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A .5 A J like ,fvgkfy 323615 54? Ma, "5 33 Q5 ik Y. N3 . Nt Q. iw ii X N x .TP Q 32 Q 151 X' Xi' S K s x A QS. xx 'X e?'siR 9,4 N s, ,. Q 3 .N , 1 QQZQWK XSS GUY X --., ,Ni K T ,. . - I - ' , ' - - , . A ' " I ' if xg ' ' if LT'Q3Q5p'2?? 'f .J A ' ' ifhifi-f'h.f V ' A ' Q 'f-Q . giQ'.i?ffT?JS'+fT 3 Q ' 0 1 . K ' . ' Hs iw'-'i"??f: Q 1 . ,sg 5.55-f. ,. , I 1 ?Egg v",? f , N , i H ,- - . 5' N ' - N A f ' V b - K , Q V Qlgl, ,213 ' A ,-5 , I - I my AQ . if , X, I ll x 0--' 11 5 7 , . I ,: , Y . , f I f ' 6 wx J, 1 'LIYQTH N X L-7 0 . ' f X?5' .e? A ' P - f Y ff 'QNPJ' 5. ' ' pf"-'. ' f ff' 0 ' f ,. fig-Q? ' A 7 ' K-K' g it 31 ig.-f.z. I 0 , gf' LEG' 3f11'i'f 2414A XT' 1.5- A J'-' -48" Q X "'. - 4, f,. -5 ".rlN't, v, ,- - I ...M eg2',1:ff,,,' ' X-he ' f' 9 ,gin I 4 .., ' 'f if 11.25177 A- ' . 2 I 2535541 iii'- T5' ' if 1 we-v.Qff'f: f f - Q- ',,' - ' H V s I . ,sw ' ik A I ' . ra, I " w . Y , . F A E I A U A 4 J I AMJLWM 'K ' fi . e , iw. , lg' 1 a I -- N ff..-W' -' il 2? 4" I 3 ' " I N . f ,J ' A," !XLd.1 if ' 4 ' Li Lf yi! off' - ,ff if .ff 1, A 1: -f 1 V '- ,W -N i ,fe ?,'W f ' Lf' , f 1,-2 'Q gm, "" ' I C' ,fflfwi-1' .. W1 ' X ---11 'N M k- fb L , .JV m I5 W sri' nx- 3 , L J , x ,lf XX 3q AQ, Wy Aff? .gv ' . 4123549 " ' ig? 4 -' M : , I . V .pf f fi Q Q If ' Q ., 11 L' . '5,gsi.3 'T' f ' sl 1 xl ' , .fi N N V i Q x I ' 1 L" . 1 1" ' 119, ' 5. 5- . '. . 5 w f S yy . , , lv '12, V. ' Avg Q, f A 1,3 fd' ' W A E- . - uf N, , 4 x 'fx : 5 . S . I 19 :.'.f.::'ff fs, . I . -?7"':":f'i' , ' I 4,3-"f 4'-iiwtfv if: ' ' ' - , V' K ' . ' J .414 .3 -. 1 'V 'E 'Ii'-' hh 31' gif' 'li ' ' K J it Q 'W l Q Q 4 Q. sig mwmfgiz f,xi...,SLQ4-Q Sf f Q Q V , ii ,, , ,A . W V , 4,N ,,,, i. ?g,w6b l X , , A , , lfkf aj I -5. 2 ' fffj , 'H QW fl ' if f ,M QW ,152 6, Mwfl-7-N . vi mmf' 17 55. 4-45. N, -2253 5 Zin jllilemnriam We, fhe sfuclenfs of Abraham Lincoln High School, offer fhis annual +o fhe memory of Mr. Waller Bachrodi. A high school yearbook is a arficularly filling memorial for him because he be- longed To fhe school children of San Jose. We. of Abraham Lincoln. have claimed him especially for our own. Wifhouf his efforfs in our behalf we could no'r have exisfed. Perhaps. evenfually ou'r of exfreme necessify. a place would have been creafed for some fufure generafion of high school s'ruden'rs, buf fhaf we are enioying such a place now, we owe +o him. We like fo feel fhar he walks our corridors wifh us: +ha+ he laughs wifh us al' lhe minor inconveniences caused by our rapid growfhz and Thai he looks forward wifh us To ihe day when we sfand complefed, a lribufe fo him. fo fhe man whose name we bear. and 'ro all men whose dreams are for fhe fufure of The naiion. V gr V . F 46 in 1 P ln . 1 ,Avw 9 in -'ik 5 'Q l vm' ., s. S ' v X ,.'ft,,.,NA. if 3 sf" V 91 'I wb ' s ' ' 1 if ! r , . ' 15 . Va 'al a ' 'Af , 1 4 v . Q' 1 -ptcvv X u 1, if i , 1 3 A ,, 'C 7 Sv' Q. a . ,. ?'- ' x 1' 'ik X 1 fr . .....,- . I 'K N1 ww' ,Ag--. .-.xr WWW '31 k ,..... , ...f .als ' ' - s x . ,Q VX ,.- --1 . N V - 4. s.:"". ,JL . A xl . X 'K . d l """ A 3' ' ' , .4 N ' - V ' , -v L - X - , L K ' f - X xx x ' -1 ' X .-. ' . . N " -5 ,. x V "-5, A . ,. , X K A 'gk ii .dy H ... Q 'G-.rbfh ,Q -X' A .,.. X x M ' -X i ,Q g I 'Vx - "' ' , ' f A ff if 7 .C 5 , X ,X M, MNQF' Mi.. B X , QW - X1 In . -M f . x 1- N " - P .. A M" f , 1 ,. A Q 11 g , X , W hX,.y4-.,gg,3L,'i i,k f ' ' .39 . I . , .gg - ,.m..ff X 4 W - a n k wT g , ::gitA5 L,Q . , X A . . K .. A t if Am 'P V M ,W ?f,3 gi i zz3sf , M - L f.,rv - - A .f x 1, H u "' 'f A Q' m , L , , L.,1, W W,LL Q ,. 