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ns, Q ht if -Q Q Q as . " fi. Q4 M' if if .: KT - If iw? Q 1 'Q' 2' 5 M"-7. -w. , '41 I d ff .K.. , if -rv as i N 1 f514f,,..i f if Q if H l, . if M ' 4 Ev Av - V, 4 Y. I ,W if 4 Q W6 E , 2 q tu 5 ' ' Q Wx Q 1, z L' .- lx RV' 49 ., Q," -S-M:-?"" g .. 1 2 I if fa if up 'SL K " I -1 I , L4 ,Q mf 0 A HY .4- s. K1 q. ,sn 1 'ur 1 M' K 9' 9 ,!f,, x 5 . 1- :v I I! , ' , 1 N I n I W ' ,J A f ' x Pr. 4 , f , i G 'W' 'v 3' ' ug 5 ' ' f w " Q A' uv I. 336- 1 'S , hr n- .' U wif' , -. 1 , ,v Q' liz f, .fn 1 fa' 6 . . Nh D Ai " " i 1. V Q 9 5 P f , ' Q lv 1 . ' q '45 3 - 5 " ,,, 'I ,a 6 ' 3 THE MONARCH 1954 I 3 ABRAHAM LINCOLN HICH SCHOOL SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA 6 I 'x -J. if f 15 if ,D Zi, ', V ff, 'RN - ' .iff -yi 11' I 4 .N , ' If 9 if 2 Q1 s 41' A 4 2 ' UW ' . 'lx V9 'It' x if .- xv. 5 " . 'L E. . -K , as A U2 C A . .H Ik 1 6 .Q '.,,LA r I ADMINISTRATION 4 3 - .1- lab I4-I L44-I ESMF.- .,,,7! ' it T... if A 3 5 PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE Have you ever slopped lo +hink abou+ +he name of your High School - Abraham Lincoln? Doesn'l if lake you immedialely +o lhe man you have sludied all of your school life - Abraham Lincoln? How lucky we are +o have fhe name of so greal' an American for +l1e name of our school! And isn'+ he always an inspira+ion for us lo keep our school in fhe same paHern of fhe life he lived. We can +ruly say fhaf in all our achievemenfs in counfless fields al' Lincoln, curricular and ex+ra-curricular, we have kepi' a qualify of humilify +ha+ he possessed. Like Lincoln, loo, our High School +hinks of ofhers - individuals and schools. And like Lincoln also, i+ is our greaf desire +o be friendly lo all - in 'lhe halls, in fhe class rooms, and on +he field. We see in our "DO RIGHT" a reflecfion of +he greal ideals for good +o all and +he democralic life ihal he, as our greaf American leader, exhibifed all his life - Would +ha+ we could reflecf more of+en on 'Phe unique qualiiies of our school 'I'ha+ parallel fhose qualifies of Lincoln's life, and forever fry fo keep fhem +ha+ way. Abraham Lincoln fhe manl Abraham Lincoln High Schooll ADMINISTRATION 'cl M4 WI 'Pcs 192 IIIBOIS D'd:R57 c 'EO o of L4 G Dean S575 Pk Top Row: Alberi Beyer, Claude Barnes. Bottom Row: Woodrow Flanigan, Roberi Woilerf. Camera Shy: Henry Jacobus. GINA ONETO ELLA MATTOCH LILLIAN DRYSDALE EVADNA BELLONE RUTH WOODROW ROY SKINNER ESTHER WINSLOW RUTH SKOLNICK nhl' af I NORMA AUBRY FLORENCE BARNARD JAMES BOLAND GEORGE BRINCK if at DOROTHY BURGER vmcsm CARTER RALPH COLEMAN ELEANOR comms ' 41 fi 'T' .FRANK COVELL LEE COX RAYMOND d'ARTENAY DOROTHY EHRHORN 7? JACK ELLIS DOROTHY FAUOUET LINCOLN GORDON FECHTER HAROLD FISHER WYNETTE FOWLER RICHARD FROST JOAN GETTLESON EVELYN HART LBEN HOWARD RAYMOND KENDALL VQOLET LANNIS ALMA LINTON AQ RAMON OESCHGER ELGIE OGIER ADELINE POLITO MAUDE SHIVELY FACULTY GEORGE STEVENSON DOROTHY STEVENS LUCETTE SOMMER ANNA JENSEN GENE MORRTS V., M. C. RA Y-Y ,, iw wr? LSTON X P" HARRY ROSE DEL SMITH 00 STUDENT GOVERNMENT NANCY MORGAN Direcfor of PubIIciIy ' A Q17 FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Q I GLENN.PIERCE JACKIE ROBERTS Presldenf Direc+or of Finance JIM WILLIAMS Direcfor of Afhlefics JOHN STEWART Boys' Vice Presidenf in BARBARA NERELL Secreiary BETTY EASTON GirIs' Vice Presidenf Q 'Q ,S ., xiii STANDING COMWTTEE CHMRMEN CHEERLEADERS Ano rom ron sms SENATE JOYCE TAORMINA 3 Edifor-in-Chief JOAN PERUSSE Pholographer STAFF Exchange Editor ,, . ,,Judy Wilson Page Editors: Front Page, Carol Vivensii Fealure Page, Gloria Ramos: Sporls Page, Wayne Thush, Milne Sanders: Back Page, Pal Lewis. Reporters: Phil Torre, Nancy Morgan, Carlofla Kunkel, Norila Faler, Barbara Madson, Elinore Johnson, Arnold Lamb. Cub Reporters: Ross Phelps, Sieve Bergen, Peggy Williams, Joanne Swenson, Pal Schoenenberger, Bob Marcipan, Helen Kofsiopu- los, Lila Boyer, Pal Shannon, Darlene Bolin, Janis Moellering, Florence Fiance, Mary Belh Jecker, Donna Schurichl, Marcia Taylor, Carol Hawley. Advisor .. .. , , Mrs. Dorolhy Slevens PUBLI CAROL VIVENSI Associale Edifor MARK HAMMER Leoliles Presidenf LION TALES Lincoln's weelcly four page newspaper and 'the school annual are ioinlly published by lhe advanced- publicafions class. News of lhe school's sporls and ac+ivi+ies, along wilh personalily skelches, humor, and communily affairs, are reporled lo lhe sl'uden+ body. Special edilions of fhe paper aided lhe com- munily in such ways as 'lhe all-school play and +he bond elec+ion drive. CATIONS ELINORE JOHNSON Coordinafor of Publicafions PHIL TORRE Yearbook Edifor GAYLE SMALLEY Phofographer ARNOLD LAMB Business Manager MONARCH Abraham Lincoln's annual, named for ifs popular mascof, Leo, fhe Lion, is given fo all sfudenf body card holders on fhe lasf day of school. lfs pages are filled wifh briefs of fhe year's highlighfs. Monarch is more fhan a yearbook for fhe graduafion class - if is a bool: of memories for fhe enfire sfudenf body. LEOLITES Leolifes is fhe yearly liferary magazine published by a group of sfudenfs. The sfu- denfs work wifh Mr. Richard Frosf before and affer school. Included in fhe magazine are poefry, essays, and shorf sfories. 1 ACTIVITIES ff? Q la ff urn mr nv' ii" AQ rt Lu I nu uh: is .lluubrih hr L, Ili! urhu r4f"g',f i x L 11 ' . - 1 " ' V . . "' I I i : - 4. , . , 1 E ' 3 1 i - . I ' - L :- , ., 5 I - . . ! I f f 1 i 'E T T , 1' A 3 ' 1 I ' Q' ' ,Q ' . V f f s - -I Z ' rf X s ' 4 'A A . l Q 5 - -3 ' 1 " af N -xx 1 f N S Q 5 Y I r 9 1' L - ' L . 4 . A ,-1 , . . ' 4 ,5' - V . A f 'N ' . , . I ' . 5 : 7 I , ' - - 1 A f ff , , . , M - 5 1 - Q A 7- b 2' -- L. f' " 7 L 5" ' H -Q I W C' . : ' I " J - 'Q .2 1 A : ,. , f N 5 . - - .. ' gg. .M . ':14.