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, 'N-. lx ka, X y 7 5 VV 1Ei X - ,A K Wx, 4a.,M1,C -w- Si. ,Wg f R , R1 is-A X331 'if S Q 1 ' EP RW ' 1 1' U 1, x E. M v -K. E pl I ,fy E 5,5 S, 5 Q A 5 ig ,K Z ' 4. -4- - : ii f is 3 V .. A f-f N i ff 1' 1 ML 2 6 Ml E 1 . I me an V 9' .T . JJLi,v ' adgiqw f f 5 1 A W 1 5 ji ,GUY 'QP' 3 2 ir.. " ' 1 I 3 I -vi gg, vim x In Nix' 1 1 A A 4 A I ff the monarch 95 abraham Imcoln hugh school 5 If we learn kei,?5E' g - - 1' 44.-Q.. ,, , ,. 1- 7 .K Q-x K . 1 , A J . ,M 4 , . 1, ,, .... ,, 4 fl ,, F -, ' - j'Yv" '- ,Zi if' I PY ' 'L 51 E is .Q ,.,- ,Q S' if - 4 6 K "Ae . ' ' xx M - I ' s . -ff X x .- an gf . 1 G ft, ' ' if .......... I 1 wr A 2514: X. Qi tx ww' . 1 .-v .....,. ...... N. . , ,. - s . QQ? 1.1, 1 if W-5' F prmclpaI's message If ns wlfh greal' prlde ihaf I come +o Abraham Lmcoln as prancupal Prude un fhe knowledge +ha'I' fhus school esfabllshed on hugh Ideals eughf years ago IS gomg on +o fashuon 'l'hese prmcnples mio iradnhons +ha+ wnll lnve +o aFFec'I' generahons of men and women fo fhe good prude un a scholarly undersfandlng enfhuslashc group of feachers who are m+eres+ed un young men and women pride an a group of sfudenfs who are alerf eager for an educahon and who believe fha? an achve parhcrpahon nn plannmg and carrymg ou+ +he school program IS a parf of learning These 'lhungs all lead me fo belneve Lmcoln wall always be a grea+ school and +ha'l' I am prnvnleged io be af n+s helm R B KENNEDY 5 vw :ul , , iv' I V Q , , 57.5 A 'lar V X V ,lfs I 5 A' , W I 'X J - ,.,. 4 ' 4 I viz, A me . Y 'sl- r 41 O O 1 I I : . . ' . I . . : . . I I I 47? '- 55 'X 1.2 i-is s s. , E li IM . ,H ,J M N., f W M ' lux AE X 5 A i ' 'J X ,. rl: v ' ' ' X x Ai: Miss Duignan, Dean of Girls and. Vice-Principal Mr. Hunfer, Dean of Boys THE OFFICE STAFF, left fo right Mrs. Winslow, Bank Advisor: Miss Haymond, Secrelaryg Mrs. Burke. Secrefaryg and Mrs. Onelo, Aflendance Secrelery. ,WI K M" fly wi! Florence Barnard Lu ce'He DeCa nnlere Dorofhy Fauquef 'Q' 'lr' Ari' Boland Frank Covell Gordon Fechfer 'ill , ,N ,Q 4 C' A -ff" W' F ff, rrr A 5 George Brink Lee Cox facult Harold Fisher 'mfr A 'W ff y 7 X ,, if A iikw , .1 r f x I-La s. ' rZ'f3?-'VL Helen Clemenl Raymond D'Arieney Wynelfe Fowler If on Ralph Coleman Doroihy Ehrhorn Clifford Hansen ar., LBen Howard Alma Linfon Harry Rose Dfw' ' , CJ Maude Ingalls 1 Anna' Jensen facult Eleanor Parsons Adeline Poliio Mariorie Shoup O. Delevan Smilh . f 1 X ' Raymond Kendall M. C. Ralsfon Roberfa Yeager Y Mr' 5435 APU! . A A A t .. . ,,otl r A, lf ' Evelyn McClay , rm ' 90' Y. A V , Rufh Woodrow ag -,AL K x, lfrfww 1' l' I o 'F K wif In irouble or need advice? Busy af work are Mr. Skinner and Mrs. Bellonp 4 Ask Mr Hunier Dean of Boys frying ouf Lincoln's new deposifory If YI 