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nf-fb gf v J, 1 . ,ff , W QU J ,W W1 W W MW W A gf Wwfiwgff DMM H +x ' ' - 4 . IAJWQ-Ly-AH. J Tl-IE IQLLLL MCDNARCH Dedicalion To 'rhe young people of high school age in lhe war-lorn counfries of +he world we. lhe slalf of fhe I944 Monarch. dedicafe our year book, We deeply and honeslly ap- precia+e l'he priceless privilege we are enjoying-lhe opporfuniry To conlinue our educafion in rhese lroubled days. Abraham Lincoln High School is an excellenf example of a lypical democracy af work. Our sfudenf body seeks lo govern ilself wilh lhe friendly cooperalion and ad- vice of fhe adminisfralion and facully. Assisled by faclful guidance when needed, we plan our programs from a wide selecfion of offerings which are laugh? by a faculfy +ha+ is sympa+he+ic lo 'rhe young person of loday. Coun+less oppor+uni+ies for fun, recreafion. and social life are open To all. The fhrill of having Lincoln's 'ream win, of enlering in peppy yells. or of joining in our beau+iful hymn is inspiring. Programs, dances. sporfs of all kinds, picfures. plays. concerfs, assemblies, and drives 'ro help 'rhe communi+y's war eFFor+-all +hese are a vifal par+ of our life. Through our aclive school cifizenship we 'rrain lo become leaders in +he fulure in some larger fields. May God granl Thai you high school sludenls of olher nalions may soon again enioy happy, normal life in your own land. Tx Principal's Message 'W 'N' qv 5 :I iv. N 'dw' 5:34 Q4 i The responsibiliTies of Treedom in a democracy are The greaT inheriTance and privilege oT American youTh. These responsibiliTies are noT lighTly given: They have been ToughT and died Tor. They musT noT be lighTly received. The greaT Training ground Tor undersTanding and accepTing These responsibiliTies is The public school, and parTicularly The high school. EducaTion Tor Tull ciTizenship is a primary Taslr which Abraham Lincoln l-ligh School holds second To none. ln boTh curricular and co-curricular acTiviTies, TaculTy and sTudenTs alilce are endeavoring To discover and creaTe siTuaTions in which This basic learning Talces place. The prepara- Tion in This school Tor ciTizenship includes The Tollowing: TirsT, The developmenT oT wholesome personaliTies, selT'dependenT yeT cooperaTive: Second, basic Training in The TundamenTals and in Technical slcills essenTial To The war eTTorT: and, Third. plan- ning Tor The adulT life as ciTizens, parenTs, consumers and producers OT goods, IT is The high hope oT many of These young men and women in our high school ThaT This privilege of assuming The responsibiliTies oT Treedom may soon be exTencled To youTh in oTher lands, who have never known such privileges before. ln The achievee menT of This goal lies Their hope Tor a new world where conTlicT, Tear, suppression, and wanT are absenT. Zin Memoriam ALBERT O. HACKMAN 5 3 Cur School ADMINISTRATICDN Here we presenl rhe adminislralion, fhe faculfy, and lhe s'ruden+ leaders. Sfudenf acfivilies are managed by +he Sena+e. a governing body made up of one repre- senfalive elecfed by each social sludies class. The officers are chosen every se- mesler by lhe s+uden+ body. There are 'rwo vice-presiden+s-one lo lead The girls and 'rhe o+her. The boys. Many commiffees are appoinled, giving sfudenls a chance To parficipafe in lhis democracy. ,,., W 4 Mr, Waller Baclwrodl is our genial superinlendenf ol schools. He delinilely undersfands The presenf day American youllw and puls lorlli every ellorl 'ro see +lia+ Hwe girls and boys ge+ a fair deal in our schools. We deeply appreciale his unriring inferesl and ellorl on our behalf. Serving on flue board of educalion willw Mr. Baclwrodl' are five members vilally inleresled in our educalional sysfem. Leland S. Prussia Maybelle Baumgarfner Earl A. Moorhead Russell E. PeH'i+ Jolwn S. Williams U' l Q f. W i li . Mr. Shipp cerfainly carries a full time iob as our principal. He is an un- dersfanding friend To each young man and woman enrolled here. l-le is deeply inferesfed in all class worlc and in all our acfivilies, whelher lhey be of a social nafure or in lhe field of sporfs. Serving wifh Mr. Shipp are three able assislanfs. Mr. Hill is our viceeprincipal wilh foo many dulies lo menlion. Serv- ing as counselor for The girls is Miss Bruch, while Mr. l-lunfer carries ou? The same dulies for fhe boys. N 0 Offlce If s 5535 X. f' Fmancual Advuser .A.... ......,,.... M r. Prafi Nurse ..,..... .,........ M iss Woodrow Secretary ,,,w,.,, ..,,,,.,.. ,...... M I ss Russell A++endance Secrehary ..,......,.Y.V..,, Miss Ehlerf Facul+y H-'T' Q? Mr. Hill Miss Fauquei Mr, Bouref Mr. Anibal Miss Fowler Miss Ferguson Mr, Hensill Miss McClcy Mrs, Olney Mrs. Clemenf Miss Blauer Mr, McKenna Faculfy 45 WH li we ev? ' ' w' L 1 gi X " 0 N nu' A A ' .Epi ' - :Y Q v 4 1 ,W , I -1 Y L xv .V N 5 .Q Q' 4 f Mr. Praif Mrs. Polifo Miss Ehrhorn Mr. Hunfer Miss Bruch Mr. Howard ' L 4 W. m,,.0"" ,3- an T.. mg, Mrs. Burger Mr. Cox Lf. Ford Mrs. Jensen vu rv .ir M 5 "Av M, uv Facul+y Lawwws V1 mv W GyUmg Wfuffon QW-'vL'J My Cf.,-H M' L,-was M15 M-'-rdfwfi Miss Dm Va" Miss Llnv f- M's, Bavrw 4 Miss By'-vs Mr, Em'--5'1" I .. X , r FALL STUDENT BODY Presiden+ ,...,V.. ,...., ., AA.A, ,YY A,, , . Bruce Jacobs Girl's Vice Presiden+ ,,.,,,,,V,,,A .w,,,,,,,, C afherine Gorham Boy's Vice President .,,,,, ,, ,, ,Dick Weinberg Secrefary ,c,c,,,A.,,,,,,.. .,,,, ,,,, , , , Norma Kilgore Treasurer .,,,,, .,,,,,,,,. ,,,, , Y ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, H a ns Harder OFFICERS SPRING -55:3 I is.x'g Q fx AQ' uf Presidenf . GIrI's Vice Presidenf Boy's Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer rlix Don Richardson Jay Venfre Chuck Peffls Janef Lindsay Bill Ives CDIQGANIZATICDNS We proudly looasl ol our successful clubs. There are many lhal appeal To lhe inreresfs ol The sludenls-whefher if be arf, drama, music, games, books, or sporli Our service clubs among lhe girls and among 'rhe boys are a valuable assef lo our life here al Lincoln High. ln recognilion of oufsfandinq scholar ship and school service, 'rhe C. S. F. and lhe "Golden Ax" have been eslablished. , ' 1' 's ii - Q 334 Sa ir 735 A Q -'il' If I L 'rf a gg AQ Edilor ,,v.. .. ...., Associare Edifors ....., Senior Fdilor ...... Life Edirorn Sporls Fdiior. Monarch Sfaff .Bill Daegling Mary Prussia. Janel Lindsay. Marilyn Dodson Lois Glendenninq Don Richardson Copy Edifor .,,.,,.A....,, Ya,,..., l nge Friedrichs Pholography Editor, ,,Y,,, ,,Will Kessler Business Manager .,,,., , , ,,,, ,,,, . ., , sss,,,.. Claude Finley Advisor ,,,,,,,,,,,s...,,s, JUNIOR EDlTORS Shirley Brown Lois Hein Gus Gulrner+ Lucille Nelson Carolyn Hackman Marianne Paifon John Hansen Marion Sifeinagel PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Emminger Dick Jones Russel Freeman Bill Lillell Paul Johnsfon Bill O'Rielly Dolores Walker Phofog-raphy Advisor , Mrs. Olney Miss Ferguson 1. 4. I - 1 - 1 .v Y I J A .1 1' Eall Barbara Edes ,, Janef McDonald Rulh Roy Ray Sommer Richard Gibson Cliff Daniels ,, Norma Kilgore Esfher Kline Marvin Elias Dick Jones Beverly Gunler . ADVISOR . Lion Tales S+aff , EDITOR , ASSOCIATE EDITOR NEWS EDITOR ' FEATURE EDITOR BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR EXCHANGE EDITOR FEATURE WRITER PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER CARTOONIST . REWRITE EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Spring , ,, Janer McDonald Ray Sommer Rulh Rov Marceline I-Iilberf , Theron Parks ,, Cliff Daniels Assisfanf-AI Gordon Gloria Arabia , Bob Malson Evonne Gai Richard Gibson Diclc Jones , , Jim Veferan , , Vanly Balchelor Ba rba ra Edes Assi sla nl-Eslher Kline Miss Rulh Byers ""Ir- 21. fw gl -1 X. ,thx 4 t' 57 Clubs yu...-if .2 Pafa-pi-+uks Music Appreciaion Brushpushers Poca Hia xg C il TX Clubs N i I - I 1 gl ina xhifi- . ,4 '1 Jug X will Junior S+a+esmen Games Cadef Officers Bridge 9? Klicki+y Klub Dance Orchesha Seaena Parva Science JE.: Clubs Clubs If J"kM,Tf-'Zz .rx "I,- O y L-b E111 ,-'0"" un 1 --' .. VX.-. '-L., K :l,.F,. "ET-T "' lx Asks in 1:k '-I ' ' Q. fx-M ,, ,er fs, V 5 S 'T .Ie-' ee, .1 , lg I ', Nh Ping Pong Golf Lidrax Gif! Reserves GOLDEN AX X . QM i N.. , in ,..nfsfsf'1ff'-A Q.. ug, vi lk. Lincoln High Schools only honor sociely is lhe Golden Ax. To become a member, a sfudenl musl earn al leasl Two hundred service poinls. Slarling wilh lhree members. lhe sociely now boasls of fhirly on ils rosler. Fall presidenf was Dick Jones, and spring presidenl is Chuck Johnson. C. S. F. VM, -v ..! N. . t' .s , 'QQ r E The California Scholarship Federalion, commonly known as The C. S. F., is a sfale wide organizalion lor high school sludenls wilh high scholasfic aver- ages. Any boy or girl who earns ar leasl eighf poinls lhrough an A and B record, 'ro which may be added fwo poin+s for special school services is eligible for membership. If he or she receives fhis honor for fwo years of his high school career, he becomes a life member. Fall presidenfz Bill Dae- gling. Spring presidenlz Virginia Mahon. C. S. F. Life Members: Dick Weinberg Mimi Dodson Jane? Lindsay Claire Oubridqe Bill Daegling Fall Members Spring Members C. S. F. i g 41 s l' LN f.l X49- . fx if Q A ' l F 'AN i Y Rs we ,g ms , , M 4 Q he 1 , 4' 8' N x Q ' A 3 Q' - - as if Q91 'ii 4' A .