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-x ,f 'Q . 5 ' Q P , my E W N 'QA ! f "- E Vg Y .. M- fa wif , X' A 'f MIWQ gf, , . 'gy ' ie' Q N ' ' A A :px H ' , f .L Y,-if. 7 Q ,4 , 1 . + 2 7,45 , ' , 2 V ,--, m.. . - s- 1 X X ky ,I V . , N V 5 i w Q k P 'VY' L' ' ,.- K , VV . ,wt .. 3 , 4' 432 ff A iff' " 9 -nw : Q' W3 iv J , " ,gg ,Q Y 9 if v " 4 if , ' ,Q ' K I K K , yi ' " L ,f LQ fa .1 if-'fafffi -Q- X : x b p QA '33 Q 5 V lk ff Q E" ,f ' ,uw ' 1 in A 64 W Q M ,P W v V Quia 5 421 P Q Ss! N n 1' H, f E W Q F 'fu - 1- 2' 15 3 9 2 , i K . AAI if far , f 'a .L 6' A I . x , M I WVHQ A N .V mg P, 1 5, 8 If A h ' g . -, 4' K' gig I' Agua ,I U- ' 'F WX Y 994 Q' Ur Fil!" fir EEN-M M X, h G L T' f MLK 2 Q u .f if ww f 1 J f J Q ,lg alnfzatzam fincoln 1111 iglz gcleool gan gose, Galifoinia Pfzesenfs The rmonaich 1950 ...ix Zin emuriam Mor+on Ci+ron Granf Webber i alibi: pump . mmm .ug mg, F 'll I-IM ug 'Q gill - Q, in IQ Fil OA W .9 al -A-qw. ..- Q.. .. v, 4 . 1 I 1 Li By nz :pi :J unn- wa A ' 'lig I 5 2 . ' V. l. 1519 5 . wvmui' 1 ,- - .M J!+fQ'l f Mil 4 -A in - - ,G 5 E 4... .. 4 a -A N - r.:x , , cf w-.Q s 1. ,, i Q X' . e F' s fm 1-.4 11' R E Q , me ,x Q as , B vfx X Q . gn? ill' M., 1 s... J 3 WN V f 1 A i of W , 1 ..1. f Q Q ' bn 4 5, TPI x ai z , S qi aww: x L. .. .. n. 5 . ' x .T 1 ?kTf3x Q A 1 i 4-5 'I ba ,, ...... V 4- vs iw ax-In T 'Y Wi 'V' ' fi- if Ii uf I za M- - ' f Wg, RN, f Y.gu,'- W. -of . E" V' .1-.i. VlSr - ff I ' .j are ,Sk ,,,, F f A fr? at -L r 3 1 ul . ' :sun .. :V L' F-,.,-v rv' f ir I+ is a pleasure fo welcome you 'I'his fall, +he larg- esi' sfudenf body in fhe hisfory of Abraham Lin- coln High School. We are going fo be crowded for a shori lime, al' leash un+il our new physical educafion plan? is complefed. This is somefhing we have dreamed of since 1'he school was firsl' sfarf- ed, and have hoped for since we planned for: our pool. Now if is being realized! If we are 'llie largesf group we can also be fhe best This is a high challenge, 'For 'lhe classes ahead of you have mainfained high sfandards in scholar- ship, service and acfivifies. Do your bes'l'. Good luck! FREDERIC T. SHIPP Principal. SEPTEMBER 1-.f ,- , Pg A new year broughf back some nine hundred s+uden+s fo fhe halls of Abraham Lincoln High School. Sepfember s+ar+ed fhe Lions on anoiher successful year in +he cavalcade of spor+s. The foolball season found Lincoln +ieing for second place. ln baslcefball +he "Rail SpliHers" had a scrappy I l0's and I20's squad, buf once more surrendered +o San Jose. The Lion babes were fhe firs'l' Lincoln ieam ever 'ro play Bellarmine, and 'They won both games. T'- ,n.. 3 Q7 G 1 " Z L' 'ffgff' 1. 2 g, I . 'faculfml BACK ROW: Mrs. Bellone, Miss Hsymoha. V FRONT ROW: Mrs. Onefo, Mrs. Burke. . 3 7: 'A UK U g4:x11'Nnd i V iw . ' - 0 A O 7 f . I I 3 f nas 0 4 0 M Q - I A , 1 M Miss Duignan, vice-principal, ac1's as - -D X " I , Dean of Girls. Mr. Hunfer serves as Boy's , "W"- Dean, ancl 'lhis year Lincoln welcomed baclc Miss Bruch from Sranford, who ac+s as cur- riculum coordinafor. Miss May Duignan Mr. George Hunler Miss Barbara Bruch K This group of brighl looking people are members of Lincoln's faculfy. Proving 'lhaf fhey are goocl spor+s. fhey fypify fhe fine qualifies +ha1' our feachers have. There are noi' many schools where fhe feachers are ialenied or nice enough 'lo give an assembly for fhe school. i if A y Leading +he school in fheir yells 'Huis spring are lefi +o right, S+uar+ Welch, Rosalie Monfalbano, Dick Johnson. 'c '- . .- Q . Aol C Q f' . .15 - if QP' Q S 2 31" Q ,lvl H 4 6:5 1 if My K Q 39 owe? xg fa W T 'mv All ' iw W 'fi-7' Florence Barnard George Brink Ruih Byers Helen Clemeni' Lydia Codone Frank Covell Lee Cox Isabel Cri'Henden LuceHe De Cannlere Roberf Doerr Dorofhy Ehrhorn Gordon Fechier Harold Fisher Dorofhy Fauquei' Wyne'H'e Fowler Louis Harbor LBen Howard Ann Jensen Raymond Kendall Violei' Lannis Alma Linfon Evelyn McClay Annabel Miller Denny Morrissey Eleanor Parsons Adeline Polilo M. C. Ralsfon Floyd Russell Roberl Schulenburg Marjorie Shoup Ralph Sleighl' O. D. Smifh Thomas Sfevens Edward Urbans Frances Woodin Ru'I'h Woodrow 'iiacu f 5-1 ,1 xl I lb vu .1 1 in V. F' QD I 'Q va A E, 'GI . ., X . -f.-r? 'uf ., f..