB.gf.sH.,L if 'dvi is .cnh -, g.:..::- 1' "'.,,.....E vie "' S' in Hi -will . . ,,,,eg,-E3 1 'FWZ 1 ' Y- i- Q-1,1 . . - - ' 'm'U1X.fff-f " I ' 'w..,.,......- -......... ,L ,, +V, Q-4 -Ag.. , - weft! -4 1' "Shake a Hand". And "Sing, Boys, Sing". Where are we? A+ a Lincoln rally. of course. "Hey LiHle Girl" - Con'+ ius+ sei ihere, gel in 'Phe Spirll' of 'lhings and Yell!!! ln lhe above picfure, we see lhe crowd who cheered on Qur 'team at fhe Big Bene Game, AI-lhough "'+l-nal ofher crowd" fhoughl lhey were so 'rough and had 'lo beal' as 'Far as spiril was concerned - we really showed 'lhem wifh our ferrific card iriclcs. Fun and food were had by lhe Lincoln Lions lwifh 'lhe exceplion of fhe feaml. Bu? "Look 'lo fhe Fu'lure" boys. 4, ,W ,ff f V ilk' Eff' A A, ,Q , 'Q T7 9 f' ff 7 L. L Xlfxgf' T7' ' ' x5':'-ijlk 1 1 X5 Q' ka rfv kL,g5f 452, r gf 52 Jgv L-"fi 4 iz fy,L,Mf'x ,-kj?7 ' la N421 .1 xT?Z Lg'- ?' KK- -ff! if ' MJ- -J M eHiQQ3'li9?P,Q pi 7? - 1-J'-9 i ,435 cg? ' ' QQ'X'ff , X7 fn, f I If-Z-, li !'L' 44 iL"":'x -Lx fi "Qu e ' W . ,, i 4 i ., I. J W H ""i'w ' H '4 i SIXQ a ii a x i xx ,s if Q 'fA" ' ,W Q X fL .1 ,535 ,' f1 Jw A A , Q X , I ' 3, X ' X if ,Q f wfxiixx if? Here we seeiihe "LiHIe Blue Men" siomping io Hue "March of Hue River Waiu". Our music deparimeni was regl "i'1epi"'l'i1is year and 'fhere 1 V were manyxfsifudenis who received awards and placd in confesis, Our congrafulafions go fo +hose sfudenf he have made our Music , Defaarfmejfawhaf if has been fhis year - greaill Buf we mus+n'f 'Forgef fhose cufe girls in "Sheri S r ' o cou" e, I mean ihe Niaioreffes, ,ii 'Who se. yiery ab,l,y,brigl1'iened up our Band w' jheir bafon fwirling. 79 Y a f ,W wif f Q i V X 1 - Q I aj W.. U R1 I f' , ,J 1 ,Xf ci f' UQ f QL V ' ' J' ,iv ix. K i f 'l If Z' I WJ? D ' "of" LGF i fi ,Mi as, .QM ""-"1iiiiii5?H E453 ie?-jfeg. 3 ez EE Wi ,, , . . -fi e "lp Ei? 'f v' " 'lf 3 - 3, , ' 4 4 f .r V M i i iv, iw ,. :ev . I 5 W N ff o W UCTION X J A YfN,,f1,wEQ WM 'ugfigbkqgfa WN 1. W QVXRSQX NYJ AUM ii Q X' xl Q S Q X XJ xg Q N A mf? Jg A W ff if W f VWW, may h f U wwf mibwlgffwifjblvp WVHWS Gwfgw WW 'V MDM qifypft fffOD.wf1f qwfw o ffW"7 ,L Q7 K auch ,f SQMM,45JfVffff4?L QM? 76557 ,Dew WWWJMAZZ ' J VOM f 'X ' diff jay RT S 1 , F M X95 ,ZWwM,4A QQ H ,f Q 0535, WM' f Qfgwigffgffgfi 2422! 5-3, CZ? 0 J 3 fi 6? TT ' EQ If icjr UNXQJWA ' ldgggjyw gf -iiqgz CTS G PVC W A X 'ZQA Cyl QQVU L SUPDX 'MV 0UGZL,ULi'0, A X TQHW 6, VUL AM ,Q fd MDL ' lA., -3 if , 'fl ff Qbbl id MD gl 3, 353.1 ,Wi wiv, ' Jr: ,WX I U 7 1 g A l I Vik JW F55 lfifllllybff 4 A I jg QQ fl 4 ill al Uh 6 ' Wfp, W J KM li me N ,fi w,,"yfQ' Wi' E' "i wi :ii WWE" fi ii ii ii we ii ' Our Conduclor, here af Lincoln, is Dr. Kennecly. He has been primarily responsible f r Linco ing where if is +o- day - ON TOP Mr. Covell, who IS our Dean of Boys, is seen here, having a liHle hearl fo hearl 'lallc wilh Genen Coclrran abouf "Peggy Sue". This is Mr. Hunler, who is our ofher Dean of Boys, who is giving Jess Perez a Ii++le fall: enliiled "Jusf Belween You and Me". Wee .wggffgwr J Our Dean of Girls ' lhone olher lhan sa in "l+' Laler Thi T Th' lc" y M5 H XQLI in so wh Up Ll'l'f'l'eS..?ul1yi:QA ,Aga u Xlh kj Q rg 'X Eh N, ,nv Xi? 5 :ie Mex QE " 'xx Ns Nix' X-si ith 1? .A All by 'SN Ng i5 U T TQ . XX ' X lb' P 55' Xly X -s GN Wyse X: She is "Wake W will M li- gy 459 In W Ag' mf E' f ff' ' :hh- fs wvmgil ,QE . ., ' AZ . . Cafe+eria Sfaflf Margarel Casferline Mabel Janzen. CUSTODIANS: Bill Cosiello, Ernesl' Klngery George Slanaker odrow Flamgan Curhs Logan Henry Jacobus. - 'll - K-4 X W' M' M M BETTY ATKINSON FLORENCE BARNARD GRANVILLE BAYSE MHARRY BLOOM BOLAND V- I ELEANOR COLLINS CATHERINE COSTA LEE COX RAY D'ARTENAY DONALD DESCH I! F: 3 ' I UIIW 4 TDWLIIQUJII GUWUV U Q 'xl F GORDON FECHTER HAROLD FISHER WYNETTE FOWLER SHIRLEY HANSEN L. BEN HOWARD I VI' Q I , ALMA LINTON IONE MEcKFsssEL GENE Mokms RAY oescl-:sea ELGIE oelek BM Cifww WES STEVENSON J QWIRLEN STILLMAN LEN STONEHILL f JSARAH STRATHMAN GEORGE KAY DETERMAN W. VINCE , 51 ggi, ni AMY DUVALL DOROTHY EHRHORN DOROTHY FAUOUET BASIL HUFFMAN RAY KENDALL SHIRLEY KING VIOLET LANNIS ERIC LARSON EDITH PERAZZO ADELENE PoLITo M- C- RALSTON TOM TROMBETTA VIRGINIA WYCKOFF HARRY ROSE CAMERA SHY MELVIN DI SALVO SAL SANFILLIPPO DOUG SHULL FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS ,fjf r RICH HOSLEY Presideni . I ah MARY ALICE WILLIAMS BRUCE CASSELL GlI'lS' V. P. Bgyg' V. P. 5'gEbF".'5E5 DON LIU-0 MERNA VOLLE A U 'C' Y Treasurer y Sec,-efa,-y . SENATE There are 'lwo words 'rhal' really describe our Senale "Oh Boy!" Their main problem being 'lhe "Telephone", 'loo much chaHer. has been going on. Seriously, fhis year, 'lhe Senafe has passed 'lhe budge+, allowed us +o increase our Spirif Leaders, appro- prialed money for our porlable bleachers, and The mosl impor'l'an+ 'lhing is +ha'I' rhey have laken care of our lrash problems on Calavaras and off campus grounds. And so lo you, our Senale, we dedicare 'lhis song "You're rhe Grea+es+!" W A lliii """' ' lkllli l A , A 1 FE SENATE Our Sena+e was heard shouiing "Don'+ - say no +o Senior Privileges. Some expressed I I +he desire +o say "A Farewell 'ro Arms" +o our Do-Righi' sysrem, buf +he maiori+y x J' U' replied "Ain"r Thai' a Shame" because DO-Righi is righf for Lincoln. And 'lhen ihere J U' was +ha+ "Swee+ LiHle Six+een" crowd who wan+ed +o hear "Rock 'n Roll Music" while Q5 mg, In CQ' +l1ey are eafing - simplified, 'ihey wan'I'ed a new jukebox. On +he whole our Senaie GQ Bljf for +he Spring Semesfer was "Brea+hless." TXXQ-:Q g.Q,xQ,.,k, xx i Q l CV! A J N f ,X . K' Ay ig ,, fly iiuwir D 9 si 533 U 'lu - ,ir 'ri' ' L" P- VV fb iillwlxaillai lr X fi cf Qlqww if Q We -iv W " xl! ,PV ls U l if Q l ' S I l. I l , 'bv JU!-I -gf a V, iffrl' L U YUTJW .ggi 1 l N fxjvu l l' ' I.. DDJ A QW 1 ,, ,ss QWJN i Ejx Q L 1 N ' ' I , , BARBARA LABROVICH TOM WORRELL WANDA HAND - Secrefary Treasurer Publicify V s I, Q Wvx EQ! 4 .Lfiu-4 In - A A , X E , ' xf s. X A 33+ 3 V . Q T, ilselllglwa-gill! ' llrigyffrsf if-rue. lm: T I . gli' 'iZailli'liliii-Tl l WARREN ALLEN MARY ANN CUNHA Boys' VIP. Girls' v.P. 4 X, l xg 2 -, l SPRING STUDENT BODY OFFICERS SAN DY HOME Presidenf FALL HONOR SOCIETIES C.S.F., fhe Califonia Scholarship Federaiion, is one of our honor groups 'rhaf requires a good deal of worlc and eFForf on 'lhe parf of fhe sfudenf. Ten grade poinis are required in order fo qualify for membership. Mrs. Barnard is fha advisor. And 'rhai handsome lad, John Chapman, is Presiden+7 Also on fhis page is our ofher honor sociefy - Golden Axe. The Presidenf for this semesfer is Sandy Home. kffynxfww Je-ff-ff J,-,U,f'-' LXR Q-dadjfff gxgn GOLDEN Axe of We -e. C.S.F. ,rs-We We Tom Worell, Don Lillo, Bill Larnon, Sandy Home, Lynn Sioshner, Pai' Belardes, Sue Niles. ,N 175 W .I l M My Wl,lW,J1w SPRING HONOR SOCIETIES ln orde 'ro be a parl' of Golden Axe, 550 poinls musl be earned from exlra-curricular acfivifies. One poinl is given an hour during school, Ihree poinfs ou? of school. If Ihe sfudem' plans Io go on fo college, having been a member of Golden Axe means a 'feafher in his cap. Miss Fowler is Ihe advisor and 'their able Presidenf is Bill Morgan. To have been a member of C.S.F. is also a good meril fo have on college applicaiions. GOLDEN AXE Golden Axe: lFirsl' Rowl Marion Zingham, Bonnie Houghialing, Nancy Needham, Mariam Flora, Pa? Belardes, Carolyn Morris, Sue Lovely. Joan Jacobus, Georgiana Gomes, Ann Robinson, Sigrid Burlze, Mary Alice Williams, Merna Volle, Louise Delaney, Pal Brennan, Arlene Jung, Sheila Miller. lsecond Rowl Tom Worrell, Mike Jaclcman, Warren Allen, Charles Flora, Rich Hosley, Sandy Home, John Chapman, Phil Nielson, Cynlhia Byers, Kalhy Krough, Karen Pope, and Mrs. Bloom?!! C.S.F. 1 'M ' -- 1 , 1-ee H11 , 5,5 .T 1 ' 1 ,'2fif:B?, .1 - 1 V Y , e:'H1g:.faafe, f . . rs 1' , ., :'. 1 5.91. , ' , 111 1 'CZ 1 . , , ... .1 v Q r , I I V y , .. Ha., .... 3-.3....,,,..,, ,-.. ..,. ..., , ,I . , , .. , , ' .,,,,-.- 1 A Y Q -ff: ,.,,, A . V . ,. 1 1 " L1 1 V, 115, , , A 'A f ff 1 W- - e - -V - - ' ' - 1' ' 111 11.5 f 1111111 ,522 ,iilnll3S'."i15.11'QI'11,,,1i,,,1f,11L,.LLE,Ti, 4 , -,-,,1-,..,, . .,,. . - ,M -.,...,-.......,. FALL SPIRIT LEADERS fr 1 I FX f X, '73E"5'5IE?f'fr-1 i'-:li-1VlY?gE5,f Pom Pon: Joyce Bianco, Joan Jacobus, Linda Carler, Linda Pizzog Head :N 4-1 ' ,, if 1 , ' 'iw' r ' , r.lPi.f : ,. ff' ' During 'lhe firsf semesfer il seemed as if our cheerleaders were "Jusl' Born" 'lo lead Lincoln in lhe school yells. Those 'fabulous cheerleaders were Louise Delany, head cheerleader: Ellen Heller and Priscilla Thomas. "Could 'lhis be Magic?" ihe pompon girls were lhe mosl! Head pcm pon girl was lhaf cure liHIe bobby soxer, Linda Pizza: Joan Jacobus, Linda Carfer, and Joyce Bianco were her able assislanls. Cheerleaders: Priscilla Thomas, Louise Delaney, Head: Ellen Heller. "Br - - - Black Slaclrs", yes i'r's Linclon's own pep leader, Henry Rubin, who gave ihe Lincolniles a "Pepper Upper"' -- lrnown as "Raunchy". The end of '57 and 'lhe beginning of '58 meanl' only one 'lhing for fhe spirit of Lincoln fha? il was going up, up, up 'fo 'rhe 'lop and all lhe way for Lincoln vicfories. N Commiliee Chairmen: lFirs+ rowl Fred Alsled, Sian Bonacorso, John Chapman, Sandy Home. Sec- ond rowl Tom Worrell, Sue Lovely, Trudy Helwig, Carolyn Morriss, Rifa Perry. Commiflee Chairmen: lFirsl' rowl Tom Worrell, Sue Lovely, Trudy Helwig, Carolyn Morriss, lSecond rowl Fred Allsrad, Sran Bonacorso, John Chapman, Sandy Home. Q SPRING SPIRIT LEADERS When pep leader, John Barnes "Slood Up" af 'lhe rallies fhe crowd was "All Shook Up" wirh hoo-rahs. Why, wilh The way lhaf "Dear John builf up our enfhusiasm you'd fhinlr fhaf we were "Af 'rhe Hop". Then fhere was head pom pon girl, Claudy Lamlaerl' and her "WifchcraH" of spiril, plus Cafhy Felicianc, Carolyn Hamil, Mary Alice Williams, Sue Yarnell, and Sally Camou, who served as lerrific pom pon girls. '1- Cheerleaders: Sue Lovely, Priscilla Thomas, Head, Pundy Vega. Camera Shy: Tam Eslcandanian. "Why Don'f They Unders'fand" - Yell?7? and who could forgei' "The 'Til' SIrolling" cheerleaders. As head cheerleader, Priscilla Thomas led +he Lin- colnifies in "Dee Dee Dinah" The o+her cheerleaders, Tam Eslcandanian, Sue Lovely, and Punlry Vega, and of course our Lincoln Lions ioined in wifh "La De Dah". And so as The second semesfer ended we had anorher "Pepper Upper" Irnown 'lhis lime as "Boney Moroney" insfead of rhe usual "Yellow Dog Blues". . Commiiiee Chairmen: lFirs'f Rowl Jess Perez, Lee Cox, Warren Allen, Rich Hosley, John Chapman, David Boehme, Bob Waiers, Ken Neal, Abe Belardes. lSecond Rowl Marion Zingham, Trudy Helwig, Jane Kellenubrger, Joan Jacobus, Georgiana Gomes, Sigi Burlre, Kalhy Krough, Sheila Miller, Karen Hoffaclcer, Janel Garner. 