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,gg L-5 15,4 , ' ffli 1,3 .L, . ' 'N 9. :vm . .4 -.Y 1 . VV- , -. .fs - ,,, Q., 4,,.,-v:,-,.- bw ,nz 'f " . 'jp ' X Q3 x "Ie s. N W. , , '73 T5 Q fp If A -' Q5 5- ' 'fr L' -'fi 'fm- ffr if f ' ' ' fp fn .:c , ,Q ,M -if 5:52 Mg iv ig . 55 9 g,,l:.1 1.5 my 9 . 45' V J. .. 51 1? V '- - r 794, ,, A ,, -ft! y -. 41,15 X, 1 ., , A Y' . 1 V L' 1 .zl L ' g I - I , I 2 - ' . ' ' . , '- ' - -H' V WJ , V A - .E . 'Eff ' . ' f ' . , ' Q 4, ' Tia'- . EQ. , : V 4 H Y,-.,. ' I , , ' "zu, 1 - - - . K:-:L-..,-5 L- -. , , k K ' 742 M 1943 ABRAHAM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA EDITOR, JEAN KNEESHAW BUSINESS MANAGER, BOB MCBRIDE iii 1:2 mi i 11 f - SM A rqlaafaam- fincafn 1445 3 max, - 3,52 Z as nu' 2 2 Q I We, fhe sraff of fhe l943 Monarch, wish +o dedicafe fhis book To +he furure s+uden'rs of Abraham Lincoln High School. This year our sfudenf body has fried io esfablish cerlain ideals for our school life. The war has alfered our plans 'ro a grea+ ex+en+. However, when vicfory and peace come 'ro our nafion, we wanf you 'ro carry on whaf we have s+ar+ed. "Give +o your school lhe besf you have And fhe besf will come back +o you." Z . . ' y yy r,., , Q f1r y s 4 As our firsr edirion of fhe Monarch comes out we look back over fhe Trials and fribulafions of if all. Problems such as selecfing a name, choosing fhe sfaff. The phofographers. and acfual work on 'rhe book- all had 'ro be me+ before we could presenr you wi+h +he firsf yearbook of Abraham Lincoln High School. F eds-fic T. Shipp Principal OFFICE OF PRINCIPAL Abraham Lincoln I-liglw School SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA June, l9b3 Citizens of the City of San Jose, We speak for each and every student of Abraham Lincoln when we say how much we appreciate and enjoy this new, modern high school of ours. Yes, it is you, you, and you, the members of the community, who made these grounds and this building possible. we only hope that through the years we shall prove worthy of the money you have invested in us. Already we have begun our task of repaying you. What better way can we do this than by practicing how to be worthy citizens of a democracy? Our newly formed student govern- ment is a working example of our progress. Now as never before, do we need tc know the fundamentals of government. Daily we study in our social science classes about world and local happenings, thus making our minds alive to what is going on. Abraham Lincoln is giving-us a chance to stand up to the future. Education should be one of the privileges of every citizen no matter in what land he lives, yet we here in America are very fortunate to have the opportunity cf learning. We of Abraham Lincoln High feel that we are especially fortunate in that our school offers us subjects to satisfy our every desire. There is no reason for any boy or girl to leave here unprepared to face the world and the problems of the future. Thus we shall help to build a better world for