-A 1 gg SERVICE Mauna Kea Kuan-Yin Locnil Tri Ton Hana-Wa CLUBS Le-aenae Ku-Saun I-MY Exaalibur Club Prefyidenfs 000 D9 xx A X 6343 1 EFF :oA 'L :oA IOA IOA '5 ? QQ. Vi SOCIAL STUDIES I ftfg Gm AWQAITV Q. P' ., ' ff .' F ' 0" Sw I MLW IIA IOA IIB -J MAN wi IOA 4 F i- .LL , CLASSES f 1 ' C T if 3- fa' .6 S Qc: IIA IIA SOCIAL STUDIES .I . .J 'U J l". . Q . 3 'N 1 ' Sf, ,SAYS Uh oe 'OB fn, cz 'I IIA 1. JP A r-1 vt' 4 A ,ff CLASSES 0555 LIFE Life af Lincoln, as you will see, is more 'rhan +he roufine of classes five clays in 'rhe week. You will enjoy wifh us our assemblies. rallies, clances. noon ac+ivi+ies, +racli+ions. and fun and frolic. ln Lincoln High we make friendships 'rhar we hope will lasr fhrough fhe years lo come. When we, in +he liurure, look back on fhese reminders of our happy high school days. life will be richer because of lhese memories. D x N ff' 'dar -. . - 'nxt fx A. .lk 4' .x .K - u 'N , 5 ' P , o ' K . 0 ' .-x' . 4'-.w .1 n F D JR Mi' ,433 M' :- ' 1 , JQKRNL Ou . . , U '. " " . nv , . -., , x 7 r. 4 x ' v ,-QQP. '. I. XA" 0' Q Q- -O' f """ if- WY IH 'fqfq g 'if 54 A- sa L-1 Lf DRAMATICS I i 1 u . i , -MI, . Dramaiics af Lincoln High plays an imporianf parl' in our school life. A+ Chrisfmas lime "The Miracle af Blaise" was ably presenfed. In 'rhe monlh of April an all school falenf show was produced un- der fhe direction of Barbara Cox and Barbara Sproa+. As fheir confribufion, fhe seniors puf on "S+a ie Door". This was well done wifh several ou?- siandinq sfars. Mr. McKenna, dramalics Teacher af ' ncoln, ably direcfed fhe producfion of +his pop-.lar drama. MQW MUSIC v Mrs. Vvaumd 'Q Q.. --K Bernice Hansen Mar iorie Mahon Choir Sfring Trio an 'I . -annul Y Barbershop Quarfef Marjorie 81 Evelyn Girls' Double Trio .QQ su?-'- K I I Band 1497. ' U If , W . Orchesfra Every high school sfudenf likes music, and we are no excepfion af Lincoin High. We enjoy singing logelher, whefher if be a popular Tune. some of our pep songs, or our beauliiul hymn. We have several groups in our music deparfmem' +ha+ en+erfain us offers. and They confribufe fheir Talent Too, in com- muni+y life. Among fhese groups are The girls' double Trio, boys quar+e+. sfring frio, orchesfra. band, A Capella choir. and fwo duos-Mary Lou and Nancy Hill. Evelyn Joakimson and Marge Kirk- pafrick. Much of 'rhe success of our music groups is due fo The pep and en' fhusiasm of our facully member, Mrs, Walford. 1 if A ,w 4.. 4 veg 6 -. 14. Lvl 12' Bw., ' ,A ,' . iff? 5tPsg:412?Y S521 MF J, ww V 'Sha V. Thy Coke Machine TYPICAL O Tho Yeuvbook SfaH 2. The Juiw Eu! 4A The Vimmy Garden 7. The DQ-posifovy Sfaf 3. The Cafeffj-' ' 5. The Libvary Shag The Ar' CMMS 11 -' F ' ' 'wngsff 1' 'tix 'E' 'I . I L f , Fifa-i f5?2.f'?" .Q",f'faEa", .fi 1 QQ' ll' ,J 'v- ,rf J Jr T' 1' Qbrafv, 'ff' Q-, " ag' of " 14 t'l'1Al'n'i 'qw f "' A I. 'sniff-.Digits-E5-1152! cf! di 43-'gi Nff. 2 "il d 'SWA' rs' ii 'tx 1 5 r 023:15 ' Nt ,A ' 'X' 'J-.m 'F ,w ' .35 'fi' Q"S'Jff'K Q 'Ev' " , ly. 3:1 Qi' V. u a F' 3' " of IJ.. " .,,,,. X, n tluvfzgtrtgci dt x 1- Ile Y- P IINICWLN 5 H l A A 1 I , 5 iS 59 YLd llls on lhe House 6. Lee Predicls ll. Franky and The Boss Lincoln's Lanlcy Linernan 7, Yell Leader Tryouis IZ. The Hungry Horde Spellbound 8. We're all behind You I3. Dorff Miss Tha? Ball Lonesome, Ed? 9. Up and Over I4. The Ganqs all Here liclcels, Please IO. Sign l-lere l5. A+ The Game W' ll ' llillll Mllll l l ' WV fill.. Emu- v Q it W J Y , L -f+,f-al l me l :Engl -3 f1..'+ - 4,541 V If ,V 4 ,P . Il, K N ,,3'fl 'j',' q'A...i?n 0 V' l J - ' N - , 1 f i ' - s -4. Q, 'I-L ir? '1 --1 X arf- .3-1 ,,f K Q .... .. A- S V,., , x . ',,,4 li va., .... 45 n- 1-4-I k' .J . M 71:23 "Q""' on me nn, 5.1, emi. 7, Wm HM Tho B851 Mme: A on ffl ml- Junk Pun 9, www C, sffwws e,.w.fw Mah rm Lf, Roo! if Q4 whdf G Good Commmee swam +f U S ,3.w zo. Cdpman Cargill Srvph f ,.,1f , my when Doinq, F,-eddy? Bufidofzs Drawn:-df ff 3 , I Qs 9353.5 401' ,nk Swing Hlqh, Swing Low. Clwrisfmas for Hue Boys Bashfui Baskefbalf Boys Dorff Ea? Too Much! On ihe "Bond Wagon" Hope You Make H Ove rl 'fail O' 251' s .hu '-Q.: ff' A 4 f" .4 '- ' f -Fw- K., ' -. as -4. 'w .. x. fy,-.QA The Pause Thai Refreshes? 