'S'- wma rn. 1 ' f Q Here we find Mr. Fechfer enioying himself Miss Linion was caugh+ insiruciing while his four+h period class has a periy. a sophomore class. "Jack of all Trades" ai Lincoln is our Sophomore fooiball coach, Mr. Boland, giving Mr. Skinner. his boys ihe good old "chalk folk." 3 1 A familiar lace in lhe office is fhe Alfendance Clerk, Mrs. Onelo. Assislanf Coaches of lhe sophomore 'foolball learn are, lofi lo right Harry Rose, Wes Slevenson, and Mel Marlin. Helping lo keep Lincoln's campus are lhese cusloclians. SX Miss May Duigan, Dean of Girls and Vice-principal, is always willing lo council 'lhose who need help. if Miss Parsons, School Librarian, helps Lincolniles lo find The books fhey will enioy lhe mosl. clean Miss Woodrow, School Nurse, keeps checlr on lhe healfh of fhe sludenls. I I fa-5 'Q fx VV ,VN 9 6 'Y sf 'B 5 .I px. x. b i I we lead Tins, ,Jaw ..- f .- .V . 1:1 4, 1 , f L :Q ' f. f fr 'ff' 5.2! o f' - ,- fa ' ,fa ,- ' 9 4, -, whuw 'VV' 'W'-r.w-f, ew.. Vhwwv ML, Nirwvafl-bar .,., ,- - ,Wi 4 f 'i' 10-f- ,xv Q fiv- x. 22 Q . Y K U Q 2 ' l 7' -feel Student body officers for flue fall semester were, left lo right: Florence Burbiclge, Treasurer: Peggy Pasquali, Director of Publicity: JoAnne Gardner, Secre+aryg Max Belleville, Athletic Manager: Egee Luslig, Girls' Vice-President: Louis Oneal, President: and Horace Boyclston, Boys' Vice-President. student government Officers for the spring semester were, left fc righl: Marianne Talley, Direcfor of Publicifyq Janice Barrels, Girls' Vice-President: Gene Unger, Presidenlg Joe LoBue, Boys' Vice-Presidenf: Nancy Pierce, Treasurer: and Marion White, Secretary. -5 wg, Qffxiiif' 591 ' .: fs' mmilykifvf' 'M A-...gLN., 3 15,23 w5z.qgjf , 'S' T Ni 9+ ng 'Kr ...N- 'N 5, y , L... -l-35-v i 'Q '.,a i -,mf ,-1 iff" 1 Q-. 'O 6 u Q . 5. - ff, I 4 5 5, 3 1 4 H X W N . x 'W l L o X Y STAFF, lofi 'lo righf: Dale Drendel, Donna Morgan, Arlene Spihor, Cynihia Pailerson, Ro- beria Morgan, Arlene Hames. Barbara Anfho- ny, and Jennie Friend. fi' 1:-'ar f EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Roberfa Morgan Jenme Frlend PHOTOGRAPHERS, lef? lo riglnlz Paul Tibbs, Roger Adams, Bill Monlgomery, and Horace Boydsfon. monarch i Joan Hunfer Edifor Fall Lion Tales slaff, STANDING, lefl lo righl: Jennie Friend, Joan Hunler, Lorraine Pefri, Ron Goldberg, Jack Mulnicl, Peler Meckel, Jack O'Lougl1lin, and Marianne Talley. SEATED: Peggy Pasquali, Phyllis Linharl, Diane Sharp, and Allen Richards. lion tales Spring Lion Tales sfafl, STANDING, lefl lo righlz Lorraine Porla, Gladys Garcia, Allen Richards, Jean Colyer, Ginger Dyer, Jack O'Lougl1lin, Sandra Deem, Peler Meckel, Lorraine Pelri, Phyllis Linlwarf. Diane Sharp, Jennie Friend, and Peggy Pasquali. SEATED: Grelchen Wagner, Marianne Talley, Joan