1 - swf I, j'g N LJION TqALES 1 Q .v-. ri DAN QUINN , 4,5 Fall Ediior ' BILL MORGAN Spring Co-Edifor SUE NILES Spring Co-Ediior Lion Tales: Jacllie Mondiel, Lois Mashburn, Vickie Gordon, Bill Morgan, Cindy Clarlr, Jerry Busch, Marla Duino, Sheila Miller, Jim Mc- Carney, Aniia Bueno, John Burrows, Sue Niles, Jane Gibson, Dan Quinn. Camera Shy: Pai Labuclalr, Wanda Hand, Judy Heiner, Barbara Phelps, Marian Nanney. When you hear someone menlion our school newspaper 'lhe Lion Tales whai comes io your mind? The cufe boy fha? wriies fhe sporis page or 'thai shori girl wifh 'ihe pony fail who digs up ihe gossip? Have you ever fhoughf aboui' wha? ihe words "Lion Tales" means? Here, lei' me show you my deiiniiion- L siands for Lincoln, our school. l is for 'the inieresi 'ihaf everyone has in ii. 0 is for ihe "o" in "gossip". N is for ihe news 'thai' our Lion Tales brings us. T siands for fhe "Tales" 'ihai our newspaper s'ia'Ff wriies. A is for ihe sporls page which 'iells us how our aihlelics are doing. L sfands for 'ihose long school days 'thai seem To lasf an eierniiy. E is for lhe gossip - "enough" said abou? fhall S is for our school newspaper which brings ro us 'Phe curreni news, gossip and "+ales" of Lincoln. A? This lime we would lilce io exlend our "Thanks" 'io Mr. Bloom because wiih his help and advice our "Lion Tales" were ihe Mori!!! MONARCH i ',,,,v-if-1 ' , 1 - in 1- TV: .1 I in W , 1 ... i'i-53.5 ,Q , Q ,- ,meg-12' 4 52 ' 'ifff l lee, F' . was . 'Exi f 5 ,., -, ' lgm iaj air- , gif s . , . 1 . -5-J '-A le -f 1 X- " U my-.ii 2 e. , :Inez-: ' Fi f - ' 1.1-:Wig , i52::.:.5::f?ifj,2-2-1Mx, 'vi' - n ix".- ir r " i like ' i l K fy, i i . 2 l i ii y LYNNE sro:-ISNER M"fV ' Ediior ' 2' V li -' i' 'll .V 'E gurl .-.1',-,wil N' 'Mill PAT NAYLOR Assisfanl' Edifor JOHN BU RROWS Photographer X-. This is 'lhe Monarch Slaff of l958. These are your 'Fellow school-males who did such an oufsfanding iob of composing your Yearbook of '58. We, on lhe Monarch Siafi would like io dedicaie ihis number fo those ierrific seniors of -the year, ninefeen hundred Fifly-eight And may 'Phe forihcoming years bring Lincoln song wrilers, singers, and composers many of 'lhe number one hils of 'Phe couniry. ' During ihis iniermission we would like 'ko remind you fha? wiihoui' fhe assisiance, guidance and 'full co-operaiion of Mr. Oeschger, our advisor: Mr. Fisher, and his school phofographersg and Tony Rose of 'lhe Rose Sfudio, 'ihe composure of ihis book would noi have been possible. P 1 l STAFF: Firsi row: Karen Hoffacker, Lou Barrera, Lynne Sfoshner, Carolyn Pasquali, Jane Kellenburger, Second row: Winslon Sarger, Abe Belardes, Georgiana Gomes, Judy Davies, Pal Naylor, Sharlene Seeger. "LT-V i .M. , 5 v All In ,A 1 -, , l , 'GEL .1 ni-, ,-1 r-4 1 1- ,Q Aif- ',, ,r:r'-ee," H Y, Har, 1-- .,...-.e--ef If N . ...ne .,.. nf' :...,.sR2..-.1 'Z .,'J,.M Cl- SSES -.1 V xf ,H f 5 N D .JK Sgj A rj. Ig., Y iff wfff f f -1 f M lf! w nf! f x,r.."f' Q, X SJKL gig, Q XJ xx viz AJ? X j E X AJ ,. '! .,v,x fu JJ, iv IW NAP I V, fi, X ffw 1. 4 jj! JIU ' j if ,J of fvjgwf' 'Ml vu! 11 D JYQI l-" A .jx I K f 5 f-- 3 , , ,vj I I L I 7 gf-Yu u QM My J I f A .- , 0, OWL M M l K X X gifiggiggg my Sgiiimgki M iw Qi JP M fjffy Jw ! 0 Q CL - SCIENCE The science deparimeni al' Lincoln oiilers a varied and inferesiing program. Chemisiry, Physics, Physiology, Biology, and life Science are +he sciences offered. This program offers life science, a science -lo give ihe s+uden+ a basic undersfanding of 'lhe world in which he lives. The specific sciences are usually 'raken by lhose coniinuing in 'the science field. MATHEMATICS Lincoln's malhemafics deparimenf oFFers a parlicularly good program. The course in- cludes firsi' and second year Algebra, Plane and Solid Geomefry, Trigonomefry, Basic Main, and Economic Malls. Care has been ialcen +o provide flue siudenf who will noi aHend college wifh a good basic undersfancl- ing, and also lo prepare 'Phe sfudenf who is faking a college preparafory course of sfucly. ! , .W YN ,rj pw mzllwmr. rl ,lmUr,,mm,rmififwsgggu'Hfgg+1'IlqQ.,jf.,.QNj,.1N,!g?gL,..,X ng,,M..m W W... mln., W vii? K 31:,..,sW-N'gr'g..'g154.' ' M H ' e--W. A emails' V -D, , V H. rf . 11-N' I nun w - giggfrurvdl wfgzggy. H, I ' v nl' n 5 3 W K A ' ' 'M'-'53 H 630- "1 ' .F if - -- ffi, " "' .,, -Y ',-in 1 f '-3 A-.fpllpgffv -f , , Z f ,V -V 5.--Pr-F -:rf .5 gr 33: ,. ' . Q , ' " 5'ii'::,,e ' 'fa--' Y jF1:HC5-'il-l A ' - fr 1' .. V fl SZ. W egig,-f I ce.-,S -.HA L H f 5 -- W., , -. .- .y .... , Qi-air Lf, P . 'w.4,5Wiai"i ' .1 ' 5 1 , 'kj-'A-31' , .1 ,T -Le' L WL' -. ,- r ..- l . .rw - 5 , 3 '.-2 " - , 5 -Jw? ' , P W 45, -he :H:fm:- ,gy V. Q 'i 5332-i .'1'f'lAb.,. "W " iff 'L"': 1 .' If , ,fr cliff'-if 3' 'Eff ef, .-. 5 "'l'F 5 .- 13 Er nr .N !?vv2fQSx" 2-591 X-.rf 'f Fi , 9,243 gf" 1512 f ' v5,L,,,?u.,, ' , 125:-e-' ' . ,L . ,na 1 c 2 ' -Mi Q- 5 - , .. V, A-.1 -., e 1 Y-I ' 'f-'JW' 'STG ' 4' " 'H' 1: , ' "-r igfzi-k,'."f-3 , - F V " 1 W "" Uk! ' ' - r " " f "nfw -,' W felw LY . TS-em-f'f 15: .-w ' N f.. 1' " ' l H HM M L H r 3 A ,mipm g n H L 'r,"p!:4eL X 4, s -- 75 5-vi.-1 ,5 icfeemla AV P f ' 2--f f 1 -- V - :-in """ '1 g f . A" , ' - e I ' ejzsv ,ir 'if 1 g,1T,, K2 Q We tiff Nw 1 -D, -:sg -" - , r- f--- ff - - 5 A-'eww , 1:51. 1 i. hail' I . p fffefs 15' gnmvf-P - ' if ql,',gi3.HJ'- l -.ff -5 .la - .-.Er ,A 2,-ee r ..f,: .--X - - ' - - 4 . 36 P I ' A ' 1, fha: 1 '1.'.: r '-Frm, n z! , 11,4 ,, 12 :Vf - -L i f? F 1: 11 .. , 1 4- lse:1f1:ff,ff:1 f 1 fpigl g - v-11 I L3.:,g-gee...-1 n QT ' '- -f 'fX"'7"-1-x 'ef 5' " f. ,- ' L I + X , fs-5'3" """'-- V - Y 1.1 , , Y -F: . r - , gg' W if e N or l . , eg 4 , .. Q , u 1 12 Y 'gig' in 4 DraTTing aT Lincoln is eleclive for all sTudenTs. RecenTly mon girls have been inTeresTed Than in pasT years. STudenTs wi' experience are scheduled in advanced groups. The beginners learn The use of draTTing Tools and mefhods, as well as "blueprinT" reading. Advanced sTudenTs sTudy Tl' various meihods of describing obiecTs To be consTrucTe1 Some areas of specializafion such as sTrucTural, mappin layouT, and deTailing and welding are covered. Each year a drafTing 'Field Trip is made To explore some special phase of work represenTed in The San Jose area. La year The WesTinghouse PlanT was visiTed. ln The spring a commercial draTTsman or engineer comes To give a Talk and answer quesTions abouT The work he does Tor his compan In all, The classes give Lincoln sTudenTs an opporiuni To gain lndusTrial ArTs experience in drafTing or pursue The inTeresTs in becoming a Technician, engineer, or drafisma DRAFTING AUTO SHOP The course in auTomechanics aT Lincoln High School is designed To be a parT of The curriculum of a general educa- Tion. lT is disTinguished from vocaTional educaiion in ThaT if is noT specific occupaiional Training. IT is, however, an opporTuniTy Tor The pupil To acquire a more general knowl- edge oT The auTomobile and iTs allied occupaTions. The Shop iTsel'F is sei up in The form of a lab in which The pupils siudy The diFferenT componenfs of The auTomobile and work on a bench model of The componeni being sTudied. The sTudenT noT only gains a knowledge of The auTomobile buT he also learns To work co-operaTively wiih his fellow sTudenTs, he learns responsibiliTy by cleaning up afier him- self and olhers, and he learns To underTake and solve prob- lems wiTh his own iniTiaTive. WOODWORKING The woodworking laboraiory develops a degree of skills in The use of Tools, machines, in speech and maThemaTical Techniques as applied To The woodworking area. IT provides for developmenl' of creaiive Thinking and problem solving approach. IT also provides The opporTuniTy for The pupil To explore his apTiTude and abiliTies. The develomenT of salable skills is one of The chief Tunciions of The woodworking laboraTory. IT provides iniormaiion abouT and exploraTory experiences in basic processes of diTferenT indusTries so ThaT The sTudenT may more wisely choose a TuTure vocaTion, and Tor Those who have chosen To provide a measure of occupa- Tional Training. x 41' i , s in DRAMA The drama course af Lincoln gives 'fo fhe sfudenf fhe basic 'fundamenlals of sfage produc- iion. Besides acfual acfing if offers fhe hisfory of fhe sfage, cosfuming, sei' design, malreup and Iighfing. Our sfudenfs have gained 'for fhemselves a fine record in oufside producfions and confesfs as well as in our school plays. ARTS AND CRAFTS The arfs and craffs program offers classes which vary from fhe usual. These are Home Arf which deals wifh inferior decorafion and such, and Lion arf which performs many ser- vices for 'rhe school. In 'H-me craf+ courses wood carving, plasfics, mosaics, and leafher work are only a few of a greaf many proiecfs info which The sfudenfs enfer. RADIO - TV ARTS Radio - TV Arfs is an elecfive class which offers fine Training in speech as well BS pracfical experience for vocafional frain- ing. These classes produce many plays and documenfaries for local sfafions and also for our own school use. Behind 'lhe scenes fhe basic principles of producing, sound effecfs and scripi' wrifing are +augh+. ENGLISH The English deparlmenl al Lincoln olilers +l1e sfuclenl an an-lequale background for furiher siucly in Language Arls. English is a requiremenl' for Hue Sophomore and Junior years, buf if is offered as an eleciive for fhe Senior year. The course of slucly in Senior English is mosily college preparaiory worlc, buf il is also a goocl 'foundalion 'for any one going on lo work afler gracluaiion. The Journalism class oFFers a good frain- ing program for any one inferesied in 'lhis fype of worlc. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The Business Deparimeni ai Lincoln offers a very sound basis 'For fuiure business careers. H also encourages as many as are able fo fake some of ihe social busi- ness courses. Many academic siudenis +alre such sub- iecfs as Advanced Typing, Shorihand, Clerical Office Training, and Boolclreep- ing even 'ilwough fhey are usually 'llwoughf of as vocafional courses. fs 'ff f ill' 1 1 EQE7 5133. s,-v'--4 Qin - Y - ' - sw - " ":'T:7f"f ' ', f 'T 5? 7 W M'i't'H" ll '-iw! f- - ff - fi --'x M "1" Q- SH r, , 'U ' H L, - if "H , H' - 1 -- 3 : iluynqfz. e s .5 N wwf.-f.s55,1Ni,i Y , , if-A' ff T -- .m- ' -'1 -, "Jrs5i!3Q:lf5i:"G"""'..SH.. 3. MUSIC 1 i V V , v 1 3 e f cr. if , .- -. 2-1 - .Q ' I ' ,.:, '-.Vg :.,! L ., f V1': 1 fl ' " Y X . : ' ' l ,- i-FQ! i -f .- s s +G . -I .. 7 p , I 4 4 K 'X s I ll f ,Q A 1 . ' 1 A s ' A" . - 4 5 Q 5 3 i , I VI,5shFgi!41j1iff1imEi'2f1finiM,!l1i,1iilfr3 ,i il",Q!Q 'gwlm-,ji QW, ,,,, 1, 3 :jf-J. J Lincoln has a music deparfmeni' which is divided info many paris. I+ offers such ihings as orchesfra, choir, music fheory. and band. This deparfmenf enferiains for school assemblies, oufside funcfions, and for fheir own enioymenf. The band also helps 'fo increase fhe spirii' ai' rallies and sporfs evenfs. We cannoi help buf be proud of fhe ouisfanding iob our music deparimeni' is doing here af Lincoln. A 1 . , . 4 i ii eil .L-Y A LANGUAGE Our Language deparlmeni a+ Lincoln offers fo fhe sludenl Spanish, Lalin, and French. To develop lhe abili+y lo speal: and unclersland ihe language is 'lhe goal of our language classes. To oblain 'lhls goal we use such fhings as slrils, oral reporls, and songs of lhe naiive counfry. w ' f ff . , l ll, W bf all M l M5552 155217 Mlflf 0 M Wfjvag, 1f,,f W k Wfrlljl SOCIAL STUDIES Social sfuclies is a gradua+ion requiremeni ai Lincoln and has fo be lalcen for 'l'l1ree years. During l'l1e sophomore and iunior years Uniied Sfaies Hislory and World Hislory are covered while flue senior year is declicafed primarily fo flme sfudy of Local, Sfaie, and Federal gov- vernmenfs. Also included as graduafion re- quiremenls in flue Social Siudies program are Drivers Educafion and Firsf Aid. 1 V 1 I 1 " W iw fi "l""' J f' "J .A -iff ,. .---, f .s-"v " ', - a-vxztmzz.. Q r -4-4 'V .- '-1 - - v gm in ,V 15222 -KW we , . f.i-Lew? I Www ni is li AE chiggjix , nn E- -H geem wif: T , . ,h, T M yygll in . F. HOMEMAKING s,l,' V A l W. b I Q X 43 -x ip, The courses offered by our Homemialcing deparlmenl' are Foods and Nufrilion. Clolhing, and Senior Homemaking. These courses are designed 'lo aid and prepare a girl for growing up. Senior Homemalr- ing helps one 'lo undersland marriagep family relalions, child care, home nurs- ing, home furnishing, and consuming. All of lhese will be of greal value 'lo her in lhe fulure. l ' 1 AGRICULTURE The Agricullure Classes al Lincoln offer an excep- 'lional program. The purpose of 'lhis program being lo frain boys for professions relafing lo agriculiure. Each pupil has 'lhe aciual experience of lalcing care of an animal or carrying through a small farming enferprise. The boys pariicipale in lhe F.F.A. organizaiion, parliamenlary procedure conlesfs, regional and slale convenlions, proiecl compeii- lion, and public speaking. Field Clays are held 'lo 'lrain lhe boy in leadership, co-operalion, and cifizenship. MQW aes? .' ' S XS P O R TS 1 3 1 W ,. 2 1 , .hfzfjw if K I gi! M7f7j S A K' 4, 4 f jA!X7LZW lAfu'! YX X. fgfg " f 41 1 c, f ,gf 71 ., f .' Aj Af' IL' .Qj'!7L' ff' f I XJ A X xifr, . ,. ,M ff ff ' yn ,X 1 H' f lfi HW 171' Ufff' ' J f fl! fa if M W 1' 1- A I , Wfo .. 1 " I -1 - ,, , 4. I 1' J L'7jf22 ff -f we J ' X J Z! L, C ,. Z',f'2,L 4 ,ff ,' .- A A ,f :B c,'2 fix ffi, Auf Lf .-1-42 if ff., 43-I 1, !!lijff,..i, My-767451 Q6 i L-.V Nh -14.1122 ef 'cf ef M271-5 4-if fzgy' , yd C. L L,4 ' 5 I - H P ,.4k.24- --,- , , pgkf C2 f' Q ffl fff f"f ffl 5 kkyhuuyff dj 1,-Cin! , Lf 1,-:iii gK,..Lj7,?- 'ffL4c:!':,l HLYFKJ' kk A Zfazzzf-1 ..' X- C,f+gi?,4,1f,CJ pf f M' do 206' V0 Wjw bl-y7f 601 M, cf"'40M 0409 K A ij? ,, l. ' 1 X ,f aww, x" .A el!! X fi f - ' H 'E IZEA 715 s ' ' Y , N AH S U -f- f Q M ,A V Y M, Y f A , um Ma, '.2i5?,w ' wg W K fyf'l,571:" 'NJ -wx ww f ' H54-I :,-am, Q. 'K 1 .Tug - nf, K Vi? 4 , V,,:,:f?2'flf' , fxggu, 1' , .fr X, P 1 Y: 1 xt 1 " , - . ' ,,.,-. . L: N i 4 --c 'W V n- n.4,.,X V aw a- W 'uw 5 H ,-, ,,. X fs, . N f-w + K "' . . I P , 1. 4 me , N54Hf'3.g. 'VQFF K ' 1' Qiiwg f -L vflgff 'ff' Q. V, . . .MT .. s Qi? , J i ' X, I 1 X v .W . 1' f fx Q-flwii' ..2vs1eifi11.., X S. ' ,sf A ,H ffqawfgy - -.f . H if 1 .--4: , V. .. msiikzxlw hw- 2 ,gp Sw , 'la .'ILf.i,kwk,,r . . , A , gm Y M Y bm 'V'-Q, . .,-.-ER ., ' uf--.vw 'S' 1 wirgfqv ' 4: , fn. A. 5 A -t' S wgwfpgm? Q -1 YQ,f' , S I ., 3 .GS ,M ,Q g-we ,H,.f'!'t 5, 1' . 1 WB: 5, Y, AH' ' U 'Q' ' Au.. J wa u ' . ggx . - L- 1- K --Aw Qi. ' 11 iff Ag, V 1 J ' .Q '5 ' M. 1 " ww' ' ,J ef" -170 xffig , K . Xu , M E 'ff xx, I ,,:. ,. , ,Fil - .H . , , K I, - 22. zfwffafsmm- , L N Fr. ,Q v,.., Q '. 1 V1 HEX , V V W., f ' E rg f- .0 , --,-.qwziigi ' f., ' w,z1i'5UNi,f ' ' , , 1-ff' Y- V Jw fr.. N1 , f " ,V . A ia i WH K fx I 1' Y 55" My M x gf-me, 4 x f ' QQ - .. 55? ' ,gem Y, iw , Y- Q kg? R .. . -,xx qw. , KM ,af ' L ,ff,,, 21f,fw V x -, ,. 'Sci ' Visas- :D 3915-ZX f - 92456 ,,-ML Q. H MF11 hi pssinan H- p+ 1' C. Wells receives a pass M. Fafi . EG H AMW e cfyff jp som-I FOOTBALL M5 Lefl' 'lo righl: 'firsl row: L. LaForm, D. Quinn, D. Oliver, J. Crawford, A. Tucker, R. Sandoval, T. Freifas, L. Edwards. Secound row: R. Toughead, J. Silva, C. Boolxen, R. Kenny, M. Magallean, P. Cavaiaio, F. Azcarale, C. Kappen, R. Warlz. Third row: R. McCullorgh, K. Dearborn, J. Heaih, S. Pelerson, V. Fosf, A. Casey, R. Worley, . Oros, W. Hiall. Camera shy: W. Arballou, R. Arrogonl ,T. Kluge, R. e, R. Piazza, R. Reelr, G. iRocha, M. Mor n, P. velylare, . Clldaihis, B. Norona L. . Edwards l ' I 1 xx l f ff J -.l 'Q lf wb fu ' J J A, Y L A' O' lv ol X 'QW C L., , 1 "' I 0 X lo lil ll L I The soph leam uncle 'ihe supervision of Coach Wes Slev on gained exp ' e andnc-onficlence from 'lheir many games. They will be an invaluable assel' 'lo 'rhe J.V. ancl Varsily +eams. V M . XT Q 1 ,ll if I Q N 5 . nf i M X, 'l 'J ll T Ni :fly fx, ,Y l' jll Al . X li ill l Q! l.. A Q , f .. hs, .as Shown here is rhe Soph feam in aciion G WATER POLO . up-gg Bollom row: D. Slader, R. Fleming, B. Applelon, J. Ferguson, T. Nieman, J. Newfarmer, B. Lamon, A. Gallegos and M. Koehler. Second row. W. Sarager, L. Daubelt, A. Teh, G. Morrison, J. Weinbraclr, P. Fanning, P. Fran- sham, and R. Boyd lManagerl. Toy row: L. Slaghi lAssi. Mgr.l, R. Carroll, T. Hobbs, S. Lambrech+, B Callahan, J. Whilehead, M. Daugherly, D. Samsel, R. Vogelbaum, N. Pace, M. Frankel, and J. Richler Camera Shy: Coach E. Larson, R. Allen, J. Brady, R. Cosla, D. Evans, R. Head, R. Heimerman, R. Hooper K. Johnson, E. Oropoza, J. Paulson, R. Williamson, and J. Zamira. The lwo reams, under 'lhe direclion of Coach Eric Larson, have really improved 'rhis year. ln 'lhe Varsilies second year, 'lhey are slill unsuccessful, bul aspiralions are high for nexl year! This is l'he firsl year for 'lhe Sophomore leam who gallanlly carried away one viclory. They 'loo look belrler for nexl' year and have grear expec+a+ions. y This piclure shows J. Ferguson swimming ,V l- ,, in lo make a shol. A ' ' ' ..ai?'i , V 'il ' , la.e.1,lf, . fl a Lefi' 'Io rughf flrsf row S HewnH K Robnnson B Diaz M Rogers T Mon+oya Second Shown shoofing above as M Rogers wlI'I1 M Flerro B Diaz J WoreIL K Robinson In background LEAGUE SCORES LIONS 32 LIONS 24 LIONS 26 LIONS 40 LIONS 22 10 s BASKETBALL 20's BASKETBALL FIRS.T ROUND LIONS 35 ...,.............. CARLMOUNT 38 LIONS 23 .............. WILLOW GLEN 20" LIONS 34 .......,.........,,... CUBBERLY 33" LIONS 38 ...............,.,..,.,, SEQUOIA 4I LIONS 24 ...... MENLO ATHERTON 36 LIONS 39 .................... PALO ALTO 26" LIONS 28 ...... . ..... SAN JOSE 22" Lefi' 'Io righl, firsl row: D. Correia, J. Barnes, B. Bussy, D. Beaulieu, R. Muller Second row: R. Williams, J. Tappero, J. Esfrufh, F. Sanfos, J. Wilson, A. Aquirre D. Macedo. Camera shy: G. Nalcamoio, V. Cuen, A. Pacheco. Fellow 'Ialcin 'ump shol' is K. Nalcamofo, A. Aquirre under 9 I Cuen and G. Nakamofo. basket and D. Macedo in background. SECOND ROUND LIONS 28 ,,.,............ CARLMOUNT LIONS 4I ..,.......,. WILLOW GLEN LIONS 42 .,,................... CUBBERLY LIONS 35 .........,..,,,,..,.,. SEOUOIA LIONS 40 ...... MENLO ATHERTON LIONS 39 ........,......... PALO ALTO LIONS 35 ...,......,........,.... SAN JOSE Shown here D. Macedo in a iump 50 29" 34" 35 25" 25" 36 shol' F Sanios in running posilion, also shown are V Our 20's 'Ieam did exceplionally well 'Ihis year, alihough Ihey placed fourfh. They played well as you can see by 'rhe scores. They losf six games. They losl' Iwo by one point One in an overfime by Ihree poin+s and anofher by Ihree poinls. , CROSS-COUNTRY Lefl' lo righf, Coach M. Checi, D. Brown, L. Bunker, E. Toms, T. Engclalh, H. Rubio, B. Morgan, C. Flora, G. Guiman. The leam sianding was beH'er l'his year, in +ime records by aboul' +wen'l'y seconds. The 'leam placed second in fhe N.C.S. which was 'I'he same as lasl' year. Here Ted' Engdalh and Henry Rubio are shown running iowards vicfory. , 'iv - 2? - 5 , l Charles Flora is shown up 'from behind. an 'raking lead, wi+h Bill Morgan moving sei. i ll ll lwijg , M: i , uw Mali! ,ji fl i XY 5-Q.