-,979 X Bill Poe Presidenf as.. sf' 4.. . ,Ki if BQ Gayle Grisham Presidenf THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION AI fhe end of each semesier Lincoln sfudenis may apply for membership in C. S. F. The only requiremeni is Ien poinis for each semesIer's grades. Three poinis are given for an A grade and one poini for a B grade. Life membership is awarded fhose sI'u- denfs who have obfained membership for four semesfers, one of which is in his senior year. Each spring Ihe C.S. F. members are given a day off from school Io have an educaiional and recreaiional excursion fo some nearby poini of in+eres+. FALL C. S. F. s - Ig, imma GOLDEN fili X .Yi as XX af' 1 3 , I Bill Poe Presidenf GOLDEN AXE HONOR SOCIETY ln 1942 Golden Axe was founded al Abraham Lincoln High School. Membership is oblained by acquiring e. sel number of poinls. These poinls are earned by doing ser- vice for lhe school or communily. ln lhis way Lincoln recognizes +hose s+udenls who con+ribu+e many hours of lheir own lime in service. SPRING C. S. F. Alden JUNIOR STATESMEN OF AMERICA Lincoln's Junior Sfafesmun of American Chapfer is advised by Ralplw Coleman.Tl1ese parlla rnenfarians, oicfured above, delve inlo Ilne polifical ma++ers of inferesl. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL OFFICERS Top: Diane Nuernberg, Befiy Eas+on, Lila Boyer, Gloria Ramos, Boffom: Diane Jergens Farum, Grefchen Pauli. 'Ab I., PRING Q ir s Q D yfi' rf: 5 ri? G7a.nZv 'lim ,N . MARCH OF DIMES During lhe March of Dimes Drive Lin- coln girls collec+ed money in down+own San Jose. Each year Lincoln has broughf in more money fhan any other cify high school. This yearis collecfion amounfed fo over SI900. ln +he piclure fo The lei? Lucille Lilleviclr is receiving a donalion from a San Jose businessman. nf tviv S GIRLS' JINX Breaking from lradilion, only one iinx was held for fhe year I953-54. The idea was a grand success. The +herne for ihis bigger and be'r+er Jinx was "Nursery Rhymes." In fhe pic+ure lo +l1e righf a rendirion of Johnny Ray's "Cry" is being presenfecl as par? of fhe enferfainmenf. Mrs. Jensen's Sophomore Club lbelowl was one of fhe evening's winners. s gf. 'QJYDAP ' -VMI if s'. Q, . 93 1 V 1 - ff. ,J 0 Q, dv v' Commiffee Chairmen: Bonnie Oakes, John Peary, Leon Magoon, Gayle Grisham, Liz Brallhauer, Sylvia Gil. ACTION SHOTS OF THE PLAY THE NIGHT OF JANUARY 16th Time: 8:15 p. m. Dale: December 7lh and December Blh, l953. Place: Woodrow Wilson Junior High School. The Superior Courl ol lhe Slale ol New York lrying lhe case ol lhe Slale of New York vs. Karen Andre was lhe ex- ciling plol ol lhis years all-school play. An imoarlial iury from lhe audience lislened while wilnesses were called lo leslily whal lhey knew ol lhe murder of Bjorn Faulkner. Alden Danner Mark Hammer Babs Buechner Jim Gregg.. ,. ,, Mary Ann Miller, Jori Lienerl. , Barbara Blue., Arnold Bryman Merrill Hail . Arnold Lamb. John Applelon , Frances Moe Leon Magoon Pal Murphy.. Joyce Ayrech Hank Olguin Jim Williams Gail Anderson Carolyn Driskell Juddene Linneweh Defense Allorney Sleyens Dislricl Allorriey Flinl .Roberla Van Renselaer Police Officer Sweeney .,. . 1 Magda Swensen Karen Andre .. . Prison Malron Clerk ol lhe Courl , ..,. . ,...,. , .Baililf ,, ,, .Homer Van Fleel John Graham Whillield Secrelary lo Mr. Slevens , , ,. , ,,., Mr. Jungquisl ,, ,, , ,,Mrs. Faulkner . ,,.. Courl Slenographer , , Larry Regan Dr. Kirkland . , F'linl's Secrelary Mrs. John Hulchins .. ., . Jane Chandler 'I I l in. FOR THE LOVELY MARGARET X- ' V Z f L' gif, , I Acrs Professor Adams fMarlc Hammerl reassures has slsfer played by Orza Williams Linda Dean as Jaclue enllsls flue help of Margaref lVernuce Mllesl as Koch lBob Seelwuefferl YQQISTEFS dlsgusi CURSE YOU JACK DALTON Sherry von Marbod Claude++e Wlllnamson Hank Olgunn Frances Moe emolc ln true 90 s slyle Richard Harriman greefs his long losf SIS fer as flue sfalwad Jaclc Dalian looks on THE DEAR DEPARTED l Mr Rlclvard Frosf refuses fo belueve lhaf Grandpa lMr LBen Howardl IS no+ a ghosf Mr Covell seelrs prolechon from has wnfe lMrs Clarlrl Marilyn Jansen hndes behnnd l'1er mo+l1er lMrs POllTOl I 1 l I ri ' ' QF L i .. F ' Q :vig - A T ' 4 5 T A Q q 2 I A 1, lf, A if v' 5 s - fV?.1,y4 E 4 , ftfgw .1 'Q f , ,, y ? 1 , X: J ,N X 1 4.7 , WELFARE DRIVE The annual Welfare Drive, held in fhe Fall quarfer, was unique in lhaf if was a one-day drive. The goal was 504 per sfudenl. "General Welfare" led a serpenfine of The , . 9 A siudenf body fo a morning assem- bly where each second period class presenled ils money in a comical manner. The lacully ioined in wilh fhe lun and provided music for lhe occasion. Almosl S500 was collecf- ed as a resulf of the drive. v f' Z, i SHOWBOAT This year's Sophomore Hop, held Friday nighl, March l2fh, was very successful. The evening's decora- fions were colorful and original. GIRLS' LIFESAVING -I" W'-L-+f'r , ,, .I , . I ' ,L W. i 'Ii ff' -H fnfz S 1' ff? . X 6 , .H ' 1 br . .Jw ... -Q MODERN DANCE 0 'E' w S YA 9 gy F -ww! q . , .--- -P' f'i31..' ul f !jn7f"4 l' ,. . Iqgwq' . K '- -. -.