Hunler, and Audrey Prendergasf. Marianne Talley Associafe Edifor -eel. CL Q -1 QQ., Y fe 'a I C' 1 , :SIM v K 1' WE SEYVE S- if .Nil ' 4' +I I 4 if wg, ',f ""l-an Ann Renzel, Dinlzy Unger, and Burl' Millard display ihe banner which Lin- coln presenied io fhe new Willow Glen High School. Wall Moorhead culs fhe calre which Miss McClay's firsf period class won for bringing in fhe mos? Toys in fhe "Toys for Joy" drive. MF. Fech+er's fourfh peri- od class enioys cake and coke aifer winning fhe Red Feafher Drive wifh a 23672 confribuiion. Louis Oneal holds ihe Red Feaiher irophy won by Lincoln. gi QQ' ff,-" wx, Lincoln girls furning in money Whey collecfed for ihe March of Dimes. A San Jose man helps io fill e can for Hue girls for llie March of Dimes. am. f , W s k 1 A l ll' uoliln 4 , A Q :nfs 1 n Q1 . A 1 X ' ' 5 3 x' 1' -in 'f Bill Monfgomery presenis fhe Golden Axe cerfificale fo Sherry Nuernberg, one ,J 5 of +he mos? aclive workers. A group who helped will: Hue Red Feafher Drive poinf lo flie chaff display- ed in fhe hall. T Q' T f 5 1 tv 1 "Y '5- in ' 5' - 7. Xxx :Y I7 ,lu ,X Q f, f Q 'Ang' nf, 1 351 K. ri! ' M' Lfilgni- if ' ' ' X " . 5 i' . 11-fum to-' . y my 1 W , , , 1 L F. f , , 5 If yi A,- rife ,, . g ff ':,.wxf Q L ,, ' -.a.1.,2 F Q ' 1' . . 4, 4. - 5 5, - . Z, I: f 1 X i Q ' - r f 2' J. ' 1 171mm ,p 1 ' ' I '1 ---. ' "Y .L ' ' ' . 5 M 24 - ..,,,,, ,N-.MA , :V E ' 2 ,, f ' f UN-ri 7.51 JY ' is X mi ABOVE: Li El Ta Zon service club under fhe sponsorship of Mrs. Yeager, won fall paiama iinx. ABOVE: As fheir confribuflon fo ine enierialn BE OW Le Lia service club Miss Fowler as meni, Roberia Morgan and Jean Garden played a visor won second prize ai ihe gunz "Sepfember in fhe Rain S N ii 'Q' AM w x X l ll ' s i 3 W I ia ll I Fall officers for Golden Axe were, lefl +o riglifz Pafli Milchell, Secrelaryg Bill Monlgomery, Presidenl: Janice Barlels, Vice-Presidenlg and Sherrie Crilclilow, Treasurer. golden axe T I, xg Spring officers were, STANDING, lefl lo riglwlz Gail Miley, Treasurer: Gene Unger, Sergeanl-al-Arms: and Rulh Nunes, Reporler. SEATED: Sherry Nuern- berg. Vice-Presidenl: Egee Luslig, Presi- denl: and JoAnne Gardner, Secrefary. The group and Con al lime annual dinner A-" el I 1 af' . X ,gf o X, Y ,mm 4 5 wk GJ I g, V l Jane Luff. Connie Schuefz, Pai Rose, and Pa? Jack Normandin poses for a life skefch in Shine work on decoralions for flue principals' one of flue arf classes. conveniion. The choir performs al Hue February gracluafion. The dance band, leff fo right Henry Margioffa, Dale Cowley, Larry Leiby, Bob Hawes, Glen Rui, Mille Sfrayer, Carolyn Sfollefwefk and Sieve PGTGVS Jim O'Loughlin, and Bruce Toffelmier. Cdfol dl' Clifiifmdi lime- X 1 I l fs Lf. 1 w l 1 1, 'D K' - 1 Q F iw- " an ,EW 7 6 'fx O ll 3 Q, an X 'va g , The