1, L . M' K - A Nw , . 'Y' "N M ,Q I A W3 --'- f' K- ' , M " H, xg' 1 .K Z -A Le Q Lf M . - N. I gt rf, Q, wgkKV, . ,fm k,p.N Mm. X Hx. ?f.,,tQM4 wk. .. J .jvf , 335 ,?,,,f W4 -. I H -mwwff. ,g..g, f, A My . ws A. ,fy S , '45 V, U ' 1 K L 1 W ' X" L ' N " , .V N XM. .w fa, K, .- Q . , My , XY xfw- A .,., 4'fP..f' M ff W-W 'Q V . -"'!,,?'fi?'sfffi5 ' Ziff?,34?S5:ffffjiwfg ,Za -,, 1' X i ' 'M A 1 M' .13 Q Q 191 gfgf gffgrgg -A fm ,. 1 L. , -- ' ,.., ,TSQ m?'iq4g ' 2,159 Kwlgfi. ILM, , my g,khi,g.1mk-gif2s,g,g5-Vg' . - -. if ,N K . Sak. . ' , Ml .4 5 -W ,,M, .high fM?M,2, .gm-5.,,x. ,N ,, 1 K M. , .L ' QM - x ,. V N H i wk X xx- W . ' . 5 , ,, - W 1-sp. '21, fm, gf A i Q ,tg L, y,.5m -Q A 5.8. N, -. , L ,L L 'ng Lk ,L N 4 f,.fR7., A r. , K ,ww - --we 1 X - . 7 wtf H. - - W A I .5 W.,-sm. . , A K K M ,W s ,...-. ABRAHAI1 LINCOLN BLUE Q GOLD CIR Of I9 4 s , K MN ff Q 4...................--.-----x ,11J 245 ff .I Edifor .................. ...,....,.,,... A dele Chase Assoc. Edilor ..,...w... ...,..,. P afsy Cadwallader Phofo Advisor A,,..V s,..,.. ............, M iss Ferguson Monarclw Advisor ...s.,...,.........,.,,,..,..,,,A,,s,, Mrs. Briffon Ar+is+s .,,,s,,s..,A.,,..,,,,,,, Bev Jensen. Nancy Wlwifmarsli Senior Edi+ors ..,..,.....s Margol' Miller, Tom Emrninger. Phil Lively, Gil Senigaglia. Howie Sfern, Rulh Perry. Junior Edifors s,s.,,,.s,..,,s. Faye Anderson, Joyce Call, Irene Hansen, Jeanne Cunningham, Jeanne Ryder Sophomore Edifors i,,,,ii,.,,i,,,,,i,,,,,,.,,,.,,s,,,, Mary Twiss, Marilyn Miller, Ja-ck Cassedy. Plwofo Sfalf ..ii,,,,.s,,,,,,,,s,,,,.,, Dolly Walker, Ed Reimer, Ingrid Alm, Jo Williams. Dale Cundall, Jean Gmelin, Hugh Griffirh, Bill Pope, Don Newman, Earl Williams. ZZQ' so 72 P' 4 PUBL 'ildlli JMX! .4 E Nan Plnofo S a Bev Jensen cy Whifmarsh X Edilor . ,..,, Assoc. Edifor ...., Sporfs Edilorm. News Edifor ,,,., Fealure Edifor. Firsl Page Edifor Feafure Wrifern, Reporlers, , ,,,, ,, Dolores Drewes ,. ,Alice Helm Dean Wendf Marilyn Cilron Hlrma Drum Barbara l-lalsos Nancy George , , , Barbara Allison. Barbara Clark. Eddie lngram, David Goodman, Ed Laclc- ner, Jean Davis, Robe-rl Worlman. Slanley Janz Advisor ,, ,, ,..., ., , ..,,,., , ,, ,. Miss Byers ,wk MGFUIYU Irma Drum 1 nf A . ,Hy Q -,aj I 41,3 ' Af " I .55 U., -M., Aw.. -..., N-M1 .ali L ' 'ZJf8fr'2?Z3i XNTROD CIN Ladies and Genflemen' If is wifh fhe greafesf of pleasure fhaf I have fhe honor of presenfing fo you our audience an impressive specfacle Under This magnlficenf canvas you will wifness fhe sfirring presenfafion of fhe evenfs of fhe pasf year af Abraham Lincoln High School as porfrayed by a sferling sef of performers The casf includes many oufsfanding celebrlfies fo gefher wufh a colossal supporfinq casf of a fhousand able acfors gafh ered from all parfs of wesfern San Jose ln one ring you will observe fhe experienced performers who have been a parf of fhis greaf show for fhree years. Their superb per- formances will fhrill you as fhey are unfolded and recorded before your eyes. Then in ofher rings and in proper sequence come ofher sfellar performers who have been parf of our company for one or fwo years-all under fhe direcfion of a mosf able sfaff of frainers. I am sure you will be sfirred by fhis