Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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49? ,. 6' S ga 1 gan-V I ,Aff-ff "" .- -. f R" 'E' L Z, ' JK -504, .LIC-'K ,- . f:' - ' ,, ,wgfffir f' Q X X: I-If' 5- - W ,ag Q K 'N Q xx.: QQ f f I 'f 1 -"6-37' ff ,, ' ,Mg ff 'Qi ' '13 , A 1 V ' ' , 'jj W, X If X 1. .ex R rf A If-lu . , D , , bfi ., .f fk Af- 23: 5x C , L if VVV 1 7? wi Q CEA JK ff! WN f ffiff ZX, i V ,m f K! W R V W 4 6 , , 1 C , air y i K X i' X, V ,R A - .A 5 JN' ' F fx fp 5' '- ' O' V ' " Xf f .9 - X Y -N, MLW, 'j p 'Y-5... ...- qi QV. ' V, ,ZTE V ,l l ka i wx :Vg '-uhm! .:. ' 3, , KXxi'fiL':x X f i'QnP?t'V?Q.i L v W ' I. n ka ML 1-N Wff-A ,yells . N SLK? wg.. W , , 'KT J WK ify fkffff EO' meg! X X9 sl if f Xoygl W 4' V 5 I-J!!! XS for ff 37' fx. iff! CAN: 7C 7 1,1 N' Bilxkg- J -L J ,J QM, X V ,J 75 lllik 94 'N 4,.,..k ' M X ug-55? JW 2' viffm H isvkpk F- I il X dgflgni' .y Q KT! f ,P 'W J 11 We K f i Q Affwfifisf o ,U F3 3 .40-'W I 'wwf W 'Sp C ffififwjff Z7-,inqr-fy wb JW WG! F 2' Slug YV L'g'g"'e' 7c, 0 WMM . 7, A ' , 1 ,, , in X lf!! J . djl A 'W 'V 1 7 f, ? , ,IVXNY J 1, Nl fix! V J. A V1 , " .L tl ull . ' sf, ' a'g,Q,x ,gif 1 J' ' . .,'. af of K X V I xnxx ' ' I N ca ' JY' f ,fj , I 1 1 5 A N, A f "fl Q' L4 E7 L W J - ffl? ,Af J- 9 X f. 74 W 0 - if A ' , 'A, ff I oo X F L.9 N 1 , "T If 'I ',' S 9 2 "I n xx N, I ,YY V I ' 8' I if ff .J x ik-'rx ff N I A I 1 - JQ4' Y! N 1 7 .Paxil VA 1 A Af I 4: ' ,TZ 111 J , fy fl ' xx- V S I L I I A' LJ 351 X V V .J , " , 1' ,q - -11 ,L f ' N.. , V ,X -- Q- ' ----,, 4 3 I X 1: -I 'V 4 ' A AA A A- I V. Xl N 6 154' A . 'K V 'W ' - - , fi 4: 5 "z 1 V XS ,l If -Q T ily ' . 9 NJ . E, 1 3 ff? Y X fa C,' N . 4 L F N -V I," .lx lv v'-I Q I ' - Y, . X ' A f'- . , l X A A- . ' 5 .A - v N , Jvkk V fy N1 fl, U - , . -. Q Y A A ,A ' ff 'N ,J r V N YK ,J . AX 4 'A , ' YQ 3 Y' I :f '44 S sy ' 1' ' I A ,.,- .X L wif' Q, f Q l f 'A f K A 'X wg :A wav ., A . - I XJ 1 ' - X ' Q 31: XX I c ,4 ' 0 V V N l-Q36 Q 'V N, ,E v bl '- ' I 1 X 41:15-Y f :R '11, 515 'WW A . 5 . A , , ' 3 1 '52, Q E54 i A 1 AS 1 Hi, ,AP A Q W :A X L X K 7 Y'1Q"AAQ' f A. 1 ' "e Ari V K!! J fl D Y Q K Zire? , .5 K I 1 A6 5 9 ,ein V i iiwbt: x tylwj, A , , V: x , f ,T A 'z 47 "f ,Y I. xw NK ' J . I xf Q- I ' " ' - ' V ,K .311 LY' f A - -- !j A lx' .f Ewa -,Xi-1,V nf UV - I 'A , -A pf, .h X x V, xii ff f - ,f V X ,fl X ti . t 5 .ff xx X , , , gp . ali' f ji , . 9 f 1 1 pf, 7 AV X Xxai ' , ' t ' f , , ' XLXV 'f WK' . A A A jk Q 'XL X ' 1 KN 5 A " I, X fx f lxx' I ' "I x-N ! Y - X 4-7 A .il ' - A iv Pk IJ X. 1X ,. " Q I I . ' -: 1, g ' 51, VL V blew Q K ,5 iilrs , X 5 L-rg .T A f A X': -A .Qffi 1 ,x ' , XA . Qf I Q ,Sq . V xQx- ,- Ulm., . , .. X . . ,xx , A- Q ! ' L f xl WA I .5-...:. ' f" if A ,qi Tx T Y A. - , f ff ' ' , 'I 1 , ,W 'Q I N F X 1 . A " ,. N N f Q 0 l Mil I M gg i ' N wlefbqb' 'leg' 'f - A f 'FH 'F' y f N '11 ' A " A W W1 in V I y 9 X 1 'I I 'I 'J , , N' A . if 2 . I . , 6 D 7 I 1 f ,D N V ' X 5 27' ,Dwi A A 1-N . 2 A4 , ' 'X 5? XX V In .1 Jq f3 fljxja! fp, C J Ld! qw qw JM aw 5 Lf-J I T V W ' fn f MW "uf 'VW XOWMVW WS" 'jfwfw up gf gf f RMK aff I l X: JIWQWQ X 169 vvif NW MW' X L,,f ' f M S-.QM nag? WV M 75543 fkijgiyfcom MM 6fIf37zJ 74 7 if AMW f WW fl fffw' fy W, izzmtxfx L X My XfLu 44 1 6 JJ W fy Mx rgxih!64' fjh.i2iNb 39 Www Jim W LN X wax 't,1F"fhE I 1 fl m""wf' Wf J , 5 w1"4rk, 'QXX 41 f X Zz ,Lx Z? f2yb,H2 Fisk if XX WMV! 31' J RZ tw k dfzvpfuf-512'-' 7 " LV 'ff 4 41 , - . 4 V f V V ,I ,L VLAMM- ,f A , ' .. f" fg ff 'ZW-XZ I . N ' -' aff ' CM-f, Slxvi-.?,fwx ylljigh 5, I, fy NI r 'Q W ' 2 , EX l f V! xx ff if ff?-'fff' 1 1,5 :NX HN, xl .I xfqf H. f J! ,. Eff gif' Y, 1 1-ff-fgx .Q S X 'Lge f 1+ I gffpyf . Qs? A X4 , gff, ,, f ,if X I2 A, ' iq "4-""1 In efllflfj 1' 4, ilk 7' ' ,4 .V ." K V N ,K fi 1 'xv' 'V M' v W ' A GLM W K' ' x1 , w , 0f2,' " ff RN 'f wwyv. f iyf fffsx ' W 1MfW7 . f 54 m,fg xg.-.g'1'1 fl ' , ' ik 1 'fx-E 411. is 1 X 'Y fn K QA ' fix 3 5 '1 - PK f ,X I , , . , -J , Lf, ,Lf Qs Y W QM ' K ' I x L I nh I' Q l l ' 1 N L - igfmx li 6- X X NW . , U rl :HD ' L ,, - "Q 1.x N xr- fx K x, V f I N , fig' im? Lx gt 'fa Wig XX ' 'N 1' " '- W ' 7 X ' V hy. 'A x . ' ,GX 1 .' I. mi X,'l,A 'S' ' 1 1' 1. Nt 'qi 1 X ,,.j 5+ iv X s X Wg 'Aff 3 .12 Lt' Qkk rl X 1 ,W wl Q f-Lf vs xg , n?-LVN! f .NfQQ g A X ,V h H . f ff '- 1,243 - , .Yf!,f3:Tj3a 4 f kshkgxqh ,, 1 " ' , ,ff 7a 'Wwe Um Pacuau We .fincofn .sa af - ,.'4.,,, . L I s 1-1. -f-If ,lp 1 i -I . I' , fy a 1 A. A , F i , '- I Q ' rl, I ' ,f I A A , Iii Y , V L il ,ill A fi. ii I ,fi Q, - ' 1 J , A I - emi-ack fnfaacfowfioa 'HA school building wilhoul sludenis is jusl' a hollow building. The rooms I v 1 may be full of shiny desks, books and fresh while paperg lhe halls may be lighl and clean and lhe blackboard spolless, bul lhe building is slill iusl a slruclure. Whal makes il a school? Whal makes 'rhal building a sile of daily conquesls over isosceles lriangles, Espanol, and American hislory? Whal makes lhe very name carved on lhe fronl of lhe building a symbol of an indominable spiril' and honor? The dililierence is YOU. People, can lake hollow building and make il all lhose lhings. You did il' lhisffear for our building., How you did il' is +old in fhis book. Here is 'the slory of a year alf Lin' .Fanolher year in which you m' de a greal sichodl oulyof a byjlding. my x , ' " 4 , A j ix 'N i XJ pf V . ,vi A I nil' XJ fx yi , i J 4 - i 1 i Y X 1 , . r -,su 1 . i - J p if x A J if lyj, lk lf A A RL Y l N 1 l l L 1,6 X11 xy! - f' , 1 i U l ' ,f ' - - , ., ., Mn wx, we lm he 1 .A 1 ' I l . f Cllxi l we lf 'BC fx NI, T I I2 ? 'Fe ci Eg K ! X" !"4d1f LEADERS ACTIVITIES SENI ORS DVERTISING N K ,, yy Q Hr cf Qi ,, NAI gxwlw X ,yu f-- A f l 1 J I 'I ' --vs :lr-'uno-x I I 'bf' 'T 41" 4351 I fm? I ,?1 "1 1 L lf' X 'Liv Z 5 I ,. ,,,-f L,--'WQ97c7' VX 1 X , pw., 1 v I ,Ir .-D. , .3-.fm Af , ua, x z! i"' cfQ,fA7sI " If "ii ""'T' X? Ci' Ei ' I Ef 'fif Q 1 I, gf '- 'Ms-, -31' Hg . I 'img ' ...,...,.....,...I.........4........... IJ COMPETITION ........,,.................... 41 RX BQ: gb ..,......,,...4I...,....,......,...,....,...,,.. 69 by RL. - ' ..,,...,,.....,4.I,.......,...I.. 95 iv If X I UV X7 Q I I N Lx-Vx' 'I' I I B1 9 VK X X1 ' jx A I If f I' XXI I I kv ,Il 9 I I G I I gb W r I Q ,ffgxx Azlilxg I5 ,fl ly I' f , 1 ffl AW 'ff' is 'ifffvfr Ffilw Vffa 1 ' 5216: ,f N f.g f-W vw, 'M' vliggdg' 6 fb iff- . LUBQAN ' may 'lillhff -Qi 1 ' f In fum , -'Wg4f w Q7 W 511 ' ' I V-1 -1 :Mfzff 0,f,f1fM awp QSXZ T "' 4' ' Q 'Li' 'I' Rf u iv . ,, 1 ' I X , I pg rl y 1 ' 3 ' .q N X K V . 1 ' .X ,, ' 1 f 1' 4 ', A, XX f' qfqfgi FV f 1 N JJ X L I 4 xr mfg' ' J ff s -. x X - L, .4-1+ ' , .W N 5 W4 V wiki lx!! 1,1 . X Af I X ff KJ Sl XJ UIFTHIIIQ U PRINCIPAL DR. KENNEDY ' I . cf s, . ,cw 1' Q.: 7 - ,I 'if ,P aff? . - . " ' " I ' fa, Tv, 1 4 . + -f -- -, -' 5 A ,,"' 9541 is A I '- I - f' ii 'Q ' , - ., a fl J -if flu' Q- Uv- L Q ,yn Qc ry. I 3 - . ' -1 ,I - . -1...-' -1.1 ,f 'Wie lflanaacfz Sfaff ln I947, FI Rancho Monarch, changed hands and Dr. Rober+ Kennedy became 'Ihe new boss. Under his leadership and able assisfance, our ranch has grown Ire- mendously, nof only in sfrucfure and edu- cafion buf also in spiril. Wifh his guid- ance, if is con+inuing +o grow. To Dr. Ken- nedy, and his righf hand helpers Mr. Clark and Mr. Hunfer, we wish Io express our 'lhanlrs and apprecialion for helping 'Io malxe EI Rancho successful. -THE MONARCH STAFF r GMT wg vs? - f x MI M 14- x s ss. . cs A , . L L '5 . ie I' we "-2 sf A I DEAN OF BOYS SENOR HUNTER DEAN DEAN OF GIRLS SENORA CLARK Q fs LQ Norma Aubry Florence Barnard Granv lle Bayse Harry Bloom James Boland Jack Ellis Dorolhy Ehrhorn Kay Deierman Ray DAr+enay ee Cox Q : Q59 J 5 0 'U 1, g 5 43, L Y! ,5 ' 1 2:3145 Joan Geffleson Evelyn Har? Belly Henderson LBen Ho ard Anna JGUSEFI Ray Oeschger le Oguer 43 NJ ,bv v--1' i D ala '1 J' f' Wa at 1 George Brinclr Doroihy Burger Vincen+Car1er Eleanor Collins Frank Covell Doro+hy Fauquef Gorden Fechrer Harold Fisher WyneHe Fowler Richard Frosl . +9 Q 'sg 4,4 9 Q g 5.-ASQ ps 3 1 if , 'J - , 4 ' , :law 7' 4' mfs J Mm! di' 91.9 W' 9 p K, -5 , 5 5 0 4.1 1 8 A Q It ,,, bl' A, :I Q Q 1 Q, s 3 " J' 3' -7,4513 " Lf3,!l Raymond Kendall Violef Lannis Alma Linfon Gene Morris Edward Mullen George Sfevenson Luceffe Sommer Del Smifh Maude Shively Thomas Trgmbeffa Lanny Heffner - S. B. Presiden+ ,il Bob Paradiso - S. B. Boys Vlce Presudenf Marlene Louglwead - S. B. Girls' Vice Presidenf in Shelley Beclrsfrand - S. B. Direcfor of Allmlefics Gayle Lyon - S. B. Direcfor of Publicily Judy Maderis - S. B. Treasurer Lavonne Gomes - S. B, Secrefary -J , r -5- Sfudenf Body Direclor o'fA'll1lelics, Shelly Beclcslrandg Treasurer, Judy Sfohsnerg Direclor of Publicily, Carol Nanneyg Secrelary, Joanne Swenson. Sludeni Body Boys' Vice Presidenf Jim Cilranog Girls' Vice Presidenl Beverly Cassell. eq. 1 -q,' Sfudenl Body Presudenf, Sian Goodman. N Q, r 'H' J 1 X 7. - G V I Vx, 1 Y -Q ,J f yr f f viv d Jia, PX T CHEER LEADERS: Daphne Lewis, Pa Cochran, Head Cheerleader: Diane Cusa- mano. X 'YIV - -."' - "T - ',,: '-, 'u ",-tm. '-1 1' H' xc-1.1. 'F'i""' POM POM GIRLS: Gerri Dorsa, Barbara Lewis, Virginia Peierson, Diane Dober. -q SENATE - Buck Row: Dick Toledo, Hank Olguin, Harry Rodda, Paul Daigle, Tom Bufler. Richard Par- enfe, David Hansen Lanny Heffner. Second Row: Jim Sullivan, Joan Fayi Marlene Loughead. Jane? Gri- shim, Judy Maderis, Jane Sinnoi, Torn Boyce. Third Row: Lavonne Gomes, Sue Miles Colleen Jacobs Marie Abinale Joanne Faraone Judy Hibbard. Fl'OI1f ROW: John Gales, Ed Hansen, John Flaherly Tony Sedillo Mike Garner, Ar? Villarruz. J nl J xif 6 :U y'f 0 I1 f 'Fi fli 1 fha fZ 2ZN l W' CHEER LEADERS: Terry Youngquisf. Dicll Fosier, Helen Kolsiopulas. POM POM GIRLS: Linda Dean, Susannah Sfrayer, Jolene Banasco, Sandi Humburg. SENATE - Back Row: Sfan Good- man, Tom Boyce, Cliarles Simon, Desmond ONeil. Second Row: Ron Miller, Dave Siren, Carl Casfro, Earl Davis. Third Row: Jennifer Ro- zalc, Hugo Garcia, Sara Burdick, Lucille Lilliviclc. Fronf Row: Jane? Johnson, Joy Carlsen Mary Beflw Jeclrer, Jane? Taylor. fi Jia SZQK ' f 5 fl in X A ws Membershrp In rhe C6lIlOFf1Id Scholarshup Federa hon IS fhe hope and amblhon of almosl every sfu den+ This honor soclely requlres fhree As and one B on fhe semesler grades The members of +hus club +alce fhelr worlc seriously and display pride In ihelr hard earned grades This group of sfudenls lcnow how fo ge+ fhe besl from fhelr years rn hugh school The advusor fo fhns club IS Mrs Sommers who feaches Englush Spanish and French here a+ Lancoln Mrs Sommers has supporfed C S F ID all nfs achvu hes and has been a very cooperahve advisor GOLDEN AXE Buck Row Dave Gnhn Judy Sfohsner Mlddle Row Pa? Cochran Conme Fllzslmons Fronf ROW Marlene Loughead Carrie Marden enum Au LJ C S F Founh Row John Flaherfy John Gales Ed Hansen Sian Goodman Ruchard Reynolds Harvey Kohg Ross Jacobs John Crane Henry Llpsefl Third Row Hugo Garcia Barbara Fhllcox Doroihy Hines Judy Mass Nancy Beard Judy Sfohsner Marslyn Myers Mary Sue Coleman Barbara Madsen Marilyn Anderson Lucnlle Lrllr yrch Second Row Bob George Duane Johnson Jan John on Gaul Anderson Babs Bl9OllI Duane Naegllu Mary B fh Jeclcer Anne Bo den Juddene Lmneweh Jolene Bama co Vnrguma Raper Firsf Row Lorrame Johnson Gerrne Dorsa Joanna Wnlluarnson Margie York Dsanne Dober Darwyn Farmer Beverly Perry Janef Taylor Virginia Pefer son Lavonne Gomes is A - -. f :ao ff ' 'L ' ' J- ' ' I 7 ,xr , al, f " 3 -I lv' I X , E f '14 y f ' W :Z ' A' K: LQ! , .W G F. Q, .. .Q -V 5, J ,XXVDX kr I Z? v w V - -xv W fr 1 -, ,I I C -. -1- l 1 'xr ' 1 I ' ' ll I Il : ll ll x ' k - i 1 .k N l ' I , . , . W, I , V: -s 5 . ,Q Q -1 as 6' sto" 'T gl x . , , y I Q I N r X s , , -'9Yi"" , 5' 1 ,lf - V ' . A ,. ,. , . , , . , ' ' I ' ' '. e I W V . 