our- selves, for you, and for coming generations. Americans must soon take the lead in global affairs, therefore, we young Americans are preparing for just that. Again we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation and to say with sincerity, 'Thank you, San Jose c1tizens.' Sincerely, eAZ2 nzzfladawwdzftff ,syn .kazaa LELAND PRUSSIA WALTER BACH RODT MAYBELLE BAUMGARTNER RUSSEL E. PETTIT EARL MOOREHEAD J. S. WILLIAMS f ?SEf:SEai5a5.5M:Lx4EidfiS,mms-wmfifi,N:24fi551s,w7" iiimizs5,ff'1vk,wwHW., ,..w- .M new-ia. X VX QNQQ. ,GMA . if , eem,,,N,,,,,,,, When we spealc of Mr. Shipp, our principal, we always Think of 'rhe rule he has given us, "Do Right" He has had much experience wilh young people as a friend and advisor as well as a leacher and administrafor. Through his Tireless efiorfs he has helped us To build a living example of a democracy in our school. He has encouraged us To assume leadership and responsibilifyi however, he is always slanding nearby ready and willing To lend a helping hand. The iirsf year in a new building is indeed a frying one. Wi'rh a smile, Mr. Shipp has cheerfully mer The many frials and lribulalions of crealing a school home oulr of a mere building. We are exfremely glad, Mr. Shipp, +ha+ you are our principal. FREDERICK T. SHIPP Principal w,....,.m...,,,.Nm-QW..-.,..p?"'H me GEORGE HU NTER BARBARA BRUCH LARRY HILL VERENA RUSSELL Mr. Hill is a very busy man al Abraham Lincoln High-and he does ii' all wifh a smile. He is in charge of regislrafion of sludenis, a big job in iiself. All orders for library and 'rexi books go fhrough his office. Visual aid maferial, drives, as- semblies-fhese are a few more of his dufies. Miss Bruch seems To have a special gif? lor under- sfanding The perplexing problems of rhe girls. Each girl lcnows Thar she will receive friendly, sympafhefic advice on any quesfion. All social acriviries of fhe girls are under her direcf supervision. As sponsor of fhe club ser-up, she has done an excellem' iob in organizing worfh-while acfiviiies. Mr. Hunfer is our dean of boys. Wifh kindly palience he Tackles each problem fhaf arises. Whelher ir is a discipline Trouble, a worlc problem, or a quesfion of ioining The armed forces-lhe boys can depend on Mr. Hunfer for some sound advice. He is always on hand a+ games and dances. incaln MARION OLNEY HELEN CLEMENT ALMA LINTON RUTH BYERS JOHN HENSILL JOSEPH STANLEY LAWRENCE HILL RUBY FERGUSON HELEN LATTA FRED MUBAL v1oLET LANNIS DOROTHY FAUOUET MARGARET GYLLING HOWARD WARREN HAZEL ROBERTSON X f aww, BARBARA BRUCH NORMAN PRATT LBEN HOWARD EVELYN MCCLAY FLORENCE BARNARD GEORGE HUNTER DOROTHY ERHORN A. O. HACKMAN SHIRLEY WILLIS CHESTER MASON MABEL WINTER LEE COX MAY DUIGNAN FRANK COVELL I Q G' !f5'5 e W'-5 TJ Sepf. 28-Firsf day of School Oc'l'. 