-5-J.. , Fronl row, lefl lo righlz R. While: A. Belardes: G. Fros+: J. Barnes: F. Sanlos: H. Anie: G. Nakamoio: G Caslon: G. Morrison. Middle row: B. Bussy: L. Worley: R. Chapman: B. Marlinez: F. S+rouse: W. Rameriz P. DeMare: G. Rocha: R. Hall: Mgr. B. Peclrelfi. Back row: B. Rameriz: G. LaForm: L. Marburg: J. Garcia: J Heron: P. Quinn: D. Kelley: T. Caldwell: and F. Caiera. Seniors who fool: honors lhis year al' lhe Novice Tournamenl' or 'l'he S.P.A.L. Finals were: George Nalcamolo lsl' place Novice, 2nd S.P.A.L., 3rd N.C.S.: Loren Marburg, ls'l' Novice, 2nd S.P.A.L.: John Garcia, 2nd Nov- ice, and Don Kelley, Isl Novice, 4+h S.P.A.L. Juniors who placed were: John Barnes, 2nd Novice: Frank Slrouse Zncl Novice: Fred Sanlos, 2nd S.P.A.L., and Bob Marlinez, 2nd Novice, Isl' S.P.A.L. This year's wreslling squad was quile an improvemenl over las+ year's by placing lhird in league compelilion and by placing lhird al' l'he S.P.A.L. Finals al Carlmonl. V l my Above is shown Loren Marburg, who is pinning his San Jose opponent. To 'lhe lefl' Fred Sanios pauses before pinning his opponenl. VARSITY BASKETBALL l Lefl' 'lo righl', Firsl' row: J. Chapman: M. Moran: Al Ariguire: R. Aikman: P. Caviliog R. Gaela. Second row: P. Caslillop D. Landes: M. Falio: S. Homes: R. Miller, D. Wilcox: R. Hills. Third row: L. An- derson: L. Chippsg W. Allen: B. Cassell: R. Hosley, D. Carlson: J. Delrichg Wm. Moyer. Our varsily baslcelball leam did very well 'lhis season, wilh relurning leflermen Rich Hosley, Bruce Cassell, Don Carlson, and Bill Moyers. The leam won everyone of il"s games excepl one, which was againsl' Menlo. Lion players which received addilional honors were: Rich Hosley, Bruce Cassell, and Bill Moyers who were one of 'l'l1e lop 'len scorers in lhe S.P.A.L. slandings. Hosley, Cassell, Carlson, Moyers and Aguirre all played excellenl- games and came fhrough when ihose few exlra poinls were badly needed. We can look 'Forward 'for a greal leam nexl' year, wilh Bill Moyers leading lhe leam. Here H' shows B. Cassell ialdng flue ball away from a Willow Glen player X X-Q-,Eff yffry ft-i-"Lf NX ' . 7-.il U' .1011 'VMNX El f . ,1- X-:J 7 V'il'1Q"'K- f Ki Vvvw-Y Bri LL TalfLfL,g,q-y,,4,,,Q gum-,,1 ' , il IXWQJX, El ,g,,MlLm,,57 Nl lx!-fx .f'ojv,qi9w,Q-Q. ,QAVVLLLAB -4 W . l U 3 xx-1 "v'1iu'vLi3!,K qftf tlk lyk?-l,fLljQ 'i,f',0s-ek K Xl' V If Y xy bb , B 5.1 B ljlgkr-343B fffx 'H 5 F W f l 5 5 Lfwefgo 9-safes-F X Below shows B. Moyers iumping for flue ball in one of our qames. Um W calf W .Jima Qffaffgij om g M iii Wing, L The piciure above shows R. Hosley grabbing ihe ball in a game, wi+h D Carlson coming 'io help him. v.-5-ling! Y-i .-.H , - 7 , ,-V -'Y -i MYP1 .., , Z , 1 V L Hg W W I 4 This picfure shows B. Cassell shooiing 'I'he ball for a baslcei, while R. Hosley, D. Carlson, Al Aguire, and B. Moyers siand by. elflwllllll WW WJ' liz! BASKETBALL E' ,ii .FIX "" T ...., 1Hl,,d",,,l,,U lf ' 'Vo ,, ,.- 'ww'..:H : , : fhurhes +eam I on lf low Our Lion +hir1'ies developed in'I'o a sirong feam under 1'he direciion of Coach Wes Sfevenson. Gene Cachrarl our sfar player, played a good season. Paul BuiHi+a a sfrong rebound man also had a good year. Gene Cachran was on 1'he ALL CITY TEAM and Paul BuiH'i+a go'l' an honorable meniion. The +eam nexi' year will do very good wifh The refurning Juniors and Sophomores.. ! r f A 417 Mr' or ' TENNIS M" ' ur ' Q. ' r 'T r Firsl' row: lefl' lo righl: Bill Morgan Jr., Bill Morilz, Roland Nissen, Jerry Underwood, Larry Hughes, Vern Frost Lasl' row: Jess Perez, Glen Munson, Wayne Hia'H', Bob Wafers lmgr.l, Larry Edwards, Warren Allen, Manuel Magellon, Ron Allen. The 'rennis leam expecl' a fairly successful season. The squad has improved over 'rhe one lasl' year. They were also aided lhis year by relurning lellermeng Bill Morilz, Jerry Underwood, Bill Morgan, and also by lheir coach Mr. Boland who roolc lime lo 'lrain lhem. Below Roland Nissen is shown lraining for The S.P.A.L. Finals. vARsnY TRACK: , cf J .W .lfljni if,-i,fU', I M ,jf gf 'TW T +o righf, Firsl row: R. Arigoni: D. Landes: G. Mendoza: A. Tucker: M. Jackman: C. Flora: H. Rubio: l r jf Jil' 1, " E. Savola. Lasl' row: B. Reek: D. DeLaRosa: M. French: J. Tren+: R. Hills: D. Carlson: T. Engdalh: B. Cf ' KL' Whi+e: M. Moran. 0 B and C TRACK . . Alfhough handicapped by +he shorfage of men our 'rraclc +eam gave a preHy good performance, and by ihe able supervision of Coaches Lee Cox and Wes S+evenson we made +he mos+ ou+ of whal' was available. Leif lo righ'I', firsl' row: M. Long: L. Zomora: J. Barnes: B. Bussyp G. Abode: M. Lewis: P. Uchida. Second row: M. Burns: G. Caslon: C. Kappen: P. DeMare: T. Shannon: T. Worrell: K. Badger: Apra. E di VAR. TY BASEBALL -T-' rtw!-P -1 l sq, il' ...... A W' 'K' ""' "W" n ll' ' , f b , .A H uwli' ' ,J saw. L. ,.., . .- ' ,Q .- - v. 'L 1 l 4. 4 A ll ll , A , E 1 A 'r f ' A - nl H1 ' ' ,L - 'V , i "' Z. , - J ia , ,zu -rx N 1 9 ,U M 'rp in--,g,, a , Y A , 3 V ,' 5 '1 lf' , nm Xe , - ., . J- . Q I , .- I . 0114 we ' -- -- M Ml 1' L. L- X f ll ' bw fl ' Q-5. 1- 'T Q . ' X f f L- f' K - A . L fl r L A43 b 4 .L 1 l p ,i I I X S: , EQ 1 .it m : -ff 1 wgf ' '7- f' r ' 11.61 l ' r-. . i f .. R r' A V as ' fig R . ii , x in .F ff f- Q Z W X Q in 7 ' , , . 'I A ' 'f , N fig. , .miles k A f - '- a - ?iH-LTL - '+.. , . 1 'iv ' 'Qi' 'QQ l 4' '-. ff Q V'5'i3.'fM5' ' . o 1 ff- . '4 .A -737' " 'FN lffffi- 'Ya ' 7 l a, - ' 4' A '-'22 N " ' -je fi?-,' W ' ' f ,Sv "W ' , l' r I -' -,1-:Q':2fgv'if' " ' ' ' 5 nv -A ' ' ' hx . f-'lf , 5. 1 ' "Eff, . S5 X Safe-::??f " . . fig? F if . f f - Ti? .L 2515 . 1. Gif." .f3f . .::9bE . ..,-f. . z3351' ..T,'f'TE?' FW' ":f "'fl-Z-Q 575195 Q1 . ' " Lefl' fo righf, Firsl' row: L. Magallong R. Aikman: P. Cavi+iog R. Blonclerg E. Gulferizg F. Sanlosg B. Gar- cia. Second row: J. Chapman: L. Marburgy G. Yamisalciq A. Aquirreg R. Mckensie: W. Allen: A. B. Bererra: J. Masafero. The varsily consisiecl of nine seniors, five iuniors, and one sophomore. Allogelher lhey 'Formed a mighly pow erful squad. The varsiiy baseball feam was forfunafe in geH'ing a 'rop nofch coach. His name is Mr. Richards, who was iusl' replaced in 'I'he army by a fellow named Elvin Pelvin. ...J H ... 1 . .l ' . .r. gqz- g ' 'r I mi I L lilo QJQWQ RSWIMMING My gfetfilwl 53,1 3 5 RM Lef'r 'lo righ'I', Firsi' row: E. Talburfg L. Sfaghig M. Koehlerf C. Wells: D. Quinn: D. LoreHe. Second row: P. Fransham: F. Slrouse: D. Sfadlerg S. Lamlarechh T. Kluge: T. Neimamn: J. Ferguson: J. Newfarmer: G. Morrison: K. Howel. Third row: R. Squa+riHog J. Siwclellg B. Nor- ma: R. Cosiag J. Whiieheadg M. Dauqheriv: J. Weinbroclq P. Neilsonp L. Daubelcg Al Casey: R. Williamson: N. Pace. Our swimming 'ieam did much beiier 'lhis year by winning iwo of i+s malches. The +eam was led by coach Eric Larson, a excelleni' swimmer himself. The fop swimmer on i'he 'leam was J. Palson who does 'ihe 50 yard sprini in 26 seconds, J. Whifehead, D. Lambrechi, and M. Daugherly are good prospecis as Sophomore swimmers. This pic'l'ure shows four of our men in a racing dive. -axoas: ,M E .. ,I l GOLF E nw- - . yi- ----- .sf- 11 7551, j i l ww ' I Q- ' rw! V Lefl lo righl, Firsl' row: D. Beaulieu: J. Bush: A, Piazza: S. HewiH'. Second row: J. Calaneseg T. George: L. Fhalery G. Gallueiog M. Faliog B. Specelli. Third row: K. Neal: R. Hosleyg J. Nelson: J. S+. John. The Golf leam alfhough played a bel'l'er season lhan lasl year, was much smaller lhan lasl year's. The 'l'eam had many fine players, such as Ken Neal, A. Piazza, and Tom George who played even beH'er games. This shol shows A. Piazza frying 'lo hil' 'lhe golf ball. G.A.A. i X, The girls shown are fhe ones mlho pariicipaled in 'rhe Girls A+hle+ic Associa+ion. Members of fhe G.A.A. Board lbelowl are: Firsi row: lefl' +o, righ+: Darlene Willoughby lbadminfon mgr.l, Ani'I'a Bueno lreporierl, Jenny Villegas lpresidenil, Pai' Belardes lbaskefball mgr.l, Diane Coelho l+ennis mgr.l, Second row: Willie Alvarez lfreasurerl, Edna Brown lvollyball mgr.l, Linda Carier ldance mgr.l, Karen Pope lsecrelary Third row: Mrs. Sfillman, Mrs. King, Miss Cosia. Missing: Diane Jelcick l+ennis mgr.l, Ellen Jung llifesaving mgr.l, Doxey Ransom lswim mgr.l. Raylene Bray lvice-presidenil. 1 H H I fi" -QQ WEE -, i 5g:73fr,,.gf.v.i- , i , W i H gigs 1 ii age ii, g X 3 i all . , i Q, 74,41 l . ii E ii kvx,: is V 1 .,,i M , H3 qv V. ,. 3 ' :gf :Q N in , f f ' ig mi? r 5' 3 - V ' 5 - ', iff I " ,-g ,Q w if! its 9 1 - 7 1 ii mi ,i l Q Q , .J The girls gel a big splash oui' of cliving. They do l various dives, frying lo learn as many as possible. Lifesaving is an imporfanf phase of G.A.A., and mos+ of fhe A girls are senior Iifesavers. V Diving is faughf fo fhe girls before +hey receive +heir senior lifesavers cerfificafe. Piclurecl below is fhe G.A.A. swim +eam. To fhe lefi' of i+ is a snap of fhe G.A.A. aquacade. be-el ef !:V5VJl' L fn- Aft! NWJM ll paw kfm 0,!fQ,1 IV, W XYUQM yx VJ MODERN DANCE J QW jj uw L ,W f ,J W J f 0 XM! 0 Dflffjyhqf ,rv rl JUS J Qt f J N R ff I j 1' 5 f1 lj if jk! I V I H X lf' j flf GYMNASTICS X Mb' N I The girls enjoy working on 'I'he frampoline. E BASKETBALL TENNIS get i if .1 w an My .. , , 1 5 ww , J www S. ww,-. ff 3 -535935 ,H www ,w ,pa - .. ,www inf ,MQ ,AML 31 ww "wig " ,Q 3? H ,wgggrlu , E.. ' w11"ww"'www" 'L-fix my ,,,w" 3.5 k'f"?m1'.gk " A ewsfw' -,aiu ' M5552 WW ,mf 'N 51 w w ,www" W ,.11 wwwww jigs ww www" ,gt , ? www ww"l.1f5??iH ww w 5 'W ww H 'Ziff :G ww ,Jigs H www ww: www? www" ww Xggwx ww, wwiw w - 5 ,gw QW w Dv-:' Z fi HN' Y' : 1- Hfmlfirr ,LL 1 N, 421, H' Q' - , ww w 3, Q . :fin . JST. w. - Eg. w, N, 2 "ww wwwwww 752 Q www 'Pg A? ig , if H517-'ww' - ' ww " 51532211 mwwu Y ig x af NWT rf' 'TV MN 'ik M j,Wg5 AC W' 5 M19 lvms s - wx, o W' 3 f :I , V 2 ' LJ-D mx sf' 1 J My W W V Mo 0 Z JL J' 5 7 mf 9 N lV W MN M QW mi JW A U B W 6 We S pf? SQ fjzfflffh wg' ' 12 1 if JW W w M' ff Q M? Wifi? A ,La X yt, '4 . , lm, , V? , he . fr :. .H1 N 3? lx , aqx 'K J! . I, ., ,Kwai V ya , --.