-15, f i .iw Y 3 ' A 4 Us vs. an--W Wifh Presidenl' Don Vis- conii leading 'lhe way, fhe Senaie had anofher success- ful ierm. Don had much as- sisfance from his fellow offi cers and senafors and com pleie cooperafion from ihe sfudenl' body. Leading 'I'he school af i+s games and rallies were Jackie Brown, Tom Cramp+on, and Carolyn Wood. They rep- resen+ed fhe en+husias+ic spirif a+ Lincoln wifh 'lheir fine iob of yell leading. 'Tp' QF". "-Q iq:- Qvff V in tr. Building and Grounds G. A. A. Liglml' Splri+ Welfare Fall C. S. F. '!' S. F' X 1- 1 --as 581 ,Q 4- 'se I Q' ,X VV BACK ROW: Gloria Joerger, Roberfa Morgan, BACK ROW: Roberia Morgan, Joyanne ScoH 6 Bill Marfin, Marie Malvini, Maryanna Brady, Joy- Diane Norris, Beverley Kinney, Bill Marlin. SIT ,"M anne Scarf. SITTING: Shirley Cudney, Beverley TING: Maryanna Brady, Gloria Joerger. Kinney. vs L. We "'f Q . v ar r ,ggi XJ, in -ua -,ag x N Q ' xy., 2 g X l Ol4GflCl4 Edilor, Bud Dimoclr: Associafe Ediior, Beverly Kinney This yearbook is eniirely differenr from any previous Monarch. We have elimina+ed +he club picfures, and sub- s+ii'u+ecl ihe "liHle people" along +he sides of 'rhe pages. We hope you enioy 'lhe i950 Mon- arch. Eclifor, Ass+. Edilor Sporfs Edifor ,,,,,, Senior Ecliiors U V ,Bud Dimoclc , ,Beverly Kinney ,,,,,,,,,,Bill Marlin Maryanna Brady Gloria Joerger Clubs' Co-ordinafor ,rr,,,,,,, Joyanne Sco'H' Junior Edifor Life Ecliior Arfisr , ,,,, , Rober+a Morga n ,,,,,,,,Diane Norris ,Barbara Behnlxe Pho+ographers: Sfanley Moore, Kennelh Norclheim ?f"'Z SFT! YA STANDING: Andrew Howard, Warren Mafhieson, Pa? Johnson, Sallee Loiz, Pai Milligan, Harold Laswell, Bob Moesle. Jaclr Mufnick, Jim Housfon, Jaclr O'Laughlin, Alan Richards, Dean Neill. SITTING: Jeri Welch, Carolyn McAllis'fer, Jim George. ion 'lales LEFT: Gloria Silva, Spring Edifor. RIGHT: Joan Hunfer. As- sisianf Edifor. This year's Lion Tales was published and ediied by a compefenf siaff under fhe direc+ion of Miss Ru+h Byers. FALL SPRING Ediior-Marilyn Moore Edi+or-Gloria Silva Assisfani-Norine Menzel Aggigfanfflgan Hunier Q A K L f 9 F A 1 ri Q . , 1 if x 'QQ ,Y 'B 0, 'J F 'F x , i i- ! :lf 'K 4 Q? fy FIRST ROW, lefl io righf: Roger Lange, Ed Griffifh, Bill Coleman, Jim Morlon, Jim Houslon, Gerald Slevens, David Smifh, Ron Moro, Roland Morlon. SECOND ROW: Dick Lange, Gene Hyne, Leo Andre, Wilbur Lee, Harley Siallman, Jack Herring, Harold Laswell, George Kidder, Skip Eslensen. THIRD ROW: Phil Robinson, Skip Hill, Tom Wagner, Wally Perry, Don Eddlemon, Don Nyberg, Dick Slokes, Roy Krickeburq, Waller Moorehead. FOURTH ROW: Bob Doudell, Dick McDonald, Sam Bruno, Jimmy Unger, Bob Pagan, Leonard Espinosa, Don Hogan, Dick Miller. aiooflvall Lincoln's '49 'foo'I'ball squad was "one of lhe hardesl' working leams ever 'l'o come oul' of fhe sfudenl' body," said Coach Lee Cox. This sums up very well 'Ihe spiril' fhai made our leam unforgellably unique. Alfhough handicapped slighlly by a lack of weigh'l', 'lhey more lhan made up for if by lheir high spiri'I's and lighlning speed. Ailer slarling off slowly by losing a non-league +il+ 'Io Campbell, we foolc Salinas and 'Four slraighl' P.A.L. games. Our league vic'l'ims were Jefferson, Soulh Cily, San Maleo, and Sequoia. On 'Ihe lasl 'rhree season games we fell, conquered by Palo Alio, Burlingame, and San Jose High. We ended up lied 'For lhird in lhe P.A.L. by winning 4 and losing 3 league games. The Lions oulscored lheir opponenfs in fhe season's final lolals by piling up I39 l'o+al poinfs againsl l2l. ATHLETIC MANAGERS TOP ROW: Turner, N. Whaley, Hull, Moorehead. SECOND ROW: Hilchman, R. Whalley, Sfevens. THIRD ROW: Coafes, Ableif. Piciurad lop 'lo bollom are: Head Coach, Lee Cox: Assl. Coach, Ralph Sleighl: Assi. Coach, Floyd Chandler: Head Baskelball Coach, George Brink. ennis Our I950 leam has a new coach, Gordon Fechfer, 'lo lead if lo "nelling" viclory. The members ol lhe squad are as Follows: TOP ROW: Bill Marlin, Bob Harris, Bruce Eldridge, Bill Miley, Roger Lange, Harley Slallf man, Bill Zilliox, Vernon Clinlon. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Lilllefieldr Beri Burns, Pai Milligan, Ben Rod- riquez, and Leonard Espinosa. Don Piazza is absenr from lhe piclure. Q04 Coach Brinlr's golf leam ap- pears, al fhis wriling, lo be head- ed lor ils second P. A. L. cham- pionship. They have won every game lo dale. Due lo unavoid- able circumslances we were un- able fo publish lheir piclures. The members of fhe leam are Gene Brodericlr, Al Complon, Sian Gum, Dicl: Johnson, Jim Unger, Gordon Williams, Don Colby, Gene Hyne, and Ken Willson. 