7. Welcome Back, Sailor! I4. l-low's Your Tan Coming? . Noon Amaleurs 8. Smile, Please l5, Covell Gives The Axe The Scarce Crow 9. l-lil 'em Hard, Lionsl lb. Oh, Those Beaulilul Girls . Playinq in fhe Sand lO. A+ Ease I7. l-lomeiRunf7 . Noon Gossip Il. Have a Good Time, Dad I8. Lions Sfep Ouf . Before The Game I2. "l-leil Hillefii I9. The Gallowsl I3. Come on. Lions Grrfah 13 2 N-S0 -L Sis QQ! . Q'?:"f". l 1' - wi2.fe7:E" -gi ei.-wh It l'rF fur A , ,... 1 4 , Q1 wi AXA- J A Twllrhdfuwrv 7. Timo Ou? 8 Who? 5 Play! 9 Oh Those Loqs IO .Junk ll my wma 5 This Soiid Comfor? Cu? Tha? Om! AW, Qu' Cusfodian I4. Little Cowboy Fischer Sfrike One I6. .40 Quit Pushing Did: Burdick-Sailor Topsy-Yurvy I Vfanf fo See, Too Ou? for e Swim You Don? Say So SPG QTS ln sporls language. a man who can do everyrliing is known as a friple 'rl1rea+.-A+ Lincoln we have an oufslanding example of 'rliis in our coach. Lee Cox. Besides lwand- ling five gym periods a day. Lee manages lo coach rlie llwree major sporls. foorball. baslcelball. and frack. The record Lincoln has compiled 'rliis year 'res+ifies +o his abilify and willingness. ll is wi+l1 sincere grarifude flwal we dedicafe our sporfr secrion fo our coach. Lee Cox. nf., Z.. F 17 . fi ' -1. -- ,. g, 1,7 1,4 . 9.5.65 . 'W,, 1 I f 5 I G r P I 2 A 1:25. if ' sX X il' L' QQ? 'QQ we 'S-'lf Q O i i 2 I 9 1,, 'vi' x W n V -,guna-I x annum-ani 6 f up ? , , ififwmrx., ..,h f X. 1 ,. SNR., X Q , .. Q .v.,.." M , ' . M A - W. Q, N 'wg ff i 91 - vang- -xx I H 'km l A Xp, -.4 --9.,,.?m.w..- Q..-M K h v"""'i-- 'QQ' N- qw.. X SPORTS The Lions made Their iniTial sTarT in The P. A. L. a successful one by soundly Trounc- ing a sTrong SouTh CiTy eleven I8-6. Keeping up This breakneck pace, The rampaging Lions wer'iT on Trom There undeTeaTed unTil running inTo Sequoia. Lincoln again Tound iTseIT on The shorT end oT The score The nexT week, losing a hard ToughT and well played game To Their cross Town rivals, San Jos-e'l-ligh. Winning The resT of Their games from There on in, The Links ended The season wiTh a record oT 5 games won and 2 losT, Thus placing second in The P. A. L. When Lincoln's varsiTy baskeTball Team deTeaTed Half Moon Bay in The second game oT a 2 ouT of 3 series, They broughT home To Lincoln iTs TirsT P. A. L. champion- ship. lT was a grand climax To a TerriTic season ThaT was an uphill climb all The way. FighTing from behind on numerous occasions when Things looked hopelessly black. The Lions proved To all concerned They had ThaT cerTain qualiTy ThaT disTinguishes a chame pionship ouTTiT Trom iusT anoTher Team. The whole Team was superb, buT parTicularly ouTsTanding in Their play were Don McCaslin, Bob "lggy" Enzensperger. Fred FreverT. John Rohde, Bill Campbell, Bill Breedon, and Jon WrighT. X 1' nr. 0 'ii I :Q- wr . 7 'liao-ga-4 5 HIGH LIGHTS The varsity cindermen slarfed our a highly successful season by 'raking a close second fo Sequoia in The P. A. L. relays ar Burlingame. They defeafed Hayward, +he class of lhe Eas+ bay, in a pracfice meer and 'rhen wenf on from there 'ro falce fhe measure of Palo Alfo and San Maleo, 'rheir firsl rwo P. A. L. opponenfs. Highlighfs of 'rhe season. fhusfar. have been The hurdling of Jack Passey, The sprinfing and broad- iumping of Don Carroll. and +he disfance running of Fred Freverf. Oulslanding per- formances have also been 'rurnecl in by lighfweighls Dore Purdy and Diclc Websfer in The 880 and 440 respecfively. The baseball squad. as we go To press, has compiled an impressive record in P. A. L. compelifion. Led by Bill Breedon. Wilbur Conclclin, and "Holy" Boruclc in fhe slugging deparfmenr and aided by fhe dependable hurling of Georgie Wright The Lion's line up as a well balanced oulfi+ 'rhal should be hard 'lo bear in coming en- coun+ers. ln fhe minor sporls Ken Johnson slands our as 'rhe besf wresfler fo be produced 'rhis year, while Ed EvereH and Eli Barifeau have been labeled rhe lop men in fennis and golf respeclively. F VarsiTy Foo+baII LeTTermen CapTain John Rohde-End: John was The ouTsTanding end in P. A. L. compeTiTion This year. A pillar oT sTrengTh in The line, The blonde gianT, co-capTain of The Lion FooTball Teamf received his well earned award by being unanimously chosen all P, A. L. end. Bill Breedon-End: Hardworking Tlankman Bill Breedon proved his worTh by playing -heads up TooTball aT all Times. A sTandouT on defense as well as oTTense, Bill, a senior, will be greaTly missed by The Lions nexT year. Bob Enzensperger-End: Bob Truly played Tine TooTball all season. His specTaculaf caTch oT a long pass Tor a Touchdown in The lasT minuTes oT The San MaTeo game was one oT The highlighTs