-- , ,fx 1 . 91 A 325 T-1 n 'I I I ll 1' f:q"' 'd X 2 n mx S -'ink' L 'fra fx -'1 as 'iw 5 gnlfiwui- ' ,Law Q F , .' in fg ' A . ,YA. API- ., , , V L 12 Y. 4 F' rv , ,, , , '. 5 r. L ii: Nipifx an , . LFE: A E ' , N -X ,, , , "wi - " y i'Q.,..1 s' x x F5 'V' V 4' pw T-NL. A p ,:A. ' .S -. 1 Q' 1. A. W - e 3 . -'P ' tl- ,A"T"NL'i" ' 3 'S 1 Q, " U 'F 3 0 1 In f if :LNL53 A . 'F X 3 -is-.J ,sl 5 .ir -. 3 . , ,. f 2 1 1 'fi Ira.. 4 3 1 If gf' - .5 - FWF K tl A 5 1 5 ' A 4 N 'I .I 1? mg... M , 4? H at A -v A , mi, Q V -1 A N 'Q 3- ,L ' ' T N ' 5 ' 5 5 ,.A : . Y 1 3 3. I5 '.'l. Q 5 .fx ff A , U . 3 55' ' H A. 'ff P Q -.3 ' 1 QT if I -1 R Q 4, ' 1 - Q 5 ,, . I 1 T Q 4 . A ' 1 3 ..- ,, , 5 . X i Q" , V i . ' Eg? . in v ' f 4 A j ' 4.1, f ' N:-,--m.,-,,.:,,, 1... 9, , -FAM, 1 'f ,,,, , .. . I ' .V , , ,W V' . L 4 Q . 1 . 1 ,Tiff ! fab. E F x xi H if 75 a Jah X mAw"l"3 ' -ww x-rv? -f .. wi Wgksf lv 3' , ' 1 1 ,, Mu .am , ,., - . 1 life 555522 in M522 ' e , Q V , .55 Y vv - ., 4 mg,- ll ., l iff eg if ,,-.,,w, .JW ' 1 ti ,ge ' ' ti.-'it 1 l . - .,., - l ,Y Q - - f , 'fl' , , 1 E fill?-' 1. 'f',f. -,X ' 'f "H Q" . ' lf . rj! , I- 5' f--1 1 vi S A ie -Au , t , fit ? ff-nf Yi, A Q , - -1 .lv-r ' .1 SU. fi? A 5-rg - ,,1 ' " 11" zgf-Efilfff . if 144 S -.xf"1. . V 1 lr :,-. Y 'C-is '. -Y -Q" , 1: L PIl9- i-wifi I "LA . S51 :,,1" - ' .. lp - ' l .. , 6 V1 ' U 1 f v ll 2 3: -V I T S V 1' . 'W ,js f 4 f ASSEMBLIES We are sure ihese picfures will bring back many "Momenis fo Remember" of flue fine assemblies given ai' Lincoln. .1 pl 4 52354 " 'V' -,lv ?Qii'55"52ff.J!l 5, ,. :A ':r,w,,af il X. M ABE-LlN-LEO, SOPHOMORE Top Row from Lell +o Righl: Belly Balzhaser, Norma Del Prele, Belly Camp- bell, Judy Gerow, Annalee Sidwell, Marlys Garner, Middle Row: Margarel Davis, Kaye Brensilre, Mona Heffner, Nina Conley, Kay Howard. Fronl Row: Sharon McElroy, Carol James, Roberla Paramo, Deanna Schwarlz, Linda Slein- hauer, Pal lx-lercer. RA RAVES. SOPHOMORE CLUB Top Row from Leif lo Riqhlt Jane? Pike, Ellen Jung. MarllYn Bulcher, Celia Dodson. Donna Sever, Janel Anderson. JOAN' Heclrendorn, Louise Diclcson. Linda Shields, Mary Belle Rogers, Susie Wasllund, Ann Hadley, Diane M6'lUSlClf- Ba++om Row: Eve S'lur9BS- Belsy Carr, Nancy Larsen, Deanna Rebel, Sharon Hough- Verdella Johns, Evon Wearl, Elizabelh Barlcer, Palsy Irons- SOPHOMORE CLUB Lell lo Righl: Edelmira Zerlu- chi, Ofelia Quferriez, Anile Oclwa. Carol Self, Phyllis Thorson, Sharon Bilogonia, Michele Espinoza, Eva Arneya, Eleanor Perez, Rosemary Vil- larreal, Juana Pas-loriya. L li LEON LEAL, SOPHOMORE Top Row from Lefl lo Righl: Rila Hirsch, Joan Cornelus, Pal Bengivinv. Nancy Duggan, Claudia Hanner, Mary Asdell, Sandra Hill, Nancy Wood, Carol Lyle, Linda Hodglnins, Sally Cochran, Fran Tale, Joanne Labergue, Lynn Feli- ciano. Boflom Row: Phylles Grayshoclr, Joanne Anja, Jerri Campbell, Margie Nalramolo, Linda Tolrushige, Rifa Coi, Kafhy Scherer, Tina Cenlanne. Fronfz Pam Anderson. mix 'jr LEO-CO-LIN, JUNIOR CLUB Top Row, lefl ro righl: Miss Deferman, Sandy Jackson, Eminlinda Rodriguez, Bonnie Houghlaling, Lynn Fallon, Janelle Novak, Raylene Bray, Marlha Van Cleef, Louis Vance, Jo Ann Robinson, Judy Krell, Second Row: Nancy Needham, Georgene Helwig, Karen Williamson, Glena Lavoune, Anila Bueno, Calhy Feli- ciano, Tony Lazeferro, Janef Pereia, Sheila Miller, Sylvia Hogan, Carol Reher, Pal Romano, Marylin Foley, Madeline Ruiz, Shirley Cleveland, Pa+ Flaherly. TIAMBRA JUNIOR CLUB Top Row, Leff 'lo Righl: Sharon Koiilla, Lynn Fink, Barbara Warren, Joyce Washburn, Jackie Therkauf, Judy Terry, Jackie Trenf. Middle Row: Susan Sheff, Vickie Hyde, Aurora Sanchez, Merill Baxler, Linda Jacobson, Carol Miller, Sandy Bailey. Bo-Hom Row: Armida Sanchez, Pai' Naylor, Della Jean Bur- riessa, Shirlene Bailey, Sharlene Seeger. Y' MAHARBA LIN, JUNIOR CLUB Top Row, Leif io Righl: Gloria Down, Kalhy Krough, Cynlhia Byers, Karen Pope, Linda Se- well. Belly Landes, Rulh Emery, Shally Sohm, Marian Zinfheim, Joyce Sulherlin, Ja- nel Garner, Miss Perazzo. Middle Row: Vicki Goroon. Arlene Jung, Pal' Brennan, Wanda Hand, Jan Shepherd, Punkie Vega, Jan Conslamlino, Wendy Kirshner, Linda Carler. Bollom Row: Mary Briscoe, Kay Berry, Carla Faraone, Lois Mashlaurn, Lorraine Rusche, Sandi Mesiice, Sally Camou. LINKETTS, SOPHOMORE CLUB Top Row, Leif 'lo Righl: Carol Voorheis, Doxie Ransom, Maureen Bradly, Diane Malhuson, Joan Ely, Sharon Marlin, Jean Polina, Linda Slaub, Rowenna Monlanna, Mrs. King. Middle Row: Francis Hogan, Ann Spaeliia, Sherry Dosmannii, Dorolhy Popkins, Gerry Bray, Judy Camio, Judy Saso, Sandy Seleck. oBHom Row: Kalhy Morgan, Be'Hy Kennady, Gail Mariinez, Palsy Koga, Georgia Poioskey, Sandy Clsham. CHAYTONS Firsf row: Sigi Burk, Karen Hiaif, Vir- ginia Lee Paz, Ann Roberfson, Lanny Cenrer, Sue Niles, Lynne Sioshner. Sec- ond row: Carolyn Pasqualli, Nancy Roberis, Lyn Hageclohm, Shelly Mason, Peggy Kennedy, Joan Jacobus, Jane Kellenberger, Georgiana Gomes. Third row: Linda Pizza, Carolyn Hamill, Jackie Smiih, Milancy Walsh, Mrs. Burger, Louise Delaney, Judy Davies, Sue Lovely, Linda Zaro. SENIOR CLUB Firsi row: Judy McConne, Barbara Della Maggiore, Marilyn Grarian, Maxine Pi- soni, lrene Carpenier, Francis Moran, Shirley Horion, Chris Zavala, Sue Bager, Trudy Helwig, Suzanne Lynn. Second row: Mirella Zanesco, Jaan Hughes, Marilyn Plummer, Mary Ann Cunha, Charlciie Periera, Jackie Dooley, Sandi Verrico. Third row: Pam Lashley, Shalah Hand, Geri McGosh, Sharon Long, Sharlene Wright SENIOR CLUB Firs+ row: Rose Mary Rameriz, Corrine Mariscal, Lyn Hansbro, Miss Linron, Judy Diehl, Lorraine Pelfier. Second row: Pal Walker, Virginia Rossi, Peggy Piz- zola, Sharon Tragni, Sharon Simmons. F. N. A. Firs'r row: Sue Ann Slaier, Joy Kelfing, Joan Williams, lneka DeBoer, Mildred Smifh. Second row: Ruby Perfeci, Becky Scho'H, Gloria Verzi, Beiiy Scharfi, Har- lan Larner. Third row: Joan Cirone, Gerry Jenoviich, Carolyn Wilkins, Ade- line Hernandez, Virginia Fanelli F.T.A. Third row: Sue Lovely, Rila Perry, Caro- lyn Waison, Ann Robinson. Second row: Bob Pedre++i, Barbara Phelps, Franlr Rameriz, Joan Schbella, Judy Joy. Firsf row: Marla Duino, Lynn Hlppler, Judy Duff, Louise Burns, Bea lvlign0Si. STUDY Firsl' row: Darlene Willoughby, Alan Cufhberf, Al Davis, Jim Chapman, Diclr Gallagher, Mr. Slonehill, advisor. Second row: Paul Marfinez, Dave Cirigliano, Ed Acuna, Janice Rexroar, Don Ogoshi, Russ -Collins. Third row: Rachel Bulron, Jim Pompon, Joan Selleclr, Charloife Brown, Sandy Gahan, Harr H lc' , J' A Zamira. Y op ms MECHANICAL DRAWING Second row: Ron Jessen, Bill Morilz, Bob Noble, Dour Poller, Loren Marburg, Bill Hulfgren. Firsl row: Phil Armendariz, Bolo Walers, John Komer, Gary Caparelli, Mike Sfasi. HIY Second row: Bob Pedrelli, Jerry Ander- son, Johnny Weinbaclc, George Wesf. Firsf row: Eric Guifriclda, Bruce Ander- son, Gary Morrison, Tim O'Reily. The music- aflhe Reg dance was supplied by a group of Lincolni+es, namely from lefl lo righ1': Frank Cocazoca, Dave Coronza, GarylFaroli, Louie Oras, Pe'I'e Canades, and Brad Dellavalle. l The Reg Dance was held in Seplember. H was somefhing we will always remembe Swing Sweeihearls was 'lhe 1-heme. The band was really on 'lhe beam. I+ las+ed from eighl' To eleven. Everyone was in Sevenih heaven. The mosl popular iune ai' our annual "Sadie Hawkins Dance" was "l Wania Be Free!" The dance was held on Ocfober I8, l957. The girls used "Friendly Persuasion" in luring 'lheir dafes off lo meel' "Marrying Sam" while lhe boys lcepl' asking "Why, Baby Why?" Bui' when lhe dance came io a close, fhe boys agreed lhaf +hey'd had "Many Momenfs 'lo Remember." 9. 1 . L -f'w,w.1f,. : . . , .fm-ffl, -'X - :yy-Q 14 .LW -- fe- Q E , : 1,,:, ,J 1 Wi - - - ff' r-2 5. V lf., rl Q ' ' ' wif . , .- ' . 'K ' 2327 M151 m',!" 45 . , f' 3 1 K 5- .V M 5 A .L 1 N , 1-4,-U ff , f. f jg .- H, f , - A Q ' Q ,ZS-"-if A. 'Q' 9 HH QP' ,31,fj'jjfi1lV .1 M 'I' A," 'r '-1 I 1 - ,I .L M QE . 'Awe I N V -If 'Q 1 ,, Wkr, -1- ,J nn ' I F .55 5 1 I ' L , fL-5 ll 1. I I -V ' fa n i , f'1,x 1 594 .eff- rl' ,-Lx ' 'P NJ 1 . 1 . ., .,..... ,.,.,.: H, in KE' ' izgfdz , 4 ' . Tiff ' Nvijf ' Y 'waxy' ' A wi 'I 'H - we , , ,Q .Z .' - q M 4' . 2 - L X , Q . f ,W . f., .k , A 1 gf ,ww I 'fi 1 fe . 2? .1 Iiwfmg. gr, 1 -Q E In ,5 , -ff' , L- M: if ,dk W mx ' ' 'Ting-ff 4 V lf, . ., ,T x in , ,X ., izi ZL. , , .L ' , N ' J ' MQW? , 'W Y 'MP f , 5 ' ws fi? . . t3.,w,.i!'dBe.,. 