remarkable record and will share in fhe pride These capable performers have shown in fheir excellenf endeavors. Credif goes fo all who have parficipafed in creafing fhis magnificienf performance-feachers and sfudenfs alilge-for fhe record herein presenfed is one of highesf qualify. May succeeding per- formances confinue fo measure up fo lhis same high sfandard. I fhanlc you! HE PER GRHE RS gpr 1 af' O0 ,- Mr. Shipp E Miss Bruch, Mr, Hunfer, Miss Duiqnan Mrs Jensen Miss Ehlerf Mnss Russell Mrs Briffon Mvs. Chen R 'TTT W V w . f 5 Q lu ' W. K ' ,- M iss Beatty Mr. Cox Uhr' Mr. Anibal Miss Ehrttorn Miss Fauquet Miss Polite Mr. Fisher Mr. Pratt s Lf .t wx 1. -was V lt A 7 if I C ' 5 N X .1 gl ' 1' Y MF. Howard 2 Mrs. Clement Miss Lannls R .1 MVS- Olnel' Miss lnqalls Miss Wade Miss McCIay Mr. Howard Miss DeCanmere sk ' i'.. Q- -1 Tir- Q A 1 ,IT it Q'-, . , v 1 , -,Q it , Q 4 Q ' 9' - few' 'N . . 4 Q , . x ' f D Y U 'nv , f ,J ,, 1' 7 3353-BQ 52-42.5. W' 7 Ar A 'ZQQJ ' T .'-,4 1: 'X N, -wifi' lf! ' "xr, o'5 W1 .. ,e-nr' 1 I s, mi .Q X. Presidenf Earl Norris J 32: 1 fn -1:-1' T Vxce Presudenfs Shir' reasirelrm H. Nancy Rundle Tom Shupp ey C an PY, X Q32 'Q Treasurer Jo DiViforio x THE BIG TOP 1, I - ' , ,,, 'N X Q'o"'Xgf an 0270 ik sz JIUQQK 93 go 3 G f hr f"" X 7' J U01 X F529 553 1 ,Y U1-lsr i nlq f in z s I 0" 1 ll Ll! FIV! Mi 4-Q 'Mwanf .. Qi 9' 1 In !,t iv X . Q I 1 1 ef X ..... gf f ..,. fa' , fn 5 Q Am. gg h,kk A "ll,sLf M Wg ,K 3 5 :tl .-, vga' 'ia up ri Radio Many inTeresTing acTiviTies have been carried on by a group of sTudenTs wriTing and producing radio programs under The direcTion oT Mr. Kendall. DirecTly above and aT The righT are a group of sTudenTs going over Their scripTs. Above aT The righT shows The sound eT3TecT equipment and aT The lower righT are The sTudenTs who wroTe many of The scripTs. Debaling Teams have also been under Mr. Kene dall's direcTion. PicTured below are: Jim Maynard and Ed Mosher who have won many of Their de- baTes Toge-Ther. Also compeTing on debaTing Teams are: Rudy Gerlcen, Howard STern, Bill Trussler. Chuck Murray, Judy WyclcoTT, Howard WrighT, Earl Norris, and Ronald l-Till. AllfSTaTe TournamenTs aT Ripon, Fresno STaTe College, and NaTional Forensic League aT College oT Pacific were Three OT The TournamenTs parTicipaTed in by The Lincoln debaTing Teams. Wiriniiici Debalors Q, T.,. 1 , , Mil", .WQW !! E 7 Vocalisls A. L. H. S, Choir Wg School Quarleffe - Q 1 if 4 if Girl's Triple Trio Shirley Moeclc and Marne Quinnel Music Theory f 4 Q xr sr? , O C Muslcuans Bad Orchesfra "if, . rf Lei Lani Ki Shaun Kalon 2 ' .f mga- Tri-Y F F A Farmers .u Horlzon Onda-Leo Sfellae , M 'Mx . ,X g QNX N , If ,V d I X f 4 '1,. ff - '-'V A.-1 1 1 K ' X- Q f .A v - V 'n a 1 E at gif' f Y " 4 Vi U A, llx ' f JMR Shannu 5 ,. h 1 . as l r.15,:j,f ,gg ...U - 5 G, Poca-Hia Radio U Bridge 'qi A Q . 'T' Track Club X Sfudy I IB Sewing Typing Pradice -35' Golf Club 3 il. 2 . I if 4? Cf' CQ 1 wwf W gm ll ak Ax x' JZ' mm, - M- ..... v .A -' :f:, ig-,5 . M ,' it 4' " '35 35 -w N095 ML! Nfl N 0114 We QV if l5WiwQ9'c0f4 ll ' 2-P21511 W ' l IS"fQ - .AI f--, U HY fx Q Baseball Club Proiedion S+a'Ff Forensics Tumbling M"-" M . ing .2 Verse Choir OI1 N In 1"?'s'77T V- sigh 'ri 1, V .ME M' I: ' , x ' f"'if ' . bv' I ' . N, ' il1 , x, 1 .1 , X S. F. Life Members 49 Lfuvsfif " 952951 4 fel -Q it Dance Ban 1113 'Ai lil ll Chon Sames Leafher craff H5 W Af . Brush ' pushers