oT his career. Ken,Johnson-End: Good, hard play was The keynoTe oT Ken's acTions ThroughouT The season. Viciously Tackling on The deTense as well as caTching almosT impossible' passes on oTTense, he proved himself one oT The sTars oT The Team. Elgin MarTin-Tackle: FighTing one-hundred percenT oT The Time, Elgin was a reassuring Tigure in The line all season. He played his very besT, exTra hard TighTing TooTball, in The San Jose High game, Roland Berner-Tackle: Pulverizing The lines oT Lion opponenTs Time aTTer Time, big, hardworking iunior Roland played a brand oT TooTball ThaT would make him a crediT To any Team anywhere. Lee French-Tackle: AlerT, sTeady, and consisTenT TooTball was The Theme oT Lee's play all season. A regular bulwark in The line, Lee earned his leTTer as one of Lincoln's ToremosT Tackles. Don Hoerler-Tackle: Don was one oT The brighTesT sTars oT The Lions This year. EighTing always wiTh smashing Tackles, crushing blocks, and spiriTed Teamwork, Don richly deserved The respecT oT all his opponenTs and earned his all P. A. L, selecTion. Jack Fischer-Guard: A TiighTing, sparkling player all season was guard Jack Fischer. The pep and TighT he added when The going was rough can never be measured. He was Truly a hardworking ThreaT in The line. Al Weimers-Guard: "HiT hard on every play" seemed To be Al's walchword during every game. AlThough only a sophomore, Al was more Than a maTch Tor any oT his rivals. Bill Grami-Guard: FasT, hard blocks TeaTured Bill's sparkling play Tor The Lions. A sTeady dependable perTormer, Bill was one oT Lincoln's ouTsTanding linesmen. A clever deTensive man wiTh a powerTul oTTensive punch, Bill played smarT TooTball Tor The Lions. Chuck Johnson-CenTer: A sixTy minuTe player in almosT every conTesT, Chuck played greaT games Tor Lincoln High. His backing up The line on deTense proved him To be one oT The mosT capable pivoT men in The P. A. L. CapTain Bob SeiberT-OuarTerback: Plunging and Tearing The opponenT's line To shreds was one oT The TeaTures oT Bob's play This year. A rnainsTay oT The Team wiTh Tine TooTball generalship, Bob earned The respecT oT all Lion rivals. Carl Dysinger-QuarTerback: Giving his besT To The Lion Toot ball Team aT all Times, Carl showed Tine leadership in many TighT siTuaTions. His hard work helped The Lions To roll To Their second place in The P. A. L. Don Carroll-HalTback: Lincolnis Triple-ThreaT back, Don worried Lion opposiTion all season wiTh his ouTsTanding passing, his Towering kicks, and his TasT running. Don led The way Tor The Lion Touch- downs by his specTacular runs and perTecT' passes. Dick Weinberg-Halfback: Pounding ouT T'irsT downs one aTTer The oTher, bursTing wiTh lighTning speed Through holes in The op- posiTion's line To make yardage on every play. Dick paced The Lion's vicTory march in all iTs games. Frank Davilla4HalTback: Throwing perTecT long arching passes which drop genTly inTo The arms OT The receiver Tor a Lion Touch- down was The keynoTe oT Frank's play all season long. A sophomore wiTh a piTching arm, he will sTar again in seasons To come. Holbrook BoruckfFullback: A consisTenT ground gainer on every carry, "Holy" proved ThaT sophomores can come Through, Tor HE did. An even greaTer ThreaT nexT year will be This powerTul, hard running fullback. Allen Baronvlzullback: AlThough iniured a greaT deal during The season, Allen showed ThaT he was one oT The besT Tullbacks in The P. A. L. Ever on The alerT, Allen, a Tine defensive man. worked and ToughT hard every minuTe oT play. 0 1- -.l4. r .gill ull!!! Q 1 1 , ?""'fu. H, ' ga 4' A PM ' 3.5 4 Q: 9' L -'if' .. -was 1 1 al 2 T .1 fi "' .1 in F? ps I 4 B S A wi WP PM n X' f,A, The TirsT P. A. L. championship To be broughT in by a Lincoln l-ligh aThleTic Team was produced by The Lion VarsiTy baslceTball squad. Losing only To Se- quoia in league compeTiTion, The Lions swepT on To win I7 ouT of 21 conTesTs. WiTh flawless bail handling, experT shooTing, and lighT, aggressive def Tensive worlc, The Lions proved Themselves The "class" of The league. Toward The end oT The season, The Lions, Tied Tor TirsT place, Taced The Bulldogs again in a crucial game, and surged onward wiTh a slashing 24-I7 vicTory. The play-oTl wiTh Half Moon Bay Tor The P. A. L. TiTle was played before paclced sTands, The score 23-I4, TirsT P. A. L. championship Tor Lincoln. Co-capTains Don McCaslin, all P. A. L. cenTer and leading scorer Tor The Lions, and Fred l:reverT. sparlqplug Torward and second in Lion scoring, seT The pace supporTed