25-id Y ml 0 -X vm 'f' -' ,V N. F. L, Firsl' row: Judy Joy, Edna Brown, Francl1on Bore, Fred Halslad, John Chap- man, Lorin Hunler, Bob McGushin, George Wesl. Second roow: Pal' Belardes, Claire Podum, Mary Ann Cunha. Vivenne Lukeharf, Diane Coehlo, Bar- bara Della Maggiore, Mr. Kendul, Faculiy Advisor. STUDY Firsf row: Doris Drake, Nordeen, Mc- Clead, Mary Seawriglnl, Eeanor Bulron, Second row: Mary Gray, Louise Perey, Rudy Orfega, Rudy Carrasco. Third row: John Parker, Nola Easiman, Connie Nunes, Marlene Easiman. CHESS Firsf row: David Laird, Ken Jenks, Bill DeGarmo, Frank Fuenfes, Howard Taw- ney, Bill Wheliham, Gene Boyd, Jose Alverez. Second row: Dwain Huffman, Oran Kangas. JUNIOR STATESMEN Firsf row: Lorin Hunler, Bob McGusl'1in, Paul Lewis, Tom Couch, Tom Neiman, Jer- ry New-Farmer, Bob Wiriz, Don Kelly. Bruce Anderson, Ken Badger, Tom Hawker. Second row: Bill Lamon, Sandy Home. Eugene Dukam, Les Freund, Gary Gaiuc- cio, Uri Kersker, Nafhen Pace, Joe Sasso, Fred Cook. Third row: Sue Niles, Jan Nissen, Judy Herman, Kaihy Neaves, Diane Jelzick, Judy Walker, Judy Krell, Pal' Doregfhy, Diane Coehlo. Fourlh row. Glen Barre-H, Janef Merlino, Slephani Home, Jeanelle Di Ciuccio, Bea Mig- nosi, Barbara Grouch, Ann Deborn. THE CHRISTMAS DANCE The 'lheme of +he Chrisimas Dance w-as Mislleloe Magic, bul' everyone will agree 'lhaf 'lhe mood was one of "April Love"- ll was definilely 'I'ha+ "Some Enchanied Evening" come +rue. THE BIG BCNE BALL The Big Bone Ball was held a+ San Jose 'lhis year. ll' was anylhing bul "Raunchy". ln facl, il was really "Some+hing Cool". The Bulldogs pul' on some fine enlerlain- menl. A+ +he leli' is a piciure of a +alen+ed coed wi+h a ba+on +ha+ had lighls a+ bo+h ends. Her performance was very effec+ive. From Lincoln The queen of fhe Big Bone was Louise Delaney. MAGAZINES. MAGAZINES!! Our annual Magazine Drive was "All Shook Up" wi+h Lincoln spiri+! Af+er seeing ihe 'lrophy which we mighi' win, we sighed "You Are My Des+iny". When 3:30 came and school was over for +he day Loyal Lincolniles were seen doing "The Walla" from door lo door. There was a quoia of fhree subscripiions or Sl0.00 for each s+uden+, lhose +ha+ me1'+his quoia were en+i'rled 'ro "Crum Tum's Treat" Also if a quofa of 530.00 was mer, a free 'liclcel' was given +o aH'end "Around 1'he World in 80 Days." Everyone shou'I'ed "Hoi Diggi+y" when Lin- coln mei' i+s quola of SI0,000. Our Magazine Drive for +he year I957 was our mos! successful 'lo daie. A E While our Magazine Drive was in progress, we had many magazine assemblies - why, even one day Elvis and Pal' made an ap- pearance! However, al' mos! of our assem- blies we experimenied wifh magazines - which finally, afier many a++emp+s, blasiecl off. lAlihough off blasied isn'1' quile lhe righl' word.l i.:.:...,Rmmm" Eiiiwmmmm .-,.,......,.. 1 N -b . ' Lf' Q1 - 1' M W V W ,Y f -, N, , ,, N , . , ,H U Q2 1 ' fa.'-""' -f- dy- i " X'W"' 3" 'K l. 4 j -- - izgg I, f' :gi ORCHESTRA HONOR BAND . w 5. - ,x lfllUl A , 'js E sf In .H M 'F-' Q , f.. ?'i 1 I ,,.-, gl 5' .QQ ig , - ... ,. ,za ' l gi .IT . Y Y 1 1 H. M. S. PINAFORE "This was ihe Nigh+" of our now famous A.L.l'l.5. Opere'Ha! And how ferrific if was! Sailors and prefly girls were "Brea'fhless", afier fheir magnificeni performance. "Rock and Roll" is here 'lo slay. Bur so are agar operefias. Besides fhe handsome sailors and prerly girls, ihere was a "Li'Hle Blue Man"-The capfain ldidn'i' he have , pre++ ,led ar I nd e ,ole English man lfhai boy has ryfhum, did you nofice his canel. hw Ajipflfa , jx jf., - A 0, p ' f 1 f f - as JJ ,. l U ff!!! 2' ' f ' 'Aff' of' 0 'l ff in A ' if Y fff' ,M rxkf rv Jf3'Cr-fffff'ffw1fQfC ,f f 7.a.f.?,L - 17? f VL f, T A iw , , y fy M N fn' 5 f J I ffwcjl fffff riff!!! aj! Lifflfzi Q' X' 'fhfaf Q, J Y . J 'fb ' 27 U f ' jg' Ml 4 fi!! 71 J77 gift- ,L ,-,Cf-'J V, 47' W N , ,,, flfc,-1 , Y X X ,f-cawlr ,az 7-QM 54, C914 VD f , 1135 ll! E Hey Day was a iremendous success A lol of sfudenls were seen eahng Cherry Pie" and "Lollipops" - you'd have fhoughl' If was a Plcnuc Don? you lus+ know If Wlfchdocfor even showed up!! Following our Hey Day, a dance SOCK HOP Soclrs were hopping "A+ 'the Hop." "76 Troml:-ones" blew as we danced fo "Tequila", Everyone ioined in 'Phe BOP wifh differenl' versions, such as "'Bop-a-lu" and "Bop-a-lena", "Hey, Lifile Girl", "Don'+" iusl sland fhere - "Be Bop Baby' . "Ca+haline" "Shake a Hand"! The Soclr Hop furned ouf fo be a many splendored lhing wifh 'lhe s+uden+ body saying "l Could Have Danced All Night" ' .v I- .5 A ' W 1, di! EE. 'F-9 4 N V W 513 , 'I - 'YLW ' 'i?WQ3L',1 iff? ,W ,ai jx , if 6- Cris. ,. 4 I-1 y ,Q . gf: :'- K j fi. ., , . Wx - A 1 x 525 -w- K f V .1i5.J.iI':" 54'- ' .,-y.'a,r",,,k, 5, Y. .k f .- ,E . .. , A ., my ff-.. . Y,1mg2'? J tl . J ' e., x nxvq' . 3'-1. SOPHOMORE PARTY The Sophomores had a very successful parly righf on lhe Lion Campus. The Soph's shown here were walching "'Shorf Fai Fanny" and "Boney Maroney" paddling around in ihe Lincoln Pool. "Chances are" all 'Phe Sophomores 'lhaf affended had a blast SOPHOMORE HOP Seen here are several Sophomore couples dancing 'The nighi away ai their Sophomore Hop A fellow wlfh a blind dale wouldn"l' have "s+ood up" his unlcnown dale for fhe hop. The Sophomores worked hard fo malce ihe hop a success and no "+eardrops" were shed. tif 'Ex fren eA,,,gA, -,A 4 ,gg 1 Ei -'E HOT ROD Firsi row: Charles Doherly, The Shy One: Jeff Anson, Bruce Carlson, Jim Trenl, Peel!-a-boo, Dave Lawler, Mr. Huffman, advisor. Second row: David Colfer, Bob lngleman. Ron Himerman, Gary Paradise, The Shy One: Neil Lamphear, Tom Bur- fon, Jack Davis. Third row: Barney Dominguez, Larry Bunlrer, Gil Froniella, Roberl' Hall, Frank Poriero, Milce Cucio, Loren Lemmons. F. H. A. Firsl' row: Seddie Jean Brinlr, Francis Irwin, Karen Hamner, Horiensia Alva- rado, Mrs. Hansen. advisor. Second row: Peggy Clayborn, Barbara Cameron, Diane Pasefia, Sophie Archule-ra, Horiensia Valadez, Belly Toledo. Third row: Pal Belardes, Marla Lozano, Sherrie Hoskins Elvira Mendez, Srella Perry, Marie Cas ion, Karen Ann Scarpino. AGRICULTURE EXECUTIVES Firsl row: Lloyd Worley, Milne French, John Heron, Bill Schwarfz, Larry Edwards' Second row: Don Burion, George Naka- m0l0. Jim Andrews, Bolo Bussey. TENNIS Firsl row: Berry Toledo, Monly McManis, Bill Turlrell, Larry Edwards, Manuel Ma- gellon. Second row: Tom While, Doug Barnwell, Sian Chew, Larry Hughes. Tl'lifd row: Mr. Desch, advisor, Russel Good- man, Frank Kelly, Frilz Sfeelrechi. TYPING Firsl- row: Lillis Ruiz, Connie Calabrese, Minnie Rodriquez, Francis Guerro, Millie Mariinez. Second row: Diane Williams, Beverly Calandrina, Emily Feliz, Luana Benson, Doroihy Goulding, Pai Sasser, Jean Casierline. Third row: Barbara Man- reques, Beline Sanios, Yvonne Herrera, Marie Hernandez, Mary Lopez, Alice Sanchez, Florence Gaeia. PEP BAND Firsl row: Jun Ferguson, Bob Hilis, Berry While, Glenn Munson, Jerry Esfrulh, Jerry Newfarmer, Berry Toledo. Second row: Bill Weaver, Richard Cosia, Tom Hawlrer, Bill Jepson, Ken Pelerson. STUDY Firsi row: Norville Mercer, Chuck Wells, Arf Pacheco, Forresl l'lol'l'. Second row: Sam Tralongo, Angelifa Newlon, Dave Perry, Sandy Grable and Bob Reels. THE LINCOLN CLUB wig 2 L ,sa M, W W W4kW26w M , , M v'v"f17' X' if gy diff QxjyJy,f V W of V A 1, X ia XY JW ? MQ Qu ii, Em-Awww. PS, Qqgy mdk x MA W5 fwlgwaxifiw SENI0RS MLM 1ifQi3,?-WM fu Nigga MPOWf?fjff OPEN LETTER TO SENIORS The year l957-58, ihe year of our senior class gradua+ion, has been a mosl successful one for Lincoln High School. ln fhe firsl place we are graduaiing 308 seniors, l'he largesl number 'ro go oui of Lincoln in i'l's his+ory. OF fhis number, if we hold +rue lo form, belween 5076 and 6070 will go on 'io college. The olhers, we hope, have been adequalely prepared +o 'lake 'lheir places in an effeclive way in ihe com- munify. l, personally, wanl lo congralulaie all of lhese young people in compleling +heir high school educalion and l ioin lhe facully in wishing each one success in life. ln +he second place, i+ has been a mosf successfui year in +he field of spor+s, speech aris, dramalics, arf and in essays. ln fhese areas we have been in s+renuous compe+i'fion and Lincoln, prin- cipally because of Hs seniors, has acquiH'ed ilself in eFFec+ive fashion, scholarship rolls have had many s+raighl' A's and many A's and B's, which speak well for lhe qualiiy of our s+uden'rs and +he qualily of our 'reaching and program al' Lincoln. , This has been a year 'l'ha'I' has climaxed greal' growlh in 'rhe Lincoln High School disiricl. From a school of 500 sludenis in l95O,5 when l firsl' 'look over +he principalship, we have grown +o l200. Nexl year we will have l350 sludenls and each succeeding year will be lhe same s+ory. As 'ihis book goes 'io press +he cilizens of The communiry will be vo'I'ing on eleven and one half million dollars worfh of bonds 'lo provide facililies for 'lhis growfh and +o bring 'lhe schools up 'l'o slandards 'ihal' our communi+y would like +o have for our schools. We look forward in 'ihe 'rwo or lhree years lo come, if 'rhe bonds pass, 'lo 'lwelve addi+ional classrooms, an addi+ional shop, a ca'Fel'eria and complelion of our landscaping. Our facul+y has grown from aboul 25 leachers io 54 faculfy members. This is +he s'rory of physical grow+hg one which you have wafched develop and one, which when you become parenls in 1'he communify, you will have a parm' in helping io solve. This has been 1'he year of spu'l'nik, which has aroused more universal in+eres+ and caused more anxieiy fhan mos'l' any o+her 'lhing we have had in our his+orv. Our schools, including Lincoln, are evaluaiing all of iheir programs-in +ru+h7 lhe educaiion +ha'l' you people are geHing. We are confiden+ ihal' our s'ruden+s are ge++ing a good educaiion from high school, bul our facul'l'y, as school people, will leave no s+one unlurned 'io see +ha+ 1-hey gel fhe besi and fhal' They profil' from i+. The siaff and I sincerely hope 'rhal' your 'rhree years of life a+ Lincoln have been profiiable in every way. We hope you have gained in siafure and ma+uri'lyg +ha'l' you have succeeded in your work and 'Thai' you have made many friends. All of fhese will be helpful +o you when you +ake on aduli ci+izenship in lhe communiiy. Good luck and success fo you in your fulure underiakingsl 4 Ei. , ,!CJ'f Presideni' "Il i DON LILLO T Secrefary Vice Presideni NANCY ROBERTS DON CARLSON Treasurer Publiciiy Chariman PRENTICE UCHIDA TAM ESKANDANIAN Sergeani-al'-Arms Sergeani'-a+-Arms RON MCKENZIE gui so REG BERT: SENIO FFICERS y 1 ,N ,fre ,, , Z ., if ' ' ' 'M - L. ,i,fs..ik,.'xfA ,f SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Senior Ball Commiiiee Senior Panoramic Piciure Commiffe Jerry Newfarmer, Peggy Kennedy Jack Diefrich, Sian Bonaccorso Senior Graduafion Commiifee Dan Quinn Senior Announcemenfs and Cards Senior Caps and Gowns ' Louise Delaney Phyllis Tucci X fm.Lafpw.J ,aff-70-g"ff'L f 711 vwwoafawoq, . f we-be QJQLL5 jy gwvwfw CLw,f7fui..,Zf6aV-'40,lZ'U'4fS,d'XefZ-41 xg l ,Y A X ABITIA, FRED ALLAN, WARREN ALSTADT, FRED ANDERSON, JERRY ANDREWS, JIM Earle: Senior Presiclenf, Big Frecl: Baslceiball, 5.5. Baslcelball, Tennis, College Andy Brown: Baslrefball, Baslreiball, Baseball, Presidenl, Loclcer Comm., 5.5. Presicleni, Rancher Enlomologisi' Coasl Guard Officer N L x . ARDAN UY. JAMES APPLETON, BRINLEY Swimming, Traffic, Spiri'r Lawyer 65, kv? ARCHULETA, JOANNE Joey: Swimming. Tennis, Bowling, Airline Hosiess ARIZPE, EDDIE Foolball, Wreslilng, Base- ball. San Jose S'ra+e ATKINSON, ROBERT AZCARATE, DORIS Shorly Joe: Music Service Club, Marriage i VJ. BAGAR. 