orchesfra, BACK ROW, leff lo righfz Mr. Hansen, Ed Swaney, Lynda Parker, and Marlorle Bradley. MIDDLE ROW: Dick Trinidad, Mike Slrayer, Jim O'Loughlin, Larry Kelly, Charley Ashby Larry Linden, Larry Leiby, Paul Goulding, Ron Richmond, and Louise Lawler. FRONT ROW: Dale Cowley, Janice Cook, Cynfhia Fisk, Jeaneffe King, Phyllis Sowers, and Gladys Perez. C.S.F. officers, STANDING, leff lo righlz Henry Margiolfa, Recording Sec- refary: Joe Genfile, Presidenli and Bill Bardin, Vice-Presidenl. SEATED: Susan Wrighf, Treasurer, and Marcy Bislline, Corresponding Secrelary. Leoliles slalif, STANDING. lefl fo righly Marlha Sunyer, Nelma Rae Mulh, Flor- ence Burbidge, and Lael Hawk. SEATED: Henry Margiolfa. Mrs. Clemenf, Marianne Talley, Bob Hawes, Nancy Pierce, Phyllis Devich, Ginger Dyer, Audrey Prender- gasf, and Dorolhy Gaschk. lk: 'U'-Q in --....,.... A sampling of fhe 4I boys enrolled in Voca+ional Agriculfure 'taken during fhe noon hour when boys are hard fo assemble. You are loolring af lhe '50 Sanla Clara Counly Fair Grand Champion sfeer owned and exhibifed by Fred Volz. H broughl 5Oc a pound, and Fred has purchased iwo more sfeer and hopes for anofher winning. Qf Senior, Bob Bunce, and his slring of Counly Fair sfeer. Two lirs+ place blue ribbons and a second place one was his reward along wilh S365 profil. Q9-. 5- ,.. qui A ' -L.,. ? L. 'W 'X Q? -i R Vocalional Agriculfure Insrrucfor M. C. Ralsfon. F.F.A. Presidenf Fred Pills shows off his cross-bred Angus heifer al lhe Fair. Fred will show seven head of s+eer a+ lhe Junior Grand Nalional lhis year and should win his share of premiums. ff i I Qs ., s '5- ! 05. 6 --O X ia. , . - Cel, , ex Q . 1 7 . J 3 6. . 1 K- 6 5 -43.-w ' -- mann- ..,,.,,. Jim Unger running in fhe Burlingame game. cf L Q ,. . 2. ami' 'R I i -1 1--"i A A firms. 4 ' "?U"'1" W'-vw. I-..fn,.,, Min Ikeda lackling in The San Maieo game. Q Sam Bruno and Sian Hoerniclre faclxling in +he Willow Glen game gn on N BACK ROW, lell lo riglwl: Tom Wagner, Gary Waller Ray Clausen, Bob Lima, Ray Ridgeway, Pal' Farlin, Bari Benson, and Heclor Orliz. MIDDLE ROW: Dick McDonald, Wally Perry, Ron Moro, Roy Krickeberg, Roger Lange, Dick Lewis, Don Turner, Sian Hoernicke, and Jim Green. FRONT ROW: Gerold Moulfon, Sam Bruno, Jim Unger, Pele Pedone, Min lkeda, Bill Bardin, and Dick Websler. varsity football Lincoln 'lied wi+l1 Jefferson 'lor second place. Wi+l1 +l1is excep'l'ion, lhe lislings of scores below are given in +l1e order of slanding: U3 Palo Allow Burlingame 0- Jeliferson ,, San Jose, ,,,,,,, ....,, 7 - Sequoia ,,,, Willow Glen ,,,,,, ,.,,,, 7 - San Maleo ,,,, , ,.,,,, 0- 8 Soul'l1 Cilyn 6- wellader and Phil Cherry Don Turner 'lackles duri ng llue Sequoia , f 'tv bra'- Capfains Roy Kricireberg and Jim Unger and Yell Leader Doris Dimeff wi+h fhe