5-9 T ""'m"""""""' ' 11:-psmv 7'.' f C sg 9 ""' 3 5' . goplmomofze 'iloollmll 5 x Under Mr. RusselI's able direclion lhe sopho- fi more foofball squad oblained lhird place in The , P.A.L. ll's members are: FIRST ROW: Minoru llreda, Bill Schroeder, Jim Green, Gary Waller. Merrill' Johnson, Diclr Trinidad, Bill Bardin, and Melvin Turner. SECOND ROW: Harold Garcia, Bill Schroeder, Gary Douglas, Ken Lehr. THIRD ROW: Craig Thrush, Bob De Lorenzo, Cliff Loughead, Roy Zwiefel, Bob Isaacson, Diclr Threllall, 4 and Bud Nobles. X 6 .4 g I 6- . . l I ' .44 ...AH 5, 1 If I K 5 n 1 :Gs ls' -Q, ,, K, K 1 u I The winners of lhe foo+ball coniesfs are: TOP ROW: Belfaglia, Coffin, Dumonceau. v BOTTOM ROW: Shullrnan, Marquez, Davids, Smi+h, Pills, and Worley. 5. Q s , P f Q' , I f' M ? , . , i , . 2 ' 1 I llu, ' P ' . 3' ,, ii I i".1 e..,,' + i i s of , W ,Q ,,, , P i M - V ff. K i.:, 2.. . . .. -- f it L , fr ii, O s ' V ,iiii 'P in . 'E-." 1 7 Q. pf' 4'1" ywmwfa f -MLS. - H , f . r WSIrgiibzw-e.:fifzi?-V .-.fix Baslmelball champs are Owsley, Phillips Perrin, Doudel, Mirlo. This ieam was ihe runner-up for ihe baslrelball honors. They are: Albaum, Period 5 won lhe inlramurals wifh Shaw, Coelho, Summers, Shulman, and lhese players: Perrin, Mull, Mirlo, Hawes Hendry. and Doudel. AMX A , l OCTOBER The oufsfanding even+ in Ociober was +he Red Fea+her Communiiy Chesi Drive. Urged on b-y noon ac- iivifies, assemblies, and infer-class compeiilion, +he s+uden+s of Lincoln wen+ well over ihe iop of fheir quoia +o add ano+her successful drive io lheir already long lis+ of successes. X A A, ' 7 :A X '1b4.2 ' I' 14s, " rfv? . W' ' M p 3 1 'W Pm i ' i X :YW ' Lo i 'VH l 5421 lax KX .v During fhe Fall semesier, Shirley Berry wifh fhe help of 'rhe Girls' Ser- vice Clubs, coniinually senf aid 'io our friends in Europe. Each mon'I'h +he Service Clubs would 'fake on a new project The maferials and supplies were packed by +he girls, and sen+ abroad by +he Jr. Red Cross io Europe. David Smifh comes running in as Slrip Esfensen and Bill Coleman bring down a Hard-fo-sfop back from Salinas. incoln iiooflmll The 2l-7 win over Salinas marlcied our firsl foofball viclory of 'rlwe year. Menfor Lee Cox musl' liave given his feam an inspiring pep +allr during +l1e half-'time because, flwen, 'rhe score was lcno'l'+ed up seven all. ln fhe rhird period +l1e Lions scored +wo rouclwdowns. Jack Herring, our quar'I'erbaclc, lciclced flie exfra poinls. He boasfed a five for live exfra poinf fry record al' +l1a+ fime. Four Sequoia 'laclllers combine lo slop Bob Pagan. Lincoln's Harley Srallman and Don Nyberg are in flue background. 2 .P Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Dclx M ller lumbles o er affer sfopping Campbe-ll's ball- carruer Wally Perry is above him. 'lima an D.CZ.f. Campbell Salinas Jefferson Soufh Ci+y San Ma+eo Sequoia , , Palo Alfo Burlingame San Jose .L Palo Al+o's 32-28 vicfory ended one of ihe hardes+ foughf games of +he season. Johnny BeH'encour+ of Paly climaxed fhe duel wifh an 80-yard lciclc-off re+urn inlo pay dir+. Lincoln was handicapped lhroughoul ihe game wi+h iniuries. Jimmy Unger, Lions' halfbaclt, and Lincoln cen+er Jim Morion were among fhe iniurecl. These fwo Lincoln slars were vo+ed 'ro +he all-P.A.L. +eam al +he close of 'rhe SBBSOI1. Halfback Jim Unger is broughi down haqi following a small gain in fhe Palo Alio game. S- .af Cla J ,Q M Xi A Of is x 5 X 'H sf 'Q 1 W1 551, Q , 'f-. J .. a 1. .:- 4 K2 mme f 5. E H5255 -feiisfi gsf, 7 ' . , ,.: 1: - :.+...,f v.... EEL, - .r ,:.f,,.3g-f, ,. , 1 g,,,.g:wgN--,,2, .... A: Q ' ":P'5f'S!:C1-.,.i' A ' ' W ak. 1 Q V if 5 .f gfqgsgvgz 5 1, ,V mx H2 .IQ R xl 'X 6 viii? w X 1 3 Q my 22,5555 Q H3532 322 2 i Q 4 5 ' 2 2 X , '54 I fp.: f :wi - fe' uw-zwisesi f ,if . 54 'iz ' V f f' I M O 4 , X V 1 . A 'S A A 'W' 3' my 'Q X 3 King s MX' T e A i 2 3? 1 2 S f 5 my qv 0,-5 ...QM I S Q KY is 5. gl'-Q Q ,Q el 3 I 8 1 Q1 E.4 "f-:.:1'f1f.-H 'f "'f'f' 1 5, 30, K bil' Bc" , f A I UM., 1 5 ai fi Nm A SEQ . 