lkero naufics ani Q! Ig ' 4 '-vi Q A gk '15 aff s T 'Fifi Lin-Leo Su-Kaun Tawanlxa Tannu Sevenfeen r 5" mm. I ini? VL,. Mauna-Kea Tri-Ton - Hana-Wa ,QQ W4 fi' , un-"""".H W avi-""""' vg 5, fc, Lin-Kai A , Tonka-Tabu 'i Qi Service Club Presidenfs NOON DANCE TODAY ooaa mu Co u y les 97' STIN COVER CAP-L - N1 wi:-itz. rw Rf MS-,Quan Girl's Jinx Jumble Girl's Ac'I'ivH'ies Na! QA .9 .. . Q, '- -4.:.gr::1g V? -M fi., -5 QW X. Mof , N4 VNS Our Chrisfmas Tree hers C . ' UC hr Oe 'Sfmd s fed Lin Kai af H again! :::r:4:':-f----fmg .Af Q1 Tha1's falenf for you Teaiime N ' 1 A lnlu 'IP 19.2 O X 5 Ei 5""5u 1:1 'Se .WL NOTICE BeneTiT Performances We-Q 0 The managemenT Teels ThaT These engagemenTs were The mosT imporTanT oT The l945-46 season. They represenT The eTTorTs oT The Lincoln Circus To work wiTh and Tor The communiTy Toward a com- mon good. We are especially proud of The disTinguished perTormance oT The whole casT upon The occasion oT The VicTory Loan Drive. DespiTe The end oT The war and The already Tine record challced up Tor Lincoln in Tour previous bond drives, The players allowed no noTe OT apaThy To enTer inTo Their perTormances. This Tiffh and lasT produc- Tion was played To a capaciTy house, and wenT over The Top l45'Zw "l""'lULLIVVNL Cildldlllllllll I ,Aki .Jlll l . nga lan lznlxrlgv-len-1:-nz-lan lksfnlgl I T lllslllwixllikfnxylui ..g..32' 2.1 .4 .4 ,ak 4.4 ... - ra-' l'liN-NA AMERICAN " J." ' .1 .' gl 19 1' 1' f T ASSIIRINT , T LIL A A L 5.3 T ,nk EMKAI, ' ,, iss? H 'LAT Li vdvvv vv wfniuii EOUNQ EX T M,wfiiI'NTER l 3 T, Q i iv',g:LmMNLDlC fl, T' fin ll . , , ' Di CATJNW i-PYAMIL7 1 ii mid M IINTON SINCEF fy m,Nmi 1, RIGHTN ,U p.,u-NMCFRLEDL ,H ,LTHLNT T IANTJIS T' ii WARRLN J T JQNSINTV WANTP' nQQ'I."3T nu" birth-5 A 'Ff2'i11e. The picTure above shows The charT which mapped The course of The VicTory Loan Drive. Each compeTing uniT represenTed a posT war aim, and The daily progress oT each uniT was recorded picTorially by sfencilled Tigures. STanding in Tronf OT The charT are: EmmeTT Fay, chairman of The drive, and Beverly Jensen and Jean KloTzloach, charf designers. 5, as M refs 'N .. -1 L O W Ns U A: E m , y.. 5 Dxmes Red 60 ox A Cros Nxaf S 5 Of,- fi 1 Ve Ze ,f . a Nur Racial 5 ' gf Oflddrif udxo . . y FK Smallpox Vaccrnafoon 3 "1 fl- Lib r S DM Tea e cufosfg X-pays WW' SMN .www . Q05 C, Mama Cfmhfm . ,N ' . www Y D,,Ve Abraham Linuim Choi' Pavilclpafes In Choiv Fcstlvd xi 'fi ' III V3.8 K -.ir Fall Presidenl is iii.. C. S. F. V al ei. 5, if? Top Row: Carl Dierlres, Donn Parker, Charles Berry, Don Newnan, Dick Guslalson, Mrs, Clemenl. Ross Sladler. Fourlh Row: Barbara DeLong, Marilyn Cilron, Gloria Hansen, Bev Jensen, Jeanne Schall, A. Miller. Third Row: Dolores Drewes, Beverly Busch, Lavonne Pulley, Elaine Wil- liams, Jeanelle Keebaugh, Frieda Murphy, LaVerne Galeener, Juanila Gibbs. Second Row: Belly O'Banion, Joyce Lehrbach, Jeanne Collins, Jean Ellen Berry, Jan Wilson, Olive Knowles, Palsy Cadwallader, Shirley Ann Moeck, Joyce Hayward. Bollom Row: Julia De- Benedello, Peggy Carler, Margol Miller. Q Qi Q 5 l. my . W .i ill Spring Presidenl .4 Q I ' 5 'L Golden Axe xi - i' Fall Presidenl law. I .4 wg? sw? if he ' Top Row: Audre Grall, Don Newnan, Jim Maynard, Don Rylander, Earl Williams, Third Row: Dick Guslalson, Howard Wrighl, Jeanelle Keebaugh, Miss Bruch, Marlha Ann Crall. Second Row: Shirley Hilchman, Palsy Cad- wallader, Dolores Drewes, Elaine Williams, Marne Quinell, Beverely Jensen. Bollom Row: Peggy Carler, Dolly Walker, Olive Knowles, Jean Ellen, Berry, Marool Miller. u.eM'iffi in Y if 1 li ,... 