-!.,3,,. ,Q 3909031 Y . . -..W . V.,-, Q-...... SQUAD The l953 Foo+ball season saw rho birfh of a new orqanizafion. Joan GeHleson and rho girls picfured below planned and execured numerous formations for half-lime enlerfainmenf for our big games. fly ffm On fhe opposi+e page are candid sho+s of +wo affer- school ac+ivi+ies. The Girls' Lifesaving class mel each Tuesday and Thursday afler school. Mrs. Anna Jensen ins+ruc+ed +he girls, and in April many of ihem receiv- ed Junior or Senior Red Cross Life Saving Ceriificafes. Miss Joan GeHleson's Modern Dance class which mei every Wednesday afler school was s+ar+ed during ihe Fall quar'l'er. These leolard-clad girls originafed a new and popular club a+ Lincoln. I Q' ? swiss f C L- f 1 ,,,, 9 5 , ' - . ' ' Q .. if The Big Game crowd wiinessed an excellenf precision demonslrafion especially planned for ihaf Thanksgiving Day game by fhe Lincoln Pep Club under Miss GeHelson's direciion. F ff Ov' 1 v 5. f L Q 1 'fs V is X L I J F 1 I Q . C , A O . and Orza Williams. . ,J FREEDOM FOUNDATION AWARDS Abraham Lincoln High School, Babs Buechner, and fhe San Jose Unified School Dis'I'ric+'s Adul+ Educa'I'ion Depar+men+ made a clean sweep of Freedom Founda- 'l'ion. Awards is fheir respecfive fields fhis year. According 'lo Foundafion officials, fhe fad 'lhaf bofh high school awards wen+ fo one high school is unprecedenfed. Equally unpreceden+ed is fhe facf ihar +hree awards were granfed in one school dis+ric+. Junior Town Meeiing, weekly broadcasf by 'Phe Radio Arfs Deparfmenf, under Mr. Ray Kendall's direciion was responsible for bringing us +he principle school award 'for ifs 'I'rea+men+ of various phases of "The American Way of Life." These programs ori- ginafed in 'rhe Junior Social Sfudies, Speech and Radio classes as parf of 'lheir regular class work. More fhan 400 s'I'uden+s 'look parf in 'Phe year's series of programs. Moderaiors, announcers, engineers were all +rained radio aris people such as Bill Williams, Babs Buechner, Joyce Avrech, Pal Hade, Jack Biersdorff, Don Nelson, John Gales, and Howard Felger. Junior Social Sfudies 'I'eachers, Mr. Gordon Fechfer and LBen Howard and fheir respec'I'ive classes each confribufed seven discussions. Miss Alma l.in+on's inifiafive and enfhusiasm was enlirely responsible 'For having fhe en- iries made in nalional compe+i+ion and her classes coniribuied a number of fhe dis- cussions. Radio arls and rhe public speaking class did I6 of +he programs besides pro- ducing fhe series. Mrs. Eleanor Collins assisied greaily in research and library work. Babs Buechner's individual award was for her radio speech in rhe "l Speak for Demo- cracy Con+es+," sponsored by ihe Nafional Associa+ion of Broadcasiers. SPEECH AWARDS Mr. Ray Kendall's leam compeles in radio announcing, oraforical and dramahc declama fion, debare and exfemporaneous speaking con +es+s al' fhe Norfhern California Tournameni held af Oakland. Holding firsi' place frophys from 'lhis 'iournamenf are: Pa'l' Hade, Joyce Avrech NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES lbelowl One of 'rhe ac+ivi+ies provided Lincoln s+uden+s ouf of siudenf body funds is fhe fine en+er+ainmen+ dis+ribu+ed by Naiional Assemblies. These programs vary from speak- ers on a wide range of subiec+s +o music, bofh popular and classical. Below is one of fhe laHer +ype, a Soufh American marimba player, whose ac+ also included a puppet P.A.L. CONFERENCES Heh! Lincoln rolled ou? +he red carpef This spring for The represen+a+ives of +he Peninsula Arhleric Associaiion schools. Brufus Hamilion of 'rhe Universify of California was +he gues+ speaker. Lunch, served in +he Hoover cafeferia. preceeded an assembly in fhe pafio and swimming. The balance of fhe day was devo+ed To an exchange of ideas among fhe various schools, which is fhe prime purpose for ihe es+ablishmen+ of these conferences. I 1 I 1 ARE YOU A SCATTER RAT? iabovel Whe n 'rh e scaHer-ra? invaded Lincoln, Louie ihe Lincolnife and his gal planned a clean-up cam- cused and is on frial. Ron Huber, afforney, seeks fo prove her guilfy. paign. Peggy Hoxsie has been ac- CIASSROOM I-lI6lIll6HTS alxfnrfma Strwrwnm Qfifnifnsfaii 1 M memlcrplpp W . . 6 l A A V Q Q . 9 0' ' , Ai! . ? Y iv ,' Q Y' l 5 Joy, n A chemisfrbolefon D Y de 'Spa '770l7Sfrah.S?1 Joan Perusse, Ken Young, Claude Barfrness, Elinore Johnson, and Kevin SdlmOf1. conducl an experimenf on air pressure in physics. SCIENCE The science deparlmenl offers io all inleresled sluden+s several diFferen+ courses of s+udy. All Sophs are required +o lake Life Science covering, in addilion 'fo Biology, Firsf Aid, and Driver Educafion. Classes in Chemis+ry, Physics, and Physiology are open +o Juniors and Seniors. Physics deals wi+h lhe physical changes in maHer while Chemislry delves info 'rhe chemical changes while Physiology concerns lhe funcfions of lhe human body. 1' ' M" ll"lr" i ag , D if-if Above: Miss Doroihy Fauquef direcfs a class in a discussion of +he human body. 'Z 'Q ,sr X E I 5 1 H X I2 Q' Xgffmwg 5 Coolung us only one phase of lhe Home Economucs course offered here The sewing classes begun wulh the sumple fundamenlals and work uo lo laulonng The mann progecl us ihe presenfahon of a fashson show for lhe gurls and fhe molhers susv HANp5 AT WORK I if The Sho - P Sub + ,ranks Work. lec s sfarl lhe Preparahon of a boy for f a "ure life ln Cd ' b""9l-makin 9 and e Reboundung a shof IS Wayne Thush Fug hng over lhe b ll wnih hum are two Wnllow Glen men lAbovel Thus shot shows ace player Jnm Brazda wnfh Jack Searfoss assushng has feam male Two San Jose men are vamly ailemphng fo recaplure fhe ball The Lnons came home another wmner I Wwfw Y' Z ln fhe Lion's second encounier wilh ihe Rams, Leo again came homo un- defeafed. Shown above is Lincoln's i954 Varsily Baslcelball learn. Top Row: Fred Marburg, Torn Pelerson, Jim Brazda, Jack Searfoss, Don Dirienzo, Ray Carillo. Middle Row: Diclc Lanscioni, Doug Baer, Bill Benson. Wayne Thush, John Slewari, Paul Prolrop, Terry Newman. Bottom Row: Denny Dylce, Bar? Fanning, Anfhony Realmonfe, Ar1Villaruz, Ray Magoon, Hank Olguin. SCORES Won 1 I5 Losl 1 8 League Won - 7 Los? - 3 COACH GEORGE BRINCK VARSITY BASKETBALL The Lion cagers, looking ragged in +he pre-season +il'rs, came baclc +o lie for +he second place spoi in ihe SPAL. Picked as a year 'For +eam rebuilding, +he Lions sur- prised every one by compiling a 7-3 record. Two l'irs+ fhree games found l'he Lions winning one and losing +wo, beafing San Jose and losing fo Sequoia and Palo Al+o. Showing whai ihey really had, +he Lions won fheir nexl' 'lhree games. Losing lheir nex+ game fo Palo Alfo, +he Lions s+ormed righf back by bea+ing Menlo and Sequoia and ending up one behind Paly and Willow Glen. Wilh a chance for fhe fifle, +he Lions wenf info +he Willow Glen game wi+h +he spirif +o win. The fhrilling upsel' by our feam lcnoclced lhe Rams ou'l' of 'l'heir lie for firsl place, and cinched our second place spof. 