5-Temporary Sfudenl' Council formed Oct 23-Firs+ vicfory-Mt View vs Lincoln jj I an ' ' -, fl' OCZQZ3 Nov. I8-"Lion Tales" decided Nov. 25-First Vicfory Garden Day Nov. 29--Dedicalion of 'lhe school Dec. I5-Consiifufion rafified Aft Oct 9-Firsi dance ff of 'D Nov. 6-Sadie Hawlxi XVOM6 IVUMZ5 Jan. I9-lnslallaiion ns dance June I 8-School closes June I3-Graduafion May 7-Senior play April I9-23-Easrer vacarion April 9-Fafher 81 Sons' nigh? K u 5. I 2 'X Qui Jwvel June I3 I viarch 26-All Girls' Parry cs rv March I9-"Monarch" announced March I2-Firsf school producfion March I2-Collins vicforious in Olympic Club Traci: Meer I . Congraiulahons, Murray 2. Time ou+ 3. HH I+! 4. The Iwo Hllls 5. Come and ge+ if! 6. Daisy-June! 7. Oh-'Ihose rugged men! 8. Professor Geomefry 9. Our Temporary SIucIen+ Council IO. Ah, fame- I I. Our service flag I2. Mersereau 'Io Ihe rescue I3. Richard-foofh pasfe model I4. The pIo'I' Ihiclrens I5. Our prexy gives ou+ iJ.,,1L .sf v3.'4,:f,i'l-y2'f" B I. Yoyo wmners 2. Things look beHer fhis way X 3 Camera hog 4 Whaf will lhey lhmlr of nex+? 6. 7. Per 5. C. S. F. Prexy Wow! sonalily 8 ull' pushing' 9 You don 1' say I0. Hm-m m l I Should we cul? I2. Share +he rude I3. Cozy? I4. Welcome home, L+. Schah I5. And ihen she sand- I6. Gel a load of fhai' I7. "Wha+'s in 'l'he no+e?" l8. The gang 9. Wafch 'em score .4 ..--w"" ih f-'Piyifiilt Fi , o ,g 51? Qi: sV5,,..L,me -:fi , Q V fBEi 4i1S6Q?f3fh2T?s25Wi Rig,ifiiiiflfi'?TiL5TMi1?3YQ?4i?15'ffl?1KiS!?z I I 1 I I .1 V . sv J is iii 3 if xi- ,gf F W. 14 fi at 23' . ' 'Y if 7? N' 9 3 4 ef Q J T. A lf if 5. , if 5 1 W , 5 5 'ig 3 Zigi fs? T , in-QT: h. T ' X vs, 'T W2 if J qi is , 5, 5 ' Q , rx Sp, A sr ' rig. s "Tm,-f WM. jg ., r Qs K iz . . ... wif ,MM K 4 K -r 5 ,, a .. , . .. 3- ow- V .""f'r-:Qs -.M H It L. "PRIDE AND PREJUDICEH Jane AusTin's classic drama "Pride and Prejudice" was an ouTsTanding evenT of The spring semesTer. Lovely hoop-slcirTed girls, ,genial young men, and a Typical I840 English seT helped malce Abraham Lincoln's TirsT Three-acT play a greaT success. AcTion of The play cenTered around The mariTal and financial problems oT The BenneTT Tamily. The casT included Norman Healy as calm Mr. BenneTT: his TlighTy wiTe, Elda BeTh Payne: Their oldesT daughTer, Joann Shipp: Phylis Ryder, The very in- dependenT daughTer: Melba Maggini, The boolcish Type: The Trivolous daughTer, Barbara Cox, Midge Doyle, The youngesT girl: a conceiTed clergyman, Joe Johnson: Marshall RosenThal, a genial young man: his snobbish sisTer, Joan PinTog Bill Jessup, a proud man of wealTh3 his overbearing AunT, BeTsy SoTzin: GeorgeTTe Ryan, an ambiTious neighbor: her daughTer, Marhnelle l'TolsTeing The maid, Dawn Rose. "Pride and Preiudice" UEnfanT D'or "Pride and Prejudice" Fresh PainT" i, I 'A LV f , 1 - Y rr , ffl -- . 2, in S Y fbaama WiTh iTs Sarong-clad beauTies and sweeT music, Tropical Hawaii was The seTTing Tor The TirsT senior play. The Theme oT "Fresh PainT" revolved around The search Tor a casTfaway wiTh a Spanish Treasure on a souTh sea island. Mary MarTin and T. T. Boggs, Two premaTurely middle-aged UniversiTy proTessors. led The expediTion and helped provide some oT The romance and comedy oT The play. Members OT The casT were Elda BeTh Payne. Norman