2, ,,.,..,-iw 7 5-umwme,.wK. Spring President A YYQ. i Q' K I Sporfs The Block L. Foofball " V -f 1... ' ,Af " -' . ' v , Snyder, Moeller, Burlon, Cohen, Williams, Scolari, Han, Laclrner, Warren, Thompson, Balmer, D. O'Connor, Berry, Cain, J, O. O'Connor, Weqner, Bowman, Boruclc, E. Williams, Anderson, Paclc, Barbaccia, Megna. Eslensen, French, Melcher, Sievens, Dudley, Lipslcy, Freilas, Silva, Bigger, We-inqarner, Livley, Smarl, Viclcery. Arlhur, Worden, lnqram, Davis, Lovely, Golf, Lundy, Shanlr, Fairbanlcs, Schullz, Johnson, Viso. Livinqslon, Farias, Jarone, Pelerson, Avila, Simas, Vickers, Wendi, McCullough, Rundle, Trussler W 2 i s , ,J .1 rd" t J on Coach Lee Cox Caplain "Holy" Borucl: 'ld 4 5 , I il. Captain Holbrook Boruck,-Fullback Supplying the power for the Lion offense, Holy was feared by all opponents. All P. A. L. and Player-of-the-Year. Lloyd Vickery-Guard "Vic" was the only returning firstestrong lines- man. Aggressive and rugged, he played a great season. All P. A. L. Terre Johnson-Halfback "A mighty mite was he." Weighing only l35 lbs., Terre went through the line or around end for many a Lincoln gain. Jim Lovely-Halfback Jim was the fastest back on the team. In his flanker snot, he did a great iob cutting down and recovering flanker passes. M - 0. I Q xv Dick Barbaccia-Quarterback ln the blocking back position, Dick learned quickly the difficult science of down-field blocking. He was dangerous and effective. Forrest Davis-Halfback Other teams found this swivel-hipped speed merchant hard to catch, and bring down. He chalked up many a yard for the Lions. Keith Winegarner-Quarterback Alternating between quarterback and tailback, Keith played many minutes of outstanding ball. Fast and heavy, he was suited for any backfield position. Wayne Pack-End "Zip was a truly glue-fingered end. Long and lanky, he received many aerials, and in line play he ranked with the best. o 1 A .b 7 Jim Fairbanks-End Despite his size, Jim had the drive and tire to get a first string berth. His defensive playing was inspired. Don Rylander Don was featured prominently in the first games and contributed both offensively and defensively to Lion victories. A muscle iniury forced his re- tirement from active play. Phil Livelyucenter A good, steady hard-charging defensive lines- man, Phil always came through when the team was in a tight spot. On offense, he was a sturdy pivor man. Tom Lundy-Tackle The biggest of the linesmen, Tom ably held down the left side of the line. He helped repel many attacks and was named first-string All-City ss.. . , Q if . Q Q W mi ' ..- T Bob Snyder-Tackle Bob had the edge on the tackle position at the first of the season. A wrist, broken in the first game, kept hirn from further active play. Bill Schultz-Y--Guard Bill at his guard position managed to break up many plays. Our offense was greatly strengthened because he always got his man. Bruce Anderson-Tackle Playing his first season, Bruce at right tackle opened gaping holes in the line and really dug himself in on defense. He will play next year. Matt Freitas-fGuard Matt was an excellent right guard, Although he was iniured in the Sequoia game and did not play again in the last season, he will play nent fall. Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Baclcfield going info aclion aqainsf Burlingame. Holy breaks info The open in San Mafeo game. Lions sharpen lheir claws in pracfice. Vic boofs a good one. -A f , In spife of sfarling +he season wifh a green leam, lhe Lions showed up well. They always played The same fype of clean foofball as previous Lincoln Teams have played. Alfhough if was no wonder feam, if never gave up when The going gof rough. 1 3 . Baslce+ball Twenly-one wins in Jrwenly-'rwo siarfs was fhe record of 'rhis year's oulsfanding Varsify squad. Many people said rhe 'ream was one of ihe besi ieams in Norlhern California. Even afler The graduarion of Orion. West and Purdy, fhe feam wen'r on fo win games from Burlin- game, Soufh Cify, and also a few praclice games from valley ieams. Alfhough ihe lasr game was a heari- brealcer, The Lion rooiers are very proud of +his year's grear Lion Varsiiy Cage Team. Squad members: Top Row: Crampfon, Forsier, Grant Wesi, Norris, Weaver. Middle: Bowman Pruden, Myers, Reid, Acronico. Boffom Row: Broadbent Orion, Purdy, Proiz. SCORES Lincoln 39 San Mafeo I8 Lincoln 45 Jefferson 6 Lincoln 28 Sequoia 22 Lincoln 36 Half Moon Bay I8 Lincoln 37 Palo Allo 29 Lincoln 34 Soufh Cify I4 Lincoln 27 Burlingame 25 Lincoln 2I San Jose 23 I? Chuck Crampion Q21 Righf Guard and Forward Orville Orion 9 Leff Guard 5 ll , ff Q Q M M 1 W 9 , A 3? 1 X 'B' Lorin Myers I I I I Righf Forward and Leff Forward Guard t Bob,Forsfer I L01 Cenfer Purdy H1 Left Forward 3 .f ff Q M is l30' S Team, 'lop row: B. Cousins, E. lnqram G. Brlllon, T. Roulces. J. Wasson. Mid- dle: D. Teresi. D. Scolari, M. Dean Boilomz J. Kouns, J. Avila. T. Slwipp, T Johnson. Shipp shools as Maddy and Roulces follow. I9 In acfion wills Los Galos, Pearlman and Maddy fiqhl for possessuon of flue ball. As M ad d y lumps. Ayila, Ingram, and Pearl- man loolc on. I20's Squad Unneelingl: Ingram, Balmer, Ea- lon, Carnesecca, Carlson, Mexicano. Sec ond Row: Coach Covell, Carder, Padilla Rizzo, Pollaclc, Prussia, lsaacson, Coales Baci Row: Fox, Mgr., Mosher, Wood. Riqhfr Fox and Ingram cover Coales' shof. IIO's Team members, firsf row: Sandburg, Bava, Yfurriaqa, Freeman, Bohlinf Van- derver. Second Row: Mgr., Mosher, Ar- 'ris, Jones, Hardcaslle, Conclmlin, Coach Frank Covell. Lefl: Under lhe lauclref are Bava, Sand- burg, and Capf. Yfurriaga. Baseball Team R., .rap .451-1' , -'lr , ia 1 x-gli. B xxa 'ace ""1 806 B S Roll gl Ow'77a n ,fa .. . ,vaax '773 OW 6 h be 51,7 ee . gfe. ill Ill e- ay- xgkflll! lgiuyxtq, ,SXCUQE a 3.98015 ,ACU is I X .ak M0 ,N-. f if Leff fo right 'lop row: L. Myers. D. Dodson, G. Padilla, B. Bowman, B. Anderson. D. Scolari, A. Page. Bo'Hom: Coach Frank Covell, D. Baker, J. Kouns. L. Viclcery, D. Wendl, J. Ingram. Manager Reiner Schwalbe. wand' Bruce dodges a close one. 0 mea 5 SWKOQS CWXO ' Th G 'Y 'mghf y you D5 af bd, .f-, i., Shorfsiop Scolari r Nuff J., 444, 'A Vic on a close play af firsf. J. Ingram pracficef suv K ' ' ."9"'i', '?"f-D1 SPJWIWWIQINI A we Track Top Row: Passey, Slack. Miller, Williams, DiCarli, Rylander, Smart Johnson, Websfer, ken. Acronico. Third Row: Cohen, Roulces, Farias, Robinson, Lunsford, Lovely, Balmer, Pearlman,'Coafes, McSweeney. Second Row: Moeller, Reese, Esfenson, Johnson, Goff, Jones, Ferrel, Avila. Firsf Row: Beach, Di Benedelfo, Sliverman. Pagan, Deems. Baron, denhall, Pricolo, O'Connor. Goff runs a las? 440. Phil hifs 45'. Wasson. Ger- Lima, Dudley, Lively, Lipsky, Trussler, Men- Jim clears fhe hurdle P. A. L. Relays 5 , 'S 1, .QQ .' Mendenl'1all,Avila, Baker, Pricolo. Medley Relay Class C l:35.6 New Recoid Farias, Vicleis, Baron, Paqan. 