Bone, 'irophy for +he Big Game wiih San Jose High. Jim Unger ready fo facile in ine Sam Bruno running for a Touchdown San Jose game in ihe San Jose game -San ' Q 4' S, 32351 in Q 1- - SLN' x Q A at .slr A f 3, i Q p 1 xX g rx 1 .X 117' X Q5 Nm I 'V TWH: I 4 .aa I , I ' 1 x ' KI 'L BACK ROW, lefl fo righl: Mile Slrayer, Jack Carlson, and James Marino. MIDDLE ROW: Rick Ross, Donald Tallasrl, Gerolcl Sevier, Rodney Sfamm, and Dick Wallace. FRONT ROW: Duane Marlin. Richard McCulcheon, Warren King, Milo Farofle, Dick Johnson. and Lesfer Moore. N L J Milo Faroffe shools in fhe R Los Galos game. LEAGUE LEAGUE X Won 3-Losi 3 Won 4- Losl' 2 X H A W if 20' 1 ' S From lhe Sanfa Clara game. A X f ,rg Coach George Brink BACK ROW, lefl lo righl: Noel Whaley, Peler Meckel, Sian Williams, Dan Frazier, Nafe Hygelund, Fred Bechlen, and Jim Welling. FRONT ROW: Lee Silva, Manager: Jeclr Normanding Wesley Boyer: Eldon Peler: Jerry Odegaardg Frank Boydslong and Ron Gunlher, Manager. FR K LR cf 3, .5 1 1 1 Q1 'Q Coach Harry Rose i nu ,Ai I f a r 1 'L K I' IQ' 1 4 I BACK ROW, leff fo righl: Bob lsaacscn, Ron Moro, Clif? Loughead, Don Brown, Dan Anderson, Jim Ouirh, and Ron Richmond. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Ron Gunlher, Don Turner, Ray Zwiefel, Gene Unger, Bob Turk, Sieve Pefers, and Jim Unger. FRONT ROW: Bill Page, Bob Riordan, Jim Morf, Min Ilreda, Vincen'f LoFranco, Dick Gomez, and Manager Mel Turner. varsity baseball Jim Quirh malres a hit Ray Zwiefel pufs a Tech player ou? fb' 'QA V 3,2934 t af 3,-g ,MbLu ffyagv u gy, .A " , ?43S?V"f,4W-2: 'fgujgvg' , ,,, ' 'Ig :Q ,K , Y ,:+Lf1'4.--1 3 Ex' L' 1 v'n'-Rafi, 'I 3' fb' ii fl 'S fx . ', ,, J. ,ff .,Q,,1g4,t,,Q,' . w ,nw W., ,,,, , A J.Q,.,4 kk wg., an X kllgz'-, ,7,3.f',gp,: I 5 ' , 'fi' '42,-ZA J ,,.x".,,"f r " N, .Q ,l 5 K - 1 4 H " 5 1 H 'A , "W" 5'6" 'pc i ' J. --xy. ' ' AY RJ 'I' X X 7' 'D ,,, '7 u Coach Ari Boland S BACK ROW, leff fo right Maurice Elrod, Gary Ross, Sieve Pefers, Doug Weiss, Tony Mercurio, Ron Richmond, Gary Sego, and Hecfor Orfiz. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Ron Gunfher, Bob Riordan, Gene Unger, Don Brown, Hacfor Salcilo, and Manager Mel Turner. FRONT ROW: Bill Page, Dick Gomez, Howard Folger, David Gonzales, and Don Talberi. ' ' 'ty baseball Doug Weiss pifclwing in fha Duane Marlin abou? fo cross firs? base in flue Sanla Clare game. Willow Glen game. 5 . A , . , one , . W Y W iw 2 v 'S 5. 