Healy, PaTTy Moore, Norman Crowell. HarrieT Kennedy, Joe Johnson, BeTsy SoTzin, DoroThy STriclcland, GeorgeTTe Ryan, GvilberT Paul, Diclc ArThur, Bob McBride, and Richard Beard. Much glamour was added To The play by The l3eauTiTul chorus: Nancy Beall, Marcia MorTon, BeTTy Kline, Helen Jones, BeTTy Doyle, Jean Kneeshaw, Norma Garrison, Bernice Glendening, Beverly HuTchinson, and Marjorie Faullcner. The OH Beds Meef 'Hue People "The Florisfs Shop" Mitac auf Emma Lef's sing Behind fhe Scenes Curfain going up The girls' double Trio is composed oT Margery KirlcpaTriclc, PaT Schommer, Evelyn Joalninson. Joyce Jaclc. Jean Laederich. and Mary Lou Hill wiTh Ber- nice Hansen as accompanisT. They are a popular group in school as well as in communiTy aTTairs. Their selecTions vary Trom sTricTly classical To smarT popu- lar music. Various churches. clubs, and oTher organi- zaTions have been hosTs To Them: also They have enTerTained us aT numerous school programs. These girls had The honor oT inTroducing our school hymn aT a special assembly. The boys' quarTeT consisTing oT 'Carlos Parker, Ralph SmiTh, Ben Von RoTz, and Jim Burroughs has given The school and communiTy much pleasure dur- ing The pasT year. Among The organizaTions They have enTerTained ouTside oT our school are The P. T.A., The Calvary Womens Club, The San Jose Women's Club. ancl The Hoover Junior High School. Girls' Double Trio Boys' QuerI'eT 'YV' A Cappella Muuc OrchesTra The A Capella choir under The direcTion oT Mrs. Shirley Willis is a group of sixTy members. lTs lisT oT performances is lengThy, including such occasions as The Tea oT The Calvary Women's Club, The 'Choir FesTival aT The Civic AudiTorium, and The senior graduaTion. Many oT Their songs are sacred: how- ever, They have quiTe a Tew oT The beTTer classical numbers. Under The direcTion of Mr. Mason. The orchesTra, despiTe many handicaps, has developed inTo an organizaTion oT which we are iusTly proud. This group Turnished music Tor The Lincoln Day program and our Tlag-raising ceremony. ln addiTion They planned and presenTed a special orchesTra program laTe in The semesTer. Playing aT our TirsT graduaTion exercises in The Rose Garden was one of The high- lighTs oT Their TirsT year. Small groups 'Formed Trom The orchesTra membership have given inTeresTing numbers aT various communiTy aTTairs. Popular Music Jr. Sfaiesmen Tennis Classical Music Games Yearbook 014464 Sea Scoufs Shufferbugs Lidrax Sheffons Excalibur Girl Reserves 'el Commercial Viciory Garden Novel Termifes Coaches Poca Hia G. V. S. 614464 'Q Jazz Orchesfra Sophomore Drama Siudy Bridge C. S. F. Omcers Les Brosiers X... , 2. If 4 Benson on We march WeXXfhe hXe6X e 'oreaxi avl 81 WM Q ' mam .11 nf. gh ! A 1 :-, A, ,X :eq .,?zeav-.gf M KJ? El' .,,. ,, AV.- , . , K . , F' A Touch as ,MW I 'Mg' A' ' sho 'cheir Xwwsk qa 'oeXX Xhrouqhoui wed Xhe Xkqhhnq have become if down? Q A hhhh 'Xhe ' d rRnq Xhe 'kh Moun X 0X X . .R Xjon XooXbaXX squad made a br'xXX'xank season QX X942, wXnn'xn 'faRn Vkew and heh vlmq u mes wx 'che res ' spm lspmrlf' A Camp . 