1 Z V . . . ' I . . l . ' . W A 4 L: .. ,ag 'Qu no lock Row: M. King, E. Hansen, R. Jacobs, C. Simon, J. Cifrano, M. Marfwiclc, H. Lipseff. Second Row: J. Kellen- berger, R. Reynolds, C. Beaulieu, P. Shannon, S. Malzahn, M. Myers, B. Bager, D. Hines, L. Lillevick, B. Wilcox. Third Row: J. Mexxers, J. Zoernsch, M. Toms, D. Naegeli, G. Thompson, L. Gomes, M. Hunfer, D. Biggs, N, Beard, A. Roberfs. Fourth Row: B. Jung, V. Rapar, B. Perry, D. Hanson, S. Bradley, M. York, D. Farmer. Front Row: D. Johnson, B. Poe, S. Slrayer, B. Allxin, J. Scarborough, J. Coroman, N. Diedrich, B. Madsen, B. Rossi, J. Taylor, D. Ellcin, J. Hubbard. Golden Axe is anofher one of Lincoln's ou+s+anding honor socielies. Good cifizen- ship, passing grades, and 450 poinfs qualifies a s+uden+ body member for Golden Axe. These poinls are awarded To any sfudenf on lhe basis of. parficipafion in sludenl affairs. The advisor fo fhis club is Mrs. Clarlr, who is fhe Dean of Girls. lock Row: T. Hade, E. McLagqen, J. Lind, D. Gilin, N. Jenlrs, C. Caslro, T. While. Middle Row: H. Rodda Shannon, L. Gomes, A. Paffison, G. Anderson, N. Beard, L. Boyer, C. Kinkel. FYOIIY Row: D. Lewis, V. Peferson Marden, G. Lyon, M. Loughead, B. Cassell. I L .J -Q.. C. S. F. :lf ll ,7 X Q FAME !' ,f if I 77 4 ffff, l '77' , 'XX . I lin A, l ,iii 4 .-'xi'--' 6 ffl 4 wiki? g fb 25 .3. Zigi Laverne McGraw, Carole Fleldcamp, Helen Kolsiopulos, Pal Shannon, Lila Florence Flance, Barbara Madsen, PalScl1onenberger,CarloHa Kunkel, Gayle Mr. Mullen. Front Row - Kneeling: Tom Lamberl, Ross Phelps. Wayne Tluuslu, Sporfs Edilor: Pal Sclwoenenberger, Ediforial Edilorg Pal Shannon, Eclilorial Ed? C lolfa Kunkel, Edilor-in-Chief, Carole Fieldcamp, Adverlising Manager: Lila Boyer, Fealu ar Eclilo e?Q5MQ lf, X ,J IV ll 1' XA f I as r ll"' ll 1 I ' fp if ,. f f, f f E l fx. - s-QW? 91 ral... Florence Fiance, Exclnange Edifor, Carole Fieldcamp, Ediforial Edilorq Barbara Madsen Page Ediforial: Lila Boyer, Edifor-in-Chief: Wayne Tl'1USl'l, Sporls Ediforf Colleen Jacobs: ness Manager: Gayle Lyon, Feafure Edilor. Firsl Busi- UCCIK Row: Joe Berlxovifcln, Tom Hade, Pa+Sl1annon. Middle Row: Jolene Banasco, Carol Nanny, Barbara Madsen, Florence Flance, Sfeplwannie Abbot Front Row: Colleen Jacobs, Carole Field- camp, Pal Schonenberger, Gayle Lyon, Lila Boyer, Mr. Mullen M M353 Back Row: Belly Ryan, Pal McFadden, Aclivilies Co-Edilors: Beverly Perry, Senior Ediror. Front Row: Jim Chrislrnan, Sporfs Edilorg Wendy Carlson, Exchange Edilorg Marilyn Townend, Edilor-in-Chief: Jan Caselli, Assislanl Edilor. X ,ffkx A lx l'1lf'4.l fi 'L il lllgl ll' i we X x i K Jia QY-276 5. . KI! 1 'X Working on lhis years yearbook has been fun and a new and exciling experience for all of us. We have lried hard lo make lhis year- book lhe besf Lincoln has ever had. We hope I fhis book will serve as a reminder of all of lhe 'i happy limes you had 'this year al Lincoln. We would like 'lo lhank +he people who helped make lhis I955 Monarch ossible Mr P ' - Oeschger, our advisor, Tony Rose, our professional pholographerg and our school pholographers, loo. Lasf buf nol leasf we would like lo exfend our apprecialion lo our adverrisers, who make if possible wifh 'lheir added funds 'lo enlarge lhe size of our yearbook. MONARCH STAFF - Buck Row: Julia Mancha, Jan Ceselli, Beverly Perry, Al Pallison, Jim Chrislman, Isabelle Ledesma, Judy Hillslrom. Middle Row: Pal McFadden, Marlene Anres, Beverly Anfrobus, Belly Ryan. Front Row: Dolores Caselli, Marilyn Townend, Mr. Oeschger, Sandy Nickel, Wendy Carlson. MONARCH STAFF Pal Loflhouse, sfelf arlislg Margerel Rodreguez, new member. M15 ,W gy 7 mg 71, all VX X My If WMM x,, X -jj, may 54 I X! KM fn ff V ffw KV 6011741 ff 0 G f Q ,P- S X , ex, X R.. ffi f f 'sg " '-1, Y f WX ELOECL aff? 5 if X X l f' f ' v v I 1?-Y A A 'Hag ., E Wu A C- , ,, -. ,Xi ., ,, fix V x'v:'+k' 511-Y!-KU, il :my Z2 , ,I 1 . Hs -Q A pu lem Aj I :QW J V '- 14329-xiii 'ff N,, , ' ' Q vgf ' be 3 .a:.A:'2, A x. ' 4 " '47 L5 'H 7 V. W 9:4 rv A 1' '41 ug " 'Y .,!l j- L ' ff 0, X 51, 'X-'E-, , S 1 ' X f Q- -,Ev-,4.-f a-A,.If7' f T..f F F ,il-UT A 'A' : ,, M-g I QS x Q I ' ' 5" fir . f S ' ' 9 - L 'T' K " fi' ' .. - if f' ' Ji "Y - , ,f X f kf ,1 '73 x K I 1 K! S X ff J E r Qu 0? ff -df A' H, f E NE , X- A .7 My fy LVN k , J' uf, " I X I ii- I-is i s! ' f 'f" Y I1 . ll If ..!,, -:.Lhl. . I . i. mire, ,s..,, y - -vwlrsv 1734- !!!in!l'1in:.g ' X "4!X!!gf',1fe:',lH 33' ""- F"E?"hL,,f EEA: !f.--ff 1e!4!!LQQ:244 X - A .'g'f"Kx!Xg1,e, HE!"-I,-I wa Mg. G 41392440 "Sh BW 'f""9i5f --..i--v-!-,"!-' e-mfs!! ' ,' Awww! wi":.m!'k 'miie ' xllklllumfipf lfiwai'-E 'it2la1!"1hf' lv-2 'ir 25' ,I 32 w 1 maui!! A xmmmm i-,-fer-.,, . l'1-fkevti Qi,!'!-H 'gig -ffl" 5,5 9- 'CJ 'ING .1 3 9 .' ' 1 V. 1" , 5 x.-', ' v'-4 ' qi, ,I V 4. . ,Q' iF N 'I o ' V bs Q X l f 5.2 'L u". . V ..-.Y-,-. .' D my ,. --" 5 S .f ' V. .S X 4-:iii MLS! ,V X If.: W if ' . 4: " Q , -D .,.. -v'-- 7 4 -4' nn 'Q I 1274 x s f llll W I 'Wil 5- 755' W' fem: f V 11,4 I, ,I I 5 Q.. K! USG Nm. 111135 iff' John Applelon, Leslie Rosenquisi, Jane? Grisham, John Flaherfy, Judy Maderis, John Wilson, Diane Dober, Jim Filzsimons. Our ranch a+ San Jose has been bursiing af 'fhe seams wifh many aciiviiies. Perhaps 'rhe mos+ popular of our acfivilies are 'rhe dances. The firsi dance of fhe school year was fhe Reg Dance. This is fhe dance wherein all fhe s+uden+s renew old acquain+ances and meef new friends. As usual, ihis dance was a big success. Then came fhe Sadie Hawkins Dance. This dance, which 'rops off Twirp Week, sen+ fhe boys running and fhe girls chasing. Jusi' before 'lhe Big Game, we have 'ihe Big Bone Ball wifh San Jose High. Bo+h schools choose a queen who is crowned a+ ihe dance by fhe capiain of +he game. Above are some of 'rhe s+uden+s arriving af ihe Chrisimas Dance. This is always very nice, and always is a success. This is fhe only formal dance during fhe year, which all s+uden+s may a++end. Here you see Don Dirienzo crowning our Big Bone Ball Queen Diane Cusimano. ,f Vi 1 L,-f x , X 'rx "' Wa!! f Cleaned Back Row: Marleen Loughead, Alberla Blum, Diane Nuernberg, Carolyn Goss, Naomi Dosral, Barbara Bagar, Norila Faler, Bev Cassell. Flon! Row: ldolina Gomex, Elisa Perez, Barbara Karan, Jackie Francini, Belly Ryan, Rachel Rarneriz. 'ill in This year 'rhe girls service clubs of our ranch parficipafed in many services for lheir school and for fheir communily. Some of lhe various aclivilies for lhe school were: decora+ing and sponsoring for fhe dances and keeping fhe showcases and bullelin boards up lo dare and nice looking. The ac+ivi+ies for fhe communily were: visifing fhe Counly Hospifal, helping fhe Red Cross organizarion, and collecfing money downlown for +he March of Dimes. Some of 'rhe service clubs had lheir own individual proiecls, such as making 'loys for fhe children af fhe Counly Hospilal and visiling invalid children in 'lheir homes. S ' fnfmclui ' lack Row: Linda Diaz, Diana Slelling, Imogene Hierngarfner, Norila Faler, Marion Morgan, Elisa Perez, Jocelyn Prole, Marfy Carmichael, Jean Hinaga, Mary Veladez. Middle Row: Olivia Carrosco, Ginger Perez, Diane Roggy, Laurine Himphill, Florence Fiance, Billie Worley, Donna Morris, Juddene Linneweh, Lida Chase, Virginia Raper, Angie Dominguez. Flon! Row: Babs Biggofli, Diane Naegle, Jean Zornch, Marilyn Fislx, Julie Scarborough, Bev Cassell, Marfha Shroeder, Colleen Smilh, Janice Warren, Darlene Bonlregger, llda McFadden. , 'F AF if J' of l 'fr Y 1 it Y 'Y 'Y lr AY Ji- 'Y 4' w V' ,,, ' i 7 'V -Pr P ,C 'Y -.y K 'X .5 1m 1' 1 4 - 1 1 'gf I Q5 f i pep Sqaacf ' feofilled Top ROW: G. Anderson, J. Slohsner, N. Beard, J. Lind Middle Row: H. Lipsell, C. Enborg, T. Slarbird, S. Good man. Front Row: G. Lyon. M. Van Osdel. C. Frilzsim Fnons. Top Row: Deanne Muller, Irene Berger, Dorolhy Moreno, Pal Slewarl, Sheila Sloan, Janice Slral- lon, Charin Blair, Belly Miles, Claudia King, Mary Valadez, Judy Wible. Third Row: Ginger Perez, Beclcy Tulls, Mary Ann McCloud, Carolyn Driscoll, Phyllis Ricci, Trudy Gerrard, Marilyn Jansen, Carol Hansen, Judy Zellerquisl, Lorila Tilley, Louise Dusliay, Hope Rubalcava. Second ROW! Miss Gellleson, Belly Garcia, Rulln Rulaalcava, Judy Burch, Pauline Zurich, Mary Bocca, Marilyn Fullinglon, Vivian Pills, Dorolnyrulln Carmichael, Mary Teran, Jane SlOfCl'l, Nanelle Wims, Carrie Marden. Fronf Row: llda McFadden, Gladys Finn, Mary Lou Filley, Karlene Lalce R . . . . . oxanna Morgan, Sandra Welder, Darlene Bills, Silvia Orellano, Gloria Sancluel, Armada Tafoya: Dolores Mandel, Angie Velasquez, Lean Griggs. .fa fini! .fee Top Row: Imogene Heimgarlner, Carol Nancey, Alice Lundquisl, Jane Slockham, Lavonne Gomes. Norila Faler. Middle Row: Barbara Bagar, Dorollwy Cook, Pal Sclwoenenburger, Joanne Swenson, NlClfY Arlanis. Fronf Row: Mary Van Osdel, Wendy Carl- son, Pal McFadden, Mary Eslrada Lila Boyer. ' y q anim 5lal'e4men l' l K Back ROW! Sandra Glassey, Jenny Lind, Richard Reynolds, Paul Prolcop, Tony Slarbird, Tony Sedillo, Milre Gardner, Mike Coleman, Ron Williamson, Al Pallison. Fourfh Row! Marilyn Schu- male, Sue Jefferies, Kalhy Miller, Ann Lamlariclr, Judy Slohsner, Slephenie Alsbol, Diane Wool- ery, Marlha Schroeder, Julie Scarborough. Third Row: Connie Frilzsimmons, Babs Bigolli, Nancy Beard, Gail Anderson, Judy Burch, Barbara Madsen, Judy Cowman, Sue Aileen. Second Row: Diane Biggs, Sally Yarnell, Jan Johnson, Judy Giflen, Marilyn McKensie, Mary Van Osdel, Sheila Bower, Penny English, Jane Sennell, Sue Gofbieb. Fronf Row: Mary Belh Jeclcer, Joyce Bovee, Diana Paulson, Rulh Monnier, Glenda Pafz, Linda Baker, Joann Williamson, Gayle Lyon, Arlene Rushes. W -W V ...