5. K -www? QF-K h'g'A mile k 5 I ar an A W In R . We iv f 4' D :. x.' I J' if I3 fi 'S Q W X' S I .2 hi 4 , 5 ' ,, 41 Q., .i ULS The Girls' Jinx is a semi-annual affair in which all Lincoln girls fake an ac+ive par+. "Paiama Jinx" is usu- ally fhe fheme for +he fall affair, while ofher imaginafive ideas are carried ouf for +he spring Jinx. This spring fhe chosen +heme was "l Wish l Were." As usual, prizes were awarded 'For +he besf groups and individual cosfumes. Sharla Magne foolc firs+ prize fhis spring wi+h Lamana Le coming in second. Picfured be- low are +he individual winners. Y , 3, 5 NOVEMBER -'J '-:as fi.: ascii ii Wi -V Despife our loss of fhe Rooiers' 'rrophy +o San Jose, our roofing soc+ion was beHer +han ever. Our card +riclcs were clone very well. The irophy was sfarfed fhis year by fhe alumni of San Jose High. We sincerely hope Thai Lincoln wins fhis Roofers' Trophy nexf year. If Lincoln spiri+ remains as high as if always has been, fhe irophy will be ours. Excep+ionally sensa+ional spirif was demonsirafed by Lincoln af lhe Burlingame game when our feam was lagging 20' +o 0 af fhe half. The rooiing sec+ion s+oocl ancl cheered iremenclously for five minufes, spirifing our feam +o a smashing Touchdown! Unforfunalely, fhe score remained 20-6. 'FYQGW ll Ifo 1i'X SJ , .1 x , X 'N' A 'J 4 E fixi L .. 5 S --nz. . 5 IA -gf Q . I I S- .N Fc 5 U4 I an YQ C F ,V,+..w,,y ,I af , x ,M . 0 HT , R A Q, 1.1 -:- -- W . ' 1. . ,Q 5' W Lxx,.,:5 ,r g,,.,fgg,L1.' 1 ,,g,:f5,,,,3f:.. ,, A, 4 f V ,,.4 . . H., .,.. N ,, 1 'Q . ,kv .,k,q .M x.,..m WAV f"NAk, ' K ' . 'ff ,V K .?,k-, W W 5.-. . X Niiw . 1'1"'f rg ' .A .Q .x 1 Y..Q-,xlgwx X,--,+w'fx"-NpQwp"'5Pr'f", . , , A 'LLX5-f I 4, 1.1 jf' ,, 15.5 .gffiga V 4, 7' 1 QL W -mdk ' U N an , 4' . f . 1 Q' .1 f - E f 4 S v v Q W 5 Q 0 Q l ,,Q.h4,,. A . -.3f""'L 1- fb wf-g'Cvc 4. , in if V Q Q V. ' Q A v . . A W W I gg ,. Q it . X 5 ' r 'Ds x,.,' ,A 2" ' ak." I .5 - of 'lf "XXL - .KX . ' K- i . ::-!"l A .. A Q' 'wf.Ii?M 3 N Bw wk. ,l 45.1.45 -'fix --xx Q . ' H ' -5-j' J.. 4 .gy V , 'w...nQ.' I 4 ' '- 'P ' 'if' f ' - gg ,E'4- , . mf-,Af f-,V vi'-' f ., . f .1 ..,.,-ref ,ai 1-li' 'C' 5-sE1'i.i'Q3 L. iii 4.-if-' an Q va if 5 fgfbgif 4' KM fjxx ul JQQSiilyi E VE f .49 N X .......-sian.. ..,, NNN QW' ,T 5 in l .wx dr X '11 fl if Af E ,W 'Y ' Q fr' y ' A .A ,AX 1-fem. .Auf ,. , cf 6 mga X Li? I VV 5 WAV, - ,ff A rv' ifwiui gf? wb 4 wax' 'K hiv' . 556M, "' N x-35 - pd Q ,L,.f:- 4 I xa 5 U , .' Qi' fQ -w :R S' KV: M x 'xr 1. .. K W ff if ,ur L39 Y I wxwf W Hr W-'yy Y LJ' ' V -if L A,L w 5- x 11. QT 15 -' xc v 1 x inf N '. 1 '7 1 ? Sr ,wal I if so 15 DECEMBER Every yule'I'ide 'lhe Lincoln sfudenfs gel' in fhe Chrisf- mas spirif by decorafing 'Phe school wifh brigh+ colored decora+ions. This year Theresa Avila and Pa+ Johnson prepared fhe office free. Q- - ,. 0 N. ha, lr' .7- 'VK s X 4 is 5 ' , Ps 'S' X -P' -.sci QQ., Q- . F 1 1 GL- JT W 'fi-, A eo wk 'Q ,Q 115,,,w 'N Q' su N, . 'F- fi 'R v 5? 'E' F Q4 8 . 13:- 1 Z H-Q is .--Y, xwm 'Sw-ev . + s M f . 4. gr xt' 6 ,. 5 ar- 'W ,. u ' . Q W '35 Q fl. . in - 1 4 ,- Aff" cr We JANU RY NX l I M U: Q ff Q Q Xl- " , 1:2-if S91 ' "N-':sf',4 Above are fhe compe'I'en+ officers elecied ihis January. They represeni' fhe finesf qualiry of leadership af Lincoln and served our s+uden+ body wiih efficiency and fact Led by our very able president Bob Fox, +hey did a 'Fine iob in 'Phe senaie. Officers for +he spring semesler were: Girls' vice-presidenf, Marion Hughes: Boys' vice-presidenf, Jack Herring: secreiary, Jean Ann Bailey: freasurer, Naomi Whifing. I .'y, A A gnu...- 1 1 X . 5 V KA. swf- . J ' , L. L. av 32 -,xx I f ' 3 5 , W Y Z if 'if ,Ei was 3 If M I QM xg will qw gif W E 7 9. , A Q , 1 .e ,Q Q , ff 1 ' , AA M 4, ,R ' , ,: JW. if Q. Q im A1 9 4 E Ex f i?z' ,L gi WU' M va- M tg X. VY Sw A P' , Q . 4' ' ' X 'fi ,gy X , 5 - f'x2?Z -v-14" in 3 x' 92 W w i III S ll Ill xi s Q. EW: 1 , 1Q I Hi ' l , , A .kt uggf, Q 5 is 18 a ' 15 x 4 . Y I 1 Se' ,Q ,ff rf 4 w-1' L si! Ill P I5 Ili gs Ill 1 Ill if -1- I 8,4 in i J Q' 1f! 2i 7 W Q . '2- .M 4'-J N if I 4 E- Gs' fb -, , 5 X H I Cnce a year 'Hue Girls' Service Clubs from Lincoln assisl' flue communify in fheir annual March of Dimes Drive. Picfured receiving money for +l'1e Drive are Doris Clare and Roxanne Graham. Picfured is Don Visconli concluding a mee+ing in flue Senafe. FEBRUARY L 51 9 L... fS KX Z1 'L .- wif X Lincoln cenfer Don Schroeder ge+s fhe varsify Gene Unger iumps high fo gain possession of game going in Hue second half. We ihreaien Hue ball for fhe Lincoln's 3O's. San Jose won fha sirongly in The las? quarfer buf lose 37-4I. fas+ opener by 24-47. SAN JOSE HIGH - LINCOLN GAME f ""' ,gigy i, zgl I .. v -, . ,.. ZAV.. ,V.. f- wwawwn, H V F5 , fs. 