'they sho ' 'reams V hecXuXe ' aXhXehc Nan sc X.xncoXn CX rs were ueX .Q ., X2 'fhak Xor qdd e on. Man son. baXX'l lo W known . X 'fancXXnq eaX Bens John 1' Whose 5 A :.. L U aya The ou S C a. BXXX X.eaX, N Ramona, Chuck o Xer, Bob SeXberX, R q'naXd 9-ifi2,1?2f , Y ,, i W X Fr L 3 haboxy eXXas. XlaXph ' BombardXerX,DonX'X er NXeX S'xXvera. and e X sskve aqaxnsk our va and Jxrn XX Breedon. aqqre nka CXa , X yers. BX ' PNXso kos, Sa ' e p a darxno. Los Ga more Xxn Can Dy Chaboy .E,.. X X f ji S onenks, mam, 'n XJXarX'xn, ' r, D'xcXr. X OPP 'NCTC re EXqx Xa Schrexne na. 5-Q E XV X XT A M X X GXXTOY 'fhese we XX, Mar X orqe Berg fi , , X s. 14 2 i vm K Q, 3 Ei 1 Aw Q mon Don Carro Barron 6 e .A . Xaaga Sm ' X1 XXen Burdxc a gaXnsX , ' WF' Q , A q fig ? . f, qer ' 'X - AS Ls ywfi I X' e A an 9 Q If -:,,,1u2355 :ik f :? I , W A 14 F I 14 WI sf , V 1 ' 4. A jf? . u x Q A, W x ML: K W Q 5 N 1 K A 4 Q 5 fm . J , . ,. if ,xp X ms 1 I.. ,XAZ ,Q d 22: X V KeepKnq Rn skep wnh The fooibah ieam. L'xncoNn's var- sny opened ihe season by up- sekhnq a favored Carnpbeh iearn '25 'ro '23, They defeaied San Jose Tech bu? Xosi a 'rough one io Los Gaios. On the hnad qarne of khe season wnh Sonia CXara, ihey Nos? a head-breaker 'M ko 29. Xn Achon Oukskancinq pXayers'were John Wnharns. Bob En-Lew sperqer, BKXX Breedon. Don McCas,hn, Nan Chaboya, Jon WrKqhi, and Bob SeRber+. BO' s V arskky baXX Varsiiy Base B Mead!-'7wc!2 4 G nn '50 5 P1 U- : 'gf Gow Mont' -- gm. Wx oak L WresiXing Tea In qi' V1 :Lip If A 'FX My 3 P1 2- hh' Spmla Y 1 mmln ,Q A 'm"'m" 4 AY SM' ""m "' 'BWWVMM-Q XWMV 4 HY! ?f'MfETEZL.q?1grwf,,J?MY3ua,,1fYm'f 4 ,QM x My W iWaW0 5w kHFW14EZw N?.a? Commiffee Heads T. S. C. Represeniafives 15.0. A+ The beginning of 'rhe presen+ school year a Temporary Sfudenl Council made up of represenlaiives from The social siudies classes was organized +o fake care of 'rhe immediafe problems confronfing The slu- denls. This group was divided info four commilfees, each wifh a definife faslc +o perform. The governmenl' commiflee under lhe guidance of Belly Doyle drafled The conslilulion of The school while Hari' Wallers' defense commiHee planned nu- merous aclivifies To help The war effort George Wrighl' and Norman Crowell super- vised Their groups in rhe clifficuh' iob of planning social aclivifies. The Temporary S+uden+ Council served ils purpose well as if sei a slrong liounclafion 'for school life in Abraham Lincoln High. .Sewie Realizing The need Tor a democraTic governmenT. The sTudenTs oT Abraham Lincoln High have wriTTen a consTiTuTion which gives all sTudenTs The chance To parTicipaTe in school acTiviTies. Neal Benson. our TirsT sTudenT body presidenT, was called To arms The day oT insTallaTion. The Tollowing weelc Manuel FreiTas, boys' vice-president was elecTed presidenT on a wriTe-in balloT. Bruce Jacobs was appoinTed To succeed Manuel. He and Nancy Beal, girls' vice-president were in charge oT The school acTiviTies. Bernice Glendenning was elecTed