-4 fucmielo ' Top Row: Horlensia Salsas, Julia Mancha, Fourth Row: Olivia Carrasco. Jane? Vasquez. Third Row: . Adeline Rodriguez, Margarel' Rodriguez. Second Row: Eleanor Gaefa, Rachel Ramirez. ldolina Gomez. Front Row: Erneslina Rivas. Rurh G.ierra, if Helen Garcia, Mrs. Henderson. T1 enancffnfz Larry Bolfon, Dwighl Huff- rnan, Randolph Miller, Greg- ory Golis, Don Sfanley V7 -4 4 Maffaun CC Row Judy GI In Maru n McKensle Barbara Madson Lucille Lnllevuch Joanne Wnllnams ColeHe Freufas Middle Row Grefchen Gammel Florence France Barbara Allan Pai McClure Lllllan Deludo Front Row Germ Howard Della Escalecla Jan Taylor Marne Vega Doffy Ellun Miss Gelrleson 24,0 kv 111 .filled .gt ack Row Mlss Ogler Lucy IC eane Johnson Third Row Jac ee Maflms Corinne Hemplnl J e anasco Teresa Perez Myrna Gray Marilyn Anderson Darlene LLAZ CC Row Lllan In o Florence v ance ornnne ernplnll Barba a Lewis Slwerrl Forsylll FIPS? ROW Dolly l In Susanna S+rayer Marlowe Lenz Merrill Wlwaley Laverne McGraw Franlue Sue Allen Mary Bern Jeclcer "rBi1'k3d'."-xx Q vq 1 svn xt x '1n""' ... 4' uiqeaacfefzeid Bac Row Den Buller Bob Zelnger Dave Balwr Mnlce Kung Harold Medo Middle ROW Mr Sn-vain Jolwn Sfanford Tom u son Jolwn Crone Norman McCann Sian ne el Sfan Sfalwl Furs! Row Gordon n e son Lee Slanford Bob Jaco s Harvey Kolws Bob Kagel Jerry Taylor C J sa - - X K B 2 ' ' , Ll' Qvl ln ' . 1. ,' E5 ' 1: D ' ' lf v 1. D, . ,Q y . 1 . .NN Oygn f ,. V ' ' T, B , , T, x f ' , . S - PN' - ,A and 1 1 a De'd l rr . 1 , X L . H . V 5' J Ek' f ' l ' . ' ff D ' ,: .Y - ' r T 5 . ' - ae - A k M I , ,Y - L J B k : " , 'I L ' is 4 . V l y .Y Q . . . r 1 an V U Ik , . 'I l 1 . V 1 V! K w 'fri i 4 5:9 5 l 6 :ft 57 . Y , 4. .. 5 5 5 my, .. .4 l 5 xg: 112 1: V 5 - 1 7. If It z W . 5- 11' , K FA: , o A 4 "' , tl . K , Q C 1 ' ll : , ' . fl" S' , I . ' : l f 4 V, . I A d r , , by - , 1 xx- Y P I Semin Kahala To Row Eeanor Bellz Fe ca Hlclcs Mary Ann Hdnler Sandy Ma za n Claudelle Wllluarnson Jane? Reynolds an Cell: Mddle Row P Cl a VI e r a Belly Ryan Pal Cochran Nancy arfer Donna Morrus V Van Dem From Row Muss Gelfleson J le rhllo udy Maderls Duane Sfel In Melba Wollcunson w4g,., Q now: f4Za14.L'm To Row Doroflvy Hines Monica Alva r o Elusa Perez Anna Mae uua Iss Fowler Middle Row Norrna Bercl1+old Aura Lee Boomer Mary Bore-ll: Comme Ma os Beverly Perry Front Row Tom mor: Doroflny S one Joce yn Pro e Jeanne Baclw Rose Sancl-ea .... ............5 5" -fe, 144251 anal 04414 ck ROW Gary van oss acobs LeRoy c wafu a Walsln Doug Moore Ray Gurolla Ed Alvarado Mass Lannus Maddie Row Darlene Sclwmldl Joan Ellns ns argolus Lan a E ar In a Dias Dar ene Bo and J y a o oyce Bovee First ow rlrno I arruz Ro ne Ju len Rncluard Harrlman Charles Peler son Rene De Luna M ? - ce' 'P ' K I' P : 1 M me ' M ' ' M M V 5 he we 'N M y Jo '. i : fl 'll 'rl . - 1 l ' e l. , C X ' Sl-9 rle g l ' , 5 ' ul ' f ' Po ' M J ' . ' l' far ly . M ' 1 ' ' - . x - . lil ,J x if -' ' M-. f j . I f Mi' ' 'W A gif' . 1, -S M. ' A "f""' ' l . ,.M M M ,, , : 1.42 , 1 " f. ir. I MMMMM . V , . -- .,,f,.M Ml ax M y MMM. I 'H Q ew L - , D L Ba 2 E SM R Q D . M' A, y J M s +1 :M P+ i . V I V ,,.M, xi! V . ' . U . . Phyll' M 'M "d ag I ' L' d ' M I l M ud 4 s L, M J M ' R n J P' V'll M d y I' M J. A' V 1 f X on Q if .V - ,N l f l l' ' X 0 ' M - - " U 3. 9 P : I W I ' ' ' : 'X ad M ' M s 4 M M' U V: P " It V I U Y 1 - .J Y 17 Y 1- M' 'M + M 4 l as A , Typing Glad Top Row: Mr. Trombelfa. Jean Ferris, Jennifer Roz- alc, Eunice Van Osdol, Beverly Anlrobus. Middle Row: Janis Fine, Mary S. Eslrada, Linda Baker, Eva Baker. Front Row: Darlene Paulson, Della Arizo, Marilyn Townend, Gerri Dorsa. cw' -g. . lack Row: Barbara Wil- cox, Diane Roggy, Mary Ann McCloud, Clwaren Blair, Jean Zornscli, Marilyn Anderson, Rox- anna Morgan, Lida Cliase. Middle Row: Bil- lie Worley, Sandy Mal- zalnn, Diane Naegli, Judy Wible, Joy Carlson. FYOH' Row: Colelle Freilas, An- nelle Scolf, Colleen Jacobs, Sue Golllieb, Sheryl Bradley, Mrs. Jen- sen. ' . , - - mae-fm Buck Row: Gail Brady, Cheryl Beaulieu, Sfella Gard- ner, Jan Mollering, Juddene Linnewelw, Carol Fieldcamp. Middle Row: Carolyn Dris- lcell, Rose Sanola, Marilyn Cusimano, Diane Dober, Janer Grisham, Jean Par- offe, Joann Faroni. Front Row: Mrs. Jensen, Carol Hawley, Clwarlofle Mifclwell, Kay Smylh, Lorraine John- son. --1 Jffk 2 .fa at i Top Row: Virginia Miller Diana Roggy Laniefe Lore- all, Judy Mos Jean SCL""ldl. Third ROWZ Marlene Lads- ford, Terry Youngqulsl, Jori Lienerr, Pa? Pacnecc Jan Caselli. Second Row: Mrs. Sommer, Judy Sabo Dolores Caselli, Laura Buclvlcolz, Syl, via Berrera. Fronf Row: Helen Laslra Joyce Lafnan- fia, Audreene Licafa, Bonnie Sclimidf. I9 i 'A C Tv 9 cr I I V ufial 6 Science Glu! Back Row: Louise Lanoie, Pa? McFadden. Middle Row: David Gifen, Don Wiess, Tom Wlwife, Lucy Lullevicly Norse Blazzard, Bill Giana- fosio, Mr. Boland. Front Row: Ross Phelps, Mike Mann, Bill Bailey, Barry Rogevs. Sham Top Row: Par Slwnf-on Diane Nuernburg Babs Big- ovi, Flo Dawson Bev Pe+er- son, Third Row: Billy Wor- ley Linda Hill, Carol Marfy Daphne Lewis, Sr-irley Elrcd Connie Cisneroz. Second Row: Carrie Marden Mar- lene Louqnead Saral' Mig- nosi, Diane C..si'nanc Sandy McDaniels, From Row: Helen Kcuicpulis, Lc.ise Die nardo Jaan Fay Lo'ene RQ- bise, Ida Turzo Befly Comp- ion 0 Back Row: John Koonz, Don Briscoe, Fred Beclc, Front Row: Dave Jordan, Mr. Morris, Jim Thill, 7 im, Uuiclooa GMM Back Row: Dan Reed, Desmond O'Neil, Don English, Joe Lucchesi. Mr. Fisher. Middle ROW! Joe Ho- riclc, Mal Anson, Peler Muhleman, Lloyd Anderson, Paul Rulherford. From Row: Doug Peier, Swan Hippler, Bob Theobald, Roger Clark, Rodney Hills. :f5, ov, 3, - ax -..... n, r jryff A , 1? 'Q 172' Y wfx WY r J lm ,, Z 'N-if? fl 5 Q X, A X S XR -if i T' ' l if 'li ,fi , xx My GMM BUCK ROW: Ralph Dinardc, Allen Mise, James Baran, Harland Slephenson. Middle Row: Augusl Arigo, Joe Avila, Bill Grimm, John Ridgely, Harold Weims. Flon! Row! Milion Sulau, Charles Epolife, Jaclc Genlry, Carl McNuH, Larry Rodenborn. .Bez .Emi Buck Row: Kalherine Mariclwular, Margarel' Huerfa, Pa? Valenii, Eva Gaela, Gloria Fuenies. Frollf ROW! Angie Dominguez, Lucy Sosa. Rosalie Jaramillo, Sally Figaroa, Josephine Huerra, Yolanda Min- iares. Q N-I Xey .s. U' " 1411 S65 Milre Jordan, Harry Malcos, Lee Dirnfer. Tom Hade, Lyn Bradley, Melvin Tobeclx, Nick Clnioclnios '7ama fbcwlze lack Row: Nancy Adams, Sydney Whifcomb, Virginia Raper, Marcia Taylor, Carol While. Third Row: Peggy Williams, Anne Bowden, Marilyn Miller, Julie Perez, Louise Lanoie, Bar- bara Wilcox. Second Row: Vee Eby, Margie Yorlr, Judy Hibbard, Dione Clwenawellw, Bar- bara Sarmenf, Jane? Taylor, Miss Linlon. First Row: Fay Vifale, Gloria Lasrra, Marie Abineie, Maria Pufman, Sara La Rocca. 8 Glad Mr. Elligy Norge Blauard, Richard Parenli, Jim Sullivan. fee-fmka-.Em Back Row: Rufh Rubulcava, Mary Teran, Mary Valdez, Avelon Swain, Louise Saucedo, Third Row: Hope Rubul- cava, Rose Chanez, Angie Jaramillo, Belly Garcia, Rebecca Aguilar, Frances Gala. Second Row: Gloria Sanchez, Virginia Cervanfz, Angie Velasquel, Eslher Rodriquez Front low' Mrs Bur er L'lIian Pineda R' . . . g , n , lla Acorla, Josephine Sarabia, Sally Pa+lan. l l i s l E1 Beal .Bean First Row: Judy Scoll, Marilyn Fish, Arlene Rusche, Rolaeria Maloney. Sharol Lang, Claudia King, Miss Deler- man. Second Row: Eunice Van Osdel, Jan Johnson, Phyllis Esposilo, Gerrie Howard, Marfy Carmichael, Jane Hari, Diane Biggs. Third Row! Judy Gilin, Sue Gofllieb, Dee Ann Brown, Sally Yarnell, Joy Carlsen, Diane Feliciano. Fourth Row: Priscilla Poss, Sandra Smifh, Mary Geddes, Jean Theisle, Sherle Edie, Delores Slarr. .:g. f. . 5. Firsf Row: Annefle Sco++, Colleen Jacobs, Sara Weiss, Glenda Pafz, Diana Paulson, Miss Jones. Sec- ond ROW! Barbara Allrin, Calhy Miller, Belly Clemens, Julie Scar- borough, Judy Helwig, Barbara Howard, Kiffy Welker, Rufh Mon- nier. Third Row: Marilyn Schu- maie, Ann Marie Schulrz, Diane Woolery, Sandra Levy, Judy Rog- ers, Judy Barren, Ann Lambrechf, Jane Sinnolf. Buck Row: Marilyn MacKenzie, Susan Berry, Sue Bee- man, Lynda Marlin, Nancy Diede- rich, Judy Cowman. AA gl- L Elack L' Back Row: Dave Cox, Jaclc Searloss, Don Dieienzo, Ron Wafson. Third Row: Sian Goodman, Joe Lindsey, John Wilson, John Laveroni. Second Row: Harry Rodda, Hank Olguin, Frazer Srrallon, Tony Realmonfe. Ffbllf ROWS Lanny Heffner, Denny Dudley, Wal? Tran- china, Ed Cilli. .fa .260 Buck ROW! Marian Hines. Sandra Glassey, Carol Graf- 'ran, Colleen Smiih, Donna Mullen, Beverly McFarland. Third Row: Jean Givens, Dolores Schorlman, Mary Ann McCloud, Shirlee Pegol, Jan Tucker, Barbara Cooper. Second Row! Mrs. Clark, Maureen Hillsfrom, Ann La Rocca, Donna Farnsworfh, Shirley Bauer, Karhy Daigle, Fronf Row: Mary Ann Guerra, Rufh William- son, Jo Ann Texeira, Andrea Rodriquez, Leane Griggs, Thelma Bernal. ts' fm Pwdwizaw Pa+ Sglwoenenberger, Barbara Helfns Don Menzel Dick Fosier. sw, ew Back Row: Tom Harmon, Clvarles Simon Riclward Davis, Daryol Briscoe, Gary Cox, Gordon Ander- son, David Caldwell, Dick Lancioni, Don Wilson, Alex Sancliez, Gary Morgan, Dick Fosler, Warren Peylon, Roberl Rarneriz. Middle Row: Barbara Helms, David Niclwols, Denny Leon, Mike Wayman, Denny Olsen, Fred Lansford, Jim Dwar+y, Ray Sanclwez, Ray Gomez, Jim Raflilf, Jerry Saunders, Bob Gomes, Dick Anaya. Fronf Row: Leslie Nunes, Arr Villarruz, Jack Ryder, Jim Filzsimons, Sal Gayle, Bernie Sanfillippo, Bob Slnriner, Ted Nunes, Roberf Snyder, Bob Gozza, Charles Slieels, Belly Rossi. ' F' 41 -7 fiffahaada .Em Fourfh Row: Mrs. Collins, Carol Han- sen, Vivian Pifls, Sonia Coulombey, Belly Miles, Gladys Finn, Third Row: Emily LoGudice Elaine Gabler, Dar- lene Bonlrager Jane? Smillv, Roxanna Morgan, Doro+l'yru+l'i Carmichael, Sec. ond Row: Ilda McFadden Ndnelle Wims Jeaneffe Block, Clweri Hall, Mary Wallace, Karlene Lake, Front Row: Ariene Flal-ierfy, Frances Priola, Lili Gagliardo, Sylvia Orellano, Mary Mundy. w i 3 ri 1'7- 'Y'V' ,Q finki .fi Buck Row: Jackie Francini, Cliris Lipse++ Elisa Gallo, Mrs. Polilo. Fronf Row: Ann Parenfi, Joyce Popkins, Bev Anderson, Sara Burdick Marian Mor- gan, Connie Williams, Barbara Karan. sw., em Buck Row: Mr. Fecl'1ler,Torn BuVler,Jol1n Applefon Jirn Cifrano, Roger Hornbuckle, Bill Ckappek, Terry Oconnell. Third Row: Orlari Hollzen, Ken Zelmar, Jay Schulman, Edgar Tnornson, Roberfa Gaine, Bill Horning. Second Row: Esperanza Ramos, Bill Baily, Del Herfurflw, Don Wallace, Jolfn Cononnos, Frank Aguilar. Firsl Row: Barbara McClain, Judy Aslwley, Sandy Hurnberg, Karen MacClvesr'ey Nyles Sled- dard, Mike Rameriz. Q ,e A ln. Z .finco-.fin Back ROW! Kela Alexander Janice Sfraifon Felisa Ardanuy MY"'5 Bgah-nan Pal' Sfewarf Velnna Holli' day Joanne Signorino. Middle ROW! Wanda Wi'lia'ris Pa' Dallo' Ter- esa Perez Nancy Nogales Eldend Tobeck