by sharp shooTing Bob En' zensperger, Bill Breedon, and John Rohde aT The guard posiTions. Forwards Bill Campbell, Jon WrighT, Bill Daegling, and Don Richardson Turned in splendid iobs as did cenTers Ed EvereTT, Gus Gul- merT, and guards Bill Brown, Nick Barbaccia. and Bob Sheppard. We are proud ol a well balanced, TighTing, eager, and deTermined Team who played a long, hard season To come'ouT vicTorious P. A. L. champions. ii- I I . . Nw y n r I , , .1 jf Allhough in lheir lirsf year as members of fhe P. A. L., fhe Lion 30's proved fhemselves fhe darlr horse fhreal of fhe league. The Lion cubs showed 'rhaf fhey were a high scoring, hard fighring feam wifh Frank Davilla. all P. A, L. forward and leading scorer, selling fhe pace wifh Archie McGee and Dore Purdy af forward posifions, Leon De Mee, all S. P. A. L. choice, al fhe cenfer posf, and hard- working Earl Norris, Earl Wrighf, and Orville Orfon filling in al lhe guard spofs. Coach John Hensill had a fruly hard season of P. A. L. compefi+ion wifh fhe firsf lighfweighr Team fo play for Lincoln. Vifal forces in The offensive power of fhe I2O's were cenfer Jim West forwards Gene Colburn and Warren Jones, leading scorer, wifh Slanley Chinchen, Bob Miller, Tom Shipp, Evans Elbe, Anfhony Piazza, and Henry Rosendin righf on fhe job. Only seven players answered Coach Hensill's call for a Il0 pound feam. The IlO's, led by Tom Coafes, Joe Cruciani, and Mark Broadbenl as for- wards, Jerry Bosley a+ cenler, and Scoll Pufnam, Dan Teresi, Alan Page. and Bob Oliver a+ lhe guard posf, proved fhemselves a hard working group of baslcefball players. 1-:qu--1. yin!!-n an-It-gg ns' 1- , A . , . YA . fps :L i rs 1 f- l" .IQ H was iw A A , "T . T "" J 1336 M-.' X Y ,mini rg i '22 i .aff f 'T ,f Q surf? .ilx T .. vw. 'UQ 'ft Q 3,6 is 944 If ,MXN -s 'ai' .ff I .Em g j T' ',iL fi 'fin J... , ,, V T . 4903 AlThough The season has jusT begun, The Lion Trackmen are already sTamped as deTiniTe TiTle con- Tenders. WiTh Don Carroll. Jon WrighT, and Dick Weinberg in The sprinTs, Ken Johnson and Dick BischoTT in The 440, and Fred FreverT, Dick BarThole- mew, John l-lasen, and Will Kessler in The disTance runs, The Lions Truly presenT a dangerous Track ThreaT. WiTh Weinberg ouTsTanding in The discus and shoT along wiTh John Rohde, Don l-loerler, and Jack Fischer, The weighT evenTs are well Taken care oT. Don Carroll in The broad jump, and Johnson and Jack Greenwood in The high jump should show up well. Jon WrighT and AI l-laley should bring home poinTs in The pole vaulT. Jack Passey has so Tar proved himselT unbeaTable in The hurdle races, wiTh Greenwood, WrighT, and Bill Ferguson noT Tar be- hind. Led by Dore Purdy, sTellar half-miler, and Dick WebsTer, leading 440 runner. The Lion lighTweighT Track Team seems desTined To place high in P. A. L. compeTiTion. STan Levin, Bud Coleman, Dick Fow- ler, and John Avila shine in The sprinTs. RoberT Rohl, Bob Kress, and ArT Coleman sTand ouT in The disTance runs. Fowler and Warren Jones, along wiTh Tom CoaTes, seem The besT prospecTs in The pole vaulT, Don Campbell has proved himself a Tine hurdle prospecT. 4 .QA no-T . 'U Y T 4 if i I ' 'fy H Am, f Y H, if . Y' .Z-4 -au' ' .Q Lincoln's varsiTy baseball squad are sTrong con- Tenders Tor The league TiTle, being aT The pre-senT Tied Tor The S. P. A. L. lead wiTh San Jose and Se quoia. Opening The season againsT The Sequoia nine, The Lions upseT The dope buclreT by coming ouT on Top in exTra innings by a score of I3-IZ. ln Their nexT game The Lincoln r'niTTrnen chalked up Their second S. P. A. L. vicTory by deTeaTing The Palo AlTo Vikings 5-4. The following weelc The Lions were noT so TorTunaTe, however, as They losT To Their cross Town rivals San Jose T-ligh 6-5. Ably coached by Frank Covell, The Lions line up wiTh Bill Breedon as caTcher, George WrighT piTcher, George Bergna lsT, Earl WrighT second, Wilbur Conclclin shorTsTop and Gene Colburn Third, The ouTTield berThs are Tilled by Frank Davilla, Holy Boruck, and Chuck Johnson. The sophomore nine is manned by TirsT year Tele lows who have shown promise in baseball. The main purpose in having a sophomore Team This year is To give These fellows a chance To gain valuable ex' perience so ThaT They may sTep up and Till The po siTions on The varsiTy vacaTed by The deparTing seniors. Coached by Elgin MarTin, The Lion Cubs have some Tuiure sTars in Wayne Paclc, Lloyd Vick- ery, Terre Johnsen, Don Rylander, John McGarriTy, and Jack Hausladen. Q ,- . . - .... . ,y - ur- V fh- T I' F. 