880 Relay Class B. l:37.6 New Rancid. , Wzzbsler bveals the lape. A g-nan. .l""r- ' -'sz . 'X ls 'V v -,V 2 rv -Q. 1.- 6 3-U-'1 ,,,,v- ,snr f- ,y "dl L Rylandgr, Reese, Websler, Lovely. 440 Relay Class A Passey sliavpens up. Smarf, Lislon, Robinson, McGarrily. Two Mile Relay Class A 8:5213 New Record Johnson, Cohen, McMahon, Milli Medley Relay Class B. 3:49.l. McGarrify and Smarf run aqainsl Paly. Tennis Upper Cenler: McAdams re 'rurns ball. Upper Righf: Broadbenf serves a fasf one. Below: Tennis squad. Top Row: Broadbent O'Rielly. Callisch, Dierlces. McAdams, Dodd, Sfadler, DiNapoli. Kneeling: Pol- loclc, Carler, l-lardcasfle, Carlson, Imker. Girl's Sporls U' XY-vs -nl' 9 Basketball T9f1FllS if 1 Girls' Alhlelic Associalion Blocl: l. 7 L S I DE SHO!-I5 n ' Q 3 4URRY! HLRRYI HUM? YA? iq -fx QQETREQ W5 2352 VI P.- , -. gil' A , M x 'A I x , I . Dx s 4 J 1 gl .. x ' 1 x f ff X x 1 2 X N N LV 1, xv . 8 I x , m 1 , v - v. SG' , ' 3... f I . 5 I . f . 5' 4+ WV ,.. Q A ia, . G K-J? QM.- ,. X - ' - ,Q-nzzff wfglfa A ' l.N1f'g-V" 1-,, u,Q, ,A :J -3 " W arf 1: z5 g, 1f1 L...1w"w. : .? 5fq1'Lfwff 1, Q. , 0 ' ' ggi Lf ,V Y may ui.i,,Q fgif A V 5 155 4fffwiQ,5P-pf .. . :ff f AY'-""N.. , 5 . EL . A yi:-2554 , 2: - . Q , f 3,4-L. - M, fam. A 1 A 1 7 4 -Graff: rw-..:' - g. rv 2-'ffm-f.' A- , 5 .N iw 7. 3 'fglggfeigvb A A ws AMI, fy 3 'f-fir? x, fifty' jj, 3 ,'mf'5LL ::Wj-. va - , .X 3 ,,Q.f,, ,, M ,Wfsfi,-,Q A " '11 'i'k,vzf'f,iz, 1: V A . 'L'-,, A---fiber' f A M :ff--g1.fw, w ,qy . -- ,L fa, A ,V gm, K ff- ff-,,,,,1v,. S ., ' " ., '.',.J 1 Lgslwiri '-Zf",f?g-5. SG' 'L Lf , 2 'f 1- Hffwk ,. , , 'Q , , A M F2?QaJg,yf Y . 'il jf i5::ffwET,?:.-1 'W QW: 'f v 'K +M- -.H w - i1f'vL,.,.w::mQ1z k5'i3i!':'5fe wi ' 1 " ' , .- .gfkgk .iw f v LV 'Iii yi Tag ,. M-k.L 3 V, r swim M Tifixgfggfzl 1,-f: 3 ' Q Hug-4 A . zf?y,, -I Lrkv ' ,- - ,i.Jf r,, H,i,,5.ffsxggyp1g,g?yQ?i3: .V . 'h ' H . if ,xii xgwl .5 4 , ,, l N Banzai Army King and Queen Processuon 1 M f Q-W-5-,aw Anxious Specfaiors A Wei Fighf 5, ff, xkliv K Q! 'fpuff' fi' Jus? Back from Burma The pie musf be good! 1, , nlll""': . So-o Mellow! --liii..-,h.l ,.gf Q. L, X , ,g-pn-W-M, Amus Bite fhef, apple? Chrisfmas S ""'Q-w.. Leave fhe dishes in fhe sink-Ma" N-awp, U wi 5 Q l The Jury Those were fhe days! Mama's Liffle Baby en Oh, Tha? villain! f, 1 W Who's who? Jf 29 ' The Judge One act play "S1ars1rucl:" f' ' ' I H - -- A"m"0 Como- Gone' mnn arQ nlav Sundav COSTS Five P8505 :Cx Q' i'x Friendship" Big I'm forever blowing bubblos If did look good! ll - IQ i ,, ,o ,LM su SL Whai a good yel Even fhe bull- dog was fhere Game So did Huis! 'N s ,ps '1'4N. 1 'Q -T xf ' . , 5 ' , . 1 U' '-,' ' - ,UZ A , Tha? S work! ' X . ' xl I L'- l ' M FI, X4 -. f 'M -Q jfs - H .-af' 1, 'fl' X. .ff 4- W 1 2. he 4'-3. Amilinq "OurkHeroes":Small fry, Gene A, Don D., and Tom S. Oh. fhoge legs x- wk in K ? QW 'Z' kids R Y f 1.- I" K .L Qg'f?2iA. ,ff Q f f X K Q M , iw 1 X fri? v-via W 1 C .49 W 1 an xi rw K , K' ' ' . Our Miss Mac! Looks like fun! Spring ig here! 'NM 7,-J E' if 1 fi?-'.,"j+,,'i'. fi ' 3 , Anglem? Transporfafion Sysfem Earys pride and Joy OUP' Old Ffi0f1d5 Dancing Check to Check -F gpnuwq 1 Vx! Down the Hatch The Covpofa1i0r1 way fo learn. What a sfmqqle! Leon Happy New Year! I all O Sfudyinq? H - 15-,xl All f f v Q an 12 .Nfl ..