'M 3.2 I .nr 8' 37 C 15' C -- V BUSINESS Fufure busmess people wall find a well rounded course offered The basuc skull of +yp h + denl can branch ouf un+o book :ng can be faken for Eve semes+ers From +here + e s u k reer or shor+hand for regular oFFuce work keeping wufh an eye on a fu+ure ban mg ca Busnness law sales nd clerical office prachce are par+ of +he busmess currnculum The h ls are assigned fo work for duffer secrefarnal +ralnmg c en+ +eachers as secrefarues MATHEMATICS One of our basic courses of sfudy IS mafhemahcs mcludung a g onomefry and solud geomelry Algebra as lhe siudy of equahons and +heur funchons Geomelry 'rhe nexf s'rep an fhe mafhemahcal ladder covers plane Hgures b c+s are +he finishing fouches Solud geomelry and 'rrugonome+ry bofh half year su le of a hugh school rnafh career l ebra geomelry 'mg jan-4--11 3 L- Mr Smllh frys fo pound ing Info hs sludenfs heads In fhe foreground Grefchen Paul: SlUdIOS whllo Gayle Grusham descusses a problem lfh Loss Farum Kin r Q- 3 K' l l , A my , 1 5 x 4, i ' I ' ' V lass is some+hing unique. T e gir ' Z - I - '1, u I 9. I I 1 u .Q P :C - 4 'L 5 . , ' X r l Q 1 'Y x 1 if l 4 'JJ I I bs Y' N G 1 xr-- 1 , X 5,1 ln fhe above picfure Ora Weafherbie poinfs ouf a seclion of California fo Be'r+y Easfon and Laureen Wingef. This is lhe firsf parf of senior social, giving Phe sludenls a befler loolc af our governmenl. Social Sfudies is a viral parl of fhe course of every s+uden+ here a+ Lincoln. The sophs s+udy fhe his+ory of fhe world and world religions. The nex+ year, as juniors, sfu- denfs sfudy 'lhe hislory of our coun+ry from Hs discovery fo The second world war. Seniors 'rake up 'From lhere wi+h a course in American government and end rhe year wiih several mon+hs devo+ed 'fo choosing a vocarion. 21 i N 1?-Ti.: 2 1 f ,,.. , 4 01 1.4 The iuniors in fhis picfure deoicf 3 fyoical iunior social class. Here fhe swdenis lead discus- sions concerning +he hislory of our counfry. Sludenl-led discussions are one of fhe besf Yypes of developrnenf of aclive inleresf for our nafion s government The Fufure Farmers Chapler al Lincoln is 'rhe besl in lhe slale of California. These boys have won more honors 'rhan any olher chapler. Al' lhe coun+y fair lasl' year, our boys made a grand sweep in fhe high school Junior Division of lhe Junior Livesloclc class. They 'look all firsl places. April firsr saw 'rhe Lincoln F. F. A. feam 'lalcing firsl' places for lheir proiecls. The boys were compeling wilh nine o+her schools. Piclured above wilh fheir s+eers are: Curl Elrod and "Confucius," Lee Eby and "Moo-Moo," Jim Washburn and "Big Jim," John Kochever and "Powder Keg," and George Barlrer and "Chop-Chop." AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT Showing off 'rheir prime sheep are: Jim Washburn and George Barker. Sheep-rais- ing is anolher way in which lhe F. F. A. boys prepare for lheir fulure as farmers. X, x lggf Parlimenlary procedure is par? of lhe regular curriculum of fhe agricul- 'ture deparfmenf. A few monlhs ago lhe parliamentary learn won fhe Sec- fional Parliamenlary Procedure Conlesl. Going lhrough a meeling are: Earle Swanson, Lee Eby. John Kochever, 1 t f , Curl Elrod, Al Polillo, and Ray Ramer. f vs W , C fi' I A 'x ' if MUSIC On 'lhese pages are picfured Lincoln's fine music groups which are under 'lhe direc- lion of Mr. Vincen+ Car+er. On +he opposife page lfopl is +he a Cappella Choir which has broughl' honor +o Lincoln by i+s parficipafion in lhe a Cappella Choir Fesfival and various communify organizalions. Lef+, cenfer is shown +he newly organized Lincoln- aires. Below, lefl is 'I'he Girls' Chorus. On +his page is pic'rured +he orchesira, above, +he sfring seclion, below, brass and woodwinds. The sfudenf body has enioyed performances by fhese groups many fimes during ihe school year. s-NX 'Y 1 X. ' l 1 Q Fil, Q- 3- 3 - s , rv' l 4 , 5 , 4 . 'x L -R For lhe liflle children in 'the family lhere is lhe Childrerfs Parly program. All fypes of slories and songs can be heard on lhis program al' 9:30 on Salurday morning over slalioin KLOK. Enacling one of 'vhs sfories are: Joyce Avrech, Elisa Gallo, Ona Williams, Babs Buechner, Sheila Car- michael, and Earle Swanson. A popular program wifh lhe leen-agers is Melody Hililes. Carol Vivengi and Rick Uh! are iflfefviewing Wally Landlord on fheir weekly show. Xl One of the oufsvanding radio programs produced by lhe radio arls deparfmenf is "Lis+en Now - l954." This orogram is de- signed for adulls as well as sludenfs, and is quile informafive. "Lisl'en Now - l954" is heard over KSJO al 6:30 P. M. on Sunday nighls. Rehearsing for fhe show llefll are Jim Replro, Joe Lindsey, Jim Gregg, Barbara Blue Dale DeBry, and Bill Weber. lex nl N i ,T r av , f i 'i RADIO ARTS DEPARTMENT Behind fhe scenes of all lhe programs are lhe slu- denl engineer and direclor. Above Jaclc Biersdorff and Wally Landlord gel all se? fo slari recording a show. Along willx shows, +l1e slu- denfs also do plays for +l1e class. This lIef+l is a scene from 'rlwe play "Macbe+l1." Bob Hughes, Frazer S+raHon, and Elisa Gallo are porfray- ing +l1e wiiches while Hanlr Olguin loolrs on as Macbeflw. jf I 'ff X I "Hi News Sporfs and In+erviews" is a program ilmal' serves every higlw sclwool up and down flwe peninsula. Pa? Hade and Bill Williams inierview