2 , y as 9 K N G L S 2 W9 Class A Track Team, BACK ROW, leff fo right Gary Waller, Tony Jackson, Jack Graf, Richard Kuhn, Larry Kelly, John Tevis Delmer Kepharf, Alan Shulman, Wally Perry, and Sam Bruno. MIDDLE ROW: Ed Slamps, Dan Worrman, Howard Theobald, Joe Geniile, Berl Millard, Dick Lewis, Sian Hoernicke, and Ralph Salmon. FRONT ROW: Bob Bunce, Fefe Brogden, Carroll Williams, Sian Russell, Jerry Moulion, and Craig Thush. Coach L Awaifing ee Cox fheir call. Jack Havey breaks lhe iape in lhe Richard Kuhn in Sequoia-Soufh Cify meel. lhe P.A.L. relays. ,4 f - v : p' 'ff' 'I O ' I f l 5 " I J 3 , l 2 ' 7 , - 5 4 X v sr' A ' Q VA i I Carroll ,effxf Class B Track Team, BACK ROW, lefl fo riglnh Sherman Fine, Gene Engborg, Ducl Wriglwl, Reber? Barrefi, Richard Hueria, Nale Hygelund, and Mike Sfrayer. MlDDLE ROW: Doug Brooner, Lesrer Moore, Frank Wulflang, Jack Havey, George Anninger, and Joe Rodriquez. FRONT ROW: Warren King, Wesley Boyer, Eldon Peler, Mel Sommer, and Milo Faroffe. Eldon Pefer in flue low liurclles. ! X K 9 .iii track Inav, R 1 1- ,Y i ' 41 Williams breaks +l'ie fape in flue mile and Wm Sam Bruno wins flue hurdles. iQ' 4-, H271-sfo Q I ! s , , kJ Q f g p 'Us V 1. i' '44 ,X nf C QW ' -IG , 5 U 1 A A .4-. .:,g F BACK ROW, lell lo righl: Earl Cundall, Gene Hawkins, Dick Page, Glen Rul, John Camou, Lee Silva, Fred Shigamolo, Leland Anderson, Roy Cadwallader, Fred Pills, Ron Cavender, Roy Delrese, Anlhony Blase, Bob Brown, Jim O'Loughlin, Dick Threllal, Nick Leach, and Maurice Bessiere. FRONT ROW: Abe Wilson, John Hickey, Dick Smilh, Larry Kruger, Jerry Sevier, Joe Rodriquez, and Ernie Lavoie. swimming QV... , ' ' ' ' '1 , 7- N , I se' ff Lam., ' -"x in Wveef W . , , ., sf -1 LOWER LEFT: Nick Leach, Joe 'GM , 1 ,ga,?g,,', Rogers, Jim O'Lougl'1lin, Gene ikriy ii' V , Hawkins, and Noel Whaley lake 5 Ill ia 5, jf' rm. 7' oll 'For a race. LOWER RIGHT: Y-'7 ,ig K, 'Tw ,N Ml, Dan Frazier, Dick Threllal, and K .. Hriyl J Terry Badger lake ol? for a race. A V 'i Ai"i J, l 1 , 5 i A " . f - Y' a' I 'V4"v-n-..,,,.,, "T" Me- 1. ' , J L' I M th , . Q qg Ag 0 I u .03 iz N ' 4' T J " " 1' X , , 1 . xi f ,. A V, A .1 FL! Y A V' W ,,-, 4 1 3 ' A, A 1, ' 1 lug 7 Dick P099 Sidffi 6 dive. Ernie Lavoie fakes off in a dive in good form. diving Leland Anderson caughf in iwo posifions of a dive. 3 Coach George Brink I in 1. Q I 1 X Si K' i sa 1 fi- : if 1' li. ao 154 yy E35 The fall officers of G.A.A. were: Lourdes Sunyer, Secreiaryg Janice Barieis, Presidenfg Teresa Sunyer, Recording Secretary: and Beverly PeHi+, Reporier. Doroihy Pallan aHemp+s a pass which is Joan Armsfrong and Evelyn Moore jump blocked by Lourdes Sunyer. for a He ball. f X L-Q XL Bob Charirand, Gene Hyne, and Pa? Milligan. FRONT ROW: Franlr Boydsfon , and Tom Donovan. . gf E V f Af, Golf Coach Frank Covell Tennis feam, BACK ROW, lefl' fo rigbl: Bob Johansen, Jack Owens, Jim Mallock, Bob Barlels, Jaci Bourguignon, and Roger Lange. FRONT ROW: Max Belleville, Dick Websler, Don Anger, Jerry Oclegaard, Marshall Myers, and Marvin Norman. Golf learn, BACK ROW, lefi lo righfz Pal Milligan hifs a dr: e O ten HIS Roger Lange serves ,Lv y M W WWJQVWW W' WWW ww jgfvyf glfffifwf W QL... M04 LJ, wffw A-ef Qfillll Q!! 512'-.