0 I SUZANNE CLAIRE lx S BELARDES, PAT Cuddles: Golden Ax, - Speech, F.H.A. Lawyer x i BARNWELL, DOUGLAS ' ' v BANISTER. GARY ,, ,, ,, W, , .g', . n ra, l l BARRERA, AB Foofball, Baseball, Choir, Coach f BARRERA, LOU BERTI' REG S. S. Treasure, infer-School Foofball' Vice Relafion, Roolers Club, Comm. Beaufician N 34.234, tgyy .IX ,N K ,V X if l BIGGS, LINDA ' Lee, Senior Play, Lion Ari, San Jose Sfafe BLONDER, RON Bruce: Foo+ball, Baseball, S. S. Pres., Engineer BODUM, CLAIRE Radio Aris, Choir, Show Business BONACCORSO, STAN Bonny: Awards Chairman, Baslcefball. Baseball, BU RK, SIGRID . . , BONTRAGER, HELEN Secrefary G. A. A. P. B. X. Operaior BOYARSKY, RON , Farmer - BOYD. ROBERT Mr. Presidenh Waller polo Assembly, Dramafics, Poliiical Science ' BU LLWIN KLE, CHUCK Phofographer BATISTA. PAUL presn pledge Crimeoligisi' AQ BUNKER, LARRY Cross Counfry, S. S. Vice Pres. Design Engineer BENSON, LUANA Lalcie Lee, G. A. A Golf Clubs, Secrefary 4.- 4'5- BURNS, LOUISE BURROWS, DALE BUTRON, ELEANOR BUTRON, RACHIAL Magazine Drive, Club Lion Ari: Commercial Angle: Class Capfain, . Recl Cross, Rooiers Club Ariisi Bookkeeper Secreiary I CANCLINI. MARILYN Lion Tales, Journalisi' CARLSON, DON Big Dong Bloclc L. Pres., Baslxelball, Traclz, Pharmacisf AI- CARDRELLI, Dulce: Healih and l -'I 'VY- mf My I E 5 1 : " ' I ,I .1 ' n ?-YJ ' ., f CARDOZA, MARY CARLQUIST, FAYE CARLSON, BRUCE AIIer."Sena+or, Orchesfra, Fe Fe: Beauiician .Cl1piF,- Telephone Operafor . . I CASSELL, BRUCE Ta er- Bo s' Vice Pres 9 n Y fn Baslrelball, Baseball - Physician CASTENADA, IRMA Telephone Operalor CASTRO, RICHARD Foolball, Baseball CELLI, DIANE Dee - Hair Siylisi CARPENTER, IRENE Ko-Ko-Mo: S. S. Rooiers Club, Relaiion - Secrefary gf - "CENTER, LESLEY ANN CERCEK, GWEN Lanny: S. S. Senafor, S. S. Cerchi Choir. Music - Secrefary - Nurse MI-ISiC Teacher CLARK, CINDY Sin: Feafure Page Eclifor, Senior Play - Remain Childlilce forever CHAPMAN, JOHN ball, Foreign Exchange Sfuclenf jr"-its. . 'z 1- Y ,ir ' f gi NV' " . 1 ll Q-5 Y E Li" CLEAVE, TODD CLOW, SUSAN COCHRAN, GENE Roofers Club - F.H.A. - Swimming, Baslceiball, Junior Sfafesman-Teacher Senafor - Engineering Chappyg Baslcefball, Base- CHAPMAN. RON Wresiling, Track - Archifecf CARRASCO, LINDA Peaches: G. A. A., CORRICA, DONNA COTTER, DAVID Bones: S. S. Secreiary, Spirif, San Jose Sfaie '. 1 . I CURCIO, MICHAEL CURRERI. ROSEMARY RICHARD Canaryg Red Cross, Iron Mike: Library - Nurse Elecfrician I Ew - DIETRICH, JACK Baskerball -- Train Enqineer .fy If .1 - .L , CUTHBERT, GAIL Library, Travel - Beauiician DARIANO, JOHN DAVIES, JUDY Carroi Top, Pom-Pon Yearbook, Hey day - Fashion Merchandising DAVIS, JOYCE DIEHL, JUDY .W DELLA MAGGIORE, DE BOER INEKE BARBARA S S Office Radio Ar'Is - Teacher SIUCIY NUi"'I'0'1 DELANEY. LOUISE Weese: Head Yell Leader Senafor, S. S. Pres. - Airline Sfewardess DE MARCO, JOE DE LA ROSA, RICHARD Foofball, Wresfling, S. S Treasure - Draffsman DOOLEY, VALERIE Jackie: Maloreiie, Assemble, Dance -- Secreiary I' xlf'4. V l 5, DRAG-es, TOM DUARTE, TRuN1 DUFF, JUDY DULLY, Joe ENGDAHL' Teal, Foofball, Swlmmlnq- Inler School Relalion, Foofball - Chemisi NATHANIEL San Jose Slaie Aquacade, Vice Pres. Ted: 5, S, Treasure, F.H.A. - Teacher L., Award - Coach ESKANDANIAN TAHMINAH Tam: S. S. Pres., Splrif, S. S. Secreiary - Lawyer EUINZ, RICHARD M " ELLIOTT, RON , Ranchinq ELMONE, AARON Hammerhead: Foo+ball, Wresflinq - Pilol' 1,5 FELDPOUCH, JIM FERGUSON, JIM T M, -, S FERRARA VITA ANN Ve: Loclcer, Assembly, lnfer School Relafion - Travel FLEMING, RAY Fish Face, Waler Polo, Swimming, F. F. A. FLORES, ESTHER FARLEY, DEL - 'S' FLAHERTY. BOB FLORA, CHARLES Flower: Draflsman GAETA MANUEL Gam: WNW Service GALIOTTO, GEORGE GOMES, GEORGIANA George: Senaior, Do Righf, Chairman of Assembly - Universiiy of California GAMBOA, RICHARD Dick, Marine GAETA, FLORENCE Flo: Typing, G. A. A Sienographer sul GARCIA, JOHN GEORGE, TOM GIBSON, JANE ' A. P.: Foofball, Wreslling Porky: Baslceiball, Senafor, Hoof Gibson: Spun? Do GONZALES, JOE Jo Jog Baslreflaall, Baseball - Docfor GOULDING, DOROTHY Dollieg S. S. Treasure, G.A.A.-Comiompfomeier Operaior GOURLEY, PHYLLIS Phylg Senaior, Do Righf - Nurse GIVENS, BETTY Belo: Elecfion, Fashion Golf - College GONZALES, ALICE MAY Righ-I, S. S. Secrelary Newspaper Worlr GRACIANO AL GRATTAN MARILYN GRAY MARY GRIGSBY DANYMJYJR Rocky Senalof AClm'55'0n Dan Ba lc Choxr Orchesira Sec"e'la"Y -Mixsuc Theacher GUERRA EVA GUIFFREDA ERIC GUINN, YVONNE S S Treasure S S Preslclenf Inferior Decorafor PA G A A B k S S P d ,I a Beau-hcuan n res' en HAGEDOHM LYNN HALL ROBERT GENE Slum Splrrl' Elechon Bug Bob Foolball Wres Commercial Arhsf hng Mechanical HAMM. FRANCES Deep G. A. A., Presidenl' Gym Teacher HAMIL, CAROLYN Hamilg S. S. Presiclenf, Spirii, Senaior - Social Worker HANEY, RAMONA HOPKINS, DONNA HAND SHALAH HANSBRO, LYNN HEERAN, JON HEIMERMAN, RONALD Shay S S Vnce Pres Wreslling, Foolball - Rong College C S F Elec on Agriculiural 'Y X ' 1 l HELLER, ELLEN AUDREY Elg Senalor, Yell Leader, Spirif - Teacher HELWIG, TRUDY Reel Cross, G. A. A. Chaylons -- Teacher HENDRICKSON, BOB Draging - Draffsman HIATT, KAREN S. S. Secrefary, Spiril Designer K, f fb .S ,1' Dx l V K X3 WEN- X -Sr, x fl QM X, HOFFACKER, KAREN A5 RO 'J fqlqomg' STEVE Monarch, lnfer School, YK? 'SHO'-ne,-z Golden Ax Presi. Spirii, S. S. Presidenl - yi- E 'Q' .g?fden+, Baseldball, Sena+or - Secrelelgy Qvm?,.f" F60 X V Lawyer ! iv fl 'x ' M' W- X' X: Y 6, KJ XX Rx, X xi? ill A ,X "' ,Fila .l rg- Rv ,f Qt QV .g QP A Q2 if --V x X, .f Dv 6 L ,K 'X G QNX MA Xlny fitx AQ 'K hfwxl A Nt by X-353 Nl 5 Sf . -W f a ef 5.1, U X ' ,Qll .mf 'SN -15 V fi ' ff,-Sf fl ' ...fx NJ- ff' I X M' . f M f - . U5 - X fl V w .cw .ff f lx WRX!! xl: QQ H Nxylu X 'lvv I f' 'fl V QE' -Lim ,f ,f ff- L, X WN ij .M If X L QRS Q N. X9 J 1' l Ps Azjx- -ky f 1, l N. 1. f I HORTON, SHIRLEY HOSLEY, RICHARD Hawsg Elecfion, Senafor, Sfudenf Body Presidenf - Orfhodonfislry HUCKABY, ED HUDDLESTON, CLARA LEATHA Collie: G. A. A. - Seamsiress SJ HUGHES JOAN HULTGREN. WILLIAM HUNTER LOREN HURTADO MARGARET HYDE SAUNDRA Joann S S Vuce Presldeni ALAN Senafgr Drama Semor S S Vnce Presndeni Sandy Arm Leon Alfernafe S S Secrelery Fasluon Blu: Engineer May Fo,-esf,-Y Clerical Office Work Senalor Secrefary JACOBUS, JOAN FaHyg Spirii, Pom-Pon Girl Sena+or - Universfiy of California " ,J , ' . L ,' .l KELLEY BRENDA KELLY DON KENNEDY, PEGGY JOHNSON. KENT Secrefary Jelley Belly Foofball Pegg Senafor, S. S. Presi- Sloclrerg Traffic, Waler Wreslllng Awards clenl - Nurse Polo - Velerlnary Work TZ? ,X ,Q L KNOBEL ROBERT KOGA KEN KROGH, KAREN LABUDAK, PATRICIA Nnlabes S S Sergeanl ai Engineer Crow Bailg Spirif, Assem- PaH'y-Boo Lion: Tales, y Arms Cuvnl Engmeermg bly, Chayfons - Cloihing Admission, Choral - ' Buyer Accounianl' LA FORM, GEORGE Conlinenfal Shoulders: Fooiball, Wresfling, Base- ball - T. V. Technician u J I Y T515-'QU' Q of N w -XX X sJ x, LAMBERT, TOM Big Lamb: Aircrafl Machinisl' LAM BERT, CLAUDE Claodyg S. S. Treasure, Foreign Exchange Siuclenf, Splril- - Universily of Paris LAMON, BILL LAMPHEOR, NEIL EDWIN Hoi Rod Club, Foolball, Band, S. S. Treasure - Sheel Meial Work ' r up LAM BERT, BILL to I 695 . LAW LE R, DAVID LEWIS, PAUL VALENTINE Baslcefball, Block L., Young Life Presideni' - Universify of California LOVELY, SUSAN Susie: Sena+or, S. S. Pres., Spirii - Teacher :I- N-nr qs: LICATA, ANTHONY LEMMONS, LOREN LION, FERNANDO Boy: Pho+ography - Welder 1 , r I LILLO, DONALD LOBROVICH, BARBARA LOHUARU, EDA Pizza, Sfudeni Body Barb: Spirif, Elecfion, Hey Fashion Show - Treasure, Awards Chair- Day - College Cashier man, Baskeiball - Sanfa Clara Universiiy 'LT' LYNN, SUZANNE MAGALLON, LOUIS Sue, lnframurals, Piano Lou: Foofball, Baslrefball, Conceri' Pianisf Wresfling - Elecfrical LYON' ROBERT Engineer Bob LONG, SHARON Share: Senafor, Spirii' - Secrefary LULCEHART, vlvlENNE Vivg Senafor, Alfernafe Cheerleader, C. S. F. 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SPFYH - Hard Hlfhng Lrcn Tales San Jose Sfafe C S F Golden Ax Tv ,x 'Tv I RAMIREZ. JESSE RAMIREZ, ROSE MARIE RAMIREZ. ROBERT REYES, RACHEL REXROAT, JANI Mill Cabinei Worlrer Choir X RHYNE, DON 151- Mr. Lee: Choir -I I 'Q mae spufnak ROBINSON GEORGENE an Choir InI'er School Relahon San Jose SIa+e ROBERTS, NANCY Nan: Infer School Relaiion, Chayfons, Spirif-Teacher I ' ROBERTSON, ANN S. S. Secrefary, F. T. A.. Chayions - Teacher ROSS, MARJORIE ROSSI, VIRGINIA Loclcer, Alfernafe Senaior -Secreiary Russo, HENRY -, Chiiag Pep Leader. Tfack- Choir RUIZ, ALFRED Freddle SABANOVICH, STEVE f College GALLEY FIVE SOLTERO, JOSEPHINE II- -, , SANCHEZ VELMA SANDOVAL IRENE SCHULTZ. CAROLINE SCHULTZ MARTA SEAWRIGHT MARY SELLECK, JOAN SHEPHERD, ROBERT Sporls Manager - College SHIRLEY. GILBERT SILVA, GARY S. S. Secrelary - Highway Pafrolman SLATER, SUE ANN Susie: Senior Tea, Pres Nurse Club - Nurse SMITH, JACKIE College SMITH, MILDRED SPIUER, GENE Lefly: Baseball, Baslzelball Eleclion - Pro Baseball X 1 ' . , -1 1 ig1 STAD A STARBI D, TIM STEELE, SHARON STEPHENS, MARY ANN STEWART, DOUGLAS Timmy Cheri, Lion Ar'I, In'rer Spoolryg Band - Sharpy: Baslceiball, Track, Mech School Relaiion - Air Line Hosfess S. S. Presidenl - . Commercial Ariisl Engineer lv s I I '1-' If STOHSNER, LYNNE Den'IaI Assislanf TAYLER, FRED -Air Line Pilof TEXEIRA, CAROL AN Senafor, S. S. Pres., Elecfion - Nurse THORP, LORETTA Secrelary TORGERSON, SANDRA Bufchg G. A. A.