secreTary while Claude Finley became Treasurer oT The sTudenT body. Each regisTraTion class elecTed a senaTor as iTs represenTaTive. ExecuTive OFFicers SenaTors l1'fona1u:!z Jean Kneeshaw Mrs. Olney Edifor Advisor JUNIOR EDITORS Marilyn Dodson Bruce Jacobs Don Richardson Mary Prussia Bernice Rosenfhal ART STAFF Jim Veieran Nick Roulxes Chincy Mannina PHOTOGRAPH STAFF Gerald Gray Jim Drake Bill LiHell Richard Jones ff!! JUNIOR EDITORS Lois Glendenning Inge Freidrichs Mayella Appleby Bernice Glendenning Bob McBride Associale Ecliior Business Manager JUNIOR EDITORS Will Kessler Carol Johnson Bill Daegling Jacqueline Sonfliefh Jane? Lindsay DUMB Devel' SENIOR EDITORS Allen Gillilan Harrief Kennedy Beisy Sohin AF" rm, H133 Ofilk Q . or K Huw -"', 40f:?ff ,sf- 'Sm fdeq 8138. on fanri fllfini ', ft, fn r Q News .IW GZ'fi1r,3, G Jhrisf- ' e ig, shy 49 P 1 I Juni' W' A ' ' m' ' L f 55 1 m,'1 fi v V --LV K L, L,', , Q ,-', - ', 21, f,,, ul m m " V V ' ,f ' 77 if ,L11 L"'1:A, 555521 - L ' ' l ,1,, 1 Ah,, L "'m,- aff f' K' 'L'-k' J ' I ', A V-iw ,1.: F ..', J. S f' 3' 12 'Q 4 I 3 H ki f-ff,fgq3gfgfA ww: .pggmyr w 7 , .I .wi .Lf A bf f,,.w,..,AmL xwxm .. .. V-wwvn-Aw. y.-MW, W., . .5 M, K .. ,. .,--, .i ' -' 1 - f' Mm: ,vef2r::z, 2522.3 f::'fQ3, . ,, .. ,. A , .eg 2 ffkgg ii -lf Q f ,gg ",1 f'r:r-WM-M -yfV1ANi .5 .:,,,KlVxL ,mi Y f ' ,:, -, ,, , l x ,, .......,. ,'LL ' LL', .'L W l f. , , j,g P. A 5 K- 'fh .' ,3 ,g 1,5g: mih . A f- BU5f?45S5 N5'W595liv4' !-f' Alwrfimvq ,..,........H-,fgg1-f-' am mf W l' ETL . 1? Q lf -ffffliii , LLL w.mmf1 A, afreidff 'ref 2i"Sw'xk ,J ' gg mmm ,T ,gm .K I 4 1 ' ' - w5xggEJ14ak?:Si'f:ziuiwiqfiiff f f N . i Q fk ' f -L , 1 M ,,, .z4, :, q :fm ., , Y, - I g 5 v m ' f . , ,fi -X . 2 . 'sw-1 J -' fs- ml,A . mi,, ,,,l HM" 1 ,, , gm, ,fJf Q Q fw 4YLfi ,am .. :iwf,.fe1v,.:1sf:1"'-i., nf 1 ' 'fl - J ' ' mp 7,51figgfnmzim-H234-, eww : 1 , ' , , . -' EMMA 5 W, i,v ,,'::,-93,1 A 4, Zi - ,-,L . L . q wsg V,-ay, -,,q Q,i, -wfyw l , w. .,wL1f'7X? nf, ,gm-i f K f , ' ,A m Lg 1, w2r:Z::w m,- :-af.-wswlv .-:f-+3,Ti.f :z-f va ,p,,.,,,k.4x,,,9,1Wgx,'i,:.w' .gf ,vgg lx A 7' 7 T' 'i"7 f' WV WMV-AI' LTU' " M . , T' '1W'9E'i""'7L5'??'5l- "V " ' W' '2, ' " ' ZfF:EfZ" F , 'H ff ,L 5 ' ,, x- ,. f- '- 1: M., ,, U. ',-l-:L:W- ' fl. . 4 37 " Q1 Mfw ikf Z H-wsd f f-f f' , f " .., " :Q 'r ,, --2 2, -, . -, A, 13' " fl m f : 7, - H 3 J if - 1 f 'hw iffhfca vw ,ffm W W, - M M f W, 5, ,WTQKWW ' 'V f. Y L' 3 , ' 1 :gg - ' A ,M " 1 - ty? 5 YGETSZWQ -,rx .L ures yf-1 .M ' QU I A .. n L, -1' Us I I in .M ff .. 'ffiwrd:1.wg:L::14.gf Lf r- ', 2' 'ff' '- " - A l 1 . - 2, L 'W W gi, g-KET :s::asQz:,:5"'v'dg4K, Jw. ww, i.ww-w..W wi-Igm-4ii.4ig71"g:A" , ,L ' - ,L . , G... ,.. 1-f, W,fm,-f,-m.,fw,,,,.,,..,YmW,,,, Jw.-W mmm Mgfgm. : i I 5 fi? ,E -Q, W 4 13553 -S Q, ,....- .-""""' J .-al"""' z4ka5?J-:5vE:wl -- 2' ' .fincoln C I Q 0 Samoa. rqcluulaed Senior Promofers Class officers Senior play Senior ball genial: fife Senior commiHee heads Oufsfanding Well! ln+elIec+ual . Supervisor Owoo-o-o o ' ' VF""ll"'YIF? Sadaa. 