lrene Berger Pauline Zdriclw Gloria Spalafore. Frollf Row: Miss Fauqaef, Jean l-linaga, Barbara Ross, Lorila Tilley Marie Vega, Darlene Bills, Clwarlolle Di- Barfilo. U Q 7 Fronf Row: Rulh Williamson, Sian Wallcer, Sonny Sfearns, Darrell Watson, Sheila Bauer, Darwyn Farmer, Diane Johnson, Joanne Williamson, Julie Perez, Gerre Thompson Allen Mills. Second Row: Nadine Wendi, Ron Ober, Sfan Siegel, Jane? Smifh, John Verico, Jay Schulman, Coleman Talberl, Don Ober, Joe Vega, Colefle Freifas, John Conomos, Marilyn Schumale, Marie Vega, Jean Givens. Back Row: Rodney Hills, Richard Burron, Eddie Huchabi, Dan Reed, Ken Canova, Edgar Thorson, Kay Wolf, Barin Bassis, Bam! Since i942 when Lincoln firsl came +o life, we have nor been wi+hou+ band uni- forms. Bur lasf spring lhe Board of Educalion vored 'lo purchase all 'lhree schools new uniforms. The Lincoln uniforms are Navy Blue wi+h Grey lrousers, and Gold braid. We, +he sfudenls of Lincoln High wan+ fo exlend our grealesl rhanlcs lo +he Board of Educalion. Am Back Row: Judy Scofr, Judy Burch, Eliso Gallo, Felicia Hiclxs, Marilyn Anderson, Sfella Gardner, Sydney Whilcomb, Claudefle Williamson, Sylvia Berrera, Kay Yellum, Vernice Miles, Lanieve Loveall, Marian Morgan, Mary Ann Hunler, Rulh Williamson. Third Row: Darlene Paulson, Gerri Dorsa, Leslie Rosenquisf, Frank Blasidell, Dave Gould- ing, Darrell Wafson, Riclc Uhl, Ted Dresser, Al Paffison, Sfan Lopes, Marilyn Myers, Elisa Perez, Cheryl Beaulieu, Deanna Wilrauen, Second Row: Margarel Chavez, Phyllis Margolis, Marilyn MacKenzie, Ernie Feliciano, Fred Brewer, Charles Chappell. Jim Thill, lsaac Vasquez, Jean Schmidl, Sandy George, Darlene Schmidf, Belly Rossi, Diane Roggy. Fronl' Row: Mr. Carler, Toni Minore, Judy Gifin, Bill Anderson, Wally Landlord. Sian Walker, Myron Marfwiclc, Nyles Stoddard, Ken Canova, Paul Ramaril, Pele Mahlaman, Joan Ellis, Gerre Howard, Mary Lou Fil- ley, DoHie Ellrin. fbance gancf lack ROW: Bev Jung, Nadine Wendi, Don Ober, Joe Vega, Vernice Miles, PennY En9ll5l"- RRY Sedillo. Fronf Row: Judy Gifen, Jay Shulman, Sian Siegel, Ron Ober, Par McFarland, John Verrico, Gerre Thompson, Kay Wolfe, Darwin Farmer. Uackubra Buck Row: Marie Vega, Ken Canova, Bev Jung, Nadine Wendi, Ed Huclraby, Dan Reed, Edgar Thornson, Don Ober, Coleman Talberl, Joe Vega, Coleffe Freiias, Rodney Hills, Barin Bassis, John Conomas, Allen Mills. Middle ROW! Darwyn Far- mer, Sheila Bauer, Rulh Williamson, Ron Ober, Slan Siegel, Jane? Srnifh, Sfanley Wallcer, Diane Johnson, Sonney Slearns, Darrell Walson, Jay Shulman, John Verrico, Richard Burlon. Fronl' Row: Gerre Thompson, Kay Wolf, Marilyn Myers, Joanna Williamson, Julie Perez, Felicia Hiclcs, Jean Givens. Camera Shy: Par McFarland. I. . Back Row: Sydney Whilcomb, Sandy George, Marilyn Anderson, Marilyn Myers, Diane Roggey. Middle ROW: Bev Jung, Marion Morgan, Mary Ann Hunfer, Diane Biggs. Fronf Row: Kaye Wolfe, Darwin Farmer, Gerre Thompson, Judy Gilen, Mary Lou Filley, Gerre Howard, Dofly Ellcin, 'gms 4 V gf' ,Zi e X c,,.,.11-fm i 5 Conlrary Mary, Jane, and Alan arriving in Toyland, f. ,H -1 Ma in vwzme f This year, fhe firsf musical ever presenfed in fhis area by a high school group was pu? on by lhe Lincoln music deparl- menl. The musical was BABES IN IOYLAND, wrirfen by Vit- ior Herberl. The operella was a huge success. Now, every year our music deparfmenr will presenf an opereffa fo fhe communify. This will lake fhe place of lhe Spring Feslival usually pul on by The Lincoln High Music Deparlmenf. CAST Judy Gifen ' Al Paifison ...... ,, .,.,..,..Hllda . l,...,, Jack Mary Ann Hunler ,, ,..,....,,,. Jill Judy Scolf ,,,..,..,... ......... B oPeep Wally Landford .,., ,.,,...... B arnaby Joe Vega ......, .... .....,.,,...,..,.... T o m Elisa Gallo ,,..,,. Bill Anderson ..,.,,,,Widow Piper .,,.....Gonzorgo Rick Uhl ......,,,,,.. .,,,,. R oderigo Vernice Miles .,,.. Nyles Sfoddard . Dolfie Elkin .....,., Dolores Schoffman Sandy Nickel ...,......, Claucleffe Williamson ., Ernie Feliciano ...A..,,, Isaac Vasquez .....,,, .,,,,.,,,,,......,.Jane ,,.,...Conlrary Mary ,...............Spider , .....,...,,........ Bear ,......,,Fairy Queen .,....,,.,,.Marmaduke .......Masler Toymaker Myron Marlwuck ,....,...... .,..,.,,..,,,.,l....,,,.......,..,,,,,.,,....... G rumio The chorus and res'r of lhe characfers were faken from ihe Lincoln High music deparlmenl. The music was provided by our orcheslra. .I FU' A i A5 Here we see Wally Langford rehearsing for fhe pari of Barnaby. fmketu Back Row: Carolyn Goss, Naomi Dosfal, Elaine Mcl.aggen, Wanda Merlzins, Barbara Madson, Mildred Toms, Barbara Lucevich. Third Row: Judy Hillsfrcm, Glennda Chiefield, Mary Lu Cole- man, Myrl Dean Bryanf, Sandy Niclrel, BeHy Wise. Second Row: Mrs. Hari, Ginger Perez, Adela Roberrs, Darwin Farmer, Earline Walker, DeAnna Wabraven, Marie Pizzola, Front Row: Margue- rife Banos, Connie Cafenia, Marilyn Jansen, Carol Horiclc, Sharon Slrolnn, Valli Adams, Mary Ann DiaHa, Barbara Coopersfein. J V' .1 """ , f"g li"""1""' rl'-'1 1-v ' ,, ,,,I 8 111-1 1-1 .mme H gy-'- fl - John Gales, Norse Blauard, Charles Simon. A llfqli l' l f A 'Mir' ,- A' ' X NL ' 5: 1 "' All ' Vw.: 5' 'V' . tg, K '. f,'y:,.f,Q - gl'-f.fi"fi5'f fr .' ,, s v,c, ,gi fr .' W ,x XX J any , ' ,w ,A all 'l v 6' J rv ! 1 I ,Xi I, A i . if 1 Q IW.-R ,141 ll :Ngfis X A QQ? W' - f i.r,4a 1 A K- 1491 N . ? f 41 A. 7 K ' 1 -.g I 'P' 1 4 4 rg. 'VL j Q " :ff My , ji 'rf K. Cf Q ,xx Z! Q Some of fha Lincoln S+udon9s onioying fhomulvos ef a dance. X .X me 'XX X 'E' ,-X 1 rm A Melvin Toeclc, as Maryin' Sam a+ lhe Sadie Hawlcin's Dance, wi'fl1 Sian Wallcer and Ver- nice Miles, Sandy Malzahan wi+l1 Qlwe car she won an We Magazine Drive. Jim Brazda, Diclc Lansconi, and Bob Norman, af work on flue sfage se+fing for "Kind Lady." the all school play. -1 lf' R K X .R v 92- IO. II. I2. I3. I4. Ib. .ar Flying High Cheesecake Ride Em' Bronco Rhelf Bufler Pur Your Liffle Fool Down by fhe Sea Reinlisfmenf Blues I Walk Alone Hi Ya' Fella Buddies Roclr Love Daze af Sanfa Cruz Nalure Boy So77? Buddies Till the End Haiii Baba and Bedro om eyes x K. W ui 'X-, 'N'-2. 'fx R+, ry M5 M lug' it I I7. I8. I9 20 2I 22 Q 23 ls' 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3I 32 I "ii ','.' s"L v ' , ,VV, lv mein, F, as I The Three Muslcaieers Good Old Leo Boffoms Up Young Love Aw Come On Lovely l've Been Thinking Beauiiful Dreamer The Lineup Wild Women Sisfers Srudy Hard Slurnbering?7? Young and Foolish Ice Cream and Cand Sirfing on Top of The Y W orld 2Q?'?5f?i""'?, h 7 LINCOl.N'S 1954 VARSITY FOOTIALL TEAM. Top low: Fred Marburg Ron Walson Rach Morgan Ron Blanco Ed CiHi, Tony Realmonfe, Jack Saarfoss, John Laveroni, Paul Prokop Middle Row Jim Haglund Wayne Fine Fraser Slrallon, Don Munox, Don Dirianzo, Wall Tranchina, Dave Cox Ron Ward Ffbllf ROW Terry Benglveno Ted Sanfos, Joe Lindsey, Frank Ragone, Denny Dudley, Hank Olgunn Harry Rodda Jlm Braxda Lincoln sl'ar+ed on +he winning 'frail fhis season by winning lheir firsl 'lhree games agains+ Capu- chino I4-71 Menlo-A+her'I'on 3l-6: and Burlingame I9-7. The lirsl, a pre-season praclice game was high-lighled by a I5-yard pass from Dudley lo Searfoss in fhe +hird quar+er for 'lhe lirsl louch- downg and also a I5-yard end sweep by Dudley for fhe second fouchdown. The main louchdowns ol +he Menlo game were a 46 yard run by Olguin, Tranchina's 22 yard run, and a pass from Jones +o Sanlos. The game againsl' +he Panfhers was our +hird win. The firs+ 'louchdown was a pass play from Dudley fo Thush for 60 yards in 'Phe firsl' holf, and in +he +hird quar+er, Dudley compleled a 30-yard +oucl1down pass play fo Haglund. Two rough losses hi+ 'lhe Lion Ranch, as Willow Glen upse+ us 7-bg and +hen we losl' a +ough game fo San Maieo I2-6. A 3I-yard pass play from Dudley fo Rodda ser up our only 'l'ouchdown in 'I'he Ram game. ln lhe fourfh quarfer Dudley ran 59 yards fo fhe Rame eighl'-yard line, buf fumbled and lhe Rams re- covered and froze 'l'he ball 'for fhe remainder of 'lhe game. While play- ing fhe Bearcals we made our only fouchdown in fhe 'fourfh 'quarrer when Dudley faded baclc and fhrew a I0-yard pass fo Tranchina, who, in furn rhrew a 25-yard pass +o Sear- foss in fhe end zone. "Super Mouse" slrirh end for a sizeable gain in fhe 2nd quarfer, as e Cepu chino defender fails fo caich him. The Lion man on fhe Iefi is unidentified Afler losing fwo sl'raigh+, fhe Lions came bacl: wilh wins in lheir lasf four games. The firsl' was againsl' Sequoia, as fhey rolled over fhe Cherolzees 44-0. Olguin made fouchdown runs of I5 yards, four yards, and also rock a Dudley pass for 46 yards for his fhird iouchdown. Ted Sanfos smashed for a fhree yard iouchdown and caughl' a I0 yard Dudley pass for his +wo fouchdowns. Denny Dudley was ihe sfand-ou+ of fhe Jefferson game, as our gridders slushed over fhe lndians al' lhe "Mud Bowl" 37-I3. Dudley passed 'For +hree fouchdowns and made a fourfh on a one yard buclr. Jim Hag- lund made a beau+iful infercepiion and ran lhe ball baclr for a 40 yard fouchdown. The high poinf of lhe Palo Al'l'o game, which we won 38-6, was a beaufiful carch by Rodda righ+ from under lwo Viking defenders. Dudley iurned +his so-called close game info a run-away for Lincoln. Besides ihe pass fo Rodda, Dudley complefed beaufiful passes fo Wayne Thush and Walr Tranchina for iouchdowns. Ted San'l'os ran for six yards and Tranchina and Olguin made fwo yard bucks apiece for 'lhe ofher ihree iouchdowns. . 7-,LY - .lv L Ur' I Ill -Bt' .9 las if "Q " 4 3' M " ,W-vuv"1"' . ' Q., - 1 ,,, I , . M14 . ,- ,V ,J x J, ,. ,, J- t W Aw. .- , ' . .. ' mv . " f fr - ,f from Q -f' .f ,M .fr-V ..f,,--' ,f . W, ,, . .. f .,,,..,1 , , 7 I , 1 " . , ware- in , -, ' . .a :Ani N 4. V' 5.1 r- 9, M, 1-'67 V' as ' - " Q ' ' "0:.J.'1, K , .5 . .' . 5 ' .qw v I f , ' 1 A H , ,.f,,sQA,.,g, I M . ,nf J ,.V.Qf-e"',,1-, , ,ragga N .Ii W 'MV ,, W, . ' I, se- .-Q , A . ,fy ' I-,Ib sa' ..v.7v,,,f:,L V AA, ,, W . , . 4 o . A T LM .,e nu' S-?.,,,.,. Irv.. 'K ivy, an - ,. I 'Suit A' ' .- Y ' 2 " " ' V' V ,, " I 'r " . .ak lawn. .JA I... WM, ,. 4. N,-1 Av.-Y . Picfured above is Ted Sanfos wi+h +l1e ball in fhe Menlo-A+l'ier+on game. The olher Lion picfured is Paul Diagle. Lions Lions Lions Lions .....,. Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions .......,l4 Capuchino ,, , 7 ,,,.....3l Menlo-Aflwerlon , 6 .......,I9 Burlingame 7 6 Willow Glen 7 6 San Ma+eo ,I2 ....,...44 Sequoia 0 ....,,,.37 Jefferson .. I3 ,,,,.,..38 Palo Alio . . 6 ........33 San Jose .I3 Picfured below in +l'ie Sequoia game is Ted Sanlos wi+lw lhe ball, and Harry Rodda Ofher Lions players are piclured in fl-ie background. Q. r, 'L . 