'i I .lu lu , , .""""f..cll T 1 -Q .T I ,". 1 TY uf' V " .ww .. Q A ii'..-f"' JITLXU K . i f 2 ,R R 3 N-xg, t xl J' if, -T . -' 4 ' s? 'I Q' . sei C52 - A ' 'Q Vi99'7?f',-ii K QXQIA, ' ,- Q 5 ' I -43.-. , ' S. h .ww i 'g f - fa" "" 4 I, ' " 'a '1 I L11 . . 3' 19"- Q . ,.. T hun tr-FPJBO 3'f-z mm. ,, Ji, if I :.u.'lJ-and' To wear a Block L means some- 'rhing here af Lincoln. I+ shows nof only +ha+ one is an alhlele and has prac+iced and played consisfenlly on a school leam, bul also 'rhal one is an example and credil +0 his school. Composed of lhese lelfermen. lhe Block L sociefy has grown wilh lhe passing seasons. ! Vw M3 Led by player coach Ken John- son, N. C. S. champion in fhe l75 lb. division and ou+s+anding wresllers. J. lvlaisano, J. Fischer, A. Weimer, l-l. Rosendin, lhe Lin- coln l-ligh wreslling leam surprised all by finishing high in The P. A. L. They lrounced many hard fighfing high school reams and made a good showing. Having already won fwo P. A. L. malclies. Lincoln's +ennis learn slwould do well in flue P. A. L. four- namenf al Slanlord. Those malcing up 'rlie squad are Ed Everell, No. l singles, Earl Norris. No.2 singles. Sfan Clwinclwen, No. 3 singles, Jerry Dinapoli and Eli Barifeau as No. I doubles and Don Richard- son and Marlc Broadbenl No. 2 doubles. R f11'f"'i T ,j L... L--l ' , 1 gf' 1 P' 45. .y rj, :F g . li " "1 3, 4 :PK -5 I v g L ' .N-1. VV L i X """" ?"'i s, If fjffff -E ---- fi . """'13if""M"" """' ' .-up ug-.,.. . 'N ,J f x YW... . swim As we go lo press fhe golf ieam, coached by Frank Covell, is of uncerfain qualify lhis year as lhey have yel 'ro play a malcli. Leading the 'ream will be Eli Barileau, who won fhe P. A. L. las? year, wifh Evans Elbe, Harold Slwanley, Bob Slwepperd. and Rus- kin Shepperd rounding ouf fhe squad. We, no doubf will hear from +l1is leam in lhe fufure. U J 'Nw Allhough we girls here in Lincoln do no+ engage in inferfschool compelilion, we cer- fainly enjoy our games and sporfs if one could judge from lhe squeals and shoufs heard during The six periods of lhe day. Wifh pep we enler inlo games of baslcelball, baseball, volleyball, Tennis and golf. Calislhenlics and marching help +o lceep us in lil condilion. .1 Y u.' ""- ' fa' fu: "' l'llll ,LA K 'Mf- -,- I Q1 .xxx N , . , ,b . 1 v ' f , I . I '1 B 1. ,dh 4 I W X XI 1 1 J, , ' ' , rv, 1 n "ff I i wit .. 1ggqfMi,Qv55EwiE ,I ,lp ..- ' .tai ... f-H VA" 5 1 1 Illl III HH -fi' '. I' . t -1.1-XA v .4- ,.: 1111? :g m 5 IT IIE If 'U , W" . 1 x . p 1-a Q- .. '- - ,Ik ,af --q'1',s P. . N,F, 'Q u-I 4: 'L r ' ...j u ' L- 4V Hr-- ,,. f df- i1w ,.fN- I D . G 9 . . J ' :'. 5-5-54 4 ' ' ' . - f fn: M -H ml A - . , . --.- -,, , ., ., , 'w w f., wig, "' Q-f ' 'W' -Q.. 4, H5 If f X -. L. , :- SENIQIQS We now presenl our seniors fo you. They have been a friendly group, full of pep and enfhusiasm. Wi'rh lhem as leaders. The sludenl body has puf over a successful scrap drive. bond campaign, and ofher acfivifies. We are going 'ro miss you. seniors, buf we hope we can follow in your loo+s+eps of leadership. Good luck To you wherever you go. Juniors and Sophomores, . id f' s ,A ,1 if I r I. :T W , .1 I' I w?- . V F. V M5 ,if 4 ' Mc, Ff.f?'1! ' ggtllrli H. 1114, U i U 4- 'iw ' .Q 3. 4 v UG . u? 4 -Mai , .,., 1 iw? 1 V tl! , 'V fx I '4 r x fx- f- X Q- X .Wh 'rw ,T . , 9: r 43 51? 'H S Q ,Rr W .23 , F14 ,fag ,. H: :kd N .X A :J F SI. Q an QQ iim w .ff ff, Q 1 ' A 1' .f i, . .,r. NV bw f ww. W Trees.: Bob Noes Sgt. Arms: Dick Fagersfrom LL! President Pefer Harker V. P.: Bob Seiberf Sed.: Dawn Rose 5.' W, FALL Vw SENIGR ll OFFICERS SPRING d C bll 1 fl Qu k ix 5 all Rx Treos C d A--'v'u Midyear Bal! February Leaders Taming me Lion Midyear Graduaflon The Screamer Hard af Work? Suspended by Wires? Stepping Ou? Y N Meow Meowi! !O. Give em The Axe!! Playwright Sfudious Nancy SENIOR wr: i t, Havd Workers 2 Vmrqiinna' Training 3 'uni Gwidiiiiti 4 Biiiif Ruin Whats Doing? 9. Little Donald Cute Littie Kenny IO Lieui. Ciiiicott Another Point ot View II. Photoqenic Gvivirv Out 52, Mah Friends- A, PM... .ni 'ug wk I use James Bombardieri Gloria Ciaballari Calvin Carier Beverly Chrisiensen Conslance Dondero Marvin Elias Richard Fagerslrom Margarel Grebbell Mncheu Finberg Beverly Gunler Rozelle Gunsaulis Lee French Barbara Marlin Aldo Fonlana Harold Hallin Peler Harker Eileen Moll Neil Lefler Joe Maisano Marvel Mosleller Bob Naas Jael: Paul Rufh Puccinelli Niclm Rouhes Phyllis Prado Dawn Rose Lucille Ruffino Reber? Seiberl Jayne Rumbold Pal' Schommer its 2 H il 1 i is ,QM Q-rw if .. ,, l.,,. --W i ' Q 24, if L ? is-. Q Was? fix r 1 s x G. 3 Qu -- A Q, M af 1.3 ,,.L. T E in 1 iss, .Y 423151 . , L4 X f i" T y.c,y ,Q yy . 