Joe Lindsey 'for flweir program heard on KSJO, 7:30 P. M. on Thursday niglwls. STUDENTS IN ACTION sf' f:"rX' THE ART DEPARTMENT is one of fhe mos? acfive deparlmenfs ai Lincoln. S+u- denfs who false arf classes learn iewelry making, oil painfing, inierior decorafion, paper sculpfure, sill: screen processing and posier making. Inferior decorafing is 'rhe class in progress above. Working on iheir sfyle books are: Laureen Wingef, Ollie Sfurges, Pa? Murphy, and Frances Moe. ATHLETICS f' 5-S. iq' A A. X Iv ' RICH LOUGHEAD Fullback No. 78 Z glozilrer of H19 Year ALS? bY:L:4DE emo' ERNIE DALMON A"-F3'+Y Quarferback No. 84 Semor Senior LARRY BELTRAMO Tackle Nc. 90 Senior JOHN STEWART Fullback No. 66 P. A. L. player of fhe year All S. P. A. L. All Cify All Norfhern Calif. Co-captain - Big Game A All CH Senior JoeL vfxsousz ' Guard No. 54 ,. Y ' Senior 1 DON DIRIENZO Cenier No. 97 HANK OLGUIN Junior Tuanlrjarack No. 79 DOUG BAER End No. 82 Senior gr nf WALT TRANCHINA Lei? Half No. BI RON HUBER Guard No. 99 Senior i . Junior C H A M P I 0 N S 'K GLENN PIERCE All P. A. L. Team All Cify Team Co-capfain Big Game Senior P' ,Q ,f CHUCK BAILEY lr . Qmfrac No 76 one cox Cenfer No. 9l Junior WAYNE THUSH Halfbaclr No. 77 5-'A AL TOGNETTI Tackle No. 92 All Cify Team Senior Sophomore JAQIS iJE:ReFl?SS Junior T' nv-I L 'Inq paw - 1 W .L LIONS COP PAL CROWN The game played a+ Sparfan Fneld Thanlcsgnvnng Day marked 'rhe end of a haghly successful season as our leam sprang baclc affer a slow s+ar+ fo cap+ure 'the league crown wn+h a 6 I l record The wmmng of fhe Jamboree sfarfed fhe season wn+h a bang We held our oppo nenfs San Jose Luck and Willow Glen scoreless The nexf weel: we were held fo a he agalnsf San Mafeo 0 0 The 'Follownng weelc we me+ defea+ agannsf fhe Cherolcees of Sequoia 20 I2 Tha+ was all we could s'rand Palo Al+o Jefferson Souih San Francusco Capuchmo and San Jose all received a spanlung af +he hands of our mlghfy feam This season IS one of fhe greal' alhlehc chapfers al our school The bone l'he P A L hlle and +he Rooler s 'frophy all came +o Luncoln Plclured belo e ou l954 P A L foolball a d baslreiball anagers Top Row D Sk nner Jlm W lllams Larry C lle Don Hade BOND!!! Row Larry Flora Norman Jenlcs and Jordan Dan els an fe, A TN! Ve' Above- J0l"'n Sl'eWdfl. easily oulrunning a Palo Al'ro defender, romps lo pay dirl. He became fha league's high scorer. .,- ivan , nn. Above Denny Dudley carries flue mail in fha game againsi Soulh Ciiy. A Lion plunges for more yardage againsf rho wishes of 'the Qaclrling Bulldog. Lions . .. , Lions.. .. ...I f-.51 - -"'.a.- . Lions .. Lions.. Lions. .... . Lions. ,. .. Lions ...... . Lions ..... Lions. , 44 25 SCORES Jamboree ...... 20 0 San Maleo . ..... . Sequoia .. .... ..20 Willow Glen ...., Palo Alio .. .... .. Jefferson ....., ...... S. San Francisco ...... 20 Capuclwino . . San Jose .... ..l3 I' fl! or ' Y 1 ,L out -ei -' --IF. .s-.eq I Q -'AY 'ur 'yy W5 Q' Wi . wus , ,, . + ' MV- .Q .,- x 'V . i, v ,. ' - M ly 9' W, A v. ' A ' K -' 7'- M 1 2' QQ, 'fi-.f?.,L M ' J, vox, V 5 . , Q ' fV"e' 'K Q. A Q .4 L , We Y ... . Q Q, , . ,v .Q ,V -, -, , X .F ., oo., It "'?"L lk" ul! e .L..., 'fo Q. 5 6 Sm E2 K'.L,. 6- N r I 1 xl' 'WI C 1 X Q , ' It .gn ,,-. A , --, i , 0' Tig.. --.fi -2 yi fa Y 1 "X 'J' ' tup- '.a Q, t 4 ff I " I i 5,5 l 'Y -Y f 1 i ' ' f ' S I, I 1, v 5 K, 1.0, 44 Q f Emi- gr 1' r r l "df-ifs5rf', f , ff 1 .a rf .1 ,, ' v -' 9 4, V M , -4 ,V ,I ,As K' f 'X V ,, ...ani A' f f,,,,:iEweQiin'isz1fQ'C'ff'f"""A'Q M 'ff ' 'J' ' f ,- 1 Ve' , 4 ,.,- ,, ,V .AA E., ,A P 9 - ' -Q' f' 'Y S ' V ' 2' . , -ff -4. as A l -. i .' id K 1' 4 W A ,bl - 3 K, X .4 , i . W, , , ' ' 451 5 ' Es rl-IE JUNIOR 1 -.. L Q 5.9: .. Q U 5 A VARSITY EJ I i' 5' l ' - ' ' K " A K f if fi V' A' ' P d lm L l ' ' 'Mx if Q ii, I o ri 1 icfure on f is page is in- - ' "' r ,,,.-my coln's Junior Varsify wifh ifs 2 9 ' x coach, Wes Sfevenson, looking I down on his boys. Below, Barry l f ' . 'Z sf Rogers makes a large gain in , g l X X i , rhe Armislice Day game af Spar- ,nhl 5 5 ' Le gg ran Siadium af which Lincoln -fa X. ,X K ' f N mef and defeafed ifs Peninsula X A A rival, Soufh San Francisco. L NX ,HX ' fb il A j sums, , , .rl L ,ga ., HSA? k A .. ' i 1 ' , .2v,1Y'4"if ' -iv fs ' "H D' ft f 'Ti::"i"+.m "fr -' .- - -,sive H.-Sf.y'.Af 6. Q -or Hvpfssg-gif-ifg, '1 My K ,.A,,M'-my 'H ,Y l I r I 'QXJ 2 I 9-1' Q. Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions. ..... . Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions, . Lions. . , Lions ,... . Lions Q!! Q i Y v Qs. 0 Picfured above is lhe l954 l30's lsaslzeiball leam. Top Row: Harry Rodda, David Ellis, Jim Ford Sian Goodman, John Brazda, Gene Landes. Second Row: George Musachia, Don Marfinez, Jay Shulman, Phil Ferguson, Fred Unger, Tony Sedillo. Bofvom Row: Denny Dudley, Joe Vega, Shelly Becksfrand, Vernon Ashby, Wal? Tranchina. SCORES Walsonville . Campbell ,,,,. , Fremonl . Mounlain View Sanfa Clara . Campbell .,,... Fremoni , San Jose .. , Walsonville Los Gaios ,. Palo Alfo ..,,. Sequoia ........ Menlo-Afherlon James Liclc ..,.. Willow Glen ., Mouniain View San Jose .. .. , Palo Alfo Sequoia ,. Tech , ,, Menlo-Alherfon Tech . ,...... , Willow Glen . 1 ll If , MIM Piciured above is Lincoln's Harry Rodda scoring Willow Glen - Lincoln baslrefball game. ' 5 ' -1 5 . .N 2 f.- I Y I "1' Y Q 3 . I I 5 4 14 . P 6 Roberf George Second Row Joseph Moless Frank Enreques Gary Caldwell 1 f B. .T - k s A ,xml rl Picfured above are members of +he Lincoln High Cross L Coun+ry feam. Shown here also is fraclc coach Lee Cox who wa+ches wi+h pride as Don Bowden, champion 880 runner, breaks fhe +ape. Below is Lincoln's ouisranding I954 fraclx +eam, which in addi'l'ion +o enjoying a successful season, walked away wirh fhe 'iwelfih con- secu+ive Willow Glen - Lincoln fraclc meef. Q 0 Ju Q 5 0 AQ 1-sm, ,. M2 S.. F? '. I I I 75 S X X 439' ,ma 1-'Vt' Here us one of fhe fasf acllon slwofs of lhe Llncoln 'ream on 'Hue lraclr Hank Olgunn ns shown larealung +l'1e fape on fhe mule relay Below IS slwown flue luglwlwelglwl lraclr feam Q ,M 0 Mt W , i- P?