'Di x 'DWWTVT Y V 'V a n a The game on Thanksgiving Day wifh San Jose was a hard foughr baHle. The Lions won +he game for fheir lifrh consecuiive year by 'the score of 33-I3. Nor only winning fhe Big Bone, buf 'lieing in second place wi+h Palo Alfo in fhe PAL. The Lions pu+ fogelher a 70 yard drive in six plays wi+h +he climax coming on a beau+iful 22 yard run by Dudley for fheir firsi' fouchdown. Taking over on +heir IO, Lincoln sfarled a march which gave ihem a second +ouchdown. The nexl' play was +he one fhai blew fhings wide open. Dudley +ook a la+eral from Tranchina and raced 82 yards for rheir fhird fouchdown. San Jose fumbled and Tranchina recovered and ran 65 yards fo score. Lafer Ed Ci++i in+ercep+ed a pass. Dudley passed +o Thush for I9 yards +hen Olguin loured righl' end for 22 yards and an- ofher +ouchdown. Picrurecl below in The San Jose game is Wall Tranchina wifh The ball and Frank Ragone - 98. -fu Wil nl 'uname-uqgnn-c-3 ' tif, W ,, , Sc, vu' 'L ',.,"7w ' fi. , 1, cf.. ,- ,L Iiltlw n bi 'ullwlllml 'K"S'i"'5 1 1 ' 6 Q QAIQLA x 'Hn if f ,f M-5 4 A Din S .na-1, B Piclured above is Jack Searfoss, making a greal calch iq fhe San Marco game. lQ r iv! ?...........s e f- W-W .gs i'K"lf"E C Q . ill A Q.. .s9" . s -1 -' 2 ' -Lv, Qs' .Bama Make 1411- Gdq Three of fhe Lincoln Lions made fhe All-Cify feam fhis year. Denny Dudley was chosen bacl: of fhe year, Don Dirienzo, faclzle and Wayne Thush, end. Four Lions were chosen for fhe second feam. Ed Ciffi, and Ron Ward were chosen guards, Walf Tranchina and Hanil Olguin as backs. Lions making fhe Honorable Menfion were: Jack Searfoss, endg Jim Brazda, faclrleg Dave Cox, cenferg and Harry Rodda, baclc. Denny Dudley, also known as fhe "Super Mouse," averaged 4.4 yards per carry and had a fofal offense marlc of II6l yards, which was a PAL record. He complefed 60 of I02 passes for I259 yards fo break bofh fhe Peninsula Afhlefic League and fhe Sanfa Clara Records. His I4 fouchdown passes fied fhe PAL marlu. Don Dirienzo played a bang up game for fhe Lions af defensive fackle in addifion fo doing a fine job af cenfer, while subbing for fhe injured Dave Cox. Wayne Thush was a sensafional pass 'receiver and a fop nofch defensive safefy. , - S or -' . J' Y A U I . Mix' 9 '7' P' ' 4 1 4 ' ., 1 52. Congrafulafions go fo all fhe boys on fhis year's foofball feam, for fheir swell iob. They won fhe Big Bone from San Jose for fheir fiffh consecufive year, fied for second place wifh Palo Alfo in fhe PAL, Denny Dudley brolr PAL and Sanfa Clara Records, and fhey came home wifh 6 wins, 2 losses, and no fies for fheir very successful year. 1954 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD. Ffbllf Row: Joe Vega, Bill Burdick, Pa? Reek, Tony Venrmiglia, Joe Yafes, Tony Herrera, Tiny Sanchez, George Jalkson, Sian Perry. Second Row: Alberl Rordiquez, Gene Henderson, Bill Gil, Adolph Greeninger, Mike Jones, John Brazda, Ronnie Tragne, Gil Sanchez, Richard Jordan. Third Row: Joe Gafo, Allen Marchick, Bruce Faulkner, Paul Diagle, Louis Perez, Joe Vanhorlan, Gene Bowen, Richard Reynolds, Larry Branum. Fourth Row: Larry Cufler, Alex Donahue, Norman Schirle, Dick Toledo, Joe Hill, Richard Burfon, Don Lee, Bob Marcipan, Lyle Miller, Alex Casfro. The J. V.'s compiled +heir bes+ season in 'rhe hisrory of Lincoln, as +hey fied only one game while winning seven. They showed +heir all-around superior offense and rugged defense by srarfing wi+h a win over Sanfa Clara 27-I3. The viclory over +he Rams 25-7, was credifed mainly fo +he line defensive work of Richard Jordan, who recovered fwo fumbles fo ser up fwo fouchdowns. The game wifh Lick was lied 25-25, as we allowed +he li++le Come+s fo roll over our rhird and fourfh sfringers in fhe second half. Jones passed for 'fwo louchdowns and made anorher +wo-yard run in fhe firs+ half. Jones confinued his scoring spree in The Campbell game as he ran 'for a fwo yard iouchdown and passed for anorher fo Joe Vega 'fo win +he I3-9. Pai' Reek was +he offensive s+andou+ in fhe San Jose game, as he made lwo +ouchdowns in fhe first quar+er. Sian Perry and Tiny Sanchez also made iouchdowns, Perry on a infercepred pass for 40 yards, and Sanchez on a pass from Jones. The Mr. View game was a run-away, as Adolph Greeninger made +wo +ouchdowns in fhe firs+ half and Gene Browne ihrew 'lo Gil Sanchez for 40 yards and a fouchdown +o spark a 3l-I2 viclory. The J. V.'s squeezed pas? an inspired Fre- monf eleven I9-I6. A remaich wiih Willow Glen, fheir lasr game, fhe Lions complefely rolled over +he rams, showing rheir superiorily in every phase of 'fhe game. If was in +his game fhaf fhe season cap+ains were chosen - John Brazda and Tony Herrera. Plcfured above in rhe James Lick game is Mike Jones wifh fhe ball behind John Brazda, No. 39. Dick Toledo No. 75, Fred Marburg No 83 and Pai Reek No. 38, are fhe ofher Lions picfured. 'Q 45 Our 20's compiled a 2 win and 8 losl record, and come Slli in fhe SPAL. Lions. ..,, 38 Willow Glen ...., ,44 Lions .,..,,.. 45 Palo Allo ., ,. ,.,,, U32 Lions.. ..,. 47 Sequoia . ,,.,..,...,. H44 Lions,, 30 Menlo-Alherlon .49 Lions 25 San Jose .. 44 Lions, , 29 Willow Glen , 45 Lions ,,,27 Palo Allo , ,,,., ,33 Lionsw, ., 38 Sequoia H , H45 Lions ..,,..,. 30 Menlo-Allierlon ., ,38 Lions ..,..... 35 San Jose .......,.,.,., 49 4- 15 20's BASKETBALL TEAM - Firsf Row: Ron Miller, Tom Boyce, Richard Davis Craig Malzolin. Second Row: Bob Morrison, Joe Garrison, Dennis Carfer, Bill Madson Nor man Jenks. -S 1 12" 'iv L l0's BASKETBALL TEAM -- Back Row: Tom Avilla, Bill Alvord, Jack O'Connelly. Middle Row: Frank Spagnola, Tom Cummings, Roy Jacko. Front Row: Bill Poe, Coleman Talburl. Our l0's compiled a 6 win and 4 loss record, fo come oul in 3rd place in lhe SPAL. Lions Lions Lions., Lions Lions, .. Lions. , Lions, Lions Lions Lions ,..,, .. Willow Glen . Palo Alfo Sequoia ., , Menlo-Allwerlon San Jose ,. Willow Glen , Palo Allo , Sequoia . ,, Menlo-Allwerfon San Jose ..,, 4l I7 Zl 20 32 27 29 27 24 23 3655333 32955955-fQ PALO ALTO SEOUOIA MENLO ATHERTON SAN JOSE WILLOW GLEN PALO ALTO SEOUOIA MENLO ATHERTON SAN JOSE WILLOW GLEN Luons Lions Lnons Lnons Lncns Lyons L ons Lows L ons WMQL yy QI. -fs I 7 5 qu 9. Sequora Menfo Affwedon San Jose W'1ow Glen a o AMO S cs o e Afhe an 65 W w eq 0. A 4 - I Q " s L I ,H 5: X x L '1 If n i nh , - 0 ' l "Ig , Qs x V ' Law 64 Parc, Alfg . 57 . ' 4 . 53 - ' , 62 I I I7 if ' 48 P L V ' 50 e M fa ff I , 54 M n'oA rf L E 49 San Jcse I, 5 V F' ow G! S5?V wa, , itat- yn...-4 VARSITY IASKETIALL TEAM - Back Row: Don Wilson, Lynn French, Gil Sanchez, Jim Braida, Don Dirienzo, Jim Haglund, Jim Ford. Middle Row: Gene Bowen, John Brazda, Jay Shulman, Ar+ Villaruz, Richard Morgan, Larry Cufler, Ron Wafson. FfOllf Row: Tiny Sanchez, Wali Tranchina, Harry Rodda, Wayne Thush, Dick Lansci- ff 'mul . . -uv one, ack Searfoss. Z ' , ' 4 7 1 , L Xv,f,'L1f, . ,E Ll 55 ffl H ' -.fflil .f 2 . lfj' , fqzffnf . 14 LQf'uL1 VM Cvwi ly in ' 1514 pf 5333 Y I' X, ni Q' i f ,,, as , ,, Am axial .4 55' xx x-1 ' ,4, '. ,jd " 5 4 1? Y, my gi V' r Q 'f Q Q A 1 , A 9: 'K x ' if " J S A : -' 3 i A5 W, A V ,A . mr, .L . ,,,-. . , .. .WM I Q s I 3 Y W , Q X ' ' 9 T X 'N' km P is Hin 1 F A F' I' '4 E v .-'f .T Q .af 4.1. 0 547101294 :'Q.1Q' :fd X 4 0 lhfsl' Q fl ,,!" 1,1 ' if 9 fs'x'Rx,' ff ' , :QU ' ' 7 3 'C' rv " I3 1.7 'Q' ,lv A. L7 Jim Brazda faking a shoi in fhe firsf game of fhe SPAL Championship playoffs wiih Capuchino. Bing Cerri, Capu- chino player and Don Dirienzo are also piclured. Capuchino look 'lhe lead in +he SPAL Championship playoffs by winning over fhe Lions 40-37. The game was evenly played and no more +han six poinls separafed +he fwo feams. The Lions fool: an early lead in 'rhe firsl' quarler on lwo iump shofs by Jaclc Sear- foss and a lay-in by Harry Rodda, bu+ Capu- chino soon caughl up and relained fhe lead for lhe resf of 'rhe game. The second game of lhe SPAL Champion- ship was sef in a deadlock, as fhe Lions came 'lhrough wilh a 50-43 win in fronl' of 2l0O screaming fans. The Lions jumped inlo an early 7-0' lead and mainlained fhe lead 'fhroughoul lhe enfire game, excepl' for a por- 'rion of fhe second period when 'fhe Muslangs enjoyed a shorf lead of I9-I8. The +hird.game, which was played in fhe Sfanford Sladium, was fhe final game of fhe playoffs. This game decided who would play a+ Berlreley. This was a hard fouglrl baffle, as bolh leamslwere really playing good ball. The baffle was nip and luclc, all lhe way, bu+ Capuchino fool! lhe lead in lhe ihird quarler and pul fhe game on ice. Final score 44-37. f 1 I . Q xo .5 C I Ji' ' 1, it D ni Q ja ff? 5 Igignw if 1 in .ig A 6 Q 1 f Y' I N XSS N No I 'QW-M -,Uwe A 5. Q,.. X 4. Y 2. . - 1' Q-QQ vga -fr 3 O 1 Ak - aw-'ima 'm 4. ' if AG' fi g-i' , Q 4 V r 4 1 3' 5 ,f ,. x' 3 wg H' a ' Q si , 3 3. Q 'I , .DQ 'IX , 4 fx V 1? vi aw. , "TQ, Sz-w. -5 W . -26-EBSQ' ,, A..: . V In-ja' 'vw-, 5 Q-.rg f'Z""' We 1- -fa , I '15 . Q 4 F 52' I 34 Q ,,,, -.np 1. - , .fn Larry Hall laying if up in an unidenfified game. The 30's los+ fheir lirsf game of 'l'he season agains+ Palo Al+o 35-25. They +hen displayed all- around power in handling Sequoia fheir lirs+ SPAL defeaf, 40-26. They defealed +he Menlo Bears 35-3l, 'lo move in+o firsf place lie wifh 'lhe Bears. The 30's +hen los'I' fo San Jose 3l-29, buf came baclc for a grea+ win againsl' Willow Glen, 49-35. Lincoln's +hir+ies, keeping pace wi+h 'rhe league- leading varsily, came 'through wilh anolher win over Palo Allo, 35-20. The Lion's ligh+weigh'rs were 'lhen defeafed 37-26 by Sequoia. This pu? Sequoia in+o fhe lead in lhe league. The Lion 30's +hen look a 36-3I defeat againsf Menlo. The 30's defea'red fhe San Jose, Bulldogs, 37-23. This pul fhem in +hird place in lhe SPAL. Never 'rrailing by far and playing an oulsfanding game, +he Lions 30's losf fo Willow Glen, 46-45. 7 f 3 gn i ' will X V yi fi I X 1 f, XXL! N I . Ei' K E ,f an., ' ,u r I 1 .fm 2 5.532041 'XS -iii my fra , S A fs ' 4' ,' K- QEQQHTV I J -9 Q. ' 4 I I VARSITY BASEBALL - Back Row: Anflnony Herrerra, Don Munoz, John Laveroni, Mike Jones " Richard Morgan, Joe Lindsey, Dick Burlces, Frank Ragone. Fran? ROW! Ves Nolan, Harry Rodda Tony Realmonie, Denny Dudley, WalfTrancl1ina, Larry Taormina, Ed Ciffi. Uzfflz ti' Q Tony Realmonfe running info firsi base. Larry Taormina making a real swell cafcln in lhe Sania Clara game. ra .. :fs-w ' O-.Ill JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL - Back Row: Tiny Sanchez, Eugene Bowen, Bruce Faulkner, John Brazda, Norman Sclwirle, Jim Ford, Gil Sanclwez Rock Jordan, Jolvn Cenler, Jerry Delaney. FIOIIB Row: Dave Jordan, Rich Davis, Joe Yales, Tom Sningen-1o+o, Joe Hill, Alberf Rodriequez, Dick Toledo, Bob Marcipan, Bill Burfon, Bill Burdick. SAMBA!! JW Tony Herrera ready lo +alce a cu! againsf Bellarmine Taormina - off and running. VARSITY TRACK TEAM - luck Row: Ron Waison, Fred Marburg, Don Dirienzo, Jack Sear- foss, Dave Cox, Tony S+arbird, Jim Haglund, Wayne Trwush, Barry Rogers, Gene Landes, Pere Salvafo, Paul Proicop. Front Row! Pai Reek, Frazer Srraffon, Don Mariinez, Tom Baker, Hank Oiguin, Bill Ramirez, Ar? Viliarruz, Sian Perry, Fred Brewer, Larry Branum, Larry Curler, Don Ober. Jack Searfoss going over Hue high iump. X X , 0? EE B-C TRACK TEAM - Back Row: Vernon Ashby, Gregg Copeland, Ronald Tragney, Terry Anfes, Don Lee, Tom Boyce, Don Ferrerro, Milce Garner, Harry Brown, Jay Lof+house. Middle Row: Alan Wrighl, Lee Gale, Eugene Simoneffi, Bob George, Hugo Garcia, Joe Oropeza, Alex Ramos, Larry Hall, Johnnie Pacheco. Frcrlf Row: Bill Wesl, Ted Sanlos, Brian Schiro, Paul Rami- rez, Jaclc O'Connly, Tom Cummings, S+anley Yurfesl, Joe Vega, Adolph Greeninger. Hank Olguin breaking 'lhe lape on lhe l00 yard dash. aw I., 5 i ww' 5' ' and 'Zu --cnblf 'K M - A- Ted San+os passing +he bafon lo George in +he relay. !"""""" -1-Q ix " Milan xx: "M: "1 ::. -u 4 ' 12: :'-1 ,.., ' ... 