-E ' x., " ,N .. y ssgga Q qua Q JV! 1, ' ---n .nil K' vw 'Q' Q' lg LlQ :::::. ra- 4. , ,Y fl l I X V 1 4 LW A ., ww If j Q ...Q , , an If xx ' , ? Y , . Y- 'o I I, f Mimi 2 zw' 'L ,. 5 ' X YS 7 k .. Od K X gg X4 94, If FI HALE '64 I EBRAHAM INCOLN AICHA CHOOL SAN IOSI ,CALIFORNIA 1' mcww mu James Carl Fairbanks AiBR!XHAIvIi.INCOI,.N ICH CHOOL sm ECUSKKAIIFORNIA II wow. 'mm James Carl Fairbanks IIMINV,VxIIKI'IIfIJRIlI 1,Ok4VI,7il IH' 'IIKIS' 'I 'SKF XUI RSF OF YYIIIH iBRAHA?vI l.JINCOI.N HIGH CHOOL 4 SAN IONE.CfAI.IFORNIA IT mow. nw james Carl Fairbanks IIKXIV, 'MKIINFAm IPFIII I UVl'li IIII III' II'RI'lI'KlUx0I1R5F.Of XII, , c.SM1vA-1f'1RIlvr0w'1.,mmr mms wxnsmusmnfwsm- unrn mv f.uAwmIuriIw4rv11w AMRIIHI I-In iwpmw PPI vfasnfz- XOR rtnwriwox 1 HEREBY wwrvr 'A f- 'HILOMK PPV' VIII" "W I""'1"W'I'N II "I 'W' 'I' WW' ""' WWW ,IXIN Hi IIII HUNIIU KV IIIUI 'IIIIWN OF SAN 'wil v -NIHUKNIK LIXIN 545 VIII QIURPKI' U' ?I'.I 'IRIN ,KW VKX W'-I 4 WIPURNIA 'WIN HX llll IhV45lI1x'I IIIIII -KI UN UINAN-'1l1klIFURhIA, 'IIN 'luv' 'INV Ol HHII AK! NINI IPI N HMNIIRI fx IUZN IIKVI INN .VV lllill AKX 'NNI 'II 'W " INIIVIII IIIII UHVI IWW UI lllilll AIN NINI 'IIN IIIINIINIH mi Hmm -rx wan wx I' "W" M 5 fw 124142. av ,Alf iz 1 152.144 4 I- " , "' M, 1 -1 . . N '7 ,, TN 7 .v ff ,- N , w- ,. , f ,k7,,,1MH, , Mfqfqf r -I ,.:,fL,,...1 mfgffrc 3-fv1,1...4 , bg? 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IHI' Ilillli IlA.R.S cjouksf 07 STUDY lun FOR 1,RAmJATxoN I5 :warn Awxnzmn mu mpwm WI N IY TNI BOARD Ol IIIUQ AIIAKJ OI SAN Ipxl IAUFQQNIA lux fllsi UM of Mull AKY NINHIFN HLINUILED NIU HIITY SIX 4 ,Edd fl, .L ....'. fsff, , BRAIIAM INCOLT'-I HIGH CHOOL ,W sm 1OsL.QAurORNm 1 I IT xr-zoxvw THAT Carl Flifbllks HAVING 5ATl5FAC'lOKlLY QOMVLL I fl? THE THREE YEAR., COURSE Of STUDY PKESCRIDED FOR GRADUATION I5 HEKfBY KWAlDfl'I TNI? DIVLOMA IVEN BV THE DGARU OF fDUl'A7'l0N UF SAN IOSE CAUFOKNIA. C THiS FIRST DAY OF FEBIUAXY NINETEEN HUNDRED AND HDRIY MX 3,i,Wg,f+ ,541 H- T 'I . A ha ,a sl" fom ICH cHooL I , MCAUFORNIA uuncs Carl Fairbanks LII IHF THRIF TEARS CCUKSI OP STU IEKEBV AWAKDEI1 VHIY DIHDMA, lf'-IIUN LN? WAN IOS! CALIFORNIA. HBIVAIY NINPYYPN HUNDRED ,544 COIN ICH SCHOOI un, . YALIFOKN IA james Carl Fairbanks li Illl Ill? HIRE! ILAKS COURSE Of! I5 HPRl:BY MLARDI IW 'WIN IIIPIOMK rim. 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W vu.. 4, Wh Q 2 1 :asf Roy Beaclw Gerald Bosley Belly Brown Palsy Cadwallader Arlene Clwrisfian Marfha Ann Craff Aki K' f rv- ii .. , in it K or 5 Barbara Beecroff Geraldine Bosley Shirley Brown Eldine Camasfro Marilyn Cilron Barbara Craven to Diclr Beebe Bernie Brandf Joan Buechner Elayne Cancilla Torn Coafes E l To n D a h l lri 4- J - 1 l rf. S 1.2 2 ez. ,QSM - we W Sylvia Berman Mark Broadbenr Jane? Burdick Veryl Cardena Waller Coleman Parsy Dair M, 3 Jean Ellen Berry Doroflwy Brown Joyce Bur? Peggy Carfer Jeanne Collins Joyce Daniels Q-J f gh r Q s 9- .. if H Y JaclrDarrouql1 Geraldine Davison Lois Dimock Berneice Duclos Belly Farmer Barbara Francis Alvera Davilla Melvin Dean Gerald Dilxlapoli Marqery Dunn Marilyn Ferquso Carol Freeman Fl Marqarel Davidson Forresf Davis Dororl-ry Deiss Jo DiViHorio Marie Dylrnnans Pal Ferquson Masae Frrruilre Nanelle Delavan Jim Dooney Arlrc Ellrs Bob Ferrel Sadalro Furuilce ff' 2 ,vga . 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