'F' 1 l qs. Q ,f A C 1' K, W. QQ .. .Wi . s F. ' L A I l Qc laelfl X2 To be a member of fhe Golden Axe is perhaps fhe greafesf ambifion of fhe Lincoln sfudenf. Belonging fo fhis organizafion is a privile e fhaf may be won by any member of fhe sfudenf body who is willing fo worE for ofhers, energefic, and eager fo be of service. Golden Axe was esfablished seven years ago by our firsf sfudenf body. They felf fhaf fhe success and glory of our school depend on fhe fhe faslcs well done here af home. Therefore. credif is given for services rendered, whefher large or small, in sporfs, arf, music, or sfudenf acfivifies. Membership is earned by a poinf sysfem. Golden Axe poinfs are award- ed on a basis of sfudenf parficipafion in school affairs. To be a member. one musf have 450 axe poinfs or enough fo qualify in fhe fop 5 per cenf of fhe sfudenf body. A+ fhe mid-ferm an insfallafion banquef was given by fhe old members for fhe new ones. Oufgoing Presidenf Jim Morfon awarded Con Mendler an honorary membership in Golden Axe. Ofher fall officers were: Don Ansolr, Vice-Presidenfg Barbara Kinkaid, Secrefary. Spring officers are: Blaine Harper, Presidenfg Vice-Presidenf, Gloria Silva: Secrefary, Diane Norris. i 1 .i 3 ..,.l gr . X . . ,... Slu- -' S, ar . fl if ' 4' , ,lf -i. 2 .kii i s um .. , Lisa. L- 13 f f? 3 ':':' i Z 'A A if In as sq ,. It N .""f:2:r!2 53333153 :wade 'A 21:52 sence: . ...s il 1 1 . -. "FL ' K Life Members of C.S.F. G. Sf 7. The California Scholarship Feclerafion is a slafe-wide honor socie'l'y for s+uden'l's wi+h high scholasiic records. Anyone receiving af leasf 3 A's and I B on his +erm reporl' card is eligible for membership in C.S.F. Being a member involves many ac- fivifies, and is a disfinci' ad- vanfage when enfering col- lege or applying- for a schol- arship. Spring Presidenf in Dia ne Norris I r Members of C S F ?1l'.f 5. E gnfefz Gounci ting ff-""' H , ,..,,,.w"'nN' 2 Masad- ,..... ,M 3 E X li e A 'y .w 'kywi' i X W. ,..ee0"""""" wing vw 5 i 4 A'MN!NN'-Iwviv uw... .,. vs 1 ' f - uv as WWII? an nm K V f -S551 A K . ff- . 1 '59, N . gy " xx f ' Ji ., -f!,i'v" ' z.. f Q A ix f f 55' QQ k xi 1: 5 - 2:-2 Q 'X , '--. . q7v.yxw W x ...V 'W-:M . X Q- L""' iiiiiiffif 3 M . V . f .... . HQ. .. M, M I " f , ,Q W-we W , wi Nlfff W-155. . ,gf .. ., :egg E: :VWHQ V52 if' .V,:"isFf 'E A M L: ' ' .ff -W5 if -J - yww, -:ww sre.f3'7g,.v .- E, j . k Q V s 4 N A " " "G ef 'fl-22.f49ff:1TQY,TS,57?Hf'g,.FW' ff ' ' 'N ' . . ' ., 1 . . mm A ' -2 L Q N , . K yn. In k .--i. ..,, - A I- pig.: U. .V .-J ff-- 1 ' A-A-' .ffl f ,Exif :: 12' ff:-. f-: 1- i- -5 ' k X . . .. .- --we-V-ff-:.'f.., 4' -" -12 ff A W- - - A - P .. f " 3 . , V K -' + n -' A ,.. . .. -s - + T I X- mf ' W . - i..Mw+M"M" M A' ' . ,S - - - AL 'W' A L' MW ' L L '- . E v 1 ' A A - P- '- Yffff?15Li2 , . ILf - w h. sniff,-f - L ..., in 5 -A i f J ' .gg K E.T5z if::'? ff .K 2.52 1' .-ima: K K 'Z 'L K 'V' 'K x ' - 111.5 'ff ' 1 wk 4. ., J ' 2255--' zL1.'. 1 - A -- ' - - - - S 77 K ,N ik, - I K W 51Q..,Ui, .,-,,N.wL .gh 0 K 5? - MW 'L Af .1 J I V A ' ' W lips? 5 .' ' " .,-. V A. . 1-.1..Q W. - . . eff sy. W ,...M A-iw I , 4 " frf Ltgwg, 5 . 4 A ' " Q-:,.5 W--Q: . - uf , . , V- . . , 'V - 'K --Sf 2, ' 1' K kk K , - ,lf W LQ. . .. sk 5.3, -1 x Q E l 1 lc V 4 K , :, f . in Q I E L , H 5 N ? ygmgfk :vw- QQ' .bf v L. K i E Gr- 4.-.fx A '58 , x . f'61fff,., A IM sf a.. K A x is 5 H .. af ' .V jx 63 4 fs va it ' 6 .. ,I ff' Q . f A-. , 4 in 'ww I K Q JA? ,K gn-f' Ak. . K N if - . il . K9 . :Fw ..,-'S , 'Z gbb . if " A Q7 V 1 Q 0 O S -1 ' 1 . 2 x, ' I XX ff P nf,-1.4 ei. wi-xv 1 A W' XN ,J ' ua ,WL ff' if 'MT A W Ev XR x"N I' 5, V4' '54, 46' MARCH 43 155 A ., t A V R X , it Qs ' L 3 " H I Q Q annul ifimeftv X3 an M-W o 35 Z 3 CD -I S W!! I ,rs T FQQGNS rr c: MQ 5:1 'Cn PCP ' ' L Danny Du+her", Lincoln's annual opereifa, was presenied on March 9, IO, and II a+ Woodrow Wilson Junior High. 'Y f" '-is ' if A h 4' 1 RM-S3 wi 'il Q, ra ' ' , . W I i x 1, lj A so Dojen Mrs. BriHon's sixfh period dance class or- iginafed folk dances from Hue differenf coun- Qf u ... ef +- Cl in -g' X 5 or u 'P' 5 . . , -Q Lead roles were as follows: Danny Di'I'her, mes' and Played me Pam of me CRY buh' f Ed Erwin Daisy Lorraine Galeener: Lucifer Facul+y advisors were T. O. Sfevens, mu- 1- , Lucas Blii C0ieff16n- Ahgeii Were played by sical direciorg Mr. Morrissey, dramafic di- J hlurrlil Ferguson Joyce Osborne, and Joanne redorg Doro+hy BriHon, producfion direcior. 