1, ' - .1 we 95? 2 92341545 SWIMMING TEAM - Back Row: Don Clark, Lanny Heffner, George Musachia, Dave Gi+in, Randy McCaIIa, Vicfor Owen John McGinnis, Bob Lang, Johnny Wilson, Earl Davis, Lynn French, Anlhony Venlimiglia, Bob Norman, Tom Kirchen, Milne Mann, Vic Spraic, Tom While, Richard Reynolds, Poss Phelps, Alex Caslro. Middle Row: S+uar+ Hippler Ed Snyder, Glen King, Bob Low, Jim Campodonico Jim Gonzales,-Allen Donahue, Bill Madsen, Ron Williamson, Richard Cummings, John Flaherly, Bill Alvord, Gary Brinclc, Ben Slool, Dennis Carfer, Sian Lopes, Randy Baer. FY0llf Row: Barney Levy, Milfon Salau, Craig Malzahn, Colman Talberf, Dwigh? Huffman, Roy Jacko, Larry Bolfon, Jim Rafiff, Tom Avila, Dan Gofflieb, Sfeve Hagedohm. ' Nucl P1 cu- i "' V , vpn L 0 f Q 9 3 3' J r I . l' x 1 . 1 ' l 1 I D 1 s -Mx 115- Q as il A lr :V ' 5, ag x 'H - K in K. W , ,o . r- I I X X : 4 A 9 '- 4 ' :H l ...1 'wr 1 ' ,ff S x 1 :I Y r L1 S P L A S H - and lhey're off. ag-Uv -7 ' .,,,..,.-o-0 Q . 5 ,J F 7' -llc 10 I 4 -'. m"Q.r'P 1 , .. , , -QQ-:LP ' K 'x .....- -,+A P ,, Q? Q Y 2- . . ' - u 4 -Q , K A M - gn- KB, Q -1' wma ,gtg-.W.:, , , i V ' ' I ' -1 G " " V -W-. 5 ' ff t W: V 'ST 7 'Z -' Y- '. Ron Wnlllams and Bull Alvord swlmmlng fhe I5O yard medley Ben Sloof hslung a duve ai one of He swummung meek X Ben Sloof domg an unndenflfmd dvve IF 13 . Vi .. 1' 'Y GOLF TEAM - Back Row: Dick Lanscioni, Earl Pykeff, Alan Marchiclr, Dave Jordan, Jim Sulli van, Richard Brumm. From Row: Harvey Kohs, Freddie Larisford, Gary Caldwell, Denny Olson Bob Kagel, Richard Parenfe. 5555 Dick Lanscioni - "Teeing Off." 349 1A " I x .N x.1..sAa rr ' f' wx pa.-. FYOIIY Row: Rose Sanchea, Arrfoineffe Minore, Colelie Freifas, Jocelyn Prole, Julia Perez. Second Row: Rose Chavey, Darla Barnes, Roxanna Morgan, Avalon Swain, Gloria Sanche1, Angie Velasquez. Third Row: Joanne Williams, Belly Burfon, Lida Chase, Mary Ann McCloud, Cheri Hall, Janei Johnson, Marilyn MacKenzie. Fourfh Row: Sue Jefferies, Jean Zoernsch, Joy Carlsen, Marian Hines, Virginia Miller, Jane Harf, DeAnn Biggs, Marilyn Jensen. 1" 5' 3 ,Q ,s 4 an 4 ' av SPRING FALL Sue Jefferies ,..,,,.,,,..,,,., .Presideni Jocelyn Prole ............,............. Presidenf Julie Perez ,,,, ,,,, Treasurer Julie Perez ,, ,...,....,....,..,...., .....Reporler Jean Zoernsch , , , , ,, Secre+ary Rose Sanchea , ,.,,,,..,, Vice Presidenf Arlene Rusche . ., , Vice Presidenl Anfoine++e Minore ,,...............,.. Secreiary Sharol Lang . ....,,. ,, Equipmenr Moniror Colerfe Freifas ........ Equipmenf Monifor Sandy Culcasi , .... .. , .. ....,, ,,Reporl'er GAA is a girls organizaiion a+ Lincoln, where ihe girls fake parf in all lcinds of sporls. They go fo playdays a+ oiher high schools, and receive poinfs for each playday af+end- ed. When fhey have received 200 poin'rs fhey receive a GAA Block. Affer +ha+ each IO0 poinfs +hey receive a s+ar. They can ge+ poin+s by going +o clinics, playdays, par- +icipa+ing in fhe club, a++ending GAA mee+ings, baslzelball games, fennis games. volleyball games, and fhe lournamenfs. They can also earn poinls in 'lheir regular gym class by being on a winning +eam, being winner or runner-up in an individual spor'I's fournamenf, or by ialring fhe responsibilify of capiain or equipmeni manager. The purpose of GAA is +o promo+e general in+eres+ in sporls, develop an under- sfandinq of sporfsmanship, and +o increase +he in1'eres+s, resourcefulness, and leader- ship in heal+h-giving and wholesome ac+ivi+ies. ,Any girl who is inieresied in physical educafion acfiviiies can ioin, so come on girls and ioin. 1 Tff 1. 'H 2 F M . 1 Z E'-' W W 1 8 T Y if rw.,- 1 S 87, 1 A uqlaw 'N 3.- I-att 'J I he-u-.si , 4. . , J. . F V il -1' I".Y:i5y- .V .4 .rr I-'1 I ... 4 , ' Q Th 1 1 E S LINCOLN3 1954 F. F. A. OFFICERS: Dan Murray. Ssrgean1'ofArms: Lynn French, President Gregg Copeland. Reporferg Bob Paradiso, Vice President Ray Rdmef. 5eC"0f-ifyi Mr- RBISTOY1- Advisorg Ron Davis, Recorder. Above wi+h Gene Landes is "Pee Wee" as he lips fhe scales af 36 pounds. A+ righl is Ron Davis worlt- ing on "Pee Wee." Ac+ivi+ies in fhe F. F. A. s+ar+ed off in grand siyle ihis Fall wiih over 7570 of our boys showing a+ fhe Sania Clara Counfy Fair and collecfing over S750.00 in premiums in fhe Junior Division. Knowing how viral money is fo ihe success of a Program of Work we immediaiely wen+ 'io worlc. Before ihe Xmas Holiday season we had builf our 'ireasury up +o over S900.00, fhrough +he sales of an adverfising posier, walnuis, fomaioes, and Xmas Card orders. The Kiwanis Club of San Jose assisfed +he chapier by Sl50.00 in helping our Presidenl' and Vice Presidenf represen+ us ai' fhe Naiional Convenfion in Kansas Cify. The Willow Glen Kiwanis lilie- wise helped send our own John Kochever, fhe S+afe F. F. A. Treas- urer, fo ihis convenfion. fs 4 ,. . - . -af'-s i ,f J 1 ' lf v X.. .fix vs 1 l l X g' SPRING FFA OFFICERS: Mr. Ralsion, advisory Dan Murray, Treasurer, Jim Washburn, secreraryg Ron Davis, presidenii Gene Landes, vice presidenlg Gregg Copeland, reporfer, Diclr Toledo, xenfinel. LYN' Ffencliis Pfolecl' l-'-'9ln9 lUd99d fo' PVOPGF C0mP9li'l'iOH. in which Lincoln look all firsf place honors for fheir second consecufive year. 12263353 'i if ' ' , 4 , V J X ily r 'H A 1 , if i f" fff f 1' ' v5J'- Ave' , f. 4 ,' ,I YC If za 1 I 655 "Sl J C -Q ff' 'W' mf' ff 4, 4. i -fl X 43 3 f:f'1"f f 1:-H2w.ff.1 Y 7 1 I I 1 J 3 4 9 1' ijy 2719 Igg,-rammed BK BlPCmMH hndkmm ABRAHAM LINCGLN HIGH SCHOOL DANA AVENUE SAN JOSE 26 CALIFORNIA Dear Seniors The other night, when I had run out of what I considered good television shows and really was at a loss to know how to entertain myself, I turned to the yearbook that was issued the year I gradu ated Two hours went by like a flash in going over the pictures of the old friends I had made in high school, wondering where this one was and where that one was There is nothing that will give you students more real pleasure than to go over your Monarch This, of course, is true when you first get it and sit out in the hall and get the signatures and personal best wishes from your friends But you will find that each successive year you will get out that Monarch and look it over from beginning to end to review your memories of your high school days I am sure that one of the closest links between school life and your adult life is your yearbook. Look it over often and revive fond memories of your life at Lincoln. Sincerely, Robert B. Kennedy Principal RBK3bb . ennedy ' e ' . Principal ' San Jose Unified School DiI!IiC! I I A I A I 1 v Q I 4 L U . . o A U of-new arming lack low Walt Tranchma Sgt at Arms Don Dlrlonzo Sgt at Arms Front low Harry Rodda Vice President Art Vnllarruz President Norse Blauard Treasurer Pat Shannon Bullua Worley Reporter Secretary SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN GRADUATION Calvin Emborg, Lavonne Gomes SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE Diane Naegeli, GeneraI Chairman Decorations BeverIy Cassell, Rodney Julien lids Sandy Malzahn, Marlene Loughead Refreshments Babs Bigotti Theme Mary Ann Hunter Time, Place. and Date Wendy Carlson Music Jay Shulman Entertainment Bill Gianatasio Patrons and Patronesses Betty Compton SENIOR PICNIC COMMITTEE Dave Cox, GeneraI Chairman Place and Date Joan Fay Senior Dress Committee Mary BorreIIi, Stan Siegal Transportation John McGinnis, Carl Castro Food Ordering Nancy Beard larbeeuing Richard Tucci Food Serving Jenny Lind, Barbara Bager Entertainment Frazer Stratton Sports Dick Lanscioni Clean-Up Conrad WaIton 1 tf -.av Amelia Belly Anaya Richard Anderson Beverly Anderson u Anderson Gaul Anderson Gordon Anderson. Gwen Anfes. Marleen Appleton. John v,-H Q9 Acuna Ralph Agullar Frank Alvarado Monica if 2. an-fi' pr, if 1 r ,J -A 1 Arfonis. Violet Ashby. Vernon Boch. Jean Baer Randolph Bagar Barbara Bahr Davrd l "SQ" I. Blazxard. Norse Blum. Alberta Boomer. Aura-Lea -X' 09 Q Baller va Baker Torn Beard Nancy Beckstrand Shelley Belt! Eleanor Benglveno Terry Berchfold Norma Bem Jerry it-l i ,P f"- 'Q' Bigoffi, Barbara ,-6 ,fi 17 if Bradley. Lyn Brazda James Briscoe Derol Burdnck Sara Butler Tom Caldwell David Caldwell Robert Canova Ken Carlin Georgia SM "'-Q? Borrelli, Mary Bovee. Joyce Boyer, Lila E' '-E 'fx A Carlson Wendy Carrasco Olwla Carter Nancy Cassell Beverly Castro Carl Cell: Joan Corder, Polly Cox, David Cox, Gary 1 Chappell Bull Chrlsfman Jam Clsneroz Conme Cltrano lm Cum Eddie Cochran Pat Collins Anita Compton Betfy Cook. Dorothy 'il' L, Dua: Llnda Dumfer Lee Dnnardo Louise Dmenzo Donald Dorsa Gerrle Dudley Denny Edgar Linda Elhs Joan 42 w.-J .2 15 i- ff" Cusunano Duane Dawson Flo DeLuna Rene 3' lump... hum. 'S 'Q Elrod Shirley Enborg Calvin Escaleda Delia Y' af' ' J J Y . ' A - , ., A X1 V . - f D " 5 1 'ra- Dresser. Ted an 1' . 4 ' J , , Y v ! f" . Esrrada Mary Faler Norlfa Fay Joan - Gates John Granafasao Wllham Giiin, David s--1 .2 ,aw Fehclch Doreen Ferrara Don Frrzsrrnons Connie Foster Duck Frantz PMI Francnnl Jackie Gaera Eleanor Gallo Elma Garcia Helen i Q'-7 Q. 4Q Goodman Stan Goua Robert Gr lldhauser Steve Guena Ruth Haglund Jlm Halt Merritt Hazeldohm Stephen Heffner Landon Helmgartner Imogene ,1-7 Gomes Lavonne Gomes Robert Gomez Idollna All 'NB 'hm Ji 1229 -3 if Helms Barbara Herfurth Del Hernandez Lupe Hicks, Filicia Hill, Linda Hines. Dorothy Lang Bob LCIISCIOIII Duck Lansford Fred W-3 Hunter. Mary Ann Jacobs, Roberf Julien. Rodney Karan. Barbara Kung Glen Kotslopulos Helen Kunkel Carlotta Lambert Tom Landford Wallace L i we-9 'QI Leon, Denny Lewls Daphne Lund Jenny Lindsey oe Llpsetf Chrlsflne Llpseh Henry Loffhouse Pat Long Marilyn Loughead Marlene 'R XNJ Makos. Connie Malzahn, Sandy Mancha, Julia vi in roy- TZ' "-.3 T i gf A wr Morden. Caroline Margolis, Phyllis McCann Norman McCalla Randolph McDaniel Sandy McFadden Patricia McGinnis John if :arf Medo Harold ii YV Menzel Don sl Z Mlqnosl Sarah Mlnore Antoinette Morgan Marlon Q-.nay 'Q v E7 we l Naegeli. Diane Nanny. Carol Nolan. Sylvester Nolder Don Norman Bob Nuerrnberg Diane Nunes e Olgum Henry Pacheco Jean il. Morris. Donna Lee Musachia. George Myers. Marilyn -44' Nl Rauf .Z Paradiso lob Parenre Ann Pomlllo Julie ji Paulson Darleen Perez Ellsa Perry Beverly J -1 f Reynolds Janet Rlblsl Lorene Rrdgley Johnny Perry John Peterson Beverly Poplun Joyce Prole Jocelyn Ragone Frank Ramirez Bill Ramirez Rachel Rash Carole Realmonre Anthony fl T"? 