-'r' Q. tis va-yn 'A v , - rv : .ggi-.-5' ' I 1- I A ,.-.. , ,,..'. l '.'9ft'5"".:"1,f'ZJ- 'vi 4f,.u-f P- ,. If-H' .47 of A, 3, ' ' ' ' mfgfafifa Pic+ured above is Lincoln's I954 Varsify Baseball ieam. Top ROW! Julio Rodrigues, Ed Ciffi, Wal? Tranchina, Bari Fanning, John Siewarf, Joe Lindsey, Rich Loughead. Boffom Row: Joe Gerarge, Harry Rodda, Tony Realmonfe, Doug Baer, Obed Guiierrez, Ernie Dalmon, Denny Dudley. VARSITY BASEBALL L I ml harm.. u- W 4 Shown af +he leff is Harry Rose, coach of fhe Varsiiy Baseball feam. Here's our varsify feam in acfion. ..,,,,.., .Mi H' ' i , N- K ' f'ra:-1.. fs V x L , KP - . N ' .lo . .Q , - Sys : Q il ' 4. fat, ,,...,...- A J 1 .ml"" .1 wr ,. ,-. ..+ - . 'q " '.hn- . JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Lincoln's J. V.'s furned in a good record fhis year in Hs games wilh league and non-league schools. Ari' Boland, picfured a+ 'rhe righ+, coached fhe squad during i'rs success- ful year. Below is shown an aclion sho+ in a game with San Jose High. in1s.fw My gf!-.3 . 1 f-svn ' ,:f4':'2'ff'f - ay sv AQ? W, 1 -- - -gf. -. f. ,,e. 'f ll A A., - Q 54-41,-gf' ATI? Rt: - -Q H,--1 4 . U ' K 4 .8 4 4 J' -' ' .4 . N . J Tw ' A .' "" ' ' f 11" W- -f-H "erZ.-1.w-in-4-1-ww IICONII Shown here is Lincoln High School's "pa'I'ron sain+," Con Mendler. Above is 'lhe plaque of dedica+ion which was affixed +o ihe swimming pool wall 'lhis year, and which is self-explanaiory. Lincoln is indebfed fo Con no+ only for his ma+erial generosify, buf because he has provided us wi+h a fradiiion of friendship which has helped fo endow our school wifh ifs unique personaliiy. SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY Lincoln was awarded fhe Wall' Williams Sporfsmanship Trophy for oufsfanding co- operafion in fhe roofing sec'l'ion, sporfs- manship on +he field, and all-around good spirii and enfhusiasm for fhe I953 foofball season. I COACHES FOOTBALL LEE COX HARRY ROSE WES STEVENSON ART BOLAND BASKETBALL GEORGE BRINCK FRANK COVELL WES STEVENSON IASEBALI. HARRY ROSE ART BOLAND TRACK LEE COX WES STEVENSON SWIMMING GEORGE BRINCK GOLF FRAN K COVELL GRADUATES OF 1954 N I 05-I I' lf Q 'VI I I 9 i377 I SENIOR OFFICERS RICH LOUGHEAD Vice-Presidenl BARBARA NERELL , Secrefary RON HUBER Presidenl ERNIE DALMON Sgf.-af-Arms 'H' 7 7 If ALVIN VALADEZ Treasurer , 5-'A' if . i I JOYCE TAORMINA Reporfer AL TOGNETTI Sgt-a+-Arms 6 O' fa. Senior commiffee cl1airmen:Top Row: Glenn Pierce, Gayle Smalley, Gayle Grisham. Diane Wilroff. loffolll ROV!! Beffy Easton, Carmine Cafello. Above ls picfured G. A. A. G A A ORGANIZATION Lincoln has a very achve Gnrls Afhleflc Assocuahon This organnzahon rnee+s af+er school on Tuesdays and Thursdays The gurls play sporrs all fhe year around and +hey have playdays and clmncs wn+h fhe o+her schools nn 'rhe coun+y Below fhe ball IS bailed over fhe ne? for a fasl game of volleyball A fasf Slade mio home decides e wlnnung run for fhls game gl' 0 C Qfagt 'Will Q' 'Wal .Quik 4? 45 W1 dwg Wx, Sf? :QL Tgmici X My 'Q 14 x Y .sv I' av - 'tb ,. . K xv- Q 3 :Q Q5 5 w-s - . I I Q Q ' I Q - 'ur . ....-.W 1 , , 4, ' . . , Q ' , , ' . . . H1 - ' W . , K ' V ' ' L , A. A - . 1 V 67, P 64? new ' .v V Z ,. V ,, 4 A 3 1 , . xi k. 1 fx ff , Y. 5' 4 L A 4 , lx, , ' ' ' ' ' 'iv 'Ss - A T , f A A ' "mf A ' "A 5 ,Z ,Q ' . --3 J, r V ' f' , 1 A At f , , . ,L A ,V '- x life J Q ., - .. ' vi.. 1 V x Y 4 . .- ' a " ' owl, ' ' ' . . A ' ' , X . 5' 4 u ' 5 r ,:. ' , A . if! , an Aw F X v 1 wi - .' -fw-f,n-.M ..f ' 2:4 ,.. fs BIG GAME SPIRIT 1. G ,Q ,, Q if Here IS +I1e foofball feam making n+s grand enhance a+ Hue I953 Jamboree ose boys Ina mg earned a rseiy bIocH are enflfled fo membership an Ihe B ook I Honor ocre?y The boys serve fhe school by selling food and ro grams .af fl e games and ser Ing as offacnals af Ihe school games and achvmes Above is lhe Lincoln Class "B" swimming leam. Top Row: George Musachia, Randy McCalla, Tom Hade, Tom Kirchin, Mike Mann, Jim Campodonico, Joe Berlcovilch. Second Row: Tom While, Randy Baer, Bob Lang, Dan Gofflieb, Bob Norman, Earl Davis, Benny Sloof. Third Row: Bobby Bumgardner, Bob Kagel, John Flaherly, Barney Levy, Joe Moless, Ron Williamson. Absenf, is Bob Fazo. LINCOLN'S MERMEN Picfured below is lhe I954 Class "A" swimming learn. Top Row: John McGinnis, Bill Benson Vic Owen, Lynn French, Vic Spraic, Bill Roberlson, Dan Murray. Second Row: MerriH Hail. Denny Liddell, Jerry Lawson, Ted McPhefres, Rex Macer, Solon Jaclcrnan. Third Row: Ted Dres: ser, Lee Eby, Bob Hughes, Phil Ferguson, Dave Gilin, Glen King. Nm.. 51. 8 A Q v A K V L E: 1 al K 'QF- ii' 6 of K in i f ntl 1 I V4 Piciures above are fhe Lincoln linksmen. Buck Row: Dick Lanscioni, John Applefon, Jim Cilrano, Jim Gregg, Jim Williams. Ff0Ilf ROW: Harvey Kohs, Gary Caldwell, Fred Lans- ford. Mark Hammer. This year's golfers had a full season. They played games wifh P. A. fhroughoul' +he league plus games wi'l'h non-league schools in our counfy. April April April April April April April May May May May May June ag 5 I 2 5 8 20 22 29 5 6 I3 20 25 4 'L A+ Jefferson Af Sfanford James Lick A+ Capuchino Campbell San Mafeo A? Sequoia James Lick Burlingame Sania Cruz Palo Alfo Menlo-Afherlon P. A. L. Tournamenl Lincoln, hosl. "GOPHERS" THE GOLFERS L.. schools Commillee chairmen for lhe senior play were: Back Row: Carol Vivensi, Nancy Morgan, Carol Johansen, Elinore John- son, Diane Jergens, Gayle Smalley, Pa? Hade, and Barbara Blue. Setlfed: Jackie Roberfs, Bonnie Oakes, and Joyce Taor- mana. Na+ piclured here are ihe senior girls who acled as usher- elles 'for the rwo performances. These girls were coslumed, like 'rhe aclors, in lhe garb of +he "roaring +wen+ies." This lenf an afmosphere of au+hen+ici+y fo fhe produclion, as did fhe piano seleclions offered by Belly Easfon and her assislanf Ennefh Froman. Joyce Avrech, as Florence McCrickeH, looks on as SENIOR PLAY "THE TORCHBEARERS" ,J DOROTHY STEVENS Direclor This year's senior play, which was a fremendous financial success, lold +he hilarious slory of an ama+eur +hea+re group and i+s zany direcrress. Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli. C A S T Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli ,,,,. ..,,. . Mrs. Riffer ,,....... ..... , Mr. RiHer . , Mr. Spindler .... Teddy Spearing ..,..,, Huxley Hossefrosse, .. Nelly Fell. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,a Florence McCriclreH ,,.. Mr. Twiller .,..,,. . ., Jenny ...,..., . .... . Clara Sheppard. ., Siege Manager.. .. .Babs Buechner .. ....... Pai Kappen Alden Danner . ..,.... Jack Hawes Arnold Lamb .Mark Hammer ..,., Orza Williams ..Joyce Avrech ......,Ken Young Gayle Grisham Diane Wilcoff ...Jim Williams Ennefh Frohman holds fhe music sheer for Befly Pal' KGPPUHI 05 MVS- Rlilefi admires Hullev l'l0559i"0559 Easlon lThe liflle girl pianisfl while Orza Williams 'Mark Hdmmefl- lNelly Fell? consoles Diane Wilcoff icim snap pardl. , l v ,df Siege Manager .Lf . GLENN Piekce 13' T? 3 CHARLES BAILEY FRANCES BALCON DARLENE BANCHERO PETER BARATS DOROTHY BARTH CLAUDE BARTMESS EVA AVILA JAMES ASDELL DOUGLAS BAER ROBERT ADAMS DIANNE ANDREWS JOSE APARICIO JOYCE AVRECH 'Q "? ELIZABETH BRATTHAUER CLAUDETTE BARTMESS WILLIS BEAL LAWRENCE BELTRAMO WILLIAM BENSON GENEVIEVE BIAZZI BARBARA BLUE DANTE BONACORSI MARY ANN BOOTH DONALD BOWDEN JOSEPH CABALLERO CARMINE CATELLO LORRAINE CARINI RAYMOND CARRILLO SHEILA CARMICHAEL HENRY CHAVEZ CONNIE CORRAL NORMAN COSTA ERNEST DALMON JORDAN DANIELS ALDEN DANNER RICHARD DARWIN DALE DeBRY MARIE DE LA ROSA IDA DeLUCA 'Ni T BART FANNING LOIS FARUM CAROL ANN FAY PHIL FERGUSON DON FERNANDES LARRY FLORA .J YI ity' 3 BRENNAN ELMONE CURTIS ELROD JACKIE FABER DENNIS DYKE BETTY EASTON LEE EBY ROGER ENG-LAR ANGIE FLORES THERESA FRICANO DOROTHY GANAS JOANNE GADBERRY CORINA GARCIA PAUL GARCIA JOSEPH GERARGE SYLVIA GIL MARGARET GILL MARK HAMMER BARBARA HARRISON JACK HAWES LEE HENDRICKS JANET HEYN JANET HORICK .tub 'lk PAT HADE FRED HALL PATRICK HAMES MARVIN GROSS RICHARD GIUSSI RACHEL G-URROLA OBED GUTIERREZ -fa' PEGGY HOXSIE RONALD HUBER ROBERT HUGHES GILBERT IRISH SOLON JACKMAN RICHARD JADRICK JOSEPHINE JARAMILLO DIANE JERGENS ELINORE JOHNSON GLEN LARSON GERALD LAWSON PATRICIA LEWIS DENNY LIDDELL RICHARD LOUGHEAD REX MACER LEONARD KURZE ARNOLD LAMB EDNA LANOIE JANICE KING KAY KLEVEN ROBERT KNOTI-I JOHN KOCHEVER fi Q xi ELODIA MINJARES FRANCES MOE SAMUEL MAFORT NANCY MORGAN RAY MAGOON LEON MAGOON JOAN MARKGRAF JOANN MARKS-RAF JAMES MARSHALL JOANN MASSA MARGARET MQCLOUD RUTH McGRAW MARY ANN MILLER S- fx i Sf' he TERRY NEWMAN WILLIAM NIPPER WARREN NORMAN ARLENE OAKES BONNIE OAKES DAVID ORAHOOD GWENDOLYN PRICE RUDY RAMIREZ GLORIA RAMOS STEPHEN REED LOU OROS MARY OWENS GRETCI-IEN PAUL1 BEVERLY PAULSON JOAN PERUSSE THOMAS PETERSON GLENN PIERCE WILLIAM POE ALBERT POLILLO -A eff, x." TS X-r-.ur S! W1 JULIO RODRIOUEZ SARAH ROMERO KENT ROSE MARJORIE ROSE ESTI-IER RUIZ PATRICIA SALISBURY 'E-3 'rr' JACQUELINE Roasms WILLIAM ROBERTSON QARMEN Roomousz RODNEY REPKE JAMES REPKO GORDON RILEY LUPE RIVAS DULA SLAGHT GAYLE SMALLEY ROGER SMESTAD SUSAN SMITH KEVIN SALMON GERARDO SANTAMARIA MARILYN SCI-ILUETER DONNA SCI-IURICI-IT BEVERLY SCOTT BARBARA SEARCY BARBARA SELLERS BERNICE SILVA DAVID SKINNER i .r ROANN LEA STORMS OLLIE STURGES EARLE SWANSON LORETTA SWEET JOYCE TAORMINA LAWRENCE TAYLOR 1' MARLENE VAUGHN PAUL VILLARUZ CAROL VIVENSI SHERRY VON MARBOD LOU!S TAYLOR ROBERT TAYLOR JUDY THOMAS NEAL THOMAS SARALIE THOMPSON PHILOMENA TORRE bf- NN! ALVIN VALADEZ DOROTHY VARNEY JOEL VASOUEZ Th 2 in-F 1-3? ARLENE WEISS MARJORIE WESTPHAL JAMES WILLIAMS ORZA WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILLIAMS JUDY WILSON ORA WEATHERBIE LORETTA WEBB WILLIAM WEBER MARSI-IA WALLER DONALD WALKER JEANNE WALSH CAROLYN WALTZ DIANE WIKOFF LAUREEN WINGET MYRNA WITHEY CHARLES WRIGHT ANTHONY YORK DIANE YOUNG KENNETH YOUNG CAMERA SHY FRED CABRAL WILLIAM LARZELERE CAROLYN MURPHY GERALD BERT: EDWARD MORLEY lsAsEL JARAMILLO ENNETH FROHMAN ADELE OAKES RICHARD LANG ALFRED Toe-NETT1 JOHN JOHNSTON c:EcELlA MARTINEZ ANGELO ZAPPACOSTA JACK BIERSDORFF When ihe Bond eleciion came up a few rnonfhs ago, The senior class decided fo pilch in and help. The resull - a Junior Cilizens Commiffee was formed. This com- miffee pu? ou'f a special issue of Lion Tales, made poslers and wen? io lhe neighboring junior high schools and gave lallcs concerning Phe elecfion. Lincoln fruly showed our communi+y +ha+ we are always willing fo serve. Members of fhe commiffee are: Elinore Johnson, Frances Moe, Joyce Avrech, Gayle Grisham, Connie Corral, Joyce Taormina, Babs Buechner, and Carol Vivensi. Fun lor all! Thafs wha+ fhe seniors had on fhe day ol fheir senior picnic. This year lhe picnic was held al Adobe Creelc Lodge. Sfudenis enjoyed swimming, horse baclr rid- ing, dancing, and above all - ears. Taking a minufe ou+ of ihe days fesfivifies are: Babs Buechner, Marlc Hammer and Diane Wikoff. Sealed are Gloria Ramos, Maria De La Rosa, and Bob Knolh. SENIOR Affer visifing many of the agencies supporfed by the Communily Chesf, fhe senior class decided +o help one of the organilafions. They chose fhe Brandon Home and lhen held a senior clofhing drive. The s+udenfs in this pic- 'fure are sorfing and paclring fhe clofhes io faire fo