0Hccea4 ' DICK ARTHUR Prosidonf NORMAN CROWELL Vice-Presidoni BOB MclRIDE BETTY KLINE JERRY CUNNINGHAM Treasurer Secrofary Sorgnnf-ai'-arms 3' ,l l mi y Qi Esiher Berglcamp Lucy Beni+ez Dick Arlliur PaHy Auslin Beverly Brown Nancy Beal! Frances Bello James Burrouglw Carol Chambers Darlene Cunningham Lyla Jean 'Cleveland Jeanne Cushing Norman Crowell Sadie Jane Copponi Helen Carrillo Imogene Clower Mirian 'Cino Jerry Cunningham June Devenpeclc Roberfa Ervin Marjorie Faulkner Maxine Ford Dorofha Ford Manuel Freifas Bernice Glendenning Leroy Filice Mary Eldridge Belly Faucell Earl Groesbeclc Norman Healy Elayne l-lollingsworlh Charles Gordon Helen Jones Ben Harpole Jim Jellerson Gloria Johnson Joe Jolnnson Melba Kunlz Belly Kline Bill Jessup Belly Karsledl Paul Kinney Jean Kneeslmaw Harriel Kennedy Dorollny Lewis Clnincy lvlannina Waller Lesler Rullw Kennedy YQ' Q5 'Fil Francis Meyers Belly McLean Marcia Morion Charlohie Mersereau Maxine Miller Sfanley Murphy Palfy Moore June Larson Bob McBride Josephine Pollizzi Loma Gene Miller Wesley Peyion Maxine Riggs Virginia Nauman Gilberi Paul Elda Be+h Payne Ralph Ramona Jim Pope Delores Riddle Bud Ryan Jim Rinson Rosalie Resendiz Georgefle Ryan Kennefh Raemsch Ralph Smilh Nancy Shoup Helen Swenson Madeline Sordello Alice Sinex Frank Sabalelli lrene Raub Belsy Solzin Neva Trell Rulh Ann Schneider Barbara Sullivan Dorolhy Slriclcland Barbara Whealan Jim Veleran Helly Van den Bos Douglas Vellum Ben Von Rolz Eleanor Wescoll David Wehinger Wayne Ware Belly Doyle Mariorie Whillalcer l-larl Wallers Gamma fbculqmd E. D. Anderson Leonard Ba plisf, J r. Richard Beard Neal Benson Don Burchfiel Gordon 'Chase Murray Collins Jaclc Doual BeHy Eipp Berly Forsfer Norma Garrison Jean Gillispie Bob Johnson Mayellen Kennedy Rex Maddy Philip Michaels Phyllis Ryder Palricia Ann Moore Dorolhea Rohde John Williams Rallafelfanaa Abraham Lincoln High School has assisTed in The war eTlorT in many ways. One of The mosT imporTanT services has been done by Lincoln boys who have gone To TnghT Tor our counTry. Our boys are conTribuTing Their all To The winning of The war and To Them we wish To express our Thanks and deep appreciaTion. As This book goes To press our service flag bears The number 30. The boys include: NAVY LesTer BallersTein Don Burchfiel Neal Benson Dick Burdick Richard BurrichTer Alan Chaboya Richard Clark George Ferguson Joel Lo ProTo Roy Mccassy Frank Perry Don SmiTy ARMY AIR CORPS George Bradford John Crum Dick ChilcoTT STanley Murphy Lynn Dixson Jim Wall Jack DouaT Bill Leal ClemenT McGill Henry Rose Reg Sciarrino Chris ViTale Jim Wallace Harold WiTT Wayne Ware Howard Burns LT. C. R. SchaTz Paul Powers LT. CurTis Davis 4 , f Y, . gb ' . aw Qi U -nm

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Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Abraham Lincoln High School - Monarch Yearbook (San Jose, CA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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