'S' xy' Rodriguez Bea Rodriguez Margaret Rosenqunsf Leslee Rozak Jennifer Ryan Berry Salas Hortencua Sancllea Rose Santos Ted Schmidt Darlene 1 Rlvas Ernestlne Rodda Harry Rodriguez Adeline 446: 1. - Schoenenberger. Pat Schultz. Nora Schwafel. Leroy Shumote Harold Snegel Stan Simon Charles Smuth Tom Sproge Vac Stohl Stan Stanford John Stanford Lee Storbird, Tony J 3 if Sulau Anna Mae Swenson Joanne Terxa Ida Tharsan Edgar Townend Marilyn Tranchlna Walt Tucci. Richard Uhl, Rick Van Dien. Sharalynn Stone Dorothy Sfrafran Frazer Srumpe Elaine 1 '1- "1 1 'K lol Van Osdel. Mary Vasquez, Janet Villarruz. Arthur Wallace. Don Walfon, Conrad Ward. Ron Waymun. Mike Wessell lrwln Wlllunson Melba Wllllams Connie Williamson Claudette Wilson Don , 'Q Gamma Shy Dulcie Hamillon Louaina Jones Leonard Kurze Molina Nicolasa Leslie Nunes Warren Peylon Carlos Mexicano Kay Yellum Mary S. Esfrada Carol While 'GKX T TW Wil lfgl ffl" L A' 'W iln order of Appearancel lid, will 'i Syl? PM " fl il if Penny Sycamore Essle ...,..,........ Rheba ..,,...,,.... Paul Sycamore . Mr. De Pinna.. Ed .....,,.....,... Donald ,.,.. Grandpa ,.,... Alice ....... Henderson .....A Tony Kirby ...,..., Boris Kolenichov Gay Wellingfon Mr. Kirby ,....,.. Mrs. Kirby .....,. Men ....,,,..,,,. Olga .,,....,, .,......,,Niclry Arfonis ,,,....Gail Anderson Marilyn Myers ..,..,.Norse Blazzard .,,....,.,Bill Anderson ,,,.,,,Slan Wallcer Rick Uhl ,.,,,,...,,...,Rodney Julien ........Connie Filzsimons ,,,,s...,..,sHanlc Olguin ..,,,..,.Landon Heffner ..,........Jim Cifrano Lavonne Gomes Wally Landford Gallo ,,.,..Joe Lindsay, Joe Geddas Claudelle Williamson IMWIW K M gfylj if y' NI f XZ X l X X l I vwjfi me s W Qmllilyf f ,, f' 4 - ff 1,0 is f fffff' ff 'f YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU One of 'rhe mosl' oufsfanding acfivifies of l'he senior class of I955 was fhe Senior Play which was presenled December 2 and 3 in fhe Woodrow Wilson Audiforium. This year's seleclion, "You Can"l' Talre l+ Wifh You", was a comedy wriffen by George Kaufman and Moss Hart The sfory concerns fhe lives of an exfremely ecenfric group of people, fhe Syca- more family. Under fhe direclion of Mr. Granville Bayse, all fhe characfers were excellenfly porfrayed. Equal credil' for fhis produc+ion also goes lo Tony Sfar- bird, sfage manager, and lo all fhe fac- ully advisors, commiffee chairmen, and all fhe commilfee members. We can in- deed say +ha+ lhe success of lhis year's Senior Play was due 'ro fhe combined efforfs of lhe enfire senior class. ,,, x'?" 7::r7P H' ' 'P' 6- ACUNA RALPH J V Foolball AGUILAR FRA NK Amblhon Radlo man ALVARADO MONICA Wardrob e Comm Sr Play Am vn Nurse AMELIA BETTY mm Sr Play Amblhon Molorcycle Rider ANAYA RICHAR D ra 'llc Com m S S res Sefs Comm Sr Play F Repaur C r oofball ANDERSON BEVERLY L Senaior Splrlf Comm Wel Comm lnfer School Council fume Comm Sr Play Amblhon Womens Apparel Buyer AND ERSON BILL naior S S P Sensor Track ANDERSON GAIL All School Play S emor Play The n Sclely C S F Leoles ANDE RSON GORDON lnlramural Foofb l al Soccer Baslref a ANDER ANTES MARLEEN Y earbook Ambnho S SON GWEN n Gef oul of J wllh M L APPLETON JOHN Senafor S S P Sparlf Comm Properhes Comm J V Foofball Golf Baseball AmbIllO n Doclor ARTONIS VIO LET lNlclryl MISIFESS of Ceremomes Welfare D Sensor Play Noon Ac? Comm ASHBY VER NON S S P Cons? Com Baslrelb I m Sr ay al Traclr 30 s Mgr 0 s Baslrefball BACH JEAN lnl er Club Council R l lnler School eahons Comm BAER, Properhes Comm Traffuc C Swummlng, B RANDOLPH omm askelball BAGAR. BARBARA Elechon Comm, Locke C S F A r Comm , mblhon S ecrefary BAHR. DAVID BAKER, EVA Ambuhon Own my own resiaur ani fare Cos 6 S Y BOVEE JOYC OYER LI BRADLEY. LYN BRA Fo BRIS Cross Counf BURD Ch Sla BUTLE CALDW .e , L ff lxlxxxf lf .M 439, nncoln CALDWELL ROBERT elball Cufy Baskelb Il CANOVA KEN Julre Box Comm Chr Noo Comm B mm CARLIN GEOR CARLSON WENDY All School Play Noon Acl Comm m Do Raghf Comm Bldg 8: Grounds Comm Yearbook Amblllon If llne Hosless CARRASC O OLIVIA G A A c CARTER NANCY Noon Ac? Comm Scenery Comm Sr Play CASSEL L BEVERLY Gnrs Vnce Pres Chr Hea h Welfare Comm S nalor C S Amblhon CASTRO CARL Chr Trafflc C omm Llghllng S Play Safely Council Amblhon Mechamcal Engmeer CELLI JOAN Noon Ac? C omm Scenery Comm Sr Play CHAPPEL L BILL Inlramural Foofball CHRISTM AN JIM Traffic Comm Properlles Comm Awards Comm F F A Fair BI Rnbbons on Sfeer and Sheep Ye bool! CISNEROZ CONNIE Locker Comm Do Rughf Comm Ambnhon Business College CITR ANO JIM CITTI. EDDIE Foofball, Baseball COCHRAN, PAT Head Yell Lead S er Plflf Comm S , ana? Sec Gold en Axe Nursung COLLINS. ANITA COMPTON, BETTY Dlrecfor Fashuon Show COOK, DOROTHY CORDER. POLLY G A. A. """'a f I -rv 1. 1 "" i-L-ff,'i,N 'sf ,Q fx -fx, - . A --Ibflpxi if Hp' A1 I -,dzvwgll A..x -of f ' . 'I IAM- ' " W . UB' ffl: -la 211 14 1:-3 'f ?! '15.,' .. ,,,-J I y .I 4 I .J in f .1 -7 -, 1 I , R9 1 Til N qfuf-1 Im. la' . '-'1.ir.x.1I wa-, :W ucv- . L.:-w fp af If we-sea ' , P . Hr. yy L lifesl - bg - - ' ' C. . F. I Cosfume Co .1 . . l ' I . I ' - ZF' ' ' . T f" .: . . P .1 I.. ' . . . , . I 1: : k: ' ' ' 'I ,' , , -5 Q ' . f. . ' ' 1 I 1 I I . I Se 1 I . . res.: ' Pl yg U ' D - pla o ' : I. . .1 l'I . - l I ' b H. ' ' ' " I ' , , ' hz' . . res.: ' ' ,g , - ' L. - ., . r.: ' : . . ,, .' '-'I - ' . .I res.: . . , Q B I : in 7 T - 2 ' S 3 . S. .5 . g AN I 'lm JT 7 ll Iii? 5,446 if ff lu if qi 5 Wm il-ff.-..-..-. L: Boys Vice Pres Pep Leader Sensor Play Senator Fooiball Golf COX DAVID Chr Elecllon Comm Senalor Fool bal Traclc Block L COX GARY Amblhon Mechanlcal Enguneer CUSIMANO DIANE Yel Leader All School Play SPIFII Comm DAWSON FLORENCE Chr Cafelerla Comm DE LUNA RENE Noon Acl Comm Hey Day Comm Senalor Foofball Carloonlsf for Luon Tales DIAZ LINDA Amblhon Sfenographer DIMTER LEE Ambullon Pholographor DINARDO LOUISE Pom Pom Glrl Spiral Comm Eec hon Comm DIRIENZO DONALD Properhes Comm Loclrer Comm Assembly Comm Foolball Baslcel ball Baseball Amblhon Coach DORSA GERRIE Pom Pom Glrl Spurll Comm C S F DRESSER TED Swlmmlng DUDLEY DENNY Foofball Baslrelball Baseball Block L EDGAR LINDA Assembly Comm Program Comm Sr Play Amblhon Therapusf Occupaflonal ELLIS JOAN G A A ELROD SHIRLEY Mgr Fashlon Show ENBORG CALVIN S S Pres Senalor Elechon Comm ESCAJEDA DELIA G A A Fashion Show Commenla of ESTRADA MARY Ambnhon SECYETBFIBI Work ESTRADA MARY S G A A Amblllon Typlsl FALER NORITA Assembly Comm Do Rughl Comm ECTION Comm G A A ear bool: Cosfume Chr Sr Play FAY JOAN om Pom Girl Senalor Spuruf Comm Awards Comm S S Pres Noon Ac? Comm FILICICH DAREEN lnler Club Councnl FERRARA DON Traffic Comm Locker Comm Traclc Ambmon Business Man FITZSIMONS CONNIE Publxclly Comm Assembly Comm Awards Comm Senior Play Pres en Axe C S F Leoles FOSTER DICK Spcrlf Comm FRANTZ PHIL Spiral Comm Noon Acl Comm FRANCINI JACKIE Publlculy Comm Elechon Comm Assembly Comm Assi Dlreclor Fashlon Show GAETA ELEANOR Amblhon Beauly Operalor GALLO ELIZA GARCIA HELEN GATES JOHN Senalor Sleerlng Comm Sr Play s 2 s Bas e ball AmbITlOn Lawyer GIANATASIO WILLIAM GITIN DAVID Awards Comm Swnmmln Tenms GOMES LAVONNE Secrelary Inler School Relallons Comm Acl Comm Senalor Chr Fnnance Comm Sensor Play CS F Golden Axe GOMES ROBERT Ambuhon Ta e over Fai or Busuness GOMEZ IDOLINA All School Play GOODMAN STAN Pres Baslrelball Tenms hr Rlghl Comm C S F Golden Axe GOZZA ROBERT Traclr GRUNDHAUSER STEVE Properhes Comm Bg Bone Ball Comm GUERRA RUTH Properly Comm S Play G A Banlc Ambnhon Nurse HAGLUND JIM Foolball Baskelball Traclr HAIT MERRITT Do Rughl Comm Senalor Bldg 81 Grounds Comm P oo ba Swimming Golf C S F Isles HAMILTON DULCIE HAZELDOHM STEPHEN Traclc Swlmmlng Amblluon Science HEFFNER LANDON res y P wum rnlng F Go en Axe Amblhon Velernnarlan HEIMGARTNER IMOGENE Elechon Comm Welfare Comm G A A HELMS BARBARA HERFURTH DEL P Senalor Fool a s Baslcelball Baseball HERNANDEZ LUPE Us er Sr Play G A A Ambnhon Secrelary HICKS FILICIA HILL LINDA Head Yell Leader Senalor Ambl hon Medical Technician HINES DOROTHY Chr Assembly Comm Do Rlghl omm G A A F Am hon Fashion llluslralor HUNTER MARY ANN Inler School Relahons Comm C S F Amblhon Music Teacher JACOBS ROBERT oon Acl' Comm s Baslcelball Golf V Bagea JONES LOUAINA JULIEN RODNEY Properhes Comm Semor Play All School Play KARAN BARBARA Awards Comm Welfare Comm Inler Club Council KING GLEN KOTSIOPU LOS HELEN Chr Sprrll Comm Lion Tales KUNKEL CARLOTTA E I or Llon Tales Publucallons Board Elecllon Comm Chr P S P A Conf Senafor KURZE LEONARD LAMBERT TOM LANDFORD WALLACE Radlo Arls Senior Play Ambnhon Radio LANG BOB Swnmmlng LANSCIONI DICK Go B s e a Foolball Amblhon Commereqgl Arllsl' Golf Pro I': : ." ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' - ' " - ' ' - . - ' " . P .5 Sr. Pla 7 S. S. res.: S ' - ' 7 F. A. A.: C. S. .g Id I ' I I ' ' ' ' ' ,g .1 ' 1 ' ' Gold , 'I . .1 rl . ' - ' ,I ,, . I Y ' " ' .p . .1 s. s. RSS.: : I. II: ao' - ' . : . . J I - , A . . 