The Brandon Home. Senior clofhing drive members are: Curl Elrod, Babs Buechner, Carol Vivensi, Jim Marshall, Connie Corral, and Joyce Taormina. Gefiing las+ rninufe ins+ruc+ions from chairman Arnold Lamb, lhese senior sfudenls seem all se+ for +he annual Vocafional Conferences. Mos? of +he graduaiing s+uden+s receive ideas for iheir fufure from fhese conferences. Sfudenfs picfured are: Arnold Lamb, Gwen Price, Arlene Weiss, Jack Hawes, and Grefchen Pauli. Q " 'Qgsafgs ACTIVITIES Deciding on wha+ To have for senior dress day is quiTe an ordeal. These sTudenTs are looking over ideas for The Three days of fun. Senior dress day is one day each week for Three weeks, during which Time The seniors dress and acT mosT peculiarly, This year The seniors really had a greaT Time. Shown are members of The comrniTTee: Margaref McCloud Torn Peferson, Barbara Searcy, Paul Villarruz, Susan Srni+h, Lou Oros g The The rnos+ climacTic of all acTiviTies - Gradualionl CongraTulaTions and senTimenT mingled as The sludenfs received Their diploma and walls down The aisle, and inlo a new Type of life. Some of The graduaTes will go To college for Turlher knowledge, while oThers will sTarT righT in wifh Their chosen vocaiion. Here we see Jaclnie Faber and Mary Owens helping Bill Poe on wifh his robe. To The righT is Laureen WingeT measuring Jim Williams for his robe. N... ff" A+ lasT The big nighT ar- rives! lT's The nighT of The senior ball. This is alrnosT The lasT senior acTiviTy and one of The mosl beaulilul. The si+e of This gala occasion was The Women's Club. "Fan- Tasy of Pearls", This year's Theme was carried our quiTe cleverly and beauTiTully. OH To an early sTarT are: Phil Torre, Jack Hawes, Carol Vivensi, Denny Dyke, Mar- gareT Gil, Claude BarTmess. ln TronT are: Joyce Taormina and Don Fernandes. 'UQ TINY S DRIVE IN arf 1731 Park Ave 61 Washlngton San Jose Santa Clara EOR CASUAL EVENING WEAR POUR LE SPORT CYpress 2 1508 1749 Pdf Ave G R E G G SERVICE STATION AND GARAGE Stockton and Cmnebar Streets San Jose CYpress 5 9933 C HAROLD JOHNSON CONSULTING ELECTRICAL ENGINEER CYpress 4 4938 CII JOSC CONGRATULATIONS SAMUEL E BARTH General Bulldmg and Englneenng Constructaon San Jose California LE JAC S DRIVE IN LOUOROS JEWELERS I C Keepsake D amonds Sp edel Walchbands EIgIn Wafches and many other name b ands 46 E San Antomo St CYpress 2 7342 CLASS OF 1954 CONGRATULATIONS Fred W Bueclmer, Resldenl Mgr WALSTON a co FOR THE BEST IN TRAILER LIVING ITS THE TRAILER TEL A lh r Moe STEVENS MUSIC CENTER 1349 Lmcoln Avenue 214 N Santa Cruz Ave CYpress 5 7013 ELgoto 4 4652 BARDAHL LUBRICANTS WARD GRISHAM Northern Cal forma D slr bulor 1444 McDanlel San .lose California SPROUSE REITZ FULL LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES ood 9 Y De LUXE FOOD CENTER GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES 1970 Naglee Avenue CYpress 3 6711 Paclflc Hardware 81 Steel Co , Inc 1344 The Alameda CYpress 2 1362 San Jose 26 cdllfbfllld JENOTT S PASTRY SHOP FINE Iusnuss 1732 Park Avenue C O M P L l M T S Tucker Prlntlng 84 Llthography o 785 The Alameda CYpress 3 8707 LUCKY S DRIVE IN Brooklyn and Son Carlos . rq IT'S O . . k . V - . I A .I O I ' , Jewelry Fo All O casions I - I - ' ' ' r U r u Member New York Slack Exchange Fig-gf qnd lqyghgre CYpreg5 2.1171 O - I ' I I , O G Luck Lincoln Lions ' Your FrI ndl Manager - R. L. Blue . . . . . ' . O E N 0 F I . ' 1 COCA COLA BOTTLING CO OF SAN JOSE O D L U C K S E N I O HERSHEL CALIFORNIA FOOD PRODUCTS 5 ' CALENDAR OF THE SCHOOL YEAR 'I953 54 SEPTEMBER Sophomore Oruenfafuon Meefung School opened Sfudenf Body Card sale opened 23 Do Rughf Druve Regusfrafuon Dance OCTOBER Jamboree 26 Magazune Druve Busuness Educafuon Day holuday 30 Twurp Season Sadue Hawlcuns Day Dance NOVEMBER Scaffer Raf Druve Armusfuce Day holuday End of quarfer Welfare Druve Bug Bone Ball Bug Game DECEMBER 3 All school play A Cappella Feshval Novuce Speech finals Chrusfmas Dance 3I Chrusfmas holudays JANUARY March of Dumes downfown I4 Elecfuons Fashuon show gurls Bob Bronzan boys lnsfallafuon and Awards Assembly Sporfsmanshup Trophy Awarded End of Semesfer FEBRUARY Luncoln s Burfhday holuday Washungfons Burfhday holuday Wullow Glen Luncoln Hoopsfers Hop MARCH Sophomore Hop I9 Senuor ay 3l Vocafuonal Conferences P A L Conference here APRIL End of quarfer Junuor Prom Assembly Dufch Derr I7 Sprung Vacafuon Senuor Pruvulege Cards ussued All cufy fraclc meef Sprung Concerf Parenfs Nughf MAY Sophomore Pucnuc One Ac+ Plays All P A L Track Meef Sfafe Musuc Fesfuval C S F p P A L Swummung Hnals Personnel Tesf Junuor Pucnuc Mofhers Day Tea Junuor College Personnel Tesf Calufornua Subuecf A N C S Swummung Fmals N C A Champuonshup Fueld and Track Hey Day Sfafe C I F Traclc Meef Memorual Day holuday JUNE Senuor Pucnuc Senuor Ball Graduafuon un 'Ihe Rose Garden af 630 End of school .. ' ' ' . I2- . - . I8- - ' PI . . 22- - ' . ..- ' ' , 27- . . . , . 2- . - , 7- ' . - ' ' , 9- , . - - ' .. - , I2- - ' ' . - ' . 2I- I 'I ' . - ' ' , 24- ' . 26- ' . 27- ' ' . - , 5- ' '. - - , 6- - . .. ' , 7- . . . . -- , a- ' ' . -Thanksgiving vacafion. English A- IO- . . .Tri . I4- . . . ' ' . l5- . - D, Ig- . . .I - . ' 20- ' . - , - 22- ' . 28- . - - , 29- . . . . .. ' , su- ' - ' . - ' , 2- . . .' - ' I2- ' . ' lb- ' ' I I8- . Q Q K. g 9. f- .uf Q A '- ff R, 'i vi A., 74 P. f A . I f 4 f Q , 4 J, IX X 4 .. I k I . 1-, v: t ' 5 r 1 A 'X " g l 99 9 ' , ' 'H f M11 n A 'I ,Ag 6- 5. ,L 5 , AS ,A l, ' . .L . 1 'V . ' I f ' f 'A -.'- '1' "xc :Lf ' in q F P Yr' . f xl 1 Q 1 I . fd-:N an . , :ri 'Q ' a " Q. P ' 1 L I 8 .' ' 50 ' 1 'K x , - ' x in f 51 'Q 'Su Xp HL IJ. :L 'it Z V Q-vu we an X' A ruff' X V' ' .MY .pg . H , Q' f vg gm A M my , .f . . laid -and ., M

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