- P. B. X. Opera+or TORSETH, CYNTHIA S . I A TRAGNI, SHARON j Shari: Treasure - ' Secreiary ' TRENT, JIM The Big One: Cross Coun+ry, Eleclion - Engineer TRILLO. CICELIA Pee-Wee, Secrefary Sfohsieg S. S. Pres., Eclifor Monarch, Chayfons Pres.- Square Dance, Senior Play N Pres., G. A. A., S. S. TOMS, EDWARD Ed, Baslcefball, Traclc, Tennis -- College 'I I I U... W, 1 In ,I ,, ,n I 8 TUCCI PHYLLIS UCHIDA PRENTISS UNDERWOOD, GERALD VAZQUEZ LUPl VERRICO SANDI Phyl Splrni' Chayfons Choir Choral Ensemble S S Secrelary Fashion Senafor Teacher Bookkeeper Show Teacher VILLEGAS, MARY JUANITA Champ: G. A. A. Presidenf -Beaulician VOLLE, MERNA Sfudenf Body Secrelary, Spirif, Band -- Universily of California WAGN ER, LARRY WALKER, PAT WALSH MILANCY WALSH PAT WARN ER, JOAN Joanie - Sfenographer WARREN, GLORIA Beaufician WEBSTER, DORIS Spirit, Soph. Hop. Comm Secrelary WHITE. BARRY Fooiball, Track, S, S, Presidenf - College - 4- TOM WHITE WHITE, RICHARD WILLIAMS, MARY ALICE WOOD, LARRY WORRELL, THOMAS Speedy: Wresfling, Basltel- M. A.: Sludenl' Body Girls Tom: Do Righf, C. S. F ball, Fr. Prom Conim. - Vice Pres., Senafor, Spirii Golden Ax - Lawyer Wriler ' . I ' I WRIGHT, SHARLENE Admission, Bids Comm. Air Line Siewarcless ,f-ei Q' ZAMORA, ROBERT ZANESCO, MIRELLA Mirmg Ami Leon - College ZARO, LINDA Golden Ax, C. S. F., Spiril' -College ZAVALA. CHRIS ZUBICKI BOB Treasurer, Ami- Leon - E:11"'ChI'i Hoi' Rod CIUID T h BC BDIC W e' CAMERA si-W DORIS ADAMS s Tom Couch ...,. Bob While .......... Bob McGusl1in Jim Feldpouch Barbara Phelps Cindy Clarke .,,,.. Judy Duff ..4.... Loren Hunfer . Charles Flora . SENIOR PLAY CAST Man From Sandusluy Hugo Garvis Chuck Allenby Dr Allenb . y Jane Allenby Jenny Merna Volle ,.,,,, ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,-,- B arbie Mrs. Wagner George Benif Bill Allenby Pal Bel6I'deS .........,. ........ P asfy Gardner MQ!! Al'1D,CVUTllf1B ....- ........,............ H ana Hawks -llll JONES ....Y. f .s...... ............... .,,. N a ncy Pumeroy Todd Cleaves .......,. ........ J ark From Alburquerque SENIOR PLAY People "Kep'l' a Knocl:in" in order fo gain admission io our Senior Play, "Seven+een ls Terrific." The play's fheme was "Swee1 LiH'le Six+een". The casi was one of excepiional lalenf and enfhusiasm. Af flue conclusion of 'the play many ioined in fha shoufs of "Goody, Goodyf' .gy -.. muzauk' vii. 1 i-is W 235 L wicffi .... l , ii 35 ' ,.,. 3" ,Ex ' :-"- 1 I? R 3 :1f'wW.- ,V H ww gilt: Q-:Hunk W 1 i i i., Wu 3 A Q L' ' 1 N ' I' "A 'V 7gT9'l'5?'f1"-'l aik , ' Q Jef". fI5f1:f7i'if"?f?-'li"" M 1 1 '- age , yr fer 1 I r 1 ' i ,, e - 5 1 Y . ' . , fx: 2 1 A ' V Y if - e ff N, L5 ' ,. 3 1 ' vw ., 'U , - aiu 4 -ik i Y 4 i S Ti-1 'ii 4 i N Our Senior Ball was "So Rare", and "A Wonderful Tirne Up There" was had by everyone. The dance led -to 'rhe climax of our "Graduafion Day." Everyone said their Sayonara's'ro iheir high "School Days" dances. --4 .srif 3 '-, and-' 1. V i 'r vb k V-r-Mu' , ,, . , .g., V - .3 , L. W ik, . Q., , ,I . 1 Hail. '- Tl. ,i , 'f,?tf?Nif J- .. . 4- Q,,..,4w :. - ' - ' ' -- V. ,. -P--..., W yi A . , . fQZ:f,iLf1'E5,!.' Y 5. g.- TL! .::YiA, Y- X V.. S .ew ' ' . 'E " ' 1' 1 ,. - W 'f' se' . . ' ' ' ' F 551, -' 1' YN ie'f'ffPi3- -- 3. QI' k V fiizlf., QQ I-e s, 7,52-j". nf- '-an X , .. an-fs'?gfi ,- , nur.. "f . J 'glcfq .. wx, ' " Q S, Y H + '- ww' ,,, - ' fe 5 , .V J f' ,. 4- V . ffl:-, 'gif ir 3 i W ,-r ' U ' 525, - ' ' ' ...fir . V , .' f f 'F , ' ' 33'2-'ram 5, f. .- " i-if-f' "iw" "w 1-' 1 3 , - 'g-1..,.- ,,.q?M4f,:o: Y -an r,-gg, , " U Y - . . gei,'Q..:n, k .-,.-.-f- - -, f Y, , - . 5 ii. - E 1 X ' -4- 1-11- V .. ,, 1 "'94e'r'w'1!?: . .5 W ,r V - : " J if , , , , is V . ,, Y if H' .hh Lf. x li di' 4' 'www' :seize ,"Ww1",11+'www ' We ., 'fi Maul" 'Hi' fini? its ,N W H ' ,gg A V' ' HL L Q '- i'H,1",' f "ii1"iiwwll!wi V 1 'fy I 5, W ff,5g,,,ggE,, H Jygmzf-gh., wzwwiii J ff? ir", , Mijn' . "MEIN , ,,,g'r'. , During 'lhe "Long was held. There was "Piayfhings" 'io keep everyone "On ihe Hop."'. Refreshmenis --"Cherry Pie" and "Sugar Plums" were among 'rhe goodies served af ihe picnic. The "Picnic" was held af Bolado Park. Hof Summer"""When ihe Livin' Is "Easy" +he Senior "Picnic" ,P+ Asymer. Y els, , , fe? uili masse Vwii n i 1 , i, E144 :R v iw '?3'rE'vl,, H HA mimi-iim eecggggg H H umm www Wfiiwamfzs' cis i i l Upon becoming a Senior, one of 'rhe mosi' impor+an'r problems, is +ha+ of choosing +he proper vocaiion +ha+ you will be boih happy and successful in. "Maybe" ihis appears +o be easy enough, however, on This decision, perhaps, lies vour whole fuiure. "To Gel a Job" is no'r as simple as ii seems. Today more people are being replaced bv machines and so in order lo compe-ie wi+h ihese mechanical brains, man is required 'io increase his infelligence. Mosi jobs, you will find 'foday require a college diploma. And so, when enfering college ii' is exfremely beneficial 'lo you +o be able 'io seleci' fhe proper vocafion, and 'lherefore solve a lor of wasfeful +ime. Since 'lhis is of lhe u+mos'r imporiance, Abraham Lincoln High School fakes fime our of fhe Seniors' schedule 'io provide "Voca+ional Conferences" for fhem. l 1fr S AJ IJ C Tun f 4 .d ju. 11 I! iii! 4 The boys who have chosen professional A+hle+ics musl' really enioy wearing "Shorf Shori's" and "Bermuda Shor+s" - all kid- ding aside, fhese boys who may some day become a Mickey Maniel, Billy Wilson, Sugar Ray Robinson, or a ieam member of fhe Globe+ro'H'ers, deserve a lo+ of credii, for +hey provide seasonal enieriainmeni for +he public of America. I, for one, am one of fhe firsi' 'l'o yell when "Summer+ime" comes along-"Take Me Oui' +o ihe Ball Game How would you like 'io "Sail Along Silvery Moon?" or "Cafch a Falling S1'ar." I doubi' if 'ihese dreams are likely fo come hue, however, 'through Airline Hosiess work you'll be able +o see "The Long Hoi' Summer" from 'l'he beauiiful "Blue Heavens." You having chosen Creafive Wrifing as your fu+ure vocaiion may be 'I'he one +o pui' info words "The Sfory of Mankind." May- be you will be ihe one who will wri'I'e our besf-sellers and classics in 'I'he years +o come. If your choice is Creaiive wri+ing-- good luck 'ro you and a besf-seller!! The Police Dep+. needs you! These crimi- nals 'lhal' appear fo be "So Tough" need lo be shown +ha+ as 'Phe saying goes "Crime Doesn'l' Pay." And if lhey simplly refuse lo abide by sociely laws - "Thel LiH'le Blue Man" will be on lfhe alert l'l'sl inferesiing work and verv rewarding 'lol know l'ha'I' "you" are helping 'I'o make al safe world for iis inhabifanls. y s fs' "Why don'+ ihey Undersl'and?" which colors harmonize. If more people became inferesled in Inierior Decorafing, fhere would probably be an improvemenl in iheir personal appearance and ihe appearance of 'rheir homes. lncidenfally, our course here ai' Lincoln, Home Arfs and Craffs, is a good beginning for fhis ocupafion. ff? 1 ii:- 5-:fs .., f Wm 'wx 9 s! -.1 J ,328 -Qu ': , V' 4 vi' Q . il: .rn -N ,Q 5 K 'Q fr N 4 L E Y ' H wrruwm, , W Q59 X -:.: - S w W 'B . f, Q' ! 1 f 9' fl .- fl: 5 fl 'J l i V Y I W f fb M W fp 0 flvww Q :rev- ESE 'EQ ., 'I C at RW X 'X-5 cfm, - B X J XXQFEQH Y. J . 03 DELIVERY Y X? 1 W QNX L S K X. W w S2 Y S X5 xxx xx l W , i For sporfing goods and fools go 'lo . . . Buy your sporfs equipmenf and gym cloihes ai' . . . F y+h PARK AVENUE HARDWARE RYAN'S SPORTING GOODS l737 Park Avenue I7I7 Park Avenue + if Q "P QQ? f fi 5, , A Q er gfrom siuffed animals fo?scl'1oolsuppl 'F 3 H fx 5 S VR co I Cf C if 5 Q- so A A 62 MADERIS' I7I0 Park Avenue Q2 5 Q WZ? .+.. 0 3201 O ,Sl ToNY Ross srunlos Q 58 Soufh Firsi' Sfreei' Shop for ihe besi' in foods and produce ai' . . . See +he wide seleciion of 'Fabrics and maferials a+ . . . X.-z S 'E , sa Summa feels' , is Qm s rl LQJQN gf 3 Fang 5 Bk 5 ' r li Us 1, 1 fu 1 ' f 3 L ka lf! k . 3 2 J ' ' P-" ' ..-.'.-'- " H :aim , 3 f -I e ' 4.4'ff P-" iii? 5. dill, -ji 2' 1 .1 aff iiigg' -0 E GREEN FROG f TWINS YARDAGE SHOP 906 Easf Sanfa Clara C W ' ,435 BBSCOITI Avenue 2090 The Alameda JI -. A ,M JM MLM' ff? Need a corsage or a bou+onniere7 Purchase fhem ai . . . For 595+ qualiiy and lowesf prices buy Ygur groceries af . :lg L .., 'AE ' 7 1 3 QF wr ,Z 4' J aa, r --F570 4 'Af ' 0 "' -1 Q . . Q ' A ,A-3 1-'qf.,f"' 5 1 x' ' " gg -,beg ' , V -iE.L:' if -A , .Y " Q- .-Eg ' v- . -A , f fi J, . :H 135:-, I ,H BATTEN'S FLORAL SHOP DE LUXE FOOD CENTER 469 Soufh Bascorn Avenue I970 Naglee For Hne qualify in disfincffye iewels go io . . . For fha? Big dance coming up if's 'Formals' from ' x 1 , Jzln J Uv- W. .JMEQN 85 JUNG JEWELERS FRANCESQNS BRIDAL SALC 0 u+h Firsf Sireef 49 Wesf S-an Fernando Sfreei' , ' -, F 1 l J' . Fo u Q formals 'for all occaslons Everyihing 'For ihe bridezvghd her par'l'y ai' . . . GLORIA'S BRIDAL SALON AUDREY'S DRESS SHOP 36 Soufh Second S+ree+ 76 Wesf San Anionio Sireei' fjzifg- tx' l i , ' f CT? Cfaigg 55 naw? ' C . ,,' A L, , 4.41 Win AMW R Qfffgfz CONGRATULATIONS 5 X32 LQQQQ, iw M M W iff? V 41 ,422-M1254 f ffzfhip Q' 79M LL wb .iw-fi' pq? 1 EQ? ff ,aww CWJ M-Zta 5321, 42? gjfyd , 1 . ,f V ff, ,ygvf 'X41 fri fp.. 4 fx, lj?4.,f f',f,., jig: V if ,,,. ,A, .', , ,311 ,,, ,3 GRADUATING CLASS os 1958. 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Suggestions in the Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) collection:

Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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