'I .. ' ' ' 7 ' -I - I C ' .: . . .1 C. . h bl- ' ' 1 ' IO' 0' lc I 1 C. S. F. ' ... ' I 1 D . I .5 0 o n ' V Golden AXGI Lnon Tales. Assembly Comm.: Awards Comm.: ' . . . N . .1 lo' a 20's ' ' ' I 1 : 1 J. . b Ilg ' - C. S. F. - I h 'S , 'I I , . .1 ' : ' : C . Do- ' + '. ' " ' ' dw ' ' I : ' ' - .: i I . -I - . . . H . I ' H I . r. 1 . . A.g V EI ' .' . .I Y 'I ' ' ' - ' .':' S. S. res.: F' I- ' P' - - , , -- ll: ' ' g g . . .: Leo- . ., ' U U' h U ' . S. S. Pres.: .Ifg a lc lb llg J. V. LANSFORD FRED 20 s Baskefball LARMER WARREN Amblllon Sfudy Bugs LAVERONI JOHN P Foolba Base a Ambxllon Polnce Work LEDESEMA ISABEL Ambnhon Allend Sullnvan College LEON DENNY LEWIS DAPHNE Yell Leader Spun? Comm Do Rsghl Comm Senalor Make up Comm Sr Play AmbIIIOh Aurllne Hos ess LIND JENNY Publlclfy Comm Infer School Rela hons Comm Chr Programs Sr P C S F LINDSEY JOE Senafor Foolball Baseball Semor ay Awards Comm Grounds Comm Ambllnon nouncer LIPSETT CHRISTINE Assl Slage Mgr Sr Play Make Up Comm AmbIIIOH Denhsl LIPSETT HENRY Assembly Comm Head Publlca Ions Board S Pr Senalor Track Cross Counlry C S F Leo LOFTHOUSE PAT Yearbook Arhsl LONG BOB LONG MARILYN G A A Ambnhon Denlal Nurse LOUGHEAD MARLENE Gurls Vuce Pres Chr Spurnl Comm e eader Pres Go en Axe Senafor LUNDOUIST ALICE Inler School Relallons Comm sembly Comm Heallh 8. Welfare Comm Radlo Arls LYON GAYLE DIFECIOY of Publlcnfy Senalor C r u luclly Comm Leo IIGS Lnon Tales MADERIS JUDY Treasurer Acl Comm Inler School Relahons Comm Senalor Golden Axe Ambuhon Foreugn Aflanrs MAKOS CONNIE Bldg 81 Grounds Comm MALZAHN SANDY Noon Acl Comm Acl Comm Dnreclor Fashion Show Cl-lr Ushers Sr Play AmblIION Mgdel MANCHA JULIA Yearbook Swllchbard Bank Am blhon Bookkeeper MARDEN CAROLINE Locker Comm Senalor Golden Axe Ambnhon Secrelary MARGOLIS PHYLLIS Am :hon Nurse MCCAIN NORMAN AmbIIlOn Calif Hughway Palrol Officer MCCALLA RANDOLPH TVGIIIC Comm Noon Acl Comm Swimming McDANIEL SANDY SPIVII Comm lnler School Rela hons Comm Do Rvghl Comm Am bnluon Prnmary Grade Teacher McFADDEN PAT S nalor Locker Comm Noon Acl Comm G A A Yearbook McGINNIS JOHN Co Chr TYBITIC Comm S S Pres Swlmmnng C S MEDO HAROLD MENZEL DON Lnghflng Comm Plays MEXICANO CARLOS MIGNOSI SARAH Acl Comm Juke Box Comm m buhon Secrelary Chr Heallh 81 Welfare Comm As sembly Comm G A A Awards Comm Amblllon Nurse al S J Hospnlal MORGAN MARION Do Rlghf Comm Usher Sr Play MORRIS DONNA LEE Noon Aol Comm Juke Box Comm Spsrnl Comm Senalor MUSACHIA GEORGE Spiral Comm 305 Baskelball Swimming MYERS MARILYN Semor Play C S F Ambnhon Leadung role ID a TV Play NAEGELI DIANE Chr Ac? Comm Spnrlf Comm S NANNY CAROL Dar of Publlclly Publnclly Comm Splrll' Comm Chr Mag Drive NICOLASA MOLINA NOLAN SYLVESTER Am :hon Muslclan NOLDER DON NORMAN BOB Awards Comm Locker Comm r Scenery Play Swnmmmg IOc 81 305 Baskelball NUERNBERG DIANE SPIYII Comm Ac? Comm Infer Club Council Amblhon Prlmary Teacher NUNES LESLIE Foo+balI NUNES TED Cafeferua Ambmon Navy OLGUIN HENRY enafor Radio Arls Fool a Track All School Play Semor P'ay PACHECO JEAN V Yell Leader Sel Comm Pay PARADISO BOB Ice Pres S P e Senalor s Track 30s Baskefball Agrncullure PARENTE ANN Do Rlghl Comm Noon Acl' Comm Inler School Relahons Comm PORTILLIO JULIE Ambnluon Denfal Nurse PAULSON DARLEEN Fashion Show PEREZ ELISA Do Rlghl' Comm Make Up S Play G A A Ambulnon Police Work PERRY BEVERLY o C S F Ambll Com merclal Arllsl PERRY JOHN es PAAmulon Au IO Recording PETERSON BEVERLY Chr Welfare Comm Assembly Comm Ambnhon Denial Nurse PEYTON WARREN Ambmon Agrlcullure POPKIN JOYCE Inler School Relallons Comm I Ier Club Councnl Healfh 81 Welfare Comm PROLE JOCELYN Healfh 81 Welfare Comm G A A RAGONE FRANK Senafor Foolball Baseball Block RAMIREZ BILL Track Ambmon Prlnler RAMIREZ RACHEL er Sr Play G Amblhon Telephone Operalor RASH CAROLE Noon Ac? 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Co a' m e I. ,I 1 , I - I- ' N -. . .1 h. - I , I Co. .1 . . .1 . per- l' ' U - - .gl Ir. I.: '- ' ' I 'I ' . - u I 1 x 1 . . .1 G' ' 'I ' S. S. les.: Ilg kg L' ' I J " ,I . - I 1 ' ' b II. '- GD A., A. lion - Agriculfure "ForesIry Serv- S 3' . A. A.: - 1 . - - - I ' 'lg . ' U h' . - ' . . . er. . I I - hi.: 8 . - . L' ' 1 k ' In 1 -i 1 I ' rf . - I H -I ' - - S. . I .7 1 b ll. I I. ,T - I " -Tab 'l1"g'. g- - - In U - D: , - ' I .3 . . res.1 F - 1 . - 1 I1 - 1 1 1 . . ' 1 . . , - ' N ., s. s. P QQ I I I I ' I ' .3 ' r 3 r. I I 1 . . . 'I' -- . I JN , , , ,4 Z1 W xNT7Ql'ff4fiW N517 fwfr' Wig? J ffl fgiwyll TW: '24 jfff! 1W'm?ZHW'll " nf, Mf X'W L MN WWE! Jfmvafw f ix? Qfifw 4, X I ff!! Xfff, l We would lille to urge all students to patronize the people who have advertised in our bool: We are thankful for thenr cooperation as it has enabled us to increase the same of our bool: and to p the quality of advertisements. STRATFORDS I5 Som? Flrsf Sfreef Dan Reed and Sfeve Omrdnaaser are IooIcInq over a beau+iIuI spor+ Iackef snown 'by one of STRATIZORDIS saIesn'1en. Men, qc Io STRAT- FORDS and see The cIo+FInq Iney Ieafure. They awso Carry a compIe?e IIne of womens dofning. 'QM- TI-IE STYLE MART 37 Wasn'nq'or DAO Lasc'cn7 arc BCC IIef'nan ax snewn ICOIQ- '3 Cfe' 'ne wofserf. 5eec"cn 55 Cowes We STfI.E MART Teahfes. OWS 'Ca even' 435+ CIN 7 -'ner' 'hey awso Ieahre oaffng women S apsarel. KERLEYIS USED CARS 205 Wes? San Cares I-are Ig Shmgy Ergo ans JV' C"'IS""Ef7 ooIc7"q 'fe senne of 'se eeaJ"f, Cafs 5'3" KEPLEV S. T T ey, '5 glfng We nc 'se wee '-3i""A'Q 'ne if-ea yf 'ers W v Im a1fA'e5 s"ea'n 'ei VI: WJ afe 'f ff M5 ..,' 'Q J use-3 ca' 's fne mace ' 0 PATIO FOUNTAIN SHOP 57 Wasningfon Thick creamy maifs and banana seIIfs are on3y a Few of The deIIcIous IInInqs +Iwe PATIO IZOUIXITAII-I 'as ro offer you. BeverIy Perry and I.Ida Chase are ssrne of The happy Cusfomers Tnaf paffonize Ine PATIO FOUNTAIN. 1 V ME "Je NAV-Assy-f1' IC4 69 !ra:"c'3n ' I 2, H'-' Qce? , - .. :nies 5:11 ' e 9 f if Cafes W 'U ' '.'ef'e'i ri -nf '-'.f'f'i'U f" " 'ff WML :.f fer' -frfwf:-,,'-., Q-....,., V fa' A" -fa -V- :'f::3- F 'E' A '3:'1 I . ,' ,' ,': Z 'fp 'riff 51-1, "ef 'ave 'Q FHL' ye.. f-er.: XX , sy A' wx RYAMS SDCRTHIG GOQDS 717 Dafk Fwewe S:,:f'5'-Me 3 fry ' me. 1' anis agan nneans our fiom: 'Q Cowm Jacsez azz Lanny Heffnef snows nw fa Crete: fze of ivffnfr-Tng fn, from We farqe selcC"ene of scene eoyrfnen' from RYAWS SPCRTWG GOODS. fu Y 2,7 'fix a1."L pr?" 4, ,. cu Q e-5' P x , ,JS ,. mcg? SPRCUSEREITZ CQ. Wafnqcn Sana Cafe wine .. ,Q neec? 33225, :Vs T13 if ans vases a f -- ,c. 399 " any SDRCLSE REITZ CQ. nas Henq' Lise" ana Myrna Gray are iocklng over a cornprefe sezecvlon of greeting cards. 3 cz, , 'HE VEQQ' N'f'+RT K , A ':':' X 'i' We Si , Afne ,QM 'enefi an: vcnnnj, SJGEEUS are gngfr gefnc 2' 5 seenen 3: ccwscy nafs. Tfg vERRN '.'.,ARv Sseja : n :'c"'n:g :Cf sides 'C 5-:fee':. vne, 53: A a fa 'Q O' :A A .- ,F Nfln V12 V' V .1 - 0 ' 4 xl MARG-LAD'S I202 The Alameda Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well lhis isn'l a dream. ll's Marilyn Townend wearing a lovely crealion 'from MARGl.AD'S. If you wanl lhe finesl in afler 5 wear, lhe place lo go is MARGLAD'S. They also have every- lhing you will need as a prospeclive bride. A if 5' IN" I I-2 PARK AVENUE HARDWARE I737 Parlc Avenue Going fishing or hunling? Now is lhe lime lor you lo gel all your sporls equipmenl logelher for lhe busy sum- mer ahead as Bob Paradiso and Pele Silvado are doing. Why dor1'l you go in and loolr al lheir merchandise? They have lhe finesll REITER REALTY I8l5 Newhall Mrs. Milchell is showing Carol Fieldcamp and Carol Nanney some ol lhe excellenl homes and properly REITER REALTY has on lhe marlrel. ll you have any real eslale problems lalce lhem lo REITER REALTY where lhey will greel you wilh a smile. Many Lincoln sludenls live in homes purchased lhrough REITER REALTY. ANDY'S PET SHOP I22O The Alameda Piclured are Gerrie Dorsa, Wendy Carlson, and Jeannie. Jeannie is lhe smallesl one. Whalever lype of pel you wanl - ANDY'S has il. ANDY'S also carries a complele supply of every ilem imaginable your pel rnighl need. Even if you aren'l looking for a pel, why don'l you slop in and snoop around? They don'l bile. 593' -2-1 ,Q A 3 COCA-COLA 763 The Alameda Anylime is COKE lime. Joe Vega and Bob George are sampling a delicious COKE. For ihe pause lhal refreshes why don'f you lry a COKE? You can'+ go wrong. I I O TWIN'S YARDAGE SHOP 435 Bascom Avenue Girls why don'+ you malre your guy ia shirf ro ma+ch your dress or slrir+7 Where can you gel lhe loesf maferial7 Why, +ha+ is easy, THE TWlN'S YARDAGE SHOP. Why don'l' you go in and loolc around ar Their beaufiful selec- fion of yardage goods? C O E T A ' S I245 The Alameda Here is Pal Shannon and Pa? Cochran modeling fwo beauliful dresses from COETA'S. COETA'S specializes in everyfhing for fhe modern girl, buf 'rhey feafure bridal wear. So if you are loolcing for somefhing nice for a special day, go fo cOETA'S. M A D E R IS' I7lO Parlr Avenue N If you are in a pinch for lime why don'f you go +0 MADERIS7 S d H an y umburg and Roy Jaclra are looking af some darling loys fhal' any child would love fo have. For school supplies and everyfhing you need o fo MAnsms'. ' 9 xl , X 1 "o 'rex-L E YL4. -N ,M xl 51.4.-Q T N 3 lx paf, v ,. -Ilpn f irfzt' 'fills POUR LE SPORT I749 Park Avenue Bev Jung and Sherry Forsyfhe are modeling some beauli- ful Lanz creafions. For somelhing a lillle more exclusive go fo lfoun LE sjgwnr. dlp ll? T - T GN 1, KLQW like N flu GN XJ- ' ' ii- Kw JNV fr' 1 P. BARDAHL l444 McDaniel Do you have gummy rings, siicky valves? Is blaclcie car- bon hiiching a ride in your car? If so lhe lhing you need is IARDAHL. Janefls faiher, Mr, Grisham, is fhe BAR- DAHL dislribufor for Norfhern California. Sandy Levy and Judy Bafien are locking ai a beauliful aniique piciure. For somefhing fha? is a liHle differenf fo grace your home, go io FREUND'S. i 1' 'E if Fi-1 MT NG it LiTrvG',-HAPMY LAN JOSE GREEN FROG SUPER FRESH FRUITS - VEGETABLES - GROCERIES Two Slores To Serve You 960 E. SANTA CLARA 2090 THE ALAMEDA Open Till Midnighf Every Day FREUND'S I 740 Parlr Avenue f l 1 my I fy If f Y ,fgl Mc -yfE,.!'b If ff X!!! ,if ll I. 0.81 ffl ' f ff 1 1 , j i, . D ! ' - - ff l ,' !' 1 'ff tying' M2 F V iff' W OL 059 .f I ll, f A 4 f If X' .ZX . XX I XV E,lV gi' V V ,I -V , ' Q2 f lm, f ' ykjgfff XII AN X 'ifyffw 1- My wh' , fix 1 X 'fall ',,,, fi' ' ' R . 41X X ' jglf i el A , ,. Y In , -" .-I --- -l fx fff, ?y,t1hLiI"f, ' 5. .. ,,. Q I .N 'xi x V' X, . ,M gs fmlcfifgffjlg icww LC fu? L Plfwf ff Q iz Mfg 'CN JM K UAA' 1' Xi ,- 1' KJ-1 rw ,f-"UN I' III Jwff ZWQW 1 ,J nV ix f' ,2'f 'L., 9 X X ff' ,V 5 X, 4."7gs H J fsgtfy ,iff Wi Ycgfqf' 2-iwiigf f VV ,E 5? 8 X1 'W Qi 11 jf 0'-Z X mm 7 Egg? J xfx X K. QXXXX QMN XXZL ,gf ijiwgf' If R W1 X ,J Jwdvfi 1 X X M ,M 1 YXUQJ X W, :gp f"X X Q49 X--Xi gy X '52,-1 xx S I X X WAGE 51 M fm wwf Q S V gk'-I C-1 X xxy XX X QX 415591353216 LIIFTIIUUHBI X VV Vg, VV! VJ, VV! V 1 K1 QSTY f f ' j X Qf1f?i?73" y ' , f :XNVA -' N . 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A 'mm' Aff' 5 Y 11 V 1 fl, I , Mk V ff V - V ,X 5 VV, .UV ,l,Q:x ! I xp-,go VV V V B 1 1' ' IW? X - . 5 , 7- I 1- - , . ' ' 'N' 2' 11.37295 Q. A . X- ' , fy I fl xx 1 V, ,X 1 - 5 gy A . 1 . 1 N , 11 J V X i 3 VX W VN . 'VV iq V V Q VVVV, Y YV V Vx V - V1 V, 1 L V? V V1 ,AV -V , V , ,. fx , f""1 s .h ,1' N '1 xtw . q T1 1 , , V f 1 N X XX ' 1 V, 1 1,23-f .XV Vf -x 1 KV ,. VNV ,Vg V , X1 . A Q VV .V LAWN iii! X og VPN V XS .I AV I I N ' W . XA ff - fm 9' N: "pr: P . . J ,-' ,uh ,1 11 V , ' 1. 1 .fix - , - A4 V X 1, Af 1 1, V 1 . Q f , V . X V V V 7 VR x.,,., V W .. V D VVLV . V 5 N 1 1' 1 V -1! IH '5"f h , x 1 1' 'X 1 q' . 511 x I 4 51' ' 1 x , x .- 1, ,Q , ,1 ,' A V 7 uri K g 15 11 df 11- J .. . ' ,ff , ft 'x- 3 , V1 . 'M.w Q 1 1 11. 1' 1 5 1 " H -, 1- W 1 , '1 VW .,, X ' ' 'f5j N' 7, 9 ,1,' ? 3 rf . R1 .f g P , ' ' X 1 1 'W' 1171 ' fi' 1 " f J 6. S XX I ix ,Q ' ' 1 X 1 I 2' ' 5 -' - . . f 1111- H- -S1 ig-we 5 1, 11" Q i V! 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