5' L is ,. fi i T i lx we 'fr 1 1 'W "F QV .kk R, 1 ' , 5 V ' 'VL . 1 I Q x 4 Q .w P . 'f 4 ,X I L Nu' 7 l -:v'mf.'r' y ' fee 'a ' xa 3 '-sh K. f .lm mv 'S F' l v 1 -. is fin A x i 4 3 3 wx ' 'Y' ef' y lm Clifford Waddell Aldora Warne Mayella Appleby y Bob Adams Winifred Anderson Elmo Brown Leone Armslrong Joanna Bosley Loren Berggren Pal Barlon Leon Brand? ' Eleanor Berry Bill Campbell Beverly Basuini Alice Cempen Ralph Carmichael Bonnie Cencilla Elwood Craig Donna new Barbara cox Clifford Daniels Munyn com, Bill Daegling June Eldridge Mildred' Doyle Leon De Mee Carl Dysinger ' Drake Miry Geucler Marian Eldli Ed Everefl' lnge Friedrichs Allison Fosfer Cafherine Gorham Fred Freverf Charles Folks Roy Gaslcin Norma Garland Claude Finley Charlotte Harder Mary Hodam- Howard Hansen Dorofhy Herfurfh Don Hoerler Bernice Hansen Frances Jenlxinson Bill Ives Evelyn Joalrimson Diclm Huniworli Beffy Johns Bruce Jacobs George Johnson Colleen Johnson Kennelh Johnson Doroihy Johnson Sfanley James Charles Johnson Belly Johnsron Richard Jones Will Kessler 'Vi r 93 K QQQ fi A 'nee .Wil Fr l If 3' Y Eg an g ,Q x ax .-1. fi gl A in 5 X L lf? " - 'r C11 li lil. .A I W5 . 4 , - 1 1 1 za r, mf is uu- V , l X K , 6 A s -I-. - x. R 'O -S X 5' CQ P' 4. hiv V l ' - " P gg, if 1 -7 vii ' I' ' V lr ni Q- X I ,K ue- A 'V' 5 1 .-Q 0 H, I an l "M ' li gk. lf 'ig ' I 4' W- . Q ? - ri " F. 1 m gg ,C la 'X 4 6 Ediih Kiser Bob Kress Margie Kirlrpalricl Earl King Henning Lundgren Jean Laederich Henry Lannini Janef Longden Bob Lindemann George Linden Leah Lawrence Bill Lundy Jane? Lindsay Ed La Veque Don McCaslin Melba Maggini Bob Morgan Maryon Miller Wilford Peabody Jean Orlando Claire Oubridge Mel Plummer Caroline Pale Charles Peflis Lucille Ober Joanna Prilchard Jack Passey Pa+ Pifman Marshall Rosenthal Mary Prussia Pa+ Polk Don Richardson Mariorie Pulley Beverly Rossi Robe:-rl Rohl Barbara Richmond Joan Richmond Theron Sefton Barbara Sproa+ Kirl: Samis Bob smzni semen s+ou+ Joann shapp Gene spencer Ru'l'l'1 Vanaffe Gene Talesfore Juanila Swee+ Bob Bischoff Don Campbell Pa'f+y Bacon Bob Enzensperger Eleanor TreH Barbara Edes John Dylxmans Nancy Hill Ted Hoffman 4 In K' MB is iz ' B l H . wif , E 4 2 me 'Y 1 f, n 'Vigil ji t 5 ' te 4. gf' i ff' fi -'il Q? 20. g 'X , '-. Ki YI "-e-- ,7', .a -5? l .. 'ln i al' Wlful Kb "3i.wf 3: . , -'Pj 6 5 . . .- , - K f 1 B , L sy , E 5,1 0 r' x 5 L H2 r ii Q , so at if i J' I l .1 ,I 'N . I 5. 8. 5 K 6 M 9 has f ll i N RX.fi-fa!! x- -Q' 3 N . jg X ,'i 1 5 ,i .Q 9 , is Qu. 5 i ' . , I . Barbara Alvare-1 Jean Asfarifa Marvin Bolei Donna Chaboya Don Craig Marilyn Dodson Dorolhy Hammer Richard lgram Marhnelle Holsfein Alex Marshall Carol Johnson Jean Hoffman Archie McGehee Norma Kilgore Esflher Kline Jon Wriqhl Pafly Langelius Dorofhy Roberls George Wrighf Bernice Rosenlhal Richard Welde Marie Seiferl Jay Venfre Suzanne Williams Bill Breeden Richard Weinberg E. D. Anderson Dick f'-Xrfhur John Bannisfer Leonard Bapiisl Lesfer Ballersiein Melvin Basuini Richard Beard Neal Benson James Bombardieri George Bradford Don Burchfiel Howard Burns lL+.l Dick Burdick Richard Burrichfer Cal Carfer Allen Chaboya Lawrence Chaboya Gordon Chace Richard Clark Dick ChilcoH lL+.l Jim Close John Collins Murray Collins Richard Cousins John Crum Curiis Davis lL+.l Lynn Dixson Jack Doual IN THE SERVICE Marvin Edner Louis Federico George Ferguson Waller Fisher Manuel Freilas Reggie Gearhar+ George Gray Gearharf GraHon Charles Gordon Harold Hallin Vladimir Handl Pefer Harker Ben Harpole Joe Johnson Roberf Johnson James Jefferson Bill Jessup Bill Leal Roy McCassey Clemenl McGill Roberf McBride Joe Maisano Roberf Marsh Francis Meyers John Mise Ed Murison Sianley Murphy THANK YOU Roberl Naas Gilberf Paul Paul Power Frank Perry Wesley Peyfon Carlos Parker Ralph Ramona Jim A. Rice Henry Rose Nick Roukes Rod Rucker Bud Ryan Frank Saloafelli Roy Sanfillippo C. R. Schaiz lL+.i Reg Sciarrino Melvin Silvera Don Smifh Ralph Smirh Thomas Thomassen Roberf Trevey Douglas Velrum Chris Vilale Ben Von Rofz Jim Wall Jim Wallace Ed Wood 4 -, V I 'I r " , I n y 'I' P V r- - ' w . 4 x A-. 1 1. ll' , ,. F 'S , ,. I in I- , 'F , R I , 1 i v ern 41, " u I I X ,. W X 'X I I vl . - ef . T 1. I. AI X a -I2 I ,u , , it -. " is . .JW , . 'S L . ul ' V h l . , P 4 . Q, ,.. v . , 4 ' 1 uw. 4 A ,,' .., , ' v, I, V - w sn.. 5-

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