1 y a er A 9 ? i v. G 4' L as .1 xv if afzsifll 7-'zaclz Websler and Coafes score poinls for Lincoln. Below, lefi, Andre clears I0 ff. 6 in. Piofured above are boys who look firsf place honors againsl San Jose High School. Lefl fo righ+ are: Bob Green, Skip Hill, Phil Robinson, Jack Herring, Wilbur Lee, Warren Sfennard, Sam Bruno. a Will Lee, one of Lincoln's greafesf weighl men. 5 'K ,Y uagiyl V 1 PRIL -:tall f Ll. Subaru- A dream come +rue ai' lasfl The ALHS swimming pool is complefed and ready for ac+ion. Our honorary sfudenf body mem- ber, Con Mendler, cufs The ribbon for fhe opening of 'l'he new gym, and a dream comes frue. Our new gym was officially opened on April l2, when Con Mendler cu+ fhe fape. This gym has been in 'l'he process of be- ing buil'l' for close +o 'Four years. Con Mendler pui' up Sl0,000 and fhe Dad's Club sponsored a drive 'For collecring money. If was s+ar+ed off when Lincoln presenfed "The Big Splash" in I947. I+ has been a long wait bu+ 'rhe s+uden+s realize iheir grea+ for- fune a+ having a gym such as fhis a'I' iheir disposal. 6 -ui: 3 Qcx of Lincoln High Sfudeni Presidenl Bob Fox,s'l'ar'led "Do Righ+" Weelc wifh a special assembly describing fhe Do Righ+ Principle and i+s advanlages. All weelc blaring bullelins and poslers proclaimed fhe Honor Sysiem, warning us fo preserve ill ....,.,,, , x X' A M' g TX 5 -V fi" ,QT-'Tl . To inspire compefifion during fhe "Danny Di+her" +iclre+ sale, 'lhe social sludies classes sponsored a "Queen Confes1". The Sopho- more queen was Gail Miley: Jun- ior was Carolyn Wood, and win- ning queen was Senior Bonnie Beer. She was crowned af lhe opening performance of 'lhe oper- ella by Sfudenl' Body Vice-Presi- deni Marion Hughes. A vigorous publicify campaign was waged by Miss McCIay's classes wi+h Marlene Zisch as over- all chairman. The posler opposile was made by a commiflee con- sisling of Diane Norris, chairman: Arden Tree, and Vernon Barlow. E ,,,- '24 1' Q, ff---....,,,.' 5 ,, -, 3. , sf ,M - , X, v-vw -....s..s 1 . ,sm Mc., , 445 ,, .,,., ,.af.-V,-,sas www l x . 5433 f ,z ff." so s ,sy 1 Uaisifml gaselmll 3 I BACK ROW: Don Brown, George Kidder, Tom Quirk, John '3 Alden, Bob Hendry, Don Anderson. X- MIDDLE ROW: Marshall Myers, Manager: Chuck Longwello, K I 6A Don Scalzo, Larry S+ilgebouer, John Worley, Tom Gray, Ron Moro. ' V ' fx Don Visconfi. gf l FRONT ROW: Leonard Rosefia, Don Turner. Doug Johnson, A - ,J Gene lnirieri, Bob Bassian, Jaclr Mufnick. 4.- l Anderson falres a cuf. J ' l ,W 5 44, M" :vs G. 3 'ln li' Q V 4 Y C I is V , C 11,5 '-vp. 'F . x 'l l f K' A 1' .- f' -if-L R D Alden wana, on. up .Xi s C7 5 X r , . .run vs.s.sv..asnuavn4...::v-.w.uq,p,-,1 M' 'xi x y 4 w,, .Q 1, 8, way S 5. A iff? QGWQZ X f' , A K 'Y I ,...s. I xy i , 4 v M f,,,fg,'7 "V uf- 1 vw fun. "' 1 nf Y ir E2 Z' ,Qiyg PTA V 'Li kai ll Illllilll llllllll' ulgfli-iff Ili!! I war., . A -1 I , 0- M AY y il ggi' 3 1 ' D 'IBN it is Y fun, i 4. '.f s Q, f'q The genioi play of IQSO ---Neoclz Rolninu The Seniors of i950 presenfed "Cock Robin." This play was a murder mysfery designed +o keep you in suspense. Those who wen+ +o 'rhe play found our why +he nasfy McAuliff killed his s+ar ac+or, and why Carloffa did noi go fo Paris, and why Dr. Grace ploHed MURDER. Comment This was one of fhe mos+ inferesiing and enferhaining Senior pro- ducfions ever presenfed. CAST: COCK ROBIN-OWEN DIMOCK GEORGE MCAULIFF-BILL COLEMAN CLARK TORRENCE-TOM CRAMPTON MARIA-JOYCE OSBORN CARLOTTA-GLORIA JOERGER MRS. MAXWELL-BARBARA BEHNKE MRS. MONTGOMERY-GLORIA SILVA DR. GRACE-GENE STERLING MR. BRIGGS-DICK JOHNSON JESSUP--WALT MOREHEAD DICK LANE-JIM CUSTER CLEVELAND-BERT BURNS s yr -'S 1 us- 3 sw ,N .ng me . , .qv ff? x " I' 1 Q T , . ,- .V 'fin Con Mendler was presenf- ed wifh a calre and a radio for his birfhday by fhe Lin- ., Q coln High sfudenf body. G. Wx if x ,- , I Q ps- 9 1 . , V, ,e A yf . ms,gg,. f Q " A Hx f if This year fhe Nafional As- semblies broughf a real freaf fo Abraham Lincoln. They were fhe nafion-wide lrnown Mississippians, performing for one of fhe mosf enfhusi- asfic audiences Lincoln sfu- denfs have ever parficipafed in. The bank sfaff made a frip fo San Francisco. They are shown here in- specfing Soufhern Pacific offices. 0-15 : 5' gnifliixi 3,5 J L X gig x:.x.s:i,. N? ,gms vi , K X ,r lb 6- av- 5 .X 1- 3 6 N I N. JUNE -lill- SS--I X ! ,P 422' f g X 'if 0 'I --u-.-:- -14551 Receivers of Gold Keys, which are regional awards in +he Scholas+ic Ar+ confesi, were 'five s+uden'l's 'from Miss Lannis' fif+h period class. They include from lefi +o righf, Diane Nor- ris, Barbara Behnlre, Gloria Joerger, Maryanna Brady, and Diann Day. Mr. Sfevens. fhe orchesfra, and 'lhe combined choir and chorus are shown rehearsing for fhe Spring Concert cr P10 S 'V' . .,-fax. "' u 1 'rr -Q... e W -an - do ...