- fkf we relax w ff , A N ' J ' J ' - 1 ' QA x ' . , M pf wb ' A,-:MZ ,X JM. ,wifi if Q Q 3 . gf wfsh 'fs F ' -J 44. 4 4 , '. V 'X x ff iv .,,? Sweef Twosome. See Page 62. She Eafs Her Wheafies Spirii Commiffee. Thaf's a Car? Oh, Roddy! The Pose. Reach Up, Lee! Q99 ..' 1 ,A ' .FQ-xx May We Serenade You? Wan? a Balloon? Give wifh a Cheer. Baffers Up. Whoops! Ouch! One More for ihe Road. He's a LiH'le Shy of Cameras. Gei in Hue Spirii wifh a Song. Wa nf a Bife7 Q PT ' N i. M 'wi- MW, 5- . 4 3? L. T E? like J f T 1 1 , if My . t V K Q' f fl, ssl in :Q17 ,. 9' 5 , Q6 T, 7 , N3 :WM ,lil ,V s 'ff' I' 1 A , . A Tense Momenl on lhe Bench. Our Leo. Enough Said. San Jose Band. The Lasf Huddle. Pals! Tasle Good? Talre If Easy, Polly. Conlorlionlsfl Oh, Mr. Kennedy! This One Should Have Been in fhe Twenfies. Here's a Brave Boy. She's a+ H Again. 41 'A' J. if nf ., I-7. i 'Q I '5- .I 5 x s' , ff ,Q "' rs 1 ,jf :R I I ' A ' ,.- s Ia Q.. Lf" A " ' 1 A 6 1 'no . " 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Sl py T'm Gal Eghf H d A BH Th O B 'H' J f Sunn g G Hing Don'Q Wan? fo S I 7 CfeDog!orTdDg' i I 'f Spring Wonderful? H1 lf. I Dx- we leave of 1 40"- R 1 " Y 1 1 Fall Officers, leff fo riglnf: Glenn Wesseling, Vice- Presidenf: Richard 4Lindgren, Presidenf: and Tudy Rufherford, Secrefary. APS is n. v 1 l W N Presidenf Richard Lindgren faH senior officers Spring Officers, STANDING, leff fo riglwf: Roland Morfon, Sergeanf- af-Arrns: Joan Hunfer, Direcfor of Publicifyg Jim Unger, Treasurer: and Tom Wagner, Sergeanf-af-Arms. SEATED: Roger Lange, Vice-Presidenf: Carroll Williams, Presidenf: and Mary Brassill, Secrefary. ...New spdng Presidenf Carroll Williams STANDING. lef+ fo righiz Par Milligan, Barbara Anfhony, Fred PiHs, and Bill Page. SEATED: Sharon Carder, Egee Lusiig, JoAnne Gardner, Jane! Arthur, Shirley Warren, Roberfa Morgan, Maureen Weldon, Ed Swaney, and Paula Komor. ,4- senior play N 99 143 OUI' miss brooks CAST Miss Brooks ,,,,... ,.,,,...,,,. ,.,,,. P a ula Komor g ,K ' The Coach ,,,.,,, ..,e.e,. P al Farlin Ted ..,s,....,A.,,,.,,,.,, ,ss,,,,,,.,,,.,. B ill Page M555 B'ool'5 Jane ,ssss,,,.,,, ..ss,,,... , s.,.,,... S hirley Warren Paul' Komo' Mr. Wadsworlh ,,,,,,,, ,,,..,,,,..,,,,, E d Swaney Rhonda ss,,,,s,,,,,,, Miss Finch ,, . as Miss Audubon . G rx Sranley ,s,,,,,,,,,aa, Mar+in , . The Girls, ,, Q, K Siege Manager Joe LoBue 9 A Promplor A scene from fhe play, lei? fo righf: Maureen Weldon, Paula Komor. Bari Ben- son, Janel Arfhur, Pal Milligan, Egee Lusiig, Roberla Morgan, and Beverly Peliii. ,,,,,,,,,Roberl'a Morgan ,,.,,,,sMaureen Weldon ,, ,....... Barbara Anfhony ,Pai Milligan , ,.,,,,,,,..... ,,,,,,,, . .Bari Benson Sharon Carder, Egee Lusfig, JoAnne