- 'T' rv ""7'3" 1.1- 159 1 ii we ? 22: Zahjmi ay' f-' f 'QA i Ar, no A K FN is '41 Xhii ci. Gerald Albaum John Alden Barbara Aldridge Alice Mae Allen Donald Ansoll Nancy Appleby William Archer Theresa Avila Jean Ann Bailey Rose Marie Bailey William Bailey William Bailey Barbara Ball Vernon Barlow Evelyn Banzer Roberf Bassian Chauncey BaH'aglia Phyllis Beall Beverly Beard Bonifa Beer .Q 7, ,,. ii . A' 'K Mae' asf: f-2-1? i lx Q AX A 'TGP' Q a az, ,L W hx K, M W N, S, 4 .wan X395 :L K i e Q ,Alix do 5 4 B fi 'ff me F57 fi"'f"Ef f -:fy K X 'Qi V yica B .f - -an ei. we fa. .ue- Q,- 'F-nr ,fw- .-W., Barbara Behnhe Norvelle Benevenlo Ferdnand Bernadas Shirley Berry Marilyn Belo William Bowe Gene Brodericl: Norman Borer Beverley Bolei Shirlee Bone Q fa a s . C an, -.QS .. fix vc: ' 2 'uf 'P We -.- S ff of -W X Q 1 3 ' yy Q K f in X gk? 4 S xiii - . 'I -if-as 'wiki 3 -S' Q '22 qw! 'Q Y?--V' V 'fo' ffl yx M . Q 1 2 ff ,ef , ,ci ered' ii. f? no : iff. MF 'Q-.-. QW' 4-,Ex ,vz "E mi lia 'f , 1 imrflim -sy 1 W Q ii. Ella Barrefl' Marlene Bowen Janice Boganyi Maryanna Brady Jacqueline Brown John Brown Beverley Burlces Mariorie Burleson Berfram Burns Carol Burrows Roberf Capp Rulhadele Carmichael Joan Casho Mary Caclogan Charles Checlr John Chrisfensen Rose Ciraulo Doris Clare Donna Cresia Doris Coafes J. Blood Coals Alfred Coelho Henry Coffin Nancy Coleman William Coleman Shirley Cool: Don Cornwell Gerald Cou+inho Mary Cozanifis Thomas Crampior F W if , li f""'v 'mg ' f if i if ,f""" ., 'I mm Num? fm -5.-rf aH"Ak - gf ygw- i ,feqdfi V , .zf ,Q lj 1 Nvlv' 5. ff B ami -syn ,,.....,. .,a. ,, -agsww.. k K Iain I ihuq I ,... Q ! I iii -has 9 ef X-' , . -, i l a 'ic' iiii z,:QQS ,B . .,x -, ga ai, -xi 11--f ,,, , ' HUC. W A N.-P J v . it J 4 'af -an ' , M K..-er.: eww 5 Q 5 mr """'b K ' - sg 5 r ' SQ' ff Nur 14 ' I I C137 ., if i"" zu William Cushard 'W iq: il Us x James Cusfer Gary Daley Donald Dalfior Barbara Daniel Richard DaPon+ Vesfer Davids Diann Day E+hel Deem Diane DeVaul Paul Dewey an X '3 1, Q , gm William Digges Owen Dimoclr lrene Dralre Joanne Dudley Barbara Duffy Vicior Dumonceau Barbara Eberl' Eva Emery Beverley English Bruce Eldridge Chrisfina Ellis Harold Esiensen Be'Hy Evans Glenna Evans Lee Evans Marlene Faber Elaine Farum Dorofhy Felich Virginia Felicia ii no ie' win? f 1 1 5 ' M fir a 3 X .af . -, w Z f 'B-er Q Nr Y- 12' 0 I . y Q 'l 2 . Q:-3' A 8 . K V A is Q Q . 4'- N. ,. I f cr- ae' A T 'ir 1 f ,,.. TJ f 1' Ch an 1 5 2 I 'Zo 4' 73 57' e rs G .Q A G 4 ff 1: Laura Ferguson Dawn Fisher Roberi' Fox Nancy French BeHy Friend Lorraine Galeener Ru+h Garrison Richard Genfry James George Noreene Golden Roxanne Graham Rober+ Green Florence Grey Sfanley Gum Barbara Gusrafson Donald Hall Nancy Hamlin Delsa Hansen Blaine Harper Dorofhy Hariley Roberr Hendry Jaclr Herring Slzip Hill David Hirchman Richard Hoplcins Gary Hornbuclrle Marion Hughes Roberl' Hursf Eugene lnfrieri Gloria Joerger I' 354 'vii ,, ....... ""'1 .V ff rv JE V -M i V. y R r 'Q-ffl'-'f' .,,A X G 1 ,mb-3' 'bf me Q ,as ea. ga' Qu... i 3 Q7 is QQ -' Q our -qu - z 2 ' ,- if M, , - 'ivk favs-SI 3 1 We , Q Q ,ryrrr G I in-, 'al ra- N3 eu ,Rf Lorraine Jensen Douglas Johnson V Richard Johnson Darlyne Kopriva Joanne Keahey Barbara Kinlread Beverly Kinney Richard Kirlcbride Audrey Lampman Dolores Lane Richard Lange Eleanor Lange Donald Lawrence Wilbur Lee Diane Leedom Claire Leese Marilyn Lindquisf Roberf LiHlefield Verlene Loney Louis Long Joann Longshore Nafhalie Loh Charles Luclrhardf Charles Lundy David McClin+ic Louise McElhaney Rose Mary Maforf Joseph Malvini Pafricia Mariin William Marlin so A WY a""Ci L .J D ga is s S A Je an 91 ir x X -' 95 in A ly wa- 9 YNY" ls ul l I W , fl! L xx :IN X. 41? r Aman NZ 1-'Qu Donald Marfwicl Paul Marquez 'QP Lorraine Mercurio vy- Vicior Mevio iii Noreen Menzel William Miley Shirley Muller Virginia Miller Roberi' Moesle Rosalie Monfalbano Marilyn Moore Jim Morfon Geraldine Muccua Jacqueline Muccla Carol Muzzio 'inf 'ff"""?' , 43 K-we y .sam David Munlo Larry Needham Dean Neill Kafherme Nelson Marius Nielson ya I 5411119 ' 1 me ,- , ., ji , fn? ,W . HU-if +0 'Q' rg W 3. A A i 555 ' f' 3 ,. ws ' ,L L ' r ' asv! -N. wifi? ' siii'Qs L L L ig ' Q eil? ., 1 l f .sri ui Mary Ann Nigrelli Lee Nilli Diane Norris Yvonne Norman Charles Oliver Donald Oriman Joyce Osborn Roberf Pagan Mary Pappas Dolores Parr 'nn , if I 'Q av ty L, sf A .. 