Gardner, Jane? Ar+hur, Beverly Pe'Hi+, and Dolores Mohr. .W ,. , , , ,,a...Fred Pi++s Lei? fo Right Paula Komor, Barbara Anfhony and Ed Swaney. an QW' on 4- Qs ev ?'l:r" 1 Y W M r l E wr B Qi, -123 ls 33 Q5 llis rsil ' Q , 5355. B' ll "ms W 'V B ,J . . . Barbara AUHWOUY K Lula Jean A'l'luns Marilyn Ballanlyne Bill BdrqUiSl' l, I ' Max Belleville Charlene Blonder Janel Arfhur Eloise Bailey Paul Barnes Janice Barrels Barf Benson Horace Boyclsfon Mary Brassill Sam Bruno Florence Burbidge Pal Callison Jane+ Carlsen Par Cummings Don Brown Bob Bunce Dolores Bur'I'on Sharon Carder Herman Charlfon Barbara Cunningha ,fu- 6 if 1, 1 I. k4j4:,,,' gill lag: ai' QX,:"4pf' f:.1',gfr ', 1,55 aah 53' ef 'B' 91: , -x gg. ?"N :E 5-4 1.-P-5, X,-1. R 5. P ' Q . K gf? 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Floyd Shull Caroline S'I'ollenwerlc Al Shulman Lourdes Sunyer Marfhd Sunyer Ed Swaney Shirley Sylvia Genevieve Taylor Gloria Thomas Beverley Truran Teresa SU"Ye' Delighf Swanson AnneHe Taylor Howard Tl'IeObald Laura Thompggn Bob Turk V- , ' , ,N , ,,.., f , hw 'W'- lx is 6 Qi: Q E 'T . 'Q , 'ia in 'fi ii- A W J ,. Zo-- WV ,, Ab 1 Arif K 'Qia- ' 'fs- tz.-v' 5 We ., Don Turner Dicl: Websfer Gene Unger Marlou Weinzerl Elinor Carpenier Bob Crowder Joe Cuen David Hawes 5. , acl' Q 3 . 51' Will? Q. 5' "" .o-W' i . Jim Unger Tommy Wagner Maureen Weldon Noel Whaley Arlene Veil' Glenn Wesseling CAMERA SHY Broolrs Kady Jeane'He King Paula Komor Marion Whiie Nancy Williams "' ff -Q Loa na Williams A5 i' if 'Q Carroll Williams Nancy Wilson if I Q AQ.. ,, QP V 'L . . Leonard Rose'Ha Nafhan Schiafano Louis Spraic Beverly Niclcell Geary Noslrer Marlene Reed Charles Williams Richard Wolverfon Gordon Williams Jane? Wood 2. Shirley Warren Jim Whifcomb Sherel Young K. T In m6mOI'I3m School cledlcale fhls bool: fo 'l'he memory of our 'faculfy member Mass Lydia Codone If as a fifhng memornal 'lo her because she gave a greaf cleal +o fhe s'I'uclen+s of Lincoln as well as fo fhose of olher schools We luke +o feel fha? her mfluence IS shll wnfh us fha? her hugh sfandards of scholarshup have had lashng affecl' and +haf her busy achve life and weal+h of experuence un lravel have enruchecl fhe lnves of all wu+h whom she came In con+ac+ ,za 5 We, fhe s'ruden+s of Abraham Lincoln High f I Q v, C A 'W' 46. 1 S 3 , . 'hx . V 'f 1 W I 2. Q ., 44. mfr ' G1 if J, w Qx 4 if- . 5 Q i.m,,,Q.Q P lv if 2 1 f y , J V 4' , - , ,W , f - . If 1 2: ?, 'fN .E 3" 'a v 3 ' 1 ' 1" ' . ff' jf 4 f 5225 ' . f ' Q! X 1' 4 S' K 6 ,, 'as G. 4 - , . , ' , ' 2 Q N 4B ' . A J 1, V sf E 1' 'P' G- VIUL j .N 6. f 3 Q:-Q 'K , , .,' ,. Q ,, X ,gl L i E M . , f 1, , 3' ,pus ..'. "3 4 Q A f 5 if , i " -fs u. qt , W fi . . ' s 5 ., 3 'Kg 1 ,7 gi 4 in ' Qu .. 5 3' X f i H! 5

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