'wp . .K I ff-K ,sfx 'L M can as: J M M Q, i DN' X -Q..-. K yyik 5 ,f . ,..... ...M yn 4' 'UN ,K 3 . N! WIT? fsiliiik ,L 'QC' vii K E , +1 as s 2 fx Q If-R , in 1 .z1M'sl.'5" i , P2 bi i 4:9- 5 .QF N A A cr ' J ' kr ' 1 K ' :Q iz 3 13315 Q 3-FWD. 4 ,,,'?' rf QW! Wi ,. ,.s I "9" Y' -Cana!" its mpgs S 'h-Fa, l Q Nz A 1 i 1 K X X 955 ge-y' I 'A 453 its af hmm 12312 K . MQ Q Y -:2"'fl!!5aiiPAi Jean Parry Barbara Passarelli Alberla Paullus Rouih Pendergaff Wa lfer Peferson Melvin Peyfon Beverly Phillips Donald Piazza Joan Pracna Donald Provancha Maria Pulido Charles Purdy Grace Quiring Jerome Roberfs Phillip Roberison Beniamin Rodriquez Beverley Rogers Joan Romani Howard Rosenfha Leonard RoseH'a Marilyn Ruff Pafricia Ryder Shirley Sandberg Norma Sangsfer Joanne Scale'H'a Louanne Schmiff Richard Schwar'l'z Barbara ScoH Marilyn ScoH Ralph Scalzo wx -. i if f ri'-ua ti ,Q 'RSM 'wiki ii 'fr'--9' vl ..'d' Xi. 48, Q M L Y.. ,i.. . 9 we 16 L -. 1 x LIEX 'Kia . , i x Gm I 'H ve as 3 l 'Q A-Q44 1 f 4 L L f' ' r if xx A figs Q rf L 5455 Ja. , fm,- f. 'E .... I 1. . ,X i 5 " my VR we Ov' ., l -L' . 'VIR ' X L Tr. Gary Seiverl' Larry Shadle Ru'I'l1 Shipherd Gloria Silva Mable Shippam Byrom Smalley Al Smifh Norman Smilh Davor Soriclu Kafhryn Sorissi Karin Spiclrard Marie Spafafore Mae Sfadler Harley Sfallman Eugene S+erling Gerald Sfevens Jerry S+evens Laurence Sfilgebouer Richard Sfolces Jerry Summers Lorraine Sylvia Don Thompson Pal Threlfall Wilbur Thureson Jane Tobyansen Arden Tree Jan Urquicles Esfelle Vaccaro Joseph Volpe Donna Van Horn 'tru 'R 1' 'ld' 'fl H-all Ak Lv. as. A K mf , 'xg ef.: Q, 'er vi Ng 3- 'Q 43 vii- .. Q ,a -..,,- mg S e ill' -if r ., v ' , may L f 'w 759 I Q-. S R ! L fr: Q- J.. N . .ef Twyla Vargas Dorofhy Voshall 5' JN 'Im 5 Donald Visconli William Walker Viclor Wellrer Doreen Warren Sharon Wayman Johnnie Worley Sruari' Welch Richard Whaley Richard Whalley Naomi Whifing Beverly Williams Dorofhy Wood Ronald Wyrsch Roberf Young William Zilliox Marlene Zisch Eileen Deem Gameia Ella Barrefl' Gary Beniies Gene Billingsley Presfon Boomer Theodore Chamberlain Mary Harris Charles Kuhlman. Jr. Kennefh Leonard Norinne Parlrer William Welker Laurence Yafes W 1? .as I T ff 5 . -ig . . A, ,, 5 1 f i""'i 012:23 fi ms ' MR. FREDERIC T. SHIPP The siudenf body of Abraham Lincoln High School is bofh sad and happy io say goodbye fo our principal, Mr. Frederic T. Shipp. The sadness is, of course, iusf selfishness. We hafe +o end our long and pleasanl' associa'l'ion wi'I'h our principal and his family. Tom and Joann have been imporranf and popular members of our school family: Mrs. Shipp has shown a friendly inl'eres+ in our acfivilies 'Far beyond 'ihe ac- cepied dufies of a principal's wife. We lmow 'I'ha+ our Lincoln foday wifh ifs self- governmenf, ifs Do Righf moHo, and is unprecedenfed school spirit is The direcl' resulf of Mr. Shipp's philosophy of educafion and his profound inferesf in +he problems of young people. We lilze him: we like +he facf fhal' he has always been accessible 'lo help us by fallxing 'lhings over. However, because of fhe sincere affeciion we 'Feel fowards him we are happy for him in his new posiiion. We congrafulafe him on his well-deserved advancement H' seems +o us fhal fhe finesl complimeni we can pay our principal is +o confinue +o hold dear fhe high sfandards he has helped us ser, and we offer fhis bool: as a pledge fo mainfain +he spirif of his ideals ar Lincoln. Bob Fox PK Tx S Joann Mrs. Shipp and "Torn" Mis J'm99 l-409 Susan Alden Lang Frederic T. Shipp Jr .lla o""'Y 'hw V... ef-' i'? L ,-ks 'SIL sa- D ,A' qw ,, ' va. ' '57 . s. S- 4' X w A '1 'lf N . X9 , 0 . t 6 I ' if-' , M ,Q . 6. GE' . '4- Z4 f fs if, by F X K L va Q: 6 fs- ' I I L 51'- N' 'r Q. L- 6 - 9 " 3 - x ,p, is- 1'- whw u "7 W. i S. R N., T. S- I , , 1 4 -.-v I 4 'Y ,A se. af' - N i 'Q Q, E' le.. . o ik 1 X 6' W 1' QV' Q ,A 'ir I - ' Jw i ' J A ,,-. ,bl 5 .,. .v,f ' if Q J ax' 0 .1 1 b - X JW ' f ' 1 , mv? if . .,,,.W 'Q H 1 yi' fp af "' S.: -Z A , ' ' ' ' J if K 3:- 1 ' w l ,, 4 A, A 5 fi 1 K V B, -2 X ,. 1 -1 4 , xx . , f ,B av? . 4 'QQ R- Q 1-u ,Q ,H 9 is L 1 5 lisa N . 3 2 h Q' as Q ga I if , X . 'B sf EE 9- is Q. 6 4. ax gqv Q if If W M .x A' V 41 ff S. 'hy is X Qu Sy? X, M -hi f Q, ' f QW- 5 ix fdvf

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